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The Mail Herald Jan 2, 1915

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yk      Chief lumbering, railway, min-
\\f    Ing, agricultural   and navlga-
\e\   "on   centre   between Calgary
k    X.   Itho Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Hepald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognized
advertising medium Ior the
city and district.
.. 22-No  1
$2.50 Per Year
Basketball Matches and
Gymnastic Competition
Held at Y. Nl. C. A.
A  special  program  Including  bowl- I
ing,  basket hull and a splendid gym-
nustic exhibition was  given ut     the'
Y.M.C.A. on New Years day
Tbo program started in the gymnasium at 2.31) Rith an exhibition of
class marching, calesthculc work and
dumliell drill. The boys showed up
well on the lloor aud the exercises
were carried out with vim, making a
pleasing opening drill. Following the
class work was a gymnastic competition on the mats, side horse und
parallel bars, by three men teams
from the High school aud Employed
Boys classes. Each competition had
live exercises on each piece of apparatus, each exercise being worth 10.
The winners were as  tollows:
Mute, first, Glen Urquhart, second,
Lonzo Dupont.
Hore.;, first, Earl Donaldson, second
Lonzo Dupont.
Bars, first, Charles Field, second,
Lonzo Dupont.
Lonzo Dupont captured the most
points for the Intermediates and
Francis Bourne carried oil the honors for the High Bchooi team. Suitable ribbon prizes wero presented to
the winners hy R. Howboh, the president, after which he made a few appropriate remarks. MeBBrs. Veith,
Woodland aud Newsome acteit ctltci-
ently as judges aud referees.
Two basket hall games were then
played oil. In tbe first between the
High school and the Intermediate
teams, the score resulted in a tic at |
time, and play was resumed till one
aide scored. The gume finished with
a score of 1. to II iu favor of tlie
intermediates. The game throughout
was fust and'interesting, the teams
being wi'.'. matched and displaying
evidence of hard practice. There was
great excitement when it wub lound
tbat  the score was tic at time.
The last game of thc afternoon Was
between the Tigers and the All Stais.
A great game wus played. The All
Stars held their opponents down 111
tne shape, playing as they were under the disadvantage ol having only
lour of their regular men and
being the Brst game together.
talf finished Ij to <i in favor of
Tigers. In the second hall,
Tigers  lound  their combination
played a last game and the basket
into which they were shooting was
kept pretty warm. Jimmy Lawrence
the captain and last lorward ol thc
All Stars scored the only goal tor
bis team in the second half. The
game finished 23 to S in favor of tho
Tigers. The toams were as lollops.
High School— G. Urciuhart, A.
Young, E. Donaldson, H. Hack, F.
Intermediates.—I.. Blackberg, L.
Dupont, M. JobuBOn, D. Johnson, V.
Tigers.—E.  Corley, M.  Calder,
Bennett, F.  Little, F. Daniels.
All Stars.—J. Lawrence, 0. Gordon
J. Wood, N. McLeod. H. Gordon.
New Year's day gave evidence of
Borne very interesting basket ball in
the senior league this winter.
When the hands ol the clock pointed to 10.110 a.m. the association acti-
\ieies began and continued until 6
p.m. The bowling game between the
Fire Hall B. and Directors wus enjoyed by all. Roy Macdonald brought
the New Year in with a strike. The
lollowing aro the names and scores ol
Fire Hall B.
Carpenter 125
Woodland, 149
McDonald, 15'.l
Mulholland, 108
Those having Items for publication
in the Mail-Herald social and personal column are requested to call
up  phone 62.
Dr. J. Gallagher of Glacier, Is a
visitor in town.
Mr. Otto Gumpert of RogerB Pass,
left for Winnipeg on Tuesday last.
Miss Anna Leunurd of Albert Canyon spent Monday in town visiting
Mr.   A.   McKinnon  of  Victoria     is :
here on a visit to his     son,     Mayor
Mr. J.B. Dickie of Vancouver, iB
visiting in town for a week.
Miss Hazel Reid of Arrowhead is
tbe guest ol Miss Dolly Brown.
Capt. Mcculloch ol Walton, Nova
Scotia is spending the winter with
his sons Arthur and WiU McCulloch
ol this city.
New Year Welcomed With
Appropriate Ceremonies
Music, Fireworks and Social Gatherings Welcome Birth
of New Year—New Year's Day Delightful for Out-door
Sports—Rites of Season are Appropriately Performed- Cay Time at Tango Dance.
A fusllado of    fire crackers,     much
cheering and    singing by crowds     on
Miss  Madge    Leonard,
branches and converting the landscape into a fairyland. A lurge proportion of the male population ol the
city spent the afternoon iu paying
New Yeurs calls and streets and
I Italian hand paraded in the centre of |l0me8 were scenes of jolly and
one of the   the city and serenaded various rcsid-   fellowship.
The Hello! society will moot on Wed- 	
nesday evening at the Y.M.C.A. The 'the birth ofthe new year in Revel-
ladies are asked to attend ub there ttoke on Thursday night. Later the
is lots of  work cut out.
probationers at     the Queen Victoria
hospital, lian roturned from   her     va-
A. I    Miss George ia spending a short va- [ Cat*ion at Salmon Arm, where she haB
Despite the snow  skating    on
river and Y.M.C.A.  riukB was
cation at Enderby,
Mrs.  Stevens.
guest of Mr.   uud
Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Hadow
McKenzie nvenue will not receive
Tuesday atternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Day ol Salmon Arm,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.A.
McArthur for a lew days.
Albert Canyon
Totals 088      596      012
The game finished with a lead Ior
the Fire Hull B   2 to 1.
The next interesting game wus thc
Volley bull game played by the
French Recruits and tbe Scotch Ro-
serves. Three games were played. The
line-up was.
French Recruits.—LeGallais, Capt.;
Heard,  Robertson, Couling, Copelund
Scotch Reserves.—Brown, Capt.;
Little,  V.eltb,  Ross,  Twiss,  Lyons.
The victors were the Scotch Reserves, J to 1.
Linnea Carlson ol
was the guest ol her
landmark Ior a lew days this week.
The Girls Hospital auxiliary meeting is postponed one week, Irom the
tirst to second Monday in January.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ingram have
returned from Nakusp, B.C., where
they spent a lew days at Christmas
Ethel Ratclifte and Annie Sandberg
of Albert Canyon ure  visiting     MrB. i
Mitchell    of Connaught avenue     this
Miss Mildred Sutherland of Comaplix came up on the south train on
Wednesday and lett on Thursday for
Golden, where she wiu* visit her aunt
and uncle Mr. and Mrs R. J. Sutherland.
j been visiting her purcutB.
Nearly 2011 people attended the New
i Year's dance given by the Tango club
on New Years ixe, and everyone had
a thoroughly delightful time. The
party broke up shortly after 3
On New Year's     eve     Mr. Geo. S-
Mcl'arter entertained a number of old
friend     Ruth  friends, who helped him to usher     in
I the New  Year in   royal style. Cards
and dancing were enjoyed,  with   supper served  at  midnight.
ents. At the Presbyteriuu und Methodist churches watch     uight     services
were held and the advent of tho   New and large numbers enjoyed the health
I Yeur was amid thc devotions of large giving sport.   Many  took  tramps    on
congregations. ski and 3now shoes and the excellent
In     many      homes       purfcies     in roads and mild weather made driving
celebration     of       the     event     were particularly delightful,
ties in celebration of tbe event   were ,    In the evening the Tango club   ball
given and     thc New Year     welcome I was largely     attended    aud a merry
with  appropriate ceremonies.  At thc time was spent by all present,
hott'ls special menus were provided. On every hand was heard    thc   fer-
New Years duy wus ol the old lash- vent    wish   that  the   youthful     year
ioned  variety.   Snow  fell at  intervals might  be  productive      ol    peace,     a
during  the      day,   powdering    pedes- triumphant end of the war and     the
trians     with its flakes, clinging     to return ol progress and prosperity.
Mr. aud Mrs. F.W. Laing entertained a number of their friends on Wednesday evening, ut a musicale. Supper was served at midnight, and thc
party broke up with the singing of
"They are Jolly Good Fellows."
Miss Annie McLean was given a
dilightful surprise party on Thursday
evening, when a Dumber oi her young
Iriends met, to spend u jolly evening.
i aids and games werejlayed, and a
few musical numbers were given by
Annie McLean and Charlie Manning.
Prayers for Peace at
Tomorrow's Services
In accordance with the proclamation of the governor generul, His
Royal Highness the Duke of Con-
aaught,  services,  "of humble prayer,
will occupy the pulpit at both     services.
At St.  Francis     church     a special
service Will beheld at  I1.30 a.m. fol-
and intercession of Almighty God, on  lowed  by  special   prayers  for    peace,
behalf of tbe cuuse undertaken by our   Low  mass will be celebrated     at      8
I On Monday evening, Mr. and
\V. H. Horobin celebrated
twolveth anniversary of their
riage. The guests    were  invited
dinner which was served at 7 o'clock.
After dinner cards were  played,    and
British Battleship Sunk;
Six Hundred Lives Lost
Miss Alberta    Hobson     entertained
about  17 of her    small     friends     on
Tuesday  afternoon,   gnmes  wore played until the supper hour, whin every |many  beautiful  selections from
one sat down to a  delightful Bpread. Ivlctroln  were listened to.
After supper the Christmas tree   was 1
stripped, and every guest received a I Mrs. Bert Rettlifle and wee daugh-
preaent. Lots of fun and good music ter, left for their home at Rogers
was enjoyed before the party broke I'ass on Wednesday. Before their re-
up. turn     home,     the     small    girl  was
christened at St. Peter's church     by
Rev. C. A. Procunier. The name given     was     Gladys  Evangel'inc
sponsors were     Mr. and Mrs.
n.ra.  Rev.  J.C.  Mackenzie will be the
Ait the morning service at the Presbyterian church "The Call tu Prayer-' will be thc subject of tbe sermon, and at thc evening service
"The   I'on.int'rmK   Spirit."   aul   ba '■••-
J.    W.
empire uud our allies, und ol those
who are offering their lives Ior it,
and for a speedy and faVurable peace
that shall be founded on understanding and not hatred, to the end that
peace shall endure," will he held in
all city churches tomorrow.
The services at the Method- subject ol tbe service. Rev.
ist church will accord with Steveusou will preach,
the the King's proclamation tbat At St. Peter's church special pray-
thc day be observed by humble pray- ers will be used. The Bishop ol New
er and intercession. Morning theme Westminster who is also acting as ad-
II a.m. "Does 1'iayer Make any Dil- uiinistrator ol tbc diocese ol Ko"te-
ference*"' Evening 7.;iU p.m. "The nay and Cariboo has a] pointed for
Cull to Prayer and Grounds for the use the order of services issued by
Same." The pastor Rev. Lashley Hall   the Archbishop of Cuuterbmy.
About 125 children of the St.
Fruncis Sunday school were treated
to a sleigh drive on Wednesday afternoon. Four large sleighs arrived at
the hall promptly at 2.30 and the
children were given  a spleudid   drive.
To see the old yeur out     and
On their return, supper was served at |new year in the members of the
Bt.  Francis hall,  by the teachers, viz , Merry-go-round   Whist club,   met
Mrs.  Hobson thc Misses Bell,  Busch, [the home ol Mrs.  W.  A.  Sturdy
London, Jan. I.—The outstanding
leature of the war news is the sinking by mine or torpedo in the North
sea of the British battleship Formidable with a probable loss ol 60" lives.
Only 1"'" men Out Ol 760 are known to
bc saved. A heavy gale Is raging.
Eight otlicers and six midshipmen
0tetc among the rescued. The admiralty has not made known the spot
whore the ship was lost.
Then is scarcity of uews concerning the land lighting. On the eastern
line irtillory dm Is and infantry attacks are lnd<tci>alve, in Poland tho
Germans efforts     to    get to Warsaw
are disputed vigorously.
In Gulicia there is heavy lighting.
Vienna says conditions in th" Oar
pathlans arc unchanged, but that is
Oallcla the   RtiMlana have been    re-
pulsed With heavy casualties and a
Iosb of 2000 prisoners and six machine
Four Austrian monitors bombarded
Belgrade, Servia on Thursday but
did slight damage,
President Polncnrc in a New Years
address to thc diplomatic corps said
he bad no doubt tbat "Next year at
this traditional reception we ehalll
celebrate together thc establishment
of n beneficlent peace which absolute,
ly based on rectitude and respect for
international treaties, will give necessary security to the nations."
Emperor Francis Joseph reMlved
the New Year greetings nl the Imperial family anil presided over the family dinner,
A cargo ol American copper, which
it is alleged was to be smuggled
through Denmark into Germany, has
been seized in Copenhigen.
Mat/,   and   McKenzie.
games  were played.
Mare Contributions
for Belgian Relief
The Belgian Reliel committee acknowledges with thanks. $5.00 from A
K. McCleneghan; 12.00 from Evatt
McUlenegbun, ii.00 from B, F. Oam-
mlrtfcs (Lcancholl).
A draft has been forwarded to Mr.
I'.oor, consul general Ol Belgium at
Montreal lor  I120.S3.
The  Women's  Canadian  club
hold its tirst     meeting Ior  191*)
Monday  evening.   January  11,  in
high school building, the speaker
tbe evening to he Mr
ol Selkirk school
ing is called for
supper I Thursday evening. This was thc   first
I reunion for about a year, and all present enjoyed  a  good old    time   even-
will   irig's     enjoyment.      Prizes  tor cards
onjwere won by     Mr. and  Mrs.  Murray
the  Hume.   A guessing  contest over     the
The the coining yeur, came tirst, and w«s
Jack followed hy the supper. Mrs. Bunnell
had been inlormed ol thc wedding anniversary ol a couple ol her guests,
and after the supper a lovely wedding cake  wus brought in,  uud     Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph    Lawrence were duly j Revelstoke    Volunteers   Among
toasted, and their health drunk.     ^^™
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Knox of
Sicamous are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry  Bews for a few days.
Mr.  and  Mrs.   W. A.  Foote     euter-
uf      thoso present   tained u number ol their Irieuds     on
lujn,  Mrs.    Pur-   New Years eve at cards.    This party
_ acquainted   holds  tbe record  of  early   New  Years
o'clock sharp, the I with the various members of the club  calliug for the year,    as alter leaving
ot ' good   resolutions
Ross, principal treated considerable
rhc business meet- |\is  proving herself  best
Reinforcements for
Firing Line
One hundred aud twenty-four me»
of thc V.Oth battalion, DOW quartered
at the Willows. Victoria, will be
sent from that citv today to reinforce the princess Patricia's regiment
reported as i-.lng on the Bl ng line
In  Fiance.       Capt.  Moorebead    will
speaker and guests of the club   meet j At midnight a circle was formed   and   the home of  Mrs.  Foote,  the    guests
at 'J o'clock.  Important  matters     oi |the  New   Year welcomed   in with  best   made a round of calls ou tbeir friends   command tbi* contingent, l.ieut. J
business ure
to come  up for discussion at this ni'-eting, and the mem
re  asked  to attend  promptly.
Mrs. RoynoO Smythe gave a Christmas party Ior her children. Oorlnne
r.nd Darragh on Tuesday atternoon
from 3 lo E o'clock. The small guests
were entertained      in     Smythe's ball
EAfS LYE %.,
CLEANS- disinfect!;..
Arrow Lakes Captain
Retires With Pension
Nakusp, B. C, Jan. 1.—Capt.
Dnugall, who has been in charge ot
steamers for the Canadian Pacific
railway on the Arrow lakes Ior the
past 20 years, bas just been notified
that his pension will be panted him,
having been recently retired on account ol the age limit. He hus been in
charge of thc tug plying between Nakusp and Arrowhead during the past
15 years.       1
J. A. Dougal and wife fiom Enderby are spending the holidays with
Capt. and Mrs. Dougal here.
a merry year end party wus tendered by Mrs. Horne to about 30 of
her friends on Tues lay evening nt her
resilience. Alter bridge, nt which H.
L. Rothwell and Mrs. North won tirst
, 1 supper was served   and vafi-
eines wore indulged in until the
earl)   boun ol the morning.
Messrs.  II'ss     it I  Guyel  ..f BrouBe
ii ft for Kelson on Tuesday.
wishes and the  singing  ol  Auld   Lang   wherever      lights were     showu,      and
much merriment was caused.
A daring robbery w.is made al  I
home of one ol the Canadian   Pacini
railway officials on Thursdaj evening,
is III u   a tine tin key     and t »ie   cfa
were taken. A large lew.ird is oflered
Ior then  i'i'..very, it is rumored thai
tbc owners really      made away      With
Syne. Supper was ser\eil, and the
; 11 tj broke up with the dancing ol
the Lancers,
Mrs. Lawson and Mre. Robbins, the
Committee iu charge o( securing the
coin boxes to receive contributions in
aid of the Belgian     relief     for     tbe
j which  was beautifully  decorated    for j Women's Canadian club,  huve the re-
I the occasion, a large tree waa loaded ceptacles placed now, one in the post   lhl. Uiuiti bimself, In s Bl ol despond
with presents,     each   child receiving Mice one ln eacb bank*and one in  e  anCj owing to the   prolonged al •
something.   The  supper  tables      Were  COnvenlenl   location    at  Rogers    I'ass,   (|f ,us  H|fl,
titui with their decorations    of ond the members    of   the Canadian!
potted   plants  and   B  huge  snow    ball   Club   wish   to  draw the  attention      all    Watch night services  were held
„f batting for a centre piece.   An lm- the public to these and ask them   to  New Tears eve  it both Met list and
l-romptu program  wns Kotten  up and \ drop   in an  occasional      coin  to  help (P"«hy terlan churches.  At   St.   John's (.
everyone enjoyed  a delightful   after- |"long the good work. It is the     m-,ahout 71 people were present,    and:,
Harvey  and  l.ieut.   ' I In, t ie
son of Mr. Justice Martin, will accompany tile del I II Five s : -
peunts will .1!-'. jo. It is expected
tbat the men will :o direct to Pram e.
Among  thl
!•. -eacb the    city tomorrow
will be   four    Rei     •    e   rolunti cts.
w.iitii   Robinson,     Bur land,    K
grul ■ 1 an I Forbes.
Miss  Kathleen   Munro  gave
lightful  party on Wednesday evening
when she entertained a number of bor !
Revelstoke Motor
is Laid to Rest
The funeral ol Wn'iiam Snider
old school    mates at     her home     on |Burridge who     have generously mad
Connaught avenue. The young people
were chaperoned hy Mrs. H. C. Mcg-
gett.  A number of games were played and songs were Biing to the music
of the victrola. Am interesting feature .Curds were played until midnight,
ot this party, waB the signing of [when, with the ringing of alarms aud
their names by all present, on SOUS 11"' blowing of whistles everyone Bat
hlon top especially made Ior thc oc- down to supper. The electric lights
casion. The young hostess will em-[were turned ofl snd ths glow from
brodcr in silk over each name, there the candles on tlie beautifully do
by preserving the klgnaturos oi all coiaied rapper table gave s splendid
her class-mates. Flashlight plcturci effect, The table was done lured nnd
were taken of the guests by Mr. Mei and  thc centrepiece ol   lloweri
rtt and dainty refreshments were set with brass candlestloss and red
ved and th•■ party broke up, with randies was vory pretty Ths taking
tin-  1 ual High school veils. if lentil soup. Insuring good lucfc for
lentioii of the club to have these box-   musical   program      was  enjoyed. Missj    The funeral ol Wn'iiam Snider   who
es  further  distributed   in      the      City   Creelman  and Mr.      Haddon  sang      a   djpd   0*0   Tuesday at the     age   ol
when they can be secured. The thanks duet and a male    quartette composed years took place on Thursday    irom
ol tho club are tendered  to the  Law-,of Messrs. Thompson.  Haddon, Twiss   lis  house on  Third  street,  the     ser-
also   \ices being conducted  by  Hev.  J.  Vi.
New   Stevenson.     The tuneral was largely
attended and     the pall bearers were.
T.      Kilpatrick,      \V.   M.      Uiwrence,
Jam's  Matbiee,    1.   McLei   I,      3,    Mean.1  J.W.  Jenkins.
rence Hurdware company and to     E. [and Hay. sang, and there was
and contributed  the boxes.
Mrs. Bunnell entertained a number
ol     her friends on  Thursday evening.
an anthem by ths choir.     The
j Year was ushered in with silent pray
The Empress theatre was packed to
the floors last nii-lit when the third
episode -ef Zudora wai shown, To
nighl .1 splendid program will
H    I    as  on   Monday      and
ome realistic war pictures
will he shown.
Trey uf Hi ni 11,   January 1;,
It  is posSlhlo that   the   Behool   at
Mom.' may hive to close after the
holidays on ace innt "f lack ol funds
to pay a teacher.
The  opening  ol  thi
on tbe l''th inst at Net    i1 nvei    was
the earliest  such a function has   bap-
pemed in that camp,   lit hough     quite
a few ti8"d to   gi I big skate
m th ■  -iimmer of PAGE TWO.
We wish	
and a
to cAll
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
I'ri'siili'iit Vice-1'resident
EDWARD HAY, General Manager,
Wll.ldAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager,
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.M. MoOLENEGHAN, Manager.
The Compliments of the Season
: ',',V
We wish our many friends and
customers  a Bright and  Prosperous New Year
Phone 41
Box T::i
SAM^MccTWAHON        Lightand heavy Wagons, light and heavy
"* Sluighs. Butties, Cutters, Plows. Harrows
General Blacksmith Farm Implements. w.1Kon» m.ide and rcpairod
Ai:i nt tor John Doore nnd Coni'.nny antl International Harvest jr Co.
'Farm Implements
Carpet Squares
Floor Oilcloth
$7.75 up.
45c sq. yd. up.
60c sq. yd. up.
HOWSON & CO., Ltd.
Blankets. 7 lb.
Flannelette Sheets 12x4
$4 -iO up.
$2.20 up.
We thank our ma:. j I  favors and w.sh tl
Happy and Prosperous New Year
L.C\ Masson
Hotel Victoria
I'. Lai i'ii i"'. Prop,
Choicest of Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Union   Hotel
A. V. LBVB8QUB, Proprietor
Khalifate is Now Dead -Agha
Khan   Has   More   Power
Than Any Other
According to a striking article in
The Daily Telegraph, there is ahBO-
lntely no chance ol BiicceBSlnl Turkish
Intervention in Europe.
In Asia the chunces of Turkish victory arc small in any case, and rendered still smaller hy the probability
of the defection of the Aruhs and—as
soon as the true position is understood hy them—of the Kurds. We
have to seek Ior other motives than
any great hope of victory. They are.
perhaps, to he found in the complete
subservlenco to Qermany of IB-aver
Pasha and his military circle, other
neutral Cowers have suflcred Irom n
Similar form of Teutonic military
progaganda, but it. is only in Turkey
that the campaign conducted hy vmi
BiebOrstein, von der Qoltz, von Sanders, and latterly\by von Buhlmann,
has been entirely successful. In Turkey the army and the Tuition have
been almost us completely antagonized by Herman Influence ub they have
been Identified ln Germany itself, in
Turkey, however, tha result is officially the same, as Kuvrr PaSba, despite
a recent (Utile protest on the part ot
the   Sultan himself,  disposes      of    the
policy ol the ottoman government.
That be disposes ol it at thc bidding
ol Potsdam is a common-place.
In 1008 a hostile demonstration was
made by Turkey. It had tor its nominal a'im the readjustment of the
frontier between Kfjypt and Turkey.
The line actually runs between Ruin
and Bl Arish, a point on the sen coast
of the Levant, to Akuba, a Village on
the extreme north ol the gulf of the
same name In the lied Sen. The contention of the l'orte was thnt the
line should he drawn Irom Rata (or
from El-Artsh—the distinction did
not seem to bc clearly perceived) to
Suez, thus including in the Ottoman
Empire the whole of the Blnaitic
peninsula. In spite of the precise assurance given by the Grand Vizier in
1892—which expressly defined the eastern frontier of the Khedive's territory as limited hy a line drawn from
I>1 Arisli, which is a well-known centre of Egyptian administration, to
Akaba—Turkish troops were sent in
January,  1906, to occupy     Jaba,     a
Village well to the west of this boiin
dary, It was, of course, impossible tu
admit this audacious claim, which
directly menaced the tranquillity if
Egypt. Had an Immediate and effective protest met been made bj
1 Ire ,'      Brit I n,     the Turkish troops
mi(,-hl now have  1 n able t..  ,
trate op] ositi   S ie,, at    tl
end e.f the canal
\  \ ain 11
There  remains   mi   matter ol which
it   is rigjbt 1 . .   No Jehad
i r  hei!. ed      ley
iltan at thl nt. The mere
' *     ' * .       ■' MV       'ef
'      • ■ .
t that, as Khalifa
lake Heart—1915 Will
Be Good Luck tear
ered  n
look.   B modern       In
'     Veil  lie'
ll lire    it   IS,    thev,    ("I '  IS
i.    i  p.irt. contented ih	
■mi serious   i Htiiii-  hint    to      11 dr
tr lends to t"i slow,     if theii  In
Included     to    »p*< ulal ion    in
e iocks theii  i Ipi   ■ is ' '"■ ei  i' ■
i  i   *
Home  prominent,  forolgneri    sought
to acquire sudden world-wide fame by
going beyond painting a Remlirant
picture in black and red of dilliculty
and disaster, t'rof. Sol. Latillcs deduced the demise ol the standard oil
king. Madame Thebc's more recent
liasco was the attempt to deduce thc
death date ol thc kaiser.
Had they contented themselves with
the declarations that the tendency
j would be adverse to both the plutocrat of petroleum, whose stock valuesV
were hit, nnd that, the stars were sot
against the ambitions of tho kaiser,
both the seer and seereaB would have
added to their fame.
I Local students ol astrological data
nre satislicd to figure out the data,
leaving the detailed import to be
unfolded ns the months rolled by.
B'ortunately for' their peace of mind
they have ascertained that the worst
is now over, and that, malign Inllu-
onces will gradually lessen tor the
world at large, with the inexorable
modification that those who have
sown ihe wind must reap the whirlwind.
Saturn ii1 to lie followed next, year
with Jupiter, the prosidlng    planet.
This does not   denote a sp ly     ter
in1!nation of the war, however, for it
will bo Jupiter's year in the cycle ol
Mars. The cycle ol Mars began in
1909, and wi'll continue until lO-M. Astronomy pluceB the plnnet Mars between tlie earth anil Jupiter, Mars
Inspires a martial spirit and unless
modilTf'd by a friendly astrul body, is
Inimical   to  humanity.
Jupiter is always recogn'ized as
potent for good. So fully was this
believed by the ancients that Jupiter
was deified and worshipped us their
supreme deity hy the Greeks and
Jupiter, the mythological deity, is
represented in sculpture as a mus-
slve masculine figure, seated upon a
throne of ivory, with sceptre of supreme rule in the I'ight hund, and the
thunderbolt of power in his left.
A Russian inventor's swimming
suit is provided with compartments
for food, a weighted keel to keep a
wearer upright in water and finB on
the legs to assist him in  moving.
The Cowichan Agricultural society
passed a resolution recently requesting the provincial government "to
take Immediate action as to thc re-
i ort of the royal commission on
agriculture so that the fnrmere of the
province may receive thc benefits as
recommended therein"
The Hnl ish government has an-
nounced further reductions on the
premiums on marine insurance under
the war risks Insurance scheme. The
rate een a single voyage is reduced
from JO to Iri sliillitms and on a
round voyage ol three months tbe
policy Is reduced from 40 to 30 shil-
Lhe fl&ail-lberalb
RBVBLSTOKB,   n   <*
iv n that a Court
Appeal,   under      th"
i  >     "Taxation Act"
chools  Act"     for
en   III    IliBlriCt
follows —At  Court
tl    ■•    H     C,   Tuesday,
e|   Dee      •      i"l I    at  M
At Govern
I Tueoday,
D] ., at  2
fti moon.
■    i    ii   i     Decern
e     \i   FIELD
if    Revision    and
f. 6.
Burridge & Son
PI'.:                     d '1 ii  ' imtlis
VVl               |     '            ■      :   !       /''        '1
Celling s, Cor r UK" fell Roof-
Furnace Work ami up-
10-flato riunilHPK
Wot v Shop    ( ODDSIlghl   A < e.
RRVELHTOKK                   B.C.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specially
Phone42    -    Night Phone85
For all forms of dyspepsia there ure no finer remedies than
pepsin and bismuth, u statement which your doctor will rendily
These are the two principal ingredients used in Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets and, in conjunction with the other ingredients,
make this one of the finest known preparations for indigestion.
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets soothe and tone up the stomach,
causing a healthy and natural secretion of the gastric juices,
thus helping the bowels to do their work naturally,
They prevent hcntlhurn, flatulence and distress after eating,
nnd convert thc food into rich red blood, flesh, hone and
The ffertaSg, Store
In ennvrnient boXMj 3 >lltMI
25c., Mc, 51 00.   Bold only ut
iver 7(KH> Rexull Btom, the
»WmW'A  treutUt   l->i»ll Stoic*.
Wr i"-i i.nn: Ih   jMi.ii .ml.-<- ll:nl
Uritill Dnpopiifl Tibloti will
hrlp you    II tbey   'nn'l, wc will
give you back youi money.
While thanking our customers Ion,their patronage durinp the past
year nnd wishing one and nil a—
We wish to extend un invitation to all  citizens ol     Revelstoke to
give us a share ol their patronage.
Is to keep good goods, To sell them ut a rcnsonable profit to treat
all customers courteously and when  we extend  credit,  we want to
be treated fairly aa to payments
Is Hurdware and we bring to our 'business over 35 years experience.
We claim to he experts in our line
Tinsmithimi a PLUMBINH
TX7"E take this opportunity of thanking
* * our many friends and customers for
their patronage during the year and wish
one and all a Happy New Year.
P. O. Box 208     GROCER & BAKER     Phone No. 23
Do You Buy from Mclntyrc's ?
Mixed Peels, frfsh, per Ib 25c
Dates, 2 lbs    25c
Fresh Ground Coffee, 3 lbs $1.00
Dried Green Peas, 3 lbs  25c
Van Camp's Chicken Soup, per tin 15c
Strictly First-Class
Rooms- Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
i,(inn \( t om .modation REASONABLE RATES
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
ts Becond Btreet, Revelstoke,B.O.
eo>    I  ■■'■  ' '-'-■'■■   '        '——■"— '■'   ■       ■ -'      ■'     ■ —■'em
I. 0. 0. P.
Ueete every Thursduy  evening in
Selkirk  Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.
* . 4
and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.   GORDON,    Secrotary.
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen are cordially Invited to
H.    W.   RDWARDS.  Clerk.
COURT    MT.    RKGI3IE NO.  3401
OF I. 0. F.
MeetB in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second anil Fourth  Monday
In  month.     ViRlting brethren are
cordially   welcomed.
H.  V.  MORGAN, C.  R.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 8k., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially Invited.
>Revel«toke Lodge
No. 1085'    .
Mci'.-s every second
and Fourth Tuesday
^^^^^^^ in the -Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially-invited.
Dr. McI.KAN. Hie.    II.L. HALO, Sec.
"Twelve Stories of Solid Ccmfort"
A tinnl ut cly f i rep roof -wncntr,
■teeland marble.   Enlarged lobby.
Niw Grill    hiu'.-l *>n (' ait.
EUROPEAN PLAN    $1 per day up
With Baths - $2 per day up
Ba >ggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Fm nit un- .uni  Piano-moving ii
Phone 4II-27H.   Night Phone 848
Government to Launch Special
Advertising  Campaign to
Attract Attention to B.C.
A special exhibit, portraying the resources and attractions ol British Columbia, is to be made at the great
lanama Pacilic exposition at San
Francisco, which will be formally
opened on February 20 next, according to an announcement mude liy the
The organization of the enterprise
is in the hands of the officials of the
agricultural department, hut the exhibit will be most comprehensive infill line displays of minerals, timber
and timber products, fund fishes, etc.
Moving pictures will he largely   used
ti' depict the ureal scenic charms .if
the province, as well as to reveal
what it has to ofler in its fertile valleys to the fanner  and hmiieseeker.
"This is the lirst time ln the his
tory     of    tlie     province," said Sir
riicharil, "that a great international
exposition has heen laid at a point
in such proximity to British Ooluin-
hin   as In   make it   possible   for ns    to
secure immense benefits Irom it by
special advertising. Huge crowds
from all parts nf the world will he in
attendance at the fair at San Francisco during the six months of the
event, and we should be neglecting a
real   opportunity if  we  failed  to    take
special and extraordinary steps to
attract attention to this province
during that period.
"It is true that the federal govern-
■iient will have assembled in the Canadian building at the fair displays
more or less comprehensive from all
the provinces, and BritiBh Columbia has no cause fm- complaint at the
manner in which Colonel Hutchison
and his staff ol the Canadian commission h-ive attended tc t''e worV
of getting exhibits representative of
thc resources of this province.
A  Sprc'iul  Incentive.
"But. there is a special incentive to
supplement the eflorts of the Ottawa
government. We must exert every effort to induce a goodly portion of the
hundreds of thousands of visitors at
the exposition to come un to this
country and see what we havc a**
here. The fact that the trip wh'ch
they will hnve to make in order to do
this is very short, suggests that we
may be successful     in our endeavors
and thus secure a great advertisement
which will prove fruitful of good results.
"Under the direction of thc officials
of the agricultural department the
work of arranging for the provincial
exhibit is already in hand, each ofthe
departments is co-operating. Already;
the government has on hand a series
of moving picture displays. These
Will he supplemented as occasion offers, and a course of lectures wil he
given by a staff which is now being
"I understand that all the transportation companies intend offering
escecdingly low rates during the period of the exposition to all points
in British Columbia, and if, by this
special eflnrt on the part of the pro-
uncial government, any considerable
number of people ran he Induced to
make nn inspection trip through our
Country, we shall have been well repaid for our outlay. I anticipate that
the  venture  will   prove a great      suc-
It's good policy to I hi ok of l he future.
It's Still better policy to provide against
lie misfortunes it  may have in store
'or you.   The itiresl way- ot protecting
Yourself ami family is a
with a reliable company.   The high
financial standing and long bnsinfM
career of lhe Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely ti u-t win ih\.
Your time miiv lie near ai hand.
Don't delay.    Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid, Manager.
Vernon—Yesterday B. B. Knight,
superintendent of the work on the
Crey Canal, was aide t,. announce
Hint the constriction of the big irrigation ditch is at last completed,
water having been taken to Okanagan Lake this afternoon. In the past
lew months a force of men have \.,-,u
employed in putting down the flumes
and piping ,>n the last section of the
ditch between Swan nnd Okanagan
lakes, and Mr. Knight is greatly
pleased that he was able to conclude
operations before more severe weather <et in.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. (
before buying your outfit of working clothes
for the I'U'.h. I make a
specially of Logging
Shoes. Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
reijuiro I In vour business
1 The Phoenix Pioneer does not like
the wny tbe Great Northern acts towards the citizens of the copper
camp in the matter of lighting the
Phoenix depot;   it is said   to be   as
idark around that terminal as the
proverbial squaw's  pocket.
The great wealth of Alaska which
a waits the Aladdin-like touch of the
settler is get forth anew by the governor. The'mineral output for the
year  was valued at *-'0,000,000     and
I the  fisheries     output    at $16,000,000.
| Alaska's exports last year amounted
to $61,000,000 and the territory-
bought from the l'nited States ?22,-
POO.Oii") «-,,rt!i The population is now
about 89,000 The great need Is a
coal supply made possible by the
passage of the COal lensim: law, and
Of coke tl      perate smelters nnd Jipom
the coppvr Industry.
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Public notice is hereby given to the
electors of the Municipality of Revelstoke that I require the presence of
the said electors at the City Clerk's
Office, City Hull, MrKen/.ie Avenue,
in the said City, on the llth January
I'JlS, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent
them in thc Municipal Council as
Mayor and Aldermen, and also for tlm
purpose of electing Two School Trustees.
Tbe mode of nomination of ranch
dales   shall   he as  follows:—
The candidates shall he nominated
in writing; the writing shall be sab-
scribed hy two voters of the Munici-
pa.ity as proposer and seconder, and
shall lie delivered to the Returning
Officer at any time between tbe date
ol this notice and 2 p.m. on the day
of Nomination; und in thc event of a
poll being necessary, such poll Will he
opened on Thursday the 14th day ol
January, 1015 in the City Hull,
In the City of Revelstoke, and kept
open between the hour of nine o'clock
in the forenoon and 7 o'clock in the
ufternoon for taking uud recording the
votes of the electors of the said City,
of which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern
themselves accordingly.
The persons qualitied to be nominated for and elected as Mayor shall
he such persons as are male British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years and,are not disqualitied under
any law, und have been for the si\
months next preceding the day of
nomination, the registered owner in
the Lund Registry Office of land or
real property in tbe city ol the assessed value ou the last Municipal Assessment R-jll, of One Thousand Dollars or more over and ubove any registered judgment or change, and
who are otherwise duly qualified as
municipal Voters.
The persons qualitied to be nominated Ior and elected as Aldermen
slyill he such persons as are male
British subjects of the full age ot 21
years and are not disqualified under
any law and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of
nomination the Registered Owner in
the Land Registry Oflice, of land or
real property in the City of the us-
sissed value, on the last Municipal
Assessment Roll ,,f Five Hundred Dollars or more over and above any registered judgment or charge, and who
ure otherwise qualified as Municipal
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as School Trustees shall he such pei sons as are
British subjects of the full age ol 21
years and having been for tbe six
months next preceding the date of
nomination the registered owner, in
tbc Land Registry Office, of land or
real property rui the City School district of the assessed value on the last
revised assessment roll of five hundred dollars or more over and above
any registered judgment or charge,
and being otherwise qualitied to vote
at an election of school Trustees m
the said School District.
Every candidate nominated ehall
signify hy g writing accompanying
the nomination paper, his consent to
such  nomination, except In case such
rson he absent from the Munidpal
;•;.   when such absence shall  be Stated
m the nomination papt i.
Every candidate nominated for
Mayor or Alderman shall, on or he-
lore the hour of 2 p.m. on the day
of Nomination, furnish the Returning
Officer with a statement in writing
specifying the land or real properl v
upon which he 'lualifies.
Given under my hand, at Revel-
Moke, tbis Jnd day ol January, 19l,r,.
Returning Officer.
(Late with the Kevelstoke
General Agencies.)
Bookkeeping. Typewrit ing and
all kinds of Clerical Work
Accounts Collected
Prompt Rei urns
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance placed with sound and
reliable companies
Otliee:    McKenzie   Avci'in'
(Nexl to Com. Telegraph Office)
Phone 2IW       P. 0. Box .117
i'l'i 1T1 ttt tTi '"t*1 i'i". '"I'i ■**!*■ ."Jr. .*t-« ."*--. .-r. .-ft ,l*. .j*. .-i*. -i'i .1. .-t*. ,~t, .~t, .-!-. .-j-. |T, .-t*) l. ,t. .Tt ."t,
'4.' -4/ \Jf If.* Ity IJ,* 1J.I l,J,l 1^,1 1J.I IVI 1^,1 IJ.1 1^,1 IJ,' Irt ij.1 1^1 1^,1 1^,1 IJ.I 1^,1 1^,1 1J.I ljf.1 tJl.1 14,1 ■^,* »^,'
4+ +$♦
$ THE old year that has left its    «g
^ * mark in History—of great , *
v joys and as great sorrows, is   *
% passing out.     But   the  New   %
¥ Year, as  it  comes  in,  bears   $
*   promises of better things. *
**& "&
I   "DEING  profoundly  grateful |
f   ^ for our measure of success ♦
Sin these adverse times, we [C. $
B. Hume & Co., Limited, and $
%   Staff] offer the Compliments %
J|   of the Season, and wish   all |j
J>   the Fullness of Prosperity and *
Happiness   during   the   year %
ahead. T
■*^»   ■♦■  .\m*S  ■♦»   ■**J'»   t*frl   «*♦»   ."j*.   e.^1   iti   iTl   ■*♦»   ifl   iti   iTl    iTl   J*t*«   ■*fr«   «T»   »*^»   &,   t
iii ix" 'X" "X  4»  •+   X  +   +   X  4*  *♦  4"   V V V -A-   *♦   •+   X T^ ■ pagb roan
SATURDAY,   JANUARY '2,   1915
The public school* will rccpen on
Vi. M. Crawford returned on Thursday from the coast.
T. W. Tryer of Shuswap Falls was
at the King Kdward yesterday.
ti. H. Howlson Of Arrowhead waa
at the King Kdward ou Thursday.
E. Wallis of Arrowhead was among
the guests at the Kiug Kdward on
Mrs. R. Norman and niece ol Grand
Forks registered at the King Kdward
P, Hums aud son of Calgary pasaol
tbruugh the city last uight on their
Wuy  to the coast,
P, McSorley who bad been visiting
i laughter at Richmond, California returned tothe city on Friday,
Miss m.  l iard left this morning
for Revelstoke tei resume her duties
ut the hospital Salmon Arm Observer.
The adjourned annual meeting of
the Farmers institute will be held in
Smythe's ball on Saturday, January
*.-   at 8 p.m.
Christmas hampers were seut by
the ladies o( the Relief society to the
families of nine soldiers aud to IS
other families.
.Miss Madge Wilson has returned to
her home iu Hevclstoke after a visit
of two weeks here with Mrs. J. Macau iey.—News Advertiser.
J, M. McKay, superintendent of the
Canadian I'acitic railway who has
been spending the holidays in Winnipeg returned  lust  night.
The regular afternoon service will
he held at thc V.M.C.A.. The speaker
will be J.S. Ross. There will be
special music. Every man is invited.
To  the Ratepayers.
Max Shulman charged with being
insane appeared before Police Ma-^is-
tratc Hamilton and was committed
to the asylum. He was taken to New
■Westminster yesterday by Constable
The favorable upward movement in
the price ol :oppei - ^li'iwn in recent quotations, has Sntlwnced the
management of tbe Granby smelter
at Grand Ferks in ordering two additional furnaces to be "blown in."
This :: r out of tlie entire lot
tery of eight furn ices that the com-
P ,r.y now have in commission. To
keep the four furnaces *i operation
will require the services of about 250
Miss L. Cook of Vernon     waa     a
guest at the King Kdward on Friday.
Capt. Fetar of
umoui,' the guests
ward on Friduy.
Kamloops     was
at the K'iug Ed-
Judge Forin of Nelsou paBsed
through Hevclstoke lust uight ou his
way to the coast.
Nominations fur the muuicipal elections will he held ou January 11 and
elections ou  Juuuury 14.   •
A court of revision aud appeal Ior
the Revelstoke assessment ' district
will be bdld at Nakusp on Tuesday afternoon. The se'ssiou will he held iu
the court house.
The list Kegt. B.C. Horse will in
the near luture be re-organized under
the command of Major Wilson. The
tact thai almost the entire corps is
now at Salisbury Plains is not reuliz-
ed   generally I
The Home Guard will parade from
the drill hall to -morrow morning at
1U.3U to attend service at St. Peters
/■hiirch where special prayers for a
successful termiuatian of the war will
he offered.
A tine Ayshlre bull has beeu
brought in liy the live stock association for the use of its members on
the west side of the Columbia river.
This hulll is sent in hy the Doiuiniou
agricultural department. It is to be
kept at Tonka farm iu charge of the
secretary of the association.
POeeffmaster Young has beeu notified that according to information received from the British postoffice,
parcels for Cuba may be accepted for
transmission iia England. No letters
addressed to initials or numbers or
other anonymous indication will be
admitted to the privilege of the poste
restaute tn France. After January 1
the parcel poBt rate to Bermuda will
he 12 cents a pound.
Notice is given in the current issue
of the Canada Gazette hy the Independent Order of Foresters of intention to apply to parliament at the
coming session for an act amending
its legislation by adding the following section- "The society shall be
bound to maintain in respect of all
its outstanding mortuary benefit cer-
tiflcates or policies reserve on the
basis of the Foresters' Experience
and four percent, annual Interest."
Hanson scored highest, attaining IS
poKnts out of a. possible '25. Alex.
Olraud and J. S. Crowell tied at 15
points, resulting later in A. Giraud
taking second prize. J. S. Crowell
was third. The prizes consisted of
turkeys, ^eese aud fowl. The association was elated at the shooting of
Robert Abbie, who was out-claBsed
hy a technicality from winning a
prize. The association will have another contest Saturduy. Jan 2. next
for prizes to be offered by local merchants and others.
The Nakusp hospital made a profit of $8.*d from the annuall doll
raffle ou Christmas eve, which waB
won by Miss Pearl Parent.
The Presbyterian and Episcopal
churches combined in giving the annual Christmas tree at the opera
house, when the building was taxed
to its capacity wHth between :V>0 and
4CO people. An excellent entertainment was given bv the children under the chairmanship of E.W. Somers
Bert  Herridge  was  Santa Cluus.
Sid l.eary and llr. Lavell spent
Christmas at  Burton.
Thomas Moore of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce. Salmon .arm,
spent his holidays among friends at
Mr. and Mrs. George Ingram of
Revelstoke visited Mrs. Ingram's parents,  Mr.  and, Mrs.  L.J.  Fauchier.
A young folks dance was held on
Saturday night when about '10 couples attended.
H. Rive, government dairy instructor
will address a meeting this week on
the subject.
Supt. H. A. Demers, of the Mounted Police, who has been on patrol
duty in the Hudson's Bay district,
with headquurters at Fort Churchill,
has heen appointed superintendent at
Maple Creek, to succeed Supt. Harrigan, recently appointed to the Calgary station. The police force iB now
the largest in  its history,    there be-
Eleven below zero is the record
cold dip for Grand Forks so far
this winter.
Frank claims to have the best
skating rink in the Pass. 200 skaters
helped open it last week.
About two months' work remain to
Le done on the big till the Canadian
Pacific railway is making near Porcupine,   on the Boundary line.
Six Rossland men are waittng     for
the call for the third contingent.
Merritt school will require eight
teachers when it reopens in the New
While in the Boundary   last     week
Attorney General  Bowser served     an
ultimatum on  the Doukhobors     that
i they must henceforth conform to the
I laws of the province or     look     for
G 1  progress is  heing   made with
the     creamery proposal at Kelowna.
To the Ratepayers:
Ladies and gentlemen,—I beg to
submit myself as candidate for alderman for Ward III. I have had considerable experience in municipal af-
falirs and if re-elected will do my best
for the city's welfare.
To the Electors:
Ladles and  Gentlemen,—At the    request of a large number of ratepayers
1  have decided to be a candidate   for
re-election as alderman for Ward 2.
Yours truly,
To the Electors:
Ladies and Gentlemen, -At the   request  of a large number of ratepayers I have decided to offer myself for
re-election as alderman for Ward 1.
Yours truly,
To the Ratepayers:
Ladles and Gentlemen,—At the request of a large number of citizens,
and realizing that much of the work
of the present council is uncompleted
so that this years experience will be
of value on next year's council, I
have decided to offer myself for reelection as alderman for Ward 2.
I have in the past endeavored to
serve the city faithfully tb the best
of my ability and If re-elected will
continue to do so.
The present council has taken steps
to put the civic power plant in a
etate of thorough efficiency and if
elected I shall do my utmost to see
that the work Is accomplished as
speedily and effectively as possible.
Yours truly,
ing 1,278 men. At tho time of the re- I last week to 5 per cent. Tbis puts ths
hellion, there wns about a thousand rate of discount back to what it waa
men, and since then the force has'on July '3l- previous tothe outbreak;
never been over that figure. of hostilities in Europe.
At Rici-lands It was 12 degrees below zero last week.
In an address before the   Canadiasi
club in Montreal, Mr. White, Dominion minister of finance, said that    IB
A cider and vinegar industry   is to  his opinion Canada will have to bor-
be established in Vernon. |row $100,000,000 a year while the war
lasts. He urged that Canadian business men do all in their power to increase production and to offset tha
adverse trade balance against the
Temperance advocates in Penticton
are setting on foot a movement to
circulate a petition callinf; for a temperance vote here under tho provisions of the Canada Temperance
Act, better known as the Scott Act.
Vernon Ratepayers' association
passed a resolution favoring the issuing of treasury bonds, ns more easily handled and less liable to lead to
error than the sinking fund syBtem,
and that Such could be sold locally.
Nineteen students from Okanagan
college, Summerland, will present
themselves for examination by Mc-
Mnster university. This is the lurgest
number that Okanagan has presented
lor these examinations at any one
Fire which broke out in a garage
at Ashcroft on Monday night destroyed two motor cars and two freight
trucks owned by Herbert Blair of
Vancouver. The loss in estimated at
{10,000 partly covered by insurauce.
The origin of the lire jB unknown.
Word has been received at Mara
to the effect that B. Duke, who resided here during the greater pari, of
last winter, and who had many
friends in this district, has BUccumb-
ed to wounds received while fighting
at the front.—Vernon News.
In his report at the annual meeting the president of the northern
Okanagan Farmer's institute, recommended that some general oflort
should be made to eradicate the gopher pest—or Shuswap River marmots,
as he called them. Poisoned grain
was recommended.
A fraud order hus heen issued by
the postal authorities uguinst tbe
British North American Home Investment company ol Vancouver. It
was being run on the same lines as
another company     against which     a
Empress Theatre
Mat; War
Tirr.e     Rei '
cis  Foi
■'■■■' inclu-
■ ■    •i
■   i
Pi      lib •       That
.     I
Paul: - ;-.
Trey      '   I *
r  11 '   r     -■ r"
Wholesale Liquor Store
Burned at Greenwood
I ine   il the mos!  ci si ly
tires in the history  . >d oc-
■ .: when tl Liquor
st'ir', owned bj '        ftth was
built .   .
, u     ' ■
■n the (Si
Enjoyable Christmas
Spent at Nakusp
W. A. Foote for JV^ayor
C;on the insistence of my friends an', the kindly     feelings an *
■nppolt of many who were not  wfh tflt  fear I now offer  my elf    i
a candidate for the office of Mayor for
If elected it will t,« my endeavour to conduct
■business lines. Finance" wfl! have to be   iar.»fully watched,   Bxtet   on
mprovemi   *   wjlll u ily he ''oh1.      ,\ by I hi I
i ie,,     • -. mu il   howei       ■ 'I al .i prnpei   I ind i d
[ have always I        tith in rl nd hope when the pi   eni  world
wide business depri mmedlate revival  In all line
••   '•     [ look to the in11.i11•_• and lumbering Industrie    ■ hie!  i
It will be my aim to ei u»e activity in these branchi i   ilso thr
tourist traffic wl        I   uld be carefully fostered.
I   elected I will make it my duty to thoroughlj li mn powei and
light plant with a   lew to obtaining thorough efficiency,   The watei
ither important utility which should lie placed elM ,, rnnre
t hope gcod aldi  mei  will In  returned and all work for tl  neral ad
cc  '  in
Vour    11■ 111 v.
To the Electors of the
City of Revelstoke:
Ladies and Gkmi.kmkn :
Having been n-nuested by
B large numlier of ratepayers
to allow nivnelf to he nominated an candidate for the office
of Mayor lor 1915, I am ac-
ceding to the request as it is
representative of the Citj at
large, and iloe- not come from
pecial party or faction.
I feel that Revelstoke requires
■vi, business record, as
wei four years served
ture for the position.
i thai your interests
property   0WUI r-
public's interest,
ime  up
fraud order
weeks ago.
was     issued a couple of
David Wright of Hose Hill was the
victim of a fatal shooting accident
Wednesday morning. When leaving
the house, he saw a coyote aud went
back alter bia gun. lt is thought that
he slipped and thc gun discharged,
shooting him in the leg. He crawled
to the home ol his nearest neighbor,
Mr. Trotter, who brought him in to
the Royal Inland Hospital, hut despite every attention he succun-Jlied to \
his injuries about :'. o'clock yesterday
The incoming council ol Summerlund will be provided with the necessary luinds to carry on early spring
work, so that there will bc no delay
because of lack of capital. A telegram received at the municipal otliee
on Monday morning practically assured a m irket at par for thc 58,000
of debentures yet unsold of the recent $10,noo itaued (or water purposes
in addition there will be part of thc
810,000, all of which is yet to come
from Ottawa, on thc experimental
farm water agreement.
The rate of discount of the Imperial Bank    of    Qermany was reduced
Skates sharpened at Palace garage
li">e per pair. •
Our coal burns heat, Palace Livery*
GALT COAL burns all night. RevelBtoke General Agencies,  Limited.
(Ins Borono the very latest preparation for bleaching is perfectly harmless to the most delicate fabrics and
is used exclusively by the Parisian
Hye Works in their new French dry
cleaning process. Far superior to anything on thn market.
Prompt delivery of coal or wood,
Palace Livery.
Select line of China ware at Howson's.
Dry Birch and Cedar any length at
Palace Livery.
If you are looking for a anap la
dishes look at Howson's prices.
Try Palace garage for skate .sharpening.
Lump or nut coal at Palace Livery.
The Parisian Dye Worke are equipped to do any kind of work. Whether
the lights are on or not.
The ladies of the Relief Society will
te pleased to receive old or new magazines to be sent to the guards along:
the lines of communication. The literature may be left at A.K. Kincald'es>
oflice. t.f.
Call up Palace Livery for lump or
nut coal, and dry birch and cedar any;
length, Phone 201.
Fancy pillow tops, hand enibroid-
ered. for sale at the Parisian Dye
Gramaphones and records Ior Xmas
presents, Victor and Edison at.
Tourncrs studio. First street.
Skates to
fit    everyone   at  Bourne
See  Bourne
Bros,    'if    you     need
WANTED.—Girl for light housework,
and   care   of   young baby.     Apply
Mail Herald.
LOST.—A hunch    of     keys.     Finder
please  leave  at  postoffice.     A.   J.
LOST.—Last night on McCarter
Avenue between First nnd Sixth
streets a pair of black satin pumps
and a pair of white silk gloves.
Finder plense return to James Carmichaei, First  street.
FOR SALE.— Young Berkshire Pigs.
W.H.  Pottrufl,  Phone 0.56. tt
re  proper
give timi
■   eel,,   luSJl   I
: e xi ustomei   '.' if I
i public ef the
•-  will   le I  and
finally  pa led     'I hi    will
■ m    rale,
and                                         rk togethei n th a i re-
importance  in   having  the
ha el work to tins en I as fai
hi Hnanoial positi f our I
iii     f plat ing mv platform  before the
publii ■• foi io" to m<sel all  the   Kb
i ■
January Snaps!
Men's Reg. $6.00
Sweater Coats
Heavy, shaker knit
Co its, also medium
weights. Both with
shawl collar and a good
choice of colors.
January Price $3.95
Men's $20.00 to $35.00
Overcoats for $12.50
These come trom the
best makers in grey,
brown mixture and black.
These we consider the
best values in the market,
but you are the judge.
—January Price $12.50
Boys' High-grade Suits, Reg. up to $14 for $6.95
The cloths aw In fine woi itedi and choice i weeds.    Patterns are In
new brown shades and mixture, cOata an- double-breMted and full-
pi-g bloomers,
—January Price $6.95
The finest collection of fetchy
ever assembled for men, women and children
For Rubbors.  Ovorahoo*. Cardigan*,  LoKKlng*
► fl


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