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The Mail Herald Jan 16, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
rPr, Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Hepald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone--The recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
Vol. 22—*«*, 6
$2.50 Per Year
Mayor Pays Visit
to Public Schools
Impresses Upon Pupils Necessity for Improving Appearance of City and Asks Their Co-operation-
Chocolate Presented.
The lirst  ollicial  act  of    Mayor W.   hood and mentioned how well ho   re-
A. Foote after being    sworn  ta yes-   memberod the kiss given to him     by
. ,. ..      his teacher on his first day at school.
terdav  was    to     pay a visit to     the ,...._..,      , ,  A,
' At  the Central school  the  mayor's
city schools. 'party  was   joined  by  T.E.L.  Taylor.
Accompanied by H. Manning, At tho Central school Mr. Manning
Chairman of the school board, and and tho mayor spoke after which a
W. A. Sturdy school trustee he went visit was paid to th;: High school
first to the Selkirk school where the where His Worship again impressed
children satberid in the reception upon the students the importance ol
hal'l. The mayor addressed the pupils improving ths appearance of the city
asking them to aid bim in governing and said that many of his hearers
the city by preserving city property, might become mayors or the occup-
He spoke of  tre s h e a   in - 'ants of more exalted positions,
en and asked the children to protect \ To each child at all three schools
the trees and boulevards and to aid the mayor presented a bar of choco-
in keepini: the streets clean and tidy : late and he was enthusiastically
hy refraining from throwing paper cheered, the high school students
and rubbish on tbe streets. i giving  in  addition  tho  high     school
To the teachers he spoke of the yell and singing "For He's a Jolly
vivid  impressions    received  in    child- j Good Fellow."
Revelstoke Organizing Centre
in District Eleven for Recruiting Third Contingent
The minister o[ militia has announced tbe organization centres for
battalions in the various western
divisions and military areus In connection witb the recruiting for the
third contingent. While the numtSr of
places chosen for battalion headquarters are quite numerous it is
expluined that the recruiting ollicers
propose to visit all other centres of
population und give equal opportunity to the young men of all sections
to otler their services to the country.
The organizing centres of military
district No. LO bave been selected as
follows, the mobilization centre headquarters to be announced later:   Win-
Prizes for Best Kept Gardens
Public Scavenger bys-
tem Needed
The committee ot tbe board of
trade appoiuted to investigate the
best means toward the beautification
of the city has taker, up its duties
with zeal.
Enquiries are being mude as to the
methods adopted iu other cities to
procure the cultivation of vacant
lots and the system of competition
for prizes thut nas beeu found most
effective. It is believed that government assistance is procurable.
Prizes for the best kept gardens
will be offered and the methods
adopted in other cities to interest
the general public are being enquired
W. A. Foote is Elected Mayor—Mackenrot and Masson
New Members of Council—McSorley, Bell, Smythe
and Bourne are Re-elected—Heavy Vote and Much
Interest Taken in Contest
The hero of the recent naval engagement with the German Fleet in
South Atlantic waters
lhe committee     is    also enquiring
nipeg, kinom, Rrydou, Fort Francis,
F b _    .   .   .,        „       , from  Nelson  us to what success was
for the benefit of thc citizens und it
is probable that shrub* will be
bought in large quantities and Bold
at coBt price.
It is also proposed that u deputation should wait on the city council
to ask the city to attend to the cutting of weeds and     the general tidi-
Fort William, Port Arthur, Brandon
^orkte.n. Snuris, Russell, Portuge,
Dauphin, \ irdeti, Miuuedosa, Regina,
Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Moosemiu,
Grenfell, Indian Head, Weyburu,
Prinre Albert, Humholt, Kstevan,
Lloydralnster, North liattleford,
Swift Current nnd Maple Creek.
In district Number 13, Culgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Pinchcr Creek und
MacLeod will be the chief centres ot
For district Number 11, organizing —"; ™ (
centres will be established at V ic-
toria, Vancouver, New Westminster,
Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Fernie,
Prince Rupert, Cranbrook, Kamloops,
Revelstoke, Grand Forks, Nanaimo
and Chilliwack.
Subsequently the forces raised in
this military district will he mobilised ut Victoria, Vancouver and New
For Canada and Old
England! Cry Canadians
Hy  a   majority  of 51  votes,    W.  A. i    The accredited  agents or scrutineea
Footo was on Thurs,lay elected mayon for the various    candidates were:  for
of Revelstoke.    The aldermen elected w. A. Foote, D   Cashiato,     W.     A.
are:  Ward  1,  E.  A.  MacKenrot,    and Sturdy,  C.  M.   Kiel.]  und    L.   CaWin;
H.   J.     McSorley;      Ward  2,      W.   A. for  W.   I.  Briggs,   II.   Took.,   for  Q.w!
Smythe,  and George W.   Hell;. Want :',, bell,  I'.  Rent;  for  W.  A.  Smythe     A.
K H. Bourne and L. C. Masson. The CF. Haddon.
names of     the     candidates with tbe Till", COUNTING
votes polled in each    case  were     as An  Interesting crowd consisting   of
follows: tbe  candidates,   scrutineers  and     ex-
MAYOR members of the     city council aseem-
FOOTE,  W   A    277 Med  in  the . luncil  chamber to     nt-
BRIG08,  W   1    226 tend the counting of the ballots. The
Spoiled        4 mayoralty  bullot   box   wus  tirst   open-
ALIlERMKN ed  and  the tirst   vote counted was for
Ward  1. Mr. Foote, next  ram.   the aldermanlc
MACKKNROT,  ES. A    134 ballot box for Ward l, then  Ward 2
McSORLEY,    H.  J    103 und fin ,Ily Ward 3.
      74 As  the  results      wire      known  they
       'i were announced  to      arg   and  noisy
crowd,  a l.irge   proportion  of   which
    107 were children,  which     had  ass m led
      70 at  tin   doors of tb.-c.ty hall.  As the
.. r     64 successful candidal a     reached     the
street  they  were  greeted  with  hearty
      71 cheering and were  siezed  by the   chil-
MASSON,  L. ('      6'J urea  who demanded   '  teeee     In    the
Needham, S      55 form of money for candies and     the
M\NY PLUMPERS picture show. Ths was willingly con-
One remarkable feature of the vot- tributed by Mayor  Foote and   other
ing was the     extraordinarily     large candidates. The mayor and Aid. Mac-
number of electors who voted for one Kenr°t made brief speeches thinking
name only for alderman. In ward one their supporters.
213 votes were cast of which 133 were As s"""   ts Ih'' result of the voting
plumpers,   in   ward  2,  thcre  wer,.  .**, I ior mayor was knowi       His Worship
plumpers out of a vote of 217 and iii **"*" h,,nrti!>* congratulated     by   Mr.
ward 3 In a vote of 195 there were 63 Brl W.  the     un successful  candidate,
I Colucurclo, A	
Ward 2
1 SMYTHE, W.  A	
BELL,  (,.  \\	
Kincaid,  A,.  K	
Ward 3.
BOURNE,  F.   H	
A Canadian regiment has distin- ing the French
•net with in that t'lty in regard to guished itself near Ypres according losses, between
the purchase wholesale of rose bushes   to the Lond0u Daily Chronicle     cor-  Kre"ch  soldi,'rs beiaS found on     the
have suffered heavy
101K)    and 5000 dead
plumpers. E. A,. MacKenrot secured
the greatest number of these ,,,.
dividual votes viz, GO, while the fewest number, 10, was cast for G. Vi.
Eell in ward 2. The plumpers Cast
were as follows* E. A. Mackenrot 6<',
A. Colucurcio 47, H.J. McSorley 2C,
F. H. Bourne 25, L. O. Masson 25,
Vi. A. Smythe 24, A. E. Kincaid '20,
S.  Needham  13 and G.  W.  Bell  10.
ind   the best of feeling prevailed.
Three Straight Games
Won by Government
battlefield and about 5200 having beeu
xespondent in north east France. The   .   , ,_ ,_.      .,        ,
taken   prisoners.       The  Germans  also
Canadian came up in time     to help tlaim to hnve    caI,tured    11 cannon
a  British  line  in a sh  rp   engagement and six machine guns.
with the Germans. With cheers "For     Important Uritish    gains   are     re-  rejected,   three wore spoiled  in  Ward  Parker,  with  Ml   in the first gan-C.
Canada and Old England'    tbe Cana- ported  to have been    made near. 6La-   L and in  Wurds 2    and 3  there was Government
dians charged the German  lines   and basse    and     the Germans    have  lost  not a single spoiled ballot. R.   Squarebrigg3, 135
Last niL-ht th? Government bowling
team  bowled  of  against    the  C.P.R.,
resulting in  three  straight  ga ues for
The number of   spoiled ballots was   the  Government.      The  highest  Wore
small.  Four  ballot,   for  mayor   were   for the evening    w.is    rolled  by     il
carried  everything    before  them tak-   some trenches to Zouaves
Blowing Out Stumps
in Columbia River
On Wednesday    evening     two     big
games of volley  ball were played   at
the   Y.M.O.A.   The  first   was  between
the Scotch Reserves and the Business
men.     The Business mens' team used
to bc called the Die Hards, but tb^y
■Arrowhead, Bl C, Jan 15.— The an-   descided that they were not going to
nual  vestry     meeting    in connection   die    and chanced their name.     Tbey
with St. Peter's church, was held last   now  call      themselves      the  Business
ness of thc streets.  Tbe adoption   of   in8  trench  after trench.  The   ground   region *f Arias according to a French The poll waB heavy and much     in-   H-  I'arker
a  public scavenger     system    is also   gained extended over a mile in length,   official  report.  Along the rest of the tcrcst was taken in the     election.  A   H-  I)err.
The battlefield to the north east of   front, while attacks have been   made total of 714 votes uppcurs on the list   K-  Bond,
nadi.m  Pacific railway in the .beauti-   Soissons where    a fierce engagement   by both sides, there appear 6to have but allowing for absentees and others
Ocation of Victoria road and lots ad-   bus been in  progress for several days   been no decisive engagements. unable to got., the poll    owing     to
jacent to  tbe  station will    also     bc   remains tho centre of interest   in thc      The Russians   are   actively pushing 6ickncsJ  and  other unavoidable  caus-
western  theatre of war.      Here     the   their campaign  in  East  Prussia      in es probably less than 5-50  votes   was   »■   Field,
; Germans appear to have  gained    im-   northern   Russian  Poland,     although the highest     possible     number    that   B. A. Mackenrot
'portant    successes     retaking  ground   no decisive Conflicts are reported1 from   might have  1 n  polled,  of  these :>07   T-  Copeland.
from  thc French by furious assaults,   those     districts.      Petrograd  reports votes  were cast for  mayor aB     com    H.  Pulley
Some idea of the nature of this con-   that the Germans failed in some   at- pared   with  577  votes last   year   When   '""  W°°d,
test may be gained    from the   latest  tackB on the Russian     advance     co- thc voters     list     was     considerably
German  official  statement  which says   lonns in  East    Prussia  and retreated larger.                                                                         Totals
that as a result of three days   tight-   after heavy  losses  tothe Germans. NEW MEMBERS
—  ===r=r=r=rr===z===^=====r=r==========r= '    The now members     of     the council
■  « ■        _          _~        1                _      mfSk.           ■ arc w-   A-   Footo,  V.   A.   MacKenrot.
High School Students r ***•*<*• &>*•"•■■
15 3
Business Men Victors
Over Scotch Reserves
C. P. R.
11 I
The  following  impromptu   composi-
■ McSorley is re elected, rchile the chair
of A. pradolini.   the other alderman
last year,  who was Dot  0 candidate
'for r. election, will be takra by B.A.
MacKenrot.  In Wir.l 2 W. A.  Smyth..
time, it looks like   bo many clusters ,,ml ,;. w. Bell, last year's aldermen
Extol Mount Begbie
Party at Craigellachie
is Much Enjoyed
evening. The treasurer's report show-   mem. And by the way the handled the  tlonB were writte" *n 40 minutes   by   of diamonds sparkling and dancing'in   Jirf, , ,,„.,„,  .,,„, ,„ War,, :!       ,    ,•
(Special  to  The   Mail   Herald)
Craigellachie, I).   C,  Jan.  1:..—The
0 ai   Craigellachie     waa
ed a surplus on hand of $63. Tht foi-   Scotch  Reserves  it looks as if     they   the pupil8 of F"rm l>  of thD     Hi*h   ''"* *""'
school.  Only slips of    the  pen
Masson  succeeds    S.   Needham     while   brought   to  an   enjoyable      close      on
lowing    otlicers     were     elected:     W. mean    business.      A    fast   game  was
Greigson,  vicar's warden;  P.  Cooper, played the score for tbe three games n corrected.
people's warden;  Messrs.  Hind,   Day, being:—Scotch   Reserves,    trst    game '                     MOUNT BhlGBIE
Bland,  sidesman.   The  vicar,   in      his 21, second  10, third 12. Business men Any person who has mad
address,  expressed    pleasure     at the Brst game \ second 31,  third 21. the Columbia, could not
standing of the church, which, here- The    Scotchmen    were     completely the towering pinnacles of Mount Reg-   lllily  garden.—Stanley   Sl>cnc.
marked, was Ln no small measure due ta'>en by surprise by the fine     head- bie.  In summer clothed   in  its   high        SENTINEL OF  REVELSTOKE
have      In  the spring the    slides     crashing K.   H.   Bourne  Is  re-elected.   All      tbe Wednesday  evening  by  a  w.H attend-
down among the trees and clearing  a ehnlrmfn   nt r.nmmltt.i>»«  last   vr>.,r  rn- —1                                       ,      ,     .,-
«> Luaiimrn  o.  (.ominmi   s   iaai   y.ir  re- e(j surprise part;   at   A.  S.   Al.1cr1.on 8
rpucc   like   some  great       reaping   ma- ,„,„  fl, thisyos council. O.  Vi. Hell Meadow  Lake  ranch
deatripup chine. It makes    one feel if he would WM chairman of the    finance    com t,                        and games    were
have missed  j   " '" w,,lk ft™on«.   ,h;'i;     beautiful mittee last  jrpar. H. .1   McSorley   of ,„dulged In and     much enjoyed, and
the  lire,   water ,,m!   light committee, at  midnight a dainty lunch was ser-
F. II. Bourne of    the    public works vei], chiefly bj  the Bachelors' brigade
to the untiring efforts of the   United   work, and  lightening strokes of   thc  glacier,   with   greut  Waterfalls,  flush-      Thc beauty of this lofty sentinel of committee and W. A.  Smythe   of the jn  which Vi.  Waddel and  J. Hoffman
Ladies'  auxiliary.                                        Business men.                                               Ing down  the    sides     with  merciless   Revelstoke is indeed remarkable.      In bylaws committee. wcre y,e m(lgt conspicuous figures.
The government    is     blowing     out      The second  came was  between    the  agony  and  loosing  themselves in the  summer it is clothed     ln part wbiti: VEHICLES   BUS'S Mrs.  B.  J.  McKenzie.    of     N
stumps ini'l snags at the mouth     ot  French Recruits and the .New Comers  hugh Columbia. At the bottom many  nnd purt a beautiful green color.  In Much public Interest was taken   in was  present; also     Mrs.  Drummond,
the Columbia  river.   Eight  men     are   it  was rather    one     sided    after the   evergreens make  it look like a   fairy  the heat  of summer  this    bigb    peak the election. All day a throng of sup- Mrs.   Fuller,  Mrs.   I3rig.:s,  Mrs.    Lar-
Smployed,  under Foreman   .1.  Sillman   "Veteran   recruits'*   got  in  their    us-   garden, but as oearlng the top   they   is a purple haze.    The mountain     ls porters of the various candidates was der,  Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Paulding and
Th'1 wort  will  last  about, a month.        uni  stride.  The N'ew Comari as their   slowly  fall out, one by one, till just   lined      with     small     glittering falls to be seen around thc doors     of   the Miss Blackberg, and a large company
Miss  M    Jackson  bus r turned      to   name  implies  bad  never  played      to-  a  few old stumps     are left,  and     at  which run sparkling over its BidCB to city   hall in which   the voting     took of the sterner sex.
Revelstoke alte'f  visiting parents   tor   gather before,  and  there  combination   last the summit.     a     hugh desolate  reach   the bigger  sister  the  Columbia place and rigs were busy  taking  vot- Festivities     continued     until  late,
a  few days.                                                   »M  not  up    to    that    of the/ir     op-   plain of snow    in which      more than   which Winds  In and out at     the base ers to the poll.  In  the council chain- when a tired but happy company dis-
II.   Linnell  of tbe Steamer  Minto  is   pon<tnt*'   who   played   their   positions   one hunter has lost his life.                   of this wonderful mountain and loses ber, B.  R.  Reynolds, returning oilier persed  aft»r giving  hearty  thanks to
Confined  to  tbo      Revelstoke  hospital   eXeCeptlOnsllj   woll    and    let    nothing'    In  tbe  winter   clothed    i-i  .ts sheet   Itself  iii   a blue  mist   ol  the  distance, presided   over   the  ballot  boxes  with the host and hoste-s,     fer     a    very
with mi attack of la grippe.             lpass.                                                   of snow, and nil tbe streams frozen. To tbe htinter tins is .1 paradise, wild 0, M. Field, P, Bent, A.F. Haddon, pleasant evening
Rev.  w. 11.  Bridge is spending    a     There mett but    twi               played  and  making .1 grumbling noise     like  garni  of all   varieties    room ami ug II. Cook, l. c.itiin    and P. Fagnell
few flayi in town, the guesl  ol Mrs.  as the be»st tw.e                 three    de    thai   ol distant     peals     of thunder,  the countless caves, To the traveller hi scrutineers.  At   1.30  o'clock     304 R.-iwn at Bonnera Ferry sneak thle-
Oooper,                                                  ruled it. Th"     icon w«              owi   storming and  bllszardli     al   the top and tourist  ll  is ■.     thing if wonder votes had been polled, over 200 votes ves &tj mnkin.-                          -• aad
French  Recruits first gone 31, second   with   undaunted  vigor.   When  the sun   and  not a  few tales have  heen     told being recorded between that time an I pies.  In one instance the porker was
Twenty Inr   new   boXM  have      been   21.      New Comers,  first   came  14;  sc     ;     iblnini       brightly    and  all Begbies                  7 o'clock,  the bout   .it  which the poll killed  in tbe pen,      the bind  quarters
installed In the post office at Trail.    |cond 7.                                                   (troubles                 say     for    anothel           (Continueel on Pa-ge    Font,) closed. taken   ind thi    ront    m    ..ft. PACE TWO.
THE MAil.     'tiHALD    o*?»/£LSTOKtz
Sunlight Soap
and water maKes your home sparkle with
cleanliness--just like all nature sparkles
on a sunlit morning after rain.
Sunlight is the purest of all household
soaps with a ftcntle strength that
moves dirt quickly but without the
slightest injury to fine fabric or dainty
hands.   On sale at all grocers—
itdT*«    mt
■m i
Rations that are Appreciated  by Tommy Atkins
It is doubtful whether in tho whole
history of warlike operations troops
in the field were ever bo well fed as
nre the allied forces now in Franco
and Belgium. The unfailing
regularity of the supply service of the Uritish army bas
won the unstinted admiration not on
ly of our gallant Allies but of milit-  ""P1*0™ even in    the trenches
'. U/.ho.,     lo     oln,n„.    In     nl.-vun    r,r.
The  prices of  all    groceries,  veget- |
aides and Iruit have not changed this
week.  The    local      market   has  been
very steady lately,       Sugar is selling I
at ST.'.'O per hundred pounds.
Bananas, per doz <10;a .SO
Lemons, per doz. 40
AppleB, new, 4 to (itbs. .25
Oranges, from  25 to .50
Jap Oranges, per box  70
Navel Oranges       50
Grapes,  Malaga '25
Figs, cooking, Jibs, for .25
Dates,  Hallowi     2   lbs. for .25
Dates, Fard, 211)8. for ... .:!•">
Dates,  Dromedary,  pkg.  ,15, 2 for .25
Walnuts, California, per tb 35
Wa'lnuts, Grenoble >.2*">
Pecans, per Ib  .35
Filberts, per lb  .25
Almonds,  per It  .25f» . 10
Brazils,  per !b  .25(3 .30
Fresh killed beef, retail .OSfi.JT;
Pork,  retail  18® .25
Mutton,  retail        12*.® .25
Veal, retail       l.'lj® .27
Hams, retail  2'n  .80
Bacon,  retail   28@* .40
Lard, retail  1T@ .20
Chickens,  retail  23@ .25
nusages,  retail  13.i ,13
Turkey, per tb  .'10
Geese, per It)  ,25
Ducks, per It  .23
Granulated B. C. Cane
1 eee  tb.   sack   7.90
Lump sugar, 2Its  .25
i ny.me in this audience now. Being
scientific men they have given proof
tbat it is real, not Impersonation,
not something emanating from myself. They have given definite proofs.
Some of them are being published,
many are being withheld for a time,
but will be published later. H	
'I tell you with all the strength of sought after;
conviction which I can muster that born gourmet
the fact is bo, thnt we do persist,
tbat these people still take an interest in w-'hnt is going on, that they
still help us and lanow far more
about things than we do, and that
tbey are nble from time to time to
communicate. I know this is n tremendous conclusion. I don't think
any of us, I don't think I myself
realize  hmv  great n  conclusion  it is.
•It is not fur everybody to investo-
gate everything, but if persons give
:>(*' or 40 years < >f their life in this
investigation  tbey  are    entitled      to
jury critics of other nationalities. As
to tho excellence of the rations, it is
admitted by that dear fellow Tommy
himself; and there could be no more
Convincing testimony, lt wus my experience during an early Btage of tho
war to draw army rations for some
duys, and we unanimously ugreod
that the fare was most excellent. A
dish of fried bacon, with some oggs,
the latter an extra, lingers agreeably
in the memory. The bully beef, the
teu, marmalade, and biscuits, all
were good.
Tbe French 'Pot Au Feu.'
So much for quality, As to quantity, it is admitted to be amply suf-
i hciont. Many of our men cunnot consume their allowance of tinned moat,
and it is quite a common occurrence
lor them to give it away to tho unfortunate refugees or to barter it for
tobacco, fruit, or vegetables. The ration is varied whenever possible—and
that is frequently—with good fresh
meat, bread, and potatoes. Observation tends to Bhow that Tommy Atkins is not over partial to green
vegetables and salads, and in that
respect he differs widely from hiB gallant French comrades, who nre never
f.o happy as when they can get hold
o! some cabbages for tbeir 'pot au
feu.' The white variety is the     most
is    a
of the
truly  tlie  Gaul
ind his courage
not sutler in consequence,  nor
his capucity  for clear thinking,
greut strategist at tbe head
allied armies, though a man ot simple
tastes, is known as a 'bonne four-
chette' (a 'good fork.') (>neral Jof-
fre's digestion is perfect; he sleeps
well o' nights.
But to return to Tommy and his
He is a great lover of potatoes as
a relief from bis 'hard tack,' and prefers them steamed or boiled. Piouplou
on the contrary,     will always     have
State results  which they     have     ar- them  fried  if he can manage jt.    The
rived at.   Vou  must  have evidence, of brave Belgian will have them ulvrays
course.      The     evidence—such   as   we boiled, and consumes vast iquantities.
have got—is recorded  in  the volumes He is right—thc 'spud'  is a     first-
of a BCientinc society, and  there will class fighting food.
be much  more evidence  Thc evidence Both French and RelginnB are great
is not a matter for casual  converse- bread eaters,  particularly the former.
tion; it is i matter for serious study
and tb-3 conclusions that may be ar-
rived .it may be delayed.
'The conclusion is that the survival
of existence' is sci I I " oved by
careful   scientific  investigation.      ami
thai    ' its. if leads us to a preception
tb     unity  running      through     all
states   ef existence. That is wh
that  man is no'
know  be  is  surr tber   in
telligences.   ' p   over
ry there :s no   limit
the  higher  Intell until
The Briton cats it whenever he can
get it. The French soldier, as in Napoleon's day, may be trusted to preserve his bread ration; our men in
many instances are prone to throw
or give away what they cannot consume at a meal Their French comrades must have practically white
bread, 'pain de menage'; the Belgians
perfer their brown or black bread. So
much - tbat when during the fighting on the Vser their supplies ran
porarlly 'ra-
■ '..ned' hy their .  ey leftmost
Gran. B.C., 2n rb.  sack  1.65
Brown  sugar.  311 s  .2"
Syrup, maple, bottle   .00
Syrup, gallon      1.75(g2.00
H'er.ey.  comb,  per tb  . '"
H ner,  1Tb. jars 2"
Robin Hood	
h. A K   Bread Flour 	
rive Roses	
I . ■   of the v,' . is   bag
P  rity Flour 	
Come  to  the    Infinite  Intelligence It-, of their white bread and clamored for
B:tter,   crea::.' ry     .4'!
Butter   d liry, per Tli '■'■-
Cheese, Canadian   per tb.
Cheese,  C<ir>.  Stilton, lb,
tilton,  " . .60
Eggs, local new laid, doz go
Parsley, per bunch     .05
Dry. onions, 5 *t.s. for .2',
■..■■■    local,  . ach  ... .0".
N'ew Potatoes, It  ,02
Lettuce,  ft   10
Tomitoes, Tb  ,15
Ne-.v  Carrots, lb  .02
Turnips, j(er Ib  ,02)
Sweet  I   tatoes, libs, for
Celery, per It 5
Sil   Olivet   Lodge,  in an  address at
Browning   Hall,   London,      said  that !
bis belief  in the survival  of the soul
after    death    was    based    on  definite
scientific  grounds.
*I say it. because I know that cor- •
• ill   friends  of mine still  exist,      bc-
3e I have talked to them.     Communication     is possible.     One must .
..'(.• y the 1 iws, find out the conditions '
I do not say it is easy, but I say it
is possible,     and I     have    conversed '
with thou as I could converse    with j
self.  There
go on until you con.-   I
The [act   ■    it   '
and   i:.<:
v    use  of
pcpsla     Table;-
ndei in 1
■  \v" are  ■<.','..; ■
- .
i   thi
stomach,  allay  pain,  check  heartburn
-t     the   fee.,'!
<..    quickly     restore the
■   ,   state.
■ is no red '     out
■ i..it ,i
says. We'll ask you nn questions,
'. e.ur   word   is   en is    If Re*
,ill Dypcpsla Tablets don't restore
yonr stomach    to     1 A   make
your ill"- Hon eas ■ mfortable
we  want   vou   f<- [or  your
Tl re sold    only at     the
7,000 Rexall St.,res. and In tills
town only I.y us. Three si/es. 25c,
50c. and    I    I    Bews'  Drug Store,
K.  E, Shant-2, who bas conducted ,•,
real  estate  office -it   Grand  Forks, has
moved to Wenatchee, Wash.
^^lL^ERLmm^.   3R!r, Um I l
•loved dark 'tack.*  This     was
'   and  there being   no
,t mts       and
.ntent with
I ree ill it    with
and  his liuft.
-■e       I'    BOUCCCfUl    fa
I rench, our   men
vary    fair ssfully
the monotony ol -  ■ I   one  has
heard  Ml   0f  famous  meat   pies,     of
.•.rr  and   of  p   I Tm:.
■   hold of  'dull'   he  is supre
a  French sold
how he and bia comrades manage to
theii     lunch
to     be
he      is
H.itisfie '      • he e ;n
•tu.     The old ■
'     '
in       their
in    the  trencheu        | p ,
night "ti with the raisins.
'if ..ur   rrien'e:  |rj
ll   the  former
he has am excellent ;■ rul unfailing sup
ply; of the latter he stands .il ■
want   'verb   sap *  Do noi   ''■! get   to
.,,|.| ibe cie-.'neH,.., t,, Ui,. plums nnd
"bull's ryes''
All Belgians,  like the v , i   ,, , j,,, ,i .
,,f Britons, are fond of beer,   Officers
and men alike [.refer it I,, wine, even
when th" teller is obtainable, which
happens rarely. Like t.he French they
must   have      their      coffee     mid   their
'popotte,' or stew, and no meal save
ibe early breakfast is served without
potatoes,    a Kerry Irishman   would
feel quite at home ut one of these
potato fcuBts. King Albert's Boldiers
uro ulso fond of all sorts of vegetables, particularly cabbage aud carrots, and their partiality for choose—
tho hard Dutch variety—iB remarkable.
Dolightful Stews.
Fronch  cooking,  us  everywhere,     is
kitchen is always in close proximity
to the advanced lines, and the soldier cook or cooks, choaun by their
companions for their skill, ure combatants like the reBt. Approach the
lines In the moruiiig and the, nostrils
are agreeably titillated with the fru-
I,ranee of collee, and right down good
colTee too, for the rations of tho
French soldier are supplemented by
tbe free gifts of his grateful countrymen anil countrywomen. From Havre
and Marseilles come presents of cof-
leo; from the Gironde and farther
south, even from Algeria, sound 'vin
ordinaire'; and Irom the Charcnte
brandy. It must not be imagined
that French troops, like Dives, fare
sumptuously every day. Service in
thc trenches does not permit of that,
but th,; soldier is well nourished, and
is oven, as in the case of Tommy Atkins, furnished with luxuries, lt is
iu tlie preparation of his food that
the Frenchman excels. With a tin of
buily beef, supplied by a Tommy, he
has been known to fabricate a delightfully savoury Btew; he and some
companions risking their skins to secure the necessary vegetable ingredients from a neighboring farm, almost under thc noses of the Germane
Fioupiou is always in possession of
onions, and if he be a southerner
there is sure to be some guitlic in
See the Frenchmen at their midday
nieul! lf there be any sardines there
is the horsd'oeuvre; any eggs, tho
omelette; meat, entree or roaBt,
while one pear or apple has been
known to furnish dessert for four at
tbe meal. The Frenchman likes all
this, and will have it when he can get
it; on the other hand, he will cheerfully go without any or all of it and
tight on an empty stomach as well
as any man. When everything else is
lacking, there is always the soup,
generally reserved for the evening
meal, though acceptable at all times.
Jt is always good und sometimes
superb, One remembers such a 'pot
nu feu,' tasted in the vicinity of the
Maine. I assisted at the preparation
of this dish as well as at its consumption. To its composition contributed a whole leg of beof, cabbages
carrots, onions, turnips, celery, and
b-ast, some gigantic, leeks. The result was a triumph which was never
excelled by the renowned M. Escoflicr
himself. There is good reason to believe that it wus one of his former
assistants who prepared it!
A lot of fine shrimps, very plentiful on the Flemish coast, were
brought into the lines on the Yser.
The Belgians ate them for breakfast
with their coffee, the English with
C'cir tea (shades of Roshcrville!),
while the French near Dixmude preen-1 a special menu for lunch:
I) r  d'ocurr.ee—Shrimps."
1'nless state    officials find an uncx-
ectedlj   large     percentage of fraudu
'ires  on the petitions  filed
I  Olympia,  Wash., will vote   on the
prohibition question again    in   1915.
We are offering CLOSE PRICES on:
Bourne Bros.. Ltd.
Telephone 22
First Street
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
President Vice-President
EDWARD SAY, General Manager.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Br.-i-ch
A.H. McOLKNlOTIIAN. Manager,
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected—approved bv careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs.
Sausage—wherever it appears.
General Blacksmith
Light and heavy Wagons, light and heavy
Sleighs, Buggies, Cutters, Plows. Harrow.
Farm Implements. Waifone made and repaired
Agent for John Deere and Cbmpiny and intornntinnui Harvostor Co.
Farm Implements
Globe Lumber Co.. Ltd.
Lumber, Laths, Shingles, Mouldings,
ard Builders Supplies
Phone 254
E. McILMOYL, Local Agent
It iB announced    in  ConBtnntinoplc General Sir William Otter, who Ims
that Field Marshall  Baron von     der charge of the interned Austrians   and
Goltz,  who was recently sent     from Germans, now hns -150 of    them     ai
Rerlin to the TurkiBh    capital,     has Petewawa, where they arc engaged in
heen appointed     military commander converting     some     of the buildings,
of Constantinople    and acting minis- which  were only     used    for  Summer
ter  of     war,      Envcr Pasha,  having camp quarters,    into warm quarters.
The petitions nsk the legislature     to   Kone to tnke comman(1 of the troops nnd ,-iIbo in cutting down Borne of the
call ., special  election next fall on the
tl of permitting hotels     with
0  rooms to sell  to I      ftnd   per-
Idualfl     to
m ■• impi Ion.
buy  in  bulk
in Anatolia. It is also said that a t timber which requires to be moved
German Admiral has taken over the from the camp area. At the Bite -of
Ministry of Murine, Djcmnl Pasha thc experimental, farm nonr Hearst,
having assumed command of the on the N.T.R., 17e0 men are employ-
troops in Syria. ed.
BREAD ls the stall of life, hut this applies only to good bread, we
venture to say that it you will -give our bread a trial we can convince you that our Bread is worthy of the name—"The Stall of
Life"—In style and quality an Bakers loaf, Home-made, Vienna, Cottage, French, Twist; also Rye, Paiein and Graham Bread.
HONKY, that is absolutely, pure, gathered and bottled in B.C., as
this is the season for honey,. we w.ould advise you to give this a
trial as to purity. Only a limited quantity. Come early if you want
honey that is honey only.
Phone 41
Box 734
Strictly First-Class
Roomij -Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Motel Victoria
R. Laughton, Prop.
Choicest of Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Union Hotel
A. P. IvEVESyUE, Proprietor
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
CVfcJJU&XT.eejNCHh'. .-I/O  »   UNDERWOOD.   N.   Y„
German EKsId Marshal, al present with the Turkish Army
The New Zealaud defence department nas oflered to keep the expeditionary force now in Egypt up to itB
full strength and applications for enrollment are far In excess of tho
number required.
The city of Montreal has accepted
an ofler of 9-8.C>7 and accrued interest for $6,WOO,000 five per cent three-
year bonds, which came from a syndicate headed by the Boston investment houso of EH. Rollins & Sons.
Four tenders from American tlrma for
the city bonds were submitted
through tho Bank of Montrenl.
On November 13 last the percentage of unemployment in tho trades
covered by the British national Insurance act was 3.S5, as compared
with 3.9S on November 6, 4.50 a
month previously antl nearly 7 per
cent a few iliys after tho war broke
out. On November 13, 1913, the percentage was 3.81, almost exactly tbc
same as after three months of war.
'Guglielmo Marconi, of wireless telegraphy fame, has been appointed a
member of thc Italian Senate by
King Victor Emmanuel.
Kenneth Mackenzie of .Winnipeg, impressed with the trying climatic conditions at Salisbury Plain, has made
a present of a body belt and foot
wear to every Manitobiaii with the
Canadian contingent.
It is understood that definite assurance has been reccivod from Ottawa that the senatorship held by
the late Hon. William Gibson, Boatu-
sville, will go to Prank Lalor, M.P.,
for Haldimand, and that tho appoint
ment will be made after tho next
session of parliament.
According to Ottawa reports another cabinet change is cortuin in the
near future. It is reported that Hon.
Louis Ooderre, secretary of state,
will go on tbe bench, and will he
succeeded in tbe cabinet, as Montreal
district representative, by either
Messrs. Marechal or l'atcnaudc. Mr.
Ooderre entered the cabinet in 1912
us successor to tho late Hon. F. D.
Tho metric system of weights ond
measures will become the standard
for drug stores, the drug trade and
physicians 'in all parts of the British
Empire with the new year, when tho
new British pharmacopoeia discards
the old system of weights and measures.
into Canada. The latter increase will
come into etlect on January 15, after ten days' notice has been given,
but owing to the Dominion Railway
Commission requiring 30 days' notice
of any change it is not anticipated
the Canadain roads ' will increase
their charges until the middle of
Total losses to Scandinavian shipping through mine ditatetl were as
iollows up to mid-December: Sweden,
eight ships and sixty lives. To this
total must also be added Holland,
with three vessels and fifteen lives.
The total financial loss for the 22
ships and their cargoes will reach
nearly $10,000,000'.
A  tire last    week     destroyed     the
steam laundry   operated by   L.  Flem-
ing, on Clarke streee,  Port    Moody.
The loss, exclusive of the building, is
oomputod at $1,800, partially covered .
by insurance. There is no fire brigade i
in Port Moody, but thc citizens turned out a man, headed by Mayor Roe, ,
und fought the    fire     with vigorous,
but unavailing eflorts.
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
tt Second Street, Revelstoke.B.O.
I. 0. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall  at 8 o'clock.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
, .—«.
aud A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,    Secretary.
A Renter dispatch from Petrograd
says that an order has been issued
there prohibiting the snle of all alcoholic drinks in the city, including
beer. This order applies even to the
clubs and high-class restaurants. Early in the war an Imperial decree was
issued prohibiting the sale of vodka
and other spirituous liquors throughout Russia. Traffic in lighter alcho-
lic drinks, such as beer and light
Wines, however, have been permitted
The protest against the naturalization of Prof. Mueller, of the University of Toronto, one of the throe German professors who were given leave
of absence liy the university until after the conclusion of the war, was
disposed of by Judge Coatsworth,
who said In his finding: "Mr. Mueller responded to the supreme test
when, after deliberation, he answered
that he was in favor of the success
of the British in the present war.
There is not one tittle of evidence
against Mr. Mueller that wou.d '.e.st-
ify me treating him at nil differently
from any of the others."
The Ottawa branch of the Canadian
Patriotic fund haB made its second
contribution, remitting $7.">,O0O in ad-
diticln to the $100,000 previously sent.
Other new receipts acknowledged by
the central patriotic fund are: Empress, Alta., $102; Humbolt. SuBk.,
$227; burghers of Fort Saskatchewan
Sl.-OOO; citizens of Hope, B.< C, §124.
The total now iB 82,226,682.
Among the investments of thc Dominion Trust company were: British
Canadian Securities, (1,881,704.72;
West Canadian City properties, 8339,-
232.34; Alvo von Alvensleben, $28,-
483.35; Central Okanagan Lands, Columbia Valley Orchards, Seymour
Arm Estates, 3870,1)59.56; Vancouver
Industrial Sites, $46,71'J,5S; grand totul $3,400,TY',.75. In addition to tibe
above amounts there are Inrge con-
: tingent liabilities, for example, Alvo
von Alvensleben,  $511,421.US.
Carl Liebknicht, Socialist member
of the German Reichstag, who attracted attention early in December
by heing the only member of the
Reichstag who voted against a new
war credit, hns sent a New Year's
message to British Socialists, in
which he calls upon the workers of
the world to unite in a war against
the war. This communication is published in a newspaper called The
Labor Leader. Mr. Liebknicht declares that the masses everywhere loathe
this war, and he says that among
Qerman workers there is a greater
degree of opposition to it than gen-
erally has been supposed.
In the course of his statement     in
the senate    regarding the Australian
forces, Hon. Geo. F. Pearce, minister
of defence,  said that there "were,     in
addition to  the forceB raised tor service in Europe and the men     of the
citizen forces,  51,153 members of ritle
clubs and  lH.OO'*' recruits     who had j
passed from the senior cadets,    mak- ,
ing a total of 67,631 reservists avail- |
able for war. The grand total     thus j
came to IG 1,031 men under arms.
News has heen received of the death
in Winnipeg on Tuesday of last week,
of William Downing, son of William
Downing, of the customs service in
Vancouver. The deceased, who was
f ged 5*, and was one of the oldest
conductors in the employ of the Canadian Pacific railway, is survived by
his wife and five children, besides his
parents who reside in Vancouver.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.   W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
COURT    MT.    BEG BIR NO.  3401
OF I, 0. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
•very Second and Fourth Monday
In  month.     Visiting  brethren are     '.
cordially  welcomed.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 'k., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially invited.
■ — i
ReveK-toke Lodge
No. 1085 *
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in tbe Selkirk Hull.
VisitlnfrBrethren are cordtallyinvlted.
Dr. McLEAN, Die   ILL. H.U'G.Sec.
For the second time in three years
a complete counterfeiting plant was
discovered in the Missouri state penitentiary last week. William Bradon,
serviug a  nve-ycar  term  for forgery,
j occupied the cell in which were found
four molds and dies for making spur-
! ious half dollars, all other accessories for the presses and 30 pieces of
the finished product. The complaint
of a convict who had received one
of the counterfeit half dollars at his
grocery booth Christroas Day led to
the discovery.
It ia not generally known that the
French manufacturers of cigarette papers now practically supply the entire world, the output of Austria and
Italy being 'insignificant. Thcre is probably not more than one person in a
hundred who knows thut rice paper,
in which the tobacco is wrapped, has
nothing to do with rice, but is made
from the membranes of thc breadfruit tree, or, more commonly of
fine new trimmings of Bax and hemp.
So 'ight is this paper that five bun
drcd sheets of the tiny paper only
weigh un  ounce.
A stnt' ment having been sent out
widespread that Russia proposes negotiating for peace with Germany independent of her allies, France und
England, and it having been suggested thut Ambassador Bakhni".t?fl
had knowledge of such :.n arranuc-
men., the Russian AnVbhssador to the
United States has not only issued a
stutement denying such a possibility,
but hns cabled to thc foreign oilice
nt Petrograd and received the following message from thc Russian minister of foreign affairs: "Certainly
please deny absolutely thc absurd
statement.—(Signed)   Sazonofl."
A new dyeing process which is likely to guarantee to other countri;s independence from German aniline dyes
I.hb been discovered by two Hudders-
r.eld men. Experiments have, it is
stated, successfully proved that wool
■ilk, artificial silk, hemp, nnd other
f'brca hitherto colored by aniline
dyes enn be colored by sulphur dyes,
which hitherto have been exclusively
used for cotton fibres. It is stated
thnt present machinery will, with a
little alteration, serve in the new
process Tbc process, which Ib already in partial operation, will he
placed nt the disposal of dyers and
manufacturers on royalty terras.
British forces have occupied Bouain
ville, the largest, of the Solomn Islands. It was announced in Melbourne
last week, that the British 6flag had
been hoisted over the islands on December 9. The Solomon Islands lie to
the southeast of the Bismarck Archipelago. On September 11, tbe British
Pacific fleet occupied Herbershohe,
the seat of government of the Bis-
marcb Archipelago, and of these
members of the Solomn group under
German control, including Bougainville. Several of the Solomon islands
are British possessions, but Bougainville since 1899 has been held by
Germany. This island is nearly 140
miles long.
The fisheries department ut Ottawa
hns lcurned something of the distress umong the Indinns and Borne
of the settlers in the west, through
the special permits that have been
sought to enable them to fish iu the
northern lakes. Since there is no market for furs thc Indians, in some
parts, havc sought to make a living
by fishing. Some of the northern Battlers, and a certain number of men
who were out of work in the cities,
have followed the same course, and
the government has granted the application wherever it wns feasible to
do bo. The consumption of tish in thc
United States, which is the great
market has, however, fallen ofl considerably and prices are low,
Krictioii has bMn caused between
Canadian   and   American   branches    of
the Ancient (inlet of Hibernians, owing to the attitude of thc American
branch on the war, and a split In the
order may result. It is stated that
utterances iinf.'i vnruhli tn Britain
have been made by high officials of thc order in the United
Btai IS, and that the whole temper of
the order south of the boundary does
not correspond with patriotic scnti
ments of the Canadian members. Already, Nova Scotia and British Columbia branches of the order have
Bervereil tbeir lonnOCtlon with the
international body, and the Ontario
and Manitoba branches will take
similar notion,
The Canadian railways are considering the raising of tbeir freight
rates on gun,is being exported to
tonerlca by five per cent early in tho
now year. This will corri , ad with
the Increase of five per cent sanction
rd by tho Interstate Commerce Oom
mission for nil goods i pi o al .1111
iron exported from the l'nited States
President Wilson   has appealed     to
American  shipperB of non-contraband 1
goods,  such as cotton,  not to allow
their cargncs to bc mixed with    con- j
traband articles.    The  United States
government   could     deal    confidently
with the difficulties which had arisen i
in the treatment of American     commerce by Great Britain only if   eup- j
ported by absolutely honest manifests ]
This statement  followed a  discussion
by the president   with hiB cabinet of
the general shipping situation and of
the note dispatched to Great Britain
protesting at  length  against the British policy of prolonged detensions of
cargoes and other interference     with
Americnn trade.
"TweNe Storitiof Solid Comfort"
Absolutely fireproof— concrete.
Bteel and marlele. Knlar red lobby.
New Grill—til.e.-r onG I
EUROPEAN PLAN    Slptrdayup
With Bit'as- $2 per day up
>Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and .Storage
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Spec! illiy
Phone Iti-276.   Night Phone346
J. 11. ( IKTIS
No. I from Montreal to Vancouver,
arrive at G.05 p.m., leave 6.'25 p.m.
No. '2, from Vancouver to Montreal,
! arrive at 11.05 a.m., leave at 11.45
a. m.
No. ii, from Toronto to Vancouver,
arrive at 7.0a a.m., leave at 7.20 a.m.
No. 4 from Vancouver to Toronto,
arrive at 12.15 a. m., leave at 1.05
u   m.
No. 804, from Revelstoke to Arrowhead, leave 7.30 a.m.
No. *-03, from Arrowhead to Revelstoke, arrive  1.10 p.m.
No. 3 makes connection with thc
Okanagan line at Sicamous. returning
leaves Sicamous at 1".50 p.m.
Trains Nos. 1 and 2, make all local
stops between Revelstoke and S'lca-
Trains Nos. 3 nnd I, make local
stops between Sicamous and Kamloops.
lESSHlSlBUS!:?. » «
All changes of advertise- ]■
ments must positively be ■*,
handed into this office hy ]|
Monday evening in order that jt
the change shall appear in .
Wednesday's issue, and any IJ
changes intended for Satur- *ij
day's issue must be handed in 1)
not later than Thursday ■
evening of each  week. 3
It's Rood policy to think of tbe future,
[t'sstillbetter policy 10provide against
be misfortunes it muy have in iron
ni ymi    The surest way of protecting
• an -.-If and famll)   ■ a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long bus aese
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Yum   time  mav  be  neai   .11   hand,
Don'l  delay.     'Like BUl   S policy IliitV.
A. E,  KiNCAin. Manager.
BlfllBKIIinilBBl 1« ei
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone42    -    Night Phone85
It will pay you to
make a call at
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,
Revelstoke. P.. C
before baying youi 11-
fit of working clothes
for the bush. 1 11 «
spccialtv of 1.
Shoes. Pants. Sos
Blsnkrts an.! evet I lllng
re^au j»i ,u youi' business. TAGK  FOUR
Zbc flDafl-lfoeralb
Local Reading Notices and Business
Locals Id cents per line each insertion. Minimum local ad charge '25c.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
inch each  insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices 12
cents per line Brut insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing  10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Oil prospecting notices $7.50.
Land Purchase Notices. 97.00.
Water Application Notices, up to
rords, $7.."iU, over 100 words in
ejNi::W   It.''I A 111 L>
jntertoc flSubllsbtna Company
E.  G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.
"army"—seemed sufficient to ride Innd, is full of heartbreaking pictures
ro fhahod .ver theUr enemies. Among today, but the most pathetic of all
man)   such references    the Frankfort  is the wrtting on thc wnlls' " lB   '
meet on Mondays at 8 p.m. (Ep-
worth Loagiie), and a Bervice for
prayer nnd religious conversation is
held on Wednesday evening at fr p.m.
.Sunday school and Bible class meet
on Sunday at 2.:10 p.m.
high destiny as a part of the glorious
German Empire. I
The minister  will  preach     at both
tremcndoiiB tribute to the good-
Zeitung ditcusscd what would bc done   ,       .   , , .,     _ ,4.v ..   A .. "   ,
hcurtedness of the Dutch thut they! do
"when the German nrmios are iu   oc-, „ot mind    thcir     Bcrupulously  clean
"oupation  of    London,"  and assured  houseB defaced for the moment in this
British young men    of    their coming  w,ly-  Scribbled in     white chalk over
all the walls,    shutters     und fenceB,
windows, tree trunks, and pavements  services. The  Y.P.8.    will meet     at
are the addresses of the frenzied   re-   y o'clock on Tuesday us usual. Even-
Lately there has   been a   tone     of  ,ugceS( tryiug to g,t in touch     wlth  mg prayor meetlng w,„ bo heW     on
despoiuleiicy  in many  of  thc German their lost relations.  On aR the trees,   Wednesday,  Strangers     ami    visitors
newspapers that formerly     were     so too,  little bits af paper  are pinned,   are cordially invited to all services,
frantically  boastful.       The  Vossische tovcrcd w*th addresses and messages,
, . , such  as  "The Family Montchicr   can
Zcitung says in a late issue:  "we may ,     ,       ,  ,    ..,       ,       ,,    , ai    T
J be found in the church of St. Joseph,
"crow as we like over the I destruction ; lllldcr the gruIld aitnr," or "Anna de
"of a British warship by a submarine   (.'art  with Pierre    and     Marie     and Lardo, Jan.  15.—S. H.  Conner     is
"or tho shelling of a miserable   Dis-  grand-mother arc    in the school     ot going to Montana    shortly  to secure
"seuters'  chapel on    the coast.     Tho  »iusic-"     "Les     Soeurs    Murtell    et a  new dredge,  which will bo brought
,,,    ,                        ,                               .,      grandmere are in the church     of the i.cross the line ami put into  conimiB-
"fact    remains,    however,  that     the   ,,  ,        ,,   ,        ,,.,,,„,,,       „ ,          .
Holy      Martyrs.        La  Familie     De- sion  on  the Lardo      river  at a point
"might of the    British    navy     is bo   mlnn are ln the fifth tent of thc   en-   near Goldhill.
"overwhelming   that   wc   cun   never campment on the   artillery ground,"      Ole Stenherg and Compuny, a syn-
"hope,  debarring a  miracle,    to des-   "M,   ami!   Mme.   Ardige     and     their   dicate  trapping  company  that
"troy    it."     The Vossische   .Zeituug   Bl'ven   oh«dren  are    in      th>'  Comedy   formed here last fall
says the  most the Germans can hope
So closely  are the    walls   bind  o'lict'  business
are     doing     a
in  the  fur line.
and  shutters and  windows and  trees  Besides securing numerous    pelts     of
for is some slight reduction in the scribbled over hy now thut the 300,- marten, mink and cougar, they ore in
formidable strength of the British 000 addresses are most of them be- the wild animal business und recent-
navy, and it    adds:      "Even in that , coming indistinguishable. ly shipped two Uve martens to Sw'ift
  Current,  Sask.  The  Van  Horn  Trup-
BRITAIN'S PATIENT NAV.Y ping & Trading Company, is also re-
'tusk  stupendous losses  und      bitter
'disappointments     will     have to be
New  York  Evening Post:  The risk- ported to be doing considerable busi-
ing of five or more     ships    in  these ness.
of Admiral  von Tirpitz'    efforts     to   ,luc]g  on   the  English  coast does  not •'•   Y-  Bnwisle came   in from    Van-
bowl over the British navy. Quite as  commend itself aB wise.    Sooner     or couver on Tuesday nnd left for   Ger-
l.opeless    a     tone is     shown  by the   later tllL' raiders will     encounter     a '**" d to renew old acquaintances.
| superior  British force     and     perish. William    Gunn     has     arrived back
The friendly  spirit in    which     thc . "lcl"'"'"-''ll"1K*                                           JGermany  has lost    18 of her cruisers after spending his holidays with   his
municipal campaign  whb conducted is j    "There can no longer be any doubt   |.y destruction or sale,    out     of     a parents at New Denver.
an excellent augury for     the coming   that England is inspired by grim de-  total of 106 large vessels that    were Rudolf  Hirschi,   the   Poplar  "creek
ination,  and that  she  is endow- ' carried on her navy Wst at the     out- farming magnate,      recently     passed
break of war.     Of thos?, four,     the through town, bound south.
Gneisenau,  Scharnhorst,  Goeben   and The tug Hosmer    came in with     a
to secure their election and were en-  resources  to  return  again  and  again   Vorckp  wcre of     hef     ,)£,st    armorcd car  barge Thursday, loading up with
tlfiisiasticallv      assisted      by      tbeir   to the  battle with    strength renewed   cruisers.   She hus but    a  round dozen ears und returning south  again,
vear. ' termit
The  candidates   worked  strenuously   ed With  great endurance    and   ample
scene in which Mt. Begble stands
proudly guarding tho town of Revelstoke, and the Columbia river flowing
steadily onward in its majestical
course.—Bernudine Bunnell.
The first mark on tho landscape
that catches thc traveller's cyo as he
enters Into thc city of Rovclstoko is
Mount Begbie.
In the clear evening twilight Its
rugiged outline is a spoctaclo $>f wonder and grandeur. Tho last rays of
the sun aro streaming on its lco and
snow, lighting up tho forests and
creeks to one great picture of magnificence. Tho rays becomo softer and
softer and at last tho mountain is
hid in darkness.
The faint uncertain light of the
rising moon quickly raised it from
its slumber, nnd once again the
mountain is covered with light. Tho
faint light glimmering on the snow
makes the scene like a fairy view.
In summer the mountain, with tho
exception of tho glacier is coverod
with the carpet of green verdure, but
in the winter the rising sun shines
on a dreary covering of snow.
The scene   from   the   mountain    is
magnificent.  On one side is tho    city
of  Revelstoke  diminished   to a     toy
box with thc smoke    of   houses und
trains curling    lazily  upwards.  Further to thc left is thc Columbia flow-
ling slowly through the   hills   to the
I foot of thc mountain, where, because
I of thc green verdure it is lost     from
our sight.  Then  it comes again     to
our    view      and      gradually    is loBt
among the foot hills. This mound   of
ice and verdure is the most picturesque spot in this district.—Oscar Lundell.
friends, but the ardor of the     fight,
led to no personal attacks and     era-
with the ever-present aim,    by     dint  of this type left to assist her battle-      Rev.  Dr. Calvert came   up  in     his
of overpowering numbers,   to  achieve ' shiPs when thc dash comes.  To waBte   launch Friday  to convey    Dr.    Devlin
Littered    recriminations were entirely J what she has set    herself to achieve.   l^m in raids tf' *™°" British feel- to   Kaslo
'lugs mav  be magnificent,  but     it    is J- I arlson and M. Ulvin went down
absent.                                                       | We must therefore     continue to bear ; pJalnly  nQt wflr_ unlMg ^ ehmU ^ fo Kaglo on Tue8dny t0 take   in   thc
No candidate  insinuatoil that     his ' in mind that we are,    perhaps,    even  s„it jn    bringing     Jellicoe's     heavy I.O.O.F.  installation.   Harry  Hanson
opponent  was    unworthy of support, j now, only at the beginning of     this  ships together at some place     where w',s  nlso n passenger.
and now that the fight is    over     no ' struggle  for  life.   .   .   Whatever    the  they could be attacked by the     Ger-
feeling of animosity  will have     been   end may be, the enemy  will have   to
man  submarines.   But   that  the     ad-
mirality is not to be shaken in   their
ieft  behind, and there will be nothing } admit that the letting loose   of     .u„ waItmg poHcy appcars dearly     frQm
to prevent all     factions from uniting   dogs of war on thc world    hns     not the  official  statement     of  yesterday,
to work  harmoniously for thc     best   been     a      profitable    venture on his They have carried out a difficult task
interests of the citv. part." md faced an     extremely     hurrussing
High School Students
(Continued [rom Page Oue.)
Good  candidates    were in the   field'    The German public is  beginning   to
Situation with absolute pluck and de
termination,   handicapped   bv the  fact
for all position, and whatever there-   comprehend  the real  situation  facing   „mt  tncir advergary,8 consU m ,in.
suit the Interests     of     the city were   Germany,  and when the  Allies begin, accessible to them  save at  a terrible
safe.                                                               ' in a couple of months,  to press   for- Cost.   Nevertheless,      they  have  stuck
Even supporters of the    candidates   ward tee  the final    invasion  of     Ger- '" their work, moved their great con-
were not  elected  will  generally   many on, both sides, the queetion will '*        from the four quarters   of   the
globe without the loss of a transport
admit that   the city has this year an   be how far German doggedness     will , ♦,,„„„     „ •   .-
nnd have Kept the communications lie-
Though   ,„.,.„„   England     and     France    open  ,,ti        slowly win
may  be expected. the war  has  considerable!   distance  to   every    day,      despite     prowlinc gub
administration from which good work   carry on the hopeless fight.
and written about its wonders. They
see the lofty snow-cupped peak which
seems almost to reach the heavens.
Then the eye descerns the green and
brown hues which form a covering for
the mountain. Then below the small
steamer 'Revelstoke" follows the
Columbia in its winding course. In
the winter on.^cun see skaters gliding
along     the    Columbia, some swiftly
In Prince Rupert, N. He
">   pny *'
iLiino nuFwii «. normnn     had
to    pny $51 for peddling without     a
Golden's contributions to the Patriotic fund has reached tho $1,01)1)
Fresh eggs dropped to 50 cents per
dozen at Knfllo during Christmas
Thirty new pupils were admitted to
the Nelson schools nt the beginning
of the term.
Four nnto and one motor cycle
licenses have been taken out for
this year at Creston.
Connection   by   telephone   between
JUBhington and Boundary  points    is
' being improved.
| L. Schiavan, a South Slocan rancher claims (l crop ol 25 tons, of carrots to tho acre
The Crows Nest Pass Coal company
at Fernie will havo two pay days
each month in future.
Penticton council promptly turned
down an offer of 86 for $10,000 of »0,-
year li per cent bonds.
1 An expenditure of at least $5,000 is
required to put the Kaslo waterworks syBteni in proper shape.
The Salmon Arm Farmers' exchange has shipped this year approximately 90 cara of fruit and pro-
J. II. Tattrio is the crack turkey
shot in Sandon, winning the. birds at
the Into match held there nnd pulling
down ton  bones in cash.
Hunt, Bros,, of Rossland, claim
that their Christmas business this
year was better than any previous
This season one carload of crab-
apples was shipped to Ontario and
nine to the United States, from tho
At Golden P. Burns & Company*
Limited report that the local demand
for turkeys tbis yeur was better than
previous years.
Milk shipped into Fernie from
prairie towns is Nelng retailed in that
town at a lower price than the lacteal
Mud made-in-Pernie,
I N. Tominato, a Salmo Japanese,
has been sent up for trial to face the
charge of having murdered a fellow
countryman  on December 27.
During the recent, cold snap a considerable amount, of ice. formed in
Kaslo creek, the water freezing right
to the bottom of the river bed.
A number of Penticton hotels claim
that owing to adverse business conditions they will be compelled to close
up if the bar hours are shortened.
Owing to the C.N.P. Coal company
making an extra pay on Christmas
eve business in Kcmie received a
stimulus which wns vcry encouraging
to the local  merchants.
All   those  elected   are  men   of    high   go before the  Germai       populace
tati or   and   sound  business  abil-   convinced  thai  defeat     ond calamity
Ity  and   if      they      receive,      as  they   are   inevitable,  a  few   decisive  succes-
should de. public     spirited    support   ses bj  the allies now   would go     far
there need be no anxiety  as   to     the   I ducinj   th  I   condit
conduct of civ'ic affairs.
Th? vear  will  bc one    which      will
• unusual difficulties    and    at
■ •   ■• ai y  oi ■" irtunities.
The  financial situation may tend to
unusually expensive     un-
■  many    questions     of
mportance  to  the city  will  on-
tgi  the attention of  tbe council.
for pr      •   .   the ex-
9pi i ity e.f  Re'velstoke
re t.i  offer     thcmself,    and  in  dealing
w-.tb       them       the       mayor     and
:   il  will    be     substantially     as-
is marines. They and the public behind
them must 'bear these unpleasant
raids with patience, for everythini.'
•e. their eventful triumph over
the German fleet, unless something
totally unforeseen Bhould occur.
BRYAN'S GUESS .■ ;1* be shown   at the
1 H - iwa Journal * theatre to-night as well   as
..-fits   and Biege .ad life
bring  peace  t ■  I. lays     Wil I [ the   hospit
liam Jennings Bryan   Howev thi Tw       tbei
stock of love .!■■     • ••: there just   prill also be shown. On Monday "The
at present ttle small for       ttle" a two . edy will     be
the job.   a       et on th There  will -nree   other
  tui 'he Call     of
BUSINESS  : " ' shown.
Home expects to f  White'l
the "Ti
,  diai *
-   -   after the      war
I the German |
tings ol        '   ■ of Ger-
Tor nto.
.    fn their
■  e ,n church
enthusiast       I I           •       I   little tots a
the    t ' Paris, the
ting of Ru d     the     Kaiser
strolling        it as mastei ;r. the Brit-
To i •  ■    irganiza-
.'ion which    was     nn
Knew what '
it if I
.: • i,   Tie
.  Mall  G iMtte      '     *    .
r loriou len they
saw their  heroic ti their len.i
!   their  frle invested
■.'.ith the symbols of the world
First   ft •   ..,   nt   -   «.
r<     li- ■ ,■   r        10
p.  m.
laughter from  their  companions fall-
So  this is the  wonderful  Mt.  Begbie
■. Ith  the noble river Columbia at its
Be and the little city of Revelstoke
nestle. I  in the valley below.—Stanley
Mount Begbie is a mountain   some
liistance from the.city of Revelstoke.
-'•   very good view     of the mountain
may  he had from the city.     It     lies
to the south, .across the Columbia  river, nearlng its   massive   form
into   the clour sky,   like some     huge
sentinel on guard duty.
The summit of     Mount Begbie     is
c ivered with a perpetual blanket   of
3UOH   which  gleams and sparkles     in
nshine,  and  redects thc   silver
of the moon during the ni^ht.
■   ver.  the mountain  is   hid
reen of clouds.
Imrin^  the summer     months,     the
o   the     mountain     are covered
with   vegetation,  trees,    bushes     and
every color and description
Id abundance, But leaving
es,  the gti2C travels     up
mountain and     again
i     of   Inviting,
itunding  the unfriendly as-
iw clad    peak, there
of proprietorship,
i'foul this mountuin,
. ■■     bad     their
I    ive come to look
the guardian
i   Ing.
\   i.K-e R1PTIO     OF  MOI NT
t     bi .eiifui  moun-
.       age is Mt. Bog-
■ i  and  vlntei  it is
a...ss   of       snow
mattei     bow     in-
'   Of   thle   mo.int.,m ih
wind and except for     tho
If the urine is hot and scalding—is too
fn-eortooscinty—or shows brick dust
de-epoMts or mucus—get Gin Pills today and cure yourwlf of Kidney and
Waelder troubles.   "Made in Canada".
60c. box, 0 for $2.60. Free treatment if
you write National Drug a Chemical
Co. ol Ciiia.l.i, Limited, Toronto,    nt)
: ef  the   Wild   arum..Is,   no "living
famous ..rde:  of chl             '-lien  wns t'ina   ind   A■ *                                                               i able to penetrate   in-
the  Garter   last   bl   *               .     the very '■                                    ,om.
field o(      !*                           *■"»     w the rector         hot                        I                  .          the mlsl envelops the
believe,       nee     Mr ird    the    Black •.                       ind d   leendi loww     and
Prince received It from  his royal fat the    Lord    lishop                              bi                                       ;  i,o,nv     ■«,,,,...
hei at Iti very Institution. We know dd                        d at 2                     thei             ich  i thing up Mt   Begbie
quite   wi'll   what    will   he   the   vrp. But     Igaln   on   Q   bright,   warm,    sun
of Britain   that never has the banner PHOD1ST CHURI   -                   .    ; , .    ,              .time is prints
of more noble knl-ght    waved    above The pastoi   Rev   Lashlej  Hall  will   boldly on the azure sky,
the stalls    in     st. George's chapel, occupy the    pulpit   at   both   lervicei      tnnumei ible itreami     form     their
King Albert is, Indeed, of the   house The thome for  the daj   »ill be "The sources • ■ r, this  wonderful mountain.
ieiid  lineage  of     Arthur
flower of chivalry.
tbe perfect
Divino   .Ml   Human  Factore    In   ite- Tourists bave often txclalm<ed   that
lifrion," the divine    vm:- considered oven    Iwltzerland     cannot    compare
in the morning, .it   11   i.m     ind the '•,'',,i the   wonderful     mountains    of j
human at 7.80 af night      To all,    a Brltlah  Columbia. Surely in no coun-
London News:   Bargen-oplZom, Hoi-J cordial     invitation.     Sfoung   people try can there be   such    a beautiful'
pagb rvrm
Those having items for publication
,in tbe Mail-Herald social and personal column are requested to call
np phone 62.
Those receiving are:
Tuesday, ,
MrB. H.  N. Coursier.
Mrs. Hyatt,
Mrs. George Moth,
Mrs. H. H. Goddard,
Mrs.  J.  0, Hopgood,
Mrs.  A.  A.  McArthur.
Roy Mclntyr; left yesterday for
Cascade, B. 0. for a short visit.
Mrs. Jack Stewart is visiting her
father, Mr. Richard Davis of Cascade, B. C,
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Neil aud
ure at Cascade on a visit to
Neil's parents.
'Doc' Trebcck, is again a
in town.
Dr. W. H. Sutherland mude a short
trip to Rogers I'ass this week.
The Stur club is giving a whist
drive on January 22 at the Vfasonl:
Miss F. Call, milliner for Reid &
Young, is spending a two weeks vacation at Kamloops.
Mrs. Siegrist is 'leaving on Saturday for Kamloops to visit her daugh
ter, Mrs. Sam Needham.
Mrs. Katharine Swanson, returned
from a week's visit spent with her
sister Mrs. Dave Calder, RogersllVss.
Fred Harvey, left yesterday,   for
two months visit     to his home
Truro, Nova Scotia.
'    Miss  Kathleen  Munro  left  on
day on an  extended  visit     to     her
homo in  Whycocomagh,  Cape  Breton,
Nova Scotia.
I Thc many friends of Mrs. F. Vi.
Laing will he sorry to learn that she
is Buffering Irom an injured knee, and
unable to leave her room.
Mr.  M.  B.  Wescott.     district     en
giueer, provincial department of public works,  left  this morning for Nelson, B.C., on a week's visit.
Mrs. H. C. Cameron
ill for several  weeks
Los Angeles, Cal., on
visit to her     brother,
who bus been
hiiB     tone to
an    extended
and ber son
by the Supremo Chief Hanger, B. R.
Atkins. Mr. Atkins in his usua'l able
manner instructed the various officers as to their duties, with the
hope that they would fill the chairs
with dignity to themselves and to
the court. Afterwards band selections
were rendered by the Riverside orchestra, and songs by Miss Blanche
McCarty and the Messrs. Bennett
Huggan and Whitby. A tew appropriate remarks were made by Mr. Atkins who is the oldest Forester in
Revelstoke. A splendid supper was
provided by the 'ladies of the Court,
after which everyone departed, thinking Mt. Cartier's first social for
1915, one of the best they ever attended.
Fri-   E—Stands for England, the land that
we love;
N—For the nation  all  others above;
G—For the  grip  of  the  bulldog      so
L—for our liberty
A—for our army.
N.—For our navy
have done;
D—Is for duty, the watchword of all;
England,  we're ready whenever     you
ou  land aiiel
brave heroes   each
who    great   things
Kelowna.—H.  Rive, the government
lu'iry  instructor,  is expected to     ar-
Mr. Jack Morgan, one of the guards   rivc in the clty    nest Monday a{tel"
Mr. A.  Brundrett has just returned   at Surprise Creek arrived in town on   "oon*  ^mediately    upon his arrival
spent   Friday to spend a few days   »<♦" hi.   he  wlU  meet    the    committee   of the
from  the coast,   Where  he  had
the  past   two   weeks   with  his  family
at  Vancouver.
The annua! St, Valentines dance
givan by the Girls auxiliary, will be
held on Friday, Feb. 12 at Masonic
hall, this year.
Mr. M. P. Lane, accountant of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, is
leaving on Sunday for a three weeks
visit to tbe const.
Mrs. Madden is leaving on Monday
lor Tranquille sanitarium, Kamloops
Mrs. Madden has been very ill the
greater port  of the winter.
At the Relief society meeting's held
in the Y. M. C. A. every Wednesday
afternoon the business of the meetings will begin at 4 o'clock promptly.
Rev. J. W. and Mrs. Stevenson returned from Vernon, where they had
gone on account of Mrs. Stevenson's
poor health. Mrs. Stevenson is now
in tho Queen Victoria, hospital.
The fifth  lecture of  the  St.   John's
*imbula|nce  course      wns   li i
night nt the High     school building.
Dr.  W.  H.   Sutherland  gave    a   very
witb hiB
parents Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Morgan.
His many friends are giving him a
warm welcome.
Miss Ethel Mclntyre nnd Mr.
Everett Bavhelder are to be married
next week ut Cascade. After a weJ-
ding trip nf two months spent in
New York, Boston and eastern cities,
they will reside in Res-elstoke.
Mrs. Josiah Hack entertained the
two senior classes of the High school
on Friday evening at her home on
Third street. A very enjoyafle evening was spent in games and music,
and dainty refreshments wore served
at a  late  hour.
The Girls Thimble class met on
Thursday evening at the home of Mrs
Aman, Second street. At this meeting
it wus decided tn make clothes to
put with the Canadian Club's donation to the Belgian children, as asked for hy Queen Mary.
The whist drive tor next Wednesday evening at St. Francis hall, promises to be an affair of more than
usual interest. Good music will be
1 rovided; piuno selections by M'iss
Dupont,  and   violin      tolns    by  Miss
Farmers' Institute in the board of
trade building and go into details
and figures relating to the proposed
Vernon.—Judging from the success
attained by the Land and Agricultural compnny of Canada, there should
he no doubt that there is good money
in sheep in this district. In June
1313, th'is company reported 1,775
head of sheep from Maple Creek, and
we are informed by Mr. Heggie that
up to that date they have recoverfid
more than the originnl cost, and still
have 2'; head more than when they
started. Beyond a few head sold for
breeding purposes, the sales have been
made for mutton in the Vernon and
Kelowna markets.
interesting talk on poisons, to a well   Wilson' SI'lendi'' Pri«" wi" ''e #™>-
attended meeting of tho members.
and a supper served.
The J.B.C. entertained the G.B.C.
of the Methodist church on Thursday
evening. About 30 members met at
the church and went for a long snow-
shoe tramp, and on their return,
spent a social evening at the home
of Mrs. K. Dixon, where dainty re-
Capt. McCulloch of Walton, N.S. is   foments were enjoyed.
thc     pupils    of  Mr.
Mr and Mrs. Douglas Knox of Sicamous, who have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Bews, left on Thursday evening for Winnipeg and Minneapolis. They expect to remain away
until May.
much   improved  in   health    after    his      .\]yout 17  of
recent operation     at the Queen Vic-   Rogs, room of Centra, J^  ^ ^  thVprovlnc7al%*uTe*wed"ontesTheld
Armstrong,—The following were all
wan by exhibits grown in Pleasant
Valley without irrigation, afld shows
that the Armstrong district is second
to none from nn agricultural point of
view. The last prize won is a specially meritorious performance when
tbe dryness of last summer is taken
into consideration, and shows that
there is a splendid outlook for the
farmers in this valley.
1312—First prize and diploma for
best bushel of potatoes at the Leth-
i.rik-e dry-farming congress, open to
the world.
1313—First prize and highest aggregate score in Provincial Institute potato contests.
1311—First prize for white oats   at
toria hospital. Capt. McCulloch is
the father of Arthur McCulloch of the
C.  B. Hume staff.
Mrs. M. Ft. Siegrist of Spotancar
rived on Saturday evening to visit
hei daughter Mrs. Sam NeV.lam who
has been very ill. Unfortu.ia-elv ivrs.
Needham had been taken to a Inspit-
at at Kamloops the day befo.'j, "firs.
Siegrist just missing her.
A complimentary dance is to be
given by the R.M.R. and Home
Guard on Friday evening, Jan. 29, in
the Drill H.il'l, the city band supplying the music. The patronesses will
be Mrs. W. A. Foote, wife of our
mayor; Mrs. T. Kilpatrick, president
of the Relief society; Mrs. Brock,
wife of Lieut. Brock, R.M.R., Mrs.
Taylor, wife of Cupt. T.E.L. Taylor;
MrB. W. H. Wallace; Mrs. H. H. McVity; Mrs. R.  Squarebriggs, Mrs.  .1.
the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. O.W. Ab
lahamson. and went for a snow shoe
tramp up the Big Bend on Thursday Penticton
evening. Some fine slides were enjoy- thieves,
ed and afterwards they all returned
to Mrs. Abrahr.mson's whore a pleasant evening was spent in games, and
in listening to selections from thc
Victoria. Refreshments were served.
at  Victoria last November.
has      a     few  woodpile.
Ymir's snowfall    to far this seuson
is not over eight inches.
Miss Claire Fraser. gave a treat to
her scholars on Friday afternoon,
which brought much joy to many
small hearts The children left the
school in two lari:e sleighs, 'ind
were driven around the streets ofthe
town, afterwards going to tho home
of Mrs. E. Tremble where thoy were
eivrn a splendid supper. Miss Willinms very kindly assisted Mis- Fraser, with hnr many ■ I e:   -s.
A very 'interesting debate was held
at   the  High  Bchooi  yesterday  after-
The Orpheum moving picture theater at Fernie has gone out of business.
H.  Hamilton.  A contribution box for   noon,  the subject   being,      "ResoiVed
the Relief society, will be on hand,
otherwise the dance being nn invitation affair, will be purely complimentary.
It is a well known fact, that everyone     who     sttends     thc Tango club   decided  ,
dances,  is  '"lertainly  of  a  good  time,   .    .
Vernon children are knitting scarves for tho Red Cross workers in that
Over $571,POD was spent on improve
ments to the smelter at Truil last
The Tobacco Plains Christmas-New
Year celebration was continued for
five days.
Between Dec. 1, and 2-^ thc mines
at Tabor had provided the miners
but three days'  work.
Cranbrook's council    has refused to
affirmative were     Lucy Buck, Dr.na  exempt thc Young Men's club of that
Fraser, Joseph Parent. Fur the nega-   town from taxation,
tive were Annie McLean,   Enid  Brud-
thut steam is of more use to the nation than  electricity." Those for thc
hut thc one given by them on Wednesday evening proved a greater success than usual. The club's colors,
l.lack and orange were conspicious on
a number of the members, and a
largo banner of orange with Tango
Club ln black lettcrB decorated the
balcony. A number of thc new dances
wore introduced, and much enjoyed.
The  music   provided  by the  Orr   or-
shaw, and Krnest McKinnon. It was
had the
argument. William Lightburu
gave a piano solo, entitled, "Evening
chimes." The first issue of the school
paper for this year was read. Thc
name of this paper is R.H.S. Killjoy
Subscription prices *»300" per yeur,
or $12 per copy. Hay, ...its, or good
looking boys, accepted in lie-, of
spot cash. Th? editorial staff are,
Editor, Florence Lawrence. Correspondents ar,-.   fnr    Form  3, Kathleen
Tort Hill people ate busy cutting
ice on the river this last week. Thc
ice is about 11 inches thick.
At a farewell send-ofl at Elko to
the Merchants Bank stall a Juck rabbit dinner constituted the refreshments.
chestra was exceptionally good, mnny   ,,„,,,,.  K(,rm  ,,    Margaret   Mat7.; Form
remarks being made on the excellence
of the selections, which wore well
rendered, This orchestra consists of
five pieces, all being splendid musicians as follows Mi^s Frances Law-
son, piano;     Mr.  Orr,    cornet      Mr.
1, Arvid Lundell; Commercial dlass,
Walter McRae. The meeting closed
with   tb" tinging  nf  ' God   Save      the
nn Wednesday
Fri. 15.—J.B.C. vs Bus.-men
Tues. 19.—Fire hall A. vs Govt.
Wed. 2(1.—Fire hall B. vs. J.B.C.
Fri. 22.-B. of D. vs C.P.R.
Tues. 2d.—Bus.-man vs B. of D.
Wed. 27.—Fire hall A. vs J.B.C.
Fri. '-"J.-Flre hall B. vs Govt.
evening,  Court Mt.
Boyle,   vbliti;   Mi.   Hillier,  trombone;   Cartier   held  the      firsl   of its  winter   Tuob. 2.—Bus.-men  vs Govt.
Mr.   Humphries,   clarionet.   About   43   BOCtuls,  the  occasion    being tbe     in- i Wed. 3.— Fire hall A. vs O.P.R.
Couples  attended  this  most enjoyable   Stallatlon •>( (.Hirers    for the ensuing-Fri.  5.—B. of D.  vs  J.B.C.
affair. >"■"*. ""'I they      were    duly installed   Tues. 9— Fire hall B. vs C.P'R.
E & CO, LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Clve Maximum
Wear at a Minimum Price
All during the month of January you will tint! Bargain Lines in our Drv
Goods  Department    Big red cards mark each line—"January Price."
This week we are clearing all our Ladies'
Coats, $15 to $35 Coats. See the window on
McKenzie Avenue.   All at	
A Sale of remnants of Flannelettes,
Ginghams, Prints, Towelings, Glass Cloths,
Percales, etc.     All at one price	
Standard  Machine Cotton, 200 yds.    All
the best makes at 3 spools for 10c or a dozen
Job line of ladies' and children's Handkerchiefs   __	
All our ladies' fine warm Underwear is on
sale. Vests, Drawers, Combinations. Five
big tables of them. This is a rare opportunity. Big Bargains every garment. Tables at
25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00
Special lot of -JTowels. A mixed line.
Some good choosing here. A big table of
them all at one price  „.._	
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Daring the first three weeks of this year we are putting
on oar tables many articles at greatly reduced prices.    Our
prices are all wall kmwn to the public and our reputation
for HDME3T bargain giving will be increased when these
values are compared with the regular prices.
All the 20th Century Brand and all this season's stock.
You have now three months of overcoat weather ahead
of you and these coats will wear and hold their shape
many seasons.
HEAVY ULSTERS in browns, greys and mixed cloths- Either
wiih convertible or plain wide collars. Reg. I -J FA
prices, $30 and $35. now     | / mJ\J
ULSTERS and CHESTERFIELDS in mixed cloths
and plain grey.    Reg. $25. now	
CHESTERFIELDS Mn-lr breasted, velvet collar,
and blacks, either 44 or 50 inches long.
Regular $22 and $23, no>v	
Plain greys
Grocery and Crockery Department
Codfish, 2 pound boxes.
Codfish, 2 pound pnckagM.
Labrador Herring, by tbe dozen.
Sea Trout by the pound.
Van Houten'e I,  i and i Tb. tins.
Cross & Blackwcll 1, J and J It).
Fry's Breakfast,  J tb. tins.
Pry's Homoeopathic J lb. tins.
Bakers Breakfast,  }  lb. tin*
Cowans, 1, J and J It), tins.
Bulk sold by the pound.
Dill  Pickles,  by the dozen.
Heinz Sweet Gerkins by the pint
or quart.
Young Beets in Vinegar by tbe
Pearl Onions, by the bottle.
Cross and Blackwells Chow-chow,
Onions, Mixed, Walnuts and
Oriental Pickles, pint and quart
Stevens Pickles; chow-chow, Mixed, Oerklns and Walnuts, lplnt
Heinz Sweet Pickles, Gerkins and
Mixed  In bottles.
Heinx Sour and Chow-Chow in
Heinz  Indian  Relish.
Oreengage Plums, 2 tins for .86c     Muscat Drapes, a tin  js,
Lombard Plums, 2 lints for  25c       Pumpkin. 4 tins for  so, FAGI BI*.
Has been the watchword of men who have
succeeded. Look at the men who are at the
top of the ladder. How did they come
there? They made a point of getting into
the limelight. And they put up the goods
that could bear the light.
If you want to climb higher on the business ladder make people think and talk
about your goods. Compel their attention.
What articles on your shelves are the easiest to sell ? Are they not those that have a
name that has been made a household word
by wide and steady advertising?
Take a tip and keep your name and your
business in the public eye. In the long run
you will find that
While thanking our customers forCtheir patronage  during  the past
year and wishing one and all a—
We wish to extend an invitation to all citizens of     Revelstoke to
give ub a share of their patronage.
Is to keep good goods, To sell them at a reasonable profit to treat
all customers courteously and when  we extend credit, we want to
be treated fairly aa to payments
Is Hardware and we bring to our ibusiness over 2~> years experience.
We claim to bo experts in our lino
Carpet Squares $7.75 up.
Floor Oilcloth  45c sq. yd. up.
Linoleum  60c sq. yd. up.
HOWSON & CO., Ltd.
Blankets, 7 lb $4.40 up.
Flannelette Sheets 12x4 $2.20 up.
in the matter o, the Winding Up Act   SYNOPSIS    OF   COAL   MINING
being Chapter    IU   of the Revised REGULATIONS.
Statutes     of    Canada     1906    and
amending acts. B
AND Coal mining rights of the Dominion
In the matter of tbe     Interior Pub-  iD Manitoba,  Saskatchewan and    Al
llshing Company, Limited. 'terta,  the     Yukon    Territory,     tbe
The creditors of     the above-named i 	
1,11 «BU""     "' North-west Territories and in a por-
company  and    all     others who have i v
claims against the said company, "on of tbe Province of British Co
formerlv carrying on business ta tho lumbia, may be issued for a term ol
city of Revelstoke, B. C., are on or twenty-one years at an annual rent-
before the 31st day of December A.D. Lj Q. $1 aQ acre No(. mor(j tnan
1914, to send     by post prepaid     to ^ wm be ^^
Ernest G. Rooke, Esq., of the City of |
Revelstoke,   B. C,    the     provisional  Pl'cant.
liquidator of the said company, to I Application for lease must be made
his office. Revelstoke, B. C, their -V the applicant in person to the
Christian and surnames, addresses A8ent °r Sub-Agent of the district
and descriptions, the full particulars b which the rights applied for are
of their claims, and the nature     and  8i*Luated- .„.,.,     ,.
amount of the securities, if any, held' Thc lcase wl11 '"elude tho coal min-
bv tbem and the specific value of in* ri*htB only. b"* the lessee may
such securities verified by oath, and be Permitted to purchase whatever
in default thereof they will be per- , available surface rights may be con-
emptorily excluded from the benefits «id«™<l necessary for the working ol
of the said Act aud Winding Up Or- Ithe raine at th« ™te of $10.00 an
, f acre.
The undersigned District Registrar | In surveyed territory the land muet
of the Supreme Court of British Oo- ,te described by sections, or legal
lumbia will on Thursday the 1st day I eub-divisions of sections, and in un-
of February, A. D. 1915. at the hour I """eyed territory the tract applied
of 11 o'clock in the forenoon at his jfor 8na11 be staked out by tbe ap-
office at the Court House, Vancouver jfIi=ant bimself.
B C. hear the report of the liquida- Each *PPl'«>tion must be accompan
tor upon the claims of creditors sub- ed b* a '«• of ?5 which will be re-
mitted to him pursuant to this no- ,unded tbc rieht" *l»Pl"<> tor are
tice and let all parties then attend,    not availnb1';; but   not otherwise.   A
Dated this 27th day   of November, I ro^lt^   8na11    be   Paid on tbe mer
Notes from the oMines
The B. C. Oil Company Limited, of
Vancouver has resumed drilling at
Atard Bay, on the west coast of Graham Island.
The Northern Oil Company Limitod
of Vancouver proposes to start drilling operations on its holdings on
Graham Island ln March next.
C. S. Meek, of Vancouver, hns organized in Seattle a company to
drill for oil in the State of Washington and at Abbotsford, on the British   Columbia side.
Seven teams are at present employed in hauling ore from the
I'nion mine in Gloucester to Lynch
Creok. Regular shipments are made
from that point to the Granby and
Trail  smelters.
R. A. Brown is engaged in hauling
the machinery which he purchased
from the owners of the Rathmullen
mine some years ago from that property to his Volcanic mine. When
tbe machinery is installed on that
property he will resume work on tho
tunnel, which is now in about 900
feet.—Grand Forks Sun.
The Columbia Oil Company Limited, which hus holdings on Akamina
Brook in the Flathead valley, East
Kootenay, has a force of men at
work constructing roads and trails,
erecting buildings, tanks, etc., with
a view to resuming drilling in spring.
In the first well drilled by this company oil was struck'on two horizons.
Hard times have brought a revival
in placer mining. Several parties are
at work on the bars ol the Fraser
and Thompson rivers, and two new
strikes have been made where it is
stated good pay has been obtained.
At Thompson Biding, on the north
side of the Thompson river, a steam
pumping plant hns been installed to
raise water to wash a bench where,
in a clayey deposit considerable fine
gold hns been obtained. On the bars
of the Columbia river north of Revelstoke,  placer mining is going   on,
' and parties nre also reported a*i work
' on the Peace and Pino rivoi-8. A Var.-
couvir syndicate is putting in a
email hydraulic plant on Granite.
Creek, in tho Simllkumeen, and has
brought out nice samples of gold und
! platinum obtained there, lt is estimated that through the increased
activity in placor mining in tbo
Slmilknineen tho output of placer
gold from that section this season Ib
about ¥2'0,(l(IO—a considerable increase on recent years. Gilbert Blair,
of Vancouver, who recently Visited
thnt district, brought in with him
a large sample oi platinum, obtained
irom Mr. Cook, and which will be
forwarded to the Panama-Pacific Exposition, to be held at San Francisco.
lm the Argo mine, 90<) feet from
the surface and 1,200 feet from the
portal of thc tunnel a large body of
l'yritic quartz has been struck within the past few days. The miners
have drilled nine (cot into, and are
not yet through. An uBBuy from a
chance sample of this ore gives a
value to the ton of *f&0.2>7 in gold,
i.nd 75 cents in silver. The strike has
created a great sensation, and Greenwood is wild with enthusiasm. Nothing dincc the early days haB created
such excitement in this district. It
means the dawn of better times and
un era of great mining activity for
this town and district. The Ledge has
always maintained that the hills
around Greenwood contained millions
of dollars in ore but that it would
not wulk into town. Ola Lofstadt entertained the Bame opinion and ior
nearly six years he has plugged along
against trials amd troubles that
would daunt a Napoleon. Always
hopeful he has kept working until he
has demonstrated that there is a
heap of ore right at our doors. Mining men say that it is the greatest,
thing they havc seen in the country.
The company will hold a meeting
this weak to arrange plans for the
future. Here's to Ola and his tunnel!
He has demonserated that work iB
better than hot air and pesBimiasm.
as a builder of mining camps.—Greenwood Ledge.
Telephone Line Makes   | The Devil Appears
Shuswap Lake Connections! to Kaiser Bill
A.D.  1914.
District Registrar
Fire alarm signals are given thus.
Two strokes, interval    five seconds,
four strokes, Box 21. No of box will
chantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returne
accounting for the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon If the coal mining
rightB are not being operated, eucb
leturns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For   full    information    application
also be shown  on indicator    at   fire j ghould be made to the   Secretary
Practice signal.—Six (6) strokes of
bell slowly.
Testing   signal.—Three (3)    strokes
f bell slowly.
Fire Out signal.—Two (2) strokes
cf bell slowly.
Detect signal.—One (1) stroke ot
•ell slowly.
Box No . 11—Corner First street
McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Box No 15.—Corner First street
md Rokeby avenue,
Box No. 16.—Corner Second street
and Government Road and Opera
Box No.  17.—Corner    Third   street
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
After sundry adventures by the way
due to its awkward bulk and heavy
weight,    the cable for connecting  the
] north shore of ShuBwap Lake with
tbe south side, has been safely deposited on the bench near Sorrento
wharf. Preparations are now under
way for laying thc cable to the
wharf on Scotch Creek. Stringing of
tbe land wires will also be proceeded with and in a little while now the
north shore of the lake will be linked
up to the outside world by telephone.
This new line, which is part of the
Dominion government telephone system in the interior of this province,
connects with the trunk line at Kamloops, running thence to Chase, then
along the north shore ot tbe Little
Shuswap and Main Shuswap Lakes to
Scotch Creek wharf, then acroBB the
lake by cable to Sorrento, Blind Bay,
Curlin, Tappen,  Salmon Arm, Ender-
; by to Mara, where it terminates, tit
present. A branch from Scotch Creek
to Celista P.O. connects that busy
settlement     with  the system.     This
| latter branch, it is understood, will
eventually be extended along the
lake shore to Seymour Arm. It is
hoped that a further extension will
be made from Blind Bay following
ih« south shore of the main lake to
connect up the settlement centering
around the Eagle Bay post office.
Notice is hereby    egiven,  in accord.
unce with the Statutes, that all   as-
^^^ sessed taxes, Income and School Tax-
and Campbell avenue,  Globe Lumber  ^  asgesged     aQd     UvM Un(Jer ^
Box No. 18.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 24.—Corner Filth street
and McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
and Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. 2ii.—Corner Fourth street
and McArthur avenue.
"Taxation Act" and the "Public
Schools Act," and amendments, are
due and payble at my office in the
Court House, in the City of Revelstoke, for the year 1915.
This noti:e, in terms of law, is
equivalent to n personal demand by
me upon all persons liable for Taxes.
Dated  at  Revelstoke   B.   C,     this
Aggressive warfare by the United
States would he possible only on thc
approval of a majority of the voters
of the country, under a constitutional amendment proposed by Senator
The Government of New South
Wales has taken the whole wheat
crop of the country, excepting seed
wheat, at $1.20 per bushel, in order
to make sure speculators would not
get hold  of it.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth   street ' 10l. "j.  ".',' '"",.,.
,12th day of Jnnunrv, 1915
and Townley avenue. | N   R   BR0W>,
Box No. 28.—Corner Second   street   (, „„„.  „        „   '. ,' . '
( nllector,       Revelstoke     Assessment
and Robeon avenue, Mrs. Baker
Box No. 31.— Fire hall No. 2.
Box  No.   35.—Hospital.
Box Noi 3ti.—Centrnl School.
Box  No. 37.—Selkirk School.
Box No. 44.—Fire Hall  No.  One.
Box  No.    25.-Front   street    west. |
near C.P.R. bridge
Bo\-   No.   40.—Corner      King      and
Douglns streetB. Palace Ment Market. '
Hnx   No.   17.—Corner  Rccond  street
find     Wales     street,    hnck  Ol Court t
Ilox   No.    48.—Corner    Third      nml
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We -i" clallse in
MotaltioCellings, Corrugated Roof-
Ins;, Furnace Work'and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop   Cnnnau-gbl Ats,
REVELSTOKE      -      -    B.C.
(Late with tbe Revelstoke
General Agi'in-ii's. |
Bookkeeping. Typewriting and
all kimN ofOlerlcal Work
Accounts Collected
Prompt Iti-t hi ni
Kiir. Life ii ml Accident Insurance placed with sound nnd
reliable companies
Offioet   McKenzie Avenue
(Nexl to ('om. Telegraph Office)
Phone203      P.O. Box 317
The following poem is written by
G. H.  Lawrence an uncle of     G.  R.
Lawrence of Revelstoke:
The KuiBer lay all alone in his room,
Atho' be bad light, bis mind wub in
He thought of the widows and orphans be mude
When he s;nt his cohorts fuir Belgium to raid.
"The fii'ld of the dead" stalked before him thut night
Trampled and bleeding, 'twas u
gustly sight.
There was really no danger be tried
to feel,
The guards they were double, the
room  made of steel.
The ghosts    of    his   victims    pressed
round  bis  bed,
i-omc without   arms,   some   without
They came from thc east, they came
from tbe  west
To torment poor Bill and keep   him
from rest.
And lo! in tbe   Conner, dark and dim,
Sat an uncouth  form,    with     aspect
A  German helmet he wore for a hat,
His tail coiled  biB neck  by  wuy     of
Ho!   ho!   he!   he!    'twas  a    horrible
it seemed to come from  a    cast-iron
"Forty long years my  best agent o*
Your Held  has    been     the   lund      of
your birth.
"I came   here    to  trtl  you    I    really
don't know
, What I'm  to *lo,  as  you  have  to go.
The allied armies,    with  thunder and
Are putting your armies and mine
to rout.
"I   can   go  back   at      my  own  sweet
But what  will   they  do  to  my  friend
You will surely be Captured and that
by the Russians,
'lour Guards  cannot snvo you altho'
they  arc  Prussian.
Cranbrook's public market has
proved sucrossfiil nt  the fit .irt.
W. V. JackBon has been chosen
master of  ('ronton  Orange Lodge (or
in is.
There is no Investment
that, brings such sure and constant
returns and profits as printed salesmanship as we do it. There is no
other method of getting business
so inexpensive. At the present
moment you may be in need of
Billheads, Letterheads, Catalogues,
Labels or Receipt Books. Now is
the time to get in line with those
who have found that good printing
pays by helping build up business.
Let Us Do Your Printing
The Mail-Herald
Job Department
Printers and Publishers
McKenzie Avenue Phone No 8
Have You a
or acquaintance out-of-town who
would like to read all that happens
in and around Revelstoke from Sunday morning to Saturday night?
You get tired of writing—everybody
does—let us tell the news in the
most interesting way it can be told,
graphically,  fully, and truthfully.
Here is Our
Fill in the attached coupon, enclose
$i only, and we will send Revelstoke's best newspaper to any address
in Canada or Great Britain for SIX
FULL MONTHS. Take advantage
of this exceptionally good offer today, lt may be withdrawn at any
time. If you wish to boost Revelstoke here is the easiest, cheapest,
and most effective way.
To The Mail-Heraid, Revelstoke
Sirs: Kindly send The Mail-Herald for six months
to the following address
for which I enclose the sum of SI.
Yours Truly, MGH JTIGHT
Vi. H. Bohniian went to Chase yes
terday  morning.
J. Walton of Victoria was at the
King Edward hotel Thursday.
B. A. Willinms ol Nelson W8B a
guest  at     the      Hotel   Hevclstoke  on
Vi. S. Herman of Calgary was a
guest at the Kiug Edward bot d on
i,. M. Prank of Brandon spent
Thursday In the c ty a guest, at the
Hotel  Revelstoke
Moving pictures of ski jumpers «?IU
be taken on tli.-lull behind the bospl'
tal tomorrow morning.
!•■, |{. Mexandor .mil E. E. Jopson
<,f Vancouvei registered at, the King
I: i ward hotel, Thursdaj. .
a general nn- 111.-- of the Si-i club
v,iU i„. held In the Scandanavlan hull
at - o'clock <ui Wodnesday.
•i'i,,. v,  p.  s. e.f    Hi,' Presbyterian
church  will hold n  social ami   sme«
shoe tramp on Tuesday ovening.
Frank Tremble, brother of E.
Tremble of Revelstoke, has been re
elected aldermai f'.r Wurd 8, in Van
i i.i,ver.
The regular monthly meeting nf th.'
bo ird "f  Directors   "f the Y.M.C.A.
wiM   I.r  held  on   Tuesday  i ven in.;   at
The Ski Club will meet on the hill
bi .nd tlie hospital tomorrow after
i... en when jumping and sliding will
-t    .. place.
The annual meeting ..f the Revo1!
r-e ,...   a.-i Ic .- : ociatlon will be
i.   .1 at  the   city     ball on   Tuesday,
January  l'i at   • o'i lock.
v  ndaj    • ■■ ening     the     secemd
"   (.f   tli"   senior   Y.M.C.Ai.   basket
league   will lie played. The Fed-
,    la and the Tigers will pfay oil.
Tomorrow afternoon, a service for
!!.-n will be held iii the Y.M.C.A. association building. Tlie address wil!
l.e given by T. Pagdin "n "Ai Theme
of Great Importance." A fifteen
,■       te s"m- service starts at 3.45
N'e.tiee is given it. the current ls-
pr.e "f the I'..<'. Gazette that Gerald
Moflatt, "f the city "f Ferule, is appointed a < '..nt' nf Revision and ap-
l.e ; for the Fort Steele assessment
district, in the place of Peter E. Wil
h       resigned.
rged with procuring, Tony Cit
,i bio, William Land 'ti and William
Gallican,, appeared before Police Magistrate Hamilton or. Wednesday.
Gallican.. w..s sentenced to two nnd
.        half  yars "in    the     penitentiary.
Cocorochio te. i Bi I   or three
suspended  sen-
i i    I.a rub'Ti    wa ■    fi 'Und      not
y   Ity.
Xotice is given In the current
c f the Pritish Colun
a  certifi' ati    ol       "■ I   I ;■•''   ' li n
Veer,  rranted    to Bulb!', ft   Jamieson
J.- ' with     a
i      ■ ■       The     comp
Requires all the assets and   .-
.     -he business now [n V .•
toria   by    Mr.   Dougl  B   B    V    Bullen
Or.:  "   ■
V   ::   C   r: . .     .-. : l
Li ikerage bus.ness ir. ,,11 its bran
oth ■ are
tbe British   Cd Pi tterj  I
tany    as a   limited   co ■
Ho--.    Investi
Vancouver, and    capitalised
Th'  Fr:
■ an ezti pany
W. Hatcher of Kaslo, registered at
the King Kdward ou Thursday.
G. H. Deune of Victoria was at
the  Hotel  Revelstoke Thursday.
W. Garland of Winnipeg registered
at the Hotel  Revelstoke on Thursday
Among the guests at tho Hotel Revelstoke on Thursday was J. J.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Jorde, Vancouver were guests at the King Edward  hotel   on Thursday.
Among the guests at thc King Edward hotel on Thursday was Sol.
i [irschfberg of Vancouver.
The annual meeting of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' association will be hebl in Nelson ou January 25.
Mr. and Mrs. S. II. Hall of Com-
|lix came up from the south on Wednesday and registered at the King
Edward hotel.
At the Relief society meetings held
in the Y.M.C.A. every Wednesday afternoon the business of the meetings
will  begin at 4 o'clock promptly.
George Wilkius and (Hartley Gonwell]
appear.'ii before R. Cordon, stipendiary magistrate, yesterday charged
with housebreaking and theft nt
Three Valley and were committed fur
trial it Kamloops. They will be taken to Kamloops tomorrow by N. V.
Rothwell.  provincial constable.
Superintendent. Colin Campbell, of
the provincial police department has
received a telegram from Chief Constable Fernie, at Kamloops, to the
effect tii.it the coroner's impiest on
the body of Constable Glenane, who
was found  dead  On  Monday    in      the
roadway near the 149-mlle post,
North Thompson River, resulted in
a verdict that, the deceased came to
l.is death through over exertion and
ei posure. When fo m.i where he had
fallen, not far from bis post nt the
'■ a Mile station on the North Thpmp
son, it was thought Glenane might
have been the vie i t of violence'.
There was, however, no sign of that
and only a slight Injury on one
band, due to an abrasion caused
whilst crawling through the sn..w
over r..':„;:  ground.
Humor of Irish
and Scotch Debated
branch on Monday.
John Pltblndo left for Revelstoke
on Tuesday's train.
The EnglUh church held a Bocial in
tbo opera Iioubc on  Monday evening.
H. Cook who hns boon convalescing for some time leaves tomorrow
lor Revolstoke to resume his duties.
The United Ladles Auxiliary hold
their meeting for election of offloers
on Wednesday at the residence of
Mrs. P. Cooper. Tho following officers were elocted: President, Mrs. N,
B. Smith, Vice-president Mrs. G.
Hinds; Secretary, Mrs. H. Duvies;
Treasurer, Mrs.  J.  Kirkpatrick.
Mr. Savereoul of Camborne was in
town on Wednesday on his way to
Tho local curling club's operations
have boon temporarily suspended as
the thaws this last week have spoiled
their outdoor rink.
Miss Jackson who has been visiting
her parents here returned to Revel-
Btoke on  Monday.
Thc Rev. S. Bridge of Nakusp held
services in the English church on
N*. Rowe for some time pnst employed by the Canadian Pacific railway here has resigned. He will again
take up his residence on his ranch at
Hall's Landing,
Nakusp Dramatic Club
Presents Humorous PI; y
LN'akusp, B. C, Jun. 15.—The Nakusp Dramatic club gave its first performance  of the     year at  the opera
j house, rendering "Abrabian Nights,
or the (iutta Percha Girl." The cast
| was composed of: Rev. W. H. Bridge,
I). T. Bulger, Robert Abbie, W, Hud-
Bon, Mrs. T. Davidson, Mrs. w. Hun-
|Bon, Miss Violet Bridge, Mrs. Abbie,
Miss M.A. Roberts, The play was exceedingly well carried out and much
enjoyed, keeping the audience in a
continual state of laughter. It was
Btaged under the management of Rev.
Vi. H. Bridge. During the evening the
Nakusp brass band rendered popular
pieces under the leadership of E. R.
Lamerton. The next attraction to be
put on by the club wil! be on Easter
Monday, "What Happened to Jones."
.Iiiui Hall of Arrow  Park, who had
, bis collar bone broken in n runaway,
has  been in town for treatment.    He
is  progressing favorably.
The  annual  vestry  of   St.      Mark's
i church  will  be held tonight.
\ few additional inches of snow., hus
fallen  during th.'  last  fe .v  days, there
being a depth .,f about eight inches.
The thermometer has not been lower
10 ahwve zero so far this winter.
The water in the  Arrow Lakes     is
I   OUl    Is   Inches  above  lov.
Empress Theatre
H. • 2 parts
Thel.y, lar. •
Consei. nc-     wi'.
At    Tare	
corce.lv     •'   •
i sette  showing ho-ipit
al  ihip wree
ot lifeboat r iCui The Rohilla
Ire klnr up.
MONDAY.—Tbe     Battle,     Fe.r!
Stetrling '- • ■   -' ;> irts
with Billy Jacobs. A Mans
Est Friend. Wh.-, lb Lost To
Win. Till The Sands of the
Deiert Grow Col :   ir. 2  parts.
TrESn\"-'.—Jesse I,   i.nsky. presents Robert Edison     in   The
Call nf the Worth  - parts, B60
scenes.   From    The Book    The
Cen jurors  Hou ewart
E.  White.
WEDNESDAY.— TV    Trev     of
Hearts, 2nd  episode.
THURSDAY. — Million     Dollat"
The Revelstoke Literary and Ile-
bating society meeting held in the
V.M.C.A last night waa well attend
ed. Th" siiiij'eet, "Resolved th.it the
Irish are a mi ire bumi >;   is rai
e''toll. * caused much merriment
in the   audience
1  an  Irishman,   wer.1
I oth foi        • ■   against     their
lefended.   \ *
1. Gordo eieri     j. Hay, C. w.
Mr.    , al    in
I thai
either    -
Mr,   I
were t    .
:ng bell ■
.,n.l   ,:
Arrowhead Dramatic Club
facing the Music
(Spec   ■..   ' <■   '■'.        Herald)
Arrowhead I 18     Tl
Arrowhead A mat mr I *     nlnb le
well nr.di-r w y With its latest. production ' I- a Music," Thin In
a three ., nlI:n|n., t.hrfn honrq
nnd has n plot that <-nnnot fall to
hold the aeidlence's Interest, t.o
the Inst, ft ezpeetl to stage Mils In
about thre« weeks.
The Incnl Lodge Knights "t Pythian
installed their officers for the cur-
tent term  on Thursday.
C. B. Hume of Revelstoke mnde a
Hislnnns    visit      to     the   Arrowhead
Burton Store is
Destroyed by Fire
■Lu-.   15.—A  tire took
place    hen - it'inlay    evening
which ■ the store
with all  its contents owned by R.L.
\  ■  il
*    f the the
such  a  firm     h T  absolutely
.    .      -.he    ef-
lents  was given     to
• nuht
ed out. The
• even-
.   .
v   for  the;- y,i
•   •
in  which
i-.  ,. .     .
H '
I    said
Of      thn
vhen  re'r '
At the ap .      .  ,      p-   -
pro'   lOeStltUt
.fTirero   •■< ■ rnlna;
.v   Graves •   w      Mo-
■ try .treasurer
nln■' one of the     an-
-.nnts   of      Barton   tooV   pl<M6,
when  over  1'in   •noRf.j  asset]      d        t.
lhe    home   of   Wi'
dancing wni indulged In. Among the
musicians were R, f, June, ".. UppA,
■.    Hall,   L.   Robson and  f"!   Timer.
Enderby's hny ihlpmenti this ,■ nt
exceed those of last year bj 19 oar
londs the nhipricnt being chiefly for
the Kootenay eounlr   and tbo coast.
British Columbians
Fight Well in France
A group of British Columbians ls
doing valiant service in the French
urniy, according to a story brought
to London by R. B. Cowcll of Golden, who says he has been one of the
British Columbians serving on the
French front with Garibaldi's legion.
Ho bus returned to London, having
bad his leg amputated in consequence of wounds and 'is now assisting
at the head recruiting oilice. Other
British Columbians who enlisted with
the Garibaldis are Johns, Darcy,
Wooilrow, Fraser, Williams, Tucker
and Johnson. Of these, Johns was
killed and Darcy and Woodrow are
now in the hospital. Tbe British Columbians, most of whom had been
employed In the Tigro mine in Mexico, came to England at their own expense  to   enlist   in    a      cavalry  regi.
ment but, finding no vacancies, proceeded to France and joined Garibaldi's legion, which Consists of
cavalry and infantry. Mr. Oowell
"My horse was shot, in an engagement at Troyes ami I could not extricate myself as I was carrying a
bunch of rifles. The horse fell on mo
and my kneecap was smashed. I had
to lie where I fell that night and half
the nest day before I was found by
the French Red Cross. They took me
back to Troyes where, after four operations, blood-poisoning compelled
the amputation of the leg."
Mr, Cowell is remarkably cheerful
and even jokes about his cork substitute,  Which  be says works  well.
Card of Thanks
I W'lsh to     heartily     thank    thoso
friends who supported me in tho recent municipal elections,
Card of Thanks
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I wish to thank all those who gave
me their support nt the Into Civic
Election and to assure them that I
upprociato most heartily tbeir consideration and support.
Card of Thanks
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I beg to thank all those who sup
ported me in the recent chic elections uiiil to assure tliein that my
best efforts will bo devoted to the
Interests of the city.
Yours truly,
Card of Thanks
Ladles and Gentlemen:
I take this opportunity of expressing my sincere thanks for your   support at the polls Thursday.
Yours truly,
Card of Thanks
Extraordinary Rumour
is Denied by Premier
Sir Richard McBride, Premier, desires that the following public statement of his be made as public ns
"There appears to be a persistent
rumour whicn bus gained considerable currency in the province, that
my late secretary was associate.1
with the stealing and manipulation
of plans of home dbfencc and that tho
discovery of his complicity therein
wus the cause of his death, Since returning from my recent visit cast 1
iearned that some such rumour had
been published in a Seattle paper,
bul 1 paid no attention to it other
than as a phase of newspaper sensationalism. It never occurred to me
that in British Columbia, where Mr.
Ma.rae was well known, any heed
would be paid to it. lt is a painful
subject for me to discuss, but in jus-
tice to the memory of one who never
betrayed a trust, or-was disloyal to
his country in thought, word or deed
1 must state most emphatically that
tbe rumour is without the slightest
possible foundation, The circulation
li stories, wilfully or otherwise
is a cruel reflection upon my late se-
and painful In the extreme to
■ e-s and friends. Mr. Macrae had
-'iffering for many months with
"'is ailment nnd his untimely
lannot In the slightest degree
ie regarded as a refection in any
pon his honour as a man or a
Ladies  and  Civith'meni
I wish to thank all my friends and
supporters for their kind assistance
In re electing me as alderman for
Ward 2, and during my term of oflice I will use my best endeavors to
advance the best interests of the
Yours   truly,
Card of Thanks
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I wish to thank most heartily my
supporters who on Thursday assisted
with their votes and support in placing me at the top of the poll in
Ward 2. During the coming year I
shall endeavor to serve your interests and those of the city to the utmost of my power.
Yours truly,
Card of Thanks
Skates sharpened >- Palace garage
2")C per pair.
Our coal burns beat., Palace Livery.
Soloct lino of China ware at Howson's.
A good time is assured at the
Star club whist drive. Admission
50 cents.
GALT COAL burns all night. Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited.
Prompt delivery of coal or wood,
Palace  Livery.
Dry Birch and Cedar any length nt
Palace LIvory.
If you aro looking for a snap in
dishes look at Howson's prices.
Try Palace garage for Bkate sharpening,
Lump or nut coal at Palace Livery.
Don't forget the Star club whist
drive in Masonic Hall, Friday, January 22. Cobweb contest prizes given
The ladies of the Relief Society will
le pleased to receive old or new magazines to be sent to the guards along
the lines of communication. Tho literature may bo left at A.E. Kincnid's
cfllce. t.f.
Call up Palace Livery for lump or
nut coal, and dry birch and cedar any
length, Phone 201.
Ladies and Gentlemen
1 desire to thank heartily those
who gave me their support at the
recent election.
Yours truly,
Card of Thanks
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I take this opportunity of expressing my gratitude to those who worked for my election to the office o(
• mnyor; and also my thanks to those
who made this possible by Casting
their votes In my favor. I trust at
the close of this ' ear the rntcpayers
will be satisfied with what may be
accomplished by the council they
have elected for 1915.
WANTED.—Cow about to freshen,
noi older than four years, no vi<ces,
easy to milk. When replying statu
aire, breed, sire of calf, quantity
nnd quality of m'ilk und price. Address X.Y.'Z.,  Mail Herald oflice
\ Jan,16,np
WANTKD.—Girl for private house
work. Apply Mail Herald.
LOST.—A black robe with green lining, on the road between A. Han-
sens' and Joe Ootnozzl's. Reward il
returned to H. P. Hay, P.O.   Box,
774. Revelstoke. tf
The annual meeting of the Revelstoke Agricultural association will bc
held at the city ball on Tuesday,
Jan. 19 at 8 o'clock. A large attendance is requested.
What is described by the Adm'irolty
as n record In ship construction was
announced in London on December 18.
The light cruiser Caroline was delivered complete on December 18 and
placed in commission, ten nnd one-
half months after her kiel wns laid.
The date of delivery specified in the
contract was May 31, 1A15. Oammell,
Laird and company, of Birkenhead,
built tho cruiser, which Is of 8,800
tons displacement and hns n speed ot
30 knots.
Railway Commission
Refuses Request
I i y board has refused     to
t  of  convention      of
Instttul I ish   Colum- !
■   the  privilege of shipping mix- '
of    Horn      ami   feed   i in
tnd si raw    at
iplii   nt    allegod
nil  A     car-
to the
m   desire to pur-
1 li a in whole ale'
finds tbat  no t.anir.
I i   C   lloa'l
: tor.  In vi' n of
ipplylng on  l. .y
... ■  rates which app
ad othetr noil stuffs   I lie   oai I
pplli ants at nil
• .    tbo  gem i ai     (Uh-
Di   wry   of   Glen
li -i    of   tbe  Pen beron
Horse   , died    ei
tbhrldgi    lasl  week.
He Was ll <iy  yarn ol    igl     Vl
one   time   h I tbl       lustrat-
ed Beetle.'. ..? tbe roronto IHobe, and
in thai ' ipacll j first Is ted tbe
went, going through th. Kootenays
at the time of the first, mining boom
He interested himself in a lead nine
nt Moyie, B.C., where he mode the
that Started him on bis ranching career, which has been very «ue-
cessrul, He was also henvlly Inter
esteil   In  Iho  collieries at Pnssburg.
Saturday, January 16th
From 20 to 50 per cent reductions on
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Boy's Suits and Overcoats at ONE HALF
Shoe Bargains
For Every
Member of
The Family
for Rubber*, Overshoot, Cardigans,  Leggings


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