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The Mail Herald Apr 1, 1916

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre betwoen Calgary
and the Pacitic ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published  weekly-Read
by   everyone—The     recognised
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23   No. 14
$2.50 Per Year
Low Rate or Less Than Seven
Per Cent Wm ue charged
—Rate i;> Gratifying
Tbo government has placed with    a
Production [WHS Amount to Twenty Million Dollars
Annually Rossland on Better Basis—Large Output of Copper from Coast District
million    dollars,     winch,  uuder     tho
That  in the Immediate ifutureQran- 28 cents over ., long period ol years,  terms ol the Agricultural Credits Act
i-y. Britannia and other mines on the that the puce win average nearer 20 will    bo lent out to farmers all over
the    province,   The government suc-
Many Demands —Liberal Response From the Public—
Dramatic Club Aid
Tbe   unnuiii   meeting ol the Ladles
Canadian financial bouBu a loau for a Hospital Guild was beld Tuesday uft-
ernoon In the City Hall, After tbc
reading ol tbe reportB of tbc secretary and treasurer the election uf officers took place,
Tbe report ol the secretary was na
Madam President and Ladies:—
1 bes to submit my report lor the
year ending February 29th, 1910.
Perhaps never In the history of the
Ludies Guild of tbe Queen Victoria
Hospital has there been a year when
ceeded    In getting the money tor    a
twenty-five year term at tbc rate   of
6.63 per cent.
In New Zealand, where Ibis system
iouHt    of    British (olumbla will be cents than is cents during the com-
producing  100,000,000 pounds ol c<>i>- ing decade is by no means an unwar-
ver everj  year, valued at more than ranted estimate.
,■§20,000,000,  wan the statement   made At     the end ol February there was
by  Hon.  Lome Campbell Tuesday BV- published   In  New   York  city a statc-
enlng in the Legislature. The Minister unit, that tbe secretary oi the Howe has    been    fairly well perfected, the
of  Mines reviewed tha entire   mining Sound  Company,  winch controls tbe coat, of administration of    tbu   'fund
Eltuatlou   m    the course ol bis Bum- Britannia Mining and Smelting Com- runs to about l percent,   This means
mary ol Industrial attalrs of-the pro-, pany,  had Bald that "by April     the that applied in British Columbia tbe
^ ince in the budget Bpeech he waa de- Britannia mine wlll be producing    at fanner    will get his loan   for a oer-
Uvertog as acting minister of finance, the rate of JO00  tons  of ore a day." lod     of 25 years   ,f he wishes   at G>   B° ""\?y tlummKls wcre made on   the
Last      year British Columbia's pro- It.  was  added  thftt  it  had  been  offlc- per cent, or a fraction more.                   BCnt'r  , ^rMfi,01 ^K
duction      from   metalliferous   nines- lally stated that  the average    copper     The money is expected to be placed  JJJJ „atifvL
gold,      silver,  copper,   lead    .tC.-WttS content, of the ore  going through  the In the hands of the government some      Fl,riv ln  the  vear  wc       ■nlTered
greater by  more than two aud a hall concentrating     mill  was better   than time this week and the operation   of  ereflt fOSB ■- .7 _l___.   ,   Mr,  Ken
Careful estimates show that witlnv pounds of the copper to the ton, be- once by an order-in-council. Then will dence to otllers citlt,K we w*re reduc
the next year th' rate of output from lng saved, it may safely be figured, come tbe organization of tbe loaning ed by three members Mrs McCarter
Granby nunc at Anyox will be 36,- the report continued, that tbc annual end Inspection board and the arrang- Mrs Moth and Mrs Wood
000,000 pounds ol copper; and Brltan- production, beginning in A.pril, will lng of tbe otlicial machinery to ban- Our first call on'the generosity of
nia after April is expected to pro- be at the rate of fully L.OOO.OOO tons die the business. It is presumed tbat the public was made Easter eve
duce at a rate of more than 60,000,- of ore per annum after allowing for six weeks or two months will elapse when a linen shower was given at the
<":l """"' :'"' annum' 0ther Pr°P°r" shutdowns, accidents, etc., or 51,000,- before tbe flrst cash advances by way hospital, tbe response was very liberties ol the COasl district are expected 0C0 pounds of copper per allium.
to make up the balance of 100,000,000 As it is known tbat an output of
pounds. The average production an- SOOfl tuns a day by no megns repre-
I'ually  ol copper during thc last   fivo seats the maximum limit of the com-
"f loans will actually be made to the al, over two hundred pieces  were
farmers. ceived and a check for $&.25.
Tbe price obtained for the loan to- No meetings were held during dune,
day rejirescnts a distinct improve- July and August. On resuming work
years in this territory has been less pany's production plans, it appears ment over the rates at which tbe last In thc autumn arrangements were
than ''■''''■' ' pounds. The dramat- quite reasonable to conclude that a provincial government treasury notes made lor our annual pickle shower folic grow l, ,,f the Industry was fully year or two hence the Britannia com were renewed some months ago. The October 9th. Over three hundred
outlined by Mr. Campbell, who did pany alone n.ay be expected to be interest rate then obtained was G.39 Quarts of fruit and pickles were rc-
uot forget t.i spread the gold-produc- producing as much copper as was per cent. Today's issuo under tbc ceived and a check for $5.00.
gospel of bis borne town of Ross- produced  in  1915—the year of highest  farmers'     legislation would doubtless A farewell was given Mrs.
was given Mrs. McCarter In recognition of her services as secretary for
seven years.
The Dramatic Club's offer to present a play in the Guild's benefit was
accepted and presented January 5th.
A handsome profit of $113.45 was
The Guild supplied linoleum for the
hospital otliee floor, flower vases, cotton and linen und for the Nurses'
Home, sheeting.
The treasurer's report for the year
ending February 2'Jtb, ISM, is as follows:
  ^^^^^^^^^^^        McCart-
land. Mr, Campbell said: topper production In  the history     of be     regarded as slightly more deslr- cr   at tlic residence ol our preside',;,
It  it  worthy  of note thnt the total  mining  in this province—from all tbc able to the investor  because ol     tbe   Mr8-     Sutherland, when a fancy     piu
value of the mineral     production       >f   mines  ill   Uritish Columbia  then  oper- .   ngei   period which they run.  But the
British     Columbia for  all  years haB nting. interest rate accepted today was cer-
now passed the half billion     dollars    What more Btrlktng evidence of the talnly    Highly gratifying to the gov-
mark; tt Slclal tigures show     that prospective great  future of the mei trnment and will, of course, bo vlgor-
the total at the end of tur. w*b9516, alllferous mining Industry of British ously employed as an argument that
UJ.OO mis industry Ib progressive, Columbia could be desired than that the soundness of Uritish Columbia's
without doubt, notwithstanding that afforded by the progress of copper linancial position iu exceedingly well
the world wide demoralization of tbc mining in what is generally spoken regarded in Eastern Canada and tbe
metal markets seriously and adverse- of as the coast district, which inclu.l- United States, despite what the op-
ly affected mineral production in this ta mines ahout Hazelton and in min- position may say of tbe country go-
province during the latter part of Ing divisions tributary to l'rince Ru- ing to the dogs, etc., etc.
1914 and the earlier months of 1915, pert, as well as the lower const min- MacNell] and Voting of Toronto
for the total value ol the 1915 pro- ee'! Forecasts by men in Boston and submitted tbe lowest bid for tbe loan
duction was within $8,141,000 of that New York having first hand Informs r.nd walked away with the plum. Nine
<.f 1912 which was the highest year tion to guide them—the head offices lids from other firms were received.
on rcc.nl. and less than $1,000,000 of both companicl being in New York Several representatives of Eastern
Short ..; that o! 101», thc only other —indicate a reasonable expectation American firms are still iu Victoria ,, i
year dt higher value.                             that     in     tbe   immediate future the this    afternoon,   having waited over S„ X?memb«s   b""k     -I'H
Taking  metalliferous  mining  alone, Qranby    and Britannia mining comp l--r the announcement ol the terms oh   interest                        lathe value of the production.in    1816, antes   will, together, make a produc winch    the    loan was made in order Donatton'to iTnen"«hnw,r       tr
was greater hy $2,677,000 than     that tion of fully 90.M       „d. of co, that they may be in a position to in-  _%_\Ion   JamTpicWe ahower     ' 0
ol any other year in the history     ol  per       ,    year.    Id,   thai  of compara- telligently      tender     on other issues pro„edIi ol nUty   "Thar   Han
mining in tbe province.   This was'not rively small mines near Hazelton and which     it is generally expected     tbe     pcne(i to j*'.'. ' 1G5 ,,
due to any considerable    extent    toon   Queen Charlotte   ind Tea(ada l- government will announce before  the Outstanding cheques    l'u'.ti
higher average prices of metals,   but lands,   md ..the: coa.il localities, and end of the present session.   Members  "	
largely t . the substantial increase in it is a quite moderate estimate     to of   the cabinet were told today     by i^ as
the  production  of Copper,  tbc miring  look for a  production  in the near tu- representatives   of   American  linancial EXPENDITURES
• d     which metal is becoming incrcus-  ture of  100,00 ,000 ]        la of copper n houses that they  would be glad of a  Flowers..    .' " 6 25
Ingly   Important  in  Hritish  Columbia  year  from cast district  mines. chance to submit bids on  a loan *or  Linoleum ...... .."........ .40 60
bs the years pass. Mo«  take thi  production ot    these ordinary    expenditure-   or for Paclflo Sheeting, etc  ".I........."!! 6s!so
This  is what Mr. (Ieorge L. Walker  mines during the last  ten years: Por Great  Eastern  or shipbuilding or all  Vases        1 ;,:,
Ot  Boston,   writer of "Walker's Week-  live years,  1806-10, the total  was  16, if     tbem,  if the administration pro-  Crockery   ...'........  ..!...   4.75
ly Copper Letter." winch is published BM.OOO Ibs. of copper, ..r an average posed    to piaco these on the market Concert expenses   62.30
every week in the Boston Commercial  of approximate^   1,1      I     "■ 1, ayear. within tbe next few'months. Books and stamps     3.8S
wrote last month ,H the   Qranby Con-  For live years, 1911 16   ll ■•  ._..  Gift   10 oj
solldated company:  ''Those   who   are OM   lbs., or an average of 17,578,000 n_JL_!_j.j_     n  Balance on hand 138.W
interested in the    Qranby     Company   pounds .1 year.    In 1 ,1     with
should    tlx    their attention   on
Anyox, nt Hidden Creek, end    of
business. There the company bus ex-
I . nd.id   111. re  than  $.'i,000,000 ln      the
purchase and  development  of  properties    ami In the erectloni and equip
mctit of modern smelting works which
bave    a capacity to sn cit approxin
ately 1,1 0,000 tons of ore a year. Al
the this we have, if the •■ ; mates quoted
Its  may     be depended on—and  there     is
pood reason to think  they n.ay  I
reasonable    expectal 1 ' .1 produc-
il copper li
as large   is thai
lod for which li:-;■  ■ h  '•■ just     been
Patriotic fiance
At Taft
\    dance     was   held in the school
it  Talt on  Match  27 in aid of
•:.•   Patriotic fund.   Tbe  main Latin
ef     e.f     thc    evening's entertainment
In  degree,  the outlook for lncrens-. „.„,.„ ,,,„ _.„,„„,, ,      . .
.,.      . ,  .   ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_M ■"■<   tbc splendid music furnished un
though work has been going on there c,| production of otl als     ,„- .,,„ „,,,. ,,,.,„,.,       , ,,
,       . .. .. , 'er the able leadership of  Messrs.  E.
only  about   three years,  the company   promising.   Alrcidv  thir. la  improve-   ,, , ,  ,,
has  developed  around   .0,0,10.000  tons   ment  in   both  Atlin  and   Cariboo dis-   _^T M^ £eTPr   a_^       I
of ore that contains 42 to 60 pounds tricts.    whence    cotr.es     most ot the  Revelstoke,  Mrs.  P.  Storey and MrS.
W. A. Young ol Tuft, helping to make
The following are thc officers elect-
id for the coming year:
Hon. l'res.—Mrs. Q. S. McCarter.
President—Mrs, W. H. Sutherland
1st Vice Pres.—Mrs.  W.  I.  Briggs
2nd     Vice   Pres.—Mrs. W. M. Lawrence.
Secretary—Mrs. 0, R. Macdonald
Treasurer—Mrs. W. A. Foote
Linen     Committee—Mrs.  R.  H. Ur-
quhart and Mrs. ('. B. Hume.
of copper to the ton nnd from which plac"r i-old recover»d fn British Col-
will be recovered In the coming ten umbia, and when the latter district
years between :i"0,00<>,000 null 400,000- shall have the benefit of the greatly
000 jiounds of Copper, In addition (the Improved transportation facilities
Company hns developed approximate- that the Pacific Oreat Eastern Rall-
!>' 10,000,000 tons of ore containing way will afford it, so that mining
slightly less than :.'n pounds ol oopper machinery, pinnt and supplies may be
to the ton. It has also 8,000,000 Of 'alien in at s much lower cost than
4,iO0,(H>i;  tons of silicons  COI rent rat-  I"    now practicable,  there should not
the    evening   one dl thc most enjoy-
ible social events of thc season.
Visitors from Eagle Volley, Craigellachie, Malakwa. Three Valley and
Sicamou. were in attendance. Much
credit for the success of the dance is
due to the kindness of Supt. J. M.
McKay, of the C.P.R., Revelstoke,
who   placed    a   coach  on  the     way
ing ore,  averaging about  44)     pounds  be     in..      intit-t that  mining will re
of copper to tbe. ton. not yet Included  reive . great impetus, with large and  frtlght ,„„, which mMM ^     ffh(j
wished     to take advantage to   coine
in any ol Its estimates iX ore reserv-  Important results.
es,      There   Is every  reason  to  expert |    WoW lod.  gold  Will  also  be prodnr-
thal within the next yarn tbi Qranby nl    in British Columbia,   for mining
company      will     be producing at tbe '"  RoSSlatd ramp,  the biggest     golds
rale of   18,000,000 or 4(),l>iH),000 pounds producei   In the pn,vince. Is on a bet-
ol Copper annually at Anyox.     There ter hasn and larger scale today thnn
is no reason to doubt that it will be In    paal years, while provision    hss
able to  maintain such an output for "O'n     made at  Medley for increasinir
/, very  great manv years." th* output of gob) fr.-m the big mine
As    Indicating the promising future In  that   Camp,    In  th» coast  district.
larly and view the beautiful scenery
;:.ind Taft. Supper was served In
the Taft hotel about midnight, when
same seventy-five couples sat down
to four large tables to do justice ?o
the good things to eat provided by
th" ladles of the different Red Cross
. rutins.
The    net      proceeds      amounted  to
Good Work
Of U.5.P.5.
The following work has been handed     in by thc girls of thc Revelstoke
High  School  Patriotic Society:
Hlln Tomlinson, 5 pair socks
Joan Patrick, 4 pair Bocks
Hazel Lytic, I pair Bocks.
Enid Bradshaw, 2 pair socks
Marlon Lawrence, 1 pftir socks
Agnes McGiven, 1 pair socks
Louise Aman, 1 pair socka
Gladys  Campbell,  1  pair socks
Isabel Dunlop, 1 pair socks.
Mrs.  Urquhart donated  2  pair     df
there Html  to be for ropjier mining,  too.  greater  production   seems assur-   „„■»/.   »m-i. Lm  u- a      mom     ll
It may be point mt that on Marched,     for,     beside that „ the Gr„nbv   n^nZ\Lr'iotic FunT
I  Mr. Walker published the statement|Company, there will soon be lode gold
that while U Is hardly to he SXpeKtsd
Hint  copper wlll continue to sell     at
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B Solid ice on Kootenay lake is some
thing that thc people of West Koot-
Bl'iehtrds  have  made their appear- enay living at the present time    will
a nee at Vernon. 'probably ntver see again.
VICTORIA—What is easily the mosl
important bill In respect to land leg
[station advanced in recent years was
1 resulted iu the house by  Hon,  W, it.
ROBS,   Minister  of   Lands,   today.   The
measure, which wlll be called The
Soldiers'    Homestead A.ct, will bring
I aek,      under  the   Crown,   lietwe, n   _,
000,000 and :'.,' 00,000 acres ol agrlcul
tural land which has been sold by
the government, but which has uot
been paid for, and the huge area BO
realeased for settlement wilL be given
free to returned eoldlora wlthoul the
present restrictions surrounding preemptions. The military pre emptors
will also be given assistance In the
way      of  loans  from   a  fund   provided
by the sale of government lands.
Premier Bowser stated that Bome
2,000,000' acres of land would he
brought buck to the crown by the
Lands applied for hy intending purchasers, but so far unpaid for, he
said, were 2,7'OO,C,-0 acres in extent,
of which 700,000 would in all probab
ility be taken up. Closely allied to
this proposed act is another bill called thc "Pre-emptors Free Grants
■\ct," which will give pre-emptora
who enlist, or have enlisted for service, full title to their pre-emptions
without payment of any kind, and
without the neceSBlt) of observing
present requirements in respect to occupation and Improvements. Application must, however, he made for a
trown grunt within one year of the
conclusion of the war.
The soldiers' homestead i't will, in
the opinion of ministers, solve many
problems confronting the province at
present. It will, they say. relieve tbe
present Impasse resulting from millions of acres being temporarily prevented from settlement; It will [iro-
vide sufficient land for the soldiers
on their return from the front, and
it will provide funds for the assist
ance of military farmers intendlcg to
go back to tbc land, as well as money for tbe purposes of the agricultural credits commission.
Those able to tuke advantage of
the provisions of the act will include
returned soldiers ol tbe Canad.a:.,
Imperial or Colonial forces, women
and miuois who havc enlisted in any
branches of these services, or widows
of soldiers who, if liwng, would he
entitled to cluim under the act.
Unless certain speciiied conditions
are complied with every existing application for purchase of crown lauds
not heretofore completed hy payment
in full of the purchase price ib abrogated and cancelled by tht act. All
tbe lands so applied for ure once
.i.ore vested lm tbc crown.
Thc condition upon which the applicant for purchase may retain his
right is tbat he shall, within six
months of the passage ,.t the act,
complete payment in lull, togethel
with accrued interest. Exception is
made in tbe cuse of anj person who
bas already entered upon and worked
a  section of land  and constructed SUt-
iicient Improvements to turn the pro
perty   into  Improved  rather  than wild
land.   The    act    gives such a person
thc privilege of completing bis title
by complying with the provisions and
terms of the application t.. purchase.
Although the act when II M
e,i wiii deprive speculati rs and others
of land 'or which ti..y have not paid,
it docs not contemplate thc  confisca
tion of his property,   By paying    in
full  the rate of interest,  owing   on the
purchase    price  of the land, he may
withiu      six   months,   select  from  the
area of his original purchase, a block
'of      lt:<)  acres.    If  he  omits  to   make
the selection  himself  the commission
Ur for thi' land district  may  make the
, selection,   lf interest  „n the purchase
I jirice     is not paid within six months
of the jmssagc of tbe act, and if   all
taxes arc not paid within a year, all
I the rights of the applicant shall     be
After dealing with thc surveyed
lands resumed by the crown under the
lact, the hill deals with the proposed
method of disposing of these lands.
It incidentally |irovides that none of
the lands secured by the crown under
these special circumstances sball be
disposed of to other than returned
Each returned s.ddici ohall bc entitled to a pre-emption of 160 acres
by applying for it within l» months
of the date of bis discharge from the
service. The only payment required
from the soldier ls a fee of ten dol-
lais  fe.r   the  cr.ewn   gradt,   While   spir-
ml residence requirements uee.ro
easily  fulfilled  than those under   tho
presi nl   Mm.I  ait   will  he tixed.
ln addition ti. dividing the land re-
t,ii inn,- to the crown into, jm >
ue,ii. ,■.;.,-, lally lor tin- soldiers, tho
Minister ,.i Lands is given power to
select portion- >.f lands whuh will be
sold for tho creation of a fund to I »
used     for making loans to returned
M.ddiers.   These   Means   t.,   the   soldiers
will bc for making improvements   ou
their pre e   pi ..'ii.- e.i  ,,a any purpose
for which Me,ui- may he made uuder
the   Agricultural Act  .et  last   year.
All     purchase monies arising from
th''  .-;';e'  i,l   land   will   ne   paid   over  tj
;he      ■. vr: in   commission,
wl,., win tnaki th' loans to the returned soldiers, i nder the Agricultural act .,: j ■ a. .he com mission
.nay ms ii loans ie, ii mere inly fur
making Improve ents, but under tb_
Soldier.-' II esti ad .. I (he board
can      make  an   initial   loan  t'>
the soldiers te. commence work "a
their pre-emptloi b. 1'hi returned
troops are ther.•;..re given privileges
not possessed I.y others.
Although the primary use oi the
fund from the .-ale of land us specified above will be for the benefit of
returned soldli re, the a. I, In order
not to have the n onej lie M .. provides that the agricultural comu
may      use     the  fund.-  :,.i   ll
purposes BUbject  t., •      ■ and
return to the use -f retui m d sold
iers'     loans      a- :: a.,   arise.
Thus when there are no loans to returned Boldlers outstanding ,,i applied for the fund raised will form
part of the funds for the agricultural credit commission.
The Minister of Lands is given full
power to decide all questions r
to tbe carrying out -d tlie pre
of the act and his decision si al
final. Tbe Lieutenant Govern.
Council may make rules and
for carrying out thc act.
Dr. McKay's
Letters Tabled
VICTORIA—The  correspondence  between     the     Rev.  Dr.  John  Mackay,
:■.i. ol ti.e  Presbyterian College     of
luster     Hall, with members   of
thi   McBride • nt relating    to
tbi tUMtion ..! Dr. Mackay's proposed appointment to tbe presidency of
thc University ..f British Columbia,
waa presented to the legislature this
..ite na,.■!). The correspondence ib
i.bout four years old. Doubtless it
Would havc lam an.ong the musty tills m the legislative buildings for the
next      fortj   ;.' ITB  bad  not   the  ievor-
md gentleman <taken i verj active
[•art reci nti] ii. public affairs.
The letters were submitted to   tho
bouse to lay toll
: ll- my Tbon .-■ n, M. i...\
Of      VtCtOrla Til"      ed'. -1 fe,.
the digging-up of 1
..- ;     ittcmiit t, tl ..t Dr. Mac-
.,.- •,,. ■ i   strictures    n     tb''
Conservative government  ■
hy    motivi -I not  being
ippolnted ■, • i the University
oI British '
Por Instance, Dr. Mai •.,  ■'•...- .i few
weeks      igo     reportetd  on  the
platfoi i lng to tins
_• ■•> inment,"  while on
.'j,  1912, the same genl tman,     then
!■ .-• ■! t.. '..• holding the belief   tl it
be nat t.. I .■ .,;,(.,.;•.:,-,! president    -ei
the     university,  in  a letter to      Di
Voung,    (orraer provincial secretin),
speaks In this kindly way
r Hi. Voung,—Allow n e I
fer voi my hearty con>gratulations on
your well-deserved return by ai
atlon t,, your own home constituency. I never hail any doubt as t i "•
ultimate result, although ,t is grati-
tying to bave the tension e,Ver. Your
loilcairues in Vancouver and Victoria
are having to flgbt for it, but it docs
not seem !■ it there is     much
doubt .is to the ultimate vcniict being all that any of you can .lesire."
There   ,re many letters     from     Dr
Mackay    which     are marked "private
end confident! I," .ml Hon.   Thomas
provincial secretary, told the
I ..use this aftern< on th it  ll  •■■
the     jiresent Intecitli n .ef the . i
m<tnt   to tabic them owing to     their
confidential    nature  and   in   defercne"
,t0   *he  obligation  restini-  upon     tli-
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Gbe flfoafl-lbecalb
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Licenses $7.50.
Oil   ii OSl  'Ct lng   no. ices  $7.afl.
I.and Pnrchni e Notices. 87.00,
Watei   v pit. itlon  Notices,     up to
! fl Mn, ,,ver  100 words   In
......       |
Ml'li \Y,  APRIL I, I'll I'..
Thi presi nee eef t ,v<. prospect Ive can
did tes at the meeting ol the Revel-
I'  ki   Ll •'■ ral   V. locial li en  lasl      week
did    :   •  Bave the convention     from
v, hat   is probably tbe most
.     IS      resolution      that   has  (-ver
I  ■      ei .e.i; ily  pr isented  to any political    c. i.. -nt i..n.   Neither Dr. Sutb
. Mr, Ansi le seem to    have
Ised i ii" absurdil \ of i he reso-
lutloi nd their ac [Ulesi ence in the
vii .■! tl w Ml noi  add to their
i.; itati ms as men ol judgment nor
vul it reassure any of those who
I .   . .•■ doubts as to thi ir apti
tude t i take a promlni ni pal I In tho
public affairs of the country.
The  rea ilut Ion condemns "tin
i udi    .1  ! n it. i.i  Boweei  li   I
i ecognise the Bi it Ish prece li nl     i noi
recognising tlie temper of thi
as shown  by the recent   wanl
.:.  the governnu ni."   1
fere    I n ult ot the
two supi
govii ni II :.'.      were  deli
- ,y    Intimates that  li
■ .. nt Libel
f t hi
Tl tion tiorai
I lent     Tl ■
bae ritj       in   a
.-  • te any 1
.. -        •     verwheli rity
Lieutenanf Governor i<> forthwith ask
for "Premier Dowser and his colleagues resignations und by so doing uphold the best Uritish constitutional
Can Dr. Sutherland and his fellow
.'indents of Krii ish constitutional traditions cite one instance in uny Uritish Dominion where a Lieutenant Governor has dismissed a government
with an overwhelming majority In
the legislature because of a oouple of
reverses at tho polls im bye-elections?
Tho l.ii'iil'ii ml Governor is guided by
the advice of bis ministers so long us
lis ministers retain tho confidence o,
i he logisl .) uro, Bvei y division this
- bi li m m.ii hown i h it t be Bow i er
government has the confidence d! all
i ut four of |i|i i v two a embers ol i he
I...us". Yet because the Liberals have
"ii ia,i seals Hr. Sutherland and
his fi lends .'ail upon tho ropiosenta
live 'if the King to dismiss the gov-
. rni i and solemnlj declare thai I o
ei rould   i| hold the "best  British
i raditlons."
if al thi approaching general elections ih" Liberals win, not two, but
i wenty I wo seats, there «ill be no
need for Dr. Sutherland to invoke
i he aid i .1 t be Lieutenant Governor,
as Mr, Bowser would follow the usual cons! 'i in I. -a il practice and resign.
Hut because the people have responded to the cry for opposition in the
legislature, to the extent ol placing
two Liberals In the bouse, the Liberals should not build their hopes too
high, \t : M, nexl genei il election it
is not unlikely that tl e people will
shovt that they are already surfeited
* Ith     sttcl Itlon as Mr. Brews-
t'i and Mr. Macdonald arc supplying,
ii ii j e sc tho electors are hardly
llkelj te, s.elect as members ol the
legislature Liberals wh.se knowledge
■ •I   pul.lie  affairs   la  BO  Blight  ai   tl    '
pon8ors ,if the absurd resolu-
: hich have made thi   Ri velstoke
Libel lis ridi nlous,
spring styles for women. It Is our
constant aim to please, although WO
may seldom bit the mark, and wc
lake pleasure iu handing out. thc following absolutely accurate fashion
Hustles will not bo worn in tlif host
circles this year.
I lips and curves arc coming in
again to some extent. Those wbo
laid their hips on the top shell of tho
clothes press sonic years ago, dust
them oil and use them with perfect
Gowns will hutton up the back as
usual, no gown being really swagger
unless it has MllTI buttons. These are
recommended specially to married
women who have impatient husbands,
Red flannel cheBl  protectors will be
ill   VOgUe,   especially   il.tlle   |)|U lllllonill
i .'li  of Northern Alberta,
iMii'iiiiiiis are considered     passe   by
tho     Heart   set   ,,f   police   s.iciety.    but
ihey    are   still being worn i.y those
win. don't want to heal what their
Iriends are saying ahout tin in.—Calgary News Telegram.
Volley Ball Championship Won
by bem House leuin —
Social hvening
mred Mr. Brew-
- ■ ■:        nd     bl ■ eii bey
.nny hive      I  tl
' In ■
Bows. ■
Germany is belni walloped In the
battlefield an.l In the pocketbook and
the combination Is a deadly ..nc—for
the linn, in desperate need of funds,
the German government is offering
five per lenl. bonds of the fourth war
issue in New York at a heavj discount, but the takers are lew even
among the pro Germans of the American metropolis. Advertising literature la flooding New York telling  of
the "advantages" e.f investing in
these ' securities," but thc public
there ind Isewhere Is well aware that
German securities are at a discount
if 20 to 25 per cent., even in favor-
iMle markets, as against a discount
of two pei cent, on British securities
in New York itself.
The     Inference    ol iv or more per
ccnt. tells >ts own tale.   It impresses
upon     the      minds    of  those   who  are
studying the economic as] te of the
set uat ion.   the  rum iue   I.aniens      that
Germany     is being forced to assume
in or.ler to keep In the war game.
Thei e are <ome who say that the En-
ti nte Miles' policy of attrition haB
failed. Tins differ nee in the dis
i ounts Is tl • r.ost i ffectlve answer to
■ duals, -feer it reprcsi nts i
keen analysis ol the lai ts by n mtral
■ xperts and the Bumming up ot I l:
views.—Oalgary Sent Telegram.
Baid      be understood  Trail and  Ross-
St.   Fi im - ch  : ■ ',.  McKenzie   \ ..-.
: nd Fifth street, Pastor, Rev.   J. C.
Bervii es   -  Low
ilass     t   -  a.ia.  and      High  Mass   at
■    - I iy      a inday
ren at 2:30 p.m.,
■' p.m.,
:.  rn
•  morn-
-'   -' I -• <>ns     before
Mass.   First   Fridays -Mass  at  fe a.
- .ry at    7.'in
Many volley hull enthusiasts rnjoy-
id   the  social  evening  Monduy   at   the
Y.M.O.A, The program started with
ii     big   game between the champion
Don)   Ho,lie   and  an  all slur team 3ap-
laini .I     by  Norman McLeod.     Three
ganies   were   played   which   wer.'   up   to
ihe Btandard,
rhe firsl and second games wend to
lhe credit ..f the ail stars with se .res
.ef 21-17 end il 8, Both tea. is were
; laj lng  In great   lorm  but   ' bo     a'l-
htai -   seemed   to   have  a   I'ii;   share    ol
I lie   lm li.    The   vici. ei y   Ii is   heen       as
r.iibed bj sonic as luck as the champions jaj  I hi y can trim anything   on
tho   Othei   side   ol   I he  net.
The    world beateps had better luck
II I lie i lm A came winning l-.y a BCore
ol M is. They consider it a fluke
thai the all-stars took twi games out
,,f three.
Alter      the    games    the  players and
other members "f league teams pres
. m  W it inl rev from  the gym to     the
b oi lliel   r a  and  did  justice  to    the
refreshments provided, after which
there was a very enjoyable program
of speeches interspersed with a few
leadings  and  soiigs.
The principal Item on the program
was the presentation to Dr, Mean',,
' .plain of tie' Denl house team, of iB„d employers well* sen ding u delflga-c
the championship shield for 1916, bj ,„,„ _owu to Victoria to oppose thc
;■:. S. Martin, president of the Volley mi, ^n,,, maae this bill, the em-
Ball League The gauntlet was Bung pioyer?" be asked, "No! The B. 0,
Mown by the championship team for Federation ol Labor assisted the pre-
.. with ihe. world at large nexl Hnl government. Do you, Mr. Union
Tuesday evening, and ll is likely thai ,„,.,„_ consider It worth while to make
'I" 'world' will be there with a good this a law? Do you believe it will he
fasl team. This will he a game well |jenBflcia] to your little ones'.' What
-""li  watching. ,,,, v,.,,  think?    He.  you  want,  remedial
igislatlon  and  better  working condl
tions'.'    Go   hack  over   the  history      d",
legislation   for  the  eight,  hour      day.
li      you     go about  it. honestly,   you
ior  the  credit
I  have,      or
  hope  to have,  that,  if  you view    these
winie regretting his departure Irom  nutations honestly, you will place the
the coast, railway mei, arc congratu   l"''lM   where lt belongs-wlth organ-
latlng    Mr, C. A, Cotterell who, lor ,/e'1 labor."
ihi   past  threi   years has heen supi i
ntendenl i ■ District :: of the British
Columbia  division ,.f the C.P.R., extending '■    ■ \ incouvei  to Kamloops
with brani ies   on his transfer, which
i i ann. Ulueei,  to   l.cth-
issume charge of District
ilherta division. Mr. Cotter-
rict,   ivhil   noi  present
thi     physical difficulties to he
aiiI. ,.n the lines in British     C .lumbia,     has     a very heavy
' afl '■. for the supervl-
:.!i   Mr.   Cotterell   is   eniin-
entlj fitted by his extended transpor-
dr. b. ugh a . ompara-
tlvely . ,! imenced     bis
e.; e are ir twenty-two
.ii ;i opeiatoi wiih
m th    livlsion i asl     ol
Empress Theatre
Wednesday, April 12
Trices   gi, 7,"ic, ade.
Seats now on Snle at  Maodonald's Ding Storo
This is not ii, Moving Plo'ura
IG QfFER'HG'''   j.
■. mv-.   :*>■■
Promotion Given
Tfl     I ntfprPil   nust give organised  labc
IU     llliUGIl.ll  ,,,,   lt   , ttll, wager aU
Facts About
British Colombia
tario, Prince Edward bland and Quebec.
Uritish Columbia stands second of
all the provinces in the average vulue
per farm of Innd, buildings, live
Stock and Implements, only being exceeded   hy   Manitoha.
British Columbia leads all the oth-
,,- provinces ic the average production per acre of tield crops.
Uritish Columbia Btands third among the provinces in the actual nm-
oiint of money invested in manufacturing industries, being only exceeded
hy Quebec and Ontario and also in
tbe actual number of men emidoycd
in those industries, regardless of population.
Uritish Columbia Btands second amongst Canada's provinces in the pro-
portlon  Of average  number    of     wagn
earners employed in manufacturing industries in the total population, being Becond only to Ontario.
British Columbia yields all the other provinces In the yield of fisheries.
... •- ....
1 ■ ■ f the i
Btitul ract tt
Ik'O.M    ,     :      '•
Thai Uritish Columbia, in spite of
all thc efforts ol the blue ruin contln
gent bus not Inured behind the • ther
parts .if Canada" in material progress is evident from the figures submitted by one of thc speakers in tlie
debate e.n tlie address, lt was pointed out ami supported by official figures that:
Uritish  Columbia  lends  tbe  Dominion    in  the total production     of held
crops,   manufacturing   (including   lum
hell,   fisheries  aid   mines   hy  $7X    per
"M  thai  division  head of population.
;■■: itor at  various      British  Columbia   Lads all  the pro-
i ball years, com-  voices individually in lumbering, mln-
■!•     i -V Ms Ne.-t  I'ass ing, manufacturing and fisheries.
Uberta,  ia   the     Brltlah Columbia leads in the niim-
He i...s  aince OCCU-   ler of  new  industries established     in.
itchei   and elm■[   tm    I lini'.n  in   proportion! to  popu
.      I   all   the   in.port-  latlon during the last  census jieriod.
■:.. - western  British Columbia leads ail the rest of
,   ,  ,.,,,.   ,,,    ,|„,   the   I)..mil...,|l   in   the   amount of   cupi-
!, lsiorl ae chief '''    Invested in manufacturing Indus-
ubsequent- tr,M iM proportion to population   by
, tei      and "v"r '::" Per cent'
■ listrict     l,,i,lsh «"1"1"1"'1 loads all tl ■ I
of the Dominion in the increased num
i,er of persons employed in the manufacturing Industries In proportion to
populal >..ii.
British Columbia lends all thp rest
,,f the Dominion In the Increased
amount af wagei paid In proportion
to population
Uritish Columbia leads all the rest
nl the Dominion in the quantity of
raw and partly manufactured materials  used   lo  manufacturing   industries
a, proportion to population.
Brltlah Columbia leads all   the rest
ppoii ti .1 ai
,,1   Nelson  and   la
il   Van
Maj     i mm.
■ pel III
vi ■ S ■   )
iiraK ^7?
.I r  BILL
Mr. B
rjf the thing        Ich
iricd  to bloi
the l-M       ■ In
.: A        fi li nd
tried   tO    lo       li   Ihey       ,.,id   have       |.lit
the    legislature out of business,     io
stopping   "pi ly,  it would havi
difficult to put 'tut acl in operation
In     fact    the   opposition     members
themselves,     ln     conference with the
, i ■ tnlei. objected ti  all..wing him tbi
i,.wi' ie, ai,,!.   i he nece i ai v appoint
ments.   Vancoitvei   ' • n i Vdvei I Isi i
A number of feminine readers   havc
written   in  asking  US concerning   tbc
Miners Favor
'fi.TiPFnQfltinn ll^f"! the ",;:'i"'"in |hi' yaiueof p
'JUlllpLhUUliUII   HbL ,|U,.,S    from the manufacturing Ind
Thomas O'Toole in bia book "A
Way   They Have in tbc Army."
Bag-y—An enlisted  boy.
Baggies—Tommy's name for sailors
in the navy—obviously u reference to.
the sailor's wide trousers.
Bobtack—Powder mixed into u.
paste to clean buttons acid brassworh
on equipment.
Bobygee—A soldier cook. In India n,
native one.
Bundook—A rifle.
Bun-Wallah—A soldier who drinXa
nothing strong"i' than tea, and is, in
. mseq-uence, supposed to oat voraciously of buns.
Chips—The Tommy's pet designation for the rcgin ental jiioneer serR-
eant who is usually by trade a carpenter.
Chucking a Dummy—When a mare
faints on parade he is said to havc
"chucked u (lummy." Thc term iB also applied to men who report 111 without reasonable cause.
Dog's Leg—The first strijie a man
receives on promotion.
li....lally Tap-When n soldier be-
inines Mentally unbalanced he is said
to have  received  the  "Doolally tap."
Gravel Crushers—Infantry soldiers.
Quarter Bloke—The Irreverent way
in which the officer holding tbe rant
of quartermaster is referred to.
Hookey—A recruit.
Ri oi V -Bread,
Scrounger—A man with plcntyof resource in obtaining that which ha
Slingers—A menl of bread and tea.
Square-bit—A best girl.
l   i
at   thi
;li ii
murdered,   .prii   .'11,     lorgeanl   W
■ er of wm, witi. , i
April   MK ll.
denl 'ef the
and    a
ting     -e     i'i,,,.-,,
."   I: wei       trongl) endors
..I  thi i's I !omp<ensal Ion   \n
■ a,.ii . [| t into lorci   by
pi ■, .'ni,-    lompi nsal Ion
ibled, Injured and de
pendent I e said   "One feature
tncs in proportion to population.
Bi it ish ('. lumbia is second oiilje; to
Onl irlo in the provinces ol the Dominion In toni agi ,,f vessels in the
i • tde, The huge tonnage of
,'i oi. carriers on the Great Lakes account lng f. r i lnt n lo's lead.
British Columbia leads all the provinces of Canada in mineral production except Ontario, and she is lust
overtaking that  pte.vince.
The urban and rural population is
more nearly equal in British Columbia    than ln nny  "ther  province      in
There ire now I'M mra on tbe pay
roll  at the -ii.ii,' ai   )■• Imbci li y,   The
i itisens .1" petit loning for daily mail
'•   to laj  partli ular stress     on Canada.
"'•'   "Wo* *M   s     British    Columbia  is fourth in   the
 ,l"1 '"' hr''e as ton:-, ,    ibe remains  M,p f t&tm pi.'ducts per form, on-
nni'le.   and   allows for  c,n h  child      of   iv   ,„,ilu.   ,.v-epte.l   l,y   Manitoba,   Ont-
the    family    >-. ., month until they „,.„, ana Saskatchewan.
reach    thi age ol lfi years."     (Loudl   British Columbis stands fourth    in
.pplau ■   i the    average     value of farm products
Following the applause, the speakerIper acre, only being exceeded by On-
Tbe f.reat Northern railway Is crec-
lng a new roundhouse nt Grand
According to the report of the Creston Fruit Onion the business increased over K)0 per cent, this year.
The heating    jdant  of the Queen's
lotel, HoBtner, is being moved    to
Fernie and  installed   in  the King's
That British Columbia cougar has
turned up at Hope where it approp-
riated a pup from the front door
Ftej. of a  merchant  in  that town.
The Tacoma  Smelter  Cotr.jinriy may
build  a  smelter at   Merritt to     treat
■ ire  from  Mammettc  gnd  Highland valley.
m   S SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1916.
I.      »
Notes from the cTWines
The working force at tho Prlncotor.i waiting for the order to advance,  but
colliery  has  been  reduced  conBidcrub- also those who buvo been laid low by
ly. the missies of the1 enemy who are!)jladi I
  of the friendly cheer of a Binoke,          j
Northport smelter  last Friday  (lis- i„ another letter MIsb Bishop says:
Tho Triuno nt Palmer Lake Ib being     The Alice mill aerial tram at Cres-1 patchcd itH flrHt curloa(l of bullion. It "I     think you do ripping with yourl
(Operated by Spokane parties.                ton bas been purchased by the    Star ^ WRg Bhippcd to the ^finery in penn- tobacco     fund,     our patients smoke'
Mines, Ltd., ut Sandon.                         sylvanla recently  purchased. BUOn a )ot.   iB,','t it a blessing     that
Lucky Todd Mining Co., will develop 17 promising claims ir.l tho Otter
Valley thiB year.
nylvanta recently  purcbaBeu. Wich a lot.   Isn't It a blessing
there aro folk like you to supply the
A. P.  Allsehrook left last week   for  t,<-HpitalB with tobacco?"
negotiating   for a lease on thc   Alice nr,,«.nice   nre    u„.i  uiiti make . j,ricf     n, .     ,    .    ,    -      .      .
rownioe, ure,, arm win  .   .!...• i There are hundreds In Canada who,
lrwln & Smith, of Nelson, B. C. are.
silver-lend  mine  near  Creston,   B.   C.
.The shortage of coke has necessitated baking of the furnace at Green-
Wood smelter several timoB lately.
stay     in that city before going into jjj-
Utah  on  a  bind seeking expedition.
Bilver Hoard mino,  Ainsworth,
iiiHtal     ii 2M ton concentrator     this
npring, construction to bogin     alxiut
May t
Much work will be done on the gravel bars of t.he Tulameen thia sum.
mer.   Cold wns taken from these bins
in paying quantities in 85-6.
Standard, at Silverton, lost $26,350
In January, due to cold weather, butj    Judge Murphy of Tulameen has   In-
1 pays its monthly dividends of *50,OO0  ter0BtC(1    ewtern    capitalists in     bis
wlll witb clock-like regularity. ■ clllimH in otter Vllneyi and this sum
mer     will  see  the  properties  worked
Wm.  McAdnni.  of  Edmonton,  president, of the skeena Copper Co.,   Ltd.,
has  seven   men   working  on  a  tunnel
on the Bed Rose, near Hazelton.
Molybdenite being required, It is reported the Dominion goverriucnt is
trying to lease the Molybdenite mine,
near  Salmo, to secure that  metal.
If is reported that the better returns from placer-gold mining on various streams in the Fort Steele divl-
A quarterly dividend of 3 per ccnt. [sion were obtained in 1918 than for
nnd an additional dividend of 2 perj several years previous. The value of
cent, payable March 31, 1916, has the gold recovered has been estirr.at-
licen declared by the Hedley Gold ed at $10,000'.
Mining Co.
Bill Robinson and Fred Bears of
Camp Defiance, situated at. 23 mile,
un the Princeton Trail, report a rich
■strive of copper ore on their claim.
Ill t'lITi at Hedley tbe Nlckle Plate
mill treated 74,2&5 tons of ore, yielding 41,857 oz. of gold, valued at
ski.-,,is;. Extraction was (12 percent.
Total profll was $892,5(14, or $.ri2K per
ton.   Total cost  was $8.88 per ton.
The Rambler Cariboo bus bad to
shut down n.ine and mill for a short
time, until the slide danger is over
with, nnd pending nn increase in the
water required for rallling and other
purposes. The mine is reported us
lgoking  very  satisfactory.
Arrangements  have  been   made
■ship     some '.('," tons of ore on
fliimj) at thc Pathfinder mine, on
North Fork of Kettle River, the first tract
e Mr. Scott, arc endeavoring to
supply this need, but it takes more
than ft tons of tobacco and 4 million
cigarettes every week if each of our
Canadian soldiers is to have a supply. |
Canada's Tobacco Fund, which has
been organised by tho Overseas Olub, I
is endeavoring to tuipply this need but j
including all its extensive operations
and the ellorts of others who privately are endeavoring to meet, the demand there is still a scrioiiH shortage
of tobacco.
The Tommies are very glad to bavo
the tobaCCO, and while the frightful
conditions tbey have to face, make it
Impossible for then to always write
and express their thanks, thoy aro
toiichitigly   grateful.
"One thing the Tommies will bless
you for, is your great tobacco contribution." These words are taken from
another letter written |>y Miss Bishop
and     should   make   every one of our
car of 95 tons  reaching Granby smel
ter last week.
Slocan   Star,  Sandon,  which      paid
The San Poi mine, Republic, has ob-1 W*2|00o in dividends years ago,     cx-
to tained  a  freight and  treatment   rate, pMts to resume profit sharing in Oct-  leaders feel that really it would     he
the'of 14 a     ton.   Twenty thousand tons  (,|„,r    T|lis     [g     one ()f the prinolpie  nn act of humanity to spare 25c.     a
tbVof ore are blocked out, and thc   con- iead-sllver-slnc producers of that   see-  week    or a dollar a month, in order
calls     for shipments  of 2,000  tiu„   mul j() ma|(ini- $80,000 wort'i   rf to provide for the smoking needs     of
tons n     month.   Although low grade,
the ore averages $7 a ton.
Ore receipts at the Consolidated M.
& S. smelter at Trail for tho week
ending March 14th, from Ainsworth
aril  Slocan  district  mines  were:
Blue Bell, Riondel  415
.Standard.   Silverton    144
Highland, Cedar Creak   86
No.  1,  Ainsworth   86
Florence,  Ainsworth   34
Noonday,  Sandon     31
Colonel Robert Stevenson, the veteran prospector, says the Hedloy Gazette,  who has token  millions  out of
aro i id
improvements, to
ncrcase production, those heroes who have gone from the
Dominion  at  the call  o"f  the  Mother-
The twenty-first general meeting   of land.
members of the western branch of thc Soon    there    will bo nearly  100,01)0
Canadian   Mining Institute was open- Canadian     troops     actually     at tbo
ed at Ladysmith, B. C, Thursday af- front and this number will be incrcas-
I mother earth, says the hills   arond  ternoon,  March 90,  when routine bus- jng week by week.   Every 25c. contri-
Qranlte    and Tulameen contain every [ jnc88 was transacted and several pn- buted takes care of the needs of   ono
pers  having  particular  reference     to soldier; so it is necessary that 100.0IW
thc coal mining industry will be   rend contributors should be found, or that
and discussed.
known  mineral.
Even on Olivine mountain there is
indication of that costly mineral and
gem, the diamond.
M.   Wolhert,   who  wns in
  It is reported that require.iier'a <>f  Spokane a few days ago states
Stanley Mcnhinick is interested ina sillcious ore for its new COO.W   rr n-  he hopes things will  be started
ileal which has just, been     put     past  vertcrs have caused the Trail smelter  ing in the vicinity of the Gibson soon  Qfpce
A new source of income for tbe
Granby Co., has developed through
the resumption of dividends by 'the
Crows Nest Pass  Coal  Co.,  of  which
the preliminary payment stage where-  to contract with  tbe West  Hill  com- An old hotel building at Lardo     has
I.y >MinneapollB investors have secured  pany,   which  hns just  taken  over thc been purchased  nnd  will be converted
the     Burnire and Nelson groups     of  San Poll mine nt Republic     under   a into second  hand  lumber  in  and   ar-
rlaims on Fish Creek, in the Lardeau  lease  and   bond  from   Receiver  I).   M. ound thc mine {or such building     op-
minim.- division.     The property     has llrtimbellcr. dr., for 200 tons a month erntions as may be neccssnry   at the
lieen  owned  by  Stnnley  and  his bro-  at a freight and treatment rate of ?l start.
ther Corey, of Cambournc, for a num- the   ton.     the best rate ever yet ac-1 	
ber     of    years,  and both  groups are corded   Republic ores.
free  mil'ing  gold  propositions. 	
  Standard Silver-Lead,  Rambler-Car-
Nortbwest Mining Truth.—Lead is Iboo and Slocan Star havc nil suffer-
now selling around 7 cents a pound, ed from fear of results of business Granby ownB 7,000 shares. Directors
higher thnn at any time since the Profits Tax proposed by the Canadian have now put the coal stock on a
spring. It is believed that the con- government, remarks North West 6 per cent, basis through the declar-
tinued disturbance in Mexico has Mining Truth. Apparently the effect ation of a quarterly disbursement of
much to do with the advance. It is will not be as great as was $160 per share. This will place $42,-
argued that the Trust has   made   its  tirst expected, owing to thc fact that 000 a year in the Granby treasury.
.-irrangerrents to secure a large     sup- government has agrc;d to provisions 	
ply    from its operations across     the that will meet thc peculiar nature of!    Definite     statements are made     in
line and that when the latest trouble mining investments.    Severe    weather Kellog that the Bunker Hill and Sul-
t.roke out it was caught short of the has also affected all B. C. stocks ad- Hvan Mining and Concentrating Com-
■netnl,  with a great portion of     the versely.    In the case of the Rambler, pany has let a contract for a   three-
Coeur d'Alene output  gone  from    Its tbe management is still tussling with furnace     silver-lead smelter and   that
grasp.   Indications seem  to point   to'the problem  of finding a satisfactory the machinery is now being built   by
even    higher iiriccs in the immediate I market for zinc concentrates and now the     Traylor Engineering and Manu-
future and it is the     general      belief suggests  that  a zinc  combine exists, facturing company at Alentown, Pen.
that there will be a gradual improve-, Wc believe it has  guessed right   the The location of the plant is not    an-
Oanada'S Tobacco fund should havo
5000 collectors who will each secure
twenty such contributions every week
You can become a contributor at
once by calling at the nearest post-
or any branch of any of     the
ment,  without serious set-back.
very first time.
people still being
that  it  will     be
LooK. For
*_r* /   9 _r*4 • *
Thu Sign
<Qragram> p„e88
Let us estimate for your next job, or ask
us for ideas, specimens, information—we
can help you.
We Vrint^
Catalogues - Billheads - Cards - Menus
Ball Programs - Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forms • Envelopes
Programs - Wedding Stationery - Tags
Memoriam Cards   -   Lumber Forms, Etc
mMat I-Her aid Job Tre*.*
Revelstoke,  B. C.    Phone No. 8
nounced,     Kellog
confident,  however
built there.
It is said the plant will be similar
to the new smelter at Northport, ex-'
cept that it will have three furnaces
instead of two. Each of the blast
furnaces will be 4'S inches wide and
IM inches long, which gives them a
smelter column of approximately 20
feet     and   six inches
lending banks in Canada, or you can
become a collector, which is better
still, by writing to the Organising
Secretary, Mr. Francis R. Jones,
Windsor hotel, Montreal, wbo will be
pleased to supply you with the necessary collecting hook.
^-^fortheJL kidneys
How They Cure
Plessisville, _}vk.
"I suffered from Kidney Trouble for
several years, and tried numerous remedies
and doctors' prescriptions without permanent
relief, my case being* chronic. After seeing
ahout Gin Pills, and as it is a well known
fat t that Juniper, without ulcohol, is excellent
for the Kidneys, I decided to try Gin Pills.
One single pill gave me great relief. I have
now taken four boxes of Gin Pills and find
myself completely cured. No more bad
humor- increase in weight —cleareyes—fresh
color—more strength and vigor. This is
what Gin Pills have done for me."
Your druggists sells Gin Pills 50c. a box
or six boxes $j.50.    Write for free sample to
National Drug &. Chemical Co.
of  Canada,  Limited,  Toronto.
He came obedient tn the call;
He might have shirked like half his
These furnaces  Who while their comrades fight     and
will he equipped with a double tier of
jackets, the lower jacket being provided  with a Traylor patented tuyere.1
The Travlor company built the North-, And *°u. a Patriot-  ln y°ur Prime'
j.ort  smelter. |    You waveu" a flaB above his head,
Stnnley    a'.   Raston. superintendent  A.n(I h»Pe(l h,,'<l have a high old time
of    the     mine, has departed for San!    And slapped hi.... on the back
Francisco,  and it  is thought that, af-
Still go the swell the football gates
ter his arrival in San Francisco there
will be an announcement of the location of the plant. .
It is claimed that tbe rejiort. that
tbe contract for the smelter plant is
let cutties from tbe most reliable
''You'll show 'om what w» British nre
Give us your hand, old pal to shake''
And took him round from bai   to bar
And made bim drunk— for llngland's
That's how you helped  him.     Yesterday,
Clear eyed  and earnest,  keen     and
He held himself the soldier's way—
And   now     they've   got him tinder
"You are doing wonders with your
Tobacco Fund, its the one thing   the
dear Tommies care for;  they    Bmoke That doesn't hurt you;
whilst having their wounds dressed in I       right;
you're     all
our hospital." These are the actual
wordB used, by Miss Molly Bishop, lor-
merly with the T. Eaton Co., Ltd.,
I ol Toronto, and now a Ked Cross
nurse at the Iront, in a letter to Mr.
John Scott of the Assessment Depart
ment, City Hall, Toronto.
We havc all looked on the urgent
demands of Tommy for more tobacco
with great sympathy, but tbc need is
far from being completely n.et, although much has been done to pro- n0 vowa of service to abuse,
tide tor the comfort and Bolace of thc I No pledge to King and country due;
boye. jBut he had .something dear to lose,
And he has lost it—thanks to you.
Your   easy    conscience     takes     no
But     he,     poor boy, with morning's
He  eats his  heart out,    Bick     with
What'B that  to you? You understand
Nothing of all hia bitter pain ;
You have no regiment to brand;
You have no uniform to stain;
Such an extract aa thc one above,
however, brings home to us the val-
1 ue of Tobacco to those who are fight-
1 ing for Right against Might. It la not
only the fighters, the men in lull
'health, watching ln the trenches,    or
O. S. in Punch.
Qrand  Forks  Ice cream  factory  began wm operations last week.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $7,000,000
Imperial Bank
Pile| HowUail. Preiidnil.
I'.i.Mi.hrd IMS.
B. M.r. ('..ncial M.n.j.r.
Drafts, Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. a
A.   B.   M, CLENEGHAN.   M«s*r.[K
y Tj.TOm.i__migM_flM.i_aMr._M
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Ladies' White Waists
White Muslin and Voile  Waists,   prices
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Fred Young & Co,
What's in a Name?
Well, lt just depends. Whet you hear ol Hobson s Urea'!
you naturally leel hungry. Tbe crisp brown exterior and
ths appetising whits inside are both signs of ths rcod
floor ws use and the care we take to bake it Just right.
Try lt for yourself—we do not fear tbe result.
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A. P. LKVESQUE, Proprietor ;
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
r\ D I CT M T A I       Suitably furnished with the
N^lllLlN   I  /Vt—   choicest the market ..fiord*
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cipars. Rates $1 a da: •
Monthly rates.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street. RevelstniVr, B, ';.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Direct Importers
Wholesale Dealers
Our Goods are GOOD
Our Prices logical and within reason
See us before placing your orders PAGE FOUR
I =
Trail has 30 cases of measles
Rowland's skatinng rink closed on
March 12th. |
At Okanapan Landing ducks may
he Been In Hocks of i.oimk
There is not a vacant building of
titty sort in Kimberley at present.
Cranbrook Farmer's Institute may
start a co-operative store in that
James Doherty Ims opened a barber shop and lee cream parlor at
Porl Hill,
Ferni' has a 3'r' mill tax rate In
Sight I'er 1916. Almost 848,900. han to
be raise I
Spring lias s|iruni; at Tort Hill.
KH Harpei  ims just finished painting
his wagi .n,
To date 190 employees of the Trail
smelter have cnliBtcd for overseas
Thos. N'euinayer, a Port Hill rancher, is shipping seed potatoes to Derk-
ley, Calll.
Sin'1. July lust. Rossland haa paid
in ..ver $18,000 to the Canadian Pat-
liotic Fund.
Snowdrops and crocuses arc reported in full bloom in some South
Slocan gardens. ,
A building big enough for 2-50 men
is wanted at Nelson for thc 225th
battalion recruits.
Cranbrook Jobbers, a wholesale
grocery, in that city, is opening a
branch in  N'els..n.
The winter's cut of timber Inl Cranbrook forestry district is estimated
at 50,000,000 feet.
Several portable sawmills are being
put in shape for cutting Hmall limits
in Fast  Kootenay.
Fernie is not a prohibition town.
At a rally on Sunday night lesB than
Ab people attended.
New Denver reports that small
flocks of black birds bave already ar-
lived in that town.
For February and March the Nelson
Btreet railway operated at a loss of
slightly over $1,000.
Cranbrook'a police force has bees
further reduced by the firing of Pol-
icemaD Aldridge.
The :02nd battalion, with headquarters at Blairmore, enlisted Wi recruits In February.
M. 9. Middleton. assistant horticulturist for Kootenay, expects to enlist for  overseas Bervlce,
Horticulturist Middleton will con
duct a four day pruning BChoi 1 at
Cranbrook this month.
For the three months ending February _'»th, Rossland raised ovei  ti.00
cash for Rr-d Cross w. rk.
The Herald  figures Cra:.
about 150 mer. in idleness wh
to enlist toi oi erseas sei •
For     talcing  s   little  fistli        '    '
Uon I Ut "! a Trail Cl
daj   Oei    Smith waa fined jm
The Tral: smeltei bas jusl
ial 2j  per cent. div. M
tliree month- ending  '•'
The    Record
(< Sew Denver ■   - ■
hens that lay I
Forest Ranger N tat        thai
dxteen  i Ii f log
havi •
The B. C, Teleph   .■
the central energj   ->.-••
when tbl   ui >  i   lldtag thei
KarM' msrchanti   wh.   do not
their trade license lee fori
liable to have to j>aj   .
debts court.
Golden's  contribution    t  thi I   l
riotle fund i« at tt.e rate i ' J',    pw
head  of  the   rT,,-n<-   population    ivei   -
years ol apt.
Kaela     Will     spend   130  rear:
the   city hall said rearrange!
ing    guaranteed to cut  th.   ' I
down    at   l'-ast  that   amount   In  hard
winters iiu 1916.
Doge running at large in I'hoenix
vitboeit a tax tag are subject to 72
hours' Imprisonment and execution
unless in the meantirre the tax and
impoundinr fee is paid.
Kaslo Kootenais: Believing that
some people in this burg have b*>cn
coneumir.g more red wine than is for
their own good lately, Maye.r Ander-
•on hat applied the "Blwaib" brush
Isi a few tases.
A croamery has been started at
Victoria complains becauBC gasoline
is 80 cents a gallon. Ita 50c. at
It is expected that in a short time
i in.ther furnace will bc blown In at
the Greenwood smelter.
Grand Forks council will require at
least 867,000 to run the city this
year.   $17,01N> is for schools.
Trail is the biggest revenue producer for the li. C, Telephone Co., ol all
the towns In  the Kootenays.
Cranfbrook trustees contemplate purchasing St. Mary's seimrate school
building for use as a high school.
Although general businese is quiet
at Kaslo the postmaster reports the
demand  f..r  Btampa unusually heavy.
In order to effect every possible economy Cranbrook council will get
along without a city solicitor this
ping 100 tons a day to Trail. Work
has begun on the sinkicR of a double
compartment shaft to a depth of 1000
Archie King, Don Birchall and Char-
He Rodgers recently departed Irom
Vanderhoof with a dog train for the
reported new gold strike ln tho Omln-
J. F. Newsome of Toronto was lined $1'(> and coatB for not putting a
stamj) on a cheque. The government
could get rich fining people for this
oflence in u. 0,
There are some buildings in Victor-
la that were built ln IH'51 with Douglas fir.   They are still in good condition, and practically havc never   had
I to be repaired.
If Boundary Falls Midway, will wc
bavo to fall back upon Greenwood, or
lose our Eholt upon I'hoenix. Trail
this to Rossland when Grand Forks
over the juice of a ticket.
Letter from thc .ront—L.
Cougars are stealing pigs at Lillout
Pentlcton has a new    retail     meat
Toroda  Creek  now  has Beveral   telephones.
He     sure    and plant some potatoes
this spring.
Almond     nuts are being grown     at
Frank  Hean has opened a plumbing
shop in Fernie.
Hojie wants a copper smelter.   Try
Boundary Falls.
Treat  your neighbor square and you
will have less trouble.
The Inland  Cigar Co.    has     moved
from Nanain o to Ladysmith,
The  Kettle   Valley  railway  has put
In service four new engines.
Bome baby grasshoppers were found
last week  at  Cache Creek.
This    month      John  Wright dn-.l  at
Mile House, on the    Cariboo
The   merchant who   loi        t a Iver
tise Is helping t.i kin his town,   anil
building up  rival  tGWCB,
M.est ol the fighting ' ■      to be la
There      has      been     nom    in
Green*        • •
ise In the   lutj
_.. ,_, ..   .• .,
... -    eight
In  Fi
-   ■
Some   interesting recommendations
with regard to mining were made by
Mr.  L, W. Shatford, member for Bint-
ilkamecii,     in     his speech on the Address.     Mr.  Shatford declared     that
the   province     was on the eve of an
era    of a great mineral development,
and capital  waB only awaiting a favorable   opportunity to enter.   If   the
jirovince's   resources    in  mining  were
to     be     fully developed however, the
I people     themselves would make     the
firat     move.   Mr.  Shatford BUggeBted
the adoption ol some measure to stim
ulate    prospecting  and  introduce      a
better system for tabulating the    results of investigations made  by  government engineers and geologists. He
thought     also     that the government
' should  consider  tbe  advisability      oi
making     loans     to prospectors after
! favourable reports, in order to enable
them to open up tbeir claims. He recommended further thc installation of
' government    owned assays, at  which
free,    or at least cheap, assays could
' be made for prospectors and bonafide
free   miners.   He  thought great good
Could  be  accomplished  it  the  government could issue with eacb  tree miners    license a book of coupons, which
I would     entitle the holder to twenty-
three assays during the year, and at
the same tine to make provision   to
give the bonafide prospector a further
amount of assays per nominal charge
Mr.    Shatford urged that the province bc divided into mineral districts
to  he placed  under the direction     of
competent  engineers. These   engineers
could    report on all mining property-
brought    to their attention aril such
atlon     Would be tabulated     in
le.ca] district ..tlices as well as the de-
j.artir.erit  of mines.
After referring to agricultural mat-
Uld loans to farmers, which   he
"'   I,   Mr.   Shatford  told
of     the     amount of road work which
had  !"•'■::   lone in his district and the
. :  been  in making th
t     end
tor.   H 'Ti  the  gov-
ty of having   the
Highway    '
imbla r '-     eti I
.... v,.,..,
- v-h Colum
-  .
• ea     and
way shows that large private uaerjt
arc also finding it consistent with
l>reacnt conditions to use Canadian
products, Other consumers throughout Eastern Canada, large and small
will follow the lead of the two largest users. Architectural and engineering professions also are rapidly rc-
plaoing Southern pine by Douglas fir
and the Imported woods by the bome
grown product.
Serious losses to crops of many
kinds occurr every year from thc ravages of injurious cutworms in tbe
prairie provinces ol Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. For a number of years the Entomological'
branch of tbe department of agriculture has investigated outbreaks of
theBe very destructive caterpillars,
and as a result ill several seasons of
work on their life-history and control, Circular No. li, entitled '"Tho
Control of Cutworms iii tho Prairie
Provinces" Iuib been prepared by Mr.
_, G. Strickland, Field ollicer in
charge of the Entomological Laboratory, Lethbrldge, Alta. The red backed cutworm and thc Palo western
cutworm are tbe two most do .uc-
tive species with which the farmers
in the jirairie provinces havc to contend. The latter species in 1912 destroyed upwards of 85,000 acres of
grain in Southern Alberta. The general life history and habits of these insects are discussed and important Information on their control given.
Farmers in the prairie provinces lor
whom this circular has been specially
prepared should become thoroughly
familiar With it before spring, in or
der that tbey may know the means to
adopt to protect their crops from the
ravages of cutworms. Application for
the circular should be made to the
Chief of the Publications Branch, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa. Enquiries regarding cutwormB in general or other insect pests should be addressed to the Dominion Entomologist, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa. In cases of emergency farmers
in the prairie provinces may communicate with either of thc lollowing field
oflicers: Mr. E. H. Strickland, Dominion Entomological Laboratory, of
Lethbridge, Alta., or Mr. Norman
('riddle, Dominion Entomological Laboratory, Teesbank,  Man.
bc tiled with the said Water Recorder1
or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within, thirty days after tbe
first appearance ol thiB notice in a.
local  newspaper.
Deacrijition  of thc  territory   within
which     its powers ln respect of    tho ,
undertaking     are     to    be exercised :
Bench Land.
The date of tbe first publication of
tbis notice is April 1, 1916. j
Tbe next examination for tho entry
uf naval cadets will bo bold at tbo examination centres of tbo Civil Service Commission in May, 1816, succosa-
fnl candidates joining tho college on
or about the 1st. August. Applications for entry will bo received up to
the 15th April by the Secretary, Civil Service Commission, Ottawa, from
whom blank entry forme can now   be
Candidates for the examination In
Mny next muat bc between the ugea
of fourteen and sixteen on the 1st of
July, 1916.
Further details can be obtained on
application to the undersigned.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department df the Naval Service, Ottawa. January With,  191*.
Unauthorised  publication of thiB   advertisement will  not be paid for.—
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
voyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of ¥5 which will he
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty Bhall bc paid on the merchantable output of the mine at tha
ruto otf five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
turniBh the Agent with sworn return*
accounting for the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
tights are not being operated, such returns should bo furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be iicrinitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be con-
Bldered necessary for the working ot
tho mine at thc rato of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should bc made to the secretary ol
the department, of tbc Interior,, .Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-A gent Ol
Dominion Lands.
Dejuity Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publication ol
this advertisement will not bc paid
All advertisements must be
handed in to the Mail-Herald
office by Thursday nights to
ensure insertion in Saturday's
Coal mining rights of thc Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
borta, tbc Yukon territory, the North
West territories and in a portion of
the province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental
of $1 an acre. Not more than 2,560
acres will bc leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person 10
thc Agent or Sub-Agent of the d.ea-
trict in which thc rights applied for
aro situated.
In surveyed territory the larJd must
It'agood policy to think of I be future
It's still butt Br policy to provide against
the misfortunes it may have in storei
for you. Tbe surest way of protecting
yourself and family ia a
with a reliable company. Tbe high
financial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav be near at hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
rears a I
.   For*
Reynolds died in
this   nonth,   in ins time he pub
the      Vancouver  Daily  ledger
and e.ther papers,
tates pn duces 60   pn
* the  world's i opper, and con
er Mnt,   Ths   Itates   itmit
■  copper refineries.
Las',    feat t'nba Imported over I,
if  eggs from  thn  ("nit,
ed     -t.ii.ei.    Canada was the iMond
I irgei et   for   Yankee eggs.
The people Ol British Columbia ex
pend daily over JIOO.OM for imported
goods that ire produced in this province,    Iluy home goodB ar«l get rich,
If the Golden ftule waa in general
i Imitation, nearly al) our troubles
WOUld fade away as quickly m a
glass of whisky before _ thirsty Scot.
Thc Lone-Surprise   mine at. Repub
lie is working three shifts,  and ship-
■ d       'It
marks   n
•    00 leet, having     a
-, alue     '
yean      very      much  larger
•a "re    Imported     despite   an  .
trade balance for Canada and in   the
timber     at      an  equal  or
grown     and      manufactured    eWit.irMy
The     i no      in
passe,]   ypnrH    .Hed   many   mill.
of     Southern  p.ne in various
w.rka,   but  henceforth  Canad ai
her Will l,e iae,| t,, the exclusion of
Ihe foreign trade, fiouglas lir will
replu<-e Boutham pine in such works
is      Quebec  nnd   Montreal  harbor    im-
provamrats and Hudson itay terminal
Douglas fir has heen used entirely in
the Toronto harbor works a" a clause
was in»crt"d In that contract calling
for Canadian material. The action of
Haron Hhaugbnessy in ruling that
Canadian timber only shall bs used
in  works ol the Canadian  Pacific rail-
Under and by virtue ol the powers
of Bale contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage, whicb will be pro-
duced at the time of Bale, there will
he offered for sale on Monday, the
27th day of March, 1916, at the hour
of eleven o'clock in the forenoon at
the office of the Revelatoke General
■ lea Limited, First street, RevelBtoke, B, ('., the following lands and
|.remises; LotB One (1) nnd two (2),
In lllock Three (i) subdivision of District Lot 184, Group One, Kootenay
Ii.strict, Uritish Columbia, as shown
on plan ol subdivision Arrowhead
Townslte j.lan No. 631.
On the pr.,i>erty is a three story.
• i building,
K r further particulars and termB
ind condll Ions ol   ale apply to,
Fust  Street,  Rcvel-
B.     iM,     Solicitor for the
Kevelstoke, B, 0., thiB 9th
day  of March
One of tbe best Investments you can make this winter is to
Buy a Pair of Skis
and build up your health.
We have them in Ash, Hickory   and Pine.   Call and look   them
We also carry complete stock of MEN'S WNAR for city, mountains, mine or bush.
FDR3 BOUGHT at highest market prices.
d postponed
v 'Mi  10, l 'ir,, at     the
onl   place.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 46-276 Night Phone 346
Diversion  and   I 11
Take      BOtlci       that     Allan   Kellay,,
iddresa is Revelstoke,  li.   0.,
a ill   apply foi   a   licence  to  take      nnd
one  pei   minute ol   water
. It of Dewey 'Meek, whieh Hows
r.ort.h wst and sinks Into land filed
on by applicant
'the water *.ii bt diverted fn.in the
stream «' a point about the t.ase of
the mountain and will be used for
donteMtlc and Irrlgatlan purposes upon the land described n« L. 0. 12, |
action 10, Township 24. R2 w. of
rth M.
notice     wns posted on     tha
00     the 29th day of March,
|        I
A  copy of  this notice nnd an appli-
Cation  pursuant thereto nnd to     the
•Wnter Art.  1914," will be Hied in the
offlOS of the Wnter Recorder at Revelstoke.
objections  to  the  application    may,
im ound
Does Blotter O
Advertising    PAY    ■
If you have ever made intelligent, consistent use of blotters,
there is no need to ask you this question. You will know that
if as much thought is Riven to their preparation and distribution
na is devoted to other forma of prints advertising, no publicity
niietlii.il can equal blotters, either for economy or effectiveness.
If you have never made use of blotter for advertising purposes
now is the time to Investigate their advantages.   The  blotter is
Many styles of blotting to suit every lequirement. Suggestions,
estimates, and further particulars at your service.
Revelstoke <*$S^ cTWail-Herald SATURDAY,  APRIL 1, 1916.
PAGE    FI\»;.
Canadian Hospital
At Salonika
The following interesting letter witb
reference to Rod Cross supplies for
the Canadian general hospitals in the
war zone has  been  received by  Dr.  VV.
il. Sutherland from Lleut.-Ool. U. 0,
Hart, O. C. No. ,r> Canadian General
Hospital,  Salonika,  Greaco:
"On leaving British Columbia last
August it was my Intention), and I
believe, my promise, to report occasionally on the progress and conditions of tbe Unit to the various peo-
72nd Repent
Wants Recruits
an and J. G, Barber.
President—W. A. Anstie
1st Vice Pres.—H. H. McVity
Jnd Vice Pres.—W. B. Farris
Secretary—W.   J.  Coulthard.
Treasurer—L. R. Lloyd. 	
Executive Committee—8, Holmes, The 72nd regiment Seafortb Hlgh-
J. D. Sibbald, Jr., W. A. Morris, C, landers, a name famous in the annals
Blackberg, Mesdames. J, D, Sibbald, ol war—has earned undying fame in
I'M   II.   S.   McLean,   0.   R.   Macdonald.   the  present  war  at  Ypres,   Fcstubort,
W. A. Anstie.
Good Work ot
Red Cross
The     lied
society held its
pie wl... were so kind as to contribute  weekly meeting on  Wednesday, March
in time, money or supplies for 'our
comfort and that ol the patients wc
might have to attend,
The unit arrived In Eugland alter a
very successful and pleasant passage
.ii September 6, 1915, and was alia,,si immediately broken up, so that
i did not leel that I > mid report satisfactorily e.n this matter until l had
g0t the coi ui an.l together and had
I ad taken up oui proper work as a
We left England tor the Mediterran-
an "ii N'ovember loth, wer.' a long e.1C|j
time "n ship board and In various Mrs
places and flnallj went Into camp on
the outskirts ot Salonika, Oreccc, on
January 1, IHI'8, Almost, Immediately we began to receive patients and
since that tln.e bavo been engaged on
the work for which the unit was cle-
Bigned In a more or less routine way.
Tbc unit la complete with practically
tbe same personnel with whicb it lett
British Columbia. There are 1040
I • ,is fully ■■ ,'• pped, and we bave our
own bakery, cookhouse, butcher shop,
shoei ■      .r, carpenter Bhop, etc
In lad are entirelj sell contained. So
far the work has been rather light,
have     had an  average ot about      MO
constantly In hospital, with a maximum ot some S   I.   The weather   has
bet n    I lir;    rat inns are good  and      a
reasonable amount ol supplies are
obtainable.   The   bulk   of tbc money
29th,  in the Y.M.C.A., with thc president.     Mrs.    Kllpatrlck in the chair.
The usual business was proceeded with
.md ihe Following w,uk banded in:
Mrs.   (Rev.)   ('abler,   '.',   pair  socks
Mrs. C.  McGiven,  Mis,   Burpee, Mrs.
I.   Boyle,   Mrs.   A,  I'M   Miller,  Mrs.     IM
sturdy, 2 pair socks each.
Mrs. ,1. im English,     Mrs, W, Mor-
i is, Mrs. A, J, .lone. . Mrs If, RoSB,
Mrs. R, Urquhart, Mrs. Flockhart,
Mrs. Paulding, Misses V, Jollifle, May
'..liiiic,     Eva     Jollifle, l pair socks
I'M Soames cul  i ml  i    sull - ol
:>>' lamas,
From the G.I. \. of the B. ol L.E.,
■Ml pal) pvalescent shoes were' received.
Furthci supplies ot work will be "ii
hand now In a lev days when all desirous nf knitting socks or making
garments can be furnished with the
necessary material.
Letters recently ret lived ti in   head
quarters al  Toronto arc loud  in their
praise ot the excellent    work    which
has   been   accomplished by   tbe local
St. Jiilicn and Neuve Chapelle, where
they fought as a unit in the JOth battalion Canadian Scottish. They have
already raised a distinctive Highland
Battalion, and they arc now raising
a second one .or overseas, to be
known as the 2Slst battalion Sea-
fort li Highlanders, under the control
of Lieut.-Col. I'M I'M Leach, an old
South African veteran.
The 231st will wear the Highland
.ires.-, Mackenzie tartan kilt. Glengarry bonnet, Khaki apron, Khaki spats,
etc, All men In this town, who arc
.' fe'et .', m. lies In height and over ard
"■ ho wish i.e |oln up, are requested to
I ave a certificate stating that tbey
are physically lit. signed by a medical doctor, and forwarded to Lleut.-
Col. I'M l-M Leach, care 281st Battalion Renforth Highlanders, 901 Hasl
iii'.-s sti • i, West,  \ ancouver, B.    C.
nn  receipl     of  ihis cc; tiBcate,   trans
portatlon will be torwarded.
Or. Key's letters
tCout.il.,led   Iron,   1'UL.a  Une.J
lecipitnu "i  letters of such a character.
However,    the  letters,   which      were
not     marKcd    "private and confidential,"  proved  quite interesting to thc
house members,   They serve to throw
:. sldelightupon the activity of     'jr.
branch.   This does  not  infer that  the Mackay  last  spring when  Ur.  Mackay
great work is completed but rather a  seriously considered running on     Ha.'
Btimulus    to further effort, A cordial
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
Wo aim ta jfive maximum
wiMf At   n mmum prloo
Liberal  ticket  in   Vancouver
In   i ml
weicme is extended to all who have t0 !eat! •■■   strong an opposition     as
the    welfare    of the association     at  Possible    against the McBride forces.
neart   i.i attend  the weekly meetings
and  co-operate  with  those  who    are
subscribed     by the people ol British ',r '-v actively engaged
Columbia is still in the Hank of British North America, London. A comparatively small amount, however,
t as    | n    B| ".t e,u extra equipment
i-nd In I"'" J .'.'..lints tor articles
which make tor the Bmootb running
of the hospital and comtort ol the
patients and winch arc difficult, Ini-
i e, oi take .-. long time to   ob
tain from armj sources.
Salonika     Is    a  large town;  nearly
Kamloops Paper
Tangle Settled
A   judgment from which all   of   tbe
three parties involved intimati
will probably appeal   was given by Mr
Justice Clement  in regard to the lit-
Rumor bad it at that time that Dr.
Mackay, who was looked upon as a
man above the petty, sordid itt:i-
butes of politicians, would Mecorr.e
the premier should the Liberals be
jdaced in power. Eventually, however,
Dr. Mackaj decided not to ont.'r the
Held, lie continued, though, o'lcn'y
and strenuously, to oppose the government on its record gnd its policies.
Vpparently the attitude taken by
the government members here is th. t
if a clergyman proposes !•> enter the
the  Kamloops Inland I'""""'     urena he must endure    tne
hard     knocks which are administered
in     white cotton, lisle, etc.—vests
and drawers—light, cool, comforl
able, all sizes, aU prices,   Special
among      this  is  a   lovely   gat ment
at  ::  for $1.00; each  35c
dust the cutest little panamae
and others Including wash hats in
linen, etc., for little girls and hoys
ami quality considered the prices
are mosl reasonable,   Sec them In
the millinery depal I ment.   56C,  VM
  $1 50
The popular drew i   iterlal this
spring. SG in. wide, a I colors, In-
.■ blai...     al   pi    yd ..51-50
E  111 MM'll'UlY
sale  this
il      ■     15c,  ai 1 10c
Boys' Clothing for Real Boys
Our object haB ben for the coming season to supply Revelstoke
hoys with clothing that is up-to-
the-minute in style and workmanship and that will stand the
strain of bard wear. Wc feel that
we have    accomplished     this     at   i
very     moderate    prices,  when we
put   in stock a full line of     the
famous     "Lion    Brand" clothing
for    boys.   Our sizes run from 24
to   lit   in both plain and    Norfolk
Prices run from 55.00 to 59.50
that til,  wear and bold their colour.
Prices 90c. to S 1.25 each.
Made by the famous Vi. G. & Ft.
fir:.., which is a guarantee of
workmanship and materials.
We have tbem now in blue stripes, pure white and black sateen.
C. B. Hume & Co.'s Sunbeam
Tea, Blue Label, best, 50 c. per
pound. Red Label, good, 1*. per
Choice Ceylon Ten, :; pounds lot
O. B. Hume & Co.'s Mocha &
Java Coffee, 50c, per pound.
Choice Coffee, 11 pounds $1.C0
Cocoa  in bulk,   Ice.  per pound.
Great Bargains
in Odds and
Ends  of  China
Starting Friday  morning,   Feb. 25
Hunt's  Supreme brand     Peaches,
per tin  30c
Hunt's   Supreme     Brand      Pears,
per tin  30c
Hunt's Supreme Brand    Apricots,
per tin  3,0c
Hunt's   Supreme   Brand   Cherries,
per tin  35c
Hunt's    Stai«le    Brand      Peaches,
per tin 25c
Hunt's    Staple   Brand   Apricots,
per tin 25e
Hunt's       Staple    Brand    Tiars,
j'er tin 25c
Hunt's   Staple     Hrand     Cherries,
yer tin  15c
anything can be purchased In it, but Igatlon.   over
on    account    ol   the  limited  supplies Sentinel.
and present conditions, prices are ei- The property was orlginallj • jrned rnere- ul- -«acKay s pumic uenunna- 6Cnle mnv h- reparded as an accomp-
ceedlngly high. In the future, bow- by Dr. M. s. Wade, who Issued It ,i"n "f «"" government undoubtedly ^ preparation for the man-
ever, should this become the seat   or ;,,.   sale with the firm ol Brown     £ ''nd    an    orToct '» ,lle recent ny-oloc-
base    ■.;   v"iy  active military  opera- lobnstone.     Mr.  Johnstone, thinking tions.   The contention of tbe govern- ufacture of sulphuric ..cul is stated to
tions, when we may be called upon to he could organise      company to take u-ent     is tbat Dr. Mackay deno.'ucod be well advanced, while the electroly-
bandle possibly double tbe amount ol the    paper     over, got an option lor it not  because be felt it in bis heart  tic    refining of copper will soon fo'-
slck   and     wounded ot our establish- $17,    ■ and   Incorporated a company, that the McBride or the Bowser   ad- \ow    The flotation process in ore con-
.tient, I have   -  ■ doubt  that a   large of   this $10,000 was to be subscribed ministration    boded ill for the prov
immediately  by  Volume -,  containing I
tbc    detailed     reports fr:,'m tbe Divi-
Blons of Horticulture, Ceieals, Botany I
Bees, Forage Plants, Poultry and T>-
Owing to the rapid and marked ex-:
jiansian     of  the  mailing  lists of thc
cent ration   is  in  successful  operation;  Department of Agriculture, due main-
part.     ..r possibly all of this money  ly  the shareholders  and  it was     ar- mce, but  because in 1912 be had been at, the Britannia mill on copper ores,
langed that a loan .-.! $7000 would be led to think that he would be np- attA at the mill of the Silverton Min
obtained from (apt. Worsnop of pointed president of tbe provin lal (t!| Limited, SloCan, on silver-zinc
Kamloops, This f.>: all parties were university, and when he was i.lsi;-- oreg; while experiments are being con-
agreed on the facts. pointed he turned against thc gov;-n- tinned elsewhere in the province. Mod-
The company it Is said, proved an- ment in a spirit of revenge. crn pi,j(] extraction methods hove
. proceeded    to The first letter of the file tabled  In ;lt,Pn   successfully  adopted  at   Hedley
will  be required,  and of course
be spent.
A numb, r ol individuals and societies in British Columbia were good enough t.e tay tl it they would like to
send me directly certain boxes or
packages    ,.f bo called     Red    Cross borrow liJSKX) fi"':. Capt, Worsnop for the '-•;,!- the date of March '
g Is.    If     such should still bc     the first  payment.    -.-,,■   :., i   no   further  l■ i_-_■.    in  one letter he writes,  appar-
case,   :hoy should  be addressed:  Otlic-  payments  have     '   ■ com- tntly     with small reserve.   He refern
• r Commanding, No.  5 QetBral Hos- i inj  me'  proving   , linancial success. t„ what he describes as the ''Metho-
pltal,     Canadian,    Salonika.  Greece,    apt. Worsnop - went diet machine," making It evident that
care    Lalrage     Sheds.  Southampton,  Into     possession  and  is now running  jn hjB oj'inioi: there arc machines oth-
Kngland. the paper. ,.r lhan the Russian stenm roller and
Anything that   we  amy  receive     ol      Dr.     Wade's    action  was to ■..- political machines. He writes tbat   lv  cnl.,r |   ,mtp„t   ol  coal   whenever
this kind will be acknowledged by in- paymenl .ef the balance   il the purcl    ,,„, MethodlB, machtne is after some- raarket demands call for it.   The sav-
divtdual letter.
and oth'-r mills. Attention has also
bee,, turned to the recovery of molybdenite in the province.
Then as ',. coal—In the Crows Nest
district., southeast Kootenay, extensive new areas ol coal have been oli-
ened and  provision  made  for  a great-
.ise price, claiming  . first 11 n
All members ol the unit join me in dor.    Capl    >■ ' '    >'    '■•'
good  WisheSS to  th"ir friends in Brit- came first  as   i mortgagee in |
ish  Columbia,   and  I  an.  sure      tbat sion.  while  Mr.   J took     the
DO  one  has   -"'ii  any  place  since  tbey stand   thai   the  i ai".
lift    that   they  consider in  the   same ovei   by   Capt.Wo
and barring accidents, I expeet tion to resel   as owner, noi
ly to the aggressive campaign of publicity and extension being carried n
by the Experimental Farms in c in:
;le.n with their examination work, a
new system of distributing the report
is being incepted this year. Heret >-
laic, the report has been issued t i
everyone on the mailing lists, without
special application, Te, avoid Waste
and t'i make sure that the report is
sent only to those who will appreciate and make use ,,f it, ,t has been
decided tO mall a -' I1 ' •"■ I ">\ pel-
son on the lists, asking that it be
filled in .md returned ti the publications Branch,  Department ol Aegrlcul-
■ a.     This   Slip   will    b.
Meeets every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock, in SeUirk HaU.
Visiting brother.! cordially la-
vltsd.    W. POTTRUFF, C. C.
A. F. an« A. II.
Regular Meetings are held la
N'ew Masonic Hall on the Foarth
Monday tn each raor.th at I p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
C. R. SK&NE, W.  M.
ROBT.  OORlKiN.   Pwstary
to take BVerj   Single one of them back
t.i   British  Columbia    when the time
,   elreS.
Annual Meeting of
Tennis Club
A large number of tennis enthusiast
attended the annual meeting of the
Club in  the city  hall  on Tuesday.
The reports of the secretary and
treasurer were read and thc officers
for thc coming year were elected.
The question of building a new club
houat was brought up and waB left
for tbc executive Committee to handle
A vote of thanks was passed to W,
A. Anstie who oliered to suji|dy the
lumbU    necessary     lf  the  club  could
thing,   "but that is a habit it bas." |ng ,# by-products from tbe mania
He also says in thc same epistle tbat ture ol coke  is  also  having  Mie ser-
a small band, headed by Mr. F.     C. ,,„]s attonton ..[ one comftanj opcral
K.'M.  editor of  the  Sun,      and [n(j    on   ., large scale.    On   V. ItHVUVCI
Principal Vance, is attempting to dis- island,    several  new  coal  minOS lave
■  government's    method    ol been opened and equipped in unite re-
the a] ntment,  but    these ,,,nl  years, and here, too,     provision
people      lo  not   represent   anyone but has been made for a very m'l'b larger   M|l.ly   ,.„,  roium,  j   ,.
themselves."   Dr. Mackay adds. production of coal! II  is encouraging
The ;'valued" sun, whicli later was ,  tl, ,„,j,, t|,,.,t the manufacture ol
\ n il t of 1
\oiv.'.| In the myiI ..l disputed
Mr.     Justice  Clement   finally  deciding
that     Dr. Wad.       to gel ., peraonal "' pubU,b '""' ' """" ,0 ""Wool- Coke has again ben undertaken
iinins  of Dr.   Mackay's  attacks  on  the   ,(,,,  jshmd   after  the  Coke ovens   have
government, also conns in lor a pass-   j,Pen unused for a number of years.
""-' r',P- ;    Finnlly as to dividends from mining
Judgment agalnsi -1 bnstone f.er the
balanc" ,,f thc purchase price. Mr.
lobnstone Is allowed a claim against
the Sentinel Publishing Co.. while
Dr. Wade cets an order iut the sale
..( the plant. Capt. WorSnop'S riirhts
i.re held to be second to those of Dr.
Wade, Capt. Worsnop gettinc a second mortgage on the plant for the
amount advanced, and judement
against the company for the balance
.if the aecond mortgage which may
r.ot be realised in the sale. In
meantime pendine the taking f recounts or appeals by the pnrties
Oapt. Worsnop la to be left in charge
of the paptt as receiver.
Mr. Douglas Armour   appeared
British Columbia Mining
out    with the next Lssue ol "Si
able Hints."
Everyone Interi eted .    any or    p.'.! '
of tin   various lines ol agtlCUltUl
fort   dealt   with  In this report
dially    invited    to apply Cor a r T>.
when    volume i wlll be sent li
as lSSU-1
.-.I fie.ui the pre
Bhould your name noi ba '>n the
mailing Hsts ol the department a]
simple request   Irom you  is sufficient,
lo have   it   placed   ther     D.
Iddresi     all     such requests to the
No.  U
0. O.  I".
Meets every
eTenlng Is
Selkirk  Hull
at   8 o'c
ock. Visit-
lng brethern
N. G.
JAMES MATHIE,  secretary.
lalse the necessary funds to erect  the   , 0t,,uf     ,,f pr Wade.  Mr. .1. W.  DeB
(Continiietd  from  Page One.)
production at the Surf Inlet mine.
As to silver,  lead  aad zinc,      which
tn*e metals occur largely together in ores
in Ainsworth, Slocan and East Kootenay districts, tbe general activity In
those     districts gives  uBsurancc     of
rked     progress and  increased pro-
,,n duction of these metals. Standing out
prominently in this connection is thc
operations—while     half   a   dozen     or   Publications  Branch, Department
more of the mining companies opera-   Agriculture, Ottawa.
ting     in British    Columbia   arc now   , 	
paying dividends periodically, the
fact should not bc lost sight of thnt
the considerable cost of development
and equipment of large mines has iti
most instances been provided for out
of current net earnings, so that tho
amount of money distributed to tho
shareholders fn mining and smelting
is far less thnn thc total of net profit derived from operating.
Revelstoke 1
NM,. los.
I 'iY \\.   in
Me- i every
-f, ollli
and Fourth T
in   Smythe'e
II mMk
II. ill
Visit i
ren are oordii
llv in-
II. I.
II Uli.Ser.
The  bylaws  of  the club  will   be    re
vised     this     year as last   year tbere
weie many conflicting opinions as te.
what privileges out   of town  members
nere  to enjoy.
Everything    points to a successful
yenr     of tennis,  a great   many     new
applications    for rAsmberehlp having
been  received.
The officers for fhe coining  year are
lion   Pres,   Dr. w. h. Sutherland
Hon.   Vice   PreS.—A,   B,   MrCleiierh
Karris fe.r Capt, Worsnop and Mr. 0.
MeiMeer for Mr. .Johnstone.—Vancouver Province,
enlargement of the operations ol sev-!   A   notable addition has Just    been
eral    companies and notably of     thc   ,nnd(, t(, thp ,lK,.inll(lira, literature of
Consolidated Mining ft Smelting Co., CanaoB| ,n thl. fonn of vol,lrnc i    0t
[with     its electrolytic zinc plant     at Bxperlgirttal    .arms   for     the    year
Trail      about complete,  nud  a begin-: pni1in       March     31, Ula,  just issued
,"'rm', f'"",n '1ip  Wft,er' ning     being made Wltl   other Import
works will »hoa   , profit ol over Jf.,- . „, .,,,,,,t.onB thpre4
.      ml  the elertric  light  plant $
;:>.. this rear.
A   Rfie-J   L«v«r   Simulation
A  *tm'Btitfonr«rd grnnrnf^nn
• 'Mr     ||     .       r.    |
r,tin      Wl tr* gU nt a*ar
W»t, iv.    in   ft. )U«*n.ls     . f
mil   am   th*
%miil       i      m     h ire
■hnr,r+    I ■
DbU -       Wrll«
now,     . "-lr* nr    I
r       '        '
I     id 11
r   nr       ■   . .     ■.
- :■<.    a, t
i   »■ .'*r   .
tons  oflor.     W«  «x»<rt   tnn   lo
at-nt   IH   »n«.   ah<iw   llien    Un    ImmI
Dmd t think till" olTrr t«o (---I   |Q   U■   •- ■      '   ■
35   cs»nt«   lotUr   an I   min   m    ¥>■■
rn.iV   1-  imtrti'      WllJ-UM-*   K    IN' '.   „ .,
.■•-< l--it.lt; \ rV. OMnwa.lia  1    «       I,
A  word or two concerninR Improved processes for   recovery of     mctnln:
from ihe prenP. ThiH contninw tlie report of the Pireetor, wh.c.( j;lvf»^ :;
brief hut. comprehensive purvey of the
work throughout the pypteni, followed
T     .n Brothers, thi  Trni. butchers, T™rR R«
are    dov   operating    an Ice-making sttarlllhi
the Ooosolidated Company i,y tlie detailed reports trgm Mie Dlv
nt. Trail   itp  electrolytic |ii0nfl of ChcmiHcry,  Field Husbandry
plant    \\ has s capacity nf .me and ltAvI refinery; now the electrolytic re- and Animal Husbandry.
n half *"i\* daily.                                        fining  of  Sine there on  a commercial Volume     1  will he followed   almost
Burridge k Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialist  In
MetallloColllng8, Corrugated Roofing, Fnrnaoe Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Connaught Ave.
BBVBL8TOKE      -      -    B.C.
Phone 066
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mcil-Herald Want Ads tag?: six
W.     I'M  Knowlei  of Vancouver was
in Revelstoke on Thursday.
Judge I''orin of Kelson  was in  Rev
elstoke on Wednesday.
A,  Boyd "f Kamloops was   it
King EJdward hotel yesterday.
t hi
ll.  James of Glacier
rtoke during tbe week.
visited Rcvel-
.1. M. Everett ol   Vrniairon,; waa at
tbe Hotel Revelstoke on Wednesday,
A.  H. Girard of Nukusp wus a
Itor to Revelstoke yesterday.
.1. Caverhlll of Nelson
imi il.
ford ..f Vancouvei   were
al    III.
Revelstoke on Tuesday
Ulan.-1    W.    Davies nl  Montreal  Was at the
Hotel  Hotel Revelstoke on Tuesday.
G.  Hoyd  of  Sproat spent Thursduy
in  Revolstoke.
.1. U. McMullen of Oalgary was
Revelstoke on  Tuesday.
Mr. and .Mrs. N G. P. Watt, .lr.,
of Montreal were testa .it the Hotel
Revelstoke on Wednesday.
T. Abriel of Nakusp ivas    at
Hotel  Revelstoke on Thursday.
,1.  w. Halvey ol Nelson was at tbo
, Kini; Edward  hotel on Tues.lay.
Mr. and Mrs. W.
child ol Calgary were
King Edward hotel on
IM Smith and
guests ui the
Mrs.  I'M  llat.t of Vancouver was
visitor t.. Revelstoke on Tuesday.
Mr.     and
Cralgel achle
at the  King
A. s. Alderton .*(
among  the gue I i
A    i E
Edward hotel on
Mike Grady ol St.
al the King Edward
l,eon registered
in Tuesday.
We !
A. .!. VVaskott iif Vancouver was at
lhe   King  Edward  hotel  on Monday.
W.  A.  Foote returned     from a trip
to Trout Lake on Tuesday.
II.      Paget  of  Vancouver registered
at the King Edward on Monday.
v. Thonger of Klsberg was at the
King Edward hotel on Tuesday.
D. G, McPherson of Toronto was at
the Hotel  Revelstoke ou Sunday.
I'M Connell of London registered tt
the Hotel   Kevelstoke on Monday.
Mrs.   II.   ,1.   Hews bad as  her guest
this week Mrs. H. Clark ol Golden.
.1. ('..pel,md of North Bend was     a
visitor to  Revelstoke on Thursday.
.1. VV. Helms of Nelson registered at
Iln    King   Edward   hotel   on   Monday.
Miss I'M Hall of Ottawa was a guest.
at  the Hotel Revelstoke on Thursday
What is the sign of tbe Muple Leaf?
It will be here early ln May.
Lieut.   0.   E,   Richardson  of   Nelson
was In Hevclstoke on Wednesday.
A. E. Hope of Calgary registered ut
the Hotel  Revelstoke on  Wednesday,
I'M   II.   l'M'ainpt.on  of Field  was     nt
tho King Edward hotel on Wednesday
A. Macleod of Bear Creek was     at     At Fernie the banks are cutting out
the King Edward hotel Wednesday.    , tbeir    Saturday night opening.     Tay
day evenings will find them open T td
Information as to the whereabouts
of Charles Hansen, who was employ*
id on construction! work in 1912 near
Spenees Bridge, is being sought by
his mother in Montreal. His last
known address  was KnmloopR.
Better write now while you think
Johnson of Calgary was a of it to tbc department of agriculture
the  Hotel  Revelstoke  Mon-   Victoria,    B.     ('.,   and usk them for
their latest advice concerning any
farm or orchard management which
confronts you. if it doesn't happen
to lit your case yon nre not compelled to use it.   But write for It, any-
G.  UM
guest   at
B,  A,  Burrington of Quebec was   a'
guesl. at  tlie  King   Edward  hotel    on '
St. .John's Tennis Olub expects to
organize during the coming week.
The club is looking forward to a
very SUCCOB-Kul year.
Mrs. K. Parsons of Revolstoke ar-
lived in the city last night nnd Is
the guest ol Mr. and Mrs. A. K,
Gray.—Nelson Daily News.
way;     you
you want.
may find it is just     what
8 o'clock.
WANTED—To rent, small furnished
modern house. Ajiply by letter to
Dos: C, Mail-Herald.
FOR SALE—Six room furnished
dwellinj? with one hundred foot
frontage, large and small fruit, on
Douglas street. Price $1200.00. H.
N. Coursier.
It is quite evident that R. F, Green
who represents the Kootenays iii the
Dominion house, keeps suwing wood
in the interest of the people of the
province as well us those in his own
district. The tarifl on fruit was
strenuously opposed by the people   ol
Oapt, I'M T
,i      visitor  ti
pi ri m.-i. Pi Incess Cbrysanthem   day.
... K  ..'       leiil,      ii.. # t'i. it i_-     artni/n    I
F. R,        He
guest  at   tin
Friday    Api 11  I Itb  the     pupils     • f
Selkirk.  School will present a  Japan
um, t..-ether with patriotic Bongs,
dances, choruses, ite, in the opera
house, Proceeds on behalf ol the Sei
kirk  Piano Fund,  Best  Bhow ol     the
Petar of Kamloops was
Revelstoko on Wednes-
isini'i' of Seattle was     a
Kin'_' Edward hotel yes-
.Ted      :
R,  Hyland ol Golden was    a
at  the   Hotel   Kevelstoke  Sun
F.    W,   Peters, general superintend-1 the    prairie and other parts oi
ml    of  the Canadian  Pacilic  railway
company's British Columbia division,
passed   through   Revolstoke  on   Thursday night.
TURKEY EGGS for sale—Mammoth
Bronze, domesticated Btock. Order*
filled in rotation. Apply to Mrs. J.
D. Sibbald, P, 0. Box 185, Revolstoke.
WANTED—A  girl  for general      houso-
work.    Apply   to Mrs. W. J. 0oul<4
.  Iloskin of
it the King
Vancouver    reglst-
Edward hotel yes-
Mrs.  Vi.
guest  at
Mrs.  J.  W. Garl in I  returned   very
much  Improved  In  health tr    Mon
trial    on    Saturday   where she     had
been receiving treatment from Dr. H.
D.   Hamilton.  While  In Montreal  Mis.'Tuesday.
Garland  met  II.   H.   Colpitts  who    is
principal of one ol the largest BChools
in Montreal.
Samana of  Nelson was     a
the  Hotel   Revelstoke  Wcd-
Mrs. F.
guest at
B. Whiting of Nelson wus a J
the  King  Edward hotel   oni
Rev. F. A. Robinson of Toronto
and Mr. WM R, Andrew, soloist, who
begin a series ot services in St. John i
church oni April 23rd, are now conducting very successful meetings in
Mrs.  Tracy nf Arrow Park was    a
guest at   the  King Edward hotel    on
Miss Edith Street of Vancouver,
wns n guest of the Hotel Revelstoke
on   Monday.
B. J. Trossard of New York registered nt the King Edward hotel on
Mis. Gynn and her daughter .Visa
Bdna Gynn left on Friday morning
for Vancouver after an extended \lnlt
to   Mr,  and   Mrs.   J,   II.   Lyons.    Mi,.t j
both will be much missed goes v.lth-
Miss Hazel Fogel of Seattle was a
guest at the King Edward hotel on
A.  Levegurn and W. II.  Heel in     of
Canadians have contributed In money  and  goods $2,338,256 for thc relief
of sufferers of the war in Belgium according  to an announcement by Hec-
Mrs.  Haines of Toronto  was     am-  (or Piudhonmie, treasurer of the Bel-
oag the guests at tbo King   Edward I gian relief committee.
heet e] on Tuesday.
Dominion, and that Combined With
the fact that any change in the tariff is a hard proposition on which to
secure a favorable vote, is ample evidence that Mr. Green had no easy
task when he took ii|> the light for
British Columbia. Vet he succeeded,
and   he    is now receiving the thanks LARGB gTUMPS COMPLETELY de-
FOR SALE—Wee     MacGregor,   Prlaa
Taker and Uncle Sam seed potatoes
for sale. Picked specimens, $3.00
per hundred; unpicked, $2.00 per
hundred.   Apply    to II.  M. McKln-
Mr, and Mrs.  J.  Sanderson of Van-
Thc members of  the  Women's  Auxiliary of St. Peter's Church met   to-
of the fruit growers and all others as
well wh., nil prosper the more with
the increased prosperity of tho Iruit
One promotion in tho list of transfers made public by Mr, D. 0. Cole-
nan, assistant general manager of
the Canadian Pacific Railway, was J.
M. McArthur, who, throe years ago,
was employed in the Winnipeg ollices
as chief elerk to the general superin-
etroyed by our new chemical procesa
at the cost of a few cents. Llttla
labor required and no explosive*'
used. Write Ideal Stump Destroyer
Co., 160 Broadway East, Vancouver, B. O.
couver wero guests at the Hotel Rev- gether
elstoke on Sunday.
Thursday     aftornoon   to  bid  tendent,   is   appointed   superintendent
out saying and their popularity   was Calgary     registered at the King Ed
evidenced    by  the number ol farewell  ward on Sunday,
teas and parties given in their honor
Miss  Alice  I'M   Malcolm  of Rossland
The annual gym exhibition will   be was a '-'nest at the King Edward ho-
ei.en 'his yeai  on Friday night. Ap-'tel on Wednesday.
rli  7.   There  is  ,orr.ethlng  new  alto-|    ]a^    a   Gran)
gether  in the line of  gy n exhibitions
In     store for the Revelstoke     publii
this    vear.   Gymnastic dancing     Will
hi   given  greal  prominence and it is'   At  a special meeting of the school
something that is sure to please ev- board     held on Tuesday evening   tho
eryone,   There    will lie other things, resignation ol Mrs. ll. Mortimer
too,        but       the        feature     that  accepted,
want   to  be  sine  and   tell      yo ir
The  Union   hotel  dining   room
Mr-en  completely  renovated  and
mmWmW—}m—m^m1^BKI^^BIGfMB^B   ll.-llts giving
EMPRESS   THEATRE,8 very p,easine appe»'
accompanied     by
Mrs.  Grant  and  family  left Thursday
nlghl   for  Kamloops.
.\.   a   sp.ciai   ui.'. ii:il'   oi   tne  si
.(.aid     held on Tuesday evening
fri. iids about
the dancing.
W. M. Walker of Fernie arrived in i
Revelstoke on Thursday and has as-1
sumed charge ..f the local branch of i
IM Burns & Co.'s-business.
Mrs. H. Manning was taken to the I
Queen Victoria hospital on Wednes-1
lay night when she under .vent an op-1
oration which has proved successful.
Mr, and Mrs. M, K. Mcduarrie wentI
to Vancouver last Saturday. Mr. Mc-
Quarrle returned on Tuesday but Mrs
McQuarrie     will remain at the coast
for another week.
farewell to one of their most active at Kenora. The changes are made ne-
iienihers, Mrs. J. E. Dixon, who is cessary because of the retirement of
leaving the city. Mrs. Dixon was! Mr. Fred Walker, on account af ill
also the recipient of a presentation health. Mr. Walker is at iiresont dis-
and address. i trict    superintendent   at Lethbridge.
I The     transfers which  will  take jilace
acid mud slides on the mountain section of the C.p.ii. during the post
winter, but in no case has there been
injury to passengers. The record is
a    tribute    to   the carefulness with I
Ion tbe lirst of April, are as follows:
A. Halkett, superintendent at Kenora
transferred to Moose Jaw; fl. Boyd,
superintendent at  Moose  Jaw,  trans-
The    Presbyterian Synod of British
Columbia     will meet in Victoria    or.
M  *   Tuesday,     Wednesday   and Thursday,
"   and   the Provincial  Women's  Mission
■ry   Society   will   meet   at   the
whicb the company's  employes
form  their duties.
The Givuiruphie 11,,ard has decided
to name a glacier and mountain after ,ent at Kenora
the Prime Minister. The mountain is
cine miles southeast from Doreen station in the coast district of British
Columbia,  and has been named   "Sir
ferred to Vancouver; C. A. Cotterell,
superintendent at Vancouver, transferred to Lethbridge; J. M. McArthur, at jiresent acting superintendent
at Lethbrldge, appointed superinitend-
R. Behrendt, ladies tailor for Cressman & Co.,  hns returned     for     thc
'                                       Rev, Father  Yahnci   ef Golden wlll
PROGRAM                      'preach on  the  Prohibition question
TODAY   ind Matinee 2.90—The World ,n st. Francis church on Sunday e\
Film Co, presenta The Sirens Song ening. Service starts al       0   Ml are
Bame  Robert."   The glacier  is  at  the   foot ! maae eariy
spring trade.   Ladies have your suits
of Sir Robert, and will be known
Vi.    H.  Wallace  has returned
a visit  sjient at Field     where
-e,i , n >■  -lui.   ai   , ""    in are   ,
in 5 parts, a Bplendld Saturday at- welcome,
traction and one ol the World's finest productions. |   A Re. I at the  *unda?
MONDAY—Daniel     Frohman presenta homi     .1    Mi        R    \   K
tl        prettiest    dt all screen stars. 'A                             tractions  wil] he  a
Marguerite    Clark,     in an original culinary     and candj very
drama of Circus life,  "Still Waters'  hearty  InvH   I
Tn   this   '.re,duction   Harry   LaPeal
-'   Famous  ol  ali  clowns   .;   i -.inch,
■he circus  scenes,    Vn  eni
e -     was leased  lor  tins  pri
tion, " parts,
ken Coin   .vitl ' u
Franci, Ford and  1, ill<eaux,
Under     i    irtsl        in edy. Bill, the
Plumber,     comedy.     The Tu.
WEDNESDAY—J,     Warren Ki
in     The     Pala i     [Dual
story.      The     Ae
The     Loc
■    '
will   p.
from     a visit  spent at Field     where |    The name "' Mount  c'ave" is °ffic"
Lieut.  *\ illace is Oflicer Commanding     ,Uv  Batted today.   It is about   12
it catr.p.     On   "lileB Sullth ot Jasper,  B.  C. The official note reads:  "A  prominent,  iso-
n     lurch at   Field lated> snowclad peak, 11,033fceet above
by Lieut.  W.   H.   Wallace.  There were  sea level-  distinctly   visible from Jas-
rhe roll. 1'er'   Named to perpetuate the mem
ory  ol  Miss Edith  Cavell,   the      Red
: 'ss  English nurse  who  was cruelly
■ xecuted by the Germans."
tost  popular
Ladies, Attention—You can rent a
Vacuum Cleaner by thc day from the
Sturdy Hardware Co.
Sherwin Williams' Flat Tone for
Interior Finish. Paints, Varnishes,
Granitine Floor Finish, Alabastine,
etc., at Bourne Bros. I
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Ron.
You can get money for old rubbers
if you bring them to thc Second
Hand Store next to the Union Cloth-
James   Kirk, late of   Maxwellstown' jng Store.
Dumfrieshire,     Scotland,     is     being
Bought  by  his brother-in-law,  W.    L.
H6 Nineteenth Avenue N. W.,
Calgary.   Kirk   has not been
from for about  two  years,  at
e  was  working uu a boat ply-
im   Vancouver.    His friends fear
;.   have met   sit!   M.il  play and
anyone who
:  . • - of him.
GET THE HABIT.—Place your flro
and accident insurance with Chas. M.
heard |Field,  who represents only old     and
which  reliable companies,
■   -
THURSDAY   Ollvi pre
• -    ! lanche Ring, tl ■
ol farce In "Tbe Yankee Girl"
a     -     - ■■ ly hit.  Eve
remembers     Blanche   R
I.  .
fin.-,"-.       'Di    li
GI r 1   q u 111
ly Nurse '
bas   i
patriotism tl;
aU re I tnnlca state   that
Martin led    and   Is    sentenced
shot, and with...it an appeal ol any
rrites     ol
a    the
'   Troad.      The   name   ,,f
KennM,     etc
•■   I
in      matter       ' Rod      and
'   Oft      Mr,*
Mnndev     .prii  tiie   Ird,   will  he the
.  'ial voters
■  ■ irdei  to  be Included
the     May revision of the voters"
"     kny a Bril       mbjevc,     ..I
been a real-
for six  n oni hi.
els   itt I' I
n  in   :  is enter.   A i •■   not
■;                  a .      , i ite
it thi                            eel Iona     BliouU"
There's  comfort
Coursier's Coal.
in  cooking     with
EI"ctric Vacuum Cleaner for rent
by the day. Apjily to Sturdy Hardware Co.
At Grand Forks a ">0 per cent, rebate is allowed on all dog taxes paid
when due.
Every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
Please pay your
Subscription to
the Canadian Patriotic Fund to
the Molsons Bank
R. Gordon
French Polishing a Specialty
Work   Guaranteed
Prioes Moderate
WM PARKY, Auctioneer
Phone :<iVi Box 811
. • delay
kind   is  executed,   3atne  j.rire
SATURDAY, .PRIL -Lord Bulwar
Lyttons famous atory The Last
Days of Pompeii, in 7 big parts,
APRIL 10 Canada's Fighting Forcea
6 parts. Don't fall to hear Sergeant Fred Wells, exchanged j.rison-
er ol war from Germany, who lost
an arm at .'pres a id was enptured
by the German*.
APRIL 11—Mutt and .left in r,.liege.
Road  attraction.
i_PRlL 12—United Producing Co. presents  the  sjilendii.  rond  attraction,
The reigning house of  Hohenzollern
.the  family  of   the  Merman   Kiaperori
is Pr iteatan the     non
! eif Hohenzollern    is
reigning line of
Hapshiirg-tiorralne    ,r,   Anstria-Hun
gary Is Roman Catholic The Royal
family ,>f England Is Protestant, tbe
Anglican et,urrh being the "itntiiished
church In that country. The Spanish
BourbotM and Hie Italian House of
' 'Oy are Roman <"atholir, the reigning houses of the Scandinavian conn
tries Lutheran, the Netherlands house
of    Xassaii members of the Reformed
Rugene Walters great play Finejchurel.. The Russian RomnnnfTs and
Feathers. Seats on sale at Mac- the reigning house of Serbia belong
donald's drug store. |f0 the Orthodox Fastern  Hhnrrh nnd
APRTL    19-   High   Sehool   eoncert and the    Royal  family nf Greece Is listed
pictures.  In aid nf piano fund.
in the  Almnn.'iclt de Gnt.hn ns
Di minion  I. (press Money Orders
NKXT     in     I'ost     Ol'l'-iric
.  ;n in itlsb i 'ol
umbia,  which usually closes on Maul,
1, has a to take in the
month of April, it was announced hy
Mr Bryan Williams, provincial game
• to tho silver,ty ol the past winter, and the Un
usual depth of snow which fell in
'/iost j.art.H ol tin province, the season han not proved a I'lotitiihlc one
tor the trappers, and It is with the
aim e.f giving the trappers a chance
to derive something (rom their lie
eni" I hal I he e i onslon has been
made, in many sections of the province, inriir especially those parts
where the fur I,caring animal bas his
haunts, 'lie traps remained for tho
greater [,art of the season beneath
four or tive leet of snow. With the
unusual lortrthemng out of winter,
however, tho effect upon fur hearing
animals has been very noticeable. The
pelts nre still In splendid condition,
It is said, and with the prirp of furs
still holding, many of the trappers
will he able to make good their poor
mreesH earlier In t.he season.
Fire Insurance [B
Accident Insurance [
Life Insurance pfi
Notary Public        Revelstoke
eliable ami old
Oldest   and st longest, "j
in the world
ghest earnings in"!
est last year J
Real Estate
IN WOMEN'S SHOES ::   ::  ::
Footwear offered conveys some of
the smartest ideas that will prevail
this season.
Come and view the New Styles TODAY.
cTWcRAE SHOE STORE, Howson Block
Phone 217
Sandals, Strap Slippers, £-C


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