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The Mail Herald Oct 21, 1916

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 Buy Your Goods
The Mail-Herald
Published  weekly—Read
by   everyone—The     recognlsad
advertising     medium   for   tbe
■city and district.
Vol. 23-No. 44
$2.50 Per Year
Lecture is Listened to With Much Interest—Who May
Vote—Question of What are Womens'j Duties—Women form 90 per cent ofthe Buyers
High ideals for women's service   to     "The    public     scbool     curriculums
the state was the     central     thought Bnoui(i
runniing through  the lecture delivered
by W. B. Karris at the City Hall last
Monday evening.    The audience, com- for our <~Uta** <*
come under the parents'  supervision.    Are we accruing education
the    sacrifice of
their  health?
a very appreciative they advance
and it is safe to say no addrosB cosf
Are we demanding that
regardless of the after-
MayoFMcKinnon Makes Charge  in  Chairmanship of "*• concise and Potent Reasons For Home  Buying-
Finance Ccmmittee —Will Buy Lumber
From Y.M.C.A.—Thanks to H. Laugheed
Crest at Power House
— Request
Will Raise
posed of women interested in munici
pal franchise, was
ever given  before women  in this city
waa listened to with deeper interest,     wage-earners     of    the home but they:
The   title announced was "Women's form 10 per cent of the buyers. It is:
Am interesting meeting of the City would show the Mayor and Aid.
Council was held on Wednesday night Bourne that they could not buy for
when his worship, Mayor H. F. Mc- the city." HiB Worship continued:
Kinnon, made d change in one ol the "a°'lie time ago I bought a horse
committees,  replacing  tbe     chairman
Business Suicide for Local Merchant to Handle inferior Lines—Quality of Mail-Order Coods—Only
One Moral—Buy at Home
(Copyrighted 1315. All rights
Some    time    ago I bought a horse     x" suramin8 UP the CMe ol the Lo'
Ior the city for SUitt.OO     and I uoticc cal Merchant vs.  the Catalog House,
^^^^^ ^^^^^ nothing  was said against     it.     Tha with you,    Mr. Consumer,     as     high
women are not always thej°f the flnaace committee and making  matter    of    the lumber iB up to you judge and jury, our sole purpose bas
tbat committee Aids. Hobson,     Bob- gentlcmen to turn down or accept. It  been to put facts before you that will
bins    and    Barber     until the end of  JK immutorial to lre    what    ou do_..  cauBe you to think.
Rights and Duties   iu     Municipal Af- \erry desirable therefore    that women!the year' _.       The council passed a unanimous reso      If you have read the arguments pre-
fairs."     Mr.    Farris began by Baying should spend thc family income  withi    In announcing the change His Wor- ,ution tQ purchase
hc had no difficulty in defining worn- intelligence, and in   thiB     connection! shiP <»id:   "During the    whole year I
the    lumber
embodied in the resolution the
and sented,    considered
pur-  made, then our oue
en's rights as municipal voters but in too    little     thought   is given to the i have had a Sreat    deal of trouble m chasing     of     corrugated iron for tha is that you will dig in and
ascribing ♦ •• them their duties he felt welfare of the home   town.     Here in securing reports     from the chairman rooflng of the power house_
the     statements
remaining     hope
he had ent. ed upon    a    wide     field.  Revelstoke,     not     lees
than  $10v000-
of the finance committee.     I do    not
A letter from     A. H. Johnson    ot
investigate the matter for yourself. It Is a
problem  that concerns you, Mr. Con-
Those who have the right to vote by every month is sent out of the     city  like    t0    discuss this in his absence, New     Norway,    Alberta, asking that Burner immeasurably more    than any-
the revised bylaw of 1915     are     "all in orders     to mail-order houses backibut ^promised he was coming back nis sewer tax be reduced WaS referreQ one else. It is „ problem    you    ulti-
persore, male or female, of the     full east. Most of this   $10,000     is     sent and    "as failed to retuin and 1 can" to the public works committee.             mately must solve.     No one else can
age of 21 years,  who are British sub- away     by   women for dry goods and  not let the matter draS further. The A vote of thanks waa passed to H.  do it for you convincingly. Go ahead
jects and     have been resident in this even for groceries and other     house-iway     things are g°iclB at present lt Laugheed, who made a donation of a and     personally investigate the facts
district since January 1st,    1916, and hold    supplies.     If a sawmill     were'wiU be imP0SB1ble to secure a state- 4<) ,oot rtad allowance to tne city        for yourself and we trust     to     your
who     occupy a dwelling or any part erected    here with a monthly payroll ;nent for the end of the     year-     The In reply to an enquiry from T.  J.  own     good   sense to conclude as fol-
cl a dwelling."     These fall into four of $10,000 coming into our    city     we council as a whole has given the city Wadman, Agent of Dominion    Landi, lows:
classes:  a;    Property     owners;     (2) would     consider     it   an acquisition.  clerk_ and     ^yself ,eve^ aBBi8*a°ce the city clerk was instructed to write     U) Considering quality, freight ard
vgrn_ servjcei home    prices are as    low or
 ^^^^^^^^^ ment to reserve the   watersheds    for lower than mail-order prices.     State-
der the last heading all women     not chants' Association to determine how  toikeeP the schools and thc city busi- the city on ftU creekB upon which the ments by mail-order houses     to    tbe
"property    owners" may become   en- this drain upon our     city's     dollars ness running smoothly. The chairman Clty     might     be dependent for thelr contrary notwithstanding.    The mail-
titled to vote on payment of the poll-i could     be     reduced,     if not entirely of the nnance committee, apart from ,vater SUpp|y-                                            order house attracts business through
of $2. This is a sample of "equal avoided."                                                    opposing the collection    of.taxes,  by A letter from th(. c p R   witu   ref,  playing upon man's weakness to look
clerk     and
license holders; (3) holders    of agree- There   should be a meeting     of    the Possible in putting the affairs of the to Mr   Wadman asking tbe
ments of sale; (I) householders.     Un- buyers of    this     town with the Mer- city in such shape aB    wiU enable U8
greener     than
rights,"  It heing the requirement for     In conclusion,  Mr. Farris expressed his     actions,     has    opposed and at erence to thelr power and Ught   C0Q, up0n distant fieldB as
men who are not in any of the other his pleasure at the keen interest worn temPted   to block nearly every meafl- tract was laid over until    next meet' those at home.
three classes.                                              en are showing     and    have     always ure that lendcd to imProve the finan- ing p) Home merchants are in position
Mr.    Farris     continued:     "In     de- shown in all matters which are bene-  cial Btate of the city<     Mr-    Gordon A request from thc Y.M.C.A.  for a t0 render incomparably better Bervice
f.tting     women's     duties     the    ques-'ficial to the home and state. The ul- has been instructed to collect all bacis cement   sidewalk at the East side of than distant houses, and they do give
assumes     a    wide outlook. To timate     goal will take years of pat-
a definite line    we     must     get ient endeavor,  but thc     results     are
down to first principles. Women are sure,
the home makers; they must direct A hearty vote of thanks was tender-
their attention in public affairs into ed Mr. Farris at the close of his ad-
euch channels as will result in benefit dress. Many questions were asked and
to the home. Women's first interest answered and a lively discussion fol-
and     duty is in connection  with the lowed.
home, its cleanliness, cheerfulness and A short business meeting resulted
healthfulness. Next to the home in the decision to form a woman's
■comes the neighbours ard a still wid- association to be known as the "Wo-
er view cmbrae-es the city and its man's Forum." A nomination corn-
relation to the home, such as mittee was appointed to select offl-
sanitation, food supplies, pure meat cers. These will be elected at an open
milk, etc. Often these things need meeting in the City Hall next Mon-
repgulating     by     civic authority and day evening at 8 p.m. All women are
water and light accounts or else cut (ne building, that body to pay two- El,ch service. This is true, because
them off. The chairman of the finance thirds iof the cost in easy payments, one who bl,ys of a home merchant
committee a few days ago agreed to wa8 received. The council decided '"ay Bee the goods in person, discuss
give the city treasurer a cheque for tnat a3 the work would COBt in the merits of articles and prices, may
bis arrears for water and light, but neighbourhood of VSO.OO that the readily exchange articles and have
unless he has done so in" the last 48 y.M.C.A. shoul be prepared to pay other privileges that are not possible
hours, and same is cashed, it iB still their share on the completion of th.
unpaid and his water and     light are Work.
still on. I am taking the responsibili- The Women' Political Equality
ty on myself of changing the finance League asked the city to place upon
committee. I am taking off the name (he civic voters' list the names of
of W. A. Smythe     and    substituting wives 0f soldiers. It was decided that
all wives of soldiers would    receive a
at cheap prices.     That is what    they
handle.  Here is a case in point:
Waterloo is a manufacturing town
of 30,000 people, situated in northeastern Iowa. A firm in that town
manufactured a popular line of creaiu
separators, which had quite a sale
throughout Iowa and adjoining states
A Chicago mail-order house conceived
the idea of handling cream separators
in its business, and accordingly oflered to take an entire year's output off
the manufacturer's hands. The terms
were liberal and the Waterloo man
accepted the offer. N'o sooner was the
I argain completed than the mail-order house sent an expert to Waterloo
to cheapen the cost ol production. He
den anded less expensive materials
here, less care and workmanship
there until the manufacturer in high
wrath declared that the house might
put out such cheap shoddy separators
if it liked,, but that his name and
brand shouid never go on them.
Now this is a fair sample of tho
factory work of mail-order houses.
They talk about cheapening production, whicb mearfi really that they
cheapen it by using shoddy materials
and doing slovenly work. The result
is an inferior class of goods, which,
if it even looks as well as the standard whicli your home merchant sells,
will not .vear nor hold its plea-sing
appearance half as long as the same
article bought of your home merchant. His goods can be carefully inspected before you buy. There is but
one moral—Buy at home'
the committee before men-
when     onr.     deals   with a mail-order
(3) By the nature of things one may
rely upon home merchants more than
upon distant mail-order bouses. This
because the home merchants meet
their patrons face to face   and    have
tioned.    I think the council will bear refund of the poll tax but would have  to m-ke sood.     If a bad purchase is
me out when I state many     matters to appir and flll out   the ugual (orm made    it   will be brought back or a
only     those able to PerFonal complaint made.     The mail-
have been referred    to     the     finance Qf declaration
here the votes of the citizens enforce invited to attend.     It is hoped that' l'ommittee but as ,yet   we have never qualify as to lergth of residence, etc.,  order house is virtually     free     from
their requests. Women must therefore thc Forum meetings will be found of
thoroughly understand their city and great interest and benefit to all
its needs. I women.
Two Popular
Soldiers Missing
Resignation of
Premier Scott
A telegram from    Ottawa     reached Hon.  Walter Scott has resigned the
Mr. Henry   Hay     on Saturday morn- premiership of Saskatchewan.
ing containing: the   sad announcement j    The Premier's action    in relinquish-
that his son.  James Henry Hay, was jng the office he has held for    eleven
missing and believed to be dead since year3)   was rendered necessary by the
8ept. 27. While the message leaves a
ray of hope that Jim may be a prisoner or in hospital, the deepest sympathy of the entire    community goes
out     to    Mr. and Mrs. Hay and tbe after he became Premier by an acute
family in these days of suspense. attack of pneumonia. Since that timo
Jam.es Hay was born in Revelstoke he has found  it necessary to exercise
had a written report. It also seems to bc allowed to vote. Tbe City such trouble. You know what that
impossible    to   have Mr. Smythe at- clerk stated that this was according means-
tend the meetings.   I would now like to the act. <4> Tbe home "-"chant is in     posi-
to hear any objections to my action j. n. Sibbald wrote the council tion t0 extend credit accommodations
that the council desire to make." asking for a rebate of 5 peT cent on and is Kenero"3 and courteous in do-
None of the council had any objec- taxes paid on certain properties be- ing s0; not B0 the m»»-ordcr house,
tions. fore    the     morning of the tax sale. In this country wherc men nnd moDey
The matter of tbe purchase of two This being the amount of commission are both b,18y. credlt »ccommoda-
cars of timber from 0. C. Fromey allowed hy law. The council could tions menl: much' The home .m«rchant
was then brought up. His Worship not see tbeir way clear to grant this. '" your ,ricnd whcD you are in need'
stated that he was approached by E. A letter was read from Mra. M. A. and he is at lcast entitled *° ,air
C. Fromey, who had property which Hall asking that the refuse from the treatment wben y°" bave cash to
was to be offered in thc tax sale, Mr.  streets be deposited on a vacant   lot 8I'end-
Fromey     stating     that be would let owned     by her on which there was a     (5) Thc iatercste °» country   people
As the street clean- and of hom<! nierchants are identical
and self-interest calls for patronizing
such stores. Neither country nor town'
ran .exist without the other. The better the roiintry thc better    the town
March 2nd, 22 years ago, when the
Hay family occupied the residence
standing on the site of the present
Imperial ll oik. His whole life was
Bpent in this city until he joined the
r.4th in the spring of 1915, and left
with tbem for overseas on July IG.
II.- Uttand'the tranches on his birthday  last March and     had    completed  career
the city have the lumber on condition deep depression
that     the   amount be applied on his jDg is    practically over this year ths
overdue taxes. The Mayor approached letter was filed
state of his health.    Mr. Scott, never, the    city   foreman and the chairman     it was decided to raise th. crest of
of rugged     physical     Btrength,     was of the public works  committee    who the power dam where the piers     had
brought    to death's door a few years \ elated that tbe lumber could be used been taken off fl height of eight feet.
in    some     work contemplated hy the     c.  North, city electrician
city. The lumber was examined     and that he Lad suspicions
it was decided to    make Mr. Fromey ronsumers
an   offer     of $10.00 per thousand for rent     and
^^^^^^       that several
were stealing electric cur-
had already located  nnd
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^       ^^^^^      proved an offender   and      isked     the
ago he had another severe illness, at sand for the balance. Mr. Fromey council what steps they wished to
which time hc was advised by a spec, agreed to this but owing to the take. The mntter was referred to the
ialist that he must take even greater, che,lUC DoM!einK BiSned Mr. From- city solicitor with instructions to
care of   himself and lefrain from the  cy fl I,r°Pl'rty  *as allowed    to go to prosecute.
intense application to public matters tho tax Bal"' «ltbo»Kh the lumber A resolution of condolence will hc
which  has characterized     his     whole  Was ?™J« ,'0URht at a low figure.  "I  sent  to each of the citizens of Revel-
told  Mr.  Smythe's     reason    for rtoke who hnve lost relatives  In  tho
great care.    About four or five years MX10 feet of plank and $6.U<j per thou-
and vice versa. A thriving town is ot
much material benefit to adjacent
farmers. From pure selfishness farmers should eive home merchants the
preference when other conditions are
equal. Ihorourli\ investigation will
show thc home dealer enn meet mall-
order competition on tbe same level
and  beat  lt.
said his worship, "was that ho  war.
nearly seven months of ceaseless duty      At that time Premier  Scott desired
going     tbioiiu'b     many   a hard flght to    retire     from politics, but he was
without once  being    wounded,     until prevailed     upon by his colleagues to
the fatal charge on September 27.       ,iemain in office, and this    he did in
On Satur.lav last     Rev. C. A. Pro- deference to their wishes. Last moritb
Busier received a telegram from Otta' however,     after having been confined
wa thnt    his   son. Sergt, C. A. Pro- to his home for     several weeks, Pre-
cunier was missing and believed to bo mier Scott found    it     necessary     to
seriously  wounded. It is hoped     that lenve     Regina,     and   went South to     Those present were W.  Bews, chair-' about
Charlie Is  in  hospital  somewhere.  Wo again consult a specialist.     He     left  man: T. O'Neil, F.   Paulding,     N.  H.  approved.
are loh to believe that   this     bright the city     with    the object of getting  Brown, Vi. i„ Crawford,  R. Ob—holm
yonntr life hns been sacrificed.    Char- 'h'' very best possible     advice,     and  Robt. Gordon,  Robt.  Howson,    T. O.  that
lie was nlw.e,is ore  of  the most  popu- thus 	
I.ii  and hem  liked boys of    our   city himself and his colleagues that a fav
t.rAI.IT.   OF  MAII.-'ilUiKR COODS.
With ever increasing     rapidity,   the
mail order  business     is stretching  its
tentaclM      OVW      UM   vast  rural d.B-
trlrts of tins nation, makli,,- the peo-   U'"'  ha<1 "n  "v""i'"'
'pie its    friend, ftarvini tbc email re-  v'tTrd f"r ,hp wlnUr'
St. Johns' Church
Rally Banquet
On Friday evening October 13th,
3916, a rally banquet was held in the
parlors of St. John's church to mark
the opening of the winter's work in
the various organizations of the
church. i
The tables were set and tastefully
decorat?d by the ladies ol the congregation. Promptly at 6.45 the gathering sat down. The merry people "fell
to" with a hearty good will to enjoy
tbe dainties so abundantly provided
by the homes ol the congregtion.
After all had partaken ol a bountiful repast, the chairman, the Rev. A.
Raeburn Gibson, extended a warm
welcome to all present, and stated
I ow gratifying it was to see such a
large number of the congregation present, there being close on two hundred Btat.d at the tables. The chairman ttn:n called on tbe following
members, who spoke of the work being done, and of the work out'ined
lor this winter in the different organizations.
Hoard of Managers: W. M. Lawrecce
and W. T. Ji.hn^.en.
Ladies' \id Mrs. E. H. 8. McLean
and Mrs.  Robt.  rrqiihnrt.
Sunday School Ralph Chisholm
,n i Fred Laing.
Adult itiieie i late' Mis K. Laing
and Miss 1   13.  Crowe.
3. elety   Miss V. M.
Matheson and  Miae B. Walker.
From  what  each    .f     ibe     speakers
had t.i say. it showed tbat all branches  had an extrnsivc     program  pre-
nn.l with one
tail dealer and killing small commun- "hfrt in M"w'   ',,ii, "' ««»«tln8 th^
itles. Why  la  II  that  the euppoMd ln-  "'anagem-nt  |n  meeting  the financial
teU.ege.it c las-, of American people are
h.i easily lured i y th.se richly    Illustrated catalog  '   What ih tbe remedy
The action  waB up_
foi thK' There li one <thlng every man
who    buys fi..", j mail-order    botiBe
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ khould do,     Wh'n     bis ordered y
The Educational committee reported 1''''"'1' '''"' '"' ;ll""ld !|>-    all    means
,                 . AU^^^^^^^^^^^_^^                                   i   mt Important provincial conferences compare    the   quality with the smug
learning     whether the hope of Ironsihe.   physical  director,  and   Sec- on  Leaderehip and  Hoys'     W„rk    are *<*** "<•'"'  *     the  home merchant..
■    ,,                  ,     "'tT™ thflt " fft?   r0tary T'1"™™-                                             now      hein,-  conducted    and  lUKOtted ">  »'"   «•«■    ""   "' <">  '"'  «,ll  find
nnd    „   real Revelatoke boy. horn in crable    report    might   be obtained.     Reports o! the lollowing committee! that the local Y.M.0.A   Wocura\«n- them Inferior in quality and in work-
the   Rectory  the  flrst   week  ol  March.  Word      was    received  from Mr.  Scott  were read and adopted: House,  Finan  of the leader,    while on    hei,       *     " ""'"'"i' '" *"<"">"v  W—' lood. of-
twenty two year, ago,   Jim Hay and   hat after consultation with his med- cial, Membership,     Religious, Kduca- .,„ Mt,    ,,„,,,   „„,„„,.        "'', f9red ,;r„, ,„ __ ,,„. ,. ,„,,,,.    It   „
Charlie Procunier were babie. togrth< "'» »**■«    the latter declare, that tional,    Phy.ical and General Secret- have , rather and eon ba^wet/to  , ""               "A,   which they „„ you                ^_
er and     were    school boys In the old   Mr.  Scott must give up all  work and  ,,rv. „, „ „„   „„„,,„.    I„„|„n,,l,r ',' ^* * \       ^
Pre.ident Bew. reported the    side te I. .nltable   for    tb.    '^emkm. "cretary, Bight teams constitute the n„w    op.r.te.
walk eituation, after which a motion Thi. new feature «,,„ heartily Pn,,ors- I™ Each member                   i, to Trail.
rg. passed .,, place application with ed by .he Hoard. pay Mc, ahirh   will be placed In the
■ i for. cement walk with terms    The Physical   committee placed thi treasury foi   prise.,    ah
''n>„                                            winter', program befon  tho board »mi   to commence al I sharp.
The House committee reported that    An enthusiastic ,. ..e(ini-
r.eof ii<e,.,i,,: repairing and that    Mr.  Interested In In
v.ison    bad    been working for some dav
time on ram    and tlu oort would bo
(Tentrnl only n few v.'ars ago. It Is
one of th. q ..blest trngcdles of war
II. l two I i'b bright, young lives mny
have been sici Hired to put.'hnse our
■ h   oi .• initiation
taken -elves     the re-:
'   •■: amount.
rty \'i'f "' Hank* was given
I.i     tb"     ladie.    f.er t!.'  able  way in
which theey bad provided for the needs
 • e ceKsful  am!
■ !e    evening «et brought to a
ring ol it,e Natl, nal
A nth "iii.
Crnnd Folks dairies
th" price ul ."111 lo
and f..r a  period of   ,t  least  one year
in ..r.ler to regain bis health,     l'n.le'r
circumstances   Mr   Scott felt
tbere   Wflfl   nothing  else  for  him   to  do
— I but to resign,     He    accordingly for-
bave  boosted, warded     his     rewierntion to  Regina.
i"     cents   Jnnd it reached the hend* of the Lieu-
i. n ii l ' M •. ri or  vestrrdny.
those    The campaign for new   mm here is
Mon- now In progress,   The membership at
Trail re shipments foi   the
year     now  run well up  above P,7."',nneT
t   D.
ExpraM    Company
a delivery wagon in
During ite flrst year the creamery
at Kelowna produce.! MT.'SH) worth of
Sinr' January 1st the    number   ol.
ovrnimr.  Fred (few. wns appoint- i"  Wl 203.     An attempt will be ihones has Increase,!  |„ Trail by     60
cl chairman and Robt. Squarebrlgg. 1"rt,l« to raise it to 400.
per  cent. PAGE TWO
t =
Uhe flftatUlberalb
Published every Saturday at
cTVlai!-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
F. E. GIGOT, Manager and    Editor.
At a meeting of the women of Rev
elstoke held in tbe City Hall on Mon-.
day night, an association was formed
which will be known as the 'Woman's
Forum." It is the intention of this
association to take up many matters
aflectinc the city of Revelstoke and
to work for the betterment of the
city. An association such as this, and
run on broad lines, can do untold
good for ihe welfare of any city. Wo
wish the Woman's Forum every success.
Conservation and development of
home resources are first principles in
national economy. Whether in the nation, the province, or the city, thi;
rule holds good. Perhaps it appertain; more strongly whin applied to
the affairs of our cities and towns
than to those of the larger units in
our national life. Above all it applies'
to the new urban communities ol the
west, striving against great odds to
attain theii place in thc universal
Fcheme of things.
Revelstoke and towns similarly Bit
tinted are constantly menaced by the
efforts .ef monopolistic corporations
in the larger "centres to cut the
ground, as it were, from under their
struggling younger competitors. Once
the Bmall town trader is put out of
the wav, by fair meanB or foul (it
does not matter so long as Biiccess is
attained) these monopolists know tbe
wide co mtryside will be practically
at their mercy; they may then regulate everything to suit their own con-
verience, the people MUST trade with
them, generally on the monopolists'
ow-n terms, and then grip will daily
tighten on the throats of tbeir unfortunate victims, as their hoarded
gains swell to bursting point.
That tb ' Buv at Home" campaign
inaugurated by the Mail-Herald is
bearinc results is evidenced by tbe
.i.any remarks beard . n every
Bide w-ith reference tc   a remedy     tor
World's mind is hovering the thought
that it hates to obtrude on. idealists
just yet the idea that a third dog
happening along may get away with
the bone tbat the other two aro
lighting for.—Toronto News.
Germany is reported to be preparing a complaint against the destructive British "caterpillar" motors as
inventions the use of which'is contrary to recognized methods of civil
issod warfare. Admitting for>argu-
ni. nt's sake that warfare can be civilized under any methods, one recognizes the instant good grace ol this
protest coming from the originators
of zeppelln warfare on women and
children and of the submarine abuse
which was marked by thc Lusitania
massacre. Fright fulness, by the Ber
lin standard, is the privilege only of
a most-favored nation.—New York
More Nourishment
W  f-G*m!     m^ {\mt__~    ^'ou ma^e f°°d much more
,^d3>!5     V»U3l    nourishing if you add Bovril
—and a little Bovril goes a long way.   Its body-building
powers have been proved io to 20  times  the amount
taken.      It   increases food   value  and saves kitchen waste.
Forest Fires in 1916 Result in
Losses of over Nine Million
Dollars—Cost of Fire Fight-
iuy Reduced 75 Per cent
over the record of 1915. The number
of fires was about half of last year.
The British Columbia forest protection service is the most complete in
Canada thus far, and the saving of
timber is a logical consequence.
Harold Cell Wright's novel, which' Canada has lost through forest fires
had such an immense sale In tbe in j^g o;er njnc million dollars.
United States and Canada, and whicb ThiB equals more than six times what
is probably the most popular ol all i,a8 i)Cen spent on forest protection
the novels written by the    aiithor of . work from coast to coast. |
"The    Shepherd    of   tho Hills," has     The wastage through     this    year's
been dramatized by Mark   Swan.     A
massive and beautiful     production ol
jibe     play     presented   by a carefully  the first year's pension allowances ol
nearly 19,000 Canadian soldiers.
While some parts of the    Dominion
"J.Uis is the only company    presenting  owe to rainy weather their immunity
this play in either tbe United States from fire damage, the season's record
The wheat crop in    the     Okanagan
, Valley is lighter than usual this year.
Fernie was one of the two ridings
in B.C. that voted "wet" at the recent prohibition polling.
At the Morrissey internment camp
102 votes were polled at the provincial electi'in last month.
forest fir.s, most of which were   preventable,  would add another $4W   to
E elected cast will be seen at the Empress Theatre, Monday,     October   30.
or Canada, consequently the original
production is guaranteed. Not a moving picture show,
Yields To Delicious Vinol
Philadelphia, Ta.—"Last fall I was
troubled with a very severe bronchial
cold, headaches, backache, and sick to
my Stomach. I wus ■_« bad I became
alarmed and tried several medicines,
also a doctor, but did not get any relief.
A friend asked me to try Vinol and it
brought thc relief which I craved, bo
now I am enjoying perfect health."—
Jack C. Kinoi.eton.
Wc guarantee Vinol for chronic
cougliB, colds and bronchitis.
Walter Bews,  Druggiegt,   Revelstoke
B.C.,     also     at the best druggists in
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave.
aud Fifth street, Pastor, Rev. J. O.
MacKenzie. Sunday services:— Low
NCass at S a.m. and High Mass at
10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday
school for the children at 2:30 p.m.,
1'enediction and Rosary at 7:3U p.m.,
Confessions Saturday A to 6 and 7:30
to 9 p.m. and Sunday mcrning 7:30
to 8. Weeks days:—Mass every morning at 7 o'clock, Confessions before
.Vase. First Fridays — Mass at 8 a.
in.,  Benediction aud  Rosary  at    7:30
(Corner ol McKenzie Avenue and
» Third Street).
Rev. IM CM Freeman, Pastor.
"The Forging of Souls" and "What
is our Religion'1" will be the subjects
of tbe addresses at the morninc and
evening services respectively tomor-
ie ... We are trying to make our
church stand for the spirit of fraternity and sociability which ought to
be characteristic "f our religion.
Strangers ami visitors    will receive a
/7*^KS!!^v assnswn>>>>w^^>»N; ^ a n^V)
proves beyond   gainsay that in areas
where first rate fire   protection     systems werc in operation,  losses of life
and     property    were held down to a
remarkable minimum.
Quebec had some heavy fires in the  all British Columbia towns.
Lake St.  John acid     Saguenay     dis- —
tricts,     also    in the Gaspe Peninsula
and west of Escal'ana on the    Transcontinental Railway. It iB a striking
fact,  however,  that within the 24,000
square miles of Quebec covered by the
two well-organized     associations     of
\ limit     holders,     the amount of green
timber burnt is practically negligible.
'1 his Immunity was not a matter     of
luck     but of consistent patient effort
to educate settlers,    lumberjacks and
. c thers   in care with fire coupled with
a system of promptly     reporting   all
outbreaks, and    attacking forest fires
! in their incipiency.
BritiBh Columbia faced fairly favorable fire conditions through the sum-
| mer months and the cost of fire fight-
' ing was reduced by about 75 per cent.
Send, your-    ,.-
iii,.I    r •■■ rlvr  hi_hABfe   CftBh    priced       Wo   t.i-ti-i
in-'iicv tb* nmni1i)> the furii arc recoived.
C.nrgo nocommiBHion*—and pay ftll<flhug>aa.
Wc Ii'ito paid oak mill iona of doll urn U\ thou-
•-,-,". I of trnpprra in Canada who . ■ ■ I Lholl
r j r > ' ■ u-i M.'e'K'iBe H..'V him* ili.-y |'l'l ■' •■■' 1 if
:■■..: n . \ <■'■■■'■ \ t- more .nona* for th.'ir furs.
You ■■■ i '• '.-.it We buy moro .arafrom tntppcra
for cart, thun any other five Arms in Cannda. J
nnpp llatliiineiTrappt-r ■f!uldP>W.pag(») 9
hnr V    HrtMnin aSporUnn'nfiCiitaUit.i.o ^
1 Hl-_i   JlnllniH n Kau Fur gunlatimiu 5§;
IJalJuuiB Fur Htylp Hook (89 p-iOa)      &
Bant frc« nn rrtriott   .    Addreoq as frllown:      §^
JOHN HALLAM Limited       |
151   Hallam Building,Toronto   ||
Change From
lest fer
the evi; ..? pending money out e.f town  temporarily    ad    •   .
The remarks n.ade by W, B. Farris   lepartmeni i Y.M.
on  M r. lav nigbt  with     reference    to
the wellar.    if oui •   town were t
the     point.     Mr   Farrla stated that Bu8y M,,
>:     •       -    •.:._•   sent oul of Revel- -    n a.m.
Bto •                     nth     to     mall-order Busln
houses.      His     suggestions    that the ',m-
buyer. In Revelstoi     I rm themselves .
the mem iyA,r
• -   ' ' "''      ' '- '     * p.rr..
one ,".d not  be overlooked.
~.e- be doi •' at t
once   i t the efforts of the
■  ■
It w
Th ■ e ■ . t0 contact the
i team
make     the
•   The Idea is to
i ail    gam.-
.nee and t.he securing     of     new    i,-embers *,i
'    ■ ill      be
totalled   mtll the end of the &
tion and  the  winners    r"Coenized     In
some way.
The cinsqeq f,,r young women -tn<!
girls will meet at the game hour and
dnvs as last year and will be itarted
going as soon/as possible.
•3 It "fits the .deeper." whether large or small, light or heavy. fjltl
resilient -pirals **give" under pressure just enough to maintain the
bo.lv in the proeper position f..r comfortable re-t. <J Every BANNER
SPRING patented July 1908) has a GUARANTEED NON-RUST-
ING ENAMEL FINISH tbat positively will not damage bedding.
*.'. moteed for 20 years and baeked by thc "Alaska" Trademark
•J Your dealer has it, or will get it. if you ask for it by name.
rjSJAfiSjSfev The   Alaska   Redding   Company   Limited
eorniM^ Makeri of Bedsteads and Bedding
""xTm e-o_^ VANCOUVER     Calgary      Regina     WINNIPEG
"ALASKA on an iriirje mnnin High Cradm Et*ery Partifle"     64vt feq
It maj
tbat 1
. mission
have   .
to have M-en committed   by    l__babi'
t i •        ' it..  ' r.'.t. 1 •
tbe 1 iry. Wh.-n It * I
in: te" v.   ,n bordei i .:: anil .  do one
nati'.r,     cm     always     claim .,
•,.■•   y, i'.; We,rid.
The Ottawa newspaper re,respondents, v uid, say* the Ottawa FrM
Kress, welcome the appearance of the
Toronl      •• new party,  but only
as the wearied spectators of a dog
might welcome th. advent of a
third cat Ine. The World's nnswer to
this is thit a "third dog has often
ended H >, „,r fiuht tietween two!"
And around the     outskirts     of     tho
<"rnnd  Forks watltd  ,,  post office  In
the west, end of t.he city
Grand V .rkq' sock day    was     good
for 360 palri of hosiery, nn   wii   an
1fl7  pnirs  of  slippers.
Lack  of corf) has prcventod operating the two copper furnaces     nt   the
jTrnil     smelter out. of four thnt. hnve j
| been cold for Home little time.
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Winter Coat
.is. All the
■ . prlcea
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A good Bchooi  Bool     e tbe boye, something    strong    and
durable,    Prices $2.40 to $3.50.
Fred Young & Co,
Capital $15,000,000. Reserve $l.'i,500,0Q0.
Account ti may be opened and operated by mail
issued by this bank form a most Convenient wav of remitting small
sums of money by mail and may be obtained  without delay
to rent information regni'ding which will be furnished on applioation
Factory Phone 261
P.O.IIox 434
Residence Phone 281
Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
O. W. Abrahamson,  Proprietor
Wejcan fill any orders of windows or doors or anything
in the factory line
We  also  carry   a  complete stock of liuiUlinK materals
What's in a Name?
Well, lt Just dependa. When you hear of Hobeo Bread
yon naturally feel hungry. The crisp brown ezt<a-.ar and
the appet'elng white Inside are both signs of the goo*
flour we use and the care we take to bake It Just right.
Try lt for yonrself—we do not fear the result.
Phone 41
Box 734
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 46-276 Night Phone 346
Men's Outfitter
Pur Buyer	
Complete   Line  of   MENS  WEAR
Union Hotel,
A. P. LBVRSQOE, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
C\ DI P M' . "A I      Suitably furnished with the
*++*' IIL-I^I   I HL   choicest the market afforda.
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rated.
Our OARBONATED BBVHRAOB8 are manufactured from absolutely pure syrups and thrice filtered water. Their use Is beneficial to HEALTH and a prerentatlve of DrsBASB.
Try our Qlnger Ale, dream Soda, Olngesr Beer, &c. The mountain water is oot Simon   Pure In the good old summer time.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers
Direct Importers SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1916.
e_o_ T-&BM
were put forward by a coterie who a
few dayn ago were claiming at leafct
three seats in the cabinet for Vancouver Island.
The attorncy-gcneralBup is til
course expected to go to Vancouver,
which has two more or less   emin.nt
Wrtte fcwUy for the 1916-17 >
31  Pafe. tlluitrated, which ahowa beautiful ntyllih
fur net* snd fur coats nuxlemt.'ly priced, and al-o %i*e.
lull imrticulara of HALLAM'S ZOOLOGICAL CONTEST.
64 Prise*.   $:ioo.00 In CASH given away free.
A.ldtTM as follows: GUNS, trap-, animal bait, neti
_   m .^*    -^ and tuppliea are dc8rril>ctl and  pri -
e%     j!        ■mjk    11 '   In our 32 page Seporumaj-'a Catalog which
<*^OilIl |>f__ldlll RAW FURS—We are the L.rire.l Cash Buyer
jp U<_nilrd       of Raw Furs direct from the Trapper in Canada.—
363  Hallar.l  Bldg., Toronto     Our Raw Fur Quotations sent Fret.
Mr. Brewster Having no easy
Time—Many   Aspiran's —A
Summing  up of the
Victoria is today the meccn of Liberal politician-;. The number of men
who are ready to assume the cares
and responsihilities of office are said
to be such that three cabinets, each
one ahout as good as another, could
be filled by Mr. Brewster. There Is no
dearth of cabinet material, nor of
cabinet aspirants, and Victoria is
honestly curious to find out whicli
particular seven of the thirty-five or
forty Liberal members-elect ,wlll con-
trtitute thc next cabinet.
Indeed the number to draw from is
even ereater, for it is said that two
of Mr. Brewster's visitors from tho
mainland     last   week were gentlemen
who, though outside of political life,
felt that they have unique qualities
above all other men in the province
to take charge of the portfolios o!
agriculture and ot lands. 01 course,
thty have excellent precedent in their
favor, for did not Sir Wilfred Laurier
go outside the House of Commons to
till certain of his portfolios? And
then there is the spare seat in Afchprni
all rendy to be offered to ariy man ol
transcendant abilities, who may be
needed to help pilot the ship of state
into the ir ilden waters of prosperity.
Mr. Brt.vster is regarded as positively .certain to take the portfolio of
finance in addition to the premiership. Finance lies very close to the
heart of every problem which Mr.
Brewster has set himself out to solve
and his followers are all saying tbat
it would inspire confidence abroad as
well as commend itself to all at home
if the incoming premier was to take
personal oversight and charge of the
department of finance.
This leaves six remaining departments to be filled, namely lands,
works, mines, education, justice and
agriculture. "Honest" John Oliver is
admitted to have the first claim on
tbe     portfolio     of     agriculture as a
practical agriculturalist, a former
leader of the party and a stalwart
who has fought its battles for many
years. But gossip haB it that "Honest John" Is not ambitious to "exchange the comfort of his domestic
fireside for the fireB and grillings
which go with office. "Honest" John members of the legal profession
is not a downtrodden son of the soil.' among its successful candidates. It is
He is a rather prosperous, contented rumored tbat this portfolio may not
individual who flies round hiB con- be filled for awhile, or filled tempor
Btltuency in t. high-powered car and arily until the Gosden case is dispos-
who can see jusi. ubout as much ser- ed of so as not to embarrass Mr. M.
vice and a great deal more pleasure A. Macdonald, who iB tb. private
in being a private member as in be- prosecutor in the (loader case,
ing a miniBter of the crown. Unless Mr. Macdonald's friends, however,
his leader insists that he join him in do not see any nee^ tor delay im up-
the cabinet, it is said that "Honest" pointing him to th cabinet, merely
John may follow his own choice and because the Gosden t'-ial has been de-
stay out, allowing the portfolio oo ferred, and will probably stoutly rp-
go to one or other of     the     younger ] ose any such move,
agriculturalists      ol     the     scientific]	
schools,     with     their parchments to
show from the agricultural colleges.
Rumor has it that T. D. Pattullo
of Prince Rupert and Ur. King of
Cranbrook are pretty sure to be called to the cabinet. The first-named being spokeu of in connection with the
lands department and thc latter wltu
the portfolio of education and provincial secretaryship. Then there is Mr.
Anderson of Kamloops, who threw
the harp.on into John Pearson Shaw.
The new member is a surveyor by
profession and his friends think his
experience valuable for a mi'..ster ol
public works. \ jj0v.
Some quite delicate ptoblems are Nov.
said to arise in the minds of the poi- Nov.
itical wiseacres over the disposition Nov.
of the remaining three portfolios. nov
Part   of the problem arises from the
R. R. Y. M. C. A.
Bowling Schedule
To help finance the recent
tioni    campaign     Greenwood
came across with ?5'J.80.
Tho Roynl Gwcnt Welsh Singers, who   are coming to Revelstoke
nesday, October 25, in aid of the Red   Cross Funds.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelling Co.
ot Canada,  Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Siiver, Copper and Lead Ores
ESTABLISHED     .      I87S
CAPITAL PAID UP $7000.000-RESERVE FUND $7000.00®
Complete faailitiei for making collections throughout Canada and in
foreign countriei.
Every Branch receives savings oa deposit nt current rate of infarct.
REVELSTOKE BRANCH,   A. B. IV..      t.NEGHAN, Manager
Nov. 17—Knight v
claims anil characters of the contest-  Nov. 20— Crawford
ants, and part of it from the rivalry
which exists between  the upper coun
try, Vancouver"Island and the city of
Greater Vancouver contains nearly
half of th'j population of the Province
and under Premier Bowser was accorded two ministers. This is said to
have aroused Liberal criticism in all
the other sections of tbe province,
who demand geographical representa-
tioci without regard to population.
The latest move is said to be the
uniting oi the   claims     of Vancouver
] Island an'l of the upper country, in a
t demand     that Vancouver   receive but
'. one porf.'olio,  namely the     attorney
• generalship, and that the other portfolio be given to Nanaimo or one of
e the    upper     country     constituencies.
I This is a new way of    playing     botb
ends against the middle.
Both Ralph Smith ot Vancouver
ind Vim. Sloan of Nanaimo have
been put forward by various parties
and bodies for the portfolio rJU mines,
though the former has also been men-
, tioned as a possibility for the depart
'ment of public works.     Both are old
I Nanaimo     men     and  understand thu
, coal mining business. Mr. Sloan, who
made his fortune gold mining in the
Yukon creeks, is also said to be financially intere-ted in the Vancouver
"Sun." On the other hand it is urged
that coal mining is at its maximum
in the province, and is of small Importance compared to the great possibilities in metalliferous mining.
Under the circumstances a good many
shrewd political observers at the
capital expect to see the portfolio of
mines go to Mr. Thompson of Phoe
nix or to John Keen of Kaslo. Both
of these men are said to uiiderstunl
the metal mining business, while li'o
appointment of either would satisfy
the claims of West Kootenay for cabinet representation. Mr. Sloan might
then become president of the council
and Mr. Ralph Smith minister of Public works. Another slate relegated
Mr. Smith to the speakership, but
friends of the Vancouver member do
not think this good enough* for a man
of his experience aril ability. Tho
claims     of     Mr.   Pauline of Saani.h
First     Draw,      Y.M.C.A.     Bowling
Bowling League,  1916-17,     Teams am
indicated by captain'B name.
Oct. 20—Knight v. Blackberg
Oct. 23—Crawford v. Sturdy.
Oct. 25—Parker v. Fire Hall.
Oct. 27— C.P.R. v. Directors.
Oct. 30—Blackberg v. Crawford.
Nov.   1—Knight v. Sturdy.
Nov.   3—Parker v. C.P.R.
c—Fire Hall v  Directors,
S—tilackberg v.  Sturdy.
10—Knight v. C.P.R.
13—Crawford v. Fire Hall.
15—Parker v. Directors.
v. C.P.R.
Nov. 22—Sturdy v. Fire Hall.
Nov.  24—Blackberg  v.  Directors.
Nov. 27—Knight v. Fire Hall.
Nov. 2'J—Crawford v. Directors.
Dec.   1—Sturdy v. Parker.
Dec.   4—Blackberg  :. C.P.R.
Der.   C—Blackberg v. Fire Hall.
Dec.   Sr— Crawford v. Parser.
Dec. 11—Sturdy v. C.P.R.
Dec. 13—Knight v. Directors.
Dec. 15—Blackberg v. Parker
Dec. 18—Knight v. Crawford.
Jan.   1—Sturdy v. Directors.
Jan.   3—Fire Hall v. C.P.R.
The Kootenainn claims $&000 ol
Kaslo maney was invested in the recent Dominion war loan.
Those whose diet is deficient in bodybuilding powers are living in the
danger zone and fall to the first
attacks of chills, colds and influenza.
Unless you nourish the body the body
will fail as surely as an army cut off
from its base of supply.
just makes all the difference
between your being nourished
and your not being nourished
by your food.
Bovril is the food the body-building
powers of which have been proved by
independent scientiiic investigation to
be from xo to 20 times the amount
It must be Bovril
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We aim to give maximum
wear At minimum price
colors of Cream, White, Pink,
Flesh, Maize and Black. The
fine, filmy Crepe so fashionable
for waists, sleeves, etc. 40 inches wide, at, per yard, $1.75
OREPE-DE-CHKNE, all colors,
fine, solt weave, pure silk, very
much used for waists, dresses
and in combinations also for
gown9 and underwear, at per
yard   $2.00
in Silks, Crepe-de-Chene and
Serges; nlso some very pretty
combinations of Velvet and Silk
and Serge and Silk. A spmal
purchase. Dresses at $15.00 to
Chiflon finish. All the leading
shades, including Black; scarce
goods and are sure to advance
in pri.e. at per yard   $1.75
wide, heavy pile, wide cord, for
Boys' Suits, Women's Coats,
etc. Ali colors, including White,
at per yard   85c.
No Matter What
You Want to Shoot
Dominion Ammunition meets every
requirement of the sportsman.    It
has speed, accuracy and reliability, the .three
factors necessary to perfect ammunition.
Dominion Ammunition
for small game or big, for target shoot ing or at the traps answers the ammu-
nition question completely.   Whether it's the powerful 303. a 22, one of
the fast Shot Shells, or the other popular sizes, insist on t.tfe box with
the big "D".       It's the trade mark of Made-in-Canada ammunition
that gives perfect shooting results.
Send for free colored hanger
"A Chip of the old Block".
Dominion Cartridge Company, Limited,
104 Transportation Building, Montreal.
e    Dealers    sell    Dominion
Made (rom soft grade Split Leather, with a firm stiff cuff.
Price 75 cents pair.
A few ot the ncwvst lasts are now on our shelves. It is to your interest to see them. The popular shoe for th> present season ls plain
black—the fancy features of the warmer mon'hs have dropped out, but
many beautiful effects are shown ln black patent and kid with cloth
The eii?ht inch top ls going well and prorr.ises to be a favorite.
H..ih button and lace boots are go.'d with about an equal percentage
in the showings.
We are sole agents for the J. &   IM Hell Women's Shoe*.
Prices $5.00 to J6.00.
Try a Jar of Express at 25c. or
a tin of King Beach at 75c.
Head and Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, Celery, Radishes, gtetn
Onions and Parsley.
Self Rising Duk wheat Flour ln
Rogers Pure Sugar Syrup, I, I,
10 and 20 pound Una.
Pride of Canada Pure Maple
Syrup, quarta and halt gallon
Crown Hrand Oom Syrup. I aad
I pound t_a.
Lyle'i English Syrup, 1 pound
Maple Flavored Syrup tn quarts
t and 1 gallon tins.
Premium Hai... I), em In Ion H m,
Premium Hreakfast Bacoa, Domts*
loa Breakfast Bacon, Pea Uenl
Back Bacon, Back Daeon and
.Cooked Ham. vage rvtn
Miss Raymond returnee
monton on Tuesday.
from    Ed
it. G. McRne is in
Jalgary on husi-
J.  Pappas returned yesterday from     Mrs. W. B. Robertson     ai-d     c_.rce
a trip to the prairie.
Cecil  McSorley was accidently shot
in the arrr. on Saturday last.
Rev. Mark Phillips of Three Valley
was in th_ city on Wednesday.
Another well-attended dnrre
held by the    Citizens' Carps
Miss Boyd, teacher of music,
hold a recital lm   the High school on   Keek.
Friday, October 25.
Mr. an.l   Mrs. Vernon English hav
Mrs. F. Vi. Lammcrs <jf Chase is in     Another  old Revelstoke boy return-
the city.
Mr. H.  C.  Kirke of Arrowhead  was
will  in town on business two    days     this
boys returned from the old     country
at the beginning of the week.
Mrs. Walker, Fourth Street, is being welcomed back this week after a
lengthy vacation at her old home.
With the exception of the boxes for
South    Vancouver     and     Richmond
ed from* the front on Wednesday when     ... .       .     .      .   .    .   ,.„ ,,,.,„,
» | which,    owing to legal technicalities,
Jack LeBeau passed through the city
en route to Victoria as a convalescent.
will not ne counted until today, tbe
prohibition tally of ballots cast by
the soldiers was completed yesterday
One often hears of lost articles and day and    resulted in a total of 3,000
Mr. J. H. Johnson,    Mayor of Mai-' natlirally concludes     that     thev  are1 for and 3.2S5 against.
akwa, was in the city     Tuesday     on ..       , :._    —>__,..,      *. J
on small  and easily overlooked.     Recent
perusals    of the classified ads.  of tho
With the exceotiou of    South Vancouver,     the soldiers'  vote polled in
Intense heat-resisting power is the feature of the almost
imperishable fire-box linings of our own McClary semi-
steel fire-box made in eight pieces—can't warp.
The man who designed the Kootenay knew his job.    I~
left for    Golden,     where they will iB   nusiness.
future make their home. ^^ H   p   MoKinnon     lma   been'Mail-Herald show that many arti .lea "^'^ hd71.een7niimerat^rinLon"| know *hat and that is why it Carries my guarantee RS well
Mi.   i ha...  Llndmark came up Irom made    Hun. President of the Nakusp nave 6one astray, amounting to col- don thp oversca8 colm|t _ proceeding1 as the makers'.
Pingston Mills, Tuesday     noon    and  Agricultural Association. ,lars     ln    Vlllue.  &ut »u recovered ly today   The fina- totals [Qr Vancouvcr*
"  classified ad.  _, ..„,„ A „,,,, 4. ._     „     I
left for a business
lowing day.
rip east the foi- the use of
Miss Beatrice Fraser    has     arrived it is the bona-fide   paid
' from Ontario and will' remain for six  that brings these results.
The  secretary    of     the     Ucvelstoka  months visiting  her mother.
Iranch of the Red Cross society ack-
of civilian and soldier vote in     Can-
Sold by Bourne Bros., Ltd.
nal arrangements for removal to that
ada show Premier   Bowser elected by
I 45 over Mr. Patrick Donnelly.
The Won.en's Canadian    Club     will1 ——
The campaign for funds for the Bri-  hold their usual  "Christmas     Stock-'    SPECIAL     NOTICE      Crcssmam &
tish  Red Cross Fund has closed. Rev- ing"     tea     on Saturday at the resi- Co.  wish to announce they are    pro-
clstoke has subscribed *365.00. dence of Mrs. W. M. Lawrence.     The pftred    to show   the newest styles in
Dr. McLean came up from     Nakusp object is to fil1 the soclt8 whicb «"*. cloths     for    ladies' tailored suits to
last Monday evening    to complete fl- have on hand with gi,ta for our boyB', order. R. Behrendt, designer.
Anyone     wishing to do so may fill a
pair and attach the name of a soldier'    Union Clothing Fire Sale is still on,
friend     from Revelstoke who may be As the present premises are not suit-
Miss    Sadie   Foote    returned     tbis at the front,     and     this will be for- able  for cold weather,  prices are cut
week from a pleasant vacation    with warded     through the Canadian Club,'80 'ow that the goods,should    be all
Mr.  and Mrs. W. A. Foote at    Trout who will be responsible for all charg- sold before the real cold weather sets
Lake. , es. This is not confined     to members in.
To have their names on the voters', |    The Altar Society   of     St. Francis
Ge rge next year. He is now runa ng lists all citizens     must sign the nee-1    St. Francis church was filled to the'church will hold a whist drive in St.
a newspaper in the northern city. essary declaration before tbe last day  d°or     at     the early hour of 9 a.m.,; Francis     Hall,     Wednesday,  Octoher
....... j of October. .Wednesday, October 18, to witness the 25th. Admission 50c.
.1    I).  Sibbald,    Jr.,     returned   on , __.      _.    ' _
_    ,.     . I marriage of Miss Kathleen Fraser to
Thursday from a trip to     Bankhead,     The election of officers of the     Red Mr   Danie, Leary      Rey   Father   Mc.      BANKHEAD BRIQUETTES BURN
*here     he     went through the mines. 0roM BOciety for the year     1916-1917 kenzie     officiated'    and 'the full mar-;BB8T-
Mr. Sibbald has been able to arrange win    be    held   in the library of tbe riage gervice Q. m cburch was
for a supply of coal and will be able y.M.C.A. on Thursday,      October 26,  MlBB Beatrice Fra8eri     Bi8ter    of the'
to take care of his customers for the at 3.30 p.m. It is particularly desired  ,iride arrived .rom   0ntario Qn Tue9 j
aowledgea w'ith thanks receipt of a
cheque for $5.1.00 fron tho Solkirk
1/Ddge No. 12, I.O.O.K.
All women are welcome at the public meeting in the City Hall on Monday .'veiling at S p.m., wben officers
for the Woman's Forum will be bal-
1 ited upon and elected.
L. IM Taylor, former mayor of Vancouver, and publisher of the Vancouver World, is starting a camp>.i ;n
for     the     mayoralty chair of P. ince
i that all     men.bers will be present in
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Son.
There's  comfort in  co ming      with
;» .  i    „.. order that a successful   meeting may  „„i^
A pleasant evening was enjoyed   at 6 " *'  maid,
he held.
day to attend    her    sister as brides-
Coursier's Coal.
while   Mr. White assisted the
tho   bom-'   of
Wednesday by
Mrs. W. B. Farris on
a    little     party     of
Have you seen th'--.?     C'-issmon _
groom. The bride wore a lovely   wed-; Co/8 new ,all cloths   ,.._ u<am     ^
One of the    most indefatigable wor- dinS Bown o£ whlte    Uuchesse     satin  ^g. tailored   8uitB.    L(ui|lt     Nft.A
friends gathered in honor of Mrs. Dr. kere in B.C. for the Prisoners of War. w'th a sheer veil   prettily    arranged | york styies.
McLean.     At "Auction   Bridge" Mrs. Fund, Miss J. Hardie of tbe Bank of'w**n orange blossoms over   her dark _
McLean was the successful  prize win- Commerce Btaff, has    succeeded    this hair,  and looked  the picture of radi-
ner.  Mrs.  Farris served supper short- month    in   doubling her usual collec-  ant loveliness. After the ceremony thai    Rev-    H-    w-     Simpson
1.       * .•—.-«■ ■  -       * — —      - .-..!....,.._. .....it...,..*      I1 , .....1 rt m
v h»foro midnight.
tions,   and obtaining *ioo, which has >'»dal Party "turned in autos to the church     rector   at Rossland   has ac-
...... ... <■       ......* ...7 -.      nnll     + -.      n      mm   lop     nharnfl     —.*
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and  cepted   a call to a similar charge at
j Mrs. Fred Fraser. A splendid wedding Greenwood.	
Kippered Black Cod
Kippered Salmon
Kippered Herring
P. Burns C& CoLtel-
I beg to thank all those who wore
so kind and,' who showed so much
sympathy to myself and family during our sad bereavement.
\. _   ., , _.„ UnaL   been forwarded with tbe request that
Mrs. C,  R. Macdonald was the host- * "* "
to the packages sent    to our boys in breakfast awaited them, where guests
to the number of 3>G sat down. After
est; Mi.inlay evening at au    "Auction-
Bridge" in honor   ..f    Mrs. E. H. S.
McLean  who leaves for Nakusp early j cutting   tbe   bride-cake1   the    happy
next week. Three tables of ladies J(,hn LaWBoni formerly well known' couple left on the noon train for e
played, the prizes being w,,n by Mrs. in Kamloops and Revelstoke as a trip east, the bride wearing a hand-
McLean and Mrs. 11. H. Atkins. Dain- conductor on the C.r.R. nas eniidton some costume of purple velvet, trinity refreshments were served hy the Wlth the 158th iiattation. He hara med with black fur, witb hat and
hostess assisted by Miss Eaton. |80n  in thp 14f)th iTnivcrsities BatMal- boots to match.     Many    old  friends
Women who have not already reg- '""■ Aftor lea*ing the upper country were at the*station to see them off
istered at the Citv Hall are reminded Mr- Lawson resided in West Vancou- and furnish them with liberal dona-
that they must do so before 5 p.m. vrr and was one of tne Prime movers tions of rice and confetti. Mr. and
October 31, or they will not get on in organizing the municipality, being Mrs. Leary will visit for several
the voters' list this year. By a spec- tllr fi'"t Reeve.—Kamloops StaQ'lari- weeks in Winnipeg and other eastern
ial bylaw of the city council, wives Santinw.
of soldiers may become voters by registering only and without payment
of the $3 poll-tax required of all other householders.
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1085
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in   Smythe's    Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Sec.
cities before returning to make their
home in Revelstoke.
The wedding   was     solemnized     on __m —a  i ... : : -^-—
Miss Marjory  Allen,  daughter of  Mr. „   _   '17"" '   .
jand Mrs. 0. H. Alien, and   Mr. Rob- Mff® fj[°°? I^.Ij),ellCJ0U3e VujU>1
Th.- death occurred on Monday "after ert E. Edgar.    Miss Margaret Jamie- y,.a;u_ e^T'  WRg j„ a deWIitata^n_?
a prolonged  illness of  Mrs.  Sarah I). SOT acted as     bridesmaid     and     ths down   condition   and   had   a   stubborn
Garland,     wife    of J. W. Garland o! groomsman was    Mr. P. MiGagherty. cough  bo the waa weak and ailing all
Revelst,,.,, The funeral took place on Rev.    Mr.  Gibson performed  the cere- *Ja  time.  ^Nothing ^11,1^.^^her   until
s.lay. H.n   Q. Larder officiating "'"ny.  After an   extended honeymoon Increased and she is strong and welCand
B,'id.'s Ik'1   husband tbe     late     Mrs. al  th.> coast Mr. and Mrs.  Edgar will I  wi-h ,>th.-r parents of w.'ak, delicate
lod leaves two   sons    and    two take up their residence in Oregon. children   would   try   Vinol."—Om.   A.
daughters     The pallbearers   were A. I TllU  j8 beeuite vinol ^u,^ beef
B. Kincaid, A. Hobson.     G. W. Bell, The Halifax M                        '   "• sa^ an,i    cod     liver    peptones,    iron    and
ttlth       E.  C5.  llurridge     and R. ~A "••tival   -f    music,     music     that mang..-                tonatea    and    glycero-
.rl ,n thrilled aid stilled.     that     set    the pho?:                  b ihe needeed.
heart    throb-     Walter Bews.  Druggist,   Revelstoke,
Vi   Bews has received   a     telegram  bing, yet held an audiei . K    at the best druggietB in _,
J. W. Browne. Registrar   of thlesa-that is tbe sort of |umbu towns.
■M    Pharmaceutical     Association, od th..t the     Royal     Gwent Welsh Male 	
•- of IM Oranat s l<ntish Colum- 3tn<gei of
'   ' ie wondered I
i,filiations on success of Grarj- had     m a     the
i -.is., won ths    Henders.
_'.•!'   medal given by our assoclatlot
this  year, for  which  W«  offer fur-t,,        ■ ■ .-      •   .    .    .aPy 0( shading,
r..-- filiations."
Fron. the    ..-.,
IV FCTVRE S'O ITEMS WILL   BU _     ,.T.      .
■ idler s
A<"   KITKD LATER   THAN' THUR8 Gounod)     to
DAY SIOHT FOR PIBLICATION IS •      there was onn
SATl'RDAV'3 PAPER. ' ' '     hirn  "hi
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ' music
A. F. and A. H.
Regular Meetings ars held la
New Masonic HaU oa the Foarth
Monday in each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren ars cordially
C. R. SKENE, W. M.
ROBT. GORDON, getratary
I. 0. O. F.
Meeets every Thureday evening la
Selkirk HaU at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
Tenders will bc received up to 5 NOTICE to Assessed Persons holding
p.m., Thursday, October 26, for re- agreements to purchase, Houac-hol-
pair work at power dam. Particulars     ders and License-holders.
may bc received at City Hall.
1. All persons appearing on the assessment roll of the City df Revelstoke, who are holders of agreements
to purchase the property for which
they arc assessed, must flic the nec-
A "Waffle Tea" will be held at the essary declaration at the City Hall
home of Mrs. Blackberg, 56 Second on or before 5 p.m. on tbe 3flth day
Street East, on Wednesday, October of November, 1916, otherwise their
25, from .1.S0 to 6 o'clock. Admission nanr.ees will be omitted from the Vot-
25 cents.    Proceeds to the Red Cross ers' List.
rnd Prisoner of War    Funds.     Come     a. Agent., for Corporations not reg-
and bring a friend. istered last year must register on or
— —  before November 30th and any chang-
NOTICE. ee necessary must bc made before ttra
  I ahove-mentioned date.
Don't forget the "Bean Supper" to 3. All persona being houBe-hold<ara
lie held in tbe Methodist Church par'' jd.d license-holders in the City ot
lore, Hallowe'en, October 31. Admls ' Revelstoke must die the necessary
sion 35c. Children under twelve, 25c.     declaration at the City Hall   on     or
before 5 p.m. on tbc 31st day of Oct-
EM PR tibS
1 i'....,HAM
n ior  ...■
cHcritic- .'oi   • .
■ I..    '^ant   '., all,
■ '
e   iii,;. tkawa   the only   . i
-,,  in a
■ ■ .'. e      |,
in     'II'
I . V. -Live    ewlress     an.l     I-o».t
b Blllls Rltchii
. i.        Universal
irrln     .lohnt-on      In
D \i-s n'.n   oi tbi     ihi.,   Muskel
froi    i' ■ lea, 5 parts.
Pr. .1     Maes    with     Keystone
Players    in   Crooked to the Vhn\, i
.'.   Tba     great      Clrcni
I    "eg ,,' the RiB
| HtATRb
Money   Orders
1    .'   Fernie.
ree|iiires a
r '   . e-r»arri>Ty.
li hi	
.  '   III!-   TN KET    M.l.sT
' i: VMl'l
Phone 086
Meets  every    Wednesday evealag
at    8  o'clock,    fn Selkirk HaU.
Vlsltinr    brothers   cordially  la-
rltei.     W. POTTRTJFF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K of R. S.
Miss Livingstone of Fourth Street,
begs to advise her customers that
she has been called nway Indefinitely
ty the serious illness of her mother.
ober,     otherwise   their names will ba
omitted from the Voters' List.
"LIQUOR ACT 1910."
Section 42.
Notice is hereby given that on   tba -
flrst    day of December next, application will be made to    the     Superintendent     of Provincial Police for tha
Notice is hereby given that on thai""** °' «' 'ice«e for «»    "al°   °f
flrst day of December next,     applica- lia»or by wholesale   in and upon the
Section 42.
tion will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel licenso to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as Lakevlew Hotel, situate at Arrowhead, B.C., ln the province of British
Dated October 16th, 1916.
pi.'iin.'.-i. known as Lots 1, ft, 9 and M
10 feet of 10, block 98, plan 3, City of
Dated this 4th day of October, 1916.
LTD., Applicant.
W. B. Robertson, Manager.
"LIQUOR ACT 1910.'
Section 42.
Notice is hereby given that on   tba
|  tirst day of December next,     application     will     be made to tho Superln-
WANTED-Smart boy or young man. tendent of Provincial Police     for re-
Fxcollent opportunity to learn good newal     or the hotel license to sell 11-
trade. Apply Mall-Herald. j qtior hy retail in the hotel   known aa
 the Hotel Beaton, situate at Beaton,
HOUSE—Have House on     Third   St.  in thc province of British Columbia,
which  owner will    nllow     desirable     Dated October 14th, 1916.
tenant    to occupy rent free during H. NELLIS,
winter months.  Apply Mall-Herald. I Applicant.
' r"~ ; -•;•—;•-"~T-r-^j
P   P    |)\|I|;Y  C~   fl V.enmAm.l
i'ito*! a ii V i V*' '••'"' .>.>>«»*


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