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The Mail Herald Jul 3, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, raining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and \ the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
hy everyone;—The recognized
advertising melius) fo.' the
city and district.
Vol. % -No 53
$2.50 Per Year
Annual Field Day
— Leans Win Bi
On Thursday atternoon the Y.M.C.
A. holed" itB annual Bold duy on the
recreation ground, The program con-
■isted of foot rices, bicycle nice, and
obstacle race, followed hy u bale hall
game between the Fats uud the Leans
The winners in the races were.
1011 yards, hoys over 12, tirst Beverley Kenward; second, Jack Patrick.
Girls race, girls under 12' lirst Olga
Johnson; second, Hazel Hughes.
Hoys' race,'under 12: first, Oharles
Dinger; second, Dalbcrt Hooley;
third, Gordon Hooley.
Relay race, Working boys: E. McMahon, R. Cummings, L. Goodwin,
F. McMahon.
Bicycle race' Arthur Young,
for four lnjis, _' min. 51 sec.
Obstacle race:  Leo. Goodwin.
Tug-of-war: No. 2 Pire hull.
At a booth on the grounds
cream and other refreshments
told in aid of the auxiliary of
Y.M.C.A. Those in charge were
R. Howson, Mrs. Cormier, and
U.K. Lawrence. They were assisted
by Walter Hughes, 11. Utuee, J. Patrick .ind Victor Hooley.
In the second gume between the
Fats and the Leans at the recreation grounds last Thursday afternoon
the Fats went down to defeat at the
hands  of the slimmer  nine.
The Leans went 'to bat with Capt.
Horobin up. Horobin makes a pass
at the ball, o nnects and is called
safe at tirst. Laing is next at bat
bat but owing to thc difference of
opinion between himself and the umpire is called out. Reynolds makes a
two base hit, and Wood is struck out.
Bradshaw goes to hat and polls the
ball out to centre field Bcoring Reynolds. Squarebriggs drives a ground-
ri oul t.i ahort is safe at first and
Bradshaw dusts to third. Bradshaw
scores oil Maunder's ily. S itiare-
briggs is out trying to steal home.
The Leans register three runs.
Stuart went to but for the Fata
first, and Bent the ball out t'i right
field. Scott and Watts, the nest two
men up struck out. Hansley ia next
up titnl sends the hall out to the left
garden. Stuart scores ofi Beasley's
drive, and Ward strikes out. Stuart
is the only one to score in this in-
Heck takes ti|> the burden for the
Leans and makes first, Horobin makes a two bagger scoring Beck, Laing
has better luck and connects with the
pill. Reynolds also manages to place
the ball iui to centre field and Laing
crosses the plate. Wood is caught
out at first. Bradshaw has the same
luck, Squarebriggs drives a grounder
to 33COnd and is put out til hist.
Three runs scored in this innings.
Young goes to bat tor the Fats aud
scores. Carpi titer and liner have
iard Luck and are put out at first.
Lawrence Bhows reversal of form and
drives the ball to centre aud slowly
arables to litst. Stuart, and Scott
both passed to first, on halls. Lawrence and Stuart both cross the
plate and Watts strike's out. Three
iuiis registered,
Saunders goes to bat for the leans
and -eons. Craigmoyle Btrikes    out.
Beck makes a paSB at the ball, gently tapped it and is called safe at
first. Horobin popped out a Hy and
it. caught mit by the short-st p. Beck
stole from first to third and (Cores.
Laing gets as far as first and Reynold-;  strikes  out..
In the fourth innings the fats havc
cill the worst, of it and struck out.
one, two, three, In the last of tffe
fourth, Wood struck out, Bradshaw
walks to flrst nnd scores of Maunder's Ily. Squarebriggs out at first,
Maundei died it third when Craig-
moylj struck out.
The Fats have
luck in the flrst
Carpenter was the
■cored, Brier was put
steal third. Lawrence and Stuart, the
next two Up fall to connect with the
lmll and both sit ike out,
Rerk wont lo hal first, for the Leans
in the lirs1 nf the fifth and pounded
tbe pill "ut Into left Held, nnd got
lo second. Beck, Horobin and Laing
■were the only i ms to score, Reynolds
■mnt'tit out M the plate and Wood has
the> went mlaf irtune.,
Fred   MeM'hon  BOted  as plnd
ter for Scott in the lait of tbs fifth
for the Fats nnd scores. Tie'sley nnd
Ward  both  strike ''lit.   YoUng  sends a
hot grounder to left field and scores.
Rifle Found Lying Beside Body Outside Parent's Home, Next   House   Blown   Down
Five and .One  Half Miles South  of  Revelstoke
Was Bright Boy—Acted as Interpreter
Leon Culcheretto, an Austrian boy that be told a companion that lie in
12J years of age waB found dead yes- tended te' shoot himself,
terday afternoon i>mg outside his; Dr, w.n. Sutherland and Provinci-
parents' home, Si miles smith of al Constable Jedm Renner went to
Kevelstoke, with a bullet wound the Bcene yesterday afternoon, but
through bis forehead. A 22 calibre the boy was dead when they arrived.
i iile was lying beside him. Whether The deceased was a particularly
the death was caused by accident or bright boy and had often acted as
suicide is not known. The boy had interpreter in Austrian cases in He-
short time previously,  and it is said velstoke.
Cigarettes   Much   Appreciated Additions to Sixty-second Bat-
Says   Joseph  Howson— talion   List of Latest
Nothing Else Lacking Recruits
Revelstoke Boys Wounded
or Killed
In letters from the front to Mrs. T,
' 11.  Moflatt,   his    sister,  and  to      bis
| .ii. ther;   Charles Watnon tells   of ex-
citing experiences and mentions   how
much newspapers irom  Kevelstoke are
appreciated, I fe says:
: Dear Mother,—This is an awful hot
country in the summer, one can hard-
Ij tand the heat it is a lot hotter
here than where you pre,! suppose you
know that Jack Boyle waB killed and
several more of the Hevclstoke boys
ere wounded. I hardly know anybody
in my company. They are pretty
i ear all new ones. Leo McKinnon is
in our battalion in N'o. 3 Coy., but
I haven't seen him yet, hut I am
going to try and sec him today if 1
get time. Well everything is   pretty
nice   iver here,  the weather  is  gland,
but awfully hot.
Payment of Taxes in Instalments Will Be Accepted
Vacancy on  School   Board     Mineral   Exhibit  at
Railway Station
' A tax rate of 25 mills >m the dollar was decided upieitly tlie city
iiiiineil at a special meeting held last
night, Last   year's   rate   was   i'i.'ill
i The council also decided to accept
payment "f taxes ln Installments. On
all taxes paid before September 20,
a discount of one fifth will be allowed, nn taxi's paid after September 20
but before November 20 the discount
allowed will be one sixth..
The courl  of revision will lie   held
on duly 23.
\  letter was   received   from     the
school  hoard     notifying    the council
that T..E.L. Tayloi had resigned his
position as BChool trustee nnd asking
the council to arrange for filling tha
vacancy, lt was decided to ask tha
board whether it would not be possible tei carry on business without
filling the vacancy so as to avoid tha
i xpense e.f an election.
0. T. Miteb asked the council tor a
grant for placing a case at the station to hold Bamples of minerals. After discussion Aid. Smythe offered to
make next Tuesday a benefit day for
the purpose at the Empress theatre
and tbe offer was gratefully accepted.
no more
of the fifth.
only one that
out  trying
(Oontlnuod on Page Two)
The following letter from Joseph
Howson, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.
Howson, gives news of tbe wounding
of Private Crelghton of Comaplix
wbo enlisted in Revelstoke]
j Dear Mutter and Father,—Received
your letter of May lb, in fact got
two of yuurs and Myrtle's also, cwu
from Harry Bews aud a can of cigarettes, a letter from Elsie as well, i
sure had some reading which was a
treat fur I got three of tbem in the
trenches where the Germans were sure
jiutting some shells over, and their
snipers were more then busy, ve
could not put our heads above the
trench at all, the Germans were only IU yarda away at places which is
a little too close unless you happen
to see him lirst, we had one boy very
badly wounded, a fellow by the name
of Craighton, he came up trom Comaplix.
We are out un a long rest, no one
knows how lour, hut we expect until we are reinforced again, our battalion is all shot to jiieces and not
only need a rest, but taken across to
England for a spell, in fact two of
our otlicers went nigbt hefore last,
but I don't expect leave will be
granted to privates. If they only
would, I could do with a week in
England, away from the noise of
guns, etc., very nicely.
There is not any news this time only I hope you have received my parcel by this time, no doubt it will be
some souvenir. Myrtle bas asked in
her letter if tbere is any thing she
could send me, well the only thing is
cigarettes, and I would greatly ap-
preciate a box a week, it would keep
me running very good, so far I think
I have received all you have sent and
in one of my last letters 1 think 1
said I had received Myrtle's or yours.
Mother on the day ol my birthday
which was a very fine present to receive, i have Harry Bews box along
side if me now and will just light one
up, here goes, tell Harry I will answer his two letters as soon aa po
Bible. There Is nothing else y. .u could
send out, being in thi Btores or With
Bergeant ma jor I get all the socks,
etc., I need. In fact tbe boys are all
well equipped and re illy lack nothing, there are hundreds of articles
discarded or thrown away at nearly
every billet we go to, if I was closer
to Canada, why a box .ef cake, etc.,
Would be just fine, huve only bad pie
once since I left England, would -.■ire
a days wage right now for one ol
your lemon or appli pies, or Myrtles
nut cake, i feel as if someone bad a
lemon In front of me when I write
about it.
In reference to the tews of J
Boyle's death, 1 can easily see how
Lawson's letter got there first for the
casualty list has to go to Ottawa
first then back to England to be re-
checked lef. re news is sent out of
anyone killed, co that takes some
time especially when we had so many
at Ypres, l miL-hr say that Lawson
the boy whe. wroti .- I three or four
pieces "f shell in hie leg in our last
big engagement and he is now in a
hospital in England, but il d..ing fine
be ised to he lineman out of Reve1.
stoke feir the Canadl in Pacific railway. T have not heard from Bert yet,
so don't know how he is. but nn
news ts good new*, so expect he is
getting on O.K. Well I will close
ve to nil.
Twenty-two recruits have now enlisted in Revelstoke for service with
the 62nd battalion. In addition to
the list published in Wednesday's
Mail Herald, the following have sign-
id the roll and passed the medical
Robert Fordyce, age 31.
Charles Ellis, age 41.
Jack  Mel.'od,   age 3S.
John William Dougan, age 23.
John Curran, age 40.
K.  A.  McConnell,  age 35.
W. Profit, age 28.
R.  F.   Wilson, age 24.
D. Osbourn, age 34.
Joseph Marrott,  age 24.
Appointed Lieutenant in
Fifty-fourth Battalion
T.E.L. Taylor accompanied by Mrs.
Taylor and family will leave ou
Monday for Vernon where they will
remain for thc summer. Mr. Tay'.or
has been appointed lieutenant in thc
."4th Kootenay and Boundary battalion and Will report for duty Immediately on his arrival in Vernon.
Fernie Italians are drilling every
e Sunday in expectation of heing called
come for active service.
' Dear Sister,—Thanks very much for
the papers, 1 receive them regularly
every week and I can tell you it is
great to be able to see a paper fr.uu
Innae. 1 have seen a few of the new
fellows from Revelstoke, but 1 haven't seen Leo McKinnon. He is in the
7th battalion, hut 1 haven't had a
chance to see them as tbey are billit-
cd t lung way from me. Nearly all
the old Revelstoke boys are wounded
or killed, I hardly knew any of them
i the lust tune i saw them. I guess
things are pretty slack at home   just
, now. but I truess there will be plenty
to do after tbe war.    T am  beginning
I to think  I bave bad all the experien
Ices I want. I was up to a dentist's
the other day and I just    got nicely
i there whi n I heard a bang and I looked out of the door and part ol the
next house was scattered over the
street and 1 came ,>ut side and there
were people iu the house putting on
their clothes to get out, but they
take their time. Tbey get very little
excited, but when those big shells
start coming over the bravest of men
will bc a little ncrv< us for the time,
End  ..tie  shell   the  soldiers  call      the
'Jack Johnson' will make a bole in
the soft ground 25 feet deep and
round enoueh to set a h< use in, so
you can tell what a noise it would
make. Ahout twice the explosion of
those thnt used to go up on the
mountain side where they were making the road in the Dark.
Veterinary Department ot Otta
wa Government to Control
Feeding   of Garbage
E. fprasrgi tt for 1 i  a l sup
erintendent for the Oi ind Foi
i  resi -iv d     TT r     is
Frank Hut tein.
In the following interesting letter
from the front, Leo N'cKlnnon t-lls
of exciting days .n tin ttenches. He
Dear Boys,—Another little rest
from the so called "horrors of war"
and another chance to get a huh
ietter writing done. They make a
practise uf relieving us every su uf-
ten and allowing us to reat up for a
few days,  and  in  one  way  it is  most
welcome for you do get played out.
still f'. ling inst rate, in fact
1 i elieve th tt mj -■ neral health ii
impri ring for i am getting good and
ii ltd.   II thing   I am  afraid   I   woiiMI
uevei havi ac iuired In I arracko, I always ! d i ey lor the soft
placei tbere,
I am still unrepentant for thai lit'
tie escapade in running away from
London, though 1 would have tome
s .rt of a  lob to make any "f     these
fi How ll      lit 91
in nt   and   I iy n itbing,
Our Inst experience wan fairly uneventful though We .'-ere iii one ol the
most important places along the
I :,'■. Bui b placi - wi ver are usually
safer than those less exposed for rea-
sons that are obvious. I wrote you
the last letter from the reserve
trench's md we w nt ttji t.. the front
line the next day. They were by far
the best thin- 'tithe ime of a trench
thnt 1 have seen, so clear nnd so
well made, The Ormnn line ia in
placei uncomfortably close
rome only about ' i yardi away, but
even nt thit '.ne does not see a
inn' deal ol thei Tbey have Just
■ fe.r thc "itfety of
their     lee' .,]■ |  bl ve   nml    we   Ml
Veep pretty well in the snfety o! the
I ,nd  b
However once in n while I could
get a glimpse of   thc Johnnies enrly
in the morning and did say "ueilu"
to tli":.i in the only ,wj I knew, tin y
woul I n Bpect,   but to be
.mi,i. l in t ■ potting game tor on
huiii Bld< s thej era station
ed In favorable ipote nnd it la their
businim      ie. and     return    nil
such salutes.
l had one little      it ol experience
with  euic of    thl '; i   this lust
tup l was' In.  !¥i era to  re
pair a trench wia-i   a ehell had   fal-
■  in the trench and     b d
blown dowu the pacapi    "i sand bagi
caui m oomewhi n in
neighborhood of a dot • n ca  i • 11 h .
As I laid claim to knowing hi
a   ihould be dune    i was superintending the ji i. and i     bad do    more
than go! si t t'd    when l dtocovi red
iiy someone in a b
little ways u\ev objMtl d tO th )oh
going e.n. 1 took my turn in building etc., work thc rest, but 1
..  '.•. ith the ii st, I ut  I did my
nr   ef ti nbrokeo pari      of    the
■ t.
of the
trenrhis for you Q<SV<SI know when
tiny «ill   ret \e a  even In   the
tfity   of   a tn neb.    tt may     b I
th   1   they will      I    .nut
In aline with  your trench Ud
as  all  their i IfleS are fitted  wil
' '
in     line     t.i      -et     jn  li Luckily
0     fond Ol that troe
game for  up   them they nre  soon  lo-
i ..inl   and thai   morals •   001 Of      our
Ild find   mie up   n tree   nnd   ' ag
ied biro too   He cam ike   a
'....•        r them
•rrin  .  the 'ether 1-elng located  in  a bait).
Another favorite    'ant  of theirs Is
In between fhi  I "■« an l 11 is
(Continued on Rare Four)
The following circular letter from
the office .ef the veterinary director
gen. ral at Ottawa has been received
ut thc city hall. It is the intention
of the department to control the
feeding 'if garbage to BWine, by the issue of licenses.
Sir,—The frequency of outbreaks ol
hog cholera in the vicinity of cities
and towns, where the feeding "f
swine on garbage is practised, has
forced me to take steps to control,
as far aa possible, this source ol in
As the connection between garbage
feeding and h<>g cholera is not     ap-
, Brent,  I may   nform you <that    the
disease is frequently conveyed by uncooked  pieces     of     pork,  which  lind
their way into tbe BWill barrel.  Piec
es iif  hams,  bacon      rinds,  eausa
that  have become tainted, and
thrown   mit may   easily   convey      hog
Cholera,  if any of them  have heen derm d from Bwlne     affected  with the
Hogs In the early stag's     of     b.ig
cholera are sometimes killed bir
food, and I may say that i.n experienced meat inspector would tind nothing suspicious ai'ieiit many such animals, in the stage of incubation th"
disease makes UO Change in the a]>-
pearance of the caresses, and the
meat maybe eaten by human beings
with no Mad tftectB, while remaining
capable of carrying the infection    of
.   hi a  t.i swine.
and curing  do not destroy
the virulency of such  pork,  an i   . x
perience has shown that quite a small
piece nf it mav convey the disease to
■ ipi 11 le hogs,
collected from widely
se.ittet d sources, us in ordinary city
garl a e feeding, lias many chances ol
■becoming con>tamin :t,.,i with si i
nf Inl ct'd pe.rk, and outbreaks of
bog  iholera in the neighboi h
towns   tnd Cit .ith
il  frequency,
has begun it I
bi rd first  atl spn ads    tu
other: herds li
Lasl  yeai  thi
i . own<era ol destroyed    in
stan .; ■
onl) pai' of thi
thli e
i • .ilui, if inti cl ion tn.
feedinj       I ..!.
u     in    .
tn. : f coo
feeding,     \.-
shown ih.,t. • h ■
In   with tl
Uttl t I
it hns therefore   i een    deeded
under     i
sun.     • ■ than before. A
license  wfl]  ' ■
will be ly to    those    who
md     aro
for can jrlr - I
1 oopj form ol appi    I
fm a in ensi is end loi
v..'ir Inti rmal
limit  thi wl ■
luct    it in    n   satisfactory
with   the  mini '    I
tgeminating bog cholera, and to com
pel those now maintaining filthy and
unsanitary premises to clean up, or
go 'mt of business,
Tlie new regulation reads as foi-
"The fie,ling ,,f swine upon garbage
or swill, eithe i raw or cooked, obtain d elsewhere than on the premises wii tc fed, is prohibited, unless
Bpecial permission in writing is first
obtained from the veterinary director general."
As health officer of your city, or
town, i hope you will c ■ iperate with
us by your influence to facilitate the
inauguration of a new syst°m. Your
council Ceiuld assist very materially,
hy prohibiting the gat bet ing of garbage, except by holders of licenses
obtained from this department, and
by notifying our inieus of any inline-i.n   .,f the [aw,
Three months from dare of publication are given before the regulation
nto forM. This Bhould give
ample time for th ise now engaged in
the busin tt to make application for
licenses, anl to make Improvements
in tbeir premises, if such arc required.
I   '"     Id  I " gi   '  t    he  r 're'tn
if garbage feeding is practised in
your city, or town. ..r i's vicinity,
i-nd would appreci \te anv deta'la as
r.s to the number of persons engaged
in it.
financial Statement of
RevelstLke Relief Scciety
Tia- following is the linancial state-
aunt ,.f Revelstoke local Relief society:
I ts.
June 1, Bai. in I ank (IE    i
i'hei|ti .-              , [jng 8.13
Net b.allnce, 9.34
June 5, B. uf L. E., 23.on
June 17, B. of L. E.,
June ii, P. I; urns & 1 12.60
IT.' 1
T ital
r   '
S.O, Robl Ins, Mrs. T. i> iwi s,    Mis.
!•■  R. Atkii      Mrs.   \ E.   M 11
labor Required hy
Armament Commission
W.  ! cltj  clerk, has    ;
led worknu n ure     rent in the   I
period 1    atl
'      m ie :
blacksmiths and
be ent1:
1       years     of
.v Robson the i'i" strawberry crop,
is the lightest in some ycamf PAGE TWO
SATURDAY,  JULY. 3,  1915..
Arts Courses only,
S G II OO f.
,11 iv nml   ui.itr
QBO. Y. CIIOWN, Registrar
Aifll W
Ij I .il ,1 •::
I folk would club togethei
' him a box of cigars?
ami    give   Doubt, cultivated his farm   with the
aid of some strange a      lantB    aud
hunted ghosts  In Cas      Clare,  J.It.
l'i k\ty  OF  EXCUSE Bray is tbe originator and creator of
Detroit  Free   Press:        You   can't   theBe drawings, and he was the   flrst
blame the dime graduates for think-   to put   motion  into the drawing   It-
lng  they are needed to run the world   self.  Mr. Bray     started     his experl-
when thej see what a mess tlie grown-  ments i.ver seven years ago.     Toduy
chc flDatVtoeralb
PUBLISH ED   v, khmshav
.-,'|.|||HV   AT
RK\ l.l.sliikl..   It.   ('
jyj v.it.Mu.i. ■
cJ7W li!-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
E.  G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor,
i.jis .iti1 making of the job this year.
Grand Porks i lazi I to: The Rev. A.
I'M Cooke takes Tlie Gazette to task.
iii i let in- published on this page,
for our comments in our last issue
on himself ard the "Crisis in B.C."
pamphlet. The feature of those com
ments was that the Rev, Mr. Oooke
was coming to make a political address undei ' in cloak of the church.
Instead of this being untrue it is
vouched .M>t- many who attended and
appears to have been the general verdict "i those who he ird him, one
i.nun,ent being that he had never
beard a more partisan address by a
professi d i>e>lit Ician, Mr. Oooke, bow
ever, gained his point eef securing an
audience In Grand Forks througb the
e hurch.
be is the bead of an arganization devoted iei making ins picl un s, has a
corps of artists working under his
t.iiimi-viBion and has patents on his
process which cover the use of trans-
parcnl   mati rial    or      material   made
transparent by any agency whatever
m the making of animated drawings,
Few persons ivould have the patience
to do Mr, Bray's work. lt. takes between four and live thousand drawings    tee    llial.ee    |   ,,.;:<|    |'rr|    ,,|'  ,,IU>   ,-(.^1   of
1 ■ 1111.   At   The  Hex  theatre on   Monday.
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every (DljirUt Package
'.MM l:l'\Y,  JULV  3,  1911
Commenting     on     the pamphlet
"The Crisis In II. C," the Western
MethodiBt Recorder says. "Whether
lhe charges .are substantially true or
false  we are  not   in  a  position  to  say
if they are true    the    guilty parties  LEANS
,. ,     should     not     escape the     penalty Horobin
neutral Mate is in a more diih- ,   ,       ...... , ,   .
of public humiliation; und   we   hope Laing,
"llt  Position than     Holland,     none   |  ,w  tbat  th(,      <rt,Ki| Ia0t8 wlll De ,,.w.  w 1
finds tbe tasked maintaining an even   disclosed.  On the face of it however,   Maunder,
balance     between     the    belligerents   the attack looks too    bitter    to he   Squarebriggs
ecessary. In none, perhaps,   is   sincere, and suggests that the mlnist-   Cralgmoyle,
,      ,      ,   i    i rs  have been   used to  accomplish   the   Heck,
■    sentiment   ni'ie   nearly   divided ' '
personal designs of the author ofthe   Bradshaw
va patl v.
: ■■ indications
a feel n
ol   the
though nf   late there
eef   a growing   anti-
due    chiefly tn the
Lusitania,   by   which
Dominion Day Races
(Continued from i'age Ono.)
Carpenter      gets      88 far     as   second,
Brier the next up sends a fly out inte.
left field and lb roi in with a gar
rison linish catches It, making tho
third nut.
When the final score was hung uji
it showed that the leans bad reversed order  of  things and  defeated tbeir
rivals   by a score of 1 to LO in favor
Of   the   leans.
The line-up was as follows!
deft fleld)
IC.    f.)
(tirst base)
fsec,   lase I
(third base)
(right   fiild)
pamphlet,  and perhaps     the     party Reynolds,
pull'Cans.     W" ministers are     sup-	
i'e ed     to be  rather sueceptable     in Blairmore Mas mie lodge, whicli has
BUCh   matters,   and if  it is  true      that been   working  under  dispensation    for
1   Dutch   lives   w.re   lost.    While
ress i    ll li ,nd is, ou ihe whole
'  .  e   |g an    act Ive pro Oer
in   of it,   and all   equally  uc-
Brlt Ish     element.     Hoilnnd
strongly resents thi restrictions thai
. ib     placed     up m her com
■ .,   f.'t   she  can now   trade      With
,•■: ■ on     c iiilii Ions     laid
down by the British orders-in-council
•   followed the establishment     .>f
li rman  ml marine blockade. She
■ ■ ..n  lv     re gents  the German
■ e irrying   en the war, and
:     pai t  of the » a Id have the sut-
I the Belgians ai i usi d   real
:   -;. . - .it liy and iiiMil nat Ion.     In no
I, in pi iportion   t..
. ilation, h - thi duty of ministi t
•     i
some have already admitted that
they had not personally Inquired into facts (notwithstanding the "Fore
...nt'd" e.f the pamphlet) but had accepted simply the statement "f Mr.
Cotsworth, the crusade will have lit-
i le effect upi en publii  opinion."
year jiast,  has
been     granted
St.   Francis church,  McKenzie Ave.
and Fifth Btreet, Pastor, Rev,   J, C,
MacKenzie.    .Sunday    services.—   Low
a.m. and     High Mass   at
m, eve I y     Si. iday.     .- ti daj
si!;.. I for the children at -■■■< p.m.,
It   has  been   decided   by   the  department of education to c. ntinue Moyie
public scl l with two rooms   under
the altered     status    i f an assisted
(in the German ship 'Bayern,'
which has been interned in Naples
since last August, beini: unloaded on
dune 11, and a thorou h search of
ier cargo made, under ostensible
<ef in i particular Importance
..ere found hidden held guns, machine
ai 'I sever il aeroplam s   \
ef this  war  material  was mentioned
■   ■   ■  ihip's     pi pers,     the customs
:   thoi '   - -■' > A li till. The 'Bayei n1
il lys
benediction .and Rosary at  f:3(J p.in
is s. iar. lay i te. hand 7:3u  sailed fron   I!  mburg   several
to   ''   p.m.   and   Sunday   in. ruing   7:3 '<-'  of hosti
(Veeks daj      Mass every morn- <
ed there    for
■-    ' 0   " • Kirnt    Fridays --.Mass   hi   -   a "   gOVei
• iin    |. issessb n     of
.:'   -.       -.   •
i,o.il» POLICE
[ t's good policy o think of the future
It'Bstfil lift ter policy to provide against
'le luisi'ot'l um s it ina\ have in s'ore
(or you.   The surest way of protecting
volltsell' .'iteil fllllllly is ll
with a reliable company. Tbe bigli
financial standing and b nu Iuisiii.-s-
uiireer of thu Knott'nay Agencies
make's ii absolutely trustworthy.
Your tine mav be near at hand.
Don't delay,   Tuke out a policy now.
A. E.  KINCAID,  Manager.
It. will pay you to make
a call at
Fur Buyer and Exporter
OLD Town       1(k\ ki.si'iiki:, B.O.
liot'oie buying your outfit
of working Rlotlu»8 for the
bush.     I ma1 e a specialty
Of Logging Shoe-, l'unls.
Se,x. Sliji ts, HI i. lk-M i, and
ivi'i y Irng l-i quili'd in V"iir
e   ■ ,,!.
;ium  ic  p isses
■ > ■:.   and
i lei r vol   Jagow      to
.:      Bi ind  Rosary at
p.  m.
Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Fjrna jo Work and up-
to-date Plumbing:
S   <ip    1 liiiuiliughl   Ave.
,-T.)KK      -      -    B.O.
, . • ilnloi
ind    Ai
ikon    Territory,     thf
M.ories and ia a por i
' the
a  term    0!
•went; rent
$1  au   a' ■     tbat .
■   ...   ■     •:.'.  a;.
it be mad. ,
to   tbi
Bi gK"k'e Transferred
Insi noi.; lng .Agents and Storage
"in nil ore iiial   I'iaiio-iiioviiig   a
tl iy
M      Nigl,'  I'h.'in Mb>'
I :
il.  I I   l."i IM
\T   THE   im
•     X
m i
for sh.-.
.■it he ace-.
not ava
. 'on.
Th'   person op
furnish  the A .■
accouni mtlty   ol
pay th.
. ni'y thi rei       ff the coal  mining
i gbtt   ' ilng operated,    such
M     ''    teturns  Should   he  furnished   at    lnnul
I'll    i nre  n  year.
Por   full    Information   application
i ill ovei   .'   Whi    loesn'i   should he mads to tbe   Secretary ol
little Colonel?    Who !thi   Dep     mi I       f the    Interior, Ot-
"i   .it his   ei.i.e.. .,,     he  -awn.   .r tr, the  ki ■■'   e,   3ub-Aegen1
tl beast    In Ci nti al  Mri< i,  of Dominion Lands
IS    .'I'     thO    III'- et .1 «f.    ff.    (JURY.
iTIi B
at    a
li.  it
■    ■
l:    Mln
nf   thl
\i.k\ wi .Ki:. BMITH
\\i■■' ■
Thc date eef tbe Bi ii  pul lication ol
tbis not Ice is.   fune 23,  1913,
do After tlie Chicken Business!
Dr. Rush's Chick Food. Cracked Corn.
Wheat, Bran, and Shorts for sale at
War is declared    on our stock  of       Why  are wo selling more   bread?
Tea and  Coffee,     nee our  window       There niuat be a reason,
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$1 Buys 3 lbs.
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Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hojrs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected-approved bv careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms- Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
O R I P M    "A I      Suitab|y furnished with the
\mJ l\ I L— I M   I  i\ Lm   choicest the market affords.
J. Albert Stone, Propretor
Best Wines, Liquors and
Citfars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Revelltoke l/oige
1 VT
"i n <>~A/
No, 1086
Meeta every lecond
. ■ ii,i Fourth Tueeday
ill   bhe Selkirk Hali.
urn arc cordially in-
AN K. I'VI'K, Die.
II. 1.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each mouth at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.  GORDON,  8eer«tary
11.  W.  EDWARDS
l'axicli'i milt.
Bi ttl  Rugl Mounted. Eun cleaned
und Dressed.
md St., Revelstoke, B. O.
IV.WJ    WidiieHiluy  evening
,'     •   o'clock,    in Srtkirk HaU.
ig    brothers   cordially  ln-
-. ted,
R. GORDON, 0. 0.
I. 0. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Vislt-
log brotliern cordially Invited.
Ii. MILLER, N. a
JAMBA MATHIE. Secretary.
All kinds of Repairing neatly done
Best Sand Shoes for children
Boots, Shoes, Trunks,
Valises, Suit Oases,
Bags, Pack Sacks,
Pack Straps, Whips, ,
Armstrong & Co.
Th; Leather Goods Store
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads SATURDAY,   JULY  3,  1915.
Notes from the cTHines
Consolidated shares are rlBlng
■.gain. On the Toronto exchange on
lune 9, 249 shares were sold at Irom
■um to 9108.
The Olive A Mining c impany is
continuing development on the Gallagher, with encouraging results according to report.
Preparations tor   starting   up   the
Blue   Bell   arc being   actively    carried
•ut  but some delay bus been experienced   hi account ot the   non-arrival
.if some expected machinery,
■Messrs, Wrl -In and I lawkins, of
Sandon, came down Irom the Sliver
.iiy mi Monday night, being en
route tothe .Silver i'ui> mine, where
they will do Borne work on the dumps
tor thc I'' r ;usou  Mines, Ltd,
George M. Youill, lorrniily a member ol the provincial police force, Is
•|i('i"itiii • a wi tch i pi ii shop at
fro il La! i cl1 ru ; whi n bu ne
gets a 111 i le slacl; he takes a pick and
ml -uiiiie bacon and beans and bits
ihe trails lor the high placi s in the
search for mineral.
Reports ol a strike on the Wake-
Held, acci rdlng to the Slocan Record, bave i een c mflrmed. A vein
.•I galena 25 Inches wide bus been
ipened nj>. The \V ikefleld was purchased n y ar ago i y a Sllverton
syndicate, and Bhould prove a big
winner. .1. R. Thompson is in charge
if development   work.
It was i xpected In April that the
iieiw would go very early from the
in.mts above timber line, thus al-
lowing a lengthy prospecting season,
but tbe backward weather of May
and June Bxed all that, so that tbe
Bnow at the upper levels is just as
deep, if ne.t peeper than at the corresponding periods of other years.
Working for the Dominion geologl-
al Burvey, D. S.J, Schofield is tbis
season scheduled to complete tbe in-
restlgation .ef the     silver-lead     and
mr deposits "; Ainsworth and the
geological mapping ol the country
between Kootenay lake and Cran-
brook ami will then start mapping
the geology .if the Windermere area.
G, St llwell, i ef Silver! on, Is i n i
nf the si.iean volunteers lor the 11
He Ihih been for many years In
i barge ol devi lopment work on the
Hewitt and Lorna Doone i
iiiniii mv miles from BHverton and
which are now shipping ore to a
(oncentrator on Four mile ci eek, the
mines and mill being operated by
tlie Silverton Mines, Ltd,
The Silver lie,ard is preparing a
shipment af a enr "f ore t.. be sent
to ite es M.imi [or a milling test. The
mine is said to be looking well, with
a great deal nf ore openi •! up, some
of it extreme ly liiL'li l rade,
well     ni t'nl     with   wii'i'   .-ilver.      Tl'.e
bulk 'if ibe ene, howi ver, appears t.i
Me I est   suited   fe.r   milling,   A   ' • - .'
I lil'ee   men is' a!  present   61 ipli iyi d    a'
Hie  mine.
Knsli' .-1 iii sblpmi nts i ecei.
tbe Consolidated M. fi s. smelter a!
Trail f r the w ek    ending  Juni 17
I '..ek Province,  Zwicky  i  2t>
Rambler-Cariboo   Rambler  lit
mm tti.e I.. Ferguson  39
Hewitt,   Silverton  ;i.'
No, 1. Ainsworth  120
Silver II.iard. Ainsworth  52
Slocan Seal   Sandon  :':'
im Monday some lourteen t.eiis ■[
concentrates were hauled down from
the Cork-Province ami loaded into
,-ars, which is the largest quantity
-o tar brought down in ■ ne day. Tlie
.;,■! is gr dually being got into
~ba]ie bo as ti allow of tbe transportation "f larger quantities. At
the present time the output of the
■nill is considerably iu excess ot
what  ran  i 6 handled  by the two tOlll'S
•n tbe road and over 200 tons   hnve
accumulated  awaiting  shipment     to
the railway.
Tbe largest . : ew employed just now
in the vicinity ol Unsworth is at.
the Number One.  where about thirty
neti  are  working  steadily     at     the
nine, and a tew more iu connection
.vith the loading and power plant.
I'he mine is    maintaining    a steady
mtput. The only other property of
:be     ('.ns lidated    M.    &   S. Co.'s.
Unsworth roup that is working is
'he  Highland,  where a few men     are
:arrying on development.
A strike which may lead to something good was mad" on the Grant
■hum up Woodbury creek, on Friday
■r Saturday ol last week. A streak
.f ore variously rep irted at from lour
to six inches was found, apparently
ef the "dry" variety and rich in sulphides.   Est in, eii s   .ef  us   values    ran
from a thousand ounces per ton    upwards, CP. >    "u Is interested in tbe
laim and  says he will be content   if
there is eight Inches of it and if    it
adds for  a   little  while.
New  Denver haB Bent 10 men to tbe
Tbe strawberry rush is now on In
Koot ''nay.
Dairy butter is 3.) cents a pound in
t Iranbrook,
The clover crop Is very heavy In
the Creston valley.
A Manuel has taken over the Futon
bote! at  Frank.
Thete is a jitney at WenatcLn
carries 16 passengers.
Canadian Northern railway trains
are running between Port Mann und
Copper ore Is being shipped fr.'m
Whitehorse to the T. elt.ir.
1 ire Is I eing Bhlpped from the
Molly Hughes mine at New Den\ r,
Near Colvllle a school girl n
died fri m   eat lng ., po   01     -
in Nelson the word German is
only used n connection with soxt.d
■ .'e.isles.
Charles Tremble committed suicide
at '' iche 1 Ireek by the m >rpfa ne
At Vancouver the   Imperial
i? Importing crude oil   from
The ranchers at Alice Siding    \ ill
ship about   1, 100     crates     of
this season.
Tbere are enough   berry     cups   In
Creston  to  take care    f  _.'
of berries.
Near Silverton 2b inches of clean
tralena has been strdck in the
Wakefield  mine.
Bill Shannon died li - . ne this
month. For 20i years he was a noted
police officer in tbat city.
Halibut  In larj 1        ntitiei
Ing landed at   Prince Rupert.     That
rity is bee '"ime    the   Grlms! y    ..;
! 'anada.
Tt is 20 years   igo   since P. 1
ec iiiired  a   Presbyt srian  1   st
He did not  coi rent many of the na-
. W.B, 1 ":v ■:.    '. i.
signed bis commission in the     4-th.
Y^J^ayflower -m
talcum :p;oW'Deb.?m;^
ilSimh.it ub-ii
Mayflower Talcum Powder
Nyal's Mayflower Talcum is an experience to every first time user. Its touch
is soft, soothing and refreshing. Its distinctive Mayflower perfume, delicate, individual,
elusive. Ideal for every use to which you
can put a Talcum.
Nyal Quality preparations can be obtained only in
Nyal Quality Stores. Ask one of them for free copy of
Booklet entitled "Your Complexion," giving full particulars of best methods of massage.
Walter Bews, Druggist, Revelstoke, B.C.
Packet of
OR.ff Dp ANY /
i      ne t"  Eni 1 ind t   Join  Kitch-
• ner's new army.
Times .;.:; t  be .lull In Kalso,   The
chiel e.f police ims been Instructed to
i lean up     tbe     " I ad lands," or net
\\ oat   !     Germai      and  Aust rlan
1 1 - . . I.- reci nt ly Intel ni d at Vernon
are  111 W   buildll g  ii .v...'"U  r  ad   (ruin
iho M en shee mine ti   Edgewood,   a
distance of 89 miles,     The Dominion
• ; aj - 1 heir board, and the
e peg    w),,,    Wor ,     ,-..,., ni.    _'.",    rents
a day 'i im tht   Bi It ih Ci tumble gov-
■ 1 nnn nt.
The Bi Itlsb Posl mi ster, Mr. Hob-
house says that "very day the pes
t il 'i > ■ 1 ment takes tee tli" front In
Pranci 110, 1 letters and 5n,OO0 par
eels, 1 ine lonely soldier tn the tr neb
es advertised loi c rr Bpondents ina
di ws ia] er, and three days Miter,
3,000 letters, six bags ol small parcels, and ninety large parcels were
delivered to him.
We are always disc* verlng new   re- \
llta of the  war.  The latest is      the
decline In popul r ty     In all Bn lish
tpeaking countries of the name "William." A person thinks twice   before
. 1    ■ v.: it f.ei  a baby nowadays.   It.
is a great pity that the Kaiser    bus '
Involved it In disgrace, f r there nre |
a lot of mighty decent fellows     who
have been known ;es "Bill."—Ex.
The United Copper Mine will begin
at eince'tu work over SO,000 tons    ofl
tailings,   which  und r the   new float- I
im: pr..cess will reci ver M" per    ton
nf values hist in the high grades    on
the concentrating    tables, in connection with the tailings the    company
will handle a large    t .nnage of ores !
already mined in   the     upper stopes ;
wbie'i have been awaiting tbe Install-
atte.n of the inr: city.—Che
welah Indejiendent.
•  last     as   a
train  loaded wil i. s    ut  60 ' soldiers
■ ■n their way '•• thi training  grounds
at  Vernon was passint  tii" depot   at!
•  ft,   -i.e .ef the ••• .lunteers jump-
1 el from th" mov       I kissed     n
young lady who was standing nn the
I latform, and then Bprang back on to
the next car. Away Irom the eyea of
the Inquisitive world, we have no j
doubt the "|iis,.de had leen secretly
pre-arranged. Ti is Is part ■■( a romance which, we trust will bave a happy ending. The name of the young
lady is bein/ strategically withheld.
li nil  bad  three  wi ddings     .■:■.
Bday last.
; Id n contributed 2' men   to   the
all-Kootenay regiment.
Kasl 's assessor     values   all   the
Canadian Pacific railway  property in
'   ■ .221.
Is • 'ff'rinc a reb ite ..f     ..ne- :
?Mxth on all t ixes    paid I ■ Ion    Si p
•: 20,
The Trail tax rati   f 1  1915 Is     80
■   •! •   A illar.     Seven of thi
r<  foi  scb "1 purposes.
•  ■  Ed t ■  "f the M .'.l I'. ■
ittce in  ;. I   the
N • « s
ts of the   'M        1 Ni ws '
, 1  t... Rev. Mi.    - ' ■   - address "The
,11 B.C.".  Il   Ii   '    ss '••     Mr.
t maj    13       '        1    ■ '    '
the'request    f     tbe  chairman  want
nto the "News ind re
plied satisfactorily     I    the satlsfac
\'i audience by the way t onlj considerable in nun ei I ol our
Bt Intelligent cit s. 1 may add
that tb" feeling of thi ng wns
that the people sh uld support the
M^nist'" lal ssociatioi of the l wer
mainland In their di m ind foi
r.nd  Just investigation.
v\M  C,  ■ AI.DER
T.. the Editor of the M ill-Herald,
■ —In yeeiir repi rt ol thi  1 leet 11 •
addressed by the Rev. Mi   Oooke, In
the Rex  theitre,     y. u  "ttiit to  say
t thi   ibject in view is the petition
I >r the  ippoint ■ I com
Further In giving
tlie nm |gon Daily News, in    the
same Issue, v iU fsil '    Q    Mr,
e's rej ly -whicl     1 uiti  1 b in [es
the  value  of  the   rep irt.
I think it due t.   Mr   C    ki    and t.i
thi   mei ting    to   call   attention    to
these points.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Give Maximum
Wear at a  Minimum Prloe
Shop in the Morning!!
emummmmmmnummmmi^      mmmmtmt        mmmmmmmam      mmmmm,m^mammmmmmmii^^,mmaimainmmmmm^m
You will find it more comfortable to shop in the morning these warm days. Th 5 store is cooler and stocks
all in gDoJ shape. Clerks can give you better attention than whan others are walking and clamoring to
be served.
Be a peeress in realm of fashion. Wear
one of oir beautiful "Fashion Dresses."
These beautiful white voile and organdy
Dresses are here in profusion just now. All
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Spring. The price is the reason.
A yard _	
A clearance of Barrettes,  Side Combs,
Hair Pins, Back Combs, 1 f\
at _       IUC
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Hot Weather Snaps
Men's light! WOOl Summer   Underwear—Beautiful French manufacture of
pure wool, extra-light weight.    Price, garment 75c
Men's Oxford Shoes—Standard make, black gunmetal, tan or patent, all sizes,
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The most comfortable of all forms of Underwear for Summer.   We have them in long
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Price, $1.50 to $2.75 Suit
Grocery and Crockery Department
Fresh Stock of Pickles Just Arrived
Mixed, Gherkins, White Onions and Walnut in pint bottles; Chow-chow, Mixed and
Walnuts in quart bottles.
Crosse & Blackwell Chutney, quart
bottles, 65c: pint bottles, 35c; i-pint bottles, 25c.
HEINZ' Sweet Mixed, Sweet Gherkins,
Chow-chow, Mixed, sour, and Gherkins,
sour, in pint bottles. Heinz' Sweet Gherkins in bulk sold in the pint or quart.
STEVENS' Pickles, pt. and qt bottles,
Gherkins, pint bottles. Pin Money, Mellon Manga and Sweet Mixed Pickles.
Pickled Beets.
DOM, SEN A Co. MangotfSweet Sliced
Chutney; quart bottles, 75c; pint bottles,
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Bulk Soda Biscuits, per lb., 10c.   Wheat Flakes, per pkg., 15c.   Powdered Blue, per btl., 10c
Ceylon Tea, extra quality, .'! lbs. for $1.00.     Bean Coffee, ground fresh, 3 lbs. $1.00
Bomaby Chutner' per bottle, 20c. Mangol Chutney, per bottle, 20c. PAGE FOUfl
Mr. and Mrs. J, Burfield have re-
turned from NelBon,
A. it. Lowe e.f Golden wan nt. the
King Edward hotel   ra Thursday.
it. D, I'Mriii uf Malakwa was a
guest .-it the King Edward hotel yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. ,1.0 Watson •>! Oal-
gary were ;ii the Hotel Revelstoko
Mi-h. and MisH Ashburner and Mrs.
Jaokson ot Arrowhead were at tho
J<ni^c Edward hotel  yesterday.
An auction sale i>! the household
cflects ..I ,i. Ross will be held at Mr.
Ross's   residence    by W. Parry on
July 18
On Monday, WM Parry at bin i ooras
In the Tapping block will sell by
auction the household effects ot J.
Miss   V. Thomas who has been al
Qlaciei  for some time ls Bpendlng a
tew days In Revelstoke the guesl .it
Mr, and Mrs.  K.G. McRae.
W. Parry Is selling by auction at
L.W. Wood's residence all the household effects 'if Mr, Wood, The sale
will take place on July 10 and 20.
I'M Paulding will occupy tlu- pulpit at si. John's church, at both
Bervlces on Sunday. Tbe soloist in
the evening will be Miss A. McKay.
The annual Btrawberry testlval given by tbc ladies ot St. Francis
Church  will  be  held on   Wednesday  nn
.i    church grounds. The band will be
in attendance.
Mr. and .Mis. (1. Mmley ut l.,,s
a i.. ■ ■ - .vere among tlie ^ucBta i.t
tne H 't.'-i  RevelBtoke ou Thursday,
Notice is given in tbe British Co-
lumbla Gazette ol intention tq Iona
a new pound district at burton, ir
the county ot Kootenay, botwecn
Lower Arrow Lake and Scalping
Knit.' mountain.
imt .ef th" :"i NelBon men who en-
listed in the Mib battalion at Grand
Porks and went with the regiment to
Vernon,  the following      have  received
promotions ami appointments: K.I'M
Wilkinson, platoon Bergeant; W. A.
Ourran, sergeant; B.A.M, Macmllian,
sergeant; A.I'M Graham, corporal; 0.
v.. Ronmark lance-sergeant; 0. F..
tam md Jack Quin, corporals; \.
Hand ill, A. Graves, U.S. Ashby and
J. Knpland, lance-corporals; Malcolm
Campbell, regimental police; J.F.
Thompson, battalion representative
mi    icrossi   it  brigade headquarters.
In reply 'o     si ;h!  lett<ei te. milit-
i irters at    Ottawa, apply
ir tb"    right     to enlist in the
r i>ii  battalion,   \   I'M  Blackwell     ol
illowing lei
ter from the adjutant   general:      "la
' . i   ram  ol  ihe    7th
Inst., on I • My not-
i r    . Inform you that il
ces for
H. Manning Ins an attractive patriotic window.
Miss Elsie Hooley is visiting her
brothei  !■'. lle>uley.
S. I.e'ary of Nakusp registered at
the King  Kdward hotel yesterday.
.1. M. Martin of \'ernon registered
at the King Edward hotel on Thursday.
Leonora Cox of Boise, Idaho registered at the Hotel Revelstoke yesterday.
.\. W, im ess of Vancouver was a
guest at tbo Hotel RevelBtoke on
Vi. Boyd of Halcyon Was among
(lie guests at the  King  Kdward hotel
.1. II. I'm ner of Taeoma was ie
guest   at the      lie.tei   Kevelste.ke       ■ >I>
S. I'M Newman of Bear Creek was
a guest at the King Kdward hotel
The seven months old son of Charles K. t'oiiche died this morning at
the  hospital.
Mr. Ludgate of the Pantages theatre, Lethbrldge will heat the Empress on Monday.
Alexander Lyle was married on
Wednesday, July 30, at Chilliwack to
Miss Florence N'ewby.
A garden party and sale of home
cooking will he held at tbe home of
Mrs. t'.B. Hume on July 22.
Among the '.'nests at the Kim: Ed-
Ward hotel yesterday were Miss F.
McKeen and Miss G.M. Farqtihar ■>[
Ait the auction sale to be held by
W. Parry on Monday a large painting
will be sold, jiuiute 1 I.y one of the
volunteers for the front.
The Methodist Sunday school classes of Mis. IM Howson, Mrs. L. Howson and Mrs. Maxon held a picnic at
the old brickyard on Wednesday.
The ladli a who have b<	
railway [are for bereaved children de-
thank those whose ready   and
is response made their     mission  successful.
Mrs.  F.   C.  Norris has received     a
li i ter from the adjutant of the     '  I b
I atl ilion regarding Pte, W.E.
Se.n  in which he says    "1  am  -
■ hat this man has been .
i Ince i he nl ;ht  of     April 22 .md 23,
when the battalion charged and   I
the woo.! to 'lie north wesl
: •    .•
111 Germany  . s
we know
■ •
: '■'
'   '
'   -
'    '
Winners of Siiielcs
at Public Schools
More Work Received
by Red Cross Society
The weekly meeting of the Red
1 Muss was held at the Y.M.C.A. on
Wednesday afternoon and the regular
business transacted uud much finished
work handed in.
Mrs. Pagdin bas completed and
handed in 13 pans of socks to date,
is the champion knitter of.Bevel-
The following work was received:
Mrs.  Atkins,   I   pair  socks.
Mrs. T.E, Kooi, 1 pair socks.
Mrs. Pitblado, (Arrowhead,) - pair
Mrs.   Richard   I bard,  .1  pair  socks.
Miss Betty  Peterson,  (Arrowhead),
1  pair socks.
Miss Janet McKay, t pair socks.
Mrs. Kincaid, 2 pairs sooks,
Mrs. Crowe,   : pairs socks.
Mrs. McKechnle   ,: p ilrs socks.
Mrs. Jos, T. Farmiloe, 1 pair
Mrs. NM R. Brown, 1 pair socks,
.Mrs. PurvlB,  l pair socks.
Mrs. a. Crick, - pairs socks.
Miss Little,  1  pair socks.
Mrs.   t'lias.   Macdonald, 1   pair
Mrs. M.B. McKenzie, 2 shirts.
Mrs.  Purvis,   1 shirt.
Mrs. .)..). Woodland, 1 shirt.
Mrs.  J.A.  Woodland,   I shirt.
.Miss  Klfreda  Leigh,   I  shirt.
Mrs. C.R.  Austin, 1 pair knee caps.
Anna Meikle,   l pair socks.
Mrs. A, McLean, \ pairs socks.
Mrs. l-M  B.  Wells,  1 pair socks.
Mrs. Vi. Morris, 1 pair socks.
Mrs. s. Halversen, 1 pair socks.
Mrs. l-M Payne,  1 pair socks.
Mrs.  Wills,  1 pair socks,
Mrs. A.  Wilson,  1 pair socks.
Mrs. I-M  Paulding,  1 pair socks.
Mrs. F. Somes, 2 pairs socks.
Mrs.  T.J.  Somes,  1 pair socks.
Mrs. Belcher, 1 pair socks.
Mrs.  ('.akill,   1   pair socks.
Mrs. H.W.  Wood, 2 pairs socks.
Mrs.  Dunn,  1   pair socks.
Mrs.  Robbins,  1 pair socks.
A.   i-M'iend,   I  pair  socks.
Grandma Stone, 2 pairs socks..
Mrs. Downs, 2 pairs socks.
Mrs. F. Terry, 1 pnir socks.
Mrs. Howard, 1 pair socks.
Mr-, c. Davenport, 1 pair sucks.
Mrs, McFadyi n, 1 pair socks.
Mrs.  Thomas Sturdy,  1 pair socks.
Mrs. Pagdin, 6 i>airs focks.
Mrs. L. Wood, 1  pair socks.
Mr-. Taylor,  1 pair   socks.
Mrs.    Rev.) Calder, 2 pairs socks.
it had been necessary.
The toughest thing about the last
trip was the !osb of sleep, in three
night and days I bnd four and a
half hours and that Was in about
five periods.
And say talk about sleeping on a
pool   table,   that   is a feather   bed    in
comp irison to a tiring platform, and
sometimes it gets so cold that you
have to keeji your teeth clinched to
save knocking them out with chattering. That last tril' we went in in
a hurry and had tee leave our packs
behind and of oourse our overcoats
were in them. It gets very hot in the
day time, hut nt night their is usually a chilly wind comes up and' you
need something more on than a cartridge belt. I
1 To he Continued. 1
The   ice  cream   parlor  at   Blairinori
is being enlarged,
IMisslaud bad a hailstorm on Friday that did a lot .ef damage to
many gardens in the city.
Theso rates  are
for     on«
GALT COAL burns all night. Re
velstoke General Agencies. Limited.
The annual strawberry festival given ley the ladies ol St. Francis church
will be h"ld on Wednesday evening on
the church grounds. There will be in
addition a culinary table. Ten cents
admission will be charged at the
door. The hand will be in attendance
1 ml the beautiful grounds of St.
Francis church have never looked
prettier than at present.
FOR SALE.—Newcombo piano, waluur,
finish, cost $,150.00, Good as new.
Part cash balance .flO.tlfl a month.,
can be seen at No. II Sixth street
West.  Apply Box 705, RevelBtoko.
FOR RUNT.—House, 7 rooms.     Furniture  for    snle.     Api>ly  8»J  Second
Btreet, E., JiOp
TO LET.—5 Furnished Rooms, for
light housekeeping, hath, hot anfl
cold water; water paid and wood
furnished. Ifl.'i.OO per month. Apply
box 104, City. Jy.-30
At the city pound on July 3, ltUr,
A fox terrier bitch wearing collur
with Calgary tag, LOU, No. 142. Owner can have same by paying pound
fees.  Apply  at  police station.
Cranbrook agriculturists nro unita-
cided as to whether to hold a frill
fair this year or not.
TO LET.—I front rooms     for    light      The early   cherries are beginning to
housekeeping over Bews'  drug Store ' get ripe on the hill at Kaslo. This is
Wood  and  water    included.     $10.00 : about  three  welts enrlier  than    last        f
per month.       Apply Box 104, City.   year.
MONDAY, JULY   Sth, at   2    pm.
Under Instructions of Mr. J. Sim-
monds, late 1 f C.P.R, who has lefl
for U. S. A, Goods us follows:
Iron and brass beds complete, dressers, stands, "Uk Davenport valued
455.00, 3 piece parlour suite, rockers,
baby carriage valued $57.00; lounges,
carpets, new buckets, new electric
fixtures, clocks, linoleums, chinaware
glassware, sealers, and host of otber
uselul household effects, too numerous
to mention. Everything must be sold
positively without reserve. Terms
Auctioneer nnd Commission Agent
PHONE 356 BOX 311
'        I
. . I   ■
Mnes in ac-
Bn'.sh 1.
I all the world's
latest net
at u en
sues between V.
bavl      f i, and
Dorc  nnd  the  1
ial '■'  I        latest news        <
■   Eddie Lyons in A I
a C'^at.
DAY —Jesa L. Losky, prs-
"nfs liustin Fnrnum in Cameo
■-, .-, parts,    another big
Tuesday ni:-ht production.
.   1 :
e     ■'
n   e
ton II,
Dl 1 Ion III.
IS. 37
on   V	
Division  '. 1.
on vn
'17. R0
Division   VIII.   .
11    ilon rx. ...
.   311
Snipers Make Life
1 Continued from Page One.)
a   (1 ... w    to   be
and    el  it
M- to put     your
the t'.irapets to have     a
ith death.
:t      the
-    n  "he stretcher    party.
• he most ex-
not  because
:. th..t was    en-
•   •
fact that th''     wou d
•.) hi  1 ■> a talkie
Itogether that
"R- UKh on Rnts"
"Pictures that are
Animated Cartoons
"The Diamond
From the Sky"
Pathe Weekly
' 1
■enjtB i| i|i lo.w'p.i jojnnf ■
nim,}iiii'.iio atw swpoinon pmvnaQ
7    M
,' II e     \|l       I    I        \|,
i\s 11 \ not
• •1   ' III- I III.III •■.    \\
uot 11 thoimaml.
Cn SATURDAY. JULY 17, 1915
At Residence, 36 Second Bt. Bust
Haping been favoured with instructions by Mr. Robs, late principal of
Selkirk sehool, wbo la leaving for thc
■east. Goods comprise as follows:
Iron and brass beds complete, dusters and stands: solid oak arm chairs,
rockers, parlour nnd kitchen tables,
Ibabies c<it, Axminster and Brussel
carpets valued (46.00 each; linoleums
stair carpet good as new, bed linen,
curtains and h'st oi other useful
household effects to numerous to
Terms «.f sale     strictly cash, positively with'Ut     reserve as Mr.  Boss
haves the city on Sunday,  July lv
1 view day before sale.
1 and 1   aniiission Agent
rn  ni: ;:.', BOX 311
and 20, 1915
?ale   Commencing   10 a.m. Until   IS
■i. From - p.m. Until Sold.
een    favoured   with    In-
■M.  L.V..   Wood,     who
•  -i in-.:, I will  sell  absolutely
bis lovely home    ol
furnll rt  new. Good*    corn-
lows' Lovely ■>.*>.00    Me-
M.ngc,   Eatly Engliah
■   taaivi   S"lul    brass
•   iv hair Mattress;
sh     DininL-   Suite
i.assive solid
lovely Clr-
: Dn    ■ rs. n^w
• ,.i . reen plush
i • :
i Bile Ruga,
'     • f  . .1 ry  dl •
nnd  other  Car|iet«,
f other
(I   •
■ • on.
1   aid no'
rnlim   ' tlCftlly    new
N' .       Tf
nytlme    1 < -
for*   the   . .      •
•    ... p  n»l' ||  '
t      * nr}
T'fDM' ROY 311
di idale • tal
By Imp 1 ■ ' Hi'■■» 1 ■■ "' ■ '    11 me
ell's Ranch    1 I time
,b'«'. With I ;     i III ge-
The undersigned will pay the sum of Five Hundred
Dollars to anyone who will furnish to the Provincial
authorities evidence that will lead to the apprehension
and conviction of the person or persons who set out
the fire at Comaplix on''April 4th, 1915, which destroyed the " S.S. Revelstoke."
Revelstoke Navigation Co., Ltd.
The undersigned will, pay the sum of One Thousand
Dollars to any person who will furnish to the Provincial authorities evidence that will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who
set fire to our property at Ctrraplix cn April 4. 1915.
Forest Mills o f i Bi it ish Columbia, Ltd.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Give your poor tired feet ;i chance these
hot days—try a pair of our Cushion Sole
Shoes,    for    Men,    Women,   and   Children
For Sandals, Canvas and Tennis Shoes
has secured from one of the largest Eastern
daily papers part of its Premium consignment, which consists of a combination punch
bowl and fruit dish and a dozen punch cups.
To all old and new subscribers of this paper
upon payment of their subscription, will be
given, free, one of these fine sets. Now on
view at McRae Shoe Store.
©Cat* Remember: JUI that is necessary —
pay your subscription and charges on
the set.
Having been advised that a standing reward has been offered
for information which will lead to the conviction of the party
or parties who set fire to the Forest Mills of British Columbia
at Comaplix, B.C., on the night of April 4th, 1915.
Any person or persons having information bearing  upon this fire  should communicate  with
[Mr. R. F. Johnston
Special Agent of the Wm. J. Burns International
Detective Agency
at the King Edward Hotel, Revelstoke, B. C, he
being the duly authorized Special Agent of the
(Signed)   JAMES H. de VEUVE, President
The James H. de Veuve Insurance Co.


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