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The Mail Herald Dec 11, 1915

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The Mail-Herald
Will    YOU
Do Your Bit?
Vol. 22-No. 96
$2.50 Per Year
Hon. Thomas Taylor, M.P.P., Present—Enthusiastic Meet- Ipptiipp   nn    hnjjji
ing   Standing Room Only   Resolutions of lonfici- lcl,lu,u   u,!
Systematic Method to be Used Co-operation  Discussed    Lee- Half of Necessary  Funds Se-
City is to  be  Divided
Into Tun Uistricis
ture on
First Aitl-
ence in Dominion and Provincial Governments and
in R. f. Green, M.P., and Hon. Thomas Taylor
Passed   Many New Members Sign holi
Much tnjuyed
Right  Hon. Sir  R,  li.  Borden
Sir Rlchar i McBride
R, I'M Qreen, M. P.
Hon. Thomas Taylor,  M.P.P.
WM  W.  Foster, M   P. P.
J. Guy Barber
Angus McLean
William .1. Armstrong
li. i,. Swanney
Hugh Bruce
C. M. Field
F. McCarty
The Stai theatre was packed tothe
,,,, ., .     on   Thursdaj  night when the
annual meetin - ot tb   R< velstoke Con-
B«rvatlve as lation was held.     Tlie
enthusiasm     • eted and the deep
Interest taken In the . roc edings was
ample    testimi - to the activity
and vitality ol th I onservatlve
parly In Revelstoke. Resolutions ol
confidence in the go' ernments ol Sir
r.  i..  i md .if     Sir     Richard
McRride, ii   R. K. Green, M.P., Dom-
.,U pre? 'it     rami t Mclntyre, the retiring idenl    in a Bhori  address
'I'lr Rectory committee and Womens' auxiliary dl St, Peter's chinch
present administration the affairs ol bave great reason to be pleased with
t.he province have been administered lhe success attendant on the gather-
In an honest and businesslike mantusr ing al the recent visit t'i them ol
and that a progressive policy has ihi Hai Iton, the Bishop ol Jap-
been maintained  throughout, nn,   Tbe   Reverend and distinguished
Further    Resolved thai a copy    ot gentlei   n onlj  in the city     for
tbis resolution be forwarded to Sir one day but during that Interval ho
Richard McBride, Premier ol Uritisb. addressed two audiences, both ol
Columbia, whom were enraptured at bi-i orato I
Resolved: That this annual meeting cal powers, During the atternoon he
of the Revelstoke Conservative asso- was tho guest ot and spoke to the
elation express Its appreciation oi members ot the Womens' Canadian
our Federal member, Mr. R. I'M club at the home ot Mr. J, M. McKay
Green, M.P., and iiu unabated confi- The evening meeting undei the aus-
dence in him. pices ■'! St.  Peter'i   congregation was
Further     resolved     that a copy of held In    the Scandinavian hull     und
this    resolution be forwarded Mr. R. was attended not only by the church
F.   Green, M.P., House o! Commons, ■•■     ie        it  by the citizens at large.
Ottawa, Ontario,                                    The hall which had been tastefully de-
Resolved: That this meeting of the corated with Christmas test i-:. pot
Revelstoke Conservative association ted "Mints and cut flowers presented
express ns hearty appreciation ot ■ ■ very charming appearance and
the local member, tho Honourable breathed hospitality to all.
Thomas Taylor, and would take thi.s With the speaker of the' evening ou
opportunity of tendering bl i its c i- the platform, wns the Rector of the
gratulatlons upon the esteem in which church, Rev. c. A, Procunier, who
he is held throughout the province acted as chairman. Previously to in-
and further express Its utmost c.m- troducing his Lordship, Mr. Procun-
fidence In him as our representative.   ier     in a expressed the
Further     Resolved     that a copy himself and church at the
this    resolution be forwarded to   tin   vi Bishop of Hamilton and
Honourable    Thomas  Taylor,   Victor- voiced i itlfication nml honor
la, H. ('. felt  by all  that  Revolstoke had   heen
Hon. Thomas Taylor, M.P.P., spoke l-onored bj such a distinguished visas follows: itor.
Allow     me In the first place to ex      For   ■■   •   m hour Bishop Hamilton
my    very kindest thanks to Vi. held  his   hi   rers    ntranccd  with     hi*
who so kindly referred   to charmingly  told   ;,e.i>   ol Janan  and
The financial committee of which A. Special  to the Mail Herald.
::. Kincaid is the chairman, and who MALAKWA, Dec   bd   Under the aus
have    charge     ot      the      Patriotic pices    ol    the    Malakwa Mutual   lm-
fund      collecting      campaign      have provement  class and  with the co-op-
decided in work min edlstrlcts with a eratlon ot the Far 's Institute,    a
collector for each district, as follows', crowded  meeting  assembled  at   Mala
District   I,   Lower   town   from   top  of   l,\\a  town   hall   last   eight,
dill, c. M. Field, ,i.  VI, Humphreys, president ot   the
District 2, west ot Government Young People's association wa chalr-
■ ul in top of hill, W, T, Johnson, .nan. and briefly Introduced the
Dl trl t  .:. ea I  ol government road speakers,  Sept.  McKay ol tho C.P.R.
Revelstoke and Doctor Sutherland,
Wm. Lawrence of the Lawrence Hard
ware   Co.,   was   also  ol   lie    pal ty.    G,
Ralph Law rence ol i ho F vest Mills
■i. as iei h'i\ i t aken a mu leal pari In
i he program  bul   had hi en called aw-
That  thi
-Aitraciing Attention
to McKenzie avenue,   \.  P,  Levesque.
D Si i ict I, McKenzie a' Onuo, "tie
llock east and west of First Btreet,
■ '.  I'M Lindmark,
District 5, Firsl and Second street,
• e-i, except  the firsl  block on    First
tn el, MM W. Bradshaw.
District 6, all north of track, CP.
R,  bill,  etc..   \.  E.  Kincaid.
District 7, Third and Fourth street.
R. H. Urquhart.
District   S,      Fifth  and   Sixth  street.
J, Purvis.
District      9,   Seventh,   Eighth      and
Inth streets, T. Crump,
nistricl     10,     easl  oil Boutb track,
lev,   M c. McKenzie.
,- y te, Calgary, and was therefore unable i" attend.
I'ri'i- lings opened with tho singing
of God S ive the King.
Wm. Lawrenci was then called upon t'i give a reading. He recited
■.vith dramatic effect "The Outcast,"
a piece of his own composition.
Supt. McKay was then called upon
in address the meeting on the BUblect
i '  operation."   I le dealt      with
i his  » inl r wil]|
Me    a success is : ev. almost assured,
i lub     I i  i .t  t ■■
very   gei
prlti   a
ountlng     I" almost  h ill tbe sum   le-
lLi id.   One  vei..     li a u     fi al u
thi n list, they state,     La
the nu     er ' >l   pi i ion il  buI scrlptiona
teceivi d nd as   1 hi y
may  I to see all eni        iste
wou leased to r< ■.-••.\ e '. y mail
any remll a in  aid oi the spoils.
l-M    B.    WellS,
;e'.    Halvorsen       •  B. R.   Ukina
1 ttee),
11 tipal evidence of the notice
,'inter Bports   movement
cits is tba
ment  n ade t.e thi   i ommittee   by
one ■>{ our bi ti t he has al-
■ d for the tournn
i next),   six
tarter ol    the
v Idi ■ e of a Iverl seraent   and
Th. Ign will c.on.ni ie next the BUbject  in Mis usual conci e man- '" '' «'   •'•'lnt-
■ 11 be rushed through
as  i •' sible.
Arresled on Suspicion of Hav
iny Rolled Swede   Charged
With Burglary
inion     r ■ mber and in  Hon. Thomas
Taylor, provincial member were pass- press
,d and ■ the beartj       ; I eslie, .lr.
me in hia address of welcome and ul   ■'■<■ n  -       ople,   He carried all with
so for the r   olution ol c n   I nee ex- him Ir  ,-       mey across this beaut
the fui  little country,  describing     many   May u- W, A. Foote charged witb en-
E. of Its beauty spots and scenic attrac-  tering the store ol F. B. Wells on or
1" the twenty-three years       (     ■ Octobei and stealing
he     has ,| clothing. I-,  B.  Wells   and
On Tu isdaj   aftei uoon Georgi Clark
ppeared     before     Police  Magistrate
extended     a hearty welcoi e to   Hon. ,.,..   ,|     i,y the association and
Thomas Taylor,  M.P.P., and reviewed ; in,i sentiments expressed by A.
the     work done during the past year Kincaid.
which     w.,s     '.-ree'e.i  with much ap- i  ha e had the  pleasure         t1 nd          re Idence   i   the i lutttry he     has
were  '"'"'" '         ■"'■'  annual                                                           ow  from a semi-civilis- .-■           Ivorsen    claimed that certain
counted  instrumental  and local  num- sociatiori.   There has been at all   times "1 state, until  now Iti civilization   is articles Clarke was wearing     at   the
cn My  C.  Couche and F. B remarkable response to the call for rivalling     that of any other country time     of his arrest  were similar     to
■"U.     and recitations by   E.    S. officers.   At  the present time, with no on the gl ibe.    His story of the Indus- tiu.se missing after the robbery   and
M    tm and *\. Leslie. .Jr.. were much immediate    prospect of election, it is try and ability of the    people     was the    evidence    was such that Magia-
Bpprecia 'ery  gratifying   to  notice  tbe   young most Interesting and all were amazed trate Foote sent accused up for trial 77
if tl     features <>f the evening conservatives falling In line with   the to learn that only the limitation   e.f ;„ the county court.
v. a>     the large number of new mem- older members who have worked hard  its area deters Japan from being one     Clarke in the lirst  instance was ar-
bers  ..               d the roll. from     the early days and it ia the^ df the foremost manufacturing nations rested on suspicion of having rolled a
.lame-     v ic ■. re ret uii-: president cr.lthusiasm     to    which    we owe the of the world.   With a population sev- swede, and when searched a tie   pin,
to en. times greater than Canada aud an ring     icid  collar button similar     to
ner, arousing the interest of the aud-
ieni e by glimj ses of his own
ii nces as a boy on a prairie farm 225
niies [rom a town. He forecasted a
greal future'/or the fertile valleys of
British Columbia and slated that a
British Columbia valley "looked like
the promised land" to a prairie farmer.
Conaidi i ng the heavy ee- a of i tearing British Columbia lands, he
Etrongly advocated mon .'■use farming and the production if only
those crops for which there is a
ready market. Personally he w i : op
posed 'e, the polb y of British Colui i
Ida f irmi • a specialii lng In dairy
breeds nf cattle believing that a
heavier dual purpose an1 nal was more
suitable tei the country and conditio] -' e a! i'i' si n'. ! le
touched 'i| ■ ii i he targe sums British
Columbia annually spends upon the
importation 'if dairy i inducts—all of
which ought easily to be raised within  the province, and remarked     that
e    >:;:',' 00,000    spent     on  imported
dairy products In British Columbia in
Cr     SpnMS     fe.l      ■ '    (kg          has
i.ne., ...IMM .,,';■.,   ,!., jes.
The     chMe .., rtlslng
mattei     which     it M - will attract
the attention  o and those
interested    i'i -  :■  , |   and
will du all  iu   • ,i th-
-     c I
Another pli a - . e of the canvas (or :e tudc of
many uf the buslni ' t
most oeronsl • should
require it, comi igain and we
will do a little more."
Com oris   Needed
Solcie.s   at   the
T] Mar     meet! .   A
took  the' e.n   and  the  following t"l- Rreat deal of credit which is due
Green, M.P., was ti1P association. area only one-twenty-flfth as large, those stolen were found in his posses-
read amid M ity cheers' "Victoria, >l There are many rum,irs in regard to she is going, ahead by leaps and sion. The underwear accused was
C.. Dec uh. .Mimes Mel. tyre. Revel- an early election and to changes in bounds, leaving-other nations in the wearing was much too large for him.
stoke, Received this morning y,iur the cabinet, to which, I enn say there ''ear. Thcre can he no "hack to the This Mr. Wells stated was the same
kind Inviti ' ■' present at annual is hardly any probability of , md" movement in Japan! for only | ind „f stock he carried and was of
meeting >f association to he held to- tion before cexl spring, and with re- tw.enty-flve per cent, of their land ia tho same size as that missed at. the
morrow evening lit unfortunately gard to changes in the cabinet if suitable for agricultural purposes, as time of the burglary,
cant he villi you. Please convey my there were t.i be any, it would lard. It has been realised that the future of The robbery in question took place
regrets t" uwoclation and wish them |y Me reasonable to exjiect that the Japan depends on her manufacturles, i,.,st October when about .<200 worth
for me all success and bright ami government would give the informa- end nn account of the cheap labor ob- ,,f goods were stolen including ram
prosperous year te come. R. I'M tion to lhe libera' papers Brst, bo tamable their market is one to ho coats, sweaters, boots, socks, under-
Green." thia question  is practically settled, sought    for by other nations import- wear,    razors, gloves, pipes, tobacco,
In     the election ol   ifflcers the hon I    fe l as though   I  would like     to ing   .heir  goods.   The quickness   witb cigarettes,      handkerchiefs,     neckties
oi     -   presidents  and  honorary    vice iki   np  some matters in which I have which     they adopt new lines of  pro- and     a number of small articles     of
presidents   were  unanimously  re-elect- been     identified  as  yi  :i   minister.   If dure is remarkable.  Already  they are j.w'llry.   The     previous Friday      the
ed. J'ou  remember,  when  Sir Richard Mc- entering    the field ina great    many oriental     hotel was burglarised     the
.1. Guy Barber was elected president Bride assumed office tl- province was lines formerly supplied to us by Ger-
hy acclamation. practically bankrupt,  the total     sum many  aad no doubt in the near tut-
Vngua McLean was elected first vice in tie treasury being less thai:   $126,- rre will hold the world's market for
president      tbere being  three noa.ina .. One of  the  tirst measures   to  be ' '>'- as well as mnny other things.
1912    would have been of Incalculable ' : >
benefit      if  it    bad been spent   within °' "" Y-M.CA.
British    Columbia      boundaries.      He noou- the President Mrs.  Kilpatrick,
stated that  the  policy ot Ihe C.P.R.  taking the     chair.   Preliminary     ar-
lad    always I n (perhaps from     a ran tor •' dance to
selfish     jioint  of  view)  to assist      all
■ nil hall Dec.  17. K.ir-
Bettlers  along  their  lines  as  far     as
•      •-   ■■.;   Mei .    a
they possibly could.   Mr.  McKay cm- loll°* '■-   work   » ■     ' '•  '•"     Ml>-
eluded by stating his great interest
In i he development "f British Columbia valleys, anl of the Eagle River
valley in particular, and assured the
neeting that if he could at any time
be of assistance to them he would be
only too pleased to do so whenever l'ai
he could. tary
M. A.  Willi i (Cra   ellach-
le),  Mrs.  ',    Mi i ,,r «
each, Mrs. A. Crick, Mrs. Teddy Taylor, Mrs,  W. H   Roberts, 2 p.iir each,
Mrs.     Downs,  M ss  Stella  Mm I
Mrs. a. iM  Miller, Mrs. G.  Jessop, l
■ i
Mrs -14
Mrs. J. C.
Lioi     I ei  this honor.
Tin re were two nominations
■second vice president the honor
to William J. Armstrong.
II.   L.     Swanney  was elected
vie president  by acclamation,
There  were  three  nominations
fourth   vi'-e   president   and   alter
taken in carrying on the business   of     Japan;   is    not a Christian nation,
fi '■'  the province was the dotation of     a still the powers tbat be realise     the
going  loan  and I well  remember in  'Me   el    benefits  that  havc  been  derived from
ectlon of  1908 the public works   were Christianity and the missionaries and
third  entirely closed down,  the reason     rn- teachers are allowed  every freedom in
lng that the province was practically their work aiimnp the people and   no
for bankrupt,  which was not a nice situ-  interference      is    offered      those  who
He'  Btion      for   the   various   Conservative  adopt   Hie  religion  of Christ  and  am-
cash     register in the bar
being emji
C. I'M Gillan anpeared fo
iiie crown
and   Vi.   II.   Karris  for   the
I tor Sutherland was then   called Bhirl '
upon    ie.    give   a lecture on "First
/.id." \        'nal   no »as reo    ed
This  waa  followed  with deep  inter- tri ers of Nak-
i -i. and was most com] rehenslve ai d '   M">
Instructive,   the  doctor having     con-
The News From
Three Valley
was   a
cnir the native Christians are to be
(ound men from till the walks of life
and anione thc followers of the mis-
.'binary  teachers are many whose   in-
ciatlon of the City of Revelstoke express our confidence in the Rlirht
Honourable Sir R. L. Borden, Premier of Canada, and in the administration of which he Is at the head.   Wa
A.    Blay of  Malakwt
Mere  last  Monday.
Ruby and Murdie Rutherford of
Kevelstoke spent the week end at
Three Valley.
Mrs. A. I'M Haycock and children
returned home from Soisqua Thursday after a pleasant holiday with her
Robert Houston of Peachland visited with his cousin, Mrs. Hanson Friday.   Mrs. Houston entertained   friends
densed the whole -ems of First Aid
lectures which usually lonsist of five
lectures of one hour each, into     one
lecture,     lie      illustrated     the    lecture
with diagrams, charts, anl also gave
■■:   lirst baud exhibition of first     aid
treatment upon ine of the I oys pre
Mr, Somerville, In moving a vote of
thanks, expressed the appreciation   of
Malakwa people for the honor done
them; I'M Erickson, J.P., seconded in
similar vein.
(rom a distance.
ballots     were     counted it was found candidates to face it: running f.'i      .•(
tbat Huch Bruce was ebcted. Pee.   The-  lirst   business  ,,f   tl.e  cabin
Tbe secretary  (M  M.  Field and    the 't     was to place the affairs  of     tin
treasurer F.  McCarty were elected by    oiintry  on  a sound  linancial     basis
acclamation. by  Inducing capital to come into the fluence   is   felt in the social, tnercan-
The    following were the resolution* province.   The     result     of    the first tile,    legal  and political  life of      the
read: jears  of  the McBride  administration country.
Resolved: That this annual  meeting a    surplus    (or the first time in the     During the evening solos were pleas-
of  the Revelstoke  Conservative  asso- history of British  Columbia was pro- int'ly     rendered nnd with good effect
duced. hy Mrs. Goddard and Mr. Falkner and
Thcre has heen a  creat deal of cri- Mr. G. Ralph Lawrence,
licism of the administration, the gov-     At    the     Conclusion of thr jiroirram   |n his honor Saturday evening,
eminent  being  accused  of  practically the     ladies of the Womens' auxiliary     Mr.  and  Mrs.  W.  S.  Stewart
everything     on    the calendar.   If  we served refreshments and a social hour baby spent the week end at Taft
desire to exjiress our approval ofthe carry  our minds  back,  if the  present was enjoyed.   Nearly all  |>resent   had guests of Mr.  and  Mrs.   Paul   Storey.
Tolicy  of    which he has persued  since adverse limes are t.i be blamed tothe the pleasure nf meeting His Lordship     Mr.     Oordan,  Presbyterian minister   1 eld in tlie city hall last night  it was
assuming oilice,  and  in  particular    of |.resent  administration,  then  the  pre- the Bishop  personally and enjoying  a from    Malakwa will give a brief talk  decided t.i purchase 500 feet of     h    B
-out administration  is  surely to     be short chat with him.
ongratulated on the past good times
I'rue,   preceedlng    the terrible rontlict
Because the hoys are breaking down
the board fence in spots Kaslo school
sch-ml scholars are liable to lose tbe
' sc of the town's baseball  park as   a
.ch     a
are due I
m r bi
tlful p
■   .      i     ,;   -
Mow. Ticket ile.     The
ds will be
[ tl ill       l 'rosa
■ .ns   at
'• '■ 'i   nt,    nckfl an ■     eai
urgently required.   Whi taVe In-
Refreahments     were served at     the '" conslderati -   tl t unfavor-
ncluslon  for the benefit of visitors '-hU    exists over-
Will Purchase
fire Hail Supplies
seas u will he realised  by all the ui -
rent ti" >g( i- ■,   oi  this call.   Will    anv
can please help to supply these
iifs fo>- the so' Hers.
tern i.
meeting of the city council
his stand in pledging nil the resources of Canada to the empire on the
outbreak of the war..
Further resolved that a Copy ol
this resolution be forwarded to thu
Right Honourable Sir R. I,. Borden,
KM'., M.P., Premier of Canada.
Resolved   That, this  meeting  of Hid
in  Kurope,  Canada  experienced     some
nomtha of depression, This unfortunately effected every province at certain periods, but at the outbreak   of
• he     war    w st   adr "    'Mr   I
to the sehool children Wednesday aft- for the fireball, four macklnaw coats
ua.ioii and will hold services in the ind four pair of rubber boots for thc
school house at eight o'clock,  Mvery-  firemen,     also 2 special fire lanterns
P..,   the  fit   •   •. •
show     at     i   ■' a- •
■  ■■
■Trail i
■  •«    as
lonths    a
Rome     Rossland ters made
things a   bit  uncomfortable   foi   j" "nl"
was  the  result of a  deputation  ''. ■    i t ol  thi    31   r th-atre     one
by throwing   pepper
Revelstoke Conservative association had considerably Improved. Tt Is The men emnloyed on the C. IM P..
rapres* Its confidence In the govern ; very pleading to note that in thc steamers on Kootenay Lake will give
ment.    of the province of British Col* province     of British Columbia rnndt- B   day's    ray ner month to the Pet-
mnbln.    a,i     ably  led by Sir Richard' —  riotlc     fund.    It
McBride.   Tinder the long rule of the (Continued  on  Page Pour) nun J100 monthly
body  welcome.
A  number of wounded soldiers came'from No. 2 fire brigade consisting    "f  I
through on  N'o.  1  Tuesday enroute to C,  U.  Macdonald,  secretary,  and     11.   il   their fi	
tlicit  homes  in  Kamloops,  Vancouver Mnllholland      who explained  the    rea
and     other     points.   When it became SO* why  these  articles  were required, ht •:' Hi ■:. when his store
Vnown     that  these brave hoys     were The council  decided  unanimously      "ii   ■■ ,    bl iken    ''       Tbi   ch!  '  of  police
aboard  It  caused  quite  a   stir  at   the  the  purchase  of   these articles. tas Iti     ted  I '  .ate      tha
station,     but as the train only fltops|    W, Parry waited on the council nsk-    nattel
expected this will here for     a minute nn one hnd     the  mg them to reimburse bim to the ex-|    a     water and light  bylaw was dishonor of speaking to them. |tent of $19.75 for articles damaged on , iased   md passed. TACK TWO
t ss.
It   Pays   to   Advertise
But its H— lf you can't
produce the goods.
We advertise the best stock of Jewelry in the
We advertise the most reasonable prices
We advertise the best equipped watch repair department in B.C.
We guarantee satisfaction in our optical department
Ladies' New Neckwear
We  have a  nice  range   of  effective
Neckwear, prices from 40c to $1.00
Silks, 36 inches Wide
You can get these in all shades at
$1.00 per yard
Ladies' AIIVVool Underwear
White All-Woo] Underwear at 75c a
garment. Ladies' All-Wool Combinations, $3.00
Ladies' Slocking Overs
Just    the   thing   for   cold   weather,
$1.85 per pair.
Ladies' Hats at Half Original Price
Fred Young & Co.
For Christmas—
e m I
Our styles   li
Leading Vhotographer
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Stoi
Phone 46   276        Night Phone 346
A     rummage snle at Waldo netted     There will he five sheets of ice     in
$110 for the Red Crosa. 'Rossland s  brand new curling  rink.
Blalrmore Preshyterians voted   uu-    The     November 15th pay day was
anlmously for church union. the    biggest Pernio miners have   had
in  manv months.
Two  new  butcher shops  opened   (for
business  in   tfilvci'ton last week. A     party     of     four Moyie hunters
brought     in     six  deer from a  little
$1000 in cash i>ri/.es will be given at
Trail poultry show last month.
Foraie is trying out a new  line   of
shooting trip one day last week.
At. Kaslo  1915 taxes are coming   n
fully as well as was the ease in  191-1
' Bnanclng at a patriotic dance charging the men Hi cents a dance.
Rural   mail  delivery   between Nelson
and   Kokanee went  into efleet Bee.
Pal  Walsh is now sole pro.jirietor of
the      Kaslo      hotel in Kaslo,   having
Recruiting     is under way at Colder  bough!  his partners interests,
for the  L02nd Rocky  Mountain  Plot,
cers. I
B'ernle will have its rust, ever poultry  show on   Dee.  6  and S.  The poul-
i.e Rol No. 2 Mining Co., Rossland, try association has 7,r, members,
las declared  a dividend  of 25 cents  a      ,,Vl.ni(. dalrymen  ,|ail„  there   ,s      ,U)
H money     in      the  milk  business selling
Dr.    Oliver    of Spokane is opening  ""' lacteal fluid al  L<C cecita a i;uaii.
permanently for dental    practice    at     Wardner     citizens     have promised
$1,077     for   the Patriotic fund     nex;
Some     farmers at  Yahk are selling  >'1' "'•    Wyellffe   Will   give  $3,618.
their     pork on the Cranbrook public     Blalrmore  Red Cross workers   have
markct- forwarded    a car of coal to the sold
six  members attended the last, reg   ><'ls    convalescent     home at Ogden,
ular    meeting of  Oolden's   Farmers'   ^ita,
I,1Ktlt"tc- Blalrmore's     Union Baptlst-Presby
Fernie is having a big Inter-provln- t,niul churcn is Pro^ng too small to
(ial curling bonspiel the middle of accommodate the crowds that attend
January. service.
Penticton'B fruit and vegetables ex- The Methodist, Presbyterian and
port this year will be almost doublt Anglican young peoples' societies at
that of 19-14. Rossland     are holding monthly union
Kaslo Conservative  Association  has
come across with .$42.CO for the Pat      Tlu' aawmlll at Bonners Kerry elos-
riotic fund ''' ''own for the season on Wednesday
last.   Thcre is 30 million feet, of lum-
N'elson  had  three   coasting  mishaps   ber ,m hand,
on     Saturday, all requiring medical
alll,mlance_ In the Inst six months     Trail      has
contributed     over $14,000 to the Pat-
The  Klockmann interests havc tak   tiotlc    "Mind.   The smelter  employees
en a Ave year lease of the Continent- are the heaviest  L-iwrs.
al mine at Port Hill.
Kaslo chief ol police has been given
S.T.   Jordon,  Port  Hill's new gen-  $15 n month raise in salary.   This   is
eral   merchant,  expects  to open      his ,,  little reward for the extra work no
brand new store next week. ,,,,w ,|,„.s as city  hall janitor.
Fernle's weekly Patriotic fund dan-     Fernie Free Press:  A.  .1.  Fartiuhar-
ces are rather poorly attended     now son     broughl   in     11 team of horses
am! are likely to be discontinued. from the prairie, where he has     been
conducting a big threshing outfit.
There was :, near-riot at Loco     on
Saturday when the Kootenay Lumber Cranbrook     aldermen   are surprised
Co   dismissed about   M  Italians    and to hear it  is costing $1.50 a day     to
hired    as      many  Cerr.iaiis  and  Aust- heat  the city ball.    A special cummit-
rians  Bent  in from Calgary. tee has been  appointed t i investigate
'While the auto thief was speeding
away, the stolen car turned turtle
and pinned him to the ground.'
'Caught with the goods on him, ch?'
Iloston 'Transcript.'
'Look here!' said an excited man to
a druggist. 'You gave me morphino
for quinine this morning.'
'Is that so?' replied the druggist.
'Then you owe me twenty-five cents.1
—'Christian  Register.'
The cashier, of somewhat Pickwickian build, was frowning over the
statement of accounts jimt typed for
him  hy the pretty typist.
'As n young lady,' he remarked, '1
admire your type, but 1 can't honestly say 1 admire your typing.'
'How strange,' she retorted, 'we
are bo different, for though you are
of course, splendid at figures, no one
Could say yon  have a  splendid figure'
Sond for the 1910-0 Edition of our
34 paces, illustrate.!, of beautiful fur seta
and fur garments for mon, women an*
children.   IT IS FREE.   Address:
Room 153, MiiII.iim BulldlnK TOBONTtt
Probably the majority of Canadians
nre In  favor  of  malting  Canada  a  re-
juhlic, or the centre of the empire.
The country merchant who does not
believe in     advertising usually     has
-s    .n   ins brain, nnd far on    his
a   pall     at
. '•!;,]
The    Natal   Reporter runs some of
Its pages blank.   This saves its editor
much     work,  and  its  readers     much
■ 'iry.
In the' l'nited  States iast Thursday
tew  turkeys  i -•■ ,..   .    ut   ihey  will
p ia hs.- than a month.
\t    N.v.   Denvei  tw<   Italians   were
. •'■.  iu,n.i.- .i tree     over
-   ne  « :..- o,i the Silvcrti u
ll U ;. i onceptlon   died       last
nth  in  \ icti ■    .iM years.  Sho
•     ildest mill   in   I lie   wesl,   hav.
ei \ ICtOl i.i   in   1858.
i . .ii  . Jim Qrler,
In Mi- own   paper,
■'• '   >■•■ mg, be once
'■■>,■   Bt preach
Vs tl
' "'.ri in
All  o
fui   itt
Phone 11
nlto     .ii be public
lie   made      a
■ i   20  years
u   i      talk
own lias
■ .. ii      ii   Is
•    •
trict, .it  a
fi'-t  of milling
i   ' be 1 ■: cal
>f     Mie      biggeBl     ' "|
sums operations
Lapolnt t five years in the pen,
nd ' utttng an  Ind u
-I  ii melton
-   in n e, iu,. damag
i d ib" Hank ol Mont real build i
"lit  ol el
: e   '■
I havi    mother
firand I I      product
pped to the
1  '      Vug    •      100 men have
'  .11  i.f   tie   Kittle Val-
■ I   I.,  flnlshi d next
week.   The sheds protect  about    lour
it   ii H 1      T .   blllld   tbem   it   re
quired BO ninds ol steel,     and
■i ol lumbar,   The lumber
ii   Vancouver. i
If Your Children's [yes
Need Attention	
bring   them    to my oilice.   I will
give    their     eyes a thorough test
and explain to you the nature of
their trouble.
If you are satisfied with tbc examination and wish me to order
glasses I will be at your service.
2:: years experience.
Dr. MARTIN, Ophd.,
& Co.
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Men's Tailors
Up-to-date Work
HOWSON & CO., Ltd.
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Best   Wines,   Liquors   and
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. iBATUHDAY, DECiaMIiWn  11,  1915
<3ied'wi&it^^efb wid%o&&
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That's what the gift of a Gillette means!
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Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited,
1   Imperial Bank |
lil.;  II ...l.iiul.  Pmideal. F.Mahlishcd I87S. I     Iln.  Cencnl Manlier.
MLiTM, ";-..u.TinCTXimxj'.''tn,?r.Mra;."..-.T.7:,-
l"ill)-LT CAPITAL, S7.W0.000
KBSBRVB FUND, 17.000.000    >
I >i Lifts, Money Orders und Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
1 )ealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. 28
A.   B.   V.CL.NLOHAN,   M»N»GER
Insmw r, m?; rrrirrvTV. !7m7i'Mp!.'Lmris^wn^i7iTfLTi- rrrrpgywmgEB
m ■
Shows How to Make
Better Farm Improvements.
k copy will be sent lo you free of charge.
If you intend making any kind of
farm improvements—you need
this book.    It tells how to build
everything a farmer needs—from ■ barn to
O fence, better ond more economical than
ii possible in uny other wuy.
It   it   tlie   utiindunJ   authority   on   farm
building construction.    It has   proved of
untold   value    fo   more   thin   75,1)00
progressive Canadian furmeri.
II  you  haven't  a  copy of this valuable
book, tend the coupon now.'
Canada Cement Company Limited,
H.r»ld Building      •      MONTREAL.
Heia'J in, HontruL
itlernan      Ptosis
mc   a   free   cop>
it   tlie   Firmer
Da   With   Coaorete."
Slrrrt nml Nn
John llassall, the [anions Poster
wtist, was recently ut the front, one
ol a jiurty entertaining the troops,
and recounting his experience In a
London paper, he dwells on the im-
portant part tobacco plays in the life
of tlie army. We reproduce part of
bis article here:
"I have recently come back from a
visit to the front, deeply impressed
by the need lor a larjje and constant
supply nt tobacco and cigarettes lor
our soldiers. Our small party Included Alfred Lea ter, aril we did our best
i" entertain the wounded. Wherever
we went we Cound them cheery. Thu
Brst place we played In was crammed
with Tommies, Tommies pressed     up
.'.-all.-,    i   ric'rity   >taee,  Tommies lill-
i d the doorways, tommies peerlug
througb the skylight ol the roof. 1
was due in appear as a broker's man
in Lester's funny sketch, "A Restaurant Episode," but I could not get on
the stage, The audience could neither
move backwards nor forwards, so the
sketch had tn go on without mc. 1
didn't get on until it was all over
and then I did some sketches..
"The stage had a jdano on the Mack
and just nn the edge, When wc had
a dancer and the stage rocked, the
piano would lean over, but it wus
held up all thc time by some of tho
wounded Tommies.
"When 1 finished, they made a
great rush to the stage for souvenirs.
Afterwards the party distributed all
the souvenirs they could possibly
think nf—my sketches went and 60
did my collar and tie, anil in return
the Tommies pave their badges and
their buttons and ribbons, and they
gave the most precious thing to every Tommy out there; they gave us
cigarettes, No man who has not been
cut there e.-m realist^ what that means
to Tommy. He has long and monotonous hours spent in the trenches
with nothing to jiass the time away
• xcept tobacco. It's his one solace,
boon companion, call it what you
like. If he is only kept going with a
reasonable sup) ly he is happy.
"I saw one very funny Tommy out
there. They called him "Ginger."
Ginger did some remarkable things
with a cigarette—one of them was,
smoking one inside his mouth with
tbe lighted end pointing towards his
spine, lie also had a knack of bribing hie tongue out so that it waggled
around his nose.
"I    often' receive letters from Tommies and Bluejackets.   They never fail
to give me a reminder about tobacco.
lien's a letter  I have just received:
"Sir:—Being at one time in your
employment,  1 thought 1 would let
you know  1 am  in hospital. 1  have
been Invalided from France through
ch si   trouble.   This is a   very   fine
i lace,     plenty       f iine walks,     the
grounds and  gardens at present are
lovely,    Sir,  would  [  j)e asking too
much if | begged of you to send me
some  tobacco,  as 1  receive no   pay
while I urn a patient."
"I    think     it    is one of the finest
things we can do for the men who are
fighting 'mr battles.
"All these things make me think
what an Important part tobacco doeB
play In life. But just think how very
much more lm] ortant it Is t.i those
B out there."
Our readers are asked i i contribute
to collect, and to enlist the help of
friends In collecting for this kind object.
Contributions may lie sent to the
Canadian Branch Overseas Club Tobacco Fund,
postage: on pvrcels cuing to
7p ounds 88
i pounds   $1.02
9 pounds   $1.10
10 pounds    $1.18
11 pounds   $1.26
These are exactly the same charges
which existed for years between Canada, England nnd France belore the
war, and nre the result of an agreement or convention made between
these countries and Canada, and as
these countries have not agreed to
lower their rates between England and
France, Canada has to pay to them
the same rntes as before the war and
must   charge the same postage.
In all eases parcels for the troops
must he addressed care Army post
office, London. England, but this does
not In any way elfect tho rate of
postage which depeclds entirely upon
the ideation  of  the addressee.
S. G. Robbins, Revelstoke, B. C.
The following extract "f an article
from a newspaper of Gothenburg,
Sweden, will be of [nterest to growers of vegetable seeds. The article refers In the Hoard of Directors of the
Agricultural College ot Alnarp, Sweden,     asking     'for a government grant
for    the encouragement  of  vegetable
si'i'd growing.
"The board points out that the War
has most clearly emphasized the im-
jiortance for the country, of ho ie
production of vegetable seed. Owini',
to the most important vegetable seed
producing countries having prohibited the exportation of such seed, the
prices of a greut number of important vegetable seeds have risen enormously. And, still worse, some seeds
can hardly be obtained at any price.
It is reported, from a well informed
s-ouree, that vegetable seed growing
in the countries engaged in the war
Mas been largely neglected during tne
past summer and that for this reason further advances in prices can be
r-xpected. Reports from Germany
ftnto that thc supply of seed of spinach, carrots, most kinds of cabbage,
onions, cucumbers and peas is utterly
mall. Furthermore. Germany has
prohibited the export of vegetable
reeds to the end of the wnr. Thcre
i? therefore every reason lo fear that
we have to face tbe possibility of a
i ery serious shortage of certain vegetable seeds."
How Vinol Made Her Strong
Beallsville, Ohio.—"I wish  all  nervous, weak, run-down women could have
Vinol.    I was so run-down, weak and ;
nervous 1 could not sleep.   Everything 1
ate hurt me. nnd the medicine I had ta- j
ken did me no good.    I decided to try I
Vinol, and before lonp 1 could eat any- i
thing I wanted and could sleep all night. |
Now 1 am well and strong, and in bet- I
ter health than I have been for years." I
—Mrs.ANNA MlLLlsoN, Beallsville,Ohio, i
We guarantee Vinol for all run-down, |
weak and debilitated conditions.
Walter Bews,  Druggist, Revelstoke,
B. C.
One of the best Investments you can  make this winter is to
Buy a Pair of Skis
and build up your health.
We have them  m  Ash.  Hlokorj     and  Pine,    I Mi',1 and look   them
We also carrj   complete stock of MEN'S WEAR for city, mountains,  ml i   hush.
FURS BOUGHT at highest market prices.
Leave your 'rder during this mo..th.
We stock material for
making these.
We    Supply   EVERYTHING Jin   Building   Material
Made from selected hogs—in the most modem plant in the
West—Government inspected —approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears-
The Post Otliee Department, utta-
wa, la In r« 1| t of application! to
I ave parcel* addressed to our soldiers
m Prance sent fi ee n at reduced rat
cs of posetage, there evidently being
un Impression that tbe department
has control "'. these rates and could
in. as it wished, but tins is not so,
us the question "i postage is fixed by
International agreement, so tbat it is
not within the power of the Canadian
Port Office Department to undertake
to carry the parcels free Ol at reduced rate- of postage, Under International law, provision is made for the
fiee transmission of parcels fur jiris
oners 'if war, ent this privilege does
not extend te. parcels for troops engaged in active service, nor is It within tbe power of the department te, ...,
(xtend it.
The rate of postage on parcels addressed to the troops depends upon
the location ol the addressee, If the
addressee is in England, the rate oni
parcels for England applies, which Is
twelve cents per pound; whilst, if he1
le in Prance the parcels are subject!
' ' the rati lo to parcel   for
■   which are as follows;
l  pound 	
.   pourris
I. pounds
See our complete stock of
articles suitable for ....
Christmas Gifts
Carving' Sets, 3 piece, reg. $5.00 for $3.50
Spoon Sets, regular 3.50 for 2.25
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Sturdy Hardware Co. ]■ v,K FOUR
Zbc flfeaiMbevatt
Published every Baturday at
BKVKL8TOKK.   [*•  c
cTVItil-H-raid Publishing-
Company, Limited
tn into Albania, Austria is threatening to invade Montenegro in force.
The Bulgarians aie In Bight of the
Adriatic, if they can agree long enough with the Austrians to combine
for a movement westward across Albania and tt southward drive at Montenegro, Italy cannot afford to stand
complacently aside with her suprem-
- GIGOT,  Manager and   Editor, acy in the Adriatic threatened.     She
  las plenty of available troops, is safe
from invasion even if Qorizia does
tot fall for the time being, and is
h eiinil up now with the general fortunes nf lhe Entente, The announce
ment cannot lnt have effect in Bucharest, where the people and government leeni to he partial to Russia
tnd Iln' Entente, Likewise at Athens
fin ■ will have additional reason to
think   i«n"' before  Incurrlni   the   em
  inlty of the lour powerful nations   of
'' "' lhe      Entente.   Britain,     Italy      and
by France ate tho three great  sett pow-
' down tbeii  nm ies ch      ■ '■   ( s     0, ||u, Mediterranean.   Germany
, I .-.   po°-
RDAY,  DECEMBER   U,   1 115
1 commit tecs
[ the Patriotic fund will bi
cfl  Revi 1st    i     It ls
Mints  for  little there,  and  Austria is
ncgllgil le,    \   maritime  and  commer
It has 1 ippened In tl"' i':iSl     "'"■• ,,-,1  nation like Greece could not   af-
certain  reasons, can [or(J tQ ,,,,.,„,. lts future for the ques-
thelr payments promptly |lilU.,,,,,, advantages ol a military aland    '   ■      And it            Bit>le te. keep []a| |g   ,  ,    .,-.,,,,. and Bulgaria. The
.     I.   the latter caBe is ls par- offlcla, a .,.i.,,-;lt„,n Dy Italy does much
...  that  thi  secretary ot (o (.|r.u. t|R, ajr jn the eagt
,:,      fund  be notified.   The payments 	
made from the fund for relief have to j      ( ^ l(  j^   SANCTUMS
be     made promptly, so the payments   |	
,. should also bi  made witb v   ^.^ FERDINAND REMEMBERS
rity.   By making payment (. (|     )( lth u( th„ 1.itl QUeen vic-
,tiy     each month, or by notify- t0ria, Ferdinand of Bulgaria announcing the secretary ot the fund of  ina- ed hi- Intention of coming to the fine
• i     ..,,■•■ ,,,- ,e,iiiiniii eral ol bei  n ijcsty,   He desired to be
to do    o    th    /arloui   n'timm.
treated,     not    as a distant  relative,
'•'        ':    ■    '   when   chey Btand< (which       e   ,      .     .   as a sovereign.
Tbe loc inch of the fund is   at [onJ  galisbury telegraphed that     he
a ..., iu  ,,e t   bandj  11 Iquette over    the
,,           lepei h tits of     those dead body of his sovereign.   It was a
,    .,,., i.,,,,t  Bnd  this nub     Ferdinand never lorgot.—Pear-
«ho have gone Lo tie' trom  ana  cum
,, , on s Weekly.
I   a ui u.e. ntnij. 	
Revelstoke bas always upheld     ber "MERCY, KAMERAD"
he past and tbere is no doubt ..Ml,,.,.      Kamwad,'    cry the-Gcr-
whi-t the canvas ih completed ,nan so]               n they come to close
-   ..;': be all I     '       expected ,, meters    with thi  men of the   allied
,  armies,   i d throwing down their wea-
i ons. prisoni rs.
BU i I..G AI   HOi .E So one
,       . i   .    i    .- i rs of co1
•. ,   :, -     res   that   should ^^M
•   tma    i j  evei y resi
Revelstoke    is "no buying
T dj    it ■   -ii ; ly a
with the bayonet    h iving been
i ■■ ■•   that     "f
ho ne."   It   I be advi 11 is- j„ fi^ht i.  .Sti n
lng     col imns ot  the  Mi i   I ip- r-1
.,,, H  l8 t0 Thev have so lost faith in their cause
-il ta  why  bo many  people
,t       Ol      tOWn     '"I        .
that   ' irepai ed
dii • Tough,  Out.,  Re
pping li c,.ily.
Sboppi ■ • : 'i
I il    ■■    Rl
buyers   do I
It   sli ■
We a ring
■ '. '
town—and their's.
bonaflde farmers only should be established throughout the province at
all points where an interest can he
i reated, and then locals should each
send delegates to a convention where
n central executive representing tbem
all should he elected.
A campaign to organise local associations throughout the province
has been Btarted and 'ocal associations are already formed and ollicers
duly elected. As this work has to he
undertaken by voluntary workers and
it is impossible to do it throughout
the whole province by the individual
efforts of the (irgantzation Committee
we Bhould be glad if every active farmer in his district would appoint
someone to represent them to communicate with the Organization committee  at   Kelowna.
Chairman  Organi*atlon  Committee,
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave.
end Fifth .street, Pastor, Rev. J. C,
MacKenzie. Sunday services:— J.ow
Muss at s a.m. and High Mass at
l" 30 ti m. every Buuday, Sunday
school for the children at 2:31) p.m.,
I'enetiietion and Rosary at 7:3o p.m.,
'Confessions Saturday 1 to 6 nnd 7:30
to 9 p.m. and Sunday meriting 7:30
io 8. Weeks days:—Mass every morn
ing at 7 o'clock, Confessions before
Mass. First Fridays —Mass ar 8 a.
m.. Benediction and Rosary at 7:30
p.  m. ,
Third Sunday in Advent. B a. i .
Holy Communion; 11 a.m., Matins
Evensong 7.30 p.i i., sen ions at bo h
services by the net eef.
At  both   morning  and   evenini       I
vices   prayers author! ed My the Lord
Bishop for war will be said.   Sunday
school .a 2.30 p.m.
The regular services will b< held  at
the Methodist  church tomorrow at 11
:,.m..  and  7.30 p.m.   The  pastor  will
occupy     the pul]       I      tb
Morning subject,   "Say On,"  Evening
subject,     "Unending  Ages."     Young
Peopli -  Epworth League V  i '   -
8 p.m.   Strangers welcome,
The !• i   ces wlll be hi
the     Presbyterian church on  Sunday
laj     - I bible classes at 2.30,
. .rn.   On Ti
i •
w ill   hi
• •.
of easing the sufferings of our wounded men, and as the prices of many
drugs have increased one hundred per
cent, since the beginning eif the war
ymi will see how welcome contributions are for this purpose.
In the "big drive" at the end ot
September, where some of the hos-
I itals had to deal with one half as
many patients again as their number
of beds provided for, the Canadian
Red Cross was able to sujiiily over
one hundred thousand garments, and
extra hospital Bilpplles, and in one
case  was able  to clothe a  train  load
of two hundred wounded men,     who
i therwise would  have had to be practically   naked   undei-   blankets,
Yours sincerely,
A.   li.   PLUMFTRE,
Mon.   Secy,   Red   Cross   society.
Birfefr is President
n Assoc
(Continued   from   I'age  Duo.1
.    .
in      Don •
u   ete b
LTI0H Or '
monthly Report
made intervention by Italy
i - been drlv-
CO '
Editor Mail-Herald
tion   v
I ■ ch     Is
elm I   ■ I    the    pre.V
Ince,     otl ind     to
i i lng   ibout e     duly of
i belt i: 'ii in I i-i o i m ai'   >n
■ .I thi '   ■    thereof,
t.rtd to pi''' te the Inti rest of the
farming community In an honourable
nnd legit in, .• .o and, knowing
something   ol the m > tndtudo of    the
problem    wblcl        i lng, have
decid'jd    that local  organization*     ol
Letter cf Thanks
to High Schoo
\ 11
HI ■    ::
,'■      Of      ''I"'
■ .ll   ii   foi ■
to thl    ifl ' i   by Mi ■   Pi in   wm yon
i nd    chlldi■', e.r iin
.icho 'i the than!      ' lety T"r
worl   oni ! "n.
The     ip; lying    il  dl    ■ ''ee   way
11. ens ai i Improving in tt very marked manner. Mining conditions were
i ever better, lumbering Mas improved
wonderfully in the last three months,
and wire It not for a serious short
age in shipping facilities, I am satis-
Red that every bis mill In the province would be In operation. Orders
larger ind heavier than ever before
nre being received iri British Columbia. With reference t" tbe fishing In-
, ist iy the time has arrived during
the last year ivhen the output ol
l.i it Ish i olumbia is more than all
the other i r.evin.es put together. \
. i eat deai bi s leen brought about by
the fact that the wnr has drawn
people's tttentioi to the tu tural resources 'ii the country. This will
produce a great revenue b\ tbi
lng uji of new industries. Timi
'Mni.roved wonderfully during the last
few months ti I bi i d times rue prai ■
■ ally at an end. I have every confi-
.1 nee in the future of the pro\ Ince,
also of 'in Dominion of ( ai ada
their can only be one outcome t'i the
1    .  is "Victory foi    M
u      u di plore the loss of Se i
< Itlzens of Britii I   i bia,  the Do-
uinion of Canai       B id     her
: '.lies.   The causi   fi r  which    I ey    i i
fighting  is ., cause which i.      for e'
e:y     sacrifici     a Britisher can mase,
Kevelstoke     in     this 11 nneel I n
I laj ed     an     Impi irtanl  an I spli n I fl
j.art.    [      have  not   had  i. ■
of     taking     ...i.e
: anization or i he ban Uing
fi i • m   Itinds,   e.r ,,f assist inj   tn     the
recruiting,    but   I  am  always pleas 1
ti   I. ad in the heen,, ■    •   im •
,va    as usual
.   pr. iminei I   American citii
Ro '     ■
the United  States, tit  Vict   i
mer   a A  some of bis statements
bein]   '..■•.
'■ -.    "that a country like Cai -
and Bending forward
r  il soldiers to thi home
try si
;          . - i 'ai. .a w ill bi i
lipped   j 30 ■            fliers.   T
'■ ; li           cord,   We are not    a
and we have bei i
ted to that
. pi : Ity  can  be  bro I    :
■ dlj   ' Tin ' •
no   .. asion foi  tbe creation
ii il tary       is In
B  11 ei; e.   We
clo ■   le. a great  nation
me loi ward
cb      fui  i'
I   til.  must
■ ■ ■   inlllt la
to   nfi i    I -I   M ■ mit-
in pov would
■ ■   ■   .. ,i
Cl      I li il
i    Mie
, i
ti   that '  ■   such
Me,1 rem i ..|   Sir   Sain
■ : bi   mlllt ia deli   i    fi   :    [ crltli
. days of
rcely     ever
rltlcism of the militia.
01 'Ml     'III
e   A   and   mine,   Mr.
■ a,   nonunion   repn senta
■ i-i   Inl Imat
in ii  that   i
pi - the annual
i be held and he expres-
'    '       I i       ■■!.•    elde   to
i,   mei   wished  me to extend
■ -.   hest  wishes and rc
•  aide  to addn
i    ii '■  re all   ' .'ni e ■ late the
• onal  work   Mi    Green ba   done
Rl ,, ,i    i Revel
le.ke    has i.oiii'n" to complain ol In
the lei.et'iei'i   its  wishes have in •
rled out by Its representative.   He Is
I I Ways  willing   to  help and   aid   In   nil
Mei    brought to   his   attention.   As
Rl yolstoke   hns  Mr.   Creen ns
Dominion representative her interests
will be in safe and trusty hands.
In relation to the provincial administration, a few minutes ago I
drew attention to when Sir Richard
McBride came into otliee in the year
1903 he found a depleted treasury,
The first surplus thc province ever
had wus after that yeur. The good
times of a few years ago were made
possible by speculation in the province
of British Columbia. This was not
confined to British Columbia alone
hilt included Western Canada and the
Western States. This wns curried on
not only on timber lands but in real
estate as well.. "Whut individual at
that time would ask an administration li> cry halt on good times?'' It
wns till very well now to claim that
the administration of the country assisted speculation but it can easily
be demonstrated that the people in
the western part of Canada and    the
Western Slates are far more speculative than the people in the i;id. We
.   list   realise   that   the   individual       6f-
i irt  or company  promotion   involves
n greal   deal of speculation, The   development   Of  Western   Canada      must
depend t" a great extent on specula
When thr country was getting on
Its feet requests were made for better
transportation, Mfter referring the
railway policy to the people it met
'with the entire approval of the province. We find tn day in British Columbia     the    completion  within   the
iast three weeks of the third trans-
( ntinental railway and the completion of the const to Kootenay railway, done at practically no expense
t the people of BritiBh Columbia except a small subsidy to the Kettle
Valley railway. Tins policy received
a very handsome endorsation and a
e iter appeal In 1912 found that the
people "f British Columbia unanim
ously approi id e.f the railway policy
of Sir Richard McBi I le and of all
other questions,
Thc great Liberal party mice so
prominent had completely disappear-
i d from the British Columbia legls-
; iture.
\  great  elm! has heen done by op-
uii     the country   with trails,
and  bridges,   I   have had     the
you in tho legislature for tbe last  15 years tend   of
I eing in  the cal i   since 1909, slnro
which inm the department of which
I have .i i mdl d over $32,-
We   must    expert evi I ie i su' and il seems
to     me   on  thii     cc ision when     the
■  5   Is  pi "ii ■ i d   Into  conflict      we
■   -it     expect     them     to cease,   it
. I     appear that  the great empire
should  not  have  the same consideration that   party pblitics do. Sir Rich-
del   Ide       id ' is colli agues have
. .fed. to ke p polll h s in the back
i he  bit ler criticisms
have I '   that  it  was very
.- to remain In Bllcnce.
I   -tand  before vou  tonight  as ymir
lepresowtative.   The   department     of
which    l    bave charge has made large
litures and there bas   never  been
om our bitter oppon-
its.       1       have       endeavored        to
act     fairly     to   all parts     of     the
ce.   It   Is my dtitj   to act fair
I]   to  every  constituency.   Revelstoke
d the same care and attention
ber     part i   of    the country.   I
bave   not   played   the  selfish  part   but
have been fair to  Revelstoke and aU
I ai     of the province, (Cheers)
You hnve evidence In your city of
some little cure and attention having
 n    bestowed,   It   is an unfortunate
thing that s une people have very
short memories, There Is no occasion
l.i ask anyone present to cast their
'..nl b tek tn the difference in pub
lie works of six years ago and the
present. There i- no better public
building   anywhere   In Canada     than
the one you have in Revelstoke and."
you have been no more generously
treated thun other parts of British.
Columbia. The court bouse building;
which hus been built in the lata
years, is a credit to both the city ofi
Revelstoke and to all Canada. I bava
had the pleasure of renewing acquaintances with my old friends hera
and have also visited other sections!
of the riding during my present short
trip and cannot feel but there is aa
appreciation of thc efforts put forward liy Sir Richard McBride and hiB
cabinet.   (Apjilause)
I have no tear of what the result
of polling day will bring. On many
an occasion I have not made a practice of making an exceptional noisa
but have always 'lone mv best unci
i in willing t.i do it yet. (ApplauBe!
Your organization has always been,
ready and prepared for business and.
1 must    express my appreciation    ta
your selection this evening of your
ollicers, as there Ja not one of them.
Who has not been prominently connected with the Conservative party
since I can remember,  (Much applause)
,    Cranbrook's      government oflice   officials     will      next     year give $53 a.
month to the Patriotic fund.
Information as to the whereabouta
of .lohn McKay, aged 21 yenrs, last
heard of In Sparwood, B. O., with the
Dparwood I.umber ro., Canada, wilt
be gratefully received by hiB father,
John McKay, 31 Chestnut Row, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
iu Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon territory aud
the Northwest territories and in a
portion of the province of British
Columbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-one years renewal for a
further term of 21 years at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,560 acres will be leased to one
Application lor a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-agent of tho district in which tbe rights uppiied for
arc situated.
In surveyed territory thc land must
bc described by sections, or legal
sub divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be nccomp-
iiiiin! by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights aiiiiliod lor are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on thc merchantable otttiuit of the mine at tho rate
of five cents per ton.
Tbe pi rsoii operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
loyalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year. «,
The lease will include thc conl mining rights only, rescinded by Chap.
27 of I -"> George V, assented to 12th
June,  1914.
For full Information application
tb..uld be made to tho secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to nny ngent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  CORY-
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not bc paid
The Joy
of giving is multiplied when the   gift   is
useful as well as pretty,
We have solved the gift problem each
/ear for many of mir customers, and this
wn etij iiu wc arc, as usual, ready to show
the pulilic our new and varied stock, at
prices that  will suit your picket-hook.
I'.S.     lives conscientiously   tested   and
glasses correctly  titled. BATURDAY,  DIOCIOMBER  11,  1915
Notes From tlie
C. f. R. Lose
In the school boys class the basket
ball league has started ofl nicely, the
brst game was played on Friday the
3rd and resulted in a win tor the Arrows over the LighteringB by a score
of 1.") to T>. There are three teams in
the league and the games are jilayed
every Friday afternoou. There was
no game yesterday as the hoys had
i heir monthly bean feed and instead
of gym class they had a coasting
party. Tbere is also a schedule of relay .tames between the flyers and the
whirlwinds, the teams are as yet
1 led as each has played two gnmcB
■nd   .vim  one.    These  games  airplay
ed    "u Tuesday aftornoons and there
is      "leea.       e...npel ition     between   the
■ earns.
There is music at every business
fnen's 'lass now and it helps out a
lot.   It's a luxury iri the gymnasium.
Everyone is volley ball crazy and
there are some Interesting games
played outside of the regular league
- ,..ies, almosl every evening the
gymnasium rings with the sound ot
"one more jioint to win."
The girls arc interested In the gym-
: asl ' dancing that thoy arc taking
uji now. The steps are easy and everyone can do them. They are very
graceful dancers too.
Much Interest io
Volley Boil
On     Thursday    evening the regular
of the preliminary si. ies     of
- rollej i. • i league wi ri  played, the
■ rst was between the Dent bouse and
the Business Hen. I'he Dent house
uas    ti     great   disadvantage  a
fast   playing captain  .mis verj   untor-
ly unable to play In the game,
,er   he did bis best in directing
the game from the gallery.   The  Bu
. tess     -dell   were   ...i fairly   good   shape
ei     they took tin   flrst game away
fiom     the opposing  team  like candy
..   score 21  tn j.   In    the
■ .'  le t.t  bouse bucked
up a whole Mit and tl.e game finished
:M to  1>  in their favor, but the
spirit   eii.!  :,■•;   ',:>-'   as  li- ' third  was a
Busin 'ss  Men il     to
The  Lineups  ed the teams  was     as
Uows:     lit,-m.ss   ... n, l'. M. Field,
captain   F. Paulding, W. 11. Horobin,
IM     Holms,    l.ieut.   Swlnltord.      Dent
i . ..i.-e   l-M -   Martin, A. I'M  Rose, W,
rtso'n, M.  1 lanson, D. Adams.
In the   second .-et  .1.    Government
team me' an entirely new and untried
team in the form 'if tne Undertakers,
t.atn ... great promise in the volley
1 ill   wori.1  today,  as  the results     of
ce   game   w.H    show.   The Qovern-
t ti       was in the same ti\ as the
Dent    house  was  in the previous   Bel
■md  they  lost   two Btralght t..  I
t m Undertakers Bcore Jl to '
•ni jl i.. >. The loosers are sure
thai had they had their captain the
score would have read a lnt dillere.it
" . The lineup for these teams was:
Undertakers: II. Mulholland, Captain,
-1. I.. Hay, Vi. Hews, NM Mcl.eod, E.
F>andahl, Government 1'.. Square
brlgge, c. Atlin-. 1.. McLeod, It. D,
Gordon, H. Darker.
On Wednesday evening the CM P. R.
team lost two games out of three
I gainst the Business Men. The bowling was close all the way through. In
the third game the C.P.R. bad the
1 est of it until the tenth frame when
Rose for the Business Men finished up
with, three' strikes. Mmr for the CP.
R,  bowled a great  game.
A. 10. Rose ir.      158      164
l-M   S.   Martin 140      lJ.s       1411
CM   Somerville Ml       US       165
.1.  I.. Hay Irt'      147      156
w.  t.   Johnson :7s;     13-1      113
7 i;s
C.   P.   R.
A.   Mucltenrot
lake One Gams
From lira Hall
Last     might   the  Government   team
bowled oil againsi   th.   Fire  HaU and
von one of the three  gami
L. Mcl.e.xl
KM Macdonald
('. BergousI
il. Darker
ll. Squarebriggs
674 12
IC. I',. McRae               162 140 147
I-.  Young                     113 156 117
H.   Burridge                1B7 206 145
N. McLeod                   170 13« Vi)
.!.   Bezley                    i7u 190 177
782      S30
first Half
Individual Bnwllni
Lowiiny League
WM li aije'i cl to  be
'May.'el ol'., it would be difficult to
estimate correctly what team will top
the league. While the number of
games won count in making up the
championship it is interesting tj
make a comparison of pins knocked
Mown in tbe league games already
bowled, and in this waj i n. will
more .illicitly see the relative skill of
each team in the league. Particulars
. re   is  follows:
Gnmes      Pins      Avge
Fire Hall IS     lissa      771
Mas ss   Men IS       134.11 710
i.,inkers 18 12867 714
Canadian Pacific Ity 18 12561 697
Government 18 12269 681
Board ol Direi I irs i» i."-2 671
Maples is 11413 Mil
Th? following is the standing
 Bl   half <.f the  I
Played   W       r
Fin   Hal! 1-16 2
i Ml.ikers IS        12 '".
Business  Men 18 12 6
Canadian  Pacific Ry. is 10 S
Government 18 6 12
Board eef Directors
Maples 1« ! 17
* i
"An Extra Run"
-7Wl^7;' '$77-^mS^.'hK: BfPs
V-  ■ :?ii$Za&K*.mm.y %/■ •■a SE^i', *-■**-- ■*-'
• ' lfi|jWp^?«■'-■, i £;■■$§§
'■■'. '-^i'v'vi   -;;      ■
•!i";*?: •'• ,'i'vilf
'      M-ii;.'.'   -!.,■'
r   -■.■*;Mi.iJ
,1' ' ' ({(WmW^
.   7 ^^^M
JSMf.fc-- •-' !V:|>MV--.
UNNING a big Mogul on schedule time is about
\> as complete a brain, sinew and nerve test as a
man could want. So when the order comes for
"An Extra Run," that engineer is wise who fortifies
himself with a cup of FRY'S COCOA. FRY'S, because
it builds for "nerves of steel." It's such a splendid food
as well as a delicious beverage.
Drink FRY'S regularly yourself and note the vigor
it imparts.
Trade Supplied by
J. S. FRY & SONS, Limited
Truro, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg. Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria
Kit ■•?&:■: "'.*: ■ aetiMBBHK'.
The      >i .M.i . \.      individual  bowling
b ol : layei t toi the flrst ball
-,i league are J. Bezley 179, li. Bur-
i idgi M ■, a. Thomson 161, C, Bom
mcrvilie ii.n, W, 1. Johnson il. K
i,. McRae 155, I.. Dupont 155, I.. P.
".aidren 164, W. Chrlstopberson 154,
i..    Blackberg    L51, R. Squari
i 17,   .1.  ti.   McKinnon,   11',,   .1.   I..   Hay
: n;, W. \. sturdy 146, a,. Webstei
146, s. Coullng l ll, T. O'Neil 114, H.
I arker 112, N. Mel cul '.12, .1. B,
Waul 111, .1. Goble 139, O. Bergoust
189, vi. Brier 136, M. Btorta 181, im
Robertson 134, I.. McLeod 184, P.
J oung 133, A. E. Roue 133, .1. II.
Lyons 130', I'M S. Martin 180, W.
Neary 129, Roy McDonald 127, K. A.
daekenrut.   126,   H.   Mulholland   126,   I'M
rauldlng 125, NM R. Brown 117, F.
Bews 116, ii. Ferguson 108.
l)n Sunday afternoon nl I o'clm ,
there will be a meeting for men In
the reading room of the Y.M.C.A.
Hev. Lashley Hall e.f the Methodlsl
church will i'i.'' an address   a hearty
invitation  i'i extended tO all   men      i'i
the community and strangers to   tl"'
Special      music    and  a  sh"it   Mni'l '
long service bofore tbe regular meet
'i ■
Bankers Lose
Three Straight
', i.e ia i   -a   ■   in the first
thC       '    'e
Mondaj  evening, when che  Fire Hall
bowled ofl against  tbe Bankers and
took   I          traight Iat
tei   boys put up a good score,
i> bile   losing     all thn              . thi /
still     remain In                    ice lr. the
Mae.i" standing,
K    O.  McRae                 163       117 14",
D.   Young                       168      134 133
H. Burridge               149     211 160
NM McLeod                    ir.:      160 161
j. Bezley                   161     177 19G
771       819 703
i   Total 2888.
i .   Blackberg              in     166 182
3. Coullng                 133     171 181
w. Neary                   MO     UO 130
It   Robertson                           ! 186
I    P   Waldren            142     147 166
The regular monthly meeting of the
Y.M.C.A, board of directors will take
: lace on Tuesday evening in tbe lib
tary Of the Y.M.O.A.. A good attendance Is requested from all members of the board ns matters of Importance will be brought up al     the
■ mg.
Hiiw Grizzly
Met its Death
Total   mms.
Blairmore    has adopted tl.e inotal-
ment  i ■
some I'M', taxes.
Legal jurisprudence, mother iienm,
irs, bare escajies from deatb
and destruction, suicide and bear
skins mingled in a medley of tlirill-
iiil' narrative Wednesday a week airo
at Wilmer when Magistrate Hewitt
wa." called upon to deride the ijuestion of whether or not a mother
grizzly committed suicide over the
loss of her oflsjuinL', nr was shot by
.lames Anderson and W. A. llrmiRton
with sportive intent, says the Golden
Some weeks ago Messrs. AwlcrRon
and Ormiston were good pals. so
good in fact that they were willing to
flght crizzly bears for each other. Id
fact they did have a few rounds with
a family of grizzlies wherein Mr. Am-
dirsnn wns tbe victim of an assault
delivered With malice aforethought.
etc., tbnt  laid  bim  up In bed.
Then there came a breach, said to
been over wbo Bhould possess
.'   .if the  mother  grizzly.
\t    the     time    of    tbl   thiilling ent-
counter with tbe bears many heroics
entered into telling e.f the episode,
aad Mi Ormlston'8 chesl Bwelledwltb
pride when Mr. Anderson recounted
bow, when the grizzly had a half nelson on his leg Mr. Ormiston sent a
well directed sin.t behind the Bhoulder
i bat ended t he combat.
Bul Mr. Vnderson wrote tbe game
warden ai Victoria and In turn the
rame warden wrote deputy game
warden Cochrane al Wilmer, who in
inn called upon tbe buntirs to explain before Magistrate Hewitt why
.Mey were killing grizzlies without   B
Heroics, I brills and all the trimmings    to      a   well   staged   bear  flght
vanished Into thin air, for lo, It iic-
veloped tbnt tbe bear was out looking for trouble and tbat the b inters
were thinking of anything but Blgn-
ing up for an encountei.
The case came on for bearing before
Magistrate Hewitt ;,nii Mr. Ormiston
: represented by H. O. Lockwood,
barrister, nf Golden. Mr, Lockwood
readily raised the point that the de
fendant could noi be compelled to
• -sttfy against himself, and when Mr.
Anderson showed tt willingness tei tell
nil he knew about bears and tbeir idiosyncrasies be was ruled nut under
the head  of being  an  accomplice,
Finally Mr. Lockwood allowed Mr.
Ormiston to take the witness box and
tell all about thai memorable bear
According to the evidence the hunters were strollinr alorr; talking of the
wnr or something entlnllv rngrnisin"
I when tbey heard a noise in the bush.
Within     n  few moments tbey  became
... ne thai ihey were being stalked
by a uu.ther grizzly wbo enjoys a bit
of sjioit between hybernating. Ab
mother grizzly bore down upon thorn
une in... ., sh't at M. •. i It missed
mil bowled over one ol her oflsprlng
who bad ventured into "no dui'i
laud," between ; ilumns
l'i Is    added to the ■ ilready
Inflammable  temper, .u>l f'ir a     few
minutes II was .mv bod
Mn • out Mr. Anderson, who n
ebed upon ii windfall the bear    laid
bi Id     uf    bis fo .i   an I   na -
good headway  when killed     by     Mr.
Ormiston, bj  s well placed shot   behind tb • shouldei.
Mr. Anderson, evidently loth I
low    Mi   Ormiaton to 'ake all    tte
glory of the encountei. had a
ly      dillere.it       version   to  oBOT.      IM'
i lainied    tbat     be    bowli .1 over tv...
 ther      LTi'/'/ly        but     that
i  started the cl   ■
and      chewing      tactics     Tins     be" .•
against nil rub., of a fair itand 'tp
flght, he railed upon Mr. Ormiston I i
Mr.     Ormiston, no!  having a hunt-
Ing llcensi. might bave left bli
ner to entertain the grl szly while  he
sought nul one   bul thi« wa= out  of
tbe    question   as the ease demanded
idlate action. He ran the .irttr
leo of wnr throuch his lirain. anl
rnme     to the conclusion that so long
ns n combatant continued fightlnc be
should  not  be left  for the Red  Croj-:,
but should be despatched; arnln. If
he hesitated, there might not be on -
e.iirb left on Anderson's pedal ex
tremlty to kirk  the cat  out of    the
cupboard   with.
lis. .7
Then    Mr. Cochrane sprung    some-
thinL- to test   ■ l.cial acumen     of
on.   He  m ..I'.iced  the   bear's
• . show that  a bullet had paw-
•■.■   ■ .
The court   -'latched  hiB bead     and
'atlites      (or
Ol   what
• icbed t.. a rnz.'.iv suicid-
\- ild  OOt api'oar
dl     '  tbe  c tte there was
to do but   render a Mexican
• rdict  "casi   11
ll nt -  were  discharged,  hut
tation of  how  the t>onr met Its
death   . ent tied to the pelt
.   •   yet unsolved.
■    1   Dot '1   v u     think     t
■   '     I   ■ e n rrw doll, mamma''
' ;  a-,   your  old      One
I   I    '•'■  •'      Vn    inst     ns
ever.     too      but  tbe angels brought
•   baby
pany Is   nc-
wlth     II   Macpherson     of
Lake    for    an option on the
Northern   group    on    Ore«t
rn  mountain,  •-.'•Br Ferguson.
■ ' ho ims a lens" Bn
the Silver Cup "tine, hns anpthesr
shipment of hieh grade ore whlcb wlll
go out before tb'- end of the month.
P. Pinev of Pcr'-"-son bus the contract for the sleigh haul from Elrht-
•t.ile to Trout lake. 3PAGK SIX
markable difference, Incredible to those In strength every week since the war
who have never studied the subject in,started, ami now is so formidable
the glare of war or the possibilities that its power on sea is as immeas-
ot our island in olfence and defence
The     east
England Interspersed with sandy Shore
and shingle, runs on to the rockil/ouiul
line of Northumberland and Berwickshire, then proceeding after the wide
No estuaries of the Forth and the Tay
in a long, almost unbroken, rugged
'tne  to  the  inlet  of  Moray  Firth.
The Firth of Forth is familiar and
ii. name .il least so is the vast, naval
base of Rosyth. The Firth, spanned
by the great  bridge which  carries an
suit's.   Admiral  Jellicoe ,'ln,ost      invaluable strategic railway,
it- open to attack  by submarines and
urable    as it is Incomparable,
not     have its energies held long
coast,  its white cliffs in boRs    Us     Niagara    of power
oon   belch  forth.
Tli'   invisibility   "f   the   grand    tlcet
I       e of t he most n markable ol   all
th.  remarkable things in this war.
one  hue say  where it  is.   It's operation   proceeding   ceaselessly   night and
<Mi>  since the tirst  rumblings preBag
id   war,    ue  still  sh nulled  behind   an
■ 11   hie      veil.      Far    reaching
iMe... |    this  work  and  formidable
triumph   his rc    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
l.as still  ie' publish his tirst dispatch.
\\ t en one speaks to men at tached
ii idron  bidden  away  'some-
whi r        aie..rn     the    line Beet under
Beatty - command, or the great ships
forming  bli   a iuadi een.   ihey  emphati-
callj   n     •   "that   Ie  only  the cruiser
li  is nothing to the grand
Bi ~ ■ .    the  i    erentlal   way     In
ailors  tall   abi iut      the
■   and   Jellicoe's shijis    con
vej    a      lalth of m aning.
Tl • ' '  interbury visit
ed ■   ■ •    in i  i lr i   eminent   Si it
I i dlvtni s and a "arty of French
t er. « re pi ivileged tei see the fleet,
ine "'. t hem toid anything about
the fleet th it was not known Me;,,re
the    War   to  even
'!':•'.'   j
■  mine s,' r the equally
■• ii ■ rf I ni « a ibn ai ne destroyers,
They were silenl ah t the guns of
the new battleships and the speed of
the new battle cruisers. Thc new
• ii .■ i veep'ei - need ne i now bo era
• upi " the sweeping of the mines from "in estuaries >r the open sens
for the German mine is a .'cry rare
itn!   the   speei il   boats      con-
etr icted to deal « 111 the submarinie
i ■..- were built t'i plans after our
livid experience of destroying them,
and ire oot at all necessary to com-
".'. remaining submarines the
Germans can send  t.e sea.,   These de
The Ladies' Home Journal (published monthly) has a paid circulation of!
more than 1,700,000 copies. The Saturday Evening Post (published weekly) has a paid circulation of more
than 2,000,000 copies. The Country
Gentleman (published weekly) has a
possibly to aerial craft, although tbe Paid circulation of more than 300,000
distance from the German coast al- copies. Every twenty-eight days the
most includes the Zeppelin danger. P^SS rooms turn, out about twelve'
But where lhe grand fleet can go at- '"i'1'"" copies-more
tack in anv form is Impossible either a year,
i.v air or by sea. Information
It   ,s   idle   to   think   Ihat   thel'.ennans   '''adi'i's shows   that   each   copy   is   read
are     not  aware of the fastnesses     of  'V  '"'  average  of five  jiersons.   That
amid fleet.   The line ot ihe Heet '«.. almost one out of every ten   persons  in   'he   United   States  reads The
I allies Home Journal and more   than
one     out. of every ten reads thc Sat-
niday evening Post.
Exclusive of  thc storage   warehouse
than   l-lfl.UOO.UOU
received      from     1500
io their submarines has been more
deadly than the brilliant glitter ol
the lonely lighthouse to the migrant
Cocks.    They      have    tried,  niariy      of
them      to  pierce  the  veil     They   know ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the way. lake brave men, they have ,!u' new Curtis building in Philadelph-
gone, but from them we have taken a i:i contains more than twenty-one
full toll. For where che grand fleet BCres "f ll'""' BPace- [t >s l'se<1 ('x" ,
goes it is Impregnable. If you sailed clUBively for the publ cation of The
' ,r"he''wo.idcr' along tl-' coast where the grand fleet ladies Home Journal, Thc Saturday
.. ., ,,„ sometimes     anchors    audi    you were Evening  Post  and The Country Gen-,
three miles out  at sea you would not
t leman.
know there was a break in the coast (),le hundred and twenty great preside, feu so .lose do the headlands. "SB, working both night and day. are
come, se. narrow is the entrance that squired to print the company's three
ii   is scarcely observable t„ the     tin- publications.   An average edition     of
The      Ladies      Home      Journal   alone
trained   eve.    Vet   pass    through
.arrow     neck and  their is a beautiful  weiSns    M'M.'OOO pounds.    This  would
stretch     of water designed by nature H1 about sr' lar?p government     mail
e ne     would say, for the verv purpose rars- I
it  is now  used.'  The  watei' is of great      0ne  monthly  edition  of  the    Ladies
depth   and   it   falls   away   like   a    lake  Homc Journal,  containing an average
sheer from ihe mountain sides. With- "umber of jiages. would  make a  pile
in      recent      times   the   hillsides   have abollt  fi'tv fiv<' times  as  high  as    the
leen     transformed, and it  is now     a Washington   monument.
supply     base,     with    every    modern     The paper used in printing The La-
....equipment. Our battleships can come diea     Home     Journal, The Saturday
,i    possessed  of  incredible i.-,-,.,,,,, •   Pnct  ..,,a   mi,..  c„,„i-,,-  rn,,
,ight up ,,, th(, iand under thelr oVr,n Evening   lust  and   lhe  Countrj   Lenin     thev   turn   almost   ill    then                  ' tin,,,.,,,   nnrlnu .,,,,.  vnm-    tf  ,,„t   i,,
....   ....... . steam,  and from  the wooden pier   be  tlu».in «iui inu one yeai,  if put m     a
th,   «hat   im i h   remains     of ■
. ,    loaded  with whatever they  require or
ibmarlm   menace  is imt  a  prob-          , '
il    Un   old   Moats,  aim   the      new
raft   ii ■  going ■. > ed somewhere.
reat ^^^^^^       ^^^^^^^^^
tleshl     rl olned the .Met  fte would design it to be and away
;   • r.     days    ago,   The few een
Ah,, knew 'ef ; :,'s un
heralded   coming watched with     well
• et pride i he passing "i. its way
t.e   the     battle squadron .if the snp-
.'oi'l   in  naval   construction    aud
.i.- the bulwark .if the ocean went   on
thej     said     t" each   ither "tl.e guns
tre ii"t     in
• i   hit   -hips."    No,  n.er      will
They     will hit sometbii
■    ■ hi >   ttMM.   ci .m    le   what   tl
ishes an.1 .|u-t.
■ ■'      batt '  .let   i
There  wei
the    German pa|
■ i        m this count
et       Ship
t we bave     a
:il's   in   this
ntrj     i .      ■ en woi
ions i
Newcastle.   Birkenhead,   Barrow
strip     the     width of a page of these
can be turned or, to the enormous oil  publications     would      make  a  white
. band  which  would   go  about   forty-five
tanks. •
This harbor is placed exactly where limM aroucid the eartb'
jn     About 800,000 pounds of ink are us-
the  northern  fastnesses there  are oth- '"i   annually  for  printing   thc  publics
ers     We      have      a  harbor  where  the tiam'   Tllc  kits  and  CanB  luiUlim'      a
Beets e.    tl      '.l  we.'hi ."'..Id  he oi >'a,'s ""PP1* '"' "*■ if st°11'1 ,'dl'1' "'
ivre,   but   a,, civilian can     ap- '^[ would  make a  llne     six     mUefl
ii it.   'I'he •' ie(   floes imi  always ' niK'
,   ih..    ...   headlands.   It More thaD l2>m■'"- ^!li,e,1   states
has     work outside; much of it     it Is i,os,:'-"     BtamP8 are U8ed in a ycar'
ut    the '" '"MlM"  im>m ,s P°id    l"     the
en.i are always ready, eovernmenf  for carrying  thc publics
■ u( ,.,.. the high eta "°ns     malled frum the Hon,e ,l""'"'
ore     met     rout ind thev lhis ,! ' ' '   BUm8   re"
quired     bu ti copies shlp-
e      idu, Austi ill i an I New /.aland '"" ;" other w'^ or copies sold     to
will be in the n    ' ight.   I-   will tbe '''';'1"1 Beie newa companies.
.any     receives more than
■   the
ttances   am-
•  •■
i  wrapping
■'. ing uji
■     ,
t   thi
• V ■ ■  . •
they   havi
•  ■■
'Ol      1
I :    ' '"'led.
\, ,]      |f   ..■ , ■    'i.... ,
■  ,   -    l.    t . ,      .. | f cl
' pied coi ir     Is-
landc     In Conti    i    n
Bi rahle patchj  coast.
e. .,,        .. .,.,,■        I,. pOI    t,
is     . i bi ' ■■'' ■ • i ly banl
r • A     'ie. i   hai    I    ancl nrage  In  a
raflal.    To      get  «otre  kind   of  harbor
■ the brainy t itrce I        n ■•■
fiiapinv"1    Contrast   the British situ-
i   tween the west and tbe east
'   e.f  Great Britain  there  Is a re-
-   ill the
tli , ; , ■ outer
—      I re healthy color
■    iA
'  '       I
■ • I I
•       I i"',ng.
rr       """■' r
'   -     rmnri»n *r\t\ Fir (
■ — • e lh*n to
III f mnnrtm.
.    ...   - f| -
■■'-: m   rijfht
In r •'! i
■M li'i*   In
f\,.M_ --4 Tfipn,
■ ■   Ttirmi    ft   nke
" i~r*p\,mr'm (.itiAe,"
-     ttrmti-   h
lUt t.*4
■ ■ -r   and    »l   -ri>
* m  ind   ither
rmfMfelet     Informal,'>n
if*t    iHff«n,      *"*•
Trmftpeer'n   •      '
f •t«I««""W»w t nr
Prt««    Un,"   «ml
l«i '   "Fur   AtfU
Hook "   of   (fun if
I   I ■	
>V ,U     ll-v.lll*!.'.
■   • ■• Taokli
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^    m*ll 1
■ "tm      ' a i M/OO  ITHE1B
■<*U     ■ ii
f   .1   fo
«    I • li«M Incite ttltif
U\-,i\tTmttm,    ari'l     ■-nl
riiK* oh nrtjt'vur
302  MalUm Ruilr]inK        TOR C) INTO
ines an
Miscellaneous Wines
Are specially selected and are of exceptional merit. Your attention Is
directed to tbe following brands:
F'ine Old  Port,   jier  bottle  	
    $1.00,   $1.25,   $1.50
Pine Selected Old  Por!   $1.75
Special   Invalid   Port.    $1.25
O.T.   LlClUer,   small   bottle   35c.
O.T.   l.iquer,  large  bottle  65c.
Kia-iira  (pure  lemon juice)   75c.
11.11.   Co.  Fine  Old      Scotch,   per  case
I I.H. Co.  F.O.B.  Scotch,  jier case 	
H.B. Co. Best Procurable Scotch, per
case  $18.50
Kamloops made Cigars are well known
ami appreciated, and should be
bought by every smoker in the City
and   District.
Seal of B.C.,  50  in box   $3.50
Iron Duke,  25 in  box    $2.75
Morena, very choice, 50 In box... $3.50
ream ol Havana, 25 in box ...$2.00
I 'iinb.iy.   50   in   box    $2.25
Savoy, connoisseur's Bmoke,  very
mild,  25  in  box   $3.00
H.B.  Panetalas, clean  flavor,  50    in
box $3.25
.  leiidorn.  selected,   25   In   box...$2.50
Rob Roy, 50 in box $3.25
"mat,,   well   known,  25   in box
I I.H.   Factor,   very   chi 'ee.   25   in
box $3.00
■ m ilcan,  ;e   large  ; d  smoking
mi pure leaf, 50 in box
' '      l Me    ,     !      |Cl I I'T.Te.
ill       ''     in stock  and in
■M ion
i ii-,    lib tin.$1.70
il    i I    ■   re, IH   tin   90e.
i leel Ion     e>f
■. |,' .in    and    Virginian
',   lill    follow
Pall   Mall.    \1
ild 1 laki    H.B.  rmpi rial Olg
i B   cut    \ n
Mo fill,   Mm nl.       Cap -tan.      Old
i Caporal,
The Standard of excellence in all the goods
we handle is exemplified in the highert possible grade in our Wines and Spirits. In presenting our usual Christmas H.'.mper List for
the 1915 Festive Season we do so with the full
confidence in our ability to give our patrons
real sound "Bay" value for their money.
Orders should be sent in with as little delay
as possible in order to ensure early shipment.
Big Hampers
1 bottle H. I!. Old Rye
1 bottle  Country  Olub  Scotch
1 bottle  Old Tom  (Iiu
2 bottles  Native  Wine
1   bottle London  Dock  Sherry
6  bottles  Lager  Beer  (quarts)
12 $5.50
1   bottle 11. It. K. 0. II. Scotch
1 bottle Brandy
2 bottles Old Rye
1 bottle Old Tom Gin
1 bottle  London  Dock  Tort
1 bottle London  Dock  Sherry
4 bottles 11. B. Co. Export Lager
1 bottle  Claret
2 bottles   11.11.   F.O.B.   Scotch
3 bottles H.B. Pine old Rye
1 bottle Old Tom Oln
2 bottles   London   Dock   Porl
1 bottle   London  Dock   Sherry
1 bottle Brandy
2 bottles claret  (quarts)
2 bottles ll.lt. P.O.B. Scotch
1 bottle li.D.  Brandy
2 bottles  Old   Cardinal   I'm.
2 bottles  Bodega   Sherry
2 bottles ii.lt. Special Hy
1 bottle old Tom  Oin
2 bottles   Fine  Claret
2  bottles    ll. B.     Best   Procurable
2   bottles ll.H. Special Rye
2   bottles  Old  Duke Porl
2   bottles old  Duke Sherry
2   bottles Kinc Claret
1   bottle Brandy
1   buttle Sparkling Burgundy (Pom
2 bottles     il.   it.   iiest  Procurable
2 bottles ll.H.  Special  Rye
2 bottles Vice Regal Port
2 bottles Vice Regal Sherrj
2 bottles  Kin" Claret
I bottle   Sparkling   Hurgen.ly   il'oin-
mai 'I i
1 bottle   ll.H.  Brandy   150 yrs. old)
12 $17.50
1 bottle   I'M   O.    It.   Scotch
1 bottle   ll.H.   25   year old   It: .mdy
2 bottles old Duke Tort
2 bottles (ild   Duke  Sherry
2 bottles ll.H. Special Rye
' but tie  llcnedict me  Ismail i
1 box  Choice Cigars  (25)
1 tin   Players'   Cigarettes  i.50i
1 tin nn. Imperial Mixture (i ft).j
Please bear in mind (hat any of the above
Hampers will be forwarded on the C.P.R. from
Lytton to Revelstoke, and on thp C.N.R. to
Mile 100 by Express Prepaid.
(im   \\ ii Department is situated on the South Side of  Vic-
i m   \vcnue   and   the   Telephone   Number   is   124.
.Ml    1 lei    I      pi       .   vire or mail receive immediate attention.
The Hudson's Bay Company
*    ♦
Notes from the c7Hines
Lindsay & Kennedy, who have a The assays o<f Campbell & Thomus'
lease on the Horseshoe, three miles property on tbe Ashnela are very
west of Trout Lake, will also make a promising, running over 43 ounces in
shipment  shortly. silver.—Hedley Gazette.
J. C. Rady has almost completed
the rawhide trail from the Fidelity
group to Gerrard. When this is completed active development work will
be resumed at the mine.
At the Donorata mini-, L, Hillman
has opened up a shoot or ore tt ifeec
long, part of which is gray copper
ure carrying high values in silver. To
the eastern end of the ore body, aud
to gain depth a shaft will be sunk at
stuping resumed.
Sidney Ball 'if New York bas hem
at I'rincess camp, Copper mountain,
for tbe past month as consulting engineer for the British Columbia Cop
per company. He is especially employed on 'he location of an electric
tramway line from Princeton to "he
tamp, which, when constructed, will
give the copper company Independent
■access tn tb" railways here. Mr. Ball
ts tbe highest paid expert to yisll
this section,  receiving  >1  0 tier dav.
Word done by .1. E, F.igham on tbe
Black Jack claim on Kokanee creek
in the same district during the past
season consisted e.f a continuation of
a crosscut through the lead in an effort to reach one of the walls where
it  is anticipated a big body of   zinc
ore should be i mntered. The    wall
was pot reached, lr.it it is likely that
next year will see this piece of development accomnllshed The IVack
.lack has Indications 'if becoming one
of the big zinc pro lucers 'if this district.
After driving a Cr s- ' i'.n 1 a dis
tance nf l " leet at Monashee, under
th • managemi nt of MM ii. McDaniel,
the St. laii Mining company have
tered a large body of iron sul-
pbide ore carrying gold values. This
cross-cut tunnel will be continued on
for a distnr.ee of 127 feet, where another vein will be tapped at a depth
nf from 77. tn 100 feet. Tbis second
.... body is from 1 to 6 feet in width
in- the upper tunnel an.l carries va!
ues from I1C tn >',ii in gold and silver, the silver being ir. Bulpbide form
while     the     '--.'Ml      Is free.    After tbe
completion of the present work, it :a
the intention .f the owners to open
uji     both .-re bellies with a view      to
keeping the stamp mill running ton-
tinuously in future.
Profit-taking In Standard Silver-
Lead  stnek.  in  whicn  .--nme sales  were
mule Wednesday at as bigb as ..'.
brought a reaction yesterday and the
stock cloned at $1.90 bid and $2 asked
in Spokane, according tn advices r< -
ed m Nelson.
The stock has been rising stea I ly
since the resumption ot dividends, in
which slackening of ..pi rations rn
account   of  war  conditions  caused      a
temporary    ceasation   it took a ».ub-
:. t'ne ezpectat ion ni d
itioi I      leclaratlon of    ,i
•le aide dividend m December and   the
n  lb"  price ,.f r
gave it further Impetus.
\i ■• '• ■ e-i,..- in tbe s.i ual ina !s
tl.'    favorable preliminary statement
which      has     been   Issued  (or  . I I  i
Ahich Bbows estimated net earnings
lm the month of 111 1,868.78, which la
nearly 115.OC more than double vbe
amount required to meet the monthly
dividend payment ol H»,0   . which la
at  tbe rate of :'•" lier cent per annum.
i...  -    eai a■'" i fn:  tbe montb    are
placed        i    '1 I 1,868.78  and  estimated
• zpendlture at $26,1
Th.. •, ■ ipi ,,f i be Blocan Bl ir
Minim,'  Con pany,   which  owns  and op
n Btai mine and mill
■ don,  B,  im. war.   IS 00 in M'P-
tenibcr,   according  tO  reports  received
in Bpokane,  The shipments for    tbe
ue.nth  wri   180 Ions ..." lead lllVtl  "re
i"id concentrates, bul the output was
practically  double this tonnage,    as
the zinc product is being Stored until
Contracts nre secured. Tbe lead-silver shipments averaged 70 per cent,
lead am' about 90 ounces silver to
the ton, and one 3ll-ton ear netted
$2,000, according to the report.
There arc about MOO tons of zinc
Concentrates nt the mill rendy for
ship- ent, end the assays are said to
be 33 pei cent, 20 ounces In illvor and
l" per cent Iron, Reports received
from the management recently by
stockholders state that several offers
for  tin'  zinc  output   ale  under  consid
oration and it is believed tint aeon
ii.t   will   be  closed   soon,
Mining operations nre being confined   to   the   main   lead Silver  shoot       ip
the No. 7 and nm. ii levi li t.ut development     IS    I'lll'"    ll'   He     '■!!    t t'i' V'
'i  level,   where It   Is said  an  extensive
imdv   nf    milling    ore    war
about ten dnys ago, The level Is being continued tn catch the main   ore
Imdv  sh..witn-   in  the  No,   8 level    nnd
i.i ii.il.lv   will  have  to  be extended for
wn feet.
lt is reported that about a dozen
men are employed in development
work on the Molly Gibson by the
Consolidated company.
Authorities whose opinions are of
value believe that tbe end of the war
In Europe will not bring an immediate or even an early fall in the price
of metals that are now being used
largely by munitions manufacturers,
but that the demand aud prices will
be sustained during an extended reconstruction period by the requirements of European count 'les, In addition to increased demarris for such
materials in this country, incident to
i nlarged naval construction plans.
Tber" is greater divergence of belief
regarding the future of silver than
of any other metal, but the preponderance of expert opinion! appears to
be optimistic and predictions are
made that the coming of peace will
be signalised by the greatest advance
for the white metal that has been
1 nown for a   generation.
The Slocan Star Mining company,
operating the Slocan Star mine at
Sandon, B. C, has disposed of 500
tons of its stored zinc concentrates
nt a satisfactory price, and expects
to close a contract for tbe entire zirc
output of the property soon. It is
said that the company has several
attactive oilers for its zinc product
.Mid that a contract will be closed
nrobnblv he'ore Jan. I.
Stockholders state that there Is no
truth in recently published statements
tbat a contract already bad been
closed witb a zinc smelting company,
as the different oilers are being con-
pHrtnred cre'i'llv before any definite
■'C'iii't is ta' en. The comnnnv now is
">■'! 'n- ■.',..» •" mon hlv from i's
1 . i utnut. nnd it is estimated that
Hie net moi'thlv profits will be In
erenseil to not less than $25,COO when
a zinc contrnrt us secured.
Superintendent H. Q. Norrie of the
silver Standard mine at N'ew Hazel
ton told the Omineca Herald that, the
lower vein on the property was showing up very well. They bad stripped
ii for a distance ol WO feet witb ore
I ll the waj [rom 12 inches to four
feet width. The vein widens in places
to s:x feet. How much farther the
ore shoot extends will be determined
at a later date when stripping will
be resumed.
In the main workings a second raise
is being run from the 150-foot level
to t.he surface. In doing this work a
nee bunch of ore was encountered
nnd the 111 if I -M gr ide shipping
ore is growing apace.
Speaking of the ore on the old
dump the superintendent stated that
they  had  recovered  nver   1     tons      to
' ite and a i"t more is '.. be bi cured
\.t. Everything is now being closely
ported and nothing goes on the dump
but real waste, U 1ms been'.'ound
that anything whir'' contains nie    is
■ "th iat Ing on nf the high
silver  values.
Ml ore .-■ .'-'i goini thro irh a
cleansing process snd this eg in lessens tbi- possibilities ,,f wasting any
of the good ore, in due time a modern
washerv will be installed at the mine.
tolin Hynn of Conlmort, in tho
Simllkameen 'listricts who is visiting
tie'  .-ily    says      tbe      Nelson      Kewt,
-tates tint a considerable amount   ol
ICI '    Mill  placer  minim;   is  being done
oi,   the Tiil .  Granite  rivers.
A! out lot  iMa.'ei on these rivers Me
-. Ites,  are  being  worked  (or  gold and
a ■ ■ 11 in   .   .   -a ..; i latlnum Is an
nounced as w< 11   This i ittei. i.    de>
ilarei    ig developing Into a valuable
asset    to the district.   It is believed
that large quantities • ■! platlnui
..i  t' el   ii:   tin'   e irly   i   mr .'
the men pei it ng .! i placit 'Maims
on these rivet ■ at tl at tin •■ bad no
knowledge ol the mineral and therefore threw it out f the sluice boieta
as worthiest, Mi Ryan claims to
have    found   i nugget recently which
he      says   is   valued   at   about   >'
the present quotation nn jilatinum   of
I   .er ounce.
Or*     of the n -Mil claims
on the Tulameen river, says Mr. Ryan, is thl Lambert which he stntcs
bas     produced   leveral  hundred  thou-
s md dollars worth of gold since it
was first operated On tome ol the
newer     claims  Which IA  Up
during the ve.it the • en went shares
^.itli     the tad worked     tbe
■ I ■.■• . on p( ■ -is. making
he declares, bettei monej In I
than if they had been drawing regular
I a   has   with   him   MT-
imple nuggets found In tbe Tulameen and Granite rivers.
Now  Is   the  Time  For  Home  Manufacturers to Score.
In Europe :be making of cheese is
a line art. In Canada cheese Ib, or
has been, a tu. ler of commerce. Thp
wur on the continent is Canada's
chance. Competition's wings are
clipped. To-day there is the opportunity to establish a reputation lor
Canadian mai'.e cheese. This is the
opportunity which the Dominion Department of Agriculture urges our
cheesemakers to make the most of.
Canada is rich in fallacies. One
of the most thriving of these fallacies is the Idea that the domestic
product cannot possibly equal the
European born article. Experts agree
that some of our home-made products are in a class ".'ith the foreign-
made. But the label "home-made"
is the thing that damns our cheeses,
Tbere is Limburger cheese. Ita
quality is superior to and Its price
cheaper than the European product.
Long ago it drove its European rival
out of the market. As a matter of
fact little foreign Limburger has
been Imported into this country for
years. But Limburger consuming
persons continue to consume, blissfully Ignorant of the facts in the
ease. They still believe they are eating a foreign cheese. Well, they are
not eating foreign cheese. Most of
it is mad.' in Western Ontario in the
German districts.
Then there Is Swiss cheese, which
has     done   much    to   add   to   life's ]
gayety.     It  can  be  made  in  Canada
with the   same   degree   of   tastiness
and with just as many holes   as the j
foreign product.
Camembert of the best quality al-l
ways conn.lands a good price, but It1
has suffered in this country through
opposiiion on   the part of   the   pro- <
moier of the imported article.
In   addition    to   Camembert there!
are a number of other fancy foreign'
cheese  which are  popular   here and
which  could   doubtless    be    Imitated
successfully    by    Canadian    cheese- ]
makers   after   a  little   experimental I
work.     Among    these   varieties   are
Edam. Gouda, Parmesan, Roquefort.
Stilton  aud C.orgonzola.
It has   been   the   custom   among
Canadian manufacturers to turn out,
one  or  two varieties  of cheese  and;
stick  to that.    This  is  the fault ol
the public that pins its faith to the I
Imported   product.     It   would   be   a
wise  move on tbe part of Canadian
manufacturers to label their c eesee
very   frankly    as    Canadian    goods,
The consumer   can   then   judge   foil
himself.    Dm if the Canadian manufacturer is to win and keep Canadian
custom he must think more of quality in the future.    Otherwise the ad- j
vantage will be only temporary.
The New Lord Clarendon.
Canada has now an earl among ber
permanent residents In ibe person of
the new Lord Clarendon, who has
just succeeded to the title. The late
Earl of Clarendon died recently at
Mis Beat, The Grove, Watford, Herts.
Lord Clarendon, who was sixly-
<-i-ht. bad a record of long service at
Court. He was a lord-in-walflng to
Queen Victoria. As Lord Chamberlain be was responsible for all the
di tails ol the coronation of King
Edward. He bad been aide-de-camp
to King George since 1910. A perfect host and a good sportsman, his
shooting jiarties were famous. An
an connoisseur, he enriched the mag-
nlflceni collection which he Inherited,
Including the copy of the Gobelin
tapestry of Raphael's cartoon "The
Miraculous Draught of Fishes." presented to bis father, the Victorian
Statesman, by Napoleon III, at the
Signing of the Treaty of Paris. He
was a felicitous and cultured speaker.
Lord Hyde, his only son aud heir,
who is aged thirty-seven, married a
sister of Lord Somers. With their
two children they settled in Canada
just over two years ago on a farm
nf over 2nu acres al Pickering near
Toronto. Lady Hyde said she Intended to become a practical farmer's
Wife and ii" all the work she possibly
could herself.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Family Shoe
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We ami to K*ve maximum
we.u At minimum pHoe
Do Your Shopping Early.
This, the great glad time of the
year is essentially the children's
holiday. N'o greater disaster In
the social lMe of this nation
could happen than the curtailment of bappineBS for the children
by a minimising of the Christmas
This year as usual we have a
big stock of TOYS ANT) FANCY
conns. Bring the children to
see them.
Special good, wide FAELETTE
SILK in black, pink, brown, paddy—nice for waists, dresses and
trimming,   at  per  yard   $1.00
A very fine selection of the newest in LADIES COTTON JABOTS
RUCHINGS, etc. Some ot those
lovely roll collars that complete
the appearance "f a suit and are
washable. Also the newest dress
collars,  from  26c.   to      $5.00
BS—tray cloth , runners, table
covers, etc. at SOC., 75c, ll.no
and   $1.25
Boys' Furnishtngs
Now that Xmas is less than a
month away we would suggest
that you commence looking about
for that suitable gift for a boy
Our stock is more complete than,
ever before and is now In perfect
condition for Xmas buying
BOYS SUITS—Sizes from 25 to
34.   AU the famous "Lion Brand"
styles that are right Quality that
stands the test. Prices from $5.00
to $10.00.
genuine bargain in pure wool. All
sizes, different colors, price $2.50
Lined, fancy, from 75c. to $1.25 a
BOYS WOOL MITTS-Good serviceable articles. Trices 35c. and
Neat, warm and comfortable.
Trice 35c. and 50c.
BOYS TOUQUES—A wide range
of colourings and weaves. Trices
50c, 60c, and 75c
Lined, very dressy, tan Cape.
Price $1.00' pair.
genuine buckskin at $1.25 and
These and a host of other lines
equally as go  d.
New Goods Just
Almond Paste
Currants, jmckages and bulk
Raisins, 12 oz. nackages.
Raisins, 16 oz. packages
Raisins, N'ot-a-Seed
Raisins, Valencia
Figs, table.
Figs, cooking 4
Candled Peels
Crystaliscd Cherries
Chrystalised  Angeliqtie
Chrystalised Pineapple.
Glace Cherries
Glace Pineapple
Comb Honey
Shelled Almonds
Shelled Walnuts
Specials for
Fancy Glass     vases 20c. or 2 for
Toast Toasties, per package... .10c
Blue Label  Catsup, per bottle 30c
!   S pound sacks Rolled Oats ...  .35e
Prunes, 3 lbs. for ..,
Figs, co ikin -. 3 Ihs.
...  .25c
V.oriarty—Th' boys want to bu, a
lovln' cup for Assemblyman F'.r.nui-
.Jeweller-Here is something very
rl oice for $10
Moriarty-I don't think Flannigan
would go as high as that-hut we'll
ask him!
Lead Por Shrapnel,
Through tin I'fforts of Hon. W.T.
White. Minister of Finance, the
manufacture of Bbrapnel In Canada is
going to be tbe means of materially
bem fitlng tbe silver lead industry in
Ibe Knot. nay. The bullets for lhe
.■ ipnel are to in- made from Canadian lead. Hon. Mr. White took lhe
matter up wub the committee of tbe
Cabinet, placing orders for shells, and
satisfactory arrangements have been
mail" wiih the Bmeltlng companies al
Traill.  B.C
The Finance Minister, with il"' as-
■ ■ >e nt sir Thomas Shaughnessy,
in ul  tbe ('. IM H., a sbori lime
ago was Instrumental In securing tbe
i ontlnuam e  ol      i ii h Ing  operation!
;>: i"Hl      11  em    the leading
mines In tha Kootenay country,
which otherwise would have been
largely stopped because of tbe pre ent
nd ii'iam ial conditions.
Dominion Sol Seeking Belgians.
t hardly probable thai the Government will bring oul to Canada any
Belgian refugees, li wus thought at
lirst linn t ii ir- would ia  an excellent
a.ov- in order lo provide Inlji for
farmers who are  fTi  need of men.
Several reasons uro urged against
any action by tbe Canadian Government, One is thai the Belgian Government   has   Ordered    every    subject
le twi en l S and 3G to Join the colon,
Anollier is thai when tbe war Is
mer ibe Belgian Goyernmenl will require all Its available people to rebuild tbe country, and if the Cana-
e .a Government innk steps to bring
Belgians to Canada it might be re-
tarde I as unfriendly.
Rev. Vi. J. McQuarrle. Presbyterian
1,ast or at   Ferine, has resigned.
Do you want to earn
$10 a week or more
in your own home ?
Reliable persons will be furnished with
I rrol'itlble. all-vcar-roun.l employment
on Auto-Kniuini?
Machine. $10 per
week readily earned. Wc teach you
at heme, distance
is r.o liintlrance.
Write lor p.irticu-
Urs. r.ites of pay,
send IG. stamp.
Meets every Wednesday tveninj
at 8 o'clock, in Sdlrirk HaU.
Visiting brothers cordially Invited.
A. F. -id A. M.
Regular Meetings are held la
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday la each month mt 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
JOHN  LER.   W.  M.
ROBT   GORDON,  Seent.iry
I. 0. 0. F.
Meets every  Thursday ^venlrn la
Selkirk   Hall   at   8 o'clock. Visiting bretbern c.rdially tov.ted.
1 I'GALD BELL, N. 0.
JAMES mathie. Secretary.
\  ' idles cnrlini! club has been form-
,1    l'-eflie
Adulterated  Money Sold.
A report  ol tbe Inland  Revenue
mi ui  on   tbe   purity   of (be '
: onej sold In Canada stales thai oul
.f i'' i samples examined ten were not
ni all, and ibe vendors were
liable iii pro • ' iM am. I un   vendor said
e.:.I   ||   111.I   IIS   ll'llley,   bill   IIS   lllllley-
.e     i hi another case the .
aiii.im 'up is admitted tbi' it was
01    boi In   22  other cases
•i     e ontalned a uligiu excess I
t ,., i. iral im.item. I
Armstrong & (o
Rubber Shoes,   Overshoes,
Shoes,    Boots,    Gloves,
Nugget Polish and
2 in I Polish
It's good policy to think of the future
It's still better policy to pro vide a| i •
he misfortune! ll nmv have In iti ri
for you.   Tl era] ol protei linj:
yourself and fiunllj i  .'
with a reliable company. Thi high
financial standing and Men;; bi n
careei of the Kootenay Agenciet
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav be near at hand.
Don't delay,   Take out ,. policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
// you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
llevi-l  to!,,   I^.ilf;,'
No, i
LOY ' I   ol'PKK
Ml e -   ,Y. i ■-   •. cot  I
ind Fourth Tui sdi y
 In  ibe Sidkiik ll.ili.
Visiting Brethren are cnrdlall) In-
wt.d.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
II. I. II All..s,.,-.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialise in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnaoe Work and up-
to-dato Plumbing
Win k Bhop    ' eeiimiii; bt   Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      -    B.O.
(ivi "More Money" f<»r yonr Foxes
MusUrat, White Wessi 1, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
M.iru-n and other Fur I....re.   colUoteidlayoorsectlra
SHU' Vor!t PURS mill-1 T lo        •llllltr-ltir l.vorsl
home In Hit World dr.illm txclw ■..■!■■ e.   .     IH sHtHCANHAW ItSS
e llffRW
,   : ACT! I:V
AM) I'KOPlTAHLKretu . • 'Ct» «v'iuiitti fttimwr."
theuniy r<--,i.it. •■ ;,   uraM I
Writ* tnr It-    .OW        '•   PBF.H
A   P.   C1MIIRFRT   lr    2.V27 WEST AUSTIN AVE.
G.  Ralph Law r mi e
. eek.
idi   .1 trip to     The  Panama exposition closed
' Saturday.
J. B.  Sutton of Arrowhead was
the city on Thursday.
in]    F. B. Hume of Wilmer was a guest
at the Kins,'  Edward hotel Tuesday.
A. (!.  Douglas of Seattle was ut the
King  Edward hotel yesterday.
W. W. Perry of Golden registered ut
the  Hotel  Kevelstoke  on   Sunday.
i itj
Dotj  of \ ane .uvi r was
the week.
.  T.  McPherson of Salmon   Arm
U. Rowell of i lal   ei j was at the
at ike ..ii M nesday,
i-M  V, Greely  "f  Kellogg,   Idaho,
it   thi   King   Edward on  Sunday.
Hr.   Wolfenden  of   Nelson  spent Mon-
. i>  in  Revelstoke
Dr.   Sutherland  was at  Golden
Monday i u professional dui.es.
Vi. R, Rear of Arrowhead     was     a
\ ;:  inr  i,.   Revelstoke  this week.
!M   li.  Kenny of  Victoria registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Tuesday.
A.  G.  Pearson  of  Glacier   was      at
the Hotel  Revelstoke on Sunday.
0,  Fossett of  Salmon Arm was   at
the King Edward hotel on Monday.
H. D. Young of Nelson is in tho
city a guest at the Hotel  Hevclstoke.
Pte. R. A. Switzer of the G2nd battalion, Vancouver, is spending a lew
c'ays in town.
t'. Oakley uf Winnipeg, travelling
auditor of the Dominion Express Co.,
spent Wednesday in Revelstoke.
W.     Gosnell of the Nelson Brewing had been in trouble twelve times be-
Oo., Nelson, was in the city on Wed-   tween the end of 1U12 and September,,
nesday. 1916,
,     .,,      _.  I    Dr. F.  Agnew,  the attending physl-
guestsat the King Ed- cian   Btated  tfaat  the ^^   Memed
to be in as good a condition as possible Thursday evening, and attribut-
An old timers barn dunce will     be cd death to shock.   He also had   ob->
held on New Year's eve under the au- served that the constable hud been inspires of the Revelstoke Agricultural iuml "' thc melee,
rssociation. i	
Aiming the
wurd hotel on Sunday were Mrs.   G.
Caillot and daughter of Burton City.
j. t. Mason ol Vancouver register
D.  M .
K.:i.:   Kdw;
Ml        ind  Mi
ll ft     .    '!     Vl
it  to
I  ■ '. !
Malakwa   was    at
A  hotel on We.lues
.      I
i    Hack   md family
...   im extended vis-
J.  Sliiiniiu
lng   Iriends
Mr.   and
were   gliestf
.-ii Tuesday
Of  Kevelstoke.  is  visit-
m   the citj.   Kamloops
Mis.  Fallis ol  Vancouver,
at   Hie   Hotel  Revelatoke
R.    Tapping  has returned from     a
two  week's  business  trip along     the
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Friday  Bhuswap   lakeSj   visiting  the  settlers.
J ut tbe King Ed- F TUman) ,laa just returnea £rom
Sun Francisco und will take churge
of 1 lark's barber shop during the hitter's absence.
ward li. M el on Tuesday was Mrs
Hohertsiui  of Penticton.
N. McLeod of Kevelstoke arrived in
tin city yesterday and is a guest at
the Strathcooa.—Daily News, Nelson.
The regular meeting of the Farmers
The largest  individual subscriber to
the Dominion war loan in Hnl isb Ool
umbia    wus the B. C. Sugar  Refining
i  Calgary
the  K ■
.' .IS
Mis.    lv.      Uhapcot '■
was n guest .ii  the King
el  on   Wednesday.
if Arrowhead
1.1    Meet -
Institute     will
Smythe's     hall
for the ensuing
he    bei.l   tonight in Comi'any    ol Vancouver, the amount
Election of oflicers
year will be held.
W.  I'   M.i.                  pi .pi li tor of
the   Re' elst     ''   '•'' . I    Ma ket   was a
visitor  to Rev          e tl       ■ ■  .., a
gue.-t    it   me  Hotel  Revelstoke.
ll.     II. Hell aul 1..  Larsen of Calgary      were     ■.■,:,.sts  at   the  King  Ed-
,,i.i hotel ..ii Wednesday,
Twenty two
night  al   I lie
taken oil' the
names of agents and
were objected to lust
court of revision and
list.   Twenty-seven oth-
Monday next   bi  I g  I be second Mon
day ... the mocitl      m     ilar raeetln    in the City.
.of th.    iVomi       Ci ". idian club a ill Me
hool at 8.3d p.m.
Barnes ami family of  Revel-
have taken up their realdenco
Kamloops Standard,
er householders were objected to but
the nanus were held over. The court
was adjourned until noon  today.
of   stock   applied   for   being   $'J ll,llllll.
Till rote mi church union in St.
John's Church bus resulted uk follows
For union, elders, j; communicants
IM; adherents, 23; against union.
communicants 8, adherents I, making
a  total of 93 for and i against.
The Broken Coin—Empress, Monday
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald St. Son,
The Ladies Aid of the Methodist
church will hold their annual bazaar
on Sat., Her. 18th. Admission free ;
collection iu tea room.
McRae's Shoe Store, Howson block,
■iut Leggings ami Gaiters
(Mill uni Inspect Howson St Co.'s
new and uptodate line of Baby Cutters and Children's Hand SlelghB.
Greatest serial yet—The Broken
( e.i a    Empress,   Monduy.
I The brigade made a run to a flre at
the residence of Dr. E, 11. S. McLean
about 2 o'clock this morning. Very)
little damage  was done.
XMAS TREES and Evergreen decorations tor sale. Prices reasonable.
Prompt delivery. Apply to DaLt
FOR SALF.—16 ln. Millwood; also
Kindling in lumcheB, each $2.75 per
load delivered. Phones \2 uud Si.
.1.   P.   Sutherland
Mrs. K.  C. Cormier is raiding
beautiful  pieces  of  fancy  work,
l.yle.     formerly    chief     clerk  procseds of which wlll go to
M. McKay, superintendent     of Cross society.
to   J
the    Canadian Pacific railway, Reve]
Bto      ha.- heen  appointed y irdmaster
■ ■  ■
The annual Xmas. entertainment   of
the   VIetl     ist   Sunday  Sch. iol   «M.I  ' e
n   Weili.es,lay.   1 BC.22nd.    \ :'.""!
■a is being arranged and a
/)..>-• enjoyable tn.ee is looked forward to.
The board of St. Piter's church as-
sisted hy thc Women's auxiliary are
holding a whist drive uud dance in
lhe Masonic hall on  Pec. 87.
Vi. 0. Dunbar, an express messenger
on Great Northern passenger truin
No. 4-1, was killed by a bould-
the Red er crashing through the root of the
car and striking him. The accident
happened eight miles east of Wenat-
chee near Spokane. The boulder,
which weighed two tons, broke Dun-
bur's neck.
The best coal in town today is
Robbins semi-hard coal; it has the
lasting qualities of hard conl and no
At    the     annual meeting of Revel- !;sh or soot as from soft coal.
Btoke      Aerie  N'o.  4:i2,  F.  0.  R.,  held
Tuesday    evening  tbc  following  o.lic-
crs   were  elected:   W.   President,   J.  B.
( le.sii.in; W. Vice President, W. Little;     \y. Chaplain, J. Pradolini;   W.     There's comfort  in cooking     i.ith
Secretary,   I'M   G,  Burridge;  W. Trcas-: Coursier's Conl.
urer,     A. Madolini; W. Inside Guard,
FOR     SALE—Xmas    trees  and  evergreens for sale.   Apply Mail Herald.
SAVE :;e PER CENT, on your fuel
bill by using Banfl! Hard Conl for
your furnace.   Sibbald & Son.
WANTED—Experienced dressmaker
wants work by Ibe dny or hour.
Ajiply   Miss  ('allot,   one  door  north
of   Mail I le.ald
T. Walker; W. Outside Guard, G. Ser-
annl; \\. Trustees, J. Pradolini, T.
Downs,  J. Lonzo.
ee. Idamson of Calgary, westernre-
presentative of the Curtis Publishing
Co.,     spsnt   Wednesduy   in  town,      a
guest   at  the  Hotel   Kevcisioke.
The     Sunday  School of St.  John's
cburch w.H hold its entertainment   on
The new   serial story, The
Coin—Empress, Monday.
Mr.  IM  .). i
.'.ry in i
■   ,    -I Ud( .lil:
of i be i n .- lyterian ser-
The firs' conviction under the
revenue act,  which  requires the
i r     of a cheque to place a two
uu Sicamous to stamp thereon, was re.
w     .-
■    e     ttawa  police .'..urt  when  Magistrate
lay, 1 .   .1  Rev.  .1. ft',   \skwith  Imposed a line of ?20 and $2
mson. .     ■ n, Glattenburg,
tn'.  put      e     ; ..,     ent stamp on     .1
The    Muil...  .,f the Methodist church  (.,euic
are ri ei .1 in donat ions ...
tor I -     the Pai onage not     The following officers of the Rovel-
'-     clock    .en Thursday,  stoke Chapter Ma-mis w.re elected on
The       hildren    will  lind   Monday  night;   Z,  WM  Hews,  li.  Don-
lelight in the I      i md, .   aid     Adams; J, i bas. J,   Vman; Sec-
tempting ible in please tbe retary,   Rev,  C.   A.   Procuoler; Treas-
. Ml' ■   foil   as well  aa  ihe youn r,  and
"f  fancy   as  well   as   u.-. fui
The     "higher life" study class met
in     the library at the Y.M.C.A.   last Wednesday,   December  29th.   The chi
night.   The text hook is Prof. James'  dren wU, arst be troated to a sleigh
"Talks t.i Teachers on Life's Ideals."  „nV(. ,lml „n returning will  be served
The topic wus much enjoyed and   an with supper in the basement of    the
interesting     conversation ensued.   All  churchi after which the older scholara
men    are welcome at these meetings.
7.45 every Friday evening.   Bach     of
tered  in the thcse talks is complete in itself,
Child's Sbugbs,  Sleigh Bells,
.'.c, at  Bourne liros.
Furniture,   Stoves,  etc.,  bought
C ish.  Vi, Pany,  Phone 35G.
ol all.
■ I      au.se   and   taste
The n...-t otlici   department   bas   dee-
cided    to li ■      fi for    i
e      p     ■ ..... iate tl e d i-
extra i tamp on
■ ■ • ■  a for the war i ax by iss
ordin        two eei Ith a  dis-
ar   »hen tea
Tl re "f the depart nent is ■
i ■ rhich will disapi
thi   w ar arid  the ex sti nee ol   a
will present the musical play
Whittingdon."   At     tbe close
30 Clans will appear to distribute     the
Class  may  be joined at anytime.  ROod things from the Christmas tree.
,-   , ._  .,     ,. ,  _    ,,   _,       The parents   md  friends of the child-
I nder the direction of il.  M.  Wins- ,. „    . ..
,  .  ,  ,     .,    ,,     . ten     are cordially invited to see   the
low,      iirovinc.nl  horticulturist,      tho    , .   -
.  , ,   .        , tlav presented,
government has .just  issued a booklet
dealing with the cooking of potatoes.     A    German named Smith has   been
It has  Me.n  issued for the purpose of brought in from Moberly by the pol-
bringing belore the housewives ol Bri- iee and is held iri Golden jail pending
tish Columbia the dietetic value     of an  investigation  whether or not     he
the     potato,  as well  ns to show the should     be   interned.   According     to
numerous  ways  in which  it may      bo Chief   Sutherland,   Smith   some    time
urer, c.  H. Macdonald;  S. \M, Ralph prepared    Booklets  may  be obtained ago   made application for citizenship
Lawrence;     P.    S.,     E.    Mackenrot. by     writing     to     the Horticultural papers, having  taken up a bomi  tc   l
(iiami Offli      B illie of Kelowna, was Branch, Department ot Agriculture, or near  Moberly.   Me then  visited     the
pection. ro     R-   ''■   Abbott,   markets  commiF- United     States,     returning    a  shorl
sioner, Vancouver. I    e since    Pom that time, say   the
police he hns  been verv  objectionable
Iven  in  this week's issue <,,     tj,,. neighbors, an
that certificates nis     pro-German scntimi its.     Smith
Z2 Jury Exonerate
taloops Police
"We lind thut Michelle Andrew died
at the Royal Inland hospital   in   the
city   of Kamloops  ou  the 3rd of  De-
ember, 1915, from shock as the result
of a i^uu shot wound through the left   l er
The young  ladles of the high school
f< ty     for     Notice is
.ud ol tl.e. j{.  r
o     I       ddlers.  An exhlbl- ol tave been granted to, clalmi
The Gulf of Georgia  0!,p0sing    this  is bis  declaration
thigh, fired from a weapon in the
hands ol Constable Pincblock in self
defence, and while the deceased was
rrest for being intoxicated
and hi possession of spirituous liquor
He are unanimously of the opinion
that the constable was justified In the
use of his gun uud Bhould be ezoner-
d has expressed ated from ;U!  blame."
Thc above is the verdict as brought
in by thc coroner's jury empanelled
by Dr. M. G.  Archibald, culled in to
FOR SALE—English XmaB Holly
Sprays, beautifully berried. Trepaid
anywhere; ten pounds six dollars
fifty, five pounds three-fllty, pound
box dollar ten. Our output this
year is supplied by Victoria Red
Cross society. B. CM Holly Export
Co., Victoria, B. C. Reference,
Having leen appointed Executor ot
the last will and testament ut H.ir-
bara Clark, deceased, late of Revolstoke, B. C, I do hereby require all
i ersons indebted to the Estate of
the aid Barbara Clark to make payments to me, nnd all persons to
whom the said Barbara Clark is indebted will plensc file their claim
with nie duly attested according to
law otherwise the- Estate will be distributed on the 15th dny of Decem-
101.r> wlthoul r.'. ard to nny creditors who hnve not BO filed their
Bated     at Revelstoke, It. C.     this
21th dny of November, 1916.
nt t desired    T'i"
ordinary   two tami
I surcharged     de-
•   -      poi   Its F ice dt' liar to tl
'     ■ p,  The  new
sued at an early date
I e,
iry   for
toke t
M ■ '■
f Hm ,;e
tor-?, non    4
•   ■
'   CaB ■ Ltd.i with had office applying for  naturalization.   At  that in«uire tato u'° circumstances causing
at    Victoria and capitalised at $135,-   t    ,e he -ave his birthplace as Posen,  the ",an's deathi
'     '       over a    i go   Germany, and made affidavit that be     ''""stable Pinchbeck declared in his
now  carried had not lived in a foreign country for evidence that  be shot only when
' same name four years previous.   Chief Sutherland
is .'ivi.n- the prisoner every chance to
nd  failure will  mean  Internment.
■ n
at the firm of M.
I i dustries,
'ames     A.
Ltd,  Victor-
Ofl   Transcon-
.' :
Last evening the hoys class held
■ecoud monthly bean teed and
iturely had a good time, to s.iy
fear of his life when the Indian attacked him with his club. Constable
Hirst, Chief of Police Edens and Mr.
N. McCannell all testified as to the
circumstances     after their arrival   on
be scene of the shooting, which occurred  only a lew  minutes after.  The.
onstable's     (ace     was covered  with
Drug Store
nothing ol the good spread demolish-  j,,.,,,,, and ,„, waa jater takL.n care ot
of the usual gym. class at  tho  h08pital.   Chiel   Edens  stated;
in the afternoon the boys started out fl1at lu, had pi,en tht, lm,M slll,,t
4 T
n .; I
to hi
tie-     h .ilding    ■..'■  '■ . nt  to
coasting hill that was in good work-
.   order and Bpent the rest ol     I  '
astlng,  returning  to   the
: ea is, etc., were     In
hearty Bupper was     ened  altl i   which  several  an  ana  ;
were told by Mr.  Hardin:.' and  Mr.
irtln the guest of the evening, The
disappointed  li > not
both yesterday     and
pool is i mpty, and will
while n  is be-
ben tbi   job
.   .. ,
t will be woi iM wait
.  .  mplc ol   ■'■
','. I, not  foi  over
' for the 1st hattal-
it Ional Guard   ol
(tractions, as to their conduct in making arrests nnd thc use of their revolvers. He also read the jiolice rcr.
ord ol the deceased which showed   he, ]
Christmas Gills
Prices Lower Than Ever
NOTE PAPER, Ior children
per box     25c.
For     grown.     upi
25c. to
.  S5.00
T0DA1    Matlne    !.   i       ind  '•
World .   presents   .   i
ed     Woman, with Barbara Te
,ji    '. acrts      plendld  Saturday  pro-
1    'ion.
MONDAY   Tb"     Broke       Coin    with      i ,    •,     ,.
Francl- E..rd "nd Grace Cunard, the  ,,
molt exciting  Universal    erlal  evr r,f    j,
shown    on  n  curtain.   Girl ol     the  ,
Plr^s      In    a     '.Uh Edna Malson. to insure,
DP   In the Water,  with  Max  Asher.  additlot   to! al fei
Sou.ne of Happiness, comedy. rin,i     ,„,;,.K     MA  :i      • » ties
TUBRDAT—Famous   Players  present* hhlngle     bolts and fern The
Marguerite mark   in  the iwen flip     awlogs    Healed     In   the  van.
Hay        Thursday
the De
t.»r«. S parts.
1WETiNP)STUY—Can't  Alw-ivs  Tell,    i
reel  drama.  Little Bbrde in   Pluck,
2 parts, with Bob Leonard nnd El-
It,  Hnll    Her Own Home,  comedy.
tri'tfl   are  as  fnllowq    Vanron   ■
252.7M feet   Cranbrook  'i,B«'i,<«7 feet;
Nelson  r. im 7P: reel    teland  l,2M 166
feet.;    prince     Rupert,   i,r,37.ins  feet;
Vern..n,   746,248  fnef,    Cranbrook  dis-
lMURSDAT P.'irnnus Players pre- trict recorded 49,176 lineal feet, piles
sent Tne ri„rk and Cartyle Blnck- nn,i pnjeR. Vancouver, 11 <c.'i cords of
■ven ln tflP puppet Crown, r, parts, ties, shlnrle holts nrrl lineal fo«t.
J-'RTP^V-Itnly'q flhores, Tlllly's T^ove Timber wins recorded during the
Maklnr. comertv. nnlvrsnl Weekly, month cover an natlmated total of
Utest war news In plcturee. (7,686,000 feet sawloga, and prodnoedaj
*SMmm^BKmWnW*UmmmmWmmWiimw!m   ' ■'"' estimated revenue of f 10,817.     I
GAL1 (
I lurninion   K ■ pi ■       Mone ■   ' b ilei
W.  II.  HOKOf'.IN
.N'l.s'i   'rn    Post   Oftii b
i m . ,1 w. Mewel
..it- .;    has    in-
ited   . publicity oampaign which
irlson  with     the
tl A  In tbe Dominion. Ho
■i ■ (ull liar,  advertisement!
Hi       th'e   newspaper!,    These   announce
'  I  i.;'  got   "thorough
■   i   lng,      anniiil   vacation
excellent club privileges,
inlonehlp und free rifle
' hnt   they   give     OM   even
reok"   .nd th ii   thej develop
■l  physical fitness, person
.   precision and accuracy,
II       nftdence,   correct  henring      and
ability tn command "  The remainder
of the advertisement ie given tip     to
Information dealing mainl>  with   the
'■t I ■ il     to     be   adopted in  joining,
which     is coupled with the assertion
that there Ib "no re»d tape tn joining"
All      this      Ih  referred  to  as evidence
h.i the vnlne of publicity in interesting leslrable young men In the mll-
ltary Is appreciated to the fullest en-
tent on the other aide of the line as
1* has been In the United Kingdom,    j
All new public school
pupils over six years of
a^e must register with
the Principals of the
Schools not later lhan
December  17th.
New term commences
February 1st,  1916.
See  0U1   rijiecial  jiackage, 3 for
BOOKS     FOR      HOYS  -Wonder
b .....   of   -.Millers   $1.25
Worn ■ Umpire SI.25
OASES,      MAN1CPRKS,       A
rnMPI.KTl;} STOCK      OF
KI to NY
Better and  Cheaper Than Usual
The Rexall Store
When in Doubt
To know what to get jn Fresh Meats or Fish
TRY US—we always have a Rood variety and
handled under strictly sanitary conditions.
Revelstoke Meat Market


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