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The Mail Herald Aug 26, 1916

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Chief lumbering, railway, min-
|BB. agricultural and navlga-
tloa centre between Oalgary
aad the Pacific ocear/^
The Mail-Hepald
Published weekly—Read
by   everyone—Tbe     recognised
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23-No. 3u
Hundreds of Settlers Pouring
in -Settlers Anxiously Await
P.G.E.—Soil not equalled
in any Prairie Province
$2.50 Per Year
"Settlers by the hundred und wholo
trainloads     of     settler's    effects are
Owe Ninety per cent of Mining Development to Outside' |s Confident of success of Ad-!Hon-   Jhos;, Taylor  Answers  Chargas  and  reoeives
Capital — Cannot go to England for Money—Liber
al Policy would Cut Down Revenues, Arrest Mining
Development and Deprive Thousands of Men of
ministration—Reception Ten
dered Premier Was Magnificent—Measures Meet
With Approval
A sweeping  victory for the Government's candidates   in  the up-country
Nothing ho clearly proves tho ln.ep- umbia iB the richest mineralized zone
j tltudc ot the Liberal party as its at- in North    America, und have put the
daily pouring into the Clairmont and titude toward thc investment of out- miuing industry upon a sound basis.
Grande Prairie   districts in thc Peace side capital in the mines of     Uritish Let us ask. the    Liberals what they constituencies     is     the prediction of
River country since    ibe     completion Columbia.     If    tbey expected to put would do witb the    mineral resources Mr. R. F. Green,  M.1M, who returned
last April of the McArthur road from Hon. Lorne (Jampqell on bis defensive of the province if we were to cxcludo to the coast on Sunday     after a two
Kdmonton,"     said   Mr.  J. A. Evans In thia matter they have    failed    eu- American   capital, or any capital not weeks' tour of tbe Interior with Pre-
of Clairmont, which is 430 miles   duo tircly.     No man   with a rudimentary British, from British Columbia. mier BowBer.
north of Edmonton, to representative knowledge of mining     conditions     in It must be admitted that capital iu ''We had a splendid trip," said Mr.
of The Province. Mr. ijvans is a Van- this     province seeking  the contidenco large volume is needed.     There     are (jreen.     "Thc reception tendered Pre-
«.ouver man who sized up the     possi^of the electorate,  would have     taken very few poor   men's propositions in mier Bowser was a magnificent     one,
Splendid Reception—Dr. Sutherland Claims Conservatives Stole Platform—J. De. B. Farris advances
no Platform or Policy—Same old fault finding
The meeting called by the Liberal of the Province to the city of Van-
Association on Monday evening was couver. The country bas not been
well attended,  probably owing to the called upon    to pay one dollar of in
tact that Hon. Thos. Taylor was invited und signified his Intention to
be present.
Dr. Sutherland, win. was tbc flrst
to address the meeting, did not ad-
vunce any policy of his own. Hon.
Thos. Taylor,  who followed,    made a
terest on the bonds of the company,
notwithstanding the fact tbat the
country is passing through trials on
account of depression in capital owing to the war. Tbe O.N.P. was a
promise made by Premier McBrida
and     has    been carried out and that
Hlities     of   the Peace River country such an attitude    toward outside in-
four years ago and mushed In     over vestors.
tbe Edson trail. He is one of many In the early days of mining devel-
wbo have been successful in tbat nor- opment a good deal of British capi-
thi'in agricultural section. He ownsitul and some eastern money went in-
j_ large lumber Industry at Clairmont, to the development of mines iu Brit-
and is in Vancouver on a combined|
business and pleasure trip.
British Colun.bia, not even in placer and wherever he spoke he was greeted
mining. Heavy investments are re- with large audiences, who gave him a
quired to open up and develop miner- rousing welcome.
splendid speech and greatly impressed policy was endorsed by Dr. Suther-
the audience. J. \V. De U. Parr s land when I was returned with a
spoke tor a longer time  than    either  handsome majority.     Tbe programme
The electors in the of the other "Pikers.
Mr. W. I, Briggs acted as chairman
of the meeting.
al properties under thc best of con- seven conotltutncies in which I ac-
ditions with transportation and other companied the Premier—Columbia,
facilities. Where then, is this capital Ferule, Cranbrook, Kaslo, Trail, Slo-
Ish Columbia. Those lamiliar with to come from if we exclude our only can and Revelstoke, showed unmista-
the mining history of those days present source? We cannot go to Eng- kably by their attitude towards the
"Of the number wbo are coming in- know what happened. A great deal ol land. It is useless to go to Eastern Premier, that they have every conn-
to thc country, a great many," said money was lost. British investors fa- Canada. Vancouver capital has open- dence in his administration, and it
Mr.  Evans "are continuing on     Into vored mine    management by men sei- ed mighty few mir.r>s and none ol any  was     apparent     that   they desire no
the rich valleys over the interprovin-jected by their own boards at    home,  importance, and Vancouver   investors change at this tine but, inetead, are taken in the i8gaeg o[ the day
cial line in British   Columbia.     Over, These men    usually were not lamiliar were busy playiDg the     real     estate satisfied     that     the progressive pro- Sutherland
there,     in   the Pouce Coupee district with   conditions and where one made game when  American capitalists were gramme    of     the  Government is un- that wag being  DroU)-ht against him,
especially, the land    is    good and is'a success     many failed, with the re- developing Brittania and  Anyox, two doubtedly the best thing for the Pro- nalnely.     „That   he
easily cleared and placed under culti- «ult that     mining  lm B.C.  gradually of    the     largest copper mines in the vince.     They   feel that the Conserva- medlCal man to send away  from Rev_ cgtg
vation,    and though far from a rail- Ml into into disfavor with     English world, one of them     within a stone's tive Government's bona fides has been eUtoke...     He did not gee    why     he
outlined by Premier McEride for the
construction of the P.G.E. has been
carried out as far as it has been financially possible. It is impossible,
at the present day, for a company to
1 orrow money fron. tbe old country.
Owing to the outbreak ..( the war no
i ompany in Canada could raise money in the old land. Owing to expend-
^^^^^^^^^^^ the     absorp-
Dr>  tion of the guarantee of the Govern-
an argument mtnt     lt     was   found that the work,
would have to close doun.     It     was
was too good a deemed   inadvisable, nor in the inter-
of     British     Columbia, and I
think the Liberal party  would     have
Dr. W. H. Sutherland said that he
was appearing before a Revelstoke
audience in a new role, and he was
glad to see such a large attendance
as it went to show the great interest jtures of their own and
tion of the guarantee
the     same .louise; to leave
in its    uncompleted     state.
way,-»tar-sighted   pioneers     seem     to and     Eastern     Canadian     investors,  throw of Vancouver. -...,..,   _„..„_.„ „,  mrl Mumo.nm- sbould     not    have   an holiday every followP(l
prefer the opportunities   offered   here Some     mines which had been opened     Liberal policy,   if  adopted,     would Uve legislation    which was passed at yeaI>i an(J would only [)e aWay     {(jr q ^ ^^
to chances on the Alberta side of the showed good promise, when they had arrest our mining development, cut the last session of the legislature. short Ume eyery yca_ holidaying. The Premier introduced a bill grant-
line." ,to be closed down for want of further dawn the revenues, deprive thousands They contrast these performances ot He eipected to be electe(1 He com. ,._ m m tQ tfae rai {o com.
Some idea of the prosperity    which capital, the shareholders     having be- of men of their livelihood,     in    fact, the administration with   the     entire pluined
exists     up   in Mr   Evans' neighbour- come     discouraged by the failures of practically  depopulate    the Boundary lack ot any     definite   proposals from tnoupn natjce whpn invitcd     to
hood was given when he referred    to others. and Kootenay   districts    and     bring the opponents of the Government, and, dreg8 thp CorBervntive meeting.
the cereal products of the country.     I    Jt was at this stage when    mining stagnation     to     every   industry and have Deen 1uick to appraise     at    its
"One farmer marketed &0.O0O bush- activity was at its lowest ebb, that business supported by those districts, real value the Liberal campaign of
els of oats some two weeks'ago " he American mining men began to in- A party which would take such a insinuation und slander, a campaign
continued. "He got thirty cents a vestigate British Columbia possibili- position on this question is not the w>>ich bas 8° far 'Unclosed not a sin-
l.ushel for this lot right at the eleva- tics- These men werc experienced, party to be entrusted with the reins «le idea to indicate iu what manner
tor. And this represented only a Bin- hard headed mining men with whom ot government in this province. Brit- the opposition proposes to advance
gle year's crop. Now that the rail- mining was a business, not a gamble, ish Columbia wants to progress, not the best interests of the Province,
way is opened many farmers in the They took up one property after an- ictrogade, and the entire policy of "T1>e measures which the Govern-
district are marketing their 1915 and other and made paying mines of what the Liberals, so far as we bave ment b«s already taken for the en-
191-4 wheat, and the fancy prices had been ln many instances promot- heard it expounded by the Liheral couragemmt of the timber, mining
which    are   the rule mean prosperity iers' boIes far investors' money. lenders and press is reactionary     and and agricultural industries have   met
among tbe men    who braved thc ear-     Today » owe    Probably ninety per destructive     without     a single com- with     the    whole-hearted approval of
ly years of hardships. 'cent of   our     mining development to p(n?ating item    of     coustructivcncss.  lhe people in that   portion     of     the
"The settlement is little more than' American     enterprise     and     capital.  Mr. Brewster was   destructive     wben t-rovince. Business conditions in  that
four years old "     said     Mr    Evans   These investments have paid big rev- he tried to blacken the province     be- section arc exceptional.ly good, better
"and in the y'ears before the railway [ ™ueB to thp Province, have given em- fore   eastern audiences ,,nd he is still  in ,act than for years past. More men
came it   was difficult to get the pro-  Ployment to thousands ot highly paid trying to destroy   with   his     absurd
ouce to the outside country.     3c we' meD.     have   Proven tbat British Col- writ.-J.P.'s Weekly.
had to live  within     our     boundaries 	
j>nd     to     hoard     the harvests until
Cable to the-'Sun"was exaggerated—Liberal Agent in London Sends Letter of Regret
transportation facilities     were   to be
had. Thus we are able to go to mar-1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ket this summer with the stud which' U A C UAPPPNiPn
has been piling up and   so,     luckily,!      MHO     nHriLllL.U
we are enjoyir*.  the best prices    tar-1 	
mers in any country   ever     got     for1
their labor."
Discussing crop conditions in the
far northern districts, Mr. Evans
"I can say that all the crops In. .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_,
the Peace River district are flourish-! A few dayfl *g0 tbe Morning "Sun'
ing. There is no rust and there has contained a cable Iron, the represent-
been no hail. The wheat and oats ative of the Liberals watching the,
are standing up in splendid shape polling in England complaining at
and the yield will be .arge. It is the! the action of Mr. F. W. Welsh, who
climate that we have to thank for' was sent over by the Conservatives.
that.lt la not so hot up there as in It was considered significant in the
t.he southern prairie districts and the eyes of some readers that the signa-
wheat particularly has c better op- ture on the alleged cable waa not
portunity to ripen, and fill out." j published. |
One of Mr. Evans' missions to Van- A special cable to The Province a,
couver is to purchase supplies of. day or two later, from its London
British Columbia fir for the Buffalo correspondent, first mentioned the
Lake Lumber Co. at Clairmont. j name of Mr. Hall as the     lawyer    in
"It ls an    unfortunate thing," said England representing the Liberals.
he, "that     the    new Pacific & Great |    The "News-Advertiser" has the fol-
Eastern Railway has not been pushed lowing despatch from London:
along.  Wc are looking forward to its I       ,     j       0 „,     _      ~
.~~.mtm.tm . ■    .    . . London, Eng., Aug. 21.—Mr.    F.
completion: in fact, the     people    are1
coming "
country on thej —=, I
Btrength largely 0f getting transport- in British     Columbia     hundreds     of
r.tfon    facilities      We are obliged, In, thousands     of     acres    ot farm land*
the purchase   of     British     Columbia which may be had for     the     staking
lumber,     to     pay   enormous freights, and payment of     the     usual     small
and    to    have it hiulcd over a very, homestead fee. The settlers wbo went
circuitous route in     order to land it in there four and five years ago have
at Grande Prairie. The completion of; all made     good     and are prospering. j
the Pacific & Great Eastern will be a They   had to live the simple lite, but
great boon to the whole Peace River now with the opening up of the   rail-!
district    and    will mean that practi-jways they are reaping their   reward,
rally all the  trade arising there will Opportunities on the    British   .'olim-j
come to Vancouver." bia side of the line    are    similar to
Referring to the natural character- those which existed in our district
letlc- of the country, Mr. Evans said:  before    the     Edmonton   & Dunveran'
"Our winters are as mild as they,road was built. And people who go
have In Alberta foothills, and we into the Pouce Coupee will find them-
have the Chinook winds as they have| selves in clover when the Pacific t
them In the South. The country is a|(*reat Eastern Railway has been com-
aportsman's paradise. Tlie soil, aa la.pleted throughout i<ta    entire    length
W. Welsh, who was sent here by
the British Columbia Government
in connection with the taking ol
the soldier vote In the provincial
election, has received a letter
from Mr. Rives Hall. K.C., representative of the Liberal party of
British Columbia, which explains
itself: ''Referring to our conversation, regret to learn that my cable to Mr. Wade was exaggerated
in 'The Sun.' I made no charge ot
dishonesty whatever, and am very
sorry if the exaggerated report
has been in any way detrimental
to you. I had no such intention
in sending the message—did not
suspect, nor make any charge of
dishonesty." When particulars
werc received here of the sensational charges made by "The
Sun" in Vancouver against Mr.
Welsh, Mr. A. Rives Hall was
communicated with. Mr. Welsh
protested against such charges
lieing made, and Mr. Hall repudiated having made any such
charges in a letter to Mr. Welsh,
from which the above is quoted.
Tbe "News-Advertiser'
remarks on the matter as follows:
are at work in the mining and lumbering industries than ever nnd tbe
prices of the products of both the
mills and the mines are better than
ever. In consequence thc people in the
interior desire no change. They feel
that    the    policy   under which good n,
that he did not have a long  piete the work.     I hope   in the near
ad- future that the P. G. E. will be com-
ho pleted.     If the railway had been lett
was glad to see the Hon. Thos. Tay- uncompleted the province would have
lor on the platform. j]ad t0 pay the iQteregt fjn thc bondg
"The Conservative papers Btate wc when completed the P.G.E. will be a
have no platform. Most of our plat- paying proposition. Suppose the wild-
forms were stolen by the Conserva- est charges of tbe Liberal party were
tives," said Dr. Sutherland (laugh- maintained, are we not in a better
ter). He criticized the agricultural position as regards tbi I N.I . aul
bill, the timber administration and the P.G.E. than with the National
water power of the province, the tax ,:rand Trunk Pacific on our hands?
on farmers' improvements and the A few vears ago we were told that
collecting of poll taxes. He also crit- the total cost ol the G.T.P. would
lcized the municipal bill and believed pot be more than W.OW.OOO, but wo
that on every important issue a ret- (,nd that the road has already cost
er.nd.im    should be submitted to the over J-" , " .   0 and is not yet com-
 p,e-  Hc dld rot discuss the  many rieted.     Protests     were vain and we
bills brought    forward by the Bowser Bnd      many  m;„j, n.,  ,,;  doUara Bpent
i business conditions have returned nnd
which will still further lmprovo matters, is the one entitled to their support. Tbey are content to retain a
definite programme ot tried value
rather than to endorse a party which
j has so far shown   itself to be incom-
administration but lelt that for Mr.
Brewster and Mr. Macdonaid. He laid
charges against the Public Works
Department and also laid great stress
on thc revelatiocs there would be
when the "lid was oil." In his speech
>n. Thos. Tnylor explained that thc
of smaller mat-
lid had been off for
without results. Dr
mentioned a number
In conclusion he asked tbe     gentlemen     for   their votes and the ladies
        for their sympathy.     The    ladies,  he
petent    to     advance a single logical th
as     a professional nan was a
ccess and if a nan is successful   in
on a line parallelling a Government-
owned railway from Quebec to the
Atlantic Coast. In evidence in the
Invetetlgation it was brought out that
l.O/OCO was    spent      unnecessarily
n one item alone. N'o one can point
the finger .,! ."itravagarice or eitri
three months thargta on the cost ot construction
Sutherland also ,.( the P. G. E. and the C. N. P. The
G.T.P. cost the people $100,000 per
mile, while the C.N.P. cost only $65,-
t-.O per mile. The steel on both roads
is the same, the material is the same
^^^^^^^^^^       nd with the exceptloc of     a     short
reason why     it    should be given the -0"d 8h°Uld baVe ° V°,P-  H'8 re' di*tan«   over the summit of the Tel-
reins of power.
"In my opinion, nnd I have acen
something of election campaigns in
this Province, the electors of British
Columbia are behind thc Government.
There Is abso'utcly no question tn my
' mind that ihe Government will be returned to power at this coming election." i
New Scheme
lowhead Pass .iver which the C.N.P.
bas a slight advantage in grndient,
ihe grade la the same."
"Dr.  Sutherlarrl sa\s     we     have a
great heritage in    our     timber.     We
bave probablv the fin-st area of tim-
In rising to speak,  Hon Thos. Tay-  ter known in America or     the world,
lor thanked the   chairman     of     Dr.   vhich has been fostered to the great-
Sutherland's campaign committee for Pft     extent.     Mr.    Price, nn eminent
his own business he would     be     successful in the affairs of thc Province.
well knonro,     la   not equalled In nny
other part of the prairie provinces.
"Lanl Is bntng rapidly taken up,"
continued the northerner "But thetre
remains wtt8n a few mllea ol the
railway nnd rlgfit along the proponed
snd    trains
the coast to
are bring operated from I
Grand rralrie    and on
over the McArthur Une to Edmonton.'
Mr. Evans, who was a guest at the'
Hotel Vancouver, left on the     Prince'
Rupert boat and will     return to Bd-'
.route of tlie Pacific & Great Rastern' nmnton over the Grand Trunk PaeiSe
The expected thing has happened. "The Sun" charges against
Mr. Fred Welsh In respect to the
soldier vote were based on information said to have been received
from Mr. A. Rives Hall, the ageent
in England of the British Columbia Liberal Party. Now we have
tbe charges and suggestions of unfairness contradicted by Mr. Hall
himself in a letter to Mr. Welsh.
The same thing happened in regard to thc vote on the Rainbow.
After "The Sun" had charged in-
fairness and Injustice the agent ol
the Liberal party on tbe spot
publicly commended thc returning
officer for his perfect fairness and
justiece. These false and swiftly refuted charges may he only Intended to make people forget the
vote-plugging conspiracy worked
out In "The 8irn" building by late
members of "The Sun" egtaff. But
tbey will not hare that efleet.
invitation  to be prescr* at the «,,reFtrv  authority     of     the     Vrited
meeting.     Hc referred to Dr. Suther- state, Government, congratulated the
land's     statement     with reference to province of British Columbia on bav-
Ms not being Invited to Mr. Bowser's ;nc the finest tin ber laws in America,
meeting until the evening of the same ;,r    Sutherland      trie, t.,  nake it  np-
d iy. Itatlng that it wu not through .„nr that there    should be a greater
any     Intention     of    his and thBt he Ulm),er  mflemnltv  pod  te. the     Gov-
would have been  pleased to have wei- ernment.     Tn    tbe Intel-.er ,r  Dritish
  City romed Dr. Sutherland.    He   thought Columbia the   Indemnity paid to the
editorially Z-77Z- uo*t7Z„_Z_. 77' "'',,:'' thnt Mr  K,l^ri,,• wh" "I1"' Government is I11S per s -unre    mile.
be   17/er   e„ SmC      "^"T^  nr'     Sutherland  on  tbat  occa- rnd  flt   the      cnM  from  $141  to $145
that     ?r    ! hC,!,lnd     P<'   ^ "" »d'rirfttl°n °' *"« D«>«or and hi. Pn Z 7nt.rior „ BOc   ,„r    tbouwud
that    six    children had been sent to followers.
Tbe regular meeting of    the
Council was held on Wednesday night however.
in the Interior is ROc   ter
feet, while at the coast thr   n lemnity
A  l.ft.r . . „„i  „       il.    n       i '      °"  thBt  0CCnp,nn'" (,flid  Ml'  T«y-  is 88C, Thli secn-s to n» to be a rra-
A letter was read from the Depart- ,or ■■* nBkod for th(, nm k,n,, Mm. ^  ^ )p ^^ ^^    ,hp     „lm,,op
me If the citv «^r .tin -.—oa ♦„    'i0n ' '",VP ftlw"" '""'" MCotM nnd  industrv and nil tbat it would be fair
Ing lf the city sewer .till crossed th. , a„k ,f>nicht for fhp Hfln ,. nwine to f..    _„„-,„      The conservation of the
thc terrible time    we     nre     passing (orertf han been a prominent   feature
forest     legislation.     The     timber
ori> of the homes in Vancouver.
A letter was read fr
ment of Public Works, Ottawa,
Government  property
The Hoard of" Trade wrote a letter lhroUKh th( „„„,,,, should ^ a!ienig.
thanking the City Council for their fd ,n „ cn1m and rPnMnllWp manner."
co-operation in helping make the re- Mr. Taylor continued- "I have the
ctnt Royal visit a success. | rreatest regard for     Dr    Sutherland.
The recent appointment of     R. Mc- ne ,„ ,. pood     citi„,n     wbom wp n„
Donald to he chief of Revelstoke Flre ntfitet     We are friends todav and 1
Brigade No. 2 was confirmed by    tho
Aid. E. H. Bourne    made ft eugges- P)PrtH we will he     able     to
tion with regard to taxes which  waa hands and part good frlmds.
tT'^H, Tf "'"I ^    """o w°'| T'°"" fWt"™' "d T ,h'nk Dr Suth- '«* 'lf <hW* t«*T «WW not make
to nut . effln° Ttvt^lt Tt fr'and Wl" rnnnm my WOrd'' hf hR(" *AmnW-tn.     caused    bv the fact that
,'1     eflPCt-     H° th°^t that I.pfn „ „„prort.r nf myMf   When tu of ^ hott.m<       t hn(j h.the^
taxes would come In     more     ,,ulcklyiIftiIw.y  poliry w„ un(W    dlBC,1Mton        bpfp ^ M ^^ ^ been
rre.wlh Is greater than the consumption. We nronose tn c< ntimie glv:ng
the industry every assistance. The
arnual cut of the mills on tidewater
.       ,.        ^^— >o awroxlmately -ve.i-i.svi  (eet    of
hope that at the end of the campaign  ,„m*r,    n. „rilirir evinces should
after Btpttmber 14, no matter who is ,,„ WP„ s„pr>lipd hy the mll1l from tfce
shake interior.   The logical market for the
In pr.p- roast  mills Is overseas hut owing to
and     It     would be easier oa tbe tax-1
and In .Wl he supported    me.     That commandeered    by the authorities for
payer If they were divided up and M] policy haa been carried through    and transport snd o'her
account    rendered     each month with we find today the C. N. r. an cstab-   	
the water and light statement. \li»hen fact from the Eastern confines
f Continued on Page TttN). PAGE TWO
Zbc flDatl-TDeralb
Published every Saturday at
cJ7VIail-Herald Publishing
Company. Limited
■".  E.  GIGOT,  Manager and    Editor.
Sullivan brought the pluggers over.
He does not toll his audience that
Sullivan threatened the pluggers with
jail if they voted; he mentions that
Sullivan warned the police, but he
conceals the tact tbat Sullivan repeatedly asked the police to take action. He conceals the fact that B\ W.
Welch and other Conservatives also
: urged the police to take action. He
does not say that the Liberals only
jailed their tool, Annance, utter they
knew a Conservative paper was about
to expose the whole disgusting plot.
He says M. A, Macdonald did uot
hire Scott, whom he admits organized the plugging, but he    does    not
P0pUlBr °pim°n tell his audience that Mr. Macdonald
IB the city, Hon. Thos, Taylor gamed ^ ^.^ Q, ^ committe- thut
manj v  bis clean cut     speech  ^^^  ^  ^ ^      ^     ^
Tisdall stated that the increase in
the value of the output of natural
products of BritiBh Columbia during
the past ten years had     air.oiint.ed to
( If.,,   N   ff.]l,AnCI->
ut the meeting on Monday night,
when he outlined the different mens-
urea 0i ti.' Conservative adrr-inlstra-1
Hon and dwi It on tbe many progressive acts passed at the. last scs-
I the Legislature, He showed
buw Tbe Bowser administration kept
the proi isi ide I i the people by
Sir Rli hard McBride. He also explained satisfactorily to all present
certain n alii io is statements made by
the Libera! candidate, Dr, W. 11.
Sutherland. Hon. Thos. Taylor is appealing te. the people on ins past re
cord, and Jritb 3iich a record as he
enjoys he will certainly be elected on
September 14.
donald signed the checks that paid
him. lie does not tell of the 50*10
pluggers' cards which contained Instructions to vole for Macdonald. He
i 'i n  .eels se, ,i es  of  otber  vital      tacts.
lie bases his dishonest defence on a
distortion ol a meagre part of the
i vide,nee.
The Liberals are displaying a great'
hostility towards Mr.  IlowBer person-
nearly     WO.MO.OOO, or more than 300  Mly   Coul(, anythlnB better lUuBtrate
per cent; this is    from J25,5»8,5»6, to his strength?     'Twas ever the fate of
$10.1,71.8,772. This increase   has     been a strong mam to huve lots of enemies
made up ns follows': |
Agriculture-from $5,954,648. to $30,-     Tbe monthly ™ ro11 at     Trftil   iB
now JltO.OWi'.    Ruther a bad place for
Mr. Brewster to visit and     tell     the
Lumberlng-From $7,50.»,OO0 to $29,- people that the C0Untry is   going toj
15'D,030. the dogs under    the Dowser Adminis-
Flsheries—From $4,748,364 to     $H,- tration.
....       _         „.    ...     . .            Reports from    all over the country
Mining—From $17,495,494 to     $23,-        . *   .      .     ...    ,   „.„     „
'      ' 'as to the chances of    the     Conscrvn-
"    ''     • Ine  candidates  at  the     approaching
There is not the slightest doubt elections are of the most reassuring
that when the returns for the cur- character. The party is united and
rent year have been compiled a much determined on success, and this spirit
lm eater increase will be shown, notably in mining, which may bave an
output  exceeding  $40,000,000  in  value.
Capital $15,1)00,01)0. lleseivti $18,600,000.
Accounts may be opened and operated hy mail
issued by this bank form a most Convenient wav of remitting small
siiiii.'e ol money by mail and may  lie obtained   without  delay
to rent information regarding which will be furnished on applloatlon
will win,
It is no discredit to Mr. Fred Welsh
be  called  a   "Soapy'       Welsh      or
I'lns is a wonderful record. We great- "scallawag" hy a  man to whom, ac-j
doubt      it  any  othei   Province  In
cordiiii; to Sii Charles Hibbert Tupper, fl 0,000 was raid "to induce bim
to violate the law ot the land and to
become a criminal subject to Indict-
And yet British Columbia In     con.-   ment,"
Canada can show    anything     at
comparable with it.
M. A. Macdonald tried to make a
great deal of capital last night out
ot tbe parliament buildings contract,
ile says it was noi let to the lowest
tenderer, This is true. The lowest
tenderer was an American! linn and it
is thi policy of the government to
spend its money nm mg the people ot
this province whenever possible In-
ol Dr. Sutherland rtead ot among foreigners. He says
i ,,,; .; \v. DeU, Farris on Monday the contractor at the urging of the
night consisted chiefly ol the same government cut $20,000 from his ori-
old Libera! rev ol "the. have Btolen ginal tender. Surely he does not
our platlorm," an.l the oilier old op- blame the government for saving the
,, it ■ cry of "graft." Many ol the rublti treasury J20.-CO0.
voters In this district will be greatly He says the contractor swore the
disappointed by the showing made by pi vermr.ent promised to repay him
ihe Liberal candidate. Many expected tie $23,1 out off extras. Tbat is unto hear from Dr. Sutherland what be ti ie. The contractor swore be ex-
do for him if elected but they ,.ected to recompense himself out of
an -'ill uninformed and will contlttie extras but the government refused to
t.e be uninformed as the Liberal par- permit him to do bo.
ty bas as yet not advanced a policy Then hi says that subcontracts
,-. . platform. Perhaps the famous ere let in most cases to the highest
(or infamous) Brewster writ is one of I nderer, That assertion cannot be
; onstructive planks.    Tbey   can tanl ated. The evidence disproved
expi  ■    ti   win the election by  it      Bul  li   nny evenl  the contractor
abuse and gratt charges. lot th    ■   .-      ent mud the sub-
In contrast to tins is the I        "    toi        If tin   ■ were any    loes
•  speech,   announcing con- thi        ti re it h And
mon     with the rest of the world has     •
been passing     through a period of fi-      n Beemfi unfortunate that      Messrs.
,.  ,   , , ,,       ,  , . ,„   Brewster and Macdonald should    tour
nancial  depression  followed  by a tre-
the country as a pair. After one
mendous wur. ,      ,      „  . ,      . ...      .. ,
speaker has finished telling thc people
And  yet tbe Liberals tell us     that al, thc baaneBS of the Dowser legisla-j
Uritish     Columbia     is   stagnant,  be- tion,     his companion  Invariably gets
cause     it     has a do-nothing Govern- up to say the acts were based on the
,1|en(. programme of the Liberals.
I ■ thc futur.
.'--■.'    ll m, Thos,   Tay-
) c
Dr.   5u1 ted     last
that   the Domli
to o of    the    Ca
rn    rail I   li i not Btate
.  •■
i.seJ or
that   Me
ui end   t the road
A- H '  -.'  -     Baid      a
thi     ' ..
that 1
I ■
V t charges ',.i-i
••: . •    • •
■  . ■       . . ■.
I      •    .     .....
it .       	
• ■
bbip aa H. C. 1 ttempt
cj  or.i I Mr
lire'A ' t on 1
'     "'.-■'      g
]   .        courl      nn ret i ii hi i * h n n ol
1  i     adei ol a great party. II
if t    tli  Mi   Brewi pb'g-
deflnltely as a •',<■-
fender ol   t1..-    Liberal machine gang
ii, Vancouver,
He ue . ep..i it    appear   that
- were
■r    on the
of tractor
t tendei
t thi
istom ai
_- done.
Mr, M
'    it
It may be reassuring to   the newspapers in these    parts     which     have
been    worried lest  "Soapy"  Welsh ar
some person    else     fron.     Vancouver
should     steal   the B.C. soldiers'  vote
in England,  to know that voting has
; roceeded     without anything to indicate  the slightest  suspicion  of  crook-
pdness.  Already  several thousand soldiers have voted, and,     strange as it
may appear to the Kevelstoke Review
and     other     newspapers   anxious for
some    political      complaint,      neither
Welsh, Sir Kichard Mcliride   or     any
i tber     government     otbeial from the
(oast    Province     played any part in
the taking of the ballot. As a matter
ol fact, the    returning     officers     em-
. .     .el  at   Shornclifle  and Bramshott,
where the polls   were     opened,     were
English    lawyers ot experience in Imperial  elections.      Further than  that.
Mi    Bri .vster and the   B.C.     Liberal
party i   agent on the ground,
impressed ins sat-
wltb   the arrangements for
The "bogey" which
. i  , ral     newspapers,
lei   .ei supplying
.... .._ not
any real     reason  tor
f  tbe sol-
te for  Mr,  Brewsti r and the
it    '
■     el  bal-
■  ■
IE .
'     '
'    '
The Liberal speakers say that Foley, Welch & Stewart have put rone
of their own money into the Pacific
Oreat. Eastern, thnt the only money
put into the concern is the $1'8,•000,000
the company raised on guaraneced
bonds. The fact is that the firm has
invested $9,000,000' of its own money
In the concern.
The "Gazette" of Grand Forks does
not seem to be much impressed    with
Mr. Brewster's leadership.  It says:
"Mr,. Brewster bas been tried and
found want inr.      His     actions have
shown that he had neither the fore-
sight, nor tbe capacity nor the public spirit necessary for the responsibilities of government,     He   cannot
even     lead     an opposition without
committing  blunder after      blunder.
His apprenticeship ts incomplete.
Liberal orators and their press take
a picayune view of things when they
discuss the problem of the development of British Columbia. In area
this Province is a great empire, and
no government entrusted witb thc administration of its affairs could successfully puisne a policy of parsimony
Courage and faith in the future of
the country  and     its    illimitable re-
lUri es are needed in handling tho
punlic affairs of this Province; and
these the present government has
shown  it  possesses.
'Ph.- claim by  M. A. Macdonald that
the government is corrupt because by
in council  it charged $'M regiB-
fees in a case where the l.ilj-
rals     say     the amount should have
been SM,       Is .,  typical     example ot
the kind     of     material on which the
itions agairi.t   tne     government
re     based.    The proved fact is that
;lstration  referred to was a re-
slmilar to others     which
ated In exactly the same way.
it      due to the government,
I ■      been  paid and the re-
iras  purely  formal.
i .
they      want
• ,vern-
alread these
:Sl ' a Ll iei Ms can
d • criticize, cavil and quibble,
defend and excusi rt mistakes
are ■•■■ erir than mistakes. While the govern nent is build*
all the opposition does Is to
md tear down,
Speaking  in  Vancouver recently  Mr.
T, Scott asked lor   immunity
• ■   to   • Ictoi ia  from    Se
•   n dining af
Sion.      That
.   Mi)'1      for      Mr.
■ Liberal party.     He
n    i Ind of a fa'Sft
md there would
te it as the
Mi     with     t.he
had  weeks
testify if he
I ..ied his
Mi    Macdonald and
thai     hi
ti   ti "I ol that    they
,n Se
ESTABLISHED     .     I 1 7 .
Dealers in Government and Municipal
Securities. Dealers in Domestic and Foreign
Exchange. Careful attention given to accounts
of  Merchants,   Manufacturers and   Farmers.
EVRLSTOKE BRANCH,   All  M<'    1NEGHAN, Manager
Factory Phone -.(il
I'.O.Itox l.'tl
tlesldence Phone '2711
Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
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Wc oan lill any orders of windows or doors or anything
in the factory line
We  also  carry  a oom pie te stock of building niaterals
What's in a Name?
Well, lt just depends. When you bear ot Hobaon'a Bread
you naturrlly (eel hungry. Tbe crisp brown exterior and
the appetising white inside are hoth signs of tbe good
flour we use and the care we take to bake lt juat rlgbt.
Try tt for yourself—we do not fear the result.
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Box 734
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Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 46-276 Night Phone 34(5
Men's Outfitter
Fur Buyer	
Complete   Line  of   MENS  WEAR
Union Hotel
A. P. LEVESQUK, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
r\ D I p M T A I      Suitably furnished with the
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Our CARBONATEb BEVERAGES aie manufactured from absolutely pure syrups and thrice filtered water. Their use la beneficial to HEALTH and a prerentatlve of DISEASE.
Try our Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, Ginger Beer, &c. The mountain water ls not Simon   Pure ln the good old summer time.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers Direct Importers SATURDAY, AUGUST 26, 1916.
Liberal Meeting
(Continued from Page One)
--endered the mills to a certain extent idle. To remedy this, aid has
teen given to shipbuilding and in a
short tin.e we will have a substantial fleet for the province which wlll
enable us to carry our produce to
England, France and in fact, all the
u.arkets of the world. This will relieve the pressure on the mills iei the.
Interior, which will be able to BUp-
•ply the prairie provinces without interference with the Ir.'terior'.s natural
■markets from ather points.
"Dr. Sutherland states that tho
vrater power is an enormous aBset to
the Province, to which attention
should be paid. Ttiis fact has been
realized quite fully by the goveru-
'inent and on every hand we bave evidence of the attention that bas been
■given to this great asset. It has been
well protected. Tlie Govesnment has
•bad  and  is having surveys     made of
the   creeks, rivers and water powers.
"Dr. Sutherland has referred to the
taxes on land. I think it must be admitted that certain taxes be imposed
but there are always a certain number of people who do uot like being
taxed. You will remember in the election of 1903 the big issue was the abolition of the poll tax. I was in favor of increasing the poll tax and it
is the only time I was ever near being defeated. Dr. Sutherland voted
for me at that time. Now I find he is
against the poll-tax. He says Chinamen should be made to pay poll-tax.
It is not within Provincial jurisdiction to legislate that any citizens of
another country shall be specially
taxed and others exempted. Such leg-
inlation would be disallowed as ultra
vires of the Province.
"Dr. Sutherland also complained
about the aid given to prospectors
nnd criticises the mining act. I am
glad he mentioned this as the mining
laws of the Province ol British Columbia are the equal of if not better
than any  in  America.  The prospector
is entitled   to the greatest considera-i'those will promptly take steps in co-
tion.     He labored hard and when he'operation     with     all representatives
had found a good location he went to  who have been circularized, and   any!
the town or city and got but     little others     whom    tbey can interest, to'
BgjHHl l|»''*'""'gggigjgpa«WMeg'rauji^
No warping, bulging or breaking at the centre of heat—
the strain is taken up by the two-piece fire-pot which
permits no ashes to cling or clog.
Let me show you the special features of the Sunshine
ihat help to effect that economy In fuel for which it is noted.
Sold by E. G, Burridge & Son
K'S fheTwisf
1 fhaf sfops flie
and it is the sturdy parallel
lengthwise pull of tlie teuse
helicals at each end ol tlie
Bpringfahric plus the patentedinterlocked twisted Link construes*
tior of the latter that prevents any surging.   tjThat's why the
is good for years of even, buoyant comfort. It cannot spread
nor sag; yet it costs practically no more than a woven-wire spring
that does both. <J Its unique steel-reinforced adjustable comer
ca-tings (patent applied for) ensure great strength, rigidity and
perfect fit on any bed; and its
Non-rusting Enamel Finish
positively will not ilamage bedding. <JYour dealer sells it, or
will get il for you if you ask tor it by name.
Withers of Bedsteads and lleiltling
VANCOUVER     Calgary      Regina      WINNIPEG
"AeLASKA .m an .rti.li- mam IlLsh l.eatle tilery Partirl." 56\V
We have just received
a big shipment of all the
newest materials. Georgette Crepes, Silk Crepe,
Silk Poplins, Paillette
Silks, Dress   Goods, etc.
Fred Young & Co,
money for  his     property.    Provision  call a public meeting to further
was made in the estimates     of     last  objects ot this appeal-
session for a special grant ol J200,(MM}     1st. By appointing a strong     com-
i to aid prospectors    in building trails mittee to take charge:
i ond roads to their properties if after     2nd. By appointing an     Hon.   Sec-
I investigation     the properties had the .etary-Treasurer who will advise    me
( ear-mark of producing mines. | of the preliminary steps   taken,     see
"My opponent has also referred to to the banking of the funds, and im-
the Public Works Department. I am mediately after October l'Jth the re-
surprised that he should bring for-knitting of same to the credit of the
, ward charges with reference to the Lieutenant-Governor of British Col-
building of the Columbia River bridge umbia, notifying him of the amount:
The matter was under public invest.-' 3rd. By taking all steps possible to
.ration for three months. The session- enlist public sympathy,
al papers will show whether there was, 4th. By organizing the collection
anything wrong in the construction, for the British Red Cross Society,
The fullest opportunity was given the either by street collections on Octo-
committee of investigation but they ber 19th, by the giving of entertain-
found nothing. Dr. Sutherland had 'i.ents, or by the soliciting of sub-
been one of the strong supporters of sorlptlons on or before that date, or
the building ol the bridge and de- by a combination of all these or oth-
clares    thai   after September 14 the ei methods.
lid will be lilted. It was lifted and The Lteutant Governor of British
was thoroughlj investigated, ami Columbia will be glad to receive at
there    was    no   Justification (or Dr. as early a date as possible an    ack-
Sutherland's     malicious     statomentB knowledgement     fr  the person ap-
(cheers). pointed for   the purpose In your dis-
"Ladies and gentlemen, ir.y record trict, ro that it may be known that
for the last 1'6 years is before you. I the matier is In hand in every part
have passed through the limelight ot ol the Province, and that the results
investigation and surely if anything will be commensurate with the sym-
had been wrong some little thing i athy of the British Columbia peo-
would have been tound. I am pleased pic for the activity of thc greatest
to say that as a result of the invest-   Red Cross Society of all.
igation there is not the slightest bus- 	
picion, 1 am satisfied with my record
nnd 1 am sure    the     majority of the
voters are satisfied. You have return-
ed me as     your     representative    six   were  equally
times, the last by acclamation, and I
know of no   better    recommendation
than that."
J. WM De IM Farris addressed the
He discussed the building of the
Parliament buildings iu Victoria.
He disagreed with the majority of
the voters in British Columbia with
reference to the mining laws, stating
that they were not good.
He attempted to explain the Brew-
iter writ, but did not particularly
impress the audience.
He did not agree with the action
of the Government in reference to the
P.G.E. railway, or the C.N.P.
He also teeok up the labor nuestioo
at the coast but no new arguments
were presented, nor did he mention
■ bi  ci ■:'." nsation act.
At the closi. .,! his speech Mr. Far-
i is asked foi support for llr. Sutherland.
It's good policy to think ofthe future
It's still better policy to provide against
the misfortunes it may have iii store
for you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family iH a
with ii reliable company. The high
financial standing and long imsini'ss
eareer of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy,
Your time mav be near at hand,
Don't delay.   Taki'nut a policy* now,
A. K. Kincaid. Manager.
A. f. -at A. H.
Regular    Meeting*     are held  ta
New Masonic Hall oa the Foartk
Monday ia each month at t p.m.
Visiting  brethren    are    eordl»Uj
] ?_    C.  R. SKENE,  W.  M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  Seeretary
i. o. o. r.
Meets every Thursday evening 1>
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'cloelt. VUltr
lng brethern cordially lnvtteed.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
Phone 056
The Liberals at Ottawa opposed the
war tax which gives additional protection to the lumber industry. They
violent in their opposition to the increased protection
-vhich last session was given to the
fruitgrowing industry by the higher
tariff on foreign apples.
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1088
MeetB  every  second
and Fourth Tuesday
In   Smythe's    Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.      ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Sec.
Mwte  every    Wedneeiday  «vemlng
at    8  o'clock,    ln  Selkirk  HaU.
Vlsltlfts    brotbTt    cordially  la-
y1U«.    W. POTTRUTF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K ol R.  8.
/ When using nn
JO-., exactly/
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Catchers. Clean to handle. Sold by
Druggists and Grocers everywhere.
Burridge & Son
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Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roof-
InK, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing:
Shop -Connaught Ave.
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Ths Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ot'Canada,  Limited
Offices, Smelling .irui Refining IVpartment
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Weekly Red
Cross Meeting
The weekly n.eeting of the Red
Cross Society WM held on Wednesday
under the presidency of Mrsf Kilpatrick. The minutes werc read and
adopted ar.id the regular business conducted.
The following work was handed in
to date:
.Mr.-.  J. L. Smith, 5 pairs socks.
Mrs. Cook, 3 pairs socks.
Mrs. Vi. H. Roberts, Mrs. Tame,
Mrs. Q. Sargeant, Mrs. Jollifle, 2
pairs socks each.
Mr.;. Farmiloe, Mrs. vi. Morris,
Mrs. A. E. Miller, Mrs. Kincaid. Mrs.
Cameron, Miss Cook, 1 pnir socks
Mrs. .1. L. Smith a monthly
donation of i'2 was received, und
fron Mrs. A. G. Carlson a donation
ol ■'■ c.
The committee of th»- Red Cross
desire t.. make the lollowing anient It is particularly requested that any person who haa
paid the Subscription for membership
;.n,l not received the Card kindly ci.m-
munleate with any of the committee
when the matter will be rectified.
An appeal is heme made throughout the Empire for contributions lor
the L'rcat work of the BritiBh Red
Cross Society on "Our Day," Thursday, the l'.ith of October.
The appeal made last October resulted in a total collection of $1,858,-,
008.66 in Canada. and vcry large
sums in other parts of thc Empire,
but the increase in our forces and in
the great offensive being carried on
upon all front* is such that there is
attain ar  urgent need for money.
It Ib expected that wherever thero
ii> a branch of the Canadian Red
CrofB Society it will similarly undertake the work, but will need all ths
support possible.
This request Is being neat to all
Mayon and Reeves in the Province,
tn iM.vernmcnt Agents or other officials in unorganized districts, or to
tries nl School Hoards, nnd to
th" heads of all public and patriotic
Il   is earnii-tly requested     thnt aU
L^^'JSsJ Revelstoke Departmental Stores j^^zrr
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for school  wear, Each $1
Boys    Wash    Suits    for
school wear at 90c
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school wear 25c and 35c
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Self Rising Buckwheat Flour ln
Rogcra Pure Sugar Syrup, I, I,
10 and 20 pound tins.
Pride ot Canada Pure Maple
Syrup, quarts and halt gallon
Crown Brand Corn Syrup, 2 snd   I   Back Bacon,     Back     Bacon   and
6 pound tins. ',   Cooked Ham.
Lyle'B English Syrup, 2 pound
Maple Flavored Syrup In quarts
t and 1 gallon tins.
Premium Hai-, Dominion H m,
Premium Breakfast Bacoa, Domli»-
lon  Breakfast  Bacon,   Pea     Meal
Thus.   McMillan  has left tor      Van-,     0. T. Blbb  ban     returned     from  a
couver. I business trip to Alberta.
Miss Lee lias
to Winnipeg.
returned from a trip
Hon. Thos,
on Thursdaj
Taylor left for the West
Farmer Bossley    of  Soisqua was in
Revelstoke during tbe week.
S. A. Sutherland has returned from
a trip to the Trout Lake district.
Mrs.  l
Irene Procuniei
.  Holten.
Ma   ir and Mrs.  Crehan are in
city cn a business visit.
Mrs.  i M imp an.l family     have     re-
tun,,-,1 from a visit to the coast.
li. Carsell oi Kelowna registered at
th.  IM.t.i Revelstoke on Wednesday.
thc guest of p. Dean of Rogers Pass registered
at tbe King Edward hotel ou Tuesday.
K. Thompson of Swift Current re-
gistered at the King Edward hotel on
Dr. H. A. Stewart of Saskatoon
registered at the Hotel Revelstoke
on  Monday.
I-M  Hogan ol Victoria    registered at
th.  King Edward hotel on Wednesday
Mr. mul
rems: ered
Mr. and Mrs.  A.  _, Welsh ol    Calgary  were guests at the Hotel Revol-
Mrs. J.  Kinnot of Chicago stoke on Sunday.
at the Hotel Kevelstoke on
W. im Forsyth ol Vancouver registered at the King Edward hotel on
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Barber ot Calgary registered at the King Edward
hotel on Wednesday.
One   Night,   Wednesday,
August, 30.
The United  Producing Company presents an
elaborate scenic revival of the farce comedy
of six  continents
and a cast of twelve people. 1,000 laughs and
not one tear.   The greatest laughing show on
Prices, $1.00, 75c, 50c. Children 25c.
Annie t,
gueBt ai
Grierson ol Banff     was
the  Hotel  Hevclstoke
Mr. and Mrs.  G. H.
I 111.,  registered at the
a  stoke on Wednesday.
Zage ol Peoria
Hotel  Revel-
Miss Bella Peterson returned
Kamloops on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs.  J. E.    Murrell-Wrig'jt
li Lethbridge registered at the Hotel
Miss  Lawrence leaves tomorrow    to   Kevelstoke on Sunday.
taL> up her duties   as teacher in the
T.ift sehool.
J. Dawson   and    A.  J. Blackburnel
tegistered at the Hotel RevelBtoke on'1       '
Poor Man Who Cannot
Afford Must Go Without
For several months the public has
listened to the controversy on prohibition. A good deal of prejudice
has been shown on both sideB. Naturally the interests which are to be
adversely alfected do not view the advent of prohibition with equanimity
aud one might reasonably expect
some asperity in the arguments put
forth airainBt prohibition. On tbo
other hand the case far prohibition
has been put forward, as it usually
is, with all the aggressiveness and
one-sidedness which zealots bo invariably exhibit when they are trying to
regulate the morals and conduct ot
The crowning folly of     the prohibi-
"(2) Every police constable or
oflicer shall be deemed to be withic
the provisions of this Act; and*
when any information is given to
any such poicc constalde or officer
that there is cause to suspect that
some person is violating any of the
provisions of this Act, it sball be
his duty to make diligent inquiry!
into the truth ol such information
and to enter complaint, m his own
name, for the prosecution of such,
violation, without communicating
the name of thc person giving sucb
Then to cap tbis, the liquor which
a householder has bought quite legally under   the act may be used in evi-
Miss Procunier leaves today to re-
Bume her duties as teacher of the
sche.ol  at  Sicamous.
A. Peterson and J. Evans ol Albert Canyon registered at the King
Edward hotel on Wednesday.
Hr. and Mrs. W. IM Wurtcnberry of
New Haven. Conn., registered at the
Hotel  Kevelstoke on  Wednesday.
F. W. llourne Han Boyce and Y.
G. De Groot of Vancouver registered
at the King Kdward hotel on Thursday.
Mrs. J. A. Brown aud children and
Mrs. Wilson of Toronto were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. N. K. Brown on
ti. W. Stevens and F.
of Calgary registered at
Kevelstoke on Tuesday.
Capt. and Mrs.  Russell     ot     Field
0. Wanning
the    Hotel I
were guests at the
on Monday.
Hotel Revelstoko
Ralph McPhee and     P
Lethbridge     registered
Revelstoke on Tuesday.
Pressing of
at the Hotel
O. Olsen     and     W. T. Horswell of
I Spokane registered at the King    Edward hotel on Tuesday.
, J. M. Mann, C. Mann and N. Mann
of St. Paul were guests at tbe King
Edward hotel on Monday.
A. McLeod and J. L. Cuthbertson
of Calgary registered at the King
Edward hotel on Wednesday.
Mrs. F. Paulding and children re-
turnid un Wedresday (rom a visit to
Nelson, where they were the guests
ol Mrs. A. H. W. Crossley.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Dunning of Regina
were guests at the Hotel Revelstoke
on Monday.
Dear Sir1 I would be much obliged
if you would find space to insert
these few lines. In a letter under the
signature of R. J. Stewart, which
appeared in the Revelstoke Review dt
24th August, he criticizes my actions
at the laBt Court of Revision, and
accuses me of things I did not say.
I am not at all     surprised     at    his
tionists, however, was the importa- deuce against him and the onus ol
tion of the blasphemous and obscene proof of innocence is on the accused.
Itilly Sunday. It was an insult to a No more monstrous assault upon the
Canadian audience to put that fellow liberty of thc subject has been Incor-
i n thc platform. It was an affront to porated in any law within my know->
the womanhood ot Vancouver, and it ledge than this. Here is clause 41.
was worse than that for the bun- which clearly sets out this curiosity,
tireds of young girls and   boys     who  in sumptuary legislation:
(41) If, in the prosecution  of any
listened to words from his lips which
many of then, must have heard for
the lirst   time.     One gentleman
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Running of Ad-  lapse     of     memory,   as he forgot to
Revelstoke on Monday.
Sask., registered at the Hotel  mention that I succeeded in retaining
I on the voters'   list over 15 names of
J. C. McArthur and S. J. Elliott
dl Kamloops were guests at the
King Edward hotel on Monday.
W. E. Wilson and W. Yadden ol
Prussia, Sask., registered at the
Kinig Edward hotel on Wednesday.
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Son.
voters who had enlisted, all of whose
names   the     Liberal had objected to
and wished to have struck     oil     the!
voters' list. The following is a list of
their     names, one of whom haa sinco
neen killed in action and others have
been wounded-    Francis    Beauchanvp,
James Joseph Connolly,    Wm.  Henry
Cooper, Giacomo Fabris, Tony Faris.j
Wm. Chas.   Elkington,     P.  S.  Emcr-i
ton, Frank Kenny, Donald C.  Logan,'
Geo. E. Hobson, Alex. H. Marcband,
tad taken his wife and two daughters to the "entertainment" was
white with wrath, and when he told
me some of the filthy expressions
| tbnt fell from Sunday's lips, I expressed little sympathy for him, reminding him that the press had given ample warning of tbe character of
Sunday's performances. I have a
1 .harasalcal satisfaction in the tact
that none of my own household waB
permitted to attend Sunday's meeting. It is apparent that the prohibitionists themselves
forget the affair, for
person charged with committing an;
offence against any of the provisions of this Act in selling or keeping for snle or giving or keeping or
Having or purchasing or receiving
of liquor, prima facie proof is given
that such person bad in his possess-
lon or charge or cortrol any liquor
in respect of or concerning whicb bo
is being prosecuted, then, unlessi
such person prove that he did not
commit the offence with which he ia
so charged, he may be convicted
The constable in    making his search
are anxious to may break into a private   house,    ha
the     name     of  may break into a private cellar, clos-
Mrs.  J.  H.  Hamilton    and     family
arrived in Kevelstoke on     Wednesday
from England and    will     spend
summer here.
H. W
|    GET THE HABIT—Place your flre
Power of Kaslo registered at and accident insurance with Chas. M.
Donald     John    Morrison,     Alex Me
llon. Thus. Taylor addressed
voters of Malakwa on Thursday
on Friday addressed a meeting at
Soisqua. He will address a mcetiug
at Halls' Landing on September 5,
at - p.in.' :it Arrowhead ou September • at Pingston Creek on September 7. at n.ie.n. ,,nd at Beaton on
.-^,; teniber ,' ut  3 p.m.
the  lhc k'u£ Edward hotel un Monday.
Mrs.  K.  K,  Strachan of Nelson was a
guest at the King Edward hotel     on
tbe  Monday.
The   Methodist     and     Presbyterian
Sunday     Schools     will hold a union1
picnic to Albert  Canjon    on     Labor
Hay.      Train      leaves Revelstoke at 9
a.m.;  returning  leaves  AlMert Canyon
;.t  (■ p.m.
Field, who represents only old
reliable companies.
There's comfort  in  cooking
Coursier's Coal.
Quade, Robert Portcous, John Quist,
WM Vi. Swift, Geo. Smith, Ernest C.
Revelstoke, B.C., Aug. 26, 1916.
The outlook for thc election of the
taken Conservative  candidate  in  Revelstoke
Mrs.  I. M.     Showalter,     Winnifred
fchow.Uter of  Lewiston,    Idaho,      Mr.
aud Mrs. G. Beardsitry uf     HartfoM,
Conn,  IM  J.  James ot New  Vork, K.
M. March, P.  March, Mary Marcb ol
ine, Mips    Sommei     of     1'hiN-
delphla, uni Mis. E.  W,  Burleson inl
• ,' Sandpolnt,     Idaho,     were
t , ■ [gta :■ glat■■■,-,-  at t*ie
II itei Kevelstoke on Sunday.
At tbe home of  thi   bride's parents,
nday evening iast,    Edna Mar-
D. Hamilton of Calgary has
over the Capitol Barber   Shop,    and! is excellent     and     there
will be pleased     to     see all the old, doubt about the result,
customers as well as new   ores.     He — —	
f'.ts eneaced a first class porter. Mr.
Hamilton had worked in all the best
nn Wednesday afternoon the    mem- shops id Vancouver and faltrary.
:"  St.  Peter's    Smirch     Sunday  —-—	
Sunday is not now mentioned either ot, or any chest; section 4S, clauses 1
in the World or in auy ol the utter- and 2. He may on the pretext ot
nnces of the prohibition leaders. looking for hidden liquor, wreck    the
For several months I bave followed home. All this he may do without
th,- discussion on the prohibition act, uny warrant or any other authority,
and 1 have given it close study on than the "suspicions" of his inform-
my own part. I have come to the ant, and when he finds the liquor
conclusion that the most that can be which haB been bought in a perfectly
claimed for it can be accomplished legal way, It may be used in evidence
with a great heal less confusion and against the householder and tho onue
loss and bitterness by one or two ol proof that hc is not conducting a
s'.mplc amendments to the present blind pig is on him. To my mind
act. this is most unBritisb.     To permit a
I am not opposed to the principle householder to purchase liquor and
of total prohibition. In Ind, I believe then     empower     a constable to seiza
.    (teachers,     children and par-
■',.<• on     the    cricket
1. ,:ich and supper being i
i\e of the    trees.I
All  k::. ithlet : I -  x»re In-
i     ■
. races
eg   the
'   ■   '
•    eing
■.". :
gal et Bruce was
to Mr. Harry i at W rs    of     St.
gtevei ating.   Mis-  Crawford,   Pet
ol Kav ioi pa, attended a
&:«.  Ml    Fl - the
Th- ha;; . •  left on
t . .-nt train loi   t
ada. .: their bon
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave.
end Fifth street, Pastor, Rev. J. C.
MacKenzie. Sunday services— Low
Mass at 3 a.m. and High Mass at
10 30 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday
school for the children at 2:30 p.m.,
Penediction and Rosary at 7:30 p.m.,
i ,-Jessicas Saturday 4 to 6 and 7:30
to 9 p.m. aad Sunday mcrnlng 7:S0
Weeks days —Mass every morn-
• " o'clock, onfessions before
Mass First Fridays —Mass at 8 n.
:r.     Benediction  and  Rosary at    7 30
can be no (tmt total prohibition is to be desir- the owner and his liquor on suspicion
ed as being the only moans of com- and put thc onus of proof of inno-
pletely eradicating thc evils of intern- conce upon the householder who lias
pernrce. , done nothing illegal, is the very lin.it
Hut thc most nrdent     advocate    of of tyrannical absurdity.     It is worse
prohibition cnnn.it, and     no     honest than that for it puts any man's borne
be-| prohibitionist     dooB,    claim that the where liquor is kept at    tbe mercy of
spy     or     cross-grained
WANTED—Good,   reliable    girl,
tween 20 and 25 years of age. Good, proposed act is prohibition. Tbc antis uny whiskey
u •     Feather
prod.''; n.
par:- ■   n
MOMiA i-—the greatMl  pictui
l       ,nu. •     , ,r'-      Mis.-.
take- the part ot a
can girl, and   thll     ;.r<_,] ictlon     is
elaii   d u bar gr<satut . i«y.
TUESDAY—Jane Novak m Graft and
full Universal program,
ITBDNE8DAY   - United      Producing
Co.  present     'barleys  An,     I    i
acts, with 12 people   Reserve 11.00,
7Sc.  V)c,  _'c.
THt'KSDAY - Triangle production.
Thf ''orner, with Otl . Fauce't.
Key-ton" comedy Fatty and M*t,el
FRIDAY Finnie Ward, the distinguished Lasky atnr, who rreated
audi a lUCCeai In The Cheat and
Tennewees I'nrdner will be artn at
the Empress, Frldny, in the thrilling detective drama "For the Da-
lemee," a Paramount Picture, written speerfally for her by HMtor
Turntmll, th'» author of The Cheat.
Berated •    ■
it  ■
-. •
am   by up till    noon,
■  --    ". irt Me
wares. Apply Box L., Mail-Herald.
FOR SALE—Evening dress suit, new,
cost S55.00. Will sell for $5.00,
cash.    Apply Parisian Dye Works.
The Annual meeting of the Revelstoke Hospital Society will be held
ln the Hospital on Tuesday, August
19th,  1!H6, at 8 p.m.
Tenders for 3fi  Cords    Dry    Cedar
Wood    will he received by the Secrct-
' 'be Board of  School Trustees,
September 1st, 1016
jawed ends and     free
'»t from  burnt  edges.    The lowest tender
.      «-•        v.r-' not    ••'■'•"'snrily a<-c.e;,ted.
-      ' W. A. STURDY,
'        - Secretary
.iked ;
'    ot   ' The
'   i.-p.
rhatr   •  M     » -fikri-, at
Money   Orders
Dominion   I.XprcsH   Money   (Inters
W.  H.
Nkxt    th
P<»ht    Orvn a
Fire Insurance [
Accident Insurance [
Life Insurance [H
Notary Public        Revelstoke
ble and old"
II. e|
i, the
si rongeal
••nrnuie/e. in
Real F.state
P. Burns C& Co. Ltd.
call  it a cold brick,  and I can think peace officer. Not much hns been said
of no more descripthc term for It.   Ion this point, but to my mind'it has
In the tirst place the act provides always appeared to be a most serious
thnt anyone with thc price may in>one, striking as it does at the pri-
I ort all the liquor he is able to buy. vacy of _ man's home. To the aver-
fc-ce Bcction 57. I'recisely the same '-Be Britisher any meddling with the
provision exists in the Manitoba act, home privacy even in the name of the
and it ia now in force in Ontario un- law is sacrilege and for such depreda-
i.er the law udopted there for the bai-, Horn the proposed prohibition net
r.nce of the war. Only the other day opens the door very wide. A man
a Toronto court ruled that a brewery 'miy be suspected of burglary or
or distillery need not ship out of the theft and 0 reasonable belief exist,
province and ship back again to com- that stolen goods are concealed in
1 ly with the act, as is being freely his house, but woe betide the peace
('one ln Manitoba. They n.ay supply oflicer if be makes a wrong guess,-
customers direct to their homos. , even when armed    with a search war-
This seems a reasonable interpreta- mnt. Under the prohibition law there.
tion too. The breweries and distiller- 1R n0 redress for malicious or mista-
ies operate under Dominion licenses, hcn entry in the search (or liquor,
which cannot be interfered with hy, Yot there is no limit to tho amount
provincial legislatures. If it is legal of Hquor a man may legally import
for n man to All his cellar with 11- iind keep in his house—if hc has the
quor it should also be legal for ., Do- price. The poor man who cannot af-
mlnlon licensed brewery to fill that lord more than five cents for a claae
cellar without going through the ol beer of course must go without,
farce of shipping tbc liquor out of/rti" poor man is to havc his snlva-
tho province and importing It back,tion provided for him by referendum,
ngnin. At any rate, a very large h,it the rich man, to use a Sunday-
opening has been made in the pro- '8rn, may go to thc bad place ln hia
hibltion law through this decision.     .own way.     I don't think Rritish Col-
And while It is quite legnl and pro- "ml'ln le yet ready for such a piece
per fnr fl householder to fill his eel-,11' class legislation as this Is.
lar under the same act anyone may. Next week I shnll discuss ft meae-
glve information tr. „ny constable uro which will accomplish the most
that he or she "suspects" the house-, the most that the prohibitionists
holder to be rondurtire a blind pig claim for this law, but which would
nnd the ronetable may lay nn Inform- he n law for all without class dls-
ntlon and not dloclose tho Identity of tlnctlom and would not work the
the Inforrrant. WTmt a noble chnnce hardships and injustice that will foi-
for petty tyranny' Here is the clause: low In the wake of the proposed pro-
SfeHnn 21, rlnnse 3- blbitlon law. Atdvt.
HF.    CAN    DO
Read Clause 48 of the Act


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