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The Mail Herald Jun 10, 1916

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published  weekly— Read
by   everyone*—The    recognlisd
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23 -No. 25
$2.50 Per Year
M. S. Logan Explains Goverment's Timber Policy -- Conservative Party Has Not Given Away One Stick of
Timber — Country Should Not be Handed Over to
In a speech in New Westminster on
the timber laws and the timber policy ..( the Government, Mr. M. S.
Logan said the Conservative government which same into power in 1UU3
tind not riven away oue single stick
ot timber or one acre ot timber lauds
and all the assertions to the contrary.
<of the critics of this government were
«o much ch;up talk to mislead tho
electorate. Instead, the government
had entered into such a degree ol
partnership with the timber Industry
to Becure a fair share ot the. value of
the timber when cut that if tbe present mills of the province wero cutting; at their full capacity—and they
would be coday if tho ship bottoms
were available—and if timber wero
selling at $:.0 a thousand feot, and
the day was coining when it would
T>e, che timber industry of this province would in tive years pay oil
Uritish Columbia's present total indebtedness.
Hi? interests in this provirre were
in lumber and, if ho knew anything,
it was about the timber laws ,'f this
province, said Mr. Logan. Thcre were
three forms under which timber was
held in this province, Crown granted,
leases and licen"es, and they nil went
back to the early days of the province. All that was Crown granted,
such as that in the E. & N. Railway
belt, or that which was purchased
prior to lssv at $1 an acre, was belore the McBride Government came
into power in VJ'i-'i and a great deal
of it nas granted when Sir Richard
tlcBriil*" was a small boy. Thc timber
leases were divided into the SO and
21-year periods. The licensing system
also went back to early years when
a man could stake 100 acres for $100
a year and the license had tu be renewed every year. It was thc working
out of the licensing system which tho
government had taken in hand. In
1903 when the McBride Government
came Into power, the province was
In very poor financial condition and
the government decided to mako
these licenses transferable and renewable, and advanced the yearly rental
to 22 cents an acre, with 50 cents a
thousand feet royalty when cut. Ono
sanguine lumberman told the government they might expect to raise in
that way from a quarter million to
half a million dollars a year, but instead the government got in two million dollars. In I'M! tbe government
established a reserve on timber and
in that year the government was getting In $2,000,000 a year revenue.
The lumbermen found that to save
themselves they would have to
slaughter the timber and they went
to the Hon. Vi. R. Ross for relief.
Mr. Ross said he was willing to listen
to proposals that would safeguard
the interests of the people of the
province in the unearned increment of
the timber and still give the lumbermen measures which would mean the
ttability of the industry and would
help tbem to finance it. Then began
an enquiry under which all Interests
were consulted nnd the assistance of
Mr. Overton Price, Washington, D.C.,
formerly adviser to Mr. Giflord I'in-
chot ..n timber conservation, was secured. In spite of the charge that all
tbe legislation of the government had
been hurried and ill-digested, tho
Timber Forest Act of Uritish Columbia received the utmost consideration
from all concerned. Mr. Ross wanted
the royalty question settled on three
principles and those were a base royalty, n base silling price, and just
how much of the increased value the
country was entitled to. Tho royalty
wias net at 85 cents on No. 1 and 2
(qualities and 50 cents n thousand feot
on hemlock and inferior grades. It
was determined, after an examination!
ol tho books of thc lumber Interests
to determine tho cost of production
that lumber must sell at over J18 before the government was entitled to
a greater roynlty than that named.
How much of the increase over $18
wns the government entitled to7 Tills
wns worked out In periods of years
and It was determined that for the
first 10 years lt. would he 26 per cent
of tho Increase; for the second 10
veirs SO per cent; for the third 10
years M per cent, nnd for the fourth
10 years <0 per cent.
b.verybody knew that an increase
was coming in tho selling price ol
lumber, and how did that work out
in dollars and cents? Tho present
mills of the province working at full
capacity could cut two and a quarter
Million leet; $20 a thousand feet for
lumber was not a visionary price ana
tho capacity cut of the mills at that
price would bring the government In
royalties and licence fees over four
and a half million dollars a year.
The lumber industry, with lumber at
?20 dollars a thousand feet and the
mills working a rapacity would in
five years pay the entire debt of this
"bankrupt" province, as the Liberals
called it, out of its revenue to the
government. Finally, Mr. Logan
quoted opinions of well known authorities that the province had the best
timber policy of anv province in Canada or state of the Union.
Mr. J. J. Miller expressed his ap-
prcciaton of thc character dt the address given which was to counteract
the malignant reports which the Liberals had spread to all parts. The
nest of British Columbia, of which
all true Britishers should bc proud,
had been fouled by the- men who
wrote the "Crisis" pamphlet, by the
Liberal politicians and the Liberal
press. It was estimated the Province
had forty thousand million tons of
coal in its coal beds. Let the government get a cent a ton for it and it
would receive four hundred million
dollars. The province had already
produced 100 million dollars worth of
minerals and if it could do that during the infancy of the province, Bure-
ly British Columbia had untold mineral wealth Today the world cried
out for steel and iron and British
Columbia had vast quantities of the
ingredients for making it. All that
was wanted was thc confidence and
the nerve to make it go, not to lament, as the Libera.s were doing,
but spending of a little money trying to develop it. They were told all
their lumber had heen given away;
experts told them the natural growth
was five times greater than the present cut per year. Taper and pulp
wero now being exported to Australia
and South Africa; tbe fisheries last
year brought in fifteen million dollars worth of produce. Surely a country so full of wealth should not be
handed over to  "pluggers."
Olandzo Dupont Victim of Accident—One of Revelstoke's
Most Popular Young Men
— Many Attend Funeral
An accident which cast a deep
yloom over Revelstoke occurred at
the East end of tho Rogers I'ass tunnel early Monday morning, when
Ulaudzo Dupont, aged 19 years, lost
his life. It appears that he attempted
to bourd an engine and, missing his
step, fell uuder it, receiving
injuries which resulted iu his death
four hours later, despite the fact
that two doctors were immediately
in attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Corning left for
the scene of tho accident as soon as
the news was received, but were unable to reach the tunnel before his
death occurred. His father, E. Dupont was out of town at the time of
the accident and was unable to reach
the city until Tuesday noon.
Olindzo was one of Revelstoke's
most popular young men and had
many friends in the district. He participated in all outdoor sports and
was one of the most energetic members of tho Y.M.O.A.
The funeral, which was largely attended and which was held .rom St.
Francis church, took place on Wednesday afternoon, Rev. J. 0. McKenzie officiating. The pallbearers, who
were close friends of Olandzo's, were:
Walter McRae, Chas. Cormier, Jas.
Hay. Lorne McLeod, Donald McGreg.
or and  Kenneth   Corning.
Numerous wreaths nnd floral offerings were ln evidence.
Session Was Strenuous — No
Evidence of Wrong Doing
—Goverment Has Clean
The thirteenth Session af the British Columbia Legislature came to an
end on Wednesday, lt had lasted
practically three months, and with
one exception was the longest on record. It opened in a dramatic manner
duo to the intensity of public feeling
occasioned by the remarkable results
of the bye-elections in Vancouver and
Victoria. In the first flush of victory
Liberal leaders claimed that at last
thc Nemesis which they had for years
been predicting for the Conservative
Government had overtaken it. They
claimed that their prediction that
the country was sick and tired of
the Government and would hurl it
from power at the first opportunity
had been literally fulfilled. They declared that similar results would be
attained throughout tbe Province.
They began to make their Cabinet,
and counted thnt only a few short
months stood between them and pow-
er. There was another striking characteristic of this period, which must
not bo lost sight of, viz.: tho ex-;
planatlon offered by the Liberal lead-'
ers for the defeat of the Government.
It had been a Government of corruption. It had squandered the revenues
of the Province; it bad alienated the
lands of the province; it had destroyed the credit of the Province,
and we were in an absolutely bankrupt condition. Tbey went further,
and declared with tbe utmost assurance that if they were placed in Opposition and allowed to investigate
the expenditures of tbe Government,
they would unearth scandals and
prove misappropriations which would
justify even more drastic measures
than the adverse vote ol the constituencies. All this was three months
ago, arid surely never was a mountain of criticism launched. which
with infinite labor produced such n
ridiculous "mus." The Session did
not open auspiciously for the Opposition, for instead of settling down
at nrce to the business of investigating the alleged scandals, they tried
to administer the "happy despatch"
to the Legislature. and if they had
oufceeded. there could bave been no
enquiry into the very seriuos matters
alleged. However, Parliaments are
not destroyed on a technicality, anl
this one lived to work for three
months. Never has there been a more
strenuous Session, nor more to show
for it. On the one hand the Government has put through no fewer than
seventy new measures, of which at
least half a dozen are of first rate
importance. These include the Shipping Bill the Workmen's Compensation Act, the Soldiers' Homestead
Bill, the new Mining Bill, and viewed
from the standpoint of the interest
they have excted, and the grave issues involved, one must also include
the Prohibition Act and the Woman's
Suffrage Bill. While these have been
carefully analyzed in the House and
both debated and criticized to a degree uncommon during recent Sessions, special Committees have boon
at work probing the charges made by
the Opposition. They completed tbeir
labors during the dying hours of thc
Session, and in tho important matters of tbe Kitsilano Reserve, the
SonL-hecs Reserve, the Parliament
Buildings, and tho Victoria Flection,
the Committees found that there was
no evidence pointing to wrong-doing
on thc part of any Minister or Government official. In the matter of the
Victoria Election, nothing wrong was
brought home to the Conservative
Party, or any of its officials. Any independent Judge would agree on the
evidence submitted that thc Opposition failed in every ono of these charges, and that whatever mistakes tho
Conservative Government nay have
made, it has clean skirts so fnr
as honesty is ennrerrrd. Tn ono respect the charges of tbe Opposition
hnve proved to be a boomerang, for
in the one matter launched by the
Government, that of an investigation
into the conduct of thc Vancouver
Election, the findings of thr Commlti-
tce were of so serious a character
that in view of the proceedings which
t,re now' being carried on In tho
Courts     and     others to follow, it is
(Continued on Page Three).
Premier    Bowser  Announces
Reconstruction of Cabinet—
Hon. Thos. Taylor Minister
of Public  Works
Despite the face that Mr. II. C.
Brewster has alleged that nothing
worth talking about  has happened In
Mrs. H. N. Coursier Re-elected President by Acclamation-Many New Members During Past Year—Many
Meetings Held and Many Celebrities ri ought to
the City
There was a large   attendance   of j besl n  hi>  manj   friends
members ut the annual meeting of lhe I
Victoria since   March     _«,    Premier|Women's Canadian Club    ■■■'"■■' '    1" March the club gave a
Bowser     announced that lie proposed held in thc  High
to proceed    with   the country's busl- thc Bth inst., Mi
ness by the   reconstruction    ol    his
cui i
which  wa
Sch ol .ui  Monda;
^^^^^^^^^   t',i',,r ■ i. r,  I'ii-
 the ebair. The meeting opened with
the National Anthem,
^__ Tlie minutes of the previous meet
■Three important     change'; have oc- jng wej.e read and adopted.   The mined.     Hon.   William Manson. who utes of tlio last unnunl meeting wi   i
has been president  of  the council,  has  [\w"  l'ead.  I'"11"'
. he secretary and i rem urer, i   u the
president's  address.    The  resume  of
been sworn in as minister of agrlcul-  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ture. Mr. Ernest Miller,    member for the year's work given in these report     resi. H.  S,
has     been     appointed sh°w" mos* gratifying, results, due to She spoke ,011.the immigration ques-
--------^m-mm--------. __ '
e sen   e men
1 eld in th. Scan-
!   1 ro-
evening was en-
Mrs,    Burrington-
Ham, rMs Aid
'..... to
Mrs.   E.   .   . M   lean.
Qrand Forks, has been
president of the council, and nr. A.
G. McGuire will be the new provincial secretary.
In view of the separation ol the
portfolios of Agriculture and finance
Hon. Lorne Campbell was today
sworn in as acting minister ol finance
and he i3 still, of course, the minister ot nines. The cabinet now stands
rs follows:
Premier and attorney-general—Hon
WM J. Bowser.
Minister of public works—Hon,
Thomas Taylor.
Minister of lands—Hon. W. R
Minister of mines and acting minister of finance—Hon. Lorne Campbell.
Provincial Secretary and minister
of education—Hon. A.  G. McGuire.
.Minister of Agriculture—Hon. Wm
['resident of the council—Hon. Ernest Miller.
Thus for the first time in many
years no representative of the city of
Victoria is today sitting in the cabinet. There is still open the permanent appointment of minister of finance, and it is well knowr that some
weeks ago Mr. Henry Thomson, the
tall member for Victoria, had the refusal of this portfolio. Since then a
number of names have benn suggested
for tbe vacancy. Apparently the Premier has decided not to make any
appointment at present.
Tbc return of     Dr.    McCuire to the
th;. untiring efforts and energy of the tion an I I
president an.l officers an.l the various the immigrant cn hi.- arrival in Ca-
committees, who worked harmonious
ly and unceasingly  for the ndvance
ment ul the club an.l furtherance oi
Madam President and Ladies of the
Woman's Canadian Club ..1 IM velstoke.
I have the honor to present t.i ye, 1
the third annual report of tMc Women's Canadian Club for tho year ending April 30th, 191(5.
in making the report it is ;i keen
pleasure to be able t.. toll you the
story of success in every part of the
.-bib's   activity.     One   marked   fea-
Hoss ture nl' the vear':; recoid is the largely
increased membership, an evidence
the success ami progress of the club,  ;',
At tlie beginning of the
fifty-one members.    Du
'■ obtain
,      .. !    tl'..
war ,;' •    . ■'•  in iiu   proper
way, t thi tion home
ie. 'i- - :• ing th '  if we ■■'■' .MM try t-_.
[ get in • angers coming to
our town wc would not only ;ii,l the
: e but 1 the Domin-
1 ]      ble .
11    Api il  10th ■ 1..-        he 1    -t delightful • ol yei
joyi -j eighl
; High   S ihool   pupils   enti   I   incd   the
club in :. lively ai             tl :   '■    ate on
V.                      . e.   Too mui h cn    I
cannot  1                      'i.e >e   boys  and
girl -  :'     tl ..Mi,..  they
onductcd thc debate   1 . h:    11. I the
nl    each had to | The d
.   .  ness .if the research ai y the
year we na .  ,-,, ,, ivere hurled al
mg the year. ];,,;,,. j ,.v,.,                                    , ,..,,,,
an 1
thirty new names havo been ndd( I I 1  have been copied by some oldei
thc membership roll but nine ol our mor expe  , . .,.,..
members have gone to reside in othei       V- mi f the 1
parts leaving a total membership of
seventy one.
Twenty-one executive meetings, ten
As members om the Canadian club
e in      rl ing f. r the welfare
gress of thi may
Again Appeal
(forts of the excutive the
had the pleasure 01' listening t'. some
very interesting ami instructive addresses some of the speakers being of
world-wide repute.
Of these general meetings there
were included the foil..wing: On .June
Tth the club held an informal reception in the High School on which occasion thc guest of the evening was
realm of active nolitics is    probably Sophia  Blake  Betts,  ex-President  ..:'
the most interesting event of today's fte i'l\m}on Wren's Canadian Club.
... J      Mrs. Betts delivered a  most  pleasing
cabinet changes. A  year ago Dr, Mc- interesting and attractive address .en
Guire     announced     with    Mr.  H. H.  the  Changed   Color  Scheme   i:i   Eng-
Watson that he intenled    to     retire   lan<1 si,u'e the outbreak of tlie war.
i,„t tr.a„„ .,-. •. 1     , ,        -xi On Julv oth the club had a verv dis-
but todav he ..- back    and     with     a tingui8n(£  visitol.  in  the   perso»s  of
cabinet position. lt goes without .Mrs. Ruth Kezie Wood Thompson an.l
saying that he will be a representa- Mr. Thompson. Thi.s celebrated couple
tive of the Terminal city are known the world over for their
 * various books on travel and are now
engaged on a book presenting tho
claims of the North West and the
Yukon to the travelling world. Mis.
Thompson gave a most delightful talk
to the club on the subject of Revelstoke for the Tourist, and promised
in their new book to put forth the
charms of Kevelstoke.
The next treat for the club was on
July 19th when F. M. Hell Smith the
celebrated Canadian artist whuse pictures have a world-wide reputation,
spoke to the club in tlu High School
on Canadian Art.    After his address
he kindly gave a reading from Pickens
in his excellent r.nd inimitable manner.
On July 29th our club joined forces
with the Ked Cross, to do honor t.. ..'.11
nurses,   Nurses   Matheson,   Hamilton
and  Frey, who were soon ti. lea-.,. for
overseas duty for   their country   by
helping to alleviate the suffering
the sick and wounded.   Accordingly a
farewell   tea   wis   given   in   liar...!-   ..t
tin- e ladies 01 tlle lav. 11 ol' MiS, W.H.
Sutherland kin.Ily given for the 1
We  were  especially   privileged  on
Stanley August 30th to have as our gu.- I
own Canadian authors ■ and Bpeaker,
Mrs. Nellie McClung. On this occasion
the Mas,mie Hall wa - ecured and to .,
large and   enthusiastic   audience   1."
K.  delivered  a  mi.-I   in. piling nddl'l
Canadian Ideal-. Previous tee the commencement of her address, M s. M
of which wer,- special meetings were („, ,-,, .;,  ■,,.,. Cl. expedient.
held  ut  which   a  great   deal   of  work       Thi,  ,. .   ,    ,     ;
was accomplished.   The resignation ol i;.   .   ..... ,v, the
three members pi the executive. Mi 1.       erest struggle   in hei    exi
Moth, Mrs. L. W. Sutherland and Mis , .. vwv
McKay were accepted with regret, the busy year for the club I
places of the first two mentioned be- thcir part to\      Is the 1
mg  tilled  by   Mrs.   Idle  a id   Mis    . .      .
Creelman.   Eighteen general meetings iov
were held during the year, and throughIextent what has been 1
the efforts of the excutive the club j along these lines:
On Mav 26th a Gnr len P rt} was
held on the beautiful grounds of Mr.
and Mrs. Coursier, it being the 25th
anniversary of their marriage. The
proceeds from this amounted to $62.2-1
of which -SM" was given to the Canadian Ke.l Cross Drug fund.    Durii g the
For Did Linen
The Red Cross society held its business meeting Wednesday, June 7th,
in the library of the Y.M.C.A. Iu the
absence of the president, Mrs. Kilpatrick, the chair was taken by Mrs.
T. Downs. The minutes were read und
adopted and the usual work despatched. To tho many voluntary workers
the Association feel most grateful,
arid splendid work from week to week
is being banded in. The following ia
the list for tho current week.
Mrs. Foote, Sr., 10 pairs socks.
Mrs. Flockhart, :i pairs socks.
Mrs.    W.     Morris,     Mrs.
Pearse (Monte Creek), Mrs. Copeland,
Mrs. Downs.  2 pairs socks each.
Left at Mrs. Kilpatrick's (no name)
Mrs.  Soamcs, Mrs.  Roberts,    Mrs.
Paulding,  Mrs.  A.   J,  Jones,     Misses
Kvu     Jolllf
Beatrice    and
socks each.
Mrs. Young (Glacier), 12 shirts;
Miss M. Morgan, 2 shirts; voluntary
From the Naomi Rebekah Lodge
25J pairs convalescent shoes were
Mrs. Foote, Sr.,    has     once     more able
handed ln  a welcome   contribution  ot
i"l'r clung was presented with n boquet of
1 ruses  on  behalf  ..!'  th;'  club  I.v   Mr-'.
Robbins. That same day Mrs. McClung was the guest of the executive
al a picnic luncheon to Eight-Mile
On Oct. 19th one nf the eminent divines of the Anglican church the Very
Rev. Dean Paget delighted the mem
hers und visitors with a scholarly an.l
Idress on the Ideals of B Canadian Club..
Miss McKay kindly gave her home
for the reception of the Right  Rev. H,
socks and tho local  Red CroBS wishes
to thank her for theso     much needed J, Hamilton, Bishop of Japan and Ml
articles. It is a source of pleasure to Hamilton when they were the gue
all concerned    to know that sho still
of the Canadian club on December Tth
^^^^^^^^^ At an afternoon meeting Bisht p Ham
continues to take such    an active in- jlton greatly delighted the large num
terest In the good work. I ber  present   by  his  most   inte'-e.-tii :
Am urgent appeal is again put forth J1'1, a "feption was tendered to Pte.
,.  ,.        !     ,      , _*.. ,   .     talk on the Women oi  Japan.
for old linen to furnish the great de-     0m .,,immly   7tI, ,., reception    was
mand    for surgical  and hospital sup- tendered to Pte. Eric Robbing the firsl
plies. Will all who have same at their of our boys to return from the front.
During the evening short addresses
were given by the guest of the even
ing. the president, the local clergymen
ns well ns several prominent citizens
A good musical program w.is als.
provided and later on an informal re-
disposal kindly inform the committee
when it will be called for, or send
direct to St. Francis Hall where tht
work is caiTfed on.
reption in which Pte. Robbins -oceived
a ncarty hand    shake   and heartiest
summer months J222 was realised
from the sab v ers, badges,  ice
cream, etc., at tlu  station.
In July a ncert was give"
in the Rex theatre from which $30
was realised. This with $20 0 Ide i
ent I a University Muse hospi-
-. I, (In Augi -■ Ith, the annivi 5
of the ■   .n of war a patriotic
demonstration was held in the   open
iir, pi  g ram c 1 sist ng   of   s\	
md music, A    illection was taken and
$27.50 was realised to be
given ' machine gun.
" .' ■ ier 21st, Trafalgar Day.the
club wet I y '   the Rex theatre
at el ie.-ei'., i ..- their share of th,.. proceeds $11 which was donated to the
woui li '1 soldiers and sailors fund. Belgian relief bi xes were placed at different place.- from which were collected
11- 1 Ictol •■ ■ 28th ar Xmas to -; ing
party was hi i i at 'he home of Mrs.
W. M. Lawrence. As a result -lad
parcels each containing several gif's
was collected and senl through the
! rt Tommission to the B.
C. soldiei s ; - the f ont.
About this tin e $15 was sent to
!..■'.- 1 . :: . the Fields I !om-
fort Commission, Shorncliffe, to provide Xmas gifts for B. C. soldii
On Octi I er llth the cluh
which  car.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    Thi-
■ ; s bi ■ ■ foi ■■ ..Me-! to Miss C.
Pelly. secretary of the Prisoners if
War Fund, Vancouver, every month,
and a .-pe. ial donation of $27.50 has
t to that fun I, The club
ight wool and hi.-
:,, pro\ ide 1 lii 1  I. avii g Rev
elstoke ■•'. ith s 1 cks.
.'• ill pan- of socks havc Me. n
given out to thi       dii       10 p
■ - •  ■ ■   hand  and also 50 pounds of
adopt one 1       tier of war
bi  uom month.
Mav  10, '15 Ball nee 1 n ban.!
May '16 Membership renewals
Membi rship fees   (new 1
Belgian boxes   ................
Patriotic purooses
Lecture   (Nellie     McClung)   	
10.0 '
May 22. '16 Patriotic purposes 227.80
Piano fund     6.00
Rent of chair- and tables .   8.flit
Postage, telegrams,    flowers . ..  12.SS
Membership earls, constitutions
application  forms & printing 11.60
Kent of halls      18.60
Speakers expenses      9.08
Janitor  28.50
Donation  No,  6  Base  Hospital    60.00
Donation Prisoner of War   40.00
Donation Prisoner of War spec _.'7.5,>
Rebate ...1 membi rs fees       l.nti
Gift for Miss Matheson  1.75
W .Hews, flags and stationery      1.25
Knitting machine   15.00
Assets   20.SO
(Continued on r.'fc Three)
Sbe ItaH ) T™.
rday at
n   r
■- iVJ.aiJ.-j.iLiid^.^'.iiLiMiK!.^
'• irn  ni i luelph,     i In
i ue.   and cated     in     Rockw I
cm for busl-
i ■ ii
O >m
unt il IS:'5 1        is in      i       ten mboat
oilice In St. Paul,      In IS.      ,   ■■ I il
. he   lied   Rlvi r    Tn
'    :
,,    ■ ■ | ee
St.    Paul,     i le M. -    ,
several i I     or-
,191(1, n I     Pacitic
■•   . - ■'   re
,   into
and     .M-.
ee t        Ion
■   ol   tin'  Liber
Imperial Bank
l'i I, n Howland, President, B_tabll_hcd 1875. I'M Hay, Gcnei-nl Mantiii-r.
1 )rafts, Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch,
[nterest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. 211
11 Manager
WM  P.
I will
,  An
lng 13!
> 'k
•1 nl
' effects or
i-.M ty
1 wil
■ repair  and re
1 youi
' nature, <n
Plume MMil
1. out
io 311
MeetB  every    Wednesduy  evenfnjf
at    8  o'clock,    in  Srtkirk  Hall,
"i.e.-     1,1 M...ei's.    rnnHn'tT   lasted.    W. POTTRUFF, 0. U.
U. GORDON, K ol R. S.
! ■ il     e-
l-.vi-n I ter,
it el   Mr,
,'    ■ nneil
'    • to tlle
ted Si
■   I
E\ I'M. ' I,  BE ON  B U.E  AT     JUS I'
ONE   HALI  til   ".      I 't   overlook   this
i -    ortu   ty,
.       ''        ' '      I     ]
We hnv. of I luits left! Regular price $20.00
.-ii !  S2fi.00. Sale prici $15.00.
Wa ih S
_j^ ...
, ii' i; '  poi ■•  \
I •      ,     11, o 1 i e y 1. 1111 i 111
! I, ■    ■   ■
I, I'm Mi        i .. i -ion
I . ■    .  ■     HIRAM K I'- I 1  '.
I'll ll            '  - !,!■•   , iiiiip.i ny. 'I
■   ,i   bu blKsilie   ■
•iii-i               III      K unv \,[i-i ■
<>, i   -       Il       ■ u
Vour   tin            ,    hi    ne • n     h
11, nM il, Iny,    T 11     nul ,-e ■ ,   -e,.. ,
I ES. Ltd.
NSNAY   LODGE,  No.  1ft.
A.  I'M  uud A. M.
Ri gnlfti .la
N'ew Masonic Hull on tbe Fourth
Mondaj In ei eh mouth td, i j> m.
Visiting brethren art cordially
0. R. mm' ' •:■:, W, M,
I1T    GORDON,  ewaturf
SEl.l  IRK   U It
I, 0. 0   V.
nveulnj In
II. ',     .' I.       I
I •
I AM I .1  -  '
r    i al   values In '    m n's Wash Skirts, Prices $1.50 \. It, Ki     in    Man    ei
I   - i
■   MM p
i I White, A |      Hose and [ast colors, price 40c
m '. GIRLS     MP BOYS'
11  .-;....; .mil they :-.e just  the thing you need.
-, ■   . ''ii I        the n ari et,  Price $2.00.
i   ,.;qdeen's
( hemi. il, Civil. Mccli-
ctrl   il Ui     ' 'i'"K.
p„r;n,■•'      ■■-. iliciewillbeconlinuou.
. ... ,y be '■       -i 1'Y c<,rrr-
i. .,-. dc Inug i,T|;r«Uii-
!.    JU    Y       ID AUGUST U-r.lSlHAR
// y in want what y hi want when j ou
want it i | Mail-Herald Want Ads
V j
J. Tf'- ,
I ■' '
".. .i,   ii i in
T'" li Hall
\       i i   IM  ' i,e i •   . y in-
Al I. VN K. F.
II. I. li Ut;, ■
- ■ ii Son
Plumbers and Tint milhs
\\M'     - , , ' ■       ill
. :    .   ■ i t ■ :      "I tloof-
ark and up-
""(    to-di       lun   ing
Woi ■  : ' . ,.    .
VI 15 I..C.
■ one 066
77 f
v, 1, i   you hear ol Hobson's lire ;,ei
The ci , iterlor   and
arc lmth signs ol the     g
lake to bai n  lt just rl^'tit.     j
lot fe i,r the result.
]'■   '>.       .
.II_(J    . \ii. i I.KAN'INC. A.\i) I'Kl.SSING
W.M k G i J.   All Kind   ol Di c; ses
And  Cliildrens   Wcai   Made To Order
Wl   I  ui   '. SI . 11' . ;', i. ii
il  ', i SuilH l'i,
Transferred Distributing Agents and Stoi
i'i one 46   : !
CURTIS   &   S ;-R
Men's Outfitter
Compfete   Lire  of   MENS  WEAR
•   — .^ _____
., Ltd.
Tlio C'lisuliilitid Mn :. Smoking Co.
of Canada,  Limited
ll  Rei I ' ■ I e IK-: 11
I K Ml .   BRI I ISH  COI.fMRI \
Purchasers of Gold. Silver, Copper anl Lead Ores
Ti: \M. UH WU I'Im LE \i>. Bt-UKST 1X15   Wli SPELTBR
^mmmmmrrmmmmmmmmmmmn^mmmmmMimr- ■——■——■—'in iATURDAY,  .1UNE 10, 191G.
What more refreshing message of Good
Cheer t o those Overseas  than a box of
in the new style
packages ? Twenty-
packages of thirst-
allaying Tutti Frutti.
A welcome boon to a
soldier friend. Each
slick separately wrappt 1
in wax paper and tin foil.
Opens up as fresh and
full flavored as it left the
factory. Any of five
mellow flavors to choose
from.   Ask your dealer.
'" El : -       ., p   ijr""?^^*
'- v
u; 1 life of il. Y7St_\m\
I    I'  ■■!    tl,. '
i £ *-\?Q*_\
11. . .'
fc-■     . V I
: ■    i, V- y '        ';.'
nml I Mphnph
d we V   -. ';■)■,\7
\ ■    .' ■- A'
H .   ! 'm ,;
m. 8t md
1     ,
Cl   n to hand   . Sold hy all Drug-
gi ■ | Croci   . and General Stores.
No less than four radiating surfaces gather uj
eve p of beat and send it throi gh j our 0
77-7    :7
.. ■.?•■-■•-••;■• ").:■
Drop in some time soon and hear
speci Ion service that g .   1
coal all the h
!d by 7, G    v  •:" '
MAMMOCKS The real warm
weather ia roming. What
IV' - ter p.i nil' rt than a Elam-
ni .rk .' A nice assoi tment
to choose fi om, -'i
$2 .-I to
the cutesl lil   -     lidri
ever Haw, f lie 1
2  in -')   years    Si   ie
in.'.I w ii h i oli r, I ..
' y
•% <V »."». '* % *■'■-*
l> C    ■ nf tho ( ' (ATS  that
lefl in Whil e        ie col
ored om g, al ,
11'   e'.V |0t,
with In
(M    W--    rn 1 h tei
ji ert'"..-, :-re ' -    .'
■ I     11' v..',  cornn lo ti   " • il -"'Mi;
|| ■ ol vn 1 our rlifl mill
sores M Hirniig
1.,        ..,,-■■,
-.  . -i those
pei sons  were hii
I",,., in 'ial 1 tion
0 te
ilcli Mr.
M. A. r,     ia
oiflc -I.'   1
tl     ■ '•  .:      MM'.;,
1 .
I tl     I
ord . t
n the ralsii
.  ry
F-ter of thi      '- oni
il"      Prqb
sslcn o - ;   '
■'■■'■       v |
.   0      ■
t den
■ i
the    n -.
power.    1 '
that   c        '        11 to
I -      ■ > .
■' Itv.
,,;,'.        m  1     nu
1 • ■     id   !.". .dn    T.'if\   nil In nr
I ■       Ill ' '       - - I. I''"
:mi  .   ■      .
SUMMKI. Wl' h;H'f
A |'',ir.- v.
VV. Ci, &. i;  ■       1 IN-
A Hi    ■■
a .ar ol I at 25c. or
■   75c.
1 ie- ,;     an I  I ■ latlll-
M idlahea,  groon
\vli   APRICOTS—
I wheat  Flour in
packa    «
I'. •:   Syrup, 2, 5,
Prldo    e ■ , , uro -,
ri..i i ■      md halt g
Crown Bi n Syrup, 2 and
5 pound tins.
Hi       Doi linlon   I -
fast Bacon, 1
-    .
I   ie        snd
■ei      ; '. md
: e
at  5.05 p.m.
Train  So. 11 from     Seattle t.i St,
at 7.0 and leaves
nt  7.15
nd Satur-
I r in fronr. i te     to
i e at 7.20
e     the
i,      ,. ,     it 12.1     ioon.
■ n.i Sunday
■a from I
id    will " al   12.30
rrl       at 4.35
ith from
Me 1 '
.  A
••. ctlon
R ol .'.
■ .,   ■     iii and i will car
ops. Trains
nd 2 wil .1
to   ri   ',   v, vi n-.  M ' TERl M  '
-    prei che i     tbe
! •   i for
for i    rylnt out rei
"   in i  ra
; ihber,
'i I ■       up rfltiil ."   sale     originated
' |
tea hi i      In m a     ha ■■
The credll ■ be col-
i an or-
"11      t'e      th..
i lamilton  Red I roi a,    In     tho     flrst
'     ' '      '   '    ie   |
..( pa-
for   ih--
lows:     nei i per ton,
er ton,
Id ru
HBO to ■     has
been I Rei
■ f. rm ot
-  more de-
BS.    Its
I  ^.-ive it
•'"    ir' to public sup-
^PfortheSL kidneys
What Ihey Cured
II' : '
B >•'"'
"I   ■
and , "nl I not g.'
•• tl
I only
I continu-
Gin Pills.
i roN,
I' ' N.S.
■ ne. for
Bt fre*
i e,-,,ilr.il r*. of <•■•<■•
I,   »»r„al»
Civc a bright, InqtlnfJ tliino will, vcry
little effort und keep the leather tn ft, tbul
(noreailnj the life ol your 6boes.
LLBYI      II '  I,  H
:    \!
:... nty-
turthei  term
.      i  utal
ist      he
.n     lo
I '
■    ■  ■■     die
;     '■ ;
• '
' -
■   • • •
d ond "ay ths
•    ■
•   loast
■    '   ,1     ;
full     infornal
etarj      .1
tl    :■ ■ Dtta-
9 ii   '-.-.•   ,t
Vi.  Vi    TORY,
■   ■    if the  Tnterinr.
N.B.—T_Tn mtl llcatlon    of
this    advert -        I      11 noi be   raid
for. p I       TOL'R
Malo> hus joined the Bantait-s.   |
i ;,. -t    jpi ut tin' week
Qua [.uml lias Joined tho Pioneers.
v.   - Franci
a tMeld.'n.
Mrs,  .1. D, Sibbald lelt
to \ an. ejuver on Sunday.
W. L. Mitcheltree paid a   visit
Revelstoke .luring tho week,
J. Sibbald, Jr., made a business
trip to arrowhead on Wednesday.
Invitation re out for the tenth
annual banquet of the Ruilroud
Young Men's christian Association
in be held In the gymnasium, on
June 1-, ut 7.30 p.m.
Corpl. D. S. MUligan ol    the 0, A. and    to them is duo, almost entirely
S.  C, 'eft oni Wcdni'Biluy for V.ancou- the credit for thc     success of the af
ver, where he will join   tho mcchanl- ternoon,
cal section being formed at the coast
ui   a,
Milly  He
for  the
i i     3
toda.     ■'
berti on
lefl   e n
a .ui ■ st
Capt,   J.   ('.   -Mire ol  Nelson    passed
through  Revelatoke on Wednesday.
Remember tho Citizens' Corps dance
in the Drill hall Thursday, Jane 22,
Me I.can
win be
1      Let
".  M.   Field  returned
ness  trip to Vancouver
frorr. a Musi-
on Thursday,
Mayor ll. McKinnon has received a
letter from Leo   stating that he bad
been     wounded     In the hack arid tho
shrapnel   hud  penetrated  one   of     his chur
lungs,   I,ci  says  however,  that  ho flX-  and  s
peels     to     be    in the trenches again  tory
very shortly. clans
Ow Monday afternoan   Fire Brigade
No, I mule ii run to thc Union hotel,
tire having broken out in the kitchen
It was quickly under control and not
much damage  wus done.
Red    Paddy    is planting spuds on
his much  near    Princeton.   He     still
has     tho     orop   of whiskers that ho
Miss   Hurdle and Miss l.awson sold raised last year,
ice cream for the     Prisoners    of War _
Fund, and realized eleven
,    enjoj ubli      Patri
ivlll   ha   bold   in  the   Mas-
:,     11 - :   ,1, Fi iday, Juno it,.
the   coroner'B    jury
ill.-,    into ti." death ol     Olanduo
ttacl  il no blame to anyone.
l:   ol        W.   KM mi-
■   I'.--,  I toke,    has    heen     badly
■ ■.  •!onl.     it  was found
mp itatc bis lelt  hand.
I'M.'.'ielt Eaton, well known in Rev-
i Istoke, has joined i he 102nd Batt.
1 lorne baking wlll
the Citizens' League
June 22,
Pvte. Albert Kobbins of    the    slg
nailing :orps, l'02nd Regiment, O.E.F, Pvte, .lames Robertson     ol   Revcl-
ipenl    Wednesday In Revelstoke visit- stoke, who left with the 54th Battal-
Ing    his    parents,      Mr.      and     Mrs. ion has heen  wounded according to a
S. C.  Robbins,   lie left on  Wednesday telegram  received  from    tbo      Record
dollars,   A
programme    of sports was arranged,'
the most interesting event being a
doubles—W. M. Lawrence and J. Guy
Barber against    11. N.  Coursier      arid
w. ii. Robertson, The former pair
are holding a garden party were too strong for the latter and it
cial evening at St. Peter's ree- gladdened one's heart to see thoso
ii June 30, The amateur must- wur scarred veterans exhibit (lashes
orchestra will no    in    attend- of their old time   form.    Everything
points to this year being the most
uceissful  iu  the history of  tho  club,
rhe Ladles' auxiliary of St,  Peter's
J. Cleland is
he a speciality nt night for Oalgary where ho will visit
dance, to bo bold Mis brother (or a lew days.
There will be a
ken at the tea ti
I li \ ee on Tuesdaj
Bllvei  collection la-
be held    ai     Mrs,
I   - -     22
io   delightful    dances
ol      the     Homo
held in the Drill hull
Ri freshnu nts and music i.
Rev.J. W, and Mrs. Stevenson uro
in Winnipeg attending the meeting ol
the General Assembly and Women's
dlssiongry Society
Pankhurst    will    lecture
ng on " Ideals ol N'ntional
■ ei ' house
J. Garland received   word from tho
lilitary    authorities   al  Ottawa advising him that his   son Charles was
wounded  by a shell  In Franco  nnd is
this tjow in the hospital.
Chair to
fnspector Miller    of  Revelstoke  vis
iti.l the school al  Cascade   on    Wed-
be taken at  nine o'clock sharp.     Ro-,
served Boats      c   General   admlstlon, nesdfty' He "!p0 «amlned high school
.. ! entrance    candidates here and In tho
According to a letter which up
pears in another column, Mrs. li. A.
Lawson's eflorts on bob all ol the des
tltute children ol Belgium is appreciated, Greal assistance can ho given
Mrs. Lawson if the citizens at largo
Will save old paper, nil.hers, etc.
The wedding was solemnized on
Wednesday at tho home of tho bride's
parents, oi V, Segur and Miss Gertrude Anno Burridge, of Revelstoko,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Dur-
lidge. Rev. G. Larder performed tho
ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Segur left on
tho afternoon train for Scattlo and
Coast cities.
oilice, Ottawa, by his sister, Miss
Millie Robertson, reading as follows
.4217G Pvte. James Robertson, infant iv,   officially     reported      admitted
Srd Northern General hospital, Sheffield. June 7, gunshot  wound In hack,
New Chief
Will send further
At a
particulars whin  re-   Cleland
1 lice  for
Have ynu read the Prohibition Bill?
If 90, do you realize wbo will make
up the LOSS  of REVENUE?
Also, do you    find     any     essential
thing the Act prohibits?
The Rill deserves deep    study
long consideration by YOU.
Special  snle of Screen    Doors     nnd
Windows     at     tbe Sturdy Hardware
spi nt
who ;s  stationed at Kamloops,
, few days in    Revelstoke dur-,
the wmv, i
Martin, Principal of
Capt.      MacAlpine     inspected     tbo
Cadet     Corps     on Wednesday at the ComPa«>y.
Cricket grounds.    The Ind* were at ii     Tickets for the public   meeting     to
disadvantage,  having    tbeir     captain j-e addressed by     Mrs. Pankhurst on
Lieut.  Swinford of    the     C.A.S.C., sick and their lieutenant absent. Des- Saturday may be purchased from any
who  is iu charge of tbe army service pite this difficulty they     drilled     ex- member     of the executive of the Wo-
corps work for the lino of     communi- tremely well.   Captain McAlpine com-'T11pn'R Canadian club.    Reserved seats
Cation and internment camps paid an plimented     tbem   on their smart ap-!fo ents and    general    admission   25
official     visit  to Kamloops laBt week pearunce und stated that the     corps cents.
elkirk end.—Kamloops Standard, 'was a credit to the town.
adjoining districts .,f  Christina Lake
■|-   r   Reid, formerly    accountant of Fife nnd Hill Top.
the Imperial Bank here, but   now   a
Ih   tenant    In the 211th American l.c-
i eetlng of t he Police Commls-
held on Saturday, Sgt. J.
was appointed chief of Po-
the City of Revelstoke, The
promotion is one that will ho popular witb the citizens of Revelstoke.
Chief Cleland, who hns been acting
chief for several months, has had
much experience. He joined tbc Revolstoke police force in 11107 and five
nn(1' years ago was made Sergeant. Before coming to Revelatoke he wns for
ueven years a police constable in
plain clothes in Edinburgh, and bis
past experience will probably stand
bim in good stead. He assumed bis
new duty on Juno 3.
FOR SALE—Wee MacGregor, I'rizu
Taker and Uncle Sam seed potatoes
for sale. Picked specimens, $3.00
per hundred; unpicked, .$2,110 per
hundred, Apply to H. M. McKin-
WANTED—Nursemaid, Apply Mrs. P.
Cooper, Imperial Bank.
POR SALE—Pair of Shetland Ponies
browns, nicely matched, well broken
and gentle. Also Poniy Gladstone'
(sonts four), sleighs nnd harness. A:
complete outfit and nt a very moderate price. W. J. Ball, Salmon
mm— ,
FOR SALE—Boat House near Gov
eminent wharf, Revolstoke, new
Rowboat, lift.., never boon need
spoon oars, rudder rowlocks, com
plete; also 10ft. Peterboro Canoe,,
vith paddles and oars. Apply to
left t'e day for Vancouver. Ho
i ..   oined thi   No,   I Company, WCth
,, Battalion, C.E.P., Western
Universties. Mrs. Martin will accom
p iny him to \ ancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. ll. 11 McVity left for
Golden on Friday and spent several Is f..r members ol tho Club only,
days motoring through the Windermere district. Mr. McVity returned
,inlay but Mrs. McVity will
. In Oolden, tho guest
of Mrs. Grubh.
You can pet money for old rubbers
Tri order that the members of     the'    A farewell teu will bo given    under if     y0U   bring     them to the Second
Women's Canadian Club may have an the auspices of the Political Equality Hand Store next to the Union Cloth-
opportunity to    personally meet Mrs.   League     at the home otf Mrs. Walter \nr. Store.
! ankhurst,     a reception  will  be held  Bews on Tuesday afternoon,  Juno 13,
at   Mrs. H, NM  Coursier's    on    Satur-  In honor of Mrs.    W. Lashley     Hall.
day.  June inth from  1 o'clock.    Tbis Mrs. Hall has just returned from the
1 rovlnclal Convention at    the
tnd    has     consented    to   explain the
\ iew  taken  by the leading  women of     Gnlt Coal for sale. Sibbald & Son
the Province or. tho very  vital question of the suffrage referendum.
R. Behrendt, ladies tailor for Cressman  & Co.,  has returned     for     tho
t spring trade.   Ladies have your suits
made early.
un Monday evening in the church
parlors of the Methodist church tho
Epworth League held their last
monthly social for tbe season, Rev.
I Calvert dt tbo Mission boat
"Iwyll" heing on hand with the pastor. A goodly number were present
.-nd -ni enjoyable evening was >i'ent.
The second   ii eid -i.t     caused    hy   a
steam shovel at tbo tunnel    occurred
on Saturday, when Peter Cunninghgm
of Bear Crock  lost    his    life.     It   ap
si mi   way the shovel
nningham,    who     was
underneath, was caught,   death being
is.     Kerby  Pel tipioce lost
his life i"   .   'Imll ir way Mist  week.
.      - iturdny last  Cue chief of    Po-
llowing     Instruct
Polici  and License        donattoi candy
Comi   ■   om   -       'Thai all    premises
is sold    My wholesale
or ■ • , - .', from 10 p.m.    on
■   until 11 a.m.  Monday
».•     an.l  "ii   w.'.'k  days Ii
• :  n     a.m.    tbo    following
effect from J
The    um    ol  H0.55  wns  realized for
the Prisonei  ol War fund by the sale
Ii ■  cream and randy at the Revel-
Ti nm's Clul   :oui te on Saturday
rd.     Miss Hardie,    who     had
f tl bly assists*!
Misses      Lawson      and   Paget, to
to  Mrs.
Mike Anderson and Sam
appeared before A. E. Kincaid, J.P.,
on Friday, charged with vagrancy
and using bad language in a public
place. Evidence was also given to
show that they were in the habit of
making insulting remarks to young
ladies. They were fount! guilty and
. •.'- s.-ntenced to six months witb
hard labor in the Kamloops jail. After giving them a severe lecture the
J.P. suspended the ser/tence but
•hem until nr.idnlght to leave
CRT THE HABIT.—Place your firo
and accident insurance with Chas. M.
Shonskl Field,  who represents only old     and
reliable companies.
There's  comfort  in  cooking      with
Coursier's Conl.
LAWRENCE—On June 3rd, 1916, to
Mr. and Mrs. G. Ralph Lawrence, a
son, James Walter.
\t  St.  l-'r.,n ■.-    church     Wednesday
.-. the     Rev. Keniie
Mr. Chas.
Smith   and     M bs Ms VlcDon-
•   -
H    art Boswortb   in
The Whit
d a-.
- h is at his
»t—in turei -
>  bia India
. 'omedy.
tents    the
. ■
y. -. ■    • • '
WEI '■
te ry
tion    .ef ' M. ■-    Did   -1
in " iedy.
THURSD v v -    Daniel  Froh    n
sents i'a .Mn'   I
dor. Th" ii   ;,o-.vcr ol Miss
Frederic^.- -.rt aud wid
her screen capabilities were neret
eo forcefully lllusl ted a-, in her
conipellirir d"linent;.en of thi- ...
ique emotional drama, 5 parts NM,.
2 Travel series Pelican Island, thou
sand" of Queen Pelicans on Pelican
Islnnd. Negro boy* diving for coins.
All colored pictures.
FRIDAY—Reece Brothers Big Africander Co, ln Southland Musical
Corredv Minstrelsy, flix Big llii'h-
clnss Vaudeville nets. 15 people, big
band. Watch out for big street [.tirade Scuta on mile »t, McDonald's
drug s'ore, children 2r.. ROc, reserve.
SATURDAY and Mntine.ft-Thc World
Film Co. presents Lillian Tucker
and Edwin August lv Evidence, by
Du McPherson, S parts.
■ ■
It is stated tbat Their Royal High-
Duke and    Duchess of Con-
• '   .ml the Princess Patricia will
..-■■   Western  Canada this
•   ur will start ..ear tho
month, when the
'.■•ave  for      Western
an'!   party  will
tn.l will remain there
Tn the  meantime the
e,u to the
' make a     thor-
rps train
■ ' " r rltse.
Vie beg to thank   all     friends
Steam Shovel
at Three Valley
The Rev. Mr. Phillips, Presbyterian
minister, of Taft, beld services he^
last Freday und expects to be hero at|
lenst every other week. The address
was very interesting and a good
crowd turned out to service.
A. Rutherford was a business visitor to Revelstoko last week.
J. W. Mnyhew of Malakwa visited
at tho Rutherford hoir.c Monday.
Mrs. Falls of Taft, accompanied by
Mrs. J acmes, 'tho teacher, visited
friends here last week end.
Mrs. S. E. Houston and Miss Milly
Mowat spent lust week end la Revolstoke.
It begins to look like old times
i.gain hero, the steam shovel has
1 cen nt work for two weeks or more,
and there are many more people
about than has been tho case for over
n year.
Messrs. Stonox, Halvorson and
Baskerville came out Inst Sunday on
No. 3 to fish but returned on No. 2
as the rain  made fishing   impossible.
''iiil.iv   .hint1 'lo
Social   Evening
Music  by  Amature
.Musicians Orchestra
kindness     and  sympathy extended to  hureaus
In Vancouver     over K0 per cent, of
tor, the meal tickets issued by tbo     reliel
us during our recent sa'l bereave
ment, alo for tho many beautiful
floral  offerings.
Mr. and Mrs. E. CORNING AND
are    being used at Chinese
Two Piece Suits
Grey Tweeds, Serges and Worsteds
Parisian Dye Works
Sanitary Cleaning and
Tailoring   Parlors
Unique Gift
is Appreciated
la e°rr,,r
-   nrbed
■e   is  thP
Mail- —
The following   letter     of      ncknow
•   Revi -Igement has been received by    Mrs.
1 l.awson  from  the  Belgian con
,   , t   - ind. 1'. er.
al-   Mrs.  II.  A.   l.awson,
attention     The   "Antler   "   It.■.(•Istoke,   B.O.
Deal   Madam   1   beg te. acknowledge.
lm  1 ■   thanl ->   your     handsome
if   >.'... I,"  f.,r  relief of'
Inl,Iron  nf   Belgium,
ball have   much pleasure in lor-
',,   Belgian Orphan's
Factory Phone -'.1
P.O.Box CM
Residence Phono 'I'M
Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
O. W. Abrahamson,   Proprietor
oan lill any orders of windows or'doors or anything
in thi1 factory line
also   cany   a   OOmplete stock of building inatorals
lecture in Revelstoke.
'   •
■p the
rnt     the 11  not commence
ntll nit iSeSS are
paid tho proceed" irill be equally divided between Mrs, Pankhurst's war
w. .rk nnd war or patrioMe work un
dertaken by the local Canadian nub.
This famous sp"nkor. >ho has a truly
'. .nd.-rfnl mncne'ie personality Ad
.-■n amn7inr gift of oratory, Is be/ln-
nine n n«w tour of the West In *hlcb
her   mission      Is   to  Stimulate 'nrrnlt-
"Mtteh »ie t n"°p would bo prevented
i.' thi mblll -i 'dd remember that
cone! .ntlon l"» one of tbo first, e.niif-
os." "RflTntl Orderlies" is the best'
remedy for men. womon or children
IWe and Wc. exclusively et. Detail.
Pnir  Stores.-W    Raws.
■ '
res only
Money   Orders
V    N
Dominion   R tprei» Money Ordei -
N K \ T
Cos 1      OFFK It
1   .vill request  the     Consul  Qeneral
London     t,. send otll-
al   at '     'Iireel   to   you
and  1  am    sure this  novel   and  kindly
*ork nf yourself and the children   ol
•vill   be   greatly       appree.i
,teA  at  If.-ad-i larters,   nnd  gratefully
<-•   • .1 t.y the    little    ones  ol Bel-
I am, Madam,
Respectfully Yours,
rOHN  W.  WIUTKirKAl),
Consul f'.r  Belgium at  Vancouver,
Fire Insurance [,i,',^rL,,ul]:
Accident Insurance ["tfiffim
Life Insurance p£&aS%rta>]
Notary Public        Revelstoke       Real Estate
Gay Scene at
Tennis Courts
Tho scene at tho tonnls courte on
the Klnir'H birthday waH ono of rbI i
<ty nnd pleasure, the occaalon being!
the opening of the new and attractive!
olub house by W. A. Anstie, the Pre«!
pldent. The club house nnd grounds
were bedecked with flans and bunting
hnflttlnft tho occasion. Ten man serv.ed
I.y the Indien  Intm-ontend In  the     elnb
L. H. Wisener
Many new faces were seen
at our Special Sunday Dinner
on June 4th. But we want


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