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The Mail Herald Mar 18, 1916

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Chief lumbering, railway,  mining, agricultural   and navigation   entre    between Oalgar
and > the Pacific oceaa. p,.
The Mail-Herald
Published weekly—Read
by   everyone—The     recognised
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23-No. 13
$2.50 Per Year
Needs of Public  Were   Met — Activity  of
Liberals is Gas Attack
Golden Has
New Sawmill
Government Beat Business Men
—Dent House Wins From
Replying to the remarks made by
Mr. Place ot Nanaimo in the legislature Mr. Cawley of Chilliwack had a
different story to tell.
Mr.  Cawley ls quite optimistic and
the east had been helped by war orders and the prairies by a bumper
grain crop. He characterised the activity of the Liberals as a gas attack     in which they endeavored     to
believes that British Columbia has a!stupjfy the public with a lot of gen-
fine future hefore it. Iu his Bpeech'eral charges of corruption against the
today Mr. Cawley urges the govern- j government. He defied them to find
mentto take some steps towards giv- any evidences of the graft which they
ing assistance to the Sumas dyking. so freely claimed existed. All aven-
echeme, a million dollar proposition, ties of investigation were being open-
near Chilliwack which will mean the : cd to them he pointed out to let
reclamation of nearly thirty thousand them get their ammunition and fire it
acres of valuable agricultural land, j Alluding to Mr. Brewster's sugges-
Mr. Cawley announced that he favor- tions that the government had spent
ed the prohibition referendum, but ex- too much money he enquired of the
jiressed the view that some means oil Liberal leader what he would have
relief should be provided Tor hotel-; the government do with it. He con-
keepers as compensation for the im-: tended that in expending its revenues
provements they have been forced to for public improvements the adminis-
J. A. Maguire, wholesale and retail
coal merchant of Calgary, and representing the Asquith timber interests,
arrived in Colden this week lor the
purpose of initiating development    ol'
these limits during the    spring     and'   On Tuesday evening the final games
summer. ' scheduled for the volleyball league at
In a statement to the Star Mr. Ma-  the Y.M.C.A. were played     oil.     The
guire said it was his plan to immed- |irst     game ,)etween the GoVernment
iately     begin     the construction ot a      _  ..     __ __ , ,
... , , and the Business Mew proved a good
sawmill somewhere near the head     ot
Hospital creek, and begin logging   as  *'oe -" ™"nd. being the fastest     and
soon as men could be secured for the the     Business Men played in perhaps
work. the best form that they have showed
"The high price of lumber at this yet. They trimmed the Government
time, and the promise of good mar- 21 to 18 but the second and third
kets throughout the year create a games were won by the Government
■splendid outlook for the lumber who picked up a lot and played a
trade," said Mr. Maguire. "Especial- much butter game. The Business Men
ly is the demand good in the prairies [eii down in the latter part of the
and I look for it to continue." third game the final scores being     21
Owing to the presence of snow act-  to 5 and 21 to 3.
ual work upon mill construction   Will     The     game between the Dent House
not    begin for possibly 30 days.     As an<J     tbe     Undertakers whicli was to
soon as the snow will permit a force eQaVe  ueen played last Tuesday  eveo-
of men will be employed to build two  ln(, was played off after the game he-
Camp Will  Be Open May 1 -
Artillery Brigade to be
HOSTS TO 102nd
Splendid  Program and  Large
Attendance — Le ter of
The farewell entertainment provided for the recruits by the Women's
Canadian club on Monday was greatly appreciated rot only by the soldiers in whose houur it was given but.
Advices from Ottawa definitely confirm the report that the central mobilization camp at Vernon will agu,u
be used this year. There is stated io
be a strong probability ol practically j
all     the overseas battalions now     at j
lull     strength and the proposed regi- | L'>'     "»  l&rge   number  who  attended
ment for which authorization  bas   al
ready  been granted,  being concentiat
ed for training in the Okanagan dor
ing the summer' The 67th Western', ma- "• n' -o^~d bad charge ot
Scots of Victoria, are not, of course, the vroBtnm and thai tact alone be-
includcd iu thiB category, as that uu-  ^uke lts 8U«ces8"
it has received its marching orders/ After **>« *iUZiu* ^ the national
In the event of all the troops being anthem the president Mrs. H. N.
concentrated at the Vernon camp Uoursier heartily welcomed the guests
there will be nearly lS.WH) nun   under
The    whole     proceedings    went   with
great   enthusiasm each uumu-r beiug
ui u ..I., encored.
cars. 11.
make by recent liquor act amend- j tration was merely meeting the needs
jnetits, these amendments now com- j of tho people; it wa3 doing what the
prise what is known as thc Bowser public desired it to do. "What would
Liquor Act regarded as one of the ! be Mr. Brewster's excuses if he were
test jiieces of legislation of its kind! in power?" he said, "and his friends
on the continent. The chief argument; gathered about him like flies on a
which the liquor dealers make in their, jam pot asking for this appropria-
rlaim for compensation is that the tion or that bridge vote." Would he
Bowser Liquor Act has forced them confess that the Minister ot Finance
to carry out extensive improvements was sitting on the lid when the gov-
iu their premises in order to keep up eminent intended to keep its money,
:nodern  hostiliers.    Mr.   Cawley  urged  not spend it."
the government to give as much as-1 The two Liberal members, Messrs.
nistance to mining as It had rendered Bre\ Mer and Macdonald have occu-
to agriculture, such as extending the pled their seats in tne house for over
toads into mircral regions for pros- n week and fired questions at the
■pectors and small miners. government at the rate of about fifty
"There should be no blue ruiu talk a day. Dp to the present, insofar as
here such as my friend Mr. Place has can be irathered from any appearance
jsiven expression to," said Mr. Pool- j of results they have done nothing but
■ey of EJsqulmalt. Mr. Pooley declared present queries. Certainly they have
ior a united front in British Colum- shown no evidence of having substantia- While it was true he said that tiated any of these charges which
iti-is province might be in a worse they so freely and feelingly made ou
condition financially than easternffcro-, the public platform prior to the re-
vinces it was because of tbe fact tbat cent bye-elections.
and a half miles of road over which
the machinery will he transported to
the mill site.
Before departing for Calgary early
in the week Mr. Maguire stated that
he was considering the .question of
moving a $30,000 capacity mill from
the Crows N'est, but that he may purchase entire new machinery and operate both mills.
At    the outset Mr. Maguire expects  rjents played
to     employ about 35 men, and     this
force     will     be increased as facilities
are arranged for a heavier output.
With the Columbia River Lumber
company in the market for 300 men,
the Six Mile company needing 100
men and the Maguire mill calling for
tween the Government aud the Business Men. This was a much looked
loi ward to game as both teams are
very evenly matched and the game
being important to both. If the Dent
nouse won there Rould be a tie between them and tbe undertakers and
if the Undertakers won they would
wiu the series. The first game went
to the Dent house score 21 to 17. The
a good steady game all
the way through and it was on this
arc,unt that they won the game. The
second game was won by the Undertakers who played a better game and
seemed to have the Dent house guessing so that they only made 13 points
to the Undertakers 21. This made     a
canvass there. No transfer will bc al-
fected before May 1. it was stated
this morning, this being considered
the earliest tune lor a stait ou summer training under tield conditions.
Eleven infantry battalions und possibly thirteen will be under arms tins
The Westeru Artillery Brigade, to
be commanded by Col. A. T. Ogilvie,
district officer commanding the military dorces In Uritish Columbia, is to
be formed iu this province, according
to otlicial announcement made in \ ictoria. Organization of the batteries
which will comprise the new artillery
unit will be commenced at once, it is
The majority of the men lor tbe
brigade will lie enlisted in Uritisu
Columbia. Victoria will be culled upon to raise two batteries and Vancouver will furnish another of the batteries, it is reported. The fourth battery will be recruited Irom Calgary
and other points in western Canada
and the prairie' provinces will be call-
Volume of Work
Is Growing
The regular weekly meeting ot the
Red Cross was held last Wednesday,
In the Y.M.C.A. with Mrs. Kilpatrick
in the chair. The minutes were read
and adopted.  Splendid work  was han-
Ragtime Double
Bowling league
labor the valley will offer opportuni- .h(„.se a(,eice'. The third game was
ty far employment to 500 laborers t(J ,leckk> whpther tb,.re ghouUj ,,_ _
aud the coming summer shoulh be a ,R, ,,.. the T]n(lertakers would win the
prosperous one. BerleSi   Tlle nent house  piayers   were
In addition to the lumber interests very  anxiolls t(, have their nam-_ llU
contracts are beiog entered into    for the shield this year and they did their  ed ul)ou  to supply  drivers,  accoiding
packing ore from a number of     pro- i,^  to save the day.   The Undertak- lo tentative arrangements that   have
jierties,     and     many    miners will be
C.iden parties are now negotiating
for a. carload of horses to he used up
the valley in packing ore to the rail
As soon as the ice goes out of
ers started out with a lead of six on  been alreadj' made'
the first serve and it looked     pretty     A battery ol field artillery comprls-
ii.       .i       t-    . , „-,n„  cs     four officers and 1..4  men of the
dark    tor   the     Dent bouse especially w ...
.       ..     ..   .    .  , !«*--»«..  rank    and tile.   With an artillery bn-
when the I ndertakers ran in two   or
■ ,  . -.    j.u    r,    . , l  gade are  a  brigade division ammuni-
rhrce mora before the Dent house got b
single score.   The Dent house made tioa colu»1Q.  tble"  omccrs al
-ne or two at a time until they were rank and fik''  aua a sectlon of
The following are the rules governing the ragtime double bowling league
commencing it the Y.M.C.A. Wednesday  March   15 and finishing  April  15:
,  . .     ,    , ,,     .      .  ,      a    ,..-    i    There will be 3 classes designated A
ded in the following being the list for  __       ,  _
_W_M U and C.
Columbia river the Six Mile Lumber two ahead and manaRed to keep the siun  amniuLdtioi.  column,  three offlc
Company,  Limited,  will begin opera- Iead     all the way through the game,  ers     a,,d 17U' rank and flle' Includ"1*
tions.   This mill has a capacity      of
50.0CO feet daily.
With resumption of operations in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the campB of the Columbia River rlay wag & mtle lo08e at timea but Major H
Lumber Company, Limited, a demand the m08t of it WftS very ,a8t and in. lery division of the Vancouver Volun
the brigade headquarters'  stall of
side,     21-17.   Tho Undertakers "ver M0 officers aml '"u  *"'  be
to he a little nervous and     the 4uAred f'jr_ thc artiUery br!B»de-
Inishing with the winning score
E. Boorman of the artii-
of  the evening.
The following was the program rendered.
Bong, "Why I Wear Kilts," by Dr.
Heading, "The Last Shot," by W.
M.  Lawrence.
Piano duet by Mr. Brean and 'Miss
Piano solo by Miss Nancy K'.etthaiu
Duet, "Canada's Ready," Mrs. F.
Bews and Miss K.  Borden.
Solo, "Come, Sing t Me," James
Solo, ' My Aie. Folk," by Miss B.
Duet, "Just You and I," Mr. and
Mrs. Baker.
Highland Dances, by Miss Madge
Solo,  "Loves Bells."  Mrs.  W.  Hews
Solo, "Roan ing in the Gloaming,"
Dr. Taylor.
God Save the King.
After the program refreshments
were served after which dancing waa
The following letter of appreciation
tas been received by Mrs. H. N.
Coursier, president ol the Womens'
Canadian club:
Revelstoke, B. C, March '
From 0.  CM,  D.   Co'y.  102nd Regt,
R. M. R.
Tothe President  Women's Canadian
Club, Revelstoke, B. C.
Madam:—I bave the honour to
thank your club for the kindness and
very able manner by which it entertained the Overseas recruits and the
Home Service men in n.y charge on
Mortiay evening last, prior to their
departure for  headquarters.
the week    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mrs. J. Boyle, 4 pair socks
Mrs. O.  McGiven and Mrs. Thomai
3 pair socks each.
Mrs. J. B. McKenzie, Mrs. H. Bra-
ham, Mrs. Vi. Morris, 2 pair of socks
Mrs. Calliot, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. V.
English, Mrs. Downs, Mrs. Towse,
Mrs. Flockhart. Mra. Paulding, Mrs.
Stewart, Mrs. Swanney, Misses T.
Kimberley, Eva lolliile (aged 12) and
Beatrice Jollifle (aged 9) 1 pair ol
socks each.
Voluntary snwing was handed in
Irom the lollowing: Mrs. Kipp, S suits
pyjamas; Mrs. J. Boyle, I> shirts ;
Mrs. Overton, 2 shirts; Mrs. J. Lees,
2 suits pyjamas; Mrs. Masson 1 suit
pyjamas. .
The following shipment was receivch
from the Nakusp auxiliary. The first
four items represents articles the material for which wus supplied by the
Nakusp branch and the last three
items were made from material sent
te, Nakusp by thc Revelstoke hrnnch:
25 surgtcnl shirts, 1 night shirt, 10
helpless shirts. 7 pair pyjamas, 28
pair S'icks, 1 pair pyjamas, 5 day
shirts. i
Thc following shipment was made
to headquarters at Toronto March IG:
10 towels, 72 pair socks, 24 day
shirts, 11 suits pyjamas, 32 helpless
flilrts, 3 surgical shirts,  I nightshirt.
From the Naomi lodge of the Rebekah MM pair convalescent shoes.
From the O.I.A. ol the B. dl L.E., 26
|alr convalescent shoes. It is particularly gratifying to place on record
tho above mentioned work. When it
is realised these two organizations
hnvo so much on hand nothing but
the greatest, praise enn be given for
their efforts in helping along the
good work ill tbe Red Cross.
A class will be made up of bowlers
whose league average is 15u and up.
B. Class will be those bowlers with
an average of less than 150 for the
season. C class consists of A and B
class men.
No tw. P, class men can bowl off in
0 class, hut entries lor the C class
must consist only of an A and B marl
No partners are drawn for thc roll-
ing of the games, each bowler having
his own choice for a partner. No
schedule will be arranged, thus providing fe.r games to he bowled at a
moment's notice. No two howlers arc
allowed to bowl in more than one
match together,
can   roll     in as
has been created for 300 men, and
when the mill starts operations in
April this demand will be materially
The outlook is for a great shortage
of labor, and to meet the situation
as well as care for returned soldiers
a    Returned      Soldiers'    Employment
teresting all the way through. It was
tcer  Reserve,
Judging by the expressions of many
•.vhich has already sent °l the men made to me personally I
the best sample of the real game that two °verscas drafts forward and   has
has been put up this winter.   Stand- rai8ed     a third- '8 ia victu''ia todav
ing dt the teams in the league now is takinK     "I*     the luMtion ol a local
Played Won Lost (luota    for tne Western Artillery Bri-
Dent House
Business Men
committee has heen formed in Golden
Wages in the lumber industry range rjntikersi
from $2.00 to $3.25 per day and min- 	
ers     receive     from $2.50 to $3.00 per
. The preliminary test made at     the
Owing    to heavy recruiting in   this N'orthj.ort     smelter Tuesday morning
district     the     country    is fast being of     all the machinery  including     the
stripped of its young men, and it will calciner,     arid the blowing  in of tho
be    necessary to import labor unless No.  1  lead furnace, has brought     re-
available men come in within the next newed activity to the town. When the
but any one bowler  fp.v we(,ks   To date thc 8maU town of tests were mnde the  smelter     works
many games as he  Gnlden and vicinity has supplied, n ore were  barred  to all  except employees,
hut     citizens of Northport could  tell
have rn hesitation in saying that the
.■' ly  appreciated.
Wishing your  Club the success     it
truly deserves,  I have the honour   to
be madam.
Yours obediently,
R   H.   SAWYER,  Capt.
I.C.,  P.  Co'y,  102nd Regt,  R. M. R.
Well Attended
chooses,  provided he has a new part-  tnan -jok) men to the colors and others
ner each time he bowls. wju j-f) fIom here next week.
Tee harvesters at Oolden are cutting tbo 30 Inch article on the Columbia rivor this winter.
For peddling meat without, a license
In Trail, 0, nnssatto wvin last week
fetied $r>0 and Costs.
Last week the furnace at Greet!
wood Hinoltor was banked for 24 J-oure
owing to a shortago ol coke.
Tho secretary must be notified before any ragtime doubles are bowled.
If a certain number of pins are bowl-,
cd by two men, it remains for a p.air
to drop in and try to roll up a yet ^
Higher score. The winners in each
class will be those two rolling up the
highest total score of pins for three.
The entrance fee for each match will
be ten cents, which goes towards a
Tin- individual names of the players
and the class to which they belong
are as follows:
I    A Cla8s:e J. Bezley, H. Burridge, G.
Knight, W. T.  Johnson, A. Thomson,
C.   Somerville,   L.  Blackberg,  K.    G.
McRae, T. O'Neil, H.  Parker,  T. Lit-,
| B. Class: J. Q. McKinnon, W. A.
Sturdy. WM Brier, R. Squarebriggs. I
u. Ward, S. Couling. J. II. Lyons, B.
Robertson, F.  Young, H. Ferguson.
I C Cbiss: N. R. Brown, A. E. Rose,
M. Stortz. F. Paulding, H. Mulholland. J. L. Hay, A. Webster. V. McLeod. K   S. Martin. H. Carpenter, J.
Swimming Gala
at Y. M. C. A.
I    The program for the swimming gala
' at the Y.M.C.A. on Monday nigbt at
o p.m., is something very much out
of the ordinary for Revelstoke. In
lact the like has never heen put on
in   the     Y.M.C.A. here. Tho program
I includes a demonstration of the different strokes in swimming, and a
number of Jancy stunts in that line,
a good assortment of fancy dives
done by the boyB of the school boya'
j class. The diving is a new teature
for the Y tbis year. It Is only lately
that there has been ani opportunity
(or     doing
i dives,
liy the volume of smoke pouring from
the stack that the smelting operations had begun in earnest. It is
stated that No. 2 lead furnace will bc
blown in within a few days. Each
furnace has a capacity of about 275
tons of ore daily.
A considerable tonnage of ore, fluxes and fuel had been collected at tbe
smelter sinco the completion at the
railroad trackage, and all ore bins In
particular, were known to be lull.
Average receipts of ore lately havo
been ahout flvo carloads a day which
is practically the capacity of one furnace.
The people of Northport, are rrjoir-
ed to see tho smelter once more in
operation, and are satisfied that it
will prove to be permanent this time.
gade     with Col. Ogilvie.   Authoriza
tion     was recently given by the mili
tary heads at Ottawa for a base bat
lery for Vancouver-   There are ltO ar
tillerymen now training here and more
than that number ure enrolled     with   n   Cf   jji     Jon
the V.V.R.   The hundred men far the   UQITDGIi      I Bfl
third draft were selected from several
hundred applicants.    NM. difficulty will
be    experienced in raising u complete       	
battery here. 	
Active recruiting for th.' _ Lth 0. The Daffodil tea given at the borne
erseas Battalion of the American I.e 01 Mrs. Anstie e,, Saturdaj was ona
gion will be started at the coast in a of the many successful events under-
i[ew days, stated Ma or T. M. im takeo Mn- tbc benefit ol the Red
Potts this morning. Ib arrived back Cross, The hostesses, M<esdames Au-
in the city last night from Calgary, Btie, Coulthard and McVity received
Where   h.'  has  been  spending  the  past   llicir     guests      in t!,,   Bower bedecked
week taking up military matters w:th rooms.   The    contrast    fr.,m a dull,
executive officers nf the American l.e- cold day to an atmosphere ol spring
•..•ion.    'Ibe   new   unit   will   l.e   mobolls-   was  very  pleasing.    Every where dadoed in this city, be stated, an.l ,.n tbe  dils and vie.bts were m evidence,
arrival   ..f Major C.  s. Bullock, bri-     During    ti,,. first houi Mrs  Kilpat-
gade    chaplain,   who is touring the r-,ck and Mrs. Sibbald piesided
west as chief recruiting  offlcei  for the  tea     table     an,', lor tin- second hour
Legion, steps will'be taken to proceed  Mrs.     Robbies  and Mrs. Sutherland.
al      once  with tlle   tormation Ol    the These  ladie.   were   assisted   m      their
2llth.   l.ieut.    ll. R. Driscoll of Cal- pleasing duties by the Misses Lawson,
gary came t,. tb,' coasl  with     Major G. Urquhart,  M.  Paget,  M.  McClene-
Potts.   The officers   arc   staying     at gban.
lhe Western  Club. At  the  flower   fable  were  Miss      M.
A    despatch    Irom Calgary states Trethewey ard Miss J. Robblns   whd
Ihat     Major W,  M. Sage of the S2nd proved     sjdendid vendors the flowera
Battalion,     Calgary,      will    probably being   very  quickly  disposed  ..f     and
command   lhe   .llth   Battalion,      and eiiore were requisitioned,
that two companies will be raised   at     Mrs. McVity   ml Mrs. im Blackball
tho coast    and   tw,, in military dis- d<ss<trve special mention for the    able
good view of all that goes on in tho trict No 13. The headquarters will manner in which they entertained thu
any ot the more difficult wuter. The tickets are selling well, be at Vancouver. Major Bullock, bri- guests on thc piano and violin.
but tho boys havo done very and the entertainment bids well to ho gade chaplain of the Legion, who ar- ■*■ very pleasing feature of the alt-
well Indeed in this branch ol the art. a very popular one. Performers foran lived in Calgary from thc east this ernoon's entertainment wds the pres-
The high school boys will give an ex- exhibition of this kind are not easy wvok, will leave for the coast this cnce ol Private Eric Robbins who wai.
Iiibition of the life saving drills hoth to find but the boys at the Y are well evening, accompanied by (.'apt. Clarke recently invalided home from tba
on land and in water. This is tho re- able to put up a good program. They and l.ieut. Yale Smith. David Train- front,
gular     standard drill and test  work have practiced hard  and aro in    fino cr, a well known Calgary contractor
,',"'e- ..    ' developed and used hy the Royal Life shape.   The best swimmers in the city   is to be quartermaster.   He will leave
If vou do not see your name |_    .      Society of England, and It rc-  will  be seen at their greatest advan- for Vancouver next Tuesday.
li«>   isk  Mie secretary what class you  """"i '
The sum of $42.id waa realised
which was very gratifying to oil con-
cern d,
hob ". ■
\i   il.-wwell the year's snowfall
over levi D feet.
There is not a vacant building
sly sort at Kimberley at preawt,
quires     no little skill as a swimmer, tngo,    and the competitions will     bo     Ment.Col. F. E. Leach of the 281st
Tbe last part of thc program Is mado both novel nnd interesting to     thoso Overseas Seaforth Battalion, the   socio  \.p of contests, racing,  diving,  swim- present.   The proceeds from the swim- ond     complete active service unit to 	
I ming  urder water nnd recovering nr ming gala will go towards defraying he raised bv the "2nd Highland Regi-   wju ho started at an early date. Tha
tides    from the bottom.   The seating the  expens"R  incurred by the extena- ment, is in Victoria t"day consulting' new kilty force will take up quarters
accomtnodatlans     aro being arranged ivo improvements made in the uuta-|with Col. Ogllvlo with rctcrence     to j at Hastings Park in the bulldtrJVR .or
ganisation work is already well     ad-
\ mc. 'I. and mobolizatlon of the -^lstt
I so    that    those present will have ajtorlum lately.
Ibis     new command.   Preliminary or-|mprly occupied by the b2nd battalion TACK TWO
Zbc fl&afMbevalb
Published every  Saturday at
K I. Vkl.KTo !(!■;.   B.   I'
t_7vl iii-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
F. E. QIGOT,  Manager and    Editor,
S \TURD tY, M _RCH  is, 1916:
It is noi Me., early for the health
di partmi nts eef oui municipalities to
prepare loi their Bpring clean-up day.
Thi  snow will -  be gone, exposing
to ■■ ie '•  thi  . ci ited refuse ol the
'.. :.:■■: m. mths, In ('anada we are
; i. ed •• .t h i ci vei ing mantle ol
an iw dui lng si vera! months, and, as
a consequence, are inclined to be
so ■ ■■■ hal eai elesE i if sanitary condl
tions, With the coming ol warmer
weather, this neglect becomes a
i ,f    great  dang.:,   and,  unless
pi impt action is taken, may give rise
i -   seri nu epidi mil s.
M pal    ouccils  and    boards     ol
should initiate without delay
plans toi a general spring clean up.
ius appropriations Bhould be
made for the purpose and a thorough
organization developed tor removal ol
Tin' local pride ol the pi ople should
bi hall "f a    clean
bome—,u   appeal rarelj  made In vain.
It, mai y ol mr towns and ell li .-
there-are ■ i. anlzat i ms Intel sted In
jmblic |. 'sti '; s, mlj r luiring Inl
tiative to jecui • Heel Ivi ad Ion. Ti e
beautifying ..f theii homi town should
be made an ince:,tive for energetic effort, thus Incn ; thi lr li terest an I
. nti isiasm tor the pla •      lied ll":' •
The public rovinci
she.,-.'.- that last year's revenue was   a
fraction below  >• ICO.OOC :. round
numbers $2 5 10,0 I    lest   tb       thl   yi tl
before.   The    expend!! a little
less tb      112,000,0 ...
than ■  I '   -
Beit somi
,. ia   .- the yi
bi tore,
But I it kee]
i of tot
expemiit  re over thi
t.   In othei
o.int I   on 1
;.nd     buildings   ii ■
debt ot man)
do   cot charge (
" get
■   •    •
ada (i       the beg
.•   ' it o!
a tota s   than I
■     .
.   ..
noui ' ■:•!
I-    Britisl
•    ■
fei end
at 1 I      • •   •
mjl     scl it VI
ment buildings aud the prison farm
buildings at Okalla, are not in fact a
part of the year's outlay for thc administration <,f the province, The
cost of tin's,' establishments alone
with that of the provincial     goal   at
I Victoria accounts for $l,l!(Ml,0()0. .
Among the appropriations for bridges are three or four items for steel
structures  which  cost  .plffl.OOO,      and
| there are many more such permanent
outlays. Hundreds of thousands ol
the expenditure on roads was for new
work such as the Banll-Windermei-e
road, or tor new paved highways like
the KingSWay and the Marine Drive.
Strathcona Park development is another charge which might elsewhere
be charged to capital, it may be a
surprise to oui readers to know that
C 6 cost of surveying Ihe prairie land
owned by the Dominion was charged
to capital, and ran Into many millions. We do not defend tbis classification, and would certainly not Justify     "  j" a province which takes the
proceeds of land sales Into current
Income account. But if the like were
done here it would reduce the account
01 the current outlay by more than
half a million. The British Columbia expenditures of last year also in
eluded $250,000 on account ol railway
and bridge subsidies in connection
with the Kettle Valley railway. This
would be charged to capital by any
other province and the Dominion.
Without Including the cost ol surveys it will be seen that between two
and three million dollars of the I'.H-
ish Colt •   •, ndltures would     In
anothei province be charged to capi-
'•■•■   ' im     syst ■!■. raiRes •. deficit     tff
Say,   M,:.':',ne.i   ,,,   $4,000,000.   It   might
be said als,i that f280,000 charge as
commissi in and discount is not ex-
penditure in the ordinary sense of the
word. It represents the underwriters
commission and the discounts on the
loans floated below par.
in   regard to the decreased  income
it is fair te. s.-.y that the largest Bingle Item ol decrease is that from the
Chinese    head tax.   From this Bource
i >■ provini ■  has received as high   as
$1,724,000 in a year.   Year before last
trom Chinese.     Last
ess   than  (252.OO0 came in this
I more than a mil-
no ly's fault   and
res thi   restoration ol the
means the arrival ol
' '    "■ every
he smiles to himself as he walks
along the street nnd beams upon the
lamp posts and telephone poles. Mr.
tdiver, by right of service and loyalty, is a member of the kitchen cabinet of the opposition.—Victorian. '
There are a lot of Conservative
speakers hMiding out the latch string
to the opposition, so far as the various charges that were made during
tlie campaign. Something is bound
to happen. The members of the op-
position who have called the Conservatives everything and failed to 'smile
when they said it,' are going to be
up against it or the Conservatives are
going to be put In a bad hole when
the proot is forthcoming. "The books
are open, the way is clear and if
there are a lot of dishonest men in
this government I want to know it,"
is the trend of the premier's remarks,
and every government supporter in
his reply to the address, has smilingly opened the gate to the opposition
and said, "Come into thc house and
look around and examine everything
for yourself." Under the circumstances there must he a show down before the session closes, and on that
show down will depend the result of
the general election.—Victorian.
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave.
r.nd Fifth street, Pastor, Rev. J. 0.
MacKenzie, Sunday services:— Low
Mass at 8 a.m. and High Mass at
10:30 a tn. every Sunday. Sunday
school for thc children at '2:30 p.m.,
benediction and Rosary ut 7:3(1 p.m.,
Confessions Saturday -i to 6 and 7:,'tll
to ;i p.m. and Sunday morning 7:30
to 8. Weeks days:—Mass every morning at 7 o'clock, Confessions before
Yass. First Fridays —Mass at. 8 a.
rn.. Benediction aud Rosary at 7:30
j).  m.
H.dy Communion every Sunday at
8 a. m., and flrst Sunday in month at
11 a. m. Morning prayer at 11 a. m.
Evening prayer at 7.30 p. m. Sunday
School at 2.30 p. m. Sj.ecial prayers
tot  sailors and soldiers.
. ■ ■■
■   ■  i
" ' .       "1       to
. •   , ■ \,      ti
who In
his is thi        ii   •  ■     rav
■ light,    but    thai
► r.oiild      i...   easily  fall  tor  it-
well,      as  the  prearti<r   said   "Va    '
• i roty,   all  ie  vanity."
At the morning service thc pastor
will sjicak on "Propitiation." In the
evening there will he a special service and the unveiling of the roll of
honor      of      those   who have enlisted,
with appropriate music from the
Choir; when the pastor will speak on
thc meaning of the struggle going on,
and the stimulus to higher ideals accruing therefrom. The Young People's Epwortb League Society meets
on Monday at B p.m., prompt, and
each week an Interesting program is
turnished by one or another depart-
■ • • Prayer Bert I •■ We lm sday a
Choir practice Friday at 8.
- :n      the   1
.11      be
p.m.     The
rning will he ;'Long-
id,"  and in
■   Down ti..
w 11
.  • evening     the
■    ■   ■    tllus-
ture on
^^fortheJL kidneys
What They Cured
Hen ■   r-markable experience of
'i '.an
., e s terrible roflereT with
. .   bladder  troul/es,   I
Id lose the ate of my len,
,t go away from homi
t  with me      ! •■. •
tors foi       it
relief     •' -   on i
•) i' ■ r i.ilung the
ior-*, I got relief     I I ontinu-
.-ni ii'iti!  I ; >tely
ve my Mb- to Gin Pills.
-   . ' -illy
p tl Med* f, N. s.
are W , ,eo tot
e Bamplc "^tmfni fro.
\ n... nmj- « homtr—l C*. ot < .....
I imlto.. T*r«Bi«
Watch for Posters
of the Big    .    .    .
to be held NEXT
WEEK in ... .
a-anrnotUflfti mm
• Honest"    John Olivet Ls tbi
DECLINE SUBSTITUTES ' J"*", uu-u iu lu pruvii-C<  today,   ind
Yields to Delicious Vinol
Shreveport. I.e. "I had a tirul «t/>m-
ech trouble fnr yearn and l(*< an . v.
weak I could hardly walk 0( do iny
work. My appetite was poor, nr, food
would not digest, I bloated and whi ry
weak and nervous. I tried many KTM
dies without help. I saw Vinol adver
tjfuvl and tried it, and now nny ■tomach
trouble is completely cured and I urn
well."    K  [_. Man. maii
Vinol is guaranteed to tone up the
tired, over taxed anil weakened nervea
of Um stomach and er«»U strength.
Walter Hewn, Druggist, Kevelstoke,
B, 0.
•   ol   the   powers
i. a eei tain Indent1
r«    i.f M'.i ..-.ii-,'   whb li will i.i  pro
Mi,   there   will
ile oi   Monday, the
b,   1916,  ni   the hour
.,( ib. - in the forenoon    at
of the Revi! .i"ke General
mlted, Kiihi street, Hevei-
st,,ke,   I!   '       the  following  lnnds and
' e-i.    I I i   and   tWO    i'i),
,n  lib.' . i  ."ilidmeion of Ibe
trlet l<o1 "t tii iup . ine, Kootenaj
• ' olumbla, as shown
,,?, |iimi ,.f subdivision \iii.whead
Townslte plan No. Ml.
im the property ih a three story,
frame hotel building
Kor fm l M. i particular! and terms
ii,il conditions 'if sale apply to,
Ban Istei etc., First street. Revelstoke li. C, Solicitor lor the
Tinted al Hevclstoke, I!. ('., thle 9th
day   "I  March,   1916.
The next examination for tbe entry
of naval cadets will bu held at the examination centres of the I nil Service Commission In May, l_nc, successful candidates joining the college on
or about thc Iat August. Applications fm entry will be received up to
the   l''Mi   April   by  the Secretary.  fMv-
n Service Commission, Ottawa, from
whom blank entry forms can now   be
oi tained,
Candidates for the examination Ib
Mny next must be betweeri tbe ages
Of fourteen and sixteen on the let of
July, 1916.
Further detail" ran bc obtained on
nj.|iliciition to the undersigned.
Deputy Minister ot thc Naval Service
Department "if the Naval Bervice, Ottawa,  January 10th. 191*.
Unauthorised  publication ol this   advertisement wilt not be paid for.—
90793. |
Therm. Iil,,|u«.
lity and strict re
gard (• .i.i,. ;,
that yon would
expect trntn London's leer,.RI.1*1
military tallnn
you can expect
from nn.
9 Vie can make
yon a conplcto
kit within I days
and at a remarkably low price.
M eaa ii rtminl
forma and pat-
Urui on application.
Mil *• !«.•£■(>*   **♦
Naval.Military a Civil Tailors
747 Yates St .VICTORIA.BC
^ti n 1111 ] 111111 n i n 111 mxg SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 1916.
UESEHVB FUND, $7,000,1X10
Imperial Bank
Pel-» Howland. Preiidonl. Established 1875. E. Huy, General Manner.
Drafts, Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal .Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. _s
A.   B.   MCCLENEGHAN.   Manager
What's in a &ame ?
Well, lt just depends. When, you hear ot Hobson's Bread
you naturally feel hungty. The crisp hrown exterior and
the appetising white inside are hoth signs of the good
flour we use and the care we take to bake it just right.
Try It lor yourself—we do not fear the result.
Phone 41
Box 734
The Newest and Most
Up-to-date Spring
The fashions for the  Spring  Season   are
splendidly represented.
We have models in the latest features for your
inspection and approval.
New Millinery, New  Suits,
Coats, Dresses, Waists, C&c,
all combine to make the displays worthy
of your special consideration.
Fred Young & Co,
One ol the best Investments you can make this winter Is to
Buy a Pair of Skis
and build up your health.
We havc them ln Ash, Hlekory   and Pine.   Call and look   them
We also caify complete stock o! MEN'S WEAR for city, mountains, mine or bush.
FURS BOUGHT at highest market prices.
Baggage Transferred Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 46-276        Night Phone 346
Union Hotel
A. P. LKVKSQUK, Proprietor J
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
f\ DI p KJ T A I      Suitably furnished with the
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Editor Mail-Herald:
The chief drawback to the prosperity (,' Revelstoke is its lack ol industries. Without an industrial payroll
to provide its citizens with employ
ment no city can amount to much. It
is often said that there is nothing
can bo manufactured in Revelstoke ;
that her only resources arc lumbering
and mining, Rut we must not overlook the fact that we are becoming
an agricultural centre. A city backed
by a large farming community is
bound to prosper, This is conceded
by everyone.
■ Our board dt trade have 1 believe
given a great deal of consideration to
the problem of industries suitable for
Revelstoke, but have not succeeded in
solving the problem.
Might 1 Btiggest aii industry whicli
would not only benefit Revelstoke but
every farmer for miles around. I refer to the manufacture of sugar from
beet roots. Here surely is sometbint'
that 'could be made to pay and give
employment to hundreds of settlers.
There is no district in British Columbia where finer root crops can be
grown than right at our doors.
The price of sugar at the present,
time is considerably higher than it
ever has been. On account of the
war the sugar produced by Germany
is shut out of the markets of the
world for ever. Here then is a fine
chance to <.:et in on a good thing and
cripple the enemy at the same tMne.
As to the feasibility of this project
we can find evidence to support it no
further away than the outskirts of
Spokaci-. Some few years ago, when
the Greut Northern railway bought
from D. C. Corbin the railroad that
connects Nelson, B. CM, with Spokane
Mr. Coroin built a refinery at a place
called Waverly, nnd by making contracts with the farmers in that neighborhood induced them to go into the |
sugar beet culture. They built up art1
industry which as far aB I am aware
is still in existence.
As to the cost of building a refinery 1
Of course I say  nothing as I      don't
know, but as we have small sawmills
as well as large sawmills I suppose a I
refinery would cost just as much    as
could be put into it.   That is a point
which the board of trade through its;
able and etlicient secretary could easily     find out.   It also occurs to     me
that     the     Farmers Institute might
lend a hand in considering this ijues-:
The manufacture of beet sugar is a .
very simple process after all and the
demand for sugar constantly incrcas-
es.   Fortunes have been made  in   the
sugar  business.   If we have any  real:   Four   marriage licenses were issued
live business men here is a chance for at Fernie last week,
Thanking you for granting the
space for these few icmarkB.
In front
at si.le
Lit ine
ECT tlie drawing that represents your general ficrure
ines.   We have in stock, in ydur size, just thc Gossard
you  need at anv price vou may waul io pay—$2.00,
$3.50, $5.00, $6.50, $8.50 and up.
Each Gossard is designed to accentuate tlie natural beauty of
your figure—correct any slight imperfections, and give you
comfort such as you have never known. Doctors say: "A
Gossard corset safeguards your health."
Gossard style is yours—exclusive style — regardless of the
price you pay.
It is with great pleasure that ive announce the Seventh Semi-
Annual Proclamation of Authoritative
Gossard Corset Styles
for Spring and Summer, 1916
The freakish and generally unbecoming tendencies of ihe mode
are past, ln the natural lines and beautiful;fabrics of the new
models, here shown, is reflected the demand of fashion fur
a simpler style which depends upon beauty of line, correct
design and exquisiteness of material for its charm.
Gossard corsets are fitted here by experienced corsetieres. It
will be a pleasure to show you the new models. We shall
expect you.
Made in Canada
C. B. Hume Sr Co., Ltd.
Revelstoke  Departmental Store
Revelstoke, B. C.
March IS, 1916.
Editor Mail-Herald:
Sir: The undersigned would like   to
Trail     home guard has 82 members
and drill twice weekly.
Made Well by Delicious Vinol
Crestline,  Ohio. — " I contracted a
hard,  chronic cough,  and was weak,
call    attention to a great insect pest   nervous and run down.    1 have a small
whicb  bas  made its appearance local-   family of three, and it was hard for ma
lv,   vi:-:   Malcosoma  Americana  Fiibri-' *? (1° my work.    I took different medi-
,     , ,n.i       .        Clnt-'s without benefit    Finally 1 heard
clue, commonly known as 'The   An,    ai,out vinol, and it has restored me to
erica-i  Tent  Caterpillar." I health and strength, my cough is all gone
This pest attacks trees of the Rosa-   and 1 feel line-.'    -Mrs. II. II. CARLISLE.
ceal clam.   Thc beat way to    combat  .. We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
* .     ....      .,     "ver and   iron tonic   without oil. for
these destructive insects is diligently  chronic coughs and colds, and for all
to search for their webs v.hcn     they   weak, nervous, run-down condition*.
are first heing lormed and cut off the!    vialter Bews, Druggist,  Revelstoke.
branches attacked and burn them. Al- J g. rj.
fo     a good plan ta to look carefully ,    _._______.
for brown rfid clusters of egg-rings on '
tips of branches and  treat in     same
-tanner.   Something    ought    to    be
Meets eTery Wednesday tveBlng
at 8 o'clock, in Selkirk Hall.
Visiting hrother. cordially la-
TlUd.     W. POTTRDFF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K of R. S.
done if we wish to save both
and ornamental  trees.
Revelstoke, March 17th, 1916.
Most of our dairy farmers are nc-
CUStomed to hear ol milk "testing"
fo much, either high or low, understanding thereby that lt contains a
certain percentage ot (at. What is not
quite so clear to thc majority ia the
fact that milk varies considerably in
the test, or content ol tat, trom day
to day, and from month to month.
This applies to mixed herd milk and
more particularly to milk from single
Th.iB, if milk is valued according to
Rb fat content, it is evidently of extreme importance to every dairy
farmer to know what, the milk does
test; further, he needs to know, whether selling cream or pooling milk il
Spot's milk tests 2.6 or 4.8; il Uh'R-
som's milk tests 3.1 or h.2 per ccnt.
ot fat. In one herd where six samples of milk from each cow were tested ench month, It was found that
three cows averaged only 1.8, 2.8 and
2.7 per cent, of fat for the whole
year. Do your cowa give real milk
or only a skim milk variety? You
need quality as well as quantity; arc
yon getting t>oth? Cow tenting ls necessary for your peace of mind.
It's pood policy to think of the future
It's si ill better Doll yto provide again v
ihe ndsfortun t il may have in stun
for you, TRe raresl way of protecting
yourself and i milly is a
with .. reliable eom>pany, Th" high
fiiiiiii. ..".I stai ding and long buiini»M
career of the Kootenay Agenda
iiiii.!'.. I* absolutely trustworthy
Your time mav be near at hand
Don'l delay,   Take oul a policy now.
A. K. Kincaid. Manager.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular MMtuigs are beld la
N'ew Masonic Hall on the Fomrth
Monday In each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren ar» cordially
C. R. SKENE, W.  M.
ROBT.   GORDON,  Stsrstary
Kaslo's     rftent   attack of measles
»as responsible for two deaths. ,
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers Direct Importers
Our Goods are GOOD
Our Prices logical and within reason
See us before placing your orders
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday rrenlnf la
Selkirk HaU at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
Revelstoke I/kI^-p
No. 1066
Meets every second
and Fo i»tli Tuesday
iii   Smythe's    Hall.
Visiting Brethren are onrdialfy invited.      ALLAN K. EYKK, Die.
11. L. HAUG. 8^
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialise in
Metallic Callings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Connaught Ave.
KEVELSTOKE      -       .    B.C.
Pbone 066
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads (*>AGM£ FOLMB
T.   Abriel   of
In Revelritoke.
Nakusp ^jicnt Monday
Watch     for the "Sign ol the Maple
.Leal" early in May.
H.  D.
Young of Nelson spent
n  Revelstoke.
P. H. Pearse of Nelson was in   the
city on Monday.
E. G. White of Ottawa was at   the
Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday.
Mrs.  0.  W.  Kipp  will  receive  Wednesday and not again this season.
C. Longhurst ol Nelson was at the
Hotel RevelBtoke on Tuesday.
A. G. Douglas of Seattle registered
at the King Kdward on Tuesday.
C. Rea of Edmonton registered
the Hotel Revelstoke on Tuesday.
Vi.      II.    Doaaldson of    Arrowhead.
■spent Tuesday in RevelBtoke.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Sharpe of Trail  paid
Revelstoke a visit on Thursday.
J. H. Hoyle of Queens Bay was
the Hotel Revelstoke on Monday.
W. B. Hurd of Montreal registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Friday.
W. Watts of Pentictou was a guest
at the King Edward hotel on Sunday.
Queen Mine
Rich in Lead
his chances ol recovery are slight.
The aim of the Red Cross is to get
thc wounded into its hospitals aa
soon as possible, but to do this lt
requires an elaborate and expensive
organisation     as near the 'front      aa
Since the completion of the   wagoni
road several months ago     Irom     the ' possible.
Lead Queen mine, near Iirisco, in thc i    The real proof therefore tbat     the
Windermere district, to the railroad,' Rcd Cross is doing its duty is to be
three ears of medium grade ore, run
ning    e$i;.r> to the ton, have been ship
E. H. Slater of Chilliwack was   at
the King Edward hotel ou Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. IM  II
Irienels in  Revelstoke
\.tui;tin  visited
.11 Wednesday.
A.  F.  McCarthy  ol  Rons  I'eak
visitor  to  Revelstoke   Thurs-
R. H
The L.
ing their
A. to B. of R. T. are hold-
annual dance     on     Easter
Mr, and Mrs. G
registered at the
Myers ol Enderby,
Kim;  Kdward  Sun
ed at t
ped to Trail smelter.
Reports from this property indicate
it. to be u very rich one aud a   mine
that may be reckoned with aB among
j the big shippers of high grade ores in
J.   P. Forde, Dominion government | Kootenay-Boundary within the     near
engineer of Nelson spent Friday     in  future.   Last week a strike of several
feet of clean, high grade, steel galena
waa rc|>ortcd as having been n.ade in
11 the north drift,  which it is estimated
Grlndrod * Kamloops register- gUMt   at the King Edward hotel onjw.,. ^ ^ t_ m ^ ^     ^
Jamieson of Victoria was   a
at the Hotel Revelstoke Tues-' Kevelstoke
A.     TerBush ot Sherbrookc whb
King   Kdward  hotel  Thurs-
\SCd nesday
three shipments, which constitute the
found, not in terriblo conditions of
Buttering, but in a perfectly functioning system of relief work which re-
deces suffering to a minimum. It is
the comfort, not the agony of the
woundod which iB tho best test of
Red Cross value.
Dr. Herbert Bruce, the well known
Toronto surgeon who has been on ac-
tivo service in France, has stated
that our Canadian Red Cross is famous beyond all other Red Cross societies for its sympathetic  treatment
Household Furniture Today-
Sale commencing 2 p.m. No reserve*.
Goods comprise as follows' New
iron and braBs mounted beds, springs
and mattresses, dressers, parlor, extension and kitchen, pedestal and
bedroom tables, sanitary couch, baby
buggies and carriages and host ol
other useful household effects too
numerous to mention.
W. PARRY,  Auctioneer.
Phone 356 Box 3U
K    tt
J.  I),
n..- i iv
J. D.
Province •>! s.in Francisco rest   the   Hotel   Revelstoke yes-
Maboney ol Bear (Meek regis-
at the  King Edward on Wed-
Lleut. Col-     Boulthee
was     In   Revelstoke on
..f Vancouver
business Sun-
, of     its patients.    So that even     the
A. M. Peterson of Cranbrook ™m ^output to.thesmelter since the I Enf_Ush anfl tho Frellch woun(icd express a wiah to bc tnken to a Oana-
was a guest nt the
n Tuesday.
Williams  nf  Kelowna waB
at   the   Hotel  Revelstoke
Mrs. A. Fraser of Trail was a guest
at the King Kdward hotel on Tuesday.
E. II. Adams of Glacier registered
at the King Kdward hotel on Wed-
i f.-sday.
G. Gillespie and E. Drysdale of Van-
l)r. T. II. Taylor accompanied by
Mrs. Taylor and family left for the
Old Country on Wednesday.
In the sixteen years during which I
have held command 1 have never issued a counter-order.—Napoleon.
The board of trade figures for Feb-
Mrs. J. C. Conolck of Great Falls,
was a guest at the Hotel Revelstoke
on Thursday.
Mr. '.'nil Mrs. T. Campbell of Victoria registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday.
Hotel Revelstoke I completion of the wagon road, have
consisted ol medium grade ores only.
These shipments having been n.ade
only with the greatest dilliculty owing to weather conditions, thc snowfalls having been exceedingly neavy
and slides frerjuent.
It is expected that before the spring
thaws make the road impassable >for
hauling ore, a number of large shlp-
I ments will be made, "as there are
ruary in London show that imports about three hundred tons on the
couver were guests at the Hotel Rev-' increased £2,11(7,009, and exports in- dump and in bins awaiting shipment
elstoke on Thursday. creased £110,158,000. Although imports  and the work of taking out ore is go-
H B>. Dempster ot Nelson is spend-'01 food -an(1 raw material generally i lng steadily forward. Work is atpre-
ing a few days in town a guest at j show an ta«ease, wool decreased £21- Bent being done on two tunnels, the
the Hotel Revelstoke. HGOfidb,     and non-dutiable food    and | main tunnel having been driven for a
drink £1,'01>0,000.   The increase in ex- f distance of nearly 200 feet,  with   rleb
ports was mostly in manufactured ar- j showings     nil the way, while on the
FOR SALE—Horse, wagon, cutter,
and harness. $100.00 takes tho lot-
W.  Carry,  auctioneer.
WANTED—Roomers and boarders
Rates (36,SO and uji. Apply Mrs-
Kennedy, 21 First St., East.
dian hospital.
This kind of Red Cross service for
which Canada has won an enviable
reputation, is only possible with perfect equipment and with generous
contributions from the Canadian public.
WANTED—To rent, small furnished
modern house. Apply by letter to
Box CM, Mail-Herald.
A meeting of the Revelstoke   Lawn
Tennis     Club will be held in the city  tides,  of which cotton textiles show- ■ lower level, about 2O0O feet below the
Mr.     and   Mrs.  F.  W.  Lammers
Chase were guests at the Hotel Rev
elst,,ke on Monday.
I         ;  	
hall on Thursday at S p.m. Jed an increase of £2,500,000, wool £1- .upper workings, a distance of 1911'feet
° | 1250,000, and metal manufactures £2,-
Miss M.  Crump of Nanaimo, is nay-
Mr. A. Mclean . .f Regina was vis-
Itlng Mr. and Mrs. .1. NM Jenkins,
Third street, this week.
Harold Gordon ot the 54th battalion
bas been promoted to corporal at
Folkestone and J. Lawrence is now a
Lieut. G, 11. Brock has returned
Irom Victoria and is ut iiresent at
Otter camp, Field, relieving Lieut.
Richardson who has been appointed to
th-   172nd battalion.
Thos. Purvis, formerly exjiress messenger on the K. V'.Ry. line with his
headquarters in Merritt. was here tor
a couple of days this week shaking
hands with friends before going to
his home In New Westminster. Mr.
Purvis expect* to bc attested for service overseas. He has recently been cess.
making his headquarters at Revel- were
stoke.—Merritt Herald.
iug an extended  visit to  her parents
Mr. and Mrs. IM H. Crump.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Crehan of Vancouver were in Revelstoke on Friday.
Mr. Crehan is a member of the auditing firm of Crehan, Martin & Co.
Among the guests ae the King Ed-
i ward    hotel   on Wednesday were Mr.
and Mrs. J. RatcliSe of Medara,-Man.
and     Miss Mary DeWltt of Mapinkin,
Lieut. C. W. Gordon has passed his
examination for a captaincy at Victoria and has been appointed to A.
company ol 172nd battalion now being raised at Kan.loops under Major
The report of the finance committte
of thc Revelstoke branch of the Canadian Patriotic fund shows a total
subscription for the current year of,
$9,985. This may be considered creditable,    when
the only lines  of activity  at present T
., , ,, „„      T7.„,„„  ; aril reported all over the property
are    the operations of Messrs. Foley,  "
has been readied with high grade ore
on the face of the drift and it i? reported that there is every indication
of a hie ore body at depth.
Reports from tbe property indicate
thai it. is exceedingly rich in inc.'li'.' n
and     high     grade ore, With Ih.. 'i'gii
Some attempt has been made In
Canada to produce glue from fish
waste, but hitherto it has usually
been found that production involves
too aiueb technical knowledge nnd too
many highly paid ollicers. That fish
glue, however, can be manufactured in
Canada at a profit is clear from thc
success of the Russia glue works at
Gloucester. These glue works were
started by two men, Bome ytars ago;
they bought fish skins and fish heads
and have manufactured glue and fertilizer and such a success has their
venture lien that the company which
they organised has become very prosperous.   The     works    are now about
FOR SALE—Six room furnished
dwelling with one hundred foot
frontage, large and small fruit, on
Douglns street. Price $1200.00. H„
N. Coursier.
LARGE STUMPS COMPLETELY destroyed by our new chemical process
at the cost of a few cents. Little
lnbor required and no explosives)
used. Write Ideal Stump Destroyei-
Co., IM Broadway East, Vancouver, B. O.
WANTED—Any one wishing to store
a piano for the use of it, in a good
reliable home where it will have
the best of care, WTite Box K.,
Mail-Herald office.
it is remembered that|Kra,,c    *TCaU? Predominating.      ,!lrh ten times the extent they were a lew
outcroppings    and     surface rhowiors
Welch and Stewart, in prosecuting' the
' work of the Rogers Pass tunnel, and
! thc regular operations df the Canadian Pacific railway. The committee
are to be congratulated on the splcn-
' did results.
jvein     heine    traceable on the surfore
for several thousand feet.
On Thursday Rev. F. H. Russell ot
Rasalpura,  India,  will  be in the city,
and in the evening will deliver an il-
lustrati i     address on India, in     the
Thc tea held  under the auspices   ol  Presbyterian eburch.   Mr.  Russell has
the     Ladies     Aid     of the Methodist a     number     of    slides which will be1
church on March  1 was a decided sue-  shown during the address.   The meet-
The   culinary and  apron tables  in: will begin at B o'clock.   In the af-;
well    patronised, the proceeiis ten ior      I        10'Mrs. Russell    will
mounting   to  $52.   During  the alter-   _pc,M i ' .   In  the church,     She
noon a  delight
■f the  Incorporation  under vn.d umU,r tho airection of Mrs.(Fleet-   Ufe in  India.   The public are invited
The members of the aid extend to both these meetings.
their gratitude to the genial hostess, _	
Mrs.    Murray  Hume,   wn.,  bad placed
her home at their service.
Musk-Ox Pelts
Highly Esteemed
years ago and they cannot adequately Bupply the demand for their product—a demnud created by the excellence (tf the glue There la quite an
opening with regard to fieh glue products. Canadian fishermen waste an
enormous amount, of material, which
would produce fish glue, on the banks
and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence fish-
cries, and the amount jier annumn
would startle anybody. The fish
waste is now simply dumped into the
A  number of en juiries have been re-
both beautiful and ceived  concerning quantity  of hay in
Musk-oxcD are not  plentiful,  stacks  of different   si/.es.   It   is      im-
the companies ..ct of the following
companies is given in the Provincial
Gazette: D, J. O'Brien Locging Company. Limited, capital $'.5,009, head
it Vancouver; G. Herbert Shaw
Limited,  tailors, capital  $10,000, head Mi \       A,         I                 ist  year
office at Vancouver; Humboldt Secur- was maj                                           the
ties   I imited, real es'gte agents, cap- city am!             sti          I   I      i.oftus
M"    10, head office at Vancouver; hoti >"a     large
faeinaw Canning Company.  Limited.
. apltal     '  ■'    bead office at Vancouver;    .-'        •     Sui prise Mining i
: any, "aj.it     > "    iO   head office     at
(id     M  •     ■      Under    the
Skies,    featuring     Mary
Robes made from the skins of must,
oxen are vcry valuable. As tbc musk
ox inhabits high latitudes, it has a
coat capable of withstanding cold. At
tbe base of its long, flowing hair is a
thick coat of wool, thus making a
pelt which is
a was reod-  has an Interesting story to tell of her and aB they inhal)it tbo desolate bar-1 possible to give any rule that will bc
ren lands of the north, the supply Is at all accurate as allowances must be
very limited made for the time the bay has   been
The musk ox is rot difficult to kill settling and the kind of grass.     The
as it is not dangerous and does     not usual method is to determine the ap-
seek safety in flight.   II hunted   with: proximate height and width and   the
dogs,  the herd will stand at bay   as , length of the stack and In this   way
with  wolves, jiresenting  an  invincible find     th' number of cubic feet.     The
R. iM tailor for tress-  front     of horns to their animal foes, 'number of cubic feet in  a  ton  varies
man  fi irned     for     the  but    an easy mark for thc man with | from    +00    to  500, depending on thej
pprine tra'i i-'tm.   As a result,  musk-ox     robes  kind    of     hay,  its degree of ripeness!
promise to berime as rare as buffalo  when     cut,     the height, of thc stack, |
robes today. | ftc.   For timothy ond clover hay     in j
The question of the protection     oil moderate size stacks about 500 cubic
musk-oxen  is au  important one,     in  feet     is     required to make a ton of
view   of     their diminishing numbers, | well     settled hay.  .Prairie hay     and f
■   with whicli they may be shot slough hay are somewhat heavier and j
i,  an.l  the high market value of     their from 400 to 500 cubic feet will   make
If It is not to be completely a     ton.   Tbe     United States depart-1
exterminated,     the  Dominion  govern-  ment  of agriculture gives the follow-
men'     must    do as it hns done with , leg     method of determining the num-
the Buffalo, n-imely, provide a reserve   ber of cubic feet in a hay stack: Mill-
Two New
in the
Ladies    attention—You can rent   a
aner by the day from   thai
re Co.
tenay district, next o-.. and is at
■    -     '
Flat Tone
.labaBtine, |
    $8 00
AIbo with R. R.  Lens $10.00
These instruments are tho
best values offered for the
Put up ln metal cases and
hnving auto time scales.
Fuller    beloved     Id
the story by Loi
who j.lays the M    !
the Blrtl ! tl
lAY   ' '■. • . Maud
i se
did i il ■■■• r  Mi ■•■-'■ i prod
Lo with ''er ice
Sll Ford.
tl ->r
Ij   ivlth Bfllle 1
■ ' th    .'  ; irts.   Tl
ken Toy with Vlolel   M   ■<    au,     2
irts      Uti versa
war    news    from Bi -. ind   Pi aj]   vv
tion be
: t, Mr.     fl
ent  H   Prs
I ,osier
Treaa.,     0      W
W. If
■Weir   W.ti.1 3. C,
Roi •
,J   Lightburne,  John
BIT— Place your firs!
-esents only old     and  ,
within which musk-oxen will be abso- tiply the overthrow (tho distance
lately protected nt all times. Such   a
would serve to maintain     a
ia     herd,     from which the surrounding country could be restocked.
en   important Item
■ lothing supply of the
'  to our north-
llvi   in  a country
  l ggard '.f her re
of polia to see that thej  are not de
I    OUI    weal
dd   te,  their  luxuries
bad  12
feet, from the ground on one side of
the stnek over the stack to the
ground on the other side, by ,81, and
then by the length nnd by thc width.
Tbis is probably a little more accurate than to try to determine the av-
erage height and width.
Russia    and   Serbia. Most exciting r,.  Ashburner,  J   Dedoeanco,  H
wnr  weekly yet. |.At„,   ,,,     r*    -,■_ ,_,,,._     Tohn   Fa.
THURSDAY—The Bxplorera  witb Lou  Richard  Pau   tl Norwood
i ranbrook     t:     ■
Trail'P  assessed   valein^or,  fo'
The town has less thar,
$38,000 Indebtedness
Value of the
Fire Insurance [""J
...lil.' and old
Red Cross
Tellpgan I parts.
COMTNG—The new adventure* of Tpr-
rence    O'Rourke    Wnrr'-n   Kerr,ran,
ti parts.
Pighet I'raser.
Mark    Phillips,      J    (Tendrirko. fl.  A.
Hall,    ,T. Stew     I   B   Sutton,     KM
r,   Sutherland, o   w   Besne
dirt .
T^13~,V^'    Manitoba'   Alberta,   P.   E.   Island.   New-
_Y_WMl\,    JL       foundland, Nova Scotia (bar Halifax)
Two-thirds dry    Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick
I"?" Prohibition Wins
The StatCH to thc South of um arc  Dry
British   Columbia
the   bar   will   be
When B.C. votes
snowed under.
Don't Waste Your Vote.   -% |
l/'iiiiiiii.eii  Rxpress Money Ordei
Nkxt   to   Post   Office
I. i« nn diffli alt I., estimate the
I true vain- ol the Red dross uh It m
to appraise the iraluc ol any commuo
Ity ol inii/lic hygiene and sanitation,
Still, *« know the terriblo ravages ol
plagues «nd diseases In tlmM i>aHt,
and e    disposed  to deny   that
the '■"nt ol public hygiene returns   a
valuahle  profit   m  rtineuHe  Immunity. I
Similarly    the    ralue    of the He.i
Cross     consists fully as much  in  thej
"M'eto • it prevents a« in. tho misery
It actually allcvintpg.
The terrible wiirenngs of Herhla In
the flrnt yi>«r of the war illustrated j
the value of an cMiclcnt Rod f'roHn.
Serbia t,rliirT.jihnntly resisted tho first
Austrian Invasion, but. decimated by j
disease Coupled with lack of Red
HroHB supplies, foil an easy prey to
lhe nete Invasion.
If     lhe   soldier romnina days sitar
lil« wound without medical nttwitlon.
Accident Insurance [01d8!ittfw^]
Life Insurance pSSitSfja?]
Notary Public       Revelstoke       Real Estate
Pump Bows
20c pair
Pump Straps
30c pair
Slipper Trees
50c pair
Shoe Buckles, $1.25 pair
Bunion Protectors, 50c each
Heel   Tread,   better   than   rubber   heels,   worn
inside the shoe, removes jar in walking. 50c pr.
cTWcRAE SHOE STORE. Howson Block
Phone 117
Sandali, Strap Slipper*, Ac


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