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The Mail Herald Mar 25, 1916

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 V >
Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation eentre between Calgary
and the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published weekly-Read
hy   everyone—The     recognised
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23   No. 14
$.-5.50 Per Year
Dominion    Producing    Ninety
PerCent of World's Nickel -
May Control Zinc
VICTOR!Ar-The extension of the
government elevator facilities at Vancouver  to   relieve    the  congestion    in
Opposition Has Nothing to Offer—Hon. Thomas Taylor
Would Not Deprive Settler of Wage
A   defence  hy Hon. Thomas Taylor   even    now
Minister of Public  Works against ac- | .1S-,3CO,000,
thc debt  was only some
which  was  less than  half
the movement of wheat eastward was'cusations of party patronage in roadI the  bonded Indebtedness of the     city
advocated 1-y Hon. Lome Campbell,
Minister ol Mines, who delivered his
lirst ministerial address in tho legislature this afternoon.. He hciiev-
led that the Dominion government
Bhould enlarge the storage capacity
of the elevator so that the future
greut crops west of a middle line   in
Unveiling   of   Honor   Roll
Seventy-one Names-impressive Service
Sunday night was an historic occasion in the Methodist church in connection With the unveiling ol the
roll of honor ol those enlisted in the
mm ii
Scores Liberals for Blue Ruin Policy Sperd Their
Time Debouncing Covernmes.t at.tf Knocking Financial Credit of Province—have Not Announced
construction and a witty attack on of Vancouver. service of kin^ and country. The
the members of the "hyphenated op-j "The different railway projects have cnurch was crowded to the doors all
position" hy Mr, K. I,. Carter Col "v" passed upon on two different oc- available seats being used. The sen-
ton,     Richmond,     preceded the vote   casions, In  I  and L912, It has   re- ice opened with the favourite    hymn,
this afternoon. j .ultcd  m the 1.ml.line ol the C.N.P.R. 'Sun  ol my  soul,'   followed  by  prayer
The veteran legislator from Vancou-   and the Kettle Valley, approximately by the pastor,   After an anthem    by
ver  incidentally  announced     that this    1000  miles,  the  [ormer  without     any the choir,  .Major Crehan  ol  Vancouv
night     he     his
Saskatchewan     could      be
through  Uritish Columbia
province, and  its railways ben
the movement. .'-'
Mr. Campbell announced that the
Dominion government was considering a proposal for a copper bounty
for Uritish Columbia, which would
place this province in control of the
copper as well as the zinc output o!
Canada. At present the Dominion
was producing about 30 per cent of
the lead c. nsumed in munitions manufactured In Canada, practically all
this percentage coming from .iiitish
Columbia.Unless the pro/in.e increased its production it wis -. ttest-on,
in the minister's mind, if the munition contracts jjow 'n baud in the
cast could be completed.
Thc minister claimed t!. ir il
position      continued ;      c.
again ' the credil ot the province it
ivould interfere with British Colum
ina- woi .ef providing metals for
munitions ol war. The Liberal cries
of pessimism, he feared, would prevent th'. Introduction of capital     rie-
bandled hoUB0 a1"1"""1'
1000  miles,  the  fot mer  without
last session  in the ' cost up  t,.  the  present and the later
heen asked to , at a total outlay bj  the province   ot
X   wo constituen-   -M-" ,0 ".  or about $3800 a mile and
ming general elec-  standing the company an expenditure
.r„-„u. of  more than  $16,000,000."
Mr.     Parker Williams, leader ol the ,,
opposition,   repeated   his  attack      on
the government.
"Objection     has been strongly urged     against the Bystem of patronage
which it. is claimed is very much     in '
ivid'nee     in connection with     public
School Board
Hold Meeting
works,"   said  Mr.  Taylor.   "In  reply
to    this     I    w iu] I say  that
buildings even  to the smallei scl
are built, by contract,  thi   tender   invariably   going to the lowest provi
The regular meeting of the school
board was held on Tuesday night all
the meml prs being present,
A. Ker.iward asked the board to explain  the letting  of the tenders
er. read the lesson from Isa. 10: L2-23
A solo by Prank Paulding, accompanied by Mrs, Pleetham, and a duet
by Mr, and .Mrs. T. Pagdin, preceded
the singing of Watt's hymn, Ml God
our help in ages liast
sermon and a duet by Mesdames
Dent and Squarebriggs came the un-
veiling and reading at the Roll of
Honor by Captain Sawyer, the congregation standing to attention. Another duet, 'When the roll is called
up y.nder,' was sung by Messri .
Paulding and Pagdin, the audience
joining in the chorus, and then all
sang the closing hymn 'Stand >ip for
lesus.'   After     the   benediction     the
the ■ p-
(Special to the Mall-Herald)
VICTORIA—Any    assertions   whicli
the     Liberal workers may bave
that Premier Bowser was [atlin
physically  and   politically   must    have
been        rudely        SQOCked       when the
Provincial       Conservative       Lt a I i
made        his    lirst      extended      spi   i
of the session In the House,  Premier
Bowser spoke [or ..ver au hour deal
lng    with the polit leal Is tues
Lave    been used  by  the Liberals during     the     past   two months for the
Following the  manufacture ol so much political capital.   The premier was in   good voici
and   showed no signs ol tatlgue.     A
large     crowd   sat in the gallery and
heard Hon. Mr. Bowser Bcore the Liberal party for its blue ruin policy.
One of the flrst topics taken up by
the Speaker was the retirement
the Premiership ol Sir Richard Mc
Bride. There were a great many unkind remarks to the effect that be
had forced Sir Richard out of office,
Those who knew former Premier McBride, however, would realise that it
would take a .'.reater man than himself, said the speaker, to force the
present     Agent-general to leave
cessarv    for    the extension of mining  '» f°r the Purpose ol  building     their
tor choir   rendered Homeland, and before
(ial    contracting Arm,   It road work school   supplies.   The    secretary     ex- dispersing  all  united  In  singing   (Mid
I.--,     not done by contract, tb., re     are plained  that there were .; tenders re- Save the King.
many good reasons whj  It canrot be. ceived    and     in each casi   the lowest     The     background   ol    the platform
In  the ijuestion    if  : ntenance     of aid.ler     on any article  received     the was     filled  with tines ol   the     allies.
roads, it would be almost Impossible tender.   The samples had beer, exam- tastefully     draped and arranged    by
to     follow   a systei         contract!)   . by the scl                             the Mesdames VV, Bews and C. B. Hume,
end    in  new work   It   ivould  be very principle,   a  largi   saving was   made with the help ol C. K. Llndmark, On  made up his mind to go to London,
. bjectionable unless it  could  I     c I      su]     i    tl      ye ir.  Mr.     Ken- mi                     irge Canadiai                                bition     being te, take grt
fined to local anas, but I am     sure          bad heard criti-, the Belgiui and on the otl    strides lo  the  Imperial  politics,  l'i"-
struggling  settlements   ivould  strong- cism on the Btreet but considered the er    the    tricolor ot La Belle France,   mler Bov ier declared  thai   I
ly object to having contractors come contract     id      ei   lei   sitl          view These wen   supported by thi              *' uo man ol bis age In the Bmpire   bo
thej ild that  I am in a dying
cn,Mil ie.n, but I can tell then   tieat L
.,■      eithei   n> ing  phj ■      ir pol-
.   would
prohablj I   week,
and night beld   to
get it s earlj .prii ' as
pi B
will I
M. , • , eai' :•  on the bus-
the country. No obstacles
would '    '        ... ;. p B
Ait - tbe
but If tl 1 bl
: ■ ..   s ilarl      b 3
rks     t.i ar:      d thai   would
be   a  nt il tei       tween  the  op] n
Mid     th.   .-, t, i -.    Al er supi ly     waa
the 1 •■
ci.  1st,
■   I
M.I    of
government  in Canada. Premie. I   iw-
Me showi i   i   any member ol the
....    ■ ent at
trs Bell  would  be  the  Brsl n to use
p.   it Ion.   As    a    mattei ol facl. for
tlu   past two years Sir Richard   bad
itrontr I on.
from office.   Using an inter1
tly close relatioi
ship     exist I ■
end     the
and smelting facilities in the province.
Mr. Campbell took advantage of his
first ^'ee-. cli in the house this year to
deny the charge Incorporated ir. the
opposition amendment to the resolution    n  the King's speech. He     was
roads, and withdrawing themselves
[rom the vicinity with the procei Is,
uius depriving many ,-. settler of a
considerable wage which he looks'to -
ward to [or his        '       ';ce.
' nd was perlectly sat- Bit Moni Japan per., that   the leaders     ol
Isfled. \  I , .. Ped the pulpit and imperial thought  In  London as     Sli   •'        '
\     lettei  was read Irom the B.   O,  another Union Jack . tichard.   With  ex-premler  McBride afi '
i    • asking   t, eii     of Ho re- her     representatlvi   thi
ard te,   become     members.   A* moved showi drap- therefore
(hi     fee n ts $25.1 ' the board decided ed at the top.   Flowers were in tront tunlty.
ministration,     have nothing to offer.
there                  if stating that  the coal Would thej   do                             system
miners    Btrike on  Vancouver     Island of patronage.     Methlnks not, judging
"was brought ahout  by an American lv past    history.   W<  hav       en othei
mine  manager,   who,  unable  to  make  Kovll I  under  Liberal  rule and this
thc property  pay,  took that  method province under  the same rub' [i
ering it  up."   What he actually ly and we can surely remember   that
: was that he was "ofthe opln- ".ir   friends    opposite,   or th
Ion tl if  it  was manipulated from the which they represent are past masters
Unit. 1  States side ol the  line."
British  Columbi i
"However    orai   I posits   m tl it    owing    to    the   finances they iking a very     pretty     Premier Bowser gave some Inter, ri
this, as in   .ll  .ither r - ol   ad- ivould not  job r.   The letter blending.   The     thinks   ol thi  board n:,g   details regarding the recent con-
riled, iri " ■      ed to .'.! wh.i'kindly loaned   [erence with tbe opposition o-.it con;
No     othei     matters ol Importance thc     dags and contributed materials tentious measures.   He told the bouse
ere discussed. and work. thnt Mr. Brewster had at that   time
In bis .-■"!:. n,  talcing  for  bis twt demanded    that Agricultural   Credits
I-a.  10:23 ane!  l  Cor.  II    13,  the pas-  matter he laid  over for this set
toi  said   • We all want ,. worthy view apparently Mr.  Brewster's Idea being
of     life, and a worthy view Is based that in thc event ,.f winning at   • -
n tie' • on that men are    not tion, he would be able I
b, but living agents,  rhe pre
sun  Btruggle going on was the c,.n
page I
Contractor Protests
Court of
Revision Meets:
Tlio Minister read an article by-
Prank Farrington, one of thc miners'
officials at the time of the strike, to
Buppe ' •  bis statement.
In dealing with the government's
railway policy, said Mr. Campbell it
was necessary t,, take into consideration the immense grain crop ol     the
in the science."
The    minisl  I hi   forth  statis
tics     to    pr     ■   what had been done
; the la; s  to encour-
.   e     the development   il the natural
of thi  co ntry. Practically
since 1909, when the  ! nt     of
Public     Woi Btabllshed     the
speaker     b i I   occ  • I d  the portfolio.
of the Brsl  ci nsideratlona
The court   of   ' ■ .s  held   in
the   city   hall last night.   Tbere were
appeals but the assessment stands
in every case.
The    may..'    addressed tbe meeting,
tating  that  although the assessment
ci rn ,.f  the :  would   I
Ine   • trend ol things,    Men
talk as if then   were no mor,,:   pur-
■  w.,rid, but any power   or
combination ol powers that     tloute.l ,,f
led      in      the     house     this
the  at the :• I  Mr. M   A.
thirty-six  appointments contemplated aid,  with respect to tbi   e
by this act.   "For the period  ol tet-  di     thc new  wing  ol  the  pa
ting    thirty-six Jobs lor the hangers   buildings by of
on of th" Liberal party, and Mr, McDonald ov Wilson, tails •
Brewster has hundreds ol them te.- any ammunition whkh tl
lay,"  said the premier,  "tbe  leadet  tion   might m.ri at thi
the opposition would make
,as high pr is equally assess- the Mm*atV< :""' «u««>e* ~A« '""t   farmers wall foi  their ,
prairie     provinces,     of   which up to Ono ol the Brsl   considerations     was
date only 5Djer cent, had ben mov- transportation  by     agon  I
ed   out.   Transportation and si..rage this   reaped  no less than -'T.t'i.i  0
facilities in the prairies and at     tho had  been expended    Public  buildings
head of the lakes were coi cid including   ichools rei an   ex-
the solution waa to ship a large part 1 endlture    ol    ovei    J7,5
of thi  grain, which last year totalled bridges,    wharves ai M.720,-
t,ver    700     I bushels, westward     via  000—a grand total In six years ol o\
British Columbia. ; "'   Wa.552.0 '■   "•
The     Grand   Trim!;  Pacific railway wagon road and EO00 mile
passed  through a  wealthy  wheatbelt,  hid been cither built or brought    up ,
end   at  the earliest possible moment   to standard, i ts from other
this   railway   should he connected up countries told them that the
with Vancouver.   Had the proper fac- rial road systt Burps
ilities   been   Installed     at Vancouver • untaii
this vear be believed there would al- BUILMNqS PERMANENT
ready  have  heen some  westward   tlo.v      "Many  of our buildings and  hridg-
of grain.   Mr. T.  I). Oaven ol  ('ran- es are ol a i> > ire, and   In
brook  told ol the advantages ol the some    ol our Bisters provinces would
government's     ralway     policy. Hon.  be shown a<   in asset In the
beet, and I can     . sson    why
this    system   si ould not
hen," . ml In i d the minister. ! Ie re*
fi rred I    the ni ■■■   i■■ build
ing at  Vancouver, the new wing    of
| the    parliament buildings and     other
ipposltlon attacks thecred-.structures, the cost "f which    might
j be included Mi the asset side ol    the
' provincial ledger. Such a plan would
Thoi as     Taylor,    Minister .* Public
Wot        Minister ot Railways,  Minister of Education ami Provincial Bee
retnry,  will continue the debate     on
the King's speech tomorrow.
"If the
it of the province the mining and  reductions   companies will find it, diffl-
ed. The money had been spent and
interest and sinking lund bad to be
met. The assessments were made
when tin.es were good and tbc good
time* had  departed temporarily. This
year the estimates  had  been  rut      as
low as possible and tho council aimed    to    reduce the tax  2\  or 2 mills.
He considered the taxis a  load     and
ibe court was meeting to handle   the
",   business to the best of  its ability.
A.    R. Kincaid appeared represent
ing clients and F. Laing appeared  on
behalf  of  J.  Devine.   A.  P.  Levesque
eased lor appeared on his own behalf and stated    that  fi acres of his Innd was as
Bessed     for   Sl-Wl    nnd    15   ncres at
j.I'Ki't,      and  that  he rnnsidired     that
the assessment of the LS acres should
be broui'bt down to the same value
as thc 9 acres. Thc court decide.1,
that the assessment stands.
under consideration pinna [or the establishment of a nickel roflnerj
There      was  no  reason  why  British
Columbia should not i,,  placed In rc
lallvelv   Ibe   same   position   with       f6-
(Continued on Pago Five)
their   heaviest artlllerj on 'he finnn-
'ii ition. it should be remembered, the n lni«ter liointed out. thnt
when s.i  Richard McBride first   took
the province had In eurrenf revenue    ,f_,iMl<).,'.e> and outstanding lia
bilities  of  |12,B10,000,  Ten  years later   will  attend  the  big dance at Tuft   tO  ''
the   revenue reached H2,5in.nnfl while|night. '
the The period covered   by the
dence is from Jul;,
the   • ■   . Instincts ol mankind would     i  maj I   it  is tht      I        i sent date,   m*' ml all that il
fall.   The eni was determined, wheth- ,,f    the government to proceed   under that Mr. W. s. McDonald, .
er the struggle was [or long oi shorl   this    act without  d'day.   On account led the ,    ■     I I I
Canada    had   gone Into the Btruggle 0I the war we are unable to get the bid by In order t
with a free mind, and from this com- amount   of     not'.ey we would desire, an America!, competitor.
munity   Hundreds hid gone  forth,  am-   but   we ate now calling tor tenders for      Writing   to  ex-premier   McBr   le  last
ong  them  those  In   Whose  honor    'the   one million dollars which we Wlll     be September   the   Vancouver  e
service   was    being    held.   Saul the „•,,,,.   i rrow, 1 am Informed,     at who has band < of
preacher,     "We are solemnised, bum- less    than six pel  cem, andean li   '•  aa
Med,    but iMatefni and proud "    He to tbe farmers from thirty to thirty- cn file, complained that hi had to cut
then went on to emphasise the stim- B(X vear-, at 1 per bis nrici - it tbe li
ulus to higher ideals that  had   come     Dealing    with   the   financial   tltua- of thi t and then In
out of the struggle, rescuing us from tion the premier ; to
ourselves,    Ladles    wire  Interesting show     that In the fl nded   by   t
themselves In Btrangers as much    as March 81st   1915, the        rnment 1
if thej  were their own sous and lu.. retraced    over   a million an to glvi
tilers.    We were recallod to sacrifice, from    assessment* for exl
to the losl  "i.'ai ,,f discipline, to the \t    to   say, it had rdlj
fact   that we were brothers and sis t|,.,t     amount the total fairlj   treat rt.   He told th   ■
ters, and were reminded again ol   the estimated     at     the beglni r that hi ....
twin requlremmt  of leadership    ami year.   He pointed oul I al  Mi   Q nej
loyalty.   The   call was t,, shake    ..it Pter was only twelvi t     mit.
lukewi ness and ths apologetic   at- his statement  about the a .;    •   i
tit ide In religious life, and quil     us ,,(,1  to the P.O.E .   . refei    '
like men.   The Honor Roll was a per .,  half mill
petual reminder ..f the call to   duly, ,,,, "Agricultural Pi iducts." Hi Die Inti
and tl.e rrw Impulse would result   in w|,;,t net Mt    Brst   ter's policy    on D thai
the    making Christianity more    real shipbuilding,    agricultural    aid,   re- •;
ind pe' pelllng, turned    soldloi ' aid and the Pacific   irder 1
(Bpecial to the Mall-Herald) Seventy-one    names appear on iba Qreat Bo fai the Llbt ore,   no  pi
I'llRKK  VALLEY,  11. ( .,  March   li honor roll,  a  number  ,,f  Whom   have had  not    announced     any      pi   "
what,'., ■  Ill •
nouncing the government n itei
Corp.   .nderson, ii . Pte. Anderson,  ing    thi fin   ■        radii of the prov- ,,,.-   thai    I I
c.,nr.i.i. pte   Anderson, Morris,    Pte. ince. • McDon-
Ashton. Ce... a., rt,', Archibald,     ,i I   "The    Independent    votei     al this t ol   hi
B„ etc. Bennett, n. wm, Pte.   Boyle, n,,,,. |g   i       iflected bj political i
Allen. Pte. Boyle, John (killed in ac   velatlons In othei  provlni n I inference    od
ti..in, Pte, Bruce, Chas., Pte,    Mark ed  Pfemlei   Bowser, "and the pesopl • of t!
in n. c. think thai    possibly
may be lomethlng rotten In tht il >' :       The
ol     Denmark    as fai i i\
cerned, thai is one of the parentl: ring I     »t this
i why an opposition was     t . , A out and
turned   nt   tht     "• ',t    i '.•'■■    ' [thai
cords "I i1 •'.'. v • .. . ,     oi
■I .■ the opposition evi :••.,, edge receipt
tV    tO   delve    int.e    the    pUbl   I       i' e A
[|   the LU eral ■ do not fin l ti,e.
ruptlon thej a (reely  H . Mu.   win*
us    with we will  iei   I •' '■••   ■ oi  thi   izpendll
when thc r. neral election comes. Imately an! SXtl I
The opposition followers have been   ■■. ither n I
shcddlnc    crocodile   tears about me, A<rnre
The News From
Three Valley
cult  to secure the capital they  need,   increase the assetB hy ovei   15,000,000 —A.    B,  Miller,  ius|icctor ot schools, already     made the supreme sacrifice
nnd which will  be most profitably in-l    The n.inister s|>oke ot the j.'..     .'  " visited    thc school here during     tbo  The names are as follows:
vested  in developing the large ore re-! expenditure  on  surveys to aid  settle- week.
serves of thc country," he said. 'This    nent,  to the demonstrations  and en-      Mlrh   Margaret Wilson   returned   to
capital   |a necessary if the country  Is i Couragement      given  to develop agri- her     work in Revelstoke alter several
to supply the munition factories with  culture  and bortieult'jre,  neither     of w«ekH spent at her bome.
the  raw  material  required tor      their  Which had been attended  to up to    a      Mra.   S.   B.  Houston  and  Miss  Mil-
work     of providing shells foi  the em- few years ago.   The agricultural pro- drcd Mowat visited friends in Ucvcl-
pire's armies. Miction    cf the province within    tho Rtokc Saturday. IRobert,    Pte. Cook, David B.,    Pte
The minister pointed oul thai there last six years represented the    hintc    ]Kaae Morgan and son Harold were Oook,    M.    J.,    Pte, Oook, n. Pte,
was     no reason  why Canada,  if     it"  '"'•,l   "'   ,ri' 00,000,    Mr.   Taylor  re- |r, Revelstoko  Saturday. ' Craig, .1..  Pte, Crandon, Joeeph, Pte
nlneral     resources    were developed, lerred to the absence of criticism    by    mtb. Andrew Wilson was a business nrelghtoi,   fohn Owen, Bergt,   Puck,
Should   not,'oven  after   the  war,    con     the      members    of   the    ippOSltlon   on visitor  to  Revelstoke recently. |a. fl.,  Bergt,   DavlOS,   W.   Pte,  He'."
iroi    the -/.inr industry ,,f ihe world, the    expenditures ol the government     Mn>. w. s. Stewart and    daughter.owen,    Pte, Brneat, \ . Pte, Baton,
Alreadv     the Dominion produced     BO educational  pin   ■■-    tlSO       nl- Virginia visited a  few days in Oralg-jJud, Pte. Frishy, W, Pte. Klockhnrl.   tbe purpose of  InV    '
per     cent,  of lhe nickel  of  tbe  world,   though      the    opposition  had directed Hlarhie      recently  the  guests  of      the    I,,J,n.    pte, I'Mnbiycon,  S.  II.,      Corp
,,n,i    tiic    Dominion government bad|their   heaviest   ,rtiiierv on the finnn- RcV. Oeo, l.arder anl family and ..tb
er friends.
Qrenfell,   T., Sen-i. (table, Pte Howson, JoS.,  Hit"    Hunt,  Cecil   I'te, Hnl-
Miss  Christine  WllBOn  of ReVelstOKS   rin,   \.   w.,   Pte,   llimna,   Qeo.,      I'te.
;,nt   the  week   . nd  wit)   lei    pat cuts i Harris.      Allen,  I'te.  Humphrey, Will-
here. | iam.    i'te. Leonard, O, n.. (died    of
A   number  of  Three   Valley      people   lever).    Corp.   Mav.  0.,  Pte,   Maxwell,
(Continued on page 5)
SATURDAY, MAiRCH 25, 1916.
Zbc fl&afUibevalfc
Published every Saturday at
RBVKL8TOK-.,   I!    ('
cJVL ii' Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
F.  E. QXGOT,  Manager and    Editor.
S \Tri;lt\V, MARCH 25, 1916.
AlthoiiL'h there is a reduction in the
last  few  years  in  the  number of  people     killed and  injured from trespaBS
ing ee,, tlie western  railways the num
ber  ,.f  accidents at   present  are     too
numerous    hi   the   last   seven    months
there bave  b.-'-a ■'-' persons killed and  I
24 Injured on the western lines.
Tbe railway Companies are again
call '..■ attention to the great danger
thc public court especially those who
use the railway tracks as short cuts
Please pay your
Subscription to
the Canadian Patriotic Fund to
the Molsons Bank
R. Gordon
them    as '''common  trucksters."     We
are at a loss to see the connection.
Thc Review says that the Mull-
Herald stejijicd out of its sphere of
usefulness of moulding public ojiinioa
We have never hoard of a man, woman or child much less of a contemporary mention thnt the junk hashed
u|) by the Review for its readers tended to mold ''public opinion"
bonest and decent administration.
There are marly things which this
I rovfnee    should     try to escape, and
I "A nttle nonsense now and then
Is relished hy the hest of men,"
is a true saying, but the coarse allusions and clumsy attempts at humor
of the editor of the local liberal organ are only productive of disgust
and are a blot on the escutcheon of a
i "ble profession. We bad thought
the "l-atanswill" type of journalism
bad died under tha lash of Dickens'
the     colonial     editor of the London
'"rimes."   who  visited  Dawson    when
Parent* are especially  warned to keep "no is the introduction of the kind of
their    childre I the tracks.     But H"'"<'  life and offlclal  conduct exhib"
warnings are soon forgotten. ^"i Ul ,llP Vuku» * decade »nd a "*"
Two years ago a campaign   against
.  i             ,     ,!,,,.„.. ""'  world  learned  something  of    it
trespassing was taker up by the press "6
,.      „„         •,       i f,',:'" the letters of Miss Flora Shnw
with    splendid  results.   The railroads ul ""°D rlu'» nnaw,
themselves  have  taken many  steps to
prevent  trespassing but the task     ol ^^^^^^
per* lading the public is very difficult "" °fflclal "niftpr' P^derer and pui,-
Prosecutions     appear to  have no ef- "C °PPressor held «Bh carnival there
.   _                   .• .    l . i l         .,           i ^e   know  something  of  the  character
feet  and are distasteful  to railway of- *         lm-  <-uaracier
flcJal8i "r ,h0 administration of that district
A  prominent  railway otlicial   states ,r"m th° ChnV"es made  "y  Sir Charl-
that now when the companies are do- M     Mli,l"'rt     Tupper in. his place in
ing their utmost to conform with the Parllam™t gainst  "F.  0.  Wade,  the
"Satety-flrst" slogan by the install* "'""'"  Pr°s«»tor, clerk of the court,
tion   of  automatic  appliances  design- reB'strar  and  acting  Dominion  lands
ed to obviate the human element    ol agent in th" Y,lkon-"
carelessness in the operation of trains '"le    law  I,r«vlded  that  '"no regis-
BUCh as block signal  systems and ap- tTnr '"' e!rrk  in ar,y  Iand  title office
plianees     which automatically     stop 8h'""(i advise *or any fee or reward,
trains    when  signals are  disregarded, "F otherwla*. "Pon titles of land, nor
the time ba* come when people     not Fh""M he Carry on or transact with-
connected    with the railroads   should
24 injured in seven months.
the land titles office any business
in the interests of public salcty take "r "ccnnnli™ whatever, other than
measures to prevent such needless dutIes •'F such rec'strar or clerk."
accidents as result, in 22 deaths   and   Sir     ('h"rlcs Hibbert Tupper charged
in     the most formal and solemn way,
and     oflered  to prove, before a commission e,f judges:
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\M "That   Mr.   Wade   actively   practiced
The equanimity of the  local  liberal  bis profession ..f the law In the   said
Dews  distorter  is  verj   easily  disturb-   districl   while  holding  the official  posed.   The Mall-Herald Publishing Com-   tion aforesaid.
pany, Ltd., as printers and publish- "That the acting Dominion lands
tra have obtained part ol the school agent, registrar, clerk of the curt
loard contract for supplies ln    opt Town prosecutor, has accepted
competition. Why this treads on the retainers, fees - rei ineration to
corns of the Review we cannot     sc. M.r procuring, oi attempt-
They must   know that   th<   stationery   ing    or promising to procure, grants
trade is more closely allied to     tbe -er    titles or possess!
printing trade than ANY OTHER. Is.
The K, view  states tl   ■   •       echo il ■   "     n . ,    , ...
hoard claims a savinj • irda    I posit
1200 ", but doubts that I ■'■■■.
the school board i item. teresti
they     w:il    probably substantiate
lut why th. • Review     The .    •.   .  .
is so disturbed in its ce to the 1
Muil- Herald     Is hard
The Mail-Hera! I put tender   I ■■■   *
supplies  md  ■.-.•• ■-.-..
of the order,   Wl r the on thi
part ,,f the Revii Review  :
forgt' to ti nd.
Last yenr the school hoard divided
the contract for supplies between two
local firms. On at least one of the
tenders the school board paid
the hill for Ritpidios direct to the <
wholesale house and paid thc freight
direct to the O.P.R. It is stated that
a local firm made a profit of nearly
"C per cent, net without making any
outlay of capital whatever. Why the
saving this year?
The "lithographic cut" episode has
evidently touched our contemporary
in a sore place judging from the frothy expostulations and dictionary definitions it has "liberally" jumbled
together to mislead its readers.
In order that our readers may   en-
joy   the shuffle our esteemed is mak- •
ing    we reprint their cut (e) original t
remark.   "In  looking over the files of
the  Mail-Herald   which  contained   the
time worn  lithographic cut of   Hon.
Thos. Taylor." Tbe Review strenuously endeavors to convince its readers that because a lithograph may be
n print therefore thc cut is lithographed.
As thc Review will not tell tbe!
truth and thereby admit its ignor-
ance, we must reluctantly state that
(1) the cut, in question is NOT a lith-j
..graphic cut ; (2) and, as we said
hefore the .Mail-Herald CANNOT
print a lithographic cut neither can
our contemporary.
During     the     recent electoral cam-
pait'ti     at  least two Liberal speakers
overstepped the bounds of decency in
ferences  to  tbe  Lieutenant  Governor.
rhesi   speakers  were  Dr.  McKay      of
Vancouver, and  John  Oliver of     tbe
Tne     former    at least should
nave known better, and tbe latter as j
lie  man  and ex-lcader     ot I
ter, but     for j
•izan   !»Hlini:  to    run
cltb  I ..-ment.  The
a post-
■   -
I    this kind, but ii
- iggest, especially in j
es, that it
' •    • ■    - -...ike
haractei      il
-    •
which have arrived
since the Fire will
be sold . . .
They will be displayed
TODAY. Everything
must go. Price no
McRae Mercan
Company, Limited
th     t I -Terer.ee
Real '
with     eacl
ii I   :•
■    ■ ■     ■
not    i t, but H
K-. ■
ment havi
thini- • •    ' ■   er Vul
■ iple .,;
. the subject    ot
i    .
.   .
. . j.
i •  ,
A ill  •
under I
ly I 'ood n puhl
',.,:   ■ ■ ' mir.
Thc li vi! ■ in ari.. le In Iti Is I
Issue red rs te, local .-tatloners ns
"legltin .te d. alen .<! further on
m the none fronzlcd manuoi rcfe™ to|    Briggt   trustees,
the ral
r       ,
'  lin"l,   BOARD
("han. M   field   w   \   sturdy
Trlmbli       \     K   Kenward   w
tomohrgws services
r McKensle Ave.
Pastor, Rev.   J. 0,
sei »lces      i.ow
..Mihh   it 1 a        ind     High MeiHs   at
:,/      Bunday
Iron   o   .' ,'i |. tn.,
isary at 7 80 p.m.,
fees it to 6 and 7:30
iy   nn i ning   7:30
'■' iss evei y morn
'  I as      before
Mass    First   .        ■•■•    Mass at  h a
Bei idlcl IB eHiny at   7:30
in mil
day at
.   d month at
rnlng pi .        •       a. m.
'   1,30 p. tn    Sunday
pi clal  i    rers
MOTH   e '    i  i HOROH
i lng at 11   i m.. the
'will discuss the question of Ootnpen-
satlon in relation to l'rohihition.
The  I'Miipn       I In ,,tie has secured for
an  early showing this     now     famous
Nurse Cavcll romance, which ie> con
ulb ;, big reputation, baVllUg
heen BhoWO in all the large cities
with greal success, ami tbe thousands whe, Rt>e tins picture wlll understand through this iilm the great
Sacrifice  Mil"  noble  lady  made  lor her
, ountry,   Date, April 7th.
frontage, large and small fruit, on
Douglas street. Price $1200.00. H.
N. Coursier.
LOST—Gold wrist watcb. Reward if
returned to Mrs. T. Kilpatrick or
Mail-Herald offlcc.
TOR   BALE- Horse,   wagon,   cutter,
and harn»sfl.   $100.00 takes tho   lot.
w. Parry, auctioneer,
WANTED-To rent, nmnll furniflbed
modern house. Apply by letter to
Box 0., Mail-Herald.
'''   ••' the   Missionary: FOR     SALE—Six     room     furnished
|       tl venlng at 7.80 p. m I    dwelling    with     one   hundred foot
TURKEY BOGS for sale—Mammoth
Bronze, domesticated stock. Orders
filled in rotation. Apply to Mrs. J-
D. Sibbald, P. O. Box 1S5, Revelstoke.
i —        *
FOR BALE—Wee    MacQregor,   Prim
Taker and Uncle Sam seed potatoes
for Bale. Picked specimens, $3.00
per hundred; unpicked, $2.00 per
hundred. Apply to II. M. McKinnon.
WANTED—Miss Sarah Caillot want.a
Hewing by day or hy hour. Llv-en
one door north of  Mail-Herald.
LARGE) STUMPS COMPLETELY destroyed hy our new chemical proceei
at the cost of a few cents. Little
labor required and no explosives
used. Write Ideal Stump DeBtroyer
fo., ICO Broadway East, Vancouver, B. 0. SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1916.
Notes from the cTVIines
J. M. Wel'lB has a crew working on
the Cordillera group at Usk. Thia is
a gold property and it looks almost
good enough to high grade.
Newton W. Emmons, a min ng engineer in Vancouver advocates a customs zinc refinery in B. C. He says
that though it requires 25,000 tonH of
000 to $r.00,000 a year. It iB hoped
that the further developmerjt of the
mine will warrant the considerable
extention of the plant ere long. The
mine should he producing bullion by
October next.—Oir.cnica Herald.
stock waB again placed on a dividend
baBis in 1912, when 4 per cent. was
paid. The same rate was maintained
in 1913, but an ir.crease to 8 per cent,
was put into effect in 1914.
Alice    Arm
tracting a lot
mining   district is at-
of attention  and it is
ore to make a refinery successful that t predicted that a good sized and live-
tbe ore iB in the province and would ly little town will spring into exist-
be    forthcoming if the reficery     was | ence    there   this spring.   The    Dolly
A number of empties were spotted
at Rettallack this week to receive
ore from the Bell mine, and as soon
as the road is re-opened, cars will he
sent out regularly. The ore will go
to Oklahoma. The Bell has thc indications of becoming a noted, high-
grade zinc producer, and some claim
that it will become a second Inter-
Varden    property iB the chief attraction and it is said that 250 men will
Prof.    Odium in the course of      an
address to the Vancouver Chamber of
Inlet mine on Princess | be employed there this summer. Con- M,neg recently|  stated that ,rom 1894
British Columbia hnd contributed  no
less    than    31 per cent, of the total
Royal Island is becoming one of
tho big mines in B. C. It is being
ojierated under option by the Tonopah Belmont Development of Nevada
who have spent already $150,000 an
development work and paid in $150,-
000 on the bond. The mine shows i orised capital
general gold valueB of $7 to $9 per
ton on all mineralised quartz.
Plans are now being prepared for a
mill to treat 250 tons a day to start
■with. This means a gold production
of about $'3,000 a day, or from $5(H),-
tractora are also tendering on 3
wharf and an 18 mile railway.—Omen-
ica Herald.
The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada hns an autb-
of $7,500,000, ol which
$5,805,300 is outstanding. The dividend rate at the present time is 'ten
per cent, per annum. In 1907 thc
company paid S per cent., but nothing was distributed to the shareholders    in  1908,  1909, 1910 or 1911.     The
Manufacturers and
Repairers of
Try cur highest grade
Stump Stockings & Webbings
Clalf hlock south of   Fiic Station No. 1)
Phone M3999
Write for Booklet Satisfaction Guaranteed
Government and Railway Manufacturers
Try a Mail-Herald
minerul production of thc Dominion
of Canada. He estimated that over
12,000 men were employed in mining
and allied industries in the province,
and drew attention to the exportation irom Uritish Columbia ol large
quantities of gold by Chinese, who
worked abandoned placer claims.
The first of the year Cordon Mc-
Olennan and Fred Brewer took a trip
; to the Bablne district for tbe pur- ■
pose dl bringing out some antimony
ore. The weather became so intensely cold that they had to turn back.
Tbey arc now to make another trip.
The ore Is a high grade and thc Dominion authorities buy it at the railway.
McClennan's property is about 30
miles from town but this is the nearest point on the railway.
Antimony is another metal 'tat
greatly advanced in price owing to
demands for war purposes. Its principle use in war material is to harden
lead bullets used in shrapnel. During
the war the price advanced Irom 18c
to 55c a pound for the best brands,
and from 10c. to 39c. for the ordinary
brands of antimony.
Antimony  usually  occurs  in  nature
as stibnite, the sulphide of antimony,
and     is a common mineral in British
Columbia,  occurring  association  with
; lead and zinc ores.   It does not how-
lever,  as a rule,  occur in large quantities,     but attempts are now   being
, made in a few places to sort it    out
from its    associated    minerals.     Two
cars of antimony ore are reported   to
have been Bhlpped from the Slocan to
Scotland.   It carried from 50    to     55
ipcr cent, antimony.—Omenica Hcraldt
Tho incorporation of tbe Hudson's
Bay Zinc Company, Limited, with a
Capital of $5.C'0"e,t:O0 is announced     in
:this week's provincial Gazette.     The
company, the bead office ol which will
j be at Salmo, contemplates among its ■
objects     thc     purchase from   Messrs. '
I Maurice     W.     Bacon and William  B.
ICulltn,     jr.,     of options to purchase
fourteen  mineral claims ln thc Koot-
Ienay mining division covering the H.
B.,     Leadville,     Zincton     and other
How Britain Enlisted Soldiers For the
Conflict Willi Napoleon.
"Your King and Country need you"
ls the call to-day. In the days of the
Najioleonic wars they had the same
call to make to the manhood of Britain, but the recruiting ollicer spoke
in a different styli. We reproduce
below two proclamations which were
issued when "the Little Corporal"
was on the war-path:
Wanted, a number of bold, aspiring Yorkshire Lads to serve as Gentlemen Soldiers In His Majesty's 85th,
or Young Bucks, Regiment of Infantry; whose hearts beat high at the
sound of the Drum, aud who have an
inclination above servile employment.
Let them repair with the spirit ol
their nation to their countryman,
Capt. Kirby, where they will enter Into present Pay und good Quarters.
Now is the Time, my Lads, step
forth, the War will soon bo over!
Consider your advantages, to be then
Free ln any Town in His Majfcsty'a
Dominions, together with your Wives
and Children, enjoy the pleasures of
Military Life, only perhaps for a few
mouths. Consider, uiy Bucks. What
a liberal Bounty you'll receive merely to go on a Party of Pleasure! ! !
God Save the King.
Huzza!  Huzza!  Huzza!
Lincolnshire Heroes having always
been remarkable for zealously Supporting their KING and COUNTRY,
they are now presented with a glorious and never-returning Opjiortunlty
of distinguishing .hemselves in tbe
Loyal  Lincolnshire
Commanded by
Now stationed at the flourishing City
of Lincoln. Let all those who delight
in the honourable profession of Arms
and disdain the Drudgery of Servitude, repair without loss of time to
at his Rendezvous, tbe Black Swan,
Newark, where they may exchange
tbeir whips und smocks for Laced
Coats and Silver HUted Swords.
Spirited Lads of Size, Character,
and Qualilications may acquit themselves of all women laboring witb
child and young children, and enter
into the direct road to Honour and
Upwards of Forty Sergeants and
Corporals ar.' yet wanted to complete
tbe Regiment.
N.B.—Recruits who Inlist tbeir
comrades shall receive Two GuineaB
(And Damn the Enemy.)
Huns in  Wellington's  Time.
London  Spectator:   By  many
ruthless manner in which war is being waged by the German armies ls
attributed to a moral degeneracy
brought about by the teachings of
Teitschke, Nietzsche and Bernhardi,
claims, also to carry on the business   and the   'blood and iron" doctrine of
Bismarck.    Reflecting upon this Idea,
of smeltinc and refining and all other
things pertinent to a mining company
The capital is divided into one mil-
ion  shares.
Other incorporations ot which notice is given in the Gazette are: Canadian Overseas Agencies, Limited ol
Victoria, commission agents; Harrison Cash Grocery Company, Limited,
ol Victoria: J. R. Morgan, Limited of
Prince Rupert; Northern Cedar Logging Company, Limited, of Vancouver.
The American Insurance Company
of Newark, N. J., and the West of
Scotland Insurance Company, Ltd.,
have ceased to carry on business in
the province, and their licenses havc
been withdrawn. Thc reduction in
capital trom $1,•000,000 to $500,000 of
the Northwest Trust Company, Limit-1
ed in announced.
I received something of a shock
whilst re-reading the other day Sir
Herbert MUxwell's "Life of Welling-
ton." The passage so Impressed me j
that I have thought some of your .
readers might care to have lt recalled
to them. Writing to his mother ln
August, 1807, Wellesley, after describing the operation against the
Danish army and th i failure proper-
ly to co-operate of the German contingent under Gen. von Linsingen, I
goes on to say: "I can, however, assure you that, from the General of
the Germans down to the smalleat j
drum boy in their legion, the earth
never groaned with such a set of
murdering, infamous villains." "They
murdered," he says further on, "robbed and Ill-treated the peasantry
wherever they went."   I am, sir,
R. Seymour-Hamsdale.
Belmont Villa, Dexter street, Derby.
Actors Are Helping.
Britain's actors are on the warpath.
In other words, they are doing all
they possibly can to help Lord Kitchener. Mr. Martin Harvey Is delivering Sunday evenln ; lectures on the
war, and the country's needs, In the
theatre of each town he visits—lectures which are proving a splendid
success In the way of rallying men
to the flag; while Mr. Seymour
Hleks, with his usual tremendous energy, produced ul the London Opera
House a splendid spectacular recruiting play called, "Kngland Expects—"
Columns might he written of Iho
manner ln which leading actors and
actresses In London nre "doing their
bit." MIsb Phyllis Dare haa within a
few daya aung at nine different concerts ln aid of the various relief
funds ln connection with the war
without receiving a single fee, which
muBt surely be a record for gratuitous performances In the cause of
Potters of Egypt.
Among native potters of Egypt the
same devices and the same methods
are In vogue that wore used tn the
time of Joseph, says Popular Mechanics. The shaft of thn potter's wheel
ls tipped at Hb lower end with an Iron
point which rests tn a socket in the
rock. Near the bottom of the shaft is
a large disk. Th< potter spina this
with his bare foot, while he molds the
pieces of pottory on the small disk at
the upper end of the shaft. For turning out good ware quickly and accurately all tbat ls needed are a Uttlo
water and a supply of the claylike
mud found close at band. After belnf
fashioned to the right shape the pottery ls baked for tare days tn a kiln
«%ade Of sun baked mud.
e.e«,e, ,(, ,„,,,,,.,.,.„,., ,.,,,,,.,,,,,.e,V„
FA1D-UI' CAPITAL. $7,000.00(1
ttsmmurc! Kin /.-.-;.? tsmmui ixvsmm
KBSKRVB FUND. J7.000.000
Imperial Bank
Pelci Hovrlind, Frelident.
K.ubli.hed 1875.
IM   Hn.  G.n.r.l Manner.
Drafts, Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. i
A.   B.   KUCLENECHAN,   M»n»g_r
v&s——v.——ii}—TLVLLm^^ .
A New Special  Lino of
Ladles' White Waists
White Muslin ar.d Voile  Waists,   prices
 $1.50, 1.90, and 2.75
LADIES' RIB COTTON VESTS, price?    20c anu 25c
Low Neck, Short cr No Sleeves
WOMEN'S COMBINATIONS, price _ 50c and 75c
Curtains,   Muslins,   Fancy   Colored  Borders   and   Plain
Scrims, price 15c to o5c
We are showing   in  our  Millinery  Department  a  nice
selection of Bats at Special Prices $4.C0 to 5.00
Fred Young & Co,
What's in a Name ?
Well, It just depends. Wher you hear ol Hobson's Bread
jrou naturally leel hungry. The crisp brown exterior and
the appetising white inside are both signs ol the good
floor we use and the care we take to bake lt just right.
Try lt lor yoursell—we do not tear the result.
Phone 41
Box 734
Union Hotel
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor ;
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
O R I F M "7" A I       Suitab,y furnished with the
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers
Direct Importers
Our Goods are GOOD
Our Prices logical and within reason
See us before placing your orders PAGE FOUR
SATURDAY, MAdlCH 25, 1916.
WW is Doing in tlie Province
It will require $18,000 to finance
Fernie schools this year.
At Coleman 141 men have already
enlisted for overseas service.
Blairmore trustees pay the board
■secretary-treasurer ?10 per month.
Cranbrook trustees have secured a
janitor for South Ward school at $26
a month.
At Fernie 55 families received aid
Irom the Patriotic Fund during February.
Not a BOlltary recruit was enrolled
at Cranbrook last week for the 225th
F.er Februarj Cranbrook'e fire department cost $255 and the police
force $310.
Towards the close epps were sellinp
at 36c. a dozen at Nelson's Saturday
A. E. Watts shipped a carload of
cattle from Cranbrook to Kastern
Canada last  week.
The Enterprise says practically all
the members of Blairmore Masonic
Lodge have enlisted.
Cranbrook is making an effort to
reorganise the city brass band.
Rossland'e total snowfall io now-
close to eleven feet, ond is still coming.
The medical health officer at Greenwood advises citizens to boil their
drinking water. i
Moyie Oddfellows lodge has gone
out of business. It has amalgamated
with thc Cranbrook lodge. ,
John M. Fink of Spokane will come
to Fort Steele as manager ol tbe
Fernic-Fort  Steele brewery.
Mayor Butler of Trail will draw a
salary of $300 this year. The aldermen are paid $5 per meeting.
The P. Burns Co., at Kaslo ls installing a swell cold storage jilnnt,
wnich includes an ice making machine
The new concentrator being erected
at tbe Continental mine at Port Hill
will handle 990 tons of ore daily.
Rossland merchants who use electric
signs are now compelled to keep them
lighted until ten o'clock each night.
|    Lieut.-Col.     Mackay     of   the 107th
p_  Kootenay regiment, Fernie, has   been
t0  authorised  to  raise  an  overseas battalion.
Over    50 recruits from Michel      and     The smelters at Trail,  Grand Forks
enrolled  at  the  latter  an<1     Greenwood  have all been incoa-
ivenienced  lately  owing to a shortage
of coke.
The Cranbrook brarch of the
Burns Co, is giving $20 a month
the Patriotic Fund.
Fernie    have
place with the 225th.
Although February
month the pay at the
was close to $117,000.
was    a Fhort
Trail smelter
For trivir.tr liquor to interdicts John
Williams af Trail was given two
months in Nelson jail.
In a hockey match, on which each
team bet $1,000. Trail beat Phoenix 7-
4, at Trail on Friday.
Trail's customs office business for
February i= 600 per cent, heavier than
tbe same month in 1915.
J. N. Libble has retired as rity
scavenger at Trail. $f>0 umonth is
not enough salary for him.
As compared with January the
Rossland School enrollment for February shows an increase of 2.
Rev. G. A. Hackney, who has been
pa^t ir ol Trail Presbyterian Church
for five years, hns resigned.
Grand Forks public scbool pupils
contributed on an average of a nickel
tach to the Patriotic Fund in February.   There are 375 scholars.
At Fernie the Red Cross workers
have no worries afioat finance. The
Amalgamated Patriotic Fund does all
thc collecting for work in connection
with tne war.
At Kaslo, gentlemen and others
who sell wood are compelled to take
out a business license. About six of
the town's merchants have paid up
their license fees to date.
Some 30 permits have been .ssucd
to date to the Creston Indians allowing them to shoot deer for their e,wn
needs all year round. With the exception of a few patriarchs the head of
.■very family now lias the necessary
license to supply his household with
Every province in the Dominion
ought to have as a cardinal feature
of school instruction increased attention to physical development of the
hoys and girls, and .especially military
training 'for the boys. The Australian compulsory training system applies to boys from 12 years up. In
Canada there has been a certain amount of attention given to company
drilling in the public schools, and attached to the militia is a fairly large
body of cadets from the collegiate institutes and the higher public school
classes. But only the larger cities
have adopted any degree of military
training in the schools, whereas the
need is for a state, system on the
Australian lines. The time has passed in Canada, we hope, when any but
cranks wlll decry military drill in the
schools. The high jiercentagc of j>hy-
i-ically unlit among those who apply
for enlistment points to the need for
more attention to the physical de-
pelopri.ent of boys while they are of
school age. Further, it iB desirable
to develop robustness of character in
our scbool boys. Assuredly tho hundreds of thousands of ex-soldiers Canada will have .after the war will throw
their influence toward systematic military drilling in the schools. If spectacle^ such as that at a hockey match
a few nights ago, when a crowd of
young "sports" refused to listen to
B recruiting officer, are to be avoided
the educating process must start in
early youth. If what we know now to
be the real test of citizenship)—that is
willingness to serve in a crisis—is to
be satisfied by the men af the future,
they must be prepared for it in the
bchooi period of their lives. The Australian system turns out junior cadets at a time when the moral and
physical nature is most plastic, and
the continuation of training in later
years ls chiefly of a confirmatory
type. "i
We have seen how the German educational system has been used to
build up national strength. The monstrous perversion of that educational
system to the ends of ruthless tyranny would not have been possible under popular government. We ought to
use our educational system to build
up stronger feelings of citizenship and
more stalwart British Canadianism.
Military training in the schools is one
Important means to that end.—Mail
&  Empire.
of sale contained in a certain Indent-'
ure    of Mortgage, which will be pro*'
duced at tbe time of sale, there will
be     offered   for esale on Monday, tbe
27th day of March, 1916, at the hour
of eleven o'clock in the foronoon     at
the     office of the Revelstoke General
Agencies Limited, First street, Revel- j
stoke, B. C, the following lands and
premises: Lots One (1) and two   (2),
in Block Three (3) subdivision of District Lot 3S4, Group One,   Kootenay
District,  British Columbia, as shown
on   plan     of   subdivision Arrowhead
Townsite plan No. 631.
On the property is a three     Btory,
frame hotel building.
For further particulars and     tcrraa
and conditions of sale apply to,
Barrister,     etc., First Street, Revelstoke,     B.     0.,     Solicitor for the
Dated     at Revelstoke, B. C, this 3th
day of March, 1916.
of the said Frank Ruzik, deceased,
and all parties having claims against
the said Frank Ruzik are required to
furnish same, properly verified, to me
on or before the Bth day of April, A..
D., 1916. And all parties indebted to
the said estate are required to pay
the amount of their _ndebtedne_is to
me forthwith.
Official  Administrator.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this   7th
day of March, 1916.
In the County Court of West Koot-
tenay, holden at Revelstoke, in the
matter of the estate of Angelo Conte,
deceased, and in the matter of tbe
"Administration  Act."
Take notice that by order of his
Honor Judge Forin, made the 14th
day of February, A.D., 1916, I was
appointed administrator of the estate of the said Angelo Conte, deceased, and all parties having claims
against the said Angelo Conte are
required to furnish same, properly
verified, to me on or before the 8th
day of April, A.D., 1916, and all parties indebted to the said estate are
required to pay the amount of their
indebtedness to me forthwith.
Official  Administrator.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this   7th
day of March, 1916.
It mowed in Nels..n tbis winter.
Since  1693  Kaslo has had  13  may-
Fresh eggs are 35c   ., dozen   i      et
Perry Leake came t>• Kevelstoke   29
years ago.
Gypsum     will  he mined at Granite
Creek t _..> y . I
O. Ovindsec wlll build .. UO •
tei at Alice Arm.
Tbe    smelter    at   S I     was
Mown in this month.
This   winter ...;• I Igl   ii '     ..r
paid f.er coyi '.•  skins.
Mrs.  Alex   Coutlee ol Mi
in Tai
Me •• .-  I'.,-. Ii    I Net   M    '•• ...,.-
;.,_•_    relative!       the ws
la Trail C Bassate *.,* Si.-,; 15.
|.,i peddling ■»::!   .•
K. C. Chapn e magistral
of Kaslo »»f m   \-. -■    .,; ..,-• meet
Price   Mrl'   na   '   *.'•■•'!   nt   Sauca.
and Bob I at 1 ■    each
Iln::'. Herfbl - '...it - A his Al
hotel, te, Charles cr* ••.- • \,.
i r.
Bs !•' A I four nl Igl ' • r, „t-.<I he
wiil if good t,, you provided h
Commercial zinc is now beir.r  I
.it  the  Trail   smelt.'!-.    Tht   plant   '  >Sl
a million dollars.
Bob  Clark,   the  well-known     Mock
man  ol  Nicola,  is importing pedigree
bulls Irom Elr.ra, Ontario.
The highest price paid the fishermen
at Prince Rupert this winter, lor halibut Was l; r.-nts a pound.
The snivel bars on the Tulameen
river will be worked for gold this
summer by many placer miners.
James Spiers of Kaslo is a remarkable man. He is "7 years old, hut
up to date he has only smoked one
cigar, and drank oue np ol beer since
lit wh Don. .     ,
The mayor  ;.f Trail  receive.- a sal'
ary of ?; . . ., year.
Pnn'-e Rupert hns decided In tavor
of cities electing their own police and
license commissioners.
At Sllverton Frank LoCasto has
jmt up a building, and is running a
store, barber shop and lunch        inter
The Trail smelter will bo • be mak-
m:     sulphuric     acid,    fr •
fumes.   Th.,-   .i id is now v
., toa.
K.     Mobhc        »        •.. ■     •-.
f   six cla
Poplar Creek    Tbe lead
silver and .•
Up to 1      Brs1    '  M   -
of  coj,: ...
the   Aberdi ...
".berg,   a -
limit ciiUide In  Rupe. but  '
He will
-• '
Wlll ■■ lid  the l
. -   • ■   ,     .
\ I
,   . . ■ .-
■       .
He     ex-
tier of Ni
.     '' |[<   .       ,t.  Kamloops.
•   ■ s i r-^'ii'.ari and pr spect
I s  hffi.re  he f'.und  I :.•
i iver  |7l     OO a  yar ls sen-.
to    mull    order houses in tbe
east   for ..n kinds of goods.   The. mer-
m that town should sell cheap
er. and  lo more adveerttstag,
In writing to Tb' Ledge,  from   the
'lid     Man's H,,it„\    -andy Stewart
i-ays     that 'here are 135  inmates in
lbs      If..ii■>•. Iiunr.g    the  fuel      vear
I John Fraser nl Cranbrook, Alei  Don
of Cariboo, H. B. Dougan, 40 Creek,
Mob MeCord, Trout Lake, Have McMillan, ciinton, Jin*, Cameron, Johnny f'arracher, fJohnnie Behind The
Deuce) and manv others died, and
crossed the big divide to that ether-
leal land where the angels nrf always
pushing clouds.
In the County Court of West Koot-
tenay, holden at Revelstoke, In the
matter of the estate of David John
Asplund, deceased, und in the matter
of the "Administration Act."
Take notice that by order of Hia
Honor Judge Forin, made the 25th
aay of February, A.D., 1916, I was
appointed administrator of the estate
of the said David John Asplund, de^
ceased, and all jiarties having claims
against the snid David John Asplund
are required to furnish same, properly verified, to me on or before the
8th of April, A.D., 1916. And all parties indebted to the said estate are
required to pay the amount of their
indebtedness to me forthwith.
Official  Administrator.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this   7th
day of March, 1916.
.~—rmi ___m
The next examination (or tbe entry
of naval cadets will bu held at the examination centres of the Civil Service Commission in May. 1916, successful candidates joining tho college on
or about thc 1st AuguBt. Applications for entry will be received up to
the 15th April by the Secretary, Civil Service Commission, Ottawa, from
whom blank entry forms can now be
Candidates for the examination ln
May next must be between the ages
of fourteen and sixteen on the 1st of
July, 1916.
Further details can bc obtained on
application to the undersigned.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department dt the Naval Service, Ottawa.  January Mth, 191",
Unauthorised publication of this   advertisement will not be paid for.—
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied tor
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which wi'l In
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty ahall bc paid on the merchantable i enl put of the mine at the
rate csf five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine ahall
furnish the Agent with sworn return*
accounting for the full .quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, each returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
Thc lease will include thc coal mining rights only, but the lMsee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
thn mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full Information application
should be made to the secretary of
the department of thc Interior,. .Ottawa, or to nny Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion I-ands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement wlll not be paid
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoha, Saskatchewan and Al
berta, the Yukon territory, the North
West territories and in a portion ol
tbc province of British Columbia,
may he leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental
of $1 an acre. Not more than 2,560
acres will be leaned to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
mnde by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the die-
trict in which the rightB applied for
are 9ltuated.
In surveyed territory the land must
It'ngood policy to think of the future
It's still better policy to provide against
the misfortunes it may have in Btoi-e
for you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is u
with a reliable company. Tbe high
linancial standing ami long buRinem
career of the Koctenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav lie near at hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
Don t comi lain about p-iin* in your back
wben thc • i     i.ui 1- tli
it  ;>  I     . aad  they do it  in  an rn-y
wr,.v " X f"in>j rigbt to the root af the
i- ,      -vt   a-M   the
he inflamed
- • offering,
feet, wi
- - world ut
pi... hey
.re   . - - _   ' e.     ■ orlj
IJ   a.   |TO<H   •!».'," •
r   e       ■ I   ■
" "' ii
National Drug St Chemical Co.
of   Canada,   Limited,   Toronto
Cranbrook     merchants ar» st
the   Ifaineaday half-holiday tbi
>(   M.rll
Trail's flre chief  tie,.  -,ad  his salary
raised Irom H20 to $2W. The (
Ing a brand  new tire hall
Wards off Nervous Break Dnrrti
Alburtis, Pa " 1 am s teacher m ths
public schools and I mrit into a very nervous run-down condition 1 e-oufd not
sleep and bad no appetite. 1 wss tired
all tne tint*. My sister sskesd mo in try
Vjnol. I did eso.snd within s week my appetite improved and I could sleep alt
night and now I fori well and strong."
Ron* M. Kr.u rr   Alburtis. Pe.
Ws effuaranW Vinol. our dsliriona cod
livsr and iron tonic, for all weakened
run-down .ronditions snd for chrome
coughs, colds and bronchitis-
I Walttir Rsws, Pniitglst, Revelatoke,
B. 0.
In tbe County Court ol West Koot-
tenay,  holden  at Revelstoke,  in    the
matter of the estate ot David Peters,
deceased, and   in   the   matter   of tbe
j "Administration Act."
Take notice that by order of Hia
Honor Judge Korin, made tbe 25th'
cay of February, A.D., 1D16, I was
appointed administrator of the estate
of the said David Peters, deceased,
and all parties having claims against
the said David I'eterB are required to
[urnlab same, properly verified, to me
i ,.r hefore the Sth day ot April, A.
D., 19DM And all parties indebted ta
trie said estate are required to pay
ri.n amount of their indebtedness     to
■ ■ fe.rthwith.
Official   Administrator.
Dated at  Revelstoke, B, 0,   thia  7th
day i.f March,  1916.
One of the best Investments you can make thia winter ia to
Buy a Pair of Skis
and build up your health.
We have them in Ash, Hickory   and Pine.   Call and look   tbem
We also cairy complete stock of MEN'S WKAR for city, mountains, mine or bush.
PURS BOUGHT at highest market prices.
fn the County Court ol Went Koot-
'••nay,  bolden  ,.t   FUvelstoks,  in   the
il tit  it Mike Btanlch,
■ I   in   thS   mat tei   of      the
: Inislration Act."
• i     •       that i.y order >.f    His I
Honor     Judge Porta, made the ^f.tb;
el.iv of Keiruary,  A.D ,  I3lf.,  f      was
t.-.i administrator ol the estate
ut    the    sai.i Mike Btanlch deceased,
.ir.'i all ','nTtirf having claims against
tbe said Mike stanlch are r<s<nu1red to
furnish     x.uiie,  properly verified,      to
ns on .,r belore tbe Sth Aay ..f April,
Ai.(>.,    1916, U'l all parties Indebted
to  tbe said istats are required     to
pay the amount oi tbeli Indsbtednesa
ta  ine forthwith.
Offlertal Administrator.
Dated &. Revelstoke, it. 0,, this  7th
day of March, l_l«.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 46-276 Night Phone 346
The Columbia Valley Lumber Co.,
at Golden, is shij.r.ir.g from 10 to If,
cars of lumber daily at present.
L-idcr and by tit tue of the [towers
In the f'oiinty Court ill Went Koot-
i.'nay, holden at. Revelatoke, in the
matter of the enta(e of Krank Rn/.lk,
'leeenseed, and in the matter of the
"Administration Act."
Take notice that by order of Ills
Honor .riulfso Korln, made the -Ifith
day nf February, A.I)., IMf, I rtaB
appointed administrator of tho estate
Does Blotter O
Advertising    PAY    ■
If you have ever   made   intelligent,   consistent   use  of  blotter^
theM iH "" I I '" <«<k you this <|u<istion.   You will know that
if aa iiMi.li thought la nlven to their preparation and distribution
hh in devoted to other forme of printed advertising, no publicity
method oan equal blotter!, either for economy or effectiveness.
If you have never made uae of blotters for advertising purposes
now is the time to Investigate their advantages.   The  blotter  is
Many ityles of blotting to suit every requirement! Suggestions,
estimates, and further particulars at your service.
Revelstoke «*$§&» cJMail-Herald SATURDAY, MAJtCH 25, 1916.
Many Spectators -Good Exhibition by Participants-
Prizes Presented
Final   Game   of   League   Between Dent Hause and
On Tuesday  night  the  great    game
volley  ball for tlie championship   greatly admired
1 Tbe     swimming gala at the Y.M.C
A. on Monday night was a great. Buc
■cess.   The program started   at   eight j
o'clock     with an exhibition of swimming    by    Arthur Bennett. The order
in   which    Mr, Bennett demonstrated
the different strokes iB tbe order     in
Which  these  strokes  should   be  learn- j
ed,  lirst the dog paddle,  then the beginners     crawl and then the distance,
crawl.   After that he gave an exbibi-1
tion     of several other strokes     and
then did a good  many fancy and  tlif-
Scull  teats in the water.
Tbe next item on the program was
the fancy diving by boyd ol the school
class, despite the fact tbat there are
very    poor arrangements  tor diving.
the boys .li.l wonderfully good 'work.
It  was  an   eye  opener  to  all  present.
A partial list of the .lives demonstrated is as follows: neat dive, racing
dive, wooden soldier dive, sailor dive,
back dive, swallow dive, butterfly
dive, 'front jack knife dive, back jack
knife dive, back forward dive, hand
stand dive, bullet dive, tlap jack dive,
front summersault, back siddown divt
and many others including some done
off of the swinging trnpese. Those tak
ing part in the diving were Lorne
Thompson, l.en Thompson, Rod Jenkins. Cecil McSorley, Bev. Kenward.
Jack McKinnon. Walter Hughes. In
every case each boy did every dive.
showing the splendid training and
bard practice they have had.
Following thc diving the high
school boys gave asplendid exhibition of the land and water drills used by the Royal Life Saving Society
of Kngland.   The land drill was snap- |
py and clean and in the water a fine 	
demonstration of how to use the pro- The weekly meeting was held on
per methods in rescuing drowning ' Wednesday, March 22nd, of the Red
persons. This concluded the exbihi- Cross society in tbe Y.M.C.A., witb
tion part of the program and it was the president, Mrs. Kilpatrick in the
followed by the races, etc. chair.   The    minutes were read     and
The     tirst     was   by  boys who bad  Jiassed and  goi .1  work  banded in fur
learned to swim this season, the win-  the current  week, the  following being
shield for 19Iti between the Dent house
and the Undertakers was played in
the Y. gym. In the last, game play-
id between the Dent house and the
Undertakers the former were victorious and tbey went on the door Tuesday night confident that they were
going to win.
The first game was perhaps the faster of the two. The Undertakers
Beemed a little nervous and this is
the reason laid 'lown by many that
the Dent house won hy the uneven
score of 21-14, The Undertakers at
times showed flashes ol the fire that
put all the other teams to the wall
In previous games but they couldn't
seem to get their force together, resulting in the shield going to the
Dent House.
The less s;ii.l about the Becond
game the' better. It was a walk over
for the Dent house, score .1-5. They
played a very steady game all the
way through and kept cool all the
This is the wiril up of the volley
ball league'for this year but doubtless there will lie many more good
gdii.es in which the Undertakers will
make a bid for top place. The inter-
ist in the same is great and no one
\. ishes to see it stop for a long time
the fund which she has so much at
heart. Together with ber daughter,
Mi* Madge Wilson, a dance was organised resulting in the handsome
sum of $23 being realised. Such whole
hearted endeavors as Mrs. Wilson has
shown in the past rellects the greatest credit on her and the Red Ctobs
society apjireciates her efforts to the
utmost. The rooms were prettily decorated with Shamrock emblematic ot
the "Patron Saint" and along with
the   other artistic decorations     were
Many Workers
For Red Cross
cer being Cerindis Defo and Dlgbic
Lei ub.
The balance of the competitions
were won in the following order  :
Plunge for distance—Lorn Thonip-
soo, 31 feet 3 inches; second, Earl
Donaldson, 30 feet 9 inches.
Twelve yards on the back—Ernest
McKinnon, S and two-fifth Beconds ;
second, Llraham Bruce, nine and two-
fifth seconds.
Recovering articles from the bottom
—Rod Jenkins, 20'; second, Lorn
Thompson, 17.
Two lengths, any stroke— Lorne
Thompson 14 seconds; second, Earl
Donaldson 15 seconds.
Distance swim under water—Rod
Jenkins, 108 feet; second Leci Thompson 72 feet.
Handicap race, 24 yards —Len
Thompson; second, Rod Jenkins.
Relay race between High school and
Public school—Won by public school
in 4S nn 4-5 seconds; second, Hi-rb
school, time, 49 4-5 seconds.
the list:
Mrs. Poote, Sr.. and Mrs. Pagdin,
10 pair socks each.
Mrs. Jollille, 3 pair sejeks.
Mrs. J. Boyle. Mrs. W, Me.rris left
at Y.M.C.A, two pair socks each.
Mrs. Adams. Mrs. Downs, Mrs.
Laidlaw (Gait), Mrs. W. Armstrong,
Mrs. Dickey, Mrs. Knox, Mrs. Tame,
Mrs. Corning, 1 pair socks eacb.
Mrs.  J. Boyle, 7 suits pyjamas
Mrs. T. J. Soames 3 suits pyjamas.
Mrs. Masson, 3 suits pyjamas
Mrs. Vi. Armstrong, 1 suit of pyjamas.
The above is all voluntary sewing.
Mrs. F. Soan.es cut out 12 suits dl
The work forwarded each week from
ser.     many     willlnc  workers  deserves
great jiraise and t.. all who so regdi-'
ly     give both their time and assist-l
ance the Red Cross society feels deeply indebted.
Mrs. T.  H.  Crump ha? donated
Liberals Hold
Annual Meeting
The am.nal meeting of the Revelstoke Liberal association was beld in
Smythe's  hall  on  Thursday  night.
Si>eeches were mad.' by Vi. A. Anstie, WM K. Smith, 11. Manning, 0.
Commerville, Vi. B. Karris and Dr.
W. H. Sutherland. During the even
ing vocal and Instrumental selections
were given by J. I.. Hay and Mr.
The ollicers elected were:
Hon. Pres.—Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
H. T. Brewster.
Hon. \ ice.  Pres.—M. A. Macdonald.
President—Dr, W. H. Sutherland.
1st   Vice Pres.—Vi. Tomlinson
2nd Vice Pres.—L. Patrick.
3rd  Vic  Pres.—WM  Donaldson.
Treasurer—S.   (..  Robbins.
Secretary—C, R. Macdonald.
The following were elected members
•f     the executive committee: S.     G.
Robbins,     K.  G.  McRae, A. Hobson,
WM Maxwell    Ken McLeod, A.     Cato,
J.   Crawford,  WM   H.   Horobin,   W. McCullough,     Geortre Matheson,     Oscar
Al rahamson,  J. B. McKenzie, G. McMahon,  H.   Morris,  Jas.  Stewart,   S.
McRae, Jr., J. Q. McKinnon, R. Donaldson, A. McRne, R. Caley, \'i. Tom-j
linson, S.  Sutherland, W.  Bell,   Rcrtj
Keeran, A.  McGregor, N. McLeod,  J.
McKinnon, H.  Mortimer, B.  A. Brad-J
ley, WM Miller, C. Crumpton, H. Cook i
M. Stortz, wm Bews. »   ft   Lawrence,
Pete Thibodeau, T. Russell, T. Roon-;
ey, R. Ballard, G. Clough, Dam Camp- I
bell, A. Conelly, C. Kipp, G. Knight,
W. Donaldson, F   Forrest, M. Crillin,
J. Rogers. H. Johnson, 0. McRae, J.'
Olm, Vi. A.  Anstie, J.  Jenkins, D. K. |
McPherson.   J.   Abrahamson,   A.   Kenward,     a. McCulloch, g. Kimoerley,
WM   J.  Dickey,  H.  Carlson.   D.   "-'cln
tosh. S. Halvorsen, A. McFadyen, 'J.
Laforme,     R.  R. Peterson,   C.  Clay,
Pete Sirianna,  J.  Carmichaei,   W.  E.
Smith, S, Moose, J. Nicholson, L. W.
Wood,   D.  Colurrh, W. B.  Robertson,
.1.  B. Ward. R. Miller, C. Oranstrom
W.  I.  Brisrs,   A. Coy,  J.  H.  Lee, R.
Rimlllard, WM  B. Farris, T.  J. O'Neil
J. Jacoiison, M. Creech, J. Daem, L.
0.     Masson,    J. Robinson, A. Bliik-
Three  resolutions  were  passed   Inr
ine the evening.
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We aim to give mixlmum
weir A. ni   i   n un prioe
PA1LI-TTEJ SILK with that
lovely, bright satin finish so
fashionable at. jiresent, a full yard
wide and am excellent range of
seasonable colors. "Hume's Famous     Silk, at jier yard  $1.00
yard wide, soft, glossy finish, the
kind that is made to wear. Much
in vogue foi dresses and suitH,
made ii|> of itself and in combin-
ati in with otber materials. Special, a ynrd  $1.50
Spring Goods
"Where did you come from baby
Out of the everywhere into here"
We have opened up a
"Baby's Ottif
all kind* of novelties and clothing',
for the "wee ones." You are welcome to look them over anytime.
Boys' Clothing for Real Boys
Our object has been for thc coming season to supply Revelstoke
boys with clothing that is up-to-
the-minute in style and workmanship and that will stand the
strain ot hard wear. We leel that
we have   accomplished     this     at
very     moderate    prices,  when we
put    in stock a full line of     the
famous     "Lion     Brand" clothing
for    boys.   Our sizes run  from 24
to   34  in both plain and    Norfolk
Prices run from  $5.00 to $9.50
wear and bold their
Prices 90c. to  $1.25 each.
Made by the famous W. G. & R.
firm', which is a guaranty of
workmanship and materials.
We have them now in blue stripes, pure white and black sateen.
C. B. Hume & Co.'s Sunbeam
Tea, Blue Label, best, 50 c. per
pound. Red Label, good, 40c. per
Choice Ceylon Tea, 8 pounds lor
C. B. Hume & Co.'s Mocha &
Java Cofiee, 50c., per pound.
Choice Coffee, 3 pounds $1.00
Cocoa in bulk,  40c.  per pound.
Great Bargains
in Odds and
Ends  of  China
Starting Friday morning,   Feb. 25
Hunt's Supreme Brand     Peaches,
per tin  30c
Hunt's  Supreme     Brand     Pears,
per tin  30c
Hunt's Supreme Brand Apricots,
per tin  30c
Hunt's Supreme Brand Cherries,
per tin  35c
Hunt's Staple Brand PeacheB,
per tin 25c
Hunt's Staple Brand Apricots,
per tin 25c
Hunt's Staple Brand Pears,
per tin,  25c
Hunt'B Staple Brand Cherries,
per tin  16c
could compete with Crow's Nest coal
produced at $2
Premier Bowser
(Continued  from  Pace One.)
Copper Bounty
(Continued from Page One)
i:ard to the retilng of zinc.
After referring to the improvement
in r.iininc conditions in thc Slocan,
and the improvement resulting from
tht introduction of reduction processes the minister remarked that   Oreat
first public exhibition that has   been kindness in helping on the good work ' Britain had called upon Canada     to
held  at  the YMM.C.A. swimming pool
•for     some time and proved a revcla- j
tion to those present.
Ribbon prizes were presented tothe tea cosy complete to the service of
winners in the different events. Tbe the society which will be raffled at a
presentations were mnde by Supt. J. date to be announced alone with oth-
M. McKay, who made a lew well cho- er cifts. Tn Mrs. Crump the Red
sen remarks at the close.   This is the   Cross gives its sircere thanks f. .r her
of the local branch.
From Mrs. J. L. Smith a donation
of i'2 was received with grateful
thanks lor her remembrance.
The    tea served by the Red     Cross
R. Behrendt, ladies tailor for Cressman * Co., has returned (or the
spring trade. Ladies have your suits
made early.
leged ground that the'government
went out of business at midnight on
March 14th. The premier reminded i
the Liberals that in their demand for I
immediate dissolution that day they:
had virtually declared their willing-'
ness to see the prohibition vote delay- I
ed indefinitely.
Premier     Bowser    warmly defended
the     financial     policy of tbc government    pointing out that at the time Lug.
the     last loan was made financial in-   tyre
terests had  stated  if the government
got a three year loan at 7 per cent.,
increase     its    gold output.   The only   il     w""'d    be    lucky, as a matter of
way this could be done was to   have tact " ten year loan was secured    at
all     gold and copper refined on     th'.s  6.39 per cent. The  premier showed   it
side    of tbe line.   He also spoke     ol  l'«d k*~ necessary for the province to
the Improvement in labor supply con-   been  necessary for the    province     to
ditions.   The    CroWa  Nasi   Collieries,  Morrow  money and deplete some     of
were more active     and  the assets of the country in order to
n  greater number   ol  build roads, schools and  bridges     in
while many the sjiarsely settled  province.   Never-
had  re    Ibeless,    the   per    capita then of the
wns     only    forty   dollars,
thai  of tbc city of Vaneou-
might    be taken along some common
basis.    Closinir he said, "In this stage
, of     our   provincial  history  we desire
.'optimism   not  pessimism.   Our   assets
are of such a nature that we sl.tuld
j not     fear for the people;  this is not
jthe     time for  post-mortems.      These
'pessimistic   speeches     of    the opposition     do no  good whatever to     tbe
conotry.   Let us have coursce t . face
the future and all will be well."
yieete every Wednesday •vealng
at s o'clock, in Selkirk HaU.
Visiting hrother» cordially invito. W. POTTKUFF, C. C.
»•        ,   R. GORDON, K of R. 8.
Historic Roll
(Continued from Page One.)
1).  H.,  Pte.  Maxwell,
Lngton,     John,     Pte
R-. Bug
W., Corp. Mill-
Morgan, John,
H.  V.,  Jr.,  Pte. Mcln-
McMahon, B., Pte. Mc
branch at Messrs. C. B. Hume __ Co'l
store     on  the millinery  opening day, particularly,
was a great Buccess, when the sum ol were employing
i'22     was realised idus $4 commission men  than for some time
on  flowers and  plants  sold.   To Mes- logging   camps on the coast
srs, C. B, Hum- .v iM,., many thanks sumed ..jieratlons, and thc cut during province
are    tendered  'or providing the     tea the coming summer promised to be .i   whereas
Ladies,  Attention—You can rent
Vacuum Cleaner by the day from
Sturdy Hardware Co.
Sherwin Williams' Flat Tone for
Interior Finish. Paints, Varnishes,
Granitine Floor Finish, Alabastine,
etc., at Bourno Bros. I
a used ami to the stall :•. general    I ir
the  their unfailing curtesy.   To Mr. Curtis, City Transfer, thanks are due ' i
hatilini:     the piano free and to     Mr.
Smythe lor the loan ol piano. To the
advance ,,f that     of   ' a  ver is $?0ft.0l) and of Victoria $280.00.
lorn: way   In
year    nr.--.    Speaking of tbe charge The premier said that the province al  Pte
hy     tbe  lender of the Liberal the present moment   had   ■?' 500,000  in   I'te.
party     in   connection  with  bis refer Hie bank, such a statement as this be
to tbe cause of the coal      miners
Mabon, T., Pte. McMahon, S., Pte.
McMahon, H., I'te. McMahon, Garnet,
Pte. McMahon, Fred, Pte. Nelson, B.,
Pte. Olson, Carl, Pte. Overton, W.,
Pte. Pagdin, Fred, Corp. Painting,
W., (jirisoner in Germany), Pte. Pavey, Walter, (dead), Pte. Pepler, F.
W., Pte. Pepler, W., Pte. Pettipiece,
E., I'te. Pollard, Thos. S., Pte. Robinson, W. E., (killed in action^, Pte.
Itobmson, Victor, Pte. Robinson, B.,
pte. Robinson, A., Oapt. Sawyer, R.
II., I'te. Sommes, Geo., Pte. switzer,
Oscar H., pic. Spencer, William, Pte,
Sayle, Vi. T., Pte. Turner, N. F.,
Wells, A., Pte. Wilson, David.
Wilson, R. F., Corp. Wood, Ellis,  Corp,  Wood,  Leslie.
ladies wh,. wer.   In charge and helped   strike on Vancouver Island, thc min
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Son.
GET THE HABIT—Place your firo
and accident insurance with ChaB. M.
Field, who represents only old and
reliable companies.
There's comfort in cooking with
Coursier's Coal.
Electric Vacuum Cleaner lor rent
liy the day. Apply to Sturdy Hardware Co.
to make tin- tea io successful great
praise is due, also to Misses Evelyn
Haner and May J..life for their willing assistance both afternoon and evening. Many thanks are extended, as
well to all who so kindly provided
refreshments for this tea.
The lollowing shipments were made
went   OD  Would   mean  that  the      niijht
boat  Trom   VaOCOttver   would   be  load
read  the statement made     by  cd down with the Liberal  office seek-
FarrlngtOH,     of     the United  ers    anxious to make a division     of
workers,      wbo     hnd  been Iti the     spoils  in  preparation  for  their
at  Nanaino for the strikers.
Over  100 men  are now  employed at
thc Continental mine at  Tort Hill.
anticipated victory.
The article showed that Vancouver Is- DlSCUSSlng railway legislation, the
lai i coal bad gained such a hold of premier pointed out that thc prov-
the Pacific coast mnrkets that des ince would never be called upon to
the American duty of 4^5     cents pay the principal and  interest itt its
Northern  guarantees
to headquarters March 23: 23 suits of  ,,er ton it had succeeded in excluding Canadian
pyjamas, C pillow cases,  3 towels,   3
sheets. 5 dny shirts, 30 pr. socks, 12«
312     large
pair convalescent shoes,
pads, m small pads, OJt
1S7J sjii.nees.
A Red Cross tea will be given at
tbe home of Mrs. W. A. F■.ote, on
April 1
coal produced at a Washington mine cause the Dominion government hnd
from the Seattle market, and that it loaned the railway Sir.,000,000.00 and
eould he sold at a price in Oregon Hum became a subsequent, endorser of
which prevented competition from the the provincial guarantee. Tn the mnt-
adjolriinp state of Washington. ter of the Pacific Creat. Eastern   the
Refcrrlm:     to the immense bed     ol  Province   had    the personal covenant
ra.b   ...nl  extending along    the of the powerful  firm  of Foley,  Welsh
Tbere will be a culinnry and  pacific    coast from Vancouver Island  nnd  Stewart for the guarantee given
,.,„,,,!  candy table ard a very hearty invlta-   t,,     Prince Rnnert, the article stated the road.   Tn any event the line   was
,. tl||,  tion is extended to all.   Tbe proceeds   ,),,,,  thll territory would become one One     greatly needed and ran through
i jwiis-.iU   wil1 to (1ovotf(1 t0 the local brnnch.    |,,f the cal   prodncirir centres on  the what  was possibly one of the     vcry
A very welcome contribution to the American continent. Mr. Farrington best, portions of British Columbia.
(funds of the Red :'ross society was „.,,] written also that when shipped The premier stated thnt the Returned
Mrs. Knnst, of Boswell, tells the banded in by Mrs. Wilson of Rogers rfH the Panama canal the Vancouver Soldiers Aid was receiving the atten
Nelson News that last, year she rais- Pais She conceived th" very hajipy inland coal would compete with cast- tion of tbe covernment nnd that the
ed •!.>!» pounds of tomatOM from 1- [des thai St, Patrick's day was |USt ern Americnn coal. The minister did views ol other provincial governments
plants, ami 800 pounds of cucumbers the day when everyone w.iiild help her „,,, think however, that Vancouver aa well as the authorities at f)t,t"..va
Irom 18 plants. | in another . flort to raise nvney    for | i|,iarui     coal,     produced at 83 a ton, I were     being     sought, so that action
Hairing  Phoenix the
i   Cranbrook's   city
area comp
For Tired, Weak, Nervous Women
Beliefontaine, Ohio.—"I wish every
tind, weak, nervous woman could harve
Vinol, for I never spent e*ny money in
my life that did me so much ifood as
that I spent for Vinol. I was weak,
tired, worn out and nervoos, and Vinol
made me strong, well and vigorous after
everything else bad failed to help me,
and 1 can now do my housework with
pleasure. "—Mrs. J. F. Lamrorn.
Wa guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
liver and iron tonic, for all weak, rundown, nervous, .debilitated conditions.
Walter Bews,  Druggist,  Revelstoke,
B. O.
acres.    I'hoenix   baa   1-19 acres.
A. F. and A. U.
Regular Meetings are held la
New Masonic Hall oa the Fcmrtk
Monday ln each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
|        C. R. SKHNE, W. M.
ROBT.  GORDON.  8««r*tary
i. o. o. r.
Meets every Thursday evening la
Selkirk HaU at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordlallv Invited.
Revelstoke Lodn
No. 1088
UeetS   every   second
ami Fourth Tuesday
In   Smythe's    tyall.
Visiting Hi et In en are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. I-YKK. liic.
II. I.. II .Hi.Sec.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We e-|ii'.i,ili/.i' in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop   Ci.iiiianglit Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      -    H.c.
Phone 066
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mcil-fferald Want Ads PAGE SIX
SATURDAY, MA.KCll 25, 1910.
Vi.  ll   Gould ami  NM Cassldy Bpont ll.  I'M Stephen of Victoria   was   at
Sun.lav   ni Revelstoke. tei Revelstoke on Monday.
W.  B.  Farris returned on Thursday Dr. Vi. li. Sutherland returned     on
from a  business trip to  Vancouver, Thursday from Vancouver,
S. Genkln of Edmonton was ,i r.uesl R, ,1. Sutherland of ('.olden was    :i
at the Hoi il  ■.:• '      toke on Thinwl V visitor to  Kevelstoke on  Monduy.
If.     Moitinier leaves loc Edmonton
next week.
A.  Yoder ol Nelson spent Sunday in
IM  Mean ol Rogers I'uss was at tbe
Kinp; Edward  on Monday.
The    Tennlc Club meeting has been
postponed to March  28th
I'M  ('.   Foot of Fernie registered   at
the King Edward hgtel on Monday.
J. I). Paxton ol tJamloops register
ed at  the Hotel Hevclstoke Tuesduy.
K.  im  Prowd ol Kamloops register-]    ll. W. Day of Calgary registered at
ed at   the  Hotel   Revelstoke on  3un-   lhe King Edward bote] on Monday.
A. Chlndgren of Chu Cbua was    .it
.1.    I'M  Batley of Harrop registered   the Kinf: Edward hotel on Monday,
at    the King Edward  hotel  on Tues
A.  I'M Uuds.,11 ol Oalgary registered
at the Hotel Revolstoke on Thursday.
B.       NetlierliV  nl   Nelson
I,  Revelstoke on Tues I    J'  Frankfurter "'■  Winnipeg was    a
. guest at  the  Hotel  Revelstoke  Mon
, day.
!     of Vancouver regis-!
,., ., | ,,,. „     ,,„ j    R. G, Miller of Nelson uus ., guesl '    ^ra   's
ui    the  King  Edward hotel on Tues-  Wednesday nor again until after Ea
day. ter,
Mrs      ti   B. Hei derson ol < Irnston,
The Loyal Order of Moose are hold       "■ ■'• Shepherd ol Montreal was    a
im   (I. TrusB ol  Brandon  registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Tuesday,
M. E. Moscr ol Canyon was a guest
at the King] Edward hotel on Sunday.
A,   10.   Carmichaei of  Nanaimo    was
at thc King Edward hotel on Wednes
J.   T
tered   il   I   ■   Hotel
l. ,  ■ I i
mas  '.  -■  est   al   the  I Met el  Revelstoke
G, Robblns will noi  receive
a M.
Bpecial meeting on Thursdaj   ■'":;l :,t- the Hotel Revelstove     Mi
lng    a
light. 'lay.
■ ! I M, 11  enyas ol Cal
,   „   ,hl.  King  ,,.,,       Mrs. A.  M.  iiiiliun     of Vancouver     W. J. Smith ol .Notch Hill was    a
I, ,„ T,   Bnay_ registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on  8uest al  the King Edward hotel    on
! Monduy. Thursday.
\    Dake,   I    M n ;an   T. Armstrong'
Mr.  and  Mrs,   M,   Brown ol     Trail      Mr. and Mrs. ,j.  u Hlrsch ol   Ncl-
w, iv guests al   the  Hotel Revelatoke Bon were at tho Hotel Revelstoke on
on  Wednesday. | Wednesday
.   I:     : ■    ■      ::,;.    i ,,   Rcvel-
' lay,
J,     M.     Doyle "f Calgary, bu]
tend nt for P. B     i  .■   Co., I el ur c I
fro        tri|   to Nelson on Ti isday.
'■    ■ ■ tint* of  thc Reve1  tofce
Lawn Ti in. - Club w ill be held   n tho
City  Hull    ■'  M      h   IS   ■■   ■   p. m,
J. M.  s.   Richardson     and 0.    0.1    A!iss  Bernadlne  Bunnell  left    Wed-
Campbel] ot Kamloops wore guests at   niesday foi   Detroit where nlie will   in
i he King Edward on Monday.
P. C, IM 1 lervey oi Edmonton, a tp
. 'in', ndenl i f Dominion parks, «as
,n Revelstoke dm Ine  the week,
future reside.
J. G. Cartel' and R, S. Burton oi
Salmon Arm were guests at the Ho-
the Hotel  Revelstoke  on Tuesday.
A. It.   N.   li inco ver was   the I
...-liter   Mrs.   II.   II.'    rhc      McRae   Mercantile  Company's
Godard   I  i enroute     to  '"■' »al .ened with a rush Thursday  Dempstey ut Nelson  were guests     at
Mrs.  E,  li.  Mayhue and  Mrs.   Thos.
:; i   prairii
.Teat,  were the   crowds the    Ki»c Edward hotel on Wodnes-
ithat tin' a0ors were kept locked    the day-
Kay e.f the C.P.R.. whole day and doorkeepers were   ap ;    „     ,   Campqelli ,,„„„,„„„ Timh(,r
;'        ' a   MeSfa      POtated '" '"'  "" PUbU° ''" 8 t6W "'   rnsPect°r     ol the  Kamloops agency,
.1  b)   v.   M. ou.     ,, tirae.   The greatest varlety ofclotu  spen(  TuMday  ta the on   »Mjr.
>ernonNi ing     ever     offered  for sab' in Revel-  bUS|ne8s
W. Walker of Fernie,   who will   re- 6tokJ     was displayed.  Many secured '
j        , ,,,.;, real dns but Mr. McRae states |   The    McRae     Mercantile Company
I store) ■  ed   tha1  ,h     '        "   cho°se !ro™     ""*  l,av" lncIuded '" theh' ttre Slll° aU of
. ,,        „,.        bo     large     and    varied th :  equally  Hun   spring stock  which has arrived
li   ! ll'. eu.
ood bargains are still to be had.
K.  !•'   SI     i      in,  Dominion InBpi     ;
i  ■ v*™    ",u- s   '   ° Re,v
ed ' " ag direct, ations  will   meet    rhursday     afternoon     at.
"..       ,■ at the home ol   Mrs.    Harold
■     ' ' ide, which Is
iwned    bj   the  Forest   Mills.   Limited
since the fire.
The       W.       A,   of   St.
Wood,     Third   street      ■.  .„.' attend
ance     Is requi ad lembers
will ;" made cordl illy  ... li
Mr.   I, W. Bel eived rd lt I ei 11 A  thi I   ■ • ploj    ■ •
thai   I lajoi  Bell whi   ■■■nt   bi      pro\ ded     foi   aboui  eighty men
..      , ,  ,, , Ihe on  will begin
... t Canad an con       lii t Is in full oporal Ion, it ,       ,,       . .     ,
, , ,...,. at     St.    Fi tncis  chinch  on   bunday
nt    hat       ■ ited t.      the i tood  that   plans have
,     , , ,     , .   ,     .,,     ,, orning at the 10.30 mass aul     will
tank I,' i beei eted   ihat   will    allow    tho    , '...
...        , ,,     closi al c ock mas i o    1 tes lay
bout   the
A dance will he held al   '■■:•     •• ,. orning.   fie.     Father   \ahner   will
night in fund.
che ■■ Cascad
« enthu.
,• ■    ig it   m Vo.  '.,
j.reach tnda;    mi       onlay eveu-
ie   ■
lanci at  the
'.', thin
Herald    has ...
ll   prices
I no om
t no
... . . ■
■   ■
■    '
. Ii'     ... ill  begin
•i  fuur
"We'll wait for daddy,
children—he loves
FRY'S chocolate, too'
9btfo Gfvtedak Sbi&tUk
makes every Chocolate Cake a triumph. Everybody enjoys its purity and its rich, healthful flavor. Even inexperienced house-wives get perfect results—it's so easy to
mako. Mix one-quarter cup of FRY'S CHOCOLATE
POWDER, with two cups of powdered sugar, adding two
tablespoonfuls of cream or of boiling water.   That's all.
Of course, remember, " nothing will do but FRY'S."   m
Nakusp Honors
St. Patrick
On St. Patrick's night a largi
ience     attended    tbe concert, supper
and dance at the opera house ln aid
rf the Roman Catholic church,  which
proved     a thorough financial at«'. si
rial success.   Rev. Father Yahncr pre-
Flded,   Thi.se     who took   part were :
diss  McQrady,   9ong;  Mr.  Depnn,  Irish jig; dialogue, Eugene Leveque and
.lice T..  Labrash;  recitation,  Edward
\nthnny and Miss Beryl Bulger; son^s
1 Genelle, Robert Thompson. E.
Uice and Delia Leeveque.
il chairman himself     also
exceeding.)  intcrchtinr recitation.
The mcu t y 12 little'girls
e.f the Highland
Mil .■■   Inez  Carlson
i mghl down   the
• ', .. t tli 'I "Gossip,"
was w»ii (fit Mln s Bnlger.'Mc
il  I.nbrasb,
v   Mess
rs.   Bulger,  Labrash.  Barrett and  I.c-
•.-.;ue    created Intense laughter. Sup-
I er wns served.
The     Rev.     Father Yahner left for
N'ew Denver on Saturday.
A     sjiecial meeting of the Farmers'
institute was held in Abriel's hall on
Monduy     night  to  receive tho report
' of the delegate to the provincial contention,     R.     II. Baird, at Victoria.
j The provincial institute hns passed a
resolution at Victoria asking the government to iilnce a tax of $10 on all
nalc residents who did not    in     any
ether  wav contribute to tbe provinc-
I lal exchequer,  and It is believed   the
; gc.vcri'ir.ent   will     take action in the
matter.   Mr.  Baird  reported that  the
j farmers     of Kootenay will meet     nt
Nelson during fair time, with a view
ol      forming   a   district  organization,
which     will consider matters of local
importance and jiresent tbem  annually to  tbe central   institute at  Victoria.
The >''ikusj> Dramatic society held
n social evening on Monday at thc
tall.   A  chicken     supper   was served
thc members.
Mrs. Schledel ni Crescent Bay entertained a number of friends ut St
Patrick's evening.
Oapt. Sanderson of Fost.hall pjicnt
n eouple of days in town this week.
.Mrs. Bohart of Wardner, who has
been  s|iending a  couple of weeks Wltl
her son. T. ll. Bohart, of the Leland
hotel, left   for home Tbnrsdayf
• ,-.
eratin •
• in The White Pearl,    by j
Bditb    1
Fat; o
TUESDAY "   ' I     o'clock.
Tb.       !.■• D Witb
ard r l"OI :   ■■ '       llen'i.t.
i<"th episode.
WEDNESDAY Tbe Palace ol Duet.
New '.     ■ t     w       ,,f      Terrance
O'RourVe      th V [an,     ".
TTTnn«nv B •.-..r'h presents emc
Janls, th" ■ irnatlonal star !n
Tw:i' Ever Thus, a romance ol the
nc»s     r ■ a mar, and     a
girl's n girl and a heart Is a thing
that putl h8ad in g Whirl, .". parts.
rtnrntne. tMlth Cavell In n i1 01
pictures. April 'h. Rond .ittrnctlon
foi \;ii I Pine Feathers April 1*th.
?' artists.
"I Onl) Take T
Drink       ,;a)"
Tea . .   4.00
10  tt.s.   B«ans
1   ca e I    H 2.7.'.
.   2.75
. gallot
!   box
ID dot 'i 5.f;'i
I  .     -ar 10.80
■., 2.on
111  Id
Th" amount    peal sn two drinks a
'.av    f'.r   ii   veai   would  keep  n  fnir.ilv
of foul   •   irocerlM for r, months.
■^b'ew this rn font wife.  Hhe will any
•' r/
IH."»      (   I   llAlt,
w. ii. iioitric.iN
Nl VT    TO      I'.,   i      Miini
Nre Insurance ["^SSya.1*1]
Accident Insurance P^tfwSri
Life Insurance [HaSi-S3fS»to]
^•)tary Public        Revelstoke        Real Estate
Drug Store
Two New
in the
Sizes ■". to .
..    I tt. .,
.,   II to 18
,,   li to 2
Sisea x to 10, Reg< $-'.50, for   ••■0
cTMcRAE SHOE STOKE. Howson Block
Phone in Sandals, Strap Sllppors, Ac
Also with R. R, Lens $10.00
These Instruments are the
best values oflered for the
Put up In metal cases and
having auto time scales.
The Rexall Store


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