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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and i the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—i, -ad
by everyone—The rccognl* n\
advertising medium for tht
city and district.
Vol. 22-No. 73
$2.50 Per Year
Well Known Lumberman Dies
in Minneapolis — Owned
Mill in Revelstoke
The death took place on Thursday
at Minneapolis of S. 11. Bowman. Mr;
Bowman was well known in Revelstoke, where he formerly controlled
the Bowman Lumber Company, the
mill of which was situated in
Revelstoke until destroyed hy fire.
Mr. Bowman also controlled the Rev-
elstoko Lumber Company whose mill,
also since burned, was located at
Rig Eddy. He owned a valuable mill
Bite at Chase with timber limits in
the Adams River company and also a
large number of lumber yards
throughout the northwest.
W. M. Lawrence this morning received the following letter announcing Mr. Bowman's death: "Dear Mr.
Lawrence, Knowing your acquaintance and kind feeling you had for
Mr. S. H. Bowman, I regret exceedingly to advise you that he died last
night at hia country home near Minneapolis. He has heen ill a great
part of this year nnd of late has
been confined to his bed entirely. His
loss will be greatly felt by many of
us.    Yours  very truly,  F.  M.  Hess.
rnemcToiis are busy--
Cood Samples of Calcia From Claims Between Carncs
and La Forme Creeks- Other Districts Scenes of
Mineral Discoveries
DnuBUal activity among prospectors      Blue Bell  located for Vi. ll.  Smith
a shown from the large number     of   by Benjamin Green about three miles
mineral claims recorded at the court
house during the past month. The
Big Hend has heen the scene of
many of the recent discoveries and
at the court house are to be seen
good samples of galena from claims
recently     staked Met ween Carnes and
south east e.i illecillewaet railway
Big  H ited  for W,  11.  Smith
by Benjamin Green in Hr.uindhog basin ab nl four miles i ast of Klon-
. • Cany.ui wagon
Goat     Hern     located by Benjamin
■La Forme creeks,  Albert   Canyon  and   Gree„ ovcr rldge of groundhOg  basin
| south  of  the city are districts which
also  figure  in  the  recent  discoveries.
(Maims recorded during the past
month  are as follows.
Correction, located by Orin T.
Bibb, situated 2u miles north of Revelstoke between  La Forme and Carn-
about four miles east of Klondyke
camp on albert  Canyon wagon road.
Eli located by J. B. McKenzie by
MM McBean on north side of Carnes
creek I   ■ ,   miles Irom the Col
umbia  river.
Dublin ■   \. Vi. Macintosh
| es creeks and seven niilcs east of Col-  hy E   McBean on the north side     of
The message from the Mother country to Canada.
Vernon    arrived   in the city on Wednesday night and today with the   50
Another detachment of 50 Austrians  Capt.  Wain and an escort from     the
from the alien internment camp     at   lo2mi     regiment and in the morning
marched to the internment camp on
tbe mountain. Yesterday was spent
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ by them in burning brush and clear-
j who arrived on Monday nigbt are at ing up the Camp surroundings and to-
I work on thc extension of the auto- day they are at work on the automobile road in the Revelstoke park, mobile road,
The aliens who arrived on Wednes- Due hundred aliens are now at the
exhibit at the railway station will llay were un(jer the escort of a guard cnmj) and a further party of 125 Aus-
bc in place next week and 0. T. Bibb  from     the     British Columbia Horse
who     is arranging the display,   asks Ti10y     wcrc     met at the station by arrive in the immediate future
that owners of raining properties    in	
Directors   of   Ski Club   Ask
Support for Winter Spors
umbia river, adjoining the Mastodon
and Betty  C. claims.
Mastodon, located for George P.
Adams by O. T. Bibb, situated 20
miles north of Revelstoke between
La Forme and  Carnes creeks.
Kagle, located for W. H. Wilcox by
A. Vi. Mcintosh on Keystone mountain in Big Bend.
Betty G. for Robert A. Crimes by
O. T. Bibb, situated 20 miles north
of Revelstoke between La Forme and
Carnes  creeks.
Rainstorm  located  for F.  B.  Wells
Carnes creek ab mt  - miles from   the
■  ■   ia river.
Badger    located     for Alex. McCrae
by I'M McBe •     n norl if Car
nes ereeh   about   8J   miles  from   Columbia river.
Owners of Mining  Properties
Requested to Supply Specimens of Ore
The    case  for displaying  a mineral
the district will provide samples, of
ore for exhibition. The samples
should he left with C, R. Macdonald
and should give the name of tbe property from which they are taken and,
if possible, the value of the ore.
The case, wnich will he three feet
high, li'. feet long and 11 inches deep
will contain three shelves and will be
attached to the wall at the foot of
the stens leading to the Revelstoke
hotel. Toward the cost of the construction of the case the city council contributed $25 and another $25
has  been collected by  Mr.  Bibb.
The proposal to hold a ski tournament this coming winter, one im
keejiing with the circumstances, having the endorsement of tbe city council and the board of trade, the directors of the Revelstoke Ski club decided     Thursday evening to institute
^^_    ,,       , "   ~" i.j     t_  a  canvass for subscriptions  at  once,
trians from Brandon is expected    to
and the work has already begun.
Revelstoke Ski club has a bill unequalled on the continent, a splendid easy graded road approach, and a
sight of more picturesque beauty
callable of accommodating thousands
of spectators. A profile of the jumping hills has been produced and blue
prints will be made to send to every
The     regular     meeting of the Red      At    a special meeting of the board  sk> cll"> *" Canada and United Stat-
by A. W. Mcintosh, situated on Key-  Filling   Under   Supervisirn   of
stone mountain in Big Bend. Government Expert Takes
Place on We^ne day
Bed Cross Society to
Hold Shirt Waist Dance
Association's Privileges
Offered to Soldiers
Cross society was held in the Y. M.  of   directors     or the Y.M.O.A.,   V.eld
Will Send do More
Drafts to Vernon
0, A., on Wednesday, Mrs. T. Kilpatrick presiding. Reports from the
different brunches of this work were
discussed and bills to the amount of
$120.20 passed for payment. Tiic work
goes on from week to week, never
lagging, a quiet but persistent effort
on the part of the many willing
workers, that, united, brings splendid results, as anyone    visiting    the
Tuesday   evening, thc secretary
es.     One     look at it by any expert
juniper  will  show him that  he
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       has
l  i  .       ,  ■„  ,  f„^„  .„;u here     the opportunity to make     the
was   instructed   to   idace  hefore  mill- .               ,
j ll.      •»       li.„     „a Jump     of     his life and will  without
tary men around tho city    the    ad- ,     '
...              ,  .. _    T4. „ doubt lead to  many inquiries as   to
vantages    of the association.   It was .
,   ...                                           _.j ,_  . arrangements  for chances  of compct-
decided    to     arrange a time reduced *
.      ir        ii    ' ir...   „.     4.1.. ing with a hope of     establishing
membership  for  nil  soldiers  at     the ...              '                                 °
Evening Star located by A. W.
Mclntyre on Keystone mountain. Pig
Bend. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
No.    4    located for Vernon English      Th(, ^. ^    .. ...,, arg)  aemongtra,
bv P.  K.  Kennedv on north fork   of
„     ,     .  , .      ., ,,     ,.,     tion silo m the Revelstoke district is
Silver  Creek  eight  miles  north  of the
railway now 'a ' : •  '•'  '
Nellie R., located by P. B. Kennedy J.   C.   Caldei   under the  direction    of
on  north  fork of  Silver Creek,  eight K. F. Kerns, provincial     g
miles north of railway. silo demonstrator.
.June located  for  J. G. Rannum by      The ailing  oi tl tl I
P. rc. Kennedy on north fork of Sil- which  Mr.   Calder  hus  a remarkable
ver  Creek  eight  miles  north of rail- crou,  will  coi esday and
way. a  public  den Me  given
N'irkv    N*   located for Mrs.     Janet Gn Wednesday under the
Grimes by R. A. Crimes.     20    miles ,„•  w.   r.   Newton,  provinc
north    of     Revelstoke,     between  I.a ment soils and rr..;e Instructor, While
Forme  and      Carnes creeks adjoining [„  Revelstoke  Mr.  Newton Wil]     also
Jenny Bind claim. judge the crop     competitions     1
Jenny  Lind,  located  for  Mrs. Grace held  undi Isplccs  of  the  V
Adams by George S. Adams. 20 miles ers Institute,
north of Revelstoke,  adjoining Nicky 	
rate of $1.00 per month.   Already   a
world's record.
number  have expressed themselves as     The  business  intcrests of tho city-
pleased  with  the arrangement and it  ^e °.P.R.  publicity  branch and   ski
is  hoped  that  as  many as can spare
enthusiasts  throughout  Canada,    are
.,      muc    awake to thc possibilities     at
Revelstoke which help to make it the
Orders have been received by    Vancouver   military   authorities   directing   these places
„.,,_. _, ,      , ,. the time will  make  full use of
Y.M.C.A  on  a  Wednesday  afternoon,
..   r-.       ■     ,   ,,        **    j priveleges.
or St. Francis   hall on Monday     or approach- chicf centre of this *''Pat "inter past
Thursday     afternoon     would observe ... — ^^^^^^ ^^^
..       .,        ,  .   . .   , , ing, and the members of the associa-
froin  the piles of finished    work     in
^^™ tion are talking     of    bowling     once
Lebesu Hes Recovered:
Returns to Front
vi. M. Lawrence has received a let-
of the top scorers in last season's
games arc now on the firing line but
there    nre     still  a few high average
_„        .„  t| wlpr(.  |pjt wj)0 ex„pct yjjg   season
had     last
to    bent    any score yct recorded on
the  alleys.
By October the full program for
the winter's work will he d'awn up
nnd it is hoped that all thc men,
having the time, will become linked
Up with one or more of the many
The religious work committee met
thll  week  and  hns urranged to   h
that no more   drafts of recruits     be A  Bhlrt  waist  dance  was   arranged  aRain'   M"Ch time haS been 8',cnt on
sent up to  the provincial concentra- f,,,- Friday   Oct. 1 to raise funds   for tho aUey8' P»ttinK th(,'» *n first class
tion cum,,  at   Vermm.   The  men   tak- the  buying of materials for      winter shape for a lonR 8ea80n's »se- M«nV
en  on     for the regiments now  under w6ar.     With    another winter of   war
canvas  in the Okanagan  will he bil- at   ]mt]i\   Canada   bas   three     times
leted  at   Hastings park  a.id  be     at- the         number          of          men        to
tached     when   the troops are moved provide     for     as      she
hack  te'  th ist.   I'   is understood year ,.,mj  ,.,f  the same     rate of   sick
that   the    2nd  battalion,  commanded nnd wounded and prisoners of     war,
lev   l.ieut.-Col.   II.   P.   Hulme,   of    the jt,   win   !„■   necessary   to   increase'    the
6th D. 0. 0. R.. will be quartered at. ,.|T,,rts in   Red  Cross work,
the exhibition  grounds,   joining      the Mrs.  Duncan   of  Thotnhill.   Mnnito-
72nd Overseas Canadian  Scottish unit |,.,,   who  is  84  years  of aire  has knit-
Whlch is now in process of formation ted and sent in  2 pair .if locka,
Announcement   was  made   last   week'    Mrs.      nickey sent in ?2 as a dona-
by  Col.  A.  T.  Ogilvie,  district  officer tion,   Mrs.   Fleming   .MV..   Miss      Eva
commanding,  that  one  of  the  infan- Fleming lOe   doi  itloni  for  which    wc
try     regiments     training  at  Vernon offer  thanks.   The     following      work   i,s   °r",nini;  afternoon   mens   meeting
would   go into winter billets at   Van- was received:  Miss  Mary  Reid,    Mrs.   "n  t,"'firpt Sunday of October. These
couver   and another infantry unit  and Copeland,  Mrs.  Hogan,  Mrs.  R.      J.   meetlngS  in  years  past  have   proved
n mounted force  would  be transferred Stewart,'    Mrs.   Dickey,   Mrs.   Dixon.   '"  be tu>1'lnl1  and  much  enjoyed     hy
to Queen's Pnrk.   New     Westminster. Mrs. Downs', Mrs. F.  Bimmonds, Mrs'.   members and  others attending.
The  72nd   which  was  raised   In      thc r,. Watt, Miss Alma     Corson.     Mrs.
Royal  City from drafts furnished   by ,Tnnn  Henry,  Mrs.  R.  Urquhart, Mrs.   ThppQ    MflPP    RpPPMltC
the regiments    of    the mainland hrl-.Towse,   Mrs.    Baskerville,   Mrs.   F.   Il'luu   ITIIII G   MLul UlLu
gade     and   other parts of the  prov- Payne,     Mrs.      S.   Penrre.  of Monte j
Ince, mid the 11th Canadian  Mullnted Creek.  1 nalr socks  each:  Mrs.    Kln-
Rlflcs,     Which was mobilized  in Van- cnid,  Mrs.  Heard.  Mrs.   Jollille,  MhM
COUver,   Will   train   at  Queen's   Park. jJdna  Corson.   Mrs.   Srnrtc.      2    pair:
It  Is   believed.    The.Mill,   the  Kooten- „„pIt,   onrI].   ^Ta    g     g     frowe.   Mrs.'
ny   regiment,  is going     to the  front Tame.  Mrs.  Youill  Roes.      Mrs.     W.
ns a unit, according to an announce- Morris.  .1 pair socks each;  Mrs.  Geo.
ment made some time ago.  nnd     no Doss, 5 pair socks.
arrangements    have    been made r<>r, 	
winter  billets  for   that force.
Another  draft  Of men  for  th-  gar-,    fernie claims to have already   sup- Vancouver
rison force stationed at St. Lucia is P"°d    -ver ooo men for the various °8« °« kl»„«r8'. Hut.li™, Vancouver,
briar signed on at virtoria by    the Canadian overseas contingents
6th Regiment  C. G.  A.    <\ nmnll con
time on this continent, and everything that can he done by careful
and energetic, methods to establish
this claim and lead to this city becoming the scene of international
contests will be zealously but continuously tried.
The city and its business interests
are loyally support ing the scheme,
but to make It the successful foundation for the bigger but sillier Jifos-
I i cl ahead, it riyiuires the loyal support of every citizen wbo can contribute to procure it. All the club directors have lists and will endeavor
this      week      to    give  everybody      a
chance to help.
tlnri'iit was   "nl   to 'lhe   Maid
March from British PolumWa.
nrnnhrooi'     Herald-    Commencing
this    wnei   the Kimberley train will
run SVSry dav. Sunday excepted.
Tills hnfl been mnde necessary owing
to the henvy trnffie on thnt lino.
N claim.
Melba located for Mrs, Gertrude
Ilibli by G. S. Adams. 20 miles north
of Hevclstoke between I,a Forme and
Carnes creeks adjoining the Jenny
Lind claim.
CarribOO   located   by  R.   A.   Grimes
20  miles  north  of  Revelstoke between        	
La  Forme  and   Carnes  creeks adjoin-  '''r from   Privati   R.   IM   9 lUthwotth,
ing the Relly G. claim. ;mM battalion who is now  In Shorn-
Goat located by R.   A.  Grimes,    20  cliffe.      '■ describing the journey
miles north of .Revelstoke between La   across I ;-   Bays:
Forme   nnd  Carnes  creeks. "We went down to  Lydd  a Couple  of
Petty located  bv   \rthur  Kltton  on   weeks  ago   to do OU1 ls1
Vkolkolex  river about  21.  miles   .'..- .It   Is   a    dls-
Colnmbia river and on north side of   tance of ■   miles and  we
rr^ek. •■ trip In six ho irB,  tl ai      is
Princess Patricia locatted for Oab- prstty 1-e. m walking » ck and
rielie Kltton by   Arthur Kitton     on  a fill      Do you rei cmbet  w> -t   that
Vkolkolex river :'\  miles above Col-  worked nk,   !!.■   is
umbia river. '  ' ipnel
Black     Craig    located for Malcolm   wound in his foot,   1
MacMillan  by Arthur Kitton  on   \; nti       o.   John  Lebeau  is   als.,
olkolex river siv miles above Colum- here,   He    has     reported    foi
bia   river. '   will      M
Cariboo     located  by Thomas c,ra- France    I            time.   Wi           been
ham     on Downie    creek being north ■• •                             ber of things.
wi  terlj   ■■ tei   'een of Tansier clal '                                    ire attached to
Moose located bv Ole Bandberg on thi   lecoi ;                 nd  that  we will
Downie creek bein:- south easterly i\- be here for pei
tension of Tanirier claim. longer.   Then we '              I  the Wth
Reggie  located  f'>r Orvnl  Young  by "i" to hi                                 t foi
David Woolsey on north fork of lib ty 1                                     re far ti
cilb'Wael   river  21   miles   above   Albert I     nt 1     '     Tl    '
Thc first of ii scries of dunces given   Canyon on  north side of river. is the re                  ire being I
iu  aid  of  the  Patriotic  fund   was held       Number   Five   located   for   Anl.er I'M "                                  "t   of  not   beil
l last nigh!   at thc  MaSOClc ball  under   Folkers     by    Peter     hi.  Kennedv  on flcient.   General                     .1   we     aro
i the     management    of Robert Gordon   north     fork     of     Silver creek about . M..   L the  hi
and Oapt.  Sawyer,   The city hand of   eight    miles     from  main  line    if  the has i                    here.    Dave  Orr     Sid
nine Instruments played splendid mu- Canadian   Pacific railway and  ahout H                          HtlHer
sic throughout the evening, and   with   :".  miles west of Albert  Canyon    ' • I                I  around here.   I1
the     excellent   door nnd the     merry  tion.   yet.   T en       a fine
F. B. located for    F. P. Wells    ]<y V.M.C \. on  the   rrounds up hei     r<
enjoyable  evenings of  tho  season  was   Peter  l-M   Kennedy  on  north  fork      of i--   ■    •                               -.vers the      ; ur-
Bpent.    Mr.   (Million   in   a  nent  sjieech   Silver   creek   about   eight   miles   from pose      0,      K,    fl     then   I           They
explained  that  these dances  would  be   main      line     of    the Canadian Pacific have      a  drv      canteen   In  connection,
held fortnightly nml the proceeds will railway.
go to help to support the families of |    Mulligan    located    for R. M.  Hume Is one thine-                        camp 1     do
by     R.     A.     Grimes about 20 miles not    like,   t>   I          there are    *wo
north     of     Revelstoke and six miles wet canteens.   Tt. seems  t ...  bad that
Fernlo    Frco Press: Thc hard times! east  of  tbe Columbia river on     the these r                he closed "
Beem     to have struck  local churches' west side of the north  fork     of     La  ■——
harder than anyone else, hm theoler- Forme creek. Trail New*   J, '■• Mn                tw.-e
gy are equal to the occasion.   One is     pine it.'H   located for J. West     by W|                          ' "ts which reeent-
, helping   to  Inn vest  the   wheat     crop (W. TT.  Wilcox, In     Standard     basin. Iv I■ .                                I for I
Pern                  supply Is none too     Mrs. J. MrLe.ni. the first occupant on the prairie, another Is doing good nig Rend. trict,   Th»v ,:- rf co                      gin
llshment   ol  the old towi    te  of Ymir, after   a   manual labor Is a warehouse, and yet'    Lucky      Jim     located by Benjamin foul                           fourteen  dnvp fror-
of the mobilization rnmp creates    a continuoui               i   of 19 years,    is anothei  Ib talking e.i enlisting for the, Oreon  about  three miles south   east the date nf hatching and the second
;,:: First Patriotic Dance
is Great Success
For Overseas Service
Three    more  recruits hnve enlisted •
, _, , crowd  who attended, one of the most
for overseas service.   They nre,
J. H. Ksterbrooks, born Monct.on,
N. B., next of kin W. K. Kstcrbrooka
age 28, single, stone cutter.
J. F. Hughes,     born Kenorn, Ont., '
B. C, age 23, single, sceno shifter.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ R.  A.  Switzer,  born  Hinbrook, Ont.
At Port Hill A. Klockmann  stnted next of kin R. F. I).    Noi, Stanford
Boldlers who have enlisted.
I that  the concentrator  e.f  the Contln-  station.  Ont.,  age  :',n,  single, carpen-
int.il     mine      will      stait   its  regular   t.i
I work In a few dnvs. 	
heavy  demand.
. about to remove to   Vancouver.
, front.
lot  lllecille.wnet rnllwny stntlon.
in four months and 16 dnys. PAGE TWO
Zbc fl&aiMbcralfc
cJM iii-Herald Publishing-
Company, Limited
E   G.  ROOKE, Manager and Editor,
fa on JL]
capital  that  investors  in  other countries  have  to spare.
The prospector Is tbe foundation of
the mining industry, and the excep-
tl mal activity of prospectors in the
Revelstoke district, as shown by the
large number oi mineral claims recent ri corded at the court house is
an excellent augury ol Increasing interest in an industry to which Revel-
owed much in the past and
■.■ I [cl promises In the future to be
i me a great factor In the prosper!
ty ..f the city.
Prospects for the future of the mining industry of British Columbia
were never brighter, The Increased
price of metals has attracted wide
attention to the possibilities of the
mines and has stimulated activity,
while the discovery of new processes
for treating ores has aided 'in making
the development of dormant properties profitable. The success of Mr.
R. F. Green's efforts on behalf of the
•-Mac industry, and the consequent offer of a bonus for zinc by the Dom-
on government, promise te. Inaugurate a new era of prosperity for
yinc properties, the benefit of which
will he felt nowhere more than in
the interior Of Uritish Columbia.
From increased activity in the mining industry Revelstoke cannot fail
to derive substantial benefit. Tn the
Biir Bend is a reservoir of mineral
wealth, the extent of which is not
yet defined, and the inevitable development of this vast tributary territory will mean much to the city.
Bouth and cast of the city the exist
ence of valuable mineral properties
which need only Capital Me assure
their development, has been fully   es-
Lethbridge Herald (Liberal) : All
Canadians will he glad to know that
Sir Robert Borden, has reached home
safely. He has represented Canada
ably and creditably in his visit to the
old Land. He has expressed to Britons the feelings of Canada on the
war, and the part it is prepared to
take, fairly and clearly. On all public occasions he spoke as a Canadian
representing all shades of political
11 is some weeks since she has played
to a Revelstoke audience and as she
is a general favorite there no doubt
will be a full house. Miss Pickford
has won the admiration of all the
picture fans In the world. This feature is in 5 bis: parts. On Thursday
the Love Route in 5 parts. Famous
Players, Damon & Pythias in 6 reels,
is coming to the Kmpress on Oct. 5.
The Revelstoke favorites The Versat-
ilcs with a big company and all the
latest songs and dances. World's
war pictures with Harmony Saxophone quartette and John Cort's
New York attraction September
Morn with 70 people and some of
the prettiest girls.
B. C. Mining Exchange and Engineering News: It Is gratifying to learn
as a representation of the B. C. Mining exchange has learnt, in a personal interview with Mr. R. F. Green,
M, P.,\that the eflorts of that gentleman ami some of his colleagues who
are also conversant with the mineral
resources eif this province bave beeu
so far successful that the Dominion
rovernment has now under consideration the immediate adoption of steps
towards the refining of our zinc ores
within our own borders. This is
good news. But it must not be forgotten that it Is late—very late—and
thai n.i means should be neglected to
hasten government action, always a
slow thing. From the coast to the
interior, British Columbia is rich in
--ine ores—a very large tonnage is already practically blocked out in the
properties of the Lynn Creek mines,
in North Vancouver, an extended description of     which appeared in     this
Report Paradise Mine
Will be Reopened
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons in
every 5,10 and 25 cent
©Ijiclct Package.
land Thrown Open
in Columbia Valley
[NVERMBRE, B, C, Sept. 9—Persistent rumors are still afloat to the
effect that the Paradise mine situated near the head of the North Fork
of Toby creek is about to he reopened. This mine is situated in the Paradise ' basin and is located upon a
property very rich in Cialena. A great
deal of work was done upon it in
past   years     but owing to the short  to P™-e»>Ption in the course of a few
11. (M A. Cornish, R. C. L. S., has
completed the survey of about 1000
acres of land for the provincial government  which  will   he  thrown    open
months, says a report from Ross-
possible to ship ore, the work land. This land was formerly held
closed    off for many years, but  by the China Creek Lumber company
as     timber     claims,  but the,timber
having heen     all     cut off, the claims
now with the operation of the Koot
enay Central railway on schedule run
ning,     the    conditions have entirely  have reverted to the government and
the land has been cut up into blocks
of approximately H) acres for settlement. This land will he disposed of
by the government without otber
charge than  that of a crown     grant
Owing to thc fact that this town-
site's borders are on top of a high
grade immediately contiguous to the
railway siding it is more thnn prob-
iouVnaf three yeaVago-while    Tlie  able that when shiPment commences j~ =o those "pre-emptors" who desire
that the  shutes for  the loading      of
Kootenay and Slocan districts possess'an enormous amount of this mineral. But a zinc refinery is not built
In a day. The work that must be
done now should have been done
years ago, and it is the duty     of cv-
i cry citizen, be b.e mining man or not,
to spare no effort to expedite the re-
l suits already achieved by Mr. R. F.
Green and his colleagues.
the cars will be made along the bank
at the.'railway siding. In this coo-
nection the preliminary examination
has been made of a more direct road
lending to the mine. It follows
the route of the old or-
isrinial pack trail up to tbe property and is of easier grade than any
road to that part at present in existence.
to settle on the land. The land is
settled in the,vicinity of China Creek
and Blueberry Creek, along the Columbia river, , a few miles south of
Castlegar. Tt comprises some of the
hest land in the Columbia valley nnd
its settlement will give I a fresh impetus to ranching in the district.
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave.
r.nd Fifth street. Pastor, Rev. J. I .
MacKenzie. Sunday services:— Low
Mass at S a.m. and High Mass at
10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday
school for the children at 2:30 p.m.,
1'enedictlon and Hosary at 7:3u p.m.,
• onfessions Saturday I to 6 and : 3U
to \i p.m. and Sunday mcrnlng 7:30
With String on Toe
Indian Commits Suicide
Agriculture and Lumber
Industry Prosperous
British lovestors have now
t.ther uses for their n oney than   the
api lying  of  it   t.e  i !ai ad an   di
ns drii il up, ni r I    i
less   ittra " Ive     Held
i        r for the 1
centre of sti avity.   fnstea
i.  itii .-  :•      S'ew Yorl     T ■   ;
• • .:._•   it   :
lattei        ney market     :
plentil • ty and
■  '
by an Indian Willie John, nt Savona
■ en    Tuesday    afternoon,   it appears
that     he     had    been drinking pretty
. and Tuesday morning provin-
ing at 7 o'clock, Confessions    before   chase ttle oi sin and start down
trail.    The     constable   followed
• him handing the bottle t.i
Willie John.   The man was put under
  arrest and the liquor confiscated.
ST   PETER -  i ;r ■■   pr ceeded to his   shack
Fifteen! I not turn up for   the
m. Holy i a tituted and   Ins
• und lying on the door ol
-:   with  a  Mullet   belle in   the
\i   both "   • the forehead,
er, pr tn bad removed his
t   I lished.   Today these pr >pertiesxarc  to S.   Weeks .lays-  Mass every mi rn-   i       i     stable Fisk saw a
attracting the attention of important
mining  interests and  then every
indication of a stead;  and pel
revival.    With the pros] I
mining industry the prosperity       Bi
> ■   .v.'.! keep pace.
^MlSS. First Fridays —Mass ar - a
m, Benediction and Rosary at 7:3i
p. m.
•  '
t •   toe
rifle   and
f   ■
•    ..
. '   • ■
t time exl
It  if not
f ■   > i
t ■  ■ ir, but
I  .
I rtl       .:    •    - ■
• '      I        they    CO 'Ml    M ...••
,       ,' , ll'    p  ll
1        !i"d   a o„   dollai     a   ., .„   ofthe   """"■'
eats lye «&
latei t and
slack wire walking
usual ill ' .' ■
Heavy      increases in the  shipments
  of the    products of agr.culture, m.n-
, , , ... .   .  ing and the fortsts in the  Kootenay
\  deliberate suicide was committed      »
und     Boundary     and Camigan  il.B-
tricts are reported.
in increased ore    shipments,     the
Rossland canil) heads     thc list.     To
the  Consolidated  Mining  fi   Smelting
Company's     plant   at Trail-Ri ssland
mines for tbe tirst seven months     of
tbis  year  shipped  78.M2  tons    more
than     m    the     same period of l'JH.
June     and     July shipments exceeded
those of tbc same months in l'.U4   by
10,000 tons.
Granby ore shipments     fr..ni     the
nones at   phoenix to the suit Iter     at
Grand F..ri s are also Increasing, the
ul   handled  in  duly  having  1 ecu
'M ii   the season closis it Is stav
. .1  thai   : .ore than 2 ii    carloads     Of
ttural   produce  will   hnve    been
Bhlpped out  of the district. The larg-
llvidual shipments of fruit bave
been  Mom  the  Coldstream ranch   at
and Armstrong district    bas
• a ee.ut 7" per ci nt.     of     the
exported,     The   embargo
is  having   a  favorable effect upon    that    branch    of
Two  hundred   cars  arc    hc-
iped     out to points on this
line,  an  increase ,,f      inn
 ii ll   vear.
grain   crop
is     already   becoming
the   lumber   industry.
■!   many   ..f   the
•   have recomin, nc-
order to be     jn     a
• •'   thi   demand for
• shipments
Vn   im
' .    inder
1      'fellli't,
.- :  i foi
i will tbu     bi
1' d
Goat Hunter Killed
by fall at feme
rd i
' ■ .     i
llawlln  on       and    \
■•ho ha '    ei n tl                       ii     is The  attendance  al   the  i
'•ne of i he besl  and        I         t.i  pupil     • I              t on rf
0    Tuesday cord     ^nothei  tenchei  may i»
'Men Pickford In Panel i   tbe Cricket, ny nexl term,
f. (>. Biirridqi; & Son
Plumbers nnd Tinsmiths
\\   | |   ■   .   I   lll/e.     i||
InK, Fiirnnne Work nnri up-
fe-dnto Plumbing
Work Shop    Coiiiiinmlil   A'.\
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West—Government inspected—approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
H.J. McSORLEY. Prop.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
r\ D | C M T A I      Suitably furnished with the
J Albert Stone, Proprietor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Union Hotel
A. P. LEVKSQUK, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
A. KM and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held 1*
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each month et 8 pm.
Visiting brethren art cordially
JOHN  LER.  W.  M.
ROBT.  GORDON.  Beerstnry
Biiggngi' Ti'iuiHtVi•!•■ <1
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and  Piano-moving a
Phone 4il-27d.   Night Phone .HO
.'. il. CURTIS
Revelstoke Ixxlee
No. 1(185
H<eeta every second
jgy^    iiiui Fourth Tuesday
T^     in the Selkirk Hall.
ViHiting Brethren are oordially Invited.      ALLAN K. FYKE, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Seo,
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and DreHHed.
86 Second St., Revelstoke, B. O.
Meets  every    Wednesday evening
at    8  o'clock,    In  Selkirk Hall.
Visiting    brothers    cordially Invited.
R. GORDON, 0. O.
I. 0. O. B\
Meets every Thursday evening la
Selkirk   Hall  at  8 o'clock. Vl.lt
lng brethern cordially Invited.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
It'siroodpollcy to think of the future
It's Still hettel | >'>l iry l o pro vide against
he  rni le.i i uni". il   mny have in store
i.i >•<>>,.   The surest way of pro<t<eettng
ui self mid Family ix a
Mih i  reliable company.   Tin- bin'1
financial standing nml lung luminpss
nreer   of   tha   Kootonay   Agi'iiries
makes   ii    niiMiiuii'iy   trustworthy.
'i . ni     inm'   miiv   be   DefOf   nt    hanil.
Don'l delay.   Take aul ■ policy now.
A. K. Kincaiii. Manager.
It will pay you to make
a rail at
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town     Revblbtoki, B.O.
before buying your outfit
of working clothes for the
buah. I make ■ specialty
of Logging Shoes, Pants,
Sox, Shirts, HlnnkiitH, ami
everything required in yonr
business. 3ATURDAY,  SEPTEMBER 11, 1915
What is Doing in tlie Province
Kaslo's j)lioto studio will start on
October 1.
Tag day at Nelson netted the'B. 0.
base hospital in France $344.
Construction work has started     on
Rossland's big new curling rink.
Fernie has 21
School staff—two
teachers     on the
men   and   nineteen
Twenty new residences have heen
erected nt Columbia Height, a Trail
North   Bend     has a public reading
Chicken  hawks  have  increased  this !
The price of corsets has been reduced in Rupe.
At Soda Creek in 1813 salt was 25c. |
a pound. :
There is room for hundreds of sheep
at .Cowichan.
Every I'Oc
Packet of
The pulilic  schools  in
employ ten teachers.
Grand   Porks
Six clubs in  Vancouver have     lost
their liquor  licenses.
D.  A. Thomas, the Welsh coal king
is     drilling  for oil along the    Peace
The operations are under
management of 0.
Kaslo has a big
pears this Beason,
No live stock will be shown at the
Greenwood  fair this  year.
To carry the wheat out of the Can-
crop of plums  and  adian     Northwest this year it    will
j require 2,000,000 box cars.   That number     of     cars    in     one   train would
reach 14,000 miles.
A  great many jipii|ile are charitable
for publication only.
Grand  Forks  hospital  will  be
to receive patients this month.
A new cream cheese factory is being
started at Chilliwack.
Hoth the high and public school at
Vernon have a decreased attendance
this term.
Grand Forks has collected $4M road
and dog taxes this year. Local Doukhobors put up $22 of it.
The Interior News has moved from
Aldermere to Smithers.
A preacher in California wants to
know where we will find the dead. He
can find some of them in the stores
that do  not advertise.
A  flower and   vegetable show
held at Coal Creek last week.
$;)2'.i was collected at Fernie on
hospital tag day. Michel raised $23
and Natal  $30.
The crojis In Greenwood district are
the best ever known in the history of
the country. v
$700 a month of Canadian Patriotic
fund money is now being paid out in
the Fernie district.
Preparations are being made for
the placing of Salmon fry in St.
Mary's lake next year.
Trail has contributed 43 old razors
to he re-ground and sent to the soldiers at the front.
Trail council has dispensed with the
services of fire chief McKinnon, and
a snccesseir is sought.
On the Bardgett farm near Cranbrook this year the hay crop averaged  IS tons to the acre.
A clubhouse or summer hotel Is to
be built at the head of Moyie lake
by Cranbrook capitalists.
Nelson public school opened with
nn enrollment of 61S pupils and IB
teachers. Oi these 13 were small
children admitted to school for tho
first time.
Way Leo was fined $75 for keeping
a hop joint at Cobble Hill.
R. J. Bnrde of the Port Alberni
News has enlisted for the war.
There arc 92 tuberculosa patients
in the Tranijuille sanitarium.
Two young white ladies have opened a hand and tub laundry in Merritt.
A thief recently stole the poor box
from tbe St. James church in Vernon
The value of thc food crops in United States this year is $5,300,000,000
Red and black currants are being
sliijijied from Cranbrook to prairie
John Vallance of New Denver, is
conducting a business at Two-dot,
Next month Lillooet will have a triweekly mail service via the P. G. B.
John     Henry     Ward died at Hope
was   last week  aged 92 years.   He     came
west  from   Nova  Scotia  in  1&56,  and
' placered at Emory Bar on the Fraser
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Family Shoe
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
Wo aim to give maximum
WMtT At minim nn prtoe
During     the Civil war  Billy   Koch
of Nelson used to sit on Abe Lincoln's
. knee about every  time the  war presi-
| dent came to see his father in Toledo
There are only about 20 birds in
the Nelson jail. If business does not
improve the warden will have to close
the dining room in order to cut down
Notes trom the Nines
A big strike ol high grade ore has
been made on the Barber Bill group
on Nine Mile mountain, New Hazelton up to the present time.
Fight thousand five hundred and
sixty tons, or two hundred and fourteen cars of ore have been shipped
from the Roche Deboule mine, New
Hazelton,  up to the present time.
For selling liquor contrary to luw The discovery of a big outcrop of
at Cardston, cost H. E. Stacpoole, solid lead ore is reported from Silver
creek, IS miles by road east of North-
port. The discoverers, are two prospect e.rs named Johnson and Yoder,
working under a partnership agreement with Roy Voung of Aiberdeen,
It will probably be January before who has laege timber interests in the
the  Northport smelter  will be ready   vicinity of the new find.   The proper-
Millinery Opening
Tuesday, Sept. 14, 1915
Work on the Lyon valley zinc
claims, has been retarded for want Oi
a wagon road.
Absolutely high grade—and they
cost no more than other shoes.
They fit and they wear. Our
stock comprises the best that is
made from infants size 2 up to
growing girls size 5. Both fancy
and staple lines in all sizes.
Shoes for Growing Girls
You know the difliculty, we have
overcome it   Our fall lines   com
prise some very neat, snappy
lasts, with the low heel. While
they come is womens' sizes from
2'j to 5, they are made on girls
lasts and fit the foot properly.
The new ones are gun metal, button, patent button, and cloth top
lace models in the new military
style. These latter come with
patent vamps, and either gray or
black cravenette cloth tops and
military  black patent facings.
Swift's Premium Hams
Swift's Premium Bacon
Olympic  Wheat.  Heart,  pack.    .35
Christie Brown Biscuits
Local Comb Honey
Pure Maple  Syrup in  bottles,  also
}, J and 1 gallon tins.
Don't    put   them   up in Vinegar
that    you   "guess" is good;   use
guaranteed good vinegar—the kind
we sell. We have just received a
supply of Extra Choice Vinegar,
including Heins Pure Cider Vinegar, Heins Pure Wine Vinegar,
Pendry's Pure Malt Vinegar,
Pendry's Pure Wine Vinegar.
These nre the best for pickling
purposes and will insure best results every time. We would advise that you send ub your jug
early before these special Vinegars are gone.
25 pounds Potatoes ....
25 pounds Turnips 	
25  pounds Carrots	
25 pounds Beets  	
13 pounds Onions	
26 pounds Cabbage  	
to blow in.
A lobster IS inches in length was
recently caught ou the west coast of
ty is named the Electric point, from
the fact that every.large tree in the
neighborhood of the alleged showing
has been demolished by lightning.
Borne English is still     spoken     in
^igs and spuds are being raised in
Three Forks.
Kaslo and Penticton now have public markets.
of 20,000 tons.
A copper claim has been located
,ii the narrows of Cowichan lake, on
Vancouver Island.
The  Dunks  will   start  a  settlement
at Creston.
Sardis    ls   full of Indians getting
ready te. juck hops.
In  the Okanagan onions are $16
ton. nnd peaches $20.
The great dry dock just finished at       Not     only     are gold mining opera-
I'rince  Rupert has a lifting capacity   tions being carried on extensively   in
the vicinity of Barkerville, at New
Hazelton, but it is learned that
eleven peacock copper claims have
leen located about 15 miles south
of Crescent Island, towards Barkerville at the head of the waters of
3now Bboe Creek. The claims which
are held by L. C. Jamieson, J. Goodman, R. Hennessy, J. Andrews and
other people of McBride are at an
altitude of 7.000 feet and are in a
rather difficult location. The ore is
however,  of a  grade that  will repay
cated the huge Leviathan lead which
is also iron capped, but carrying gold
values near the surface. Near the
summit some early day prospecting
was done and another big iron lead
exposed, assay of some of the rock being reported as carrying good values
in gold. None of these are poor men's
propositions, but tbey might repay
some investigation by capital.—Kaslo
mobile in very short time and as
soon as he had examined Noran's
arm decided to take him back to
Trail hospital,  where he now is.
"Rough on Rats" clears out Kits,
Mice. etc. Don't Die in the House, l ">c
and 25c at Drug and Country Stores.
A  Kaslo barber raised a lemon
bis Bhop     this summer, but not
hand his customers.
A. G. Mcintosh, now in Wallace
Grant, Nova Scotia, has sent to .Ashcroft for a gold pan.
At Hudson's Hope a 30     mile can-
Some Vernon land this season pro-  y0B 0f t|le peace river cuts
duced    2'i     tons    of potatoes to the   t|„. Rocky mountains,
through   tll(> mnn(>y spent on roads.
Colin McDonald died in the Old
MaiMs  Home    last    month,  aged     84
Next month the big drive begins in
Prance.   No peevies will he used.
Oreston valley is said to be the
lust section eif B. C. In winch to
grow pears.
James   Roche   died   from   heart failure while sitting in a chair at  Bark
W.  L.  Mack,  manager of the   company     which hns been doing dcvelop-
• ent  work on  the Molybdenite group
at  Sheep creek, states that as a   re-
At the Sunrise mine near Hazelton   5,,lt of its w,,rk 4«P0lltl have     been
Hod McCrimmon and his partner are
taking out good ore.
One farmer iu the Peace River
country, has fiO.OOO bushels of wheat
stored,  waiting for a railroad.
Ilsclosed     that warrant the erection
of a small plantifor treating the ore
on the pr.ij'crty.   The compnny is do-
.1.  0,   Ryan  plans  to    reopen     the   ing its development  work  on a   con-
SohO mine in the Slocan, hy working   servative     basis     at present  lietiding
The Granby smelter can smelt     at
•In cents a  ton  after eliminating   the
cist  of coke.
ii   through  the  Rambler tunnel.
Tom Trenary is acting steward of
the Kaslo club, ChartM lb'hrman
taking a rest upon account of his
Si line     lumber     companies in East
Kootenay report a shortage of labor,
Art  Noble  has  returned   to    Prince   ■'""•  "'»>' •>»'« '" '''""   4own for lack
Rupert  from   the   war.   He  lost    his
further developments nnd will put up
a plant capable of treating five tons
of ore per dny. Mthoueh nothing
definite is known regarding tbe ex-
i| the molybdenite deposits in
this district the comnnny regards the
future of the properties very fnvor-
Considerable activity may be expected at the Hudson Bay mine at
Sheep creek early in September. On
Aug. 3 a deal was completed giving
a Spokane company, of which R. K.
Neol is the head, control of the property to go into effect on September
2. The Hudson Bay mine has been
under lease to W. R. Salisbury & Co.
and it is said has been shipping on
the average 750 tons per month of
carbonate zinc ores to Springfield,
111. At present a crew of 25 men is
engaged in development work, but it
is expected that as soon ns the pro-
nerty passes under the management
of the new company a much larger
force will be put to work immediately, Tt is said thnt a vcry good figure was realised by the old lease holders on the transfer of the property,
but, the actual figures hnve not been
made public.
Under and by virtue of the powera
of sale  contained  in  a   certain     indenture     of mortgage,  which will be
! produced at the time of sale,   there
will be sold on
at twelve o'clock noon, at the
in the city of Revelstoke, British
the following lands and premises     in
the City of Revelstoke, in the Prov-
OF COAL MINING        £"  °| f '"*  °<*»»*ta, and  being
composed of lots numbered three (31.
REGULATIONS. four     (4)_     fivc     f5l and 8is rc) £
Coal mining rights of the Dominion Block forty-eight (48) according to
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al- the registered plan of Block forty-
berta, the Yukon territory and eight as shown upon a map or plan
the Northwest territories and in a of survey of the said city of Revel-
portion of the province of British stoke approved and confirmed at Ot-
Columbia, may be leased for a term tawa the 31st of October lS'JO by
of twenty-one years renewal for a Edward Deville, Surveyor General of
further term of 21 years at an an- Dominion Lands and of record in tbe
nual rental of .$1 an acre. Not more Depaituient of the Interior,
than 2,5l'i0 acres will be leased to one On the property there is said to be
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the     Agent   or Sub-agent of the dis-
a  two  story frame  dwelling.
TERMS and Conditions of Sale will
be made known at the time of Sale.
For further particulars and condi-
apply    to   Messrs.
of men.
■Last month W. J. McMillan shipped a carload of antimony to England, frmn the Aljis mine near Three
It is thought by quite n number of
e.1'1 time prospectors and others that
(Casio will  senile day rank among thc
big  copper  camps  of British   Columbia.   The   indications on True     Blue
mountain, to the south of the town,
Near Quesnel  the "ther day a black   give ground for this belief.    A   large
bear    was   seen swimming the Fraser   iron     Capping cuts across tbe moun-
tivi't'.    He wanted a change of buckle-   tain  nnd It is snld to have all     the
berrlei. earmarks     of     a cnjejier vein.   Tt     Is
thought that this is the lead, or a
niece ol it from which a quantity of
high grade copper ore wns glory-
ti.ileil nut nn the True Blue
clnini in 1W, bul the main vein ap-
The war bai n imped the size of bears to be difficult to locnte nn
tbe SI..can Record, but  it  is still the   thnt    side.   It Ip much  mnre   clearly
Freight traffic along the (Mow    is beeHand brlghteet paper published on  finned on the south side of the hill,
better     than     it      has bei'ii  f..r  two   MoCan lake. where     the Kane claims nre located.
rlghl eye at Festubcrt.
In one day l'>2 crates of tomntoes
were shipped from Duck Creek. There
nre some left.
J. S. Ryan wns in Kaslo the other
day wearing a $70 hat. He must
have round it is Spokane.
A. w. Wright is doing lomi latin
lng at Prince Qeorege, Yean ago he
was a  police judge iii Kaslo.
In  tour hours two men  caught 6000  I ach  other
poundl of      salmon  while trolling   off
Queen Charlotte islnnd.
In the European hemorrhage, there
are     M,000 ollicers nml men ol     the
Army,     fighting  against
yean, Fernie and Cranbrook are cow
ing hack.
The surface rock  ll all  iron,  and    the
'•' t* i,. Pedlar, formerly editor ol ,,,i,,i,,n |«, thai the deveinpment up-
the  Fernie  Free  Press,   is  now  a  s.«l- ,,,    i(   w|||   nm,n  „„  „   hitr  rnpprr    ile-
Altin.ui-ii Vanderhool Is cloeer,   the dlar at Macaulay Plains.   In a recent v,,*\t    \nother hill close    to • town
Manson      and      Omineca  rlVOI   placer Jet ter bi says hi is  a  Walking  son  nf lowing  Indications  of  mineral  possl-
mlneri     rtlll    buy their supplies     in   bacteria,    having       been     Inoculated t,|Htics.     ||    Knsln    mountain,     just
tfeielton,                                         Itbrei tlmta, and roecli .1..'.  ence. P0M thp lnko   r,)r,n tt,|p hin islo-
Pend d'Oreille Rancher
Wounded by Rifle Shot
WANKTA, II. 0., Sept. 9—On
Thursday afternoon a rifle accident
occurred to Axel Noian of the Pend
d'Oreille valley. About 2 p. m., he
wns out with his rille, a 14 calibre,
when, by some means thnt he is unable to explain, the rifle discharged.
The lead bullet tore a small hole in
tbe pnlm of his hand, entered the upper arm below thn muscle, shattered
lhe bone and came out a little below
the shoulder. Naran lives about, a
mile from his neighbors, the Aliens,
and ns soon ns he was able to he
Marted over the mountain ridgfl lor
help, only to find that the Aliens
were not, home. For some reason he
i urned and went back home. After a
night nf Intense suffering he again
crnssed the mountain ridge, reaching
the Aliens nt 5 n. m. They did all
possible fnr him and helped him
down to the wagon road, where a
messenger wns found to send to Waneta to telephone to Trail for a doctor.   Dr. Thorn wns nut  In his nutn-
trict in which the rights applied   for   tions    of    sale,
are situated. j WILLIAMS,    WAiLSH,    McKlMAND
In purveyed territory the land must   HOUSSFR,     Vendors' Solicitors, 482
he     described     by sections, or legal   Richards Street,   Vancouver,  B.   0.
subdivisions of sections, and in   un-   Dated   this  17th  day  of  August,   A.
surveyed     territory the tract applied, l).,  1315.
for shall be staked out by tbe appli-.	
rant  himself.
Each  application  must  be  accompanied by a fee of $5 which will bore-.
funded  if the rights  applied for   are,
P.e     Lot    No.
not. available,  but   not otherwise.   A . twenty-seven (27)
twenty (jO >, Block
subdivision of diB-
royalty shall In- paid on the merchan-  trict lot five hundred and fifty-three
table output of the mine at the rate   ,M3ji clty 0, NoUh Vancouver, B. C.
of five cents per ton. ,-     ., . .
m. ..    _,       l.  ,,   Map No. two thousand (our    hundred
The person operating the mine shall u^uu.**.
furnish thc Agent with sworn returns and Bix'  (2106)-
accounting for thc full quantity     of WHEREAS    proof of lose of certi-
merrhantnble coal mined and pay the ficftte ol  Tltlc  So'   ~&"0K.  to     the
royalty  thereon.   If the coal   mining abore  mehtloncd lands issued  in the
rights are not.  bein- operated,    such n!lmc of Gord"°  ><*le has been tiled
.el urns should  he furnished  at   least in  this officc-  noticc  1B  hereby Elven
once a year.                                            i thnt ' slia11 ilt the expiration of one
The lease will incliide the Coal mining  rights  only,   rescinded   by   Chap.
■27 of  1 5 Oeorge V. assented  to 12th
June,  1914,
For full information application
should be made to the secretary of
the Department nf the Interior, Ottawa, or to any agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.  Vi.   CORY-
Deputy Minister of the Interior, j
N.Bi—Unauthorized    publication   of,
this advertisement will not be   paid
month fr.m date of flrat publication
hereof issue a duplicate of said certificate of Title, unless in the meantime- >aHd objection be made to rae
in writing.
Dated at the Land Ret-istry Office,
Varcouver, B. ('.. this 7th day of
August, A. D.,  1915.
District  Registrar.
// you want what you want when you
1 want it try Mcil-Herald Want Ads PAGE FOUR
Thursday was the Jewish New Year
The fall fair at  Malakwa will
held mi October 5.
U. Gardner of Ottawa was at
Hotel  Reve itoke on Thursday,
CM B. (Muter of ilanville, Iowa was
at the King  Edward hotel  yesterday.
C. Vi. Wicket of Hamilton registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on
Thursday. <
\: "iiu- the guests at the King Edward bote :•> Bterday were G, F.
Chapman, P Freer an I'M l-M ".Millis,
ll.  im  Kirk ami W,  N. Gould e.f Ar-     Private     George     Chapman of the
\V. Hespeler of Winnipeg was at tho
Hotel  Revelstoke on Thursday.
R, Tl. Cobb of Kenora registered at
the Km;:  Edward hotel on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs.' C. Smith of Regina
were guests at the Motel Revelstoko
on Thursday.
J. Kirkpatrick of Revelstoke is in
the city today on business.—Kamloops Standard,
Mrs. li. A. Ham's and daughter of
Saskatoon were guests at the Hotel
Revelstoke on Thursday.
A.     McRae, jr., is in the city
leave     from    the 51th battalion
S. A. Fletcher of New West minster,
toi     and   Inspector of provincial
government o Bees left on     Thursday
for   Kamloi | i  aftei   Inspecting     the
priivini.... government  ofl
Miss Doris McOartei left on Thursday toi Toronto where she will attend school. On the way she will
siieml a M R days in Calgary the
<ju''st of Senator and Mrs. J. A.
Miss i.m, Wilcox, who is on the nursing staff al the Queen Victoria hospital, Revelstoke, left for that insti-
t'Uieen on Monday, after spending her
tion at tiic home of her parents
here, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wilcox —
Salmon  Arm Observer.
battalion    formerly of Arrow-
| head     is In the city on leave     from
The regular monthly meeting of the
Womens' Canadian club will tuke
place in the high school on Monday
al  B.SO p. m.
Mis.  F.  B.  Cochrane of  Revelstoke,
returned    hi une     on     Saturday after
spending      some  time  on  a  visit      to
friends in  this city and at Lumby.—
I Vernon News.
Rev, WM Lashley Hall, U. A., B. D.,
e-i Revelstoke occupied the pulpit of
the Fourth Avenue Methodist church
at both services Sunday. During bis
stay in the city he was the guest of
Mayor and Mrs. Crawford.—Kamloops Standard.
At a special  meeting of the     city The     death occurred at the Queen
council  held  on   Wednesday     evening Victoria   Hospital   yesterday  morning
the tax sal" bylaw was finally passed „f  Enrico Cirolini aged 51  years.  He
and the account of J. D. Shaw     for leaves two sons in   Revelstoke     and
construction "f  the new   power  plant his  wife  living  in  Italy.   The funeral
irdered te) Mr paid with the   ex- took     place     this morning from St.
e.i   $150  belli  Mack  until    tho Francis church.
final   passing of the work.
Lieut.  A. S.  Swinford, 0. C. No. 4
.'. A.  Darragh and Professor Crow-
ell      of      th"   university   of  Franklin
returned from a visit of inspec
tion t.i mining properties in the Cam-
detachment, 19th company C. A. S.
0. is expected to reach the city tonight. Lieut. Swinford has been at
Edgewood     inspecting  the  Canadian
borne    district.   Mr.  Darragh reports  Army   Service Corps at that     point
thi r of mining engineers
have recently examined properties)
and that the prospects of a mining
revival  are  excellent.
Mr.  .mil Mrs.  11..II.   McVity left to-
which is also under his command,
As announced in our bulletin yesterday morning, Capt. Rothnie was
on board the Allan liner "Hesperian."  ".: en  sho r as torpedi ied,     and
Among the guests at the Hotel
Kevelstoke on Thursday were Mr, and
Mrs.  A.  L.  McLean of Regina.
Mrs. L. Howson of Revelstoke was
in the city this week attending the
funeral of her Bister-ln-law, Mrs. W.
Campbell.—Salmon  Arm  Observer.
Ralph Lawrence scored a decided
bit at the Rex on Thursday night
with his rendering of 'Mother Mack-
reo," accompanied by the orchestra.
J, Guy Barber left on Thursduy
night with Mr. Morris of Rogers
Pass on a hunting trip around Spilli-
niachcen. They will travel by motor
from Golden.
Mis. J. A. R. Richards left the
Revelstoke hospital on Sunday and
returned to the Monte Bello Sunday
night. She stood the journey pretty
good, We trust she will continue to
make satisfactory progress towards
recovery.—Salmon Arm Observer.
Hon. W. J. Bowser has announced
the finding of Judge Forin of Nelson
whom the Attorney General as acting minister of mines appointed a
commissioner to inquire Into the causes of the disaster at 1! North mine
Coal Creek on .Jan. '2, 1915, when two
lives were b.st. Judge Forin reports
BernardOaulfleld, manager of the
mine, and William McFegan, overman
were both negligent in their duties,
and suspends Oaulfield's certificates
for one month and McFegan's certificates for one month.
Notice is given in this week's issue
Of the Uritish Columbia Gazette that
certificates of incorporation have
been granted to the following: Boston Lunch, head office at Vancouver,
and capitalized at $10,000; Canada
Bukkyo Seinen Kai, Vancouver, under the Benevolent Societies Act ;
Hunter, Cross & Co., Vancouver, $10,-
000; Ocean Foods, Limited, Vancouver, $50,000; Raven Roy Shingle Mnn-
ufacturlng Company, Limited, Hat-
zic. $10,000; United Fruit Company,
Limited, Vancouver, $15,000; Vancouver Cremation Society. Limited,
South Vancouver, $46,000; Western
Coal Company,  Vancouver,  $140,000.
Burling, returning from furlough. The
Nuknsji brass band played patriotic
music, two of the recruits, Herridge
and Gregory, being members of tho
band. The school children wero allowed SO minutes from their studies
in order to be present. All the boys
were the recipients of many presents
from the townspeople.
On Thursday night a large number
of friends gathered at the residence
of Mrs. Gregory at Glenhank to do
In nie ir to her son Charles, on the eve
of his departure for Vernon camp.
Rev. J. .S. Allen made an address
praising the young man for his patriotism in offering his services to his
country in time of distress.
Airs. F. W. Jordan of Edgewood is
visiting Nakusp with her son George.
Tin' Fernie schools employ twenty
teachers and have an enrollment at
the present time of 793 pupils.
L80 boxes of pears from Spokane,
affected with codling moth, were condemned at Rossland on Tuesday.
The directors contemplate putting
in a IMxSI) foot, swimming pool in thfe
fruit  fair building at Trail next year.
Crawford Bay has contributed 22
men for overseas service, seven of
whom havc received commissions.
E, Norman of Mirror Lake fa now
manager of the Nelson fruit growers
union, succeeding Dr. Wolverton who
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. stock
took a jump of $9 a share in a single
day last week on the Toronto Stock
WANTED—Good general cook.   Apply
P. O. Box 447. Sep 15 np
WANTED-Girl or middle aged woman
for light housework. Apply Mrs. B.
Weston, McKenzie avenue.
FOR SALE.—16 in. Millwood; also
Kindling in bunches; each $2.75 per
load delivered. Phones 42 and 85.
J. P.   Sutherland.,
FOR RENT—Two or three unfurnished rooms suitable for housekeeping.
Apply Mrs. Sutton, corner Fourth
St., and McKenzie avenue.
LOST—At the Selkirk school Thursday morning, a gold locket and
chain, initial E on one side. Finder
will be rewarded by returning samo
to Hotel Revelstoke.
TYPEWRITER for sale. Cheap for
Cash. Terms to responsible party.
R. S. Garrett, Mail-Herald Office.
*       .	
DRESSMAKING—Miss L. Livingstone wishes to announce that she
is rendy to meet both old and now
customers for dressmaking at 78
Fourth  Street,  East.
R.  Behrendt,  ladies designer, is once
more at  Cressman & Co.'s store.
GALTOO A I. burns    all    night.
Revelstoke General  Agencies,  Ltd.
There's  comfort  in  cooking      with
Coursier's Coal.
Highest  class  ladies  tailoring     at
i Cressman   Co.'s     store. M. Behrendt,
i ladies    designer,     guarantees perfect
lil   and workmanship.
day  lor .,  month's holiday  at Strath-  bis many friends here will be ::la.l  to
know  thai  Mrs.  Rothnie has   eceived
■ fr. .in Queenstown advising her
of his safety.    Ii   is a   peculiarly      un-
'    .if Mr. and Mrs. Grubb of Gol-   fo IM.th
in..re  where  they   will   be  the    guests
of  Mrs.   Mc\ ity's  sister   Mis.    G.    H.
'■I;.    En   '"lite   they   will   Me   tile
■ ;•      tor a  few      days.    Mrs.   Harrourt
oi   Mi     Mid
Ml 8.   M. \ iry  for  the  \  est
■ iday
e    proceeding  tee Canada  invalided     and     in  extending  ■
week re-   sympathy     te. his  relatives  we  v..ice
t   in. ill
will      f.
of (
BURFIELD—On Friday. September
1", te. the wife of Joseph Burfield,
176 Second street, a son.
day night  by Mrs. W. M. Lawrence in
■    •   of her son  Bert  who returns to
rsitj     \' e'it  forty
music by the Rex or-
■   icl   enjoyed     M
; •   .   del      us  suppi r  was  sei -. ed
tntil    a
' our.
t he fire
dollars wort
C, wi
"   ■      and J. H
I   '■ ■    V.   ish.     Mc!-;
ral   B • it  Vic-
Mi    v.
stated thai
toria t
11 •'
... .       .
the foil
Freshmen & Commsrciols
Guests at High School
Revelstoke, B. C,  Aug. 21, 1915
The regular annual meeting of   tho
Revelstoke Hospital  Society  will    be
Meld at the hospital, Revelstoke,   on
Tuesday, Sept. 21st, IMS.
11      the
chool las' evening when     the
: I allied
the freshmet ials.   Mrs.
■ ptabljj
rs    Red  and  wl  •
-   were
Of household furniture on Friday,
Sept. 17, sale commencing sharp at
2 p. m. at mart, Tapping Block. Fos-
itivcly without reserve, goods as follows: cook stoves, dressers, sideboards, kitchen cabinets, iron and
brass beds complete, davenport, solid
oak French style dining table, office
desk, chairs, rockers, kitchen utensils
microtis to mention.
W. PARRV, Auctioneer.
Box 311 Phone 356
i.  .    ■
•  .
face     artist      slack
Fran '
Help, !■ il ■ BUtral,
:. Billie Ritchie, ti,, : led novelty drama Lady Doctor .if i, 'lulch, with Max Ash-
er comedy. Love's Monogran
edy. All I Ind of ' ncdy f
MONDAY Thi Black Box, great detective serial, featuring Herbert,
Rawlinson nnd Anna Little.
TUESDAY—Mary Pickford In Fanchon
tlu   ''ricl.et,  r, parts,  Fai iou   PI  v
ers  greatest  feature.
WERNKSPAY- -King BagROtt in Tbe
Corsicnn Brothers, ?, parts.
THURSDAY The Love Route. Famous Players.
COMING    Un  e,tl ft Pythias, The Versatile,     Valmoure Comedians,   the
world's     wnr  with Harmony  Saxophone    quartette, Beptembet  Morn
71  people.
•'' ' I.   Mrs      B.
!   M n . Bd
l.lace nf  W
f.    Bavis, m n
ff   Hosklt ■ ■ t     at
Hazelton    to hi
fot  tbe
The Absentee'
Ily  wondwlul
ei i: GRAPHS'
pi ....:   for
lay  Is a scream
M .VTINBE at   1  |>. la. on
M      Hie.
WM'   hi in   advising
our  rn that, we nre
ftill    t.he   eve f0|     (1,,.    ,,|,J
tellable Bankhead I ird i '.-.1 and liri
quottea nnd agents for the famous
'   ill    oft. coal.
We would suggest getting vour
winter's nujirdy of coal now to nnve
double  when  the  snow fnlls.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd
J. n. STBBALB, Mnnn-cr
e      nH-
Five Recruits leave
Nakusp for Vernon
NAKUSP   im '      lepf   'i   People of
Nnkimji nn.i 'iieni, mil io i he number
of several hundreds were al i he
Wharf  on      H'rldny  to  hid  farewell  to
the  live   new   recruits  on   theii    .vn,  to
Vei non camp  t in   Die  MUi   linMiil
ion     Then Were  Horace  North.  I'err.y
'Mn tb, iieii ii., i nb-e, Kiel.: Ruibton
and chnries Gregory, iii addition
11, i.   wei.- : Ii i i-i    Oral!  and Pt.n.   A.
Big Sale
;i    i RECI r. i.m
New Stock of
B. Weston
Willard's Chocolates
Brazils and caramels $1.25 lb
Hard centre and nuts, $1.00 lb
Nut nnd caramel bars 5c. each
Cumulative  Speller
Hamblin Smith's,Arithmetic
Digest of Canadian Mercantile
Pitman's Shorthand.
La Merc Michel et. Son Chat
The Rexall Store
New Fall
Dress Goods
We are showing a large assortment
of Fall Dress Goods. Velvet Corduroys, Fancy" Tweeds, Grey Serges
and Ladies' Coatings, C&c.
The  Latest Creations
in Millinery
September 14. We take this opportunity of extending an invitation to
the ladies to inspect our Fall <7Mi\-
linery at this date.
Fred  Young & Co.
Hoys' and Girls'
For :..in'I.O'., Canvas and Tennis Shoos
Grocery Items
AI'l'LES, Yellow Transparents, good eating, per lb 5c
PEACHES, large yellow St. Johns, per lb 10c
PEARS, best eating 3 lbs for 25c
CORN, sweet and tender, per doz. 30c
War In iliTlnreBd on our stock of
Ton and Coflee. eee our window
for specials.
$1 Buys 3 lbs.
Whlli' thin lot lasts, nnd aa another advance ia pre»dictcd ln tha
near future we would advise putting by a few poundi.
Why are we Belling more bread?
There mtmt be a reason.
Let Us Tell You Why
Just compare n loaf of oura with
any other and we are absolutely,
sure you will nee the best, then
you will know why.
Phone  11
Box 734


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