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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and the Pacific ocean.
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone--The recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
Vol. 21—No 98
REVELSTO. R    I'      W'lDv,SPAV    I-   ClMB*B,30,   IM4
$2.50 Per Year
isJappy and Prosperous New Year
Expected   That  He   Will   be
Colonel of New Kootenay
Judge Forin, who urrived in the
city on Monday and left on Tuesday
morning for Nelson, will be appointed   it is expected, to the-command of
the West Kootenay Rifle8. with     tUc
Date is Fixed For
Winter Carnival
First Run of Ski Club will Take Place This Afternoon-
Run and Jump Located on Mount Revelstoke—Monday, February Eight Date of Revelstoke's First Winter
Vice-Principal and Teacher ot
Primary Classes of Selkirk School
The  tirst  practice run of  the  new-
lj   organized ski  club  has  been      set
lor this   afternoon, starting     at     2
rank of lieutenant colonel.  The West j ,,m. trom the Columbia river bridge.
The club promises such success thut
Kootenay Ritlcs is a new regiment
about to be organized, t.he headquarters of which will be at Nelson.
Judge Forin is at present taking
an otlicers' training course at Vancouver, at the completion of which
he will take a field officer's course in
Victoria. For nearly 40 years he has
taken deep interest in military matters and has sarved with four regiments. At the time of the organization of the Patriotic fund in the
west and during the recruiting of the
first contingent for overseas service
lie delivered stirring addresses in
Revelstoke, N'elson, Grand Forks and
other cities in the Kootenay and
At the age of 15 Judge Forin enlisted in the l.">th regiment, rising to
the rank of color sergt, He afterwards took a commission as cnBign
in the 19th regt. At the time of the
North West rebellion his martial
spirit led him to enlist in the Queen's
Own with which he saw active service until the end of the rebellion.
Judpe Forin afterwards held a commission as major with the first cotn-
jany British Columbia gnrrison
artillery and took an active part in
the     organization  Of the 102nd regl-
taken for instruction purposes in
climbing methods and sliding or running. All persons anxious to join
the olub, should communicate with
0. H. Brandt, P. 0. Box 191, city,
the secretary. Any person anxious to
1 rst see what the sport is like, and
anxious to enjoy  a run, need not ne-
S. Halvorson, president.
1 0. H. Brandt, secretary.
'i   Committee' Nels.  Nelson,
Oerson,    August Johnson,
Proclamation of Governor-General Summons Canadians
to Prayer
its officers and members fully appreciative of the natural advantages of
the place, and of the talent available for the purpose, have taken
steps to organize the First Winter-
Sports carnival held in this city.
They have decided on Monday Feb.
s, as thc date of this event and ask
the co-operation and support of all
sports-loving citizens to make it a
grand success. No pains or efforts verson, 0. Anderson. Misses. Adelia
will locally be spured by the club to Erickson, Irene Nelson, Mrs. H. Carl-
1 resent an interesting and exciting son, Mrs. R. Anderson, Mrs. Gunder-
bill of fare, and it promises to compete for the honour of the city
against ull comers.
The Ski club already has :'.0 members and practice days and field runs
will be held. A splendid run with
pimp has been located on Mount
Revelstoke and when sufficient snow
depth is attained Revelstoke will see
some ski-ing which will be a revelation. Several proficient ski runners
and jumpers are now in the city and
have promised their tutelage to all
club members desiring to master
this most exhilerating winter   sport.
The run this afternoon will, probably, be mostly on the level, but
some small and safe hills     will     be
Thc school board haB engaged two
new teachers, one as vice-principal
of the Selkirk school nnd the other
us teacher of the primary class in the
same school.
The choice of the board for the
vice-principulship of Selkirk schojl
is J. Walter "Hughes. Mr. Hughes
who has been teaching as sub-principal of the Port Alberni schools holds
Assessment Appeals
in Revelstoke District
Decided by Court
To bc assessed same as lust
cissarily, first, join the club; they I u tirst class British Columbia cer-
are cordially invited to join the runs I tificate and has had 16 years exper-
ns scheduled. The officers of the   club | ience as teacher in public and     high
As teacher of the primary class of
Selkirk school Miss Lily M. Mauley
ot Wetaskiwin, Alberta, has been secured. Miss Mauley is a graduate of
McGill Normal school of Montreal
and has had eight years experience as
a teacher.
"With Revelstoke advertising itself
as a tourist centre and mountain resort there is no better means of fringing to outside attention its beauties,
position, and advantages than by
means of a carnival," said a member
of the club. "Switzerland owes it3
greatest tourist trade and attractiveness to winter sport exploitation
und it is now more extensively visit- j three placer leases
ed in winter than in summer. Our ;er nn(j Ritforado,
mountains here are thc real winter
playground of this continent and
a few years, with cordial support chaser was T.E.L. Taylor, on behalf
and local lenergy, Revelstoke's Winter 0; the creditors, the price paid being
carnival should be one of Canada's $550. The leases are sold subject to
most popular national events." liens amounting to some *S00O.
Pioneer Placer leases
Sold by Sheriff
The mining machinery, plant, tools,
' provisions and     the interest ,of     the
Pioneer  Placer     Minos      Limited,  in
the Eureka, Bul-
on French creek,
were sold by Sheriff W.  J. Law     at
in  the court house yesterday.  The   pur-
37:1 0.1. 	
Walter Rushton, Blk. 30 of Lot 27*.S
G.  1. To tie assessed as real property.
Lt. Col. Harrington, Blk. 31 of Lot
182A. and 188A. Assessment to stwid.
0. B. Kimble, Blk. 4u of Lot 373,
G. I. To be assessed as real property.
H. A. Blakeborough, Blk. 21 of Lot
373 G. 1.  Assessment to stand.
Vi. Henningway, Blk. 7 of Lot 37:'.,
G. 1. Assessment to stand.
W. C. M. Broad!.ent. Lots 1 to 5,
S. J of Lot 8006 G. 1. Plan 1088. Assessment to stand
G. Butler, Blks. S-16 of Lot B02S-
2'J, O.  1.  Assessment to stand.
J. Brrington, Blks.    I of Lot "7692,
G.   I.   Assessment to st:::,d.
Alex. McDowell, Blk. 2 of Lot 769*-',
G. 1.   Assessment to stand.
G. W. Tovell, Blk. M. of Lot 864,
G.  I.     Assessment to stand.
N.S. Fruser, Blk. ITC'Jl. Q.l. Reduced
to JSM).
G.  W.  Armstrong,
Lots 7i!2S-.".i G.   1.
J. 0. Tario, Blk. ^^^^^^^^
1. ABs?ssment to stand.
G. W.  Stokehul, Blk.  Cl of Lot 37:1,
G. 1. Assessment to stand,
classification of the land    had     been I   Mrs.  C. Olendenning, Blks.  85«3-64.
chan,ed and the  value increased.  On-  Changed from wild land to real pro-
ly about (iO acres were aruble.     The  Perty.
land was only fitted for pasture. The |    J-E-H-  Kels°.   clk-   J? °f  Lots 1S2
outside value was $10 an acre and he  tnd 18:;- G- l- Assessment to stand,
'was prepared to sell    the    land     for|_B.  J.  Maxfield, Blk.   IS of Lot 373,
that amount.
C. M. Field at the court house yesterday sat as judge of the court of
revision and appeal to hear complaints against provincial assessments in the Revelstoke district. The
case in which E. 0. Traves objected
to the assessment of property in
Fire Valley under thc classification
of wild land and ulso claimed over
assessment occupied most of tho
morning session. The classification as
wild land was confirmed but the assessed value of the property was reduced from $21,000 to *<48C0.
The land consists of 186 acres being
Frac. S.W. J and N.W. 1 Sec. 13,
Tp. 71, E. I of E. 1, N.E. J and E.
A ot E. i, S.E. J Sec. 11. Over assessed. W. .J of E...J N.E. i and B.
1 of W. :, N.E. J and W. 1 of E. i,
E. i of S.E. } and E. J of W. J of
S.E. i Sec. 14, Tp. 71. Mr. Traves
iu his evidence swore that the lamd
cost him •"'lUO. At one time 10 acres
bad been planted but thc land had
practically reverted to its wild state.
He hud built a dam at thc cost of
?450. This year some three or four
acres had been slashed and more
would have been done but for the
fact that his son had beeu called upon for military service. This year the ,
Blk.  102 to
36 of Lot 373, G.
Octogenarian Oldtimer
Answers Last Call
The death occurred yesterday of
William Snider an old timer of Revelstoke who lived here for about   20
The owners of the Blue Jay
claim,  Smith creek, received   a   very
welcome ChristmaB   present     on
From  most of the pulpits     in
city, the following proclamation,   is- :.
Bticd hy His Royal Highness th* Djike |,
placer .which followed, it was discovered that
the house of J.H.    Young, the     en-
tue Igineer of the S.S. Lardeau, was     on
years.   Up till a    few years ago   Mr. 124th inst, when they received the first flre- There was   a general rush,     but
the     Cana- j payment on their property from E.A.   unfortunately too lute, as the   house
Bradley, representing   the new syndi-!had evidently been 011 fire for a con-
cate of    Philadelphia   and Pittsburg jsiderable time,     and was   completely
Snider was employed by
; dian Pacific railway as
extra gang
He was 80' years of age. He
^^^^ people who have bonded   this   claim j enveloped inflames
eaves his wife Mrs.  Margaret Snider {or |X5,000, They will commence oper-     At the Springs Hotel, Albert Can-
of Connaught, calling the whole     ot ! nt   n^,.^,,      „     married son W. ations as soon    as    possible in    the ! y°n on Thursday evening the depart-
and two step- spring with a force of men and   pro-!1""? school teacher   Miss A. Vi. Gri-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       'of   Revelstoke,     a
Revelstoke    to prayer    on January 3 J Snider    of     Seattle
for th" success of the allies and   the
speedy and favorable peace wus   read
on Sunday »
"Whereas our empire, -lias heen
forced to take up arms in defence of
lights and  liberties,  unjustly attack-
daughters. Mrs. D.A. McCannell of
Kamloops, who with Mr. McCannell
is here for the funeral, and Miss
Alma Burget of Revelstoke.
The funeral will be held from     the
residence 29 Third street at 2 o'clock
ations as soon as possible in
spring with a force of men and
mise to prosecute development
with vigor next season.
A meeting of those   interested
the formation of a Good Roads
sociation for Revelstoke was hell
ed and to fulfil pledges solemnly giv- i tomorrow afternoon
"We, therefore, beUeting it to be
fitting that our people should be enabled to make a public and solemn
avowal of duty to Almighty God, and
of need of guidance, have thought fit,
by and with the advice of our privy
council of Canada, to uppoint, and
wc do|hereby appoint Sunday, thc
Third day of January next, to be
throughout our Dominion of. Canada,
a day of humble prayer, and intercession of Almighty God, on behalf of
the cause undertaken by our empire
and our allies, and of those who are
offering their lives for i', nnd for a
speedy and favorable peace that shall
be founded on understanding and not
hatred, to the end that peace shall
endure. And we do invite all our subjects throughout Canada to set apart
this appointed day ns a day of humble prayer and intercession.
"All of which our loving subjects
and all others whom these presents
may concern, arc hereby required to
take notic and govern themselves
in all churches In the city special
prayers will be offered mid special
services conducted next Sundny.
Thursday, Dec.  20, Thcre were
sent Messrs.  Adair,  Kilpatrick
ffiths was the recipient of a complimentary dinner and presentation
from the residents of this place. An
elaborate menu prepared under Mrs.
Carlson's able supervision having
been discussed, Mr. B. Green, on behalf of the residents, presented   Miss
Poblic Schools Reopen
on Monday Next
The public schools will re-open on
Monday, January I. a class for beginners will be oreunize. 1 in each
school to which pupils who havc
reached the nge of six will be admitted. No pupils will lie admitted
into these two classes after school
has been in session a fortnight
One of the Selkirk classes, owin;:
to lack of room, is to be transferred
t.e Central school. This class, however, will go to Selkirk as usual on
Monday morning in order that the
grading may take place. After this
fs done the class as then constituted
will proceed to Central school.
Smith,  Grogan,  Fraser,"Gordon   and |GrlffithR with a *M Wiitch und chain
Bennison. Ed.  Adair was     appointed I    Tue '"'I'1'8 at    ^OWhead      public
chairman  and Fred    Fraser  secretary
1 school  hold their
closing examina
when the pupils
took advantage of the opportunity of
presenting choir teacher Miss Mc-
Naughton with an address and a
handsome toilet case. Mr. Thomas
McNaUght, J.P., Halcyon Hot
Springs presided. The presentation
was made in a neat and appropriate
address by Mr. Paul McCreary one
of thc pupils. The result of examin
ations   for   the   lirst   place In school
WH    "vio-'am' '"' the medalB presented by   Mr.
_   «en r   Thomas McKaugfat was also annottnc
of the  meeting.      Moved  and carried ,tions last Friday
that the following gentlemen be     invited to meet in  thc city ball,   Wednesday, January 2, 1 HOI at "Ml o'clock.
T.W. Bain, H.J. Bourne, W.M. Brown
L.H. Buck, B.R. Campbell, W. Cowan
H.  Donnelly,  T.   Downs,    N.   T.  Edwards. T.J   Graham,     O.K.  Grogan.
0.  Holten, T.E.  Home,  A.   Johns..n,
J.M.   Kellie,  G.B.   Nagle,   John  Robinson,    K.  Tapping,    T.E.L.  Taylor, ]
Revelstoke;   J.   Mrt'alhun
Laughlin,  Laforme. Creek
ty, Smith Creek; C.B. Hume, Coldstream; J.D. Boyd, A..W. Mcintosh,
Basin; I.T. Brewster, E. McBean, |
Keystone; C. R. Rumens, Standurd
Carnes Creek; D. Woolsey, J.P. Kennedy, Illecillewaet; (). Bandberg, Albert Canyon; E. Adair, Greely Creek;
S. Crowle, Kevelstoke Farms; ,T, J.
Foley, Arrowhead; W. Ogilvie, Isaac
Creek; B. Hall, Hall's Landing.
  I    on Thursday night the 20th inst, a
Bnderby-It was a very jovial gath-1 very enjoyable party wns given     by
Sunday    was  reported   the    coldest
lllly l0 far this wmter at Nelson, the ,has  relinquished the management
ering which assembled at the King
Kdward dining room Monday night,
on tho occasion of the presentation
banquet itvon by Enderby citizens
In  honor ol Mr.   A.E. Taylor,     *lio
thnrmoineter going to 3 above  zero.
Manager Poumbly ol the Stepney
Pinch, ni.oris that h.' has sold the
entile' hay crop ol the ranch, and has
orders r<. 1 man] carloads that he is
unable te. supply, The Armani*] comes
from the coast, .md Is the result of
1 lie embargo placed upon bay from
tho  States.—Enderby Press.
the local brnnch of tbe Bank o!
Montreal, nnd leaves this week for
Ohatbim,  N   B.,  wt»W he takes over
thc 111 m■ mt     of    the Chatham
brnnch of the samfe bank. Kit s"c
cesaor, Mr B ' White, late al Bell
fax. with Mr- White nnd children,
arrived the pasi week. ; nd Mr. White
Is now In char.-.'
the schaol children of Comaplix
which reflects great credit on them.
and on their excellent teacher Miss
Howard Gibbon. The wonderful acting of the Misses Young and Thompson in the stately Minuet and later
in the Cake Walk, was an enjoyable
surprise tothe audience. Thc Living
Pictures wore no less a feature of the
ocension.   The   music was   very      good
f.nd was supplied by those two able
virtuosos Messrs. Diamond and 1 atti
eron. After the performance, Santa
fr.nus ejamt on 1 lm Bcene, and dtstrl
1-uted the toys.     During    the   dance
ed, Mr. Malcolm Johnston being tirst
among the boys nnd Miss Hilda
Richards being tirst among the girls.
I About 2lifl sacks of ore a day ls being mined at the Nettie I,., t.he gi eater part of which is sacked in the
workings. The new wing in the
crosscut from the southeast drift is
now down about 56 feet and Foreman
Crilly says the lead is getting strong
necer and richer if anything.
Geo. and A. Lembke came up Monday from Ferguson Han Ih.iiiinr, of
Ferguson, is spending 'is Christmas
in town. Capt. N.P P'wnau, of the
Steamor Lardeau, wis 'n town Tuesday. Mrs. D. M Rai arm Miss Wood
ley are vlsltinc frindit at Golden.
Mr. and Mrs. G, S. McCarter and
family spent Christm is'at Banff.
Temperance bodies 1 . Kelowna nre
fighting anj  reducl Ion I     lie m
Tho big Irrigation d eh near .Vernon known as the Gre canal, has
been completed at last.
W.  A. ('aider     of Edgewood called
,.liy W.Vi. Bradley, provincial asse^or,
said that there were some ._rood patches on the property and he consider-
e. It better than gracing land. He
thought le equal to other land in the
To Mr. Traves he saitl that the dam
had been of service in protecting
neighboring land.
i F. W. Laing, called by Mr. Traves
said that he had been over the property. There were not 100 acres fit
for cultivation. Much of the land was
Mr. Field in giving his decision
said that if the necessary improvements were made the land next year
might he re-classified. He reduced the
assessment to $10 an acre.
D. R. Campbell appealed against
the assessment of |>t. N.W.  |  Sec. 25,
,Tp. 22 at $3,000. Reduced to 52,600'.
J. D. Sibbald appealed against the
assessment of the Lee Lumber company's sawmill site at Wigwam at
$15,000. He explained that the mill
bad been burned down and that the
company     owned     only    5 of the 90
'acres for which  it had been a-ssegsed,
The  assessment   was  reduced   to    '"
and the balance of the land transferred    to Fred  Robinson.     The assess
ment for  I'll:'  was reduced    to   three
quarters on account of the tire.
Htrry Needham    appealed   ai
the assessment of lo's 1 to 8 block.'.
i Beaton, it $800 and lots 21 to i '■■
blocs 1 at ffiOO. He contended that
the figures represented boom prices
of in years .iito One lot In block :*.
was em the hill side. The assessment
ion lots 1 te, 9 was reduced to $750.
*l le' assessment on blocl 4 waa confirmed.
Q.   B,   McCarter on behalf  ol   W.R.
Hull    and     F.  H. Bou-n.
against  tbe assessment on    lots      in
[blocks 1,8, 1,5, to 9 ami 11, *■ -'
inclusive and unplotted lot 745, Bur
tor City townsite. The assessment is
925,460, Mr. Bourne contended that
some of the lots     were under water
1 and  that  the  assessment   was   eicef
Istve. Mr. Hull offered to sell his In
terest. in the property for $8,500. T.'.e
case was adjourned until  January   1
Other appeals were disposed of as
Foddred ft Sbephard, Lot 31 aad
house, Bik. IT Trout. Lake City. Reduced to $4<»0.
('. R. Dickson. Blks. 19-20 of Lots
7038-29, etc. Burton Orchard Tracts.
Vesessmeni confirmed.
Waller   Padgi tt.   Btl    63 ol
Assessment confirmed.
Mrs. S. E. Bond, Blk. 12, 18 of
l.-ei 7828-29, etc. Issessment confirmed.
Blanche Stevenson, Blk
G. 1.   Assessment to stund.
W. F. Fisch, Blk. 19 of Lot 8*18-29
G. 1.   Assessment to stand.
Adam Scala, S. i of W. J ol S.E. i
and S. J of S.W. j Sec. 25 Tp. 71.
Assessment to stand.
J. R. Dixon, S. J of Lot 7104, Q.l.
Taxes remitted.
Claim Made to Ownership of
Machinery of Pioneer
Placer Mines
C. E. Gillan on behalf of E. H.
Maunsell of Macleod, applied to
I Judge Korin at the county court on
Monday for m order !• rbiddlng the
sale by the sherifl of machinery of
the Pioneer Plac?r Mini-. Limited,
ownership in thc machinery being
ilaime.1 by Mr. M lunsell.
Judge Form refused the application saying that ejefore Interfering
with thc process of law he would require to be shown a str ng b 111
tide claim, which Mr, i.ill ,n had 1. .1
In the case of the M i' 1    Ml rei nl 11 1
:.y  vs.  M.  Bl atmi   I   G.  S.   Motor  plaintiff applied  for   substitute service. Defendant who former
I at Kat ■    .lei not    be
1 there.
in thi abrahamson et al,
vs Tapping. Mr. Met arter applied
lor an order confirming the s.ile of
the Selkirk hot"l to \. Grant an 1
dispensing with the payment "I the
money into court,  '"rder granted.
A certificate ..f naturalisation waa
granted to Daniel Cyrus l.e -y, machinist,  t'mte.l  States citizen.   '
There will b<> no session of th'^
county court  nest  month, the      in'xt
session being
in February
on the  first  Wednesday
Engineer's Heedprters
Moved fo Mstoke
The besadquarters ol M. B. Wescott
provincial  KOvertimSnt  district      engineer, have been  moved  from Nelson
to Revelstoke, Mr, W
td to arrive   In the city al  C      •• ;
of the yeear and  will    havi   m   ■«tl 1 • -
at the court house.
I    Cranbrook     kiddies     are   troubled
1IA. Lot   with an epidemic ol  "pink eye." PAGE TWO.
'"PO all our friends and pat-
*• rons in Revelstoke and
District we send the Season's
Greetings and best wishes for
a Bright and Prosperous New
Year.    &   &   &    &
We wish	
and a
to cAll 	
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
President, Vice-President,
EDWARD HAY. General Manager.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Depcsits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Bra-ch
A.B. McOLENEGHAX. Manager.
The Compliments of the Season
We wish our many friends and
customers  a Bright and  Prosperous New Year
Phone 41
Box 784
General Blackimith
Light and heavy Wagons, light and heavy
Sleighi. Buggies, Cutters, Plows. Harrows
Farm Implements. WSROn. mud. nnd r.p.lr.n
Agent for John Deere and Company and International Harvester Co.
Farm Implements
Mining is active around Oroville.
Albert fl. Dennis   died suddenly   ln
Primes George.
Last year  Ohesaw  shipped GO   carloads of live stock.
At. gtlvorton, T. H. WilBon has
moved Into his new store.
Considerable hay is being baled by
the ranchers at Okanagan Falls.
The Fraser river at South Fort
George froze solid upon December 9.
NeUon, Trail   and Rossland hockey '
players  will  receive no salaries   this
This year on thc Coldstream ranth
near Vernon 12OH0 gallons of elder
were made.
It is reported that the Trail smelter has In stock a million dollars
worth of silver.
At Trail there arc MO Austrians on
parole, and several of them ure also
OD the payroll.
The Molson creamery makes a 1000
pounds of butter a week, but could
sell  1000 pounds a day.
It will be 2*1 years next week since
the writer isBucd a prospectus for the
first paper in Rossland.
P. E. Wilson has a law office in
PrHnce George. At one time be was a
j'ldgc in East Kootenay.
Seven refrigerator cars, filled with
fish, are shipped every week from
Prince Rupert to eastern citieB.
The largest drydock on the Pacific
coast is being built at Prince Rupert
About 200 men are employed on the
A Chinamun hy the name of Gone
Wrong was fined 375 for running an
opium Joint in Rossland. His name
6uits the business.
For killing Bert Taylor, John. May,
a Hazelton Indian, has been sentenced to hang on March .",, at Prince
Rupert. Whiskey was the cause of the
Ore is being shipped from the
Cordillera group at Usk to the
Granby smelter at Anyox. Some of
tbe ore runs 45 per ceni copper with
silver values.
All th" depression in British Columbia is not the result of war. Wildcat speculating caused most ol it.
The haste to get ricli always causes a
vast amount of trouble.
\ well known locul Indian, upon
learning that, a number of Ontario
natives wer? likely to go to the front
to fight for their king, expressed a
desire td eo also. He believed that
•J.OOo Indians would be able to hold
the Germans down for one month-
give whit? man a rest. He said Indians right like miaiuitos, "shoot one
; Un then run another place. Ger-
iJtioot big guns arad each time
spoil SI*"**" r." one pet hurt—just
some time • •   maybe two.
Pretty   soon   th. I   ke."—Hazel-
ton Herald.
New Year Gifts
What to Give to
E't-   ri   UnfuHny- Lamp
Electric Washer and Wringer
Bra     -"nmkVrt Sat
Electric Vacuum Cleaner
1 vn    Cmed Gillette Razor
Blseel's Carpet Sweeper
We           r Rifle
Cut Glass Water Set
Tw        s Stropper
Cut Glass Berry Set
Fn     (l     ....
BrasB Candle Sticks   Set of Carvers
Case witli Sv-insorw
Electric Flash Light
Cut. Glm-s Cologne Bottle.
l'ocket Knife or Watch
Electric Curling Iron Heater
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Cut Glass Toilet Tray
Tool Sets    Drawing Sets
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Match Boxes
Cut Flower Vase
"where to buy-
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tl *'   STS  HP1GHT PUT!
Hedley—A   D.  'A'organ,     of
tor to town
.......    He reporl
■   tbe  J.regent  time   the
■   ■■  mine      ' .
will I.. tone   in
til a tramline is put  tn.    tl   "
ire supplj
rork on tbi
■• t'aminr.
Tourner's Studio
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for New Year don't stop to
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Bntsbeegd and tbe
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'he Mrs' of the   new jrear    Th-we   li
:,,.te r   to   arrive   yet
I .r    the Old   pi -'■      in
■ ,ii be hmO to r un tl ■
I   .i.,.r<.flSr,r
■\ r.. ..[.eriit ive creami t / li propoi
i !  to '•■ established af   Sdfewood
\  me ting .>f    Prltehard     farmers
ree  bl   I   last   week   tO  COI     .
toward* eo operation     In th<> h     •
ind ■' linn' ..I [arm goods
*[bi  annual iiii'.iIng ..f ibe    Nil <.in
v°all« • AgpleCtiltural and Horticultural)
ROCiecy wiih belli laBt week. The
treasurer's report hIiuwiiI g tleflcll ..I
198.31, ,
Wed.   ill.—Fire hall A. vs F"lre hall B.
Wed. fi.—J B 0. ve C.P.R.
Fri.  8.—Pire hall A.  vs B. of D.
Tues.  12.-Bua.-rn<-n  vs Fire hall  B.
'    1*1.—Govt, vs O.P.R.
Pri.  16.—J.B.C.  vs Bus.-men
Tues    19 —Fire hall A. vs Govt.
Wed   90.—Tin hall B. vs. J.B.O.
Fri. 22.-B.  of D.  vs C.P.R.
Tues   2f,.—Bus.-mnn  vs B. of D.
lei    27.-Fire hall  A.  vs J.B.C.
i.-Fire hall B. vs Govt.
Tues. 2.—Bus.-men  vs Govt.
'     Fire hull A. vs C.P.R.
Fri    V-B. of D   vs  J B.C.
lues   », -Fire hall B   re O.P'R.
nmeni  pi unlog   «> bool   is
1  Griuiil  Korku.
Kuiu can '.f hay were unloaded at
i   IhmI     <WHk.     When   thl   Knot.
may  valley   reclamation   icbeme   li
ca<rri<ad througb,   Crwton   and * icin
itv ehould ne growing enough imv  to
e-npiiiy local requirement!  and    ttipn
have a eurplui for the neighbora,
There will be do aalarleed playar-ioa
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A mouth ago it was decided that
under no conditions could thc Blsloy
rlflfi meeting be held next year, but
arrangements have been made to hold
the Imperial challenge shield com-
Iiotltion as usual Ior cadets, the
match to take place on ranges
throughout the empire between April
■md June.
Tlie steamer Caledonian, iwhich has
Arrived in Malta Irom Port Said, had
wi board a largo number ol religious
crders, mostly French. Slity-six
imuhi were landed there, but the r-a-
malndcr proceeded to Prance on tho
•tenmer. A number of those people
•were expelled Irom Pulesttno by thc
Turks, while tho others tied owing to
lhe menace of war.
George H. Highbee, Ior the past 10
years vice-president and manager ol
thc Pacific Coast Steamship company
at Seattle, has tendered hiB resignation to become effective January 1.
K. 0. Ward is now acting innuufc'cr
for the company, w'ith hcuiUiunrters
In Seattle, having been appointed to
thae position nt the time Mr. High-
bee wan granted a leave ot absence.
The Grand Trunk RailwaytB new Ib-
me of er>i per cent, three year notes
ir< put forward under tbe burdensome
conditions of the company offering
one per cent, commission to thc underwriters and apart from general
expenses the issue will cost them
nrvon per cent. The company, during
Uie summer sold $2,000,000 one-year
Mils on a basis which like the lateBt
ofler, were secured on debenture
The death announced of Frederick
Bough, the most famous English
builder ol rowing shells. He wus 56
yttirs old. He had been in failing
health ever since his bouthouse wub
Imrned tiy suflragcttcs three years
••go. The shock of that occuruucc
completely unnerved him. Mi. Rough's
factory at Oxford has turned out
■most of the boats used by Oxford
and Cambridge in their races for a
eacore of years.
The cost of the war to France Ior
the tirst six months is officially figured nt 5,939,442,86! francs or about
£200,000,000 monthly. This total not
only for the usual expenditure of the
wmy, but tt includes s*lOl,4ii0,00U allowed  to families of soldiers; K4,000,-
000 to pTsons out of employment;
J10 .-.'00,0110 for the maintenance of
(-•nous driven from their homes by
the Cermnn invasion, und to ..various
other items directly due to the war.
Bemuse of the wnr, Monte Carlo Is
to have a limited season this yenr,
opening some time in'December. Formerly it was the custom to begin the
gambling R"ason on November 15, and
long  before then the frivolous   world
01 sport and fashion had gathered
here, and by December gayety was at
Ms height. Out of the 8i'0 employees
or th" Casino nearly 300 are now
acrving France with the colors. The
rest hnve heen retained in the service of the company at temporarily
reduced  rates.
Col. Hodgetts, commissioner of
the Canadian Red Cross, has handed
the British Red Cross £5,000 contributed by Canada for general purposes, also £18900 for the equipnvnt
of a car ln Princess Christian's ambulance train which is being prepared
for thc continent.
Turkey has complied w'ith the de- I
mand of Italy by returning the Brit- j
ish consul at Hodcida, Arallla, to the
Italian consulute, Irom which he had
been forcibly removed and has, made
i.n explanation with the promise of
punishment for Uiobo guilty of the
broach of diplomatic relations.
Financial conditions throughout tho
United States have improved greatly
in the last few months, according to
reports to the Federal Reserve board
by some of the most prominent bankers in the country. Credit conditions
were said to be exceptionally good,
reserves nr.} abundant and short term
money cheap.
The probate in London of tho will
of the late Duke of Argyll, former
governor-general of Canada, shows
thc est ite in his own disposition to
have amounted to over $3,000,(100, of
which $1,868,320 was personal estate, in addition it was stated he
was life tenant of settled property of
vory considerable value.
Conditions    Satisfactory    in
Kootenay and Boundary-
Land Settlement Policy
iluoughout the province to assist in
the land-populating movement, and
lal ge sums had beon expended on this
work and on the work ol road con-
Colonization Irom the outside
might be the next policy that tbe
government would have to resort to
in order to populate the province
with productive settlers of the best
claus. No steps had yet been taken in
this connection, but he felt thut it
wan probable that something would
be done.
The Hon. W.R. Robs, Minister ol
Lands, who bas returned to Victoria
from a week's tour ol the southern
interior ol the province, speaks In
terms ol the highest praise ot the
manner in which the people ol the
various sections visited are bearing | Nakusp, B.C.-The annual meeting
themselves during the crisis ol the of the Nakusp Farmers' ■'institute was
war. "On all sides," sa'id the minist- held last weok. The president, Thom-
cr yesterday "the dominant charuct- ll8 Aibriol, gavo an address on the
! eristics ol the peoplo are hope, conli- wm.k of the British Columbia Fruit
'deuce and oourage. There is less un- <->rowon,. association, ot which ho is
employment thau might bo expected, ()nc Qf tho cxccuttve officers, giving
under the circumstances. This is   duo ... ... ..
Those Tinkling
Tango Tunes
•ra limply fiiclnitinf when reproduced by The HDISON Phoaofraph.
There'i no iun trying to do tha new
danoea — tha Fox Trot, Maxixe,
One Step, Hesitation, Boiton,
Three Step—to the jerky drumming
of a piano. There's no tempting
But when tha National Promenade
Band awinja into the aeduotiv*
"La Bella Argentine" or "Walts
Unit at ion", and
According to the Petrograd correspondent ot the Post, the Turkish battleship Messmlieh, which wus recently sunk in the Dardanelles by a British submarine, had been recently newly arm.ired with un entire Bet of the
latest big guns, especially sent from
Qermany, and thc crew as well as
the officers, were all Germans.
James Rumsiiy MacDonald, member
of Parliament and chairman of the
Labor party, has gone to the tront
With an ambulance corps, nccording
ti the Leceiatershire Post. Mr. MacDonald for a time was bitterly opposed to the war. He accused Sir
Edward Grey, the British foreign
secretary, of being responsible for
England's participation in the Europ-t
can war.
Tt is understood that two Important promotions have been made in
the militia department. Col. Fiset,
deputy minister ,if militia, it is said,
has received the rank of surgeon-
general, while Col. G. B. Steele. I).
O.G., district No. 10, has received
rank of Major-General. In addition,
Gnneral Steele and General I.essard,
Toronto, have been appointed inspectors general, respectively of the
west and east.
in the main to the fact that there ls
a marked revival in mining activity,
ivid that tha smelter and mines in the1
Boundary and the smelter at Trail
have reopened after a short shutdown following the outbreak of war.
This has had a stimulating eflect on
; the whole of the southern Interior.
"I found the people much interested
I in the question of land settlement
and agricultural development, and at
a number of meetings which we held
1 was given an opportunity to state
something of the plans and intentions of the government in connection with those two problems."
The "hack to the land" movement
was one that wns confronting the Dominion ns a whole today, said Mr.
Ross. It was a movement that was of
vital interest ami importance to this
district and in this the government
was holding up its end in the matter
and working consistently to thc
best advantage.
British Columbia with its total
urea of 250,000,000 acres was a large
province, and within the province
there whb ample opportunity to get
back to the land. Nearly all realized,
he thought, the vast expanse of land
in the southern section of the     pro
lietailR of the efforts of the asBociu
tian at Victoria and Ottawa ln the
Interests ol the marketing ol produce
and the difficulty met in competition
with growers from the States in the
prairie cities, which he fully expected
would be satisfactorily met at no distant date. J. S. Morrison advocated
nn increased interest in the meetings
t-.y the members by making meetings
of an educative nature.
The following directors were elected
for lulfi: Thomas Abriel, B. Parkin-
sun, W.R. Rogers, J.S. Morrison, T.
Sellars, C. Huesnell and F. Wensley.
The directors elected Thomas Abriel,
president; J. S. Morrison, vice-president and C. BuesneTl, secretary-treasurer. A committee was appointed to
see to the working of the community
incubator in order to meet the requirements of down river patrons.
Montreal News: What would the
average city youth of today think of
bis chance in life if he were obliged
to change places with thc child of the
backwoods of u few decades ago?
What if he found himself iu a rude log
reproduce! the full, rich
melody—the iwiy and iwid£
of it —the fascinating rhythm
of it—then you have nunc-
thin* worth dancing to.
There tre other apecial Dance
Records available lo owners of
IJiiein I'll..it-1 (i n v li * --tevcrtl
hundred other Bend and Orchettra
records, many of -which are suitable
for the new dances —and any numher
of Tango songs like "Uoderaeath
Thc Tango Moon."
The new Kdiann Phonograph
haa tha diamond reproducing point,
unbreakable and long playing
records, superior motors and
0OOII ruction, concealed horns, and
^^^^^^^^^^^^ the Cabinets are made in true Period
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finest furniture.
Gome in and hear the KDISON play »ll these tinkling tango tunes—play them
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hava with an FDISON PHONOGRAPH io your own home.
vince   but there were  but few     that  cabin,  without windows or ■*«■»»"
a£edwhS  wealth  lay in  the nor-  the heart ofthe wUderneSS, faraway
thern section.     He and the attorney-   from schools, churches and railroads,
ln the matter ol the Winding Up Act
heing Chapter 114 ot the Revised
Statutes ol Canada 1906 and
amending acts.
In the matter ot the Interior Publishing Company, Limited.
The creditors of the above-named
company and all others who have
claims ■.•.•iiii'-i thc said company,
formerly carrying on business   in the
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
terta, the Yukon Territory, tbe
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be issued for a term ot
twenty-one years at an annual rental of     $1 au acre.   Not more    than
thc  without newspapers, hooks or money? j city QI Revelstoke, B. C, are on   or  2,500 acres will  be leased to one ap-
K^S^lj   Wh. would -Mnk ^ving     to
British Columbia and had visited the   ^ many = tojJ-JJ   «-
Peace River country during   the past  school.    a        of
belore the 31st duy ol December A.D. * PiiCant. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1914, to send     by post prepaid     to i    Application Ior lease must be made
Ernest Q. Rooke, E^p, ol the City ol  j.,y the applicant    in
person to    the
^^^^^^       ol the die
the rights applied tor   are
..e^e^B             u  , «,„ Avera.ee youth ol today think of ] Hevclstoke,  B. C,    the     provisional Agent or    Sub-Agent    of the district
summer and when     he had     reached ™*™Bg'     collntrv     for     miles 'liquidator of the said company,     to ' in which
that region he thought he was in the scouring  ^     ^ ^     ^^ ^            ^ ^   Revelstoke,    B.   C.     their „ituated.
fnr  northern  extremity  of the     pro- ann then, after a hard   day's  christian   and   surnames,     addressee j    The lease will include the coul min-
vince.  However,  he ha.l looked   at   a i                            at night bv    the j and descriptions,  the full particulars   ln? rightB only, but the lessee    may
map and saw that he was but in the   «or«,  to _ |   _   t      _a    u_ _„.„„„     „„,,   u. ,^_M  ,,_     u...   .„,,„».„„
The hundredth casualty list, con- '
tnlning only 2.IS4 additional mimes,
firings the totul Prussians killed,
wounded and missing to 717,810, in
addition there nre 74 Saxons, 75
Wurtcmburg nnd 118 Bavarian lists.
The total Prussian and Bavarian OS
■ualtiM hitherto published arc about
l.OOO.Oiii. Saxon and Wurtrmourg
lists give an additional 100,000.
Heavy losses of the Bavarians led
mime Germans to describe them as
food for British cannon. i
Thc Imperial German chancellor.
Dr. Von Bethtiiiinn-Hollweg, hns rt>-
crlved word that his eldest seen, who
is a lieutenant in a i-avalry regiment,
has hen made prisoner by the Uus
Binns in Poland. He Is suffering from
a bullet wound in the thigh, which
he received while patrolling. The announcement confirms a previous dispatch stating that a son of the Ger
man chancellor hud been seriously
Injur.'.I at Piot.rkow, Russian Poland,
nnd was in the hands of the Russians.
"Cnnada is moving with dignity
and strength," declares the Liverpool
Courier, upropos of Premier Borden's
statement regarding the military resources of the Dominion. The Courier
regards the problem of Canada as
not the raising of men, but the organizing of recruits into efficient soldiers. "The part Canada is taking
will make Germany realize us never
before the meaning ol the British
flag." the ('mirier adds.
Reports which hnve tfltered through
the Swiss Tyrol front'ier from Innis-
hruck, Austria, are to tbe effect that
one of the principal reasons why the
Servian army took 20."00 prisoners
after their vistory over the Austrians
was that the Slav element in tbe
Austrian retreating forces gladly surrendered, ihoutlng, "Welcome comrades, don't shoot." Even some of
the officers deserted, the report says.
\ (ew Austrian officers, it is add-ed
wi'iT found shot in tbe back.
The determination    of the     House
.ef Commons not to sit again     until
Ml rum y -' Ins excited considerable
criticism in London and the decision
• if the House of Lords to reconvene
in January is praised by the critics,
who maintain that both houses should
sit intermittently for theiurpose of
keeping an eve on the executive
t ranch of the government. Long sittings would not be necessary according to these critics, as there is no
i, nest ion of legislation or finance immediately pending.
centre of the province and he
that he himself could hardly
what expanse there was.
Timber Revenue
He touched on the large revenue
that was derived by the province
from the sale of timber licenses and
stated that during the repime of the
McBride government there had been
no chunge in the principle of the
Land Act. There was due and owing
to the government ubout $8,uuO,oOi)
or ^9,0ii0,uil0 as deferred payments on
land purchases, and it had been criticized for not taking these purchasers
by the throat and making them pay
At the last session of the house legislation was passed providing for
' payments for these sums in four instalments, thc tirBt of which became
' due this year, but since wnr hail
broken out he did not know whether
or not much would accrue from this
source. However, if the holders of
these lands on which money was due
to the government did not piiy he,
personally, would say let them forfeit them to the Crown. Govern- |
ment policy did not   stipulate
a  hard
work,  to read them  at night by-
found   liKht of u log fire?
Notice is hereby given that a Court
of Revision and Appeal, under thc
1 roVisions of the "Taxation Act"
and the "Public Schools Act" for
•■he Revelstoke Assessment District
nill he held as follows:—At Court
House, Revelstoke, B. C, Tuesday,
29th day of December, 1914 at 11
o'clock in the forenoon. At Government Offices, Nakusp, B.C., Tuesday,
5th day of January, 1*915, at 2
o'clock in the nftcrnoon.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, Deccm-
of their claims, and the nature and be permitted to purchase whatever
amount of the securities, if any, held available surface rights may be con-
by them, and the specific value of gidered necessary Ior the working of
such securities verified by oath, and the mine at the rate of $10.00 an
in default thereof     they will be per-  acre.
emptorily excluded from the benefits in surveyed territory the land must
of the said Act and Winding Up Or- te described by sections, or legal
der. . (.ul. divisions   ot  sections, and  in  un-
The undersigned District Registrar gurveyed territory the tract applied
ol the Supreme Court ol British Oo- for shall be staked out by the ap-
lumbia will on Thursday the 1st day  plicant himsell.
ol February, A. D. 1916, at the hour j Each application must be accompan-
ol 11 o'clock In the lorenoon at his led by a tee ol ?5 which will be re-
office at the Court House, Vancouver funded if thc rights applied tor are,
B. C, hear the report ol the liqhlda-' not available, but not otherwise. A
tor upon the clnims ot creditors sub- I royalty   shall    be    paid on the mcr-
mitted to him pursuant to this   notice and let all parties then attend.
Dated this 27th day    of November,
A.D.  1914.
District  Registrar
_ this   her 8th, 1914
1 ut these were his personal feelings.
Millions of dollars had been spent Judge
I.y his department on the survey of Appeal.
lands near railways and   roads     and
(S'ignedl  ('.
of Court of
6,000,   acres  bad  been  surveyed    in
recent years, or an average »f 1,900,
"00   acres  n   year.   Of   these   lands  2,-
41111,000 acres were ready for the
He referred to the steady advance
, there  had   been    each   year,   including
■the present   year,  in  the number     of
prceinptors settling on  lands in Brit
isb Columbia, while in other provin
NOTICE  is hereby    given that un-
pre- j der a  certain    Warrant of Execution
directed to ine against the goods and
chattels ol the Pioneer Placer Mines,
Limited and issued out ol tin- County
I e.uil   .et   W st   Kootenay   hidden      at
Revelstoke  in  an action  wherein Fred
^^^.^e^.^-.^.^,^,^,^^^^^^ Uosse  ui.I others are plaintiffs    and
ces of the dominion there had been a   Pioneer  Placer    Mines,  Limited      are
falling ofl in this respect      in 1910, defendants, I have seised and taken ln
8,011   bad  taken   up  p mptlons;  In  execution a i|iuuitity of    mining  ma-I   	
1911,      2,1".*/;      in      1012,    '.l.tisri;      in   chinery,   plant,   tools    and  provisions   Leases   issued   in,der  thl
,886;  and  in  1014,   1.288,     the  situated on the premises of the     dc-!thc Placer  Mining Art by the     "■
under certain Warrants of Execution
d'irectcd to me against the goods and
chattels of thc Pioneer Placer Mines,
Limited and issued out of the County-
Court of West Kootenay holden at
Kevelstoke. In .i certain action num
bered 139 of 1911 wherein Fr. ,i posse
and others are plaint ids and I
Placer Mines Limited are defendants
and in a certain action numbered 111
Iof 1014 wherein dri Benson and
'others are plaintiffs and Ploneei
Placer Mines Limited are defendants,
1  have  seized  and   tnken   m  eXW
all the Interests of    the defendants,
pint r Placer Mines Limited in three
Planer Leases situate on French Creek
W"st   Kootenay known as tin    i
Duller"     and     "Eldorado"  Placet
chantahle output of the mine  at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
icturns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Aeent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion  Lands.
f. G. Burrfdqe & Son
Plumbers ar.d TinFmiths
We    -|   .-.-.'ll    .'■•        |e
MetnlllcCclllrBS.Ccriif.rtrr Tf tt-
InK, Firnnce Wcrk rt ri i p-
tc-itatc riiirblrK
W. rk 8bi>n   i > i , \ ■.
The Ann] Messenger, a newspaper
Issued hy the stall of the armies at
the front, lias now le.iineil that the
use   of  Cholera  cultures  us  a   weapon
of modern warfare was propo-aed officially by Gen, von Htthradorf, for
use against the Russians und Ber
viniiH. Gen, von Hethendorf's pro
posai was presented    t,, the supreme
military Council of Austria and
Warmly opposed bv Count llerrhthold
who thtenteneil that, if Kncli n men
mire were formally ianction<ed, be
would resign Ins official post. The
Amu Messenger li the official orgai
of th" Russian ai mv during this wai
It was created after the ..nines had
gOl tO Work, nnd is rireii|!iti"l pi ur.
ticully only ul the [rout.
The management committee of   the
Vancouver board of     school trustees
recommend te. next   ynr'a   members
that the salan 's of the teachers remain as they are In view ol thi ' i *
that the teachers are contributing
li p a cent of their salaries in relief wo|j. The opinion of the eom-
nittee of which Trustee Stewart.
link.' and Mrs. P. \li'N,night..n are
members is thai tin- t.'irhers are not
ovei paid The Sethi •■! Reliel ,
tion have contrlbuti ■! to i illef this
month   more    th in     -1 1*00 and tti»-
students  ut   the   Normal   school    have
that sun   a collection
..n . 'in  the  |Cl I  Children  hist    week
1.1. 'cbt  i  lonattoa of $.'." N t.. the
Red Cross society.
present  year  being the .argest in tl,   fendunts     on     fTf**^^^ ISSStSSi.'S-   ^   ££
| istory     „f     Uritish  Columbia, fully   Kootenay and that I will on th. ,21.t ■     " .ml.
600.000 acres being taker,  up.  Timber  day of December. PHI at tl.e hour of .the name of
Licenses areas as they become logged
off ure thrown open   to pre emptors;
'   arres  had  l.ei'ii   thrown      open
in this manner in 1918, and no!  one
half   Of   the   land   bad been taken    up.
He referred to the pre-emptions recently thrown open in the Slocan dis
trict as examples <>f this method ol
opening up lands tothe Bettlers.
It had been r,>it i,\ the government   plication to tbe undersigned.
he suid. that the best, wny to pro-
.-ide for the populating ol the province was by the policy which     the
government   bnd  been      following      of
rail** ij - tension, and ■ brisk policy
,,,.■_.:. bIi     carried   on
that   would  have  its    resultant   bei e
I tits,     durveyors     had     hum   uctivc |
'.'.'iO p.m. at my otliee at the Court Limited and that t will on the 29th
House, Hevclstoke, n. C, offer day of December, 1914 at 9.80 p. m.
lor sale publicly all the nt mv Office at the Court House,
said goods and chattels or sufficient j Revelstoke, B.C., offer for sale pub-
lmrt thereof to satisfy the Executions lllcly all the Interest of the said de-
against the goods and chattels now fendunts in the iald i ''"' Leasee
in  my bunds. Particulars of the sail   Leases     and
A  list of the     goods     seized    and   the  .amounts owing    thereunder     for
ground rent to the Province ol Brit
isb  Columbia nnd  of the I.tens     nnd
charges  filed   against   the laid  Leases
may be ascertained  on appllcat    I  '
tbe undersigned    nrt., thi Regl trar
above  referred   to   may   be seen   on np
Dated this Llth, December, 1911,
W, 3, law.
Sberill  ot  North We.I   |  ...'enuy. -  „	
The  above  sale  has  been  post].one,I of the County  Court    it   Kevelstoke.
I.y  me until December 29, TH I at 2.30      Dated   this   22-id   day   of    December,
p.m. nt  the same place. 1114.
W. J. LAW W.   ,T.  LAW.
Sherifl ol North-WcBt Kootenay bherifl, North-west Kootenay.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone42   -     Night Phone85
It is not a mark oi" breeding
to write visiting cards ....
Let thc oTV'aii-Fetald
put you right. Thi.
price will not wreck
your exchequer. We
print in the best  style •PACK  FOUR
r.ht ALU    oeVELSTOK£
Zbe nibail-lbcvalb
KKVKl.KTOKK.  B,  ('
Local Reading Notices and Business
Locals 10 cents per line each lnSer-
tion. Minimum local ad charge 2Bo.
Display advertisements 2.r> cents per
Inch each insertion, single column.
Legal advertising ot any form, also
■Government and Municipal Notices 12
cents per line flrst insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing 10 lines to the inch.
applications Ior Liquor Licenses 85,
Applications for Transfer ol Liquor
•Licenses $7..ri0.
Oil  prospecting notices $7.50.
Land Purchase NoticeB. $7.00.
Water Application Notices, up to
100 words, $7.50, over 100 words In
would residents of thc city have
wider opportunity for enjoyment, such
as yearly attracts thousands of
tourists to Switzerland und Norway,
but Revelstoko would become a   cen-
, tre of attraction for visitors.
I The decision to hold a winter carnival and the vitality shown by the
ski club are an excellent augury of
what might be accomplished. If thc
carntval is made thc success that it
well may bc, it will bc a striking advertisement, of the winter attractions
of the city, and the activity of the
SU1 club In tWls and other directions
deserves the hearty support     of   all
, who are interested in the future of
The city has in summer almost unexcelled delights to ofler tourists. Its
winter attractions should not be forgotten.
interior publishing Company?
E.  G.  ROOKE, Manager and Editor.
At a time such as the present the
lamiliar wish "A Happy New Year,"
may seem almost a mockery. It is
a time of stress. Thc empire is engaged in a vast and snngu'inary war
in which lives in thousands are being
sacrificed and treasure ln millions
dlBBlpat&d, Here in Canada progrcBS
has been checked, prosperity diminished.
But there is a bright side to the
picture. There can be no regret. Tbe
war has been undertaken on the part
of the empire for a noble cause, to
fulfil a solemn obligation, to protect from oppression B neighbor who
trusted it. No price can be too Wigh
when honor is at   stake.
Canada is doing its duty. It has
evaded no obligation. It is giving its
men and treasure to the service of
the empire. It is united and steadfast in its purpose.
The war is a righteous war nnd,
more, it is heing carried to a successful conclusion. The Qerman at
tack is being rolled back. Victory is
with the allies and the yenr now be
ginning may he expected to si" a
triumphant peace proclaimed. There
il no room for dismay, much ground
f..r satisfaction, bright hope for the
With the war at an end material
prosperity will return a-id progr ss
Will be with accelerated step. Can
;.da's resources are undiminished,
I'ritish Columbia's vast natural
th still awaits development, Revelstoke's advantages remain. Demand for the product ul the forests
will be keener than belore. mines
.'■-.'A be ransacked for their hidden
wealth, tourists, driven from other
ts, will return In greater numbers.
Th»  coming   year    holds  out bright
•  -■ ■ -ts.  May it  be Inde d a  Happy
S    •   Ye„r.
The Yorkshire Observer: We can all
remember what apprehension wns expressed only a year or two ago lest
Canada should throw In her lot with
the United Stutcs. Yet this is thc
country which within six weeks of the
I outbreak of war raised 85,000 men,
' not for thc defence of her own shores
but for the service of the empire. She
has since raised as many more, and
is prepared to furnish ten times as
many, if need he. Those human bonds
ure the strongest which appear the
most fragile, because they allow to
each unit the greatest possible freedom of individual movement.
1 Toronto Telegram: Not a hair id
DeWet'e head should be touched.
Boers and Britons might ugree to
turn DeWet loose to roam South
Africa for the remainder $t his days
and bc recognized as a fool who allowed automobiles to rob him of tbe
fame that fast horses had thrust upon him. De Wet is guilty ;of the blackest vnriety of treason and worthy of
a traitor's death, but a living failure
will bc less influential in the future
of South Africa than a dead martyr
May DeWet be long spared to s-ri??
aa county constable or J.P. at tbe
trial of motorists whose automobiles
exceed the speed limit.
only In case of defeat for him
"J-T-B-" hab wttcn n lengthy
article on the Malakwa celery fields
which appeared in a recent 'Issue of
the Family Herald nnd Weekly Star.
The article deuMt mainly with the Introduction of the plant four years
ago by J.H, Johnson up to the
present day, the 30 acres under cultivation this year and thc posslbl-i-
ties of Malakwa becoming tho celery
garden of western Canuda.
BORN.—On Tuesday, December 22,
to Mr. and MrB. Geo. Imbeau, a
BORN.—On Friday, December 22,
to Mr. and Mrs. H. Sednberg, a
Thirteen birtliB nre reported during
the yeai; and two deaths from accidental causes. Heaths from natural
rnuses, none.
The Misses Sarnh Baynes and Florence and Lillie Anderson registered
, for dinner nt the Palace on December
The annual meeting of thc Farmers' Institute will he hold in the
hall on  January 2, at 1 p.m.
Business Men are
Winners Over C.P.R.
Lust evening the C.P.R. played the
Business men in the Y.M.C.A. bowling
' league. Only four men played on each
Iteam. The game was interesting
j throughout resulting in a win for the
Business men of three straight. Highest score for thc evening was 2U-
bowled by J. Palmer.
The following teams will play in
the basket ball games on New Years
Intermediates—Lonzo Dupont Capt.
Luther Blackberg, Val. Tomlinson,
Dan   Johnson,   Manuel   Johnson.
High School:— Glen ,Urquhart, Capt.
Arthur Young, Francis Bourne, Harry
Huck, Earl Donnldeon.
All Stars.—Jim Lawrence, Capt.,
G. Gordon, Frank Lefeaux, Lome
; McLeod, Wood.
Tigars.— E. Corley, Capt., Fraoik
Lanets, M. Calder, Arthur Bennet,
Fred Little.
Intermediates vs. High School, and
All Stars vs   Tigers.
General Manager, Canadian Pacific Railway, who has announced  promotions ol
officials in lhe western divisions,
TX7E take this opportunity of thanking
* * our many friends and customers for
their patronage during the year and wish
one and all a Happy New Year.
P. O. Box 303
Phone No. 23
The ' •       ed   in
'■'■■•••   Sti this       Winter       Impresses
strong       pon the Imng nation     the
:  the    cltj
•        of 1
f to thi Hon of I
nd tl        • •      t an   en-
■ ■ - iting
..:.  runs
; ' Ipan el       .,:;el      ,u\:
if  the      ' I      I f'er   winter
I   ■ b  exist   in Bl i    •: eat
if this v-i"   ei. :,-     i.e i     only
Mini ATA NT anil Al  rjITOR
I .it. n ith tin- KovelBtokc
1 lenei .1 Agenclei I
Bookl • eping, Typew i i1 Ina ami
al! kimi- of i 'I.-, leal Work
A counts ('ol'i-rti'il
l'ioinpt. Reiurne
l'i..'. Life Mini Ai'i'idctit  In-iir
ance plan .1 wit li -' uiul ami
reliable companies
i Iffice :   McKenzie  A ppnua
(NeXl  to Coin. Ti-li'gi apll ( llline)
Phone208      I'. i>. Box :il"
[Edmonton Journal: A decision has.
been given by a New York court that
has far-reaching interest. A man, 39
years of age, became afflicted With
the tango craze, and invariably Bpent
the evening of pay dav at a public
dunce, which led to his wife taking
legal proceedings. The majority ol
the court held that no man over 35
should indulge in such frivolities,
and henceforth on pay day he wlfll
have to report to a probation otticer.
The finding may prove useful to
those who have father- and husbands
who in their terpslch rean nctivitt-es
have been disregarding the unwelcome fact that they ..re no longer
young. It may also help some who
have been nrired to le.rn the new
dances and Will be glad tO plea
age limit.
London Daily ■ I
give off-hand the dati     I thi
ol Englai  .      t tool
I inger  ago  than   171"
commend, Its utte
The ir.
::ch  landi
established    --eif  ■ ...
. nd  of twi vai        - I
foi'       :  :■■'■■:   bl  et
... ...
the    Invasion w -
•  i
Cawd   ■■    -
Pi        this ll
P '
-tail   Po nl
until tl
I   out Immc . .cl   ■
ti." in ml
teerg, ti     Fishguard,
Shortly  after hie arrival,  Gen
to sun nrntng
II ■■  Pi inch laid
No!  a slngli
ed   on   cither siib\
Christmas is Celebrated
at Bear Creek
(Special to tin' Mall Herald)
Malakwa, Dec. 29.- ■( McGilove, the
local chess and checker ch imp-Hon bas
had nine replies to bis challen ■>■
which recently appeared Iti the Mail
Herald, He states that most of t.hesie
challengers demand their expenses
and  Unit he  is  willing to  pay    them
i Special' to thc Mail  Herald)      7
Bear  Creek,    13.  (.'.,  Dec.  29.—Bear
Creek    royally   celebrated   Christmas
eve.  There ure ahout a dozen families
1 a re   now.   Some of the  boys decorated  the  living      room with   evergreens
and  a   Christmas tree  and some     of
the  ladies  ofthe camp came over and
hung presents on the tree     for     the
children.      The tree    was lit    up With
d  electric     lights      and  looked
very      pretty.      Stockings were hung
.nd   the tire  place  for the children
eryoni    ;ot a presmt, there being about  20 children   present   and  52
adults.  Cards and other games   were
.   until   11   p.m.      Dancing  then
ted      and kept      up until
rim.'.  Then I i an  •■-1 el
tbe   ablt-
of   the  camp.      Afl  I       :■; 61   somi    '
the  bo; I       organ  and
. tept  it   up until  about I
rphy acted      as
■ t      fn     the
anl.--   r: )he   Conducte 1
•      '
Ninety Cars Shipped
hy Salmon Arm
■ •    '        'I
■ -
-   •   . • ■   ■ .
i . -    i
ted  Log
I7i i 1
■ •  ■    '
1 ite   drapes
crates Plums
en    io " ■ pears
I !0    boxes Crabs
51     loxes  a ■»i • i >• ■
Chaii-"ii with the possession .ef Qre
.  e number ol alien     enemy    at
Trail nere fined from ■::>:. to S100    e
Credit Restricted by
Vernon Merchants
The Vernon Retail Merchants association has pasBed thc following; resolution:
"Resolved, that owing to present
financial conditions, and the curtailing ol purchasing terms by the wholesalers, it is deemed advisable to havc
set terms ol credit ol 30 days, restricting same with u view to giving
our customers better values when
possible, and thereby prevent much
ol our customers' cash being sent to
catalogue houses, and we believe thiB
Btep to be in the best interests ol the
i customers and dealer Ior the lollowing reasons:
"1st.   The merchants will be   in   a
position to  meet their obligations.
!    "2nd.   The elimination ol  bank ov-
; or-drafts.
"iird. The buying Ior cash and securing discounts.
"4th. The reduction ol overhead
"5th. The selling ol goods at a
I closer margin ol protit to the customer.
"In view of the mutual benefits resulting from a co-operation of the
merchants of this city to secure a
more precautionary credit system, we
: beg to advise you that on and after
January 1st, 1915, all accounts will
he limited to u cash or strictly 30
days basis. That is to say, all purchases during the month must be
paid for not later than the 5th of the
month following."
i- ,	
Pire alarm signals are given thus.
Two strokes,  interval    five seconds.
four strokes, Box 21. No of box will
also be shown  on indicator    at   fire
Practice signal.—Six  (6)  strokes of
bell slowly.
Testing    signal.—Three (3)    strokes
I bell slowly.
Fire Out  signal.—Two  (2)    strokes
of bell slowly.
Defect signal.—One    tl)    stroke   of
ell slowly.
Box  No .   lt—Corner    First    street
McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Dox  No    15.—Corner     First   street
ind  Rokeby avenue,
Cox No. 16.—Corner Second street
bfiI Government Road and Opera
! 7.—Corner    Third    street
impbell  avenue,   Globe  Lumber
P,  R. station.
J I.    ioi ner    Fifth     street
and     McKenzie     avenue,     Catholic
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
nnd Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. 2ti.—Corner Fourth street
and McArthur nvenue.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth street
nnd Townley nvenue.
Box No. '.'8.—Corner Second street
and Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 31.— Fire hall No. 2.
Box  No.  35.—Hospital.
Box Noi 31;.—Central School.
Box No. 37.—Selkirk School.
Box No.   14.—Fire Hall  No. One.
Box No. 25.—Front etrert west,
.near C.P.R. bridge.
Box No. 46.—Corner King and
Douglns streets. Palace Ment Market.
' Box No. 47.—Corner Second Btreet
!nnd Wales street, back ol Court
Box  No.    48.—Corner    Third      nnd
No. 1 Irom Montreal to Vancouver,
arrive at <>.05 p.m., leave 6.25 p.m.
No. 2, Irom Vancouver to Montreal,
arrive at 11.05 a.m., leave at 11.25
a. m.
No. 3, Irom Toronto to Vancouver,
arrive at 7.05 a.m., leave at 7.20 a.m.
No. 4 from Vancouver to Toronto,
arrive nt 12.45 a. m., leave at 1.05
u. ra.
|    No.  <H4, from RevelBtoke to Arrowhead, leave 7.30 a.m.
|    No.  S03.  from  Arrowhead to Revelstoke, arrive  1.40 p.m.
No. 3 makes connection with the
Okanngain line at Sicnmons, returning
leaves Sicamous at 10.50 p.m.
I Trains Nos. 1 and 2, mnkc all local
stops between Revelstoke and S'lca-
Trains Nos. 3 nnd I, make local
stops between Sicamous and Kamloops.
School Boys' Basket
Ball Schedule
At the Apollo theatre tomorrow
night the "Million Dollar Mystery"
will he shown being KpiBode No. 16.
"Drawn in the Quicksands," Tbi»
famous serin) is becoming more fn-
tereHing each week. There will In-
other high class pictures shown aa
The Empress theatre bus a splendid list ol picture! for the balance i»f
tho week including dramas, comedies,
and war pictures. Zudora the famous
Bcrlal story is creating a great deeal
ot interest and the third episode "The
Mystery of the Dutch Cheese. Maker,
will be shown on Friday, "The Man
on thc Box" shown lust night proved
to bc a decided treat and greatly
pleased  all who saw it.
Vernon—While Mr.  and Mrs. F. Fim-
layson    ol  Shuswap  Falls    were    in
town on Monday, in attendance   upon
i their  daughter,    who      was recently
operated  upon  for  appendicitis,      at
the hospital, they received, by phone,
the distressing news  thnt their house
had  been  burnt to the  ground     tbat
morning. Only n very    small proportion ol the contents had been saved,
and  thc loss is a heavy  one,  as nearly all  the furniture  along with clothing and pergonal cttects were destroyed.  Mr.   and Mrs. Finlnyson  have the
ihearty     sympathy      ol     their   many
'iriends here over their misfortune.
Jan. 5.—Frunes vs. Baby Giants.
Jan. 8.—Whitewashes ;'.'s. Janes.
Jan.  12—Whitewashes v. Baby Giants
Dec.   15.—Prunes vs. Flyers.
Dec.  19.—Janes 'vs.  Spitfires.
Dec. -JL—Baby Giants vs.   Spitfires.
Dec.  24.—Flyers  vs.  Whitewashers
Dec. 2S.—Janes vs. Prunes.
On Wednesday evening, December 2
thc teams lined up for volley ball ot
the Y.M.C.A., as follows:
French Recruits.— W. Legallais,
(Copt.) Dr. Heard, J. L. Hay, A.
Ross, J. fouling, George Menne.l.
Scotch Bcservcs.—N. R. Brown,
(Capt.) John Little, W. Veith, A. O.
Haddon,  J.  S. Ross, D. Twies.
The game was last and interesting
nil the way through, with the lollowing result: French Kecruite, 2;
Scotch Reserves 1.
A coasting sleigh Ior use on Swies
mountains is equipped with both runners and wheels, either of which may
be lowered to the ground by levers
operated  by  a driver.
Word was received yesterday to the
effect that. J.K. Sjoquist who as a
reservist in the Imperial army left
hero to rejoin the colore when war
broke out, is now in the hospital at
Itoulonge seriously wounded.—Kamloops  Standard.
i a w si *] h a a a a a a a a a
i«        All   changes   of    ndvertise-
(gi ments    must   positively      be
a handed   into   this      office   by
a Mondny evening in order that
IS) the    change  shall   appear   in
gl Wednesday's  issue,    and  any
,3 changes  Intended   for   Satur-
:«i day's issue must be handed in
gj not  later     than      Thursday
8 evening of each  week.
Armstrong city council  havc grunt-
(d S25.00 toward the     Home Guards. |
to be used      for fixing     targets    and
shooting  gallery
The  Swedish and Finn  residents   ol i
Rossland   now hnve  a    hall    of    their
own    and  arc    learning that   modern
dance entitled:  "Kick der  Kaiser."
for garden and farm are best
for E.C.soil.See Catalogue fox
solid guarantee of purity
ana germination.
Solid now for Copy frep
Sutton SSens.The Kind's SeocUnon
K»«tl>n^i England
Victoria     t\       vancouvor
6IS  Fori  SI. 6t76'Oi.vill«5t
COPYRIGHT   UNOEBWOOD  *   llNutHWOOP,   N,   v..        ,
r.. i !=a
Those having items for publication
- In    tbe    Mail-Herald social and personal column    are  requested to  call
up phone 62.
Mr. W. H. Horrobln made a flying
trip to Kamloops yesterday.
John Harbcll ol Salmon Arm was
a  visitor in town this week.
Mr. G. Ralph Lawrence, Lemuel
Briggs, and Richard Lawrence, aro
visitors at Comaplix thiB week.
Jack Shuttlcwood, spent Christmas
With his parents, Mr. and Mrs. "W.
E.   Shuttlcwood,  Second street.
Charles A. Procunier Jr., returned
to Comaplix on Monday morning,
having spent Christmas at thc
Bl. (1. Graves, manager lor P.
Burns at New Westminster was the
guest, ot Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Laing
mi Tuesday.
Mrs. Crowe ot Vancouver is a visitor in town, guest ol her mother, Mrs.
Matheson. Mr. Crowe intends joining her later.
Mr. A. J. Collison and son Budd.
left on Tuesday evening for Seattle.
Mr. Collison will spend the New
Yeur with his mother.
The W.C.T.U. will not meet on
Friday, January 1, but on Friday,
January S, at the home of the president, Mrs.  F.  W.  Laing.
Miss Lauretta Dupont left on Monday to spend a lew days at her lather's ranch near Arrowhead. She was
accompanied hy Ora and Kenneth
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Van Horn
and daughter Murgurette, ol the
King Edward hotel, spent Christmas
with Mr. Van Horn's mother at Vancouver, enroute to their winter home
in Victoria.
Mrs. W. Leslie, received the
sad news on Saturday ol the death
by drowning of her neice, Mrs.
Mansbridge, her husband and two
small children, while skating on Lake
Dr. J. H. and Mrs. Hamilton entertained a large number of the
jounger set on Saturday evening, at
their home on McKenzie avenue.
Cards and dancing were enjoyed after
whi?h delicious refreshments were
served. Miss Gladys Urquhart won
the ladieB prize and Mr. L.W. Wood,
the gentlemen's.
The school room at Taft was beautifully decorated for the Christmas
tree entertainment given on Thursday evening, by the teacher MisB
Irene Procunier. A large tree loaded
with good things figured conspicuously in the treat, and fruit, candy,
nuts, etc., were distributed among
thc many guests. A dance, in which
young and old participated made a
happy "finis" to one of the most
pleasant evenings ever spent at the
Deaconess Lampard of Calgary,
with her niece Miss Denny, and
friend, Miss Harrison Bpent a lew
days in town guests at the Revelstoke hotel. They came to RevelBtoke
to enjoy winter sports, but finding it
too slow lor anything ot this sort,
they proceeded to Banff, where they
expect at least, some aki-ing. It
seems such a pity with the advantages of the mountain sides, river, etc,
that some sport-loving citizens cannot get up some extra attractions
for the Christmas holidays. Even a
toboggan slide would be a boon.
Mr. Arthur Phillips   left   for Lcanc-
holl on Tuesday morning,  where     he
will be one of the    telegraph operators.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvta Urquhart and
son Howard are in from the Okanagan to spend the holidays with
their parents.
Mr. E. G. Hadow and Mr. H.W.H.
Marshall returned to Vancouver on
Tuesday, to join their regiments,
their leave of absence having ex-
I Ircd.
Mrs. George 8. McCarter, and
daughter Doris loft at midnight on
Monday, for Toronto. Doris 'is to
attend school in that eity and Mrs.
McCarter intends making a short
Thc many frinnds of 01111 Urquhart
will bo pleased to welcome him ov
hiB return from Victoria. Ho will
arrive on New Year's duy to spend
Wis vacation with Mr. and Mrs. R.H.
The Women's auxiliary ol St. Peter's church gave a very pleasant surprise party on Monday evening to
Rev. C.A. Procunier. The members,
and a few of the "husbands" mot at
t.he home of Mrs. Tomlinson, and,
about 8.30 o'clock all marched to
thc rectory, whore a very pleasant
evening was spent in cards and danc- I
ing. During thc evening, Mrs. Kenward as vice-president ol the auxiliary, presented on hehall ol the
society, to Mr. Procunier, a lovely
reading lamp, and cut glnss cream
and sugar 3et. The cream jug and
sugar bowl were a gilt to Mrs. Procunier, who is still abBent Irom
home. Songs were sung by Mrs. God-
dard, Miss Parker, Mr. Hardman and
G.R. Lawrence. Supper was served
by the ladies about 11 o'clock. A letter was written to Mrs. Procun'ier,
who is the president ol the auxiliary,
in which every guest present wrote a
part, and a very laughable epistle It
proved to he when finished. This letter was duly posted to her, and sent
to Namno, Alta., where she is at
present on a visit to her father.
Two splendid picture shows were
put on at the Empress theatre on
Christmas day, matinee, and evening
performances. The house was weU filled at each show. The second of thc
Zudora series was run ofl, and iB going to tie as fascinating us Lucille
Love, which ran for so mai$ weeks
at thiB popular playhouse. "Caheleros
Way" wus also played, and proved
intensely interesting. Some splendid
war pictures were presented, and a
comedy shown. By speciul request the
pianist, Miss Lawson, played thc
new song iust published by John
Leonard. The title of this song is
"Rally Round," the words of which
were printed some time ago in this
column. This song wus written by
Mr. Leonard while he was one of the
guards at Cambie ufter enlisting for
his country. It is a bright catchy
song, splendidly written, and deserves a prominent place in the musical world.
The ladies of the Hospital guild,
gave a very successful dunce on Tuesday evening at Masonic hall, clearing
about $100. The Orr orchestra pro-
\ ided excellent music, and the floor
was perfect for dalncfng. Mrs. Leonard Howson, and Miss Gladys Urquhart played a number of extras,
which were very much appreciated,
especially by the orchestru, who were
able to dance. The balcony was taste-
lully decorated with the flags ol the
allies. Ai number ot tbe ludies looked
particularly charmine,  and     it   was
remarked by  all the  number ol pretty
girls    present.     The    reception committee   did the     honors    .gracelully,
greeting all the guests as they entered the ball-room.  On  this committee
was thc president,  Mrs.  W. H.  Sutherland,    Mrs. McCleneghan, Mrs.   MC
Lean,     Mr.  Foote and Mr.  Wallace.
,On the refreshment    committee were,
i Mrs.  Briggs,  Mrs,  Wallace and   Mrs.
Kincaid.  Mr. Robt. Gordon was floor
manager, The ladles ol the guild wish
to thank all those   who     helped     to
I mukc thc evening  such a success.
Miss Mary Norsworthy ol Salmon
Arm is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Patterson.
On Sunday last Lieut. Wheeler of
Victoria was the guest of Mrs. Wilson
enroute to Ireland, to join the Mun-
ster Fusilecrs, going to the Iront.
The children ol St. Francis church
arc being treated to a sleigh drive
this atternoon. After the drive thoy
will enjoy a supper at Father Mc-
Ksnsle's residence, where the ladles
ol the church will provide many good
Many Gifts are
Presented to Hospital
■ The following ChristmiiB gittB were
received by the Queen Victoria hospital.
P.  Burns & Co., I! turkeys.
Revelstoke Meat Market, 1 goose.
Douglas Blackwell,  1  turkey.
Miss Heath, 1 case ol corn, 1 case
Bourne Bros. 1 box apples.
Mrs. C. W. Calder, 1 box aPpleB.
Walter Govctt, 2 jars Iruit, 2
chickens. i
Mrs.   Hobson, candies, raisins,   figs.
Mrs.  W. Foot,  oranges.
Mrs. E. Corning, oranges and
C. B. Hume & Co., case ol oranges
Mrs. J. H. Lyons, bananas and
Mrs. MacKenrot, Christmas cake,
plum pudding, 3 jars Iruit.
Mrs. Wallace, Christmas plum ; pudding, mince pies, jam, pHckles, nuts,
Mrs. A. F. Lundell, oranges.
Mrs.  Woodland,  currant bread.
G.  W. Bell,  Ltd., box apples.
Arthur  Bennett,   grapes.
Mrs. Kilpatrick, short bread, cakes.
McKinnon's Cigar Store, 1 box
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Company,  1 bottles ol port wine.
Arrowhead Children
Visited by Santa
Arrowhead, B.C., Dec. 29.—A Christ
mas tree, accompanied by the annual
visit of Santa Claus, was held in
Knights of Pythias hall. The children, 46 in number, sat down to a
table which reached the whole length
of the hall and which was laden with
sandwiches and cakes eoo numerous
to Mention, all of which had been
contributed by the women. AJter sup-
per games1.*)! every description were
indulged in. Great credit is given
to Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Hind and
Mrs. Smith and various others for
their untiring efforts to make the
evening a success. A dance took place
The United Ladies auxiliary held a
bazaar here at which 875 was collected.
Skating and curling are occupying
tbe attention ol a large number ol
the population at present.
\mX\   1*1*1   '"fr** Am   i't*-*   s"Ts   t't'l   l"t*l   .f^»   st*   1*1*1   1^1   itlj.'Tt   t'js   t't'l   -"tl   f*l|   jtt   1
■i' *X* *X *X   X "X "X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X T-   X   X   X   X   '
J* THE old year that has left its
Z * mark in History—of great
5 joys and as great sorrows, is
% passing out.     But   the New
*f Year, as  it comes in,  bears
«g promises of better things.
OEINGr profoundly grateful
** for our measure of success
in these adverse times, we [C.
B. Hume & Co., Limited, and
Staff] offer the Compliments
of the Season, and wish all
J» the Fullness of Prosperity and
% Happiness during the year
f   ahead.
.*1". *^i t't'l t't. t't'l t't'l  i1'i t't'l t't'a i"*fri |*t*a IJJ t't'l |T| t't'l  iTi s"Ts |Ti lTi iXi i
TT1 l9! TT' ITI Tf T TTT TM YTI  TT 1 ITI sr* iti  i^i  iji *«^»   Ul  1^,1   .^i  'Ti TJI 1
Winter Excursion Rates
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime Provinces
and Great Britain
First-Class Round Trip, 90-Day Limit
Tickets. Berth Reservations, Details from
any  Canadian  Pacific   Agent  or   write to
Ticket Agent, Revelstoke
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Phone and Mail Orders Our specialty.   Phone 251
Choice lean  Mutton  ('hops,       .20 Cod , 15
Loin  Pork  Chops 20 Halibut 15
Lean Pork Chops 15 gmelt9  lg
Prime Ribs Beet,  20
Premium Bacon, halt or whole .'.,2 HcrnnK  125
Premium  Ham, whole  23 Kippers, 2 for  26
5 tbs.  Lard, each 75 Geese -22
3 His.  Lard each 10 Turkey  38
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Hotel Victoria
K. Lacohton, Prop
Choicest of Wines. Liquors, and Cigars
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street. Revelstoke, B. C.
Union   Hotel
A. V. LKVBSQUE, Proprietor
MI'.Al. TICKETS $6.oc
suitably furnished with the choicest tho
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
posseis the personal notr tlmt ordinary printing lacks. Urop in
:hc Mail-Herald ind ask for quotations on our printed (aeniniilc
tTpewritin^. [Letters, circulars, mailing cards, &C, with all tlie
effectiveness of real typewriting at a fraction of its nut.
Individualism Huh No Part in Soldlor'e Education, HayH British
Officer, Who Hecoived Qerman Training.
although admirably written by aa
Kagliehman, "The Germain Army
Within," jiiHt published by the Doran
company  us  a companion    piece     to
The  Russian    Army From  Within,"
gives a  markedly  sympathetic    view-  gi*''u*t master
Irom any sorbld motlives ol gain or
personal comfort. Tt Ib Ior this that
he endures the brutality of     his   of-
flci'rs and the kindly patronage ot Mb
point ol the (iormiiu soldier und pays
ii tribute to the thoroughness und
efficiency ol the Kaiser's military organization.      The author,  Huld to be
Sensibilities Blunted.
I'nder these circumstances the   soldier does not become refined or   sivi-
gitive.  Kxiflanatioti Ior German cruel-
an English army officer who got his t\ in war ls found by tbc author in
training in a Qerman corps, does not the fact thnt "the common sensibili-
eoncern himself with the deeper cur-'ties of thc German, both the peasant
rents of Qerman administration or'ond the cultivated man, are blunter
with the fundamental causes of the than those of any other ntvllUod race,
war, but enlarges on phateB of the'unci what is horror tons is mere
German army BOherae likely to satis-'horse-play to him,"
[y popular curiosity at the present I Considerable space is given to de-
time, scribing the thoroughness and ac-
Owes Greatness to System. curacy of the training of every Ger-
The Qermau army, thinks the an- mao soldier. Here are some o! the
onymous writer, owes its greatness Items of information which it is said
to Bystem and not to individuals, j ,mmt lie usslmllated by the average
-'The    Qerman    axiom,"      he     says, 'private:
"seems to be that the greatness of | "He must know the history of the
an army lies with its men. I apeak Prussian royal family. He must know
with knowledge ol both, English and' something of the history ofthe lust
Qerman    soldiers—privates, non-coms war—1370-71, He must know the sta-
Western Canadian Timber company
at Glrrard, has gone to Nelson to
spend  Christmas with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. John Marsden of
Summit lake have come to jspend the
winter with Chris. Marsden at Meadow creek,
Mrs. William White of Kaslo accompanied by her daughter Dorothy,
are spending a few days with Mr.
White at his ranch.
Born on December 20 at KubIo, to
the wife ol James Alexander of
Cooper Gardens, n aon.
The price of sugar is unchanged,
selling at $7.90 per hundred poniidB.
There is an abundance of all seasonable fruit and vegetables. The wholesale price of nuts has Increased
slightly but the retail price remains
the same.
Bananas,  per doz 40® .50
tions of all the army corps of the
German army. Of his own army
corps he must know all the gar
risons, divisions and brigades, with
the names of the generals command-
I ing them.  He must learn to recognize
and otlicers ,if rank—and I am firmly
convinced that one British Tommy is
the equal of three Germans of the
muii" rank."
He    blames    the   German      general
stall for not insisting on    more     in-
dlvidualism in the ranks. "Undue im- Ht ,,nce the distinctive badges of
portance is still attached to the rank. He must he able to take a
march past as a method of education carbine to pieces and put it together
and drilling in close formation is again. He must know all the intri-
still practiced. Tlie cavalry still per- ' cite detail that goes to make a perform the same traditional exercises feet scout—perfect, I should add, In
on the purade grounds, exercises theory—and, in a word, he must know
which arc of no practical value and anything and everything' /pertaining
which  infiict a severe strain on     the  to Boldiering."
strength of the horses engaged. The j An explanation is given of the use
artillery, too, is much given to stale : in German drill of the famous gooBe-
technicnlities, circus tricks and so j step, commonly regarded by mon-
on- Germans  as a grotesque  bit of  show-
Most of the precis? information ing-off. "Behind this apparently
contained in the book is condensed in'(utile performance," the book re-
the author's introduction, the body marks, "there is u serious purpose,
of the volume being chiefly given to for half an hour of this exercise does
description of the soldier's and of- as much for the muscles of the leg
m-ei's life and to personal reminisc- |and the abdomen as bull a day's
ences of events in barracks. The in-.route marching."
troduction gives the disposal of army One Weak Link.
corps in time of peace, the numerical' The writer of "The German Army
stntus of different branches of the From Within" thinks that in spite of
service and some facts regarding the great efficiency of the German
equipment. "In equipment," a state- military organization he has found
ment concludes, "the German soldier one severe defect. The question of
mostly truvels heavy, carrying, transport and supplies, he suys, is
roughly from '.Ml co 100 pounds when the weuk link in the system. "If
on the march." .the German   army   breaks down,"   is
Special Men for Siege Guns. 'Imh statement, "it will not be     from
In Bpeaking ol the artillery the au- defective lighting force, hut from lack
thor says: "An Interesting point uf supplies. The army has not, aB a
about the amazing German siege matter of fact, been organized for
guns, of which we have heard so expeditions; the massed detail • * •
much, is that no soldier in the Ger- .is all based upon war on the frontiers
•rmv understands them or ?hould they ever pass beyond theBe
how to manipulate .tHem. The^- frontiers their plan has ever been to
are manned hymen sent specially live ,,n whichever enemy tbey are
from Krupp's. (patronising     with     their attentions.
ol     physique.**     he  Thru docs not, of course,  foresee   re-
iligbtly lower than that ol>- 'verses.
tainir.? in England.  Sln<ce the     enor-j    "There is but one battalion of mill-
last itary  train to each army corps.   This
■ irs  there has  been  a  sti!!   fur-  battalion jloes a good deal     of     tlie
lh'r  del ■■:• H       ire   field   work, such as field baking     and
and    sturdy,  food  preparation  generally, and what
ty tin.' the  one battalion can do it does; but     it
'*    ' ertheless a neglected branch   of
Lemons, per doz	
Apples, new, 4 to (itbs.
Oranges,  Irom 	
Jap Oranges,  per box
Naval Oranges	
I'eurs,  Ulbes.  Ior 	
Cranberries. Ib	
Grapes,  Malaga	
Figs, cooking, .'lbs. Ior
Dates,  Hallow!,  ... ...
Dates, Fard, 'Jibs. Ior ...
Dates, Dromedary, pkg.
Walnuts, California, per 11)
Wmlnuts, Grenoble	
Pecans, per Ib	
Filberts, per lb	
Almonds, per Ib	
Brazils, per ft)	
.25 to
2   lbs.  Ior
Fresh killed beef, retail
Pork,  retail  	
Mutton,  retail  	
.18® .J5
12i@ .25
Veal, retail      131® .27
Hums, retail 	
Bacon,   retail  	
Lard, retail 	
'Chickens, retail 	
ausages, retail 	
I Turkey, per tb	
Geese,  per ft)	
Ducks, per Ib	
Granulated B. C. Cane
10*1 lb. sack 	
Lump sugar,  2tbB	
I Gran.  B.C.. _'o It),  sack,
Brown  sugar, .'itbs	
Syrup, maple, bottle 	
e Honey
gallon      1.75(g2.0u
- rites
f pay Germany is
Lardo,  H C., Dec. 20.—Miss R.   01-
e rrard who lias been attend-
high    School    at   Nelson puss-
'. town 'm her way     to her
■    '• bei   Christmas
cal ion.
G.   F ■    •   ei     ,,f   the
comb, per lb	
Ill), jars	
Robin Hood 	
B. & K. Brend Flour 	
Five Roses	
Lake ol the Woods, bag
Royal Household-	
Purity Flour 	
King'b Quality 	
Butter,  creamery 	
Butter, dairy, per fb. ...
Cheese, Canadian, per lb.
Cheese, Can. Stilton, tb.
Cheese, Imp. Stilton, lb.
Eggs, local new laid, doz. ..
Parsley, per bunch 	
Dry, onions, 5 tbB. for
Cabbage, local, each ...
N'ew Potatoes, Ib	
Lettuce,  lb	
Tomatoes, lb	
New  Carrots,  lb	
Turnips, per tli	
Sweet Potatoes,   IIIib. Ior
Celery, per tb	
.25® .35
.05® .10
.10® .15
The ('anudian Pacific railway shops
in Grand Forks will he reopened.
Samuel Wilton, of Slocnn City,
died in the New Denver hospital (lust
week. He was 59 yeurs ol age and
lived  ::i) years in the west.
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
«* Second Street, Revelstoke,B.O.
I. O. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening In
Selkirk  Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held In
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday ln each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,   Secretary.
0.    W.   O.    W.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Socond and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen arc cordially invited to
H.   W.  EDWARDS,  Olerk.
—————— ■    "■  ■ ■-  — ..—— ■    ■»
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE NO. 3461
OF I. O. F.
Meets ln St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
In month.     Visiting brethren are
cordially welcomed.
H. V. MORGAN, 0. R.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
Meets    every     Wednesday
evening at 8k., ln Selkirk
Hall.       Visiting   brothers
cordially Invited.
H. KBMP8TER, 0. O.
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1086
.Meets every second
und Fourth Tuesday
in lhe .Selkirk Hall.
Visi ting Hrelli ren are cordially invited.
Dr MoLEAN, Die.    ILL. HAUG, Sec.
I' irrcea
begee r-
B'' BS I--'-
''Twelve Stories of Solid Comfort"
Abwlutoly ftrtproof~"ConcnteO,
■tee) and marble   Enlarged lobby.
N«'W (Jrill—tjiirsi on Cast.
EUROPEAN PLAN   $1 per .I.y up
With Baths-$2 per d»y up
Baggage Transferred
Dlstrlbut ing Agents and Storage
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Phone 4«—27(..   Night Phone 840
It's (rood policy to think of the fut ure,
It's si ill better policy to provide against
the misfortunes it may have iii stun
for you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trust worthy.
Your time mav lie near at hand,
Don't delay.    Take out a policy now.
A. E, Kincaid, Manager.
it   UNO!AM        I   *
I'l'Mi.mi women at greal personal risk distributing refreshments to Belgian soldiers in the trenches.
(Note bomb proofs In side of trench.)
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty ol Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required in vour business. ■WEDNESDAY,  DECEMBER HO,  1014
Zinc ore shipments Irom Kootenay
increased in October.
Moyie's supply ol venison is unusually large this season.
The patriotic fund    donations
Trail now amount to 12.400,
Trail skating rink waB officially opened by Attorney General Bowser.
Rossland has seen little venison
this  seuson,  according to thc Minor.
Grand Forks rink will be open for
skating four nights a week th'is eea-
The local orphans home opened In
Vernon in November haB live iumutes
Pupils ol one of the rooms, in Rossland school donated $t*.() to Belgian
relief  work.
F. M. Brown, postmaster nt Trail,
has installed 25 new boxesj in the
post office.
Vernon council has JUBt vottnl $1000
to, help along the good work at the
.Jubilee hospital.
Charity hockey matches will he
much in evidence at Trail and Ross-
land this winter.
A largo moving picture theatre ie
to be erected at Blairmore early next
The November snowfall at Golden
was 20 incheB—the heaviest for several years.
Optimistic and Encouraging Report Presented At AnnualMeet
ing ot Consolidated Company
Grading Between Osprey Lake
and Princeton Just About Finished—Suits Against Co.
From Phoenix comeB    the
The yearly  financial statement     ol     l'rinceton.—The grading of thc Ket-
the Consolidated  Mining and   Smelt- '. tip VaBey railway Ib drawing     to a.
ing Company   ol     Canada,   Llmlt-ad, > close between Osprey  Lake,  tho   end
report j presented at the annual meeting     ol  "I the steel, and the cement works on
that over eight tons ol venison hus
I been secured in that'Bectlon this sca-
C. C. Heaven, B Grand Forks grower haB heen awarded second prize in
the provincial potato-growing competition.
The voters list ol the municipality
ol Grand ForkB and thc Grand Forks
schools district this year contains
8o;t names.
The Robb  Saskatoon Lumber   company employees  at Baynes Lake,  received hall  a pig each Ior u   Christmas present.
Armstrong's dog population is
down to low water mark. The town
policeman baB killed off every canine
running  without a tag.
the shareholders,    showed that     the due Mile creek. Contractor Crooks Is
profits ol last year   had been     more the last to* finish on this stretch, and
than cut in two. For the fiscal year he will bo done in a few dayB.     From
ending September :)0,  last,   the Con- Ono Mile to the junction in Princeton
solidated     Company's    profits   were with the  V,V.  & E.,  work  is   being
8474,012, compared  with    profits     of completed     by     Messrs.    Glavin     &
->il!N,3'j7 last year. Yungbluth, who are. making good pro-
The financial     statement contained Kress with steam shovel and navvies,
the item of 8195,140 written off    for The super-structure    ol     the railway
depreciation  during this year,    while bridge across thc Tulamccu river     is
thc company's indebtedness     to   thc now being laid. The whole work   will
banks has increased Irom $2-01,306 to 'ast to the end ol the winter.
81,488,004, H. M. Ba.n finished his large grad-
The reason for this,     as explained i"" contract on Monday     last.     He.
in the report of the General  Manager employed  a large force ol men in tun-
R,  H.   Stewart,  ol    Trail,  was  "due nelling and cuts, and thc work is vcry
to  expenditure  on  plant account   at satisfactorily completed   to all   con-
the Bmelter and company's mines, the cerned.
increase in metals on    hand at     thc N-  D.  Nolan,  Geo.  Henry  and   W.
smelter,  the development of  new pro- B.  McEwen,  have  finished their   rail-
Victoria.—Advices to the provincial
way  work and left Tuesday  [or  Spokane.
Messrs. Guthrie,   McDougall & Co.,
have  reopened   their     Osprey    Lake
Trappers in tbc
state that cougars
thick this winter.
Greenwood council haB reduced
hotel and wholesale liquor licenses
50 per cent  for  1915.
perti?s Irom which returns havc   not
yct been received, and, finally, tothe
[allure of the  market for the refined
The directors made it knowfn at the  headquarters in order to enable them
government arc to the effect that the   ^^ ^ they ^^        ^^ ^   tQ haul   the  br(dRe ^^ from
1111          -     e       policy  of holding the company's bup- end of the steel to the different places
pries of  metals  in    anticipation      ol where it is required along the line,
ultimate higher prices. It was point-      Workman are now engaged   in   tilled out tbat the cost of holding silver, inE sags and lining up steel, on     the
as arranged  by the company  to per- line between Midway and Penticton.
Lardo  country (vince ol British Columbia, are rapid-
are unusually iy being forwarded to the Canadian
| commissioner at the Panama Pacific
exposition at San Francisco, Cal., H.
Hutchison. On Thursday, a shipment
of  fruit and  mineral  exhibits      went
The court house officiuls at Greenwood are acting as distributors to
the needy in that town.
forward  from
Vancouver      to      San
Rossland claims its coldest day
last year was zero. Three above Is
.the woret bo tar this year.
Golden Red Cross society treasury
was enlarged to the extent of $226 at
a concert and dance last week.
South Slocan Valley Farmers'
stitute wants a comvention of
institutes in Kootenay and Boundary
Bazaars are money makers at Kelowna. The English church. ladieB
gathered in $8."i8 at their affair this
Vernon—-Chiel   Clarke,   ol   the    city
police,  has  gained the coveted     distinction  of possessing the   best   bird
shown    at     the     Provincial Poultry
Show.  His Rhode Island Red  cockerel
which carried off thc gold metial, was
pronounced  by    Judge Minchell,     of
Brampton,  Ontario,  to be as  fine     u
In*  bird as he had ever seen, and he   in-
the  formed Chief Clarke, that    it   would
stand a good chance ol capturing the
premier award at Chicago     or ' any
other big poultry exhibition    on   the
Speaking at Fernie, Hon. W. R.
Ross announced be would again seek
the Conservative nomination in the
Fernie riding.
Peter Johnetoue, an old timer in
Greenwood district wub lound lrozen
on his ranch six m\Jes up Nicholson
Creek on Sunday morning.'
Penticton Farmers Institute will
petition  the  government    to   enlarge
Hedley.—The committee ol the Hedley hockey and skating club ure now ending December
praying for a cold snap so as to enable them to make a good layer ol
ice on the rink. They have had a man
now Ior the past week putting in
more lightB and also getting a bottom to the rink so aB to be ready Ior
the lirst cold snap. Ihey are also
thinking of putting a high wall along
the south side oi the rink so as     to
mit the silver-lead mines of the   pro- c- H. Williams, railwuy contractor,
vince to continue in operation, would '" suing L.M. Rice & Co., Boomer &
not  exceed   three  cents  per ounce per Hughes, Grant, Smith & Co., and the
year. It was also estimated that the Kettle Valley Railway company     for
company  could     afford     to hold  Its * 7.4''"»0. The latter     firms     have     a
stock  of Bilver for     three years     if Joint suit against   the Kettle Valley
necessary. Railway company fo» $:I(10,(I00 for al-
Not one     word     was   said at the lcgcdly wrong   classification of grad-
mecting regarding the probability of '"*?• A  number of minor suits are al-
restriction  ol  new  mining operations so pending Ior settlement Ior rtmilar
in the coming year. cause.
The only change in tbe directorate 	
was the retirement of W.H. Aldridge, Milk can only be delivered in   Nel-
of New York, formerly general man- 80n In sealed     bottles.     So    says a
ager for the company at Trail,   who civic by-law which has just come in-
is replaced by J.J. Warren, president to force.
of the Trust and Guarantee company,   —
of Toronto. the rate of H per cent annum, payable
The Consolidated    Mining & Smelt- January  1,  1'.'15,  to holders of     full
ing Company     of    Canada, Limited, shares of the said company of record
declared a dividend (No. 15) of'- per on the 19th day of    December,   1914.
cent last week on the paid-up capital  The transfer hooks     will    be closed
stock of the company (or the quarter  from December    Jl to     December 23,
11,  1911, being     at  both dates inclusive.
Notes from the cTWines
the  parcel  post  system  so  25  pound  kcep thc BUn  ofj the ice.  This   would
packages ot Iruit may be shipped
F. Mitche',1 has made arrangements
to  operate  a cider  and  vinegar  (act-
cry at V'ernon.  His output     at   the
Coldstream ranch this year was   1'-,-
. '."iO gaHons.
remedy the trouble ollast year, as
the ice was good except for a couple
of feet along the north wall where the
sun's rays were reflected of the fence
on the ice.
Kelowna.—F.    Seley,      representing
The Canadian    Pacilic  railway     is  ter working on   his own property  at
putting in a spur     to     the Ivanhoe  Sproules.
mill,  at  Sandon. 	
  c"    The  closing quotations  last      week
The shipments to the Trail smelter  on  Sloca,n stocks listed on the   Spo-
from the Rambler-Caribop to date Ior  kane  mining exchange  werej
lhe year amount to l,78n tons. Stock Bid      ABked
  Lucky  Jim .i>3 .05
It is said that arrangements    may  Rambler-Cariboo .I0J
Rambler Ext  .02
    1.H8        1,20
be made for the treatment of Lucky
Jim oreat the Ivanboe concentrator.   Standard
Extra men havq, beeu taken  on this   the Mainland Fore Underwriters
week  both  at  the mine and   cement
plant,  Bluirmore. It is expected that
both will be running full capacity by
tbe beginning of the new year.
The driving of the upraise at the
Payne is being steadily continued, according to    Manager    W.  E.  Zwicky,
Vernon bo-fd of trade believes there
are 5<'0 horses in the Okanagan suitable for cavalry troops and will
urire the governmentj to purchase
these for the mounted troops to be
raised in the province.
sociation     of B.C., is in town     this
week making a general survey of condition here.  Mr. Seley is here mainly upon thc joint invitation     of the but nothing  new has developed,
board  of trade and of the city  coun- '
ell,  it being strongly felt    that,      in Creston Review.—Mike Walsh,     one
consequence of the installation of    a of the valley's best known    prospec-
water system covering practically the tors, is   in Creston   this   week.    He
whole city, the provision of hydrants spent the summer at Ainsworth, bar-
at all necessary points, the building ring some three weeks in Nelson hos-
A fire of unknown origin totally
destroyed the blacksmith shop at
the Noble Five recently. Tbc shop
was also used for storing machines
i nd tools used in tunnel work, so
that the loss has been heavy. W.
McLanders, the blacksmith, lost
tools said to he worth J2O0.
of nn efficient fire brigade, not for-
While H. Bowman was driving his getting the new auto truck and the
sawing mach'ine along Maple strwt, increase in fireproof buildings, a gen-
Vernon, some gusoline leaked out and oral revision and reduction ot in-
caught fire. The batteries and belt durance rates fixed several years igo
and some of the frame work were was due to the city,
damaged hefore the fire was put out.                              	
Fernie Free Press: A lady with
three children and no money came In
Irom the coast at the week end. She
Crestion—For contrnveninj;     section
pital with throat trouble. He   will
winter  on    his    claim    at Wynndel,
where he proposes taking out copper
According to   the Vancouver Sun, a
prospector has    returned   Irom     the
north with   the report that   he
discovered    tin  in   place,  abput
A vein of high-grade copper ore,
containing rich values in free gold,
which appears in string formation
several places in the vein has beeen ,
discovered within a thousand yards
Ci the Grand Trunk Pacific railway
track, and within one mile ol Usk
railway station, on the north bank
of the Skeena river. The discovery
has was made by .1. D. Wells and James
lSfl  Darby,  two    well  known   prospectors
: 21b ol the Inspection  and  Sales Act   miles up thc coast.     II thiB   Is true  |n the district, early.In the summer,
wpwrtirttirtod hwhUiband working  the    Creston     Fruit Growers'  Union   lt Ib the flrst time that   tin   in   place  but had been kept, secret    until     ar
iu a local     store.     He    disappeared was on Wednesday fined 81a.
about three months ago and the un-     The  information was laid by   R.G.
fortunate woman was in a quandary. L>i  Clark,   dominion    Iruit   inspector,
The city and provincial     authorities and the case tried by E. Mallandaine,   the  further  developmentol the  pros
took care of her. J- P.
has ben found in th'is province. It
is understood that a company hus
been formed in Victoria to assist   in
rungements had been made to handle
the matter on an adequate scale. At
present the partnership has staked
about a dozen claims <.n thc two
principal veins, and have a gang     ol
To further the work   a   com
j   The  proceedings  was    the  outcome pressor is to be installed.  Some years men at work. The ore is a high grade
^^                                             ! of complaints to the Dominion     in- ago government geologists    were   on of bornite and chalcopyrite in a silic-
|kf f*^    j/V  f|l ^^ sector from prulrie points.  The par- the coast searching for indications of icus base, and assays -TH) to JX0    a
■ ^»^    mWmmm.mm                           ticular box  which figured  in tbe   case tin, but whJIc considerable float   was ton, without regard  tothe free   gold
was  a box ot  Greenings   gradeu    No. found,  they  were unable to trace the enrichments. Ore bins are to he   con-
Is, but which, owing    to  the preval- source. structed adjacent    to    the     railroad
ence of scab should have  been  mark-                                 tracks,  to which the ore can be    led
ed up No. -s. George McCready, who is going to hy a chute from the mountain side.
In stating his case Mr. Clark em- make a million yet out of picking The property has recently been in-
phasiz«d thc tact that there was no over some of the old Slocan mine spected by representatives of lead-
desire on the part of his department dumps, was in Kaslo the flrst of the Ing development and smelting com-
to resort to law, t.ut he knew that week, coming dowin on the Overland panics who, together with W.M. Bre-
overgradlng bnd heen rather too pre- en Monday nigbt. Most of this sea- wer, ol the provincial government dc-
vulent at Creston this season and it son he has' put In on the dump at partment of mineralogy, havc been
was high time nn object lesson was the Antolne, whirh he had under active in thc Kltselns district during
given here. Had he sr. desired the lease. The Antoine Is situntod back the past season. Work done in pros-
grower and packer ol apples could al- of the upper workings of the Ram- pecting and developing on Kttseflas
so have been prosecuted. 1 ler and was quite a heavy shipper
Manager Geo. timid has a list ol for a short period In the early days,
the growers who have beeen spotted It in believed that development trom
'or overtrading,  and    members     can the Cody   side of the   divide   would
tiiul  out   whither they are  on the list place    lt on ths shipping list   again, one of the richest, in thc province
hy consulting him. McCready expects to put in the   win- high-grade Copper ores.
Mountain, Bornite Mountain. Gold
Creek, Copper River and ChimineBg
Creek during the past two seasons
has stamped  the  Kltselns district ae
There is no Investment
that brings such sure and constant
returns and profits as primed salesmanship as we do it. There is no
other method of getting business
so inexpensive. At the present
moment you may be in need of
Billheads, Letterheads, Catalogues.
Labels or Receipt Books. Now is
the time to get in line with those
who have found that good printing
pays by helping build up business.
Let Us Do Your Printing
The Mail-Herald
Job Department
Printers and Publishers
McKenzie Avenue Phone No 8
Have You a
or acquaintance out-of-town who.
would like to read all that happens
in and around Revelstoke from Sunday morning to Saturday night?
You get tired of writing—everybody
does—let us tell the news in the
most interesting way it can be told,
graphically, fully, and truthfully.
Here is Our
Fill in the attached coupon, enclose
$i only, and we will send Revelstoke's best newspaper to any address
in Canada or Great Britain for SIX
FULL MONTHS. Take advantage
of this exceptionally good offer today. It may be withdrawn at any
time, lf you wish to boost Revelstoke here is the easiest, cheapest,
and most effective way.
To The Mail-Heraid, Revelstoke
Sirs: Kindly send The Mail-Herald ior six months
to the lollowing address
for which I enclose the sum ol J/.
Yours Truly, PAGE RIGHT
Saturday will  be a bank holiday.
B. Cook ot Vermin was a virfitor to
the city on Monday.
D. McCallura of Calgary (Pai at the
King Edward on Monday.
A. W. Allen of Victorta was at the
Hotel Kevelstoke on Sunday.
J. I.. Grant <if Ottawa registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday.
Among the guests at the Hotel
RevelBtoke an' Mr. Bmd Mrs. Hayes
ot Loudon.
An 1«>11 u: tlie guests at the King Kdward on Monday was Capt, Petar ol
Master   Alfred   Bruce      is    spending
i hriitmas at  Revelstoke    Katnfoops
Vi. a. Calder of Edgewood arrived1
in    the city on Monday am!      was    a
guest at the King  Kdward.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cochrane ol
Revelstoke are spending the holiday
noaesem     here and at I.umhy.—Vernon
Constable Barker of Bear Creek
has resigned and C.H. Beutschmau
has been appointed to succeed him
as  provincial  constable
Mrs. Hyatt and daughter, of Revelstoke, came in last night to spend
Christmas and New Years with Mrs.
Hyatt's daughter. Mrs. Pr. Mcl'her-
eon.—Salmon Arm Observer.
Mrs. U. A. Allen of Revelstoke received among her old country mail
three lett'Ts returned to her ou which
were Btamped "Recovered by divers
from the Empress ..f Ireland."
The funeral took place on Sunday
afternoou from St. Francis church of
Feter Bruschi who died suddenly ou
Christmas evi ■! heart (allure. Deceased who was 4", years ot age bad
been a resident of the city Ior nearly
15 years. He leaves a widow, a resident ol the city. The luneral was
largely attended.
Notice is given in the current Issue ol The British Ccflumbla Gazette
that certificates of incorporation
have been grauted to the lollowing:
Consolidated Securities, Limited,
head office at Prince Rupert and capitalized at $12,000; Hadtield Modes,
Limited. Victoria, flO.OOO; I'acitic
Hotel company. Victoria. $,r)0,OOQ;
Eburn? Novelty company F.burne,
$'25,1^11; Henry J. Raise: Company,
Limited. Vancouver, 8100 000; Hind.
Limited. Vancouver, (50,000; O.H.C
Lumber company. Vancouver, $25,CO;
Von Cramer & company, Vancouver,
[mpress Theatre
TODAY.—Behind    The  Mas
3 parts.    Nestor.     The Circus
Roma.nc»    Tl
THURSDAY.—The     Mac     Who
Was Misunderstood,
Por Old Times   -
some I'et >   .-• • tedy.
FRIDAY. ' M  * • •••   .
third cpisoe'e    The Mystery
the Dutch Che Don't
mies this in
Wolf.     3 reeli
Bush. Oh Y
SATURDAY. (M t        I   0) Th-
1'rice Paid, 2 parts     Father's
Briie.     Th.-    Girl  Next Door
mated    W
latest world  :.
zette.   show.:..: -    •
news from the front.
The Trey Of Heart-      w
shown about the 12th    r  14th
of  January       itart ng   vlth 3
reels first episode.
Friday will bo New Yeurs day and
a  public holiday.
Raid Johnston of Kelowna was at
the King Edward on Monday.
It. M. Rvans of Comaplix waf at
the King Edward on Sunday.
Mrs. A. Hooper of Armstrong was
at  the Kiug  Edward  on Monday.
I'aiil Storey of Taft was a guest
at the  King Edward on Monday.
W. A. Harris of Grand Forks was
at  the  King Edward  on  Sunday.
ll. Vlney ol Calgary is spending
the holidays with Iriends tn Revel-
f. !•'. Brown .it Nelson was among
the guests al the King Edward on
dipt.   Robertson of  Arrowhead was
in the city on  Sunday  a guest at the
Hotel Revelstoke.
Vi. O. McKenzie and VV. Gardiner
of Vancouver registered at the Hotel
Revelstoke on  Monday.
There will be watch night services
in the Methodist church on New
Years eve beginning nt 11 p.m.
A Kenward has decided to oiler
himself for re-election as school
trustee at the approaching election.
W. W. Bradley, provincial assessor,
of Nelson, reached the city on Monday, Bind registered at the King Ril-
The ice on the Y.M.C.A. rink is
proving A great attraction und largo
crowds are enjoying themselves every
Mayor Crawford and Mrs. Crawford of Kamloops, wore the guests of
Mrs. J. H. Lyons during the ChriBt-
:nas week.
Among   the  guests at the   King Edward  hotel yesterday   were    Mr.    and
Mrs. W.R.  Ri'i'l and  J.W.  Stevens of j
Vi. Gerbrecht of Nelson,     Canaiian
Pacific      railway        auditor     passed I
through  the city on   Sunday   on his
way to Vancouver.
New Years daj coming on Friday,
a special papal lispensatioD has been
granted permitting CathollM to eat
meat on thai   I ij
John Olson appeared efore Police
Magistl .: J H, H.n ton on Tuesday, charged with va.    ncj   He   waa
j    OUt   "f    tOWIl.
Nn -ite irts bai ■■ be id to make
the Tango club dance in the Masonic
hall on New Yenr« lay a success. The
committee in ch I   - taken   par
ticular  ear" th;t'     - ie      comfort      of
iked after.
\ wal he   held
■ • . .-.'i Tburs-
day night,
It  will
■ •
■       -
v a v
also st tood   that
n  this
provlni bhe Okans-
on    as
McRae r»turns from Winnipeg.
0. Ryger of NoIboh was at the
King Edward ou Monday.
R. J. Sutherland, of Uoldon, provincial chief constable, waB at the
King Rdward on Monday.
Is Given Commission
in Imperial Army
Sergt. Major Charles P.O. Wheeler,
well known in Revelstoke where be
was formerly employed by the Re
velstoke Hardware Company arrived
in the city on Sunday and left on
Monday Ior the east en route to Bel
fast, where he will join tho battalion
of the Ulster brigade ol the Irish
army in which he will receive a com
mission as lieutenant. He Is a veteran of the Soiitli African war, where
he served in the same corps as N.Y.
RothWB.l, and Of other campaigns.
On leaving Victoria Sergt.-Major
Wheeler wjih presented by. the Vic
toria companies ol the Royal Nation
al Reserve; of Canada, the Victoria
Volunteer guard and Compnny 2-1 of
tho Imperial Veterans of Canada
with an illuminated address and pair
ol field glasses.
three mon tennis from each class.
Suitable firBt and second ribbon
prizes will be prosentod to tho winners ln each event, and to the boy
making thc most points for his
class. There will be n basket hall
game between the high school and
intermediate class teams for wlVich
points will count as in the competition. A big sonior game will bo played.
More Contributions
to Patriotic Fund
The following additional subscriptions to tho Patriotic lund aro acknowledged.
Name,  Rcsid.       Lp.Rm.  8m. Pr.  M.
Brought lorward, 9810.66 $881.58
(!. Havisto, Ducks, 1.00
Gymnastic Program
for Hew Years Day
The Y.M.C.A. New Years program
will be as lollows:
In the morning at 10.HO, the postponed bowling game between the
Fire Hall and Directors will be
played oil. This will stprt the ball
rolling on New  Year's dny.
Another feature will be a volley
ball game between the Scotch Reserves and the French Recruits at 10
o'clock in the gymnasium. All are Invited to watch the game.
In the afternoon commencing at
2,30 a program of gymnastics and
basket hall will be carried out, first
there will be a short exhibition of
class work, such aB is tnken part ln
at every class, marching, callisthenics
and dumb bell work by representatives of the high school and inter-
' mediate classes. Following this there
will he a gymnastic contest on the
mats, side horse, and parallel bars,
between the high Bchooi and the intermediate    classes,   represented     by
To the Electors:
Ladies  and  Gentlemen,—At the   re
(iiicst of a large number of ratepayers
I have decided to be a candidate   Ior
re-election ub alderman for Ward '-.
Yours truly,
To the Electors:
Ladi.'s and Gentlemen,—At the   request  of  a  large number ol  ratepayers I have decided to otter mysell for
re-election as alderman for Ward 1.
Yours truly,
To the Ratepayers:
Ladles and Gentlemen,—At the request of a Inrge number of citizens,
and realizing that much of the work
of the present council is uncompleted
so thnt this years experience will be
of value on next year's council, I
have decided to ofler myself for reelection as nlderman for Ward 2.
I have in the past endeavored to
serve the city faithfully to tho best
of my ability and if reelected will
continue to do so.
The present council has taken steps
to put the civic power plant in a
state of thorough efficiency and If
elected I shall do my utmost to see
that the work Is accomplished as
speedily nnd effectively as possible.
Yours truly,
Mysymuk,  Ducks,
Jala,   Ducks,
Havisto, Ducks,
Hantiila,  Ducks,
It.  Martin, Ducks,
Armstrong, Squilax,
as. t'nlll, Sicamous,
B. Bildiug, Sicamous,
John Lee,  Revelstoke,
Gillespie, RevelBtoke,
Titterington, Revi.
Jub.   Reid,  Revolstoke,
McGlvern,  Revelstoke,
McDonald,  Revelstoke,
Moore,  Revelstoke,
McEaclieru, Revelstoke
, 2.K0
Peterson,  Revelstoke,
Beaton,  Revelstoke,
Totals                         *8ili.so  *j3*S5.!i5
Social and Entertainment
of Camp Mountain View
Last Monday evening Canip Mountain ViOW W.O.W. held its annual
social and entertainment for members and their Iriends. There was u
good attendance,
The first part of the program was
devoted to whist games, iu which
the following were prize winners* j
Mrs. A. J. Woodland and Mrs. William Dance, John Anderson Albeit
Wilson and Charles Lundell. The second part ol the program wjis us lollows:
Violin selection, "Shadow" James
Recitation, Ten German Army
Corps.  Mrs.  Albert  Wilson.
Song, "The Day I Played Baseball"
Mr. Tupping.
Recitation, "Bravo" (original
selection composed by Mr. Dunce now
at thc  front),  Mrs.   James Mclntyre.
Song, "London Town", Corp. Wills
R.  M. R.
Recitation, "The Vacation ol Must-
apha", H.  W.  Edwards.
Mr. Tapping alfly officiated as chair
man and delicious refreshments wero
served  during the evening.
Only lfi more days of the big Bulo
left ln which to secure one of doss-
man's special 920.00 suits.
Dry Birch and Cedar any length at
Palace LIvory.
If you are looking for a snap in
dinlii'H look at Howson's prices.
Try Palace garage for skatu sharpening.
Lump or nut coal at Palace Livery.
You  aro sure     of a good  time     lf
you go to the Tango club  dance   ou
I New  Years day.
I Good music, good lloor and a dainty
supper at the Tango club dance lu
Masonic hall,  New Yours day.
Tho Parisian Dye Works are equlp-
pod to do any kind of work. Whether
the lights are on or not.
Thc ladies ol the Reliel Society will
1-e pleased to receive old or now magazines to bo sent to the guards along
the lines of communication. Tho lit-
eraturo may bo left at A.R. Kincald's
oilice. t.f.
Call up Palace LIvory for lump or
nut coal, and dry birch and cedar any
length, Phone 201.
Fancy pillow tops, hand embroidered, for wilt' at, the Parisian Dye
Gramaphones and records Ior Xmas
presents, Victor and Edison, at
Tourners studio. First street.
Skates to tit everyone at Bourne
Conic and enjoy yoursiflf at the
Tango club dance on New Years day.
TicketB $1.50 per couple.
See Bourne Bros, 'if you need
WANTED.—Girl for light house work,
und care of young baby. Apply
Mail Herald.
LOST.—A bunch ol keys,
please leave at post oilice.
Upon the insistence of my friends and the kindly     feelings and proffered
•npport of many who were not with   me last year I now ofier myse"
a candidate for the office of Mayor for 1916
If elected it will be my e ideavour to conduct the   iffa rs
bnslness lines. Financ-s will have to be  carefully  watched.   Extension     of
Improvements will necc Mirily lie controlled hy the state ol thf   ity    flnan
ces,   Om 'ity must, howevet, be maintained at a propei  itnndard.
I bave always hnd faith in Revelstoke, and hope when the presenl world
wide business depression Is ovei to iee an immediate revival  In all line   ol
i.ie'a.   [look!   the mining and lumbering Industrie    ■ ;   tnd
it will be my aim to I'limui .i-i .i'i hit \ In thi ie branches,   Theri h also the
ti.uri'-T traffic which should be carefully fostered,
If elected I 11 make it ni) luty to thoroughlj Investigate our power and
light plant with • view to obtaining thorough efficiency, The watei et loe
Is another lmpor>tanl utility which should be placed tm b more latisfactory
I hope gcod   Ide men will he returned and all work foi the genera] ad van
oemenl ee> :be   ■ immunity.
Youi    truly,
We A. Foote for Mayor
To the Electors of the
City of Revelstoke:
Lai>ii-> ami Gentlemen :
Having bean requested by
a large number of ratepayers
to allow myself to be nominated as candidate for the oilice
ol Mayor for 1915, 1 am acceding to tbe request as it is
representative of the City at
large, and doe> not come from
any -pecial party or faction.
I feel thai Revelstoke requirea
mv  own   business record, as
     well un my  four yt;\r< nerved
indidature for the position.
; ared that your  nil treats
ong the large I property  owners
i- the public's interest,
■■ bed.
[■]   [and  n all matters that  come  up
• • . passed te, put   in  new
- work will  require  proper
i   ir .: elei ted, to give my time  to
. satisfactory conclusion, so
ashamed oi  darkened
stree • to greet their customers with
a happy -.1
If elected i call • public m-set ing ed tlm
ratepayers to < i ind, if any can  Buggest a
reduotion in any department, the ame will be eh i ed and
considered besfore thi  • ».r*-  Qnally passed,   Tin-  will
enable the ratepayers to express their opinion on tlm  tax  rate,
and iri thin way we could all work together wild a  view to a  re-
duotion In taxes. I realize the importance in hnving the tax
rate as low uh possible, and I ,-ihnll work to this nnd as far ar is
possible without endang ring the flnanoial position ol our City
I take tli in opportunity ol placing my platform  before the
public an it may be impossible for me t<> meet all the   El-actors
Yours sincerely,
It is possible that Grand Forks'
next municipal council niay he elected  by acclamation.
J. D. Anderson, of Birchhank, was
the winner of thc government prize
| for the best half acre of potatoes.
Skates sharpened at Palace garage
25c per pair,
Our coal hums best. Palace Livery.
Electrical Repair work handled
promptly at Lawrence Hardware.
GALT COAL burns all night. Revelstoke General Agencies,  Limited.
Are you going to the tango club
dance on New Years day.
Gas Borono the very latest preparation for bleaching Is perfectly harmless to the, most delicate fabrics and
is used exclusively by thc Parisian
I lye Works in their new French dry
cleaning process. Far superior to anything on the market.
Prompt delivery ol coal or wood,
Palace Livery.
Select line of China ware at Howson's.
Efficiency ia electrical work guar-
anteed by Lawrence Hardware.
LOST.—Last night on McCarter
Avenue between First and Sixth
streets a pair of black satin pumps
and a pair ol white silk gloves.
Finder please return to James Carmichaei,  First street.
WANTED.—Typewriting. A.pply A. J.
BOY WANTED.— To     learn
trade. A,pply Mail Herald.
FOR SALE.— Young Berkshire Plgi.
W.H. Pottrufl, Phone 0.56. tt
"The Million Dollar Mystery,"
Episode No. 16. "Drawn In
tho Quicksands." Other koojI
pictures will also be shown.
\T/E' wish you, heartily, the Season's
Greetings and assure you of our
keen appreciation oi your good will and
patronage.     M*     A*     A*     <*}*#     A*
WfE take this opportunity of thanking
every one of our many customers for
past favors, and of extending to one and.
all our best wishes for a most Happy and
Prosperous 1915.
For rubbers, Overshoes, Cardigans,   Leggings


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