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The Mail Herald Apr 29, 1916

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Chief lumbering, railway,, mining, mgrlculturiil and naviga-
tloa eentre between Calgary
and the Pacific oceaa.
The Mail-Herald
Published  weekly-Read
by   everyone—The     recognised
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23-No. 19
$2.50 Per Year
An oilier Hospital Linen Shower
is Successful — 24-2
Articles Donated
"Even though the citizens of RevelBtoke have and arc responding to the
many calls made upon them for patriotic and other purposes they are
not forgetting for a moment the
needs of our worthy institution the
hospital, as was testified Saturday
when the Ladies' Guild held their annual Linen Shower, as parcel after
parcel was piled on the receiving tahle in the waiting room. When six
o'clock arrived there, was a pile which
the attendants could scarcely see
t.ver. In number, there were 242 articles.
The Ladies' Guild wish to express
their thanks to each and every one
•who contributed and assisted in any
way to make this, their third annual
linen shower such a huge success. The
response was so much greater than
was anticipated.
During tbe afternoon tea was served in the nurses' dining room. Mrs.
Paget aud Mrs. Angus Maclean presided over the tea and coffee the first
hour, while Mrs. Coursier and Mrs.
McCleneghan relieved for the second
hour. The following is the list of
names of those who contributed:
Mesdames T. Kilpatrick, W. Bews,
Smith Urquhart, R. H. Urquhart, J.
I'almer, Geo. Edwards, G. H. Knight
O. B. Hume, 0. Clay, Vi. Clay, H. N.
Coursier, McCleneghan, W. Tomlinson, Swelling, Goddard, Teller, Far-
tis, Nelson, Sibbald, Anstie, vCoult-
hard, Kenward, Swanney, Howson,
Maxwell, Yuill Ross, J. Hume, Mc-
Rride i Vernon 1, T. Downs, K. G. McRae. Stingley, W. Bell, W. C. Calder,
F. G. Hews. J. W. Jenkins, J. H.
Lynns, A. R. Donaldson, A. McRae,
K. Gordon, Hlacklock, Heard, Angus
MacLean. D, Campbell, J, H. Armstrong. W. Arn.strongl Miller, West-
tin, Briggs, Corning, Haggen, A. Watson, 9, .Johnson, O. P. Davis, Holten, R. M. Hume, NM R. Brown,
Holmes, Vim. Lawrence, W. H. Sutherland. J. Daem, W. F. Lammers
(Chasel. C. B. Paget, A. E. Kincaid.
Wallace. 0. R. Macdonald, W. A.
Foote, E. H. S. McLean, A. Mclntyre. ,
The Misses Lucy Davenport, L. J.
McKenzie,  Hazel Hughes,  Werder.
Messrs. Kincaid, W. A. Gordon,
Hornell. Cowan, Pottrufl (flowers),
E. E. Drew, Father MacKenzie.. W..
Morris, W. A. Smythe^ T. J. Wadman. (M R. McKinnon. |
Howson 4. Co., Fred" Young. & Co.,
Naomi, Rebekah T.odge, Masonic
Lodge, K. of P. Lodge.
$23.75  was received in cheques.
Evidence  of Acu. Erasers -- Books Will Reveal Inter
esting Side Issues — List Was Labelled
Suspicion Started
Two Shipments
To Toronto
The Red Cross society held its
usual weekly meeting on Wednesday,
2.-th, with Mrs. Kilpatrick in the
WhAfA I chair. The minutes were read and
adopted and the following socks handed in for the current week: I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Mrs. Copeland and    Mrs.     Tame, 2
The case of Peter Annance, charged Mr. Annance, or     indeed anyone out-1 pairs socks each,
in connection with    alleged     election side the walls of Liberal     headqiiar-:    Mrs.     Belcher,     a   Friend, Mrs. R.
frauds,     did not long occupy the at- ters, can    possibly     know     anything Urquhart,  Mrs.   Jones,  Mrs.  Sergeant
tention of Police Magistrate Shaw in about.
the police court in Vancouver on Mr, Scott stated on Saturday that
Tuesday morning. Dugald Donaghy he had not left Vancouver and de-
appeared as counsel for Annance. He clared that he did not intend to go,
requested particulars of the charge, despite some rumors to that efleet
including the names of tbe persons which he said were In circulation
supposed to have been wrongfully about him and whose existence he devoted   and those who cast the votes,  plored.
These details  will be    furnished  him.      Mr.  Scott freely admitted     that he
J. Vi.  deli.  Farria and D.  E.      Mc-  was     under    suspicion   in connection
Taggart are appearing for the private   with the list which,  he     says,     was
prosecution. given     to     hin.    by some gentleman ,      ,       ..."   .',,~
_ ,. „  .     . ..      .  f , ,       • , _.   ,, bandages, i doz. 3_in   cotton
Friday or Saturday were mentioned  from the waterfront district.  He said
as days when   counsel expected to be that the    document went through his
ready to proceed,  but the magistrate hands     with great speed—that he re-
tinally decided to tix next Monday for ceived it from the aliened writer, one .             .,       ■            ,        ,„,
. ._     , pyjamas,  M  pairs  socks,    131
the opening of the hearing. Mr. Peterson,     whose duties are con- nvale-cei t    h
Mr. Farris remarked  that a     good nected  with  waterfront   affairs,     and The                  "^                   BJack_
many     rumors   regarding the matter that he then    passed it along to Mr. ^ ^   ^.^     q.     ^
were going   round and it was desired Ashworth   Anderson, who declined to ,)ranch     hag 1)(>en ^                ^ ^
Pride For Our Heroes and Love Writes By  Tne Music of The
of Our Maple Leaf Guns— Shells  Droping
  All   Around
"And in our dreams we     see     them
marching, marching,
With hearts and purpose true.
Oh, noble lads of our king and
Maple leaf,
The following  letter  has  just been
received bv B.  K. Atkins Iron. Hart
our  Mur.ro.
Belgium,  April 7. 1910.
Mrs. F. Paulding,   1  pair socks eacb.
The undermentioned shipment was
made to headquarters, Toronto, 21st
April, whicb speaks volun.es for the
untiring zeal aud energy of the many
willing workers gf the association.
Surgical ami hospital supplies: 396
large pads, 396 small pads, 7'.)2 compresses, 2<."r, sponges, 24 extra large
pads, 8 bed pads, JCQO mouth wipes,
10 assorted bandages. 2 doz. 3jin.
cotton     bandages,  3 doz.  4iu. cotton
The following shipment was made
on April 28:  26 day  shirts,     <8    suits
Our pride and love are all for you.1 Dear  BR .  Volir ie:ter    of     March
This ia a song written  by a Revel- loth     has just reached me and I am
fctoke amateur as a tribute    to     the writ;n__-  In reply at 10     p.m.     belore
lads who have gone to the Iront from going    t .   sleep,  by the music uf the
our town, but the   Revelstoke     High guns.
school boys and girls who sing it— Since last writing we have left our
at the Cafe Chantant on May 5—put bomb proof job in favor of one ncar-
as much life and feeling into it as if er the front, and while working con-
it were the real thing, and uot an illti'.ns are not to be compered with
amateur attempt, and so we will our city gralt th? life is more inter-
think only of the spirit that inspired estim:. So far we nave been terribly
lt:pride for our heroes and    love    of busy.     You    will    probably     undtr-
nir maple leaf.
Results of High School
[aster Examinations
Mrs. Blackberg for this very welcome
to get along with the     bearing     as j>nss it along     to    his     scrutineers,
soon as possbie. though     Mr.   Anderson is understood ~~" —"—-■» --•   --•■> '"*
An effort is being made by the Lib- to say  that instructions followed the JJ* am   ^ . ° Mr' R' ^apP'U*'  Jr"
-                        ._- J                                                     .. who  voluntarily    repaired  and  enam-
erals to obtain the services of S.  S. list that the names    it     enumerated
Taylor, K.C., to conduct the     prose-  were those of   such     good     Liberals
* elled same, the thanks of the society
are tendered.
summarized     Mr.
donation of i!2  was
J.  L.  Smith with
cation, but Mr. Taylor is engaged all  that none of them ought  to be chal-     „.
... , .   .      ,     „ . The    monthly
this     week     as counsel in the Brig-  lenged     after 3 o'clock next day—the recojmj ff       »,
house  will case,  and    starting     next  afternoon      of     the   bvelection.     Mr. .,     ,
,,     , ... ' many thanks.
Monday  has four consecutive appeals  Scott's defence    is that he had never      .        .
in the Court of Appeal which are ex-  heard of the list before he received it     AS ,  hm' *?pears s"me sh*ht mte"
pected to last ten days. While appre-  and passed it on, that he had receiv- *?_™8i°n( m ?ga*d to   the     neW
dating the compliment paid him and  ed    it    in   good faith and handed it Jf?"?"8       ♦!    u ******
l.,       • ,,■ i  ., .     of cotton  in the heel    and     toe     of
expressing     his  willingness to act if along In good faith,   and    that    he focks **       allu     lOL     ot
his dates    can he adjusted,  Mr. Tay-  sent no instructions except that if it '., '    . ,   so"ety    Wishes to state
lor stated this morning that he fear- was of any value, Mr. Anderson was V** *° m*k< rhc heel and toe m»ch
ed he would be unable to take charge  welcome     to    anv  benefit that might ;Uon^and moredurable the cotton
has to be knit with the wool. Cotton
can be hnd on application.
.    ... ... ,     Tt is with feelings of the     utmost
Scott's     argument   and position and .„_._.  *.   .
regret  that   we have  to announce tho
the bis     recollection     of the facts whicli f "   „ _.      . announce tne
case are being carefully safeguarded transpired on that fateful day before JJ™°rar* «parture from our midst
and .. scrutiny of these In court Is election-attention may riehtly be ,,'..' . Procun,cr- She has at
expected to reveal   some     Interesting  called to two other facts  which stick !      ,    M ,       , "'  m0St      U^ing and
•    ■ - •     ■• -         ~ ..  _    '°yal  worker for   the     great     cause
which she has at    heart, and the fol-
are said to show plentiful evidence of First, this list which went in good SaL^f" elpressine the wishes of
acid erasures,  but it  is explained  on faith     through     the honest hands ol ^^J.      '°8S   S0Clety has been 8ent
behalf   ol Mr. Scott that many more Mr. Scott    was labelled,  "Not to be
names    than   those which appear on Challenged." in quite clear handwrit- . .      .
the waterfront list    have     been     so ing across the top of     the     opening
treated in his books.   It is said that page.
this modo of erasure was used to cor- Second,  thut   the     list     contained
rect    thc books Of Mr. Scott's o'nlce many names of dead men and absen-
stand what it is like when I tell you
tbat the institute and Boy Scout
tent (a gift from Canada) ol which I
am in charge, is the nearest to the
firing line of any In France or Belgium, and we have shells dropping
in the     n>xt field or across the road
  every night,  while we can hear     the
The following is a list of the sue- lille fire of what are but the opening
cessful candidates who have passed in ol the heaviest .and I trust the last>
all subjects in High school Easter summer of the war.
examinations. This is the final oT the I could write a more graphic description were the censor noi to be
figured on, you can depend on a few
real live stories when I get back.
We are the    only affair of its kind in
of   thc    prosecution.    An effort is be- ;,rise out of it
ing made to arrange mutters so that     Having     thu
Mr. Taylor can appear.
All the books and papers
side issues.   Many   oi     the     records up like sore thumbs in this
taken    from thc otliee of J. T. Scott of interestiug details.
is Transferred
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dickson and
eon Blair left on Wednesday for Calgary, .rom which point Mr. Dickson
will leave for Eastern cities where he
will for a few months suiierlnteud
the shipment of stock to the old
country. Mrs. Dickson will probably
remain in Calgary until Mr. Dick-
eon's return from the East when he
will  be  transferred to the coast.
Mr. Dickson bus been local mining
er for P. Burns and Oo. lor the past
lour yeurs, and has been in thc employ of the firm for the past eleveu
years. The move is much regretted
Ly the mauy friends he has made in
Revelstoke, both in a business way
and socially.
Mrs. Dickson will also he much
missed by her many friends and many
teas havo been given in her honor
during the past few weckB. She was
always an ardent church worker, being president of the W.A. of St.
Peter's church for a number of years
acid on ber retirement from that organization was presented with a gold
handled umbrella as a slight. token
of the esteem in which sho was held
by the  members of the society.
regret that the members of
the Red Cross society learn of your
departure from amocg us. The
cause of the Red  Cross has     always
ale canvassers brought  in   later     and tees which were the names of certain j)™'?^  to.you'  Your onerous  and
more authentic    reports on voters to dead     men and absentees, so marked |!nRPt.aif    W°rk     llaa    mCt with the
those previously entered     in     ink on dead or absent     on the books of the "oart""st approval. We trust that the
the hooks in the   belief    that     they headquarters' office where Mr. Scott's   J™ y""  nrP aWay  ma5" 0B^    he of
were final. ,tafl     operated.     Liberal   canvassers „   r . 'luraj,on'     Rest   a8s,ireJ    ">at
So far not a word    has leaked out brought in reports of their work nnd      ,.."*.,,     and 8°od w,8hea of al!
as to the line of defence     that    Mr. certain nan es  were checked     off     as             C Wlt" y0" ln the f"t,"'e'    Yom'
Annance     intends     to   adopt at the dead or absent.   Some of these same tuT""     amonK8t   us bas been such
trial.   Dugald     Donaghy,     who    has names     appear.   It is stated, on the                  fPeI W1> are lusi"«    a     mo8t
been retained for the    defense,     says Scott list, which seemed to establish S'.nrC.rP                  nmI  thfl R00d feelitlK
that a plea of rot guilty will be en- at least,     in the opinion of the can-      .                evpr ,,nen s" Predominant
tend     and the case fought out.   But didates' investigating     committee, it "'    B°rVe °8 n fittine trib"tc to on0
pressed as to  what     line the defense is understood, that there was an ob-              We hold in thr uiKh(>Rt esteem
will     adopt Mr.  Donaghy smiles and vious connection    between Scott's of-
keseps as mum as    the proverbial oy- fice and the preparation of the list.
Bter. Of course it is possible that a gang
A  rtmllal  silence ha-   fallen     upon of    burglars     were unkind enough to
the Liberal candidates.    With the ex- break into Mr.     Scott's    otliee    and
'.Mxaniination set last year.
Av. Marks
Geo. E.  MacKinnon   7G
Winnifred  Smythe    54
Marion Lawrence   73
Oscar  Lundell     6S
Olga Coursier   G4
Francis Bourne   61
Hila Tomlinson   59
Drina Fraser   5C
Thomas Morris   56'
Stanley  Skene    53
Cecil Johnstone   6S
Graham Bruce   67
Glen UTijuhart   G4
l.iirle   Donaldson    63
Leo Goodwin   62
Rufus Stone    62
Bella Laughton   GO
Stanley Gale   56
Jessie Surr.merville   55
Mark Goodwin   52
Jnd Year: Passed.
Miss Bralshaw   62
The following   made sufficient total
but failed in one or more subject:
Miss Dunlop    57
Miss Dupont   54
K. Corning   50
1st Vear: Passed.
Miss Anion   5S
D. Porta   5«
Miss Donaldson   M
Failed in one or more subject:
W. Fleming 	
.O.O.F. No. 12
Believe me very slnrerely yours,        i
Revelstoke, B.C.,  April  27, 1916,
At Home
The i.Hirers and members    of     Sei
kirk Lodge No. 12, I.O.O.F., were At ,Vith our limited
a radius of five miles, and cater to
the wants and needs ol practically
every Canadian in the field. Our
sales of tea, coffee and cocoa amount
to over 100 gallons per day. ai '. had
we the accommodation would be
twice as large. At present I have
only four assistants, but will have
two more tomorrow. My hours as I
firil I have to work i-re from 6 a.m.
to 9 p.m., and I bave had only three
hours to myself, with the exception
of twelve day- in hospital, in three
months. I see many of the home
boyF who visit us quite regularly
when they have a chance.
This morning as per usual I went
to town witb a team and limbers
and brought back all the eatables,
etc., the mules could draw. Tonight
T find I nrist repeat the trip tomorrow, and while it is hard work there
is some satisfaction in knowing that
it is for thp boys' welfare. When I
asked to go back to my battalion,
some weeks ago, General Wo ..Is—our
Deputy Adjutant and Quartern.aster
General—said, "You havc done as
much good here in six weeks as you
would in six y<"nrs in the trenches."
So I must confess I felt very grateful to know that my faltering eflorts
have  been appreciated.
The weather of late has been very
l : >■ and the grain crops are looking
very well. Last night it rained anil
today h is been C"ld, but I think in
a day '.r two we will be peddling
lemonad. to the troops instead oC
tea. I ejrlsb things were so thai you
could take a wulk around this part
ol the country v. i visit   the    scenes
of the    !:■ • ■ .   of the whole
war, but y.eii will have th be content
descriptive ability
least 60> more beds.
Cranbrook Methodist. Ladles Aid
raleSed 1418 last year.
Trail Red Cross Is shipping about
800 pairs of sjicks monthly t.« the
Holdiers overseas.
The horticultural authorities will
operate seven power sprayers In the
Oknnagan eountry this season in an
ollort to get the best of the codling
moth frouble
caption of the   letters nnd statements  steal the names off the books to lat-
ol Mr. Patrick Donnelly,     who    lnid  cr induce other   persons    to    return
tn.'   Information against Aonance, no them "in good faith" in the form ol ^	
Information is vouchsafed   They take o list of "Not to    be    Challenged.",   -"
the line that the     matter is now be- That     ls a possible explanation, but chullcnge anyone nfter a certain time
fore tho court, and that    ly     agree    ..,„11P people closely in touch with the in the afternoon who bora initials be-
inent     among    themselves it  was de-   ,,ilnir admit that they arc unconvinc- tween     tho    mystic letters R and W,
Olded  not to permit an]  public itate    ,,| ,,( its probability.   They     suggest there are    said  to  be (juite a number
menti to be made until the    matter that it is odd,    almost    significant, of Liberals outside of the candidate!
is probed in court.    Mr. Ralph  Smith  that     attempts     have   been  made to Committee    who   .vill   have something
IfOUld only co so f;,r 'Ins morning as  eras.- from the books some ol     these to say on  the jioint.    In     fact,     the
U) deny  for hin self  .     tati    BOt  that  "absent"  and      "dead"  names,     The story      ,,   told that   this  was  Scott's
all     the candidates knew on the day  books  were  left  behind when     Scott own explanation of the now     famoua
before election that     there was to be  resigned     from   his LfM'nU activities list to a party of     Liberal     workers
nn attempt  made by unknown parties  and set  up  in  the brokerage business who qulEWd him   on     the     question.
to jilug votes.                                              in a suite of rooms    in the Standard All   profess  satisfaction  at     knowing
"The flrst I heard ol the matter at Bank building. that  the   arrest  ,,f Annance has been
all was two weeks after the election"      Scott's volunteered statement     bas effected. The tact  that there ls a com
stated Mr. Smith.                                       caused  a great  deal ol comment  and bined     telegraph    and telephone con-
CHARGED WITH INCITING,         rot a little   mild surprise in Liberal neetion  between  Vancouver   and Val-
While the case of   Peter     Annance, circles,     though members of tho can- dee Island created fears lest news of
charged  with Inciting to personate in didates'  investigating    committee de- the     issuance    of tho warrant might
the     recent byelection, will come be   rllned to make any statements in re- have leaked through,  and thc desired
fore the police    court on Monday for ply.   They take thc stand  that     thc probe come to nothing.
the j.roductlon of evidence,     chief in-  matter is now  before thc court     and M.  A.  Macdonald,   who of course  Is
tereet   In  the sensation of the fraudu-  that     it.  would  be an  impropriety to very    much concerned,  along with his
lent list of plunger* remains with the  be drawn  into makir*; public     state- brother candid,ites at   the outcome of
alleged ennnoction which that part of  ments  of matters that will como out the affair, is in Vnncotivcr.     He    ar-
the    Liberal     organization     ire-lded  in evidence In n few     days     In     the rived  here from    Seattle (ln  Monday,
over I.y John T. Sett, had with the court     proceeding.    The "Not to be  where he bad  I n spending a day or
I mdling of   this     interesting     doru-  Challenged" list is said to be safe in two in company with Wendell 11. Ear-
'","'                                                            Mr.   Ashworth    Anderson's     keeping, rls of Revelstoke, a former law part-
WhiM   thle  list   in  _ft,,i to     contain  together with books from Mr. Srott's ner of Mr, Mardonnld, and a brother
one ..1   two names  which the Liberals  ..flic,   nnd    will  be  available for pro- of J.  W. dclM  IMnns of     Vancouver.
ii"!"'    to    be  able t.. bring home in dnctlon at the proper time. it is expected    thai before Mr. Mac-
■ .■   to M..  Lnnaree  the great     In regard to Mr.     Scott's    denial donald   returns to Victoria n confer-
bulk of the now  '              .1,, abeeateeei  thnt he hnl  ever sent instructions to ence will be held by the local  Liberal
and dead  onee are believed to have   I  s certain ward on election day, notl- candidates to consider   the     tpiestlon
far wi.bi  .md deeper significance thnn lying     thc     scrutineers there not to of thc conduct of the oroaeotttlott.
I '
Nelson     hospital  is to be enlarged.  Home on Thursday    night     last     to i  fear,
the addition providing room for     at Naomi     Rebecca     lodge and  visiting      |  haV( ,.,  ,,,.   ,),,,„.
Oddfellows and Rebeccas, of a cane made trom material sccur-
At S o'clock in the lodge room the ,,| ln ,|„,  h,.<r  kt],,■.,., tlir-
,,Hirers exemplified the Initiatory de- British    front,   and which I bopd to
gree    foi the benefit   if a Dumber of get       rely to i inada    v-   glad yi .
visiting   brethren wbo are at preset* nkod the paper,   will send    them et
stationed al  Bear Creek tunnel. tbey   appeal   KI tarda to ;>u
A(ter the degree   work, tables wen' (,,,m
laid for cards In tbe lodge room, and
dancing started iu the cosy new hall
below which has just been remodelled
and  fitted up  ill  elegant  style.    Cake,
coffee, tee and Ice-cream,   all    home
made,       wen    served  at   midnight   and
dancing .vas resumed until about .'
Tlie niiisie, which was furnished by
Miss Prances Lawson, piano; ES, San-
dahl, clarionet; and J. Boyle, violin,
was voted  the besl   of the season.
Tho prize winners at cards were:
Mrs. R. (Jruubart, ladles' prize, H.
Marshall, gentleman's, and Miss Marguerite Jamieson, consolation. D
Hbiekweii, i onsolatlon.
The Snow lite
All ari vert ispments must bo
handed in to the Mail-Herald
oilice by Thursday niirhts to
ensure insertion in Saturday'.0
"Ail rh.' world ie_«mi      nt of tune,
\       '    ;         to a   inoil  white      n.oth,
they sny,
In love with ., siiv.i  i m."
An.l so on, runs the story •■! the
little white moth, who, in trying to
reach tbe In ml If il .sinning moon,
tired its little wlnge all for nothing.
At last, '>ne cloudy nigbt. a lamp
in a white  [lobe ««>ii m> unbelievably
near!     I inti,    he.'ii t   to   be ll
with rapture and   bppe   and     e
fluttered  t'i its  doom.
The eight   little  silver     moth
i tin-   pathetic    story,    aro
rei v   w I'-'t'ii.    light and airy llttla
r than the dll
lnuttve wt.ite one who will dai
way Into youi heart   at     the    Cain
pi ning, "At the Plgn    of
♦ he     Maple Leaf," on the even
Zhe flfeatUlbcualb
Published every Saturday at
KKVIiLS'l'ilKK.   B.  ('
better farn.ing methods.   In that ev- except in some od the tense mements
cut with a fairly good    season,     the- wben the opposite trait     is     boldly
crop will be all    right as to grade if brought out.
riot as to quantity.—Calgary Herald.     With a quick changing from     com-
  , edy     to   serious drama, the interest
cannot be allowed    to lag.   In  "Kit"
Brent a character has been     created
who  in reality is compelled to live a
A good story was published recent- dual role   He   ig    „The     MaJ1     who
ly of a British captain who on being  stayed at Home „  hut if he was Uy.
chased by a submarine ran ahead for
ing in    England     riow,     the     Derby
hours during which he had the scneme     would     not include him, for
Bhip's carpenter    cut a spar into gun thos„ in  al,thority would know    that
lengths and paint and mount     them, tne work l0
whereupon     he     suddenly  swung the
The whines    of the opposition press
grow more pitiful fron. day to     day,
says ,1.  I'.s Weekly
are shed  fur tb'' poor overworked op
which he is assigned is
^—— as important and equally as risky as
ship around   and pointed the dummy lhat    pprformed     by the man in the
The  submarine     suddenly     ducked. To be'))randed a9   .    coward      to'
That was a brutal trick to play on a llave to a8SUne the    character of „a
It is of the new sea    ethics that the (uol EngUsh slackcr„. .„ Qrder to m)C.
helpless      unsuspecting enemy  vessel. fC8Hfully   withhoW         lclon {rom bi8
_.  submarine be permitted   to    do    its real mission ,B t)mt part that Rlt ,8
Tears of sorrow   have thought of    it since they turned  worst   Without opposition ir. the case r.ompeiied  to  play.   Ho  takeg  hls re_
i,   down in convention had    not     the °' Wa™**    merchant ships.     Other- ^^  (i,.cc|/ts thp  jnRults and     CQn.
wise, how is the submarine war to be  timll,s .,, act thp ..,ult," even in spite1
Tht  new rule is,  of thp MUlSt drastic Insults. 1
the      "The White Feather"  is a big production.   Ii    ls  in the hands of com
position in Victoria,     They   bave so is8Ue of prohibition loomed up,     uuu BUCC88Bfuuy waged?
many committees   to attend on, says it  was lound to be necessary to hnve closed season at all times ,  for
the  Sun,  that  they  bave no time  to a plan  by which tbey could run with  tinfish    and     open season for i
formulate questions, the bard and hunt with the    hounds. u™™ed Prey.-St.   Louis     Post-Dls- petent playerB ,im, ,,ncked by a man
Let  me whisper:   The     little,     old, if they     dared  they  would come out
1(;,1 query  mark  in the opposition is in favor ,.f prohibition   witb eompen-
none other than our old friend, John Ration,  but they don't     know     what
intends  to do, so
Oliver.    John  it is and none     other,  the     government
who     formulates     most  of tbe ques- they are keeping mum.   The    govern-
tions which    appear on the order pa-  ment has     made     their     referendum
agement known over the entire width
ol Western Canada as "The Shcr-
:i.nn, satisfaction guaranteed or mon-
ry back"  organization.
The impression that the play, '"The
White Feather," to be presented here
Monday, May Sth,    at    the Empress,
lf it  is    really "service" that
Another  Roosevelt isFiie   has
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 46-276 Night Phone 346
Frank mines     are turning out 1100
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tons of coal per day, the largest out-
rer under the names of Mr. Brewster scheme    abortive by agreeing to sub-  js crowded with     weeps and sighs is 'ut in itB history.
or Mr. Macdonald. Neither of the Iat-  mit a referendum on election day, so dispelled with the first appearance of Rossland  Conservative    Association
ter     gentlemen is overworked in for- no matter     whether the Liberals are Mr.  Guy-Usher in tbe part of Chris- has enlarged its executive from seven'
mulating     those     questions.       Their  elected or not, they have no     chance  topher Brent. "Kit,"  as he is called, •" twelve members.
,,      ,,.  ,           ,,.■    _     _,     ,•               _      _.„„...  draws a laugh as soon as he appears Riverside Nurseries    have  given 279
real  worry is the    answers.     Usually  to     cultivate    the liquor vote except ,     _       t     "                '
J                                                                                                                              And he continues to do so as long as silver maples to     beautify the Grand
the questions are    answered so differ-  by declaring for compensation.     And tfae    acUon     q, ^ p]fly jg kept ^ Forks faip ^omis
ently     from     what they expected, or if they do that the     government    is 	
wanted, that they are of     absolutely very     liable   to go them one better.
no use for campaign    purposes,     the So, altogether,  the    Liberal party is
original object  in asking them. very much disgusted with prohibition
It  is too bad too,  they     have     to • •
work so   Lard    attending     committee |       FROM   THE    SANCTUMS
meetings,    maybe one every day, often not that, sometimes only three in
a week.    And  then    every     atternoon ^^_^__^—_
„   ■    ,, ,,,_ ,,,„,,.„ for nvan who   shuffles around and sbame-
there     is    a session ol the iiouse uu
facedlv   produces a tip is paving for,
tive days in the week.   These sessions ' r •    "
u ' why do the pretty waitresses take in
last about two and a hall hours from ^ n UHt>_Mnwaukee journal.
prayers to adjournment,   and     that's 	
an awful strain on a man, too.
Added to that  is the constant wor-
ry the government   gives    tbem     by  ruthlessly    purloined by the adminis-
tratlon.   The president's grand child-
every  once in a  while stealing planks
ren have bave destroyed the     efficacy
Irom    their platform.  The laud plank  (jf     ,my     anti.raCe   'uicl(je piank tM
bas been swiped, the woman's franchise hiis been taker, away, the prohibition plank has been stolen, aad
when election time comes around the.
Liberals     will    have  to  make  a  new
colonel may have Intended to put into the f.'i tho'ii lng Chicago platform.
—Cleveland  Plain Dealer,
Ml    indications are that  there will
platform.  Not that  the platform ever  |„, ., smaller acreage under     n >
,.; ., serious   part of the Liberal  the west  this season than  last.    Tw..
propagai     .So far as a platform is
concerned,  n<
bia     Liberal
campaign   ,,[
pauses    r.   reap >.,sinl" (or    this,     It
_ , . ,   ,, , was    not  possible for the fan
nodern  British t olum-
do much fall ph wii g and this si
"   '   '   neeoB   ''''■   The it  is noi  nossll li         them 1       get
destructive criticism," h,.i|, f,        ■                  .- Beeding,
that  Me.-.j      euphony tor slander, vi Tl                                   that with thi
tuperation,    reckless'    charges,     and waller    ro,    creaf    then rtll     Me
il |ge,      -   ::\\ we ever get froi ZZIZZIZZ^IZIIZI^ZZZZIZIZ!
' pi ss or  platform.
The  I .latlorm    is     only     a
•  .-,     lie   '     "   Ul  '
less     thej     ire put ii      pract
•   nostly bj   .ei' aliste
tral      ■ ■    '      5 and      romptlj      loi
,..',-.     ■■      thi     convenl
i      •.
-,■•    i ,    -. ■       -
,-   • - thei
,  .i
tbem to practici
i trap to l
One of the best investments you can make this winter is to
Buy a Pair of Skis
and build up your health.
We have them in Ash, Hlekory   and Pine.   Call and look   them
We also can-y complete stock of MEN'S WEAR for city, mountains, mine or bush.
FURS BOUGHT at highest market prices.
reduction aixdTl
-- of Canad
was last
■ ■
er 1
•li  t   m.-iy
'    e in regard to live
ttocic, •!
B world's
THE   AGRIC      '    R/      iVAR   BOOK PUBLISHED  BY  THE
• 1 ■;.,■•.'•   • ' ' '      •
11 taki
ition, to which thf5 canl
irtegy in the lasl
lor a fad     •  •    • 11
It i        ike ll      ''     ■■■    a
;     .- •     ■ - ...
By tbi e   token wi
,-ery     litl le about ti.'
I tbe ri Mi "ii.linn or dlrei I   .■■.•.--
In  the  fui in .  That jilank
merelj elul expedient    to    side*
Step thl prohibition dilemma. Tht
Lit. rah ni -.er did low' direct legls-,
latlon  They would ool listen to it. in
i'    : nl Ions,   Tl ey   never   would
lie, pi ;, lency and tbe "Blues," usually thi result ol constipation, quickly Bin' in i. to Rexall Orderlies, Sold
orly by W. Bews, Ktnull Drug Btore,
15c and 25c boxes. j
within i
I l.e   war
il    The
i      .. ,i in 1916
ei i      I'rirei at
.;      i.v,  to  17
,    i •,    I -' ■
I .■   i   , .nt .,
I)   vorth of
' '.n.i lit t.iin in the
■ i I. iv a
a  i    in      _\
-   WRITE TO THE DOMINION  Dl \q   rQ  yoiJR
tb.'it   ' la ir  homi
in 1' Id.
PlUlDl i I:   UORI
MM K I.AHtit l{ I   VII IE!
lil .'■ 'Ii.'in
'   .'   I    II
i i V WlStiLY
<%_m_^______m______lliiw --"   l'TT'inT-.'tF.trc^TiTtitaa^^aL.^KeiM
KBSKRVB FUND, $7,000,000
Imperial Bank
Pclef tlowUnd, President.
I'.Miihlitihcd 1875.
B.   Hay.  Getoeeral   M«,l.(n.
Drafts, Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. 23
revelstoke  branch:   mckenzie and first stb.
a. b. McCleneghan. m»n»cer
The La Diva Corset
The best Corset made in  Canada.   Our stock    ot     these
Corsotb   is complete.
Front Luce La Piva Corset, price   ?1.00
Super Bone   La Diva   Corset,    guaranteed     unhrenkahle.
Price   $4.00
We have   a large range of other good Corsets     in     this
make.  Prices from   $1.00 to $9.00.
Ladies House Dresses
All  New  Dresses.   Fast colors.   Price   $2.00
Wash Fabrics
Prints »6 inches wide. Navy blue as well as the lighter
colors.    Vriccs from   l!ic to 20
Cotton Crepes, sinnll figures and flowers on white. and
colored  hack   grounds, price   Kyc to 20
Curtain Muslins
Plain Scrims, Mus'ine with colored borders, all new
goods.  Prices    from   15c to 20
Our Shoe Department
is complete, and we arc showing all the newest styles
of the season.  Ueloro purchasing inspect our stock.
Fred Young & Co,
What's in a Name?
Well, lt just depends. When, you bear of Hobson's Bread
you naturally feel hungry. Tbe crisp brown exterior and
tbe appetising white inside are both signs of the good
floor we use and the care we take to bake it lust right.
Try lt lor yourself—we do not fear the result.
Phone 41
Box 734
Union Hotel
A. P. LBVBSQUE, Proprietor ;
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
C\ RI P KI T A I      Suitablv furnished with the
\mJ l\ I L. I $   I r\ La   choicest the market affords.
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelsttoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers
Direct Importers
Our Goods are GOOD
Our Prices logical and within reason
See us before placing your orders SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1916.
Meetings Are
Well Attended
M.C.A., Mr. Robinson will address a and wood users. The annual cut in
mass meeting for men, his subject British Columbia of late years has
I being ''Se.ing Life." The worS In averaged sixty-two million feet board
which Mr. Robinson has been en measure, the range of western larch
gaged has brought him into contact being between the Rockies and the
—— with all classes of men and     women Cascades, south of the     main line of
The special meetings held in St. who have gone out into the world to the C.P.R.
John's Presbyterian church every "see 'life," and consequently his re- Suitable for many uses, and in
evening except Saturday, and which 'narks on this subject should be of a some unsurpassed, western larch sup-
will continue, until May 10tb, are he- very great interest. plies material for dimension, poleB,
jng attended by large and apprecia- Beginning Monday afternoon there piles and posts, ties, framing, out-
tlve audiences.                                           wil1 be "eetings for adults   at    3.30.  side     and     interior     finish,     tanks,
Tho choir is present every evening, These services are for bible study troughs, grain elevators, refrigerators
under the leadership of Mr, Andrew, and conference and are open to all silo stock, paving, telephone cross
and is to be. congratulated    on     the  who may be able to attend. arms, fencing, etc.
proficiency, so quickly obtained, aud As to the methods of conducting Copies will be mailed upon appli-
displayed in tne singing of the Alex- evangelistic services, Mr. Robinson cation to the Forest Branch, Vic-
aniler hymns and choi'UBes.     Mr.  An- believes   that evangelism has suffered  toria, B.C.
drew's solos are particularly pleasing much at the bands ol     its     friends. 	
being sung in a rich tenor voice and Methods have been adopted that did
in faultless manner. There ure a nu not appeal to thoughtful people and
ber of choruses of a catchy ty,* be certain results have been brought
ing sung, the. words and music alike about that were not based on
being simple and easily remembered, thoughtful and careful effort. Disap
One of these which has taken hold ol polntment has often followed such
the audlance is: results; and the   men conducting tbe
"I am Included, 1 am Included, services In St.    John's    church    are
When   the Lord said 'Whosoever'       more     anxious     about faithful work
He included me." being done than  about   the     j.ublica-
lt is difficult to do justice to the l-lon ol statistics.
meetings In an ordinary newspaper During the mission Mr. Robinson
report, in view, of the fact that each will use the stereopticon on nights
service is worthy of some special to be announced. On Monday Amy
mention, of whicb space will not LeFenvre's winsome story "Probable
permit. Sons"  will be illustrated   I.y    lantern
Easter  Sabbath   morning  Rev,  Mr.  Elides.   In     addition    to  the story a
Robinson     delivered a special Easter number    of beautifully colored hymns
message    on   ''Immortality,"      which and  slides  of a    military     character
was most inspiring,  and  Mr.   Andrew  "ill be used.   The story and   pictures
sang    a><     a    solo "Christ Died of a  are     said     by those wbo have heard
Broken   Heart."     At    the     Sabbath -"nd seen  to  be  particularly     attrac-
school     in the afternoon Mr.  Andrew  tive     and     it      is expected that  the
gave a talk to     the     children     and church will be crow led ou     this     oc-
taught     them some choruses.     At   1
o'clock a mass meeting for men was
held in the Y.M.C.A.,  when Mr.  Robinson spoke on  "The Downfall     of a
Strong     Man,"  and Mr.  Andrew had
the hearty support of the men in the
song     service.     Sabbath evening Mr.
Robinson's  message     was     on   "The
Mission and  commission of  Jesus."
On Monday afternoon Messrs. Rob-
.nson and Andrew took part in the
Women's Missionary meeting, the
former telling of the church's ellort
in redemptive work for girls and the
Miner singing most effectively "Will
there be any stars in my Crown."
At the Monday evening service the
subject ,vas "A Universal Saviour;"
Tuesday evening, "Drifting Away
from God;" and Wednesday evening.
"The Choice of the Highest."
Thursday afternoon there was ,.
special meeting for the boys and
girls. In fact, the children are being
specially remembered in this mission,
not less than two meetings a week
heing arranged exclusively for them.
Sunday     afternoon    next at the Y.
Grand  Forks creamery is paying 40
cents a pound for butterfat.
Got Strength To Do Her Work
Fair Haven, Vt. — "I was so nervous
and run down that I could not do my
housework for my little family of three.
I had doctored for nearly two years without help. One day I read about Vinol,
and thanks to it, my health has been restored so I am doing all my housework
once more. 1 am telling all my friends
what Vinol has done for me."—Mrs.
James H. Eddy.
Vinol is a delicious cod liver and iron
tonic which creates a healthy apjietite,
aids digestion and makes pure blood.
Vi. Bews, Druggist,  Revelstoke, B. C.
I'.lSle >R.
^^fortheJL kidneys
Why They're Used
As Mrs. Ripley, of Williamsfield East,
•ays: " Before I had taken Gin Pills, I
suffered dreadfully with my back and
had suffered for twenty years. I have
tried everything but got no relief until
I took Gin Pills. I am now 48 and feel
as well as I ever did in my life. There
is nothing that can hold a place with
Gin Pills for Pain in the Back, to which
women are subject."
Gin Pills are 50c. the box or 6 boxe?
for (a.joat any drug store. If you wan'
to try Gin Pill's write for free sample to
the " si
National Drug & Chemical Co.
of Canada   Limited, Toronto.
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave.
end Fifth street, Pastor, Rev. J. C.
MacKenzie. Sunday services:— Low
Muss at S a.m. and High Mass at
10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday
school for the children at '2:3U p.m.,
Benediction and Rosary at 7:3u p.m.,
Confessions Saturday 4 to 6 and 7:30
to 9 p.m. and Sunday mcrnlng 7:30
to 8. Weeks days:—Mass every morning at 7 o'clock, Confessions before
Mass. First Fridays —Mass at 8 a.
m., Benediction and Rosary at 7:1.0
p. m.
Ar.-hdeacon Beer will conduct the
services in St. -Peter's Anglicau
church on Sunday next, April 30, and
the Bishop o. Kootenay will occupy
the pulpit or. Sunday, May H. A
Vestry meeting of all members of the
Church if England will be held by
ihe Bishop on Monday evening, May
v.  at 7.30, iii  St. Peter's church.
The Oddfellows will be out in force
on Sunday night at 7.30 p.m., at the
Methodist church, when a special
discourse will be delivered by the
pastor. Morning service at 11 a.m.,
Sun-lay school, 2.30 p.m.
VV. PARRY, Auctioneer
Esablished at Tapping Block
I will sell your Household
effects or Property, I will also
repair and repolish your fur-
nature, or buy them outright
Plume ,'tfti
Box :.ll
Tbe available newly surveyed lands
in the following townships will be
opened to homestead entry by eligible applicants on tbe llth day of
May, 111 1-6, at nine o'clock a.m.
5th   ,
as to  available     lands
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We aim ta give ni.imjpi
#6 \r At   n -11 Tiuew price
NEW LACES AND EMBROIDERIES. Fine Plauen Lace edges at
5, 10, 15c. ^
Fine Organdy, for Collars and
Edgings, etc., 10,  15, 25, 35c.
30in. wide, big lot of patterns
and colors, 15c.
A Lot of WHITE WEAR, Ladies'
Gowns, Skirts, Corset Covers,
Combinations,  etc.,  at 90c.
at, per doz.,
large floral effects, for Ladies'
WaiRts and Dresses, at 25c.
NEW EMBROIDERY on fine cambric and longcloth, at 5, 10, 15,
Embroideries,   at 75c,  $100,$1.50.
VESTS AND DRAWERS, special at 15,  20 and 25c.
wash Prints
ROMPERS  in good
and     PercaleB,   at
Navy Indigo Blue, 32 inches
wide, 20c.
Boy's Wear for
double-breasted styles, English Nor-
folks and Serbian models. We bt
boys from six to seventeen years
old. Fabrics are the best that can
be procured at moderate prices.
Workmanship the very best.
Prices $5.00 to $12.00
The very best you have ever seen,
Boy Scouts and Cotes. Neat snappy lasts, Bolid soles and counters
Made from the best of leathers to
stand the wear real boys will give
Prices $2,75 to $4.00 pair.
The W.G. & R. kind-fully shaped,
double collars, invisible draw
strings. They come in solid colors,
stripes and plain white.
Prices 75c to $1.25 each.
Try a jar of Express at 25c. or
a tin of King Beach at 75c.
Head and Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, Celery, Radishes, green
Onions and Parsley.
Self Rising Buckwheat Flour in
Rogers Pure Sugar Syrup, 2, 5,
10 and 20 pound tins.
Pride of Canada Pure Maple
Syrup, quarts and half gallon
Crown Brand Corn Syrup, 2 and
5 pound tins.
Lyle's English Syrup, 2 pound
Maple Flavored Syrup in quarts
J  and 1 gallon tins.
Premium Ham, Dominion Ham,
Premium Breakfast Bacon, Dominion Breakfast Bacon, Pea Meal
Back Baton, Bark Bacon e.nrt
Cooked Ham.
must    conform in all respects to the
! requirements     of the  "Canada Shipping Act" and amending Act.
To the
Government of British Columbia will
pay, at the expiration of every three
months of satisfactory service, a
grant in aid of operation of this ferry, and each applicant should state
tbe amount of grant he is prepared
to operate this ferry for.
The Government    of British Columbia is not necessarily bound to     ac-
any     application
in these townships may be     obtained
from     the Agent of Dominion Lands cept the lowest or
at Revelst ike,  or the     Sub-agent of submitted,
announces. Dominion Lands at Golden,     British J. E. GRIFFITH,
Bulletin  Columbia. Deputy Minister arid Public Works
Columbia     The   head oflice of entry is at. Rev-j Engineer,
elstoke.     Applications may     also be Department of Public Works,
Victoria,  B.C.,  April llth,  1916.
cTWonday   eUWay  8th
By Special Aranjrements with   vV.A.Brady of New York
W.B.SHERMAN pre>ents
The Great All-English Company and JAMES GUY-USHER
in the Great Sacret War Drama
The White Feather
A Phenomenal Triumph Won at the   Royalty Theatre,
London, tinder the title---
Tickets $1.00 75c 50c.
The  Minister  of    Lands
thl   Issue ..f Timber   Series
U.    entitled  "British
Western Larch."  Known variously as
tamarack, red American larch, larch, received at the Sub-agent's oflice at
western tamarack and hackmatack, Golden and may at the expense of,
and much more durable than eastern the applicant be forwarded by wire
larch, the sterling qualities ol this to the Agent at Revelstoke. Applies-
fl'tcies nre described in the bulletin tions received at Revelstoke have
for the information of lumber dealers priority.
Agent, Dominion Lands
Revelstoke, B.C., April 10th, 1916.
notice     was posted on     the
on     the 2'Jth day of March,
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada.  Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Noti.e  is hereby    given     that   the
partnership Gheretolore subsisting between   us,   the   undersigned, as    the |
firm of Foote & Prudolim iu the City
o! Revelstoke, has this day been dis-j
solved   by mutual consent, and debts j
owing    to the said partnership are to
he   paid to W. B. Farris at his oilice j
at   the    City of Revelstoke aforesaid ;
and all claims against the said part- j
nerehip are to be presented    to     the
said W.  B. Farris.
Dated at Revelstoke, R.C, this 8th1
day of April, A.D. 1916.
Ar.Bclmo Pradolini     C
W. A. Foote
Witness: H. H. McVity.
Ferry between Arrowhead and Beaton
In accordance with chapter 85, R.S.
B.lM   1911,  "•Ferries Act,"  tho     Gov-|
i rnment  of British Columbia     Invite
proposals   to operate a daily service
between Arrowhead and Beaton.
I'r..j.,isals will be received by1 tho
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works up to 12 o'clock noon, ThurB-.
day, the 2'7th day of April, 191-6.
Applicants shall give full particulars
of proposed service, rates to be
charged, description of vessel or ves-,
rcls it is proposed   to    use,     which.
Diversion and Use.
Take     notice     that   Allan Kellay,
successful    applicant the whoge addrcgg js Rev.elstoke>  B    Q
will apply for a licence to take and
use 60 gallons per minute of wa*er
out of Dewey Creek, which flows
north west and sinks into land filed
on by applicant.
The water will be diverted from the
stream at a point about the base of
the mountain and will be used for!
domestic and irrigatian purposes up- j
on the land described aa L. G. 12,'
Section 10, Township 24, R2 W. of,
6th M.
A copy of this notice and an appli -
apl3 cation  pursuant thereto and to     the
•'Water Act, 1914," will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at Revel-
Objections to the application may
be tiled with the said Water Recorder
or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B, C, within thirty days after the
first appearance of this notice in a
local  newspaper.
Description of the territory within
whicli its powers in respect ol the
undertaking ure to be exercised :
Bench   Land.
The date of the first publication of
this notice is April 1, 1916.
Meets every Wednesday ertnlng
at 8 o'clock, in Selkirk HaU.
Visiting brothers cordially la-
vited.    W. POTTRUFF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K of R. S.
A. F. »l« A. M.
Regular Meeting! are held la
New Masonic Hall oa the Fo.*rta
Monday ln each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
'       C. R. SKENE, W. M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  Pwretary
There's a Difference
To keeji your jiinno in proper
shape y..u should employ a man
with years of valuable experience
■■.nd    who is proud of ii good job
when      Completed.   I'ian'.-;   kc|it   at
Btandard International pitch,    and
well cleaned with a piano vacuum
cleaner, getting the dirt when a
i loth or brush Is useless.
The Largest Piano Tuning
Business in the [Vest
l got this by giving satisfaction
with years of factory and other
ixpprience. It is with mc a matter
of business conscience to havc every instrument at its best, in fine
apton and tone. Regulating ns well
ns tuning, and no extra charge for
slight repairs. NOT A CHEAP
MAN, who will take anything to
get a job. Such men know their
value, and I nm mistaken if this is
nny conBideration for a good Instrument, trucness nnd benuty of
tone expected.
Strongly endorsed by Heintzman
& Co., Morris & Knrn, Oourlay
Pigno Co., Dominion Piano Oo.,
Ncwcombe ft Co., Gerhard Helots
mnnn House, Vancouver, B. C,
Prof. J. D. A. Tripp, Vancouver
nnd others.
will be at the King Edward hotel
Revelstoke, early In May. Orders to
be left, with the Howson Furniture
I. 0. O. T.
Meets evesry  Thurtday  rv<enlnf la
Selkirk  Hall  at   8 o'clock. Visiting bretbern cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
Kev.-lMoke I-odge
.NM„ HUtt
l.nY \[,  OHDKK
OF mouse
M..- * every second
and Fo i'tli Xuetdaj
in   Smythe's    Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       ALLAN K   I'YI'K, Die.
H. L. II All,, S,.e.
It.'sgood policy tn think of the future
It'sstill better policy to provide .(gainst
.he misfortunes it may have \_ store
for you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family isa
with  a  reliable  company.    The high
financial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Ageneie-
■mikes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav be near at hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
\\ s >tn-, lallse in
Metalllo Ceilings, Corrugated Roof
Furnaoe Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Bhop -( oiiiinilght  Ave.
BBVBUSTOKE      .      .    h.c.
Pbooe "66
Mrs. IM Cooper will not receive on
J. Stewart [i II fi i Trail on Thurs ;
day morning.
Mrs. P. Hooley .ef Vancouver is the
guest   ol   Mrs.   I'M   Hooley.
A. Harvey of Vancouver was at
the King  Edward hotel on Monday.   |
Vi. Graham of Coleman    reglstere
at the Hotel    Revelstoke e.n Monday ,
D, I... Raymond ol Regina was a
guest it the Hotel Revelatoke on
Monday. |
Lieut. W. H. Wallace of Otter
camp Bpent a lew lays In town during the week
Mr. and Mrs. Vi. Beech   ol Yancou
u.r  W1.,,. ,t   the  King Edward
hotel   "11    Me-I'.el ,v I
A. McLeod and A, Stewart ol Hear
Creek n gistered al the King Edward
hotel on Wednesdgy.
Mi,,- Middleton Mas been secured aB
teacher lor Mt, Begbie school whicb
will reopen on -May I.
Mr. and Mrs, Kerr ol Bear     Creek
wh.. hav.   heen  the guests of Mr.  aud
Mrs.  G.   Watt,  Downey  street,     hav
returned to their home.
Mi. and Mrs. Grubb of Golden
sere the guests ol Mrs. Gruhb's par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Paget, during the  Easter ineh.lay.
In the recent  High school cxamlna
tions one ol the young     ladies    was
asked     to     define     the word "shy."
which  she   did     as     follows:   "shy.'
"familiar,"  "coarse."
Mr. and Mrs. (.'.. IM 1'ather of Kamloops have arrived in Kevelstoke and
h.^-e secured J. Hack's residence.
Mr. IM.ther ie connected with the
Canadian Pacifli   Railway.
The order of the Eastern Star
were at home to their Masonic
friends "n Wednesday uight. iMar.ls
and dancing were the order of the
evening, refreshments being served at
Mrs. F. Fraser cordially invites her
many friends to attend the "tea"
given at her home this ufteruoon in
aid of the Altai Society ot St. Francis church. The ladie.- will j.rovide
the usual b ime cue.'ing and candy
tables, ard an enjoyable afternoon is
promised to all  wlio attend.
A glance at the program     ol    the
Maple Leaf Fete which     appears     in
thi« issue, and which is to be beld un
M.iy .'.   will show    that no effort has
spared t.. n,ake the evening an
vable     one     for    the  public,    V»
there seems to l.e a misunderstanding
with rrterence te.    the progeam, tlu.se
in chart-.■ wish it     understood     that
_, ., eight regular     dances    for
everybody, between '-he numbers, it
will in reality be a dance interspersed
wit!, marches, choruses, sk«tcM"s and
solos. Refreshments will be served at
the    ' Blon   ol th(   program, and
.ixran.'. menl
tra danci a to 1    plaj td
The Minister    .f  Lands
rd  •'
No. 18, entiC I sh     Columbia
Red     Cedar four
afactured   from the famous red ■
ot 'he province, ai h m    I
get -• from     them    by
j\ in■_-.     I seful      ,r.'
■   • .     . ai - grades
.1 shim Im is g
they ari       ts .    ■
at and
.   -
tained in I b may
be ha
itt Branch   Victoria   B.C.
A. James of (Ilacier registered at
the King  Kdward hotel on Monday.
WM J. Glanville of Sardls registered
at the Hotel    Revelstoke on Monday.
Mrs. S. Stlngley of Vancouver is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. K. G.
S. J. Harllng of Kamloops was a
guest     at the King Edward hotel on
Monday. I
Rev. Father Yahiier of Golden will
officiate in St. Francis church on
L. R. Anderson of Field was a
guest at tbe King EXlward hotel on
Lieut.   K.  A.      Barton of Kamloops
was a visitor to    Revelstoke     during
the week. :
Mrs.  F.   li.   Lewis of Needles was a
guest     at. the  King  Kdward hotel on
F. Manning nf Calgary sjient Thurs
day in Revelstoke, the guest ot his
Mi'.ther,  II.  J'.   Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Van Home have
returned from a ten weeks trip to
Eastern cities and the coaBt.
Supt. J. M. M-Kay of the C.P.R.'
Revelstoke, made one of his periodical   runs through    the Okanagan  this
week.—Vernon  News.
Matters of much Importance will
be discussed at the meeting of the
Board of Trade on Thursday night.
Every member is requested to uttend
Among the guests from Bear Creek
registered at the King Edward hotel
on Monday were Mr. and Mrs. J
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. McLes*
nan and M. Challoner..
Osborne idamson of Philadelphia
was a guest at the Hotel Revelstoke
on Monday. Mr. Adamson is special
tepresentattve of thc Curtis Publishing Co., Ltd., between Port Arthur
and Vancouver. While here he was
shown around the city by W. Bews.   I
The Liberty Bell Bird Club met in
the city hull on Saturday. The presi-
dent, Evatt McCleneghan, and Ernest
Pottrufl addressed the meeting and
explained tlie objects of the club, the
motto being "To Protect um Feathered Friends." The pledge taken by
each me ul.ei la • I desire to become
a  m imber nf  the  Liberty     Bell      Bird
club, and t.re'inise   t.. study and protect ali --..p.- .uni insectivorous birds,
.md  t.e   lo  "hat   I can for  the  Chi!,."
Vnyon ay  loin the club i.y signing
.inl sending to E Pottrufl
secretary, when a club button and a
i wentj pag tide     wlll     1,»
There  af.-  no   dUM,   fine-     .ir
The Easter egg supp<sr served by
the Ladles Aid of the Methodist
church on Thursday ; Scan
dinavian     ball  was a '.icious
lepast and   ivel    wortfc     double     the
hargefid.   The     ladies
itr. Col
I      IORAM
- \ 1: ■     \
■ .-•   •'
ma iti 6 parts
ithrln ,r,   "Tl
•"• '       \       ■'-, lid storj
.. «-    '■ parti
TOE9D \'.      i      Brouen   Ci
Once Ounard and Francla f
WEDNESDAY a    Bros        |
Feat ire       5 ] ari      1 ie Heal
ITHTJRSI ' .    .Ma. L. L.isky   presenta
'The     li
jfrnn' parts,
MONDAY   Maj   -''v    W   R.    Bberman
jii  ---.ents    the     i>n-,r i"n . '
■ ■■■!■ enntimnf- Th" Whit. ETeatH
ir" In font ■ Ith 15 artists
i'e i»rv»d   set! ■   general ail»
mission 71c and 50c
i» '
enced .
•      a     ,
route    .,'.
nee then reports!
idopt    slectrlfl. i'
i lone ol Itt
, ite,   but   Up to   the      pre
sent n.,   pefm.tc   announMt ent    ha*
-i the railway's Intentions.     The  grater    power     available
along the ro te   could easily be har-
trssed  tr,    ,,„■.;-,].   t.he    n'THHenry  oler-
' r.c f.
Don'l    cold  n child  for t.elng crons,
try    Rexall    OrdSTllti, ns the trouble
Is  prohal.ly   eith   the     IiowcIm.   floldj
only by    Re* All   Drug Htorea,  1'.'  and
ite boxes — W   Bews
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Dent spent tbe
Easter  holidays  in  Revelstoke.
G. W. Kays of Nelson registered a
the King Edward hotel on Monday.
ii. R. Atkins has been confined t
his home through illness for the pas
Mrs.  J.  Robertson, of Nelson was
guest at the King Edward hotel     on
Miss Fosthn.ll   of Calgary     was
guest at the King Edward hotel    on]
J. Glaspie of Eagle Bay waB a
guest at the King Edward hotel on
Stall Captain 0. Smith of Vuucou
\ er registered at the Hotel Revelstoke ou Monday.
Miss Muy Jollifle loft ou Thursday
for Vancouver, and ia spending the
Easter holidays with her sister, Mrs.
Tupper Whait.
On Wednesday morning the Ure brigade had a call to the residence ol
S. Pisoettelli, A chimney was on lire
but was put out before the brigade
Fred Maunders of Revelstoke was
in the city Saturday. He has enlisted in the 231st battalion and has
gone on to Vuucouver where the battalion is mobilizing.—Kamloops Stan
0. I'.'imo/.zi, G. Michili and J. Fu-1
co, the three boys charged with shop
breaking appeared before His Hoiio ;
Judge Forin on Wednesday. They
were found guilty but were released
on suspended sentence after a severe;
lecture  from  the  judge.
In Vancouver, on April 13th, at the
.-"acred Heart church, by the Rev i
Father McNeil, th.; marriage was
solemnized of Miss Lillian Geiger,
late of the staff of the Revelstoke
hospital, and James McKenzie
Lance-corporal in the 72nd Seaforth
Highlanders. Mr. McKenzie lett with
the 72nd for overseas and Mrs. Mc-i
Kenzie, after visiting her aunt, Mrs.
Cornlngol Revelstoke, for a few days
lift Tuesday for New York, whero
the will sail on the S.S. Oriluna to
join her husband in England. The
best wishes of their many friends go
witb them.
Certificates of   incorporation     have
been   Issued by the registrar of joint
stock  companies  to     tbc     following
companies:  Consolidated  Copper Com
pany.      Limited,      Victoria.     Capitol
■ ■">;  The    Direct      Manufacturing
Company, Limited, Vancouver,   capital,   $26,000:    Dominion     Educational
Films, Limited. Vancouver,    capital,
126,000;    Nelson      Jobbers,     Limited,
Cranbrook,   110,00 .   Robertson,     McQuarrie .-.-   Company,     brokers    aud
limited,   Victoria,     $10,000;
ten's Society
illlls,     Limited,
iga n obti Ined
.-   ■'.
ng the
' ■ •
A. Fleming of Salmon Arm regis
tered at the King Edward hotel on
J. M. S. Richardson     of Kamloop
registered at the King Edward hotel
on Monday.
J. S. Paxton and F. N. Nelmes of
Kamloops registered at the Hote
Revelstoke on Monday.
Miss Lillian    Pettlplece has left for
Rouleau,   Saskatchewan,     where     sh
has accepted a position    in the Bank
of Ottawa.
All members of the Board of Trade
are requested to be present at the
regular monthly meeting on Thursduy
night, as matters of great importance
will be taken up.
A large number of people attended
the dance given by tho L.A. to B. of
R.T., in the Masonic ha'l on Monday
tdght. The hall wns tastefully decorated wiih red, white and green
streamers, the colors of the order
over $100.00 was the financial result
of the dance. The music was supplied by the orchestra and waB particularly good. Those in charge of
the dance wish to thank Messrs.
Bruce Koler and the committee who
helped with the decorating. The man
agement committee was composed of
Mesdames F. C. Cormier, A. McFad-
jen and J. Archibald, and the refreshment committee waB Mesdames
J. ('. English, J. Knox and A.
Carton Rosse will be ready for
business in his new shaving and hair
cutting parlors on First street, near
thc Empress Theatre, on May 1st.
R. Behrendt, ladies tailor for Cressman A Co., has returned for the
spring trade. Ladies have your suits
made early.
Gait Coal for sale.  Sibbald & Ron.
You cu"i get money for old rubbers
if you bring them to tbc Second
Hand Store next to the Union Clothing Store.
Boys and girls,    tell the folks ihat
the    Sturdy    Hardware Company aro
giving away a note book    and     lea
pencil with every purchase made.
GET THE HABIT.—Place your flre
and accident insurance with Chas. M.
Field,  who represents only old     and i
reliable companies.
There's comfort in cooking with
Courier's Coal.
Maple Leaf Fete
Friday, cTWay 5th, 8.30 p.m.
l-GRAND FANCY MARCH "The Maple Leaf."  	
One Hundred  School Children.   Leaders   Misses   May    Whittaker and Agnes McGiven. i ,       j,
2—SOLO AND  CHORUS "The Lads of the Land of the Maple Leaf"
Soloist:  Miss Agnes McGiven.    Chorus:  High    School    Girls
and Boys.
3—WALTZ    Amateur    Musicians'   Orchestra
t-SKE'TCH      "Dreams"
Sir John West—Mr. Sturdy. Marth, the Housekeeper— Mrs.
Sturdy. Sir. John's Ancestors—Miss Jeanne RobbinB, Miss
Myrtle Trethewy. Place: Library in Sir John's Home.
Time:  After Dinner.
5—TWO-STEP   Orchestra
6—CHORUS  AND    DANCE,  "The Flight, of the Snow-White Moth"
White   Moth  (Dance Soloist)   Miss Helen Sutherland.    Chorus of Silver Moths: Thc Misses   H. Tomlinson,     F. Bourne,
1). Bunnell, H. Briggs, F. McOarty, I). Purvis, M. Mclnnla,
A,  Lawrence. [
7—WALTZ    Orchestra
S—VOCAL  SOLO,   "Der Land  of Der Kaiser" 	
Miss  Oliffe  Cashato
0—THREE-STEP    Orchestra
Mesdames Squarebriggs and Goddard, the MiSBes M. Young,
J.  Hyatt,  M.  Lee, B. McCarty, McEwan.
11—TWO-STEP    Orchestra"
12—VOCAL   SOLO,   "Old Fashioned Town."  	
Miss Annie   McLean
•13—WALTZ   Orchestra
14—SOLO   AND CHORUS,  "Pulman Porters' Parade." 	
Soloist: Miss Frances Lawson.   Tourists:    The     Misses     M.
Taget,  M.  McCleneghan,  G.  Urquhart, K. Sibbald.     Pulman
Porters:  Messrs.  Harding,   J. Sibbald, E. Robbins, L. Lloyd.
13—ONE-STEP   Orchestra
IC—GRAND FINALE: Solo and Chorus,  "Queen of the Nations."...
Soloist, Mrs. W. A. Anstie
IT—WALTZ   Orchestra
Extra  Dances  after  conclusion  of concert program.
Refreshments 15c (including Tea or Coffee, Sandwiches   and
Cake).   Flowers, Candy, &c, for Sale.
Born—At the Queen Victoria Hospital, a son to Mr. and Mrs. ty. F.
Lammers of Chase, on Friday, 21st,
Many Officers
MOVING PICTURE FILM BUSINESS, company recently, incorporated in British Columbia, acting
under expert management, requires
additional capital. Big business assured. Similur companies in United
States paying enormous dividends.
Early investors receive ground
floor terms. Sums of one hundred
dollars to oue thousand accepted.
Thorough investigation invited. Em
ployn.ent for clerks and various
tradesmen can be arranged. For
particulars write Films, Suite 2,'
CM  Pender West,   Vancouver.
Revelstoke and district. Apply
Singer Sewing Machine Company
Nelson, B.O.
FOR SALE—Wee MacC.regor, Prise
Taker and Uncle Sam seed potatoes
for snle. Picked specimens, $3.0U
jier hundred; unpicked, $2.00 per
hundred. Apply to H. M. McKinnon.
ii n,
s'l I AM--IIII'     I If Kl'.'l      W.IVI
'  R \M I
Niii    in    Poui    <iri ie
era'  casualty listB    show     that
during  the month ol March the Brit-(
Isl   ..nny lost ,172 killed, 690 wounded
.it..!   il  missing, a total of 1106.    Tho,
ui  ollicers since the con.mcncc-|
il  hostilities     total 25,033..   Ol:
these 7.7:12 were killed or     died     ol
wounds,   16,466  were     wounded     ard
are missing.
In March the   losses     were    ugaiu
t  ui the     eastern war theatre,
the  Indiana losing 7:: oflicers    killed,
■ ■     md   11   missing.
regiment  had  13  killed,
inded;  Kent three     killed,     30
anadlans     10    killed,   25
i  Engineers,  \2 killed ,
Royal    r» Id  urtillory, 13j
- d      Tl..  dying corps
r,   high,  with    nine killed,
it   * missing.
and      two
major bavi   I een    wounded,
.1, lieutenant
tbl   month.
c,rand  Forks    merchants an   starting
• • di.c'iday  I.all  holiday   m  May,
"   i ,r,  ti.'c  n o-iths
v  pie!        'ie.in.     pro-
'.    Porks has  notlllod
.atroni    that  they Cannot  have
.-.   'itt. them when Hieing the
WANTED—At once, general servant.
Apply Mrs. W. M. Walker, care of
Bevelstoke hatel, between 12
o'clock noou and 2 p.m,
FOR SALE—Boat House near Government wharf, Revelstoke, new
Rowboat, lift., never been used,
spoon oars, rudder rowlocks, complete; also 19ft. Peterboro Cnaoe,
with paddles and oars. Apply to
Mail Herald.
FOUND—Small Pearl Ring. Owner
may have same by calling at Mrs.
Miller's, 55 Second street.
WANTED—A   good live agent to rep-
rreent Singer     Sewing Compnny in
Please pay your
Subscription to
the Canadian Patriotic Fund to
the Molsons Bank
or to R. Gordon,
Fire Insurance ["SBSt0"]
Accident Insurance F^tfJfflr1]
Life Insurance ["^sti::^,."]
Notary Public       Revelstoke       Real Estate
Made Strong By Oor Vinol
P», '       "My little ilaojfh-
etsr wm in poor h-iilth, HHie«t* and
to W"ik it iiiiulo us very uneasy. 1
hefiard about Vinol »nd imoiti to try it
and the r. mlti were marvHnu*, her
.f^t-ttlr ImprOVetd, •!>«• pained In weight,
and in nam ..n' of thr e)>ealthie*t ehiMren
in town. M'.lh'i^ nt delicate rhiMren
should tn Vinol." Mm CuBTXiNli UP
Vinol i. » doMckmi rr,d liver ami iron
Umir with' it oil, a CORttitt-tJonftl rem-
.»dy whirh errate* «n appetite, aids di-
Xention snd miikM |iure hesltliy blood.
Jl children lov* to lake it
W   Hewn.   Druggist.   RevelBtoke, B. C.
IfHii.   LAOE SHOES, lm patent61eftther and cloth tops, to   meet the
requirements  ol the short,    klrts   15.80
Ladlea' CIPSY BUTTON BOOTS, ln dull, glazed and brocee kid 	
  _ »5.00 to 11.50
Phono 217
Sandal1*, Strap Slippora, &c


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