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The Mail Herald Nov 27, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigea-
tloa eentre between Calgary
and1 the Pacitic ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published weekly—Read
by   everyone-The     recognlse-l
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 22 -No. 94
$2.50 Per Year
Came to Revelstoko  In  1899
—Has Opened Store in
Expressions   of   regret    were heard
on every side when it became   known
Special  to  the  -Mail-Herald.
THREE    VALLEY,   B.    0.—Thirty-
that     R.  Howson would remain     in: three dollars was the Bplendid result
'J rail and that Mrs. Howson and fain-' ol    the   Patriotic dance given by the
to residents of Three  Valley ou  November  LS iu aid of the  Red Cross work,
Three Valley  Residents Hold 	
Successful Evening—$33    j
For Red Cross ; Cheque to Club From  His Wojship  Mayor VV. A. Foote
-Last Year's Sports Only a Sensation   Ask Support of Public	
  > Did Not Recover Consciousness
Will   Mobilize at   Calgary-j     _Die(j Seven afld Half
Major R. W. Couhhard to
Hours Later
ily would  be leaving on Tuesday
join    Mr.   Howson.   Kevelstoke    loses
in Mr. Howson one ol its oldest tint- ^^_
i i   ,    ■*!„„„„   proving that the  affair  was  a decided
ers    and     most progressive citizens.,
Mr. Howson came through the moun-' success both from a financial as well
tains     with the construction of     the us a social standpoint.
Canadian    Pacific railway and landed:    Although the  weather was uniavor-
in    Revelstoke   in 1889.   In 1S90     he  ill,tu     tlie splendid number of between
The   Revelstoke  Ski  club  board   of Mail-Herald     after the meeting     the
.  m..  .,!..,.  .„..<..    Two secretary of the Ski club said     '"We
directors  met   Tuesday  evening,    two ■>
, ski  men have such faith iu the possi-
letters from the city clerk were read. ^.^ ^ ^  ^ ^ ^ & ^^
one of  Sept.  8,  1915, announcing   the o(      attracting  tourists   acid   visitors
passage     oi a grant of $300 to    the attention     to the city and to     our
Hub     In     aid of its proposed winter lovely  nark  (lovely  it.  winter as     in
irt 1|u. othei   ol  Nov.  13, 1915 re- summer)  that we took the step     we
cinding the  grant.   A     general     dis- lid with tnueh  regret.   We have     no
cussion    followed     and it was tiiiuri.- -'kick" coming!  We only want   to   he
a new company of engineers is to
be formed Immediately tei be known
as No. .' Tunnelling Company Engineers). The mobolization point will
be at Calgary and recruiting ollicers
will visit Revelstoke In the near future.
Miners and mine workers will very
largely compose this specialized unit,
ns a knowledge of tunnelling in all
mounds, mining, timbering and the
handling and laying of high explosive  rived
A  fatal accident    iccurred or.i   Sun-
en  0.   Farter  a loco-
fireman Cell ofl the Columbia
tiver     bridge receiving injuries   from
which In- dii '1 seven hours and a half
later,  concussion  and  laceration     ot
the brain being the direct cause     of
death.   The  remains were shipped   to
Vancouvr     .en    Wednesday morning.
Miss Parrei of Vancouver,     sister  o£
tli- deceased arrived in Revelstoke on
■Tuesday and v. Mb. a brother who   ar-
the east  on Wednesday
in     Revelstoke   in 1889.   In 1S90     he""-     ""»»™v"u  „-. —..---   cusslon     lolloweu     BUU « «»= -----      —    """"»'   »-•"-*   "~"
..netted  a  store  in Lower town    from hfty  and sixty  guests  assembled     in   nullsly decided that,  as the club bad   honest   and stand fair with the    pub
. ,_ _    ,      ii-:....    l.~ll    ..(    LUn    K..<i»'<tin ,r ...        ,        .....    ....     -,,...,1    ...inter    1 lr.       V, .,, c.,a n.iiMi      , ,f   tlm    itionei
solicited  aid for the proposed  winter lie.   Yon     see,     much    of the money
sports on the understanding of stag- promised     us was based on civic aid
lng     a  more ambitious and exciting to a big advertising feature; one     in
tournament    than last year, in    the the public Interest, as we hoped. The
"  larger     interest   of public advantage decision     of the council (to my own
roovedTis tasiMS^^hVpresTnt'store ol  J.   H.  McKay,  superintendent      uf  ;md advertisement,  based on the idea mind
being one of the most modern and up- the Canadian l'acific railway,  an ex-  uf
where    he moved to McKenzie avenue the large dining hall of  the  boarding
next to the Canadian Pacific railway house,   which had been Kindly loaned
track.    Later on the Howson     block, and  tastefully decorated  for  the    oc-
c-ne of the largest and tinest in     the Casion.
city    was built by him to which     he Through the courtesy  and kindness
Bu,«u™a.,.i, —         as a taxpayer is quite justiti-
civic aid, it now felt, regretfully,   able) to rescind the grant, put us   in
tietng one ot tne mosi mouein ana nr      -• "»     —■*- 1  •- —            - .  . - .
to-date in the rity.   On September   9 tra   coacu was attached l0 lhe   "** that    it    should, in view of clrcum- the position oi going ri und to    each
Mr '   Howson    made a trip to Trail freight,  which enabled many from the  gtanccs, proceed this year ou a   less and every subscriber and nsk his     or
and as a result of the visit has open-  west    to     attend.     A   large  number   pretentious     scale, and, solely a?     a I er  wishes  in  the  matter.   We  called
ed a large furniture store     at     that came   from     Craigalachie, Taft,  Sol-  club| in the interest of sport only, to two  meetings,  asking the subscribers
.  . sqtta and Malakwa and their presence   Hraft  a  new   program   which     would to     eet the club, but with no result,
He was always  a very enthusiastic greatly    added to the enjoyment     of  ,Jlerit th0 confidence of the public and on our own initiative entirely, for the
and     strong supporter of any  move- the evening. i.elp to foster and keep alive the    iu- and so   fe dec ded to commence u»w
ment for the good of Revelstoke and     Supper    over,    just   before  dancing  terests of the sport till better times sake     of the sport only, to draft     a
was a willing worker in all patriotic was    resumed,    Rev.    Geo.  Larder of allowed an effort to demonstrate the new   program  and stage  a show wor-
movements. Craigalachie     in a few well     chosen ,lneqUaned advantages  Revelstoke has thy of whatever help our friends will
^^^^^^^^ "-      — *•—st     ns with for the purpose.     Al-
Mrs.     Howson   will also ba     much words  sjioke to the guests.   He     ex-  ,()r 'thu pur,,ose,
missel by her many friends. She was I'-luined     the object  ot the gathering,     A cbe(;ll0  ,-01.  }25.0C, to be   applied ready several  of our subscribers have
always  kindness itself  to the   young and    told    of the     work of the Red  U|    any pUrpose the Ski club wished, said     'May subscription  will  stand,"
people nnd there are many  who   will Cross  society.   Then   Miss  Blackberg,  froM) His Worship Mayor Foote,   was and His Worship's kind donation     is
remember how often  In her  beautiful teacher of the Craigalachie school and   |,andea in and accepted gratefully   as an 'evidence of faith in the club which
home     she so hospitably entertained v,,'s'      Houston,     the    Three  \ alley  ,,n expression of His Worship's inter- T  ver;    nuch appreciate.   We are   go-
them.   Mrs. Howson  was also a very teacher,     both ol them certified     St.   pst jn tj,e sport ami his faith in the ir.g on  with our carnival in  our own
charges will be essential in those desiring to join. Various mining cent-
tes, therefore, of Western Canada
ivill he visited and asked to contribute their quota,
Major H. Vi. Coulthard is a mining
engineer of 15 years standing in
Western Canada, and will organise
and command the company which is
a departure from previous military
establishments in Canada, and has
been inaugurated to meet certain exi-
gencies and requirements which have
developed at the front.
Tt is expected that this force will
leave for overseas very soon after organization lias been completed.
Further particulars concerning the
recruiting itinerary, Calgary recruiting     station    address  and  establish-
morning aci nied  the remain* to
\ ancouver. .,
It afpe.irs tli,it 1-M't:'. r was walking
on the end .'f the ties with his hand
on the engine nnd in some way slipped and fell, hitting his head and
ment generally
it  few- davs.
will  be announced    in
(in III.       mil.,    iiiinpuu     ,.ac    aim,    a    "-» j
active member of socle! es heing Past John Ambulance and Red Cross work-
Noble Grand in the Naomi Rebecca ers, dressed as Red Cross nurses.
Lodge and Past Matron in the Order took »P a collection tne result of
of Eastern Stars, in fact being the which was $29.50.
first Matron of that order. A very pleasing feature of the even-
The best wishes of the peojile of in6 was the "Cake Walk" for the
Revelstoke     go with   Mr.  and      Mrs. beautiful     Red Cross cake that     had
Affects Provincial
Civil Service
been donated by i harles Kitsimura,
and from which the sun, of $3.50 was
laised.     The    cake     was  won by Mr.
and     Mrs.    Arthur    Haycock,     after 	
which     it    was cut  up and everyone
The     Three    Valley  people express  FlilliuliLi     iUlill
their gratitude to those who respond
tilth's     management to handle it to way.   We     will    meet again Tuesday
the best advantage. ■' Kt-    and know how much our   pro-
A letter fiom Mr. Olan  Jeldness of posed    tournament   will  cost  to run,
Spokane congratulating  the club   on an.l tv» will approach our friends   to
the completion ol Its magnificent hill help ns get that sunt.   We ask to he
was read,  and  it   ifas  decided to   in- trustee!,  and  if supported to the   re-
vite Mr.  Jeldness to participate     in quired extent we will give     you     on
the proposed  tournament as one     of our new hill an exhibitioi   to   which
the  judges  Of  events, thai      of  Mist   year was  only  a  sensa-
■M caking to fl representative of the tion."
^^h^^h heartily, tee the   ladies from the
H   Ccrdon, government agent,  is in ,     . . .    , .. . ,     .
,' s b      ' west     who brought delicious refresh-
r"eeitit of the following letters: , .    ., .
ments and to the musicians who gave
' their services heartily and freely and
\ ictoria, B. CM,  Nov.  1
R. Gordon, Esq.,
Revelstoke   B.  C.
At    this critical time in the affairs
of the empire, the government is    de-
contt United    much to make the eveut
,11 branches to remit to the hi ad office for the pre .vince, winch in turn
remit-; t" Ottawa all monies received
drafts are
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hat amounts
ere  needed.    Some districts raised     a
^^_ ,  .,   considerable amount,  nut require very
.veil  attended  meeting  was held  ...        .,
Hn'H  ft/1 p pis nn and  trom tlme r"time
llUitfi     IliGCJLfSiy     ,ade     on Ottawa ior wt
A,    well attended meeting was neia ,jtu_  .^ disbursemeDt8i while   other
in the opera house last night in aid districts  having sent  many  men     io
the     most pleasing that ever     took   —.^ patrioUc Fmld. The president (he     tront    have to draw heavily on
place in Three \ alley.                                    ^ tuid  H   y   McKinnon was In f,K general fund but  caniot send     in
The     music was provided by     Mr.          ^^   '..^   meetiag  was address vorv larpe subscriptions.
, .    lr    .      llnnn a„ thnaB Bown.an, violin' Mr. McClosky     and                             Rathnie ol Kamloops The     president    H.     F. McKinnon
eirous     of  nnpress.ng  upon all those y]rs    stewarti  guitar;   Mr.  Fish    and  ul    |1J l
Arrowhead Red
Cross Shipment
The     Arrowhead Red Cross society
shipped .   in'.- to Tor
onto un November 10:
mi '.ith wipes
780 unhemmed handkerchiefs
82 hemmed handkerchiefs
mi triangular bandages
231  wash cloths
2590 swabs
Si  drainage tubes
2.")  pair socks
13 bed jackets
5 suits pyjamas
'.    . Mside shirt.
2 night shirts
i  pair blankets
> pairs hospital shoes.
Seventeen Recruits
Wm Signed On
Recruiting for the Revelstoke pla-
toon  is proceedii .. seventeen
recruits have •■■ swi rn in. In ad-
ait;, n to thi isl d in Saturday's Mail Hera : hi . llowing have
John  Gn y, .ham, Eng
land, next .if km Mrs. S "'.les, Degrey
street, Bradford, England, sister,
Josepl Belfast, Ire
land, next of kin Mrs. McAllister, 6
loncord Btreei I    ston, Bingle,
A. H. An lei son, born Bancroft,
Ont., next of kin Duncan Anderson.
Kirriemuir, Alta, father, simde.
Vi.    ,i.    li:   - .   county,
Ont.. next of k ■ Henrj Hills, Alberni.  B, C,  father.
Henry Heap, no particulars.
Thos.   Ch u ei.  ire-
land,  next '      ajjers,
Greenwich.  N.Y.,  brother.
Welcome Given to
Returned Severs
who      has      ..ust
returned from the  drove     home a few   facts  with refer'
members of the Civil Service who are ,1'"' 77   7'  ~ 7'"', 7     mr-
Mr.  Johanson,  aCCordianB,  and     Mr.
physically tit, and who have no dependents, the deslrablility of offeriug
their services to the country.
While it  is recognised that tbe Civil     Servants   have already responds'.
verv creditably to the call for volun   ...    .    ',.   .   .__.      .... .„_     .  ,
the six o clock  train  which conveyed
teers the tMivernment is strongly it- ..    i„„1 ....  . „ . ,„   n,„,„ .t..v^. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^__
the tired  nut  happy  guests to    their   '>•">-— . M^mKm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pressed as to the need of more    uien v.lmea F.  NMation,  the provincial  secrctaiy   by Mr. Raker.   The quartette by Mrs.
at  the present time, nnd feels .nat il     „,. ,'     , v-  . „      •.   . ,,,    ,.„,. ., of the Canadian Patriotic society ex-  Walter Bews, Mrs. K. Hews, Mrs.    a.
i ne simi ot •? i ■  was n.iuueu o\er  lu ^^^^^m
is only by a united and increased effort on all iides that the object for
which the empire Is fighting can     be
Provincial Secretarj
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 11, 1915
R. Cord id, Esq.,
Revolstoke, B. 0.
Under     the    terms of an  ordi i In
council  upprowd thi   6th day ol mm-    hl(.hu,    wiU   hold (.hm,ch
ember,  1915, members ol the perman-
wno       uas       juofc     .•-- -- " *        ,.^...v.   ..      .  -.-   .	
trenches.   He explained how much the ence t(, Revelstoke's duty to the fund
l-inlayson,  mandolin. soldiers at the front  appreciated the \  musical program was rendered dur-
N,.t      the least   part of the evening .^ ^ patrlotlc £und was do- ing      the  evening.   Miss   Blanche  Me
was  the supper whicl   was a triumph ^ ^^ {hey left behlnd-     R. (.any Bang „Til,    thc     Boys     r,,„1(.
of the culinary art. q     ftlgo    made a short address Home,"  which was verj   much appre-
Dancing and fun were kept up until ^ ^ ^^  befor(J Uu,     ,lUll. (.iate(1   hy   (ho    uilli,,ar0_    ..Take      Me
.ue six o'clock  train  which  conveyed ,la(.|;    to  0anadft„  waa wcl,  rendl.re(1
the tired but happy guests to   their *c^   '
Th"    " ' S'; W';S n:iuaea over x" pre3Sed bis pleasure at having the op- Mclntyre    and     Miss Paulding     who
the Red cross society. nortunity     of explaining the objects, sang "Scots Wa Mae" was one ofthe
Miss Ruth Halverson oi Revelstoke v requirements of thc great teatures of the evening.. "Tbe Bug-
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.  Hay- ;                                       whicii  WM  ,.,„ m
i al organization which was ren- ier," sung My R. G. Lawrence brought
cock on Thursday,  -'.  ying over     ior ^V^'^ ;cb ".pi.-tulirl service and which   forth hearty    applause from tbe aud-
' ia:u"' ;rhur8^ly :- 0     . bi iught     so much cheer and comfort  ience.
Mrs.   Andrew   Wilson  was  in  Revel- *********
■ ■ o ■    Saturday.
;,. the wives and children of the sold
!    Mrs.     Paul    Storey of Taft visited     ™
with     the   Stewarl    a one day last
the temporary stafl employed by tho
Provincial  Government for a contin
difference between their respective
salaries as Civil Servants and the
amount of their pay as members     of
The Canadian Patriotic   (uud,     be
jaid. la face to tare with a heavy re-
<;ci_.. Larder of Craiga- sponsibtlity.   Nine million  dollars   is
^^^    ef  England
school house next  ' "!"■    "" ^^^^^^^^
luring    the    ensuing year.   He men
adn mistral ion     of
tbc estimated  amount    required     to
the work in the Dominion
letter Praises
Canadian Soldiers
City Subscribe
to War loan:
There was vcry littl" business transacted at the regular meeting of the
city coun ii held in thc city hall last
It       was    Unanimously   derided  that
the sum of $20,000 bi subscribed to
the Canadian war loan the amount
to be taken out ■-f the Binking fund.
By taking the discount the city will
■ei       pe,  cenl oney,
A     letter I      BUper-
inl ondi nt     i eminent 1 elephi n i -
Bt Kamloi t be Band Ion    oi
the city te, rui
t lie oasl    if the I > afllc ' i Idge t.i   the
\ suitable a ;n emcnl   will i up.
On  M Bpecial train
.o en route
to Vancouver carrying about     sixty
the war.
A lar • -.   -i- met   the
rain which ari -   The ejjpys
Ighted     to
-'■nie     are
terriblj «rill require     a
1 'v.-j :est ai d carel ■    ..ek to
\      -   - on the
S.  S. Meta their
e -f     Cit-
•es.    The cil                               -          tho
Womens' Cai                        tended     a
hi t up w-Rh
Surgical and Hospital
Supplies Appreciated
The following is nn extract fro i   i
ent  -Chil Service, and members    of g   d r ,  f]   (i    ^ wel 	
t -,, ii . 1   that   te1      aim hum ' io i"»      '" ^MM
come. '     '     ,        i ,,i,ti,.„i, etter received by Mrs. J. H. BurlcU
,'      „.    .    . .    .„.„ the fund was an intricate and difflcuil
Mrs. W. 3. Stewarl   vas a buslneafl ..,,., ,aiatance being ir.un   her brother Pto.  Fred   Buck'ea
period of twelve months prev-   ..,.„.  .,  ,,„.,    . saturdav   ,
ions to the 4th day  of  August.  1914,   ^J^'   *" J ^ mi Ret '       '   '"  ""'  ,an'llle'   :""1   ^ "'  ""  ""i'""  """"""" "   ""' tt°1'"
who     have volunteered, or may here- ^^^  ,^|u, nlght bring- ""= ]'<   "" " ", ' n!.'ii,,,   ii      '""   "'* ^ ^T^ f T\" "" "t
after    volunteer     for active  service, „   \et      ,,,,    „„ famill i     of i servista of th   British ,„,„.,„„ ehat time we get  for    rest
may,  if with dependents, be paid the ,)p(.n      dlI.^,m„,        , ^   KltchenM I rniy and navy and the armies     and ,,. , B, ,, „,,    f Bhelter     Tt
navies of our   Vines, resident in uan ls  , deepjy ,|,,,. hole with tree trunks
' 'Z*™'   , ,       , ada.   The families of Americans     en-, ,nt)]1,     roof and Covered by six     or
™e h,,n ""-' 9( bee°a listed in the army, who reside in tbe „„„,, ,.,,    ,,    ,,,,,,    Somfl 0, theg0
 .    good  one fen   si :m inter.-.   \. ,   .       i-_i,.j   „ftor , ... »  ■
n military organization, from the 1st Wj|sn„ ba    d . ,lv aml I nited Statea are betag looked ^ dug outs ,„e quite elaborate   affairs
day o, October, im. Mr. Haycock and J .an   got ' >' « «J^^lon with heaaauartera especially tl icupied  by officers.
Kindly notify the Registrar of   the rlbou and in Xew York. containing   fireplaces, furniture     nnd
OM1 Service ot any members of your |    Ml.„    Qeo   Larder    ("craigellachie    Speaking of the necessity of reaiiz- thfl    walla   decorated    win, pictures
stafl who come within the terms     of  wil,     Bpend'the     , Mrs hlL'  ,t"'  crltical  9ltuatlon  ,,I'"'L' 'aCe, f'-"»"     magazines.   The work  in     tho
this     order, now or in future,  giving  Btewar,   ,,   the  Bt ition nt     Prcficnt'     whpn     eVery ""nr° trenches Is rather bard, we have plen
Fire Hal! lose
One Game to Maples ^M;
on Wei in- laj evi ning tbe Maples
tucceeded In tal mr one gan e out ot
three from thi Flre HaU. Dupont
bowled :.'"i 'I all the waj througb, av
• I urine-      IS I    [or     the  three games.
Hi a/.ii y    being r for    the
I'Mre   I lall.  With B Ot 191   tor
the three gam"'.
full   particulars as to length  of service,      dale  of  enlistment,   rank,   name
strength and effort is necessary
,,       ,t ,  .   sirengtn ami euui u in utvi»e»'i     for <v    ,,f digging to do, also sentry go,
Mra   H n,   lur teacher, t«   pn . .  Im1rt„. . ,.
Buccesa to be attained, ne statin mm watching nnd listening for nnv move-
panne  to     give  a patl    ' r   concert                          ,                       .       „.i,i„i,
whom payments are t.e he made. All  ,    .
vouchers for  portions  of salaries      to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ paring   to      give   ;•   iini.t r    concert ' ,„i,i„i, ^^
of regiment „r battalion, and detatla „,„,„,    ohr| .. , chud. there were only two ways, in    whicn „„,„,  bj the enemy.   The Germans  lr'
tegardlng dependents if any; al...   to ,,,, :„.„ wogk,     hard preparing   pat- we' aa a people c0"ld B8(,lst','   " '""'     "f   '""' llnfl ,,r'' v,Ty ",,iet' A'
emmmne ^^^^^K-_...    tn flght, or to 'my.    If  we cannot   go    '" few snipers nnd machine gunners have
„ .      _   . ,   , ., the front,  we are shirking a Bolemn „ pnr,    nr U8   tj,,, arililerv is    verv
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mrs.      A.      Rntheif  i.i   visited   Mrs, ,    ..
l,e inl.I  miller  the snld  order  wlll   be   ,,     , ... ,.., ,        ,   .. responsibility      as     citi'/ons     ol    tne ,.„ip)    nur  tr"n'hes are rnrelv  shelled
in  iiuh iiiiinr nn sum 'Mini  wm        Mnvhuc  h hei  hoi m lakwa last ,      .,       . „ l „ i
issued  by the registrar, who,  howev   v  ri     ,,, Bt empire, if we fail to pay, and )in,i     what shells that do come over
,,, Wiii not take actiOT In nnv case     Ml     ,,,,,.,   . ,htet r„r|s it is noi mffielenl Just to pay a smalll „,
until the particulars asked for     are',  ,. ^.m. amount when naked to contribute    to 9i,ort.   perhans    you aould like    to
i en ived by him
Prot ind il Secratary
in normnl times Gem any ' oni ht
nnnually •inn.eim.nni pounds ot copper
In Amnrlca.
re     badly  (limed nml  usually     fall
u .     ... ,,a   . -.cine Bimiimi wiich nsncn  lv ,.uiu ■ .e,..i.       ■■•   short,    ' BrhflDB      vou jnt
the funds.     We  sin.uld   rather    plan |inow v,„,r rnnadlan boys are thead-
i  much we cm give and he willing miration    and    thc heroes of us all.
Just "i years ■ Porks wns    ■ .1  mxious to mike sacriflcea fot the \t.iV T have the strength and courage
lest town ft   Is  great work. of the least  1 ng them.   Thev     nre
iu   ne.     ■' ':      h    •  cnnips of     the     Mr   Nation hrleflj  outlined thc   or really     fine,     also    tbe  Australians,
bill   it      II e  hack  Ion.-       :. tation      Of      the  fund      and      Uh grand   fellows,    ''one  what   may  L'ng-
growth.   The    system   adopted is for ]nTin W)n bo proud of her colonies.
beforo the heavens fall
It. Dupont
M. Storta
ll. Perg
W.   Ileus
H. Mulhollam
K.   '!. McRae
I'M   Young
11. RohertFein
V   Mr!
.7. Beazley
1 ut
- into
■Hazelton   an
months in the pei.
The     e.ie'kly  m ....
nesday 1
rs.  W.  - ..f   Three
Red   Cn
society Iue for I
al  a •
held    at
■   and
that   local!) 13
ol the Big  Eddy bavi     als ■
forwarded     I fo   Chrlst-
Bocletj     sends
I 11 nocks:
. ejrand-
.   Mrs,    Mc-
. k,  Mrs.   Moran.
Miss S, Coy      Mrs,   m pair
Gordon  1  suit     py-
■ thank all
thi • • .'I-      fron
-  rgtcal    and
too ls    a
branch hieta Is greatly-
nppreclated from  headquarters,
, pro tei TAOF TWO
Zbc flfeatl-lbevalb
Published every  Saturday at
eJAail-Herald Publishing-
Company, Limited
F,   K.   G1GI IT,   Main -er  and    Editor,
of which are almost pro-German in
make up. It is very wise to discount
much of what comes from Athens as
gossip, for without doubt the German
press Influencers are working tooth
and nail to prevent Greek neutrality
from changing to active alliance with
the Entente powers, and to overcome
the pro-Entente party politically. The
powerful aid these agents get from
the court, and some Greek army circle's, renders their machinations very
dangerous, The fact that the Allies
uavi grant A the loan asked for may
be taken ae a pretty  good sign.
The time Met gn iti r sacrifice has
come. There ire manj unable to
serve their country by taking up
for reasons which must be settled by each individi al for himself.
We must all do our share and make
good the promise made lei the dependants of the soldiers at the front.
'I | e Pati lotic fund in Revelstoke is
paying out nearly one thousand dollars a month to dependants of those
'in the trenches. Such an amount can
only Me raised bj the help and co-op-
• .ui of each individual. Tt is tho
.- lemn duty of all who fctay at home
i .    do llieir utmost  whi n they     are
. tched  by  the committi es     who
are tak Ipi ions. The  \ ictoi
:■ I olonisl says "Perhaps you think
j-■ i -ere giving now all you ran af-
. nl.   Be vei al ml ;,,;-' before
/.." decline on 'Mat  account.   Tn   the
. s fiejfhi  al   Man »emarck the gen'
eral     command nc     in the Bold    ap
bed     our  townsman,  Brl
• .'•'■' Currii    a- he thct
'Youi     en ill   that
. ••! Me. rsI . d, ■. I . an they hold oul
a little longer?" \nd ■..!" friend re-
plii •' "They .,: • ■. ei y tired, Mat they
i re re er.  tn try again."
"Despite m'trs from the United
States or any -.ther country, it may
I i juest as well t.e an Icrstand that
Britain and her allies will never
I lose their grip "n Germany's hungering stomach until the war is won," is
Right Hon, A. .1. Balfour's answer to
the latest \MotKaii note. The whole
e npire Is behind that declaration and
United States press comment indicates that a large section of tlie public
,ef that country appreciates the reas
onablenesa e.f the viewpoint which inspires it.—Daily News, Nelson.
C 0 M Itt U li \ C A T i 0 N S
The   ■      -        .  from  Premiei
*.. the i llles     that
the Gn t inl nds
ing    a   policy
■     •    .
• eek army.   II
ward - ...
■  "
T,e Loyal Citizens of Revelstoke:—
The Revelstoke branch of the Canadian Patriotic Fund will In course   of
a few days launch a campaign for thi
e   e.f raising funds in     BUpport
of   this grand  national organization
ivhich bas -nice tlie war began, ren-
lered such splendid assistance to the
... and depei dents of our noble
[ellow eiti/'ns who hi ve goue and are
to go tee the front :•• fight tor our
iuntrj en pire, lor the |
of small nations, and for    the
nd libertj  i f our people.
•    which,  in   future
pplied  to nations aud
vi cn thi   events of to-
• li r re\ lew, will be sum-
i.,i     up     in the question as tee bow
• . the oc anion al  the time
I - e   appeal for aid
■ut I a le, will    ai d
i  level which   the
Ri \ elstoke will oc-
■  |    ■       empire,
i foi
meeting will not be hold on Monday.
The V.I'.S. will meet on Tuesday evening at S o'clock. On Wednesday evening the prayer meeting at 8.
i i
At the Kmpress Saturday and matinee 2.30 the World Film Co. presents
the Moonstone in 5 acts with Eugene
O'Brien and Blaine Hammerstein.
This story is based on Wilkie Collins
great novel. Don't Miss it. Monday,
the Black box episode No. 14, there
is only one more after this and then
c.mi's the Broken Coin with Francis
Ford and c.raee Cunard. Of all the
.■..ii,os this one surpasses anything
that has been seen in motion pictures, You all saw this fnmonr trio
in Lucille Love and the theatregoers
have i ureal treat in store when
this feature starts which will be right
aftci the Black Box on tbe following
Monday, John Barrymore in the Dictator >n Tuesday, 5 parts, Famous
Players, and on Thursday the attraction of the season Little Pal, with
Mary Pickford in 5 acts. Coming—
the Birth of a Nation.
"The Spoilers" will he seen for the
first tour in Canada at the Empress
theatre, commencing Saturday, Dec.
This famous Btory was written by
Hex Beach, tt is nine reels long, in
three acts. and it take? two hours
and twenty minutes for a simile presentation, Mr. Willium Kartium and
1 athlyn Williams are the stars.
The Btory tells of an ambitious but
wicked attempt by a lorrupt body ol
I s, und politicians, in conjunc
tion with a weak judge of tbe Superior Court, to oust till the miners
iboul Nome from their claims. Glen-
ister and Dextry, partners in the
•i; las im c ■ e out to Seattle for
the winter. Uex. McNamara goes
to Nome, imports Mis judge, instit-
■' " dings     to   ret  tlie Midas
mine. Helen Chester, niece of tbe
ludge, and I herry Malotte, a young
woman i f Nome, play important
• story. Glenister is a
ighter and McNamara is no less fear-
leas. It - a Struggle to the death
in ;, tountry where vital questions
the bark e.f revolvers,
.nd when treachery and deception
havi   scant   courtesy.
ers"     Ib     lig. moving,
oleson " in its hum-
interest       ■■        , thrilling     red-
■    trong men  battling
■ '     with  all  'heir   power
Capt. Brew of the internment camp
at Edgewood waB in town on bis way
to Vernon.
It is prohahle that a new 6 machine
shingle mill will be established here
soon hy Mr, Westcott of Vancouver.
This would give employment to 25 to
30 men in tbe town, in addition to a
similar number in the woods.
Thc Quance lumber company have a
gang of twenty loggers in the woods
above Nakusp this winter and considerable shipments are being made
from their yard to the prairie markets.
H. Clever of New Denver was In
(own on Wednesday with two carloads of Meef cattle purchased at various points along the Arrow lakes. A
special trtin took them from Nakusp
to New Denver in the evening. |
.!. MacArtliur, supt. of the C. P, R.
". i ' in town on Wednesday to meet
'•M w Peters, general superintendent.
Tl •■ took the ovei land trail from
Arrowhead to Trout Lake.
tn Octoher there were 77, births in
New Westminster, and 24 deaths.
II., vanl Thompson is superintendent of the Red Rose copper mine in
the Hazelton district.
Th" Can idians have got the German's '--out. and will probably turn
him Into limburger cheese.
S. G. Robbins, Revelstoke, B. C.
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Regulate Kidneys
the ni
to Sppve
•   •
-    he-
tioo   of
i    tn-
ttoSSeve  Constipation
i.in Pllli nn- acknowledged tn hnve the
lnt  ■  t sali   'if einv proprietary medicine in   :
-.in achievement solely due to tln'ir   !
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.   ,t in ^impounding .i luwlldne lo heal
ni  ii|   ::     Kidneys nnd Blnddcr 11 rtnln
in. redicnts hnve n stimulating eHMt
upon the othei organs, especially the bowels.
Ii li Importnnt to know In Ihe case "f con-
I palii nis, He i Gin 1 ■ •• do noi act
i.,. ily on tli I ■■■ ' ■ I i i- "o griping,
but ii gradui I and | nth n loration ol the
function    Try ft in Pills for constitution.   In
II ivlng lhe towel*, you safeguard youi-
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■ ii requi st, to jp
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I       :
..   ImH
HI Rl il
'I'b • ■ ■
iln- Metlintll ■   rhiircti  ton   rrow     nt
11     ... Tbe partor
■ 111       ' l i •   lie.l b   Br IV
I IT   Fl .i BRIAN CHtJRI il
in tho    Mn sbytci Ian (hurch     ccxl
Bunday     Rev    \   K    \i mitroon .  pi
Ti i"iit"     i ill oci v the pulpll      e!
I nil!      i'i i lei        Sunday   chool   (fciyd
bible    elanee   al     8.30,   Missionary
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inch   nt
fund  ''ii be Instil 1
hin a i ■■"! le of   ■
'   tl   i>aa1   IM
... i hei -
ll    C   Water bei A ■.' Cteecenl    Bay
■  Kamloi pi     here he    in-
■v,ir   i com
e,,,. oi ii,,  reglmenti,
iserving Kettles, 25c, 30c, 40c, 45c,
55c, 60c.
Lipped  Saucepans, 15c, 20c, 25c, 30c,
Wash Basins, 20c, 25c, 30c.
D Boilers, 65c, 75c.
Cups, 10c Each
Sir;k Strainers, 25c
Tea Kettles, 85c
Tea and Coffee Pots, 50c
Covered Roasters, 75c
Sturdy Hardware Oo. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1915
Tba gross earnings ol tbu Kruppi Alex. Lucas, M.P.IM, states that
.works'last year amounted to 113,0110,-1 the court had fixed November 23 as
<H)0- marks, against 54,(11X1,(KM) marks: the date for the opening of the hear-
for the previous year, and tbe net ing of the libel action instituted by
earnings  were  SCHlO.OlM  markB,      as himself against Moses Cotsworth and
ior the committee of the Ministerial association of the Lower Mainland who
had made alleged defamatory state-
ol ment.i against the member for Yale in
led a pamphlet called 'The Crisis in B.
up to the arrest of Norman L. Upper CM' Important witnesses who are to
Paid to bc a professional smuggler, be subpoenaed on behalf of the plain-
and the recovery of about $3000 worth tiff are Sir Richard McBride and the
Cl    opium, more than HUO ounces     of   Hon.  W.  J. Bowser.
cocaine and 100 ounces of morphine. I 	
  The     manager     of a large whaling
compared with i'i,"J00,1)01) marks
the previous year.
The     arrest of Perry Graham,
Blaine, at Bellingham lust week
wost-Tii parks.
Von Blssing, the temporary gover- station at Akiitan, Alaska, who has
nor of Belgium, is greatly troubled just returned to Seattle from his
because be cannot discover the print- season's work, reports that his coming oilice of the newspaper, "Belgian rany too"k 307 whales, yielding W.-lOO
Liberty," the editor oi which sends tuns of Ifresh meat, excellent in flavor
Mm a free copy every morning to and highly nutritious. An effort is
read at breakfast time. In spite oi a being made to place whale meat on
reward of 7i5,0OO marks tbe where- the market as a table food, whalers
abottts of the press have never been insisting that this flesh is equal to
betrayed. any     eaten     by     man, but not used
  ashore because of lack of Intelligence.
Five thousand alien enemies, (intern- In the old whaling methods all     the
cd at different camps throughout the meat was thrown away.   In the   pre-
country, and working for tbe     state, sent methods it is used in the manu«
are    performing labor which is   com- facture of fertilizer.
puted at $1,500,000 a year.   The priu- 	
cipal     activities     consist in clearing The correspondent at Rotterdam of
land for experimental farms in North- the London Daily Telegraph claims to
em Ontario and Quebec, and in     tue have  learned  from  an absolutely    reliable source that in a score or more
  — of widely separate places In Germany
A consular report says: "lt is     of- the construction of Zeppelin dirigible
facially announced in Peking,  says the balloons is being carried out, and   in
'National Review  of China,' that tho ro department of construction    work
Bank of China is to increase its cap- In Qermany is greater activity being
ital by 20,000,000 ycu tor about   $10,- shown.   Dirigibles of all types are be-
000,000     iri   United States currency), Ing turned out, the correspondent un-
balf of this coming from public   Bub- derstands, with feverish haste.    Prom
ecrlptlon.     This     Increase wlll mase ell     the correspondent was able     to
the bauk oue of the most important learn, the idea is to bring the     war
and     largest     In capital in the Far home to the English people who hith-
Bast." rrto "have not felt its effects so that
  they shall bp more anxious for peace"
As soon as it is possible to   obtain 	
transport, 20,00'J one-gallon cans of The Hon. Andrew Fisher, premier of
peaches aud the same number of cans the Commonwealth of Australia, who
of apples, lying at a storehouse at has now accepted from his own gov-.
Vineland, near St. Catharines, will be eminent the offer of high commission-
forwarded to the Canadian military irship in London, is a most striking
hospitals ir. England. The following personality. In the humble capacity
inscription is on the labels: "To the of a miner he emigrated from the
sailors and Boldiers of freedom, with west of Scotland to Queensland iu
llif compliments of the Ontario gov- 1886. Tbe high commissioner of Aus-
crnment, Canada. Hon. VV. II. Hearst trulia receives a net salary of £3,000
Prime Minister." Jier annum, with  £2 ,"000 extra for en-
  tertainment allowance and  travelling
Ambassador Gerrard     bas     been in exjienses.   Mr.      Fisher   may  continue
Btructed     to   protest to the German to be a member of the Commonwealth
government agninst detention  of   the government,  without  jiortfolio. He  is
American sailing  ship Pass of  Balm- a convinced  Imperialist and has beeu
aha. which, after being seized by     a one of tbe most strenituits workers *in
British   warship   was captured,    with scouring     reinforcements for the Aus-
a     prize   crew aboard, by a German trallan division.
submarine.    Germany   recently   order- 	
ed the vessel held for tbe prize court, The North Sea being practically
on the ground its transfer from Can- closed to fishermen, there is a fine
adian to American registry after the opening for the Canadian herring fish-
war began was illegal. ermen     and dealers to supply foreign
('.emand.   The herring fisheries of Can-
NM, less than five priests of the Ot- ada are almost without limit. The
tawa Roman Catholic Diocese have fish are plentiful i„ both the Atlantic
given up their lives in the cause of and thc Pacific, and there is also the
the empire at the front. Fathers Al- fresh water herring dl thc great luk-
bert, Eduard and Justinian, of the ES. It ranks fourth In value of Can-
Capuchin Monastery at Ottawa, have adian lish, the leaders being salmon,
been killed while with their regi- lobsters and cod. In the season 1913-
ments, and Father De Leglisc, of the M no less than 2,4*4,219 cwt. of herniate Order, stationed In Hull, and ting were taken in the waters of the
Father I.. Bodo, a Marlst father of Dominion, the market value of the
Paplneauvllle, have also met death on whole being $3,173,129. This herring
the battlefield. All were French re- fishery, it will be seen, is a fine
servlsts. source of wealth, and no doubt advantage  will   |)e  taken  of  the  oppor-
Thc system by  which canteens   run tmiity which now presents itself,
in connection withe the Canadian regi-    	
■ ents ite the Mother Country have i
been [armed out to contractors who
take the profits has been abolished.
Bir Sam Hughes announced recently
that In future Canadian regiments
in  England  will  conform to the  Oan
men led to other measures. AU the
raw material of the country tnat
was portable was removed to Germany. Owing to the British blockade
no more raw material can reach Belgium, and so the workmen are ldlo
so long as they remain at home. The
few Belgian factories tbat could operate without relation to the war are
severely discouraged. The Germans
control the railroad, telephone, telegraph, and postal services, and are
able to prevent such Belgian industries from resuming operations. In
some cases they have refused to permit the Belgian, manufacturers to export goods already on hand,, though
the sale of tbem could havc no woisc
result than to improve the condition
of the Belgian employes engaged.
The Belgian mine owners have attempted to carry on the work of
mining regardless of the loss involved. I was told by some of the largest and richest of the mine owners
that the production of coal would be
continued just as long as money
could lie procured in any way to pay
the men, regardless of the cost involved. And actually, at tbat time,
the mines of the Mons and Charleroi
district were being run on a little
less than half-time, although there
was no possible way to get the coal
to market. Now the last possible
means left to the Belgians erf carrying
on commerce is being taken away for
the Germans are taking up the rails
of the interiirban railways, "les
chemins de fer vicinales," which have
been left in the hands of the native
population up to this time. The railroads are given over to an enormous
military traffic with the corresponding transportation of the necessary
supplies and munitions. The only
other type of commerce is that car-
tied on by the Belgian Relief Commission. This last had amounted, up
to July 1, to about $28,OO0,0C'0, and
had consisted of the transport of the
veriest necessities required for the
continued existence of tbe Belgian
Germany will neither permit the
Deleinns who remain in their devastated country to help themselves   by
ordinary industry nor outsiders to
assist them, when she can interfere.
The work of the Belgian Relief Commission has been thwarted whenever
possible Underlings have interfered
with it, but when the matter has
been carried so far as the Kaiser ho
has disavowed the acts of hiB servants, and supplies have been permitted to trickle into tho country from
the United States. Germany Beems
to bear an undying grudge to Belgium because she has excited the
sympathies of the neutral world. She
is blamed for having turned opinion
against Germany, and therefore tlio
citizens who remain under German
control are subjected to persecution
upon every opportunity, ^heir homes
are invaded at the whim of any oflicer, and the men are sent back to
Germany, there to toil as prisoners
Of war.
For example, Prof. McCleneghan
mentions tbat upon retiring for tbe
night in a Belgian hotel and leaving
a "call," he was asked whether he
wished to be awakened on Belgian or
German time. There is an hour's difference. The Germans have sought to
impose their time upon Belgium, aud
the Belgians have struggled to maintain their horological Independence.
A favorite trick of German officers is
to seize Belgians and examine their
watches. If they are set to Belgian
I ime, the possessors are arrested upon a charge of treason, and sent to
Germany. In many cases no such excuse is necessary. The Germans will
suddenly arrest a Belgian, and his
family will hear no more of him. He
has been sent back to Germany to
labor under the eyes of German sentries. "Brutal, unfeeling military
terrorism seemed to be the only motive for thc policy adopted," writes
Prof. McC'lenaghan. Nevertheless the
unconquerable patriotism of Belgium
bas not been crushed. She suffers,
but abides her hour, confident that
the day of retribution is coming ana
that in Germany the Belgians will
one day pay off all scores.
Get ready for the Christinas rush.
The war has created a special     de-
eiiand for useful gifts.   Feature them.
If you would do a big Christmas
business, don't neglect your advertising.
Don't advertise what you can't deliver. Back up your advertising with
your window display.
Make the beginning of your Christ- ,
mas      ads      strike   home.   Remember
that the average person won't read a
prosy  introduction.
The Ger man.- have assessed a chaw ti
I of $7.'n 1,000 ,i year against Warsaw fon
the maintenance of the military par-«
I tison there, according to Warsaw pa*
i j.ers  reaching  London.
Major R. Vi. Coulthard, who is bj|
profession a mining engineer, and who
acted as instructor at the Sarcea
camp in the use of explosives, haa
been authorized by Ottawa to organ,
ize a tunneling enmpany for operae
tions at the front.
A reference to Santa Clans is always a good opener. People are still
in love with old Santa and never tire
iif hearing bis greetings.
Window disiil'iys should play a prominent part in your Christmas campaign. Make them original and
change them often.
Waneta will have a new school next
We have made a special effort this
year to have not oriy the largest but
the most attractive display of Christmas gifts "for the 1915 Holiday Trade.
We have surpassed all previous efforts
and can boast of the most magnificent collection of domestic and foreign made gift articles that could be
offered for your approval. The prices
are moderate.
J. Guy Barker
Jeweler and Optician
the falsity of the German claim     vo
the effect that there would be no des-
Howard McCleneghan, dean of tha
.•.dian practice and conduct their own l'0"eBe of Princeton uur.ersity, was
canteens. The profits will be admin- liSkc'u some months ago to go to bel-
istered by a committee for the bene- t''11"1 '"ul repot t as Lo the actuul
fit of the corps. No liquor will bo conditions there. In a recent Issue j
se'lil in the canteens. "' the •New York rfun he haB describ-
  "I what he saw.   He says nothing   of
Admiral Tseng  .In  Cheng,  governor tue terrible suffering of the Belgians,
of the  Shanghai   district,  was  assas- or uf tUK outrages perpetrated by the
slnated last week.    His secretary, wno Germans,   but deals simply  with   the
was     with him at the time, was ser- industrial conditions as they present-1
iottsly wounded.   Tseng Ju Cheng who t(1 themselves to an outsider, and one
was a member of the Monarchist pnr- u' "horn  considerable courtesy     waa
ty,  with his     private secretary,   was Shown    by    the    German invaders. It
motoring    to the Japanese consulate did    not    take him long to discover
to    attend    the coronation recc|ition,
when  at  the garden  bridge two revo-       	
lutlonarles fired eighteen shots at titution In Belgium if the Belgians
them from automatic pistols. Tseng Would reconcile themselves to the
Jn Cheng wns rushed to a hospital, German occupation and resume their
but. died shortly afterwards. ordinary employments. If the Bel-
  gians     were absolutely   pro-German,
The Seattle city scbool department. |!'""lr'"l*  of thousands of them would
having found hundreds of pupils suf- y''t     '"'   confronted with starvation,
ferlng    from    malnutrition, have ar- Tl"' Germans have n.i lefl them the
ranged to "pen twenty milk distrib- '""ls '" w",k Wltl1    if Germany has
utlng    Btations In as many srii,mis. tne la8fl "f forcing the Belgians   who
i  . teurlssed rail* will be served     free n" Inhabit their own    country    to
I., children unable te, pay for It,   acid ' '   '" '■
ol one   ce lass to those able to '" ,; :'     "                                   k(,ep-
paj     Vt one school tho ehlldreni serv- "                               !   Belgium     ber
■ ei free will he weighed weekly and rehensible.
rd   kenl   of   then- Improvement six months
1'iiiMrcn with empty itomaebi    r»n]I,f,'•,  ""' war Germany had the idea
neither    Htndy nor resist the attaeki|tha'     ""' Belgians « t to
of    tiibereulosle, the school  medical Dei  ru,e' •'""l complacently wort   for
Inspector decbtrod.                                  |n«l     The refusal of the Belgian work-
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For tbe ladies we havc tho Bmardon   Shoe     and     every pair is
guaranteed  to  give  satisfaction or your money refunded.
Fred Young & Co,
Wards off Nervous Break Down
Alburtis, Ta. — " I am n teacher in ths
public schools and I got into a very nervous run-down condition. I could not
sleep and had no appetite. I was tired
all tne time. My sister asked me to try
Vinol. I did so. and within a week my appetite improved and 1 could sleep all
nightand now] feel well and strong."—
Rosa M. KELLER, Alburtis, Pa.
We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
liver and iron tonic, fur all weakened
run-down conditions and for chronic
coughs, colds and bronchitis.
Walter Hews, Druggist, Revelstoko,
B. C.
PELcr, Howland, Pntuvtur
Paid-Uk Capital $7,000,000
E, Mav, Gcnenal '.'u.l.lh
Reserve Fusd $7,000,000
THE Imperial Rank of Canada solicits
the banking business of Trustees, Executors
anil Guardians, and all others holding fiduciary relationships. The Bank's stroii;* linancial
position assures ample protection to those
making it a depository of trust funds. The
Paid-up Capital nnd Reserve, and Assets of
over s7M.UiMi.li' il. constitute a sound basis for
confidence. 10
- «.       esi    e=^ t-ejl_
A.   B.  McCLFNEGHAN,  Manager
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
d. Albert Stone, Proprietor
Suitably furnished with the
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Union Hotel
A. IM bBVBSQUB, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
When added to your grocery bill. The old proverb
"Look after tho cents and the dollars will look after
themselves," ls being realised by the customers who
regularly buy Hobson's money saving values in groceries, firing a trial orier— it may he your first but it
won't be your last.
Remember Hobson's own  baked bread li a pleasure to
Phone 41
Box 734
We paq. highest Ptfc<^&&
,        ^^^ Mm. mm mm %      '    ' *\    *   mmV   'ml    -  ^
Artd Remit
Prompt I q
r Trappf" nnd PttrCoDvctori
•end tlirir Ksw Fum to ui than to
•ny uthcr five houftci in C»u«d«,
I tht] ■•.- niffh-
I nn ! pxpres*
-,. r...  ■■ do coi mitiion •,
■, -    ■
N      -  t-Mttoa.
Pun/*   '"
lllln\ '     " ■ , ■ kv   . 1Mb
■   .
HaJlUI I Thr-tv   ftr*ta
Fnrtlih or hrit ch
M mer. i!lu«trftt*4
t#.,-   how nn*   whara
to   • r\ n   ri ;. -1    nt h«r
▼ftTo»bl»   Inforiuti.iiD
•9f ttmppMt. fcl«0
"Tr«pnrr'» and
.Spnrt>m*n'pSu[  ^ly
Catalog '"Raw Fur
Prica    Lint,"   and
' "Fur StyU
Bonk " ot b- n:t'
fui far  *ni»   and    t^t.
'«-* beMki fuilr
llla«trfti«4   tnd    ««nl
302 Hallun Building       TORONTO PAGE FOUR
SATURDAY,  NOVEMlimn 27,  1915
Fernie' had Its first outdooi skating
on Thursday Mist.
cv ■■■".'.iiod Bchooi ii nl a iotal en-
rollmi   ' 1 pupils in Octoher,
Thi^ year's hallowe'en was the quiet
i st  ■■:. Cranbroi ik's ri  eul 1 Istorj.
•j •     i M.iiiel Forks the Presbyterians
roi   I SI to 24 in tavor uf chuich unit   cost  515 for strei I sprinkling   In
m          busli ct lor     this
Last     woek there were five typhoid
ts     In     the hospital al  Grand
Sti i tly fresh eggs went as hi I   as
'M i     i dozen on Nelson marl el    Sat
Sixteen members of Vernon Methodist church have already i-nlisted for
overseas service.
Inly nine miners from Fernie so far
have gone to England au a result ol
the English commissioners visit.
In thc past thirteen months,  In one
■ er another, Rossland Mas raised
iver $17,000 for patrit tic purposes.
Tho public school al  Ilillcrcst hns
an     enrollment ol over :';:' children,
ire looked after by three teachers.
At Penticton some ranchers are donating stove wood t" the Red
Cross, which is subsequently Bold by
the society.
Kaslo's n onthly c intrlbutlon t'i the
Patriotic furil has been figured out at
•   ■ cents per month per hi ul of
j„ ."-Met Ion.
'.■■ e. !'. Thompson, a Kelowna rancher, has i'tst gathered GO Muxes ut
ari'lns from a Canada Baldwin tree,
20 years old.
Th" anti-dancing citizens e.f  Kaslo,
are urging the trustees to  not  allow
pile nl  the I Igh school the nso
of     the     assembly room for dancing
Nelson Presbyterians voted In favor
of church union by a Bhowing eef better than three to une. although only
about 50 per cent, e.f the total     vote
was cast.
Warburton Pike, the big game hunter was drowned ln Europe last
Tu keep up Interest in the curling
game at Cranbrook this year's membership fee Mas been cut [rom i?10 to
The Kimberley mini's arc working'
125      men   this   winter.    This  is      the
largesl force the company has worked
for years,
Fernie reports a shortage of curlers
for this winter, Tbe roarin' game
will not have more than iiu devotees
this season.
Tom Crohan of Fernie has just returned from a trip to Uruguay, South
Vmerlca, when' he bus purchased a
large cattle ranch.
As the local militia companies are
•.sing the building as an armory Ferule may have In go without an Indoor
sunt ing rink  this winter.
Allowing 100 gallons jut day for
each persi n it is estimated that the
present water supply tit Cranbrook
would be ample for a city of 15,000
Fernie    Free Press:  A German   was
taken into custody yesterday and up-
er   his person was found a complete
plan     .if    the    Morrissey internment   ■
ramp  and   trails  leading   thereto.
The tish hatchery at Gerrard will
nt in. more spawn from Sheep Creek.
Residents In the United States, who
originally stocked the creek, have protested to the Dominit n government.
The Cranbrook Conservative association oflicers last yeai discharged
their duties so well thnt all were elected by acclamation for another
term, Vi. B. McFarlan is the president.
Cranbrook scl 1  trustees at   their
last meeting appointed two "hookey"
constables who will sec to it that the
lity's motto "f "a school tor every
child am! every child at school," is
strictly   ibscrvi d.
The Cranbrook hens are wise t.e th.'
fact tl I i hard \\ Inter Is ahead Ben
Palmer's Buff Orpington pullets are
laying double sh I     e day I
hard sh 'lied;  like ! I
al li   Bcn'i
utive Christmas present to its stockholders, will be paid December 18.
The books for both distributions will
close December 1, This is the second
double declaration made by tbe Standard directors, the tirst, an equal amount, was paid a year ago. This iB
the only previous dividend as high
as 1100,000 declared by the company.
It. will make the L915 payments $250,-
I DO and will increase the grand total
of $1,S<X>,000..
Tho Rambler-Cariboo company,
which owns and Is operating the
Rambler-Cariboo mine and mill at
Three Forks, D. (.'., will pay $17,500
or one cenl a shave on the Issued
capitalization of $1,760',000 shares, '
December 15, to stockholders ol record Decemher 6. This will make
$35',0OC paid in October, it will Increase 'he grand total to $420,000.
Payments aggregating $885,000 were
disbursed prior to suspension of distribution  of profits about  12     yenrs
^ __!
For Tired, Weak, Nervous Women
Rellefontaine, Ohio.—" I wish every
tired, weak, nervous woman could have
Vinol. for I never sjient any money in
my life that did me so much pooil as
that I spent for Vinol. 1 was weak,
tired, warn out and nervous, nnd Vinol
made me strong, well and vigorous after
everything else had failed to help me,
and I can now do my housework with
pleasure."—Mrs. J. F. Lamuukn.
We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
liver and iron tonie, for all weak, rundown, nervous, debilitated conditions.
Walter Bews, Druggist, Revelstoke,
I!. C.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in  Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   and Al
berta, the Yukon territory and
the Northwest territories and in a
portion oi the province of British
(.'olumbia, may bo leased for a term
of twenty-one years renewal for a
further term of 21 years at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,500 acres will be leased to oue
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-agent of the district in which tbe rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be nccomp-
anied by a fee of $5 which will he re-
' un ded il the rights a|iplied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
i,.e alty shall lie paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
Tbe tiers, ui operating the mine, shall
furnish the Agent, with sworn returns
accounting lor the lull quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
loyalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, Buch
returns should he furnished at least
once a year.
Th" lease will include the coal mining rights only, rescinded by Chap
27 or 4-5 George V. assented to 12th
dune,  11)14.
For full information application
should be made to the secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to nny ngent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  CORY-
Depttty Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
Section 42
Notice is hereby  given  thnt on tho
first duy of December next, application will be made to thc Superintendent of Provincial Police.for tho
lenewal of a licence for the sale of
liquor by wholesale in unci upon the
premises known as Lots 1, 8, 9 and N
10 feet of 10, block 08, jilan 3, City of
Datctl     this     '.M'th day of October,
LTD., Applicant
'lex. Grant, Manager.
"LIQUOR ACT, 1910"
Section 42.
Notice is hereby given that on the
Brst dny of December next, application Will be made to the Superin
tendent of provincial I'olice for renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as
the Arrowhead Hotel, situate at Arrowhead, in the province of British
Haled November i,  1915.
quor by retail in the hotel known as
tho Lakeview Hotel, situate at     Arrowhead,  in the province of   British
Dated October 14th, 1915.
Section 42
Notico ls hereby given that on the
first day of December next, application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial I'olice for renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail In the hotel known as
t.he Hotel Beaton, situate at. Beaton,
in the provinco of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th, 1915.
Section 42
Notice is hereby given that on the
first day of December next, application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as
the Glacier House, situate at Glacier,
in the province of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th, 1915.
Section 42
Notice is hereby given that, on th«
first day of Decemher next, apjilica-
tion will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for re»-
newal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retnil in the hotel known as
the Union Hotel, situate at Arrowhead, in the province of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th, 1015.
Section 42
(Section 42.)
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application will bc made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell   li-
Notice is hereby given that on ths
first day til December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial police for renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as
the Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
situate at Hnlcyon, ln tho province
of British Columbia.
Dated October 14t», 1915.
S Vtr\SjmiV(~mmmlB- I
Notes from the opines
A. F. Billings Is preparing plans lor
the new Hume designed to Becun
^.itiunal    water   powei  foi    he Cork-
dicate is commencing
work "n a group at  Ainsworth, com-
t in- Rand   Nicu I Snell-
ii i? claims,   l.i-, li
I  work is under way.
\    crosscut     ' ...
from the upper level   il   thi   Utica   to
expected I
ar  ll   ■ Mile Pi       I ty.
The trail to tl
ly and Men
in BUpj
.    ■       i- lies totheeast I
v    te
■ ■
opei ed to ti
Bt Grand F
■   •
ery li     •     Vork
L. H. Held -      ning man     .-'•-
I .      nting
dicate.  1 . i  heen  in t| '      for
several days looking over some cop
per pr iposltlons,   Mi    Heidi was
connected    with the I
for ' -
0, V, Semi • ■ i has I completed a
i oritract f"' cl • In a wlntei' i
supply of iii ; e.e ' ■ , dicate
operating 'en h      i ek, about lfi
tulles fii ■ - tin   Five
tnile.   Om    tb" property 100 feet    of
tuni 'ti driven, and there Isa
ledge ol  gold  and  silver  on   tbat runs
tearlt $100 to the ton,
ll "
'    e        1
I he
the     otitsl
if B. C 1
*ill     P ■ mtlal dlvldi nda
, ■
sued are vei itif] lng.
The Standard   ^llvei   i.<   I   md   111
'.el I'ell.     Will •   I
mg to $1 1, or fi cent a bare,
mi 'mi tandlng 1 apltallzalIon ol I,-
iri ell be paid In two
in italmenl one ol 1(50,000 thc regular
monthly disbursement, December 10.
The othei   150,00', the Becond a
ISSUE OF $50,000,000 5"„ BONDS MATURING 1ST DEC, 1925
e event of future issues lother than issues made abroad) being made by the government,   for  the  purpose of
Is of this issue will be accepted at the issue price, 97 J, plus accrued intertst, as the  equivalent  of
cash for the p. 'iptioi    to such issues.
with on be-
i  Bonds foi  sub-
nd   ifli r the
ite    1 if
"      tn     Ml
td      ee'      I'Mll
tin   '.vi 11 rend
• be allot
of   t.eu   pei  1 ''HI
•n the
■   a pro
e    'll       ,,f
1   ,.   a charge
ed fi       an] hi am h
■ ,,i the office ol any
Ir ed    ot A
' ,. ■   ■   -iii he
- .1 in
I, ,,f 1 'i
01 .I rei elpl
■ id   in  lull      and
1 • the money, tl. 1 fen  bond      i'ii e oupons     at
Intel   '       to pi Inclpal, or
For fully 1 lout coupi 'lis.
Delivery of Bcrlp certificates and of bonds will be made
through the chartered hanks.
The Interest on the fully registered 1 Is will be paid
by cheque, which will be remitted by post. Interest on
bonds with coupons will b" paid on siirrcndt't of coupons.
Hoth cheques and coupons wlll be payable free ol cx-
change at any branch ol any chartered bank in Canada.
Holders ot fully registered bonds without coupons will
have the right to convert Into bonds with coupons, pay-
aide io bearer or registered, without payment ol any fee,
and holders of bonds with coupons will have the right to
converl  without  fee, Into fully registered bonds   without
Coi ie ne al any lime ou application in writing to the
Mini iter of Finance,
.•.ill be exempl from taxes—including any iu-
eomi' tax Imposed In pursuance of legislation enacted by
11"     1 Mn llament ol Canada,
Thc I,..ads with coupons will be issued m denominations
U        Fully rei lstered bonds without   cou
will be Issued in   len Inatlons ol $1,000, $5,COO or
any authorised mull Iple of $5,1
cation wlll be made In due course for the listing
ol the issue on the .Montreal and Toronto Stock Ex-
chani •
Thi Mean wlll Me repaid al maturity at. par at the office ol tho Minister ol finance and Receiver General tit
Ottawa, or at the office ol the Assistant   Receiver General
• I'nllfn ' John, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto,
iiei-iin. Calgary or \ Ictoria,
The hooks of the loan will he kepi at the Department
..I Finance, Ottawa.
Recognised bond and stock I.inkers will be allowed a com-
"f  one-quarter ol one  per rent,  on  allotments
made In  ri  peel   ol applications which bear their stomp.
Subscription Lists will close on or before 30th November, 1915.
Finance Department, Ottawa, 22nrl November, 1915. iB^H
"Minister's Bride"
is Well Received
After several weeks of pleasure and
anticipation the playgoers of RevelBtoke were given an evening ot solid
enjoyment      lust       Monday       when
among  tbem the youthful  pair     just was     brought    In and given away by
finding out their regard for each oth- Mr.     George     Ross,      wore a lovely
ir and the boy home from the     city gown of ivory duchess satin, witb    ,i
in    need     of good wholesome advice tulle veil arranged with mop cap sur-
and     a     strong and willing band to mounted     with     a wreath of orange
help him     meet the temptations     of blossoms,  and  carried a  shower hou-
llfe like a man. quet of white roses and  maiden   hair
The     concluding    act of the     play lent.   She also wore the grooms gift,
showed all the young people gathered a     necklaca and pendant  of sapphires
at     the     manse for a  party.     After and  pearls.   The bridesmaid was   the
the     play       the       following     musi- sister    ,.f     the groom Miss Gertrude
"The Minister's Bride" was produced cal program was introduced and Burridge, whose frock was of apricot
under the auspices of the Ladies Aid the audience had the pleasure of list- crepe-de-chlne and white ninon, with
of     St.     John's church in the opera
bousa, and ull who witnessed the
production are unanimous in voicing
the opinion that it was one of the
best performances ever given by amateur players here.
The   curtain   rose   on an    Interior
Bcene representing an old manse parlor in the early sixties. The quaint
..Id fashioned furnishings were a delight to the eye and a feature of t.he
lee.,, ations that caused much amusement were large photos of three
of our respected citizens draped in
black and purple ami representing the
deceased predecessors of the present
Incumbent, the hero ol th'e plot, and
around these pictures centred some
of the most humorous passages from
the play.
In act one five eel the women of 'he
congregation were sect busily engaged
preparing the room for the reception
of the minister when he returns with
his bride and their dialogue about
th.e forthcoming arrival was Bpright-
ly and mirthprovoklng in the ex
treme, and while thej 'r..• i■.' feir the
hest they are prepared for the worsi
as  regards the  new  wife.
Act II. sees the bride and the minister settling their house, ready for
the bride's first reception. Many improvements ire' te' he seen in the
room from the lirst ^e tt ing mit.
Neither has darn: to move .it- molest
the three pictures with their sombre
drapings.   The-    bri le   on the    "qui
vive" with e '  and a desire to
■  prepares te. receive her callers.
"ne aft.'r another they arrive and
their homely words of welcome may
leave much to be desired in the way
of expressloni hut nothing in their
sincerity ami genuineness. The present itlon to the bride of a pair of
genuine  "cornfed"      geese caused     a
■   ■  '■rnment   among      the      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
, u.li.'tire.
\.    "vening    at   th.   manse is the    The wedding was solemnised at St.
scene-, of act in. and here we seethe Peter's church on Wednesday, Novem-
tanl   bridegroom   being brought ,„.,.   ?}th      „f   ms3 , Maude
altar bv an eager bride. These
,.,       v  .  „. ,    ,.,,      ,        Thomas,    daughter      'f     Mr. George
two  characters   were   splendidly    done
rnd received much well deserved   ap. Thomas, of Repton, England, and Mr.
plause    and    later     congratulations.  Harold   Edgar Burridge,  Rev.  C.    A.
Several other visitors dropped     in— Procunier officiating,   The bride who
if their favorite local  which  Bhe  wore a large  black picture
of whom fcere     never  hat, and the groom's gift, a nccklnce
and cameo pin.   Her bouquet was   of
pink carnations ami  ferns,   The   best,
man  was  Mr.   \V.   Smythe.
Following the ceremony at the
'hutch th" bridal party drove to the
residence of Mr. and Mis. MM G.
Burrid e ere a small circle of Immediate viativ's and Iriends were entertained nt luncheon, Th.-.- house was
■■.i wit Ii large bunches "f chry-
i' •: • ■   tl and  '"it nations.      Mrs,
Burridge was handsomely gowned in
Hack satin. Miss Bertha Hobbs who
\ i'i.- wedding march at the
church, an.l during the reception at
the residence wns presented with a
' il 'ul     gold nugget brooch.     Tbe
cning to some
1.1 lent,     each ^^^^^^^
hoard  to  better  advantage:
Chorus    "Tout  Ensemble."
Solo—"Asleep in    the     Deep,
Solo—"The Dear Homeland,"
Solo—"Angus      McDonald."
Millie Robertson,
Solo—"Nancy Lee,"  Mr.  .1.  Baker.
Duel—"The Lasl Rose e,f Summer,"
Mrs. R. S. Garrett and Miss Amie
Quartette—"Kentucky   Babe."  Mes-
l rs.   T.   H,   Taylor.   I'M   Paulding,      I„
Baker,  Vi. E, Johnson'.
The personel of the play was   pub-
Mslieil  in  the last   issue  and  it    would 	
he  worse than foolist   fo try to   dis-   -'" n's gift to the hest,  man was
criminate  between  tin'  cleverness  and gold  nugget tie pin.
ability of the "lay's, each  in bis   or Mr.  ami Mrs.  Burridge left on    the
particulai     role   wis excellent.     The "'    ■• n train on a honeymoon trip
leading     parts,     viz., those .ef     the to     coast  cities.   The bride's travel-
ninlster ami th" bride were taken by ling          lit   waa tan velvet corderoy
Mr.  Ralph Chisholm   md     by     Miss trimmed   with   Mack sealette,     with
Williams and deserve more than a pass small     hat of pressed plush trimmed
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We ami to K'vc maximum
wear At minmum price
mg mention. Both were difficult
I art/- to interpret Mat were bandied
i'e.tb by Miss WMlMea - and Mi
holm with such a display ol histrii flic ability that Mj bound t'i make
their services in demand for future
. ateur performances in the city.
Mr. Chisholm made an ideal reverend
gentler..nn and Miss Williams was a
perfect picture in their dainty costume of half a century ago.
Between     tir' acts music was fttrn-
ished by the Mi - Urquhart,
"nth  ani]   ina  Brown   •! >1  Mr.  I
Bells find
Orange Blossoms
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers Direct Importers
Our GOODS are good
Our prices logical nnd within reason
Our Special Prices on Ciprs Will Astonish Enquirers
See us before placing your HOLIDAY ORDERS
vith large tan  wings.
•■e Me.'.MnL- is a list of the many
beautiful gifts bestowed on the bride:
1 set carvers, Mr. and Mrs. G, Rose;
! dozen st.rling knives and for!:.-. V.
S. Sogar; cut '--las.- cream and sugar
Mr. and Mrs. J. Knox; silver cream
i ml sugar. Miss Bella Pappas; pierc
e.i silver cake nlate, J. (lay Barber;
tut glass -!'■ »eii tray. Mr. and Mrs.
(i. Ralph Lawrence; hand painted
china spoon tray. Alfred an 1 Stewart
Burridge; set cut glass salt cellars,
FCdgar Bruce; cut glass berry howl,
W. Thomas; cut -M.ss berry bowl and
half  dozen   berry  dishes.   \\.   Smythe:
■ ut  glass  vase.   Mr.  and  Mrs.  R. Don-
■ Ids.en: cut glass bon M 't' dish, Mr.
and Mrs. Mullboihind: carved tray.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Haug: jardinier,
Mrs. (I. H. Brock; silver salad fork.
Mis. IM Laughton; silver berry spoon
Mr. A. Sturdy: siher pic plate, Mr.
S. McDonald; ) dozen silver tea
spoons. Miss Doris Warner; hand
i.nint!■■;    ■;■•..• plate, Mrs. s. T
pair blan cets, Mr. aim Mrs. K. G
McRae: sea grass chair, Norman McLeod; tablecloth, Mrs. T. Bain; tablecloth, Miss Bertha Hobbs; 1 dozen
tablenapkins and set dinner mats.
Mrs. W. IVlsiner; hand worked buffet
cover, Mi. and Mrs. W. Clay; hand
worked   tray     cloth. Miss I. Crowe ;
I-., Vour Shopping Early.
This, the great glad time of the
year is essentially the children's
holiday, N'o greater disaster in
the socii i li'fe of this nation
could happen than the curtailment of happiness for the children
My a minimising of the Christmas
This year as usual we have a
bir steed; of TOYS AND FANCY
GOODS. Bring the children to
see  them.
Special good, wide l'AKI.ETTE
SILK in black, pink, brown, paddy—nice for waists, dresses and
trimming,   at  per   yard    $100
A very tine selection of the newest in LADIES COTTON JABOTS
RDCHINGS, etc. Bome of those
lovely roll collars that complete
the l ■•' a suit and are
washable, Also tbe newest dress
lollars,  trom 26c. tee    $5.00
Clearing o il a 1 et ol REAL IRISH HAND EMBROIDERED LINES—tray Cloth , runners, tahle
i overs,     etc.     at 50c., 76c, $1.00
ind    $1.25
Boys' Furnishings
Now that Xmas is less than a
month away we would suggest
that you commence looking about
for that suitable gift for a boy
our stock is more complete than
ever before and is now in perfect
condition for Xmas buying
BOYS SUITS—Sizes from 25 to
ill.    Aill the famous "Lion Brand"
Btyles that are tight Quality that
stands the test. Prices from $5.00
t.e $10.00.
genuine bargain in pure wool. All
sizes,   different colors, price $2.50
Lined, fancy, from 7ac. to SI.25 a
BOYS Win i|. MITTS—Good serviceable articles. Prices 36c. and
Xeai,   warm     and     comfortable.
I'rice 35c. and 50c.
130YS TOUQUES—A wide range
of colourings and weaves, prices
50c., i Ic., and 75c.
Lined, very dressy, tan Cape.
Price $1.00' j air.
genuine buckskin at $1.25 and
Thi  ■ host  of other lines
equally  as  g
Kelowna Apples
Very heavy pack. Call and get
prices. Special price on 5 or
more boxes.
Northern S|>ies
Grimes Golden
Winter Banana
lien Davis.
Sauce,     large
Friday and Saturday
Fresh Baked Currant Biscuits, pet-
pound 15c
Huntley & Palmer's     Tea Husk's
Biscuits, per pack 20c
Huntley  k Palmer's Creamy Cho-
colate B iei pack i",c
Patted Ham, |eer im  06c
Devilled Ham. jier tin  05c
CHE \!'
Send Tor the 1913-6 Edition ci our
hand  worked plate doilies,     Mrs.    J
Cressman;    bed     and table linen   the Si pages, mustrated.ofbeautifliltrur sets
"u    ''    e ""'"•  '"     md fur garments lor men,  women and
gift    of     groom's    mother.    McClary  children "' ~   ~"    ""
range, the     gift of groom's father;
reading lamp, Mr. J. Ramsey; electric
tei in!  percolator,   Arthur   Bennett.
IT IS FRE£.   Address:
Room 153, Hnllam Builiiing TORONTO
Valley Bel! leap
is Formed
JTma^s "Photos
for the British Isles and Continent
should be mailed soon—SO DON'T
New Cards and Folders
aA size  to  fit  every pocket  book
¥&). 'Barton
Leading Vhotographer
a Do 3'ou want to earn
; $10 a week or more
i your own home ?
fl Reliable persons will be furnished with
•ofUable.  a'.l-year-r; , ment
on  Ai::o-Knitting
?I0 per
ad Ily enrn-
e ;. v. ■ tt ach you
—ir:, distance
ii,   no   hlnc:.
for particu-
ol pay,
::. stamp,
[■St.   -   'i nron
;.   - <> .,1
Leave your order during this month.
We stock  material  for
making these.
On Thursday evening ,, volley   Muil
t     was held a1   I hi   i .Mm . \.
Then   .cere .;i  men  present     and     a
good    provision ol edables was thoi-
oughly    disi UBsed, all      ■■ those
present organised into a volley Mail
league.—E,     s.     Martin,   pre I
Walter Bewa, vice president; 1 '>'• ..
iron, Sec.-treas., and an executive
lormed of the captains ol the
in the league. After the election ol
ollicers President Marin took the
chaii .mil after a few appropriate recalled on the curtains ol the
teams t'i express I . iii one of the
In i_'>-11• inl and hia own   team
in     particular.   Each mude it    clear
I M.it      M ■   e     |     .      | ,1     Wltll    the
btart that the league was making
tins year and felt sure that his team
was the one that would win the series. Dr, Heard spoke Ior the Dent
I...use, N. R. Brown for the Government team. A. Thomson for the Business    Men,     S. N. Coiilini; for    the       	
Bankers atd H. Mulholland for     the 	
yet nameless team.   A  spirit of go'iil
fellowship pervaded the meeting and "" '''»'';''"y "Wing the C. P. R.
vas Btrongly shown by the remarks took two games out of three from
of the different speakers. the    Board of Directors.   The second
Immediately after the general meet-  Llime    waa very interesting thc ratting    broke    up an executive meeting ,.oad    boys winning out by a    very
was held, a constitution     drawn     up  Btnal]  margin.
and all the points !ti connection with BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
eduli  date of the games.
After the executive meeting ahout
twenty of the senior membership
i rut on i he gymn tBiui i Boi ir a i
. still iwo hours woi.-. out at marching, dumbell work, volley hall and
ball.   x. im Brown threw   out
challenge Iron tl e Government volley ball team against the world. The
i'he latter team te. >k them up and
■von two games out of three.
Otliee hours !) a.m. to l. p.m.
Phones 2li:l ami 2 IT
Meets  every    WednesJay  evening
at    i   o'cloc.,    in   Selkirk   HaU.
Visiting    hro-nera    cordially  la-
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held li
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Mocday in each month at t p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
'OHN   LEE,   W.   M.
ROBT.   GORDON    8«er«tary
I. 0. O. F.
Meets every Thursday  evening l«
Selkirk   Hall  at   8 o'clock. Visiting brethern Cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE.  Secretary.
C. P. R. Wins
From Directors
(.(mil POLK Y
I;V, future
hi     dsfoi tu ies it toa;
'.a 5 >ii.   The sm'  ' rra       p oteeling
j voiir-i If ,iml fainil] •
LIFE 1N8UI  \M' !-: POI II V
with a reliable company.   Tin   high
financial   il ■
■ •ii.■! i    ol    ih"    Kooi.-i Igeni lei
makes    ii Ij    tmstwi
Your   iim'1  Hia'-   I •  ii'eii    ii   hand.
Don't delay.   T iki . now,
A. K. Kincaid, Mans
■ Lodge
No. 1086
■'  \I(H i   1.
Meei -
im i \   lopcond
and Pom 'li Tuesday
in   Iln
Selkiik   Hall.
1 ng Bi
ren an
• cordially In-
1.      ALL
721       714
EVERYTHING   in   Building   Material
We   Supply
See   out        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the handling of  the league were   dis- j ft0bie
■ •!.    II      wis decided that a   pre- g; q    Mnrtin
Hmlnary league Bhould he played till n- M  T.nwrcnce
the flrst of the new year, this to give ^ Thomson
I'M   Pnuldinir
burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialise In
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roof
Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Shop   t' mnaughl Ave.
-STOKK       -       -     B.C.
091      707      981
time for the tennis to settle down.
tt      was  nprceil   thnt  the  standard
mles    ns    set forth In the Y.M.C.A.
i.thlitie hook he adopted for the pre-
limlnary cames.
Kirh team t•. consist of five   men.
to commence nt 7.3n nnd 8.15
Me taken  hy default until      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i't..', minutes after schedule time. A ^m~m"^-mm^mm^mmsmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!imm
I   be postponed if both can-,    iiROUg|, on Ruts"clear* ontRir«,
tnins are atrreenhle and the secretary  Mie". ,.(,-.  Hoii'i DIp In the Hn"»n. 15c
is    notified    24    houra prior to the ftnd 26o at Drug and Country Stores.
0. P. R.
\i. Wehster
Get'*MoreMoney**for your Foxes
Muvkiat, White Weasel, Beaver, I ynx, Wolves,
Morton nod other tur Iv.irers r. lire ud lo yoor mcilon
SHIP YOtlt PURS DIRECT o. "• ,11 HKHT—IV larowl
boaM in the KnrM drilling rxrluslterly In NORTH ^V.i.CK IN RAW FURS
.. iT,..
I    .'.tn Wiiwr,"
Writ* fnr ll—WOW—It'l IT IK
A    P.   ClI-lIIRFRT   l*-!.-    25-: WEST AUSTIN AVE.
a. u. onuocn i, inc. D  tC 7, Chicago,u.s.a. .pAUl-. SIX
Mrs.  A. Grant will not receive    on
Vi. Thomas spent a    lew days     in
I oke lasl  week,
Mrs.  Posaetl   of .-MM n  Arm was in
Revelstoi e dui lng I he wei k,
Vi. II. Core,hia made a dying trip
to K imloopB 'ea Wednesday.
.1. :M Bonr pie of Kamloops was at
the Kine Kdward hotel   m Monday.
W, Po ipi ire i et urned [rom ai     iv-
tendi '1 t'M  to  \nowhea I tins week.   |
,\.     i ■   Yoder of N ■   Istered
at the Kin • Ed fard     itei on ffednes
\    .i.  W odhurn   if KamloopB   was
a guesl   it  the King  Edward I   I
Mr. md Mrs. .1, ii. Hodges of Wil-
i oi v. ei e . uesl i al I he K lng Edward
hot.'! ee;, 1 hureday,
A,neoti.- the guests at the Hotel
Revelstoke on T lesday was A. G,
Budge ••! Mon111 i
.1. M Everett of Armstrong spent a
day in Revelstoke this week a guest
at the Hotel  Revelsti
Vnioi thi ■ ' at the King Kdward hotel een Wednesday were Mr.
and Mrs. e. iM.m of Okanagan
.1. M. McKay C.P.R. superintendent it Ri was in the rity
yeesti rdnj i liness.—Kam-
T iiu..'   il a  court  fot   col
red i ■    and     revising i he Municipal
Vol •!-' List, will be held In the city
■■e    Dec   lOth, at  8 p.m. ;
■  on Monday
November !9, instead  of Thursday and
Mrs.     .1      H.i la- lit oi   will i
with     her     for  the   last   time
I '•■   'and.
Ri I e held their
regular meeting on Friday niitht. Alter the business of the meeting was
over the balance of the evening was
Dainty re-
■ ts ved.
[ti the i irreni  issue
of the ii. i'   Gazetti   tl   I  eerl
of incorpor      n iBn issued   to
thi fi llowing: The Blue Funnel Motor
Line. Ltd., with he A   larters al   -"■ v
Inster and        I
British Col . itch
Ltd.,    Port Moodj
Pitt     Rivet     ,-;    - New Wesl
■ r,   510.000;  The  Rossland Curl
W I   ii   Bi ■       Ltd
-    ;-
Hoi    Di
i   I  !
Idlers -    ■
that •
n thi ■ ■       ivhicb is    I n
•   nf sever
ti I
■   ■
A. James ol Glacier was at the
King  Edward hotel on Monday.
Dr, T. McPherson o! Salmon Arm
spent a day iii the city this week.
R. R. Masson of Chase was a guest
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday.
Lieut. I'M A. Lacy of Kamloops was
at the I Intel   Kevelstoke on Monday.
Mrs. IM Groves of Mara was a guest
; t: lhe' Kit ._■ Edward hotel on Wednesday.
Mrs. .1. M, Foley of Kamloops was
the guest of Mrs. II. C, Cameron last
C, J, Sproule of New Zealand reg-
istered it the Hotel Kevelstoke on
M, M. Carroll ,,f Salmon \rm was
:e guest it the Kim- Edward hotel on
s.  A. Towgood  of Sandon was     a
■   it  the King Edward hotel    on
G.  Hind of  Vernon  was among the
..i   the  King Edward hotel   on
A. MacLeod and \. Dake of Rear
Creek registered al thi King Kdward
hotel "ii Monday.
Mrs. AI. Meredith of Australia was
among the guests at the Hotel Rev-
elstoke on Sunday.
W. .1. Coulthard aad W. I. Rriugs
opent a few days at Malakwa em a shooting trip.
MM s. Glaspie and .las. Glasple   oi
Eagle   Hay   were   -ria-st>   at   the    Kin_-
Idward  hotel on Sunday.
T. Kilpatrick ot Revelstoke is visit iiil' the city and is a guest at the
Strathcona.—Daily News, Nelson, B.
Mr. and Mrs. Hillyer returned homo
Revelstoke afl 11   I -vn weeks   sojourn in thi I 3 ilmon   v.-m Observer.
Miss  Paget, 1 evi B. C, has
erri ed In i j to i Islt  with   her
i ncle,     Rev, Deal
Sir Hibberl Tapper passed   tl
on  Mondi his
e'lirn  from     the
■ ral   of
late Sir I ■ :ier.
pr.    r.  S,  Dei ■
,     few
d   a
-o   the
J. P, Forde of Nelson was in the i
city on Wednesday.
Capt. E. T. Petar of Kamloops was e
in Revelstoke on Wednesday.
.J. Vi. Hutton of Ducks was at the
King Edward hotel on Wednesday.
George E. Pierce of Hamilton was
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Monday.
S. McGuire of Salmon Arm was a
visitor to Kevelstoke during the week.
Tom Lee was a visitor to Revelstoke last Sunday.—Salmon Arm Observer. '
Al"x. McRea of Revelstoke ls a
guest at the Strathcona.—Daily News
II. Giegerich oi Spokane was a
guest at the Hotel Kevelstoke on
si.-.'.i auBJiOdg jo     .'i/'ie'M.'iiV. M\\ "V
tered     at the Hotel Revelstoke     on
K. .'. Sutherland of Golden regis-
tered al the King Edward hotel on
S. A. Huntingdon of Sicamous registered at the King Edward hotel   on
I hursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Janes of Victoria, registered at the King Kdward
hotel on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. a,. K. Noble of Kamloops were among the etiests at the
King Edward hotel on Tuesday.
Col. F. G. Wilson and Capt. C.
Tyner of Kamloops were guests at
the Hotel Revelstoke on Wednesday,   j
Out of 22 of the guards at the internment camp at Field who volunteered for overseas service 11 were
accepted. j
Written apjdieations for enlistment
ir the No. 2 Tunnelling Company
(Engineers) may he made to Major
R. W Coulthard, Box No. 2317, Oalgary] alta.
\. Lyle, chief clerk te, Superintendent J. M. McKay ol the Canadian
Pacific railway, Revelstoke, has been
transferred   to     Vancouver and will'
leave on Tuesday.
A. Mac lire' of tin  Canadian I'acitic
••■iiiway,    Winnijieg, arrived  in Revelstoke    on    Wednesday.   Mr. Maguire
will     take thi   position of chief   clerk
pt,  .1.  M.  McKay.
•  from Vancouver, Dr. G. A.   M M.P.P.,   ha3
'.   the    position   oi eai
the organization kno- n
as     thi s Prohilnti'in  More
• •
fie rail-.
the Lardeau
Inle   is
fo he     as-
G. R. Lawrence returned Irom the
south  on Wednesday.
A. S. Saunders of Rogers Pass was
at the King Kdward hotel on Sunday
Ou .Monday evening at the Y.M.C.
A. the Board of Directors bowl Busi-
nesi   Men.
Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Ingle of Portland registered at the King Edward
lie.tel on  Monday. w
Mrs. ll. il. Bulgar und daughters of
Nakusp were among the guests at the
King Edward hotel on Sunday.
The hoard of St. Peter's church assisted My the Womens' auxiliary are
lidding a whist drive und dance in
the Masonic hall on Dec. 27.
Gel Better Acquainted with British
Columbia will be the subject of a
stereoptlcan talk In the Methodist
church een Monday and should he very
Interest Mil'.
On Thursday atternoon at hall past
three a meeting will be held in the
Vanguard room of the Methodist
church to he addressed by Mrs. Lashley Hall. Mrs. Hall is a strong [orc-
ihle speaker, and her subject will he
"The Call to Women." All women
nre cordlnlly invited to attend. On
Thursday evening at eight o'clock
Mrs. Hall will address a public meetine: In the Rex theatre, subject "Tho
Coming Issue." There will be a good
program of local talent at both tho
meetings. A collection will be taken
nt the evening meetintr to defray expenses. Everybody welcome.—Kamloops Standard.
p arts,
Box, 2  parts,
'   .       Fares    please,
Tl EE ■ present
Jotai      ■' ■ ■ The Dictator, 8
pari ■ • n Ild    1   sd iy produc-
\ ■ id bs seen
hy everyone.
WEDNESDAY   Thi    Pel n   2   reel
■Irntm    K.'t.rh'enti   lhe  Cricket,    Imp
fentur. .   Hullo  Bill,   comidy,    Land
if the Mikado    A     tlo  il
JTHtTRHDAV.—Little      Pal,     FnmotiN
Playei in itMt     hit   with  Mary
Plr ford In Si arts. The nttrnr
tion of th" senion
COMING—The Broke,, (Join starts
rlrlt After fhe BlnrV Box, with
frnnct" Ford and Grace canard, i
t rt v Dec. I, The Bpollers,
Comlrr,  The Birth of n  Nation.
jtim...   .
i ma     de
.ad the
ol the i
tlstj       o you and ti
British or   the ?••
• 'i to a." In out    orl   loi  tl
■"'iiiiie.1    ■.-     ean   of the- collectlm
made  In  thi
II   Jilllt.K       of
'he KI nun
■ie e   ' in the extreme, nnd if it is it,
icqualnl Ha peo
Rrit.ish loi il i-i with our feelli
gratitude to thent,  we shnll  be furth-
Dl: .    fin
1:11:< II    lll'Alliii I'M   i 111
I ni:   - \l.l.
lee |'. .     | '
Drug Store
! Christmas  Goods
in endless variety
.Man ever belore
White Goods
if       BRUSHES,      MIRRORS,
BS,       TRAYS,      BOXES
'   -'       AND       MANI01 I i:
iy the heat of writers
The Rexall Store
T. Kilpatrick returned from Nelson
on Wednesday. j
Murray Hume returned on Thursday night from Vancouver.
O. D. Paulson of Bear Creek was
at the King Edward hotel ou Thursday.
Mrs. TM Corley bas returned to
Kamloops after a two weeks visit to
friends in Revelstoke.
The committee in charge ol the
Patriotic meeting beg to thank all
those who,so kindly assisted them.
A. McRae of Revelstoke, who is negotiating for the Ferguson mines,
Limited, passed through Gerrard on
Thursday with the Canadian Pacific
tailway official party.—Nelson Daily
\ telegram was received on Wednesday morning by Mr. and Mrs. A. G. j
Daniels Informing them that their
son had heen seriously wounded nt
the front. Private Daniels left here
With the platoon under Lieut. McLean.
W. K. Smith, president of the Farmers' Institute won two first and
three second prizes at the Canadian
Irrigation Congress which was held
ii Bassano on November 24 and 25.
The jrt-izes won were lirst, on fall rye,
first on red clover; second on lirome
grass, western rye grass and potatoes.
II.     [..    Dornberg arrived in Revel-
utoke on Wednesday from the Lanark
mine.   He states tbat be rode ln thc
i new aerial tramway which has     just
I been    completed and  that everything
looka well at the mine,   A car of ore
was shipped this week, being the first
j for some time.   Mr. Dornberg left for
the west on Thursday.
On November 6 the annual meeting
I of the. Arrowhead Lakes L. 0. II., Arrowhead, was held with a large attendance of members. The officers
for the ensuing year are: R, Simpson,
P.M.; A. B. Noble, W.M.; D. T. Hall,
e D.M.; Rev. M. Phillips, Chaplin; I.
Armstrong, Rec-Secretary; Alex. Pur-
i ey, Treasurer; R. Simpson, Lecturer
. 1st committeeman, .lohn McQueen,
.n.i committeeman, ,I"bn Cable. Two
offices were not filled, but an election
lor these will take |ilare at the next
meeting. The Installation of the new
officers wil] take place on December
•I. The Arrowhead Orange Lodge has
mi e.f it; members serving with the
colors In France,
McRae's Shoe Store, 1 lowson block,
Ifor Leggings aril Gait<srs
GALT CO Ai hums   all    night.
Kevelstoke General  Agencies, Ltd.
The Capitol Barber Shop is now under thc old  management.
BRITISH     COLUMBIA     will be the
j subject  of a  Btereoptlcan Talk  given
,in the Methodist, church Monday, Nov.
29th.   Among the 120 views are   Bev-
, iral local ones tnken from Mount Pe-
i velstoke.   Everybody     welcome.   2r>c.
and 10c.
There's comfort in  cooking
Coursier's Coal.
Special attention given to child-*
ien's hair cutting at tbe Capitol Barber Shop.
Child's Sleigbs, Sleigh Bells, Snow-
shoes, etc., at Bourne Bros.
Furniture, Stoves, etc., bought for
cash. W. Parry, Phone 35C.
All the latest military and dress
styles in haircutting at the Capitol
Barber Shop.
WAIST  ADVTS.       j
FOR SALE.—16 in. Millwood; also
Kindling in ImucheB; each $2.75 per
load delivered. Phones 42 aud 81.
J.  P.   Sutherland,
B'OR RENT—9 roomed house, corner
of Fourth Street and Railway Avenue.   Ulii.OU a month.
I,o\.-, 403 Fourth St., East, Calgary, Alta. For shipping tagB and
price list of bides, calfskins, wool,
sheepskins, horsehides, horsehair,
etc.   Prompt returns. Nov. 30p
WANTED—A girl to take care ol
children after school hours. Apply
Mrs.  R,  S.  Garrett,  No.    -I     Third
street, east.
■       ———. _—_____^____. ,
WANTED—Housework by the day. Ap
ly Mall-Herald.
FOR SALE—McLary's "Very Hot
Blast" conl heater. Good as new.
Apply 63-Srd St., cast.
will be continued at Tapping block
on Friday, 86th Inst, at 2 p.m., of
I land Painted '''unawar.' and Silverware.   No reserve.
Vi. PARRY, Auctioneer
Do not fail to attend this sale foi
Xmas presents.
A meeting of the Hevclstoke Poultry antl Pet Stock association will
be held at smythe's hall on Tuesday
Nov. 30th at B p.m., to consider the
holding of a winter poultry show at
Revelstoke, the government having
riven a grant of $140 for tho said
show,   All members are requested   n
attend   to  tix   dates,   ite..  should  such
poultry show be held.
Call nr>l inspect Howson A Co.'s
new and uptodate line ol Baby Cutters and Children's Hand Blelgbs.
The best coal in town today is
Robblns semi-hard coal; it has    the
lasting i|tialities of hard coal and do]
I'.sh or soot ns from soft coal.
Having been appointed Executor ol
the last will and testament of lliir-
hara Clark, deceased, late ol Revelstoke, B. ('., I do hereby require al
persons indebted to the Estate ol
the said Barbara Clark to make pay
ments to mc, and all jtersons tc
whom the said Barbara Clark ls ln-
deht'd will please tile their claim
with me duly attested Urcordine to
law otherwise tbe Estate will l>edistributed on the 16th dny of Dccem-
1 er, 1916 without regard to any creditors who have not p.. filed thelt
Hated     nt Revelstoke. R.  (M.     thi-
'.'1th   day  Ol   v.,vember, 1915.
T.  Kll.l'ATRTCK
■     Stock
Men's Raincoats
$4.00,    worth  $H.50
Licks' Raincoats
i: Mini  Grey
$r).00,   rCKiiliir  $12.00
B. Weston
NOW Tin:
Union Clothing Co,
Saturday, Dec. 4th
MATINEE, 2.:5o
Adults, 25c Children, 15c
3 Acts 9 Reels
We have a choice line of FRESH
cTVlEATS always on hand, and a
trial is all we  want  to  convince
Revelstoke Meat Market


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