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The Mail Herald Mar 3, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation    centre   between  Calga' •
and the Pacific ocean. A,
The Mail-Hepald
Till'*. M * ".. HERALD
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone--The recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
- X
Vol. 22—No 18
$2.50 Per Year
Twenty-two  stalwart  soldiers,
Re-   train on Monday. They were joined at   JohnSOn    Sitting   Oil   ROOf When
Captured—Looked Into
velstoke's  contribution to the   Third Kevelstoke by  the    Revelstoke     con
contingent,   left  the city  on   Monday   Undent   and proceeded  west   by  spec-
afternoon enroute to  Victoria.   They   ial   train.   Tbe  Kamloops attachment
arc: in charge     of l.ieut.  F.   B. Howard
H.  A. Faulkner, (Corp), Arrowhead/, 'joined   the   train   at   Kamloops      and t
George  Bennett,   RevelBtoke;     Ralph   other detachments     from   Penticton, February
Revelatoke;    Qeorge Burkett,   Armstrong, Salmon Arm, Vernon and   lng    account
Re-{Kelowna in charge of    Lieuta.   Scotl   Spokane of 0, Johnson who was
Witness Telis of Padded Time Books and Pay Rolls-
Admits Large Sums of Money Were Obtained
Fraudulently from Railway Company at Rogers Pass
Bummlt   Lake;   Harry  Davenport,
Spokesman      Review      of
2'i,     gives      the     follow-
o|     the      arrest     in
VIonday committed for trial by
Gordon, stlpendary  maglatrati
charge of conspiracy to defraud
velstoke;     Thomas S.  Huggard,    BS-   and   Dutrcsne  were  also picked  up en-
rowhead;     Archie    Habishaw,  Revel-   route. Tbe Revelstoke men    were     in
stoke;     Osmond  Harper,  Revelstoke;  charge of Corpl,  ll.A. Faulkner,     A
Alex,  .lames,  Kevelstoke;  William  H.   large crowd assembled  at. the station   Canadian  I'acitic railway.
B. Linnell, Revelstoke; Sydney Slater  to bid farewell to the troops
Langill,    Kevelstoke;      Cleve  Moore, I    The men  from tin
■Revelstoke;    W.  J. MulhirhiU, Revel- i companled by Lieut
8to*ke;      Alex.   Mcinnee,    Ravelstoke:   Cranbrook     and
ceed      with the case against
ami Forbes,
Mr.  Gillan Bald    that     tl
The roof of a dwelling at W1780
amth were ac Pacilic avenue, two and one-half
I. C,  Smith   of stories abov     the     ground, wus the
 .  Qunrter-muster-Ser-  scene of  the arrest of Cl.  Johnson,
Hugh Karl Nelson, New Denver; Carl   geant  Marcliant  of  Cranbrook.    They  uge 49, a railroad    contractor,     late
Amos    Nelson,     Kevelstoke;      Robert ! were  accompanied      as  far as   Nelson   last night.  A  warrant served   by De-
BtUart Nelson, New Denver;  Reginald   by      Lieut.-Col.   Joseph   McKay      of  tectives  W.G.   McCluskey     and      Roy
Potts, Arrowhead;     William J.    Par-   Fernie.     recruiting    otlicer  in      East  Fordyce charges Johnson
ton,  Arrowhead; David Pyper,  Revel-  Kootenay and
stoke;  Herbert Arthur Ralncock,    Re-  the   107th     East  Kootenay  regiment,
velstoke;  Thomas  Walker,  Golden. A     military      prisoner      from     East
Eighty-two volunteers        from ; Kootenay, who is being taken   to the
Creston, Cranbrook, Fernie ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
other points in the Crows Vernon was also in charge
Nest     arrived        on       the       South  company.
officer commanding   of  unlawful  conspiracy  to  defraud
Canadian I aciflc railway.    Two
fleers from  Nelson,  li     ('., told
police  the loss suffered,   through
and : internment camp for alien  enem'ies at  padding of payrolls and  time   book  .
of    tbe  was $10,0€<i, which  had beeu divided   Greenlie timekeepera.
lobnson, Gilbert Brown and
i'hub's Forbes wer- on Monday coin-
mltted for trial bj R. Gordon, stipendiary magistrate, on the charge of
on a | conspiring to defraud thu OanadJlan
' Pacilic railway by the fraudulent
means of improper payrolls and
time  hooks.
Two charges were heard. In the lirst
indictment Ole Johnson, Gilbert
Brown and William Greeulie wero
charged with conspiracy to defraud
on October 8U, 191.3 at Rogers fasa. | fraitdulently on'the
G.S. .McCarter appeared for the
prosecution, Vi. 1. Briggs for Johu-
snn and CK. Gillan for Brown. The
case against Greenlic was not preceded with. Johnson bad been foreman at  Rogers Pass and Brown and
Thirty-Seven Thousand Dollars
for Roads   Columbia River
The ■ Bi Imati a   .... ighl  down i'e the
legislature     shin       that     the    re
  venue and ree Ipts for th   ilscal   year
t. Greenlie Bhould be proceeded  ending   March   li, 1916, are expected
age ins
with,   lie wus under arrest.
William i Irei nlie  swore     that     In
December 1912 he was time keeper for
the Hindu gang at Rogers Pass, Forbes was station agent, Witness made
up the December pay roll. Mikus
suggested      putt mt',   on   bogus    name's
mil dividing the proceeds,    lie     put
t.i reach a     total     ol  >7,0M,616.13,
wlnb' thi til ted ex] end t ure will
be $11,1 I, L66.U. This leaves a bai
ance of -1,1 0, : - v.... must be rais
ed   by   other       than       n .   n i     air;.lis.
Chief among the appropriations     of
[ilnv.bca.1.   ii.tii".-I   ,;re an   .1.1 .■anew  of
• ". . ■ 0 te. tm-     mil ial r   ol flnanc •
on six names and $410  was obtained   'or administration  purposes     on   <f
Department of Education Aiding in Beautification of
School Grounds
To the Kditor of the Mail-Hiruld,
Sir,—In accordance with the policy
of the hoard of trade a policy of public education on thc subject of beau-
tiying our city, 1 herewith enclose a
short article in the hope that you
may  find space for  it,
I shall follow tbis up with others
on different aspects of the subject.
Revelstoke,  B.C.,  March.
P.S. May 1 suggest that you throw
among nine men.
Johnson was steated in a precarious position on a sloping roof, clad
only in shirt, trousers and socks,
when the officers reached him. His
Clothing was damp from the rain that
had fallen. He had reached the roof
through a trap dour that would barely penult the pasaage of    his     body
When Installed City Will Have and ihat admitted only th* lesser iu
Over Twenty-five Hundred     frirth of u"'two fctectivea.
Horsepower Available
The new turbine, the contruct for
which was awarded by the city on
May 4 of last year to Messrs. Escher,
Wyss & Co., of Zurich. Switzerland,
arrived in the city on Sunday and is
already unloaded at the power house, the bouse a few minutes later. John
The turbine will cost $11,000 and will son's return to .the house, without ar
develop WOO horse power. When it is rest was regarded as impossible in
Inatalled the power available   at the
The arrest was preceded by several
failures by the detectives and Canadian officers 'in recent days. Tbey left
the house last night after a search
from basement to uttic. The de
tecti'es learned that Johns.en was at
home through a conversation ovei
the telephone with a young woman at
view of the presence outside the
houss'of the Canadian officers. Cod-
fronted at the In ease with her statement the young woman said Johnson
had left again.
Again  subjected  to search  that    In
eluded a glance into thc furnace,   tbo
the house failed to yield  Johnson     until
Old  power  house demolished  and    the  the. eye of the officers happened on tho
new turbine installed. trap door.
AGRICULTURAL    EDUCATION    IN      The   new   turbine   which  weighs    50      Johnson  was 1 ked  as a  fugitive,
PUBLIC  AND  HIGH tons  arrived loaded  on two   Bat    and   He said  nothing     beyond    the state- *
SCHOOLS one box car.   The contract  calteo. tor  mei>t that he would consult  an     at-
To those wh.. are lntere8ted In the   ita delivery within ftveand one   half torney before yielding to extradition.
beautifying  of our city  a  review      of   months   from  award of  contract,   but      Sll  men are under   .rrest, including
iiv     n.e   dm ni    delivery haa been delayed owing    to one at Colfax, one la dead and two at
th,  circular  leaned bS     th,    de-tart   ^ j ^   ^^^ ^ ^ m
m-rnt of education on the agricuu irui   bP trif,(, wag commltt|,j in ,,„■.
education in Public and High schools ,    ^ ^^ ^ ^.^      ^
station will be 25aU horse power. Tho
new unit will develop WOO horae pow
er. the unit already at the station
DUO borse-powcr and the gas engine
open the columns of the Mail-Herald 250 horse-power. What is known as
for a discussion of local improve- tbe old turbine now at the power
tn-ents along Bimple and economical station will be dispensed with,
lines. —J. G-
Greenlie was called by Mr. McCarter and his evidence met with a protest on the part of Mr. Briggs that
he was.not a competent witness
against Johnson. The objection was
Gre ■nlie swore that he had bei u
timekeeper for the Canadian Pacific
Ry. at Rogers I'ass. He knew Johnson. Johns* n was foreman of an extra
gang. Brown and himself made up
the time book of the Hindu gang in
October 1913, Twenty-eight men were
placed in the time book who had no
Witness identified the 28 bogus
names,in the time 'book, produced, al-
eo ou the payroll and on the cheques
issued in their names.
He had obtained the cheques from
.Ben *Aikin the agent at Rogers Pass.
The total amount of the bogus checks
was $1800. Aikin got lour of tho
cheques, Witness took 14 of them to
Revelstoke and cashed them at the
Bank     of Commerce.      lie kepi   >:i;:0,
December pay
roll. Witness got $'.':'.■, Mikus $100,
Johnson $I0U and Hove $110, Seven
dollars wer" paid to men for Imper
sonating the bogus men on the pay
roll. Forbes paid the money in good
faith and did not |know of the fraud,
ln January it was suggested that
the station agent should come in On
the division. Witness was timekeeper
I for live gangs a Hindu, a Japanese.
an Austrian, a Greek and a snow
plow gang. The nay rolls of three of
the gangs were kept fraudulently.
Thirty bogus names were put on the
Hindu and Greek gangs. Johnson was
foreman of the Hindu gang. Eleven
names at $1.7.12 each were added to
the Hindu list. Thirteen cheques fnr
bogus names were issued for thi
Greek  gang.      On   the Japanese  gang
count of     t u     11 n inii n   1 rust company    1 in  liquidatii n);     for     public
works  S3,039,&15;    for  education   51,-
'.  and  for      hospitals  and  ch ir
itttes (974,100.
Undei the be id of the provincial
aecretary's department Is an appropriation of $175,000 a.- a grant tothe
govern rs,of I ersity of British
Columbia, In appr ., r ations for
roads, streets, dredges and wh tree
th" following appear, bj   ridings:
Cranbrook $41,0 "      Ft rnie ill.; 30;
Grand  Forks     S28.000;     Greenw 1.
-1 1,80 ;  Kaelo (36,(n:;; Revelstoke •■;:,
i.Oi';  Slocan  - .-      and   Ymir JT:',
The votes for subsidies and maintenance for Steamboats, ferries and
bride.es contains the followinj:
Kootenaj   river  reclamation     farm
the rake off was 86C0.     He got $400   ' " "■'  Shuswap  lake  Sorrento, Scotch
Irom the book keeper of the Nippon
Supply company who kept S100 for
himself. Witness retained $1'J5, Johnson got <1L'-| and Hove *$1E0. Fe rbee
knew nothing about the transaction
Forbes, himself,  Johnson and Hove
creek, (1,5*0;     West    Arm Ko tei   :•
lake at   V.-l-   1    (3,11 0,   and   C  lumbia
river above Revelstoke $3,
The  provincial secretary's     department has the following votes:
Grant to city  of Greenw 1  (2,5   I;
divided up  tl.e rake  off on the Hindu   to  Phoenix $4,00<i;  to  Rosslnn.l  (12,
and Greek gangs getting about   {500  000.
In   February   I91II  the Hindu      payroll  was lightly  padded as there   was
not much snow or ice.  Sewn  lmagin
ary    men
Cranbrook   Farmers'   institute   will
urge  the egovernment   to mart   legislation for the    compulsory "Stamping
got "e.g's" of |6.47.each  of eWB with the   place of production
gave Hove $300. and sent     $300     to and thi> dafl	
„. ,.,,„  1 .,i.,„„„    ,,r   and  four checks  for b.isrus  nam's    ol anu z,u   uaie.
Sicamous.   lhe  balance    ol
to  $35.32  were obtained,  the ra. e oil be- ;—: —	
ing $180.47. roll  iu  April.   I"w Ive     bogus  names
The extra gang pay roll for Febru- were added      tothe     payroll of the
iry was padded with 12 bogus names Greek  gang in  April  at  *s-'.05   each.
$■600     went
Brown  at
the cheques about
To Mr. Glllaa he said that he was
innocent of a previous charge laid
against him regarding $24.
H. P. Wunderling, inspector of investigation for thc   Canadian  Pacific
railway, said H.   Danforth,  Canadian  llivi,le<i the money, Mikus  gettin
Pacific railway investigator, aud him
Bell went to Rogers I'ass with a warrant to arrest Brown    Brown  admitted thc receipt at Sicamous     of
of this province   will  lie appreciated,
Thc  teachers of  the province are    being supplied with the circular.   There j
m no doubt that this is a wise move, '
for  the teachers can do an enormous
aervice by Implanting the Ideal of tlm;
City Beautiful in the minds    ol   our '
future citizens, and stimulating thu '
systematic cultivation Of the roil I
thioughout the     province, All gr at
begin :
1.118 just  been Sen1   to Nelson  jail   for I    The  Nelson   lire  chief  will  turn      in
(nine months for getting money   und-r   alarms nt   intervals  in order to    test
False pretenseB, states that
ber STi  juil sentence.
,B   the efficiency  of th- public school
express parcel containing money.   Ho
warned  Brown     who     prepared    and   d'tion of 12    names and  $788.05    wa
signed  a  voluntary  statement    which   divided
was  witnessed   by      himself  and   Dum
reforms  to be  successful  must
with tbe children.
*i he motto ol " ir provlnc ■    Jplen
dor   Sine OCC 18U'   van   be   |U8tll ed   ou
ly bj using out   ImperlshulAe resour-   honor list for February:
ces    "The   glory   which  ladeth     not      [ijV.  l.  Senior    F
away, '   is we may     translat■     the |
motto, can be oura only so Long     a ■
we produce fiom the soil,     for    Hta
resources alone     •'!''    Inexhaustible.
Anl when some day those   who    ari
tottering those ideals In the mln I
the  children   se" that  sweeping      v.il
ley   of oura, with thousands ol othei
valleys,  bearing  real   rlchoS,  tbey   ivill
feel that thej   have done    sua thing
crcnt for their country and for     tho   „
r     , ,.,,,,' , Dorothy
bapplnesa of tb" children they     haw
The plana ol the    department     of
education     are     verj wide    in  theii   „ ..       ,,,,,    __,.. .
..             ,   .      *           ,  ,, Holten.   Billv   ttlntt
scope; they  Include     the     following:
'•The Bpecial  training of teachers   ,n "iv    tV'     *Ir    Thlrd
rural science    special     .hub to tea Burridge, Oeorge W rgat  Maj
chers and school boards where rural Harry I,aviR- En r MlnK' Ad" Le8I,er-
aclenco is taught; grants to    school an^e•
boards    in aid of general      school-
February Honor List
of Central School':z^i:::Z
forth. Greenlic had not   seen the state
Mr.   McCarter      read   the  statement
alleged to have been signed by Brown
and  put it on  file.
Mr. Brigga on the conclusion of thi
hen     contended
case against John  |
^mmmmmlmmmmmui I son as the evidence was Inadmissible,
lu thc second     i ise Ave     men    < I,
The following is the Central achool   McFadyen. lohnaon,    Charles     ForbeB, William
,I1V'   '"■     K"-'    Primer,   George  q, alio, K. Hove nnd G   Mikus were
A-Ague- Cartwright, Dorothy Moflatt, Percy ,ba.i-e.i with conaplracj to defraud
Sutherland, Maud Hopgood, Jcssii Young, Eva Weston, Elsie BrBl, How ,,,■ Cunndian Pacific railway at
Somerville,    I. l; '-!,i' ' >Wi Alfred Warner.     Hon-  Rogers I'ass on Decembei   16,  1912 b;
Field),     Honorable        I       -Albert   oi I .,,..,.•.,   Pereeainl,   meana of Improper payrolls and time
Leslie,  Ell    I '■        **     ** mnan  Micheleon,   t |M. m,-   McCarter appeared foi the
Iranstrom,     Eric v-lsmi prosecution,   Mr,  Brigga for Johnaon
Div.   H.   Dors  Cartwright,  Gilbert       Receiving Class.—(Mary  Davis   and ;„„,]  y,]r. r,m,m for Forbes.
Davis,   Wilford  Clough,   Hatel    John
son,    Catharine    M« K in. .n,     	
■   Mcllmoyle.    Honor    that   the  prosecution  did  not proposo
able   mention,   Roddti    McRae,   Bins  to go on with the ense against Green-
I lie at   that  time.   1|" proposed   to  pro-
for various amounts and  with   eight   About "I'k1  was the ra e o!f    in that
■e.ir's" of 512 each. The rake oil was   month    which     was divid d between
$381. Forbes,  Johnson     and    himself   Hove,   Forbes,   Johnaon   and  himself.
Forbes got   -■      and    Job: son. Hove
Hove     a ei     himself (40©,    .lihuson,
11. .    and himself     each     sul scribed
' ■    .' bleb   w 8      -     posed    to have
nothei   official.
In  each  c„.<-     th       alleged  bogus
names v oils        time   bO>'-s
and cheques wer-   >.:'-:.-i  ■•.!    hy   wit-
a ss ai lents filed.
Fi :   es    .' nd Bl own     were
■   mn Itt   I '. r trial.
small share. The February rake
was about $567.
In March 1913 there were no Hindus
an  orlJapanese employed, but the Greek
gang payroll  was padded by the   ii-i
witness was timekeeper for the
Hindu gang until April IS. Nin.'
bogus names were added to that pay
These Win Honors
at Selkirk School
Fi . ic ■   '■'■
 klw-ih-   ■-**t*""m>.      Deter
Div.   III.  3r,  ■
I (George  Trimble.   Brheit  Bradshaw i.
Wentj   Braythi    Hi    ■•     ■  nv i *
Trlffle Leigh, Secord Curtis,   Drenan
i Mary   Davis    	
Cecil   Towae,      Fred      Mr.   McCarter explained  that Mikus
McKinnon,      Milton   nnd  Hove  were not  in  custody     and
Jr.    Third  B.—Brldgman     Tnylor.
The following  is the  bl monthly  re    74;  W.  Smith, 74;  S.  Skene,  73;     G
lort nf the standing ol     the     High   Bruce, 69;  E  Johnaon, 68-ft; G. Urqu
 , .  |moroVBment- eBtabHahing   of   Mur,e1   ''""''' '*        studentl. hart,  68i;  G.  Jackson,  67:  F.  Uunn
tural lnatrucl     In    high achoola. |   Div. V.   Jr. Second Reader.   Dorla 7g|; L,   Abrahamson, 77;    M. Brock, son, 60; B. Laughton, 60; J. Robert
with .n.>r.«-i     sunuvisi I related,Brill,     Charlei     ■'.'-,.        s.unr, -„   K   ,..,„.„,;,       (not ranked,
Uughton,    Irwli   Hu   tt      Marjorie „„,„,
Cleland Form  n    i-:. Mackinnon, B61;
Arthur John parent,    -:*;    w.  Smythe, 78J;
son.  Corlnne Smythe.    Marie   *f,idy. Campbell, 76};   \.  Monroe, 731;
'I he following is th" honor list  for
Fl hi nary  of the Selkirk school.
Div,  [.—Senior  Fourth.   Leo    ii
son, Cecil Johnson, Dorothy M
rot.     Honorably      n i nt lom d
Morgan. Leo Good .■ li
Div,   II.   Dorothy  Laing,      R
Lawrence,  I., ira   Beei h      Hlgl
commended,   Ann:.   Cm   ito,   Hi  toi
Gallicano,  HMsle  Frey,
Div.    III.     Jr.    Fourth    B     lack
Henry,    Daphne   Rooke,      Mma
Honorajbly mentioned.   Li i
I'lva. McMahon, Esther Gallicano,
Si.  Thin!  I).   Ernes!   >■
VfucDonoll,  Florence Mi I  irty.     Honorably      mentioned.—Pearl
Bessie     Mackenrot    	
Lillian   HayWard.
Div,  l\.  Junior Third  Readei   11, •
Ro wle 11
Mackenrot l llowl tt,
Fri ■! Skin..
D v. VI. J
I   ;   .-.     Ch rile    Hei John
Crawl -.1.      Honorabl] m< i   ioned,—
Bail  Petti]          .' \-.    i
Ri Reid,   Joa
ttonod.—i Boyd   Kiucaid,
Div. Vll        *    • r.—
trick, D    | rd,     Myrtle
:       hloi        lean
• '1      Primer.    Elmer      Hansen.
Rai hei  l'agdin.   Honoi Jenny     d»
Blasi,  Eva i .   Bmiiy    I*. iw
-■     *
Kir.-t    Pr.mer.     (Elena    Gall
Aura  Corning,   Ernest  1 ottiufl, Don ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I . ,    ,, . , ...  Bi rothy i. ii de '     Fran    Bruno,   Nei
aid  Kilpatrick. Honorably mentioni !..„.' .. ..      .
public school  work."
A Bummer school was held l.iSl
•unitner In Victoria, and iti teachers
weie given Interim cettlfloatei     Tl.o
< in,i se   will   be   Compll led   this      sum
mer, and a   prellmli u     i our I
.•iiu. be con lucte' fw < uhtn who
have not tnken th' rural aclenoj
course, li  in to hn hoped tbat    mmo
, .
(Continued  on Page Four)
A.  Lundell,   19; S.  Manning
lollnl Hell.   , ■   .   \t    Ml       i .
D,v   \ i '       Mar Jok,  burns, I     m   ii i
Vi.      Light
.-'e|l,      19
Form i. Commercial. L. Dupont
71 , K, Corning, 75; K, Calder, 72
I. Dunlop, 71; 0, Tomlinson, 70; II
Lyttle, B6;  I. Clough, 63|:   M
taker.   H31:      li.   Bunnell.   68;   A.  Mc-
Hibi , ■■ " ■      Forn   I   Prellmli   rj     M   Slmmonde   Given,    12; L.     Gampbi 1   61;
ibrahamaoo, ■     55; ii. Tomlinson,
Second   Primer     Wllllai     McDonald. M1;   T    Mori 0,   Lundell,   78-J;
i, ,.   Fli    Ii      wrtha Wipfli,    ' I    i '  set    .-.    H   Hack, 76;   \   Ue
Hulett.     Victor   Johnson      Malcolm lean.  71     \   Fl   ler,  Ta.    A.  Corson,
; Wesley Henderson,  Willi.em Crawford,
fflldon Corson.
Junior  Tlrird   Header   A.—.-  .
lea  I'alcck,  .lauvs  Millar.  Cecil K ra
berley.   Honorably mentioned.
Critelli, Alice Tevini,  Digby  I ■
Whit-'    "iv,   V.     Senior Second Readei
Rose Frey, Han      Anderson,    Kathleen  Squarebriggs,     Honorably n  u-
Honed.—Blnir Dtckaon, Alberta   11
Flemmlng, 56; C. Manning, 48J,      ^^      ^^
Commercial Spcc|ft1.-B, Bradshaw, 8°n. Arthur Taylor
56;  Vi. Millar, 76; |    Junior   Third    Reader,
Pure commercial.-L. Brock, 664,    [Wendell Porter,  Petal
: Ij   mention 11, ■
B   tt I David
Beech, Donald I
,     . .     .
i -;  \ ■ i- ■ •. ; [ouoi
abl v mentii Jhort,
■■ i
■i ;;    .  •    Foote   and  I
Hendi I ■ ihi rd.     Hocor«
ably       men' irothy      Di .var,
i.       ■ tutdy,
Lome Die -       ill... ward, htatla
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If you are not satisfied we will refund your money
Zbe flfoaU-lfoev&lb
Starts March   1st.
Bargains to Please our Customers as in
Previous Years
Wi ■ Is declared on our stock ot
Toa and Coffee, see our window
f,,r specials.
$1 Buys 3 lbs,
While' this lot lasts, and as another advance  is     predicted in the
near  future we would advUse pul
tine  by  a few pounds.
Phone -11
Box 734
Strictly First-Class
Rooms-Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street. Revelstoke. B. C.
J  Albert Stone. °ropretor
choicest the market
Wines,    Liquors   and
rs.     Rates   $1  a
ly rates.
Ai l nrYI'AV!   .:..! Al  DiTOR
Late « i'ii •
I li"! I
;       ■
all leal Woi k
Accounl    i   M •■■' etl
! ' I ' e 1111 e       I ,' ■ ■ • 111 I, -
Fire, Lil
am ■■ pla I n th ■ ■ ind and
reliable i itnpanies
ii McK ••■ t\e   \ venue
Ne> ■ to Com, Telegraph mile.
Phone 203       P. O, Box 317
Why are we selling more broad?
There must be a reason.
Let Us Tell You Why
.Just compare a loaf of ours with
anv other amd wc are absolutely
sure you will use the best, then
you  will know why.
■jntcrtoi' publtsbinfi Company
E.  G.  ROOKS,  Manager and Editor.
(,(»oi) roi,H *i
During the present war lei tern were
often sent across the Qerman I'.nos
by the Belgians with a bow and arrow.
There are 700 men working at tho
big tunnel in Rogers Pass, There are
2\  people employed  In the kitchens.
II is an eight hour run from
Prince Rupert to Qranby Hay, and
there is some talk of putting on a
daily steamer,
The Fire valley tunnel on the Mc-
Hiaii mine is in bill feet, and Is being driven at the rate of from live to
fifteen  feet a  day.
Bob Todd is suing tbe Vancouver
Typographical      Union      for    ■$10,000
—~. ! '      damages. Todd worked in  Kaslo     on
after being five months in thc hos-
Blr Edward drey's statement in the  pita! at Whitehorse with a broken leg
House   of   Commons   on   Britain's    at-   Tom   Clair is  again able to   walk,     lie
titeiile   toward   Russian   ambitions    in   Bhouftd  have stayed  in  lhe Slocan.
,, ., . , nf the 'i'i ploneera     who   wintered
uiylrrn   Kurope   means  nothing      less
on  the site of New  Denver in 1)891-92,
thun  th" abandonment of a   feature        ,                  ,      ,, ,.   , ..
twelve  are dead.     At. that tune      the
of  Uritish  policy      that haB prevailed   wolves  sang  solos  around   their  cab
i ver   since    Russia    became   a    great   ins every nigbt.
The Crimean war was fought bo-
cans" Russian designs on Constantinople were suspected, and at every
stage both before and  since that date
a new trial has been granted John
May,   the   Indian,      accused  of  killing
Bert Taylor al  Hazelton, At the tirst
trial   In-   was    Bentcnced   tube  hanged
upon   March a.
Penticton is offering $SO a    month
successive governments have done all   (("' "  "l:l" to ac1 aB     chle[ u(  P°llco-
sanitary inspector, pound keeper   and
that    they could  to prevent the realization of that design.
Now Sir Kdward Grey says that the
license   inspector.     Tbc   second   police
man   is paid  $70  a month.
\n official of the     Grain Growers'
Russia I" he given access     to tbe sea
This    must involve, if not the actual
As.iuith administration     is    in     full   drain company estimates that     with
sympathy      with     the aspiration    of   an average good crop the grain growers of  Alberta will realize  in 1015    a
hundred  million   dollars for their sea
son's eflorts.  This will  be much     the
luting  over  of  Constantinople,      tbo   largest   income for  any year   in      Al-
i placing of it under such control   that   perta's history    and      wiih tbe  great
never  again   will   Russia  be shut      oil   expansion  of  purchasing  power oi far
,.      „.,,,   .,,„  mors which will result,  promises   Intro a  water communication with   tne
creased activity In    nil lines oi  bus!
outside   world   as at present.      It  is a
notification to the  Turk     that     ha     The provinclnl   government  of Sas
| must quit after an occupancy ot near    katchowan    estimates     that 8,'2.riO",<MJU
lv  five centuries. ■"'I"s "f   land are  ready for  seeding in
,   .        , ,,      „, ,,   that province, of which 60'per   rent.
(Conditions   have    greatly    changed » *
will  be devoted t> wheat, 29 per cent
I since the middle of laBt century,    and   t(ni|s    elghtper    cent. to barley,
it  is not fair to argue that   the pro-   .,„,,  ,•„,.,.„ pcr ,. ,Mt   t() ,|.,x   t\  ,H 0sti-
poHal  which  the  Emperor Nicholas 1.   mated that  70 per cent, of last year's
made al  thai time with   resi t    to  '"'al crop area is now ready fore 1,
,     _. ., -,,„„,,,   which is the largest percentage    eve:
•■th'  sick      man of      Kurope     should      . .'
We are offering CLOSE PRICES on:
Bourne Bros.. Ltd.
Telephone 22
First Street
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
B Vice-President
EDWARD BAY, General Manager.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager,
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.M. MoOLBNEGHAN, Manager.
b i\i    been   acce-lcil   to by   the    British
attain) il   in Saskatchewan.
I     "ui ,d policy to think of the future
It's still hotter policy to provide against
In' misfortunes it may ha store
in ymi.   The surest way of protecting
■lii ml family is a
with   i   reliable company,   The high
financial    tanding nnd long business
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Ican-ii      I    I In;     Koiilin.iv     Agencies
niikie-    ii    absolutely   trustworthy.
.        ! Yum   Mine  miiv  be  near  al   hand.
Handling Pianos  a   Specialty   Don't delay,   Take out a policy now.
Transfer      Draying
Phone42    -    Night Phone85
a. E, Kincaid, Manager,
Business    is  Improving  ln     Grand
Cabinet of that day. For one     thing  pork8 ana i'hoenix.
Constantinople    docs not occupy   th«     Two mining properties are working
rtant  relation to India that     it nt Boundary Falls.
I'mt ina nn   Bros,   have  sobl   tho   Dv-
i- ,'   rben
narao mineral claim to the Argo Min
Hut the      reversal      of one      °' ™8   i„g Co., for *20,000.
iioms ol British  foreign policy     is     you ,..,„  huy Bi,    pounds oi onions
still of far-reaching consequence,   and in    OhDlliwach for U>cents, and     li
rliamentarj  incident must    ho  sweet Naval oranges^or two bits
... „     „      William   Middleton,   of   Westbrldge,
1 d  as  definitely     marking     a
Rhot  a   COtlgar near  Mrs.   M.A.      Wil-
•     importanl     turning poinl    L» Uamson's rancb. main Kettle    river.
history. It was 10 feet long and weighed   195
I.. V. Smith & Co., have closed
their stnie jn Anaconda, and moved
the stock to the Qreenw i id store.
Tho postoffice in Anaconda will ho
kept  open at   Btated  hours.
Ov.tr BOO signatures have boon s»-
cured on tho petition     asking     tho
government   to   grant   a   license      for
thc .Viehel hotel,
[NG-UP  \i"l*. bi lng chapter m   ol
the    Re\     I     Itntutes   of Canada
and ai lending Acts,
STOI< ;:   ii \i;nv, \uk    COMPANY,
LIMITED, ol   Revelsto e,    in     the
■   of   British   Columbia.
0   tin      Chief   Justice
■ ef tb- Supreme Court of British Co-
. by an older dated tbe
■  Pel i itai v.   191-5, appoint
- -I   Jan      Roy, e,f \ ancouvei,  is   I'..
latoi  .ef ihe -ii	
-     ei    t bis   2fitb   day
lll<l*l I    I WUIA
IN   THI    M '••lib*, i!    OF  THB WIND
• I - ptei      HI       'el
ol Can .'I     ■ i
i !•* 1 III*.   HKVKI,
LIMITED,  ol   II '     ..     in     tbe
i■■      ti'-c of British Col iinbin.
I thi    il uve samed
i    hefore
e        I'I |0 -I'
I lie   l| A -I'l'l' ' ' ■   H'l      Hi'-
'. I'    ni claims,
|,n-|       I   |l e ',!!   ■ 1,1     tlllil
solioltoi    fl(   my), to   i .tn.-. Ri     ol
-   Building,     Vancouver, B. C .
tin-   oiiii i.i liquid ' ■'     ol the    said
i nmpany, and   II so req ilrad bj noi
II i-  in '■ om    the said  official
llqitidntoi. are by their solicitors   to
Come   in   and prov   their   Bald    debts
,.,  claim     at  the Chambers,   of    the
Honourable the Chief Jnrtlce of   ths
ceo,I   Courl     at    Veiieronvor.   B.O        it
snob time ai shall be specified In such
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected- approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears-
■ - : LIUooel.
[Rep iblic, has
■   •
1 I
on p'lbd^^^^^Hs
I     * ■
N J.
i   Hi"   third   C -
l'i   men nr"
working   .- Ben 1 [tu   mine      and
ore i" ne Ing   hipped I
I'.-OI ' -       I-   -Il    I.     I'    1   ||
easily make /■ iipeliti i mil   e.f
clouds and n oonll [hi
At  New H'-ii .'i     rich ore     is bein ■
tnken  mil ol  thc   Holly   Hugbi
let trom thi pot tal ol the tunnel
There are H pupil    ittendlng school
I In   Midway,     lome  eef Hie  children live
a   distance of   i biec miles      [rom      the
notice,   or'in   default thereof  they will
bo excluded [rom the benefit   ol   any
listribution    made hefore   such     debts
ore  proved.
Tuesday, the Gtb day ol April, 1915,
at in.ni> o'clock in the forenoon, at
the said Chambers, is appointed for
bearing     and    adjudicating upon the
debts  and  claims.
Hated at  Vancouver this 26th   day
o[  February,   I'.lla.
District   Registrar.
In the County Court ol West
Kootenny holden .it Nelson, 13. C, In
the matter of the Estate of Joseph
Turcak, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat the
undersigned lias been appointed Administrator of all and singular tho
personal estate and effects of Joseph
Turcak, late of Arrowhead, British
Columbia, who died on the 17th day
of July, 1913 at or near Arrowhead
aforesaid iutestate nnd all persons
! aving claims against the estate of
the said deceased are required to
send tha same together with parti
culms verified on oath to tbe under-
Signed nt Revolstoke, B.C., on or ne
lore the 1st day of April, 1915, after
which date the undersigned will pro
iced to distribute the Estate amongst
li. persons entitled thereto having
regard only to tho claims ol which
he shall then bave received notice.
Hated this Jr,th day of February 1915
Official Administrator, Revelstoke
'•'loctornl District, County of Kootenay. Fel>.27-Ma.d
Kevelstoke Lodge
No. 1086
Meets  every   seeoml
and Fourth Tuesday
in  the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       Or. MoLKAN, Die.
II. L. HATJG, Sec.
Hear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
und DroHBed.
85 Second St.,  Revelstoke, H. 0.
I. O.  O. F.
Meets    '.ery  Thursday  evening in
Selkirk   Hall  at  8 o'clock. Visit-
Ing  hi' thorn  cordiully invited.
I*..  MILLER, N. tn.
JAME8 MATH IK,  Secretary.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are hold in
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Mondaj in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT,   GORDON,  Secretary
Baggags Transferred
Distributing Agents ami Storage
Furniture and  Piano-moving a
Kb..no Hi- 276,   Night Phone848
'. il. CURTI8
Meet-,     very    Wednesday  evening
nt     >   o'clock,     in   Si'lHrk   Hall.
Visiting     brothers    cordially   in-
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths'
We specialize in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Workfand up-
to-date Plumbing
Woi k Shop   -Connaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      •    B.C.
// you want what you want when you
want it try Mcil-Herald Want Ads
umber men
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,
Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for tbe bnsh. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
r<^juire<linr(iiirbusinei«. WEDNESDAY,   MARCH ,1,   101:1
Mr.    ind   Mrs.   J,   Armstrong
Thoso having items for publication
in tbe Mail Herald social and per-
Houal column are requested to call
op phone G2.
riioso receiving arc;
VV.  .1. Tomlinson.
II. 11. McVity,
Lconaid  Howson.
Mrs.   VV.   11.   Horobin.
Airs.  Robert Gordon.
Mr.;. Walter Hews is not receiving
Mr.   and  Mrs.  R.   Sillib  of  the    111^
I'rddy left on Sunday.
Mis. .1. li. Sibbald, w,iii not receive on  Saturday,  March li.
Mrs. A. II. McCleneghan will no'-
reccne   . n   Friday,   March   5,
Inspector Miller visited the Dig
Eddy  school  last Friday  morning.
Mrs. Frank Hooley is home again
from the hospital, and is slowly iui
proving in health.
Mrs. William Morris will not receive on Saturday, March ii, nor
Ij .iin   until  further  notice.
Mr. .md Mrs. Threatfall of tho
Big Eddy are the proud parents oi a
babj   girl, horn February iss.
On Friday evening a tar. well pi.rty
was fiven Mr, and Mrs. Siil'ib lit
their  home  at  the Big  lOcldy.
Last Thursday Mr. T. Griffiths
11,- ited a nn mi ei 'il Hii-' Eddy residents to a sleigh drive around tho
Mr, and Mrs. A. Rutherlord and
children of Three Valley spout tb<i
week end in town guests of Mr. and
Airs. J. Rutherford, Third street,
Mis. Jones e'f McKenzie aveoue entertained about 15 of her friends al
a very enjoyable "Thimble Party" On
Friday afternoon, dainty refreshments wer.   served at  the tea hour.
The Woman's Auxiliary to St.
Irters church met at the home ol
Mrs. Middleton on Tuesday afternoon
to Bew aprons in preparation for thu
Bale of work to in- held alter Easter,
V very pleasant, as well as a busy
afternoon was spent, refreshments i "•
i i.- served at the tea hour. The ii'Nt
meeting will be hold on Tuesday, nt
the home of Mrs. Purvis, -'1 Fifth
-t root
Save your old rubbers ior th ■ IJol
giaD   Cbildrens fund.   The  children    ot
Belgium are starving by ten. ..;
mis.   Shall   we   not share     nilf
miners with the children of tbs*
heroic people who saved the liberties
of the world? What is the most piti-
i il Bight In Europe today' (in all
that vast continent ot horrors, torn
by the terrible enginery of war IroiM
the Crimea to Antwerp, what is tb''
most      sorrowful        spectacle      winch
vrmi-s tears from the eyes of all
who see it even with the imagination*' Surely, it is the litt'i.- children
nt Belgium, hungry and shivering and
so  often   orphaned,   innocent   victim*
if a  brutal  war, whose purposes thev
le, i..t comprehend, supreme sufferers
amidst a nation of martyrs. Tht"V
raise their appealing bands to tb»
World for aid—those whom the Gorman's have left with hands to tale,
But dear hoys and girls o Canada,
what we want you to consider for a
few moments is the unparalleled tragedy of thc Belgian chill, en, left of
ten without their national protectors, the weakest and most heirless Uving creatures in a desolated
and  ravished   land.   In order   to    help
the children of Belgium   the children
of Revelstoke are gathering togetbll
all tho old rubber*, and when a sutfl
oinnt number are coll<8cted, thoy will
bc sold and tho proceeds given tothe
Belgium Children's fund. Save your
rubbers, and when you wish them
removed from your homes, call up
cither Mrs. Bruce l.awson, phone Ml
Glen Urquhart, phone 3H2, or Arthur
Young, phone 816 and th • rubber;
will  he called for.
P^aTUS. plainly Ij-
printed on the.
Mr. Allen is erecting a new resid
ence on his farm across the Columbia liver.
j    Recentls  a  little ak] contest among
local people at tbe Hit; Kddy cause,I
a   great  deal   of  amusement.
Mr. W. II. llohaiinan spent the
week end in the city, returning to
Chase on   Monday.    He is   expected   to
return to Revelstoke on Thursday.
Considerable interest is being talwa
in  the      classes      in      English  for  the
Scandinavian people residing at   the
llig I'lddy.  e\ splendid  lunch  was serv
ed   o'i   Thursday   last      in   connection
.villi   these  classes.
N large number ol i he members ol
the Ski club started on a long tramp
last Sunday, but dndlug lhe BDOW
rather heavy, stopped al lhe Big
Eddy,       and       had a vci y       cu.,oy,lik
sno\. picnic. Large bonfires wen lit
and  dinner  served.   A  number ol line
snapshots were llaiii-n. nu then re
turn the party had a few jumps from
the hill near the cemetery. (In the
Sunday belore last nearly &0 members tramped about III miles, and
soni'- tin" views wero taken at Mount
The many fri'iuls of Mr. R. Chris
holm, will be glad to bear that ho
has benefited very much by his ox
tended trip to tho old country. Ho
states that hus'.ness is very good,
especially  on  Hie Clyde shlp-buildlng
ytirds, and thai men are commanding
good wages. Having to return sooner
th in he ant Iclpated.     Mi.  Chisholm
had to ci I his booking    on     the
S. S. Gramphian and cam.' per the
S. S. Scandinavian, on which boat he
experienced a very rough passage
having on several occasions to Bleip
with  a  lifebelt   round   his  shoulders,
Th     G.I.A.   I..   Hie   11. "I   L.E.    were
"At Home" io le .. ',."'. and la las
on Friday evening in Selkirk hall.
Progressive whist was played nine
tables b ui!-' made up. Mrs. Bourne
w.s the fortunate winner of the first
prize [or ladies, a cut glass bon-bon
dish. The gentleman s prize, a manicure set, was won by Mr. Turner. The
consolation prizes went to Mrs. Ingram and Mr. Miw'v. Supper was
served  at   midiii: lit    after  which daue
lng wai enj lyed until a Into hour,
ever,-  on" ;'o.n    home, delighted   .nth
the   \i uings entei tainment,
Tlie members ..! the Girls' Hospital
auxiliary mot at the homo of Mrs.
Leonard   Howson  on Monday  evening.
11.• i- the business meeting, a sociul
evolving was spent, a number of invited guests coming    'm for     cards.
Sine tables of Five Hundred were
nude   up.   Miss   Phillips     Winning       a
lovely   box     of ba.ndUerchiels   as    brst
prize. Mr. .1. Stewart won the Brst
prize for gentlemen, ami was awarded
• sterling silver pocket manicure Die.
After the serving of dainty refreshments, clanclng was Indulged in.
Those delightful gatherings are
monthly affairs, the business meeting
und party, being hcM ar the homes
of different  members each month.
nn Saturday afternoon, Miss Fran
DCS  l.awson, a talented young tcacbci
of this city, gave a drawing room te-
cita'.. at which a few of hei .pup.ls
were the pcrlormers. Mrs. J. Laugh
ton kindly lent her home for the
occasion, and the spacious rooms
were tilled with the mothers aid
friends of the children taking pair.
The colors of th. nrph- ns Club,
which are whiti and yellow, were
carried oul by yellow ribbons in the
programs, budges of yellow ribi on on
the white dreeees oi the pupils, uud
In large howls of yellow daffodils,
.'.inch v.'re placed around the rooms.
Special mention musi be made of
the beautiful programmes, winch were
really  a   woil. of   art,   lhe  rovers    Ve-
ing am prints with convi ,r ional
drawings of the  Pipes "f Pan,     a id
musical  en il bough  a  few    of
der pupils pll ■ I. ihis concert
was retail] to prepare the younger
pupils fe.r ihe Juni recital, given
Mch yeai by Miss l.awson. The
technique ol the chlldi d was goi d,
and th, ir attention to the use ofthe
pedal, and expression, was noticed,
t cr- dlt on tneit
teacher. Dainty refreshments were
served. The following, iB tbe pro
gram in full:—Charge i f the 1'hians.
duet. Misses Gertie I'.eiiridge und
Flattie     Jl nes,       Lilliputian   1
Ducelle, basic cr eeb; Scheno Rondo,
Anton lltnbllll Estello McDonell;
Masurka, Prtmei Charles Henderson;
Ji n Down m tn. K rest, Un i.> i
nard Wood; Cradle Song, Dorothy
Purvis; Han I In Hand, Ducelli, Ii
1     im nl    of   thi     Belli,    R.    B.
Webb, Mabel Simmons; Qalop Durlfs-
que,   Rli hesrdson,    Lillian Hayw-ai I
Bong,   Mv     'in ■     i Mi-    la onanl
Wood    i i t   ii bai       MlM
loin's,  The  Influence of  Music,
\dliess,   Oscar     Lundell,     Poel     and
I,   Duet,   Misses  Ilnttie    .limes
md Prances Lawson
son  Arnold  returned on  Monday  from
a trip to the coast.
Mr, Lyle is now chief clerk of th'is
district   of  the Canadian   Pacilic    rail
way. lie succeeds Mr. Griffiths.
A   neeting of the W.C.T.U. will   be
heid   al     the       home   Of   Mrs.   Hum", ,
Third Btreet  west,     ou Friday  after
a St, Patrick's tea in the afternoon
and a whist drive in the evening,
will be giton ut St. Frances hall,
March IT.
Mrs, .1. Brill of Douglas street aad
Mrs. Heditrum held a 'Quilting Bee'
last Friday   atternoon,   Refreshments
were served at the tea  hour.
I'll • St, JohP's auxiliary will give
t toa und musical entertainment on
ThUMday, March 25 at Smyth's hall,
Witb  candy  and  culinary   tables.
Da e Orr es spending a few days
with his family, and will join the
Second Contingent when It paS8.es
through  Revelstoke fe.r the front.
Mi.   J.L,   Curveon  a   popular  brake-
man  on  the       30Utll      train   has  been
missed lately  from his usual run. Mr,
Curveon  has  been  visiting at     Kain
'loops and Vernon,
Mr, \iui rose T, liuyie has taken
up lis duties as vice-principal of the
Cent al school, Mr, Boyle has boon
tending    until  recently at Ferguson.
Mr.  el i is leaving for Scotland    In
B   fe'     days.
Mr.  McCuuley of Pentlcton   is   the
gu .-■■ of Rev. and Mrs. J.W. Stoven-
s ui. Mr. .'.ic aub y has been visiting
• a Edmonti n, and is staying over to
see 'us duughttr, Mrs. Stevenson
Who  has  I i-i.   -ai very   ill.
Mr and Mrs, K. Wiffln of the Big
Eddy entertained a few friends at
their home on Tuesday evening.
Gam<rs, cards, and music were the
features of a very pleasant evening.
Dainty refreshments were served.
Mi. and Mrs. McKay are leaving
tonight for the coast. Mr. McKay
bas heen constable at the Canadian
Pacific railway station, und after a
6hort visit to the coast, will retui u
to linsjlnnd, where ,thcy will make
their future home.
The i nests at the '".'illu Illichii-
wact." hospital, wish to thank their
friends for many Kindnesses shown
tnera while at this health reBort
especially those fa.'ors which have
taken the shape of cookies, talts, and
chocolate cake.
M.s. McFadgen of Second street entertained    ... number   of friends     on
Saturday night. Music aud cards WUCe
thc attractions of a very i.leatiui.t
evening. Refreshments were served ut
n late houi. Tbe guests of honor
were, Mrs. McPherson of Spokane,
Wush., and Mr. Ross who is shflrtly
leaving for  England,
A Whist Drive wus held at the
King Edward hotel on Tuesday evening. Bach euest was presented witb
a written invitation. These invitations are really worthy of especial
mention, being tvpe-wfitten on brown
paper by Mr. N.R. Drown. The m-
vitutions were ull accepted, there being no pressing engagements for tbc
evening, und u number of tables were
made Up for cards. Prizes were
awarded and a general good time enjoyed. Supper was served ut a lute
hour, and the tables were made beautiful by large bunches of magnificent
spring blooms the gift of Mr. und
Mrs.  Maley  of the Muley  nursery.
Mis. Ernest 11. S. McLean's cosy
little house was turned into a veritable hive of industry on Monday af-
ternoon when the "Belgian Dahy"
sewing     circle     made thiims  "hum."
Some i imenced at two o'clock and
sewed until six; some for an hour or
so until called i" other work, while
Others dropped In I i return finished
work   oi   Collet i to   take    home,
to  have a cup  of tea    and cheer      the
others on, it certainly Bpeaka well
for the executive ability Of thc commit! •(• in charge that there was always something ready and no one
could say, "There is nothing ready
for me to do." Even those who do
not is a rule drink tea, must surely
have formed the habit when they
tast?.l Mrs. McLean's 'brew," and
doubtless she was besieged with rc-
ouosts for the receipt ol those tasty
tringer COOki<CS anil othei dainties.
Many members of the I'.K.L. paid
their dues and several donations for
thc "Blanket" fund were received but
still more funds are required. Mrs.
K. V. Laing has kindly oliered her
home on Sixth street for thc next
meet'ng and plenty ot work will be
prepared to   keep  all comers  busy.
Tonighl another picture with Mary
Pickford in the title roll will he
shown "A Stronger Love." On
Thursd iy, episode No. 8 of thc sex
lal "The Tiev ot Hearts" will bepiK-
Hcnt-d On Friday, "As Fate Wills,"
will be the feature.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Clva Maximum
Wear at a Minimum Price
"Fresh and Bright as the Spring Flowers'
is the way a lady put it after looking over our line of new
Spring Wash Goods,  Crepes,   Voiles, Cinderella Cloth.
Nurse SUITINGS, PRINTS, ZEPHYRS, etc    A splendid array at     15 to 50c
The new Frilling for the " Medici Collar " in four dilferent styles.     Ask to see this
when in the store.
300 yds. PONGEE SILK, worth 75c, go on sale now all at.
The new SPRING COATS for ladies are in.  There are some real smart styles and a
great variety of materials  $7.50 to $ 20.00
Just now we have a special Sale of ladies tine WAISTS and BLOUSES.     A nice
sprinkling of the very newest styles, arranged in three lots at $1.90, $2 90. $3.90
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dcp't
$2.75 and $1.05 a pr.
Standard makes, prices
$3.25 and $2.35 a pr
$1. 35 a pr.
$1.25 a pr.
85c a pr.
Children's Hats
Right now when your children need FELT HATS we are putting
out a big line to clear.   All colors, shapes and sizes.
One lot in crush and   ACi„
sailor shapes   *"v
Another lot for older
Men's Underwear
PURE WOOL— British manufacture, different lines and many
sizes up to 48.   Some Rufus and Some Jaegar goods.   A snap
in reality.
Sale Price $1.15 a garment
Grocery and Crockery Department
Quart Bottles Olive Oil, C. & B  75c
yt. lb. Cakes Chocolate    15c
English Strawberry Jam Jars     20c
"      Raspberry Jam Jars     20c
String Beans, 10 tins for $I.OO
case for $2.15
Pears, 2 Ib. tins 15c
Hunt's Pine Apple, sliced, 2 tins  35c
Greengage Plums, 2 tins  25c
Lombard Plums, 2 tins 25c tPM.K Fonn
WEDNESDAY,  MMU'II 3,  191.'
Information i-i th1, address, Tbe post
office at the Willows has proved a
great success. \'i the conveniences "f
a regular post office are provided
I such as government Insurance, money
orders, stamps, registration, etc.
Austin  Elliott  oi
Hotel  Ri vi
Famous Hunter leader
of Mysterious Expedition
Kamloops       '      '""
,y ! yesti rdaj.
W.  H.
jenest   at
A.M   Tyrell ■
at tu.- Hotel lie
Mildred of Eagle  Baj was   a
thc Hotel     Revelstoke     ou
.1.   M    Doji'le   of   Calgary,  superin
tendenl   for I* Bums a  Co., is :ii th
ll.,1.1 Revelstole,
/v     ,ld fashioned temperance  meet-
will     be     held in thi'  Methodist
tonight nt 8 o'clock,
^^^^_      Hroihn-
hood  > !     Rallroa
holding  its annual
circle acknow
i donation of
the Loyal Order
M,   Everett of   Wmstri
Hotel  Revelstoke,
C, c. Snowden ot Calgary is regis
tered at the Hotel Revelst
■   G,  (.'.  Drai-c of   Chicago  registered
at the Hotel RoveUtoki   on Sunday.
Federals are Winners
by Six Points i
J.   1'olvin
of  Vancouver  registered
at tlu> Hotel
Revelst oke on Monday,
M. i\. McQuarric .>[ Revelstoke, was
in town during the week. - Golden
The ladles auxiliary of u« 	
,1 Trainmen Intends
.lance  on   Easter
Among the guestB
velstoke 'is Hr. H.J,
at  thi' Hoti 1 Re
Metcklejohn     ol
The  Belgian  Be win
ledges  with  *!l
J3.10 received from
til M" isi
Owing to the fact that
8t„..- ,- i copyright nu
„f the Royal Shoe store
changed to the McRae Shoe store
St.   Francis  church
tea   and   a
The   ladies of
are holding an afternoon
whist  drive in    the     evening'in     St.
ball   on St.   Patrick's  Day.
in exmember    ul    the
has been appointed
Iway constable,
Field  on Monday  to take
On Mondaj evening tbe Tigers met
tbc Federals ln the scheduled game
of basketball in Llie V.M.C.A, gymnasium. The game started by the
Tigers netting two baskets, aud they
looked to i" in fine shape. Soon after the Tigers ine,i scored these goals
the Federals scored oue and [rom that
t ime to the end of the hulf the Fed
erals played the [aster game by far.
It seemed that '.be Tigers couldn't
get the ball at all. For the Federals,
Dupont Ild some Bne Bbooting, In
all during the tirst ball he netted
seven goals and converted one foul,
Lawreuci came next in order for
shooting  goals,     netting four nicely |
the rest of the koiUh
were shol by Gordon and Wood, Gordon getting two. For the Tigers Lit
tie, Daniels and Courley got one each
and ''alder got two, one foul was
converted and the score [or the tirst
half was 11 to 27 in favor of thc
Federals. In t.he second jieriod tbc
Tigers came out with some of their
i,  Ont.,  arrtved  in  the     city   old stv|e of play     and   the Federals
Windows in W, C. Calder'B
nexl to the l Ugh Bchooi have
broken by boys throwing snow
F. i'. S'i.e.us, the noted English big
game hunter and traveller and a
brother of Harold SelouB, ex mayor
of N lson, is said in n report. from
,ond.in to be mil' of the officers of a
romantic and mysterious expedition
whioh  will   leave     England In  about
three  weeks.      The expedition   will   be
in command     of     Lleut.-Col. D. T.
DrlSColl,   D.S.O.,   wlio headed   a    body
of scouts in  the  South African      war,
and according to thai officer it   will
jro  "on u sort  ol  special  mission      in
a tropical country."
(\<l. Driscoll s iys lie men with the
old English sp'irlt of enterprise will
^ct all the fun md fighting they want
Among the officers of the corps aside
Irom Mr. Sclous are n number of other wil know; hunters and irave,
Includln ■ Sherry Hearton and G.H
reduced  Sin,    in order     to keep     ov-
penses with the estimates,
A purebred Holstein cow     on    tbo       >.
government    asylum farm   at E'sson-     Cookg uke 0our8iar.B Coal.
dale  has broken  all  Canadian  reeurdi       ,,     .     _     .      .. ,,   , ,,  ,.
S.   L.    fniibe   the well   known  Opti-
lor   milk   production.      For   Uii   COUSB-       ,,,.,,.,,,
'     , „ ,.„    eai Specialist  will     be at      Ommonil
cniive days she gave a total  of o,.i7t, i.- ,, _,      ,      ,,,,,,,,
Hall,   on  Thursday   March   ■!.   lf  there
is anything wrong     with    your eyes
pounds of  milk
of butter,
good for  10'7  pounds
Agricultural Education
(Continued  irom  Page One.)
of our
ol  this
To encourage
this  work  il bas InrUicr
The summer schedulo at the   public
schools began on Monday, thc Bcbools hllot baskets
|opening at'J o'clock instead     of   at
John Taylor charged with being
drunk and disorderly was released on
i us i■■inled sentence by I'e lice Magls'
trate  J.H.  Hamilton yesterday.
Large limber Orders
tor Hew Soutlpales
make   it a point   to consult  him.
Prices cut to tbe bone at Howson's
The ladies of the Relief Society wili
le pleriBcd to receive old or new magazines to he sent, to the guards along
the  lines  of  communication.  The llt-
toachers  Will  avail   themselves   orature may b(j u,ft at A K    Kincald.„
course iu July. ' cilice. t.f.
the teachers to take i The ladies ol St.. Francis cliurch
been pro- will have afternoon tea, and a whist
qualified tea- drive at night in St.. Francis hull oa
Wednesday. March 17. (St.. Patrick's
Day), A silver collection will lie taken al the door in the atternoon, and
5<!c admission will be charged nt night
Tickets are   now  on   sale,   and  can    be
obtained irom the Indies of tha
Corns removed by n new method.
No cutting, no pain. For a few days
only, apply Roy McDonald's barber
GALT COAL burns all night.     Re
vided that every
cher,  who carries
on     the
^ work     'in
inval Bciomce successfully, shull     re-
: coive     tho    sum ol >J;iu yearly as     u
bonus,  and  that   a  teacher  holding an
'IM'S| ; Interim   certiheute  sha'll  receive   $16',
given      to
Special  grants will 1
sehool   boards  establishing   and   mam-
tmnlng rural science m the..- schools
through school gardens, towards paying the cost ol draining, grading,
fertilizing and cultivating the school
maiden and toe the purchase ot seeds |
und  equipment,   '"  tho case a     S8^" | velstoke General  Agencies,  Limited.
Miss Katl'..i: ri'-VV.cCarthy, of 1'Cter-
U inlol Hoss,
city   p.elice force,
„ Canadian Pacific ran
He left  for
up his duties.
Arthur Cash was arrested on   sua
day  morning  last   at  Hear Creek    by
Constable Gallagher. Cash wns wanted at   Field  on a charge of attempted  rap-.—Golden  Star.
volley bull  games take
the   V.M.C.A.     The
is  between  tbe    French
the New   Comers,
p Scotch Resi I ve
on Saturday and will take charge of
the millinery department for    C. B,
Hume   &  Co.
.John Hopgood, Canadian Pacific
railway Train Master, Revelstoke was
In the city yesterday looking after tbe
movements of the troop train.    Kam
1 loops Standard.
William Wiley, of Victoria, hns ■>>'-
rived in Golden and will succeed W.
I J. Taylor iu the Canadian Bunk •>[
Commerce. Mr. Taylor bus volunteer
ed for active service in the third coo
Sam Silk appeared before I lice
Magistrate J. H. Hamilton this
morning charged with vagrancy and
was ordered to leave town. lvte
, Clean appeared on the same charge
and was remanded [or a week.
tonicl.t   in
game  at. 7..10
Recruits  and
eecoiid  irame 	
Business Men.
j.T,  F rguson, D.D,    ol  Cal-
superintendent   ol Presbyterian
church missions, passed through Revelstoke last night on his was to
Vancouver to attend a meeting of thi
.Synod's  Home  Mission  committee.
John Cronin .charged with vagrancy
appeared before  J.H. Hamilton, poll
iee magistrate, yesterday   an.l     was
eentenced to.six months In .mil.   Sen      dvnntage to th.
tence was suspended  loi one hour to  neighborhood
chance to leave town.     Thomas ,-   ,,.,,,     ,r, U;i.,     ot   w
I^ashlej   Hall editoi    : tho Bed-
was     the principal
as teacher   speaker at the ftiriea
Movie  public  sehool.      Miss   -
•lously ill m the  farewell to volunteers for the     Mid
\    E.  Mill'i    .-..-li'   'I   insi tor,     <l'
Revelstoke, was in Golden last   w>*k
id   Inspected  tho schools in Golden
didn't see so much oi the ball as they
did in the iirst half. The Tigers' combination was very fast, and this time
Bennett played a harder game and
managed to get three baskets, Calder
got two and Daniels and Courley one
each. The Federals committed two
louls and these were converted hring-
ine the Tigers total score up to 27
points. The Federals didn't do so
well in this half. Lawrence shot two
goals and Wood and Dupont one each,
they had no opportunities to convert
louls so tbe linal scorn was 3», giving
them the victory by f> points. The
game throughout wins fast nnd clean,
and was much enjoyed by all the
spectators. Both teams put up a
good exhibition, although the Federals played the better jrsimc in the
first half.
Tin fans are beginning to think
that tli'mcs are ^oinp to be pretty
well matched at the end ol the lea
pile  if  the Ticers,   Federals  and    l'ir
md  vicinity  Including  tho now scbu,,l   ate9 ).,,,.„  on playing  as they have in
it  Moberly, which is proving a grent  n,P [a8t few games, audit  is bard to
jeetlers     in th-.i
say which  will  l^at the  Pirates lirst
thi   Federals or the Tipers.
^riv prisonei
Mis- Floi "in-e   i ibnson, sister ol
K.   Johnson   formerly ol   Revelstoke,  ford  Enterpnz
has resigned hei    position
Johnson has Ik'cii sen
Report ot Big
Eddy Public School'
Through the eiforts ol the   Hon. W.
R. Hoss, minister     oi     lands, there
stems an excellent likelihood of there
ticini: placed shortly With Uritish Columbia  timber  exporters orders      foi
tbrec. cargoes of lumber for shipment
to    New   South   Wales.      For     some j
months     Mr. Ross has been studying
what opportunity there miplit be  (or
improving tho position of Uritish Co   I
lumbia lumbermen In respect to trade
with the  Antipodes,  and has been    in
communication with the local export
' era.
The question of.getting tonnage to
handle cargoes has beeu thc prc.it
stmnbliiip block, but this, it is bo
lie fed, has been overcome, though thu
Co operation of several timber firms
wlio have notified Mr, Ross thnt they
ale   prepared   to make   bids.
The minister of lands    received     ..
telegram      from      Neil  .Wilson,  trade
commissioner for Sew South Wales
with headquarters at s.m Fraincicco,
to tho elfect. that he would be pre
pared fo place orders [or at least
tluce  cargoes.
IV i:. Mai-Mi I bm. chief of the for
est brunch states that this is n fory
enoouraglng development In tbe lum
ber market. Each cargo will total
approximately 1,500,000 feel of lum-
:>er, Other mill men, who
have not yet been in com-
•niin'ieation with the government
and  who  would  like to  bid for      this
ifiinesB should communicate with Mr
•'toss at once.
don for six or more rooms -flOU
he given, tu addition, subsequent
grants towards the maintenance of
the gardens will he given;for examplo
u garden fulfilling the highest standard and providing instruction for tbu
pupils oi six or more rooms would
ivceivc ^5.
One of tlie beauty spots of our city
is the plot in front of the Contrail
school. We are all proud of lt. And
when the ground ofthe High and
Selkirk schools nro laid out a great
sti'i' will have been taken In the di- .
lection of making our city indeed |
beautiful, To assist trustee  boarflB to   ^jers —^^^^^^^
improve the school grounds      of   tbo I	
province,    the    department ol educa   FOR SALE.-Complete hatching out
Uoil has decided also to make special j    fit including    fuel    and igrub,  reawy
grants which  will be conditional   up- j   for  immediate    use.     Apply H.  N.
OU the expenditure of equal   amounts I    Coursier.
Howson's March Sale of Furniture
and carpets is on. Carpet squares at
half ,irice.
The house will keep warm all night
it you use Coursier's Coal.
Eye strain is a waste of nerve en
orgy and should be corrected. II
your eyes are not right, consult S.K
Taltbe the well known Optical Speck.,
list. He will be at Diamond Hall ou
I Thursday, March  4.
Lump, stove and nut coal at Cour>
ly  each  scbool  board concerned. This ' ■        —■	
special grant will be exclusive of that  TO RENT.—Villa Lot N'o. 15.     Two
St.  Eugene  hospital,  Cranbrook,  for
sear..- • recent  sad death
of her sister  weighing heavily on her
i" ■ .   is    ■. Btem.
John Grab im   was i        Irom
j   '    m  M"iiei ij   where he  bad     been
.-,'.. nt I ■       Ho
1 '       tly bi
t .:
i * •      J    ll    Hamilto    i
\  I ■ and   dis
■ :■■      :
From l
pear thai ■
i ■
si - -
7th   I' .' *
i. ttb D. C. O.
i '      ■
i I
. ter Fusil ii
Aa adjust
Ur of McK
• •
■wi  .
laD i    ' Ol
mi  • ■       •
• prcsT ting   tbe cit
Mayor Fool
i- i
' One
.   ..   II ill,
Horse fi
if the  v.e.unt. ere     was
.....      •
C.   li      ■'
•     I
il  waB in  session,
.nee, 540.
:   . '        _ ■   12.
irks, -0.
I   •   :.. ■:        Ol
:. their rest ■
tl ill.
I    .
. > ■
Fernie   ben
''I rooster.
fa nei
Lardo Conservative association has
.   (31  in the treasury.
Mining   Is on   the  increase  amid
■ mis thai surround Green rood,
Kaslo    \|" cts     to havi      telephone
connection to Spokane in a few weeks.
i     I  poultry association    has     f<8
ers -and  f29.50 iii the treasury.
Fein'ie  will   be allowed  to send      30
to  thc     Third  Canadian   Conl in
■ hers have decided  Ii
■ ie   Wi Isesday  half boll
iri    are singing     ic
Istrlcl   a    pretty sure
Divisions Nine and Five
Winners of Shield
TOI'AN .If    v. Mi
Mer.   ■ iCrilord, a pre it ]    tura
A Forem -n s    Tread il 11
Wm.    CUflord.    Cupli        tor.
The   Fatal   Marriage,    i K I
with  Billie    Rirhl'       t'-p  new
comedy actor, A  :       ( -Ay
THURSDW. The Trey ol Hearts
Episode 8, The Mock  Rose.
FRTHAY. As Fate Wills, two
reels with  Warmi i'e ilpan.
SATl'RDAV. 'Matinee 8.80) Mr.
Burelar, with Mary Vn ford.
Also war pictures,
Tui"»dny next.—In B'ltans Toils.
4 parts. Mnrch 18, Purh A Little Queen, Mary Pickford.
March 23, The VirginVin, r,
parts. Dustln Farntim.
sd   ,
 B      ' '   ' .e^B
add' ,ri   I
Is livelihood  that tbi in II
on in
which in
> for  th.- postmaster.  Dlvlslw
.1 - '• i   > Division VI.
this wa-j t    ''■!■-'
, mail  for • "a.l.Ts ol  the    'ie  iintta
linn,    nn  ths poptmastri not.
,krow whether tha mml Is lor s   m.in
|tll'   " ■ Tront or  for or.
inr to thi enmd to inin th-» ifth Bat- 97 r.r in rsnlartty    and piin-stnalltj
taliOII. Thin sf.urer of delay end 60n- DlvlPlnn V. "f Ctntl I sehool won
I fimlo.i would • 'nl- r.lf'1 if t.hoRo the shield with a ,., . .-r-iitare of 98.80
Isandln? Icttera to    rn»mi>ers of    the Tnt.nl attsndanoa    al    both schools.
'.....•r,*   fit   thi> ".np   wonld   i-lve    fuller   (,K>
Fen unary
ih in  li r  i be     e into
■ hool     with an  i nroll
ad     an    i
■    i   i ry has
ml   many      prlSfl
,i e theii
ID       el    |e .1-1 OHO
. ; . ,,    I,,.,,
b     pi    ' •• "
ordei   t'e   go
for eai lens. However, the grounds
must conform to a certain minimum
standard; e.g., a seven or eight-room
school must have n minimum area of
two and a half acres, and the grunt
for such grounds will he $2-75. Hut
"Di the case of city schools where
the area of the grounds falls below
lb'   minimum stated nb'ovc, and where
an enlargement of the (jyounds would
entaffl a very large expenditure by the
school board the deparement may, on
the   idvlce  of the local      school      in- I
spector nnd the    director,  contribute '
the amount allotted to the improvement   of grounds  of  the same  area as
;recorded   in the table of  grants." And ,
I further,   ;'ln  order to assist     school1
bi    ids in keeping the school  grounds ;
er has Imported ... .
neat  and attractive from      year     to
vear, the department will make nn-
nuallly certain maintenance grants
based upon the reports of local school
inspectors." I'nder this scheme a
seven or ei'-'ht room school may receive n grant of $*)l annually.
This is an exceedingly generous
plan aud should be a great stimulus
to school boards to beautify the
school  grounds of the  province.
And this is not all; fnr the department is arranging to establish a provincial nursery [or the supply of
Isuitnhle shrubs and plants free to
school boards. Even now a limited
number of suitable trees nnd ornn
mentnl shrubs are available for free
distribution to schools from the
government nursery at Hlssondale.
When   we  get    our      school   grounds ,
laid  out,  the children  will   become so |
Imbued with the appreciation    ol the 1
ie.-iuty of th" orderly arrangement of
nature thai  the   movement  will eas-
|   spread   to their  homes,   nnd      we !
■'■ill   then   realise our   ideal       nf      the '
City Beautiful,
and one half acres, partly cleareu
One third of an acre is heavily ma
nurnd. Rent may he worked out by
clearing the rest of thc lot. Apply
J.C.  Robson,  Rossland, B.C.    M6np
WANTED.—Would liUp four respectable parties to room nnd board.
Price $C..OO a week. Apply to 2*;
First street, east, next to Y.M.
C. A.
The duty and opportunity
of Canadian Farmers
Agricultural Conferences
Will be ht'M throughout Can-"
ada to discuss conditions in
countries   where  agricultural
interests will be affected by
the ban openn Wur.
The Dominion Department
of Agriculture
will be represented by
Professor   McDonald,   Live slock
Commissioner, li.('.
P. H. Moore, Snpi. Dominion Experimental Fni ni, Ageturiz.
H.   Cuthbert,    Industrial   Commissioner, City of Victorin, B.C.
Chairman:    MAYOR W.A. FOOTE
Revelstoke. Monday. March 8th.
CITY HALL        Ladies Welcome
S p. III.
D| M
17.0'l      I l'i
■ 'he 1 ,     light
'      pas
I   ■
It   I IH
■* .i'ii       10,     and   SOD
.1     the    balance    ol the
■   Mo„  Htons   will    rlos.
■lay.  and   rr-
li .1    mtil  th< WI e ,rn-
them  h'
which  will  b* forfeited   in rase   tlm-
l/p to 3.00 Values for 1.50
Mens   and   Ladies'
. Ladies,   Girls
Lace Boots
FREE   Pair Ladies' S5.00 Boots or Pumps   FREE
MCK At. SHOK  STORK Howson Block PHONE 217
For Rubber*, Overshoes, Cardigans,  Lcimincs
.rk  MhOOl   »0l     H0  .,rv    mslneu  after  tbC   Wrdnrsdiiv
thc  -Vclson shield  with n pcrccntiu-.' Ol   closing hour.
Nelson idhool tea<chsri drawing under flWl per month will suffer a
salary reduction ot "fr, per month
nnd  (hope  ; p.ttinr over    ;1im  will  I •
OiMioalte Revelstoke Cluli   '
Dry CleaniriK*, Pressing and
Special Attention to Ladies'
[3       ^1
JAM Work Guaranteed
Phono  78


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