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The Mail Herald Sep 23, 1916

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 Buy Your Goods
The Mail-Herald
Published  weekly—Read
by   everyone—The    recognised
advertising     medium   for   th*
city and district.
Vol. 23-No. 40
$2.50 Per Year
Simply Practice What you Preu VUY Your Goods at
Home—A Matter Vitally affeo "Every Household
—The Matter of Prices—The Tru ^monstrated—
Small Communities To-day Have f~ .lidable enemy
To Contend With
Canadian Expansion
Its Possibilities
(Copyrighted 1815.
All rights
"He that will not contribute to the
'upbuilding ol his own community is
worse than an infidel." That splendid
maxim contributed to American literature by one ot tbe greatest statesmen during the reconstruction period
following the Civil War, is of even
greater import to small communities
■today than at the chaotic time it waa
■originally written. We say this unqualifiedly, for the small community
•if  today     has a far more formidable
they can buy their supplies at a lower figure from mail-order houses cr
big city stores than can possibly be
quoted by the small dealer of the local community. They base this belief
on the understanding they have yarned from earnest study of tbe expensive catalogue of the mail-order
housees and the full page newspaper
advertisements ert the big city stores,
every one of which cost well up into
the hundreds of dollars. Now let us
see what the facts are in the matter.
First of all, let us admit that the
large mail-order houses or large city
retail department stores,     because of
♦nerr.y to contend with than was ever
known during ths reconstruction! days th ■   ,__'" _„_.v,„oi„  .
, l       j    __    tneir large purchasing power, can and
do have an advantage over the small
—an enemy df untold wealth and resources, clever and alert, which, in a
perfectly legitimate manner, is sucking the very life's blood out of the
■mall community. We refer to the gigantic mail-order house of the large
■city which has no earthly interest in
tbe small community other than to
take away its money, and the above
maxim is respectfully referred for mature consideration to every
Lead who (.booses to give his patronage to this octopus-like concern rather than to his local merchant, whoas
community store in the matter of
buying of five per cent (in reality
this is too much), this is more than
offset by the high rents, high advertising costs and high salary lists o.
.■■■.•in! giant institutions of tbe large
A thorough study of the merchandising business from the time an arti-
farclly cje leaves the factory till it     reaches
the hands of the consumer will   show
just about what it will cost to mar
ket an article by any of the   modern
..rices in practically     three cases out methods     of    merchandising-whether
Uf four, quality considered, are lower from the shelveg Qf thg __M ^
than the mail-order house, regardless merchant or f-om the MgWy central.
of the abaurd claims made by the Iat- i?ed mail.order house8 of th(j
ter in ita highly     colored   catalogue. cities   In n.aking Buch      gtudy
and    who incidentally pays the taxes thing, wiu hecomB clear and
which keep up the roads,     build   the understood    that
bridges, school houses, asylums     and possible of
the one
before seemed im-
solutlon,     chief     among
other public institutions of the small w-hich     will     be
1. Looking into the future, what problems confront us—what    demands
for re-adjustment of land tind lahour, for expansion of production
and trade? | I..    k  . .„„ Lk-ailUl
2. Are we to anticipate a flood ol immigrants     seeking     homes in the
las: great West, or will that Westward flow be checked by the need
of rebuilding devastated Europe, by emigration restrictions and by
the sheer scarcity of mem resulting from losses in war?
3. Are we to face a period of diminished   purchasing     power     combined
with higher cost of production owing to dearer raw materials, higher taxes and higher wagCB?   If such     conditions    develor, how long.,
will they prevail?   How best can they be relieved?
In the trenches our sons and brothers are risking and giving their
lives—for what' To preserve the freedom of mankind—our freedom.
They are doing all they can. Are we doing all we can? Compared with
their sacrifices anything that we can do is trifling, but we must do our
best. Let us give a little time to the Btudy of the problems whicb beset
us. Let us give our fellow-countrymen the best of our knowledge, our
.experience, our intellectual eft irt, that the nation as a whole may >ro-
fit. By so doing we shall become the better imbued with the i spirit of
national service—that sense of public duty which the men in khaki nra
so splendidly exemplifying—and shall win a sure reward in the glad
consciousness that we, too, are "doing our bit,"
Rebounding from two years aul more of the most , destructive and
wasteful war in history, the \vorld will plucge into a trade and economic contest in which forces will assume tota.ly new alignments, wh.u
competition will be keener and stronger than ever, and when science
and organization will play a leading part in any successful role.' For
this struggle Canada must gird up her loins and make ready her full
equipment of preparedness. She haa the advantage over many other
countries in richness and abundance of resources, in geographical world
position, in vigor of race,and in robustness of intellectual and moral
fibre, while hope, verging on pronounced optimism1, is an abiding and
stimulating force with our people.
"I doubt however if we yet sense adequately the unnatural situation
in which we have become involved, or thc wrench and strain that will
accompany the resumption   of     our  natural and normal position.'
"The question which it seems to me each should face is this: 'What
will be the situation as regards o:ir industry in Canada when the war
ends and how can we best meet it?' "
—The Right Hon.  Sir GEORGE FOSTER ln his Call to Action.
Fire Destroys Star Theatre and old Howson Block—
B. Weston and John Lee Lost Practically all Stock—
W. A. Smythe Lost all Fixtures in Theatre-Insurance on Buildings none on Stock
Fire which broke out in the Star
Theatre on Thursduy night completely destroyed the theatre as weli as
the old Howson Block, and practically all the Btock of B. Weston anj
John Lee, who had stores in the l.:t-
i,arrow escape. According to Mr,
Weston, who states that he had just
finished dinner when Mrs. Weston
heard watei falling on the roof and a
sound as of wood crackling. He ran
out and saw the Star Theatre .urn-
ing     fiercely   and hardly had time toi
ter building. W. A. Smythe, ,vho save the children before the Dack part
owns the Star Theatre, lost the total of the store was a mass of iame.
contents. j Willing workers carried out    all     the
Both fire brigades were called ard stock possible before tbe heat becimo
after some very strenuous work ou too great but the amount saved is
their part the fire was confined to only a small percentage. The show
the buildings in which it got a start, cases and cash register were among
Six lines of hose were played on the  the articles 6aved.
There was $2,S0O.(X>
great eruth
community. that the cost of marketing an article
One who has not given this import- _,rom {actory     tQ    conBUnler_lg
ant matter any particular amount of proximately    the same,  regardless  of
study may doubt that the mail-order the channel through which it flows
bouse adversely affects   any person in     To demonstrate the truth   of    this
the   small community other than the statement     it     is necessary to begin
local    merchants.     Nothing   could be with thc manufacture of   an     article
farther from the truth.     True enough and forIow it step fey   gtep     ^
the local merchant is the first to suf. the possible channels it might follow    1A^°" H
fer. but he is but the beginning.    Let in reaching the ultimate consumer   In
lis explain.     Take any county in the considering     the mail
United States, let us say,     of    forty  win
fire. Hud it not been for the excellent
work of the brigades much more damage would have been done, as the
Tapping block, the Chinese barber
shop, the telegraph office and several
i tsldenccs—all of which were of frame
construction—were in great danger.
The finest work, however, was done
in the saving of the barber shop
which adjoined the theatre.
Mr. Weston's family    had    a     very
insurance oui
the buildings owned by W. Smvthe,,
but no insurance on the stock, vhich
is a straight loss to Mr. Weston.
Notwithstanding the fact that tha
lights all over the city were turned
off, the flames shot up so fa.' That
for blocks it was as light as day.
The Howson block  was one of Rev-.
elstoke's old     landmarks, being
by R. Howson in 1892.
Merchants Supporting Mail-
Herald "Buy At Home" Campaign
Important Matters
Next Week
The regular meeting of the Red
Cross Society was held on Wednesday
iu the Y.M.C.A., and the usual routine work done.
We would like a good attendance at
the next meeting, as there are some
new lines of work to be discussed and
several items of importance     to    all
i   I        i
Sacks Found Soaked in Coal
Oil and Burning in Back of
Blacksmith bhup
order route we
fim dispose of the claim tbey F. YOUNG & CO.
thousand population, and we will find make good use of that "By buying in
that into the homes of such a county large quantities we can buy    cheaper
are annually distributed     upwarda ol than the small merchant "   As above
five thousand catalogues     costing the stated, the actual advantage   enjoy HI
mail-order houses of the larger cltlea by the very large purchasers is about
moet     likely well over one dollar per five per cent.,    which is in discounts
catalogue.     That     means that if the but even with thia handlcan
C. B. HUME & CO.
we     will F. BEWS,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      it is
that    speBda' necessary to consider it in that light.
10 per cent ol,    In conclusion, it might be     well to
mail-order   houses only received a re- show that the small merchant is still
turn     sufficient    to cover the cost of 0n an equally favorable     footing   so
the catalogues they   distribute     they far as selling prices are concerned.        -----=^===========—____==-—-	
would    take upwards of five thousand , ' '
dollars from the pockets of the email THE "0WN FACTORY" PLEA   DIS- entB to wrIte cleverly worded lettere but to make a fair   comparison
tommunity     merchants     within    the POSED OF. to country consumers;
year. But do not for a moment enter-     First,     however,    let us dispose of something approaching
tain the idea that this is     the     out- the    "own factory"  bugaboo.     Many its gross receipts on the one item of state that thia comparative argument
come     of  the transaction..    The real catalogue houses   lay great stress up- catalogues, millions of which it    dU- is not presented in the least spirit ol
facts     in the case are that the mail- on their ability to sell an article   attributes     annually.     It ie altogether bitterness toward either the   mall-or-
order houses figure to get an average a low price because they  "own their reasonable to suppose that their cost der bouses or anyone who chooses to
of upwards of ten dollars in trade for own factory." Is there any good rea- of doing business could not     by any patronize    them.     The   sole aim has
every     catalogue     distributed,  which fion     for us to believe that their fac- possibility     be   lees than 20 per cent been simply to call your attention to
means, dear reader, that from a coun-  tory can produce an article     cheaper of     their     gross     receipts—probably many phases
ty of forty thousand souls in     which than any other factory     in the same more. Ae above stated, the small re-|for obviou
live     thousand   catalogues are dletrl- !,ne simply becguse they own it
l.uted the mail-order houses figure to alogue houses owning factories   using  10 per cent. Add to this his    5     per Ii your Interest
get ln trade annually upwards of fifty  that tempting phrase,
What might have proved another
serious fire was discovered about 9
o-dock on Thursday night by citizens on their way home from the big
members. There will likely be both tire on McKenzie Avenue,
yarn and sewing on hand also. passers by   noticed
A  splendid contribution     of     work from     thc     back
waa     received from Nakusp and is as .blacksmith shop,
followa:                                                        discovered
8 surgical shirte.                                    ped around
10 suits pyjamas.                                  ' and
l.'l helpless shirts.
26 pair eocki. ,      JU „„_„__,_ „,„ ....        ^
3 bundles linen.
The following shipment to the
Cross headquarters was made ready
168 pairs socks.
9 helpless shirte.
12 surgical shirts.
l.i day shirts.
17 suits pyjamas.
Some of tha
smoke     coming
of    S. McMahon'a
and on investigation
sacks soaked in oil wrap-
some old hubs of    wheels
burning   steadily.     Had it not
been for the prompt action     of     Mr.
i Jollifle     in procuring water and
ting out the   fire,     the results would
Red bave teen very serious as there are
number of frame  residences adjoi
tbe shop.
A small boy who was present stated that he saw a man leaving the
lack of the blacksmith shop a short
while before aril who
_   . __ went diagonally
Owing to shortage of wool the list across the street. On asking the man
was    email
of work received locally
and ie aa follows:
Mrs. Tame 2 pairs socks.
Mrs.     Cornice,     Mrs. J. Farmiloe
Mrs. Cressman,  1  pair socks each.
"Who is in the shop?" he got an
ivasive answer. He could not identify;
the man as it was dark.
Official Count
of the    question     that,
us reasons, are not dwelt on
? Cat- tailer has an overhead of only about I.y them in soliciting your patronage.
using  .0 per cent. Add to this hie    5     per I) your interest   hna been gained euf-
"We sell direct cent handicap in buying, lf this really flclcntly to cause you to     investleate
thousand  dollars.     Then,     too,     an to the consumer," in reality bave ab- exists,     and   you have a total of 15 the subject along these lines surest      	
amount similar to this annually goee solutely rn advantage in this connec-  per cent overhead     ae against the 20 ed,  the object Bought will have been' '"K "* ,OUoWI
away     to the big retail stores of the tion over   the independent retailer ln  per cer* overhead of the     mail-order attained.   ' ""'"■ """   ™
nearest large city.  Think of it.     One B» far as price is concerned,   because house,     which ae you see still leaves' -	
lundred     thousand     dollars      which their     product,     when    it leaves the the email     merchant with an advan-|
might annually go into the     tills   of manufacturing department,     must be tage in his favor of 5 per     cent     to     Thc AuK"»t payroll at Trail    smel-
thc local merchants, thence into     the charged to the   selling department at  trive the   consumer.     Therefore under tcr was »"«,00O.
local hanks to be loaned again to the "actly     the   same price it would be these circumstsncee there ie only one'    pentlcton nolle., rm,** *. a      i    «
farmer and citizen for the upbuilding Charged to an    Independent     retailer way left ln    which they can. undereell casee to try in AulZt
and enrichment of the local comrnun- were     they themselves not in the re- the     local    merchant, and that ls by!
is Held
letter of
The official count of the ballots for
thc Revelstoke Klectornl District waa
held on Thursduy, the final count bo-
lir. Sutherland, 6+2
\otee; Hon. Thos. Taylor, 410. For
Women's Suffrage, 674 votes, against
Mt; for Prohibition, 593votes, against
4J3 votes. In the official count Dr.
Sutherland lost six votes and Hon.
Thos. Taylor eight.
Dear Mrs.
ity Is sent to the large city mall-or- tail business.     So you    see the great being satisfied with a smaller rate of     B* borrowing Rossland's    watering
der house   never to come hack again, "tress laid on the factory owning fea- income on the capital invested ln ths cart-     d>iBt   waa kept down ln Trail
never to have any part in the mnplng fure by the large catalogue housee la business.     How     many of your mer-j L8bor day-
Of bigger and  better farms,  never to P»re. P'atn,  unadulterated buncorr.bs.   chant friends make more     than     ten'    Kntwuhmt    At
develop local  institutions upon which NQW roNSTn_B  --.'.'iL  A            per    cent     on their Invested capital?' the , * „ , "     "* °U'ffW    laW nnd
the children of present citizen,    must N°W C0N«n)ER  SELLING  COST.    ^ „ry many   Yet ^ of thtW^JET   1    d™     JS""     ^^
ultimately depend for support,    never     Now we must consider «n     .„,..ii. ... _.n.^^„ l.~,._, a.., a . ......J children     etlll    roam  the
Soldier Returns
to aid In the public good
■whose toll han produced lt.
an     equally est mail-order houses declared a dlvl-
Mrs. H. N. Coursier, President ol
the Women's Canadian Ciub, has received tbe following letter of appreciation:
Government House, Ottawa,
-'.'th August.
am so sorry to bave bwn eo long
answering four letter but have     been
away with the I'rincess at tbe Atlantic Coast and only just back.
Her Royal Highness desires mc     to
write     and say  how delighted she is
with the book of     mountain    flowers
which you have so Kindly sent on behalf     of   the Women's Canadian Club
of Revelstoke   and     desires     me     to
thank you and tbe members   of     tho
Club     very   much for it, and to tell
you  that it will be a reminiscence of
1 the very pleasant day that Her Royal
,  Highness Bpent at   Revelstoke.
Yours sincerely,
'    Fifteen   returned     soldiers
of   those vita, factor ,„ rrtail     merchandising M^W otT^^ta £ ""^ *" ^ ^ *' "^ \Z°tT\o XlZlL    lTt\J
,    ,      , Again we k"0*n as "Cost    of doing business,"  per cent. |    Fernie milkmen insist that   If    ths V.F.8., of Revelstoke, was one of 'ho
say. the local merchants' loss ls   tri- «P<»     which    depends largely a mer-     The purpose of this article     is    to council requires dairy     inspection   In'party.    The following is a list ol the
ding     compared    to the community's «£« s ultimate success   0r     failure, impress upon the mind of the reader that    city thnt no milk coming from balance of the soldiers.     From   Var>
loss. The local community In general,   r,1P •,mn" community   merchant  very tbe fact that it Is Impossible for any'Alberta he allowed    sold
its Institutions and people,    all     find "loom has nn overhead expense of to concern,     no matter how big, to sell similar'rigid Inspection,
themselves on the     downward     path ^^ m P" cent of his gross Income  vou an article of the same quality on'
nlmplT bemuse the cream of the trade f"r <*• very simple reason     that his the same terms,  cheaper    than     any
'- being sen. away to the   mail-order ^Cal hire amounts to little, as doe. other concern managed by up-to-date 1™ '.'..T .^rm . excecdln*    •" Evans, let Pioneer Batt.; Pvte. E. G. one for the Methodist pastor at F.r.
        47th Batt.     From  Victoria:  n'e- He had three weddings,
„     A       m                          about ths self.     Consider     thc     facts and then''^"_"' '.":i t* " ""'* u,8t »" •"" Capt.  .J. Hirerh, 7th Batt.; 9gt.-Maj-
Btltf greater,  leaving Insufficient funis ''">il order    house that  occupies some teacner will h«« **, v a i
Attendance at
Sandon ls this  term
without a couver: Hgt.-Major Hunter, "th Batt.;
J lq.M.-8gt. R. E. Edge,     itnd   C.M.H.;
' Sgt.  J. Stevenson, 16th Batt.;     Sgt.
the public school at p_ 0    nohen_     Mth     Batt . ,   Q(t
In the Lardeau 20 mules are packing ore from the Triune and Old Gold
Last week was rather a prosperous
house nnd city department   store    to «>■" hi" "nt, and his advertising tost business"  men. Think "i't out Tor "your-' V"\    J*J?*t_.  ""*" b*ln* Bn enro11- Wnrmnn
Is next to nothine.     Wh«t „»>„,.♦ ... ....     r. i_i_..    .u-    . /_. ■ ment "' «• It Is likely that an extra
teacher will hnve to be engaged Boon. I
uiake the nlriiady great pity     greater is nPTt to nothing.     What
nt  horns with
duct   the local
to properly con-
store and farm.
if  the  most
your   own conclusions, nlwaya
expensive properties ln bearing In mind    that the arguments
the large nltloB, that employs a corps that have been presented
.0/ advertising experts and sales man- on the theory    thnt     the
^^^^^^^^^^^^ | ngers win. enjoy salaries ranging from h.>uses     sell
A  perfectly natural mistake Is made rH.mt to J5O.000 ft year: that employs same terms
liy a great, many people in     thln'ui-g hundreds of high salaried correspond- course they don't
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     or C. K. Dawson. 7th  Batt.;     Lance-
Cranbrook Herald: At no    fair     la'Ooipl,     I'M ('li.rkson, 0.A.M.0.J Pvte.
are   based this   province or any other can there •'■ w- Harris, 47th Rattallon;     Pvte.
catalogue be found brtter specimens of    horse- r R- Mood, 1st Pioneer Batt.; Pvte.
the sarre article on the flesh and the number     of     horses   Is'°- JnckBon.  K)th Res. Batt.; Pvte. 8.
As a mstter ot fact of nr.ore   up to thc average than ln any N- f'"nd, 32nd   Res.  Battalion; Pvte.
we all  know that,  "ther class. IQ, Hitter, Mrd Res. Batt.
T. F. Miller, at KbsIo raised
acre of wheat tbis year which
claims will yield 60 busnela.
Standard mine at Sllverton
a dividend of $50,000 in August.
To date this mine haa paid ln dlv*.
dends, $2,250,000. PAGE TWO
XLbe fl&aiUlberalb
Published every Saturday at
cJMail-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
F.  E. GIGOT,  Manager and    Editor.
Locul Reading Notices and Business
locals  Id cents per     line each Insertion. Minimum local sd charge 25c.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
Inch each insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices 12
■tents per line first insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowuii,' 10 lines to the inch.
merchants? In these dull times when
scarcely a merchant is breaking even
in business our trade might be the
means of helping him n.eet his heavy
expenses. Are we giving a thought to
whether any merchant stays in business or has to fail, or do wc look
upon all merchants as highway rob-j
bers and think the sooner they are
put out of business, the better.
Have wc always been satisfied with
buying from mail-order houses?
Would we not like to see the goods
and handle them? Is it not worth a
little more to have them brought
right to our door, so that     we may I
A  Money-Saving
¥&Oftlfk'     A   Bottie   "'    l!,,vnl   in   llle   kitchen will   cut
mmM%Ar%vlV    down    butcher's   bills.      It  enormously   increases the nourishing value of food—in fact, its bodybuilding powers have been proved ten to twenty times
the amount taken,    lt must be Bovril.
St. Francis church, McKensle Ave.
and Fifth street, Pastor, Rev. J. 0.
examine what we are buying? Are we MacKenzie. Sunday services:— Low
pot     more    sure of getting a square  Mass at 8 a.m. and    High Maaa   at
deal from our  town
bas bis home und
merchant     who
Portland canal is again attracting
some attention.
So far this year 21 mines in the
United StateB have shipped ore to
the smelter at Trail.
The outlook for mining in the district around Trout Lake and Ferguson is steadily improving.
Applications for Liquor Licenses 85. | who will stand behind his goods with
Trail Methodists are to build a new
parsonage  to cost  $1.450—a Bix-room
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Oil prospecting notices $7.50.
Land Purchase Notices. ?7.00.
Water Application Notices, up to
100  words,  $7.50,  over  100  words    in j
his guarantee?
Think thi.s over.
SATrRDAY,    SEPTEMBER  23,   1916
Frank Smith and Sutton, both Conservatives have been elected by a nia-
10:30 a.m.  every     Sunday.     Sunday
.. , .school for the children at 2:30 p.m.,
his store here and  _       ,, ., _ ,  _ „,.
Penediction and Rosary at 7:30 p.m.,
Confessions Saturday 4 to 6 and 7:30  aflair'to be ready in October,
to 9 p.m.  and Sunday morning  7:30 I
to 8. Weeks dayB:—Mass every morn- Bonners Ferry is to have a modern
ing at 7 o'clock, Confessions before up-to-date creamery which the pro-
Mass. First Fridays —Mass at 8 a. I moters say will be in operation by
m..  Benediction and  Rosary at    7:30   the first  of October.
Rev. J. Gibson     of     Sidney, B.C.,
will     preach    at both services in St.
Dr. Bonnell of Fernie bas been appointed medical officer in charge ol
returned wounded soldiers returning
to South-East Kootenay.
jority    of     600    in the by-election in  Johns church.     Everyone heartily in
Carleton County, N.S. | vited. Services 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. j   Although     every     room in Kaslo's
This is interesting, owing to the The Sunday School will bold their school [g fiHed to overflowing the
fact that Frank B. Carvell, Liberal FaU Rally °n.Sunday at ^l,856?.?1 trustees cannot see enough finance in
Federal member for that district and
In this issue of the Mail-Herald ap- who     has had so much to say in the
pears the first of a series of copyright Federal House during the    last    few J    gome work ,g being done
articles showing the startling inroads months, threw all his weight into the  Morning at Poplar Creek.
tbat have been made on    the    email election:   on     the side of tbe Liberal
town     merchant's   trade by the Mail candidates.
Order House, and suggesting     defens-
program has been arranged. Mr. Gib- Bi(,ht tQ hire another teacher.
son will also speak at the Rally.
ive measures to the small merchant
to save hin self and his community
(from destruction by this abnormally
larce octopus-like concern.
These articles should bc given as
wide a circulation as is possible, fur,
using the words of Justice B. Det-
wiler. the American trade expert and
former advertisement writer for Marshall Field & Co., of Chicago, "thc
•silent salesman1 ol the Mail Order
House is ever at work, und it therefore is n case e.f now or never, nnd
jll pull together, else tbe small town
merchant will soon see his entire
tr.ul > leave hitn forever."
For tbe first time In history, Moon
on     the tana is sending ore     to    the     Trail
smelter,  the  Bullwhacker,  of     Butte,
shipping the first lot this week.
The flotation plant is in   operation
at the standard, Silverton. Fernie union   miners     have     voted
In the lead sectioi. if Missouri the $103 of the union funds   to   help d^
Newspaper publishers are feeling
very keenly the effect ol tbe war,
chiefly on account of tbe falling of!
in advertising and tbe various increases in the cost of publication. In
the United Kingdom the extra expense bas been met in part by decreasing the size of the papers and iu
part by increasing rates, and tbis is
also true in many parts of the I'ni-
ti'il States and Canada. At a recent
meeting ol il»' Newspaper Publishers
Association ol British Columbia, held
in Vancouver, it was decided to discontinue the free publication ol ael-
xertis ne; rr.atter,
Tin  Mall Herald bas been exceedingly liberal with    free publicity, In this
the mean,!,., of     this slogan "Buy at  "^    •' ' ■ <~~ else-
Home" has t" do With us.     We say
average cost of
71 cents a foot.
diamond drilling is fray the election expenses of Socialist
I candidate MacDonald in that riding.
How vry few stop to     think what
all the     money we send out  ut town
wn uld not help any   merchant     very
much.  B  '.   when thai  small    amount
iltiplted by scores ol people who
ending oul similar amounts, the
leBiilt is   more in orr year than any
ol   the    largest   stores in this place
place take in In any year.
Let us ask ourselves    thi w    ques-
-    What  have     these      M
•  wards    making    this
•   it   is' Who has  i een paying the heavy taxes ' iny Improvements we have         ■'     I!     we
City what  Kind    I
se owe anything t
H treated
in        IM'
■ ■
to   take our n .tea !e,r
they    carry .ng when
timet wre hard if we     mad"     small
iy buy
cl caper but is it fair to   n u
merchants'*     Do     we     giv      tbStn B
ipply     tb"
•i'   the  same prlCeV?
Wi in.ve beard <* greal deal ,n these
■ days af 'British fair
I lay." and wc are proud tbat we are
'Able to play the game friii ly. even
with the treacherous hnn that does
i i,t di serve it. Are we playing the
vame ln a lair mnnner with our local
Thi j   print weekly
■. v:    n .i"       '        tbat a)
in all other cities.   This •   ictice will
I ■  nband :  .1 an l noi       I       that ef-
lect  wil
be fol-
:.at is,
ip ell<"" ne ei-
Intense heat-resisting power is the feature of the almost
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The man who designed the Kootenay knew his job. I
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as the makers'. g7<>
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87 5
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Drafts, Money Orders and  Letters of Credit
issued, available throughout the world. »
Savings Deposits bear interest at current rate.
I VI I SI OKI IIRANr.il.    A. B. \U       -NF.GllAN, Manager
■   ■
,i this
■   re  lor
nellcfl  cfttn-
veil Inform    Mi
.i.i e|... . '     n lhe rom
nifl<ii'in.  "I'M ir     w»t.ch-
Meltioiime Argus
eiyiui   ox; ■ "f    early
peaci     ii   'beiIshed    •   ill olaHes in
llDg  te.  the   professora
uf ii'eriin university, win. lo malting
;. ment d<sclare timt It
must i.e ii peace tbat shall k'>vi '•''r"
mnny increase of poww uml extsn
hiuti of domain, if tbat Hurt of ,,■-.■"
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Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers
Direct Importers -SATURDAY,    SEPTEMBER 23,  1916.
We do not bold ourselves responsible for views expressed by the wrlt.ra
of communications. Letters can only
be published over the writer's natne.
To the Editor of' the Mail-Herald:
Sir: According to your valuable paper "the new South boundary ot the
Park, approved of by the City Council and by the Board of Trade, runs
along quite close to the northerly
boundary of the city." And I, with
other citizens generally, "am respect
fully suggested to co-operate with the
Park authorities in preserving tho
game within tbe confines of thc l*ai'jt.
Since coming to Revelstoke' I have
tried to be a loyal and law-abiding
citizen, with a well developed hunch
however, in the pursuit of personal
freedom and outdoor sport. The man
lo\ing the last    is usually a follower
ol the first; and the "respectful" bjj
gestiom of the Board of Trade puts a
pressure upon hoth inclinations whicn
I really cannot "respectfully" receive.
Granting that their interest is wholly
for the protection of the game within
the confines of the Park; my Id-.'is, at
least, lead me to think them astray,
.lust as much astray from the sportsman's viewpoint, as were the City
Fathers who put in the present power
dam without a fish ladder. If tbey
don't know yet what harm that has
done to fishing and for fishermen, let
I them take time from passing resolutions on. Park boundaries, in the Interests of game, to go fishing on one
of the nicest and most accessible
streams in this vicinity, the Illecille-
' waet above the dam. Its all dam,
with another letter added, by every
fisherman clear through to Glacier.
But, back to the game which the
Executive of the Board ol Trade wish
me to aid in preserving. Please, what
game?     Bears     or    birds, cariboo or
deer?     All but the birds live   mostly all expect to get either sport, or even
well above the   Northern boundary ot vaiue (or hlB plm iicen8ei if the Park
the |01ty; and it is not on     their ac- ig nw down tQ the city.8 North Une
count     the   Southern Park boundary r do no(. mmtUm     East    or    North
has been brought down; not for them roa(Jg ou). Q, RevelBtok(!p ,or l under_
I am respectfully asked to co-operate btan(J     ^     ^ greater porUon oI
both roads (Big Bend   and     Greeley)
in preservation. Fancy . protecting
bears around the North lice ol the
City limits; or timber wolves, or
coyotes, or porcupines, or pole-cats!
What a stink! Respectful suggestion,
isn't it? As to cariboo or deer—when
within walking distance—I do not yet
bunt from my auto—are to bc, if not
already iri,  the Park boundaries.
No!   I cannot   "respectfully,"   but I
may, reluctantly, co-operate with the
did    an Executive of the B. ol T., or - ark    authoritiC8     in preserving the
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1085
Meeets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in    Smythe's     Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Sec.
City Council, shoot either   near     the
City's North    line"     lt must then be
game within the confines of the Park,
because thc Executive of the Board of
the birds they're aiming at-or, per- Tradei and City Councll> havlng ap_
haps, something else. If the birds, prove(, & ngw hoimdnry (in the intcr.
their aim    is wrong, and they'll miss cgts ()f game) Umt    rUQa to th(j city
by a mile. When I say birds, I speak
of grouse—for ducks do not reside on
the Mountain.
Wc have six species of the Grouse
family in thc Selkirks. I know their
Latin or generic hames, but I don't
want,     the Executive of the Board of
North line, have made it law. Why
not call on me at once to preserve It
within the city limits' I
But, sir, thc .'respectful" suggestian
is so obviously not governed by
"game" sense or regulation that 1
think I may be pardoned for asking
Trade, or City Council, to get cor- the B of T (this is ,i0t Brotherhood
reeling me on a matter so unimporf ()) Trainmen)i and City Council, if
tant to the issue-their preservation.  tnere    ig any truth * hear in the ru_l
A. P. an* A. U.
Rsgular Meeting. nre held la
New Masonic HaU oa the Fomrtfc
Monday ia sack moot* at t p.m.
Visiting brethren are eordiallj
1        C. R. SKENE, W.  M.
ROBT.  GORDON.  9eexmtaer
i. o. o. r.
Meets every Thursday evening la
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock, v tailing brethern cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE.  Secretary.
• hen
1' bl u e
Write to-day for the lolf-17
32 Pages illustrated, which shows beautiful stylish
fur sets and fur coats moderately priced, and also gives
full particulars of HALLAM'S ZOOLOGICAL CONTEST.
64 Pri.es.    $300.00 In CASH given away free.
Address 03 follows:
^^ 3. Limited
363 Hallam Bldg.. Toronto
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They are (I) The white-tailed Ptarmigan, which occupies all the summits above timber line; (2) The
Franklin Grouse,        the        rerl
of      the prospi'c-
Richardson's Grouse,
grouse," of our locality;
and (4) the Dusky or Sooty Grouse,
which may be distinguished from
Richardron's by having a tail tipped new anQ
with an ashen gray hand. Numbers ?,
3 and 4, have their homes immed.- thern boundary. If this is the true
ately below that of the Ptarmigan, roason| T Rhall "respectfully" tell Mr.
in timber-line; numbers 5 and G are (;reen| M.P._ that I am quite satis-
varletles of the Ruffed Grouse species fieQ     witb     Mt.    Revelstoke and the
Park ns they are and    ask     him     to
mor that the real reason for recommending new boundaries is to secure
Eome possible new road and trail
work on the face of Mount Revelstoke? If so, I beg you and your
readers pardon for trespassing so
long on their patience in explanation
of the "game" within the confines of
the Park—particularly within that
lower boundary running
along quite close to    the city's Nor-
Phone 056
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combine liquid and paila In a pntte form, and with Ttn WN
effort produce a brilliant, laatini thine.
F. F. Dalley Co. ol eCanada, Ltd. Hamilton, "Canada
and chiefly inhabit the bases ot the
mountains and timbered valleys near
water courses.
Of these six, listed by Canadian
natutalist John Macoun, we, locally,
know mainly three—the "b.ue''
grouse and the two ruffed varieties—
and these use the slopes of Mt. Ptv-
elstoke for breeding and nesting purposes at a period when it is unlawful
protect me in the natural privilege.'
nnd enjoyment they now give mc until occupied hy bona-fidc settlers on
what land is useful. The Park is already big enough—its, attractions are
chiefly at the top—leave me for
awhile the privileges of the slopes
and lower levels. I am rot prepared
to give them  up—the little hunt—the
It's pood policy to think of the future
It's still better polloy to provide against
the misfortunes it may have iti store
for you. Tlie surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav he near at band.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
Meeets  every    Wednesday  tveslnf
at    8  o'clock,    in  Selkirk Hall.
VlgitinT    brother*    cordially  ls-
vlU4.    ~. POTTRUFF, O. C.
R. GORDON, K ol R.  8.
E. 6. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialise in
■Metallic Ceilings, eCorrugrated Roofing-, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Connaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE       -       -    B.C.
by     the Game Act, and sinful by tbe caBUai    walk-my dog's company-for
unwritten one to kill or iniure the-n   the vpry doubtful   scenic or economic
The nesting season   over,     the    blue  advantage ot a    few     more     slashes
grouse take to   their    natural home,  Heading nowhere) on the face ol Mt.
the tall timber and grass    glades   ol  Revelstoke.
the hieher elevations' and    the rufled     t bate to repeat it,  it is so tauto-
grouse eoes   wherever below that yoa logical, but here goes:
may find him. Not till early and high- YoMr8 "Respectfully,"
er snows and storms drive him down h. N.  COCRSI'-.I.
from  any  elevated feeding  ground do	
vou find him at or near    the    city's
North line.     You may find him there     Cranbrook's  tbree    public     schools
in limited numbers all   through     Ihe bad nn openinc-day attendance of 442
open     or     game   season—a period of —about the same as last year,
about two months—or tlll snow (say _-________________________—
Nov. 15th) renders     hunting     neither —
pleasurable or sportsmanlike. To get
.• few brace of railed gray grouse on
the lower slopes of Mt. Revelstoke,
above the city's Ndrth line (thc blue
grouse to get you must climb lor),
will cost one $2.50 for a gun license
und give the average city mam suffi-
citnt exercise to praise the powers
that gave him the privilege and laud
the law that kept optn the opportunity. If he, or I. may not shoot theBe
tine L'ame birds in season, and in regulated quantity—what are the Executive of the Board of Trade, and City
Council, desirous of preserving them
for° In the old country they preserve
them for sport .for the rich. Why not
here, propagate them, preserve them,
for sport and food for the people? At
lhe risk, even, of being called a "pot-
litnter" hy my friend Mr. .    I
am willing to state that I have been
devoutly glad, in the course of my
life in B.C., for the needed grouse
meal, as also for the healthy appetite
(•nd exercise their even unrewarded
chase has eiven me. Why not propagate th>" grouse, as weli as stock
livers with fish0 For sport, for food,
fnr attraction ol visiters, for reven-:
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SATURDAY,    SEPTEMBER  23,   1916a
Supreme Court wlll
elstoke on October 6.
be held in Rev-     General Otter of Ottawa spent Wed-
! nesday in Revelstoke.
J.  Vi.  Helms of    Lethbridge was
■sisitur tn Revelstoke on Sunday.
is the
a      Miss Mabel Steele of Nelson
j guest of Mrs. F. W. Laing.
R.  J. Sutherland of     Golden     paid     Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wardlc of Otta-
Revelstoke a visit on Wednesday. j wa spent Wednesday in Revelstoke.
J. Evans of Salmon Arm paid Revelstoke a visit on Sunday.
J. Dayton Williams of Kelowna
spent Tuesday in Revelstoke.
A. J. Genelle of Nakusp registered
at the King Edward hotel on Sunday.
A. Rubino of Vancouver registered
at the King Edward hotel on fUM-
Capt. B. N. Russell of Field paid a
business visit to Revelstoke on Tuesday.
F. P. Armstrong of Nelson paid a
business visit to Revelstoke on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Conlin of Winei:peg
were among the guests at the I-ing
Edward hotel on Wednesday.
M the regular meeting of the City
Council     held Wednesday nigbt, with
Alderman  Smythe in the chair,  quite
a discussion    took place in regard to
the tax sale to be held next    month.
Most of the members were in     favor
Bowling alleys are   now     open    at of holding it except Alderman Banker,
V.M.C.A. Now is the opportunity for who thought the city could get along
H. Johnson of Arrowhead registered' the   members to get practiced up be- without one this year, and by the re-
Barnes of Moose Jaw     regls-at the King   Edward hotel om Thurs-'fore the big league commences.     The marks of the chairman it was plainly
at the King Edward hotel on day. j highest    score   thus far is 180.     The seen he did not favor a tax Bale.
| new mottled    mineralite balls are do-'
F.  Morrison of Arrow Park     regis-: ing tne trick.    Tnose intending enjoy-
Mra.  Bessie Thompson  of     Tacoma tered     at the King Edward hotel nn lng tne winter's sport should     make
-was a guest at the King K«_,wa-i1 bo- Sunday. I their     requests     known at the office.
Jim Stewart has     been     appointed
W.  B.  Foster of  Calgary registered     H. H.  Baxter ol    Golden registered ,     constat)lc during the abseuce
e King Edward hotel    on     Sun- at the King Edward hotel on Sunday        Con8taWe Garnett who i8 Bpending
0. D.  Simpson of Glacier registered his holidays at the coast.
Rea .jf Lindsay was a     guest at the King Edward    hotel on Thurs-
King Edward hotel on. Thurs- day.
J. A
at the
^SSS5SSSS98aSii89M»M«IISS>5^^ S
Send your
und racolTC hitfhast cash prlcna. Wu send
mon or tho Mm* day th* fum uro recoivod.
t harm noflormnianloni—and pay nil uharijcM.
WO heftT* paid out million! of dolluru to thou*' |
sandi of trappen in Canada who aend thuir
fum to uibacaoaa ther know tln.y«etiLnqiiaro
dan), and raaeiTa more monnr lor their (urn.
You wtllftlao, We bur mora fnjTB from trupporn
for cash than any other five flrmi In Caimda.
Hal lam's Travpt'r Guide (Mpagng)
HiiNiim , Sportnmeu | Catalottui
HRllama Raw Fur QuotatioliB
Hullam'H Fuf Style Hook V.li imtteil
..i^.", on '"'"Ml   .    AddrftHH an follow.:
151   Hiill.im Building,Toronto
Ci.  H>.
tei on Wednesday.
P. W. Stone, formerly editor of ths gary
Mail-Herald and now editor    of     the Monday.
Bassano Mail is spending a few days
in Revelstoke.
and Mrs. M.  J. Kellam of Gal-
were visitors to Revelstoke on
A. W. Renwick of Vancouver    regis-
! tered at the King Edward     hotel
The body of the man found at Eng-  Sunday.
lish Bay on Sunday last     has     been
identified     as that of Herbert Worth,
tor years    provincial     inspectors     ot
G. 0. Penmoro
registered at the
of    Elgin, Illinois,
King Edward hotel
■ on Wednesday.
A. F. Milton of
N.Y., registered at
stoke on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Bohart ol >fa*c-
boilers at Revelstoke. Worth was registered at one ol the local hotels.
The body was found near tbe bandstand early in the morning by some
newsboys, who immediately notified
the police.—Vancouver News-Advertiser.
Hon. Capt. Julia M.     Henshaw, O.j
■L.F.,  and Capt.  Vigneux,    R.A.M.C.,'
will     be    the guests of the Women's
Canadian Club    on     Saturday,   23rd w«rd hotel on Tuesday,
inst. In the afternoon a reception will     p...   -.   ^   Livesav
l.e held at Mrs. C   B. Hume's to enable
in    thc
Special monthly meeting of the Y.M.
C.A. Board will be held lm the Board
Room, Tuesday evening, at 6.15
sharp. Light luncheon' will be served,
n.ter which important business will
on be discussed. In next week's issue full
information regarding the Y.M.C.A.,
Physical department, gymnasium
classes, membership campaign, religious work, Sunday meetings, and
manual training class will be given.
Pocantico     Falls,
the   Hotel Revel-
Political statisticians are busy figuring out the probabilities of the
boldier vote. As the result ol the poll
of the men in khaki     will
usp were guests at tbe King ID I ward' known till October 15, the election in
hotel on Wednesday.
W.  J. Vicary and    A. E. Martin ol
Cjilgary were guests at the King Bd-
| Mrs. H. H. McVity left on
Monday afternoon to join Mr.
McVity in Golden. Mr. McVity
was connected with the law
firm of Harvey, McCarter & Co. tor
seven years and with the firm ot Mc-
( alter & Farris and Farris, Farris
ci Emerson for about a year. Since
coming to Revelstoke Mr. McVity has
made many friends who much regret
his leaving tbe city. He was an enthusiastic member of the Home
Guard and was a strong worker in
all patriotic movements. Mrs. McVity
will also he greatly missed by the
many ifriends she has n.ade in the
city. She was an ardent Red Cross
weorker and was for a long time see-
not bs letary of that institution. The Red
Cross concerts given by her were al-
the    event of the season, and
FOE SALE—Good range. Almost
new. Cheap tor cash. Apply 62
Third Street, East.
CSection 48)
Notice is hereby given that on the
tenth day of October next, applies*
tlon will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, for the
transfer of the licence for the sale ol
liquor by retail In and upofi the pre«
mises known as the Halcyon Hot
.Springs Hotel, situate .at Halcyon,
BritiBh Columbia, from'William B6yd
to Grant Bavis and W. A. Calder ol
Halcyon, B.C.
Dated this 7th day of     September,
Holdee ol Licence.
Applicants tor Transfer
FOR   SALE—Power
Sewing     Machine;
mattress. Apply F.
many constituencies   may he so close way
that it will not be settled until    the. the °Pcra HoU8e wa8 alwayfl filled *<•
soldiers' vote Is known.     In England
and     France upwards ot 14,000 votes
will be polled, and in     Canada     upwards of 7,000.    In Canada Vernon is
of    Providence,
R.I.,  was among the tourists    at the,
members ot the Club to meetthe Hotcl Revclstoke on gunday
CieHars, and    in    the     evening Capt.
rlenshaw" will show her wonderful war,    Harold Freeman, son ot Rev. B. 0.
Pictures     at     the    Empress theatro., Freeman arrived   in     Revelstoke     on,more]
Opt. Vlgneui will also speak ot his Saturday and   left to rejoin the UHl-|tlve8     daim     to have ftn advantage'
experiences during a year spent at the  vtrsity battalion at    Camp    Hughes,
Front. Mr«. Frances Reade haB charge'to which he is attached.
overflowing so great was the aPprecl
htion of her work. Many of Mrs. Mc-
Vity's friends were at tbe station to
hid her good-bye on Monday, and
expressed        their
FOR   SALE—A blue-black Silk Tafte-
ta Lady's Dress for sale.     Strictly
first    class    In     every way; latest
style, fit average sized lady.    Price' dl
120.00. Parisian Dye Works.
Washer;     While RATIONS,
bed spring std|    Coal mining rightB of the Dominion'
Allan, 21 Fifth  in     Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al.
berta, the Yukon territory, the North
West territories and in a portion    ol
the     province     ot British Columbia,
may he leased lor a term of twenty-
one years  renewal for a further term
21 years at     an     annual     rental,
of    $1 an acre.   Not more than  2,560
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application     for a lease must     bs
district in which the rights applied   tor
arc situated.
In surveyed territory ths land must
be described by sections, or legal sun-
whom it may concern: divisions   of    sections, and in unsur-
The partnership business as barbers  vcyed territory the tract applied to
FOR SALE—Horse, ride     or     drive,
Harness; rubber-tyred    Buggy     and|made by the applicant in person
Banes Cutter;   snap;     apply     Mall- the    Agent or Sub-Agent of the
Herald or P.O. Box 272.
the     chief   cenitre.     Here more than "'""""J",       LUC"        sincere       wiBh.conducted by ub, Chew Sue and Chee shall   he staked out by tbe applicant
3,000 soldiers have voted. In Vancou- that " Mr' and MrB- McVity did not, Kee on McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke I himself
ver 1,000   have marked their ballots, f'ealn     reintn    to Revelstoke to live1
rnd on Vancouver Island     as     many  that they would at leaBt "lake mW
as    ms
ot the musical part of the program
and has some new artists to present,
including the sn.allest lieutenant in
or out of His Majesty's army and a
new "tind" in Hielanders.
', with the soldiers in a ratio of 3 to 2.
Reports are also coming in that Ver-
Mr. nnd Mrs. R.    D.     Feath.-.'ston-.I:lon cmd camps in England have voted
See Capt.  Henshaw's War    Pictures
at the Empress tonight.
haugh of Edmonton were visitors to
Revelstoke on Wednesday. Mr. Peat-i-
crstonhaugh is interested In the
mines in the Ferguson district.
Another hit of red has been added
to tbe map. Pastmaster Frank Young ,
has been notified that arrangements
have been made for thc exchange ol
money orders between Canada and
■the    British     Administration     (late)
German New Guinea through the in-, Mrs. R, M. Str.ythe will be hostess
termediary of tbe Australian postal at a tea to be held in Smythe's Hall,
department. Such orders will be ad- i n 3flturday, September 30. Proceeds
vised through Sydney, New South In aid of St. Francis church. Lht
Wales, where a deduction will be Ladies' Altar Society will also hold
made of 3d on each £.5 or fraction their bazaar November 29 and 30.
thereof, equal to C   cents    for     ea.U
"wet" on the   prohibition     measure,      BANKHEAD BRIQUBTTES BURb
but with even this handicap prohibi- BEST.
tion is likely to pass through, though
not by any tremendous majority.
Don't miss the Highlander at     the
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Son.
The timber returns for the     month
Empress totlight. Popular prices.
K4.35 or fraction thereof. At present
orders can only be drawn on Rabaul,
but arrangements are being made for
payment at the following additional
• .ttices, provided either the remitter
or the payee notifies the postmaster
at Rabaul: Kokopo, Madang. Eitape,
Morobe, Kawieni;, Namatanai, Kieta,
Man us.
hold ' their regular monthly meeting,! of July, issued under direction ot the
Thursday, i.8th    inst.,     8 o'clock, at Minister of Lands, show     the     total     GET THE HABIT.—Place your flre
ehe home of Mrs. Ed. Trimble, Third scale of sawlogs for    the Province to nnd accident insurance with Chas. M.
i Street. A full attendance is requessted be 140,561,435     ft, board measure, in Field,  who represents only old     and
\ addition to 6W.121 lineal feet c* poles. reliable companies.
and piles, and 36,678 cords of shingU     ^^  eomfort  in  ^ ^
bolts, ties, posts,    etc.     The sawlogs  Cour8ler.B Coftl#
scaled in the various districts include
Vancouver,  'Ji,051,896 ft.;  Island,  14, |    Hear the small lieutenant     sing at
.•85,055 ft.;     Cranbrook, 13,269,894 ft.; the Empress to-light.  Popular prices.
j Vernon,  3,953.905 ft.;    Prince Rupert
371,003 ft.;  Nelson,  3,086,346 ft.  and
An Irishman was engaged     in     the
occupation    of sucking raw eggs and Kamloops, 3.069,139 ft. In the Nelson
readme  a  newspaper  at     the     same District.  21-7,555 lineal  feet  of     poles
time.     He     became   so  interested in »nd     Piles    were   »caled;  Vancouver,
what he was reading     that he broke 1*2,808 lineal    feet;     Prince     Rupert,
an.l     swallowed   an eeg about ready '■'■.'*£ lineal feet; Island, 52,909 lineal
to hatch.    As the chicken  went down feet:  Cranhr.-.ok.      41.S20
Fire alarm signals are given thus :
Two strokes, interval   five   seconds,
lour strokes. Box 24.   No of box will
lineal feet* be shown on indicator at fire hall.
it gave
Postmaster fr ._*. . mng has re-
celvad official nouce from the st-
DAY NIGHT FOR PUBLICATION IN ••■,-,■ lepaitment thar Bi .rders
SATURDAY'S  PAPER. ire   lot I      *  issueed     .D     favor     ol
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    _• i    9 Tattersall's,     Hobart.     Ta»-
a frightened chirp.     "Ah. be-  vemon, 37,538 lineal feet,    and Karn-
said    Pat, "ye ahpoke too, '-oops,  14,010 lineal feet.  Of the shin
z\e bolts,     railway    ties, posts, etc..
there wer» scaled in   the     Vancouver °' bel1 slowly
Practice signal.—Six
bell slowly.
Testing   signal.—Three
(6) strokes of
(3)   strokes
and °' ^e" slowly.
Defect  alrnal.—One
District     24,517     cords
'••-  toreda; Island, 3,9.1 cords
-  D -       Provincial  tlm
• led    during the month  hel1  ,]nJ"^
of July cover an estin.et.ed     total of
"   -•   feet     B.M. sawloes.  126,000
Cranbrook.1    Fire 0,lt signal.—Two   (2)   strokes
(1)   stroke   of
Daniel Frohman prcs>i.'.>     Ma
ite .Mark     in     Moi y Mike Believe.
The tremendous poi ......■;,    ;   Mi_n
Clark and tbe   iridMpread
in Kleanor   Ha ott's book
make     this   a notable
one ol the greatest  plays (oi    children
SATURDAY K\ BNI.NQ- I apt .!•:.
ebaw will give another oi ber splan-
did Patriotic concert r.s* War
Pictures direct fro::.   Kr.ino
Vl<gnleux, wh.e has latelj     rsturnsJ
from France, Will    aM-.   -peak.      l.e-
scrve     seats,  .V.c,     admission
Children      15c,    for th<- Prisoners Of-
War Fund.
■nanla    nor     are money     orders    or
THEATRE ote,J to he 1B8ued 1D favor of ]'T,"h] '■'""  '
w promoter    of an al- _hjne](,     MU   fenee-posts   and
ne Insurance  company     at wood   to pro)JnM M Mtm^ted
operates  tow 0. jn .•
*he following names'  W.  W.  H.  ____________________
ier,     L. CM WeBt,  _^	
Jr., i).   Lysholme     and     J     Macrae.
-ition also applies to the
following  "ompany  titles assumed   ny
Pacific Coast   Insurance    and
H I'    Insurance and
.-    .gency     Pacific     Shipping
iCiflc  and  Oriental      9hlp-
p n.   i ■   Bound  Brokerage Co.
British .   ibla     Investment   Co.;1
W   W   H   Cooper     &     Co.;     British',
.ent  Company.
it u.*na'  Corps dance    hd.l      .n
t.e   irlll ball last  Wednesday evening
'.• as      ih usual   q ilte _ succ<ess    and
/ '  iii|p.   though   there   niirht1
MONDAY—Marguerite Clari :n  Holly I     n ., lar.-er attendance as the
Make Believe, .', parts and   comsd}.  pi ate     advertised     for     Red
Every one come and sec tUtsl- Cross nne| patriotic FMind purposes
stoke's favorite motion picture v".- However, this wah no doubt owing
rseeS. to there  belieg  ..neither  attraction  on
TUESDAY—Jan« Novak In Graft, ths sanr.a evening. Those who have
Universal Weekly, Uncle John. Imp niisHed the opportunity of having a
Feature; Her Celluloid Hero, Nestor good d,,nr<. nnd enjoyable evening can
Comeedy. look forward to the next dance which
WEDNBSDAY-Tbe   Beckoning   Flame   will be held  in about two weeks.
Triangle Feature;  and     the     Hunt,     Mr, Frank  Bimrpomde     who has re-
Keystone comedy,  S reels. sid"<l     In  Revelstoke for the past, ten
THURSDAY—Famous Players present! years, snllstsd this week In the U23rd
David Harum, the old-time play la Battalion. He will remain hers -lntil
motion  pictures, 5 parts. the 30th of  September, then prac.ssds
COMING—The greatest Circus HerlaLto Camp Hughes, Man., to join his
ever shown: Peg o' the Ring, with Battalion. He has been lm the em-
Grace Ounard and Francis Ford and|,,ioy of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Rolleaux, all the actors from th0| Mre. B. R. Blacklock Is spending a
big circus^ In the world will ba, fr>w dnys at the coast..
seen. This serial I.y special srrange-|    j. A. Maxwell, Barney Keilog< snd
will be   shown     on    irrlday
T. B. Cochrane left, on Tuesday for
Sicamous on a fishing ind mi.I.eg
Money   Orders
Dominion  Express Money Orders
ST E A MsH11'   TIf K BT   AOEHT
Nkxt    TO     F'i.HT     OJTK k
Box No. 14—Corner First street
McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First street
:.nd  Rokeby avenue.
Box No. 16.—Corner Second street
and Government Road and Opera
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and ''ampbell avenue, Globe Lumber
Box   No.   18.—C.P.R.   station.
Box No. U— Corner Fifth street
and McKenzie avenue, Catholic
He,i No. 25.-Corner Sixth street
ind  'irton avenue,  W. A.  Foote.
Box No. 26.—Corner Fourth street
and McArthur avenue.
Box N.,. 27.—Corner Fourth street
und Townley avenue.
Box nm, 28.— Corner Second Street
nnd Robson avenue,  Mrs. Baker.
Box No.  M.-FIrr Hall  No.  2.
Box  ■.'..   V,.—Hospital.
Box No. 17-Belklrk school.
Box No   M.—Flre Hall No. Ons.
Box No . H— Front street west,
ni'/ir C P R. bridge.
Notices of patriotic, lodge, aoctety, club or church m<settngs, concerts, socials, etc., Inserted under Special hoadlng of 'Meetlngi" on
classlflsd pages at twenty-five Mote pw Insertion, provided space la »ot
larger tban one inch. As reading matter under heading of "Locals" oa
news pagss at ten cents per line per  Insertion.   In itflect Soptember td.
B.C., is hereby dissolved, Chee Kee, Each application must be accoro-
taking over the business together panted by a tee of $5 which will l*
with two barber's chairs and all fix- royalty shall bo paid on the merch-
tures and fittings in the shop and the antable output of the mine at tha
said Chewi Sue hereby acknowledges rate ot five centB per ten.
receipt of the sum of $75.00 in full' Tbe person operating the mice shall
payment ol his interest In said part- (furnish the Agent with sworn return*
nership and the goodwill thereof and accounting tor the full quantity ol
the above mentioned chairs, fixtures merchantable coal mined nnd pay tha-
nnd fittings. j royalty     thercen.   If the coal mining
Chew Sue owes Cbee Kee $59.65 and rights are not being operated, such re-
his half share of rent $17.50 making turns should be furnished at least
a total    ot $   77.16 which     is oft-set once a year>
against the said $75.00 leaving a bai-1    The lea8e w'l' include the coal mln-
nnce due to Chee Kee ol $2.15.
Chew Sue hereby delivers    Immediate possession to Chee Kee    of    the  June, 1914.
shop, barber's chairs and all fixtures'    For     fu"     Information application
nnd fittings therein. | should be made to tbe secretary     of
the department of the Interior, Jptta-
| lng rights only, rescinded   hy     Chap.
. 27 of 4-5 George V. assented to   12tl_.>
I   Tmii    mo
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 19th
September, 1916.
Witness: W. Warwick.
Box No. 46.—Corner King and
Douglas streets. Palace Meat Market
Box No. 47.—Corner Second street
nnd Wales street back of the Court
Bix No. 43.—Corner of Third and
Charles streets, Cowan block.
wa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
~. ~. CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized  publication     ot;
this    advertisement will not be   paid
If you want what you'want when yo
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
$5. TO $6,50.
cTVlcRAE SHOE STORE, Howson Block.
Phont 117
For Rubber*, OvtrihoM, Cardigans, UdinKi
P. Burns £& Co. Ltd.
Fire Insurance [KerBlPaftnn.des°,d]
Accident Insurance- [0,de.n it:SK1
Life Insurance [Hi'KtTa7tinygearn]
Notary FubJic Revelstoke Real Estate


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