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The Mail Herald May 13, 1916

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Chief lumberliiK. railway, mining, agricultural and navlga-
tloa centre between Calgary
and the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published weekly-Head
by   everyone—The     recognised
advertising     medium   for   tbs
city and district.
Vol. 23 -No. 21
$2.50 Per Year
A Pen Picture of The Premier by F. E. Simpson — Is a
Real Leader of The Party — Had Nothing to Fear
From Investigation
Character   of    Entertainment
Was  Innovation — Success
Was Guaranteed—No Details Overlooked
known politicians.    This is what Dad
has     written   about Premier  bowser.
F. I'I. Simpson, better known to tho The lower mainland legislator sum-
Jnewspaper fraternity of the proviuce 'ned up the general sentiment of tho
»a Dad .Simpson, knows   politics and members    and others who closely ob-
serve the trend of events at the parliament buildings.
Premier Dowser hus risen to the
As a newspaperman of many years occasion. It is not that he has ac-
Standing he is able to put in bright q,u_red any new qualities; it is rather
snappy language a splendid word pic- a feature of his character which waB
ture of the premie, of British Colum- Bei,i0m apparent when he was flrst
bia as he really is. Mr. Simpson in iaw minister to the crown), has come
his article will do much to disabuse to the surface. He bas sacrificed none
the minds of so many British Colum- of hiH atrength of purpose; he has not
binns who appear to believe that the weakened one whit; the directness of
prime minister is a man of unbend-j ,,iin lin(1 sinsrienes.=i of purpose which
ing will and a cold heart. After read- havc characterized his record in the
ing what this veteran journalist has past are as strong a factor today as
to say tbey will realize perhaps that ever. But be has become premier and
instead of being a man wbo delights to that position he has brought to
in riding roughshod over everyone |,ear the uualit.es which it requires
<lse, Hon. Mr. Dowser is a brainy, ,inu which the attorney-generalship
big-hearted, good humored man, cap- geldom required. He has the fearless-
able and ready to hold his own in ness an(j niufl fu,nesty of a Whitney,
amy jousting, but at the same time, but to it is added the capacity for
rot one who puts fighting before leadership and for keeping his party
friendship. together     that bas distinguished the
BdJtor Simpson goes on to say:        record of Herbert Aaquith. Among his
"Many people in British Columbia followers he creates confidence and
J-now only one side of Bowser's char- jnBpires conviction,
actcr. So much has been said and Bowser has become in the full sense
written of his strength and will, his the leader of the Conservative party
inte!le?ttial ability and his zeal tor and he holds that position not alone
the politics and principles of the i,y his intellectual strength and vigor
Conservative jiarty, that people have of purpose, but by his ability to per-
3ost sight of other phases of his SUade others of the correctness of his
character whicb, as we all know, views. Bowser, the premier, is not
have enabled him to rise to the oc- hidebound. The attorney-general is
casion as premier at a time when the chief law ollicer of the crown and
unusual difficulties had to be laced his opinion on leral matters has of
and overcome. Not a few people in necessity something of the dogmatic
the province ._ month or two ago about it. Assuredness is necessary in
seemed to regard Bowser as a kind an attorney-general. It is up to him
of ogre who didn't feel that he had a not only to read the law correctly,
good breakfast uriesn two or three hut to be sure that he is right. He
Grits had formed part of the bill of does not have to consider the opinion
fare. They looked ou him as a politl- of the members of his party, the
cal fire-eater with an imperious will great majority of whom are laymen
to conquer who never listened to ad- upon questions of law. This attitude
vice nor considered any opinion ex- of mind in an attorney-general nat-
cept his own. urally extends to a certain extent to
"Many of us lost sight ol the real other matters with which he has to
Bowser, the human Bowser, the Bow- deal. But a premier is n leader of the
ser of warm friendship, the man of majority. He has to lead. He cannot
wincere consideration for the views of drag his followers. Bowser as premier
others, the Bowser of sterling loyalty does not try to do so. He places his
to his ideals and to the public whom j„,litics before them, but he is open
he serves. We admired his clearrjess to accept suggestions, he is open to
of vision in public affairs, the accept new jinlitics Trom then.. His
strength of his character and his business In to make effective the will
passion for efficiency, but wc gave of the malority of the members, who
little thoueht to the ifunlities which present the majority ol the ridings.
are ma in: bim a real leader of thc Today Hon. W. J. Bowser is not
party." merely ndmired—he 1? liked.     He has
The speaker was a member of the the rood will of the members and of
legislature from the interior, who a others with whom he has to deal,
year aro did not look upon Hon. W. The developments which have
.1. Bowser with very much favor as brought the members of the leeisla-
proapectlve head of the government ture solidly behind him as premier
and leader of the Conservative party are marked by two outstanding oc
in British Columbia. He was taking casions. The tirst was on the night
part in a discussion if political mat- of March 14 when the opposition at-
ters in one of the lobbies of thc par- tempted to force the dissolution of
liament buildings. The talk naturally the legislature. Earlier in the day
veered round to the manner in which Bowser had gone farther than he need
Mr. Dowser has riBen to the occasion jn fairness have gone in an effort to
as premier. It is a subject which is reach in agreement with Brewster,
frequently discussed in Victoria just Macdonald and Parker Williams un
now. ,|er     which
Employee Has Close Call- Was
Built in 1892—Covered by
Fire which broke out on Monday
about 3 a.m. comjiletely dei. royed
the Climax hotel and restaurant,
Success the superlative degree ow»«l by Bl. Corning. The heat Irom
was the verdict of each one who at- tho fire was very intense. Two hours
tended the Maple Leal Fete held iu after the fire broke out nothing was
the Opera House last Friday evening,' k,ft but pmt ur tlu, w.llls aml a tt.w
under the auspices of  the   local    Ked i
Cross.     The     character of the enter-
.   , „.+(„_ i    Tbe severe heat set tire to a     tele-
tainmcnt was rather    an     innovation
in Revelstoke,    being on the order ol graph    pole     across     the street and
the Cabaret, with the centre floor re- broke    the    plate    glass windows in
served for dancing.     A dance number Bourne  Bros,  store.      Bourne     Bros,
being interspersed    between each pro- warehouse     situated just back of the
gram number. ^^ a[go narrowly     e6caped     being
While credit is due to all     who    in
,   ,     ,  ,          ,n- „-,.„ ♦ >,„ destroyed.     The othce of Sibbald aud
any way bellied to make the fete the _        *
glorious success it was, still the maj-
Son received the closest call but was
saved by the fire brigade.
T. Gibaou, who was     employed   in
or credit     must he accorded to Mes
dames McVity, Anstie and Coulthard,
' ...     ;,      the hotel by Mr. Corning, was awak-
who  were thc instigators of the idea '
, .. ,, ,       , ,,i  ened by the smoke aud  attempted to
and it was after weeks of careful and lu        ' *" '
leave     the building by the stairs but
was driven back by smoke and flame.
The Court of Revision lor the Provincial Voters' List will be held in
the Court House, Kevelstoke, D. C, on Thursday next. May 1-th. at 10
o'clock a.m.
A number of objections to names on the List have been jdaced by the
Liberal Association, and si;;ned My Mr, W, H. Hen,.Mm, a member of the
Liberal Executive of tbis city, and will be dealt with.
rhe Conservative association has been active In locating the electors
whose names are objected to. Below is a list ol these names. The parties are requested to call at the office ol C. M. Field, secretary of the
Conservative Association before Thursday morning next, up till IC o'clock
and forms will be provided their.' to hive their names retained on the list.
(•Hectors whose names have been objected to can appear personall. l.efoie
the Court of Revision and see that their franchise is protected. A
number of the persons w ise names are objected t.e hav.' never left this
district, and others are lighting for our country in the trenches; these will
be looked after hy the Conservatl' • Association. There may bt others,
and   the Conservative .... oci.ition  would Me plca-ed  ;•■  ; •■ tli,      names
from any one knowing ol other casea, and the Secretary of the said Association will then protect their interests.
He finally had to drop from a window, being assisted by Constable
Garnett of the city police.
The building was insured for 11500
and    the fixtures and stock for $3700.
The Climax hotel was one   of    the
old landmarks in Revelstoke and was Sfr-Baker,  James, Revelstoke
built in 1892.
$1/2.00 Is Net
hard working direction on their part
that the program was put on. Wherever Mrs. McVity's name has been
connected with a concert of any kind
in the city, that alone ha6 been an
absolute guarantee of excellence, and
on this occasion Mrs. Anstie and
Mrs. Coulthard proved then.selves
most valuable assistants in the work,
lt was a unanimous opinion that the
numbers on the program could not be
excelled by talent in any of our largest cities. From both an artistic aud
sj.ectacular point ol view all was
perfect, not the tiniest detail that
would add in any way to make each
number attractive was overlooked.
Music for the dance and at inter- The weekly meeting ot the
.als during the evening was furnished Cr«BS soci';t>' was held ou ™™*^
by the Amateur Musicians' Orchestra icl tUe V.M.C.A., with Mrs. Kilpat-
of fourteen pieces. This was the first »<* ~ tuc chuir' riie attendance was
public appearance of this orchestra. »W g°°a aud mueU business des-
and gratification was expressed at Patched. Tbe minutes of formei ineet-
the excellent showing made by the ^ were rcad and Passed. Tbe follow-
musicians, and these really pleasing ing work was handed in for the cur-
jierformers     lost nothing by thc able
25—Allum,  Edgar  M.,  Revelstoke
■i'2— Anderson, Charles, Wigwam
17—Anderson,  Robert,  Comaplix
'Mi—Arnold, John, 'J Mile Camp
75— Backstrom, Fred, Revelstoke
7,S— Bailey, Patrick,  Revelstoke
leadership of Mi3s  Sheila Dickey.
Candy, flowers and cigarettes were
on sale all evening. These latter were
sold by a fair Egyptian. Fatlma
come to life, and she was so irresistible and charming that no difficulty
was experienced in coaxing the dimes
from the gentlemen's pockets.
rent week
Mrs. Foote, St., 10 pairs socks.
Mrs,  Pagdin, C pairs socks.
Mrs. Flockhart, 2 pairs socks.
Mrs. W. H. Roberts, Mrs. J. Purvis, 1  pair socks each.
Mrs. Tomlinson cut out 25 shirts.
Mrs. Morgan, Three Valley, 3 shirts
Mrs.   R.  Tappirg,  1  shirt;    voluutary
Later  in the evening  small     tables sewing,
filled    the centre of the room and,re-;    Tl>e concert held under the auspices
freshments were sold to those    desir- \ <* tbe local Red Cross society in tho
'i'i- Dimes, James,  Revelstoke
96— ll.ireman, Chester, 'J Mile Camp
97—Hartman,     Edward     Thomas,    9
Mile Camp
!I'J—Basd,  Henry  A.,   I'e,elstoke
101—Baasett,    Frederick  rf.,     Arrow-
105—Bazley,  Charles W     Revelatoke
Red, 100—Beaton, H    ti, Reve stoke
108—Beech, Oliver M., Revelstoke
110—Beaton,  John Francis, Glacier
113—Beaton. 1   ruard, Glacier
111— Beat 'van,  John, Revelstoke
115—Bemiehamp,   Francis,  Revelstoke
117—Beck, Robert, Revelstoke
. 158—Bingham, John, Iv.v elstoke
'     - Blaney,  Jonathan,  Revelstoke
J70— Boomer,   Stanley    Wm.,
174— Borrenson, John, Glacier
175^-Bossey, Fred. Revelstoke
185—Bowey, Thomas. 9  Mile Canp
: ''l—Branagan,  James  Mickle,   Revel
201—Breaks, Richard, Revelstoke
202—Brenner, Fritz,  Kevelstoke
215—Brooks,     Thomas    St
ing them.
Opera    House, May 5,
was a decided  21«-Brophy, Mart.,, J.. Revelstoke
,    • .... 230—Bulmer, Charles, Revelst..ke
1 point of view, n2_Buosc.0i  ^^  ^^
.•'■I— Hiirfnid,  John, Reve ;t,ike
236- Hums,  John,   \irowhead
was a grand fancy inarch "The Maple the results were all that could be de-
Leaf." To the strains ol Canada's sired, the handsome sum of $172.00
National   Air one hundred little girls net being   realized.     To achieve this
in spotless white, each wearing    one end a very large amount of hard and -^_ »£ '       'Q     £vell|toke
ot our Dominion's embleuiB evolved a conscientious training of  the artiste. "      "n    _       Alexander
series of tigures which led them round ( was entailed, and it redounds   great- -"      %m
and round the room before   the     en-'fy to the credit of Mesdames McVity
"Bowser is making good," observed voted  and  necessarv  legislation  pass
-ome one. eil.    Tbe opposition  members thoueht "P"*     ''eco">">g a tuvoritc
"You bet he is making good.     Per- they had the premier in a corner and
haps I knew him better than some ol tried to force birr  to hold up     jera,'-
you, but I confess I have heen    sur- tically everything—to vote supply for
prised  at  the success he has achieved only three month! to delay Indefinite-
as prime minister," replied the mem- iy tbe extension to farmers    of     the lve numbers ""the program was tl
ber from the lower mainland. "I nev- benefits     of the agricultural acts, to Bketcl> entitled "UrcaniB."
er did put much faith in   that     fir*, break his pledges.     He refused     and put °"  ''>' »n allt,tar c°'»P»ny
eating willing-to-conquer     theory    of they proceeded to endeavor to     com- mnclpal. being:  Sir  John West.  Mr.  OurtlS,    Fee,    Bennett       E. Robbta..
the ruling phase of his character, but pel   dissolution    immediately     which 7  rit,lrd*   M',rth.\ hiB     housekeepto, B
the qualities which are making     him would   havc prevented any legislation
an able leader have come to thc sur- being     passed   and the farmers' loan
261—Cameron, Robert, Revelstoke
raptured     gaze   of fond parents and Coulthard and Anstie for    the     very       " R ^
admiring   friends   Two little soldiers, able manner in which such a splendid       ^
Masters George Robbins and     Henry ^°"»<»ee »« !*"■• . .^."chi Iwick,  E. B.,  Revelstoke
Cooper,  won the hearts   of   all     by     To Hta Worship the Mayor a    spe-    9(^charoberl^      TllOMias,
their manful     eflorts to keep up with  clnl mPl''1 "' Pra™ - (1,l°     for     the       ,iik
this train of girls. j vcr>' practical way in which be helped
This wus followed by a solo and ,1"' "rgaiii/'rs ol the concert to make
chorus, "Tlie Lads ot tbe Lard ol '<• sucb u success,
the Maple Leaf." The soloiBt, Miss T" Superintendent McKay who has
Agnes McGiven, is a new singer to ever ,,<M'" ln evidence when his Berber \ ices have heen requested by the lo-
the thanks of the soother
McGiven was supported by a full occasions Ins ready help and Onfall'
chorus of the High school girls and ''"-' POUrtSSy are greatly uppieclated,
tbe High School Cadets in uniform. ' A w',,nl '" Passing must be given to
One ol the most artistic and cllect-  ,h«' voluntary   assistance rendered by
W.  M. Lawrence and Miss Mar-
Thls was l'''r>'  x*Oung, Messrs. WM  M. Lawrerre,
tbo iM.rdon,   Copeland,     WM  Abrahamson,
,- v.««»  Revelstoke audiences,    but     by
supply   could have been ' ... f,
sweet     voice and winning presence is ''•"  ,,('" l ro,H
Miss '"''v nrr   ,1"' ;""1 OD this and
.•h.iln . Dun. Revelel »ke
::i'i-  Cobb,  C-'orge, Revels   it
.! - , obi    Edward B., Revi  >toke
mi  .Ily,  James Joseph
st .i e
329   ' mnor, James Ami.rose,   Revi.
I3f    .'...q.er
ir,: -Goal
William   Henry.
515—Ettlnger,   William,   Revelstoke
M'   -Fabris,  Glacomo, Revelstoke
527—Paris, Tony, Revelstoke
539—Ferguson,  John, Revelstoke
K6—Foogo, John, Revelstoke
,,"■ -Forblster, Frank, Kevelstoke
564—Foster, George Washington:, Revelstoke
572—Fraser.     Wllllan.   rf.,     Boarding
57.—Fretz,  Frank  H..  Revelstoke
503—Gagnon, Henry It., Revelstoke
BOI—Ganzint, Richard, Revelstoke
C16—Gibson.  Alexander,  Revelstoke
117—Gibson.  F.  M.,  Kevelstoke
£22—Gill. Fred, Revelstoke
C26—Gillesi'ie.   Benjamin,   Revelstoke
iii—Colder.   William  A.,   Revelstoke
lib—Goring, Albert, Revelstoke
((,2—Graham.  M., Revelstoke
16-—Green,  rfamuel H.,  Revelstoke
' 7*— liullivan,  John, Revelstoke
1..7— Hallam,  Ha(ry,  Revelstoke
694—Hall,  Joseph, Rt-velstoke
Revel- 719—Harris,  William,  Revelstoke
72$—Hart,  Thomas,  Revelstoke
732—Hawker,  George C,  Keve.stoke
733—Hay, John A., Revelstoke
741—Hazel, Ernest John, Glacier
751—Henderson, James, Revelstoke
761—Hill, Thomas, Revelstoke
767—Hingley,  Charles, Arrowhead
770— Hobson,  George E.,  Revelstoke
Michael,  772—Hogan, William, Revelstoxe
776—Hollinirwe rth,      James      Walter,
7m—Horslund,  James,  RevelBtoke
788—Howai I, Sam, Revelstoke
794—Hnrhes. A. F.. Revelstoke
795—Hughes. J. J.,  Kevelstoke
803—Humphrey, James,  Reveisioke
Ke. elstoke
810—Hutton. John. Revelstoke
E20—Jacksoi    Samuel, Revelstoke
840—Johns-ui,  Kato, Reve] I
S47—1. hnsoi     IM  IM,  I-. Mile (.'amp
853—Johnson,   Alexander,   Reveletokt
$58—Jones,  ,'liver,  Revelstoke
Revel- 865—K in.iry.  I'ete,  Revelstoke
867—Keefe, Thomas,  Revelstoke
Ml—Kelly, William James, Glacier
S84—Kenny, Fr.,nk, Revelstoke
•Klrby,  J.el n, Revi 1st,, te
i- 906—Knight,  James. Revelstoke
S18—Linear,., Tomaso,   Revelstoke
:'- I.arson.  John, Ri relstoke
924>—LaSalle, John, Revelstoke
Revel- '.;;;;-' ivingi     \     onse, Revelstoke
939— Ma'.'soii, Bruce A., Revel
Donald John, Revelstoke 913-      ,   Arthur, Revelstoke
James, Ri 979—I ...kie,  Jamm,  Revelst
865—Cowling, Herbert   Revelstoks Logan, D nald i .. Revelstoke
Ml   Croskell, William C,   Revelstoke •»"—l.otz. Albert  Rose, Revelstoke
IM   Crowley   Albert   Foseph,     Revel- 905—Lundberg    Gustavi A.,    9   Miiu
Ftoke Camp
331   c,,,wiey,  William Qeorge,  'level- 997—Lynch, Charles,   Vn   wbead
Mrs. A.  Sturdy;  Sir John's ancestors Lawrence,     Tom  McRae,  Frank  Dunn
Misses Jeanne Robbins    and     Myrtlo ''"'' to Baon rt^ »n who BO willingly
face more rapidly   than I had looked  hill from coming"" into effect or any Trethewy.    The   striking part of the Rave both of their time and help,
for.     perhaps if the situation he had  money     being   voted to carry on the sketch was *hM ^ ««*<>"■ «"**■     ™     ,£"?*?""* "?* *J     T"
to face hal  heen     less     difficult     it business of the province l" "' »he ,'*'"",if"1 «nd elaborn"' co8- "**" ""     "  r";'r,'nrCHMfo ""^l"-"-
would have taken longer to bring out     When the House met   the    Premier tume of the    Colonittl P"^. ^PPcd ',l(' m»™Pr ln whirh    tho     orchestra
him arose     in his seat.     He exposed the
from     their portrait frames ami cxe- performed     and    it   was „ source of
nents po harmoniously  tvrileml
ferret nrv.
the qualities which nre making
..,.„-      f i _, i ii       , ... .   . luted  a  ffrareful   minuet        which      sn pleasure   to  the  audience   to  listen   to
a successful |>remfcr. Liberal proposals   and in rirplng but LUlea ° trai.eiui minuet,     wnicn    ho
„Tl    ,    .  .v   ,        , ..        ,_„« ,« i ni. _  ..  .. i nleased      the house  thnt   tlie  thunder-  lhe various selections  nnd  accou panl-
The fnet thnt    when     hn     became deliberate terms told the house     and i"*1"""     u,e uoime inai tne milium
premier a large jiercentage     of     the the country   that     the     Government ou" »PPl«uM D''v^ ceased  until     an
people of the province were    suffering would proceed with its bnsinens, that encore was assured.
from the effects    of    the collapse of a It  would carry out  its    pledees.      At      "Tnp K1'Kht    of     tho     Hnnw-Whito
Loom,     that    they were sore and in- that      moment and since, the premier  Moth" w*« Perhaps the favorite num-1
dined    to throw g  brlC*  nt any hend dominated    the legislature;  the oppo- 1,er' a* a"    acts    Put on by tlle c,li1'
tbnt appeared,  the extension    ol    the iltion   seetred  like    pigmies     acainst <1ren ('nt'lrply usually are, was a dear
rtrinireney     result In,-    from  tho  war, the Btrength of his    personality     and  onlnty ""le song and    dance,     with
nnd the other complexities In the sit the justice of his ease.    His followers  llUl0  MiBH  H'''0"   Kutbcrlnnl  ns dan-
iintlon-not  the least of    which     was became     solidly,    wholehenrtedly, be-  MM1I,P      ™p l,,,,r ,ndy  "IBll,' ll "1",<t
the fnet that  he had to follow a man hind  htm.    It   marked  the psychology I™'"1''''   s""w "hite  Moth,  and     per-
,,. universally popular as Sir  Richard ral  turn  of the tide toward     Victory,   '"r""''1   M"'  S,,'IIH  '"  '"T  daire     solo
POUld     have spelled failure for any It  placed   Bowser fairly  nnl sqiisrely  w,th fl i™* -—  perfection thai  was
htil n Mr mnn     Bowser has proved si the head  .f ,,, phalanx ol honestly most Pl«w>r*ble, she was supported
i.m-    enn  -h and bron.i  . n.vigh,  awl ronfl'ient   mpporters, supportere con- ''y " c,1"niH ol silver Moths, compos-
he's getting Strom"', every dny.    We — ' .^___^	
are hacking a winner in Bowser."      |       ,c ntlnued on rnce Fonri (Oontlnuesd on Page Ttaret
All advprtispnionta must be
hinfieH in tn thr> Mail-Herald
oilice by Thursday mVhts to
ensure insertion in Saturday's
currie. Fred. Revelstoke
:m     Ouster, Miles, Revelstoke
4(H—Daem, Cust, Revelstoke
♦or—n.iin, Arthur Percy   Revelstoke
•flHJ—Dnlry,  Patrick.   Kevelstoke
40S—Daniels,  Frederick,   Revelstoke
42fi—Pay.  lloinre,   Revelstoke
♦27— ..eagle,  Jam"s Anirus, Clacler
439—Deans,  Thomas   I.   Kevelstoke
432—Defeo.   Alfonso.   Kevelstoke
433—Peleo, Armicale,  Revelstoke
4,rifi—Dinnrdo,  1...  Revelstoke
lf,1—Pidd, .Tames P., 1 Mile Camp
|l I    Dodd,   Jesse   Kinnee.   Revelstoke
I ' ' Waca.lan, Vn b bald C, Revel<
'. ■ MacDearmld, Oarfleld, Revelst i| ■
John Butherland, Rev
Vntoi e..  Revelstoke
atrick. Gal<ena Bay
ii.seph. Revelstoke
1064—March md.  Alex  II,  Revelstoke'
1063— Mai William,       Revel*
1066—Mathleson, John  i-M.  Revi
II:-   Melli n. Fred, Revelstoki
•i.   .Mark  W.,   Rev, Istoke
Ifil—llonnhue.   Almond  Franklin.  Cl— : 100—Miller, .fames,  Revelstoke
171   Pouglnss.  Harry,  Revelstoke
179  Drummond, William   Kevelstoke
ISO— Prummxnd,  John.  Revelstoke
:-i   Duncan,  Arthur If.. Revelst..ke
t'i    lliirrnnd,   Jam's.   Revelstoke
■»7  Elktngton, William cimries, Rev 11*4—Mulr, Alexander, Revel I i
elstoke 1141—Mttrru, Quiseppe,   Kevelstoke
r09—Rnierton, Perclval  rftnnrt, Revel-.	
stok* (Continued on Page Threei
'  S   Milne,  W.H,am.  Kevelstoke
1183—Morrison, Donald John.   Arrowhead
1124 •     John M.,    K> veintoke
'■■ rgan, Joseph A , Jr.,  im'v. •
i- —
SATURDAY,   MAY 13, 1916.
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F.  E.  GIGOT,  Manager and    Editor.
■SATURDAY,    MAV 13, 1916.
Seattle cannot be forced to come to
Canada to testify, but a number have
given evidence, and explained what
happened. From this evidence the
people can make some estimate ot
the extent of the plot. j
lt is plain that the whole matter
was engineered in Vancouver. An ollicer of the provincial Liberal Associ- a continual pain In the back. As a druggist,
... ,, I tried various remedies without any apparent
A.  Macdonald ,,      .,   .        ,,«,. ,,,,,.-.
results.    Having sold 1,1 N PILLS for a num-
^^fortheJL kidneys
Why They're Sold
WrNNirKG, May igth, 191.1.
'In the autumn of 1011. I suffered with
.J. H, McVety,
RC K, deration ol Labor an
tl.,- Vane mver   Trades     and     Labor
Council, in discussing tne new Workmen's Compensation  Act, says;
"The  position   "f  the     wage-worker
ret covered i.y the new compensation
bill now before the legislature, is not
any worse than it was before. Un the
othei hand, the measure considerably
benefits their position on claims
against employers for injuries sustained while carrying out their duties
"The excepted classes were not covered by the old compensation act or
hy the Employers' Liability legislation. Their recourse, in case of claim,
waa tn application of common lnw.
They still have this common law
remedy, but with an Important
"Under the ..id legal procedure in
such cases, the employer usually based his answer to a legal action on
th.- grounds thnt the injury was one
where the
when taking his position, that it was
ation. of which Mr. M
is president, had the list in his
• barge. This officer was Imported
trom Alberta, and seems to bave
served on the stall of the Vancouver
"Sun." No less than three hundred
names from a single  ward     were     on
their  list   of voters to be personated
tl,,,   The      evidence     connects several   cam
ber of yenrs, I thought there must he good
in them, otherwise the s.-ik-s would not Increase so fast. I gave them a fair trial and
the results I find to be good."
President    of
,     , ,  paign   ollir.'rs  with   tbis list,
d also ot  '     "
whom   was  she.wn   hy   another  w,tress
50c. a box or 6 boxes for $..50, nl nil drug
stores.    Free sample sent il vou write the
National Drug & Chemical Co.
of Canada,   Limited, Toronto.
ensoti. will preach at both services.
In the morning the Sacrament of the
Lord's Supper will be observed, and
in the evening thc subject will be "A
Vision of Clod." Sunday school at
2.30 and prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 p.m. All are cordially invited.
Selkirk School
Easter Results
The following     were   the results of
thc  Selkirk school    Easter     entrance
rlas-'     examinations.       The     highest
possible being  100 marks.
Frank Porta OS,      Krnest    Frey 67,
-—" =   Ruth Lindmark GTt,   Edmund  Kincaid
the services in St. Peter's Anglican 65, Laura Beech Hi; Rlsie Frey 63,
to have engaged rooms for the elec- ,lnirf.n tomorrow. Holy Communion Robt. Lawrence 63, Dorothea I.yttlo
Hon visitors from  Seattle. at   8 a.  m.   Matins and sermon at 11
one ol
ctlvities and some others  a.m.      Evensong    and sermon  at  7.30
Sunday school at  2.30 p.m.
The Annual   Congregational
G2, Robert Beech G2, Annie Morgan
•59, Leonard Thompson fix, Lemuel
Briggs 58, Margaret McLeod 57, Ern-
est, Henderson ri5, Chester Longhead
55, Kate Morgan 54, Donr.h Hume 5*,
Mary Ringer 53, Horace Macdonald
52, John McLeod 51, Sophie Moran
50, Marguerite Brown 50', John GUZZQ
50, Richard Lawrence 4'8, Elsie Daven-
Campalgn Officer Scott, the promoter   ne sunmittea,    ana     an     interesnng ^   Tmy Frey 47> Leonal.a Man_
„f the absentee list, the man who In-  W°B™™   ptorlied with light refresh- ^  ^    Annic CaBhat0 47_     Muriel
Lyttle 46,  Jack McCarty 44, Dorothy
All thesi ae
rot  yet disclosed involved the expen- p
dlture of many   thousands ol dollars.
s  persons deeply  interested In the
election  af. Mr.  M.   A.  Macdonald fur-
takes place in the Methodist church
nished the funds. Who contributed ,,n(1 parlors on Monday, May 15, at
tbis plugging fund? Who engaged S p.m., when reports and, budget will
.itt, the promoter  he submitted,    und     an     interesting
structed     the    scrutineers not to ob-
the pastor will preach in the morn-
ject to votes between certain hours? lng un ..Rej0ice with those that re-
There are a number of people high up joice," and in the evening on "Life's
in the Liberal organization who can challenges—How long halt ye between
And out, and doubtless a number who ,w" opinions?' Sunday school at : '
already  know.
Mr.  Brewster is a member of
Laing 42,  Muriel  Laing 41.
p.m.  A young people's    class     meets
To Run-Down Nervous Women
Louisville,  Ky.—"I was a nervous
balf   am hour before the morning ser-   wreck) anrj jn a weak, run-down con-
\ice for religious counsel.    These  are dition when a friend asked me to try
committee    investigating the last  gatherings before    Conference Vinol.    I did so, and as a result I have
...        .  M.           ,,, .    , ,,       . gained in health and strength.    I think
this series of    crimes.     Has he since  .'ind it  is hoped there will be lull and yino] js the best medicine in the world
that     committee    met given a single interested     attendances of all Metho-   for a nervous, weak   run-down system
,      ,                                             , 61st adherents and friends.     The Fp-   and for elderly people.  -Mrs. W. C.
sign of a desire to get at the root of '     Clayton, Louisville, Kv-
,,.         ,,,..,     „    .            .   ..     „    . v'orth    league are co-operating    with      vinol is a delicious cod liver and iron
employee took the risk                                               a thc Ladles Ai(i in the Congregational   tonic without oil, guaranteed to over-
tion than the   Government     members rtallv '                                                       i come  a" run-down, weak, devitalized
,   ,                              ,           .            . conditions and for chronic coughs, colds
of the committee    to know where and 	
due t., contributory   negligence or to
the negligence of a fellow    employee.
fro,,, whom to seek information? Has PRESBYTERIAN   CHI'RCH
he from the tirst given any sign that     In  the Presbyterian church on  Sun-
and bronchitis.
W. Bews, Druggist,  RevelBtoke, B. C.
truth to come  day
tbe Opposition
You will feel better and live longer
Sec.  70 T„ 7.; ,.! the new     Compensa- ^ ^^ ^  ^^
tion act considerably alters tbe posW       „     „,
oiit^     Then     notice
lion ..f the employer    ln    defending pre8g, Ha8 ftny one 8een an indication
Fuch actions. In the ease of contribu- nf B aeglre ,,, ascertain    the     truth?   if y"u  kM'p yollr boWeU     r°Sular b*
tnrv neeiirenre   for inotnneo   the now , the occasional use of Rexall Orderlies
tory  negligence   for instance, th   new Wp    ,„,,,    n„thinf_ „ut abuM of wit.  _^ ^ ^
act     provided that cognizance of this m>HS0S   n,t     because     tbey     plURpfd  ^^ ^ ^^ ^
claim can he taken into account only  votM ,,„,   becau8e    they told of vote. r—-
on  thc  question  ol the assessment ol  pluf,?in-_   „  th,    Opposition     lenders
damages. ,,,sl„ i     ,,, ciear ,..,. matter up they LadieS 311(1  GdlT'S
"It 9hould also Me home in     mind would not behave as they do
that     employers    whose lines are ex- 	
cepted from the new    act     ..my,    if FROM  THI:   SANCTUA
deemed idvisable, have their trades
or callings placed 'mei,-! its classifications.
'"Tlie m w act  is .'.'Mainly   t.
Tailoring   Shop
Two  Libel tlone -the    city
the end the provin
advanl  gi    I tl ge workers ee! tbe <'■'   hyi Vancouver      M. A.
,   ,   ■      ., Mac
prorinci in •.  ■    •
'. ■ ■    ..
.,-.    concluded     Mr. McVety,
•and it als,, places    the     man     wl
•   • within ms scope in .i  mei
much tion s
cards . ted   with it.-Nelson
| 'pposite Revelstoke Club
Late of Parisian Dve Works
This went  into effect on
cylpril 30
Goods uncalled for within
90 Days will be sold for
Parisian Dye Works
Whatever the Ll
r,o oni ....
-   •    .     • re i
rotes 1     Mr. M. A. Mj i
late    elect
l.rgi                         n wei
■ .       ■ 	
i     - - -
i no douht that
I ...
le no doubt t    '    thel    I
... .
.  '
■      '       ,    -      how
bow    many ••oti
ally   .;..;  ( ollel tivelj       Thl      <n from
■ ■
Baggage Trar';t'..r!-f,fi
Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 16   276        Night. Phone 346
>.*lIiL   TORONTO 0»r     _C~^
,f th.
a. Prancls church, McKeneie Ave.
i nd Fifth street. Paetor, Hev. J. r
MacKei iny   services      _om
•Viihh at S a.m. and llitfh M.ihb at.
10:30 a.m. every .Sir,day. Bunday
school for ti,e children at 2 in p.jn .
['.enedlctioo and Roiiary at. 7:3ii p.m.,
' onfesslons Bai irday I to 6 and 7 '."
tn :i p.m. and Sunday morning , 30
to s. Weeks days: M,-ihh every morning at 7 o'clock, Confession! before
■Vans. Hirnt. Fridays Mass at » _,
in.. Henedirtion and Kosnry at, 7.'in
p.  m.
Men's Outfitter
Fur Buyer	
Complete   Line   of   MENS   WEAR
Ueuu l'uget ol Caljjuiy will conduit
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada,  Limited
, Smelling '■''" """■ " pin 'rn*-,11
Ml .   BRI I ish COLUMBI \
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
. t'elet Howlincl, Preilidenl.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $7,000,(1(10
Imperial Bank ;
l'sial,li»lir.l 1N7S.
E. Hay. Getaeral M.a.itt.
Drafts, Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
vSavings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. r»
A.   B.   Mill Nli.MAN.   Man*..I ii
The La Diva Corset
The best Corset made in Canada.   Our stock    ol     these
Oorsots   is complete.
Front I.ace La Diva Corset, price   J4.O0
Super Bone   La Diva   Corset,    guaranteed     unbreakable.
Price   $4.00
We have  a large ranjre ol other good Corsets     in     this
make.  Prices trom   $1.00 to $9.00.
Ladies House Dresses
All  New Dresses.   Fast colors.   Price   $2.00
Wash Fabrics
Prints 36 inches wide. Navy blue as well as the Htshter
colors.    Prices from  15c to 20
Cotton Crepes, small figures and (lowers on white and
colored  back  grounds, price   15c to 20
Curtain Muslins
Plain Scrims, Mus'inH with colored borders, all new
goods.  Prices    from   15c to 20
Our Shoe Department
is complete, and e are Bhowing all tho nnwcst styleo
of the season.  Beloro purchasing inspect our stock.
Fred Young & Co,
What's in a Name ?
Well, lt juet depends. When you hear of Hobson'* Utend
you naturally (eel hungry. The crisp brown exterior and
tbe appetising white inside are both signs of ths cood
floor we use and tho care we take to bake lt Just right.
Try It lor yourself—we do not fear the result.
Phone 41
Box 734
Union  Hotel
A. P. LKVKSQUK, Proprietor :
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
r\ D I ET KIT" A I       Suitably furnished with the
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 » day.
Monthly rates.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers
Direct Importers
Our Goods are GOOD
Our Prices logical and within reason
See us before placing your orders SATURDAY,    MAY 13, 1910.
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MOO—Rennie,   John,  Kevelstoke
J,")'U4—Riekasby,   Richard,   Revelstoke
1516—Robertson,  James,  Revelstoke
1530— Rotlier,    Peter    Odilan,      Revel-'
i,.'3'8—Ross, Angus Alexander,     Revelstoke
J5I5—Houndhill,   Josejih,  Revelstoke
1547—Rowe, Nat, Halls Landing
1553—Russel.   John   J.,   Revelstoke
1555—Ryan,  George, Revelstoke
21 Mile   151/U—Sanseverlno, Oeorge,  RevelBtoke
1568—Savage, Frank,  Revelstoke
Ronald Angus,   Ola- 1577—Scott, Peter, Revelstoke
1-579'— Scott,   Richard,   Revelstoke
Kenneth,    Revelstoke   HS&8—Selman,  John R.,  Revelstoke
John   R.,   Revelstoke  1584—Seramens, (ieorge,  Revelstoke
Peter Brace,   Revel-  1585—Sewell, Hubert, Glacier
1587—Shaughnessy,     Patrick,      Revel-
Archibald   Cameron,     stoke
1597—Shaw,  Peter Boyd,   Revelstoke
—Mills, Robert F.,.Glacier
115a—McAuley,  Kenneth,  Revelstoke
aiCT—McGagherty,     George,       Revel
1162—McCarty,  Thomas,   Revelstoke
_.1'65—McClasky,  Joseph, 9 Mile Camp
1169—McClelland,  Wesley   H.,     Revelstoke
•1171—McClure,  Harry,  Revelstoke
1172—McCombie, William, Halcyon
1183—McDonald,      John H
1910— Mcl'Jacliern,   Eustace,   hevclstoke
1216—McOarvey, Albert, Revelstoke
1222—McHardy,  John,  Revelstoke
1:243—McKay, Angus,  Revelstoke
1244—McKay, Harry, Revelstoke
1247— McKay,  James    Gregor,    Revelstoke
__S57—McKeown,  Albert,  Revelstoke
1268—McKillop,  Donald,   Arrowhead
1369—McLachlan.    Daniel  A.,      Revelstoke
1273—McLean,  William.  Revelstoke
1285    McLeod,   Donald,   Revelstoke
1299—McNamara,     Daniel,     18     Mile
Uii.:— McN'air, William. Revelstoke
1302—McNeill, Angus, Revelstoke
1303—McNeill.  Matthew.  Revelstoke
1808—McQuade,  Alexander,  Revelstoke
1332—Nelson, John, Revelstoke   .
1336—Newton   Arnold, Revelstoke
1345—Nide,  Hubert   A.,  Revelstoke
1354—O'Boyle   Patrick, 13 Mile Board
■1357—O'Donnell, W„ Revelstoke
1358—O'Donell,   Joseph, Glacier
13M—Olander, Jones    Peter,     Arrowhead
1365—Oliver   Edwin Hugh,  Revelstoke
178—Osborne,  John, Revelstoke
1379—Ostensan, Olaf, Revelstoke
138     ustensan.   Andrew,  Revelstoke
1386—Padovan,  Luigi,  Revelstoke
1398—Parker, Ral|>h F., Revelstoke
1419—Pearson,   Alfred   J.,  Revelstoke
14_:"e—Perrett,   James, Glacier
3426—Perrett, Charles, Glacier
1427- Perrett, Thomas, Glacier
1431    Persi-z, Antonio.  Revelstoke
1431—reters, David,  Revelstoke
1441—Phillips,   John, Revelstoke
1443—Phillip, Albert C,  Revelstoke
1447—Pine.  Gcirce,  Revelstoke
1459—Porteous,   Robert.  Revelstoke
14*7—Presby, nie.  Revelstoke
1482—Qulst, John,  13 Mile Board
_!•! — Rae.  NM.rman   Revelstoke
J49C—Reable,  Thomas  H.,   Revelstoke
The same man who
first created the enviable   goodness   of
thirty-five years ago is
still maintaining the high
standard enjoyed by all.
The only change in all
these years is the recent
improvement in package.
Today there are five
sticks, each wrapped by
machinery, in wax-paper
and tinfoil. The outer
wrapper of each package
is a valuable coupon.
Save them for Regimental or   College   Shields.
1625—Siros, Ted F., Revelstoke
1628—Skerry,   William   Henry,    Revel
1631—Smith, Roy R.,  Revelstoke
1636—Smith,  George,  Revelstoke
1639—Smith, Alfred,  Hevclstoke
1648—Smith,   Jack,  Revelstoke
1644—Smith, Peter Gladstone,    Revel
1653—Somes,  Robert,  Revelstoke
11.51—Soror   Frank,  Revelstoke
]658—Soules, William S., Comaplix
i659—Spencer,  James, Revelstoke
1672—Steadman,   Joseph,   Revelstoke
1682—Stovell,  Spincer,  Arrowhead
1696—Swanson,   John,  Revelstoke
1698—Swift,  Walter   William,     Revelstoke
'.714—Taylor, Thomas, Revelstoke
1729—Thompson,  John,  Revelstoke
1759—Turner, Thomas, Halcyon
1788—Udall,  James, Revelstoke
1773—Valentine,      Alexander,       Revelstoke
1779—Vergs,  Leigh Houghton, Glacier
1780—Vernon, Samuel, Glacier
1785—Wade. John, Revelstoke
Opera House ihrunyed
.Continued .from  Page Onej
ed of Hila Tomlinson, Florence
Bourne, Dorothy Bunnell, Helen
Briggs, Florence McCarty, Dorothy
Purvis, Margaret MclnrSs and Aileen
Lawrence, and these were each perfection in their respective parts. The
costuming in this was most attractive. At the end of the song the Snow
White Moth slowly floated overhead
out of sight of the audience. The
young artistes received a storm of
applause and were forced to repeat
Pasquale, Revelstoke their most pleasing act—and barely
i scaped a third performance.
Little Miss Oliffe Cashato achieved
;-nother well deserved triumph in her
very dainty and inimitiable rendering of the farce solo, "Der Land of
Der Kaiser."
Seven very lovely young ladies, attired beautifully in evening dresses
liberally decorated with gaily colored
bubbles,  gave a very pleasing     inter-
' Float
179s—Ward, George Halcyon
1808—Watson,   Jonathan M..   Halcyon  r-retatlon     of   the song-dance
'Ml—Watts,   James,  Revelstoke 'Jn."  Responding to a     recall
1821—Wescott,  Clifton William. Revel- their  delighted    audience they  passed
stoke down     the centre of the hall, singing
1822—Wescott,  Milton Benham, Revel- and    dancing   and    very     generously
stoke scattered     their    bubbles among the
1823—Wesley, Fredrick C,   Revelstoke audience to the     infinite joy ol every
1826— West.  George,  Revelstoke small child present.
1841—Williamson,       William      James Miss Annie McLean,
Family Shoe
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
He x\m to K-te mmnum
m i ir At   ni'imin prioe
NKW EMBROIDERY, on fine cambric and longcloth, at 5, 10, 15,
Embroideries, at
LACKS  and
75c,   $100,$1.50.
VESTS AND DRAWERB, special  at 15,  20 and 25c.
at, per doz.,
IK8. Fine Plauen Lace edges at
5, 10, 15c. .,
Fine Organdy, for Collars and
Edgings, etc., 10, !5, 25, 35c.
Navy Indigo Blue, 32 inches
wide, 20c.
SO ill. wide,
and colors,
GINGHAMS, 27 and
hie lot of patterns
A Lot ol WHITE WEAR, Ladies'
Gowns, Skirts, Corset Covers,
Combinations,  etc.,  at 90c.
large Boral "tlects, for Ladies'
Waist- and  Dresses,   at 25c.
wash Prints
ROMPERS  in  good
and     Percales,   at
We are ready lor the high temp
era lures, are you?
If not,  come to us and we will
solve your difficulties.
Choice lines of (' niailiiin  manu-
fuctuied   goods.    Tney   all hear
Hie famous Stanfield Libel. Nice
and .7
knit, two weights at  "jOc
in per garment.
A pure wool Stanfield
weight $2.75 per suit
Perfectly nmde with elastic ri'nh
insert Short 1-e- and no si.eves
Price $1.50 |»-r Suit
Com bins tions with !>.i g legs and
long sleeves. A nicelv made com
fortahle  garment   Piice  T'i" suit
Short   slet-vi--   ;,n,|   ~(ort
Price 35 i garment.
Try a jar of Exjiress at 25c. or
a tin of King Beach at 75c.
Head and Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, Celery, Radishes, green
Onions and Parsley.
!    Revelstoke
184-B—Wilson,  John D.,  Halcyon
i*"—Win-eir,   William  George.   Revel
I    stoke
;»'"•'!—Wood field,  Thomas   B
1    stoke
18l7<i—Voung,  Ernest C, Revelstoke
'.sen—Voune,  William,  Revelstoke
ISM—Yurchak,   Norman,   Revelstoke
very attractive and dainty personification of the
spirit of her song, sang with splendid effect and in a delightful manner,
the vocal selection, ''An Old-fashion-
Revel- ed Town."
Miss Frances Lawson in her
Self RisinL- Buckwheat Flour in
Rogers Pure Sugar 8yrup, 2, 5,
10 and 20 pound tins.
Pride of Canada Pure Maple
Syrup, quarts and half gallon
Crown Brand Corn Syrup, 2 and
5 pound tins.
Lyle's Engliih Syrup, 2 pound
Maple Flavored Syrup in quarts
1  and 1 gallon tins.
Premium Ham, Dominion Ham,
Premium Breakfast Bacon, Domirj-
ion Breakfast Bacon, Pea Meal
Bark Baron, Back Bacon and
Cooked Ham.
A u
in the
S.E. corner of Sec. 23.     The     water royalty     thereon.   If thc coal mining
will ba diverted from the stream at a tights are not being operated, such   re-
point near   the line between Sees. 14 turns    should     be furnished at leaB'
usual and 13, below the West fork of Yates once a year,
versatile    manner was the bright and  Creek and will be us^.d tor Irrigation     The lease will include thc coal uii..-
(■hining event of the evening as     the and domestic puiposes upon the lard ing     rights only,  but the lessee may
soloist in the "Pullman Porters' Par described as Si L.S.D. 2, Sec. 26, Tp. I'e     permitted    to purchase whatever
ade."  She was ably supported in the 23,  Range 2,  West of 6th     Meridian, available surface rights may be   con-
chorus     by    the Misses Gladys Urqu-  and land N_ of N.E. 1 Sec. 23,     Tp. sidered necessary for the working   ol
hart,  Muriel  McClenaghan,    Kathleen 23, Range 2, West of 6th     M.,    Plan lhe m'nc at the rate ot $10.00 an acre
Sibbald     and     Mary    Paget and the  12-17. This notice was posted on     the     For     full     information application
Messrs.    Jack Sibbald,  Eric Robbins,  ..round    on     thc   2.1th day of April,  sho"ld be made to the secretary     of
Harding  and Harry Parker. 1916.   A copy of this notice     and an tne department of the Interior. jOtta-
Mrs. Anstie made her first   appear- application     pursuant thereto and to|wn- or to any AKent or Sub-Agent ol
ance on the     Revelstoke    stage as a  the "Water     Act, 1914," will be filed | Dominion Lands.
vocalist   on   this occasion.      She was in the office of the Water Recorder at|
attired as    Britannia,     a     character Revelstoke. Objections to the    appll-
and     her cation may be filed with     the     said
time thc full bottom of the  this kind .>f ore in sight, we believe.  P'eesing voice was h?ard to good ad- Water     Recorder   or with the Comp-
We have l"t  a contract   for the first  vantage     in     the     patriotic     song,   troller of Wnter Rights,     Parliamen
50 feet f ir $500.    At this rate it wlll  "Queen of the Nations."     She     was Buildings,     Victoria, B.C., within 30
cost $10,000 to drive the tunnel.     To supported     in    the chorus by an en- days after the first    appearance     of
Notes from the cTHines
important strike has been made
Juno F..hoe mine at Chewelah.
Wash., during the last week on tbe
extension of the main shaft, according to word received today. At the
shaft     shews     ore     running   high in
The property is under the management of H. R. Spedden of Colville,
Wash., and considerable work will be
lone in the bodies. With the present
showings it is hoped to have tbe
property shijming in a short time.—
Spokane Chronicle.
Sixty and eighty dollar free milium gold is being taken from the Gol-
-len Pawn on Sheep creek, in the Nelson district uf Uritish Columbia, by
the Efanjay Sold mining company,
orltrolled by Spokane men.
tors.  • In other words    the ore easily
will average $45 to $50.
I'll will take from six to 10 months
te. drive this tunnel, which, when
completed,     will   put 100,00. tons ol wbich shc fitly sustained,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
NP.—Unauthorised  publication      of
this     advertisement will not be   paid
Meets erery Wednesday tvealag
at 8 o'clock, in Selkirk HaU.
Visiting brothers cordiallf la-
TiUd.    W. POTTRUFF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K of R.  S.
obtain and install an oil engine and semble of the performers ol the even- this notice in n local newspaper. The
compressor which we are ordering ini-' an(1 the tableau effect was inspir- date ot the 1st publication of this
in Spokane will cost $2,000, a power
plant on Mission     creek     will     cost  h>' thp Presence of    Messrs.
13,500,  a mile ol aerial tramway will  ''n<1 Mllltgan of the     Army
cost $12,000, and camp,     wagon road VoTPe in '"H regimentals.
and     miscellaneous     expenses       will
amount    to    $3000, making a total ol
$30,000 whtch  will  be used in the development   ol the    property  with  this
1000-foot  tunnel.
"Duly    three mer  are at work now,
but   when  rhe  compressor  is installed.
lng, while a military touch was given  notice is May 6, 1916.
City rlerk Roberts of Crnnbrook
has bad bis salary raised to $12.', per
'"*->. >.
ID, the force will be in-
This     find     wns made about three about     May
reeks ago,     accordine     to    word re- creased to 10.
ceived In   Spokane.     The    men     are "Samples ol the   ore were received
■drifting on the ledge. today from the four-foot face of     the
The company has leased the     four tunnel which is in 30 feet. These earn
Btamp    mill  or thc adjoining Nugget !,,PS show that  the ore is continuing
■lain., with its crusher, tables, trams as we expected it to.
and other equipment,    and will crush "Our company has   purchased     the
its ore as soon as the spring waters Spokane
start flowing, which is expected to be n'»s taken a bond    on the D
by the middle of Mny.    Five men are group-seven  claims in all
at work on the property now and as
Kaslo council has given notice that
hecceforth cows found running at
large in the city cemetery will be lm
pounded. It is now a case of tieing
the bull outside fm thus.' frequenting
God's acre in that city.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
berta, the Yukon territ.ny, tbe North
West territories and in a portion ol
the     province     of British Columbia,
WM PARRY, Auctioneer
KM.ii.ii ihesd  ii T.ipping Block
I will soil your H >U8ehold
effects or Property, I will also
repair and repolish your fur-
nature, or buy  them outright
A. F. an* A. U.
Regular Meetings are head la
New Masonic Hall oa the Fomrth
Monday ln each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
f "*    0. R. SKENE, W. M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  P«er»tarr
i. o. o. r.
Meets every Thursday evening la
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Viiiting brethern cordially  Invited.
JAMBS  MATHIE.  becreury.
soon ns tho mill can be used the
fore? will be increused to about  12,
S|iokane capital is chiefly Interested
In Ih.' newly formed Sjioknne Rourh-
, r H.'boiilc Mining and Copper Coni-
panj which already has commenced
operations on the property it has
acquired a n lie Irom New Hazelton,
Work of driving a lOOWoot tunnel
tins Btarted, This will give a depth
of about !<M)fl feet, and in the distance
it is expected the vein will be tnpjied
.md  four ore shoots opened,
"This luiiiiel Is being run on the
vein in four feet of ore that will average 7 per .'.'nt copper, $2 In gold
nnd IB OUnCCfl in silver," says George
il. Jennings, ore ol   the    lncorpora-
Tenders    will  be received for Laun- may be leased for a term of twenty-
dry work for thc Queen Victoria Hos- yeftrg    at    nn    nnnilal     tbdM
• *Dd pital, city. Quote prices for both of „ an acre. Not morc thnn 2,5G(1
plain and starched laundry. Contract acres wiu be ieased to one npplicant.
to run for six months from 1st Jure Application for n lease must he
1916. The lowest or any tender not mmir by the applicant in person to
necessarily accepted. the    Agent or Sub-Agent of the   dls-
Tenders to be in the hands of    the trict in which thc rights npplled   for
Hosjiital     Secretary,    not later thnn are situated.
15th,  1916.     Tenders     In„survcycd territory the land must
divisions   of    sections, nnd tn unsur-
ARMSTRONG,       be described by sections, or legal sub-
Secretary,   vcyed  territory thc tract applied tor
May 2nd, 1916. „hall    be staked out by the applicant,
 ■—    himself.
WATER NOTICE. Kach     application    must be accom-
luinied by a fee of $3 which will     be
Take notice   that A.  J.  Macdonell   refunded if thc rights applied for are
whose address ls P.O. Box C, Revel- not available, but not otherwise.    A
h6 stoke, B.C., wlll   apply for a License roynlty     shall be paid on the mcrch-
. to take and use twenty     Inches     ot antablc    output     of the mine at the
water out of    Yates     Crwk,     which rate df Avo cents per ten.
flows     westerly and drnins in to Wil-     The person operating the mire shall
F..r this year Fernie   council     will  llamsons Lake at  a point about half furnish the Agent with sworn returns
lay street laborers {2.T'i    per    day.  way    on    the East side of the Lake accounting    for the full quantity    ot
IM J, lennings is president, P. A.
Brady vire-pre-.ident, and John J.
Jennings secretary of the compnny,
which is Incorporated in British Columbia but bas its offices in the Pey- jj0, |ayj <^ay
ion building, Spovane. All the men c\ofie 3 p m-
are residents of Spokane. yr p
''Ro'icher Deboule mountain will
make one of the greatest copper
camps in the world, in my opinion,"
said M. J, Burns of Spokane who Is
also interested in the new corporation.
Cranbrook'i     new creamery will
in  Ihe  vacant  grocery     building    apposite tbc city hall.
Revels<toke I>xlge
NM . Ins.",
Meets every  second
and Fourth Tuesday
in   Smythe's    Hall.
Visiting Brethren an cordially invited.        ALLAN K. FYFE, Die,
H. L. HAUG, Sec
The foremen   eet   J3.
-ind Mfl feet S.W. of a mound on the  merrhuntahle coal mined and pay the
E. G. Burridge d Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialise in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roof-
Ins;, Furnaoe Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work shop   Connaugbt Ave.
RE VE I. STORK      -      .    R.C.
[t'l good policy to think of the fui unit's still battar polloytoprovida against
the misfortune- it may have in Iton
for you. The surest way of protri'tinij
yourself and family is a
with a reliable rompanv. The high
financial shunting ami long tiusin"K<>
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it, absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav Ih- near at band.
Don't delay.   Take nut a policy now,
A. E. KlNCAtu. Manager.
Phone 0«6
OVKR     IMPERIAL     BANK fagh For_n
SATURDAY,    MAY  13,  1916.
.•turned from   Trail on
W.  A.  Auntie
left     yesterday     for
J. Stew   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
K.  G,  McRae  returned    from     Cal-      W. A. Anstie returned on
■gary on Sunday. | day from Vancouver.
Trail visited Revel
Mrs. Ernest 11. S. McLean will not spring trade. Ladies havo your suits
receive on Saturday of thiB week.       I made early.
Revelstoke Fire Brigade No.l     wiU     Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Son.
hold their annual picnic ou May 24.    I
You can get money for old rubbers
U. Longhurst of Nelson registered if you bring them to the Second
at the Hotel Revelstoke on WedneB- Hand Store next to the Union Cloth-
day. I ing Store.
Premier Bowser
(Continued from  Page One)
J. Schotteld    ol
Btoke on  Monday.
IM  Rose ol Detroit registered at the
Hotel  Kevelstoke on Monday.
W. B, Farris returned on    Wednesday from n trip to Vancouver,
Capt, K. T. Petar registered at tho
King Edward hotel on Tuesday.
Mrs. w   Laird ol Arrowhead was a
vi-,' ei  h, Revelstoke on Tuesday,
A.  J,  Waskett  "f Arrowhead    Bpent
iev.   il   lays lei Revelstoke thin week.
returned on Saturday
ihe' Trout   Lake     dis
.1.   Sexton of  Nclt-'on was     at
Hotel RevelBtoke on Monday.
A. L.  Stevens of 50 mile house reg-     Special sale of LAWN MOWERS  at
istered at tho Hotel   Revelstoko     on all price3 at the    Sturdy     Hardware
P.  Bean of  Rogers Pas* was ut tho
King  Edward  hotel on Tuesday.
It.  F
at the
R.  A.
ut the
Colin of Montreal     registered
Hotel    RevelBtoke on Monday.'
Eraser of Ashcroft registered
Hotel   Kevelstoke on  Monday.
Vernon English has moved to the
residence on 6th Street owned by A.
Mrs, S. Reid of Vancouver was a
guest at thu Hotel Revelstoko on
T. Meredith of New Westminster
registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on
Mrs. G. L. WebBter of Moose Jaw
was a guest at the King Edward ho
tei on Monday.
Rev. J. C. McKenzie is bome from
the hospital where he underwent a
serious operutlon.
The annual congregational rally
takes place at the Methodist     church
on Monday, May 15.
fident of the government's strength,
confident of its ability to retain pub"
lic confidence, confident above all
things in their leader.
The second occasion was Bowser's
speech on the; address. The Liberals
A capacity house is expected to see had been charging that the govcrn-
The White Feather," with   big     or-j ment wns the "most corrupt in Can-
almost     $501)     worth   of fura.
were 18  beaver in the lot.
We beg to thank the members oj
Fire Brigade No. 2 and the citizens
who so willingly rendered much help
im protecting our otlico and contents'.
Irom the fire.
ehestra, Monday night, Empress.
GET THE HABIT.—Place your flro
nnd accident insurance with ChaB. M.
Field, who represents only old and
reliable companies.
There's comfort  in  cooking
Coursier's Coal.
The monthly meeting ol    the
mere     Institute will be held on
urday night.
.1. Glaspli
on Tuesdaj
of men.
returned to  Eagle
takiug    with him a
^^^^^^^^B Dean   Paget    of   Calgary arrived In
W.   M.  Harris of Cranbrook     regis- Revelstoke on  Monday  and      is     tne
tered     at, the King Edwurd hotel on guest of his brother, C. B. Paget.
"White Feather," the great milit
ary Jilny, with 10-piece orchestra
Monday night,  Empress Theatre.
H. W. Miller and H. 0. Wooten of
ol Vancouver registered at the Hotel
Kevelstoke on Tuesday.
A.  .lames     and     A.    J.   Skelley of
Miss Elleston and R. A. Elleston
of Rossland were among the guests
at the Hotel   Revelstoke on Monday.
Mrs. F. C. Cormier left on Monday
right    for Detroit, Michigan,  as dele-
E. A. and H. H. Reeves of Spokane
Glacier    were guests at the King Ed-  gate     to     the   L.A. to B. of R.T.'r.
registered   at
on Tuesday.
the Kiug Edward hotel
ward hotel on Monday.
In another column appears a list
of thc nan.es of voters objected to
by the Liberal Association.
.1.   P.  Forde, Dominion Government
engineer of Nelson,
King   Kdward  hotel
registered at the
on Monday.
Part ot the Maple Leaf Fete program was repeated at the Empress
theatre last night.
The Womens' Cunudian Club will
meet in the High school on Monday,
May L5, at 8.30 p.m. I
Mrs. Fannie Rockwell of Ocean ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Beach was among tht tourists at the the Hotel Revelstoke on Wednesday
King Edward hotel on Thursday.
e Twelfth International Convention.
Holders of Free Miner's Certificates
are reminded that this is     the     last
: month   for renewing their certificates
and that     Wednesday, May Si, is the
last day.
ada." The premier took up the challenge. The door to Inquiry was wido
open, he told the house. It was up to
the    Liberals     to prove their allega-
Revelstoke,  B.C., May 1, 1916.
The available newly surveyed   lands
in Township 24, Range t, West of the
tions or shut up. A day or two later j(;ta Meridian will be open to Home-
he said that if necessary the House1 Rtcn(1 onlry by 0Ugible applicants on
would sit. until June 1 so that the tl)(, |Ht (|ay (lf iI|ln(1| l91,6i nt nine
Liberals     might     have    all the t.imo  0'cioc|{ anlr
they required for Investigations. With     Particulars  as   to    the    available
his large majority  in the House     he  lan(iH     in  this Township  n.ay  he ob-
have followed    the jirecedent of  tained from the Agent of     Dominion
Lands at  Revelstoke.
Agent Dominion Lands
Parker Williams States Best
Thing Government Has Ever
Done—Meets the Situation
One of the most remarkable apectu-
Mr. and Mrs. NM F. Carter and
Miss N. Murphy ot Kaslo registered
at the Hotel    Kevelstoke on Monday.
C. K. Schllngleyde ,.t Vancouver arrived iu the city on Wednesday.     He
was    here to adjust the Climax hotel
T. J. Wadman, Agent Dominion
Lands returned from lioldeu on Thurs
day, where he attended the opening
of the newly surveyed lauds for home
atead entry.
The marriage is announced of H.
M. Biney i.f Cochrane, Alia., aud
Mis.- Frances Hughes ,.f Kevelstoke.
The ceremi ny   was performed at Cal-
i ary hy  Dean Paget.
Cards have been secured giving full
1 information    with     reference   to the clcs Presented to the House for many
Major and Mrs.  J.  Richardsoni-Rouf thorobred stallion ''Grandview." Fur- years was witnessed in Victoria.      It
of Victoria wer.; among the guests at  tner information will be given on ap-;w,ls lhe Ki(;ht of     Parker     Williams,
plication    to the Revelstoke Breeders BenIor     le-ieT of the ouposition, und
\ssociation. jfor 13' ye"rs a consistent assailant ot
| all Government bills, praising a Con-!
Word was received in the city yes- servative measure. The object of his
terday of the death in Calgary on unique approbation was the Work-
May 5 of Jane Dey Estey, aged two'men's Compensation Bill, which is
years and three months, daughter of now undergoing its second reading.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. F.Btey, formerly
il Revelstoke.
F.  R.  Richardson,
G. Burton and F. R.
nie  registered   at the
hotel on Thursday.
A.   Northwood,
Wbitluw dl Fer-1
King     Edwurd
the Laurier "dark lantern brigade"
In the Dominion, of Sifton in Alberta
and blocked investigation. But the
charges of corruption were untrue.
Bowser had nothing to fear. The Liberals by weeks of fruitless investigations and utter failure to make good
their charges of corruption against
the governmebt have proved that.       , r    -"^ay
These were    the     turning  points in] ^TS^^-vrH
tbe political situation, but that is
not afo |    Owing     to     the     session
Cordiality, frankness, a ready conr-  Supreme Court on Monday,
tesy and regard for    the     sentiments  the Registrar of voters will
and     feelings,  the foibles and peculi-  thc ('""rt ,)f Rovi8"»:'
arities even, of those with     whom l.e  liat     "ntil    Thursday
bas     to deal arc material  factors in
the  phases    of     Bowser's     character
whicli     havc    enabled him to rise to
the occasion as premier.  He can submit with good grace but without sac-
liilce     ,>t    principle to the desires of
his colleagues and supporters.    He is
always  open to conviction.     Thc underlying     jirlnciples    that govern his
policy are essentially democratic.  No
man in Canada is more     anxious    to
ascertain     the    will of thc people or
more willing to carry it out. No man
of   the
May  15,
of the voters*
May 18, at 10
Registrar of Voters.
The     Citizens'
dance in the drill
May 24, at 'J p.m
furnish the music
will be provided.
Corps   will hold a
hall on Wednesday
An orchestra will
and     refreshments'
FOR HALE—Wee MacGrcgor, Priza
Taker and Uncle Ham seed potatoes
for sale. Picked specimens, $3.00
jier hundred; unpicked, $2.00 per
hundred. Ajijily to H. M. McKin-
Mrs. Vi. H. Wallace and Mrs. J. D.
Sibbald were joint hostesses at a dell. C. Webster, Canadian Pacific lightful afternoon tea on Thursduy,
Railway train despatcher, together at tlle home of tue first-named lady.
With Mrs. Webster, left ,„, Thursday The occasion of the tea was a mis-
for Minneapolis and other States cellaneous shower in honor ot Miss
cities. Tbey expect to be away
three months.
After a casual half-hour peroration
introducing his habitual attacks on
thc land act, mining legislation, Hon.
W. R. Ross, and the member for
Grand Forks, Mr. Williams reached
Workmen's compensation legislation
and slowly worked himself up to reluctant     admiration     of the measure
and its founders.
for Rose McMahon, whose marriage takes)    "As far as  bringing   the    measure
place next Wednesday.     The     young (]own  is! concerned, there is no credit
bride-to-be received the  guests     with  ,\u0     to     the   Government," he com-
the     hostesses, and her pleasing, un- menced.  "The Trades    Unions     have
already urged such  a measure."
The Inhabitants ol Tatt had a vety
l leasant surprise usually not given
in these parts when "n Sunday last
Mr.  Falls shot  and killed     a     silver
tipped bear weighing     350 pounds, in     Mw, F.  Stump and
Rockcut Canyon.   Th' hide and skuU
are to be seen .it Mrs. Fulls.
St. John's Tennis Club is now
ganlzed for the coming season.     Two assuming manner     won the hearts ol
courts     have  keen  marked oft on tbe au.   About twenty of the city's most
grounds   on   McKenzie Ave.     Anyone representative     matrocB were present
-'..I    In tennis may obtain par- an,i literally showered the   guest    ot
tlculars     from     the secretary,  J. L. honor     with     a most    generous and
Mrs. H. Neeu-
1 am    mere joint  hostesses at another
of    those     enjoyable "At Homes" at
the residence of the latter on Friday
Peter Annance, .- tound gull- evening, Muy ~, when b.tween iu and
attempting to secure    persona- >.>ts took pa pleasure-
; • i-     tie last  :... _ung, whicb     e
'I >•■ Motion   in Vancouver,     waa    sen- ed chletly     in
t . nine mon' -.nment room    which wai ,  .iecorated
I labor, it t $300.00 or  with
"Tbe Government
better, but thev might bave done a
mighty sight worse," he went on by
easy stages. "It fairly meets the sit-
lovely display of gifts. Tea was pour- nation. Whoever drafted it had a
ed from a most beautifully appointed fairly good understanding of lnbor
tea     table   by Mrs. C. B. Hume and conditions.
Mrs.  Downs, and the dainty     edibles     '"I have charged thc    Attorney-Gen-
.yed by all. During the eral     with   nearly  everything he has
■ on     vocal solos were rendered ever done. Tf I hnve forgotten     any
by Mrs ind    Mrs. Walter Bewe.  thine I'll hnve to look it up."     The
idles were ini excellent member     was    approaching a climax.
their eflore.-, were     greatly "But I consider the     introduction of
in Canada is more     anxious to serve
them to their best udvantagc.
These     are not new qualities in W.
' J. Bowser. He never descends to pos-
ing,  to wear a cloak which does not
, belong to bim.     The qualities   which
I he is displaying as premier, the qualities    which are training him thc un-
i grudging good will of his siipimrters, u—	
! are     qualities    which nre as much a WANTED
part of the real Bowser as    nre     the
forccfulness    nnd strength of will for
! which he was admired   as    attorney-
^^^^^^^^ Bowser thr
might have done j^c
FOR SALE—Boat House near Government wharf, Revelstoke, new
Rowboat, 1 -1ft., never been used,
spoon oars, rudder rowlocks, com-
Idete; also 19ft. Peterboro Canoe,
with paddles and oars. Apply to
General Servant, or girl
to assist with housework and enre
of children. Ajqily Mrs. A. B. McCleneghan,   Imperial  Bank.
premier is making good,
is steadily gaining a stronger
hold on tha cood will of thc people.
Thc more tbey come into contact
with him the better they know Bow-'
ser the real man, thc stronger and
more enduring will become the public
support of a man whose friends know
that he is worthy of it.
Those who know Bowser hest admire him most; those who know him;
Meat like him best. No man could
ram a truer compliment.
FOR SALE—Cheap. Dining Room
Suite, quarter cut golden oak, in
lirst class condition. Also Stee!
Rnngc. Apply Mail-Herald.
three months was als
Matlnei Hobart
r.e ol     his greatest
I in
in all.
>'•.    Jetss  L     M ik]
ate ; I   ■:. <
'   by   J a
■   I
most bri'.l     • .nd the
new ■*
Thi« .
in fa' l. io hard th .
br.ught   against   the rnlvenal Co.
isic was fun
larp a
:    . Irs. Ni
With   :
by all present.
tlnfe of the    W.A. • ot
ti to nnish    arranne-
tea   knd  entertainment
be held  Saturday . v-
it  the home of     Mrs.
■     ' full attend-
D iw     for     "The
v.th orchestra of ten
tbe bill the brizhtest spot in his car-l
eer.  ft is the best thing that he has     Ben Bninbridge,    a     Grand    Forks
ever done." i trapper, is just in from his   winter's
Mr. Williams    thought    that    farm work itu the   North    Fork     country,
laborers    and      transient     emjiloyees —
should be included  in the classes able
ie, take advantage of the scheme.
Save Your
ay nieht.   Empress Tlva
'The  •
1 part*
by hlg
Bl«'.n     nr 	
Aiso Con ..lv.
THURSDA. Daniel  frohman    preB-
»<-n-    H i' ,wn  Id    an     ..riglr.al
detective comedy   drama   "My   Lady
Incog My Lady Inrog'   has all
thl Inti   ft '.!      .1     '■     ■   '''       '•       HtOry,
piuii -> delicate touch     '       mat m
ami     d        '       sdj   S j.aus.
frid..      .England i disttn
(Utlhed    ■! -eir.eet.er     actor,
Cbevaliei, thi   noil (a io ■ ■   roster,
in "My Old Dutch,"     a     play     of
lights     and     sha Iowh.     tears   and
ring a
■ ■
be Tr.-
n,    F imoue
my ami the Jesae
I.   Lasky    I'Vat.ire      Play      I ompany.
The    capital involved is estimated   at
mess of all
th<tae companies will be   carried     on
the name and direction of the
.f:on.  according
i . Mr    lltkefl       The new deal  makes
n    The Famous
in'l   Lasky  COmpaUl<tl  hnve
heretofore   released    through    rara-
i need at Mm
time what effect the r-ombinatlon will
have no their f'lt.ire r"lenneR. The
Mbert ,T"'rKfr wi" Immediately effect a rant
economy, eliminating about r,'i per
r«it nf t.he middlemen, and It will
i lso reiult badly for leading stars,
as  it  will eliminate     rat throat rom-
tre.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ir  for '
man   *. .•-      foi
Waste Peper
Eestored To Health By Vinol
H            Ml H9 II.
W A of St.   Peters
1 K \   md   -
i ji ,\| |.
( UNI  I  1
■ \         VI 1 '.
,  11
Shelbyville, Ind.—"I am a cWk in a
hotel and was all run down, no eneregy,
my blood was poor and my face covered
with jiimples. 1 got so weak I had to
put up an awful fight to keep at work.
After taking many other remedies with-
  out benefit Vinol has retored my health
l-M -ry  -lay this terrible   'war     con-1 »ni! strength."    Roy P. H.RD.
I'or   all   run-down,   weak,   nervous
tlnuea sees an increase in tbe  necesB- j conditions of men and women, nothing
ng  funds to help alleviate, equals Vinol, our delicious cod liver and
iron tonic without oil.   Try it on our
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ j eguarunteeB.
,  I-, the hearts »f
Vi.   Bews,   Druggist.   Revelstoke, B. 0,
Smile*, fi   pflrt"    nr,d  Com. 1. I
Oomlag  Next   Week,  Marguerite Clark ipt,Mo" f"r tn",r services,
ln "Mice nnd Men "                             j
Oomtm.' for tbe fust time In Revel-, Liggett s Chocolates, pure and de-
stoke, big OhlnSM Opera ''ompany UclOUS, nr< received freHh almost
Of ,V> artists and Orchestra,  May 22  ,,Very     flny ,,t   W.  Bews, Rexall Drug
Store, the exclusive agents
Dominion Bxpi■■     Mom v • nrtei
all are tbc Belgian*, old and    young,
ive lost  bome    and country In
.    •   > te   I v i ,i nny aril
the Carman
pealing is the eiy
■ ie. ',  e,f  that      brave
and dauntless    little nation, many  oi
o ,i  pari nt > oi  ii lends
To h> r little ones     have
the   eflorts    ol the women ot  Revel
■   to time been .inert
i ■    :,■ m -   used   to
>"/   f,,i    thll     pUI po '•      and
III      II     \    Lawson  has undertaken to
old i ibbers and waste papei.
and   tool   after  tlie  shipment   and  sale,
J of  sati.e.   M  one    means     ol      raising
in thin she m-ks the eo-opera-
' all the people ot Revelstoke,
gro e.o ii".    aad   children,    it is not
much   ire  ;.re  asked   to      do   just     to
lave oui • Id    rubbers and waste pa
p<fl    .r. I    'nd    the same  to  Mm   l,iiw-
son-, residence, Surely this ajijieni
tvhtcb    .'ntniis not. th" expenditure of
one '-..[•.per. will not go unheeded, ft
mny seem that earh person rnn only
do n little, but wben all Is jm* together It will mean a lot. Last week
Mrs. Lawson shipped over five hundred poundi of old rubber, and this
could he done often If each one would
do his or her pnrt. Throw not the
tini'Ht qcrap of rubber away—every
little bit helps the good work  alone
Please pay your
Subscription to
the Canadian Patriotic Fund to
the Molsons Bank
or to R. Gordon,
Fire Insurance ["SSyi*"!
Accident Insurance [01,1t, tf ST1]
Life Insurance [^;^S^rn]
Notary Public        Revelstoke       Real Estate
SPECIAL- Mens Oxfords
In Tan. Gun Metal
and Patent Leather
Button or Lace
Widths D E and E E
$6.00   VALUES   SPECIAL   $4.75
rJMcRAE SHOE STORE, Howson Block
Phono 217 Sandale, atrap 8hpper», Sic


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