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Chief lumbering, railway,, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and i the Pacific ocean.
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
Vol. 22—No. 80
$2.50 Per Year
Australians Will Be Billeted in
Private Houses—Entertainment on Wednesday
The Australian cadetB, who will
give nn entertainment iu the Opera
House next Wednesday evening for
patriotic purposes will arrive in Revelstoke from j the west at 12.25. They
will be met at the station by Mayor
W. A. Foote, the high school cadets
nud the hoy scouts. Headed by the
Australian's band a procession will
be formed and will march to the city
hall where an address of welcome will
be delivered.
Luncheon will be served at the Y.
M.C.A. at 1 o'clock by the ladies of
the Red Cross society and at 2.30 the
cadets will be taken for an automobile ride up the mountain. At 8 p.m.
the entertainment at the opera house
will commence. On Thursday morning the cadets will leave for Banff.
Those who have arrauged to billet
the cadets are: Y.M.C.A., 3; Mrs. C.
11. Hume, 2; Mrs. Ernest H. S. McLean, 2; Mrs. B. R, Atkins, 2; Mrs.
Robert. Gordon, 2; Mrs. R. Howson,
2, Capt. Palmer, 3; Mrs. CM R. Macdonald, 2; Mrs. C. A. Procunier, 2 ;
Mrs. C. Lindmark, 2; Mrs. W. Bews,
2; Miss McKay, 2; Mrs. F. Bourne, 2;
.Mrs. Vi. 11. Horobin, 2; Mrs. Kincaid,
2; Mrs. J. \V. Stevenson, 2; Mrs.
Robt. Urquhart, 1.
The Boy Scouts will act as guides
for the cadets while in the city.
The 35 lads representing the cadet
system of the Commonwealth are talented in every musical avenue. The
nil-brass band of 30 pieces took Vancouver by storm and is considered by
critics there to be the finest that ever visited tbc western cities. Under
the baton ,.f Professor Harold Bet-
teridge. who has the young charges
well under control, the boys feature
inly the highest class of martial
airs, Inspiring fantasias and well-
known classical selections. They
come with the reputation of being tho
Champion boys band of the Commonwealth, and they come typifying, especially. Australian musical arrangements. Many wonderful bands visited the expositions, but none were followed with such interest as this
youthful combination. That they
i une from such a distance, together
with the fact that they were so
young is an appealing force, but this
is all forgotten when thc excellent
rendition of an extensive rei>ertoirc is
heard   by enthusiastic audiences.
Distinguished soloists, comedians
nmi elocutionists help to provide a
program, rarely, if ever equalled by
any pi lional company and a plea-
cant interlude in the program are Illustrations .if the gymnastic training
carried out as part of the compulsory
military training system of tho
young Dominion. To give an exact
representation of the various poses
and exi raises, a Bpecial apparatus is
carried by the cadet tourists.
The cadets are in charge of Lieut.
J, .1. Simmons. Arthur Coyne Is
secretary and Harold Betterldge musical director, Qeorge Marshall is
band sergeant and Ernest K. Shack-
lock manager, The cadets are as follows:
Name and are Rank
Me 11,   Walter,   17 Ool.  Sergt.
Brown, Bailey,  13 Private
Bond, Chester, U    Sergt. Drummer
Ibex, Reg., ie, Signaller
Campbell, R., IS First class petty ollicer, Yoeman Bignaller A. Coy.,
R. II. Naval R.
Curran,  Fred,  17
Davidson, R.,  IS
Finlay.  Kenneth,  15,
Olaskin, L. F.,  18
Harris,  CM,  17
Corporal D. R.
Hicks, Percy, 17
Hicks, Terry, lfi        	
F. Specialist.
Lewis, S., 14 Private
Lillis, J., 17, Private
Melrose, A.,  12 Cadet
Marie,  A.,  17 Sapper
Marie,  Edward,  15 Private
May wood,  13 PrlVBte
Mrliean,   C.eorgc,   17 Driver
Runnals, R.,  17 Sergt.
Stenberg, 0.,  18 A. B.
Btott    Martin, 18 Corporal
Ockerby,  E.,  111 Sapper
Sims,   W.,   II Private
Williams, C, U, Private
Thompson,  0.,   lfi Private
Zeidln, Ceorgo, 16 Prlvnte !
Rnrkwood, Cllve, 17 At present '
Frew.   Robert,   12       At   present   un-I
nt Inched.
Humphreys, Willie, 12      at present
Justice  Depa - ?nt   Will  Not
Accept Offers.   . Employment from Cities
Uetters from R. F. Green, M.P. and
Hon. Thomas Taylor, M.I'.P., regarding the internment camp have been
received by C. R. Macdonald, secretary of the board ol trade. In bis
letter Mr. Taylor states that all credit for securing the camp for i'.evcl-
stoke is due to Mr. Green and both
Mr. Green and Mr. Taylor express
their willingness to do all in their
power to further the wishes of tho
citizens and' the interests of the city.
Mr. Green's letter is as follows:
Victoria, B. CM, Oct. 1, 1915.
C. R. Macdonald, Esq.,
Secretary Board of Trade,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Dear Sir:
I have your communication of the
Mth ulto., and note with satisfaction
that your board, and the citizens
generally, are pleased with the establishment oK the internment camp
within the confines of tbe Revelstoke
National park, and that the interned
aliens are doing good work.
I note further that the city have
wired to Colonel Otter with a view
of having this particular camp continued in the city of Revelstoke for
thc winter, and I will be glad to do
anything that I can to assist you in
attaining this object. May I point
out, however, that the offer of your
city to employ on an average of 20
men per day during the winter is not
at all likely to bc entertained, because, as I understand it, the Department of Justice at Ottawa have absolutely refused to accept similar offers from any corporation, and that
nny arrangement made must of necessity be such a one as can be made
for the employment of these people
by either the provincial or the Dominion governments, and you will naturally see the reason for this, as, if
they allowed them to be employed by
corporations, it might lead to abuse.
As to when I will be in Revelstoke
again; I am not in a position to
give you a definite answer at this
particular time, but should occasion
arise upon which it is felt thnt my
presence is essential and necessary
there, I will try and arrange to
meet your wishes. I remain,
Yours faithfully,
P. O. Box 312,  Victoria, B. C.
Victoria, B. (M,  Oct.  2, 1915.
Hon. Thomas Taylor writes as follows:
C,  R.  Macdonald, Esq.,
Secretary Revelstoke  Board of
Trade, Revelstoke, B. C.
Dear Sir:
I beg to acknowledge receipt of
your favor of the 2Sth ult., expressing thc thanks of your Board for my
iissistnnce iu having the internment
camp established on the automobile
road to Mount Revelstoke.
In reply I have to advise that
while appreciating the kindness of
your board in the matter. I would
beg to point out thut your Dominion
member, Mr, Qreen, is entitled to all
the credit in this respect, and
I hough, of course, I would be only
ten. pleased to assist him or the dis-
trict in tbis or any other matter appertaining ti. it< welfare, I wns not
called upon to do anything in this
connection ami the thanks of the
board are due In Mr. Green and not
to myself.
I note what you say as regards em- .
ploying thc interned aliens during the
winter months and the arrangements
which your city council nnd board of
trade are endeavoring to make witb
the Dominion authorities, and your
suggestion that probably a number of
these prisoners might be employed on
the road at Three Valley. I may
say as regards the latter work that
1 do not think the men could bc engaged to any advantaee owing to the
depth of snow nnd weather conditions
generally during the winter months.
Tt Is Impossible for mc to say del-
Inltely when f will hnve an opportunity of belne In Revelstoke as owing
to the absence nf the other Minister!"
I am unable to get nwny from the
office, but if you will advise me ln
What way T can hein the above mat- j
tor nlnng yon can rest assured 1
sbnll be only too glad to clve every
help In mv junver to your board's recommendations.
Yours truly,
Minister ol Public Works
One Boat to Operate on Arrow Lakes Making Three
Trips Weekly Each Way—To Remain at Arrowhead
One Day a Week—Two Transcontinental Trains
Discontinued Next Month
The winter timetable on the C.P.R.
will come into operation on Oct. 31.
On thc main line trains No. 13 and
11, between St. Paul and Seattle,
which arrive at 4.45 p.m. and 7.15
a.m., respectively, will be discontinued, leaving in operation two transcontinental trains daily each way.
Mail will be carried by trains 1 and
2 which arrive at 3.20 p.m. and 12.25
p.m. respectively. Trains 13 and, 11
now carry mail and express.
On the Arrow lakes between Arrowhead and West Robson only one boat
instead of two will be in operation.
The boat will make six trips weekly,
leaving Arrowhead on one day, returning the next, and lying at Arrowhead one^day a week.   The train     be
tween Revelstoke and Arrowhead will
run six days a week connecting witb
the Arrow lakes boat. On thc three
days thnt the boat leaves Arrowhead
for West Robson ' the train will leave
Revelstoke in tbe morning, probably
at the same time as at present, will
take'passengers to the boat and will
return to Revelstoke. On the three
days that the boat arrives at Arrowhead from West Robson the train will
leave Revelstoke about noon, will
meet the boat on its arrival and will
return to Revelstoke thc same afternoon. On the day on which the boat
lies at Arrowhead the itrain will not
be in operation. The days and hours
of the train and boat schedule are
not yet definitely settled.
Finest  Scenery on   Continent
at Revelstoke Say Tour
ists From Quebec
Joe  Buoscio. on Bail. Cannot
be Found-Civil Cases
Seven  Guards  at Internment
Camp Join Foreign  Service Units
equipped and therefore run at enormous extravagance; can't pay the interest on the bonds, and getting
worse all the time. Somebody made
the Supreme Court conclude thut the
railways of Alaska came uuder thc
Inter-state Commerce Commission,
and the cheap clerks on the commission began to hand out orders there
by      mail.   Every  railway  in  Alaska
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ had to quit, except the Guggenheim
Nine members of the 102nd regiment road,  the White Pass,  and our little
engaged in guarding the aliens in tho 45 raile road-   0ur roa<i couldn't quit
internment     camp    in thc Revelstoke
so long as they kept running they
were on earth and had a chance—
when tbey quit they were dead.
"Finally, after the Interstate Commission had piled up about $103,000
line, and 3(13 years in jail for its
president, their manager,—a very
good carpenter by the 'way,—came
crying to me and asked me what he
should do. It was tso funny I told
him to forget it and leave it to me.
Three weeks later, Franklin K. Lane
president of the Interstate Commerce
Commission, received a letter from
me which read:
"'Dear Frank: When you and I used
to work together on thc old Tacoma
News, a generation and more, ago,
you used to be ,a hell of a good fellow, but today you are getting to be
an all-round ■ , and if you don't
  change your system something bad is
'apt to happen to you. For instance,
Two more recruits for the 54th bat-  you     threaten to put our little rail-
talion have signed the roll in Revel-  way out of business unless it     hauls
park have recently volunteered for
overseas service and have left for
Kamloops to join military units, including the Pioneers. Those who
have volunteered are Corp. D. M.
Powell, Corp. G. H. Goldsmith, Privates G. Warren, G. Lewis, W. Beth-
une, C. Price, J. H. Heflle, J. Ene-
fer, H. L. Halpin.
Corp. Powell, Corp. Goldsmith and
Privates Warren and Lewis left on
Sept. 26. Privates Bethune, Price,
HefTel, Enefer and Halpin left last
Four More Recruits
for Overseas Service
stoke     and  bave passed  the medical
examination.   They «re:
R. Brill, born Gait, Ont., next of
kin,' Mrs. Robert Brill, Revelstoke,
B. C, age 25, laborer, single.
William Howard, horn Moncton, N.
B., next of kin J. Henderson, Revelstoke, B. C, age 44, cook, single.
D.  McLeod, born  Scotland,  age 27,
next of kin  John McLeod
laborer, single.
dynamite ten car lengths from the
engine. In the first jilace the blamed
railway hasn't ten cars, and, in tho
second place, it hasn't an engine that
could haul ten cars if it had tbem.
The only way that they can comply
with your demand is to hitch thc car
of dynamite onto the engine.with a
ten-car length rope, and then, do you
Scotland, ■ care to be responsible for what happens     to '   uhe     engine and the crew
G. Graham,  born Scotland,  age 30, thereof,  when  thc 'train starts down
next of kin Mrs. McKenzie, Scotland, thc hill?'
miner, single. "I continued in,thc letter with tho
For     home service one  recruit has  actual story of thc road, and      three
enlisted. He Is: , weeks later both the .railroad and my
Alfred     Evans, born London, Eng., Self (received letters from  Lane assur-
next of kin Charles Evans, 22 South- ing ns that  the Interstate Commerce
borough     Rd,    London, Eng., age 40, Commission      would    'make no  in..re
"My command of the  English language is Insufficient to tell you how
amazed and delighted 1 am at     the
scenery of  the automobile road" said
j Victor     Archambault   of Sherbrooke,
'tine.,   who  with  P.  O.  Theriuult     of
Hull,  Que.,  anil  .1.  O.  A.  Biiodeau of
j Ste. Marie,  que.,  arrived in  the City
; on Saturday on their return from 'tha
I Sun FrnnciVco exhibition an.l . t..jiju-a
at the Union hotel.   Accompanied  by
I A.     P. Levesque, J. ft. Barber     and
Charles    Holten    they  went by  automobile    to thc internment  camp     in
the Revelstoke pack and visited some
1 of the ranches in the district.
The jiarty went from Quebec to San
Francisco via Chicago, Salt Lake
City, Kansas City, Pueblo, Loa An
geles and San Diego, Mexico and are
returning home by the Canadian l'acific railway. "During our journey,"
said Mr. Archambault "we have seen
some of the most magnificent scenery
of the continent, but 1 can say truthfully that nowhere did we see anything that impressed us more than
the scenery in thc neighborhood of
Revelstoke. Why Revelstoke is not
one of the most, favorite tourist resorts in British Columbia I cannot
imagine, hutlthat!it will become the
great mountain centre I am thoroughly convinced. The wonderful growth
to be seen in ,the neighborhood and
the'well tilled ranches hidden among
the mountains here also filled us with
surprise. Tlie good streets and attractive lawns and gardens also
struck us forcibly and you may be
sure that we shall have many good
words for Revelstoke when telling in
Quijbec the history of our travels. We
shall advise every tourist we hear of
to stop at Hevclstoke."
The Canadian building at the San
Francisco exhibition is the best feature of the fair, Mr. Archambault declares. Its design is most attractive
and the exhibit a revelation of the
possibilities of the Dominion. It has
been a sjilemlid advertisement. Every
visitor to the fair tells about the
Canadian exhibit and it hns opened
the eyes off many Americans who
had an idea that Canada was a desolate and non productive land. The
designer of the building has been offered ?10,CO0 a year by the city of
San Frunclsco to do similar publicity work for San Francisco.
While up tbe mountain the visit.irs
inspected the Internment camp and
expressed the opinion that tbe aliens
bete ran have no complaint as to
their treatment.
Messrs. A.rrliambault. Bllod<eau and
Therlault are French Canadians and
members of the staff of the New
York Life Insurance company. Thev
were winners of a competition which
gave a trip to the Panama exhlb I D
as a prize nnd Mr. Archambault i-
also a member of the 200 000 dub in
connection with the company.
At the county court tbis morning
Joe Buusci.. tailed to put in au ap-
pearance to stand trial on a chargo
of unlawfully entering a dwelling by
Defendant was on bail of jl" an.l
Vi. B. Earns, for the sureties, said
that a warrant had been issued for
defendant's arrest. He had been
traced to IM g irs I'ass i nd Golden but
could ii.'t now be found. The sureties
wn-e making every efiott to secure
his apprehension.
Vi. 1. Briggs who appeared for the
crown said tbat he did not know the
wishes of the attorney general as to
the forfeiture of the bonds. !
Judge Forin adjourned the case to
the next sitting of the ceiurt to enable the sureties to secure the appre*
hension of the accused.
In lhe case of L. Travenutte vs. J.
Belenski for $67 a verdict was given
for plaintiff. Vi. B. Farris appeared
for the plaintifl and Vi. I. Briggs for
the defence. Plaintiff had built a
house f'.r defendant who wis dissatisfied with some details of the work
and had withheld full payment. His
Honor held that the complaints were
of a trivial nature and gave judgment for the plaintifl. Among tho
witnesses were H. H. McVity, W. A.
1 ""!■' who bad exai lined the building
and the plaintifl and defendant.
In the case of l-M. ite & Pradoline
vs. George D. Shaw atsuit for .?">'. 12
judgment was reserved to ena' le le-
gal argument to he beard as to tho
validity of an order for $115 on defendant given by A,. M. Symons to
plaintiffs. Vi. 1. Briggs for defendant
argued ti. a the order was not valid,
not having been accepted by defendant and no legal notice having been
given. Vi. li. Farris appeared for
. laintiffs and tl.e witnesses examined
were Miss Foote, W. A. F ote an i defendant.
The suit of Sydney l.eary vs.  John
Glaspie et al for $140 was al-  urned.
ns was also  tb-   .- :,i   ol the  Canadian
Mr  railway   vs.   the  Forest   Mills
of B. c, Limited f. - >.'m ,e:.
laborer, single.
Former Kootenay Editor
Intercedes for Railway
BaUnden, Stanley. 17        At present
Thc arrival in Montreal of nn
askan newspaperman, on
way to visit his sick father in
United States, has uncovered an exceedingly rich story involving tho
railway development of Alaska, and
the personality of Franklin K. Lane,
secretary of the interior. Thc long
distance traveller is William T.
Thompson, publisher of thc News- i
Miner at Fairbanks.
Mr. Thompson who is ,nn American
went west from Toronto eighteen
years ago, landing at Trail, B. C,
the smelter city, where he established in business and conducted a news- ;
paper, also publishing for a time a
weekly at Rossland, B. C, where he
crossed wires with F. Augustus Heinze, the latter coming out of tho bnt-
tle victorious, Thompson going to
Stlklne where he is now editor and
publisher of the "News-Miner" at
Fairbanks. He tells the story In
this wny:
"We hnve a dinky little narrow-
gunge .railway there, financially bnnk-
rupt in a thousand wnys, inefficiently
Itrouble  for   this   mad   and   tbey  havo
.not. ■,
"For six months afterwards,   after
I Lane |   became secretary of thc inter-
; ior, I kept getting letters from differ*
ent   i members of the Interstate Coin
merce Commission    explaining      why
they    bad     'mixed  it' witb our rail-
A, 'road, and apologizing therefor..Three
..      months ngo the Commission formally
remitted the Immense fines against
president .Toslyn, told him he needn't
go to jail for more than 300 years,
to which punishment he fell heir under the Interstate rules; Congress bad
passed n law remitting thc tax of
$1C0> a mile on all Alnska railways,
for all the'time it bnd not been paid
and for time to come—just, because
Lane nnd T used to work together
more than twenty years ago, on a
little hand-set daily iiaper in the
state of Washington, nnd (because he
is a human man'when you forget his
official  position."
After a two months' run the Pentlcton cannery clonsed for the senson
on Saturday. The total pnek wns
close to 20,000 cases—lt was 250O0
eases In 1014.
At a meeting of the St. John Ambulance association it wns decided to
try and send every mnn who has enlisted from Cr.imlbk'ook some knitted
nrtlcle for Christmas.
Presentation tn Wp^hpr
of HPC!r    Ru!l(!
At the residence of Mrs, v.. II.
Sutherland,    presidt i I e  La • !.•*
I lospltal Guild, on B il lay M Q
s. McCarti r, bonorai y 11 i lei t ol
the guild was presented -ub a handsome I'in. Mis. Mill lies Ian 1 read a
Well Worded address, in which WU
expressed the sorrow of tbe members
it. seeing Mrs. McCarter severing her
connection with the Ladies Hospital
guild. At the close of the a bir.mt
Mrs. C. R. Macdonald presented Mrs.
Mi't'atti't' with the pin. Mrs. Mel'nr
ter expressed her thanks nnd Paid
that BltbOUgfa ber residence wo'ibl be
in Calgary she would still be a member of the Revelstoke Ladies Hosplt
al guild.
Ten was served nnd thc tea ' table
was presided over by three ex-presidents of the guild. Mrs. tjrqub ITl
jioiired tea, Mrs. McCleneghan poured
colfee and Mrs. Lawson cut the ices.
Mrs. Holten nnd Mrs. Roblilns assisted serving.
A. Rragenton, n Moyie rancher, has
fl flock of pet prairie chickens. Also
n few almost tnme deer feed nroiind
the place.
Grand Forks trustees have approved of the move to devote Friday afternoons for the girls In the tbrM
higher rlnsses of the pufjltc school lor
wort  for the Red Cross.
True Bill Found lo
AtttrnptEd Ai> uc ion Case
The    grand     Jt s'jn assizes
has brought in a trut Mill in the ca^
in which Profese ir I'e f Revelstoxe
is  charged   with I   abduction
of t'ne young nie re ,,; ' Maries Maglio
of  NMlson.    Yesterday   lhe  Revi
d : t slegram
from John T. Blue's, clii f of police at
"True bill against  Professor Defei.
Arrest     bim and send him to Nelson
iu rb irge ,ef Constable Gar ett   who
anted     here f"t  witness in the
same    case.   Musi Revi
me    by
Defoe, who was comm  I lor trial
.'■■'■ :st 2 ',
1 ail an 1 has left the
Gymnasiym Classes for
Girls il tUX
rhe you .. ; im   class
at the Y.M.C.A. wiil le held every
Kiidav evening trom S te, \i this winter. This was a wry popular class
■ iter but tl.e faet tbat it waB
held '.n Saturday afternoon kept a
great many from joining.  Friday bas
been chosen tins year as probably tbo
nie.st suitable of the available evenings. The work of the class includes
light calisthenics, gymnastics, wand,
Indian club, dumbell work end gymnast i dancing ns well as the various
gymnasium gnmes, volleyball, baseball and basketball. Such an evening
once a week becomes very enjoyable
as well  as beneficial.
The school girls gymnasium class,
taking up the suae line ,.f Work Will
be scheduled for Saturday atterJOIDI
at    2.30 this year.   The school    • iris
made good progre-s especially in i»*-
ketbn'l last year and it is I. I0)d <ttt
tbey will have .-: g "'■! claw this winter.
At ft patriotic entertainment at
Yahk last week 135 was rnlsed for
the Overseas    bib tobacco fund. *AGE TWO
She flDail-lberalfc
cTVI iii-Herald Publishing-
Company, Limited
&.  G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.
Locul Reudmg Notices aud Business
Locals in cents per line each insertion.  Minimum local sd charge 'J5c.
Display advertisements 2a cents per
Inch each insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Gove: ■' and Municipal Notices 12
cents per line firsl ie-"ition and 8
cents jier line subsequent insertions,
allowing   10  lines  tee  the  inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses 85,
Apj.lications for Transfer ol Liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Oil  prospecting  notices $7."i0.
Land Purchase Notices. ?7.0o.
Water Application Notices. up to
10U worels. y7.Mn, over 100 words in
pro; ' rtion.
n'.. mm^_.
On Saturday Hon. Joseph Martin
was nominated Liberal candidate for
the Dominion constituency of Carl-
boo by what is described in the Vancouver Sun's news report as,"a splendidly attended and very enthtisiatic
convention of the Liberals of that
riding." ' but the accession of Mr.
Martin to the ranks of the Liberal
candidates of British Columbia has
been received with no manifestations
of joy on the part of those who sit
in the high places of Liberalism. One
searched in vain in tbc editorial columns of the chief Liberal organ on
Monday for the paen with which the
nomination of a Liberal candidate is
usually welcomed. Although Mr. Martin's long political career and prominence in public affairs mude comment
more than ordinarily appropriate, the
Sun preserved a profound and significant silence.
The Kamloops Inland Sentinel, the
chief organ of the Liberal party of
the constituency in which Mr. Martin
is the Liberal standard 1.carer. Is less
discreet, lt comments upon the nomination, bul Its ren,arils are. iu its
own words, 'hardly a benison on the
new Liberal candidal pres u ptlve."
This is  what it  says
•■it would be idle to affect Batlsfac
tion - iver the res i of thi i omina
tion convention at Ashcroft on Sat-
i rday,  and as lar  as
•        ■ -       • '.lie.   I.e.',
ol victor}  ■■'   - ' divi
Even if the e  i.
conducted -
swayed by men ol
eous    manner
Mai tin as cand
still r<
ume of public feeling.   II
, ..•      the mei
. ■ il whal   i
•   ■
n as to
•o pn
most act
gar ded
■ •  ' The:
to    evoki '•'■ ■
hope of any Kn
i t neverl
to a si
ing to the constituency should he favored. Thi plain fact is that there is
no reason why V.:-. Joseph Martin
should have been m tho lists here at
all. it is simply a case of finding an
opening for a professional politician,
and the scheme being lathered by
lesser men of the same genus, owing
to their old standing affiliations and
Interests elsewhere.
"As regards Mr, Martin personally,
the "Sentinel" franklj welcomed his
advent early this year into the front
of Liberalism, in the journalistic brigade, and we recall that his paper ap-
preciatively quoted our tribute and
optimi tic hopes of bis career. In a
short time we might have equally
frankly announced ive were mistaken.
Mi. Martin, whose force of character
and capacity are recognised generally, was soon acting as if he was tho
latest fast type of U 99 lei loose
without anj steering gear. His uncertain dives wen- relieved by fre
'. iei ' atl emp! .-• ' to torpedo various
units of the IM C. Liberal licet. Our
leaders and tbeir policy were aimed
at serial In . i and the 'Evening Journal'—which was execrably managed
and naturally short-lived—expended
' e i rgies in encouraging the enemy
Even Dr. McKay, atl invaluable asset
to any political party with right ambitions, was Irresponsibly attacked.
"Our view  is that  if any politician
comes into the field and demonstrates
in      a  variety of  Ways that   he cares
little what he does except fight     for
bis     own hand,  then he has outlived
his usefulness In any sphere where unity      Is desired.    And      when  his own
procedure     and      policy    only create
cause for mirth, and are far from being    a  laudable  example,   why  should
lie  expect the followers of those     ho
. ttacks  and   vainly  attempts  to  dis-
credlt    te>    accept    him    with . pen
arms?   One of the two essentials   ad
vocated in these columns for any candidate was naturally that be   should
be a  man with a record for loyal cooperation with  the Liberal leaders In
the province.    Mr. Martin  has     gone
..ut  .if bis way to be the reverse   ,' ml
to  advertise  it.    In  the second  place
his actions and ideas in dealing with
the Dominion Trust  business are     by
no  means acceptable to  people     who
are     not  lawyers,  and  it  is obvious
thai   the  candidate-elect   bas   no (particular   interest   in   or  knowledge      of
Kamloops and its surroundings.   The
' Ions ' and  i Is are outside bis
-ef knowledge.   His Concerns are
all     elsewhere.   That could be reme
died no doubt.   Bul   meanwhile     the
facl     is  thai  he is jus!  :■  poi I
.MM''!   a  s tat,   and  a   little  sect bei
mths have worked the •
I it  being   Kamloops.
or  rathi •   the  new   Caril  i ■  division.
As     ie ■  the features of    the
"'''■   ': ' igh to
f the 1
-   ■
.    ..   .
is very great mining activity. Tbe demand from the prairies for lumber
has led to the opening of numerous
lagging camps and the mills are all
starting up. There are no idle men ;
but on the contrary some of the mill
men are complaining of the shortage
of labor. Our correspondent, who has
covered some hundreds of miles during the past week or ten days, says:
"it looks as if Southern British Columbia would have a splendid fall and
The Saturday Chinook: Straight-
iine Liberals throughout B. C. may
rest easy, for the evening Journal, a
paper which blossomed but for a few
short weeks, seems now to be dead
beyond any chance of resuscitation.
A few weeks ago, rumor had it that
the Evening .Journal was to he revived. Shortly after that a new face ol
type appeared on the front page of
the Province. tt was thc type
through which Joseph Martin used
to express himself on the front page
of the Evening Journal. Mr, Martin
has laid aside his blue pencil and
cony schedule. Two of his linotype
machines have joined tbe battery of
the Daily Province. The rest of the
finulpment used in the printing of tne
Evening Journal is being crated and
stored away, and the Imperial TcAiac-
co company have, leased or purchased
the   Evening  Journal  building.
officer when Hubert Mars comes to
the' rescue. The Canadian saves Ar-
lelgh's life, but is himself desperately wounded.
Part 4—Wolfe is stricken with a
fatal illness and he cannot recover.
Desjiite his weakness he rises from
his bed and £oes to take command.
Wolfe learns of a narrow path leading up thc mountain side to the
plains of Abraham. All night long
tlie English toil up the mountain
side. When morning dawns they are
lined up in battle array on the Plains
of Abraham.   The light commences.
Part 5—The bugle summons tho
French to battle. Wolfe delivers a
stirring address to his men. As the
French approach the battle commences. Wolfe is in the thickest, of the
fray. A shot I ni es him. He falls.
"They run, tbey run," cries one of
his aides. "Who run?" gasps Wolfe.
"The enemy." "Now Cod be praised," the dying man whispered, "I die
happy." Wolfe's body is placed
ali..aid the English flagship to commence its journey to the land for
which  he gave his life.
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hoga—in the most modern plant in the
West—Government inspected—approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
Vivian Martin is a beautiful little
girl—small and winsome—and has often ' been compared to Mary Pickford.
Her gift is as a comedienne and in
'The Arrival of Perpetua" at the
Rex tonight and tomorrow she gives
nn interpretation of a humorous part
which gives general satisfaction. The
picture is a "World" offering in live
acts, and in photography and production is quite up to the "World"
standard. This week's "first run"
offering on Friday and Saturday is
"Marrying Money," with Clara, Kim-
ball Young.
'I'e day Hob Leonard und Ella Hall
of the Master Key lame will be seen
at the Kmpress in the Silent Command, a hypnotic mystery in 4 parts.
Tht play depicts the battle waged by
a young lawyer to combat tbe influence which a famous doctor, a hypnotist, exercises over a beautiful young
■ , ..an. Tlie Diamond from the Sky,
llth    ' For  Line or Money.
Mini;     Baggot     In  the Kiddle of the
;   e   lags.   Un      Thursday     the
great Harpi ■■ \l> tei j, le itui ing Pli r-
rurni r     late of the Vitagraph
' y,   also    war      pictures.      On
, the Snow Girl with Brinsley
real est   winter picture ev-
:   taki ■   at 3ai ai ac lake     at
irniva     The 8mug-
. iss featuring 11 ne (Jauntier,
-   1     feet
- . ■■ ,
wagers aim ng the inem-
■   Miss r.aun-
■    '
■   ■
Mer her
B   -
Between Sept, 17 and 22, five births
were recorded |n Trail—all boys.
Saturday was the busiest day for
six months in t.he stores at Blairmore.
1 100 feet of tahle display was on
exhibition at the Trail fruitlfair last
week. I
Within r< week three Austrians escaped from the detention camp at
I- ernie,
Greenwood householders are warned
to boll the drinking water before using it.
The ladies of Greenwood have presented the home guard company with
a set of colors.
A two and a half pound i^otato has
just been harvested on tbe Carbough
ranch at Grand Forks.
ISO families at Vernon nre being assisted from the Patriotic fund, the
August payments  being $2,0G3.
For its size Fernie is now stipply-
ing more men ifor overseas service
than any point in the province.
Kaslo's telephone system is one of
the few in the province to show increased business this year.
•lohn Strachan succeeds the late D.
('. McGregor ns mayor of Kaslo. He
beat Aid. Strathearn by 2 votes.
Howser ranchers are having trouble
in selling this year's crop owing to
industrial dulness in tbe Lardeau valley.
For stealing three loads of cord-
wood from a local woodyard owner,
C'htis. Richardson of Cranbrook has
just been sentenced to 30 days in
Fernie people are working on a
plan to have a voluntary donation of
•'. per month from every citizen enrnh
ing less than $100' a month,'and $2 if
receiving over that sum, for patriotic jmrposes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Suitably furnished with the
choicest the market affords.
Best   Wines,    Liquors   and
Cigars.    Rates   $1 a   day.
d. Albert Stone, Proprietor Monthlv rates-
Union Hotel
A. P. LKVKSQUK, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
i let. 9th is jam and pickle shower day at the hospital. You
an most cordially invited to come.
Afternoon tea will he served from 3
to  5.
Intake Lodge
1   mgn^fi-efjl
NM,. 1(186
lr[ 5S«
' MOO<4E
every  second
Rtld  Vi
ir ■ li Tupuday
in   the
Selkirk  Mull
en in
cofdl'iMy in-
\\ K.
H i.
War Ib declared    on our itock  of   i   Why are we selling more   breadT
Tea and  Coffee,     see our window   I   There must he a reason,
for specials.
$1 Buys 3 lbs.
While this lot inns, and as another advance Is predicted In the
near  future  we would advise put-
Let Us Tell You Why
Just compare n loaf of our* with
any other and we are absolutely
sure you will use the best, then
you will know why.
ting by  a few pounds. I BEST BY TEST
Phone 41 HOBSON'S Box 734
,■ id
He ;.     ■
irred    from
: lerald igaln ti        ■  truth     In
i ofoi e
ii   efforl  will be made t." bar
it from the mails*
\ Ictoi In Colon . o In recelpl
of en y favoi able ."l. I< tt fi i em 11 e
southern Interior o( tins provlnos.
All mi r t he Boundai v, Okanagan
nml Kootenay districts the crops
have been c-.e- ptlonolly good.   There
-ni ten   iwaj   it i [tiehe   re ,     |.,
ittaoh    e.n
redoubts   e ,., ,   m,,
nele     ' ii: ■     Thi   '[..ee,. ,->  ,,r     the
• 'I'Mi ■ o cover ihe retre,* • ■ r
11         e .    , |„. Kin-Hull from :m ■ |
nlhllatlon.     Ldotit,     Arlelgh, fi  I
like ii hero, i"   in.) by an Indian   The I
rod i.in Is   uii'iiii   ie, scalp the young I
i pay you to make
Buyer and Exporter
Old Town      Rk\ rlbtokb, B.O,
ire  m , v;ii;'   ', ,,iii- i,ui iii
of working c)i il he   for i he
Imiie-  i apeclall y
of   Logging SI,iii,s,   fn ni s,
SOX,    --lill I   I,    lie lUkfltS, -Hill
bi .! hlng i pquired in your
bu tines*,
A. I'M and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held la
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday In each mouth at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
JOHN  LEK,  W.  M.
ROBT.   GORDON,  Beeretary
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
86 Second St.,  Revelstoke, B. 0.
E. G. burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Motnllio Codings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnnoo Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work shop   Oonnaughl Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -     -    B.O.
It's good policy to think of tin-future
It's still hei ter poi icy td provide against
lie misfortunes it may have in store
Mn you. The suresl way of protecting
yourself and family in a
with a reliable company. The high
Rnnnoial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav be near at hand.
Don'l delay.    Tuke nut a policy now,
A. E. Kincaid. Mana^eer.
Meets every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock, In Selkirk Hall.
Visiting brothers cordially Invited.
R. GORDON, 0. O.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening Is
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and   Piano-moving  a
Phone 4<1—276.   Night Phone 8M
j. ;i. oukns WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER G, 1915
vx3m\ Tiiaa»
What is Doing in tlie Province
Oranbrook's tall fair came out $500
to the good.
The Nelson fair had a total .attendance of nearly 1.S00 this year.
Cranbrook skating rink 'will do
"business as usual" this winter.
Fernie citizens are paying' their
taxes much slower than a year ago.
Several copper claims have been
staked in the west Kaslo country this
(Meese tee >i ' 11 is being spent on
new electrical equipment for Trail
Hunting parties returning from the
Blko country reports game as very
J. A. Broley, of Rosvllle, expects
to produce over 500 boxes of apples
■ii his ranch this year.
Tlie mines nt Frank are working
Mill time am! extra men have been
taken un eat Coleman.
Coyotes are becoming a source     of
I menace to public safety in the neighborhood of Cranbrook.
| The Mankin Co. of Ymir shipped 20
cars of poles to eastern poiuts during the past two weeks.
Several Blairmore youths have been
found guilty of stealing money to attend picture shows.
I'hoenix was greatly surprised at
tlie way Labor Day was observed.
Not even a solitary drunk appeared
at the police court the day after.
The fall assize court will open in
Fernie on Octoher 18. At present
there are five criminal cases, two divorce cases and several civil cases on
thc docket.
Fernie   Free  Press:   I" 11iIi;►   Carosella
threshed I acres of fall wheat this
week at Cokato,.which yielded something over 40 bushels to the acre.
This is the first attempt in 'this vicinity to grow wheat and it has proved an, undoubted success.
.■■■■,::::TH£;;cSnJY M
Always Rently—
the most convenient and the dainti-
est form of gum
ever produced.
There ' are .'Jl telephones at Rock
This year 90,00 t,.ns oi potatoes
were raised in B. C
Local strawberries were sold in
Chilliwack  last month.
A' Beck has opened a flour and
feed store in Coleman.
The Hudson Hay Co. brought sheep
to Victoria in 1S43.
Dr. Ketchum recently shot a whito
crow near WanlCUt,  Wash.
Tom McXeish has been appointed
mining recorder at  Slocan City.
In Spain more than 3,500,000 acres
il  land are planted in olives.
In New  Westminster last week to-
were a drug on the market.
The 1 n.ted States flag now has IS
-tars,  lt started with 13 in 1776.
Out of ISO Bank of Commerce men
at the war front, IT have been killed.
An order has been received from
South America Ior 1,000 tons of potatoes.
The Tom Thum mine at Republic
has been leased t.> '/.. IM Merrill for
three years.
More than I, • bee! cattle a month
are     being     Bhlpped Irom the Nicola
Camp McKlnney l"..ks as though it
would come back again, like Aurora,
Joho  McLean died in Quesnel   this
li,   had lived more than     ">0
years in the Cariboo.
u ntly     in    Princeton   a coyote
stole     IS   turkeys.   Probably  getting
i.aly for Thanksgiving day.
In the great fish city of l'rince Rupert      are     t,.    be found Seimc people
who still eat bacon and eggs.
At  N.i-.en Mist  week the Old Timers
were forming an association. The life
membership cosl
Ool  litk rable  land   has  been  cleared
tins    year around Tete Jaune Cache,
, crops are good.
The      i.   i-.'.'iilii'in s     have     bonded
.-•■ire bench gold chums near Barker-
viiie.    from Tom Blair and his part
Hilly      McAdamS,     at one time      a
newspaper man In Sandon, spent the
summer    prospecting in the northern
part of B. C.
Cattle are being shipped from Chesaw and Turoda Creek. Five cents a
pound is the price oflered for steers,
and four 'cents for cows. I
During August 16,121,500 pounds of
lish. mostly salmon, were handled at
I i Inci' Rupert. Beats nny other port
on the Pacific for t'tsh.
a. iv Blackburn has leased the ai>-
botsford hotel in Vancouver. This hotel  is seven  st.nil's high, and has    no
bar.   ft pays without boose.
The K, V, Ry , between Hope and
Ladner is now completed, The last
i-pllie ..n thn railway will be driven
al Ladner Creek early in December.
The Gunner ft-• t.i Qalway is r.1
yenrs old   and  is still  one     of     the
ie i  energetic prospectors on earth.
II.   ,    ,.,1.;., ,, humorlsl  of rare merit.
Captain John tr mi- of Victoria
win return te, the sea, aiui command
n frelghl I'1 running between
Vancouver and   Vustralla,
The Ruth mill ,at Sandon is in operation.
There will be no tax sale In Kaslo
this year.
W. S. Greevy of Altoona, Pn., is
making a mineraloglcal survey of the
I,eai.ui Mining Co.'s claims near
Camp McKlnney, The company may
expend $53,009 upon these properties
next year.
Dan Nordberg died in Chilcotin last
month aged S4 years. He was a Car-
iii.in pioneer, and built the first log
cabin where Quesnel now stands.
Down in Burnaby, near Vancouver,
the whites and negroes hold dances
together. In the morning the jitneys
carry many drunks back to Vancouver.
Jack Stewart, the railway builder,
is Jiow an honorary lieutenant-colonel
of the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders,
Vancouver. Jack will soon be in the
writers class.
It is 23 years ago since John Ward,
John Kim: and Jim Wardner started
the Coeur d' Alene saloon. Jim always bought his cigars at a store
across the road, four for a dollar,
but be drank his own whiskey.
At Bulkley Canyon, near Hazelton,
thc trains stoji ten minutes, in order to permit the passengers to gaze
at tbe scenery. The scenery is ' 60
grand there that you can live on it,
with a side order of bacon and bananas.
Orangemen Not Backing
Cook and Crisis
Tiie  following letter  was sent   :'   i
.Nelson for publication in the Vancouver Sun but lias not yet appeared   m
that paper:
Tu the Editor of the Sun, Vancouver,
B.  <M
Sir—A July issue "f youi papei
Mr.night to our notice Contains a letter ii "in eeiie signing himself "One of
the Brethren," dealing with Provincial orange Organizer Whiteley's
communication tn Rev. A. K. Cooke
e,n tlie occasion "f fi"- tatter's Nei-
FOn /address on "Tl.e Crisis in B. C."
This letter nf "ime ..! the Brethren" being written from Nelson and
lhe writer assuming t.e speak for
"some of us" and '"tiic Brethren" the
impression was evidentlj inti nded t,.
be made that in some way the Ol"
■ II iii Nelson art involved Ln
an.l are supporting Mi. Cooke's propaganda and also an apathy
with the attack made upon Mr.
Whiteley  My  the writer ■'! that letter.
We think it would have been m..re
to the point had "One of the Brethren" put his name to that document
and published it in the Daily News
of Nelson, in Which paper Mr. White-
ley'- letter to which, he was replying
had appeared. And further while
signing himself "One of the Brethren'
we deeply regret he stooped to mis-
representation and slander i'f the order as well as of the provincial >.r-
Tins anonymous writer claims th.it
'Orangemen were convinced" My Mr.
r.eeeke's address. "Convinced'' with-
out waiting to beai the defense in a
case; and  I irangeti II t.  .ef ,,!1 men    who
i elieve in British fair play, Buch, if
there were any were not "convinced"
they      had      evident' '/ed  (the
case     and     so then
them   tn  Me  i-r.itifleil  ,,t   Mr.   Cooke's
'i tick.
But hi.w many "f such were  I
This     anonymous writer would    lead
his  renders to  believe tlnre  were     a
goodly 1number.    \s n mntter oi fact
Mr.  Cooke's meeting numbered  in all
nut  more than from 7( to ion     and
quite a jiercentage of these being women it can at once be seen that not
a large number of Orangemen were
there even if all the remaining portion of the audience had been composed of them. On enquiry we have
i. il been able to hear ul more than
four of the members of this lodge
wbo were present 'at Mr. Cooke's
meeting to be "convinced," and three
of these have asserted they were not
"convinced"; of the Vourth we cannot speak.
We have seen the "Crisis in B. C."
pamphlet which we understand was
t he substance of Mr. Cooke's speech,
and we note that "One of the.Brethren" says in his letter "If he (Mr.
Cooke) speaks tne truth then all decent Orangemen are enthusiastically
Mehind him." But Mr. Cooke asserts
lie is speaking the truth and "One of
the Brethren" does likewise. But we,
the members of L.O.L. N'o. 11/J2 dare
tell ' Mr. Cooke we are not "behind
him" in spite of his disciple's dojgr
matlc pronouncement that in so doing he would ^not admit us to bis
class of decent Orangemen.
The erroneous and misleading statements of Mr. Cooke's pamphlet on
the land question and its partizan
rancor are such that we are not disposed to lend ourselves in any way
to its circulation. And the clauses
touching Moses Cotsworth's resignation indicates, on the ground of Mr.
Cotsworth's own statements, the
meddlesomeness of the man and white
wondering that the administration
had not dismissed him "two weeks"
before they did, we are not inclined
to join Mr. Cooke in an effort to
pull Mr. Cotsworth's chestnuts out *of
thi  lire.
We deeply deplore "One of the Brethren's" attack upon our worthy organizer. We are convinced Mr. White-
ley was actinc entirely within the
Mounds of his official duty in writing
The Daily News letter disclaiming
any authoritative connection if the
Orange order with Mr. Cooke's work.
The grand lodge has never given nny
pronouncement on "The Crisis in B.
C." question. And as Mr. Whitely
did not deny Mr. Cooke the right of
private judgment, but only informed
bim and the press thnt he hnd no fru-
to utter it on behalf of thc
Orange order. Mr. Whitely was perfectly within his rights. We therefore
tiiink the '"Kaiserism" with which
f the Brethren" charges Mr.
Whitely is rather with Mr. Cooke and
hi.-' disciple "One of the Brethren."
F.r Mr. Cooke would lead us in the
interior t>. believe all/the preachers
of the coast were in league with him
•• bfs political campaign .-.nil 'is an-
nyn mis disciple, employing the Identical tactics, in a letter published at
east would lead coast people   to
believe that the Orangemen "f the interior were flocking t.. Mr. Cooke's
Further, we regard "One eef the
Brethren's" charge oi partisanship
agalnsi Mr. Whitely in his oflice as
unworthy and cowardly, The Orange
ordei has a political purpose and
Ily so, but it is not partizan.
li works with the patty that reapeoti
its    principles    an.I    it   forsakes  that
when n discovers it bus betrayed th  The late Roblin (Conservative)   government    in  Manit la
i greater factor In its deiuat .it
the polls than the Orangemen, not
• nly of Manitoba but oi all Canada.
On all hands it is admitted that Orangemen drove them from power for
thus tampering) with the nntionnl
school and general corruption. And
there has been no more consistent
and  vii-.nous  Opponent  of  that   gov-
ni either in provincial of Dominion grand lodges than Mr. Whiteley.
Both in the lodge room and on thc
platform he has repeatedly expresssd
II as opposed to the violators
ol our principles in Manitoba.    And
we now gladly come to his defense
against this vicious attack upon him,
and we repudiate this base slander of
mir order rontnined in "One of tbe
Brethren's" letter when he by Implication says, "Its professed lenders
i nc become party politician!."
Th« Ladies Hospitnl Guild invite
Vou and friends to visit the hospital,
Saturday, Oct. 1th and if you feel like
hringinz a donation of jam and pickles do so nnd if not come anyway
and have n cup of tea.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Family Shoe
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We aim to give maximum
wear At minimum price
36 in. PAILETTE SILK in. a big
range of colors for dresses, waists,
trimmings, girdles, etc., almost any
color, a yard    $1.00
purchase before the big raise in
price put us in possession of a lot
of good umbrellas that we can sell
at   $1.00, $2.00 & $3.00
We  have a  NEW  YARN  for Soldier's
Sox—a heavy,  all wool, seems     to
he 'just what is wanted—4 ply, well   J
twisted.   Vie  supply   it  for  soldiers  ,
use only at per ,1b    $1.25
Altogether the swellest line
Ladies' Voile
and  Grepe-de-Chine
we bave ever shown. That
about   desci iln s    the m\v
WaiaiH and   Blouses. C'<uiie
and look t hem over.
$1.90 to $7.50
Hand knit woolen comfortables for
the baby'and children, BOOTEES,
hand made and all wool or some
trimmed with ribbon and silk. From
the cute little Bootees at 35c. to
the u.eist elaborate Angora Bonnets
at     $2.75
all sizes, fall fashioned and absolutely   seamless,    pel    pair 50c.
A clearing line ol FANCY MtMSLIN
WAISTS, Ladies sizes, all white,
food range of sizes     $1.90
Women's New Fall Boots
Absolutely new designs and lasts
The choicest samples of the shoe
makers art we are now prepared
to show you. This season will
not be a season of freaks but rather tends toward conservatism
in lasts and materials.
Cloth tops, chiefly black, in
lace models will be the feature.
Also a few sand gray and putty
cloth tops will be worn but on
very plain designs.
Our shoes for women are all the
product of J. and T. Bell and we
are quite prepared to stand behind them in every particular.
lace boot, welt sole, the new custom made Louis Cuban heel,
black cravenette top, either on
the new, medium, short vamp
stage last or on the new French
same as above, but with dull kid
top and Cuban heei. Carries the
same toe as above.
plain toe, either a stage or
French last, with sand or putty
cravenette top. Lace, Louise Cuban heel, welt 6ole.
Swift's Premium Hams
Swift's Premium Bacon
Olympic  Wheat  Heart,  pack.    .35
Christie Brown Biscuits
Local Comb Honey
Pure  Maple  Syrup in bottles,  also
}, j and t gallon tins.
Don't    put   them   up in Vinegar
that     you    "guess" is good;   use
guaranteed good vinegar—the kind j
we sell. We have just received a j
supply of Extra Choice Vinegar,
including Heins Pure Cider Vinegar, Heins Pure Wine Vinegar,
Pendry's Pure Malt Vinegar,
Pendry's Pure Wine Vinegar.
These are the best for pickling
purposes and will insure best results every time. We would advise that you send us your jug
early before these special Vinegars are gone.
Pineapple,  per tin   10c
Choice Salmon, large, 2 tins
for  26c
Fry's Cocoa,  2 pack,  for 15c
Robertson's .lam, per tin... ,20c
Romboy Chutney, per bottle .20c
Large Red Plums, S Ibe 25c
"Also "One of the Brethren" ought
to know that Mr. Whiteley not only .
has In the past but still is advocat- ,
ing the abolition of the "Ne Temere"
decree. And if be is in touch with
bis lodge he knows that Orangeman of
the Dominion are just as much alive
as ever on that subject, and ure flu-
ancing a case before the privy council whereby they may have a decision
of that court for future guidance in
their effort at "Ne Temere" abolition. Yet this writer boldly asserts
that Mr. Whitely has become "as
dumb as an oyster" on the subject
because a Conservative .government is
in power. Such a man is not un Orangeman iu spirit, aud should repent
lorthwith for he has committed the
double wrong of slandering the order
aud grossly  violating his obligation.
"One of the Brethren" asserts that
"Mr. Whiteley's lettu has not improved his standing with the brethren. We wish to Inform Um that Mr.
Whitely has not been employed to
court popularity. Inasmuch, however
as he has done bia duty in this case,
we appreciate bim for it, and believe
the good judgment of Orangemen
throughoul the province will lead
i liem to endorse the actum dt L.O.L.
s.i.     i IBS in thut c Ing !'■ ins de
lense,   And furthermore, we wish    to
assure "Hue of the Brethren" th.it
his anxiety is misjilared. This concern should rather Me reserved for
himself, He needs it, for shady and
underhand methods will sooner or later bring to grief the man and tho
cause employing them.
This communica>tlon is the unanimous action of a specially called
meeting of L.i ML. No. K,!I2 for the
suecific purpose of dealing with "One
of the Brethren's" letter. The same
meeting ordered the subjoined officers,'
to sign the letter and forward it to
the Sun, with a request for its pub-
Rec, See.  ],. 0.  L.  No.  1608, Nelson, j
B. 0.
Nelson, B. C,  August 20, 1015'.
ALL      MADE      IN      CANADA
Dish Pans 35c
Pails 45c
Preserving Kettles 35c
Saucepans 50c
Mixing Bowls I5-20c
Pudding Dishes I5-20c
Pie Plates 2 for 25c
Dippers 15c
Milk Pans I5-20c
Sturdy Hardware Co.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   and Al-
bertn,     the Yukon     territory     and
thc Northwest territories and ln a
portion of the province of British
Columbia, may be leased Ior a term
of twenty-one yenrs renewal for a
further tern Ol >1 yenrs at an annual rental of il an ncre. Not more
than l,BM acres will be leased to one
Application for a lease must be
made by tbe applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-ngent oi thc district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
he described by sections, or legal
nil. divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of th winch will be refunded if the rights apjilied for nte
not available, bat not otherwise. A
loyalty shn'l be paid on the merchan
table outjmt  of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
| furnish the Agent with sworn returns
mt ine for the full quantity     of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
I loyalty  thereon.   If  the conl  mining
! rights are not being operated,   such
j returns should  he finished  at   least
once a year.
Th" lease will include thc coal minim-   rights only,   rescinded   by   Chap.
I 4-.", George V. assented to 12th
I -Tune.  1!'14.
For     full     information application
I should he made tn the secretary     ol
the Department of the Interior,   Ottawa, nr to nny agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  CORY-
Depnty Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   ot
this advertisement will not be   paid
for.—83575. PAGE FOUR
C. Holtett will receive tomor-
C. S. Garrett of Calgary spent
Monday in Revelstoke.
A large black bear was shot on
Sunday hy  II.  Mortimer.
F. A. Uice of Winnipeg was at tho
King Kdward hotel on Sunday.
J, Caverhtl] oi Nelson registered at
the hotel Revelstoke on Monday.
Ripe strawberries were picked on
the ranch ol  H.  Morris yesterday
L. 11. Mlsw.iith uf Winnipeg was
lit the hotel  Revi li toke on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. George I'M Haas of
Montreal were gueBte al the Hotel
Revelstoke on Monday.
Aimoiig the guesl - al the King Edward hotel on Sunday was Mrs. R.
li. Cook of Vernon.
T.  J,
Wadman went to Golden yes-
Monday, will be Thanksgiving day
and a public holiday.
J. Taylor of Vernon was a guest at
the King Kdward hotel on Sunday.
Mrs. J. Gould of Vernon is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. J. Knox for a week.
A. H. Kerr of Calgary registered
at the Hotel  Revelstoke on  Monday.
A,.  11.  Rowan of Rogers Pass regis-
j tered at the King Edward hotel    on
The voters list had been increased
by 1-2 new names when the time for
registering' closed at the court house
.ii  Monday.
Mrs. Ernest li. S. McLean will not
receive on the second Saturday of
this month but will be at home to
her Friends on the second Saturday in
J. A. Foley of Toronto was a guest
at the Hotel Revolstoke on Monday.
Mrs.     G. J. Ranum of Illecillewaet
was at the Kind Edward on Sunday.
Douglas Hedstrom of the 51th battalion, Vernon, is spending a few
days leave in Revelstoke.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Crosslaud of
Minneapolis were among the guests
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Monday.
To the Editor  of the Mail-Herald
Sir—Now     that the farming season
is     drawing      to a close for another
year    the     present   would he a good
time to lay before the public thc necessity     of     having    a    government
creamery  built iu the Revelstoke district.   Every year we see more     and
Private T. Hollingdale, cook Ior the ' better cattle coming into the district
Army Service Corps has joined     the  and as tlie farmer finds that     dairy
72nd Highlanders and ,will leave in a products are the moBt profitable for
few days.
Thc Very Reverend Dean Paget     of
Calgary will address the Womens'
Canadian club on Tuesduy evening,
October llJ.
The first regular meeting of the Ep-
bini to handle land as he is alW'ays
close enough to a city to establish a
milk route be is sadly , handicapped
in getting rid of his products. Nowhere in British Columbia a're thero
better opportunities oliered to any
man than in the Oolumbia valley     In I
To date Grand Forks has shipped
six cars of apples and two cars of
plums to prairie points.
(Penticton will not accept vacant
lots from property ownerB iu payment of taxes on other real estate.
Pat     Mtillally of Phoenix was fined
$12     for carrying a .22 rifle before
obtaining a license.
Penticton iB experimenting with    a
Wednesday evening public narket instead of Tuesday morning's as formerly.
The call to arms has depleted the
population of Crawford Bay, Gray's
Creek, Hoswell and west arm points
greatly, especially of the younger
Magistrate, Justice of the Peace,
Commissioner for taking Affidavits
within British Columbia, Notary Pub'
lie, or the Municipal Clerk, and being, in the case of a holder of a
trade licence, in the form or to the
elfect of Form 1, and in the case of a
householder, in the form or to tho
effect of Form 2 of the Municipal Elections Act.
All declarations for householders
and holders of trade licence shall bo
delivered to the Municipal Clerk bo-
fore 5 o'clock in the afternoon of the
last day of October and no declarations shall be accepted by the Municipal, Clerk unless it is delivered
within two days after it is made.
Declaration Forms 1 and 2 can be
procured on application at the City
worth League was held in the Metho-   length .from the Columbia Canyon   to
dist church parlors on Monday evening. A large number were present
and the calling of the roll was a feature. The meeting was in charge of
the Chriatian Service section, Mr.
and Mrs. A. D. Tourner and Mr. and
Mrs. F. Paulding.   Mrs.     Lyle    very
The proceeds of the lied Cross danco   November. i tastefully rendered a solo bearing up
held iu the drill hall on Friday even-j    R ^^ ^ bc ^ractica]ly Bettled . on the topic of the evening, 'Prayer.'
lng amounted to $95.00. (1|,it   tne Dominion government    will     The Womens' Canadian Club having  ,,,.        „,
.   ,,. , ,. I ,  . ° , uitum and  as  I understand
W.  A.  Gordon has received a post-  establish     an alien internment camp   received word that the 54th battalion
card from  Corp.  T.  II.  Coves, Third   in the   Yoho park near Field at     an  will probably be going overseas     be-
Hussars,     thanking  bim for tobacco  early date.—Golden Star. | fore the cud of October request    the
Arrowhead approximately 30 miles
und from 2 to 4 miles wide with valleys si retching , out to the east which
v,ould include Greely Creek und continue on to Albert Cunyon, to the
west a fertile valley runs to Clan-
William and from thence as far us
Malakwa. From all these jioints
cream could be shipped into a government creamery daily and in good con-
Bent through the tobacco fund.
Thc annual Thanksgiving supper of
the Y.M.C.A., under tbe auspices of
the Ladies Auxiliary will be held on
Monday  evening, October 11 at 6.15.
The work of the Red Cross at St.
Francis Hall will be discontinued by
order of the committee in charge on i
Thursday and Monday next, but op
nations Will be resumed on Thurs
day, October 14.
Mrs.   George    Kimberley  and  child-1
ren  are home again  from an extend-!    R-     Tapping   of Revelstoke, B. 0.,
ed    visit   to  Mrs.   Kimberley's father  «S™' for the Riverside Nurseries,  of
in the east.    Mrs.  Kimberley is much   f;™nd     Forks,'   was a visitor in the j
improved in health. j city this week.   Mr. Tapping is I   the
only commercial man travelling with
Private F.  Miller,  automobile drlv- a   i„,rsp aml buggy as his'mode     of
help of every member aud any other
ladies who are willing to help     with
the knitting of a pair of socks fur each
of the boys    recruited at Revelstoke.
More  than 8'0  pairs  will  be required
| and the time is limited.     Wool     for
I this purpose may bc secured at  once
from Mrs. S. G. Robblne or Mrs.'    J.
, D.  Sibbald.
the government only ask for 2110 cans to
make a start no'difficulty would be
experienced in supplying the necessary j
amount. I hear that Mr. Trustier of
Hall's Landing- and farmers iu his vicinity would guarantee 150- cans alone
to say nothing of the'cream tbat
could he shipped In from Malakwa,
Greely Creek and Albert Canyon
which I could be easily handled by the
express companies. The land in this
district.      is     naturally     adaiitcd to
er     Ior the Army Service Corps,  ex-
' ave in a few days for Calgary.    He will be connected with   the
Army  Service Corps oi that point.
conveyance.—Cranbrook Herald.
'Gazette" announces
Silas     Maddock     Brooks, who has | dairying in so much  that all  legumes ,
been a resident of Lethbridge for sev- , euch  as clover, alfalfa and peas   ex-
oral years, during which time he was ,'''"     am! roots grow to an immense
proprietor of a general store on Thir-; Fizo'   We havc nn obnoxiotiB weeds to |
teeuth street,  died on Tuesday morn- j talnt    ollr Produce and the mountain
ing    at     his residence on Thirteenth |vvater is thc y<*y best. A joint meet
The  Red  Cross society received the
Bum of  $11.60 as their share     ot thc
is e.f the concert held in     tho
1        iss    theatre    on Sunday nigbt,
Mrs. F. C.  Cormier was at the door.
This week's ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
appointment ol Dr. William Ross ' Etreet at the age of 58 years, after I inS snould be held at an, early date
Stone to be resident physician at j an illness of four months. The im-: inviting the city council, board of
Vanderhoof,    from    April 1.   Thomas  mediate cause of death was an Intern-1trade.     Farmers  Institute  Dominion
McNeish,     mining recorder at Slocan al     hemorrhage.      The deceased was
City,     is made     registrar of births, Morn     in England having come direct
marriages and deaths for the    Slocan from their to Lethbridge seven years
City mining division, in the place of ago.   He is survived by his wife and
i Howard Parker. three daughters, Mrs. H.M. Tarry of
Preparations   are  being made     for, 'Kevelstoke; Mrs H.  D.  Hopkins   and
the jam and pickle shower to bc held      The     death after three days Illness Mrs   p   De0
f,t     the hospital on Saturday.     Tea  occurred from pneumonia at the Gla-
will he served and everything possible   < ier     hospital on  Monday ol Michael
will    be done to make the afternoon
as enjoyable as possible.
Allan Thomson,  secretary     of      the
Revelstoke  Y.M.C.A.   was  In  the City
Tuesday and Wednesday paying a vi<-
■    the local man.   Mr. Thomson is
-•   return!  .■  Ii om  a  visit to Nova
ic he visited at New
f;ow,     the home oi William Currie.—.
Cranbrook Herald.
The   Salvation    '.:::>   has     eell   ask-
■ te B.  M.  Benjaminson, age
ight  medium, dark complexion.
I ire i he
il    hotel.     Revi Istoke,    B. C.
Anyone    knowing ol  his whereabouts
:    ■      ested     to communicate     with
ing "f thc
Cll       at : '1       ' f
w    \
y \    Mi i:  •    C. P.. Mac!   I
W. H. Pratt to si
■ thoritles
laust of Lethbridge.    The
funeral will bc held on Mondny next.
a eel 22 years. The
late Mr. Campbell was employed at
the tunnel as was his uncle
McNeil.    Thee  body   ii- i       at j
the undertaking parlors of R. Howson
a  ' '■•    The funi ral will he held from
St. Franc s    church on Friday
lock, Re\   J. C. Mel
J. im McConnell, a well 11
naltst      m this city, and the !
candidate  in  Vale ai   the  I
W  rid
today •
.  K. C.    H
.   '
.    I
, ,   ,        ■ ek   arc
'     li       . ,,'iCollV-
with Florence Turner. Latest  el
;• ..ry on    the
hardware    business oi tbe Van.
:.. . ! iod
.   Works,     Limited,     with a oapital ol
clflc     ocean,  splendid  Irish drama.   *« conducl   the trades of lr
Mary Fuii-r in the Laugh that. Died onmaaters, tei era, colliery pro-
BATDRDAY and matinee, Wolfe oi >"';" " ■ :r • l'",,H * 8maU-
ti.. conquest ol Quebec In 6 parta. \ "'• *" ,ak', "v"r lhe i""""'*'"' ol Potts
true blatorical reproduction of the *• McLeod, Vancouver; Vancouver
battle on the plains of Abraham. A I Toy and N.veit.y Comp,my, which pro
Kalem      masterpiece  and  a  picture | P°«"  *■"  manufacture  nnd  trade     ln
Live Stock members, bankers, farmers, merchants, ladies and in fact every lady interested in this movement
and the Dominion and provincial government asked to send each a member of the board of agriculture best
jiosted in thc branch of dairying. Nothing so far would help thc town and
district more than a creamery would.
Annual Thanksgiving
upper Monday Evening
-Lethbridge Herald __^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Farmers from far and near would
come and i settle near us and instead
of 100a acres of land lying practically idle nnd ! uncultivated green fields
and numbers of cattle would dot our
valley. Something is needed for the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        farmers here to make their labors    a
success.   Tbey     would guarantee     to
The Ladies Aid ofthe Y.M.C.A.   is   produce nnd cattle and the people ol
busily    engaged     in making prepara-   Revelstoke     must help them  to pro-
tions    for     thc annual Thanksgiving   cure a creamery.   This is a branch of
day evening,     and   husbandry thnt can never  be      over-
-  with generous response in   done;     in     fact nearly all the butter
r aad financial  consumed      here  comes from   Alberta
nnd     New Zealand.   Po do try     and
in Monday will be   at   boost     a good cause along nnd help
equal     to the  usual standard   out in making our val'ey the banner
. I es are hoping that it will   one in this great B. C. of ours.
s in     the, HUCH SMYTHE
The     Y.M.C. A.   has  suffered   Revelstoke.R C, net. G
■   many ins-  tut Irom	
tr.    A large ni. tt mem-
Bghting        ■  e     plums
and if tbi hich   it
itly fin-      |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The  l,d-       xhe  upraise at  the  Payne  was    put
iday a good  through  to tbe upper workings   last
Notes from tlie Mines
1      on
■  in
THURSDAY—Tbe j:rcat Harper  mys
*ai ,
FRIDAY—Tbe .-now imi. a thrilling
mice with Brtnsley Shaw in 3
paru. The Bruuggli. L In two
ports with Gene Gauntler who mak
es a 4u fo'.t drop from cini Into Pa
"H K X"
The Arrival of Perpetua'
"Marking Money"
in I'M U
i I. L
.   friend    I ' HIKES ol
"TbeOub" nnsists in  "The Arrlv-
I '  and te,
The . rsl    h       ml of mill feed from
Hi,rise to the Rambler concea-
ade this wi en
has   ii e : diai ontlnued at   *).e
ial  Thri e Po ,n to
e resumed at   thc
lefl ilte arrange-
fot  concentrating
that     should    be seen by everyone
Greatest     of all battle scenes     and
taken     in  Canada.  Most wonderful
MONDAY-The Black Box.
TUESDAY-  Hetty     in  Search  of     a
Thrill,   6   parts.    Famous Ployers.
with F.lRie Jonis.
ci AUNG—John  Barleycorn,  6   reels,
by Jack London.
toys nnd novelties ol mnny kinds.
The   Board   of   Trade   of Vanderhoof
ii. 0., is granted Incorporation und
er the Benevolent Societies Act. Thn
Michigan Trust Company la registered, with hend office at Victoria nnd
Mr. W. ,1. Taylor as attorney.
.Inm and Pickle Day at the hospitnl
Saturday, Oot, 9tb. Come nnd bring
Dominion  I'M. pi ei    Money I Irdet
Nkxt   to    Post   Offii b
e  \ - i wa      init
md a drift is
elng run on the vein.
likely  thai   ahout thirty  thon-
I   be ipani lo develop
. mday the c unlng sea
nday   ih  near  Handon,
and is owned "by tbe Byron NM  white
A      rock      slide came  down   at   the
it    andon and killed    three ol fi   J. Towgood's    pack
and carried away s quantity
of mine  timber.    No ono  Injured    and
DO ore lost.
Work was started t'-prlrlng the concentrator at Rofloherry last week wUh
0. M. I.eeky In rhnr^n. Cnnnlni'linm
nnd Koono have ser tred n temporary
lense on the concentrator until the
rompnny'H nflnlrs are out of the
hnnda of the court. It Is said they
also have nn option on tbe Bosun
group, belonging to the same com
pany—Slocan Record. I
No Chinamen,'Japanese, or other
Asiatics, or Indians shall be placed
upon any Municipal vAters' list.
Voters must be Uritish subjects.
Subject to the above restrictions
the following persons should have
their names entered on the voters'
list, and if the name is,so entered,
shall, Btihjcct to the provisions in
the Municipal Elections Act, hereinafter contained, be entitled to vote
at any election in a city municipality, that is to say:—
(a) Any male or female of thc full
age of twenty-one years, or any corporation, being the assessed owner
of land or real property in the municipality of the assessed value of not
less than one hundred dollars:
"Provided, that when the assessed |
owner (as defined in this Aetl is tbe i
holder of the last agreement to pur-
chase said land or real jiroiierty or |
the last assignee of said agreement,
such assessed owner, before having
his name entered on the voters' list,
shall have filed with the Clerk or Assessor of the municipality before the
closing of the voters' list a statutory declaration proving that he, she,
or it is the holder of the last, agreement to purchase land or real property or is the last assignee thereof,
by the terms of which such bolder or
assignee is liable to pay the taxes,
and bas paid the current year's tales:
"Provided further that a cor,'oration whose name is on tbe voters'
list shall vote only by its duly authorised agent whose authority shall
be filed With the clerk of the municipality on or before the thirtieth dny
of November, nnd wbo shall be a resi
dent of the province and n British
subject of tbe full age of twenty one
yenrs: And provided further tbat
such agent shall be entitled to vote
for tbe corporation from year to
year until his appointment as agent
is cancelled and the Clerk bas notice
of the cancellation:
Oil Any male or female of the ace
aforesaid, and any corporation, carrying on business in nnd being thc
holder of a subsisting trade license
from the Municipality, the annual feo
for which is not less than five dollars:
"Provided that in thc case of n
partnership the annual fee paid for a
trade licence is not less than five dollars for each partner who is a British subject and otherwise qualified to
(e) Any mnle or female of the ago
aforesaid who is a householder within
thc municipality.
The name of a householder or of
the holder of a trade licence shall
not, be entered on the annual voters'
list unless such holder or householder shall, (luting the month oi October
in each year, deliver or cause to bo
delivered to the Municipal Clerk a
statutory declaration made nnd subscribed before a Supreme or County
Couri      Judge, Stipendiary or Police
GALTCOAL burns all night,
Kevelstoke Ccneral  Agencies,  Ltd.
There's comfort in cooking witb
Coursier's Coal.
FOU RENT—Modern 5 roomed cottage. Apply 211 Fourth Btreet or at.
oilice of P. Burns & Co.
FOR SALE.—16 in. Millwood; also
Kindling ln bunches; each $2.75 per
load delivered. Phones 42 and 81.
J. P.  Sutherland,
WANTED—Girl or middle aged woman for light housework. Apply B.
Weston's store, McKenzie avenue.
\ —— „       	
Love, 403 Fourth St., East, Calgary, Alta. For shipping tags and
price  list, of  hides,   calfskins,' wool,
sheepskins,    horsehides,    horsehair,
etc.   Prompt  returns. Nov. 30p
AGENTS WANTED—Reliable Agents,
male or female for fast selling article of genuine merit for the home
or oflice. This is nn opportunity
which means a handsome weekly income for you. Write today for
particulars WM I,. Mncdntiald Oo.,
71S lingers Building, Vancouver, B.O
TYPEWRITER for sale. Cheap for
Cash. Terms to responsible jiarty.
R. S. Garrett, Mail-Herald Oflice.
Friday and Saturday
with nipple, reg. 25c, each
Now 2 quart RED RUBBER
HOT WATER BOTTLES, regular  $2.01),  each        $1.50
LINEN  TABLET, each...  ,10c
correspondence: cards &
The Rexall Store
Every man, woman and child in
Revelstoke should see our window displays of Shoes, before
purchasing elsewhere.
Thanksgiving Day Monday, Oot, 11.
Store Closed All Day
For Rubbers, Ovcrshoos and Loggings
Anyone wishing to give join and
pioklei, no matter how little, will be
greatly appreciated by the l.ndies
Oulld at the hospital, Oct. 9th.
CITRON, delicious and economical for jam, per lb 4c
SODAS, fresh crisp, in patriotic dinner pails, price 35c
CUPS and SAUCERS, white and gold, for one week,
per doz $1.20
SALMON, tall tins, 8 for $1.00
Let us have your trade, we do what is right


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