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The Mail Herald May 5, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation oentre hetwoon Calgary
and thc raciflc ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice w*«kly—Rea't
by everyone—Ths >-»rognize(l
advertising medium (or the
city and district.
Vol. 22—No 36
$2.50 Per Year
Minister of   Vlo Works  Returns  From Tour-Con- Lecturer From Trenches Tells
* .... .«...._.._.... nf~  IWaonifiriint     KpiaVIOl'
servative > Micrs in Kootenay and Boundary
Certain of Ik ection Mining and Lumbering in
Interior Active "eston '(.District of Magnificent
Orchards—Much  Development
'confident ol   victory. The Conservatives have not yet. nominated a candi
' date for the Kaslo riding, hut the
'scat is safe for whoever may he the
Conservative standard bearer, Mr.
■Taylor1 met persons who were
thoroughly conversant with conditions in Rossland and Fernie and he
was issured that the re-election ot
Lome CampbeM, M.P.P. and of Hon.
W.H. Ross, hy sweeping majorities
'was a certainty, In Grand ForkB E.
Miller, M.P.P., will also he returned
ty a large majority according to all
reports from that constituency. That
every seal. in the Kootenay and
Boundary will at the general election
be again occupied by a Conservative
I redection.
The minister of pulilic works    was
After a trip ol inspection in con
nection with public woi .is in the interior, Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister ol public works, returned to the
city on Saturday afternoon from the
south, bringing with bim optimistic
reports as to the business situation
ol southern Kootenay, and Boundary,
and confident that when the provincial general election occurs a
solid Conservative delegation from
the Kootenay and boundary would he
returned  m  support      of  the   MclH'ide
government. Mr. Taylor during     the
course of his journey visited Nelson,
Creston, Cranbrook and Nakusp. He
left this morning on his return to
Victoria where he Will attend a meeting of the council today. He expects
to return to Revelstoke within
weeks time.
Business conditions in the interior everywhere prevalent
are unmistakably Improving, says j
Mr. Taylor. The mining and lumbering Industries are becoming Increasingly active and agricultural pins
pacts are bright, The Rossland mines
were never before as active as they
are today. The Trail smelter is working to lull capacity and mining men
from thr Slocan told Mr. Taylor thai
the oiitlee.'; in that district was except iuiia;l'. bright. Lead, copper and
apclter ere all now bringing a good
figure and 'he mining industry is D6-
ing mi.cli stimulated in consequtuce.
The lumbering Industry also shows
sui/st intlal Improvement. The mills in
Kast Kootenaj an' opening, those at
Waldo :uiel Cranbrook heing already
in  operation.
Mr. Taylor found crop prospects
everywhere splendid, in Creston the
development has been astonishing.
Thousands .ef acres are under cultivation ami the Increase in area under
the plough   this   year   will      he
of„ Magnificent  Behavior
of British Troops
Have you ever heen to Mons? Probably nut. bid you ever understand
how the uritish fuii-   managed    to
[make  a  stand   against  ten times linn'
number ami then make the historic
retreat? Enos Bacon gave some light
rn, Ci' subject in the Methodist
church mi Monday night. He was In
the trenches there, as anon-combat
ant, and in fact, at a later stage was
hit with a piece ol shrapnell.
He is called the     Yorkshire Night
'gale, because of Ins singing; and u
was l'i soil- to the hoys in the trenches that he was at the front. His
dramatic recitals in the church wore
humorous and pathetic. "Dollars and
Dimes" ;,s usual was splendidly rcn.l-
'ered. His "Tipperary up-to-date" was
very funny. The rendering of "Three
Blind  Mac"   wa« a study    in    poetic
! styles.  It seems  very strange that     ;i
'man    .should'*   sing in  two    voices,
Five Miles of Extension YUitvaul lo te Made This
Summer—Important to City Eight Miles Additional
on South Road- Widening of Canyon Road to be
Completed- Cther Niw Roads ard Improvements
in Revelstoke Listrict- V\oik Iat. Unntruii
two  delighted with his trip and with   the   soprano   ind  baritone.. Mr. Bacon is
! feeling of optimism which he    found  a typicall Yorkshireraah and gives tic
dialect. He also Imitates thc dii!"';
iof others, and this is one of thc ' interesting features, He is a real Cock
nay, or Scot, or whatever th" mood
His brother waa mortally wounded.
An Irish chum carried the brother
out of the  hat ti.-  ind  lost    his      own
life. Mr. Bacon had to bury his   own
brother and also   promised   that   he
would tind the Irish friend and   bury
him—winch  lu-  did—right on  the hat-
tic  Held.   He told  uf  a wounded  lirit-
Isher he was carrying   out ol action,
The  Question  of climate will   have   wider the red cross, when    n  Qerman
nothing  to do  with  my selection     of   bullet came,  The wounded fellow nsk-
ih.e Ses e ny" Slid the     Bishop     oi  u\ for his gun,  watched, saw the hel-
Kootenay to a Mail   Herald reporter  met rise, fired, and today Mr.  Bacon
Accessibility  Chief  Factor in
Selection of New See City
Says Bishop
prior tu leaving Ue velstoke for the
coust mi Monday afternoon. Bishop
Doull declared that he would come
to no decision     until he had visited
i very   part  ol  tin' dioi I   e,   I Ie  will he
guided  in selecting the   seal      of  tne
bishopric chielly  by  its facilities    for
very  teaching 'ill parts of the diocese.
substantial. Large acreage' is producing vegetables and miles upon
miles of orchards are to be seen. The
trees are in full bloom and the country presents a picture never to be
forgotten and one which gives a
Bplendld Idea of the agricultural possibilities of the province, At Gran-
brook the government is opening additional logged od lands for home-
steading and the     agricultural     in
dUeBtry of the district and yearly becoming of increasing importance. On
Friday a snow storm occurred in the
Crows Nest pass hut no damage of
any kind was done.
Public workg throughout tbc district are commencing and Mr. Taylor
inspected the work accomplished and
that ahout to he undertaken. He
found that th." roads constructed b"P replied
were excellent and  the settlers     g.Mi- , - -
erally   had  hiuil   appreciation     of  the
good work accomplished by the    gov
eminent.  In  Nelson  Mr. Taylor     met I
a deputation of the hoard of trade re- I
garding   the  ferry   service  and   during
Ins  visit  I.. Nakusp he went into sev-I
eral  matters  regarding  public    works '
which  needed  his attention.
The  bishop expressed  himself as bc-
Ing   .ii'y  favorably     Impressed  with
Revelstoke     and     was     entnu
in      his      appreciation      of
scenery  ol  the  automobile    road
has  the helmet.
Through   marvellous   manoeuvrelng
and mtirvellous strategy    Sir     John
French used     the     36,COii troops—or
i ixlliarles     50 000—to    hold ut
bay  "    1,0 'i',      a-.,I      then   bj   si..,;   . j
when     the    turning  movement
.inl threatened the remnent,   to
extricate ail that waslelt,  which led
up tothe    wonderful    retreat   from
Mons -more wonderful than the    bnt-
the   tie Itself;  Hut  what a slaughter!  The
up   enemy continued t.i     come in     solid
Ko.nlwoi'k. throughout the province,
Including  the  Kevelstoke district,      in
now well under win, said I ion.
'linings Taylor,    minister    of public
works,  iu  reply  to a i|U"Stion  trom a
Mail Ilerald reporter.
nne o[ ihe most Important undertakings this year so fur aB UevelHtokc
and the Kagle valley particularly are
concerned i*, in the opinion ol the
minister of public works, the extension of the Malakwa road. This will
he  the  main highway trom   Hevclstoke.
westward which will eventually place
Kevelstoke in communication with
the Okanagan and Kamloops road
systems, and substantial extension
will he accomplished this year. The
load now extends live miles from Ke
v tstoke to Boulder and gangs of
men started on  Monday on  the    work
nf extending theroad westward. This
summer  another  live    miles  will      he
built giving     connection  with  Clan
wtlliam.  The line for the roud     was
lately  run by M.   1'. Wescott,  provin
i ml    overnment engineer.
Another road of much Importance
In Revelstoke and t.i which Mr.
Taylor is giving attention is that
which   is  Intended  to    connect   Revel
toke with Arrowhead. Work on the
mad l'i the neighborhood of Halls
l muling will commence at once. Five
;nies of new road toward Revelstoke
will be constructed bringing theroad
te, Fourteen mil'' i" ar 1.   On the   He
vetstoke   end of   the   t,,ad work       will
also commence shortly and this sum
mer three miles ol extension south
ward   .vili be built which will    bring
the load lu Nile'  mile.   This  construe
Hon in of an expensive character an.l
Includes much dltllcult rock work.
im the Hi:' Bond road the widening
at the canyon will Ue completed tins
slimmer anil two miles ol new grade
north of ihe canyon will he hnilt. A
new line will also be run   Irom     tit
end   of  theroad   with   a view   to muk
mg an extension i" Downie creek, in
the Big Bend two tangs aie already
at  Work  cutting    nil hills  and  rr| air
lng trails between Oanoo river and
Goldstroam and between Goidstream
and Revelstoke,
On the Trout Lake and Beaton road
work commenced on Monday oiyreducing grades, eliminating curves and
widening and gravelling the road. On
the Fish river road between Beaton
and Camborne work also st.irted last
Monday, old bridges ac being replaced by building stone retaining
wails and muklng earth lills, all of a
permanent    nature.      The      Comaplix
iiad  is also being repaired.
Work  in  the  'lively  Creek  mad  will
commence next   Monday.     This mad
Will he extended and several steep
grades will be eliminated, On Monday   next   Work will   also   start on      a
number ol branch roads south ol the
citj which will give needed accommodation   to new   settlero,   Two   miles
"f gravelling will also be underta
helow Six mile.
This ei. nl construction has .■•
begun or win commence In the    immediate future, suid Mr. Taylor, wh,,
added that other work would he un
dertaken  later in tho seiiHOn.
which he was taken on  Saturday   by formations,   and    none can estimate
\.K.   Kincaid. all the thousands slain!  It seems that
i in  Monday   afternoon his lor,'.ship this is the price or conscription, only
met a   leputation of the     board     of Iree troops can he trusted to ttght in
trad insisting of T.  Kilpatrick,  A. the same fashion as thc Uritish;   the
61.  Kincaid.  w.M.  Lawrence,     C. ]■:. others have tn he herded together to
Hume. A.B. McCleneghan, M.I'. Lane, the slaughter like cattle; they     rush
Hew Record Expected
in Tourist Business
June. July nii'l An.list are likely
tablish a new record in the tour
ist business of Revelstoke in the
opinion, ol \..i Macdonell, proprietor
of the Revelstoke hotel. A large num
her of reservations have already besen
hooked and many large tourist
agencies have written nuking for
rates and for -., list eef places ot interest  in the  vicinity.
W.A.  Anstie.  CM.  Field,  R.  Howson
and A. McRae who offered him a wei
come to Revelstoke and urged    upon
him the advantages of the city     as
the   centre of     the     diocese.     Short i
on     to    death     together in    massed
todies,  it is  an  awful    nnd   a  moving
sight, driven on hy the   force     from
A French body    of    five     thousand
speeches were made hy Messrs. Kii came up to hold back the turning
Patrick, Lawrence, Howson. Anstie, movement while our troops were, ex-
Kine.iiil   ind   Hume  to which  the  his    tricated,  and the  brave  French      fcl-
fContinued on Page Two.)
Winners of Honors
at Selkirk School
Following is the honor roll of Scl    Rosma  Rowlett,  Honorably  mention-
During  his  inspection  in the    Ymir   kirk school  '"ur  the  month  of  April,    ed,—Archie      Rowlett,     Joe, Rowlett,
district   Mr.   Taylor   was  accompanied
I.y J.H. Sch..Held,  M.I'.I'. At Creston '
n rsception was tendered to the minister bj   the business men     ol     the
town, .it Cranbrook  Mr. Taylor met
the executive nf the Conservative as
BOClatlon in the afternoon and in the
evening he was the guest of honor
and Chief speaker at a large gathering. He spoke of the work of the
department of public works over a
period of the last six yeurs in which
lie had heen ut its head. Twenty-four
Million dollars had been spent m
roads, bridges and trails, and the
province had $34,0*0,000 worth of
assets in the shape of government
buildings, etc., which compared with
auy in thc country.
Prospects for a sweeping Conservative victory throughout Kootenay and
Division I.—Dorothy Mackenrot,
Cecil Johnson, Leo Hobson, Jean
Dlvlsli <■   ll.   Richard  0.   Lai
Jack McCarty, Annie Cashato.    Hon
oi'aidy  mentioned,—Dorothy Garland,
Hector Gallicano, Dorothy Laitnr.
Division   III.      Junli i   Fourth    B.—
Jack Henry, Esther G
Rooke.      Honorably   mentioned.-  Eva
McMihou.  Williard Dunn.
Senior Third B.—Ernest Prey, Florence McCarty, Carmine Lonzo. Honorably mentioned.—Bessie Mackenrot,
Tamils   Jackson.      Lllli Haj
Dorothy Purvis.
Division tV. Junior Third Reader,
Class  B.— Aura  Cor.in..   Annie  Gall
Romy Turk.
Division VI. Second Reader.-Charlie Henderson. Laura Purvis, Johnny
Crawford, Honorably mentioned.
Willie Hornsey, Lucy Catlln, ifiarl
I'cttipiece, David Tevini, Victor I.on-
10, Mary Gastaldlnl
Firsl      Readei   - Pearl        Reid,
John     Ringer,     Bojrd   Kincaid and
Bruce Hume. Honorably mMtioned,—
Teddy linker. Clarence Cashato, Doi
Is Miller, Albert Defeo.
Division vn.   First Reader.—Isabel
Atkinson,     Gertie    I Dollj
Shepherd. Honorably mentioned,-
Farah Laughton. Jesn Edwards, K\
nie Jenkins,  David sturdy.
Second Primer.—Elmer Hansen, Kv.,
Carmichaei,  Tommv  GoiTlng,   Honoi
Macdonell Again Winner
of Gon Clob Medal
A. J. Macdopell on Saturday won
thc Western Cartridge company's
medal  for the week. Thc score  was
A. J. .Macdonell. ihol at T.I, i;ot I.
hroko lit—total 68.
Vi. A. Foote, shot al ..", got 7,
broke 18-totul 25.
J.  G,   ll.'irber, shi.t   ,t   T"i
broke :>«   total Bl
Mr, Rlckleson, shot at 73
broke 70—total 7d.
Mr. Rlchleson a visit ir was high
with 70 mt of TS, with a itll irli i
The  league  has  decided   tO  hold    Its
annual i igistered shoot ol two days
some tlmi in Vugiist. The date- will
be announced In a short time.
Boy Scouts InitiBfIcn
on Friday Evening
The  Hoy  Scouts  have      been      busy
passing  their  tests    this  wee's.      No
(ewer than SS have     complete 1      t ■
tists In salute and signs, knot-tying,
competition of the Union Jack,   and
SCOUl ilaw and    promise.     The initiation ceremony will   taki      p ac
Friday night at 7.30 and all wl
inter isl d In the mi rement     are   In-
Vlted   to  attend.
a special motion was p<assed by the
hoys Instructing  Rcgg     Calder     the
military   tO Write      a    letter   of   sviu
i.ithy  to    Mrs       Wallace,  cxprcssine
lheir sorrow  at   Mr.   Wallace's accld-
Jciit and offering i" do an>thing
'could    to   help her      The boys very
a uh  appreciate  everything   Mr.   Wa!
I ne  has  dine f,,r  them.
got   III,
No   Christian   Nations,   Says
Bishop    Ethics   of  Bern-
hardi Substituted
Large congregations aasembfed at
! St. Peter's church lust Sunday morning ami evening tu hear Bishop i)oull,
Lord Bis! op "i Kootenay, who
[■reached in- i rst sermons In Reivel-
stoke since ins elect loi to t be blshop-
rlc. His Lordship arrived in tbe city,
on Friday ind left in Monday night
in his n tu: u :.. : h. < ■ last.
Two eloquent    homil es were   lsllv-
i red  bj   Ins  lordship,  who previous to
the morning s • n need   that
at .i n •■ il in ' 'i' the be,us,- uf bishops
ol the i 'hutch eef En Ian l In Canada,
held at Keen William on A| rli 14,
tbe following res il tion was adopted:
"The,Bishops ol the Church ol
and  In C tn ngly recom
mend all members of the church,
throughout the Don nion, te' abstain
entirely from the use ol alcuholio
liquors, as a b ■ i during     tho
present war. and also to refrain from
treating others.
"And further they urge the provincial govi tB to ta'o ilii-
mediat si I orl ci d idw-
ably, the hours dm ni ineh the sale
of n |uor Is at  permissible."
In the n ■• Bin • tha bishop preached
Irom the text, St, John XVI, 8; on
the work of the Holy Spirit In the
wuil.i t.i bring hom i i .t convict:.-11
regarding sm. righteousnesj and
The world thinks little of
sin, but thi   work of the Holy  Spirit
■ sin  is     tho
■ f'.ired and
el: adi I, tl ■ .' • in the
universe   so awful tb it In ordi r I
Its powei okei        - I  its
guilt removed lt was  necessary   that
tei n il Soi ould   bi
■ and    .in
lie    BS.
Tii ' . •: e
wuik ■■! the Holy  6
ol Its nohilit    a id i eauty, and
ti     ssui    thei •   i righteou     1 ife
IS      pe I-,.
ol thi  risen ami all living Christ.
The   -v.erld has foi fotl fact
udgment.     it  is the woi
Holj   -   rit   -ei  convlnci l bat
.leat'i there   is    •..
that all n ust st.md 11 fore the
• ol Christ to answer I ■
then d !- ol to give ,,,, account for
their acceptance or rejection of God's
love revealed In the Crucified.
Tin- ;    o   thi   Holy Spirit
but 1i tha
church, tbui granting a meat privl-
li dge, but - ,vy     re
sponsibility upon each individual
Christian who must !e carrying out
the Holy  S] IU . i, 1 influencing
unity in  which he dwells to
worldly  view     ot
(Continued on Page Two.)
April Honor List
of Central School
tloned,—Wesley   Henderson,
nond  Lawi Del
Boundary  were never better, declares
Mr.  Taylor who does not. believe chat Collison.
;, single    se.,i caiibv i• iiv p. iss111i111 v Junloi    Third    Reader,  Class   K.
i •■ captured   by the' opposition.     In ''■ eror ca Pe
m    w. R, Maclean   M.P.P.   bas Leigh.   Honorably   mentioned
nothing to fear and   is    certain    of Kimberley,    Ruth Q                Walti
..eieiry   by    a big    majority,  J.H.
Bohofield, M.P.P   will uiiiloubt'
letuinod for Trail     llis const |
•iiieel with ihi *'      rk     1
iccomplisbsd   it in I
i mo.    Ernest    Pottrufl.     ii.morality ably mentioned,—Cinn Pradolini,   A1-
1 in Nor burg, Emily Rowbtl.
Division \'in. First Primer. Ellens
Qalltcano, Dorothea Lundell, Annie
Watt.   Honorably mentioned,   Sarah
Nellie     Slngei     ret  i   Kr.iiirr.
Isabel Lawrence,     T.ntirine   Robbins,
T)onnM Tnk=ter.  Cleorgfl  Mo;
Sen.inl Primer,   vnnie Tevini, Lil
. I       (,  .
Orrel   '
ii. Wil
Fcrne Donalds
!•• brigga
support ol the gowrnmi  t.     In the  ed     '  tl u  Coll   5                                                  |   Honor My
■i   Wllllar.   um' r, M.P.P., is   '';"'  Taylor.                                      Mellh   Mil             M     turdy, no
Blg0 ,   ;                               and ln |   J            I                                         Dewai     La   i                   rs     Lome
< i inbrook,   r.D   Cnvei   M.P.P i t'hni       "         roi      Wem
first Schedule Game
'   Won by High School
On Monday ed nine the tirst    game
Of    the    preliminary    baseball      scries
ilayed mi the y.m '■ \. grounds.
I the   lust   game   "I the
V.M.C.A,   baseball.   The   llich  SCbOl I
team won an easy victory over    the
J.H.C.   team     I'tiful'tiinatrly   the   .1.11
c. boys lad ed a pitcher on   M
evening and thej   did not it in
show against  the    High  school  boys,
who wei" fail of good -i ilit«. having
trimmed    the     Publio   schoi
i.11 Hir in the afternoon, McRae  pit
I ml      lhe   ram.  end) A I   to 2.
as      the   .1.1!
Will  h..v,   tholl
:'.nie' i       ■ IS       n
light  ib' ■   ii.iv
The following
l>«t  foi   the  ne "th  ..f  A;
■    el        II. Jlllla.l        Kl'lltll.
Cartwright, Qilbi rt 1 kla
l am, Wllford
lion in.  -
Division IV,     in ■ i    a
' Stew alt      Bun
Junior Thn.I   i
'..ine    Lldy,
■ ■■' ih
.iiiui lollnl,
I'hnrl Karol     Mel
oris '
Donald .I
..  «biu.
ring       ■ '1 is-    Mary       I
Francis    U     - Svans,      .Mv.l
Stump, Cecil Tow ii. Margaret     Mc
H      rablj
McKinnon,  Bna  Q r-
ard,  i
May Day Festival
of St. Francis Church
In ■  of st. Fr anil 2 o'clock        i
a' d   v- is a 1
■ :   ed     .i.
Into     the
of     the -
to bi
it  the i
■ PACK two
WEDNESDAY,  MAY  5, 1918
Zbc flDafl-lberalb
.-i'l"tli\Y   AT
KKVKI.H'I'oKK.  II. ('
Local Heading Notices and llusinoss
Locals 1" cents per line each insertion.  Minimum local ad charge '25c.
Display advertisements 2D cents per
inch each Insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices 12
cuts per line lirst Insertion     and s
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses Sri.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses $7.50,
i nl prospecting notices $7..10.
Land Purchase Notices. $7,011.
Water Application Notices, up to
10H words, $7.."il), over 100 words in
"shall  ne'er  go hy, 'has not been straight in this mutter,
"From  this day to  the  ending      of   1  would not let.it worry you unduly,
as the matter is in such shape     that
ho  rememb-   they  cannot  hut   grant it.    .    .    I  um
salislied that from my last interview,
the matter will he granted thiB   session."
And  then  Mr.   Robert's     prediction
has   came true.  And he got his stipulated
lhe world
"Hut  they   in   it   shall
1 graft of eighteen cents per acre    for
09,000 acres.  His  brother     got     his
"Clean     Canadian     Politics
been  adopled  as    the      motto of  tho
Voung Conservative  Club.      No  more   Btlpulated  $|s,imi,,      M„  Olivoi.      waB
appropriate phrase could have been ogtralghtened" at tho expense of some
selected, sir Robert Borden, the one else being "crooked," The home-
Conservative leader, has given a steaders were sent elsewhere. BlJtty-
Btrlklng demonstration of his de- »im' thousand acres of the public domain were turned over to middlemen,
vot ion to the Ideal that the    i oung
Conservative club sets     hefore  itself,
They had no occasion,  in the last an
alysis,   to
Mr. Robert's
and  has accomplished  more  Ior  clean "pull" was justified.
Canadian politics than any other man j
in  Canada.
Honesty   in   public   life   is  not      an
unattainable Ideal, decency and lalr-
ness in political contests need not
slide healthy opposition or freedom
of thought on public questions. In
the  past  there  were  at Ottawa      tuy
Winnipeg Saturday I'ost: One of
the most humiliating things brought
cut i'i the report of a commission of
miitiiry at Ottawa, th.' other day,
was the fact that a certain railroad
company had invested $15,0041 in Hon-
frequent evidences     of    a  lamentable   Frank    Oliver's    newspaper—the    Ed-
■Jntertor (Mibllablnfl company
E. G. ROOKF.  Manager and Editor.
I lack of appreciation ol the responsibilities and strict integrity which
public  oilice  demands,  and  even      tO-
The country is still impatiently
waiting Ior Sir Wilfrid Laurier to
take action iii regard lo the revelations ofthe end ol last sessinii in
which Hon Frank Oliver wan so
gravely Implicated.
When Conservative members of
parliament   were  shown   to  have   aeen
concerned In transactions     in   which
the  cnnntry   was  defrauded,   Sir  Rob-
111 Borden did noi  hesitate.   He was
(•tern in Ins condemnatli n.
monton Bulletin—at the time when
Mr. Oliver was minister of the interior in the Dominion government.
I Attempts may be niadi.', to cover
day there are evidently some who thjB thing UP| but it is a transaction
believe that criticism of thc policy of a character that should drive Mr.
of  a  government   or    of    a minister   Oliver out of  public    life forever.      I
must  involve  crude  personalities and  baVe a,W"5'K lm" a blgb    ■*■"*      tor
Hon Frank     Oliver's     intregrity.     1
vulgar scurrility. |avp known fm. yc.u.s ^ he ig   not
The  Young Conservatives  of  Revel-  an easy man SO get along with, hut 1
stoke  have set   their face against such   was always convinced     that    he was
conditions. The Influence of the rising  personally  honest.    This  transaction
generation cannot fail to make   itself
felt, and     hearty     support     of   Sir
The Senate: "Yes, I torpedoed il, imt you gave the order."
however,   revealed     by   investigation,
proves that he is not honest.     I can
scarcely think what would happen   to
Robert   Horden   in  his    determination   ft caI)lnPt   imilistor  ln any  other coun-
l" creat' a  better    atmosphere    than try  but Canada,      who  would  accept
prevailed in    the  past will strengthen $15,000 or any other sum,     from     a
his hands   and   will   do much toward raAway  company  that     was     asking
,                                  .,,,,. favors  involving   millions  from      the
the maintenance    ■ of    clean  Canadian ,    , . ,    ,
government  of which  he was a   mem-
politics,  the  aim of  the  Young    Con- ,.„,._      CaU   it      what  yo„ wm_  that
servativ club  of  Revelstoke. $16,000 was intended as a bribe,   and
should be so regarded in law.    Thcre
The  newly    elected  Bishop  of  Koot-   jp not one chance in a million  that a
may, during his brief visit to Revel-  railway  company  would  have  invested ten cents     in
One of these   members has     since ctoke, created    an   excellent Impres- tu Mn™1'BM m™' 0li™'B ncWfl-
, paper,  had  Mr.  Oliver not heen   in a
resigned bis neat,     tl ther Ls un sun.     He If evidently well equipped ^^ to giyp the eompany mighty
..ikely to again receive a nomination, for th» responsibilities of his high of- gooa- returns for the investment.   The
II.m Frank Oliver      -vas    proved to |,n..  and  Bhould  be decide to     select whole transaction should be regarded
I ,vc. pU| ,„  n\t     own    pocket money Revelstoke  hs  the  Bishop's scat     be as a corrupt  abuse of    the privileges
',h,t w.s the property ol   the   coun- will be  i-ery  welcome, both for him- "' parliament, and    as   such should
lnnl                  ' lead tothe prosecution of hoth
What are we willing to Sacrifice to
show our appreciation,
In our midst are the wives and
families  of some  of   these  volunteers.
The Canadian Patriotic fund was
created to relieve to some extent t.he
material necessities ol these families.
In Comparison, what sacrifice is it
for every man and woman ol thiB
(ity to give, say, Me. per month. It
would mean, to some, two Cigars ichb,
to others, two drinks less, to most
of us, no meat for dinner two days
each month. Vet the total amount
would  be quite    nn item.
Tbe writer has had the honor of
heing appointed collector for this
fund in Revelstoke.
Within the next lifteen days it is
his intention to call at every house
in the city in an endeavor to increase
the present revenue, whioh is not suf-
ficlent for the requirements,
I'lease do not shut the door in
Revelstoke, B.C., Mny 4,  1915.
Repudiation of Christ Greet Battle and Retreat
(Continued from l'age One)
lContinued  Irom  Page One.)
sin, of righteousness and ot judgment lowa were all but anihilateil by tbo
mud to adopt Cod's view which Ior onoomlng (lerinans. Tbe little bund
the good of man himself Ho has heen of Cameron Highlanders loft across
pleased   to  reveal and  declure. the canal kept on  lighting to the lust
At thc evening    service,  the bishop   man  because they  had uo    orders     to
retreat.   Every   Uritish  soldier
try, and to have used his position as self, and because of thc dignity which
minister i'f the Intwlor to enrich him ,ts selection ;.s    the   See City would
self and his Iriends. bestow upon Revelstoke,
Throughout  the discussion of these
"•'lt       9aaaaaaaalIIIIIIIIIIII^H.al^.al^.aljIjIj
escape I benefit  of parliament, and  particular
|\   fur   the      information      of   persons
"liver  and the railway  company    ln-
And  I   waul   te, say     now. for the
nt.   No word o     ci It li Ism
bis lips.
still he remains sib nl,
Is it not time thai he followed Sli
Robert Borden's example and .lil
something lor the purity ol     public
It  is Sir Wilfrids move,
Mter he has spoken it will be   the
duty of Hon   Frank Oliver to follow
th» cx.iihpi ■ of Mr. li >w itt  Fosti
a  public life.
Winnipeg Telegram'      It is no answer to   the   grave   charges   against
Hon. Frank Oliver to dub the evidence
presented by    Commissioner Ferguson
as "campaign pamphlets," or to say
that ff am   that  his name adds nothing to their
throughout this country who may  be
concerned  in selling sup;.lies or materials to flip e
■Mali   In   e
Lib im
he Conservative oi  weight."  Such charges by any   other
my fraud or Impi -    name    Would  be  no less  evil  smelling
ur malodorous.  A Smith or a Brown
Inc implete
dian  troois en t
.'.C'i t.e
I rei
He that
■ ■
ttl 'ef      V.
i.r   i  Johnson could     not have made
id     in   ... . „,,       ,       ,
them any   less  i.  savory,   lhe  odor of
"       ' ' ~"      "•    ihe rose cannot  be given at    wlB t,.
■i  with  th • .., weed.
ar that      I • t more to the point to   ar-
■ ii   tl tt   "if Mr.  Ferguson has     any
charges I ■• should appear be-
the penitent
• '•;•.    ci mmlttee     at
.-  ei   is prosecutor ,,r wit-
iment and     the
hetl er the charges
  fuimdeel."  Mr   Ferguson     is
■ecuting     nor persecuting
Mr. Oliver. He   ■ ■   nted ,i com
tlgate cerf        'natter ■    I     of    the
ier     Mr. edmniis-
tratii                                 evidence  pre
■ dingS.    Me     has
ment from which he derived his com-
■     :
Frank     ' diver.
and  the
Ferguson    to make charges
i     Dai
te     t.,
bat  should  he undertaken,   summon ■   a     judge who had preside,!
over the "lection trial of a meemh^r of
the reach  of  the win
■ 11 ms.
i \ • v ii! \\  r \TRI i'iii   Fl    ii
■   M  ee Hei
Sir,   Weil pou   be igh   to
pub ■  • ■   i
.be     vii    'Hi.-I.   the '..'•■   minister of   in..    ' [Ing   the    ibove   fund    tn
tOTlor, refused   to put   through   the particular notice of yom  re
ihe   \viwin application lot the   tract.     This last  few   n       ■■     have       ll
.   .nit   m
B \   Robert land
'   M
...in] I ,i    IntS
seen wh it    ell   laciIfli■■ tbe ' anadlan
volunteei    have made fm   liberty
Fr lorn   •! thought and action   u .■
.napped   oill  f'ei      ;e'ei'   ...     'i.utIwi 11   A!
Ml.   !•:.    \.   Kn',etl    knew      this
end refei red to 11 inlcation
to "ii''  of bis "partners" as follows,   the real  Issues of ihe war.
,.n Maroh i-. Iti These men arc giving   theii     lives
"I understand 'bit Ollvei has thrown thai you .end i mav have peace .'ind
trait open tn 11>.-1.'• leaders, but enjoy thi Institutions won by jour
othei iiiui being evidence that Oliver|ancestors on ihe fields ol battle.
To the Editor of the Mail-Herald,
Sir,—1 wonder whether Revelstoke
is going to undertake a campaign to
exterminate  the  housefly?
Otherwise some of us will he exterminated.
Everyone knows hy this time that
the house Ily is a filthy, disease
breeding pest. It hops oil the manure
p,'.c on to your butter and into your
milk. It carries to your meat the
dainty little microbes it has picked
up on its feat in its sweet meander-
ings, and you have typhoid. "Ann It
multiplies faster Chan you cau swat
it out of existence. Slaying is good,
as a local thing—but you must, stop
the breeding; and that can  he none.
Cleveland, Ohio exterminated the
fly in two years, and inspectors go
round to see if they can lind a (ly in
a shop. The women did it—hy seeing
Ihat it was done. They swore war
against tilth—in hack lanes—and hack
yards—refuse of all kinds—on the
streets and everywhere; and they
stayed with the job till it was done.
And it was done.
E very body knows it is from refuse
that Hies breed; and yet—docs Hevclstoke care? I cannot say, but. I am
writing this letter to try and Bnd
une thing is dead sure. Vou need
nover advocate Revelstoke as a tour
ist centre until you set to work in
deadly earnest tn make it so—by making it as sweet and clean as a new
pin. All recognition for the lirst beginnings .et cleaning up, hut we have
got io exterminate the fly—and got to
stop hi refuse everywhere, it must
ned, or buried Instanterl
The  Parsoni ••   M ij  1.  1915.
Kmpress Thjati i   ii.it i ons    are     to
bave  ,,   great   I nat  in   motion  picl II IS
■ '    ' ' lng   .ee    Me -l'i i\ .    When    lhe    "Mas
l'i   Key"       I.n Ih,      said    to be      I be
.■i'ii' i Universal Moving Picture
serial, featuring Robert  Leonard and
I'.ii.i Hail in a supremelj beautiful
itoi . ii ••, tnystoi y, love, bate
mii er'a f..line, success, and human
unci nie ■ [t Is nn oppotl m.tj ne
e pend i in- must absoi bniK evening
mie inst attending the movies. Ihe
i Kej will touch every etnolIon,
II will grip, fasein it". thrill, de
in-lit eini .■.iii lellgbl the whole
I iin.'ly. It is a phn. for uld .,nd young
alike   'nl    appeals   to all.      \
Ileal is the (ree Bl imps and albums
'Inib wall be given away. Ml sho lid
enine In the Master Key an.l start
.;! lhe beginning. It will be shown i
times every   Monday. n
I eels
ns if tlie empire depended on him and
stays till he is told to go. The grim
humor of the Tommies was Illustrated, in picking out the [at men of the
(iiemy, because it disorganises tho
lineB, and the thin men that come
forward don't till the places. The
fat man drops in bis tracks—the thin
man swings round.
Mrs. 1.. Howson sympathetically entered into the musical requirements
in accompanying at the piano. Among
the pleOSS sung were "A Mjny Morning," "Tbe Hoys In Blue," "The
Wondrous Cross" and on Sunday,
"Surrender" tbe last own composition. Songs are sold by him, (or tba
support oi Belgian orphuns.
The musical monologues in the rendering of the psalms on Sunday were
greatly appreciated. Every chair was
requisitioned on Sunday night, Mr.
Bacon speaks without u note. His
memory is pheiiuiiienal. Hiiuioi and
pathos meet. He is vcry natural, and
just hubbies up. Mr. Bacon iB a local
preacher of the Methodist rburcb in
England, and prefers to use bis gifts
through the uvenues of the church
rather than outside—refusing all
tempting offers that have come.
Great inducements bave also been oflered him to take it pastorutc on this
continent across the line, but he prefers to bc free.
Introducing bim on Sunday Mr.
Hall referred to the fact that at .lohn
Wanamaker's request Mr. Bacon
trained a choir of the school—the
largest Sunday school in the world—
of which Mr. Wanamakcr is superintendent. He has snug before more
than one king—and ns an illustration
of his versatility it may be said that
he could give an evening's entertainment for weeks and never repeat a
His spending a Sunday in Rcvc.l-
t-toke is due to thc fact that Mr. Hall
introduced him to his tirst Canadian
audience four or five yeare ago. Asa
dramatic interpreter he has few
equals—<and his entnrtainments nre
always wholesome and clean—as a
hundred voluntary statements show,
of all kinds, from press notices to
personal testimonies lil c those of
Fanny Crosby and Dr. Briggs. But
perhaps the new feature since he has
been to the front in explaining the
actual developments and strategy of
a modern battle is the greatest contribution he has made. Everywhere he
leaves behind him a sense of appreciation of the immensity of the
struggle in which we are engaged and
of thc unparalleled heroism of the
British troops, from whatever part
of the empire they come.
Everybody understands now what
a salient ts and why it is weak; and
everybody understands now why Sir
John French used it uh a lure. The
work of thc Royal Engineers In laying dummy guns made of trunks of
trees dressed up on cartwheels while
the real guns were masked is an illustration of ingenuity, ns the laying of o pontoon bridge is of their
unrivalled coolness and bravery.
].reached  from  the text  S.   .lohn  XX,
' 10, "Peaca be Unto You." The   great
l yearning and longing of the world today  is for  peace,    he    said.     In our
lives as Individuals, in oui  lives     as
members of thc great empire of Great
Britain we yearn, we long for peace.
HnW'  is  it  to be obtained, how  retained as an  ever abiding possession
Of the human race? Was the gift     of
( heist  a real gift, und if a real gilt,
why today do we hnd so-called Chris
tian nations engaged    in a life     and
death struggle to    exterminate     one
The gift was and is u real one, the
I Ishop  declared,  but it wub    a     gift
bestowed    by  Christ   the   l'rince     of
pence upon  those   who    believed     in
Him,  upon  those    wbo acknowledged
Him as kinc and were willing to Obey
His 'iuws and carry    out    His commandments,
As the Prince ol Peace, peace be
longs to the Christ, .t is His pos
session and His alone, and He gives
it not to the world as the world, hut
to those in the world wbo follow and
obeyed Him. His gift to the world
when and only when tbe world is
willing to accept Him as its Saviour
end  its King.
The world  has not   peace    because
the world  has never placed  itself un
uer the kingship and leadership of tbc
Prince of   Peace,  because there arc no
christian nations, and because in the
nations   which  are    designated   Chris
tlun, Christ has heen dethroned Irom
even the partial sway over men which
once  He exercised.
The present  war iB   the   virtual  repudiation   of  Christ      hy      society  at
large,  and  tbe absolute definite     re
i udiation of Him by Qermany which.
has  substituted     the   ethics ol Hern
bard's  for  the  ethic    He  bought,  the
worship of Odin   for   tbc worship   ol
We have lost  peace  because we have
, lost Christ  the  l'rince ot I'eace,     if
we would have peace again only when
tbe  world   becomes    really    Christian
will  war cease,  and    peace  be     permanently   established.
.    Thc duty  of the     Christian church
today  is  to  make  this  fact  perfectly
clear,  to save  men  from  tbc folly    of
endeavouring  to secure  peace in any
other  way,  and  to guide  them  to  the
one wh,, alone ran save in this time
I ol trial, who can alone give I'eace,
'who can alone  guarantee    it     us     u
universal,   permanent,      and    abiding
possession of the human nice.
We must first lind Christ the Prince
of Peace and hy submitting to    Him
receive that   gift which is His and His
Many  plans and    schemes, said the
I ishop,  were being discussed    as     to
I un    mil   in what   iiiiv   peace  could  af-
iei   the wail' be placed on  a  permanent
All  such   plans and  schemes     were
doomed  sooner ur     later  tn absolute
failure iinlwsli was clearly recogpls
nl that peace was a gift to be ob-
t.inii'l only from the Prlnco of Peace
Upon His own terms and upon His
iwn conditions, and thnt His terms
and londitlons were that men submit
tu His rule and His authority, and
yield I., Him the |nve and obedience
vhirh  tor  too  long  they  have     with-        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
held. i= '
In the morning Miss Parker sang as MONDAY, EMPRESS THEATRE,
a solo "I Know that mv Redeemer THE MASTER KEY, The C.REAT-
I iveth" and in the evening "Heat BBT SERIAL STORY HVBR WRIT-
ny  Praver." TEN.   BEATS  THEM  ALL.
Thc Ross-Saskntoon Lumber company opened a hush camp at Waldo
last week. SATURDAY, MAY   1,  l'Jlr":
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Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected—approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausuge—wherever it appears-
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
I 7,000,000.00
President Vice-President
EDWARD BAY, General Manager.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.B. McOLENEGHAN, Manager.
Strictly First-Class]
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
J. Albert Stone, Proprctor
Suitably furnished with the
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Gii/ars. Rales $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Eggs .in' 1-' cents ii dozen in Che-
Ourlaw lias a brass baud nf ^"> In-
j. !•:, Menzles    died   in Ohiniwack
this nii'iil li.
.Um Jordan, nf RoBsland, in vlslt-
inn  in  Mexico.
Edward Dedolph haa opened an assay office in Knrilo.
Tin' inai mines at Michel are still
working short time,
Warren Hill in the name ol a new
townslte in Aspen drove,
The government in toedlng many
Russians at Prince Qeorge,
The Canadian Pacific railway Is
building a new spur in Trail.
It is just eleven yearn since the
boom  walked  out of Poplar Creek.
Two years ago there were in Canada 1,092,58c     miles     of     telephone
Km- the firsl time In twn yearn
Adam Wallbridgc wan In Rossland the
oilier day.
There is a Bhortage of bonnes t'i
rent in Trail. Might move sonic, from
This Bpring tho Ice in the Atbahaa
ca river broke up 16 days sooner than
the average,
An exchange says:  "Consider     the
Allien in Lhe field, Ihey lone noi,
neither iln thej   win."
ln the Kaslo riding there are L,2(Kl
names on the voters list, and about
1,900  in the  Slocan.
During March IflO.OW eges were eat
en in Rossland,     Hens   in tbat town
are now   afraid to cackle.
Cranbrook ban aa amateur dram
atic society.     All ihe members think
they can play leading parts.
In nnuuers are surprised at thc prosperity of Rossland. They do not have
to listen to bard luck stories in tbat
.1.   T.   Kelly   and   .1. W.   Tinllng    ol
Silverton have been given the power
to try cases in the small debts
Merchants hurt their •wn busi
ness and the town iu whu.fi tbey Uve
when they do not advertise in tbe
local papers.
Iii Vancouver there are probably 511
crap, poker and blackjack games lu
operation. The rake-oil does not go
to the Patriotic (und.
A clergyman writes   "A young wo
man died in my neighborhood yester
(jay while 1 was preaching in a
I eastly state of Intoxication."
Alter doing  business inr   UO  years
the Hudson's Bay (Jo., has closed Its
[tore ,,t Kort Feorgc. The post was
established in 1S05 by Simon Fraser.
The Athabasca News nays that
next month, J. L!. Ucvlin, (the Gunner) will embark with M miners Irom
that town to thc mining excitement
at Fond du Luc.
Evangelist Uiily Sunday told a
1 hiladelpbia audience tbat Voltaire,
Paine, John Stuart Mill, Darwin,
Huxley, Tyndall and many more, ol
them arc now Inhabitants of bell.
These intellectual giants will probably get out of there by the time
Billy arrives.
A bull trout weighing 1:5 pounds
was caught at Fernie Hast week.
A Silverton syndicate hus commenced development on thc Waketield.
The cherry trees ure in blossom
about two weekB earlier than usuul
along Slocan lake.
Given iverage weathei conditions,
ii..i. Wigen Is confident Wynndel   will
this year have a strawberry crop
this year bave a strawberry crop
close to 5,000 crates.
Things around the dinard hatchery
are reported as active, the lish spawn
being secured in large quantities. A
big Salmo Kootenaii taken there recently, yielded over 5000 eggs.
i' le reported from Lardo that, the
tUaiikr Proctor will resume Ue.r run
on Trout lake this week. Thc lot
went ofl thc lake quite curly tbis
year, but thc resumption of tho bout
■61 Vice has been delayed.
Possibility nf serious damage to
the cherry crop bv frost now appears
to be ovei with, although the bim
Bomi hnl rather a dose rail during
laBt week. Many of tho apple trees
nie- now coming out in their Mower-
regalia, [I looks is though Iruit will
• B great chance to get up a
wonderful color this yeur.—Kuslo
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every GUjicUt Package
lu the matter   of     the "Execution
Act," and—
In the mutter of au action between:
Stewart and Tweed, a eo-partnar
ship carrying on business at Medicine Hat, Alberta, Plaintill and
John   linker,   Defendant.
Take notice that I, William .1. Law
under and by virtue of an Order of
this Honourable Court dated the 15th,
day ol April, A.D., 1916, will sell at
public auction at the Court House,
Hevclstoke, U. C, ou Monduy, tbe
i't It day ol May, L915', ut 10 o'clock
in the morning to satisfy a
Judgment of the above named plaintifl against tho above named defendant and for costs, all of the interest
of the above named defendant, John
Baker in und to the lollowing  land
All that certain parcel of luud
situate, lying and being m tlie Kuin-
loops Division of Yule District, iu
tlie province ol British Columbia, and
being composed of a portion oi the
North-west Quarter oi Section Three
in Township Twenty, Huuge Ton,
West of the 6th Meridian, more particularly described an lo.iows. 1st.
Commencing at. a point of tbe South
eni boundary ii, ...nil North-weat
Quarter ol Section Three O.'M chains
Irom the South east corner of suid
Quarter Section, thence in u Northerly direction and parallel with the
Eastern boundary ot tin said Quarter
Section 91.95 chains; thence in a
Westerly direction and parallel witb
tin, Northern boundary of the suid
Quarter Section 3.205 chains more or
(ess to the Southern boundary, oi tlie
load allowance, thence following tue
said Southern boundary in u Southwesterly direction LU.40 chains; thence
in a Southerly direction and parallel
with the West boundary ol tbe suid
Quarter Section 35.15 chains more or
less to the South boundary iii un
Easterly direction II.HI chuius more
or less to point of commencement
containing :.2 ..:ies more or less uud
-'nd: Commencing at a point 12.475
chains from the Western boundary of
the utoresaid Quarter Section und
S.52 chains from the Northern boundary of the aforesaid Section; thence
in an Easterly direction and parallel
with the said Northern boundary 2.10
chains; thence iu a Southerly direction and parallel with the Eastern
boundary of tbe said Quarter Section
7.0'i chains, more or less to tbe
Northern limit of the road allowance along the said Noitbern limit
of a South Westerly direction, 4.;i9
chains; thence iu a Northerly dine
tion and parallel with the Westerly
limit of tho said QuartOT section 9.27
chains more or less to the point ot
commencement containing three ncres
more or less.
Highest or nny bid not necessarily
Dated at Hevclstoke, II. 0. April
20th, 1915.
Sherifl of 'North-west Kootenay.
all Streams flowing into Kootenay
Lake from tho East, north nl I'll"'
Buy Including si reams iu tbo Lardeau and Trout Lake Mining Divi
a meeting of the said Board wU!l be
held ut  Kuslo on      the    14th  day  ol
ime,  at.    nine     o'clock  iu tlio  1 > • i i-
WATER ACT, 1914.
Before thc Bourd ol  Investigation,
lu   tho   Mutter   of   Streams    Mowing
from the West uud    druiuing   into
Upper Arrow  Lake uud tho Colum
bia   Hiver    between      u    point  live
miles south-west of Arrowhead and
u point   three milts Boutbwest     ol
And lu tbo Mutter oi  Streams flowing Irom tbo EuBt aud diuimug iii-
to Upper Arrow Luke aud tbo   C>j-
liiiubia Hiver between tho Southern
line ol Lot 3110 Galena Buy und  n
point live miles south of Burton;
A meeting of the Bourd of luvestl
gation  will  ho  held     at    the  Court
house at Nakusp on the Illst   day   of
May,  1915, at ono o'clock In tbe   nf-
in the   M ttar   of   Streams   Bowing
into Kootenay Lake-from tin- North
and iVest, north of u point throe
unlet) uoitU of Quuun'u Buy  uud ol
At these meetings ull statements i f
claim to water privileges under Acts
pussed before the 1'2'th day ol Murch,
Lieu, on the respective Btreams, all
objections thereto, uud the p*laus
prepared for the use of tho Board
will then bo open lor inspection.
AU persons interested ure entitled
to examine these, und to file objec
tions thereto iu writing if they deem
At these meetings claimants who
huvo uot previously done so ahall
prove their title to thu luuds to
which their water records aro appur
tenant. This muy bo done by pro
uiiciug, iu case of Crown grunted
lauds, the title deeds or a certificate
of encumbrance or other ovidiuco of
title; or iu case of lands uot held
under Crown grunt, by producing the
pro omptlou record, the agreement of
sale, tho mining record, or other
.written evidence of title.
Ubjectious will be board forthwith
if the party objected to has i'0C0l\ 1
Sufficient   notice   ol   the   objection.
Tho Board at tbe said meetings will
determine tha quantity ol watei
which may be used uuder each record, tho further works which are
necessary for such use, und will set
dates for tho filing ol plans of sucfi
works und for the commencement and
completion of such  works.
And whereas there may fie persons
who, fietore tin: 1 ith day of March,
1UUU, were outitlod to wuter rights
on thu suid Streams und yet li\uve uot
I.led statements ol their .claims with
the Board of Investigation, such persons ure leiiuired to lib; oil or belore
the 20th day of May, 1915, a statement as required by section 294 ol
the "Water Act, lill," Forms (.No.
5li for irrigation, and No. 51 Ior
other purposes) may be obtained
from any Government Agent in the
Dated at Victoria, B. C, the llth
.1 iy  ol   April, 1915.
For   the   Board   ol   Investigation,
rt My.-Pi Chairman.
<*■% ■'
NOTICE Is hereby given that the
reserve existing on Lot 7926, Kootenay District, by reason of a notice
published In the B. 0, Gazette on the
27th of December, 1907, 'm cancelled,
and thai the Baid Lot will be open
ie, entrj by  pre-emption  on Tuesday,
ilie> 1 ih day Of .June, at the hour ol
nine o'clock in the forenoon. All applications must be made at the otliee
of the Government Agent, at Revelstoke. B, C
D      ily   Minis!   r  ol   Lands.
in.is Department, Victoria, B.O,
i Ith   \i'i il.  r'i'.. ,115
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up Lill and including Wednesday, the 2nd Junenext, lor the
purchase of the following mineral
claims   Which   were   [orlelted      to    the
i rown a'  the ta> sale held at Uevei-
stoKo    .en iii.     3rd   November, 1913,
ii i iy
••Standard" Mineral Claim, Lot No.
i.' 11, Kootenaj  District,
"fl tor"    .Mineral   ■  Iaiin, Lot   No.
I'M.',,   Kootenay   District.
"Commander '  Mineral Claim,   Lot
No, 0U4B,  Kootenay  District.
"Wlnneabago" .Mineral Claim,   Lot
No.   i.'.II.,   Kootenay   District.
"Contractor" .Mineral Ct um, Lot
No, 5948,  Kootenay  District.
••lion ilill ' Mini i.ii i lalm, Lot No.
iiii, Kootenay District.
•■Deiivei fraction" Mineral I bum,
Lot  i,i".",   Kootenay   District.
"Butte Fraction" Mineral Olalm,
Lot  No.  0961,  Kootenay   District.
"Don Chest ■ Mineral Claim, Lot
No. 6962, Kootenuy District
"Black   Peat"   Mineral   Claim,      Lot
;...,. 695,, Kootenay District.
"Criterion" Mineral Claim, Lot No.
C.i.VI,   Kootenay District,
■•iron Hill Fraction'   Mineral Claim
Lot No.  71io',   Kootenay  District.
"U.X.L, Fraction"    Mineral Claim,
Lot No. 7484, Kootenaj  District.
"Downie   Fraction"   Miuciai  I
I.Ol      N,l.      ,1-   .,     IS. e.   lell   IJ      DiStrlCt,
"i.x.L. Fraction"     Minwal Claim,
i ,,\   so. ',:,- , Kooti n i.  District.
•■ll.x.i . Fraction ' Miner tl Claim,
Lot No   7490, K.eot. nnj  Dm" ■' '•
■■Maltha -i ■ i'i" Mineral
(  lalm,   Lot   No.   Vis.,   Kootenay   Dis-
"Minto' Mineral Claim, Lot No.
,1m,,   Kootenay   In-tnd.
\,,\ len.In loi less than the following amounts will not be considered.
Standard, IU«J,M; Monitor, ; " 'L
Commander,     $99.94;      Wlnneabago,
 24; Contractor, (64.93; Iron Hill,
■ •ii, Denver Fraction, Wl.l«; Butt*
Fraction, .$59.38; iron Chert, »94.30;
Uluck Bear, 197.10; Criterion. $90.19;
iron Hill Fraction, .$38.81; U. X. L.
Fraction, $77.98; Pownic Fraction,
161.58; l.x.L. Fraction, 186.46; MX.
p. Fraction, (81.38; Martha .lane
Fraction,  eV6U.ll . Minto, $99, 'L
Traders must be Bealed and plainly
Indorsed on the outside: "Tenders foi
Reverted     crown    Granted   Mineral
i hums."    ,
Assistant Commissioner of i.
Court Hone-,  I le velstoke, B. C, April
36tb, 1915, Klw,
i 'eai mining rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
lerta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be issued for a term o!
twenty one years at an annual rent-
e.l of $1 an acre. Not more than
!i,olKJ acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for leaso must be made
hy the applicant in person to the
Agent or .Sub-Agent ol tbe district
In which the rights applied for are
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be con-
Bidered necessary for the working of
thc mine at the rate of ?10.00 an
In surveyed territory tho land must
te described by sections, or legal
sub divisions of sections, and In un-
mnveyed territory the tract applied
for shall fie staked out oy tho ap-
| Leant  himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $i which will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty sball be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
late  of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity o!
merchantable coal mined and pay th*
royalty thereon If the coal mining
rights are uot being operated, such
leturns should be furnished at least
ence a year.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
ot Dominion Lands.
W.  W. CORY.
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1086
Meets every Becond
and Fourth Tuesday
in  the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren .are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
ll. I.. HAUG,Sec.
Bear Hugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
S5 Second St., Revelstoke, B. C.
Bvery    Wednesday  evening
at    1   o'clock,    in  Selkirk  Hall.
\ [siting    brothers    cordially  Invited.
K. CORDON, 0. 0.
1. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk   Hall  at  8 o'clock. Visiting firetheru cordially invito.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held ln
New Masonic Hall on tbe Fourth
Monday In each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
JOHN  LEE,   W.  M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  Secretary
SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1915.
Notes from the cTVlines
Indications ol activity havc been
noted in the vicinity ol the MarUlc-
l.ead quarry lately.
The Chinamen who   have   been   attempting to   do   some   placering   In
Aid. Speirs is planning on securing
more horses for use in ore hauling
from  the  Cork-Province.
The Consolidated  Mining & Smelting company, has commenced develop
the vicinity of Cooper (Meek, have ment on the Lucky Thought, Four
made another attempt, this time In'Milo, Slocan lake, with a crew of
tbe  vicinity of GoldhlU, seven men and a  foreman.
Ore bautling from the Utica ban had
Patsy Clark, o( Spokane,  in report
to ba discontinued Ior a lew weeks ou ed to be interested iu mi option on
account of the breaking up ol the the Galena Farm, a Slocan lake pro
roads, It is expected that wagons ' petty. Water is being pumped out of
will bc able to get thiougb Irom the shaft, preparatory to the resuinp-
the siding to the mine in the course tion ol .vork. The Gialena Farm has
of two or three weeks. been Idle for years.
It is predicted thus the Rambler- Information from Poplar is to the
Cariboo will again become a dividend effect that .1. Wilson, who has a
I ayer before the end of the year, al-'bond on the Calumet and Ilecla, am!
though there is a possibility thut a who has bad three men at work all
shortage ol water may somewhat In* Iwinter, intends to increase thc toice
terfere with milling operations he- at those properties to about twenty
lore  the end  of  the season. men in the near future.
Oswald McDougall in at work on
lis contract at Ibe Utica, where be
in driving a crosscut tunnel to connect the cast and went veinn. Machine drills are being used and ou
account of bard rock the lirst lew
leet proved rather stiff cutting. The
lock  has since grown  Bolter.
JuBt when the anticipated great
upward movement in silver will come
is really dependent upon the tcrniiua
tion of the European war, although
it, is possible tbat a moderate advance in the market may occur if
thc demand for coinage purposes by
tbc European nations increases before
peace is declared.
Part of the tramway system used
at the Ferguson Mines, Ferguson, is
icing dismantled, preparatory to its
being moved to Sandon, having been
I urchascd by thc Ruth Mines. The
latter company will re-erect it to
provide transportation from the Ruth
No. 5 tunnel to the Ruth mill. A
considerable amount ol work haB been
done on this portion ol Ruth ground
the past few months and the erection
of a tramway may be taken as an
uicouruging indication. No. 5 workings ure situated up the Slocan Star
gulch, at no great distance from the
.-I.ecun Star mill.
Improvements to tbe roud up the
South Fork of KaBlo river during the
coming season will make ore hauling
from tho Cork-Province less troublesome than has hitherto been the case.
As originally laid out the South Fork
road hud several had "bumps" which
meant in some cases un uphill i'li'll
for a short dlBtuuce with a load ol
ore, so thut of necessity the capacity
of u wagon bad to be limited to the
amount that a four horse team could
handle over the worst "f the
"bumps." The elimination "I tb .ne
will make larger louds on each do vn
trip possible
Three Spokane parties were north-
hound passengers on Tuesday, heing
enroute to GoldhlU, where it is said
Unit they intend to develop some
placer prospects. It is stated that
shafts or pits arc to be (lug and the
gravel extracted  and sluiced.
Five separate bonds, but entered into by the same buying parties, are
pending with regard to certain I'op
iar properties, lt is hoped that the
first payments will be made during
the course of the next few weeks. San
Francisco capital, working through
Spokane agencies, is sain to be behind the venture.
A large How of water was struck
m the Surprise mine a few days ago.
The water rushed out. through tbe
tunnels leading to the outside with
such force as to do some damage,
particularly around the entrance to
the mine, where everything loose wan
Carried down the hill, a large part
of the dumps going down in tbe rushing flood. Some of the miners are
reported to have become scared and
quit working, fearing a landslip or
A conditional lease has been taken
on thc Ivanhoe mill at Sandon, by
the Lucky Jim mines company, closing of the contract being contingent
on consent being secured from Judge
Gregory of the provincial court at
Victoria, who recently appointed Andrew G. Larson trustee for the corporation. Mr. Larson had a confer
• nee at Nelson with the owners ofthe
plant   ami   ban   '.•one   to   \ ictoria      to
confer with Judge Gregory     mi    his
return   it   in   believed      he will he       in
position to throw some light   on the
I situation    Involving the  Lucky    Jim
'company  md reconcile thi  mar.
filcting reports     that .in   Id i
tion relative t..' the reope .f   the
e Lucky  Jim at iJinct.jn.  i.
farmers Prepared to
Seed Large Acreage
yield    .a-t
A press bulletin Issued b    tl
• uej uud statistics Office, gives the
results of thu usual annual Inquiry
ue to the stocks of grain aud other
crops remaining in the hau.lt-
furmers on March Jl. ,,ii'l the proportion of thc crops harvested in tue
previous yeur  which  turned out  to  ie
• icbantable  quality,
teceived  frym    crop report
puuduuts show  thut of the  total est!
mated :• .• id ol    heat In 1914   13, per
ctnt, or :  -;    • -
m farmen     hands     at     the end •)(
March. At ti.. rate ol 11 bushi
.. luntlt) should alio ■
■    •     ■   -.       ,.ef about   11.'"' .
tlian   • % of 1911
itlj  ol quaatltlei
stored is   !.  .•..:.   rbich   may     fie
. .     •.'..   ..   \ - -'  remain-
.,   .. .    , r  ■
j   | is light   crop
and th     ..        .
sponsible (or this result lu 1014 the
quantity ol wheat estimated to
farmers' bunds at March i I at wus
s, or IS) per ccnt o*
the large bai vest ■■( 191 I; In 1013 at
Marcb   lint   the proportion   "im  UJ pei
init   or   "iO,234,   I nlhell     and     at
March  .list   191!  it was ii   pel   cent or
t-'.181.00*1 bushels.
Of the remaining grain cropl the
rroportioni) of the previous year's
production .stimuted to be in fi»rm
ete' hands on March 81, are also
smullir tbU In any former year On
record. O&tl -how a bnlnnce of 88,"
M3,00'i bushels, or 27 per rent, bar-
l(y 7,430,400 bushels, or W\ pel BSDt,
IM,700 bushels, or 17 pri rent,
buckwheat 1,701,500 bushels, or U
}>cr ccnt, corn for    bulking 2,928,000
i .cere  l] •'■ ••
■ .   -    -  |
.my of the lal
bushels ren. .       .
cent  reman. I       and
i lovei  thi   ,
; the   tot i
ii' "<
e   ,.., ,   |
.  .' :
a ircbuo  •
.... isbelsj
buckwheat '' '
.   :..i    bust - per rein
! (11,100,000 bushels)   fl. < * i   »8   pei
,, ,,i  11, '..a. "m  hushi le     potato
pei   ei'iit   174,leBR,0O0 bushels),  turnips
.tr   w pel cent  (80, !1   iKl sbels),
and buy and 'lover km per cent (9,
094,000 t'lns).
Correspondents  throughout   Canada
report that the past wlntoi  ims   been
'exception.illy   mil.I        lu molt of       the
I province* live    stock hnve In conse
nuenCC  come   well   through  and   nre   in
good condll ion. In dome parts, uol
ably In    Baskatcbowan,    tbe    light
nop,, oi last, year rendered (eeding
difficult, and animals at thc close of
the winter were thin. Id tUtee  case:
however, matters would have been
much worse had the winter been of
normal severity. An early spring was
anticipated,,and the prospects for the
coming season ,vere hopeful. Farmers
Were preparing for a big increase ln
the acreage to be seeded, their eflorts
bciing facilitated by thc large amount
of  fall  ploughing  completed last year.
Nelson and Vancouver were linked
by Kettle Valley railway steel lately
when  rail-laying reached Princeton,
W. A. Hughes, of the Bunk of Com
merce stall, at Victoria, has beon
transferred to the branch in Phoenix.
Mr. Watson, former agent at Hos-
mer  ban   been   transferred     to   Fernie
as successor to the late Robt, Reading, lie assumed bin otlicial duties
Slocan   Record.—0. V.  white, man
ager of the  Star at. Sandon,  narrow
lv escaped  a  serious accident    while
working in the mine Inst week.     He
wan fortunate in coining ofl with hut
a badly  bruised 'le1.,'.
It's good policy I o think of tbe future
It'sstill better policy to provide against
'.he misfortunes it may bave in store
for you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and Family in a
with a reliable company. The high
linancial Btanding ami long buslneBf
career <>f the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav lie near at band
Don't delay.    Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
Mclntyrc's Grocery
Fresh Milk
Delivered every morning.
10 quarts for $1.00
Salmon, red, high-class,
per tin 10c
Marmalade, home-made,
per jar 25c
Tomatoes,  1%   lbs.  per
tin  15c
Lettuce, Radishes. Rhubarb,
Green Onions coming in regularly   and  at   right  prices
Mclntyre'* Grocery
Ir will pay you to make
a   all Mt
Fur Buyer and Exporter
(II.|,    TOW    N IH     ■      H-i'ekK IM
before hi i     .'li1
ot  work • - ii'i 'he
luisli.      I lit]
nf   Logs
B   ■ Blankets,
■■vi-i ■. i bing :■ e'liii-'i in \"in
E G. Burridge & Son
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated I'< ot-
Ipr, Fi rnnce Word nnd up-
to-dalo PlumhirK
Woi l Hliop   * - ■ t >
li i ifgnge  11 uitf'Mnd
Distributing Agents and Ntorsge
Pin nil ni e nnd  Piano moving n
Phone in  276,   Nlghl Phi
Nwn/hi; Hints.
•   il. CURTIS
How to Get a Free Trip
■■■■■■■■'■■■i      ■■■■■■       wm\vma,ma       iiiii ■       B«BBBaBnaa      ■■■■■■■■neaaa
Any person over 16 years (married or single)
who secures 100 yearly subscriptions for
The Mail-Herald will be given a return
ticket to San Francisco, absolutely free
by The Mail-Herald.
Some Superior Points of This Offer
1. This is NOT a competition.
2. There are no votes, so that you cannot be crowded out the last few days by some contestant who has
been holding back votes. You know every day where
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3. No undue publicity, as we do not publish the
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4. If for any unforseen reason you are unable 'to
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6. You may go any time during the Exposition that
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7. We do not confine you to any special district.
Subscriptions secured in either city or country count.
Payment on subscriptions already owing will count
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How to Enrol for
Free Trip
' ill hi send j our name, to the Mail-
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with receipt books and full instructions.
I in it today, The earlier you start the
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12 Months   .   . ' $2.50
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All Subscriptions Count
It is not neoeaaary to secure
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7 e-mtnth subs< Millions, value
1 yearly subeoiipiion
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1 yearly subscription
I 2 lur subscription; value
J nearly subsorlptiens
For Further Particulars Address
Circulation Manager, Mail-Herald,Revelstoke.B.C. WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 191.1
Military Funeral  in  East for
Brother   of   Judge
With full military uonor tho ho.ly
it the late Capt. Peter McLaren
Forin (brother ol Judge Forin of
Nelson and formerly ol Rossland und
N'elson and lute O. C. the 34th battalion, CF.A.,) was borne to Belle-
vii'ie cemetery on Wednesday atternoon. Hiw battery being ut the front
lhe infantry in Belleville honored his
memory, providing the tiring party.
Every military unit in llelleville, the
:'.'ith battalion1, C.E.P., the ltoU regiment uud the 'I'.'th regiment, wan
i irgely represented.
While   the   obsequies       weir   Htl'ictly
military In character, citizens of all
walks of life paid tribute to the memory ol the late Mr. Forin, The members of Hastings  Bar  association, the
Nupanee regiment represented by
Lieut. Reiltensteln, Napunee Curling
club, West Hastings Liberal association, Belleville Curling club, the oili-
cials of John Street church mill many
other organizations attended in fu'l
numbers. Citizens In private capacity
I y hundreds acknowledged the sterling character of the departed by their
presence at his funeral.
Shortly after 2 o'clock the 89th
battalion, In command of Lleut.-Col.
I restou, paraded to the residence,
N'o. a Forin street. There the Hev.
E.C, Currie, pastor of John Street
Presbyterian church, conducted a
short service in the presence of the
mourners. After this brief ceremony
the cortege was formed. It wus the
tirst funeral in many years in this
city in which an ollicer on active service was laid to rest. Lying on the
oaken casset were the sword and belt
and cap of deceased, and a large
L'nion Jack, while within lay the
body of the deceased in his uniform
as a field urtillery ollicer.
The cortege proceeded to John
Street Presbyterian church, where in
the presence of a lurge congregation
b funeral service was held, Rev. B.C.
Currie officiating. In his short address the pastor said he would leave
the tributes to thc life, faith and labors of the deceased until the memorial servico on Sunday.
Among those present at the service
was the class of boys taught by the
late Mr. Forin.
Many went to Belleville cemetery to
witness the impressive closing rites.
The firing party was drawn upon the
roadway near the plot, while the officers stood near the grave. The religious ceremony wus read by Rev.
E.C. Currie. After the committal had
teen read, the military rites were
conducted. The order "Firing party,
volleys with blank cartridges," was
given. "Ixjud. Present. Fire" was followed by a volley from l-l) rilles.
Twice again the command to fire was
given, and two more volleyB were
bred over the grave. As the mon
stood with fixed bayonets at the
•present arms" the bugle Sounded
"The Last Post." The soldiers march
ed away and the ceremony was over.
The Daily Ontario Belleville says
"Peter McLaren Forin, from the
very tirst day ol the war, appeared
to understand how serious was the
task that confronted the British Empire. Although past thc age when
nctive service is expected, he volunteered for the first contingent, but
was not then permitted to go forward. Compelled to remain behind, he
was filled with the desire to be r.iore
than a mere spectator when vital
issues were being decided. He   there-
toro took a special course in artillery
instruction ut Kingston and qualified
for the position of captain. For several weeks prior to his illness he was
about the city canvassing for re-
cruitB for the battery and endeavoring to arouse the young men to the
need for action, And today the forces
training here in Canada for participation in Britain's war have had a
considerable number added to their
Btrength because of Capt, Form's personal work an.l appeal
"Had he been able to choose the
manner of his passing, he would probably have selected a triumphant
death on the battlefield, But having
served his country well by leading
und inducing many others to enlist
beneath the colors, knowing that he
had done his best as a soldier and as
n man, he was content, to enter into
linal rest.
"A     sinree       earnest,      s Imliirly,
Christian gentleman will long be
iiiiss'ed by his fellow citizens, A true
and noble-minded patriot has gone
to his reward."
The Pioneers Poem
Uoni'iosi il   and   xv li'len    by   It.
Tapping in February, 1016
This   piace   was but   a wilderness iii
But few white men bad settled   here,
about half a score;
There was  Coursier und  Bob  Lemon,
Hilly Cowan,  Wright and Spnut,
A few more might be mentioned, some
died and  more moved out;
This place was not called  Hevelsto'-.e
back in the early days;
The old  timers called it Farwcll   for
he made the surveys,
Says Farwell    to   R. Marpole,    for
forty  thousand  bucks,
We  w.'il  sell   to you      our    townslte,
make a round-house for your trucks
Kllpatrlck he was sitting near,     he
spiling right to his feet,
Saying     the      government    gives  us
townslte free, just   one mile f ir
(tber east.
Says .1.11.  Wright to Griffith, w   cm
not build thc track,
For the beavers are     so   ,"e:y  thick,
they  dam  the  water back,
Says  Peterson a  plnn mc thinks,      I
nose jus vat I do,
He shoot, de  brutes    by      moonlight,
like de ingins used to do.
The  next  came    here  was  Campbell,
with  his little gold bug bard,
He says you want   a   smelter   here,
and we want half the land,
For this is a line townsite,   the best
one on the map,
And  we also want a bonus    of forty
thousand  cash;
They soon put up the smelter,     and
Roser cut a dash,
It only run a little while und     then
it went up smash.
They had ten  years of law suits,    it
made us all feel blue,
N'o dcedB or titles could be got   and
we all got in a stew;
When the troubles where all over, the
townsite men grew fat,
Then  Revelstoke  it  nourished  as     It
shows now on the map;
Quite eurly in our history about in
The C.P.R.  then  I.unit thc slabs cut
by old Valentine.
Charles  Lindmark    tupped    the     car
wheel.-, and  made a  merry chime,
He says I can do better tailing wood
out on the hill;
And everything went lovely until one
day he had a spiil,
fn the steep side of the mountain he
bro^e the stakes and yoite;
AeiiA Lindmark tumbled with thc wood
,       says Tom Righton what a joke;
Pays Thomas unto Charlie   do    you
think you will ever pass,
Those  words  don't sound   the   same
out here, as in the Blb'.e class.
They thought they     would    start   a
paper down  ln the smelter Voik,
With Northy .is the Journalist and be
gave them  all a shoe*;
Northy ran it independent,  and   that
did not  please tliein all,
So they ga\e him a short notice   to
make out his last scrawl;
They gave their editor a month   and
and  locked  him out next  day,
He says we'll  run    this   press    right
smart  if  you the type can set,
And every sheet will bring two   bits
and set them thinking  yet;
'i'he Kootenay maJi was printed when
the front, door it was blocked,
The editor lit   out the   back and the
company burnt the lot.
It    was    in     the     spring of '92, the
writer  said   he bet that he  would
set things     moving    around     tins
townsite yet;
There was a lot    of    discontent, he
s.i id to them don't fret,
But just  sign  my  petition,   Bind    yon
will own your homes here  yet,
It   says survey this land in  lots,     we
will build ymi here a town;
Pray   grant    request    without  delay,
and do not turn  us down,
\nd all we ask  was granted, to make
Revelstoke renown.
It  was in the year of '98,  quite early
in the fall,
That H.A, Brown and Fraser calledja
i       meeting  in   Bourne's hull;
Said  Fred to us what do you   think,
can you not see your way,
To    have     Revelstoke    incorporated,
now what have you to say;
Suys Brown this    town is scattering
and it  may  never pay,
Put   we  maj   get    a good  fat  job,  on
sonic near future day;
In  ".e.1 they  granted    it,    it    did not
please us all,
But it gave our would be spouters a
good chance in the new hall;
The good folks  they all  gathered in,
heard  what they hnd to say,
Such orators you never heard  in   nil
of Canada.
Said  Haig  you must elect  mc  mayor,
for on the whole I'm sound,
And  I will do  my blooming  best, to
keep your taxes down;
The  boys roared    we won't  vote for
you, to be the mayor your bent,
And the only thing you're tit for,     is
collecting railroad rent;
Huig said my feet nre very cold,   the
boys they  loud did  ball,
The opera  house  'taint    finished  yet,
it  will  be warmer by  next fall.
0,  What about thut snowplow  John,
will McMahon  repair the gear,
Then up spoke Robert Howson saying
one thing to me looks queer:
How I can sit in this oouncil, and I
have no use for beer,
Now later in  our    history,     and we
have our troubles yct,
This winter ull  the lights went out,
left the town ns black as jet;
Rays  McKinnon    and    McSorley    to
John Palmer than won't do,
. To let the sand and mud and things,
just stop np all our flue;
How things huve changed    in  Revelstoke,  getting better all the while,
We  hnve  churches,  schools,  societies,
nnd prettv maids thnt smile.
Trail has a city football league
with three teams entered.
I    Grand Lodge  Knights     of   Pythias
meets at Rossland on May 26.
T.S. Gill, the Cranbrook apiarist,
is exporting bees to Lethbridge.
Improvements are   being    made on
the road from Rossland to Trafl.
Milk is down to 10 cents a quart in
Greenwood.    Three dairies are     now
supplying milk In the oity.
Golden board of trade will ask the
Canadian Pacific railway to keep its
freight and express offices at that
point open an hour later on Mondays
and Fridays to expedite shipping
over the Kootennv Central.
eliook, gentlemen '   i «i
... R
r\   \    <■-■
if.'-"   . *   •
<:>'■;' ■"■'''•»"      ■
mge this Amiiir.Hi ipread eagle Into n roaring, raging liritisli Preference I imi
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Cive Maximum
Wear at a Minimum Prioe
New Printed Voiles
and Silk Crepes
New patterns, among them the delightful
Dolly Varden flowered patterns. Absolutely the newest things for smart
Summer dresses. 42 in. goods. 5 or
6 yards makes the dress up.    Per yard
to sell you this line of New MUSLINS
and VOILES in neat sprig, spray and
floral patterns	
New Organdy and
Swiss Embroideries
in 4- and 6-in. widths. Very chic and
new style for making collars, culls
and dainty trimmings at   	
35c and 50c
CREPES in printed designs and plain
colors for house dresses, kimonas,
dressing gowns, etc. Lovely goods
and a real bargain	
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
One Great Big Special
/|LL OUR straight-bottom KNICKER
M-JL SUITS must go at once. The very
*r + best of materiali, the very best of
workmanship. Every one is a "Lion Brand"
Suit. They won't last long so don't allow
yourself to be disappointed.
Every size from 26 to 33
All at one price, per suit
Grocery and Crockery Department
Fresh Stock of Pickles Just Arrived
Mixed, Gherkins, White Onions and Walnut in pint bottles; Chow-chow, Mixed and
Walnuts in quart bottles.    ,
Crosse & Blackwell Chutney, quart
bottles, G5c: pint bottles, 35c; i-pint bottles. 25c.
HEINZ' Sweet Mixed, Sweet Gherkins,
Chow-chow, Mixed, sour, and Gherkins,
sour, in pint bottles. Heinz' Sweet Gherkins in bulk sold in the pint or quart.
STEVENS' Pickles, pt. and qt bottles,
Gherkins, pint bottles. Pin Money, Mellon Manga and Sweet Mixed Pickles.
Pickled Beets.
DOM, SEN & Co. Mangol lSweet Sliced
Chutney: quart bottles, 75c; pint bottles,
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Arrowroot Biscuits, package _  10c    Ginger Snaps, package _ .10c
Soda Biscuits, pound 10c    String Beans, tin _ _10c
Laurentia Milk, 3 for  _ 25c    Laurentia Cream, 3 for 25c ITAGE SIX
Uh.   A.II.  McClenegUan will uot re
«elre on Friday.
A   c.  pearsan    of   Glaclei    was   a
Visitor  1..  town  tliiB week.
j.    Coulthard
and    Mrs.     W.
thi   week end at
Harold Gordon loft
for Calgary.
0, Folton of Toronto
Hotel Revelstoke.
on    Suturday
at     the
Mrs. J, Lewis ol Nakusi) is the
guest of Mrs.  B.R. Atkins.
F. P. Armstrong o! Nelson registered nt the Hotel Revelstoke yesterday.
II. A. <
ed at the
inlield of  Seattle register-
Is in»; Edward     hotel     on
i. . Thomas Taylor left yesterday
morning   in hia return to Victoria.
Mr,  and  Mrs   D,  McLeod   o!   Van
couver   are   spending   the   summer      at
Rogei .-  P tss,
Amoi iv sts ai  the Hotel Re    tan
elstoke   on   Monday was   Seal   Marry
eo'  Kamloops,
Among t a" guests at the King Ed
■ward hot i on Monday were J. Mur-
pbj and 0   Green ol Glacie
Mr. in 1 Mrs. D. McLeod ol Rogers
' i ■     imoB • the gue itB    at   the
■King Edwurd hotel on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J.E.  Dixon spent the
week  end ,,l   Sicnmous.
Miss Gladys Aztree lias decided to
postpone her dancing class until
Mrs. 11   tl.  McVity will
celve on  Friday, May 7.
Mrs.   Ernest   11    3,  McLean will re
celve -en Saturdaj   May 8.
Mr,  and Mi';
couver were at
hotel on Sunday
Johnson of Van-
King  Edward
Mr,   in i Mrs,   i D,  Sibbald spent a
days at  Hulcy m  lust week.
R. J. Johnsl ui il i iklohoma was
at the King Edward hotel ou Tuesday.
vv. vv. Bradley
Nelson  were at
lu.tei on Monday
and  J.A.  Haley      of
the     King  Edward
John  I addon  ■-
i pent  Sun las    u
talned extrance to the to Sic.
I hav
rollei   rink     I   llighl   and  have
dam ige,   Pro    '.I Ions aie  likely
dOl  e'
Holten,     221 First   b1 i ei I
i ecfiivi      .. Thursday after
the Okanagan
city ou his  way
■3    Nash    of Vernon
King  Edward  hotel
j.-.   pweed ile     is   building a Launch
Ior B.R.   At-1 in* which lie will use in
< i ctlon '.'..th his summer home at
Bt. Leon.
Th■■ grounds of the Queen Victoria
■hospital   ire being beautified.     A car
.'        Mi   was  unloaded for the     work
t!a- morning.
Mrs. Procunier and  Mrs. Tomlinson!
■will receivi   together on Thursday for
the last  Mm.-this Bsason at 111   Se-
< I   west.
Mr. i ■ re.••.wood  who has been ■ Isit
lng r   i-'.  Ma-iii ark    for a few   days
i Tia--'lay   morning on a busl-
•     ■.  '.        : '    lake points
Mr.  and   Mrs
ri glstei ed at the
■ n Mm. ia ,■
Mr. and Mrs. 3.F.
head registered it th
hotel on Sunday.
An at home will be held by the
ladies auxiliary l.R.C, in the Mas
ciiic haU on Monday, May 24.
It. ii. Kenny of Vancouvor spentl the
week   end   in town,   leaving   for    Field
on Monday morning.
B\G, Campbell, J.H. Blrks and   A,
M.S'.   Birks,   were   guests at the Hotel
Ri velstoke on Sunday.
P, G, Lelsh ol the Forest Mills of-
;i" stall left for Edmonton on Satur
day on a business trip.
Mrs. George J, Ranum of Illecillewaet  was a guest at the King     Ed-
Fleming, l.f.; Corning, r.f.
Public School.—Hod Jenkins, e.f.;
Leo. Goodwin, s.s.; John McSorley,
2nd.-b.| L. Briggs, 3rd.-b,; Harold
Goodwin, c; Jack McCarty, l.f.; John
McLeod, Lst.-b.; T. Lee, p.; Gallic-
anlco, r.f.
Runs    made      tor    High   BChool  by
Donaldson,   Young,   Urquhart, Fleming, Corning and Briggs.
Kims made tor Public school by
Rod Jenkins.
Apple Blossom Tea
is Great Success
Advertises Winter
Delights of Revelstoke
ward hotel on Sunday.
Hall of   Arrow-      The Bishop of Kootenay while'
King Edward   Revelstoke was the guest of Rev.
A. and Mrs. Procunier.
Mr. and Mrs. J
Vancouver, spent
Airs.  Wilson, en
, es Macauley     ut
the week-end with
'  te to Nelson.
V\ li    p Mn tl. Bei retary    of     the
! rs'   Institute  lias    received      Z'2
I ed, corn and alfalfa from
I ;ricultural department     ol   the
|.r..\ eminent.
1 Girl's Auxiliary of the Methodist Ladies aid wffll hold a sale of
I. i g,  and  will      serve     Ice
i: ..Le in the church parlors
. ii    -   • afternoon,  May   8,
B    -    Dii kit   -i" nt  a day   or   t...
i    • iiu unit:   to   Vancouver on
He was accompanied
to    thi      co st     by his sister, Miss
Bl ho will remain a   tew
a. i'   i tiflord
'.    ■        hnson appeared    yesterdaj   ,,,::,|.:t  ...
Police  Magistrate  J.   ,h
headquarters  it
Among the guests at the King Ed
ward hot ■ on     ; mday      were     .Ills.
Saunders and    Miss  Miller of  Rogers
M. Goi m, . '■ Edwards, B. Edwards and Il Edwards of Vernon
'were at the King Edward hotel yesterday .
J, Gordon has withdrawn his application for appointment to the
principalshlp .if the Kuslo high
Mrs.  i,-. i,  Storrai   returned 11
den on Wednesday alter spending   the
past   len  RevelBtoke,—Gol
den  Star
The following letter entitled "The
Capital of Canada's Alps" and written by A.VV. Lundell appears iu the
current issue of "The Boys World,"
published ln Elgin, Illinois.
Hear  Editor,—Revolstoke,     British
Columbia,   the   "Capital   Ot   Canada'.-;
Alps," can boast of Nature's grandeur. It lies nestled close to the
mighty Columbia, and surrounded by
lofty mountain peaks on all sides,
namely, Mount Begbie, Mount Cartier
Mount McPherson and Mount Revel
stoke, The snow lies on all these
 mt:iins the year round. The Revelst..Ke National Park is situated on
Mouni Kevelstoke, pictures of
I m bo seen at the Panama expos!
tion, Easy access can be obtained to
the park by an auto road winch is
almost completed, Tins park is visit,
id by tourists from the Atlantic
coast to the i'acitic Two beautiful
lakes, Eva and Miller are situated
heie Culling above the clouds will be
i, new pastime carried out on Mount
Revelstoke, in the park. Links are being constructed  there for golfers.
J. M. Doyle of Calgary, superintendent for j". Burns & Co., was at
the Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday.
Among the guests at the Hotel
Revelstoke on Monday were W, J,
O'Hara and John 0, Grant ol
Rev. Father Coady ot Nova Scotia
is the guest of Lev. J.O. McKenzie.
Father Coady is on his way to the
exhibition at Sun Francisco.
D.   E.  Leverton,  Robert Hibberson,
W.A. McDonald, J.A. Hibberson   and
J. F. Nichol, surveyors, were registei
id at the King Edward hotel eeu Mon    ,.„,.,,„, ,.„     « '  ,„i
hcvelstoke, afforded a scene of hurrv
day   on their   way      to      Trout Lake
where they  will survey   timber  limits
ior the     Forest Mills of British  Co
lutnbla,  Limited.
The Hpacious diuing-rooiu. ' at the
Forest Mills residence allorded an
attractive setting for the apple-blossom tea, and sale of work, given on
Saturday afternoon by tbo Woman's
Auxiliary of St. Peter's church, which
provided au afternoon of social pleasure and yielded a gratifying sum to
swell the treasury fund. Mrs. C. R,
Lawrence received the numerous visitors, aud was assisted by Mrs. Procunier and Mrs. Goddard, who In
turn had charge of the collection
plate. At tho tea table, which was
centered With a large cut glass bowl
of apple blossoms aud corner pieces
of large vases filled with the same
hlooms, Mrs. Procunier and Mrs.
Sidney Holmes presided over tho tea
cups, being relieved later by the
Mesdames Goddard and Kenward.
Those ladies were ably assisted by a
bevy of pretty girls, the Misses Pad-
get, Lawrence, Smythe, and Jollille.
Mtb. Tomlinson and Mrs. Bradshaw
bad charge of the refreshments und
many favorable comments on th1!
delicious colic" were heard. Miss
Davies had charge of lhe candy booth
Which aBBisted by Miss Ulga Coursier. This
tuble was lovely indeed with a huge
bunch ol apple blossoms in the ecu
tie, and tiny sprays of tho blossoms,
arranged iu artistic designs over
the damask tahle cloth. The culinery
tublo, in charge of Mrs. Amau and
Mrs. Cormier, was literally loaded
with diAicucies and to the feminine
eye, was a master-piece. Tho apron
tablo was under the aplc management
ol Mrs.  Purvis and   Airs. Middleton,
■Got an estimate at   the Globe     on
your Lumber Bill. tf.
Watch bills for     the big Hardware
Sale.   The Sturdy Hardwaro Oo.
GALT COAL burns all night.     Revelstoke General Agencies,  Limited.
KEY,     MONDAY,    EM-
I lai     ie>r  winter     sports,   which      is
ley  the success with  which the
toke Winter Carnival was   carried  out.   Among many sports  on   tho
program, skiing  .vas the chief.     The
kiing  grounds,  situated  on     Mount
The swimming campaign at  t   ■
M.C.A., provides free lessons for all,
Mrs.  i I.R   Si. . children
llondaj    aorning t r her    home
Koch  Sieiing after spending •
ter wil Mrs. J.J.
■lasses are held aa follows;     School   :'        velstoke  Ski club intends     to
hold a carnival in t.he National  Park,
Revelstoke on May 24.     What
■ossible In this     "Capita1,     ol
is    \!:>s."      in      the form      ol
Do you not think that Revel
11. Hamilton,   charged    with     being
dl d i ly and using
fan- Bei '• to
1*' days hard labor
:. e urrent     is
sue    t tl     British
th.it in accordance with section 12
the     Bureau  ol Mines Act.   examin.i
: the pract
-    ylng  will
May        ai
T.  A. Love, ed
Forks Gazett
i I
rand F
Mlllei    • ■
i    ■ •' ■ ■     .
in town
Mrs ■ A    I
K. Proci
■ - -
1 oys, Wednesday 1 to 5, Saturday IC
i. ll. Employed boys, Tuesday, 7.:iu
to 8, Thursday, o       Hen, T n
I, Thursday, y to 9.     Thi
May   .. '        M . .
ivei :.
to swlm.
thi      ■    ■ :.
... nts •
j. Eva ! Lome Ci
ice; T.  v.. Hei
ti -
or An
t; F, Dundat   I
be   inspi  I  i  ,
■     S  ; Ce  M..Te   .
',.   Hai
ries irom April  1; and
Mount   Revefistoke  is  also  an  ideal   and   tneso  energetic salesladies     sold
aprons to many ladies, easily proving to those who Were uot intending
to buy, thut un apron was just the
thing tbey were most ' In need of.
Aliss Irene Procunier played a num
ber oi instrumental selections, thereby .aiding much tothe enjoyment ol
the afternoon. Miss I'arker contri
blited an excellent soprano soio called "Wake Up" which was charmingly
rendered. Mrs. Goddard Bang "Perfect
Day," iu her usual creditalAc man-
ra-r, which was greatly appreciated;
g. Ralph   Lawrence gave "The Bug-
lar" which gave much pleasure to
the in any guests present.. The room
was beautifully decorated throughout
With apple blossoms, every possible
place available being loaded with
these fragrant     and  lovi Ij   blossoms.
His  lordship,   the   BisllOp   ol   Kootenay
graced the occasion und many ol the
i aest: had the pleasure of being presented to inm. A large number ol
handsomely dressed ladies were pre
sent, also a number ol  gentlemen.
ing feet during thc entire afternoon
ol February 9, Long-dlsl mci Jumping
;< ; the chumpionship of Bril ish Co
lumbia was won by a Revelstoke man.
Nols   .N.lson   by   name.      The  Carnival
;.l   in the  midst  of  winter.    1! n
I'iuno Tuning Intimation. Mr. R.
McGcorge, authorized expert. Piano
Tuner and Regulator for Mason &
fliscli, Limited, intends being in Revelstoke next week. Parties requiring
his services for Timing, Etc., will
kindly leave their addrosH with Mr.
Don't forget tbe "At. Home" to be
given by the Ladies Auxiliary to the
O.R.C. in the Masonic ball on Monday, Mny 24,
Shingles aro down, down, down at
tho Globe.
We will save you 25 per cent of
your Hardware purchases. The Sturdy
Hardware Co.
WANTED.—Sewing and    dressmaking
j   by the day.  Miss R. McMahon l'Ji
First street aest, Revelstoke.
JFOR    RENT.—Small    modern   house.
$15.00 per  month.    Kovelstoko General Agencies.
— _
TO RENT.—Furnished     five   roomod
bouse on Third street at $15.00. H.
N.  Coursier. tf.
;  ,	
FOR SALE.—A now "Magnet" cream
separator. A bargain, as the owner
has no use for It. Apply Box 82,
P.O.. M-5-p.
FOR RENT.-Room with or without
hoard. Apply Mrs. Llliuger, 52
Third street, West.
rves    the    name eef    "The
I   Canada's  Alps"?
Yours truly,
n c Ca. ada
The editor's comment is     as     fol-
I    R 9
Yes,  indeed we do, and thank   you
tor  telling   US  about    the   good   time;
ind on Mount Revelstoke. Golf
in? above the clouds will snrel
' i lence for many,
Tennis Courts Now
In ExcellEnt Condition
Nakusp, II. ('., May 1.—The Canadian Pacific railway steamer Ross-
i.ind, utter a thorough overhauling
and repainting, left Saturday (or Arrowhead. She wiil take the summer
tourist run relieving the Minto.
The snowfall Bllghtly interfered with
the long     distance     telephone which
was quickly repaired on Friday.
The  Knights ot Pythias    lodge     is
ind  glowing  accounts ol  about to mcl aatabla on it8    prD.
•ts ol an    excellent     fruit  mises to accommodate the horBes   of
Ic crop    it, tin Okanagan   members from a distance   when    tbey
Peach Trees Uprooted:
Alfalfa is Planted
will be paid for information leading
to the conviction
of anyone destroying trees on the
School Grounds.
This Reward also
applies to the damage done on the
night of April 21.
n   given by J.B.  Mather, who   "rc in town.
dl   a tour    ol   the  district
i toy has   many Inter
t ru"    •  -    ■
.... •    the I
■■>- -
1 r
Ki lovvna, Pea( h
1 'ii.tIcto .     and
■   ■   l'i,"ll
- land,
weut,    stated     Mr.
The Rifle association at Kelson will
not be as active this summer as last,
chiefly because of the demund tor
ammunition for war purposes.
All dairies supplying milk in Grand
Forks are tee be inspected     and
ailk ttsell tested monthly    by
i > - Trees   medical health ollicer In future.
BMPRH      TH   •> RAM
I be ■
TH' . r
...     In her
Bia   •   iJ  Back       I , Geo.  V.
I .»;r,       4
FRI''' ■ , .1,    2
Ornc- Cunard,
SATCI'.nW.- •' ernor
!■ III. l|
ie one
.1 OUl
i iti
ei   It.   'I                    ' ns of
lit Bat
i did
Creston i oasts of its oltlzens  having good memories, for not one letter
has   b.e:,   forwi riled   from here  to  the
dead   letter  OlWtX   for want   ot  a   war
thr Uing
ro-    ■   ■
2    Parts      with Wm.
Tho     faster  Kev, n
of mystery nnd
You'li Inngh, you'll
you'll  enjoin.     With each
si   ode a handsome album and
set of stamps will bc given to
eaeh patron FPKB.
rc     DAY.—His Last Dollar, 1
e   Famous   Players,   with
David Hli-Rlns.
Victory for High School
By Five to Two
■    A
■   ■
antlne imposed on bees
ao     mix
' *
•i.   or   all
irti A into the , r .   nee ol British
la, with thi     I the
rantli        : ft    rati
Into Bald prot Inee, or at such    other
. ■ after be i
for n period of ,n< thai
months,  and If such   bGCS are found '       | T ' DAY,   MAT
.     .Ml!  con
i     they      Haw
onl] • sap o .i
'    Ol     the ;
|0 '
' bo •■    • •        ...
■ ■ hi tht Vul
ton ftlei
 ____  j ml *
ted   Mow      ti   some
OBT pines,      great nnmher of peacti ■
mi   had •  en npmote.1 anl' th"   cm-
A BET OF STAMPS for no 1,
Bicycle Repairing ^
on Short Notice
All Work Guaranteed
Agents for
"Indian" Motorcycles
We carry a
Complete Electrical Stock
Star Electric &Bicycle Shop
Rear <>lil Star Theatre
i  1.30 al     thi
IrtSOn,  ?nrt
be  infert"1 thev mrtv be (leRlrfivrd "
eown    to    e'lfnlfn
nizi A firmintr
for    cenTn'
Children's Summer FOOTWEAR
Sizes II to 'j  $1.25 to 81.40
SlsesStolOl    91,16 to 81.25
si,     it,,,     81,00 in 81.16
STRAP SLIPPERS in tan, patent and dull kid
Sized II tn 2 From 82.26 to 82.66
Bizet B to He. From $2.1 82.40
to7|   From *i.7."> to 82.00
8       I) ti   i     From 06c to $1.25
For Sandals, Canvas and Tennis Shoen


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