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The Mail Herald Apr 7, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre betweon Calgary
aud tho Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice w»»My—Rea.l
by everyone--Tha recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
Vol. 22—No
BEVEJSTOfcE. B.C. \V* TO IS DAY. .APKIL 7, 191/5
$2.50 Per Year
Damage Nearly Half Million Dollars—Seven Hundred
Car Loads of Lumber Now Piles of Smouldering
Cinders—Seventeen Homes Destroyed
Steamer Revelstoke Burned to Water's Edge—Hotel,
Store, Warehouse, Among Buildings Consumed—
Refugees Taken to Arrowhead—Insurance
Tho once thriving town of Comaplix, situated on the east arm of thu
UpperArrow luke about Id miles from
Arrowhead, is today a heap ol Bmould-
iug rums. Fire which broke out about
midnight on Sunday uigut raged furiously until it had swept away fourteen million leet ol lumber, tue Comaplix hotel, store, machine shop,
stab.,-, warehouse, dry kilns, lumber
sheds and some seventeen homes.. The
steamer Revelstoke wus also -destroyed. The lumber was sufficient to
till JO cars and was valued at. $210,-
0<HI. Thc total loss caused by the
Crc is nearly  half a mlll'ion dollars.
The fire is believed to have been of
incendiary origin and is said to have
start'din sever.u places simultaneously. When Brst discovered it was blazing f ll." .-'.y .oul nothing could be
don.- t.e staj Its onrush, the lire
protective system bave be n apparently damaged, Smoking p.lcs of
I ruined ho ig ai - almost.
all .thai Ib led ed the town while the
b toke is burned to    the
v - edge. The school and n     few
Bhac ,s are all that remain, the re
having covered an an i of 2-- acres.
The lumber, store with supplies,
machine e-shop, stables, warehouse.
dry kilns, lumber sheds and many
of the burneu houses were the property of the Forest Mills of British
Columbia Limited, of which W. A,
Anstie Is managing director
As  Boon us news of the tire reached
Revi -   ■ e,    Mr   Anstie    mad •     ar
rangements to visit    the     scene    on
Mon lorning. In con.puny with VV".
J. Coulthard, manager of the RevelBtoke branch of the Bank of Commerce,. G, s. McCarter, G. R.
L.i rence, A. H. Kincaid, S. Q.
Robbins, Vi. H. Horoi.m uud a
representative ot the Mail Herald.
he went to Comaplix by special
train and boat. He has telegraphed to
the attorney-general asking tor an
immediate investigation into the
causa of the tire.
During the days of activity in the
lumber business Comaplix was one of
thc busiest communities in the interior. The mill owned by the Forest
Mills ol BritiBh Columbia Limited,
hud a capacity ol UlU-,000
feet daily, employed LSO men
nnd In addition 200 inei, were etn-
ployed in the bush. Last October a
lire also of incendiary origin destroyed the mill which was valued at $200,-
0      ind a so tbc  e ardeau hotel own
ed  by   i'.uss-l   Evans.  Sii.ce then      the
population of tbc town hus been
about 50 people and the chief iindns
dry has ben the shipping of lumber
-,s required to fill orders. While at
Comaplix on Monday Mr, Anstie ur-
ran ted fpr accommodation at Arrowhead for all those wh., bad lost their
homes, houses belonging to the Arrow Lakea Lumber company having
been obtained.
Among the houses owned by the
Forest. Mills destroyed were the homes of Mrs. Gibson, 3. X, Hall, the
boom hoss, and Mr, .Stevens the
loom man all of whom lost all their
belongings, in addition three empty
houses arid the boarding house were
destroyed, Other losses Include a
house owned by W. Graham, ai other
owned by .1. Standhope ol Cha md
■ i mining recordi r's office i I
H, Souloa of the steamer finer lost
bin house valued al 51200 and also
his furniture valued tl 12500, The
bouse owned by ' Hat son and oc
cupl d by J Webster with outbuild
end furniture wns also destroyed.   Th"  Oomapllx     hotel   owned      tn
i.n. Young wiih contents Is a total
loss. Tht-.' • houses owna 1 by    >     to
ICl      two   of      Which     were   nnoc
1 arc ruined   rior I m Sutherland
Intendent for     the Forest Mills
his  lost,  his bouse und      all furniture
.with Ihe exception of his piano,     The
stock of goods and supplies owned by
the compuny and vulued at $20,00l
are also u complete loss. The horses
and cows owned by the Forest Mills
were saved,
Tho lumber ls insured to the extent of 'JO per cent ot its value and
there is Insurance on most of the
other property burned, Tbe steamer
Revelstoi 8 WiaB valued at ••i'o.OOU and
was Insured for S12,C<HI placed as
follows: London, Liverpool and Globe
$2,500, Phoenix of London $6,00(1,
duA and Empire Fire Insurance company $1000, Ni rth Uritish & Mercantile $2,500.
Some of the other Insurance is aa
.1. Standhope, house .;,;.- i in Pro
vidcucc of Washington.
Capt,  Soui.s hniise, S1500 in Cana
dian    i'hoenix     Assurance company,
■-50O    on  furniture  In Hudson's   Bay
Insurance company.
S. X. Hall, furniture, $ii00 in Hudson's Bay Insurance company,
J. Hansen, house, $950 iu Hudson's
Hay Insurance company .
J. H. Young hotel and flxtur.-s,
14,03(1 distributed over a numl er ol
G. Sutherland, *600 in British Am
erlcan Assurance company.
Tne loss of the steamer Revelstoke
n'Jil be severely felt. During the summer it furnishes connection between
Revelstoke and thc Big Bend cou.itry
and. makes occasional trips toArrow-
head. bust autumn it wns tied up
for the winter at the Comaplix wharf
and has been completely destroyed.
The Revelstoke was owned by the
Revelstoke Navigation company or
which F. McCarty is president an i
t:.s. McCarter secretary. It was built
at Nakusp on 1901 from plans prepared by Capt. Troup. The machinery wns supplied by the I'olson Iron
Works of Toronto. The boat with
equipment cost >25,0CO toward which
the city contributed $3000  in bonds.
Those Charged With Defrauding Canadian Par:nc Railway Must bc Tried by Jury Unless All Elect For
Speedy Trial To Save Expense of Cringing Witnesses to Different Courts Compensation for
Injuries Stopped by Judge
The town ol Comaplix, the scene   (,f Sunday night's disastrous fire.
Gecrge P. Shaw's Figure Lowest: by Six Hundred Dollars
and is Accepted—Light Euite for Consumers Outside City Reduced by Twenty Per Cent Dog rax
Collector wili be  Appointed
\   letter from  the attorney general
st.atitiL- that     the     bovi n  d fi iidanta
charged with   defrauding    t!:,■ Cana
dian Pacific railway nmal i o trie I nt
one court by jury unless all elect [< i
speudy trial was read to Judge florin
m the county court this morning   by
G.S.  McCarter. The attorney-general
said that his older  was  made   undei
authority < f lhe Btatutt a with     thi
object of saving the i rovince e ,
.if BUbipoenalng witneasea loi aeparai
C. K. Gillan protested on behall ol
defendants against the ruling claim
ing that Mikus was ready for trial
..ml that defendants   whould   be per-
n.'itl. d   choice   as t.i   which    furiii       nf
trial thev would prefer.
The judge said    that the attorney
general was acting within the    powers given him by law.
In the case ol Richard H. Ramsa .
\8 O.W, abrahamson, W. B. Farris
for defendant applied lor ei revia ot i I
Judge Forin's award in a workmen's compensation case. Defendant
whih painting windows for the Selkirk hotel fell into the cellar     where
I e was wi r .iiu- and wai awarded bj
i-i.i. ■ Fi t en • : ., wee . compt n
lor in '.ra - recehed, l ie has since
submitted to an oper it on, Dr, J.H.
Hamilton testiflo I that as a rt suit
. i the opi i'. tie en tbe ru; ture was
complel ly cure i end Jud| e Forin
made an ordi r thai i in pens i11 in
should ' rom March 26.     \V.    I.
Bi    bs api e ired for Mr,  Rama >\.
In th'  Schmidt   Lithographic   company  vb,   F.G.   Fauquier a suit     for
id ;ment waa given for     tho
plaintifl thi re being no deft ni e,
In  Wmcintz  Hi ?a.  Vi. Har-
k.-,ii a siiil   tor  <:.; I on a note,   judg-
menl  was  .. Ivi n f- : | aj a eni  ol     the
not •     wh n     due.  Plaint -
that  the  note wi I  to   bc a.
i hcqut   and  defi ■       ts thai  the noto
Me- 'urttr
S Karris appeared foi the plaintiff
end C.B. Gillan  for I
In Jan es s. Bi 11 »s. Richard Bar-
ties, an ordi r for I I was
made, H. N. Co : R. Millar
gave evidence th it bad
[ailed tee p >■ rent foi the i ouse he
occup ed, v, I. ■Bri) red for
Confessions   by    Aiken   and
Greenlie Read in Provincial Police Court
Hen v. Aiken, formerly agent     at
Rogers I'ass, anel    William Greenlie,
[formerly time keeper at Rogers i'ass,
appears R,   Gordo:.,   st:.
uiy magistrate, this morning charged
1 with conspiring to delruud the Canadian Pacific railway by means of padded pay rolls and bogus cheques.
,    A statement     given by     Aiken    in
'which he admitted receiving twice th
I sum of -flue:  and on  another oi
i$300,  as a result   ol fraudulently   ob-
talned cheques was read.
H. P.  Wunderllng rei.,;. | th     ai
ticulara ol defendant's arrest  and   of
his  willingness  tt tli        with-
\ out extradition pra
A statement made by William
i Ireenlle, who wa   , : ed for
trial, was produced bj    Mi. Wunderllng, iu which deft n
celving .1 fraudulently.
Notice is given In the current issue
ol Tha British Columbia Gazette thai
i e-i-t itie- tea ol Inci
te- the following   Chaufli urs'
club, Ltd., with head t "cc at   Van-
' E I    ■■■ >od, B, C,
1 .■• ltd,      Kam
phreys    ft
1: ' I  t '. . ,    '
i ooo.
The tender of Ge rge D. Sbaw for
the construction oi  the new city pow
er house was a© id   iy    the city
council hist night. Mr.  Shuw'a ;
for $4670 was $011  lo ver than the
next lowest tender. The tender was
accepted provided  tbat within a week
he put up a suitable bond. In r
bond  is   provld   I   tb   won.   will b.-
let to thc next   owest tender O.W.
Abrahamson  wlui.se'  tender  was .-i
Tho tenders were as follows:
u. Vi. Abrahamson, $5,284.
G.  D.   Shaw  Lumber  !'•>..  (4,670,
E.   (.'.  Froiney,      •>.">,T'J I.
A Pradolini,    ?.".,:v.u.
Un the advice o"l C, North the couucil decided to employ an expert from
Montreal to install tha turbine at a
tixed sum of 881ft), including expenses.
The alternative was to pay S1U a day
and expenses.
K. J. Ballard wrote uskim.' for appointment as Inspector of construction of thc new power house. Aid.
Bell seconded by Aid. Mackenrot
moved that Mr. Ballard be appointed
should Wis services be required. The
motion was lost, Aids. Smythe, Mas
son und Bourne voting against. Aid.
Smythe was of the opinion thnt the
application should come before thl
t.re,   water and light €0111111111"'.
The electric rate for consumers out-
eide the city limits was placed al 15
cents per kilowatt with 20 per cent.
: dui t "ti for pn mpt 1 ayment on
motion of Aid. Masson, seconded by
Md. Bell, This amounts to a reduction of 20 p.c on the present rate,
A minimum charge <f .'h cents per
month will The rate Insid
ihe city la 13 cents pei  kilowatt.
I   A letter was received   from Dr.  K,
ll. s. McLean, med cal health offlcei,
stating   that   tli ■   tm ill   I'"'-   eptd.v   le
was a thing of the pa t and that thc
isolation hospital und Burroundinga
had been placed in ., sanitary condition. He added thai the health
bad been commended by the offloe ol
the provincial health olliccr for the
pr pt action t.i . ..  \    .
50 for  medical  services  was pu:red liy
It was decided that tbe     chief     of
police be instructed    to place a temporary man on tl 1     oilce force     loi
the   ;„,- 1    \rs.
A bill from McKinnon &. Sutherland for 8232.19 for      '    go I r
[etabl through the
breaking ofthe water main opposite
their   tore waa
An application waa raw ed from
B.C. Dickci in roa 1 ol
salary.     An incre isc,    of   :  n mt nl'
the electrical da artn Bnl
\ thai   the
-   i' ml
n 11     Idln        OUld   i.e      10,000.     Aid.
The e[ 11 itlon I       tp| ly    lor
-  metery  was left to the     public
v.e,is committ e with   Aid.  Smythe
to   assist.
Th - cit    ch r    ■ a- appi Inted     aa
at bi bsoi   to pn   11 ■     I e    assi
Aiken Was Running Cigar Store;
When Uiscovereo by
With the urrest of U.K. Aiken for
inerly Canadian Pacific railway pus
seuger and telegraph agent at Rogers I'ass, the last of eight men wanted on u charge of conspiring to delruud the Canadian Pacific railway,
have been rounded up. Alien was arrested bj . 1 h el detective in a
California   mining  camp  a lew      days
ago, and was brought to Revelstoke
on Monday by II.  P. Wunderllng, in
:., actor of the secret set vice
of      the      Can. dial     I'acitic   railway.
Six of the other men are already awaiting tr al, the other man
having died in ti e ■ inl Ime. Thi..
are alleged to have embezzled $11,000
Irom the Canadian Pacific railway i.y
B   system  ,,f     | adding      the   payrolls
.'liken   hnd   been      sought      f"r   since
■->   ember, 1 13,
'1 he clrcumatancea 0    * ■ an'      ar
test    were   Bug :<sl l\e ,,)    .,   ,|ru"i I        nf
the  "movies."  Ail i'ii bad comi
disappeared   frnm    view,   though     BBV
e e tlvea  .ve"- after   him.     1 In
Mart I 25 a young man in Maloncs,
Callfor 11. applied f 1 a 1 bK Ion
with a California railway company,
and gav as a reference ibe name   ol
IM-'.    liken.   Peliet ive   Wilson   ntnlicc
left s.-in Francisco for MaJlones,    but
■ reel   that   the   \,i.mt-   man    who
had   used   Aiken's  name had doni
'.•■ thoul  nuthi rli y   1 re had mel  Aiken
at  .1 i okei game,    where   111 en     liml
co iple ol hundred dollat
bad bt drop    thai be    I   1
deal   abOUl   r.iilt Oai   :.. .   'I I
• 1 a in fnr Jame to 'n, n mining
camp where the Mother Lode wns
first   discovered,     and     where  Mark
■ :i   b       earlj     da\ 1
"Roughli     ii 1' b found
living among the miners,  run-
under    his
: much bui prised   to
be drop it .1 on In    - :h    n oul
WOI le'.   place,       bill  decidi el     te
htlng extradition.
The dredge has finished  working on
e h ■ 1       ■■ 1 •        at, [overn-
,     ... . 1 1
Fill 11 be   ship-
ped   Immediately  from the pile stnek-
opposll '■ the Creston de ol.
Steamer RevelBtoke passing through Colu bia river canyon. The Re-
velst'ike wus on Sunday night d p etely destroyed in the disastrouB
lire which laid Comaplix in ruins.
The land the lease of which to th
Revelstoke Ski club baa bei n secured
ti "in the Hem.in. 1.
by R, l'\ Greaa, member for Koote
r.ey, .s that ofthe Bite of the new
ski jump aud contest ground. Thc
dub is going heavll; I I
,1 jumping lull     and     rum ti
which will t. place in   the
1 ountrj.   Indeed. •    ■      '
• •'.
to the world fan berg
Brummt ndol hilh   li    'orwai    VI
very in •  , '
v: 5   will   hi   m '   '        '■    and
profile m ips will I
\   M-.t   to I ' '.3      a
splendid    .-■■ three
acn    ol have bee
; rock wort
and Invol
■ astructe I ir     to
the hi i below th
and elt   1 1    1 irtb 1 - -
Btder itioi ■   other nei
ml .
Tbe de I
the    take ofl"      to    .1 tl
1 a ■-.   y, fi
■ t    1
jump ■ ■-. and    01
-   hill 1 leel   ■.
• ■ i
one   ai 1
e choMn     by   Mr.
rhorliep Ii I si
artist    ,s   WI !1
The ch da  was
■    .tt iwa li st  month,   in    the
■ ■  "f tli   li. .e ..;    Connaught,
witb  1. »  hill
club, it will b-j
to        :   . thai       <1 s-
• if        Christ-
:  . '
-  ■       le the
. f   11.1
imp by
-. :   tho     club
ol  its hill   got
abroad • COmt   tO
•     • ,t.
Annual  Display   by   Y.M.C.A.
Athletes   Takes  F!ace
This Evening
This - .a tho Y.M.C.A. gym-
11  annual I Ion will bo
•' gymnas-
I ;        out, thin
club drills,
iat pyri-
•  1    e .• t'.on by a team
ol    thu
(Continued on luge Two.) r<i".rc TWO.
wrciwrcsnAY, aprtl 7, iair».
Zbc fl&ail-lbevalfc
KKVKl.S'l'OKK,   B.  C
Local Reading Notices and BusineaB
I.eieals In cents per line each inser-
tlon,  Minimum local ad charge -J5c.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
Inch each Insertion, single column.
Legal advertising ol any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices i-
..;;i. per line Aral Insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing  I" li""S to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses SS,
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licensee $7.f>0,
inl prospect Ing no1 ices $7.at).
Land Put el ai e Not IceB, 87 00,
Water \pplleatton Notices, up to
100 words, $7..10, over 100 words in
pri ipor! Ion,
<UNION   .VI Al" I
anterior ipublisbtno Company
1.IM! M  le
E.   G.   IttinKI".   Manager  aial   Editor.
The Review declares     that  settlers
-    : -    i able  :o     nnd    suitable   Ian I
, lose   tee   transportution   1 e a"
cause ,|r. ,.,,, i,-,. t    lands along
railways o   tlu- province have
1 anded  te. s eculators"     and
• th.S  IS ,,'..- n!  the  polic es      of
, resent   governmi ;.t,  and  foi     w>hich
All .  Taylor  stand.-  spi iis.ii ,"
• rdinurj  reve!:.lion ,,f
;_"l"l.,!ee-e   nl   Conditions   here   it    '.villi'!
be difficult  t-e     ima • int.   Dhe Rev lew
. .i i  in have heat el     ui   the
[..ti   Ita'lwa,       belt .   and   it  evi-
il -a; ly   is Oranl   •■!   t he      fact
• he : n is ai iund  Re ■■istnke for
irth and twenty smith
,      not by I '.'•  prnvm
oven      nl      il -.-. -1■■   Dominion
government.     To sev   thai    t.lu-   ad
:   id   i| 11; se : nd - ia "om ol
the poi eies     for     which Mr, Tayloi
■ dsi - " la t he hoi
The preset t  u I   Inii trntiou
bell lit   ui
• v.- administration,   is
od     services      for
'Sf    tn
■   m -nt ol     Sir R berl
Bol tral   in
eni   .
■   ■
pi a i'i t.    The 1
valley and elsewhere are testimony to
the boon which     the eflorts of    Mr,
Croon have conferred upon the district.
To say that these lands have been
"handed  to  upcculators"  equals     in
absurdity the statement that their
administration if one of the policies
"for which Mr. Taylor stands
sponsor." The lands have been alott-
,.,\ to hoinesti'i'ders, us everyone but
rtie RovlOW knows, and forty acres is
the maximum that -an he homestead
ed by any individual. Tbc lands are
bolng  occupied  by  agriculturists    who
.,,-,   developing their holdings and are
uenulni  the   wealtl o   the district
Lnd the cpmmercial importance ol the
,iiy ol RevelBtoke.
it was lllstarred wnl which led the
Review I., refei to t.he queatlon ol
l,,i,,l settlement in its endeavor to
:,,,,! some argument in lavor ol thc
candidature  Ol  I"'. Sutherland.   Its re
,,„,„,.,, haa merely served to remind
th8 people of Revelstoke ol the cal
Ions disregard for their interests dis-
p | yed bj the Laurier government, ol
the quick appreciation oi their ijoeda
slmwn by a Conservative adroiniBtra
,„„, and ol the boon which bus been
conferred upon the city and upon the
igricultural community by Mr. Green
a„d a conservative government,
li will be interesting to observe
,,hi(.|, of thc numerous platlormB,
.,,.shly manufactured or recently re-
Burre( ted, will ley election day bave
obtained the adherence ol the largest
number ol Liberals. Mr. A. M.
lohnson's personal platform seems
,,nt   ol   the  running,   and  the    leaders
U the contest at present appear to
ho the Revelstoke platform and the
new Vancouver doctrine enunciated
jointly bj Dr. M- cKaj and Mr. H.C.
Brewsl i, thc leader ol the party.
S( „„, Llbera re following the lead
ol  the ■!     !  ti       te.   the  Vancouver
-. ,., ,   „.     the   McKay
-   ,-,„,    while old     lime
I     ,: .:,     , e      Hon.   Joseph   Mart::.
■  tbi .■ leader and declare
...  e     Platform       ion
,     0|      t, ,.   Liberal doctrine.
.    na hi bis -
eaders new plat
the Lib
■   t would
bei ween 'in and 65  percent,    less than
when the McBride government undertook the administration  of iho     affairs of British Columbia.
The finances of the government are
in   an extremely      healthy     condition.
The  government has  the comfortable
ss11ui ol £6,0011,-OO'O in gold in the
banks, the sinking (und amounts to
nearly S3,D0Q,O00, and it has never
yet failed ill placing bonds satisfactorily in the money markets ol the
Since ce nFe loratton     the    province
has ni.i'l-- fourteen separate loans,
and the total of borrowing has be m
less than fJ5,OO0,OO0, a most, model-
ate sum considering the assets ofthe
province, n would bave been possible
for the government to have paid oil
its .le .1 with actual cash in band, but
,t has I et 11 Ih night a sounder policy
to   pursue actively  a scheme   of      will.-
development. The Review, perhaps,
believes I hal   productive public wi r„s
: I l-l  have boon curtailed     so that
the debt of the province might have
been eliminated. Those who have
faith in the future 'if British Columbia will bold that     the   government
has pursued a Wiser course anil that
its linancial statement give- ground
for confidence and satisfact'.on rnihsr
than  alarm.
amount, It tickles the popular fancy.
It makes a dent in street railway
earnings, But the jitney muy have to
i it on its tine elm lies again or go
i,ver the hill to the poor-house.
l'.duu nton   Journal:     Among    the
items in    tlie     Mines and Geological
Survey estimates, under consideration
ii the house ol commons last week,
v. is this      "Por practical tests     In
l-oad making of lar sands ol Athiibus-
i ,, 85,030." Mr. Coderro explained
Hi it arran'gomenta had be.'a mude
v, ith the city of Edmonton to toy
t wo types of pavement with material
ol tain, d from the tar sand deposits.
'I he material would be selected this
summer and be transported next win
ter, The depart ment will send a fully
i - in I i lii- I man to Kdini-nton who, acre i- line t ■ the m'nlstor "will try
«ith .-e.'i bis inii-ht to get the desired
result." Tin- test means much to Ed
n,,iii!i n, hut will be followed with In
ten st all through the country. Even
ii Que!lac member siiRfostod the possibility Hi it the o8| halt might, if
proven suitable in Edmonton,' be
transported to that province, The
government    must     le    warmly    com
mended for having taken the matter
up energetically,  '
'RextelstoK.e Ten years Ago
With Ibis issue the Kootenay Mail
celebrates the eleventh anniversary of
its publication.
Messrs. McSorley und Mel louse
have arranged to open a hotel iu the
restaurant recently built by 11. J.
Mutibnry on First street adding to It
t.he    building      belonging      to      Mrs.
Ilis Lordship llishop Dart, Archdea-
i on Boer, Rov8, Sollj Lambert and
ca. Procunier attended ii meeting ol
the diocesan executive ol Kootenay;ut
Revelstoke yesterday,  ,
A surprise party visited Mrs.
Hoi ten'8  rcsldoncs     Thursday      night
to tender a complimentary larewel'l
to Miss Temple, Mrs. Hoi ton'a guest.
Mr,   Brigga  Solicitor     Ol   New   West
minster,   formerly   ln   partnership with
Judge  Morrison,   wus In  the  city  this
week Willi a    view  lo opening   a   law
Office   bete.
At a meeting ol    the    city c mncll
last night, Aids. Mc< after, Lewis Mc
I.end   and   Foote   attended.
The pinners belonging to tho Bow-
Mi.-in Lumber compuny resinned oper
ations today. The company expect
the output of lumber to exceed Ifltt,-
: 'Hi feet per day.
10. C. Fromey is Importing machinery for making compressed bricks
from  Portland cement.
Hooine Beams.—At the Munso on
Wednesday the ."till, inst. by Hev. W.
('. Cablet, Wi'lliam Angus Koomo to
Clara   Maud   lleattlH.
Fred Cormier is preparing to build
n two story  house on Tenth  street.
E, II. Lewis has purchased the
Hopgood residence and will shortly
move  it to   his   lots on   Sixth   street.
E. J, Hangs of Arrowhead! is in
the oity hiring man for the l.!ig llciul
1,umber company.
tin   Friday   the    transfi r   ol    the
license for She Arrowhead hotel from
l'i..I. Kerr to Caley Bros, was grunted.
On Moiubn arrangenionta were made
to open the hospital at. Arrowhead
on April I. Dr. Hamilton having' arrived to enter on his dulles
The follow ng have boon elected otlicers ol the Revelstoki K i fall club:
president, llr. Morrison, Vice president, c. I''. Lindmark; captain, J.
Lyons; vicc-cupt.., T. Hugh, secretary, W. Smythe;    treasurer,     C.   S.
Dent;      general      committee,     Messrs.
Morrison, Arman, Faenry, Allan.
In Fernie, A, I. Fisher has been
nominated for the Liberals,
With  the exception of \ ictoria   all
provincial  nieii.'.nat ions ,,re nuiv neuiit
J, I'. Shaw of Kamloopa was renominated by the Conservntives Oi
that district on Mon.lay. The convention  accorded  him     quite  a      popular
The Grnnd Forks Liberal nominating convention, called tor last. Wed
nesday evening, was postponed   until
some   in' .re   date   owing t" the       bad
condition of the roads between Grand
Forka and Phoenix.
The   Socialists  have  nominated      a
full ticket in Vancouver     and     b ve
n iw  o .-er  2   candldatt -     throughout
■   vince. Thev  will make lurther
ly    Columbia   ridi.i  ,
they are reported to have many
■ -
... . ■ .
tiol      ■ Lyric
.   Mon lay evening last,    d<
th ■
Is     to
t Golden at e set
.V w.L.  Perl
Dr.  J.N. T l.G.
.LT. Wood, H.t 1, W. Wi a
Bowes, -■        D.R,
•    Tl
To the Editor of the Mail Herald.
Sir, -Please thank the lied Cross
society of RevelBtoke through your
paper, for their Umdness in making
such  a nice  bunch   of  tobacco  up    for
us, as we certa,nly appreciate same
Field No. 2,   Friday.
To   the   Editor   of   the   Mail   Herald,
Sir,—ln   your   Issue  of  this date      1
notice a comment upon    Dr.  Suther
land's administration aa mayor:wulcb
I .cons'.der unfair to the doctor, ¥ou
wer.' not  here at the  time and doubt
less wrote the comment upon inform
at.on given you by some one wbo de-
fired to use your paper to Injure bun.
1   happen   to know   that Si.mc   months
prior to any rumor of any Invt
Hon Dr. Sutherland had arranged l.i
spend the Christmas holidays m tba
eastern provinces with hia fumilj and
that at the time he went insi
: ore was ia. t il: ,,f any Invi st i. a
t ion  of .my  sort.
i lad he in on here, 1 am sun- he
would noi bave shirked an] investlga
tie n as he had nothing to fcur. tm
the contrary the policy he advocated
■vith regard to the unsavory mattt
which was the    sul ;ect of Investlga
Hon was a policy end.used b\ nearlj
every business man in the city, at
that time. Dr. Sutherland cannot be
truthfully charg d with being afraid
ie. d efend bid own arts or opinions
We must try to be fair iu these
■ :| ra even at election time ami
while some nf us may differ with him
In politics, we have every reason to
admire bim as a professional nun
end a ci'i/'-n.
. B.C.,   \pni ;:.  1915.
Building Boyhood is
. Subject of Lecture
The lecture on "Building Boyhood"
given in the Presbyterian church    on
Friday   evening  by Hev.      C.A.   Myers
proved  most   Interesting and instrui
tive. By  means of colored slides   the
speaker showed how at various ages,
certain   changes', look   pi.ice   both      in
the physical and mental make-up   of
boyfl  and u'irls   and      how all   instruc-
i uni must be given having due regard to.tins1' changes, Ha showed
how  nt  the  Sunday  school, for     ex-
umple it was not possible to leach a
III tie l"t I he same .e-son as a boy
ill his teens, and how the modern
.-'.iL-ida\   BChool      was     adopting      the
graded lesson sysl   By this means
the older scholars were being kept
:u   the  BChool, and      trained   tor etlee
tive Christiun  work.     When     a boy
li ai bed   the  teen   age   he   wanted      to
:-i\e  expression  to what, be was learning,   and   must he   given   an   opportun
ity   for   service,       Ilea's,,   emphasized
t he ii ed ol lew hei a bi ing Iriends ol
Iheii scholars, thus gaining their
conlidencc and hclpii g tbem to solve
son f  the  problems     pi culiur     t-e
th"ir age. Not withstand,!": He very
•■ e I   evenin •   tbere   Was   B   gOI ll   attend
ana ami the lecture was listened to
" uh much pleasure by all.
Bowling latch Won
By Shining Crowns
On Hood Friday morning a trawling
match was played off between "The
Shining l rowns" and "The Barbers
Meal Tickets." These two ti urns have
met before and in the last mutch
played the ior.ner aggregation showed themselves to be Buperlor at     the
art, Winn tbey met again on Friday
the younger men went Into the giune
with full conlidencc of currying victory. Bul the other sldt were equally
as sure ,,f winning and j alging by
the score sheet, showed themselves to
be the best men al the game, J.
Bezley was high scorer for the day,
making 242 pins in the third game,
and n.-7 for Ihe three games, average
Shining  Crowns.
W.   K.  Foote, 17-       110       I »
.).  Palmer 156      311       HI
.1.   Bezlej 195       190      -J4-J
c.   Newsome, !-.'■      176      166
Total   pins  219S       70S       687 723
Burbcra Meal Tickets.
',.  Burridge,               188      167 18.'!
W.   Unmet.                      1.7       17::- 1911
W. T. Johnson           173      137 151
J. G, McKay,             167      IM 142
Total  pins  1985
'   •
- ■
• ■    nt.
• •    ■    ■ '
GILL £77 S   LYE
-     ropomi > ont    *"^'_,
-   n
■ t, d by
Mr. Bl i '   '
i vldence "I at '1 lack  of     full
The public debt nnd the oredll ol
thc province are causing alarm tothe
Review. Hit its alarm le neadlesB
The financial condition ol the pro
vince is sound. Notbwltl tandlng the
Immense sums spent on public worts
thc per capita debt of tin- province |g
could gel
• ith -i legal  bem i   -
-.'.'ith     i i
i he change  '  Ri o   rmy nov
... iti ir.ve.i I,  the lltne.
It.    follows     e In id
at  a nickel pei  '-,! ut,i    \m  in
crat,  it was woree than    the
autocrat among    corporations.      'V-.-
one of the prolel u lal,  it seeks     to
make  the stalely  looking street     cat-
look like five cents, (oi     the     lame
Lardo,   \pn!  6.—John  Nolhl,     the
: in]   magnate, came
town  from  the   tpper country     lust
vith a        hi)   catch of mai ten
John al ited thai
Was   building    a
vhicb in- Inl ends pul
. !      .
hal I turdaj      They
ip i   creek,    wher ■
ng on I
M f thi o
r,     has
.    to
■   lie wil    ,   - .,  . p
I lam
■ ol, i        .Li. othei
H pei intend
1 edge, ma le    an
Ome        -f      h |K   O.e.l, .-
1 e'e'i th.,i it averaged
'-    '' , | ■    l.i   el
tit ,it  thi   ffimi net bi
'Kii '  La -•- ol Natut ■ ' In tl rei pal ti
.Vlll        I. I III 'I I
Trej ef Hear! " vlll be tbe feature      Old    nil Fl Id I 'V    	
' : ,      ext Tuesdaj   "Behind   thi
a it h Marj   Pickford will   be
Two hundred and tin f-elx 1 housand
tons of rock have been used In the
recently completed Centre Star till at
Rossland, '
War Stamp Tax in
Force April Fifteenth
A war lev ef one cent has been imposed on each letter and postcard
e: ii. d iu i an id.i tor delivery in
c n.d. . the United states e.i Mexico
and on each lett •! mailed In Canada
lor delivery in the I nited Kingdom
and British     possession!     generally,
and   « h  r  v  r lhe   i wo ', nl    rate      ap
plies, to becon lectlve on and from
April  I',,  I 115,
Tins war t i is to bo prepaid by
the senders by means ol a war stamp
I    by   post :i.asters     ami      other
:   mp   \i tu'ors.
'.Vb. i, [ble,   stamps  on which
the   void "War   Tax"     have     been
print .i  ) lould in-     ii- 'I tor   prepay
ment   ol   the   war tax,   but shnuld    or-
Btampa b    usea     for
■-, they will be accepted,
This wai Btl mp 'ei .iiidition.il
stamp for wur purposes should be af
rtxed to thc upper rlghl band portion
■ i t ie   addn ss side ,,f the envelope or
post   card,   cloSC to   the   regular   post
that   .1  ma,   be     readily      can-
ci ii- ii   ii thc same tIme a- the    poi I
In  tin   event   ol failure on  the    part
ef the sender through  ovei Bight   or
' CO   to pie,,,iv   the war   t.nx    on
each   li fei or  posti ml above  tpecifl
■ ii       letter or   postcard   will    be
seal   Immediately     to     the    mures:.
branch de id  Icttei   oflic •.
it  is . Bsenl i'i  t hal postage "n    all
' ter     should       be
 i     ol   ordinary post-
 it.naps    The WI t    i    -    stamp   will
a. i   be -crept,,!     in Bnj   rase for tho
- Ill- Tl'     .,1
Gpiiniistic Exhibition
at V. M. C. A.
(Continued from  luge One)
prettiest, most fancy, and most, difficult of the mam exhibitions ol Indian club Bwinglng; elephant vaulting and diving thai tak<es nerve and
skill, parallel bar work i quiring
skill, much training and Lng practice. These will bb done by boys,
eirls and  men who have  spent      time
ami taken trouble to make the exhibit ion a great success. Following the
gymnastic display there will be an
exhibition game of basket ball between the Tigers and the federals,
two good teams that will put on a
fast and furious exhibition ol the
great gymnasium game. Tickets arc
now on sal- in the hands'ol ,the
gymnasium boya mi>i girls. The pro-
icram will stnrl prompt j nt S
o'clock. The program is:
1. Indian club drill, boys Of f.hu
High  school  clnss.
2. Rlcphnnl   vaulting am: Jiving,—
school and  employed  rmys.
::. Wand drill,—girls of the school
girls class.
■I. Parallel tmr pyramids,—girls of
t he school glrla class.
5. Tumbling,— "The Tumbling
I'.. F/Iectric club swinging,— W.
7. Ladder pyramids,—boys of the
High school  class.
S. Mat pyramids,—senior team.
9,   Parallel bar work,—senior team.
Exhibition  basket ball game.
The Nelson corps of Roy Scouts Ib
camping al Balfour during Luster.
Tin- Report of tha Big Eddy school
(■•I March li oi lollowi, tha tallowing
pupils  leading      in      theii   r.spcUive
fm   the  month
Third   \    Charlie Barrett,     Harry
Thud   ii    Mary  Threatfull,     (Rolf j
ie,   Nanny   Neilson,    Horn  Lid-,
Second.    Jenny    JohniOD,      Rsther
i-'irit Hilda Carlson, Johny Barrett.
l-'it-t primrr.—Enrl Corhett, f'arl
ReiejviiL'   Class.--'Ieorge   McMahon,
Jeffry Griffiths, Ragnar OIbboo,
Numb, t   ol  days session   -:.
Tot.,1 attending «32.
Number of pupils attending, 3H.
Number  Of  tardy  murks,   19, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 1915.
Notes from the cTHines
Ed. Shannon, Pat McGulre und
Olaf llonvol were up from Ten-mile
for a few days this week. They have
a good showing ou their lease at the
Enterprise mine, from which they recently made a shipment to the Trail
smeltery.—Slocan  Record.
Scott Thornberg and A. Edwards
expect to resume operations on the
"Ot-rich-iiuick Wulllngford" sometime in thc early part of next mouth.
They' had about fifteen leet more of
tunnel to drive to reach a point
where ore was expected to come in.
The only transfer recorded at the
Kuslo mining recorder's oilice during
tho month of March wub a onc-quar-
ter interest in tbo "liluck Deur,"
"Silver Uelle" pud "Silver Cup," nil
situated back ol Sproules, up Boar
creek. The vendor waB E. Peters and
thc interest sold wub transferred to
li'is wife.
season's worn, howwir, tnd Says
that the property is looking very
satisfactory indeed.
Five thousand shares of Lucky Jim
stock were swapped around on the
Spokane stoc.t umuvot in one day
last week. Tbe activity In this stoc.i
was suid to be due to a rumor thut
the mine is to commence
shipments again, Immediate action
probably depends upon the ruling
bunded down hy the, Supreme court
ut Victoria this wick. The rumor thut
Lucky Jim ore is to be treated at the
Ivauhoe mill at Sandon will not go
down, and un employee ol the mine
who was iu Kaslo a few days ago
stated thut it wus intended to do
this.—Kaslo  Standard.
According to the Spokesman-Review a report has been sent in by the
superintendent of the Humbler-Cariboo, to the head oilice in Spokane,
which states that a new strike has
been made at the mine, a hitherto unopened up on the 900-ft. level. Assays
gave JliS ounces silver and '■ 65 per
cent. lead.
J. A. Carter was down from the
Flint, which he has been developing
nil winter. He says that the report
to the effect that he recently opened
up four fnet of clean ore on this
property is so much moonshine. He
is encouraged by the results   of    the
'    The time of expiration   of  the  op
tion held   by Spokane  parties    on    J.
E,   Blgham's "Black  Jacn" group  of
zinc claims on Kokanee creek expired
llighani  gave  certain   parties an    op-
' tion on the property, and they tried
to make a deal with otber Spokane
men for the claim, asking ^la.O'JO for
the property. They were unable to
make a deal and extract thc middlemen's prolits, so it is likely the whole
combination fulls through, Bigham
states that he will want a wad of
cash on thc next option be scrvc3 on
the property. Otber parties are said
to be considering taking hold ol the
claims.—Kaslo  Standard.
1 While at work surface stripping on
his mineral claim, the Gladstone,
some time ago, J.J. Bussett picked
up a piece of rock that ill no way  an-
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
J. Albert Stone, Propretor
Suitably furnished with the
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Bwored the description ot any other
product hitherto found with'in the
radius of this camp, says the Phoenix
Pioneer, tn color it was extreme
black, and a puzzler to all to whom
Mr. Bassett showed it. The mystery,
however,  has been Holved iliy W.  Fleet
Robertson, of the provincial department of mines, to whom a sample was
sent by N. B. Nelson, ol the Granby
company's engineering stall, and the
result is that I'hoenix is one of the
two other known localities where
such specimens have been picked up.
The report states tbat this "Strang
cr" is a piece ol chi'omite, which usually consists of iron oxide and
chromium, hut what is more remarkable is the presence in it of microscopical diamonds similar to that
found a few years ago in the Tulameen, and examined hy Mr. Oamsell
of the Dominion Geological Survey.
It is a very scarce commodity, and
up to UM has never been found In
any other locality than Arkansas and
the Tulameen, In the latter place it
is iissocint id with platinum, bul
the valines obta'lned from it were very
The advice given in thc most recent announcement ol the department
of agriculture at Ottawa to make
lind produce more rather
than the cultivation of excessive acres, should he Canada's
aim. Improved production is only
possible by the use of good, pure
seed and by assiduous and know-
ledgetul attention to the soil. Experience is undoubtedly in (arming as in
all other objects in life, the best
instructor, but just us fertilizers belp
the soil, so does acquiring the results of experiments made by others
make the road easier to the lesson
that 'is to be learned. Never was
there bo much necessity for thoroughness and earnestness as now when the
markets of the world are wider open,
when they are being shitted and former occupants are receiving notice
to quit.
As proof that, there is abundant
room lor increased production by
improvement, an oflicial statement as
follows is presented of the average
yield of various products last year,
and of the average that is possible;
Avge.    I'oss.
Pall wheat   20.4.!       5-.'.
Spring wheat    14.81       83.
Barley  16.16      (19.
Oata     16.80      91.
Corn, grain,      70.       200.
Corn, Ensilngc (tons)  12. 19.
Peas  15.33       37.
Beans  18.79       oO.
Potatoes   119.4"     450.
Turnips 421.81   1000.
By "possible", it is explained, is
meant results actually obtained at
the experimental farms and by many
farmers under intensive cultivation.
A co-operative association     to   acquire  and   supply water   for  domestic
and  Irrigation    purposes     is     being
jlormed at Edgewood.
It isn't wise to Jump to conclusions th«se days when people tell you
a tale of woe and ask your help. The
following conversation, which is said
to  have  taken  place recently,  le   an
.illustration of this:
I "Madam," said the tattered and
torn  suppliant  to     the      benevolent
I lady who answered his timid rap at
the door, "hnve you any old clothes
vou can spare for an unfortunate victim of the European war?"
"I think I hnve, my poor man; but
bow does this happen? You cannot
have been in this wnr surely?"
"No. madam," humbly replied the
sufferer: "but my wife h-is sent nil
my clothes to the Belgians."
UNDttWOOO A   UNDERW009. N.   V>
Italy  Is anxiously  watching all  the new developments  of  th.   c. n:',-.ct    that ll devastatim- Europe. And to tbe
md   that  She  may not  bfl  caught   napping,   her   mobilized   trni.pt.   aM  Constantly training   lor  any   poHslhlc  cmi-i
gency  which  may  arise.   Large bodies   of  troops  sro constantly  bl 1 fm tie ^ection of tbc couutly to
tlie other aud quite u lurgo couuouud bus been couuutruted un the Austrian frontier.
Thousands of Square Miles of Forests
Blaze With Blossoms.
A great many of the big etrees of
Paraguay—the giants—Mower ln the
spring anil summer, and vast masses
of the most gorgeous blooms are at tbe
disposal of tbe bees. In facet, lt was
dllllcult for one who has never seen
lt even to imagine these thousands of
square miles of forest ablaze with
gold and heliotrope, white, yellow.
pink and green blossoms during tb*
flowering season.
Curiously enough, tbe two trees
which attain the greatest size and almost invariably stand head and shoulders above the general mass bear tbe
most beautiful flowers. They are tb*
lapacho and lapacho crespo, the former having large heliotrope and purple blooms—something like Canterbury
bells—clusters of which egrow at the
end of each twig. The lapacho crespo
has a bloom exactly similar In shape,
but of a rich golden yellow color, Both
these trees array themselves In foil
regalia of bloom before a single leaf
appears, and lt ls only after the flow*
ers begin to fall that the foliage coin-
meoces to appear.
When nil the other trees hnve censed
flowering there remains tbe bitter
orange, of which the forests are full
and the blossom of which imparts ts
the honey a particularly delicate flax
vor.—Wide World Magazine.
No Country In ths World Where lm
dividual Liberty Is Greater.
I believe that there is no country 10
the world where there ia greater individual freedom than ln Prance. Every;
one apparently does Just about as be
pleases. Tbe gendarmes are not watching for Infractions and never seem tf*
Interfere with anybody. People tumble their dogs into the public fountains and enjoy the parks with a freedom that would not for a moment b*
permitted In New York. Yet no on*
does anything really harmful. I mentioned these things to tbe American
consul, who said:
"Yes, tee French bave great individual license and are too proud of It ts
abuse lt Whatever tbey lack Is epo-
lltlcal freedom they make np In personal liberty. Tbat ls tbe cblef article
of their faith. The gendarme seldom
lays hands on a citizen. Where something really serious happens tbere are
usually serious consequences, >bnt It
doe^s not often happen."
Then he told me of a runaway youth
whom he wished apprehended and held
for American advices. Tbe authorities*
said: "We will watch him for yon, w*
will keep you posted as to hia com-
Inegs, Ills goings and his doings, bat we
cannot lay hands on him. Tbere Is no
warrant for so serious a steep.''—Albert
Blgelow Paine ln Century.
9 When you buy goods
Made in Canada
The money you spend recirculates 100
p.c to the dollar IN CANADA.
When you buy
not more than 10 p.c. finds its way
bick into Canada.
Then demand Canadian-made Goods
for every cent you spend
I tr—~n       i luri tern*""
It'8good policy totbil k of the future
It's still better policy to provide against
lie misfortunes it may havc in store
for you.   The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
linancial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time runv he near at hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
Smokr Consuming 8<ohemts.
The most ingenious scheme ever in*
vented for doing away with tlie smoke)
ditllcult.v with steam locomotives was;
tried some years ago on the Metropolitan railway of England. "Between
tho rails a trough was laid, and tbe engine carried a sliding shoe device
adapted to elide over this and to open
doors as it passed whereby smoke let
trom tbe stock to tlie shoe was enabled
to pass into the trough, thence being;
exhausted to a collecting plant" Another scheme for solving tbe smoke difficulty was to construct a series ol
smokestacks lending to tbe back of th* j
tram. This would have kept the cln-
dera out of tbe passengera' eyes poessl-
bly, but would hardly bave been sufficient to mako the smoke settle on tee
company's right of way.—Indianapolis
Ths Mocking Bird.
Because of its Incomparable medleys
and Imitative powers tbe mocking bird
Is the most renowned singer of tlie
wet-Htum hemisphere. Its pln.ee ln tb*
affections of toe south la similar to
tbat occupied by the robin ln the north.
It ls weU thnt this Is true, for tbe bird
appears not to deserve protection strictly from an .economic standpoint About
half of Its diet consists of fruit and
many cultivated varieties, such aa oranges, gropes, figs, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, are attacked.
One-fourth of its food Is animal matter, and egrasshoppears ar* tbe largest
stogie element
Mclntyre's Grocery
Small White  Beans
|Japanese|   per lb... 10c
Green   Peas,   Dried.
3 lbs for 25c
Onion Pickles, large
screw top bottles,
white, only  35c
Postum, while they
last, per package 20c
Post Tavern, while
they last, per package 15c
Fresh Goods arriving daily
Mdntyre's Grocery
When Writing Wss Undignified.
Tbe years bave brought a change la
the estimation of authors and au.thar-
ess.es. A century aego to be "literary"
In public spelled social disaster. When
I-tidy Scott, for Instances, published bee
novel "Trevelyan" In VB33 lt waa rn-
marked that "of course nobody from
London would call on bar now." This
was a view typical of the period. Now
even butler* write poem*.—London Mx-
preea.       ^________
Ne Eoonomy There.
Bronx—In   Russia tbey  never say,
"What's bi a  niimeT'    Lenox—Why
notT    Bronx—It's  taken   for granted
tbat If* tb* whole alpbabet-Llppla.
Sympathy. ,
"Tour husband, madam, ta entlerlng
from voluntsir Inertia."
"Poor fellow!   And her* I've beaa
telling bun hrfe Just laiy."—Baltimore
Amu lean.
Whit'i Coming te Them.
Redd-And do yon think they ar* *
vals for her bsndT Greene—No; I think"
they are rivals for ber father's foot^-
Yonkers Statesman.
It will pay you to make
a call at
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Ol.n Town        RkVBUTOKB. B.O.
belore liiiyiug yonr outfit
ot working dot lies for the
bush, I make a sepecialty
of Logging Shoes, Pants.
Sox, shirts, Blanket*, and
everything required In yonr
B* as pleasant In roar ow*
No. 1 Irom Montreal to Vanecouver,
arrive at G.05 p.m., leave 6.25 p.m.
No. 2, from Vancouver to MonU.^1,
arrive ut 11.OS a.m., leave at 11.15
a. m.
No. 8, from Toronto to Vancouver,
arrive at 7.05 a.m., leave at 7.20 a.m.
No. 4 trem Vancouver to Toronto,
arrive at 12.15 a. m., leave at 1.05
a m.
No. 804, from Revelstoke to Arrow-
b<ead, leave 7.30 a.m.
No. 803, from Arrowhead to Ravel-
stoke, arrive 4.40 p.m.
No. 3 makes connection witb the
Okanagan line at Blcamous, returning
leaves Sicamous at 10.50 p.m.
Trains Nos. 1 and 2, make all local
stops between Revelstoke and Blcamous.
Trains Nos. 3 and I, maks local
stops between Sicamous and Kamloops.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
terta, the Yukon Territory, ths
North-west Territories and ln a portion of the Province ol British Columbia, may be issued for a term ol
twenty-one years at an annual rental of Jl an acre. Not mors than
2,5G0 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be mads
ty the applicant ln person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of tbe district
in which the rights applied for are
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but tbe leasee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tht working ot
the mine at the rate ol 910.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must
te described by sections, or legal
subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each.application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded lf the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe merchantable output ol the mine at ths
late of nve cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon If tbe coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
teturns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For lull Information application
should be made to tbe Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, .Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
ol Dominion Lands.
Tbe next examination for the entry of Naval Cadets, will be held at
tbe examination centres ot tbe Oivil
Service Commission in May, 1915.
successful candidates joining the Ool-
lege on or about 1st August. Applications for entry will be received up
to loth April by the Secretary, Civil
Service Commission, Ottawa, from
whom blank entry forms can now bs
Candidates for tbe evamination in
May next must be between the ages
of fourteen and sixteen on the 1st
July, 1915.
Further details can be obtained On
application to the undersngned.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Bewvlee
Department of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, January 8th, 1916.
Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.—
(Late with the Kevelstoke
General Agencies.)
Bookkeeping, Tyept-writing and
all kinds of Clerical Work
Accounts Collected
Prompt Returns
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance phici-d with sound and
Irellahle companies
Oflice :   McKenzie Avenue
(Next to Coin. Telegraph Office)
Phone 203       P. O. Box 317 pagb rorsn
Sporting Goods
Garden Tools
Wheel B?rr 'vs, Lawn Mowers, Sprayers, Pruners,
Guaranteed Rubber Hose, All Varieties Seeds,
Onion   Sets,  Multipliers,   Grass   and   Clover   Seed
Bourne Bros., Ltd.
NUW is the time  to spray your   trees.
I,line and Sulphur is considered the best. Wo Tiavc also lu the Dry
Powder Form, and Arsenate ol    Lead.
Tree  l'runcrs  in  short or long handles. Tree Sprayers to fasten on
a barrel; pump from a pail, or Hand  Sprayers.
Rakes,  Spades,  Hoes,  Shovels. Get Busy and Clean Up.     Do your
share to beautify your home.
do Alter tne Chicken Business!
Dr. Rush's Chick Food. Cracked Corn.
Wheat, Bran, and Shorts for sale at
War is declared on our stock ol
Tea and Codec, sec our window
for specials.
$1 Buys 3 lbs.
While this lot lasts, and as another advance is predicted in the
near luturc we would advise putting by a lew pouuds.
Why arc wc selling more bread?
There muBt be a reason.
Let Us Tell You Why
J list compare a loal of ours with
any other njnd we are absolutely
sure you will use the best, theu
you will know why.
Phone 41
Box 734
LooK For
This Sign
Let us estimate for your next job, or ask
us for ideas, specimens, information—we
can help you,
We Prints
Catalogues • Billheads • Cards • Menus
Ball Programs - Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forms - Envelopes
Programs • Wedding Stationery Tag:
Mptnnnam Cards        Lumber Foran. Etc.
Mail-Herald Job Press
Revelstoke,  B. C.    Phone No. S
Oats are $3 a sack  in Kaslo.
Cliicken thievcH arc busy In Michel.
Watts the matter in blast Kootenay?
Kolowna wants a wagon road to
H. 0. Kn'ipht is publishing a paper
at Three Hills, Alberta.
Without Tom Cav-ani, Cranbrook
would be a dreary  plHM.
There aro 1*0 men working at the
cement plnnlf In Blairmore.
Another Bshing company in about
to loeute at Prince Rupert.
The r.C.K. railway now haB a
daylight service to Lillooet.
This year 750 special tralnloads ol
tourists will  visit the. Pacilic coast.
Tbere nre 22 inches ol ore. In the
shaft ol the BlUetttrd mine nt Kohh-
Kelowna people are developing a
group of mineral claims on Mission
In London, -13 years ago, a woman
started the brst daily paper in the
This slimmer near Oroville thc
Hiinilkamccn river will be dredged lor
tine gold.
Recently Kelowna had lour alarms
in one week. Must be careless people
in that city.
Alex Ferguson has struck a 'bunch
ol good ore in the Marion mine, back
of New Denver.
The Canadian Pacific railway 1ms
decided not to close its station at
Harrison Mills.
Thc Suprise mine in the rtlocnn Inm
shipped 10 carloads ol ore to New
.lersey this year.
A rich strike of gold ami copper ore
is reported from Usk, IOC miles eust
of Prince Kupcrt.
It is expected that 3<i fishing boats
from Seattle will be lo<cated at
l'rince Kupert this month.
Bill Hunter helpod to mako tbc
mountaiUB around Silverton, and Is
a sure dinner iu thc Slocam,
Edwin Pavey died in Chilliwack
last month. For :<0 yearB ho was a
resident of St. Thomas, Ont.
The Bcecher hotel at Riskc Creek in
thc Chilcotin i district wns recently
burned causing u loss ol $50,0C0.
Oscar  Lachmund,   manager  ol the
j B.C.  Copper Co.,   will    return Irom
New Vork about the middle of th'is
Somebody recentlj stole .' bam
from tbe editor of the Oroville (lunette. The editor doeB not say wberc
he got the hiiti,
The Doukhobors are progressing, At
lirand Forks last weeek one ot them
was sent tu jail for 1"> months for
forging j  122 cheque.
CF    Nelson   is the      Liberal   cmidi-
dal 4 :n the Slocan. Charley bus lived
j long enough   in New Denver to bc entitled to something.
At Sumas thc tire chief m paid a
salary of 11$ » month, in addition be
receives t.'i7 for driving the city tonm,
and lurnisbii'i: a stable for thc hor-
lie *ijr tr \   ,   hole     'hub
I sea drilled    I 0 tes) on Graham i«
Innd.   the   -Irtllrr   tbi'ilc*   that   "tl m»V
tii-   sn tick    ■ .■ ■      .-isatei   'ir;'
I "il'hnl
liberal santftdate
in  thc   KiihIo riding       .lohn
inucb   'experience   in     the      pant    and
evidenl ul  tbat story    aboul
; Bruce and  the -t".'l>-r.
irty o( sis centl)
Haaelton with  tbi ■   log teams f"t  b
' i'V*  months  trip in     the     lal
Tbey  aim take moTing     pictui■ ►
pecmlly  of big   game in     the  natural
'     11    Winter,      manager      of      the
Bank   of  Montreal,   bus been  transfer
r~i   to Enderby   ffe will leave t
•    ,.     , . -   ,     - ...
•  -     -
foment ar/ent.
K •■•".'. „■ ..   . ■
Bnssctt hi   'eird  a rare mineril    .,e
the Gladstone claim    nesi    Phw nl
.nnd h few mile* from Oroonwood.    it
In chromite     * l lowing    microscopical
diamonds, We may yet wear piamondt
The Grand Forks baseball club has
been re-organlssd, with Fred iiusseii
ns president After paying nil ox
ponsos the ctub has a balance of S2r,
from Inst year. This Is remarkable
and shows that thcre mult lit some
bate bill uaaucicro iu tbe ?erkB
Tho stroets of tJrecnwood aro as
clean as a dude at a wodding.
It Is reported that the Qranby will
do some work in Deadwood camp
The Sharpshooters at the Forks
arc to bc recruited to lull Btrength
This is an ideal climnto. It wivb
711 in the shado on March 22 in
An ice cream plant will bo running
in Grand Forks this month. Thoro Is
no hot air about it.
W. 0. Arthurs hus an oven that
will hold 400 loaves. This beats tho
ono In Pentlcton by 150 loaves.
Wm. Pliinkett recently shipped a
Carload' ol ore from the Western Star
mine at Chesaw, that averaged $52
to the ton at thc Grand ForkB smelter, i ,
On May 31 tho Kettle Valley, railway- will begin running passengor
trains between Nelson and Vancouver
Via Greenwood and Penticton. Thc
service willlbe tri-weekly with a night
stop-over In Pentlcton, but Irritating to travelers who nre in a hurry.
After almost one yeur of continuous
work at a total cost approximately
}1'85,H00', the work ol deepening and
widening the narrow channel of the
Fraser river at Hell's Gate, has been
finu'lly completed, and us a result the
Bockeye salmon, on their way to the
spawning grounds larthcr up the
stream, will in ' future experience
none of the difficulty of the past In
negotiating the river at this point.
Over a year ago thousands of tons of
rock and dcbriB were precipitated into the river at Hell's Gate through
the blasting operations conducted by
the Canadian Narthern railway, m
thc construction of thrlir right-ol-
way. This company will delray tho
cont of the work. An avcraep? of 90
men have bean employed.—Chilliwack
Fire alarm signals are given thus.
Two strokes, interval five seconds,
four strokes. Box 21. No of box will
also be shown on indicator nt fire
Practice signal.—Six (6) strokes ot
■ell slowly.
Testing   signal.—Three (3)    strokes
f bell slowly.
Fire Out signal.—Two (2) strokes
>f bell slowly.
Defect signal.—One (1) stroke ot
ell slowly.
Box No . 14—Corner First street
McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Boi No. 15.—Corner First street
ind Rokeby avenue,
eBox No. 16.—Corner Second street
.nd  Government   Road    and    Opera
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, Globe Lumber
Box No. 18.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 24.—Corner Filth street
and McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
aad Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. Sti.—Corner Fourth street
and McArthur avenue.
Box No. 97.—Corner Fourth street
and Townlsy avsnue.
Box No. 28.—Corner Becond street
and Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34.—Firs ball No. 2.
Box  No.  3.V-Hospital.
Boi Noi 36.—Central School.
Box No. 37.-Belkirk Bebeol.
Boi No. 44.—Fire Ball No. One.
Box No. M. -Front street wsat,
■ear r.V.n. brltge.
Box No. 48.—Corner    Ktag    and
"irinp street*. Palaea Msst Market.
Bot No 47—Corner Besoad street
aad Wales strs<st, back of Osnrt
Box No.   48.—Comer   Third     and
Lome CAmpbell will again be the
Conservative standard hearer in
The   l.t-Hcl   No,   '.'   bus declared       all
Interim  dividend id oni •lulling   per
T!.. 'f.-ston b.-ind boys are giving
a smoking concert on Saturday evening, April 17.
1   ■„_,]   i.»v8r  n:^ iiiiior.
i .VI  r.ruj   tfe.nrrnij,
11 m   iu   uumi.i.h
i-nit • -,,
.ui'A    M     ft     hilft
•et.iitlejtm.nt.     'in.
ll relllf " •'.- u,
ftltftin on..     Writ*
nOW,      Hlrl0eejlf1(     V,
cent, 1,11 cm* of mir
'••' ■■.. It l.ftalfta'
!■ ■ . •..!.      or
Omi'i" Aeb»rt*. Mnt
rarrlac" i te I to w..r
with tin *»irlt. wblrh
• ill bft ■ ... Prftei
UtMHft -..-< .. u.
InftMnt«-.l fl' . T.ftril,
• h mid , n I.V. Lt
.."M" Ot not ■   ,n.l
lont Affftr.     w# civeMt  tn  to ull  tnnt  trirndi
fbetit  nt tnd  il-ow  Item   th*   t**ntiiujf ..t-h
inn t think end offar too mod tn to tin., i . ... \
fl   eanlft   In Air   .nl   .nn    .   fr.*    Wlt.h.      \nfl
Wilt   le"   •!«»(»<       Wlt.l.lAM.    *     t.lOTIl,    WMVftteel
ift».iifttiimpt.ttT I. m. CenttiUa n «.t  ur.„, , s..
urape fruit   Cal.  10c; Flor. 15c.
Bananas, per doz,.... 40(3 .50
Lemons, per doz      .26
'Apples, new, 4 to Gibs. .15
Oranges, navel,    from  25 to .50
Navel Oranges,         SO
Figs, cooking, -.IHis. for .15
Dates, Hallow!     2   tbs. for .25
DateB, Fard, 2lbs. for ... .35
Datos, Dromedary, pkg. .15, 2 for .25
Walnuts, California, por Ib 35
Walnuts,  Ui-enoble \.I5
Pecans, per lb  .96
Filberts, per lb  .25
Almonds, per lb 25
Braanls, per lb 25
FroBh killed beet, retail ,0I®.27<,
Pork, retail   13® J3
Vlutton, retail        121® .25
Veal, retail  <      13|® .17
Hams, retail  >'r>@ -8°
Bacon,  retail   28® .40
Lard, retail  17® .20
Chicken, retnil  22® ,.25
.Sausages, retail   13|® .15
Turkey, por lb 28
3eese, per lb  .25
DuckB, per lb 25
911C. All
Granulated B. C. Cane
IHO Ib. aack  	
jump sugar,  2lbs	
Gran. B.C. 20 tb. sack,
Brown Biigar, 31bs	
Syrup, maple, bottle ....
Syrup, gallon 	
Honey, comb, per lb. ...
Honey, lib. jnrs	
Robin Hood   ..„  ■>».  n*  1.25
B. & K, Bread Flour   2.15
Five Roses  2.25
Lake ot tbe Woods, bag 2.25
Royal Household,     »..   2.25
Purity Flour   2.25
King's Quality  2.25
Buttor, creamery, lb  3TJ i@ .45
Butter, dairy, per tb 32® .35
New Zealand   45
Cheese, Canadian, per lb. .25
Cheese, Can. Stilton, lb. .30
Dheese, Imp. Stilton, lb. .60
Eggs, local new laid, doz. .40 to .45
Parsley, per bunch   .05
Dry, onions, 5 the. for ' .25
Cabbage, local, each ... .05® .10
New  Potatoes, tb  .02
jettuce, tb 10® .15
Tomatoes, tb  .15
New  Carrots, Ib  .021
Turnips, per lb    .01|
Celery, per lb 15
Bran, ton   »3€.00
Wheat, ton,  »    55.00
Oats, ton  ... 60.00
Barley, ton  60.00
Hay, ton  ««.00
Shorts, ton   46.00
.25® .35
Tbe Rossland Daily Miner bus been
revived again. The brst issue of tbo
new daily mado its appcaranco last
O.S. Johnson ol New Denver, had
a thumb amputated thc     other day,
thc momber having been injured hy
being caught in a chain.
Starts March  1st.
Bargains to Please our Customers as in
Previous Years
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
; 7,000,000.00
President ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
KDWARD HAY, General Manager.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Sranch Revelstoke Branch
A.B. McOLKNEGHAX, Manager.
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West—Government inspected—approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears-
Meets  erery    Wednesday evening
at    8  o'clock,    ln Selkirk HaU.
Visiting    brothere   cordially  invited.
R. GORDON, 0. 0.
I 6. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths!
We specialize in
Metaiiio Ceilings, Corrugated Rooting, Furnnoe Work and up*
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Uonnaugbt Ave.
Baggage Transferred
I listributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Phone 4S--276,   Night Phone 3-48
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1085
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       Dr. McLEAN, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Sec.
Bear Ruga Mounted. Furs cleaned
"*«        and Dressed..
8$ Sacond St., I Revelstoke, B. O.
I. O. O. 9.
Meets every Thursday evening le
Silfcirk HaU at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially invited.
JAMBS MATHIE. Secretary.
A. F. and A. U.
Regular Meetings are held ln
New Masonic' Hall on the Fourth
Monday In eacjh month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
wei .tome.
ROBT. GORDON, Secretary WEDNESDAY,  APRIL 7,   1911$.
Exhibition ot Ked Cross Sup
plies tor Military Hospitals
Finances Increased
Tin' long Looked lorwarcl to tea and
exhibition ot work, given under the
auspices ol the Reveisto e uruueb oi
the Red Cross, at the home i f Mrs,
U.S. McCarter is now u thing oi cue
i-.ist  and a more than lulfllled     the
expectations   oi   the    n   suugalue
both iron, the stand io! it ol a so
clal event and [rom a monetary polnl
ol vlow, and all who ni ssed seeling
the great piles ol Bnowj white
hospital Bupplies missed b Bight they
can regret tor the rest ol their lives,
The magnltudi  of the work done    by
thc ladlos who underl  tines branch
,ii the Red I rosa worl   vsv ■ a revela
tion  to all Revelstoki, m v  (eei  jus!
lv proud ot the Brst shipment     thut
b ares thi  town tor tl e use ol opera
i Ions ee: the mc ileal     coi ps in     the
army and can (eel assured that  their
contribul Ion is second to i on^  In    thu
The following is a partial list ol the
work displayed and each separate
irticle was there in most generous
HUantitieBi Large and small pads,
■gauze ci i i ss is, mouth wipes,
• is, wash clotl s, 'I banda ;es,
triahgu ai bandages, a idomlnal binders, gravelation pads, lomentatlon
cloths, le m ntation ; ads and wring-
■ rs, Jlings, all Blzes anil widths ol
roller bnndages. many tailed bi nd
ages, i ne monlo ac etB, cotton
e [iiares and a nuantlty ol extra
I irge pads,
tee all these there were pairs
of convalescent shoes made from Buch
i het Togeneous collection ,•' materials
that thej added one more tributi to
the fair sex.
The hostesses     at this     tea     were
Mrs.  McCarter and  Mrs.  W.H.  Suth
erland the slncertty ot whose hosplt-
i .    -   well known to     most  Revel
ns,     lent |   was    never     mon
thorou hly exempliQe I  than i n   tins
in.     Mrs.   Suthei'iand'a     Uttl
daughters Helen and Mary gave most
iharming assistance  in  making     the
feel at home.
The handsome r u- > .ef the Me
e tei hon were showed to bettei
i Ivai tagi while everyv here a pro
.if spring Bowers, blaster lilies
in pots were Symbolic of tbe season
and spread their fragrance through
the rooms.
The billiard room was transformed
show  room and on Brst glance
lit  certain   of      being      in      the
store room of an Immense Red Orose
tal,   with   nurses      in      uniform
Bitting ahout   and    surgical Bupplies
in every hand. Mrs. Robl-'ins and Mrs.
\.H. Brown had charge of tbe exhlbl
not  one vIb tor lefl without
having    Been it all—and     understood
the use of  each article.
Mrs.  H.  H.  MeVdty    received     the
ii .ir nnd ushered them
into the billiard room.  Mrs. Holten,
Mrs.  Kincaid and Mrs. d mil g   I a
of tli' culinary table,     while
in another corner of the mom    Mis.
l.H.   Hamilton  am!   Mrs.  W.   A.   An
tie -e.d sweets and.    received     most
liberal patronage.
Tea was Berved in the dining room,
tli' tea table looking charming an.l
tempting, with its white naperj
crossed with the red cross of the
society,     the     centrepieces being     a
. e owl of rei geraniums. The
tea table was pr 'side; 0ver durinii
the first hour by Mrs. Haggen and
Mrs.   Pratt  and  later by Mrs.   .1.    lr
i bald  and  Mrs.  W.I.  Briiigs   these
. .a s were assisted in their duties
by    the     Miss-s    Gladys Urquhart,
Claire Fraser, Marjory Young, Rosa
Haggen and Irene procunier.
All those who helped in any way
with the afternoons entertainment
wore the uniform of tl.e lied Cross
nurse and it was most becoming to
all, most particularly to the little
laughters of Dr. Sutherland who
looked like little pictures in their
eaps and aprons and tiny red crosses.
All afternoon crowds of visitors
came and went and the collection
taken at the door amounted to over
it:.11. Macdonald, Mrs. .1. Rutherford,
Mrs. w. Bews, Mrs. .). Armstrong,
Mrs, w. Armstrong, Mrs. b.   R. At
i kins, Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Haggen, M.ss
L. Davenport, i Miss M. McKenale,
Mrs. N.K. Brown, Mis. W.A. !•'. ol-'.
Miss S. Koote, Mrs. \V. Coultbard,
Mrs. Geo. Hoss, Mrs. McCleneghan,
Mrs. Robblns, Mrs. w.T. Johnson,
Mrs. Murray Hume, Mis. .1. I'urvis.
Mrs. it. Squurehriggs, . Mr i. Jen itn .
Mrs. Telfer, Mrs. Briggs, Mis. R,
Howson,  Mrs.   I,    Howson,   Mrs.  V'.Vi.
Sadlier, Mrs,fIda Maxon,  Mis.  Bib
bald,  Mrs.   A.  McLean.   Mr.  and   Mis.
Cook, (Arrowhead), Mrs. j. p, ilume
Mrs. Corning. Miss,,Currie, Miss  Me
Kay,   M.ss  G 'ge,  Mis.   .1.  Stewart,
Mrs.  Tomlinson.   Mrs.   .;.   Lee,      Mrs.
U.   Gordon,     Mrs.    w.  ii. Horobtn,
Mrs. !•:. Trimble,     Mrs   Hogan   Mr-.
Downes,   Mrs    Bunnell,    Mis.   in ii.P>i
sun,  Mrs.   Kenward,  Mr. .   T   W.al nan
Mrs, it. Swanney, Mis. w.c. Oalder,
Mrs. .1. II. Hamilton, Mrs, \. M iR , ■
Mis. ,i. Laughton, Mi,- v ni'S Thorn
as, A friend, Mrs. A. Porrj , Mrs. .1.
II. Lyons, Mrs. w. McCulloch, Mi -
Masson, Mrs. A. It. Donaldson, Mis.
Stevenson,    Mrs.   linn-.,   Mrs.   Lundell
Mis. Heard, Mis. li. \. Webster, .1.
Maley, cut dowers eiel cash ■"-.:'"'.
donated     by     Reid  £   Young,  Mrs.
Goble,   Mrs.  Telfei   and   11.   Cordon.
Largs Sum MM at
Glse Cluo Concert
A large audience assembled In the
Empress theatre aftir church on
Sunday evening to listen to a Bucred
i oncerl  given on  behalf ol   tin-     Ke 1
Cr.ss  sen iety   by      thei      Lad 61
i lub. The' select Ions were .■■ c ' '• l>
rendered ami the concert was i •■. .
pietely successful nrtistl any and An
anclally, Si-e being realized. Tbe program   Was as follows
••Cod   Save   lhe   Kinc,"    amlienee.
"0   Canada"    chorus.
Duet, "Hark! liar. My Soull"—
Ales.lames.   W.   I'.ews  ami   K.   Hews.
Solo, "The Lord ls| Rls ;. Miss
Octette, • Near ■' My God tn Thee"
-  I.a.lies Glee Club.
Recitation, 'Kim: Roh of 8id
iv,"    Miss   I 'a'll.l ng,
"La Mai b i lals i," —Chorus.
"Christ the Lord is Risen To'
tudleni '■.
Octette, "Land ..f Hopi ;<:; 1 Glory"
■  Ladles Glee Club,
"The ! leavens Are Telling " —
i horns.
to King  Albert of Belgium
"The   Hero  Kins"
May   the   next    anniversary   be
celebrnt d  in  your    own  i
as the beloved hero king. A b ip-
,,v and restored  i   Ig
The Women's ('■ na I: in '
Canada,   ire celebratin - thn 4th
birthday ul King Albert  ,>r Bel-
gium on Thursdaj,    April  S, by
h ilding a    "tag the funds
from which  will Ip   the
ore-n 'ed, Belgi in Relief, i in this
day from early  to lal      i vies i.;
!. dioa will be face 1   .t every ci r-
ner .,[ lm] ortance      ■   thi
and fleet ol f" .t indeed
man bo who i • a let donning the
ta1.-  .■!"'   -I"
Many Contributions
to Linen Shower
The members of the Ladies Hospital Guild wish to thank Ull those who
so kindly helped to make their annual
linen shower a success. In all 2511
pieces. Among those ,who contributed
wero: Mrs. Keegan, Mrs. Lindmark,
Mrs. H. .Laughton. Mrs. Kincaid, Mrs
B.H.S. McLean, Mrs. W. M. Sulh.r
land, Mrs. W. M. Lawrence, Mrs. 0,
I'. Davis, Mrs. Chas. Holten, Miss L.
PettlplBce, Miss B. Hobbs, Mrs. c.s.
McCarter, Mrs. it. Urquhart, Mrs. w.
A.| Anstie, Mrs. W.H. Wallace, Mrs,
Paget, Miss ('all, Mrs. Oornlng, Mrs.
Cormier, Mrs. CL..'Austin, Mrs.
Warner, Miss Marie D.  Warner,   Mrs.
King   Albert      >>f      Pel-'
fotirtleth  blrthduj   occurs  tomo
April  \   is prob iblj      I      most   ro
mantle figure among  th     heroes     of
i i     a er. i le ni ■■
i bs   e,    soli ler-l Inga as     Al
(red the Great   i   B igl in I oi  Wi
thi  S lent ol te. nds, though
; i rlouB to last \ gusl tiiere was
no relgi an    in Europe about
whom so lnt • wa ■ kno vn, Wb n
almost  without     w i   th
_.,- ;,, flashllgl ts ol h Bl ■" was turu-
ed upon him he il o revealed te.
the world ■r   e"'1 n
and   'very   inch  a kiiTe.   -' ildom  has it
been the lot 'ef a  eo   t   ■ n to   make
a decWlon ol   - ich
ment as when  King Albert
upon  last  AugllBt  to l       nt  or reject
the responsibility o! passage
to the German  a de Beleium
into Prance   When     In Bplti  ol tr a-
: ties,   Hague   I'e ice  Ci and
tho repeated . ron Isea ol I li
auhorltlee, the neutrality of Belgium
was violated, the conduct ot Kim: Albert has win the i ipeel .ef the allied powers, the affection "f his subjects, ami the '' of all
wbo have com" In co tact with him,
King Albert 1. .if Belgium was born
4prll 8, 1875-, an ' Is thi relow in his
fortieth vear. He is -he- second eon
of ill" Count )l Flanders, younger
brother if the late King Leopold II.
The  eldest   son      di'M nf  typhoid      in
1891 leaving  \ibert the belr-presunrp
tive to the throne ol Belgium.   Leo
pold H,  only   '"ii el.eei  •;•■  1M9     an t
although   Leopold     bad three  dnucb-
ters  who  are still   living,   and   nre  all
well known fieures in European    his
tory, they are debarred from tbe
throne by the Salic Inheriting law
which decrees tbe crown shall descend through tbe male line.
Uf Kin,' Albert s youth 1'ittle can
be said excepting that be received an
excellent  education  and  travelled    ex-
tcnslvely. it is said that be spent
yeare Ol Ins me un.ier a civilian mime
in tbe United Statos where he delighted to mingle in all classes of society
It   is   well   'iiilli.■nlii'al.'il   that,   one    01
his adventures was as a Reporter on
the   stan ol     tbe     t hicago Tribune.
Whatever   he did,   it    is certain       that.
the camarderle he now  snows among
Ins own people is a natural phase 01
hi ' i.iai l"i and uot an attitude assumed   for til"  calls,'
Ii. i IctObcr LStW, I rinee Albert iniir-
r.i-,1 i-.,./.;. ni-l n oi li. A.nia. i ney have
I.i. •     eh alien,    l'i .nee   i., oj Old,   Hoi n
Not. , i.'in prince, Cuai les Theodore,     i um     Oct,  LO, [.in.!,  Princess
Mar.i'  ul  .e,   1)01 n   AUg,   I.,   i.e . .        I ae
tui younger cu.ldren are m ulngland
under .he care oi Loru l ni.on oi
licddleston, Lorn ami Lad) I union,
lormerlj Miss Miry Keller ol Chic
UgO,   ba.e   been   lilo   10U|    Iriends       of
the Belgian royal family, . r.iice Leopold   is with   bis  lather   and      mother
at the army headiiuurtors near Dun
kira, i hi i rown i rinci is now 11
years ol nge, and a bund oino boy,
tall, Btralght and fair compaction.
King .'bert is the tallest of European BO>crelgns, standing six leet
lour Inches and IB very lair with nine
eyOB and brown hair—a modern Vik-
Ing, He succeeded his uncle, Leopold
11, in I'.I'M, and soon proved bims.lf
C, be .i king ol vcry inherent character ii';,m his clever but unprincipled
predecessor, who had dcioteJ most
of Ins lite to ucjuinng one of the
largest  lortunes    'in  Europe,  by far
means   nr   foul,
The insi i,, of Belgium is extremely lnt rtstlns and is really an epitome of ail Europoan history since
the davs  of   JuliUB Caesar.   When that
Ron an divided nil gaul Inio tinea
parts, Belgium w ie a port Ion of the
northern third. The Bdlgae he des-
cribed us t h i Ben o t of Ins oppon
eats an I the n ost difllcult to sub-
mi- . In t me a Co mt of Flanders
ruled this region Maoj c nturies later Belgium and Holland were known
as the Netherlands, ruled by Spain,
tria and Prance in mm, In 1830,
the Belgians who occupied the south,
i'i Austrian Netherlands, and me
-ei s iv French In their language and
manner of life, established then- independence bj a r olutlon. Th'
v. ie ..ii. re i ':rst tn the a >a ot
Louis Philippe of Prance, who was
ite ,], i line it. Then the honor
fl i to Leopold, son of France, Duke
of Sajr burg, an I uncle ol I luMn
\ ictorla. He iccepted and was crown
ed I.eopolel I. the lirst king of Bol-
gium, at Brussels on July 21, 1--K.
I!'■ was married n-t to Princess
Charl tte inly A ughter of Qeorge
l\. and heiress to the Irtish throne,
but she died within a ye ir.
i eopold   I.  was  - ci ee led   by     his
eldest     gon     Leopold In 16155,     who
I foi ve.irs.  dying in      1901
i ced   i  ■' oi  " I.  His   nep-
b w, the present K'ng Albert I, as-
cended the throne in his 34th, year
as tli" third  king of tne Belgians.
Belgl ;'i'4'i   ea led   the "bat
tie ground ol Barope" and »'.e cockpit of Euro ' for good reason. Sh<
has scarcely a largo rity that has not
known s. xe sometimes of years'
■t me hundred years ago
next Juni ^Waterloo was fought near
Bruss ls.
Tomorrow,      Vnr'l     S     bus leen
selerted   as  a   -I CClal    'tag-day"      to
raise funds for the relief of starving
■ A It  ^ hoped  the rrsponse
.'.-ill b   i nerous.
Dean FlcwatSmg
Dies at Cranbrook
The .leatii   • ■ rambrook ol
heart failure on eriday ol last week
of  Hev.  Ernest     Purdy     Plewelling,
rural dean ol Cranbrook.
The iate Dean E lewelling was the
third son of Hon. William Plewelling
and was born ut Clifton, N. B., on
March 1, lslii. His mother was before,
her marriage, Miss Esther Merritt of
New York, lie married in 1877 Miss
.•'■are. Sinclair, daughter of John Sinclair of Newcastle, N.B., and is survived by four children, Richmond
Flewellinc of Windsor, Ont.,; Mrs
Bastin. wife of Rev. A. Bastin, Ganges, Salt Spring island, B.C.; Mrs.
Surtecs Towgood of Sandon, and Mrs
Sydney Hrown of Hamilton. Ho is
also survived by one brother, Hon.
i..il. Elewelllng, undone sister, Mrs.
Wetmore, both oi Clifton, N.B.
Througb ill-health In his early manhood the late Dean Flewelling studied
privately for the church and was or-
dalned deacon and priest by Bishop
Medley, metropolitan Of Canada. He
was rector successively of Dalhoiisle,
N.B., and Hiandon, Man. He was the
tTst rector of St. Paul's, Vancouver,
after which he went to Kamloops,
Nelson and Dawson City. For the
past nine years he has heen rector of
tbe   \nilican  church  at Cranbrook.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Owe Maximum
Wear at a  Minimum Price
Hospital Linen Shower
The people of Revelstoke have always bssn tmst generous in supporting this
worthy institution. Just now they are in great need of linen of all kinds. Bureau
Covers, Linen Towels, Bath Towels, Wtsh Cloth, Tea To .vels. These are'the
most pressing needs but anything will be acceptable. We have many special lines
and special prices to rmst th; occasion,    Glad to show the goods.
A REAL BARGAIN in Women's Spring Underwear, Knit Vests, Drawers and Combination.
Four big- tables specially arranged to make easy choosing. _ _15c, 2oc, 35c, 75c
A good, wide, pure Silk and 12 colors is the way we describe a special Silk we have on sale
just now. Satin Pailette, lovely bright finish, soft as a pussy willow, worth $1.50,
selling at  $1.00
New line of coin spot Voiles for dresses and waists, white with color spot
 .     Hoc
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Your Straw Hat
A choice line of the newest shapes and weaves have just come to hand. New. soft shapes,
new boaters, new splits and new Panamas, absolutely correct, every one of them. Don't
forget that the new high crown will be shown in boaters and Panamas this year. Our choicest
lines are made up of only six to the line so only an early choice will insure your getting your
proper size  Don't put it off until the hot weather is actually here   buy now and get the best.
Soft Straws
$1 to $3
$2 to $4.50
$5 to $10
Boy's Blouse Snap
FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY-A great big line of boy's Blouses and Shirt
Waists.     All on the table at one price
65c each
Grocery and Crockery Department
Hunt's White Cherries, per tin
Gold Medal Pears, per tin	
Sunshine Peaches,      "     	
"         Strawberries, per tin —
.... 20c
"          Raspberries, per tin  ,..,
11         Greengage Plums	
"          Lombard Plums	
I5c rios six.
Dr. VI. H. Sutherland   and     John I   The W.O.T.U. will meet atithe home
8tuart went  smith tins morning. ] of Mrs. Creech on    Friday afternoou
Mrs.  U. H.  Urquhart   will not     receive Thursday, March 8.
Miss Gladys Winslow is the guest oi
Mr.  and Mrs,  Bruce  l.awson.
Mrs.   .lames Gordon  left,     on     this
morning's train for Lake points.
Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Hull of Oalfeary
am guestf  at the Hotel  Revelstoke,
li.   i
•it tb. ol Malakwa
Edward hotel  on
was     at
Mrs. W.J, Coulthard will not receive again until the second Friday
iu May.
Mrs, W. R,
visiting Mrs.
«f weeks,
Jones wi I.i'i in ridge   is
i:.   Wady for a     couplo
nt 3.30.
K.  .1.  Sutherland of Golden waa
guest at the King Edward hotel yes- !
Mrs. Ernest 1-1.  S. McLean will not
receive on tlie    second     Saturday of i
this month.
A.  W.   Connoly     is     leaving     this
mornirag  for Hklmunton     aud    other
nearby points,
Miss Phyllis Mott of Kamloops   is
the guest ol     Vliss Maude Hopgood
for the Easter holidays.
Among the guestB at the King Bd
ward hotel on Tuesday were Mr. and
Mrs   H. ,1.  H'i/han uf Oxford, N.S.
Mrs. P, McCarty will receive ou
Saturday, April 10, and not again
this season. .
Miss Mcfnnis ol KumloopB is a
guest of Mrs. A. McArthur during
the holidays.
Mrs. Andrew Jones returned last
week from a two weeks vacation
spent at the coast.
An exhibition of paintings was held
at the McRae Mercunti'le company's
storo lasl night in aid of tbe Belgian
The boulevards have been raked
mud ban' places resri'ded and new
trees planted under the supervision of
Mayor Fee,ite.
Tin' Belgian Reliel boxes which were
placed in  i im   different    banks, thr
station    and   the  post  office  will      bo
opened on Friday, April 9, the    day
after King Albert's birthday.    Those
wishing  !'■   help, have  one more   day.
Five ire Recruits
for Third Contingent
Eive recruits have made application to join the third contingent and
have passod the medical exainina
tion. Thoy are:
Charles  Pinter,   Kevelstoke,  age 84,
Richard Barnes,  Revolstoke, age  US.
Walter   llardnian,   Kevelstoke,    age
E. T, Brant, age 23.
I'.  Hunk, lingers Pass.
Ten  more vacancies remain to     bc
Georgo Ford .>f Nelson 'is the guest
ot Mr, ind Mrs. (;. Ralph Lawrence
fnr th ' holidays.
the city  yesterday  from  a three   Peter's Church   met   al   the
.Mrs.  A.  Kenward on Tuesday
1). A.  McCannell and family jeturi
ed to ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
months     visit   at Revelstoke,   Kam
i  0] s   Standard.
■ni,. Women's
.1.   Ed
of   Cal
regis! red
at   the
ell      '1
F.A.  M
m     and
■        lr
• for
Mi. and Mrs. ."!.W. Melavnn, late of
Revelstoke,     now  residing ut Osaqe,
,hask.. are the proud parents of a
baby girl.
The (lirl's Thimble class met at
the hoi f Mis C.M. Field on Tuesday afternoon, and a pleasant: hour
was spent i'i sewing handkerchiefs
for the Red doss society. Light re-
[reshments  were served.
D.M.  Cowan,     who    wa-'   as Istanl
■secretary    of    the     Railroad  Voung
Mens  Christian association  in  Revel
1 ei.   1912 lias been appointed gen
eral secretary ol the Kailroad Voung
Mens i :in ii-' I in asBOclat ion at I Iran-
W. a. Curran, of tin edit i rial
start of the Nelson Dally News, who
Bpent his in lays last summer in
Revelstoke, haB joined the sharpshooters ..I Grand Porks tor service
at the  fr.'!' rs     of    the
La'iiy News stai I n enlisted '.ur
A quiet war
ed on  ISlasti
Ma\.     el.lest.
.t,r    ol the    e< i
ed in  matrimony t.e     Privat
bald  McPai
E. P., by t     Rev. O.A. Procunier at
It   is :. ported
I'acitic  railway company  .ntend com-
tl    liversion    ol
th.   road between 1
port.,1 of the Ropers r.nss tunnel
Bometi' e this month, 1 is understood that the wiK be
don'. " ' '. This '..'• rt will jive
employment to a large number o!
iri<?n and I
Golden St
'■ Lowing  a;
men; this
Col' te:
to be a " In the i
■ '
Baker.  I ::or c!»rk     in
Mill of
- '  •
1   IS
Mrs. Roynon W, Smythi will not
receive on Thursday of this week.'Inn
will be at home to ber friends ou the
Becond Thursday in May.
George Moth returned on Sunday
from a visit to his home in Midland,
Ont. Mr. Moth's mother who was
very seriouslj   ill hus recovered.
.lohn McDonald charged with disorderly con luct appeared before J.H.
Hamilton, police magistrate, this
morning and was given i ne hour to
.. a'     :   ■. .
An order In council, ap] earing in
:h's week's issue of Thc B.C. Gazette
revokes the licenses of the Maple Leaf
club, Ltd., and the Toyo Club, Ltd.,
'. ancouver.
K villi lotiol three acres has been
sold by the Revelstoke General
Agencies to D. McEacbern. The lot is
s tuated on the flat below the end of
McKenzie avenue and Mr, McEachern
is building a house on the property.
ite. ::.    Gia Isti ae   w< oiiaud   of
the   51 I     batl  lii n,  Edn onton    is
visit ii. ■ her, 'Mrs.  J.J,  W 'i ;
land days. It is expected
thai I tnlion will   ea ire   tor I be
fr. Dl •   '■ >   en    .     April.    Pte.
K'lnn ut in
i n Fl.
i. tion i
C. Ray son who ted  a posi
■   ■
age:.- I   Go'.-
,tional   to   -
'   '
•  Indian
ture. 1
THURSn ' '•' -Tl
'      '
•o'len    left.
A   Page
• ■:     i •     ■[ be tal       of
"   • iry, only 8 n ore
1«".     The Heart o! tie
''. reels.
BATURDAY.—King     And
Men.   with    Wnrren   Kerrigan,
Rourkl   story.
next.-Behind   Tie
tti  With      Mary
School Boys Victors
i     Over Working Boys
; na EaBter Monday the hoys of the
three schools, played the working
boyshoys at baiseball on' the y.m.c.
a. grounds at 2 o'clock. The gume
ended •". to U in favor of the school
1 iys. The line ups were ns follows:
School linvs. .1. McLeod, lirst ha sc;
J, McSorley, second base; J.- Parent,
short stop, P, Campbell, third base.
T, Lee, pitcher; ll Goodwin, catcher;
Vi. T. Fleming, right field; A Young,
centre  held;   L.  Goodwin,   left  tield.
Working hoys:—L, Bluckherg, lirst
base; G, Cocorochi, second base; G.
Corson, short stop; D, Maddaloni,
third base; I,. Lonzo, right lield; T,
Gallacaino, left field; .1. Maley, catcher; L, Dupont, pitcher; T. Bruoe,
lent re field,
Railway Trainnien'o Gecce
Social tent
since March Hi, l'JH), and has proved
h'imself an etlieient olllcial, solving
many problems in connection with
the street railway matters and improving thc Bervice materially. lie
was well qualitied for Ids work, having previously performed the unties
Of englneman on the Rooky Mountain
section of the Canadian Pacific rail-
I way, from Kevelstoke to Field, B.O.,
[for Beveral years. Coming to Winni
I peg, Mr. Lewis took up gonerul oilice
\ work under general superintendent,
Leonard. He was appointed head rule
instructor for western lines, under
K.A. James, and was later transferred to the Canadian Northern railway
whore 'he has held tho position of
travelling engineer, train master rule
instructor and superintendent.. He
Was associated with K.M. Kcustcl, t.he
traffic experi, in the traffic study snli
seqliontly passed by the Winnipeg
city council. Tn this capacity be
visited several large cities in the
I'nil 'd Slates and  became thoroughly
to St..
home ol
^^ afternoon, i" se « a; rons m preparation
for the May Hay sale. Dallnty refresh
ments were served at the tea hour.
George Majarji charged with as
sanlt was lined $20 and costs or 30
days by Police Magistrate J.H. Ham
,It.ei   Ihis  morning.  On  bis release mi
paying  the  line  d"fendunt again qua
relied with plaintifl an.l   both were rearrested.
Lieut. 11.II.13. Abbot of the 102nd
Uegt. has received a commission in
the 1Mb Battalion for Overseas ser
vice. Mr. Abbott was so anxious to
get away witb the Third Contingent
thai he enlisted as a private lmmed<
lately after qualifying for bis com-
missiO'i.—Kamloops  Standard.
Our bright and genial friend. Eddie
Murphy, was taken to Kevelstoke on
Tuesday morning In order te, undergo
an iperatioo for appendicitis. His
numerous friends will all join with us
in wishing him a speedy recovery and
in the hope that we may soon see him
hack in bis familiar place at the
Monte Bello.—Salmon Arm OVeerver.
A delightful surprise party was
held last evening by thi lady's of St.
Francis church,  when    they  tendered
e o:  their members  Miss   Ollie
Bell, a purse of i:old.     Refreshments
B rve'd,    while Mis i Mad
sod delighted  all with a vio'.'.u solo.
Bell left    at bis moi mug's train
foi  i mtarli . when  she    will
bei     d it' ib in the Holj
Rosar. I   I  as a nurse.
dohr. lavl
.1 .
The tl -vere standing     on   a
':    ■ : thi
a burg-
■    □    • polic 	
ted. Fei Uss Hobbs  senerouslj contributed a
ipla of piano selections for supper
familiar with
these places
operat ing condit ions  at
Expert chimney sweeping no dirt,
honest    prices.     Lawrence  Hardware
I :o., Ltd.
|    The ladies of the Relief Society will
Ve pleased to receive old or new mag-
'nzlncB to he sent tothe guards along
the  lines  of  communication.  The literature mny be loft at A.E. Kincaid'* ■
oilice. t.f.
GALT COAL burns nil nigbt. Revelstoke General Agencies,   Limited.
All notices of political meetings
and conventions to bo held in nny
pnrt of the Kootenay and Boundary
must be prepaid, or guaranteed at
tbo following rates: Roading notices,
ten cents per count line ouch insertion; display advertising, 50c. por
inch. Tho Mail Herald.
Winners of Shields     >
at Public Schools
In  the  Central  school the
shield is won by Division  ill.
percentage of 96.D5   and     in
BChool  by  Division  \ 1  with i
cent age of lit-.37
CiMilral School.
With a
per- i
WANTED.—Boy to learn printing
trade, .Applyj to Mail   Herald.
WANTED.—Sewing and dressmaking
by the day. Miss K. McMahon IDS
First Btreet. west, Ro.elstol'.o.
The ladies auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Kailroad Trainmen, Glacier
Lodge, No. iiei., held a very successful
dance on Monday evening, The
opera house was converted into a
veritable fairyland, the wa Is being
completel) covered witb the society's
colors, red, white and green, which
ivas carried out Ln most artlstie    ,i,
signs and festoons of bunting aud
tissue paper, The stage where the
band was stationed was verj Uoiui
like with tin Imitation curtains of
colored paper neatly draped, aud
strings e.f colored lights overhead,
The front of the    gallery   had  brake
.   i leers, i Hags or led, white
and green) and signal! i lantei . -
made a very pretty elfect ty-
.ei railroading. Lace curtains
draped the windows of both ball
room and dressing rooms, and a e
the finishing touch to a very lovely
.rraugvment. Tlie City Bund pr ivided
the music, and under A.  Hlllici
lership,  fine music waB given, and
Ild time kept. Miss Lawson and
Erlt. 1
ct. P.H
Division   1.
Division H.
Division Hi.
1 1
Division   IV.
Division   V.
Division  VI.
Division  VH.
irk  School
Division I.
Division   II.
Division   III.
Division iv.
Division   V.
Division   VI.
Division   VII.
Division   VI11.
Division IX.
WANTED.—Would li^e four respectable parties to room and board.
Price $0.00 a week. Apply to 24-
First street, east, next to Y.M.
C. A.
POUND.—Silver brooch, large stone
in centre, six points. Owner may
have same hy proving property unci
paying for this advertisement. Apply Mall-Herald.
FOR RENT.—Furnished House, six
rooms, absolutely modern, garden
and chickens. Will rent for six
months from April 16. Tenante
without children preferred. Apply
No. 8, Seventh street. Ar-17-np
BARGAIN SALE—Neat, comfortable
convenient, modern six room
dwelling with bath, hot and cold
water, electric lighted and 11 acre
Villa Lot, neatly arranged (lower
and vegetable garden, adjoining the
city, close to Selkirk school. Low
taxation. Here is a n'icc home.
Terms.     II. N, COl RSIER.
labor tbe sei
ir tr,
li '   -
• -i of Vfnv
•   i"    eifTMnvIt*
'    •
n        -,l
''A' ' r   '       i        '
: prll 1        '"    T.eon:.- BJTlS    of   thn
. ■ i ■     •     '>r.,-,-,      R    M      tO  *   "
..•tv.. iv territorial lltnlti nt    thr
n|,1   p>\       •!      •   r-„,tl, '   • .    rr.nffrrr"1 bv
»vr Small Debt! Conrl nr*
Voung Conservative
Club is Formed
Thn    0
" ••'      ■"
I     tii<vn
In  I        prrni
.' n' resident
n. r   • ..   i D   Blbbald
,ir., wsentlve,   t   ftnrag   J, Malsi
w. Leslie, ,i, t u  Bruce
V  McLeod Mnrtln.   T.    Dupont
i.   Corning, W A   Hmythe.
which were very   much enjoy
ed. The  grand  march started shortly
9 o'clock     led by  Mrs.  Andrew
aresident of thc auxiliary   and
W.M. McKay, superintendent of    the
Han Pacific   railway.     J. Guy
and  I'..  Qi rdon     made     vcry
i   loor    managers,     while     a
■  ■:     nemb rs ol the Brot-
.    e       valuable    assistance
both ui': of supper and   In
..-  th'bunting    for tlccorntio.il.
:.   charge were,      lor
imi i, Hay, Root and
.'. Km ' ment, Mesdame      '
dressing ■
I'll'"!!  aiul   Mi>    I
general sup-
i   id  at      mid
the best.
Lewis Has Commission
in Raiiwoy Corps
Hi   and   Mrs
l.en    a
I      I'le'HS
■Upi i viBor,
i  I A ay
,.,:    I
ll     ...
and it     is
I    i ■■:.-   r      ol
Al l.rhlnd the   allies,
r     •   i    board ot i
ot.n ■ ion Iron 'ir.
no inr      thai t ent-d
"nr»  and   thnt  he  re
In  hie ■     oiitlon  until  ordered
to |e*»vo for New Rronswlck, His   rn-
Tl ||  D..nr  I'.uoil   Work.
R   1'   LpwIb hi\e bSHI  In the employ
i I r   .'nt  rnpnrit.r
Notice is hereby given that     under
a  warrant of distress to me directed
against the goods ot   the Reve itoki
Steam Laundry Company, Limit<ed,  1
have seized  and will oiler    loi      Bale
publicly at the  oilice o[ the  said com
pany,  McCarty  Ulock, corner of     Orton Avenue and Victoria    Road     on '.
Wednesday     the    llth day ol April,
1915, at  12 o'clock     noon the plant,
machinery and   goo is ol      said     com-
pony    contained      in     said  MeCait
Block  i a list of which may   be   seen
on application to the undersigned) or .
s'irh part thereof as may be sufficient I
(o satisfy  the  claim of    F.   McCarty
for rent and costs.
Dated April 6th, 1915.
Household furniture nnd effects at
the corner of Campbell and Second
street on April 17 at 2 p.m. inclsde
the following: 2 single beds, 3 double
1 cot, all with springs und mattresses, 7 Bquares of carpets, 1 hall and stair carpet, 3 dressers, '.', wasbstands, 1 dining room
table oak, 1 bullet oak, 12 common
chairs, I rocking chairs, I lounge, 2
parlor tables, 2 kitchen tables, 2
cupboards, 2 wall cases, kitchen
linoleum, motor washing mach'ine,
rurtnins, sheets, towels, 2 lnwn mowers, curtain stretchers. 1 i;-hole
Kootenay Range, kitchen utensils,
dishes of all kinds, also stock ot
'  nnd building material.
Terms: any amount ever .$5.00, 3
me.nths credit. on approved joint
notes at r, per cent interest. Under
tr.M cash.
There will also be offered for sale
sale at 3 o'clock, 3 residences on
third street east, which may be Inspected anv time. Terms S2d0 cash,
balance nt $30.00 per month. Subject
to a reserved bid.
TO RENT.—New House, seven roomp
two acres cleared and plowed, ood
TClls two blocks east of city limit!
Good opportunity for a. nice hom<fi.
Apply l'i. Gallicano.
FOR  SALE.—House  on    First   Btreet
eight  roniiis  and      bath    also  two
lots west of hospital on First street
Easy terms.  Apply  C  Jollifle,   Revelstoke, AplO-p
WANTED.—Shingle     bolts    or csdai
I'il-s. also standing cedar timber.
Arrmv Lakes shingle Company
Nakusp. M.I1  ni
FOR SALE.—Two roomed house, enclosed porch, coal shed, wood shed,
and hen house, one hundred anr?.
fifty, cash.  Applv Mail Herald.
Semi-furnished  suite of four rooms
to let. Apply H   Manning store.
Bicycle Repairing
on Short Notice
All Work Guaranteed
Agents for
"Indian" Motorcycles
We carry a
Complete Electrical Stock
Star Electric &Bicycle Shop
Hoar bid Siar Theatre
DECREE from Fashion's Realm  proclaims
FOOTWEAR  the most   important  portion
of the woman's costume this season.
Spring Shoes
...    TO SELL AT
-1 i:
Lndies1 Patenl Button and  Lace Styles, will
ind Khaki Pawn Cloth Tops, spool Heels
For Sandals, Canvas and Tennis Shoos
F'HONE 217


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