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The Mail Herald Oct 23, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and naviga*
tion centre between Calgary
mid'the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognised
advertising medium tor the
city and district.
Vol. 22-No. 85
$2.50 Per Year
Loss Estimated at Twenty Thousand Dollars, With Insurance of Ten Thousand Two Hundred Dollars-
Fierce Blaze Sweeps Through Building—Electricity
Supposed to be Cause of Disastrous Fire Last
A spectacular lire last uight laid
in cuius the uunuiug aud plant ol
the Ke. elstoke suoU .2 boor luctory
at the Corner oi c.onuaugnt und Third
streets, 'the factor} wub owned by
O. W. Abrahamson, and with the exception ol u few tools, sashes and
lioors and a Bander is a total losa.
Nothing but the charred trout wall of
the building remain. The loss is estimated at f20,00U, with insurance of
$1U,20J. The cause of the Ure is supposed tu   be 'tue to electric  wiring.
The tire was first noticed at 'J.-3 p.
Iii., in the north east corner of the
building by E. ti. Burridge who lives
opposite, lie iiiiiuediuUly sent in an
alarm trom box li at the corner of
Third street and Campbell avenue
aud the tire brigade was speedily on
the scene.
When the brigade arrived the lire
seemed to be confined to the north
east corner ot the building. Water
speedily played uiioii the seat ot the
bia and the nanus seemed momentarily to be quenched, billows of
smoke poured Irom tue building, but
co riames could be seen and "they
have got it out" was the exclamation that could be frequently heard
from the large crowd which had qfiick-
ly gathered.
lt >vas soon seen thut the hope was
vain ami that nothing could save the
building, nlled as it was with dry
and highly Inflammable material. The
clouds of smoke grew denser aud
lolled from the roo, aud from every
window. Flames began to appear,
and Boon the entire rear of the building, where the lumber was stored, became a raging turuace of tlame. The
heat was intense and the building
was quickly a mass oi tlames. The
firemen strove valiantly but were
pow<erl<es8 against the fierce lire which
swept from the back tluoughout the
It was Impossible to save any consider, ilde amount of the contents but
the spectators carried out what tools
they could ;ay their hands on and
some manufactured sashes and doors.
The stal le and warehouse belonging
to K. Howson .- Co., a few feet to
the west ,,f ihe blazing building was
in serious danger and was hurriedly emptied, The I.orses were taken out and furniture, ri. s and hay
were piled on tho street. The Bremen
kept tie building drenched with water and notwithstanding thc intense
bent which converted the water into
Clouds of Steam the building was
Lumber and shingles piled in the
yard at tl.e rear of the sash and door
tact.iry was als.. saved although they
Bmoked from tin' intense heat ot the
burning building. A cement mixer
near thc south end of the building
also escaped serious injury. The ev-
tning was calm and the smoke and
sparks mounted upwards. Hud a
wind blown Irom the south nothing
could hnve saved the Howson building and the Revelstoke Wine & Spirit
company's warehouse could hardly
have eso iped destruction.
The insurance  is as follows:
Fidelity Phoenix, Dominion Securities, agents, $1,200. (
California, Dominion Securities, agents, $3,000.
Queen, Revelstoke General Agencies,
agents, $1,500.
National, Revelstoke General Agencies, agent, $1,500.
Sun, Revelstoke Gencrnl Agencies,
agents, $1,000.
Union, H. N. Ooursier, agent, $2000
Total $10,200.
The factory wan one of the most
complete of its kind in the interior.
The  building  which  had  been recently
enlarged wis spacious, nnd equipped
wiih all the latest  machinery.    The
,'ul hub school, which was
built by Mr. Abrahamson lr> years
ago, wiih jiiuihiised'by him last yenr
mid moved to the factory situ where
II had been converted jnt.o a spacious
mid well Lighted carpenter's shop,
gi • a hop and oilice. The bind nt
the rear of the buildings bnd hem
levelled and fenced nnd wns usod as
n      lumber      ynrd,   while  InHlde      tho
building    wm ample storage nccom-
'iii.Million for Ibe finer brands ot lumber.
Among the machinery destroyed
.was u now moulder which would make
any mould required aud which was
equipped with a 30 horse power electric motor, a panel raiser, joiner,
surfacer, reciprocating mortiser, chain
mortiser, eLbow Bander, turning lathe,
moulder, tenoner, dado and boring
machines, heavy clamp, light damp,
mitre trimmer, band saw, torge electric hoist. The factory turned out
excellent work which was known
throughout the interior. F. W. Willie
has been foreman for the past five
By a curious coincidence tjie last
fire in Revelstoke, on Aug. 20, destroyed the mill and machinery and
lumber of Sawyer Bros, stave mill.
Troops Must  Not   be Billeted
in Hotels—Winter Quarters for Recruits
Arrow  Lakes   Object   to   Re-
' duced Boat Service- Nakusp
Conservative Officers
Dolls Are Given for
Red Cross Society
The regular meeting of the Red
Cross society was held at the Y.M.C.
A. on Wednesday, October 20, Mrs. T.
Killiatrick the president, in the chair.
1 he attendance was good and each
one came with work or for some to
take away. There are many knitting
needles out that arc not being used
and the society would be glad it any
one having tbem would return them
if not possible to use them any longer. There are quite a number ready
to do knitting and there are no needle s for them. An al-peal sent out lor
the British Red Cross to the people
of Canada, to raise a fund on Trafalgar day for wounded soldiers and
Bailors was received and dealt with.
'ihe sti.n of $26 was given from the
money on hand. The fact that on entertaining the Australian cadets last
week no meeting was held, gave very
short notice to arrange a special
fund for that day. An appeal for
funds for the Canadian soldiers'
Christmas was received and Mrs. McCarter oflered the use of her home for
a tea to be given on Saturday, Oct.
2.3rd, for the purpose. Mrs. Holten
will be hostess with Mrs. McCarter.
A collection will be taken, tea will
be served and a sale ol home cooking
and candy.
The Reel Cross ladies mark every
piece with the name of Revelstoke on
it and this is thc lirst time it has
been acknowledged from the war
Mrs. Pratt has donated 3 dolls on
which tickets will be sold and a
drawing to take place at a date announced later; she has also offered
her bome for a tea to be given in
December. Mrs. Foote and Mrs. ;
Corning have also oflered their homes. Mrs. J. L. Smith sent in her
monthly donation of i'2. The society
would be glad if others would take
uji this systematic way of giving; it :
matters not how large or small it
may be, it will be gratefully ack-
DOWledged. The material on hand
for e'onvalescent shoes is about ex-
hausted and the society would bo
glad to receive material, old or new,
for this branch of the work.
The annual meeting will be he 1.1 on
Wednesday, November i, when there
will be an election of ollicers for tho
following year. Rej orts fiom the officers will bo read and the amount of
money real ond work done will be
The following articles were received
October ' 13: Mrs. Blacklock, Mrs.
iM.bl'. Miss Wadman, Miss B .; h.o
Turk, Mrs. Moran, Miss E. Corson,
Mrs, Qlasple, 1 pair socks each; Mrs.
II, .Manning, Mrs. Fh.'khart, L' pair
sucks  each;   Mrs.   It .lens.  Ferguson,
B. 'M.  I ejiair socks. Received October
.Mis. F. Payne', Mrs. II. M. Need-
I am. Mrs. Oorklll, Mrs. H. w. Wood,
Mrs. Bradshaw, Miss Helen Bmd-
Bhaw, nee IL', Mrs. He.imn. Mrs.
Ilowns, Mrs. .1. C. English, Mis. H.
Cook, Mrs. Kilpatrick, Miss Bim-
monds, Miss Wadman, Mrs. nr.|iihart
Mrs.     Kinney,  Mr-'.  FalU.  Mrs.      Bid
ward       Mis.     \f. ins   Mrs. purvti,
Mrs, Pearse, Menu   i'reek, n. cm,    i
i hi   e.rks each; Mi -. Lewis, Wl
P.     0.,     Mrs. T. Sturdy, Mrs.     Mc-
! aughlln,    Mrs Mrs. Jolifle,
Grandma Di     M I ule. 2
: 'ie- Mrs   Kincaid, 8 pnir
BOCkSj  Mrs,  Weill,  r  pnir socks,  Mrs.,
Pagdin, 8 pair socks.
Ottawa, Oct. SJ.—The announcement from the militia department
that towns and villages recruiting up
to a minimum of 2h men will be allowed to quarter the men so raised
during the winter until such time as
they are required, has met with a
wonderful resjionse. Towns and villages from all parts of the Dominion
have wired or written expressing
their confidence that numbers far exceeding the minimum set can bc raised and billeted within their respective limits.
"It is the greatest idea yet," said
General Hughes this morning. "The
response has been tremendous."
The following circular message is
being sent to such localities as bavo
leen heard from."
"Your village in common with every
other centre, large and small in the
Dominion of Canada, will lie allowed
to retain within its own borders until the needs ot the cause require
their removal all troops over a minimum number ol twenty tive who pass
ihe strict medica. examination, are
of good character, and are otherwise
acceptable, raised after this date.
These men may not be billeted or
boarded in any place where liquor of
any kind is sold. While wo have every faith that the soldiers everywhere in Canada will as in the past
conduct themselves as gentlemen and
that the citizens in each locality will
establish high standards, yet should
any place permit abuses to remain
the troops will be promptly removed.
Already in some localities both the
citizens and the soldiers are establishing systems of their own for getting rid of all improper characters.
] appreciate very highly the splendid
spirit of Kamloops. (Signed) Sam
(Special to the Mail-Herald
NAKU3P, 11. 0., Oct. 21—The board
of trade will likely send a delegato
to Nelson at an early date to interview George J. Bury, of the Canadian Pacific railway, iu conjunction
with the Nelson board, to protest
against the reduction of the Arrow
Lakes steamer service from a daily
lo a triweekly one. Petitions from
nil  points  along  the  lake  protesting
A recruiting meeting on behalf    of
the' 54th battalion will be held this
evening    at     the    corner     of  Second
Btreet and McKenzie avenue, opposite
the city hall. The' speakers will be
Oapt. Vi. Neilson, adjutant ot the
filth battalion, Mayor W. A. Foote
ami Capt. .1. H. Hamilton, M. ib,
5-lth battalion. The city band will
enliven the proceedings with mail ial
"There is a splendid opportunity f..r
any     who     wish to get to the front
against thc steamer reduction     have ' without delay" says Capt.  Hamilton.
been  forwarded  to  the  railway  commissioners at Ottawa.
The annual meeting of the Nakusp
Conservative association was held in
the Exchange rooms on Monday evening for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing year and the
delegates to the district convention
at Sandon on Wednesday. The lollowing otlicers were duly elected:—
Hon.  l'res.—R. F.  Green, M.P.
Hon. Vice Pres.—Wm. Hunter, M.
P. P.
President—D. T. Bulger.
Vice President—L. II.  Rawlings.
Secretary—A. E. Haigh
Treasurer—R. H. Bohart
Executive—H. L. Rothwell.     Thos
Reid, J. H.  Vestrup, T. Sellars
J. Labrash, R. Parkinson.
Delegates to thc district convention
at Sandon—R. 11. Bohart, L, H. Raw-
lings, A. E. Haigh, H. J. Labrash.
Alternates, R. A. Quance, R. H.
A  vote of thanks was tendered     to
"The "iith battalion is at present un
der strength. ..wing to having sent
away overseas drafts, and more men
are needed, it is ordered that tha
battaUon shall proceed to the front
as a unit and there is every Indlca-"
tion that it will not be l"U- before
it is In England. It is als.. the Kootenay battalion, which many Rovel-
stoke men bave joined, and any who
are thinking ol .nlisting should selzo
the opportunity now offered," concluded Capt. Hamilton.
Capt, N llson and Cain. Hamilton
arrived in Revelstoke last night and
expect to return to Vernon tomorrow.
Revelstoke Soldier in   j
List of Missing
Mrs. M. Dochard, First street, has
received a telegram from the adjutant-general at Ottawa, stating that
her son Private John Dochard of
the 28th battalion, was officially reported missing on let. 8. Mr. Dochard left here with the 4sth battalion.
Bowling Schedule lor Season
■Diawn Up—Lubiness Men
Win First Game
■H St. Francis list
is Complete Success
The whist drive given  by Mrs.    H.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ J.  McSorley and  Mrs.   McUinnis     in
the past liresidcnt and various   mat- st. Francis' hall on Wednesday even-
ters     of public works Considered for ing     proved a     decided success both
the coining yenr. from     a     linancial and social Btand
A pleasant time was spent     at     a point.     About       $40.00  was realized.
smoksj  at.   Abriel's  hall  on  Tuesday The lirst prize for ladies was won  by
night to meet the     indebtedness     of Mrs.  L.   Howson and the lirst   prize
the     Dominion  day  celebration com- for     men     by W. Neary.   Mr. Neary
mittee to the Nakusp brass band, Dr. lind K. tl. McRae had the same score
Will Establish Shingle Mill
South of Revelstoke
Another industry tor thc Revelstoko
district will be established tn the
near future. A. J. Waskell ot Vancouver is completing arrangements
for establishing a modern shingle
mill of large capacity at some point
between Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
The exact location has not been decided upon.
Lieut, Lone Attached
to D Company
VERNON, B. C, Oct. _'U— Lieut. R.
L. M. Cameron of D company, 54th
battalion, has been excused from his
duUes to attend school ol instructions aud Lieut. M. IM Lane ls act
mg for him during his abseuce.
The bugle  band ol the 54th recent-
. raised, Is mailing great     progress und now accompanies the but-
t ili'in on route marcheB.
Pte. T. Cassoti formerly ot tbe 7'2uA
Highlanders, Vancouver, has been
transferred to the band.
Pte. J. Donahue ot D company, Mth
battalion has purchased his discharge.
Prior to the dcjiurturo ot the 54th
draft, Pte, .1. McDougall was transferred to D. comiiany and Pte. F.
Hauncll was transferred to the dralt.
The following appointments which
were provisionally made have been
confirmed by headquarters:
1 mipany sergeant-major, O. R. Matthews; company quartermaster sergeant, M. A. Ortord; sergeants, B. J.
Lee, F. Powers, W. A. Curran, L. A.
McMillan, A. K. Ronmnrk, I). B. Cil-
ennt, .1. Quinn; cor-
porals, Ct. O. Drown, W. H. Graham,
R. Stevens, .1. H. England, K. C.
. im  \. Payne, im ia. Orennon,
,1. S. Macpherson iu the chair. The
audience was not as large as expect-
e I. As a result only a small amount
Will be handed over to the organisation, rfongs were rendered by C. B.
Hamling, private R. North, Private
Percy North, H. L. Rothwell, Dr.
Macpherson, R. Tnompson, F. W.
Jordun, E. Levee,ue senior and Junior. T. Sellars, F. W. Heathcotc, E>.
R. Vijiond and others. A boxing contest   li." ween   Mrssrs.   Mciirndy      ami
Wyness, ami Reid and Pickard was
much enjoyed. A hearty welcome
was extended to tbc local soldiers
present, at home on fui lough.
Privates E. Horridge, A. A. Moule,
i . Love and K. Rushton returned to
town on 1 i days furlough, on Wednesday. They all speak well eit their
trcutinent at Vernon and enjoy tho
life in camp immensely.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Colvin of Vancouver arrived in town on their way to
Nelson on Wednesday.
An enthusiastic meet ing of the Indies of Naktisp took place on Monday
afternoon at Abriel's ball for tho
purpose of forming an auxiliary of
the Red Cross society and to organize a system of working by which
various nrticies of clothing will be
made regularly. In connection therewith a silver tea  was  also held  When
refreshments were' served.   There were.
about fifty present, ami after elisciiss
in:'   various   matters   of   organization
tier meeting procei di el to tbe elect i a
of officers which resulted as follows:
Chairman, Mrs. l. .i. Bdwards, Vice
Chairman, Miss Allan, Secretary-
Treasurer, Mrs. Olendenning; Committee Mrs. Qrigg, Mrs. Parent, Mrs.
Moule, Mrs. Vipond, Mrs. Quance,
Mrs. McDougald, Mrs. Herridge and
Miss Pottle. The collection nt meeting    for    the purpose eif purchasing
Mr. Neary winning the cut. The consolation prizes were won by Mis. B.
Jackson and L. Howson. After tie
cards dancing and dainty refreshments were the order of the ev :•!n .
Several numbers on the piano were
given  by  Mrs.   I,.   Howson and      Miss
Glnn,   About   •    pe iplc were pi   i   I
and all agreed that it was one of thc
most successful evenings of the season.
The  V.M.C.A.   bow>ling  alleys     are
now running full swing, and with the
list Lea   ii e.ed off on Wed
nesday  evening,   uood scoring     was
the    ordei  ■■;  thi  evening.   The CP.
L. w ire A .■- linst the Business
men, Lut the former team played   at
e .n not having
its    regular five men Lined up.     W.
i\ood vas :. il  iue Railroad
ers,  averaging  ioj  pins  ior  the  three
but the BUpport Irom the other playi:.-   .. .....   weak,  with
the result that the Business men carried o.. , . games. The
lattei cm Lo seen
from the .-■ . e a good
showing    c.     Somerville being high
   av. i,.. .     , ;
179 ior     the ,   'lhe score
was as fo
C. P. P..
Successful Sale Held
by WciR£n s AuxiKiai>
in sjiite of continuous ram th
out     the afternoon on Tuesday last,
cue ot the prettiest and most success-
lui » as iu    the histe ry ol the Worn
un's Auxiliary was held at the re I
ory     of St. Peter's church.   On   that
occasion    the rectory was generously
thrown    open by Mrs. Procunier    to
the Woman's auxiliary and Us
A large' number attended and each received a cordial welcome f<u  the   unwritten ne"'    the i
hplendet focus'   loi you the heartbflre
(ll  I'    'I.'' I'    I
larly pretty.   The hali,  where     M s.
nilT  i ■ • ei, i i   wi h
beaul iful green shi i»1 s.   11
r.nun,    where    a   ten it n   i ullnary
table   was    arranged,  .
•■. Ith    pink carnatioi Lie
Ing    ro,,a. was bright I
scarlet     eai n it on .   1 Ii re the la lii ■
anil young girls were busy servl
and coffee dm big the afternoon,   iVi*
perhaps the busies! plat e "< i 11
tbe  library,   where'  the  Bpron      table
elid a rushing business and rolli I
Wl   ster
i   •
1 .-,
A. Mackenrot
i !
Total pins 19S7.
m i :n
E. Ri
i .
i .
- 19
L.  H
B splendid Slim of m.i'i. y.    MUCl
, .   . , m\~l 'Vm'o,      « joyment of the atternoon was    r n-
aw  material  amounted  to  $8.36  and   .  f, ..,_.,"_. lL_ „ .__,.
i     further     meeting  will  be  held  on
Wednesday to complete organisation
and arrange for a series of meetings
and elistiict. circles. The meeting and
the elected officers wns one of tho
most representative possible, all tbo
Churches and societies having got to-
ril lir for the common good cnusc
of the country,
The members ol the Hospital Lndlcs
auxiliary met Tuesday afternoon nt
Mary met on Tuesday afternoon    at
tlie Exchange rooms for their monthly business. Titer.' was a good attendance with Mb* 1    I'M  McDovi aid
in      the Chair,   'I'lie  " " ints .ef
trlbllted bj the Couche orchestra   who
generously gave tbeir services. Their
numbers cave greal pleasure as   did
also      the   vocal   selections   pleasingly
rendered bj Mi^s Qdnn and Mr 11
dard. To these, nnd to the ladies of
Bt. Peter's church In co-operation
with ihe members of the w. .v. nnd
all friends who so genereutsly patron-
Izeei the sale and tea the Woman's
auxiliary extend hearty thanks.
0'Nell,   the
Romai Bishop of DromGre,
Ireland, dnd on October 10 ut     his
residence ln Newry.
tbe Conservative convention at Man
ilon.    lie carries with him thc charge
eef thc    Edgewood        d tion, invit-
Taa inr ""' iUv^fIcI
dny which  was held  during thl ,ion '"'v'  v':"' M  ''''''v
fruit fair were reported to he mX     Sidney Leary left fi
Uoxi nder    J,   Mitchell and family   Monday on bnsi.ee
lave    arrived from  Vancouver.   Mr      William Herridge, an old and high-
Mitchell   .'Mil    upply  tbc  lee,'., i   ofthe  ,y   re"'"""!"''   Bltlsen   "f   Nakusp     hns
.,.,•,.,„ Heme), 7 Ri rprised bis many friends, and
W.  O. Rln'te, recently. '" '   don"
F. 0. Fauquier of Fauquiers w^in'1'"1* tho Kint''', "nltorm nt Kamloops
town on Wednesday on    his way    to  ""d ]°tnfnB tho Homo Ouards.
• -     ::s     799
Total pins 2379,
• ntercd
in the ny of    the
.   .   attered
b given   a
a in the series.
Wed. 20,    '   P.I Men.
Fri, 22.—Fire Hall vs. Govt.
27.—C.P.R.  vs Ma] :
Weil. 3.—B rs Ma les
i-ri. ".   C.P.R. vs Pire Hall
Mon.   5.—B.   ..f  lb  VS  Ma
l-M i i C.P.R.
ol D.
'Ve.l.    17
lii,    I
22.—C.P.R.  • • 1      ID.
Wed. 24,   i ■ iples.
ivt.  vs Hankers
Mon. 29    Bus. Men i    B. of D.
Wi'il.   1.—C.P.R.   v.-    .. Vt.
Fri. Maples
-     C.P.R.  vs Pus.  Men
Fri.  M        ■
Mon. MM -H. e.f P. ■,
C.P.1 les
Fri. 81—Govt,  vs IM  ol D.
.1 WTWtV
'     H inkers VS  '       '
Wed. 5.—C.P.R. vs Fire Hnl!
I'ri. 7.—B, ..f IM VS M
Mom ift.—Rue. Men vs Oovt.
Wed, 12.—Banki rs vs C.P.R.
' -F -..   It ■ if D.
M..n. 17.—Govt, vs MamplW
is, Men vs. Bankers
Fri. B     f D.
' ' li.les
• rs
Men. vs 1     in.
Mon. ■;!.—c.P.R. vs f!n\-t.
Wet\, ?.—Ti' i. ^cn vs. Maolen.
Fri.  <    ;- t>AGE TWO
XEbe flfcatUlbcvalb
S.I'f HPA Y    AT
(TMai! -Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
t.   G. ROOKE, Manager and Editor.
CUN^N^M, ■  I,
e run.ent will do all in its power to
iradicate graft, great or small, When
n Conservative member ol parliament
became Indirectly connected with a
sale to the government of surgical
dressings Mr. Borden's action drove
him from the bouse of commons and
forced him to mnke restitution. Similar action was taken in the case of
another Conservative member who
was connected with a purchase of
horses by which the country was de-
M nihil. Every other contract is be-
in i; probed with the utmost rigor and
under the light of the fullest publicity. So far as the government is
concerned no graft will be tolerated.
Many Liberal's give the government
due credit tor its sincere desire to
honestly  protect  the public interest.
t.i     believe thai  the white-
The decision of the minister ot militia that recruits enlist ine during the
winter months shall receive their preliminary training at tbe centres at Mr. Carvell evidently cannot
which they enlist where noi less than himself
twenty live volunteers are available, washing methods he and his friends
will be very welcome. Efflclencj championed are really finally discarded be the first consideration, ed, bul if he possessed a sense of
There is noi a town in Camula that humor he would surely appreciate the
would seek to retain toi a day its fact that lie, a1 least, should be sil-
recrults for active Bervlce, if by do- "" lf lll> cannot commend the new
ing se, their efficiency were lessened methods of investigation now in
<er their training handicapped. The vogue
war is too vital to permit local considerations to place a drug upon tho
wheels of military progress, but, if,
88 is apparently the case, training
during the winter months can be as
effectively obtained at. the smaller
centres as in great cities or camps,
the decision of the minister of militia will be warmly commended
Whether the first appeal In "The
pretty Sister of Jose" be attributed
to the sympathetic personality of
.Miss Clark, or to the artistic tone
and superior quality ot the production in its entirety, is of small consequence. Everything is made to
harmonise in the creation of a com-
I letely artistic picture, dramatic
without becoming melodramatic, human, charming and occasionally humorous. Thc director displayed a
nice judgment in his variation of
scenes, running from tragedy to
light comedy, all having a legitimate
place in the story's progress, and natural to the characters. There is
humor in Pepita's flouting of Sebast-
iino, also in dose's mock bullfight
with n gont for a bull, and there is
tragedy in the girl's final capitulation at the bedside of her dying
How well Jack Pickford is developing as a mature nctor is shown in
his playing of Jose On Tuesday at
the Empress theatre.
ves, after the plan of the league, un-'
til the arrangements lor their     marriage nre complete.
Two days campaign in Sault Ste.
Marie and Steelton brought in more
than .$73,000 for thc Canadian Patriotic and Red Cross funds.
"Rough on Rats" clours out Hits,
Mice, etc. Don'l. Hie in the House', lik
ami 25o nl Drug and Country Stores.
Big Drop in Pnce$,ot
To onto Mail & Empire: The people
of Canada must resolve themselves
Into a permanent Committee of the
Whole' to deal wiih the qtiestiein of
returning soldiers. The Dominion
The government can be trusted to do all
war has been a severe drain upon thc that is tn the reasonable power of a
men and resources of Revelstoke   and   government    to    'be In the premises,
of similar cities and training centres
;it such points during the winter will
be much appreciated.
I ut it must have the CO-operatlon of
the several provincial governments,
whicli in turn must have the loyal
assist nice ot the municipal govern-
ii i nt--, and everj citizen who has
stayed at home must be the friend
..f the men Mack from the front.
Government Team
Defeated by fire Hall
— I
Last evening on the Y.M.C.A. alleys the second game of the league
was howled oil, when the government
team went down to deteut in three
straight games against the Fire Hall
1 he latlei aggregation put up a
great game all the way through, although McLeod met with hard luck!
in the second game, rolling perfect
balls in almost every frame and only
netting the small score of 94. Bezley
was high man with 242, made by
eight strikes and two spares, his av-
i rage for three games being 18'J.
On Monday night at 8 o'clock the
Bankers clash with the Board ot Directors In the third game of the serifs.
No nmlUT whom ynu llvo or
wlmt ytue op ymer liiiuily want
In Kuril nr l'ur CieirliicntH. you
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Whotl v.eii rrullje-o that wn aro
hit* ell' HAW runs IN CA.
nam dlroob from tha trappor,
you will appreoiaba our unriv
ailed opportunity to Mloot tho
lln.hl hl.il.». Ilian.lt.irtllr.e Ih.'lil
Intodoalrablo Pur Beta and 1 up
Qartnanta then byaolllnildlroot
to you by mall, uye tho middle.
men . iiruM i>y .hip ayatera e.f
From Trnppcr to Wearer
DLiOK WOLF Sl'.T Thll la
one el th.- many bardalna illiin
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mode Irom Iona haired good
quality—whole skins. The
Stole lacut extrad<eepand
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The Muff is made in the lnrge classy pelleiw
euylo. trimmed with head, tall ami pawa and monntad   I
on Ktxxl down bed giving Kr.'.it warmth and ciitnlopt—
lined vith ileiiirt eeatin—with wrltd, copd.
No 224, Stole      $6.2S
Nn 225, Mull      $6.50
F.vory article la Hold undi-p HIT. POSITIVE OI'AltAN
ll I  ie. "SATISFY Veil' ou BEFDND Yuril MOMKY.
Bend  lor our Kur   Stylo   Book:   IllllClfi  odltloel,   HKNT
FREE on roqu.'ht whloh .oeitalnaHI paieon ol   llur.ira
I l.ini of beautiful Kur SutH and Kur OarmontH.
We Pa> All Delivery Chnrgca
Room 214 Hallam Building,
It is amusing t.i read the' comments
ot P. H. Carvell, M.I'., lor Carleton,
X. B., mi the investigations Into mil-
Toronto Telegram—Canada  of     all
'  lUntrles in the world should be   the
itary    purchases    in Canada by ibe  first fcQ change t,u, present system o{
commission presided over by Sir
Charles Davidson. .Mr. Carvell makes
the prediction that "the Tory government intends to jiermit no morftgralt
investigation and will endeavor to
put  the  lid  on  tight"   and  he intim-
dlvidlng tin1 day between hours ot lalm- and hours of leisure. Daylight la-
:'",! e- a- an .id. Move the
.'id ..f tl.- working dny one hour
nearer sunrise an.l the change would
add ., month t.-e th- life ol the nntMr-
iee    Bummers.   The departure if stim-
ates that he will criticise the work ,■!• ts proclaimed In Ontario not by
of tlie Davidson commission "when the disappearance 'f the warm wea-
the rej'ort comes in." ',nPr '' ;,v ,,u'   ,lis"
The scores we re
L.  McLeod
H.  Parker
K.   McDonald
r:. Squarebriggs
O. Bergoust
Total 20O3.
K.   G.  McRae
F.  Yotinc
1.   Burridge
vv. McLeod
.1.  Bezley
Mr.     Carvell is known t>. lame.   It
•   who Blandi red I' inadians win
ol daylight   Irom  t; .• ev-      '' ' ■'' -■■ •
Septei ' •       •' dured for 'th"
:1"  f.rst tha.  Septem-
are now fighting fer the empiri        j                 ■        . ■         ■  ■
 all you e-'ct in     the   thi Let 1
militia "f Canade :s that you
at. ol the u
I drunk," and by    1
nl  thai  f ,   :  [Htia is a dillii-
ent kind e.f organization to what ' McKenzie  Ave.
iras     "it It  helps any lody's morals ■'■ ''■
manner,' or religion."   Bul   it     must
Ie admitted that  Mr. Carvell Is     an
n ■
Ybsb.    First lass S a
rity, of a kind,
'.   With  E.  M.  Mac Ional i  1   ■       •
.-end A.  K.  Macli
■ k  lantern
doing  under  tbe   La
••     - ,'.  ra
backed     by     the pai tj ty, tha
-    ns
■    ,  ■
th t       •   ■
•  .
tion.   Mr. Cat
i  • •
. -   * ,*
i th Al e    ol
i-etn  invest
ter on ' the lid   «ill be put i n
"   Hi   doet  not
i ikei   I
prevailed a few yi
The   Investigation!       I      lilltary     "Tl - Pretl
•  ts      leave  given  :
Marry Maimed Heroes
Brit sh Rector Urges
Ei aeal  Hougl I in, a Bristol recti >r, has started an ajijieal    to
i-i>n,      to
give     their lives  I irate     the
ies ol     thc
trrying them.   He    has
• . rui  lor the Marrying
Is        '   'Me     ex-
at   unions
•■•     per
igland be-
th 'b-
It's good policy I o think of I be' future
It's still lieu ter policy to provide against
the misfortunes it mav have in store
for yon. The- surest wav of protecting
Vouisi'lf and family is a
with a   ii'lialil" company.    Tln> high
financial  standing unci  long business
eai r   of   iiu-   Kootenay   Agencies*
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Youi- lime nuiv be near at hand
Don't delay.    Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
BagL'ttge Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture snd  Pin no-moving a
Phone4fl—276.   Nlghl Phnne848
to Mr. Carvell  and his friend:,.   They
, t! ii some dist lit i dght  at-
, I ■•,
i if til pli ■
tiful   picture   in rk has
tach to the Borden government,   bul   ipp( ,,,„i,   ri gi
Mr. Borden has shown thai  tia  /'ev- rrj    eene,      ri ichi atbies
 it     satl i desire for ,•   Me
bu1.1 nd It
some uncommonlj • ne acting, in
all bul 11 <• forgotten ntage play,
Maude     v m hi   I li H   te, act
the      fe •    .'    ,   tin'  Cl nl i nl
figure In    Frances 11   Igsnn Bin netl'
i orti iv.'i1     "f emolIonal tn'iiide    to
; "i'i love and lift imymous.
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Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Sec.
I. O. O. F.
Meeth every Thursday evmlng la
Selkirk  Hall  at  8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE. Secrotary.
A. F. ant A. M.
Regular Meetings are held la
New Maeonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday ln each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
"You," saitl the secretary, impressively, as he ushered the Oalgary
newspaperman into the suite tie luxe
of the Alexandra hotel, "are the lirst
stranger in three days and the first
press man who has ever heen permitted to interview Mr, Readon." He
pronounced the name 'Reardon,' but
explained carefully that it was Bpell-
ed "Reatlou."
The reporter swallowed his embarrassment and adjusted his neck-
tic. He was about to he ushered into the presence of the young man
known variously as the Gilded Youth,
the Millionaire Kid, and the Boy who
put the B in Bant!. All summer stories of the marvellous spending habits
of the Millionaire Kid—he rather favors this title—have filtered dowu from
Band in one' form or another.
Tha human cash bos whu feer tho
I ast summer has turned the bum'
drum mountain resort life of Banff into a mad vortex of metropolitan
high life, the man who was king of
.•ill he surveyed and all that was on
Bale from the C.P.R. hotel to tbo
hot springs, had finally packed all his
belongings, his secretari s and under
secretaries, his Scotland Yard man
who arts as a personal guard, his
personal barber and personal bartender, and personal chauffeur, bellboys and others and come to Calgary
seeking further excitement and arous-
The newspaperman was ushered into The Presence, He Bhook hands
with a handsome youth, above the
medium height, dressed quit tly in a
suit of some noutral shade of brown,
..- i sof1 Bilk collar and a cravat of a dark shade without a tie-
pin or jewelry of ar.y sort, ft was
bard to reconcile this young man
with    the black hair parted in     the
middle. the dark brown eyes, olive
complexion and regular features with
the pictures of the dazzling splendor
who demands music at all times—
when arising, while shaving, eating,
ane'. going on Ashing trips.
While the secretary, who was Introduced as Mr. A Metcalfe, rang
f.u a bellboy—incidentally, the bellboy appeared with a startling suddenness that Indicated -'instant at-
ice just outside the threshhold
—the newspaperman explained his errand.
He was  j ut   at  ease instantly.
"C rtalnly," said the secretary,
"just ask me anything you want to
know about Mr. Reardon. I handle
Lis fin tnclal affairs for him. And, by
the way, can you BUgeest anything
frst for a little entertainment? We
bave thought of hiring the Bight-seeing ear of Calgary and a band to
make a little tour of the city.
"The town's pretty dead just now"
digested tbe reporter. "Why not
hin ill the hearses aud hacks with a
.-.11.1 bury it?"
"Excellent, Excellent; anything
"Well, v.ni might get two bulls
[•■ ■ P. Burns yard and have a bull
light with some local toreadors."
"Fine, line; would the police let us
do it?"
Ths drinks having arrived, thc
healths Of the Millionaire Kid. the
secretary, the detective and others of
the retinue were drunk and details of
the proposed entertainments discuss-
«d Among other things, it was explained that while The Presence.
Himself, considers it a portion of his
dignity t.> never eo beyond a certain
line of sobriety, the secretaries nnd
staff nre pretty good fellows.
The duty if, the chief secretary is
te, .'irrance entertainments and pro-
Mile suitable humorous stories when
rloom appears to be settling down.
"Now " wid the reporter, having
consumed the sixth Scotch, "how
about this story that Mr, Reardon's
income is SStl.ntW per year nnd ho
spends 179,800 of it."
"Well," said the secretary, impres-
Blvely, "Mr, Reardon's income is
■1'iiki a week. You can figure It up
for voiirsclf."
"And we spend it all." corrected
Mr. Reardon.
The secretary explained that Mr.
Reardon is nn Englishman nnd it Was
^^fortheJL kidneys
What They Do
Davisviii.r, Ont.
"I hud trouble with my Kidneys and I'i.i.KIrt
IO I j;<il :i MUnple nt ulfl Pllil and Inllowrd
iue iimis. I fell better alter the t'n-.l de-eC
and I leapt taking thtm foi ■ month,
One day, Mr. Slmpion, ol thii t<mn, told
ms about tha trouble he ii.nl with iiu kidneys,
and I iniiiniiiin.l'e.l him to tr] GIN I'll.IS,
add   gaVe   llllll   ' 01**   'e'   'il>e I llr   lirtt   il.O',
ha bought Mem,- foi himself, and both lie
mei iii^ wilf have derived great benafll from
"><"'•' HKRlil Kl  ll. BAUER.
t.in Pills are jpc. I box or six boxu fur
$j.<;ii al .hi druggists. Sampls isnl tree if
raquoittd, 17
National Drug & Chemical Co.
of Canada Limited, Toronto.
made plain that Reardon is his incognito nuinc. The name appended to
cheques is said to be J. B. Jenkins,
but it is considered bad taste to discuss the actual identity ol the Gilded Youth. The ancestral home is
somewhere outside of Loudon. and
there is a grandfather, 79 years of
age, owner of coal mines iu Wales,
who is the next of kin.
'"It's a shame," suid the rresence,
"to make jokes about the old man's
age and what will happen to his millions when he diet,. Some of the
boys will do it,  however."
There is no othfli brother, as re-
puted, "but," remarked Mr, Rear-
aon, "I have a sister."
"Tell him of our trip to Lake Louise," commanded His Highness.
The secretary proceeded with a tale
of securing a private diiiine car from
the C.P.R., a band, and collecting a
larg" party of bellboys and others tei
attend the annual dance given for the
hotel bellboys and employees at Lake.
Louise. There was much singing of
"This is thc life," a large dinner,
and wine.
''Vie drank 45 quart Mottles of
champagne," said the. secretary.
"Excuse me, ril bottles," interrupted His Highness. "The manager of
tbe hotel was slightly annoyed because all bis help were intoxicated.
Of course, when I arise at S o'clock,
I always insist on music, but that
morning we bad considerable difficulty arousing the orchestra to their
duties. Tt was somewhat amusing
listening to them trying to play 'I
want to go back to Michigan,' under
the circumstances."
It seems that there has been considerable difficulty in securing a continuous and uninterrupted flow of music For one thinir, the players occasionally get tired out and have to
snatch a little sleet . Then, again,
they will commit social solecisms, as
when the drummer, having! taken an
enormous number of telescopic observations through thc bottom of a
champagne glass, sat lown on. or
through, the drum and the viol'nist
got the bow inextricably tancled up
with the strings.
One of the advance stories from
Banff was bow the Millionaire Kid,
afflicted with ennui, had summoned
together the population ul the town
rnd set fire to his six-cylinder auto-
nubile for their amusement. It was
explained, however, that this is a
libel, the bonfire ot the automobile
having been entirely accidental.
Transportation was not Interrupted,
however, as another motor was secure.I at once.
There was one Btory of a hunting
trip. The retinue included a French
chef and a bartender.
"It wastes time, to mix the drinks
ourselves," explained the secretary.
The hunters, it seems, had pretty
good luck, as Mr. Reardon is a good
shot and secured quite a bag of moun
tain sheep and bear. Unfortunately,
the liquid refreshments gave out on
Thursday, whereas they had planned
to remain until Sat inlay, and it was
necessary to make a quick trip back
to Banff.
"At one point," said the secretary,
"they told us it would take us three
hours and a half to get i'.it 1 Banff.
We made it  In  .1 little over an hour.
II Is wonderful how last one can tra-
e!  when he is thirsty."
"I don't know thut we are very
popular with the theatrical managers," explained tie secretary, "as,
on one occasion when I came t.e Calgary to secure a DUmbei e.f young ladies for our show. I took fifteen up
with me. They all rode on top the
lack going up to the hotels, and you
should have, seen the procession. The
[er -ays now that they have
such swelled heads that he can't do
anything w-ith them."
"Do we take an orchestra with us
nn nnr fishing trips? Why, of course;
didn't you know that. It makes fishing ever so much easier."
At this moment one of the body
guard who had heen introduced as
Mr. Neville, stepped Into the other
room to confer with another one of
the staff. The newspaperman chanced
to ask just then:
"T understand that you have a deter* ive as a personal bodyguard?"
'Sh-h, sh-h," whispered The Presence, laying n finger over his mouth
and Indicating Neville in the next
with his either hand, "say nothing."
It seems that Mr. Neville is the
ve, reputed t.i Me .. Sr.Miami
Yard man.
"Our hotel bill at Banff." explnin-
1 ii the secretary proudly, "ran from
$<SM    to    1800 per we.k. Altogether,
 nt In Banfl something like $38,-
The  secretary   • '   this,    not
with regret, bn< prfdi and as an 11-
luptt'ttion of the Injueftlce, as he
termed it. whirl- canoed one hotel
manager In the summer resort to
i.n the police call nn Mr. Reardon
in    Oalgary for a little bill ,4 $iwn
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons in
every 5,10 and 25 cent
Hljidtt Package.
that had not yet been settled because he had not definitely left Banfl.
The secretary explained that Mr.
Reardon, at the time, had two
blooded horses in tbe stables at
PantT, worth far more than the bill,
which had not been forgotten.
"I think it was a surprise to
them," stiid Reardon, "when I pulled
the cash out of my pocket and paid
them. They thought I would give a
cheque and they would turn it down
and hold me all night. It merely
shows the convenience ol having a
little sjiare change in one's pockets."
"Po ye ,ti usually carry around that
much'"' queried the newspaperman.
"Oh, ves, $l.ft(10 or $50(10 for emergencies," explained the secretary.
Rumor has it. that the Millionaire
Kid and his retinue are soon to de-
tart. Questioned on this score Mr.
Reardon said that he is going out
for a little visit with former Lieuten-
ant Governor Dunsmuir, of British
Columbia, but expects to return soon
to  Calgary.
Todav The Presence, and his retinue, are going out for a little duck
shooting. They were out lrokimr for
some chicken shooting on Thursday,
Rnd his staff told with elation of the
wonderful shot made by the Million-
eire kid when he bagged a Hungarian
tdtensant, which flew up in front of
their automobile while they were
travelling thirty miles an hour.
"He shot right between my head
end the chauffeur's," said the detoc-
tive proudly, '''bang! just like that.
Near'y scared me to death, but be
got the bird.'-
Asked his age Mr.  Reardon replied:
"You can tcM everybody thnt I     am
irs old on December 4 next, and
BS B  "acting shot ho added,  nnd tell
them all to =»nd me presents."
Former factor Expounds
Ideals of Club
Speaking to the members' ol the
Womens' Canadian club on "Ideals of
.. Canadian Club," Pr. Paget, dean of
Calgary, said that Revelstoke was
very dear to him on account of associations, as he had at one time been
rector of the church here.. He was
very glad to see a Canadian club
formed here, and he believed it was a
ctep forward. He said it would be a
nucleus for any kiud of public work,
as it is often very difficult to get a
good public work done without some
sort of an organisation of this kind
I j start it. He then spoke ol being
present at the birth of both the mens'
tnd Womens' Canadian clubs of Calgary and bad given the first address
at the womens' club.
In taking up the topic Ur. Paget
Bpoke in part as follows:
"The aim of the Canadian club is
to foster patriotism, to encourage
' i'ly of the Institutions, history,
arts, literature and resources ol Canada, and tn unite t anadians in such
o-ork for the welfare and progress of
the Dominion as may be desirable
:,nd expedient. Taking the tirst
1 base "to foster patriotism," that is
to give an unselfish love and devotion
iur country and motherland, it
is easier to cultivate this spirit In a
small community than in a larger
list as it was easier ior the
early Romans to be more patriotic
thnn the ni.'mbers of the whole Roman empire. Horatius was a citizen ot
Rome, while St, Paul was a member
of the whole empire. V.'o are In the
position of Paul and should have an
'   in  thc whole  British cmjiire.
"On August 4, 1915, when war was
declared, the old Motherland, grey
with her years and trying to maintain peace, stooped down and picked
up the gauntlet that the foe had
flung nt her feet. Believing that she
Was entering into a war of righteousness against military tyranny she
called on her sons for helji. Her sons
eame from all over the empire nnd
I around the old flag. There
never waa a response in old Rome
like it. This shows that our spirit Is
le.itbin, stronger, deeper, than lt
ever was. And Mack of this response
is the home, where patriotism and Its
i rinrinlep are Instilled into our coming  eitl/ens.    Our  children   must      be
taught love of home, town, province,
COUntrj     nd   llSO  thai   tbey are metn-
bero of the wholi  Rritlsh empire. Oc-
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Family Shoe
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We aim to give manmum
wear At minimum ,)>  .;.-
6531 S.y
Smart Coat
of Self Stripe Boucle, cut in
new ripple effect; stylishly
trimmed ; black, navy, russ, &c.
Waist and sleeves lined with
splendid wearing: satin.
Each, $22.50
m  6368
Smart, Practical Coat
Back finished with pleats and
buttons; new Raglan sleeve; convertible collar: unlined; patch
Special Value, $12.50
3  Days   Cash   Bargains—3 Only
A great big list of the things you want at prices that you can't af-        MEN'S UNDERWEAR—Odd pieces
ford to pass up.    Seasonable goods of exceptional quality.    Just a few
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SALE PRICE  $15.00
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Split leather, soit and pliable.
Sale price 35c pair.
This season's styles. Made by
J. & T. Bell.
til Rhodes was an example oi this
kind of patriotism. He was born iu
a country parsonage in England and
at the early age oi 17 went to
^outh Africa, settling in Kimberly,
a model city. Here he immaseed immense wealth and obtained great iu-
Iluence. He used both to make Kim-,
berly a model city. He then set to
work to make South Africa a better
place to live in, using all his influence to bring about Kindly relations
between the natives and whites, aad
also between British and Dutch settlers. But Cecil Rhodes never forgot
tbe Motherland. He still remembered
that be was a member ol the great
British empire. He was an example
of splendid loyalty to home and empire, and an exponent of national
patriotism. He lelt as a monument
the Rhodes scholarships which will be
of lasting benefit to the whole Anglo
Saxon race.
"Now this is an am' "f commercialism and it is very hard to keep these
high ideals of patriotism always before our children, to teach them that
public service is to be chosen above
private gains; to encourage young
people to no into the stormy sea of
public life. Not. onl. niu 'iir children tight military tyranny, bu they
must figbt also corruption and i "lill
crence in politics that saps the very
foundation of our public life."
In closing Dr, Paget said, "If we
Bucceed in Instilling the ideal that
public service is to bc chosen before
private gain into our children'*
minds, then the Canadian club will
have done the country a grent service."
Mrs. Robblns moved and Miss Dixon seconded that a vote of thanks bo
given Dr. Paget. .Thanks were also
voted to Mr. Couche's orchestra for
tendering several splendid selections
and to Mrs. W. Dews, who sang
Tolstl's  'Goodbye,'  very  beautifully. |
We paifhighesb Prices For
Arid Remit
Promptly   ■i
e Trippers and FurCoHectort
send their Raw Fun to us than tu
■ny other five house* in Canada.
.Because they know we payhfffh*
vs. pay Diail .one! expreu
ch.argefl, .charge aoootnm.ii
ar. 1 treat our shippers right
Result, we are the largest ;:i oaf
I in* .-i Canada.    Phir t© ns **iaj au4
&• ■■! witb a Itcliablr Hcum.
No Sh.nmcnt <t"0 ina!l<or too large to
r*c<»iv •->urnreni-«talUntlon.
A.IM. We«elKfiins. Rifle*. Traps,
IlllilS Animal  Ba.;.  Bhwpacka,   .  . -
WUSIWuhu   Ilaadlichu. V:shins Kali ,
Fnhins Ta.-kl«   and   BpOrtllBeil i\
Supplies at loweai?Ffc«.    CATALOG Yl.LT. j
Haiiam'a Thr** P.-oki
"Trappcr'a Guide"
' "■.■: ih or :--.-, b
-■'      PaffaS,      .      : .TMeefJ.
u..3 how and vhen
lo trap an l othar
- >.Lmi ■* tn: .-i;.at. n
for    tnpptr. alaa
"Trapper't and
Sportsmen'* Supply
Catalor""ftaw Fur
Price List " and
BSt "Fur Style
Book " ot beauti-
fal fur   mU    and    fur
Allthaaab'   kafnlW
~ttral«4   ml    g«nt
IjJ.     302 H«II.m Building      TO RO INTO
^m ■
Silver Creek School.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender tor Silver Creek School," !
will be received by the Honourable
thc Minister of Public Works up to
12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, the 26th
day of October, V,i\7, tor tbe erection and completion ot a large onc-
room ichoolhoun at Silver Creek, In
tbe Ukaiiagan Electoral District near
Salmon Arm.
Plans, specifications, 'contract, and
forms Ot tender may be seen on and
after the 12th day of Uctober, 1916,
at the .office of Mr. E. T. Vi. Pearse,
Government Agent, Kamloops; Mr.
Robert Qordon, Government Agent,
Revelstoke; Mr. L. Norris, Government Ageut, Vernon; Mr. Jay M.
Haiues, Secretary of School Uoard,
Silver Creek; and the Department of
Public Works, Victoria.   ■
By applteation to the undersigned,
contractors may obtaiu a copy oi
the plan? ami specifications tor the
sum of ten dollars ($10) or a certi-
l.cd cheque Ior same amount, which
will be refunded on tbeir return in
nn nl order. »
I'Mu'li propoaa] must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheqjue or certificate        Of        (ICJeeeKlt.   (ill   B   dlB^CrCd
bank "f Canada, made payable to
tlie Honourable the Minister of Public Works, for a Win equal to 20 per
cent, of tender, which shall be forfeited if tbe party tendering decline
to enter into contract when called
upon to do so, or jf he fail to complete tbe work contracted for. The
cheques or certificates of deposit of
nnsuccespful tenderers will be return-
id to tbem upon the execution of the
Tenders will not be considered unless made out OD thn forms supplied,
Signed with the actual signature of
tin tenderer, nnd enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not ne-
rcsflarily accepted.
Deputy     Minister    nnd Public Works
Public Work? Department,
Victoria,' P. C.,  October  8th,  1915.
flrst day ol December next, application will be male to the Superin-
ttndint ol Provincial Police Ior re-
newal of the bote! license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known aa
the Glacier H iUsi . situate at ("ilacier,
in the province of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th,  1915.
(Section 42.)
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, applica-
tion will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for ro-
newal ot tbe bote! License to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as
thc I.akeview Hotel, situate at arrowhead, in the province of Uritish
I Columbia.
Dated October llth, 1915.
Ion 42
Notice Is hereby given that on ths
tirst day  uf  December next,  application    will     be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police     for ri>-
newal of the hotel license to sell   liquor by retail in thc hotel known   as
I the   Hotel Deaton. situate at Deaton,
' in the province ol British Columbia.
Dated Octoher llth, 1915.
Section 42
Section 42
Notice is hereby given that on the
Notice is hereby given th8t on the*
first day of Dece-nber next, applica-**
tion will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hot"! license to sell liquor hy retail In the hotel known as
the Union Hotel, situate at Arrow-
bend, in the province of British Columbia.
Dnted October 14th, 191V
Dr. T. Taylor returned from a business trip to Golden.
Vi. B. Farris returned from a trip
to Vancouver on Thursday.
G, Prlestman ot Vancouver was nt
the Meet, i  Revelstoki   yesterday.
H. G. Barber oi Glacier was at thc
King Edward Hotel on Thursday.
(j. Hack of Klnderbrook, Ul., registered at the King Edward hotel on
NM S. Poison of Kingston was a
guest .it the Hotel Rev<elstoke on
H. l>. Olmsted ol New York register'- 1 at the Hot' l Kevelstoke un
Mr. ind Mrs. G. 0. Moore of Montreal, were guests at the Hotel Rev-
11stiike yesterday.
W, T. Smale ol Bowmanville was
among the guests at the King Ed-
war 1 leitei otl Thursday.
Mrs. C. A. Russell and children oi
Gre nwood, were guests at the Kiug
Edward hotel on Wednesday.
l.ieut.-Col.     Boultbee of the 102nd'
R.M.R.'s     was  in  Kevelstoke yester-1
day a guest at the  King  Kdward bo-
The Ladies Aid ot the .Methodist
church will serve a beau supper in
the church jiarleit- trom 5.341' to S
o'clock .rn Saturday, uttober 30.
The d.jillies made aud rallied by
Miss P. JolliRe m aid of the Red
t ross 9 iciety will be drawn Ior at R.
Howson & Co. a store tbis afternoon.!
J.     Knox, conductor on the Canadian  Pacific railway  is in the hospital     where he has undergone a serious
e pi oved success
ful I
Mrs. il. J. McSorley aud Mrs. J.
■McGinuia wish to thank all who
helped make the whist drive on Wod-
nest evening iu St. Francis hall a
R ■ rt Elliott, M.D., O.M., will
shortly depart for the Iront as   sur-
■ in the R.A.M.C. Dr. Elliott was
the first physician and ser eon I > locate in the upper country, having ar-
11. m tn L89G from Wi -t Kootenay.
He was one 'if the star ba 11 all play-
( rs, and is one of   thi  besl i ifl' 11
B   C, -Golden Star.
On Sunday afternoon ut i o'clock,
the Y.M.C.A. will hold its uvular,
or men in the reading room
ot tl lse '.tion DUildlng. A wai in
invitation is given to all men in the
ity ti pent - pl< asant hour
in  this way. informal b
■■ill be held ut 3.45, when     a
of     several old time favorite hyi
F. P    lding, at  l i -ill duliv-
■ he men ou the -
'   Y.M.C.A.  Motto."  Special
sic     will be   a sjIo by T. Pagdin
the Y.M.C.A. quartette..
■   of t        natioi
t ■   i..M.'  .i  .
■ .
. t bj Di. iM W. Powell uf Ot-
B   C.
%oi    jauzj&^+isi^.  ■■■■
'i iD -Mi —And   ■■
I ubin's great
i     iugh Fire tu Foi
ur Llage in 5 parts.
Most  spectacular  production     ever
produi ■ . omedy     A skin
with Frit/.i Bi unette.  I pei
Ic by the famous lv.,. ■        i
'ra,     under leadership of     Mr.
Ci iche.
MONDAY—The Black Box, with Her-
Rawlinson     and Anna Little,
Bob Leonard ami  Ella Hall,  '.Master     Key     fame,)     in A Boob's Ro-.
mance, 2 parts.
TUESDAY—Famous Players  presents
The Pretty  Sister of .lose,'      in   5
re'.'ls,    from     the novel by l-M
Hodgson     Burnett,   featuring Marguerite Clark und Juck Pickford,
OOMING—World  feature productions,
Gaumont     War     Gazettes, Han   •■;
Dud,  comedies.
THURSDAY—David  Belaco's celebrated     stapc success 'May Dlopsom,'
witb the Famous Players cast   and
Miss     Gertrude Robinson as     May
Blossom, Ti partB.
■Mrs. W. A. Sturday will receivo on
Wednesday, Oct. 87.
Miss Fraser ot Kingston, is the
guest ot Mrs. T.  Kilpatrick.
A. A. McLeod of Vancouver rcgis-
tired at the King Kdward hotel on
Mrs. M. Murray will not receive Until after the new  year.   The date will
be announced later.
Among the guests ac the King Edward   hotel  On   Wednesduy   was  R.  A.
Kirkpatrick oi Nelson.
A patriotic masquerade dance will
be held Ln the school house at Rogers  i'ass on October 2'J.
C. I'M landmark, ex mayor of Revelstoke, was in the city Wednesday on
business.—Kamloops Standard.
Among the guests at the Hotel
Revelstoke uu Friday were L. 0.
Genest and A. J. Forrest of Winnipeg.
No.ami Rebekah Lodge is holding a
reception tonight in honor of thc
president of the Rebekah Assembly of
British Columbia.
Mrs. e. G, Aherne of Harrop and
Mrs. .1. S. Wright of Nelsou were
among the guests at the Hotel Rcv-
t istoke on Thursday.
J. A. McMillan left yesterday for
Wiuuipeg where he Will meet Mrs.
.McMillan who has been ou a visit to
Fortune Bridge, P.E.I.
P, 0. ii. Hervey, chief superintendent of Dominion parks left for Field
on Thursday after an inspection of
the Revelstoke National park.
Tho citizens of Field Will on the
i veiling ol Thursday, October 2S, give
a lancy dress ball for the benefit of
Serj;t. E. A. Harrison who lost an
arm while at the front.
Miss Stevenson, oi Revelstoke, who
has been staying as the guest ol Dr.
and Mrs. Dent for the past lew da.ss,
left ou Tuesday night for Kamloops
nf company with -Miss Macdonald.—
Salmon Arm Observer.
I--   Bishop .e|  Kootenay, who   has
I   !• rn Canada tor the   past
lew   weeks attending the general synod and conducting retreats for     the
■ of different diocese, is expected
urn tei \ ernon today.
Mr. Angus '-■ D gal, oue uf the
best known and popular old timers of
-   Columbia valle
i.e.nl    of  heart  disease at  10 o'clock
Saturday  morning, Oct. l»'., at     the
:e     he
was  si :■   a   few  days.
lng Beveral . I
e ■:
In replj the
.   .ce   be
Mrs. Jack Hume will
Tuesday, Oct. 26th.
receive     on
A. Joost ot Vancouver wns at the
Hotel Revelstoko on Thursday.
The C.P.R. hotels at Glacier, Banfl
and Lake Louise are cloBing down Ior
the winter at tho end of tho present
The Hex Theatre company will take
over thc Rex theatre on Monday. No-
thiug but Mutual Masterpieces, World
tilins and British Columbia pictures
will be shown. There will be a first
ilass orchestra.
lte\. s. s. Osterhaut, Ph. D., superintendent di Oriental missions in British Columbia Ior tho Methodist
church will preach at tho Methodist
church tomorrow morning at the 11
o'clock service. Hev. Lashley Hall
will occupy the pulpit at night.
Mrs. Lashley Hall spoke ut the
Methodist church at Salmon Arm, in
tbe interest of prohibition yesterday
evening. The subjects were "Tho
Call to Woman," and "Tbo Coining
Issue." Ai public mooting was hold in
the evening in the interests of prohibition for British  Columbia.
It iB rumored thut ono, ut least, ol
tho local sawmills, will put in log-
; ging camps this winter aud out a
large supply ol logs bo that the mill
tau be put in operation early in the
spring. This is good news to the
people of Kamloops aud district.—
Kamloops Standard.
At a mooting of tho Young Men's
Bible class of St. John's church on
Wednesday evening, it was decided to
reorganize for the coming winter. Tho
following  were the  ollicers  appointed
1 for the siason.: Presiacnt, W. Wood ;
I Vice President, Geo. Mutheson; Sec-
Treus., R, Chisholm; Committee, P.
Blackball,  J. .Little,  Allan Thomson.
j'lhe class meets every  Sunday alter-
, roon at 2.30 p. m., and all young
men aro cordially invited to he present.
The indications are that a long,
hard winter is coming, with plenty of
snow and cold weather and that it
will commence early. The past two
winters have been somewhat easy going allairs and two easy winters in
succession means a hard one to follow.     Additional    cause for expecta-
' tion of a hard winter is found In tho
fact     that     the gophers in the hills
I have all taken to their holes putty
early and because of an unusually
warm   August.—Salmon  Arm  Ohserv-
"An evening of song aud Btory with
Fanny J. Crosby, the baud poetess,"
will be given by an augmented choir
In tha Presbyterian > ii .rcu on Sunday evening. Such well known hymns
as  *R sc te the
-.-ave l by Gra e,'    s id
will  be  s mg,    e-o...e
'luets, etc., and some    as
the (ull cl
•   in will a In slng-
Mr.  George
•   erly nf will
. and the minist-
■     the
if the late hymn writer.
Ther .   to secure
-.: I
■'-ments ol ... endents
:.•■'!      by
ne    m
■  i
D. H. Dick oi North Vancouvor is
at tho Hotel Hovelstoke.
H. E. IM Small ol Calgary registered at the Hotel Revelstoko yestorday
W. H. Horobin returned Irom Vancouver this morning uud lelt thiB
afternoon for Portland.
Twenty-live aliens from the internment camp in tho Revelstoke park
wore sent to Field on Wednesday
night, 'ihey wero escorted by a
guard of li troops under command of
Lieut. W. H. Wallace. Another de-;
tachment will be sent to Field at the
beginning of the week.
Thursday of this week wus an ideal
daj foe the Ladies who availed themselves ol the opportunity to call
upon Mrs. Roland s. Garrett, who on
that day received for the first time
since coming to Revelstoke. The callers were welcomed and introduced to
the hostess by Mrs. c. w. Stevenson
and Mesdames E, 11. s. McLean and
G.  Moth  assiste'd  in  the tea  room.
The sum of $10.75 was received by
the Women's Canadian club from W.
A. Smythe, being 26 per cent, of the
entire house at tho Empress theatre
on Thursday niu'bt. The members of
the club extend their hearty thanks
to Mr, Smythe for Ihis donation,
which is being sent forward to the
Lieutenant Governor, for the Wounded Soldiers' and Sailors' fund.
The Womens' Cuuadtau club will be
'at homo' at the residence of Mrs. W.
M, Lawrence, McKenzie avenue on
Thursday afternoon, uei. 2S irom l
to 7. There will bo a musical program and teu will be served. There
will ho uo charge oi uny kind, no collection plate and nothing oliered Ior
sale but a cordial invitation is ex-
Uudcd to everyone in Kevelstoke to
come with a Christmas gift and drop
it in the monster stocking being till
ed with Christmas cheer lor our soldier boys in Europe. These will be
sent forward to Miss Arnoldi ol the
Field Comforts commission, Bhorn-
clilfo, England, with a request that
if possible they he furwurded to our
own hoys. Thc lollowing list of articles make suitable gifts, khaki
handkerchiefs, shaving and toilet soap
playing cards, writing paper, poBt
cards, tobacco, envelopes, pencils,
Cigarettes, chewing gum, borated talcum powdei, mouth organs, chocolate. $15.CO in cash lias alreadj me
forward from the club, which will
provide a package containing Iflo'
gifts. The club is also sending ifa.tXI
per month to maintain one prisoner
of war in Germany, this money going
in answer to an appeal Irom Mrs.
Lillito", Vancouver, who is chairman
ot the Prisoners of War fund committee for the iirovincc.
: :
er,   locate I  •. :
ince    a
■   .
chimney and one I     f   he
Trust, com] any, -oing UqUi
flat hort a tai   I  ■■•   i   ii t. nnd
another chapter Is added to the series ul catastropbles that encompassed
thai ill f ited corpoi itlon The hotel
net not aa yet completed, the Inter
Mer turn!  I   ■■ ■     i.   ' .-  been      put
in     when tin- Col
erds  went   into   II initiation.    Tl
terlor work c.oBt. approximately $15,-
000, ind the hotel w'ui destined to become a tour! - e er wil
the financial crash that overtook the
promoters of the project, work on
tho building was discontinued, and
since then it. tins be"n unoccupied and
under the supervision of an agent.
■ ■
'y    a
Don't forget the     Revelstoke     Ski
carnival  is shown in motion pictures
at the Rex theatre on Monday     and
, Tuesday.
GALT COAL burns   all    night.
■ Revplstoke  General  Agencies,  Ltd.
Don't    fail    to sec the snow fight,
skating      carnival,   snow  shoe  tramp
and    the    double jump in the Revelstoke Ski Carnival, at the Hex,     on
"ion-lay  md Tuesday.
Flashlights  and Batteries,  all sizes
—new stock—at Bourne Bros.
At     the P.ex on Monday and Tuesday     i harlie     Chaplin in bis latest
Mis   Musical  Career."    5000
x now intends to   go    out
i  the Crown Tailoring
to and can assuro
■'•   ei a that the F ill'and
are the best yet.
picture show
it eiiau troops in ac-
-i dmt nl eef Mel - eral :
- le     "old    tl      '■ ''.ll
tho   Madies
-  di irch It     i Me'
I 90 until     8
-i.i le-leii er
el        m      .
GA1 T ' '
i I'lXlll '       -     M '  I   e|,   ,
' ■ I; Y    i  I  lr
llll.TII,   II!   ." e ,
I'M lit  s M I-'
VV.    II.    HOROI
Nl-AT       in       I'n    l
■ '•   nds .   .end Tuesday
M m an]  m    terpeii ■■   Kej
• 'lv-    -i -.it   bai t le picture,
.  carnl al   First   class
i reels of the be it ph
and   16C.
Try Galllcano's bre battel.
e;   presented and   '-HI be iiHod
il  thi   Red ' ros ■ tea given by   Mrs.
O. S.    McCarter and Mrs. 0. Holten
this afternoon.
Crenbrnok Man Acquitted
of Soldier's Murder
FERNtH, D. C., Oct. 22.—Hugh Mc-
0111 was acquitted of the murder    of
Samuel     Watson    at    Cranbrook on
IB last, on Tuesday, after   the
jury     had deliberated less than     an
hour, The trial has occupied two
days here. A. I. Fisher, who appeared for the uccusod, to the conclusion ol his address to the jury and
also Sherwood Herehinor, crown
counsel,, received applause, the former Ior his appeal on behalf of hia
client, the latter for his fairness to
the uccusod. Chief Justice Hunter in
discharging tho prisoner stated to
"Under the circumstances of this
case, McGill, I don't think anyone
will regret that the jury have been
able to absolve you from all blame,
and I can only say my only hope is
that you may recover from the shadow cast across your life. I will fur-
ther say 1 think itho fate ol this unfortunate man Watson ought to be a
salutary warning to any man who in
the future sets out with the purpoBS
of destroying another man's home,"
FOR SALE.—16 in. Millwood; also.
Kindling in bunches; each $2.75 pet
load delivered. Phonos 42 and 81...
J. P.  Sutherland.,
Love, 403 Fourth St., EuBt, Calgary, Alta, For shipping tags and.
price list of hides, callskins, wool,
sheepskins, horsehides, horsehair.
Ate.   Prompt returns. Nov. 30p
TYPEWRITER Ior sale. Cheap for
('ash. Terms to responsible party.
R, s. Garrett, Mail-Herald Oflice.
WANTED—Qirl for general housework!
for  family  of two.     Ajiply 47.   BtH
From an Interpellation In the Ttal
Ian Chamber ot Deputies it would ap-,
pear that it. has reference t'i tbe case
of Marquis Qarroni, Italian ambassador at Constantinople, who, it has
been asserted, although Informed in
.Inly, I'.HI, by the German ambassador      at     Constantinople,  Baron Von
Wangenheim, that the Austrian   note;
to Serbia made war a certainty, nog
looted to Inform the Italian government.
FOR RENT—Seven roomed furnished
house, nice largo basement, 204
First street, west. Apply Mrs. O.
Lidy,  Oity  Restaurnnt. Nov f,p
We beg to thank all those who   so
kindly assisted iu saving our property at last night's fire.
WANTED—We have the opportunity
of n life time for an active, reliable
young man to handle nn article
wanted in every home, oilice nnd
factory. You can earn fifty dollars
weekly. Write todny for particulars
Macdonald & Co., Rogers building,
Vancouver, B. 0.
modern cottage. Possession Nov. 1.
Apnly No. 9 4th St., or phone 21.'
An invitation is extended by Noami
Rebekah Bodge No. 21 to all members of the I.O.O.F. No. 12 and wives
to meet the president of the Rebekah
Assembly of B. C, tonight at 'J
o'clock. Visiting members are also
cordially invited. Whist will be the
order of the evening.
15 U I. H S
Hyacinths,  Daffodils,
and Tulips
Do you want to earn
H$1Q a week or more
t in your own home ?
Reliable persona will be furnished with
profitable, oll-ycnr-rounel employment
on Auto-Knitting
Machines, Sio per
week readily earned. Wc teach you
at home, distance
id no hindruncc.
Write for p.irticu-
l.irs, rates of pay,
send ac. stamp.
Dcpt.   ".    i.",7<'ollrKc.St.   -   Toronto
■■■' !   I,u-l, i-. l-'.iitilnnil)
What could be more uselul?
AIN SYRINGES arc made from
ileal Rubber.
Tbey last
2 (umit   Bottles     $2.25
3 quart Bottles      S2.50
Special   Goodrich   Moulded   Bottles, 2 quart     $1.50
The Rexall Store
of   "Distinction  for
Ladies. Shoes of Elegance.
Shoes of surpassing Smartness,
^/tll ihe ncbef Fall and "Winter
Styles.   w/*ee our Windotus.
For Rubbers, Ovorbhoos and Leggings
MEATS—Corned beef, veal loaf, Cambridge sausage, lobsters, sardines, salmon, Uppered herring, all put up In small
BISCUITS—Shipment crisp, tasty, sweet Cookies just placed In
PRODUCE!—New bread daily, fresh butter and eggs, breakfast bacon
sliced thin for cooking over camp flre. Everything you need. Let
us put up your order.


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