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The Mail Herald Mar 4, 1916

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Chief lumbering, railway,, mining, agricultural   and navigation   <tentre   between Calgary;
anditbe l'acific ocMa.
The Mail-Herald
Published weekly—Read
by   everyone—The     recognised
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23 -Mo. 11
$2.50 Per Year
The following are the pupils of Sei-1Carmichaei, Elmer Hunseu. Sr.  2nd-  Letter  FrOITl   Minister   Of    Finai.CC     Lumber   Co.Ttm.ttce
"kirk school whose names nre on   the! Elspeth     Kilpatrick,     Jean Edwards
and     Clarence Cashato, Dolly Shepherd and Annie Jenkins.
Div. VI: ist reader, Dorothy Lundell, (Sarah DeFeo, Elena Gallicano),
Winston Johnston. 2nd primer, Ebba
Hansen,   (Everett Hcndersen, Audrain
honor roll!
Div. I: Laura Beech, Elsio Frey,
Donna Hume, Frank Porta, Ruth
Lindmark, Dorothea Lyttle.
Div. II: Jack Murray, Mary   Porta,
.Prank Donaldson,  Mnifgurct McMahon   Route),  Dorothy Dewar.
l-vatt McCleneghan, Beatrice Hay. Div. VII, 2nd primer: Elisabeth Lon-
Div. lib Veronica Paleck, Dorothy zo, Hazel Tapping, Theodore Laugh-
Purvis, Dlgby Leigh, James Millar, ton. 1st primer, Catherine Relinski
Margaret Taylor,  Bessie Mackenrot.     I Lila Porter, Kathleen Mitchel.
Div. IV; Pberta Porta, Ccrindo De- Receiving class: Jean Kipp, Helen
<eo, Romy Turk, Rose Frey, Robert Desimone, Reginald Hume, (dike Baf-
Htime, Helen Briggs. aro,  Flossy Parry,  Jennie Kin.en and
Div.  V:  Jt.  2,  Annie Teveni,      Evn  Hilly Sirianni.
Resolution Adopted—Internment Camp
The report of the lumber committee of tbe hoard of trade was read
and a resoiutian was adopted request-
Amendments to  be Made lo
Liquor Act Will  be   Submitted to  Electorate
Green Tales Up
Tax on Mines
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of trade was held in the city
hall last Thursday night when the reports of tho .various cominitteers'were
Tho freight committee reported that
at the request ol Mr. Peters and D.
c. Coleman they met these gentlemen
who asked them to take up the matter of the Increased tariff duty on
crude oil with the result that the following requests were embodied in a
night    lettergram    to Hon. W.     T.
White, Minister of Finance: "Tbat the the Internment camp be re-established
new tax would  prohibit the use     of  ,„,..,, early i|; the Bprlng tb(J £ollowlng
oil     by the Canadian Pacitic railway,
was received:
Div. V: Sr. Second, Victor John«
son, Ernest Field, Aileen Roberts,
Tidily Baker, Paul Wipfli, Louis
Couftin. Jr. Second, Ugo Pradollnl(
Willie McDonnell, Jean Archibald,
Bert Warner, Malcolm McFadyen,
Donald Jamieson.
Div,     \ I      Kir-i   Reader, Wlllmott
Ottawa—When the budget was announced R, K. Green, M.P. for Kootenay, immediately took up with Hon.
W. T. White, finance n mister, the
question of the bearing of the new
jirolils tax upon minim: companies.
It was urged liy Mr. Creen that there
should be some differentiation between mining and other companies,
tDe owing to the fact that every tin." i
mining company takes out a ton of
ore and disposes of it, Its cajiital is
to that extent depleted. Mr. White
was Impressed by this point and it is
Victoria, B. 0.—Definite announcement of the Immediate preparation of
an act, in the drafting of whicb the
representatives of the prohibition interests will be given a shar
mcasur" to be introduced at the coming sessi in of the legislature and advanced to its third reading arid then
submitted at the forthcoming provin- expected that the bill will be so am-
<inl election, was the announcement ended as to make it bear equally up-
made  by  Premier  Bowser to a large '"' the m^lng Industry.   Since taking
.    ..     _      , ,    ,,    ... .    the matter ap with the tir.auce minis-
ilcputntton     of    the People's Prohibi-                          r
ter Mr. Green hies received communi-
bition  Party Tuesday. The announce- tttloM     fl.()|1, pubUo    bofllea m the
ment followed a lengthy confcience iu Kootenay mining district and Is plac-
ine   morning  between  the Prohibition lng them  before the  minster.  It      Is
deputation    and  the executive council llku'y  that an extra exempt!
..I the government.   The method pro
which would consequently increase the
danger ol forest lires and that full
opportunity should be given for interests to personally present lull and
complete arguments against the tax"
Thi     following
from     Hon.  W. T. White. Those   present     at the meeting agreed unanimously   that    the view expressed    by
him wen   reasonable,
Ottawa, Feb. 21st, 1916.
A. B. McCleneghan, Esq.,
President. Board of Trade,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Dear  Sir   I  beg  to acknowledge
The following is the honor roll ol
Central school for the month of February:
Div.    I:    (Doris     Cartwright,  Irene
Kimberley, Allan GranBtrom,)   Joyce
Fleetham, Mary Dell, Amy Smythe.
Div. ll:   Gordon   James,    Dorothy
lng   the    provincial government    to Bunnell, Wenty Smythe, Wm, Inkster,  Steed,  D rothy Moffat, George Cart«
grant an extension of one year from  Ernest Bradshaw, Agnes Cressman,       wrlght,     Laura     White, Eva Wi
March     ii, put;, i„ which to pay lie-!    1)lv- lll: 8r- Tlli'''' A- Juck     Cart"  Ed«al   Pautdim        end primer Mara
dnse  fees  on  timber  limits  and    that
tbe penalty be reduced from $^5.Ul) to
ll'C.OQ. | Aimer   Carlson,    Florence Hamilton,     Div, vii   i-Mrst primer, Thalia Pap-
ln reply to a letter written to lion Marguerite   Folkers,    Roy McMahon,  pas, Roddie McRae,  Jai ;le Sherman,
R,  I'M Creen,  M.P.,  requesting     Unit. Weston  Somerville,  Catherine   Inkster  Dorothy     Fl etl in     Ml. r nee  31   mp.
Dlv. IV:  Sr. '2ml reader,  Dorle Ah   Receiving Mai;    Pappas,    Blllo
rahamson, Emly... Puny, Elsie Creech  Bregoltsse,   J isej   I Bei    • ■ ■  Mc-
Hubert     Hamilton, Annie Bregollsse,  Donald,  Lottli   McCallum.
Bert Allen. Jr. Third Header li Char-      Div,  VIII    Jr. Third  Read'     \.   tf
lie Henderson, Marjorie Cleland, Chai   chihald     Rowlett,      ' owlett,
Pradolini,  Stuart   Marie   Lid   .   '   irrls \rtliur
Dlv.  Ill:  Sr. Third A,  Jack     Cart- Edgal   Paulding
wrighf,     Stewart    Burridge,   George Davis,  Fred Stump, Elsie Drill,   Bth"
Morgan,    Harry Davis. Ailllster     Mc .; Whitby, Evelyn Stone, George  Mts«
Rae,   1.addie  Cressman.   Si.  Third   II: Malum.
in, hi in.
Ottawa, Feb
. R. Macdonald, Esq.,
Secretary Board of Trade,
Revelstoke, B. CM
reply was received  Dear Sir:  I have your two communications  of the llth,  informing  me of
the view held  by the Executive Council of your board of trade, iu connection      with    the      Interned Prisoners
ciiinp     on Mount Revelstoke, anil      I
have carefully noted the contents    of
both    communications,  and  will      do
what I can to have the views of your
Executive  met,  insofar as  it  is   pos-
lle Johnson, Marie
Laughton,  June  Chancellor.
'•' Ui ■ Morgan.
Hon. Thomas Taylor     C.P.R. AND
The resignation of Hon. c. e. Tis- Keen Interest Bemg Triken by
(lall.     Minister of Public Works     aud      ui_.__ D -. „.   .     r   r    .-
Vice-PresiGent   F. L. haui-
and  above the 7  per  cent  provided  iu
the budget resolutions, wlll be provided for as far us tin mining itidos-
try Is concerned.
Parker Williams'
Support Repudiated
the following lettei appealed
'Vancouver Dally Province:
Editor Province—It .s not cu
pc sed te, he followed by the government net hailed with delight by the
deputation, a delight expressed in tho
three rousing cheers which were given
for Premier Bowser. The mutual expressions of satisfaction afterwards
heard ns the deputation left the ex-
ecuti-c chambers Indicated in forcible
manner the lpiireciation of the premier's jiolicy.
Briefly, the act will incorporate tho,
liest    features of existing prohibitory
legislation iti Alberta. Manlto a    md
elsewhere,   it    will contain e  section,'»J ;" 'i;" Socialist party ol Canada
stating that it will come int.. opera- UJ teke thc Part '" an* '" u"
tion    after the people havi approved taUai »,oiitiC:ii ";'rt"-s dunai; an <-'Uc-,
«.f it and  if approved, will become* "oa campaign.   Aa a working    class
fective on   lanuary I next.   The maj- 'uli,ic"1 Part* we a" °PP°wd l" tt''
..rity vo I the electors win prevail oU,cr P°l*"cal Parties irrespective
r.nd if a voter when registering    his
vote for bis candidate does noi   take """i"'1'1"1 to point „„   that Mr. I u
Efficient interest to vote on tlv .".'a-     "''     U'Ul"^ - '»* BUPP°rt u!
. .        „      l ,    _ -,_,i,i„^i   Liberal cannula.tf, need In
Mire     his vote  will ni t be considered
,, ..,     _ „     . speieh al tlu. Labor  remple, did not
nt all.   Tn contrast to < ln> proposal
.. ,  , ,, „ .       md  does no!   voice the sentiment   of
v.;.e_  -he  vo*e  tn  l>> tikep on  the lo-
, , ■   •_       i        ,,,!,,.    tue  Socialist party of Canada
ral  option plebiscite,  when  nil    those      .       n  it ,
i , .i      ting on  the local option t'eket-
celpt of your wire ..t the l'Jth instant sible to do so.
relatin'_-    to  the increased tariff duty I do not know that I can offer nny
on   fuel     oil.     The recommendations suggestion    us    to  what  action  your
.ve made will of course receive board     should     take    at the present
OUI     careful     consideration  but  I do time.     at least, until  it is detinitelv
not     Bhare   your apprehension as to decided     whether or not the govern-
result    of the taxation.   It will ment     will    appropriate, at this ses-
only     bring in an additional revenue sion, a sufficient amount ol money to
iu!    :ve  hundred  thousand   dol- complete the road.
of  which  the Canadian    Pacific Yours faithfully.
will  pay     ib.mt  one hundred and   fif- R.   F.    CREEN
ty thousand, a small sum for such a The     report    ol   thc publicity com-
poration.   In view of   war mitt.ee   was   read   but was not   act-
Ci nditions and the enormous cxpendi- ed  upon.   Tn this connection it    wns
witb  which  ,ve are confronted, stated  that over SOO tourists     from
it      would  Beem only proper that    a one    hotel     alone     went up the nuto
Commodity   of  tbis  kind   should   hear road     last season and there is   every
B     substantial   -hi.re cd  our customs reason     to  believe that in the   event
taxi ition. of the road beinj: finished the Canad-,
Yours faithfully, Ian Pacific railway will erect a chalet
WM  T.  WHITE, at the summit.
Railways, was placed in the hands of
Lieutenant-Governor Barnard at niun
today, and was accepted.
Hon. Thomas Taylor, Provincial
Secretary and Minister of Education,
was appointed to succeed him for the
Sitting of the house and probably until the general elections. No announcement ivas n.ade as to what
would be done later.
man Arranges Pubiciiy
The following lettei winch explains
itself was received bj the Beer ary of
the board
man,    Canadian Pacific railway press
representative lor western lines: ...
Winnipeg, Feb. 23rd, 1916
Friends of Mr. Tisdall  believe tbat C. R. Macdonald, Esq .
he will likely be reappointed prior to Secretary  Bond ol   Trade,
the ''lections  and  will again  contest Revelstoke.  II   C.
,   Beat  In Vancouver as a minister of Dear     Sn    1 n    Ived phot ■. i   ph     of
the     government.   It is evident,     of Nels     N i- :      .   . ■    ny arrival here.
course, that in the meantime no   ef- and also  photogi iphe  >  u suit     mo
fort will he made to find a seat    for in Vancouver.
Mr. Tisdall at anothei by-election. In- '  P' .ume you              i          copl<ea
deed,  another by-election is evidently of some of t  ■ sua'
not contemplated.
Fire Warden Enlists
Fop Overseas
Tbe scandal involving members of like a sore thumb, first, that a royal
the Scott government and prominent CommiaslOD with sweeping power
1 ac leel hotelmen is developing amazing pro- alone can clear the atmosphere; sec-
portions. Tbe capital today Is con- ond, that the masses all over the
tbc fronted with two police court trials province are gravely concerned over
of a number of men prominent in poi- the numerous arrests, lligfits of prom-
itical aud business Ule oi the proa- meat men from the city, the destruc-
•nce. While one royal commission and tion of public documents, and the m-
two spc.M'l committees are sitting to temperate language being used by the
- partisans ol both snies on
jury  and  attempts  to interrupt     the    it the house.
Course of justice, at the same     time     Cut of the mess a sudden appeal to
thi  legislature is tbc scene of charges  the    eleetors     may be expected. Cer-
and counter charges involving the re- tainly    the    hope    o! Premier Scott
jnitation of leading citizens whom the  when he left for the east Friday thut
breath of scandal has never previous,  the     house     would adjourn this week
mched.   Added    to this exciting  will not be realised for it is not con-
condltloct an   the rumors and gossip sidered    even   by the most conservn-
of a  regular  Saturnalia of in- tive     element      that  l.ieut.-Coventor
trigue    spreading  all over tbe Prov- Lake will not tolerate such a flagrant
ince.   The    hotels    arc crowded with  disregard  of tbc  principles  of  demons and politicians from all Parts iratic government  to say nothing
Mr. Williams has net been a   mem-
, .. . , , probe charges  of graft,  bribery,  pet
tier of this party for some years and ■ ...
with    reference to the other speakers
referred to in the "Sun,"  as Social-
isti  m .', .sire i" point oul that,   un
fortunately,   the    name Is not
Any person intruding our meetings
at the  Res Theal •   on Bunday ev n
ui:;.-.  n      i
towi rds    all politics
,vhethei   thi terade as Liberal,
■ Labor ,,r Ct nservative.
the   Hoot
hut  vot'rn:  for  tbe  candidates      were
counted in the grand totnl ns acainst
the measure.
Rut in addition to the new measure
to he placed before tho people Premier Dowser wns emphatic in his de-
ciaratie n that stringent amendments
to the existing Liquor Act will be
passed at thc forthcoming session,
especially in respect to closinir hours
etc. These amendments wlll be eflective durinir the duration of the wnr.
If the new art is approved by the el
ectors, it will, on January 1 next,
rupersede the existing act and what
amendments may be mnde thereto.
Mr. Jonathan Ropers who headed
the deputation, enthusiastically thank
ed Premier Dowser for his statement.
He said: "I would like to express our
appreciation of th" vcry full mnnner
in which you have met our representatives. T lo not think you could
meet .1 ir wishes bett°r thnn you have
There are Liberals in this room, and
I venture ti npSak for alt when T say
tbnt yon could not he more favorable.
T hnve e>very confidence that vour act
Will be of the hluh standard of your
othei 'icts. eel thai it will be en-
forced, We will he only too pleased
to give vi i, whatever assistance we
<nn In flu prenarntlon of the measure and w.'lcnme your offer to permit
us to do so "
Mr.     nibsor
The fact that No. 1 was five hours
late Tuesday proved to be a great
disappointment to about fifteen-of
the residents, they having intended
going to Craigellachie on that train
to attend a banniet and farewell
Party given to Mr. Win. Waddel, wbo
has enlisted for overseas service. Mr.
Waddel was formerly lire warden here
and has many friends.
Mrs. s. _. Houston Is confined    to
her home with a  very   serious att.ir1
' f lnprippe and  has been  unable
teach school for a day or two.
Miss Margaret Ruckby and niece of
Revelstoke sjient (rom Saturday until Tuesday at tbe A. Rutherford
■es of the tournament. 1 have ur-
latiged tn have i feature story made
of Revelstoke and its tour.iaii.en_,
with the advertising department.
This will       i buc
will be sent mt • .,ri> next winter, to
be used as a iia'.iing card for your
next ycai's carnival. In addition to
this the vice president has asked tha
passenger  depa •   to look      into
the   :   • (rioter sj.orts in     the
mountains, . nd i.-.ake a report to
him.    I   ,\ . all
you consisl at home as ear
ly as possible in the fall, to draw
public ..••■ to the to irnameht.
Yours truly,
.i     .
i'i R
v Minister on Way
to Ottawa
The Leap Year
Wh.st Drive
R. H. 1. Girls
Do Splendid Work
The following is a list  of the socks
The Leap v.-ar whist drive held   In
the Scandinavian hall on Tuesday ev-
ol  tiling under the  auspices  of  tin   l„i,l
ies    ilosplta. tiiiiid was ore ol
-t irlH     'd  what the crisis means to     Though     the government    members  pleasantest    aril  most  SUOCl
his particular section. confidently gave out reports last week   ial events to mark the pre hr-
The stage is set for a most seusa   that adjournment would omo tomor- son,   cards    were played at twenty
i climax,   ui'eti the cltlsens of the row, acting-Premier Calder yesterday tables   and each gUetst v.a.-. welcomed
capital  are docking to the legislative  in the house suid the government was  and made feel at home by the acting
bers    to    witness the dessperate prepared to stick it out till the snow president, Mis. W, i. Briggs,    who«
1 I      of the government against     a Mies  next  fall.   This   chnngc  of  front Charming  presence addul  In  ii" small
"e.nstnntly  growing  public  sentiment,  is said by government partisans     to degree    to the success ot the evening
The newspapers are chronicling   each indicate the government strength and and the enjoyment of the guests,
new STs.ition with extras In big   'vd  by  the opposition partisans  it is   In-     The prize- (ol   the lucky contestants
tvpe.   nnd  the  snecial   correspondents tcrpreted as meaning that the govern-   it cards w're all very handsome   and
of eastern newspapers havo arrived to  ment has received  an intimation thnt  were donated  by  Mrs.  II    N. Coursier
report the birr features. the  lieutenant governoi   will  not toi- whose work they were.   The two first
Hon.  Walter Hcott's back  may not erate     prorogation     without a com- prizes were very lovely framed wai
j he to the wall as his enemies cnthtis- plcte     investigation     of   the bribery colors    representing     bits    of beau.
iiiStlcilly assert to-lay, but his friends charges    touching some eight Liberal  fr.uu     the top   Ol Mouni   Revelstoke
tre anxious,  nnd  admit thnt. the sit- members and by  implication  at least These were won by Mrs    .1    pent  at il
unCon  ip bcrinninr to bear a     very  besmirching  ti embers  of  the  cabinet. Mr.  Murk  Qoodwln, who were consid*
u lv nh.ise.   He Is variously  reported  Still  no one  Is in  jail  nnd  thc three. Ored  by   ill  to  have   been   most   fort
to be in the Bast counselling with Po- fugitives are said to be in'the United  iinate tn  win  such  two excellent   !>i''-
, minion advisers, ind again enroute to  States with no efforts being mndo to  tures.   The  ladies  consolation
We    are f irwardlng thl 'tit
,                 ...              '                            ,, of   Saskatchewan   each   biingini;    new   the conin on rules of decency
of our posit on m this mattet to all . _.___«._.   .     ...	
the daily papers because of the numerous enquiries we have ret
day re gardln    Parker Willlan -
ing in tbe Socialist  Part]  ol Canada
a. mclean
.Press rommltteo Local Vancouver No,
I Socialist Party of Canada.
Vancouver, February 25, 191 r,.
i inlsti i of i
nil   Sunday   !: •■' .   1.   - Will
leave  thu \, and
spent     the I -ucona,
.    ■   AH.
Mr. ca th       ni •• the
latifical on ol , ■ lint o
portfol ior the
pr,ivir.ee of  Uritish c.,lumbia,  at   tbc
My. ■ -I.-■; •   Rossland,     ha
time in  putting
mt"    effect tht . foi tht   bet
terment    I tituenc]   and     the
general    well Inlng In in-
tiv    ..j   thi which be bad
outlined to I >' his conatlt
uency i etoi I  ■■ polls,    To
this end, b. e would le
Mond i> -'awn, where
he     will   take  up certain  matters ot
vital It : .  province with
tl e Don .in■ ,n %
;: High School Report
For February
Ernofct.  KcKin-
jirize i een   w. Light burn, Miss w  Bmytht
handed   in  by   the   Revelstoke      High   .ho Bahamas for the henefit of a wnr- locnte them. went  to  Miss  Muriel  Pleetham     and      .Tunior year   Marlon Lawrence.  Ma
leclared hn wns satis-  School  irirls patriotic society for the  mer climate,   hut  however  the   cnuse     W.     R. WUlOUgbby's earnest appeal   wus     a  imaller water color mounted  bei   Slffltni :.ds,  (iscar  Lundell       Hlln
i    Tbi.man
fied  Pieniki   Rowser spoke with      all   mOBth  «f Febriiirv    Heta Tomlinson,  0f ),(„ mvs^erlo'ts absence, there in no thnt n roval commission be appointed   on  a  gold  mat    Mr.  Ralph Lnwrpnce   Pi
sincerity, and ninfldrnt tbnt tha pro   '' ,"lir: f,|i"''i Lytla, a pair: Miss Ea- iiprmtlnr the f.-ict. his versatile chief with sweepitiL' powers to probe every won c       ntlemen'a consolatlot      ..  Morris.
mise made would be carried nnt    to ,on-     ',oan P»trlck, Enid Hradshnw. lieutenant,    H.'n.    James    Calder Is asped nf the scandal wan me! yester- very clever pen and ink sketch   done rohn
th'r letter Gladys Campbell, Dorothy Mackenrot,  fading    Retrlna sufficiently warm for day by J   W. Calder with calm assur-j bj  Mis.   Mga Coursier, iruce,
all ir.icticn) purposes In spit of a 2D ance that tbe House  committee    was'    -I  the conclusion ol the card g Rul        tone,
the     proper      place  tee dispose  of the  B  delicious supper Was served  nnd  I ' ■;, .    .nd  year'     Tne.'
ense. iter dancll |  wai enjoyed for a couple  Rradshaw.    >Loretts   Dupont,  Isabella
of    hours, music for this beinc sup- Dunlop,   1st   yeai    Domenlck Pm
.lean  Pntrirk
Gladys Campbell, Dorothy Mackenrot,
Mr.   TV     -t    Cu-Hs' r.iiT for three Margarel  Mats, Bstla Laughton, Mrs.
cheers for i'remler Bowser got n most   r    EiU'mr.   Winnifr.-d   Smythe.    Mae   Mow    zero temtinrnttire.   Out of  the
...tb.'slnst.i.     ■ ie     mil  the   sine- Whittaker,   Mable  Simmonds.      Annie  .„-„,,    0. contradictory report" vigor-
lbs  "f 'he natloml  anthem ronrludcd,M('I'0'''n'   M>I* MefliTSn, Marlon L#W-|ouiIy  olrculated   bv  tho  partisans   of
memorable conference.
'ronro   Jessie 8omervllle. I pair eaehj^eh     side,    two chief facts stick up
(Continued next week)
piled by Mr. George Brenn.
Wm.  FleTil- PACE TWO
Zbe ADaiUlbcralo
Published every Saturday at
cMiil-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
F.   I'M  GIGOT,   Manager and    Editor.
If th" by-electlon  In Vancouver wns
a hard fought contest, it  looks   now
as il the flghl t Ing at the end    of
this week In Victoria would bo an
even more bitter battle, The third
by election In the series will occur
there to day, when Hon. A. 0.
i- - met lelt. minUt er of ttnar.ce, will
bi opposed by H, C, Brewster, Liber
,1 M iib-r.
There    are    Liberals In Revelstoko
who can read nothing OUt nf Saturday's result except an overwhelming
defeat of the government at the coming genera]  election  ln  May.
On tbe nt her hand, the more care
fui leaders of the opposition admit
that   Vancouver   has   been   the   hotbed
of discontent at the government and
that the Dominion Trust scandal and
other campaign cries will not be
strong election arguments outside
this city.
The Review says "Mr. Macdonald's
entrance into the legislature wlll be
the n.cans of assisting in "forcine the
i.H'-ds r.f tne governi lent to divulge
In premier Bowser's statement
which is reproduced here it will b<
seen that pttblic statements madt
with regard; to corrupt government
will have to be proved by Mr. Macdonald.   Premier  Bowser  suys:
"So far .-is I am    personally    concerned      I  bow  with   Ml   grace to the
decision    ef electors "l Vancouver.   1
hope      an,(  thin'-;  that   when  tlie   tune
for the general elect inn comes and   1
have had a chance t.. placi   on     th
Btati te   books i'f the provinc - \ ,,i .-
■uggi st i.'iis which 1 havc     mi i
when • ■ ..    bad a cl
going over 1 pt clat lng
their el i sojiei se :ond 11
that they will realisi   that all ol   thi
rins    and omissions
wl Ich wen  laid at my   loor will    be
i  bavi
way--    ■
• .
the House they 1
■ ■
I e _-.-.
as   ii.      er of t ' Mr
■ ■ •   •   ••	
■   •
  • nt. 1
.   -
n single obstacle in the way of his
desire to Investigate every single de
partment of  the service."
Rossland. for the jiast week, has
been occupied in listening to tbo various arguments advanced by the three
political parties having candidates in
the Held In the bye-election for members of the provincial house, Hon.
Lome A. Cumi^bell, Minister of Mines
in the cabinet of Premier Rowser,
Conservative candidate; William D,
Wilison, Mayor of Rossland, Liberal
candidate, and Wallace W. Lefeaux,
candidate of the Socialists, conducting a most vigorous campaign, says
lhe Rossland Dull}  Miner.
it     cannot  be suid that the people
were not fully advised us to the Important matters confronting them in
the contest, for nothing of a nature
bearing upon the various phases ol
the Campaign, was overlooked by any
uf the speakers,
The     Liberal     candidate, although
handicapped in not being able tn  e>.i-
vance     any argument »s to why     he
should   be   returned   inste.nl  of  bis   Op-
ponont, Mr. Campbell, did   not   lack
ill not having someone to put. forward his claims, for lie did, and Mr.
.lohn Oliver, who remained loyal to
Mr. Wilison throughout the entire
contest, being tlle firsl: speaker to address an audience in the Golden City
at the opening of the campaign, put
'■• "..:-d   i"- i,•-.' arg-tmente ,u     his
power In an endeavor to change the
minds of the electorate, but without
nn the '.ther hand the Conservative candidate, gifted ae he is. in hern-: able to advance most Convincing
irguments in pointing to bis jmst re
r,ird as i reason why he sin.uld bc
retained as well as being backed up
by two ernes! defenders of the government's policies m H. II. Thomson,
M.P.P., Victoria, and f.rncst Miller,
M.P.P., Grand Forks, at every turn
met the terrific onslaught ol the "j>-
position  and  aided  in  the  victory.
The Dailj Miner feels secure in the
belief that Rossland has taken the
right -te;. Mi. Can.pqell's juist re-
ieii.1 was greatly In his favor, and b.e
could point w Ith pride to the things
he had accomplished Bince hi I ■"'•
been intrusted with tin' affairs ..f his
constituents in tin bouse, ind the
n • •    evident rd   with
ace thi >  paid 'mn. such
ret in    a
•.■'.- .  earnest  •
country nnd without rcgnrd to political afllliations or money influence,
Sir Thomas White is to he congratulated upon his second essay in war
finance,-—Montreal Mail.
Now look for the papers that commented so severely on Premier Dowser's deserting Vnncouver to run in
Kamloops and thus imposing upon
Mr. J. p, Shaw, the regular candidate to apologise. The papers that
started the story without any foundation und the papers that so eagerly
grabbed up the statements made for
the purpose of discrediting Mr, Bowser and placing Mr. Shaw in a poor
light will pass up the entire matter
us "part iH the game of politics."
You will never see one linn ol apology or explanation because it. was
known from the start that it was a
been learned before the article was
fake sNiry, as the truth could have
put in  type tlie tirst   tune.    Is this the
sample of the campaign that is to be
followed m the hye-electionsV—The
guarantee a    standard Ifor high   class
theatrical attraction.
Greater Value in
Ski Jumping
ft appears that a firm in the cast
is circulating letters to different parties in RevelBtoke stating that they
have won a prize, in some fictitious
lottery and asking; them to remit a
certain sum of money when they
would send them the prize.
Tho following is a ropy of a reply
written by a Revelstoke school boy
which we. consider worth producing :
Dear Sirs:
I nm sorry to say tbnt you nre
mistaken in the prize you offered me.
1 .ave never done any work to win
this jirize. The silver set that you
offered me for 97c. Is not worth LOc
Tl eref ire <t is no use of me to send
yi: 97C for a tin set which you call
a silverware set. I carl win a prize
uji on thc mountain ln ski jumping
wiiTtl. $e).U0'.
February Report
Big fddy School
Tho following arc the loaders ln
their respective classes ol tbc pupils
of tho Big I.ddy school for the month
of February: Senior class, Chas. Barrett, (Harry Threatfull), Senior
Third I), Mary Throatfiil, Nanny Noll->
son. Junior Third A, Ivlnd Neilson,
Esther Griffiths. Second reader, John
Barrett, Hilda Carlson. First Reader,
Reginald Grace, Carl Gunnorson.
First primer, Nestor Threatfull, Freddie Wilfin.
Number of days session -0; total attendance    SflJ;     average attendance,
2R.'0'7.   Number of pupils attending 3f„
Oases of tardiness, 6.
Nelson's    first   1916  robin  appear^.
on Friday last.
Made Her Delicate Boy Strong
New York City. —"My little boy was
in a very weak, delicate condition <as m
result of gastritis and the measles and
there seemed no hope of saving his life.
The doctor prescribed cod liver oil but
he could not take it I decided to try
Vinol —and with splendid results. It
seemed to agree with him so that now he
is a strong healthy boy. "—Mrs. Thomas
Fitzgerald, 1090 Park Ave., N. Y. City.
We guarantee Vinol, our dcliciouB
cod liver and iron tonic, for run-down
conditions, chronic coughs, colds and
Walter Bews,  Druggist, Revelstoke.
B. 0.
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave. I
end Fifth street, I'astor, Rov. J. 0. '
MacKenzie. Sunday services:— Low
Mass at 8 a.m. and High Mass at
10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday
school for the children at 2:30 p.m.,
I'enediction and Rosary at 7:30 p.m.,
Confessions Saturday I to 6 and 7:30
to 0 p.m. and Sunday morning 7:30
to 8. Weeks days:—Mass every morning at 7 o'clock, Confessions before
Mass. First Fridays —Mass at 8 a.
m.. Benediction and Rosary at 7:311
p. m.
Holy Communion every Sunday nt
8 a. m., and first Sunday in month at
11 a. m. Morning prayer at 11 a. m
Evening prayer at 7.:i:i i>. m. Sunday
School at 2.30 p. m. Sjiecial prayers
for sailors and soldiers.
Services will  be held   at    11 a. m..
and 7.30 p. m., tomorrow. The pastor
will  occupy  the  pulpit at both Berv-
vices.   Welcome to nil.
In the evening the pastor will
spenk on the situation at home and
abroad. »
In the Presbyterian church on Sun-
day   services  will be held nt 11  a. m.
and 7.30  p.m.    At  the evening service
the    'Hollo:'   Roll'    will  be    unveiled.
Subject   of sermon,  "Wholehearted  (>f-
ferlng for Service." Special music   by
Sunday School and Bible Claf
v P S,   in Tuesday at S.
tr.<eetlng Wednesday,  S p. m.
> Invitatioi    is  extended      t.>
F   31 uart Wh I - I tour-
.       idora"     will
n at t h.  Empress the-
M lb.
■ - .- piece
.   • v    as-
rove    -.
- •   .
II •.   i;l'' OET
In      i iy tht   ■.'
• ff to all who   '   I
'. irtlnlly It     li  dl I   I
I ■•■'!' ■■ ;,-,   |  i • ,.   ■
effort     to meet tbi problems ol    the
I country    .u tue best interests ■■', the
• -if 8 "<~
What They Do
Davisville, Ont.
"I hnd trouble with my Kidneys and Bladder
so J pot .- .••ample of Ciin Pills ami followed
directions. I felt better after the first dose
am' I kept taking them lor a month.
line day, Mr. Simpson, of this town, told
nu- about the trouble he had with his kidneys
and I recommended him to try GIN PILI-S,
ami pave him one to take. The next day,
In- bought some for himself, and both he
and his wife huve derived greal benefit from
Gin Pills nre 501. a box or six boxes for
$2,50 at all druggisti. Sample sent free if
requested. 17
National Drug & Chemical Co.
of Canada Limited, Toronto.
1111111II1111111 HI 111111II H iT
lily mid Btriil n--
uiiril    in   details
thill     ynu    would
expeot fr.mi fjon-
don'ej tiiri'in.iit
military inll.eri
ynu   (,„n   expect
Iruin uh.
We   run    tmikc
ymi 11 ciiinpli'tci
kii within .: day*
tiii-i hi it r.'Tiuirk-
hUIv low (ence.
M e',i ■ 11 re ment
liTinv un,1 p*t-
1.'rne. on hiiiiIIch-
Naval.Military& Civil Tailors
t.O >|i I nl.UN
11 hr future
1 i\ ids Against
he f. have in etott
1,1, iteel inp
1.11 • ' ' K POLICY
iiu' iiiui.
I   ng  l.ll'.'ln "M
1.    1.11.1 v   Agencies*
■ni' worth)
11    .1   hand
' it 11 pollcj now.
A   1 ■       Manager
A .
til* '    ' |t   ll
It   ..f  tbr   I
.-        - ,  - •
I adies' High-Class
Behrendt, Ladies'
•   for Cressman
Co., has returned
'i tht Spring trade.
huve your Suits
matlf mrly
(ressman & Co.
By special arrangement with Selwyn & Co., New
York, the United Producing Co. offer the dramatic
sensation of the decade—
Guaranteed in every particular by the United Producing Co.
Prices: $1.00, 75c, 50c.
Sen Is on sale at
Macdonald's Drug Store
Ono of the licet Investments you can make thiB winter ia to
Buy a Pair of Skis
nnd build ui> your health.
We have them in Aeh, Hickory   and Pine.   Call and look   them
We also cm.-y complete etock of MEN'S WKAR for city, mountains,  mine or hush.
FURS BOUGHT nt highest market prices.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 46-276 Night Phone 346
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Kevelstoke, B. C.
O R i P M T m\ I      Suitably furnished with the
\m/ I  i I ime,11 \j   i  _T**L.   choicest the market affords.
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
Best WineH, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Union Hotel
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor ;
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers
Direct Importers
Our Goods are GOOD
Our Prices logical and within reason
See us before placing your orders SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1916
Much Work Handed In —Outlying Districts Respond
ing Well
Mrs. Downs, Mrs. McAlplne, Mrs. W.
Morris, Mrs. Wells. 2 pair socks each;
Mrs. Kilpatrick, Miss Fraser, Mrs.
Copeland, Mrs. Belcher, Mrs. Parker,
Mrs. McCallum, Mrs. Flockhart, Mrs.
Tame, Mrs. H. W. Wood, Miss V.<Jol-it jg fltting"to observe that a 'Daflo-
liffc, 1, pair socks each. dll tea- wiu he Rivon at the home of
Mrs.    J. Lees,   2 suits ol pyjamas ;  Mrs      Anstie,     Mnrch  II.  Mrs. Ooul-
s,u"   thard and Mrs.  McVity will be     co-
cin  hostesses.     With     these     ladies      in
! proof that thc great work al relieving suffering humanity hns taken root
and it iB the earnest wish ul the association that these bran.'.hus r. ay
With the gradual approach of spring
Mrs., Lockwood 2 shirts. Mrs. G.
grant 1 shirt.   Mrs.  F.  Soan.es
out LS suits pyjamas, Mrs. Tomlinson
ol  cut out HI shirts;  Mrs,  J. (M F.nglish
The monthly  business  meeting
the Red Crosa society was held Mnrch 'n"  out 13' shirts.
From   tli.'  Naomi Rebekah  Lodge 1_
jinir convalescent shoes, More supplies
Jl in the Y.M.C.A., Mrs. Kilpatrick,
president in the chair. Tho following
work was handed in for thc curr-nt
Mrs.  10.  Roberts  (Ferguson)   I  pair
nocks;     Mrs,    •). Boyle, * pair socks;
To Tired Worn-out Mothers
Jackson, Miss. "I shall foe! repaid
for writing this letter if 1 can help any
tired, worn-out mother or housekeeper
to lind health and strength as I have.
"I have a family of five, sew, cook
and do my houaework and 1 became very
much run-down in health. A frienil
asked me to try Vinol. 1 did so and now
I am well and strong nnd my old time
energy has been restored. Vinol has no
superior as a tonic for worn-out, rundown, tired mothers or housekeepers." <"wn taking
—Mra. J. N. Melton, Jackson, Miss.
Walter Bews, Druggist, Revelstoke
B. 0.
are urgently required for the making
ni these shoes and the association ap-
pials to all who bave material at
their disposal t.i kindly forward same
d. those in charge nf this work.
A pleasing donation ol ii was re
ceived from Mrs. McCarthy ol Ross
Peak, and the society tenders her its
sincere thanks lor same. Another welcome donation ol $.'• »as received
from a Friend' These contributions
arc greatly apprei lated by the local
Uni Cross branch,
From the Tappen Red Cross s cletj
tbe full .wing shipment was received
t, sheets, i, pillow cases, . pair Boiks,
1 pair wristlets, 2 pair mitts, •'.
bands, This is another evidence of n
practical jiart in its
desire to help forward the laudable
work, Fr m n number ol outlylug
parts  we are n'.w receiving  tangible
charge the success of the tea is as-
SUred, A cordial invitation is extended to all and the proceeds will be
devoted to the local Red Cross society.
The following shipment was made
to headquarters nt Toronto March 2:
12 pair convalescent shoes, !l pair of
wristlets, 60 jiair socks, 18 day shirts,
r. sheets, 6 pillow cases, 2 pair mitts,
3 suits jiyjamas.
Acting Secretary
Volley Ball Game
Hotly Contested
/ara Clinton and tbe famous Sextett • in "Florodora" Rmpress, March 10.
Ready 'tcvWear
Showing, Spring's   Newest
930.00.    Other Suits—Prices 922.00 and 828.00
LADIES' SKIRTS    We have a   nice  range   of   new
Skirts,   Price 86.00
stylish SPRING COATS in plain  colois as well  as
fancy Checks.   Prices from  810.00 to $15.00
We have n hig selection of Lidi<ea'and Men's sh.,,,*
in all the newest styles snd lasts     AH  shoes  guai-
antecd  to give the best   of satisfaction.
Fred Young & Co,
What's in a Name ?
Well, lt Just depends. Whcc you hear of Hobson '■ Bread
you naturally feel hungry. The crisp brown exterior and
the appetising white inside are both signs of ths good
flour we use and the care we take to bake lt just right.
Try It for yourself—we do not fear the result
Phone 11
Box 784
Imperial Bank
Fries II   ■■ i.„ i   Preiidi ni
l-.uhh.h. J IH??.
n Hi>. it. ". •<
Drafts, Money Orders nnd Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. »
Our object hns been for the coming season to supply Revelstoke
boys with clothing that is aip-to-
the-minute in style und workmanship and that will stand the
strain of hard wear. We (eel that
we havc   accomplished     this     at
On Tuesday  night the volley    ball
games    at the V were of thc highest
order, and the one between the Government and the Undertakers was certainly  thrilling  all  the  way  through.
The     Government     lineup     wur the
strongest     tbat     they have ever had
and they realised thnt if ever     there
was to be a game taken from    ie yet
undefeated Undertakers it was up to
them to do  tbe winning.   The     first
game was rather a disappointment to
t.he government rooters the Undertnk-
i rs winning by  a score of 21      to 13. I
The     second pa me was much brighter '
foi  the Government us they had   the
winning jioint on their side tbis time, !
the sere  being  2.   to  hi.    The     third
| rarne was said by  many of the     on-'
I lookers to be the best game that has j
| been  played   this  year,  even     better
than the big game between the married      men and the single men.     The
Government led oil with a nice little1
; score     in    their favor  but it  wasn't
lone   before      tbe   Undertakers      were
right     on  their heels  and  thus     the
BCOl    stayed all through the game. It
looked as if the Government were go
ing to win right up to the Inst    and
with  the score banning at 20-20     for
several serves the excitement was intense.   The Undertakers ran up     the
last two or three points in their usu
nl  fine form that they always     snve
lor  the bitter  end  and  registered    the
final    nnd winning point.   It was     b
hotly contested game and the Undertakers     certainly deserve to  win   the   , . —_—	
league if they  are able to trim   such
trams as the team which the Govern- l
ment lined up to meet them.
The   Busicnss   Men   won their game
by   default  ns  the  Bankers did      not
show up.
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
Wa aim to yive maximum
we w At rnlilmum prioe
With the return of better times
the designs in the millinery trade
are engaging In their art with
much more Confidence and (or
S|irlng, 19.16, the creations are superb— fully up to pre-war modes
Mi« McCarthy, when in the eastern markets secured Ktlson, Keith,
(Jage nnd other popular makes,
and in ready with a smart colli".'
tion embracing the present styles
and tendencies,
This is a good collection of floral designs in voiles, scrims und
organdy muslins. Fresh as the
H|iiing Mowers- -Worth as much aa
40c. All at one price, per yard
A new one ror tho little Chaps of
i to n years—the cutest wash ov-
erall you ever saw; nicely trim-
mod, reinforced stitch buttons
Hewed on by hand, and braces too
—just like bis Dad's, They come
in several colors and best, of all
they wash, per pair only  75r.
See the Windows
our annual Spring Sale ol women's wash muslin and voile waist
is In full swing.
'I'liis S'ason we have secured for
vour approval a tine assortment
ill dainty waists, values from
$1.90 to $2.76. Then are arranged
on table for easy choosing, at
each  $1.35
Boys' Clothing for Real Boys
very     moderate    prices,  when we
put    in stock a full line of     the
famous     "Lion    Drand" clothing
(or    boys.   Our sizes run from 24
to   3t  In both plain and    Norfolk
Prices run from $5.00 to $9.50
that lit,  wear and hold their colour.
Prices 90c. to $1.25 each.
Made by the famous Vi. G. & R.
firm, which is a guarantee of
workmanship and materials.
We have them now in blue stripes, pure white and black sateen.
Great Bargains
in Odds and
Ends   of  China
Starting Friday morning,   Feb. 25
Hunt's  Supreme Brand     PeucheB,
per tin  30c
Hunt's  Supreme     Brand     Pears,
per tin  30c
Hunt's Supreme Brand     Apricots,
per tin  30c
Hunt's  Supreme  Brand  Cherries,
per tin  35c
Hunt's    Staple   Brand      Peaches,
per tin 25c
Hint's    Staple   Brand    Aprlcote,
psr tin 25c
Hunt's       Staple    Brand     Pears,
per tin 25c
Hunt's   Staple    Brand     Cherries,
per tin  15c
FOR SALE—Horse, wagon, cutter,
ing to do so are requested to meet at and harness. $100.00 takes the lot.
the drill hall on  Wednesday evening,      W.  Parry,  auctioneer.
March Sth, at S p.n... for drill. Capt. '  	
Sawyer will be the instructor.     After  WANTED—Roomers     and     boarders
drill     tbere    will be a short meeting      Rates    $'.5.50 and up. Apply    Mrs.
W. J. Coulthard will not re    when offlcer8 for thc >'«,r vi"  be BP"
Friday pointed.
The   vi. o. T  r. held its    regular
monthly  eting yesterday afternoon.
Mrs.     T.  Sturdy who has been ser-]
i'liisly iii for Bsveral days is reported
Kennedy, 24 First St.,  East.
Meeets every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock, ln Selkirk HaU.
Visiting brothers cordially la-
vltsd.    W. POTTRUFF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K of R. S.
WANTED—Girl for general house
work. Apply Mrs. Ralph Lawrence,
Queen Victoria Hosjutal.
■is beinir much better.
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Bon. WANTED-Cook      general,   for  Hear
I    Cr.ek.     Apply to McRae Mercantile)
GET THE HABIT—Place your fire     ,.,,    Revelstoke.
Mrs. Ernesl  H, .-'. McLean  ,v;il not und accident insurance with Chas. M.' ,	
receive on the second    Saturday     ol Field, who represents only old     and  p()r.  RENT—Semi  furnished   modern
this  month,  but  will  be at  home   on   reliable companies. j    suite,     three rooms. Bath and juin
Monday, March nth. instead. I , _._ try   \nnlv ll   Manning
For     the     small sum of titty cents.     ">■  -M'l'i? i.ininng.	
There will be „ table oi home cook- yolI cnn enjoy a good game of cards, c>-pnMPH rnMPT FTP! v
lng provided in connection with    the Witb handsome prises (or the winners ,jA1
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held la
New Masonic Hall on the Foartk
Monday ln each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
C. R. BKRNE, W. M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  Pesrttary
tea  given  by   Mra.  Hobson and    Mrs. B delightful supper and a dance aft-,
Webster next Tuesday afternoon, 7th erward.   All    thia at the Leap Year
March, at the home of  Mrs.  Hobson, whist Drive under the ,i  -pices ofthe
:•. Sth street. ; Ladies Hospital Guild, In the Bcnn
Mrs.  Hobson  and Mrs.  Webster will
dinavlan      Hall  on   Tuesday  evening,'
be joint hostesses at u tea given un- r
, der the   lusplces ol the Altar Society      ■.;;.-, n,.w patterns now oj>on lor   In-
of     St,  Francis church on the  after- speotlon     ut the Parisian  Dye Works
I noon of March  7th, at tbe hone     ■>( for     Indies and gentlemen's suitings.
Hobson, ~v Sth street. Everyone prices to suit the times.
stroyed by our new chemical process
at the cost of a few cents. Little
labor required and no explosives
used. Write Ideal Stump Destroyer
Co., .r.O nroadwny East, Vancouver, Tl. C.
.filially invited to attend.
The death iCCUrred last nigbt of
William Dunlop of ith street, The
late Mr. Dunlop leaves a son .lames
uiL'ineer >.f RevelRtoke. He had lived
rngineerof Revelstoke.   He had  lived
in Rev'Istoke f. r live years. No ar
tangements have as yet been made
.or the funeral.
There's  comfort,   in  cooking
Coursier's Coal.
Tho jirizes for the Ilosjiital Guild
Whist Drive are all very handsome
and have been donated My Mrs. H.
N. Coursier.
I. 0. O. F.
MeMta every Thursday evening la
Selkirk   Hall   at   8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially Invito.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
In  response to a largely signed pe-      The  ladies ol St.  Francis     Church
tit.on from land owners along thc II-   | (.V4!
lecillewaet whose land was being tak
ta away by the river every high  wa
The t:«\t examination for thc entry
i>f naval cadets will be held at the examination centres of the Civil Service Commission In May, IM6, successful candidates joining the college on
or ab, mt the 1st August, Applications for entry will he received up to
tbe 15th April by the Secretary. Civil  Service Commission, Ottawa,  from
ter season the government, hnve made   ""'"^ refreshments and  tea will   be
completed    their arrangements   whom blink entry forms can now
for    St.    Patrick's day, March 17Wi. | obtained,
Candidates for the examination
m   appropriation  to  commence     tho  served     in     the afternoon
work     of mnttressing thc river   bank   candy nnd home made cooking tables,
with     a     view   of protection to the   . )s() ,.  umeriCi< contest and   n   good
bridge and saving the land. ^^     progrftm con(]uctoa by
younger Indies of the parish. In
mnj     next must he between' the ages
I of fourteen nnd sixteen on thc 1st   of
, July, 1M6.
I    Further details can  be obtained   on
the, application to the undersigned.
the | O. J. DH8BARATS
'    evening ""i00" anil whist will b( play*.Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
1—gnmes commencing  at, K.15    After   Department dl the Naval  Service, ot-
K.'V.-I   toke Li-tlgr
N  . liTfit
Lo.  W.  ORDER
OP VH"    I
Uee ~ every eeoond
hml Fouitb Tuesday
in   Smythe's    Hall.
Visiting Brethren are oordtally invited.       ALLAN K. FYKK. Did.
H. L. HAUG. Se..
W. G. Burridge k Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We i|>eciali<M in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -I'liiinaiight Ave.
REVELSTOKE     -     -    B.O.
The  annual   general  meeting  of the the gamai two or three musical num
Revelstoke Ski Club will bc held    on
Thursday.  March llth,  1916 at 8 p.m.,
I at     the     Scandinavian Hall,  Second
Street.     Revelstoke, B. C. All mctn-
ficrs are requested to attend,  and to
pUase accept this notice as personal.
(Signed)       B. R.  ATKINS,
All  those  who  have  signified   their
wiiiiBimess    to become members    of',
hers will be rendered by some of the
host local tnlent. Refreshments will
le served, followed by a dance, good
music heing provided. Admission 50
c ents.
TO RENT—For throe months, seven
roomed furnished house. Apply A.
Hobson,  grocer.
tawn.  Jnnnnry 10th.  l!>lfi.
DnaUthorlleSd  publication  of this   advertisement  will  not be paid for.—
Phone 06fi
!•'.   II. Graham ol  Nelson   was     .1.
,n Revelstoke on Monday.
Mayor      \.    M. Ty nil ol  Kamloojis
visited it.- elstoke   en Monday.
Mci.eo.i returned to Trail
A.  IM Guard of Chase was in  Revel-
stoke on Tuesday.
Tom Hall ol Victoria was at     the     c.  w.  Llndmark  returned Thursday
Hotel Revolstoke on Monday. [from a trip to Vancouver,
Mas. Glaspie e.f Eagle Bay was     at
the King  Edward on Wednesday.
\v.    Boyd    "i Halcyon spent a few
days In Revelstoke during the week.
and    Mt>
,1.  II.  Armstrong
have returned from  the coast.
This yea1' Ash Wednesday falls
.March 8 and  Blaster on April 28.
R,  S.  i'yke of  V'anCOUVei   registered
a th,- i[ote'i Revelstoke mi Monday.
Dr.      'I.
Thut   .   ■
im. den.
A.  (',. Pearson of (Ilacier was a visitor to  Revelstoke  during  the  week.
ii.    Taylor returned on    Nealc Murray of Kamloops register-
fr.eiii   a   business    trip      to  ,.,| &\ | („, Hotel RevelBtoke on Sunday
i . s, Ball ol iMist Arrowpark was
a guest it the King Edward hotel on
Sunday. I
Mi. oni Mi i. WatBon ol Mordou,
Man., were guei is al the I lotel Rev-
el toke    n Wednesday.
,i. ii. QlaBS of Pentlcton registered
at   the   Hotel   Kevelstoke   oil  Tuesday.
Mr, and Mrs. W. it.
on     Wednusdaj Irom
i Oliver.
Pai ria returned
a trip to   Van
Mi       ,i,i  \li~   McDonald
» ut  i eglst ; i el  at   the
v.    rtlsei    i ancouver,
The   I..   A.   tee   tl B   im   ol
ti. ii  annual  dance In
on     Easter Monday.Go
will    ■   provided.
of Revel
Bai i' in. ■
T.    will
id  music
Applli itlon '.ill be made to parliament this ses,-;..a in Incorporate the
Imperial Order ol Daughters ot the
Hhnpire, and the Children of Empire,
for patriotic purposes.
M veil known local mining operator
left Mist week with a number of men
for Northern Big Hend district to Inspect the dredging possibilities on be-'
ball of California dredging operators
of .ii! the alluvial deposits on Hie
i ,     m.     Field     and Miss Kathleen
Field made thc   ."cent  ol Mount Rev-
i  as lar as the chalet on Sal ur
day.   They found  little use for   their
snowshoes,     the cruel  on tbe    snow,
i. ng -e. ti ird that it, made the walk-
i:       .•. [thi   t then   very easy.   Tht re
is   about   ,■ rht   feel  ..f   snow
Allium'      the      guests    at   the  Hotel
Revelstoke on Thursday was Mrs. W.
Bccles ..I New L)»nver,
,i. Cameron, W. T, Pinnell and Sam
Vernon of (ilacier registered at the
King Edward hotel on Sunday,
The Red (Moss society are holding
.i tea ;it  the residence of Mrs. W. A.
Anstie  next   Saturday   afternoon.
Superintendent McKay, of the C. P.
K., was in town Tuesday having a
look  around.-Salmon  Ann Observer.
H. B. Walkem of Vancouver was a
giieBt ut. the Hotel Revelstoke Tuesday.
The German murder order became
effective at midnight of Tuesday, February 20.
Capt. E. T. Petur ot Kamloops
made an otlicial visit to Revelstoke
on Sunday.
m. i*M ii. Sallman ol Montreal registered at the  Hotel Revelstoke     on
Wed nesday.
.1. M. Doyle of Calgary, superintendent for I'. lHirus & Co., is in
Revelstoke relieving J. E. Dickson,
who is on a business trip to Now
('apt 0. S. (Con) Uiley, the well
known Winnipeg oarsman, will command the 59th Field Artillery which
has just, been authorised and which is
to be raised in Winnipeg.
Mrs. l. Howson ou Saturday entertained the pupils o( ber Sunday
Bchooi class in the form ol a snow-
shoe tramp after whicb delicious refresh nts  were  served  at   her   home.
The Ladles Aid of the Methodist
church are holding an afternoon tea
a aale of home cooking and also an
apron sale at the home of Mrs. Murray Hume, Seventh street thin utter-
noon.        I
Peck McSwaln is now spreading his
mental pallium over the columns ot
the Hedley Gazette, If l'eck is given
a free hand there  will be a riot     in
! Hedley   before he leaves, or immed
I iately after.
11. Donnelly, the well knowu Salmon Ann farmer was a visitor to
Revelstoke last week.—Salmon Arm
i ibservcr.
Talk   about   Italian skies,  why    the
Revelatoke skies have got all  the rest
of the starry dome beaten to a frav.
I '/.le.   This  is  great  weather for     the
I. McDonald lelt   for month of February, and it looks    as
Wednesduy.    Mr.  Mc-  jf winter did not. intend to linger very
long  in the lap of spring.
Lumber Being Shipped
Out of Revelstoke
Mr.   md  Mrs.
Qduionton   on
Donald has charge ui the Revelstoke
Meat Market since it was taken over
I.y Mr. Mitcheltree of Banfl, He has
leen replaced by Mr. Walters ot Portland, Ore.
An addnss on "Ghosts and Super-
• ■   ins"    was given by F. Paulding
last    The   net ii..- was arranged    by
: ■ . .1   in   iei vice  section   and      ft
large numbei    itt.ended,    V   D. Tourner presided at A  Mrs. A. D. Ti urner
, rlpt ire.   At  tie   close    of
the  meeting  a  resolution  was  unani-
idvocating 1m.;       ii
•- prohibition.
Ninety five per cent ol tho difficulty
iA making a sale lor an article you
want to dispose oi is overcome when
you lind a possible customer. Let the
at the advertising columns ol the Mail-Herald put you in touch with the custu
Mrs, Hobson and Mrs. Webster will
In join! hostesses at a tea given under the auspices of the Altar Society
of      St.  Francis church on the nfter-
i n   of   Shrove   Tuesday,   Murch 7th,
at the home of Mrs. Hobson. 2R-Ctli
Btreet. Everyone Is cordially invited
to attend.
We are shipping all our Lumber to
the prairie, and going out of business.
You will require lumber for repairs in
the near future--this is your last
chance. We are making wholesale
prices for cash, but you must get it
Saturday, March   11 th,
as we will be shipping all week.
Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
Wutch    for the "Sign ot the Maple
Leal" early in May.
Miss      K.      McCarthy has  returned]
from     the eastern millinery  markets |    T. Greene of Kelowna registered ut
and is again in charge of 0. li. Hume, the Hotel Revelstoko on Monday.
The [ollie.'.in;   appointments ure an- &     Co.'s    department.     While away      ,    , „ .
the  Epworth   League on  Monday  nounced  In  the  Provincial     Gazette     Miss  McCarthy   visited Toronto   New     S' P< nun op "f Mo°treal registered
W.Hiam A. Lang, mining i icorde. lor York,     Chicago,     etc., and    studied;'1 lhe Hotel Uevel9toke ^ 1«l,""l»>-
Mi   Windermere Mining Division     "r  fh«»•«■>««■* 1 - ~*-i ■ .. .. .1..  , I
Wilmer; Charles Robert Newman,
Mutch     Hill,   and John  K.  Lao..
Salmon  Vrm,   ual 1  ol the peace,
A. Porter of Albert Canyon reg
Chas. Wm. Fox, G.l'.R. rtpresenta-
tlve International Correspondence
Schools, Railway Department, Is visit
ing RevelBtoke.
at thoroughly styles and n ade purchases I    .1.     Hutton ot Mission was a guest
ol   thai  are sure to please. . ,     the King Edward hotel on Mon
ot day.
Mrs. J, Crawford who was taken to
the hosjiitul on Wednesday has undergone a serious operation and is to-
reported much improved.
Tho Ladles Aid of the Methodist
church hold a very successful meeting
at the home ol Mrs. CresBtnau. Thirty-one ladies were present aud much
business was transacted.
Miss Lothian who hus been visiting
Americnn cities, and who hus all the
latest ideas in millinery for the com-
,i   . ration of thi
nies Is given in     tbis
week's    Provincial Gazette:  The Dla-
•n ind Shingle and Lumber Con:;.any.
Lu ted, bead otliee ut Vane mver;
'•! aland Engineering Company, Limited, h( lit \Mined' 71 I 1'
Lodge Dairy, bead office at Vii
A oflice at
e        •  ;    •   .        ■ , ,„ ,-,,._.,     tl
panles     have
n granted 1        •   National    Cli ck .    j   .
Mi -.  1 llslop ol   Winnipeg, who   nas
leen the     ' daughter   Mrs.!   c
following  resolutloi    Mas been \v. Ai. Sturdj .,  Wednesday   loi   Istered at the King Edward hotel   on'ing season, has charge ol Fred Young
adopted     ly the Red (Moss Society     i.„r home ir   Winnipeg.  Enroute    she  Monday. & Co.'s millinery department,
person 01 wishii wil   vlsl!    ei   son I Hlslo
mom *   '.e:   tht   Ked Cros 1 So ,of M Mrs. H
cietj     musl ion lop made many warm Iriends during
ber     si n Revelstoke and many.
to the d . .
There are some 4UU interned Aub-
11 1:1 a 1 at the camp at llanfl, and
there are no Germans. All of the latter nutiom.lty havo been sent to other camps some time ago, according
to advices received Irom Llanft. Tho
reason for this separation of the alien
enemy nations at our alien camps is
T. Bain who has been confined    to \    McDonald     and Stevenson, the sol- that thc Austrians developed a habit
tht  Queen Victoria hospital is report-| dlers charged with doing damage    in! of knocking the spots oil of thc Ger-
"1 to he improving.
:n the
connection with the recent raids were  mans when   opportunity  arose.      Thc
fined $r>0 a'ld costs or GO days in thc  Austrians    blame    the   Germans for
Wady of Revelstoke  was among; police court at Calgary.     They   were drawing or forcing them into the war
The date set [01  the annual -
ng 'el the  F.ermers   Institutes ol ..   -tar
British e B for thi   71 luntry
irch 13,
Isltors to Golden this week and given a week  in which to pay
.red    at   the Columbia.—Golden
'< 1.   e
K. Gordon, secretary of the local
! brunch ot the Canadian Patriotic.
1 fund     is     in   receipt of n cheque for
ie beld in the
is imjiortant to you as well
nd Mat r.tl ne      ■ 1    inj
;nn Tnsur   •   1
'   1.   of IT'ir
,y      H.      0.
-tock  I
g ■ 1   RDAY—Matinee In afl
Life and Movin    1 ..
:. parts   I ■
_-  all ti,-   lal   il
qi «.-    Learning  to  ■ •        hi c l aw-
•: -     Prankful Ponies, 1
..■-•thiLi^ gi
I  '
MONDAY—Daniel     Pron.an     pi
■■   : •      -
■:      I, I   ta
.   '
and   lac.   1 1    lord   ict tails
in tl
i istei. Mosl
.....       , .■
TUESD' 1    v d   n it ni      IK.     The
Bi ken    ' 'oin      with   it u •■ 1
and    I'M. • -.-      For
Most     ■ .1     ^f   a.l   piC   .
urged • to 1
■    .
■ •
■  ■
tion bi
iK.<e     you renewed  your subscrip
tion     to the Mail-Herald for WIG.— ;U0(H.7.' Irom Foley, Welch und Stew-
as art     of Glacier.   This is a contribution tit the fund hy the staff and employees at the tunnel.
Taylor of Revelstoke, j
days in Golden this     Ml' and MrB- R- K- Veryard passed
after dental needs.- through Revelstoke this week enroute
to China, where they return to Y.M.
0.    A.   work  after a year's absence, j
luver    won    its right at     the !They gave  brief addresBea lu the Menu Ming  of  Rotarlane for the thodist church on Wednesday on   the
tie ring place of the conference present mental attitude of China and
twest Rotary clubs, but     the  Japan.   Mrs.     Veryard is n (laughter
warding of the loving cup oflered by of  a distinguished   Japanese  mission-
t<     Club for the best, showing'ary,     author of 'Sunrise in the   Sun-
err,     atside club will go ov- rise     Kingdom.
and thc endless discussions whicb
Bpring up in the internment camps often develop into pitched battles between Germans and Austrians. On^c-
count of this thc prisoners have been
to US.
Dr.     T.     II.
spent     several
1 Star.
Her husband is     a
s and may land     in  nephew     of    the   Rev. Lashley Hall.
liver's laj'.    Victoria is a strong .They were greatly pliased witb what
Thi    Seattle    meeting was they saw of  thc beauty espots of Rcv-
ful  ever  held  in   the (Istoke and places of Interest, includ-
1 ing the ski jump.
The  • "tare   bylaw
thi   nei   ■  tv tbi
«r   ritb   I
• ■
service.   Th»
ran    recital   v;'i  >.:
yesterday     1
•t :.-     .-    great   .1; ima.  1 • ' Dg the mun
WEDS '   ■ \
Me lill
Tht   Cast    :   I des Jane Novak, Ed tutt   11
mond Drown.  Hobert Henley,  Maid mediately     against     every rn
George.     Albert    Mcyuarrie,     Carl ore in arrears     frith
Bebiii.i    '■■   ■      Belasco,  Wm   Olark, bit taxes   The resolution  instructing
Bob     Vern 1 splendid Broadway >n'     ' >1leltor •■ irt proceed
play    ol .'••".  and the stage,    5 Ings > i*    oved My Councillor
parts.   Lost    Thret     Teeth, Nestor
THTJR81 . >    ,1 dge     Legarde,   Famous Players ■■• th Llonal Barrytnore,
5 parts.
.-.nd    seconded by Councillor Mengel,
"red read  nn follows    "Whereas     over
S|W),IWI ol debentures and con'-'
ed     rto"k     Interest becomes Ane nnd
payable nn April 1 current nnd In or-
Hewart White's great der to riro""rr money tr, rr.eet name,
It is ncrrfwnrv tn T-T'iroerl to enforre
nnvment of flelinuiicnt tares. And,
whereas th' tnT collector han present
ed n list, nf those delinquent tnxr>nv-
ers owlnf over %7A eneb, therefore he
it resolved that the list lie hnnded
over to the miinlcljial solicitor to sue
roan attl ict on Florodora. SO ar-
tipts, mostly L-irls, girls, girls, R»>-
serve seats $1.00, 78c, and 50c.
Plnn et MicdnTi.ild's ding store.
Seat? are sell'ncr tati..
MARCH 15   1.     3umrr.ers    in Within'
tl    Law   i,  . rtlsts.
N I & H T
lil'-,    1 RD VR,
BIRCH   HKMIX)0K,   ni:
NM' \i    in    Post    On 11 B
Fir*; Insurdnce [Re,i
Accident Insurance [
Lile Insunince [Hitti
Notary Public        Revelstoke
able anil
and strongest"
the world
earnings m
t last y. ar
Real Estate
the newest Gipsy Pattern with front seam  to
toe.  New York last                     $550
98.00 to 3.50
$3.75 to 5.00
ski; on; WINDOWS
cTWcKAE SHOE STORE, Howson Block
Phones 117                                                                       SandalH, Strop Slippers, *c
is Ior the people who are
down. If it does not make you
eat, sleep, think and work better—If tt does not make you
feel good—your money, back.
The taste le pleasant and lt
wlll not upset your stomach.
PRICE $1.00
Sold only at
The Rexall Store


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