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The Mail Herald Jan 27, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and the Pacific ocean
The Mail-Herald
Published trtiee weekly—Read
by everyone--The recognized
advertising medium for ths
city and district.
Vol. 22-No 8       \
$2.50 Per Year
session will be brief
R. F. Creen Will Visit Slocan
Points En Route to
Keeping  Watchful  Eye On
Interests of Revelstoke
R. F. Green, M.I'.. for Kootenay
arrived in the city trom Victoria at
midnight last uight and left thin
morning for tbe south eu route to
attend the session of parliament at
Thrilling Sport Now Available
on Mountain Behind Revelstoke Hotel
Thrilling sport can now be enjoyed
Large Audience Delighted With ou a toboggan  slide over a quarter
Bright Entertainment By
Amateur Dramatic Club
of a mile long which has been prepaid by J. Goble on the bill at the
I s •': of the Revelstoke hotel. Tho
slide haB been    tested and    gives     a
The lurge audience which filled   the ' sPpC(1y rlm which ia ^^lMe 'or t,L-
, .. . boggans, bob-sleighs or skis,
opera house lust night Iu.h every rea- i                        .      "
Mr.   Goble intends to  erect  a   tent
Son to congratulate itself  un the en- ut tm> hcnd ()f the glide an(l to huve
tertaiument     provided    for It.     The  u bonfire for   the     comfort of those
"Real Thing" played by the Amateur watching the sport. A splendid   View
Dramatic Club was     a     real success, ig obtainable from the head     of the
ThiB club  has  put on  a number     of glide which Btarts in Clearview     and
good plays in thc past, but the   per- finishes behind the  id ition. The     run
fprmunce  lust night  waB  unite     the ]B lighted by the street     lights     in
Mr. Green  will  visit Slocan   points j best.  Although the proceeds ure     to Clearview nnd  by thc    stat .ton lights
and expects to bc in New Denver and   be given to charity, there     was     a .,nd 'it is expected that It will   prove
Milvcrton  today.   He will arrive     in  pleasurable gaiety'all    through     th.- u most popular resort ns well as     a
Nelson tomorrow     aud     will    be in \ evening,  and oue forgot     at     tlmeas good advertisement of the city as   a
Cranbrook  on  Saturday.                         i that the fashionable audience was as- centre for winter sports.
"I expect a brief session" said Mr. Isembled to   help in   its   small   way j	
Green on     the     train this   morning, j to aid the suflerlng children   on   the Q A A MI <0 U    UflA""!
"Everything   will  have  to  give    way'other side of the sun. *** A A IM 10 il    IlUAi.'
to the  war.   and  I anticipate      that I    Following the overture of the    or- nPTAnr   AAllltTC
parliament  will    devote itB attention   chestra  the  Foll'ies      put   o.    sevei il Q L I   (J H t   Ll li U ¥ I  \ 'l*i
this  session  almoBt    exclusively      to I vaudeville      sp&iulties      whicu   were
mutters in connection w'ith  Canada's  splendidly done and would have bean 	
participation   In  the  hostilities.    The  a     credit     to     professionals.     Tic Writ   ISSUed   by    Ratepayer   to
government   is determined that  Oan-j'Follies,,' who were udvertised     us .a «   . .   ..    «,__.._ pnnotrnp
ada shall  do  its duty to  the  utmost   troupe      which     was     expected     i OBI H&IUB Wdl I Bll l/UIISll UU
aud In  its resolution  1 know that it   help  for the evening,  were  10  of Re- tJOP    Company   Contract
haB the enthusiastic Bupport of     the   velstoke's  |irtttiest girls:   the  Misses, 	
people of Canada." Frances Lawson, Dcrnadine Bunnell, To obtain an order setting aside
Business at the coast, said Mr Maggie Morgan, Mary Paget, Hattie the :ontr;-t ontered into by thc
Green, is quiet at the present time Jones, Gertrude Burridge, Lauretta Saanicu Municipality with the War-
but conditions are fundamentally Dupont, Mary Mortimer, Nellie Rob- ren Construction Co., for the pave-
sound and there is no pessimism. It ertson and Mrs. Wood. They were ment of its trunk roads at a cost of
iB expected that the tourist trattic dressed in regulation pierrot cos- appro>..mutely »5e50 *>00 end to recov-
next summer will benefit cunsiderab- ttitnes and looked -extremely chlc. er damages from Walter Warren,
ly from the opening of the Panama The Highland Fling and Sword dunce Frank Shellue, S.P. Moody and A.13.
canal and from tbe Sail Francisco by Miss Mortimer, in Scotch costume Todd jn a general charge of having
exhibition. The government is also wus very cleverly done and both were u led illegal means of influencing the
purchasing so far as possible goods encored. The jokes by two minstiel district's i presentatives in the se-
caamifactured In British Columbia boys, as they changed the slides for curing of the conuuet for the com-
'or military supplies and this will the acts were much applauded, ttuy pany, are the objects of a wrtt which
Sited business favorably. were Clarence Lyons and Pete Mc- has been issued in the mime of
Mr. Qreen was pleased to know Ke.lur. Peter sang a song later in George Mellor, a ratepayer of the
that good progress had been made the everting which delighted al'.. municipality, on behalf, it is claim-
with the mattress work on the Co- , One of the new dances the Maxixe, ed, of all other ratepayers of the
lumbia river and said that  he     had 'danced  by  Miss  Lawson      and      Mr. township.
every hope that in regard  to recruit-   Whyte was a pleasing attraction, and The  first  step in  the  action,  which
ing the minister of militia  would do , was  perfectly  performed,   thc  colored promises  to  result   in the  ventilation
bis best to meet  the wishes     of     the JBpot lights making it doubly attrac- before the court    of the negotiations
tive. jMrs. Goddurd was accompanicst of 1913 which led to .ht award of (be
'for the pierrot  choruses,  and      Mrs. contract to the company named   and
l Leonard  Howson    assisted    the     or- of the amending of the terms   of the
chcatra while Miss Lawson was     en- specifications  of the new council     of
gaged on the     stage.     Candies were the following year, under which     the
31   nPUPI'ltnKP  IfinrPllPn  so'd, between the acts by the Follies, sa i        mccri   was empowered to pro-
01   IILlLilUlUIlL   UUIIULIiL'U                netted     over     $15.00 for the ceed with the work, was taken by F.
                              jenuse. At the refreshment counter ~n- A. McDiurmid,  v.hois acting for Mr.
Owing to the abnormal conditions ,other Sl5*'K* wa8 made' bcsideS add" Moll"r X"tice has *,('on SPrVCd ou oil I
now prevail..,..-, it has been decided ln* cheeT to this alt°*ether enjoyable parties n-ho have been made defend-
by th- department of education to evenln*' To° much credlt cannot "" p:its' The li8t is sompwtlat formld-
cuncd for this vear the annual Tea- *1Ven Frank Tapping Wn0 in a Smt lM"' U foUoWB' The M^icipaUtJ of
chers' Convention, wiflch had been u'an>" ways hell'ed in thc 8UCCC,is of South Saanich, the Warren Construc-
scheduied to be held it Revelstoke i„,lhe cveninK* 'ion Co*' Mr* Qe^ McGregor, the
, In the "Real Thing,:' a cor. edy in present Reeve; Frederick J. (iUick.
August.. ...
 three acts. Mrs.  W. A.  Sturdj,   who H.  J.  Dunn.  Mr. Frank  verdier,   all
'has much talent for the stage,  made councillors In  1913;  C. 11. Topp,   en-
a greut hit  as     Mrs.  Mortimer     de gineer iu the same year for  Saani.-b;
iReister, the heroine. As Miss Auroru F.  N.    B rden,    who     still    occupies
Saunders.   Miss  Davies  displayed 1 a  co.iucillor's chair,  Sydney Williams
trionlo ability of a high order,     ber who retired only   *"hi   year   is tbe re-
l.ive scene    with  Mr. Carter  as Clif- presentative of Ward :i;  J. Nicholson
'ford  de  Reister  being especial-y   no- Reeve during 1913; D  "   Johnson, tho
C.  M.   Field,  secretary    Ol the  R.'-   predated.   Miss  Parker as the haven- present cntineer, and Walter  Warren,
velstoke Curling club has received the  ty   Madge de  Re>ster   -looked  charm- Frank  Sbnllue,  S. P.  Mooi     and   A.
following  telegram     from tbe secret-  (ng and  acted    with  genuine  arm-tic E. Todd.
Are Sawing Timber-Will be
Completed by  Next
The work on the new Catholic
church at Cartier is progressing
rapidly. The building will bc of logs,
the main building being III x 20- feot
and the annex 19 x 12 feet. The Austrian settlers aro doing all the work
themselves and aro manufacturing
all the timber to be used. The church
is being built about a 'quarter of a
mile from the Cartier school on tbe
cross road. It is expected that the
building will be completed by
Through its nolicy of economy the
board of school trustees for Nelson
school district is able to close its
year to show a balance to its credit
of $'2,66X.0.r) after deducting $1,400 for
light and water not included in the
people of Revelstoke.
Teachers' Convention
Will Attract Attention of Visitors by Train—Holds
Huge Staff
The foundation has beeu laid for
the hugh snowman now being constructed on the bench neur the station uuder the supervision of William Hornell, and it is expected that
the statue in snow will be completed
by the beginning of next week.
The snow-man will stand on a
pedestal 15 feet Square and four feet
high while the figure itself will be '217),
feet in height. The modelling is being performed by C.P. Tweedtile.
The official unveiling of the snowman will be attended by appropriate
ceremonies which will include a big
snow-battle and the distribution of
candy and pea nuts among the school
A splendid view of the snow-man
will be obtainable from the station
platform. The figure will be represented holding a huge staff on which
will lie an electric torch and it will
be a conspicuous feature of the landscape to all arriving in the city by
train. Mr. Hornell believes thnt it
will be a unique advertisement for
the city and his project is being
warmly  supported.
Gas Producer Has Been Used
—Cannot Repair Racks
Until Spring
"The failure of the light on Satur
day was caused by wood getting into the turbine gates" says Mayor W.
A,. Foote, who desires to keep the
public informed as to conditions at
the power plant In fulfilment of the
policy advocated by him previous to
his election. "Thc wood," continued
Hia Worship "broke the gear, but In
anticipation of such un accident spar.-
parts were on hand and the break
was repaired. Until the rucks at the
head of the iutake ure replaced,
breakdowns must bc expected, and it
is impossible to get to the seat of
the trouble and make repnirB until
"The gus producing pliant has been
carrying the loud part of the time
but it has not been working satis-
lactorily. Wc arc now installing a
pump ti) procure water for cooling
I .irposes direct from the Illecillewaet
und this will aid to keep the gas
plant  working.
i i"The new*)machinery was shipped on
December 4, and should arrive shortly, When it is installed tad tbe
racks replaced at the intake 1 expect
that the plant will work satisfactorily and thnt Revelstoke will have a
suitable  lighting system."
I Owing to a mishap to the
city power plant candles and
lamps made their re-appearance in
the storfe windows and homes of the
city on Saturday evening. With the
aid of the auxiliary plant light f..r
the houses was obtained later in the
evening. On Sunday night the streets
and homes were again in darkness
and services at the churches were
conducted with the aid of oil lamps.
On Monday evening light wus again
supplied for domestic purposes. Yesterday the power service was again
v.eak and intermittant. but the lights
were in  fifll operation  last night.
Invitation to Attend
Bonspiel at Vernon
Pirates are Victors
Over Die Hards
ary of tbe  Vernon curling club;
discrimination. W.  A.  Sturdy made ,t      In  the statement of claim, prom.n-
"Okanagan  Bonspiel opens,  Vernon,   l lutt chauffeur and  robbed  the     I  fe once  is  given  to the desire   to  obtain
Monday,   February  1,  2  p.m.      r.i".i'ii  as to the manner born,  while     Miss ;, declaration that the road imp. /   !
competitions, six sheets ice, urgently  Lawson as the sprightly Dorotn..-   de -rent  bj law of  1918, as well as tbat
requested   to  attend. Reister   eras vivacious and  made   the of 1914, are null and     Invalid,     nnd
J. D.  IR'HNYKAT, imost bf. her part.  H.   V.  Morgan Ull- that the contrnct entered into     with
Secy.  V.C.C.  cd  with  much skill the part     of the the Warren    Construction     company,'
Any skips intending to take     rinks   millionaire de ReiFter,  Mr. Lloyd   as under them must s'.nnd    aside.     The
to Vernon are asked to communicate  Harold   Strutherp,   Mi3s     Paget     as position  tnken   is    that thc     rouiicil
with Mr.  Field without delny. I Suzette and J.  A. Woodland as     the had no power to come  Lo    such     an
I villain Dick   Murphy and  the waiter, agreement, as it conferred  a    special
GOLDEN   LIBERALS                               By  ftijod  their parts acceptably   and I rivilege on    the     company.     Under
ELECT NEW OFFICERS   to  the thorough  satisfaction  o*    th° these  conditions,   it  is     maintained
audience.                                                       , the proposal  should have bem     Laid
The annual meeting of the    Golden ;    After the performance the Dave urr before the     ratepayers    in tbe usna'
Liberal association was held ln     the  orchestra  played for a     dance.     for form  for their  ratification  or   other
Lyric theatre.  The following    officers j which ,, larie number of the audience wise.  It also is set out that the con-
were elected for the ensuing year:        'stayed. tractors in question havc   a     patent
  asphaltic  mixture  upon      which      an
Hon.  President—Sir Wilfrid  Laurier
Ilon. First. Vice rrcsident—H. Brew
Hon. Beoond Vice President—J. A.
Buckham. ■
President—H, v. Dartt,
Vice presidents   (loo.  Snr.born,  J.O,
Orenn  and   Qeo.  L.   Huckbam.
Secretary trensurer    F    H.   Hill.
Fxecntlve    .1.     C       Sbelrlock,       .1.
Wren.     o.   w.    Wloderman,   A. 0,
Hamilton,    Wm, .f.   McRae,    Thos.
King, 0,  Strom,|V|st.
KubIo Red Cross workers have con    arbitrary price is tU"d which    Ib   un-
tributed  $200 in cash to the soclet' 's  duly high and that there wns no free ,
work to date.
The  Cranbrook  Herald  claims $30,
000 u..rth of ice cream is brought into Cranbrook from    ou<tside    points
Rossland'l fire losses in 1914
amounted to ;i<\>w on which 19,86.4
lnsuranci u;,h ...n.i
Kaslo    Horticultural     and     "Fruit   ports tbey have practically p'h1 ded
QroW-ars'   association  was    unable   to   jn  making  satisfactory  arrangements.
Blairmore  school had     an    average   else!   Officers  al   their  annual      meet-  Now.   however,   it  will   he  impossible
Ing—the  at: not      la: -     ,,,  ,-,, ,.,„•,■  further     with      the enter
enough. i pris" until the lit.ii-at.ion is over.
and open competition.
This development, it is pointed out,
means further delay in the starting
of thc proposed work. Thc Reeve and
councillors have been engnged ln negotiating tbe floating of the miinic'i-
pality's debentures with a view to
beginning oper.itloos as soon ns the
dry  season  arrived.  According  to re
On Monday evening thc Pirates played thc Die Hards, in thc senior basket ball league at the Y.M.C.A. tbs
fame was fast, furious and rough all
thc way through. In the first ulf
Capt. Mullhollund played one of his
recruits, but long before the ball
time whistle sounded he realized his
mistake as he saw bis COmbinaHon
being broken up time after time uud
the combination of tbe opposing
team working in fairly good shape,
At 'the end of the haif the score
Sheet showed that each team bail
scored seven tield buskcte, but good
free shots by Woodland brought   the
score  up   to   17  making  his  team   one
point in  tbe 'lead.
In the second half "Mull" took the
field himself and the team gained
greatly In strength, their combination was faster, and they hung to
gether better. Hurridge. Iln.ee and
Miillholland each Scored one goal
nnd McLeod got two for the 1'irates
in this half, while Woodland wns the
only successful shooter (or the Die
Maris. The game finished score 87—
21 in favor of the 1'iratis, after the
hardest game yet played in the league. There arc 1,-oing to be some bar |
fights  for the top place this winter.
Thc following is the line up of the
Pirates.— Rurridge    c;
Druce, f;      Newsome,    d
Mullhollund, d.
Die    Hards,—Dow,  f;
Sibbald,  c;   Woodland,  d
Mrl.eod,    f;
Haug,    d;
R.  Bruce, f:
White,  d.
I'ttondunce of Sl-8 in lieeeml.er.    with
240 pupils enrolled,
Manager Poutnbly  of    thc  Stepney
ranch   Fnderby  reports that lie     hns
nfld the enti"- hay     crop    of     tho
ranch,  .-<i,d  Ins orders  for many  car
loads  that  bo is unable  to supply.
Okanagan Widow
Will Hunt Deer
The Immune act of the uttorney-
general as head of the game depart
ment in sanctioning the issuance of
special permits to kill deer out of
season as required for food, has been
taken advantage of by many p<eopie
who are iu distress in different parts
of the province. A large number ol
speciul licenses have beeu issued ::,
the Nanaimo district, while following
the publishing of an article two
weeks ago dealing with the subject,
a number of Vuucouver people have
The game authorities are, of course
exercising very rigorous scrutiny
over the issuance of the lie. ns. - ,,u i
only genuine cases of distriss ar,
considered. This has debarred
of the Vancouver applicants, us
though B deer might be got in Burn-
abj    BOW   and  then,   it   We.uld   bl   I
ously unprofitable for  Vancouver I
to go deer-hunting     in tbe suburbs,
und  thos'   wh..  can   uib.rd   te. .
of town on a hunt can obviously   afford  to buy butcher meat.
The case of ., widow with level ll
young children m the Columbia district was brought to tin attent
tho attorney-general, with the result
that the deputy game wordeas bav.
got permission to hunt a deer on
behalf of nny widows who c in not
hunt for themselves. Several families
in thiB plight have been reported.
One widow who with her three
young children lives in the Okanagan
district* is made of different mettle
to ber sisters. The suggest io.. that
she might like to have tbe deputy
warden shoot, on her license for her
wns declined with thanks. "I can
trail a deer and bring it down myself and enjoy the sport ot it," she
The annual report of the Cranbrook Poultry association shows the
total membership to be ninety-seven.
During 191-1 $1500 worth of feed was
brought In from outside points,
Three Places of Business
Entered During Hours
of Darkness
One Dollar and Used Clothing Sole Proceeds of
During the hours in which the city
was in darkness on Sunday night
three burgluries were committed, in
none of which was any considerable
Looty secured. F. B. WellB' store in
old town, the Globe Lumber company's oflice on Third street and the
Parisian Dye Works on First street
were the buildings visited. In one
place one d""ar was taken, in another some used clothing and in the
third nothin-- w.is secured.
At 10.30 on Sunday evening it was
discover, d that ths side window of
F.H. Wells store had heen broken and
the window raised. The burglars entered the storn and took one dollar
from the till, all the money that it
contained at the time. Nothing else
was missins;.
When S, Mcllmoyle., manager for
the Globe Lumber company, went to
his ottice on Monday morning te saw
broken glass lying on the floor. Investigation Bhowed that a hole had
been broken in the side window near
the railway hiding, immediately above
the catch of the window. The burglar
had evidently put his hand through
the hole, opened the catch and raise.!
the window. He then entered the office through the window and made
his way to the safe. Tried to the
combination knob of the safe is a
tag announcing ehnt the safe Ce.n-
tains bo.iks only and giving thc com
bination necessary to open the safe
The burglar used the combination
opened the s.:fe, found no money and
depurted, probably through the front
One of the otfices of the Glo!>e Lumber company at Edmonton w.is broken into last summer nnd the safe
blown. Since than in none of the
safes of the company is money kept
and on a?l the safes are Instructions
telling burglars hi w they may open
the safes  without  injuring them.
The third burglary w.is at tbe Pai
si.in Dye v.:>- establishment on
First street and was discovered at
7.110 on Monday morning when W.
Harris the proprlel r went to his
place of business. Here the burglars
bad forced op, n the side window
without breaking thi glass. Four
suits left t.i be cleaned, . lady's dress
a lady's coat and some valuable lace
n is stolen.
fire on Firsl Street
is Speedily [xtiiipished
A in     • it in the up] er Btory
of R. Smith'     ■■ i,  i' rsi
early    n   Sunday  aftcin
The tin' !,rsL..,d.- waa speedily on the
scene and the b! uiahed
before any sei •  had    i sen
: a Tuke     I *tusti Ian
who has been detained in the \
detention  camp,  for  tl month
f.'r express ng Antl P. •
has been [reed.
The Oi inby con my al PI i nis
and Gran I Koi '.. is li ci • as .1 the
wages  of en by     five pei   c-nt.
thus making the reduction ol the gen
eral scale  20 per cent.
Prep; • I ■ ire " -ll under way
for the Oolden annual B nspiel which
takes place  on Fi rj        3, and 4.
A meeting was held at  which     com-
mittees were chosen nnd further     ar-
. nl n    tbe on-
Will be
undei thi   lii ;    - -   Crlei le
and  Mis.   sh   ■'■    oi   the  eve * ng
Feb   i.
Tbe sernt;<rv  ol  tbe local  club has
so   far   WC ive.l       SlirnnCS   from     F.r
me  and   P ..'.■'  thai      tron rega
tions  would   '■   -ee     In   n      Hues.      two
i laces 'ed     from
Revelptokc,  Calgary,   Oran rook,   \t
balmer, Wilmcr,     [nver icre, Windermere and  Field.—Golden  Star.
Mend Your Pots and Pans! Use VQIai
It will repair holes in enamelled ware, tin, copper, brass or aluminum.
One package will mend 30 to 50 holes, only 15 cents per package.
Just what every house wife has been looking for for many years.
Save your pots and pans.
Tins.m.tiiino .* Plumbing
Carpet Squares $7.75 up.
Floor Oilcloth  45c sq. yd. up.
Linoleum  60c sq. yd. up.
Blankets, 7 lb $4.40 up.
Flannelette Sheets 12x4 $2.20 up.
BREAD is the staff of life, but this applies only to good bread, we
venture to Bay that if you will give our bread a trial we can -convince you that our Bread is worthy of the name—"The Staff of
Life"—in style and quality as Bakers loaf, Hom-e-made, Vienna, Cottage, French, Twist; also Rye, raisin and Graham Bread.
HONEY, that is absolutely pure, gathered and bottled In B.O., as
this is the season for honey, we would advise you to give this a
trial as to purity. Only a limited quantity. Come early if you want
honey tbat Is honey only.
Phone 41 HOBSON'S Box 734
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath"
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Hotel Victoria
H. Lm outon, Prop.
Choicest of Wines. Liquois. and Ci-gars
Union  Hotel
A. P. LBVESQUB, Proprietor
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Rest Wines, Liquors and
Cipars.    Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
SAM   MCrTWAHON        LiBht *nd heavy Wagons, light and heavy
Sleigha. Buggies, Cutter*, Plows. Harrow*
General Blacksmith Farm Implements. Waaona mada and r»pair.»d
Agent for John Desre and Company and]lnternatlonal Harvester Co.
Farm Implements
Jntertor publishing Companv
S. G.  ROOKE, Manager and Editor.
There will evidently be no army
contract scandals in Canada If Gen.
Hughes is able to prevent them. Tbe
middleman is being eliminated, and
in Vancouver the minister of militia
declared that in the securing of supplies he was receiving the assistance
of practical businessmen of executive
ability  and  experience.
There wus never a war yet thut
did not otler opportunities for getting rtch quick. So long as the getting rich .quick is accomplished by
legitimate moans, it has perhaps to
be tolerated. But practices that in
time of peace may be illegitimate,
•md punishable by a tine, may in time
of war be treason, and properly punishable by the extreme penalty. Public opinion in Canada is sufficiently
stern to approve the severest punishment thnt a military court would
mete out to a contractor who, hy
supplying inferior equipment, would
deprive a Canadian soldier of a
single unit of efficiency when fighting
against the Germans. High prices are
considered one of the natural results
of war, hut for high prices good
value is demanded, and the contractor who receives the high prices and
skimps his work is an ully of the
Discoveries have been made of bad
Outfitting of the British troops. lt
has been explained, however, that in
some cases the inferior article was
the only article available, and that
the only option for the war office- teatf
; to choose condemned khaki, and ger
lt at once, or wait some weeks until
Cood khaki could be provided. In this
case tbe difficulty was met by serving all the available cloth ot standard quality to the men on active service, and supplying the men in training at home with the rejected goods.
Then, by th<- time they were ready to
go to the front, the mills, working
night and day, had caught up with
the demand, the new uniforms were
ready, and the make-shift garment*
were discarded. Thus th" only loss
WaB a mone\ !ns«. The troops went
to the front perfectly equipped. It ia
to lx> hoped that the similar explan
-it, *■ e made with rezunl I
le In haste for     thi-
.ry,  and  u'. which
noen   heard.      If
.   • an  be ad
■   -*ill not shrink from
'   :•     ••   rtet    ■
U.I.KI v \ -.!■    B :,' e j| BM k
It    ,h   pre
to limit. aldarmanP
.'iv- mil
the first contingent were not equal
to. 'The Review' eitcnds Mr. and
Mrs. Foster best wishes for health,
happiness and prosperity, and hopes
that the company the gallant lieutenant has command ol will huve thc
risPinction of hoisting the first union
jack in the German capital—certainly if Foster and a few hundred
Kootcnuy volunteers behind him ever
get headed that, way ten times their
number of sauerkraut soldiery would
have a hard job to keep them out of
Revelstoke motion picture fans are
to have the treat of their lives, says
W. A. Smythe, when the Belgian Relief war pictures will be shown in
The Empress theatre on Monday,
February 8, with a special matinee
to the school children. The Calgary
papers are giving hif,h praise to
those wonderful pictures. They are
tirst motion pictures from the tiring
■ friend
' '
tnd   manager
A'he.   on     e
graduated '<-■■•■   Work  Polnl  B
• Itb thr rank  of
.ind   who    ■'  iTeA    mother   H'irr.-ns      ,-,n
■■;...•      •
■   ■ ,
Miwr Anne Harvle Rot     B I .'
H '       iulte     a     nun
i|!inlifi"<i officers   prevlou
i,,r tt,,. ^rr,,rni contingent it m hard-
Ij    likely   Mr    Poster      will     get
with th.- nexl oversfns forces bul
he is asoiineei „ command in the
third contingent While an army of
fiii'iids win i,o disappointed in his
i e,i gatl Ing awaj with the net ond
contingent  there ole   lot     o(
satisfaction In knowing that In  view
"f  his  recent.  successful   course   In   the
military school Ihero iM simiii chance
of his being found wanting when the
British nrn.y tr-pf ,,f fitness has to be
fared-a  test numerous  otlicers     with
Ymir reports a snowfall of Hi inches.
Nelson has now $■",•!,r>9(> of uncollect-
! ed taxes.
Kaslo Orange lodge has a membership of 24.
I The Atlierta Hotel at Blairmore has
closed its doors.
I Three marriage licenses were issued
at Fernie last week.
The Natal opera house is to be enlarged and renovated.
Work has been stopped on the
Cranbrook  waterworks.
A ladles' hockey, club has been   organised  at  New Denver.
Last year about 12,000 tons of zinc
ere were shipped from the  Slocan.
j The Nelson Ladies Hospitn'i a'id is
giving a hard timcB ball on February 5.
Kaslo paid 85,565  in    school tcsich-
| ers' salaries last year, and $4'*>0   for
Janitor work.
Geo. F. Stevenson of Cranbrook is
mentioned as a likely Conservative
candidate in East Kootenay.
The profit to the city of Nelson on
the operation during 19-11 of its electric light plant wus $10,020.97,
Dunne 1914 the Cranbrook tire department attended a totul of 17 tires
with an  estimated loss of $l,18r5.
Chiclionpox is prevalent in Nelson
at present. 39 cases hav'ing been reported in  the past three  months.
The Cranbrook Farmers institute
advocates the establishment of a
milk depot and an ice cream factory.
Close to 100 men are doing reliel
work at the Nelson city wood cutting
camp. They average' about a cord
and a half per man per day.
It is estimated thnt IO.0M tons of
genuine "Made in Cranbrook" ice will
be i ut here this winter. The ice is
now about  2"  Inches in thickness.
K.ir tbe nine months chief of police
Adams of Cranbrook has been on the
job 21" prisoners were received at
thp loci.! jail and $2,164 was paid   in
The tot-e| loSBes by lire, water and
smoke to buildings and contents in
Nelson during 1914, according to th"
annual report of the fire chief, Uon-
,.ii| Gutbi le,  was $4te000>.
Tlie actual loss e,n the year's oper-
if   ths   Nelson   L'iiH   plant       was
■   lie the leess on opsralIon ol
vas $1,169 which    In-
•    est   and   sinking    fund
total  loss of $4,400
de  .r my consaqhenw t,,
onto the  rails
ui tap Una, cams do*a n
tbe i' tmblei  tiding one da) laet
sees   II    'in..' ,h, i     0fl ii,  B  Hiiort
■.  plow seal  eip trom
tbis end.
We are offering CLOSE PRIOES on:
Bourne Bros.. Ltd.
Telephone 22
First Street
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
i   President ,   Vice-President
EDWARD HAY, General Manager.
WILLIAM MOKKAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead'Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.B. MfcCLKNLG-HANi Manager.
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs-in the most modem plant in the
West Government inspected—approved bv careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears-
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and  Piano-moving a
Phone 48— Titi.   Night Phone346
It's good policy lothink of tbe future,
It'HHtill better policy luprovldn ugainst
'he misfortunes it may have in Htore
or you. The surest wav of protecting
vonrself and family ll a
with a reliable company.   The 111..-1,
Bnanolal standing ami long buslmss
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it ahHolutely trustworthy,
Your time mav he near at hand
Don't delay.   Takeout a policy now.
A. ES, Kincaid. Manager
In order that nM citizen's ot Revelstoke ni.-iy have an opportunity to
participate in the city's flrst winter
sports carnival, I hereby declare that
the afternoon of Tuesday, Pehruary
9, shall he ohserved as a puhlic half
holiday in the City of Kevelstoke.
God Snve the King.
"Twflvr Storirinl Solid Cwi,lurt"
A beBolutety 1 in ,,,<,,.!     ■ ,,.,• -.,
»!'•■ I nerl m e-e ll        Bfl ke.'e'l Mil V.
N'   "'.nil    III Dl
F.UKOPF.ANPUN    Slprrrf.yup
Wild ll .lie     y> pir day up
Burridcje & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
W'l     M|MTI»li/C     111
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated roof
Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
simp   Connaught Ave.
REVELBTOKE             -    B.C.
ll.alewith tlie ItevelMokc
General Agencies.)
Bookkeeping Typewriting and
all kinds of Clerical Work
Accounts Collected
Prompt Keturtih
Pire, Life and Accident   Insur
mice placed with sound and
reliable companies
Cilice:    McKenzie   Avenue
(Nexl to Com. Telefgraph Office)
Phone 308     p. o. Box :ti?
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pitinos a Specialty
Phone42   -   Night Phone85
Notice is hereby    given,  in accord
nnce with the Statutes, that all   assessed taxes. Income and School Taxes,  assessed     and     levied under the
j "Taxation Act" and the "Public
Schools Act," and amendments, are
due and payhle at my office ln the
Court House, in the City of Revelstoke, for the year 1915.
| This noti:e, in terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand by
me upon all persons liable for Tax<se.
• Dated at Revelstoke. B. C, thle
12th day of January, 1915.
Collector,       Revelstoke    Assessment
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
speeds) ty of lagging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
re;uirtd la your business. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 27, 1915.
Those having items for publication
in the Mail-Herald social and personal column are requested to call
up phone 62.
Those receiving are:
Mrs. J. P. Sutherland, 50 Douglas
Mrs. L. M. Masson, 98 Douglas
Mrs. F. B. Wells, 44 Douglas street.
Mrs. Dluy, of Malakwa was a
visitor in town last week. .
Mr. Pepper conducted the service on
Sunday afternoon, at thc Big Eddy.
Sam Sutherland returned last week
from a visit spent at Halcyon Hot
Howard J. Laws, the genial traveler for KoRy Douglas, Vancouver,
spemt a couple of days in town last
Mrs. S. X. Hall of Comaplix is
spending a couple of weeks in town,
guest of Mrs. J. H. Curtis, 61 Third
Miss A. R. McPherson of Spokane
arrived on Saturday to make an extended visit to her sister Mrs.
Oeorge D.  Shaw, Third street.
A Vneeting of the Women's Auxilury
•o! St. Peter's church, will be held at
the home of Mrs. A. Kenwood, 21
Fourth street at 3.45 on Thursday
Mr. W. I. Brtggs, barrister, left for
the coast cities on Friday, on some
legal business. He was accompanied
as far as New Westminster by his
brother, Dr.  Briggs.
The Girl's Thimble class met at
the home of Mrs. J. Hack on Monday evening. After thc sewing was
laid aside, dainty refreshments were
served by the hoBtess.
A wedding was performed at the
manse, ou Saturday evening, by Hev.
J. Vi. Stevensou, thc contracting
parties being Mr. A.E. Johnson aud
Mies Rebekka K. Xilaen, both of the
Big Eddy.
The Girls Auxiliary of the Hospital Guild hus presented the Queen
Victoria hospital with $H>0 worth ol
rubber matting, which is proving
very satisfactory, besides tilling a
long felt want; thc bare floors of the
ball in the surgical floor being very
About 11 of the pup'ils of Mr,
Ross' room at the Central school,
calling themselves the "Sunshine
tlub" are having many delightful
ggtherings. Ou Saturday afternoon
they went for a long tramp on snow-
shoes, and arrived about 7.o'clock at
the home of Mrs. Moth, Canadian
Pacific railway hill, where a splendid
6Upper awaited them. After, doing fulL
]UBtice to the many good things provided, a dclightlul evening wus spent
in games.
The surprise party given Miss
Blanche Md'art-. on Tursdav of lust
week was in honor of her hirthday,
which was tho following Saturday.
As thc party proved a surprise only
to the "surprisers," (a little bird
having whispered the news in advance,) a committeee called at her
home on Saturday evening, surprising her indeed, in presenting her
with a beautiful band-painted Jiox of
chocolates. This candy whb the gilt
of the gentlemen of tbe party, who
also  paid for the orchestra.
The members of the high school,
and the teachers, had ;l delightful
outing on Saturday night, when over
50 met at the bigb school building,
and left for a long tramp on snow-
shoes. MrB. I. M. Paterson, wife of
the principal of the high school, and
ber Bister, Miss Ethel Phillips, were
the guests of honor. The tramp extended to the old cric'iet grounds,
where many line slides were taken,
also a few "headers." On their return to the ivhoul, refreshments were
partaken of, and the remainder of
thc evening Bpent in gameB.
Mr. J. Anderson is spending a few
days at the coast.
Mr. N. R. Brown is making a
short business trip to Nelson.
Mrs. Sturdy arrived in town on
Monday on a visit to ber son W. A.
Mr. Miles Perry left for Kamloops
on Tuesday, where he will spend the
next month.
Mrs. W. J. Armstrong was the aos-
tesa at the tea hour on Monday to a
lew frionds,
Mrs. W. J. Armstrong was the
hostess at the tea hour on Monday to
e  few friends.
Mr. George S. McCarter returned
this morning, from a 10 days trip
spent, in Calgary.
A daughter was born to the wife
of W. R. Hillyer on Monday, at the
Queen  Victoria hospital.
Miss Margaret Jam'.son has returned from her trip to Calgary, very
much improved in health.
Mrs. J. H. Armstrong entertained
a few friends on Wednesday at a delightful thimble party. Dainty refreshments  were  served.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenwood returned
on Tuesduy night from Kamloops,
where they had gone to attend the
Mineral of Mrs. C. L. Wain, wife of
the electrical superintendent of that
city, who died on Sunday.
An afternoon ten given by the Altar society of St. Francis church will
be held on Wednesday, Feb. 3. at tbe
home of Mrs. Fred Fraser, east of
the Canadian Pacilic railway track.
A sale of home cooking will also be
Mr. B. M. Main, master mechanic,
Canadian Pacific railway, Vancouver,
was the guest of Mr. und Mrs.
(ieorge Moth on Wednesday, leaving
on the midnight train for Field, ac
eompanied by Mr. Moth, where they
will spend a day or two on business.
The pupils of Mr. Ross' room of
the Central school were treated to a
sleigh-ride on Monday afternoou.
Two large sleigh", tilled witb happy-
children and chaperoned by Miss
Hyatt and Miss Fraser left the school
at six o'clock, for one of the joMest
drives of the season. About $ o'clock
a tired but happy bunch arrived at
the home of Mrs. Charles Holten
where supper awaited them. The evening was spent in sames and a glorious time was enjoyed by all.
The lirst snow shoe trump of the
season of the Kevelstoke Snow-Shoe
club, was held ,-.n Sunday, Jan. 24.
Starting from the customs house at
10 a.m., a party of ubout a dozen
members, went up the Big Bend road,
then followed the river bank to the
canyon, and on to thc cabin at tbe
canyon where n halt w.is culled for
lunch. After lunch, nnd a short test,
they went across the base of Mount
Revelstoke to the auto-road. then
over the first lookout, aid across
Mr. Procunier's ranch to the Ski
club's new slide. Thc next tramp will
take place on Sunday mornine, md
all members of the club are revested to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Howson entertained a number of the younger
set on Monday evening at their new
home on McKenzie avenue. Nine tables were filled fur card playing, flve-
liundred being the game chosen, Miss
Gladys Urquhart winning the prize
lor highest score amanz the ladies
and Mr. A. McRae Jr., the one for
gentlemen. Miss Crquhart was , ri
sented with a heiutiful buncb of hot
bouse flowers, carnations and chry-
HnnthemuriB, and Mr. McRae with a
fine desk-set. Dainty refreshments
were served at which a large birthday cake figured conspicuously, the
party being in honor of the host's
birthday. Aft«r the supper-hour a
number of dances were enjoyed, Mrs.
Leonard Howson. and Miss Urquhart.
providing the music. Choice selections were also listened to from Edison records.
Everyone in the city, who iB desirous of responding to Queen Mary's
appeal to the women of Canada for
assistance in the care of her poor by
tbe gift of one garment per individual is invited to be the guest of
the Women's Canadian club at a ten
to be given by the club at the home
ii! Mrs. Walter Bews on Saturday afternoon from 4 to i. The gifts contributed will be on exhibition and
an especially good mUSl<Cal program
will lie provided, His Worship the
mayor wfll he preaent .luring the afternoon and will address the club.
The gifts asked f>->r are am article of
clothing to suit the needs of all ages
Irom the infant to the grown man or
woman and the gifts are to be distributed  at.  Her  Majesty's discretion
among the poor and needy. The invitation from the Canadian club is
a cordial one and .esmbraces every
woman in the city who would like to
be a contributor in the nation's -gift
to our gracious Quean.
Robert Gaw is again mayor of
Grand Forks.
Alex McKenzie left for Princeton
last Friday.
!    There  are  2o  men  working for the
Standnrd at Sllverton.
Tbe curling boom is still on in
Greenwood and Phoenix.
Tlie Strathmorc has a carload of
ore  ready  for shipment.
Joe Bromley died at Fairview last
week from heart failure.
In Cranbrook last year there were
70 deaths and 154  birthB.
Bob Cunning is shipping ore from
the Mercury mine at  Sandon.
Tom Montgomery hus returned
from the north to thc Slocan.
Last month there were 12 cases in
the police court at Chilliwack.
All the liquor licenses in Greenwood were renewed last Friday.
There are 55,000 people in London,
Ontario, and only 20 li.|iior Kceuses.
By railroad it is 275 miles from
Merritt to Midway. The aeroplane
route is much Bhorter.
Last year Grand Forks had an excess of assets over liabilities,
amounting to $7,807.29.
Otto Wilson hung himself in Vernon recently. Beside him was found
en empty whiskey flask.
Anthony McWhirter died at Enderby recently aged 65 years. He lived
at New Denver years ago.
Bob Cameron, of Rock Creek, trapped this winter, four cougars and a
timber wolf, on the main Kettle
The smelter in Greenwood w'ill resume operations when copper reaches
a certain price, and sufficient ore
can be obtained.
It takes liberal aggressive and
broad-minded business men to make
a live town. Fishing for nickles does
not  make a dollar town.
In Eho**lt last week two patriarchs
celebrated their birthdays, by pooling the entertainment, and drinking
out of the same bottle.
This season li. Bainbridge trapped
four m'ink and 30 beaver on the
North Fork of the Kettle river. He
sold the beaver pelts for $6.50 eacb.
It is reported that the Granby will
resume paying divijends next month.
Their mines nt Phoenix in a short
time  will be working full capacity.
When the Kettle Valley railway
goes into operation next summer, it
will open up a great future for
Greenwood and Princeton, .provided
the business men of those towns nre
alive to their opportunities.
It is estimated      that     there    are !
2,10.'',,000,000 feet  of  timber tributary
to the Kettle  Valley railwoy.   From
the logging, sawing and sale of this
timber  about  thirty  millions of  dol- :
lars wiU  be left in the district.
Near Third Cabin, 76 miles north j
of Hazelton, E. Elpbinstone, telegraph operator was found dead on
the trail from exposure. He had |
thrown away his pack and snow-
shoes, and went to sleep in the deep
snow a short distance from his
Many mines are being worked
around Greenwood at present. Tho
E.P.U. has ei:>ht men nnd shipping
ore. The Strathmore has five men
and will put on a large gang nevt
week. The Togo hns three men working, while the Artro Is working two
Some time ago Joseph Husmann
and his five partners bought Nenzel's
ranch at Boundary Fulls. Last
Thursday afternoon the house caught
fire from a defective flue and burned
down causing a loss of $1,500. Neur-
ly all the goods in the lower story
were Bnved. This is hard luck for
men start'inir ir, the ranching business. Four of them are from Switzerland.
Jim Fiiiibis brought a big roll to
Hrecnwood the other day and deported it on the floor of the Hotel
Windsor oflice. He neglected to chain
;t and luring the night it vanf'shed.
The roll was as big as a Saratoga
trunk and contained a mnttresB,
blanketi« nnd the gatherings of 39
years. Tbe chap who took Jim's roll
, will never prosper, unless he brings
it back.
C. B. HUME fi CD, LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Ore Maximum
••ear at a Minimum Price
"Business Jls Usual"
By actual comparison we find our business normal.    We have kept our lines com
plete and our service up to standard and no doubt we are deriving some benefit.
JANUARY PRICES still prevail in the Dry Goods Department.    Watch the
windows.    Take the elevator.
A quick clearance of LADIES COATS on Friday and  Saturday.  AJ1  coats
go into two piles they are $15.00 to  $35.IK) Coats and all    this     seasons,   0/T   firxrt Silfi
only two prices dow  yl*/   mmllU   yr    V
A special BLACK SILK, so good we calnnot  help telling     you about  it.
Full 36 inches wide, "Pailette" perfect color, Black, made to sell at $2.50     0"/  t\t\
the yard. Special at  *     ™ I orJV
Another ipt of DRESS MATERIALS,   Serges, Plaids, Etc., go on sale this
week end, they are worthy values at   75 cents and     85    cents.     January     t\fl(*
price     ,     %/V%r
Still some good values on the TEN   CENT TABLE of   Ginghams, Prints,    1 Qp
Flannelettes,  Domets, Muslins,  Cottons, Linings. AH	
STANDARD SPOOL COTTON, all colors, all sizes, 3 spools 10c. or     £rUC   U   UOZ,
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Tables loaded with goods at prices which you cannot afford to miss.
They must be cleaned  out and these prices are  sure to do  it
Men's Shirts g*;
Both soft and stiff fronts, sizes 16 to 18. All W,
!&R.Coat Shirts and made to fit. Sale Price
Men's Hats
SOFT FELT—Fedora shapes; many colors.
AH the famous Chrystys' make. A Q K
Price  l«Ow
SOFT FELT-Fedora shapes, in shades of
brown and gray, beaver and velour
felts. Reg. $4 and $5 values. 0 Cft
Sale price  "•M
STIFF HATS - Blacks and browns,  QCp
Odd lines, sale price, each    VUv
Felt Slippers
WOMEN'S JULIETTES in felt and velvet.
All  sizes,  many  colors.     Sale QCp
price, a pair 	
BOUDOIR   SLIPPERS     All  felts
different colors, sale price, each
lined. Mocca leather. Sale i QK
price  A'""
Children's FELT SLIPPERS, all colors.
Sale prices 55c and 65c
Grocery and Crockery Department
Codfish, 2 pound boxes.
Codfish, 2 pound packages.
Labrador Herring, by the dozen.
Sea Trout by the pound.
Van Houten's 1, i and 1 Ih. tins.
Cross & Blackwell 1, i and i lb.
Fry's Brenkfast,  J tb. tins.
Fry's Homoeopathic i Ib. tins.
Bakers Breakfast,  J tb. tins
Cowans, 1,  J  and  } lb. tint.
Bulk sold by the pound.
Dill  Pickles,  by the dozen.
Heinz Sweet Oerklns by the pint
or quart.
Young   lleets  In   Vinegar  by    the
Pearl Onions, by the bottle.
Cross and Blnckwells Chow-chow,
Onions, Mixed. Walnuts and
Oriental Pickles, pl^» „nd quart
, Stevens Pickles; chow-chow, Mixed, Gerkins and Walnuts, ipint
Heinz Sweet Pickles, Gerkins and
Mixed  in bottlss.
Heinx Sour and Chon>-Chow in
Heinz Indian Relish.
Cocoa, per Ih  25c     Blue Lalwl Krt< hup, per liottlc.   ..
Chocolate, targe oakei  flic     Iloliii iii.kf'-e Sauce, per liottle	
W. I. Briggp returned this morning
irom the coast.
0, M. Cook ol Golden registered at
the Hotel Revelstoke on  Sunday.
S. R. Cochrane of Windsor was   at
tbe Kim:  Edwurd hotel on Monday.
G.  J. Brady of Victoria wos at the
Hotel Revelstakc on Sunday.
G. S: McCarter returnod this morning from a visit ,to Alberta.
I   T. Kilpatrick left last night' on. a
v*iait to  Victoria for a few dayB.
Mrs.   E.   G.  Hadow returned     this
morning fri'in a visit to the conBt.       ed    at the King Edward
O.H.H. Wells of KamloopB register-
hotel     on
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Clough of Hop,
B. C, were at the King Edward ho
te]  Sunday.
T, d. Wadman, of Revelstoke, was
a visitor to Oolden during tho week.
—Golden Star.
Several times in thc last week naval  men   have  been   noticed      on    the
trains enroute from Halifax to Kwnn
J, Asquith, who has been on guard
at the bridge enst  of Golden,  left for
Revelstoke  on  Thursday  night
den Star.
I T. Wharton of Shuswap was a
guest at the King Edward hotel on
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Reid of.Arrow-
bead Came UP on Monday and registered at the King Kdward hotel.
Major-General,    Hon. Sam jRughes,
passed through Revelstoke on No. 4
on Monday niirlit. on his return to the
of the association  and  those  intending to join are invited to be present.
HULETT.—On  January 21 to     the
wife of H.E. Hulett a daughter.
The funeral of Eugene Johnson who
Ashes have been scattered over the
Gol    slippery   sidewalks  and    walking     is
easier  and  less  dangerous than      before.
died nt N'ew Westminster on Tuesday Tlie ladies auxiliary of the Brother-
1 ist   was hM     from    the Methodist hood of Railroad Trainmen will hold
church     ysterday     afternoon     at 2 their  annual  dance    on  Easter  Mon-
o'clock. day.
J. M. Cameron, assistant gener.il
superintend'.'nt, Canadian Pacilic railway came in from the west on Monday night and went south on Tues-
dav morning.
The annual St. Valentines dance
of the Girls' Hospital auxiliary will
be held on Friday, February 12. in
the Masonic hall.
Among the guests at the King Edward hotel on Monday were J. Vi.
Monson      of     New York    aud 0.  W.
Vi. 0.   Miller,  superintendent  Canadian  Pacific  railway  of Nelson   came
from the south on Monday night and   Brown of White Rock, S.D
returned on Tuesday morning having
fe.ine  to   meet  assistant  superintendent,  J.  M.  Cameron.
The Okanagan Loan & Investment,
compnny. with head offices at Ke'o-
*wna, has been registered under the
Trust Companies' Act. This is the
twelfth trust company in the province to S'-'cure registration under
the act.
Invitations are heing issued for the
dance heine given by D. Com-
I any 102nd, regiment. Rocky Mountain Rnngers and the Revelstoke
H'ime Guard to he held on Friday.
January 29. Invitations must be presented at the door.
3teve Barrett, a laborer, engaged
on railway construction who left
Athalmer on Friday by road across
: ,ke Wikdermere for his shark, was
Bunday found dend, frozen sti;l
at the side of the road about seven
miles from Invermere. The verdict at
an inquest was death by freezinc. H;>
had  no known  relatives.
Canadian Pacific railway officials
are already at work preparing the
new passenger train schedules which
will come into effect aliout the end of
May. Thn transcontinental trains
will be run each way daily instead of
two as at present. A largely augmented travel is expected the exposi
tion at  San Fl
e! ir. heavy advance bookings,  \ les
ture of thc new tii i table   will    be
that     it     will     provide     for     pas-
scnecr      tr.otic       ovei       bhe    new
Valley  Railway.    Regul
vi-ee will be given via Spence's Bridge
and M rritt through to N
ping ovei  nighl  at   I *    ,  where
there is a fine hotel.   The' new   route
nected   to  Drove  a stronir factor
. • •-    ■ cists.   ■'   ■'■ and
Q< W bi rvici    Kill  .-<■ irt   'ree::
Bridee, ce-nnectinc    wil        I  •    east-
hound " ntinenta
- in the   morning
with i
the •■•.-•■■ Inr.
Among the guests at the Hotel
Revelstoke ou Sunday were Christina
Mclleth and Edward McBeth of Oak
Lake and Annie McBeth of Brandon.
Six enquiries in less than an hour
after the paper was issued and the
sale of a pair of skis, was the result of a Want Ad placed in the
Mail Herald on Wednesday.
John Kyle of Victoria, organizer of
technical education for the provincial
education department arrived in the
city yesterday afternoon from tbe
south and left in the evening for the
I The funeral of Evan Kosetf and
John Zackary, the two men who
were kitlnd at the tunnel on Wednes-
Tracklayer Gomes and
Goes Like Comet
The Canadian Northern Pacific railway tracklayer with its comet-like
tail has come and gone. It was here
toduy and away tomorrow as it were
As it is only about once in a lifetime that people living in these parts
have the opportunity to see a modern monster of this kind at dlose
quarters. We were all present at opportune moment with our cameras.
Tlie truck is laid at the rate of
about two lengths of rail in about
live minutes and it was only a Bhort
time until the whistle of the engine
wus beyond hearing and through the
tunnel a few miles west of here.
Haley's comet, only passes once in a
hundred years and the same thing
may apply to the tracklayer. There
are upward of two hundred men accompanying this machine; some in
front, some behind. The ties and
rails are conveyed hy muchine power
along conveyors on either side of the
long chain of cars right into the
hands of the men who are ready to
receive and place them. An army follows spiking, levelling and fastening
permanently. It is the intention of
this machine to meet one at Black i
canyon coming east, at which point i
steel will he connected and a few-
days' time should see the completion I
of the Canadian Northern railway so I
far as steel is concerned.—Ashcroft
January '27.
French Recruits vs Scotch Reserves
Business-men vs New Coiners
February 3.
French Recruits vs. Business-men
Scotch Reserves vs. New Comers
February 10.
Scotch Reserves vs Business-men
French Recruits vs. New Comers
Februsry 17.
French Recruits vs Scotch Reserves
Business-men vs New Comers
February 23.
French Recruits   vs. Business-men
Scotch  Reserves vs.  New Comers.
March 3.
Scotch  Reserves vs.  Business-men
French Recruits vs. New Comers.
March 10
French Recruits vs.  Scotch  Reserves
Business-men vs.  New Comers
March  17.
French Recruits vs. Business-men
Scotch Reserves vs.  New Comers
March  21.
Scotch Reserves vs Business-men
French  Recruits vs New Comers.
Industrial Education
Organizer of Technical Education,
'N,i wind serves Inn: who  atldreasea
his voyage t*» no certain port."
For many years past school trustees all over the world have been
realizing that the education of the
hoy and girl ought not to stop when
they leave the day school, but should
be continued beyond the yeurs of
adolescence even to seventeen and
eighteen years of age.
When this fact was fully recognized
classes were formed in order to give
the young people a chance to voluntarily attend, and continue the education received     in     the day schools.
This many thousands have donei great
Jy to  their    credit and  profit.      Tho
neglect of the years between fourteen
and eighteen has    often  a deplorable
effect in counteracting any habits jjl
j concentration and  study  which   have
An absolute cessation of     political  been  developed  at  school.      If these
activity during the war was advocat-   years are  wasted the youth  are   un-
ed     hy Prof.  George M.  Wrong,     of   doubtedly handicapped  for further ef-
Toronto University,     in     nn address   fort.  Progressive     countries however
hefore the  Canadian  Club on     "The  have long since    gone     beyond     the
l'o6sible Terms of Peace," While dis    stage of voluntary attendance,     and
cussing what Germany would demand   now  make such    continuation classes
day  was held on    Saturday  morning.   if by CQunce she  would prove victor-   compulsory,  and  also,   provide means
buried     from     the   iim*'  and "hut  Gre*t  Britain    would   whereby such study is carried on beam!    John Zackary   n*,'"irt' whpn she    won the     expected   fore  the hour  of  seven   in  the even-
The annual meeting
will be held in SMYTHE'S HALL on
Thursday January 28th, at 8 o'clock
All members of the Association and those intending to become
members are asked to attend. Officers of the Association for
the ensuing year will be elected.
A. E. KINCAID, President.
Let Government
finish Its Work
Of the births 1-10 were malcB nnd 134
females. Of tho deaths 83 were males
end   11  were females.
The Trail waterworks produced 87,-
057 of revenue last, year, and liquor
licenses $4,600.
Trappers in tbe Lardo country are
taking quite a number of marten,
mink and cougar.
J. Purdy of South Slocan reports
Beeing some butterflies around his
barnyard on January 11.
Business is good in Natal. The proprietor of the Veneria here just purchased a 3'2-horse power touringiauto.
The ladies of Frank have organized
a hockey club and Will bc issuing
challenges to other towns before
The Grand Forks Crenmery company has leased a portion of the
cannery building and will be open
for business on April 1.
Advices to the lands department of
the provincial government are to the
effect thnt many pre-emptions arc being taken up in Northern BritJiBh Co-
| lumbia by men formerly employed in
rnilwny construction.
Commissioner Lamb, diroctor of the
Salvation Army emigration has sailed for Cinuuda by the Transyalviania
for the purpose of conferring with
j the Dominion authorities regarding n
j proposed scheme for the anticipated
unemployment nt the cIobc of the
Kvati   K.is :I  was
Catholic church
fr.elll   R.   Howson
fi  Co's undertaking  virtnrY-  Prof. Wrong also dealt with  ing.
matters more closely connected   with
The  annua!   business  meeting of St.       "For our outlook,"  he said,      "let
John's  church  will   take  place     this   there lie no political    strife     among
Reports will be   ourselves whilst  this    war lasts.     If
i vening at 8 o'clock
subm'itted  from  the  various organiZA-
iiiel  the  work  of  thl
tion   discussed.   Tin-   ladies  will   serve
refreshments at the close and a h> "-.
al hour will be spent.
The  commercial     te
will  in  futur" be open  on
- a.m. to midni
m.  After
This system is considerably beyond
our present stage, but the school
trustees of Revelstoke would be doing a wise thing if they would give
the 'inhabitants an opportunity to
inhappily the war lasts until the proceed with their studies and fit
term .ef this government expires, wj themselves more completely for then-
owe it to ourselves to see that there daily employment,
shall be no strife or contested elee As the ability of a nation to hold
tions, but that this government shall its own against other nation's, de-
be left to finish its work, and I pends upon the skilled activity of
of the Brit-  its units,  so it is to the benefit     of
Empress Theatre
tl   thi   Bl*
I h:-j   with   Pau ...•    i'- \
Clos    Call,  Bterllng Kids
THURSDAY..—The   M 11       D
lar Mystery. So. 20. in -
The    Trey  of   Hearts,      Ber.es
No. '■'.    The Bs • v< ntur*
Madison Lar
kin, In 9 i arte   Mary Convert
with Mary Pickford.
FRIDAY—/Mot .,   No,   7,   Thn
Myof.ery of thl Losl Ship",
in 2 parts. Bov, 2 reel Eclair,
a story Of the underworld.
Fight In Lonely Oulcli. On
again  Off again Fllnignn.
SATURDAY land Matinee,. Romance of n Poor Girl, In .1
parts. Lost in a studio, Bterllng .comedy with For.l Ster
ling nnd Billy Jaoobi. Setting
Vivian Married.
Tuesday Next,— The Better Man
In 4 parts, Famous Players,
by Rev. Cyrus Townsend
Brady L.L.D.
The pat t
,.,  on Kre::        |
W     (
tain Lumber   v.
• the     yeai
that this gov-
ernme- • tay in  power   with-
ot   without  crit;-
undermine     its
all that the workers make themselves efficient, reliable, trustworthy
artiznns and tradesmen.
It Is for tbis purpose that classes
have been formed in various cities in
BritiBh Columbia aud without exception they are all eminently successful. The parents of those boys and
girls who are leaving school this
term should be particularly anxious
about  this  night school  work:   they
being |,00O.      The   ins
v      l
- ly of mar'
ityne, flrem in, fell through   I ie
•    r .   '
Apst.    Chief TV,yd    B illantyne'l
juries   -.re   two  fractured      nho     an I
severe br i nee snd Virn«
At   'be   V    M    C     A     Fr;
B   de'wit..    w M   trt   heir!   ,,„   the  SUhJei * .
"Resol sd thai nilli ry
service |
the Bi leakers     '■ i
are, Mqmi
Coursier,   and     LeOaMaiS.     K
•-, Messrs, Parker, Hugh
Htowai t   The- i ieetlngi ,-,nj   held     in
the  Y.M.O \   reading roo   i   ,,•
O'CloCl ' -.- ■ ■ r > i n:' n.
The annual mooting of thi    Bi vel
stnke Com i   itlve association     will
in   h(M l   en    In ythe'a  hall   to
i venin--      at,      '-   o'clock       at
the election of officer* foi   tbe    enau
ine  year will take plnee.   All mmnhQrs
should  endeavour to  have their chil-
night school  habit.
The for    mental alertness
. ;e  oppi rtunitiea   and  to     ini-
i -  is felt new
..■ previous time.  Ae
'be-     amount    of well
istrj and thought
iur  work,  se.  we
'.  and   women    of
the    fullest
a   stud  tbat wins,
1   soon   beegins   to
n   ■    no mntter
led     for
Itno oi  the
-  H."
Telephone line is
Hearing Completion
The re
one i
-,  th
'* m"t      * rhe     The payroll at   thi      Trail sine lie,
•   ■ ere    recently
Pacific Fir
Skates sharpened f Palace garage
25c per pair.
Our coal bums hesc, Palace Livery.
Select line of China ware at Howson's.
The ladies of the Relief Society will
be pleased to receive old or new magazines to be sent to the guards along
the lines of communication. The literature may be left at A.E. Kincald'e
office. t.f.
OALT COAL burns all night. Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited.
Splendid ice assured at the Y.M.C.
A. rink.
Prompt delivery of coal or wood„
Palaco Livery.
Dry Birch nnd Cedar any length at
Palace Livery.
If you are looking for a anap im
dishes look at Howson's prices.
Try Palace gar-age 'or skate sharp
Lump or nut com at Palace Livery,
Bnnd at the Y.M.C.A,. rink tonight.     ,
Call up Palace Livery for lump or
nut coal, nnd dry birch and vednr nny
length, Phone 201.
FOR SALE.—Piano  (cheap for ensh)
apply 34 Second street W.
FOUND.—Gold ring. Owner can obtain by proving property and paying for this advertisement.
Repairs of all kinds.
New Wiling or extensions to old,
All Work (iiiarunteed.
I'AYI.OR BLOCK   '      Phone822
Saturday, January 16th
From 20 to 50 per cent reductions on
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Boy's Suits and Overcoats at ONE HALF
iwrator  »
the   ho
creased.     ]
r.-iteq w
*  '  '
which  exlsl
iti thi   tm
pei .ni pee,     r . mad        ■ ■ Ich have
.   business      In      this
townslte for several years have de
termlned on closing l.heli branch nnd
concentrating In AthBlmer. Thin lea
vei thiH plaoa withoi I a  ban!   with
in  its borders.
The Rootonay Contral raiiwnv are
ilv-ing tip to their nohedule    ol  four
mixed   trnlne   n   .vol;   nml   tho  service
in much appreciated
for     December    *-,,h (57, DO   to ion a
Knsli .11      1,1  en   grans  Is
showing up   ,n  . menl  offloe
i,  How's thi t. for J        i ■.
Tha Cranbrook  boat I  of ti eeie     is
to    Ui. ilinni   on   J
At il recent lance, ihe attempt   to
Introduce iomo of     the questionable
.  danCOS to    the     y..nth     nnd
beauty of Michel  wns promptly nip
pei   In   the  bud   hv one of  the Vigilant
eiportrtenlB of moral   reform.
Fernie    Free  press According  to
the i. -eitr.er of vital statistics, during the yen- there weie -.'Tl l.lrlhs.
*ii marriages and 1*34 deaths recorded
nt   the   loral   t'overntnent   office    here.
The Talk of the Town
Gigantic Shoe Sale
I lundreds of satisfied customers arc recommending   their  friends to visit this Sale.
For Rubbora, Ovorahoos, Cardigans,  Leggings '
have not left us any poorer, nor disturbed our
business in any way. Drop in and get what you
want, we have it.
Globe Lumber Co.. Ltd.


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