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The Mail Herald Sep 30, 1916

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 Buy Your Goods
The Mail-Herald
Published weekly—Read
by   everyone—The     recognised
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23-No. 4i    w\>
$2.50 Per Year
Regular Meeting—J.O.Ironside of Lyndon Will be Physical Direotor—All Departments Ready for Cood Sea-
eons Work—R.Y.M.C.A. on Covernment Lines
The regular monthly meeting ol the the bowling alleys were now open
Board of Directors of the Railway and being well patronized, the highest
Y.M.C.A. was held on Tuesday even- score being bowled by Mr. Chris-
ing at 6.15. when luncheon was serv- topherson, namely 211. Now is the
md. time     to     practice before the league
Members present: Walter Bews, commences. The billiard room is also
Chairman; J. B. Ward, J. Q. Mc- being extensively used by the mem-
Kinnon, J. H. Lyons, Robt. Gordon, bers and it is suggested that we re-
N. R. Brown, Jas. Goble, W. H. move one pool table, aud purchase,
Pratt, Frank Paulding, Ralph Obis-'at a nominal price, another English
-min . Fred Bews, C. R. Macdonald, billiard table, so that a larger num-
W. T. Johnson, Robt. Howson, Rev. ber of members can participate in
J. Gibson, and Secretary A. Thorn- the pastime. Arrangements are also
son. being made   to start a manual train-
The following reports were readying class for boys, and lectures and
Statistical, Treasurer's, rhysical, talks will be given throughout the
House, Educational, Membership, Re- winter season illustrated by lantern
ligious and General  Secretary's. views.
Jas. Ward called for volunteers to Mr. Frank Paulding in a general
have the gym. floor oiled. A good re- way outlined the work ot the relig-
sponse was given, with thc result ious department and laid emphasis on
that on Wednesday afternoon sis the religious work of the association,
atrong men, clad in overalls, did the urging upon all present to make it a
work in one hour and fifteen minutes, point to attend the Sunday afternoon
J. O. Ironside, of Lynden, Ont., will meetings, which will be announced
have charge of   the physical     depart- shortly.
ment this year. He and Mrs. Ironside! A letter was read from Supt. J. M.
will arrive here at the beginning ert McKay, regretting his absence owing
the week. The gym. schedule will then to leaving for Vancouver.
be put into operation and all other The President, W. Bews, then in.
clubs organized. N'ow is the time tor troduced Rev. Jas. Gibson as the
those anticipating enjoying the sea- guest of the evening, who is in our
6on's activities to commence on the city for a few weeks as minister ot
ground floor and work up. Member- St. John's church. He expressed his
ahip: $10 per year for Seniors, pay a . pleasure at being present at the fall
ble in four months; Working Boys, meeting of thc association, stating
?7 per year, payable in three months; that he had always been interested in
Junior membership, $5, payable in the Y. Work, and offered his services
two months. j in any future work while here.
MEMBERSHIP. A  letter was also read from     Bert
NM R. Brown in a few well chosen Neil, a member of the Board, now
words brought hefore the Board the with the 231st C.E.F. at Sidney, B.
Continental Membership Campaign to C, saying he is getting along fine
secure thirty thousand new members and sending best regards to all.
in ten days in the railroad young An important letter was received
men's christian associations of North from J. M. Dudley, International
America, and called for volunteers so secretary, setting forth the position
aB to get in readiness. Our aBsocia- of the Railway Y.M.C.A. at this time
tion will have a big part in this un t when the new temperance law ls
dertakine, which will commence in about to take effect, stating that the
two weeks. j Government is seriously     considering
SOCIAL  AND  EDCCATIONAL.      | the     establishment    of Railway Y.M.
Mr. Ralph Chisholm     stated     that C.A.'s on the Government railways.
Canadian Expansion
Its Possibilities
1. Are you a producer?
How can you increase your production?
that    might
2. What Canadian raw materials arc not being used
3. What have you to say about supervision of industrial development—
to eliminate wasteful export and to encourage meritorious enterprise?
Chicago had a great fire. Her citizens determined to make a greater
Chicago. It was not her strategical position that mnde her great but
the determination of her leaders of industry. They thought about Chicago. They worked overtime for Chicago. Brains, teamplay and energy
will do .or Canada what it did for Chicago.
Are their a number of men in tbis institution willing to form a
group and give serious thought and study to Canadian problems, so as
to be able to contribute to Sir George Foster's convention something
of real merit to the country.
Let those ot us that remain at home keep our end up with the men
in the trenches.
With the close ol the war ac army of between three hundred thousand and five hundred thousand Canadian soldiers will return and take
their places in the industrial organization of their country. Over four
hundred Canadian factories will cease the manufacture of munitions
and the services of the organizations of workers who have become expert in these lines will no longer be required for the purpose.
In Europe twenty million men will lay dowu their arms and return
to the avocations of peace. Millions of them will, for a time at least,
be unemployed. A large number unquestionably will look to the Dominion as the country of their opportunity. The march on Canada will
be magnificent—if we are ready for it. But the men who come will he
empty handed.   It is up to us.
Financial Statement Shows Profit of Nearly Thousand
Dollars-Hospital at Chase Opened in May—Officers
for Coming Year Elected—Medical Superintendent's Report   	
The Fifteenth   Annual    Meeting     uf  point.on  in the near future.
the Society was held in the Hospital,     There     has     been     no     complaint
Revelstoke,   on     Tuesduy,  September  brought to  our attention  in     regard
l'Jth, law. I to our hospital service.
Mr. T. Kilpatrick in the chair. In conclusion, I desire to thank the
Messrs. Kincaid, McRae, McDonald, Hospital stafl for their loyalty and
McCleneghan, Carmichaei, Howson, strict attention to dutj, also the
Gordon, Farris, Blackberg, Dr. Suth- Ladies' Guild, ard all those who
erland,  Armstrong and  Phillips. contributed  in any  Way to the     help
The minutes of    the     last     annual  of the Hospital,
meeting were adopted as read. I    I beg to move the adoptior. of this
The president then read his address report.
to the Board.
The Medical Superintendent's report, the revenue and expenditure
statement and balance sheet were
then laid before the Board anl discussed. They were received and ordered filed.
The election of Directors for the
year 19H.-7 then took place and the
following were elected from the citizens at large  of Revelstoke:    Messrs.
A. E. Kincaid, A.. McRae, Armstrong Total number 0« hospitai days... 9831
C. R. Macdonald, Rev. Mr. Proounier, TotaJ number minor operations 215
Rev. J. C. McKenzie, Vi. B. Farris.     Total mimber medical cases     359
Moved  Mr.  Farris,   seconded     Rev. Total number maternity cases ...     72
Father McKenzie,  that the     different Total rumber s.,irgical  case8      276
reports be published. 0ut  Patient Department.
Moved Mr. McRae,     seconded     Mr.  TotaI  num..er _urgical cases     592
Kincaid,     that    a vote of thanks be Total number dressings    1817
Medical    Superintendent's     Report.
Year ending  July 31st, 1916.
Number of patients remaining in
Hospital,  July 31st, 1915       30
Number of patients remaining in
Hospital,  July 31st, 1916       16
Total number treated during the
year     724
Total number major operations...     69
Sell 'Leaders' Below cost and Other Articles High—Consumer Always Pays the Freight—Much Overbuying
Takes Place—Catalogue House   Commandments
(Copyrighted 1915. All rights
tendered the Ladies' Hospital Guild
tor their most efficient aid to the
Hospital during the year past.
Moved Mr. Farris, seconded Mr.
Gordon, that a vote of thanks be
tendered the retiring President and
Secretary of the Society.
Moved Mr. McRae, seconded Mr.
McCleneghan, that a vote of thanks
be tendered the Medical and Nursing
Immediately after the adjournment
of the arnual meeting the first meeting of the Board was held, the same
directors being present.
It was moved    by     Mr. Kilpatrick,
[seconded     Mr.   Gordon, that Mr. Mc-
a vice Rae take the chair,
cata-     The election of officers for the year
Statement of Revenue and Expenditures,  July 31st, 1916.
Contract patients     3362.10
Pay patients   12&96.42
Government subsidy     4955.00
Rent     250.00
Dtnation       60.00
Much Work Being Handed out
and Many Pairs of Socks being Handed in—Articles to
be Raffled Very Varied
Report Was
"Overbuying," they say, "is
tbat goes with the mail-order
logue. Go into any home that draws i<H6-7 then took place.
We ask you, dear reader, have   you its supplies from that Bource and you     President: Mr. T. Kilpatrick.
a mail-order catalogue in your house? __* fin* *oods that   the family does     1st Vice-Pres.: Mr. A. McRae
It so, go get it and you     will    find
Salaries   7G26.25
Drugs and equipment   1906.00
Maintenance   SMS.85
Fuel and light   1460.11
Expense     +47.94
Repairs     34S-69
Taxes       79.^
Insurance    C54.95
'nterest   1844.10
Net gain     968.97
The regular meeting ol Revelstoke
branch Red Cross society was held
September 27, Mrs.  Kllpatrlck in tho
chair.  Tbe attendance    was good and ncor En8lish Bay.     He     Mked    hlm
much work was given out. 1 some qucstioce     and     Mr. Worth re-
Throughout the summer    the ladles l'lied that »» was suffering   from r.er-
have received several  donations,  such vousness and waa unable to sleep and
as a Picture, tea cosy, 2 sets of well that ne *** lately come in trom Kara
bound books, eofa     cushion,     Indian looP8' The Poll" 'ound
baBket centre pieces,    crotched yokes
bedspread, bolster roll and doll set,
and have the promise of several other
articles and we decided to turn them
into money, so they were valued and
Hated and it was decided to sell
tickets   on
be luck for 15 or 20 ticket holders.
The articles will be on exhibition
soon. A better collection was never
given to the public here, so watch
not need   and     never    would     have 2nd Vice-Pres.1: Mr. R. Howson.
bought from a local     merchant.     In     Arrowhead Managers:  Mr.  P. Coop-
and there throughout the book many CaBe8   theBe    unneeded goodfl_ eT> Mr  w   K   mi> j   E   Bland
advertisements of well-known     trade- these freak purchases—amount    to   a     Chase Manager: W.  F.  Lammers.
marked articles oflered at    prices   so surprisingly large percentage of     the     Sec.-Treas.: W. D. Armstrong.
ndiculously low tbat no profit what- total family outlay.   If the catalogue     Executive Committee:  Messrs.    Kil-
  soever     can possibly remain tor  tbe houses were suddenly cut out of this patrick,     Gordon,    McCleneghan, Mc-
The following is an extract   from a hoUBe Publi8Din« Bald catalogue.   Tbe class    of sales their dividends would Kinnon, Howson and Armstrong,
letter which has been received in Rev-  hope o( the    raailoratr hoU8e in Pre" undouhtcdly suffer a decided     shrink-!    Finance   Committee-     Messrs.     Mc-
elstoke from Mr. Johu Peck ot     New ,entin8 such "Undere" to you ls that age | Cleneghan. Cordon and McKay.
you     will fornv the perfectly natural        inese buyers see   something allur-     it wns moved Mr. Farris. seconded
conclusion that the hundreds ol other 'ngly described in a catalogue and be-  Mr. McDonald, that copy     of    letter
articles   offered for sale in that cata- come fascinated by   it.     The    'silent written the Provincial   Secretary     in
logue are presented at    equally     low salesman Id thc home' keeps on teas- regard     to     Chase    Hospitai be for
Mr   Worth fl8ures- Tnis u what   7°" mi8ht caU ing them with il until they And some warded to Adams River Lumber Co.
taking an unjust advantage   of     the excuse to justify their purchase ot thej PRESIDENT'S REPORT.
consumer, for the fact of the matter coveted article. These utterly unjusti-'
ie that instead of offering     the "un- Bed     whim sales amount to millions
known" articles at an    equally     low  of dollars a year."
figure,     the     reverse     Is     tbe case.     With some   women freak buying be-
The mail-order house makes   up     on comes a passion. They make absurdly
them    for   what it loses in profit on foolish   purchases     from     mail-order
its "leaders " bouses that they would not dream ot
Furthermore you cannot walk   Into niaklng from their home dealer.  How
the     mail-order     house   and buy its account for it?     Simply the   psycho-
"leader" and walk out  again.    That logical effect of   tho     catalogue, peris where thc mail-order bouse bas thc heps.     Anyhow,  this mntter of freak
best of you again.     You     must havc  buying, dt overbuying, is so universal
your mall-order purchuaCs shipped   to tbat    not    one catalogue buyer In n
you either by freight, express or post thousand     is wholly exompt from it.
By an easy mental computation   lt The mall-ordv catalogue     which     so
is at once apparent that thc charges loudly proclaims    itself an apostle of
for shipping by any of these    means, prudence, is In fact, a   mos£    subtle
added to thc catalogue     price, would and pernicious agerft ot household ex-
make     the     article   cost much mors travagance.
when it reached you than    would    lie     CATALOGUE  HOUSE COMMAND-
Westminster, Chief Inspector of boilers and machinery, with reference to
the death of Mr. Worth.
"I just returned trom thc inquest.
The evidence showed that
returned to the St. Regis Hotel on
the 12th and remained there until tbo
1 ith.     On tbe morning ot tbe 17th at
2 o'clock a police officer     met     bim
Imperial Bank Loan ..,
Dr.  W. H.  Sutherland
ln his pockets, but nothing which
would ideritify him. He also bad a
small box containing cyanide ot potash. This gave rise to a newspaper
report that hc had possibly committed suicide.     Tbe post mortem exarr-
the lot bo that there will ination an(1 the analysis ot the contents of the stomach proved tbis to
be false. The cause of death was given by the Doctor ln Latin terms, but
from explanations it appears thBt it
the "exhibit" and then help along waB due to excessive     fatty     matter
this right arm of the medical service
that is doing duty with our boys in
France and needs money and materials for the work.
The following work received:
Mrs. Mc Alpine, ;i pairs socks.
Mrs. Robt. Laughton. Mrs. McGiven. Miss Burpee, Mrs. Copeland, i
pairs socks each.
Mrs.  Gigot,  Mrs.      Jos.     Fnrnilloi",
around the heart  which really caused
ilure.     The jury brought ln a
of death from natural caus-
Rossland cltizere   are     being     can-
vaared    f..r   funds to purehaae sn X
ray machine fur the Sisters' hospital.
Mrs.  F.  Paulding,   Mrs. Crick,
<!. Bafgranl     Mrs. f. Payne,
Alice Morris.  I  pair sockB ench
Donation ol $2 was   received
Mrs. .1. L. Hmlth.
MrB.  Eni'llsb cut  out 14 nhlrta.
Vi'tlr.- Sec
Kaslo Kootsnalan  Conductor Totw
brought down an ore train on Thurs-
daj   ol "even or eitht cnrs. thc larg-
. •    tonnafi   coming it Bt atr time
(rom rtnco ,,", wl'"nc oul   ,.( tb< K. ft 8.
b]  lire sit yenrs ic..
Rotlland   tniHteos   p.
ns low uh *i; per ton loi the
winter supply ol cal.
charged by one of your home merchants. Here is the "nigger in the
woodpile." They well know that for
the thrifty housewife or farmer to
really benefit by tbc low price of
their "leaders" thpy must bave them
shipped with eno'.ch other goods to
a ake up „ min'mum freight package
—ion eponnds—knowing that tbe bulk
of such ordtn,  in most cases,    would
trndo an "blind stock," good" thnt
the eenernl public know li11lo „hnnt
either as to .|imlity or price
following    teen
Gentlemen:  I beg   to    present    tbe
fifteenth Annual Report ot the Revel-
' Btoke Hospital  Society. |
In doing so it will only be necessary for me to dwell on the Balient
points contained therein.
lt has been a hard yeai in all manner ot business, and it was inevitable
that the Hospital should experience w. H. Wallace
a hard time in pulling through. Not- 0. W. Abrahamson
withstanding, we have been able, by
.practicing tbe greatest economy,
without greatly impairing our efficient service, to get through thc
year with a sn all balance on the
right side.
The Medical Superintendent's report
eboWB quite an irrrcase in the number
of cases treated in all departments,
and mi.rjbcr of hospital days over last
Statement of assets and  liabilities,
July 31st, 1916.
Real Estate, Arrowhead     443.63
Real Estate, Chase     7CO.00
Real Estate,  Revelstoke   3580.14
Buildings, Revelstoke, new ... 98S57.68
Buildings, Revelstoke, old   9008.83
Buildings, Arrowhead   2410.22
Buildings, Chase   4273.86
Furnishings, Chase     551.29
Furnishings,   Revelstoke     9932.71
Cash in Matron's hands, Chase    30.00
Cash in Matron's hands, Revelstoke     150.00
Cash in Imperial Ban*   1109.21
Sundry Debtors   3000.00
Capital  106321,02
Howson & Co.. Ltd.
Bob  Smith   Killed   in   Action
Somewhere in France
Mra, Scafe of the    Post    Office de-
a lettei  yesterday
Thc following ten "Mall Order l)»r contract patients are now very
Houso" commandments arc oflered by fcw In number as there has been
thc Inland Grocer for tbe guidance ol practically no lumbering operations
catalogue patrons: carrM on in this district. irartment    received
(1) "You Bhall sell your farm prod- Wo bavo -°i heen able to reduce .pern Pvte. Robert L. Smith's Bister
UM f..r cnBh whercvor you can, but "'>'' UabllitlW to any appreciable ex- advising her tbat he was killed in
not to us. Wc do not buy from you.   jtent,     but mny perhaps congratulate action  lomewbere ln  Fiance on  Sep
I2i  "You shall  belicvo    our     state- OUrselvel In  not  having gont     behind
,.,wn to'thn  I"-""' aml  '"'* °"  r«l need from us,  '" "»>n<ee.
Mcauai we want to i.e gtx>d to you,'   Notwithstanding
although     me    in Di t personally acquainted with y.>u.
(8) "You shall send tho money
thc  many  calls on
ladles    ol this 1 ity (or financial
help ir   ..thn  directions, the Ladles'
l0 Hospital Guild hnve kept     Up     their
Kootenaian   Principal Croft al   the
1 public    school     has     declared
catapult! to i,c contraband    of war.
nn.l     now r..nliHCate«   ,ny  of these In-
tenders etrumenti <wbn   found in Um powee
■Chool'l ui"n "' Ml  ■mall boy     around     tbs
Sl'llee   'I
tember r,. • 1    ,,     ... t,P   Wa„ known
to     his  many  friends,    was about 38
.1 age and had  lived in    Rcvel-
' ir  the    1 ast   tWI Ive  years,  be
"f the best civil engineers    iD
the district. Befori  coming to Revel-
aeivnnre to tivr us n ohance to     get   >:"'"'  "ort  in Hospital  matters    and  stoke be spent    1 numbei   ol  yars in
the goodl from the fnctory with your  Wlt'1  '1"' h"'l'  nf     ,|"'  CttlMni  gener-   IM ssMin.l.
Merchnnts th'. I tl ' • nMunrhili )'011    will  have to '>">m    hav«    helped   very uTcntiy in     He w«s born In New   Hamburg and
,1'wtc.i by    m.'iiior.i.r    competition «nit    patiently ■ few weeks, as that providing linen .mei other   necei  ■ 1 gradual        th" Toronto    uni-
to be of  the  snnie general opln- is our  busili""'  method. for  the UH  <H  the  Hospital. vrsity.   He  M r.'s  his  mother,   a bro
ion a" to ,t= i':e,,(eflt ivll   the n'.nor-     (I. "You  shall  ipp!)   to your near Wl' ''' Opened     Chaflf   Hospital     on ther (!nd tw
mnl development  nf tbnt  tr„it  of nu- I t   -ity   t,„ nu\ you  ,n  hulMing  rood tlie     Oral     "f May last,  but  we have The late  Pvte.    Smith left  with tho
m    nature thnt pto   ,,tt. us to buy ro nis m, you r..n (onv.ni.ntiy get, the no' Pound it very satisfactory so far, 72nd Highlanders and passed through
Mine we really Jon'l   wa-it    nnd "•*                                     —. but   the mattei   ih not*   under   consid- Kevelstoke on  his way te. thc     front
partlculai  dm for.                              (Continued on Page 1) oration   and wc hope for a favorable In May. PAGE TWO
f. —
Zbc nftaiUlberalb
Published every Saturday at
REVl_I.8TO._-.,  B. C
rJ7Vl ail -Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
V.  E.  GIGOT,  Manager and    Editor,
Local Reading Notices and Business
Locals in cents per line each insertion. Minimum local nd charge '25c.
Display advertisements 2.r> cents per
Inch each  insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of nny form, also
Government and Municipal Notices 12
cents per line tirst insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowui.:  10 lines to thc inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licensi's $7,50.
(Ml prospecting notices $7.50.
Lnnd Purchase Notices. $7.00.
Water Application Notices, up to
10u words,  $7.SO,  over  100  words   In
with the city'B efficient medical corps,
granting within the limit ot its jurisdiction a well organized '('helping
band." Its charity is wholesome-
charity of word, thought and deed.
What more could a city offer to hold
its dollar at home? The "going
away" of money is not Revelstoke's
oversight. Is not the man next door
worth while'.' Is there not room in
your boat for another? At least let's
praise the boat that, carried us across
Are we just us reasonable with Revelstoke as we should be? Have we
seivi'il Hevclstoke a« loyally as Revel-
sto;e has served us? Is Revelstoke's
"big wheel" turning just as it should
from a business viewpoint? Then why
not   grease    it   with  the    "mail order"
The articles which began last week.
on     tbe     ''Buy at Home" movement
Bovril, the Money
tIuVPI*    Bovril is a big money-saver in  the Kitchen.
mm~Gm V %-rM. it turns into tempting dishes the food that
would not get eaten otherwise. And its body-building
powers—just what you need these hard times—are ten
to twenty times the amount taken.    It must be  Bovril.
SATURDAY',    SEPTEMBER  30,  1910
! have   created     considerable     interest
among tbe citizens and merchants,
and, judging from remarks made by
both there is a distinct feeling of antagonism towards the merchants. To
iry and find a solution the Mail-Herald will be pleased each week to de-
vote     space    to letters, so tbat both
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave.
end Fifth street, Pastor, Rev. J. O.
MacKenzie. Sunday services:— Low
Mass at 8 a.m. and High Mass at
10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday
school for the children at 2:30 p.m.,
I'enediction and Rosary at 7:3U p.m.,
Confessions Saturday -I to 6 and 7:30
to 9 p.m. and Sunday mcrnlng 7:30
to 8. Weeks days:—Mass every morning at 7 o'clock, Confessions before
Mass. First Fridays —Mass at 8 a.
m.. Benediction and Rosary at    7:110
Selling Schemes
tm tbe basis of current prices     the'the merchants and the consumers willj
value     of     the chief cereal products,  have     an opportunity dl airing their
wheat, oats and barley, will     be 37.0  views,
per cent, above .he average    of     the
A  city that
years 1910 t.i 1915 inclusive. The estimated production of these grains is
567,411,10 bushels, the value of
whicli is $455,031,403 us compared
with an average tor the same products in the last six years of $330,-
• ::.• ■ i, Vt ]■;■ isenl threshing opera-
t eii ;.',- proceeding under favorable
weather conditions and the returns In is good enough
are slightly better than anticipated, money in.
In the southern sections of the Western Provinces, excepting Alberta,
rust durin August materially dam-
■■'. •■ wheat crop, reducing both
t;rade and yield much  below the est
ti.    at   the  close  o!   .Inly.      In
tin- eas-   uf other grains     the  yield is
below     the     average   but  values are  town store,
n -,'!i higher.     Fruit   growth in Nova
Scotia  and   British  Columbia  is normal but lack of ra:;. elsewben  is hav-
reducing     the
is well ..- '!.'■   [uality, The bay
i-     extt
arily I
e « Ii.li   Us      ; :
npreci .'.''inly high
The Buy-at-Home campaign should
impress on everyone that it is to
tbeir individual benefit to BUY-AT-
if you buy-at-home it means better
salaries and a better city.
(Continued from Page Oue.)
goods   fron. the depot, for we do not
build country roads.
(5) "You shnll buy church bells and
church fixtures from us and forward
the money in advance, for this is our
business method, and you shall collect from the business men in your
vicinity as much money as you can
for thc benefit, of your churches, as it
is against our rules to donate to
building country churches.
(6) ''Vou shall buy your tools from
us and be your own mechanic   in or
der to drive thc mechanic from your
vicinity, for we wish it so.
(7) "You shull induce your neighbor to buy everything from us as wo
have room for more money—the less
money there is in your community,
the sooner we can put your local
merchants out of business anl charge
you any price we please.
(X) "You shall look often at the
beautiful pictures in our catalogue,
so your wishes will increase, and so
you will send in a big order, al-
thougb you are in no immediate need
of the goods, otherwise you might
have some money left to buy Bome
necessary goods from your local merchant.
(II) "You shall have the merchants
who repair the goods you buy from
us book the bill so you can send the
money for bis labor to us for new
goods, otherwise he will not notice
our influence.
(10) "You shall, in case of sickness
or need, apply to your local dealer
for aid and credit, as we do not
know you, or care to."
All kinds of game are plentiful in
the Windermere country this fall.
Since James H. Schoficld became
member for what is now the Trail
riding, S00 miles of roads have been
constructed in various parts of that
is good enough to live
to     spend      your
Buy, tradi and 'hal at hon.e.
There wil' be no "bread lines"
th    Mi::  City  it  we who  live      in
smaller centi ea do om duly.
Servici  ir'e's wuh value in the In.iue
B lyii .    ,•  h. .me is
i eai prosperity.
I..'  v...   :
Simply a little rub with a cloth keeps the highly burnished cooking top always glistening, dustless clean, without blacking; in four pieces it cannot warp or bulge.
road  to
.-   sho) ; ing   blindfolded '
••••■:  the
Ms BuH."
It won't be hard to decide what range you want In your
kitchen after I show you the Kootenay's special features.
Sold by Bourne Bros., Ltd.
18 7 5
Ma:        ■     -   ''    '
the    city.     1- a n an truly ;l i
■   ii
ent Indus! ■
Drafts and Money Orders sold, and money
transferred by telegraph or letter. Interest
credited half-yearly at Current Rate on Savings Deposits. »
e ID
not mei
when buyingyeast
insist on having
this package:
■ i
■ V  net
• 11
A    if   Hie
■ .ed ition     that
i  ,'i ' at
ipllfl   in prestige   Now thai   Mr,.
Inn e.ampaig I tsd disaster
lor Gei     i lgei  hns put   ths
!': :.e e i - tm. nnd ths
heir to tbe vv ,i ttemberg throne, m
chiel re,mn,nml along the Bomme ..n.i
Vpres ft'.M Tl.. Kalsei known dtsas
t'T Is coming te, thi Germans there,'
and   h" Is resolved that the discredit
will  full  equally  upon  the  South   tier
man  dynasties up w.'ll aw    upon      thn
DECLINE SUBSTITUTES   Hohenzollerns.-Mall and Empire.
Ladies' Fall Coats
New Showing, All the   Newest
I  il    Coal      Prices
$15 to $45
Ladie's Skirts and Series Gab
er'iiries and Tweeds.   All   New
Sto< k at Popular Pri< e
Our slock of Huy , Suits is Complete. Boys Suits in all Sizes,
Good Quality™)! Materials at
Moderate Prices.|
Fred Young & Co,
CapiUl $15,000,000. Reserve «Si:.,G00,D00.
Accounts may be opened and operated by mail
ii i3
IssiuhI by this bank form a most Convenient way of remitting small
sums of money by mail and may be obtained without delay
to rent information ii'Kiirding which will be furnished on  uppliosUOn  S
W..I.COUI.T11AUI. Manager
Factory Phone 261
P.O.Box Ml
rtesldenbe Phono 2.1
Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
O. W. Abrahamson,  Proprietor
We.can Hi! any orders of windows or doors or anvlliiiiR
in the factory line
We   also   carry   a   complete stock of building iniiterals
What's in a Name?
Well, lt just depends. When you hear ol Hobao l)r«*d
you naturally feel hungry. The crisp brown eite».<* and
tbe appetising white Inside are both sieges of tbe jood
floor we uee and the care we take to bake lt Just right.
Try it for yourself—we do not lent the result.
Phone 41
Box 734
Baggage Transferred Distributing Agents and Storage
Phone 46-276 Night Phone 346
Men's Outfitter
Fur Buyer-
■ rioi/M
Complete   Line   of   MENS   WEAR
Union Hotel
A. P. LEVBSQUR, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
Suitably furnished with the
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Our CARBONATED BEVERAGES are manufactured from absolutely pure syrups and thrice filtered water. Their use ls ben-
eflcial to HEALTH and a preventative of DISEASE.
Try our Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, Ginger Beer, &c. The mountain water Is rot Simon   Pure In the good old summer time.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers
Direct Importers SATURDAY,    SEPTEMBER  30, 1916.
The Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
Notice of Tax Sale
I, W. A. GORDON, Collector of The Corporation ol the City of Revelstoke, B.C., hereby give notice pursuant to the "Municipal Act" and amendments thereto and a resolution ot tae Council of The Corporation ot the
City of Revelstoke, B.C., passed on the 7th day of July, 1916, that on Thursday, thc 12th day of October,
1916, at the hour of 10 a.m., in the City Hall, Revelstoke, B.C., I will oiler for sale by public auction the
lands, improvements and real property hereafter set forth for delinquent taxes and tor interest, commission,
coats and expenses as provided by thr Municipal Act and amendments thereto, if the total amounts respectively due in reapect to each parcel be not sooner paid.
--.._,.. 1         .  .  ....   . _.  O    _
** "     a mt
I                    I                                                                                                                                 —"*" E   -W    « +> B    01      ■ _,
•:                                                                  Description of Property. & nl*]'* ™ 15           So .2 a   .
■Name of Assessed Persons.         j 1 UPlan Block         Lots Bm.S. 3 « ti 8 m 32 =
i                       I             ■ - ' V, 1*1 1 5 8 *" S~ ™&»,oS0
Hwunson, AU  636a        20      13 & 14 '   76.84 15.33       6.60 98.77
Nam Sing  <636A        27      6 101.40 25.75       8.35 135.50
Lewis, FM B 636a        28      15 & 16 50.36 7.15       4.87 62.38
Casciato, Ruggierio  636D        31      3 24.01 3.40       3.37 30.78
Casciato, Ruggierio  536D        31      5 & 6 52.42 7.44       4.99 64.85
Osborne. Mrs. W. E 636D        42      2 33.38 4.73       3.90 42.01
Flttenti, Dominic  636E 101      3 21.43 3.04       3.22 27.69
Micieli, Teresa  636E 101       9&10 71.74 12.95        6.23 90.92
Fuoco, Mrs. Rosaire  536E 102      6                        „ 51.26 10.85       5.10 67.21
Fuoco, Louis  S36E 102      9 & 10 65.08 11.75       5.84 82.67
Twanzuk, Majk  636E 104     4 10.46 1.48       2.59 14.55
Fuoco. Louis 536E 107      9 30.34 5.47       3.79 39.60
Micieli, Dominic  636E 108      2,3&4 118.83 21.40 9.01 149.24
porter, Oliver  636L        1 6 6.98 .99       2.39 10.36
Cumming, H. P 636L        2 24 5.82 .82       2.33 8.97
Barber, J. Uuy  1235        3 1&2 19.30 2.74 3.10 25.14
Yeaman, 0. G., & Terrell, W. B 1235         4 1  to  13 inclusive 55.06 7.81 5.14 68.01
Bourne, Frank H '235        5 8 & 9 26.48 4.75       3.56 34.79
Fromey, E. C 536          2 26 133.62 33.68 10.36 177.66
Fromey, E. C 536          2 27 67.56 17-90 6.27 91-73
Presbyterian Church  536           4         13,   14,   15 53.53 7.60 5.05 66.18
McCarter, G. S., & Lewis, F. B 636          8        17,  18,  19, 20 73.14 10.38 6.17 89.69
Ross, Joseph E 636          11 9 & 10 23.32 3.31 3.33 29.96
Bain, T. W.   & Parry, H. M 636           11       11 11.66 1.62 2.66 15.94
Smythe, W. A 636 16 22, 23 & N. 3' 5"
of 21 &. W. 24'x20'
ol 24 442.65 87.13 28.48 558.26
Hanson, Mrs. c. E 636          16 E. 76,x20" ol 24 68.37 9.70 5.90 83.97
Lee, MrB. Alice                                      636A        17 5 224.51 40.44 15.24 280.19
Sing, A. H 636A        17      7 242.04 43.60 16.28 301.92
Julian, Mrs. A 536a        17 23 22.88 3.24 3.30 29.42
Cowie, A., & Lidv, M 636a       23      19 & 20 153.73 21.82 10.77 186.32
Lindmark, 0. F 6360 25      17 & 18 401.86 72.38 25.71 499.95
Lee, Mrs. AJice 536B 38 17 & 18 72.29 15.54 6.39 94.22
McCarter, Geo. s 536b 45      1,2,3 101.16 14.36 7.77 123.29
McCarter, Mrs. K. C 636B 45 4 21.93 3.11 3.25 28.29
Fraser, Mrs.  J 636 46       1 to 5 inclusive 67.56 9.59 5.85 83.00
Lindmark, G. F 636B 48      1  to 6 inclusive 541.79 136.78 35.92 714.49
Corning. Ed 636 96      1 & W. 40' of 2 371.52 60.65 23.60 455.77
Roberts,  J. E 636 Pel. at     Intersection     ol
Campbell & Boyle Av.     1.74 .24 2.09 4.07
Wark, J. H 765            B 30 9.30 1.32 2.53 13.15
Abrahamson,  Jno.,   Andrew    &   Mrs.
Chas Govt.          4 3 to 6 inclusive 805.21 178.87 51.20 1035.28
Tapping, J. C 636             5 1  to 7 inclusive 408.24 77.17 26.27 511.68
Craig, A., & Hillman, A 636             5 10 & E.  j of 9 38.29 5.43 4.18 47.90
Caley, Mrs. John  536             5 18 14.82 2.10 2.84 19.76
Kitson. Andrew  .Govt.          6 7 17.38 2.46 2.99 22.83
McCarter, G. 3., & McRae, A .Govt.           7 4 43.60 7.86 4.57 56.03
stonex. H. B .Govt.         7 5 89.37 24.43 7.69 121.49
McDougall, C H Govt.          7 10, 11, 12 6.80 4.26 2.55 13.61
Peterson. P. A 636             7 1 16.96 2.40 2.96 22.32
Wah Chung  .Govt.          8 4                . 27.05 3.84 3.54 34.43
Perrin, Mrs. Jules Govt.          8 7 49.25 14.37 5.18 68.80
Clough, Geo Govt.          8 9, 10 30.70 4.35 3.75 38.80
Clough, Geo -Govt.         9 1 17.12 2.43 2.97 22.52
Clough. Geo .Govt.         9 2 11.28 1.60 2.64 15.52
Clough, Geo .Govt.          9 3 11.28 1.60 2.64 15.52
Revelstoke Realty Co .Govt.           9 W.  10' ot 5 5.46 .77 2.31 8.54
Field, Chas. M .Govt.         9 6*7 83.92 21.50 7.27 112.69
Revelstoke Realty Co .Govt.          9 9 11.28 1.60 2.64 15.52
Coursier, H. N .Govt.         9 10 22.07 3.80 3.29 29.16
Wah Chung  .Govt. 10 7                     '. 11.28 1.60 2.64 15.52
Wah Chung  - .Govt. 10 9 229.49 69.05 16.92 315.46
Rabouchese, A, .Govt. 10 13 17.98 2.55 3.02 23.55
Revelstoke Realty Co £<>**• 10 1* 17.98 2.55 3.02 23.55
Turnross, Chas Govt. 11 1 59.36 10.69 5.50 75.55
Wah Chung Blag .Govt. 11 6, 7, 8 192.90 54.86 14.38 262.14
Fromey, E. C .Govt. 12 8 79.94 19.54 6.97 106.45
Gillan, Chas. E Govt. 14 7 to 12 incluslvt 129.79 23.44 9.66 162.89
Forbes, W. A .Govt. 15 5 16.80 2.38 2.95 22.13
Needham, Mrs. Millie, Estate of  Govt. 16 7 & 8 66.65 12.05 5.93 84.63
Dow, Alex  .Govt. 16 9 28.09 5.08 3.65 36.82
Abrahamson, Jno.,   Andrew   &    Mrs.
Chas .Govt. 17 1*2 92.68 20.14 7.65 120.67
Nichol, Webb  .Govt. 17 W. | of 9 8.40 1.19 2.47 12.06
Field, Mrs. L. A .3ovt. 18 1*2 32.42 4.60 3.85 40.87
Johnson, Geo .Govt. 18 4 21.43 3.04 3.22 27.69
Morgan,  Joseph  .Govt. 18 7 49.12 13.18 5.11 67.41
Morgan,  Joseph  Govt. 18 8 16.80 2.38 2.95 22.13
Morgan,  Joseph  -Govt. 18 9 28.09 5.08 3.65 36.82
Edwards, Mrs. N. T .Govt. 19 7 & 8 50.52 7.17 4.88 62.57
Needham,  Mrs.  Millie, Bstate of ....-Govt. 20 11 &  12 49.59 8.97 4.92 63.48
Gillan, Chas. E Govt. 23 1 to 12 incloslve 150.28 27.02 10.86 188.16
Turner, John A .Govt. 28 9 3.47 .49 2.19 6.15
Lund, Agent, M.W .....Povt. 33 3 19.13 2.71 3.09 24.93
Lund, Agent, M.W .Govt. 33 7 to 12 InclustTs 97.26 13.81 7.55 118.62
Lund, Agent, M.W -Govt. 34 2 20.28 2.87 3.15 26.30
Lund, Agent, M.W .Govt. 34 4 20.28 2.87 3.15 26.30
Lund, Agent, M.W -Govt. 34 10,11.12 55.09 7.82 5.14 68.05
Lund, Agent, M.W , .549 35 8 19.13 2.71 3.09 24.93
Fromey, E. C M9 38 4, §, 6 111.83 28.72 9.02 149.57
Lund, Agent, M.W „.-Govt. 42 3 21.43 3.04 3.22 27.69
Lund, Agent, M.W .Govt. 42 7 to 12 lacluetv* 153.94 24.64 10.92 189.50
Lund, Agent, M.W -Govt. 43 2 22.58 3.20 3.28 29.06
Lund, Agent, M.W ...-.Govt. 43 7 to 12 Inclusive 243.92 44.04 16.39 304.35
Gibbons   Rand  649 44 2*3 71.81 10.19 6.10 88.10
Edwards, Edward  649 45 18 * w. 5' at 9 29.22 4.14 3.66 37.02
Fromey, E. C -.. Govt. 50 C 63.20 8.97 5.60 77.77
Parry, H. M. St MacDonald, C. R. ...Govt. 50 7 45.75 8.25 4.70 58.70
Lund, Agent, M.W -..Govt. 50 8 tn 12 locloelve 211.23 38.12 14.46 263.81
Lund, Agent, M.W .Govt. 51 8 to 12 inclusive 220.15 39.74 14.99 274.88
Lund, Agent, M.W —Govt. 52 1 to 12 inclusive 614.91 111.89 38.59 770.39
Revelatoke Realty Oo <Oovt. 55 5*8 67.16 9.53 5.63 82.52
Lund, Agent, M.W Govt 55 7. 8. 9. 10 120.40 17.09 8.87 146.36
Johnson, J. K Govt. 56 4 61.37 8.71 5.50 75.58
Lund, Agent, M.W „ Govt. 56 9,16.11 144.00 25.98 10.49 180.47
Fromey. E. ft 649             C.P.R. Parr*. No   5 22.16 3.98 3.30 29.44
Ouilotto, Jae., & Bregollsee, B T65             Add. B, Lot 5 24.33 4.36 3.43 32.12
McGlll, .1. H 765           Add. R. t/.u 8*1 18.60 2 64 3.06 24.30
I.und, Agent, M.W 765 Add   B.     T-ots 12 to 20
inclusive 163.76 29.46 11.66 204.88
Railway  Guards  Uncovered  a   Kent
Live Plot—For n Few Minutes.
"What's this?" ejaculated the flrst
man, holding up a small can.
"Lemme see," came the answer.
A moment's pause. Then a frightened scream from the second person
and two pairs of feet scampering
away, a maddened rush, a freniled
"What's — what's the matter?"
gasped Ue first man, after he had
followed the second at a dead heat
for some five minutes.
"That was — nitro-gly<cerlne — ln
that can," gasped the second ln turn.
"Nltro-glycerine!" echoed the first,
pronouncing every syllable, his eyes
bulging. The two stared at each
other without speaking. They were
bridge guards on a railway ln old
Ontario and, as was their custom,
they made an examination of the
ground under their bridge every
"Well, we'd better tell the boss.
I'll And him. You go back," said
the second guard.
"Oh, no! I'll find the boss," said
the first guard, his cheeks paling.
"We'll both go," they eventually
agreed, and ln fifteen minutes three
forms could be seen on a handcar
dashing madly along the track toward the bridge. They stopped
about twenty yards from the bridge
and under the direction of the two
shivering guards "the boss" descended Into the hollow under the bridge.
Gingerly he approached the Bpot
where the can lay. Gingerly he
stooped and as carefully lifted lt up.
The brave guards were now standing
beside him looking on.
Then "the boss's" eyes gleamed,
his nostrils dilated. "Fatheads!" he
roared, "that's brass polish!"
Queen Anne's Gifts.
The   old    Mohawk   church   near
Brantford, one of the oldest churches
I ln Ontario,  has many relics of hiu-
| torlc interest still ln Its possession,
i among them a sliver communion ssr-
| vice presented by Queen Anne, which
1 bears the royal arms and the lnscrlp-
1 tlon,   "The   Gift   of    Her    Majestr
Anne, by the Grace of God of Great
Britain and Ireland and Her Plantations tn North  America,  Queen,   to
her Indian Chappell of the Mohawks,
1712."    A Bible,   also   the   gift   of
Queen Anne, ls Inscribed  with   the
names of royal visitors.    Both Bible
and communion service were deeply
revered by the Indiana and guarded
most Jealously.     They  were  burled
hy the   Indians   during   the   war   of
! 1812-14 and restored later to their
present position.
The tablets, altar cloth and royal
j coat-of-arms of George III., above
I the entrance, were sent from Eng-
' land by the Government in 1876.
Not the least Interesting of   these
i valuable relics retained by the church
Is the oldest church bell ln Ontario.
< Cracked and dust-laden, It still commands veneration, for lu music first
: atartled the stillness of the forest
I and summoned the Red Man to the
I house of prayer.
Beneath the shadow of the little
Church ls the tomb of Thayendana-
gea, or Captain Joseph Brant, whose
< memory ls revered by white men aa
well aa red, and his epitaph testifies:
"This Tomb ls Erected to the Me-
mory of Tbayendanagea, or Captain
Joseph Brant, Principal Chief and
Warrior of the Six Nations Indians,
by His Fellow Subjects and Admirers
of His Fidelity and Attachment to
the    British    Crown.    Born   on   the
I Banks of the Ohio River. 1742. Died
I nt Wellington Square, W.C., 1807."   |
The oldest church still stands   ln
the midst of Its quiet churchyard, a
1 silent sentinel   ot   Time's   ceaseless
LooK. For
This Sign
Let us estimate for your next job, or ask
us for ideas, specimens, information—we
can help you.
We Trint^
Catalogues - Billheads - Cards - Menus
Ball Programs - Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Ferns - Envelopes
Programs - Wedding Stationery - Tags
Memonam Cards   •   Lumber Forms, Etc.
Mail-Herald Job Tre^
Revelstoke, B. C.    Phone No. 8
Gas Below Standard.
The gu inspectors of the Dominion Inland Revenue Department have
found some remarkable conditions
ln a few Canadian cities, according
to the annual report of the department Issued at Ottawa.
In regard to Illuminating power
SI testa out of 23 ln Victoria, B.C.,
showed the gas to be below the
standard. In Winnipeg 75 out of
I 102 tests were below the standard,'
] In Ottawa 26 out of 82 tests were
the same. |
In Toronto, Montreal, St. John
and the majority of the other cities
and towns the gas was up to the
standard for Illuminating power.
The Inspectors of gas meters In
Toronto found that 198 had to be
rejected, of which 124 were too fast,
In Hamilton 73 were rejected, In
Belleville 34, and ln Peterboro,'
Woodstock and Ottawa none.
The report on electrical eneregy
■hows that the amount generated for
use In Canada was almost exactly
equal to the amount exported ln the
last flacal year. There was 117,986
horsepower for home um and 118,-
207 for export. The chief exporting companies were the Ontario
Power Co., which exported 43,900
out of Its total of 106,000 horsepower generated, and the Canadian
Niagara Co., which exported 81,241
out of 62,988*. The total horsepower |
generated In the country was 23<t,-
Eventt Seem So Only Bseaut* We Do
Not Foresee Them.
The mind ts often sRld to t>e Illumi-
nated by a sudden idea or the will to
mme to a sudden resolution. The sud
denness Is not only apparent to the on
looker; It Is felt b> the subject himself,
wben light seem- to flasb Into his
mind or bis wlll to determine Itself on
hii Instant He may talk of lnsplra
nun. mennlng the unrelated set of
-nine power outside himself. Just bu
we talk of the suddenness of lightning
the suddenness nf an earthquake
We lnn.eg.ne earthquakes* and llebtnlns
flashes* as unrelated. Independent bap
l«einiietf9. and rowi that every eearth
'inake und every Hash of lightning Is
the iiiai.lte.Htaili.il of an Immutable and
slowly working Ihw snd could, bad
men but knowledge enough, here been
foretold from the ages.
Things are sudden only because we
do not foresee them, and their sudden
ness Is no Inherent quality In etbem
selves; It Is lent them by our Igno
riiii.e. The striking of a match ma;
be as sudden as a flash of IlKbtnlnc
end tbe fall of a pin as sodden ss s
pistol shot but ln normal condition?
they do not make ns "jump." because
the conditions are tbe state of out
nerres and tbe relative force of tbe
impact upon our senses. A camel falls
suddenly under tbe last straw, bnt It
Is the previous slow piling of all ths
other straws that ts tha catise of his
broken back. Nothing Is, In reality.
more sudden than anything else; lt la
from onrselres, fron our lack of eom-
prehenalon and preparation, that the
lightning, eta* earthquake tnd the pistol shot borrow their sudd<enness^-
London Times.
Proof Positive.
Mrs. Gadfly—So yon don't better* me,
Mra. Pert, when 1 tell yon my nose 14
kept to the grindstone?    Mrs, Pert-
No, I don't, Mrs. Gaddy, for lf lt wu     i
yon couldn't bave time to keep poking      I
it In everybody else's bus_neea.-Balt>-
xnor* jLmerican.
Kindly   W-urolng.
County Constable Ward of Wlar- !
ton  visited    our   neighborhood   l<ast j
week giving a kindly  warning that
the law would be enforced concern- I
lng raffles In the future.    Some   of |
our younger people are not aware of
the  seriousness  of  holding  and  attending a raffle, as the law provides
a heavy fine for Its violation.—Col-
toys Bay cor. wurt™ Bcho.
Jupiter |n Mythelesgy.
In Roman mythology Jupiter was the
supreme deity, the head and front mt
the whole system, god of the sir and
king of the celestial*. He was prt-
marlly n divinity of the iky and the
originator of all atmospheric changes
snd weather conditions. Hia weapoa
was the thunderbolt snd on* of mit
title* wss Jupiter Tonana, thundering
Jupiter. Heavy or rontlnuoun rain
was attributed to Jupiter Plnvtua,
rainy er rain sanding Jupiter. When
th* earth became parched with beat
and was tn ser* need of rain Romans
Invoked the great God aa -Jupiter Pho-
A Pamoate S*yl«»
Wbea tn* gnat Napoleon was abcrai
I* reach Paris on th* way back from
Hi* .disastrous Bosnian campaign ba
■xelalmed, "Da anbUro* an ridicule 11
n'y a qn'un peas* (from tha sublime
to the ridiculous there Is but a Stop).
R<ncll Is th* generally received opinion
as to tte origin *f tt* famous eaytng.
although s*m* autioritlee attribute tt*
rssaaifc to tt* great historian. LongV
-ras mt tt* ttbd e-»atury,-New lorh
■Chief Executives of Montreal and To*
ronto Now Matrimonial Agents.
A new vocation has sprung up for
Mayors of Canadian citiees. They are
being called into service as matrimonial agents. Every now and again
the chief executive of an eastern city
gets a letter from a bachelor somewhere, usually in the west asking him
to pick out a bride from the city's
attractive damsels. One of the clvlo
fathers with such a job on hnad ls
Montreal famous mayor, Mederlo
Martin, M.P. Last spring he announced that he had work for everybody
that wanted lt. There were five thousand men at the City Hall the next
day looking for the job. They followed him to bis bome on Logan avenue and pestered him so much that
he had to have police protection. _'*■
lng mayor he found was a etrenuoal
Now, however, he has a worse task
than ever before him — one that
strikes terror even to his brave heart.
He has to find a wife for a burly western farmer. That might not be so
'lifncult in a city of 700,000 people if
'he would-be benedict were not so
nnrticular. Phe must be a Catholic;
he prefers Canadian-born, although
he would have no serious objections
to Enclish-bred. Phe must he Rood
'o look upon and be somewhere between the apes of 24 and 23 years.
The lady is poing to gel ? model
man. for he says of himself that he
does not smoke, drink or swear, and
that he has property worth $9,000
any day. Moreover, he says he is
This is what gets the mayor's
"goat": "I want a wife with dreamy
eyes, one to attract the alter.tlon of a
bachelor who has knowledge of the
world, and 1 know you can help me
get ber." Mayor Mederlc bas the order of his life now. It's a sticker of
a job. but Mederlc will do his best.
In addition to his other duties,
Mayor Hocken of Toronto may al*o
be lnvolred In the multitudinous worries of a matrimonial agency. Until
tbe first business arrlred recently.
His Worship did not even know thai
he had anything to do witb the connubial Inclinations of bachelors and
maids. But this is tbe letter that
came to him the other morning:—
"I saw ln a paper that any bache*-
lera In n<s<ed of a wife to apply ta
either Hamilton or Toronto. I am an
engineer and mechanlt; don't drink
or nse tobacco, 36 years of age. Now
I don't like boarding oot and I will
take a good wife as soon as I find
what I want. If you will give me tha
address of a good person, 1 will write
and see about them. I will not have
anything to do with English p<eopla
a* I am Scotch."
Tha mayor is waiting to hear from
GuiiattO,  Jas., A Bregollsae, B 765
Cuiletto, Jas., A Rre^llsae, B 765
flprnat, O.  M., Kstat* of
Add    B,    N.   Pt.    Parcel
No. 2.  1.75 acres. 66.20        11.91       5.90
Add. B, Parcels not described, known eas J. E.
I.onc property. 3.6 acres 132.40        23.83       9.81
 Parcel in N.  J of See. 34, Twp. 23,
N. of C.P.U. P.  nt Way,  34  acres.        78.Pri 11 20        6.50
Dated «t Revelstoke,  B.C.,    H.pUmber  25th.  A..P.   1916.
. Collector lor the Corporator, of the  (ity of Revelstoke.
And @th&r articles too
Sale Starts at 9.30 a.m.
Saturday, September 30
Store open every night until 10 p.m.
Mf-jMriiy nf Goods Not Damaged, but everything has to go at MRf SALE PRICES
e. i
8ATURDAY,    SEPTEMBER  30, 1916.
From Trapper
To Wearer
Ynu cttfl nave tlie many middle men* a profits
by securing your fur tfarmentt from un.
Wc" buy our Raw Kum direct from the Trappers for
cash, and arc the target! cash hmtn of raw fun in
Canada, buying direct from the trapper.
Thee furs art manufactured into atylish fur sets and fur
coat! al the low-tat potttble cost, cunt ist eni with the best workmanship.
Then we sell th^m direct to you at the very low
all  delivery charges.
aialog prices.    We pay
-Made from eel«t dark
ii.u-,\ well matched, deep
' shawl ftollnr with cuffs.
l'iu- graceful flare Skirt
and stylish lines of (he
«oat combined with the
fiartdsonie reverse torder
effect give this garment a
• %*'ry strilong appearance
n;...:.' Only 43 Inches long
W Sizes of tust 32 to 44
Frico, delivered   to   you
' lomjith $10.00.
Bvery garment is sold under A   P08IT1VB   OUARANTBB   OP  SATIS-
FACTION TO YOU or your mooey bach.
Our Bales for fur Rctl and fur garments last year exceeded all cur es-
pCCUtlODI and were the largest in the history ut the house.
This year we confidently expect still larger sales, since the people realiw
more and mure the bargains they obtain from llallam
We have in Stock a lar«e and varied assortment of all the articles shown
in our FUR BTYLB HOOK and can guarantee PROMPT SHIPMENT.
PRIZE CONTEST—1300 in Cash given away free in
tiallam's Zoological Contest, 04 Prizes—Write to-day
for tlie 1910-17 edition of
Style Book
which nives full particulars of the contest and contains
32 illustrated pages showing beautiful and stylish fur
coats and sets, moderately priced.
RAW FURS—Wo aro tho !»r«,v GUNS—Trut-Anlrttl lia.it Fiah
Cash lluynr. of Haw l-'ura direct from Neta. Tackle and o complete line ol
tl...   Tr.ipper  In  Canada. - Our   Haw Hportamen ■ Supplies    I - t»_- Sportfr
Fur yuutatlonaeent Free. men a Catalogue Free.                              ,
Johnpallaiti wRo!«
Notices of patriotic, lodge, society, club or church meetings, concerts, socials, etc., inserted under special heading of "Meetings" on
classified paces at twenty-five cents per insertion, provided space is not
larger than one inch. As reading matter under heading of "Locals" on
news pages at ten cente per line per  insertion.   In effect September 25.
IK you called Henry Smith on thr telephone, and
the operator said "line's busy," you   surely
Wouldn't say, "Give nn> any oilier Smilli who has
a telephone!"'
It's   the   same   wiih Mattresses — there's only one
OSTERMOOR.   Ask for it and look for the name
in the binding.    Vou pay only once lor
^ THE FAMOUS     . -^
$13 for 50 Years of Restful Sleep
The OSTERMOOR will not mat, become lumpv, or uneven.
Layer upon layer <>!' tin-finest cotton felt is l.uilt into a cuing,
iin.I it stays Ihat way for a lifetime.
Q A.-k your dealer for it, or write us for the name of nearest
Thc Alaska Bedding Co. Limited
Makers of Bedsteads and Bedding    WAV
,-*.- -, r.
nmg&S WINNIPEG: Regina: Calgary: VANCOUVER
°<lo in t_J.."U> ••A'LASKAuuauartiil.-!n<-am//wA Ceod. tier* I'article."
' m '
HOWSON   &   CO.,   LTD.
FourJ-ife Members — Eighty-
Ona Active Members and  Hundred and Forty-three Associate Members
Mrs. E. A. Haggen
Mrs. W. H. Pratt
Miss Rosemary Pratt
Mrs. Cormier
Mrs. Kilpatrick, Pres.
Mrs. R. Tapping
Mrs. Wallace
Mrs. Procunier
Mrs. D. Mcintosh
Mrs. F. Somes
Mrs. Vi.  A. Foots
Mrs. Gigot
Mrs. J oliffe
Mrs. J. C   English
Mrs. Corning
Mrs. A. F. Lundell
Mrs. F. C. Bews
Mrs. J. Rogers
Mrs. Hughes
Mrs. D. Swanney
Mrs. Sij-fried
Mrs. W. Bews
Mrs. W. I. Briggs
Mrs. McVity
Mrs. M. B. McKenzie
Mr. A. E. Miller
Mr. W. A. Gordon
Dr. T. Heard
Mr. F. Young
Mr. Vi. J. White
Mr. H. Bews ,
Mr. W. Hornell
Mr. Vi. T.  Johnson
Rev. J. C. McKenzie
Dr. McLean
Mrs. Farris
Mrs. E. G.  Rohhins
Mrs. Sutherland
Mrs. Anstie
Mrs. Blacklock
Mr.-. l-M H.  S    McLean
Mrs. J. L. Carmichaei
Mrs. McSorley
Mrs.  Manning
Mrs. E. Burridge
Mr. W. A.  Smythe
Mrn. Wnr.. Belcher
Mrs. A. G. Daniels
Mrs. Morris
■Miss Haggen
Mrs. U. Calder
Mrs. Wadman
Mrs. Angal
Mrs. Garratt
Mrs. NM R. Brown
Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Towns
Mrs. Mainwaring
Mrs. C. Owens
Mrs. C. I). Hume
Mrs, WM  Coulthard
Mrs. Vi. Whitby
Mrs, F. Laing
Mrs. a. im McCleneghan
Mrs. Wm. Lawrence
Mrs. .j. r. Teller
Mrs. Wilson
Mis. H. Law-
Miss Seymour
Mrs. J. Lee
Mrs. ii. M. Needham
Mrs. f. il. Bourne
Mrs.  Sd Trimble
Mrs.  Weill
Mrs. Cressman
II. .Hon
a. McLean
Mrs   y.  Ro
Mis.  Ilr.irk
Mrs.   \.  I-M  Miller
Mi     \   M   Stevens
Mi     i.   Lawrence
Mi»s i-M Lawrence
iCnntl"'i<'l  nn Pnpe Six)
Big' Game  Cartridges
are the only sure kind to make your hunting trip the success you
expect it to be.  Velocity and accuracy are the two important features in
hift game ammunition.
Dominion Cartridges
riiihoil) fully then r*quir«mtnti ind itipplr mr ni thtm with tht rtliiHIIity that
cumei from high quality tnstcriilt, skillful workmantl.ip and careful letting.
A irmitivr primer that da.hei deep into the powder fivei intttnt reapome
to trigger and aim and makct Dominion the high-power ammunition (or
oarihou, moot*, htar, deer and all Canadian hig game.
A ture "hit and ttop" it loaded into aaoh cartridge to baok up thetportman't
aim.    No matter what tht thooting condition! Dominion Ctrtridget
...rei the requirement!.
Write today for our  attractive  picture  "A  Chip of   the
Old Block."
Dominion  Cartridge Co..    Domioio.- w
Limited, _    '*>• only
Tl'l      Traniporiallte.  Bid*.,
E_t*S veil toke    Dealers    sell    Dominion.—
Canadian mod.
aenmanit ietet
Train No. 1 from Montreal to Vancouver arrives at 3.20 p.m., and
leaves at 3.40.
Train No. 2   from     Vancouver    to
Montreal arrives at 12.25 noon,    and
leaves at 12.4'5 noon.
Train No. 3 from Toronto to Vancouver arrives at 4.55 a.m., and
leaves at 5.10 a.m.
Train No. 4 from Vancouver to Toronto arrives at 12.10' midnight, and
leaves at 12.2-5 midnight.
Train No. 13 ifron. St. Paul to Seattle arrives at 4.50 p.m., arid leaves
at 5.05 p.m.
Train No. 14 from Seattle to St.
Paul arrives at 7.00 a.m., and leaves
at 7.15 a.m.
On Tuesdays, Thursdays an.1 Saturdays the train from Revelstoke to
Arrowhead leaves Revelstoke at v.20
a.m. Returning to Revelstoke the
train  arrives at 12.00 noon.
On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
the train from Revelstoke to Arrowhead will leave Revelstoke at 12.30
noon. Returning to Revelstoke the
train arrives at 4.35 p.rr..
On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only, the hoat goes South from
Arrowhead, on the a rival ot the
train from Revelstoke.
On Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays only the boat arrives from tl.e
Pouth and makes a close connection
with the traic. for Revelstoke.
Revelstoke Lotlege
No. 1086
Meets every Becond
and Fourth Tuesday
in    Smythe's     Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
H. L. HAUG, Sec.
Trains No. 13, 14, 3 and 4 wil. carry mail and make local stops. Trains
No. 1 and 2 will carry baggaee only
Tht electric li?ht plant ir.i Peuticton;
has 500 customers.
For the year ending     last     March,
$336,000 worth of New Zealand butterj
wae -old in B.C.
Trail school opened with an attend-
an e ; 396. There are 8^2 brand new
scholars and two more teachers tha^
last turn.
C.P.R. freight and passenger busi-|
ness in the Kootenays is reported
from 30 to 40 ier cent Metter than at!
this time lasi year.
It'sgood policy to think of the future
It's still belter | olicy to provide a-; tin^i
.he misfortunes it may have in st iri
for you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it, absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav he near at hand
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
A. V. eat A. U.
Regular Meetings axe held la
New Masonic Hall oa the Koirth
Monday in each month at • p.m.
Visiting brethren nre cordially
C. R. SKENE, W. M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  Brnttntacy
i. o. o. r.
\lette every Thursday eToninj fa
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Vlalt-
lng brethern cordially Invited.
JAMES MATHIE.  Secretary.
Phone 056
Meets  every    Wednesday  evening
at    8  o'clock,    ln  Selkirk  Hall.
Yimtinsr     hrnth^r.    cordlallT   !■-
Tits4.    W. POTTRUFF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K of R. S.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialise in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work arttJ up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Connaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE       -       -    B.C.
Advertising    Pays
IF you advertise
in   the  Mail-Herald
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
o.'Canada.   Limited
Oflu'es, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Family Shoe
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
W« vm to (five maiimum
*e.ir At minimum v ce
I' is not making a sweeping statement to say that all tyi>en c!
'        are being shown this season, ami they range In t^ "    from
turban shape  to ridiculously larire hats.
While thc turl.nn will he sure to meet  with
.'   .   the medium nized hat that Is expected
place  in t'uiA season's styles
Mosl   i.f these  medium sized hats carry very little tritra^jping and
what trimmings thci ■■ arc are simple and distinctive. Most o! tb
hats I., in;; developed      plushes and beavers an.l :"n. felts.   The
trimming Is desiegnod u  .-"... tr-ere   finishing    touches,     a.
dally we arc adding new tn   : Is to our showing.
n certain reception,
te. havi  the bi
\N1> SUITS are coming along
now. Every week we have some
new Styles .ml models. The
wide Flare ^kirt on coats, wh^
ther    shot! .    is thc out-
•   in all suits • Bd
-i.me   mod-
the v      te J length Coat
at least MM ni
dcs ar.ium]     tbe  I Ottom   ■( 'he
mt  bave ■
• from      at $16.80
Straight from the factory to you:— A complete range of mens caps in a wide assortment of shapes and coloiS. They are nobby
this season — Formerly a cap was only a
cap but this season the caps are showing as
much distinctiveness and styh as hats. See
the.ie before you buy your new hat.
Prices $1, $1.25, $1.50, $2, $2.25 each.
Boys caps ot 75c and $1.00 each.
We have been fortunate enough  to secure
an ample supply of splendid values  in   men's
union and wool half hose. They are all  Can
adian and  British  Manufacture and  values
are guaranteed.
Mens 50c Cashmere values in Oxford. Black
and Natural. Mens >'>0c cashmere values in
pure woo! plain black. Mens rib hose in both
black and heather mixtures at 50c and 60c
per pair.
Try a jar of Express at 25c. or
a tin of King Beach at 75c.
Head and Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, Celery, Radishes, green
Onions and Parsley.
Self Rising Btukwheat  Flour"lV
Roge.-R Pure Sugar Syrup, 1, I,
10 and 20 pound tins.
Pride of Canada Pure Maple
Syrup, quart* and half gallon
Crown Brand Corn Syrup, 1 and
5 round tlna.
Lyle's English Syrup, 1 pound
Maple Flavored Syrup In quarts
t and 1 gallon tins.
Premium Hai. Dominion H m,
Premium Breakfast Bncoa, iM.mlr*-
Ion Breakfast Bacon, Pea Meal
Back Bacon, Back Baeon inl
Cooked Ham.


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