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The Mail Herald Feb 27, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Oalgary
and the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognized
advertising medium Ior the
city and district.
Vol. 22—No
$2.50 Per Year
V i
FIELD CROP    ' 'qyle Best Man
COMPETITIONS,    at Military Wedding
Regulations  for Competitions
Held   Under Auspices of
Farmers' Institute
The following   are   the regulations
tor field crop competitions under thv>
Tho Wiltshire Advertiser of January M, gives the following account of
ii wedding ut Devizes, England, at
which K.A. Boyle of Revelstoke acted
us  best man:
There  wus considerable  activity    iu
auspices ol the provincial government jthe Uoln'lty of St.  John's church   on
The Revelstoke Farmers institute hus! Tuesday, shortly after noon, and the   wU, curry w[th it a certain certificate
j     j j *    «...  „wn ., eoniiK't-ition fo<v   residents  of  that  ptirt of  the ancient .     .
decided to orgafllae a compeuuou iu» , nor     character,  unobtainable   by
its district j royal  borough hud un opportunity of
1. All Farmers' Institutes desiring witnessing
to organize these competitions must
notify tbe Soil and Crop Instructor,
department of agriculture, Victoria,
B.C., ou or hefore Muy 1st, stating
the kind or   kinds of crops for which
Hotelkeepers Made Responsible for Private Character
of Employes—Lose License if Standard Not Maintained—Must Stop Rolling!; Cases—Hack Stand
In future the holding of a position l of such cases wJll mean suspension of
us bartender in a  Revelstoke     hotel I their licenses.
Dates Ai ranged of
Huttings for Farmers
competitions are e to be provided.
2. Competitions may he organized
and conducted with auy oue, or any
two tbut not. more than two), of tha
<cropi und ureas mentioned in sections 1. and II.
3. The fields or plots entered    [ot
a    little    bit of  genuine persons  in  other  occuputions.    At   a
Canadian    enthusiasm,     lt had  beeu joint meeting of tbe police and license
whispered about  that something   out commissioners    helid Thursday     night
of thi ordinary  Was about to lyippen it wus decided that   alii hotel keepers
aud I he presence ol a   couple of .Press shall   be notified that they must  dis
men  lent  color to this rumour, as  it. charge bartenders   who  do not    reach
is  generally  considered thut  there   is the board's standard of morals     and
"something  on"  when  the  gentlemen tbat failure to  comply  with  this re-
of  the  fourth     estate  are  se^n to he gulation  will     "entuil     forfeiture    of
The horticultural brunch of the department ol agriculture has urranged
for a series of special meetings to be
held under the auspices of thc affiliated societies of tne British Columbia
Fruit Growers Association and far
merB institutes throughout the pro-
'vince at which interest will be cen*.
The mayor in referring to a recent <-'red and discussion encouruged upon
"rolling" case said that it had beet, the business of the fruitgrowers, es-
impossible to obtain sufficient evid PCClally with regard to questions ol
ence to secure a conviction. He ad- markets. These meetings will begin
vocuted licensing bartenders and '" the Okanagan valley on February
hack-drivers. 27 aud will cover most of    the priii
A resolution was passed recommend   ciPal fruitgrowing centres in the pro-
inland Revenue Department
Starts Collection of New
Taxes on Wines
hunting In couples. Then the Serge-
ant-Trumpeter of the 1st Brigade of
artiltftry, with ubout a score of cum-
rades, cume on the  scene  which natur-
license. The chief of police will be re-
qulred to -pport to the board all
cases in which the regulation as to
bartenders'   morals is   not     complied
ing to the city council that a hack
stand be provided and that in future
hacks should not be permitted to
Stand opposite hotels. The chief of
police was also notified not to allow
a certain hack-driver to drive any
hack or automobile in the city of
Those present  were  Mayor      W.   A.
competition     must be clearly defined ""V brought some of the general pub-
and marked With stakes or otherwise ^ to the church. Then came u motor
by the competitor in advance   of the '"-<lc» with officers, and this was fol-
visit of tbe judge, which     shull     bo lowc<1 a minute or two later by    thu
mude  at  the  discretion   of  the    soil commanding  officer and Be.era!     of-
and crop instructor. Competitors .'ill B«»™     strolling up the avenu-     and
not  be allowed    to    choose  locations Passing into the church. Then foAow-
at  the time of the judge's  visit    and ed u  buzz     of     excitement:  un alert
in cases where the field has not   beeu looking, dapper, well turnedout Cana-
marked in advance the judges will be *'an Boldler came up the uvenue, with
instructed  to include all the crop  of an  equally  smart  comrade in  utteud-
the kind entered    In the competition «««•   '"Shun"  shouted  the   Btrgeant
that  is in tl.e field  where th.-plot  is In charge of the guard of honor, Iiu
said to be located. ed   «» on either Bide of    the entrance
Competitors must  reoofl  fbcation i*"n*'1.  and the     smiling bridegroom
of  plot  with  the  Becretary  al    time marched  Into the church, bis     spurs
entry  is  made.   Forms  will  bc     Bent clinking np the aisle, as he went, and
to the secretary for this purpose.
with. Hotel keepers will also die noti- j Foote, Police Commissioners Bell and
tied that they will be held responsible Tremble, License Commissioners
for all "rolling" cases occurring in Bourne and Sturdy and Aid. Mack-
their   hotels and   that   the  occurrence I enrot.
Gay Evening at Bridge Guards'
Camp—Fence  Posts and
Shingles Shipped
Directions for the judge as to location of the plot on the furm bo lett
at the residence on tin- farm, ln cubo
of absence or non-residence, word
must be left with the secretary. Judges will  not  search  for the owner.
•i. There must noi be less than
five bona ii.ie entries Ior each     kind
(Special to The Mail-Herald)
Malakwa,   B. C,      Feb.  2 .—Bowie
look   his   pluce at the     altar     rails.
Then there was u pause    of     a     few
minutes.   At length the constabh    at Bridge Guards camp was the scene of
the outside   gate  stood  to  attention, gay  an(j festive     crowd, on pleasure
as  up dashed a    smart     automobile, i,Pnt    on Monday  night,  when      thut
containing  the  bride und    her cousin gUiet anQ peaceful  camp was invaded
win,  was  going to     give    ber away. bv  a  Crowd of about thirty of their
"Herr  she  comes,       wus the  audible |rjends  from   Malakwa  who  came  to
wliisin, and a very charmiug-looking givc ta„ threi, ,.oyg of th.lt cum,, whj
trkllo she   was too.   Them was      ju.'t
of crop from anv one institute, and
no competitor may compete to prim an0"*0 romance about the matter tu
oliered by more than one Farmers' milke it interesting, particularly to
institute." (Only one entry in each the Indies present. The lady, who is
compet'ition will be allowed [rom on*
farm.) I
5.   There shall bc at  least $4.'.   of"
Former   Railway    Employes
Charged  With Larceny-
Claim Pay Rolls Padded
W. Qreenlie, 0. Johnson, Charles
Forbes, and Gilbert Brown will appear belore R. Gordon, stipendiary
magistrate, this afternoon charged
with conspiracy to defraud. The
offence is alleged to have
been committed in 1H13 and
some 410,000 is suid to be involved.
The offence is claimed to have    been
vince, not     coming     to a close  until
March 25.
|    The speakers will be H.M.  Winslow,
provincial    horticulturist;   J. Forsytb
Smith  market commissioner;      J.  L
Hilborn,  R.C.  Abbott.
I    Mr. Abbott's itinerary, extends ovet
the greater part of March.
!    The other speakers   will speak    i,t
the following places:
Naramuta,    February    27;  Kaleden,
March 1; Penticton, March 1; Peach-
land, March 2; Summerlund, March
3; Armstrong, March I; Gleneden,
March 5; Salmon Arm, Murch 5; Tap-
pen, March 6; Notch Hill, March 6;
Hammond, Murch »; Hatzic, ^lurth 9;
Miss'ion, Murch 9; Chilliwack, March
li.'; Nakusp, March 111; Burton, March
17; Crawford Bay, March Is; Creston
March 19; Willow Point, March 20;
Queens Bay, March '21; Boswell,
March 2:'.; Grnnd Forks, March 23;
Rock Hill, March 2o; Keremeos,
March -Jli and Arrow Park,  March 21.
oi  French extraction, hud come     ull
the wuy from Philadelphia to wed the
gallant Canadian  who had oliered his
fered in cash prizes for each kind   of   Bervhos to the  Mother country,    and
crop, us follows   First,  $20; second, 'ehe bad only arrived in England     on
tho ttie previous Wednesday. She wae ac-
comp lined ny her COUBln! Mr. Juci;
Clayton, ol tl.e "New York Sun,"
and    they    formed  a  striking looking
bave     enlisted for active ser.ice     n
"send-oB." Th™ evening was pleasant       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ly spent  ln music,  both vocal     and   committed through padded pay   rolls p
phorograph, the latter .being brought
by  which money  was fraudulently oh-
M5; third. $io. Of this amount
Fanners' institute conducting the
competition will he entitled to a
grunt of $35 when the competition is
arranged for one kind •>( crop only,
or to u grant of $70 when competitions with two kinds ol crops ure organized, which giants wiil be paid
to the inst.tut" by the provincial department of agriculture.
li. An entry fee ol not less than.'ill
•cents und not more thai, $1. the e\
net amount to be at the discretion o!
the institute, shall be paid by each
competitor for each kind ol Crop into
the funds ofthe Institute, which
money      shull      be   ejkpplied    to  tbe
amount to be contributed by the m
Htitutc to the prise money for    each
pair as they moved up the aisle
through the lines of Khuki-clud comrades ol the bridegroom.
Tht contracting parties were Mrs.
Ann Osborne, ., charming young widow from Philadelphia, U.S.A., and
gunner Uilbcrt Lee, headquarters 1st
Divisional Artillery, Canadian Kx-
|e. d.t oi.ary Force. The best man was
gunner, B.A, Boyle, of Hevclstoke.
Brittnh Columblu «'..uadu. The esteem in winch the -mart young gunnel i ■•. held by bis comrudes wus
strikingly shown    by    the    way In
which  'bey  ra'.lied round him on this
crop   in  competition.     A. competitor   uuspWlous occasion.  Not only did his  We*>e«day
than one .xiiii.it   """'•* ,mi '"'* confrere* turn out In   Thp indies
u body but the commanding officer of
ii.e 'uIgude, i ... \i 11.son. honored
tin- rercmonj bj bl* i>r<BBen<c< ub also
did t"ol. Dodds, Cupt. Cosgruve, Mu-
j.ei Mills. :nii| Capt, Kelly, ol the
headquarter* stall and Oapt, Alder-
um ami Lieut, Matthews Regimental
Sergt. Major Clifford was also present, and he presented the bride w.tii
may not enter more man one
of any one kind of crop but be may
enter one exhibit ol each kind when
two crops are pro-tidal. All of tho
fields entered for competition must
be within the area dinned I. \ the In
htitutc holding the competition.
7.   All Individual enti .es f«»i     eacb
conipetit.eeii  must   be forwards     by
the  secretary  of the  institute  to   tint
soil and crop instructor.     Victoria
B.C.,  not   later than  June  I.
Price List
Nre.  1.   Open  to members of Farm
ers'  institutes  owning,    renting,  directing, or working not. more than  10
acres of Cultivated  land    First    prize,
$30;      second     priee,   »I.V   third p'lzo
Class             croj
Area required
ii ei     ieed
acre or over
Wlll.lt.    seed
acre or over.
Barley,  ieed,
acre or over
Peas,  seed
acre or over
acre or over
acre oi  over
acre or over
Field e
nrre oi  ovei
Fodder eon
acre or OVCI
nrre  i.r over
Rr<i elover
nrre   or ovei
Alfnlf-i new seeHiii.*.
| acre 01 over
Alfalfa, '"•nd
■year, ■
acre or w   .
UfBll         A
nr  over,
io re ..r  ov-'i
Mixed    f| .In
ni-re or <>v.*r
drain inv
arro or over
i. lovely bouquet ol white chrysanthemums, with Itn ■ red. white
and blue. The nui. of tbe dctucbment
lined up outeld 11 ■ porch, In the
avenue, and wlie:. tlie groom arrived
accompanied by i.is le.st man, they
•prang smartl; t.. ittcntlon us he
passed  through  the  lines.
A little later the bride arrived by
automobile, She was charmingly
goiuaed in chiffon v<ttvet dress, with
save plush coat, black -.'..et hat, and
a handsome set ol  lark foi furs. Sho
was given away bj hei COUfin, Mr.
Jack Clayton, tbe well-known New
Vork correspondent ■)! the "New York
Sun." The eel m n jiiform"d
by tbe   Rtttoi     I   Hct i/es     (the   Ret
i ,W.O, Fiiiiui, and the Rev. Oanon
Almond, Chaplain ol tl 1).visional
Artillery. The ilectoi took the pre-
1111i11• ir>  |. ■ ■... .•, ,,;
the charge tl      letting, but
the ai' ol    tying    thi
knot" i bj  Canon   Aii
; inoii,1     Ml     II      H     Baku   wns   at   the
in.I   plav   . ta  musi"
erhllsl   the  guest"       •. I    ■ milling,
them  by   J.W.  Fowler of the Malak- |
wa Farms.  Solos  were sung by   Mr.   railwny-
and   Mrs.  Pilcher    the  Mlisses  Anderson,   Greenwood,   McGlone,  and  Baynes ^nd    Messrs.      Roberts,  McKay, (8ung
Pilcher.    Baynes      und      Corp.   Hitt, \
Speeches  we're made by   several  mem- j Penre(i   before  Mr
bers   of  the  party,   and  games   were
played after     thnt until     lunch was j
served  which the ladies of the   party
had  thoughtfully      provided.  Shortly
aften thiB the     party broke up     but |
not  until  everybody had sung  '   For
He's a  Jolly Good Fellow,"     "Auld I
Lang    Syne" und     "God    Save   the ,
King.     Mr.  McKay     led the "Three
£heera and a Tiger."
Malakwa is a verv busy little place,
these times, three carloads of fence
poets are being shipped to the prairie and the tirst car load of shingles
is  heing shipped  this week  aB well.
A whist drive w « held at the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Johnson on
night. Six tables played.
prize, , '.ox of chocolates
was won by Miss Florence Andi non
and thc gentleman's prize a nec'itie,
was   w..n by Mr.   i-l.itl  Swun.
Mr Somerville carried oil thc consolation prize, a Lttlo primer. I   The
Father Yahner held mass in the
hall  on  Wednesday  morning.
Messrs. Fowler left Bowla for Vie
torln,  Tuesday night,  und Corp.      1.
Canada's Contribution
to British Empire
Meyer Cohen, the photographer ol
the Industrial Motion Picture company, who was the one nerson per
mitted to enter Valcartier camp With
n camera und take pictures of the
men and doings there, upon his re
tained  from     tbe     Canadian  Pacific   turn from camp
l    "It. was a wonderful     sight to se1
I    At the time W. Greenlie   was time   <# m*W  mc» under     c«nva8-     Tne-»
keeper,      Johnson     formun of    extra   were l,hvays in the be,t o{ 8Pirits ana
\<ran&  and   Forbes  and Browu      time
keepers ut  Rogers  Pass.  Greelic   ap
Cordon lust    Feb
ruary hut escaped while under ba.1.
He wns rearrested in Los Angeles,
Johnson was arrested in Spoknne,
Forbes at Cambie nnd Erowu at
Rogers Pass.
In connection with the same affair
K. Hove, formerly road muster at
Rogers Pass, was recently arrested in
Colfax, Wash. He is now in Spokane
and his extradition is being asked by
the Canadian^ government on a churge
of larceny. He is fighting ^.xtrnd'itiou.
H. P. WundOTllng, inspector Canadian  Pacific railway  investigation de-
ipart.ment, and B.C. Steiner ofthe
Canadian   Pacific    railway   inyestigu-
ition department ure in the city in
connection with the ease. II. Rnn-
torth,  of the     Canadian  Pacific rail-
, way investigation department, is in
Bpokane in connection with the re-
qusst for the extradition of Hove.
thc whole wish of every member ot
the contingent is to get one Ger nan.
The sanitary arrangements, gi ik-i.i1
cleanliness and, in fact, everything
wus perfect, and a greut credit ti all
"At (juchec the scene was     impres
sive.  On the  Saturday    uight  befor••
the main body embarked,    the Chal
call Frontenac was such that I i tcnl-
led,   the description     Of    the eve     of
Waterloo. 'There was a scene of     re
velry hy night,' It wns not an organ
ized  ball,  but  the     otlicers    in thei.
brilliant     uniforms     mingled     with
smartly attired ladles.  In the eveuiu:
I here   wus     dancing,     and with thc
magnificent Highland costumes
by  the Scottish,  tl.e green      of     th-
lilies and thc scarlet ofthe  mou  ted,
the    nlend   Of Colon     Was    w.'lldf 'fill.
Iintside  the  Princess  Pat's  pi I
was  playing on      tl.e  terrace  sh: ring
honors with the band of  the Ouirds,
Out on the river basin lay Itbe cow l
|etl transports ami the use and     fall
Mitt    |i
soon  as his  relief
It is reported in Copenhagen that
the rulers of the three Scan llnavlar
k'negiloms will hold another confer
ence, this time'to discuss thc oues-
tlans of ilontm.' mine;, Germany'a
declaration of a sea wnr zone and the
Uritish ndmiralty'a views as to th ■
nse of  neutr-il   lings.
'of   the  soldiers'   song     It's   ,•,       I.
Pennsylvania  railway  company (Way to Tlpperory.   cam^up to U
the evening breeze, l sh.iii nevei
gel it **
These icenes and others will be
shown at the Empress theatre today
by the tndusti i il Motion Pit ture
i ompany In t hcli feature dim,
ada'r Contribution to the Brltl 'n
is directing the attention of its employes to tl.e necessity for reducing
I'oises around sleeping cars during
the night. Thc company's notice to
its employees says: 'We wish the ro
operation of all employees In order
to avottd complaints. Employees al
passenger stations and on trains on
freight tracks should endeavor to
avoid all loud talking and unnecessary noise by engines    blowing    oil
News received In Rome from Trtaste
says the situation then ecoming
steam while pass'ng   ir shifting     to  dully more serious. Anyone manifest
opposite passenger Btations.'     Som<   tj„. slightest sympathy with Italj  -
railways nearer  home  would  do  wei
tO   Imitate  the  Pennsylvania example
Don't Miss the MaltHerald's
Belgian War Pictures
Whil Revelsto .■ may not always requiring the ser vi cen of policemen
tqua! New V..rk and London in Its all day to control the crowdn, anl
theatricals      productions  it   certainly
( Continued on Page Four.)
ran claim equality with them in Iho
. I iss  ol  its  motion   mctures, The  big
■■. r fe im n.iti li fi 'ids of Belgium'
whirl, the M.iV Herald is brin lng to
thc Wn .'.I '"I two dnyfi, broke ull
rtcordi at  the     Studebaktr thmtre,
with  nn admission ch.-irce of 50c.
Takes en  Hour and a Half.
Tl.'' Bim requires about one    hour
and a half to be run oil, nnd In ordei
that ns mnny may  be accommodated
as p WSible, tb    Mail  I I'T.ilil i in   as
sur': patrons    who miv come ns late
ns in n.m.  thnt they will see the en
Chicago. The attendance tho inst day  tire picture, which will be run    until
wes 0,1 i jnd the second dny 14,000, ,11.30, if necessary, to complete it.
immediately   charged   with   lnrl    I
son and death sentences are ol dallj
occurrence. The new governor. just
appointed, is obliged to have oil ol
ficlal documents countersigned i.y two
officers of the Lvnrn.f stall, one being
German and th" other  Austrian,
\   bill  to    make lt     unlawful for
ships of  fori'..;.,  nations    to Ily the
American  Bag    for the      purpose ol
disguising  the    nationality      of the
\cssci, or for the purpose of making
it appear to be n vessel ,,f the Unite I
.-tnt.'s ot-of United States register,
has been Introduced in the Di Iti I
States house ol repres ntative
representative, Mnrtin, of South n
kota. it proposes a Pne of from fin,-
000 i" 1100,000 and confhKatton nl
the   l. " as a  ■ en i I
Thc  tirst experience     in  Revelstoki*
of tbe war tax-s outlined iu the budget of the Dominion Finance minister
ou  February  11 ib in    the  imposition
of stamp duties on champagnes     and
wines,  which goes into eliect at once.
Instructions  huve   bein   received  by
the inland revenue department ia this
city  in the shape of a schedule,  stating  the  rate   of taxution  on   certain
lines     of   articles and  un   appendix,
which exhaustively itemizes the ramifications of these lines. Stamp duties
j upon  proprietary     and  patent  medi-
tcines  and perfumery  are  not yet      iD
effect.      All   wholesale  liquor   dealers
and hotels will  be re (uired  to     tako
| stock of their supplies and  make application   for  the  stami s required  t->
he affixed to each package.
The following is the rate of taxation on win sand champagnes: Non
sparkling w ties, on ea h bottle ot
package r.entwining up to one quart,
[live cents, with .in additional lire
cuts i n every additional quart of
(ruction of a quart; champagnes and
sparkling win°s, on each bottle or
package containing up to one pint,
'25 cents, with an additional 25 cents
on every additional pint or fraction
of a pint. Wines may be bottled from
a package on which the stump duty
1 as been l aid, but the ! ottles muBt
hoar new stamps; the bottler may recover a drawback to the value ol tho
stump nflixed to the origin il packntro
and he is also entitled to the draw-
hack if he exports, provided he g'ives
two days' notice In writing to tho
Inland  revenue  officer.
The retailers of wines hnve not yet
decided whether there will he a general advance in thc prices. There la
not much demand iu these lean times
for sparkling wines nnd champagnes;
those who buy tin m are generally in
a position to b? able to pay the additional tux. But the non sparkling
wines, such as i.ort, are olt^n sold
by the pint, and' the lowest measure
for taxation     purposes   is   a quart.
Druggists are already marked for
taxation, but the department has not
had time to attend to them yet. All
proprietary and patent me.'.cines and
perfumery are to be taxed at tbe rata
of one cent on the retail price of tCD
cents per bottle en 1 an additional one
cent on every additional 10 cents or
fraction tbereol t.e the retail price.
The '.v .r.l "perfui ides     any
preparation for the mouth, hair and
skin. Bj propi etari and patent
es is me tnt anything that Ib
composed under a secret formula, or
that Is s.ei.i undei 1 " i t ut or a
trad: mark or that i> r commended
to the public by the ma' eiS, vendors
or proprietors nt* remedies oe specifics
f .r anj -1 is • ■ ■ The .1 p rtn ent s tys
!■ this excludes anv medicinal pre-
• me recognized by tne Uritish
or I'nit il States or the French codn
as   ofti •'   e '    lUch   dtu^s
or medicines ,->s may bc had Without
special   : i ■ p irat Ion  on   n i" ndlng
This plm-is  iim-'.r.sts   in somewhat
Hand in    The cem  is noi 11
- i ...eet...u. .a exchange  in P.e
:, i- the inn ority  ol pal
(lit   medi<CtMS end perfumes are sold at
.. from 2."i cents to 7.1
ii nt-.  tl e tax    i ■ '■    th it   di
Kill  bave    t..    di i de     .-.' athi i   thoy
K.va! low   tl, lal      . ..si of   tbi
• .•ii to three c nt rtt< '■- .t
cbarge tb'.r cuatomei another tlv.>
All of the .-"         oned above
must have
.iiiixe.i t,. them stamps ol the valui
-.' nt i. ned In the sched de, which n-i i
■ ■ cancelled i j initials ami
date, or some method ol oblltere
tion, before    th y     lea ■■• the si
I i  Imported    i ti t ■-
Canad In bond, n ust
througb the same prices-- while in
the CUStodv  of   *
Any neglect In conform    •   to    tl
regulations    will ren ler tbe offendu
liable   to  a pe   llty      Bol     to   exceed
The stem) I  an     'i nticl   with    tl  ■
• Mr. ry Can idli vlth thn
i  eeptlons   tl   ■   greenish color,   tho
perch ti e|,e-
\  -I-     • that
Cermnn E st   v: li cl<sart d
of Hr.-      ■ Iwmana
ere  HOW Invading Pgnnda. PAGB TWO.
Furniture Polish
House Cleaning time requirements—
What a difference 25c of Polish makes
Every piece of Furniture looks like new-
Very little work, but great results
Try our Magic Furniture Polish, 25 and 50c.
If you are not satisfied we will refund your money
Starts  March   1st.
Bargains to Please our Customers as in
Previous Years
War  is declared    on our stock  of   ■   Why  nre we selling more   bread?
rea  and Coffee,     see our window There must he a reason.
"      ' r,:,K Let Us Tell You Why
$1 buys J lbs, Just corapara a ioaf 0f ours With
While this lot  lasts, and ns anot- ■"'v   other omd   we  are   absolutely
her   idvance  is     predicted  In the sure .v'ni  wi"    use the best, then
near  future we would advise put- .vo11 wil1 know why.
ting !.y a few pounds.
Phone 11
Box 731
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suits, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Ae*-aied Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street. Revelstoke, B. C.
Suitably furnished with the
choicest the market affords.
Best   Wines,    Liquors   and
Cigars.     Rates   $1   a   dav.
J. Albert $tone. Proprefor -Monthly rates.
German Mice Nibbling at Bread
By Archibald Hurd, in the 'Daily Telegraph' London
If a malevolent person were deter- I Germany Hitting Herself,
mined to ruin the Carlton Hotel, he One other consideration arises. For
would not be satisfied with surreptit- gome reason—which 1 do not profess
ioUFly introducing two or three mice to understand—we are allowing Ger-
into the kitchens to nibble at the many—that is, the German pebple,
bread; he might think of taking the apart from the German army mid
pavement mud endeavoring to prevail navy—to obtain foodstuffs and other
lu people not to enter its doors by things, including cotton, which is
telling them talse reports, or bo used in the manufacture of explo-
miglit adopt other means of doing sives. These commodities must reach
Injury, such as tripping up the man- Germany—il at nil—hy sea, and in
ager; 'but,' he would say, 'there is neutral ships. There is a scarcity of
the law of libel and the law of as- bottoms, and hence the rise in freight
sault, and all kinds of laws with jud- rates here and abroad,
ges and policemen to enforce them.' As German submarines sin: our
The mouse policy would be a conies- vessels, the fewer ships there will
sion nf Impotonco, and the hotel remain to carry the world's goods—
managemenl would smile, and oer- lndluding such Gorman goods as wo
hapn buy ano;her cat. permit her to receive, The fewer the
The mice of Grand Admiral von available ships under the British flag,
Tirpitz are the submarines whicn the more ships under neutral fla.es
he has instructed to sink our wc and the dominions a d other
merchant ships. The naval secretary countries shall need. The competition
won d like to take the seas with his Jor the very limited number of bot-
battleships, 'but,' be says to him- Lome under neutral dags will thus in-
self—and to American interviewers in crease; we may e.en, as a settled
candid moments— 'there are thu policy, take upas much neutral! ship-
Grand Fleet, the watching cruisers, pjng as possible. In proportion as
the patrol flotillas, and all kinds of we competo for th's limited numl er
BritlBh ships in such large numbers of vessels, Germany and her distress-
that the odds are really too much.' ed allies will suiter. Germany, con-
So he his decided to set a lew mice sequently, will he hit in proportion
to nibbie at our bread. to th" success with which she WP.ges
'lhe Von Uoon of the German Navy, her new policy—and we have the long-
Does the head of the German u.ivy er purse and higher credit. No neutrally and seriously think thai, be will nil would enter the North Bea, with
bring the British empire to Its knees its mines and other dan. ers, i[ he
ly sinking a few merchant vesse.s could get a cargo for a British or
with  his submarines?  Does  the    Ger- French port.
So, In, whatever light this policy o:
commerce destruction he regarded,
Germany loses. She m .* > ■ u conl s
sion eef naval weakness in the eyes of
the whole world, and she increase-!
the  economic  pressure  which   is     nl
man emperor, who has at least read
something of uavial history, entertain
nny such idea'.' Years ago, so con-
vinced was 1 •>! the many fo.lies of
Grand Admiral, that 1 suggested that
the time mielit come when the Uritish people would feel an inclination to ready embarrassing her
erect     a statue in     London     to ibis	
sailor statesman as so ue recognition
ol  il.    work which he bad done for us
unwittingly—incideentally     in making
the  British  peoples one   people.     Jt
maybe thai  when war is    over     we
shall  feel  more gratitude than  haired
for the veneruble 'Von Roon   of    the
.. i'.e w,' as he has been called.
What   We  1 live  Hone.
Wh it  -.-: ■ he i osition today, when it,
is reported that a German submarine
has  mn    a  :i uple of small ships     ofl
tbe  i ashire    i oast?     The  British
.   .      bj its might   ind 1 y the 'intelligence  with  which  it has been hart died
;      captured   or     driven ofl the sua
tons ul Germun slop
no)    to     menl ion     the ny    no
We are offering CLOSE PRICES on:
Bourne Bros.. Ltd.
Telephone 22
First Street
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
Presi dent V ice-1 'residen t
KDWARD HAY, Genual Manager.
WILLIAM  MOPPAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.B. McOLENEGHAN, Manager.
The  value of     mos(     o|  the  wood
i ■  produced 11iday   is  limiti il    t.i
its fuel value for the prod id ion    ui
iie.e,er     at  the   mill,   lu  some c es is,
. eth ids ol closer     utilization    have
ueen  worked oul,  but, compared witb
the total amount i.i  wood waste produced,      the  amount   ol   mutci ial   so
utilized is almost negligible   Furthermore,  most ni the '   i   e .,   ibei   mills
produce  waste greatlj   In  i   cess      uf
the   naouiit  necessary  : ii power pro
auction  and  the  waste   burners     are.'
c mercantile marine   stil, ,„ „„„_ lnvolvlng „,,, (,,,,y „ lo8s
of large amounts of wood,  but   also
hamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs- in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected approved hy careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY,and Ihis applies equally to Lard, Butter. Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
i!  qj   ry.     The    overs a
■  e  ,, ,      i we. imi ...ns has
What does thi    naval
tary say to it      'Kn land wants
ti. sl ii..' a.-.  U,   can play the     same
"*' '" "'•• '"' *""• tor'   being  attacked  fro
pedo i ■ e ••   Ho  lis .     oi a lies'     ship
■ ii    .mi  harbor In Great in i-
tain, thereby     cuttinj     ofl  BuppUes.'
i.. s .mas!       ovei   a   month
b es,     s.i far,     seiuK tun e
small I"    ma}   do l" ' I
--.. .-   three   .'.ee
■    ICJ        'Vl.l
. ire.
A   - Weakness.
.   • pi ai' Ised   on
eme naval power
.   )|   tfetsakness.  P
•  • knows that in     the
i .jf the wm      on   ' lie
-■.  l.e
Is sub*
•with   i   ■ lew I.. -
• e     would
a definite, lixed charge t" get rid of
ii. It ha- been possible in the past
to utilize oijj a snial'i percentagt of
this material, but the probli m is
in a number of
different angles and there is reason
in believe that, within a short time,
a much larger percental e of Buch
materia] can be utilized at a profit.
Laboratory experiments are being
conducted by the l'nited States For
est Products Laboratory, looking to
ward the commercial production of
ethyl aicohol from the distillation of
sawdust,  shavings,  edgings,  etc.
A, study of the motor fuel problem
will show that the production of
mineral fuels, such as gasoline, motor spirit, etc., is not keeping pace
with automobile production. Alcohol
appears to be the only solution of
the problem, for, if it can bi produced from wood waste at u reuson
uble "imi . a tremendous supply of
' m material is available from a
ii itni.il. growing raw material which
is  not a food-stuff.
If   ihe  experiments  n iw   under  way
should demonstrate thai      the     pro-
Hevclstoke Lodge
No, 1085
nl-' MOOE
Meets  every  second
ami Fourth Tuesday
in  the Selkirk Hall.
Visit ing Brethren are cordially invited.
Dr. McLKAN, Die.   H.L. HADQ, Sec
practicable   on .,  labor-
I    can  be made coi irclal-
I    the  resull will   be a     tre-
endous   advance     tn  the    practical
'eo,,  u| forest   products   CL,
Try a Mail-Herald
"Want Ad
ial   only
■ !      in       i
.,( i Ne
I Le   '
■  ■
titin": i li there    ar*
probably   bl ■   .    .a     the
world is [Uitoee
'.'.iM. and bave
no    tit! le  '.f  Infiui di e   oi Its   I
led  ..-  mosquito
•   ift. com
(ry and   i lei -
1 i 'viinin.  aniioue to  Introduce
some new  Hymn books,  directed    the
clerk   to    ':'• it   a   QOl Ice   In   chinch
■  to tbem  Immedlatelj  aftci
rmnn   The d irk, however,   had
■ ■   'ef ins ..wn to give with   re
lerent e to tbi n ol Infants. \e
cording, .t tbe close '.I the sermon,
i.i announced "All those who uavo
children  tbey   wli h  baptised,     please
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
55 Second Street, Revelstoke.B.O.
I. O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening  in
Selkirk  Hall at 8 o'clock.   Visit-
lug  brethren  cordially  invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
aud A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
JOHN  LKK,  W.  M.
ROBT.    GORDON,   Secretary
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE NO. 3461
OF I. O. F.
Meets In St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
In   month.     Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcomed.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 8k., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially invited.
H. KBMP8TBR. 0. O.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and  Piano-moving a
Phone 40—276.   Night Phone348
'.   il. CURTIS
It'sgood policy I o think of the future
tt's Still lie) ler policy to provide aKiiiiist
'.he misfortunes it may bave iii si ore
'in- you. The BUrest way of protecting
voin-self and family is ii
with  a  reliable company.    Tbe  high
Hnanolal standing ami lung business
career   of   ihe   Kootenay   Agencies
makes     it    absolutely     t.i n-l wen 1 hy.
Your time mav he near at hand,
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. fi. Kincaid. Manager.
theii   names al  once "     Tho
municatlons (between this cofftry and eii who was deal, supposing
•lie ii ■ orld   They     do ih it   the  'leak   was giving  oul     tbo
not o^ ■   loss of sleep on     the bymn-hook  notice, Immediately arose
if   , single person In the British ,„<i  iflld   "And I want to say for the
[sles by sttacklnj s  merchant    slop benefit  of    those     who haven't any
here   ind thpre as opportunity     offers that  tbe    may be obtained from   me
On the othei mind, they run oonslder- any dny between     three     and     fe
nblc     ris.os   in       purnuliu» tbil   pollcj
Bom* day one of     t.bexe   submarines
will  run aOroll B  Oaptaln  Kettle.
Ah  even   a   Submarine   cannot   be   \t\
two places at once, the mom there be
Wandering ahout off our went OOUl
the fewer there iVill he on our east
const, and in the North Hiiu and rluin
nt)l|   where  our  men of wnr  are    'run
o'clock,  the or Unary little ones    at
Bfteen cents,     and the     Bpecial ones
with   red   backs  at   twenty five    cents
Jliainiiii;' the enemy,
Papers seeking   to     disqualify tbe
Cranlirook rity council have been is
BUed by W 11. rvlcFarlniie and Joseph
Hill and the enue will be henrd In tbe
It will pay you to
make a call at
P.   B.   WELLS.
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. f
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required In vonrbusiness,
(Late with the Revelstoke
General Agencies.)
Bookk<eep(ng, Typewriting and
all kinds of Clerical Work
Accounts Collected
Prompt Returns
Fife, Life antl Accident  lie ur
ance placed with Hound and
reliable companies
Office:   McKenzie Avenue
(Next to Com. Telegraph Office)
Phone208      P.O. Box817
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone42    -    Night Phone85 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1915
The next examination for the entry of Naval Cadets, will be held at
the examination centres of tbe Civil
Service Commistion in Hay, 1915,
successful candidates jottning the College on or about 1st August. Applications for entry will be received up
to 15th April by the Secretary, Civil
Service Commission, Ottawa, from
whom blank entry forms can now be
Candidates for the examination in
Hay next must be between tbe ages
of fourteen and sixteen on the 1st
July, 1915.
Further details can be obtained On
application to the undersigned.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, January 8th, 1915.
Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not bc paid for.—
What is Doing io the Province
A shooting gallery has been opened
at Natal.
Enderby exported     15    carloads of
hay last month.
The re-opening  of the Michel  hotel
is looked for shortly.
Blairmore's 1914 dog, taxes amounted to r122.70.
Half open pansiea
Moyie on Friday.
were picked at
Anti-Divorce Crusade
Rossland's milk supply is well
to the government standard.
Vernon ratepayers will have to pay
129,845 in school taxeB this year.
None of the horses oflered at Natal
wero purchased by the remount buyers.
Sleighing bas disappeared at Grand
Forks—its exit is much earlier than
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoha, Saskatchewan and Al-
terta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be issued for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of Jl an acre. Not more than
2,560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
ty the applicant in person to the
Agent or   3ub-Agent   of the district
To date     only
Kuslo have taken
five     residents ol
out their  1915 dog
Gardening operations have commenced at Penticton—in the favored
sunny  spots.
The     remount.     officer     purchased
17 horses   at     Penticton  paying
an average $140  per animal.
A new flag is to be purchased for
the Cranbrook city hall.
Last month 100 more coke ovens
began smoking in Michel.
A record skating carnival at Nelson netted $120 for the Red Cross
In future Vernon city council will
insure all city laborers against accidents.
One room in the new Hume school
at Fairview was opened for school
purposes on Monday.
John L. Retallack, of Kaslo, will
be a quartermaster-sergeant in the
third Canadian contingent.
Kaslo'B ice harvest is 25 per cent,
heavier than a year ago and no famine is anticipated this year.
Moyie Farmers' institute will
mit ladies to membersh'ip     until
Woluen's iustitute is organized.
Blairmore wants government help
in its local relief work. The town has
contributed all that it can spare.
Penticton counts on its electric
light plant receipts for U>15 shoving
an increase of 10 per cent over 191-1.
Th.' distance from Pent'icton to the
coust, over the Kettle Valley railway via Hope, is 254 miles, via Sicamous it is 452.
In the Lardo country the Canadian
Pacific railway has one section crew
looking after 33 miles of track.
Tlie great anti-divorce crusade,
which is now in full battle array 'in
this country, is destined to put a
stop to the habit of the American
people flocking into court with vheir
family woes, in such great numbers
that they clog the wheels of justice
and wear out everybody from the
court-house janitor to the most
brainy and intellectual juryman that
ever slept at Ms post. The Ameiican
divorce habit has grown alarmingly
in recent years. A couple are married
today, tomorrow' the husband combs
his wife's hair with a skffllet while
she puts him gently on the head witb
some choice article of bric-a-brac until he can see about twelve acres of
the firmament and a slice ol northern
lights. The next day they are divorced
amid the muffled sobs and spluttered
tears of their respective attorneys.       |
The great and primary cause of
divorce is matrimony. If the re
uuirements before matrimony were
tightened up three or four notches
here and there it would greatly re- j
duce the divorce output. Just as
long as it is possible for any 2x4
young man, with soft white hands
and a breaking out of pin feathers on
his upper lip and with just enough
labilous and untold wealth     to   pur-
Sunlight Soap
Dainty Garments—Fine Linen—
These are surely worth your
best care and the use of nothing but the soap that cannot
hurt the finest fabric—
Here's the Sunlight way:
First, soap the garment; then roll
it up to soak. After a while, rinse
well and the dirt practically drops
out. No wearisome scrubbing,
no hurtful rubbing—the gentle
strength of Sunlight does the work
almost without
eiTort and entirely    without
Try one cake—
you'll find it's
hir.d to the
At all grocers     hands, too.    i35
Two Cranbrook    citizens who have
special  permits     to kill deer bagged j ca^e a marriage licence and au extra
one each at Gold Creek last week.      j Pair of suspenders,  to get  married at
his own sweet will and  move right in
Golden  board  of trade wants     the
on  his  father-in-law  without
Canadian Pacific railway to instal a ; arretted or kicked out at the side
telephone    in     the     station at that | aoor_divorce is going to operate.
quarrel—when she hurriedly ran down
the cellar on the back of her neck—
and then the second, third, fourth
and fifth and each time the furniture
got in a more shattered condition,
until after awhile there was hardly a
chair in the house that seemed to
have good health or was able to be
out. Yet there were lucid intervals
when they would make up—forgiv*—
'.To around and  put poultices     on th»
I oint.
G. F.  Stevenson  has resigned
seat as alderman of Cranbrook,
finds he has not the necessary
perty qualification.
Just as long as the tottering
widower with his string of gi'aud
children and the    inflammatory  rheu-
the rightB applied for   are
Shipments of    ore     from Rossland
j mines for  January show an increase
of 6,7:10 tons as compared     with   the
same month last year.
in which
The lease will include the coal mln- '    Vernon council has chopped #50 per
ing rights only, but the lessee    may  year ofl 'the salary     of     the medical
be  permitted to    purchase   whatever i health officer,  and •'5100   of   the  city
available surface rights may  be con- ! solicitor's yearly income.
sidered necessary for the working   ol
the mine at tbe   rate of   $10.00    an
In surveyed territory the land must
te described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine sh -11
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
amounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon If the coal mining
rights are not being opcrnted, such
leturns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to thc Agent or Sub-Agont
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  CORY.
Vernon council bas added five hours
extra labor to the duties of the electric light superintendent—and reduced his salary #25 per month.
year president
John   Heacev  haB     been   appointed   10'J members.
dog tax collector at Grand Forks at |    ,n the win(Jermere district there,are
ja salary of 33  percent of the     feeB  ^ acfes     undw oultlvatlon.     Tne
[collected     and  $lfor every  dog des-  ,.ve atock population ,„ ,.m horBCB]
jtr°yec'' 539 beef cattle,  108 milch cows,   421
To date  1,158 cords of wood     have  bogB. In 1914 there were  134     apple-
been cut at the     local    relief society   trees in bearing.
woodyard at Nelson.  It costs $2 per I
cord for the  labor.
biscuits     and knocked    her down the
cellar witb it—Ah!—what a blow that
WaB! What a cruel, hitter blow to her
pride, her love, her hopes, her home,
her all, in fact,    excepting her     biscuit!  With what an aching heart she
picked up a boiled egg and threw    It
at her hubby and hit a window in the
opposite direction.
Yet their home is a wreck   today,
but once they  were bo    happy.     Ah!
how Bhe used to toll for him and   he  furniture nnd be happy.
for her—and     then     when  there was      But so n another storm would IJlow
company  how  each would accuse the   up from the west. Thus it went from
matism,  can take a bride on his arm   other of working the harder till     the  bad     to     worse—from     witch hazel
—who  was born  about    thc time     ho   guests got tired of listening and went   cream—to tincture of arnica—until at
first began to knleomine his'whiskers   out doors to help themselves to fresh   last  it all  ended   in the dSvorce court
and creep up the aisle with her, with-   air till the couple could get back   to  —when  each of them measured      out
out  pol'ice interference—there are go-  their right minds again. earful after earful  of domestic     woe
ing to be divorces. '    How she used to slave in thc sultry   and presented it to all who cared to
The divorce problem is    simply     a   kitchen just for hiB sweet sake. Grn'i   jartake.  And so it   goes.     There     is
side door exit from    the matrimonial   a hot pan by the    handle   before she   nothing     more     deplorable     thna a
problem, one   leads    to   the    other,   thought     and     then let go of it iu a   divorce  and  the anti-divorce crusade
When you see u home—that has     had  vcry extemporaneous ana  impromptu   is right   And   yet   instead  of turning
to suspend publication because every   manner.  And how she remembers her   deaf ears to those! who are for someday     there     was a grand      sparring   first baking; with  what an exhilarat-   body to come and  help them let     go
match with chairs,  the real problem *ing sense of joy and expectancy   she   of each othnr, why not strike a   few
is not so much. What should be doue   worked away at     it,    and     how she  sharp blows 'in  favor    of     "Painlea*
All the 1915 officers of    the Nelson  in the case of the next pair of candi-   hummed  a merry tunc to herself     as  Matrimony."**
Conervative  association  were  elected  dateB who yearn for matrimony,  and   she jerked thc dough around and got, ________
by acclamation—Dr. Borden iB this who seem, to the cold, calculating it in her front hair—kitchen furniture
The association has eye of a disinterested party, to bc and door knoll—and the cat—and then
just ns triumphantly matched as thc at last, with what a delirium of an-
others were? The great trouble is thut ticipation she opened the oven do,.r
the divorce is the last number on the for tbe purpose of removing her own
program when it ought to be the first ripe batch of bread. And to
first In many cases, lf it were ueceB- find that it was in an alarming and
faarv for those who yearn for matri- dangerous condition and seemed to
mony  to go into court and  g'ivc     us  bave  been overcome  by the heat     or
Arthur Fowler of Robson has constructed a genuine made in Robson
violincelio which haB all the appearance and sound of the factory   made
New Denver Record:-0n Thursday
night the rink was connected by tele-
phone with Kaslo, and the people of
that town got reports as the goals
were made.
At his hotel in Lardo. Jack Mc
I.achlan serves chicken dinners three
times a week. There are so mnny
chickens in thnt tnwn thnt the peopl..
sometimes have to kill them in self-
According to the     Petrolia Advertiser the amount  of crude petroieum
many valid reasons why they   Bhould   an attack of hopeless melancholy and   produced  in Ontario  last year     ne\
Maukin  Lumber & Pole com-   be allowed to marry,     as it is     now   did not look like it would be able to   212,405  barrels.      The  price  averaged
pany at Ymir  is shipping  piling and
The usual 10 per cent dividend   has   poles    daily to  various parts   of the
been declared for 1914 by tbe Nelson   United States, with .orders ahead auf-
Brewing Company,  Limited.      Mayor  ficient  to keep a large force at   work
Malone was re-elected president. for the next two months.
Notes from the cTVtines
No. 1 from Montreal to Vnncouver,
arrive at ii.05 p.m., leave G.25 p.m.
No. 2, from Vancouver to Montreal,
arrive at 11.05 a.m., leave at 11.23
a. m.
No. 3, from Toronto to Vancouver,
arrive at 7.0." a.m., leave nt 7 .'20 a.m.
No. I Irom Vancouver to Toronto,
arrive nt 12.10 n. m., leave at 1.05
a  m.
No. mi, from ilcvelstoko to Arrowhead, leave 7.30 a.m.
No. s03, fr.uu Arrowhead to Revelstoke, arrive  1.40 p.m.
No. 3 makes connection   with     tho
Work has been discontinued on the
Mo. - of the Staudard group.
V. C. Merry, who bas been with
(he Ferguson Mines, l.'iruited, fur a
number e.i ye rs past, has severed
bis connection with the company and
left last week with the intention of
going .1"      to ' tab.
The Hedley Gold Mining company
has installed itd new wutcrpower,
thus stopping lurgc demand for
Princeton  coal.—Nelson News.
Voight Camp is in active develop
ment, a small force nf miners bolng
employed, it is stated tbat a Bmeltei
w.'ll  be erected  for treatment of   tho
ore, which is self-fluxing.
At the annual general meet ine of
the Star Mining A Milling Co., the
following resolution was passed:
"Whereas,    tbere    are   no apparent
tbe   Way   Lo   benefits  to  be  gained  by  tbe continu-
prosperlty II   enjoytd  atlon ol this company, therefore   be
The commencement ol work again
by n ten men for the Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Co., at Ainsworth bad- in tbe hope that the old
camp may B
regaining  th
necessary to give in order to get the
knot untied, there would be (ewer.
American housewives today, jerking
their husbands around by one enr and
fewer. American husbands grabbing
their wives by the fore-top und romping from room to room with them—
Marry in haste—relent with pleasure.
But there is alter all, nothing sadder thun divorce. A couple who w«.e
once happy and believed in one an
other, played duets together on the
piano while the gloaming wns getting
in its line work, nnd Inhaled simp
from the same spoon and called cuch
other all the names tbey could lay
their tongues on from sugar plum to
angel—stand nniiel the wreck ol a
rn'ined home like a runaway team
that couldn't work double and has
torn up the harness and kicked ofl the
For a time tbey were perfectly bap
py but—it didn't last long—One lay,
ere tbey were scarcely awnre ol it,
they had quarrelled and be had picked  up one of her own    hardshell    tea
be out  from  the  doctor's   care     for Ji.."i9 a  barrel, exclusive   of   bounty,
some time. The bounty paid    hy the L-svernment
Ah!  yes those    were     happy days! amounted to Jlll.5eS0.94. The govern-
And then  thcre  came  that tirst  cruel ment is  rood to the oil men.
Canada's Greatest Seed House'
THE BEST by, every test
••haf,  ih   la  wall.'' ''   resolved,  thai   thll     company     be
  wound  up    Voluntarily."      A  general
Slocan ib'-eei'l   The crosscut tunnsl   meeting  ol the stockholders  will   be
,,n the Bcho, adjoining tha standard  held in Sandon on March l, to con-
group, h'    be n     run    througb  the  Arm the resolution.
ledge which la 129 leel I otween walls,
i nd i!- lalrlj  well mineralised.     This
tunnel gives     .   de] th "f about  ir,0
Development   work   is  being  carried
on  by  William   Wilsnn  a  la(ge  share
Oknnngam line at Sicnmous, returning   [ut.   \i..- tine   I.as been started  holder in  the     Princeton    Chilliwack
e        ledge     at a vertical  Coal  company,  on   the  property neat
.   feet. thc  Tulameen   bridge.   A   tunnel      has
been driven aboul     I feel,  ba . lng   IJ
leaves Sicnmous at 10.50 p.m.
Trains Nns. I nnd 2, mnke all local
stops between Revelstoke and S'lru-
Trains Nos. 3 and I, make local
stops between Slcamoui and Kamloops.
March ».
Scotch  Reserves  vs.   fltiBineHs men
French Recruits vs. New Comers.
March 10
French Recruits  vs.  Scutch  Reserves
BiiRlness-men  vs.   New Comers
tn crosscut
depth ol
Shipments Ol sine Irom    mines     of feet of coal in the face.  A shaft   has
the Slocan for the month of  January been    sunk  113 feet,  piercing n   seam
1915, totaled sI'J tons, an Increase of of coal  11  feet    thick. It is Intended
11   Inns  over  the  shipments      for  the to drift to the    shaft,  which will    bo
corresponding month ol last year, uf utilised for ventilation.
the amount shipped lets! month,   the 	
Ramble-Cariboo  -cut   M  tons;      Sur-
prl  tons;     Utica,  i- tons; Sil-
verton mines,  119 tons.
Mnrch 1*
French Recrultl vr.
Scotch ReRorvcH vs.
New C'imers
Hep,,its received in Spokane from
Boston, stating thut the Granby
Smelting company, with its Anyoi
■mclter ind mines working nt hell
capacity and the Grand Porks plant
ami  Phoenix     properties    producing
CVtn   !■ ■ irniug   in  excess      of
|100 ""I monthly net, caueWd snothei
Siime remarkable speciinents ol native silver are nn display In one of
the Kaslo Kootenaian windows this
week. The samples were taken from
the bic lead it the fltlci and will go
I" the mining convention al Spokane and 'it is likely will be exhibited nt the Panama Pacific exposition
in Snn Francisco ns well. The silver
ai pure almost a I h il lound
Inagi nnd I n i me cb b a leal ol
It  Is shaped    somrthiog     after     the
Mnreh 24.
"Scotch ReSM ves  vr BiiRlncRH men
French Recruits vs New Comers.
advance In tba Issue .en the Spokane form nf ,, BOldler, though whether it
stuck exchange, the stuck doling st ig intended to represent o Teuton or
|Bt bid  md 172   liked, while   Boston   nne ,,f ttl(, ,,ni,.s „„ ,m„ hnP „,, f,ir
I (.XT L + Ot.n-.-.c o  VROSSWOOa
rules were made at |69>2J
beetl   able  to  determlse.
A   battery of  heavy  Servian  Held   artill.'iv   is  hero  seen  in  nction.  It
| make the Aiistrlnu  invasion of Servia end In such a disastrous failure.
guns     which  h ipid tei ■j?age torn.
mSVKLHTOKK.   H    <*
Local Reading Notices,and Business
"Locale 10 cents per line each Insertion. Miniiuum local ad charge '25c.
DiBplay advertisements 25 cents per
Inch each insertion, single column.
Legal advertising of nny form, also
Government and Municipal NoticeB 12
cents per line first insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
•Rowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses 85.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Oil prospecting notices $7.50.
Land Purchase Notices. $7.00.
Water Application Notices, up to
100 words, $7.50, over 100 words in
vhe present war. Some 50 of those Communion; 11 a.m. Matins; 7;3p p.
present declared their willingness and m. evensong. Sermons at both
eagerness to enlist.    If their services   services      by       the       rector. At
as private soldiers were not deBired,   both   morning and  evening      prayer,
they  expressed their  willingness     to   prayers authorized  by the Lord Bis-
net as chefe,    servant's or otherwise,   bop for war    will     be said.  Sunday j
'Ihey felt that In Biicb capacities they, school at 2.30 p.m.
would excel    and would  "serve     the I 	
double  purpose of  supplying the  men, MUTHODIST    CHURCH
in the rankB with v'uindB nutritious Thn regular Bcrvices will bo held at
and 'pleasing to the taste and also .11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. on Sunday.
relieve for active service those now Sunday school, 2.30 p.m.; Young Peo-
neccssnrily engaged in menial ser- pie's meeting on Mo.iday, 8 p.m.
vice." Prayer meeting on    Wednesday  at 8
  jp. m.
Hamilton Herald*. Take note that a ' PRESBYTERIAN   CHURCH
Liberal, free-trade British government has agreed to contribute liberally towards tbe establishment in
England of a great dye-making industry.  Subsidizing an     fnfant      in-
In the Presbyterian church on Sunday next the minister, Rev. J. W.
Stevenson will take aa his morning
subject "Where is now ThyiGod" and
in thc evening will  speak  on      "The
3ntcrioi publtablne Company
E.  G.  ROOKE,  Manager and  Editor.
It is estimated that Canada's war
pension outlay wl'll be four or live
millions B year. About 15 per cent,
of thc tirst contingent consisted of
married men, and another 10 per
cent, were the sole support of depend
frnts. If Canada's expense on behalf
of disabled soldiers aud surviving dependents of dead soldiers is so great
for a force of perhaps n hundred
thousand, what will bc the perman
tnt charge upon the people of Britain
for those broken in the wur? In th*'
new British armies the proportion of
married men with families is very
high, about >j0 or 05 per cent, one report says. Even if it is Ml per cent.,
what an appalling array ol widows
und orphans will have to be looked
after when the wur closes! Thc Brit
ish expenditures for pensions and
poor relief hitherto will seem in-
Significant beside what is undoubtedly L-oing to be necessary fi r m my
years to come. The Uritish go.eminent bus had a very difficult tass
to settle scales of compensation and
relief that shall be fair and satisfactory.
A British parliamentary committees
hns   irranged a new  schedule ol   pen
aions,  iiu reusing    the  former govern
ment schedule  by about   -•>  per cent.
Its scale  runs  from $2.all   weekly    for
a  widow  without     children to  $5.t.-i
weekly for a widow with four   children, and  $0.26 a      week for  a  totally
disabled soldier, and enough to mak»
up $6.25 a vee.\ for a partially     .lis
abled soldi'r,  12 cents a week.     bein4
added for each child to be supported
The British  pension  list   may      be   •
hundred millions o vear for years   t.>
come. The tremendous economic   and
Mieini  displacement  being  caused  by
this  greatest   ■>!  wars  is not   yet  vis
ible. For   uii the    states concerned,
with theii twenty million soldiers,  it
will take dMudes to hc.il the   1
in  their life.  Not  until  thi
nation  has  grown    up  will   t
11,al   1'. 1la1.ee   ..* it   has  ex;-', d
propriately     rntored  lo each     chief
btlligereut'e    social economy,     More
than any  other nation    the    Gel
Will  learn  tb.it   the sins   • il
1 •   ■• .uted upon the children
tlnr.i .jilt fourth     ge If th
Germans ptr-is"   in then
will  not   be   n ' nation   in   'arms,"   us
it  has  proudly SCClall tsell    l.ut .1
nitieeii ol  widows, orphans and cripples.
dustryl   Why 'it's protection, pure and   Value of the Vision of God."
simple, This war is producing     some      Sunday    school    and     Bible      class
strange fruit. ;at 2.30.     On   Tuesday    evening    the
  IY.P.S. will hold their month.y social
A  CLOSED   INCIDENT ' Prayer   meeting   on   Wednesday   even-
Brooklyn Eagle: Canada is to pay ing nt 8 o'clock. Strangers welcome
$10,000 to relatives of the duck bun- to all services.
ter killed near Fort Erie, and $5,000
to the man who was wounded. As tbo
tigures vastly exceed the per capita
amount we paid to China on the
Rock Springs tragedy, or to Italy on
tlie New Orleans lynching, tbe United
Lardo,  Feb.  20. Sherifl  Tuck was
up on Thursday  and left for  Goldhill
to      put a plaster     on    the  iGoddbill
States  may regard the Fort Erie  in-   are(lge-
cident ae closed.
Edmonton Journal: Sir Frcdericl''
Treves, in a letter to the London
Times, speaks emphatically of the
success of the efforts that have been
made to combat typhoid in the
present war. Those who remember the
South African campaign do not need
to have the contrast pointed out to
tbem. Of tbe lirst 421 cases in thr
present campaign among British
troops, 805 were iu men who were not
inoculated. In the 4-21 cases there
have heen 3."> deathB. Of these deaths
34 were men who had not been in-
culated within two years. Only ono
death occurred among patients who
were inoculated, and that men bad
been inoculated once. In view of this
evidence, nnd in View of the grievous
injury Inflicted upon the troops by
those who, in widely disseminated
leaflets, advise thc Soldier against inoculation, "one wonders," writes Sir
Frederick,      "if   th
L. Hanna got in a fine carload of
rimothy  on Thursday at Argenta.
H. L. Lindsay left on Thursday ior
Medical Lake, near Spokane, where be
will take treatment for rheumatism
He intends to stay there a couple of
Mrs. T. H. Harncr bas gone to Nelson to spend a few days visiiting in
that city.
John McLachlan, of Fernie, came
in Tuesday and left for Cooper Car-
dens to look at his property.
Pictures at Empress
Well Worth Seeing
Duke of Connaught reviewing the
Princess Pats at Ottawa, to be seen
at the Empress today, starts with
thc Last Western Tour of the Royal
party which waB cut short by the
Defence  of  the   declaration  of  W'ar. und their  arrival
Realm Act is not sufficiently powerful to put a stop to this heartless
crusade and this direct playing Into
the   Hands of  the enemy."
Pittsburg Gazette:  The apple     has
become bo famil'iar as the commonest
of  all  flints that   its value as   man's   clearly   shown
greatest   friend in  the  vegetable king-   ships.
doni may not be fully realized.  It was
i.illel   the-    "f,,iul  of the gods"      be-
cause   it   was       believed      to be       the
magic renower  when they felt   them
eel.ves growing old and feeble.
Tbere have ben many mystic tradi-
in Ottawa. Then follow the many interesting nnd inspiring incideuts connected with the mobilization und em
harkation of the First Canadian contingent.
We see  H.M.C.S.  Rainbow,  cleared
lor    action,     arriving  at   Vancouvei,
.vhiie  in    the   harbor at anchor      aie
two      Japanese  war
Scotchmen and French
Volley Ball Wioners
The weekly games in the volley ball
league, were played in the Y.M.C.A.
gymnasium on Wednesday evening,
and delighted a lurge number of
spectators that had turned out • 10
witness this interesting game.
At 7.30 the Scotch Reserves a.ud
New Comers took the floor, and from
the commencement thc players on
both sides were compelled to play
their utmost to win. The score kept
very even until two thirds ol the
game was over, when thc burly
Scotchmen began to show they wero
out to win, which was no idle dream
aB thc score at thc huish showed,
winning out by 0 points.
In the second game the New Comers
put to a ibrill'iant game, winning out
by Id iioints. In the third game the
shrewd Scotchmen gave up amusing
their oppoents, and in u short time
showed themselves to be the bitter
aggregation, winning out by 13
points, lf the Scotchmen-keep on going
at this rate they will put the French
men in second place in tbe league.
Result:  Scotchmen 2, New Comers 1.
The second match of thc night was
a walk over for the French allies.
Last week the captain of the: Frenchmen was kept busy enquiring when a
certain freight train would reach
Revelstoke. The demand for J. Purvis seemed to bc great, but he could
not make the grade nnd thc game was
played without  him.
This week matters were somewhat
different, thc Frenchmen hnd out
their full team and the way they
played the game was a sure proof
they arc all there at volley ball. The
brst game was a mere walkover for
them, score 21 to 6.
In thc second game, the Business
men were seldom able to get the
ball over tbe net their team vork
1 eing poor, but the French Recruits
continued to play a sure steady gamo
and by their tine combination work
carried the game through to ., sue
cessful liniBh, score 21 to  12.
Next Wednesday evening, March 3,
the French Recruits meet the New
Comers at 7.30, the second unine will
he between the Business Men and the
Scotch Reserves.
some very fine up-to-date cabbages,
rhuburb, etc., together with grains
and grasses, whose artistic arrangement nre a decided credit to the
pains taking designer. In thc evening
the kiosk is brilliantly lighted by
electricity, standing in very attractive prominence in the surrounding
obBcurity und irresistibility drawing
the attention of passengers,and other
observers, to its pleasing contents,
Although the bottled fruit* and
grasses' at present shown, form a
suflcirntly interesting display, it is
felt that thc fruit resources of the
district will notvbe adequately represented without exhibits of fresh
fruits, and arrangements havc been
made which will,result in placing on
view, in the very near future, a varied selection of the finest Okanagan
apples now to be procured. To the
extent that the limitations of spaco
demand these will replace the bottled fruits. The. various boards of
trade throughout the Okanagan wilt
furnish panoramic views and literature. Kelowna is expected to supply
medals, cups and other trophies of
exhibition triumphs won by our fru'it,
and, ns the season advances, it. is
expected that it will be possible to
divide the display space into sections
to represent under appropriate signB
or labels, the various districts of tbe
Okanagan that have contributed to
the tost of the Kiosk.
From the beginning already made,
it is clear that no pains will bc soared to develop all tbe publicity, possibilities of the kiosk, and it is clear
that, as the plans now in progress
mature and materialize, under the
capable direction of Mr. Lowe, the
lasting obligation to this earnest and
energetic official, for his eflorts on
their behalf.
Boyle Best Man
(Continued from Page One)
The duty and opportunity
of Canadian Farmers
Agricultural Conferences
Will lie held throughout Canada to discuss condi tions in
countries where agricultural
interests will be affected by
the European War.
The Dominion Department
of Agriculture
will be represented by
Professor   McDonald,   Live-stock
Commissioner, R.C.
P. H. Moore, Supt.Dominion Kxperi-
meutal Farm, Agiusiz.
H.   Cuthbert,    Industrial   Commissioner, City of Victoria, B.O.
Chairman:   MAYOR W.A. FOOTE
Revelstoke, Monday, March 8th.
CITY HALL Ladies Welcome
8 p. in.
must, reach the department not later
than November 15th in thc year ia
which   the crop  is  grown.
Thc Boy Scouts too are doing their
duty. Tbey are too young to enlist
but are very helpful. —
The 72nd Seuforth Highlanders, tho
pride of Vancouver, are shown ui
church parade,  dresB parade,  and   at
tm is  about   the      apple.      which  has   Urockton   Point  the day  before    their
Lt.-Col.   Leckie  command
Then we are given ver\ intercstu g
Views of the Canadian Navy Yard at
lisquimalt as we11     as     the  machine
been eivditid with varied potency. It
is the healing fruit of the Arabian
tales.  Latin chronicles and institutes
ind  early     Elngllsl      | ms  contain
references    to    it.   Scientific  an-
alysis  nf  late  fears  his   |iMttfl<ed     ill gun drill »'iy the Naval reserves on the
'ii    indent glorlfteatiot   ol this fri:', Cant<een grounds,
found   i    •.'..*..in    al W.e   also   get   a glimpse  of   the    50tb
gum,  malic acid, gallic Gordon    Highlanders at  the  Willows,
ncld                iter and phosphorus. Victoria,  B.C.  We see  ihe li Ird  Itegl-
M                          -.pples neutralizes  the ment  at   Calgary,   the   lUlst   at      :'d-
>r Ra  of fhalky  matter  earned     by monton. the Fort Garry Light I'.orne
ch meat    ,nt  ther.-hy helps to at  Winnipeg, all bodies of   nen      t'at
keep us your,?.  Apples nre ?ood   for Canada     may well  be proud i.f.     iVo
the complexion    .,» th'ir ed<l*    drive see    the     artillery     Drill  of  tbe Tith
out  thi       I          matters which    i-am-, Regl    i'..:,m   Harrison     in      Camp i '«
' T   tbe McCaiiiey   I'lains.
brain,  which those same notions mat The troops entraining B1       inOii'll
ters, if retained,  render sluggish  Th- .--''v,   Edmonton,   Winnipeg,    Qte
ICldS     'if    the     ap[J!f     iliminish     thl '   er  points are shown,   'on
iclditj  ,,( the stomach tbat     cotnt I on with tbe men we e.-e     the
Three Straight Games
Won by J.B.C. Team
On Wednesday evening, the last
game in the bowling league.wus
bowled off in the Y.M.C.A. ulleys
when the J.B.C. team managed to
take three straight games from the
board of directors. High scoring was
the order of the evening, even J.
Dow had a lucky streak and averaged 1-65 pins for the three games.
Capt. Snmmerville was playing in
t-plendid form and had no difficulty in
turning the 200 mark. A. Thomson
came Within 'i pins of the JOU, but in
the last frame with a spare could only pick ofl seven pins.
J. B. C.
and, ns the party left the altar rails
for tlie vestry to sign tbo register
the triumphal notes of the "Wedding
March" pealed forth. The soldiers
lined up uiside the church, for the
wedding party to pass through, nnd
ns they emerged into the avenue,
they ran after them with rice and
confetti, otlicers and men viewing
With each other iu this expression of
good wild. At the end ot thc avenue
an automobile wub awaiting the
bride and bridegroom, and some wag
bad affixed to the front of the car tho
words, "We are married" with a
plentiful collection of old shoen, tin
tans, etc., for good luck at the rear
ot the cur. lt ia a long time since
such ringing cheers havc been beard
as those which were raised when the
car drove ofl, containing Mr. and Mr.,
Lee, and these were taken up at viifl-i-
ous billets wherever there was a
group of Canadians to be see,, in the
town, as the car made tbe tour of the
Later in the duy a reception which
was attended by eaevcral of the officers, was held at No. 'i Brittox, where
the bride had been staying since her
rrrival in England ou Wednesday
I. (i.  McKay,
.]. Dow,
C. Summerville,
1). Johnson
L. Dupont,
|Field Crop Competitions
(Continued  from  Page Oue.)
Totals 78*        740
Board of Directors
Midlers guarding the bridges      of the
Canadian  Pacific railwaj
11 ,i   tirst     vi..w   ol  • aleai I is . u
exri l|e,,t.   p.molailia     oT  t.la    .-■■.ip   JU it
is i he sun la setting
are all iii gooi) spiiits, bowevei
ding a little ' .i-i" ' :
9 i-   ■■
A.   Thomson,
L.   Stewart,
.!.   Manifold,
,1.   M.   McKay.
J.   P.  Forde,
J.   M.   I'aterson.
094        709
Sec. 11. Open to all members of
Farmers' institutes owning, directing
or working more than 10 acres of
cultivated land. First prize, $20; se
corn! prize, $15;  third prize, $10.
■   ,t the Knipress theatre rr
ii. I     spe, uilly      interesting
e   i ..*-    ontril ■'   n  to iports and pastimes mi...
■ ie   British   Empire"    will   tie  shown, so    see  Major   W.    A.   Rin.so.i    .'>    (
troops entraining'at Tanoou-Mr, Cal- Divisional Tram,    C 1.8.C,   inspect
i.   Winnipeg   and   Que |gg   the   lood   served   during   the   nc-il
bee   will   he  seen    On Monday.      "His hour.
Heart,   Hi* Sword,   His  Hand."   with Then   comes   the  call to  preps
three    ither     pictures  will   he   show*, embarkation     and  *■■   Ne   '
und '.ii Tuesdav     "An    Alpine Tra ,,f EUgManders al Qusbec, en route lo
Edmonton   Journal      At   a   meet'ing
of Chinese citizens ol    Bd monton a
resolution   was    adopted   unanl
Ibtit,   ln   View     .1   the     eivil,   political
;-.nd religious equality   extended     to
tbem  iii   BdmontOD,   it   wan the  spirit
<if k*i" meeting and of all    Chinamen
in the province that thrs should be
permitted to hear a proportionate
■ban 'in  the   burden   of   eariving      on
Bt,   Francll  church,   McKenzie   Ave.
and Fifth street. Pastor, Hev.   J, 0,
insporta    lotteries  "A" ,.   I
•li" break camp at v"aleartlei md
are   off.   We   go!    It    excellent   p
nne   view   of  the SI        Lawrence ri.   <
from  ii I'ferii,   rerrace, showing I ■
transports  In  thartrsam and at   the
docks,    waiting     foi   'i.'ir   loads. We
see the "Royal Oeorge" at  Kt Levis
MacKenjIe.   Sunday   services      Low .VHjr|I)(!, for ,h(. princess Patricia
MaM at -  a.m.  and      lllgb   Mass    at.   jlmwt  to jgf   aboard.   .,,,,1   finally  we
19:80 a.m. every     Bunday      Sunday Ma the Canadian troopi landing   md
M-hooi for the ehildren nt 3:80 p m., In r„m[) in England, preparatory   to
P-enedlCtlon and Rosary at 7:30 p.m.. thrtr departure for the actual      thee
I onfessloiiH Maturday ^ to I and 7 30 )r,,B ,,f'the war.
to B p.m. and Sunday mi rnlng 7:10     T,, H,,r these warlike scenes and pre
to I,   weeks dayi:—Mais every mora   paratloos brings I r     mind     tbe
? o'clock, Confessions    before'„,,,,.„ ,-r..,iitv that   ..en country   is In
Mute    of     .■ ni nnd     that   ilanadl vn
patrtol Ism  snd     i anadlan     loyal!,
lii ve   not   I n   fe.iinil wanting   by     the
Motherland In time   il need.
Viihb.    First   Fridays    Mans   at   8  a.
in.    Benediction   and   lloHary   at     7 30
i p.  m.
''end   Bundaj in Lent,   ft u.m. Ilo'y
Advertising Kiosk at
Sicamous Attracts
it   L,  L<owe, assistant  commissary
ae-eu»        foi    the   C.P.R.,   at    Slen iiiouh,
recently brought to a happy completion his plana for tbe erection of a
klosl ..i Sicamous to advertise the
innt ami vegetables products ol the
Okanagan, and much Interest has
i .I,, aroused i.y the new structure
and its exhibits by admiring throngs
of p isengers from tbe east. dui m,:
ihell   in minute stop at this place,
Th-   kucik    ih   "itunteel i,.mi    the east
end of the platform, not f..i Irom the
' .n i'ii.in Pacific railwaj bungalow
that carries the Okanagan advertise,
ment on  Its niof, and ih n  pretty lit-
tie "l I uetiiie,   with a plate i'I.ihh trout
age on two sides, admirably suited,
in  ti'-  hands of one  possessed     with
deroialive ability nnd an eye fm •■(
feet, to provide a most attractive display   of the   orchard      and Held      pr i
iiiiiti of the district
Tin1   kiosk   is   now clnclH   devoted   t,.
ii display ol bottled applies, pears,
i. H i es, plums, cherries, asparagus,
ite, furnished by the department ol
ngrlc ilture, varied   by    exhibits    ol
• Mass        Crop
1 Oats, seed
'.'■ Wheat,  seed
3 Barley, seen,
4 Teas,
a Potatoes,
li Turnips,
7 Mangels,
s Field carrots,
it Fodder corn,
10 Kale,
ii Red clover,
V2 Alfalfa,  new
Area required
2 acres or over
2 acres pr over
2 acres or ovei
1  acre or over
,J  acre or o v< i
J  acre or over
}  acre or over
J acre or "ivor
1 acre or over
}   acre  or over
1 acre or ovei
1  acre or o^er
13 Alfalfa, 2nd year, I acre ar over
11    Alfalfa,  third  year
or over, 1  acre or over
15 Mined grain for
feed 2 acres or over
16 Grain-bay, 2 acres or over
Bonus.—Any  competitor  for a prize
under sections 1. and II. who submits n satisfactory statement of the
cost of producing the crop which he
ontered It] tbe Field-crop competitions will he paid a bonus of $5 by
the department ol agriculture,
A. blank hook for the keeping of
the records ol time, seed, and other
items will i»e furnished by the department lo each competitoi wli.i
signifies ins desire to receive one at
the time entry is made for the competition When tbe crap is harvested
and, in Hi" ease ofthe grain, the
thrashing is done, a copy of a complete statement ol the cost of production and vield. from thc daily records kept by the competitor, is to
be forwarded to the soil and crop
Instructor,    Vertoria.       These   reports
Episcopal Pectoral Cross
of Kootenay Gold
Upon the occasion of the seml-pul*-
lic welcome which will be tendered
Bishop A-J. Doull of Kootenay in
Nelson on the evening of Match 9 he
will be made thc recipient of a handsome pold pectoral cross from tha
women of thc congregation of St. Saviour's church, Nelson.
In manufacture and design tbe
cross, is purely a Nelson product. The,
croBS, which is now completed, is ot
18 karat gold taken from 4l.i-creek
near Nelson and is studded wiith 2J
rose cut amythists.
In the centre ol the cross iB tb«
lttteriug I.H.S., which is the symbol
for the Latin "Jesus Hominum Sal-
vator,"   "Jesus saviour  of  men."
Bishop Doull is' expected to reach
Nelson on March 4 and will ofliciute
in tbe pulpit of St. Saviour's church
on  Sunday, Murch 7.
The Bcheuie tor bringing the (Jsr-
mans to their knees is well under-
wcigh iu Canada. Inquiries at tba
Custom House this week elicited th«
fact that colled is one ol the articliu
particularly hard hit by the new wur
tarifl. Tea remains tbc same, do
doubt for the reason th.it the trade
and growing ol that commodity ia
almost exclusively in ItritiBh hands,
('office, however, is especially u (Jeer-
man investment, millions of dollar*
of that country'B money tinuncca the
coflce planters of- Costa Kico, Cuata-
maln, and other portions of South
America. The duty on coflce coming
into this couptry is live cents »
pound, and 111 per cent, ad valorem,
which is to say that. IOC tbs., valuetl
ttt $'W) would pay l'i, plus another $"t
ud valorem.
Tin Uota 'Tribunal' has rejected
Count lloni de Custellanc'a suit for
ihe annulment ol his   marriage    to
anna Could, now the Duchess of
Talleyrand. Arguments in the third
trial of the case were closed last
Week in Rome, after which the Court
announced Its decision, it is to be
hoped this is the last to be heard ol
lloni  und his domestic  nflulrs.
The lirst exehanRe ol British anit
Qerman disabled prisoners ol war un
ner the plan proposed b\ J'opc Benedict through the Herman Kmlmssv at.
Rome ttiok place on Feb. 1(1; HG
Uritish being surrnmdered for 107
Hermans. The exchanges apparently
arc not on a numerical basis, but oil
those who are disabled will full within the scope of thc order eventually.
Much excitement prevailed in Ottawa on Feb. 14, by reports that
i three aeroplanes had crossed thc St.
Lawrence at Morristown, and were o»
their way to Ottawa and bad dropped 'light balls' On thc Cunalian side,
of the river. Public buildings were
kept in durkncBS for >u time. Lights
were also turned out ut Hidemi Hall,
the residence of the governor-general,
and at tbe Royal Mint, where the
gold of thc Dominion is minted. lt,
was the lirst night in itB history tlyit
the mint haB been ln darkness. Ho far
nothing more has been heard of thn
'invaders,' but any time tbey do turn
up Ottawa promises u hot reception
to them. Some weeks ago a government order was issued to the eflect
that aeroplanes flying over Canadian
territory without authority would bo
subject to attack from the guns ot
officers   md troops.
■MB iv     i SATURDAY /FEBRUARY 27, 1915
, ef . i ji i   „..-.
vtam mm
Th'ofse havid£ RemBfbr publlcat&on
in tbe Mail, Herald social and per-
iBonai column 'aree requesteed to call
up phone 62;  *""■*' *•"''•
Thowe receiving are:
. '■ Monday, atyl Tuesday.   .
Mrs   Geo.  S. McCarter.
Tuesday;    '
Mrs. Harry BewB.
Mrs. L. W. Wood. j;
Mrs   W. M. Lawrence.
M"..Horace Manning.
Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Haddow
will not receive on Tuesday next.
Rev G. A. Procunier has as guest
.this week, hiB nephew, Mr. Walter
•"Burdi'ik, of Tucoma.
Mr-.. Telfcr of Edmonton arrived on
(Friday for an extended visit to her
«ister   Mrs. W.M. Lawrehce.
The W.C.T.U.   will   meet     at tho
/home of Mrs.  Dickey on Friday next
;at 3.30.  Miss  Sheila Dickey will read
a paper on  'Intemperance.'
The Ladies a'id of the Methodist
•church are holding a 'tea' on March
V.1 at the home of Mrs. Leonard How-
•son.  Silver collection  at the door.
Thi Riverside orchestra, and a number tif friends had a snow-shoe picnic
on Wednesday evening. About 17
young people left about 8 o'clock for a
■trami' stopping at the bench behind
-Mr. 1'rocunier's ranch for supper.
•Camp-fires were built and a jolly
(time spent.
Mr. Ralph Chisbolm, mechanical
*lerk for Canadian Pacific railway, is
^expected* home from Scotland today.
Mr. Chisholm has be^n away three
TOontl.B, and has visited England,
'Scotland, Ireland, Winuipeg, Toronto
Uuflalo, Niagara Fal'.s, Montreal and
St. John.
Don't forget Monday is the day the
-'Belgian Baby" sewing circle requests the pleasure of your company
and help at Mrs. E.H.S. McLean's
any time during the afternoon. Great
strides are being made in this wort-
and several donations have already
been received towards the "blanket"
Mr. and Mrs. Douglus Torner,
Fifth street, were the host and hos-
■tcss of a small card party on Thurs-
iday evening, three tables of whist
being made up. Mr. Manifold won the
tirst prize for gentlemen, and Mrs.
Oaughthan first for ladies, while Miss
Myrtle Robinson and Mr. Dow captured the consolation.
Twenty-four members and one visi-
nor attended the Relief society on
'Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Pratt was
■elected first vice-president and Mrs.
N.R. Browne as assistant secretary.
-Mrs. Downs nnd 'Mrs. Hogan were appointed to overlook all work sent in
and to see that all atricles were properly finished, and ready for ship-
The W. A. of St. Peters church met
•on Thursday at the home of Mrs. J.
Hack. It was decided to have a sale
•of work as soon as possible after
Easter. Five dollars is to be spent in
■gingham to be made into apronB during Lent, the sodiety to meet at tha
'homers of the members one afternoon
'each week. All members nre reij\iested
to n-eet to sew on Tuesday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Middleton, 18
Sixtb  street.
A special meeting of the Relief
iSocicty is called for next Wednesday
Afternoon at the Y.M.C.A. parlors. A
financial report will be made, also
statement given about tbe flannel and
flannelette already ' bought, and a decision made as to how much more is
to be arranged for. A discussion will
also take place, as to thc advisability of farming a Red Cross socioty,
■and nil interested are urgently re
guested to he present.
One hundred and twenty invitations were sent out for an "At
Home" on Thursday afternoon, the
hostesses being thc Mesdames Holten,
McCaiter, Coulthard, and Hamilton.
Each guest gave 50 cents, thc amount
being turned over to thc Relief society, to help on thc good work. About
ISO.00 wus made. Five hundred was
■played and a pi*i-/.c given to the three
ladies having the highest scores. Mrs.
HaiTy Bews won U very pretty pitcher
Of silver deposit, Mis. Eraser two
lovely Coalport cups and saucers,
and Miss George a dainty picture
frame. Thirteen tables of cards were
played, a number of the ladles Juit
coining in for tea and others busily
knitting dufing the afternoon. The
rooms were fragrant with many
spring blooms, and a delightful afternoon was spent hy all. Those helping In the scrying of refreshments nt
the tee hour, were, Mesdames Unites
Coultlmrd, Hamilton, Sutherland,
Harry  Hews and Kilpatrick.
Mr. and Mrs.   J.  Spencer   left     on
Friday for England.
. Mr. Clarence Campbell left last
j Saturday for Southern California for
a months visit.
I Quite the nicest dance of the season was the oue given by the bachelors  of   Revelstoke  lust   evening      at
the      Masonic     hall, when    about 50
popular young men took this opportunity to repuy some of the many
obligations to their married friends,
in this altogether delightful way.
The colors chosen for the decorations familiar weapon or toxin use.l by the
were blue and  yellow,  and  the     hull   typhoid Invader.
never looked so beautifu'l. The wulls The pationt in whose body all this
were panneled with thc full parapher- jB happening is now suffering iron)
nulla of all the popular sports, viz. Wh:it is known as typhoid fever.
fencing, boxing, cricket, fishing, base- Whether he dies or gets better de
ball, lacrosse, tennis, snow shoe'.ng pt.n,|8 entirely on whether this little
nnd ski-ing, while draperies of blue army of defenders aie able. to turn
bunting hung in graceful festunes out sufficiently cuickly and in suttici-
from  thc ceiling.    Rustic  baskets fill    cnt  numbers  the    weapons of  oflmco
' provided with weulpons—weapons of
defence—and they are thus prepared
in a general way to resist the attack
of the ordinary germs which are always lurking alujout the outside of the
body, waiting tot a favorable moment .^o invade. But while they are
prepared in a general w:iy to resist
ordinary germs, they have not the
special armament necessary to enable
them to take the offensive again it a
new foe such as the typhoid germ,
with whose weapons of offence they
are not yet familiar. The result is
that while the body is being overrun
by the typhoid 'invaders, the defending cell ,army are trying to Scfend
und at the same time are learning
how to manufacture weapons of offence which  will overcome    the     un-
ed with lovely yellow daffodils huu^
irom thc chund'liers while thc electric lights had - shadeB of yellow,
which gave a charming effect to the
whole. The chiiperoues were Mrs
A. Foote, who wore a gown     of
overcome    the typnoid
necessary   to        	
lf  he recovers he is a changed man
in one respect at leaBt, for whereas
W. the defending call army was able. 1 o
old   protect  the  body from  the attacks of
rose,  veiled  in white  lace;   Mrs.  J.H certaiu     ordinary  germs be.ore      nis
Hamilton,    in  primrose satin;     Mrs. illness, it is now provided witb auf*
H.  N.  Coursier, in black silk, draped weapon  directed  sole.y  against      tha
with   black chiffon with  corsage    bou- special    typhoid    germ.     This meu;is
quet of red geranimuns;   Mrs.    Harry that  if  li\ mg typhoid  germs attempt
Bews in pink satin,  and Mrs. Charles to invude  bis  body again they     can
Holten  in pale pink satin    with   lace do  no barm, us his army of ceil dv
trimmings.   Splendid    music was   fur- fenders are now ready for them.      lu
nished  by  the  band, there  being four other words, he is not ti-ely to sue
cornets,  two clarionets,    two tenors, cumb  to  a  second attack of typhoid
two altos, bass,  baritone,  drums and fever.
Soldier's Gratitude for
Revelstoke Gift
Mrs. B. R. Atkins enclosed a. note
and her address in a parcel of clothing
sent for use of the Canadian contingent. In reply she has received thc
following letter. ;
Dear Friend,—I am taking the opportunity  of writing to you to thank   manufacture  weapons
It is just here that Nature haB giv-
een the bacteriologist the h'int how
to tram the ann.iy of ceil defenders to
resist invasions by typhoid bacilli
without suffering the patient to run
thc risks attendant on an attack of
typhoid f"ver. It is done in this way.
Dead typhoid germs are us.^d fc r,
though dead, they still contain fie
weapons of offence with which they
were armed during life. If we inject
these dead typhoid germs into a
healthy man, the weapons of orient e,
the toxins, of these dead germs will
provoke the army of eel*, defenders to
able to coua-
you very much for thc toque     which   teract those   of the invaders.
you so kindly made and sent  to    tho w  Why  does  the patient   not  take  ty-
military authorities. It is very   good   l'h°'d if his body     is    thus invade 1?
and  thoughtful  of you and  everybody   Because the invading germs are dead
to take such interest  in us and.   you   ond  cannot   multiply,   and  so cann.jt
can  be sure all  your kindness   is np    produce an  o.crdose of     their     wea
predated to the utmost. In Bpite   of  pons—viz., the toxins.
the  bad   weather we've  had  since  we      After  much  investigation the     ccr-
Imve been  on the Plains we have had   rect  dose of  dead    germs and     their
a very nice time and well looked after, good food and lots of warm
clothing so we have much to thankful for. I hope this will reach the
right person. I am sending this to
tlie address which wus inside the
Balaclava cap; so once more thanking you very  much.
I remain, yours truly,
Address: 45.5<>5, Pte. A. Bucroft, A
Battery, auto machine gun brigade,
first Canadian expeditionary force,
Bustard Camp, Salisbury Plains,
Sdvint the Soldier's Life
What    Typhoid   Inoculation   Means
(By » gBtKtariologllti   In  the   Daily   Mail,'
toxins has heen found out, and it
bas been found out further that if a
second dose, twice as strong as the
first, is given after an interval o!
10 days, thc protection auninBt typhoid fever is very much increased
But we cannot introduce a Poison into the body without. some reaction
taking place. One must expect, therefore, some Blight discomfort or an
oufof-sorts feeling'for some hours after the injection. Some men, however, never feel any discomfort at all
while others may feel 'seedy' for 24-
4S hours afterwards. As, however,
the men generally get 21-4S hours'
leave ufter inoculation, this is no
great disadvantage. The actual Introduction of the needle under the
skin is scarcely felt, and the amount
inj'.'Cted does not exceed 8 drops for
the first dose and 16'drops for the
second. The former contains .'iOC' millions, the latter l,Ce30 millions of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dead typhoid bacilli.      How is     this
I Infection with typhoid fever germs vaccine made? These typhoid germs
muy be avoided by carefully observ- are grown in tubes of pure broth, in
ing certain rules of which I give two: I an   incubator.     They    are  thereafter
1. Never .drink water which haB not killed by heat and their number
hist been boiled, for boiling will counted. Thereafter means ure tuken
surely kill all typhoid  germs. to make doul.'.y sure     that no living
2. Never cut with unwashed hands,     germs remain in the vaccine. Its pun-
Hut  when  a  man is red  with  blood   ity  having  thus  been  ascertained,  It
aud mad with thirst, the veneer of is now ready fer' '»o ■•'1-itlon. There Ih
civilization crumbles away and thes* 'nothing in all this that anyone ean
excellent rules are as if they had ne> [take exception to, for the vaccine
er been. If the soldier is to bc pro- contains nothing which can cause
tectcd  at  all ugainst     typhoid  fever,   disease.  At the Rutne time the   toxins
'that nrotection must be conferred '.o present, which arc in too smull
him before he leaves these shores, and amount to damage the body, are
it must be such thut it entails no nevertheleBB sufficient to cause the
subsequent attention to rules. | army of cell defenders  to forge    vea-
Such a protection, may be obtainec". pons able to neutralize these toxinB.
by submitting to anti-typhoid in- i And when Nature thus makeB wea-
culation. To understand how this ib pons of offence and defence against
brought about let us consider briefly , germs she always makes an excess
what happens when a man takes typhoid fever. The body becomes invaded1 by typhoid germs. Perraps
only a small number find an entrance  in the    first      rJlace, but these
' few propagate so quickly that in a
short time there are millions living
in the patient's body. These genvs
arc armed,  their  weapons  being  call'
tbat thcre are plenty and to spare in
case other and living typhoid germs
ehould invude thc body.
IvinBas women under 45 years of
age,'who wear earrings or treat their
faces with cosmetics 'for the purpose
of creating a false impression'     will
ed toxins or poisons,  and by    means   be guilty  of misdemeanors ahd   upon
of these the, germs may speedily c-vuso   conviction  be subject to    fines, if    a
Why   not  death   in   every case?      Be
Cause  in every  human  body there is a
'smalt army of little bodies or  'cells,'
as  we Call   tlunn.  whose duty  it ls to
tiirious sumptuary bill introduced in
thc Lower House of the legislature
becomes a law. Face powder, perfume
falBC hair and bleaching materials for
the hair, are among  the articles     en-
guard against the entry of foes from umerated in the list the women aro
Without, Tbey are the garrison of the 'forbidden to use. The bill provides
fortress of the body ol man, and 'hey that the women may not have tbeir
are ever on duty dny and night, und cars pierced or wear earringR 'at
know  no rest  or sleep. They,  too, are   parties or in any public (place.'
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Cive Maximum
Wear at n Minimum Pries
Specials ia the Dry M Department
500 yards of Embroidery, white, made on English longcloth. 15c and 25c good§ for 10c
350 dozen yards of Lace, Torchon vals, etc., all insertion to match, all at a price now
at a yard _         5 Cents
A few clearing lines of Dress Goods.    Some high-quality fancy goods among these.
They are $ i.50 goods selling at _ _     75 Cents
Sale of Shirt Waists this week at three prices
$1.35, $1.90 and $2.90
New English Prints and Calicoes.    No advance on last year's prices.    All the wanted
colors and patterns at, per yard _ _ _       15 Cents
World-renowned Anderson Ginghams and Zephyrs.    All this season's goods, a special
price on these goods, all at _          15 Cents
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Our Shoe stock has been thoroughly overhauled and we find that we have 900 pairs that
must go. Price cuts no figure. We must get them out quick. You will find them all on the
table.   Look at these prices and then consider.   They are the best of buys, if you have  to
borrow to get them.
More than two hundred pairs; all
fine Goodyear Welts. Not a pair that
is ofl color or Is shop worn. Just a
glance will show you the values.
Every pair a well known standard
This Lot $3.25 a pair
Another lot consisting of about one
hundred and fifty pairs. Odd lines;
but every pair worth more than
double the price asked.
Price $2.35 a pair
More than 250 pairs. Every one fits
well and everyone is a first class shoe
They are the very (best products of the
very best makers.
LOT NO. 1.—In turns and light welts
at the lowest of low prices.
$1.05 a pair
LOT NO. 2!—Welts in high and low
tops thc very choicest.
$2.75 a pair
Sizes 11 to 2. Every size is here
Welts and turns. All good sound
values from $2.50 up. Now they are
genuine <snaps.
$1.25 a pair
Twiss and McKays:—A whole bunch
of them. Don't miss this lot. You
will need them before long. More
than a hundr<«d pairs.
Sale Price 95c a pair
WOMENS SLIPPERS.—A whole table
lull. Values up to $4.00. The Tery
thing for houM wear. Don't mlw an
early choice.
Sale Price $1.35 a pair
Grocery and Crockery Department
Package Ginger Snaps  ioc
Tomatoes, gallon tins  40c
Pie Peaches, peeled and pitted    50c
Pie Peaches, peeled  45c
Pie Pumpkin __    35c
Pie Pears, peeled    50c
Pie Pears      40c
Pie Rhubarb _	
Pie Plums   _.
Pie Apples       _	
Oranges, per dozen	
Lemons, per dozen
Apples. 4. 5 and 6 pounds for
Garden Seeds are Now In! mTAQU BIX.
London has organized thc 'Never
forget League.' Its purpose is to aid
•oldiers and sailorB who dud tUem-
aelves out of employment when thc
war ie over.
Thc Iowa State senate on Feb. 12,
sriop'tad a constitutional amendment
fd-oviding for state wide prohibition,
ty a vide of 39 to ID. The measure
•ow goes  to the house.
It appears that the Emperor William <»nd Count Zeppelin witnessed
the departure from Ostend of two
of the Zeppelins which mude the ro-
wnt raid upon towns and villages in
Norfolk,  England.
Fishermen have found in the
Thames estuary the body of a German aviator, with a shrapnel bullet
in the lUOgs. lt is supposed that he
dropix ii (rom an aeroplane which was
driven of* by British gun fire on
Christmas Day.
Henry J. Glaubitz has been reinstated as general manager of ths
London, Ont.,' Utilities commission,'
which position he vacated sonm
weeks ago because of opposition to
his Qerman birth and alleged pro-
German sympathies.
The Socialists of France, at a
meeting at Besancon, uuunimously
condemned the peace campaign of
Sebastian Faure. They adopted re
solutions favoring the continuing of
the struggle until German imperial
ism has been crushed.
The resolution to submit to th'3
voters the woman suffrage amendment to the constitution has finally
passed the 1'ennsylvania legislative
assembly by a vote of 13U to 71. It
now goes to the senate, and if passed
! by thnt body the amendment will gc
hefore the people next November.   The
j resolution    was passed  by thc      last
! legislature.
Antivari, port of Montenegro, was
bombarded on Feb. II, by the Aus
trian fleet, which made u sort'ie from
Cattaro, Austrian aeroplanes also
Bred shots from machine guns at
the palace at Rieka, near Lake
Scutari. Several bullets struck near
windows where the king and queen of
Montenegro and princess stood,
watching the raiders.
Moravians, who seem to be surrendering in larger numbers than any other nationality. The Hungarians are
Bure to continue to the end, but the
Roumunian and Italian soldiers of
Austria have come over very easily,
"Professor Pares says the Czechs regard the RiiBBians entering as brothers, and say that Russians entering
Bohemia will be treated as friends.
Many of the German troops in Belgium are BuHering from typhoid
A semi-official note made public in
Lisbon announces that the German
forces havc evacuated Angola, fortu
guese West Africa.
It was formally announced last
week hy the United States secretary
of the .navy that the opening ceremonies of the Panama canal will bo
postponed from March until some
time in July. Slides in the Oulebra
cut were given by the secretary ns
the reason for thc postponement.
Mr. Albert Sevigny, member for
Dorchester, has been elected deputy
speaker of the house of commons.
Riots growing out of the agitation
over the high price of bread are assuming a graver character in Italy.
Crowds in many places have been
going about the streets Backing the
storeB. Strong reinforcements of
troopB have been called out to maintain order.
The 'Idea Nazionalc' of Rome Bays
the house of Prlhce von Buelow, the
German ambassador, is used aB headquarters for German espionage and
contraband. The paper gives tho
names of alleged German npies and
agents and urges the government to
expel them lest the security of tho
state be undermined.
Tbe Chinese government has pardoned Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and other rebel leaders, und has oliered them high
official positions if they are willing
to return and declare their loyalty to
the  government.
In reply to a question in the House
ol Commons, 'Mr. Tennant, parliamentary Under-Secretary for wur,
Buid.that in case of a raid on Britain
General Sir Ian Hamilton wub in
command of a mobilo force, which
was ready to go anywhere at any
Lord Lucas, in reply to iquestions
in the House ol Lords concerning
alien enemies, said thut, exclusive of
prisoners of war, 18,259 aliens, all
mules, had heen interned in the United Kingdom Of these 1,916 were released subsequently, with the consent
of the war otliee. alter their records
had been investigated  by  thc police.
Amnesty has beeu grantee, by
Japanese authority to Baron Yuu
Chi-Ho, ex-Corean cabinet minister;
Yan Ki-Tak, formerly connected with
thc 'Corean Daily News'; An Aai
Kog, Im Chi-Choog. Yi Sung-Hun,
and Ok Kwan-Pin, who in July of
1913 were sentenced to six years' imprisonment, after having been found
guilty of an attempt to assassinate
Gen. Terauchi, Japanese Governor
General of  Corea.
i I'rolessor Paul Milukofl, addressing
the Uouma at a recent sitting on behalf of the Constitutional democrats,
said "We are convinced thnt thc accomplishment of our principul task—
| the acquisition of the straits and
; Constantinople—will be guaranteed
in good time, both from a diplomatic
and military pcint of view.'
Professor Truffler, in un address before the Surgical society in Paris,
stated that, of the 11,000 surgeons in
the army, 6/1OO were at the front. At
the end of December, 98 had been
killed, 2C0 wounded, und 440 were
among the missing, while 165 had
been mentioned in orders for gallant
conduct on the field of battle.
Thc steel steamship 'Lintrose,'
built for the Reid Newfoundland
company in P.I13, has been purchased
by the Russian government for service as an ice-breaker in the White
sea. The vessel will replace the Canadian government ice breaker 'Earl
Grey,' which prove! inadequate to
cope with the severe conditions, and
is now  frozen  In at Archangel.
On the reassembling of the Imperial parliament luBt week Mr. Asquith
presented a resolution, which was
adopted, to devote thc present session entirely to government measures
'There is no precedent for this resolution,' said the premier, 'but all our
enercrs as a nation are concentrated
on the war and every interest must
be subordinated to this overmastering purpose.' In support ol his rs-
aolution. Mr. Asquith said further:
—'So long as war conditions prevail,
and until they are determined-1
hope and trust that at no distant
date they will be determined in our
favor—we must postpone discussion
of the plural vote and all domestic
voting in subordination to the one
national purpose.' Mr. Bonar Law.
apeakinc for the oppotition agreed to
the resi ition He said the opposition Intend to treat the present Bitting of the House as n war session.
as had I ean Ion'1 In Canada nnd
The Belgian government, has isBued
a protest against the recent action
of Germany in annulling the exequaturs of consuls of neutral powers in
Belgium. The United States and Belgium agree, says the protest, that
Germany has no right to annul the
exequaturs. The two countries, it
adds, only recognize the rtght of Germany to suspend the mission of consuls when military exigencies make
such a step necessary.
To add to the numerous presidents
thut have been made and deposed recently in Mexico, Gen. Franciscio
Villa haB proclaimed hiuiBelf, "in
charge of the presidency of Mexico.'
He announces that his action had
been 'rendered necessary by reason of
temporary inability of the Sovereign
convention to communicate freely
with thc northern states of the republic'
Mr. Lloyd George, chancellor of tho
exchequer, in a statement on Feb.
15, in the house of commons, estimat
ed the cost of the war to the allies
at $10,000,000,000 for the current
year. Great Britain could .finance the
war for five years out of the proceeds
of her investments nbroad. He said
that the allies will not issue a joint
< Professor Bernard Pares, the official observer of the British government
attached to Russian army headquarters, lays stress upon tbe political
significance of the wholesale surrendering of the racial contingants which
compose the Austro-Hungarian aimy.
These surrenders arc an indication of
the feelings and aspirations of tho
various nationalities bundled together under the name of Austria. From
the beginning of the war the Bosn
tans surrendered in large oumbers,
Then the Poles began to come in
Inst,  and   now come  Bohemians    an.l
Capt. Erdmanu of the German ship
'Bluccher,' who was among thoaere-
scued during the battle betweon the
British and German squadrons in tho
North Sea on Jan. 23, died in Edinburgh on the night of Feb. 16, from
pneumonia, brought on by the exposure suffered when his ship went
down. He was considered one of the
greatest gunnery authorities in thn
German navy.
Many Italian peasants, both men
and women, are going to Germany
to engage in'farm and factory work,
in response to offers of unusually
high wages. For the men 6.J marks
I^Lf'2) n. day is promised, and for the
Women 3 marks, (75c). Italian newspapers are warning the peasants
against accepting this employment, in
view of the uncertainty in regard to
Italy's foreign policy, but apparently
many unemployed are willing to assume the risk involved.
Resolutions expressing the conviction that Russin would carry on the
war until the peace of Europe is assured, have been adopted by tho
Douma, which expressed its firm convict ion tbat the great national and
liberating objects of the present war
will be achieved, nnd declares the indexible determination of the Russian
nation to carry on thc war until conditions shall have been imposed on
the enemy assuring the peace of
Euro] e and the restoration of right
and justice.
The Paris 'Matin' reports that tho
commandant of Banveoc fort in Brittany, where German prisoners, among
whom is Baron Be Mumni, are quartered, has found twelve daggers in
one delivery of twelve postal packages of clothing sent by relatives of
the prisoners. The packages were
sent through the United States cm-
bass.-,! and the German Red Cross.
The commandant laid the matter before the nearest American consul,
who stated that it was shameful to
hide such infamies under the American Hug and that he would refer the
matter to his government hefore accepting the responsibility of deliver
ing 'further German parcels.
Mr. Gerard, the United States ambassador to Germany, was much annoyed the other evening by the conduct of a man in a theatre in Berlin,
at which bc und u party from tho
Embassy were guests, who protested
vehemently because they were sneaking English. When thc fellow wus informed thut his remarks were directed against thc American ambassador,
he bSgan a loud and violent tirade
against ehe United States for permitting the exportation of aims.
Most of the audience sided with IMr.
Gerard when his identity became
known, and the man was finally suppressed.
I The Imperial Privy council has ordered that the famous marriage, caBe
of Despatic versuB Trembluy Bhall bo
re-argued before them on one point,
namely, thc nature of the murriago
law in the province of Quebec, prior
to thc civil code ol 1SG6. The purtics
who are Catholics, were married in
HUM, und bK years afterwards the
huBtand discovered that hiB wife wus
bis fourth cousin, ^j-he church granted
a decree of nullity of marriage. Mr.
Justice Bruneau, ln the Montreal
civil courts, also declared the murriuge, owing to the above relationship, null, His LordBhip's judgment
being confirmed by the Court af Review. Against this last decision the
wife appealed to the privy council.
Civil and church law dating back so
far us thc reign of Henry VIII. was
quoted by counBel during tbe hearing
of thc case.
Representative socialists of the
allied countries met in, London on
Feb. 14, undw the presidency of
James Kcir Hardie, socialist member of parliament for Merthyr Tyd-
vil, to discuss thc international
hituation. Thc subject of peace was
not discussed, as tho delegates     hud
decided that 'no hope of peace could
be entertained until German militarism was crushed.' Resolutions were
passed demanding that Belgium shall,.
be liberated uud compensated, tbat
the question of Poland shall be settled in accardunce with the wlshea
of the Polish people, 'cither in tha
sense of autonomy in the midat ot
another state or in that of complete
independence, aud thut throughout,
from Alsace I.on am. to the llalkaim,,
thoBe populations that have been annexed by force shall receive the right
freely to dispose of themselves.'
I An article published in the 'Demo-
crate de Delemont' and reproduced in
several  Paris newspapers by  consent
:of the government ccusoib stated tbab
previous to the battle of the Murue,
a party existed in Frunce which waa
ready to Blgn u peace, at the eumft
lime ceding to Germany the towns
of Briey and Naucy, French Lorraine, the island ot Madugascur, und
the protectorate of Morocco, as well
as paying an indemnity. Gen. Joflre,
the French commander-in-chief; President Polnoare, and most of tlia
cabinet ministers, were opposed to
thd plan, but tho situution became so .
teiiBe as to necessitate the resignation of Adolphc McsBimy as niiuistcr
' of war und the formation eft a miniea-
'try of national defence. After tho
battle of the Marne Germany proposed peace through cx-prcmier
Joseph CaillaUX, offering to give up>
the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine
with the exception of Strassburg, receiving in exchange a amall zone 11
the North Sen coust, extending from
Calais to Dunkirk. France, in addition, wub to acknowledge the aanex-
ution of Belgium by Gormuny. Tbo
answer to this proposal was tba
signing of a convention by the allies
to make no separate peace. Alter
this M. CaillaUX was appointed to
an important position in the Pay
Corps, but later was relieved of thia
poBt nnd sent on a mission to Brazil.
few doses of Gin Pills to you
free—if you have any Kidney
or Bladder Trouble. After you
see how good they are—get
the 60c. size at your dealer's.
National Drag tt Chemical Co
ol -Canada, Limited     Toroat*
Thinking About Posters?
We have machines, material, and men to do the best and
largest posters in the  Interior.
Note the specimens of our bold and convincing type in
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Revelstoke Mail-Herald SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1915
You are Interested in
And have asked the question many times: Will
there ever be Motion Pictures of the actual fighting at the Front? Shall we be able to see how
soldiers act under fire? How the wounded are
cared for? How helpless, unarmed men, women
and children act when under fire? How a building looks when struck by a shell ?
d Answers: Y
Aid under our auspices and in conjunction with THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, The
The Burning of Antwerp
Destruction of Termonde
The Battle of Alost
The Flooding of Lierre
The Battle of MaEines
Battle of Aerschot
Not a War Drama!   Not a Made-up Film!  Not a compilation of Maneuver Views!  Not a War
Weekly of Views at the Rear!—But—
And Authorized by the Belgian Government whose Red Cross, under Contract, receives 50 p. c of Tribune s Profits
Tbc undersigned of the first par*v gives to the second party permission to obtain Cinematograph views of the theatre of war in Bel-
glum. In recognition of this concession, aad with a charitable motive
in view, the second party agrees to give to the undersigned of the
first pnrt *">() per cent of the profitB realized from the exploitation of
thefe films taken in Belgium.
Thc undersigned of the flrst part agreees to grant to no one his
authorization to take any cinematograph views of the theatre of war
in Belgium.
First party,
Second party, (BlgMd)  Van Langcrmfcrsch
Antwerp, Belgium. By  Joseph  Meilill  Patterson.
Usual Program Suspended
W. A. Walker of Toronto spent yesterday at tbe Hotel Revelstoke.
H. P. Buchanan of Winnipeg registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on
W. J. Uerbrecht of Nelson, Canadian Pacific Railway company's
auditor registered at the Hotel Revelstoke  on Thursday.
Miss Alice Bell, daughter of G.W.
Bell, has passed successfully the midwinter examinations at the conservatory of music at Ottawa.
J. TM-eUidlnw of Cranbrook in tho
■current  issue of thc British Columbia | Standard.
H. E. P. Small of Calgary spent
Thursday in the city a guest ut the
Hotel Revelstoke.
The city clerk's salary In Kamloops
has been tixed at $200 a month and
third reading has been given to a
bylaw raising the aldermen's indemnity from $150 a year to $300
with $500 for the mayor
British Columbia has at last join-
eded hands with thu "Cent Belt."
Copper coinage has been received by
all the banks here and will be issued
as change after March 1st. No more
nickles for a penny article.—Kamloops
Capt.  Petar of Kamloops
the Hotel Revelstoke.
is     at
Gazette •.?. authorized to act
British Columbia
Jan. 1. 1915
land surveyor from
Tbe local Inland revenue office has
received from Ottawa a report of the
chief analyst on samples of macaroni,
apaghetti and vermicelli collected
througtiniit the Dominion. Of 142
samples examined all were found pure
and wholesome except one. It wan
taken in Toronto.
Major i lencrnl  S.   Steele,
Cenera! of Western forces passed j indirectly in thc productiveness
through Revelstoke on Thursday on
Ms Way to tbe coast. Referring tn
the m' : who have gone to the front,
Major-General Steele remarked that,
he Was proud ol the western contingents and the sturdy well set up men
of which they  were composed.
Owing to the prevalence of smallpox in Nelsou, Grand Forks and
other places the Revelstoke school
bourd has made arrangements liy
which all school children may be
vaccinated by any of the city doctors
at nominal charge.
Mayor Foote will preside over the
meeting in Revelstoke planned by tho
Dominion government to assist Canadian agriculturists, stockbreeders
und all others interested directly   or
the soil, in providing for such re
turns in 1916 aB the world's market
will most demand. The meeting will
be held in the city hall on Monday,
March  8,  at S p.m.
Empress Theatre
TODAY, i.Matinee 2.3<l) Canada's v'ritrileiition to the British Empire, the troops entrain-
ins: at Vancouver, Calgary,
Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec,
don't miss this.
MONDAY—His Heart. His
Sword, His Hand, 2 reels with
Warren Kerrigan, first of the
great serial complete in each
picture. Tbe Strike at Coldale.
Animated Weekly.
TUESDAY.—An Alpine Tragedy
in fi parts, very sensational,
another bis.' production.
WEDNESDAY.—A Stronger Love
with Mary Pickford. A Fore-
mans Troechery, wHth Wm.
Clifford. Cupid Victor. The
Fatal Marriage, L KO, with
Billies- Richie, best comedy
ever produced.
Beleian    Relief     Pictures ab.iut
March 10. Coming- The Master
The SDth battalion, Canadian expeditionary force, which left Victoria
on February 14, saHed from Halifax,
N.S., by the Red Star liner Vader-
land, a ship of 7,490 tons register,
last Sunday. Dieut.-Col. A. Hall,
and the afticers und men of his command, are reported to have known
no more as to their destination at
the time of leaving Canada than they
did on their departure from Vancouver. A number of Revelstoke soldiers
are with the contingent.
Among thc gueBts at the Hotel
Revelstoke on Friday was D. Campbell of Winnipeg.
G. S. McCarter, of Revelstoke
wus in the city Wednesday on business.—Kamloops Standard.
Lieut. W. Garland Foster passed
through the city on Thursday night
on uis way to Nelson from  Victoria.
Bishop Doull, the new bishop or
Kootenay, is expected to pass
through the city on March 3, on his
way to Nelson.
A. McKay, Canadian Pacific railway constable, an army reservist, haB
received orders to rejoin his old regiment the Royal Marine artillery.
Ho will leave as soon as he can make
the necessary arrangements and will
be accompanied to England by Mrs.
All men are invited to come to the
V.M.L'.A. to hear Rev. J.W. Stevenson give a practical talk tomorrow
afternoon on the subject,; "Tbe
Friendly Foe." The song service at
the Y.M.C.A. tomorrow commences
at 3.45. The soloist will be J. L.
Hay. The meeting lasts only one
A special engineering corps of 500
Canadian engineers is to be organized by the Canadian Pacilic railway
ior service at tbe front. A request
was received some time ago from the
war office for the formation of such
a corps, whose duties it will be to
rebuild bridges, replace rights of
way and perform other work of tbis
Mad, very necessary in modern warfare.
The death occurred suddenly of
heart failure yesterday at Fernie of
R. Reading, Canadian Pacific railway agent at that pdint. Mr. Reading was (i.i years of age and had been
in tbe employ of the company for
i ,15 years, and was well known ln Revelstoke. He leaves a wife and two
daughters, Mrs. A. Barnes of Revelstoke and Mrs. S.E. Allen of Fernie
who has been visiting her sister here.
Mrs. Allen left for Fernie this morning.
Alex Morrison an old timer of
Trout Lake died suddenly on Monday
W.  J.  Oreen     of    Toronto,      J.F.
Creen and 0. Fraser     of     Montreal
pent Thursday  at the    Hotel RevelBtoke.
Another fast and interesting game
of basket ball will be played on Monday evening, when the Tigers and
Federals meet at the. Y.M.C.A..
John Hopgood, Canadian Pacific ruilway trainmaster, Revelstoke
was in the city yesterday on business
connected with his department.—Kam
loops  Standard.
An order allowing thc liquidator of
the Revelstoke Hardwars company to
continue the J^jsiness bb a going concern, was made ou Thursday, it being shown that it waa thc wish of
the largest creditor that this courBe
be pursued.
This week's issue of the Provincial
Gazette, the provincial secretary is
inviting tenders for suppl'ios for the
hospital for the insane at Essondale;
for the hospital for the insane at
Kamloops; and for the Provincial
Home, Kamloops. The department of
public works is inviting tenders for
the erection of a garage ut Nanaimo.
Provincial. constable H. V. Roth
well and Provincial Constable How'i
sou of Arrowhead returned ou Thursday night from New Westminster
whither .they hud taken Jamea Hunt
of Trout Lake, a lunatic, who is
now in the provincial asylum. Mr.
Rothwell and Mr. Howison received
a call to Trout Lake on Monday.
Ihey brought Hunt, who had been a
blackiUnith at Trout Lake, to Re-
\ elstoke on Tuesday where he waB
examined by Dr. E.H S. McLean and
Dr. W.H. Sutherland who pronounced
him Insane.
Notice ia given in the current lissue
cf the British Columbia Gazette that
BALL.—On Feb.   20' to the wife   of
T.J. Ball a daughter.
SMITH.—On Feb. 23 to the wife of
C. L. Smith ol Trout Lake a daughter.
Division Three Winner
of Nelson Shield
The  following is    the  High  school
report for month of February.
Erlt. P.E.S. P.of At.
Division I. 15        7      93.15
Division II. 24      17      91.88
Division III. 16      W>      93.37
fit Totals                    5.r)      114 92.80
Division III. again wins the Nelson
shield  for highest  attendance during
Are Reinforcements to
First Contingent
The horticultural   branch  of  the department of agriculture  has issued  a
large     quantity of  valuable information'regarding the spraying   of   fruit
trees in the form of calendars   which
inform the reader in a comprchansive
■ manner what should be done with various kinds of fruit and  vegetables ut
the   different stages of their    growth.
,The circulars have been  compiled  by
,.i.   Vi.  Eastham, the    provincial pat-
holoirist and  entomologist..   The  tallies refer particularly to  apples, pears
I plums,   prunes,  cherries, peaches,  currents,   gooseberries      and      potatoes.
Sum'1  valuable  information  is     contained in the tables concerning peats   Salt    Spring Island;
that are not   Controlled by spraying,    Kenzie, of Squamiah,
giving the remedies   which may be need  for their     extermination.     Thret.
thousand circulars  have  already  been
sent away to various parts     of    the
province  and can he obtained     upon
The following letter from Hurry
Maxwell has been received by J. E.
Dear Friend,—Just a note to Bay
we arc leaving Canada on tbe Megan-
tic tonight bound for the Old Country. Wc are all down in the Btccrage
as there are revenue passengers on
board; and I am not particularly
takoa with it as have got separated
from the Revelstoke boys. However
I can live through It.
Wc arrived here this morning and
hnve been kept on pins and needles
since. Got 15 minutes notice that wn
were going ou the Mcgantic. This
will be last note until I get In the
i ild Country. Only havc .a few minu-
certiticutes of incorporation have tyecn j t('s before the pilot     goes off,  under-
issued to the following; Cablo Auto
Tire company, with head office at
Vancouver, and capitalized ut $2-5(1,-
000; Musselman & Co., Prince Rupert
JM;090; Standard Shingle Mills, Vancouver, 910,000; Sun Publishing company, Vancouver, $250,uCO; the Victoria Jitney association, under the
Benevolent Societies act. Hypotheek-
hank Holhind-Amerika and the Laminated Materials Co., are given extra-provincial   registration.
Notic? of the following appointments is given in this week's issue of
Tbe British Columbia Gazette: Charles Jeremiah McDonald, of Maync Island, to be deputy assessor and collector for the Mayne Island and Pen-
der Island assessment districts. Hugh I    H.   E.  Gale,  now  of Penticton,  for-
Norman   Lidster,   of the city  of   New : merly of  Keremeos     and     Winnipeg,
Westminster,     harristcr-at.law,  to  be ' was   chosen  last  night by  the   police
a notary public   To hi justices ofthe   commissioners as the  next chief     of
peace;   Edward      Walter,    of Ganges,   police for Penticton.  There were four
Roderick    Mac-   other  applicants    for      the  position.
They   were H. 8.   McMullen,      E.   W.
Inglcy    and H.   Carpenter  of  Pontic
ton, and J.C. Williams, of Naramata
'.. hief  Gale has had   two  years'      e\
perience      with  the  Royal  Northwest
.Mounted  pol'ice,  and waB     also     for
stand we Innd at Liverpool.
Wc  are   (the  HOtli)      reinforcements ' on Saturday,
to the 1st contingent     nnd     go     to | '—
Eranc" almost as soon as we land in
tlie old country.
Good luck,
Stirring mobilization scenes ani
Valcartier camp at EmpresB today*
matinee and night.
Our coal burns best, Palaco Livery..
Cooks like Coursier's Coal.
Boy Scoutsilat work at Empresslto»-
The ladies of the Relief Society will.
be pleased to receive old or new magazines to be sent to the guards along;
the lines of communication. The literature may be left at A.E. Ktncaid'a.
office. t.f.
Canada's navy at Empresa today.
Corns removed by a new method.
No cutting, no pain. For a few daya
only, apply Roy McDonald's barbear
shop. •
Canadian troops entraining and lm
camp at Empress today.
GALT COAL burns all night. Re-
vclstoke General Agencies,  Llmitod.
Tho house will keep warm all night
it you use Coursier's Coal.
Canadian troops embarking for
front at Empress today.
Dry Birch nnd Cedar any length at
Palaco Livery.
Prompt delivery of coal or wood„
Palace Livery.
See thc wonderful Canadian pie-
tures at thc Empress an Saturday.
Lump or nut coai at Palace Livery.
Lump, stove and nut coal nt Ciowr-
Western tour of Governor General
at EmpresB on Saturday.
Call up Palace Livery for lump on
! nut coal, nnd dry birch and cedar any
i length, Phone 901,
Watch for Revelstoke soldiers lr.
great Canadian pictures at   Empress
"lis a Long Way To Tipperary
Canada's Contribotion
to the British Empire
5.000 feet of film showing lhe mobilization ' 1 C; r; ■
Army from coast to coast and scarfs al   Valcarl ei
The Victorian is the nam* of a new
weekly   paper  to be  published  in Vic
tenia  in almut  two  weeks'  time     by |
!•'.!■*.. Simpson, formerly a well-known
newspaperman   of  the  upper country,
but for  the last  few  years a  resi lenl
of   Victoria,  .md who  is  well    known
■ n   Revelstoke.  The  Victorian  will   he
■ .1 for the discussion of politi
cal.  economical  and  social  questions,
if  the  city a-nd      pro
'en    The paper       wi'l
:  and managed by Mr.
0,   who  has had  a varied     ex-
•he newspaper  field.
Prank public school hud an average
attendance of 118 in January.
The land under cifltlvation   around
Grand Forks is about 2,2000 acres.
Some business men In this and   ot
heri towns need u few lessons     in the
art of education. They spend     more
money  for calendars in a year     thun
they  do with  tbeir  local papers.  Cn
lendars    are almost useless as adver
Using mediums.  For beneficial adver
tising    newspapers   come    tirst,   and
posters second.
FOR SALE.—Five   trash   cowb     and
heifers. Apply,  Mrs.  R.A. Upper.
about two years on the Winnipeg
force. He was engaged for a time on
the detective department of the T.
Eaton store in Winnipeg.-—Penticton
His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught on I
visit to Western Canada prior to the outbreak of war
and the visit of the Royal Party to the Dingman Oil
The Shooting of Moose Mountain Oil Well, showing
all the preparations made and the discharge of nitroglycerine.
also Major-Ceneral Sam Hughes on his recent visit
to Calgary and intimate views ofthe soldiers at Calgary
headquarters and a host of other fine up-to-the-minute
// you have a friend or a relative who has joined the army
you may see him on Saturday at ihe Empress Theatre
■   ■ .        Bl tntfOI el.   IIP
■ale of to Mai
i.n    M.
■   .
■ed  '(7.21.
Adults, ^0c; Children, 10c.
Matinee Prices. 10c and 15c.
Vernon News:     Wholesale slaughter
the   era. th     0 Ul
elian   Pacific  railway
. [MB
i e
and  li ih  wnr     li now being  dnn>
Tw.       ^	
shO'l   h    '■ alM     een   dliml I
chief clerk    Etaa bat  d>-',iart
'I he    witch
btl wee     hi r      ind I        i.i,   flia •       lm<
from   Hi'- ■ -
mr,  :   twin- i w a    frel ;bi
i   . i  .        h       .1 'hr. n •■!■
train    \s the  frolghl     oomM    In  al
night   end  return!  next mornln
[plain!   i"  i.eln • made  1.7   \m s\      slop
'tiers of the  inconvenience ihis     thus
1,1-r Honed    < -.-I     |,i  lit     ,r     ni.",
made  arilnRi     thi    tr.iner r of Mr
Rrafleer from  Hie    frei phi   office       VV..
understand  that       thn  t.rniis|i'.rlatlon
committee of the board of trade  him
taken Ihe  mntter   ap   nnd   will  endeavor  to     Induce the     Canadian   PnCifle I
railway auth'.ritin ■ to mnlie arraMge    few Hi-
menU more acceptable to the 'jhiblb-. pi  few week*.
A telegram has been received liy
the oliicer commnndiUK the 3(ith P.
E.I. Light Horse from headquarters,
Halifax, says the Siiiniiiersidc P.E.I.
1'ioneer, continuing the appointments
t.i the 6th C.M.R., as follows: "To
be major and second in command,
Limit.-Col. toga, Charlottetown; to
lie  Captain  of  "A"   Si|iiadron,  Major
Til Ei,   liimau, Summeraide; Lleuten-
Captaina    E.B.Bell,  Charlotte
town,     A.  c.  Squarebriggs,  Miacou-
che, and Lieut, li   L. Bowneaa, Ken-,
aingon.   This   is   the   most Island    of-
'■   appointed tO   anv       con
e 1 . 1 apt,   Squarebrlgsa   is
a hrotinr   ol    It.  Bquarebrigga    of
Icatton   ih  given   in  Thursday's
1 sh  1 'uluinlilu llaZcttc
einers have    heen
follows    City  of  Alberni,
Aid    William     p",   liilisoii,      J.K.A..I.
ty ol   liinicaii,   Aid.   .lamrs
■   an'.  lalay  Mutter.     North
1       ■ ouncllloi  a.a.h.  Bard,
,   il    EDlklngton,   Pitt  Meadows
John Blaney, R,   p.   Mm
iiHe.ii. iwlng   ii.   police   com
In the County Court of West
Kootenay holden at Nelson, B. C, In
the matter of the Estate of Joseph
Turcak, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt the
undersigned has been uppoiutcd Administrator of all and singular tho
personal estate and effects of Joseph
Turcak, late of Arrowhead, British
Columbia, who died on the 17th day
of July, 19-13 at or near Arrowhead
aforesaid intestate ami all persons
having clainiB against the estate of
the snid deceased are raiuired to
send the Bame together with particulars verified on oath to the under
signed at Revolstoke, B.C., on or before the 1st day of April, l'.llfi, uftcr
which date the undersigned will pro
reed to distrlblnte the Batata amongat
the persons entitled thereto having
regard only to the claims of which
ho shall then have received notice.
Dated Huh 25th day of February 1MB
Otlicial  Administrator,     Revelstoke
Klectornl District,   County  of  Kootenay. Fcb.27-Mn.fi
TO RENT.—Villa Lot No. 16. Twe
and one half acres, partly cleared.
One third of an acre is heavily ma-
nurnd. Rent may ho worked out by
clearing thc rest of the lot. Apply
J.C.  Robson,  RoBSland, B.C.    MGnp
FOR SAiiE.—Furniture, solid oak
dining table, brass bed, etc.. Apply A. McKny south west corner
Second and  McCarter. ltp,
WANTED.—Would like four respectable parties to room and board.
Price $(i.00 a week. Apply to 84
First str-sot, east, next to Y.M.
0. A.
Clip this advertisement from The
Revelstoke Mail-Herald  end  mail
ii to us today. In return we will
send you, without charge, generous
samples of our famous Chick Food
nnd (irowingl''( oil in order tbat you
may test, their wonderful values.
State your name, addresBand nearest poat office, also name and address of your dealer.
The Vanoouver Milline and Crain Co.,
Limited Vancouver B. C.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Metallic Collins s, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work shop -Connaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      -    B.O.
mlsalonen      < ity of   Alberni,   Aid.
"■>' thft mer- ' Charlee T   Harwy,   Dr.  Arthur     u.
ai the employees in th-     freight],^ :/i>, ,,      .,,    Robnt
Aliidd'n       Ed war.I      Fleming
Miller,   North    I o • ichan, i lounclllor
Charles i,  gal mi ■ \   Wood,
cllli er Thome    B,
Rail, Frank  V. Harris.
.:  ng ixtraaj
Bettm    ■ i   one 'in i read about     ii
ilr; it, might, ba contradicted in
The iee.iil.ion of citv engineer of
I i anbrook Rill be discontinued nltet
March I, and OD thn same date the
Cltj   f.iri'in en 'i  ie iy    vill   be Ctlt to $7.r'
per month
Men's &
Men's Cushion Shoes $6 to $6 50
Ladies' Cushion Shoes, button $4 25 to $5.50
Ladies' Cushion Shoes, lace  $4 to $5.25
For Rubbers, Overshoes, Cardigans,  Loggings
Hub Moonoy, conductor on the fam
train between Katlo and Nakusp i;oi
a bad squeeze between two   cars    a
He will  be laid up for
A *ttrfto1teWise
Opposite Revelstoke Olub
Dry Cleaning*, Pressing and
Special Attention to Ladies'
£A11 Work Guaranteed
Phone  78


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