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Chief lumbering, railway, mining,  agricultural    and navigation    centre   between  Calgary
•^V.   nd the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
No 95
$2.50 Per Year
St. Martin's Church Contains
Artistic Treasures—Knew
Killed Citizens
11. V. Morgan, wlio left Scarborough
Bight   years   ago,   ami   Mrs.   Morgan
wno left seven years ago, have many
relatives in the bombarded city,
among them bring a brother id' Mr.
Morgan and two brothers of .Mrs. Morgan.
John Hale, an alderman and a pro-
mln en I architect uf the city, who was
wounded, sits for the sntne ward for
which Mr Morgan's brother is councillor, ami Mi. Morgan knows well
manv others who are wounded or
St, Martin's church, which Is reported to have >been damaged in tbe bom-
bardmenl nf Scarborough on Den.
HI, is, says Mr. Morgan,the fashionable
church of the city, and is one of the
most famous churohes in the north of
England. It waa one of the lirst
churches ol the well known architect,
Mr. Bodley, who designed the reredos
in st. Paul's cathedral, London, and
since it wa- consecrated BO years ago
bus linil a large and influential congregation This church is well known
for itB UJliuue series of stained glass
windows, designed by members of the
Pre eRaphaelite school, Burne Jones,
Watts and Millai.s.
The greatest treasure In the church
Is a small painting on the north side
of the pulpit hy Dante Gabriel lioss-
citi. representing the Annunciation.
The preaenl vicar, the Venerable
Archdeacon Mackarness, 1ms been in
charge of the parish since 1.888, and is
the eldest son of the late Bishop of
Oxford. The archdeacon bas three
sun-, serving in i he licit Ish army,
Assessment Appeals
in Revelstoke District
Tbc following appeals against     aB-|nre tar too high.
BesBinents iin the    Kevelstoke district I   T. S. McPherson. Lot T)d2, pt. 8140
buve beeu entered for bearing  atthejx,  J 8147 and 81 I'J G, 1. K.D.    Over
courts of revision und uppeal ol tbe   vuluutlon.
Hevclstoke ussesBment district to bo i Edward Pugh. Blks. 7 and 2'2 ot
held at the court Iioubo ut RevelBtoke Lots Tii'Jfi and --ii-7 Ci. 1. K.D. Over
on Tuesday, December *J'.i und at the j valuation.
government oilice ut Nukusp on Jan- 0. S, Ball. Blks. 1 nnd ID of Lots
uury 5, with name of applicant, pro- G552, f'/tii etc. (!. 1. K.D. Over as-
perty and complaint. sissment.
1). H. Campbell, Pt. N.W. i Sec. 25     Leslie H. Trussell,     Lots 0 and 7,
Tp. 23. Over assessed. Blk. 2 Plan S27 B.    Bast Arrow Park
Walter  Scott,    Blk.   1  of Lot  7105,   l'.xccssive unfair taxation.
('..   I. K.D.     Assessed as Wild Land. |    .1, Naylor. Lot 101,     Arrow Park.
Thut property cumiot be assessed as  Over assessment as only 3 acres   re-
wild land, as a Certificate of Impro-iniuin,
vement was issued, and Crown Grunt j Canadian I'acitic railway represeut-
secured on strength of sume. ing  \.   S.   Dunlop,   Lots   I172H,  11721
Foolish Virgins Should Buy Oil,
is Alderman's
Visitors   at   School
Presentations to
The city schools closed for the
Olll i Unas "he.li'iays yesterday aul
will reassemble on  January  I.
Many visitors 'arrived at the
schools and an entertainment .'e.i; iw
ed by Christmas trees,was {Ivan ly
the children of Miss Bruce ind Miss
Hyatt's classes at the Centrul school
At tbe Central school all the teachers received presentations fro
cl b, Mr. Colpitta, the principal,
receiving a handsome sll\ ir c.u e
plate. At Selkirk school tii? ten bers
were  also  recipients  of  .lifts.
On Thursday, H. Manning, T.H.L.
Taylor    and     W.   A.    Sturdy,    school
trustees   visited     the Selkirk scbool
and yesterday the Central BChoolwas
\isJtee.l  by  Mr.   Taylor and Mr.  Man-
nine,  who addressed the pupils.
E. W. Somers, Lot 768*2 G. 1. Assessed as Wild Lond. Has 12 acres
under cultivation, and also number
of fruit trees,
.lean Boyle, representing A. Mur-
cotte; Blks. 8, IB, 10, 17, 18 of pt.
Lot 373 G. 1. Assessed at .$2500,
Wild  Band.     Over assessed.
Henry Miller. Lot 915, Arrow Park,
BUbd. Lots 12l',') and I't. 37:'. G. 1.
iIver assessed.
John Fessor. Blks. A, 1,18,19 of
Lots 7ii'.l5 and 86S7, G. I. Assessed
too high.
Walter Williams; Blks. If and 2'*. nf
Lots 7695 and 86S7, O. 1. Reasons
attached to notice.
li. S. Burton ct al representing W.
R. Hull, and F.H. Bourne, pr. G.S.
McCarter. Burton City Town^ite,
Lots iii Blocks 1, 3, 4, ." to 9, 11,
IU, 13 to 2'i Inc. nnd unplotted portion Lot  71"  G. 1.      Over valuation
A nurnct. representing C. B. McAllister. Blks. E. and F. of Lot S64,
C. 1. K.D. Assessment too high,
will accept S'lOOO for Bame.
L. B. de Veber. Lots 150, 160, 161,
170, 178, 171, 181. Arrow Tark, subd.
Under present  conditions assessments
Q,   1,   Nakusp,  Lease  of  water front.
Excessive assessment.
Canadian I'acitic railway, representing N. S. Dunlop. Al! properties in
Nakusp and Arrowhead. Assessment
excessive, and illegal.
Harry Needham. Lots 1 to 8, Blk.
: and 21 to 21, Block 4, Beaton
Townslte, Assessment  too high.
R, W. Asliwortb. Blk. 2 of 8Ubd. of
Lots 6352 etc. Plan 11S6. That same
land lias had assessment raised
whereas others in similar cases has
imt   been altered.
II. C. Harder. Blks, 3 and 4 of Pt.
l.e.r 127-1 G, 1. Plan 1123. Assessment
too high.
I„  F.   McDougafld.   Lots 15   to    20,
lilk  I1',     Nakusp    Townslte,    Lot 11
Blk. 2]  tfakusp Townslte.     Lot -13H
i,. 1. and Blks.  2, 3,  I, fi     Lot
G.   l.   Assessment too high.
S. Hall. BUS 6 and I I of Pt. Lot
37:'. G. 1. Plnn 919. Objects to
change from real property to wild
c. Fodred ft P. Bphend. Lot 31,
Block 17, Trout Lake. Not worth
tbe valuation. Not wortli more than
SI 51.00.
" Citizens had better keep their
lamps ready all winter," said Aid.
.McSorley at the nieelinf; of the
city council last, nifjlit during a
dieoussion of the electric liplit and
power service. Mr. McSorley Hi-
olared that it whs no uee deceiving
lhe people and that until the new
unit was installed at the power
plant trouble might he expected
from time to time. On account of
the war it hml been impossible for
tbe council to obtain delivery of
the new machinery.
During the discussion it wus explained that a log in the flume wus
the cause of the present interruption of the service. It is possible
to provide power from the old unit
sometimes when the current is not
-iill'u ient to provide light.
The mayor Baid that comment
had been made because Aid.
Smythe had light at the Empress
theatre when the rest of the town
was in darkness, and Aid. Smythe
exiilsitied that he had connections
with both the power and light ser-
vice    anil    hail    special     electrical
machinery which enabled   him   to
convert the power into light.
An attempt, was made yetterday
to blow away tbe  obstructing  log
S15G nt the power plant with dynamite
but without succe.-s. The auxiliary yu-, producer engine is being
brought into service.
Report of Standing
of High School Pupils
The following |s the bi-monthly report of the standing of students of
the high school with names In order
of  merit.
Intermediates.—K. Field, 84J; A.
Young, 77jf; I,. Abrahamson 73; M.
Brock, K. Lawrence, (absent, not
Advanced Juniors.—K. MuckHnnon,
'•'Oi; .1. Parent, SI J; W. Smythe, 84;
V. Bell, 76; P. Campbell, 71; M.
Mat/., 67; W. Lightburne, 6SJ; A.
Munro, 65; M. Hack, 86,
Junior preliminary.—M. Simmonds,
■XM; M. Lawrence, S7; H. Tomlinson,
82; T. Morris, 79*; D. Fraser, 77; W.
Smith, 75; S.Skene, 75; O.Lundell, 75;
H. Hack. 75; B, Johnson, 73; A. McLean, 724; !•'. Dunn, 70; A.I.undell, 69;
A.Frasnr,  68; J. Robertson, fit; A Cor
son 63; B. 1.aught,ui, i; I ;, R, Stun,',
60; G. Bruce, M; G, Drquhart, 53; G.
Jackson, 53;  s.  Manning,   18}.
Commercial Glass.—K. Corning,
79}; L, Dupont, 71; B. Bunnell, 72; I.
Dunlop, 70; a. Tomlinson, 69};
Lyttle, 1',7,'e r Calder, ■-
Whittaker, 64f; C, Manning. 61;
McGiven, 60; I. Clough W
Campbell,  Mf; W.  Flemming, 48,
Special     Commercial      course.—B.
Bradshaw, jl; w. McRae, 71;
Purely  Commercial.—L.  Brock,   75.
The monthly report  of     tlm     high
school tor December Is as fe.il iws
Kit.    Pr.  E,   Bes,    Per.  At.
Division  I.
8      90.09
Division II.
17      96 DI
Division III,
13      98.93
38      95.31
Di" Islon IH
N* [son Bhti Id
for highest attendance
during    De-
Must be  Paid by  Employers 'Has Decided to Become Candidate  for   Mayoralty-   No
Other Changes in Lisl
oi Lahor.   Munic pal
Man Sentencedto Death in Utah
Believed to be connected
With Post Office Robbery
i ,i t us iteal '! om grudging life one jov
Just lie back  in  eflortless- pe ce,
Por mice be just what Go3 ni.'tde UKfr
Kre time and the world bid us—ceaseTT.
Civic Power Fails
Newspaper Handicapped
Owing to tha interruption in the
civic power service, to-day's issue
of tb. Mail Hit -'Id i-; four pages
Instead of eight nnd some news is
unavoidably oinil ted.
Theii* ill lilii i 'i ions Illuminated I>y
a (ouple "t dim lamps and n tin k-
ering cnndli , t be i it \ council met
last night in bill and semi-dai knei ■-,
tliu electi ic 1il.Ii* and lieatiny
aius In ing out i
Tbe in , i ssary resolut ion for tlie
holding ul municipal elections was
1'     'i nnd ii.  I. Is   was   up
poiuit d returning i  licei      ;
are on Jan,   i.\ and  nominal iona on
Jan. i i.
T.  !■:. I.. Taylor wrote
an account for   $17   fi n
Officers Elected by
Court Mount Begble
On Monday evening tbc annual election of officers, Independent Order of
l-'oi'i ters ,.f Court Mount Begble,
3461, was held and thc following ot-
i'i it -  we e .. mously elected:
Chief Ranger,     Hro.    W. A. P. Connolly.
Court Deputy, nro. C.W. BellP.O.R.
\ ui'  C.R. Cotrip.  Cormier.
J.p.c.r. Bro. .1. Lowthtan.
R.  S. Bro   G.  Cartwright.
P.  S. Hr,,.  II.  V.  Morgan P.O.R.
Treas. Corap, Austin.
Orator,  Bro. C. Harrison.
S.  W.  Comp.  Morgan.
J. W. OomPi Brierlej.
8. B. Comp. Morgan, Jr.
J. B. Bro. F. Brierley
Org. Bro. F. H.  McMahon.
Court Physicians,    Bros. Dr. Sutherland nnd Br.  McLean.
After  the election, refreshments were
served closing one  of t.he moBt   successful elections hrtd by the court.
Discourses on Sunday will partake
of the mil ure of pre- Xmas meditations,
11 a.in. Theme "The Goodwill Message mistaken Scripture." 7:80 p.m.
"Has the rowing of Christ made
any difference?"    Tbe   pastor,  Hev.
Lashley Hall, Will occupy J.he  pulpit.
[f you are Interested in the Christian
Otder,   better come  to  ohurch, anil
better begin al mice.      Only tWO Sim
days to close of year.
"Hlackie" de Prelto, a former resident of Golden, wlio has been sentenced to be shot at tbe state prison
of Utah on January 15, ls suspected
of being concerned in the i«cst office
jobbery in Revelstoke last summer.
He is know,, t.e have been associated with a man Darned Brewer who is
wanted in connection with the post
oflice safe blowing and against whom
the police hold evidence. Brewer is
also wanted f.,r murder in Bali Lake
city, for a robbery In Kamloops, for
blowing P. Bums & C,,'s safe at
Oolden and for other crimes at Mis
sion ami Vancouver.
Concert and Games
at School Closing
It. Gordon,
brst term arc as follows: P. P., Mrs.
H. J. Parsons; President, Mrs. 11.V.
Scott;     Vice-President, Mrs. Watson;
Tbe board of rural license commissioners   composed     of   R. A.  Upper,
ibief license    inspector.
Geo. T.  Newman
met Saturday in the police oflice Ior
tbe consideration of applications for
renewal of licenses. There were 21 renewals asked for and all were grunted.
Bedicution   services   were  conducted
'in the Catholic church Bunday by
Rev. Father Tbuyer at tbc re-opening
of the church which lias laid a large
udditii-'ii built  to it.
Wm. Hamilton came up from Comaplix  Sundaj   and left Wednesday   for
a two months visit,  to bis home      In   church  Hevclstoke.   U.r ,  Nov.
the east from  which   in-ha,!  been   ab-   the     Rev,  0,  A.    Procunier,
sent thirteen years. Dunn only Bon of the lute Rev. Art-
James ff, Vail, one ot Revelstoke's  bur Dunn, Beckenham,  England,     to
old timers, being     Brst    editor and   Mary Kate B., eldest     daughter    of
ger of the Kootenay Star, when  c, Johnston, of    McAidam Junction,
Chaplin, Mrs.  Carruthers; Treasurer,
and August Olson   Mrg   D   wlUi8.     Secretaryi  Misa   N.
Dunne; Committee, Miss O. Daniels,
M'iss Evans, Mrs. McConnell, Mrs. T.
Skinner; Inner guard, Mr. Daniels;
Outer guard, Mr. H. Morris;*.Medical
officer, Dr. Carruthers. At the close
of the institution ceremony speeches
were given by the newly elected officers and refreshments were served.
Cralg-Leach.—At Nelson on the Wth
inst., by Rev. J. II. White, Frank
(raii: to Annie 1,. Leach, both of
Iiiinii Johnson.— At.     St.     Peter's
26, by
;   and
light  had  been   sent    to
Guard  ami  asking   if   tl
would waite pajnieni.    On tl       j
gesfion of  Aid.   M< S01 lej   an
b  ma,;,-   c, , .11," t   the   ti e-.e ;
from the Domit
Suggestions for safi guardsovar the
elei 11 iral machinery,   made  by  tin
inspector of elei iri' al  energy,
ii-;. 1 red to Uu fire, water and  lighl
(I. S. McCarter said that Mr. II
of Hull's Landing  pro] osed   to drill
lor natural gas tbis winti 1   mil
if the city woiilii givi 1
in supplying the cit) should his
opor 1 tions pi 1 ive a su< cess. Tbe
Count il grunti d the requi
The question of < in\,ti 1
Bes was   again   dis- usscd   and  Mr.
McCarti 1 explain' dVhat    ■     tini tot
was one who hired labor 01  si ■
material   for     fulfillii - rauts.
|j, , n-i- will   l'i   ■ "I •' '" I
who are liable.     Mr.   M< Carti
,   1   lined that in the Hull
had given   a   legal  opinion
(,'oliin ll al   the   te   :ie -t 'if   tin
, on neiv.,e mers.    Ho was not
for J. I)- Sibl aid.
W. 1. Brig, - :- ,,
Gi .',
!    ■ ■
ll-',    Ol    11   ■. t       .
li -1 bt       1. v
■ ■
.•.   the
i r
to the
Grant H
Promotions in West
Grant H
established In ISS'J, left Sunday morn
mg for St.  Paul.
A < 'In Istm 1- tree and  pai ty clo
ibe ih-' hall ot the - di ml tei
Kevelstoke   high     ehool   1
evening.   The students assembled  in  arriv-jd Sun.lav and haB assumed  the
the  iargi    typewriting   1  which  position of electrician   to the Revel
llllll been cli-a 1 ei'
New llrunswirk.
,ll£     IU,      Ul.,      L WU, T, 1 II.-H " ,> - .,   >   I .   , 1 , ,     IIINI, At      till' Ceil"
Frldaj      "• K- McLaren, of Bonnlngton Falls  tral hotel, Revelstoke, B.C., Dec,  19,
1900, by Rev. B.J. Thomi son,   John
Big Eddy School
Celebrates Closing
11. *.
H    •
1. IJ. t
.1   H.  t
■ -
-1 !e
' f
K  1 0
■ nt
Pi Voting, postmaster bus been notified from OttaWn tbat the depart-
ineiit bus received n communication
from the Intoratlonal Bureau al Heine
.Switzerland, quoting 11 telegram  from
the Russian postal administration lo
the effect that the oilice ol* "St. lvi-
■ftburg, Rueila,'1 in to be known in
fnl im e as "Petrograd."
(Tor I In 0 r e-"ii and
very prettily decorated by tbe ho',-,
A li'iige Canadian Bng held Brst pliu e
In the decorations, and was sun
ed by bugles and kettleedrums. Many
Interesting game- were played, the
Hist of which was < smellinu game
There were 21 bottles with a dl .
stoke Water,  Light   and Power Co.
Q,   li.   Nagle      returned     yesti
■1 ■    lays      bunt dm ing which
time he was successlul in getting five
I  n and n  caribou.
The  otlicers    elect     ol     Revelstoke
of    Armstrong,    It. C, to
late ol Mi; li Rlv-       ,""',
schi ol
liquid in each, and the contestants bad  lodge, I.O.O.F. No. 25, for the ensu
to give tin' con eel nnmi  foi   t b n
ti'tlt- ol* enell botl le.       ril.'Jllize   fell   tO
Miss Loretta Dupont and Ernest McKinnon, The company then listened
to a splendidly rendered program,
consisting of a chorus by tli" boys,
11 piano selection by Mi-- Ilup
solo by Mr. .1. M. Paterson, a mando
lin selection by Arthur Fraser, a recitation by MNs [<sabel Dunlop, > chorus
by I be boys.    Santa  OlaUS   then   _'i\i-
out the presents from the huge Chris'-
inii~ tree.     Beforehand the distrrbu.
in.' term are:
Skinner,  V.G
J,  A.   Stone,
M    1  e  M< 1.11: lilin
er,   \lta.
Nominations for the civic elec. ■ >as
tnko placo on January 14, and polling on the 17th.
Alex. McRae went, south yesterday.
Mrs. F.T.  Abey came up from Trout.
Lake last even'lng. Swan Anderi  eef
Coursier, R.S., I Illecillewaet,  was In town last oven-
J. 1. Woodrow,  ing. J, Caley left Tuesday evening on
11 visit  to Armstrong, hew Thompson
Royalty  lodge, No. 241,  Bnd Harry Carter left for the   roast
1       Eddy   ds ■ - indaj
(.a v e a < In isl 11
P' ;-
!■:.  Waterson,
.   II.N.
N.i'...    .1.
on Fridny  evening elected tho follow-   Saturday evening. Mrs.  ,1.   .1. Foley,
ifflcers:   V.r.,   Wm.  Mathers, Pre-'of  Arrowhead.      spent      Sunday  and
si,lent, W. Watson; Vice-president, H.,Monday In the city.   Kre'1, Mountain
,1.  Parsons; Treasurer, S. I). Crowle;   came through  from  the roast yester-
ecretary, H. W, Edwards; Chaplain,'day bound   for Montreal. T. J.  l,en-
tlon    of    the    presents    bud   been  s.    tfeedham    Sen.;     Committee, R.
arrangedby n committee.   The pre-  s,nvtl„.    H   Buckley,    D. Willis. T.
senls weie not to co-t  more   than   ten ..... _   .
cents. a„d give., were to stinlv   the ""oner; Ihner guard, II. Morris; Out-
cbaractersof the recipients,   The re   >r guard, Vi. ,T. Dunne; Trustees,   0.
suits wns I bat  the   present-   consisted   ].;.   shaw   and   S    Needham   Sen.;   Allot rallies, c ike- of snap, boxes ol  tee
powder,   comical  ilee'L.   A,  H   0    pie
tm.. hooks, etc    Refreshments were  ■'    ' ■*"
then sel veil   by thp   I ■ t I .■ -blneli I    i on |l.     ,.,i|    \t   I'M!   S.    Prlmro  ('      '  odg'
mittee, and di 1    was enjoyed for s   v,,,   ,,   Daughters and Matde of Bng
short   time.     The   party   broke   up
sin 111 Ij belore midnight with tbe sing
ing ot Aulil l.an_ Hyne and the yell-  ed li   Oddfellows     hall Insi Saturday   and spent a very pleasant
dltors,  H.V.   Scott.   Win.   Mather,    IT.
land H nevolenl   ioc| I    vas Institut
ed rum passed through Itcvelstoke yesterday en route tothe Old country.
Fred Jones, manager of the Columbia River Lumber company, at Golden, was in the city yesterday, Mrs.
A.M. Crab' returned   to    Thomson's
Landing  Sunday      momlne,      .after  11
week's visit w tb friends In the city.
A   surprise   parti    visited      Mr.      and
Mrs.  T.   J.  Graham     Friday  ovpnimr
time      In
talnmenl   nnd   pi
night.   The school was einwdwl to it
ut inosi cap ■.■■iiy and an
ua ■ spenl■    I - Paulding n
and 1 hepi ngran  wm   renmi-l   I
for a dis-11 let   « hool      I .   ig
finish, 1111011. I) sol     , duets, 1
recitations and dialogues, not a bitch  on
occuiicd and  1 lie children did !
selves   credit. I'*"i    their   exi
training  Mis.   P.   Paulding  11
Somen ille [teachei 1 wen   t ■ -; onsible.
A pli aslng vai lei y  n as add< .1 I
program bj S\\. oi^li bj tun
voi y ably tendei ed.    A  spelling
test was held u hich   Mai 5   Thn   11   '
won and - be 1 eceivi ,1 a pi ize pi 1
hy the teacher.   Bants Claus came in
for a great reception and  the pi tes
were eagerly received,   Refreshment
followed, vote   eii hanks were u\u\. ,\
by Messis, \\*til in and Carlson, and
the keVi Lashley Hail pron tuned the
:i iic-
in^ ofthe K. II. S. clieei-
1 va-dng, Tlie  oflicers elected   for   the   dancing and games.
ni  Jai  ,
arj I. •     .ie|ilic,,i i [ thi
scale I ! 1    half
h 1
four and
i he   pi  • .0 rang 1
v 1 •    1' .   e, 1,., :,|, NV ,^
■ 1007   1 '.'iei the at 1. nge
1 ■   e; ie. pay  the • ir it »•
1 0-1 ot the •■ fiom  'lie
L'nited Canada.
hardly  fair, and  iln-
Hon.   L.  I' .j il  negoti-
at Iona wil b Bi itisb aul hoi ; li •- foi 1
new pi in whb b would divide 1 -■
expense, 'I I ■■ old ai mgemenl 1 \-
pin 'I on ,li,i\ 1, hut wa- left in force
toranotlni six month', running out
at the end ..f -his month.
i ans  by nn
American cook who • » how.
I'lain and fancv cooking ol u'l lilnds.
aibo will do plain sewing by lay or
at borne. Mrs. Bouthwotth, 118 Second street west.  Phone 334,     DJ3pd PAGE TWO.
Christmas Goods
At Greatly Reduced Prices
Dress Goods
We have a large range of All-Wool Dress Goods
Regular 75c, now 55c
Ladies' Hand Bags
A large  assortment of the  very  newest  Ladies'
Hand Bags.   This makes a Useful Gift.
Ladies' Duchess Bandolier Ties
We have just received  these Ties from Toronto.
The very newest Neckwear on the market.
Price 25c
We are offering special inducement on all
lines of merchandise.
Our Grocery Department is replete with all Xmas Fruits,
Raisins, Peels, Figs, Dates, Grapes, Nuts. Apples, Oranges,
etc., also a splendid showing of CHRISTMAS CRACKERS
Stockings, Candies and Cigars.
If unable to purchase Diamonds for presents, come and inspect our stock of ART POTTERY, Jardinieres, Casseroles,
DINNER SETS. CUT GLASS in new patterns, Silver Deposit Ware, CARVING SETS, SILVERWARE, Pocket
Knives. SAFETY RAZORS. Shaving Supplies.
Electric Goods, Carpet Sweepers, Sporting Goods,   Skates>
SNOWSHOES, Sleighs.   All at prices that
will appeal to Buyers
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
Presideni. Viece-President,
EDWARD HAY, General Manage]
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Awiatant General ManaRei
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Brunch Revelstoke Bra-ch
Lest Ever in Revelstoke ORDER EARLY
Choicest Christmas Goods
From Many Lands
Uecansn the British Plct has solidly maintained the •opreSma<ej
thc se.iB wc ,irc in a poittlon to ofler yon thc following hiirh qoalltj
goodi. Sultana and siciied itairfms, Current*, Nate <-<f nil kinds,
in Lemon, Orange and fjt.ron Mlnro Ment in 18 nnd .". lb,
paila, alao In p.iCKaucB nnd irliiss jars, Table rtalfllns nnd Flee,
Rites  ftC.
Ap th'"?p goods .,n- nil tirsii wi- guarantM latlafactloa in botb qual
ity  nnd price.
Phone 41
Box 784
General BUckimith
Light and heavy Wagons, light and heevy
Sleigh*. Buggies, Cutters, Plows. Harrows
Farm.Implements. **snon. madu and rapairrrt
ARont for John Deere and Company and International Harveetar Co.
Farm Implements
Empress Theatre
SATURDAY—By the Hun Hays, in
2 parte. Hole in the Gulden
Wall. A Rural Love Affair,
Animated Weekly, showing
pai-ts of each and every game in
the world'8 series hetween
Philadelphia and Boston
Braves. Strand War Series.
Latest War news from the front.
MONDAY—For the Secret Service,
2 parts. Return of Twins
dniihle, 3 parts. This is the
TUESDAY—East Lvnn, 5 parts, 117
scenes, 7,000 feet perfect photography, positively the most
complete and comprehensive
revival of the most popular play
of modern times, featuring Miss
Forsythe.    Don't miss it.
WEDNESDAY— The District
torney's Brother.
Kvery Friday-ZUDORA.
Coming—The Trey of Hearts.
HI1 [if ii!
We have assembled just a little better assortment this year than ever before.
RATCLIFFE—At the Queen Victoria
Hospital, on December 10, to the
wife of A. J. Ratclill'e of Rogers
Pass, a daughter.
JAMIESON—On December 17, to the
wife of J. Jamieson, Front street, a
GOVBTT—At the Queen Victoria
Hospital, on December 18th, to the
wife of W. II. (iuvett, Third street,
a son.
That are sure to be appreciated every day of the year.
We ask Your Inspection of these High Class Goods, and we can supply a Professional Electrician to instal them.
Prices range from $5.00 up; and all New Designs.
F. Bryan Williams, chief provincial
game warden, reports that there is
every evidence that the big game of
the province is increasing in numbers,
as the Indians now realize that it pays
to protect the game fur the purpose of
attracting sportsmen to the districts,
from whom they receive extremely
good pay.
An alien of an enemy nationality
who goes about his business peaceably
is entitled to his rights under the law,
according to a judgment of Mr. Justice Macdonald, of British Columbia.
An Austrian miner named Tupay
sought to recover damages from the
Crows Nest Coal company, for injuries
owing to negligence and the company
set up the defense that ns the war is
mi. the alien enemy was not entitled
tn rights which otherwise would be
his. The judge referes to the nrderin-
Council declaring that pence iIde aliens
nre entitled to   the   protection   of  the
law and Interprets it ns meaning that
i' applies to the negligence of companies.
Must You Be Bald?
What have you done to stop your
hair from falling? Have you tried
Kexall "93 "Hair Tonic? If not, we
want y.iu to try it at our risk.
If you have dandruff; if your hair
Is falling out and your scalp is not
glued and shiny, if you use Kexall
"83" Hair Tonic according t"
tions for thirty days, and at the end
of ihat tune you are not thoroughly
ean.-;i"d with the results and will tell
us so, we will immediately hand back
your monev     We won't ask you to
litttt.    We won't (■■■ • 1
We  will   take  your
ta word aad return your money.
Doesn't  it   stand  to reason   I
Resell     j!     Hair Tonic must Ix a
rr.,.' ic      sad have fivea
frost I n to our customers  I
we this)    We know ol
.at is as good,    lt
-  if what Hexall "'J3" Ha;r
•-  that wo
u    we I
Why suffer •calp and hair troubli
or • Bait
I,;. lr ,ff.   make
,r v-alp comfortable ar. 1 heal'
promote   hair   growth  and   teuil
-    'A 1,1 '.       »r
pay I-,t tits irea.mer.t ibould It lad
We  don't  obligate  you   to   anything.    You   simply  buy   the  trei"-
ment     nm   it,   ai,<i   if   not   pleasi
cr,n ■ . -handed — and
we will hand bark what you paid ua.
Two .line,   y,r anr) u.oo . bottle
You ran buy Rnall "tt" Hair Torn*
tn this community only at out store:
Revel.t.ilx- Hrltl.h  Colum!.!.
mrs an m
In this line wo lead all others.   Having the best and largest stock in the Interior to choose from.
Our 8-inch Bowls at $4.00 are good values, and Sugar and ^Creams at
$3.50 a pair cannot be beaten.
cy4LL NA at 25 per cent. Discount until sold.
Jf   Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Electric Work
Notice is hereby given that a Court
of Revision and Appeal, under the
1 ro\'.~ions of the "Taxation Act"
and the "Public Schools Act" for
the Revelstoke Assessment District
will be held as follows:—At Court
House, Revelstoke, B. C, Tuesday,
•Z-lth day of Deci-mber, 1914 at 11
< 'clock in the forenoon. At Government Offices. Nakusp, H.C, Tuesday,
*th day ol January, 101.", at 2.
o'clock in thc afternoon.
Dated  at   Kevelstoke,  B.  0., Decern- I
"•    --h, 1914.
(Signed) C.  M. FIELD.
Judge   of  Court   of    Revision      and!
The Gift Season
1% hero again, and it finds us well prepared to supply our customers
with a good selection of rich and dainty Jewelry at a very moderate cost.
Our  well-assorted  Stock is at your disposal  until  after   Xinas.it
Specially Reduced Prices
Diamonds   Watches, Jewelry,   Cut  Glass,  Silverware, Sterling and Ebony Sets, etc., are all included
We can save you money !
Jeweler    F. G. BEWS   Optician
Ti+r. \. . Hi-iall stf,r* in nearly ooory town
•ml e-ity ,r> tba Unltad Mates. Canada ud
Qpmt llntn.n. Th«ri" m a iliflerent U>i»:i
RftejBtd] :■.   early rv--, ofdjaery lain..
•Mk   rapamaily   <lr.ltnr,l   tu  It* imrtieulur     I
for whirl, it it recofnmenfta.'l.
Th« Retail Starea are Amer'ca • (Jreateat
Orut StOfeM
■ qui ' of "W       8
i    Kevel*tok<e,    H i
Bel ■' eon     Otto \\ llllam   \n
plainl Iff   aad  John    I layton
Tapping,     \''Inn     Ad nn    ~<u
George  H   MrGhi tei   and   '•'
II    Pratt, di'f»-iidiiril-:
Pursuant to ill" Judgment   ol  this
Honnurahle • our' pronounced on the
^l-t da) nf • •'-t'liii-i. I  ie !•■   takeen all
aceounti as to priority and
and in ve-,| i h. nnst* of thl    u I ion  ind
have ordered I hat i n the 2Iei  day of
December, A I'. 1014, there he .ofTei'pd
fm sale hv pulilic auction al ' he • loui <
House, Oity of   Reveletoke,   lit,  hy
VV..I. Law,Sheriff North Weei Ki    i
nny, ■uhietct to reswve hid,   l^its 17.
ix, and 19, Block  17. Plan  KWA,   Rev
elstoke, II C, imli'Ns Um' uh .in' ■•■ I- I
due to the Plaintiff f<" prim lp il
ln>teresl and coi*fti ba looner paid Into
Terrai and   oondltloni of lals 	
cash at the lime of snle
Dated nt Reveletoko, I! '    thle21 il
(lav of Ni.veml.er, A.D ,   1014.
NOTICE  ih  hereby    glvra thai   nn-
eertaln    Warrant  ol Bxecutlon
■ i •■■ me ii- ilnat tbe goode and
' tbe Pioneei  Placet   Mines,
Limited   md lasued o il ol tbe i lounty
hiililen      at
- ■ 11. ,n Fred
UoeM and    •    ■     ire pltfintiffe     and
P icei    '-1 Inei   Limited     are
defendants,  bave   eixed  and tak<sn In
execution a quantity ol   nutnnr ma
toota   and pro-eleslons
the premises ol tbe     di
>      on     Freni h i irfk,     Wist
tbal I  will on the -'1st.
' '■■ 11    1911    ■  tbe hour of
• tbe Court
■  offer for sale publicly all   tbe
■ ild  goods and  chattels oi   sufficient
;,.iit th<ereo( I i■■■"ntioni
the |      li   and iiiiitteiH   now
' of the    goods    seised   and
above refem d I     naj be seen on ap
plication to the undersigned.
Dated this l ith. December, 1911.
W    .1    LAW,
■ rift ,,f North Weal Kootenay.
Toys! Toys! Toys!
UR TOYS are moving fast and the early buyers are
reaping the benefit of the selection.
Our price and varieties never were so good as they are
this season.
We Moved the last of Our Toy
Stock on Our Sale Counter
A Special Discount of IS p. c,
On all Crockery, Glassware
and Toys
All fomlH packed and laid aside till required.
The Busy Stores
in   the Mail-Herald SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1914
Edited by Miss F. Lawrence
Mrs. H. Keegan returned from the
hospital on Wednesday.
Miss E. It. Davis, M. A., is spending
her Christmas holidays at the coast,
Mrs. Sam Needham was taken to
the hospital on Wednesday, suffering
from a severe cold.
Mrs. G. Ralph Lawrence will not
receive on Monday, December 21, nor
again untit spring.
Mrs. C. E..Butler, who has heen
visiting her sister, Mrs. W. H. Pntt-
vuff for a few days, left today for her
home in Blaine, Wash.
Miss Lawson held the theoretical
examinations for her music pupils on
Thursday afternoon at the High
School. These examinations are pie-
sided over hy Mrs. II. II. Qodat'd and
Miss Lawson. The results will be
given to the pulilic later.
Next Wednesday, the 28rd, the
Methodist Church .Sunday School will
hold their annual Christmas tree
entertainment, OOtnmenoIng at 7.HO p.
in. A very Interesting program will
lie rendered, and all adult friends are
urged to be early in order to obtain
The Seven Ages baztar given by the
ladies of the Methodist church, was
undoubtedly the event of the season.
It was held at Howson's furniture
store, which was beautifully decorated for the eccasion with hunting,
flowers and many colored lights.
About $170 was cleared. The seven
ages of woman were represented by
seven tables side by side, very prettily-
decorated. The first age was the
baby's table, presided over by Mrs.
Swaneyand Mrs. Jack Hume, where
everything for the baby's use was
sold. The second was childhood, A
splendid lish pond was arranged for
this, and fishes that were caught gladdened many a.small heart. This was
looked after by Mrs. Cressman and
Mrs. Leonard Howson. The third
was theSweatheat't tahle, where candy
and popcorn were sold by Mrs. Murray
Hume and Mrs. Walter Bews. The
next, the bride's tahle, was presided
over by Mrs. Wadman. The fifth was
the spinster's table, managed by Mrs.
Lashley Hall and Mrs. C. B. Hume.
The sixth, the mother's tablo, was
loaded with good tilings in the culin
aty line, which were sold by Mrs.
Saddler, Mrs. Corley and Mrs. Hogan.
The last was the grandmother's tahle,
managed by Mrs. Maxon and Mrs.
Robert Howson. The tea room was
in charge of Mrs. W. A. Koote, assisted hy the young girls of the Auxiliary. Tbe Riverside Orchestra played
selections during the afternoon, and
in the evening there was a very nice
program tn which were songs by Miss
Borden, Miss Paulding, Miss Blanche
McCarty and Mr. Bennett.
Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Clay and baby
are leaving on Sunday for Vancouver
to spend a couple of weeks with Mr.
Clay's parents.
All those having dishes for the
culinary table of the GirlB Sewing
class bazaar will kindly leave them
at the home of MrB. J. Hack, Third
Mr. A. J. Collison Had the misfortune to break his arm this week,
and was taken to the hospital for
treatment. On Friday he underwent
an operation.
The following girls who sang at
the concert at tho opera house on
Wednesday are puiiils of MisB Parker:
Florence Bourne nnd Hila Tomlinson
in the junior class ana Annie McLean in the senior class. Miss Parker deserves great praise for the
splendid training she Is giving her
Large crowds are enjoying the skating on the Y.M.O.A. rink which is
well lighted and provided with tents
and stoves The link on the river is
also well patronized.
Mr, M. B. VVright and Mary Thomson
Timtnins were married at the manse
on Thursday evenitng liy Rev. J, W.
Stevenson. Mr. and Mrs. Wrisht are
spending their honeymoen in Kdmon-
The girls' sewing class of the Anglican Sunday school held a sale of work
in aid of the Belgian Relief fund at
the opera house on Wednesday afternoon and evening. Unfortunately
owing to the failure of the city-
lights in the afternoon and the uncertainty of there being any light in tin-
evening the attendance was considerably affected. Several stalls tastefully
decorated displayed the articles for
sale which had all been made by the
girls, and were certainly a credit to
them. There was also a fish pond, a
fortune teller's booth and a tea tahle
ably attended by the girls. In the
evening a most successful concert was
given by well known local artists
every item being well received, especially the tableaux and the duet,
"We've got a little Farm of our own."
sung by Misses Tomlinson and Bourne.
The tableaux given were "The Field
Hospital" and "The Sleeping Beauty"
in which all the girls took part and
were staged by H. A'. Morgan. The
following also took part in the program, everv item heing well received, Misses Parker, McLean. McCarty,
Lee, Corson, Messrs. G. R. Lawrence.
G. Hawker, G. Hardman, H. V. Morgan and Master P. Terry. After the
concert a dance was held, the music
heing supplied by Dave Orr's orchestra. The Belgian Relief fund will
benefit to the extent oi over $tK), and
great credit is due Miss Florence
Lawrence, the president of the girls'
sewing class, and her willing assistants.
On Tuesday next, a Bplendid program and Christmas tree, will be
given by the Sunday school of thc
Presbyterian church There will be a
cantata, and motion songs, Santa
has also promised to appear.
The class rooms at the different
schools were very prettily decorated
on Friday for Christmas, it beinu the
closing day of the term. All the
smaller children at both Central and
Selkirk schools, were made happy
with hags   of candy.     A f,roat many
j visitors went to  the  Central  school,
' were the usual Closing exercises were
observed.  Miss Urucp and Miss Hyatt
, had a specially nice program arranged for the little ones and ahout
150 visitors were present. The concert
I was given in Miss Brucc's room, Miss
Hyatt's class joining hers. The room
was very gay with Christmas decorations and tree. There were some
very beautiful drawings on the blackboard, and quite n display ol the
childrens' work was arranged around
the room. There were paintings, mat
weaving, nnd paper folding. Following is the program. Opening chorus
ly the children, "Welcome to the
mothers." recitation by Mundy McRae; dialogue, hy Elsie Creech and
Marjorie Roberts; chorus, Jack FroBt;
Dolls dialogue by I" little girls;
Jack Horner song by eight little
boys, Frank Robinson starring aa
Jack Horner; song by Elsie Br' I; recitation by Hilda Garnett, "There
was an Old Womara."; recitation hy
Chris. Daeme; song by five little boys
a Chinese boy called Mar Jok, and
four Canadians; Star song, by four
little boys; recitations by Mildred
Barnes, Marjorie Garnett and Agnes
Johnson; Chorus by school, "Pump-
Kins Pony Song"; Trio, by Morden
Allum, Kenneth Bews and Elsie Brill,
"Babes in the Wood." The A.B.C
dialogue was very cute, a pupil representing each letter, and saying a
verse for each. When the letter F
was  reached, a verse  was  said  about
IF being for flag our country's pride,
which  brought  forth  much  applause;
I Chorus, "Babes in the Wood." Santa
Clause chorus. Closing chorus by
class, "Now the Clock Upon the
The A.V.l'.A. hnd a very pleasant
skating party on Friday evening. The
society met at the home of Mrs. Paget
and all went to the Y.M.O A. rink,
where they skated until Id o'clock,
then went to the home of Mrs. (i 11.
McCarter for supper and dance.
I New Goods being Opened Up Every Day
The Revelstoke
Hardware Co.
C. B. HUME & CD., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Clve Maximum
Wear at a  Minimum Price
" Christmas as Usual
The Children Haven't Gone to War
We can all do our "Little Bit" toward making the lives of the little ones cheerful despite
the gloom that exists.
Never was our Stock of Holiday Goods in better condition-
Substantial Gift Goods in every Department of the Store.
Black Silks at Special Prices
This Store is headquarters for Black Silks,
and when special lots appear from time to
time, we are glad to share the savings with
our customers. These Silks are suitable for
wear during the entire year, being medium-
weight, and permitting of draping in any
Special Black Silk, one yard wide, at $1.75
Bargain Tables
Visit Our Bargain Tables.    Hundreds of articles to choose from. A table each at 25c,50o, $1
Ladies' Combination Underwear
Lidies' and Children's Combination I'nder-
wear, any size and in the warm fleecy winter
goods at $1.50 to $5.00.
Ladies' New Neckwear
In Fancy Bixes. Alway? a Sensible Gift-
All the new idea* in high roll and vest'effects
at from '2"n. to $-">.00.
CLOVES—Despite the shortage in the Glove
Market we have been able to replenish our
stock, and can supply almost any kind of a
glove in children's and ladie?'. $1.00 to 15,00
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Ite d li 11 Mj
Shop now and shop in the morning.    Don't wait until
our stock has been picked and the sizes gone.  Get it now when we are in a position to make
Xmas Shopping Easy for you.   Later it will be impossible for you to get the attention good service demands.
SWEATER COATS, trom $3.50 to $8.00. DRESSING GOWNS AND SMOKING COATS, from $4.50
to $15.00. UMBRELLAS, $3.50 to $8.00. DANCING PUMPS either with or without ankle straps,
Price. S4.00 and $4.50. FELT SLIPPERS, $1.25 to $3.00. LEATHER PULLMAN SLIPPERS at
$2.50 to $4.50. LEATHER OPERA SLIPPERS, $2.25, $2.50 and $3.00. MENS BOOTS at
$4.00 to $7.50. SUIT CASES AND GRIPS, $3.00 to $40.00 MUFFLERS, a wide assortment of
colors and shapes, prices 50 cts, to $6.50 each. FANCY HOSE, boxed, 75c. and $1.00. SILK
SHIRTS at $3.50 and $4.50. GLOVES in mocha and cape, silk lined, fleece lined, and fur lined at
$1.75 to $3.50 pair. FANCY ARM BANDS, fancy boxes at 35c. to 75c. FANCY SUSPENDERS at
75c. to $3.00 pair. SUSPENDER SETS, Armlets. Garters and Suspenders at 75c. to $3.00.
GARTER SETS with arm bands at $1.00 per set. MUFFLER SETS at Irom $2.25 to $3.00 per set
PIPES from 75c to $10.00 each. MILITARY BRUSHES at from $4.50 to $9.00 per set. COLLAR
BOXES at from $1.00 to $3.00 each. TOBACCO POUCHES at from 35c. to $3.00 each. BILL
FOLDERS at from $1.00 to $3.50 each. CIGAR CASES, 75c. to $3.00. CIGARETTE CASES from
$1.00 to $2.00. CUFF LINKS engraved initials at $1.00 to $2.00 pair. JEWELRY SETS for dress
wear at $2.50 to $4.50 per set. HANDKERCHIEFS in exceuda, lawn, linen and silk, at 15c. to
$1.50 each. NECK TIES, in  newest shapes and at prices from 50c. to $3.00 e.ich.
Grocery and Crockery Department
Everything for Christmas
Christmas Groceries
Table Raisins, 20c. 25c. 35c. and 45c.
per pound.
Table Figs, 20c. fb. or 2 lbs. for 35c.
35c. and 45c. fb.
Seeded Valencia Raisins, packages.
2 lbs. for 25c.
Table Dates,  bulk or in the package
Seeded Muscatel Raisins, pkgs.
Bleached Sultan Raisins, packages.
Not-a-Seed Raialns,  packages.
Cut Peel, 1 It), packages, ready for
the cake.
Currents, cleaned,  1 tb. packagM.
Almond Paste in 1 Ib. tins.
;• helled Almonds and shelled Walnuts
Almonds, California Walnuts, Brazil,
FilbertB and Peanuts.
Popping Corn and Cocoanut* and
Svrett Potatoes, Jap Oranges, Naval Oranges, Grapes, Grape Fruit,
Bananns and all kinds of the very
finest apples grown.
Friday and Saturday Specials
y± lb. Tin of Cocoa, 2 for 15c. Yi lb, Cakes of Chocolme        15c
-, Tins Sardines 25c.
Watch Our Corner Window for Christmas Crackers PAGE FOUB
Five days to Christmas,
W.H. Bohannan, of Chase, if in the
citv, :i Ruest ii the King Edward
A. ii, Pearsi n, of Three Valley,
registered al tl.e Bote! Revelstoke on
Jack Carter of Kamloops lias been
2az<stted as o lieutenant in the 102nd
ftocky Mountain Rangers,
11. I!. Walkem, Oanadian Pacific
Railway resident >-ii:^int*t-t at Nelson,
iccompanied by Mrs Walketn. passed
through the citj on Thursday on n
'■ i~iiu-s> trip to Vani ouver.
The ladles nf the .*M.-t !.e. list Church
(press their gratitude to Mr. and Mrs.
Robert   lleeu»e n .mil  NtnlT  for their
kindness and generosity in pun inn the
oreal I he tli posal of the Ladies A id
vesterday after >n and evening; also
t.i   the   Riverside  Orchestra  for the
• ••. ■: i injj:-
Constable Barnes has  |ust r Ived
■ following rvtrd from ('. Llnibei't,
. nmerly ( . P. It.  constable and  now
■rge inl with the Royal Field Artil-
•y "Deat Dick. Thanks for letters,
etc. Will write you fully at flrsl op.
I it t unit \ Ver) busy getting into
trim. Joined two days after arrival
li.jine and hope to soon be In the thick
• hi fun.   Best wlsh<ss to ill."
\ tea and saleof home cookery is he-
g held in J. W. Cress-man's store on
Pi st street this afternoon inaidol Ihe
!: >liel    Bocietj.      This   evening   an
::       lie    Of    ai 1 i-l le'    -mil    list fill
les uill t.e held.   The drawing for
. ({old watch which is heing rattled
I y Miss Doris McOaiter in iiid of the
funds of the .society, w ill take place at
The literary and  debating <*lul> of
V. M. 0. A.  has discontinued its
weekly debates during the Christmas
-   i- n bul   will resume early in .Ian-
While la.k .it' lights prevents
p   mnaslutii classes 1» inj; held and puts
heck on the other recreative games,
I oya .it ' li" building spend  their
time enjoyably at  the fireside,  with
music and   checkers.    The
in   Sunday   afternoon meeting
•i w ill be held at  I o'clock with
ice'al .1:45.
Sunday January 3,  bas liy   roy il
■   i ion been appointed  "tu be
tghout   i )ur I tommion ol Oan idn
n day of humble prayer and inl
Almighty God on behalf of th.-
uise undertaken by our empire   ind
, ur allies and of those u la. are olfer-
■   it lives for it,and for n speedy
• d peace   that   shall   be
i unded on  understanding   and   not
■ ied, te theend that peaci shall endure: and we do invite .Ul ouv loving
subjects  throughout   Canada   to   set
I bis appointed day a-  a  day  of
ml li ia lyer and intercession." "
Among the guests at the King Edward Hotel on Thursday were Mr. and
Mrs. F, Harris, of Vancouver.
The stores will remain open on
Monday evening and every evening
until Christmas.
lion. Thomas Taylor returned to
the Coast yesterday morning.
W. Boyd, nt Halcyon Hot Springs,
returned home yesterday morning
after a brief trip to the city.
The Tango ehih are holding a special
dance (iii N'ew Veal's day at. the Masonic hall.
A. E. Kincaid leaves I'm Vancouver
in-night on a business trip, His sun,
Edmund, will aocomaany him,
Mr, and Mrs. A. K. Garland, of Edmonton, were among the guests at the
Hotel Revelstoke on Thursday,
Since Wednesday the streets, bousss
and stores of the city have been in
darkness, except for candles and
lamps, owing to interrupt inn in the
civic ligln service.      Power   Ims   heen
obtainable intermit tently.
,1. P, Forde, of Nelson, Dominion
Government engineer, spent yesterday
In the citv in connection with the
mattress work on the hank nf the
Columbia river. He left for Nelson
t his morning.
,1. II. Taylor, nf Nelson, Canadian
Pacilic Radway porl steward, passed
through the city on Thursday on his
way In the ('nasi to attend a meeting
ofthe Divisional Medical Association.
E. l-'arr, masonry inspector for the
('. P, li. in B. C, was at the Hotel
Revelstoke on Thursday, lie is making his last trip over the division in
his official capacil y as he is retiring at
i he end nl' the yeai after over .30 years
with the railway company in this
The committee in charge of the
raffle for the dolls In C.B. Hume &
Company's window request that all
unsold tickets be turned in on Monday.
The sei vii es u ill be held in the
Preseyterinn church t    morrov tight
as usual. Lamps ha\ ■ 1 ecu pro-
\ ided in i use 111 * i >. are no elei trie
Ailvi. es received bj the Hon. Thus.
Taylor state that  there is every indl-
cal Ion of a lai gi influx of set I lers into
the north.rn part   of   the   pi.        e
n>-\t spring. Mam inquiries are being
made for land  along the  line ol  the
Grand Trunk Pacific ia:!v ay.   During
I In i     ' -   .-nn there I  u bei n t
ad ivit y and developn ent   ii   . be 1. ike
Francis district, whirl, boasts -.'net
the in. si fertile farming land in   Hiii-
Ish  Columbia,   There   are  i   w  i i ei
200        iii.:    it End mkn, a di i ol and
divisii nil point twenl    two mil
Fort   l'i e-ii    and 3.*">0   in
Prince   Rupert.     The   Grand 'I' unk
Pn lifii  i- constructing  it-,  i
: oundhouses thi   ■
Upon the insistence of my friends and the kindly feelings and proffered
support of many who were not met mc last year I now offer myself as
a candidate for the office of Mayor for 1915.
If elected it will he my endeavour to conduct the affairs of your city on
business lines. Finances will have to lie carefully watered. Extension ol
Improvements will necessarily be controlled hy the state of the city's finances.    Our city must, however, lie maintained at a proper standard.
I have always had faith in Revelstoke, and hope when the present worldwide business depression is over to see im immediate revival in all lines of
trade. I look to the mining and lumbering industries as our chief asset, and
it will be my aim to encourage activity In these branches. There is also the
tourist traffic which should be carefully fostered,
If elected 1 will make it my duty to thoroughly investigate our power and
light plant with a view to obtaining thorough efflolenoy, The water service
is aiinthei important utility which should he placed on a more satisfactory
1 hope good aldermen will be returned and all work for the general advancement of the community,
Yours trulv,
IV W. Lindsay, of Beaton, was al
the Hotel Revelstoke on Thursday,
J, W.Stevens, of Arrowhead, was
at the King Edward hotel Thursday.
,1. W. SI evens,   of   Arrowhead,   was
ai the King Edward hotel on Thursday.
Mr.-. M. Caley, of Arrowhead, regis
tered at the King Kdward hotel on
The raffle for the dolls now on display in 0. B. Hume & Co's window
will take place on Wednesday afternoon nt  I  o'clock  at Hume's store.
V. W. Brown, of Revelstoke is in
the city on business. ■ Kamloops
J. Hopgood, ('. P. 15. train master
nf Revelstoke, is in the city o:i
business.    Kamloops Standard.
Skates sharpened at Palace garage
25c p'-r pair.
Our coal burns best, Palace Livery.
Don't forget where you can gel nice
Xmas presents at reasonable prices
Macdonald's DruglStore.
Everything provided for your com-
Fori at the V. M. C. A. Skating  Rink.
GALT COAL burns alt night. Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited.
Gifl Books, New Fiction and Children's Books al Bew's Drugstore.
Four chairs, no Ions; waits at Mar-
donalds the antiseptic barber shop.
Eighty-five per cent of headaches is
the  result  of  eye strain    so If     you
■ nn 1111■—»
$20 in Gold
For You!
"W7E will Give a Coupon with Every Purchase
made here between now and Xmas.    Each
extra one increases YOUR Chances to be the Lucky
Person who will be Presented with this
$20 Gold Piece
W/E Solicit a Share of Your Patronage during the
Pr Holiday Season.    ^Our   Stock  of
Jewell-.      I  erware, Etc., is the est and Finest
in the Interior, and we 0 Our 30 Years Experience in This Business in Helping You to Select
Seasonable and Appropriate Gif1
/. G Barber
Revelstoke*s Pioneer Jeweler
• %%%■%-%>*%•
Bring Your Watch Repairing Early.
We Are Experts
have any eye trouble at all it
would he to your advantage to consult Dr. Taube at F. ('.. Hews jewelry store on Saturday, December 19.
Don't forget the big Tango Club
dance on New Year's day. Tickets,
•SI.,"ill a couple.
Oet a Revolstoke Calendar for 35c.
views of Revelstoke at Macdonalds
Drug Store.
Toys, Toy Books, *Xinas Candles,
Tree Holders and Decolalions at Macdonald's Drug Store. ""■*
Prompt delivery of coal or wood,
Palace Livery.
Dancing lasts until 3 a.m. at the
Tango Club's   dance   New Year's day.
Tickets, $1.50 a couple,
Select line of China ware at Howson's.
Look prosperous, never mind hard
times hy patronizing Macdonalds
barber shop, next to P. Burns.
Bews'    Drug   Store    for    Christinas
Don't have your watch ruined.
Bring it to Barber's and get It a
new lease on life.
Skating thiB afternoon and evening
at the Y. M. C. A. Kink.
Cards, View Bonks, and all the new
luniks at .Macdonald's Drug Store.
Supper will he served at t lie Tango
Chili dance New  Year's day.
Dry Birch and Cedar any length at
Palace Livery.
If you are looking for n snap in
dishes look at Howson's prices.
Try Palace garage for skate sharpening.
Lump or nut coal at Palace Livery.
Ghildrens hair cutting a specialty
at Macdonalds the antiseptic barber
Boy's and Girl's Own al Macdonald's Dl ug Store.
Skating every night at the V. M. C.
A. Rink.
The ladies of the Relief Society will
be pleased to receive old or new magazines to be sent to the guards along
the lines of communication. The literature may be left at A.E. Kincaid's
criice. t.f.
Call up Palace Livery for lump or
nut coal, and dry birch and cedar any
length, Phone 201.
Hem. I., • i Revelstoke Vii n Book
for your i iend  in the east,    Bews'
What Ib 11   '..lease?     If Guy
your watch you need not
. , hand embroidered ; I Parisian Dye
d?    It needs
Bring it to Barber's
and  'I i i in -
,ei i be \ . M. O.
ncs .ind records for Xmas
l.dison     at
i - v.
■    at llourne
•   commie-
itli rs
o npany,
It   0.,
I)  2*'.|nl
musing.    Mri
Mb street tl
(hire pies.
W.H tf
\( i oi vi \\t ,,,,i  \i in im:
I., I, the Kevelstoke
i il Agent
Bookkeeping, Tj p. « ritlng and
all ;.    e. ,i Work
\      ml   Collected
pi.iinpt Retui i
Pire,   Lit'      •!!'!      \. illleni     Ill-Ill
am e placed iv il b simiiil and
reliable companies
Office        M'K en/ie     \\i line
iN,.\i ii. Oom.Telegraph Office)
Phone 808     |P. O. Box :tl7
Dr. S.L Taube
The Eye-Sight Specialist
of the Taube Optical Company, of Calgary and Vancouver,
will be at my store on
and if there is anything wrong with your eyesight don't fail to
consult him and get   the benefit of forty-four years experience
in the profession. All work absolutely guaranteed as tested.
Hundreds of Sensible
Christmas Gifts
Nothing 11 lore suit.■! I ile l'i ir Christ -
than a good Necktie,   We have
a large stock.
A big line at 60c,
A swell line at 7,V.
And some at .SI to $1.75,
He will appreciate a Hissing (iown.
They lasl   for years.      Prices, $5,60
to $22.60.
Smoking Jackets, which will please
theeye.    Prices from ifii to $16.
fancy garters
Put  up iii fancy Boxes.
Gloves  lined  and   unlined Irom $1
to $8.60.
McRae Mercantile
Co., Ltd.
High-leg Bunts in lliiii. for Misses and ('hildren, size ■ 10} to 2	
$3.25, 3.76
Men's Cosy Fell Slippers, leal her soles  $1.00, 1.40
Buy the Roy's Shoe Cleaning Outfit, complete with brush, pad, and
polish      ."lllr.
Infant's Soft   Sole  Bunt -Slippei s.     Colors:  black,   chocolate,  red,   blue
and white 36c to 75o.
For Rubbers,  Overshoes, Cardigans,  Leggings
Do You Buy from Mdntyres.
Mixed Peels, fresh, per lb 25e
Dates, 2 lbs     25c
Fresh Ground Coffee, 3 lbs  $1.00
Dried Green Peas, 3 His  25e
Van Camp's Chicken Soup, per tin 15c
Cf Crockery, China and Glassware
Those left behind must be considered as well as those at
the from. To make Christinas buying easy, from now
until Christmas Eve, all our stock of Crockery, Fancy
China and Glassware will be sold at 20 per cent, off
regular prices. Large stock specially selected for
Christmas Trade-
O.W. bell, Ltd.
Carpet Squares  $7.75 up.
Floor Oilcloth   45c sq. yd. up.
Linoleum 60c sq. yd. up.
HOWSON & CO., Ltd.
Blankets. 7 lb.
Hannelette Sheets 12x4..
$4.40 up.
$2.20 up.
Hotel Victoria
EL lm'ohton, Prop.
Choicest of Wines, Liquors, and Cigars


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