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The Mail Herald Mar 27, 1915

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Chiel lumbering, railwny, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and tho Pacific ocean.
Published twice weekly—Rea.l
by everyone—Tbs recognized
advertising medium (or the
city and district.
Vol. 22-No 2")
$2.50 Per Year
District Correlation  to  be   Held  in  Star  Theatre—
Delegates.Will Be Present From All Parts of Constituency—City Association Selects Representatives [,
for dominating Convention
A convention under the auspices ol
thc Hevelsioke District Conservative
association will be hold In the Star
theatre on Monday evening at 8
o'clock ber the purpose of nominating
a candidate to oontost the RevelBtoke constituency In the Conservative interest at the nest provincial
election. Delegates will be present
from every district  in the riding,
At a  me. ♦ n - held jn the Star theatre on Wednesday   evtn'ng, de'.egutes
to represent the Revelstoke C nscrvn
tive  assiMvit ■; .n    at    the
Were selected. I'hos' appointed were
J. Mclntyre, (i.n. Shaw, O.B, Hume,
T. Kllpatrlck,\B.R. lslue.loc';, A. E.
Kincaid, .1.11. Armstrong., W.J, Law,
H.J. McSorley, J.G. Barber, R. D.
■MacDonald, ('. Ho t n, W. Fleming,
anil T.W. Bradshaw. Mr. Mclntyre
and   \ir.   Shaw,   thc     president       and
secretary ol     the     ass elation were
tendered b  unanimous    appointment,
The meeting was presided over   oy
Mr, Mclntyre and a short speech was
^^^^^      made by  li- n, Thomas   Taylor,    min-
convention   istei ol public worts.
The candidature     of    W.  A.  Anstie Kowan
lor the Kootenay constituency in tbe Smith..
lb,minion parliament was recommend'' Mr,  lb,wan dealt with the admlnis
d by the Rovelstoke Liberal associa- tratlon ol   the     government depart
tion'at the regular  monthly  meeting meats,  the    miners     strike,  tbe  land
ol  the association held In the     Rex question and the purchase oi cattle.
theatre   m Thursday    evening.     The Mr.  Karris
w. ii. la.ris   mid   w. e.'Minister of Public VAcrks Makes Ir.epecticn, cf [agle
River Valley—Extension of F.cati to be started
Without Delay—Valley Rich in *gricuiiuial Possibilities— iiiisch Development Accomplished
motion    that    Mr.  Anstie's  candid,
ture be endorsed was made by Qeorge
Muthesi n sec.nd'.l liy W. Hews     and
was adopted unanimously.
The cha'ir was occupied by Dr. Vi.
ll. Sutherland and speeches were delivered  by    D.K.   McPherson,      Alex.
criticised thc Companies
let and Mr, Smith devoted his attention to purchases of cattle iand t()
the tariff as relating to the farmers
eei   the  north  west.
Ralph Lawrence contributed a song
and a piano and whistling solo wai
-■hen by Bert Allen.
BOYS AND GIRLS Concert and Tea
COMPETITIONS1    is Unpte Success
Tianspoils Escorted.by British Ctuiter—Port Holes
Covered ar.d No Smoking AHcv.td en teck for
Fear of Submarines hesl Atlantic Weather- Trip
Proves Monotonous to Ttoops
Delighted with his inspection of the
Craigellachie, Malakwa and Sohxrua
districts rs far as Sicamous, and en
thusiastlc re.-:.idin the agricultural
prospects ol the country lion. Thorn-
I Taylor, minister of pub.i iv.ei'.s,
returned to the city from Blcamous also be In progi ss this year,
on Thursday's midnight train. Mr. Taylor     wc il train    to
Thc chief object of tho trip was to  Craigellachie,   whenc    he    bine     to
inspect  the bridge now  building     at   Mala  wa and  3o ■ .ed to
he bi li v.- i . .. ■   amo _  th   richest
in   the   pi.,' . ;., ii.i.ial    pos
sibilities . ii ! he sr.it s    that     while
work  will  be pushed 1 the east
end, work at tht   ivest  end eastward.
In the Ni rth I     -       n   riding,   will
Soisqua and the road from Revel
stoke wratward which when completed     Will    ,;i.C       C  el.ee,   .ill,,.!    lOH     bfl
the city and the Okanagan and  K
loops  road Bystems.  Mr.  Taylor    was
well   pleased  with      the w  vi
done.  He was    accompanied
Sicamous and " turned tee Lbs city by
train. The soil ol t :v valley, says
Mr. Taylor, is r.ch blaci alluvial
.- il and will grow  anyth ng.        Th i
settle;s  have  done    s.l, ii :,d   develop-
all" dy   nent   work '.ents
by   IS,   ..-■                     to thOi         ■   ' not
Tremble,  mad superintendent and de-   bad an I  nitj      ■       Beelng the
Prizes for Field Crops Offered
by Department of Agriculture
An Interesting bulletin has been received by W.H. l'ottmfi, secretary of
the Farmers' Instit it'' on the floys
und Girls' Field-Crop competitions.
The object of these competitions,
aays the bn let in, is to train tbe
heads and hands ol the boys and
girls; to give them broad minds ar-d
big hearts; to improve theii health
by giving them an interest Ln outdoor li.e, to enable them to derive
thc.r pleasure front—doing something
useful; and to encourage un the part
of ull British Columbia citizens a
stronger and mure Intel Igent Interest
m agriculture.
These competitions are to be organized by Farmers' institutes
throughout   the  province   an.l  a   ll cal
<commlttee will likely be appointed
shortly. Comepetltors must not be
under 12 or over 18 years of .age on
May 1 , the date on Which the entries close.
The plots entered .mist be one tenth
ol an act ■ ,n area, and a margin ol
one and a ball feel should be allow >'.
all round the |'b,t.. but this margin
should be Included ln the quarter
All competitors within the same iu-
btitut.' district must use the same
varlctj ol potatoes. The variety Bhall
he decided by the committee appoint
ed by tbe institute.
Bach competitor mu-t do the work
himself or herself, except that the
girls and younger boys may be assisted with such work as ploughing,
Blank forms for reports will bs supplied by the dej ai 11 n at ,,f agriculture.
The  prise  llSl   is  as  lollOWB   To
competitors taking to per cent.
over of the Bold     or standing crop
score, a ribbon badgi To   all   co n
petit  ri  t. ling  , I)  pi i ci ut- ot ,•.
ol  th ■ comi.ined   field  and  Certified  repeat seen-,', it eop\  oi  ■ Fodder
Pasture Plants," For tbs I est 2
of potatoes iiinii a plot thai bai been
li   i",i as a standing crop, exhil
at a  provincial seed fair:   First,   -In;
second $8; third   r.". To the hoy   und
girl who tuke thc   higi est comblni I
Bcorc lor standing  crop,  ccrtilicd  report, and  Provincial   ScnI  Kalr     ox-
bihit,  oach  a pure bred heitcr calf    of
the breed of his or he.' choice.
Hoys and girls who are thinking of
Competing   should   obtain   Copies      of
Bulletin No. 62 irom the department
of agriculture and study tbc whole
matter. Thc bulletin contains very
fifll and useful Information concerning potato growing,
After boys und ulrl- have studied
the whole question, and base decldesd
that thev IVOUld like to try, even if
they have ne,r,i'l'" "I their own.
they might  bc iiiila   to    et some
who has a varan! lot to allow them
I" elonr it, if it ih not too hard a
job, und grow tbeli   crop on lt, Th,y
The J.adies' Auxiliary of St. John's
church held u most successful tea and
sale of home cooking in S l.ythe's
ball on Thursday afternoon, and iu
the evening gave a lirst-class concert which was well i atronized. During the afternoon the ladies ut tb'.'
various booths were kept I usy supplying the demand for the tempting
mad dainties, and the ti e
room had a st.ady stream ol patrons.
The   concert   in   th"1   eve.Aug   was
mosl   enjoyable,     and     the  various
members  were     neartily    applauded.
The following  is the    program.     Or
chestra selection; reading   Mr. W. A
Bell;  violin  solo,  Miss  Wilson;   pa.no
duett.   Miss      R,   Brown   and      D,   L.
Twiss;   piano   solo    Mr.   Allan:
solo,     Miss  11.  McCarty;     orchestra
selection;   vocal     boIo,    Miss  T..   W.
Wood;    reading,     Mr.  H.    Edwards;
duet,  Mrs,  R.  Squarebriggs and   Mr.
Allum;     solo.   Mrs.  Goddard;  instm-
mental,  Miss Gladys Urquhart;
Mr. Buck; v,.ee>l duet.  J. L. Hay and
lohn Little.     The     accompaniments
were capably  piny t:  by  Miss Dickie,
Mrs.  McVity,  Miss Creelman,     Miss
Urquhart  and Mr. Twiss,
Will Contribute Bed
to Red Cross Hospital ■
The  following      Interesting     letter
lie aa  Hart  Munro,     describing     the
journey  by  transport across tbe Atlantic, has been received in the city:
On board The s S.  Missanabie,
Halifax Harbor, Fc.i, '.9, '15
Dear Sist.r,—In accordance with
my promise 1 am going to start a
letter descri im: as test lean our
life on shipboard m tbis my first
trip across the Atlantic. We boarded
this ship the largest and latest ol
the C.P.R. ser.'ic, yesterday alter
'.. ee    al  2.30 and have spent the maj-
li'jh: and ventilation is I). Out rooms
are lighted by one small fr, Bted
tungsten lamp which burns tro.n ii
a.m. until ''lights out" at 10.15 p.m.
Thc door from a passageway ahoul
'i feet wid' oi ens Inward and swings
up against two berths. On tbe Lefl
hand side opposite the door ure two
more, upper and lower, while mine
and the fellow who sleeps above me
join on to the.;e and up close to the
wall. The berths are two feet six wide
and just over six leet long, not so
much  over but     what     my  lengthy
elded that the extension of the road
westward sho ild be be ;un at th ■
earliest possible moment. The appropriation for the work will be
available on April 1, and if the weather is favorable construction will
then be started at once. Mr, Taylor
is  much  Impress d  with the import
ance of thc roa I, not only as link in
a  main  B.vstem of ro ,tls   but als,. as   do all  In th
an aid in developing a district which   return to ofl
ranches,  Malakwa  Is no rd (e'r     the
■ iiie'a u pr n '.   tho
i      ii<t:iet    ia
beyond cine :'
minister mel m f tl e settlers during Is trl] that
they  were wi ll  sal                     what
!':■''.'•        ■ t  and  determined to
lot feting Will Be     IS THIBUTE
Held fit Phoenix     CF RESPECT
orlty ol the t me sine' then when not   friend Holland who sleeps next  man-
usleep  in  travelling     about thc ship
and getting acquainted with our
surroundings. Al!l the Stall Company
board  including our principal
officers   l.ieut.-lid.    Hall,  Major     De
Salis,  Major  Robeck,  Adjutant Capt,
Townsbend and others. Then we have
\b s.  one and two companies of   the
th   the former recruited in Victoria
the latter     in     Prince Rupert,
AI01J; with me in the stad are Walter   the
Pavey and stiles of Reve>istoke, also  in
ages to get bis feet on my p.How occasional y what he st'e t be out,
They are fitted up on uprights 'of
galvanized iron piping and have
spring mattresses and side boards
about 1" Inches wide to keep us from
rolling out on the flo >r, Today we
mad.1 up our own beda one Bingle
'bl inket and rt croen and white spread,
While one of tbe ship's crew scrubbed
door. Tber • arc two fining rooms
tbe 3rd class.     The one forward
ln response to a letter received by
Mrs. H. H. McVity trom the president of Canadian Red Cross society
at Toronto which was read at a
g of the Revelstoke brunch of
tbe Red Cross BOClctj I «rai decidi .
to contribute aibed .to the Duchess of
AViert Selwoodi     who     was     treftght where we eat has    ten  tabes seating
clerk at  Summerland when I wa?. re- twenty each wh le   the one aft     has
licvlng agent there.    As  we marched l."  tables seating 300.  Out; meal hours
a oard we were banded tickets which were re-arranged today so that     the
Bhqwed the deck, numiver ol our room staff which ents at the second setting
and''   the     number of our berth. My eats nt 7.15,  lL'.i. and 5.15. Uur lirst
ticket read !" ( ''•.., F and after descend- meal   yesterday  evening  consisted     of
tie a  number ol very steep sets     of cold boiled beef,     pickles, tea,  broad
tairs     I found  that I was to occupy nnd butter. This morning it was por-
be  lower  berth     on the    right hand ridge  and  steak  and coflee  at      noon
side of thc  door  In  room  666.     Tbis fried  tripe nnd    tonight    bread    and
room ls ' % ictlj   8 x 10 feet With     a butter,  jam  and  fried  liver.      Every
ceiling  S feet high.  The partitions do thing  is clean  and  good. Thc  1 uttei
.lohn   Dybhuven    of    Prince   Rupert
was re-elected president  of the   lbs
trict Lodge of the Scandinavia
and  Fellowship society  at  the bi-an
nual   meeting of the  lodge held     e,-;
Monday.  Mr. Carlson  of  I'hoenix was
re-elected     secretary trees r r.     Mr.
iiybiiaii'M;   .vas elected district  repn
sentutivc to the Grand    Lodge meet
ing   to  be  heal  at   Khr "lander,   Wis.,
and  ''has.  Grandstrom  of  Hev.
wns elected deputy representative, tn
the evening the Hi velstoke lodge gave
a bamjuct and dance in then- hall,
During the evening  J. Dyhhave:
in address which was tnueh appreciated.
Whitewings Kext ft'etk
Keep Foment CLan
noi come within lit inches of thc
criling and the problem ol ventilation is solved by a numh« ol air
shafts with Bcreens over the openings
and as one of     these Is almost     op-
do  not gel
Connaughfs     Canadian     Red Cross positt   the door of 666  wc
hospital at Cliveden,     Bucklngshlre, ,t all Btuffy. we are located on     F,
Bngland. A cheque (fas received Irom deck which Is tbe 6th deck down from
,,.,,.    .   .. of the the boat   deck  and  as you  may
home     oi   Baturday nglne is below the water line.
Mrs.   ^^^^
tea   held   at   h'T ^	
last. Votes of thai   b seed to
all  tbe ladles who belped     the
socli t v   , Jluding   Mrs.   Downs     and
Mi-. Ho>gan lor Iying . p and si
o'l of supplies. Miss George     ('er t
printing ol th"   directions Ior knitt
iul'. Mrs. Tomlli
fi r • utttng out shot i   Mrs, I ratt
cutting out  garments and Mrs. Hol-
ten,  Mrs.  McCarter, Mrs. Coul
Mrs. Hamllt
■  fleck which hns i ort -lades
ls  especially    good      while  the  bread
made  by  tb"  ship's  bakei   and   sliced   .* .
J lv   next week be s 'evi on the
an inch and a half thick ls as near
the home made brand as possible.
The rest of our passenger list of 1600
consists of n full battalion the 23rd
irom Quebec, but which was recruit
eii from Vancouver, Victoria, Nelson
Saskatoon and Ontario points     last
November.  The   Aderland   which Ina.'
(Ci ntinueil on P i| e Three)
Most Dump Rubbish _ Much Work for
:'. Only oo Nuisance-Ground   fled Cross Perforoie
lor       ' —
Mrs.   Haggen   for   siding   ;n   aU
ing the funds ol the society.
New Wharf at Nakusp
Ready for Traffic
would   e.-iiii    ven  though   they    never ^^^^^^^^^^   ^^^
;:;,;!  Z Z Uu h.™*. i.^-*.^^^ h-
rrop of tine potatoes tot*U at    the
end of the summer, nnd could    buy
doilies, bonis, rubbah,    Md    lot*.
.ie,,ie bSetidol, fnr the winter.
Tl,,.  lollowing  P'tter Bhould   interest
the boys .md eii is lor
 The health committee ol the    city
Mrs. McCleneghan and  council  paid  a visit  to  the  Isolation
• ei nn Tue-day an l examined
the premises. Everything has been
cleaned nnd fumigated ut thc hospll
al. Garbage was lound to have been
dumped on the road side and boards
have been order. .1 I lling people to
dump refuse only on the dumping
ground not on the toad side. The
health d partment will prosecute   ol
fenders  in  this  respect.
Th" Michel hotel is about   ready lor
re "pining.
They r.rc bavin,- open air band Concerts nt  S'ntal  on Sunday  afternoons
weather permitting.
M. Heroron, a K"lowna rancher,
hits net laid the foundat ion for the
I'rst sMo in thnt district,
B.C.,  March  26. — Tbc new
government wharf at     thc
foot ol        • .'■ was completed
on  Saturday     evening    and  is now
readj lot steamers and freight,
l'.ev.  Vi.     ■ wbo has occupi-
i,l the pulpit .'f   the Na iisp Presby
church  f.T the past  tw,,  y ars
,,r mors, has resigned his charge and
Will leave (or his home ftt Crunbrook
it is addressed  an,
(Continued on I'age Five)
v.m take b rest before taking over a
■irch.  During Mr.  Stephens' in-
hoth in town and     i
church havi- • Broun
nth, r Improvement i ai
Hev.  Mr   (Make , f ireston
'sncceeil him h-
n 111
The Fl gston   0 ns irvatlve associa ■
i pects to hi v • a membership ol
1   ,1 tbe' month.
retting     the    early
  nd  hiving a   return
visit from robins,  meadow larks and
old crows.
Prlnc ton    i -
' i ■
Woii   Bnisbed durlti    the we
the ib-'l Oross is us follows:
Mrs.  Li.   McKinnon,     2  pairs     knee
Mrs. ,i. ii.   Armstrong, i suit  pa
Mrs.  Sibbald,  l   pair socks.
Mrs.  (bo.   l>un~    ■'. pail   sockB.
Mrs.  Aman,   1   bed  l'owii.
Mrs.  Atkins,  I  flannel shirt.
Mrs.  Tomlinson,  1   bed  gown.
Mrs.  Wells,   I pair socks.
Mrs. Blacklock, I pair socks.
Mrs.  Pagdin,  2 pnlr Bor1 s.
Mrs. Gordon,  I pair socks.
Mrs.   Foot,',   '2 pail socks.
Mrs, Simmons, 2 pair socks.
Mrs.  Moth,  2 'nils  pajiimns.
Contribution   ol material for   con-
valescent shoes were received     from
Mrs.  Moth,  Mm.  Purvis and  Mr,.   \
H. Brown and a donation ol knitting
needles from Mrs   Pratt.
During the vear ending March, 1911
money orders were issu.-d [mounting
i,e (124,191.03 In 'he Slocan district.
white witit's,' as street clean<Brs
bed in white, arc   kmown, will pri
pavement and will give  Ri
still  more    metropolitan  app
' ■ '       a ill be  constantly   in    ! i ■
" Ith  a  \'iew  to keeping     the     pavt
mi'.'-  thorougblj   leaned
Bculty  In obtaining     whlit
lor th ■ ch  set
pi rlem ed  and  blue  will   bs us d     11
w hit ■ cannot
The pavement     i is    s
BWe| t   and   Watl ' DO
, ,1  condltloi
bas been order, i   1 b
untldyness i   I
•   fit I >  tl row   ■ -   tl     itreel     II
i< Intended t,,
lhe   treel eon
after which anyone    I
on tbc streets •■■ II
Funeral o! Mrs. Kennedy Numerous y Alio; de .- School
Children Maich
The funeral ol Mrs.  J   p, K<
who di
ing ol heart fallui ■.    was :i sti
ine of I
funerals ever held in Revels
The ceremony  wus  I
der th, •   r
a       ,v
:      ladless cf the    .vitur
.   :
and us.
, I conducted
at   St i.- J.C.
■ ■
id to l of   tha
tb. The     pupils
ol tin acl io   tho
.rom  • •
:.   '
tO t.\L
I ■ I " •
' ■      t
Methodist Church Tennis
Club Elects Officers
■ting ol tlif    ill
Tennis   elub   w..s      beltl   on    II,
evening m the   eburi h fni
cts  were elerted      und otb I
arranged, The ofl ct rs are;  n
sldent. C. !•'. Llndmarl . i r<ssld<rat, Q. ]
I S.  Martin:  Vic. pn lidl   I.   Miss     K.
Bordi ii.   -ee    ii. as,,    Lt tbei    I
lerg.  Mr. Llndmesrk   offersd bl
vate court for     the    use of the club,
which oflei  wee   gratefully u-
Ally    Of    ' he       ', ee'lllg        people I   I
church wishing to join the club    an
i   iiiMted    - ' ind in th"ir n.,
the secret u.   Mr.  Blac tl erg.
".    R<   •    •
•     ■    ;  r  Vii
'     !
■        .
I   '
■   ea,
Mr, and Mrs. C, Holt n.
I : ■■      ■'.   ; i    -■   McLi
Mr. and Mrs. K. a. Mcliae,
Mr. nnd Mi,-    W   M    !
r   ■,.
' lb i   feimer pupils,"
Mr.   t- 1 Mrs, B. O. Robbins,
Mr n,
•.• t
 During    tho    season     Trail hockey
ti ei" tire '!'. puplh attonding school   team played stxten   gaini        I only
In Midway.  Some of the rbildren live .lost  one ,,f them. Three of them wero ,;u order to cope with the Kettle \al»
a distance ol three miles pe.m school.  Bluitouts, undone a Us. Ity
It i" report d thf I ■       mmmer tbe
Orsat North .- \t--n.i
Its Line from Oroville t       leuticton. PAGE TWO.
Gbe fl&atMberalb
Locul Reading Notices and Business
Locals 10 cents per line each insertion. Minimum local ad charge '25c.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
Inch each innertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices 12
cents per line first insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
fallowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5,
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Oil prospecting notices $7.50.
Land Purchase Notices. 57.0O.
Water Application Notices, up to
100 words, $7.50, over 100 words in
pi oportton.
i ml  policy and  in bis condemnation
of  Liberal leaders?
anterior BMiblisbtng Company
E. G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.
SATURDAY, MARCH 27,  191-5
Thc announcement ot Hon. Thomas
Taylor that thc extension ol  tbe wjst
road     is     to     he     proceeded     with
th'.s year  at      the      earliest   possible
moment will give    general   satisfaction.
The completion ol this highway is
of the utmost Importance to Revel
»toke. lt will give connection with
the road systems of the Okanagan
and Kamloops districts and will be
ol immense Bervlco In making Revel
stoke a great tourist and agricultural entre. It will also bc of tnueh
benefit t ■ residents ot the Eagle valley by aiding In thc development ol
,, district partlcularlj rich In agricultural possibilities. Tbe importance ol
the roal is generally understood, end
Mr. Taylor's announcement that it
is to bc proceed td with W.thout delay will be vcrj  welcome.
Mr. Taylor   had already   done   all
that   lay   in   his  power  to seeure     the
completion ol th     road. It   was con
structed te, the b.e tadaries     ".     the
but   further
. bs was   hind red  by  the     fact
ihat the ei nt.n atlon     o!     the road
would, m the "ast, have,cross
other co stituencies,    the represents
tlvi s of which decline Ite' recomn ,1
that anj       t ol     thi
for road  ■   i       In    thi ir     db-1
Bhould I •■ ipion  this parti
cular work. Tbe enli I   the
'■ con-
ncy     have     rei      • ;
■ :t ly  -
■   :    I,   .     -'
■   ■
The death of William Willett, the
foremost champion in Britain of the
daylight-saving  movement,     and   the
I father of the Daylight-saving Bill in
the British purliument, is a reminder
that some Canadian communities
have profited considerably by adopting the scheme. Mr. Wi'ilett was a
builder, and an untiring advocate of
construction that would admit nlen
ty ot sunlight to all buildings, par-
iieiilarly those where many people
congregated The bill which he had
brought before the House of Commons lor daylight saving proposed
to advance all Jlocks in the United
Kingdom 20 m'.nutes each on four suc-
CCBSive Sundays in April, and reverse
the process in the lour Sundays in
September, Between April and Sep-
i ember the time would he therefore
an hoar and a quarter ahead oi
standard. Though it was supported
by many public bodies throughout
lir.tain, tbe bill was referred to a
sprcinl committee, and did not reach
the third reading.
It is worth noting that one of tbe
reasons advanced iu support of the
bill, that it would lead to a saving
:n artificial light, bus heen demon
strate.I to be sound in a Canadian
city, Lnst summer Regina put on the
clock an hour in early summer, and
returned to st ndard in the autumn.
Not long ago thc c'.ty lighting authorities reported that a saving of $.0',-
000 in the cost of light had 1 een ef-
lerted hy the people. ThiB. is the only
j direct statement ol economic saving
from the scheme yet announced in
Canada. Other western cities followed Regina's example last year, ami
In Saskatchewan the movement went
far enough to lead to a proposal that
the Legislature should make tbe day
light saving sell, nie obligatory on all
COmmunitits.   That   Was   to.   drast r.
however, and the municipalities still
ii ive the matter at their own option.
in eastern Canada     spasmodic
tempts have been made to get th'
seht in ■ mt,. operation, Orlllla having
tried it  a  couple e.f   , with
poor results,  but   nowheri   has   tl, i
been s,, much success ft r it as in the
' viincs      with   tb   :
bright  days. Tee low  Canadiai
baps,  is the name ol Willett known,
but  his   leath ,, ten  days ago merits
opinion, east, west, north and south,
"What in your opinion, iB the outlook for American business in 1915?"
was recently asked by a New York
investment firm of a large number of
leaders of thought und action in the
affairs of industry in the United
Four hundred and twenty answered
"Encouraging"; 12'1 answered "normal" and 160 answered "discouraging."
the   Re
Vancouver News Advertiser: The Ot-
; tawa "Citizen"  iB said to have made
In scold because     the     1'ucitic Great
Eastern     will eost $6S,0OU per mile,
j What  does    the  "Citizen"  think      it
'should eost'.' The  Grand Trunk  Pacific railway     mountain      section,    8ii0
miles,  bad cost  $77,3(12,  IDs,  down to
the end of last March, At that   time
grading  had      not      been  completed.
There were several  cuttings and much
embankment    to he     finished,  Eleven
Bteel  bridges were under construction,
and ten     had not     been commenced.
Many  buildings  were unfinished.    The
track  had  not all  heen  laid.  Part of
the road had  received a lift of   ballast and 200' miles had received none.
Scarcely any  work had heen done   at
the  l'rince  Rupert terminal?. Yet the
road  had  already    cost  $93,200     per
| mile. Hy this time the cost must    be
over  SIOO',000     per     mile with  much
work  yct to  be done.  If the     Pacilic
' Oreat Eustcrn can be constructed for
! *a,0C» per mils  people  mny want to
| know why the     Grand Trunk Pacific
cost so much.
Red Deer News: Why should not
the Canadian government supply
socks and underclothing to Canada's
soldiers, as well as binoculars and
razors?—Edmonton  Bulletin.
They do. And, further, they furnish them with everything else, and
they pay all expenses; and people of
this great Dominion are behind them,
too, and don't you forget 'it. But it
was dilTercnt when tbe Grits were in
Power, and the Bulletin's boss, Hon.
Prank Oliver, was one ,,f them. The
people had almost to insist on the
Laurier government sending troops to-
South Africa, and when they were
sent the mother countrj had to pay
tbe shot while they were at the front.
Th s   war is     costing   Canada   $100,-
I ','■"", md too hearts of our citizens are throbbing with sympathy
lor mir brave lads who arc now
A lily shedding tb i blood in de-
fl nee of thc Empire while papers
like  the  Bulletin   are     making   unpat-
r "tn   and   'iie tic remarks like    the
ove foi   •  ■   purpos<   ,,f gating   a
■  •  •   government which is   do
o much  for the  Empire  in  these
trying times.
B.C.    M Special   to
II • Mall Herald).—W. i:. MacLean,
M IM'       -  ■   night    nominated     as
, for   N ilson
i    the first     ballot  MacLean
:    , .-at    by
Dr. L.B. B : .IE.
ting     ' n
FROM  i'hi   SANCil
:.        ' .-'■■'
• s
t Otl
Mr, Anstie d
• ii
t y, a nd
He ■    ■
•   -        vbile the
ild  i looded
Vet  in    . ■■ ,  thai     Mi
' •■ is ie, belli vi r In Ll eral doi t
■   i| Liberal
the Revi: to e    Libi ral     as
octal its   ' indl
Have Liberals become so scarce In
Ki otennj   ib at   nonce  ran   be  found   lit
■   ' ty the  banner ol thi lr     pai I v,
i ,be Ren .-i., ,. Liberals agree with
Mi. Anst ■■ In hr repudiation ol Lib
■ i
i.r ■  fi
Of elect
i        I 01    Till'.   II.' ■..
i' trip to Nev   York, . irpo aidate
lent     of the ,.,• teal   thi ling. 1 he  dele
1   •lli'ib-'fti ''tut'   Rankin        Company, i- HOWUNI   I'nrei,
'e,in-.,tn,i f returning Thomn     I n    i,   Onrtls,
prosperity,   He  notes particularly the «r4th   i    M   Rn      i-    ,i,  c   Oall'ndei
resumption 'if    manufncl ring, ahun nnd n   i.   i • mate    Motions
jdancc ol   money     and    activity ol <  pi \,,„.    Ih n„,   policies
'■'pit. i   nui   bsavy  I > nrabls balance ol both tbi , ,m,i  Dominion
.of trade and ft ge*n<firn1 feeling <overnmenli     ere i    sed   The nsso
hiislnci    men that "the bottom    ban elation   lIko i   prosi A  Its     apprrclii
been reached nnd  wo arc starti I    In Hon ol thc    or«     done   by William
the othei direction " Hunter, the   oca! member it tbe pro
Mr,   I'n'ilifitson's   pitli-ment  in ii,    U Miirl/,1   |,,,ii,   ,.,,„|   |,y       |(.    |.\   QrO.n,
'tor,i with th,    consensus .,f business member In tin   Domln  house,
At a meeting of the Liberals of
Rossland. W. D. Wilison, mayor of
Rossland, was nominated us their
Btandard  bearer.
The Conservatives of the Kamloops
Electoral District will meet at? Kamloops on April 3, tor the purpose ol
selecting their candidate for the ensuing election.
Politically Wedmes lay whb a red
letter day in Nakusp, both opposing
parties, Conservatives and Liberals,
holding nomination convent, ons
simultaneously for candidates for the
coining provincial election  in  rtlocan.
M. H. Sullivan has been nominated
at the Liberal convention, which was
held nt Trail for Trail riding. Mr.
Sullivan is an official of the Consolidated Mining it Smelting company,
lie is assistant superintendent  of thc
smelter at Tru'il.
The lollowing advertisement appears in the Creston Review: Electors notice,—All voters opposed to
the provincial government and the
present Liberal leaders are ro .nested
to moet nt Proctor, Saturday, March
27, at S p.m. to select a candidate
favorable to the Martin policy to
contest  the Kaslo rid iiu.
With but one feeling among them,
antl that thc des re to see his 1-
years of public servic lengthened |and
rewarded by another term of office in
the provincial parliament, Conservative delegates at a great Similkameen convention nt Keremeos last
Saturday unanimously selected L.W.
Shatlord, M.L.A., as their Btandard
bearer in the coming elections.
The Liberals were enthusiastic at
their convention for Slocan riding
held at Nakusp on Wednesday, under
the chairmanship of Hobcrt Abbie,
with 22 delegates present. They nominated Charles F. Nelson of New
Denver to represent them in the contest on motion of Dr. Brouse, the
acceptance by Mr. Nelson being received with applause from those present. Later the Liberals formed a
district association and passed resolutions of confidence in Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and H.C. Brewster and con
demnlng the present provincial government.
A large and enthusiastic meeting of
the .New Denver hiaiich of thc Siocun
District Conservative association,
was hei.I lust week for the election of
officers and the appointing ot delegates to the nominating convent ou
in Nakusp on Wednesday. After a
hearty vote of than s bad been tendered Thomas Anson, president for
thc past four years, and T.J. Lloyd
and Oeorge Trie .ett had been elected
president and vlce-presid ut respectively, a vote of confidence in the govern ments at both Ottawa and Victoria and in the sitting member,
William Hunter was enthusiastically
carried. Standing committees ,vere
nominated and thc following were
appointed delegates: Th mas J.
Lloyd, Thomas Avison and George
Trickett with John A. Corey as an
alternate. They were Instructed to
-ill ort ti.e nomination of William
Twenty-nine delegates attended the
Conser atlve convention for Slocan
riding at N'akusp on Wednesday, in-
clud ng four Irom the portion recently transferr.il from Ymir to Slocan
iiding. At tin' nitset the feeling was
so i n,nations as to a candidato that
the rules were suspended and thc
meeting immediately proceeded to
nomination, William Hunter again
being Delected standard bearer on
I-.   •    Ol       Willian,   Williamson      of
I "i 'in. applause    and
Mi   Hunter addresss 1 lhe
thanking it for the honor
•' ml  thi :■ nee expie ss' d.      Votes
if '"en e im  Ha- Borden  anil Mc-
ntB wer ■ unanimously
' ii era,     F.G,   Fauguier,
•   I be     11 ling ass iciatlon,
h er and spoke In glow
Hi    Hunt r .,s a  ropre
1:.' '        pi essing the
t  of   his  ,'le  tie,n       in   the
II M.P.P.,   ih  tb.'   un
■•ai'  ol   ib,-   Rossland  rid
' i . candidate     for
- e    etion      There were    a
a b n lance     ,,t    ibe
1 i      in     Conserva-
I    .    ' '. enlng   ber   Ibe
 .'te-    t,, the
e on 'eii ion.      Dele • tes
fre I    from     Trail,   Vnnable,
. rei i' ' • i i potto    pri  Idei t ,,f
: ti,-    meet*
li ■ .,  mosl  ' i,i im      t ic one and
nlmou        'et      that        the
mi  ton'    b.eiiid noi eleel  deleg to   to
entlon  bul  thai  it should in a
11   in M   I   111    mil tec       and   pr. reed
will ' a n In Chandler
than nominated I A Campbell. M.P,
f . to be the standard iearer in the
md con tlttieeney seconded by
delegates from Trail, Apnable anl
Patterson, Thor, wore no other nominations and the motion was ear-
i i'il unanimously. There scmed uo
eb.nbt but that Mr. Campbell would
be returned with a much larger ma- i
lorlty thun  before,
To thelKditor of the Mail Herald,
Sir,—Will ,\ou please allow space
for these notes and oblige the working men of this town generally.
In these times of depress.on it is
certainly a sipiare deal the citizens
j want,'from the city in regard to work
going on. When Mr. Wood applied at
the beginning of tbo year to thc city
council for a share of thc city's Insurance, he was told that a by-law
existed which stated a man had to
be in business for three years in our
city before he could share in the
city's insurance business, Now, hnve
you any law protecting the residents
of our town who sell their labor in
one way or another? Not that we.
heard of. Is it pratical then to allow
transient people to occupy dity work
and let permanent citizens walk
around idle? Why then do not the
city ollicinls look utter the permanent home builders tn the first place?
Now it is worth while to handle
this unotuployi d business In a business way. There is no need for any
childish prattle like this, "my name
was down before yours. I was one of
the first," No, "We ale here, because
wc nre here," and this town is not
bigger than the officials ought to
know every man here. We can tn'e a
tip from the unions though. When
they handle' any relief money or work
they make a distinction between a
sing'le and a married man when a'lot
t'ing it. They know it takes more for
a man and wife and a half a dozen
children totezlst than one who1 stands
alone. There is no use to hang back
with work that can be done now, because as summer approaches people
may find outlets elsewhere than in
town for employment.
Revelstoke, B.C., March 3d.
home is always welcome. At 2.30
Sunday School und Bible Classes,
Bpworth League for young people, on
Monday at 8 p.m. Prayer Meeting,
Wednesday, at 8 p.m. Choir practice,
Friday, at 8 p.m.
The themes ot Sunday's discourses
at the Methodist church on Sunday
arc Morning—i"Getbscninnc." Kvening
—"Calvary." The week from Sunday
March 28 to Sunday, April 4, is being observed as a week ol sell-denial
and prayer throughout the Methodist
church in Canada.
In tbe Presbyterian church on Sunday next the minister, Rev. J. W.
Stevenson will take as his morning
subject "The Home Woman" and in
the evening will npcu'i on "Seeing
and   Doing."
The ordinance of Babtism w'ill bo
dispensed at the morning service.
Sunday school and Bible class
at 2.30. On Tuesday evening the
Y.P.S. will meet. Prayer mecttag on
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Strangers welcome to all services.
"The Inns of the Winged Cod," featuring J, Warren Kerrigan will be
shown at the EmpresB theatre to
night. The latest war news will also
he seen. On Monthly the feature will
he ' The Mystery of Wick ham Hall"
und on Tuesday   "Hobby  Hurnit."
St. Francis church, McKenzie Ave.
and Fifth street. Pastor, Rev. J. C.
MacKenzie, Sunday services:— Low
Mass at S a.m. and High Mass at
10:30 a m. every Sunday. Sunday
scbool for the children at '2:311 p.m.,
Benediction and Rosary at 7:30 p.m.,
( onfessions Saturday I to 6 and 7::i()
to '.I p.m. and Sunday morning 7:30
to 8. Weeks days:—Mass every morning at 7 o'clock, Confessions before
Mass. First Fridays —Mass at 8 a.
m., Benediction and Rosary at 7:.'li)
p. m.
Palm Sunday; 8 a.m. Holy Com-
mun'lon; 11 a.m. Matins and annual
service '.or children; 7.3,0 p, ni.
Evensong. Sermons     at loth
services      hy       tbe       rector. At
both morning and evening prayer,
prayers authorized by tbe Lord Bishop for war will be said. Sunday
school at 2.:'fl p.m.
Every Wednesday evening at 7.:'>o
p.m.  Lenten services will  he held.
Public  Service  will  be held  on Sun
day at ll a.m. and 7.30 p.m. to
which  the Btranger     and man    Irom
Sixty people offered to huy the !>0
sbures of new stock offered for salo
hy  the Nakusp Telephone company.
George Cuse of Kaslo was refused
as a recruit to thc Third Contingent
on account of having lost the third
linger of his right hand.
( bieken stealing at Michel is becoming altogether too frequent, especially when tbe victims are poor
people who can barely make cuds
During February 163 tons mora
of zinc ore were shipped from tho
Slocan than during February of 1U14.
The zinc shipments last month totaled 8.">r> tons. Of this quantity the
Rambler'.contributed 84 tons; John
L. Rstalluc'i & Co., 86 tons the Surprise, 51'G tonB; the Utica, 43 tons,
and the  Hewitt,  12(1 tons.
H. J. McDonell returned this week
from Telkwa, says thc Omineca Herald, where he bad been arranging for
the shipment of the carload of oro
from thc Coronada group on Hudson
Ray mountain. He bad a separate
track put in, and the ore will go
down this week on Its way to San
Francisco. This is the lirst car lotto
go from the valley although smaller
shipments have been made. Mr. McDonell says the Coronada iB looking
exceptionally good and it will not be
long until another car ol ore 'is
Mclntyre's Grocery
B.C. grown, firm,    O^r
6 lbs. for  LOli
New, out of pits, 10 OKr
lbs. for  -*Jv
Per Ib _       OC
Good, 8 lbs for  ZOC
Fresh Goods arriving daily
MdRtyrc's Grocery
Sweeten Up
your garden soil up using our LIME at
half a cent a pound. Dump in piles of
fifty pounds, cover with earth and leave
one  week.     Then   spread and  dig in.
Canada's Greatest Seed House
Everything for House Cleaning
Alabastine     Mure?co     Sher win-William's
Paints, Varnishes, Liquid Veneer and other
Furniture and Floor Polishes, Etc.
Bourne Bros., Ltd.
Hart Munro Tells of Journey
NOW is the time   to array your   trees.
Lime and Sulphur is considered the best. Wc have also in the Dry
Powder Form, and  Arsenate ol    Lead.
Tree  Primers in  short or long handles. Tree Sprayers to lasten on
a barrel; pump trom a pall, or Hand  Sprayers.
Rakes, Spades,  Hoes,  Shovels.  Get Busy and Clean Up.     Do your
share to beantily your home.
Tinsmith ims PLUMBING
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Dr. Rush's Chick Food. Cracked Corn.
Wheat, Bran, and Shorts for sale at
War is declared on our stock ol
Tea and Cotlee, see our window
lor specials,
$1 Buys 3 lbs.
While this lot lasts, and as another advance is predicted in the
near luture we would adVise putting  by a lew pounds.
Why are we selling more bread?
There must be a reason.
Let Us Tell You Why
Just compare a loaf of ours with
any other aind we are absolutely
sure you will use the best, then
you will know why.
Phone 41
Box 734
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
J, Albert Stone, Propretor
Suitably furnished with the
choiceBt the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
wiu please -you
(Continued trom Page One.)
ed today bus No. I compuny ol the
30th, including the RevelBtoke boys,
und the S'Snd trom Winnipeg while tha
Moganttc finished yesterday loading
the istb irom Calgary and the '.ISth
Irom Vancouver (so 1 am told).
This utternoon we hnd un boar's
physical drill on dec*. I wns exempted from all bend'ing exercises on ac-
COUnl of my hack which is still a little sore. The Uist muil went ashore
at ,'. u'cloci this aftornoon and we
have all b;cn coaled up to the
limit toduy. Tha ship canteen opened
Up last night and within un hour
they ran short ot beer. Today lhe deficiency was overcome by a tugload ot
leOO barrels, but the betting 'is odds
on that the reinforcements will not
last through three days on the firing
■line, There is very little accommodation for any kind of amusement in
the ird class on this boat, and I um
writing this while lying on my bunk.
The office, s bave tlie whole of tbe
first class cabin to themselves and
the ship's orchestra plays for them
.vh'ile they cat, I wish 1 was un oflicer for about 10 days. We are talking
nothing but pounds, shillings and
pence these days as our next pay
day will bo in English coin and we
don't want to be beaten out of a
farthing. It is now 8 p.m. and Hollund has just arrived from the pantry
with a hot plum pie (be and the cook
are pals) and Matheson and Henderson have their great coat pockets
stuffed w'ith bottles of Uecr so I guess
I will quit tbis to partake of tome
light refreshment.
Tuesday, Feb. 23.—We are ou the
move once more and as 1 wi.'te tbis
1 feel tbe unmistakable swell oi the
,nighty Atlantic. We were just fiuibj-
nig breaxfase at 8 o'cIock this morn-
'jig when 1 beard thc steam being
turned on the capstan and ancaor
engine just outside tho dining saloon.
Hushing out 1 was jimt in time ta see
tucm start to weigh the anchor a
process wb'ieh toot fully half an hour
to perform. As tbe hugh chain with
its links over a loot long and three
inches thics was slowly hoisted
aboard four seamen stood on either
side of it and witb coarso deck
brooms brushed, the sticky mud otl
j bnforc the chain disappeared into the
forecastle below. Finally the anchor
a huge affair which must have weighed at least three tons appeared and
us it lett. tbe suiface of the water
tne increased weight was easily ap-
oarant by thc groaning of tbe engine. A minute inter the engine beds
sounded and we commenced to move
towards tho entmnce of tb.: humor
meeting on our way thc Aderland
which as no douot pic-arranged took,
up her position auout a quarter of a
mile in our waKc. it was some time
utter leaving the harbor before 'the
MegantlC made her appearance shortly followed hy tbe cruiser Essex
which J.owly gained on aud i assed
us not more than a couple ot bund-
red yards away on our port side. As
sne passed she signatlcj lor a speeu
of 12 knots and instructed the various transports to signal their respective positions daily. Later on tne
speed was increased to la knots. Our
boat is apparently tbe best sailor ol
the trio as from oui aft decs, we can
plainly see the Aderland which bas
no cargo aboard jumping up and
down at what must seem an alarming raie to the prairie clncKons
aboard, while the old Megantic BeemB
to be inclined to bury ber uose iu
the briny as tar as possible.. We get
hardly any swell in our cabin and
lor thut reuson 1 have stayed on my
iberth most \)l the day as 1 bave a decided prejudice against parting With
any eatables once secured. While waiting our iiiin to eat I heard BOinconc
say   'i.o.ee,   al   the  siilimai iue''      aud
along with some others i rushed lor
the ipen ihcK, when I arrived I looked iu the direction they pointed and
saw the submarine which prosed    to
be a smu'll whale. It lay an tho sur-
iace of the water al^out three hundred
yards off and spouted water to a
considerable height every few minutes
As the sun was shining very brightly
it bad a silvery appearance, Wednesday night. We hud our lirst touch ol
reul North Atlantic weather today
and there were quite a number ot absentees ut the cook-bouse parade. Wc
1 have kept c,.uite close to the Essex
all day and tonight she doeen't seem
to bo mors thun two hundred yards
! ahead uf us, her blui-ls. Bhapu looming
; up against the dark, sky and onu one
i small light showing over the stern.
All our port holes are covered over
the space between decAB occupied by
tbe officers ca)bin is covered over wit]
canvas and no one is allowed to ligl
a match or smoke a cigarette bn
deck. Tho otber boatB seem to have
some difficulty in keeping up with
us today and tbi? red and green lights
on the Megantic shaded so as to
shim' only ahead ot her M6ma to be
fully two miles astern while the
j Aderland whose huge shape looms up
about ball u mile in our rear, car-
jriea no   lights   forward    -whatever.
Holland nnd T started a gume of
crib tonight in thc forward saloon.
but after pegging about thirty apiece
we called it off ns the. motion near
the bow which dips fully twenty fciit
every few seconds is not conducive to
physical comfort. Today was payday for the :HRh and wowe.e each
presented with a $10 bill. The password for the day will probably hold
good for the remainder of the voyage
"Chi you change a ten." There iB
nothing to buy except beer uud
cigarettes so many of the fellows will
not break their ten spot-i Until they
step ashore. The beer canteerf is open
only twice a duy for two hours iSach
time and thcre is always a string of
b couple of hundred standing in line
waiting their turn to buy anything
from two to a dozen bottles. Last
night the Muxium gun men in the
next room brought down a couple of
gunny sucks full and they made the
night hideous for those in tho game.
We haven't seen a truce ol another
Ship outsat.' oar paity Bince leaving
Lhe No\u Scotian const which looitu
as though we were oil the boateu
■track to a certain extent. Have had
some ear-ache and neuralgia today,
but no mal de maer as yet and am
feeiing pretty tit tonight although it
seems stuny in this cabin.
iriday iNight, Feb. 2b. A strong
head w.nd blowing today and if if.
Kee^s up 1 can see where we do not
lanu for another eight days. When i
saw by the chart today that we bad
only travelled m» nines in a little
over turee days 1 Kit li..e jumping
over-ooard and swimming uac«.. Vie
are still in the (Jun stream and tue
wind is quite warm.
Saturday Nigbt: The most monotonous day yet. yuite stormy ana
drizzling rain all day. Only made .51
iaiies in ii hours.
bur any Evening, Feb. 2S: In niid-
Atlantic today. .\0t aeusicit yet but
awfully tired ot the trip. Hud religious service in the forward saloou
tuis mommg, Nothing going ou
aboard ship but ubout forty-two dit-
icrent kinds ot gambling games,
ivlonte Curio wus never in it with the
iilissauabie. The Aderland came close
enougn yesterday tor us to exchango
cuoers with tho rest of the JOtb. They
were reported as all present except
one aud only a few of tho Keveistoite
boys seasick, vet havc all been detailed to various lile boats in case
of emergency and sleep with our Iue
belts under our piulows. 1 have beeu
selected ou account no doubt of my
Maritime origin to pull an oar in
number 1) boat.
Mouday night. It has been a very
foggy day witb little wind ana a
drizzle ot rain. The Essex left us for
a while this morning and did some
scouting arouud leaving us to lol-
low our own lead. Everybody put a
mark in the.r calandar today as our
marmalade which had disappeared
some says ago suddenly showed up.
X guess utter a row last night they
decided to send a boat ashore in the
uight for some more. Then at breakfast we had nothing less than lish
and eggs (what do you know about
tbat for common soldiers grub,
while tbe dinner was good and lor
our evening meal instead of trying to
repeat on the curried beans it was
cold corned beet and pickles, (another
luxury which had lorgotteu us lor
nearly n wee*) with boiled rice and
prunes for a chaser. 11 it hadn't been
ior tbe abominable stuff in the cotlee
und tea pots we would sureiy have
thought we were buck among the
menu cards again.. Tomorrow night
as wo near the coast line aud get
in proximity to Willies BUbmurines
and paper blockade wo are to sleep
on the upper deck with our life
belts handy. Wc mude 276 miles today and if we can keep up that1 speed,
should dock somewhere about Friday.
When we do tha quartermasters siaii
ami the Plotieors with fatigue parties
from each Company will go ou ahead
to prepare camp lor tlio rest ol the
bunch. That will be better thun staying on board this ship ol which
everybody  is getting horribly tired.
Tuesday Nigbt. Tbe log still
hangs around ulthough we have had
quite a breezy day. We did 2tsG miles
in tbc last JI hours which is a little
Improvement ou our iccuit daily
performances. The fuct that we expect to land on Thursday if ull goes
well helps to relieve tho monotony
today coupled with a big boxiny
ti urnumonl he!'.', thle aftornoon ca
the ill deck in v/h'wl ahall dozer.
fellows of uii sizes und ages Irom
each regiment competed for ship
championship. I tWink the 30th had
a shade tbc best ol it but 1 may be
(To bo Continued)
lletore^lireakfast curling matches arc
quite popular in Fernie.
Bellevue Methodists are $200 in arrears with tbe pastor'B salary.
"Roughi ort Rats" clears out K its
Mice. etc.  Don't Die in thu House. I6i
aud '2m at Drug and Country biuret*.
Fire alarm signals are given thus.
Two strokes, interval five seconds,
lour strokes, Box 21. No of box will
nlso be shown on indicator at tire
Practice signal.—Six (6) strokes ol
hell slowly.
Testing signal.—Three (3) stroke?
f hell slowly.
Fire Out signal.—Two (-J) strokes
tli bell slowly.
Defect signal.—One (1) stroke ol
•ell slowly.
Bo- No . II—Corner First street
McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Box No Ti.—Corner First street
md Rokeby avenue,
Box  No.  16.—Corner  Second  Btreet
nd Government Road and Opera
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, Globe Lumber
Box No. 18.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 21.—Corner Filth street
and McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
and Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. 2ii.—Corner Fourth street
and McArthur avenue.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth street
and Townley avenue.
Box No. 28.—Corner Second street
and Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 84.-1FiM hall No. 2.
Box No.  35.—Hospital.
Box Noi 3ti.—Central School.
Box No. 37.—Selkirk School.
Box No. 44.—Fin   Hall No. One.
Box No. 25.—Front street west,
near C.P.R. bridge.
Box No. 4G.—Corner King and
Douglas streets. Palace Meat Market.
Bor No. 17.—Corner Swond street
SUd Yi.len etreet, back of Oaurt
Box   No.    18.—Corner    Third     and
If you are having trouble with
your Bladder—with incontinence or suppression of urine
—burning pain—weakness or
pain in the back—or Stone in
the Bladder— take Gin Pills.
Thev cure—50c.—« for $2.50
At dealers everywhere.      tie
At a meeting of the Grand Forks
council last Monday the city employees were given back 10 per cent, ol
the reduction ol 20' per cent, made on
their salaries at the time ot the outbreak of war.
Fernie Free Press: A small dog
with a large idea tried to scare the
east-bound passenger train from tho
vicinity of Bake ave. on Monday night
The impetus ot bis bluff took him
under thc train, which is a bad place
for a small dog.
Starts March   1st.
Bargains to Please our Customers as in
Previous Years
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
, 7,000,000.00
President Vice-President
KDWARD HAY, General Manager.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.B. McCLENEGHAN, Manager.
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected-approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears-
Meets  every    Wednesday  evening
at    8  o'clock,    In  SrtlfirW  Hall.
Visiting    brothers    cordially  invited.
R. GORDON, C. 0.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We speclallee In
Metalllo Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop   Uonnfttigbl   Vv<
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Phone 4B-27<>.   Night Phone Ml
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1085
Meed avery ><econd
uni Poui th Tuesday
in   Ihe Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren an oordlally in-
ritad.       Dr. McLEAN. Die.
II. L. HA It,, See.
Bear Hugp Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
85 Second St., Revelstoke, B. 0.
!   0   O.  F.
U is! ? lav evening in
Hall at  ii o'clock. Visiting brctbern cordially lnvltsji.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
A. F. and A. H.
Regular Meetings ve beld ln
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday ln each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
JOHN  LEE,  W.   M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  Bacratary
w»i wi
Make Monday Ironing Day
LET Sunlight Soap do your washing Monday morning and you can do die li^lit
ironing Monday afternoon.
Tho rub, ml*, rub at the board lias no place
in tin' Sunlight way—so with the hardest part
of washing cut out you'll feel like making il a
good (lay*'' work by doing at least part of the
Follow ilie direction* thai cul your work in half and
remember there'- nothing in Sunlighl  I"  injur** line iabrie
or dainty baud.   A 15,000 guarantee bucks ihia statement.
Sunlight Soap
All grocers
(■■■ll anil
•< • ■>nun. n.i it
FREEDOM FOR POLAND The Corporation of the
City of Revelstoke
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
M is Doing in tk Province
Tin   gophers  have     dread)   started An athletic clul               I     ■ in     01
their spring ploughing at Blalrmore. gantzcd ut  New  Denver.
1    K     I'm/lei   may   tl                  cigar Tho  I'hoei                   .-   tink   went out
■v  fi.,iii Vernon to Grand Korku, ol business on  March  I  .
The cement   plaul  ..i  Blalrmori liers    rell    ■■ :..  at   I ■
i esiiraed   ipci itli ton lor ten cent
1,    Bluil'lll e,eislll|i   .e[    117.
teacbi ■ ■ ve Iheli  *.■
i"   I
D    I'.  Ki '   in ■
Thi        •   '
that ■
Tin -
Lardo th
I    A ill
the sii
. .
Ayrshire call
earlier th..
■lt''   I .
oar I   nf  trade      ha
.   ■ •
1   ■
■   .. ti.    . ....
n to.
... m ' ■       '
T'ic ai'   is   al .      .     . ....
•i'i.  in K'eSsl'ird hs        tor ol    St,
he latut     Ii ,,
'.e..f.  p   rhurrli     If.-   1,       nu'.'"!   8t.
th it   the  i,- 'he
lumen   -ie,r.',    \ incouver, thnt     he
i>'iii',ter   in  Oreenwi -•'!    \t   IM      pre
o.,l    he '    the   nun
lent   pi Ci   ol Copi   i   ei ilni     not   liii-l" . ,      i ,
"in   in i        i I  bv   I ii.:
well to havi Idle     imi hi-     .1. tb ■
Kel Die   Kl"    ll' -i     '1 he   ii.in,e   .,( the
i ae R. Reading's h i i
■linn  Pacific railwaj   agint  hart     in
',nt yet known loCulljr, The nntnel  "' |
t'n Hii'iet i at Cieabroot. Hpi nil I and
h'lko are sug^titcd ut VUHiblv     el"
tit* LYE "nl
millions of People Are Concerned In
an Issue Which May Alter the
Map of Em-ope — Fragments of
(■real Nation Are Divided Between Russia, Germany and Austria—Would  Strengthen  Slavs.
Not even tbe issue of that great
battle on tbe plains of Belgium,
where tbe artillery of five nations
ls awakening echoes as portentous
as those of Waterloo, should wholly
avail to distract the attention of the
world from the momentous rescript
of the Czar of Russia which promises to the Poles the realization of
most if not all of tbe dreams and
the aspirations which they have
treasured for nearly a century and a
half with a patriotism and a fidelity
surpassing even tbat which has animated the French as they looked
across an arbitrary frontier to the
mournful prospect of their lost provinces.
Alone of the races the Poles, divided between three great powers,
the subjects of Prussia, Russia and
Austria, have failed to .achieve even
a partial rlBorgimento, although of
all races ihey have niotst ardently
nnd loyally preserved the memory of
former solidarity and cherished Ibe
dream of tut ure reintegration. To
them now the Czar, with all the solemnity and publicity of an irrefrag-
Ible oath, lias promised'Ihe right to
speak tbeir language, pursue the natural evolution of their own race, if,
In tbis great European! crisis they
give to him and his nation the loyalty
which may assure him victory.
And Ibis sacred promise does not
apply merely to the 12,0(K),000 people who live in that restricted district, no larger than Lower Ontario
which bears the name of ftussian Poland and contains the ancient cnpilal
of Warsaw. Reading the rescript
there is no mistaking Ihe fact that It
Is equally instinct with hope for the
5,000,000 Poles now subjects of a
Hapsburg and the n.ono.ooo Toles
who owe reluctant submission to a
Ilobenzollern. In a word, the rescript -jf the Czar points inevitably
toward new and m imeatous changes
ln the map of Europe if victory shall
come to the cause be has championed
ln   this  great  conflict."
If Poland is to be re-established,
why not Bohemia with Its millions of
Slavs, not less than 8,000,000, including the Slovaks o ; the marches of
Hungary, west of the Carpathians?
Ever since the "Defenestration of
Prague," even since the battle of the
White Hill that sent, the Winter King
Into exile, Bohemia has been subject
to the Germans, and millions ot
Czechs have maintained a desperate
battle for racial independence. Today Enrole is fighting because the
C/.ar chose to extend to the little
Slav brother on th» Danube the protection of his great empire. To-day
the Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
the Croats of Dal.natia and Croatia,
the Slovene, of Carnlola, Carinthia
snd the Coast Lands, all the southern Slavs from thl Alps to the Tltil-
kans ar included in the great 1'an-
SlaTOh renaissanee which bas followed the victories of the Slavs of Bulgaria and Servia in the Balkans.
Not as an appeal to a fraction of
his own people, not as a pledge to
bind the halting loyalty of some millions of Mitijects on a threatened
frot:-:.-r la the C it's rescript to he
led It has a far wider meaning met mistaken either in Berlin or
Vienna, or indeed In London.
Poland restored, even with its
rs of language alone, would
give e .rope a State of nearly
• inhabitants. It would take
from Germany al least three pro-
•, inces and from Austria half Its
population,  if  to the  freeinc nf the
■'files ther- Wai .'I'ldeil th- logical
.vork of liheratine all Slavs. Austria
would diMppear from tbe map of
would .'itet'".'ir at
least three ~lsv -tain*- In Its place:
Poland. Bohemia and Serbo Croatia.
To Plmdotn there would be added
not   lecu   11,an   30.0 I   of   Slavs,
Sonne! •     of  race,   rolimon   and
■   ' atred of tht  Oi "nan.
in   lu   n ll   the
iieamng of lhe reacripl of the Tzar.
In  it  |«  to be I   much  warrant
for th" German assertion that al
hotto*n tbe present war is a ttruggle
between Slav an   'l ''iton.
Power House Building, &c,
Bids will he received at the City
Clerk's Oflice until 5 p.m., April
2nd, 191") for tbe construction ol
Building, Foundations and Tailrace
at the Power Plant.
Plans and Specifications may be
had upon payment of $5.00 or may
be seen at the Superintendent's Oflice
upon the Site.
m31 City Clerk.
Coal mining rights ol the DominioD
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
I crta, tbc Yukon Territory, tb<
North-west Territories and In a por
tion of tbe Province ol British Co
lumbia, may be issued lor a term o1
twenty-one years at an annual ren*.
tl of $1 au acre. Not more thai
2,MRI acres will be leased to one ap
Application for lease must he math
by the applicant in person to tht
Agent or Sub-Agent ol the district
in which tbe rightB applied lor are
The lease will include the coul mln
ing rights only, but the lessee maj
be permitted to purchase whatevei
available surlace rights may be con
tidercd necessary lor the working ol
tiie mine ut the rate of 410.00 ac
In surveyed territory tho land must
le described by sections, or legal
nub-divisions of sections, and ln un
surveyed territory thc tract applied
for Bhall he staked out by the ap
jlicant himself.
Each application must be accompan
led by a fee of 85 which will be re
funded il thc rights applied for arc
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the mer
chantahle output of the mine at th<
late of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
lurnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for thc full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay th*
royalty thereon If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
leturns should be furnished at least
■once a year.
For lull information application
rtiould be made to the   Secretary ol
The next examination for the entry of Naval Cadets, will be held at
the examination centres of the Civil
Service Commission in Way, 1915.
successful candidates joining the College on or about Ist August. Appli
cations for entry will 1 e received up
to 15th April by the Secretary, Civil
Service Commission, Ottawa* trom
whom blank entry forms can now be
Candidates for the examination in
May next must be between the ages
of fourteen and sixteen on the 1st
July, 1915.
Further details can be obtained Oi
ippllcatlon to the undersigned.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department ol the Nnvnl Service,
Ottawa, January 8th,  1915,
Unauthorized publication     ol    thb
advertisement will not  l.e paid lor,
It will pay you to make
a call at
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town      Rbvblbtokb, B.O.
before buying your oiillit
of working clothes for the
bush. I make a specialty
of Logging Shoes, Pants.
Sox, Shirts, Blankets, and
everything required In yonr
(Late with the Hi vel-toke
General Agei.cies.)
Bookkeeping, Typcwii'''ng and
all kinds of Clerical Work
Accounts Ool'ected
Prompt Ret un,s
Fire, Life and Accident   Insurance placed with sound and
reliable companies
Oilice:   McKenzie Avenue
(Next to Com. Telegraph otliee)
Phone 2SM       P. O. Box 1117
Transfer Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   Night Phone 85
It is not a mark of breeding
to write visiting cards . . . .
Let the cTWail- Herald
put you right. The
price will not wreck
your exchequer. We
print in the best  »'yle
11 'sgood policy to think of t he fut ui e
It's still better policy to provide against
'.he misfortunes it may have in Btore
tor you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
Hnanoial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav be near at hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. KiNCAin. Manager.
No. 1 from Montreal to Vancouver,
arrive at 0.05 p.m., leave 6.25 p.m.
No. 2, from Vancouver to Montroal,
arrive at 11.05 a.m., leave at 11.25
a. m.
No. 3, from Toronto to Vancouver,
arrive at 7.05 a.m., leave at 7.20 a.m.
No. 4 Irom Vancouver to Toronto,
arrive at 12.15 a. m., leave at 1.05
a   m.
No. S04, from Revelstoke to Arrowhead, leave 7.30 a.m.
No. S03, Irom Arrowhead to Revelstoke, arrive 1.40 p.m.
No. 3 makes connection with tbe
Oknnagam line at Sicamous, returning
leaves Sicamous at 10.50 p.m.
Trains Nos. 1 and 2, make all local
stops between Revelstoke and Sicamous.
Trains Nos. 3 and t, make local
stops between Sicamous and Kamloops.
llrltiKlnu   ll   ii.  n  I liiiiav.
"I   know ig   in   vour
mind," snddi ■   maiden al
er au
her.    "1 ■
■ r night, appro-
T.riatiti miTHflt    ;md
■■  ne men away,
i ■ ry well' t will."
ii ring In Prat
i I,.- Modem Woman.
She  li  an  extraordinary  woman,
you  know,     She points, plays   rides
■iu k. botes, plays football
and  Is an «".'amr     M  la tOO bad      If
I knev   hnw  tn 'lam  my own look* I
aboiild tnarrv her "
Nearly l!i«li».
"Mui li    butter   ll    Imported    fiom
Denmark irrltei .m Kngtish school
girl, "becfliiao iMnlah eows have
greater enterprise and superior technical edlicall'in tn ours."
Old Time Mourning.
Mourners In Tudor times want to
txtrsmiie They etui, area their b|4»
tUfalltttb Ufttfc trtrrr
Pin Your Faith to Live Stock
The one outstanding feature of the world's farming is that there will soon be a
great shortage of meat supplies. Save your breeding stock. They are today Canada's
most valuable asset. If you sacrifice your breeding stock now, you will regret it in the near
future. Plan to increase your live stock. Europe and the United States, as well as Canada,
will pay higher prices for beef, mutton, and bacon, in the very near future. Remember
that live stock is the only true basis of economic and profitable farming. The more grain
you grow, the more stock you «an carry. The more stock you keep, the more fertilizer
for your fields.   Mixed farming is real farming, not speculating.
Study this table, which was prepared
before the war. Only one country
increased its cattle more
thaa its people in the past
ten years. And, in it
(Australia) in 1914 there
was a tremendous loss of
live stock through an unprecedented drought a fact
which the table does not
show. Do you need any
stronger argument than this
table that there is bound to
be an increasing demand
for beef?   Add to this con
* * * *
SHEEP, Canadian farmers
————— have been losing
great opportunities in sheep
raising and sheep feeding
Hundreds of thousands of sheep
have ben slaughtered to provide winter clothing for thc
soldiers Of tbe different n»it''' ..
All   ■''   ill   I 'le "•'■   |]gh
droiii'lit In 10) •. '. •■ • iv
li' ' I     mein lioij j,ccn jm„
porting frozen mutton from New
'/• ' md. In view of these
conditions, wool and mutton
el prove \i-ry ('t..ntulil" (or
Canadian ituep relief! during
the next few ynt■..
(>WINF Through the indis-
gZUBfc criminate sale of
swine In the Canadian Welt In
the pait three months, the
Aiipply in 1916 promises tn be
little more than half of 1914.
Add to this the fact that the
British soldier is allowed |, Ib.
of bacon per day, and that
sausage Is the principal meat
food of the German soldier, and
you will tindaratand ths outlook
for the future.   Thoso who HIT
Population Ci
Increaic  Increase
Since HOO Sine
France  2% m"/0
Germany  16% 4%
United Kingdom 10% 4%
Austria-Hungary 10% 2%
European Russia 14% ....
Canada  34% 17%
Argentine  40',;	
Australia  18' \ 40%
New Zealand .. 30% 16%
United States... 24%
! >' ' ee .ur
e 1900
dition, the destruction of live stock of all
kinds, breeding and young stock included, in the war zones. The war
has merely hastened tbe meat
shortage of the world. When
it is over, the farmer with
live stock will continue to
profit in the world's
markets, and. in addition
to having helped feed our
soldiers at the front, will
be in a position to reap a
further reward for having
stayed with the live stock
• • * *
steadily with swine, year in and
year out, make money. Tboie
who rush in and rush out,
generally lose money. "Buy
when others are selling, sell
when others are buying," applies
to live stock as well as to Wall
Street stocks.
DAIRY. Milcb cows In-
■ creased in Canals
from 2,408,C77 in 1901 to
2,691,179 in 1911. This in-
creui.'.' did not uni mnt to 8%
snil v .is l<BH than one-quarter
of the population increase of
Canada. At the same time,
the per capita consumption of
milk by Canadians Increased
30 . Is there my wonder we
bad to import 7,000,000 lbs. of
butter from New Zealand?
The exports of Canadian
cheese hive been steadily declining for ten years. Look at
the market prices today. Do
they not luggeit tbe advantage
of increaied production?
Through cow-testing, selection   and  better  feeding,  tht
average annual production per
cow in Canada did increase from
2,860 lbs. per cow in 1901 to
3,806 lbs. In 1911, but this is only
a beginning. Last year one cow
In Canada produced 26,000 lbs.
The dairymen of Denmark
who supply Great Britain with
butter and bacon are not satisfied unless their herds average
10,000 lbs. per cow. Let Canadian dairymen work to increase
the productiveness of the milch
cow. Breed for milk. Test
your cows. Save your calves.
Select your milkers. Feed for
yield. Read the Agricultural
papers and Government reports
and bulletins oa dairying.
Row that you blve attended
the Conferences, or have read
about them, get together and talk
things over. Also wrltl to the
Publications Branch, Canadian
Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, for bulletins and reports
on live stock and dairying,
Canadian Department of Agriculture.
Ottawa, Canada SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 1915
pagb itvb
French Recruits Winners
of Volley Ball League
These two supposed crnc't 'teams
were badly trimmed     on   Wednesduy
■ evening, when the last leugue volleyball games of the season were played
ofl. The lirst game, Scotchmen vs.
Business Men was a complete     wulk
■over for the latter. Their fast combination and quick returns assured
them the victory from tbe commencement of tbe game. The Scotchmen
seemed to loose thut keen determination to win so characteristic of the
race and whether their loss waB due
to tbat or the fact of inferior play,
it remains for those who witnessed
the iiame, to decide. The scores were:
Scotch Reserves, -0 and 17; Business
Men,  21   and  21.
Th: second game of the evening,
French recruits vs. New. Comers, was
lust and inter, s lng at its early
■•stages, but gradually tbe New Com-
•ers wore out the r opponents and
won out by a wide margin. The
Frenchman's less was no doubt helped to be brought about by i.ot having Copeland and I'urvis on the Hoor
but even hud they teen present on
Wednesday evening it is questionable
tl thy would halve had a chance
aigainst  the New Conors stroll; team.
"The scores were French Recruits 21,
it ami 15; New Comers, Ml, 21 and
Thc Itague is over and all praise
is due to the French allies In topp'ing
the league. The Mash Enters take second place, wh le the Business Men
and New Comers tie for third. Ar-
' angements will be mude for the two
attei teams to play o'T their final
igame at   an early   late.   The line up
■ if the teams was as follows:
French     Recruits:—W.    l.e Gallals,
Capt.),  s. Cou'lnr,     B.  Ro ertson,
in. Heard, I.. Dupcnt.
Scotch Reserves:—J,S. Ross (Capt.)
'Vi. Veitb. N R. Brown, D. Twiss, J.
New Comers:—I. L   H
w, Bews, A. E. Rose, C.
-'e -'Uf.
Business Men —W. H
.('.ipt.! A. Thomson, K.
I., w. Wood,  .1. Q. McKinnon,
y     (Capt.!
Field,     W.
G. McRae,
Nakusp Firm to Supply
Timber to Allies
Nakusp, B.C., March 26.—The quar-
The Lucky  Jim  is said     to     have   terly  vestry  meeting     of  St.  Murk's
shipped three curs of ore to Iowa re-   Episcopal church  was held    at     the
So far this year the Surprise
has shipped   III cars of ore to
m UK-
Platinum to the value ol $1,000
was tali en out of the Tulameen last
Then' are Indications that the
Noble Five tunnel is approaching the
Headman  lead.
Alex Ferguson has
vein of ore in the
Marion  in thu Slocan.
i  good
of t'.ie
It is reported that Patsy Clark is
interested in the reopening of the
Galena farm,  near Silverton.
F. E. Keller, long connected with
the B. C. Copper company, is moving   from Greenwood to Spokane.
u. v. whit', superintend nt of the
Slocan Star mine, Sandon, is authority for the statement that the Slocan Star mill will resume operations
J. H. Thompson, manager of the
Echo, Was in town Friday. The
ledge is being crosscut in the lower
tunnel, running through considerable
lead  ore in  bunches.—Slocan   Record.
vicarage un Monday evening, Rev.
W. H. Bridge, vicar, in the chair.
There were present: F.VV. Jordan*'and
L.J. Edwards, wardens; W. Hanson,
secretary; W. Hudson, treasurer; and
F, Vipond. Tbe finances were tairjy
satisfactory, with the vicar's stipend
paid up to end ol February. The 'A/omen's auxiliary will be approached
with a view to providing funds tor
the painting of the vestry and
vicarage, the vestry undertaking to
supply the labor. Other points ilon.'
the lakes were reported also to be
in fairly good shape  financially.
A. C. Voder, local manager of
Lindsley Bros, company, pole manufacturers, returned from a lengthy
trip to Vancouver yesterday, whpre
he had been in the interest of the
firm in tendering for a portion of the
timber contract for the allies. The
matter, however, is being delayed for
a month or two. The firm have an
order for half a do en cars of poles
and m°n are at work today loading
Mrs. Home and family are about
to remove to Victoria at an early
dat,\ oining Mr. H rne, who left
six weeks ago.
Boys and Girls
(Continued from Page One.)
The m'ill at the Slocan Star mine
at Sandon will recommence operation1
on April 1 and 03 men will be em-
ployed at. the m'no and mill, accord-
Lngto Oscar V. White, manager of
th ' property.
Readey,     soil
George H. Aylard, managing director of the Stand ird company, was
in the district this week and left for
the coast ye terday morning. Mr.
■\ylard was unallle to give definite information as to whenjfull forccwould   0f the boys and  girls did not
to them by Mr.  J. f
and crop inspector.
Bear Boys and Girls.--Since I last
wrote to you we have been getting
better acquaints, tjuite a number of
\ou have written to me, and I hope
that we shall get better acquainted
all the time. I havc been thinking
that I would write you this year
about some of the mistakes that
wore made by tbe competitors last
year. In the first place, a great many
Never Saw the AVnr.
Killed by a goll ball while on sen-
,,v duty is the fate thai recently belch a member of G Com pany of the
Uh Black Watch (City of Dundee,
Scotland). He had been doing duly
as guard at Worniit, and was at a
spot which adjoins Wormit C.olf
Course, when a ball driven by a lady
from a considerable distance struck
him a severe blow on the temple,
lauslng a wound and a considerable
dow of blood. He was conveyed in
a dazed condition to a villa In which
he had been billeted. It was supposed that he was recovering, bul
-later be collapsed.
1 e  put on at the mine,
-Slocan     Re-
the rules of     the     game;    in    other
words, did net read thu (bulletin that
  was prepared sperially for them. Now
'Lucky" Johnson, from the half- don't forget this year to learn the
way House. L llooet-Lyt'on rosd, rules first thing—they're in this Bul-
was i'i town a few days ago anl letin—then you'll not he ruled '<ofl-
showed us some fin! silver orek  from   side."
the old Watkinson mine. He has forwarded about 50 pounds of this ore
to thc Trail smelter, As some assays have already gone over $100 a
t en, fie has every hope of getting a
satisfactory smelter test.—Lillooet
New Tobacco Area.
The annexation of German New
'Guinea, by the Australians has made
•a notable addition to the tobacco-
•growing area of the Empire. The tobacco plant ls Indigenous to New
Guinea, but lt has never been cultivated for export ln the British section of the island. The German colonists discovered, however, that New
3ulnea tobacco, properly treated,
finds a ready sale in the European
market, and they formed a syndicate
which exports the leaf In great quantities.	
India Out of Matches.
A scarcity of matches is being felt
Sn India, and lf the war ls protracted
an absolute famine will likely result.
Austria and Sweden did an extensive
trade with India ln matches aud Japan wa3 by no means i mean rival.
It is practically Impossible to get any
matches from Sweden at present, and
even consignments from Japan will
Ibe limited in quantity. Japanese
matches are moreover not so popular
aa the others.
War In Schools.
The war news is being dealt with
each day ln many of the London
schools, and the masters are explaining the situation to their classes.
One master read out to his boys the
whole of Mr. Lloyd George's speech,
emphasizing those portions that expounded the developments preceding
Jhejjutbreak_of .war.       ^^
Q- oo-o ooooo-o-o oooooooooo<?
T When you buy poods T
£    Made in Canada    2
The money you spend recirculates 100 T
p c to the dollar IN CANADA. T
When you buy
nit more than It) p.c. finds its way
li ick into Canada.
Th n demand Canadian-made Goods
for every cent you spend
The main thing in growing the crop
is to have your soil in good condition—rich and mellow. Last yeur ',
some of the boys and girls put a
great deal of labour on poor soil. Of
course, it didn't pay. Don't thin';
the potatoes can live on water and
fresh air alone, any more than you
The Payne mine owners, have driv-'can. They must be able to get food
rn •.>':.'■ fe«t on an SOO-toot raise. This from the sol eas Ly. Vou see, it's a
raise Willi' connect thc new tunne, matter of choosing the right soil,
with the No. S level. Tl.e work is go- using enough manure or fertilizer
ing ,.n most favorably. At the Noble ^nd not too much, and just the right
Five mine the tunnel, which is being amount of labour—a matter of judg-
drlven, is in about 1.G00 feet, and it m?nt all the way througb. Then
Is expected that it will cut into the n?uro out the shape ol plot that will
Deadman ven in another month. On Kive you the largest number of hills.
that vein a drift will be run and then Por instance, a plot 66 x 66 feet-
a ratae to the upper workings, where J-.::3<; sluare le-t, with rows 30 Into the early days a large amount ol cbcs "l",rt. the hills li inches apart
cruel • lead ore  was  taken out. in the row will hold  1,716 MUa; while
  u     plot 21 x 207 J  feat—4.8311 s uara
ftet, will hold l,G&6 hills planted In
the same way, a difference ot si\ty
hills. There are a great many other
problems to be worked out. Quite
interesting, isn't it? Don't allow father or mother or any one else to
write your report for you. Write it
yourself. Bc perfectly honest in your
work and report. 'irown-ups are
sometimes dishonest Boys and girls
never—surely. Now, there is just one
other little point to mention. Make
your plot exactly 1.1'th acre in area.
We have not time to figure out. different sizes of plots to see if 'the
figures in rs'etion to them are cor-
rect. Vou wi 1 be ol-side" if you
Write to mc if in doubt about this
work, and don't be afraid to write
any time you feel like it. Any of tbe
officials in the department will In-
glad to hear from yon.
Yours vcry truly,
Soil and Crop Instructor.
P.8.—Don't be  discouraged because
of the dry season and the poor crops
last Benson. Try agnin.—J.O.R,
There arc 7s prisoners of war in
the military camp at Vernon.
Ivrrmirc claims thc championship
hoc' oy honor; of southeast Kor.te-
Kaslo electoral district contributed
to the Patriotic Fund over $.1,000 to
'' n*i"te n poultry association hns
lm o '".1 si\ Carload! of feed this
Tra 1 ll■:(''(■>• team has won all the
I to Incial hock ty honors ami five
silver cups.
It s expected that thc new Qreen-
iv..oil nrstoflIce will lee ready for oe
cupancj   in May.
Tbe production of copper from the
Lake Superior district of Michigan
Will crowd 17,000.0011 pounds lor
March, provided conditions remain
normal. Production for February ran
well over 115,1 KW ,000 pounds, and it
was a short month. Every producing mine now Is working to the Bame
volume that prevailed just previous
te, the,strike which began in the sum-
mer of l'i I'land the percentage of
comer in the roc'< averages a little
higher than at thnt time. This is
due to the material betterment in
the underground openings at several
-'iii's, no'a'ily Copper Ran>_'e Consolidated, Baltic, the Mohawk, an.l
the tjuincy, and the conglomerate
lode of Calumet end Hecla.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim tt Clve Maximum
Wear at a MM***** Price
New Fancy Crepes and
Madras Wash Dress
Exactly the kind of soft cotton goods
that make delightful and inexpensive
frocks- Tans, blue, rose and the ombre
colors—also black and white mixes at 	
Because we found a wholesale dealer
who needed money and parted with his
line of satin paetelle Silk, all colors, we
can give it to you at, per yard, only	
This is to be the greatest waist season
ever. Waists of all kinds are constantly
growing in favor, and you who want the
newest cotton Wash Waists will find splendid new stocks to choose from in the Ready
Wear Department. Voiles, batistes, organdies. Long and short sleeves, high and low
necks and about all the variations of trimming the makers could think of	
90c to $7.50
Girls' and Misses' Middy
and Military
They look so practical and are just as
pleasnjr a* they are practical. A
round dozen of styles and all sizes. Some
trim ned with color, some all white but all
hive that unmistakable "touch" of style
that is so satisfactory.   All at one price .
LACES        HOSIERY        NETS
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Men's New Hats
CHRISTY'S SOFT FELT HATS for men New blocks, new colors and shades. This
season's Hats are confined to the more staple blocks and in quiet colorings grays and blacks
are the most popular, particularly in the round, high ciown effects. Following the lead of
the past few seasons, soft hats will be worn almost entirely.
We are sole agents for the famous Christy's Hats.
Prices, $3 to $4.50
Bell's Cushionet Shoes
for Women
You are actually walking on cushions. No
sore, tired feet. Soft and flexible. They make
life worth living to the wjman who spends much
time on her feet. Ask to see them. They come in
turn and McKay soles; either button or lace. Neat
lasts and the very best of soft, hard-wearing kid stock.
Prices, $4.75 and $5-00
Grocery and Crockery Department
Friday id Saturday are ORANGE DAYS at Our Store
Watch our corner window for display and the
very low prices.    For TWO DAYS ONLY
More Fresh Biscuits
We' <-.• 111 -how y< m si\i v-Hvc different kinds of Fancy Biscuit* from our new sanitary biscuit
enue,   Free from dlrl and ilu*t.     Ramsay's, Ghrysty Brown and Huntley .t Palraer'i 8   i
We have a nice stock ol Ham and Bacon and l.ggs foi Butei.
Canadian-made TUNGSTEN ELECTRIC LAMPS, 26, W and 00 candle power, each..  50c
or m s" pei iiu/.' n MOB SIX.
SATURDAY,   MARCH  27,  I'M,".
Mrs. Bongard and sun are visiting
the city.
D. Main 'if V.aucouver registered at
the Hotel Revelstoke on Thursday.
j, w. Helm nl Lethbrldge was at
tlie King Edward hotel i u Thursday.
W. 11. McLughan of Port Wilis was
a guest  at the Hotel  Revelstoke   on
W. E. Murphy ol Vancouver registered at the King Edward hotel on
Game! McM hon, corporal at the
Stoney i cek bridge, Is spending a
ve      n town.
Dr. Sutta rland and .l.H. McKenzie
ret .: tied on Wednct la) night Irom a
visit ie.   togers Pass.
The I. id'iei '■■ Iflnry ol O.R.C, will
hold in ■■ m Home" In the Operu
ho is    ni Mond ij. May 24,
,\u,,,-     th "■ ts    at     the  Hotel
Reve atoke   m Thursdaj   were. W. W,
Perrj   an     \. P.  Davies   of Vancouver,
Lieut. VV. Ashton ol the 10'Jiul
Rocky Moiintai!. Rangers has been
gazetted a c ptain Ln the 5th Worcester regin eni
R. Fordyce has returned to town
from his ranch on 3huswap lake
whi re he has been rertdlng for the
past six mimths,
Edward Hillman    rei urned to  I aa
ton on Friday after .   short visit to
the cltj  taking with him a team    of
horses purchased here.
onci rt in ui.l ol the Red
Crosa socletj ■•.11 be held In the Empress theatri on Easter Sunday
night after th es in Unchurch
es are ovi r. I
The ladies     auxiliary   t.e theBrot
herhood ol  Railroad Trainmen     will
give   .!.   U Home in thc opera house
on Monday,   Vprll 5,    Dancing     will,
common       I  9 I'.rn.
The ladii I the First Md class
have 11 senti I Dr. W.H. Sutherland
^ ,., • » itei color painting in • on of bis eflorts In
giving i aid.
Tii.'     i gnl n     Sun i o     alt
meeting « 11 b   held ;,t the Y.M.C. \.
at ck tomorrow. The sp
er will i • T.  :   gd n.  Th re will
music.   \U men are Invited.
Twi B   '     Horsi
ol Vernon,   irrived     In the city     on
•l'i, ■ th,  with •
..   ■ d   two    \
triai b, on thi lr way te. the detei I
camp at  Vernon.
Vi.  i, with     the
■   Iwa
man      e  n      of     Revel.
HUee   Ig]       th        City     "H     l'lP     W.IV   tO
hon •    •   IVhiterock, and v.
his        lutles       in       t
of   ■ tion o Beer.     He race
bis lost
the from si I
wo in is
of tl
m a i of
- I
con      '
few d i
had   It
th In theM      port ui
■ ■   I
Ij   I   ■ have     not.
■•'■■ conl dosing
th* ' VeefiTl or     N
Miss Morton left on Sunday for
A new school is being built at
Three Valley.
,1'. Bl, Kennedy of Illecillewaet spent
Tuesda\   in the city.
Ralph Simpson of Arrowhead, was
in the city on  Wednesday.
W. ('. Fernie of Kamloops registered at the King Kdward hotel on
A Grant, manager of the Revelstoke
Wine & Spirit company,    is viBlting
at  the cast.
(.'apt. Kit'Simmons of Trout Lake
was a guest at the King Edward
hotel on Thursday,
Anion:-' the guests at the King Kd
ward hotel nn Thursdaj was R, E,
Hodman e.f \ ancouver.
The annual gymnastic exhibit oi
at the Y.M.C.A. will be held Wednesday I'veiiing,   April  7.
j The Belgian Baby's Sewing circle
will meet at the residence of Mrs. n.
\.   ( oursler   on   Monday   afternoon.
K. ,i. Bossley and it. W. Bruhn of
Soisqua were among the guests al
the King Edward  hotel  Wednesday.
Eight bi ..es and a horn havi arrived in town for '-lie' R.M.R, bugle
bund, The i.e."1 b in ot the best
English make.
Mr. and Mrs. .!. R. Robinson have
received a service post card [rom
tlic'ir son Walter Krnest, who is now
at the front, and states that he is
The Ladles  Hospital     guild will
hold     its    annual   linen    shower on
Saturday     afternoon, April 3. The
ia,lie.,    of   the    guial  will  he at the
hospital   to  rccehe the  visitors and
afternoon  I   .   n 111  be served  ti
to fi o'clock,
The Tigers     won     the bas'.:et ball
g a, i on    Monday   evening at     th
Y.M.C \,    by     defi tilt      as thc  Die
Hards found   It   Imi i i     de to  pul
team "'   the  ,: ior.    A large ni
1 •■ pi  ' ■  ed   n  noi   Beelng   t.i e
W 18 a     good Bub-
; y the     Titrers and
h   was only   ,
.,,,..       icon '■■ '
pried  ' the froi
'■■ ■
pany's is    and       '     three
touched. Thi
'     :
J. W. Martin inspector ol Dominion Land agencies is in the city.
Mrs. B. Clarke who has been ill for
the last few days is much improved
in health.
J. A. I.yle of Winnipeg spent Thursday in the city a guest at the King
| Edward hotel.
W. 0. Miller, Canadian Pacific railway superintendent at Nolson regist-
tered at the Hotel Kevelstoke on
Mrs. H.C, Goddard ol Boston, Mass.
I sister of  Willis  Armstrong  arrived in
the city yesterday     and will remain
tor some time.
il. Parker    has     received a letter
from H.H.1'.. Abbott at the Willows
camp saying thai he has been given
a commission in the Istli battalion
ol tha third contingent under Ool.
i [olmes.
en the evening     of   Good Friday,
Rev, C. A. Myers of Toronto will
give an address on "Heligious Education" in the Presbyterian church
The address will be of a popular nature', and will be illustrated .villi
storlopticon views.
The Revelstoke Poultry association
invite all nelsons in any way interested in poultry to attend a meeting
to be held In Smythe's ball on Good
Friday afternoon at 4.30 to consider
a letter received from tbe department,
■ ef agriculture regarding poultry matters.
li. ('. Coleman, assistant general
manager ol Canadian Pacific railway
lines in western Canadta passed
through the city on Thursday on his
lirst trip of inspection of this division. Mr. Coleman was met at field
by J.M. Camer in, assistant general
superintendent, Vancouver and C. E.
Cutter.'II superintendent who accompanied him to Vancouver. Other
tiembera of the party were W. Marshall, the recently appointed assist-
: general manager of Canadian
I'aci'ie railway telegraph service, F.
Lee, principal assistant engineer;
Mrs. Coleman and Mr. and Mrs.
Whitmore of Regina.
Tl •   old  postal  regulation    that   a
parcel containing  a    letter     or  any
writing Intended  tc serve the     pur
; ose  eef  a   tetter      in    the    ordinary
sense  will   become  liable     to    letter
postage,  has   been cancelled  nnd.    In
when a  parcol i ost packet   Is
found  to contain     a li tter     or  any
.vritir. ' to Berve the purpose
In   the    ordinary Bense,
such co ■■ tion is to be ri
ai    forward     under    si
-   with  double postage   at
: tter  rate, and     when   this amount
llected fi im 'i.'- ad I
stamps     will  be  atlixel
lied    T '   itself  will
.vered without    at y  add I
•    i   ■ ed ...  01
wil pi .nt ■
I    this
-   Is   re-
.....    r
Harvey,  w'ill  close  with  love  to all.
Write soon, bye, bye.
My  address is Walter 10.   Robinson,
No. 669, France.
League Championship May
Ee Decided on Monday
-   la   Kerrleafl   Ml  ht
Tci.A', .  (Mat J     War
ren   Kerrigan,   In   The  Inn*  of
Thi Winged   God   (Teraice n
Ronri.'-e    Mr,, t(  ■   ■,',:ir
ws in A' I ate Oazetts.
Pcooped Bv Cupid, with War-
rm K'Trtgan. When a M n
MONDAY.—The Mystery of
Wlckham Hall. 8 parts with
Oo MadlBon.
THR'-'IHY.-Bobby Burnlt, 4
partB.  with Kdwnrl  Aliolm.
i  o     „■;• •
u   •
I '
> mori     'if
ti.ee. :,Cri Of
the    fe ■
A "■   -.      -.       t   ■ bile  li   in\ it.ed
.•  ''   it t.he  home      of
Mi McCarter   at.   whu
McCarter and Mrn w.n (Sutherland
will he the hoitcsgei and at which
will he i^lvcri an fithll,Itlon of the
supplies readv for ahiprneiil A, nilver
collection will be hikm nt, t.he door
thc proreedn t<. be used for thi> pur
eh lit of timre materials to continue
this most. Important nnd nerromnry
l ranch of IS. d Crow work.
Revelstoke Boy is
Close to Firing une
e     the   i
.1 :
and  t 'i   ••     trom
md     me   iOllie
Playen een I ie* i rould be rl hi
tl( i guesi t will
have to elosf Hili short letiit for
this line Hoping to hen (rom you
Boon. I will elope' with lo-.ee to all.
Olve my bl ' ■ e. li to Mrs Lm
and Lottie. Hoping this flnde you In
the inni ,,f beealth and uncle Free1,  md
On Monday .'veiling the rigu'lar
basket ball game In the senior league will be played. This game iw important and will he between th •
Tigers and the 1'irates. As things
stand now the Federals have one
more game to their credit than tho
Pirates, and if the Pirates come oul
.a top een Monday night, these two
teams will h ■ lie for the toy of the
ladder, if on the other hand the
Tigers w'ill Me n lay evening's game
ihe Federals will bave won the
league and th i'.' will be great rejoicing on the.r i art, The game , n
Monday night will he .. hard one, th
Pirates ha,e bee", dang th lr prot-
tiest at pructic and the Tigers ha.'e
played n good many pract'ee games
with the Federals. The Federals have
heen doing all in their power to git
the victory for the Timers ee. Monday
night. Should the game come out a
win for the Pirates there will Ic a
I Ig wind up c.irae [or the league th s
will be played on the tolli wing Mon
day evening,
(in April 7. the annual gymnasium
exhibition, will he held at the Y.M.
c. A. This will be an exhibition 'of
gymnasium work of all kinds, Including apparatus work, drills, Indian
iiuh swinging, pyramid building, and
an exhibition game of has' et ball.
(Special to thc Mail Herald)
Malakwa,     li.   0.,    March  aa.—Aug.
Anderson made a business trip to
Revelstoke on Friday returning on
Mr. Sims of rfolSijua visited Malak
wn and Craigellachie on Saturday.
A dance was held in the Malakwa
hall on Saturday night, the' tiist in a
i'.ng time. A very enjoyable tune was
spent by all, tbe hall now being completed with a new kite hen and cloak
room. A substantial lunch of sandwiches Coffee and ca u was serveii
about mid-nighl and much appreciated b the dancers, Henry Anderson
made a very capable and able Boor-
Mrs. Woliam Beavo .■( Revelstoke
and little daughter Louis are visiting the former's parents, Mr, and
Mrs. F.B. Somerville.
Mr. Huggstrom sold and shipped a
cow tc Chas. Granstrom ot • The
Big Eddy.
A. Kelch went to Salmon Arm to
hie on a homestead there.
F. X.  Winternberg returned alter   a
seven months absence In Alberta and
brought  orders  for  several    carloads
its .vl.ich'will help keep some ot
the men here busy.
irprise was given Mr. Goulet of
lakwa Farms, on thc occasion
. f his birthdaj.      n imber     of    his
. nrls    walked  in  on him—only     to
tind him  .-one.  He was located at   a
is.  and came home to Hnd the
! ill,  Games were played   until
lunch   . e     , 11, after lunch     more
veil, recitations   were
.   \T ..=.- Cfreonwood     and   Mr.
Bongs were sung     by
'   6 Baynes snug    a
e      th    CO  i] any      dis-
-   i lei  the hotel to
lea it  Schmidt
■ their house    on
Df   -; ent  d    p.nt
l    '  i.e   ', :    Bomei ville's
havi   been cutl mg
mil ■. hi, .
bi !.l at  the ball   ln
>r collection
d ol  oharglng ad
t  wai    well    re
Itsidei     wore  Mr.
'   ■
nd BOM
'   .   berg    ee(
•   laeh ,      ,i.  Hilt    ol
"'" gain     fnhie
by   .1.
Min   Pilcher,  Mr.  McKay.
n:  Mr      Usher; dueti
'   nnd  bred   \s pi r anil
Miss Nnynes and Mr. Howard. Recitations by Miss Mclllonc and Mrs.
Crawford. Tho accompaniments were
played by Miss Blackberg and Mr.
Roberts. Tho chairman was Mr. McKay and Mr. Erickson also made a
speech. Corp. Hilt gave the new
version of Tipperary, A bountiful
lunch Was provided by tho ladies and
1 much enjoyed.
Expert chimney swooping no dirt,
honest prices. Lawrence Hardware
I !o„ Ltd.
WANTED.—-Sewing  and    dressmaking
hy  the  day. Miss R.  McMahon 1113
!    First street west, Rovolsto'io.
WANTED.—Would like tour respectable parties to room and board.
Price $0.00 a week. Apply to 24
First street, cast, noxt to Y.M.
O. A.
FOR     SALE.—Canaries—cocks     ami
i   hens—goo.i    songsters,     pairs    or
;    single,  cheap.   Box  A.  Mail Herald.
Thc ladies 'if the Relief Society wil.
bi pleased to receive old or new mag
azlnes to be sent, to the guards along
the lines of communication. The lit
craturc mny he left at A.K. Kincaid'i
i oilice. t.f.
CAI.T COAL burns all night.     Re
velstoke General Agencies, Limited,
All notices of political mcet'ngs
and conventions lo be held in any
part of the Kootenay and Boundary
must be prepaid, or guaranteed at,
the following rates'. Reading notices,
ten cents por count line each inner
tion; display advertising, 50c. per
inch. Tho Mail Herald.
OUND.—Silver brooch, large Btone
in centre, Bix points. Owner may,
have same hy proving property and
paying for this advertisement, Apply Mail-Herald.
FOU SALE. -House on First st.-eot,
eight rooms and bath also two
lots west of hospital on First street
Easj terms. Apply O. Jollifle, Revelstoke, AplO-p
MUSIC-Miss Marjorie lloyd, L.R.A.
M., has decided to remain jn Kevelstoke and will receive pupils tor
violin, ear-training, etc. Concert
and drawing room engagements accepted. Particulars may be obtained  at 112  Second street, W.      A..Vp
WANTED, Married man, ago 30,
wiih good "ibieal ion wants position
Understands grocery and storo
trade, have knowledge of horsos and
can eliivi t motor car, highest ro>
, f t nil".. Willing to do anything for
,     I   nee I    wer':     badly.       .lohn   Hope,
1"!:)   Vlbernl  St.,  Vancouver.
Bicycle Repairingx
on Short Notice
All Work Guaranteed
Agents for
"Indian" Motorcycles
We carry ;i
Complete Electrical Slock
Star Electric &Bicycle Shop
Rear old Star 'I'lioii i ■•
WANTED,   Owner of small Improved
■    acreage , r farm    in district of Re-
j   velstoke, who would sell at a bargain  for cash to write P.O. llox  lb.
Qualicura    Tench,     Vancouver    Is
Island. M31..np.
1   i
BARGAIN BAI ES, Neat, comfortable
convenient, modern six room
dwelling with bath, hot and cold
watei-, electric lighted and IJ acre
Villa Lot, neatly arranged dower
and vegetnhle garden, adjoining thi
city, close to Belktrk sehool. Low
t;i\at.imi.    Mel"       is     a   n'iee   homo.
Terms.     II. N. COl'RSIER.
TO RBNT.- New House, seven rooms
two acres cleared and plowed, good
w<-lls two blocks east of city lttnitp
Good opportui itv for a nice home.
Apply  lb Gnlll<cano.
Spring Shoes
of  distinctive  merit
for Men	
A peep into one of our windows
today will unfold to you the new
Spring styles in hoots for men,
ranging in price at from $2.75
to $6.50.
For SandalN, Canvas nnd Tcnn... Shoes
iff CT
lei ders will be n ceived
the liquidator for 'I i
Horse   Wagon,  Sleighs,
Harness, etc. of the Re^
elstoke Hardware Co,
For particulars apply
Spring Tonic and Mood
purifier.    1()d doses. 100c
Telescope Rods, all prices
Kelso Flies, • L.50 a dozen
Anchor Flies, 60c a down
The Kodak in reach of all.
No. IA Junior   has the
autonraphic    back    and
rapid rectilineal lens and
cable release, and only
"Fighting in Flanders"
$1 26
iiv PowpII   Oorrespondenl of
New York Woi'lil
See our Rexall  Writing
Tablets, 15c ea.. 2 for Ziv.


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