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The Mail Herald Nov 17, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway,, mining, agricultural and navlgar
tion centre between Oalgary
and > the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
rublished twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognlseatl
advertising medium for the
city and district.
Vol. 22-No. 92
$2.50 Per Year
Strong Reasons Why Un \
Rousing Addresses _^_^^_^_^_^_^^__
Men Should Enlist Church and Army Dm, \>
fesstons   Compulsory Military Law—Special ftu   '
Monthly Meeting
of I M. C. A.
At the request of the bourd of trade   an     army is a dangerous thing     to
D.  Brill, a bridge guard is in     thej The regular monthly meeting of tho
hospital with his ifoot amputated   as board     of directors of the Y.M.C.A.,
the     result of a serious wreck which was     held  last nigbt in   tbe     board
occurred     on Monday morning about room, l'resent J. H. Lyons,     (cbair-
12     o'clock     ou the Canadian Pacific man),  11.  Giordon,  It.  Chisholm,     0.
wuy     just     acrosb tbe Columbia Somerville, N. R. Brown, J.     Goble,
bridge about a mile aud a half K_  Paulding,  W. Crawford, A. McAr-
Provincial Secretary Will Speak — New Committee
Elected — Funds Slow in Coming In — Amount
Allotted to Revelstoke to Raise, i>8,0UU.C0
at a meeting held ou Nov. h the inin-
Usters of tbe various churches prenr.u-
>ed recruiting sermons that tbe Imperative  need for  men for  overseas service might lie brought as far as pos-
carry In your jincket; so is a revolver i coll.
unless one knows how uud when     to' lncomlt
use  it.   Every   man lias  power  to do'ditch.   Tin- engineer and fireman jump
velstoke.   Two freight trains w A_ Thomson, gen-
derailing the engine of tbo
* -in  which  rolled into tho  ll'al secretary.
great damage subjectively and bbject- j
lvely  unless bis intentions are   good. |
Reports  Jf the various  committees
ed und escaped serious injury.      Six  were read presenting thc word   done
cars of freight were also thrown into
the  ditch.   The  wrecking train     was
sible  prominently and   psycologically j Let tbe state as an Individual   have|soon on the scene and no time    was
during the month of October. Financial—Receipts for the month of Octo-
Au enthusiastic general meeting oi
the Patriotic fund wus held iu tlie
city hall Monday night when the executive committee for the second
year of work In  lievelesloke were   di-
ccied,     composed     of     H.    J.   Mc-  the provincial secretai)  ol the
Kinuon, j. M. McKay,  r. Kilpatries,  and local speakers,
him every assistance possible to *e-
cure subscriptions. A jmlilie meeting
ui tbe Interest of the fund will ba
held In the Drill inn on Wednesday
evening, which will be addressed     by,
•before tlie minds of people iu a con
certed way with a uuited front.
At the Methodist church a
was sung by .Messrs. Paulding aad
Pagdin, und a ladles quartette ny
Mesdames Vi. Bews, F. Uews, A. Mc-
Jntyrc and Miss Paulding. Besides an
anthem the choir rendered 'Homeland' before dismissal.
power, but let it keeps its intentions  lost in clearing the track.   The pass-
pure and good, ana all will be well, i enger train from the west which was
duct!    All honor to the boys and mcu who, due to arrive at 12.05 was held     up
havc joined thc colors. ! until 8.30 at night.
"There are," said Gladstone, "only; Brill had a miraculous escape from
two professions of honor open to death one of the freight cars striking
voung men, viz: the church and army' j tho sentry box in which he was and
The reason Is obvious because the or-; rolling over him twice. He was well
dinary vacations are chosen for     the  known    in     Hevclstoke  having lived
her     were     $7*6.00 and expenditures   B.  R. Atkins, C. I'M  Ltndmarn,  A, .
tl)e   Kincaid,    N. R. Brown, W. H. Pratt
S7'24.8>3,  leaving a balance     for
month of $11.67.   The physical director reported that a spring bourd placid at the deep end of the pool     and
was proving very satisfactory.
A leaders corps was formed in the
At the Presbyterian church L. Hay J rrice there >8 in the
csang a solo and the choir rendered an
Rev. C. A. Procunier took as nis
text "Render therefore unto Caesar
tbe things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that arc God'B."
"Here on the one hand wo have a
tlcur implification of our duties to
God, uud the oilier mu.il our duties
to thc state," Bald Mr. Procunier.
"it is palpable to thoughtful and
observant people that in this crisis of
life or death to the British empiro
what our duty to the state is. It ia
t-nlist. The Minister of Militia has
t.ent out a call <or a hundred thousand more men. .Shall we get them
by the volunteer system.' We should
be able, but it is doubtful. The volant.-•! system is on trial and if the
Strong and lit young men of the empire persist in the highest privilege
they have which is to refuse to de-
lend then country when the call comes, conscription will lollow on the
heels ol the slackers, Con-
Bcriptlon, In the ears of the common people, has a dreadful and ominous sound, hut Wheci lt is properly
Understood, It simply means classiti-
cation. The men of a nation are
written together In classified tables
showing the calling or profession   by
which these men can beat serve the
nation from an industrial or military
outlook in unilicd and organized
And why should uot all men be rc-
Ujuirced t,, serve the state'.' Is
lhe blood of some richer and better
than that of others.' We all have to
pay taxe~ and why should we not
pay   iu person also?   The peace     and
Do Hot Get
Much Rei
  ] here     practically     all bis  life.   Last
How best can we serve God? By a' year he joined thc 102nd Rocky Moun-
life of sacrifice. That was tbe way: tain Rangers. The cause of wreck is
oi Jesus Christ. Tbat is what our not known as the Canadian Pacific
boys  say.   lf  necessary   we  will give   railway Investigation is not yet com-
I our      lives  for  others.    As  a mother j pleted.
I often  gives her life for her child,  so
I our soldiers are giving their lives for
future peace and happiness. Sacrifice!
Even the nurses on a torpedoed transport in the moment of rescue said:
"Fighting men lirst."
iM„l will take care ol our soldiers
if  we  will  take care  of  our country,
and we can best do our duty to state  ,owing lett(.V from  Licut    ,,
and  God  if  we  "Render  therefore  un-
1 to     Oaesar tbe things that arc Cae-
' sar's     and unto God the things that
| nre God's."
Rev. Lashley hall toeik [or his lesson
thc scripture passage to which President Wilson made recent reference
Ezek.    ch.    83.   Tbe    discourse      was
Rev. J. 0. McKenzie and C. li. Hume.
Plana were made for a new campaign
to collect funds.
R.     Gordon,     secretary,    explained
that     the     society     was paying one
about $85ll-.00 per mouth and that
I.oys' class. The corp has a special | subscriptions were coming in very
weekly meeting and leaders wont is ! slowly. (Jut of ovei two hundred
taken up, the leaders are very much names on the list ahout ifiDti wus
interested und the corp is a great as- j collected last month, the bulk of     it
being collected from about. 50  people.
Revelstoke's    allotted    Bhare ior the
second year amounted ti! +1 M,'H.-",,    of.
which   Kevelstoke   had   to raise {8,000.
He      stated  that   While  people      were
generous  enough   to   [Hit   their    name
down    very few paid up at the     end
of tbe month.
A vote of thanks was passed to all
"Humorous'those who helped the fund during the   Korwardetfcj t
I past    year, especially to the     ladies  Mui hand
BiBtance to the physical director in
handling the boys' class which is
growing rapidly and is in first class
condition. A new feature in the
boys' work is the Saturday morning
talk. Thc boys meet every Saturday
uiorning when a talk is given by oif-
ferent speakers on interesting subjects such as "Association Principles,"      "Hygiene"      or
It was iui ther arranged that     the
finance committee be empowered     to
elect a soliciting committee te>  work
in     conjunction  with them t.i I
tate the collecting of subscriptions..
The following ollicers were electeel
by tbe executive: President, H. ,T,
McKinnon; vice presidents, .1. ."i
McKay and T. Kllpatrlck; treasure-,
Vi. il. Pratt; secretary, R, Gordon.
The finance committee is composed ot
A. E. Kincaid, chairman, Vi. H.
Pratt and 1s. IM AtMms. The relief
committee consists of C. U. Hume,
Hev.   J.   IM   McKenzie      and   NM       R.
Brown.   The committee adjourned   to
meet at ■;..; i on Fn lay afternoon.
The following financial report     for
the year was read hy R. Cord m
rlptiona $3112.75
Victoria   •    I
'Readings." J
C. M. Field is in receipt of the fol-^    Thi  attendance of those using   che who entertuined and billeted the Aus-                                                 ■
Mci.uu-  Qymn  privileges during the month is tralian cadets here,
die  who  was at one  time chief      ac-  as     follows:   lliisiness men,  62; boys, | R.2V. J.  C.  McKenzie  stated      that PROVINCIAL OFFICE
countant     ir      Revelstoke for Grant   \2'i;  railroad  men,   11;   men's evening the citizens had fallen  down  general- Hemit's from  Hevclstoke 3000.0':
Smith and company.                                  class, 4(1,  school girls, 47;  young lad- jy    ,.ind a new  personal canvas     was To balance                            1745.65
"There is no time for play out here   ies, 27; total 376. necessary. Advances  on   vouchers             *i:4;.iS.j
I was interested lo heal  of Ur. Ham-      NM  R. Brown in his report     stated Alter     hearing thc views of     those                                                  	
and Lane and should like     to   that    a     meeting of the inembersiiip present  the  genera]   meeting  adjourn- 1745.66   174'.:..
meet     them     should  they come     to committee hnd taken place, and that
                  France.   I presume they will not     be a large number of names were     now
based on  Psalm   137:  5-6, and is here  ,ikely to comc hpre much i,efore next glven ollt t() t]l0 various members to
ed   when the executive met und     ap-
tranquility we have enjoyed were pur
iliasocl   hy  tlu» blood  ami   lives of  our   ',  ,,,        .,
, ,     , ., .. .   folds     the in.ire we see the peri!
ancestors and forefathers; the quiet th world
of our hemes, the respect we have at
bou:- and abroad under thc Union
Jack are the gift of sacrificing men
ol past ages arid it is but just and
right that ive Should be compelled if
neci-.-..iy to take their place and
watch over our country, lf the
young     au : robust men will not     do
their    duty    to    their country they
ought tn i • made to do so.
If .• >11- army had lane been e jual iu
given in part. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Jerusalem stood fm- ail that was
sacred in the eves of the Jew—appeal to his patriotism, his exalted
ideas about God nnd humanity, mo
history of his people and love dt his
ancestral land—unspeakably dear in
the hour of crisis iu which he   round
himself.   (Reference  was made  to cri- and they had been preparing for some  day
tical moments in  the world's history  t(me
determining the whole subsequent civilization).
We are at such a crisis now and tho
end is not yet. Had we been told
little more than a year ago that
things would have hapi>ened that
have happened we should never have
believed it. Such things we thought
eliminated from the Christian calendar and associated with the bottomless pit. Tbe unbelievable has taken
place, and the mora the drama     un-
The crisis is on us—on the world.
Arc we awake to it? The west Bhows
up better than the east, hut then the
west has the young men. Is Canada
awake? lt means more than home
und native land—it means ideas after
which the race has struggled through
long ages; it means democracy, religion, faith in (Mid c bow can people
havc faith iu Cod if these things are
tc. I-., on?)—everything we hold dear.
sjiring. get new members for the association,
"We do not get much news nnd as the month compared with last
dare say you hear more than we do, year shows a drop ot 1... The mem-
it his certainly (fragged on slowly, hers of the board were requested to
out then better that way and being enthuse others in the work and thus
sure than rushing madly keep the associution in  a flouiishinir
"We all have to admit that the condition.
Germans have heen well organised— F. Paulding reported that the Sun-
afternoon meetings were very
and as they caught everybody much appreciated by tbe men, but
Dapping it says much for the allies owing to such a large cumber of the
that they were able to hold them up men being away this year, thc at-
sc. -,ve''l. I don't know what news you tendance was not so large, and urged
are getting but the good old navy that tbe hoard and members of the
seems to have '(nocked their submar- association keep the hour 4 to 5 on
ine adventures on the head and are Sunday afternoon to attend
now paying the Germans hack vcry voung men's meeting.
well. Servia at tbe present moment A letter was read from W.
looks serious, but we hope for the Smyth" requesting the use of
best." j athletic     field  to operate a outdoor
{skating rink.    After consideration   it
The     Adolpb Lumber company     at  was     agreed     to have the secretary-
Waldo is rutting in a big bush camp  draw   up  the necessary  paper stating
for the coming winter. conditions.
pointed the committees for the year. Relief $4C3'."i
\  letter was read from F.  Nation, Eip's,  printing, etc. 1 5.7<
the  provincial  secretary,  statin.:  that	
be     ivould be iii Golden on     Monday % ;-
night   and if tbe committee  were will- No.  ,,f families :: ■
mi-   he   would   lecture al   Rogers  Pass No.     t  I ■             lies ?4
on      Tuesday aii'l her,' c,n  Wednesday, applications   pend 4
lt was decided that a committee    of Amount paid ■■ I i ••: month    $796. 00
R.     Gordon    and B. R. Atkins meet Required for next .rKVfl.OO
Mr.  Nation at Rogers I'ass and
To be collected in Kevelstoke $8,000.CO
an important asset not only to this
district but also t. the whole province.
ired that the mining    in
dustry     also     - 11 rMelve its death
  PI..'.',   in  i'     Lai lo  district  if deprr.
Gerrard to Lardo Train Ser- ul of transportation, a*, tor instance
vice Also to be Discontin
the ore of the Fidelity group now
under three years' lease t.i J. C.
Rady   ivould havc t.- i     by
sleigh     cr     wagon to a deep
- at Beaton, a distance of   29
mile-,     tin: -       to
Arrowhead,      t-.     reach the Canadian.
Btrength     and efficiency to thc Koyal   lM thc liin. ,,.,.,,, ,,,- Bi|   p;,.;w.lI(1 Grey
i peaking     of nations, it means     the
'right to live'; the rlghl   of nutlonal-
t.avy au Invincible ring of lum.nated
Kteel—nf which '.ve ace so proud and
ni which we have s. min n confidence,
hiHtoiy would bave had a different
tab- t.i te'.1 and thousands "i the nob
lest and most heroic lives would  not
lave been sacrificed or. the lamentable
alter of national Inefficiency, Whan we
uu- l.i Ih. fre. expression .ef national life without feo ,,f llerserker rage
falling on tbem.
Mr. and   Mrs.
G. S.   McGarter   Leave  for  Calgary -
Years  in   Revelstoke — V»iil  be   Much
At what was probably the most rc-   opment    of the city.    While here
pamhy. mollycoddling way, but in a
definite and ilir°ct manner, viz: that
t.he state is supreme to thc indlvidu-
At  infinite cost  mankind  has come presentatiw and largest gathering af has  heen  an active  member of     tlio
to agree t.i be governed by    certain tDe members of the Revelstoke   club board of trade, wus one one the pro-
common   * standards—what   we     call a    presentation    of    a    fur coat was moters ol  the tirst  Revelstoke hospit-
need in empire!   Not only compulsory  laws—instead    of each nation setting made to George S. MeCnrter on     the al and was a  member of  the council
education which we have in a   nninliy   up as   a jaw (-,, itself.   Apart     from occasion of bis'departure from Revel- for     a    number of years.      It      was
this    common recognition there     can stoke     to  Calgary   where  be intends through  Mr.  McCurter's eflorts   that
be nothing hut universal anarch-.-.   If take up the practice of law after hav- the   Revelstoke  Navigation   Company
any and every member of the family iQK successfully carried  on the same Limited  was formed and  the putting
al, tbat the Individual is the servant   ,,f nations is allowed to ignore     the profession  in  Hevclstoke  lor  the jiast on of a steamer which gave access t.i
Of the state, that the maple leaf, the   rest it reduces the world to chaos, j 18 years. ' the rich  mining district in thc     Big
beaver, th"  Union .lack,  the king and      Had as anarchy is what the speak- The presentation was made by     T. Hend.   He     orgnnized thc Revelstoko
country.     home     and health, liberty   ,.r feared most wis worse.   Tbere     is Kilpatrick  who in  a  few  well chosen Land     Company     and the Revelstoke
and o 1 • the Church and God     of   (l revival of the cult of Ananias. Poi- words expressed the  regrets of those Wine  &   Spirit   Company   and  in   tad
<,f fathers come before everything else POn the thought .ef the world—that Is present at the departure of Mr.    and was one of the most ardent support-
\!a. we need a national compulsory   )hP thine to dread even worse   than Mra- McOarter and of the Iohs    tbo ers ■ >f    any undertaking'which would
military law.   We who had  the great   anarchy and its offspring cruelty.    Is clty enA district  would sustain. help Hevclstoke
pleasure ol coming Into contact with thia   thing
ued   Residents Proitst
GERRARD, U. CM, Nov. 12—Like a
bolt from the blue came tbe notification of the Canadian l'a.itic railway Pacific railway for transportation to
to the residents of the district from Trail. making the coi-t prohibitive.
Lardo to Ferguson on Friday that 0thcr minin~ Properties in the Trout
the train service from Lardo to Ger-
lard and the boat service ou Trout
lalo' would be cancelled ull Nov. 30,
the rolling stock removed and the
service discontinued Indefinitely. This
word   was     brought in by C.  H I,
Canadian Pacific railway trainmaster
sho    notified    all business men and larg„ gumg ,lf monfv ln U)(> districtf
residents of the district, that during     • ., th„ bugtneM ...      and
"'  en held ag the
put in    a ito     ■ ■   upp tes -:
for    an   Indefinite period oi   remoi
elsewhere.   It   is stated that a     very   to  the  raUway  commission nt   Otta-
lake    and Ferguson mining districts,
working undei   lease, will be similar*
ied.   It  is
this    policy .ef   the   Canadian  I
railway if allowed to be carried into
ciecutiein.    will      have a  partii I
Involving tl. . tare of
. .f   the
and  K islo I   ... ds of 1
R,     V.     Green   M.P    H a. Thomas
provincj ■       ef rail
ways, and S iii !M  \! ic -. 15. M.P.P.
The following point    were embodied
in tin      • '
That tbc closing down  uf the  rail-
going  to  spread  through      A   very  pleasant   program was   eaivl     Mrs.     McCarter    will also he much
Australian     cadets   nnd  seeing   the earth''   If so there is nothing left   ried  out consisting of selections     by missed.    In ber beautiful  home which
physical and general efficiency,   ,.,,1-t!, living fori the orchestra and  vocal  solos by   G. has  always been thc centre of social
it   Lawrence, H   VI. Parry and w. J. Ufe    her hospitality whs unbounded.
Coulthard.   Refreshments were served Bhe  was  a very active  member
their    j 	
musl      acknowledge thc benefit of     a      Lsf  there be no mist is the
nation il    military   service.  Moreover,   ,.«„,,,   The right  t •     live     in 	
Ihey were aid.• I.,   send   o\ci a hiindre.l   ,,,,.,,.,,   1(1.j s,,.,,,.., v    ,„  truth and love, during the evening. the   Ladies   hospital   guild   and      was
thousand soldiers Into the European The extent to which the poison    has Mr. McCarter replied in a very neat secretary of the guild for many years
Conflict   at   once  WithOUl   months   and   gone     is      more than  many   imagine, speech   and   Stated that   be   had   not Mrs.      McCarter wns  also   vice  prcsi-
iic.nibs of  Weary  drill  like our      men   mora than can  be Counteracted  in one altogether      Severed     his    connection dent  'if the  Hevclstoke  Red  Cross so-
linil   to go  through,    om   youni-    men   generation     It      Is Well  if the deadly With  Hevclstoke  and  that  he     would eiely  and  wno closely connect eel   with
need the pbj    al development     eon   thing does noi    -                the fabric be making frequent visits to the city, the Patriotic and relief societies,
aequeni on drill exigencies, they need ,,t u,c nations   s catastrophe   which Mr, McCarter has been one of     the Mr, and Mrs. McCarter left forCal-
thi   discipline     obedience,    courage,' only    the    prayers of God's faithful mosl   s'lrcessfui    lawyers in British jary nn Monday night.   Mrs. McCar-
patlenco, and ordei  which   i military people can avert. Oolumbls    nnd has n very extensive ter will    visit her parents Mr,    nnd
training    gives.,   We need ■    strong.   The Issue nt   taki      thi    pportun legal   practice    He    hai    been hem Mrs.   Howard Douglas at Edmonton
i    to defend    and   Itj  foi  tttt   iei! level pment, lib.-rty. since 1897   and wai one ol the most and on ber return they will taks up
protect thosi                     things, l.et n               ,.e.———  public- sjiirite.i of our citisena unci hae their temporary residence at the Pal
, ni   mi m ni you Mv saying     I                (Continued       I    ■• Thl slwnys borne bis share in thc de vol-Miser hotel.
few citizens    are in a position finuu
dally to do this.
This decision Is a pari Ij sev-
,,,.   blow   to   Geiiai.l.   in   which      the
lurge plant of the Western Canada
Timber company and the new Dominion     lish  hatcher)   are  located.      The
lumber company has. during the past       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
three    months -hipped ..ver l, eks' not ce was    un«
feel of lumber te. tbe prairl.es ami has ae\    ,,,,■ .  i ■--.
in    stock iu its yards son                                                i"i their all m pro-
feet   in addition to 1,0      00 teet    ol perty and have not to get
logs     in I n at the mill ready     to • on  such sh.eii   notice,  The
cut.   The company'e  holdings  In thia marble quan •-1 at   the
district     aggregate     ovei   -'"•M ■  .st     of     OVei   $50(1,000,  the Gerrard
feet of merchantable timber and   the sawmill  cost   $750, ■ I    and   thi    large
combined value of its plant  andtim Domini - iry was erected
her     are estimated ut over  $7.50,000, at Ml  of  them   would      ba
which     it  is said will    lately tendered use!        ritbout tbe railway.
,, valueless without transportation fac The settlei the line have    no
iiities. other   means irtatlon     and
The ei,,mini,a, 'ish hatchery c ntly most ol thi        tt ith the i
constructed,    will be useless without standing that  they would have     this
quick transportation facilities   Pining service always.   A considerable     am«
the nn«t season nhout 8,000,00ftspawn omit of money has been spent bj the
have   been  hatched   and   about   6 11,0•-i provincial em      nt      in  building
fish hnve  I ecu shipped to various lak- roads and hi  1 ■ B rent set-
cs and streams In the province,     At t to the i which wouldj
the present time there are about I,- hi i 11 the nrnpos-
(lOO-.OM    ' hand.   The hatchery cl     change    •   ,,k place.   All settlers
was erected and equipped bj the Do- would '■ i it I Tdships,
minion government at a consldsrable  __ .
A pointed out that It  is1 (Continued on Tap.e 2) PAGE TWO
Zhe flfeaiUHremlb
cJ7Waii-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
-;., ... ,u.MA,.i,;.
WEDNESDAY,   NOVEMBER   1",   1915
Tl.e United  State's remains neutral.
Isei f the war, or as to lhe side ct
indemnity liability.
The public meeting of the Patriotic
fund on Wednesday next should bo
cell attended. Thc Patriotic fund
I.as a sacred duty to perform and
their eflorts should meet with willing
response. Reports of the last meeting show that tbere is a lack of sup-
jiort. Remember the dependants of
those at the front. Kevelstoke must
i ii  its  share.
I'M G. Rooke, editor of     the    Mall-
[ Herald from May imi until Saturday
last, has accepted a chair on tlie
Vancouver News-Advertiser and has
left for the coast, During his period
..I residence in Revelstoke Mr. Kooke
has become universally esteemed both
for his personality and bis capability
as edit or and manager,   He is of     a
Jn a non-belligerent sense, however,
she is the ally of the entente powers.
she is supplying them with immense
stores .if provisions and munitions
Tl ih mgh agreeable in the sympathies of the vast   mail.rity  of the Am-        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
, genial      and    unassuming  nature,      a
encan people, is not  a  'natter of pre-   *>"""'
ferential    trading.   Our     commercial
splendid program will be shown
at the Empress tonight the feature
heing "His Captive" with Frank
Lloyd. Lady Bailies and Detective
Duck are again on the scene. Thursday Victor Moore will be seen in
"Chimmie Fadden", 3 parts, in the
most laughable character of his un-
tire career, Jess L. Lasky production.
Friday, the drawing for the Red
Cross dolls, everyone bring their
Mcket.s. The feature will be "Behind
the Scenes," riot of fun at Universal
City iu 2 parts. The high school students uil| put on some line Bongs
i nd dances. Saturday matinee 2'.80,
," and in cents. "Pine Feathers," Eug-
c ne Walt"is drama witb Janet Beech-
(r in a parts. A warning to wives.
I'heic is some wonderful scenes in
this great produceion including tho
bursting of the reco dam.
winter, if the Canadian Pacific railway bi-weekly service on tbe Lardo
branch is not discontinued.
The Western Canada Timber company has recently built over 3011' feet
of sheds for the Btorage of lumber.
L. Ogilvie, manager of tbe Gerrard
fish hatchery, recently brought ImilOO-
000 spnwn of cut throat trout from
Sheep Creek, near Rossland, and is
expected to returni this week with
lOB'.OOO' more. W. Gunn, who accompanied Mr. Ogilvie, iB also expected
to return this week. Alex. Macpherson is in churge dl the hatchery during the absence of Mr. Ogilvie.
H. Crawford nnd Mrs. Crawford returned Inst week from the coust.
for the storing and displaying of   old  only had the canoe out of the water*
photos,  newspapers,  relics,  etc.,     ot twice during tbe entire trip. The onw
the early idays in Kootenay.
The people of Vernon are $10,000 in
arrears for water and light.
In Fernie a bartender was fined $74
for selling liquor to an interdict.
ly place they found a portage   reailjj
necessary was at Kettle Falls.
At Vernon J. T. Mutrie raised 20l£
tons of onions on six acres of land.t
Onions are $14 a ton in Vernon.
Winter apples wero recently sold   in
New Westminster for 70 cents a box.
minded neighbors ane ready to attend
to the orders .,f all approved customers, whether at peace or war, whether
on the side of the Entente or on that
of tin centra] powers Hut Germany
and her allies cannot arrange for the
delivery of American merchandise and
are not on a financial basis to undertake the carrying on of a large import trade.
The British navy has caused a sus-
jH-isi.in ol Germany's oversell trade.
Her merchant marine, which was next
in carrying capacity to that f 'Milam, was put ofl the sea i a.!/ in the
war,  a:'■!   ihe   blockade   H    l-"'n   .Ml-       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
li     has    so long kept ua with In-   "^     centre 80 lou,g as ,u business
nen     rely    on a few  merchants     to
lost efficient knight of the pen, and
RevelBtoke is sorry to see bun, go. He
carries tbe best wishes of the city
for his future. The Mail-Herald lose
in him a consistent and systematic
editor. After taking over the reins
lie wrought order from chaos, and
raised tlie Mail-Herald from a practical     nonentity t<   a well-arranged,
Influential and much appreciated news
paper, not only locally, but throughout the province.
cn nl ERATIVE  AliVl-lUTlSlNMi
\o   town will become a good i•'<---1-
■ ie i.-aig pressure has negatnrd. except in a small way, .., i.in commcrc
with Germany by a-v is if neutral
s. The United Sia, s gov im-
nient is making renewed protest be-
canse its trade with Ge; n.i.jy by direct oi roundabout ways is held up by
the navy.   Germany i.i at  the disad-   that   naturally drifts to their   ldace.
in:' Ige of having to do without bun-   A      public  spirited  man  should      ask
hiiiise!:   if  in- i- doing  Ins part to at-
make the effort to bring trade to the
town.   T efti'ii the men  in a     few
branches of trade are about the only
ones tl: it reach out after custom.
Other merchants wait until these men
induce i\- people t- come to town
and     Content  themselves with     trade
dreda if millions of Jo'.'.ars' v oi ib >f
American merchandise that would be
of very telling use -a '.■■'. in ths war
whereas Britain, France, Italy and
Russia ■: - ■ - eel11 . b'.lli"ilia i f <! >!•
la:.-'      I  il til   '■!   tl an l-Al         rth
ing I ■ tcnsify
thur warfare against  Ge: nnny. 1c\n
a p i.i   I3i  •::-'■   It. l v
e ,
Meesi  of  Britain' i i ial f.m rgy
tl at ba i not beei •     lb    ti   It
ranis is needed f ,   •   ... oor in fact has it ever I
-.   Hence, she      ■  it i xp •; Cng
largely.   The same is true ol   P
to export  much   und
Mas noi  re idy n   -   > to
il.   Britni
is    financing    her all
visablei msen In -     gi -Mi
pi ,   bai ■ > •
VnitPd  Statei        h-igelj
er.   But 'lons'
lately I  -
billion     dollai      i tl ti     -•
their munit
a,n'= CUSt
■ I
Because thel^^^^H^^^^^Biiltti .
tract people    to come tc   town   to
trade in helpln                        uslness
comi ' ■   and no t< wn Is a  -
i. nes an   working to     ex-
. -
i . . ....
i ■ t h       • ■
Rl  , E     d \M
i'he Htra.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ asri. '.
the loi
Granby's Production
Records lire Jumping
Granby Consolidated established another record production when in September it made 4,119,387 pounds of
copper at its Grand Forks and Anyox
With four furnaces running the new
smelter at Anyox produced 2,713,30'J
1 ounds from September operations as
compared with 2,hh7,i^2 pounds iu
Production     iu l'JIS has run as follows:  (pounds)
Total September ...   .
Total August 	
Total July 	
Total January-June ..
Total   ^^^^^
Copper which hus heretofore gone
ofl in Hue dust will play/an important
part in Hidden Creek operations as
tne agglomerator at that plant has
demonstrated its commercial value
during the jiast two or three weeks.
Preliminary tests indicated tbat four
pounds .if copper in Hue dust should
be recovered from each ton of ore.
Based upon present tonnage at the
new smelter this should result in saving between 3,5(K>,000 and 4,000,000
pounds if copper per annumn at an
extremely low cost.
..  4,119,387
...  4,1147,431
...  3,SSy,3'J7
•  17,13'J,585
Fire Hall Wins
From Directors
On Monday evening the Hoard of
Directors bowled oil against the Eire
Hall iu the league scries. It was a
surprise to everyone to hear that
the hoard took one game, but tbis
they did easily enough in the second,
winning by a margin of 31 pins. J,
Goble was high scorer for the evening
With 208 pins 'for the second game,
while A. Thomson was high average
Willi 163 for the three games. 1-1.
Burridge played well for his team,
averaging Hill for tbe evening. In his
last game bc hud an assurance of
rolling the 200 mark, but in a spare
in his tenth frame he was only able
to pick off four pins.
.1.  11.  Lyons 159       135       1113
A. M. Harding 122       133      105
MM   S.  Martin llHJ       121       171
A.   Thomson 1110       100       133
J.   Goble 137       -20S H8
Owing to the high rate for     waten
the    editor    of the Ashcroft Journal,
has cut it out.   He will probably sell,
Last month the payroll of the   two   his wagon,
coal mines in Merritt was ,$24,000'.
The farmers around Chesaw arflB
making Independent shipments ol cat-«
tie to Spokane, cutting out thc profit.
of the middlemen.
Total 2107.
K. G. McRae
P. Young
H. Burridge
N.   McLeod
J.  Beazley
Total 2320.
703       OlU
No Service oo Trout Lake
(Continued  from  Page One.)
,,i >l pn I abl;   li   Bonn   outlying     districts All   that   attended
50, Bigned I be
. thi l-M-
is north     of
tbe mine to
!.    \'!,en       .n b-r    lease     three
of high
-   Trail
■   -
Creston wants a creamery.
Butter fai  is  :■_ cents in Chesaw.
A  white squirrel  was recently shot
at the coast.
Hulkley  valley  wheat is being   sold
in Hazelton.
Mrs. Glassey has opeued a restaur-
anl   In   Hazelton.
Some  gasoline  lias  heen   mude   this
fall from  Alberta oil.
Editor  Meikle .if the Natal Rejiort-
ei  has a son In the army.
•tober the mines at Coniox pro-
- of coal.
a:   evaporated at
Kelowi I    hipped east.
The i renui. in the govern-
Nelson      has      been
•" ■      Kootenay old Timers,
Is 1
! Bril
Electric Lights
Edison, Mazda
. •
a loan   !
1, ivy i-i.    I   ■ .'   : .
Bbout tbe sufficiency of
navy, they have   i
vhich »    - l numhi
ind    it.
li   Is
,  e|
\    ial the Heral
present i >us occasion
and only gets thl -' . • condhand,
So quite probably some of the de
tails arc i "t eni Irely correct, How
ever,     ihe il thi   tale     Is
i en     '-. -      coi ectlons    or
apologie can be looked foi In b later
Meantime, a number ol nice cuts occasionally used by local departmental
■tee for the purpose ol displaying
corsel . underwear nnd lingerie,    for
does lingerie include corsets nml mi
der wear?)  are  now  for  Hale  at      thiB
office ut a bargain.
Wood Heaters
From $2.25 Up
Agents tor Miignd Cream Separators
Ai   25c   Each
Wire Dish Strainers
Regular ir>c   Now 15c
Sturdy Hardware Co.
A beaver wus recently caught on thet
Mrs.   Grady   was  jiicking  strawber-' river In Merritt.   He was trying    tu
ries at Duck Creek on October 27. give the people In that town a lesson
in industry.
Sussex cuttle are being Bhlpped from
Sngland to the Argentine Republic   |
There     are    liU mule teams hauling
ore    from the Continental mire    at
I 'ort Hill. i ^^^^^^^^^
I    Tho police force in Lethbridge     haw
Harry Fletcher, the pioneer printer, hpcn lv(im.,,(1 f„,m v> to Hix men. am
haB returned to Vancouver from Daw ,la(1 <.„ ,„,,„ it lin(l the other Blx arai
•SUI1' still on the beat.
This seuson aquatic, arboreal and
quadrupedlc game is plentiful adjacent to Golden
The editor of the Knderby Press has
iost his bank ads. and may start a
bank of his own.
This year in the Bulkley valley.
Deep Creek Johnson raised 5000
pounds of hay to   the acre.
When the mill is completed at the
Monarch mine, Field, GO tons of ore
Will be treated daily.
It     is 13 years since the last     big
poker     gnme     wns     played    at Bill.
Brown's hotel in Revelstoke.
l'rince George will soon havc a first
class hotel. The new Alexander is
just aboui finished.
Recently 170' miners left Nanaimo to
work at the coal mines in England.
None were Chinese.
.J. 1'. Forde, government engineer,
and Capt. F. IM Armstrong of Nelson,
recently made a canoe trip from Robson to where the steamers run up tho
Columbia river from the sea.     They
(.(Mil)    i'OLICV
It's good policy to think of thn future
It's still bei lor policy to provide against
'.he misfortunes it may have in store
inr ymi. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trust worthy.
Yom time mav be near at band.
Don'l delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. K. IC    CAID. Manager.
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West—Government inspected—approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, E^gs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms-Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
O R I F N T AI      Sultably furnished with the
d. Albert Stone, Proprietor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Union Hotel
A. I". LKVK.SQUK, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
When added to your grocery bill. The old proverb
"Look after the cents and the dollars will look after
themselves," ls being realised by the customers who
regularly buy Hobson's money saving values In groceries. Bring a trial order—it may be your first but it
won't be your last.
Remember Hobson's own baked bread ii a pleasure to
Phone 41
Box 734 WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER 17,  1915
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integrity, as'against cruelty, tyran-
ny, perfidy. Tlie gospel of a true God
instead of' Woden and Thor—the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ aa
against a false Kultur. Humanity,, everything, is involved In the struggle,
which otherwise will wipe out all the
difference between right and wrOQg,
Only rarely does it come to a K°n-
i.crution to face the challenge In this
form. It is in the nature of a crusade, 'ind there has been nothing like
it in history since, the days ol the
crusades, The challenge has come to
this generation—and t.e> us. in the
words of l "iM Kitchener, It is not
for the speaker to tell any man what
is his duty—it is for each man to decide, and to do it quickly.
The very [act that we were unprepared at the beginning will be our
greatest glory In years to come. It
shows we had nee designs! Hut when
we know the danger, unpreparedness
is unpardonahle. We have witnessed
something like a miracle—creating
the machinery and then arming a nation, llolciinc the seas, gaining the
primacy of the air, meeting the danger underseas, An .uld Zeppelin
breaks through, but how many are
kept back.' At the beginning the ad-
woul.l be live per cent., but
the losses have been less than two
!>er cent. Is this tin- slow old Moth-
i I'iaiiel that every slanderer wants to
Not a mar. living would lave believed it possible tei raise armies ol
millions In a year. If this is due In
pari I" the genius of Kitchener, to
the statesmanship of Mr. Asquith, to
the     dlplomacj  of Sir Kdward Grey
ing agreements which you mean
keep, were cited.
The militarism of Central Europe if
continued will enguW the world. Every little nationality is doomed, and
democracy goes down. [letter go
down with the Hag fighting for a
better day, than failing to fight at
all. If it should prove tuecelsary for
the country to requisition its men,
its men will not be found wanting.
Classic stories of heroism were outdone. The charge of the Light Brigade was child's play compared to
Ypres and other places. Thank God
thus far the Hag has been preserved
from stain. Under great provocation
the empire bus not retaliated in kind
—bayoneting wounded, brutally treating prisoners, dropping death on defenceless cities, using poison gas, liquid flames, rutblessness in general.
The proverb—if thine enemy hunger
feed him, if he thirst give him water
to drink, and In so doing thou Bhalt
heap coals of flre upon bis bead—has
been deliberately adopted as a policy,
These hundreds of thousands Will go
back to tbeir people some day aud
compare notes—and what a day of
reckoning and shame! One can pity
an enemy who will have to face the
stigma for centuries.
'o God help us to keep our scutch-
el a    clean.   We have no passion     of
bate—it     is not the people we
In such a crisis those who are not
doing what they can are recreant, i
All may do something, but those
who are fighting to maintain our life '
as a nation, and those liberties
which are our glorious heritage are
the men whom we most honor. To
the happy soldier we must pay our
iirst tribute of reverence and love,
for he more than any other is playing the noble part in these days. Listen to the words of Dr. George Adam
Smith: "1 have hud to visit a London hospital where a bumber of
young otlicers of English, Scottish
and Irish regiments lie wounded. As
I contemplated the sufferings they so
cheerfully endured, und listened to
their stories of how these were inflicted, I felt the long work of my life
shrink to little in comparison with
what any one of these men had done-
and borne in a few days or hours of
then  young lives."    \
1 e .' ; i :: rs (ought '.or us through
long weary years, they often suffered
reverses and death, but they did not
live and fight and die in vain. Our
glorious empire is the fruit of their
work. Is their work to lie undone ?
Shall ne .lo less for, those who shall'
follow us'.' Are our children to be
borne and to live in tributary provinces of Germany? We must consider
what we are fighting for. It ls for
the great issues of liberty and righteousness and peace, for right and
truth,      tor  home and  country,      for
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
king and God.   Where is the man who
^^^^^^^^^ are   Wlll  piaj.  tbe part  of a  craven  wnen
but   the system. The   divine   Jus own country is in imminent dan-
right of kings we thought had     neen   ger jf being ruined and enslaved? We
The spokesman   hate the thought of compulsion,   hut
put out of the way.
of militarism says, "There is only
one master, myself. I expect blind,
iron, unreasoning obedience." God
help us one and all to blot out the
terrible blasphemy—and if necessary,
the blasphemer—from the earth.   God
who     is the embodiment ol straight-   heip ,ls t() d(>cU|e whnt part we ought
forwardness,  to tiic power of Impas- j0   take—and
.-ioned appeal of Lloyd George—then
in these men God has given us a
great '.rift.   What a combin it ■ n!
The dangei grows—SO does the determination tei meet It. Let none
be deceived by certain efforts to bring
ih.mt an Inconclusive peace. To
what end? To go >at it again! Well
does Mr. Redmond say (there are peo-
j le wh.. wo ild 11 ■• i nee h i\ e mentioned his name)—the thought ol
such is treason to the dead as well
r-s tbe living. "The latest utterance
of     Sir  Edward Grey, quoting     the
do it quickly, t Incidentally the speaker who never
thought to have spoken in this ne-
balf, said he would like to address
some eastern uratherini:s and   thought
we hate defeat more. There is
one way t'i win. We must put our
whole strength into the conflict. Our
empire is in distress; she needs ihe
help uf her sons and daughters. We
need nor think that just because she
is right, she must conquer. Carthage
was right, but Rome was victorious.
Ultimately right does conquer, but it
can be crushed unless the right assert
The call of the Motherland has gone
Do Your Shopping Early.
There are a great many women who
have long wanted to try a Front lace
corset—but have hesitate<l about investing i?8.00 or J10.O0. We now have
secured models at $3.75 and $5.00 in
which you will find tlie same careful
fitting and service as in the more expensive   ones.   A    real Gossard     at
PINQ EARLY—Thia advice holds
good this year more than any other
—This on account ..»f the actual scarcity of holiday merchandise—Never
before was the world face to face
with such a shortage on many lines-
some of them actual necessities. Shop
he could raise i ne or two regiments.) forth. She is feeling tbe pressure of
Rev. .1 ■ Vi Stevenson to.ik as his text   tl.e foe in her very vitals.   And here
Joel 3: n-13, "Beai  your ploughshares   in    Canada we patriotic lieople   hear
of distress. Is thcre one here, rree
to go, wii., will let her call in vain?
With the Bishop of London we would
a'l say. "I would rattier die than sec
Britain a tributary province of uer-
many." But she may be unless her
si ms . xert themselves. He who en-
the assurance that he     Is
into swords," etc, and Luke 3-. 36,
"He that hath no BWord, let him
sell his garment ar. 1 buy one." We
have here a voice from the (.Md Testament and i.n ti. a the New. Both
sound strange,  especially  the    words
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       of Christ, for cruel war is iucompat    „.,..„
prime minister's statement of a year   iblo with the ideals of the l'rince   of   lists    has
ago,  puts a ■   -     nee for all     on   i'L.Uce, and when  His ideals are
any     such  Idea.)   There can  be  „ _ „   .._    „„,„,,.. ,,.    c
^^^ opportunity of any   age,
a   man to give himself for     his
country.   Look at the noble example
of Nurse Cavell, who heroically   and
it His uidigna-   ,-iadly gave  her  life,  counting it     a
privilege to lie for such     a
zA Snap in
Baby~ Shoes
On Friday we will have on the
tables about one hundred pairs of
baby's soft sole shoes, slippers
and boots, button and lace. All
colors, black and tan and fancy
tops. These are a genuine snap
and were a good buy at the regular prices.
50  cts. PAIR.
Don't put off your Xmas purchasing until the last week or the
last few days. Right now is tbe
time to begin Uur lines of holiday goods are coming to hand
daily and at the present moment
you will see the lines fresh from
the manufacturer. We wlll he only
too pleased to show you any of
the new lines at any time. This
helps us and helps you.
This year's nobby styles at the
prices of last year. Only those
who were fortunate enough to see
the raise coming in wool goods
can compete.
SI 5 00 EACH.
  "   fi.'-hting m a    glorious cause.   It     is
no cepted and put into practice, nations   the greatest
peace while Belgium lies bleeding     to  will learn  war no     more.   But     we
death;  while w.imen  and children nre  (.now   that even  Christ will  not     ac-
done t' deal    on sea and land     (the cept peace at .my price.   When
the list of horrors)   occasion    demanded
whtli Is still gloried in and  tion blazed forth against the desecra
• the fore—while every  tors of the temple, arxl
He drove them forth.
We all love peace and hate war.
Now we hate it more than ever and
long for its end. But when the
storm hurst, although inly partially
prepared we calmly took our side
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ against an enemy that wus fully
sponse tl ade at the outset hy com- prepared. This did not mean that
pany D, 102nd R.M.R., was jiolnted we had renounced our quest tor
out—every nan turned up but   three peace,     but
Kelowna Apples
Very heavy pack. Call and get
prices. Special price on 5 or
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pound 15c
renewal     of a licence for the sale of' quor by retail in the hotel known   as
liquor by wholesale in and upon   the | the   Hotel Beaton, situate at Benton,
is menaced under heaven. The
only Instrument, under Providence,
that itand ity between this continent and like horrors, is the British
Every man must decide lor himself
■ it he ought to take.   The    re-
with a   lash  raUse.   Or   look at  those Australian   premises known as Lots 1. 8. 9_and N , inJhe province of British Columbia.
nurses on the transport that was torpedoed in the Aegean sea, who, set-
ting aside the law of the sea—"Tfo-
men and children first"—stood back
,;•..; said "fighting men first." Ten of
them went down to a watery grave,
because of their devotion to their
country,   giving  their  lives that oth-
ind      thev      were  miles  away.    Many
went  to ■ lie front.   Revel i1 ike had a
splendid Bhowlng.   Over S  I have   entitle district.   The church
bad not fail d.   Si ,■.- e Meth
idisl     constituency, i i     can...'
.ni made il - i inti tloi . b>v< v.
Methodist na: sonage th a so
military age has Furnished a recruit,
out (■: the thousands [urnlshed by
He emu.ion wide Methodism many «p-
peared undei  other names, unfortun
itel>,   through  a detect   in  the  i'erias.
(This ,:a !•• : taken up with the au
nan ,ti.-s i, a- the Re\. It. Chown
ha.- said, every man must >-"•'  area
son    to  himsell   why  he is  m civilian
( l.eib.es   instead  o!  Itbakl
iieiause he was opposed t.. mllltar
ers might be saved to fight. Who
we saw that something would not emulate the noble self-
ramc before that. Righteousness sacrifice of these women, and would
came first, for we read that Christ not willingly die for a country that
is "First King of Righteousness and can produce
10 feet of 10, block 38, plan 3, City of j
Dated    this     Mth day of October,
LTD., Applicant
' ' ■  .  ''rant. Manager.
"LIQUOR ACT, 1910"
Section 42.
Dated October 14th, 1915.
Section 42
Notice Is hereby given that on the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police     for re-
m        md     had   enough
oastlng .en Nov. 2nd.
In five weeks but one case has been
tried in the Trail police court.
King of  peace."   Righteousness   king and "country need you.
must come  first.    We  might  have Had	
a    kind    '■', peace, a aeflsh, Ignoble,
eowardh   | eace—if   wc   had   renounced
our    plighted  word,  .jur honor     and
our    obligations.    But   BUCh   luiiiaany
would    have  been  many  tunes  worse
than    war.   There     an.   those      wno
claim that a christian must not    relist    evil,   but the  words of     Christ,
surely imply that  it  is i i>_:.t  I
the sword for the ■ ause ol
ness    Look     at men like Cromwell,
the    Scottish Covenanters,  M
Lincoln     md I leni a   Gordon.
men    fought, not Id despite of   their
Notice is hereby given that on tbo [ newal of the hotel license to sell It-
such women? "Your first day of December next, applies- nuor hy retail in the hotel know* as
tion will be made to the Superin j tne Union Hotel, situate at Arrow-
tendent of Provincial Police for re-, head, in the province of British Col
newal of the hotel license to sell li- umbia.
quor by retail in the hotel known as
the Arrowhead Hotel, situate at Arrowhead, in the province of British
Bated November 3, 1915.
Using the new Skinner process Archie Elwell of Cranbrook claims to
have stumped nine acres ol land with
. a,- box e.f powder.
A   school will be established at Mor-
• i^sej   mines '■■!  the convenience    nf
the    guards win, have moved    Hun
that     |ieelllt.
help put an end to it. You cannot
leasoi uni. a wild bust. What silly
things bave been said' Bw 'ing co!
loqulal, the speaker referred to the
attitude of .some guild neighbors
across ihe line who forgot their own
e ml war. They never had a scrap—
•!,,     no
At  Trail   <!'.     ..f   the   dcfuiiri   ma. M
ine gun  fund  will  be  utilized  in bny-
Ing Christn i   pn i  ti tor the Trail
ts on active service.
It  is expected that     fanciers   from
[|    e      .ii ,e_   Waldo      run!
ism the speaker appealed feer men   to  faith, bul tt.   W ial   would
we think   iii ' "i < aitnly
by while a hr.ita! bully kicked and
mangled a small boy unable to defend himself, if that, man excused
himself  -.ii   - .   that  the Bible
leaches  us  noi   l.e   i.-i   f■ t < -      \  jener-       ^ ^^^^^^^^^
allty    like that  is simply a coward's   Fernie will show birds at Cranbrook
Expressing  the pain  many   castle,    out     empire  :.-   iii  this      war   poultry show next month.
felt because DO protest was made     in   not   in spite of  OUT  Christianity,   hat
the name of humanity—but was made  because of     it.   War is either a duty
in     the name of dollars,  the sjieakei   and  the highest  e.f duties,  or it is a
pointed out the extreme difficulty the   crime and the blackest of crime.-.    S
president faced  in  guiding the nation   nation should   - ■ ti    wai  ..nliss under
through 'he crisis,   Poi  the sake   "f constraint of    what is hest and nob-
tbc World  if possible let  there bc one  lest and mosl  Christian  m  its life.
spol mi 'Mills earth kept clear!   Tho    The more ere consider the origins ol
the war ual the more we know e.f
the enemies we light, the more we believe in the- rlghl
our nation i^ waging W> did not desire war and  our statesmen  exhauot-
Section 42
Notice is hereby given thnt on the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in tbo hotel known as
the Glacier House, situate at Glacier,
in the province of British Columbia.
Dated October llth, 1915.
Dated October 14th, 1915.
8ection 42
Notice is hereby given that on the
first day dl December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial police f"r renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retnil in the hotel known as
tho Halcyon Hot Pprincs Sanitarium
situate n* Halcyon, ln th" province
of Brltleh Columbia.
Bated October lttl, 1915.
Revelstoke Lodge
No. l"s">
Meets every  second
ami Fourth Tuesday
jin ihe Seiko k Hall.
VWt'ag Bret In en are oordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Hie.
II. L. HAUG,Sec.
Meets every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock, ln Selkirk Hall.
Visiting brothers cordially Invited.
R. GORDON. 0. C.
ed every means of averting it,     and   JoyinK }he us"al '"""'cal features   at   Columbia.
United States dialed Ideas in common with OUI islves. Th'", got iheir
language and laws from the same
Source.    Their history  i- a chapter in
the history nf constitutionalism which
goes   back   l.e   Ihe   time   when   the  bar- 	
ons secured ihe greal chartei     from only when forced to .nter it did they
King        lohn.  In  the  time   when      tho 'eiake      the  aWfll I'Me    Oel
commons brought Charles Stuarl   to mat  Kaiser has revealed himself    as
lhe      block,     lo the war of independ- a   brutal  tyrant.   IThOM  life  was a He,
i lire  which  "is   WOO  bv   Rntiah clou- and   whose   |ol«   imbltlOO   was  f'ir llil-
ihIh    feu     the rlgbl ol every man t.> Iversal BUthi rity.   Ha and his follow
hfe.   liberty ami the pursuit of bap ers have shown themselves treactiM--
i ne   i  ne.w Included In  American bis- tus ami brutal as n   armj »>(
words   of  el I'li'Hldrnt es      has  ever  been,     i ol   the
to standing clear    "l nation then is clear, »■        I     tight ] first
hypocrisy,  laying what \."i mean nml tins war t.e tbe death, soonei     than
'leaning what  \...i ily  Men vield  to  such  a tyrant.
Phoenix     merchants     will continue   	
I ne  Wednesday  half  holiday  through-
«-nt     the winter, excepting Christmas 	
week of course. (Section 42.)
....       ,   ..     „,  .             ,,     ,   , Notice is hereby given that, on the
Although  the  Blairmore   Presbyter- iyv<-lx-*. »"<•«=/ &                ,
,  ,,              .      .      ,               , flrst    day of December next, applica-
ian  and  Baptist churches bave amnl- 3                 ,           ,     "
gamal ,i eacb denomination endues Uon    wiu    b6Jn»d« to the Super.n-
its ...n Sunday school. tpn<,ent of l^inclal P°»« lot    re-
newal of tbe hotel license to sell   11-
Tbe C.P.R,    section     men     having quor by retail in the hotel known aa
made some necessary repairs to   thc the Lakeview Hotel, situate at     Ar-
Kasl , Methodist! arc now   en-'rowhead, ln the province of   BrltiHh
le.lle:.       The
Kooncvcll       BS
iiieetin'.   Bro.  Power suggests     that
'■'>   .Ue i busted the     con-
glven no presents od the
■ nas tree this year.
Section 42
N'otlr.       lii;  I v given that on the
day of Decemhii next, ap|dicn-
Hon will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial polite Jor     the
Dated October 14th, 1915.
Section 42
Notice Is hereby given that on the
first day of December next, application will he made to the Superintendent, of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell  11-
HiiKgnge Transferred
Distributing Agents and S<toi irs
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Phone 46—276.  Night Phone Mb;
A. K. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held la
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday ln each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren .are cordially
ROBT.  GORDON,  Bseratary
i. o. o. r.
Meets every Thursday evening la
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visit
Ing brethcrn cordially Invltad.
JAMBS MATHIE. Secretary.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Motalllo Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnaoe Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop   Connaught  Ave.
RKVKI.STOKK       -       •    B.C.
It will pay you to make
a call at
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town      Rbvelbtobb, B.C.
before buying  your outfit
of Woi king eleiliies for tho
bush.    I make a specialty
of    l/iu'ging   Slincs,   Pan'  ,
Box, Shirts, Blankets, rfid
everything required in yonr
If you want what you want when ^
want it try Mail-Herald Want
" i—
h E
Mi   H.  Hall of
Hall's Landing is iu
I        I   ll
T. Kllpatrlck left for Nelson yesterday morning,
Mrs. G.  i Minna is leaving for   England • imorrow.
Miss Van Allan of Vernon is     tho
guest  ol  Mi s. C, Holten.
I.    i   i,   Brock returned to Edge-
wood yesterday morning,
i .     S,  Dent  of Salmon Ann
Sund iy  in   Revelstoke.
Mrs. W.  1.
on Friday.
Briggs  will uot  receive
U.  G, Lawrence
Tuesday  morning.
left tor Cascade ou
.Mr. and Mrs. A. McRae made a tly-
Ing trip to Vernon this week.
('apt. 11. M. Watson of Vernon was
at the  Hotel  Revelstoke yesterday.
l-M Kirk of Arrowhead registered at
the King Edward hotel on Sunday.
Tea »ill be Berved at the bazaar in
^t. Frani a ball opening this afternoon
IO.  O'Shea of Glacier was at
King   Edward  hotel on  Monday.
of Vancouver was a
; Edward hotel     on
p. h. Johnson
gUI Si    at   t : ee   Kin:
j. p. Wilson manager for McLennan ..v: McFcely Vancouver was In the
city on Monday.
J. B. Caverhill o£ Nelson was at
the Hotel Revelstoke on Tuesday.
II. II. Smith of Kamloops i was a
guest it the Hotel Hevclstoke yesterday.
Charles A.  Scott,  Kevelstoke,  ia     a
guest     at     the  American.—Rossland
Mrs. W. Langelands of Nelson was
a guest at the King Edward hotel on
Lieut. Swinford ie expected in Revelstoke tonight.
H.     Carpenter is running the yard
engine at Field.
C. W.
at the
Thompson of Kamloops   was
King  Edward  hotel  on  Mon-
N. Lavette of Gabriel, N. Y., registered at the Hotel Revelstoke Tuesday, v
Lieut.-Col. F. Boultbee of Vancouver registered ut the King Edward
hotel on Monday.
Among the guests at the King Edward hotel on Sunday was Mrs. R.
Simpson of Arrowhead.
F. B. Watson aud J. Davis of Calgary were registered at the Hotel
Hevclstoke yesterday.
The ba/.aar given by the ladies aid
of St. Francis church opens this afternoon aud a cordial invitation is
extended to all.
!•:. .1
guest at
Lewis of Vuucouver was
the King Edward hotel
Mrs. tl. Stephens of     Nakusp
11 e guests al   i he Kintg
ward hotel on Monday.
Mrs,  I'M   Estey  of  Chase  was
guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. McRae
ff, Hogg ol the Inspector's department of the Canadiai Bank of Com-
n erce,  Vancouver, is in Revelstoke.
The dolls donated by Mrs. W. H.
Pratt to the Red Cross society will
I., a Med at the Empress theatre on
Friday night.
There will be a meeting of the Ski
club directors at the ctly hall Friday
evening     at  8 p.m.   All contributors
■ ited to attend.
J.     M.   Doyle of Calgary, superin-j
tendent for P. Burns company., spent
I  days  in  Hevclstoke  this week.
He    wa- a guest at the Hotel Revelstoke.
lies whp ha\e leen meeting
in St. Francis hall doing IM'il Cross
. ork .ne requested to meet
in Mr. Kincaid's former otliee opposite the Revelstoke club tomorrow
Vi. II. MinstidiiL- met with a painful accident on Tuesday morning
wb'ti he slipped ou the sidewulk
breaking one of the small bones in
his leg. lt is expected that he will
mnd in a few days.
Mrs.     .1.     ll. Han liioa ai rived In
yester liy •. n ■ ing and  is
ol Mrs. t    lb..!•
days.  .'.Men she expects to go to Vto
•        - on a shoi i visit,   Mrs. Hamil-
ber 11.
S iturday   afternoon    the 13th
inst.      the      ladies  of  the  Methodist
Mrs. Lashley HaU
list parsonage a surprise in tbe
fori        I      Iru t Bhower,'    at-
. -
osl appro]
ii IJ ..   ■     was      In
ri -..i    -.   Wi s, ,\   '
I ' ■!.■■!   •   •       I.   Thi
t the     11 call wer ■
! md Interesting.
Mrs. ('.. H. Howleson ot Phoenix
was a guest at the King Edward ho-
tel yesterday.
Among the guests at the Hotel Revelstoke en Monday were Mr. and Mrs.
Ward of St. Paul.
ff. E. McKenzie of Notch Hill was
among the guests at the Kiug Edward hotel on Monday.
Among the guests at the Kiug Edward hotel on Tuesday were  Kather-
| inp     Tobey and Ethel Scatchard     ot
j Orieonto, N. V.
St.iiis are being taken by friends of
! Mrs. Elizabeth Coward, the woman
sentenced to death at Clintoci assizes
recently, for the murder of her bus-
band ou their preemption near Fort
George, to petition the Minister of
Justice at Ottawa to commute the
sentence. The story of the life led by
the condemned woman, told at the
trial, is believed to furnish grounds
upon which a repreive could be granted. Her husband '.vas found dead in
u sleigh near the home, in which he
had been sleeping, and although the
evidence at the trial was of a circumstantial character, it was stronig enough to warrant the jury in bringing
iu    a     verdict
and donated sox.: Mrs. Fleetham,
iMrs. R. Gordon, Mrs. Horobin, Mrs.
Hogan, Mrs. Holten, Mrs. W. iLaw-
Lawrence, Mrs. Win. Morris, Mrs.
Towse, 1 pair socks each; Mrs. Downs
Mrs. Moth, Mrs. (Dr.) McLean, Mrs.
Duncan McRae, Mrs. Pagdin, Mrs. L.
W. Wood, 2 pair socks each; .Mrs. H.
M. Parry, Mrs. G. Rossi, Mrs. Wallace, 3 pair socks each; Mrs. Sibbald,
'' pair socks; Mrs. Foote, Sr., Mrs.
J. Purvis, Miss L. Davenport, Mrs.
Sturdy, Sr., Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. P.
W. Laing, Mrs. C. R. Macdonald,
Mrs. T. W. Bradshaw, Mrs. A. E.
Kincaid, Mrs. Teller, Mrs. L. Fatrick
Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. R. R. Copeland, Mrs. Anderson,, Mrs. A. Grant,
Mrs. L. Howson, Mrs. Maxon, Mrs.
A. McLean, Mrs. Paulding, Miss
Paulding, Mrs. Flockhart, Miss J.
Me Kay, Mrs. Wm. Morris, 1 pair
socks each; Mrs. WM M. Lawrence,
Mrs. Southworth, Mrs. W. Hews,
Mrs. B. A. Lawson, Miss Urquhart,
Mrs. Heard, Mrs. (Hev.) Calder, Mrs.
Van Home, Miss McKay, Mrs. F.
Fraser, Mrs. W. Coulthard, Mrs. Ed.
Corning, Mrs. W. A. Foote. Mrs. J,
0. Procunier, Mrs. Geo. S. McCarter,
2 pair socks each; Mrs. W. H. Sutherland, Mrs. Smith Urquhart, Mrs.
R. Urquhart, Mrs. H. Morgan, Mrs.
IT. W. Wood, 3 pair socks each; Mrs.
Adams, 4 pair socks; Mrs. S. G. Robbins,  fi pair socks.
that the output is averaging 70 per
cent, lead to the ton, besides good
values in silver.—Spokesman Review.
At the court of revision held before
R, Cordon on Saturday nine names
were struck ofl the list.
Mrs. T. Kilpatrick is in receipt di
the  following telegram from   J.     H.
Hamilton.  We wish to thank you   ull   -Murphy, who was the presiding juage.
for     your many  kind gilts to Revel
Mine Explosion
Kills Dochord
The  following letter  has  beeu
ceived by Mrs. J. Dochard:
Belgium, Oct. 29th, 1915
Mrs. Dochard,
Revelstoke, B. C.
of guilty of murder \>   De:u" madam: By this time you have
Nelson is asked to raise $10,01)0 for
the Canadian Patriotic fund for 1916.
Fernie's tax collections to November 1st are .|5,000 less than to the
same date in 1914.
The Kootenay Lake growers shipped
their' tenth car of 1915 apples from
Nelson on Saturday.
At the baby show at Kaslo last
week both first and second prizes
were awarded boy youngsters.
Gus Johnson has a gang of forty
men logging nt Bull River, where ne
is taking out 4,000,000 for the C.P.R.
Kaslo Kootenaian: "The feeding of
slops to pigs is under the ban according to information furnished to A. J.
Curie by Br. Frank, and the result is
that there ia not so much slops going to local pig pens as formerly.
Purely out of respect for the law, we
trust; not a matter of household
economy, surely.
The R. J. Graham company may
locate a plant for the manufacture of
dessicated, vegetable products at
Grand Forks. They will pay ?15 a
ton for onions, $10 for^carrots and $8
for potatoes.
Greenwood Ledge:  A dispatch from
Phoenix states that the bohuclks   arc
kicking about the grub at the Gran
by     boarding     house.   Perhaps     th^
Granby is not making enough monoy;'
to feed them chicken every day.
All subscribers to the proposed Ski
tournament are hereby invited to
meet the Ski club directors at a
meeting to be held In the city hall,
Friday evening at H p.m. lt is urgently requested that ull contributions
to the proposed sports should attend
against the accused and tho   passing
of the death sentence by Mr.  Justice
stoke boys. I did «.y best to distribute supplies. Kindly convey to the
people eif Revelstoke our heartfelt
1 hanks.
The  posl il    ney   older  rate
Canada     to the  United  States
I .en     lowered  w ithin the past     tew
,la\s.    It      is     now    the mihh- as the
iloni 'Stic  rate,   which  was  in  force
[Milled siates orders until March     1
G A LTCOAL burns    all
,  Revelstoke General  Agencies,
rio doubt been advised that Private
J. Dochard has been 'killed in action'
Private Dochard joined us with a
draft from the 4Sth Immediately prior
to our leaving for France. While
with us he was an exomplary soldier
and he is mourned by his comrades.
He was in a mine explosion and flght
, the Germans gave us on the Sth Inst.,
and as his body wns uot Immediate
j ly located, he had to be reported as
'Missing.'     Subsequently     the    body
j was found and given Christian burial.
^ ou  have the sincere sympathy     of
cardigans and  rubbers  mysnlf and'the other officers of     D.
Mr. W. J. Baird acted as crown prosecutor at the assizes and Mr. J. B.
Bird defended. The later made an
application for repreive belfore Mr.
Justice Murphy during the past week
mt the application was not success-
t,oml fui.
FOR SALE.—16 in. Millwood; also
Kindling in 'nineties; each $2.75 pei
load delivered. Phones 42 aud 81.
J. iM  Sutherland
WANTED TO RENT—House Furnished or unfurnished. Reply IM O. Box
351, Revelstoke, B. C.
FOR RENT—9 roomed house, corner
of Fourth Street and Railway Avenue.   $15.00 a month.
I.i 1ST—-Pair of hoy's spectacles. Reward  if  left   at  Mail-Herald  office.
Ol  this year.   The  saving  to  senders   at McRae's     Shoe     Store,    Howson   company and if there is anything     I
of ni.mey amounts ti. about fifty per   ;,iock. can do for you, please let mo know.
cent, "ti certain orderB. Yours verv truly,  Majoi   C   R   Hill
Au> disposing ot sec- 28th Battalion, 6th Infantry Brigade'
•e see Howson £ Co. Und     Canadian    Division. B.   E.
car to Trail     on   France.
Love, 40.1 Fourth St., East, Calgary, Alta. For shipping tags and
lirice list of hides, calfskins, wool,
sheejiskins, horsehldes, horsehair
etc.   Prompt returns. Nov. 30p
I;.  F.   iMi'.-ue.  deputy minister     of
mines    at Victoria, Informs the press
that bis department nas been giving
id   leal ol attention to publicity
oi..    In regard to the mineral     re-
-   il the provin
to the oflice of  the  Agent-general  in
•..j t" the ■
liition to .-
B <.[ the annual     re-
The     de-
wh     ire shipping
November 25.
WANTED—Housework by theduy.A.p
ly Mail-Herald.
The St.   Francis hall op-
in  ai d will continue
Age 18
until  :        nor   night when  the  pro- We little thought when leaving home,
ceedings will cIom with a whist drive He  would no more return;
orches- That he «o soon ln death would sleep
latter  part Anl' 'eave us liTe to mourn.
' the evening.
The- art   in   co
■ Howson &   Co.'s
:■• ' •'
pes bur:-
'•    iften  Jfl  and think of him
When I am all alone;
But  memory is the only thing
That grief can call its own.
Construction Active
Thursday. Nov.  18th.
No admission will ho charged;   a
collection will be taken.
Let     everybody     come arid help
along the good cause.
Many Socks lire
Donated for Soldiers
A    • aeloyid
I const rud i"u departing     4l
a. ui .   ac
I'leill. .
I l.ll.;..".
■ni       are
o, !     the
th       a
Del    ■
i. it-
- icks.
iHii;   - i       rei    ;.    L.aslty presi
the H .
Moun      n a     plcturl at on of 1 he
we.iId li       | di rican ihai
i • • dj   ' Fadden,     S
FRin \ '•■ Behind thi   Bcenea, riot   ol
b ■      it 0 Citj   '.uii FMdii
-   M'.'i   Vici I     '.'    pall-.
Drawing for Red Cross dolls,     and
■i  tchoo] concert.
SATi'iihw -Fine Matlnei
ftathen      Dugene  Wait
nterl  by   '.V'orld Film   Thl
t.tM nt   Iln-, her,  io     the
ItaA .-hieh hns n anj good ac I   'itei  tbe  bursting  of tht
dam,  and  the  inundntlon     of
irrouflefllng  country.   The    v,-,l
b   I ended, homes are ruined and
ndl   Is nf person* are drowned, B
■ rt.f
et;     Alderman
»rs f.,r Port   Mbernl the
•   ii1   I ■   ■ ee    of
I   'ele        |COl *        Of    r|,|l|.   •
irnr of voter* for tht!  Chll1lwnrV  KI
I District, in plnee of .T   pciiv.
■ m Roland > 1 i Iln (Trows,    of
■et   to ' pnbllc; Dr. I
William nohrec Halvert, of Milne's
Lendlm-. to be medlrnl henlt.h offle.er i
for the Untrlet .it Soolte; nnd ("Vmn-
tlllor Ortnvltin Pope nnd Arthur TTM
ton fntblll tr, be members of the
bnnrdp nf llrcn"lt"' and police com-
•rilputrmerR fnr  Penehland
I lis
■,i club
KA.VIo! - GALT (
I le.Illlllle.II       | |,|.
ni,".    iiiui:,
llll.'CII.   IIKMI.iiCK.
I lleli |   .
fit vi
Co i    Owin
HI lite  UII
io de-
11      the Daj  Intei
alel    it    IS
aai.'e   t   llollli
....h begun
ide   t'.   have       f.lii
Si   I)   to      blow
.      I    • ' HBtl el'
ie I ner e eased ai
' e      meltei     being
i the   mn
'    Mini,;
In considerable activity among     the
il  the Northport
'     BCtl H      I'e,l|, I       ,11
level iped rapid ... and
It    iS eae.l    II lAliei |.e,-ln
time tbe smeltei   ih
f   lamplei i ecently
brought  te. Noti hpo: t are wii'i to i un
60      pei   cent,    innd  and  several      Man
moss in mhei to the ton,
The Great Western mine, under op
tion      lei  the'  Norman mines Company
ei a,,,,   which m developing   the
property mpidiy, bni begun shipping,
aril Hie Unit ear ll Ii.ii' Munled at
Northport, ready l'i be couHlgiied to
tlm     Trail     smelter.    Reporth state
On Friday, Nov. ill at 2 p.m., at
Tapping Dlock
Goods    comprise    ne follows   Iron
and     brass     beds complete, bureaus,
standi, sideboards, extension, kitchen
parlor and  bedroom   tables,  Wasc.ina!
range, cost $55, like new, cook stov-l
es,  heal leighs,  upholstered ina-
hogany rockers, rhairs,  nnd  a     host;
iced  .is   of other household effects too tiiimer
tound    "its to mention.
having   al       Terms cash.  Positively without   re
Boi Ml
Phono 356
to get your presents and cards
ofT for France.
ACROSS THE SEA, doz... .75«
35c. and 	
LINES,   doz.
The Rexall Store
I have just returned from Port
Arthur, Ont., after buying a
Bankrupt Stock
Up-to-date  Men s
Clothing, &c.
the store will be CLOSED ON
FRIDAY to enable us to make
alterations which ale necessary
to make room for the new
$7,000 Stock
At 9.30 a.m.
Several special lines will be
on snle from 0.30 u.m. to U.80
a.m., practically at giving away
See Our
B. Weston
Union Clothing Co.
McKenzie   Ave.
Xmas 7*hotos
for the British Isles and Continent
should be mailed soon—SO DON'T
New Cdrds and folders. <i Si/e to fit every Pocket Book
W    'BAH.TON,   Leading   Photographer
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers Direct Importers
Our GOODS are good
Our prices logical and within reason
Our Special Prices on Cigars Will Astonish Enquirers
See us before placing your HOLIDAY ORDERS


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