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The Mail Herald Nov 4, 1916

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 Buy Your Goods
The Mail-Herald
Published  weekly—Read
by   everyone—The     rccognUed
advertising     medlom   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23-No. 46
$2.50 Per Year
Councillors all in Favor—Improvements to No. 2 Fire
The regular  meeting of     the     Oity 	
Oouncil  wns held on Wednesday night being: Dr. T.  Heard
Aids. Hmythe, Barber   und     llobsou ^. 11. Horobin,
being absent.
The lire uud light committee made
the following recommendation after
Inspecting Nee. 2 tin' ball. The recommendation Wlll be submitted to the
flre brigade [or their approval.
(1) That 22 inches lie taken off the
tower and eight inches off    the     cast
corner, allowing  two     and     oue Ball the league.    Tbe executive consists of
feet     extra    for doorway for the tire  tlio otlicers and team captains.
team. The tea ns and their captains enter-
(2) That the stairway leading to e(J far the league are Veterans, Dr.
the men's quarters and to the base- Heard; Commercials, CM M, Field;
ment be removed to tbc centre of tbe ('. p. n., j, Ward; Directors, unset-
building, eo as to give the horses a u0il; Pire Hall, K, (.'.. McRae.
straight run from thc stable to the [n the bowling league the following
wagon. games have been played to date.
(8) That new plank be placed on Crawford wor. two out of three
the Moor where horses and wagons games from Sturdy, the total pins
are kept.
(3) That the harness bc taken
the team when in stable at noon.
A letter was received from the purchasing agent for the city of Vancouver     otlering    $600.00 for a water
*   AT Y.M.C.A
* —
Volley Ball   a Well as Bowling
Will Play  Important part
The volley ha'l season was formally
opened last Friday evening, when a
number of interested fans met and
discussed the prospects for the coming season. New ollicers were elected,
president, and
vice-president, and
plans mudi for a bague to commence
Boon. Following the schedule used
lust year, a preliminary round will he
run ..il before the New Year, the
league proper commencing   then,     it
was als.i decided to ask the executive
to meet '.'Yiduy evening and draw up
house rules and arrange the rules for
Letter From R. F. Green M.P. With Reference to Automobile Road—Telephone Line to be Improved—Standard Rate Secured—Letter From Premier-Elect With
Reference to West Road
being: Crawford  L986, Sturdy 1S90.
Blackberg won two  out    of    three
games from  Crawford,  the total  pins
being: Blackberg 216S, Crawford 2082,
Knight  won   three     straight games
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       from     Sturdy,     getting 2180 pins  to
•meter that the city of Revelstoke bas  Sturdy's 1965.
had on hind since the year 191'2 and The Hoard of Directors won three
■which bail never heen unpacked. It games from the C.P.R., the former
was decided to accept tne sum of obtaining 22'.I7 pins and the C.P.R.
$663.00 for ime, and the city clerk 1912.
was IcatXUCted to handle the    matter      League -•allies are held on Mondays,
Thc regular monthly meeting of the pose for which it bad been voted, and
Hoard of Trade was held in the City j may say they are endeavoring to
Hall on Thursday. Although the advance the road as tar as they pos-
meeting was well advertised only six sil.ly can, and Improve the same as
members wt^ present, Notwlthstand- much as possible this year. 1 may
ing the small attendance a certain suy we are making every ellort to
amount of necessary business was see that the road is completed at the
done. vcry  earliest possible date."
The executive committee     has been Yours faithfully,
successful    in  see.mm:  an  automobile R,  F.  GREEN
rate of  $3.50  per hour     Irom  F.  Mc-      A letter was received from Premier-
Cart; and C. Turnross. elect H. 0.  Brewster In reply  to    the
Owing to the danger to farmers request of the Board of Trade that
each Spring from high water it was he send a competent engineer to go
decided that the secretary write the over the proposed road to the West,
Dominion government requesting connecting Revelstoke with the Okan-
that an engineer he sent at once to agan valley aud to submit u report
report on the condition. as to the probable cost of completing
Tbe following letter from R. F. same. Mr. Brewster's reply is as fol-
C.reen, Esq., M.P., with reference to lows: "Just us soon as the new gov-
the work on the automobile road was  ernment is formed and the     minister
Premier Bowser and old War
Horses Present—President
is Succeeded by Mr. Edmonds —W.A Anstie Will
Oppose R. F. Green
Victoria, B.C., Oct. 23, 1916.
The President, Board of Trade,
Kevelstoke, B.C.
Bear Sir: I have just received a
letter from the Hon. the Minister of
Interior in reply to my various urgent requests that he Hnd some means
of obtaining tbe necessary funds     to
of public works is installed, 1 shall
he pleased to lay this matter hefore
hin. and request Immediate attention."
Another matter which came up and
which is an exceedalgly important
one was the advertising of Revelstoke
The C.P.R. has oifered the city a
full page in their pamphlet     free   of
and Fridays.
:it   i stun;..     Come     and watch them
Vnnck down the 'maples.
on this basis,
The question of erecting a suitable
monument in honor of the Revelatoke soldiers, which was brought up
by Aid, Bourne at a special meeting,
was further discussed but no detlnite
action was taken. Aid. Bourne suggested that  :1 certain sum    each year
ue set aside for   tbis     purpose.     The    ^	
idea  was approved uf  I.y .the council. 	
Aid. Needham regretted that   aw. Work of Wierd Vehicles in Re-
Kn.ytbe was absent as he would have       «_._»  »n_   .   T. , _   „
cent Attack Theme of Talk
continue     the work on the auto road  charge,  but owing to   the     small at-
within the     Revelstoke     park,  which tendance    it was decided not to take
for your information I quote as   foi- any action at the meeting,
commencing loWf. A     )etter     was      aiso        received
•'You will recollect, during the laBt from W. H. Stevens, district superin-
Besslon of Parliament, the approprl-'tendent of the government Telephone
ation for Dominion Parks was cut Service, Kamloops, with reference to
down verv considerably, and it was a complaint sent in by the Board of
felt, under present conditions, that it T. ,.de that the telephone line was not
would be inadvisable to make any satisfactory. Mr. Stevens stated that
new expendi^yres unless ia cases b^lfflT to the war it had been very
where it was alisolutcly essential, hard to procure wire, which had cans-
Mr. Harkin has already issued instate ed the delay, but advised that a car
tions to the Acting Superintendent was on the way, on the arrival of
thai any moneys that were available which another metallic circuit would
for the Bghting of fires in the Park, be run which would overcome the
might vcry well be utilized for other heavy induction that is now heing
purposes, provided more had been cot from the Canadian Pacific Rail-
voted than was required for the pur- way telegraph wires.
Attendance at j
Central School
Many Presents
for Soldiers
liked to have drawn his attention to ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lhe fact tint the chairman     of     the Throughout Army
Light committee had the authority British Front in France.—Tho work
to spend ur amount not to exceed L1f the new armoured cars in co-oper-
|.rr0.iW for r.'pairs before bringing ;.tion with thc Britisn infantry in
sume before the council and the iron their charges in the recent successful
m the p. .wer house, which cost $30, attack is the theme of the talk
came mule, this clause in the city throughout the army,
bylaws, - The idta   was so good     when     it
His Worship stated that in a letter was offered," said     a    staff     ollicer,
to the press Aid. Smythe stated that  "that we had some bu.lt and the Way 	
he had only missed     four     or     five they have gone    over     tho     German     0iv.     j   _ lr(,nc    Morgan      Wcnty
meetings.     Mayor McKinnon said  "I trenches  and   enfiladed     then.'     with   . , ... ...
do not think that Aid. Smythe     bas ,lmcb.ne gun fire is    some return for M"ythC' ChM'  UaV'e8'    JD°'   McKi°"
eat out anj-     more   than four or five  the     surprise     the  Germans gave js non'     Calherlni3   McKinnon,     George
meetings in the year and 1 will leave with tbeir gas attacks in     the     first  Trimble,  Victor  Madden,    Doris Sieg-
it with  the c.uncil to bear    me out.  battle of Ypres." fried,     A. ne.  Crewman,      Jean B*ll,
ln a letter to the press Aid. Smythe     Evidently the British   were able to Tina McGregor, Wm.   Inkster,     Clar- follows' I
«tated  that he had  much business to keep the building of    these    cars cn-  cnce Lyons,     Norah   Au.un,     Esther ' Mesdames C   F   Lindmark   Sibbald
discuss-but he is cot here      This is tirely     secret, and the first that tbe Abrahamson. HUanln.,  Bradshaw,  Teller,'S.  Urqu-
the second meeting since Aid. Sn.ythc Hermans knew of their existence was     Div.  II.—Alfred  Abrahamson,   Ethel hart    Uunaeh      Kobbins   Kincaid    L
wrote his   letter that he has not at- when,     in   the misty dawn the other  Abrahamson. Alfred   Bourne,  Stewart Howson, R. Law      M   Hume    Qu'inn
tended." (morning,  they came trundling  across Burridge. Aimer Carlson,     Jack Cait Uvertori!    Heard,' Hobson,   Blacklock'
Aid. Needham said: "I have <"mly shell craters and ..ver tree Stumps, wright, Laddie Cressman, Hairy uruce, Masson Keegan, Holmes
missed ono meeting and Aid. Smythe cutting lown many small trees on Davis, Catherine Dochard, Arthur Dornberg, Fleethan Warner H Vv
was nearl • always late or Idtt before their way toward the German trench- Davis, Florence Hamilton, Catherine Woods, Larder, Kenward Aman
the meeting was over." es, on t,. the second line and even to   Inkster,   Tom  Madden,     Allister    Mc-  liel|    Haggen    Sutherland    C    R   Mc-
City Clark     W.  A. Gordon     stated the thir.l line. The return to earth of  Kae,     Margaret    Mickleson,     George Donald,     R. Gordon     Holton   Cress-
A generous response was the result
of the "Soldier Sock" tea, given by
the Women's Canudian club on Saturday, b.ld at the home of Mrs. W.
M. Lawrence.
The full list of contributors     is   as
that r.rarly ill    the arrears in water the     Ichthyosaurus     or     dlnosai:tus
j.n.l light were being reduced. [sprouting  bullets from their nostrils,
The question of the   police     magis- could not have been more amazing.
trate's salary was laid over until
another meeting or until more of the
council wete present.
Central school
Honor Roll
[rem   Morgan,  Agnes Cress-
"Tanks" is the slang   word the ar-
Div. I
man, May Jollifle,
lion, Chas. Davis.
Arthur     S lhini,
MorgU, Llewellyn Parry, Ralph Mor- ,„„„_ Corning, Downs, W. M. Law-
ris, Myrtle Shaw, Willa Smythe, Dor- rcllce Hogan, Coulthard, Jack Hume,
'.. Sutherland, Billie nmUaker, Ted- H- smythe, Dickie, Campbell, Eraser,
die Gordou. A.  Lee, Purvis,  J. Laughton, Atkins,
^^^^ Div. IIl.-Gordon Blackwell, Alfred T. news, Mclntyre, Ferguson, Swan
my staff has applied to the strange Burridge, Norris Crump, Burpee n,.y Bip.arebr.gga, F. Bourne H
creations of machinery, but they Hume, Arthur Johnson. Charlie John Bourne, Barber, ' McDonald, Kipp
look less like tanks than anything ,sun, Victor Johnson, Beatrice Jollifle GlL,()t McLean Pratt Clay Cameron
else ,„ the world. tt is hard to Say Netherby Kilpatrick, Susan Kinrre, Paget| Stevens', Hamilton,' Anstie
what they look like. They have heen stuart Laughton, Borden Mclntyre, \|,,rris, It. H. Crqubarl Horobin!
compared both to armadillos and Henrietta McMahon, Lloyd McMahon, Towse, Garnet Perry Lyons <; n
measuring worms, and i..   many oth- Martin     lickieson.  Mn,   Morris, Wil   i.M,u,.n„,     sk„„.    R'   Howson, 'GoJ.
11am Olson, ttlmer stone. Eva Towse, ,|ar(i   Lawson,     Laing,     Mulholland,
i"u' Trimble. the Uing    children, McCexty, Hang,
Dlv. [V.—Doris  Abrahamson,    Bert Blackwell,    sturdy.   Briggs, Martin,
Albn,  Lyda Brill, Teddy Baker, Hob- t'oursier, C. B. Huii.e, Misses K. Sib
er wrird, rreepin: or crawling ob-
Catbcrine McKln- jerts of natural history. A mnn-of-
JCeSSie Mcilregoi. war's turret crossing fields in nnd
Wenty      Smythe, mit  of ...alleys arri     throuch     fences
Clarence Lyons,  Jean     Bell,     George would  pr's..nt  a  spectacle  rambling ert     Dochard,      Ernest     Field,  Jean bald,  Hardie   Haggen   Hyatt   Eaton
Trimble, Victor Madden, Norah Aman  their progress. Fleming.      Hilda   Carnett,     Marjorie McLean,  ''laser   Bourne      lean  KiOP
Div. li.-Jr. Fourth B. stcwftrt "it is «,„aii wonder that ac.yt.ody (;arnctt, iM.lv Qlrard, Robert Hamii- Raymond Ireland McLennan McKen-
Burrldge, Willie Jamieson, Jack who saw m action one nf these ar- t,.n. Ruth Hamilton, Arthur Higgs, rf,, McCarthy Paget Creelman Wil
Cartwright. Sr. Third A. David W»t- mown motor-can—If car he aa allow- Donald Jamieson,    Agnes    Johnson, i0n,    a. Drquhart   N   Fleetham   f
son, Florence Hamilton),    Aimer Carl- able nam—should hold Up his hands. Jennie     Johnson.     Mar  Jok, Willie Lawrence,   Manning     Crowe       Holup
wn.                                                      They have broueht ft new element tn- McDonnell,     Isabel Mc.rcgor,    John ,\inSKrs   ,,,,rk sibbald    Corning   Kin-
Dlv.   III.    Si    Thirdl    Elmer  Stone, to the grim,   monotonous business of olscn.    BhJym  Parry. Line Peressini, riljl|    Brean,     Francis     and     George
N.UTis Crump, Corlnne Smythe.     Jr. war, trenches,  shells and bombs.     It John .Ross,     Helen  Roussel,     Aileen Wells,  Hornell   F   n   Wells     ll" Ivor
Third: Victor J ohn. on, Stuart Laugh was the "tanks" day and the "tank" Roberts, May Roberts.                       „,„  ' w  bows     Reynolds     Cordon
ton, Marjorie Cleland.                         made rood ,, ,   v.-Della Archibald. Elsie BrlU Morris,.Mayor McKinnon  Retchmn   '
Div.   IV.-Si    BeCOCll    He nal.1   .lam-     Tb.   "tanks" hnve added     nn     ele- Qeorgl   Cartwright,  Marv  Davis,  Cee-  : ■.: — !_
leson,      Malcolm      McFadyen,       Jena menl  ol  humor which    put the nrmy, ells Fall-. .lames Falls. Ev„ Fleming,   Robert   Laughton,      Irene     McDonell,
Fleming, *ydn Brill,     Willie   McDou- through n',1    Its ranks. Into n festive Rthel OtanstTOm, (Hire Higgs,     Hea-  Roddie McRae, Ernest  Needham, Har-
nell, (Jean Archibald, John Olscn).
Ji Third n Mnr Jok, Doris Abrahams..n, Teddy linker, Ernest Field,
Arthur Higgs, Emlym Parry.
Dlv. V.-First Reader Mary Dnvls.
Rthel Swanson. (leorga MrMnbon
Elsie BrlP, Ethel .linnstrom, Francis
Weils, Belli Archibald, Ptttt McKinnon, See..nd Reader Dl ii.lhy Moffat,
Alms  McMIIInn   Eva Weston. Heather
Kilpatrick, Laura white, Edgar Paul-
.' n      Bda erel Morgan.    George Cnrt-
. wright.  Erie NVlaori.
Pin vt -First Primer wintrr*!
Hirils M .rv Pappas, Rentrice Ppper,
Recond PrlmCT .Turk Wlnr. Pmrarh
Rl   vibe.   Dorothy   Fleetham.
D vTI .an Kwom-. ixittie Mr-
Callum   '■* thei Psrry,   Arnold Btom,
lOlel Field, Hon. menttnt) T.eslry
Tame, Ina t'lelland, Carl Whittaker.
thei Kllpatrlck, Jeffrey -;k.n". Oeorge old    Paulding,   Stanley Pughe, Jack
McMihon.   Alicia   McMillan,     Edmund Sherman,     Darragh    Smythe,      Quan
M"ri.an,     Edward   Morgan,     Herbert Wine.
•   Dorothy Moffat, Erie Nelson, Div. vn.   ina   cieiinnd,    Madeline
■   Paulding,   John Shaw,     Owen Coueffln,   Bernard  Drnge,  Irene Drage,
Smythe.   Dnrothy  TOWM     ftVB   WeJStOH Berths   Falls,   Violet   Field,    \.   riirard
i w.its. Laura White, Wlllmott Florence lohnson, San Kwong, Laura
stead McMahon, Helena Mlchelson,   Harold
Div VI, (First ..nd Serond Prltn- Nelson Aurslio peressini, Esther
ersej— France - C.,nenin Dorothy Fleet- Perry, G>ven Warner, Lottie McCal-
ham.  Ens (Jirar.l.     Jessie Jamiesnn, lum, Car] Whittaker,  Rosie Young.
The' decision oil ibe executive of the
provincial  Conservative    Association,
reached     at   a n ting recently held,
was thai a convention    of ( onsi i...
tives     we.uld not be held at present,
Bays  the  News Advertiser. Tbe Pon.iu
inn members and tbe    successful and
unsuccessful     provincial  Conservative
candidates were invited to the meeting and the question was thoroughly
threshed out at two meetings, in the
morning and afternoon.
Organization was discussed and a
change \\as made in the ollicers of
the executive, but other details of the
meeting are shrouded in secrecy. Mr.
A. B. Plants, the president, resigned
on account of being a candidate, and
Mr. H. L. Edmonds, the vice president was elevated to his position.
Mr. A. .1. C. Weeks of Vancouver
second vice-president, becomes first
vice-president, Mr. H. C. Cleasby of
Merritt is now second vice-president.
The position of third vice-president
has not been tilled. The executive is
te. iu. et again in two weeks. It wa3
also decided to add to the executive
representatives from each of the new
federal ridings. At preserlt the federal
iidings have seven representatives.
In future they will have 13'.
The meeting was enthusiastic and
several stirring speeches were delivered, one fr..m Premier Bowser being
particularly notable. Mr. C. M. Wood
worth, who has not been a familiar
figure at Conservative gatherings
lately, was in attendance and also
Since the elections thc question of
holding a Conservative convention
lias been earnestly discussed whenever two or three Conservative heads
came together, and this was the chief
matter before the meeting. On this.
..pinions have been much divided.
Some have contended that nothinu- is
ever lost by trusting the people,
that a convention would reawaken interest among the rank and file, would
inspire enthusiasm and do much to
restore the party's shattered fortunes
and that the question itt leadership
might be considered now that eo
many of the former guiding spirits
had fallen by thc wayside. Others advocated a period of watchful waiting.
They believed in giving the Liberals
plenty of rope and considered that a
convention might later assist in the
execution. The executive seems to
have reached a compromise. In the
meantime the question of leadership
in the legislature is left to the elected  Conservative members.
Many of the old war horses were
present. Premier Bowse: was a Conspicuous figure, premier for only a
few .lays more, and leader of a sadly
diminished host. But defeat has had
im power to dim "thc fire in his eye
that lowed the will." Mr. R. F.
Green was present, an astute counsellor, oue who knows more about
elections than most, who is said to
enjoy tn large measure the confidence
of Sir Robert Borden an.l who Is never tired of caring for the Interests ol
Kootenay, the constituency hi repre
suits and In whicb be spent n
bib early days in the province. It Is
said that w. \. Anstii, n ai a
the Fonst Mills of British Columbia,
.mII try conclusions with 'Bob" at
tbe next Dominion elections, but whoever defeats Ml, l.Mciii |g| Kooteuay
will  have  tO      go     some.      Mr.   J.   H.
Si hofleld v., then . one of the few
Conservatives    who   secured .,
factory  majority at  the elections,  but
Jim" has riur.-c.l Trail to some purpose. H. S. Clements from ComoS
'..Hin ii'iit diirnity to thc scene and
Vancouver was well represented In
thc persons ..f the Premier, Dr. McGuire, c E risdall, \\. N. Carty
11"  secret ai y. and ol hi c ■ embers.
The old timers were glad to III
Hen. Thomas Taylor, no longer r.-
pres. ntal ive of P.cvclstokc, but still
Mmist.r of Public Works.
Itoads Taylor" has almost ended, for
a time at least, his long career ol
eight years as a eablnel minister, He
feels somewhat hurt that bis old-time
friends in RevelstOkS, who at the
preceding election returned bim by
acclamation, should have turned him
down thi" time by so ^oltd a majority, but he is not repining. Kevelstoke
Good Showing  Made   by   So
ciety   $100.00 on Hand and
Large bupply of Material
I'he following Is a summary of   the
cash state tm nt    eef    che     eRevelstoke
Red Cross Society from November 1,
1 115, to Octobei  21,  I'M.
Ri ceipts,
DEnti'' ■      L083.X6
i rivate •    Bcripl Ions     7' '<.±7>
■ ■  bi]   feef       387.26
Exp n lltun b.
ie ! i roas     601.61
E nti: tain ni nts     120.30
Supplies   1611.26
Labor       19.86
Set balance in bank on     Nov.
1,  1915     2H.06
Received since   i
Disbursements     j.M.X'.:'.
Actual credit  balance     I1 0.68
O.s. cheque   2r.
Halance in  bank   ae  at  Oct. 24
1916     100.43
With a deposit of $32.10     on    Oct.
2f. the balance     now    in   the bank is
The following report of the retiring
president  of the    Red Cross
was omitted last  week ejwini: tee ;,.rk
of space.
Balance now in bank  (16.00
Local Red Cross   32.10
Total 4<e.:n
Supplier on hand 160 yards khaki
flannel. 25 yards llannelette. 138 Ibe
yarr (exclusive of yarn held by members for distribution l, 26 balls cotton
16 shirts rut out. is •....: as -. ■ - \
societies to hear from.
A raffle is   now    under   way,     for
which 1000 tickets are being sold.
Help Prisoners
of War fund
Central Schexd,
Revelstoke, Nov. 1, 1916.
At the request of Mrs. Sillltoe, tbe
teachers ,: this school bave broueht
this department of the Red Cross
w..rk to the notice of their children
and the pupils responded as stated
Dlv.  II.   Miss Falkener 	
ril.—Miss McLennan ...
IV.-Miss  Field 	
V.—Mrs. Telfer 	
\ i.—Miss Ireland 	
VII.-Miss Hyatt 	
This amount has been forwarded to
Mrs.  SiUltoe.
 - him much,    lie la the architect
of the famous road which runs a mils
up in the air along the la .Hour*
. li . ■    '    .•        . .. d the
Dominion government    to .i...arc the
is.      lt  was    be
who built In that   city    the    court-
which     ia   .i- j i ide and who
a  .ii,  . • et hos-
.   [oi  without tha
.- .i,.-i.ii.' nee ol  tbe govt: n-
; ii at ei bave
•   It • ..: that
Dr. wm h. Mi. Taylor's
■. ucceesfiil    opponent, llVM aud  moves
and     has     most     >•!  Mis  being, The
"DoC"   ;-  a ■        ■■ toi   aiiel   P    i
and the people were •■(     the ■■.
tbat it was time .'or a change' and .-■
■  thai  "1 om" haJ
■    :  •
..nt  .'ball's.
•   Burrell, British   Colum*
min ster at . itta*
led ' i     ;i.    He
wai bai His vi dts   t_>
I he i roi Inci to wl l. b be i iwee hi*
ire few and fat
between. Some fotglv( bim be. ause ol
tbe injury be sustained at the Parlla
ii.i n- Building lire .md beeai.se ol hi:
reputed ill health, Bome are not bo
consider! te, \ sneouver'a ■
ber. Mr, H. H. Stevens, wai I I 'I
seen, but  be is better     empli yed    at
Ottawa,     where   he has b lillgent
in removing \ay ol
11 .■. ard
:ne the greatest shipbuilding port on
the Pacific Coast. PACK TWO
I —
cbc fl&ail-lberalb
Published every Saturday at
e_M lil-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
F,   ■■    GIGi IT,  Manager and    Editoi
• ■■
'.M'Mr.ll   I,   WIG.
■ .
lasclnation tor
th .'outl       i. urpasse i  by
, i m   result  ol
bee     i I . .i.e.   e
;e  iii i  movement    It
n    t. v.ns.   Wher
:      playgi .unds I a re
■ i. cess,     Regu
ted | •      rotes lesson    ol  disci-
' it b    ileasui e,      an.l
tin.' in upon the
:    ■■ .rity    ol    asea the  play-
rigtnally      esl ablisbed
citizen      who     bad
hildi en  at   heart..
il  . hi   n -i .(ireni   has  led
: . muni. Ipalit ie
ikinj    appr..] rial ions
'   i
I •   for  the     nlay-
cold weat her, n
.■v/.,   the Bkat -
he  , : '. ided.     Muni
•    ioi • rinks     have
•  the     b b '
itti action    to the
on sb ighs or
■   pul I .   strce! s, bot b
■    in      prov i .
. ■: . ' ...    I   grounds,   va
- s oi    ither opi n spaces may
The • ting    i ink     is    a
labh      nvestmenl
lies i 'easuri   . . I
to the i , as an offset
:   roads     for
ilea     or other
owe vei
0   .
citizens Irrespective of pnrty. A
specimen wns the statement made ln
a Toi onl.. ni Paper the other day
tee the oflect that the Prime Minister
replied to the sharp criticism of a
leading R onti 6.1 ir by askin ;     to   bi
' I ..Mien:;   that     he  had  to  go
to   plaj   golf.      The      idea      evidently
ought te, be conveyed by that story
is thai the Prime Minister plays goll
.viien he ought to be grappling with
tl rio ii business of state, against
biting Sir Robert Borden Is
! . liarlj ■ al m for everybody knows
that he is work, r,   arid
:.      da ly audienci   to n on   visitors
in        v • ..:;..      ii;,   head
e if ,. i anad an ■.-. < rn nent before, lt
is a :. irvel  I dli   ose      oJ   so
He leaves noi bini   u i
'in ic,   md do     e        • thor. iui bly
Phe a the Item
inve     referred    I equalled  by the
Id.tj    If tb        il ii  of It  had tak
:.    I t of th.      ct t    •!   Sir  Rob-
ei lamed for the long hours
in    greal   -■     : of his daily toil the
:  olish     '...■ ti     about  golf would riot
The Great Body-Builder-
fWtL. /"
%___s ____\
Call for it at the FOUNTAIN or RESTAURANT.
i l    [streets tun    com) lied statistics
I hal   Hi   per  cent.   , t      the
failures are among thi    non-advertis-
■ rs.     . • ■ in ri h in   ivho -iocs not be-
tin   use oi printer's Ink,    has
re ii ed  ai Ight.     The failure
i'    results     is   nof chargable
idvi               bul   aga  isl   the
dch i        done. Ad itrt 1s-
ng is tb    i    ■   rn creative toi ce, positive .;       ioti        that     has
i a•>     bl i- es     iif
but     on       [ grown     be-
i ol    nd
ft ' of  uc
titiun -the     promotor     of
righl il        • .li.,:',   o. the
mail  oi Its basic ] rinci-
■ ..    ;    .: ,m ness    '   n idian   Ji weler,
: ■   i   M,   ; Hi     si '     B.C.!
: ill nmenced,
:.       e      :.
..    ouvei    1
II     Pi '     ■
■ ■    •
if   a
'      '
council following the publishing ol his
letti r but  he     has noi   n Ut t.o do
so as yet. If any citizens are intcr-
I'.-iei! enough lu Mr. Smythe's charges
to attend the next meeting of the
City Council, the whole ol the lnsimi-
al ion e.f Mr, Smythe w ill be explain
en for 11 .'ii . en.tii and the benefit of
Mr. Smythe—should he be 'ind
. to ittend. The City Council
and myself have nothing i" conceal.
Our work this year is an open book
foi any citizen te. in i tigate ;,i Ins
pleasure but it should be done where
wi .ii. present and have an opportunity lo reply. To my knowledge Mr.
Smythe  Mas  not  brought   any  of    lib
■ -i mas or charges te. the attention of the council (t ie first place an
ilderman should air his grievances,
instead eef in the Btreet l. While I do
not wish to be unchai Itable to Mr.
-M iyt he, for as far as I know we arc
still friends aril Will I Old inue to bo
so e en after Mr. Smythe has paid
!iis  hack light accounts,  I  cannot   let
Mr.   Si lythi M   letti r   pass  withoul   Bay
ing that in    several tl ances     Mr,
-'  vt hc     Is either a st rangi r to tbu
t ruth or else he know    '       a hout the
ity'f     finances    and I    lm     than I
gave hi ■   '■ ''lit   f'er.      \s    for    being
It.     ring those       ai I ers up in
the council during Mr. Smythe's pre*
ence, Mr,  Smythe knows better than
ind   f think   Mrs  i  ill t   be one of
Mr,  Smythe's little Hallowe'en jokes.
Mr.     Smythe's   remi val from the fi-
came     up   und r it -^
proper 1 ling, namely, new busings
and     in     the order laid dowr  in the
city     bylaw      and 1 wi uld have pre-
ferred t.   brine it    up It hie presence
if bis absence.     Before   con-
da.tin" I  i ould     again like to Bay I
•   thintr 1     c ii ce • .    In    Bome
■     on nun     I  n ty have mndo
■ ' • I red to .".ns-
"• t     foi      tl          ■ '  ' blame
me, and  1  will not
• ry to put  my blame on     om<     i  ie
r my own
ir     valuable
space, Mr. Editor, 1 am,
Yours truly,
H.  K.   McKlNNON
The following Uritish Columbia im'n
wire  inerii u.ned  in   this week's casual-
t M'S
Lance-Corp,    Alexander    I liilhollard,
\ ane.aver.
t .  He rt   Nankl fell,  Victoria,
. m Ifred Pigott. Cranbrook,
Pte.   losepb Gordon     Steele,     Ool-
Pte,  VV. IM  Smith, Cray Creek, B.O.
Corpl,   IM    I.     Chamberlain,     3949
Prince Kdward street, Vancouver.
P .. M.  R.  McCuaig, Box  194,   Victoria,
i te'. I I, tries i ee'.M rs, 1046 Mears St.
\ ict, ria,
• ,!   s.  v    Thompson,    2971
-tr.et, Vancouver.
Pte.  P.   M.  Barr,  19  1  Parker Street,
. at couver
Pte. George Carson, Salmon Arm.
Sergt.  .1.  l-M Gouldlng, Nelson.
Pte.  Noble   lames Henry Arn.atrong
Harry John   Augustine,     shell
shock. Snath Vancouver.
:     Howard     Stephen     Craves,
1 11 1 ,  Vancouver, or Lotus Hotel.
Pte,   fohn   Henry     King,     gunshot
\ ,','l'i  Tiloof.
Pte,   \i"Mni   Gerald Botton, contused !"•' k,   . Ictoria.
I'te.    Thomas      11.aland      Dempster,
t   1 ip;    Montforrr.il P.O., Vlc-
William Joseph  Stevens,    shell
\   ncouver,
.'    Ward  Wilson.      gunshot.
N  .'   Wi Btminster.
1 'ames  Argue, Cranbrook.
' ickson, Nelson.
Pte. .1. HaU, Burton City, B.C.
ie.   1   •'    • in v, RosBland.
■ it    '    Mills, Fifth Street,     New
;rsr "t^TieS—5}
'.hey are so thor-
i. arly every bil
i> jSm. .-.
:ou the
• . . I lab : ■
■  by 3«
ros., Ltd
It Is
This Twist
ff     7   m_\
1.1 mt
% :■■ ■::.
m '•--
,  ■ 1
T "
y.5m\L'4f}¥ I
• ii
I r denlel    'II
1 . name.
1; Ui   I IMITKD
■ li N! C A T I f
of   til
11 Mdei .   esh- I
-yraur™   ■■ 1  li   thl   Mali   It
•     '   ,     ..     ■••   ■   .  f. ■ of explani
I        1      Un    Mi si       nl .1 e       (Me.'in      letters
..Vi vou.d ha "• m     the
■ e   im :    hnmbei   bi fore   1   '   I nd    Mr,
_——___—~m I Smythe ..'i.ei   ■•.  ta.   meeting ol    the
GENI RA1    i>i:/U I
FURNIT1 ■ .:•• '.     PECIALITY
Pho     - Nipl.t I'd »ne 346
23 per cent
25 per cent
All  cTVIillineiy- will be sold
at    25   per   cent    Reduction
Jladies Shoes
We are showing aU the latest novelties in   Ladies'     Shoes,
made by the best manufacturers.
Smardon   Shoes,  every pnir guaranteed,  In  patent  and kid,
with 10 inch tops,   rriccs $5.50 to 7.50.
Slater Shoes,   higli top.   Price $6.00.
Womens Underwear
e9n is)inter ideighl
Exceptional good quality at moderate prices.
Women's Vests, good p.ui llty, price 50 cents.
Women's Vests, all wool, price  S1.00.
Combinations, prices   $1.25 to 3.00.
Fred Young 8? Co,
Paotory Phone _!(>1
I'.O.Itox 181
Residence Phone ill
Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
O. W. Abrahamson,  Proprietor
\Ve_c.in lill any orders of windows or doors or anything
in tlie factory line
We   also  carry  a  complete stock of building uiaterals
What's in a Name ?
Well, it just depends. When you hear of Hobso Bread
you naturally feel hungry. The crisp brown eite-.ar and
the appetising white inside are both signs of tha good
flour we use and the care we take to bake lt just righi.
Try it for yourself—we do not fear the result.
Phono   !1
Box 734
Men's Outfitter
Fur Buyer	
Complete   Line   of   MEMS   WEAR
Union Hotel,
A. P. I.BVBSQDB, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
J. Albert Stone. Proprietor
Suitably furnished with the
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rutes $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Our CARBONATED BEVERAGES aie manufactured from absolutely pure eyrups and thrice filtered water. Their use is beneficial to HEALTH and a preventative of DISEASE.
Try our Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, Ginger Beer, &c. The mountain water Is rot Simon    Pure ln tbe good old summer time.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers
Direct Importers 'SATURDAY, NOVEMBER'4, 191G.
Write tn-<l.ly for I l.f 1916.17
.1.! PageatllUhtratrd, which shows besaatlfiil ..tylinh
mr gets and Mn cn,nn mo.lcjrat.ely priced, and al*) ttivn.
ft4 Pri.rs.   $.100,00 la CASH given away free
Address ai folTowal
mk** Limited
363 Hallam E!dg., Toronto
GI NS, traps, animal bait, nets       Vt,
nnd supplies are described and priced
iu our 32 page Sportsman's Catalog which
w mail free,
RAW FURS—Wearethelargesl Cash Ruyer
of Raw Pure direct from the Trapper In Canada.—
Uur Kuw l'"ur Quotations sent Free.
rhat iM ■ above was a brilliant suc-
oess, there la not the shallow of a
doubt. To the writer, who was present at Mi8c Boyd's former (and lirst i
. ■    tal, th. ress made by her pu
pils is simply astonishing and those,
pupils who, for tho first
time     appeared     on      a public
platform, "made good" in _ way
that musl satisfy even one whose
standard il pi rf tl m is so High as
that of the Instructress, That Miss
Boyd specializes in time is very
marked, and Mer success In instilling
■ he m • Into I er pupils is most
gratifying. Even the tiny tots of
some seven  years  played their     little
liny pieces in perfect time. I hope to
have ih' pleasure of hearing little
Dorothy Dornberg at Miss Boyd's
nexi  recital.
Among the elder pupils, feeling,
tone, tin'- expression and Interpretation, with brilliant execution, united
e, accurate time, rendered the concert on.' of thorough enjoyment for
the audience.
Am. n.  th.' advanc  '     ■ ■■■ thc
Misses Brown, Miss Dickie, Miss
Laughton and .Miss Armstrong Bhow
quite exceptional musical talent.
Liszt's Rhapsodies   Ho i    NM.. '7.,
■ ■ii" ..f thu ie osl difficult .if a difficult
composer, waB rendered My Miss Ruth
Brown ir. masterly style', ami the
fact of having 'en a pupils' recital
progran thai piece, so e.ften played
hy world famed pianists, "must have
given immense gratification to Miss
Boyd, as iho fine    nterpretatlon an.l
j execution of the same gave
\ audience intense pleasure.
In a program containing 35 items,'
given by 27 pupils, it is impossible to
individualize each item, but one can-,
not refrain from noting the vuBt im-j
e ni made by the Misses Mc-
Carty, Tomlinson, Ahrahamsou,
Trimble, Suth.Miami, Seigfried,
Bourne and Mackenrot, At this point
perl i a my readers would forgive a
tion that, at future recitals,
when as everyone knows, the performer's nerves are screwed up to
bri •     "int.   the  audience     would
rei from  talking  during the    con
cert,     an 1     give each artist a silent
beai thi   remarks heing reserved
.or  i!;      'Me i val   or   end.
refre ihm nts     served at
th       ale, werc ably presided over by
Mrs. T. K .patrick and Mrs. 0. Abra-
' ■ I  by    many     of     the
■ Me.     hi '1  already given'
easure,    Miss Boyd herself.
looked   rerj   "harming      in a gown of
Mi    '       n'non veiling primrose silk
.   ■ ;;       rich oriental sash
to     the I    Money is heing collected in the Kas-
| lo schools for the Belgian relief Fund.
Restored To Health By Vinol
Atlce, Va.—"I was weak, run-down,
no appetite, my blood was poor, 1 could
not sleep nights and was rapidly losing llesh, but I am a farmer and had to
work. Medicines hud failed to help me
until I took Vinol. After taking three
bottles my appetite is line, 1 Bleep well,
my blood iH good and I am well again."
—Oblando W. Bobkky.
Vinol, whicli contains beef and cod
liver peptones, iron and manganese
peptonates and glycerophosphates, is
guaranteed   for   run-down   conditions.
Walter Hews, Druggist, Hevclstoke
B.C., also at the best, druggists trail  Uritish   Columbia towns.
I. O.  O.  K.
Meets every  Tb.ur.eda7  eTenlnf 1»
Selkirk  Hall  at   8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially invited.
' JAMBS  MATHIE,  Secretary.
11L. U
Men Wanted for the Navy I
The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer |
T*  -__ J?--   -	
Reserves wants men for imme
diate service Overseas, in
the Imperial Royal Navy
ms of
of age. ^^^^^^^^
r wa   ' 1,    Free Kit.
ace, $30.00 monthly.
!a the 1. il  Recruiting Station
or ;
• ol Ihi   : I Service, OTTAWA.
Shipment From Nakusp Auxiliary     Apples For Soldiers
Will Meet Tuesdays Hereafter
;    Tb       gulai   ii i ! ihf   .it     tb.     Ked
' :      tj   was hi ..I  in  the     ,M.O.
\.        ■.'.' .n   day, with the pn   denl.
IM .-.   • .   .:.  Pratt,  in thc   chair.      -u
. mem • i   .present.
The C'lasolidated Mining & Smelting Co,
ol Canada.  Limited
•-, Sal.- ting and Refining De
Purchasers of Gold. Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
THAI!   I..: WU PU. [.I. VH. BLUKSTOXE   ' "■.'
Tlie   Hank   will   make  advances   against   approved   farmer!
sales notes,    l.lunt. t.slc note, un application at all brenchei.
REVELS fOKE BRANCH,   A. 15. >;..•    ".NEG1    ■
• at-  day     will be
i pi lci   ol  Wednesday.    Thc
business n.eeting will be held the sec-
Ur.d      ruesday     ol    each month at 4
p.l ..
Lett rs were read from   the follow-
..   Secretary of the Lleutenant-
nor    of     B.C.,      acknowledging
for     168.09,  collected iu  Revel-
ir t he M. Itish jt.-'-i Cross Fund.
Mrs.  . iii'. mer of the O.F.C.C.  wrote
.   the     societj  for a donation
. " towards the Christmas fund
for thi        diers.     A  letter was    read
fro . the   ■ mcouver branch enquiring
ol apples for the boys.
iu.  f...' $25,   .     was    received
■   Gold  Range Lodge Knights
ythi.:-    and   . donation ol J5.00
•'       roceeds  e.f a dance given
b;  th   . it   ' ns   ' !ori s, I let. 26.
Thi   L.O.L   very kindly oflered     the
:: of theii   hall    for     entertain-
tings, etc.
was    received
Its ol pyjamas,
elplesf  shirts.
■ e! shirts,
_' pai      ed - i  s.
.    airs co - ■'•■nt shoes.
1  tiin-b cap.
. a
-   i napkins.
-' '1
14  I a rs of s.eCks.
work  banded in  is
as foil
Mrs. Wells,     Mrs.  .). Doyle, Greely;,
Mis.- : pairs socks each.
Mrs.    Flockhart,
nl      Mrs.  \. ].,.., Mrs. W. A.
, H.  Wood,  Mrs. S.  Orqu-
tfre   M. Hume,    Mrs. Tame, a
-  »r\ch.
••     n Washington
• ■ t] erlent lng con-
-"Ity in securing help of j
ht    md.
Big  Game  Cartridges
are the only rare kind to make your hunting trip the success you
expect it to be.   Velocity and accuracy are the two important features in
big game ammunition.
Dominion Cartridges
embody fully the<M requirement! md supplement them with the reliability that
comes Irom high quality material!, skillful workmanship and curcMil testing.
A lenitive primer thai Bathei doep into the powder Hives initant re»pon»e
to trigger and aim aod makai Domialon the high-power ammunition for
caribou, mooie, bear, deer and all Canadian bit tfaliu-.
A Bare "hit and Itop" is loaded into each cartridge (•> hack up theiportman's
a.m.    No matter what the b!.noting eoaditioni Dominion Cartridges
meet Ihe requirements
Write  today   lor  our   attractive picture
OhJBIook." M
Dominion   Cartridge Co.,     Dominion
I.I    llitl-.e. Ih.  mil,
<l'l     Trinmorlillon Bld,£.,
'A   Chip  of   the
|1   ,
../ ---
Peg ,,-.!    Dominion.      ^
_:  _. M-V .. ,\tr-.-.^Z ... .  —mmm
Phone 056
Revelatoke I-odge
Ne..   KH5
Meet*  i v.-r;.   Becond
and Fourth  ruesday
in   Sm; the's    Hall-
'lo. ,1 are cordiallj in
LAN K. FYFE, lii.;.
II. I.. HAUG.Soo.
Meets   every    Wednesday  evimlns
ut    8   o'clock,    in   HrtVirk  Hall.
ViHitinsr    brothere    eordlnllr  Invite*.     W. POTTRDFF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K of R. 8.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Hoofing:, Furtiaco Work nnd up-
to-date Plumbing
Workshop   Uoimauffhl Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      -    B.O.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular M.>etinKa ere etUl te
New Maaonic Hall oi tha Fomrtb
Monday In Nich month at 8 p.m.
VisitiiiK brethren ere cordially
C. n. SKH'NE, W.  M.
ROBT.   GORDON,   Peeratai-y
DR    T.   HEARD
lMl'ERIAL      B\NK
o M&Mim$
Bmmm of mm debei
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April anl 1st October by cheque .free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of n\i- per ccnt
per annum i".mm..' the date of purchase.
Holdei .his stock will have the privilege of surrendcrin] r and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of c_:sh, in paymc:'.; of any t -'.'Tent
made undei any future war lo.. i issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills      other like short date security.
Proceeds of '..his stock are for war purposes only.
A commis: ion of one-quarter of one per cuit will be allowed to recognized bond and s'-cck brokers on allotments made in respect of
for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ott.—.va.
OCTOEKS   7th,  1916.
ME & CO., LTD.
Famiiy t hoc
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
vv.1 .tui. ,o fbti mvi.ti._rT.
,*"f\r At rn.nitn iti pr ._
colore of Cream, White, Pink,
Flesh, Maize and Black. The
fine,    riimy Crepe bo fashionable
for waists, sleeves, etc. 40 inches wide,  at, per yard,     S1.75
OREPE-DE-CHENE,     all    colors,
fine, solt weave, pure silk, very
much used (or waists, dresse.-i,
and     in    combinati ins also for
p.iwns and underwear, at per
yard   $2.00
INM;  DRESSES  ne great variety
in     Silks,     Crspe-de-Chene   and
,J''i'gees;     also ?oii'.o very   pri
combinal lone of V i M et an I
and Serge and  silk.     A special
purchase. Dresses et SI5.00   to
 S25 00
Yard Wide     TAPPETTA     SILK,
Chill •:    finish.     All the leading
shades, Including Black;    scarce
J-    an 1 are sure to advance
in ;:    .     .'       :   \.ird   $1.75
IDUROY  VELVET,    27  inches
wide, !:■ xiile cord,   for
-   Coats,
eg White,
at pi r >;■.: 1      85c.
A  RUBBER POR EVERY KOOT—it. matters not what  your needs may
require, vre have that rubber for you. Moi       ■ - Chil
dren's Rubbers In every  .'arietj of shape    and    ityle,     Every i
"Maltese Cross" rubber -there is do better.
We n.ik.e a speciality of handling FIRST GRADES only.    The cost to
iM.  consumer Is very little mor."' than se. t the va ie    is    almost
double.   Try them and save' :;.oney.
We now  bave s complete line of a l Heavy Rub
bers in stock.
Try a jar of Express at 25c. or
a tin of King Reach at 75c.
Head and Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, Celery, Radishes, green
Onlone and Parsley.
Self Rising Du.kwbeat Flour in
Rogers Pure Sugar Syrup, I, t,
10 and 20 pound tlas.
Pride of Canada Pure Maple
Syrup, quarts and half gallon
Crown llrand^Corn Syrup, 1 and
5 pound tins.
Lyle's Kntriiih Syrup, t pound
Maple Flavored Syrup In quarts
i and 1 gallon tins.
Premium Hn D. minion H m,
Premium Rrcakfast Hacot, Dornlr--
ion Breakfast Bacon, Pea Meal
Back Bacon, Back Baeon «nd
Oooked Ham. '.TAGE -four
The name of Pte. J. Rushton ol
Revelstoke appears in today'B casual
ty list a* having "died of wounds."
A Red Cross tea will be held at the I'antuso,
residence of Mrs.  Pratt on November
W, McRae haa accepted a pt>sition
in Calgary.
Mrs. B. h. Atkins will receive on
Wednesday next. ,
W. IM Reid of Arrowhead visited
RevelBtoke on Wednesday.
Mrs. Frances Lawson Reade returned from Calgary Wednesday afternoon
The Kernaghan Lumber Company's
mills at Salmon Ann bave Meen des-
troyed by lire.
W. I. Briggs, accompanied by his
eon Lemuel, are spending a few days
bubting at  .Malakwa.
Mis, C. H. Clay will receive on
In.luy. November 10, and hereufter
( n every s"cond Friday,
Tli.' overseas Boldlers' vote shows a
majority f.ii woman's siiiTrage, the
figures being   For, :;77_; against, 3461.
.... Hobson accompanied by lus
daughter Alberta, left on Tuesday
oigbt '.ii - trip ie. bis old home near
picton, Ont. lt is J.i years since Mr.
Hobson was lust there. He expects to
be away .■' M'ast a month.
Tb.- ladies' gymnasium class met at
the R.Y.M.C.A. for tbe first time
Wednesday evening. Thc ladies expect
,i good class and a Mie.; time this win-
ter and invite any one interested to
:orr.e     next    Wednesday     evening at
eight o'clock.
One of the ratepayera of the city
who was charged with stealing electric current, appeared before police
iglstrate A. E. Kincaid, on Monday, and was fined $5.00 and cnstB
and was ordered to pay the city for
the ..mount .1 current stolen, amoun-
ttns ... *9.75.
•lohn Burman was committed for
trial on a charge eef resisting arrest
and assaulting a peace ollicer at Win-
dertu re, He elected foi jury trial,
whicb will take place either at Karre-
ioops ar Revelstoke assizes. F. B.
Hill appeared for the prosecution and
H 'I. Lockwood for the defence.—
i Mil len  Star.
There may nave been ni.me who did
not attend the Rean Supper in the
MethodiBt Church on Hallowe'en
night, but they were few and the
loss was theirs. Tbe ladies of the
church assisted by the Epworth
League girls put up a real old-fashioned New England supper, baked
beans, ham, doughnuts, apple pies,
pumpkin pies, jellies, salads, more
pies inl then some. Though the
Crowd wU; the largest ever at this
.n-. ..1 '. i-t. late comers fared as
well .is the earlier Minis which speaks
.ell for the provision store prepared
by the ladles, The sum ,,( $G6.(KI was
their reward financially,
Leon Coursier, the. second son of
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Coursier, arrived
. this week from Toronto. Three
yeais ago Leon left here to comn.ence
his course of study in dentistry m
Tor.nte, Dental College. Hy taking
the     Fourth year  immediately follow-
in.pl.     -. of th.' third ti
tbis sprint:, ail th" class  ,vere abl.
graduate this fall.   Leoi   -oeek  hon  rs
in his   final, receiving the degrees of
L.D.S.   and  D.D.S.      II.-    ha-  a] :
and been accepted for service overseas
and will probably  leav.   I       oin     his
<     Many at Calgary about     N
In the     :■     nl     • r.'...yin_:   .
well-earned   reel - -  with his
tfter three years' -
!'      Harry  Ro dnson reached     her
• at   Pingston last  Sunday     with
i.er four children, the el
i.- onl r seven,     T
Robins n    sailed nd 1
her . !', home. During -.1 th
event ol the var sh-.- has lived near
tbe ■ entre 'ef • - .-. Ireland anel
has n;. Interesting tales to tell.
'•■*» " " ■ Cent la last month in
steamship "ti had
the thrilling experience has-
ed      by     a M'rman *■ .'■ ■  nnne for  It
-!•■• the capta r.'s    Rkili   m
• ering saved them     from    the
■  ■    of th» Lusltania,  Mrs   RoMlnson
• e wife of Harry Robli - mer
foreman in T' nt- to re . Limber
Mrs. J. II. McKenzie has
guest Mrs.  Micklcjohn.
aa    her
.Mrs.   Cormier  returned    last
from an extended holiday.
M.   K.
visit  to
McQuarrie,   C.P.R.    resident
Kevelstoke,  paid an otticial
(uilden    ou  Monday
Tells How Vinol Made Her Strong
In      r eigl ' ■   ei '.nd year  Mr •
Wicke ahi in. .ef Kusselli ille.  Pa
"I  lu- m  i run ■!.■■■■ ii. fi i bli	
aod   i,.t/l   !   -i   111 i.     A   Dl :,■■■    .i     ■ 1
m'   t- ttj   ■      I, and .■                    two
bottl. rei urned     I   mn
gaining   in   fl •   up my
hea-ltr,    arel   i   . Ine   f..r   a
ft.'Bai around .net
Hie   i
in    Mrs     V
-'e suecesssful
waa   beai fill Itli'llld
I .OIS.'      It     1 ..ill.
d   Mi  ...nl.:  ... .   u.
Waiter news, Drier i. Revelstoke
B.C .i i. at the lest di ugglats in
all  British Columbia townB.
Geo. Ross of the Canadian Customs
Vernon, spent, tin weekend iu RevelBtoke,
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Urquhart have
moved into Dr. Macl.ean's house on
First Street.
Mrs. R. ,). Stewart has as her
eguest her lather, R. Davis, superintendent of the Cascade Mills.
Sir Qeorge Perley has been ap-;
pointed head of Militia Council to be
formed in England.
Everett Cameron came up from
Vernon Camp Saturday and spent the
week-end .vith his parents, Mr. and
Mis. II. ('. Cameron.
Mrs. Walter Hews nnd three children returned Saturday Inst from a
three months' visit to Mrs. Dews'
mother, Mrs. Fee, in Ontario.
Owing to an error it was stated
that the adult bible class would bold
a tea at the home of Mrs. Laing on
Saturday eveninir, November 18. This
should have read "afternoon" in-.
sie.ui of evening.
Mr. L. Hook, representing tho
House of Hobberlin, will be at the
McRae Shoe Store on Monday, Nov-:
ember fi, with a full range of winter
suitings and overcoats. A cordial in-
vitation is extended to all to inspect
this line.
The death occurred at the Queen
Victoria hospital on .Monday night ot
Charles Woods, one of the old timers
In tins district. The funeral was held
from H. Howson .t Co.'s undertaking
parlors on Wednesday, Rev. Mr. Lar-
der officiating. The pall-bearers were
H. Parkei, J. Mclntyre, Frank
Young and M.  Stortz.
Hallowe'en pranks on the part of
the youth ot the city consisted of
gates stolen ur fences pulled dowu,
indicating that the youthtul celebrants ol the time-honored occasion
were as acti''e as UBUal. Some lads
Beemed to consider it fun to ruin
property and a number of windows
were broken. But nothing very serious in the way  ol   damage was done.
The lollowing extract from The
Mumiius of Iowa State College will
be of interest t.i many Ln Kevelstoke-
"Dean Catherine MacKay was paid
th. high le.nor the past summer of
being el icted ; resident of the Nat
ional  11" i'   Economi. .     ■   in,
tt  their annual c n- ■ nti .. at  Ithaca,
\ \    i iv, i   (OO teachers     I I
were present. Miss Mabel
Bentley of the Extension Department
ind   Miss Grace   3cheri erhorn of the
■• ,n I'ather-
im   MacK  y is s       I - ipt. J.
M    McKay,     o! the Canadian
Railwaj ■ it
the': -       -
■   .  '  .
casion ai
te a
te next
- •
■   ■" ted I ient
•  ■
ir the
B hitherto carried on    at.     W
■      •
"Shell |
■ny    Limits I   with  a  capital  of     \WJWn,     and
to    i    i,
'   " i
id pro
te t*      ■ ,.,,  The
n ■       Fo mdrj
I    ■   | Ital     '   'Mi,'"'e  anl     bi ''I
eii carry or. i.imi
neat -in Iron founders, etc w. W,
Moore, t.i. ted , Vnnrrttiver com-i
r.nny, vith n Capital of |6,M0, will
Carry on bin in'""s „.. dealers in dslry
products; the Dum a* Otflh rvimnnny,
ted, will conduct a portal club In
The Alaska Engineering Commission
will ask Congress   for    between .$10,-
Golden 000,000 and *11,000',000 for     construction expenditures on the government
,.,,,., , , railroad during the next fiscal vear.
Mr. and Mrs. Uentley,     who     have
been residing in Kevelstoke, have On Sunday afternoon at 1 the Sun-
again taken up residence in Oolden.— day Soni; service will be held in the
Golden Star.
T. Kilpatrick, public works engineer
went up the valley on Tuesday in
connection with the work of his de-
partrr.ent.—Golden star.
Gwen  Heavysides,     Frank
Sirianni,  Vittoria  Sirianni,  Margaret
McSorley. Percentage attendance .3.40
Div. VIII.—Receiving   class:     Ethel
Bourne,     Nora Carlson, Arthur Carlson, Lyall Crowe, Carlo DeArcaagelo,
Alice Deane, Prank De Foe, Edith De
Foe,  Ireao Desimone,     Beryl Donaldson, Gregora Fuoco,    Laurel Garrett,
Mellow   Guzzo,     Dorothy     Hayward,
Frances Hay, Thclma Kenward, Mary
association lobby for one hour.   Rev. L,auricnte,     Nora Lee, Irene Morgan,
II.  C,  Freeman  will address the gath- William    North,      Marjorie   Shepherd'
ering.  Soloist:   Leo Baker.     Tbis ser-  Bessie Singer,  Vitoria  Sirianni, Dom-
vice is run on railroad time,  -1 to 5, inik  sirianni,     Eugene  Squarebriggs,
his Stanley   Sutherland,     Cecil Tapping.
FOR SALE—65 quarts Fruit for US,
or single quarts, 25c. All varieties^
Apply Box 772, Revelstoke.
WANTED—Smart boy or young man.
Excellent opportunity to learn good
trade. Apply Mail-Herald.
so that every man can lill     all
B. M. Farris of V ancouver passed
through the city yesterday on an extended trip to Eastern cities. Mr.
Farris is a brother ol W. B. Farris.
Vi. E. Hall of Halls Lauding, the
well known rancher, und liis bride
returned last woek from his honeymoon, which was spent iu the coast
Rev, B. C. Freeman gave an interesting talk to the boys last Saturday
morning, after a swiiij, lfi In attendance. His subject: "Principles aud
Power." Every boy went home cherishing new ideals.
Never was there greater' interest
shown in the bowling than tbis year.
There are eight teams in the league
aud there is still room for those who
enjoy the pastime .to catch a place
on a team at the Y.M.C.A.
other engagements.
Mr. L. Book, representing the
House of Hobberlin, will be at the
McHae Shoe Store, on Monday, November 6, with a full range of winter
suitings and overcoats. A cordial invitation is
Ibis line.
Average  attendance,  37.04;   percentage
The Adult Bible Class of St. Johns
church will hold a tea at the home
extended to all to inspect of JUl'B' &• w- Laing on Saturday
afternoon, November 18. There will
be a culinary table and sale ol homo
made cooking.
Union Clothing Fire Sale is still on. :
As the present premises are not suit-!
able for cold weather, prices are cut
so low that the goods should be all
sold before the real cold weather sets
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Son.
There's  comfort  in  co "»iug      with
Coursier's Coal.
FOR SALE—Heater, No. 170 Blazer,!
globe design, perfect condition. Ap-|
ply 19-1  Second Street West.
It is reported that motor cars are
now being built with complete success in Japan. The I output is not
large so far, but the industry is
steadily growing aud the machines
are said to be well made,     while the COULTHARD—At the Queen
Mrs. Pratt will be hostess at a
Red Cross tea to be held Nov. 11.
There will be a culinary table and
home made candy. It is hoped there
will be a good turnout as the President is very anxious to meet all
those interested in the work of tho
society. A silver collection will be
taken at tho door.
WANTED—Experienced young Japanese wants housework. P.O. Box D,
Jack Ebata.
WANTED—Men and Women, canvassing experience preferred, to retail
Rawleigh's Medicines, Toilet articles, Extracts, Spices, Stock Remedies, Poultry Supplies for city and
town trade. Largest line, greatest,
variety, lowest prices known anywhere. Terms: cash or time. Backed
by four million dollar concern. Address Tbe W. T. Rawleigh Co., Ltd.
1025 Gunnell St., Winnipeg, Man.,
L'iving age,  occupation,  references.
FOR SALE—Two fi foot Showcases.
Apply Union Clothing Co., Revelstoke, B.C.
The Ladies  Aid of    the     Methodist
church  will   bold  their  annual  bazaar
on   Friday,  November  17,   in    Howson
prices are comparatively low.
Mr. W. A,. Storey, Western Boyi'
Secretary of the National Council,
Y.M.C.A., spent two days iu Revelstoke. He gave a talk to the older
boys on thc standard efficiency tests.
He also interested tbe junior boys,
numbering 26, on the present war and
the man ol the future. Mr. Storey
left on Tuesday midnight for Calgary
Hospital on  November 3,
wife of W. J. Coulthard, a
to the
ijiiikirk School
The voting ou the prohibition
woman's -uflrage referenda will
tinue     until the eud of the year,
Div. 1.—Rebecca Bell, Ernest Brad-
haw, Seeord Curtis, Hamerick De
aud Blass, Frank Donaldson, George Don-
con- aldson, Doreen Freeman, Marie (lood-
but win,  Albert    Henderson,  Victor Hool-
NOTICB to Assessed Persons holding
agreements to purchase, HouBe-hol-
ders and License-holders.
1. All persons apncarlng on the assessment roll of the City of Revelstoke, who are holders of agreements
to purchase the property for which
tbey are assessed, must file the necessary declaration at the City Hall
on or before 5 p.m. on the 3flth day
of November, 1916, otherwise their
names will be omitted from the Voters' List.
2. Agent., for Corporations not registered last year must register on or
Position Wanted
by efficient young man, open for
immediate appointment; ten years'
experience; book-keeping, typewriting, buyer, salesman, ad. writer, correspondence, etc. Any position requiring good executive ability. Box 123, Mall-Herald.
p.m. on the :ilst day of Oct- "**
otherwise   their names will be'
it is probable that only a small pro- ey,     Hazel  Johnson,     Beverley Ken-  neforc November _0th and"uny chang.
portion of votes are yet to be     cast,  ward,  Muriel  Laing, Aileen Lawrence, es necessary must he made before tbe
The total number of ballots    counted Muriel Lyttle,     Evatt    McCleneghan, above-mentioned date.
iB 9327, of which 1628     were   spoiled.  Harvey   McLean,   Margaret   McMahon,'    ;;.  All licrsorfl  being     house-holders
The prohiLdtlon vote overseas ies-. For,   lack Murray,  Louis    Patrick,     Mary [,nd license holders     in     the City of
2061;  against, 5260.     The    Vancouver Porta, Muriel Southworth, Pearl Tev- Revelstoke  must     file    the necessary
vote is   For, 475, aguinst,    1527.     In mi, Gordon Young,  Alma Lee.    Aver-  declaration at the City Hall   on     or
Victoria: For.   118; against,   S.S2.     No  ag" attendance 45.5, percentage 94.60., before 5
place  in  tb'   province has a majority     Dlv.  II.—Valentine   Carman,     Jack ober,
for prohibition in the soldiers' vote.     Carmichaei,     Aura   r'orning,     Bldon omitted from the Voters' I
Corson,      Eerri"  Donaldson,   Ivy  Don-—— 	
aldson, Hilda Gallicano,    Ruth Goodwin.   Donnld    Kilpatrick,      Rosamond
Lawrence,  Carman  Lee.   Digby Leigh, I 	
Bessie Mackrnrot, James Millar,' Notice is hereby given that on the
Florence McCarty, Florence Pagdin,' first day of December next, applica-
Won.lall Porter, Fred Skene, Douglas tion will be made to the Superin-'
Southworth, Alice Tevini. Average tendent of Provincial Police for re-
itt ndance 31.76; percentage, 93.12. liewal of the hotel license to sell
Division HI.—Helen Briggs, Margar- liquor by retail in the hotel known!
et Brown, Parmer Dean, Rose Frey,: as Lakeview Hotel, situate at Arrow-
Annie Gallicano, Mnry Guzzo. Gordon head, B.C., in the province of British
Hooley, Robert Hume, Evelyn Laing,! Columbia.
Send your {$&
• nil  rec*t*e hefihoiil c-.h  prlcel    ft'eu lend      Ssl
tnonfy ths e.e.i,,,- :,._ th- turn uro r. ... 1
.'h-r- . -in ,.im m .... n,   And par all char KM      S»
Web..,a paid out million, of doUira to th. I
tend! or trepp-t-i lit Can%.l» who s : .heir     $S|
rur.totiBlisr-u.wtlleeykii.iw lie, >'i t i ....,■
de-el, end ri-eeiTi, more money for their lure,     K§
Yonwili-iBo Wobarmorofnrefromtri i
for cenh tlmnanr olli-r llvi. Urmein . .,n ... i.
nnph    ne-.llMn'BTr»peperGuldi     ri....
r Kr I'   H»ll»m'eBeporte >Cel	
I   lll.lt     llallRIn   •  A.tK   I   ,r  I.   I..UU,, II,
HulleuiiH Ruf Ht,|o |',„,V    ,- ,   ||
Ht.it fr..,. ,,„ rpeqneet   ■   AddrrM .. 1 il o« .
151   Hnllam Building,Toronto
M...    j
The    children   of     Halls     Landing
BChool iM-.  a '-ery interesting     Hal-
entertainraent     on    Friday
iiL'ht     last.     About 60 wero presene.
Thc   schod room was very tastefully
ted     and   the performance was
,:. I  great  credit      is due to
Miss Cowherd, and Mrs.
N.  F.  Hall, who trained the children.
After •: Ms   performance    re-
were     handed rotin 1 ,,nd
Section 42.
pt up     till
•:.   .norning.
id this    week by Mr.
Dated October Kith, 1916.
'LTQrOR ACT 1910.'
Section 42.
Torsten     Lundell,      Edith     Norberg,
Niche.las     Pappas,     Earl   Pettipicce,
Laura Purvis,   Edith     Rear.     Elaine
•where  Bobbins,  Kathleen Squarebriggs,    Ed-
■     B  .lefls.     Average   attendance, 40.21;
• ige 91.88.
.   .        TOCUnier.      He     Tl '•■   lv_ Annie Breirolisse, Clarence
-    '        M- .   Carmichaei,    Jean  Ed-     Notice is hereby given that on   the
Margaret Swing,     Vnnie  Jen- first day of December ne-xt,     appUca-
Boyd  Kincaid,  Arthur Kimber- tion     will     be made to the Superin
Elspeth     Kilpatrick,     Gertrude tendent of Provincial Police     for re
gan,    Cina Pradolini,  Mnry Pugs-! newal     of the hotel license to sell 11-
Dolly    Shepherd.     Acuie Tevini, 1llor by retail in the hotel   known as
David Beech,    Dugald Bell,!
Brier, Fred Carrlculo,     Frank;
'arriccul ,      Lens   De Foe,  Raymond'
!l" F'"       ."'i De ■■''.■■,     Elena Galll-
Grauer,      Albert  f.uzzo,
'■'r'e! • Johnson, Wai-'
•'■    "'e., Johnson, Rob
John     Kahy,     Gordon1
1   "nee,   Dorothea
I   -'e.n     Reginald'
Norberg,   I'go   Prad-
ns,  Ruby Kuthcr-
•■Mie  Singer,
teegh,  An-
■     nta ■■
.las Abi.ibaii son, Btel-
Daera,   Hurley!
Rui De Blass,
Mary Fyfe, Ebba llan-;
tl    Header
n  ■      i.am,, John-
Ilia  Millar,   Lily'
-   i :: i/.iutb Portal
■  i      '   . .        p   •   ,•       Hurdle
ford, v .e:      Nellie
'    ■'■ ■    ' ■ i. .   '.'., tman
Itlon    *<t-h    thn fai   "   Heavysides,
Ltd      Mi '   attend ince    9   -   ;„ irentnge
IB      .Ulen.  lo . mg  ii .'.rt
,venty .ne pears ago, snd  lui      Dl       M     ui  lie  w •     v    .ssal,
OWn  lui''.   thS   MIS"-   rinf-iro,   Tlllo   Bfl \nn1n
—ting old  Iriz-rds       Mr       rgwford fOSSptl  [bu ■   .   Polly  ''.n
Sutherland Ce&rrM oo n building and cellerl, Mme De i" . ' Desimone,
rontrae-tlng business during his i"'.i .■!<■ te De Fun. .lennv Fn..-..,
lei h c .ei ong many othur \ssunta Fuoco, Martin Ooi.ie.
buildings erected tbe Columbia Hotel ttorv       Hume,       F;cii     Johnson,
and  tbe flrd  hospital     Gol.lmi  Bt*T   ■ Toddv Pagdin,   Alio Pradolini,     Pets
• - who
.    play     the      'doi>e
•i-    «
the Hotel Beaton, situate at Beaton
ln the province of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th, 1916.
It's good policy to think of the future
It's still better policy to provide against
the misfortunes it may lmve in store
[or you.    The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing nnd long business
career of the Kooteuay Agencies
makes It absolutely trustworthy.
Your tiui" mav he near at hand.
Don't delay.    Take out, a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
P. Burns £& Co. Ltd.
TR APPKftS-Get "More Money"
for Beever, Foxes, Lvnx. Wolves, Mini;, Fisher, White Weasel.
Morten,Muikrat,.tnd other Fur Bearers collected in your section
_jtp Yon. rrits direct to "shiiiiekt"the Urjeit
ba      .. !!ic ■.Va'.l deal.nfl exclusively In NORTH AMERICAN RAW VOU
a. ~. • . id . '.e—s.'.i'c l"i_r Hi-''.-.:;e\v;i!-, r.n ur.l.ii'n.i. heJrep-
r "■ i " ■   ,n a third of & century," alonKfluo-
.     ■    ■. Fur8hIpBersprotnct,SATISFACTORY
...-Ite f'.r "Clie Sbljubtrtfch.cptt."
th.onlyrelUtb -. .   urate market report anl rr'-elistpubliiihiiL
V. rite Jor it-.VOW-if. I'MKli
A   P   Wl IRFRT   Inf   25-27WTST AUSTIN AVE.
A.b.-3nui>--.rc.l,inc. d_pii;ii..-hicago,u.s.a.


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