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The Mail Herald Nov 20, 1915

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Array y
Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
ami the Pacific ocean.
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognlwd
advertising medium for the
city and district.
■Provincial Library
Vol. 22-No. 93
$2.50 Per Year
A well attended meelii'.lg of the ex- wards of Nakusp asking for particu-
tcutive of the Patriotic fund was held lars in connection with organizing a
In the city hall yesterday afternoon, branch of thc fund at that place. The
A committee composed of H. McKiu- matter will be taken up with the Pro-
nor.i, president and B. R. Atkins were vincial secretary it the fund,
given charge of the arrangements (or A letter was read from the locomo-
thc pulilic meeting to be held on Fri- tive engineers objecting to certain re-
day when the Provincial secretary F. marks made at the meeting of the
Nation, as well as local speakers will fund which was held on Monday night
address the meeting. A splendid pro- The executive committee of the Pat-
gram is being arranged and the drill riotic fund regreted very much that
hall where the meeting will be held the remarks of one of their members
will bo well heated and comfortable, should have caused misunderstanding
The meeting was originally scheduled between the committee and the engin-
to take place on Wednesday but ow- cers. A committee was appointed to
ing to an unavoidable change in Mr. meet the engineers to     explain     the
Nations    plans it has been postponed matter,  and  the committees attitude | °Y'that budy to huve   lhu aervice   un
to two days later. in  doing    what,   they can   to     raise
A  letter  was  read from  L.   J.     Ed- funds  for  the patriotic fund.
The Mail-Herald will be issued hereafter as
a weekly newspaper and will be published on
Saturday mornings. This change in policy will
be only for a few months.
All   advertising   and   local   news   should   be
handed in not lati.r than Friday   r.oon   to   ensure
Huch Work Done      ^BAZAAH PROVES
regular meeting of the   Red f'roceeds Will Probably Reach
no Itowtr fixm
Grant Hal
Cross society was held ou Wednesday
afternoon In the V.M.iMA. with the
president, Mrs, Kilpatrick In tlie
chair, Much work w.is handed m by
willing workers and Boveral donations
for which the society tender their
bincere thanks. The minutes were
Four  Huudiea   uullars
Lait,o u*owui A.tend
large Sum
0 er       foiir       hundred       d.ellara
was   t be     plej d ei      result     ol     tho
; azaar hi Id in 3t. Francis    hall    on
ana adopted and the following  Wecnesday   and Thursday whicli   waa
banded in.   owing to tne eiec-   well    attended by appreciative    and
I!   it     Vi   nn   "uu °' uULCl'ls taking jMace on .n.i..      n i -       making        it
lib       ullibu   * t/lllJ work Wlis held over and is    as  e i\ oided success In every way.     Tha
follows:  Mrs. Boss, Mrs. Dunlop,     i  nail     was     tastefully decorated wutt
pair    socks each; Mrs. belcher,   Mrs,     ags,      I      iwers and potted   j.lants
A full report of the proceedings   of      A special meeting of the city coun-   McGiven, Airs. 1<M U. bews,   Muss   L.   and     the     tables    groaned  with the
the Nelson board of trade in conuec-   ell was    held In the city  hall Thurs-   McKinnon, Mrs. s. rf. Crowe, Mis. MM displaj    e.i articles oflered
itlon with the attempt that was made  lluy niKbt when th^ "let tho schoul  Roberta tFerguson), 2 pair .ach, Mrs.   lor sale.   The plain sewing table, ow-
Uwiug to a report which ap-   Cressman,     Mrs. Downs,  Mrs.  Blacit-   ing     i.e the untiring eflorts of     Mrs.
the    Mail-Herald stating   well, Hivelyn Haner, Mrs. 11. M. Need-   G aspie    aided     by a host  ol  willing
Mrs.    Kincaid,  Airs. Ft.  Da, is   workers held such a variety of usetul
Miss   Harms   (Cascade),   garments    that they were all quickly
V.   dispos n   ,f,    Fancy wi,rk the result o£
From Raffle
Mayor     Foote     last evening rallied
the     Ked Cross dolls for which
high      school  pupils had  beeu selling
C. P. R. Team
Beat Bankers
Friday     evening,    Nov. 12th    what
the Arrow lanes continued on a daily
basis and to obtain a definite state
ment of the intention of the company
with regard to the service in the
spring has been prepared by the sec
retary, Capt. D. C. McMorris.
With reference to the statement of
the company's plans, as promised by
F. K. Trautman, at the meeting held
iu Nelson last month thef report says:
"On the expiration of the 10   days
peared    in
that the High School might  be clos-  bum,
cd     considerable talk was occasioned   (Cascade),
among     the     citizens    and teachers.   Mrs.  J.  Parker  (Cascade),  Miss
Mayor Foote explained that the coun- Crowe, Miss V. Jollifle, Mrs. Ingle, mucin g toil on the part of tha
ell had no intention of closing the Mrs. Kogers (Trout Lake), Mrs. F. young ladies under the capable super-
schools but he deemed it wise that Boatues, Mrs. Taylor, Madge Taylor, vision of the Misses C, McCarthy and
the council take the school board iu Mrs. Overton, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. l-M Call was an artistic triu ..:•'■... Here
to its confidence and discuss the ques- Swanney, Miss Dunlop, 1 pair each, a'so every article found eager purch-
tion of civic finances. uut of the abo\e lot Airs. Cormier users. The culinary and home cooked
H. Manning chairman dl the school collected and handed in IS pans, un tandj departments contained a var-
board explained that every      possible the      lith      Nov.   11113:   Mrs.   Stanley iety  of  dainties  such  as  would  tempt
the   was easily the hest game of the sea- reauested by Mr. Trautman in   which
„,,,,   „.„.  i„„i„,i „n    „ fh« VMn a I      , h      n„ ™ cut llud he-a "mdc 'W thc board uud   Pearse   (Monte Creek),   1 pair soc>vs ;   the palate ol the most continued epl-.
son,  was  bowled oil on the  l .M.C.A. to give an answer respecting  the res- . .        ..
„ u      ll.    nu a   l .,      l • "- was probable that it would bene-   Airs.  O.  Fa k,  Mrs.  B.  Koiierts  (Fer-   n"'e.
,,.   alleys, when the O.P.R. team got two toration  of tbe daily steamer service; ■ v
tickets.   The handsome sum of     *H» „.,,„„„„„* ... lu... r,.,,,., ti,„ i, ,„..„,.. .,     , , , .,        „•„    „„a tessary next August to obtain an ad-  guson),   Mrs.   A.J.    Jones,     2 pair      >m     Thursday evening His Worshia
games out jf thiee fiom the bankers, on the Arrow lakes In the spring ana ,.,. .   _ . .       .     , r
,,„.„  rovtoin  r„.„ ,.,  mi  ti,    Kit„a i   lu 7  ,.„ ditional teacher for the  high  school,   each;      Mrs.      Hyatt,  Airs.   11.  Cook,   Mayor W. A. Fojte si;:.ei intended tbe
Acting  Captain Ueoige Moth   nlled Uo word being received, the secretary
was rea.     d and this by a unanimous
vote of the pupils, will be sent direct
the     position iu an admirable   man-  requested Mr.  J. S. Carter,     district
to headquarters as a Hevclstoke high  DWi by discovering new talent for his  passenger agent, to wire Mr.     Giant
Bchooi fund,
In a letter from Mrs. lTinnptru,
superintendent ol supplies, dated Oct.
21, she nsvs for contributions either
to the general or drug fund aud the
latter has been chosen.
the  illness of  'hose chocen tc      take
part an.l  ti D consequent training    of ],, piackberg
others    at     short     notice.   All three \y.   Neary
numbers  were  well rendered and sue- j,   p   Waldren
ccssfully carried out  uuder thc direc- ^,   Couling
tion. of Miss Dupont to whom a great jj. Robertson
measure 0j er, ail is due.   One cannot
■resist  men! onlng ispcctally tbe   lust
tuneful  chorus and dance "The   Best     Total 1949
"Salaries had been reduced in a me-  Mrs.     J. bi. English, Mrs. Copeland, hy  Drlna  Fraser.  The cushion donat-
thodical way which worked no   hard-  Mrs. Kincaid, Mrs. McAlplne, Mrs. A. ed by Miss Blanche Mo any was won
shiii on anyone but affected all.    Tno  Alacdoniicll,     Miss     Enid  Bradshaw, by Orina Fraser.   The cushion donat-
leam hitherto unknown.   The  regular   Hal,     renin   ng him of the promise          .          .                                                     ,     ,  , ,                                               "
,..,,,   .                             .,  ,,          ..          ','     "                                                      teachers   have     been working for     a   Mrs. V.. .McMahon,  Mis. S. S. Crowe, td by Airs.  ll.  J,  Mcaor] \   was   won
C.P.R. team were unavailable, aud to  0f Mr. Trautman,  aud asking  au lltl-  ,               ,    _ ..       ..                              „  ...     „     ,   ,,.,       '                 °              ' ,         „
.. n ,    t   l    i ll.                     a          i          ,                            ,                                     lesser salary than they nave been   dl  Miss \.  Jollille, Airs. VanHorne, Mrs. hy     F.      I ui ek.   In  thi   doll  contest
avoid forfeit of tbe wines as demand-   mediate replv  in  the matter.                  ,      .   ,      .   „      _,                  ,              ,,-,.,,,
ci h„iho ii„„k„rU   i-  ,.    \i  ti      „•  -      ...    li.           i     ,               lu    l      .. fered elsewneic.    1 here is no hope    of   \       English, Mrs. C. Macdonald,      1 Jeanne     Levesque     won    rtrst  prize,
cd by the Hankers, Capt. Aloth     was      "Another week elapsed without any       ,           ..     .      , .        .   „ .    .    ,              .             ... ,                   ..                                    i"1 >-»
forced to scan the town in search   of  reply and the secretary was instruct-  ,edUC,lnf: tbe ******* ln . aft   »  P»*     eac '•   »* Gordon, 1 suit py- Laura     Robblns   winning thee .ond.
new     talent.   A glance at the result  ed by the board to wire Mr.      Grant  ^ * neCCSSary l° mCreaS6 ll    BU'd   J,,,uas (V° Unte« W0Fk)-  «*"■   Treat' ' °n;"1I1C ,Smythe  gUe8S( ;   the    BrreCt
Sir. Manning.                                                sr., 1     shirt, Airs. F. D. Treat (Sica- number of nuts in the jar and got a
The mayor explained that the coun-   motis),    1   shirt,  (voluntary sewing), beautifully  dressed doll  donated     by
Miss    Aileen Gillis of ( algary.     The
centrej ie  ,   ..     ited  by   Miss   Doriida
The  high school  entertainment was b[lovvs tlmt the BCOutlng abilities     of   Hall for the board, and the following
excellent  in every  respect, in spite of  fue captain were not underestimated,   message was sent:
cil  considered  that  the school  board Mrs.   J.  K.  English cut out 27    i
"Nov.   12,  1915. October 2o,     \our ,    ,   .               .   , „        ,,      ,,,_,       ,, ,  ,,    ,.
,                                                          .    liad don,: wonderfully well.     "Taxes pyjamas and 11 shirts.
.„.,   '.','     r8U     8°'   ,'", >OUI name- fX!Ul"  said  His Worship  "are not coming in The following donations  were hand-   Myre was Won by Ellen 11
10J ut v   guaranteed this board of trade        ..     .    ,        .                          .. ,,
r  _         ^    as they should and  we arc here     to ed In:    Mrs. Gee Jl, Airs. Hickey   Jl,   Ilve goose donat                 i. J. Lonza
an          n     n   ay      ga   ing re       p    <ljSCU£S«5 aonie solut.iuu of -tbe proljlem. Mrs.    Siefried  J5,  Airs.  J.  j^.    Smith  was won  by   John  Mora  .   Th     oosa
149   tion of dailv steamer service on   Ar-    ,,.       ,.                               .    ..  . ..                                                                                   ,
...            ,  ,                           .,                             Aftc:  dla ilbslon  it   was decided unan- »2.                                                                    was     placed in the centre of the hail
121   :..-.•   M  ..■.- ,n .^^nuu.   No answer    re-  .,.,,.,,,,, ,,                 . ,                                              . .,           ,,  ,
Imously     that     the only solution in .More material will be on hand in a   ind  tlle eraaU  boy  hai                 al h.s
  ceived yet.   Failing an immediate an- ,     ..             ...   ... ,        . ,         ,. ,        ,             , ,     ,                                      ..         n.,
connection     with the linancial condi- lew days and further work ready   for   Inze-   The  cha^e   was   excltiBt       but
tion  of the schools in P.evelstoke   to all  Willing  workers.   To the Hev.
Old    Ping ou  l-'.u-ih," sung with patriotic fervor, probably the most pop-  i.
ular selection of the evening. (
The high school girls are     knitting  w
aox for our soldier boys in the tren>  j
ches.  under  the supervision of     Miss  ;.;
Eaton  ami  Mrs.  Falknei,  Airs.  Pratt
kindly ...ring to donate thu wool lor
this purpose.
The winners of the ralllc were ns
follows: First prize, ticket 2):J, Airs.
Wilson. Ro 'is Pub; '-nd prize, ticket  41M.     Airs.   Ted   Bourno;  3rd   prize,
C. P. R.
.   Somes
. Aloth
. Carmichaei
. c.  Ketcham
Total 2202.
670  swer the board will be forced te
appeal to the railway commissioners.
(Sgd) "D. C. McMORRlS,
139 "Secretary"
117      "Late   oei    Saturday evening,   Nov.
154  13,    the following reply was received
157  to the above message;
130      '•Vour  message.   I  think  you     ate
   under a misapprehension. Answer was
727   given     to yo\i by  Air.  .Mather     that
j needless to say lie got the goose,
approach the government to make   a  t'. McKenzie the best thanks of     the Tl1-    bazaar    closed            hursday
school grant per capita In place     of  society are due for his kindness in al- nir'M     with a card party.   Five hnu-
the    present arrangement.   The coun-   lowing the use of St. Francis hall for Crcd     Ras                                 .,.,, floor
Cil decided to appeal to the people in   surgical    and    hospital work for     so and whist upstairs.    In tho 500 gama
the matter of payment of taxes and  lengthy     a   period and the following AIl!i-  Malnwaring won the ladies prizo
explained to school bjard that    any  letter has been despatched to hit:
and     F.  ^ oung  won the
daily     service would not be put     ou
mi   Wednesday  evening  the  Govern- this winter, and that service for nex
nent team won out in three     games summer would be decided when    th
igainst  tbe  .Maples.   The latter team time arrived.   I have nothing further
nei  with  a  little hard luck in   their to add to this. (Sgd) CHANM  HALL"
ticket   164, Mrs. Rutherford; 1th prize first game, their last man missing an "The committee feels that the rail-
ticke        l.  L. AI. AtcDouald, Sth prize easy Bpare in the tenth frame, giving way otticials are not acting fairly in
ticket  194, Mr. Boyd.                           the  rame away with a small   margin the    matter,   considering the definite
The     prizes   are   at   Mrs.    Skene's  of nine  pins-.    Results
house,  McKenzie avenue, to be call«d GOVERNMENT
monthly payment on taxes would   bo          Revelstoke, B. CM, Nov. l.i,   1915 u ,v':i;;t Mrs-  'v- Griffin won the lad-
accepted.                                               Reverend Sir:—                                 ' us   i'Hz'' and 8. Cullia won the gen-
On behalf of the Ked Cross   society tlemans-    Refreshments were serve! at
of  Kevelstoke  1   have   been  asked      to '' lftei      v'll!Ch tl;e lar-'«'     crowd
offer you  our  hearty  thanks for    the '"'"'   ! ' '       •  '
kindness which prompted you to give '"" musle of thi orchestra.
S Political Equality
LoapG Active ji
for. I,. McLeod
The success ol both raffle and enter- \M R. Frown
tatnment b.is been most gratifying to 0. J.   Rergoust
those   Interested.    The  Red Cross drug H. Parker
fund    being    richer     by $11." and Mie It. Squarebriggs
high BChool piano fund by $21- a jier-
oentage on  Empress theatre tickets.
70S       S.'l
feter of Red
Cross honurbjJ
Total 2320
L. Dupont
M.  Btorts
!•'. Bews
i   Ferguson
H.   Mull   eii 1,
'         '
'  1979.
less   to say one and all of us appreciate your generoBity and the     good
In  response  to  King  Albert's     ap-   u>"k which has been done there     lor
and is dl the opinion   l>eal fur -'il1 'or his starving subjects,   (-""'    brave soldiers in hospital  over-
i'articiibirly on his fete day,  Novem-  Beas Wl" appeal to yon as a     lasting
ler     l.ith, the RevelBtoke branch    of  memorial to the cause ol love     and
the     Political Equality League     for-   charity for the sick and wounded     in
178  arc    anxious     to    have lhe" views of   warded     thc sum of forty dollars to   thls -''•»* world war.
116   those    interested,   and  the  assurance  ihe fund. Vo'"s very sincculy,
The league has undertaken to adopt HANNAH BLACKLOCK,
a British prisoner of war in Germany Sec. pro tern.
and in  i letter acknowledging receipt To tho Rev. J. c. .McKenzie,
I'lcis.,  Prisoners dl war department     Revelstoke, B. C.
that no del iy Bhould occur in placing
138 the case- before the board of railway
158 commissioners.   Hefore doing so     we
171 that all the organizations represent-
—  ed    at    the net..Mir  meetinirn  will le
Cl prepared to give their Bupport to secure B ruling from the board of com
Be Piayed ■
The executive and members •■. the
locul Red i rose were i in- hostel
a teu on Saturday afternoon In honor of Airs. ti. s.  Aid Minn ,  prior to
hat    eparture for Calgarj where   she 'J'lllpw   J\n\\   llfj||
wUI   In  future  reside.    Mra,   Procunier   •UllLJ     UGli    fllll
very     kindly placed the Reotory par
lors ui   tbe disposal of  the ladies for
this evoct, and these r/tte thi  scene
all  afternoon ol an    ever    changing
Hue visitors who called  to   say      At a  meeting of the  Y.M.C.A,     on
farewell to thc gueel ol honor and to Thursday evening oi the volley   ball
expr -     heli  deep and  ilnceije regret enthusiasts it was decided tlmt there
al   I ■ i mice      from   should      be  a live team  league     this
ii'      e mi life "f Revel I  h   which year, and that the tc ims
ehe bu been a loved and valued work  five men Instead ol ,   had
or loi over alghteei last yi ir,   A preliminary series
Mrs   Proi     ei  who ted In bet  be played ofl and if this arranj
dni i by Mrs. Klip trick, torj  tl '• lea
ti.. ih" Ked i e undei  ||,,
I l ne I.
Di rl to   the . |.i.iy-
yr.n i in-   Don In   ■■ ■ D  •■ nt I
has I to i to tho   ( Last
Eight Recruits for
Rhvalstoke Platoon
fitwSiuto B^ys tedve
bl.ulliU.JIu lui   nliiit
l-M  McMahon baa n      ed a   letter
.-norm llfli In ttte
s.   Mr. McMahon lelt with tho
it.  Mc-
>.n lhe
i: I. -., pleasanl
pped .n
i-'.- r recruit    ba\    • Dili ted  lor w.
sm. r thi  Hi: previously published in the Mall Herald.   Tins mak-
, ■..tn! ol • reci ..us Ior the Revi I
[I      ■ ■ i e ■ ted thai a
DStderable t uml er . ual A   al
imp '-■■ 111 enlist shortly.
The lollowing are tl e reci uiti
i      Led      'i  nfi 11 born
Liverpool, '• irs, ne\t of
, 11   lerald Gri nfell   Shi wbi.....  I Ing,
i rother, .- le.
11     lb .ward Brill, boi n     Sand
. Marj   '.ni. Brill, Ri
i    i' Ingle,
■ •ni  Ptrathblane,
of    che,in. Miss C, Ii. Pelly, Sen v.-     The     lollowing     wei
■ uv  weiionc these adoptions of     a Nov, to Toronto: i; doz, i inch
prisoner vcry much as it ensures   us ages, I doz. .:; In. bandages, i doz.
a    steady Income and enables us    t" Inch bandages,  i .1 rted
supply  the  men  with  regular  weekly •••"-.  13 do        ■   leal kits,  to   extrs
i .nc is." ■. i many ta led band-
,\ case e.f ci,.Hung and material col ■' tea, old lines (2- packages), 204 4 ln,
lectcd Mn- Bel :ian reliel is being  toi bai dagos, 12 3J Inch ba
warded to Montreal al the rcquesl o< Inch bandagi e    verj I
Mr.   i. M, Whitehead,  sul |i i Bel
L-iuin   it  \ nncouver.
Arrow lakes
Hail iter vice
It     has     be. u uftlclally unnouni ed
. ..-  been     made M,;-
tu    Ive    points on the ai row Laki t
Bmall pads,   112
■ i'i linen.
HANN Ml   l.i.- CKLOCK '
Thr     followin : are th are   onlj
■   for   Hi.'  yeai   • ;. I   . Ch and thi
bei  1916.
durglc 'I
-  uml   Hobson  a  daily
mail   service.
The I'" tmaster at Nei. on has     re-
 i  Instructions to despatch mails
on    Monday,   Wednesday and Friday
. ith ovei   I ho   ' rrowbead ai A   H ib
cotIan ""      n    route,       ia nd Nakusp.
Bm Head I.,,,,,,,,. „f th(  v,,-   n,.     ,
and am  . H. 0, We ■
'     '       ■   I
e   ,-
■   ■   I    '     I ■
Uni ■ ;   - 'ul    torn     te ims    In n
ra the capll • lit that there
owned linea amount Ins to mm ■ n the cltj ''
I      e.i   I
According ti I '      tate
tcnl, tbo tin -a
..in- than insi  real    Tl
wlll rmerly     My
i- d Bwood,     a i row
'l De n  Pai k a d tUy
tty    good
foi   the
• ■    roo fund 1   *
ll      rei te
. i
i    in    Ablch
! I       . A 'i        '  -   'i   I       .et       .\ U1VU
Bte to be strip- than a dozen quail In I I list
s ■     r>H
IIR.ino.OOJ    (or 1 eni ol nt, as they    are birds, at I irden Nea- ]
principal. I   wi ..ed. tor. Turks. tb
/ 1  -.     • TWO
|DA1 AN' 11
■  . e   ,  ', A  I
-    '    I    -.'IK l£.     tt,     ('
1 Publishing
Com   my, 1     uted
toi 1 in pulpit. Sun-
ii 2.S0,
The  Epv   rth Leagut n e I   Mon-
i   ;.. e, when a mission
ry is iged,   S ibject :
oir prac-
■ daj    * p.m.
C.     IV,    Stevi nson,   i j - ' i".
nd V.c 0
I : ■    • ' I   '.Ot     a
- eyman's
Schot       t 2.30,    Y.P.
;       '   . i | he
■ ■
T ,    aarnings ol LIB American   rail-
loads   reporting     to     bhe Interstate
nerce i lommissloi   for September
ounted !•' -i7i . 180,27-2 and expenses
.  I 1,660, according to a   state-
ii cl recently,   The ne i Income
,' 19,618 as compared to $55,-
•  ;■ i he samt  month ol L914.
1 - - ates thn
S ts that then   interests   . I
ft: ppoi
■ ■     Francis
the wil ...
ed the Irish \ ■ .      on
. :   . ...    • . ition
ben thej I        call-
"look   ifti ' ■ eii     own
'-   M ' ' '
a Germ       I ■ •
be Clster-
ites \  lerman
- dai     ipenlj  tee oppose
the     De-
fei i - s still     in
.- id '.   co ild     bave
but he de-
nounci I d for    1
i    -   - read}   imprls
by its .-. .':. irity.   Tht    i Mai    nj  >
bis iniforn   at everj    neetin,
re thc electioi
iris:   Ti   • - It   (fill bi    a
ade 1
ii I
victorj lefeal ed    in
thc citj   •
N'evei I ii less  The i I'Mahonj   » i
feat   ■ d the enen
ilist i
the S
t. : alisi
Jieve.  before 1 '
tio::.- 1st opposed I
quantitj tes" in any  I
etitei'..' j.   ind even now  r ill      t
cede that
: irty.   But        espiti
A    . with
■    g, it is
have be.':.
Engl     I y   .-.
ind     ii.strir.ta '   •
John 1
[or long
■ ■
■ . -
.  i- -■ pi
oil seci 'inl
ier tha       ter. M< r<s
■■  e limselt,
ina res
. ■    atuily hurting    - ■    '■-' '"'■
il     -■    :
, ne iV -it. i   In  the I', ty   ii   F   e
; , oral      md
- .-■• i the text of it i tn ted a
1 j v, ,. Isti re: a gi :al buc
s s o n t hi -       -
i cheat the way of     a
iple in i
I he Mut rin ■-- -'I
a S'ew     Vork
, uhurl       ' itei   l-M nd   Then are
ssj.   well dressi d ;»■ iph   in New
Vork     south of Thirty-fourth   street.
is] Irani     after
Fifth avenue flne feathers     (it's     on
this     gilded tho ire of i lotham
that she ■■' y- 'eml thought this wny,
vhei      thi      * ■   - e   al  '
. ded her to i ;
to     pas "'
•   foi eit   da     thi n     in
;       on,
hundred and twenty thousand
of    wheat have been turned
over     ie- the Patriotic fund by  Sas-
ui     farmers.     This    amount
[rom     the     'Patriotic acres'
vhii     -   ri   devoted  by farmers of the
n -- Ince ior the support     of
e have gone from Canada to
I • for   ireal Britain.
.  i1   l    i.e  i   '    Cimes,    London,
i tow i asserts that Mr. Hen-
Uurton,  Minister of Railways     of
1 ■        ol   lout h Africa, di clared
it Natal that huge qjuan-
i       un . . been disco\-
liidden    In Dan araland, South-
.   The minister said   that
sufficient  ammunition     to
I '    I houi and   men  nnd      that
Gel    ans had hopi d i.e overthrow
1    >e.it ,,f the Union ol South
Africa with the aid of a rebellion.
Between two and three hundred families il Mennonites from Manitoba
nnd Saskatchewan have decided to
migrate to central British Columbia
They will settle In the Balmon Ann
district aniMwill take with them their
own merchants and tradesmen and
establish an urban as well ns a rural
community. The principle object in
going t.i Uritish Columbia is to have
"c where they can grow fruit as
s e'e reals and  raise livestock.
Fire did $2,500 damage to the pro:
pertj e.f the Southern Okanagan Land
i ompanj on the company's ranch at
Osoyoos   early   Tuesday   morning      of
last week, The blaie apparently
broke out In the stable aboui three
o'clock in the morning and before the
much forci Knew there was anything
anus.i ih' stable and most of the out
buildings went up In smoke. Six lino
horse , including a splendid Shire
stallion, King's Charter, were I urned
to death, Six sets ot harness and
several Baddies were destroyed, as
well as a quantity of grain.
;. Ing Lumber company will open its i. Ing camp No. 5, about five
miles from Cranbrook. The camp
are being put in shape im-
'iii ei,nu lj and men are being engaged
ence saw lni aud skidding op
i nei ions, tn a short t Ime the company's Ko. - mill will be fitted out
and op ' - ■ up ner ■ 'ir w intei's cut.
I'I - coi anj' • took ol lumber has
beei      greatly A pi ted,   nrre Bltat lng
I   '-I ipi   '       -e|        ol      tllG     ■-'!..Ml      l"lil     I ■>    lill VC
mat 'rial toi  i he Riling of the expected    spring demand tor all kinds     of
lumber,   '>'■ ■  sleigh haul will be com-
— •  i     as soi sufficient     si-nw
Yields to Delicious Vinol
Shreveport, La.—"I hail a bail stomach trouble Tor years and became so
weak I could hardly walk or do any
work. My appetite was poor, my food
would not. digest, I bloated and was very
weak and nervous. I tried many remedies without help. 1 saw Vinol advertised and tried it, and now my stomach
trouble is completely cured and 1 am
well,"—E. L. Marshall.
Vinol is guaranteed to tone up the
tired, over-taxed and weakened nerves
of the stomach and create strength.
Walter Pews, Druggist, Revelstoke,
B. C.
Will Hold fruit
Packing Schools
\ it i- .Ki \.   |.. c.    ■ ' ment
f agricul
' -
■ '■'
Vs in pn
I        '
Electric Lights
  Edison, Mazda
Wood Heaters
 From $2.25 Up
I for t
i        . ' 1 at
|  •
to fl
•    ■
at i, i  -nM --
Kaat    First   Prtdaya —Mass  ar.   -  a.
....    Bi ' ■    •'
p. m.
.    -
Twenty fifth   ■-' indaj     ilt
Matln« ate don.     Eve
ng 7.30 p.m., i it bol
ect >r.
At bot *  ig
mthorl "  Lord
war Will  hi   - ild
■   ■   0 p.m.
i. i hi   Mel bo - il church
.; ii 7,30 p.m.,
•     '   -
MAGIC **pm
i ■
.   i
i I
le for thf
i Idll
packing    ■ • -■      .   I •■-,■' ■
■il.l ■   pari:   f - ,
-'i ->'.■ 11,.,    ertlf ■ •      ime from
tl        !'■:■ •' I	
Agents for M<iqn<i Cream Separators
At  25c  Each
Wire Dish Strainers
Regular    5      Now lrK
Sturdy Hardware Co.
And Remit
i-.-  Lewli recently   hipped a     i
e id    Of    ' '■' I      ' ' -' I •'   M-- rtlil:.
'M otenay Landlnt? I    ■  . ■ nl a   i \- < <■
.-■ I   . rice of        Bui
I tjilUtm iTtirM ft.-nki
" I rn pp«r'• GuioU1
I mtflU nr »r«n h
>* I I <»«. ill ,#rn;+4
'•I.-     llriw    %n4     wl.ar.
lo trap «r ft nihil
* < t*ti . (■formation
fnr     trtpMn!       »'••
"Trappedr't «nd
'iporUm.i'i *l.i11 il t
< at«lo« "P-w fur
Prir« LiM," and
[ft«l "Fur Slrl*
Book " of bentiti-
' ii fur vtu and fur
All IhMMbnnfct fnllr
tl1iml,f»W4    »n.1    tonl
v:.rr. Off Rr.gUKiT.
302  MnlUm fluHilint        TORONTO
Mor«  1'ii.p-n and Ftirf'oH*' rori
Mid H,-ir R«w Fmm to HI fh«" in
■ ny   ntt,*r  fiv-   Knua*« n> (  n«n'ln,
- / 11■■--•/   r* .  IV l>'(th-
■>i./ mull in' '•<; '"nn
■ oramiail "ti,
tr ihlppem  rifhl
K *vn af lhe lMrR»-st iti ottf
i ""   ■ i <i«r •"■'
■ nit
l. n "i.iall Of l>*» li>\r««   to
|] i. -<Tt-. Rtflea Trapi,
na t   oi^ev ki,  in««i.
riMttliitiM, rithlni N«M(
1'iadlflK   l^ch;*.   tntl   Hi-   -
»nppJi*i»at, .a .%■**. 'inrM      tikTAlAHi  KKKK
Will Your 'Boy' Spend Christmas
"Somewhere in France"?
Then help him spend it Merrily!
Nothinp is too Rood lo send to the boys who are serving
King and Country. Bul lei our gilts show thought and judgment
as well as goodwill and love.
Anions the few really acceptable gills smokes and pipes,
cliocolates and sweet biscuits, fountain pens and wrist watches,
toilet and shaving supplies the Gillette Salety Razor ranks
aa a warm favorite, (or one of Ihe real luxuries ol trench life is a
clean, comfortable Gillette shave.
It's a luxury the lucky ones share wiih their pals, so send
along plenty of exf«\ blades, lf lie lias a Gillette already, a
lew boxes oi blades will go far toward making bim the most popular
man in his Company.
Welcome as it is on the firing line, the Gillette is even
more keenly appreciated in the hospitals. With it Ibe
wounded can shave themselves safely, easily and regularly. They
certainly do enjoy the Gillette—and Doctors and Nurses can
scarcely speak well enough ol it.
Gillette "Bulldog" and Standard Sets cost $5.00 each—
compart Pocket Editions $5.00 to $6.00- Combination Sets, including Soap, Brush, etc.. $6.50 uj). // i/em ulhll It, limi' Druggist,
jeweller ot Hardware Dml r tOlllattangt drliocru through us.al lhe l-toiil,
of the Scl you select, without j/iipping expense to you. 81
Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited
Office and Factory:      _ Gillette Building,
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected—approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—v. herever it appears-
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
O R I P MT" A I Suitab,y furnished with the
\mJ R I mm. I Nl   I  ML choicest the market affords.
LJ .■^,\"1 "ETI Be9t   Wines,    LiquorB   and
I \mJ       et. L» Cigars.     Rates   $1  a   day.
d. Albert Stone, Proprietor Monthly rates.
Union Hotel
A.  I'. LKVKSQUK, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
When added to your grocery bill. Tho old proverb
I.ouk niter the centB and the dollara wlll look after
themselves," Ib being realised by the customers who
r-L'iilarly buy Hoheon's money saving values In grocer-
•.'H. Bring a trial order—it may be your flrst but It
won't be your Inst.
Remember Hobpon's own  baked bread ii a pleasure to
Phone 41
Box 734 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1915
Notes from the cMines
iMiii deposits al Un \ aucouver unsay oliice Mt the month eei . ictol er
totalled : 1-58,0-50.99 as against iflftV
141.15 for iln  same mouth in L914.
S,     Amundsen    was    In  town tins
.ven;    from Grarilte Creek.   He     has
,   i      v. ah    the Golden Gate mining
oiupany,   which   ;s operal me. e lari e
I ia.--1   propoail ion four  i   ei'--   ■    I ae,
reek     from i no town.   The cue ipanj
has had ,. very satlsfaotorj     Beason,
bi   laj: . and •- Ul do .."i..!  moi e woris
i his w Inter.—Slocan Star.
i iscar Nei.-e.ii return it to Hope
from  Butti t„  last   .«•'' -...
:,.,  . oHer foi
., . , hii ^  I ■   Is Inti resti ei
-,i    ■   ■   ..    e    ,. :i  iiium receiving
,,iv.e-e-    fri ■ ' ■ '   ■     turned
'I ivo mlmni  engineers
,;-,-       s  -1 I---,  te-   ,-islt   th -      opert)
WeBt   Vale Ke\ i
Repre - :ntati\ Ds of. 1 ' ' nheiniB
ho havi - ousid ranli merest in tne
ari - - min ng disti d have h leu
i is.im . Bai kei \ Ule ma - an In-
I tl eii holdings a1 that
,,in .    i in     visit 'ef these i rominent
met      '■"   - ;
evelopmenl    ■■    the    plai er   pn   o
l    :-.-   SOO i   .IS     tlleu
Greal  Easteri   railv ay is com-
pleti I to Qui >!;'M.
Qua     Theis,     better known around
ranbrook     as the "Old Man cX   the
has   .   |o tble shift   at     work
■n his property at Perry Creek.     He
is   it work pumping water out. of     a
,, rei •  i   ■ Rftj  teet square hole.
i,   ., by   nlning men     who
have    examined the' place that   there
ball a million dollars iu pro-
lined therein.  At all
evi ms     throe - v. .; tell, as it
.vili     taki  ali ..( thai time to pump
• M' dry.   Meanv I ;:    th    cil
news from the "mystery hole." -
• i ,.r. --.  Herald.
IS      Inches  and   twij  feet  each,   ahout
15'0'0 feel of pump ime, an . re feedi r,
:. :ix mi crusher ami ., hydra die eii va-
ter for unwatering the nunc, in addi-
tton to other milling .m.I mining
Aboui LOS tons ol oi e has ; een milled this year anil six tons -•. ci nceri
i rat ,'s ba\ ■■ been shipped.
A     com] ni:.i ■ ,   statement ->i sb.ji-
llients      ol   zinc  i il'BS  ami  Ci eni-.'iM rati--;
during tin' month of October m  1914
;:nil    1915   BhOWS   all   InCI '..-,..
torn me '■ I ii-i  year.   Tins was due to
i   shipment     ol     L83G tons iron   I b
Standard     I ie al   Silvei :eeii i.. Barl
iesville, Okla.   The statemeul  lollowa
How They Cure
I'm -M-vni i, Oil-:.
"I   suffered   from   Kidney   Trouble   for
several years, and tried numerous remedies
tors' presci iptions without pei manent
my   ,.-.- being chronic.    After seeing
about Gin Pills, antl ;i. [I is  .i   well   known
: oho], is exi ellenl
for tlu- Ividneyi    1 -     idei   lo try '.-in Till-.
One,- si; I gave me i      it n     f.    I have
.:!     I     IXBS    e-l    Gin     Pill.S   .111,1    lillll
:n. telj    cured.     No   more   bad
. , .;, weight    , teai ej es   fresh
■ :Mi   and   vigor.    'Ihis  is
.- '..    .   .   I';. doni   "i' nn-."
ll ugglsl   ■  IM Gin Pills 501 • n I«'n
Write ner i;.,-,- sample 10
National Drutr & Chemical Co.
of  Canada,  Limited,  Toronto.
Ramble   Cariboo
I ai 'Moil   	
II, wilt	
279     111
.117      2-222
,.., ., ..  I...,11     named
lack    I l.111.:.I-i.    b IVe   1. ad''   a   gOld    .1..-
-.-•:;.    , .   tue  count: J   i.  rth   of     i Ue
: as, .. they ari- as&iug  :-,-
and   i -  per cent, .it  ihe pro-
News  ol  the strike   reached     Hon.
: daj  . . a I • -,,; from
lhe Pas.    i'     discoverers are saia to
be experienced mining men, ami Ham-
tnell is on hi- way out  to meet east-
rt assayers here.     Tho
■ .;. ilpbide ore ol a high
;rad       •.:,-.   i'i   I.- the ton is claimed
.im | ling   - ,1
..._    MM. -   ,-em  Is -.        •■ I  long and
i        .    ■.    -'   leet wide.
1 la:;       " ie  oi   titv  disci .exers,
that      'his   .,..ii-   will   produce
more     gold than the whole 1 orcupiue
• ry.
The     mine is located ou the     west
-i.i.- ,.|   I lii-v.. ,„1 river, atil teu miles
:..i te  At:, ipapuskow.    It is two
from    the    rivet, aud though
. tar .-.. • ii   boundary,
is without doubt a strictly Manitoba
property.—Winnipeg Free Press.
The null that bas been recently
constructed at tm- Galena Parm mine
ii Silverton was jilaceu in operation
with mosl Batislactory results, is
the statement of p, \\. Clark.
As i result of development opera-
' i ins, e,n a i.•.,>•■ !■• the dump tu,,
cars ..;' zinc concentrates have     beeu
realised and have come from the
....       i . bi   states are  uow  ready
loi shipment to Bartlesville, ukla.,
lor treatment. At th..' present time
Mr. Clark states thai ;-■ men are being employed m the nam- and that
the a.ill is now working mice shifts
a  day.    It.   is expected  that   uow    the
mill ts completed and running In first
class shape shipments will be mad.'
every week and that they will In-
crease considerably In sue as time
goes on. Mr. Clark Bpeaks in high
terms of the work done by A. King
alio constructed and placed tbe mill
in operation, and says that is is
wholly die to his efforts that it is
now working without a hitch. Re-
gardlng the prospects for the future
lie declares that on the 100-foot level
which is heing worked at present,
I here is sufficient or.' in sight to
keep the crew busy for at least two
Milling    i'f      i       le'lW    'ef    Ott     Wllll'll    li Bl
inst been taken oul during develop-
. '-ni work on the Pel t ler mine, on
the Oreal Northern line, near Nelson,
la to commence this week, annotinc  i
A.   II.   V,.   1'iu sley,   «bo   was   in   Nei
son Saturday, Pour men are develop
ii*- the property, wblcb has been op
ened    up    hj a 110 fo il shaft, a LOO
I int drift nn the ore all'' open ruts
•fttui are now engaged lei sinking, They
nre down about ft) feel and expeel te.
im another 100 feet, Mioul '..'!. feel
nl    ni" la expo ied In I be ih ifl     and
nbOUl     I »e,   feel     ill    till     drift.
The     property is equipped wiih    a
thr It-ill compressor plant, 2    feet
•   Inches vanncrs, two pel ton wheels,
l in- de - - lopnient   ii the 'ii -
copper mine at Cascade is proceeding
. a] idlj,     a     gravity ( able I ramway
oming Into opi rat i >n on Fi Idaj. The
i   ntre steel cable, Ij Inches in   dlam-
'      trands,    u     o ch   is
> mtinuous throughout the whole
length of 231 feel, which risi - 1530
feet to tin ore Loading bin. The side
cables of ; inch steel carrj a oad of
pour.Is and the tirst carload,
which will leave early this week for
the Granby Bmelter, is high grade ore
iven 'ai-Hi r is said to be In si^ht.
The following letter appeared In the
Vancouver Province:
The prohibition wrangling begins to
nauseate. IVe an in the middle of
the most critical struggle In the bison- ol thi empire, a veritable tight
Lor life, ami I ehold the situation.
i'he vociferous arguments ol the prohibitionists and the equally vociferous rejoinders of theii opponents
drown all else. Well may the recruiting sergeant aud the Ked Cross work
i r pause before Buch a bi orm.
Is it not tini thi great patriotic
ii.-.ss of tbc people, hitherto silent,
made Itself hard Let .1 nc said in
no unequivocal terms that it will go
hard with those who at such a time
i eep alive dissension. Loyal people
ol all classes and creeds demand that
this Indecent and revolting controversy be brought te, an cud forthwith. War is imi I usiuess and all
that tends t • dlvei: i ur tho
and energies from it, whether it le
the discussion of politics, of liquor
prohibition, or of church or economic
qitesl Ions, ts it! e shoi t of treason
to the state, and above all to tbose
win. are fighting iur battles
death iu the trenches.
in  the  name of  gi ■
rlotism,     "in     the names of all the
gi -Is at once," let us have an •
this     brawl, and concentrate   rather
upon the performance of modest ser-
vlces in connection with the war.
V' nis.   etc.,
Vi.  .1.   11.  ERSKINE.
Vancouver, B, <M. Nov. 1:,.
The remains e.f  /.   Newberg,  a  logger,  who  Iris  be.'u missing since September  18,  1 '- M   e
about four or live miles from the spot
he    we        ■     en all i  I lie
ternational  Timbei   company's   camp
ii Campbell river.
Mi Sam Hughes, referring to re-
; e.-1 s which have bi -a In clrculatl -it
- he effect of thi canteens at
Bbornclltle camp, said thai an Inquiry
had been made which Bhowed th tl I «
nonthe the troops have not averaged
ier cenl   of drunken
Made Well by Delicious Vinol
Crestline, Ohio. — " I contracted a
hard, chronic cough, and was weak,
nervo ia and run down. I have a ^mall
family of three, and it WM mini fe.r ma
to do my work. 1 took different medicines without benefit Finally 1 Ivarl
about Vinol, and it ha- ••• : el me to
health andatrength, my cough is all gone
and l feci fine.     Mr*', il. H. Carlisle.
We (ruarantee Vinol, ourdelicloua cod
liver and iron tonic without oil, for
chronic coughs and colds, and for all
weak, nervous, run-down conditions
Walter  Dews,   Pr,:g-'ist,   Revelstoke,
B. C.
li'mroeiil policy n'hink of tbe future
I'ssiill     tt i't-policy to provide against
,, 'e i>',-: i um- ii may have in store
oi ynu The surest way of protecting
vnurs li . - il family is ,i
■' it h ' reliable conip mv. TM.- high
finuucial sti. nd it i(j und long business
caree ol li Knotemvy Agencies
makes .i absolutely trustworthy.
Yo i im vi v be ni' tr al hand.
P mi ; delay     Take ■ ut a i.. licy now.
A. l-M Kincai,'   Mauflg< r
Do you want to earn
$10 a week or more
i in your own home ?
Reliable persons v.-:i be furnished with
table, all-year-round employment
cn Auto-Knittinc
Machines. $10 per
week readily earned. Wc teach you
at home, distance
is r.o hindrance.
Write for particulars, rites of pay,
send rc. stamp,
t-pt.       .   23?ColIefft8t   •   Toronto
Big Drop in Prices of;
Nn mntfepr wl.on1 ynu IIto or
»!..■ v to nr your fumily «%nl
n Kun or l'ur '• irmt-irs, you
t-nn boy ' ti'-*iH-r mill lu'lttr by
not wiih tu.
m realirc Ihat w«* »r»
I - 01 RAW H RB IN CA.
NAlM dlr«Ct tmni thc ir ui'-r
I tpprMiftta our nuriv
: i irtuBity t.< m !■" : thc
! i   -i ■Kins, nuinnf-i. I Of* thl tfl
r .■■    PnrS '-nnd l'ur
nt* then t.ytwtlmKdircrt
v    I by I ..    ■ tio-iniddlt*
ui'ii •• |Toflt  : >• our ^>'Bt*ln of
- lllnN
From Trapper to Wearer
BLACK W0L7  BBT     Thin In
• -he BeWay I.*re»in» illutt
■i-r.-.i      :i   our    t I li    BT1 I.I
,-iJ   ||  i   l^iu'iful   .fct
m.irlc trntn   Inil
quality—wholeBklttfl The
Stole le cut extra deep and
- AhLiuldt-r H»d iyexm- "ifA liufl
u.\ .ng «■■«-) i r teoction Kiainut f^H '■UI
-old     ^tr.uitn.'.i with hi'Ud nnd ■        >» ->0
tall over tbonldan end tall al ^H    No. 22*.
"iquai ^M      stale
Ky i itn nnd warmly latttluied, ^P      <i «
The Muff is made in tht- Inrp;i> claaey pillow
t-tylr iritr.ni.-d with haad) t* I an.l paw* mid riniuuicd
on tood di-<wn (h-.| cmntf Br mi «smith and comfort -
1 ned with Bf*"d ikitin—with wrist cord.
No 2«, Stole     $6.25
No 225, Muff           $6.50
} v  ry  »rtirlc ii (told under Ot'It POtlTIVfl ODARAM
ikk to ■ sATisn- \>>v un hbfcnd vocn iconki
^>nd ter oar Tar styi*» ik»k; toi *.-t« Mition. hknt
Fl.r.t on  rwjuwt  wh.ch  rotitainH a4 iwr. ot Jluilra
tlonaof b#»utiful Kur Sctnatid Kur Gitrm>BnUi.
We Pa> All Delivery Cberffei
Rcom 1\, Hallam Building. TORONTO, Canada
C. B. HUME ft-CO., LTD.
Revelstoke Departmentdl Stores
'-'   \A
■      V
■ ..e.7 I       ,
Do Ye'iii' Shopping Early.
TRY A GOSSAiiD  AT $3.75--
There are a gi eat many women   who
have long want id to 11;,  a Frott
bul   ha\ r In sil ut    In-
e      S-.C0 or ?l Wi   now have
1 in.nl- Ls al   '■'■■' - and  v >   0   Ln
which you  will find  thi careful
fltl ! ■ and  -.-i'-.'i.'i - -    nore ex-
ones.   A    1 ard     at
DO     VOUR     CHR1 - !">! \S   BHi M
PING 1                I holds
tils yi any other
—This on an ni   .1 tin   ..- - --..' scar
city    of    holidaj 1    Never
1 eforc    was 1 hi   woi lace
w ,1 M such :■!.■■' 1 ■ ...ny Uni b ■-
Bome e.f tln'iu acl ual litle 1. Shop
aA Snap in
Baby Shoes
(in Friday we will have on the
tables about one hundred pairs of
baby's soft sole shoes, slippers
and boots, button and lace. All
colors, black and tan and fancy
tm i, These are a genuine snap
and were a g lod buy nt the regular jiriccs.
NOW 50  cts. PAIR.
Don't put nil youi Xmas purchasing until the las, week or the
lasi few days. Right now is the
time to begini Our lines .ol holiday goods are coming to hand
daily ami at the present moment
you will see the Lines fresh trom
the manufacturer. We will Me only
too pleased to Bhow >'"'. any of
the new lines at any time. This
helps us and helps you.
This year's nobby styles at the
prices of last year. Only those
whu wen -  b to see
the     raise coming in wool szoods
can compete.
S15.00 EACH.
Kelowna Apples
Very heavy pack.  Call and get
j.tiers.   Bpecial      price     on  5  or
mote boxes.
Northern Spies
Grimes Gulden
Winter Banana
Ben Davis.
Friday and Saturday
Fresh Baked Currant Biscuits, per
pound !5c
Holbrook's     Sauce,     lar-je    bottles 30c
Huuit! j   .'.-  : aimer's     Tea Rusk's
Biscuits, per jmck 30c
Huntley fi Palmer's Creamy Cho-
cnlat.   1- ■ :  paek l.'c
Patted Ham, j'er uu ..." 06c
Devilled Ham, j'er tin  05c
!■   'AX CHEAP
tendent of Provincial i'olice Jar the
icnewal of a licence for the sale of
liquor by wholesale In and upon the
premises known - ! "ts 1, 8, 9 and N
lu feet of 10, block 1)8, plan 3, City of
Dated     this      M th day of October,
LTD., Applicant
flrant, Manager.
quor by retail in thc hotel known   as
thc   Hotel Beaton, situate at Beaton,
in the province of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th, 1915.
"LIQUOR ACT, 1910"
Section 42.
Notice is hereby given that un Ibe
lirst day of December next, appliea
tion will be made to thc Superln
tendent of Provincial Police fur renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel knuwn as
the Arrowhead Hotel, situate at Arrowhead, in th" pro Ince of British
Baled  November i,  1916.
Section 42
Notice is hereby given that on the
tirst day ol December next, apjilica-
tion will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as
the Union Hotel, situate at Arrow
bead, In the province of British Col-!
Dnted October 14th, 1915.
Meets every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock, in Selkirk HaU.
Visiting brothers cordially invited.
Section 42
Ri vi-Miuke Lodge
No. KlKa
Meet!   every  second
uni Fourth Tuesday
in   the Selkirk Hull.
Visiting Brethren are cordiully Invited.       ALLAN K. FVFK, Die.
H. I. HAUG,Sot.
Section 42
Notice  is hereby  given  that on  ibe
lirst  day  ot  December next,  appllca-
I tion   will   be    inado to tbe Superintendent  e,f Provincial Police     for renewal  of tbe hotel Incuse to sell   liquor by retail in the hutel known   as
the Glacier House, situate at Glacier,
j in the province of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th, 1915.
By a surplus of MM' . te* over the
tequlred two-thirds majority, the el-
ectors "f E dmonl • in ned over
to the Northern Uberta Development
nnd Natural tin* company th> one re-
matning franchise of the city which
has ii"t been munlclpallj developed.
The total vote polt<ed la favoi e.f the
eat bylaw was 7,898, with an opposition of 2,488 votes giving a clear ma
lorlty on I ith ■ Idi a ' the rivw ol
- ' ■ Only one poll gave n ma] rity
-.,   . - ■
'RouRh on Rnts"       it-    utR'1--.
M - ,       •-     li .. -i  I. ,.   ,   -! ,   ||    - ,-    l.V
■   ii I 'i ii_ uni i ,. ni iv Sto es,
Baggage Transferred
Hist ri I ui titq.' Agents and Storage
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Ph..i.e 16—276.   Night Phoni'.'iiii
Notice is hereby clven that on the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Suiierln-
tendent of Provincial police f"r renewal of the hotel llrenre to sell liquor by retnil in the hotel C '-n as
the Halcyon Hot fprines ^nnltarium
pltunte at Halcyon, In the province
..I British Columbia.
Dated Octoher Utk, 191S
A. P. snd A. M.
Regular Meeting! are held la
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday ln each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
JOHN  LEE,  W.  M.
ROBT.   GORDON.  Bserstary
I. O. 0. r.
Meets every  Thursday  evening la
.Selkirk  Hall  at  8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
JAMES MATHIE.  Seecretary.
"LItjUOR ACT 1910"
Section 42
Notice Is hei  bj   ■ ;lven that 'in tho
first    day of December next, application     will     be made to thc Sujienn-
(Section 42.)
Notice is hereby (,-ivcn that, on the i
flrst day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by ritall in the hotel known as
the LakevieW Hotel, situate at Ar-
rowhead, in the province uf British
Dated October 14th, 1915.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
WM- specialise in
Metallic Coillnge, Corrugatod Roof •
Ing, Furnaoe Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Workshop   Uonnaughl Ave,
REVELSTOKE      .      .    B.O.
It will pay Vein to Hi.ike
ill -It
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Ol.n Thus        RkVBLBTOKK, B.C.
before burins vour outfit
of tvi'ikuiu I'lutiips foi ihe
ieii-h. I make ■ specialty
of Lnffeing Shoes, Panta,
Sox. snli ts, Blankets, and
svei ythlng required In your
Section 42
Notice Is hereby elven that on the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of th* hotel license to sell   11-
GefMoreMoney" for ymirFoxes
Muskrat, White Wesscl, Be.ivi r. Lynx, Wolves,
M.irti'ii and other Fur bcirirs ■ ilketsa In tnorMctioa
Mill' vol it l I its nutii t in "sm iii:i<T"Hit larfttt
hnusr in I hr WeerM ^ruling t\> lu.n
ii is mm cMiHiMNHtwrois
'lew! repel  I-   UK Mie--
— vTI--l-A(T<iKY
Thi »SuWrl Ahippfr."
-    "list liubllshnj.
.     s,,w     It's I HK«
A   R ^HIIRFRT ,ne-  ss-::westaustinavk.
A. D. OtlUDLKI, inc. [),p,c 78 CHICAGO.U J.A.
tiic onl
Wrllr lor ll
Miss  ! Linton - :  Nelson spenl
t esd ij   In Revi Li i- >ki
\V.  i; r but!    I Cranbrook uus     at
the Kinj   Edward hotel on Friday.
Mr~.    T.  Madden ol Nelson was     a
a   the  Hotel  Revelstoke  Wed-
Bupt,  McKay of the C.P.R., Revel-
si        was In town on Monday.—V.er-
non   V -1- -.
Mrs?. Hood of Banff is the guest
J. M. McKay and Miss McKay.
W. Lee of Vancouver was a guest
at  the  Hotel   Revelstoke  yesterday.
0. Ficey of Penticton wus a guest
at the King Edward hotel on Thursduy.
W. I'M Barr of Kevelstoke is stuying
at     the  Hotel  Strathcona.—Victoria
J. A. Darragh left
yesterday     for
A. C. Yoder of Nakusp registered ut
the King Kdward hotel on Friday.
I'M M. Taylor of Liverpool registered at the Hotel Kevelstoke yesterday.
11. Somerton uf Penticton registered ut the King Edward hotel on Friday, i
Mrs. R. S. Garrett,
street, enst.
No.    -1     Third
Rossland shipments   fur   the
months   of     i'J15     were U-XiMiTU tons
i;      t, Miles .•( Vancouver was     a     w. A. Duncan of Salmon Arm regis-
', ri   ,   toko several   tered at the King Edward hotel    on
aa)    this week. i Thursday.
Mi.   mei Mi -   Joseph Bradshaw left
Baturday for a visit  to Revelstoke.—
Daily  Sens,  Nelson.
Mrs.     Laird    and   fan.tly of Chase
were araonj -sis at the    Kiug
Kdw.it '1  hotel on Friday.
A  Letter bas been received from A
l). boj •• thai the people of Rev ^^
el8t0 le ,,,, their great kindness to the   Kevelstoke yesterday.
Revelstoke hoys. Among  the guests at the King lid-
Mr.     and Mrs. A. McRae, of Revel- ward hotel on Thursday was Mrs. C.
Btofce were in town un Monday tu see Fossett uf Salmon Arm.
their     son who is in the 54th battal
Mr.  and  Mrs. R,  P.  Watt,  Jr.,     of
Montreal      were    at   the  Hotel Revel-
: toke yesterday.
Allium:     the     guests  at  the Hotel
Kevelstoke un Friday  was  J. Dayton     Miss    McKay   will
Williams of Kelowna. fourth Friday of tbis month und not
igain uutil after the new year
Mrs.  C. Swanson of Kevelstoke     is
slaying   .at   the Dominion.—Victoria
Times H^^^-^__
I compared with 2.'i5,31'J toi.B
Ancil Hillier left on Monday   night  Bame period of 1914.
for   Lethbridge,  where  he  has accept-!     Nelsun district shipments huve     deed a position. I creaaed,  largely owing to the closing
E. li. Cotterell aud C. R, Hodgdon down "f lllu Silver Kil,K l"i,lt'' The
of Winnipeg were guests at the Hotel tot_alJ°r "" "' "umUlh _"f. thiK W
Kevelstoke on Thursday.
land gold-copper mines is the reason An   order ha3 been issued by     the!
for the heavy gain m tonnage,   With British government making it impos-
tbe exception of shipments irom   the  Bibie for au able-bodied man to leave  ■ ■
Le Roi No. 2. mine, a dividend pay- Kngland     without   a passport.   This   WANTED—Housework by the day. Api
ing     company    whose stuck is     held step was taken to prevent the ltnnu-|    ly Mail-Herald.
largely in England, the Kossland ore gration    to America of hundreds    of j —— •
output is from the Wur Kagle, Centre young men to escape enlistment.
Star    and    Le   Koi mines,  properties
which made the camp famous in   the
boom days and which have now been
developed to a great depth and which lmB been concluded and the money   Ib J HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Including
have  huge supplieB dl ore in reserve.
The   loan of £1,600,000 from   Great  will     be continued tit Tapping block
Britain,  France and  Russia to Greece' on    Friday, 26th inst, at - p.m.,    of
now at the disposal of the Hellenic j Hand Painted  Chinaware and Kilver-
eovernment.     Tbc formal declaration   ware.   No reserve.
ten  . ....    i
hy   the    new government of Premier
W. PARRY, Auctioneer
,, '   Skuuloitdis    concerning  the continued,        Uu not fail to attend this sale for
in     the " ]
neutrality    of  Greece  and  her      good   Xmas presents.
will toward the allies, which was
made iinlilie in Paris, was communicated Bimu}taneously to all the capitals of the entente nations.
Mr. arid Mrs.  D. i).  Smith of Windsor,  Out.,  were guests at the   Hotel
is 2,788 tuns, against 18,788 tons
M    I
R,   CM  Johnstone of Revelstoke     is'    None of  the figures    given  includes
spending a'few days in the city   with  mill tonnage,  which does not appear
friends.—Kamloops Standard. in smelter returns,  but which     adds
e very materially to the ore production
receive on the  total    .m(,     repreBents     considerable
quantity of either gold bullion or silver-lead or zinc concentrates.
CM F. Lindmark, ex-inayur of Revel- \    w,liK'     tll0,'e    is    a decrease in the
stoke, was iu the city yesterday     on! Nelson,  Slocan, Ainsworth and    East
business.—Kamloops  Standard.
The ladies iu charge uf the bazaar
held in St. Francis hall on Wednesday nnd Thursday wish to thank all
who helped them by their assistance
and generous (lunations, especially
the Empress orchestra whu gave
their services free.
Miss Morris and Miss Ritchie of
Vancouver were guests at the King
Edward hotel yesterday.
Mrs. O'Shea uf Nelson is spending
a week or so here ou a visit to Mrs.
J, T. K. Corbet.—Vernon News.
The ladies aid of St. John's church
are presenting a play in the opera
house ou Monday evening "The Minister's Bride."
Ur. Dent sjieut the week eud In Revelstoke and left for Merritt on Tuesday, lie will be absent from the city
Lor a fortnight.—Salmon Arm Observer.
G.     Huntley appeared before Police
Magistrate     Mayor W. A. Foote   this
morning charged  with common     assault.   His worship Inflicted a  line of
and a sentence of in    days    iu
^^^^^^^^ A  cordial invitation  is extended to
T ">'"ls "'" publication  all men of Revelstoke to take in the
rs ol any pictures   of  ,,„.„ •„ -,.,,,,„, ..„  tl„.  y.M.c.A.     on
Sunday afternoon al   1 o'clock. Special music and Binging will be provid-
  _ _ hour
J„ H ' "
ion.—\ i rnoi - News,
Miss May l-M Mi returned on Thursday from her he .Inlays. Four months
were spent visiting relatives in San
Francisco and a week in Victoria.
C. R. Harald of Seattle registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke kn Thursday.
T. J. Mitchell of Vancouver wns at
the Hotel  ':■       toke on Thursday.
1 :, .ef the largest sales ever held
in Revelstoke is being put on by tho
Union clothing company beginning
today. Everything in the line of
apparel for both men aud
:, Lb being oflered Mer sale. Kx-
ceptio -.illy  low   prices will prevail.
a recent order issued by the Censor
tment forbids the sab- ui jiicture
irds   ui other photographs     or
drawings   in    outline    or otherwise
showing   -:.;. •>: the Bhips ol the Roy-
i.l navy or any .port or military base.
S,r Richard  McBride cabled     Hon. m & ^^
Sgt.-Maj. Edwards and Sgt. Doror-
er of Kamloops registered at the
King Kdward hotel on Thursday.
G. R. Lawrence of the Forest Lumber Mills, Revelstoke, is staying at
the Hume.—Daily News, Nelson.
Kootenay districts it is due to conditions in the early part of l'Jl.r> rath-i
er than to the present situation. Several properties which were producing j'OR SALK.—16 In
little ore in the early months of tbe
yeur are now running at full blast.
Such mines as the Hluebell at Riondel, the Granitc-O'oorman at Nelson
arid  the  Standard at Silverton, have
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bradshaw   ire-ltesumed  milling operations  and ship-
turned to the city last night after a  '.nents     of concentrates during recent
visit to Revelstoke.—Daily News, Nelson.
In    todays casualty list the   name
of Wm. Arthur Wilcox, Salmon Arm, |
B. 0., of the lath Battalion as killed
in action.
The advertised meeting  of the Rev-,
elstoke    Ski     (Tub to meet the sub-1
BCribers which was to have been held I
in the City Hall last night haB been
jiostponed and will take i>lace in the
Customs   oilice on Tuesday night at
8 p.m.
month;. TF the present state of production is maintained there is reason
for believing that thc output of the
last six months of 1915 will exceed
that for the same period of 1914. The
Rossland outjuit, however,, Insures
that     the total smelter receipts for
West Kootenay will be the greatest
on  record.
Millwood; als<.'
Kindling in bunches; euch $2.75 pet
luad delivered. Phones 42 aud 85
J.  P.   Sutherland.
FOR RENT—9 roomed house, corner
of Fourth Street and Railway Avenue.   $15.00 a month.
... 2.00
... 2.00
... 2.00
... 2.00
....  1.00
... 1.25
... 1.25
15c to 	
GAMES, 25c, 35c and
Improved Mer
Trade Expected
That there is every prospect of     aj|
good.     business     for coast fir in thc
In the report published regarding
the 30cks given the soldiers on Tuesday morning a wrong impression
seems to have been conveyed. The
socks donated were by Mrs. C. A. marketa ot the east whci1 the Pm,a-
Procunier 2 pairs, Mrs. G. S. Mc- ma canal is reponed and bottoms ob-
Carter 2 pairs, Miss J. McKay 1 pair   tained for carrying is the opinion of
Love, 408 Fourth St., East, Calgary, Alta. For shipping tags and
price list of hides, calfskins, wool,
sheeiiskins, horsehides, horsehair
etc.   Prompt  returns. Nov. SOp
WANTED-A girl    to    take    care    of
children   after  school   hours.    Apply I
The Rexall Store
he  Minister's  Bride
A Tlay in  1 Acts
donp :. him to make arrange
, to see I  .it suitable gins shall
be    torwarded from London to those.
the men. Ree. C. a. Procunier will
dellvei i short address. Service over
at  5 o'clock,
and  Mrs.   Vi.   Morris   L pair.    All    the
other names on the list were knitters
supplied     with wool by the Womens'
lao Club.
Store, Howson block,
Mir  e'eit  Slijipers.
Dlumbia  soldiers  who     are     A "Navy Night" will be the feature
loned    in Germany.   Plum pud- ,,;     tne y.p.a   gocia| iu riti     JoIid's
-. ,ble dainties ct,urch    ,„,     Tuesdaj  evening. There
will led by the agent gener- will be Short addresses on the leading     G A L T C 0 A L burns   all    night
al,     who bas  beei    dso told to aug- nava]       ,, .    anders,  and the musical  Revelsti Agencies,  Ltd.
men! I supply of the men   by ;,art ,,, thi .   COnsist     of
an     ample   piantlty ol good British r.0pulai A number    of       , .     , ,
■    ...-Oil i: to
nautical games will  I > Is
A  treat is in s
store for tbc citi.'-eu- ^^^^|
are shipping Trail     on
md pi
in   M Mo  go to the
I M        ■ • the
; tion        "1 he  Minister's Bride"
which will bi        ented  inder the aus-
dles Aid ol St.  John's   i.erta and Northern D
h by the best talent tn the c I -
in the past has put     on
■ at A j idging fi ■
fai    - - luced.
■ ■
l       '   T. E, 1.
:. boys ai
1 a ' -
EMPi 5    TH
cl r Bl
Ml   tbe
nn      Northern.   Wltl    Mr
J. E. Dougherty, vice president and
general manager of the British America Mills & Timber Compuny Limited, who has just returned from an
extensive trip through eastern Canada and the eastern United States.
During his trip Mr. Dougherty visited many lumber centres, aud of     all
the sections of the country he was iu
Anyone desirous of disposing of sec-  Queljec dty gtruck Mm us ^   tho
least aflected by the prevailing condi-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     tions.
"The   peojde   of Quebec," be says,
ll AINTED WITH appear to have gone on with     their1
IOLUMBIA     will be the  business without any thought of   the.
ject of ..-..      iven   -v "'   :vml   wnen thl- ordinary visitor
• - - to that city he Is at once struck
,;.     ggy.   with    the  apparent  business  activity.!
Mill men there tell me that they are
ery busy, so much so that they are!
actually    advertising  for  men,   there
- -ef certain kinds     of,
mill labor.   From   wl it I      art    ol I
ty,   ip"(■■:'■? to     bo
■       !    ; l     SI-IT
.■'.an    '
ob   i   al on
: en i bi i e are well c m
A t one     of
■    i - ■ n
tive,     There
A     '. it
ly o
vin stiir-
■ ,.' ■
looking '
'  term*.
■   ii-  |      l'
ire 'vol Hip '...ii    - i fiare   nf
hi    '
rrnn     In n tl t
lit <-tin be need
to    "■ now     >i 'i
vbere lonr Mmborn nre In demand."    i
jn_ the Opera House on Monday Evening, Nov. 22
Curtain rises 8.30 p.in.
ACT  1.   The   Minister's   Parlour—Getting ready for thc homecoming.
ACT  2.    Same as Act 1.—The Bride's first reception.
ACT 3.   Same as Acts 1    and 2.—A rural wedding.
ACT   I.   Same as previous acts—A gathering of the young people.
The Ministers Bride
Th-' Minister 	
Ann Sharpe 	
Mrs.  Seegood	
,.. Marguerite Williams
 Ralph Chisholm
 Catharine  Jenkins
 Mary Unpihart
Mrs. Betterdays  Marjory   Voung
Mrs. Crahbe Annie   Moth
Mrs. Charity   Ralphia   McLean
Molly Charity (her daughter)   Margaret Taylor
Miranda Meek   Elizabeth Creelman
Miss Jones   Ina   Brown
Miss Heather   Millie  Robertson
Jim Curtis   Thomas II. Taylor
Robert Spence   Sid Cowling
Ephrlam Snelgrove   George Brean
Amos Right    Leo Baker
Joe Crahbe   William  Johnson
Guests    nt Minister's party   who provide  the  entertainment  in     the
last act bave heen chosen from mm ng the best talent tn thc city.
TICKETS       -       EOc
Plan of opera house now open at C. R. Macdonald's drug store.
Growth ir
When it Comes to Meats
Revelstoke Meat Market
Xmas Whotos
For lhe British Isles and Continent
mailed soon—SO DON'T
New (dids dnd Folders, a£Slze to iii every Pocket Book
W.   HAHTON.   Leading   Photographer
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers Direct Importers
Our GOOD!  !
Our pri .'ithii   reason
Our Special Prices on Cigars Will Astonish Enquirers
e placing your HOLIDAY ORDERS


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