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The Mail Herald Apr 8, 1916

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Ohlef lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centra between Calgary
and'the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published  weekly-Read
by    everyone— The     recognised
advertising     medium   for   the
city and district.
Vol. 23-No. 16
$2.50 Per Year
Amy I
Div.   1.—Doris     Cartwright
Mmythc, Irene Kimberley
Strom, Myrtle Hamilton,
Div. ll.—F'ther Abrahamson, Kva
Collide, Agnes Cressman, Wenty
Smythe, Viet ,1 Madden, Jean Bell.
Div.   III.—Si.  Onl   '.   -Stewart    Bur-
ridge,    Qeorge    Morgan, Jack Cartwright,   Laddie  Cressman,  Alfred  Aib-
rahamson.      S, .  .Ird,  II.—Aim. r Carlson, Florence Hamilton
Weston  Somerville.
^^^^^ Div.     V.,  Sr. 2nd—Victor Johnson ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    _^_^_
Allan Gran-1 Mar  Jok,  Aileen  Roberts,   May  Rob-
Mary Bell.   |erts, Teddy liaker, Ernest Field. ■'    The     regular meeting of the     city
Jr.   2nd.—Helen  Roussel,  Willie  Mc-  council was held In the council chain;
Honncll,     Malcolm MoFadyen, Donald   ber on  Wednesday  night.
Jamieson,   Tom Kdwards,   Lyda Brill.      Thc cllief rollKilimiUou o{ the mee*-
Div. \'i, 1st reader—Dorothy Molfat ,^^^^^^_
lng     was thc city nnanccs
Mayor H. F. McKinnon States Fact:—Something Must
be Done — Make   Offer for   Debenture K.
Eva Weston, George (Millwright, Hea
mer  Kilpatrick,   Leigh   Skene,    Laura  bbil> May01
White.   2nd primer—Mary Davis, Fred
1'on. Madden I Stump,      Elsie    Brill,   Francis Wells,
George McMahon,  Peter McKinnon.
Hr. 2nd, reader—Doris Abrahamson,
Robert Hamilton, Emlym Parry, El-
tie Creech, Jcannie Johnson, Agnes
Jr. 3rd, B.—Charlie Johnson, Mario
Pradolini, Charlie Henderson, Marjorie Cleland, Stuart Laughton, June
The chief consideration of the
His Wot-
11.  I'M  McKinnon addressed the council slating that something
had    to    be done at once, He Baid :
Something has to he done with ref-
Dlvlslon vn—First primer--Thalia
Pappas, Florence Stump and Jackie
Sherman, Jeannie Levesque, Roddie
McRae,  Jack Wing.
Receiving class—Jose Daem, Ernest
Needham, Harold Paulding, Jean
Hews, Mary Pappas, Bernice McDonald.
Div. I.—Laura  lt.'.'ch,  Ernest Key,
Lemuel Briggs, ffllsle Prey, Hutu
Lindmark, Robert   Beech.
Div.   II.    .lack   Murray,   Mary Porta
■Frank Donaldson, Margaret McMahon
Willi.ir.l  Dunn,  Trillic   Leigh.
Div.  III.- Veronica  Paleck, Dorothy
^^^^^^^^^       l urvis,  Aura (M,ruing,   Dlgby      Leigh Carpia,     Hazel     Tapping     Theodore
E.     H. s.  McLean wrote tho and     James Millar,  Wendall   Porter, Laughton,  I      i   Li   le.  1st primer—
Informing    them that there  Ruth Goodwin. Nicholas     Abrahai          LU i   Porter,
Dlv,  IV.—Rose  Frey,  alberta  11 ■ >i>- Helen Sutherland,  Mary Fj
sou, Vherta Porta,  Kathleen Square- Rece            i las             oy     Aasal,
briggs, Charlie Camozzi, Helen Briggs Mike Bafaro, Jean Kipp, Pete Pantu-
Div.  v., Sr.  2nd—Elspeth     Kllpat- so, Regina'..1 Hume, Dan Cashato.
make an oiler af 85 for the Ili.flftll.OU.
A letter was received from the
Mainland Flre Underwriters Association, Vancouver, asking the city to
have all wiring Inspected in the city.
A bylaw will be preparod covering
the requirements of the association.
was a case dt measles in the city and
rick, Clarence Cashato, Jean Edwards. Jr. 2nd—Annie Tevent, Elmer
Hanson, Glna Pradolini.
Dlv. VI, 1st reader—Dorothea Lundell, Saral DeFeo, Winston Johnson.
2nd primer Everett Henderson, Rod-
gers  F. ote,   El L-a  Hansen.
Div.  VII,   ::. el primer: Fllamena De
Organized Extortion-
Made For  Royal
Bdmonton—That agent., of the attorney general's depgrtmenl threatened liquor licensees tlm ughout the
province  with  prosecution  under
erence to the finances and it has    to that the necessary arrangements   had
be done  right  away.   We  have either been  made.
got     to    rur  the city  or close  it up. Thc     request      Of No. 3 flre brigade
There "is no us.' in shelving the ques- for further equipment  was laid over,
tion.   We have to collect some money owing to the present financial circuni-
and collect it now.   What are you go- stances.
ing     to do.   Have     you any  BUgges- The     question    of   spring    cleaning
tions     to offer.   The City of     South of alleys and back yards was brought
Vancouver is suing for their 1914 and up  the aldermen  stating that   many
M.il".  taxes.   Will  it  be  necessary   for of the  citizens  used no judgment   as
us to do this to collect 1913 and 1914' to     where they deposited their ashes!
taxes.   The city  clerk  was  instructed and  refuse.    Steps  will  be taken     at  Will   be   CheCK   tO    SpBCUlatOTS   Interesting    AddieSS    by    MfS.
Store and Residence of W. B.
Morris  Totally   Distroyed—
Impossible to Save Stock
Hon. W. R. Ross Gives Detailed Explanation
Victoria.—In   introducing   the   Sold-
to write to the City of South Van- once to have all lanes and yards
couver and ascertain what results cleaned, and the jiractice of spread-
were obtained by them in the method ing ashes on streets and lanes that
adopted 'were  already   high  enough   must      be
A letter was read from Or. A. Stem- 'discontinued. ^^^^^^^
son & Co., of Toronto, asking the "it was reported that the Japanese'lers' Homestead Act the government
council to make a bid on tbe $6,009 store on the corner of First Street is not only procuring homesteads and
E     per cent,  series of City  of Revel-  and      Robson   Avenue  was  in  an  un- loans     for     returned soldiers,  but is
  'stoke sewer debentures maturing 1934.   sanitary  condition.  The chief  of poi-  taking steps to protect these military
Fire     which     broke out at Rogers Tlle     c'ty     clerk    was instructed to ice will be notified.
Pass    at     9  o'clock  Thursday  night 	
Completely  destroyed  the store
..I dwelling bouse owned by  W. B.
.       I lis.   The     fire burnt with such
liquor  license ordinance anil obtained  ,,..,,. ...
H that it   was  impossible   to
from   them   large  sums  of   money
was  impossible  to save any-
       i thing from  the store  with the execp-
aecure Immunity Irom court actions, tion of th" cash register. It is re-
all of which was done with the cogi : Ported that a portion of the lurni-
lance of the Hon. 0. W. Cross, at. ture waJ saved from the dwelling
torney   general  of  the  province,    was  house.
charged in the legislature by Pr. It appears that the fire started in
Stanley, Conservative member ior the basement. It was first noticed
High  River,  wbo repeated his charg-  hy an employee who was sleeping   in
es of several  weeks ago,      but   made »     room     above the store and  who 	
them more sj.ecinc, coupling the name  barely     managed to escape losing all
of the attorney gcner.u  directly witb  his clothing and personal effects. The      A    general
the  allegations.  Premier  Sifton,     as cause of the fire is unknown. It is re-  River   Valley
on the previous occasion,  declined to ported   that  the  buildings  were    par-  tjon  was he\,i  at Malakwa on  Satur
Resolutions Passed—Received Value For Every Dollar
Expended—All Work Done Impartially and Economically 	
farmers from thc speculators, who
were so prevalent after the South African war. Hon. W. U. Ross, Minister of Lands, gave a detailed explanation of the aims and provisions of
the bill in the legislature today.
He announced incidentally that although the provisions ol the proposed act applied only to Brltlah Columbia soldiers, Uritish organizations
and    private individuals were already
Burringtcn-Ham — Imnii-
gtalioii After the War
Mrs. Burrington-Hain ol the Travellers Aid department ol the Y.W.C.
A, spoke t.e thi '». nana1 Canadian
Club     on    Friday   afternoon at the
home of Mrs.   ..   11.   S.   McLean.
"Cod     Save the  King"   mm
after whicb Mrs. Coursier introduced
the speaker announcing  aa ber topic
"Immigration   liter the a ar."
Mrs. Burrlngton-Ham sj.oke in part
as follows:
"1 have just returned from B trip
to the British Isles, and over there
the most absorbing t,,pic. next to
the war itself, is Canada. Not only
is     this     country    being    advertised
tially covered   by insurance.
More Funds For       '
| Red Cross
A  very successful Red Cross tea  was
grant a royal commission.
Dr. Stanley's charges were as follows:
1. That the attor ey general has
been an.! is guilty of corrupt practices in oflice in one or all ol the following  particulars:
(a) That licenses have been paid
tinder dm. ss  large sums of money to
agents ol  the attorney  general for cl-   hdd ut the homc Q, M_g
ection   purposes,   and   that  the  attorney     general     was cognizant thereof
and a i>urty thereto.
(hi   That  licensees  have  paid  largo
Bums ..f im.ney for the purpose of oh    gave
taining   unlawful  concessions  In   mat-  l,eurance
ters      governed  by  the  liquor license
(c) That licensens have paid money
for the purpose of s i in, o.' abandoning proseecutions.
(d) That     certain     licensees   have
paid  money for the purpose of securing    Immunity from t.ie threatB   and
ceorcion    of  such  agen's       1
extortions  in  the  matte   of  privileges    granted    under  the  liquor license      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ordinance.      and      that  the  attorney  ment     Vlbic:'      *M ve'V  atirncttvely
general   was  cognizant  thereof  and  a  'en.(ler,!d by  thi   following ladies, Mrs.
party thereto, "■   H-   McVity,  M"s.  Dent,  Mrs.      R.
Following the rcadin- of these   al-!Squarebriggs,     Mrs. Fleetham,   Mrs.
legations    Dr.  Stanley made a formal   H'  Bews'  Mlss  B-
request  for the premier  to take such   n'rkey  was  much
steps as .ire necessary that the Lieut-  -fu'Bte of the
their homes here.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "As     a    safeguard  against  abuses
meeting    of the Eagle  Thos.    Taylor     had     the     :-*.,: and  which crept Into tbe operation of the
Conservative Associa-  bridge  work  carried  out,   in.partially  "South     African      War    Land  Grant
and economically. Both Liberals   and Act,"     said Mr.  Ross,  it is proposed
Conservatives      received  equal   treat- that the returned soldier shall    make
in     communication    with his depart- ^^^
ment-with a view of bringing   other throu*h   lhe U3ual  channels such   as
soldiers to British Columbia to make Dominion, provincial and civil agents
so by thc I oys wh • have
day,     April 1. Mnny members     """■ ment jn tlle matter of road work application in  the first  instance   un
the     outlying    districts     of Soisqua     Splendid     addresses  were  delivered der     the     provlalona of the land act
and Craigellachie were present.   After  |,y     Messrs. O. Finucane,     J. Mizon, for  a pre-emption  record.     Tbis  will
the     usual routine of business     was  F. Bossley and J. E. Paulding. ensure     tbat tbe  land  is secured for
transacted it was decided to hold the      The    following  resolutiorB  were un- the  sole benefit of  the returned  sold-
election     of     oflicers ior the ereulng animously  passed by the meeting: iers     and not iu collusion with     any
year at the next ...eeting.                     I    "Resolved,  that we the members of other person.
One and all pledged themselves un- the  Eagle  River  Valley  Conservative As a further evidence of his     bona
animously    to heartily  support  Hod.   Association     pledge to Hon. Thomas ndes, it will be required that he shall
W. A. Foote  Thos. Taylor, M.P.P., in the coming Taylor    our    hearty  support and Co- enter into residence on thc land   foi
Oni     Saturday,     April 1.  The rooms  election,     as Mr. Taylor was worthy operation     in    thc coming  elections, 0     short     term—not for thc present
were trJtefully  decorated  with daffo-  oi every support as a man, and also and  express our  appreciation of   the three year term necessary under   the
dils   aud otber spring flowers,   which  on account of the large amount     of sjilendid service  he has rendered     in ordinary     preemption Bectlon ..i  thi
to then.' a very charming   ap-   development    and public work     that  the    development of the Eagle River Lmd     act, but such ihorter time as
has been done in the Revelstoke and  Valley Districts. may later be fixed by regulation.
Presiding at the tea     tabic     were  Malakwa    districts.   Eloquent     (acts     "Resolved, that we the members of "These safeguards  havc heen deem-
Mrs.   Holten  and  Mrs.   McLean     the  to prove this were presented by sev- the  Eagle Valley  Conservative  Asso- '"1  necessary  t,,  prevent the specula-
first hour, and nfterwards Mrs. Foote  eral speakers.                                           'elation recognize in Capt. J. T. Rob- tion in land scrip which characterized
Sr.,     and Mrs. C. A. Procunier. They      One     speaker     very clearly showei inson a man who  is most competent the     operation of the  South African  r
were    ai.ly     assisted    hy  the Misses how     in the road work of Malakwa,  to     represent     us in     the Dominion Krunt •'""•  «'>'»'l>,   '"   many  instances,  a ver*
Foote, M. Young and 1. Procunier.       Soisqua,     Craigellachie and Seymour  House of  Commons,  and one   whose lesulted in the returned soldier  part-  '!'v!°n   _*'
At     the Culinary »ab!" were      drs.   Arm a dollar's  worth  cd work     was  long  years  of  splendid  enterprise    in inK  wlt!l   llis  Hl"I'  lor  a few   dollars
Robblns and  Mrs.  Corning,  and   the  done for every dollar exiiendcd.   Some  the Kamloops nnd  Cariboo districts, to     speculators,   uh..  thereby  reaped
candy table was in charge of Mrs. W.   of     Dr.  Sutherland's right hand sup-  are     an     assurance of his fitness for ,:11 t'1*' benefit* sought   ly the act    to
l. Briggs u' il Mrs. C. B. Hume.           porters have acknowledged this fact, parliamentary honors. he conferred ..n the returned eoldler,"
The  musical   part  of  the  entertain-   arid    state     that  no fault could   be     The     meting  adjourred  to     meet fa"'  *""•  "'iss.
found with the manner in which Hon.   aeain on Saturday, April 16. |    "I"111,   bill  aims  to  provide      ho	
  stead and hom<cstead loans t,. return-
but more
left thc different towns and cities,
ond have gone over to flght in tha
present war. lu visiting hospitals,
toys are talking Canada. In
groups are discuss.nu Canada. and
even on the trains it Is the general
"Now while destruction is gi in:: on
in the British Isles and the r.
ot their allies, *e must utilize our
time in construction wi.rk ah ng the
lines of how we ,:• going to meet
the problems brought ahout My
the emigration that is to be. Mayta
not Immediately after tbe war bu»
after a period ..f readjustment that
is bound t i follow, We must get in
touch with nta oi   iri Ival
•     Jelll,"
••■d man or wo-
■ um does • D nl ii a world .•!
barm,  foi to his na
tive    land and talk against t'anada.
The News From
Three Valley
McCarthy and Miss
appre li ted by the
Mrs. W. A. Foote was ably assisted
in   her  pleasing  duties  as  hostess  by
Mrs.  Kilpatrick.
The handsome sun. of t'-'ii was real
ised, whic i  has been devoted to   the
local Red Cross.
To Mrs.  Foote for her kindness   in
administration    of   the liquor license  organizing the tea and to all who so  time,
branch of tbe department of the   at- generously helped to make this tea bo     rcv. Gordan of Malakwa held scrv-
t.orney    general in reference to every  fillcces8fl'l socially and financially the jc.es here on Friday. His address was
onant governor in co moll i.i iy appoint a commission consisting of
three judge- if the Supreme court of
Alberta to make full investigation
fn the charge nf corrupt practices in
office laid against the Hon. 0. W.
Cross and  to make enquiry into  the
(Special to the Mall-Herald.)
THREE VALLEY,     April  S.-Three
Valley   was well  represented  at     tbc
Red Cross dance heid at     Taft     on
March     25.   All    report     a splendid
Arrow Lakes
Clear of Ice
It  hns,however, a two-
Intendent     i
."•toke,       the
to .1. m. McKay, luper-
thc (MP.R.  ut  Revel
Ifold objesct—asslstanci t,. the soldiers
and advantage to the province from
the   settlement    ,,f ns vaunt lauds.
If   you   will  follow  tbl lUgl   the   mt. r
Iprotatlon seel f the bill you will
■ see  that   the  Wl le  I   !
has i n glvra to tbe expression, Tee-
turned    seidi r," In !• at it not only
steamer service of tho Includes the widow ol the soldier who
Sow  what  is the ■. *S C.A   >l-ilng
*..    a .1 these strangers am,Ing    io
la? First we meet tbe ships   at
i   Halifax      and
Bt.  .John in winti l     I
In    normal I ■ I p t    a
li How the wai
.:.! the
ship and III
matron  hoa   •  in. there are
ling alone.  The MO ul t-t.-]>  ,j to   b-i
at   the    ezan li itloi th me he.,!
and civii, and to pn
I   cul
r. the bad ■>■ worn by  the Travt
' •!   ,i,'t  .:      Tbi   .ti  will then hav.i
company on the  Arrow Lakes will re-  has given bll lite  In  th, - ■      lithe   -°
matter named  in  the  charges.
Premier Sifton said he would read
■over the charges and reply later in
thc afternoon. Just, before tbe house
arose he declined to grar, nn investigation. The premier Baid "l have __
read the statement placed on tho
table by the member for High River, l,s
Red Cross tenders 1 s sincere thanks.
n.uch appreciated.
Mrs. Isaac Morgan and Miss Myrtle
visited Mrs.  J.  E. English and other
iriends in Revelstoke last week.
Rev.     Geo.  Larder  of  Craigellachie
  held Church of England services Sunday  last    The   beautiful  spring     day
far as charging any wrong-doing   brought out. the entire population to
concerned     as the one that was hear     his     very  interesting sermon.
Trail hospital will he enlarged as
soon as suitable weather for building
operatiorB arrives.
I    wish    to   say in tbe firs'   instance,   '8	
Hint   th.   itatemenl contained in   the  made before, and is shown ia one par-  During the service the infant son
second paragraph was absolutely    in-.tlcular clause in the    beginning     of
accurate as having heen  made hy me which it says,   'In one or all of   the
in    this    house.   ('That  when charges  following particulars.'
specific up to purport and to persons    ^Therefore that ther.. may be    no
were mad.   the government would   he  delay   In  regard  to  the  matter      ind
pleased    to  consider  the  appointment ; thnt
of     a roynl     commission.''    Bo that   'i""fi
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan was christened.
Mrs. S. E. Houston, went to the
hospital Monday lor treatment, she
having been ill since thc Christmas
holidays.   Mr.  Cordon is tenching   In
there  may  bl   no  misapprehen-  her stead.
,  as I am afraid there 'night he.:    Mr, Paul  Story spent Tuesday here
what Is based upon thai  second par..    ' wleh r" "tate specifically here     and   the guest of Mr. W. S. Stewart.
graph  Is   ibsollttely  Inaccurate.
"I Htnte further that having ezatD-
ined this document T lind it Is a re
petition   "'■   the  charges   made    before
sume operation today with thc full empire, but also women and minors
schedule In operation. Since early in who have enlisted in anv 1.ranch ot
January the service has been bam- tbe military service within the scope
pered   hy the ice  in  tbe Arrow    Lake t.H the bill."
Narrows. Travellers going to Trail It. is the dMign "f the government
will not have to take thc alternate that the assistance to be given to the
route througb Slocan Lake but will returned soldiers Under the plow-
be able to take  the steamer  the full slons of this bill shall be secured   to
length of the Arrow Lakes after Sat 	
urday. foisted     upon     the taxpayers of  the
Tbe schedule is as follows: On Tues- province tXCt] t lUCh indirect taxa-
days, Thursdays and Saturdays thc tion as might be considered t,, be In
train from Revelstoko to Arrowhead volvcd In the Withdrawal Irom ordin-
lenvcB Revelstoke at 7.15 a.m. Ret- ary settlement of such lands as may
inning to Revelstoke the train ar- he set aside ln the pursuance of the
rives at 12.15 p. m. hill's provisions.
On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday The minister felt sure that the
tho train from Revelstoke to Arrow- members ol the Opposition Could have
head     will  leave  Hevclstoke at 11.30 no objection whatever to thl  Claal   Ol
a.m.   Returning    to     Revelstoke   thn land     to l.e given  tl Idlers,  since
train arrives at 4.3R p.m. they  had  contended  thnt the  jovern-
   a.ent hnd alienated the best land     ln
the province.
now that I am not going to apply to      Miss  Mil.'.red  \|,,wat will live   wlth;Mrs. Stewart on Sunday.
the Lieutenant governor of this prov-  the Stewarts while Mrs. Houston   lal   Mr-    Cordon     will   live at the A. j
It  f"' b royal commlwlon. in the hospital. i Rutherford home during his stay herd
With this brief statement the prem-
bnd that, it, Is as absolutely Indefinite  ler resumed bis seat.
The     Rer.     Geo,   Larder and Mrs. i    John  Hoffman  of Craigellachie vis-  and
Larder were the guests of Mr.    and.ited friends here Monday. led.
•ml her. These workers    are ,,t   th.'  pi
' • ■ r.' i
work    is welcoming, protecting, ' '
lowing    u|>    and helping. Thej
rtll          Iter to the tecr<stary
tie.n  in ti," town  to which the
l hem  without any charge having been  may r-,H Ui
e ut   Whei living, what she   is
doing and  II i  living
wage.   To    -i  ■■■■■  boa   ',.-n,'ran*  some
girls nr- ol t is not unusual
lor -hen, t ■ ' ••   i  Montreal ls a
half    hours  rid"  Irom   Winnipeg    and
ri  .;. red   fe ■
"Vou sm many sad sights In    the
medical      •!■•■■ Settlers
t .lined
least they i - allow
the one chil.i to go Muck aloni  which
      rarely     occurs    This  difficulty  w ■
1."     Wl .f the uiesd-fnl
Tr.Ml  has  over   I":  cases ol measles  examination   were the  other
new ones are still belnp repTt
I        (Continued on Pare Th'-eM PACE TWO
XEbc flDafl-lbemlb
Published every  Saturday at
RBVELSTOKE    ll.  ('
oM.il-Herald Publishing:
Company, Limited
F.  E.  QIGOT,  Manager and    Editor.
ments, thc Red  Cross work  and Can- to  tourists.
adian  hospitals,   and  the   magnificent     The     following     rates     have   been
pagSar.lt  jiresented   when  His  Majesty agreed to by the auto liveries:
the     King reviewed 4(l,fllMl Canadians     The Revelstoke National Auto Road
is the biggest spectacle ever put on a  a     drive of two hours duration, -fflc.
film.   No one who has a relative   or  for     every additional  15 minutes car
friend      'Somewhere     m   France,'  or held.
about to go should miss it.   And few  One or two passengers 	
will  be  satisfied  with  seeing  it once.   Three passengers 	
public reward figures out $6G per day  I do not. feel     immodest in  praising Four passengers 	
.  $(M08 |
.T7MD0 I
counting   Saturdays   and     Sundays, the film, because it is not  my work. Five passengers 	
There is no record that he has objec-  T     so thoroughly admire it, and     so  Six  passengers 	
, ..            fully  appreciate   the   privilege   of  lee- This rate applies from nnv point in
led  to or refused any part of it.                                                  , .   ,   .    ...„   , .*    _.    7   , .             _.                  v
timing with it, that. I feel justified in the city to the  Internment camp and
1  urging everyone  who possibly  can to return to the point ot departure.
PROM   THE   SANCTUMS      I   see it." Silver Tip Falls, drive ol two hours
Empress  Theatre.   Monday,   Matinee duration  25c,  for every additional IB
■i   o'clock.    Children  10c,   adults  &5c. minutes car held.
Evening, Children 25c, adults Mc. One or two passengers ..
if the forest lire danger were represented i.y a Une rising and tailing as
ih,. dangei mce:.m.I tbere would he
„ t-t, ii p : ;.'■ oi "peak" In the lew
weeks at'':' the winter snow leaves
the  I ,,'e.i.--.    This   is  So  much   the case
that  tie term "spring  tires"  is well  |,V the Dominion in its latest
known te. .very forester. The   ground  floated In the United States,
is   dry,  the dead  leave,  ami  herbage
i;re    sapless     and     tindery,  and the
No more completely convincing re-
I'ly ti. the Liberal charges that t.he
credit of Uritish Columbia has been
dissipated could he desired than the
fact that ihe government has heen
successful     iii   securing  a   loan  "f  '!.-
000,000 for a 2" year period "ii terms
which are better than those obtali Bd
Standard Auto
Rate M
Three passengers  $r>.TvO
Four  passengers    $0,0(1
Five passengers   $(1,50
SIX   passengers      $7.00
Financiers .1.. . ,.> .nvest money m
institutions whose credit has been
dissipated; certain.? taey do not loan
An  arrangement   has been  made
the hoard of trade  with auto drivers
in  R?velstoke as to a fair  jirice     to
charge citizens and ti urists for trijis
Rossland's total snowfall up to
March 23rd was over l'i feet—100 in-
ches to be exact.
least spark may start a fire that will mnm,y (.pon tr|. _ . |)|,tur l|ur obtdln.
sweep whole mdes of forest, All wh.. ,,,| py the Dominion of Cenada unM.ss
go to the wo,nis are cautioned to see the borrower's financial standirig is
that they are especiall. caretu] to "f the very highest order.
put oul completely theii camp fires
and to sec that no fir
matches,  pipes, cigar
The hair tonic which has gained our
incidence is Rexall "98" Hair Tonic,
to the various scenic points adjacent ,u Rexall Drug Stores sell it. under
to Revelstoke. A standard rate will positive guarantee—ir'ic. nnd $1.00
be a benefit to the citizens as well as  bottles.
The    men   who     have paid such     a
high compliment to the credit of Bri-
start  Irom   tieh Columbia  I.y investing in its se-1
tubs   or      tire   purities    at   the   low   rate  of   interest,
arms.   Canada    has many fire guard    announced hy  Hon. Lorne A.  Camp-
this s'-asoii     hut    tf  '""'"■     ,,avf'     done so with full know
ledge  of  the  railway guarantees   and
ians on duty a'
these   rule-   are    ,' s.-i .••■!   mil. h   ''..ore
,.f  the details ol  tlie financial  stand-
timber     will he saved  that   can     Mc jng nf ,,,., province,   _\re they or the'
saved thr,.ugh the  mosl   strenuous el governments critics thc best, qualified:
fortg      ,' fln  fighters.   The time    to to     reach     a sound conclusion uponi|
,       .  , .   , . this matter — .Nelson Daily News,
stop a (. ••  I  fire Is  belore it starts. 	
Canada     is In a  war that  is taxing
her res. nd evei y patriotic clt-
ii en h ill di   all he eai   to previ nt tbe
enemy     bi Ipi A  •■>  th(   di   tl
tloa of Caradiai   res inrces.
That  the tercentenary itt the death
ol     William   Shakespeare  Bhould not
• nly l.e to perpetuate the memory of
the    greatest  ol English j><i< ts,     the
.-realest   of  the  world's potts,  but  he
ctlve ..f such result,  t.,. lie worthy  ol  his  lame  ane   the  nation  that
s  e him birth,  Is the opinion ol     a
"•th     ''•'   i': announced  Tercentenary Committee recently lor-
• i   to. :.   offici .   His  Soldiers'   ,„.,i .., England.
lowser le mak • ■   i
Hoi estei        •     in ■'■■'■-    Theretore,     on    May :,.  medallions
taking    concerning    the soldiers. He hearing    thi  dates of thi birth    and
ol Shakespeare and his picture
has introduced the na
in.-     tbi     port ■
will be   sold  all  over   the      English
ikine world; and thosi   who
Though    hi      bas not yi      •■:•■. ..... mor.
the    i ' '■" has voiced thi
has made il                                 '• ' '                   British    h mor.
' •
ted     to
refining nd lief and the League of Mercy, insi
t that 1
premiei • ':
t hi
:■■. ..-•'.
thin':    of it     The
y in A] ' thll
show that
>■! it t      s t withdi
r; MCE!
WR.PAR1    '   '
s  •
■ ■ ■
■ i
I ■
■ ■
r i pay I
To Mothers of Delicate Children
Palmyra, fa "My little girl had a
chronic cough and w»s nn thin you rould
count h.r ribs and she had no appetite.
Nothing we gav,- her seemed t.. help her,
until une day Mrs Neil,ert asked me to
try Vinol, and now she |i hungry all the
time, Ilt cough is gone, she le-'-.touter
and has a more heslthv color. I wish
-every mother who hw a delicate child
would try Vinol "   Mre.At.rRRDStj.CX,
We guarantee Vinol, our delltioui cik!
liver .-ind iron tonic, t,, make delicate
cMMreo bottitby and strong.
Iff. Dcwp, Druggist, Revelstoke, IJ. C.j
public should kn      the I nth
to indl on   an I tbi  six reels
ol    (.. . lorbtng
n am i ..■[■•■nn    to
the a■':.u"   oldiei  boj aftei be leav..
■■Ml.       .'eel      thl       ,   '  '    181        I  01 k III
i be trom hoi . he dally pleai enes ns
weii as dangers nre shown, The way
the men reallj live, the throwing «!
hand grenades and explosion of
bombs in trenches, how n charge is
made  througb  tiurbud   mm unta-ifl. i
Ypres,  was a prisoner     for 6 months in Germany.
-    .,   i Monday, Matinee     and     Evening— B mpresa
■« .   i can n ike this »Inter is to
Buy a Pair of Skis
and   ! ■ t»JtJi
We h \nii.  Miekoiy   and Pine,   Call   .nei ;oe,k   them
piste si        ' Ml '   i v, KAn loi city, moun
.'   i.'ish.
fl R    BOI   ■! II  >et highest        ki I pi ices.
.•AH.-Ur CAPITAL, $7.<HHI.(><>II
Imperial Bank
Peli'i Howi.nd, Preiidinl.
I.filablinhril 1H7S.
E.    liny.    <Gee.UC.ejl    M-l......
Drafts, Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued
available throughout thc world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. hi
»     B.   M< CLENEGHAN.   Manager
Sport Coats for Ladies
Just arrived—a shipment of the very
newest Spring Coats.   Prices from	
 _ _  $1000 to 15.00
Ladies and Children's Middy Waists
These   Waists  are  made  of  the  best
quality Drill in   plain   white  and   with
navy, saxe and red  collars.    Prices	
 90c, $1.00 and 1.25
New Curtain Muslins
The very newest patterns and the best
quality curtain muslins, prices 20c & 25c
A nice curtain muslin with fancy colored
borders.   Special price 15c
Our Millinery department is at its best.
We are showing all the latest styles and
the prices are moderate.
Fred Young & Co,
What's in a Name ?
Well, lt just depends. Wben you hour ol Hobson's Dread
you naturally feel hungry. Tbe crisp brown exterior and
tbe appetising white inside arc both signs ol tbe good
flour we use and the care wo take to bake lt Just right.
Try it for yourself—we do not fear the result.
Phone 41
Union  Hotel
A. P. ..KVK.SQCK, Proprietor ;
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
O R I F Nl T A 1      Suitably furniahed with the
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, LiquorB and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C
Box 734
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Direct Importers
Wholesale Dealers
Our Goods are GOOD
Our Prices logical and within reason
See us before placing your orders ■
Ceived,   thus  making  over  GOO  pair s  ore.   Then     instead  ol local  medical
Did Not Receive One Cent in
Connection With  Sale of
Kitsilano Tract
VICTORIA, B, C, April 5-The
firm .>[ Bowser, Reid & Wallbrldge
did not receive one cent out of the
Kitsilano Indian reserve transaction,
directly or indirectly, neither did it
take part In it in any way.
Roble L. Reid, senior active member of the tirm, placed on record today before the committee which is
Inquiring Into the circumstances ol
thc removal of the Indians from tho
reserve. There has Leen no suggestion by any witness appearing before
the committee that the firm received
any benefit from the transaction on
was interested in it In any way, but
a half breed, Joe Cole, in :. letter in
a    newspaper had made Insinuations
to this elfect.
"I hnd no Idea anything ol tbe
kind was going on," said Mr. Reid,
when told that Hamilton Read, who
received $$9,'tKI0 from H. 0. Alexander, Who put through the deal. had
stated that he had met the Indians
some evenings in the offices of Bowser, Reid & Wallbrldge. He bad never
beard of it until Read had mentioned
the matter in connection With the
present Inquiry. Mr. Reid, who is
one of the leading lawyers of the
province, is not in any way related
to Hamilton Read, whose, $39,000
share ol the $300,000 paid for tbe reserve has heen criticised. Tbe names
were spelled differently and Mr. Reid
today gave evidence to show the absolute laek ol family connection between the two.
made by them to date. A special
word of praise is due to these ladies
for their untiring efforts in providing
these much needed articles. These
shoes are in great demand and are
much appreciated in the hospitals overseas.
All fees for membership are due by
the end of May. The great war appears to be now approaching its zenith and it is incumbent on all members to carry on the noble work In
which they have been engaged for
the past eighteen months. To this
end we apjieal for new members and
if each secures one it will add considerably to keeping up the good work
so well begun.
Will all ladies handing in socks
kindly attach their names in order
to avoid contusion and also that
jiroper credit may l.e given where it
Raise [Mtcl.cn
I ractltloners going to meet each
, boat, there should be a stall of doctors attached to the immigration
'medical service.
"If we would try to get into touch
with strangers coming to our towns
and cities we would not only aid the
stranger but ourselves and the Dominion in the best possible way.
'So as  we meet and  touch each day,
The many travellers on their way,
Let every such brief compact be
\  glorious helpful  ministry.
The contact of the soil to seed
Eacb coming to the other need,
Each helping on the other hest
And blessing each as well as blest.'
"So it rests with each individual
no matter where we come in contact
with a stranger, to find and help thc
best in then, nnd by so doing crowd
out  the worst that   might  be there.
Mrs. W. H. Sutherland seconded by
Mrs. smith Drquhart moved a hearty
veet" of thanks to Mrs. Purrington-
Ham for her interesting and Instructive address.
The refreshments were in charge of
the regular committee tbe convenor
if which is Mrs. F. Vi.  Laing.
Comparatively     little bas bc
been said in the press ns to tbe   act- Trail    will   build  a   new  25x54 foot
Ivlties  Ol   Scandinavians   in   thc  war. '"'lck »'" "<" ** « cost of J6.000.
Yet large numbers have enlisted, aud Trail     schools are closed for     two
many being now at  the front  in   the »veek=i     on  account  of the prevalence
Membership Fees
Now Due
The Red Cross society held its
monthly business meeting on Wednesday, April 5th, in the Y.M.C.A., with
the president, Mrs. Kilpatrick in the
chair. Tbe minutes were read and
adopted and other business proceeded with. More yarn is now on hand
and all Willing to provide socks and
garments can bc supplied with the
necessary materials. The following
work was handed in:
Mrs.  A.  I'M Kincaid, 5 pair socks.
.Mrs. McKeeknie (Arrowhead) 2 pair
Mrs. Adams, A Friend, Mrs. G.
Sargeant, Mrs. G. Edwards, Mrs.
Dent, Mrs. Towse, Mrs. Dickey, Mrs.
E. Trimble. Mrs. G. Rose, Mrs. Lewis (Wigwam), Miss 1.. McKinnon, and
Miss Creelman, 1 j.air socks eacb.
Mrs.  Tomllnsoni cut out 15 shirts.
From the Naomi     Lodge     Rebekahs
76  j.air Convalescent shoes were     re-
How Vinol Made Her Strong1
Beallsville. Ohio. —"I wish all nervous, weak, run-down women could have
Vinol. 1 was so run-down, weak and
nervous 1 could not sleep. Everything I
ate hurt me, and the medicine 1 had taken did me no good. I decidi d to try
Vinol, and before long 1 could eat anything 1 wanted and could sleep all right.
Now 1 am well and strong, and in better health than I have been for years."
—Mrs.Anna Mh.li.siin.Beallsville,Ohio.
We guarantee Vinol for all run-down,
weak and debilitated conditions.
W.  Bews,  Druggist,   Revelstoke, R. C,
trenches. It is estimated that in the
neighborhood of 400 have, since the
war began, joined the ranks in British Columbia, and proportionately
still larger numbers iu the prairie
provinces, where the settlements are
larger and longer established. In
Manitoba, for instance, there is a record of over 500 of Icelandic origin
alone being in the ranks.
It has been felt that wid would
come of consolidating future military
effort on the part o! Scandinavians
My organizing a jnirely Scandinavian
battalion, under command dl Scandinavian officers. Such men as the
Hon. Thos. H. Johnson, minister ..f
public w >rks in the Manitoba government, witb the active help of other
Scandinavians, fostered the movement, which resulted in the appointment of Lleut.-Col. 0. Albrechtsen of
Prince Albert, an experienced mill- j
tary officer, as officer commanding
the 323rd Overseas Battalion. Organization was completed some weeks ago
and recruits are now heine sought
throughout the west. Already a considerable body is concentrated at
Winnipeg and some of the officers
have bem appointed. Great care is
being observed in this regard, the endeavor being to select only men who
will  do credit to their nationality.    :
It seems assured tbat the battalion
"ill     be an excellent one,  not     only (
from the    standpoint of  physical fitness,   but  from  that  of  morals     and
For the present recruits will be re-,
ceived and signed on by Mr. Johann-!
son at tbe law offices of A. Edward .
Talk & Co., 25 to 29 Canada Life j
Building, I'lO Hastings Street West, !
Vancouver, B. C,
of measles.
There are now 346 telephones in use
in Rossland. There were 235 on January 1st.
The C.P.R. Is again operating a
daily train  between Cranbrook    and
"kortheJL kidneys
Perhaps Yffltf-p
are out of order. Make the doctor's
test, Kxamine your urine. H should
be a light straw color il it U highly
colored, reddish or deep orange it i he
odor Is strong or unusuid it "brick
dust" or mut u* i-- present* look to the
kidneys.   They are out of order.
Get GIN PILLS at once, and take
them regularly.
Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago,
pain i" the hack, groin or hips all,
point to weakness in the kidney or
bladder action, and the pressing necessity for GIN PILLS.
Gin Pills are worth their weight in
gold because they drive these pains
clean out ol the system. Thev only
cost 50 cents a box, with the absolute
gunranteeof satisfaction or yourmoney
hack. Six boxes tor $2.50, or n free
treatment il ynu write to
National Drug & Chemical
Co.,   of  Canada,   Limited
Toronto      -      Ont.        14
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Family Shoe
] Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We aim to giva maximum
weir At  niitnu ti pnoo
in white cotton, linle, etc.—vests
ard drawers—light, cool, comfort-
able, nil sizes, nil prices. Special
among this is a lovely garment
nt 3 for J1.00; eacb  35c
Just the cutest little panama*
and others including wash hats in
linen, etc., for little girls and boys
and quality considered the prices
arc mosl reasonable. See them in
iln' millinery department. Ke,, S5c
The popnlar dress material this
sj.ring. 36 in. wide, all colors, in-
■•liidine  black,     at  per yd   $1.50
lell   from  our  successful  sale  this
w,  k,  at  25c,  15c,  and 10c
Boys' Clothing for Real Boys
Our object has bem for the coming season to supply Revelstoke
hoys with clothing that iB up-to-
the-minute in style and workmanship and that will stand the
strain of hard wear. We feel that
we have    accomplished     this     at
very     moderate    prices,  when we
put    in stock a full line of     the
famous     "Lion    Brand" clothing
for   boys.   Our sizes run from 24
to   34  In both plain and    Norfolk
Prices run from $5.00 to $9.50
tbat fit,  wear and hold their colour.
Trices 90c.  to  $1.25 each.
Made by the famous W. G. & R.
firr... which is a guarantee ot
workmanship and materials.
We have them now in blue stripes, ;,ure white and black sateen.
Try a jar .if Express at 25c. or
a tin ol Kinc Beach at 75c.
Head     and Leaf Lettuce, Cauli-   j
flower.      Celery,    Radishes,  green
< inn.as and Parsley.    .
Self Rising Buckwheat Flour in
;  packages.
Rogers Pure Sugar Syrup, 2, 5,
10 and 20 pound tins.
Pride of Canada Pure Maple
Syrup, quarts and half gallon
Crown Brand Corn Syrup, 2 and
5 pound tins.
Lyle's English Syrup, 2     pound
Maple Flavored  Syrup in quartB
;  snd 1 gallon tins.
Premium Ham, D.-minion   Ham,
Premium Breakfast Bacon, Domin-
ion   Breakfast   Bacon,   Pea      Meal
Back Bacon,     Back     Bacon   and
--,1 Ham.
Addresses Canadian Ciob
(Continued  from Page One.)
.■iue belore starting out. The entire
immigration system is in great need
of reorganization and systematizing,
by taking it out of the hands ol the
government altogether, and placing
tra    -I     men in positions e.f inspect-
rse  60   callons per  minute  of    water
out     of    Dewey Creek, which     flows
north west  and  sinks into land  filed ;
on by applicant.
The water will be diverted from the
stream at n point about the base of j
the mountain and will be used lor
domestic and irrigatian purposes upon the land described as L. G. 12,
section 10, Township 24, R2 W. of ice Commission in May, ms. success-
c..   M I fui candidates joining the college    on
This'   notice     was posted on    the or     about the lBt AuSust'   APPlica"
I ground     on     the 29th day of March, i tions for ent
[ 1916.
The next examination for the entry
ert naval cadets will be held at the examination    centres of the Civil  Serv-
Diversion and Use.
Take     notice     that    Allan Kcllay,
whose address  is Revelstoke, B.    C.,
will aj>ply for a licence to take     nnd
the 15th April by the Secretary, Civil Service Commission, Ottawa, from
cation"pursnnnT thereto "and"to ""the ' whom '',anH entr5- fon"3 caD D0W   ,,e
'Watei-   .ct,   l'.'ll," will be filed in the   ol;tnin"d-
office of the Water Recorder at Revel-1    Candidates for thc examination    in
.  . I May    next must be between the ages
-,.,'.,  „    i     ...    __n.-4.i .„ „  of fourteen and sixteen on the 1st   of
Objectinns   to  tlie  application    may
be filed with the said Water Recorder       ,y'
...   ..     -       .    ,.__    ,     „.  .     I    Further details can  be obtained   on
or     with the Comptroller of     Water j
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. ('., within thirty days after the ■
tirst  a|>peararce    of  this  notico in a
A copy of this notice and an appli-
local newspaper.
Description of the territory within
which its powers in respect of the
undertaking are to be exercised :
Bench  Land.
ALLAN  KBLLAY,  Applicant
The date of the Brst publication of
this notice is April !, 1916.
application to the undersigned.
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department .Jf the Naval Service. Ottawa. January Wth, m6.
Unauthorised publication of this advertisement will not bc paid for.—
Meets every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock, in Selkirk H»U.
Visiting brothers cordially la-
rtted.     W. POTTRUFF, C. C.
R. GORDON, K of R.  S.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Mating* are held la
N'ew Masonic Hall on the Foarth
Monday in each month at I p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
C. R. SKENE, W.  M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  ge»er«tary
'l'ine   Feathers,"   which   appears    at the  Empress  Theatre,  Wednesday,  April
serve, $1.00, 75c., 5Cc.   Curtain 8.30.
12th.    Seate at Macdonalds.  Rc-
Under and  hy virtue of  the powers
of sale contained in a certain Indent-
! nre     of Mortgage,  which will be  pro
j duced at the time of sale,  there will
! be     offered    for sale on  Monday, the
27th day of March, 1916, at the hour
j of eleven o'clock in the forenoon     at
, the     oflice of the Revelstoke General
| Agencies Limited, First Btreet, Revel-
! stoke, B. C, the following lands and
premises: Lots One (1) and  two   (2),
in Block Three (3) subdivision of District Lot 3S4,  Group One,    Kootenay
District,  British  Columbia,   ns shown
on   plan     of    subdivision Arrowhead
Townsite plan No. 631.
On the property Ib a three     story,
frame hotel building.
For further particulars and     terms
and conditions of sale apply to,
Barrister,     etc., First Street, Revelstoke,     B.     C,     Solicitor for the
Dated     at Revelstoke, B. C, thia 9th
day of March, 1916.
The above sale has been postponed
i to    Monday, April 10, 1916, at     the
samff hour and place.
I. O. O.  F.
Mewtg every  Thursday  evening 1»
Selkirk   Hall   at   8 o'clock   Vtait-
lng brethern cor'liallv invite*!.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
Revelstoke Lod
No. 1088
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in   Smythe's    Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially in-
viu'd.      ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
ILL. HAUfi.s.'.'.
It's pood policy to think of the future
It'sstill better polioy to provide against
'.he misfortunes it mav bave in store
for you,   The suresl way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing ami long business
cai'i'iT of the Kootenay A<gencl<ei
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav He near at hand
Don'l delay.    Takeout a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid, Manager.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We Sepecialiie In
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work shop -Connaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      -    B.C.
Phone 066
/7 you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads TAGE FOUR
M. Gradj of St. Leon was a irlsltor
to Revelstoke e.n Tuesday.
Mrs.   Vi    Brazeal ol Seattle   .'..I-.     a
visitor to  Revelstoke on Monday.
J. Calvert oi Kaslo was a guest   at
the Kin..-  Edward hotel on Monday.
K. Clayson ol Vancouver registered
i.t the H .tei iM velstoke on Monday
M. B. Girard of Nakusp was at the
King Edward hotel on Monday.
(1.   It.   Pearson  was a K'liest of  'the
King Edward hotel on Tuesday.
J.  E, Annable of Nelson was a visitor  to  Revelstoke  on   Wednesday.
.1.     McRae ol  Kamloops registered
at the  Hotel Hevclstoke on Monday.
H,  C,  Chambers ■.!  Vancouvei   was     ,j.   Cohun ol   Vancouver   registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Thursday  at the Hotel Revelstoke on Tuesday.
F. it. Harrison ol Revelstoke is    a     ,i.  De Foe ..f Arrowhead registered
guest  at  the Stratbcona.Nelson Daily  at the King LCdward hotel on Monday
ll.    A.  Brown ol  Armstrong regis-1
C.  A.  Birtch   ■;  Pentlcton  register-   tered   at  the Hotel  Revelstoke Wed-
eu   at  thi    King Edward hotel Wed-  nesday.
nesday. .     ,.
I   ,).    K. Gorllng >•!  Vancouver register,  and   Mrs,   W,   K.  Woodbouse  <<f  tered at  the King  Edward hotel   on
Montreal     were    guests al  the Hotel   Monday.
Revelstoke on Tuesday.
I    Mr.     and Mrs.  ;•.. .1.  Lightioot     of
The     Eagle River Valley Conserve   Vancouver     registered   at  the  Hotel
tive  Association  will bold a meeting  Revelstoke on Tuesday.
at  Malakwa  on    .prii   15. I
i    'i he  Y.W.S.P.  <Mlu!i are  holding     a
A.   J.   Waskett  of  Arrowhead  regis-  basket social and dance In thc  Scan-
tered at the King Edward hotel    on flinavian hall on April S.
'    Mrs.     T. Rowe and Mrs. F.  Jaynes
A reward >ef one hundred dollars is ,,[ Greenwood were among the guests
being oflered for the arrest and   cor> at the    King  Edward hotel on Tues-
victi.en     of  the  person  who poisoned
W.  H.  li..robin's valuable C'lUie dog.
A recent issue ol the Canada Gazette contains the notice of confirmation of rank of Lieutenant (super-
numary) H. L. Breakey of the 102nd
Regiment.   Mr.   Breakey  was  at   ono
Among the     guests  at the Hotel
Revelstoke on   Wednesday were Mr.
and     Mrs. G.  A,  Stevenson of Winnipeg,
R. C. Fromoy has returned to Revelstoke.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Dornberg are
guests at the King Edward.
T. Abriel of Nakusp was a visitor
to Revelstoke ou Wednesday.
IM E. French of Vernon was at the
Hotel  Revelstoke on Monday.
E. A. Crease of Nelson passed
through  Revelstoke  on  Monday.
A. I'M Watts of Wattsbui'g, was at
the Hotel Revelstoke on Wednesday.
The L.A. to B. of R. T., havc made
extensive arrangements for their annual dance to be held on Easter Monday.
10. J, Shanahan of Vancouver was
g guest at. the Hotel Revelstoke on
R. T. Nevercross, Jr., of Greenwood
was a guest at the Hotel Revelstoke
on Monday.
,i. Glasple and E. S. Glasjiie of
Eagle Ray registered at the King Edward hotel on Friday.
Mrs. Millen arrived from Vancouver
Thursday morning on a visit to Mrs,
J. Laughton and sister.
Miss ('. M. Leary of Lethbridge
was the guest of her brother D.
Leary during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bews of Revelstoke arrived in the city on Saturday
and are registered at the Hume.—
Nelson Daily News.
Lieut.      -\.  Grant   with  Mrs.  Grant
and family have arrived from Revels-
n the stafl of the local branch toke and tilke<> «P th(-'ir residence    in
of the Canadian Hank of Commerce.     «« ctty.-Kamloops Standard.
Lieut.   H.   H.   Jones  who   Is  recruit-      The  Arrowhead   sub branch  of      the
ing .or 'Me 211th Batt., C.B.F., (Am- Imperial Dank ol Canada  will he op- ,lland   for cemeut among thc farmers
erican    Legion), spent yesterday     in c» for tw" boon -"> Wednesdays arid
Revelst,,'..' and  will  return     In     the *M*~ on  the arm _  of the     train
Cdi rai    il  tl !  next ter, days and will «™m Revelstoke.
opei. a recruiting office tor the above     1>llt   A   s>  Swinford of thc C.A.
battalion for a day or two.
.S.tM, made a trip to Field during the
week  in connection with  the  supjilies
Princess     Crysanthemum, a .lapaa- .
..     for  the Otter  .nternment camp.      He
et' operetta will be presented in the
~      '■ ' ,,,,.,  was accompanied by Set. V  D Anna.
opera house .en Friday, April 14,   by
tbe  pupils ol  the  Selkirk school,   as- The     Ladles     Aid of the Methodist
sisted  by  local  artists.  Also patriot- oiiurch  will  hold  an  egg  supper     in
ic an.l  national songs,  drills, dances the  Scandinavian  Hall on  Thursday,
■ongs, etc.,  will be presented. Tickets .\pnl     20.  Rverybodj   wile,,nie.      The
purchased     from     pupils   can be ex- ladles intertl that  a real good supper
changed for plan tickets at Macdon- j* in st..re (,.i  all  who attend.     See
aid's drug store. [prices in Business Locals,
The following announcement appeared in the London Gazette—Personal
stafl, Aide de t'ampe—Capt. W. W.
Foster,  Jnd  Mounted Rifles.
There continues to be a great     dc-
of the prairies. Many are concreting
there barnyards and building concrete
Rev. Father McLaughlin, C.S.P.R.,
of Toronto will jireach a mission in
St. Francis church, beginninc tomorrow and closing on Sumday, April 16.
He will also preach every night during the week at 7.30.
A very pleasant afternoon was
spent at the home of Mrs. Harold
Wood, First Street, on Thursday
last when the Vi. A. of St. Peter's
church met for the first meeting     of
Any information  with     regard to
the  Scandinavian Battalion  will he
furnished by 0.  F.  Lindmark on application.
No definite announcement has beeu
made on the half holiday legislation
which the government has been asked
to bring down this session, but it is
jiretty well understood that the hill
will provide for tho setting of Saturday afternoon as a legal half holiday
for clerks and other such workers
throughout the province. Presumably
in order to protect the larger stores
against small establishments in which
the proprietors are their own clerks
some arrangement with regard to
closing on Saturday will be proposed.
It is said that the Saturday night
shopping as a consequence wlll be
done away with and Friday night will
jhave to be adopted instead by the
Jstorekeejicrs. This will mean that
j clerks will have all of Saturday afternoons and evenings for week end
pleasures. .Many other workers, particularly artizans and mechanics,
have had Saturday afternoons off fot
several years through union regulations.
R. Behrendt, ladies tailor for Cressman & Co., has returned if or the
spring trade. Ladies have your suits
made early.
Ladies, Attention—You can rent a
Vacuum Cleaner by the day from the
Sturdy Hardware Co.
Sherwin Williams' Flat Tone for
Interior Finish. Paints, Varnishes,
Granitine Floor Finish, Alabnstinc
etc.,  at Bourne BroB. /
Gait Coal for sale. Sibbald & Son.
The Ladies Aid of thc Methodist
Church will serve an Egg Supper in
the Scandinavian Hall on Thursday,
April 20th, from 5.30 until 7.30. Adults 35c, children under 12 years 25c.
You can get money for old rubbers
if you bring them to thc Second
Hand Store next to the Union Clothing Store.
GET THE HABIT.—Place your fire
nnd accident insurance with Chas. M.
Field, who represents only old and
reliable companies.
There's comfort  in  cooking
Coursier's Coal.
the     year.   The new president     Mrs.
On  Wednesday  nlghl   there  was     a;   Majo]    ^ Mrg   M   j   Crehan     of   w ' presided, and after tbe various
gathering of the residents of   Rogers VanCouver   „,,,.   ,,,.41 and hoBteM   at reports wen- read, it was decided to
I'ass held at  the C.P.R. house to hid ^     e,, (,v.,jl|(,     ,,;,,,„,,.   ,1V0„  ,lt   -,„, bold a tea and culinary sale in May,
farewell   to     Mr. and Mrs.  Jackson Lak(.view    hoUsli Kelowna, Thursday ^lso " concert on the cvcninp of   the
and  Mrs.  Shlnn,  who left  on No.   3 ,agt    Among (hi, ilui,„i   ...   w.r„ same day.   After the business of the
for     Kamloops.   Cards    were  played Hj8     ,                   .(, 3wang0„ 0, Ka.„. meeting  was finished a v-ry  pleasing
till midnight,  the prizes being     won ,oopB;  Mr   ,ilmiW  crease,   K.C.,     of incident took place,  when the officers
by    Mrs.     Jackson  and  M^   3    Shoe, \ator.a.   Mr.   and   Mrs.   J,   K.   Hume. and   member,  of  the  Vi.   A.   took  the
After    dainty refreshments the party Mr   ,m(, Mr,   ..    ,.    Benson   Mr   and opportunity ol expressing their regret
dancd     until    train  time  when  Mr. Urs   p   A   T(V.,,.   M[    aBfl ., ■   the departure of  Mrs.  J.  E. Dick-
and    Mrs.   Jackson  left,  taking  with K      TftJ    .       v.          DuMoulin,  Mr. ^-  th"  retiring  president,  and     of
the;:   the good wishes ol their many ,;,,„,     Stirling,     M-   H   ,         ;. •• presenting     h»r with a gold handled
friends at Rogers Pass. Mr.     D.     Cui is a slight   t'ken  of    their
■ i■■ne-—111 m_m______________l    there "   'v:'' ;'r> -reatly
M^anaaim^mmmiii inm-m ^     ^ ^ church work as     she
E {VI P i'i l£»-» S     TH-Ali^kiu-]    The ■* ly to help In any way
•  lal Gull'! ; for their   an-- possible     i       best    interests ol
PROGRAM                                                  er for the Queen
BATURDA.   and  Matinee 2.30—Mutu-   toi t tbe b  -   	
.tl    Masterpicture     On     the Nlghl
.Sta.-e,    in    5 -   nnd Keys ;     t..
tone Comefidy.                                                                 iloi                 t     of
MONDAY   and     Matinee   4 o'clock       d  I
"Canada's   Fighting  Forces,"  offic    ,-  ...••.
ial     Canadlai '   "    ■     aly too plean I  I
.: Sergt.  Freed Wells, 7th Uat*
who lost an arm at Ypres  •■   I was
cattur'J    by  the Germans.  Matins
en    10c.,
evening prices, childJ
50c. ™P~
TDE8DA(Y—The Broken Coin.
No.   14,    with    Qra
11 .    is Ford. any
WBDNE.SDAY—The  D&ltetd
B   acu.   Seats   on sale at Ma
THURSDAY—J.MS  L,   Laaky  presents
Bel.-, The tt i
can,     .   v, ■■ .   i .  I-M.Me    ■    ll I    .
Ol mod rn  p  Mtical  life In Washing ■<    nnd
ton.     The story of  h •■    •
e,j  i      girl    telepfa or  pre    ar-      ade ' •■   in   impos-
vents a CongreMlon»1 Grab   .n-i
Domestlr (trarejlal.  5  parti
FRT'AY—Jess     L.   Lanky     presents made   ip  In I the
The,..lore    Hoberts     in  a  pUturUa-   ,- < I       I '.n     The   rerponSS   to
tion of Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo by  tht :n<>r,  in the ;,ast hM
Philiijes Oppenhelm. A novel otlovi
intern itlonal     intrigue and advrat   lt   le
ure. 5 parts. will  In of I
The Y.W.S.P. Club are giving a
. basket social and dance in the Scandinavian hall on Saturday, April 8.,
commencing at 8.30. The ladles are
requested to bring supper baskets.
Electric     Vacuum Cleaner   for rent
by     the day.
ware Co.
Apply to Sturdy Hard-
Will   be  paid for   i
manor: that  will leaf! to
the arrest find convi
ot the person   t/ho  poi
sorted Sable rind V.
Collie Dotf .Laddie
the ni^ht  of April 4th.
W. H.
Wednesday afternoon closing of the
Trail stores starts next week.
Another man has been put on   the
fire brigade at Cranbrook—at ?70 per
.   nth.
I'rnnbrook     is     looking for a new
; chief of police at a salary ot $100 per
Men     women and children of every
Bd   Rexall  Orderlies  a perfect
Sold  only   by   Rexall Drug
ind MC, boxes.
Booze or Battleships?
British Columbia sj>ent 111,000,000 last   pear for Drink.
Canada spent   marly  $100,000,000 Ifct year for Drink.
Which do we need?
How    nobly    ("iirada'p Meet    could  rome to the aHsintancn of  the empire
today If she hnd bought  Unttteships  Instead of floozc, in years rone by,
1   -. n r
Dominion   K  pi b     M < -i >■ • v ' h
DRY   1 F.DAR:
l'«»lt HALE
Nkxt   to   Post   Offioh
There's a Difference
"ir  piano in proper
oy  o   man
id   job
11 pleted   I ei   ,,t
n  .. 111111 in
dirt  when     a
The Largest Piano Tuning
ftusiness in the I/Jest
■ ,, 1 Ion
. and othei
i- mi - tei
- . . •■   ev
nml   nt   Its  1.. si,  in  line
' tone. Reflating an well
and no e ,   [01
Blight    repairs    KOT     A  CHEAP
1  . • e. ng to
en If I i.i'. im
deratli re I ,.| in-
lent,    true ■ I cii'ity   uJ
le.ne  BXpeCtSd.
Strongly endorsed hy  Heintsman
&.    Co .    \'..rris ,?- irlay
I       Don lr "ii Piano Co.,
S'oweombe <■• Co    Gerhard Helnts
'i.nnn      I i.e,     Vancouver.   R.   Cl.,
Prof     .f. n   A. Tripp. Vancouver
nd    ethers.
will be at. tha King Edward hotel
Revelstoke, early In May. Ordsrtto
be left, with the Howson Furniture
FOR SALE—Six room furnished
dwelling with one husdred loot
Irontage, large and small fruit, on
Douglas street. Price $1200.00. H.
N. Coursier.
TURKEY    EGGS for sale—Mammoth
Bronze,  domesticated  stock.   Orders,
filled in rotation. Apply to Mrs. J. I
D.    Sibbald, P. 0. Box 185, Revelstoko.
1   I
HOUSE FOR SALE—103 Fourth St., I
across track, 4 rooms and kitchen,
on 50..100 lot. Barn for four horses, good Nam, wagon and sleigh,!
plow, See., also 2 cows. Terms, half
Cash; remainder in monthly payments.   Sam Piscitelll.
POR SALE—Wee MacGregor, Prize
Taker and Uncle Sam seed potatoes
for sale. Picked specimens, $3.00
per hundred; unpicked, $2.00 per
hundred. Apply to H. M. McKinnon
Every  Wednesday at 8 p.m.
Please pay your
Subscription to
the Canadian Patriotic Fund to
the Molsons Bark
R. Gordon
French Polishing a Specialty
Work   Guaranteed
Prices Moderate
VV. PARRY, Auctioneer
Phone 866 Bos Ml
Fire Insurance [*"«
labia and old
Accident Insurance ["ttfiSKH
Life Insurance [Hitet^Sny?aiD]
notary Public       Revelstoke        Real Estate
For Men, Women
and Children	
cTWcRAE SHOE STORE. Howson Block
Phone 217
Sandals, Strap Slippers, Ac


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