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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation r ntre betweeen Calgary
and' <t,    "aclfic ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—Tbe recognized
advertising melium tor the
city and district.
Vol. .  \So. 68
$2.50 Per Year
Ladies' Championship Won by Mrs. Cameron—Mr. and
Mrs. Fortune Carry Off Mixed Doubles—Mrs. Cameron and Miss Irwin Ladies' Doubles—Tournament
is Success
Good games, a large attendance ol
spectators nnd keen interest were no-
ttlceablc at the annual tournament ot
the Revelstoke Lawn Tennis club
•which was held ou Thursday, Friday
aud Saturday of last week. The finals were played on Saturday afternoon.
In the men's Blngles the victory was
■won by M. K. Whyte who beat J.D.
Sibbald, Jr., 6-2, 6-4, 6-2. The ladies
championship was won by Mrs. Cameron who defeated Mrs. Fortune in
the finals. L. B. Reynolds aud Yhyte
carried otl tbe mens douhles championship, meeting Lusk aud Styer iu
the finals. Alter two keenly contested games Breaky took the mens handicap Blngles from Whyte, and Mrs.
Cameron in the ladies haudicap singles won from Mrs. Fortune, ln the day and is at the King Edward
mixed doubles Mr. and Mrs. Fortune  tei.
beat Mrs. Cameron aud D. Lusk, Mr. Spence, who is an official
while the ladies doubles fell to Mrs. the immigration department of
Mrs.     Cameron beat Mrs
6-4,  6-3.
Mrs. Cameron and Miss Irwin beat
Mrs. Reynolds and Miss Sibbald.
While disastrous bush fires have
been raging at tbe coast and in the
Kamloops district, tbe Revelstoke
fire rangers' district, which extends
from the Alberta boundary to Three
Valley, hns been entirely free from
fire damage, notwithstanding the dry
I'p to the present time this season
66 bush fires have been reported In
the district to T. J. Wadman, Crown
Timber Agent. Of thin number 22
were repeated this month. Every
blaze  has been checked by the     fire
Fire burnt out telephone poles for
B quarter of a mile near Newton.
A huge blaze is creeping towards
White  Rock;  seven homes destroyed.
It is estimated that over 20 farm
houses througb lower Delta have been
bui ned,
Sawmill nnd school at Newton bave
beei   burnt. •
Bradner sawmill is destroyed.
Brooks Bhingle mill at Craig's is
reported burnt.
The Lynn Valley fire is being fan-
ned by breeze in direction of district
Parties of Aliens from Vernon Will Reach Camp on
Monday and Wednesday Larger Party from
Brandon to Follow Five Officers With Company
of Infantry as Guards
iangers  before any  damage was done   'ef North Vancouver.
and     the     fires have been controlled      Fire is sweeping down the east side
without the necessity of     employing   ol Squamish valley;  four shacks   de
my  outside assistance.
At  the coast tires are doing heavy
Harvesters for Saskatchewan <la'liat:
„       ... _.      . Four oi the biggest fires m the bis-
—Certificates Now Obtainable in Revelstoke
For the purpose of issuing certificates entitling harvesters to cheap
transportation to the prairies Richard Spence arrived in the  city  yester-
tory of British Columbia are blazing
in the lower Fraser Valley.
Fire     destroyed some two hundred
yards of B. C. E. R. Chilliwack   line
track near Newton.  Saturday.
Bush tires on coast stretch from
Alert bay to Boundary, a distance of
:M7i miles.
Vancouver city was enveloped In a
dense smoke  bank all Sunday.
The government timlier agent in
New Westminster is getting all men
possible  to fisrbt  fires.
The military guards wha will have
charge of tbe alien internment camp
in the Hevclstoke park are expected
to arrive In tho city on Friday. They
will at first consist ol one ci mpany
of infantry of ^b men and three offi-
cers,     and     will
lfl'2nd     regiment.   Tbe     number will
probably be increased later.
On Monday next the first contingent of aliens will arrive, consisting
of 50 men who will come trom Vernon. On the following Wednesday another 5v aliens will arrive, these coming also from  Vernon.   The final par-
The military guards Will be under
canvas i 'it a building has been erect-
ed tei be used as an orHcers mess.
General Sir William utter, K.C.B.,
C.V.O., arrived In the city on Monday from Monashee where he had in-
spected the alien internment camp,
be supplied by the He conferred with Capt. Palmer retarding the Revelstoke camp and left
on Monday for Band. From Banfl
Gen. Otter goes to Calgary, thence
tei Brandon where UCO aliens are in-
terned, He is very satisfied with the
arrangements for the camp in the
I>ark here and is strongly impressed
with the scenery and  with the value
aud Miss Irwin who beat  Dominion government, is acting
Mrs. Reynolds aud Miss Sibbald, winners of the semi-finals.
The result ol     the games was     as
Reynolds beat Breaky, ti-0, 6-0
Whyte  beat  Fortune,  U-2,  6-3
Styer beat Lloyd,  7-5, b-3
Sibbald ueat Lusk, 6-U,  6-1
Sibbald beat Reynolds, 6-0,  6-1.
Whyte beat Styer, 6-2, 6-0.
Whyte  beat  Sibbald,   6-2,  6-1,  ir'2.
Whyte wins Championship.
behalf of the Saskatchewan govern
ment. To those who wish to aid in
srarnering the prairie crops he is pre-
jeared to issue certificates entitling
the bearers to transportation to the
prairies at the rate of one cent per
mile and to a return rate of one and
a half cents per mile.
The localities to which Mr. Spence
is instructed to send men are on the
main line from Swift Current to
Maple Creek and from Swift Current
to Prussia. Transportation by special car will be arranged as soon as
a sufficient number of harvesters are
Red Cross Entertainment Complete Success—Lawn Brightly Decorated
Graceful dances, tuneful songs,
dainty costumes and pretty children
were features of the garden soiree in
aid of the Red Cross society which
was held on Mrs. T. Kilpatrick's
lawn   on  Monday  evening.   A  profu-
othy Heard, Dorothy Collison, Heather Kilpatrick, Jean Kipps, Kath-
■ leeu McSorley, Helen Sutherland, Alberta Hobson, Eddie Sturdy, Ethel
Whitley, Willie Trueman, Harvey
Grant, James Davidson, Theodoro
Laughton and George Robbins.
Miss Madge Taylor iu Highland costume in her solo "Boys of Old
England's King," Won much ap-
jilause. The chorus and dance, "The
Shepherdess," by Misses Ailleen Lawrence, Florence Bourne, Florence Mc-
ty of 125 men will arrive from Bran- of the timlier in the vicinity.   It    is
don during the following week, mak- expected    that  the aliens will remain
lng 225 aliens in the camp. on the mountain until about Nov. 15,
Capt. Palmer, staff ollicer to Major and Capt. Palmer thinks it probable
Gen. Sir William Otter,  will supervise that  tbey  will  return  to the     camp,
the establishment of  the camp.     He next spring if the war c.jntinues.    It
will     return to Ottawa as soon     as is expected that the automobile road
the final arrangements are made.  The to the summit will be completed this,
military guards will then be in charge fall.
The lighting of the camp will probably b.e iy gasoline flares at the corners of the wire entanglements with
lanterns to lieht the buildings. The
proposal   to  light  the  camp  by  elec-
beat     Mrs. Fortune,
• secured.   The issue ot the cheap tick-
Mrs.  Reynolds beat Miss lrwiu, IS-  «*s wiU cease on September  1.
I '1 have been on the prairies for 30
years," says Mr. Spence, "and I
never saw better crops. The crop is
remarkably uniform. Some is al-
leady cut and threshed >and most of
the crop is now practically safe from
frost. The harvesting of this year's
crop will mean a return of substantial prosperity to the prairies. It
cannot he otherwise, and the returns
from the heavy prairie crop cannot
fail to beneficially affect British Columbia."
Yesterday   James     Mclntyre,   pres-
, ident     of     the     Revelstoke       Con-
and  servative    association, received     the
following    telegram   on   the subject
11,  2-6,  6-4.
Miss Eaton  beat   Miss Sibbald, 6-1,
2-6,  6-2.
Mrs. Cameron
£-3.  6-2.
Miss  Eaton beat  Mrs. Reynolds,  6-
■». e-i.
Mrs. Cameron beat Miss Eaton, 6-3
Mrs. Cameron beat Mrs. Fortune
3, 6-2.
Mrs. Cameron wins Championship.
Parker and Blackberg beat McVity
and Holmes. (M2, 7-5.
Lusk and    Styer beat Carter
slop     of electric lights aud Japanese !!" Sl"b-M "The Leader of the Band."
lanterns Illuminated the lawn aid the "You're Some Girl," by the double
scene was particularly attractive.   At quintette was  heartily encored.   The
one   end ol the lawn a stage had been quintette consisted ol Misses     Irene
erected,   gaily  draped  with flags and Procunier,     Dorris McCarter,  Myrtle
hunting, and belore the stage     were Trethewy,  Jeanne Robbins, Mary Pa-
chairs [or the accommodation of the 8et a,1<1 D- McCarter, B. Coates,   P.
audience.   Every  one  was filled   and 0arter.  J-  D-  Sibbald,  Jr.,  and    B.
crowd stood oi  found seats Lawrence.   The Rex orchestra accom-
of three ollicers, a captain and    two
lieutenants,   ('apt. Rose of Kelowna,
of  tbe 102nd regiment,  will  be temporary commandant.   In addition    a
transport oflicer from the  army  service corps and a medical officer will tricity supplied hy the city has been
be stationed in Revelstoke in connec- under  consideration.   The  city  coun-
tion with the camp. ci] offered to supply the light   at   a
The    buildings   to house the aliens particularly    cheap     rate but  Cant
(arty, Dorothy  Bunnell and Dorothy   „„,, t!]p     barbed wirc  entanirlemont, Palmer  anda  that  ,,,   ,_,   .,,  jn   P \
'   are now completed.   The     water sup- latlon would be prohibitive.
jdy has neen obtained by tapping a A telephone to the camp is being-
creek and a tank holding 2590 gal- trected today urler the supervision
Ions has been installed above the nl F. E. Maunder, park superintend-
camp     giving ample  fire protection, ent.
executed. Miss Olive Cashato, who
has always been one of Revelstoke's
favorites, captivated the audience   in
Deputy Assessor
Revelstoke is Promoted
u large
on     the     grounds.
dressed as red cross nurses sold   ice
cream and candy   during the   evening
and stalls where dainty refreshments
were served were well patronised.
itreaky.  6-3, 6-1.
Fortune and Wood beat Parker and. 'foin Hon. Thomas Taylor:
Blackberg,  6-2,  6-0.
Whyte and Reynolds, bye.
Fortune and Wood defaulted to
Lusk and Styer i
Reynolds and Whyte beat Sibbald
and l.Loyd, 6-3, 6-2.
Reynolds and Whyte heat Lusk and
Styer, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2.
Reynolds and Whyte win Championship
MlSS  trwln  and  Styer     beat      MiBS
Robbins and Breaky, 6-1, 6 <K
Mr.  and   Mrs.   Reynolds,   beat    Miss
Eaton ami Wood, i'e-2, 6-1. i
Mi I,  Cameron and  LUSk bent     Miss
Urquhart   and   I'arker.   6-0,  trli
Mr. and Mrs. Fortune beat  Miss Ir-j
win and  Styer, 6-2, 7-5.
Miss  Sibbald  and   l.l.oyd  bent  Miss
James Mclntyre,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Understand Saskatchewan representative to select harvesters left Rc-
trina for Revelstoke Friday last. Wire
me if he bas arrived.
Victoria, B. ('., Aug. 24.
Mr. Mclntyre has replied, notifying
the minister that the representative
i'f the Saskatchewan tMvcrnment haF
arrived in Revelstoke.
Pretty  children   'Minicd tbe quintette and also played
election at the
The refreshment table was in charge
• •f Mrs. English, Mrs. Kincaid, Mrs.
a complete success Keegan, Mrs- Holten, Mrs. Wallace,
and a substantial Bum wus raised in Mrs' M- Hume, assisted by Misses
aid of the British Columbia Base hos- Dori8 Cartwright, Victoria Joliffe,
Vital.     The     entertainment was     in;Dorothy    Little. D«nna Hume, Dolly
;e ol    Mrs. H. H. McVity whose   Brown and M,llieI Llttlc-
training ol the performers won warm     Mrs-   Corning,    assisted by Misses  Broc of Anyox, M. B
praise.   At the conclusion ol the fete  ("«tl",|<M     M.     Young, Alma Burgett  health "Kcer for Anyox and surround
an open air dance took place on   the  1""1 Della OoUlKM presided over the  ing district, in the place of J. G. R
pavement    to    the   music     of     the  cand>' ta,)le'
Mrs. Cormier assisted by Mrs.
Jones and Miss Turk dispensed Ice
Mrs. NM R. Brown assisted by Misses Muriel McCleneghan, Estelle
Shuttlewood, Louise ammon and Agnes Sutherland attended to the sale
and collection ol tickets.
Seven More Recruits
for Overseas Service
Seven    more rMruiti fe.:  ovi
Tretheway and Whyte, 6-8, 6-2.
Mr.     and   Mrs.  Fortune beat Mrs
Cameron and Lusk.
Styer beat Nlchol, 6-1, li-2.
Wood  beat:  McVity,   1-H,  R-'2,  6-5.
Lusk  beat  Fortune, 6-5, 4-6, 6-3.
McKaj beai McCarter, 6-1, "-1.
Styer Meat Blackberg, 6-1, 5-6
Sibbald bent  Carter,  8-1,  6-8.
Lusk   beat   Wood,   6-3,  6-5.
Breaky beat Holmes, 6-3, 6-4.
Whyte beai LLoyd, 2-0. 6-0, 6-1.
Coates beai Drquhart, r.-o, 6-1.
Reynol Is beat Parker, 6-2, 6-1.
Reynolds Meat McKay. 6-8, 6-6, 6-6.
Sibbald Meat  Styer, 6-5,  6-2.
Breaks Meat Lusk, 4 6, 6-0, 6-3.
Whyte beai Coates
Whyte beat Reynolds, 6-4, 6-0.
Breaky heat Whyte.  8-6, 6-5.
Breaky wins first.
Empress theatre orchestra. Id-
cul weather with a brilliant moon,
added to the success of the affair,
which was one of the most enjoyable
ever held in Revelstoke.
Durinr the evening a raffle for the
tablecloth and doilies made by Mrs.
W. H. Roberts and given by her to
the Red Cross society and for Other
patriotic purposes took place under
iho    management   ot    Mayor w. A.
wno in a bl iei Speech explained that tie article! raffled had been
made by Mrs. Roberta while in     the
■ i.   Mi -.     Ri  ■••: ti   attei
sold thp tickets foi the raffle realising 8107.75, The tablecloth was won
i y \ it. Robei tson and the doilies
by  \. B, McCleni gnu,
ne l| •■  ,:• re >iii
The enti i tainn • i  I be direc
tion ..f Mr.
red.    The   selec
v the city band was much  en-
gave the necessary   swing
■ irt the eoncei t.   Robert     and
Bruce Hume In tbeir duet, "Tl
in  Navy  Blue," sang Well as did  the
composed    ■■( Hazel Hughes,
Notice of the following appoint-
close of the per- ments appear in this week's issue of
"The B. C. Gazette." George L. Anderson of Kilimat, to be a notary
public; Alexander Lockley to be a
member of the board of licence commissioners and also of the board of
commissioners of police for the municipality of Esquimau, iu the place of
J. R. Saunders, resigned. Lawrence
to be medical
Stone,     M. B.,   resigned.   The  undermentioned deputy assessors to be assessors for the resjiective assesi
districts written opposite their nam-
W. H. Horobin Appointed Secretary—Expenses Coi fined
to Five Hundred Dollars
At a meeting held on Monday even-
ing In the city hall it was decided
after some discussion to hold a fall
fair in Revelstoke this year. Those
present at the meeting were A. McRae, W. H. Horobin, W. E. Smith,
H. Hay. W. H. Pottrufl, (j. T. Bibb,
R. J. Ballard, N. R, brown and A.
J. McDonell.
W.H. Horobin was appointed secretary  of the  Agricultural  society      in
Edwards, Nanaimo; J. Matt-  place of T. E. L. Taylor, who     has
Machine Gun Fund
Still Growing
The machine gun fund now am.units
'" ''mi cheque foi (11 having
been received from M. 0, Grady ol
It, Leoi    Tl '■ total is
M.   0.   (.lady           Jill.en
land-Dougall, Cowichan; S. McB.
Smith, Alberni; John Hand, Comox;
C. J. McDonald, Pender Island,
Mayne Island; Joseph Page, Galiuno
Island; B, Walter. Baltsprlng Island;
11. R. Townsend, Rossland; Alfred
McQueen, Slocan; B. B, Jarvls, Nelson, Newton R. Brown, Revelstoke ;
I'M ll. Bacon, Golden; H. 8. 'Mark.'.
Port Btei le A. Samps m,
I 'oi    :  .ieiim  Stevenson,  Bi i kerville.
■• have !■:l;111.1 the roll anil pass-
td the medical examination, They are:
I   William Tobln, born Kensali !
[ Ireland,    next of kin Beatrice Haw-
i kins. Vancouver, B. C, age mm single
Peter Nemmo, bom Rodn<sy, Scot-
land,  next  of  kin,   Mrs.   Grace  Nam-
6-2.'mo, (mother), Drumtrocher, St. Kei-
Jsyth, Scotland, use M, single, brass Lottie Purvis, Rosamond
Thomas Moore, born Dublin, Ire-
Ian.1. next of kin Thomas Moore, Sr.,
D megal, Ireland, age 21, sincle, hank
Henry  Leopold  Breaky,   bom   Mon-
.urban.     Ireland.     next  of kin H. J.
Breakey, Ireland, age !<. sing!
Prank    Burke, born Toronto, Ont,,
■ ef km Frank Burke, Sr.,    39
Mutual itreel   Toronto  0n1    age it,  evening
H. ii. McVit] was much  Previousl)  acknowledged
number on tho
Lumber Business Active:
Standing Timber Sold
Tbat the month of    July was   one
of the In a\ lesl months in thi
Industry     In I
time, is shown by returns givi
Total 1566.80
"f    this    amount     (248.1A     has
i '■' a     received     In    cash   by    the
Mail Herald, tbe amount! received by  '""' ''"' P*«1 month from tbe office of
the Mail Herald being as follow*:  H,   ""'    '1|"'1 forester at Vici iria.   Dur-
Laugheed (10.00, A. G, Daniels $10.00,   '">' the month the total log scale ran
left the city.
The dates set for the fair are Sept.
16, 17 tnd '■• but it is probable that
the fair this year will be confined to
Judges have been appointed and an exhibit trom the experimental farm al Su ind will he
shown at the fair, A lecture In con-
I   •■  with it on dry farming will
'        tention I    confine tbi
I if  this
'     ' tSl    !      '    • '."•    will
rant fi   .   the pro
Grade Ore
found at Ferguson
Mirh   Mlbbnld   bent   Mrs.  McDonald, i
r.-n, r,-2. j
MImh     Irwin beat Miss Knton, 5-fi,
f, I.   (', :'..
Mrs.  Cameron  bent   Misei Iiwln,  M,
Mrs,      Feu luiii'   beat   Mi i
r. 6, r, -i, 6-1.
William    Tn ■    r.inpcow,
.(  kin Mrs.     Mnrthn
Taylor.    Lanarkshire Scotland, age
•t'i  single, miner. which                   I as Japanese   and
George  Weir,   Morn  Day  of  Tunnels,   carried  lnt/. nlnrly
I Newfoundland,     next or kin Frank pretty effect and Miss Taylor in her
Reynolds,I Ladd, hi thei In-law, Salem, Mnn»„ dance wns                      raceful.   The
i 12  sliiclc, mlni*r.
.1.  Purvis $10.00,   .1.  II.  Lyons $10.IH),
•!.      Jenkins   $10,011,   |.\   (Mick   $10.00,
Laura  Robbins.   Mary   Howson.   Aura   Ross  Donaldson  $10.00,   K.   A.  Dixon
Corning, Blair Dickson, Burpee Hume,   $10.00, J. Hopgood $10.00,  J. Oallin
Kenward, Robert Laughton,  110.00,    .). li.    $10.00, g. i. Ingram
Boyd     Kincaid and Netberly Kilpat-  $10.00, Collected by 0, Campe $16.00, ' sported, tbe remaindei .   •
rick. | Mrs.  l-M  A.   Mainwaiing     $10.mi,  Miss '">'   mllli   '"   tbe   provll	
Elaine Robbtm In     her recitation,   Je«»le MacBetfa $10.00, W, T. McCul- "00,000 feet.  Including practically   ill
"i'e. King Albert" and EJlspeth Kii-  loch $10.00, Thomas w. Morris $10.00 "' ""' 'umber for exporl BCaled
Patrick  in her recitation "Canadian  "an McBachorn H0.no, Globe Lumber '" "'" Vancouver disti ct,   Cran)
■    inch appreciated    and  Co., $10.00,     Miss Woodland, $10.00, '"'"'    '"'"l with   i • ol -.
.bowed considerable ability, | Mrs.    A.     Payne $8.00, L. H. Con-      '  '    fc'et-
cine of the prettiest numbers of the greave $10.00, D, L, Swanney $10.00,     Bft,ei "f "te iding timber ■ adi
wa   ■ M duet and chor-  C Jollifle $10.00, Rex Theatre $io.no, the    department    dui ng   tl
us "Toklo," the dnet being sung   bv  Rnterprlse Brewery $7.1«, Misa Fanny •'"'''    estimated   at 5,50
Robert on and Bernadlne  Jollille 810.80, w. Boyd $10.00, J. H. i"^* with an estimated valui  of $9,-
Punnril, with s dance sob. tij   Miss  H.OO, M   0    Irady, St. Leon, $10.00— ::|0'    Tn"    '•
Madge       Tayloi         The      chorus Total, $:K •    made bj Mr. C  W. Gowi       ol
\    cheque  fi     1268.15,  the  amount Simon Sound whe. hi
i'i by the    Mail Herald,     has of cedar and 500,000 feel ol    iruce at  Lady Franklin -•■
been banded by the    Mall-Herald to tl iipr thousand page    and lecta to Uu
Mayor w    v Foote, treasurer of tho over 1,00  000 feet of    hen nd  extensive    development work during
<-d nf Misses Dor-   fund. I balsam at :M"> cents stumpage | trie summer.
FERGUSON",    l:     i   .    Aug.  2l-\C.
Hillman     eai       I i     town      with
to nearly 7,0 0j high gradi
es ami poles handled recorded 113,COO  He    and    hi clati    h   ..   been
feet     and    railway ties and shingle  working foi timi   on the 1-Mles-
bolt - totalled : 1,000 cords, the North Fi rk, wl    i
Ol this nearly 10,1 0 feet of loi eofl
• ■ mp was always ■  •■ Id
I   ■
sibly not  to thi
C,    Porter    ol I      three
■■'. rkins on B creek and
ol  st'dking
to see wha'
1 Pill lo i:   like at
a hui    • ■  depth.
'' ■'.': taken R. R. Mc
Millan i >:ild up to   the PAGE TWO
Zhc flfoail-lfoeralb
cTM iii-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
K   G.  ROOKE,   Manager and Editor.
W£PNESDA\ . AUGUST 25, 1915
..;,!     of the damage
1Rht   My   bush  fires  at   the coast,
t  - rem irkal le fr lorn from tin's '"
,!... Revelsl ike district becomes more
sly a matter of congratu-
..     distrii'  is an extensive
ti ins much valuable tlm-
i,.   a, ,i are that  gained headway in
i   :   ,ns ol tie  district we.uld
tal ly  cause seri iue    loss.     Dry
tions have n ade the danger    of
fire a matter  ot considerable anxiety
.    ■   ,,-. t.. whose charge the preven-
if fire damage is entrusted   Vet,
tl   ugn     a number of blazes occurred, every  fire  has  been checked and
.  , damage has resulted.   Danger     of
loss      still      exists,  but  the   freedom
fi   :;. disastrous tire up to the present
is an evidence oi the efficiency of   the
fire protection  sen ice of  the  govern
ment    and     is a matter for general
I   ngratulation.
the United Stales have resulted in
turning a stream of passenger traffic
across the railways of British Columbia. Freight traffic is of much
larger volume and is likely to substantially increase wh.cn the marketing of the prairie crops has led to a
still greater demand lor the lumber,
fruit and other products of British
in the Improvement of business
that now s«ems likely to be permanent and increasing Revelstoke will
have her Bhare,
Tbe benefit from the tourist busi-
Dess is ilready appreciable, mines in
the vicinity of the city are feeling the
LfTect of Improved conditions and the
stimulation of the transportation
I uslness is increasing the payroll of
lhe city.
The establishment by the government "f a:. Internment camp in the
Revelstoke park will also be of suj>-
Etantlal Muni benefit, it will provide
considerable employment and will
brim to the city a consuming popu-
lation which cannot fail to stimulate
several lines of business.  ,
Revelstoke has little reason for pessimism.
concentrates,  and to produce the   re-1
lined     zinc     for which the Dominion :
government  is  placing  contracts  at \
IS  cents a  pound for five cents,      it
will     be     seen  how  enormously the
mining industry of the  Kootenay and'
the  general   business of  the  province
would   be   advanced  if   the   operation
could be established on a commercial
basis,   lt   is    not     taking a narrow
view of the case to point out     also
bow  greatly  the  coast  would   benefit
by the stimulus that would be afforded  to the  mining of zinciferous ores. I
Mr.  R.     F.     Green,  the member for '
Kootenay,   who      has      always  been
; ial ius  in     promoting mining inter-
ests,  has laid this  matter before the
provincial government and has asked
for     such  assistance  and  encouragement as it can furnish.
British Columbia has good reason
I :   rward to the future     with
,   afidence.
ness conditions give every indi-
. . • q of a steady recovery from the
depression which everywhere followed
i ii   outbreak ol war.
Lumbering, the   province's premier
industry,    is experiencing a substantial revival, oi which there are many
ttlons.    Within     the  past     few
the secretary ol the Revelstoke
board of  trade  has received  two    appeals te aid in securing men to meet
the needs of lumber companies which
are"    busy   trying to fill the demand
t r luml er.   With the successful bar-
vestinf    '  " ■   • xcellent crop now rlp-
I    ■   the ] ratries tin- demand for
lumber  will   Mi   still  fui tii. r  si
i' • Utlons in th- mining industry
are more proi sing 1 in for many
ed.    Man) claims    are
ted, oth-
, : theii  output.
estors ying  an   In-
•    •    • ■ •   ■ tion te.
■. • Columbia
■ .••■••.    Rer ol
,   • ...
—-—- ■       i
Cranbrook Herald—Announcement
has heen made within the past few
days (hat wages for laborers on the
C. P. K. have heen raised. The lumber companies have also announced a
talse of lifty cents a day. These are
Bigns of the times which indicate
that better conditions are returning.
From every evidence this part of
Uritish Columbia will have a better
season during tlie fall and winter
than last year, The great number of
men who have ,;one to the front will
create a scarcity of labor which will
mein that hiirher wages must ensue.
'I'he well pad laboring man helps the
merchant and i- the most Important
factor in creating prosperity when he
Mas the money with  which to buy.
Nelson Daily News—Events continue
to foreshadow a marked revival     in
the lumber business of 'he mountain
and coast distrlcti   of British Columbia,   Alexander Macdonald  "f  Wlnni-
e of the        :  solid and    successful ' [the west pre-
ln  Nelson last   night  that   the
:•■ ain    c * ould Me worth
to the fai mers.   He pointed     ..'it     that     during recent  years
ild ■ •     o      d ion       In tl tin
• strlcted bein    li •!   not
•■■et     eh   -
i heavy di
' Kootei
To the   Editor of the  Mail-Herald,
Sir: I would take it is a favour if
yon would publish my little grievance. It seems to me that it would
I e inst as easy to sprinkle the business section of McKenzie Avenue before sweeping, as it is, to sweep it
dry, thereby raising clouds of dust,
greatly to the consternation of the
people whose work it is to keep the
stores clean, not to mention the inconvenience to the  general public.
Revelstoke,  B.  C,  Aug,  21.
The Church and School Social Service Bureau of New York, has obtained the privilege of using the Frohman Amusement Corporation's
screen presentation of "The Fairy
and the Waif" in the service to churches and schools which the bureau is
establishing. The public of Revelstoke have the opportunity of seeing
"The Fairy and the Waif" tonight
and tomorrow night, at the Rex
The great animal pictures were at
the Kmpress theatre lately. Wellington Playter and Marie Walcamp are
on again tonight in The Blood of
His Brother, in 2 parts.. The runaway horse dashing through a plate
class window is most exciting. J.
Warren Kerrigan wiil be seen iu a 2
reel drama For Cash, also tonight,
Uso the Runaway ante,. She Winked,
a. joker comedy. On Thursday Bos-
worl iei. seats Sunshine Molly, a
•   ■ ef  the  oil   fields   In   .'.   parts,   a
lid  Paramount  teature not lack-
ing ie comedy element,   Friday    and
Saturday's  program combined.  Rose-
Theby in a two reel feature,
• ards     Never I.n-. a Gipsy n
'    ■.  Blazer, Imp comedy. Ed-
Predic imei I,  Tl ■   Butlers
ree   Stei     .   c imedy and
'   '.lay      and
tion    t.i
[arrj   Whitney
e in t tic, in 5
M     M 13     ["he  1    ii ,:     B.'X.
'   ■
the l
'       e
.wn   !■■ ■ :
.I     i. ■ A  :>t   the
time.   Whi lead    bounties
ere granted ten II  "an
that  If  tl I       have    , | |    :   |     .
i,rer.,i necessary, ■       the Koot
mines have pa      :      i iugh a
of     flfij i hlch would
lave  hi cn   m.'itie ,..,|   ,f      the
'ine could hnve beer ettracled and
marketed, When it i pointed out,
i hal t.he French Red n I ee: Company
is    able    to ofler |50 a ton for zinc  agcmei
This ■     ,     •■ '     ' !.
1   R I..I
At. Canadian
monej  I    tllsi ninti .1 one per cent
II    l       et  tted    thai     Ml I'-" 1161     llBI
again o u urned thc emit roi ami man
it ..I the Hotel  Pontlcton     in
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons in
every 5,10 and 25 cent
(Kljidci Package.
Penticton.   Bill  Mason  is going     to
the  war.
Ten men are working in the Waver-
ly mine at albert Canyon.
Some placer mining is being done
on Cherry creek  in  the Okanagan.
The Sunrise mine near Hazelton Is
shipping silver ore to thc Trail smelter.
At the Galena Farm in Slocan a
ICO ton mill  will be running this lall.
IMie mowers at Penticton realise 1
cent a pound for their peaches this
When necessary widowed mothers
should be cared for by the government.
At Cranbrook, Dan Dezall picked 32
crates of gooseberries in eight hours.
The apple crop in B. C. this year
is 61-3,-CflO boxes, and the apricots 50,-
1100 crates.
There is a marked mining activity
in the Bridge river section of the
Lillooet district.
I'ete Boyle recently died in Cranbrook. lie had lived in Rast Kootenay since lS'M.
Minim.' is reviving at Barkerville.
Recently $95,000 in gold was cleaned
up from one crevice.
A carload of apricots recently shipped from Penticton to Vancouver,
was sold  in six  hours.
In      New   Denver  owls  are  stealing
chickens,   hut   so   far  they  have      not
captured any of ("lever's sheep.
Near Prince Rupert this month thc
crew of the schooner Sitka caught
711,0-iM pounds of halibut in four days.
More  berries      than ducks are ship
ped from     Duck Creek.   This   season
7,762      crates      ol     straw-berries  were
shipped from thnt town.
Tin' snowsheds or. the Kettle Valley
railway on the Coquihalla will re-
quir- 9U0 carloads of material. The
-Mei:.-   .■ •!'   be  finished   this fall,      and
i:   .1 ■ now employed    building
An Italian at Kelowna was fined
$10<i this month for     shooting    lour
out   of   seasem.    He   vas      also
for  shooting without a llc-
1      nl Mt ion the court  eontiscat-
gun and   the  ducks.
• ai hlng '"it fm- the Kus-
rlng thi   hist 6 months
I    ttli    ha    il me      over
•th Rus-
; six months     of
trade with I.
■ ted  to J mm     ■
■  i  l'i 11.11 ',
'ot lit ri k nl
1.1 I'M
otiipain      I.
ei-   ■     Ij     u    I worth)
■ '   hand
M i i y      'I  ek.' Bill a pulii ',  no n
Kincaid  Mai
A.  FM and A. If
Ilegiilnr Meetings are held Is
Mew Mnnonlc Hall on the I'oui' I.
Monday In tank month tt 8 pm.
Visiting liretliren nre cordially
ROBT,  (JORDON,  Seeretnry
War is declare4 on our stock of
Tea and Coffee, see our window
for specials.
$1 Buys 3 lbs.
While this lot lasts, and as another advance is predicted in the
near future we would advise putting by a few pounds.
Why are we selling more bread?
There must be a reason.
Lei Us Tell You Why
Just compare a loaf of ours with
any other and we are absolutely
sure you will use the best, then
you will know why.
Phone 41
Box 734
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
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West Government inspected—approved bv careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
O R I P M   ' " A !       Suital>I.Y furnished with the
>^ Ll I L. I >l   I fi L-   choicest the market affords.
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Kl'VcNlokc   lyodgl'
No. L066
Moots  every  second
and Fourth Tuesday
iu   lhe Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are oordlally invited.      ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
ll. I.. HAUG,Sec.
IM nr Hues Mounted. Kurs clean-ad
and Dressed.
K Second St., Kevelstoke, B. O.
Meets every Wednesday evening
at g o'clock, in Selkirk HaU.
V lilting brothers cordially Invited.
I. O. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk   Hall  at  8 o'clock. Vlsit-
Ing  lirethcrn cordially Invited.
It.  MILLER,   '■■.  O.
.IAMKK  MATHIK.  SecroUry.
All kinds of Repairing neatly done
Besl Sand Shoes for children
Boots, Shoes, Trunks,
Valises, Suit Gases,
Bags, Pack Sacks,
Pack Straps, Whips,
Armstrong & Co.
The Liather GdoJs Store
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Me t uiiio Ceilings, Corr jgated Roofing:, Furnaoe Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Wnrk shop -Uonnaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      -    B.C.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing A Kent Hand Slot age
Furniture and  Plano-tnorlng a
Special!) y
Phone 46—276,   Night Phone8M
f. il. CURTIS
Corner McKenzie Avenue  and
Victoria Road
Suit Cleaning & Pressing
Buttons Ceversd. Work Cuaranteed WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25, 191"
Returns received recently by the
■Rambler-Cariboo Mining Co., irom
6 cars oi zinc concentrates shaped in
June to the smelter at Bartlesville,
Okla., state that the consignment
netted SVifiW about H.OOfl more than
the estimate when the cars were forwarded.
A rejuvenation of the Portland Can-
-i\ raining district seems imminent.
The camp bus lain dormant for the
past four years, but this summer
there luive been several representatives of investors looking over the
claims, and some important developments which will result In the operation of several properties,
With the incentive ol the high price
>f   copper,   the Granby   Co., now is
forcing its   big reduction works     at
"Grand Forks to t,i[> notch speed. The
laily     treatment    average of nearly
5500 teens of ore was maintained     liy
ibe eight furnaces at the smelter during June.   Tins rivals, if not exceeds
"the operations of the smelter in   the
palmy days of 1912.
A mining deal Involving $300',-
*M0D is being put througb liy Col.
Rqbert Stevenson, who is now in Vancouver. The 16 claims comprising the
group are located on the headwaters
of Whipsaw creek, not many milos
from Pentlcton. It is a free milling
gnlil proposition, There are 10 per-
Bons interested in these claims. and
practically all Of them nre residents
of Princeton. If tho deal goes
through unite a substantial payment;
will be made in December.—Simllkameen Star.
C. F. Caldwell, manager of the Utica mine, returned Saturday from a
trip to the east and while away succeeded ii' making a temporary arrangement with the smelting company
at Pierre whereby that concern will
lake double the quantity of Utica
/mc ores hitherto Bhlpped, thus making it possible to send down Bome-
where in tlie neighborhood of two
cars nf zinc-silver ore per month. He
Ms.! learned while awtay that the
Lucky Jim trustee, i. C. T.arson.
has Becured a contracl for tbc disposal of five or Bis hundred tons per
month of tlie  Jim ore.
With some Interesting ore from a
, i •, discovery lo the Kamloops dis-
trlct Hugh .U Mn. B. Benson and
Claverlte have returned from a
prospect) i trip nf two months. The
, re r .. large vein     which
thev    discovered   between the North
and  Fast  Thompson  P.ivers.  about   25
miles from Kamloops and eight from
the Canadian Northern railway.
The     vein is described   My   Mr.   Mc-
1 Leod as being from 125 to 2(KJ feet
in width. Some surface stripping was
done, and the lead exposed in three
places,  showing that  it  extends     at
i least the distance across two claims,
or 30'00 feet. The ore contains some
jiyrrhotite and peacock copper of a
very fine grain, and assays obtained
here show values of 20 cents in gold,
25 cents in silver and 3.8 per cent,
copper making a total value of $15.
P5. The lead is capped with a very
hard, black iron, but at a depth of
two feet this was passed through and
the copper ore exposed.. There is a
wagon road passing through the pro-
perty and facilities fnr working and
shipping, Mr. McI«Od says are good.
'I'he nre body can be economically developed liy tunnelling, but he expects
that eventually nn account nf Its size
it will lie a "glory hole" proposition,
—Vancouver Province.
Andy Larson, well known among
Rossland mining men, who is promoting the Alj.eine gold mines, on the,
Kootenay river, in discussing the pros
jiects of bis new venture with mining
men in Spokane, on Saturday, said:
"I am here now conferring with a
syndicate nf eastern and local men,
relative to financing development of
the Alpine gold mines, twelve miles
up the Kootenay river from Nelson,
together with two croups adjoining,"
said Mr. Larson. "About $12,000 has
been expended developing the Alpine
group, on which I have an option,
and extensive bodies of low grade
free-milling gold ore have been proven. The properties are developed by
three separate sets ot workings, and
the portals nre high enoutrh above
the river that gravitj system trams
can be easily installed. It will re-
pulre not. less than $500,0 • t. > put
the plans we have outlined into practice, but this amount will not be
needed at one time, and there is pro-
bablltty of the properties beinir cot-
ten in shape to produce before the
full amount is expended. There is an
excellent automobile road from Nelson to tbe properties, making it possible to get supplies and eejuipment
In easily, and Bteumboats are plying
on the river practically the yenr
round. The Kokanee river empties
Into the Kootenay, near the mill site
anil with lift'o expense an enormous
power can Me developed. We all realise that in the oMsting circumstances
brought about j.y tlie war. »'* must
look to American Capital to develop
the mineral resources of our district,
nnd that i= whV I a'' handlll
deal through  Spokane men."
Wages of Lumbermen
Increasing at Cranbrook
Some interesting' items are recorded in reports recently received by the
Minister of Lands, upon conditions in
the Cranbrook district. Crop prospects and favorable weather give
every hope that thc prairie demand
for lumber this fall will be good, especially as present stocks in the
prairie yards are light. The amount
of current business done by the mills
is showing some increase, and it is
estimated there are from 900 to 1000
men engaged at the present time in
tlie lumber industry in tlie district.
With a scarcity of labor, owing to
the temporary withdrawal of men
to work as harvesters, the rate of
wages shows a tendency to increase
for the time being. One of the
larger orders now being filled by the
mills at present is composed of grain
doors, one mill alone having an order which will consume one and a half
million feet of lumber, another mill
having a still larger order, and a
third turning out considerable quan-
tltiea of the same article. A timber
sale area containing three and a half
million feet of timber has been recently applied for, and cruised. The
steps which arc being taken to devel-
np the prairie demand for British
Columbia lumber have naturally given rise to much interest in a district
whose mills depend so largely upon
prairie orders, and favorable comment has been expressed upon the
action taken liy the government.
(The 'Eagle,' Brooklyn.)
B    '..iti   presents "8unshlne Molly," ■ tense and gri| una of
tbe "M Held.—Empress Theatre, Thursday night.   5 Big Pari
Combining tbe most thorough Academic Training with tbe
Cultural   Influences,   and  possessing the   characterise    [
leading British and American Rafldrottal Bchooli.
Langara n^s-^,, Braemar
of the
The   Head      Master,   Mr.    J.    IM
Bain, (late Head Matter Roy<al
Sehool, Raphoe, Ireland), is as-
■iated by Ave highly traint d ud
experienced teachers, two lectin
ers mid a physical and drill instructor,
The pupil- nre  under tbe super-
Vision   nf  tbe  bOUSe      masters    In
ibeli well ,m hi   ti i'ii
Ml     M rge 11 R I .!*nt-
ed   l'rinrt|ial.   and   her  eight     ns-
ire   all specialists  In      their  reflective  IU0     '•
ami   most ol tbera an     ii
graduates,    DomMtlC   Science   and
riivstrai   Culture an  Includetd in
the regulai
Both eel is are MEW, commodious and thoroughly equipped
are entirely eeperate, being about half e mile apart.
Tho LondlriK Ramilontuil Schools on tho Pac.lec  CoAtt
(■'■■I further particulars address
In less than two months after be
was taken from Canada to England,
charged with murder, one Crippen
was hanged in London. More than
three years have elapsed since the
killing of Herman Rosenthal. Three
years ago, plus one dny, Charles
Becker lost his liberty. Early this
morning he lost his lite. One of his
own counsel has Baid of him that he
was a marvellous man, which Is true
t,i the extent that he was no com-
inon murderer.
Tiie killing of Rosenthal proved to
be expensive. Five lives was tbe
price exacted by tbe State, but that
ol '.lack' Zelig also was sacrificed,
and how many other less direct contributions to the grim account were
made will never be known. Incidentally It cost a great deal of money
tare this account, lt would be
t to discover how much, but
the sum was large.
There were two trials and two verdicts, the second of each Peine a con-
lon     of the first.   Twenty-four
eclared Becker to be guilty   of
in the tirst degree.  The   re-
cords     of     the second passed  safely
lithe crucible of  the  Court    of
. which decided that the    de-
i deprived ol none of
:.:- n_-ins.    Justice Ford refused     to
• . trial, and the Governor
finally rejected  an  appeal  for mercy.
Tbe man who was sent  to his    ac-
■  this morning was not depend-
■vi i! for his eerie lieutenant    ol police.  There
ina lor believing
Me  hail    been    in
a   month,
•mill  I y the nct-
'■     r,   There are equally '.'"eni
thai   bis appi-
■' ■    ■   .'I al n ted on,    which
: thloge.
Mil    be    bee,.(lie     IllOre
fldence   :n   himself
' ■ re arbl-
•h   landed,   and   mnre
'     •■-•e    as
'ike    n
Por he  hnd
.ill thl as     n
H      virt.ms   knew    that
'hut'  ol  liberty,
they were
c.prerned.   '■ •    was  a   law  unto   himself.
■vas pmftt:.' h- played
 hitch, until  the ne-
■f e ca«e created principally
Ky  thl ' ited   n   raid.
■It wns hin  or mi ' apol igleed   the
■ i Mie'    It turned i ut to   be|
Including the gunm. n
I / lig,    That   raid  was  big
witJi    f.-te     f,,r nn '"ly con-1
csrned, and It proved to be ■ turning
In     not      n  few lives.   The cllmai
' haracterlted    by    one
' % feature.
rule    n««assln«  fear  the  dnv-
•   when engaged in business.  Hot,
• ■ ite nt night, do " iv
care  nbout   ITWiklni-    themselves      ton
. m ae   T1 •'   harmonlxe    vith
when   thev  take  precaution*.
In  th"  R       ■ •      '  rase  thev sought no
obscurity   Tbei    would  and    could
Mflernnlly bad  one   of
their purpose*  '• vide nn In-
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
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wsar A*, minimum price
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This tells the whole story of the
confidence alluded to. It is the clew
!.' the Becker downfall. He had
come    to regard himself as invulner-
ible, invincible. He had come to regard part as bigger than whole, and
thai p<art himsell. Tbere could, of
courie, he but one outcome. To precipitate it, just what was necessary
was done. There was some strain
even the 'system' could not withstand.
It seems to be a cold-blooded thing
tn say. but nothing better could have
happened. Half a doien such men as
Rosenthal could hnve been killed in
customary fashion, but Becker's effrontery wns limitless and fate chose
Mini as tbe Instrument fnr a smashing blow, for a blow more ellsetlve
than could  have been     delivered     in
iny 'ither way. With Rosenthal, he
killed what be created, He wns of
ll  will pay ymi tO Make
a rail al
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town     Rw\ itijrroKi, B.O.
before buying vour nntfli
nf working clni bes for tha
bush. I mat e n iiwoiall y
nf Logging Shoes, Pants.
Sox. sbiiis. m mk"i v and
cvci yl liiiiK i■•■i|nii'i-il in yonr
forms of tender may be seen on and!
after tbe Uth day of August, 1915 at
the office of E. T. Vi. Pearse, govern-'
ment Agent, Kamloops, or J. W.
Ashdown, Secretary of School Board,
Notch Hill; and the Department of
Public Works at Victoria.
By application to the undersigned,
contractors may obtain a copy of the
plans and specifications for the sum
of ten dollars or a mnrked cheque,
which will be refunded on their return
in cood order.
Bach proposal musl be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate ol deposit on a rhartered'bank
■ if Canada, made payable to the Hon-
ourable the Minister o! lMiliiic Works,
for a bui ■ |ual '" 10 per cent, of
tender, which shall be forfeited if
the party tendering decline to enter
Into contract when called upon to do
: >e or n e tails to c implete tbe
wort contracl id for. The chequa or
ol depot t of unsuccessfu.
tenderers win be returned to them
upon  the execution ot the contract.
Tenders will noi be considered unless made oul on 11 • forms sujiplled,
signed wltl the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed In the envelopes furnished.
The i it esl    r i' -. ti        nol neces-
Deputy   Minister and Public Works
I', partment ol Public Works,
Victoria, B. <M, August, 1915.   nul2
Notrh Hill School.
BBALBD TENDERS, superscribed
"TtndSI Mn Notch Hill School," will
■ ■■ Hiiived by the Honourable the
Mlnil tei ..f Public Works up to 12
o'rlork noon of Thursday, the 2nd
•lav of Sejitei-ilier, IMS-, for the erec-
tlOB and completion of n large one-
t ...tji school bouse at Notch Hill, In
the Kamloops Klectoral  District.
Plans,   Specifications,   contract    nnd
SEALED TENDERS, addressed   to
t he Postn l Isneral, will be  re-
celved at Ottawa until Noon, on Fri-
el.iv.   the  -Ith   September,   1 116,      for
the    conveyance   ol    His Ha
■ ii a proposed Contract for
four years, fifteen tlmH pn year
ea.'li      wny.      between KEVELSTOKE
,i ei BIO BEND Irom the 1st I n
nest, Printed notices containing tur-
ther information as to conditions of
proposed Contract, may be seen and
l.lnnk forms of Tender may be obtained nt the Post nniee of Revel-
ttoke nnd at the office of the Post
, Office  Inspector.
Post Office Inspector.
|    Post  Office  Inspector's  Office, Vancouver. B, 0., 13th Angust, IMS.
Under and by virtue ol the powers
of sale contained in a certain indenture of mortgage, which will b«
produced at thc time of sale, there
will be sold on
at twelve o'clock noon, at the
in the city of Revelstoke, British
the following lands and premises     in
t!a   City of Revelstoke, in the Province  of  British  C bia    and   being
1 ered three (3),
four      (4),     five     (5)  and six  (6) in
Block  ' according     to
tlie     registered plan  ,■; Block forty-
a map or plan
of survey of the said city  ol Rcvel-
''■.•.•,! and confirm<ed at eOt-
tawa '■ iv.10    by
Edward  Devil'.-',   -         . Tal ot
Dominion Landa and ■■•. record in tbe
On the prop rty there is said to be
a two story fra lwelling.
TERMS ai t Sale will
! Sale.
Por     fi.r-1 ■ Mirs nnd condi
tions     ,'.     - f    to    Messrs.
HOCSBER,    '..■ • .rs, 432
• ■  •'    Vsncouver,  B.   C.
Dated  tl.-  .""   day  ol   \ ig lit,  A.
I Mi   Al T
Rl Lot No. tw-:.t> UU', Block
twenty-Mven (87), subdivision ol district lot five hundred and t.ity-thiw
■, city of North Vancouver, B. O.
Map No. two thousand four hundred
and  six,   (2106).
WHEREAS proof of loss of ccrtl-
ftcate of Title No. 75i40E, to ths
above mentioned lauds issued in the
name ol G.erd n Seals has i.een tiM
In this offlete, notice is hereby given
that I shall at the exi iratlon ot ona
month Iron date of fl'st publication
I duplicate of said certificate of Title, ui [eu ,n the meantime valid objection be made to me
in writlne.
Hated at the Land Registry Office,
Vancouver, n. iM. this 7th day ot
tUgUtt,  A. D., 1015.
District  Registrar.
Advertising    Pays
IF      you advertise
I        in   the Mail-Herald PAGE FOUR
H. J. McS ei ley left on Sunday  on
a visit to the ci iast
■Miss Christi i   Owens le spending a
short vacation in Vancouver.
T. J. Wadman left yesterday for Bea-
vermouth and Donald.
W. 0. .Mitchell of Banff was at the
Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday.
Charged with assault Harry Smith
appeared before Mayor Vi. A. Foote
in the police court on Saturday and
was fined the costs of the court.
T. Langston charged with carrying
a concealed weapons was on Saturday sentenced by Mayor W. A. Foote
to three months in jail. Sentence
was  suspended.
Capt.  W.  W.  Foster  is  reported to      J. Black of St.  Paul was   at    the
be now  fighting       I u   Dardanelles.
Willis  Armstrong  rei irned on Monday from a week spent in Vancouver.
W.  S.  Riblet   if Nelson was a guest
at the  Hotel  Revelstoke on Sunday.
King Edward hotel on  Sunday.
Miss Clay of Nelsou was a guest at
the Hotel Revelstoke on Monday.
C. H. Balser of Arrowhead was   at
the King Edward hotel on Sunday.
WOOD—On Saturday, Aug. 21, to the
wife of, L. W. Wood, a daughter.
H. 1). Sheldon of Vancouver regis- Mrs. Reid of Arrowhead was a guest
tered at the hotel Revelstoke on Sun- at the King Edward hotel on Sunday
The sun of $2.50 has Meen handed
in to tla: se.ck fund bj Mrs. N. R.
Mi.... prai ce Bourm returned on
Saturday from   i > eeks visit    to
.1   Swift  Current
Edward ho-
W.    .1.  Herbert
was a  guest  at  t!:c
tei on  Sunday.
Mr. a:, i Mrs. 1 D. Walker of Edmonton were among the guests at
the He.'11  Reve   toki Monday.
Mr. am! Mrs. T. H. Taylor have
returned to Revelstoke from a visit
ro ....Men and the upper Windermere
Tin- regulai annual meeting of the
Bi .. toke Hospital society will be
held at the. hospital on Tuesday, Sep-
tember il.
Notic.- i? given in the current issue of tlie British Columbia Gazette
Bugler S. McMahon is now stationed at the internment camp at Edge-
Major Men. Otter of Ottawa registered at th" Hotel Revelstoke on
For being drunk and disorderly H.
Johnson was on Saturday fined $10
and costs My Mayor W. A. Foote.
Among   the     guests    at the Hotel
Revelstoke  on  Monday  were  Mrs.  J.   (
W. Fox and Miss Fox of Philadelphia'
Mrs. W. I. Briggs aud family
returned on Saturday from a holiday
spent in New Westminster and Vancouver.
Week's Menu for
Fifty-fourth Battalion
The following is a week's menu as
supplied to the 34th battalion at
Breakfast-Baked beans, bacon,
bread and butter, coffee. Dinner—
Soup, roast beef, potatoes, vegetables,    bread     pudding,  tea.   Supper-
Stewed tigs, bread and butter, cheese,
Mrs. B. H. Witherbee of New York
and Miss, M. E. Nichols of Bridgeport were among the guests at the
Hotel  Revelstoke on Sunday.
As the Red Cross Society is short
of knitting needles all those having
needles and not using them are ask-
ed to return tbem to the society.
Miss Ella Cedarholm, who has been
visiting friends in  Revelstoke for the
Breakfast—Liver and bacon, fried
potatoes, bread and butter, coffee.
Dinner—Meat stew, potatoes, vegetables, currant pudding, bread, tea. Supper—Jam tart, bread and butter,
cheese, tea.
Breakfast—Bacon, fried potatoes,
bread and butter, coflee. Dinner—
Roast pork, onion dressing, potatoes,
vegetables, apple sauce, bread, tea.
Supper—Apple sauce, bread and butter, cheese, tea.
Breakfast — Rolled oats, bacon,
bread     and   butter,     coffee. Dinner—
that certificates of incorporation have
been  iss iei  te.  the   following:  Amal-
■gamated Securities,  Ltd., head otliee
at     Vancouver      and    capitalized at   Past week returned to the city Sat-   V egetable soup, roast beef, potatoes,
J5OO.0 fl; Copper Exploration & Devel- urday night.-Kamloops Standard.    \ vegetable?
opment   Co.,  Ltd.   (non-personal lia-,    w  A   Mather_     assistant
bility),    Vancouver, IB   000;   Grand  superintendent {or the B   c   diviskm j
general | tea.
Bread and butter, cheese and
Fork,   Furniture   & 'ttare   LO"   of the C.P.R.,  is on an official visit j    Breakfast-Baked   beans     'bacon
Ltd.,     Grand    Porks   |25;000;  Shull  t0 confer wjth (,ivisjoii offlclalg
Lumber & Shingle Co., Ltd., \ancou
ver, S2C0,C< 0; \ anderhool Hotel Co.,'
Ltd., -M' 1,000 Wh ie- Farm, Ltd,,1
Vancouver, J50.004
H. IM MacMillan, in his weekly report to the department of trade and
cotnm ree, under date of Loudon,
July 28,  writes as folli ws In respect
at! bread
and     butter,    coffee. Dinner-
mutton, potatoes, vegetables,
bread,      tea.    Supper—Fresh  peaches,
bread and butter, tea.
Breakfast—Bacon,      fried potatoes,
tomatoes,     bread    and butter, coffee.
Dinner—Meat    stew,     potatoes, vege-
lests at the King Ed-   tables, rice pudding, bread, tea, Sup-
In the provincial jiolice court tbis
morning A. Cancelllere was fined by
R. Gordon, stipendiary magistrate,
■7 and costs on a charge of permit-
: ing swine to run at large.
on the Kettle Valley railroad goes
merrily on without a hitch, says the
West Yale Review.
The track is now laid to within a
mile of Ladner Creek. Between the
head of steel and Ladner a steel
bridge with a span of a hundred feet
will be erected in a few days by the
Canadian Bridge company.
Messrs. Vosburgh & Carlson, who
are at present busying themselves
with the erection of the cement supports for the big bridge at Ladner,
have put on a double shift, of men,
so that thc steel crewi may be held
up for as short a term as possible.
Telegraph poles have been erected
and wires attached for a distance of
ten miles from Hope. Station name
boards have also been erected.
Good progress Is being made by
Messrs. Guthrie & Macdougal with
the erection of snowsheds from the
"summit." It is estimated that they
will use 3,000,000 feet of timber per
month, An order for 13,000,000 feet
has ! een placed with firms at the
coast. The contract calls for an outlay .ef $400,000,
Military Camp May
Remain at Vernon
Col. J. Duff Stuart, brigadier and
commandant of the Vernon camp, is
authority for the statement tbat the
troops will in all probability remaiu
at Vernon for at least another three
months. Col. Stuart also said the
proposal had been made that huts
similar to those used at Salisbury
Plain should be built, but no definite
decision has been made as yet about
this proposal. The weather in the
Okanagan is such that the men will
he able to live in tents for another
three months. Camp sites are being
prepared for the newi overseas battalions, the 67th of Victoria and the
"2nd Seaforth Highlanders of Vancouver. It is expected the troops
will be  mobilized at an early date.
A telephone wire has been strung
from the Cork-Province to Zwicky,
which will provide in conjunction
with wires already existing, direct
telephone communication between the
mine and Kaslo.
By the latter part of last week the
ore body developed on the Black
Grouse claim, north fork of Carpenter, is said to have attained between
two and a half and three feet in
width. This property is under lease
and bond to Burner and Hughes. Assays gave returns of about 200 ounces.   The ore is of the "dry" variety.
The Rexall Store
Regent Chocolates
Pound box
Revelstoke, B.  CM,  Aug. 24, 1915
The regular annual meeting of   tho
Revelstoke  Hospital  Society  will    be
held at the hospital, Revelstoke,   on
Tuesday,  Sept. 21st, 1916.
GALT COAL burns all uight. Revelstoke General Agencies.   Limited.
Miss Frances Lawson will reopen
her studio on McKenzie avenue on
Monday,  August 30.
Tepeco Tooth Paste
Regular 50c, for
Tooth Brushes
WANTED—Housekeeper for gentleman
with three children. Apply Mail-
Herald office or A. Dafeo, Revelstoke.
Regular 35c, for
Violet Dulce Complexion Powder
Regular 75c, for
FOR SALE—Cello complete with bow
Vets cheaji. Good bargain for a beginner.    Bos B, Mail-Herald.
fifty Thousand Dividend
from Standard Mine
than the provinces >■! Canada, and as
a result an re and cap-
a\ ... !   great   ex
port trade.   If thc necessities arising
fiat caused the Baltic pro<
vine'..- ■   • ' I   '■"  'In > • and
seven petit! regards  M'.au-  ^
tic freight ■ il    pf
delivei;,    t..'    . ..   si uld   hi
it . Mrs. 3 ii' erl ind
Golden     and     Mr.
■ • <   I'ark.
to   pit-props    "European  forests have   ward  hoti       I    Sunday  were  Mrs.    J.   per—Jam     tart.     bread  and butter,
been much bettei   ;   otected from fire   IVatsoi   and children of Chicago, Mr.   cheese, tea.
and daughter of j BUNDAY
and Mrs.  M. li.      Breakfast—Liver and  baron, potat-
Minn. ...1 and Mutter, coflee.    Dinnec
—Soup.     roast beef, potatoes,    vege-!
■   id,   tea.   Supper—Stewed'
prunes,   bnael   anil   Mntter.  cherry, tea I
Pusher Dff Track:
Train is Delayed
• •    the
m   irding     to a return just issued
the ]     esl   Branch ol  I he
■ 'mated
nth of Julj
ted   a   total
m.ee.     i:i iaVi r   ■ ii  undei -     -, (i.(,t-
'     ■ '"      ard cvTiU
pear I - shingle    bolts, el
Oansd". !n ,v    '  '     i •'• trade."
TODAY—Wellington 1 i ay ter au>l Marie Wa Blood of     His
hei      Bisoi -     irts.     J.
A i- lift
Till i.      ■, seats Sun-
i    I thi
i .
. ■
■   ■       ■
MON DA -    Thi   i Ith Herb
■, Ut
tpiio ll
Idea'     ■
runs ■■ In the
d' te(' Ion "' ci el wirc-
leHs. anlbaldyti
one   lirectlon on
th" da"
'l'i        ...    Famous    playi ■.
Frohi. in Co.,  :
ed comedian Johi  B n Leo
i  le tinglj     ■ .i ny
(aire •■■, you a Mason, IS big parti
You   ■  '• tv with laugbter,
Tlfl:   i t—Ji I,
Laskv pre»tentl Edrnr Helwymtnm-
o i m ■'•',%• . seat, The Country
i " rshall Nell an, in   the
title i ile
t train going wesl
r track and
Spark From Chimney
Cause of fife
- i
'I      to
ised Reardon iho - ■ :
Madly handle I but wai II
tbe    tram.   Seeing theii  companion
i Mr,:'  thl    worst,  of  the
Phillips   in i Thi -
.'i.i to bli aai
.; . McConnell and S, Hunting
ei .ie arrived on thi    i '■.'.'■ an I placed
tht  trio       ind< r  arrest.    Tiny      wre
to,,-hi to tin? citv Kridny morning
and ippeared before Btlpondary Magistrate K T. W. Pearno and were re-
manded     for right days. - Kamloops
Good Progress With
Kettle Valley tine
"R i: x"
Tom,Tii ami Totnoriow
\u, i. ■ '.,: i, md 20th
A (50,000 dividend was ajinounced
on Saturday by the Standard Silver-
Lead Mining company following the
meeting of the directors hold on Friday in Spokane. This represents 2J
cents jier share on the outstanding
capitalisation of 2,000,000 snares. The
payment,  it  is  stated,  Will   be    made
on Sept, in to stockholders of record
on Aug. 31 uud will Increase the
grand total of disbursements by tho
Standard company to ?1,000,000,
The Standard mine was closed
down last fall and with the exception
of development work which was carried on lor several months during tbe
winter there bu been but little arti-
rlty about    the property until dune
last, i>ho:i the stall was increased and
shipments were resumed a month lathe Trail smelter.   It  is und-
I   the contract  which    the
•li   the  Trail  smelter
e years  to run,  tlie company
receiving about 5 cents a pound set-
.■ad, while the freight
li   la said, are
ton.   ThiB,  it is stated, is thc
itraci  ever secured
by thi . and will allow    of
ieing paid during the
■ the contract.
The ntral il   pres-
•    as   no
ade ot them,
•■ ii t lor
'I mail   the
■ ■
•   mine
•   tha pres-
■ I
■ ■ n Rill d iv
if       H( '•'   '       '■ ef      Will
'     foi       V     •   Mo k        of
resting n
'    '   I   of   red    ■
Her in n flcrht.1i ■■  Attitude,
irtiere the T
■   '
Arrr.rdini- to private reports received  In   '/'irli-h from  TWHn    tht
.;, ,,r ii      nti       ■■       letrttm,    he-
f"»Tcn   the  nren  of   11 nnd   11,   In   -ir
ton* towns   r'P'iernllv Is f'petlnr w|M,
Itfftn  rin th" r>nrt      of
the  mntrntnetiiror • •-'■..  hnve      Pflrl
■everal rnnferenren w|tb the mll'tnrr
■eiifboHtlnn. Fntll now thrar. eln-ioro
have  been  called  only front  the rural
FOR SALE.—16 in. Millwood; also
Kindling: ln luinches; each $2.75 per
load delivered. Phones 42 and S5.
J. P.   Sutherland.-
TYPBWRITER for sale. Cheap for
Cash. Terms to responsible party.
R,  S. Garrett,  Mail-Herald Office.
WANTED—Competent maid. Address
Mrs. Dennis Glacier or phone 31,
Revelstoke. tf
FOR SALE-Pedijrecd Irish Setters
whelped Feb. 22 from extra good
working stock and ready to train at
once. Address A. J. Hilliker, Daily
Herald. Cib-ary. a.28
At Tapping Block on Friday, AuguBt
27th, at 2 p. m.
I will sell positively without reserve, balance of Mrs. E. Alltim's
Household Furniture. Everything
must be sold, so do not fail to attend.
W. PARRY,  Auctioneer.
Rox 311 Phone 35G
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mcil-Herald Want Ads
prepares students, both by mail
and private tuition, for various
examinations, including those
for the Civil Service, Matriculation and the Toronto conservatory of Music.
All classes of sheet music and
books for sale at lowest cut-
rate prices.
We also do book-keeping, typewriting und duplicating.
Agents wanted to sell high
grade specialties on commission
For the present all inquiries
mny be addressed to our Western representative, D. C
STOKE, B. C, or call at the
Closed porch, wood shed
store house and hen house.
Grocery Items
APPLES, Yellow Transparents, good eating, per lb. 5c
PEACHES, larjre yellow St. Johns, per lb. 10c
PEARS, best eatinjr __ 3 lbs for 25c
CORN, sweet and tender, per doz.  30c
Record Values Bring;
Record Business
Just a hint to those who have not
yet participated in the record Shoe
Bargains we are offering — YOU
tor SuncialB, Canvas and Tonnis Shoos
The undersigned will pay the sum of $2,500.00
tu any person who will furnish to * the Provincial authorities evidence that will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who
set fire to our property at Comaplix on April 4, 1915.
Forest Mills of British Columbia. Ltd.
kevelstoke, B. C.


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