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The Mail Herald 1908-11-04

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 " Empire" Typewriter
K-ir esse of operation and pel feci inn
in results produced, thi*. machine
is u.isurpii.sed.    Price, $00.00 Cash
Interior Publishing Co.,    -   Agents
The Mail-Heral
Vol. 14.-No  83
C.B.Hume&Cfl.J.tn1.™ UTEST
t.rovnicial Library
Stores at Airswhead anil Re..........
Thanksgiving Day
Monday, Nov. 9
Only one week away, and there will be
some fixings you will require for the Holiday.
Let us have your Grocery Order early in
the week to insure good service we will be
rushed toward the latter days.
Tabic I-iiicn for the Thanksgiving Dinner
We have a profusion of line, strong Table
Drapery and Napery.
All next week we will make a special showing of Linens.     See windows and counters.
C. 13. HUME  & CO.,  LIMITED
Storm at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
HKATlN'i  STOVES—We   only   carry  the best   of
makes, every one guaranteed to give satisfaction.
OIL HEATERS—Just the thing to take the chill
the room.
ASH SIFTERS that are Coal Savers, Fire Shovels, Mien,
HOUSE BLANKETS—We have a large and well assorted  stock.    Can   give   lumber   camps  wholesale
rates by the dozen.
BLACK AND GREY ROBES—Get one early, ns last
year we gold out at the first cold snap.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OtTIco   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches »r Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd. Chicago Kirst National Bank, Corn Exchange
National Bank. Seattle—Seal tin National Bank, San Krancisco-
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Bank. Spokane-Exchange National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of f 1 and upward, received, and Interest credited four
times a year.   Special attention given to out-of-town accounts.
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Ladies' and Children's Wear
See Them before buying Elsewhere        Th"y Cannot be Best for Value
Coats,  Furs, Mouses
J list
received     a
nl    Ladies'
ren's Shoes.
White   Swanedown    By   The   Yard	
Opposite Climax  Hotel, First Street.
A $50,000 Shortage-Panama
Celebrates—Agnew Critical
—War Clouds—Big Mining
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 4.—General
solicitor W. R. Begg of the Great
Northern Railroad today confirmed
the shortage of $50,000 in the accounts
of A J. Gordon, o! Spokane.
CoijON, Nov. _—The anniversary ol
the Independence ol Panama was celebrated here today in an exciting and
euthusiastic manner.
Winnipeg, Nov. 4.—There is no
cbsnge in the condition ol the Hon.
J. H Agnew, provincial treasurer. He
is very low but the doctors have some
hope of his recovery.
Lcnjion, Nov. 4 —War was virtually
declared today on Venezuela by the
Dutch Government, which has ordered
a blockade of the ports of Castro's
Kami-oocs, Nov. 4—It is reported
that an important mining deal has
either jusit been or is about to be coo.
eluded, whereby the Iron Musk mine,
one of tbe bent, known properties in
this camp, will change hands, lu Minnesota parties.
Council Decide on 24 Mills-
Important Regulations
The adjourned meeting of llie city
council was resinned last night with
Mayor landmark, And Aldermen Lefeaux, Woodland, Foote and Stone
present. The chief business lor discussion was the striking of the tax
The city clerk read the trial balance
sheet, receipts and expenditures, a
good margin. being allowed on the
estimates. After a lull discussions
decision was arrived at and a resolution passed tbat the tax rate of 12}
mills on tbe dollar be levied lor special
rale and ll} mills as general rate
making a total of 24 mills on the
dollar. Included in tbe estimates is
a sum of approximately $10,000 a deficit carried over from last year which
will now be wiped off.
The council felt that it waa a bad
policy to pay for local improvements
out of current revenue, but that a debenture system would be more profitable.
The question as to when the taxes
shall be paid wus then dealt with and
a resolution passed that the taxes
in tint be paid on or before Dec. ID, if
the public wish to take advantage of
tbe discount of 1-6 per cent off the
general rate. As the work of issuing
notices to the public of their tax
ainouuts will be heavy in such a short
space of time, the council wish to
remind tbem tbat they can pay their
taxes anytime after Monday whether
they bave got their notices or not and
that the city hall staff will assist the
taxpayer in working out his amount.
Aid Foote asked that an arc light
be placed at the corner ol 1st street
and Orton Avenue. The council recognizing tlmt Ibis was a dark part ol
the city and much (rtqucuted, agreed
that the light should be installed.
The question ol licences then came
up aad in the course ol discussion the
council learned that firms who were
operating several branches ol business
such as insurance, coal, draying, eto.,
underline heading, were only paying
one licence lee for the hit, sud this
practice hsd been going on lur years
the city thereby losings large amount
of revenue. The council agreed that
the bylaw should be enforced and that
the licences be paid for every branch
of business carried on by one firm, and
instructed the city clerk to see that
such licences were paid for.
The muddy condition of the streets
was discussed and the need of something being done to clean the surface
and a resolution wa-i passed authorizing tbe mayor to arrange (or the cleaning of the streets where needed, Aid.
Woodland suggesting that a machine
which was used by the Bowman Lumber Company be secured.
The mayoral chain was discussid
bu, lelt over and tbe meeting ler.
Wedding Bells
Mr. John Win. Smith and M ss
Christina Patterson, both of Slacier,
B.C., were united in marriage by Rev.
J II. Robertson on Monday, Nov. 2nd,
at I p.m. The ceremony was performed at llie residence ol Rev. J. It
aod Mrs. Kobertson. Ths young
couple went west on No. 97 to the
coast antl will take up their residence
in Victoria.
A special meeting of the City Council was held on Monday night with
Mayor Lindmark and Aids. Sawyer,
Woodland, Stone, Foote and Lefeaux,
Minutes of the last meeting were
read and adopted.
From tho chief of police reporting
fire alai in   O.K.—Filed.
From ih Provincial Secretary, Dr.
Young, in iking official Announcement
of the appointment of W. W. Foster
as police magistrate for the City of
RevelBtoke, vice A. M. Pinkham,
resigned.    Filed.
A communication Irom G.M. Sp.oat
of the Realty Co , which was laid over
from last meeting, was taken up. Mr.
Sproat staled that the city had been
taking gavel and rock from his property instead ol (rom the acre bought
from J. Kernaghan and requested tbat
tbe same be paid at the rate of 5 cents
per yard A plan supplied hy W. H.
Humphreys showed the location of the
lots in question. The Council resolved tn iiiiike a refund to the Realty
Co. in view ol the mistake ami pay at
the rate of 5 rents per yard for material taken from the lot.
A etition signed by all lhe city
painirs and their church secretaries
was read requesting that the church
property to ihe extent ol 10J feet
square be exempt frnm 'axatinn. The
Y.M.C.A. wae included. After dis-
cussiiin the matter was laid over, the
council realizing that iu pievi'iis
years the church properties! lud been
exempt, but that no bylaw governed
the same
A petition signed by several residents was read requesting that Do.vnie
street from 4th to 8th l.e cleared and
opeuel to the government road. The
matter was left with the mayor lo
A petition from the Hospital Board
was read rtquestiug that electric
power wires be installed in the hospital for heating purposes, And that
such power be supplied free of charge.
The report ol the c'ty electrician regarding cost of such work, stiles tbat
a transformer would not be needed
and that the power wires were now
within 1,000 feet of the hospital. Tbe
oouncil resolved that the wires be
conducted up to and installed into
the boepital Iree of charge.
A resolution was passed that tenders
be called for the erection of coal
bunkers at the p wer bouse and that
tbe accepting of the lowest tender be
left with the fire, water and light
The question of the lank for the
gas producer at the power house wan
then taken up and the necessity ol
i's immediate erection lelt. The tank
was included in the estimate for the
producer expenses and the council
resolved that the matter be lelt with
the fire, water and light committee
to arrange.
The matter ol a chimney sweep
being appointed was discussed and the
necessity of the people being furced to
clean the chimneys in case of fire and
a resolution was passed that the matter be left in the hands of the mayor
and Ihe chief of police to go into and
arrange,    „
A request frum Mrs. Marchison for a
sidewalk to her residence on 4t|. street
was granted,
In connection with the bill presented by the Central hotel lor street
filling on Front street in Iront ol the
hotel premises, some controversy
arose as to who should pay (or tbe
gravel and sand and a resolution was
passed that that portion ol Knot
street be put in good condition at the
oity's expense.
Tbe Council then adjjurued.
School Attendance.
The attendance at the pu
die schools
lor October was as lot lows:
1    .
1  f
ft.     ft.
High  School—liiv. I     Ki
88 40     6
'•   II.    14
1)7.88     8
Public School—Div. 1.   16
03.88   12
ii      _   i. ||    27
94.60    10
"      —   " 111. 38
8413   10
„      _   -i]v   4l
0201   22
"     —   *' V.    32
93.02   15
"      —   " VI. 41
113.07   26
"      —   "VII.01
87,80   22
••     —  "VIII60
1)0.94   26
"     —  "IX   59
111.80   20
"     — "   ..   5B
87.89   20
90.64 218
The correct stationery lor your
always at Hews' Drug Store.
Don't miss this opportunity
hearing tho Premier of, II. C. at
opera bouse, Friday, Nov. Oth,
Record Vote Polled.—Taft is
Elected With 298 Votes-
Governor Hughes Elected By
New Yohk, Nov. 4.—Weather con-
diti ma throughout tlio stale were perfect yesterday, the day of the United
States Presidential elections, and the
workers for both purl ies were out long
before sunrise, hard tit it, completing
the final details of the campaign.
The polls opened in New York city
and throughout, the state at 0 o'clock
yesterday morning. This samo rule
applies in most ol the states. The
closing hour here, as generally, wae
was set (or 5 p.m. The polling places
offered about the only scenes of life in
the city durilli* the early hours uf the
day. The b.inlis,stock exchange and
business houses of all descriptions
were closed. Lower Broadway and
the financial distr ct appeared the
most deserted if all the familiar places
about the city.
Throughout the whole ol tbe United
States polling commenced early md
the vole kept pouring in without
cesBiitiiui. From latest advices the
vote yesterday w s the heaviest cast
for many years nnd a record iu many
cases from many si ct inns waa reported.
Tbe Socialists. claim they have
pollid a much larger vote than ever
The luicsi gei eral election relume
rtceived show the lollowing results:
W. H. Taft has been elected president
with approximately 29s votes. Practically un "Itauge is i dicated iu the
complexion 11 tbe Naional House of
Representatives. The United States
Semite will retain its present Republic..n maj 'rily. %
Gc.vernnr Hughes bus been rc-electid
u New York State by about 54,000
Special Prices on
Five Cord Lois
B. PAGET, !McKenzie Ave.
S2.50 Per Year
Over 200 Entries from British
Spokank, Wash , Nov. 3.—With a
reputation for good fruit equal to any
section ol the United States, British
Columbia will be strongly represented
at the national apple show to be held
in Spokane, December 7 to 12 this
year. In fact, she leads many of the
Stat.s iu the number ul exhibits
which she will Bend. Over 200 entries
will come down from the Canadian
province, including district and individual displays. Tlie enthusiastic in
terest shown by the growers of British
Columbia has decided tlie board of
trustees uf the show tu make it an
international instead of a national
event which will be done after tbis
Iu further recognition ol thu interest of the Canadian-, Manager H. J.
Neely has taken up the matter of the
removal of duly on exhibits suit fiom
British Columbia, Aith every prospect
that his request will be gr..nted.
United Slates S niitur Piles, of Washington, has interested himself iu the
mallet and has officially presented llie
nquest lo lhe necreiaiy of the treasury. Senator Piles' was successful in
having the duty removed on imports
from Japan for a somewhat similar
occasi.ii this year, and is confident
that he will bu successful this time.
Manager Neely has also addressed
the Hon. Sidney Fisher, secretary of
agriculture at Ottawa, wilh the request
thai hu send officials of his department
to net as judges at the national apple
Kulowna, Grand Forks and Kain-
liiups are among the districts which
w. in lirai to respond lo the invitation
to send exhibits.
Kaiser Forces German Chancellor to Resign
Bum,in, Nov. 8.—Following trouble
with tho German   parliament over the
proposed new  taxation scheme, Chan
oollor Von Buelow resigned today.
The announcement of his resignation lias caused great excitement lime
The. radical member* ol the Reichstag
are jubilant.
It is understood tbat Emperor William caused the retirement ol Chancellor Von Buelow because nl dissatisfaction at Germany's international
position. The recent tense situation
in Kurope, following the threats of war
in the near oast, aro said to have been
1 a factor in bis retirement.
Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition, Good Hunting
Knives, Axes, Fishing
Tackle and other sporting goods.
We are showing tho best line of Heaters, Ranges, etc,, that
has been seen In Itevi'lstnki* and our Increasing sales prove that
We have the right goods aud prices.
Our Plumbing department is up-to-date and we arc doing
the best wol k i i-. done in the city.
Bourne  Bros.
*& ii
Buy at right
^ Place
Cjn*» ii"f
Dr. Horse sense has prescribed for you one
new Overcoat and one New Suit, to be put on
morning and evening. He has told you to buy
at the right place. That is just the same as
saying to buy your clothes'trotn us. Our store
has become the RIGHT PLACE, because in
our store we treat people right. We remember
you are healthy and have many clothes to buy
years to come, therefere we sell you clothes so
good that you challenge anyone to show you
that you not gotten good value for your money
when you buy clothes from us.
A New Overcoat will cost you from $15 to
$25 and it will be a good overcoat.
One good new Suit will cost you from $15
to $35.
We sell you a $15 Suit of Clothes for 815.
We make a profit.
McKinnon C& Sutherland
B. E. WALKEK, Pr.sid.-nl Paid-up Capital,$1 0,000.000
alex. laird, o.n. MBr       Reserve Fund,   -  5.000.000
Branches throughout Canada, ami in Unite,! States and England
Savings   Bank   Department
DcpoeitH oi .1 and upwards are received and interest
allowed at current rates, and is paid lour times a year. Account**
may be opened in tlie names of two or more pen-win, withdrawal to be made by any one of tho number or by the survivor.
: *
5#»»»#»«#-.*#*-»*-»-»-»**'»**ii>*-»'»***»********************** THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Che  _TI_m.U1fXva.CN
PUBUSHE ■   '■ : .  ".•KSIIA'Y .• '■!' SATCR-
;i.w  \t
inEVEL.-TOKE. B r.
Barristers, Solicik k^.   E
0 T l' A W A
Parliament).    Departmental
and  ' 'atent 0   :e Agents
Pracriee befoi   Railway
Comi lis:  in.
Hon. i'.ia:.i.>.- Mi ni-in . M.P.
I! I ROl       l'-IIK!!.
.i an ,. 1:1.1.1 TT
.    ' ■ UsTTUKE « n llnu T 1 IKKB. C.
J. i . i I    "■'
1 _U-\ BY,   Mu AI.'TKl.
_ 1 .\NH fi    ,_HAM
II \H«IsI'l-K.s. ~ill.ll nulls, KTC-
t li i -      l"-n i rial   Bank Kk\ i-i.
btuks, H.i'.
...    -!.,
(ten Isloke, is I
- .. a. ,i i   ... -it.
\. M. i':nkii -si
..    .    .   ......     ;.    .
■   wit, H r.
J. A. Hahvey,
_r_iibrook n.
Vi, I. llliKS'-
J. M. Scott  l.L.
Mcorr ..  BRiGtis
Ml INKY   TO   I.i IAN
'•JOLII 11' IBS   FOB  M0I.BO.V'
Fii-I Su ;et,
-    liA.Mi
-,,ske,  U.(
.viucial Land Surveyor,
M  li ng Sin veyi i
Engi "ling
il, K'knzie Avenue,
Box 100, Rbvklrtokk
LVitiKcnlPi) Teacher ol
I' ini . Vocal Tlit'oi y.
M usii .1 Kindergarten
I ; ,-- - i..i voting Phil.
,li -it.
Si uili . ove
UKW s   Mil i, STOIIE
ard Coa
We ;ire now receiving a ful
different sizes of tliis Coal,
mestii fuel on the market.
supply of the
lhe   best   do-
Ail orders will be promptly  and satisfactorily attended to.
Open Grate.
in your Kant
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Zbc nDa.lwfbevalb
:s uct, bad in il,.- tn'-t .,f ii-.
And food In the worst nf as,
ibooros any of ns,
I the rest .if u-.
• -•   -ire  ihs>  da)b   when   the
avei ■..,■ man begins to think  more
ol In- own   personal  affairs
thi -:i' uioi   in  general.   The
lepn --; ii Jull weather  has a
mai.-:■ I effect m human temperament, mil if tiling don't go just
- ■ .• '■■ ■'• -. :• i then llie Iw Icing eg ..- ..--;' ol thing
grows ■ ; eo| • i . lually
spreads   ihi mgh   i  ■   commui
' ■ - comu      es to talk of
■'"  >i      i   in
Contrary to expectations ocens-
i uii'il by the disinterested nnd
indifferent manner in which applications were bein;* made for cn-
r.ilnienl on lhe civic voters' li^t
this year, the number of applicants
haa exceeded tluil of last yenr hy
over forty. These are lioiisehnlilers
only. Up iill the last day bul few
applications had hei n registered
ami ii looked ns if iIih list would
f.ill behind, hut >'• ■ people evidently realized thai lliuy were losing a
chance of being qualified lo applaud or criticize in civic matters
and bestirred themselves at the last
minute. This increase is gratifying,
principnII*.    \, u-e   il   is  n   sign
of  progrt—<    I   advancement   of
the iii \ .' ml ii i so liccaupe ii denotes
a mure marked interest in niiiiiici--
pal matters on tlie pari of the
people. ll is (he people who have
it in their power to make or mar a
community and a franchise should
not he thought of lightly. Every
vote tells and every vote should lie
honestly and conscientiously polled
without either bribery or I bought
of individual gain. Civic matters
are every bit us important and
really mure bo than Dominion
elections as they directly effect our
home life und interests. The more
voters there are on the list the
more weight tlie city will have in
public opinion.
The Holy City
Clarence Bennett's lipatitilul play,
" The Ilu'; ("ity," which i- onn.ideiid
one i 1 'he he-t pr ll'ieiiii s on tlie
still;!', will he seen nt i he iperu houte
nn Thlll'rdiiy, Nuv. Sill, fur une night
only. Che costumes worn by Salome
in " The Holy Ciiy," weie all made in I
Paris, mul are not only rich nnd
gorgeous -s art run produce, but arc,
also historically cunect. Special
attention is called to her gowns in act
one in Ihe great dance before King
Heiod, also those of a:ts two nnd
three, Ilu; latter being especially
Banff Hurd   Ooal, all  sizes in stock,
Revelsluke General Agencies, Ltd.'
I.   O.   F.
. anu. ust'oi". 2nd n„A
. Hull, ns'XI. t.s Uptr
: brethren ctirtitally luvited I
I'mri Mount Begbl
uii iMi.ti'liiy. in "ilil.nlliiu. Hull, unit to Opera
l|,,u-n    V_lti«
til tuml.
J.W. UtiiuMi. C..R.
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain  View Camp   No. 229
Moot* Reoond and  Fourth  W days In
naoh month, In Bolktrk Hull.   Vim  n   Wroxl
inon oordlally Invliotl  o attend.
W, 11. V'MSTIION'U. run. 1'ulll.
J   Mtivi VI. K Clerk.
I.KVI'.I.STni, K AERIE No. 12:1
F. O. E.
i are hold in tlio Solturli
evouing   al   8   o'cli'isk
.'■nt  search im
•_• 1'iir in I ei u il
i 'il eve: tuiil'y a
mil hy In.linns,
.• s-everal i" r- i s
■i  the   i.u-i g
'  '     '
■."      - - ■■.-. i
.   ll
Education  in   uur   provim e   is
perhaps the raosl   important
.' ■ that occupies the  minds   iiol b
i tne government and   the  pei
and a subject thai  is  uulimited in
Sir Arthur Curtis Reported alive
— Mysterious Business
After nn  absence ol  over ten j ears
Sir Arthur Clirli-i  has heen di-cnverid
in the wilds   of   British Coin in bia according in  a   .tnry   brought hy T \V,
Cole, now   in   Winnipeg, une   uf  lhe
party witli   the B-iiish  hiirom-l when
he  bo   mysteriously   we toll' with nn
Indian guide wb'lfi making bi.i--.vsv 'o  sp. I.K I III-
the Klondike «   •■ , himoh of hors-s
Despite  tlie i   .-     ':
tiilim.s of   ' In    in
he found :i' si.    'i    m.
skeleton w ,-  i i mch
which wns idem ilinl
as lieing I lie remain,
Cole asserts dial lie knew lielnre In
left Vancouver that Curti* »... Id disappear before reaching the Klondike
on account of family complications in
England Incidentally the stoiy
brought down by Cole from the As-li-
ci'oft district was received but a few
days befure the provincial police had
received fresh requests from the department of justice at Ottawa In spare j
no pains Iu lind the missing rciou of
British nobility Cole says Curtis iB
now living tlie life of a trapper, and is
virtually a hermit, living on what he
can catch or trap and trading skins
for such necessities of life as tobacco,
tea. flour, etc.
The party with which Curtis went
north was organized by Kuger Pocock,
tbe founder uf a legion of frontiersmen, and in "The Frontiersman," a
book written iy Pocock, he takes full
responsibility for having driven Curtis
away hy aliiiain_ him fur laziness ami
not doing his share ol the work of the
party. Kor years Pocock has lieen
Linked upon by many as having mur-
il.ri'il Curtis, but the atory d proofs
I "ought d ■■a by Cole will ;...r bim
of the stigma which lias ins ■ hi- life
miserable lor the past ten j   ire
T'io rniriiliir mo,
Hall   entry  Tne,     .
Visilin. brethren i-o oordlally iuvited.
J. dEHljIK. Psksidknt.
Kootonay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. M.
The regular moot-
lugs are hold in tin"
Oddfellows Hall. I'll
lho third Monday in
"noli month at 8
li m Visiting brethren cordially welcome.
I'lUM lUNIKH, sm-iiKTAiiv.
l.orM.C No. 12. 1. 0.0  F.
Meot.s ovory Tlinrt
day nveiiiinr  in   Hnl
kirk Hall at. 8 o'clock
Yi-iiiu- brothron aro
oil in nl loud.
UMII'IT. N.ll.
Cokl Range Lodge, K of Pi
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
nllV      K INKSOA   ,
.. l-.Iuo.i1  .
•i       •      ddli'll ,i\s'
1       -   .si.     Vlsitni
" -i'i!!.-   nvlled.
U. 11. BKOI.K   K. ul   K. ill S.
J. H. SCOJ'I',   si    ul F
reputation is n pnlent factor to la* con
sidend as it is synonymous wiih Ihe
quality, merit and prces of the co its-
Bold. If you deal at Hastings, I) yle &
A Hum's you will km w you will le
treated fairly, no » at'er huw you mny
he lacking in technical knowledge of ihe
value and qualify of j wels nf any kind
We keep oily the best and choicest.
Wtiere gnld is used it is markid with the
cirai stamp, with silver it is sterling, in
gems and precious sioneB tlieir quality is
fully guaranteed.
Hastings. Doyle & Allum, Limited
A New Carpet
from our clmice and handsome
stuck nf Axminster, Wiltons, etc.,
will give you both pleasure and
S'l.isfaction when you see the rich
and beau.itul i Ifi'ds of the oolors
snd patterns and the durability
of the fabrics Our carpets arc
made hy the best manufactures,
uud use made to wear well, iih well
as tn I ok well.
£.  HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
■  ;" i Ufa
warn }
%   P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. J
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants d
I .,,-ti" Paekei- anil Dealers in  l.iv    -is,, k     M u keis in al I he pi inei (f
pill Cities and Towns of  Alberia.  Hi   -h Col.ini't: i nt  I I he Yiikim. (f
Packet's nf ihs' Celebrated Brand  " lliipi-rut e" Hams- mid Bacon, f
\   mil "Shamrock" Brand L'nf Lird. g
^'%-•V^♦V^^'V%^%%%.■»V%/»V%^%'''^^*'•''*^^^**♦•*'*■ **
siiit;ibly I'lirnisht-d with the choicest the
truirke-t affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
T.     A. r_. H_E3RT      STOTvTTil      PBOP.
Central Hotel
Newly built        First-class in every respect,     Ml modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   managiment
■    -        | eo]
get a   . .     ndei
■... i|
Distinguished Hb.iters
Count    Ernest    H y s   and   I
Karl ll •> -   ; Vieo luring thi
lu-i three months have  been   rough
,    '"   C°P* "*  ; ■ "hi"« in 'f ing it in the , _ri    I
lie1    ■'  /       should     be  Columl a ind   i I     '•. ... a 1
ratitied that shi - " ' - '
■ " fbese    distinguii
s tin ■ i :-   vear   	
bui  . ered   ■• e
<   uf the .1 bo                      .ssooiation in Reveh               the  eai
ml   ber   ver    ci itralitj    should Oitobei  last year, and mad
uable delegati    I    m   'i.i   parts oi lisasi             p up the Columbia  in
'   . . .    to attend.   Tl -   om i : con- tha   Bl_   B«nd          .     lubs,
'■ "   ■     -    ention will mean i {real          i   I -e"i»g good iport ii             ...
i much tol        iring ' "      ;  '     '        mU  have   bei i
,ii 'ill ",' -1  " "    '-"' .     I,ut.ii  tsettini/ i,i^   |,„_.m
lo lually as wi   ■     "K ''. ""H"
urge snd sn all game le uiti
■ . ■   i onnected   ■■vitb
■ "'       ' tble experience.
•'"r"r "■■...  s. ,   .
' "in" pre| in ■ -arequlti
sir quests, whii
il    n is non regardi idi m • ii
impm taut ed fm or    in
I., i .    1 i      opli he :   i    "i
great deal lor the - . ..   many
■■ ■
re 1    'ani    need
111 h e e n e rg;
n    .' . [i|
• n-     i   : ' and   bring
wayi.    All -lnnil,! help  to bear thi
to bear      Kverj man  - pari ol lhe :.;•„...   There is a greater  benefll
rhecit   ernl      •- the li rtum i   to be derived  which enn   unly
and        ...                       it  least, '"' done by  united   action   on the
it..--   n thecharacti     I the  man. Parl "f "'" l!" ' ' boardH'    The f;"•,
It ii    ." '  ' I loyalty  to
er .-   oyalty to the  city as
a «ii ile, « hich is in line ol ill well
n naturi       It is right
to -•;. Ih il ibe man who  due-   noi
■   si    ii   lor !m- town   i-   dwarfed.
There '-   something  wrong aboul
■ bis fs'lluivs will pn--  this
..- ol    .j "ii   him,    ninl    th..
. ui •■- .ii" thai •■■ h  i  in  may add
:-■   i ifoi'   I others,  he will
-' i| ■    making   himself fei I
very -mail in tbe long run
alum- ui the (rightful) cosl ol education and the growing need inr
bettering lhe administration im
reason for every part, of this provinoe conlrilnit.iii" iu -liar" nf attendance at the convention, This
I year much will be discussed of
I far-reaching importance to unr
|educational future and lho two
iIujf offer an educational course to
nil who arc cut rusted wilh lhe
administration of our schools. The
w hole uf B. C. ih looked to io be
represented and it is tho duty ol
every trustee lo participate,
icfl in due course   hi ,
place among tbeir collectii ..-
respecl Ive bi m
Public Meeting!
Citizens League of W.C.T.U,
A public meeting will be held in the
K'lisiui    Parlor    Ineatr-s  on   1   ,. -ilny
evening, Nov, 5 (tomorrow) undi
auspices   ol   the   W .C.T.I      foi   the
purpose   ol    organizing  a   Citizens'
League in connection with tbe Union.
The movement is *  popular one and
the meeting should  be
Mrs. rtpntfuril, ihe provincial organizer
fnr the   Women's   Obristian Temper
anoe  Union, and others will address
the meeting.    All Interested In tern-
peranoe woik  should make il. a puint
tn attend,   as  the   addresses   are all of
an important nature.
A car n ml a car and fuur   nun":   en
of Coursier's conl coming.
lu  Kent—Large  modern   residence I
in desirable   location, .fin per month
Apply Itei.slst. ko C uicial Agencies.
Hon. Richard McBride, Premier, and
Hon. Dr.Young, Provincial Secretary
will address the citizens of Revelstoke
on behalf of Mr. A. S. GOODEVE, Conservative Candidate for Kootenay Electoral District, in the
Candidates of Opposition Parties or
their local representatives are invited
to be present and participate in the
programme. Meeting to commence
at 8 p.m. sharp. The Revelstoke Independent Band will be in attendance.
Grod  Save  The King.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices, No hortirs, Scale
or fumigation io damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct unci j^et Irees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,   Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest eslabn
lished nursery on the mainland
of B. 0.    Catalogue free.
M. J. HENRY'8 NUR8ERIES       1
(liven Houses and Seed Houses j
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS. •   $.500
H.I oui puny. II. .M K.. u ill tli ill every
Tliui>ilnv ovuiiiug unlil luil Iiei- notine.
By Oilier.
oot21 30.1 H. .SiMlTll. 0 0.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamshii
Sut. Nov. 7 Lk. Manitoba
•Fri. " 18 Emp. Ireland
•Sat. " 21 Lk.Olii-.inpli.iiiWeil.Nov.4
"Spe.ial Olirislnnus ships
Intermediate Season from Montreal
and Quebec
Isi. Class and. Class jnl. Class
$qo 00    $48 7S $JS 75
1 Ml. Class and. Class 3rd. Class
$72 50       $42 50       $27 50
0'1'hkr Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Olieap rates lo Atlantic Seaboard
points   in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other coutine tal ports.
For further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.O.P.A.
Revelstoke. Vancouver.
Certificate of Improvements
Winslow Mineral Claim, situate in llie
Trout   Lake  Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where   located;—At   head   of Seven
Mile Greek, Trout I.-rke.
Take notice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie,
acting  as agent   for   Neil O'Doiinell,
Special K.M.I". 370,.; William Bennett,
F.M.C. No.  B95877;  Bruce White, F.
M.O. B1452-I and P. H. Murphy, P.M.
0. B22087] intend, sixty days from the
date   hereof,   to apply  lo the Mining
Recorder for a Oerclnoate of Improve-
inenl", for the purpose of  obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And furl ber take notice that action,
under Seel ion 1)7, must bo commenced
before thu Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated Ibis 21 Iih day of October, A.
»., lUtK
oct 31110.1 0. B. N. WILK IE.
Notice is hereby given tbat I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial police (or 11 renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Kooteuuy
hotel, Burton Oity, B. C.
Dated Oct. 24,1908.
Wm. Lovatt.
In tiik Supbkmb Oourt ok Bhitikh
And in the Matter of The Klwood Tin
Workers Gold Mining Company of
fjurdenu, British  Columbia, Limited, Non-Personal Liability,
TAKE   NOTICE   tbat   Ihe  undersigned has appointed Friday, the 301 h
day of   October, 11X18, at the   hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon at the
Court House in the City of Revelstoke,
B. C, for the  purpose of hearing and
confirming  the Report of  the Ollicial
Liquidator upon the claims of creditors, and of settling, determining and
finally   passing   Ihe   Dividend  Sheet,
and of passing the Official Liquidator's
accounts,  and  sellling  his remuneration^
And let all parties attend.
Dated tbis twelfth day of  October,
A. D., 1908.
Distiict Registrar at Revelstoke, li. C, THE MAIL HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B C
Tho oven doea
the baking, the
fire-box controls
the oven heat,
and the grates
hold the coal or
wood that produces the heat, so
are important.
1-3 H&jKrcl
-» \ Double
"Sask-alta" Double Duplex Grates are made
in four pieces, each grate shaken separately.
Ashes over one grate can be shaken without
wasting good fuel over other grate. No poking
necessary, thereby saving fuel. Dampers at both
ends of fire-box secure perfect drafts. When
grates are inverted for wood a patent clamp
retains them in position. The easiest-working
way is the surest-serving way —and that's
"Sask-alta" way.
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St John, Hamilton, Cal__ry
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
Alterations Made
with Ease and Accuracy
One of the great
advantages of Fit-Reform
is the fad that every Suit
and Overcoat is ready
to try on. Fit-Reform
garments are so constructed that if alterations should be necessary, they can be
made quickly and exactly.
Thus Fit-Reform assures an absolutely
perfect fit to every man. And you have
the Fit-Reform guarantee of "money back
if satisfaction be not given".
FIT- m
.eUtok..  B. C
Import direct from country ol origin.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Rtotllloatlon ol Orown Qrant
Wlmrens nu tlm SOI li ilnr of Nuvemtior, IU(«. I
(Irtiwn lll-ant win Iswlli'il 111 tlio iiiuiio til Fruilut-
lolt Wiutlil-minin Inr Lot Sin, (lnni|i I, Kuiilu-
nay District. Tlif-t uvitloinso Iuih since burnt
Immi i riiilui'oil slinwitiR tliut lho mild Kreiioi-iisk
WiisililKiiirim died iiii thn Ith of Ani'ii.l, IH'it.
sinnotinii. prior Ui tlm ISIUSnoS nf tin' suiil
Crowti (Irntit. That liy a-jr-niint'iil. dated aitli
Aimiissl, 11106, lho Haiti Kr-Klormk Wimltbiiurno
nssftpioil till ItiH eHtntii, unlit, (ilio, IDlerott
claim and iliimiinil wliiitmiovisr in tlm hum laud
tn Til.Willi Slimik .   Mrl'li"r nn
Nntli'o i« therefore berobj given. In por-ui-
•noeof Nisclinli Oft nl tho "IjIiiiiI Acl, Unit il it
lliii iiiloiilii 111 tn ctincol lhu suiil Irmiii llniiil
Isnlliiil III thn iiiuiio uf Krailiiriok Wimlilmuriiii
mul tn Ihhuo  nno   iu   ItH hIohiI   iu   lho uiimo nf
ThtintiiH HtiiinkH Misl'hssr iiiii throo innittl i fr	
thn diito hiiriinf iiiilivn it-.inl ciiuho in ssliuvvii In
tlio cuiilrnry.
(ihlof Gommuiloner of Lan-ssud WorlHi
I.iiiiiIh antl Wurloi Doinirtinniit.
Yiotorla, B. (,'.. lltli Ootubor, IlioH.    net Sl-.lm
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzic   Avenue
l..'v(-M(i_c-* I.hiiiI UlNtrU-t.
DlHtricinf Wait Kootenay.
Tak • no t ic _ tbat i. Norm no T. UaeLaotl ol
i.ottil)rl'iue, Alta, nrrupHtion Broker,*
tn np|.lv fur poriniaaloD to ; ur."h_tM.- tbe follow
iiu:uaiofibaa liocU.
Oommennlug al a poal .-Mntci nt thi* .miih-
vreat cornar ut Lot t>\w In roaUiatl Vallei
aboutSU nlloj Waal of tbe waataboraof Ar-
fOW'   and   marltuil   "N.   T. Mar'. N.W.
I'urm'r," iii. in.' io ihn.iit noun., thenei a
ebalm oaati tbenee to rbatn-i north tin i, m
ciiiiiiis vreili ''"iihuNin,' mi acrea, more Ot leet,
Pate Bopt. 4, itua.
Hup l. (»,.>l By John K, Taylor, Iiii _-g_iit.
Delegates from All Districts to
Gather at Revelstoke
Representatives of the different,
centres throughout the province intend being present nt the filth annual
convention ol the British Col um bin
Association of school trusties which
will take place in Revels ti ke on the
18th and 19th this month. The forthcoming sessiona are expected to mark
the inauguration of several movements
for improvements in the \VeBt along
educational lines. A number of ijues-
tions of vital importance will be
raised. The secretary ol the organ
ization, J. Dougnn, in giving notice ol
atiike a rule fnr school  puipnms,
That monies oulleoted liy tbe council be placed in the credit u1 the schn-1
b md in lie by 'liein di*' ll rued.
Addresses will bo d livered ly
Premier McBride, T. Taylor, M.l'P.,
Ur. and <itIhts, while general
school work, curriculum and nil
mattern pertaining to school betterment will be dealt with.
Tlie public and high schools if
Hevelstoke will be in operation and it
will be a pleasure to visit tbem. Seen
earlier in tlie year, the school grounds
are tbe model for the province.
Delegates can Becure special rates
from the O.P.K., and EL N. Coursier,
of tliis city, will give all information
as to accommodation, rooms, etc.   It
Mining Outlook Mery Bright for |
the Winter
.Nothing   more  strikingly  indicates
the   ririni   and  expected increase in
the mining uf lin |< ., .leiiny than the
activity shown by thn Canadian Paoi
I'm Itiilway in building new tran-'pir.
barges and tugs fir servioc sin the
Kootenay nnd Arrow Likes. During
tiie past summer twu new barges for
transporting trains from Arrowhead to
Nakusp, and one new tug was built on
tlie upper Arrow and two new birges
were built in Nels in fur currying
trains I etweeti Proctor and Kooteuuy
Landing on the Kootenay Lake.  Now
;  t
the dates uf the convention, expresses
the hope that everyone who holds
ollice of school trustee in this province
will make it a piiut to be in attendance.
The city ol Kevelstoke will entertain tbe delegates while visiting here.
The billowing are tiie chief subjects
of disoussion on tlie program:
Resolved, that principals and secretaries of school boards be notified by
circular of any proposed change iu the
course of study or in the text books
(public sebools at least six months
and high bcIiooIs a year) (Revelstoke
Resolved, that the government be
urged tn early establish a model school
iu lhe Kootenays (Nelson board)
Resolved, that in publishing the
names nf pupils passing tlie ex.imina-
liunsiliey lie in alphabetical Order,
with tutal marks obtained by each,
and thit publishing the number writing from any one centre (or school) be
discontinued; and also, that when the
questions are published in tlie annual
report ihe murks for eucli question, or
pare thereof, bii shown (Revelstoke
Resolvtd tliit this institute record
its disapproval of the order to Irusteis
and teachers re Bag, dited July, 1908,
and that we Btrungly maintain the
school boards insistence of the use of
the Oamidian ensign.
Resolved that the government be
urged to appoint a supervisor of health
for the province, and that supervisors
appointed by the cities or municipalities should receive a government grant
aadothe regular teachers (Burnaby
ReBolveil that such steps should be
taken ub will enable the preparation
ol a set of text books tor Western
Canada (Chilliwack boaid )
Resolution regarding examination
papers, etc., »ill be taken up, Tlie
date ol the euding ol tbe sohuol >ear
will be dfocin-C'l and lltcemler Hist
be fixed upon   instead   uf   June   80th,
Among other  Important resolutions
are :
Generally that the board of scln ol
trusties in any city or rural municipality shall be g;veu full power to
handle all bcI.ooI funds, submit bylaws and generally administer school
affairs independent ul the council and
in the same manner as the order business of the city and rural municipality shall administer by tbe council.
That no child be permitted to leave
school, or be engaged in any wage
earning occupation until be or she has
passed into tlie senior grade ol the
public school.
That the Public Schools' j\ct be
made more explicit as to the power of
the school boards to provide education
tO popiU Wbo hl«e passed tbs ageol
Ki years.
Tbat school boards le given power
to buy uniforms and equipment for
cadel Corp..
That ibe care of boulevards atom d
school sites Ite placed under the control of school liuiirds who shall be
empowered tOOXpend money   (hereon.
That school boards   lie allowed  to
is hoped that the convention will be
the most important and valuable in
the history of the province.
Rain Upsets a Mysterious Festival in Revelstoke
"There's a world in which we dwell,
And yet a world invisible!
And do we think  that naught can be,
Save only what with eyes we see.
Tell us that this very hour,
Had but our sight a spirit's power.
We would he looking eye to eye,
At a terrili • company."
All Hallowe'en, the nighi before the
festival of All Saints, has long been
noted for observances which have
their origin in heathen times Many
of these urp described in Burns' poem
on Hallowe'en. It seems to have been
imagined that the supernatural in-
uences were all powerful nn that
night and tu those who were bold
enough to invoke their assistance, the
spirits would leveal the future. Tile
night was devoted however, chielly to
lovers, and numberless were the devices by which they sought to learn
tlio names of their future husbands
and wives, a practice Out unknown at
tbis fesii ai in old pnn-aic Revelstoke
Tlie Hallowe'en this year
was attended by no special celebration,
deluges of rain somewhat hindering
the usual youthful pranks which are
the chief tonus of celebration now-o-
days, by the lads who are allowed a
licence to play practical jukes which
would not be permitted at any other
time. In spite of the rain a large
number of boys were out till all hours
parading tlie streets uud curry ing out
many tricks or jokes, as they nre supposed to be, and coining inure oi le.-s
destruction, There uiis, however,
many UK rry gatliit ings whoie the nld
customs nre n < ive.I by lhe lads ill d
lasHies, whu love fun ns dontl)' in tbe
twentieth coniury as in any 'lint hnve
passi d ami »iu, are perhaps as anxinus
t i peer   into   the   future   ninl prai'l if
the  iiiii  superstitions, as   ihnie whu
lived iii ii iin re cml'ilmiM sign.
Hospital Donations
The [nation of lhu hospital wishes
to thank the following for tlieir donation! during llie past mouth:
Mrs. Harvie, J bushel plums.
Mrs. Lmighton, 2 jurs fmit.
Mrs. Coming, 1 box apples.
Y.M.C.A, 2 cikes.
MisB McCarter, 1 jar pickles.
T Lewis, 2 bags potatoes.
A Iriend, I crate peaohes.
Mrs. Dr   Sutherland, fi bath towels.
W. M  L.wrence. 1 cream and sugar
Mrs  Klson, I jar jelly.
Miss Hobbs. 1 j ir fruit.
Mrs. Turnross, 1 pall apples.
P. Burns, (1 chickens.
The James Smart Mfg Co., Brock*
villi', per Mr. Mntbe lnnil, I set Mis.
Potts' irons, I uual cliupper, 1 carpet
Ladies' Guild, fruit each week.
Cheapest fuel un the market—Briquettes—manufactured from Banff
hard coal.
there are building in the Nelson yards
still another large h rge and a new-
tug. Tbis increase m the transport
fleet is practically dm entirely to the
increased mining activity, wbicli produces l his effect on the shipyards at
fie same time that it causes the continual increase of the rapacities of the
.inciters. Tbe out I.ok for the Koutenay and Bound iry districts during the
winter and for some time to come is
very bright.
Revelstoke Lund His'ii' t.
West Kootenay, B. 0.
Take Notice that 00 lays after dale
1 R. W. Lindsay nf Camborne, I!. ('.,
occupation, ineieli iiii, intend to apply
ior pei mission iu (lie following described lands silnntrd on Fish
Biver, Wosl Kooteuuy district.
Oiimmenciug at the north-east corner nf A. I) "ilnel'siy's pre-emption
No 7,8(1.. .-inil marked " li. W. Lindsay's North-West Corner Post-,"'thetice
8 chains tu west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption, thence "it) chuins smith:
[hence 8 chains wesi to MncKny's;
thenee ninth 50 elm ins In point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less:
Located Oct   loth, IfKB.
It. VV. I in ns \ v, I,ueiii ur.
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, Eastern Star, Grand
View, Flora Bell and Eureka mineral
claims situate in tht* Revelstoke Mining
Division of Wesi Kootenay District. Located on the North side of the North-east
branch oi Laforme Creek
Take nolice thai i, Guy L. Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate 1313265, as agent
for Charles Walsh, Free Miner's Cerlificale B94266; for Ed. Adair, Free Miner's
Certificate B942511 Samuel McMurty, Free
Miner's Certificate B942621 Waller Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate 8942651 !■'. G.
Walsh, Free Miuei's Certificate 13942641
Gilbert Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
B94261, ami K. V. Greer, Five Miner's
GerilnYate B94263, intend 60 days from
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder tor a certificate oi Improvements
foi the i'tu pose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further lake notice thnt action under Section .17 must be commenced bi I. n
tin' Issuance ol   such certificates ol   im
pi.'\ itncnls.
Dated this 171.1 da) <>i September, 191 B.
sep 2j-nov -.i iii \   L. W11.11 .MR.
lu ib.. in .iiei- ul .in application lur
the Issue uf .1 iluplli  ..! ibe Cert I Iiei i Title iu North ' ol Villa Loi 29,
Town of llevolsloko.
Niiiii'ei:, hereby given thai ii Is my
Intention to Issue ut tlie expiration ut
one month after the lirst publication
hereof, duplicate Certificate of Title to
i lie al ii i ve mentioned lands In tho name
ol John Larson, which Certificate ol
Title Is daled the 1st dav of Heptemboi
1008, mul numbered -711 A.
Dlslrlol Registrar.
Und Hen        Offlce, Nelson, H.C.
7th October 1008, net 101m
Niitii'i* is hereby theco.
piirini'i-sliip, heretofore existing between lhe undersigned ns Heal Estate
ami Commission Agents, under Hu*
linn iiiii f Slbbald ,. Field, at Rovelstoke, ll. c. has been tbis day dissolved hy mui unl consent,
All debts, due to the said partnership, mi' lube paid al iin' Imperial
Hunk. llevelstnke, H.C. mid nil par,-
nurshlp debts tn be paid iu equal pio-
pnitlous bv said John I). Slbbald mul
(.miles M.  Kield.
Dated at Revelstoke, H.C, :iM (ie-
liilier, I'."li.
.1.   I).  SlIIIIAI.Il,
out Bl'lm Chah. M. B.BLD,
So, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
3_   __  Ki" ST
1   WJ) i
s_j   L" L
.\  Canadian  Made Writing  Machine
Km •• "i iipi ru ion utid
p.'rfec       . iii 'li -lilt-   pro-
dm    • •••   " EMPIRE"
TYr-l-WIUTKiv i- nii-'.i-
|.   -.'il.
Tli..- I'.Mt'Ll-l*"" i-sui'u'l.e,
lin    i noi] In .Veil     imi     ■ .ui'lils-,
win.' ii- iii iiiifuliliiii. .iiign-
iiji ni, niHrjiintil facilities,
automatic conveniences, diir-
ability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter pur
Tlie "EMPIRE" need? less
care tban any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to lie cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of tlie machine.
The C.P.R. began using tbe
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" B ink of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
Molsons Bank
and all educational instini-      |
tions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Bargains! Bargains!
BI'Y NOW ' Di n't Wai: ' Buy when stock
is at its best. Read this ml. and tnke notice
. f the Bargains that are offered here.
Handsome Mantles
At special discount prices. All the new
models, tight and semi-fitting garments,
Fall Millinery
Ars,- yuu   weariii •   mic   ol     'iir   lints '! Yuu
should!   They   are  being  worn by  the host
dressers. It ci -t- no more to have the
Fall and Winter Underwear
We carry all the lieHt makes—natural wool—
white and grey knit goods. Drawers and
Vest to match. Ladies' anil Children's Black
Tights. Prices on Underwear range from 2iie
to $1.50 per garment,
Men's Suits
Special   Blue and    HI ick   Worsted   at   ..1150
Men's (idil Pants from if I 25 tu ..I 50.
Men's Overcoats, regular $12, nuw $7.
Boys' Tweed Suits
Special Tweed Suit $2.50. Sizes 24 to 28.
$3.50 huysn Tweed Suit, sizes 28 to 32. Every
Suit new and this season's goods.
Boot and Shoe Department
See uur II 'ys' School Shoes. Kvery pair
Come along and see what we can do for yuu.
Blankets and Comforters
All-wool blankets, full size, good weight, at $4
Keg. $8 all-wool blanket fur $8.50. Blankets
that wore $9.50 now selling at $8, A good
range ol Comforters at oil prices.
i       Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
I   Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Notary Publio
i||'|"Xii|ii|ii|ii|h$^ 3h_Hh$**-*£*
♦ _-_      ■ *
* Cod #
$ Liver I
$ Oils i
We have .ill   kinds  of   it. >_h
Sweet   t.-ls-tillK-   had   Inst- V?
ing and   the  pure   Einul- -ij*-
sion    in    Dil.-O    bottles, i
made by a new pr cess al W
Af Kkyli.siokk, B. C,
r|H|fr|H$H|l l|l ifr $ I?! _Hh£-#
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Nov. 4.— Cusettled
and cloudy, probable nuw Temp.
max. :"'(i ~ ; min. ii'i ° .
Local and General.
There is no truth iu the rumor that
King Edward lut- heen injured.
Tbe hospital and school boards met
yesterday. Routine woik only was
taken up.
Tins is tiie time of year to clean
you! chimneys, buy your wood and
subscribe lor your local paper.
.Miss Elgood, of Salmon Ann, has
accepted a position as stenographer in
the otlice of C, M- Field.
Shorthand class tonight at Ky Y.M
C.A ui 7 p.m. There is an opportun
ity lor two or three more students.
A. H. Arrowhead, has
taken up a homestead at Notch Hill,
about two milea east ol the station.
Don't forget dance given by E Co.
R.M.It in Drill Hall on Nov. _th.
(.rents $1; ladies free.    Band orchestra.
S, McMahon i-- installing .• "i horse
power Westinghouse electric motor in
the blacksmith's shop rn First street
The local banks «ill discontinue
the   practice   ol   opening     Saturday
evenings and on   (J. I' R.   pay   nights
until further notice
F. Bwanson, purse: ■■'. the p.s, Revelstoke bats taken the pice if J.
Mantis "n the BJ, Slocan, the latter
i.& been transferred to Nelson
Dr. J. VV. Sipperell, B.A D.D.,
principal of Columbia College, New
Westminster, gave two eloquent ad-
:.-s--..s in tbe Methodist Churob on
J. H. Hawtbornthwaite. the   Social-
:■• leader, will address a public meeting ii.   ii:>.-     pers bouse tbis i vi du g
Representatives of political parties- are
invited t- epeuk.
1 :." City Council bave commenced
planting tbe boulevard trees all over
tne city Many fine trees bave l-t-i n
P irehased which will cive increased
liiu'' t' eiiy pr. perty.
We are glad t.. announce that i:
Bmith who bas been suffering from a
levers attack ol typhoid (• rei baa
much imp:, red, Hi h u i w n in a
critics I c n IHI :. ti" I i*l leu days.
'J bs city clerk has inlormed us that
tba Moond notice "f water and light
arrears ha-.' beer issued (0 delta
uanta aod that unless paid at thi
end ul 15 da j I is ratei and light
-.'.ill be cut '.tl
F.,r   rhanksgii ing Day tie C u n I
an PacifioB»ilwaj (' impany announce
a rate   of   fire  and     lie third foi I   ■
round trip.   Ticus-ir  in sals  N   i   7l
Slh   and  9th  inclusive,   Bnal  return
limit November 111It.
Karn is King
The right  Piano tit tlie rigid price.
Call mul see us before you buy une.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estat", Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to lam.
flower bulbs
nlirn  -In
nl Mull,, lui-
i I"
SNOWDROPS     SitiKis   antl Ooultlti
crocus   isparali .annuo*.
IX isi.
JONIJUIIS    T.-li. ,.  Oouhlli
Ntscissus  Pa-Mr white, von tion;
Esniiss •..    Hull...   ,-isttl  l|;..
TULIPS    SlnKll); Smi.'irntit Colnr.
Mf»ciKTH .   Largli llnglsi  Dsubtsi
Cume and haar Hour. Richard "sic
Hride und Hon. Ur. Young ut the
Opera House, Friday, Nov. 6th.
The C.W O.W. local camp will give
a whist pm v. supper and dance at the
Selkirk hull mi Tuesday evening,
Nov. 17th. Pn ri Inr particulars will he
announced 1 iter By order of the
coiniiiiiti■ "f nrraig ent,
Tliens will >  public meeting held
in the Edison Parlor Theatre, on
Thursday, Nuv. 5, fur the purpose of
organizing a Citizen's League Airs.
Spatl'ord, provinolal organizer fur the
W'.C.'I'.l'., will address the meeting.
Preparations ure under way (or the
annual Scottisli concur) on St. Andrews's night, Nov. iSOtli, under the
auspices ol the Willing Winkers of St.
Andrew's Chinch. A guml programme
is on of local talent nnd outside assistance.
It is to lie hoped thai the citizen"
ol Revelstoke will all co-operate in
entertaining tbe delegates to the
Schuiil Trustees' Convention on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 18 and
P.l. when in tlie cily and make their
visit une of pleasure and interest.
The matron ol the hospital Ins
handed in tbe following report lor the
month ol October: Number "I hospital d_ys, 517; patienK 34; outdoor
patients, 85;dressings, 211; operations
8 October was one nf the heaviest
months of the year, the hospital being
full practically all the time.
lax payers are notified i hal I In v
can pay their taxef it I me niter
Monday  at   the   Ci ■ •    -
mii6t be paid before December   19th if
the discount ol one-sixth on  I
eral rate is to   be   taken  adv il
llie tax rate is 24 mills
and the   property   ov, ner   cs a  easil
tigure out wbat Ibe
Three   murden .-.   wh i
sentenced t" de iti    i cm.' ly, «
in   December   18       Lei
ted slayei b aged Ha Hing;
tbe negro Penti ' for tbe mur
der ol Mary   M it Ha
the nef i    ed to I be
gallows.     It   «ill   be   the
within tbe criminal records i I
tbat   thr.-e   . jeou i ms r.     ia
:. ■ he lanu    i
Althougl _sti rs
are given   s
nigh' to
ij        iidents,«      i isus I
n. ,.■    r less desti
»h j
to em ly oi
-i   .      |
joke s
; thing thai -..
triani and ilsi    r    ...
: ibould not  i. •
: duty ul the purei
' annual nocturnal  excunii      al
■e i- in   :. i be pa rl '.1 the I
prevent tbem I ' lams
i s  ,.. ri'. and  endnngi
ul th"   public      in   mi nl    is
pan lit- ar.- ii,          I .;
their childri n,
The individual who made an attempt
to crack  the   Bowm in   I. imbi r  I
■as ■ last  week   ih  still   .ii   large  and
probably will be fur Boms iline,    I hii
-if'- is- In- lelt ii   was  in    i  condition
I that the doors could noi he ipened
without a greal expense in drilling
through the steel and the staff ai ths
mill ullice had commenced to drill
through the combination in the hope
Iof freeing the I .oka If. N Doyle,
whn is an expert   on   "ales   and   their
I mechanism claimed thai I.e. could
open the safe doors without damaging
I further tlie Im-k". Armed with special
'tools, Mr. Iiuyle worked pnliontly
: frnm !l Ifl the morning till li in lhe
j evening and liniillv Succeeded in gel •
I ting at the locks uud pushing (he
I combination back, treeing tbo doors
|'I'he matter ul repairs will nuw he bill
Chsis. M. I''ie il -till not occupy his
new ollice until iin tiilnynext.
Speakers of tlie opposition specially
invited to he present .it the opera
house Nov, 6tll
Don't, forget the public meeting
to-morrow night at the Edison parlor
theatre, under the auspices of the
VV'C.T.U.   .
Many people suffering from sore
eyes and objects of sight who wished
to consult Dr. W.J. Harvey, the eminent eye specialist from the Empire
College, Toronto, during his visit here
and were unable to du su, will he
pleased to learn that lhe doctor has
arranged to revisit RevelBtoke fur one
day, Saturday, Nuv. 1-lth.
Good programs have been the order
during the past week ut the Edison
parlor theatre and lull houses have
resulted Included in Friday and
Saturday's program are "Scenes in
the Bulgarian Army Manoeuvres,"
p irliciialail.y interesting on account
ot the war issues in Europe; 'The
Magic Dice,"a beautiful colored picture; " 1 have lost the ball," highly
interesting comedy; " Down mi ihe
Farm," Bhowing the mischief done by
ten pretty girls: '■ The Story ol tin
Foundling," a pretty drama.
The mayo ind aldermen atti ndi d
ti , Edison Parlor I In atre hy -pedal
invitation   ,,(   the     mans.      - I
Mi nday   uighl   al   the   c ■      it he
Council   session    Tbe
- ■ • i..    >elvi -
vith the performs       ind
nr-at inti resl in the fire pi
n ol      ....
... ,
iy ts
led  is
.   ■      . :'.-■rn-    in
I   -•   !-''■(   -
Social and Personal
Mr-      I,    '. i
.  •■
Mr-    I-    l    - ...   vas tb<    i
I -
Carter a
■ ■ n
Mi- l;  E Oranl   -
to I.   Vfcl
I ii"   ceremony   «i
1      ■
W,  Mi-
Crack  players   Identified   with the
ohsmpionship ht ckey te -
Ont., aro coming wesi to Nelson  It 0
this    -.inter   when    the club, hacked
Ly the  Patrick  brothers   millionaire
luml.i run-ii,   will  nnh   an i ITorl  lo
hring the Stanley trophy   cup to ths
citv iiii Kootenay lake
The Canadian auto reoord Inr i mile
« i  ', ■ i-eii ni 'Winnipeg    Saturday hy
W  C.  Power in a race against time
lie iliuvis a 10 luu ms   pnwer   mi n  mile
,i  minute snd eight icoonds,   l he
previous rooortl  was une  minute Ion
second a.
Tonigbl (lie Alerts will meet the
Intermediates at basketball in the V.
M.OsA. and a fast game is expected.
The Alerts, though new, bave a good
ti um, while the Intermediates are in
good shape, The line-up is as follows:
Intermediates — Calder, McEnohern,
Carmichael. Beunet, Doyle. Alerts—
McRae, .McDunn Id, Gordon, Briegel,
A junior basketball game will take
place nn Friday night next ut8 30,
between the Public Sohoi 1 and North
Stars. The line-up is as follows:—
Public School—McLeod, Anderson,
Bruce, Samson, Calder. Nurth Stars—
Anderson, And i -."i.McE ichern. Noll,
Ive ineily,
Dispatches from England stale lhat
the Canadians easily defeated (Mich! ire
in lhe final lacrosse game uf their tour
in England, on Satuiday, by a score
of 10 goals to 2. The Canadians have
•sailed f .r  home, arriving on Nov. (ith
A n.citing will he held in the Y.M.
CA.iin Friday night at 8:S0 lor the
purpose of forming a hockey league
this winter. It is (he intention to
organiz" a 1-1 Icani league. Several
tennis have signilicil Iheir intention of
j.'ii ini'.. All interested in hockey
Bhinliil iillel il
Business Locals
Fresh lluylcr't> ehneol is to hand
al  Bews' Drug Stole.
You expect to pay for what you
gel. Why don't ynu get what you
pay for '.' Because you don't alwayi
order Coursier's coal.
It. wntiee's .luj'ihes, hulk or pack
age, a large assortment at. Bews' Drug
St iire.
The election was disappointing to
many, 'ml nil in ty rejoice and give
thanks, uot only on lhe day appointed
but i vi ry other day if they lire up'lhe
furnace and eoik with Coursier's
J. and T. Bell's union made shoes
fur men, mint picks and ruhbers a
special it Full line uf Stanfleld's
underwear and sweaters, mackiuaw
suits mid blankets, and a Complete
line uf gent's furnishings, clothing,
bats, skirts, e'e Cp-to date in every
department il.isli nnd one price.
M ul orders li'led with care and dis
patch.   John Bull. Nov 4-2t
I'ill—we Itelieve ibe foremost cuugh
remedy 50 cenl bottles at Bews'
Drug Store
Revelstoke Has  Clean  Record
for Law and Order
,'.;-*   _\i ar and the iiings   and   i vents  thai
11   i ■   .,-   less  inter-
Itevi itoke,  sue inct   is  par-
i   .       :   il and thai  i-   ihal tbe
.el little ur i uii-e 'u
■ lerly   oity  ut   i
■ .■ i   . ■ .  il isi irb*
. -  sud
We   have
Iiii li we
i p       *■■...,,   city an   a
ery re. denl
.  -  mpalhy
..I lis,I
lull     in
,  ni r   '.(
■ ipporl
rd        -    .
, red mai  and
ory    The
■   I' .unl their
[•nilts ri . boss  "I  the
ss  been   well      iin
' ike ii , nl   .mil
ex peel
nnd   '"pi orl   ih iss       ll ed
■a ith   thi    'i'i. '-*,! h    ••• hfoh  ;n<:
in vi hi i hi Ml
Emharijo on  B. C. Logs lo the
Slates Put Into Force
\ a ■,. ni , i e,  Nov 8     i n embargo
..n ex por I lugi i   'g  in li rco and no
 o lugs will rroii ihe Sound waters
tu iiie United .-sun' ■ tree ol duty.   A
suggestion wns put forward to ihe
boiiul of trade recently that the provincial government he asked to extend
tlie time for another three months,
hut at a private meeting of coast mill-
men, held recently, the suggestion
was unanimously voted down, it being
the opinion that it would be au unwise policy to continue t;> ship logs
across the line free of duty, where tbey
oun be treated in American mills and
the manufactured article shipped back
into Canada free of tax, in Competition with British Columbia mills.
Furthermore, it was argued that lhe
machinery for B. C. mills is bought in
lhe Stales and brought here at heavy
-usi and big duty, consequently the B
C, men are not in a position to fair!'
compete wiih Americans while h gi.
aie leing exported duty free.
Those desiring n continuation of
present conditions argued that the
lowering of the bins would dree a
large nniubjr of men out of work and
tint many skilled luggers Willi Id leave
the country and would he found only
with dilliciilty when ri quired in tne
If you want something nice and comfortable for
winter wear for Blouses, Wrappers or Dressing
Jackets, you should get some of our soft, wool finish
Flannelettes. We have all kinds and colors—plain
colors and stripes for Underwear and Gowns, and
in all colors and patterns for Waistings, etc.
French Flannels and Mies
Make Pretty, Dressy Waists for Fall and Winter
wear, and our showing in these is very taking. We
will be glad to show them to you.
New Dress Goods and Trimmings
Came to hand yesterday and our showing i.s by lar
the best in town. The new trimmings arc particularly line and are lhe very latest Fall novelties.
Our Dressmaking department, in charge of Miss
Macdonald, is giving every satisfaction.
Watches thai:
are Timekeepers
We handle only the best grades
nf the well-known watch movements, such as the Walt hum,
Elgin, Ball, Special, Illinois,
Rock ford und high grade Swir-B
movements. Everyone guaranteed to ho a timekeeper.
Ollicial Issuer of Marriage
Capital - $3,374,000
Rest Fund -    $3,374,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE. B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Cu_ Flowers,
Wreaths, Bouquets
li ynu Hunt Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, eto., made up from tbe
choicest flowers, hy a fully ipiali-
lied artiste at reasonable prices
send  lu
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter re-
reive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
Tiny took 1st Special Prize at the
Vernon Show iiii the Kill) Sept
for the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Ladies anu Gknti.kmen;
As you will notice in tbis issue of
ihe M.iii.-Hi.i<Ai.ii, the firm of Bibhald
A Field hiiv.- dissolved partnership,
each member continuing iu (be same
line ol business, I solicit ymir patron*
age, and also thank y6ii for the busl-
iii SB which you have given lu lhe firm
fnr the    last   seven   years.      My  new
■ii  in  nn   the south-west oorner ol
hi i Street nud Campbell Avenue,
opposite   the  Revelstoke Olub, on the
I .innr sile of the I'liiun Hnlel. I
have .iin ady In en ri '| leated hy several
ol ih" companies tho old linn have
repn sei ted, to in (uture handle their
iii -i respectfully,
i'n i-    M
, •  ■   _nk<. BC , 81st Ootober, 1008.
i ake   noi       ■ hu I Intend lo make
lllp     ■    .' Ion   '"     I he     Sllpi  I    III I'lilli'ti I     n|'
Pun un ml Polli ■■ i"i u renewal ni   the
let ill I i'ii I" 'll' I I'll lhe Cily Mull I
ll    \ i llitt III llll    11   I       fill   lhe hill   veiir
Iron   Ian  i '. limn I., .inn. :ui. m«-u.
Dated N.n   li li, IIKI8,
im. I Iiii John < 'nisi.
Null. ■   i    lien ll)  Klvell   I,  II   Me
lin, li, ill llil'   Iliil HpilngH, H.C .
mn mi i , apply i . i In- Hupei Intondi til
III   Pl(,t| lie  Inl   I's'l"'',   ill    the  Ul pll.'ll inn
nl" une month fiom il.ii' In i. im n
ni. v. ii of iny retail Ifquni license for
the premises kliown as the Halcyon
Ilm Sprlngi Hotel al  Halcyon, II.r.
II,   Ml Ki" II.
Iii. .1 nl II .I •,..!.   lie. Nuv   2 tuns.
I l in
\ iin. i. ii..iei.\ given, thirty
days nfiei il.iie. I Intend to apply to
Ihe siipeiiniciiili'iii nf  Provincial Pn.
lue I'm   II    I ilieivill   nf   lhe   lelllil liipior
license for the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, ll. i".
Hated Nov. Mid. Ilm
nuv I lin ,1.   II.   Vm so.     |
For Sale
Dry culnr   cord   wood—Revelstoki
General Agencies, Ltd.
Liberal Committee Rooms
Old Salieitton Army Hall, First Street    ■
All inlerested Iii llie election of Me.
Smith Curtis ns member I'm Kuoleiiay
Hilling in lhe Dominion House of
Commons, cordially welcomed.
Open Daily from 9 a.m to II p.m.
Manafaoturad for       ftla8.--._Mi _*r building.
for salu iu largo nr nmatl quHUtttfos
nt Ilio lowest priaos Tor cash.
All Icluda oi building nntl planter!ug tin.
All   kinds   uf  new
Dealers ill
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. 0. Box, 206,
Phone 2(1
To Trappers
Raw Purs   ough_
■Jash Prices Palo
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Real Estate.  Insurance
Commission  Agent
Rcvelstoke.JB. C.
Ki'pi."..'ni uive   ui'   ihe    following
llisiiiunee   (liiiii|i;inii-s:
FIRE IVSURANCE -London Mutual,
Montreal Canada, Traders',
Standard Mui nul, Oltawu, Anglo-
\inei ienn,      r.i|tiily,     Winnipeg*,
Ciiliiiiinl Ontario, Dominion.
LIFE    INSURANCE        London    ami
l.'un .i.lliie    I.ile,    wIlOHS   policies.
.in- ih,. rnosl liberal offered In ibe
I liiiiiiiiiiin In-day.
(iiiaranleo  .'11111   Accident  tnsiir-
• ('
lliputil ;
American  Suroly Company, the
el.lesi mul mrongeil  Surety Co,
en the (lelllil 1.
FOR SALE    Houses, lluaiues-i blocks
Oil) hoi's, l-'niii and Farm lands.
TO LET    I hiiiM-s ,itnl Stores.
INVESTMKNTS   Tlmbsr,   mines
municipal .mil O01 porsiion Hon d-s
J\ ith wauled in private family,
Apply Mail-Herald.
Ii.oll SALE—Onu in 1I1 iiiiiii suite,
Jj iil.-u une Ihieis-ipiiulei iron Ind.
Ail in lii>t i-liiAi. condition. Cnu be
seen hit ivecn HI 11.111. mill 5 p.m. Ad
dl'i'Sh P. O, Hox 72(1
].OR   RKNT—R_.eid-i.t-e   of J.   M.
Scott.   Apply lu Siolt A HiiKgf.
LADY, well known among well-to-
do people io Revelstoke. call
ent-ily eaiu a new Singer Sewing Machine (.$1111) A. Meiiiling, IHHi lliinilllun
Stfeet. Vancouver,
^AFK in guml condition, for sale al
£3    bargain.    Address at unci', Hai-i..
Mail Office.
rjlWO Furnished Bedrooms to let, all
A    inoilei ii conveniences.   Box BUG.
ANTED—A girl for general house
work.    Apply to I Ins ullice.    Ic
WANTED Heilrooiiis to let furnished, hoard if requited, terms
moderate, Apply A. Gain, Ilii stre I,
coi'iier of Mi'Keu/.ie Ave.        it i 24 lm
WANTED—Boarders and Roomers
in a i iiinluii.ilile home. Moderate leinis, lioine cooking. Apply to
Box 772.
Officii; manager wanted
by a wholesale manufacturing
company, none but a hustler and one
who enn liiruish best of references
need apply, nlao must he able to invest, from $•«)<) to $5(KI spot eaHh to
open offlce, appoint salesmen und do
the collecting (no house to house canvassing). To sueb a man we can offer
a position I'm- life and one chat will
net him Irom $i'i(l lo $100 per week
clear profit. Do noi answer this unless you inn till all Uu- above requirements, (This is no lack sign, circular
distribution or hill posting proposition)
Iiul a straight, honest, legitimate office
hnsiness for  life.    We   nre   it foreign
manufacturing company. These goods
me hugely in use  throughout   Canada
from lliiiiinx to Vancouver, Por fur.
ther particulars address The Royal,
Mkdjcated Food Co., m-I Bastings
.St., West, Vancouver,  B.C.
Opera House
One Night Only
Thursday, Nov. 5
Willis A CoHgrove present I'liuence' Benmitl's
(•real lliblicnl Drama
Harold Nelson
MARIUS, a Roman Soldier
Tbo most sublime play
ever written. Endorsed
by the Clergy, Pit ss and
I'll hii. Ili-aulil'ul Scenic
and Lighting Effects.
Prices   $1. and 75 Cents
SenK Sale at
0, II. InacilonnId's Drug Store
I hereby wish tn state lhat I have
no partner in my blacksmith business,
and neither am I operating the same
in Conjunction with any other person
or persona,
W. 1'. Le Beau.


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