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The Mail Herald Jun 23, 1909

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Array tttmm
" Empire " Typewriter
For esse of operation and peifeotinn
in results produced, tbi- machine
iB unsurpassed.    Price, Ifliu 00 Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Protincial  Library
e Mai
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol. 15.-No42
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Bargains for Friday
One Big Bargain for the Ladies
One Big Bargain for the Men
For Friday and Saturday -Selling
For the Men
Twenty   Men's  Odd   Suits
in Tweeds,  Worsteds  and   Blue
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Water Bottles, regular $8.50 Now 85
Half gal. Water Pitcher, a beauty, reg, $12.50, Now $7
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A Rare Chance to get Wedding Gifts at Cost
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National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Depoalta ot $1 nnd upward, received, mid interesl allowed at
current rule from date uf deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
it for Cask
FOR ONE WEEK 1 will sell Ladies1
and Children's Boots and Shoes at
Cost prices, for Cash Only, in order to
advertise the Ames Iloltlen brand. No
better shoe made.    Oct a pair now.
MRS.   A.   ii.  CRICK
First   Stroct       -       ,Opposito   Windsor   Hotel
Makes Run on Columbia From
Canyon to City in Record
Time To Save the Life of
Fellow Man
A story ol more than usual interest
is mid in connect iun with an accident
wbicb occurred in a logging camp
some fifty miles up the Big Bend. A
logger named J Rebel wbile splitting
wood fnr tbe cooking stove and oamp
lires by accident allowed the axe tu
divert (rom its oourso, that implement
Splitting bis foot right (l.iwn the middle mine than half way back Irnni the
tucs. 8uch incidents are not rare in
luggers' experiences but it was the
manner in wbicb Kebel was brought
tu the city that gives puint tu the Story,
The other luggers hastily improvised a
turniquet and, placing tbe injured
man upon a stretcher with » team
brought bim uver a lugging trail to the
canyun nf tbe Columbia up to which
puint there is a passable road Irom the
Here it was thought that an auto
ambulance could be secured from tbe
oity and a hurry telephone call was
sent in fnr one Tbe proprietor ol the
local auto livery refused to jeopardise
his machine by driving over the rough
road and olber means of conveyance
bad to be found. An old raftsman
named Neilson set to work to construct a raft aud in the course of a
couple of huurs had one made to his
satisfaction. Calling to hi* assistance
and oompanionahip another logger in
what might prove to he a perilous
journey the injured man was placed
on board the rait and the ancient
means of river travel was pushed off
iroiu sbore.
It was then that the furious drive
begun. Tlie Columbia at this BeaBou
uf the year is swollen and is a raging
torrent of Unions (low. Neilson, without hesitation bad taken bin life in his
hands and as far as was within bi?
ability to navigate his strange crali
resolved to see her through On
rushed the mighty torrent and swept
on tbe bosom of the leaving tideB on
swept the rait. Swirling pools were
negotiated, deep and stiller passages
were crossed, but the swiftness with
which tbe raft moved along may be
judged when il is stated that the risky
ride from the canyon to the city a dis
tance ol 36 miles was made iu an hour
and a half. Tbe raft nearing the city
was brought alongside the public
lauding like an ocean liner with an
apparent ease tbat surprised the on-
lookerB. Such a (eat as the above
narrates must be rare in the annals of
British Columbia navigation ami all
honor to Neilson is due ior his heroism
and for the skill of bin navigation.
A team was iu waiting at the landing and Kebel wan taken to the hospital where his wounds were dressed
by Dr.Hamilton. The patient is reported to be doing well.
get nothing
C. P. R. Passenger Train Held j
Up by Thugs near Ducks on
Monday Evening—Held Re-'
volver at Engineer's Head
I'nr the third time in  five years a C. i
P. H. passenger train has been held up
In liritish Oolumbia,  nnd the two last j
limes the attempt was made in almost
the same  place.    According tn the
-laii'inent nt' the crew some live ur six
men armed with shut  nuns and revul- |
vers beld up  No.  HT westward bound
on Monday night between Ducks and]
Kamloops   In   very   nearly   lhe same I
-pot   a- that in which the notorious
Hill  Miner  made his last bold coup.
Nn. I'7 pulled Into llevelstnke in twn
lections nhiitit seven o'clock nn .Mniidny evening. Al this point the two
Sections were joined and nil extra
engine  put   nn   tn pull lhe train up In
Notch Hill. li..in there 11 went on
with the single engine down the grade,
and was running aboul two hours late,
which made il aboul 11 o'clock iu
i eachlng Jiink-.
The i r.i in waa huw ling along smoothly, when Engineer Matthew Crawford
noticed a man crawling over the tender. \ second later the man wae
down In the engine cab pointing the
cold end of a revolver at Ofawftird's
In-.iil. "Keep tjulel nml keep going
till you i nun-tn ii  lire, nnd  then stop
bel.      was   the   iiilllinilllil.     I'l.lU'lolil
was imi  Inclined to argue with are-
vnlvei nn (be I'litk, but did ns be was
told and pulled the engine up where a
Wood lin- was biasing near the side nf
the truck.
No sooner bad the train stopped
than three or four other armed men
-pinng up from around ibe lire. One
jumped up on the engine with a revolver in hia hand ami one or tun
others stationed themselves on either
side   of   the   train, .unl lired ulT guns
and revolvers with the evident Intention nf intimidating the passengers
and keeping them inside. Thii wae
the eil. inn-iiini'i' ibai apparently gave
rise tn the lirst iiiiiiiii ihni the robbers
had gone through ilu-) passengers.
Most of the passengers were sleeping
and aroused by the sudden salvo ol
firing wondered whether they bad
bumped suddenly nut nf theli dreams
Into a real live imi tie. Naturally they
were not   much  Inclined to leave the
ears to investigate.
in the meantime une or twu robbers
bad entered the mail car, but evident*
ly they had expected something dUfei
ent, for after a short search tbey de*
elded to leave tbingN as tbey were,
mid muttering ounes on their ill tuck,
called oil the rest aud all disappeared
in the uight. tt was very fortunate
tbut the express car containing valuable packages und silver bullion hail
been sen! nn ahead un No. 6 from Hevelstoke, as tbis was evidently what the
robbers were looking for.
It is known that Monday afternoon bu bricks uf silver bullion
went through on the St, Paul Seattle
express, and it is quite probable tbat
some rumor of specie in transit had
reached the robbers, and Imagining
that it was gold or at least something
tbat cuuld he easily handled, Ihey had
determined to hold up the train, Certainly had they known the nature uf
lhe silver bullion il is hardly likely
I bev would huve attempted tu hold up
to secure it, its it. wns shipped in bars,
eaoh ul which weighed about eighty
pounds, und il. wuuld have been almost
Impossible to carry it away u all, and
still more dillicult to gel rid of it
without detection afterwards. As it
is the hold-up proved a mere Rash in
the pan. Nu one was injured and
nothing was stolen,
I'p tn yesterday afternoon tbo O. P.
H. local officials bad received no definite description of the robbers, nnr
was it stated whether tbey wore masks
or not. Nn doubt prompt search will
be Instituted, and as the country lying
to the south of Ducks and Kamloops
is open mid rolling, the chances of
capturing the outlaws should be guud
if no time is lost.
Many penple nre naturally asking
whether Bill Miner was concerned in
this last hold-up. Certainly it is on
his favorite stamping ground, and
those who know him assert that it is
just the kind of trick he wuuld be
likely tu du because of lhe spice of
during in it, Une resident of Kevelslnke says that be was in Kamloops
when Miner was sent away to the
Provincial penitentiary nl Now Westminster. One of the locomotive engineers then called him "Bill .Miner,''
though be disowned the name and it
evidently aroused bim.
"My name's George Edwards, young
man," he remarked, "and maybe the
tune will come when 1 shall ride on an
engine with you yet."
The narrator of the story was wondering whether I he hold-up on Monday
nigbt was planned by .Miner to carry
out bis facetious lineal. Wbile there
nre these possibilities, however, tho
probabilities would seem to puint ihe
oilier way, since ii hardly appears
likely that .Miner, whu was last reported lu lie in Australia, would run
bis neck into a nose by repeating such
an experiment in a country where he
is known to every police officer and by
many citizens whose law-abiding instincts would scarcely prompt tbem
io shield him, though there are doubtless others who would do so.
The first train robbery ever committed iu British Columbia, if not iu
Canada, happened in the Fall of 1001
at iSilverdaie near Mission Junction,
when the through train was held up
and a great deal uf valuable registered
mail and guld dust was taken. The
secuiid, like the third, a fruitless
experiment ns far as the robbers were
concerned, occurred in 1901 in very
nearly the same spot as the last. It
resulted in Ibe capture of Bill Miner
nnd two companions ".Shorty" Dunne
and Calhoun. Miner nnd Dunne were
bulb given life sentences, bill the former made a sensational escape from
llie penitentiary about a year later.
Calhoun was sentenced to thirty years
11 is rather a remarkable coincidence
that Conductor Elliott who was in
cbaige of the train held up three years
ago was also in charge uf the train
held up ou Monday night.
Premier and Minister of Public
Works will be Entertained
A meeting uf the executive uf the
Conservative Association was held last
evening to arrange for tbe reception
of Premier McBride and Hon. Thos.
Taylor, Minister of Public Works, who
are expected to arrive here from Kootenay on Saturday afternuon, aud will
remain in the city till Sunday eveu-
ing, when they will take the train lur
It was decided that the reception
should take the form uf a smoking
concert, to be held in the Opera
House, to which all citizens arc to be
invited, irrespective ol political af>
filiations, ll was further resolved
that tbat the occasion should be
seized upon to express to tho Premier
their appreciation uf his choice ol
Kevelstoke's representative Ior cabinet
rank. Mr. W. W. Foster, who presided, announced that the baud and
the Opera House had already been
secured. Committees were struck to
perfect arrangements, and no effort
will be spared lu give the premier and
Hon. Thus. Taylor a hesrty and nonpartisan receplinn.
Old Timers' Picnic
There was • rry gathering al the
Old Timers    Picnic   held   hi   the   City
Park behind lhe Agricultural Grounds
yesterday. 'Ibe old timers, ami uIhu
many of the new timers turned out In
gnnd   numbers.    It   wiih   a   Hiiciiil    re*
union, a chance to review uid times
and recall old memories, and many uf
the older persons fell young once more
us they fought tho battles of pioneer
days  nver again.     Apiul    from   this
amusements wen- Improvised for the
occasion, mid nil present spent a
pleasant day,   Among the attractions
was   a    bannock.making    mutest    in
which Mayor Lindmark, Thos, Downs
anil (Ins I,uud look   pill.    The  ladies
present declared ihni the Mayor "took
the cake " and was in consequence  lhe
winner. Bannock ami bacon was
served to everyone present in old
time camp-fire style.   'I'he committee
in charge deserve il eilil tiir Ibe pains
they look in having Ibe grnuiids fixed
up, nml I'm hiring a rig to take penple
Irum the City free sn thai no one needed to be lefi behind.
Friday and Saturday
A hrst-class program mi will he pre*
■anted nt the Edison I'm lur Fheater
un Friday and riaturdiy oveuings.
Tbe bill will include some goud comedy
Five Men Killed. One Injured
in Freight Train Wreck near
Notch Hill—Said to becaused
by Broken Wheel.
Five men killed and nun Injured was
the net result of a disastrous accident
iImi occurred early .Mniidny morning
in n westbound C.P.R.  fteigbttrain
funning down tbe sleep grade frnm
Notch Hill towards Salmon Ann.
Few details uf the accident hnve yel
ciime In   hand, but,  it.   is  learned that
the men  killed  and the  one Injured
were all beating their way in a box
ear, Allien a wheel nl' une ul" I be ems
ahead broke down, aud that four or
five others inppled nver Into the dltcb.
The names ol the men killed have not
heen ascertained, but doubtless an
Inquest will be held when something
more will he learned about them.
The train wns an extra westbound
freight iii charge of Conductor A, .McCullough with A. Kenwood, engineer.
Nunc of the brain hmids were hurt.
The budies of the men killed were
pulled out of the wreck soon after the
accident. The injured man it is understood was taken on to the hospital at
As a consequence of the wreck Ihe
track wns blocked for nearly ball' n
day. No. 0(1 due here nt 10.10 _i.ni. did
not arrive till shortly before 8 p.m.
and westbound trains were of course
similarly delayed. Those coming this
wny were held nl Kamloops till tbe
line was cleared. Superintendent Kilpatrick was nut from early morning
with a wrecking gang,.and the work
was prosecuted energetically until the
obstruction wns removed. By the
middle nf tlie afternoon everything
was running free again, and yesteday's
trains were once mure on regular
Miss Florence Alard Drowned
at Comaplix
Miss l-'lurencr Alard was drowned at
Comaplix on Sunday evening by the
capsizing ol tbe canoe in which she
and her brother, Miss llanlic d ard
Mr. Campbell were taking a pleasure
ride. Tbey were rowing at the month
of Deep Creek when tbe current .caught
ibe little boat, upset it and threw
them into the water.
The brother caught bis sister's dress
and for a second thought he could
save her, but her clothing tore and the
current carried her awny beyond help
Mr. Campbell managed to get Miss
Haniield to shore although she was
terribly exhausted.
Man Who   Stabbed Frank Or-
setti   Not   Yet   Captured
Accomplice  Arrested-Case
John Sheldo, the llaliau railway
laborer who is wanted by the local
pulice Ior the attempted murder ol
Fred Orsetti on Second Street east last
Friday night was yesterday afternoon
still at large. Chief of Police Bain,
however, received a telegram yesterday
morning saying tbat Sheldo had been
Been riding in a freight car eastward
bound through Rogers Pass. The
Chief has wired all likely points ain ml
and the chances aie that the fugitive
will be captured before very long. He
was recognised on the freight train by
by a C. P. R. road foreman under
whom he had worked. He had drawn
his pay before he attempted to
commit the crime, and it was evident
that he was prepared to leave at unco.
The fact thut he has been employed
on construction work by the C.l'.K.
and knows well the country through
which he is travelling may make bis
capture a little mure dillicult, but he
is easy of recognition and the police
have every cunliilenee that he will
finally be captured.
Another Italian named Joe Falzett0
who is charged with lieing accessory lo
the crime   was  al rusted by Provincial
oiiiccr Kington on Monday forenoon
and by him banded uver tu thu city
police. His case came up (or bearing
belore l'i.lice Magistrate Foster yesterday morning. Mr. llriggs, city prosecutor, asked fnr an adjournment [ur
six days, which was granted. The
reason given lur the adjournment wns
that the police are desirous of making
further Investigations befure proceed*
ing nl   greater length.     Mr. (iillan is
appearing lur Falsetto.
Fal/.etto was said to have been hid
ing in the bush belore his arrest, but
it is alleged that on Monday morning
about ten o'clnck he ventured   out  t
get his pay check.    Provincial Offloer
Kington happened to be nt the C.P.K.
freight sheds at the time, and on seeing I'nl/.etlii, immediately placed him
under arrest.
Orsetti, the injured man, is able to
be around again, though he has a lung
and nnf!y gash ill his llirnat. Fnrtu-
nntely the knife struok the bony part
nl the throat and did not penetrate
far, Hud it slruck iu any other place,
the enlist'plenties wuuld almost surely
have been fatal, and  Falsetto would
be wanted now 00 a charge nl murder.
Thn motive (ur the attempted assassination bas nut yet been   explained.
25 Per (ent
On Silver plated ware,
Fancy China, including
48 piece China Tea Sets,
some very line pieces of Limoges China, a nice assortment
ol Wedgewood ware, also Jardinieres, Flower Vases, colored and plain glassware, some good designs in Cut Glass,
etc. All goods are marked in plain figures and there is no
deception abuut this .sale.
We are also offering the balance of our Refrigerators
at low priees in order to make room for other goods. This
i.s a good chance to obtain one Just as the hot weather is
coming on.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves     Plumbin
I'm coo! enough
Mr. Swell Dresser is cool beacuse he has cool
Why should you wear hot old clothes when you
can get cool ones for so little money and you will
have weeks and weeks to wear them.
It will pay you to buy a nice outing suit because
you can get it at almost half price and wear it for
two seasons. That makes outing-suits at twenty-live
cents on the dollar,
For summer clothes that will give you grace of
form and comfort of mind trv FIT  REFORM.
Fit Reform£jClothing
b. e. walker, prudent Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ILEIAWDEH LAIRD, Gtnertl Manner    Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
Tba new Traveller»' Qtequel m Will) itsued by this Bank are a mN co
war kl which to carry money  when tntVtUJnf.    They arc issued in drntmuoatwoa ot
$10,   $20,  $50,   $100 and  $200
aad tb* exact imouui payable In   Austria,   Belgium,   Denmark, Franc*.
Germany, Great  Britain,  Holland, Italy, Norway,   Kuhhih,  Sweden
•ml Switzerland i-. Mated o:, tiir hi■<■ of each cheque,  while in other  i unlHilm
tbmr turn payable al current mtev
The cheipien and all information rr^mnlmg them may be obtained al rvrrj ■________■
at the  Bank- UU
We Admire Every Woman
»lm insist* on having her
choice nf our eeleoted Beef,
Lamb, Pork ami high-
grade Bams. Bhe'i after
the Im'hI und we're prepared to give it to her.
Fine Meat Market
catei S to purl ii'iilar buyei'H
and ahv.tyi. shall,    Prices
all light tOO,
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Kami and Bacon
There are vague bints ol Black Hand found and licked up in a car hy a
conspiracies, but then il nothing ei r- Ireiglit c»r conductor near Shuswap,
tain or definite. nnd taken b) him to Kamloops  where
!_.a 11 i:—A report was received by be handed Ihom over to the authorities.
tba local pulice this morning tbat two Thii is in a difTemit direction tben
men answering the description ol , Sheldo wan lirst reported tu be taking,
Sheldo and hii accomplice had been ' but be may bave doubled back. 'HE MAILIlEilALD, REVELSTOKE, H. 0.
Zbc  flfeaU*1focralb.|
■Jnteriot publishing Gompang,
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Ollice and befoie Railway
HOX. C'HAKLE.S MlKi'llY, M.l'.
Harold Fisher.
Imcai   IMPERIAI  1 a.\k Bdildiko Revsl
STOKE, b. 0.
Br.   Cranbrook, R 0,
Money to lonu.
oiticfr: Revelstok
jko. s. MoCaktkk
i.  M.   I'INKIIAM
lie, ii.-.use,
J. A.  llAHVKV.
Cranbrook B. 0.
Solicitor, etc,
8 ilii itor*I  t:
lm-. Canadian Hank of Commerce
The Molsonb Bank, Etc
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 106, Revelstoke
c. w. o w.
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
Meets Socoad and  Kuiirih  Wednesdays in
each month, in Selkirk Hall.   Vi-.itin   wood-
men cordially invited lo luuind.
J. MclNl'YKK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tbe regular moetlugs are heUl in tlie Selkirk
Hall every Tuesday  evening    »(■   &   o'olook
Visiting breihrwn ara cnrdiully iuvilod.
\Y. E. McLAC(HHN,Bk(Kktab\
Six Roomed House at $15.00 per month
Six Roomed House at $17.50 per month
Six Roomed   House  at  $20.00   per   month
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 acres cleared,
house, stable and fencing. 2S0 fruit trees, live stock
and farm implements.    At a bargain.
10 Acres at Summerland, near landing, all
newly fenced and under irrigation. '150 iruit trees.
Good buy.
800 Acres at Galena Bay, 65 acres cleared,
500 fruit trees, good house and stable, live stock and
farm implements. Desirable property to subdivide into
5 and 10 acre lots.    Only $32.00 per acre.
Kootonay Lodge, No. IS, A  F. * A. M.
Tlm niiiiili.r mooting* am Imiii in I'1"
Oddfellows Hull,on
the third Monday In
such in..ml. iu s
p.m. VIsitiiiRbroth-
run cordially woi-
l'. A. ruuci'NiKH. skcrktary,
SELKIRK LODGE li', 1.0,0. 1\
Meets nvo ry Tliurs
.Iny   ovoniiiK   in   Sni
kirk Hall at 8o'olook
Visiting brolhreu nre
cordially Invited ti.
W. A   FOOTE, N.O.
JAS. mathik;bko,
T. P
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 16, Revelstoke, B C.
exi't'|it riurd Wednesday „.
each inutitli. in nl nlitlell.iiv '
Hull al li ..'ii .ek. tihiiin..
Kniuht-i nre oordlally invited.
SMITH. ('. C.
(I. H. HHOl K   K. i.f  H. «c 8.
J. B. SCOTT, M. nf F.
Zbc nr>ail*1betalb
that ol perpetuity of title to timber
lands. Those men who are paying
to the government an annual
licence of $1 In per square mile on
tlieir holdings in the interior, anil
$140 on the coast, are naturally
anxious to know whether they are
paying fur something or nothing.
Whatever may be said to the
contrary, the big sawmill operators will not purchase lenses and
erect mills without some assurance
of continuity beyond the present
twenty-one year term. The modem
sawmill plant means large expenditure of capital ; it means the installation of donkey engines, log-
ing railroads, skitlways, Humes
and chutes in the woods; anil, in
the mills, carriages, slides, sawing
maohinery on a mammoth scale,
powerful engines to drive them all,
and ready shipping and transportation fur the finished product,
Everything must be solid and
permanent, so that on his enormous
initial expenditure, the large opera-
tor'may look fm- returns in the
years In come,
That it is tu llie interest uf
British Columbia tu have its
timber industry thus developed,
who can doubt. It means profitable noise antl the cheerful bustle of
human endeavor among the now-
barren silences of Hie wooded bill-
sides; it means the creation of new
business centris antl the development uf existing unes. Its results
will bring added oapital tu the
merchants, the railways ami wurk-
ingmen; ami, furthermore, it will
insure tn liritish Columbia lhe
possession of that mighty ami expanding market in the prairie provinces which can be captured and
held only by the promise of a
varied, continuous ami high class
supply. With all this such a
policy would not lead to indiscriminate slaughter uf timber, hut
would encourage careful selection
with a view tu preserving a supply
fur years tn come.
kets be applied with the products of
lhe cheapest ami most ellicient form
nf power. We have passed through
the steam age, and are now entering on she age of electricity, and in
ils manufacture there is no cheaper
or belter agency than waterpower,
antl of this no country in the world
possesses greater abundance, than
British Columbia. Nor is it weak
and intermittent, lis streams Uow
down from high altitudes giving
them large head. In the winter
they are fed steadily by rains or
days of melting snow, and all
through the summer the snow
peaks again send down their stored
up strength. Thus there will be
an avalanche ever pressing against
the wheels of industry, and the
snow peak a reservoir of fertility,
becomes also a fountain of industrial power.
Th»re in *. much bad in the best of un,
And sn much (rood iu the worst uf u:-.
That it httrdly b^hooTe.s auy of un,
To talk about the rest of un.
While no definite and official
announcement has been made of
the appointment uf the commission
to take evidence on tlie timber
question, which was promised by
Provincial Government last session,
there is a well authenticated rumor
abroad that the commission baa
been decided upon ami that it will
consist of Hon. P. 11. Fulto i, < !om-
missioner "t Lands, Mr. .\. s,
Goodeve M. I'.. .nil Mr. A. C,
Klniiii.'ifeit of V'ii toria. M bile
limber owners generally were of
ipinion 'i. il '...• govi rami nl hould
bavi n-'... i with the question
•.:. i (or mu la ted a policy on its own
initiative, ther. .- real in tn believe
that the personnel ol the commis-
■loii a- suggested,will give general
satisfaction. Hon. Mr. Fulton, as
' i-nmissionet "I Lands, will natur
ally lie chairman Ly virtue of hii
... and hi- fairness ami good
judgment Bhould serve him well in
this position, Mr, Goodeve is a
business man with a ready gra-p
of (acts ami should fairly represent
the interior uf llie province, while
Mr. A. i . Plumerfelt, a prai ti' al
and successful businesi man, is
will qualified tu understand tiie
needs iif the coast district.
The government ha- adhered to
it- pulicy of selecting men who are
not engaged in the timber business,
believing they will be able thus to
decide without bias on tin.' repre-
■ 'illation- made in them. Tlie
principal point ui Interest that will
come before theiu will probably bu
It may safely be asserted that
the morals of the people of Kevelstoke are of very high order with
respect to the observance of the
Lord's Day Act. Nu recreations
are indulged in, not even by the
small boy. The quiet of the day
is unbroken by any shouts of belligerent baseballers or racketing
tennis players. This speaks well
for the many young men who might
otherwise indulge in such practices.
lt may be that the reason for this
lies in the fact that Kevelstoke lies
inland far from the American border, from which such games are usually steered,but we prefer to believe
otherwise. Several uf the coast
cities were invaded with organized
learns ui baseball players, and, fur
a time, tolerated these. Inu the
demoralization of such a ruurse
soon became apparent, North Vancouver, Nanaimo and L.uly-mith,
all had to put their loot down and
stop the games. Happily then- L-
httle iear of the youth ot this citv
being influenced by -uch improper
Items of Interest of Happenings
in British Columbia
The Vancuuver A'orkl suya tlmt
there are indications that another
rate war will he un between the Canadian and American coast citiea.
Henbcrsuu's tlirectury now placeis
Vaucouver in the 100,001) class.
The Iruit jobbers of the prairie provinces are endeavoring to teach the
fruitgrowers uf B.C. a leBson. Four
carloads of berr es have been imported
and the jobbers are asked to Becure
these by circulars sent out from tbe
central ollice The intention is to
force the B.C. growers to sell their
berries early at the jobbers' own
On Mondny last the ratepayers of
Vernon were called n to von- mi h
mmey uylaw involving an expeuditun
ol $100,000 un the li. X. Betterment
scheme. The bylaw is eaid to be submitted io decide whether Vernon shall
walk ur creep.
Startling developments are expected
to take placo in mining properties
this summer, The property located
by M. A. itobertsun which was recent
ly bonded lur $-100,000 is among those
to be operated,
Mission Junction is lu havo a new
railway stutiuii. The building will be
90x110 leet in dimensions.
The C.P.R. trallic department will
Bhortly reduce the freight rate from
B. C.
The Royal Rank of Canada opened
a branch in Cranbrook un Monday,
Last week BUrveyotB were laying uut
the route of the Kootenay Central. It
is said that construction will start this
Fall and locomotives will be running
into Fort Steele befure the close of
lil 10.
The new livery and feed stables of
Neil A Crydernian, al Vernon, are now
completed. They occupy aliout hall a
block and have acoommodatiou Inr (iO
horses. The oust ol erection was
Ai a meeting ol the Salmon Arm
Board nf Trade held lust Monday, a
recoiniiieiidatiun that the City Council purohase twu chemical engines fur
the Fire Department was cariied by a
narrow majority. The Salmon Ann
Council has alsu decided lu donate
if I ut) tu the Board uf Trade tu assist in
advertising the district un condition
that the Buard raise SfUflll.
Largest and  Best Program
ever held in the Okanagan
by the sensational  acrobat
and gymnast " LEORA "
Revelstuke vs. Enderby
Kelowna vs. Summerland
'. ■ a va. Armstrong
Were Too a Winner
Last Month?
To the traveller who passes i..r
tbe first time through tlie mountains of British Columbia, the
white peaks that stud their summits, though they may appeal by
their beauty present n" promise ..i
human sustenance and appear simply a- synonym- ni barrenness and
famine, Yet a little more familiarity and thought W . -ii"tv that
these chilly Bentinols are among
the best .-- ts that the I'm- il
pusses.-i -. h.ir from being w i ■
of barren beauty, they ire fountains
of fertility and power
In lbs hot  months  ol   summer
when tbe creeks upon  tbe  |
are dry and tbs rivers bave dw in-
died    to   i" l     ol    in'id   or  K'"
intersper e i bj pa kholei ot mi
'■i.e.I oiu   by triokling -ifum-. the
rivers and dreams oi Briti h  < lol-
umbia are flowing full and strong,
fed by tbe -now fountains melting
oti the mountain tops. And how
much tbis means to the province
at present and how mucb more it
will mean in the future would be
impossible to Compute,     III lhe arid
valleys where the (ruit trees must
otherwise wilt in the bent the Bnow
peaks.-end down a perpetual Btream
by means of which their original
whiteness is shed in bloBsoms or lo
the snowy core of blushing fruit.
It iiiiiiiii- fertility where thero was
waste, it bring- plenty where imr-
rennese reigned,
lint nut only do the snow pinks
make the barren places to rejoice;
they also contain within themselves potentialities which will yet
be tha means of Ailing liritish
Columbia with centres <>f industry
where the wheels of manufactories
will revolve, and the world's war-
An interesting illustration of the
mother instinct in bird: .- affor led
by the presence of an i iriole, or
possibly a roi in, - et, oying
[teaching its iittle
.. ■■'■  I    sing.    !■ r.ii. ■ ■   ..--■
day .i.i.i the twil gbi   h idowB
ing   witb a
■■ 11 reveal tbe
bat often in ber song, -■•
petit ■ «t part oi
will    enable    the
lietenei   ti    liscover tbi   pausi
whii ii    bi tges   the
i or try a trill.
. bird  Is   in ar  and
1 th        'ollice building
Pleased With Nechaco.
Messrs. Huteson Bros., of the Craud
Trunk Land Agency, Seattle, who
have been inspecting their Nechaco
proparty, returned to town on Tuesday's Caribou stage. They were enabled tu take the steamer at Sotla
Creek and travel by water all the way
to their destination, tbe steamor Nechaco putting tbem off right ut tlie dour
uf their property. They were altu-
gelner charmed with the country and
the prospect for colonization, and that
others up there shared these seuti-
oients was proven by Messrs. Huteson
selling to a purchaser already located
in the Nechaco valley a block ol lour
hundred acres at $161 per acre. They
are returnii g to Seattle prepared to
do everything in their power to ad ver
ii-. tbe northern property and cur
town as the "Uateway" thereto, Much
land has iir.'inly been suid  by this en
__ Arm, .nnl now they feel that
they can, with suoh a transportation
service fully endorse nil that baa been
written •■■ into that cuuntry
—A-i' irnal.
For Rent
House on First Street, $20 per month
Fniir Humus on McKenzie Avenue, $10
per month
For Sale
Good Building Luts.
Two  houses  suitably  located un McKenzie Avenue
Acreage fnr Market. Gardening,
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
Lois in Block 52
For Sale
For Prices and Terms
Enquire oi
Revelstoke Realty Co
Did you get from your sack of ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR
a coupon which entitled you to a 100 Piece Dinner Set ? if you did
not, keep your coupons—you may win next month. The pri/.es will be
given uo matter when tho lucky coupons are rolurned. Do not forget
that we are giving away ten sets of dishes every month, and that every
49 lb. sack contains a coupon.
Then, Royal Standard Flour is a different flour—a better Hour—
a purer Hour than you have been accustomed tu heretofore. It is milled
from the best selected wheat grown in the Canadian West—watched
and guarded through every process, until it is the cleanest, sweetest,
must wholesome flour you have ever used.
Order a sack from your grocer to day. It will be a delight to you
i:_ hoid-iip
eem   i
enteni es  were   ilwa
, bi
...    o    f   repeat!
.   .nd ii is to i"
; ■     tor   of this
.    i pi ur. d and
i he  ittei
bxcuhi     ch action   bei i i e of od'
in.. . daring of    be
doers  n iuld   I   arried lo il
I to the wor
outlawry   and   the   upsetting   of
establi ii.'il   not mis  of  ordei   and
in w     I he  in.hi   .' ho imperil   I hi
,i ■     . ibe   proporl •    if
..in. i   ihould i.e punished no matter how daring he may be
Vancouver Lots
. year you musl x"t ynur
money back tenfold if y< u inveil it
now in eh Ice lots ol ise n taoond
Narrow bridge in Vancouver Let mr
.   i Prio    [""   SU
.  , | ,..,... |lfj     trtei
to   F. 0    WINKI.I-.K   l.'.l
,.'.. ill
W A N T K i)
ll   P
  JY IMI.h
nn  our  nj i
ile pi r •
Plimi.I i, B. I
I hen   i    no  nmn:   spirited    ighl
than Um rush ul the C. P. ft. trains
a- they pull into tbe station frnm
"ill,it eai I oi west wilh ii fury thai
is onchanling, Six trains daily on
tho main line and two frnm the
Bouth make the depot a hive of
activity. Tim magnificent standard
trains nf the cumpany make n
protty picture, and the manner in
which they urn handled make, any
uiKi whu is not a railroad man
almost wish lm wore onoi It. must
lake nerve, courage and skill to
drive a locomotive.
i-i     m.'. .i hoi -i  i . •
I' ■■ i    . ■   I '..Will
. ,. ji,,i.i.,i      I'll
.: '. I,   nud
; VV ill tell Hi
\|,iiiv    fnr further pm
I. Hum ie . I o   '
ITIOII        \l.l-.    Son,.      hi
*      Wil
II. lull      |1     in il .
Hig Ed i.   II i .
\.\ l Kl)   i" iv  work      I.   W .
ii .•  Mi    li  Hi in . , I niiiiuiight
\ '■• I I'.i.   Nlglil fireman, hnldiiiK
Coin ih .I..' pain . \ i.|.l v.
stiilinK Wiigeii In ll'K Hi'liil I, ui.I., i
I lo,, Am. ...li. i.I
WAN I l 11   A  fresh row   stale inin
md part ' ..i ii       \|.|.!v  II it ry Mcln
in li. Mil   vnu S|irini!-.. II. I .
MlSWINd WANTED I .n.l,.-
ii Chili run's work, Orders
my in nn. in i he Haiusoii bloi k
mul Sl i nl will I'l'l eivi' piollipl
tlotl   Ml .. S. Ilitkeitun.
.'   .mil
NM  ni
"9 ffi&ij^.M
v     e_JL«i m,
.       i ta*-J;t    j
Notice to contractors
CJKALKD TKNDKIta tupoiMrltal 'Tender
yj for |jook*up," will bo rocolvod by Lho Mon
outttblo Lhe MJiiUter ol Publio Works up to
noon of Wednesday LheSOLh day of Juuo, fOOP,
for Lho orcotiot] and ooinploLtou of u Lhroo cell
lock-up and conuLable'i tiu&rtorn alNakuu ,
Plann, Hpootflcatlons, ooutraot mul forms <>r
tender may be neon on ninl after the 7th day of
Juno, lOUU, atthoofllceH of Lhe Qovorumont
Agent ai Kaulo; tbe Government Agent nt
RevoUtoke; the Mining Beoorder al Nakuspj
and ui the Department of Public Work-, Vie*
Loria, H.i'.
Eaoh proposal must bo aecomp.i.iiod by an
aceepLea bunk ehepuo or oertiftcue of deposit
on ii chartered hank oi Canada, made payable
Lo the lion. Minister of Publl< works font sum
equivalent u> ton per oontfl th" amount uf tha
tondor, which shall bo fcfrfoitod if tho party
tendering decline to onto; into contract whon
called upon todo so, or if ho fall to complete
the work contracted tor. The cheques or cor*
ttflcatea of deposit of iiriMicuL'Nsfui Londorera
will be returned to thoin upon the execution
of tlie contract.
Tenders will not be considered unions made
out on Ihe forms ailpptfod, -ikiii-iI uii h i In
actual nlgnaturo of tht; tenderer, >uul euoloiod
in tho envelope furnished.
Tin* lowest or any lender not necessarily
Public Works Ifinglnoor,
Publio Works Department,
Victoria. H. 0,| Juuo Snd, l""1.'.
,iu til
Kevelstoke Land District,
I ii 11 i.i of We,I Kootenay.
I'ako Notice iiiiii Roderick W. Lind-
ay,  ..I   i .iiiiliiiiiie,   B.C.,  -iipiit.iiin
merchant, lutends in apply lur per.
mi ilon  to  purohase  tuo   following
i.  ci Hied lmnl i
Commencing al a post planted at tbe
mu Hi e.i-I   COI'nel'   Of   A.    D.   McKay's
pre-emption. No, iso.'i, and marked
It, VV, Lind .■. North WmI Oornor
.in' • iin,ut h ohalns i-hhi to
W..I inn. oi McKinnon's pre-emption,
I.'... about i'i ohalns south, inence
ihoul 8 ohaln   wosl   to McKay's Mile
 i thonce north about BO ohalns in
poinl "i commencement mul containing  I" 001 I' I e ol   li'   I.
I!iiii..iiii k William Lindsay,
11 in.I April BOth, limn. my HI
Certificate of   improvements
I. v L,  and  Hllvi'i   Pick   mineral
li mi.    in   the   Troul   Lull.
Vlii ■   I Hi i  i  Wosl  Kootonay
.I. ,ii M i.
Whore loi-jitoil, lictwooii the north
nnd  in forks ..i I.min i reck,
Take noi li o i hal I i lathorlno   I'lor-
 li y, ul Vancouver, Hi'., I'roo
Vllnni i .iiilii.il. No, It 1817(1, inii'ii.l
i -1 v .ii i in.in .in.' hereof, lo npply
i . i in Mining Rd .mid I'm a cm iiii
■ it.. ..I unpiiiveiiii'iii'i for the purpote
of obtaining Orown grants nf Hie
a hove claims.
Ami I'miher lake notice thai aolIon
under Section H7 must bo cominenceil
before tho Issuance of Biioh Certificate
nf Improvements,
Dated this i wenl y seventh day uf
May, A.D . num.
IliyiiO CATIIKUIM'. I'l.ullhM k Hi'.A'rrv,
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities cf tlie World.
At all Branohos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. P.:ATT, Manager.
'   ■■;. t  J**%*--».v-isj__i. -       ■■)
V'iit;.,..,<Ss__"JMk*!-- fit *£.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with une nf our lnu.ls nie parlor sets,
upholstered in hiuh crude silk, ur
damask, with frameB that are in every
conceivable design, aim made to wear
iuih llnitely. We have many new and
beautiful parlor ante and odd pieces Iur
beautifying the borne that are taste■
fill, effective and inexpensive, and w .1
slum ymir rooms to the bent advantage.
in C. P. I!. contract fur facing Llevelsloke station. A large
stuck now mi hand. Reasonable i rices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest material fora substantial
house. Cool in summer, wii.in in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about have yo t insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
HEAD OFFICE 1   Uai.oahy,   Ai.hkhta.
Wholesale and Rotail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers In Livestock.   Markets In all the prlncl
nil Cities and Towns of Allierla. British Columbia and the Yuknn.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " Iiuperatui'" Hams and Bacon,
j   ami "Shamrock" Hi-nnl Leal Lard. 4
L%.'V%^%«"V%.'%^%%^«.'^%^%^%.%%^^^%%%^%%% *i
Import direct from country oi origin.
REYBLSTOKB    _B.  <"'.
Central Hotel
First-olass in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
K,itc5 SI.GO per Day, Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under sunn:   management
suitably furnished with thu choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Kates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens ffotel
Hest brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Oash Prices Faic
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Manufactured for nil classes of  build iugs
for sale in large" >r small quantities
at the lowest pricod for cash.
All knuL of building Hiiti'phibtorlng
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit nnd ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our trees du
not have to be fuirigittld.
They are grown in the rnly
part of the continent nut
infested with the San JoBe
157 Page Catalogue Free.
[The Revelstoke New and
I   Second Hand Store
Furniture, Beds,  Stoves, Tin
and Enamel ware.   Boots and
Clothing  bought, sold  or exchanged.
J. C. HuU, Prop. J^o^fSS
June 2ti
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhoases and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery
South Vancouver
Put a littfif
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
in your
An  old-fashioned,
ill-working furnace is a non-
It consumes the coal, but through leaks and
cracks wastes the heat.
It is not economy to have such a furnace in
your own home, or in your tenant's home.
If you are thinking of building you should be interested in Sunshine Furnace. It adds 100 per cent, to
home comforts.
As soon as you let the contract for your house decide
on   your  furnace.      The   "Sunshine"   man  will  be
pleased to tell you just how the rooms ought to be
laid out with an eye to securing greatest heat from
the smallest consumption of coal.
If   you  want  to  experiment   with the question don't
specify " Sunshine."
If you want to settle the question specify  " Sunshine."
WQaayi  .
For Sale by
™       These destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with     ~^
W A R X 0 C K ' S   T R E E    P A I N T
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. THK COST I.S VERY SMALL, li will
not wash off. One application protects for two years. Warnock's Tree Paint
is nut an experiment, It lias stood the lest l'nr six years ill all parts of the
United States, lt is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight. We
invite investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station bus used this tree
"ars.   November, 1007; they purohrsed 50 gallons for free
g leading orchards.    Send for 16-page free 1 klet to
, R. LAWKS, Enderby, B. O., Sole Manufacturers for B. (J.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B  C.
paint fur three yeai
distribution anion
Phone 39       Office   McKonzie Ave
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
First-class Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Steamer Revelstoke
On account ol the sudden rise ul
water in the river the steamer loft to-
day lor the Five-Mile landing nnd will
Until further notice leave that landing
every Tuesday and Friday at li a. m.,
returning the same day. T.A. Lewis'
stage cunnects with the bunt.
Be Sure to Attend the
July 5th to IOth
Western Canada's Greatest Agricultural Fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
The Croat Historical Pageant Monday morning,  July  5th, worth going round
the world to sre,
The Famous Navasser Ladies' Band of New York.
Ce-Dora in the Golden Globe, the greatest loop-the loop act in ilm world,
The Eight Mirza Golems, acrobats direct from the court of the Shah of Persia.
Howard's Dogs and Ponies, Rube Shields the Comedian, C. W.Parker Shows,
mul other   interesting features, any ol which cannot be excelled even
in New York City,
Information regarding low passenger rates and special excursions to the Exhibition, may be obtained from station agents.
Entries Close June 19th
Send for Illustrated Pamphlet to
E. L. Richardson, Manager, Calgary, Alta.
Scaled Tenders will be ruooived by tho undersigned up to noon on Juno -iih, iUUU fur ihu
erection and oompluiion of an ndditiou tu 'I he
Quecu Victoria Hospital, Revolstoko, B. C,
Plane and RpeoHIoaliouB, may be noon a( i bo
Office of the Hospital Secretary, City,
Kach proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted liank shook inado payable to the
(tevclatoke Hospital Socloty for a sum equivalent to 5 per-cenl. of the amount of the tender,
which shall be forfeited if the party tendering
lie-line to enter into contract when culled upon
to do so, or if he fails to complete the work
contracted for. The ohcqueH of unsuccessful
teudorors will be returned iu them upon Lhe
oxecution oi the contract.
The lowest or aoj teudur nul necessarily
The Kevelstoke Hospital Boole ty.
jun 12 Jl Secretary-Treasurer.
Iu tlie County Court of West Kootenay holden
at Hevelstoke, between
DOMIN1CO HARON,  Plaintifr and
To Antonio Aulu.-so, laborer, Shields, H. C.
Taki-: Notice that a Plaint lias been entored
and a summons issued against you in the above
County Courl by liominico Duron of Revelstoke, B.C., for llie sum of JHU.U0 lor hoard
furnished by htm to you at your roquest during
themonthsoi July and August, nm; and an
order has been made that the publication of a
Notice of tho entry of suoli Plaint iu two bug-
ceaslve issues ol the Mail-Herald, a newspaper
published lu tho Citj ol Kevelstoke, shall be
deouiod to bo goud and sufiloluut uorvloo of the
Summons upon you.
Vou are required to enter a Dispute Note
wn Inn 14 days from the Llli-h da) ol Juno, HHiO,
at tho HogUtrar's office at Kevelstoke, B.C.,
,and If you do uot, ho enter such Ulsputu Note,
judgment may bu Bigned against yuu and ibe
plaintiff may procoedto lOxeeution.
Hated this 10th daj ofJuno, HMD.
W.   B,  M< LAI i III,IN.
Deputy Koglstrar of ihe t ouniy < 'ourl.
Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability
TllTlllC.SllAHMIIllI.IIIlK.SIII "l'll|.; I'll INU-
iMiNiMi  i^   Development   Company,  LIMITED LlAMI.lTY.
Revelatoke, ,1 une IHlh, 10UO,
Notice is hereby given thut the au-
nu.'il meeting of tbe Shareholders of
the Pi'inco .Mining \ Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
In-Ill at the Company's ullice, First
Street, Kevelstoke, ti, C, on Wednesday, the twonty-firsl day of July, A.D,
1909, nt tin' hour ..I eight o'clock in the
afternoon, for the purpose of denting
officers for the ensuing year, and for
all other purposes relating lo the iiiiin-
agement of the Company.
The transfer bunk pi the Company
will be closed during the fourteen days
Immediately preceding such meeting.
Dated at Revelstoke, I!. (.'., this 18th
day of Juue, A.D., 1909.
Revelstoke Lmnl District.
District ol West Kooteuuy,
Take notice that I, Ailrun Lu Brash,
of Nakusp, occupation married woman,
Intends to apply for permission to
purchase tlm following described
Commencing nl a post planted on
the south-west corner ul Lot ill-Ill,
thence west lu chains; thence north
CO chains; thencee.aBl 10chaihs; thence
smith li'-' chains to place of commencement,
.Mils. Aiihan La Huasii.
ll..I. La Brash, Agent.
Dated .Mav Hth, 1009. my 20
Uur logs aro stumped on the end
"E," and all persons are warned
against Liking them, or the driving uf
nails ur spikes ur nails therein, Do
nut lunch uur logs
Revklstokk Sawmill Co.  Ltd,
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for n
retail Ilijuur license for the Springs
Hotel at Alberl Canyon, B.C., trom
June BOlb to December Hist, 1900.
Dated May l'Jth. 19U9,
Bernard Morris,
AMDRBW B, I. i.nun.IS, Plaintiff,
(JutltfDlOUl I'rii.lili.rl
T. .1. TOMPKINS, Dofouduiil,
|.lllll,(llll)lll  lllll.lull
ill.i hui. Iii-. 11, in..i R J I I'.-l. 11 IMS I In I II. I.M
in.in,, Mi.ii.Iiiv. Urn I.ii. .Iny ..I May. A.M.
UPON THK M'I'I.HA'1'll IN nf tlm .liiiluiii.iul
Creditor nnd UPON I1EAK1NU Mi a u Unr.
my nn i,i,|ii,ii ul um A|i|.Iii.iiih nml UPON
HI.AlllMi il,ii A Hi In 1.1 ..I A. K I'. I.Hl.llii nml
A.II Ilm..,) -win In iiiiii, liiu llllti duy i.I Mn).
A.U. Iikhi un.I lilmi;
IT   is iiiiui.Ki.i. iii.it   inrvloo upou lho
.lii.lltiu.INI   In.1.1..I,   T.     .1.   Ti,ni|il,ii,.,   ,,l   lliii
Notiooi i Motion nnnoxod lioretti palllngupon
Iiiiii   Ii.   -Iiiiw   iiiiii.ii   wliy I'nllillti  liuul lliiuitlli
ii,un,..i  iiiiiiiii imi i hi in ronlleo ilm uu il
ul   Um  Jii.Iii I I.nn'hi    l»   I Hilling  lhi-.
I It. ill I Infill lllll'  Hllll  I llll  Nl lllllllll II IIIIXUll III'1111.11,
In fourooniooullvo wookly edllloni of u news.
imiiiir pulili .Iiini ur ptroulallug m thu Oily of
ll..,.,i .n.i.i., H.i .. |n, il odgood mul lUllloieut
Mirvii'o upiui tlm uin n.i JudginonC Debtor,
1,1  lllll HUllI Order uml  Null. 1)1.1 Mlltillli;
cost ui mui  iiiciiiiiui.il lo tbla Appllpatlon,
riliuillil lm iiilttml In tlm unu um Lui IIiiiJiiiIkiiiiiiiI
"liAMU 0 RANT,
(lulMi ORDER,
TAKE NOTIOE Hint  n Motion will I ud
tiiiliirii iho ProetiilDg Judgo lu Olinmuora, nt lli.
lnnil.   llniinii,  \ i.n. vur. Ill':, nu  Kriilny. lh
I'.'illi iluy nl J iiiiii,   A.U.   I'.hci, nt   lhe  I ml  HI
ii'ilii. li in ilm inriiiiiinii nr ho mn. ii thereafter u
oouniol uiiiy I", hoard nn mi application mi
imi.nil nl the Judgment Creditor, lor iuiUr.hr
nullum   Upon   Ilm .lii'lu ta   llnlitur   lu  kIiiiw
iiiii.il why Lui- nun iIiiiiiiI Iwn l_li in lllui'lii
Forty-six,   1'iiri.y-.iivnn, Fotly-olght (46,47, nil
III Unl Lot TWO 'I'll, ii,uml uml Twmily I wi
i'.'.iCZi, Vuiuinuviii Ui i tii'l, ut ■ n i'iiiii|iiil.iiiil, (iiirt
nl laid lmnl, ..Imiilil nul lm .ul.l lo mulum lho
amount puyablo under the JmiK'nuiiL Iuuoiii
Mi|iiiurL iliiuiuil, will lm road Um Atliilnviisul
A. is, F. i.iiiiiiu mui A. li. Harvoy,both aworn
Liu- llllh liny ill May, A.U. Illir.l, uml Illn,I.
Suiii lim im Judgment Orodlto
TiiT, J.Tompklai, L-n .
Ju.lyuieiii liiilitur.
The Circus Trouble
The following reply to tho Polici
Commissioners letter which was published in unr last issue has been handed in for publication. Included with
it is tlie Police Commissioners' letter,
and Sergeant Terry's statement:
Revelsluke, June 11, I'JU'.I
W. W. Foster, Esq.,
Police Magistrate,
Hear Sir,—1 have been instructed by
tlie Board ol Police Commissioners to
usk you to write to the Hoard, stating
your reasons for engaging special
police without consulting either the
Chiel of Police or Commissioners; und
also your reason fur sending Police,
engaged by yuu, to Calgary on city
Vouis truly,
(.Signed;       Bruce Lawson,
Secy   I'oliee Commissioners.
Kevelstoke, June 18, 1909.
'I'u Whom It .Mav Concern:
The. statement having been made
tlmt I lelt the Revelstoke Police Puree
by reason ol the interferonce of the
Police Magistrate, either with ine ur
lhe members of tlie loroe, I beg to sny
the statement is absolutely untrue in
overy wny.
(Signed) P. W. Terry.
Witness;    H .1. Carroll.
RevelBtoke, June 19, 1909.
To the Board of Polici: Commissioners, Revelstoke Citv:
Gentlemen,—Replying to your Iei ter
of the 18th inst., and the statement
made at your last meeting tbat displeasure at some uction of mine wus
partially tho cause of Sergt. F. W,
Terry leaving the City force recently.
1 submit the following facts covering
briefly tho course I adopted in dealing
witli the infringement of law by the
Norris A Rowe circus company, so
that you can see exactly what took
1. Throughout the day, Saturday
June 5th, the circus company adopted
an attitude which indicated tbey wore
under the impression they could violate the laws relative tu gambling and
liquor selling in the most flagrant
manner, and without interference, in
oneol tho statements I took, the informant stated that he wus a luser of
a cimsideiable sum of money reported
his loss through tlie use of gambling
devices to tlie Mayor—who is incidentally tlie chairman ol your committee
—during llie afternoon, and was informed that lie, the .Mayor, wuuld try
and obtain restitution, and on this
account, aud nut until after the circus
hail left, and the promised restitution
was not forthcoming, did be—the
complainant—lay information belure
me in the proper manner. I was given
uther statements, when tuo late for
net ion, that gambling of Uiis nature
was openly allowed throughout, and it
wns reported early in the afternoon to
the Mayor yet, not until alter the circus had left the city, nnd then only
through private complaints, was information laid, and transmitted by mo
to llie R.N.W.M.I'.
2. Saturday evening aliout 22
o'clock, 1 tuuk upon oath, statements
as tu illegal liquor Belling, substantiated by nn less than nine witnesses,
supplemented alsu by a Btatemeut as
to quantities ut liquor being brought
uver frum the liniled Slates in violation ol the law, the said liquor being
stored iu a car maintained us u bull ul.
In addition tu suiuinuniiig the proprietors, I also directed twu ut the
police ollicers ul this tuwn tu search
this oar number eight, and seizo and
hold tu iny order any liquor found
therein. This warrant the ollicers
proceeded to execute, und, but lur tho
illegal and unwarranted interference
of the chiel executive of the city, iho
mayor, who also by bis action made
the ollicers amenable to a certain
clause ol ilu criminal code, the liquor
wuuld have been sci/.ul uud   held.    In
the police oourt proceedings you will
lind   the   following   statement made
under oath ol Ollloori Terry and Upper,
"Had it BOl been lur the inlorloronoe
of Mayor Lindmark your Instructions,
as ciiiiiiiini'il in the Hciircli warrant,
would huve been carried out." Resulting Irom ibis Interference, which was
su much in tbe interest ol tlio eircu.-
coinpany, the ullieiory aftor ounsulling
together, withdrew, and the cur with
ils eunteiits, together with tho owners,
whom I hud summoned, loft tuwn.
;i. On Monday morning at It) o'olook
the disc wns called, the defendants
wore represented by the city aolioitor
ol this city, who hud iilsn acted for
Ilium tlm previous Saturday livening,
and a lino ul P00 wilh the costs ol
the oourt   ImpoBedi    Thin   line the
cily  solicitor, noting in the capacity
ul council lor tbe defendants, promised
tu try und collool, but, up to 13:80 tba
same day tbere wss no evidence (hat
it wus forthcoming, in the meantime I had Interchanged several messages with the superintendent Royal
North West Mounted Police, witb tin,
objeot nl enforcing collection, or in
default distress, ur the alternate
ponalty ol live months imprisonment,
before the circus lelt Calgary, ns in
viewol Un-fact the car ami contents
lunl bei n allowed to leave the town in
violation if my instructions, there
wus nothing here upon which to levy.
Ii.iring the afternoon the superintendent i I tin X.W.M.P. wired me
thut he could not take delinite action
until my warrants reached him, and it
then became necessary, in fact compulsory by law, to send down an
ollieer who could authenticate my
[signatures thereon, Shortly afier receipt of this message, and linding Mr
liriggs had not the fine forthcoming
OB behall cf his clients, i went to the
Police Station to see Acting Chief
Terry. Ollieer Sturdy, who was there,
could not say exactly where Mr. Terry
was, uud 1 remained at the station
whilst Ollieer Sturdy went out t
locate him, but lie returned unsuccessful, 1 also phoned Ollieer Upper
who had served the summonses for
ine the previous Saturday and knew
the defendants, telling him to come
to the station, and Mr. Sturdy also
located Acting chiel Terry by'phone,
Uutli ollicers came to the station
together, and I explained to tbem
what was required in order to enforce
the penalty I hud imposed, Tbe
Acting Chief did not niise any objection to the proceedings proposed, as a
matter of fact Special Ullicer Upper
was tbe only ullicer who could be used
as the defendant to be served with the
warrants was personally known to
him; but, it was surmised at the time,
and has been subsequently confirmed
to mo by the objection raised by the
.Mayor to pay the city's proportion ol
the expenses of the trip, that oppo
sition would be met with in the
collection of this fine, just us we had
experienced it iu the preliminary proceedings, (rum the very source where
opposition sniiiild ut least be expected
in such matter, and lieing determined
this penalty Bhould he enforced I
personally advanced what money was
required for expenses.
I. Ullicer Upper left (or Calgary the
same evening and upon arrival was
advised by Superintendent Deane of
the R, N.W M.P. tu proceed to Medicine lint, which he did, and there
gave the defendant the choice of paying the line ur arrest, and be preferred
the former.
5. In this case throughout we have
had tu contend with obstruction to
the law, instead of co-operation on tbe
part of Civic ollicials paid and sworn
to protect its, the City's, interests, und
I particularly ask you to note, thut
had there been nu iuterlerence with
the ollicers, 1 detailed to execute the
search warrant in the lirst place, there-
would never have beeu any necessity
to send a regular or special ollieer out
of the city to enforce the penalty
In presenting the foriguiug statement tu yuu together witb tbo subjoined letter froin Police Ullicer Terry,
I must express my regret that you
have made it necessary fur me
to expuse (nets which cannot but
he distasteful tu the citizens uf this
tuwn, and further that it has alcu
become necessary fur me to draw yuur
altenlioii to tiie fact that your hoard
is lining Usui iu an attempt tc divert
ihe real issue, and make it appear
that there is or bus been in connection
witli this cuse or otherwise, some
(riciion betweeu the police force ol
the ciiy and myself—which is ahso-
lutelyiucuirect. However, should yuu
desire in the public interest this communication supplemented in any way,
I shall be pleased tu hear (rom you.
I bave the liuuor to be, Gentlemen,
Yours faithfully.
(Sgd; W, W. Foster,
Police Magistrate.
To Study Agriculture
Some soheme of assisting students
frum liritish Columbia who desire to
attend tbe GuelphAgricultural college
ui St. Ann's college ol  agriculture   ill
i.niciiic is being seriously considered
by Hun. It G, Tatlow, minister ol
At tin present time, Alberta and
Saskatchewan which, like British 0 '•
Iiniiiiiii bave in. schools ol this nature,
have to   pay the   lure  ol   pupils   (ruin
these western provinces iu order that
liny   may he un   the   .-ami    terms   as
students Irom Ontario ami the cast.
In all probability the decision  will  he
made to do something ol this nature
in British Columbia.
At. the present time the province
has jfound  it  necessary   tu   import   a
number ol graduates ..I these eastern
Institutions to act in connection with
the department oi horticulture and
agriculture. In the event ol British
Columbia students taking the course
ami qualifying f'.r tend.ing. the province could employ its own citizens in
future vacancies.      The importance ol
obtaining  the scientific   information
In connection with farming is recognized in all the provinces and wh. n the
University  "I   British   Columbia   is
founded a (acuity ol agriculture will
be included. Until that time students
ni agrioulture (ruin Briti*li Columbia
must go rust.
III.iiii ill the rink tonight.
Suspect   of   Horrible    Crime
Sought for On Train
Mostof the readers of the Mail-
Hlkai.ii are probably aware of and
will re in em ler the details of an atrocious crime committed in New York
recently when a wuman's body was
found in a trunk iu a badly mutilated
and badly decomposed condition. Tbe
deed was known to have been committed by a Chinaman, though some time
lias elapsed since the crime, tbe elusive
Chinese successfully evaded both
capture and identification.
It developed on Monday tbat a telegram had been received by the local
C.I'.R. authorities that the criminal
was on board No. 7 heading for Vancouver and probably tbe Celestial
kingdom. Word got out, however,
and there was a posse at the station to
look into the caBe. The local or city
police had had nu notification of the
incident excepting by street rumors;
they had no authority from an American city police authorities to arrest
the alleged murderer: tbey bad nu
description of the man and none of
them was prepared to make more than
a cursory examination as to the truth
of the rumor.
Ollieer Kington tor the provincial
police went through the train which
was hauling several carloads of Chinamen, but as above stated there being
no means ot identification nothing
could he done, lt bas been suggested
that perhaps the Vancouver police
have more delinite information and
that an arrest may be made at tbe
Terminal City.
Americans to Build on Co-Operative Plan
WlKSlPEO, Man., June 22.—Because
he was unable to induce any of the
railroad s\steuu to build a line north
and south through Saskatchewan,
" Farmer" Mines, ol Hannah, X.l),
has decided to do the work himself.
He uow has bis arrangements practically complete aud promises that
actual construction will be commenced within a few weeks. For
several iin-utlis past he has been selling stock in the company, each farmer within ten miles of tho route to be
taken by the railway being allowed a
$ lUU share for every quarter section be
owns. This may be paid fur either in
cash or work. The bouds ol tbe company have been guaranteed by the
Saskatchewan government so this
energetic American bas all the capital
required to build tbe first section of
the line.
Tbat he intends to tap the richest
wheat raising country in Saskatchewan is apparent by the plans which
have already been tilled with tho department of railways and canals at
Uttawa. The initial construction will
be between Region and Melfort and
from there the line runs through
Watroiis and from thence to Prince
Albert, the country arouud Watrous
beiug a veii table Harden ul Eden. The
line will pass along tbe side of the
wonderful mineral lake near Watrous,
giving a direct line from North Dakota to tliese medicinal waters. Prince
Albert and Rcgina will not be the
terminals of this Hue if Farmer Hinco'
plan- are fulfilled for it is bis intention
to extend from Kegina southwards to
lluluth and Irum Prince Albert to
Hudson's Bay.
He intends this line to be a railroad
for the benelit ot the farmers and
owned entirely by them and in order
to provide against any coutrolling
interest he has made the stipulation
regarding the purchase ol stock. He
is most sanguine over the result ot bis
canvas for stock and Iccls assured a
portion ot the lino will lie in operation
during the present year. When the
main line is completed several
branches will be built and Irom ono
end ul the system lo the other the
company will own and operate its own
elevator system.
Junior Choir Concert
I he annual concert held under the
auspices ot lhe junior choir iu the
Methodist Chinch mi Monday evening
was well attended, and the performers
acquitted themselves very creditably.
The programme, which has been already published, was well selected and
tu judgo frum the applause that
greeted the different members, was
thoroughly enjoyed,
Especial mention should be made ol
the violin sulus by a recent arrival
from Sweden, V. Sondeburg. The concerted numbers by the Misses Bird and
Mr. Sawyer were inosl enjoyable. Tho
young people gave good assistance by
playing piano duetts, accompaniments,
banjo und guitar numbers. After the
singing ot "Flower Uathcrors" by Miss
Oristabel and Mr. Altred Pagden, the
audience simply refused to be appeased. Mr. Frank I.eFcaiix also a
newcomer, l baritone, sang woll. Mrs.
Maccy accompanied the Oholr and alsu
gave a lino rendering of airs from "ll
Men's Suits
Bargains in men's Scotch
and English Worsted Suits
Fifty   Suits  sellling  regularly  ;it   $14   and $18, Sale
Trice f 10 and $12.
Boys Suits
Hoys' Suits, sizes from
21 to 32, best Canadian
Tweeds and Black Worsted
Suits in two piece and three
Special Sale price on every
Men's Pants
Men's Tweed Pants,
Sale price $1.25
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Odice on First St., Opposite the Club
Bents Collected. Loans Notaky Public
Local and General.
Band at the rink tonight.
There will lie a dance held in the
Kink on July •">tli.
Moving Pictures Friday and Saturday.
The Baptist Sunday school and congregation   propose  lioldiii};  their  an
nual picnic  on   July   1st, at the new
picnic grounds beside the Agricultural
Society's grounds.
A lire whs observed last evening
blazing away up the Big Bend road.
This morning it was reported to have
been at Hamilton's chicken ranee, but
just tl e extent of damage done is not
Don't forget tho strawberry festival
t.i be given by Um Lidies' Aid of the
Met bod is 1 Church, Thursday afternoon and vening. on Mayur Lind'
mark's lawn. Home-made cooking
will be a specialty in the afternoon.
BY C. P. RY. 23—18-4
The regular review ol Mt. McKensie
Hive. No. B, L. i). T. M., will take
place on Thursday, June 2Ith, at :i
p.m , 111 Masonic Hall, Second street.
Deputy Lady Commander. Lady Janet
Kemp is expected to he present. All
members are requested to attend.
,\ white carnival will be beld ai the
skating rink on hint -'Uih. This is
something new in carnivals, n- every-
1.1 dy I- expected to wear a white costume, a color very appropriate for
summer weather, aud one that should
make an attractive showing.
Hon. W, Jl. Cushing, Minister ol
I'ubiic Works lor Alberta, speaking in
Vancouver, estimated tbe export crop
ol bis province ior tbis ytar as at least
15,000,000 bushels. He thinks that
much ol it will be shipped via Van-
eouver. il present crop prospects are
realised be considered thut B.C. sawmills will lie taxed ni .u winter to
supply the demand 1 r lumber.
Eiperts in Agriculture declare that
this is the month in which Canada
tl.istlen should be out t" prevent re-
"seeding. If the cutting is lefl over
till next in 1.in nature knows huw to
arrange lor tbe restoration ot sufficient
vitality in t:.. st. ms to Bnisb the
prod SS    I rB|     du  til a      Ar there are
many patches It:,.-, danger us pests
in \arn ns parts I the citj attention
t 1 tbe matti 1   I      I     given,
11 sn *«.. * practice run 11 Fire
1   mpioj  lr in,  '■ • even
mg Tben wass high wind blowing
at tbe time and that I id lenl n.i. rest
:   tbe run ■■•- ll sb *. .1 mmi t In
an d : such an emergency.
'I I...- j l*i •■ 11, sen li.- tbi sbam battle
wus tin lower end ol MoKeniii ava,
ai d the company was on lbs gr mnd
in ui  ut sight 11..1. •■•       \ rumor ban
pre ni thai tbere was , fin tbi ri an I
.1 larg.' number il people turped 1 ut
to wateh tbi Bgbl with tbe Ramee.
Beal disappointment waa expressed bj
tba children and someol tbe grownups at the fuel 1i1.it it wus only a
practice alarm,   The new bell has been
(.'all and inspect our slock of Onion Sets and Garden Seeds of all kinds
None but new seeds kept in stock
Din-lucid, cake and pastry trade
staple and fancy tft'ocencs,  aud
is  rapidly   increasing,   a  trial
can offer you the  best goods at
order for any one of the above
Lhe same price .-is von pay for
• will explain why,    Our aim is tn
inferior lines.
ki'i'p.nnly the best.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one oi   the   most   important   items
in V'mr business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd
Look niter this brunch ol  ymir business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Purses and Bags
tS*'i u '■ 11 iy iiiiieii'iii
in choose 11 om
l'i il .nm dull ll
Sou  Ii  the ,tinn- in
buy  this   line and   Iiiiii the swim,
■1 \ I in Ml H
put ill place in the tower of   the hull   '
Its   tunes  are   much  more  melodious
Hum those ol the old bell.
Baud at the rink tonight.
Moving Pictures Friday and Satur
The Ladies' Aid ol the Metbi disl
ohurch will bold their annual Btraw-
berry entertainment on Juni 24th,
afternoon and evening, on Mayor
Lindmark's lawn. The besi I every
thing necessary will be served, H..m.'
made cooking will be sold during tin
afternoon. The Revelstoke Independent Band will be ic attendance during
the evening. Ten cents admission to
the grounds. jlii-:!t
At a meetiug of  shareholders ol C
B.   Hiiiui    a     I',. ,    beld   on   M
evening, it was  unanimously  d
to install a | tssenger elevator  in tbe
building   without      - was
considered   necesss .    to   meel
growing  demanss    >l   thi   business
This will be the Ural eli vator 11 Le Installed  in auy  store in tl ity, and
marks nn..|li. r atop upward from tin-
groundling   towards   the   skyscraper
ttagl        N lin-    the    lirst '
elevator I    be  installed  In a !:•
sl iki   ' .-".• ss  bouse, but is pr I al
also tbe in-■ '   be pul in my bus! 1
ooocerc in any town on tbe main line
in Uritish I to umbia  east  oi   \ and
Hall a hundred 1 pic tumid    il
at thii Opera II ...lit tu  In ur
■ ic  English  Si ■      -1   soturers,   M r,
snd  Mrs Lester.   11  N Ooursii      1
in  tin   11, in  .imi   briefly  Inlr d
tbe speak if rn   taster spoke Si M
and was by lai   tbi   bettei   ipeikiir
tbs two,    ihe ols in sd I bs 1 qua    |
woman   with   ni in   sven
slavery, ami   pointed   to Socls
1 lu.- un uu- .,( 1 mancipation    11.
dress h n replete with obolci epigrams
and   iiu.eii    enjoyed.     Mr.    1..
launced Into the usual tiradi ■■! abuse
agalnsl tbe capitalistic syitenf, using
stock arguments, tbongb  these were
oouobed In new and   many pha-ing
phrases.   At the close ..( the address
u mi.11,1.ier ..( the audience beokled
Mr. Lester with severely logioal i|ues
tions   ii« tn the  methods   by  which
Socialism proposes to do wbat it promises tu do uml   .s ln.t, constitutional
methods would guarantee results.
Social and Personal
Sporting Notes
1 ini 'I tin besi baseball gamos of
the season was played last night between the Intermediates and tbe
dreys, Seven innings worn played,
ami the Intermediates won uut, thus
giving tbe Greys their lirsl defeat thii
year and making tfal Hovers uml
tbemielVtS tie fnr first place iii the
league. The score ended 7-li, the
yOUDgt I hoys having the best ul tin
game horn the atari. Ilaltmies wore
I'ruulx, Caiiiiicbael; bcott, Mcliierny.
M rs Hume, whu has been . iail ing
Mr and Mr. ('. C. lirown since Sunday, I. it yesterday ior ber home in
\ ictoria.
.Mr-. Schai ITi r, ol  Vancouvi        ti
ol Mr. A. li. Crick   1-   -pi 1..In
days in the oity theguesl of Mr. and
Mr-. Trick.
Miss White matr d dI thi Victoris
ii  ipil •       turned   Monday   1 .
Seal re she .-|>ent the last
couple      1
Hall, I c ti-ach
er .• ft v. sterday  mornin|
'im.' :
-     •      etut
• - - ; te nis-.
Mr ami   Mn    Hat    . i I irk   re-
•   1   ual   w(,eri
bavi    ■ j their bonej moon
•    Mr
. • nl al ii.u' point
Mr-    I-    W.  Lang   thi
inoial 1 onventiun
eld  In   '-.I.'' nvei
last week irned to  I be oity
WM a   higbl)
 t   it"   delegates
being pi -■
1:   (Vi - 11   - i|iit;uii.i,iIi..i.
'•   ..in    MMon '    I .r   British
1   p 1 through   a n      11
mil.  lor  '-.
.■   1     . ipeol ■: lesion its
.. North Columbia nor
Ml'  I'  I r
.■   11  in- return alt.o
attendin -• lions ol tbe M - 1 ii
Urand Cods    ..t  tba ooaet    Hi  rs
be present  1
ii ..,. ri to Pi
;  - .ill m,   1 bos     .1
'.1 ... Worki, 00 I
..':   K.. .I.'iick I itay
3u| •     I    bi  Vale Oolumbia   l.uniboi
Co., 'ii '•    on   and  Miss Nellii   Mi
Hi" daughter if Mrs. .1.  Mofl 11   1
Mi   Mas  .Melon, of 11,isi Ity,
took pin. 11, ,-t. Andrew'soburob thi
aftornoon tbs It.-i   u . 0, Oaldei
lating     1 bare was a large attendant 1
ul friends ol  the contracting  partial
anil the I,ride waa   recipient   ul   num.
handsome presents.    Full details will
I"' given m ibe n«xI IsSUS of tin- M III
1 Iii  Cunard Lint steamer  Maun
tiuiiii has mil   the record between Hi K
>'...k and Liverpool by nity minutes
actual iteamlng.   Her paasengers ar
rived 111 I..,ml,,11 by train   frnm   hiver
pool within Ave days and eight boUM
alter leaving New Yurk.
$15,000   -STOCK--$15,000
We are giving up hnsiness and selling   out   our   entire   Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots,  Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and  will  he continued   day  and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHini    BULL Mckenzie ave ue
m*xm3mmmmmBmuM*xtma*immmmmmc*x*,i,«mi,m\tmii, — —a—SS——_-_-_-_■■
A quiet wedding tin k place lust
Sunday evening ut Hie Methodiat,
church after the evening service had
been held. The contracting parties
were David L Swanny and Miss Jessie
E. Sweyers, tiie ceremony being per-
lormed by Rev, T. XV. Hall. Miss
Sweyers had been for more than a
year a nurse at Victoria Hospital and
was popular with nurses and patients,
Mr. Swanny, a well known C. P. K.
bridge foreman, was 11 populoi resident,
of the city. The bridal party left on the
night train lor Scotland wbere the
honeymoon and three months of
travelling in the native heather of the
bride will be spent.
A very pietty wedding took place on
Monday last when Mr. Howard True-
man, the well known C P.R, engineer,
was united in marriage to Miss Flora
A. McEachrrn, at the home of the
bride's parents, Second avenue west.
The Rev. J. 1!. Robertson, pastor of
Knux Oburob, tied the nuptial kimt
in tlie presence nl a number of intimate friends nf the family. Mias A
Junes was bridesmaid aud Mr. Neil
McEachern, brother ol the hride, was
best man, while the bride was given
away by her father. The bride was
charmingly dressed iu a wedding gown
of while satin und carried a handsome
The hnuse was beautifully decoiated
with llowers in honor ol the occasion,
and after the ceremony a splendid
wedding luncheon was served, and the
happy couple duly toasted by their
friends. The bride received substantial tokens nf the esteem in which she
is held, in the furm uf many valuable
and handsome presents. At 7 pm.,
after heartfelt guud-byea and good
wishes, the bridal couple left on No. d
train foi the Coast where Ihey will in
lui ure reside
Mr. and Mrs. 'I rueinaii were the recipients of many kind congratulations
trom a wide circle of acquaintances in
this city, and with these the MAIL-
Hi.K.u.ii heartily j iius its word uf guud
Miss Hall's Recital.
About thirty-five of Miss Hull's
pupils took part in she musical recital
given in the Opera House, when prizes
were awarded fur ellicinncy during the
term. The majority ul those taking
part were junior pupils, and fur their
age tlieir work was considered excellent. The piece de resistance was Miss
Frances Lawsou's rendering ol Beethoven's niuonlight sonata. This difficult piece wus rendered iu a manner
that won warm praise from all present.
Miss Hall hud promised that 1 lie first
of her pupils whu cuuld pl.iy a classical masterpiece to her satisfaction
should be giveu a gold medal,and Miss
Lawson received it. The other pupil-
were awarded prizes in their turn,
after whioh refreshments were served
by some of the students, The oue.
variation Irom the instrumental programme was a vocal solo, very well
rendered by Myrtle Oassels, who was
accompanied uu the pianoforte by
Mis- Kathleen Sibbald
Following is a list of the prizes
Miss Frances Lawson,gold medal.
Senior Class.— Kathleen Sibbald,
silver medal for pianolorte,
II. Senior Class—Irene Procunier,
silver medal tor pianoforte,
Junior Class—A. McLean, bronze
medal for pianoforte.
Senior Class—(Theory)—Alice He'l,
silver medal presented by Mrs. II. A.
II. Senior Class—Marjory Leo, silver
medal, presented by 1111 annunymuus
Junior Class—Max. 1'rocunier, a
bronze medal.
Classic Shoes
for Children
Tennis Shoes
Canvas Shoes
Black  Brown
and White
Shoe Polish
This cut will illustrate
to you only one of the
many styles of Empress
Shoes carried by us, and
we would impress upon
you that the Empress Shoe
is "The" Shoe in Canada
for Women — Particular Women—and now-
a-days most women are
particular. This will appeal to you.
We have the agency!
Bridge Fatality
The Provincial Government has <
let'miiieil lu linld an Inquiry into I
Greiil Northern disaster attbeNi
Westminster bridge lusi Satui'dii
when owing to im open switch an 1
ginc run nvei Into lhe I'liisci-riv
killing ihe engineer nud llreiiiiin win
bodies have nut yd been i-ecovore
Fortunately thu uir brakes held I
other cars, and the coupling broke
ibe tender leaving trulu und passe
gei- standing on the track.
Polica Court
VV.   Curry   charged   with   stealing
money snd .1 quantity ol jewelry Irom
:i   down  town   residence appeared in
irt   n  M md iy  to face tbe charge
Alti r hearing ii read Curry, on advico,
n ■ ■ •,: be'ore 11 judge.
a n ui named John Hendriokson, a
citizen ol Rossland, and oame up
before Polici Ms;istriite Foster yesterday   in..ruing   charged   with   being
drank and disorderly, He said that
snd family to support in
I: -- 1 thai ihe niiigistr.ile gave
i, . left to get out ol tbe
Grand Opera Coming
1.   r.i ihi June  28ib   I be
1.    ui..re    ti ih. opers
11.1  Irom   ■ be in 11
r.;..irts    tbi
i\       111 ■ .
..   :,■ ..      -■• Oral
.   mn i • 1 dis
--   .f llie "ity to
tut ■    the
. . . •   • ■'. 1 , •
.    with London  1
.    privl sgi
.- as in
•.   ... „
i;..iel ) ,   r.il   _    •
tbel    >pp •
[prase all
I      '       . .      ej.fi
I'   I.n
rbili    itudents and brum
• 1      ;. 1 reseat   .1-   poetical
.1 1  vUe topers ii iuae a»
,.   i   their draan •, md
nei ' ie  snil ol      icial
ipon us   ii il   11 .linn ..I
.'i md   ;..   1   1,.. .-aii  hi rill. lie 1 bs
shadow ol  1 d  iibt
a   K mndless   report  thai   K   ll
Harrimen  was fa;aily  ill  In      1 1 ns
Caused   I   ..burp   slump  on    Iiiii    .Nuw
Vork   Stock   i.xi.iiuiigi!  .,11   Monday
afternoon,     I.ul'.1   11   despuleh Mas re-
Delved   b".ii   Viiiuiii  saying Mini   ,\l i
11.11111n.11 .v.s  rapidly  recuperating
and   ippiniiily en,uying life.
Business Locals
SI raw hurries,       peaches,     tipi'tcuts,
pineapples, cherries, green bonus and
green onions, fresh iu this morning
f. 13. Iliiini'.V' Co.
I'm Friday  and   Saturday only wo
will offer fur sale at a bargain in dozen
iviiler glasses nl I lie small price of I."
Cents pel' dozen, regular price 75 cents.
C, B, llunie & Co,
We have just opened   up ia large us
siiiinii'iii of crockery and glassware,
un.I cun show yuu something nifty
nnil nice in huth. Come in und luok
them ovei'.   c. II. Hume Ic Oo,
W'h.il   .it I   ymir coffee?    Wn ui
convinced thut we can give you bettor
iiilVee ui a smaller price than you cun
gel In the town. We grind il while
you wiil.    ('. II. Hume ft Oo,
I;, ll. Trueman, photographer, having resumed his former business, wil
be found   this   week  unly  ut  the  old
stand, over Oi R, Maodonald's drug
Miiviiig Pictures Friday and Bstur-
Coo. S. 'il.irluii', will present
The Boston Grand
Opera Company
In Vorili h Lu. ,i Muatorwork
Twenty six Talented
Singers. Efficient
Chorus and Grand
Opera Orchestra. . .
Prices: $£, $1.50, il
.^oals nuw -idling nl Muciliuiiilil's
I You Don't Have To I
Go outside of Revolstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
I Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Roue Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Special lies,   Beans, Peas,
Barley,  Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse antl Cattle Foods and Medicines,
The Paget Supply Co'y.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest  Stock  of Cigars and
Pipes in  ReVelstoJHfc
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture   now   on   hand
and made expressly  for  us by D. K, McPherson.
A. J. HENDERSON. Eye Specialist
Refracting Oculist, Doctor of Optics, Scientific
Optician, of Toronto, Ontario, is taking charge of
Doyle & Allum's Optical Parlors
I In not miss tins opportunity to have your eyes
examined and attended to hy one who has had
many years practical experience with John Wan-
less iV Lo., the leading Optical Parlors of Toronto, besides four years study of medicine.
Nothing but highest class of work done.
Flower Day in Baptist Church
Lasl .Sunday iviih i.'limei Duy al Ilic
H.i|iIik| iliunli. Tli,. children |iin-
viileil n largo i|ii,nniiiy ni llowers both
il llil nnd elllliviltcil, so III il lhe twill
llf lhe church and pliltfoi 111 ivurc litcl-
nlly covei-etl with Mowers, making an
exceedingly pleaalog profusli f color*, At the morning mil vlco tho children sangiovouil soloctlons sweetly, a
mio by .Mi-n .Miiiie Hun hum being exceptionally -.weet, The ....iiiiiiii consisted In a talk on "Lessons from the
l-'liiivern" I'l.iiiieii especially in iuil the
children. The Bunday sohool lesson
consisted Incxerclses uy the children,
llnglug   nml   i i'''il.iiiiin-  nud   a   nhui'l
talk hv the paator, This is ihe lirst
iime the congregation have celebrated
tins besi nf all days im the children
mul it proved a decided stiooess,
Moving i'ioturos Friday evening.
Hevelstoke bind Dislricl,
District of Wesi Kootenay.
'fake notice thai Lafayette Lamb, uf
Clinton, luwn, I . H, A., occupation
Mllluii unr, Intends tn npply lur per.
mission to purchase the fallowing described hind:
Commencing at a pnsl planted al the
H. 15, corner of Lot 71M8, thou north 2»
iluiins,   then   cast  HU  chains, I hence
south ■'" chains more or Ic-.- to lake
slime, thenee westerly along lake shore
__H) chuiiiH more oi less tu puint of oom-
B, .Mi Uahiiiian,
Agent for Lafayette Lamb,
Diiicd Juneftrd, Hkih. jUD gj
ANTED—A Hrst-chtss   smvinii
Blacksmith.   Apply n. Arrow
Lukes Lumber Uoropany, Ltd,
WANTKD -Upsliiir   girl   for   lhe
Li-hind   Hotel.     Apply   Ilutc)
Lelnnd, Kuiuloops, H, Oi


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