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The Mail Herald Sep 18, 1909

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|  " Empire " Typewriter
I Foi ease of operation aud perfection
i i r"-r'-. pr dlirp ', ri-l machine
is unsurpassed.    Price,$0o 00 Cash.
j   Interior Publishing Co.,        Aj-cnls
a_______a>i AiAjnt'jrw~
Vol. 15.   Wo 65
he Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printer]   an,1. Publishers'
$2.50 Per Year
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke
are tlie most stylish, comfortable and serviceable
ready-to-wear shoes made—and every man in
town can prove this by coming to us and selecting a pair from the new Fall styles we .,,
have just received.                                      s^i$C^'
A Smart
Regal Style
For Dre«sv Men
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Ball Bearing—the best makes-easy to run,
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cylll styles and at low prices.
Have you seen the
Start it up and it will run lor live minutes
Water Motor Washing Machines in stock.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
C. P. R. Land Department Officer is Amazed at Advantages
Revelstoke and District offer
to Settlers.
On Wednesday C. K. Lawrence, who
is connected with the C. P. JR. Lund
Departmenl, and is engaged compiling
information for intending settlers and
immigrants, visited Kevelstoke aud extended bis stay over Thursday. During his visit Mayor Lindmark took
him over tlie adjacent district aud
showed him what is being (lone towards the development of its resources, the clearing, and cultivation of
tbe land.
Mr. Lawrence expressed hia astonishment at what hu saw and admitted
it was not generally recognised that
Revelstoke possessed tbe excellent advantages ot soil and climate which
were evident. .Mr. Lawrence will include the information lie gathered
here iu the C. P. R. advertising literature, and the results are bound to be
beneficial to the district.
Of the Late Duncan McGregor,
C. P.R. Brakeman
Ou Thursday afternoen the interment of Duncan McGregor, C.I'.R,
brakeman, took place from the residence of the deceased's mother on
Third street. The Oddfellows and
Brotherhood ol Railway Trainmen, ol
which organisations deceased was a
member, took charge ot the [uneral
arrangements, the two orderH heading
the luneral procession to the cemetery.
A large uuuiber ot members ol the
Ladies' Auxiliary ol tbe B.oIK. T-
and tbe local Rebekah lodge, joiued in
the sad procession. Prayer was ottered
at the family residence by Rev. \V. C.
Calder, after whi b the remains were
conveyed to Bt. Andrew's church where
Rev. XX. C. Calder conducted service,
the hymns sung being "JubI Asl Am,"
"Art Thou Weary,'' and " Nearer My
Cod to Tbee.'' The church was filled
to overflowing, The remains, having
been fiually viewed at the church
were conveyed to the cemetery, wherJ
the burial service of the Oddlellowsl
Lodge was read by liros. Annan and
Trimble, after which Rev. W. C. Calder ottered prayer.
liros. Foster, Mathie aud.l. McLeod,
representing the Oddfellows, and
Brakesmen Shous, l'rotilx, and Knox,
representing the o.K.T , acted as pall
bearers. The chief mourners were
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. McGregor, Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. McKenzie, Miss McGregor
and Kenneth McGregor, Biater and
brother ol deceased, and D. McRae.
Tbe railway company were represented
by Supt. Kilpatrick and Chief Des-
patcher Cotterill.
beautiful wreaths, indicative of the
high esteem in which deceased was
held, were Bent by the lollowing:—
Designs ol broken car wheel, link
and pin by Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen, Miss Bella and Kenneth
McGregor, Mr. aud Mrs. A. McGregor,
Mr. aud Mrs. J. B. MoKenzie; three
liuka by I.O.O F.; croSB, by Mrs. Knox,
Mrs. B. Clark, Dune. McRae; Ladies'
Auxiliary of B. of R. T., Mr. nnd Mrs.
.J. R, McRae, Mesdaiiies Palmer and
Edwards, T. Steed, Mr. and Mrs. ,1.
.Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. McRae;
Kebekab Lodge, .Naomi, Mrs. Meikle-
j. iin, Mr. and Mrs   A. McLean.
Mr. Cook. Secretary to the V.M.C.A.,
rendered valuable help in the carrying
out of the funeral arrangements.
Mountaineering Club Asks Grant
for Chalet
Regular meeting last night. Present
the Mayor, aud Aid. Sawyer, Wells
and Kimberley.
Fire inspector, reporting ti ro at J. A.
MoLennan'a house   n Second street.
J. P. Forde, Secretary Mountaineer
ing Club, asking assistance towards
coat of construction of chalet on Mt.
RevelBtoke. Referred to finance committee and city clerk to apply for
information aB to cost.
Interior Publishing Co., Ltd., re
extra copies of report on power plain
by MeBsrs. Smith, Keary and Cliace
for distribution among, and information of, citizens.    Laid over.
Provincial Government, stating that
Major Shepherd would give a lecture
at Revelstoke ou Oct. 14th, on road
construction, etc. Resolved to place
city hall at Major Shepherd's disposal
for meeting.
Police Commissioners, notifying
appointment of Chief Parry.
C.P.R,, uttering 2 8 acrea ol land for
.$250 per sere in oonneotion with
water supply. Laid over till next
Morrison & Co , Vancouver, re supply of pipes for next year.
City Engineer Buck reported 1426
feet of pipe was required to complete
the sewage outlet in lieu of septic
Tlie Council then adjourned.
Russia Massing Thousands of
Troops in Siberia-Second
War with Japan-Extensive
Victoria, Sept. J17.—Russia is mossing a great army in Siberia, (our ov
live barracks are being built and ox-
tensive fortifications mude, and speculation as to a second war wilh Japan
Is a common piece of conversation of
the revolutionary people, said A. ti.
Beubigh, a Russian who returned from
Siberia and Mongolia by the steamer
"It was told that there were at least
500,000 troops in .Siberia," said Mr.
Denbigh. "Troops are quartered every
wbere. The number of troops are
from lour to live times the number in
Siberia before the war. At Vladivostok before I left there was a review
of 66,000 troops, and not one man was
taken from the fortifications. I suppose at least IIS many mole could have
heen paraded."
Mr. Ben high brought news of a rich
gold discovery made hy the Russians
In Mongolia about SO or no miles distant from KiSkta, the big walled city
which for centuries has been one of
the stopping places of the tea caravans from China. An average of 20
pounds of gold is being washed from
lhu liver banks with rockers daily.
Visitor Surprised at City's Prosperous Appearance
A prominent eastern visitor to the
city this week expressed hia astonish-
ment at the healthy, prosperous appearance of Reveletoke, and itB growth
since he last visited llie city. He was
particularly pleased with the effect ol
the cement sidewalks constructed on
McKeu/.ie Avenue and First St., aud
at the substantial civic Improvements.
He declared bis opinion that the continuation ol the progressive policy
which has been adopted would Boon
result in Kevelstoke being placed in
the lorclrout ol western cities.
Demands for Power Exceed the
Present Capacity
Duriug the past lew weeks the City
Council have beeu replacing the por
tion of the llunie at the power house
which was damaged by the big Hood
last spring, aud ou Wednesday tbe
water power bad to be cut oil' to allow
the completion ol the repairs.
This threw the whole of the _.*.ad for
that uight on thu gas producer plant.
The load is 100 horsepower, while the
gas producer plant and cngiue lias
only a capacity ol 250 horsepower.
The result was the straiu was too
much for the gas engine and producer,
sud the Btraiu on the suction blew
ut the Are in the gas producer, thus
ittiug the plant out ol business
rly in the evening, bo that the city
was in darkness for tbe night. The
mishap waa all the more serious aa
that was I! PR. payday when the shops
keep open latent night and the public
wire put to much inconvenience.
Tbe iucidt-nt shows the neceaaity of
getting  thiB  power  plant  iuto  first-!
clasa shape and the plana proposed j Tmde Mr. McNicoil took the view
by MeaBrs. Smith, Keary and Chace j tbat lhere WM something wrong with
should   be put  in  hand as   soon as  tbe   transportation   if  they  had     to
ship wheat west to send it eaat to the
ports ol the Old Country.
The west coast extension ol the   E,
& N. Kailway is making rapid advances.   Thia week  the   laying   of   rails
Irom Wellington to French Creek, tbe
distance ol  21   miles thai    has   been
An Order-in-Council haB been issued , graded, will commence,
providing the   disabilities   regarding
shooting of duck, geese and  snipe uu
tlie mainland  will   he   removed trom
September lat  to February  28th, and
the disabilities as to sale ol such game
are removed fr. m  Octobor 1st to February 28.
The disabilities as to shooting of
grouse in tlie interior arc removed
from September 10 to December 31st.
The disabilities as to shooting of
deer are removed from September 1st
to December 15th,. and for sale of deer
from September 1st to November 15th.
The removal ol these disabilities
doeB not apply to the Elk River re-
serve In East Kootenay.
W. J. Bryan Coming
V\ ..!. Bryan, three limes the candidate of the Democratic Party for tbe
Presidency of tbe United States, is on
a tour of the west under the auspices
ol the Young Men's Christian Association. As au orator he is without a
An ellort ie being made to have Mr.
Bryan atop oil in Revelatoke, and the
people here would certainly like to
have an opportunity of hearing him.
Mr. Cook, Secretary to the Y.M. C. A.i
ia in communication witb the management of the tour with a view to arranging a lecture lu Revelstoke by
Mr. Bryan. To achieve this Mr. Cook
requires the guarantee of a certain
number uf admission tickets, bul
there arc ao many who would like to
hear Mr. Bryan there should be no
ditticulty about securing this guarantee.
Rail and Steamer
J. F. Liiugan, of Vancouver, writing
from Calgary to Mayor Douglas, statia
it is nut likely tin: prairie wheat trade
will come west as has heen expeoted.
This confirms the vie«s expressed by
Mr. McNicoll, First Vice President of
the C.I'.R. to the Revelstoke Board of
Who are in doubt as to
where they ean best obtain
all kinds of l'p-To-Date
Sporting Goods, should
bear ;n mind the fact that
we carry a splendid stock
of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle,
Trap.-,, Tents, Camp Stoves
Blankets, and in lact every-
pper  and   the   Prospector.
It will soon be time to purchase lhat Heater. We have
just the stove to suit you and will be pleased to show you
its good points. Remember that we are agents for the
Kootenay Range, which you will read of ori   anolher   page.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Our clothes-
values ore
easy to see.
Removal of Restrictions.
Wedding Bells
A very pleasant wedding scene was
witnessed this morning, the 18th inst ,
in the home of Mrs. Alice Lee, -Ith
street, when at 5 u'clcck, Rev. T. W.
Hall united in marriage Mr. Herbert
Walter Keegan, a very popular lire-
man on the 0 P. R., and Mrs. Flora
Mabel Lyttle ol 4th street, this city.
After the ceremony S wedding breakfast was Bcrved, when the young
couple lelt on N.i. 1 train for Seattle
and the coaat cities lor their honeymoon trip. Mr. and Mrs. Kccgai. expect to make theii home in Kevelstoke. Tho M Aii.-H iiKAi.ii joins wil li
the many Iriends ol the happy young
couple in wishing them every bappi
nest aud prosperity.
Gymnasium Opening
The gymnasium classes at the Y.
M.C.A. will begin thia year on Monday, Oct. -till. The outlook is good for
a large attendance and a successful
The basketball league iB to he continued this season (or the Lindmark
trophy, and a keen interest is being
taken along tins line.
Physical Director Worth expects to
introduce Homo new features of tne
work this year, which we think will
prove interesting.
,',. \V. Hell notifies he has taken our
the business ol U'oolsci' mul Lefeaux,
Limited, and will deliver goods to any
portion ol the cit.i.
In our report ol the Ouil Club shoot
on Weilnesiliii week the score of J. Oui
Barber was accidental]} omitted. Mr.
barber made the highest individual scorir1
iu any event lor the day antl look aliout
N!7 iu cash prizes, ihis being one ..f the
biggest winnings. Mr. Barber is one ol
the pioiieet members of the club.
|. w. Dickson, who was arrested on a
charge of being drunk and disorderly
mi complaint from the Queens Hotel,
was lined this morning S7 and $2.50
costs by W. W. Poster, police magistrate,
On a charge ol making his escape from
gaol, Dickson suid tin- door wus open
mul lie walked away. He wus delirious
and unconscious ol committing an ol
fence. He mis released on suspended
Wiiter melons, cantaloupes, citrons,
tiling onions, red and green peppei
men oi
•iiiililloivci. celery, Bourne
B. B. WALKER, President
AIXXAKDER LAISD, Gentril M.v -  ■
fc-STABl-ISUEJO   lSei
Paid-up Capital, $10.000,000
Reserve Fund,       6.000,000
The new Travellers' Cheques recently issued by thia Bank are a, most rnmtwinii
Wjr io which to carry money when travelling.     They are ixsurJ in denomiubni ai
$10,  $20, $50,  $100 ajid $200
aad tha em-t amount payable in   Austria.   Itclgiiim.   Denmark, France,
Germany. Great  I'.rimin. Holland, Italy, Norway,   Russia
and Switzerland   .„ siaird on Ihe la.e  of each  etiequr.   while  in  other
tktwf mrm pavablr at current rales.
Tha cheques mati mil infonnalion rrg^nimg tbem in_*y be obtained »i tnt,
mt Om Bank. Ul*
of winning the "badge of quality,"
ringed witb gold and decorated with
public opinion.   You'll find thia badge
in our
High-Crade Meat Market
in quality of meats, sin.tie-.- premises
andsanitarj surroundings your sale-
guard foi good cheer and health.  Be
meats. I i-i weight, pleasing
I looki .1   Meats ,i jp©.
il-hed foi yolll chick-
Sausages .m.l
ei.ilty. Hon,., oi
ens daily,
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
Miss Annie Moser, ol  Mara, is tbi   The  fracas  brought  other coyotes to
heroine ol a coyote bunt. Whilst boat-   tbe ?pot, but the young girl kept Ihem
ing on Mara Ink" -he espied   a coyote   nt bay until she with her dog   and the
on shore, landed and   coaxed  the  dog | dead animal wen safe on the boat
to light il.    Once  they  started.  Miss i
Annie   joiued  in   the   fray   and  her I    ^Lijunent of Kresb p"ruit juet arrivod
paddlcjquickly despatched the coyote,]81 °- ". Bell's. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE' B. C
Zbc nfeaiUUXvalb.
A Nti
Jittcriov fcuMtsbtno Company,
Subscription   Rates
Including po-Lnge ta Kngland, United
e io Kngland,
nnd t 'anada,
Mt the v, ii [through postoffioo]
Quarter "
J jH    KIN I INU promptly executed at reu*on-
abic raU*.
l KRM^   i -i-li.   ^ub>cniJiion> payable in ad
l.-.y*; notices LO centa per
ne   lirM
5 oetita per ime each subsequent Insertion
Measurement» Noapariel [l- linos nutke ono
inch I. Store and general business announcements ¥.',»i per Inoh pel" inutith.
Preferred positions, 25 per cent, ml*
tiiiit t<*i. Mirth>, Marriages and Deaths,
• i    each Insertion.
Land notices J7.6Q All advertisement*
- ib ■ ' to tho approval of tho management.
Who ted and Condensed Advert! sunionu:
^genu Wanted, Help Wanted, Sltuationri
wanted, Situations Vacant, Teaohern
Wanted, Met hnu. - Wantod. in words di
..-• __. > -.iiii additional line lu cents.
i baugee in standing advertisements mn-;
t>v in bj  i*   a.   in.    1 ueMiii)   uml   Kridtt)    ot
eccb week to secure n<-»ud display.
3RRKHPOKDENCE [nvitod on matters ol
public Interest, Communications io Bdl-
tor imi-i be accompaniod by name oi
writer, noi necessarily io publioatlon, bin
&<. eridoooe ot k«*M faith, C'orronponiiuiu'
should Ik,* brief.
bi_ hud ut
out' and a hall
Revelstoke, in
a iianjam.
live sine!•
partly improved, tun miles
from Revelsloke,  Will sell
and implements;
in the city.
with   river   frontage;   good
land, partly cleared and close
urricKB :   Imperial Hank Hi h.i.isu Ukvkl-
BTOKK, 13, C,
Money lo loan.
Offices: Revelstoke, H ( .   Cranbrook, H, C.
HKO. 3. McCaktkh
._.. M. Pinkham J. A. Hakvky,
Hevt'lsloKe. I'ranbrook. H. C.
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
The Canadian Hank of CoMMEROB
Thk MomuNa Hank, Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Aiming Surveyoi
Box HKi, Rkvklbtoke
Mining Engineer.,
Ill U'lst"
. American Institute Mining
Mem. t im. Min. lust.
cu initiation;
tuid Miniug
and  Keports  on  Mines
Invest nts ii specialty.
I'.iue 1'riuts supplied
Mini.- and  Iimiu.h
Cable Address-     Km
>l   I
hill-   of   I.AN
Codes—Moreing und Seill,
Ni'iU, Western Union,
•d Mi-
s> M.  K. I KliU.ll't'iiN
\ in AL,  TllKUHY
I ■■! llliclteil
und Ti
from   11 iniiy   University
iiiuiio Conservatory
:- N I.X l   .Ma ll.-1 lllll M.l i OFFICE
aug 'Si 1 in
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp. No.
Met-u Second anil  Fourth  Wednesdays u
each niotiiti, in Selkirk Hull.   VidUin   Wood,
men conlially invited io alieml,
J. MclNTYKE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The reiraUr meeim*- are held iu the Selkirk
Ball •venr iDd and (th   Tuesday oveniiiK   at S
o'clock.   Visiting brethren cordially iuvilod.
T. J. WALSH. Pbesidest.
W E. McLAL'l HLIN.Seibet.ibv.
Kootonay Iodic   No. 15, A F. em A. M
Tbe regular meeting" are held iu the
Oddfellows Hall, ou
tbe third Moudtty iu
eacb month at 8
p.m. Yi.miui_: brethren curdially wel-
cordis..j .:.-•;
12,  I.O, O. K.
lidOti ev^ry IEui
lay   eremug   in   del-
kirk H«;l nt 8o'clock
Visiting brethren are
JAfl   MATHIE.-e.
Cold Range Lodge, K of P.
Ho. 26,  Revelstoke, 8 C.
tHY   rtKI'NE.-lJAY,
r<1  <A edneftda    oi
• ddfeil wt*
•'ci tc*.    v uiiim/
flidlly   Dft ted,,
if  K   A B
of P.
Zbc nDatl*eralb
- ,; on:*."-.iiui i -
istic of the mini. He uracil his
hearers to look ahead—to »-ee as it
were in the future the development
of the great heritage which is
tlieir.-*. He placed before thetn the
picture that will one day Iih realized of the Columbia Valley lieing
traversed by railways, the lands ol
this valley and shores of Arrow
Lakes being thickly peopled by
settlers, and the country studded
with poultry, fruit, anil agricultural farms yielding forth annually
their rich crops of the products of
tlie soil.
lie suggested to them the utilisation of their mountain water powers,
when great plants will make this
power ami light available at small
cost, lie spoke of the time to
come when tlie increase of fruit
production would bring in its train
tlie establishment of canning factories, a.'nd how the soil, suited ns
il is to beet, culture, could provide
Uu- raw material for a sugar factory. He pointed out how the
lumber industry would develop industries for by-products, as box
factories. He might have told his
auilience liow the Columbia River
drains one of the greatest and lin-
est pulp timber areas of British
Columbia, and how we might, yet
expect to lind at Hevelstoke a huge
paper mill utilizing this supply of
otherwise waste forest material,
lie might have told us how the
hemlock forests around here would
afford the best material in the
world ior tanning, ami the establishment of a tannery drawing its
supply of raw hides and skins from
all parts ui tlie world, lt does u
city like Revelstoke good to hear the
prophetic views of prominent and
successful men like Mr. Klummer- J
felt. It broadens our ideas, tills us
with new life and hope for the future, and indicates the great things
yet to be realized from what we
are too conscious ure only the
suitill beginnings and organisations
of human effort.
The poultry men must have fell
encouraged at the bright prospects
the ligures presented by Mr. Flunimerfelt held out for them.
Not the least is the mineral outlook of the countrytributary to Kevelstoke. The Fish Creek Camp is a
proved gold camp.    The greut   de
fer school purposes in the east end
of the cily. If a Catholic school is
lo be established, as reported, it
will take away a considerable number of children from the city
schools, and especially would this
he the case in ward 1. These matters all require careful consideration. The people of Kevelstoke are
loyal to their city and want to see
it progress along safe and sound
lines. We therefore believe that
although all the propositions submitted to them by the trustees this
year have been turned has
only been because these matters
have not been properly laid before
and discussed by public meetings
of the citizens. The sooner lhe
trustees adopt the policy of taking
tbe public fully into tlieir conli
dence, the sooner will tlie educational interests of Kevelstoke receive that support and financial
authorisation from the public
which the importance of the question demands.
mail staff or to the fact that thoy
are under-paid or over-worked, oi
that lhe mail curs are unl' ■ un ■lined, rhe postal service sho'Id he
the bPBt organized and mo.-i i - r-
feit imlilic utility service in the
cuuntry, and the public expect und shall be so. Il is
up to Ilon- Mr. l.iinieux, Post mat
ter-General, to look thoroughly in
to these matters, have the nene--
sary investigation made, ami apply
the renifilv,
We aro glad to see the Government recognise the importance of
openii .; up the mica lielils in the
Big I'e nd by truils, and the work
done by Hon. T. Taylor. Minister
of Publio Worki, ai.d Mr. Cordon,
Government Agenl, in opening
trails on Mica ninl Hiu Mouth
Creeks, will lie generally appreciated. Tliese trails make the mica
fields ensily noeesnible frnm Hevelstoke and shou|d aid the development uf Ihe mineral resources of
that seel ion, which is us yet practically unexplored.
Royal Standard
In his evidence   lefore
estry Commission   Mr. S.
man, president   of   the
Union     and     Kevelstoke
the Kor-
H. Bow-
companies, paid a high tribute to
tlie effective lire ranging methods
adopted by ti e Dominion Government. The Department of the In
terior is certainly to be congratulated on the excellence of the work
done by its staff here this season.
In the Kevelstoke district, under
Chief Stewart, not a tree has been
lost by lire and with the risks ot
lire spreading from railway engines, settlers clearings, prospectors camp tires and lumber camps,
that is certainly a record of whioh
the Department may well be proud.
It remained for   Karl   I irey,  the
Governor-General, on his visit to
llie gaols among other public institutions at the Coast, to draw atten
tion  to   the   fact   that   prisoners
awaiting   trial   were being  herded
with the worst convicts in the provincial gaols.   Tlie Governor-General's charge has not   been   denied
so that its truth appears to be  admitted.    The fact reveals a scandalous condition of the  administration by tlie Provincial department
ol   justice,       We  do   not   know
whether British Columbia lias visiting justices appointed to the gaols.
but if so it is  apparent  they  have
failed to do tlieir duty.    Now  that
the attention of Hon.  Mr.  Bowser,'
as   Attorney-General,     has    been
drawn to this disgraceful condition
of tilings it is to be hoped  he will
apply a  drastic  remedy  and  discharge from the service of  his  department   the officers  responsible
for the scandal in  iti-  administration.
Its Financial Credit is at Top
This week Mayor had tin
satisfaction ol receiving eonolusivi
evidence lhat the financial crnlii i.I
lhe Oity ol Revelstoke is higher lium
it lins ever been, and that this city
now stands Una icially amongst the
highest ol any Canadian ciiy will) in-
Mayor Liudmark sold ibis week the
balance uf the sewerage and sidewalk
debentures at 99 per cent, or within
I per cent nl par, thu highest price rc-
coided toi its debentures in lhe hislor)
of the City.
We guarantee every sack of
Koyal Standard Flour to be the
purest, sweetest, most wholesome
bread Hour on tlie market in Uritish Columbia to-day. Hack of
this   guarantee   stands  the mill
which   has  been producing this I n ,       AgenttforBarnev Plumton.
' " Dated July 26,1909. aug 7
and in proof of
Kevelstoke Ijuid District.
District of West Kooteuuy.
Take notice that Klorence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, Intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing at a posl plant ed on
the lake shore at the north-east corner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and'
about half a mile from the north-east
corner of Lot 7IHi5, thence south III
chains, thence east III chains, Ihence
north 80 chains to lake shine, thence
along lake shore to point of uoin-
Agenl for Florence Newman.
Dated July 26,1909. aug 7
Kevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney Plumton of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkeeper,
Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a pOBt planted at the
north-west corner of Lot 7585, thence
south III chains to T.L, 12166, thence
west 211 chains, lo the corner of T.L.
12160, theuce south 40 chains along the
western houndary of same, Ihence
west III chains, thence north It) chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement.
Hour for years
he excellency of tlie product are
the testimonials of thousands of
users. Besides with every 49II3.
sack you get a coupon which entitles you to a chance to win a
handsome china dinner set.
Vancouver Milling S*
Grain Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER,       -      B.C.
Uold, Silver und ('upper, eueh   .'ill  cenl
ti. ti. WICST, 5;ii) milliards st.
Vancouver, It. I'.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice that Nels Undine, of
Trout Lake, B. 0., occupation Minor,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore of Trout Lake between
Haskins and American points and
about four miles from the root of the
Lake and marked the H. K. corner
post, thence 2U chains north, thence
20 chains west or to Lake shore, I hence
following the Lake shore to point of
Located tbis 25th day of August, 1SK1SI.
sep 8 (md       NELS BOD1NE, Locator.
Kevelstoke Land Dislricl.
Distriel oi West, Kootenay,
Take notiee that A. W. Dickinson.
of Arrowhead,occupation Lumberman,
Intends io npply for permission to purchase lhe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted near
tlie iioiih-i'iisl corner of Lot7965and
marked A. W. Dickinson's N. W. 0.,
thence sunt li Ml chains, east II) chains,
north 40 uhalns to lake shore, ihence
West 1(1 chains following lake shore to
pluce of commencement,
Dale Auk- 16th, 1909.
Strawberry Plants
From my celebrated Due
shipping berry, thoroughly
tised, ol exquisite flavor, iffi
Plant this lull.   Address:
d' Alps
per  100.
Aug. 26 lm
Thos, Skinner,
Kevelstoke, ti. 0.
Ai:i:nW I1KAD, II.C
Special Attention given  li
nun   aiid   luu lists.    I-iist
loom.--, liiie-i scenery in liritish Culuin
bin, uvurloukiiig Upper Arrow Luke.
A Winnipeg   telegram attributes-
to Collingwood  Sohriebei.   onsult-
y/e_.ii 1 II
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
posits of   zinc   and   iron   ore   on
Pingston  Creek  will  one day  be mg,en81„n_eff.°i 'h" '.^
utilized   and   worked.     I'he  gold
silver, copper,   lead,  zinc,  arsenic
and mica deposits of the big  Bend
are bound to give rise to pr
aud profitable mines.   The   wealth
of the country is unknown. MoBt ol
it is is yet an untrodden wilderness.
where it is almost certain disi   -•■:
ies of great value will be madt   u .
the time hastened when remunera
tive employment will be avai
to a   large   industrial  population
SATURDAY,  SEPT.   IH,   19(19
Mr. A. c. Flummerfelt   who
live-red the opening address at
is   one
Revelstoke Fair, is one of the
broad-minded far-seeing men of
whom British (.'olumbia has reason
to be proud. Bounded by no narrow political or party vision, Mr.
Flummerfelt lias given freelv of
bis time and resources to the development of this Province and to
impressing the people with the
^-reat advantages, opportunities and
resources ol the rich country of
which they are the occupants, His
rJdress at the Fair was  character-
Department,   the    statemen
that tin- iiruinl trunk Pacific  wil!
not be built for years   unless  the
contru. tors  ire   permitted   lo  em
ploy other than m bite labor.     I hi
! pie of   British    ol imbi,   have
ver;-   pr : 1 -,      .--. lared   that   tl
province shaii   be   a   white mar,'-
countr;   and publk is
iki aga ring the
a to A   itii   immi-
b peoplt  ■■. ■ .  1  r ither
Bee thi el ion ol  the  railway
-    lai  th -.1 there should   be
I    the   Onderdonk
Chines ...        immigxa
tion.    And bo far as Mr   Scbrieber
' a   tuber
ervanl  ol the
. ii.ui   people   '■;,'. are  tinani
.1"  the  Lauriei
ernmenl  wbii i. represents  I bt
rhe time   has   eome   when ,,v.  lhat  R0VWn.
li 1 , iri-'i   .i.-i   legii lated
_."r ernmenl   bus
e . -11,. tion 'i imtn
tion   ind   r '"toes ,1- ,1 nation 1
Irom bim, holding as  he does
position in  the  civil  -<t-
ondemn   the   policy lor
■   .       .' .' 1 ernmenl aod the peo
pie have   -.1   definitely   declared
■ are too  many   old   logie
' he -■ hrieber -tamp in  the  publii
ler ice, and   the   looner   somi
them, with their antiquated  ideas
are cleaned oui to make  room  for
men    more    in   touch   with   tht
thought and policy of the day
better will   it   be  for   the    Laurier
Government and the  Dominion of
' lada,
MtUiilfactnrn.l for hII olssssfl nt   liuildiUKS
II quantltlod
sale in
•u till It
.•it prioon h»r oftuh.
i balldlQgaQd plaster tug
centered in Kevelstoke. These encouraging signs of the time -houi.I
till with hope and higher aim th"
breast of every man interested in
the development and progress of
Revelstoke and district.
School Trustees should take up the
question   ol   a   manual    trail
"The Chocolates with
the Whipped Cream
...  dirt'   Chooolates  are
. -     r   rich,   deliotoua
- 1     I lentras."
Description      »on I      lesoritM
■ Mi 1 ISIe  I "li'lll  for
ir- _;ood for you
chooi for Kevelstoke.
would follow a • ourse in domestic
Bcience ior the girls rhe build a 1
.a pre-en! being ised a.- a high
achool will answer the purpose ,ul-
mirably and steps should be taken
to provide an up-to-date high
school    building.       The     term    of
oiiiiu- of part of the present -chooi
board will, it is true, soon expire
Still they would do well to ligure
out the plans ior the coming year,
and if they would call a meeting
of householders and lay theee plans
before them, wn are satisfied any
reasonable scheme to meet the
growing educational requirements
of the city would have the favor
able consideration ol the citizen
The public want to feel that their
confidence is lining sought by the
school trustees, and tbis is the onlv way to do it. We believe a proper scheme, submitted in the form
iii a by-law to the ratepayer
would consist in asking authority
to innke an addition to the present,
school to meet requirements for the
next three years or so, purchase
Block ~>'l for playground purposes;
equip the present high school
building for manual training ami
domestic science, and provide for
erection of a high school building
on Block52 Of   the   block    bought
The   Post  Office administration
is not what it ought,  to be,    Tim
announcement of closing dates of
mails for   points   outside   Canada
might to be supplied  by the  Pro
litie.ial Inspectors to the press and
posted in the local  offices     Then
niiiiiH (or intermediate  points are
often nurrieil through and return-.!
several days after their  due .lutes
Within the past   two   week"  there
have been two cases nf theft of reg
1 tereil mail in   British   ColuuJbin,
This is either due    In    gross   111 gli
geiiiie on  the  pari  ol the railway '
Folev Bros. Larson &. Co.
Por Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
- grown fruit snd ornimental
■ - nr *n 00 upland soil with-
irrigation in the only part ol
isrloan  continent not in-
'—'.d nil■, the -••11 loss scale—
.ul"!. Field ind Fl wer «-i.i|,—
rested stock from ths Imst  grow-
Hie   world —Wire    lenolng
ind Gates—(Spray pumps,   Fertilise Buppl '"   Cut  Blowers,
materials,  ntc —White
Int.or only.— New   1.17   |"ii<e Cats
l.igno  ;rei.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
A    large  quantity ol   Prairie
and   Timothy    liny    alwaye
on hand
Frank A. Lackner,
Ideal Furniture Store
Nen .ocl Becond  Hand 1 looda
Kevelsloke Lnnil District.
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice that. L. A. Dowar, occupation Housekeeper, Intends to apply
l'or permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on llie
west side of tipper Arrow Lake, about
one and a half miles smith of Bannock
Point, thence wesi 2D chains, tlience
north 211 '.linins, tlience west 20 chains,
tlience north IH) chains lo the K. ilt 8.
line, Ihence following the K. & S. line
east 21) chains, south 2t)chains, etml 20
chains, sonth 20 chains to lako shore,
theuce following lhe lake shore to
point of commencement,
Agent for L. A. Dewar.
Qated July 29,1909. aug 7
September, : 22-23-24
Do not, tail to see the possibilities ol
Glorious Kootenay.
C. W. BUSK, Pres,     F, X. BTIRKEV, Mgr.
0. C, MORRIS, Secretary.
Box 06 - - Nelson, B. C.
('. W.  '. "I SO,
M.   .!.   HENRY,
Grppuhousps .mil Nurseries
)010 Westminster Road,
Unwcli Nursery      •      South Vancouver
will give you full value
for every dollar spent
and keep you dry in
the wettest weather.
every mum
First-class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders Promptly Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Notice is hereby given that the first
Bitting ol the Court of Revision to
revise the Assessment Roll for the year
1909, will bo beld in the Council
Chamber, Cily Hall, Kevelsloke, B. 0.
on Monday, Ootober llth, at 2 p.m.
Stptember4ih. 1909.
sep 4 lm Citv Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Am, lHOil," to obtain a.
licence   in   the Division   of
Kevelsloke District,
(a) The name, address and occupation of the applicant -Hugh E. lt.
Smythe. Rancher, Kevelstoke.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's
Certificate No	
(b) The name nf the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed the description is)
-A small stream rising on the N. E.
V Section il, and running in small
swamp on N. W. ,'4 Section 8.
(c) The point of division—Where
water drains into swamp.
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)—1.\
(e) Tho character of the proposed
works—Kor irrigation purposes on dry
bench lands,
(f) The premises on which the water
is lo be used (describe same)—Bench
land* sloping to west in no u«e without irrigation.
(g) The purposes (or which the
water  is  to  be used    Irrigation and
domest ie.
(li) If for irrigation describe the
land Intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage Irrigating Si."i acres stonti'y
and drv bench land on east hull'of N.
W. | Seel inn 11, Township 21, Range 2,
West 0 Muridiiin, comprising Hf>.
(i) It' lhe watei is to he used for
power or mining purposes describe
the place where the watei- Is to be
rei in-tied to some natural channel, and
the ilillei I'iiee in altitude between
point ol'diversion nnd point of return.
(,il Are.i of Cioivn land Intended to
be occupied by Ilu- proposed works	
(k) Thus notice wan posted on the
lllth day of August, IIHUI, nnd application will be made to the Commissioner
on the tilth day of Sept. llKKI.
(1) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to he
affected by the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet, -None.
(Signature) II. K. li. SMYTHE,
sepl       (IM). Address)    Kevelstoke.
When you visit  the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop   at   the
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisine Delightful Scenery
A few of your space dollars on wintei
Underwear, Clothing nnd Hoots and
Shoes at John Hull's Sale.    Most  of the
summer g Is have  been  cleaned  out,
and the new fall and winter goods ordered six and eight mouths from the
manufacturers arc just coining in, all to
be sold for cash at wholesale prices.
Such well known goods as Sanford's
rlotliing, Stunliclil's underwear, Hell's,
McPherson's and other makes of first
class, shoes; all of which must be cleaned
out by the first of the new year. Are
ymi interested iu saving money ? We
have lived up to what we advertised at
tlie start and will continue to do so until the stock is disposed of.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
HKAl) OFFICE: 01-05 Adelaide St. east
for half year ending 80th June, UKHt
By Gross Premiums Income
Jan. 80th   -    $21.'l (IDS III
Less rebate and
return premium    80 101 IKI
.$182 WW 21)
Less reinsurance   58 899 45$ 1211 598 sl
By interest 6 803 90
$185 Mi 71
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,'1'obaoco.
Meals 85 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To net losses paid$«2 170 17
To net losses under adjustment 14 866 74
Gov. fees, taxes,
and all other
charges      -       47 2H 1)8
Balance Cr. profit
and loss     - 11 028 85
11. Kl'lCli,
Gen. Man.
$185 897 71
w. ti. Robertson,
The farm of the late Joseph Dolan
situate near Kevelstoke, being a pail
of the N. E. Quarter Section 211 Tp. 2:1
and containing 84 acres more or less.
Application' for the purchase of above
property are invited and will he
received by tbe undersigned up lo and
including September 80th, 11)09,
Solicitor for Dolan Estate.
Dated al Kevelstoke, B,  ('.,   August
Steel Range
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of the oven door, and the
cooking1 fumes carried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in
show method
•of ventilation.)
'The air in the
oven is always
kept pure. The
natural flavor
of   every
article  is
tastes most
. on request.
For Sale by BOURNE BROS.
The Verncn fire showed the need
gf our
The hest safe-guard in which you can invest. Every hotel should
be fitted with these us a matter of safety to occupants. Every house
should have one on its roof.
j Only 45c. a foot.   Sample on view here.
$ Revelstoke, B. C.
The best equiqped school west °f Toronto.
c/4utumn   Term opens  September First...
Send for Catalogue.
LB LeBeau
HarseMnEing & [amaijE Work a Specialty
JffiSsi>ii\jfe». _.,*~~-».' ■ -:*'" '<. ■
r^* ff- IJ'il    »   IT   .;* ,««...;;--.•-,S*Sfite^__.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Improved,    first-Class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
I,argo Sample Rooms,
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
0".   ALBEET     STOHSTEJ      PROP.
Import direct from country ol origin.
.b^HlV.-EILSTOKE!    fcj.  O.
Protection from forest Fires An
Important Matter
The B C. Forestry CotutnisBionere
hive taken up the matter ol the beet
way to prevent aud deal with the luresl
lire question and ninny ways have
been aninjei-ted by the various witnesses ex-imined. While the matter
is under oioeideratiou we would like
to make a lew sutoisti ius alone the
same lines.
We think one of the si. test and most
efficient ways ol de ilii g with the
lorest lire question would be to adopt
the system of mutual lire insurance
under government control, and we
submit the following artcle taken
Iro-ii the World's Work for May,
191)11, in support of our contention
well worthy oi consideration,
We ibink that the Government could
well nll'.ird tu undertake such a
measure in the interest of the country :-
" The United States Government
experts who investigated the forest
tires in Michigan lust year report a
toss ol $28,502,697. This includes the
value of the timber and ot property-
destroyed, and the money spent in
fighting the tires. About one billion
feet of timber were burned, which is
about equal to the yearly cut in that
State and about oue-tenth of its
standing timber.
" Years ago, there used to be a
great many boiler explosions which
caused great damage aud Iobs ol lite.
A. few explosions occur now, but not.
many, because most steam boilers are
insured, and the insurance companies
(iud it cheaper to inspect them ai.d to
see that they do not explode than to
pay the damage of explosions Kor
examp'e, in one year, when the total
disbursements of the Haritord Sttam
Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.
were $1,207,115 05, its losses «ere
$127,168.22. Its aim is primarily
prevention, uot indemnity.
The L'. S. Forest Service estimated
from its investigation and experience
that the coBt of maintaining an efficient ranger force that should keep tbe
tire loss at a minimum, would be between one and a half and live cents an
acre per year, varying with the kind
ot forest and the topography of the
country. Preventive lire insurance
applied to our forests would be a very
effective way of decreasing the needless loss which occurs from—iu most
cases—wanton carelessness."
An English Party of Climbers at
Mount Robson
The English party of Alpine climbers who have gone to attempt the
ascent ol Mount Rubs-ui, tbe highest
peak of the Canadian Rockies, includes Messrs. Muuini, Hastings, Dr,
Tempest Auderson, and Aunry. Dr.
Tempest Anderson is an authority on
volcanoes, who became lam ius in
connection with his researches at
Mount l'elee. Amery belong* to the
stall' ol the London Times, while
Mumni won lame ae a Himalayan
explorer. Hastings wae with Geoffrey
Mummery when the latter loet his
life on Manga Parbat in the Hima-
layae. The party left Edmonton in
August, but no word hae been received
as to the result ol their attempt.
A twenty-ounce gold nugget was
mined by J. 0. Catlip, ol Granite
creek, near Barkcrville. The nugget
was worth $359.
The Kiverside claim. Rock creek,
has been bonded to .). II. Arnold, ol
Columbus, Ohio, for $18,000.
Geo. A. McLeod, mining broker, ol
Spokane, who put through the sale of
the McKinley mine up the north fork
ot Kettle River.
J, J.Grant, a I'ortlend, Ore., contractor, ie About to build a ditch ten
milee in length Ior Mr. Dubois, on
QueBnel river, Cariboo. He will
require three portable sawmills to cut
lumber for fluming. The gold to be
recovered is plentiful; the ditch will
cost upwards ol $160,000,
\V. O. Young, tbe mining expert,
went north by the steamer Reveletoke
on Tuesday and will examine the mica
deposits located at Die head of Mica
Creek by Messrs. A. Anderson and J.
Moore. t
.1. F. Moodie left by the steamer
Reveletoke Tuesday for the Mica
claims he is developing in the Big
E, A. Bradley hae arranged for resumption of work ou French Creek
line winter and has sent in a large
qtisntity ol supplies, besides securing
sli the pack hiusi'H available to get  iu
his out lit.
The Post, ii'inurke: "While the
mining industry of th ICooten.iy has
not heen as active or us healthy dur
ing the hist two or three years .is formerly, this has heel' due hugely to t he
depreciation in the value of metals.
There Hre already evidences of a n_-
vival, Copper and silver-lend pr .per
tie? which liav. lniu idle for years are
being taken up, and development work
on a large scale has heen planned.
Byron N. White, principal owner of
the famous Slocan Star mine at Sandon aunuunced Unit work will be resumed on a large i-cae at the property.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce is
steadily forging ahead and spreading
its branches over the length and
breadth ol the Dominion. Particular
attention is being paid t i the develop,
meut of the prairie where three new
branches were opened on Tuesday last.
The Bauk ol Montreal ie erecting a
handsome stone and brick building in
The Bank ol Vancouver will open
in different parts of the province at
an early date.
Molsous Bank opened an ollice at
the C.P.R. Agent's otlice on the Kith
for caBblng cheques, the Imperial
having made a similar arrangement
two months ago.
Messrs. D. R. Wilkie, President of
tbe Imperial Bank, and William
Ramsay, ol Bowl and Stow, Scotland,
and Pelog Howland, of Toronto, were
visitors to the city on Thursday. During their stay they called ou most ol
their clients in the city, and Mr. A.
R, B. McCleneghan, mmiager of the
local braucb, drove them round the
ion n, with the improvement and progress of which Mr. Wilkie expressed
linn-elf highly pleaBed.
Messrs. W. Molson McPherson,
President and J. Klliott, geneial manager of the Molsons Bank, will be
visitors to the city to-day.
Card of Thanks
On behalf ol my mother and the
other members of our family I wisli to
tender our sincere and henri lelt thaukB
to the Oddfellows, the Rebekahe, the
Order of Trainmen, the Ladies' Auxiliary, Mr. Cook, of the Y.M.C.A., and
the many friends who have extended to
us their kindness and sympathy in our
time of sorrow over the death of my
late brother Duncan The kindness
Bhown us in our bereavement will not
soon be forgotten.
Ai.i-x. MoGreoob.
to J. tiutton
Is I'O.MINIl  ll ITU Ills
Humo ous
Friday & Saturday
Sept. 24th and 25th
Saturday Matinee
Opera House
Music, Songs and Readings
11 amorous Musical Sketches
"Harmony Hall"
"Our Village Concert"
"A Suburban Soiree"
-•The Quarrel  Scene" trom
The School for Scandal"
sir Peter Teazle
Lady Teazle	
An evening of Music and
1'luiii. .1. Mutton
... .Ada Hot Ion
WANTED- -Girl I'm domestic duties
in small family.   Good home.
For address apply Mall-Herald offlce.
IjlOR SALE—An Edison Phonograph
I    mice  $:_.■)llll.     Apply al   MAIL-
Uhrald Office,
ANTED -Millinery apprentice by
c. u. Hume and Co.
For Sale
Under instructions from clients 1
have to offer for sale the following
desirable residential properties:
1. Residence   and   three   lots on
McKenzie Avenue.
2. Residence witli lot and one-half
frontage on McKenzie Ave.
3. Residence   and   two   lot"    on
Fifth Street.
i.    Two good building lots witb 50
feet  frontage  on   -McKenzie
5.    Rooming House, (16 rooms) on
Fourth Street.
Terms  to suit purchasers,    For
prices and particulars apply to
sep 11  lm       First St., Revelstoke.
Willi ii 22-horsepower Hart Parr
kerosene engine, Mr, Pierce ie engaged
in cutting his grain and plowing iii"
land at Wadena, Sask. The engine is!
hauling nn eight-foot Massey-Harris
hinder and a 14-inch (i-ftirrow Cock-
shutt steam plow. Sheaves are being i
dumped upon the plowed ground. The |
outfit is running night and day in
charge of two crews of three men iu
each. The meals ,ure brought to the
men, who eat on the tender, engine
and binder while moving, and the
outfit never BtopB except to take on
more fuel and to till the hard-oil
I  hereby  notify   winners   of  prizes
tlmt such will  lm  available  t ir  pay
mem on and nfler Monday, Sept. 2(Mi
C. It. Mai'Iujnai.ii,
W "ANTED— Local Salesman, at
once, to sell Lovell's series of
Private Greeting Xmas Cards; liberal
commission; about 7 weeks work;
energetic worker can make good
money; slate references, age and qualifications. The It. .1. Lovki.i. Co.,
Ltd., Toronto, Sept. 1H-22.
WANTED-Nigbl watchman l'or
sawmill. Sternly job foi the
right parly. Apply to mail•11_1CRAI.I1,
l\ O. box llll. Rovelstoke. Sept, 18-22
WANTED   Two furnished   rooms
for  light     house-keeping,    tw
children.   Write stating rent for sum
-HENRY G.   COOK,   Salmon  Ann.
Tenders wauled   for  the election of
six houses In the City of Revelstoki
For particulars,   plum and specifloti
tioiiH, apply to
sep 11 ALEX. McUAE.
If You
Can Afford to use
the BEST buy
Robin Hood
"The Flour that   is different,"
If you do you will find that
the cost of ROBIN HOOD is
smallest after all.
The bigger loaf is one difference.
Easier assimilations of the
bread is another differenc.-.
The sweeter flavor is a third
There are other points of
difference. Any one of them
worth the extri cost.
Saskatchewan Flour
Mills Co., Ltd.
. Bulk    SfffliVD    -
StotJU^tio Itr*
ton, a^usM,tu*.f«4,
<m %mu tdLtj
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
1     *"*      1% nl
iXTifi    i.\A* •tfe't,     :    ' I
UKI D5u6i on
-And the Reason for it
*m   be made fi
Manitoba hard wheat is ackn
ledged the strongest in the worl
and   that is  the   kind   used   for
Purity Flour.
But that's not all. livery grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and low-grade properti
In separating the high-grade ; irt
from the low-grade the Western
Canada Flour Mills put the bard
wheat through a process so exacti ]
that not a single low-grade j irt
bus the remotest chance of getting
iu with the high grade.
Of i thi        cial process is
more i I rate but it
iiiem: ity fl ui usei
■ it.
It  means  tb it   Purity  Flour is
flour parts of tl e strongest wheat
in the world.
II rai lass, strong flour
and tin yields "more bread
an . I .'.'.er bread."
Clay i a  little more
th .u G :..   : :    ults prove
it the cheapest and most economical after iiii.
Western Canada   Floo Limited
Ofllce, Winnipeg, Man. Mill rich, Brandon.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At ull Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
'<■;}■ ...     '   ■
■'.   ■ £-f#&ij,
:,f >E *£•;(*_. *<' !   4   ■
-~A^ K'Sv^rN-X
i    ' -      •  ■'
:■•'_-■   .. ..... j,X   ■; '.  "
-■■■'..     .:■■',.'  ■-:,
Make Your Home Beautiful
.. ith - i.i    .;'  ..ur lis   ■!    i...    .
n|.i    ■'■ red   i     high   ] radt    Bilk, or
lamai     will  Iranu s that ure in t v-. ry
ticei       e i nd t  -'ile to ivi-nr
•• ., '.'. • avi my nt w and
ii lor r, te and dd ; i- ci - lor
beautifying the home that are tasteful, effective and inexpensive, aud will
sl h your rooms to ti.i besi dvan-
ta; ••.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd.
are disposing o( their entire Stock it a
.small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Made horn
cream of tartar, derived solely
from grapes. All the ingredients
of Dr, Price's Baking Powder
are printed on the label. They
are pure, healthful and proper.
When baking  powders  are   peddled   op
demonstraieri, examine t^<»!r labels.   You
jfSp!ft     W'N f'r,d t;i  ;.   -ir  tic irom cream
£!,«,    of tartar.    You v.,-.nt them
# *.
■'■ i
•    4
c ■'.
. rt m   . ■'
Kei di     la    kind    u illy  . .m .. I ,,u
". aapci i.ilti
I.-tiii.n'.- gtven ou any clan
marked   "M.   K. Law-son's northwest of work,
corner post,"  thence 10 chains south!  Front      S   t  t- <> .« *
thence 40 chaina west; thence20 chains r « ___» i      sireet.
north; thence 20 chains east; tbenee 20 -
ohalns north to line of Lot 8868; thence   ,   no_   ,,     ,   ,
alomrsald line to place of commence-   I  "a,   , "'   '•'l'"1   Day • a email Re-
,,„.ni l-i nekah pin. beat-tan the half moon,
\ii\mi. k- i iiiMiv between thi llinw.n offlce and Mr.
,, , io , -...'J, I"VUM,V Howson's residence, Finder will please
Dated .s.-pt. nli, low. iep8     eav»atoffice, (ep8
Rovelstoke I. ind Dlstri
District nl Wcsl K loten iy.
Take   notice thai   I, M. I\   Lawn in,
,1 Rovelstoke.occnpntion hi usekeepi i.
nteii i I" apply foi permission
I..,.,. t he following described landsi
Commencing  at   a  pott planted al
the southeast corner ol   Lol   9008 and THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
$10,000   NEW GOODS    $10,000
Dress Goods, Flannels, Flannelettes, Sheeting, Blankets'
Comforters. Men's Suits, Odd Pants, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps
and Gloves to be sold at prices that will keep the Register busy
at a loss to us, but a gain to you. Come early or late, enough
bargains for all.   SEE BIG POSTERS
Rev, VV. L', Calder lm-- purchased lin
1'resbyteri in Manse mi Third St.
The regular ninntlili meeting "I lhi
Ronril ..I Trade nil! l'i- held un Tiiesdai
i-veniiu. next  it tin- citv ball.
A uict-tin,ii "I nn tubers "f the Revelstoke Poultry and Pel Mmi; Association
is convened .u J. J. Devine's on Monday
Three more cases ol typhoid (ever have
been received at the city hospital. One
is from Three Valley and the other two
from points along the line.
Mr. A. 1'.. McCleneghan has grown a
splendid little crop ol corn in hi- garden
behind the Imperial Hunk, the cubs being large and well developed.
C. B. Hume ,v Co., Limited, hnu
brought into the city a large supply oI
brick, which will be readily available to
city purchasers requiring supplies.
\V. \V. Baer will lecture tomorrow
night at tin- opera house "ii Psychic
Forces and phenomena. This is Mr.
Baer - best lecture mid is well worth
Kindly return to Mail-Herald office
copies "I '..i-i issue as tbey un- wanted
for customers who liave been unable i<>
get copies, and !<>r whom we are asked
to repurchase copies,
•.'. last night's meeting ol the city
council u report was presented by Supt.
Duck showing tbe bad -lute of the dam,
.iiul tin- urgency "I repairs. The report
is held over till next issue,
In tin- report ol the Pair we omitted
mentioning tin- handsome cup given liy
tin Maundrell Meat Market for the higli
. »t scoring barred rocks, cock and hen.
The prize was won for this year by j.
Sh.ui. i-i Douglas Si.
Mr. Duniii.ll. who is iu  charge ul the
manual   training    department    nt   Hii
Columbia education, bas been spen
two weeks at the   city    schools, instructing   ilu   children   in   the especial
work alii ■'_'.. .1 -j- him.
• ii - ol last issue of tin- Mail Herald
are requiri     loi   others   who have been
unable to   get   them   and   we   shall be
liged i" those   who   cun return copies
which we have been requested tu re-pur-
Subscribers to Ross's Map nf British
Colombia, published at Vancouver, an
much disappointed with ihe map, which
has now been issued, The lettering is
almost Illegible ini destroys tiie useful*
ness of the publication.
We are informed the proposed Slsten
Hi >pit_al will be gone on with next
spring, and it ha- been decided t" erect
a much finer and larger building than
was originally proposed. The estimated
cost of the building now proposed runs
into (73,000.
Any   persons   having   i opie
Meek b Mail Herald  will  oblige  by  re
tnrning thn:, to thi   office  of this paper
•   ■■'■'■ ■■■■ • i- them (or others
•iii'. wish i   get copies onr issue, th
larger thai
ient l   ■■.. t the     m ind t ir  i
Thi ■ - i - tbi Ien icross the I
...::. ... river at Canoi rivei I aa an •■
snu Mr. I'.-.,-    : ■ .    '. ■    ■.
the ferry    tutalled , ■
lerj bii    i   reli -      trafl
e opened between
the Gi        . i  i h   I    .:.   rai
.. ■    itme l
'■. nub mi -v.. •  Board ol Trade
*.is in Id yesti :■:.•     i(ternoon to arrs
for   meeting   sir    Pbos.   Hh m [hi
■I tilt: L.   P.   R ,     iiul  Ml
\l."n'.I  vho will
arrive thii  ifteri .. their n
'  est.   The mstti i ■ t  the i
ol -.In- Am ■•:   ■ 1   ind Kootenay r iilv
and the   improvemenl   ol   i onditioi
the L. P. R      :   i]        ■ ill    he   hrouj I '
the    attention     • ■:'     tin itors.  u
Bi ....    ■-■ i ■      uthorizcil  to     •'
;       .: '. hi    (ol   the
advertisin   next
are now coming in including Peaches, I'ears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity i.s very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
i|uile liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in iliree sizes Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed,  Rubber rings to lit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one ol   the   most   important  items
in ymir business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Kvery housewife will lell
you that it Is not an oasy
inattei to keep one's hanilfl
in gn...I condil lorn and every
housewife, who has used gloves will also tell
you thai they at e the great-
esi help in keeping one's
honds and while,   -   - -
$1,25 per pair
Bews' Orug&Stationery Store
M-..VI   III .Ml'.   I tl. "I l<
Nelson Iihh awarded n V.M.C.A.
buildiug contraet lor $35,000
Tbe Catholic cemetery Inn been
nicely fenced and improved,
ArniBtt'uti.' will spend + lo.(MKl lor
electric light ai.d water supply
F. H. Lewis, lormerly ol Kevelst ke,
haB purchased a 14,000 automobile at
Kamloops board "I trade baa  asked
the City cuuncil Ior $16,000 to carry
ou a publicity campaign,
A bursting boi lei al Ihe Turline
baths. Nan Francisco, killeil and
wounded several persons.
P. Agren, a former Kevelstoke
builder, in erecting a $50,000  rooming
house of his own at  Vancuuver.
The High school in Salmon Arm
will he opened inst an soon as tbe
department can secure a competent
Negotiations are under «iy for tbe
sale of the property
Lake Cuttle Co . 12 miles Irom Nioola
to P. Hums •. i lo
The McOillvary Creek Coal and
Coke   Company   t f   Ilolemao, Aita
■ -mi. isbed the town ol  Carbon-
dale ut then mines.
Reginald Hunt, au Ed mon too man
ba< , •: acted an aeroplane In < •
he Mti nished   bis  neighbor*  by  hia
(lights uver the oity
Kevelstoke baa lome enterprising
boya     Cbey oleared mi  t  neighbor'*
orchard the   Other duy    and   -.i.I   tbe
apple- lot pocket money,
It is stated tbe  Provincial authorities will proieoute  Vancouver   ■
aalers who are alleged to be ooinbined
to maintain the price ol mgar
Cl as, Holten has built a hunt   lor
use lor pleasure purpose! in  lhe  I '■
iinihin river,     li, is 22 leel long and ia
a line piece ol workmanship,
The Prank Wsterh use Company
have arranged to change the Paoific
port of their steamship line to New
Zealand (rom Han KrsnoilCO to Vancouver.
I.ait week a saok of registered  mall
Irom Glasgow  waa stolen sop] adlj
In Britith Columbia, and IH registered
letters were stolen tlm week before at
Sponce'e bridge.
Chicago Inventors claim rlisi nvei j
ol a procCB! of milking drinkable
alcohol from sawdust at 7 conts pei
gallon nnd thai air..hnl will drive
gasoline off the market us a pownt
The regular meeting of the Trades
It Lui nr Council will be held to-night,
All delegates are requested to attend;
also representatives  of other Trades
CnioiiH which are not affiliated are invited to be present,
Ai the ami ual meeting of the Cana
i dian Manufacl tirers' Association, Pres,
Hobson said thai trade depression want an end. Tin- hank deposits for the
year show an increase ..t' $_J0,IHH1,000,
bi Inging the total deposits of Canada
up to .SI21.iinii.Kiii.
Sunnyside property, situated 112
miles east of Kamloops, mo been so .1
1 I" a syndicate of tierinans. The I
deal involves the Ross tnd HotTmai
ranches adjoining Sunnyside, Tin
price :- in tbe i eighborhood -.1 $100
In.' executive ol  tbe  Libera    in
oiati  :. met    isi night I     make   -.une
arrangements I r meeting Hi n  Frank
er   Minis! -    I tbe 1 nti ri r
ngiog befon
-    -- m .!•• •-  -. ■  ■ .,•..-. ■■    f the
A' ■ • v in band
Stoke with another
-    ■ •     be run   in  an
a               -• and   will   pmvidi-
the  oil est   and  beal
terts -   travelling
■i  til'- Pan; -'      ...
stoke is ■     .- !.. i-i.   for
nished  with   tables   chairs  tnd  lour
be work was est ried out  bj
R  Bl.- . .... made an   hi
. lenl    ■       •     iny t    tort to thi
IM ' be ''am..   Ot
t| ,  ication  to 0 B   Mac
. -.1 .y night the oity ' li ■
went itim
tnd being greater I bt
■mt   «.ill  mr-■.     1   ii en
isissa     .     intention ol  tbe  '-'
H 11:' ■ increasing demand
ol tbe oity       p   tt   li .1 light
■" provided for with I be least p •- •
ide met   M
gan, bead   I the <   P l(   Freight
partmenl on Wednesday and dial its
.at wil ii him tome phases ol the Irt
question     The   di putation  oon ii
-.f Messrs  W. M, Lawrence and   A   II
Allen  President   and   Vice Pretidi in
Lindmark, MoC irter, a   MoH ii
Hume, McLennan,   Haggen,  Fromey
I'raii, Hagar Sibbald    The inti •
■i.i i a sal lsl ..'(..i'i one
Speaking ii   iei ini- of In i
Chicago,  lun ILII of He
l'ii-   den lhal. wi.  i',.. .|
world is lining corrected; and  ■ iril.--,-.
i■■ can mi i ".is.- ihe agrioullurni popu
latino anil I Iii Ir | lu.■'. the
til  i   riurco of fond supply al hi Ill
..mi upiT a-.|i. lhi- question of a
iiiaik.-i for own products abroad. We
have almost reached a point where,
owing io Increased population) with
out, increased population   per lli'l'', um
home fond supply will be Insufficient
l'or om own i Is; within   ten   ynais,
po slhlj lean, ivo are likely to  hcciunn
a ul i Importing nation.'
lluls, lnnil, shorts, gi n coin, riiuli-
ilowi-r, ceii-iy.   Bourne Droii
Mr. and Mra Coursier are i-..-'-•'' g
the week at tne Park on Mt I! .el-
Mr. and Mrs. K. lt. Gibbons have
gone on a holiday trip to the Seattle
A. ti. Wheeler, head ol the Top.-
graphic Survey, was a visitor to Kevelstoke yesterday,
<i L. H.ig"en Ipiivph to-night lot
Tor .tuo, wnere lie enters on his
university course.
Mis" ''-inter, who has heen visiting
Mrs. fi uCleneghau, left lor the oast on
Tuesday ni ruing.
Hr. 11. M. Jor.i'i, the eminent Can-
adian Burgeon, was a visitor to our
city during the week.
Mrs. A R. B, Hearn, who has been
the gn-'st, o[ Mr? Muck, left for home
on Monday's train.
MisH Spurling returned from Lug-
land yesterday nnd is the guest of
Mra. H. It. Atkins,
Mrs. K. Mcflnc and Mis« Thomas
lelt Wednesday ou a visit to Vernon wheu they will take iu  tlie  Fair
Supt. Kilpatrick left yesterday for
Field to meet Sir Thomas Shatlgh-
ues-y and Win. Whyte, ou tlieir way
Mrs. Haylock and her little son
Lane returned home after an absence
of three months spent at the capilal
of Alberta.
U. V. Allen wus elected hy acclamation as Mayor of Vernon m fill the
vacancy caused hy the recent death ol
Mayor 1 iiiiiiiius.
Mra. Mc Lei. nan gave a very pleasant bridge ou Saturday night in honoi
of Miss Hunter, who is the guest uf
Mrs. McCleneghan.
Miss Orr, who Ins: been engagrd on
n case at Three Valley for some time,
left fm Victoria on Thursday to again
resume her dm ies there.
Chas.   North,  ciiy   electrician,    i-
aivuy una two iveeka holiday trip,  Mi
North will  visit the Seal tie and   Spo
kune lairs before his return.
Mr. and  Mrs. Simtuuuds, of  Vaucouver (nee Miss Horn Smith, of  R--\
eUtoke) passed through the city this
week ou tlieir beneymot n trip,
Mrs. Sine wns the hostess at the tin
hour on Saturday, iu honor of in i
mother, Mrs. Brett, and her auut,
Miss Carpenter, Irom Chicago
Mrs. J. li. Kennedy, of lllicilliwa.i,
intends removing her home to RevelBtoke, aud will occupy her house hi
present let to Hon. F. \\ . Aylmer.
The Revelstoke Dramatic Cluh repealed the comedy of ertors "Conltis
um'to a fairly good audience at the
Opera House on Wednesday uight.
Mrs. W. MoiriB gave a very delightful whist party to a few of her young
friends i n Saturday alternoon. The
pretty prizes were won hy Miss ,M.
Buck and MissGillam.
Mrs. c. li Temp e and her datightet
returned to their home in Winnipeg
on .Monday, ufli-r a very enjoyable
fortnight   at   Mr.    and     Mra.    Chas.
1! M.-li.annul, a Former resident ol
Revelstoke,ie on a.visit to tlie oity and
e-M -is his astonishment at us
gro tl ..nd di veli pun-ill siii-c lie left
here annul 1'2 years ago.
In the report of the Fair we inadvertently ..milted to mention the
valuable wulk dune by Mr.-. Sibbald as
one if the Committee which bad
charge .1 the Ait Department,
Mrs. \V. II. Pease and her little
daughter left ou Sunday's lui en route
lor England, .Mr. Pease joining them
il Hi _■ i, to take the s.s. Corinthian
on thi 25th from Montreal tu London.
In plain rate gill ca6ket  containing
lixxi gi Id   -I   iai pu ies,  an address,
tnd an  alb un  . i   Britiata   Columbia
view-     aa-    presented   to   His   Grace
bop Dontenville at Vancouver.
R   ll .i- .u returned yesterday from
hie trip to tbe coasl      When   he  left
Vieti -ia Mrs. Howson bad sufficiently
i ' . be able to leave  the  bos-
I' srhere   the   bad   undergone   a
ti        ■   ,. ration.
fart, ol luroiito University,
snd i      . :   i   \irs VV. VV, Foster,  ol
attaining a high  repu-
ilisl       II.' ia in
jineei ing .1. partmenl
I    "ity
I illiams    pa,rn-.    stains,
igg)   ■ nd    mgnn    paint,
■i ed ii   .'i -u in
District Indications for Fire
Alarm Soxes
Box|No. 44—FireJHall No. 1.
II.ix No. 45—Front Sireet west, near
C.P R. Bridge.
Box No. -lli—Corner King and Don. ■
Ibb Streets (Palace Ment Mart),
Box No 47—Comer Second and
Wales Streets (hack of Court House).
Bux No. 48—Cor. Third and Charles
Streets (Cowan Block).
Box No. II.—Corner First Street
and McKenzie Avenue, 0. B, Hume
A Co.
Box No. In—Cor. First. Street and
Rokeby Avenue, (Post ollice)
Box No. 16.—Corner Second street
and Government Road (opera house)
Box No. 17.—Corner Third streel
and Campbell avenue, (Globe Lumber
Box  No,   18—C. P. R. Btation.
Bux No. 24.—Corner Fifth streel
and McKenzie ave   (Catholic church)
Box No. 25—Oorner Sixth Btreet
and Orton avenue,(W, A. Foot.').
Box No. 2(5.—Corner Fourth stree.1
and MoArthur avenue,
Box No. 27.—Comer Fourth stre. t
aud Townley street (over south track).
Box No. 28 —Comer Second streel
and Robaon avenue (Mrs. Bnki i)
Box   No.  3-1 —Fire Hnll No. 2
Box  No.  'An—Hospital.
Box   .Nn.  36—School.
Signal for practise.—not less thnn
six (li) slnw strokes.
One (1) stroke indicates line broken
or lire out.
Signals are given thus: 2 strokes—-
interval o seconds—4 strokes; equals
Box 2-1. Xo. ol box will alsu he shown
on indicator at  Fi-a- Hnl'
New Church of England hymn hook
nt Mews' Drug Stove.
Bargains in caudles, fancy boxes, at
G W, Bell's.
Hews' Drug stole for prompt nnd
accurate dispensing.
Sp, cial line of fancy teapots nl reduced prices nt G, VV, Bell's.
Oats, bran, shorts, wheat, chop,
feed, clover and grass seed ui Bourne
Do noi tail  to gei   oi 1 i lie new
Gillette Safety Razors at   Hews'  Drug
Kyiioeh's antl  Eley's loaded shell-.
Winchester  nnd   I. M. ('.  rille carl
ridges, fishing tackle,    Bourne Bros.
A shipment of Ontario honey just
arrived ill Jilh. and 101b. pails at G
W. Bell's.
Everything  and   everybody
is on   ilic  move at this store.
The prices are moving down
the people  are   moving in and
tlie goods are moving out.
This Sale is a Grand Success
We allow 110 accumulations. We carry no goods over a
season. With priee reducing events of tlie character of
this one we periodically reduce blocks "as clean as a
hound's tooth."
Come! Not necessarily wilh
buying intentions. Come! watch
the goods move out and your
neighbors save. Buying here is ( ',"w
a contagion. You'll catch itaud f\ \ I
you'll save astonishing amounts
on every purchase.    Come! ^J
IWovo On !
The regular service of the Methndist
church will he held on Sundny, morning and evening at 11 and 7 o'clock.
Rev. A.J. Doyle, who is giving hia
whole time to die work ol Sunday-
schools and Epworth Leagues, will
preach huth morning nnd evening It
is expected thot Mr. Doyle will give a
Bhort address in connection with tbe
Quarterly Review ,A the lessons on
Sunday alternoon dining Sunday
school hour.
Revelstoke   Poultry   and   Pet
Stock Association
A meeting of the above Association
will he held on Monday, Sept. 20tb, nt
7 30 nt J.J. Devine's shop on
Fiist Street,
F. W. Laing,
TTIORHALE Vn Edison Phonograph
Jj ami 4ti records Applv nl u Ml-
iiku.m.ii office. sep IS lm
I >EWARD-WiTl be given for the
IV. return of an English Bicycle
whu h was taken from the f roil I ol' the Telegraph ollice nn Thntsday
last.-to M.\ii.-lli-:it.M.ii office,
ou Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoko to mak
your Real   Estate   Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
I Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents |
Revelstoke Lund Dislricl.
District, of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that I, M. K. Lawson,
of Revelatoke,occupation housekeeper,
intend to apply I'm permission to pur-
chase the following tleseribod landsi
Commencing al a pust. planted al
the southeast corner of tail 8(1(18 and
marked   "M-    K- Lawson's tioi-thwesl
corner   post,"   thence It) chains i th:
thence It) chains wesi; thence20chains
nm ihi thenco 20 chalnB east; thence 20
-Iiains norih to line nf Lot 8608; thence
along said line to place of commence-
Dated Sept. 7th. 1801). sep s
Nnil    I -
I     ■       i good    •■'"•■      i i   ol  heel,
i   : "i li  MARKET ie
. can t call  pbons   21
arorking, send
1'. BURNS **w ( O
OTlOtMaf* Slid Rvtml Mmt M«rr.hiintn
■   i :_.   te *   _.\   i__W?
|ust   arrived   Irom   the   Mast   a   shipment
[ust  the   kind  you   need   l, i   this  Season.
Come in and look them over
MRS.   A.   (i.   CUIt'K
First   Street       -        Opposite    Windsor    Hotel
j Imperial Bank of Canada 1
Head OH ic«   Toronto, Ontario. *•'
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
$l0,00w.0i 0.00 g
5,0O0,wU0.0O |j£
Brunches .it* Agents at nil principal points in Oanada.
Agents in Great Britain nnd Cuited States London, Englnnd,
Lloyds Hank, Limited, Chicago First National, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle -SeattleNational Bank, San Francisco -Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane -Exchange
National Hank,
Savings Bank Department
Deposits ol $1 and upward, received, and interesl allowed at
current rate from date, of depositi   Correspondence solicited,
Kevelstoke Branch   A. '&. tticulenegitatt, tfgr.
^aMKaafii».tBaimaii ——■ m^aa—a
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Hour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
E. W.  B   PAQP.T J.  WILSON 1
(laving purchased the business hitherto carried
l have to solicit  the patronage of the Public ol
Revelstoke.    Full stock o( Groceries, Provis 8
.unl Crockery-ware. Goods delivered to any
part of the city. Khik up Telephone No. 24 and
tell me your requirements.    Prompt delivery.
<;.   W.   BELL
Successor to VVoolaoy & LcFoaux, Limited
• ■Mail in ■■___■____■___■■____■■■_____■__) MBBfl—— — — t
The finest Loaf of Bread
ai the Revelstoke Fair was made from
"ROBIN I K)i)i) " Hour. A prize
winner every time. Try it and convince yourself. Order a sack as a trial
right now from the
Mountain Supply Company.Limited


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