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 " Empire " Typewriter
For on se ol operation and perfection
in results produoed, this maohins
is unsurpassed.    Price, $1.0.00 Casii.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Vol. 15.-No  28
The Mai
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Pnr.-.ers and Publishers
$2.50 Per Year
\J.   JD.    X_.PfOvijCJ.il  Library (J J_j LU.
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
nday Bargains
Here are ;t tew lines ynu will do well to look at.
We have placed these on tables for easy choosint.;.
These goods are all warranted to be first-class in
every respect.    On Sale  Friday  and   Saturday.
Children's Dresses
Children's Silk and Cashmere Dresses, and a few
children's Spring Coats.    These are all little beauties,
some silk embroidery   trimmed, worth up
to $4.00 each, now selling at all one price
Boys, Suits
Little Boys' Wash Suits.      They corns in
Brown and Sailor styles,   most  of  them   gooi
materials and some extremely pretty ones,
these are tvorth up to $3 50 each, selling ttt
Ladies' Skirts
Ladies    \\ ash   Skirls.      A   lot   of pique
no two alike, all new this year skirts
worth up to ^4,50 each, going at
Ladies' Suits
Eight Ladies  Spring   Suits   iu
Black. Navys, Toupe and Elephant
:}iii\oo suits, the lengths are 34, 30 and 38
All selling now at the bargain price of
the   new   siyles.
Grey,  these  are
■ p.
A Free Pattern
with   the   1.
'attern   given
Journal style book.       Ihis
kind yet primed.     It keeps
the currenl half year.     This bu
a Free  Pattern tor the sma"
journal is the liuesi of lhe
you  posted  on styles   for
sum ol
This is the season nf the year that the good housekeeper wants tu brighten up the home, Kalsomine some
rooms, Varnish the woodwork, Paint the floors, Varnish
Stain sume pieces ul the furniture, l*-ii;unel the beds ur the
baths, Kegild the picture frames. We are hesl able tn
supply nil these wants, we eater for the trade, und we
carry the goods that give the satisfiietiun.
Agate wall finish, Alaluistlne, Whiting, House paint,
Floor paint, all ready for the brush, AspTnall's Gniunels,
li. A. i1. Enamels fnr bath nr woodwork, Baplac Varnish
stains. Iinnite Varnish stains, Lnonueret in all colors,
Berry Urns, house varnishes. Liquid Granite fjr flloorsor
oilcloth, Varnish for furniture, Hoot's, bouts or carriages,
all fur till inside wurk.
Painters SupplteB in nil lines .nnl at prices that cannot
be beat, give us a chance to quote yuu, we enn save you
money. Leave yuur orders fur wurk with us and we will
send ynu tt mail nnd guarantee that he will give ynu the
hest uf goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal points in Oanada.
Agents in Qreat Britain and United States London, England,
l.luvd... Hank, Limited. Chicago l'i i'n! Niiiiiiiinl Hank, t'urn Ex-
ohangeNational Bank. Seattle Seal lie National linnk, Sim l-'riin-
eisiin Wells Furgn Nevada National Bunk. Spokane Kxehiinge
Natiniial Bunk.
Savings Bank Department
Depnsits nf $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed al
ciirrimt rale from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited,
Revelstoke Branch
A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Stores at Kevelstoke and Arrowhead.
Special Bargains for the balance of this
month in bailies' und Children's Straws.
All the latest fashionable shapes. We
also have the newest designs in Ladies'
Hats and Children's Hounets.
First   Street
A.   G.   CRICK
Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Premier's Father Dies - Wheat
Shipments Will Be Turned
Westward The Sultan Was
Washinuto.v, li.c. May 5.—Walter
Welliii.ui said to-day that ho will Hub
summer renew his eil'urts to reach the
Nurth Pole by means ul a balloon.
All the necessary preparations have
been made anil Mr. W'elhiian will sail
next weee for Paris aud Norway.
New HAVEH, Conn., May 5—One
of the fiercest Btorms for years blew
over Long Island Sound last night,
driving four barges to the bottom and
sending fuur others ashore. So far as
is known four lives were lost.
Constantino!'!.].:, May -1 — Tewlik
Pasha and Gen. Schefket, the commander of the Constitutionalist forces,
had a conference to day regarding the
commission to be sent to Adana to
investigate the massacres there and
punish ihe instigators.
Pahis, May 4.—At a meeting of
seven hundred prstal employees this
evening a resolution was adopted in
reply to lhe threats of the government
that a general strike be declared by
tlie Federal committee ol the postal
employees at a favorable moment and
that it  be continued   until  victeiy is
Brest, May 1.—The naval authorities bave been advised that the Emperor and Empress of Russia will visit
Brest in June.
Lisbon, May -1 —The cabinet which
was formed on April 7th resigned today.
Winnipeg, May 6—The grain crop
ol Alberta and Saskatchewan will be
shipped to Europe via Vancouver
hereafter instead of through ports of
the Atlantic seaboard, according to a
decision made at a meeting of the
Canadian Pacilic Kailway ollicials
to-day, when it was settled that this
policy should be pursued. This will
mean the shipment of between 50,000,-
01.0 aud 75,000,000 bushels ol grain
over tbe Rocky mountains each yeai.
Part of this grain will he sent across
the Isthmus uf Panama and the rest
aruund Cape Horn. Manitoba's 100,-
000,000 bushel crop will reach Europe
via Montreal aud New York aB heretofore.
Constantinople, May I —The political situation is bewildering and no
oue can tell what the outcome will be
The Turkish cabinet resigned yesterday. It was organized April 30th
with Tewlik us grand vizier. Documentary evidence) has been discuvered
among the records of the telegraph
ullice here ot the knowledge ol tbe
Constantinople authorities that the
massacres had been planned fur the
Adana district and that tbey were to
coincide with the political events here.
Other papers bave beeu found indicating also that the conspirators at the
palace acted in the sultan's name in
preparing the military mutiny ou the
13tb of April. The arrangements included a general massacre of foreigners in Constantinople, including the
diplomatic representatives on April
NEW Wlstminsteii, May 5.—This
city has lost another of its respected
pioneers in tbe person uf Arthur H.
McBride, ex.warden ul the provincial
penitentiary Mr McBride's death
came as a shook, as be waa nut kuuwn
tu be suffering frum any serious illncBS
and round as usual on Monday oven-
ing ami yesterday morning he was
found dead in bed. Mr. McBride was
the father of a family of six, (our sons
and two daughters,
Sawmills Burned
A telegram was received at the
ollices of the Buwinan Lumber Company this morning announcing that
the mill uf the Vale Columbia Lumber
Company on the Lower Arrow Lake,
near Kobsuu, was burned yeBterday.
The despatch states that alung with
tbe n.ill went the yard and She planing mill and factury adjoining, No
particulars as to the Iobb or the amount
uf insurance cuuld be ubtained Irom
lucal Buurces.
Yesterday the mill nl .1. Kernaghan
situated un Salmon river, sume six
miles Irum Salmon Ann, wan destroyed
by lire, being a total loss. There was
$2,000 insurance on the sawmill and
an njual buoi on the yard and stored
lumber, all ol which wae a total hiss.
Mr. Kernaghan was .formerly a oon-
tractnr well known in Kcvelstoka and
general sympathy will he shared with
him iu his loss and the delay tu his
Receives Only Half the Votes ot
Unionist Opponent
Vancouver, May 5.—(Special)—Advices trom Stratford-on-Avon annuunce
result nf elections yesterday, giving an
overwhelming majority to the Unionists' candidate, Phillips Kuster whu
pulled unly 5,374 votes. Joseph Martin, K.C, ollicial Liberal candidate,
polled only 2717 and Capt. Kincaid-
Smith, who resigned tu contest the
ridiug, pulled only 178. When aBked
how he accounted for the ballot Mr.
Martin laconically replied "I have not
the remotest idea auy more than yuu
Stanley Kida Sent up for Trial
for Unlawful Act—Engineer
Calder Makes Very Smart
A case not of every day occurrence
was tried thiB morning before Robt.
Gordon, J. P., in the Provincial Police
Court, Stanley Kida, an Austrian,
being charged with placing twn ties
on a rail ut the main line ol the
C. P. R., abuut one mile east of
Clanwilliam. Tne accused wan committed to -land his trial and will be
held pending the Assizes.
The Btory of the captuiu ol Kida
reflects great credit 011 Dave Calder
and .). Rutherford,C. 1'. K. engineer
and liien.an, wbo captured Kida and
brought him into the city. Coming
down the line with a light, engine
Calder noticed the ties on the track
ahead and stopped his engiue to remove the obstruction. ThiB being done
he rellected that as a freight train
waB only 25 minutes ahead of him
the offender must be somewhere in
the vicinity of the offence. Search
was instituted but without discovery
of the culprit and reluctantly but
slowly tbe trip into town was resumed,
Calder in the meantime keeping a
sharp lookout for hia human queBt.
After running a few yards a man
was discerned crowi'ing from one
bush to another to seek biding, and
stopping his iron horse Calder ran
out ami accused him of the deed.
This was admitted by Kida aud he
was, alter buiuc resistance put on
board the engine aud brought iuto
the city- Here he was turned over
by Calder to the Provincial police
after consultation witli the local C.
P.R. Superintendent.' Chiel ol Police
Bain acted in tbe arrest in tbe temporary absenceul P. Const. Kington.
During bis imprisonment Kida is
alleged to have made a confession
that he placed the cunstructiona his
utject heing to Btop a train and steal
a ride to Kamloops.
The wiuiRBses against bim were
the engineer, fireman and Chief Bain
and after the evidence ho was committed to stand his trial.
Long Case
— Elliutt than she had   already  given.
Interesting Argument in Tony ||™ n-m °'c^k wheu Mr.Biaok-
stock told the  girl   he  had  finished
with her lor the evening,
The sittings of the Court  of  KeviB-j , m ,
ion tu hear reaBuns why the names ol
certain voters should not  be  stricken   START  WORK  ON    NEW   BANK
(rom the  listB  ut the   distriel which i 	
was held  on   Monday were  not  pro
longed, there being only one case in
which lengthy argument whb resurted
to As a result uf the hearing all but
twenty-three ol the two hundred antl
ten names advertised as being ubjected
tu were eliminated from the voters'
list. Tho '.'.li established their right tu
vote in the cunstituoncy and consequently their names stand.
The contested case was that of Tony
Long, the argument turning on a
question as tu whothcr in Canada a
peistui has a legal right tu change his
name. The cuntention ul Mr. Lung's
tiiuinsel was that ill Canada a man
muy call himself by any name he
pleases As lhe case was unique in
the lucal cuurts it was relerred to the
ullice ul the. Attorney-Genera] Iur a
ruling ou the question abuvu staled |
During the argument uf tho qutis-
tiun and incidentally some interesting
statements wore made as to the courtly
method ol procedure in this country.
Many will recall tho caao of the late
Amor Dc Cosmos, ol Victoria, wbo
paid a large sum to have legislative
sanction for thu change of hia cognomen. It was ox plained that this
was to give tho necessary legal
individuality to lho name so that Mr.
Do Cusmos might be addressed iu a
business or social way by no uther.
It wuuld appear .Inducible thorofure
trum the abuvu that, withuut legal ur
parliamentary saiiotiun iu the case ul
a voluntary change ut name any man
may still bu addressed personally
iliruiigh the mails, in summons ni
cuurt or other legal documents, bank
drafts and the liko by his former designation.
As the changing ol unu's iigine is
nut a Oom mon practice, the ruliug uf
the Attorney General's ullice was
untight and in case this should gu
against Mr. Lung, there may still be
appeal to higher oourts.
Montreal   Contractor   Arrives
to Build for Molsons
Tho work of erecting the new building fur tho Molauus Rank in to he
begun at once hy Contractor Byers,
whu arrived hero Monday night Irum
Mie,Inal. The new building will
uocupy the samu lot as the present
premises, on tbo eurner ol McKensie
avenue anil Kirst street and the present structure will be removed to the
lot owned by A. Cowie, somewhat
farther east, on First street.
The plans lor the now building have
nul yet buon exhibited nnr lata the
OontrttOt price been locally announced,
bul particulars will be liiriiished in a
few days nn tho return ol Mr. Dyers
from Vernon, whero he haa a contract
lor another building,
In cuiiiiectiun witb the erection ol
the new bank here by outside parties
there is considerable fouling aiming
lucal contractors who claim thoy havo
a grievance ruapu ting the manner in
which their tenders were treated.
Their statement is that originally
plans lm a molt expensive and nuig-
ni.ieout building were sunt weat frum
Montreal tu obtain tenders un the
work ol construction. As tlieir plans
called for material not in common
use in British Columbia structures,
considerable expense had to be nogu-
tiated before tho cost nl such material
cuuld be learned and trips to Heattlo
and Calgary were necessitated. Their
rocilcl continues lhat when tho tenders   were sent tu  the head office at
Florence Kinrade Now Denys
Former Testimony Says
Stories of Concerts Untrue.
Little Progress Made.
Hamilton, Out., May 1 —Mrs. Kinrade was the lirst witness called laat
night alter the coroner bad refused the
request of the family's legal representative that lho remainder uf the evidence Le taken iu camera. Coroner
Anderson reminded Mra. Kiuradc that
bIio had disohoyod a furmor summons
tn attend, and that if she were a man
he wuuld have lined her. Mrs. Kinrade cuuld not remember what the
girls were talking abuut when she left
thu huuse, but they were bulb dressed
lur the street, wi'.h the exceptiun of
their furs.
Florence Kinrade was tben called.
After a few questions Mr. Hebaou objected tbat she was being held to repeat evidence sbe had already given,
in violation of the judgment of tbe
Mr. Blackstock agreed with this and
asked a series ol questions regarding a
bracelet. Florence said it hud been
presented to her by the Manchester
church choir. The tendency ol the
questions was that the bracelet had
never been presented, She was hazy
in her recollection of the event, She
cuuld not remember anyone whu was
proBeut, except that the presentation
had been made hy the leader of the
cbuir. She did not know the clergyman's name, how many Sundays she
sang iu the church, nor the house,
nor the name uf the street she lived
in, or whether it waa iu Manchester
or Richmond. She denied that when
she went to Virginia Beach Bbe was
in trouble ol any kind, but admitted
that she was very home sick.
At the evening session Mr. Black-
stock finally drew from the girl the
admission that the reports ot Bocials
and concerts she had attended in the
south and in Ontario were all false.
One relerred to a social given at Norway in her honor. The lady reported
as having given it repudiated il. Mr.
BlackBtock produced a letter written
by Florence from Norfolk, tu her
parents, iu which she spuke of the
reception about to take place. Other
letters written home relerred to the
church where she was singing in Manchester, its SLrpliced choir, etc., all of
which the girl admitted as false.
The ruports ol her concerta at Kincardine, Goderioh aud Stratford were
fiotitious, Miss Elliott, she said,
had brought ber to Hamilton. Thia
prompted Mr BlackBtock to remind
her lhat sbe had never belore mentioned Miss Elliott as haviug been
in Hamilton, and Florence explained
tbat she was there once her parents
were away. She could nut afford any
more   information     regarding    Miss
New Seeds.
Wire Fencing
Garden Tools
McClary's Stoves
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
pbjects to a
fair price for
the ri^ht
thing   "
We give our customers such good service
that they glady pay us the price we ask for our
clothing. We do not keep cheap, poor fitting
clothing made out of poor cloth.
We have built'up our business by makiiig
a profit but we make only a fair profit. Holding
up a customer would not pay us. We would
rather hold up the quality of our clothing for
this is what holds up our business.
Large consignment of
Cases just arrived.
b. t waixeh, President I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
iDB»LAi8D,Gener»n_un»ger: Reserve Fund,  -   6,000,000
Tbe new Traveller*' Cheques ro entlj issued hv ihis Bank are a most convenient
way in which to carry mon*} wben travelling'   They are inued in denominations ai
$10,   $20,  $50,   $100 and  $200
and Um exact amount payable in   Austria,   Hi_lf_.ii.111.   Denmark, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Kus-iia, Sweden
and Switzerland  i-> Staled on the fare  of each  rliequi-,   while  in other   t-ocntrie*
they mre payable at current rates
The cheque* and ai! information repu-iling them may he obtained al | veil.
at the Rank. UU
Montreal they were (mind to be too I Messrs. Foote, Pradolini and Fromey
high in   the  sense that   the  building  are the  local   tenderer!   while   thero
would be more OOStly  than   the  bank  w»» one 'rom   Vancouver,   one  Irom
cared to orccl in a city ol  the  size  oi   ^'elsun and another Irum Calgary.
Revelstoke, it ii andentood that the figures on
Tbey allegi   that  tbo   plans   were »h« *Dd« »M *•» oW"! P'«« were
revised by tbe home architect mul that,
without giving them an opportunity
to Bguro on the new plans tin1 work
was let lo a Montreal man who Iihh
arrived with bit loreman to begin the
work of construction, Their grievance
is the greater In that, il thoy had had
a chance to place tbeir ligurcn in competition with those ol nllifi builders
antl they had Iwen tumid to he uut ol
the running they would cheerfully
have accepted the verdict. Still an-
other stinging feature ol tbeir experience is that they have all dune I.minus
with the Mul-..11- hank sumo its
establishment 'it a branoh office  here.
1 aa lulluws: Byers i. Co., Montreal,
$48,000: Foote & Pradolini, Kevelstoke,
148,000; E. c. Fromey, Bevelstoke,
152,400; Allierta lluilding Co., $42,900
wilh Nelion and Vancouver tonder*
running ovei $<;o,()<)0.
Piano at a bargain, guinl as now.
omtuire at Howson'l furniture store.
A car load of uats, chups, shorts.
wan ami all kinds ul leod unloading
today at 0. ti. Hume ft Co's.
Ask to see uur $1.50 felt hats fur
men—C. B, Hume A Ou.
Sends, seeds, seed,—Bennies, SUolt
Briggs, U. M. Kerry's, and McKeniics
in stock at C. B. Hume & Co, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flfoatMfoctalb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Supreme  and   Exchequer Court
Agents.      Practice   in Patent
Ottke    and   betoie     Kaihvay
Com nission.
Hon. Charles Mi rphy, M.l'
11.11...: D I ISHER.
,... '.■ \. .:.i .\i;ii:k
'. i. PINKHAM,
(.,.,,..    ,..,.;      ■■; i,   I.i ll.l.lM. UKVtl..
BTOKE,  B. .
■ ■ •;   ■ .     I..    ■ .   '.J
I, I,   Jl .   IKTI II
ft     _1     ;     . ■      •
...      .    |i C,
J.    ',.   lllHIl'V.
i raubroob 0.'
Soli   tor, etc,
S licitoi
I    r   |   j , .. ,. .-,   |; ,.sk OF I i.mmkiii E,
i ur. Molbi .->- Bank, lire,
I ...-1 ST.,   -   BEVELSTOKE, B.C.
Otik.Hl SMI   -
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Miniog Suiveyur
McKenzie avenue,
IluX   100,   KEVKL8T0KE
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
Meet*  Second  aud   K.iii'tli   Wednesdays in
eatii monm. ut Selkirk Hall.   \ li
tiiL-u coiiiiiiii) invited t" atleutt.
W   U. All.MST'llOSU. Con. Com
J. MellS 1 Viir.,   Lium.
\\ uud-
BEVELSTOKE A Kill K No. \'£l
F. O. E.
Ttie rauolur mem:. -'
Hall  every   rue  i is      :'-
,. iiS | in tho Bslklrk
8    .. clocli
H,i..  every  ruesaay  eveuiug . ...   ■
\ isitiug brethreu m» cordialls Invited.
IT    J    WALSH.   fEESlDKK1
Kootenay Lodge, No.  15, A   F. & A. M.
The roaular meet-
■   are I bW in lhe
Oddlelluwa Hull
"T '.-
.■.;'   VC     •        71   0.I.II0II..M- Hail.uu
R       <£'\*.4$K    V    lhe third Monday in
! • l.jtfi|..ii..  Visitiuabreth-
jgo,-.$¥£*? nn,    cordially   wel-
_r_-.JlijJii    si«s
U. A. l'lltllL'SIKI!. Ski It 111,utl.
I. O.O. F
..,..., Thur
,i,\   evenius nn   -s"'
ior I.       •,!.)' llivl t<
Vi. A. ITOOTE, N.ti
~-[. 11"„   Iiul! .11 Su'. I..t'l.
Yi-;l int.' lu-ottiren nre
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26,   Revelstoke, B. C.
except in
td Wi
each mniii'i.
Hall al 8
KuiKln- '
iiNlv-ii.'. V
hiesil - ..
•    iddlolluw
I'ctick.     vision
r-!iiilly    livitl'd.
G. H. IIBOI'K   K   ,,!   It. A- S
J   li. SfOTT, U,
.! F,
Che ADaiMfocralfc
There i? BO much tmd In the lio.-i ol 11-.
i r.nch good in the worst ol ns,
Tl.ht It hhrdly beliimvo.- auy uf u-.
To lalk about the re-t ol ns.
Canada's most recent Btruggli
with the question ol immigration
ha? been to i cure publicity. To
make world known ber varied and
exbau'-tless resources and the cor-
dia) welcome ^he extends to the
right .-..ut oi settler; to divi rt a
portion of the stream ul immigration irum itrt-i!!!! ,-hui'i.'.- in hi-r own
borders and to secure her Bhare ol
the vast army of Bturdy and w
worker- who an    •   ■ ing liuropeim
■ ■   ■ .   bettci   their 1
1     bee     " . •■••.• .
work ol   . • ments and
ici I
matter foi        .• i
•-.• r; ...i en     ecogi      1
good h
problem h
is ap|    :•:.".     '    '
.•I ii
■ -. neful.   1 hi
- ■
■.'.   nor bei ri
.. nil}     li  ■    .
■ ■ :     • ■
il i i ;■■ ■ ncompetenl   immi
grants    -   '   al  with '!.■   ■    oca
ol   ■ n. _■ i.i  thi  •
ment ol   agencies   to induce uur..'
ment  il u ip ilalioi ;   im I uropo...
■.';.. -   -t. it car  ■-
uised to in      i iho have
the ijuali cat ...
.. r i in   i  ... mti ■ v. iti thi
;ri lulturul mil indu •
trial fi il tires Cai lo ri
■ our Bhores. All others should
be die ir .-.i.I ii persistent in
■.,- di '"i -i iiiii'..i. in come to
i m id i Bhould be turned bad
It   is   encouraging   lhi reiore, lo
lind    n   England and  thi  Uritish
■ - , uning to lhi   luel.    A
real . ■    m   on I hi  pai I ol  emigra
tion agencies, benevolent corporations and societies for the relief of
tliu poor in the Mother country,
that in send people to Canada who
arc uui qualified '" enter into the
spirit and life uf its development
wniiiil In" both cruel nnd criminal
is us important as a process of
selection on the part of those
anxious to see increased immigration. The best publicists of the
Motherland are beginning to realize this and these have reached the
.'um in lion I bat, seconding the careful supervision of immigration bi
i'. an.-, a wide campaign of publicity
with a better understanding by the
people of each country of ihese oi
the othoi is the sure ( preventive
of catastrophe thai can he devised.
A striking evident e of thii awakening was given in Vancouver last
week hy Mr. A. .1. Dawson, editor
ul lhu "Standard of Empire," a
British newspaper founded to comprehensively deal with affairs of
empire. Mr. I la wson Btated lhat
''since its inception a year ago the
"Standard" has published over a
million words about Canada alone,
not one of which has been fruitless.
He mentioned alsu that two Scottish and two other English papers
had followed the path of the "Kui-
1 >ire" and are now its rivals in the
publication of Canadian news antl
the increase of circulation in Canada. Continuing, with the clear
visiun of lhe seer Mr. Dawson says:
•'1 ask you to consider just what
ihis means for Canada, and for
greater Britain generally; the widespread publicity that it means; the
widespread tendency to the establishment and extension of mutual
understanding; that mutual understanding which we are agreed is at
the Imsis ui nil enduring forms uf
unity, politically, commercially,
and in evi ry other wny. This is
what 1 call education by wholesale.1'
"Establishment and extension of
mutual understanding," nre the
hot words in Mr. Dawson's eloquent
phrasing. The masses in llritain
and Canada nre as ignorant of each
other's Bocial instincts, political
life, industrial activities and a
thousand other things that would
bind them closer did Ihey hut understand n- tin- people ut alien
countries and Canadians for the
must part are ignorant even uf the
geography of the Matherland few
being aide tu tell,offhand, the relative geographical positions ni lhe
United Kingdom, while fewer ICng-
lishmen still have anj dream of
the same things respecting Canada.
Moreoverthel oiled Kingdom,with
it.- history and it- traditions; its
established channels of trade and
commerce and its method, oi industrial life is a kingdom in itselt.
lt has built up and established
tiles.- nt ihe cosl of hundreds ol
years of experience. It- | i
now is   to maintain its supremacy
where    ii    has    Blich.       lli '
however from the driving ni a nail
tn the framing of  n new iaw everything   looks   tows       ■   ■
the fostering   oi   n h il   .-   and the
initiation oi w bat may be.
has lure . -i i istoms while
l lu i-i- ol < anaila are in
Britain*    m        nservs
ii.u,-   an    i ind
one w., ■
It is jua
uf imi
him   .
•   ■
tii.it . ,.i
: :   ■ . untries
■r John
mattei ninaling
knowli il which
... , ...
ough   ih.in   in ..Hi'. mailer      Wu
.  tnblii linieni md i   lun   nn ul thai '
in .! ..      indi i i.uei.ii.    ... hii
;ire agl.-.'.i i   lhe basi   nf al
ing im n.   ol unil
the northwesl are similarly afllic- j
ted and British Columbia 1ms not
been without its share in suffering
from the bloody wurk. An element
of mystery overhangs nearly all oi
the tragedies and even when suspects or actually guilty parties are
apprehended the sufficient motive
f..r the taking of a human life—is
difficult if not impossible ot discov
ery. Epidemics ul such crimes are
uol rare. They pervade states,
communities and cities lifting a-
uddenly as thej strike, the puzzh
of all psychologists, Suggestion
one is imi a sufficient explanation,
and a modern Sherlock Homes to
leal wilh ih" psychological law
thai underlies these loctlized
pasms rn" human depravity is more
iue. .-Miry than one to unravel the
mysteries of an individual ease.
While in Canada justice is swifl
where iiiiii is proved and the
wholesome deterrence nf law must
be admitted the moral—or immoral
—lesson in be learned seems to lie
in a study of the Btrenuous efforts
that are made by counsel for the
defence to shield from justice those
concerning whose f_,uilt there can
be little tluubt from lhe the lirst.
Such tactics as keeping out of
court important witnesses who have
been served with coroner's warrants
by menu- of habeas corpus proceedings strike the layman as attempts
tu defeat the ends of justice. If
witnesses are in possession of evidence which would assist the crown
in arriving at the facts and the
jury ;it n verdict there would seem
—to the lay mind—no reason why
they should hesitate to tell all
they know. When they are restrained from doing so by the advice and assistance ut" counsel there
cannot hut grow up in the festering minds of perverts who contemplate crime a comfortable anticipation that clever counsel can
disguise and evade justice.
We ijn not believe as is uften
suggested, that money enn bribe
leading legal talent tu du this.
The explanation would seem to lie
in the sense of satisfaction that
arises from auccessa in attempting
something clever and especially
outwitting clever opposing counsel,
lu the end however, we believe the
effects of such clever work tu he
baneful ninl to sou), extent responsible for the spread of n morbid
desire lo kill.
Kii.-ln and Nelson have jusl finished i heir annual squabble without which neither city seen:.- to be
able to be happy. Tins year n was
uver the arrival and departure of
(In- mails for Ink., points, the intier
city claiming thai the present
schedule leaves Nelson merchants
and   their   laki   i landi-
cap| • ■ rapid mail
Iransit.     Kaslo on the other .
lm-     ii. :. .
•ii.  | resenl arran; ement
■ hal   ' should be.
_    -
■ ■
■ •   •
.    .   -
President B'ime By.
: • ■
■ Press.
I nnl .\lh .- nl  Ml IMH'.i;
Aii epidemic ol murder  ei m i to
In   diseasing   Canada and
i, iiiii-i ini • valuable and inol i n
live       'I uiniiin hn.I three iniirth'i
in us many weeks, variou   pai I   ul
Take Turn About
ui. •    Oil I
ns   far  us   Kiislu    -
weekly II. M    II   ,il I need    will
mimed iu Ilia annum y after di ill
W.   .1    Curl     piano tuner, will he
in tho  oity aboul Wn a Api II    ' irderi
ll ll     Willi     li.    I I.e.!   un    ui   lli .
Oeuoritl Agonoioa  will reci ivo prompt
H.ltOIlllllll III
Seeding and Planting Activities
in Full Swing Outlook is
for Large Crop—Opportunities of Valley Enticing.
With tue warm weather ul the lust
few d.ijs hus cume the resumption ul
gardening and seediut' upeiations in
tue city and tiiiutigiiuut mu wide
ecreicnes oi tue valley that yeuily
bluite the banks ol lho UoUinibia.
v i.Bei.au.t.__ wi evciy oui i uii. oiuiifc, lu.u
i-. imuiu in uk. null alluvial o.ui uu..e
bub blci_.ilu£ ui tUe eiilii,! U'Ulla iw.l)
tnu line auu guncruJ gaideniug uj.ti-
aiiuun aie iu inu blast, ihu trees iue
leaving tvun alacrii) wuuu mu many
buout.ui-.ua ui u.eguuui UUUo gnu
^iruliiiei) ul call} Uiuuui iu oiunaid ui.u
iiitiu lo every ludiuuiiuu ^i <* tui_.u
jear iu." itun ttuu ouuli uiiiui |iiuuutib
ul tile uuil-.o aie cuiiivuiuu jun i.ij
yi-ur iu mio Violin.,). iiiuuu >v.u oeio
aii lijciei.ou ,,, tiie acreage unm^i.l
unuur uuiilvattuu auu uu lucreaae in
lue productivity ul tne out! uuuti
uiunei uiauugeuiuut. 1- tiny lu,uuu
nun H'LC's Wul'e plautoU nisi eniing
and lino year are giving uvety lnuieu-
.luii ui taking naturally iu iue oui .
In llie matter ul t_.ui.ui iruits Kevel-
oiuke and Ho vluluuy eujoye uu enviiu
it-nutiiiiun bulu lui' llie quanil.) nnil
quality ol ilie Iruit pruuueed. li ib
itaaiiy ueiiiuusli'iiule tbal WHU piupei
cultivation in tbe ruining ul stitttv-
bc-I'iies aluue, trom IflitlU tu if 1,200 ci.n
be realized hum eue.ii acre bundled.
Other garden vine auu etem truite
yieid in tipiul pruportiun, autl for none
ul tbem iluea the eliuiiilL ui soil ateni
uuadapiod. Equally satisfactory is
the raising uf apples, penis and plums
iu siiite ul tbe iuet that a tew yeais
,igu it was believed tbat tbe valley was
uuadapted tu the growth ol these
varieties of fuiit. This belief deterred
the planting of large acreages Unit
would otherwise he nuw yielding large
dividends, hut since it bus lieen dia-
cuvered that there is no place in British Columbia where the climate more
salubriously suits the growth uf these
trees and tbe maturing ni such fruit,
extensive undertakidga in horticulture
are in progress.
The whule valley in the bond uf the
nnr adjacent to the city will, withuiit
doubt, be trnnsfurined in a few years
into ;i vas! t .punse of orchard and
fruit fariiis wiih relieving patches ul
: garden anil vegetable areas. Fully
15,000 or'20,000 acres ui this valley
land i- easily convertible tu such
purposes, mul the fact lhat unly a
-mail portion ol this is already under
cultivation, presages an influx of
fruit growing population mice the
nuiutiil opportunities become mure
fully knoan.
... rk wns dune at the Culgary
K.ttr last year in advertising   the  products an.i resources  ol  tbe  valley in
respect      A   large shipment  ul
.us was sent to tbe Fair and
ised   to   tho   best   pussihle
otb on its n« n mei ii and
i i.  ivitii  the exhibits uf
. ■ -     11 ... ,- conceded   by  all
■ ■.. . roub ■■ to compare tbe
the  display  tbat
itoki    i hibil noi only ranki d
..I   its
. 'I   fruit I
...    tnd    ....
■   offer  ■ !■•   ilsioke
thai . in ..is Irom
;.u  II   - .ui-.
.   ike
* i
d  snd
■.,.;..    i bt li ward
I...   -1.
itiei i
i ■■'.. ii   ll . KCll
..M. Ig lb   its
i ■ i,. .i .
D in I       .       .    lay as mill
..       . ni
  .',   no in    i
mil   i luu   ■
...iiiii i.   iiii. Irngati ■  • . equably
. i li" i: l'i mu   inl   lay . I
■ i be        ■ .   ui   immense
B in)    .' Ill i     n illmnl
i In *e artificial anl« good Iruil oannol
Annual Meetings of the District
and Province
The annual Couferenceof the Metb-
nlist church in B.C , will convene in
Queen's Ave. ohurch at New Westminster, Mny Kli h, mid cm) tin ue lor
abniit. one week. Tin- stationing coni-
miupp nf the church will meet nu
Monday evening the 10th inst.,nt. 7:l!()
and continue in session with nn occasional adjournment during the 12th.
The annual Conference proper now
consists ol members and laymen in
equal numbers.
Rev. T. W. Hull, pastor ol tbe
Metln di-t church in ilii- city, lefl nn
last night's train, (X Dl) lor K ni-
liuips. win ro he will pre-ile uver the
.li-trict meeting during Wednesday
aod Thursday, 5th and f'nh, nnd be
expects to leave the city on Friday
in .ruing for the Coast to take his
p'nee nn the stationing committee on
Monday evening, 10th inst.
Rev Carpenter, nf Qolden, will iill
Mr, Hall's pulpit on tho Oth instant
uml the lollowing Sunday
Before the First of Mny, two six
roomed houses, in Revelstuke, with
two acres of land each; iuoluding, if
wanted, horse and rigs and all garden
tools. Situated west ul C.I'.R. truck
Lower town.   Apply to
tc Box 286, RevelBtoke,
Mill Wood
Reduced Prices
Now  is  the time to urder your mill
wood,    Five. Innds and uver
$1.75 Per Load
delivered   at   sny puint between Mill
anil Ku.it. nny Street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order at ntlice of
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boagho
Oasb Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Arrange now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   McKenzie Avo
Mnuiifucturoil for nil classes nf bulldioga
fur >itle in largo <»r small ijuauttttea
at tlio tiiwe.ii prices fur cash.
All k i ni Is nf bulldiaa ami plastering
(MOW CARD Will I'liVCi
llui -l. DEOOBA ! IMi
lose   Wi ik   Uiiaranteed,
Mail  Orders   Promptly   Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
''VI OO*
cheapest in the
ena because It
wears longest
leer** l .-.m.. C* emm
*•__•*■'_• ti.
Are Y-
j mi are  if   ynu  hnve n  duplicate coupon bearing one uf  th
numbers below,    tf you hold  a  lucky  number  mail it to.us, and you
will receive n beautiful 1U!I piece dinner set.     But remember—you tire
us likely to  win   next  mouih  on  thin  month's coupon, bo Bave .your
coupons and collect as many us you can.
The winning numbers for April are:
Royal Standard Flour iB a winner anyway. IT IS THE l'UU-
EST AND BEST FLOUR MADE. Every 491b. sack contai.is a
coupons entitling the holder tu u chance to win one of ten beautiful and
oostly dinner sets given away oach month. Gather lhe coupons, and
watch lliift space for announcements.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 05 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVEL3I0KE, B. C. Branoh, W. IS. PRATT, Manager.
-'"V._»«-.j_, •  .1  «,••*»'
Make Your Home Beautiful
ivithuiie.il our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered iu high guide nilk, or
damask, with (rallies that nre iu every
(iin.i i.'ivnliie design, anci made to wear
iuih llnileiv. We nave ninny new and
beautiful parlor sett and odd pieces fur
heautifyjug tbe home that are taste,
ful, effective ami inexpensive, and will
show  ynur  rooms   to the  beat ml van-
Big Discount  %%Sl!W
on all
Cask Sales     A
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
as fm
■ '»-^^%%^V%^%%^%^^%%i%^%i%^%^%.W%^^%%^l
£  P.   BJRNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. {
IIKAD l)l.'|i'll!K I    1'Al.tlAltV,    AI.IIKIITA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live St .ek.   Markets lu all tbe nrlncl
pal Uitles and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia i,,,,! the xukon,
Packers of tbe Celebrated Brand  " Iinperntur" Bams and Bacon,
t.uml ".siiiiuiiii.il" Brand Leaf.Lard. .
%.*--%^%^%-'%^%^%.-V^%%.%'V%^V%^V<,'«.'*^.%1^V%^% hrM
Import direct from country ot origin.
Sm A V EXjSTOKIEI    B. o.
Central Hotel
^=a____ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.       First-olaBB in every respeot,     -^ll modern convenience).
Lar^e iSam]ile Rooms.
Kates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with thn choicest ihe
mitrket affords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day,    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEET      STOlNriE      PROP.
Ikst brands Ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at tlii.s
Proprietor w
■"* Tlioso destroyers oannot live where troos havo bco- troitcil with     ^^
W A R N O C K ' S 'I R E E P A I N T
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, Sue Jose Senle, Oystei
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. THE COST Is VERY SM ILL li will
uut wash nil'. One application protects for twn yea'-s. Warwick's Tree Palm i
Is uut an experiment, It has stood the tesl for six years in nil parts nf tin
United States. II. is an absolute preventative art! cure for Pear Blight.. We
Invite investigation. Tho Arkansas Experimental Station has used this tree
pain' for three years. November, 1907; Ihey purchrscd 50 gallons for free
distribution among lending orchards.    Send for 10-page free booklet to
(!. R. DAWES, Enderby, II.C. Sole Manufacturers for B. C,
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
31st. decembkh, 1908
Security For Policy Holders
I'.iid on i-iui-k ..$ 89,490 00
Bal. uiieulleeted  L18.47000
Seeds for the Farm, Harden, Lawn nr Conservatory, Te-iled stock from
the best growers In England, Friuce, Holland,
United Slates, Canada.
Fruit mul Ornamental
Trees, Sui ul Fruits, English Hollies. Grown in
tbe only pari ofJAmerican
I'oiitinent nul Infested
with the S ui ,1ns, scale.
Cur trees tin noi have In
be fumigated nnd couse
quently damaged,
140 Page Catalogue   Free
M.   J.    HENRY
Oreen Houses and Seed Houses     \
3010 Westminster Road t.
1 ^yiiaLwio
Government requirement,.  192,6118 03
Balniieu nt credit      24,970.29
       1111 1 ■ "'I"" 1 uwniin  _., F-f.   g   J B     lt|   l\\f
- ■: ...... KAIL WAY
.__-.  ,       ._._.. .- .,»- — .- - -
Total Security $376 584.32
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion  Mineral Claim, situate   in
the Troul Lake Wining Division of
West Kooteuay District.
Where located:    Rapid Creek.
Take nolice lhal I. Catherine Maud
Fraser, Free Miner's Certificate No. B
9-1293, iiiieiid. sixty tliivs from the date
hnieiil', tn apply lo Hie Mining Record-
er for a Certilicate of Improvements,
tut-ilu- purpose of obtaining a Crown
Gi-a.nl of the above claim.
And further lake notice thai action,
under section 'Al. uuisi be commenced
before  lhe issuance ol such Cevlilteate
Of luiplul ellletlls.
Dated   ihis  22nd dav of   February,
A.D. imiu.
mny i'2       l.v tiikuisk Maud Fkaseb
J j eil. .Sill) pel iniitilh, musl lie experienced—Halcyon Hnl Springs.
Nolice of Dissolution
the partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned as cigar manufacturers at Kevelsloke, B.C., under
lhe name ul tlie Union Cigui'Factory,
has been dissolved by mutual consent.
Tbe business will in future be carried
on by James Walker, whu assumes all
liabilities of the partnership and whu
is entitled to receive payment of nil
stuns due unit payable to ihe partnership.
Dated April 3rd, 1909.
1II. A. I im iwn,
i.l.\s. Walker.
Notice is hereby given that, al lie
expiration of three months from dale
hereof, application will be mndi to His
Honour, the Lieutenant Goveinor-in-
Council for an Order in Council change
in^' ihe name of Woolsey, LePeaux &
Company, Limited, to "Lefeaux &
Sutherland, Limited,"
Dated this 8th day of February, 1909,
Habvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
Snlieit ors fur the said Company,
may 2
Revelstoko Land District.
District ul Wesi Kootenay.
Take notice that I. John tl. Selkirk,
Agent, of Vancouver, B.C., iutend to
apply to the Commissioner of Lands
,-tiul Works for permission to purchase
the following described lauds:
Beginning at a pnsl planted about
2u chains east of tbe north east corner
of Timber Limit No. 12150, nn Upper
Arrow Luke. West Kuotenny, running
west 80 chains, thence north 00 chains,
thence east 00 chuins, iheneo south HI
chains, iheuee eust 20 cbains, iheuee
suuth 2u chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 7th, 1909.
up II
Revelstoke Land District.
District ni West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I. A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, 111'., occupation, luin-
lii'ininn, thirty days after date intend
iu npply for permission lo purchase
the billowing descrilied land:
Commencing at a pust planted on
lake sin ire, nt. the northeast corner of
jut7905 nnd marked "A. W, Dickin-
snn's Northwest Comer," thenee south
10 ohains, ensi ID chains, north 40
cbalna, west lOohains, following lake
shore to place of commencement.
Dated April 7th, 1909.
Ap. 10. A. VV. Dickinson.
.IOR SALE—A Six-roomed cottage
ipply It. N. Doyle.
I.IOll SALE—Two he.lt 11 suites
' one Doberty organ in piano case,
.unl nthei household art ie Ies. Apply
A. I'liiiniilinel. McKenzie ave.
rTTanled n   ivniniin   tn  clean  offices
VV   npply Canadian   Bunk   uf  Cuin-
lllel-i I'. tl
VTTANTED-Edgerman and Seller
V V lm 1 inu! ii- mill. Apply Lee
Lumber Cu., Wigwam, H O.
Ana iuti Keeping Qualities
SOME people 'md it necessary to buy a considerable quantity
of (1  ■ - :     one time— »u ..i lent to last f.ir a long period.
Natural!) llie;     e u ixious to procure a tlour of '.he kind best
adapted to lengthy storage.
There are two important r asons why PURITY' FLOUR
possesses these qualities. One is tbat ir. is made entirely from
Manitoba ! . :.' Wheat. The othsr lies in tbe fact that the careful
milling r..:- s.- to produce "Purity" absolutely excludes uii
low-grade particles >f the wh at berry. It's the high grade
Manitoba Hard Wheat Flnur that keeps—stands longest storage.
Thai's ' Purity."
"Purity" flour may cost'a Utile more,
but is more than wouh the difference,
Tiyit.    Watch results both iur quality
an J yield,
"More Bread
and better Bread"
Western Canada Flour Mills Co., Limited
Mill  at Sl, Boniface, Godcrich, Brandon,
Office, Wintiipeir, Mnnitctn
TTTANTED—Planei   hand,  able   lo
W      handle  Hi inch   nuilcli luniher,
-unl makeinotildhig,    Apply Lee Luu 1
ber Co,, Wigwam, II. C.
I 1 ORSES  FOB  SALE   s .mul and
II young.   W, E. Smilh, liux 700,
WANTED   A  person  lo lake cure
of 11 Imliy, une month uld.    Ap-
ply by letter. "M," lu Ihis otlict".
RTTANTED   Pinner   hand,  able to
VV     baudle  13 inch    matcher    nnil
innko mouldings.    Apply Lee Lumber
Kevelslnke Lmnl District.
Distriel nl' West Kootenay.
Take notice that Julin A, Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
wnni.-in. intend toappiy for permission
to purchase ihe following described
Commencing al a pus), planted at
suiilh-e.isl corner of Lot 8300, thence
west lu cbains, thenee south 7 chains
more nr less to lake shore, Ihence along
lake shoro to point of commencement,
Dated littl April, 1009.
np 10-lilld JULIA A. SIMPSON.
Notice of Dissolution
Xuiin- is lieteliy given that the partnership heretofore existing between
tbe undersigned E.J. Branford, Frank
Hill ninl A. Wallace Dickinson, carrying on hnsiness iis E.J. Branford A: Oo.
as freighters and packers at Oamborne
and Beaton, B. O., has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent. The said
A. Wallace Dickinson retiring from
lhe said firm and the said E. J. B11111-
fiird and Frank Hill continuing lhe
business under the same name of E, .1.
Branford & Oo.
Dated April Uth, 1909.
E. .1. Branford,
A. W. Dickinson,
ap I i-niy 6     Frank Hi i.i..
How Our System Looks to the
Oriental   Student.— Canada i
Loses   Mongolian   Pupils.—
Head Tax Criticized.
At the annual dinner ol the law
faculty ul McGill University in Montreal lust week, a unique feature was
that the chief speech was delivered by
Peter Huig, 'he Chinaman who beat
al! his riiuls at the examinations a
year ago, nnd may du s again this
year. The toast to "the best little
yellow devil that ever cume to tuwn"
was by far the most popular of the
eveuiug. Dealing with the awakening
oi China to the civilization ui the
West, and what Canada did to drive
the Chinese student to other countries
he said in part —
" China is awakening. She realizes
what a nation should possess in order
to be called a power iu the twentieth
century. She realizes the value ot
adopting a modern commercial policy,
the introduction ol better cummuui-
cution and transportation, the development of her industries, and the
establishing of a betier form of government aud judicial system, in urder
that she may he recognized to be a
member uf ihe international circle.
Tu bring abuut ihese changes, she
found that her old library system of
education wn. noi suitable, and by an
Imperial edict in  1901, the  old   edu-
prejutlice ie hardly nuticeuble among
the educated class, which reasons
according to sound principles. * * *
China has abolished her closed duor
policy and is now trading with all the
nations of the world. Canada is
friendly with China, but 1 plead that
I the Canadian Government should
help tu extend the open duur pulicy in
Prospective Minister of Labor
Sees No Dangers Ahead
XV. L, Mackenzie King, M. P., the
prospect ive minister ol labor in the
federal cabinet has returned trom 11
round the-wurld tuor, the principal
object uf which was tu take iu an in-
teruaiiuinil congress on the opium
trallic in the Orient. In an interview given tu the News-Advertiser at
Vancouver, Mr. King, dealing with
Oriental immigration uniting other
problems thai are being faced by the
Imperial aud Federal authorities said:
'•Thuugb the time has been short,
this tripruuud the wurld has afforded
exceptional opportunities uf gaining
a first-hand knowledge of sume of the
world problems with which the Do
minion is concerned, and of seeing in
clearer perspective the siguilicence uf
the part which Canada is playing aud
is destined to play in Imperial aud
international affairs, 1 return with
tlie c nviotion, after a necessarily
hurried though uot whully superficial
observation  and study uf   conditions
Sums to Be Spent by Construction Companies in Western j
Provinces—A Net Work of j
Railroads for 1909.
Winnipeg, May 5.—Approximately
$85,000,000 will he spent by railroads
in actual construction in Western
Oanada during 1909, according to
statements made by head ollicials oil
the various companies. Thecunstruc-
tiun campaign laid uut by the Canadian I'acilic is the most costly and
calls for Lhe expenditure ol uver
$20,000,000. JaraesJ.Hill will spend
$15,000,000 uu the Great Northern
und subsidiary companies in Western
Oanada, together making a futirth
trunk system iteruss the prairies westward frum tllie city. The Canadian
Northern intends to spend some
$11,000,000, pari ul which will be for
the extension Of its main line towards
the i'acilic Coast. A like amount will
be spent by the Grand Trunk I'acilic
un its main line between Winnipeg
nnd the 1'ncilic Ocean, but the bulk of
the money used by this cumpany during lllOll will he un its brunch lines.
This year Melville, Saskatchewan,
the headquarters ul the Grand Trunk
I'acilic in Western Canada, appearB tu
be tlio must Favored tuwn, fur the
company has aniuiunced that at least
three bianobes will be built Irom there
this year. One will run northwesterly
to Prince Albert, another northeasterly
to tbe Hudson's Bay, while a third
will run tu the American boundary,
passing through llegiua en roule.
These three linee will bo the most
important ever built in Western Canada, as far as American farmers an
hnmeseekei's are concerned, for they |
will give direct access to rich mineral
deposits aud the famous Pence Rivei
valley north uf Prince Albert, while
the uther northerly lino will give direct communication tu Hudson's Buy
and the short wheal rutile to  Europe.
The remainder of the $86,OUO,000
will easily be expended by the almus
innumerable cumpimies chartered to
build lines in all directiune, cuveriug
Western Canada with a net wurk uf
railroads like a spider's web.
The unly cloud un tbe horizon is a
pruspect ut a shortage of labor, but it
is said this will not-be very serious
owing to the large immigration now
promised frum ull quarters ol the
To  purchase Jackson A:  Parker,
Insolvent, Property
I'enders will bo received by the undersigned up till SATURDAY, MAY
lli, 1909, for ihe purchase of the following property and building material
belonging to tho estate of Jackson &
I'ut-Kel   illsulvents:
One Ini and dwelling! se, formerly
iiceiipic ily Juukson & I'm ker and used
as n business ollice.
one lui nntl partly llnMied dwelling,
stable i led mi ihe Ini.
Both these properties tu   Okan-
ugan street, al the bend of McLeod
About I.2IH) rolls nf wall paper.
Tenders will he received I'm   whole or
Four ur live ihuiiHiiiiil feel ni lumber,
n lui of which is lirsl-i'lnsN -itliiig.
Fifty or sixiy sacks of wood llbre
A quantity of lire brick and aboul
llfly fool of I ninl il inch drain tile,
Tonus "I Bale i Oash, The hlghesl
rn- any louder nut necessarily accepted
Property may bo seen by applying
tu ihe undersigned.
.liuin Johnson,
Take notice that thirty days after
date I Intend lo apply to the Superintendent of Provinolal Police for a renewal of the retail liquor license for
the I iiiun Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C,
for lhe half yeai. from June HOtll, Won,
to December 81st, 1909.
Dated this 5th day of May, 1909.
may S lm VV, J. Liohtburse.
Take notice thai we intend lu make
application lu the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewaj of the
retail liquor license for the Lakeview
Hotel, Arrowhead, 11. ('.. for the half-
year from June 80th, 1900, lo Dec 81sl
Dated May 5th, 1009,
my 5, lm       Pi.ujmiton iV Chapman,
duplicate Certilicate of Title for
Luts I, 2nnit 8, Block 99, Town
of Revelstoke (Map 880).
It Is my Intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the flrsl
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate  of Title    to    the    above
mentioned lots In the mu f Dennis
McCarthy, which Certificate is dated
the 6th nl' Deoeuiber, 1906, mul
numbered 0348D.
District Registrar,
Lmnl Itegiljlry lllliee,
Nelson, II. i'.. March 21, 1909,
Revolstoke Cricket Club
Si.A-.ns 1000
All n lm wish Lo bo uieinl.ei - and to
he Included In tho Ual of players, are
i ei 11 ie.sled tn sei I, | their names al once
lo W. II. HUMPHREYS, Hon. Secy..
P, it. Box 7u|.
Membership Fee $0.       up Hl-iuy »
catiuuul   system   was   abulisbtd   aud
to-day ber students ore looking to the ; in otlier [anag_ timt „u cuuntry uu the
West fur their knuwledge iu muderu I face of tlle glube affords at the nesciences. | Mcui jike opportunities uf improve^
There are uow thousands of students ment| happiness and prosperity ur a
in Japan, several hundreds in the Lreater measure oi liberty lor tbe mass
leading colleges ol ihe United States 0f the people than Canada:
and many in Great Britain nnd the I have, of course, concerned myself
different countries ol Europe, but I prjmaiily with a study of theoondition
am sorry lu sny that there aie only Lj tbe industrial classes. As compar-
two Chinese university students in Lj witb the countries of the Orient,
Canada. 1 hope that belore long our i the jitVertnce iu the standards of liv-
institutiuns of learning, which are  by  jng uf   (jaLindiaii workerB,  both  rural
uu means inferior tu thuee uf imy
other country, will be better kuuwn to
the Oninese,
These young Chinese abroad,whether
Guvernnieiit ur private students, will
return tu China, alter the completion
ol their .studies. They will be influential leaders of the country, and no
doubt these Western graduates will he
deeply interested iu the future international relations between China and
other cuuntries ol the wurld.
Nuw, let ue set what encouragement
the Canadian Government gives to the
Chinese Btudents. I refer you to Lhe
Chinese Immigration Act. Prior to
1904 a Chinese student could come to
Oanada without mucb difficulty, In
that year the bend tax upon Chinese
was raised frum $100 In $600 Under
thai act a student upon Ins entry into
Canada lm<l todeposit $600 and after
having attended certain schuulo a year
is entitled tu a refund of lhe $600,
The Canadian Partisan nt bus pKSBed
many wise acts as the Lemieux Act,
and the act to prohibit importation
iiianu'acture anil Bale ol upiiini, but in
adopting such rigorous measures
against the Chinese students it is not
very complimentary,
Idmi'tsay that the action ul the
Government is wlmlly unjustified, but
I du sny that it is a wiser pulicy to
enonurtiKe the students to cume tu
Canada instead ol discouraging them.
Suppose ii Chinese student desires
to euiiie to McGill ur any oi uur sister
universities.    1   don't   think   that   he
would subject himself to tbe indignity
ol depositing $600 and then ask fnr a
refund later.      He   wuuld rather gu In
the States or tu Great Britain where
he is admitted Ire ly. * * * *
I know that there um unfortunate
difficulties between tbe Canadians and
the Oblneae, li is because we do not
•ludcritaiid each uther.    This national
Ail Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and  Advertising Rates
Happenings  Throughout Week
in B. C.
The canvass lur $KO,OUO tu build a
new Y.M.C.A. home in Victoria which
hits been gning un the past month
closed last Saturday night witb $l(.'0,-
U)2 ;")0 pledged to lhe enterprise, Vic-
torians loosened up handsomely in the
shoit time during which they were
aud urban, are so considerable ns to
give rise to problems far-reaching in
their consequences.
So tar as the Dominion is immediately concerned, the question of immigration is perhaps thu most important, Tu preserve the standards
which our industrial classes have
reached, restriction of immigration
from the Orient is an absolute necessity. This, happily, is reoognised by
the authorities uf the great countries
acruss the i'aciiit: hardly lesa than by
ourselves, and su lung us we are prepared tu act Willi the furbearauco and
moderation which should be dictated
by a consideration uf the difficulties
Eastern statesmen have to luce iu the
government ol multitudes, and by a
realization of our own positiun as a
part uf the British Empire and a
young nation asking to develop its
resources and expand   its commerce
and relations with other and older
countries, we need have nothing to
fear frum Oriental immigration, nut at
least fur lniiny years to come."
Regrets Head Tax
At tbe convocation uf McGill bin
versity, in Mnntreal, Dean Walton
expressed deep regret that lhe policy
ul the government did so mucb tu
tliscutiriige Chinese students Irom
On n ud ian universities.  II they wauled
tu go tn  universities  ol   the   United
States ur England the duurs wore wide
upt'ii to them. Only in Canada, he
said, musl u Chinese Bttitlent puy a
nead tax ol $600 boforu entering the
country.    11 was Line thai a   certified
student might got a refund alter a year
ol sludy, but a student was not   likely
to choose to take his university career
■ill a cuuntry wbicli exposed him li) the
humiliating necessity uf paying u hcutl
The E. fi N. Kaiiway is tu build new
terminals at Victoria. These will
cousis- of new depot buildings, a
larger roundhouse nnd workshop and
capaci us coal bunkers on tlie waterfront.
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through  a   Blind  Man's   Eye
City Crowded With Applicants
for Work at Exposition
SEATTLE, May 5.—Never iii tho city
ol Seaiilu has anyone been so swamped]
with applications for wurk as have the j
officials o! the Alaska Yiikun-l'ticilic
Exposition. 11 seems thai about half
uf the inlull piipnlaiiuii ul the state
wants to work at the Fair, and nl, of:
the youngsters. Applications oome in
by every mail and the offices uf the
Exposition nre crowded with ullice
seekers. They want all suits ut jobs,
anything that will entitle them to a
season'b pass. Money in must cases
is no ol j"ct. They want to work at
lhe exposition, il Ihey have lo pay fur
the privilege. And suine ol the sppli.
omits take iheir failure tu obtain work
quite philosophically and walk into
the treasurer's ullice to buy a season's
ticket, which can bu had for   ten   dollars    il    bought  lirluro   the   openingI
Dining the lasl six months llinre
have been'al all limes between Inu
and three thousand men ut wurk on
the fair grounds, many ol them employed by contractors All employes
have been well paid, and will be,
although the Exposition oould gel its
lubur very damply if il took advantage
ul the wild scramble lor jobs, But
there is little chance tu-day for the
yuiing   man   whu   cimios   to   Seattle,
because be believes there will be hundreds ni jubs around tbe exposition,
Every position is already spoken lor
by scores ul applicants. The Exposition is sparing nn pains to secure
oom potent employes wbo will minister
to tho care nnil comfort of visitors,
A Canadian  Made Writing  Machine
J-'ur ease..[ operation and
perfection in tbe results pru-
duced the " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER i- unsurpassed,
The" EMPIRE" embodies
im complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, margin ! facilities,
automatic conv miences, durability, visible writiti).'. minimum oi noise in operation
make it the typewriter pur
The" EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer purls
to be cared fur also due to the
istrmig lines of simplicity that
are pari nf tbe machine
The C.P.K, began using tin-
EMPIRE Typewritei in
1895, continued lo add to the
number, and nuw huve in
constant Use more than 700
of these iiiueliiue-
The British Government
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
Pongee Silks
Thirty inches in width.     Selling at
.it 35c. per yard.
Japanese Taffeta Silk
F irmerly  lold at 50c. per yard, now
1     .,   pei yard.
Printed Delaines
Thirty inch,  for   Dressing  Jackets,
trimmings,   etc ,   in dainty stripes
and   floral   designs,   regulai  50c.,
now .' ■■ - ... yard.
Dress Goods
All   Dress  Goods selling  at One-
Third off regular pi ice.
Men's Shirts
These  s_ilJ   at   the regular price ol
$1.25, now ;,se. each
English Prints
Thirty-one inches  in   width; at 10c.
per   yard.      All   these warranted to
be fast colors.
Boys' Ribbed Hose
Regular .sue., now 25c. per pair.
Men's Tweed Pants
Good \alues at  $2.00   now   selling
at $1.50 .1 pair.
Boots and Shoes
We can oiler you extra good values
in this season's goods.
Money Savers
(lui   every   day    priees    means   a
saving on   every   dollar  purchased
in all our departments.
mt "^
Pure Drugs
com! inc.! "i'.n oarelul
compounding, prompt
delivery nnd reasonable
prices are the factors
wbicli leu. built up uur
business to its present
immense p roporti ins.
Bring yuur next pre-
Boription here if you
wani.- itisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
c; a r l) e n  s i: i<: d s
full nnil inspect our -luck ul' Ouion Sets and Garden Seeds nl' nil kinds
None hut new seeds kept in -tuck
Wo carry 11 complete line nf
staple .iiul fancy groceries, nn. 1
can oll'or you tho besi goods .it
i be same price us yuu pay for
inferior lines.
dm In,..nl. cake and pustr.i trade
is rapidly Increasing, a trial
order for any one of the above
will explain why. Our aim is to
keep only the besi.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Couecteo, Loans Notaby Publio
) <KW<HK><H>0<HK><H>O<KKH><H><K>0 <
♦ *******#*** Je.l   *•■■>•.*****#*■*****■*•*****•*******■'***«*******»
Local and General.
Hear the Fairies nnil Witches chorus
at the opera house on Friday nigbl.
A revised pn gram ul the Kiorindu
i   nci ri is published in to-day's  issue.
Hear the "Florinda," chorus Friday
night at the opera house.
1. A. Lewis bus tak n over thi
i usiness of the Hevelstoke Cartage
Cl u.pany.
The Independent Band played at
tbe rink last night. There was n
large attendance aud the skating was
mucb enjoyed.
Tbe regular meeting uf the Bevel
atuke Board ol Trade will be held in
the council chamber tomorrow evening at s o'clock.
Come to the tea at the bon e of -Mrs.
I. I.aiigbtuu. Fourth Street,afternoon
uud evening. Goad programme in the
evening.   Admission! 25c.
R. Tapping, manager ol the opera
House, has r, ceived word frum the
manager ol the San Francisco opera
1 | any stating that that company
will play io Revelstoke on dates to be
Another suda water fountain and
ice cream Bizzler i- i i I"' added to tin
attracti.-iiis oi the summer refreshment
trade in the city The I uion ttestaur-
ant is having une put in place and by
next week will be ready to dispense
the Bweetened wind. Then will the
young lady naively suggest to the j
youth as they parade McKenzie ave..
"Have yuu seen the new soda fountain
at tbe Union, and he will feel ol his
puckets to learn il be has the price
fur twi . Then led like a lamb to tbi
counter he will urder mashed straw-
btrries and ice cream to tbe delectation ol ni« heart s ill-light.
Secoi ■! ■    ■ • ii	
'      :        ' $15
Negotiating Subsidy
,.-..-   a r.    ■   a-    proceed
etweei    ':       'oi        i    Gnverni
- ■     ' .        sti ,   ■
■ S   i       iland foi • -
i , . • I •_ . .
et wi . ■•      u
sy d ne} 	
i,i.- I that il
igh   the  i
■    .
•    put tl
I     : ' .
in;*  • '    • ■• r and -;. I
11   - bat a- a re-.,,', ol tl
boh  passing   .,•: wei n
. ttawa ai.d .-a .!>uue« Mills managing
dieecb     ' aion  Btea nsbip  I
lhi    ft  ■• ■  nmenl   will   o intinue   tin-
rate ui   subsidy       ..   ...   ...   i j the
ni] u. y loi ano '■ il yi an
Your Insurance
Is  um- nl   iht   niusl   important   items
in \imr business
LEI Kootenay Agencies, Ltd
Look after ihis branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Social and Personal
S'l  .1      I    ;.       til     Ullil's      lllll 1.
nnil Side i
I'I ■     I..,!. -I   Style
i.uld M..uui.
Mrs. B. A. Lawson will not reccivs
on Thursday, May 6th.
Mre. McKitriek of Nakusp was in
the city Tuesday.
Mr-. If, C. Elliott will ie i i' ceive
Mr.-.     V,    U     '■'   '
receive Friday next.
Miss - ue air,      Vai
tor ol 1   1,. Sinclair, is in tho
11. .1. William- ■•■ ol    Vane
renewing old acquaintances in tuwn.
Mr. ami Mrs   : . a -
Monday i    theii il  M    Be Jaw.
Mrs, M   Pettipieci and daughter left
n Monday morning i      .-     o| oints,
.    ; ■   il       • rs I ■--   i
the citj ads
Ar! iri.     '...     i
eouver lot i vii
•.'     . i Th
... i .
viil visit (rii
Mrs. Can  mother ol   Mrs
E .ch' ro, lell   on   M d   i
ber ii
K. omi   DI       ■    • -
l|..M''      '
;  . i
• i
I   i ...iy Barber
.   |. . .        , nighi     il      is tn
ibsent attending	
Mr-   .       ■   . he Cli  isi Hotel
ell    i ft ■ iait to ilm ci ai I    n Monday
nighi      -." i.. ...i.i whether
shi  will return to Revi
Bev. .1. ll, Itobertson lell on Mond i
i iui(bt   lur   Victoria,   «hi re   he    wib
attend the annual icaaions ol the B.C
-yiiu'l ol ibe Presb)'. imi. church
Cl .-. Mc< mi. i left yesterday morning li i Iti pul  ic  ' i ii . uu profs
ul businoss.     Ile  will   visit Spi    •
beloro returning to i be city.
Mrs II. Creelman and two men .In rs
ol hei liiiniiy left on Monday i easl
bound train lor Nova Scotia to spend
the summer, It Is probable that Mr,
and Mrs. Oreelman's lutnre residence
Will be in Vancouver.
hr. .Sutherland lull lur \ ancotiver
un Monday night to attond thu annual
meeting of tho examining board of the
Bt'.. Medical Association ul wbioh he
is nn examiuer, lie will bo nwny hum
the oity a fortnight,
.1. .1. Porter, the well known railway
conductor, left on Saturday lor liostun
to attend tbe annual convention of
the O.K.!' wbicli meets on May 10.
Alter the convention Mr. Porter will
visil ins old borne iu i'.K I.
Kev. T. IV, Hall, pastor ■( the
Mi th. dist church, lefl yesterday evening lor Kamloops to presidi u the
annual meeting ol the Kamloops district. 11 id eeed trom there to
New Wesi minster I attend the
annual Methodist <   mferenci
i Mel      tl      • ■ • - ...■   ig
r '■'. who   are
acr .88  tbi ■   rnvr,   returned
the I    ist cities
ist £ •      _
Mr. Mcl -to-    ,-    -
er,      He
.   -
i ber
-   -
School  Trustees Will Ask the
Council for Money
est manm
acted   I.-
i .      .--..-
,    ...    .
payers «
..,,. ■'■
i nd i be purcha ie  ol   HI
property  in
ii...   present   whonl    prenrii ■•
block u i- proposed  iill ultima
1     I I igh       ....
.....    ion   at   the   presei I
i  I in tne inten il
.unl nf tin  ratepayi r i
,\    memorial    vil     hsci
submitted to   ho Citj   I louncil   il
11 ■   t meeting asking that   i   b   i
prepared In scoordance with the above
i mr   shoe bargains   Boys boots nt
ifl.Uii, ladies' boots and Oxfords 'fl 1)5;
('. ll. Hume A  Ou.
\\ nl.cli lm uui  I' tnlny mill   -. lllirdsy
bargains iu buys clothing, 12
Y.M.C.A. Makes Generous Provision for May 24-
The different committee's of the V.
M.C.A. met nn Monday night and decided to hold an athletic meet this
year as usual. However this year it
will be heltl on iheir uwn grouuda
preparations are well under way and a
banner meet is assured.
The following is the lull program ot
In the early part of the morning
smile small buy nnd girl races will be
runoff at 10:30 A league game ul
baseball will he put on which will
complete the morning events
Starling at 2 p.m. sharp the athletic program begins with Ihe lollowing evenis: UK) yard dash, senior; 50
yd. dash, jr ; .shut put, running broad
jump, wheelbarrow race, jr., pule vault,
relay race, jr., 1 nnlc relay race, sr.,
sack race, jr., high jump junior and
Beniur, potato race, 120 yd. hurdle, 5
mile handicap.
The 5 mile handicap aud the 120yd.
hurdle race are innovations here and
should bo very pnpulai. First and
Becond prizes will be given in each
event and a small admittance lee will
be charged. Entry fornis and full
particulars may be had frnm the physical directsr at the association building.
Immediately lollowing this part ot
the program a greasy pig will he turned loose and the unly prize lur this
event will be the pig.
A lacrosse matob will oompiete the
program and there is every prospect
ol a guud day's spurt.
On Thursday night at 8 o'clock
delegates oi the Public and High
Scboolsand Employed boys will meet
iu the b.ys department nl the Y.M.C.
A, to form an intermediate baseball
Senior   baseball   captains   meel uu
Friday night at H o'clock to   form the
■ ■ i: ii
At 8 30 on Friday night the lacrosse
and baseball committees will meet to
arrange practise nights.
Local Cricket Match
i ach ol the seaion played
al Crioket Club waa lavored
tther on  Saturday    The
iptained by V Bourne nnd
. :.-  in   tbe   absence   ol  J.
. -   -v -.    nearl;    i qual    in
    the senre
, k.T ,   i/nl  in tter cricket
r.    lli-  27
,- u, • ti    lenl  contribution
play.    Flow, rs   was  also   in
I . -'. i      26   w ih   lm
,   ityle   and   I ie d   whose
..    , . '    peoulia   .... k   to
■ led bis       •      i From
l   nib
,           him  '" •   ibership
,.■ g   aod
• ■ in   which
. irn<
,- -,-   . - invaluable.
,   , 'a ,-1 ■ *       ... praotice
May Festival,
Arrangements lur the annual May
leet aval under the auspices of Knux
Church ladies auxiliary are oompiete,
Tlie event will tnke place in the opera
house uu Friday, May 7th. Tbere
will be a sale table ul useful and fancy
articles, a culinary table, ice cream
and candy table, nnd fish pond for the
children. The festiv.il will he held
both afternoon and evening, no charge
heing made iu the afternoon, but. 5l)i_
for adults and 25c. will be the price
ol admission in the evening. The
chief attraction ol the evening will be
the presentation by 35 girls nl the
three-act operetta "Florinda," under
the directiuu of Miss V. McKinney,
the acoompaniments being played by
Miss Muriel Buck, piano: and Mr. R,
N. Doyle, violin, In addition to tbe
"Florinda" program published in lhe
laat issue ul tho Mail-Hiatal.n there
will he n pianoforte duet, by the Misses
Edith and Lilly Abriihnnison; and
aocnl stilus by Mrs. \V. Bews and Miss
M. Buck. The entertainment promises
to be one ol the must delightful ever
given in Revelstoke,
Spring Cleaning
The C.P.K. simps and round huuses
are receiving their annual Spring
cuating nr internal whitewash, The
llnid surfacing is applied by means of
a spraying apparatus similar iu action
tu that nf a tire huso The whitewashing substance is brought In lhe
proper consistency in a receptaole
alter which it is forced with great
impact against the walls and ceilings.
The method ul application dues away
with the uao of ladders and has the
additional advantages uver brushed on
paint that the force with which it is
applied washes oil' all clinging dust
and tills all cracks with sulid lime
matter. As the walls aud ceiling uf
the shops with tlieir supporting pillars
are quite extensive, the task is uu
inconsiderable one.
.:• -
,      All.
|      .-.I'll I'    .
. in
lack Maley
l-CK    Ily.-,    I
■   i.ii,.l   Cook,
t| i    Mdrnlg
iptaln •
..,   H   Wisdom II   Ukim u
il, Hooley 0 11   Edwards
H       -, l,eg BycN, i     Total, 82.
i.eii ;.e rhubarb, green onions,
oranges bananas, grapo Iruil and
iiunuiis,  Iri'sb In this morning—0. B.
II.ue.    '   On.
I loi niiin   at   lhe Opel,,   || i
Mny 7lli.|
Additional Power
Four locomotives have beeu added
to the stable of the iron horses ot the
C.PR. at the local shopB. These,
though not new, are ol the KilK) type
and are powerful machines. The
triple service on lhe main line necessitates the addition of tbeso locomotives
and as several ot those uow iu the
service have been ou the road Inr a
number ol years without overhauling,
these will be seul to the shops to
receive tlieir tri-eiinial rejuvenation,
Eyes on Revelstoke
The Phoenix Pioneer commending
the ciiy nf Revelstoke fur the method
adopted to secure longer daylight
hours lor reoreation says;
' The idea in to put. the time schedule ui wurking huurs ahead an liuur,
su that there wuuld he mute daylight
in the evening fur reoreation and
other personal engagements, lasting
lm n period ul six or eight months
.luring the summer, Fur several
mouths lasl year the oily ol Nelson
tried to aeoure this resull   by putting
tbe cluck mi    nn    liuur, bill    tills CUD-
founded tba standard time mul caused
niiieb contusion, and   the   system was
voted out by a big majority In January, lin plan, ol which Bevclsluke
has min ii the Initiative, appears practical in nearly cierv way. ll simply
means   changing   the wurking day tn
aii liuur earlier, and would result in
much lunger daylight In the evening,
I he 01 ntlliiiinee 111 Ibe plan   in  Hovel
■toko iill I.-' watched with iulert'st."
Rate War is Over
- i iiiii Ma) -i — Bi ginning Ihis
morning iIn presold run ul 25 cents
each ii ij 50 cents return on i lis \ m-
inrni inn will be discontinued by both
steamship oonipauies, This rati, has
been In i (feci since last Friday, bul lo-
morrow tho International Steamship
Company, it is understood, will charge
fi 25 each way, nr $2 fur tbo round
trip, li is reported thai theCanadl in
I'lii'ilii-. will return 10 lhe  former  rate
nl $2 i.ne wa), ut |8 50 return    Ths
i umin Is thai i lu... mi. .. ill I't.iiid, at
Irani lur mm ii   tune.
Drapery Goods
We arc   making  special   prices on all our ilrapety goods,
and arc showing a splendid assortment.
Cretonnes, Art Muslins
Cretonnes, single and double width in serviceable patterns—Greens, Blues, Reds, Tans, etc., at i2j,{., 15, 20, 25,
and ,30c. per yard.
Madras Muslins
All the pretty new shades and designs—36, 45, and 54
inch—in white, cream, greens, pinks, reds, etc., from 35c. per
Lace Edge Bobbinet
This makes neat and pretty bedroom curtains. Wc have
it in plain and spot, in different widths. All have a good
washing lace insertion with edge to match. The prices are
very low—17 J^c. to 35c. per yard.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading: Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best   and  largest   Stock   of  Cigars and
Pipes  in
Original   Mac's   Mixture   now  on   hand
and niailt
expressly   for   us by 1 >. K. McPherson.
If the | ublic demands juicy roasts,
tender lamb, corn-fed pork, bani, etc.,
expertly cut and trimmed, carefully
hitiidl d. kept in zero temperature ami
-unitary surrounding.), OURS i.s the
Meat Market fnr the trade. And
while uur meats nre the best obtainable, their prices are no higher than
asked at ordinary markets. (Jive our
meats and priees a trial.
Oreon bnneB choped for your chickens
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Green Bones Chopped for your Chickens Daily
Timothy, Red Clover, While Dutch
Clover, Lawn Grass. Vegetables:
Field and Garden.
"Royal Standard" Flour, "Wild Rose" Pastry
Hour. Grain Bran, Shorts and Hay, Chicken
Specialities. .Agents: — Manitoba Frost Wire
hence and Gates.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
E. W.. B.  PAGET
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootemy Agencies Ltd., Agents
House for Sale
One nt the must desirable residences
in ihe ciiy with all modern cmi-
veulonces Three SO-loot luts by 140
(eel deep. Thin property will be sold
ai a bargain hh the owner is leaving
tin1 eity. Apply al premises to J.
Mol'llAll., First Street, West.      il
Nuw is ynur   chance tu  get a cheap
oarpet—Howson's  furniture  store is
giving   liberal   disaaUUtl    tn   reduce
tbeir large stuck.
Watch nnr bargain counter oh Friday and Saturday, We will sell Or-
ange meat ill paokagei at unly _!l)c.
each, regular price tOo, l*avc ynur
order early—C. H, Hume A Oo.
is culled in the finest garden and
lniil.lini;  Luts ill lhe eily, juR|.
.Nnrtli nf theO.P.R. truck
Pricos  Away   Below   Assessed
Value and   Only   a   Few   Left
l-'ni- pillilcilliih   Wl'ltc
Revelstoke Realty Company, Limited
mix 701,  iii;\ ki.stiim.
IOST   Cullic hitch, sable hiiiI white
i   iii color,  -Irayed  lr   homo on
Sunday morning, .May 2, Kewqrd
tillered lo Under nn leaving same at St
Andrew's Manse, or to anyone giving
Information loading to bee Hading,
mo i.kt   |.;iKhl Itooi I Howe on
1 Third Street, with nil modern
Improvements, Ret, Mi, „ month.
Apply to ll/. A. tluKK'ii


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