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The Mail Herald Nov 20, 1909

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 • \
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in results prniliiceil, I hi- inin bine
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Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Tinsmlthing Plumbing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
5,000,000.00 I
Blanches or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Coin Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 aud upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Christmas Poultry
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Maundrell Meat Market
B. C.
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper and
fred Wade, K. C, on tlie
Government Railway Policy
in Support of C. f. Lindmark
llie largoat political guthoriug Bver
held in Revelstoko filled tin* Opera
House tin Wednesday uight, on tlio ou-
casion nf sir Chnrles Dibbett Tupper
and Mr. I', C. Wnde, K. C. <>f Van ou-
Yi-r, addressing tlio electors in Uio in
loves18 of Charles F. Lindmark, tlio
Independent candidate i'im- _.q ciruofeo
in tlie p resell J plectiou. Tho building
was packed to ii- utmost capacity,
and -1.in*- of people lind lu be turned
away for want of ao iHiunuila_.'.■ i
Even tli'1 scuta reserved fur the ladies
though inuii' than usual were uol \m'X\
cleut i<> nccoiuinodute the numbers of
ihf gentler uex, who came eager to
embrace tin? opportunity of having a
candid exposition of the issues of ice
Over the stuge, and extending il.t
full width of ii was a banner benriag
tlm words "Wo welcome the son ot
Canada's  grand   old  man.''.
Hound the hull were tho mottoes:
"Vote for Lindmark ami a greater
"Vote for Lindmark and railways to
open up the Big liond and  Lardoau."
Head Lindmark's Hail way Policy
and then you will vote for it.
There was also a neat display uf national flags un the stage and gallery.
Tho arrangements at tho hall were in
charge uf the Young Liberals, uu
whom they reflected  tho highest credit.
A largo number uf ladies attended ,
and displayed marked interest iu the
mooting. Accompanying tho speakers
on the platform were Messrs. C. " F.
Lindmark, Independent candidate; G.
H. Kempster, Socialist candidate; W .
1. Briggs, D. Sibbald, and J. C. Green
of (Jolden.
Mr. J. M. Kellie was chairman of
the meeting aud invited Hon. Thomas
Taylor to the platform, but there was
no response.
On the cur;ain being raised the
speakers were greeted with enthusiastic cheering.
Tho chairman said they had with
them thai uight two distinguished
gentlemen who would address them on
the railway policy. Ho called on Mr.
Lindmark, the Independent candidate,
to open  the  meeting.
Whu was receivod with oheers, said
that as they hud with them two such
able speakers that night he would
not tuke up their time with any speech
making. Neither had he much qualification for that, There were other
qualifications which wero as important
us being able to talk. Ho had been iu
this place for twenty-.lwo years, and
they knew him. Tho one sincere du-
siro of hia lit'o was to help tho city ho
hud adopted as his homo those twenty-two years, and which he had never
left since coming hero. If they elected
him to represent them, ho cuuld give
them the assurance ihey would not be
disappointed. (Cheers), ilo would
work sincerely, uud endeavor to keep
Hevelstoke in tho front. Sometimes
ho thought thut iu the pust Hovel -
stoke had uut been kept before lhe
public us it should have beeu. ii KeveUtoke hud beeu kept before lhe public us it should have boon, it would
huve been a different city to-day, uud
they would not bave spent thoir time
as they had done bucking tlio (J. P.
IL, uud other institutions which might
have been utilised for the benefit of
the city.
Since he hud the liouor uf being ut
tho heud of the City, although they
hud bucked tho C. 1*. IL pretty stitlly,
the Qrat thing ho did wus to bury
i heir grievance in the interest of the
City. He walked up to ihu C. 1*. K.,
and told them he was willing to wurk
with them iu uuy way he could iu the
mutual interest of the city and the
company. And lie could say it lo lho
credit of the local officials, as well us
those higher up, lhat since lhat time
they had done everything thoy could,
tu work in harmony with the City
Council. The result was they had arrived at a good understanding, and
ihey had the promise <»f Mr. llury ,
that the shops would be aguin filled
up to their former capacity, aud the
company would use their electric power and light. (Cheers). Not only had
they tho assurance of Mr. Bury, but
il had been confirmed by Mr. Whyte ,
who assured them tlie company would
do a little more for them bowidoH.
rhe) did not want to interrupt any
good relations with the C, I'. IL now
th(*«n hud l)Of<n arrivod al
1|e w mild not Bpenk ol i he govoi n
monl i';ulw ,\\ policy, as die otliei
speakers would do that, but he would
say thi -.. I ho - ompletion of the \i
ruwhend  nud  Kootenay railway was a
Budget Rejected—Streuous Fight
to Abolish the House of Lords
-Asquith Will Create New
Lords.—Irish Land Bill
Lokiiok, Nuv. 17.—'riii.- complete
rejection ol tlio inuiii by the House |
ql Li rds lins caunpil ooiiBteroation in |
both parties The result i« tbe tying I
upoffiinils wliicli sre badly needed, I
and a loin ot $500,000,000 will have to
be negotiated at mice to p^y the ordinary accounts nf llie nation The
Conservatives are surprised st the
action nl ihe upper houee and ilicluro
it will precipitate tho light against the
lords. They also sny that it puts it
great argument into tbe h.inils ul
those who would abolish the upper
house. Tbe Liberuls claim tbey will
now have a sweeping victo-y in the
London, Nov 18—Premier Asquith
will not resign te a result of the lords'
aci ion in rejecting the budget. The
Liberals will sit pat for a time and if
the upper bouse persist Asquith will
go to the King and deelari enough
new peers to pass the mm su p.. The
press nf both sides say that only Lloyd
George stands between the ci untry
and a revolution.
THE  11(1811   LAND   BILL
London, Nov. 18—Tbo house of
commons passed the Irish Land Bill
as amended by the lords, niter it bad
been revised hy a specinl commission.
Balfour, io a speech at Manchester,
declared that tariff reform waB the
on!" thing tliat would save tbe country.
G.T.P. Will Beat C.N.R. in Race
to the Coast
The Als' itolM Free Press says: Tbe
Urand Trunk I'acilic railway lias beaten tbe Canadian Northern in the race
to locate a line belweeu Kainloops and
Tete .l.iune Cache. This is due to the
lact tliat its survey is only of aprelini-
ary cli irscter as compared with the
lieal location survey being made by
its rival, and also beoause the Grand
Trunk Pacific branch line will tap
the main line at Tete Jaune Cache
loops, Tbe accident occurred «t|fif'y nlilts weet of Yellowhead Pi^s,
ihout 9:45. Engineer Goiigli was the objective uf Canadian Northern
married and formerly resided in Kev-' »»rvey parlies now in tbe Beld in tht
elstoke. locality.
Tbe looomotive dropped IHU feet into the gorge tf the  Kraser  river,  but PI1nRFQPnhin__rMPF
<toppid  some distance  sbe •   of  tbe "U  RHrUIIUWM
This mnkes seventeen engineers who
hive lost tbeir lives on the l'ae lie
Division within the lust fifteen
project that should bo pushed tor nil
It was worth, and he Iuul certain good
grounds for Baying they could have it
within tin- ii-aili of possibility within
u short lime,   (Cheers).
Sonii- poopla would tell thorn the
province Iuul nothing to do with ii
aa the ohartor Iuul lapsed, Woll it so
it coulil be renewod, and lol lliom
work in connection vvith tho C ('. It.
lo gol  this road through.
Another matter I"- would lil,,, to
touch on was the expenditure of public moneys. Thoy luui heard ii saiil
sonu- few day up, tin,i Mr. Taylor
fOontinued on I'-igc l-"our)
Given Good Reception-Speeds
at Arrowhead To-Night
Benton, H, i -  \<>\ ■ I''.
Mi. ('. I'. Lindmnrii bad u splendid
reeuption here today* lb1 thok n< his
text u pi a pn rd reading "Taylor and
Prosperity" winch U Attached lo an
empty building here. Mr. Lind murk
pointed uui ihis empty building waa
characteristic of thb condition of
things that lind existed       in
ilu- Lardoau since Mr, Tn> lor
had represented them mid was u cruel
sarcasm on n hoc tion ol tho province
which had known no prosperity under
his administration. The rest of tho
pi mi nre was in a generally prosper*
ous condition and ihere was uo reason why they in thnt distriel should
not share that prosperity it iheir interests received that at tea tion ;ti the
hands of the government to which they
were entitled. If elected lie would see
ihey got what was comiugLu them.
Mr. Lindmark was heai uk cheered
and three residents who had hitherto
been supporters <>f Mr, Taylor, stood
up nnd said ihey appreciated tbe stand
.Mr. Lindmark was taking -uid he
would huve their hearty support in
this contest.
In the eveuing Mr. Lind murk spoke
for over an hour to an enthusiastic
meeting at Comaplix, mid left tor Arrowhead this morniug whore he speaks
fatal Wreck
Tuesday uight a' a point about niie
milrs west of North Bend an east-
bound freight train ran into a rock-
slide and as a result the engine waB
derailed, together with several cars
Fireman McKay and brakeman Foster of Kamloops were seriously in-
jired, aud engineer Thos Gougl) was
kilUd outright, hiB b dy being found
under the tank The engine crew
were running extra, their regular run
being between North Bene and Van
eouver, ihe train crew, Vernon H.
i.oil, conductor,   hailing from  Kam
Mining Progress
Editor -tl.vii.-lliut.w.ii:
Bin: Will you he good enough t,
make public li r the information of
those interested in mining in your
district tbat I shall he glad to receive
particulars ol progress made during
lUOSI iit all district mining   pioperties
Famous Cartoonist Will Visit what i wish to be supplied win, is
information   relative to development
work done, plain and machinery put
in, ure production (if any), surface
improvements made, transportation
facilities provided, and all other detaili
showing the year's progress. 11 wil
not be practicable (or me to visit all
tbe mining cum pa belore preparing
tbe several reviews and summaries and
I have undertaken to supply early in
Deoember, so districts can oni-- lavt
notice in proportion to the particulars
received, My reviews will be given
wide publicity, arrangements to this
The (uio,hi.- cartoonist ami humorist
,). \V. BengOUgb will appear at ibe
Kevelstoke Opera House an Nov. sUth
and 20th. As thiB is Mr. Beugougb's
linal appearance on the Btflge the entrance (ee will be such as to be within
tlie reach ol everybody win. wants a
a good night s healthy Inn ami laughter, Mr. BengOUgb haB visited Hevelstoke on three previousoooaslons and
in well known and popular villi many
Kevelstoke oitlzens,
The political campaign
give Mr.   Ilengoiigh   a   B|
opportunity ot cartooning its features,
and lie will doubtless take  advantage
of ii.
ml   having   already   been made   so I
lj I hone tO   receive   Iro'ii   mining men iu
iy gooil      ' ,
yuur  llistriot  the   information   nqui-
site I,i allow   ol   Ub  being   given  due
" Land of The Midnight Sun."
The splendid pictures of scours in
the frizen north, oIT the Coast ol
Hpit._t.crg, showing the ic< Ho,«, ice
bargs, elc , is well worth the price ol
admission alone. " The Feud nd the
Turkey" is another grand scene relating lhe story ol the feuds ,if the
south. The program includ s some
roaring farce cuineilies, uue ul the
most laughable is "Htndent Days."
To-night's program is without n duiihl
oue ol the best, thai has heen seen at
the Kdison theatre lur some time.
Tbe   choicest   chocolates   in  boxel
ouly at Macdonald b drugstore.
l ',,llllliUllie.lt li'll-    Ic   lllll
be aililrcHsrd to mc at Nelson II. C,
and to be ol most service should resell
me by 26th inst., so as to > low ol my
incorporating the information sent
iu the reviews I shall have to prepare
within the next lollowing ten days.
Thanking you In advance  Inr your
kimt assistance,
Yours truly,
____. Jacoms
Victoria, B.C., Nov.  10,  1000
WHY I'AV KF.NT'.' Own ynur
own home. Secure a lot in Clearvicw
al the niu-tiiiii sale to be b"ld in Ibis
,.jiy Dec. U, Lots are large, the view
ih unobstructed, the price is yuur own
■ Ixiiee at the auction.      Make fuilhrr
enquiries from H.Manning, auctioneer,
or J, li. sibbald.
High Class Groceries
W e have an ever increasing s;ile for these
Choice Teas,
Have you ever tried Barrington 11.ill steel cut chaffless
Coffee?     If  not  ymi  have missed a  splendid   Coffee,
in 50 cent tins only.    Our Hotel Special Coffee in   251b
cms i.s excellent value   for  large consumers,   while our
well known fresh roasted ground-as-you-want-it  Coffees
at Irom ^50 to 50 cents per Ib. cannot be beaten for flavor
and strength.
Carrs, Christies and McCormicks Biscuits
All the Best Kinds.    Frys,  Webbs, Robertsons   and     McCormicks    Chocolates.
fresh fruits nnil Vegetables.   Special prices on tliese before winter sets in,
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Crockery    Glassware    Sherwin-Williams Faints, etc. I
Our clothes
values are
e&sy to see.
Field glasses are not needed to see the
fine points of perfection in the kind of
clothes we sell. Style, fit and every detail
of tine tailoring are there inside and out. If
better clothes could be made this store
would have them. We especially invite
pai ticular dressers, men who never wore
ready made clothes to see ours.
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed  under   which   the  branches
of this bank are able to Issue Drafts on the principal points
In the following countries:
Austria-Hungary     Finland
Bra rii
Faroe Island*
Formosa Italy
France Japan
Fr'ch Cochin Chi .a   Java
Great Britain
South Africa
Straits Settles
West Indies
and elsewhars
Phillipme Island*
aaaaiii_M_______MaiA_i_ii____^i___^iAAaaa__MA____^aaaaaaaAAaia ____*
I You Don't Have To 1
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents 1
W  ffffffSffWfflffVfVV«VW||||||||||||_||pH^f||ff_|ff ^ THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE 13. C.
Zbc  flfoail-lbcralb.
interior flMtluisbuui Company
Subscription   Rates
Including postage ta Kngland, I'nited suit**
.tnd Canada.
By the year [through postoffioel $2.50
Half        -       I.S
Verier " ■' ■'     l.Ufc
J JB   KIN I INu promptly exeouted at rwif-oie
able rates,
1 KBMS—Cftfth.   Subscriptions payable In ad
Legal notices lu v'i. ii;- per Une Orel Insertion,
- ,-. lim  f.i. ii subsequent lUMjrUuu
i    wurcuicuK .Nui.|i.tneJ [1- llUOtt inuke uili
,111.1.1     auirtj   .tini   tjenurul  butanuixd ttii
 -   ;'.■ "   pur  luuh   per  tuouLli
, .i .■..<..! puhtUuuD. -o pt-r uenu au-
ditu -u. birttib, Mwrlagon and Death*,
■       ea b   m-t-riion.
Lund notice* f7,&u Ail advertisement*
fUo.it.-ci iu mu iippruvnl oi the umuagetuuut.
\\rtiii<M and \ undeneed Advertise men to:-
AgtMit,- u uiiied. Help Wanted. Situation^
wauu-U. 8ituaUona Vacant, Teaehera
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, lu words oi
leu 25c, each additional line lu oents.
Changes in standing advertisements must
ov m rjy i* h. m. lueaday and Friday of
ucLb week to secure good display,
C IKKKtfPONDKNCK Invited on mattors of
public Interest. Communications tu Kdi*
iur must be accompanied by name uf
writer, nut Deooasarily fo publication, bin
.mAft cvidenoe uf^ouU faith. Correspondence
-hould be brief.
OtritKu:   imi-kiii.\l Bank lu u.i-im, Kkvi.1.-
I      ' BTOKK,  11. 0.
Money lu loan.
uiiiiw: tteruUtoks, H i .   CtBnbrooV, H, r,
Oliu. = . McCAItl'KU
V. M. I'l.sKii.vM J. -i. H,Ylt\ _>..,,
libruuk, ii >:
1L1.1AM 1. BHllitiS
Snlii lor. I'll-'.
S iiiiiii,i foil
Tun Canadian Hank ok Uommkbck
Ink MuuJO.N-d Hank.  >'-'''■
nasi si.,
,i UJl-.Kl
vlll 111
Provincial Laud Survi-yoi,
.Mining .Sui vey, I
_>U K k:.zik AVKNUk,
IIii-N   tUO,   lll'.VKl.S'HIM-.
C.   V.'.   O    W
Mountain   Visw. Camp. No. 229
IfiMiwt. i-Hwoitd -.nil KVairlh WoduiAUuyii in
inch mouth, lu Solkirk ll,ill. VIkIUii wood,
nun oordlaliy Invlied to ..ll. ml.
JOHN ' AKLSON. vou. I uin.
J. MclNTVItK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The rAculttr mostlugs -■ ■ - '■■• i in ilm Bstkirk
Hull every Tuoalayi eveuiug at Blgbl
o'clock,    v idlting brethren cordially invited.
T.   J.   WALSH,    I'LLMIH.N I
Kootonay Lodgo, No. IB, A F. & A. M.
The  regular moot-
iurc are hold in thu
•   Utidfelluwb iiiiii. i*u
'    tb« third Monday in
. j each   mouth   at    B
;y*1..   p.m. Visitiugbretb-
mM   reu   "cordially   wel-
.--—,-   —-     .)   come.
Meets every Thursday  evening iu  Bel«
1 kirk Hall at 8 o'clock
   f Visiting brethren arc
craially Invited to atteud.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26, Revelatoke, B. c.
MEETr>  wVKBY   tt'B^NKeliAY,
es* ey»t .    nt v> udnesd     o
ea* n moui.i. «a Jdluli.mi
Bail    at    -    "'click.     Vlsltine
Knifjot* h-" c T-.iau,    iviu.i.i
T. P    SMITH, 0. ('.
G. H. UHUCK. K. of ii. A S.
J. B   SCOTT, JJ, of F
luplit Roomed  House on  Seoond  Street,  close in  to
centre of Town, at $25 PER MONTH.
Six Roomed Houfp on Fifth Street; all modern except
furnace; exceptionally warm fur winter,  at   $25  PER
Seven-Roomed House on Third Street; plumbing com-
plete, at $25 PER MONTH.
Five Roomed House on leacecl land for sale at $200
Four-Roomed  House on Fifty Foot   Lot,  for sale  at
Zbc ADatMberalb
<i7N75N"&_!*T a etT>
mt. llll i IUNS,
i __,<_ pieseut alections .bow  mat par
l^ uuto are    i.uz meo iu bntisu Loi
uii.,,.,.     ,.,,.:■_ ,  _iiu-.li uaUepeu
Uv:.   • .h:.'    it)    lin-,   pi'UVU)  ■■   t< t
lud ir.    j, ii i)
iu«,    And ii is wi
4C,,    if        ■
box  ... ij
» .
id ....'■■
I | ■ ':.    .
I ; ;
j      .i.       >',
'-'    ''   ,'• ,  ■
.      '.j.
IliiilUjll, .   .
IVbat mi .        ',
......   :i_i ,; I ,,,-
.     ■     'ta      pii _ i-iip
t . ! '       *•
.u.      ,. .       1,,,. i     ,, nu, ia,.| tinu over |
tual ......,,..
_i ,,,,,,,;■    mm      ml >
... . - , ....... ||| ■ :.,..,,' I I,.    ;,....., .
■ ,       _ .......     ll,,-      ttiil-l.il In.-,      liml
-...'_                ...             ,,,.:■■     I          in
rein, of p II ...'!,.,   ,!       ,       li     ...
[I|l I IT-    III ll      '	
ng .,..'!     _,,,■!   m|ui   rt.-1        ,.. ■.      ■     mil    h,   ,.,,  .
_;',.. ,   . ,,,.    ,,; ,|      ..v. in   lllll   ,    l>|,   ..    , , lllll,,, || 1|, lii |,|.
.    ' .-     ,-..ii     llii , '- .     lm     I Iwinki-il   Ihr   [., npli    nul      |,.i
■a      .     IV,    '"" "'  'I'" ' ' lii'il)  lo help I hi	
rieil to giv-i    1,   ,.,,,,.. bj    puli,)
Leading Parts in "'1 he Pixies" at the Opera House
Monday and Tuesday Nights.
Socialist Party of Canada
SOCIALIST MEETING        ""*»*;£^,*>,-£
lliy meoliug uuder lhe auspices      ..f!i;i",l was ju*t  as capital in tic n  uouu-
the Socialist party was held last nigbl
tho attendance being moderately good.
II    V  Coursioi      as chnirmau, opouod
tho proceedings spciiking u f<'«    words
"ii tho aims  and  objectt< of Socialism,
pointing "ni  Uow  the workers are ox
ploitcd     1\\  tho     capitalists and  li""
(.'Mpitalism   i<   bcintf   B  ruin   I        tin-
luboring   clnsn     lie  explained how    th»*|pltty>»C ami  the cheering,  and ridieul
try as any nther. lie referred t<> capital in th" ni"-t withering and Marcus-
iii- ti'i'in-, ami ltm\i' assuriiitc in--tan
coh of how men have t" iro job hunt
hiu iii \t'\\ /••;*!-mil In ivlerrinu td
Premiei' Mcliride's meeting ut Uoss
laud ho drew n highly laughable pie
ture    of  the      proceedings,     the band;
workers produce moro than i mfll
cient for their own needs nnd have the
privilege <>f working for their employer
for n" return. Mr. Coursiei then ask
crl nny  member ni any othei  political
parties t me on I" tho platform.
Mr,   W.   I.i-i''iu\.   ii,  ;i  brief  addi ■
said  that open discussion uu the vital
question <<f  the day wo    ■    ■ ■ ■   A   \•■•
the opposition candidate   refits'
peat     ami meet     the Socialisi        lie
showed     huw      Premiei     M  Bridi
abused and ridiculed the
ty,  but  yot   tho  issue  u ■
>no nud Soi ialism wo     pn ad
. I ;-   among every  <■' >! ■■        I '■
ced the unjustness of thi lhat tb
working man is pushed here
and therehv  loses  hi •  righl   •
ind  explained   t bai   I ho  worke
uot at  all      interested in  the  M
railway  scheme since thoy  had   ■■
their  labor  and   .. li
pointed oui
ure  taxtil    m  tin
ixes  w    paid  or
,   ,
not        li   reftswl  Itibi
K ■ ■: I
|  . :
pitrt;     Mi     Kei
wl  in  \ i. toria
ed the premiei - rema rk "ii his "intel
ligeul audience" and the manner in
which McBrido nnd Uow -.-i were
"soothed by tin- ladies." I'he speakei
then pulled '■ i piei •- Lhi radv
icy ati'l derided   the piTmier*>   locf in
hii        lyillfj       r    ' '     ■ '    '■'■   ' .    :    '      '       ■■'':,■
■ ;■■   "f   all
md  im ni-
py    Js   III *
: i
: ' 1
■   ■      ■
■   ■  ■
'       '
■       •
■  ■ Pfl
innaiin ol production aro capitalist
proporty, owuod nud controlled by b
comparatively smnll nuuibor ol people im,I many of whom do not livo
in lho province or anywhere near it.
The industries ,,i i ho province are
carried on exclusively tor tho purpose
nf making profits for 'In- aforesaid
' owners, *-
' Ymi wiii-kci'-, alone D,i„ii forth, by
your labor, nil tlio wealth out of
which siuli pi-olits are paid,
Out ,,t tin- wealth you produce, you
receive what in tormed wages, which
upon tin- average, in little, if any,
more than sufficient t" keep you in
tnir working condition.
That ymi du receive wagos is puroly
incidontal to tho procoss of Capitalist
profit-getting, and arises from the fact
that you must havo food, etc., in order to hn able to work anil thus produce tho profits so dear to tho capitalist heart.
Sn linui ii- capital rules, your inter-
esi- ran onlj be advanced by increasing ynur wagos, or -li,irii-iiiiiL.r youi
hours of labor, which, by ilu- way, is
equivalent  t<>  the Hume thing.
ll  ymir  wages  wore ni-tiially  -u 'I'i-iis-
wl, the pnifits of   apital  I I b   Ies-
- I   lo   lhe   sun xtelil.
If ynur wages i un be li nod,     lho
pn,liu i,l capital could be iiirronsed
t hereby.
These mv fin I- so obvious... plain,
lhal presumablv even \ nu will lind no
dillii-iilty  in griispini!   ihem,
Tho inlercsi  ot your  ployer.   is  to
reap its   inu, I,   pi-olll   ns   | ible       by
screwing your wanes down In llit- low-
esl  possible poinl.
Your  interesl   lies  in obtaining       a-
i; I wages us possible,  regardless     f
iIn- cll'ecl  il  mav   have upon the prolils
rn'y •  iloyei-s.
j Ow asiiinally ynu go ,,u strike against
ih,. tippi-eKsion  nnd   il \i,,ni,,n      nl
] (If all tho days in lhe your, cl».-iion
! day  is   ih ie iipnu  « I)it-li yuu  -I c1
iuul rule nf Capital ami   tlit-  robber"  of
I n litis province _\ ou have an cm el -
j lenl iippoi'tunil.i In -nil.,. elToctivoly
' he I,,iih,,,mine election ,la\
The i 'nnservtitivo  bunch  has  i -
■ji,-.-iI reason In niter for il- continued
existence     beyond   n   so-called   railway
puli,"   ilmi   is  ridiculous ei gh       to
make il   tu,iiikey   I hruw   a   I'll.
has already  buill   l_.ii(l,l  miles ,,i rail
way mi i hi- continent and doesn't even ,,« ii as much its one cross-tie, if
you arc i-niighl b\ Mi-Hi-ide's intlvv.is
pulicy you   are   "dead easi,"
The l.ilieral bunch I,.nine uoillier
"issue nor sack" may bo classed
aimuie tho iliinus ihat are dead bill
ilon'l  kuow ii
A t-upitalist political buuch might
sail through a campaign n inu ■ an is-
-ue and siill bo ialien seriously, bul
without n "sink" the situuli in 1- -
comes altogether t,,," huuioro is for
-afct\'  button-.
Whether tho wor'iiug ,1a-. delcj uii.iti
in the house is strengthened remains as
ii  is. in- is  wiped mi . depend,     upon
'. mil'   lll-tiolll    Oil   Veil eillller   J-i.
Tl yes  o( your  fellow   victims       f
Capitalisl rule and rnbbeij |li:u i( h -
,,,ii   ih,-  Uominion   ire up m you.
II i- up to you lo i,i like men in
behalf nf your class interests or like
■ !.,",.-  ,,,  defense <>f ynur eia.-er-.'
!'. T. K.
Invitation to Candidates
kevelstoke, Nov. 16, 'O'J.
Mk. Chas. f. Lindmark,
Hon. Thos. Tavlok,
Dear (-irb,—We take this eurly op-
Space Reserved for Hon. T. Taylor's Committee
Opposition Meeting
the province thai  no peoplo of
1 Wapr
nunibiir  had  been  called  upon   lo bent
in   the   lii-ltu-v   nf   ilic   wnrld,   was   ul -
•ci „_i ,,i„,i  ,i„, nniiiicii      ,.,,   .    m    ,- !-■   . Siuiie clioi'i  hn- boon uiiule by those
I hose     wlin    altonuod   ine  puiuuai   ti'ibiittiblu to  Mr,  til-eon.   1-ir-i we nre
meeting  ou  WodnoHdaj   Inst  oxpocting' m^m\     ,„ |mto ,|,j,  >|Pl i;,-,,,.,,.    „,„| who arc ti-j-ing to defuiil  lho McBrldu
to hear aii oratorical  treat  wen'   not   |1(lv;ng consented to ihis wo are ask- govorninenl     In diseredil   lho govern-
disappointed.      h     was     a      treal .  ,,,| ,,, |ml0 t|„, ,„ilwuy pulicy bceatiso m0nt's claim  lo Inning for I lho   (1.
Pn,      although     we heard   Sir  Charles,,,,. |mi|,„„|  ;,      w ,;„,,.„  ,,„„    ,...,v.-.l ,,,    ,,    niihw,v ,„ (|w  „„„  ,,„
llililieri  Tupper "iih iiltuntion nnil li-   u, |„,  „  vcrv  useful    color in  railway
, |    ii i|,      U...I, il„  ,    ■ , lllt'llt     In   rn, I, he     wllile    lallnr   iillU-     nil
stencil  calcium   tu    .Mr.   nnile      tlieie ,,|„.rai   ami   il   i- common   lo other '
wa- nothing     forthcoming lo unsettle |)m.ts ,,,  ,|„. ,_,,,,..,, Cnnadian Noi-lhoi-n lh" construeiion ol  ilinl   mad  in  Itii-
il pinions  we  have lurnieil iiii      lhe HVHtcin.    Did  Mr. (ireen puinl   lhal tuo lish   Culiiiiibin.    Mr.   Oliver wilh      hi-
piililicnl issue- of ilu- day. ||nw  lar has hi-  malign  inlliionei" ox- usual temerity ulfoivd lo bet .-'luu Ihul
I si able  measure   Sir  Charlos lendedV   Who  knows   whal   he   will    bo .,__  sU(.h „(fl,,wm„l|   ,.sU„„|     T,,JH ,.|,„|.
assumed an attitudo nl defeui-e.   Ilofnre up  lu Ilex IY    Pel-Imps  lie will  lie waul-   .•_••»,
.,,,,'. ,    , , ., , .,    ,. i louge aiiiiieicil ilu. aiiciition nf     Mr.
alia, kin,,   the  govorninenl  ul   Mr.    Mc- iue   in I,,,,1,1  a   railway ilown   Ule I ol-
Hride ho enlcred  with some  labor, up-   umbiii  rive,   m  licvelsi,,J,e.    li belmov "<m»vv '"   ''"' '''«  political  rally      in
,,,, ,1 u|,.;, ,,f iu-iilieaiinii.    His ciuleav-: es  ill,   penple lu Ue ,,n guard nr     I he Vancouver opera  house smne days agn
or was  I,,     iransliiic lu the mind    of   whole province  will   be painted    green   and whal  ill-rod in connection tlloro-
Iho au.licnee il au-,-  which  hud im-j befure thoy  wake to  the realities      nl _vi||, ,_, 1.,.|„„.„„|  in  ,,„, p,,H|ir„,,,  ,|,„_,:
pcllcl  Iiiii,  "ii  died  in  ilu-  woiil,  bred   lho   peril    Hill    was  Sir Charles  sin-
1 .. ,       , • ,,      , •   . „ i •    , ___• I I"'   applause   lllllsl    have   been heill'i
in  the bono Conservulivo    to seek  lhu  cor   all   (his?     He  dunk   not,    Sn
deslrucli f  tho  Cunsorvntivo   lUn   ' Charles  i- an  old  cainpaignei-:      afler   '» i;''",v  !,lr"t!t    llH  "l"  Attorney-
eriiu.eiii  iii Uritish Columbia. all  is s„id, a worlhi   sun nf Ihe grnnd   (leiiei-.il  accupteil  .lol.n  Oliver's  b i
Va      .,„      ,,c|i|(M.    ,,f  ,1,1.  ....in,,,,,  „•,,   old   man. aud  he  likes a  political light   all      nf     *|llll   if   the   altoi-ney-genni-al
vvonlrl      be   inclined   In disregard   ihis   and   max   heaven  bless   him,    surely  if    I,I   show   lhe   nn-Asiiilic   clause     ill
pari  of  Sir Chnrles'  org in.      I'er-  ""   lllU   ''millions  "oik   were  discern
snnnlh   we    wuuld  huve ex-eused    liiju iil'1'' "'  Sir ''Imrles  in  Vancouver,      i
from nuv apologv whatever. Wo would K"* "lually discernible lo Mr. C	
have  assented  boforohitnd   In  his righl   ""'   "'""I   ^"""  li"'""i" '""''"Ia-     '      luissian.i.
to nssiime whnlever altitude I hnso.   who as president nf I ...eil was in      "Now,     relrti I   Hun,   Mr.    Ilowser,
The privilege of political liberty which   'A""' 1'""'1' "'"'  ,l"' ''"'"'gs "'  'he ex-j'|  will  raise thai    bel  to 81II0U      and
ivo my  inarkorl die,pic in  irusi      for
eliarily   In   such   .-,   good   l.ibcriil   as Mr.
mh^ ... ., , It.   I'.   Met.cniiaii.  it'     I   eauilol   in'ndii
posed  guaranleu will  n,,i  enlail      any ■
undue strain nn the limtnecs ol lhe
proviiieo.'' I- Mr. Cotlon a niiin who
malign in lho dovolojimoiil of a greal
malign in ilu- bevelopmeiil "I n great
public policy? He think lint. \<»r An
we lllillk thai -ilell a -llspieiull i- justly alia, liable lu Mr. \l,Hride. Mr. , „^^_^^_ ____..__-—
,.    ,          ,    ,,             ,          ,. ,,        ,     luinlna      governnienl     and   the f.raud
Invlor and niher members nl  il nb-   .,.      ,	
.,,,,,.,,,, ,.    u.      Iriink  I'a, die, daled  1-cbruiiiA   -.".'. Illii'.i
inel.   no iliink   lhal   ilu- iiiiii  ill    Sir	
,,.,,,.. , iii I-iuul clause:
l liai'lOs    Inicl. Iniisl   lie   aliicmled   alsu.
.Now therefore this agreement  wit-
Coming to the bruiul issues of   the   uessoth . . . in consideration   of   said
campaign Sir Charles' speech was more   oxomption   Irum   taxution,   llie    Urand
fortunate,   Uis    criticisms wero    woll  Trunk Pocitlo railway agrees that   in
ihuiiL'lii out and may prove of   some   the construction of said railway with-
s''''vi'''' wl   the details of  lho    eon-   in  British Columbia, while labor shall
islamic   Ilo    offered nothing however, bu exclusively employed bj   said  rail-
the (!,  T.   I'.   ug
h\   I he       Liberal
ell CUI
bei    made
i   a   recenl
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t op- i if   Mr.   Iturdeli   dielaled   lhe   pulhie,   nf
portunity   of   extending to you a c i-- J tin. provinces  where c, ^^^
dial invitation   to  be present und pur
ticipste   i-i .-i meeting  to be addressed
bol - ,,, cM-rv citizen of  British Co-   """iv"    Ar"1  ,'""   ''""-  ",l  l1'"'     "vl
Itimbin   iid   not  be  withhold      Irom   «»ggosti< nuniize wilh   Mr.      Col
him.   And we lire impelled seriously to | lo".'K  pronniineenieiil   "thai   the    pro
HIIJ    that   Sir   Charles   wuuld   lune  li 1
inure wisely guided had ho stood firm
ly mi the ground of his rights ol citizenship and nn thai alone in prefacing his on try into lhe prosonl political campaign. In offering other reasons for his appoarauco ho has made
it obligatory upon tho people tu examine tin-in.
We wuuld imi bo prepared to subscribe lo the principle, rcilcriilcd by
Sir Charles us pari of his political
philosophy, of uudoviuting adherence
to party leadership. No man is infallible, and there arc reasons which
might bo cited aguinsi ihis. Sir Char-
le- however declared tnat he siill
clavo to Iii- uld political maxim. His
excuse for deserting Mr. McBrido at
Victotia wus    found    in a declaration
lhal   he   was   following   Mr.   Burden   at
(Ittawa. The policy nf guaranteeing
blinds lu encourage railwux construction, as promulgated by lhe Conservative leader iii ihis province was. he
declared, inconsistent wiih u state-
monl ,,f Mr. Borden which forbade that
policy, "Therefore," -aid Sir Charles,
"I have nm deserted Mr. McBride, It
is Mr. McUriclu who ha- descried me."
Nuw if lhe railwin policies wen,
[mined al Ottawa: if Sir Wilfrid l.aurier dielaled lhe puli,ies uf ihe provinces   ""here   l.ilieral-   are   iu   power    and
I ! .
Mi Ix-.
nil I   ...    .   ...      II.   •■
tori     :
phi        •:.
. hided
iyMr. k I'. Peltipieeeol the l'r ides
..id Lab r Council Vancouver, in ilu
Kdison Parlor rtieitre un Dl-uid <y.
Nov. 2'2 1 at 8 cloolc, p in V 'I ml
be allotted ample lime in r-p'y in
,',   • yon       "Mi   snd   yuur pirly's
:      ti        a tbo   pending  poll! ieal cin
■   ■ tru t yon «i I nm f.iil to
,. . ■. -      if this i pporlu
Ki-lpectfully yours,
(j. \V. Bet.1.,
S*i '   Campaign Cum. 8 W. of 0
Address to Workers
pr, n
fair     and    unpri   idi . tl    . >, idcruticui
nnd   ■",.•  I" In'.,   tbe  pu , 'I
would ne , icoedlngl]
ih,.  provinu    '  . Ivei lh.
verdii i ui " •■    »
,.,,., : hs   .,,,»,,- . ' od    -*"1
.November -J'uh.
cr-        lie  deinmn, ,-iI   the -u culled   fair
v    ,       de and   lho (    S    I,'     • heme
a-  del rinienl al   lo   I he  laboring    'l.i
;..  ;    ..   nd   ' he   | file   In   rid   I hen, el
.,.      Ill    I lii'il    I lei,   p ! ll    lhal
he        I       In   . i" ,   hi        I aile.
chance ,,( bettering  Ihem iilvc
,,.   ,   ,,. •
 I   in      ,
be ,,n,,.   fainili ,,     , nli   lhe   ,,,.,,.
,., tain    undid He    m   the  field     in      -
elei led, d I,   In     ilegunril  "-,"11   in
hili   11 dd   noi   do    n
hn .    well      11,1,.nn,,iied   lhe
h 'PI"'    be
I Iii    pro" iuec,  like nil  olhui   p 11
I On   mirhl   al   pn- ani led by '-nti
In ,1
tnl ive- nre
in power Sir ' 'harles mighl liml Homo
tiitppoii in 'li" position lie lm- taken.
(Jul ilii- fortuualely is uol lhe ruse,
and wn m-arcely 'liink that 'In' Premier of llri'Mi Columbia will be rend
"tit .ii ilu- Conservative parly in Can-
adn heeniiftn he \uw adopted n poliry
whieh .Mr. Borden thinks unBiittablo
tor ihe Dominion. In (he liyht of
what other pivuvinee^ have done along
ihis lino there must sti rely '»' n sorry
mess in Canadian polities if Sir Char-
Iph' idea is pressed i" n eonelusion.
In  thi-   pnrtieular we  think lho brief
Mr. J. 11.  Fit.ge.uld who hus b,c„     Tl.. rosoiirce, of  lhe earth and    il,H ' lOvc-uiig
d  Item ■
M       iDUT— Tbe   services   in    ibe
.1   oburob will   be   held   to*
,   - mday) st  tbi    it , 1      ours
.  ■_ 7 30 p in      I be   ,    ni',.'
,„.     The greal i|ue«ti in
: -   tirne   (,'inii   I       »tei 1 'I
1.veiimg (abject       1 ni
Kegri t and  Beeo nti
- j,,    Sunday whool ii 2 HO
1.,-jjjn,. notice
, eel. 11 g on   Vs ■ \   ■  d/iy
,   -
!(, ,   \\ . p, Freeman   pat
7:30 I ^_^_^^^^^^
\i,., 1 1.,,. ni 2 30p.m,      fl. V
1 1   vi ml iy iit 8 p ie    Prayer n 1
■ , ....ilny Ht 1 p in Sunday
r, nrning sni |»et—"8elf Mnlilation fur
Sell I'reservatlon." Evening iiibieot—
"Democraoyand ibe Pleblrclte " \H
ire 0 irdialiy invited to these lurvlfles
81 l'i. ikh'h (Anglican)— Rev 1 i
Proeunier   rector,     Sunday nexi be-
turn Adi I        Sl 1 vices   M   full UVS
X      Holy   Coiiiniiiiiinii. I I It III    Hu
tins .md Ante Communion) 7 30 p m.
led by him will havo lo bo u
[I   was   ',„,   bad   Sir   Charles    should
a,,r  havo rested hi- ease horo.    In  lin-
(„,,.   j 1 ,. explanation oiitlincd above there is at
leasi   11    hade  ,,i'  consistency,   But   he
I 'ceded  to  offer uther  reasom      for
il lido  "" Iii, I,  bl'ollglll   Iiiiii        inin
immediai nfli. I   with his maxiiu nf
ndelu"        S'livei     iii   political  history
heard   lhal   11   man   slioiild   "Up-
,,    leiulei   "\ hen   he   -aid      blink
■ Idle     ,,,,1   pill 11, llllil lj    i" hen   lhe
lhe   original   a__rr 111   -hulling    mil
Asiatics frnm     const ruei ion    wurk on
lhe   C.   T.    I'.
"Tual document is uu Iiic in the
department at Victoria, bin 1 lune
here   a   copy,   and   this   is" Ilic  clause:
"'Agreomeiil betwoon ilu- British Columbiu
which was calculated 1.. disturb lho
general proposition 'Imi a guarantee
of bunds is a reasonable method nf
encouragiug lho extension uf lho Canadian Nun hern railway through I In-
province and  lhal  ii is 11 policy  Ilinl
shuuld   commend   itself   lO   lllO   penple.
Sir Charles, arguing irum the hypothesis thai the government's idea of
whal the railway bargain should cun
tain was embodied in the memorandum   already   drawn   up   botW I till"
contracting panics, weni mi In argue
thul lhe agreement was weak in several particulars fm- example no pro-
visum was Hindu ngainsl  the iiuiulgn-
llliiliiin. -ale ur lease uf lhe railway .
nr against the pooling ,'f rales, further ihe governnienl had not stipulated fur lhe control ol rates and nu
pru\ isi.ui  was made fur a    inking fund
|u  1 1   lhe   1 -silv   uf  pin inu 1,IV  lhe
bund-.     \n"" .here      niigtll      be    sume
thing iii all lhi- in whieh sir Charles'
l-l'i I ii'lll   essay   will   prove   In   be   of pl'ac
limit assislnucu In lhe country. Iiul
we certainly could nut allow ourselves
in be drawn through ii into joining
wilh him iu seeking the overdll'ow nf
ihe (Iovernment, The poinl thai ho
sough I in make, lhal owing to lho
mountainous nature of lho country
there could be uo competition between
riiilwuvs in lhe province will lind its
answer in lhe mind of every man. 11
is not  necessary for the province to re-
scrv ind of rai,,-.   This safeguard 1
is already provided fm- in ilu- constitution of the Dominion Kailway Commissi In which i- dnslgnod in the interests of all ihe people Including thoso
nf ihi- province The Canadian N,,r-
thorn   rale- will  he -allied   i,, ndjudiea
lirni ,,!' ll iiiinissimi  and  lhe   I 'iiiui-
lliail   I'a, ilic will   be  eiuillulled   tlll'OUgll
iiiiiii.   It,- d 1  ihink  1 here i- room
fur urgiinioiil   un  ihi- puinl.
i-filnr  was  llreen".   Where  i--   Iho puli tww-^^—,^
 , -      \e,ih    Sir   ('liar  I    ""      lhi,,l< u" h"u'  tnM "'"""gh  In
iinlepcndeiii eiiuiigli.    Ha- l.e mil   '"lirni .a. ounvlc  lhal  Sir Chin-
11,    I i,„h .'    \,.d  he,,, ha"   I1'"   l"1" '' I'"'1  lhi- ciini|inlgii  simply
 uied      ,l„.     principle  whieli   beeuuse     he wanted    lo,  and  tlinl  un
i-rvi-d  hui,  alone,    lu  lhe ! lnnl   -'' """l lli"
^^^^___________B^ll l.,l   un   all S
 Had   he  enlile I   hila-elf   wilh  ull'erillg
Victoria        In       find   a    man    named     ''''"   explllllltlion     ul   Iii-   pic ,, in
working in-iduui-    pell       „, I Kevelslnke ^ve  ""m,l.I  have  soughl   fi
•   ' inenl      'I hi-    Mi     1.
II     ul     ll
ie    L'meill
he     'he'        I'el-SOIInllj    We   ale   gllld  llllil
"I   ""■'   Ihink   llu-re  nre
uue   here
- .1,' y  at II H.ui, nnd  ""'"'  " '"" >•««•'« ngu and n„« In- and jmnny iiuiougsl us win, »i|| „ijice thai
-,,,,|.y  -' lmnl and Young      ■   U llriili   go ormnmii  wero in ihick   '" trlbuted v,,,y picas,only in thai
ll     •       li,,   rnilwaj  policy, which    "''' "' lhe election campaign in which
ho    ,,,1 ivmild in,1   . burden    upon   Innocenl enjoyment may be found,
way, in colli motors, agents, servants
and assigns, unless otherwise permitted by ilm lieiilenunl-goveriior in conn
"This ngroemonl is slgnod by Viee-
I'rosldeul Wuinwrighl, by Henry Phillips, secretary, and witucssod by the
ruilway's solicitor, D'Arcy Talc"
(cross the Sea
Mr. Joseph Martin, now residout in
London, ling., who is i-emombored
lien- kindly foe lhe fearless championship of popular rights in which he
win ever ready lu cnipluy hi- distinguished abilities, has writteu a letter
I,, ilu, Viiucotivei' N'ows-Advertisor
which kIiows that he is tukiilg an in
tores! in the political campaign     nuw
afuol here. lhe stand liml he would
take if his preseueo were pormilled in
the proviuee at the present juncture is
indicated in llie following
indieiited in thii concluding paragraph
of his letter which rends us follows:
"Al   lhe  Ills!  geueriil election   I   voted
[or the live McBrido cuiulidatos, If I
were ihere next month I would do the
same thing. I did su because 1 believed ihut if the I.iborals got into
power by carrying Vancouver with the
help   of  tin rt'Upt   gullg  alluded   to ,
they wuuld sleul ull the loose assets
of the province
Ti) my mind ihere are ninny reusons
why .Mr. McBride .should be turned out
bul we musl admit thut the provincial
assets taken over by him in  1003 siill
belong   to   the   | file,   except   sllch     us
huve been turned inin money which
has found its wuy Into the provincial
trciisiiry. Tills is-noi the eiise with
regard to the assets ot the dominion
taken mer by llie Liberal parly iu
1811(1, A on-ill purl hits become the
privule pruperly nf loading Liberals,
some of whoui were members of iun
burnetii und many nf whom wen- oon-
iicctcd in business ,„■ by blood with
ministers uf the cruwn.
I think it i- lhe duty uf every loyal
British Columbian in nvoid such a
ciitiisli'iiphc lur ihe province uud lho
nidi' wuy pussihle seems lu lie by returning in fiuwcr the present govern*
Ciixtun House, Westminster, London,
ling.,  Nov.  117th,  1»U0. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
British-Canadian Wood Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd,
local md general
GREELY KOLTS, Fiscal Agent. 407 Hastings Street. Vancouver.
MILLS AT PORT MELLON, B. C, 24 Miles from Vancouver.
3. C.
Manufaetueeps of Butcher's Manila, Building and Roofing Paper, No. 1 and 2 Manila,
Dpab and Colored Fibre, Book and Writing Paper.
new Cima,litn   Anglican   liyin-
now being  generally  adopted j
Wc arc
i.s now in operation,
at $ i ,oo per share,
nul in ortler to provide ior aciuiuonai worK oi the
J^Jj I A-l-tHiSS °'  'he  Preference Stock   of the Corporation
Payments:    15 per cent, on application;  15 per cent, in ^o clays
)leased to announce that our big plant at Port Mellon,
' in ortler to provide for additional  work oi
a daily capacity of 25,000 lbs. of paper,
company, we now- offer lor subscJiption
in Blocks of  100 Shares,
balance, 10 per cent, per
The Preference Stock i.s entitled to an annual preferential dividend of 7 per cent., but unlimited as to
further dividends. That i.s, after 7 per cent, has been paid on the outstanding preference and ordinary, both
stocks thereafter participate equally. We are confident that this stock will pay from 25 to 40 per cent, annual
dividends. »
THE COMPANY HAH RECENTLY purchased the entire assets of the
Western Ca lada Wood Pulp and Paper Company, of Victoria, consisting of 55,699 acres of timber land at Ouat-
sino Sound, northern part of Vancouver Island, foreshore rights; 20,000-inch water record; railway charter; sawmill, etc.. and we are anxious to proceed as soon as possible with the erection of a mechanical pulp mill, and
install another paper machine, so as to increase the capacity of the mill to 100.000 lbs, of pulp per day.
are now manufacturing butcher's manila, building and roofing paper. Nos. 1 and 2 manila,
fibre.    Our plan is to have the new machine operate exclusively on newspaper.
Tiik Present Estimated Value of the company's assets is over 1700,000
$700,00j, and in offering the Preference stock of the corporation for subscription we do so with a feeling that it
is the best dividend-paying stock ever offered in Western Canada. As a matter of fact it is not often that one has
the opportunity of securing a preferential stock in an established concern. We are positive that inside two years
the stock of the cjmpiuy will be selling at three times its present price.
drab and colored
The public are cordially invited to visit Port Mellon and view the mill in operation.
& StuartlOo.,
Director, M.
Smith &0o.,
J. DUFF SIUAKT, Preai ent Clark
and Retail Paper, Vancouver.
W. INNES PATERSON, President Patersnn Timber On., Vice-Pres!
don' Terminal Lumher Co., Director Cedar Cove Lumber Co., etc
CAPTAIN ti. It  FRENCH, President  French Tugboat Company.
C. J. V. SPRATT, President Victoria Machinery Co., Victoria, B.C.
THOMAS HOOPER, Architect Vietoriaand Vancouver.
JOSEPH McPHEE, Geneial Merchant, Uourlenay and Cumberland,
OAPT. II.  A. MKLLO.M. J. P.. American Lloyds' Agent, etc.
A. 11. HARM VN. Iliiriiiini ,t Punnett. Victoria, B.C.
A. M, BANNERMAN, Member Bannerman A: Home Company, Victoria. B. C
ED. F   ALLEN, Manager Fiscal Agency, Vancouver, B 0.
F. J. MBRSHALL, formerly Assistant Manager National Punk of
India, Victoria,
GREELY KOLTS, Fiscal Agent.
Vancouver, B. C.
FOR $1.00
HAVE you a (riend whu smoke,.?
No nicer Xmas gilt could be
found than this Pouch.
lt is made in genuine antelope
leather, lined with hest quality
rubber, and is mounted with sterling
silver shield. Engraved with nny
monogram and delivered post-paid,
lor $1.00, to any address in Canada
— except the Yukon—Order by the
(lin  handsomely illuftrated  111 piulc  coin-
loine .,( Diiraondt, Jewelry. Silvern-iirc,
leather. An. GooJi ttiJ Novelties, free
upon reooeil.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
134-138 Yonge Street
f ——^
Union Hotel
t'nder New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Seven and a half (7J) acres of gnod
land at Malakwa,  B.l .   Terms cash
•$S50, Five acres of good fruit land
and 71 acres first.class vegetable land
One hundred fruit trees: balance of
land easily cleared.
A p|
particulars to
.1. II. Woolsey,
Malakwa,.B. C
TANTKI) -At City  llnli
peiii'iiieil   waitresses
$30 per mnnib.
71(11!   SALE—One  large  link  Side-
hoard, and one medium sized (nnl
sinve.   in  good  condition,    Apply ai
Mail Herald office.
eater a pnrrel eontn
may  obtain   same
■rxT'ANTED tn let.— Bed mom and
yV .Siitiiigi'iiniii. in central position
on Third Street; well heated: electric
light.; bath, hot and cold water. Kent
$12 iki per month, Apply. Mail-Herald
and thsv _'.:_?d you (iH
is,,,, parim <-•>' wtt'.c you are W|
lining plums, j     M,r'i'i;i'i them      im
.j \> l.ll DI   I lit.
Revelstuke Lund District.
Distiict of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Roderick William
Lindsay, uf Ferguson. B.C.,occupation
merchant, intends tu apply for permission to purchase the following
descrilied land;
Commencing at a posl planted mi
east boundary line of Lot "Su5 about
IU chains north ul siiulb-enst comer of
s:iid lot, thence east 20 chains, thence
north 20 cliains. thence west 20 chains,
tlience smith 20 chains tu puinl nf
Daled Oct. Ith, 1000.
Al.iiXANDKli .McKay,
oc HO Agent fur It. XV. Lindsay.
Revelstoke Land Distriel.
Dish ii-l of Wesi Kuuienay.
Take Notice thai I. M. K. Lawson,
nf Uevolstoke, housekeeper, Iutend in
npply fur permission to purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing al a post planted at the
suullieiisl,   coiner   uf   Lot   N.tH.S,   and
marked "M. IC, Lawson'a North-west
Collier Post": tbenee 111 chains siiiilb;
tlience III cbains west: thence 21) cbains
north: tlience 211 cbains east: I lience
21) cbains north   tn line  uf   Lol   H.liliS:
theuce along said lim- to place of commencement.
Dated October I8tb, 1009,
Nov. 1711.   MINNIE K. LAWSON.
ual  is
i bv all Church nl England parishes
, tin-.,unbuilt tbe Dominion. Tbe hymn
' bimk will he used at St.. Peter'sobn eb
I commencing on Advent, Sundny, Nov.
j ilKihaml oau be bought local y.
Now tlmt. the regular diills have
been recommenced by "E" Cumpany,
j It. M. K., ,i revived interest is being
taken in tbe organization ut tbe bugle
, band wbicb is to be n oompunant part
I ill the company. Under the nondno-
jtmsbii; ul Lieutenant R.H.Sawyer,
I tlie buys shuuld   make   good   progress
and tte bugle band will oe » popular
i institution in Kevelstoke this   winter.
An appreciative audience witnessed
l the performance mi Thursday night ot
I Magda, a powerful drama by Herman
Suderman. In the title role Hor-
tense Nielson gave u line exhibition of
emotional aotiug, being ably sup-
ptirted by Norval Macgregor, the
Shakesperian actor. Tbe play showed
an immensity of human feeling which
deeply interested the audience in that
the emotions which characterize lilo
so greatly were admirably portrayed,
while the seuses could not but be
touched by the refinement over the
many dillicult, situations which made
this piudiictiun bo absorbingly interesting.
2<ii efforts are being spared to insure the success of tlie second annual
maiquerade hall to be held under the
auspices ot Fire Brigade Nu. 1 on
Wednesday, Dec. 8th in tbe Upera
House. The brigade are anticipating
a successful event and solicit the
patronage ol the Revelatoke public iu
their elide ivor to mike the ball enjoyable and brilliant. Handsome
prizes wil! be given for the beat costumes. Our local fire brigade have
tbe reputation uf being good entertainers and the pleasure-loving people
ale ensured of a first-class time on
Dec. 8th. Tickets are obtainable at
all the cigar stores, druggists and
uthers or from auy member of Brigade
No 1.
Messrs. C. 15. Iliuno Ic Co. are making rapid headway with the installation of their new electric elevator, and
live or six weeks will see its completion. W. Abrahamson has the contraot
for the cement and concrete work, as
well as the erection of the elevator
shaft nnd all carpentry work. The
elevator cur itself, which is handsomely IRtcd and upholstered, is supplied
by the Canadian Weslinghouse Company, while the operating machinery ,
consisting ol alternating and direct
current meters and dynamo is being
erected by Messrs. Otis Fenson, of
Hamilton, Ont., .Mr. W. Watson of that
lirm, having charge of lhe work. A
feature of the machinery is lhe fact
that should a breakdown occur, all
danger of accident to tbo car and its
passengers is eliminated.
Tbo Provincial 1'ublic Works Dopart-
inent  nl   Victoria     are culling Tenders
[or     the   erecti f u frame sohool
building for tlio Bogbic School Dis -
t)ict adjoining Rovolstoko. Tho specifications call for n commodious ono
room building silunied on the uorth
east corner of Julius Cashito's farm,
u,-loss the Illecillewnel river. The class
room measures 23x8x12 lined with
ventilators, large windows, map-board
etc. A clonk room 7x23 forms » ball
or vestibule, and u porch 0x0 reached
by a -dual llighl of steps completes
the main building. Adjoining ace fuel
sheds and closets. The building will
| be plnsterod witli wood fibre throughout and when completed will In- a com
! furtable and room} school. Tendon
close on November l!inh. und iho speci-
The People Must Control the Question of Licsnse
or Ho License
The campaign uf tlie   Local  Uptiou miniun Alliance is cbielly   Protestant
people in the province  bids   fair to be ihey wurk together.
crowned   witb  complete success.    In We turn from Canada to  the  .State
the Okanagan Valley all  other  .pics- 0| Maine, wbicb   has  been  chueeu by
tions have given way tu thia une, and the   liquur   men   as   tbeir     fighting
everywhere you go Local Option is tbe ground, and what do we tind
theme   of conversation.    Everywhere The     present    piolnbitory  law   in
it has freed itself frum partyism.    But Maine     wan   incorporated    intu   the
it must be borne  in  mind that  each constitution of the State  in   1884. Of
man shall  have  to   poll   his  vote in the 0,350 murders   and  homicides in
favor of the measure if it is to  carry, moij, Maine furnished but three.  The
Indifference will uot do—not  to  vote population has iucreased 21) per cent.
ia to  vote against   it.    Even   though ;n 31 yearfl.   The bank  deposits have
you do  not vote  for   any caudidate, increased 200 per cent,   iu  tbe same
vote fur local uptiun.     It is the fairest period.    Pauperism  decreased  in the
proposition that has ever come  before gtate 145 per centi jn ti,e 8all,e period,
the people of  Uritish  Columbia,  viz: while in Statea under license ae  llli-
" tbe people shall rule." noj8i 0hj0 and  Kentucky,  pauperism
It is the claim ol temperance people increased 160 per cent.   These  three
tbat  prohibition,  whether  provincial States   have   recently   psased    Local
or municipal, as under  Local  Option, Option   laws and  pauperism  ia   now
decreases crime, vice, insanity, drunk- decresBing as the saloons gu
ennesa, and pauperism, and that it rHE TEMPERA
increases businees of all kinds, bank
deposits, comforts uf home, itlioiency
of labor, happiness aud contentment.
Statistics bave beeu given, but here
are Borne more:—
W. P. Archibald, Dominion Parole
ollieer, aays: "Seventy-live per cent,
of the prisoners of ail classes have
been led aatray through atroug drink."
During prohibition in Prince Edward island the number of convictions
for drunkeniie;>a decreased over 40 per
cent, in 1005 over the previous year,
while in every province where liquor
is Bold there waa an increase ranging
from 3 to 10 per cent. Reports from
the minister of justice of 190(5 shows
that 80 per cent, of Canadian prisoners
use intoxicants; only 14 per cent, of
the convicts are total abatainera.
In the year before tlie advent of
temperance legislation in P. E. Island
convictions for drunkennees in Cbar-
lottetown numbered 720. In 1007
there were 111.
In Quebec there are 700 parishes
without license, over two-thirds of the
province. The newly formed anti-
saloon league in Quebec bas a membership of 100,000 and it ia cbielly
French   Catholics.     While   the   Do-
This movement has been discredited
by tbe liquor men who claim that it
will be aa tbe temperance movement
50 years ago, only for a very short
period. Thai movement of 50 years
ago did nut wholly subside. Its great
leaders died, !,ut it haa been steadily
growing up to its present proportions,
and now tbe movement ia world-wide.
Every country in the world that ii
advancing in civilization and influence is turning her attention to the
suppression of the liquor traffic. Upwards of 3,000 newspapers in the
United States and Canada refuse
liquur advertisements, and the list
includes such influential magazines as
McClure's, Everybudy's, Century,
Ladies1 Home Journal, Collier'B and
Saturday Evening Post, witb others,
refusing to support the liquor traffic
aud the saloon.
With its array ol inlluence on its
side and with tbe churches of the
world aaits sworn ally the temporance
movement can scarcely be called
transient. In addition we could name
luu.dredt of leading men in political
and businees circles csndemning the
sal.on, with the number ever increasing. Victory is finely coming to the
Opera House, Revelstoke
Under auspice.-) of V.M.C.A.
Monday and Tuesday, Nov, 22 and 23
fi cations and plai
local court  bouse
it  th.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelatoke
Auction Sale
THURSDAY, DEC. 9th, 1909
North of the C. P. R. Hotel, Revelstoke
Best Residential Site in City.   Buy a Good Home-Site
By \V. A. M'lne, author oi "Aladdin," etc. Given by home
talent under the personal direction oi the author
All in grotesque and beautiful costuming, representing Pixies,
Blown Ies, Goblins, Inteeta, Monlciea, PlcVaninntes,[FaIrio_s,_But-
terflles, l-'luwi-iiiiil-. Pagoe, Amazon Guard*, Japaneae Maidens,
Reserved Seats 75c. & $1; General Admission 50c, Children 25c
Sal, ,,t Heal . tipcm at O, li. Maodonald's di ug •tore
Tuesday Morniug, Nov, |ii.
REVELSTOKE is coming to Its Own.   Prosperity is Assured for Next
Watch the increase in number of men employed at C.P.R. Shops.
A. J. Bury, General Manager of C. P, R.. has given definite assurance
and is backed up by Wm. Whyte. 2nd. Vice-President.
REVELSTOKE is fast becoming the Centre of an Important Fruit-Growing District.
REVELSTOKE   is  the   acknowledged   Centre   for   the  Lumbering
Industry of North-West Kootenay.
Investments in this Realty is tetter than a Savings Bank Account
Null, i- i> hereby given that, in compliance with Section 7 ol Chapter in. Re-
1 vised Statutes of t anada, 1906, plans and
description ol  n proposed bridge over the
j Columbia River al Revelstoke In tin- Province of British Columbia, have been forwarded lor deposit  wilh the Miuister ol
I Public Works nnd a duplicati  thereol has
j ln-i-ii deposited in the otlice oi the Registrar uf Deeds at  Nelson, and thatal the
expiration of one month from tins date tbe
Minister ol Public Works tor the Province
I of British Columbia «ill make application
I to  lhe  Governoi   General  fur approval
Daled ai Victoria, »isl Oriobcr. 1900.
Public Works liflfineer,
Nt >TI< h ll hereby Riven for the informaiiou
of \otor-. that the -Lientotiaut-Quieroor
in Council h« dntormtued thnt the holding of h
'.'".-- 1. Blwtioa offer.* a favorable opportunity
tn obtain thf view- of tlie BiMtOfton the nUM*
tioO of Local Option.
For Mich a purpose, ft vote will be taken on
i'""_itb Nuvetiil«r infant.
at the same time a."
f candidate- to the
OC   Ij
tlio voto fnr tha eh-ct
I.".-     ,1 ■-■   \. .•-,,, ..
Kov.lMd, Prutincisl Rectetarr,
Nuw Ts the time to ~siF~for your
phritos and secure an up-to-date' enlargement with each down cal inets at
Tnieinan's studio, over C. lt. Macdonald's Drugstore. THE MATT.-HERALD. REVELSTOKE H C.
iho so-called Conservative udniiuistru-  mountainous, communities cut off Irom  nitu-h ttie siimt- thing,   Quoting    from
ion ot this provinoe. unu another, grunt cost ol trausporta-   ihu Conservative bible already referred
iCouiluued fr\,m Page Oae.,
tie hud bouu brought  up to  tbr Idea lion, sparse sottlemont, cosl ni     open-
of party  loyalty,  by  giving   loyal sup- ing up the country by roads and trails
'port    to    their lender,   and when      in tin-  ordinary      revenues   not   available
-jduubt even giving the loader tho bene hero as in  ilu- oast, and lho revenues
Iii  of   tho     doubt, but he had never they bad would noi go nearly us   far
road in English     or Canadian historj   owing to     the higher cost ol govori
to, in reply to ii question by John
Olivor hh to lho railway policy of tlie
government this great nmn said "Tho
policy  oi  this govei-nnionl  is  so   sum,
,,ti,l  business-like llioro is  no  n ssity
uf delving into ih,- treasury   t,>   assist
arty   loader  inenl  involved by  the nature     of ilu-   railways.   Knilwnys   always follow tin
had brought  back  wiih   him  plans for
.1    new    court-house   to cosl  SliO.OUt).
,              .   i.       .1    ... ... t lm t   while  support ine  a   party
^unie    iieoplc    th,,uglit      thut a  vory ■ '          h       '      ■'
,             i    i      . n   ;i   ... ,. who said blink  was black  they
great  thine.    Ihey asked, well il   you ,      ,        .                                                      ,,,,,■                                      ,          .
..:..., also suppori   him  whon  he suid    black   the ino-,1   Iii-iimI.v   tased people oil   the   hull       ll     column   about   the   railway
arc going  lo pul out a cabinet minis- '"                                                           _.,.....                                     ,,,,,-
ter,    what about that W0.UU0I     Now ™s white, and     whon, ospeeiallj     as   North American continent. lhat had     i the policy     .
hs oould tell them thai SOO.UOU looked waB llu! ''nsi' *" lllis    Province,    thoy     Thai  wus  the policy „i tho McBrido   "decent   eiiooiiragoinoiit     and  nuthin
knew  the    color      v\ us Green,    (Cheers  govornniout and one which lie  approv-   moro      no glluruntoo,      Ilo  giniil
was no provi o against umalgatnatiou  might affect the sate of the bonds,
sain or loaso,   That    appeared to bim i   [u    ol|lcl.    words Mr. Mann played
an extraordinary thing.   Thon- >-.«•■) a w;th theno    two gentlemen und      lot
great. many I ..userviitivtvi who
lliought as tins road parallolod tho C.P
It. ii would eonipoto witli iiini road.
They knew lhu power ,,f tho C. P. IL,
and that if ii wanted to double-track
iis lim- io Vancouver ii might acquire
this lino. Then- was nothing in tlio
agreement to prevent tlmt happening.
Where then would their uompil'.ilivo
line lie after lhe province had pul ils
endorsement  io the bonds.   (Choors),
:., ap
lii,Iced .
tluim sign only what suited them.
Thoy forgot thut at the veiy bottom
of this basis of guuruntee in Manitoba
and the other provinces lay the vital
question of control of rales. Having
adopled what was a sound policy of
"encouragement withoul financial obligations" ihere was no necessity
whatever for tho province to become
involved iu this third Iriiiiscoiiliuental
lino.   Transcontinental lines    were
licit- wu- Nelson, represented by an
opposition member for the lust three
\eur__, und the govornmont had put
{,,,,.,.,„,,-,      into    a     courthouse  thero
, : i -   and   LttUghtei I.    In   lhal   case
where did lho influence of their Cabinet .Miuislei i-ome in. tie didn't think
..  amounted      to  ver)   much.   (Cheers
md    Laughter).    Ike)   wunted io look
thing    ,i-   ibe)   weie,  and  il      lho)
did,  Deilhei   the)   uui   an)   sunu     man
. auld  ... -   tin ,.   i,,-.,,i-   over ,. cabinet
u-daislei,    i ben  llie)   said lol ■  ul i i
.-; bun beeu spent. \ >■■, and n, every
i idiug in tbe pruv iuce thej cuuld see
lhe sume  I lung,    Nexl  youi   lho) would
be   told   theii   ilu iii wus  uol   so much
I the;      mli    havo  so uiueh ei.
le   .  ,.,  ;   ;,.• ml I,  ovei   hi- plul-
i in.    i here were mime mut tors   ruler-
.-.  iu  ihere      thai   bud  liucn a     -ore
uj,    .,.  i,.   ion,.    I heir   cities   groaned
ill   •     .,...   i.is,iin,n   lho)       were
...J   iu  lev)   i"  uieul   lho calls    for
. ,   u iun       md    utboi   publii   require
...     heii   luxes   Uud   lu  gu    up
in consequent e.   Vol  Mr.  Bowser     hnu
. I   i;.,,,     ihe provincial  guvcrmuenl
hud over four milium dollars   in     lho
.;.-.   If    su     there was i essitj
lui     them     pulling  the cliurg be
properly   lu.\   nu  the cities,  but      thul
ition  should be i ui ued  uvei  .'"  ''"'
ei lies   in- ui --Ini-   for   I boil   own      pur
!„,-,., yl hei 'i.    I licir        oduculiuti
. :■■,:, w.i- us guud us uu) '" The
country but whul ho did feel wus Ihul
h  was  not  fair  ihey had   to hour  tbo
taxes    aud     the full  loud   tbeinsolv	
while tho provincial collars were so
overflowing the) could not currj all
their money in tho banks iCheers nnd
Laughter). Ho would not tnke up auy
more ol then' lime m view ol tho important speakers  to come after him.
I n,- Chairman: Wc have wiih us to-
night Mr i harles ilibberi 1 upper, a
Conservative, and Air. Wado, ,'i Libor-
il, wno will uow diocUBS tin- railway
policy. oir Charles Hibbert iuppor
ia a Conservative and ono ol those
m,u wno are consistent, it is due to
ais _juuc«iy tual no is nero tonight. 1
in... uo» sun ou aim to address you.
a±n iMiui-ivLi-DO uuiL_._u.Kl 111'l'tili.
• ^ »„o UMiwM witu tinging cheers,
i__..f ,. wus e.vccuuiugiy anal ul them
.« cuouu io uu uiuiuury eleclor hae
_____-_..».-.., auc uue wno uuu uo polmc-ul
.. .....__,     wi.a.evei',   iuul opportunity
. .. 0   _u  lucui,  uecuuse, ior me
  uouuuy, oi ui.s provinco,
  ..... fUAi.fs u« ueemeu u nis   duty
= i._.  • .,r.i.-3iuu ol  Uis  views on the
I      uuus   iuul  were beiore  tue peoplo
 .-     _•_■  lion,   lit lell   very      keenly
...._ .. | iuuciiI  lu mui unci to      his
 i    iuiubi    suowu    uy  uio con
,.   ,v__,  „,.  uue  tney  uud givuu him
 ,  ,u ,imji oi iuul piuiionu.
.... ..rl,u,iu uo oiuei  tjuur-
    • >-.  a  ..-j   o, guai'un-
.   . 0....i,     ....»    _.l_^raulj     IOI     UUU
 a   _.u..sOivaii\e lueiuigs, uiuu inu
O.u   luuu   U_l'l   loo.     lie       WBS
-c.c u» u conservative, dyed in iin
.,ou,f oico )ii ine uuuc (lauguter) uud
,iu, nere to apeuK on Ocnuil ol a man
w uo uuu beeu as good u Conservative
us ne, and-wno auu nie support of
oom Lioeruis und Conservatives who
were ready io suik their party fecliugp
wheu tae interests oi the province
weie in danger. (L beers). That wus bi-
eicuse, ii excuse wero necessary, tor
being  then- thul night.
Premier McBride had iuvilod, by tin-
dissolution of the legislature, the eon-
lidaration ol the people of British Co
.uiximu wuo were iuunediutel) uncern
co, to a novel and extraordinary pro
positi >l, u;.ci ,; _,«med from u remark
.,.-.. :. :,..-    bad made w.a*. be proposed
t ■    'J..: ..-.      U^   ,-;-:^   of   .If.V   I    10! tivi
whu ju;,.-^ .j _>a;.   :.        tspici
Us pi ,; imme ,, ....: tel He I tbi
apeakerj   Mas a  ' unservalivc ,.■! u,iim
,t»_ :._ -:■■ 0   t
,.* ;   • luiei ,   H lm   disap|
..:_..    ... •!      lli-Bnde had     ,
:..'    rt ,.-::■,    ' :.<•
.... ...      '• .   ll   ■        lli     .. •
i :. I ton t i n ui
er and t I leave 1 Lm
;,-      .. II!    bill
l^uple   ol   B.   I lli
Sir. MoB    :■     lb    h-Iihvi
Ira had B. I
ri. |] ■ ■    ■
-.-   ■  Mr.   M Bi .dial  life of I ■,,-,   ilu-
pruvii a would      ntinui
tbi   in nn.    ,' 'ho i-   md     nigh tel
■  -   ,1 -i,        I Um       ..■•'',
kind wen  .-     : fi i   tl ■ n
t ■.    \ i it ',. whei   K ,',. of Mngbii d, a ■
, ,,•   ,upj     pd to bi    i very ail lj   nun,,
i, it      maili         remai
■ ■ ,,    ,          ii                hi     iid  he wai
i                                     lhat  gum w i-
(oi              ■■■ ui,  bul   hi     loi    hi
pai ■   pro!', • -■                          o it   ul   nil.
hi« quo lion ol guarau
,.-■ ,i might I* good bul  ho did , nul
mi,,  to go on the note,   (Cheern uiel
laughter).   Il« p- ipo od  not  merely "•
and  laughter).
id up to    lho     I'.nh ol (),'tober last,   land or i
Villi      he   referred       tO    Ho    reviewed    the   contracts   with        lllll    f,,,,,.,.,,,   ,.,..,„,..   ,u|,|   ;,   „.„s   (,„.   ,h„   „„.
lie     was    here sometime ago us    a   whon thoy announced this railway po-  the fact  thai   MoK -.io and ManniW  Canadian  Norihern und  llonii i mud  mjnion K,,v,.,.llm,.nl  ,,, „,,Ni.sl |n   their
supporter of .Mr.   Taylor.    They hnduujlicy,
enjoyable evening  und   he sp,,ke      from]     Whal   now   would   lhe  eo\ ei nun-Ill   al
ihe tieurt,     and they would remember  Ottawa     say    lu   Mr,   Borden? Thoy
this,   lie    pleaded  lor  tho  roscuo    of  would reply  thai   tho treasury   of ilu-
lhe   pi
"s   pro\lli
posed  iu brine  Ih.-ii   railway from   I'.d-   olher Proviiiciiil      Iioveriuuenls.      mul   ,.,)ll_.|nl,.li„l,p an,|  ,llt x   „|,,,|„ly carried
in on  and      down   lhe  Eraser   \'alle\    showed   lhe   ililVi-lelue   hclweell        lllose   ,)l(,  [jonds      of   lhe  Cl,   N.   It.,   and   Mr.
i" \'a ivor. jeoutracts and  this one. proving   ihut   McBrido had    already said  thoy   were
McKenzie nnd Mai nd b li -k-  '" ll""il' "ll"'1' eontriu-ts tho publio in-  |n.oakinR tholl, nm.krt ,,, ,,,„„, in,     m,..
ne. uml  the govei-unieiil  were     giving |^i-obIh hud    ll i  proton   nnd      lho I Ken/.io and Mann had been niarvelloui
'■"I  . . ^ ...        ^..   |.,ui  lie ,...■ _   .
in    which     ii   then was.  and tu bring  wealth llio.i   hud  guaranteed the bunds   ll",n.  "tloeonl  niiciiui-ngeineut,    iiolliing  lHJO|>m Unci goi  value lor tlieir     ii.niils   |y slu,UU!i8f„|     railwuj     men und  iheir
uboul stable govoriiinenl and     liable of u    ihir,I     li-anseoulinoiital i-uilwuy   mure." w-horoas in ihi-  case tlio proviiii-o   as-  „lnhiiion was tu own n ti-iuisconllnon-
t li.
a    pile
uf     Britisl
,,,,,,                    i • i .          ,                                 ,               'sumed     an    enormous obligation nud   ,rli ,.,...,,    , ,,,., .,  .     i      .,  .,
Uimuce.   He urged ns strougl)  as     he   tbrougli   lho   Kooky   Muunliuiis,   which N.,w   when  tin- govet-iinienl  had     so-1 i'ai ronti.    ll  was uieioloio u pinion
oould  Ihoso  two pr iplos,    And      Mi    was ,, conililolo rofutali I ihe iug,,    ,.,,,-ed  ,l,e ,,„,.,,,„-,, i ,1 ilos ,,,   'Toi   noilung.     ,,   no  provision   was  ,,,     .,,.,„.      ]t,.llUu,,  ,„ , \.,,,...uv.-r
lireen    wa,.      I,,,,.     , Cl ,     nud    ,„s  U,U)   had instructed  Mr.  Borden   railwn)   on  lhe poli.-t   ul " nl    ,-„ Mm(1°.f'"'    '"''""M"""' >"' "inking fund ,;,,,.   N„   7.  M,...,i,,^.
,                                                            ,       ,                                               ,,   ■    ,   i   ,.■ '.,.              ,, covering  ihese lioml-.  a*  un--  usual  in', .              ,           ,
luiightiM i.    lb   siipporlcd     ihul     plai    ilo  pm   up ul   Ulluwii oil   tlieir  boliull.   couriigi-ii I    and  nullum.,  inure         n | there was  a,, necessity  i,, m\,,      tliese
,           ,. .                                                           „                    ,            ,,             ,•         ,- .i                                 i          ■   ,         it such  iigrtvineiiK.    Was  ii   mil   ireaiiue
lorm.    I liev   all  rocogiuzoil il vtraoi     Was uol  such  ii   policy,  in [ace ol these wn- a record ,,l which lho\   iiuchi   well ; , ., , men      inure  lium     lhe     decent     trout-
i,   .            n.ii-                           ,-             ii i     .ei                      ,      .•                     illieiu  as  eliililreii  to pul     -ueh a   eon- .,, _      ,               ,
diunry liabiliiios  thai  hi)   ou n   mnall   fuels,  1-ronzied  l-iuunco, |,ui      lurwiird   hn pr I,    I hero    wns  ihorefore milh - ' monl     thai   Iuul     been a  fiiiiilaineulal
handful ul  pouplo  in  this \ n~ i empire,   b)   lho wildosl   buouiHlor thai ever li\ ing  u, jusiif)   llu-ii  ilepnrlurc from the ''"      ' ""     " " p,ni  ol lho t'oiisorvntivo policy. There
oil,  absolute!)   and  liilull)   opposed  to polici   laid down li)   Ihem  in cnnnoeli   |    lie referred io il„, fuel  Ktntnil bj Mr was thoroforn no nocosHity for them to
everything Ilmi  thu     McBrido    polio) mi with railwn)  udinini iruliiui, Pimld  Sehriobur,    i-nilwit)     ongin • for  lho  pul   iheir bonds in  il ose held out
stood I... .Inline  the pnsl  l hi- r four he huve lunre i-ngonl  proof  i Ii.u  down   I inl   and  an old servant  of    lho lo  I hem  In   McKouzio and  Maun,      lie
years. lu Oclobor  la i   lho  polief   laid   iliiwu govoi'iimoiil  ami a Conservative in pn wa- aware he was trespassing on  thoir
I ,„|,.|   il,,.-,, cii-ciiiusliinces  was    ll    a here wa-  lhe polic)   ,,f ihe  Mellriilo gu Iiii,-   llllil    ihoso   trnnsonnliliniilnl rail lime  lu  going   im,,  ihese detuils      Inu,
mailer  for  surprise   lhal   Messrs.   l-'ul-   ver in       inwards      McKenzie      and ways      ihroligli     lho   liionnlains  could   ihere   had   never     1 n   -in-h  a  orilioul
mn .-uid  T'aih.w   iuul,   ihe a. lion   (he)    Mann'/   Withoul   a  pr i   from      nil) uol   I,.- buill   in  a  sh,,n   period  ..nine nine iii  ihe hi-ior.      ,,f  ih,, pi-iivinoc,
did?    Was     il       m,I   rea-olialile   lo   -up nnlli   in   llie  t'oll-orvnlivo      rani,         lhe lo   lhe  M'lll'eil)   nf   labor.     The   Iiiiiii   nf   and   il   wa-   - e   -nl i-l'ael i.m   forlhusu
pun,.      ihese    people   knew   soineihing polie)   wa-  lo iiiuungo  lhe  liuani-os no   four yours  sol   In  ihe agree nl would wh,,.   like  himself,  fell   ihe i-espiinsibil-
niOl-eV    Slirol)    ll      men   were    I...nnd 'hal     nine   da\   in   lhe   neai    i'uliiie   lhe    have   lo   I \lemle.l   a-   a   mallei       ,,f il\    on   ihem       In   plltcu   these   mailers
lo  speak   before   lhi-   liglll   wa-   over 1 inn-   would  enino   when   llioj    in,,uld   no   o 'so,  jllsl   a-   had   lo   lie  done   in   lhe l';iii-ly    and   dispiissilllllllely   before       lhe
II,,   imdersl I    llie)    had   Ill-led   "HI  llf I'lllgOl    lie   lhe   niusl    llolivil)    lllXod    pen- OIISO   111   lIlO   (Imilli    Trunk    I'lloilie.     Then penple   of    lhe   pi-uvilll-0,      ll    nnuiiI.I  hnvu
a inislakon  -,-.,-■ nf loyalt)  ami   part) I'1''  '"  'ana,la.  and  when  the)    wuuld   tl ontriiol   i-oiiliiined  no  proviso for given  him greul  pleusuro lo have guno
friend-hip I,, iheir Into colleagues.  Bul   luivc n >  fur llioir  mad- ami  irnihi a guarantee Iin   MoKenzie ami Mann t,, im,,    this    light    under  the  old  party
if   there   were   nothing  Wl'nllg   Would    il !""'       '"her       public   need-,   ami   when build   lhe   i-iind   ami   compl)    will,       all liiinnei       Ile   llllderslood   then   and   now
.,,   hurl  ihem  to tell  the pul,li,- ih,- faet-'.' thoso direct   laxi's  undor which      11 iei ,-, unlil im.-.   nor  wa-   ihere  any   provi that   party government  wa-  ihe     best
'The  inference  froin   ihoii   silence     wa-   labored  iniglii   be  abolished.      \ io -i.m  for  ihe  govoi-uineii)   inspection  of   sysloiii, and  iu    Ciiiiiiilu it   had     b i
liml   ,1 would hurt  ilieir old colleagues «'ns      prolosting    ngninst   tlata 1   policy, thoir   uocoiints,     Then   ihere  wa-        ,,,, ihe best   I'm-  lho people     lie  had      belt, i,,||  i|„. [ruth.   Those men had been "hen suddenly  ihey fund  iin- ovti-iuir- provision  for     construction   beginning liovod   the party   lystoin  inuiiIiI be   lho
ihe  servants  of   ihe  province,  drawing dinnry  clinngo,  and  why?   That       wn ul   lhe eonsl   us  well  us  frum   lhe easl   besi   foi   lho pnn  and he never (nl-
lurgo -alaiie- from ii, and ii wa- their iIk' qupstion  thai  prompted   the     -us- side, although   Messrs,   Mi-Bride       and lorod   in  hi-  ullegiiineo  lo  tlio  Consor-
duty  lo      ihe    | pie,  whoso   truslccs Picimii     l"1   il   was  only  u   suspicion,   Bowsoi   had  mixed   li nbjeolion      In N.-uiN,, puvl\   headed   In   Mr.   McHride.
thoy   had   h i,   lhal   thoy   -I Id    toll "1kI  ''  '"  ll"' ''"'' "'   ll"''',, 'acts      Mr, lho want   of n similar provi-,.  in    il„- till   Mr.  i.reen   had   been proved  guilty
the  truth,    (Cheers).   So long a-  they M»'Brirle found  ii  necessary to     stand 'Irand  Trunk   Pacific  contract.      Then of mnlfeasanre in  ullice in  May,   1006,
remained    dumb      ihey    were  hurting "P lllu' Ihronlen to bin,-ken tho oyos of thero was no provision for purchase of when   ho did  whal   should  have  taken
iheir colleagues    worse  thnn  if      ihov any Conservative who honestly   Btood supplies in  tne provinco beyond     lhal liitn  out of the society  of any  decent
came forward  in    manly fashion    ami "I' "' criticise hi- policy, as lie     had McKenzie and   Mann  ini,uld Iiiin    ihem or honorable man,  and when ho know
told  the  truth.    The only reason then threatened to do, what were thoy com-   hero if thoy  Id got them a- chcapl) Mr.  McBride kept him ns his colleague
thai they could    be holding baok was inc  '"■' ^''-  McBride's lender, and hi- a- olsowhoro,    They knew  whot      lhal   ho flinched, bul -till In-did       N,,in
that  there nmis something wrong scri- leader for righl or wrong, was Mr. I! meant.   Thin   in ihi- province, because tor tho Liberal candidates.   Uo prolor-
ously wrong, their publication of which '" Borden, and ho had nailed ihe Cui, nf  lho vory disadvantages which  were red noi   to vote   to lose his vote.     ll,
would prove injurious lo their      lute aorvativo pany to ihe cross   on   this the basis   of   iheir demand for hotter was n most liumilluling position to bo
colleaguos. v''"'  I"'1'.?,   ffhnl     did lie nay?    On terms could noi compete     with      ihe in.   He fell  it  would bo n groal  plon-
Aug.   |sih,   P.nis  he said  "'['here is   no easl   and   thoy   knew  it,    Mr.    McBrido sure   to     give his suppori   to  bis  pur-
fur an '-in j ii
Columbia  wa-.
Nuw    ■ penkii,_.-     a-   ii      sen alive,
a.1.1 looking ai iin- cuntracl lhal was
uol n i-uuli'iicl, iiecording tu liiu wa)
in  which  thej      viewed  ii.   Mi.  Taylnr
had mil lleeil true In lhe lrn-1 I lllll lie
HtOU(l    (Ol'    W ||{ 11    he    I the    -|,eal,el|    slip
ported    hii ,     11,,-    nunc  platfurin
-,,ine  Near-   ago.    Ilu had   mil   lefl   Mr.
Taylor,  ami  he  had   not   left   i he      Mc
Bride    udiuiiiistruliuii,    Inn     Mr.   M,
Hride  and   Mr.    Taylor.   Mr.   Inline and
Mr. Bowsei   uud   lho smaller fr)      had
lefl      him.      ami       Mr.     I'lllluW    and    Mr,
Pulton,     and     ihe      -malle,    i'in    i
stood   with   him.    H T rs),    I lie) wool
ha,T, on n- and lho) did il in I lie
twinkling nf an eye. (Choors and
If Mr. McBride's government Lad
eon,- i,, the country with,,in this so-
called railway policy, then ,,u iho record of lhe pasl few year.-, and Oil
the condition <>f ihe provincial treasury, and the manner in which the interest- of the provinco had lieen attended io. was thero any doubl in the
mind of an) honosl man thai iho McHride governmonl wuuld have swept
the provinco? Ilo believed ho had tho
whole polil ical game in his hands.
Thou hnw was it ihi- revolutionary
proposition, this unprecedented, un
paralleled proposal was sprung on tlie
people and at tho sHme time ordinary
decency wa? not followed in not giN-
ing to lhe people a reasonable time
to consider it? If their interests wen,
so involved, and if there was something sn stupendous at slake, why was
not. a. reasonable timo given to ihe
people for consideration? Why was
not this policy laid before the people,
and, tho opinion of lhe Boards ol
Trade nnd representative bodies taken
on it as was done by Atr. Roblin in
Manitoba before he -jgned bis name to
paper? He mlb-d in business men and
asked them t" discus-;- not a firm and
binding agreement bill a draft sehemo
Ho said, give mc your suggestions because I sei- n greut opportunity lo se
cure an important advantage for Ihis
province. Why was thai precedent no'
followed? Why wore thn people noi
token into the confidence of the g.n
ernmonl before this contra,-, was signed, sealed  and almost   delivered?
Some years ago a man nn.-i- drivon
out of the governmonl Thai man
was R. R Green. Mr M Bride, 1i,,nn
ever claimed nothing but praise !,;■
him nnd in a suit in courl c.in.. htm n
character and  showod  lhal   h.   had I
oonfidoi       They   wero  ,,-  thick
thieves,   (laughter),    lie did   ■
t,»  -.-in   they  were   thieves,   bul       there
was no concealing  tho fuel   lhal      Mi
(ireen     had      cxtrnordinn
over Premier McHride    ,,. n
in private life I,us  he believed
il,,- power behind   'he ihrune.   He   wns
die porsonnl  agenl     ;  M  Iv--    ,
.Mann, and w as  11 no  ■- -
ing In foist  on  them   ind
ipeaker)   a  burden  utipurnllelcd
histor   ot   tho world     II,      piuted
ditty   mi  bin, i.   and yi I add
I,- -.   was  I,,-iu,,,,   black noi ' " k'
I he)   had  th
ere  bo Bob-b
,,,. ■  ■   .     c.
below     litem      I
■ ■
.1   ,
uui Man
Bohbd     . Hi
he      in
I el '•
Because he had  made -ome     -er	
statements he wanted to givo     ihem'''™"""        ■     «" "hould give govern   said JloKonzio nud Jlaipi worn oporal-   sonnl political    friend-   in Vuneoiivor,
the proof lhai  he had nul  colored the]""'"'     -"''"'•'" "     '" ll"iM    '"""her  ing n.linn mile-  of  railway when  a-   a   bm  when  this policy «„s sprung     on
picture. Uo would quote from a speech r011'1""'"8 '""' ll"'""~1' ''"' l(""Kv mttltcr of fnp| (hoy wora only opcrat- lho publio, showing tho brand of cow-
by Premier McBrido himself and tho) ! M""n'"""- '■',| Ml McBrido pul Ihni mg 3,100 mil™. lhi-- allowed the go ardiro, frnm lop tn bottom, then ho
would see what  this good man bad toi'" llis P'P° '""1 M""1"' '•■   "'he-rsi.       Nerninen.   had   n,„   .ne,,  adopted     ih-  cumo    ,,,      ihe conclusion  Umi   party
sny.   The    spoukcr quoted Irom     thej    When ho dopurtod this life nt     sag- ;,rf,,n"0' busiuoss precaution uf c -k- linos    iu     the provin f B. f. had
Premier'- speech at Victoria, on Oct.
llth, lim-. showing he spoke of ihe
strained linuncial condition of tho province and unavoidably high taxation.
He al-o quoted from Mr. Cotton, who
was not allowed a prominent place in
the Cabinet,   probubly  because  he wn-
the ablest  of ihe lot   (laughter).        In   „,,„Vei   asked him his opinion ol      :i, ■  ""'   '"
his paper ,,f     February 7, 1009,     and   McKenzie aud Miinu contract    b
this Irmn  a  man  who wai distinguish    plied lhal  H   m.i    wild a.id  unc.iu,,.
ed as   i     indent   ,,( linancc, und  .m an     ,„|     ||,, had     been   lakeu  In  task      for     ,
(hority      he -ub,,,,. he warned  making thai    observation    II I   !h!" tt*7Zrui,   "","M   ''," "•'■-l''lli-1  '1"'i'  "l'il'h"" ''""l ,h"!'' I'Wldren's chil-
Ihem no,       art  with  tho persun:},   be able    ,o    sl    .hon, some iv.-iso,,''"' " h,",.° U"     '"""u''",.'       fc,d™',     ,       ,
nronertv lux in  iiivm  ,,i ilu. ,iii,-   ,.,,-. n -ei ■ hnuse, sn this agreement, this        text,      Sir t baric-  then  resumed  his      seat
propen \ i ax ut   uin,,!   ,,i  in., ciiios    ou   ,,,,- , |„. rritieism,    lhi- .nnira  i      was   ,ii ,1 ■ • ,.    , ■,    ■     •        i
"•"'""  "I   '1,,-e  financial  „  „ .hli-hci „, ,|,e sn.no onlerprisii... "       "'      '~ ,"""'" "'"VT • *, ■'   ■ :""      ''"'"""      '"'
"       '  lho | „,. ,:!V   ,-      Beer   Ten,,-   pnli,,-       i'~. ^      Mr..""     "' ,"''  '"   "»" "^ ■                        V.  C,  WAUL.
Another     able     mun-.M,    Bowser had grout di fii iv in Hecuring'n ,..,, ,!"''!''     ''"';'"'"'''    ' '""   "'">.'  «"''" «.-,.. h.-n,   called     upon and said      he
»ho did  noi   hide  his  I, !  (laughto  I li  w««    like    iho'electric lighi  signs' ."•,'.     i "."     f  UV°     l"Z",    T """''' "*""""      ''"'"' tecliu8''    '"   t,u"
:  lind  him  pn    ■   wci    t ii .,,,   minute >,„   - iw   ii  and  t!,«     nexl '"' ij5     n ?ra ""      '.''""''     '      .   '"' late  liuur.    ll   wa- a  L,n.,.,i  pleasure  lo
ed down   he did  noi      ,■.    ho minute you  didr       (Itunrs  o'  laugh- l-""     ""■'  ^™ """• '   "''.'"•     ."'"'" him  as a citizon  of  British  Colunibii
was boxed        (laughti                                          Om   H'inni|s-p   paper had     ale, ^■cxlMnen™ ""'^"'ff ">»«XV bridges ,,, l„.    thero     thai   Highland   lo hear
spokesman     ii  •     iledgehammci    some him tn lusk nnd -aid ii  was „ , my ol T   "' '"'"' '    -'i°       "*,  ",      l,-V1"K   '" thai  mngnillociil address lo wliiu-i Ccy
called  hue   thi    Dread   night ■  .      Manitoba       nntrn'cl     Ilo    a-ik-d '''"'"''''      '■'""">     bridge  ai   kaslo. had lisiened from  Sir Charles Tuppei.
Pul    forward        ,.„..-     uhn 0                   to pi.blis  McBrid ir(,.-t {Um*™r'■ "'"' llu'-v woult' lmvc "nl-v Men who wero so hidobou.ul lo   | nrlj
n of,                   Maui itrncl    ido     in '","'i "!'L"' "n '"'V ''"l"""i"''"''' ""ll"' ilmi   t|H.j   could noi  act  the pan       .',f
gostod by Mr.  McBride In- did want  In   '"*-' "p  ,,"'il' sl'll,'m""1-  n"'1   inforina- proved  a dismal failure,  and he would
he buried  in  lhe -nti,,, grave will, tha;   ''""'    Thon   M,'K,,"-'i''  '""'   Mullll   prilc- go will,  an.v Liberal  or will, nny (',„,-
gentleman, because h- would min tically l"'1'1 "" ''"' s""k '" ''"' ''""' -"''w"'v'' '" "™" S°°d, honest, sen-
round so quickly and he would led '''fl,"n S°rlho™ "' ''"' extent of s.v,.. sible govornmoiil in th.- province of
uneasy with hi,,, for a companion, """-mi1' " <bo provinco pledged its British Columbia. (Loud and prolong-
(Cheers and laiiuhlor) eredil ii was only righl for tho pro- ed cheerB). Much us ho appreciated
.,                                                             lection ui  ilu- provin,-,- thai   McKenzie 'he advantages thev  might enjoy     in
'    nnd  Af.inii  ahould   hypothecate      iheir this great  province,  su he believed    it
ill-ill       bill   ihere wa-      un was  pu-sible   tn  put   beyond  lllose  liv-
ii,-h provision.    Then  Mr.   Bowser told im.'    today     many of the advantaged
lliolil  lhi-  bii-i-,   ihis core,   ilu-      text, Ihey should Diijny  and  Inuiii down    lo
wlii.l,.   line.      He      ,|,i|
lllilli, there
the ((ovei .,, , .  .,,„|  ,|u,v      ,,,,.,,   """"j ' '""    '      '"   free   n  in a crisis ol ihis kind  «■■,,.
lho   \ ,..,)  ,,,,,   _,.,,,,   ,|(,.   -,;,..   """,__ 'I',.'.!,!. !"'"'''    ,'|KI"' "".,'""',  "f no advantage    in the bod)  politto.
'    ' '   Brido
"ann'-   any   vvav. I
   '"'dec-    uf   h   WM 0|l)v     ||h, man   who  |ul(j        (|i|
-' diiciiincnl.    li
wasn't n
fuel  ii  looked  tn  him  a- if ihere   was
a  lologriqihii- system going mi botwoon
ll(":""i'"   McBrido     and    McKenzie     .,,,,1  Mann
'k"" '"  ,h" -""   something tike  ihi-
"„,i-.   guvernod
courage tn come huw ard  iu a     crisis
ni   the   kind   wilh   whieh   ihey   vv ere   linvv
face   I,,   faee  and   talk   In   tl    in       lhe
'  patriotic strain  Hint  Sir Ilibberi  had
done,   who   deserved   liieir   lllllllks        fill'
M, Bride;    People wain   in use     v,,nr   lhe  manly and courageous step  taken
to  [he    pie,   railway  bridges, 'in an effort   lo -unc lhe provinco       in
hi   form of      it K   and   M.:   Cortaml)   if  v,,u  will,1'1'*    oi-isisl   (Hearty ch -|.    I'm-  his
il  ,i,,i,,'i  mai    pay  ihe cost  .,i  ihem .own  pari he had nm  intended  in     in-
McBrido:   People want  v i     pm-    n"'°  '"  ll"'i'' P0,iti"al nlfulrs,       but
Imso your  supplies  hero,
M   Is     .ueI    M.        I , ilninlv    we   will   if
fel   ihem as chonp frmn you as
,, . I,, ,|,   el-"
I,,    ■      ' wa
■I   Kel     ,       and
ay k in
■ ■        Ihan
when   he   -aw    i la
in   lhe   nlfn
| uf lllis province ii was the duly nf
every man whu had the courage nf
his convictions iu come forward and
he ha,| therefore nu hesitation in stopping mil   and breaking a  lame  iu      an
iileinpl      I,
provinco from
M   lhu!,-       Penple   here   Waul    vnu
tail     '    ,„   Coast.
I       MoK    ind  M     Certainly, .,-  soon   a- this  nest  nf deapoilorx,  McKenzie   nml
ho  ll,,, Lie- we -hall al-., iiii Mann. McHride and Bowser, (Cheers),
Viiueouvoi   Island. N» minister    of thu Crown      wishing
of   Inu,  ,
honestly i,, give ihe peoplo a fair show
i    ■•       lie   polie; II
M  Bi ido    '.     ernmonl   therein        I he;
■  lie
on  lorm.   i limig h iho
i,,e a       to  the     molhod of
p tl,,-!,,     Mi Pa ido     iid Ihey   should m
it a party questii ' , a,      w,■  •, .-
jd f Oltnv i till thi II ' C. P.  I
term       I hej      r,bl lined ■   ahall  havo    1  '
meni  ,,f 11,,.    i ,,,, ei - ttive i, nli 11   and  Mum   kno king nl  nnr Horn
fit invva  in  t In    ligh i      , ■    ;,- oi     i-iii-otiragomi
I l,i    i ailii ■.    poli
,,l,|e    then     put
tlaca more   oi-ioin '" dolibornto on an  importnnl  questi-
 lied    hi-    piiaition ""    '"    'llU    ''''"''    Wnl,'d    have    hesilall-ll
ot wn    wild nml     in,    '" -'iv'' ll"'"' ample ii  for deliliera-
mi-ii      M  Bride    had   gol   himself l'""'    Whose guaranii-o  wns  ihi-   that
hui  ii    nn  the qui   Hon     ,,f ''"'    McBrido    government  sought    to
I'hoi-i no hue in thii     ne-   "'"''"  ''"' • I''" '" 'I stonl   of
,,•  thai      ,,.,,.,  n,|  ihni  McBrido  s'-''-""",     principal  and  s-.'l.iiiiii.tinii
,    In MoKonzio and   """'" '• s,r'- •""" "' «H, with     roil           im     a,i,i   ,   regard  to rates 'case from luxation and . ,t li.-i  Inoidcn-
 i un  thing   The,    '"'"   ,l"1  "".tld bring ihe al, Ilt' u,,
 ijeiou     ol      Bttj    '"  ''■'•"'"■"""■      "as     il   Mr.   McHride .
li   ',        ollllllel    Itinu     ,|, I,       pn,     ^''      I'-uw-c.    Mi.    I,lli    »|,,,        gave
,-,'",      Mi    Bn I.   plllilieil Ilinl '''''"   cuul'illilee''    No,   il   wa-   ihev     the
,,,,,,,   ,.,,, had   ill      ihu   ' P'° "'  B'-uish  Cultiuibiii  who  were
i,   [Miwci    ' -   io deal with the iiiiii ' l""d   llooil   lu   lake   ihi- burden       nn
 ,. Ihell      holllilol •     Win    vv.i-   ii   thai  i vv n
in i  hou   Manitoba     had "'   *''      McBride's    eolloiigiies,   Messrs.
Inn '       I     \    II,  two reducti  |1 allow  and hulton, were given     only
mil     nil  11, i- wheal    '" y     "liniiie-      tu     make   up   their
i            i   ■         nilli   ■     tli      Ho pointed onl lhal  Mi   llonpi '" "r'"l" thi» eonlrai-l or rcaign? And
hould i-oiitaln    Ho v                    , Con creative and moml il tho w".v    u"v    ''  'he)    resigned?   Because
ley ol  bel toi   term    an  nb oliih   fni n
P,,    il   l hev      I nil died   I hen   le idol
n-   ii    tho outline ol  Ihis cxtraoi
,,   policy, bul wo,hi phut! ,i  Lilly be |"""«"     """   *««  "   N''    l'""'1""   "
f„„. .hem a<     lh wl     th, jinduoed tr,   tan. h ,	
„„..! how fa.    h._ might be wai \i ' "' be"'* "'<" '   "  "'"    '"	
rant. I     I •    I »" °?  /"'"r"" T'1", ".' hmt.'.''
i    -    .rdinatj, eMt,   "id    ud ,"»'    disadvantage uude    I,     rt.,
ttto change   oi front ou tbe pan    U  l'"-'^ ^ho">i ^ boln8 m«m«v«1.v
road   bul   loi liin    mun " I .he I  pi ■ ,i i„.   Vim ro.  II I nl Trade, had polnl    ''"'*     would    not  -land for an.v such
H'l     Whul   ■■       lhi     mai ov   nothlns  ,,     dm I mil  Ihej    I Id demand n n-du, n-   "'ll being pul  up on the penple of B,
P.'1'' '   u   iiddniily iumplnu from    do   I ,u    |iropn Itloi   I hnu     tho  nn In rnlo    lo n polnl noi     exceeding  '     "''''  l'"''1' consent,   II.- was  sorry
1 rring to     I ngli l,  HI,.ii    '■ p.- I   prairie ratea and tha   ''""  ''"'.v 'ell  under obligation to Mr,
morn" in    s-.'l, ,unu   md lho     liltli   Blull ,„,,!  ,,,„| i,i„i,  „ ,    ,,„.
I" >'; I     UUeie    I      fill      II  || 'I    I,eel ,,„| r,     '      .   ,     ,
1 hi    igrooinunl w a    meh ilinl i	
Board hi,I pm tod n .^solution demun-  McBride lo keep lhe p.-omi-e I
in,,  lhal    pmvi ion   in thi itraet.  "'""i-'     '''   thomlhal   thoy     wuuld
\li      McBride   _■,,,.   „.  the reason  i|""' ' "A anything aboul ii   And   they
Loi   n ail ii,., groal      Boo      |hei , ,„, ,,,,,- u„. ,| ,,„, ,, ,.t,,  proviso il I be led out was     lhat '""i not laid anything,
Whut    did     be aa;-?   Uo laid (iratty  would oomldw It u mooieut.     Thsru   ttTi ilaun objevted on iha ground    it     It reminded him of ths ttrni wfaeo Mt,
Chnrles Wilson lefl the McHride (iovernment under similar conditions and
hud refused to say anything; when the
anme Mr. Omen, who figured in this
deal on the provinco goi mixed up
with ihe ladies at Victoria.(Choors and
Every lime a minister resigned lionise something was wrong ho had
nothing in say iiliuin ii. (Laughter),
There must be sume dark linings behind ul! iliis when ii was accessary to
pledge ministers lo secrecy as to their
reasons for resigning.
Thon thn voters lists wore not yel
available in many districts in B. I'.,
and men were unable to ascertain
wllothor (hoy had any vole on ihis ,
tho greatest issue ever pul before the
people of British Columbia, Mas this
tho way to treat ilu-in? Mr. McBrido
snid lie loved B. <.'. If he did why did
ho not show Id- love iii Rome bettor
way thau by driving thorn like dumb
driven cul tie to lho polls, lake Mi
ciiwbor in- hud I i waning for a railway policy for \enr- and snapped up
tho lirst thing ihni eamo along, nnd
lliul withoul nny consideration, If
there was one thing mure ihun mint -
her Ilinl B. C. shuuld guard ngninst,
il was lying up its resuiirees for the
suke of ,'i eailvvav tin,inch any une
Valley as limy had a l,iir country to
open up and shiiiihl-iife-guiii'il the future.
lb- compared ihe railway policies ni
the gnvernuiciit nud opposition, Mr,
McBride hml said llllil soon McKen/.ie
and Mann would bo knocking at their
door. Well ii must hnve been u terrible knock as it appeared to havo
carried away door, frame ami everything. (Cheers and laughter). Thev
wen,    i,,1,1 if  thev   endorsed  Ihis  little
 f 81*1,11110,11(10   ihey  wuuld       mil
have lo pay it, Well lol any of them
endorse a uol,. for Sin,nun and thoy
would  lind  when  thev-  wenl   In      their
banker he would   tell   th    Ihey  could
not have the fiiriher iiceoinmodntion
ihey wianted while llu-ir name was on
lhal note. And the -nine with the
province. It nnhs only a shun timo
ago the Ciovoi-nmonl of British Columbia cuuld not incur liability nf any
kind withoul lirst going lo Mr. Murray, manager nf lhe Bauk uf Commerce, and getting him in O.K. thu
viiiicher. He [minted mil the iitleresls
nf lhe province were nut safc-giiiirded
in ihis iigroumenl any wuy, either as
tu froighl rales or security for iho
endorsement. 'This wns an occasion of
(he greatest possible importance and
was   which would go down in history as a time when the people of the
province, in tho face of such a monstrous conlracl, were able to unile
and protect (be province from spoliation.   (Choorss).
was uext called on, and complained
lho other speakers had taken up all
the evening, leaving him little timo
to discuss a question ou which ho
could tnke up tho whole evening himself. Ile stood for tho interests of the
workers. 'They were tuld the workers
would have tn build this road, but.
that nighi Ihey gol nnly tho capitalist side nf it. They us Socialists
sluiid fnr changing the system. They
claimed that labor produced nil
weullh and was alone entitled to thnt
which il produced, Now they wore
talking of building this road, taking
all the risk und handing it over to
some bunch f capitalists to get away
with. (Cheers and laughter), Ilo condemned tho way in which this constituency had been represented in the
past by Hun. Thomas Taylor, What
had been his record while he hud been
Ihere'.' 11 was customary in the country he eamo from for a representative
id give au account of his stewardship.
lie nllended Mr. Taylor's meeting and
he failed to hear him say one word
of account of his stewardship while ho
hud lieen representing thorn, He had
done whal bonus told to do and that
was very little to his eredil. (Cheers
nnd  laughter).
lu I'.III.-n ihere was a bill introduced
lo e,ivo uu .s-hour day in smelters.
When- did ihey Iiud tin- Hun. Thomas
come in? He voted against tho bill
wiih ihe res! of the government
There had been several other bills introduced iu ihe interest of the workers and never once had he voted in
lhe inleresl of labor. All this thoy
intended to review before ihey closed
(he campaign, and he hoped lhal Ihey
would attend iheir meetings and heat-
about ihese things iu which they
c Interested but not posted. McBride nnd Bowser were here and ihey
.pplaudcd iheir remark- while ihey
i-oi-o pumping ii into thorn.( Cheers
and laughter). To listen tu them was
enough lo drive an ordinary man bughouse. (Cheers nnd laughter). As lo
this railway policy il wn- a farce lo
send men io ihe legislature to give
away whal did nut belong to ihem.
(Cheers.) He opposed perpotual limber licenses, which simply gave tu ot-
hers ihe right lo control lhe supply of
lumbal' nnd charge them what tItaex
liked for il. He invited Ihem to a(-
lend iheir meeting hen- on Friday unit
ni ihe Kdison Parlor Theatre again on
Monday night, when they would have
llie-e mailer- I hon mghly discussed.
A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Sir Chillies Ilibberi Tupper und
.Mr. Unite, accompanied by three cheers
On nail of Mr. ..I. li. McKenzie, llireo
cheers were given for the Independent
candidate Mr. Lindmark, and on call
of Sir Ilibberi Tupper three cheers
more were uccorded tho Indies who
had honored tliem with their presence,
and tha bi; crowd tben diiporatd, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Prog *airime For 'The Pixies"
Rehearsals for "The Pixies" have been hold every afternoon and evening for tin- past two weeks nnd everything is iu perfect readiness for the big
production at tbe Opera House on Monday and Tuesday nights. It will be
given wiib a cast of one hundred and fifty young Indies nnd children under
the auspices ni the V. M C. A. All rehearsals huve been iu charge ot \V, A.
.Milne, of I bicagu, ably assisted by Miss \l. Iv. Creighton It will be elaborately costumed, and will, no doubt, create here the same enthusiasm us it bus
created ill the eastern cities during the past sixteen years. At Kamloops mi
November -1 and 5, it was giien tu two p.u- ed houses, many people attending
huth performances, nnd all pronouncing ii the most beautiful and laughable
entertainment tbey laid ever seen It is uot a simple collection of nursery
rhymes, but a big comic opera full of dash and go, and Containing a hearty
laiigl'i for every minute The grotesque make-up and weird unties of the
pixies, brownies und goblins never fail lo convulse an audience, while the
dainty loveliness nnd unconscious grace uf the one hundred little girls us
fairies, pages, butterflies and llower girls, form u picture never tn be forgotten,
It contains nearly forty musical numbers, including sulos, duets,
choruses, drills and marches,   Prominent among tbem an- the following:
and will .slew   the   lice   and     end   in   thoir   foe   I*!)     befure
mau       by       whose     ap-   Docomber   li'-ih,  end  should  arrange to
to      tho       adtnldistra- attend n meeting to be called on that
ll   is  important  a really    active
By  P..  A.   Hnggen,
In a recent issue of The Mail-Ho
ihe space allotted to tho use   oi
Hon.  Thoinns Taylor's   Election  '
sort      of
poiuunerit ^^^^^^^^^^
city an Insult for which ho hu
yet  apologised.
eld I    When I wns arrested on an inform,
the   Hon .__, , |,v Mr.  Fosier bearin
initteo was occupied    with   iwo .
vita by .1. II. Jackson, .!. P.. a
I Kington,  a    provincial   eottstubh
turn sworn
since altered by hi
ng i
''''da-    ,he  ullice  nf   lh,
I   nvus  silting  in
■liief  uf   pulice   avviiil-
if my solicitor       Mr.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Jggs.    KHurls     were  made   i,,       gel
wiih understood that in tho provincial  Mr, Poster lo arrango bail so that     I
mv   business,   but    hi
It, fir
the arrival
dale,   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
membership list  should I nlisted    nt
ihe very beginning,of lhe season us n
splendid programme ol run.-, hare nnd
hounds chases, racing contests, and
evening game- is being tllTllllgod by
ilu- executive.
uncial , \|r, Poster lo
I'uylm   miKht  attond
Lord Cliiu-loi
if   his       visil   In
Berosford mid  il
'election nuw un  the Hun Thus. I ^	
jand  the railway  pulicy nf die  McHride   took guud care he was not In he fu.uid   Colonial   Instiiuie  ol  1 Ion   lhal    he
 "Cradle Sung"
Mrs   Robert .Sipiarebriggs us Queen Titan ia
 "Hail to the Morning Sun."
The Fairies
 "I Used to Believe in Fairies"
Miss Prances Lawson, us Angelica
 "We Will Strew Her Path"
The Fairies
.1.—Solo "I Can't Forget Von Honey"
Louise Rue
6.—Quartet "Pour   Little   But ertlies"
Beatrice Anderson, Queenie Gorring, NaiicycFleetham, Mercedes Genelle
7.--Chorus and   Dance  .... , i.n.... a-., iv,
Nine Boys as Goblin
•1.    Chorus
9.—Solo and Chorus,
Twenty Boys as Pixies
'Hobgoblins Are We"
'OfT Witli a 'St' Wc Go"
 "I  am the Prince"
W. Cameron, us Prince l-Torimel
 "Tell me will my Dream Come True"
Miss Lawson and Mr. Frank LeFeaux
 "The Maple Leaf Forever"
Pixies and Fairies
12,— Amazon March and Drill	
Twelve Young Ladies as Amazon Guards
LL-Chorus      "Victory  Will Crown Us"
Pixies and Fairies
1.— Chorus
.'.-Solo   .
The Goblins
Louise Riie, as the Chinaman
"Let Our Anvils King"
"Chinaman Will Mally"
MmmM^^^^^^mMmmmmmmmmmmmy.      ■
Kunun Picard and Francis Bourne us the Indians, with their trick
monkey, James Bourne,
1.—Solo   "Maybe"
Mr. LeFeaux
5.— Solo "Love is Tyrant"
Mrs. Cameron
6.—Chorus and  Dance      "The Toy Monkey"
Twelve Young Ladies as Japanese Maidens
7.—Duet  "When Hearts Are True"
Mesdaiiies Cameron and Squarehriggs
S.—Solo  _    ."The  Plan of a Woman"
Mrs. Squarehriggs
9.—Duet  ."Mammy's Black Lambs"
Mary Parsons aud Lilian Pettipiece as Picallillllies
Seats are now on sale at C. lt. Macdonald's drug store. All are urged
to reserve tbeir seats early, as there is every indication of two crowded bouses.
One hundred extra chairs will be provided, and the management guarantee
that the bouse will be warm and comfortable, and that more than your
money's worth will be given you iu tbe comical "Pixies."
(Form F.)
Notice of Poll being granted, and of Candidates
Electoral District of Revelstoke, to wit:
PUBLIC NOTICK is hereby given to the Electors of the
Electoral District aforesaid, tbat a poll has become necessary
at the Election now pending for the saint1, and that I have granted
such poll; and further, that the persons duly nominated as candidates
at the said election, and for whom only votes will be received, are :—
Government were on trial.   This    ap-
[ peara io   have been ii misunderstanding,   From these affidavits it     would
'appear thai  it   is Vi.  Vi.  Fosier   Police
Magistrate     of Revolstoke,  and     his
| methods thnt  are on  trial in ibis election.    So  in  nn endeavor lo  wash   tho
| mud oIT his administration of the City
j Police Magistracy and his handling ol
public documents,    court records, vo •
tors lists, und  naturalisation ufliduv -
its,  h,;     publishes  the documents    in
question.   Mr.  Poster has wallowed ao
deeply iu the magisterial min- thai n
whole bushel of affidavits such as
'those ho now sets up in ids defence
cuuld nut wash him clean.
1 shull review lhe record of Mr. Foster's career in connection with public
mutters during lhe pust your, nnd un
thut record those electors who stand
for a decent standard of public life ,
and high ideals uf tho administration
of justice, run judge him und tho value
ut liis u.iiduvits.
I A vote for Taylor is u vole in support uf Pulice Magistrate Foster and
I his methuds.
!    Well might   Mr.  Foster say with the
Postcard quotation "Life is one   dam
thing  nftor  anolher,"     for during  the
I pust  your his public record in     Bevel-
'stoke has certainly been one job after
another,      and      each job  more coarso
thnn  the  one  thai   preceded   il.    'There
>was a lime, wheu  Mr.  Poster vva-    iu
the C. P. It. ollices, that he was highly  esleomed   iu   the cil)   and  generally
regarded as n coming mun.   Like some
other people however,  he went  up like
J a rockel nnd cume down like a stick .
lie was found  to be aspiring lu  the
position of Tammany boss of     Revel-
I stoke,     and   exposures once begun fob
' lowed in tpiiek  succession.
'The Voters Lists.
The tirsl   thunder chip lhat    reached
tho public ear wus in  January    last,
j when it was discovered iu the bye-elec-
I tion caused by Hon Tom Taylor being
appointed      minister   of  public,   works
I that tho     Voters Lists hud been turn-
pored    witli, und  that   Ihe names      uf
well-known   residents  opposed   to     Mr.
Taylor     hud    been struck oIT tlie roll
without  their receiving nny nolice    of
objection.    F.nquiry  showed   these nam-
jes were     struck off on the motion     of
j Mr.   Fosier,      who, however,  did     not
; wish his nuuio to appear in  the matter,    An    investigation wus demanded.
| It came up in the legislature.        The
| Attorney-General  promised  un  investigation, but  frum  thut duy      lu     this
that    promise has  uut  been kept. 'The
reason is not fnr to seek.    Mr.  Foster
took that  action in the interesl of the
mun  who  is   now   his   nominee,     Hon.
.Mr.  'Taylor.   They km-w  what  an    investigation meant  to  them.   'Thei-   did
not want it.   A press gallery report nf
the proceedings uf the legislature    nt
the time suid:—
"If the government cures to push
tho Investigation into election methods
at Hevelstoke, demanded in tlie legis -
latuto yesterday by members of the
opposition side, it is probable thut an
interesting suite of ulTi.irs in that constituency will be disclosed. From
Conservative sources ii bus been ascertained thai there wa- considerable
juggling of lin- electoral li-1- in lhe
riding represented by Hon. Thomas
'The report then gives an oxpl.ina •
tion by Mr. Taylor which m.uie
matters no min-h worso thut Mr. Iln.v-
thornthvvaite      arose     and   said:   "No
Iill  late in   lhe day,   when  he      and   .Mr. found   Canadians   Strong,   hcilllhy.chi
Gordon,    stipendiary  magistrate,   and ry and onorgetic:  ihcbest specimens of
another of   Mr.   Taylor's  local       Tain Hi-' British  race he had ever seen. Tho
many    coiumiUoc, eamo in ihe      cit) Canadians' loyalty was unbounded and
gnnl   and  asked   Chief  Bain   tn  remove tlieir energy splendid.   'Thev   , mild very
1.10 frnm  his ullice and  place me behind well   have  sat   siill   on   ihis  question   of
the       bars.     Mr.   Bain  expressed   regret defence  for   Ihey   could   .-heller   lllcmsel
at   having   In  lake lhat  curse bill   had ves  behind   lhe   Mimn.c  Iluelrine,    bul
his instructions from  thoso ngonts   of | thoy were t,„, proud an off-shoot
Hun. 'Thus. Taylor, whoso representation of litis constituency  I had    con-
sistenlly opposed all alone Now,thev
concluded wus iheir chance lo get even
with inc. Thoy had no control of i In-
ullico uf lhe Chief uf Police, and a-
unolher member uf lhe furce said: "If
they had come into my ollice with an)
aueh demand I would have sent them
aboul  their business very quickly."
The place tor Mr. Foster was in his
own otlice upstairs, bul he hud a
swelled head which was daily getting
bigger if Ids poor little soul was daily
getting smaller.
1 was u little curious to lind mil
what Mr. Foster was up to next. If
you will visit the oflicc of the Chief of
Police you will find a slide opening
into the barred hall behind. I opened
that a little and heard Mr. Foster say
things of which 1 have a shorthand record. Woll lhi- worthy magistrate
was discussing ihe possibility of my
questioning his jurisdiction and, us
his swelled heud goi biggor, he -aid
he was a justice of lhe ponce for lhe
whole province would gel Constable
Kington to take me oui lo Three Yul-
Iry by the early train in the morning
und try me there nnd send mc on to
Kamloops gaol. And this from the
man who only a few brief months ago
bad sworn to do justice to all without
fear or favor. But this wns probably
his idea of justice and.of the value of
his oath on affidavit, lie did not
know any better, aud "where ignor -
iinee is bliss, 'lis folly to be wise."
Continued   in   next   issue.
Revefstoke Snowshoe Club
'Tin- first annual meeting of ihis popular club wus held Wednesday last al
the City Hall, kindly offered by tin-
Mayor. There was a large and enthusiastic attendance uf members. The
ollicers elected for the coming season
President— Vi.   II.  i'ratt.
Secretary-Treasurer—A.  G.  Brooker.
Field Captain-—I. A.  MaMurtin.
Vice Captain—Miss Hardie.
Tho above to be the Club Execitivo
for tho your.
It being desired lo know exactly
where the club stood as earl)' as possible in the season, il was decided lhal
membership lie limited lo such old
members ns paid up their fees on     or
before lli labor Kith, and who ahould
thon have the right of nomination of
one new member each. All the old
members who wish to retain thoir active membership will ploaso take    uo-
the old slock  to do  that and  they hnd
determined   to defend their Irade routes.
jSBcaSlI *#;_,-,?___.# '■ -■- icVr ,,><)>
Bkgbik  School
QEALED TENPKHS, ^iiwncribci.i " Tonder
>t fnr Solionl Bnitdinjr. BpftblOt" wilt h» rtj-
r»ivml   hy   tho   Hon.   Uin   MiuUtor   nl   Publio
Worki, up to, hiiH Including, tin: 80th day <>f
November, 1909, for the emotion Mini onmnln-
Hon of a smitll niie-room friiuiu fiohool building
in theRetrbia School District, Hevelstoke Kloc-
toral District.
Plans, specifications, contract und fornix nf
tenilor may !>'• ^tion nn ami after the UUi day nf
Ntivmtiljor, ISHCt, at the otlice nf the Government,
A writ, «t Hovol-tnkR and at the Depurtmeut of
Public Work.-. Victoria.
Kach proposal must ho aocom panicd hy an
accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit
nn a chartered hunk of Canada,   mado   payable
to thn Honourable tho Minister of I'ublic
Works for a sum equivalent to leu per cent, of
the amount of tbe tender, which ___tlia.il ho for-
foiled if the party tendering decline to enter
Into contract when called upon to do so, ur if
do fail to complete tho work contracted for.
Tho cbequos or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be retnrtie I to them
upon the execution of the contract.
Tondors will uot he oousldered unless
madu out nn the forms supplied, signed with
the actual signature of the temturor, aud
enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
Tho lowest or auy tendor not nucossarily
Public Works Engineer,
Department of Lauds,
victoria, ». U„ November llth. 10M.
Scotch   Whisky
MK__. -thi-LU__________..___-!       _■_■__■_■■ I   WW- 31
A Record of Nearly a Cen tun .
It was in the yenr 1815 nearly a hundred
years athi that the first gallon ol Wataon 9
Whisky was produced.
It is distilled to-day in precisely tbe same
careful, conscientious manner as Nvhen lirst
placed on the market. We use the old-fashioned Pot Still and distil nnly trom Malted
Not a quart is ever h ittlea ttnt'l we nave
tirsl assured ourselves that it is thoroughly
mnluted and that maturing process, hy the
way. taken place in Slurry (.asks, a method
recognized hy experts a~ ^living a specially  tin*
So firmly do u<e believe in tlie unvarying
excellence of our product that we guarantee
absolutely every bottle sold under our label end
insist     on
mrmmmmmmmmmmnmmm mmmvmm
"THREE STAR'-A mud. thoroughly imiuiej Scotcb.
"NO. IO"-AI,ill.b„d,fd. -,cklylbvoKdSco.il,
JAMES WATSON & CO.. Limited       Dundee.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
\NV avail,'ble Dominion Lands within tho
Railway Belt iu British Columbia, may
bo hnmesteaded by any perpon wno is tho solo
head of a family, or any male over 18 yearsof
ugb, to the extent of oue*quarlex section of 160
acres more or less.
Entry must uu made personally at tho local
laud otlice for the district iu which tho Inn 1 is
situate: Eutry by proxy may, luiwover, hi
maris ou ee'taia fottditions liy the father,
mother, sou, daughter, brother or sister of ac
intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the
conditions connected therewith under oue ol
t^e following plfcus :
(l) At least six months' residence upou and
cultivation of thu land iu each yoar fur three
i'.i If the father (or mother, if the father le
decortj-od) of tho homesteador resides upon a
farm in the vicinity of the land entered for, ihe
requirements as to residence nmy be satisfied
by such persou residing with the failior en
(8) If tho settler has his permanent residence
upon farming lend owned by him in iho vicinity of his homestead, tho requirements as u
residence may bo satisfied by residence upon
the said land. i
Six mouths' notice in writing should he given
to tho Commissioner of Dominion Lands at
Ottawa uf intention to apply for patent,
CoaIj -Coal mining rights may bo leased for
a period of twenty-one years at an annual
rental ufj $1 par acre. Not more than 2,660
acros shall he leased to ono individual or
cumpany. A royalty at the rate of tive cents
per con shall he collected ou the merchantable
coal miued,
W. W roBV,
Deputy of the Minister of lho Interior.
N B, Unauthorized publication of this advertisement Will not be paid for.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Feas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
S. W. B   PftOFT J   WI.SON
iirsasri*; -w_»_?_____E-iwr__;_^c_sjP5waiB» J
suitably furnished witli the choicest tht
market affords. Re.:,t Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rales $i a day.    Monthly rae.
lt.  .ax.:b:e3:r,t   stohste]    pbop.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are   disposing  of   tlieir  entire  Stock   u a
small advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their     prices    on     Diamonds
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,   Silverware,   Watches
Oilier Names
Charles F.
Runk, Profession
or Occupation
Revelstoke       Fitter
Revelstoke     Sawmill Man
Revelstoke    Minister of Public Works
As in the Nomination Papers.
Of which ai.i. persons are hereby required to take notire and
to govern themselves accordingly.
GIVEN under my hand at Revelstoke this llth day of November in the year 1909.
Returning Officer.
The following names have been certified to me as agents for
candidates :
C. K. GILLAN, Agent Thomas Taylor.
W. I. BRIGGS, Agent C. F. Lindmark.
J. D. McDougall.
POUR ACRES.—Ground all cleared, lencerl and in crop; lnnil un
either side; city water and light up
to property. Suitable Inr orchard,
Fitrawborry growing, poultry runoli
or lactnry site Area 10 x I ohaiua.
l'rict- $800.    Apply to
further proof is necessary of tlie ab-
sot.it,. corruption that i-xists in connection with these lists. Prior to ,n;s
we hud no actual proof, Inu now we
hnvi' the definite statement of tho
Polii-,- Magistrate.
Mr. Foster next appoared as Police
Magistrate for ihe riiy, recommended
for this position by Hon. Mr. Taylor,
his nominee. No om- dreamed at the
time of lhe fantastic tr'n-ks he wus to
play before high heaven in his now
role. He waded to his knees inin
municipal  politics.  He Iuul  hoard with
hi* enr close to ihe ground thut Mayor I.inilmnrk mieht oppose lion. Tom
Taylor next election Mr. I.inilmnrk
musl lie slandered und annihilated.
Consequently      wc    found      the  police
court    constituted n Tammany Hull .
und u circus ease offered the opportunity of Mr.  Foster's life.   He seized    il,
wrote to the Mall-Herald a letter accusing the Mayor of attempting to defeat     the    eml«   of justice above iill
thing*, und  told lhe pulili,- he lind   n
poi-ket  full  iif affidavits  to prove it .
| He wns challenged to produce his affidavits hut  they were noi  forthcoming
nnd Mr. Foster found himself discredited    in ilu-    judgment seat of public
opinion us ii political trickster.
His Next Slum.
In   my    capacity us n journalist    1
hud pilloried Mr. Foster on his     mul-
j administration of    justice.   Insteutl   of
answering my criticisms in  0 fair and
I manly wny I heard on „ certain Wednesday   morning ol his plans to    use
hi- position ns a police magistrate as
an engine   of tyranny Inr my discomfiture,    The story is well known to the
...    .   .   .    iii D public, but  there i« nn inejdent     con-
W. J. LlghtDUrne, Prop. | noct,d    therewith    has   not yet baeu
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Corner Third 5T&Campbe
25 Per Cent. Discount on
25 Per Cent. Discount
MRS.   A.  G.  CRICK
First   Stroot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotol
Simciiil Attention giren  to commerulsl
men uud tourists. First-cliisi sample
minus. Finest scenery iii liritish Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Iskc.
Fancy Groceries
We have received a lurge shipment of New h'igs,
Cluster RaifliiiH, etc , which we  offer ae follows :
Smyrna Layer Figs per Ib. 25c.
Qlovo Box Figs, each 15c.
Basket Figs - - each 25c.
Malaga Cluster Raisins a Ib. 30c
Imperial Clusters -   per lb. 3Se.
General Merchandise Telephone 248
Warm   Overcoats
Five handsome styles that the
Fit-Reform designers have
created for winter wear.
Roomy, easy, comfortable—
splendid cold-resisting materials
— exclusive patterns — and
made up in a way to delight
the heart of
even' man who
appreciates fine " '""
Sole AgenU in Revelstoke. THE MATL-HEBALD, REVELSTOKE, 13. C.
Provincial Elections 1909
To the Electors of Revelstoke
GENTLEMENi—l have tlie honor to announce my oandldature
lor the representation of Kevelstoke diding in the election to lie held
on   November  25th, and  ropiest  the  favor iit  your support in this
contest.    The following is my platform —
Completion of tlm Canadian I'acilic Railway Company's Arrowhead A Kootenay line to open up tlie ricli mineral resources of tbo
Lardeau and Fish Creek, and make tlie iruit anil farm liiinlsof
Beaton, Galena Bay, Comaplix, and Oamborne available to tho best
markets, besides plaoing Arrowhead on a main transcontinental Hue
,,f railway and making it tlie principal shipping port mul manufacturing centre on the Arrow Lukes, Hie construction ol this railway
will establish through connection betwoen the main and Crow's Nest
lineB of the C. P, K. system. This will result in Revelstoke becoming
the m«in junction uud railway centre ol Interior liritish Oolumbia,
and pave the way for making this city the Spokane of this lair Province. Any financial assistance that may he necessary from the
Province to ensure the immediate construction ot this road should be
willingly rendered.
The construction of a railway up tiie Columbia ami Canoe Kiver
valleys to open up Revelstoke's richest heritage to the north should
bejiushed ahead. When in Revelstoke recently Hon. Frank Oliver,
Minister ol the Interior, mado public the assurance that the
Dominion (iovernment would give the assistance necessary  to becure
the construction of a railway to open up this OOUntly, and if auy
(urther assistance should be nquired to secure its early construction
it should be given liy the Province.
Tbe Government's railway policy, proposing to tie up the credit
of the Province to the extent of $45,000,000 in principal and interest
for a railway that must be built in any case to complete the Canadian
Northern Transcontinental system, and which opens up only
two hundred milco ot new territory in the North Thompson Valley,
is one which should be opposed by every well wisher of Revelstoke.
Such u policy, if curried out, would be a serious thing, for not
only would it destroy the credit ol the Province for au extensive development and railway construction policy for which this Province
will be required iu tbe near future to provide, but so far hb Kevelstoke
is concerned it would cut this city off both north and south from the
business properly belonging to it. The northern business would be
diverted down the North Thompson Valley to the Coast, while tbe
southern trallic which now forms such a large volume of tbe trans-
|mrtation business coining through Kevelstoke would be diverted by
way uf the Ukanagan and Nicola Valleys, thus largely reducing the
railway labor employed here. A more suicidal policy, so far ns Kevelstoke ie concerned, was never placed before tlie people of this city
aud district, and 1 call on every man interested in tbe Revelstoke
Riding to rally round me, and stop once and for all the attempt so
deliberately put up to injure this section of the Province, which BO
many ol us bave Bpent the best years ot our life in endeavoring to develop and build up,
Considering the immense nvciiun contributed by the Kevelstoke
Killing in the shape of Timber Licenses, the Revelstoko Killing bus
not had a square deal, and it is time it got one. Tho Hiding should
' be opened up by a thorough system of ro.uls and [rails constructed in
a iiermaneiit manner and under competent supervision. The lirst
workt that should be undertaken in ihis direction are:—
Construction ol a wagon road between Kevelstoke ami Arrow head.
Construction aud operation oi a tramway past ileal b Kapids.
Construction ol such portions ol road us ar- required to give tbe
l«est possible transportation t,, Hig Bend and points between Kevelstoke and Tete .Inline Cache, so that Kevelstoke, as the nearest Inisi-
nees centre thereto, shall share in tbe benefits resulting from the
large expenditure in the construction ol the Urand Trunk I'acilic aud
Canadian Northern railways went ,,! Yellowhead Pass.
Construction of the balance of tbe mail from Kevelstoke tlir,,ugh
the F.agle Pass to give the settlers ot Malakwa and ot lit i poiuts the
access they desire to thiB city.
v new Court House. Provincial Gaol, and   Land   Itegistry  Ullice
ihould be provided at Kevelstoke without delay,
Perpetual Licenses should be given to present holders ol Timbei
■o that they shall have as good a title to timber as to other forme il
property, or a title which will be available as financial security ivheu
required. Land held under timber license suitable lor settlement
tbould lie made available for such .is boon as the timber is removed.
The Property Tax now levied in the cities should belong to tbe
municipalities which require tbis revenue to enable them tu carry
on sn elective system ol education by the addition to the sell,,,,I
system of Manual Training and Technical Branches
In view of the fact that the Province bas over 14,000,000 in tb
Banks ou fixed deposit at three per cent, interest, it is evident the
people are mure heavily taxed Ihan necessary. Taxation should
therefore I..- reduced, cure being taken that ihe remaining taxation
is placed on the shoulders ol those best able to bear it. \- soon si
tbe Provincial tinauoee will admit of it the Poll Tax ihould be
In connection with the Good Roads Policy an etTeotive system
ol surveys and land settlement shuuld In: adopted.
I am in favor of the square deal for everybody and consider that
the Civil Service should lie absolutely free frum political Interference,
promotion being by merit only us recognised through the British
Civil Service,
In public expenditures all should have equal consideration without regard to their political opinions or party alliances. I stand fur
the clean administration ol justice without fear or favor.
In conclusion I wish to say that in my opinion tlie time hss
eome for Revelstoke to demand Aggressive Representation, and light
ior ht-f rights in the forefront of the progress and development of tha
I am. Gentlemen,
, Your Obedient  Servant,
Makes Damning Indictment of
McBride Government
K* Unyoi Morloy, who is uu I mie
poudonl candidate for \ ictoiin Cilj .
having been n Conservative, mudu the
following iirrui-Kumeut ng.iiiisl lhu Me
I'., i,|,. durum in:
"Tli,.  Municipal  Clauses  A,i     is     u
length}   ,1 »„'in   ami  i il   eunipli
ailed    mie." , ,,inii I il x iniiyor
li   is ih,. groulcsl    iHlrositj       thul
any   body of people ovur were liurdo I
with in ' lieir ui tempi to curry un municipal iilViiirs ill u business like   wuy.
ll is so fm uptll'l irum business principles   liml   it   is  il   COIlstlltll   menu,',-   lu
good rule. If iusloud ni uttouiptiug
iu >,in nn Imi u ,itN might do, it childish thing, it hud tried lo say what n
city iniglu uol do ilu- a,i ,.unlil liuve
boon embraced within two puces nml
been just us serviceable uud inure safe,
llie not was prepared fpr municipalities in earlier days, befure ihey wore
as NNell organised or woru as capable
of self-government, li lias been added
to froin lime to time with the object
of temporarily getting around some
difficulty with tho rosull thul whenever you iry to do something for Vic-
toria yon ure up against legal dill'u-ul-
lies uud il costs to got out. Whal
Victoria wants is self governmonl. Wo
havo as good bruins, us much onergy,
us keen intelligence us cun bo produced iu any body of members from all
over the province, We arc pusi the
age when wo huve to suy Tupu, may
I do this':'' Wc have been hold up for
Iwo veins on one thing and am,I hei
waiting for legislation uud lho situation hus become unbearable.
John Otivor knows, us you and I
know, thnt tbo safest thing iu this
world is Bolf-govornment, that is iho
ouly thing thai makes for manhood
und womanhood. But the McBrido government does uot waul us to havo
self.governnienl because il knows thill
would moan its doom.
"Tutu- the matter of saloon licenses,
Cities have tin- righl  to regulate these
in   ii   very  small   menslll'c  indeed.      The
u,-t says thai hcreuftci' thero shall uot
lie     more       thai!   OUO   lieense   to   every
thousand people, but goes un to state
that nothing in lho act shall be tuken
ns giving a right to reduce tho number at present existing. There is no
provision mado for cities getting   rid
of the HUrplus till ihey got llie li, eases down to oho in ,i thousand. Victoria hus eighty licenses to sume ilu, -
000 people, nearly three times t,,__,
many. The Union ,,f Municipalities
has fought hard to goi llie law im ■
proved in ihi- regard. In IBUG Premiei M, Bride laid us ho could do nothing Inn promised u rovisi f lhu act
which would do something along the
line of what wo asked foi Km nothing was done \gain in lllll" the un
i"" pressed for u rented) and wero lold
bj the uttoi-noy-gouer.il thai the)
could ieo have anything, li is the
same in regard to tho appointment ni
police .iiei lice.. .■ boards, which h.i-
been  also  tnkou Up I))   the union.
u'       '  i' ■     ha, ,■	
bo ud    trim     would  nm  ...
in-oval   nl   the  peupl.,  „f   \    ■..
tin   n i ..■ tl      ll   Hi   ■
lain nil nilinitti
•  it     ilm
AN   EST)   I'll      \\l\l \\\   |;l | |
Chas. F. Lindmark
■   u- II.
I ■,
till ,
forth .        In thi    he    mp
ported     Mi    ,.'
' " '•   Mi flriil inn,,.,,,   h id n  iin
land    h . .,, , police
quiremrnl    und Irom  pri on i ipi ti
hnl did not
make for ■ lean it) fovcrnment p,.,,
when ii • .im„ down to impro- ii
nithet in..mil-, mi ,ii,ilm,I- , |'i,.,„,. ,
Mi Bride ennnnl poll I to ruin thing hi
hnd done
"I nm horn determined la do all   in
in-,   power to pm  nn end  to
Ull   Mn l'|  DIS KEPI I Ull I   Id I i
* '"■ ' know  all in  Ne,ii    ii	
thai  l mm  existed in  un)  pro\ iui e
in lho "ii»piii    I hot*  ue niiiuN  thing
lu,I,len   lhal   will   filer      I,,       liglu,
Ilu  noi   be mi. Icil  Iin   ihi-  ruilwii)   pro
position;     ii   i-     serious, The Con
lervalive  purl)   i-   not  depending      ou
uii)   i-iiilwu)      pulie)   or un  uii)    other
polii-y.    li  i-  depending entire.)  • •■
giiiii/nliuu, dollnrs,  whiskey,  free     i-i
Mann Refers the Enquirers to
A ,riii,i-ui ha- been oll'oi'od in sonic
quarters     tlmt     thu   McBride   arrange
i i binds onl)  tho province and   on- |
mils  practically  no obligation  on  Ihe '
railway  company?"  suid   the  reporter.
"Well, said Mr. Mann." tho report of
uur negotiations, with the lest of llie
ugroomctil, will In- in the hands   of o\
01'y    IllelllhiT      of   lhe   lecisln I lire   befure
election    day.   All     parties Niill  have
ample opportunity uf sueing just whul
lhe  proposals  are,  ami   in   huw   fur (he)
bind both company and govorninenl."
From ihis ii appear- Mr. .Mann ci insiders the agreement already published
covers everything. There is nothing in
thul agreement abuut a lirst mort-
guge or control ol rule-, us uuybod)
who reads il knows. Hunn- thon can
Premier McBrido make lhe people believe he will provide for thoso things
when Mr. Mann', rom arks indicates tho
agreement covers ihe whole deal?
For Foil Planting
Bulbs frohi the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Homegrown fruit und oriinmentul
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part of
the Amern-an continent not infested will, the San .lose settle'—
Garden, Field and Flower seed..—
Tested stick from tho best growers in the world—Wire fencing
and Gates—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Supples, Cut Hlowers.
Spraying material', elc.—White
hilior only.—New l!i7 pnge Catalogue free
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
Kevelsloke I,a ml  District.
District of Wesi Kootonay.
Take nolice that Annie Louisa Oon-
Ian,   of  Uniontowii, Pennsylvania, U.
S.A.. occupation  man-led  woman, intends lu  applv iur permission to pur-1
base the following described land:
Commencing at a post plauted nl !
the south-wcbl cornel' of Lot, TWO:,
thence south 20 chains! thence east 20
•mains; thenee Kuiilh 20 chains. Ilu nci
inst 10 chains: thunce ninth IU chains:
thence west 110 chains to the point of
i.-oiimn-iicetiieii! and containing 200
acree more or less,
Dale, September 27th, 1000.
Hi-pairs ol ull  kinds neatly  carried  uu
Bicycle and Hun work aspoclalty
Estimates gfveli on nny class
of work.
Front     Street.
Kevelstoke Land Di'strii I.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that Walter P. Conl'iur,
of Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation
pi-Intel-, intends to apply l'or pet-mis-
diin to purchase the following described land:
Commencing al u post planted al
the re-entrant south-west corner of
Lot 7670; thence west 10 chains; I hence
south In chains: thence east 40 cbains;
ihence north 40 chains to ilu-point rt
commencement, and containing itiu
acres, more or less.
Dale Sept. 27th, 1001),
oc80     WALTER P. CONI-'AKK.
Small  I louse in Suitable
$15.00   PER   MONTH
Noliie i- her, Iin given lhal une month
after dale I inleud to apply lo ihe Super-
iiiit-iiileiii ot I'rovinci.ll Police for u renew-,
nl ,,| inv hole! license lo sell intoxicating
liipioi i,n,ler ilu- provisions of lhe Slatules
,,l lhal liehall in llie premises known anil
described as the Koolenay Hotel, situated
,i Kin-ton, li.t-'.. for ihe Iwlf-yeai from
Decembei    |isl,   iqoy, to June tot li. one.
Pu, ,1 Oi I,   ■ ;,,!. ,,|00.
oc -; un Steimikn I'uoniia.NNi iin.
II i, sili ■ ■   ,\ le, desire to cul  ami
remove  timbi i      iff    theii    I,..me-tenth
hould   :i|,|,l)   ,,.■   permil .   iu   i he  agent
i dominioi     ini     fur ihe ilistriet, uml
•   ,.   ,n I,.,   hari   noi   iimbe,   un     iheir
desire  to cut  un     do-
'..,  ihould npplj   I,,  i he same
li   II    WHIGKT,
_   tgnnl  Dominion  I.an,I .
13-lwk- Kamloops   Agenc)
Residences,   Building   Lots
and   Acreage.
Money to Loan
Industrial Stocks
For Sale
First Street
When you  visit   the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop   at  the
Reasonable Rates
Splendid tiisinc
4Sa31 Delightful Scenery
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie ;Avenue
Fruit, Candies, CigarBjTobacco.
McuIf 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
' l| ii.j   l!.M. I.', will 'I' ., m ry
■c until furtb-r notice
, - to be returned.
', '    ,       V, I V
h '   up.
hat the con i pro-
pe from Tu ■ .i
,:, ■•  tlmt   OVifl p.l I
,.,... ,1
; ., • i, ulosi    and i family
n   ii,  tOW l, ' heir
•  igh  ii, II     ■ nni   ii   i ow
li ,•   ].. i
,   ,       ;,..iiui,, nf thi
. i ,ii,.on tn 0,,' hum ,,.
and I hen,  nn-
-   hie , ,1 'Mm ■ ,, ■ elop
nd de ii
,r> ..il ci i tilled to  '     free
lean  milk
 ven r|   bottles,     Hpei i.ii   ii, Ik   in
>.' bottles foi babies
T. Lewis' City Sanitary Dairy
A Hail Safe
An Oak Standing Office Desk
A Roll-Top Desk
A Long-Carriage Empire
HlDOfaofctirtd f"r nil cIhnmh nf   build.rim
'•.r lata in \nrun nr mnnll qOantUttfi
"•. tli* Inv^tt prlrrts fnr m*h
imriiig my ibaenoe In Chins during
the nexl three ot four months my
business us merohant and restaurant
keeper on MeKentle Avenue, In ibis
oity, will i,e managed by vv,h Chung
A. II   SI Ml
Kev, 1,1,Le, II. (!., Nov, llth, Itlll'.l
»ll kind, ui ixiii'hiii, „„,r|,iiuii-rii,ii
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Oaah Prices Pair
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
P.BURNS & CO., LTD.   Phone 21
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Eiiliii'Knd anil linpioveil.     Pirst-Class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
l.iirno Sample Booms,
Rates. $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
\   The Vernon fire showed the need   I*
\   ef our t
The best safe-guard iu which you cm invest. Every hotel should
be fitted with these as a matter uf salety. to occupants. Kvery house
Bhould have one ou its roof.
Only 45c. a fool.    Sample on view here.
Revelstoke, B. C. J
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 brandies in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
. ■■■•■ .
■) • 1    T» -'»-- l
i      :    ''l'i"   :   -   ■'■   '   ",      '    ,'
,■'■-  ''"-"        'I   i-N    .    .    ' ,"■!,''. '*'
{IkSBS^iS S&W '■' '"it'vi--"-"'-'."'
!.. 'i'' -.'i _i:«'!*. *5_i5i i'*S!iWir^-3-"•'>,
!jr,.;i,,.^V'v:^; fel
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our tiaude-ino parlor sets,
upholstered in high unule silk, or
damask, with frames thin aro in every
Conceivable deHign, aim made tn wear
indefinitely. Wc have many new nml
beautiful parlor Bets and odd pieces for
beautifying ibe home tint are tasteful, etTeotive and inexpensive, and wil
show your rooms to the best advantage.
R.  HOW SOX * CO.'Y.
Li.MI l'KI).
Import direct from country ot origin.
Steel Range
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of the oven door, and the
cooking* fumes carried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in A       ^_~T
illustration v^J^f&f*/?^^
show method
ol ventilation.)
^T The air in the
oven is always
hept pure. The
natural flavor
of every
article is
o ompletely
tastes most
on request.
■■; -■   a)   .
Mail orders.
Telephone orders.
Send the children to the
Ask to have Our City Traveller call.
Come to the store yourself.
Always something new to see.
Saturday Nov. 20
Saturday Nov. 20
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoko and surrounding towns and settlements.
Onr aim is to place before the purchasing public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
The elevator ir being installed, it may seem slowly,
but then- is an immense lot
oi intricate machinery. This
is the best type of elevator
that money can buy—safe
and sure.
Children's Coats
A Co-it for the Little Tot, Here
ynu fire While bear Coals and
Robes, line, new white curl bear
cloth, to lit children up to 4 years
ol age.     A   regular $4 50 coat for
Hello Boys
Kri" Kringle ui
HiiiiM-'s  as per
llSllnl    busy    ill
1 In- l nseti ent
in \, ii'kiiiu the
Lovlient things
fnr Good   Boys.
Be  Good.
Hello Girls!
Kris Kringle at
Hume'.- ns per
Usinl busy in
thn      Ims nieiit
unpacking tbe
lovlieet thingB
lor Good  Girls.
Be  Good.
Ladies' Sweaters
A delayed shipment of Knit Wool
Coats for Ladies, just arrived. New
Birrell Is nil in Reds, Browns,
Greens, and Navy. |usi the thing
for skating or ski-ing, selling now at
Shirt Waists
Shirt Waist-! II ! Hal Will
vim up- nil interested 'I b"
solid fn mil- with nil iif good
ilies»ei> 1 in- vi- -r is I be '1 niiol-. il
1/niii and V«ps|jng Wnisl. Now-
ilon'l limy hiiiiiler l„. 1 11 fu h .
A -1 eeinl line tii Hume's nniiIi
liilliidoieil  r-.i_rit_.___. a ml  collar ni
Dress Goods Bargains
Her-' an- Press G mils for you aid the 1 iii Is. Sev-
1* nl i.-i-. 11 iiave pone out this season b I none to
iiiual Ilii .,'. 'I here are a round dozen of llie new
colors and simile? and a dozen differenl tuaterinls.
These are }'l mul $1 50 cloths, the price now is only
75c. per yard
Ladies' Bags
A chance pick-up uf Ladies' hand-
some Leather Hand Bags, Fev'eral
styles, solid metal frames. Some
bags in the lot worth 12, all selling
at  the  ridiculously  low  price of
Glassware Sale
For two days only, and they may not
last all of the two days, so if you want
China or Glassware, better come tirst
call—Monday  2'2nd, and Tuesday 23rd.
New Opaline and Irridescent glass vases,
two sizes, tine bright goods, very pretty
for holding cut (lowers, table decorations
holly, mistletoe, etc. They usually sell
at 50 cents.     Pi k   the best now at only
35 cents
Here is 11 smaller size of the above Irridescent gliss vases that sells regularly
at 10 cents, get   one  during  the  sale at
25 cents
Crockeryware Snaps
Families, holels, restaurants want these
Cups nnd Saucers. They area slock
pattern wc an- clearing out. They will
all 'ell M mdny ninl Tuesday n xi Bum
at  the Inu  1 rice reduced from $1.76  1"
$1.25 per dozen
See the eleganl I nis iif china, cups nt il
- ,iicers, dinner si-:s, toilel sols, "Ic. \\ t<
bull' 11 lull li' '• • I slock pul!-! ,11 dishes
ll'.ilil » bii li v. 11 :o ulit Iiii ;■ yuur Stit,
,11 havo a   dozen   new   cups nntl saucers.
Millinery Sundries
These winds say you must wear veils. Well
here is a price saving: The Milliners have
put a lot of Veilings on the Bargain Table, an
overstock, they are worth 40?., 50c, and tiOc.
Now 25 cents
Those Ribbons are not all gone yet, some 50c
Ribbon should not slay long on the millinery
counter at half-price.    Come and get them at
25  cents
Trimmed Millinery—a table of new ones,
some if-1 and $5 hats among the lot. No reserve, tbey are on the table for your choosing
At $2.90 "
Shapes—all kinds and at all prices, but we
have arranged a lot at the low price of Hoc.
some   as   high  as $2 50, your choice now for
95 cents
Men's Underwear
STANFIELD'S has become a household word
from coast to coast, and well does it merit
its reputation. Made from pure Canadian
wool, unshrinkable, elastic ribbed, natural
color,   heavy weight, splendid value.     I'rice
$2.75 per suit
Our Woolsey underwear, No. 3019, has yet to
be excelled in high grade woollen underwear.
Knglish made,stockinet weave, natural shade
and guaranteed absolutely UNSHRINKABLE.     Sizes   run  from   32  to 18.    Price
$7.50 per suit
Choice Groceries
PRIME CHEESE—Canadian Cheese
20c. lb. Stilton Cheese, old, 25c. lb.
Stilton Cheese, new, 22c. lb. McLaren's
Cheese in jars at 15c, ,">5c, 55c, $1.10.
For your dinner desert, Quick Tapioca
15c per package., Quick Chocolate 15c
package. Bird's Custard powder at 20c.
A nice soup for lunch on a cold day—
Van Camps, Chicken, Mock Turtle, Vegetable, Tomato, Bouillon, nnd Ox-tail,
all at 20-. or 3 for 50c Hientz Tomato
Soup in large can at 20 cents.
The famous Headman's Honey in glass
jars at 20c, 30c, S5c   Five lb. cans 11.25
Carpets, Rugs,
and House Furnishings
A   room   in  lix   up for the approaching Holiday Soa9ou?
Weil our carpet man will help you in yuur trouble, le'
I.ilu   show   you   What   a swell  Wilton. Axminsler, Velvet
liriissels or Tapestry Carpet be can mako up for you.
Here is 11 special Tapestry Rug, high pile and entirely
1 ow design and colorings, equals some of the high-priced
Brussels, with border, size   '.Ix'.l ft.   Laid on your lloor for
Simplicity is tbe keynote in present day furnishings and draperies. Our Madras muslins ani Reversible Velours, in Greens, Reds and mixed colors, are strictly up to the minute. We arc showing
a nice range of these popular fabrics, at prices which will commend your patronage.
BLANKETS AND BED COMFORTS—Once you realize the full significance of that delightful,
springy, downy softness of a Maish Laminated Cotton Down Comfort, it i.s irresistible. Warmth
without weight, is what a Maish Comfort stands for, try one.    A beauty at $3.75.
MATi'RESSES—The famous Health Brand mattress, the most popular medium priced mattross on
the market.    A mattress that gives genuine saiisfaetiou for Ibe money.    A good one at $,"1.50.
WINDOW SHADES—A complete stock in regular and special sizes. A full line of the famous
Lancaster shade cloth in nil widths, which we make up to special order.    Cannot be excelled.
SANITAS WALL COVERING—This popular washable wall covering commends itself for Bathrooms, Kitchens and anywhere a wnshable wall covering i.s needed. Absolutely germ proof, Any
dirt, grease or soiled spots of any kind can be washed off it, comes in   tile, black and Moral designs
A stylish winter
dress coat "ill in.
long in black ur
g r a y cheviots.
Always in stvli .
50 inches long
45 inches long
Special in Men's Shirts
Coat Shirts at a price. That is what we are
giving ymi this week. All our soft and still
front shirts, in solid colon and patterns will
be put on sale Tuesday morning. Latest in
style, perfect in making.      Uin-   price for all
85 cents each
1 ARSS MAI KINAWs- Made from pure
Canadian wool, lis cold and wet resisting
properties combined with light weight make
it an ideal outdoor garment, l pocket Coat
18; 2 pocket 16.60.   Pants, long $4 short 3.76
Our Cash Carrier System
has been thoroughly overhauled nnd is in (ine shape.
This, with our new modern
ollice system, make for one of
the most systematically had
died business in the province.
C. B. HUME & CO.
1 lur shipping to settlements
and outside points is on tbe
increase. Ranchers would do
well to investigate our facilities for shipping their orders.
1 live us a trial. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE B. C.
BLANKETS.-white and grey-Pure ^Wool
This is the ;rd shipment  this  season   direct from mie of the best
eastern  mills.      They are   noted   for   their   soft   finish and being
pure wool.   Prices $2.25 to $9.00 per Pair
UNDERWEAR.-for Men. Women and Children
Warm ami  comfortable   Underwear   with a reputation for good
weariii" ami iniaranteed unshrinkable,
Kor women and misses, Scarce goods, In hand b)
express, In the long lengths 48 to 5,1 inches. Tlie
newest  things,   and  are  being   taken by besi dressers,
Millinery  arrives Dy  express  every   few  days,   keeping our stock new and  bright.
X •■'   Stamped   L'tiens     t   M- Ln
Sj oil  niters     in   llciiit/.iiian   I'iililOfl
iui    \11111-.   trail,• ,11   Howson's.
New fib iw Top",   Arm  nml   ' rufts
ud I'lor.il desiuns—Mc.l, 1110.11,'s.
.Ies' in, It'lpli   Connor's   new  link
at C. It  Mnc,l mill I'n drugstore.
A  cleat   snap  ill  Matting iSqllures  at
Howson's.   They an- really sellers.
New   Stamping   Patterns,   Doylies,
I'oivel  it,i{ I'llluwciise  ends—\leL»-n-
(lei   a cheap mailing square at How-
sun's.    Thev   ale tfoillE  fust.
Fir: at Ferguson
ll    VV.,1  , Uy nighi ],i, d8liv, Woe
A- 11,, '- -mu nt Fer1.1i" ui ns dS3
troyi il '\  li.',    ," ,1   -   |,i 1 inn   ,,i   in
a-ock it'il, IT e hiillili ' •, >■  nli wis
the proper y ( iv|el<i,.i,,,n ,D tSiith
irliind, ul Ucvelslolsi-, «.,,- ., 1 >
For Men To-morrow
Tin- progru 11 f ,r the men's giither
ing Sunday ifieruii n m c 3:45 in the
J Y.M 0 A. iB lub of g. od things; solo
und chorus singing and 11 brief iiddnsi-
by Mr Thos Pitgdin, The gathering
i« open to nil men and in tv rib u
iiihh'b while 10 attend,
Bead Hume's Special on lllllllbcr
ii:tt-e uf I bis issue They alwnys have
sunicl llillg new lo oiler yon.
25o. Bound books, gm d  authors, 11
hig iiHBortiucnt at  Miiciloiuild's drug
Come and nee the " Land ol the
Midnight Sun'' iu moving pictures at
tbe Kdison  to-night.
>t Andrews Concert, St, Andrews
Night, November 30th in the Opera
Huu-e, under the auspices uf St.
,l,,hon Church
The stoini ou Ibe Arrow Lake laBt
week broke the Gibbons Lumber Co.'s
boom nt Pingston Creek and injured
tbeir jack ladder, necessitating Ibe
shutdown of ilu- mill *
The next Bitting ol tlie County
Court, which was fixed for I'ec. luth,
bas beeu adjourned till the 17th, aB
•ludge Forin has to tnke part of the
Yale circuit, and will bit at Vernon
on the loth.
A oortespondent writes asking
whether the report is true that T. J.
Wadman, J.P., is to be appointed
Police Magistrate tu succeed XX. XV
Foster. Well the appointment is not
yet gazetted, and may be true for all
we kuow.
A tea will be given by the W. C, X.
1". at the residence of MrB. Lsuig,
Bxtb St. on Kriday afternoon, Nov.
-6th, Irom 'A.'AD to ti o'clock. A paper
will be rend on Social and Moral Reform. Silver oolleotion in aid ol tbe
W.C.T. U. Home.
"Democracy and the coming Plebiscite" will be the subject of the sermou
in the Baptist church on Sunday
night. Thi.- constitutional principles
underlying the pieseut movement wil
he disousaed, and a full ezplanatioi
given of *bat the plebiscite means.
A man named C. H. Bowes weir
found Bt Suoke Lake seriously wound
ed by n Victoria pot-hunter who had
been out there with a gen, ahot the
man aooidently and left him there in
hie misery. The sooner the fool with
a gun is legislated out of existence tbe
The Annual St. Andrews Concert
given by the Willing Worker? of St.
John's 1'reabyteriau church will be
beld in the Opera House on Tuesday,
Nov. 80th. Une of the principal features this year has been   the sicurmg
f the service.- of D. Bland, who is called the Canadian Harry Lauder. A
very high claso programme is lieing
A leading eastern man who visitid
Bevelstoke the other day Baid he had
heard in tbe eaBt of the work tl •
Kevelstoke Board ol Trade had done
and was duing for this city and from
what he knew ol it he considered the
work they bad done during tbe past
yea: would have been a credit to any
of the leading boards ul trade in
B I'. Pettipiece, organiser lor tbe
Trades snd Labor Oouncil, and one "I
the s icialiBt candidates fur Vaocout 11
city, will sddres- a meeting at the
Edison Theatri 0 Monday nigbt.
Mr. Pettipiece ia m, old resident 1
Bevelst ke snd baa develi ped int. «
p we.-: .. speaker. He intends di il-
ing with questions ol lucal import 11 -
1- we. .1- tbe general Socialist end
Labor platl rm« ani hap muted all
the uther, mdidatei Hon, Thus. Taylor, Mi-r. I indmark and (Compete!
t meet bim on the platform, lm-
meeting pt in.-- - 1 In vigorous and
inely and a crowded h um 1st peel il
Fish 1 ! :' • thi  .i'i      .1 -   eai dj
sverj 1 odj it 81 Xrnlti ■■- C .-
cert. Ki :Ti shnients will u 111 d
during intermission and alter tbi 1   -
Owing to the increasing demanda of our BAKK
I' JS1-: PRODUCTS we bave greatly improved tbe
quality of our goods by procuring one ol the best
linkers in tbe Province in tlie person of Mr. Y.
Boyle, (late of Vancouver) who makes a specialty of
high class goods, and in order to prove our atate
ments we invite our friends to 1 ry mine ul our
Almond and Cocoanut Cakes, Marguerites, Kisses,
Kussian Cake*, Herman Tarts, Cream Pull', Rolls,
etc., also iiii-.- Fancy Goods to order, A TRIAL
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in ynur business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
The     Violoria    Times says:   Despite
laborious  ellortB  of  tile opera     house
__^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ owner    to   W'lisll    III,'   legend   oil    I lie   olll-
Or er   "• 1    riv.ite  \ , as  Can's  m.,,1,. u.,n,   -\  f„r Liiidiimi-k," a re
,".li,  V "'''.','  '''"'       V"1" """ """'"  lie of  ppositi iindii 'h recent
printed un them. , , , ■■  , ,
successful      municipal     election    light,
Ilny* buy j-inii- sleigh, al llowson'n. greeted the eyes ol all who aliendeil
sl'|"'ial price, iui- leliool boys for'the McBrido meoting in fuvor of Lind-
ciish, niaik's  Conaoi'viitive     opponent, Tom
Now i- ihe lime 1,1 „i 1 liu your 'Taylor. I'he irony ,>i lhe situation
phlltOB Illld   si-clue   all   up In dale'   eli-   was   in, leased       b\    llie   Iiul   thai       llie
laige.i.ent with each dozen out I n„t a at ,, .„ ,„„,..„ „„,„.',. ;, ., sl,ollg Tny|01.l
11 ueiniin s studio, over C. B. Macdonald's Drugstore, ,ml11'
Sow    i.  yum   ,-linllee   lu   _j.-l   a   lleiul/,- ! NOTICE.
IIIIIII   I'ianu   al      Howson's   -ale.       Hesl I      11 w illg I ll i 11 liens    III   SI VIT'll depii rl
lei-iiiK uver oH'cred. . I ments   in   ilu-  Steam   Laundry, the
,, ,_.,,,.        , .    'Binrch work will nut he 11 iidv Ibis week
Come to the  I in ,11    Bealuraul   for! .
Oysters, any Btyle, or a Iricd chicken, ATTANTED Hv a vmiiiu wniniui.
ora turkey li t or cold. We lave' VV hoard anil i-oiiui in pi-ivali
everytlJing iha 1, un the market, house, uddresB "K." Drawer 111 I. It v-
Short orders a specialty.        nov 20-It, i''lM"k''' ,il-'- ' '"
After Supper Sale
No. 8
In Spread  The Glad   Tidings
All Over The West.
And Hear The Good News
In  The Worn and Distressed,
Is The Hest in The Land !
Golden West Washing Powder:
Is Certainly Grand !
While The Premium Department
Is at Your Command
Hundreds of Presents for Coupons
We have gathered up some good things for this
evening and you will find a good many lines that will
interest you and save you money, Our friends all look
for these weekly events and wc are determined they
, will not he disappointed in getting extra values for their
money. Remember these are all spceial offerings and
you cannot buy them before 7 p. 111. and the sale lasts
until closing lime.
Fine Figured Silkiline
,',(i inches wide, splendid for draperies and
curtains! will wash without fading, Regular 20c.
To-night    12 1 -2C.
Crib Blankets
Only a few pairs oi Flannelette Crib Blankets
lelt.    Regular 751'.    To-night 25c.
Children's Overshoes
Odd sizes, but a good snap if the size is here
is here 75c. a Pair
Little Girls' Felt Sailors
Navy Blue, Green and Brown.      Regular  $i
and $1.25.    To-night 50c
Cory   Menhennick,  of   Oamborne,
was 11 visitor to the city yesterday.
H. Manning is h delegate from the
luc.'l hoard ol Scboul Trustees Convention held at Chilliwack this week.
A. J. Taylor, nf the
Thorn md uas 1 irde I
Iroiu at Mac! maid's drugstor
Nyal's Cod Liver
Oil Extract
«ill stop yoiu . oitBh .md
gii, ■ hi   i) -1,111 ' lie pn
pel tone to I hrow oil any
■ old 01 wi ikii'.'s ,,| long
stall,Imi;. Web»ve proved thia pi '-pai al Ion and
«ill guarantee ll     l'i les
•1 a Bottle
Bews'Drug stationery Stort
'.l-i 1   Bl KI   ni ill 1
       1'itcitic   Loan I
Company,   Vanoouver,  spent   a   few 1
days 111  tuwn   this   week   ,"1   business i
Mrs. .McKinney who wns spending
some time with ber daughters, tin
Misses McKinney, iu Vancouver, returned home last Wl ■ k
Mr. and Mrs. K. .1. Fulton,  ,i   Kam-
lo^ps. leave today  for  England,     Ki.
route they will suv  iver »t   Washington, where Mr. Fulton   will   visit
forestry    department    ol  the   'nited
states to gather  datn   fur   use  ol   the
provincial lorestry commission     Thi
fact that Hun. Mr.  Knit ,o   is  leaving
before the election menu-,   bis   re
to wail over and cast   •
policy of the McBride Goveroi
Mrs.  VV.   H.   Trait  wn- the 1. -
.eaterday afterni
iends al   ; r >.,■ -,-      .., -
tables madi   up  tbe game, thi fortunate   prize   winner- being Miss Qillatn
Brat, securing * dainty Coalport china
cup aod -miner  Ure   Calej lecond   1
Wedgewood   jardiniere   and Mies Me
1 trtei third 1 line iinen lundker,
Recherche   refreshments  were served
the   hostess   being   assisted
Mioses Hardie, Paget,   liillam, Brown
In   the   evonin
■a her young
I _________________________________________________________
ki ...
<    ■      flock;      .J
""0'»»°« ■),„    -
~„rj-   °f   <TP   ftailvrty       "'J
TroTiv*y~~w>o°~f>r~fr'm T"«* Ce"tre
mul McLean,
Pratt ■
plu 1   te        "ii
I lursdaj t(t< rn     1 und      h      -
1      , ,-, , ' 1    ■
im- Mi tbodist, burch sl 1 be homi ol
Mr^ C. F Lindmark, McKen ,•• Ave
Interest centred round ths home cooking tal , where lelicacli - il all kiinl-
wen j displayi d, Borne  1 lie
■pecimi - 1 ' .iiniry art were t,
■een and < large number ol purohasea
wen- iiiiule. Tbe prettj Bpaoiouc
ruuui- wre ci iwdi'i and -■ 1 - ti ietv-
ul while selection) ,,f music were ren
dered Tiir Ladiei Aid report lhe
event toccesslul In every respect hmI
Ibe receipts mil be put I the Metho
(list church fund.
Company !•'. It M R . will in,Id n
locisl danos in iiu- iinll Hull ,i,
Friday evening next, Nov 28tb, commencing ,il '.I unlock Music will hi
furnished by 1 bi It' •' 1 1 • >k« Symphony
Oroheatra, Admission 76c. u ooupli
extra   Imly   25o      Qotal mu^ic  i"„,ii
liuur, guud  lime
(er.lrC     "
A     ( p   Rn, llvoy   Tettik
THURSDAY, DEC. 9th, 1909


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