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The Mail Herald 1906-10-13

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"Empire Typewriter"
The Mail-Herald
Empire Typewriter
VoL 12.-No. 119
/   ci      52.6© per Year
•- ■'■ wi in
Cl Hnte&Co.
and Quality
Is what you will find in our Teas and Coffees,
particularly the following brands :—
Ram Lai's Tea in J lh., 1 Ih. and 5 lb. packages.
Five o'clock Tea in 1 lb. aud 5 Ib. packages.
Ben Hur Tea in 1 Ib. packages,
Pure Orange Pekoe Ten, in bulk at 75c. per lb.
Woodcrolt Tea in bulk at 40c. and 50c. per lb.
Fresh Ground Mocha and Java Coffee.
Our 0.0. Blenk of M. i J. Cotl'ee.
Lipton's Ten in three qualities, Nu, 1, No. 2, and No, 3,
Blue Ribbon Ten in Hall Ib. and 1 lb. packages.
Salada Tea in two qualities.
Ceylon and Udia Teas in 1 lb. packages.
Our  Coffee  List comprises   Blue Ribbon, Chase and
Bourbon and Planters in 1 lb. and 2 lb. tins.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Protect the Chest
This iB the season for sudden
colds, nnd they may develop
into dangerous colds, too.
Made in all sizes for LADIES
as well as GENTLEMEN.
The cost is little compared
with tlie safety and comfort
they provide.
Red Cross Drug Store
I). NAIRN, 1'iim. II.
The larm home cf Judge and Mrs.
R. T. Murphy, a couple of miles south
east of New Bloomtield, was the scene
of a pretty wedding at 4.30 o'clock
Sunday afternoon, Sept. i)th, when
their third daughter, was married to
\V. P. Divers, ol AuxvaBse. Rev. C A.
Bulhird, of Ashland, tying the nuptial
knot in the presence of a few relatives
and close friends.
Tlie bride comes of an excellent
family and is a iyoung lady of many
admirable qualities, while her husband, who is oity engineer of Fulton,
is a deserving young man and is to be
congratulated upon tbe good judgment
he showed in the selection of a wife —
The Fulton Weekly Gazette of Sept.
'•Miss Murphy is the sister
ol Mrs. E. L. Kinmau, antl during her
stay here made many friends, whu
join with the Mah.-Hkkald in wishing her much joy.
Plumbing Work—Estimates Given.
Tinsmith Work.—Estimates Given.
Repair Work a Specialty. I
Electric Wiring lor Houses.
Eleotric Bell Fitting.
Electric Supplies, Shades and Globes.
We carry a complete stock ot Tilden-Gurney Stoves and Ranges
We invite you to look at uur beautiful selection ol China,
nding Coalport China and Limoges China.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc, Plumbing and Tinsmithing. A
fT. .tl iTi 1*1*11*1*1 i'l*, 1*1*11*!1.1*1*1 it'i iti ti'i -'I-- '*!*■ -*i*. '*l*- -*l*' -ti <*r. .t. >t. .t..+. .-*. .-1-. .t.
IJT^rtJTtj,! -Jl IJI Ijnp •"ptjttjt.jt IJ. tJHJUJ-ttjtt$t l|l .Jl m (J. .Jl •$. IJI1J1
E. T. Kingsley Lectures on the
Relationship Between Capital
and Labour. An Interesting
E T. KingBley, tditor of the Clarion,
Vancouver, lectured before a Revel-
so ic audience on Thursduy night in
tbe Selkirk ball on Socialism. Owing
to the inclemency of ihe weather,
perhaps, the attendance wae small.
H. Gough took the chair and introduced the lecturer to the audience.
Mr. Kingsley rising to speak stated
that he wished to correct a statement
made regarding him a. b-.ing an
"orator" of repute. He denied lhat
he wns an orator but a nun who
spoke facts, but not as lawyers and
actors, who, by eloquence, swayed tbe
minds of men. We think, however,
that Mr. Kingsley has not studied the
meaning of the word orator if he holds
out that oratory means sent mental
and effusive talk. He then went on
to explain the relationship between
employers and employees, and brought
out many instances endeavoring to
show how that the capitalist lays
crushing hnnds on labor and forces
him into subjection. He stated that
mills and lactories, although they
expressed large sum- of money in
themselves, are not capital unless
worked by laborers who mnke the
profit fo:1 their employers. If u man
builds a factory nnd works it himself,
that is Without paying wages tur ils
operation, than he is not a capitalist.
He went en to describe how the work-
ingman was the real producer of all
goods, and not the capitalist, and denounced all those big concerns who
employed men at a certain wage and
made large profits, and thereby practically robbing the laborer of the fruits
of his toil.
Now, we have no wish to comment
on this speech, but nevertheless, there
nre ninny points where the lecturer
gives nn erroneous conception of tbe
relationship between master and
servnnt. He said that capital dues
not produce wealth, but takes it
away from its rightful owner, the
employees, that is, they rob the workingmen of what they have produced
by an equivalent amount of labor
power. The capitalists are practically
useless as far as producing goods, is
concerned, but workingmen make
their factories valuable, He said that
he would be pleased to see the downfall of so-called commercial businessmen, cauBed by strikes. Government
is only another form of capitalism;
the capitalists arrnnge matters in
a way that they have it in their power
to frame laws, rules and restrictions
so that they cat; get the upper hand
and nap in the large profit of their
respective businesses. He disclaimed
any superiority uf either king or parliament over workingmen, saying that
the king only held the power he does
by robbing the laborer of whnt is justly
his. He advocated that employees
(or workingmen j the world over should
turn round and say to their masters
that they had decided t? work the
concern, whal ere it might be in
particular, lor themselves, and use tbe
pmlits lor better fund, clothing and
living. Alter discussing many points
regarding the robbing system adopted
by employers towards thefr laborers,
and that the trouble between them
would never be eliminated as iong ns
the masters were on the top, and bad
the power of crushing their employees
as much as they could in keeping
wages low,
He then brought hie lecture to a
close. A collection was taken, nnd
several members of the audience asked
questions on many knotty parts, sume
of whfch caused the lecturer considerable difficulty in satisfactorily explaining, and the meeting terminated.
Approaching Political Campaign
-Fatal Explosion in New
York-Big Snow Storms—
B. C. Deserves More Aid.
Victoria, Oct. 13.—Great excitement reigns here as to the possibilities
of the political campaign which will
be shortly waged in the province after
the adjournment of the Legislature.
The general tenor of feeling is that
the campaign will be tierce and bitter.
R. G. Macphers in will resign liis scat
in the Dominion House and run I'or a
Vancouver seat in the Provincial
New York, Oct. 13.—Three men
were killed and sores-more injured by
an explosion in a tunnel on Long
Island Railway.
Tokonto, Oct. 13.—Heavy snowstorms are raging hero, ln the Ni-
a-*ara district the full has been fully
10 inches. Telephone and telegraph
wires nre down in nil directions. The
snowfall is phenomenal fur this time
of year.
Ottawa, Oct. 13—Final settlement
ot financial resolutions at the conference of  Provincial  Premiers     The
onfertnee recognises that British
Columbia deserves more aid.
First Silver-Lead Shipper in
Kootenay sold for $100,000
Never in the history of Kootenay
has there been a more striking in-
Stan -e ol perseverance rewarded than
the chapter ol mining history that
has been recently closed in Nelson I y
the sale of the Krai) mine by A. 1).
Wheeler for $1011,000. The sale has
many important features. It means
the immediate rehabilitation of Ains-
worth camp and the intiux of ciijiitnl
for legitimate minii g from one of the
most desirable sources—from men
whose fortunes have been made in
mining and who can and will operate
intelligently. But to all Kootenay
mining men and to old timers generally the feature of the story that affords most interest is that the man
who has played the game honestly
and pluckily for 22 years of varying
fortunes has won at last. Mr. Wheeler
confirms the story, now current, that
a syndicate of Butte capitalists, headed by W. C. Lewis, hnd completed the
purchase of the Krno mine fur $100,-
000 and that the Krao Mining Co.
would be organized at once in the big
Montana camp with ample capital for
operation on any required 6cule. W
K. Zwickey, manager of the Rambler-
Caribou, has taken formal possession
of the Krao for tlie new owners.
!   Judge Sproat, who  is  leaving  for
Nelson tomorrow, has had a busy time
with purchasers and enquiries lor 'nnd
on the Fnrwell Estate, .Several lots
un First street und Victoria Road west
of the hospital have been sold in the
past three weeks and only live or six
i lots of tbe choice fruit binds on the
estate arc now on the market.
Keep in your mind tlie date Oct.
31et, fur the Bean Supper by the Y.
M. C. A, Ladies' Auxiliary.
Pleases every smokor tho " Maroa
Hill Crest Strike Over
J Fernie, Oct. 13-Mr. 0, P. Hill,
managing-director, and Mr.   Fowler,
. M.P., director ol thu Hill Crest Conl
it Coke Co., werc interviewed by District President Sherman and a committee ol  the locked-out miners at
; Hill Crest. Afttr a pleasant interview
lasting several hours an amicable
settlement was arrived nt und opera-
i tions will be resumed on Monday.
Hill Crest will be a straight  Union
j camp in the future. The coal company is going to install a new and
up-to-date plant and develop th» mine
to produce l,.r)0l) tons per day.
High Class Crooeries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaoes, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Eto.
Hard and Dry
A  large supply ol this wood  lias been received at our
yards and is now ready for delivery at
•4   Four   Dollar*  Per  Cord- S4
The best and cheapest cral (or nil purposes, It i- (ree
from dust and does not clinker, We guarantee sut'slnelit.n
or will refund money    Leave your o-deis for fuel nt uur olliee
Molsons'  Bank  Building
'    P.  J. BOURNE,
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in |liePrnvlric..-of Manitoba. Algeria, -Saskatchewan,
British Columbia) Ontario, cjiieuec.
Capital Subscribed ...        $5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,280,000.00
D. R. Wilkie, President; Hon. H. Jaffhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savinos Department -Deposits leceived und Interest allowed
al highest current rule from date of opening account, and compounded hnlf-yeui'ly.
Drafts sold available in nil pints uf Canada, United states and
Europe.   Speeiul attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
And Motor Bicycles.
I will ofl'er for sale by Public Auction al  my Btore in Victoria,
Monday Eve.. Oct. 22nd. 1906.
a number of Automobiles and Motor Bicycles, among them tho
following :—
Ono White Steam Touring Car, 10 h. p. Roi des Beiges Model,
with canopy top, bus run less than 2,000 miles, and is in perfect order.
One 10 b. p. Olds Mobile, in goud order, with first-class leather top,
One 0 h. p. Runabout, One 3J ll, p, Minerva Motor Bicyclo, new,
with 2-Bpeed gear.
One it, li. p. Singer Motor Bicycle, Gear driven with Magnet,
One 3J h, p. Werner Motor Bicycle, with fora carriage.
A quantity of spare parts (or Automobiles and Motor Bicycles,
such as tires, gears, axles, etc.
Write for Catalogue and lull list of all machines and pints to be
snid, with description of tho sumo,
THOS. PLIMLEY.     ■    Bicycle and Automobile Dealer
have travel,-.! ni'i-'h in sl'iiroh of b'g I   Thus then, we have, what  maybe
giue   liaie  spent   ninny week- here, t -ruled a most  viiluiible  asset- to tho
nnd secured such irnpliii's ol ihe chnso
thai ibey Imve <|. clt.red the big game
C'uiitry bete lhe best they lind ever
kn.mu      In   ilm   |n"-i's uiul valleys,
Revelsloke rs a' -Centre for {gloomy 1 r.--.i-iu„i „i.-ii.i.i««i.n-m.;-i;
Big Game   Unlimited Scope !""'","' "'"""I"","1' '''^"i'«ml l»1'1*
J laee b.ais. ijriJ.z'ies, canl'ini   pnnthi'rs,
for Rod and Gun. o.\,.u*> m-inv, i .> .tain unnis.
v ui'        ',.    ,. i    Mule-deer   in"   have increased verv
\    pi ssilile  cuiiibinat mi u     'iu-: I^I^HllHHBi.
oau convey any iden of the gmndi nr
and beauty if iln' scenery ivi -
alniosl at nur very dours in Iteve stu •.
Tin-  -ei-!.-!   '■:   ii-  cluii'in  In- in ii
pill v ;:: lln' liig llenil CnUlllrj',   '1
li-.-l   I en ilii -   fur   In-ai-   'ire mi ibe
i'i - i.-i-   innucjiiiti'ly  west nf ihe
i' ; . ub .   river  near Itevel.lukn, ou
divL-r--.ity ivliich *. ,-nis il iniiuil I, .nnl I'1!"'"ll i,s ltml '' l"°1'"** "' M*h ""'
, - - "-   I ••   pui'li country,
Lilfui'iii" Creel, and lho nnrlh I' -Hi
i     I    IH l1' l!     Illlllllll   'I '.   M     ,-     "'•'!.
iiiiii-.- iln pleasure of iln- sigl I se r ii
other lands.    Mountain, vnl ei  mm
p -pi.li.rity nl uur city, and\ lor the
preservation of such very stringent
iin-u-ures shuulil he tnken und enloro
ed, sn that the reputation ol Rovol
as a centre lor sportsmen may never
sutlVr, Tn the man ur woman who
I ives hunting fur the adventure incidental in tin. spurt, the country round
lici't'lsioliu iill'tirds a splendid variety
iiiii.|ii.ilinl in any other part uf the
Kiluur .M.ttl.-lliiliu.ii.
Di an Sin:—tin behalf of theCP.lt,
leaiii in llie recent tug nl-wiir, and ill
"i Ine I   i'iI'im-ih'I arc ilsugoijl   Tlio' jnsilce to tho referees, it is only right
• Ifi
■   -v...
• ■■^g0mM
' •!*■' w.. Mi*
ltyjorporntod by Act n-f-Purllammit, 1855,
WM, Miilsiin M.utiikiikiin, Pies. S. II. EwiNG, Vice-Pres.
[JAMES ELUOT, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of banking business transacted without uu-
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice... year nt current rates on Savings Hunk
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
Kkvkwtokk, B. C.
For Auric n I turn I [niplomotita. (!nrrlnnos. Wnuons, lite John
Doero IMoiikIis, Mnllno \Vannns, I'nnniln Cnrrlni*o It'ompiiDy'fl
liunk'iiK I'liiimi jr.. (inrili-n Soodera nnd Ciiltlvntora, Wliool*
wrkhtiiml -BlnukfUitltli Wnrk miomlfd to.   How Shooing n I
i s muy- *
L\ \^*%*V% ^ ■*-**-** %•*%%%%%%** %%%%%%*%%%%%% %r4
'■-'- Sjf*
and niriidow, 1'iishinc 'i-rrcnts. placid bnl.l-f.ico griz/ly, the bigi;est nnd most that wo should answer the challenge
streams, waterfalls ni   i     I einenld savage I ear In this section, is found and excuses of the Big Eddy lean..
iu silvei   seltings, trnn-iiie   i   lnke.-, ul Ilu-liend oi   hi Creek, Hig llend.     In answer to the statement that we
embowered in n ivrenlb ui iu urini-s i',u , are plentiful tin the open hntl imported men nil the wny from
vegi'lnl n lit up with . - - lis gin'.- mai •'!• -ii-Miii'is i-uiiiid the eity. tlio'Cilgiiry, nnd also had-employed a
■ ■I ii   .    *     ■•-. -     !   'ii   llinil, Ort'ely Creek, Mr, Heghit', professional,
picture-, i u   nud \    rl Cniiyon.    M.mi,inin gnats     Wo are in a position to prove that
i-ii.l  -   - n.i'ire. i Inul almost everywhere', but  eVory   man   whu    pulled    on    tlio
The-i   cl       ■        . ■■   - * I put eii'm-ly nenr Cunni- river. llr-use, | C.P.R. team, is still working for the
: .-eu-i. pi'iiii'til mi tlm C.P.R. Co., with the exception of tlie
1   : nihil liver, niii! trainman,the balance were bridgemon
-'■■•'     - piriritlne uml plieiis- working between Glacier nnd Revel-
"iC'in   ■' st'iiius throw of Sl,,k,..    These men have always made
y  ■ .-.    I'll- ii'i-.l-rhiisii'iiiil" tlieir lieaili|ii:ii-!.-i-- ii.  Rovelstoke.   It
the d  i ml crei . In i k   \. almost  impossible In believe tlnit
imiii''' *'•■*• -ii    ... while the article in yuur puper comes Irom'
fori.- :•  ni'l  iters ilia' stir-  a moiubCT of the Big   Eddy team; for
-1 -' -'■     '    it, after  witnessing lhe excel eni form,
this  nn "ed  lish, etc    I-  training and   manner  in  which llie
shade. I that nur fishing is ilmn-n   Big Edtly team   pulled, nobody   had
hnira i y i tin* proper: m ything - nl priii.-   I    them.    When
ue chnl ■ ng d »! i Hi Eddy toam
we were .1 ■ tbe . 1 pres.ioti that we
en wh mi ni lo.isl some
.*!> .I-... ike pri . tnd who ivould
take tin       ii nl .. instead ol
acting like n   lot   ■ I  children when
ue lib.' Eddy t-ui '    that wo
■ nei al  I ler   ■ hie 1  the
-.,.'. . pulled.
I d
..'.:  thai
>es and Lots
Tondora for a License to Cut Timbor on
Dominion Liui.Ih In the Provlnoo
ot* British Columbia.
Cl HALED TENDERS mhlrossod In tliot!uiii.
II nii-iinmr i;f llinnilliuu Inilnl*. I)'i|ini'linn!il
nf lln, Interior, ilinl llinrkml 11JI llm I'livnlluin
"T liii-liirTiiiili.'rll.'rlli Nu. I!!'.!." will bo rocolvod nt tills Doiinrtnionl until 11111 Woilaos.
tiny, tho lib dnj-ul N,u hor, mil, Iur a liconso
In nil linilii't  lii'rlliNi.  I'.i!!. -ilnnln ia lln,
I'mvli nf llrlllsli Cnl uln'liinlmiilTiiwiislilp
I'l-ni'l.-   I'liiiiinniii'iui.' nl n I'ii-I lilniilml mi llm
Wn-lerly llllllll i.f -ni.l I'l k ivluirn llm -linn- is
inlni-.in-11'.l In llmii|.|ini'liiiiHi.llir) nf llli.nl, Hnl
Tinllinr   Hit,I.   Nn   !l!l!t:   Ihni ll|lSllll! I'ri'uk
lun miln* in iliri'i'l illstll  mlli a .1.,,.,h uf ml
.llllllll* nil llie \Vi'*tni'ly -llln llllll .11 I'liiiiiM.iii
llm   Ell.torly   -i.i.-   llinriiuf. lin-ll-111 .-■ I   nl riahl
niiitln-in ilm uonoral bonrlnif oll'rnok witlihi
ilm Iinrtli, tho iini-or boundary to bo tlm m r
lii.iiiulniviil -nhl lllin-k liol Tlinbor llortli Nn.
;;:i:i, nml tlm miino iirmlticoil S li Wostorly,
nml lhtrn|i|ior hiuiuilary in lm parallel tllorutn,
is ml iiiiiiiii.' nu nri'll uf Iwosiillltrotllllos, niurunr
Tlin Imrlli iiiii-I hu '.urvojOll liy tho grnuloo
iviiliin yonr aflor the urnntlnaof llio'lierlh,
Tin-i-'Mll.IM'11-lllllll'! nlni'li n li.-i'li-u will la.
i*-»u<l. ni"   prlntoii I...-i.i- ul I lm- nml uiiu'l-
.,'1'. mny I Iitnlncil ill ihi- I>"|mm iiimiI urn.,
ilm nlli r ilm Crown Timber AkiiiiI nl New
Wn-lniill-lur. II. r
K.mli loiulor musl lm iicciunininloil liy un
n inmi cheijim mi n I'liiirU'i'eil Inin!; in favniir
m| ih.' Deputy uf Um Ministern! llm huerinr
fnr llio minium nf lho I s which tho nppll-
onnl i- |iM-|mi'uii in pni I'm-ii 1 ii-.-ii-,■
Nn toialor liy teloitnnih will bo oniorlnlneil.
Sorrel I. ry.
Depnrtinoiit uf llm Inlorlor,
Olli,wil.S|.|,lulnliiir2lilli, IIKIII
Certificate of Improvements.
Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Pirst-olas n iniiiiniliiiiiiii for travellers.
Bent  liriiuils   of   Wines,   Spirits,   nnil
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
5: --
--■-.   *..
'I      -'
Nu. 283,
A*l*l-'. IH-
'I'll IN
iil*   AN
*  A IT.
Notice Is hi-rebv-jtven ihnt M days after date
i Inlcnd i'» nin-lv in the Ohio! Pommisslotior
nf Lnmlsiiti.l "-Yorks lor n special license loom
nnd ciirrv mvii) limber from thc following
described li-N'i> in the dislricl of Wosl Kootenny, Kevelstoke Division;
CommeiiciiiK nl n i"><i iilmili'd on the ensl
Bide of llicCiilumblh rivor, ami nlmiii 2 mllen
from river on tin1 norlli side otn small crock,
nnd nboul 2 miles iiimvo (!iirncs Crook, tliouoo
tmrlli mi I'liiiiiis ihenco onstsu elinins, llionoo
south 8t) eh nl nti, llienee west sn clmins tn i".im
nf pommoii -t'liictii.
liHii'.l-jL'n.l dm ofPejitomlior,1IIOfl,
nei:: A. l\ ,IUIIN>)'N,
Nnili-i' I* hereby itlvcn Unit siulnvs oiler dale
 mtl-llil lii;il'|i!v liilliu (■liii'lruiniiiis-iulii'lMii
j ..anils ami iiurii* fnr it .poola! llconse lo cui
i   IIPHI'IIV   rl.'l.Tlli'V   IiiiiI    ilu-"""' '*"ni """■1  limber Irom the lollowliiK
I    ll'jHI.in    i l-i 'll I'   '•■■I   mt   ,|llsl.rj ,,„,„,..| in the Yale (llstrlct:
-Sn,ill, Crook  Mining and    level"!.-    ,. ,- i,,-i„k „tn ,...stmarke.1 "S.lilll'a
 nl   Company    bus  tins day boon nortli-enai oornor post," plantee* nbout otto
ii'''isle]'i'il   a*    an     Exlru-Proviueiiil mile oust of thu shuswaii river, abuul a mllei
.   , i     ,i    ,.,.  .,!,,- v..i north ol tUiorry ('rook, thenoo south 8U cbnins,
tiionoo cnsl so ehnins lo point of commencement.
Dated Sept, Inili, loafl.
'_■. Coin meiii-i im m a post marked ">. lliil'-*
POiuli-ensi enrner post," plnnted on llio wosl
bnnk of the Sim -mui river, nboul -I miles sontli
ni S3ii|*iir Lnke, rheiieo wost 80 chains, llionce
in,nli sn chains, ii. "in ast ill rlinins theuce
sninii sn elinins to poinl nf commencement.
Aili'i-litun-i'. Imn llnlin. WiiIi-Iiiii.ui.  Innk nml
sunshine mineral claims, .llimloln lho Arrnw
l-nkv Mllllni! Hivi-i f Wn-i Kiiuionny Dis.
IVliMr I iini!   On ll Ill »lilu "I   I'ltiMlMi
llri'ok. uliuui 5 milos wost nlAmm Lake.
In k.- iiollo. Ilia. I .Inini  I >i iliiiin. mm I tuili'i*	
I'.L.s.Mif trail, II. v.. ii-uiii [in 'I'hnuia. Abriel,
l-.M.r. Nu   li-ii-'ii; ItlolmnlSmith, I'.M.L*. Nn.
1.05215. ninl   liltaihelh Soull  I'.M.U, Nn. 111)52	
Intenil, sixty ilnysfr lm ,1 heron!, In apply
iiiilii-Minin-i llot'nrilorfnrllerlllli'nlosnl litnirove-
 a*. I"!- lln- ,1111 |i- -i' "I nliln itiinu I 'inn ii Ill'nlilH
ul lliu lllii.vi- i-lniln*.
Aiiil iiiiiii.-I i it" nntli-ellial nolloii, iimlor «•
li I7.IIUI.- Iii 11111- I lietm-o the I, iiiiii',','f
snob firiiliialisul lininuK in-.
Ilate.l tills 2Slh ihu uf Juno, lllmi.
-.'|i 111 .1. ll. ANIIF.IISUN.
N.illeo is hereby given, Mini I. Sam Walker
make appllcaUon in ilm llnaitlnf hlooncol'oui-
11,1*-I,,IMM   lur   lliu    HololhlOkU     Ml I'M IIM- Ili*.
I riot ini-ii Iraiisfor nl mv Ihinor iloiineo for tho
I.uh Hotel. N'akusi  I,. I". McliouunliLoI
ilniu! Sept.llnl, llmi!
*u|.i l-J SA.ill'KI. WALKER
PliliKL' iNi-   ni    iiii:    '* ('i!i-:iii'i'ni(fl'
Tlil-r Duniw Ar-r. llllll."
nil!   ,,1-elTi-i-l all oi any
*  nl  tin-  (' puny In
slulive iiiilhurity ul lhe
iuin- I tv
'Jljeirisldlin-e ul' Hrilish Cnliiiiiliiii   ex
tnd     The hentl olliee nf 'iie Compitny is
|ifj.  -Miinii- ni Plui'iiix, in Lhe Ti iiiini-y nf
,i i/ i.
I  'lu- eapii-i! I  Ilu-        .^^^^_^^_^^^_^^_^
iipnii :. '■   !, haul    .Mii-iiiil.'' nl;'iiiii--ii'i-v.iiu!i\i-i-.'.iiiiiui.'i!)iilo.*siini!i
dolhirs, "divided  into   live    li.m.li.-.11' "f -~'"«"r '-"»»■-- ''"■"■■' »"•' ."'lobaliis. ....nli ■«
.      , ,    ,, . Ulllllll-, ill-i SU | liuni*,   lUulluu slllllll  SU 1-111111-
1 llllllill- .-ill ll.
rd-     Tin. head "Hi i the Company in
Ibis P   ■ ':■.■■■ i- shuttle mi l'*ii-.t Street,
. .ml .Inini Mailfilnn Scolt,
ivlin    ul In s is llie
Ibe ('iiiiiuiiiiy
IIIHVI       I   111 '    III]  ' ' i ll-ti'l-
The   iim"   nf  Ihi   existence uf Ihu
.-•live    VI'IICS  Iiiiiii
!     Mllll   -Mill   111'
111   ill ilisll
- -  |iii.|iibt'.',
!   ",.l   iv.
,     '      '.'III"-.
.    . .p.iui."..
ll     1.  !;"   '      II  p llll
.l,.lllil!e..l'Ui-.M.-|i-.|.-li,liili.l'lll!- file ill*
Hevt'lsltike in lie- I'liuiui-i-nl* Hcillsh
Columliiil, ''Im. li.I'll, lias by d I illicit llie i'-ilb day ..I' St'plt'in'liel', A. IL.
lllllll. assi^iieil ni! Iii* personal properly,  i-eiil   i-inle.   i redils  ami  elTei'ls,
uhii-li may   be   *i-i/.--d nud suid ler
exc'cttlion tn Allan \*. Andcrsou of tho
iiii Cily uf Uevelsloki', Aceountanl,
in 11 il-*. lur . In- bi'lii'lil nl In* I'li'iiiliii*.
Tin- -.lid iheil was cxeeuti'd b\ lhe
said .Inini lii-iu-Mi- Mai'dtiiuild uml Allan
YI AndiTson un lln- J-illi day nf Sep.
teiuhi'i-, A.I)., lumi.
All iierson.s having claiui.sa|j;iiii)sl I he
.ni.l .Inlin ii im ' Macdiinald arc co-
piii-i-il  Iii'l'ore Hu- I-., ilnv ..I' November, A.lb, 11)1)11, In send In lhe
li-usli-e full piii-iii-nlai-* ul* llie -.nine
duly vt'l'llled, in^eilu-i- ttilli lie- pni'-
li.-iilais nf lln- seeurily, if any. held
by I In-ill.
'Xolicc i- ht'i-i'liy I'urlhi'l- kIvimi Ihnl
il'lei- Ilu- *niil 1*1 dav uf Nnvi-iiiln-i.
A.I).. llllll!, III.-   I III*  Will pr I'd In
distribute lb" assets i....u..p* lliuse
cri'ditoi-s whose claims have liocn
liiilui-i! .villi Iiim and thai he will um
lie I'cspousibli' iil'li-i- *aiil dale I'm- lho
;isseis -ji di*iiiiiiii.-il, in- any purl
tlit'i-i'ol* lo nue person nc piM-stms, Item
in- i-in-piii- iiinn. nf tvhtise delii "t- claim
In- shall iml iLi-u h iv,• received nol ice.
A inei'tluK ul'  lln-  crcdllol-s nf Ihu
.-aid  .I..I.i, ' i-ire .Maedonald will be
l ,i unst imirkoil'•!-. I 111,-   hr|(| „ iii,,,,l)i,.,.*nl*l!ii,'ii.s,\.-\\*iill,i-iu.
'     U.-ii-i-isli'i-s. Hiiom I, Pluck lll.nl" Van-
ooiivci. I!. ('.. mi Pi-lilnv, lln- 1521 li day
of Oeliiliui. A. 11..   llllll!, nl lln- liuni'of
Iuin o'clock iii iln- iil'lei-niion.
n.u.-dm Uevelsloki', !!. ('.. ibis Isi
day uf liiluli,-,'. A. II.. Iiiiii.
in point ul
■I. C'nnimeiiolne nl n pusl market! "S. Hill's
north-east onrnor nimi,'planleil mi the west
Imnk nliln-sun-iv,i|,!,ii,.i-nliuiii.",milos'..utli
ni siuiiM Lnko, llii.'iioo ivesl 80 chains, llienee
-imiii su rlinins. ii ast80chnlns, llieueo
inn ili .uolinlus tu |iiillll "I ('iinnni'iii'uini'iil.
j I'nniiiii i. iii4 ni ti nu*t iniirkuil "S. Uill'*
imrlli mi-! onrnor i""!," planted on llio won
hank "i ilu Shuswup Hivur, nlinai ii milu*
sums uf siiL'iir lnko, thonee wust 10 chains,
iiiutii'i iii;- Mil -. [honou oasl in clialns,
thouoe nurth an nins to point nl commence-
llnli"! .-.'I.I. IVtll, I!'"''..
VWICI'! i- horoliy.Blvoii.th.it   SO. ilny-
I IN uriiir ilniu I ininiid in apply tii'tlio Hinirii
nliln iM- Chilil  ' i   ! ■ nf l.inul-  nml
| Win!,   l i    i io   ' liconso lu cut uml onrry
i„ i   ....i  ;,;, ;.  nwiii iiuili'T frum  ilm  billowing (loscribetl
'"'     n. I   ,i, I'i, > liiuill'llll) lli-ll-u-l:
j    I.   ' nn it ll  I*'- rki"l   -'lillu
III Liiohli "Ml     i' "I. nil i " I I-n-l."   iiiiiiiii"!
■ in  ..ii ilu m (I, liaiili "i Ain lj Hivor nl liomlef
K nl .    il   I.   .•     mil    -' ,  mllo.  In.ni   lulu',
 i.l ' ■   '. " i in chains, imrlli
    :    .1    lu  iiliii-u ol    •
1    "    - -' ii in
!. I "'",,."".'       ,,  i mnrkeil   "Olio
i ml'" in i   imn    m i "-"" i im-i," plume'!
riarlit I H'iii.1) Rivor, nt ho f
11    i. ■"".    'i. !  .". milos frnm Lnko,
Hill! I ill ■ - l-i,-I,uiu-. norlh
'        Ml' III'"I    .   ll-l
'  j" i  mnrkod "Ollu
.   ilm   Liil-liinuni ill   ," i " i- in.*l," ,,Iuiiii"!
lj Rivor, ■:'. -'   -
um Klnlni-Ui l.i."k.>. flioiioo iiurili sii ehnins,
I. '
Ili'Vflstokc, II. C.
Si.li, -iln is I'm- Iiii -ain. vi-Ti-us.lt'
Noiloe '■ lion ',     oil ili i 'In-"  lays aftor
lllltC   I   IlltOlllI   I"   lipilly   I" 111" i ll!"' i uiillili*.
-I"!" I  "1  I Mi I-  "li !  ''Vi.!!..   m- ■' ■ pOOlfll Mi'i'llS"
!,, mu mn! earry iinai llnihor from tin- fnllow-
iiii!'!"', li'.-.i laml- In ''V"*i Ktiolcnny Dlslrlol!
I.   f ■ . m:   M    I  nl mu.-I il I Inn
mil iiii    n  ll-ii  -! -nl""! Uppor
Ai-u.ii  Lnke -nl mark' i   '-I'l   ip li n    nnrtli
west enrner,'  lho ' chain, oust, tliei so
ul -   ml II   lln-l  t   llionoo ■■
chain, mntli i
.'.   t'unilnollelll. .il   I'lilllp   linn;'-   --"llll lies!
 mi."in   in le fiuini i. i. . ihoneo SO elinlns
 -I 'I'M' -   - linln- ' "i  ilm i elialm
-"inii. Ihi-n I'halii   'i.-i tn|i..l i cumuli "ii!
Hal "I-  low.
I'llll.ll' lilMi.
-■'  . .'"   SSa
■     ' *        ' '■      'V? e>
'-- ,   ■"*'r^'
Voters' List, 1907.
 B.Iiiiiii . milli Sll cliiiins, wost 8D eli
I., |,l .onl I'ini "i
I    i.i ';       .i    |." I   ninrk'-'l   -HUM
i.,, i,, i ...uui' post,  plnutoil
mi, ri.lii uf Windy 11 ior, I1, mil'- Ir	
I. ..I.      i  Lal i  i,, i  .i miln wi-l Ir....
olinlus, ini-l su chains,
 a ■ I'll I Willi-
.....   ■
i.  ('mini ,,i   j l irl.'"l    HU'
"■il   ,'unu'r |iii"l," I'liii.U"!
ii ■>..    ■ .'.    i, Ulvor.3 uui'-  frum
I       K   '  I' M
milli -" nlialn  on i ■■ ii,,, atitlutni'V (lccliii-ntl
m   .    i„. i   marked  "Otto
i  corner i-'-i." Iilnntjiil
nil     '    i'"l  Ln1-"   'ml I milo
o. llienee nnrlh -i cl i-. easl
, wu-t   -I   I'lllllll- I'l
HOLDERS an- hereby iiulllh'd, that,
in iinli-i in have tl.t'll'l.i.mi's placed mi
ilu> Voters' Lisl I'm-ilu- Illll" Miin1cjp.il
l-'.lei-iinn*, ilev are i'ei|iiii'ed to inakt'
^^^^~™T1 ll-livi'l-
llie same Iii   lln- Cily Cleik clui-ing
tho month of October
l-'niin* can In- obtained ,ii my olilco
mi ninl .-ill- i-o, inii"!' l-i.
i ii. Clerk.
Revelstoke, Sept,2.), I'mil, II THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, I*. r*
A. F. & A.
tenth man wus a  warden  ha vine, compasses  and see that there ia a J
surveillance over the rest.   A man full uml harmonious development
of tlie mental, the moral   nnd   the
Sermon by the Rev, C. A, Proeunier Preached at the
Special Masonic Service on
Sunday, Oct, 7th.
St, John, IS nml 7—''Sanctify
them through Thy truth; Thy
Word is truth,"
We aro delighted at having tlie
happy privilege and opportunity
of meeting tlie Masonic Fraternity
again at St. Peter's church, your
fraternal /eal and love are well
known and it gives us great pleasure to i.iei'i ymi [ace to face, it is
becuuse mini is a social animal.
".Man," says Aristotle, "is more
politic than any bee or ant." And
what is more delightful than to
meet men who Imve the same likes
and (lislikes, inclinations and aversions, and hopes and fears? likm
vclle: itlcm wJle est inm-eilia, It is
more iiinn ordinary acquaintanceship, ii is, in fact a veritable brotherhood, Therefore we desire on
this occasion to express a few
thoughts and reflections upon the
social institution known ns A. F,
& A. M.
What is Free Masonry?
It is iiii ancient and honorable
society. Ancient because it has
existed from time immemorial, and
honorable because ii lms u natural
tendency lo make all those honorable who are obedient to its rules
and regulations. Moreover, it is a
iiiui'i! 1 institution, established hy
wise am! virtuous nieii  with   th
therefore, after having passed
ihrough liis apprenticeship and
probation could not settle down
among neighbors and acquaintances, but must travel from placo
to place to find employment, Hence
it became necessary lo devise means
by which .1 person, once a member
iii the fraternity, might be universally accepted us such, without requiring, wherever he went, to give
fresh evidence (if skill and khow-
ledge or puss apprenticeship uguin,
In ortler to accomplish this end,
and enable a brother to claim hospitality   and   protection  of  his
Objectively, Here introspection
has censed, and we no longer" look
within, bin without, and- not at
self but ut others. Free Masonry
insists upon obedience to lhe
eleventh Commandment, "A new
commandment 1 give onto you,
ihni ye love one another."
I.uve is the fulfilling of the law,
lt is true friendship, which are of
three kinds: 1. Interest. 2. Pleas.
ure,   8, Virtue.
"The friends thou bust and their
adoption tried, grapple them' to
Thy   soul   with  hoops nf steel."—
brethren, a  universal  f-ystem  of
signs and symbols was invented, in! Shakespeare
which every mason was instructed     Belief and truth.     We,  by   no
or Initiated, and   which  he  was means wish to raise that ancient
liiiiinil to keep secret, And us he
wenl from place to place he underwent strict examination, thereby
iroving his proficency. But besides
these signs and symbols, there was
a universal system of moral and
ethical truths, which was taught to
the regular assemblies at their appointed times. Therefore in time
every implement, used hy the
craftsmen, had a symbolical Big-
nification of ethical truths. Thus
arose the two branches of Free
Masonry, thus on the one hand,
ameliorating the'lot bf man, and
us far as possible, adorning his life
with art and beauty, And on the
other hand, teaching important
truths such as, the existence and
government of Clod, the reality and
immortality uf tin.'Soul, and future
.i rewards and punishments
praiseworthy object and design of
calling io our remembrance the
most sublime ond solemn truths in
the mills! of social and  innocent
Objects ami advantages—1. Subjectively there is a benelit intellectually,   "There is nothing great in
pleasures. But, however, it is more the world," suys .sir \Y. Hamilton.
than a society or aggregation of Therefore its cultivation anddevel-
men.     It is a beautiful system of opment is of the greatest viilue and
nnd futile question, what is truth!'
li was a vain conceit of scholastic
philosophy. So also is tlie question;
what is lhe criterion of truth? But
it is unquestionable that the possession of truth is inferior lo the
pursuit of trulli
"If" says Malebrnnch, "I held
truth captive in my hnnds, etc."
"Did the Almighty," suys Lessing,
"holding in His right hand truth,
and with His left hand search after
it, design to tender me my choice,
I would, in all humility', but without hesitation, request search aflor
it." "Truth," says Vnn Muller,
"is the property of limi. lhe pursuit
of truth is what belongs to man,"
and Jean Paul Richter saysi "It
is imi lhe goal, but lhe course that
makes in happy."
We, then as Masons nre happy
in the pursuit of und in the 'search
for truth Bul what is truth? It
is ihi* uld Book, tin.' volume of tlie
Sacred Law. Free Masonry says:
"Truth is an attribute of the
Divine."   Therefore lei us hear the
practical morality. In short, ii is
a science and ar! of morality. On
tlie one hand, ii is a science, inasmuch a- it teaches us to know.
Tin ultimate object of all philosophy and science is knowledge or
truth On the other hand, ii is an
art, inasmuch as it teaches us to
do. It iml- only lays down abstract
laws and principles, but it postulates implicit obedience and faithful service.
Origin and beginning ? it is
dillicult iu answer this question;
for when we endeavor to trace
primal facts tbey lose themselves
in iln- mythological shadows of
past ages. Sume historians sny it
arose in the earlv dawn of human
thought—that it is coeval with
systematized and or g n n i zed
thought. Others maintain that
il is ii modern development It is
unquestionable that there were
ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman
and Oriental societies of every description, bul whether Free Masonry lm- any identity with, or affinity
to these who can say? In fact it
is immaterial, lt is mil:—What
is its origin and beginning, but
whal is ii in itself and whu! ought
ii to lie by itself. Wo might us
well ask what wns the lirst language
or how iml the earth is ? Unsolv-
ulile riddles! I Imve no doubt that
the real answer is as follows! Free
Masonry embodies the vital truths
nml principles of the effete systems
of ancient societies—that it is a
matchless diadem of magnificent
jewels mined from ancient treasures.
Operative and Speculative Free
Masonry. Although we cannot
place our linger on the lirsl pulse,
vet, we cun trace Operative and
Speculative Free Masonry, Hitherto the former wort' skilful in hewing and setting stones, and in
building lowers and temples,
churches and cathedrals, Their
vocation necessarily involved travelling from pliicc to plnce in search
of wink ami employment. Whenever a great structim* was to be
erected, the local masons had to
in- reinforced by a large accession
of oraftsmen from oilier pails, and
tlie masons from the neighboring
towns mul districts came und
assisted In lho  work.    A   master
presided OVer the whole mid   every
importance.    But  some one wil
usk how dues Free Masonry  con
duce to this result'.'    Thus:—Lee-    ,„' ,
, w ; will   lu- our permanent peace ami
ttires,woi'k, memorization, Memory ,      . „     ,,
is the basis of intellect.
conclusion of the whole matter;—
Tho prayerful pursuit of   and   lhe
iret search for   truth   und   God
The benelit morally of Free
Masonry. In the moral world,
assimilation is the result of association. Like produces like. Association with good people will pro-
happiness. Say not Free Masonry
is my religion, What be shall your
wife, your mother, your sister, your
child? Nu ii you start upon the
circle, complete the full 300 degrees.
In conclusion, brethren, forget
not:     1. Your  prayers.      Never
Kootenay Steel Ranges
Burn all kinds of fuel
London* Toronto
Vancouver*5h John N.6.
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Merchants in the World
H.M. AL,
King Edward WM
VII. I,--,
The Pure §1
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duce good people.   "I am a part of | neglect the posture oi  your  daily
all," says Tennyson, "that I have supplications,   2. The Holy Bible,
ever met."   And   it   matters  not ■• Within this awful   volume   lies
whether it is association with per- the mystery of mysteries and con
suns or thoughts, the result is the j stitutfon."
same.   From the opening ceremony
to the closing raps of every degree, i
every word bus its moral and lesson..
Listen :—One  charge  says:—"1
would tirst recommend to your serious contemplation the volume of
the Sacred Law. etc.'*    Thus em-1
phasis is laid on .the duties we owe, I
I, To God.   '-• To  our  neighbor.
ri, %.V-»-%%a.-V» •»-%%%*%%%%%%%%%%**%"^"^-lli"**."«. ■-. %
HKADOI'Kll.'K:  OAI.OAKV, ..Minim, i
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' :i.- '.i :'.
3, To ourselves.
Another charge:—"To improve
tlio morals and correct the manners I
oi men ought to Lu your constant
care."   Tims we are mural builders.
It is said that the construction  of j
them Pyramids of Egypt, employed
the labor oi 100,000 men im* many
years, bul it   was   only   to  build
monumental piles beneath  whose!
shadow*!- kings might rest,    These
pyramids are only temples for tlie
dead; Masons are building lor the
living.   Tlie pyramids   were  only
masoleunis, in which the hones of
the  mighty  dead   might  rest in
splendor and  magnificence,    nil
Masons are erecting u structure ;..
which tin*   King of   Israel shall
dwell forever.   The pyramids sh ill
crumble away till one stone shall
be left upon another; but whoshall
count tht!  endless  years  oi  the]
immortality of the  soul?    Who CADlt/CI I     COTATC
can define its outlines  tnd hound- rHnrVCLL    LO I HI C
ties?    lt is u   river   that   grows
broader and deeper as it flows forever onward,    Tims  stonemasons
build for centuries, but Masons for
Spiritually,   Man  is a spirit.j
Ought not intellectual and  moral
development to produce spiritual
elevation?   It must follow, if  n il
the science is but  a fragment. ,.| Raw Furs Bought
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plt'te oircle, Man has this spiritual
nature, why not develop it? Try
yourselves with  iln- square and
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Notice is hereby uiven that 30 days
'iter il.itii I inlenil lu upp y to the
Hun. ' Id. I I mi iiissj ner nl I.amis
ami Willis fur a s; e iai license to cut
ami cuiry awny timber In in tlie foi-
oiting if sei iinil lands situate on the
m-i lidt'oi lippei Art. it- Liki. West
lv olt-liuy lll.-tl,.:.
I Colllll eticil t nl a pi H | lalHtll
nl. Ul 2 niis uut i i Am w I uke "ii
n ' Imnk i" ii -ii nn cui i. in plying
inin An. u l.nk. nilu l.l nuns, north
ni ilu- ii muii if "i i p.. nld (nek and
in irk.il ".I lh i .is in iib-tM'st corner," ilu nee ensl Sll i I.nii -. thence
soii.li MJchniiis, il i nc itts! mi chains,
tin ner* north so 11 iiins to tbo point of
'-.   Cun.nu i -•    ■  .  | ■■■ planleil
annul "1 miles cnsl ul Ar.i iv Laki
lhc bank nl n sn.,.; creek emptying
inty Arrow Uke,aboul Lj miles nurth
rn' i!n- iiiouih nl Mel' iiii ! i .is. and
nunkeil -.1. McCIa) 's n ■-■,-! -i'i-
ner pnsl," Ihi i cc ensl UU ci, - i -.
tlience touth SU i hail -, .1 r-i ■- ivi sl
SO chain*, ii ence imrlli Su cbnins to
lln' puim it ClllllllH lli-l'lln    '
3,   Commencing nl u posi ; lantnl
ahout I iniles cnsl nl Ainni |...... . n
the Imnk of a sum! clvi . - |u.M..g
intu Armw Lake.about I mill - nurth
of the mouth of McDonald Creek antl
murked "J. McClnj's * tith-ivest ci r-
lu I'   pnst."    thenee   ens!    Ml    cllllil -.
iln nc iiorih tjilchai.is,tin nee west yii
cliU'ii-, th- iu i- suuth SU chums to the
poinl ui i-'oni.nenci ment,
■I. Ci mini ncinj! nt n pusi plnnted
about I  miles t-asl ol An « Lnke - n
lh ul, u|   a  sn nil cr.. I: i :i plyii g
inin Arrow Lake, hunt ll inihs north
ni lhe iiiuuil. ol McDonald Creek and
iinirkul -.1. MeClny's south-oust c r-
lu-r post," tin iui- west mi chains,
theuce in.Mb SO ' Iinins, thence ensl 80
chains, Ihenee suuth Su elii.ii - to the
pi inl ui coniinenci ment.
"l.    I'- lull.Mln-ilM.:   111    ll po-t  pi lUtf'll
mi lhe en-t Imi • i-l Ilu m tl •■ k oi
tii'liu-iii i lie m .'.      ■ - above
lhc iiiiui'h nl *,. : ! .Mi lork and
in.imm J ".I,  Mct'l >■■  mull i>i-i   ' r-
ni-r   pus ,"   'hen. e   ■ '-!    Ili I eh:. !-.
ihenee s m     lu ■ ■....- ,. ,-..
Hill chain-,   in i ii*  iiurili -I'l el ,.i  - I
li.   I ulllll elicil..-   a* n posl  |
uu   lie-  wi     - de   ' He iui!    :    .
lll'I'.'liM.I Cli-.-K 1       I! llmi
ihe   ni*-.1.1,   of   - uu   -i nn       I; at,
li il!!.'ll    -.1      Mel      y'-   I      I
l„-|     ,, -M"      I-   ... -       Ml
ihenee .-"Ulii   S*.l chain-, i I
su clmins, thence   liollii S   .
tue p- in: of con lot- nu : :.
7. C mn mm!.-: i po-. i netl
nm' mile • ,i-t Irom n po ii! un the
north lork of  Mcl'-i,. d Creek
!>.*, miles above the n mib - ' -ml
inntli f .rl; ;,- i marked -.1 McC
nortb-wi st c me; p- ■:.'. t hei - • • list
Mi cliiiins, iini '-■ - in ■"' .. -
tin nee west SU cbnins. tliei ■ nni-'li
SH chains to the point ul c m mi i ■ ■
8. Coinmeneing  nt ii post ;    nttil
one  mile east  f i  up ll e
nnrth fork of McD' I d Creek situ iti
about 21 miles above tin n . :
said north fork and innrkeil 'J MeClny's - nith-tve.si .' rm rj--'    tl   cc
ims. "'II cl a.i.  . -   - II     '      ,;   '
llll !., ■      -   i    - M      ■       ■ ■       -
SU chains to the pn.nl of coalmen ie-
lie nt.
!•. Commencing nl n p ■: : a ltd
on the easl side t tin uut th lork :
McDonald Creek, nl out 3,j n - ■
mouth uf suid norlh loi; nnd marked
"J.MoCI it'- north-west corner, enci
ensl 80 'hains, tl i nee • iti 50 b iii *.
iln in-,, west 80 chi itn north
80 chains lo the point uf i
in.   Comn encii ■ il    ,
on Ibe wi -;  sidi ,; tl   -  rtl
McDonald Crci k a Uml i   n
iln-   uib  ol  Enid   :.   th foi    n- .1
marked ' J. McC iv's sun
ner," thei ce norlh
wesl SOohains, thei •■■--   tl. SJ
: thence cat!  80 cl ain.- I   il
com.... uci!' ent'
II    imm.' nei      *       ■' .   ntt-il
ul. tl ■  -' : ■ till
McDiiiuikl Creek, nU nt j n    ■•
the mouth  ol      I
in irked "J. McCiny's
ner  pi -       then
ilu nc   cnsl  S I chu
80 chains, thenci
tb        ■   ■ .'       ■
I-e ■-.!-,'
Dan ' • i .   ■   .i ■ ■        III
ci ll
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
In the niBtter Hil
ci i ' -I. and in the i  itti
Official .', lu.inisl
S'oticc is     cb) lhat 1.)
ol   IM-   II mor   I. A. 1     :   -
.1 ..l-i. !.-■-■: the 1     d
I'.iiii'i, (leorge Sinil     il
Ailiiiii.i-'   -
n iy  County  c    prisi
i: 'm I. Di-
been granted letters
i" adn.inisti i   n
i.-11;■  ol  latin -   !'
And  further taki
olnin    1|
■i i !     II '  '    '. -    - '
his  llice, Itn]
elstoke, U. C . witi in 3
date hcreol, aftei
coeds '.m i he  -;--; 11
parties Ian
Hni.il the lOtl -        ,   •   .    i    ■
Cum: II   --Ml
net II :!i      i'i! c   I Admin atrator, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
ttbe nt»aiU1f3evalb.
Inolullng poitUuc tn Knglmid. •United State*
mill panada.
B*f1ho>W [through nostoflleoJ  S2.AI
Half      "        " ■' J    I.flli
Quarter"      " "        1.00
Legal notice Piceiii- pur lino tlr*t Insertion,
ficenU por lino imoli subsequent liiMrtlou.
Measurement* Nntiparicl |1'J Iim--* make	
inrlil. Store and gonornl btirtlnoHA announcement* $.'--'si por Itioli por month*
I'n'fi-rri-il positions, ;'•'» per cent, ad*
diiitMl. Hirllii, MarringiH nml Deaths,
.'i'c. ouch Insertion, Timber iiollcoafc-MlO
[.mil  notice*! |;..ni   All advertisements
SUUJOOl lulllti ii|i|H'iiViil nf tilt' management.
Wunii.il .imi Condensed Adtoi'tinemonl*!
Agent* Wrutod, Help Wiinlott, Situations
wanietl, Sltuutio.ih Vacant, Tonohor-J
Wanted, Mechanic* Wanted, 10 words or
:■- .'.h.. eacli nddlilonal Into w cento
Changes in standing advortlHOinontH must
in-in by ll ii. in- 'I in*sd»y inul Friday of
"»ch work 10 iivun- ••ninl display.
'.i   HINTING promptlyoxuomodal rwwun*
ible nti-H*-,
I'KHMS—('iwh,   Subscriptions pityabto in ad!
■itltKSlHJSUKKCK llivltod on matters of
public Interest. Comninnloftttonfl to Kdl-
iur iiiu-i in- occompiinlod by nntue of
writer, not necessarily fo -.iiiblicniinn, biw
hi* evidence of good faith. Correspondence
•iiouiii bo hriof,
Iliirrisli'rs, Siilii-ilnr*. Etc.
<'. K. Iill.US. I*. ('• Kll.lun.
'Omens!  lMi-i.mil.  Hank  Hiock,  ItKVRlJ
•suikk. 11. C,
Mnlli-y In loan.
Offices: lu-i-nlsiiiki!. H. C.| Kort Steele. H. C.
Oku. s. McCautkh,
A. M,  l'lNKUAM. J. A. HAKVKV,
Itnviilstiiki', II. 0. Fori Steele, H. t".
J.M.Si-olt I.L.1I VI. r.'UrlKKS.
100I'T   AMI   HKK10S
Bahmbtkhk, Solicitous, Etc.
Mi inky to Loan
Solicitous fin. Miilsiins Hank
First Street. Hevelslokc, B.C.
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
■   Mine Smveying
jMcKe.vzie Avenue,
Jinx liK>. Kevelstoke.
Mining Enginhkr,
-iMom. Amerlfian Institute Mining Engineers)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revblbtoke, B. 0.
Kxaininalion of mul reports on Mineral Pro
portion a Speolalt-y,
Bankers & Brokeiis.
Divldond paying, mining, oil and industrial
investment*. iliirhcst speculative profits com
bincd with liiink security! (1.000 dividend
chequos mailed every month to clients. Call
•on mo or write f"i' particulars.
Agent for Koateiinv,
Cbc flDafl-fteralb
-Inniilil . . ",„'i„..'l- ,!i,."!li"„ for
llieir Rood In nrilcr tliisi«|icr ttilic.iuiictiinll)-
-i-i-'i-i! ii|i. and In In-[iioki-i! lljion .1* 11 purl uf
ilu-(t-ii enuipnge." -ADlilsil*.,
ami., and 7:30 p.m.    At the niornirig
service the Sac anient of the Lord's
Supper will be observed At the evening service the seriei ol discourses ou
the Religious Life of Canada will lie
"Religious Conditions during the 17th
Century " . Sunday School at 2:30
p.in. Young People's Guild, Monday
night at S o'clock. Prayer meeting
Wednesday night.
St. Andrew's—Rev. \V. C. Calder,
pastor. Sunday services 11 a..... and
7.30 p in. Sunday school anil pastor's
Bible Class at 2,30 p.m. Bible reading Wednesday evening nt 8 p.m.
Choir prnctice Thursduy 7.30 p.m,
Teachers meeting Friday 8 p.m.
Methodist—Sunday services nt 11
a.m. and 7 30 p.m. Rev. A. Pye, of
Salmon Arm, will conduct services
morning and evening. Sunday school
and Bible Class at 2 30 p.m. Epworth
League Monday evening at 8 p.m., nil
young people cordially invited to
attend. Wednesday evening Pray er
Meeting at 8 p.m.
SATURDAY, OCT. 13,1906
Mh.; a:e queer    Wo ild'nt t    i
a roar when ilu y ivi.nl to
meals it thev had to ci:n     un mi n
high stool in front - I n tal ■
there tin- im ,.:...    . .. • , ....
ill that iii-l.ii M      Yet a lu       ty nl
them ivl,-:i they go to n rests
lunch c MM". ■".-,-    I'i    : . ,     t till
:   -■      in tl lhe feed
th on it in ]
la  •     iir and a covered  tal
a will burrow n    iece    f  I
• .
j : in.   the plug ■    •    ■
in* gnawed     it a    — t    - lifer
'   :i      :  *   ■
hi. wife or on ...
I.-- m. ; ..- - |     ]
■*•' ■        ie will n      . . ik oul       .
g .-•  r cup fr
!■'.......-..        ;
h  ' ■ the back si
1 ,:- pull    .*..-. ttle   in I 	
stick i the bottle hall wa;
d mi, bis throal . •   :   .
after ball    I /,-    ■ ws have
had the :■  .       tin       tie      their
mouths   .*-.      . ,- n , . . |
lt is not our intention to criticize
any denomination of (lie church,
but to simply lay bear the actual
facte of what is taking place in our
own city today, 'i'lit* Anglican
churcli, has descended from centuries hack from a small body of
men who, putting aside all thought
the ordinary comforts ol homellfe,
these nieii have entered upon their
arduroiIB task ol instilling into tlie
minds of mankind the teaching of
moral life and the benelit of putting confidence in a superior being.
This has gone on through lhe centuries of the world's history, never
milking a retro grade movement,
hut ever reaching a goal of success,
slowly but surely forging the links
that today make the church as
powerful us it is. To faithfully
carry out its work and in these
enlightened days, where money
holds so much sway, it is absolutely imperative that the ollicers of
the church, if we can so call .theni,
must have tlie support of those
who have elected to rally round
their particular banner and enable
them to faithfully carry out the
work which is so necessary in a
country whicli is only in its development stage. To get right home,
the Anglican community in Revelstoke are the indirect descendants
of those who centuries ago formed
the Knglisli church and who have
handed down their creeds from
generation to generation. To keep
that church in a manner corresponding with what it is entitled
to, necessitates the co-operation of
its members. The main object of
a church in any city is to bring
into close touch with each other
members who profess to belong to
that church, and to maintain a
service adequate with the require-
ments ordained by a city of this
size, it is essential lhat those who
profess to belong should offer their
support. When once the moral
influence of n church ceases uver
its iiieiiiln-rs. when tin-re o the
least break in the structure, frmn
thai time the churcli influence ile-
,     | i ,,    i„„i;,,„!    In addition tu the rental, dues at the
lines and when once lhat ueenne   -
sets in it is a very difficult proposition to re«tore it.     Again,
|i    ne  •■     ;,-.   one  o!  a   city1
.: lies, ihi
That's Royal Crown kind—
. made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg, House cleaning and
wiishii'.gareeiisy with its help,
And the money saving is the
Premium System
11 niklct tells what we give fur
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
(or it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Notice is heroby (rivet) that UH (lavs
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described lauds situated in
West Kootenay district:
Commencing at n post planted on
the north side of Downie Creek, ahout
one-fourth of n mile south of the
Downie creek trail, near the 21 mile
post and marked "Ernest McBean's
south-west cornel-," thence north 10
chains, thence east (HI chains, thence
suulh 10 chains, thence west HI ehnins
tn puint uf commencement; containing SlOacres inm .'less,
Dated this lltli day nf Sept., 100(1.
A LICENSE lu cut timber can he acquired  only  at  public  '.oinpeUuoii.    A
rental of & per square mile is charged
for all timber berth, except those situated west of Vale for wiiich tlie retuai la
I at [lie rate of a cente per acre per annum
In addition tu the rental
i fu.lowing rates are charged
Sawn   lumber,   60   cents  per  thousand
tee. a.ll.
Railway ties, eight and utile feet loag,
HI the i i 1-- and ; .-. cents each.
.- ilngle bolts, J. cents a cord.
a . .j-...-:- producta, : per cent uu the
.    . a llcenae .. .ssueil ju jou.-i as a berth
' lOle   in    .   granted, bu. ... surveyed terrttor)  no
ner in js cut  in . berth luitlf.the
-. 5 of the christian vt .rid deter-   licensee has made a aurvej thereof.
rates  tnd for us
i - -
.- Matter are also granted
I .        ..„    it putill      mpetltlon, except In the case
•-'•-• .... settlers, who require the tlm-
wn use.
■  .-• -'    !      Settler.       .   ithei    m      a -.  obtain
, •..:.. i to   it up to 100 cor..- .: wood tor
-1 •■   *-. .-. it   . ompetlUon.
. .m- payable   indei   , .ermit are
"'■■ - "■   ;- -      - ;v   •: (°^ni!
pi  .alt  :       |-1     . I-l cents per .Inea!
ll  SUp-        ■ ■ ■     aiding logs;   : ,!:. 13 l-l to 25
Koou.ni.    Lodice No. IB A.M A.M.
Tlw regular meeting- are held in the
Masonic Tn*p**,l
Md Fellows Half, on
the third Monday In
ch month  at   S
ii.ni. Vlsltfngbroth-
rcn ,    "' '
rea cordially  wel
l), Ji. PKUI'UNIKli. Skcuctaiiv.
sslkirklodoi.no 1M.O.O.F.
Meet* every Thursda-
Hull al S . o'clock
Vlsltltiir brethren cor
ilially invited to at
Cold Rang* lodge, K. ol P.,
No. 36, Revelitoke, I. C.
Iii Oddfellows'  llsll   al i
o'clock     Vi-iiini:  Kt.iKl.i-  art-
(■iirillillly llltiluil.
... J. HOWK, C.t*.
Q. H. BROOK, K. of ll AS.
H.A. HROWN. H. of r
F. 0. E.
Th«- resulnr me-uitiKs nre hold in tlm Sulkiii
Hall nn tlifl 2nd. find Ith Tuesdays of the month
nt 8 p. tn. Vi.titini* broth rati are cordially
B. Q. BPRRIDOB, Piesidknt,
H. COOK, Smtu-nitY.
Windsor Restaurant
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibury MitnagroBS.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes-
l.nrit,, Dlnlngrnom fur
Banquets, Sappers, otc.
Fjrnished Roo-nj To Lat
Henry's Nurseries
Extra lur«fl Importation of
Rill R^   '" lirrn"J fr'"n HoIIhihI, Franco
DVbwv  H|„j Japan in Saptomber
For Fall Planting
Tlionsunds of Fruit am] Ornamental
Trues, Rhoilodoudrons, Rosas anil hardy
plants now urnwintt on our own grounds fur
fnturo pl.iiitiii*,'
Nu expense, loss or delay of fumigation,
irtspectii'ii nor customs duties to pny. Head-
ijuartors for Pacilic Coast grown aud im-
liiiri.'il Garden, Fiol.l mul Fluwer Seeds.
Visitors are always weieoma to inspect
utir stook.
Greenhouse Plant*.
Cut Flowers ami Floral Designs, Fertilizers
BflO Hives mid Supplies, Spray Pumps ami
Sjjraying material.
No agents—therefore you have no com*
mission to pay. Our catalogue tells yon
about it. Let me price your list before
placing your order.
.We do business on onr own grounds -no
rent in pay. an.l are prepared tn menl all
ccfliipotuion. Eastern prices or toss White
lahur.   Cuttil'mUOH Free.
Greenliiinses:    IJOffl   Westminster   Rond.
Branch  Nurseries J—South Vancouver.   (
Nntice Is hereby given that 80 days after date
in' inlenil to apply In tlie Hml. tltoClllel I'mnmis-
-i.nii-r nf Lands ninl Works for n special license tu
.-at iiii.l curry away t inil-t-r frmn the followim,
ileserllieil l.nnl* In Weat Kootenay District:
Coiniiii'iiciiiii at a post mnrked "Bowninn l.iiin-
lieri'.i.'s nortli-ma. i-wni-r post," planted on the
east stile..!' si niher Uke, nt .lie nortlewest cor.
HIT nf 1,m! Nn  .-.li!!:!.   ill.' ii||[||   $111'llllllH. W.'*t
Sll chains, north sn chains, eastso chains tn pulnl
..f .-..iniili.ni-i-iiR.iit.
Dated this Uitli it
iop 19
of Septetaher, 1«i0.
BOWMAN l.l'MI.KI! I'll., I/I'D.
VTOTICE is hereby given thattti dayi after date
a.1 I int.-i.-l lu apply t„ tlie Hon. chief Com-
iiii-simier nl Lanils and H'orki for permission to
Iinrrlii-i- Um following ilnscrilieil lands in the
a est Knntenay District, nn III" oust side nf I'pper
Arrow Luke, ai 11: miles nnrtli of Nakusp:—
Cimmenclnii nt a jmst planted now llio Lake
tlience north in rlinins. tnence west .n chains
tlience imrth-.n chain,, thence west 2H chain,
tlience smilli so ohnlns, mure nv loss, tn the irrnw
hnke tlw i*i on clialns almm llie lako ti
|i"lnl nl  iiiient'eiiieiii, i talulna lisi m-re.
i nrenr lens.
Dated Ihls mh .lay nf Sept., U06,
I, J. KDWAUDS, Lncatnr.
cun-tcn sci'i'ORT.
J' im- hi "i.    m ,"-i, .;,  nf  rn■.. li
ii. - .--.-in   I.-,   iiti i :, md
classes uf iii;- m-i' nil;. a.
to wl i* effect on the m i ial life,
both domestic and commercial, of
tl - I-- iple, iiii- institution ol religious view« and denominations has.
• ■
■ po
. -:
enti irfr oord for Brood; l sent iur fence
*--.-.  i ra   '-i    ties; and 50
centi per coi 1    n iblngle bolts.
L*;a*e» :.. g u   , -- led
,1  ■• ■ weni.- .■-'.* years, at a
per annum.
"-d at fit)
Cu for iintnra-
ndivid ompany.
pi;   in
. the btoss
■: ■     ■
.    ■ - -
*.i .* interior
... | •       ;...-    ■   • ; -f||    |!M;
Nntii -■ i- hereby given that HO days
nfter dntel intend toapply tothe lion,
the Chief l-n.nii.Mnnei* nf 1,,-iiul.s and
U'n.-ks fnr -i special license In cut iiml
inn y nwuy tlmliei* from lhe following
ii-'i ;| ml lands in Wesl Kiinte.mj
1 "iiiiiii-i"'iiiM ni a |i.-i inarked "J,
!' ui'i'ili-.M-i   liiin,.,.  post," III
iii.- ."'I'liM'.i-i i-'uni'i ni Th,imn* Pearson's   pre I'lnptinn.  thence   soutli  sn
'Imiii-. thei  wesl  SI)ehuins, Ihence
II  - tlience .- i-i mi chains
' ir    sir looommotf&tlon, wl]   -  required
■    '    i  ivatlon.
[al -■ - toi   no ■■   '•
.  ■ i ice ' bon t under
i of tl
and »n
"■-■. *
'    * . rftfli-
■   <  ■
■   ■
m.m by
la of '.-i'   vei *n to n ildence
Mn       , .   , ,
-,.,,,     ||   ,1,   \| io.   ,i   i    nun ■*!" ' hi    rod"
'       '     .'"I. H     n ill M   ■ ui 111.      ,| ....  „,
J p.m ll(i|.'i-u. ; 2:30 p.n        da     „ir " ' "" "'' :r'"1""-
'll i, in  Iln--,r-   Ii ■ Inn ' •■       Hon for a patent,
In -A-rltin? to ih,- Commlsslonei -.f Do
i "    of  hln  Inter.
Mon  If, fin 10
■   ■
tnder on.
.-.ij plana:
nan   to
1 ■   p   ;.-■ Unfl
Iii ilflull or large IjOts,Ironi 100
lbs. to a CarltiRtl.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
BimIimm will fee oonduotad on
a CASH BASIS alter Oot 15th.
Croat Rtduotlon In Prloat after
this date,
Orders Promptly Attended to.
W. Fleming
Notice Is hereby given that 80 days
after date I intend to apply to tho
Cliief Commissioner of Lands ami
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from ..lie following
descrilied lands situated on tho west
sideof the nnrll.-ei.st nr... of Arrow
Luke, West Kootenay:
Commencing ul it pust planted aliout
HI ohains west frmn shore an tbe
south side of survey line of lhe M. 0.
Young Canuck, llienee west ISO chains,
south HI chains, easi nm chains,'north
III chains lo place of coinineiiceineu!
Dated llllh Sept. 1IKKI.
se|i22     WILLIAM PARTON.
Notice is hereby given that 30 daya after dato
we Intond to apply tn lln- Hon. Chief Coininir.-
aionor of ItamlH mul Works fnr a special license
to out and oarr; away timbor from thu following doscribod lands situate on Upper Arrow
Uke in West Kootenay District: Z * I
Commciiolna; at n post planted at the first
sonlli-cnsl angle of K. it 8. Block Sll. and
marked "Big Bend Lumber Company'*! north*
easl corner post,," thence west llh'liuiim, thence
onlh llll)chains, thoilOO enst til chains, theuce
mirth 160 chains .o poinl of commencement.
Sept, 151 h, liNrti.
sop 19     BIG IIKNI) LUMBRtt CO., LTD.
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All K'ndsof Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
Notice i- heron**- i*iv«nii«'taiflnU »rt«r<im«
w« intend to upply In the Hon. tlliiefCnininis-
sinner nf Lands and Wnrldi-Jor pertuiwduu tn
Xiirrlin-fi the fnllowinrc HeKribto landii in the
(strict ot West KiHitenayt
r.iiiiiiipiicitiK at n lKist iilmitml SOehalun west
from the nnrth-ea-vt corner of Lot4,WH. and
markod "1% Bend Ldr^befOisaiimiv's snutli-
wt>-i rnrner post) thenro nnrtli tm ehuins;
thflticnnast 40 chain.s; thenco aouth Itt chuin,s
mon' or less, to tho lake shore; thencu ws!
(tiringshore tn south-east cornerof l.ui t.inn;
iheilCO north 7 chains to iinrth-i-ast corner of
Lnt 4.!U!': thence west "Jl cliiiins tu point of
Rm Hknd Li'Mbkk Co,, Ltd.
NOTU'K Is bereliyirlven that ill) days aflor
dnlc 1 Intend to apply (o the Hon. the
Chief CommMoni'r of buidi and \Vorkn for
permission to purchase tlie fnllnwiitu iIosvHIhhI
Is, situiited in tVexl Kootonay. wo>-t, side
Columbia river, Km- Valley:
ComiiicnclnK at n posl lu chains north of
Laagers imrth west corner post nml mnrkod
"Harry MclntoshV nurih e«*t corner post,"
Ihence wesl su chains, thonco south 80 chains,
thence oasl sn ehnins, thence north Wl chains to
place uf cuniinoiieemetil,
Bated .Inn.' 1,'lth, HRNI.
Nut ice is hereby (liven that 60 tiliys frntn ilntv 1
Inland to apply to >tlio IJoubrablo the Chief Com-
tnlssimierof Lands mid Works fnr nonillsslon tn
liiirchiiHe the folliiwin-i! descrilied junds in the
West   Kuuteiiay   District!
CnmmcnoliiK at a fioBt marked "L P.Mo-
ii.niL'fiM'" south*west corneriH plantod on the
east sldo of Upper Arrow Lake.tiiniie.s north of
Nnkusp, H.c, tbenee north '-"0chains, tbenee
i-nsi 40chains, Ihence north 20 chains, thonco
east to chains thonoo south mi clialns, more or
loss, tn Arrow Lako, thenoe westward 80 ohains
more or less, hIohk lhe Arrow Lake tn point of
commencement, contalniiiK 200 acres moro or
Haled this lllth day of October, nmt*.
net 11
Notice is horooy fflvonthutwdays after drtto
I intend toapply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Ijiinds and Works fora special licence lo cut
and carry awny limber from the following
('escrlhod lnnds In llie Big llond district of
West Kootenny:
1. Commencing at a post planted mi tlie soutli
side uf rysiMif trail at Half-way Creek and
innrkeil ".I. *H. White's siiuth-woKt cunier post,'
nnd niniiiiiu imrth sn chains, thence oast mi clialns,
thenee smith Sn chsiiis. thence^wi-Ht Sll chains In
place of commencement.
2. CnimuenciiiK aiVlWt pliuited on the soutli'
si.lt- nl Keystone trail, J mllo cast uf Half-way
Creek and marked ".I. II, Wldte's north-west cor*
ner imst," and ruiiiiiiif! smith IHO chains, thence
cast 4(i chains, thenee north 160 chains, thonce
west 4o chains to plnce of commencement.
II, Commencing nt a pint plnnted mi the south-
side..f Keystone trail, 1 mile east..( Half-way
('reek and mnrkeil "J, II- White's north-west corner pnst," and nimiiiij* smith ten chains, thence
oast 40 chains, tlience north ItiO chains, thence
west in ehains tn pla'ce uf foiflineticoment,
Datod October 1st, llfJO.
ncl 14 ,1. H. WIIITK.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services
Cane Chair.
*;Flow«r I'ots
Umurcllii Simula
Lunch Baskets
Smoking- Jackets
! Silk Goods.
Kinn-I slunk of candies and fruits III town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing; Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Sales and Furniture.
Ceneral Draying.
Office: McKenzie Ave. SSSiSFffi
Offloo Phone Ko. 71,     House Phone No. 7.
ll.-.iil*. Aiiinml*. Hint,, fls'i,  Klc,
Animal Hns, Mounted,
Studio: OPPOSITE I'. 0.
itovelitoiui, II. 0
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date
I intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ninl Works for a special license to cut
nnd carry awny timber tr.nn tho fullowinirilo-
scribed lands in Big Bond district of West
1. Commencing at a posl planted almnt >9 mllo
f v.mi cast hank nf Crilmnbiii river, aliniit IU inil.--.
holow Itocky Nut, marked "C. F, Minlmark's
.south-west corner pnst," thonoo easl uui chains,
north 40 chains, west 100 chains, smith 40 chains
tu pnlnt of coinmencement.
'I, CmnimmaitlK Al a pnst planlcd ahoul \ mile
fnnn east lunik of Colmi|hiii river, and almut I1-
miles licluw lioeky point, marked "C. K. 1,1ml
mark's nnrth-Hc.Ht   rnnier post," thence cast iti
hains, smith to chains, wist [00 chains, imrth |e
■'hains to point of comiiioncoiiieiit.
c Dated Oct. Uth, Iinhi.
$, Coiiimeiicelngiit ■< pnst planted about ' mile
from east Imnk of Uolunihln rivor, and a limit'i
mile In-low Koi-ky point, "mnrked"C.P. Llmi*
mark's south-west corner pnst " thonce imrth 160
chains, east 4il chains, south lliu chains, wost40
chains to point nf commoncement.
4. Cnininouclng at a [mst planted almut 1 mllo
linn, east hank nj ('oluililiia river, and almut U
mile licl.m- Hncky Point, niarked "f. I-'. Liudmark's Huiith'West corner post," thencu imrtli Hi'1
chains, caat -m chains, smjlli 100 chains, west 4'i
cliains to iiniiii nf coinmeiitfoincut.
Dated Oct. fith, 1000.
,-'.. Couimcni'im> at a nnst planted nbnut I'-j
miles from east hank uf Columbia river, ami almul
'.-, mile licluw Rocky I'nint, marked "C. F. Liiul-
mark's south-west comer post," thenco north KM
i'liains, east 411 elinins: smith 100 chains, west In
chains tu pnint uf coinmoucemeilt.|
o. Commencing ill a post plantcil al 12 miles
frum east bank nf Columbia river about J mile
bolow Itucky Point, marked "C. F, Liiuliuurk'*
HiJiith-weNt corner posl," llienco nnrth pm chains,
east I'l ehains, smitli Kin chains, west 411 chains In
point of cominoncainont.
7. Cminiiencmn at a post planted about2W
miles frmn oasl Imnk nf Coluinbin river ami almul
tj milo bolow Kooky Point, marked "C, !■'• 1.1ml-
mark'ssoiith-wesl nei  post," I bei mrth 160
cbains, east |u chains, south 100 chains, west In
chnius in puim of cmniuenceinont,
8. Commenci na ai a post planted nl-ont:*
miles from east bank of Columbia rivor aud
about ii mile Ih-Iow Itocky Point, mnrkod "('.
r Idndioark'sstiiitb-wesi cornor post,'' thence
nortb Hill chains, cast 10 chains, south 160
chains, west lu cbains to pointof coinmonc*
0, Commeuelng at a post plantcil about 3W
miles from east liuni* of Colnmlila river, and
abonl! mile lielow Rocky Point, marked "C.
V. Lindmurk's south-west comer posi," thonce
nortb n.u chains, tnst 4(1 clialns, south 160
chains, west in chains to pointof commence-
Dated Oot. 6th, mm.
net II
Nolicc i' herobj Klvonthnl 00 days after dale I
Inteud to apply in the chief Cmnmlfisiniiar of
I Is nnd \\ orks for permission to purchase tho
" wlini ileserllieil tnud in Wosl Kootonay, two
miles mnteof Nnkiisp: ~.-,-. '  --
f - \ lil' I*" I'l*       !      il       I''--
i  ' i ':  i    m ■ '
, ■    ...     -,i   1 , •■      ,!     ll ,.      •' ,'    , '    I " '" 1    ;    '
'*-"r,'       ■'  ■   ■     ''     "      ' '''-      • ii lo i llden
- hool
tion nnd li'-iu-ili'imii
K.-.-ii..-   I'IIKSImTI III..'..—,1.   ll.    Hull
ortson, H.li., Miiii-'ii-i   Bi i    bi at 11
Th-jiii*/  Mlr.J-.-J-r 'if  Hi"  IntArlor
rilliiwn,  .l-ol.r.irov I*'!'. IW'
t     ' if ll      llllll Ilul |,l Mlnrin."
lilt S HOTEL
Arrowhead, B. C.
(I.liuni,.-I.  in'■-ii --ii iii- ih	
of An   - I -!■-
'■        li   Im.Iiii,::
fjoiil   iIwaj   '"I hire,
Siimplc I:    i ii,
l-'uil i i.i        I.O.IHI     fill    Totlli ll     nml
(miiiuii'I' in! Iii'-IM
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
* .rn i
: 'i ii i'"si inarked "J. It. J.'j, norlli
tlience i^i t'liaina east, 10 chain
nirtli to place ol
 Hi. sn i'liains n-0.1, lOchllllli
oltiiiieliceiiienl, '"iilniiiiiiy il'ji)
I..   itcilSopt, lllli. IM
-l-i'' .1  ll. JAMIESON.
Nniii-u i* lii-i-nliv itiien IiiiiI ilu- Can-
.iili.in I'ii'-ili'- llitihviiy Cuui|iaiiv lms
iln- ilny Hied In the District'Liinil
lli-iii-iiv Illllcc ni Knmlonps, II. ('.. a
plan, piulil'- iiiiiI Iiiiiii, of reference
Im-H'IIM   III"   piiipiisetl   lot'iilion nf II
III lh   line   Iii  ilm   MiiiiiIv laiiuliei
I' pimy's siiti-.nill iii-iii-Tin-.-.- Viillcy
I."!.'-.  I'nivinci'iil HriUsh Col bin,
ninl Ilinl l   ui'i'k* ,-il'iei- this dnlo
ll"' lid I 'ilin.linn I'lleille Rnilwny
Cnlnpuliy inlii-il* In applv !u tlm
Hoill-ll   ill    HlllllVllJ- ('iillllni-sinliel* I'm-
I'.iiinilii under Section 175 of lhe Kuil-
ti.-iv ,\ii. im niitliorlty in construct
thesnld Hfitiicli.
Iiiiiii ihi* umm,| ,|ilv 0f Soptembei',
R. M Mll'ill.l';.
-i-]'*-"( (u'lieriil Siipei-inteiidi'iit.
Notice is hereby given that 30 dnys
nfter.li.te I intond tn npply to the
Hun. Cbiel Commissioner uf Lnnds
mul Works Ior n speciul license to cut
nnd curry mvny timber from the following described lands sitnnted in
West Kootenay distriot, Ii. C.
Commonolng at n post mnrked "A.
Pnync's snntli-ivest eurner post,"
planted un the north-enst corner of
Berth 7112, un the Dig Hend trail,
tlience north 40 clmins, enst KiO
chains, south 4(1 clmins, .vest IHO
cbnins to pnint ol commencement.
Dated October 10th, 1006.
oct 14 A. PAYNE,
Notice iB hereby given thnt within
DO dnys (rom tlnte we intend to apply
to tlie Hon, the Chief Commissioner
nl Lands & Works for n special license
to out inul carry nwuy timber from
the following descrilied lands, situated
in West Kootenay district:
Commencing nt it post plnnted nt
tbe north-east comer of Lot 5lii)4,
about ID cbnins north ol the Trout
Lake wagon rnml, marked "Bowman
Lumber Company's south-east corner
pnsl," thence mirth 80 cbnins, west
1110 cbnins, suuth 20 chains, east 80
eliains, south 20chains, east Jill chains,
suulh 40 chains, enst 30 chninB to
point nf commencement,
Dnted this lllth duy of October, 1006,
oct 13      Bowmas Lr.Miir.ii Co, THK MAIL HERALD. REVELSTOKErll. 0.
Gold, Mica and Coal Located
at Yellowhead Pass.
EDMONTON, Oct.' 12.—The Spittle
Bros., who have been pruspccting in
the Yellowhead Pass country, on the
British Gataobtt,aide, U»vu returned.
to the city alter four months spent in
the hills. Tbey bring, .with them
some ot the richest samples of gold
quart/, ever seen in tlio city nnd sume
mien sumples thut would be dillicult
to surpass anywhere. They left Edmonton in July und going over to
Tete Jaune Cnche, prospected the
■country below that point toward Kurt
(icorge. The qunrU samples they
biought back wilh then show tree
gold plainly visible to the eye, and
.although no assays Imve yet been
obtained there is no doubt that the
reck will run very high. They state
that they located two claims on a
■quartz ledge 40 leet wide. They also
located 1000 leet ol placer ground on a
creek in the same vicinity they believe
to be exceedingly rich. The mien
simples they state were taken from n
ledge 3.1 to 14 feet wide, in whioh
there nre sheets as large as 12 by 14
inches. They located t,wo claims
which they believe to be ol immense
On the Athabasca or Al'erta side
they found anthracite cost ol an excellent quality, oi which they slsn
brought samples.
The following rules governing tugs-
•of-wnr have been sent by tlie C. P. R
team for publication in our columns:
Tug-of-war shall lie pulled on cleat,
made of wood, same to be at least four
inches thick, six inches high and
twenty-two inches lung, und nt le.i-t
six feet six inches apart. The distance
of the clamp in the lirst cleat on either
side shnll tie not less than six feet.
The cleats shall be set ou edge and
bolted to the board.
Tbe rnpe shall be a Manillu, three
st.aiidt'd rnpe, not less than lour jiiul
a hull nor more than five inches in
circumference There shall He a clamp
■equi-distant from the tirst cleat on
•either side, which shall be sufficient to
hold the rope until released.
The clamp shall not mnke an appreciable kink in the rope. Any
position mny be assumed belore the
pistol is lired. Nu mechanical device
.shall be used (or  holding  the  rope
No belt-otjier than one to protect the
body shnll be lisetl. The flanges to
hoid the the Tope iil'place shall hut be
constructed so ns 'to bind on the rope,
in nny position thnt the anchor shall
assume. Lentb'.*r shields und gloves
muy be used, nnd adhesive substances
tuny be put on siinn*. The belt shall
nol weigh more than twenty pounds,
Competitors shall not use weights in-
unlimited pulls, but in pulls limited
to speoilied weights competitor may
use weights, providing the total weight
of the team, including weights, does
not exceed the limit. :
The standard time limit for Pitch
pull shall be live minutes, and a rest
ol nut less than ten minutes shall lie
allowed each competitor between trial
pulls. A.shorter or .linger time limit
niii>- be agreed upon fur other than
championship contests,
When tugs of wur are limited to
tennis of u given weight, competitors
shall be weighed belore competing.
They shn'lbe weighed ns the pull, i.e.,
including clothes, shot's and belting,
The weighing-iu shall be done immediately belore the pulling.
No knot of any kind shall be tied in
the rope, anil the rope shall not be
passed ...ore than once around the
body of the anchor.
In no case shall any man pillion
more than one team on n contest, and
no substitute shall be n llowed to pull
on any team thnt bits pulled a trial.
In case a team guins tliree leet from
its opponents, it shall be awarded a
Immediately before the con.petion
lhc Captains ol the opposing teams
shall draw their numbers nnd compile a. follows:
To have a preliminary round of as
many contests ns the total number of
teams exceeds, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 and
drop the losers. This leaves in 2, 4, 8,
16 and 32 tennis and the competition
then proceeds regularly with no byes
or uneven contests.
No pull shall lie awarded by less
than half an inch.
All competitors who have been
beaten by the winner'shall be entitled
to compete tor second ph,ce,aiul nil who
huve beeu lieitten by the winners of
either lirst or second plnce shall be
entitled to compete foi third plnce
Tb. iudividi.il tug ol-wiir shnll uiso
be governed by tlie team ..ties nnd
contestants must pull from the Hrst
cleat from the clamp.
Copied from the official hand book
oi Y.M C A's of Canada.
Tenders for a Licence to Cut Timber on
Dominion Landi In tho Protiice
of Britiih Columbia.
QKALED TENDERS addressed to the Com*
m mi--inner nf Dominion Lands. Department
nf the Interior, nnd mnrkeil nu the envelope
"Tendor fur Timber Berth Nu. 4W," will be re-
ceivnd nt thi> Department until noon on Wedues-
datu tlnj/th dyy jif November, lliyii, lor a licanse
in fut" limber on IWth Nn. IW. situate in the
Prnvince.d Briti-h Columbia In Ntinut Township
Creek Commenci in: at a post planleil on the
Woiterly hank of -aid Creek where the same Is
inter*-"!*!'-*! by the uppor Imiindnry uf Hlock ,'i nf
Timber (forth No itti thenre np.-aid Creok
two miles iu direct distance with a depth of on
chain* nn the Westerly side and -i) chains oo
ilm Ka-tnrl) sido thereof, measured nt right
angles to the general bearing of Creek within
tho berth, the lower boundary to la) Uie upper
bonndhry of inld Blook 3 of Timber Berth No,
Wl. ami the -nine produced Suuth Westerly,
ami the nppor boundary in be parallel thereto.
cnntaiiiiiiK an area of two -iiun.ro miles, mure or
The berth must lie surveyed by the grantee
within une year aftor the granting nftho berth.
The rogulHtloDS under which 'a Iicen**e will bo
issued, also printed form-nf tender and envelope, may boobminad at this De part menl ur at
theotlice of iho Crown Timber Agent nt New
Westminster, B, c
K.u'li tender musl bu accompanied by an
accepted cheque on a chartered bank in favour
of the Deputy nr lho Minister of tho Interior
fur Cm am.nmi nf thn bonus which the applicant Is |irf pared to pay for a license ,
No tender by telegraph will be entertained,
Department of tho Interior,
Ottawa, September 2-Sih, llXsl,
Certificate of Improvements.
Ail.enturer, Ir,m Hnke, Watchman, Outlnnk ninl
Sunshine mineral rlnini*. situate in tlie Armw
Lake Mining Division n( West Kontanay District. I
Whore l,i*-i.!eil:-(lii (he nnrlh side of Pingston
Creek, nboul:, mile, imst of Arrow bike.
Take notice that I. .Mm  Dr inliilAnilersnil
P.I..S.,ol'l'rall, B.C.,agent I„r 'I'lwmas Aliriel,
F.M.C. No, Ilti!,.: Richard Smith, RM.O. No.
B9524S, and Elizabeth Scott. F.M.C. No. BsM,
inlenil. sixty ilny. fnnn ihe ilnto hereof, In apply
to the Mining H nler fnr CettlBcntea nf Improvements., Inr tlie |iiirp,,,-,, ,,f .ihtnlnliia Crown (Irani.,
of the above claims.
And further take notice Ihnt action, under sec-
thai s:. must lie commenced helnre (lie Isiuance nl
SUCH Certiliiati's nf Improvement*..
Dated this -'stli day ol June, ituo.
sep m .1. D. ANDERSON.
Notice is horoby given, that I, San. Walker
make application io the Kauri of Licence Commissioners lor the Revelsloke Licencing District for n transfer of my Honor licence for Hie
Lelaiid Hotel, Nakusp, to U K. Mclloiigiild, of
linteil Sept, 3rd, IM.
TO    THK     " CllEIllTOHS'
Deeds Act, Idol."
The fool ol Columbia canyon, nn n
bright, moonlight night—the gravel
bar catching the moonbeams, and tlio
■dark shadows of the virgin Iore--t
.awakening in one's bntin the Inte-t
bear stories. Hark ! What is that
strange sound which arouses the
woods into life? Is it n puck ol
wolves nt play? No! There is u
suggestion of music in the sound,
which is never lound in tbe howl of
tt wolf. Whatcan it be ? Ah! Now
we hnve it! The sounds are like
human voices, and those thinner ones
The lire grows brighter nnd hotter,
throwing millions ot sparks into the
blackness ol the lorest, which, together
with the moonlight nnd the sparks
from bright eyes, dispel all gloomy
Hurrah! Here is a frying pan,
I potatoes, <-ggs und corn, sweet preen
com. ten nnd n pot for boiling water.
Turn this into n camp lire. How
quickly lhe scene changes, Whnt
adepts the Indies are at that most
J practical of nil nits—cooking.
How the heat oi the lire brings the
roses to the cheeks (ue fancy they are
not nil caused    by the  lire  bent.)
i Flumes  other than those from  the
.lohn George Macduiinld of the City of
Revelstoke in the Province of British
Columbia, Merchant, bus hy deed (bit-
Jed the 2-ih duy uf September, A. I)..
1 DOO, assigned all his personal property, real estute. credits uud elfeels,
which may be seized ami sold under
ixecutlon to Allan V. Anderson of the
mid.'ity of Kevelstoke. Accountant,
,n trust fm- the benefit of his creditors.
The suid deed wns executed by the
snid .lohn George Maedonald nml Allan
V. Anderson on the 28th day of September, A.D., limi.
All persons having ciniins against the
s.iiil .lohn (leoi'i't Maedonald are inquired on or before the 1st tiny of November, A.I)..   lOOU,   In  send   to the
trustee full particulars of the same
duly verified, together with the particulars of the security, if nny, held
by I hem.
Notice Is hereby further (tiveu that
after the suid 1st dny of November,
A.D„ Usui, the trustee will proceed to
distribute the assets among those
creditors whose claims hnve been
lodged with him. and that he will not
be responsible after suid date for the
assets so distributed, or uny part
thereof to any person or persons, firm
or corporation, of whose debt or claiin
be shall not then have received notice.
A meeting of the creditors of thc
snid .lulm I lei nue Mui-iIi mulil will be
held at the offices of Burns ifcWnlkem,
Barristers, Room I, Flack Block. Vancouver, II. C„ on Friday, the 12th dnv
of October, A.I).. 1006, at the hour of
four o'clock In the afteri n.
fluted at Revelstoke, Ii. C, this Ist
day of October, A. D„ 1006.
Rev.-lstoki-, B. C„
Solicitors for the above Trustee,
must tie (mm female throats'    What' burning wood, are the cause of those
are they doing sn far from home ? nnd  deeper blushes
how quickly they approach,
Here they are at the old cump.
How the laughter nnd snug rings and
echoes nwuy through lhe woods nnd
down lhe valley.
Soon another light uppers, down
nt the bench. A lire, lion those
fellows pile up the brush nnd logs;
what slisdoWB nml queer shiipes aro
Diade by the lllltnes.
Like magic sy  corners  appear
here uml thore, and taken wltbotil lhe
ti ecosnity ol advertising.
Notice Is hereby given thnt thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commls.
doner of Lands and works fora special.. "use
t it nmi carry away timber from the foil   ■■
Ingdeseribed land-tin u*■•: Kootenay District;
I. Commencing al i pnst plantedabout two
mlli—mh ..[" Capo 11 m mi easl sideof Upper
Arroa Lake nnd marked "Philip Klnjr's nnrth-
woit corner,*' thence ■ chain*-*, east, thence SO
chains south, thence ji chains west theuce *■
chains north to point ofownmenei ment,
OiraraeneinB at Philip King's i
corner, one mile from the Lake, tlienci
nurth. thence i chains east, thence
south, thence 81 t Inin- west to poi
DatodOcI berCth LOW,
BO chalnt
All things cnine to tin end nnd si
must this nevei'-to-be-Iorgotten scene.
The fire dies down, the moon wanes,
und those Hitting shadows disappear:
the queer sounds gradually die away
and all is again silent, except (or the
sound of tlie rushing water in the
canyon nnd the wind in the trees.
Those young peoplo must have been
from that, cily ol Rovolstoko, tin- mile
distant, and what a jolly time they
Wish they would cnine again,
Voters' List, 1907.
j HOLDERS are hereby notified, that,
in order to have thei. names placed on
the Voters' l.i-i for the 1007 Municipal
Elections, they are required to make
j the statutory declaration, and dellvei
the same to the City ('Ink during
the month of October
Forms ran be obtained nl my olliee
on uiul nftei Octobei Ist,
City Clerk,
Revelstoke, Sept.2o, 1906, ll
^-F^T,i-~ "!S=.^C^^
lm .rifeid Pito
1   )
ti Mi Publishing (up
Notice is hereby given liiul Ik) days kiiticK Is IIBHHllV tilVKS tint, slsty .toys
nil or dale   I   intend  to apply to I lie niter .Into 1 luininl tu appll in the lion, chief
,.,,-,    ,,   i,  „r   i.„i |.  nml Commissioner i.i Lnmls iiiiilWnrk. for peralsdun
ll"1*1     (  " "-"""I    ' ,."'        '•""'    ,   '"'        l"|'l„-,-|,llS,-|l„M,ill'"li!l<.l''..lil 1111,1-   SltlllltO
Works Iol n spt'lllll   lll'l'llsi- It) CUI llllll ,1, u„. Wi-I KontCllll! district.
Carry HWlli limber liuni Ibe following     cmnini Ins ii. ii|'"«l planted al lhe north- i
described  lands  situated mi Uu* wesl comer.if Loi jut ..ml iii.uki-.i-j. I'listoii'i norlli-
Hao*,,!   1 !,,„-,-. Ai-inw   Uke,   Wesl J^T-M?? Tl 'ilftWi
Km-li-I in. .list net! , im iii*t., place nl I'nmnieiii'emeiil nml containing
1     Cuuuuelieillg al  II  posl phinli'tl    ':"""'" >' '
„,  ,l„- ,,,',.!, .l,.*r,-u,,,l-l   nl   i'.ITmmI.       I'l I tills 10.1, day n. September, It,
ntul  in.iiki-il "A,  M. Symons'soulh- paxton,
im-i c i.    thence wesl   100 chains,
n,„lh l.lcbiiilis, t'llsl  limi Iiniii*. -milli
jn chnius !u plnce nl ri iii'iici'liu'lil.
•j.   Coin neing nl a  |iosl planted
ni  ii,,. in.uh wesl I'urni'i ol Lui ".'iill
nnd lunik,,i "A. M. Symons' norlh
...|,|, Will.   I'M'',   t'.'ll!
Nnili'i'is Iiiti'I'v Klvi-ii ihui iii'iliiys iiiii-r-lino
.,   uusi "   Ihence   wi'Sl   Uiul 1 inii'ii'l !'■ imikiMi|-!-l I llio Chlol Com-
ensl    "'   l"'»i.     "" ,'     ,, miBionor ol Uiiiii A Worki Ior ponnlnldn lo
li.iin*.  -milli   lu   chnius,  onal    UIU
polul   '
chnlns 'li   IH  i-lni
l-i, niun -ini-liii'lil.
::.   t'oniuii'iicliig al u posl pjiinlod
ju, I ,* -,,uili nl iln- north-wesl cot-
1M.|. ni I.ul 7.YII llllll niiu-k'-il "A. SL
Symons' iio.'lh-etisl coi'Iler post,
tlieniie wesl lllllcbiiins.soulh 10clmins,
ensl   HU' .i .mi*.  I.   in ehaiiis I"
pninl nl ciiiiiini'iict'inclil,
I. i,.I,.i,inii. ii.i! ill ii I'usi plnnletl
SO clmins south ol Ilu' north-west cm-
I,,., ,,. I.,,! :.'.:!! .nnl innrkeil "A. SL
Svinuii*' niii-lh-t'iisl corner poat."
II*,,.,,,.,. wesl Id" clmins, snulli 10
chains, casi Illll cbnins, nortb 10 chains
to pulnl "l coiiiiiienci'iiielil.
;,. Comuii'iicing ul a posl plnnii'il
120 ehuins -milli ui tin* iioi-lh-wi'sl
,.,„,„., ,,! l.n! 7S.1I nml innrked "A.M.
Sviiu.iis' ii.uili-.-iisi corner post,
tlience wesl Illll cbnins, soulh I"
chains, ensl MO chains, norlli I"
cliains lo plnce "I coinnicnc. uii'iil.
li.   '('nlllllli-liiilli:   Ul   !'   ]»>9l I'hlllll'll I
one   ninl   (U.i-I lilies north ol lho -
south-wesl   cornel   ol   Lut   ..«   uud
marked  "A.   M, Sy. s soul h-easi
Notice is Jieroby iriveii Ihnl thirty-days
afterdate I intend to applv io the Chief
Commissioner of LiukK nm. Works lorn
special licence to cnl and curry awny timber from the following described lantls,
sitimlod'in lhe Vale District!
). Commencing tit a posl mnrkod "J,
Biii'n. s noi-ih-eitsi corner post," planted
nboul three miles north of the east fork ol
Sh'ibwnp river iinil ubout ono-half mile
casi oi Main river, llionce south So chains,
ihence wesl So clmins, thence norlh So
.*h.tins, thence east Su chains lo poinl ol'
io. Comniencin*if nl n ptv»i nmrkeU "J.
Harry's south-easl corner p#st,*' planleil
aboul ilirci- miles uorlh of the east fork of
Shuswap river, ami ii.wutQiio-.mil' mile
east of the main river, Ihence north Ho
chains, ihcitce wesl So chains, ihence
south So chains, ihence easl So cliains to
poinl of commencement,
11, Cdmmoneing at a posi nmrkeU "J.
Hnrrs's north-wesl corner posl," planted
aboul three niile.s north of lhe easl fork of
Shuswap river, ami aboul one-half mile
casi of the main river, ihence south 40
chains, theuce east iuo cliains, ihence
norlli 40 chains, ihence wesl 160 chains to
point of commencement.
u.   Co mm en c in ^ n 111 posi market! "J.
Harry's soulh-wesl corner post," planted
about three miles norlh ol the easl fork of
NOTICK tsilKlll-HVUlVlilltliat^-daya shiiswap river, ami aboul one-hall mile
[terdate    mend to ..pp \ tn tin-   Mi. 1 Im-i J ., . ,,
.nin&loner of Un.ls and \V..rks for permission  easl  ol the  mam river, tiience east So
purchase the followii-^.dcaciiliL'd lauds in the  cliains,   tlience   norlh  So chains, ihence
■-*■■■' ,l* I wesl So chains, thence soush So chains lo
noim of commencemeni.
described laud situato
in tho Weat kootoua) district 1
Comuumciun nl n nosl planted at the nortli-
ivesl corner T 1   '-.'*;■ ami marked"! lava Mc-
OuiiiTi,*-  -imiii t.1-1  I'l.tnvr," Ihenco  imrtli 20
,ViiiK ihciicc i-nsi   i" clialna,thence soutli20
clmiiis, ih.111.' m--*i   id chnlns to plnceo| cmn-
llieni"iiifiii .iml cintaiiilng-sn acii'sinoieorless.
n rciocnlionofSnnK-U'r'spi'L'Oinption,
Dated this 10th daj nl septcinlwr, 1000,
*■.(, 1:1 m l{. McQuarrie, Agent.
 (lui' tulles in 11. Arrow!]
il , i"-i pliinleil nl Willi.ui. 1
n* n in .1 i-ni-iier, il-11 cc iiesl ID i-linll
I      niti-    ili".'-l  '-"ini'i.  lhe.li' ml
,liniii- In  Uini'-- iiMilliiu-! Curlier, thei	
in Mi.iiii- i"  Iiii) * imnlli.iv.-sl   i-i-in.-i. Iii
Iim !, I   i-liain* In llninl nl . mi Ill' luenl,
  Ir ncres mule nf less
I,... net! -|i. nli. IIM.
.1, 1'. IIAIII.11W,
I'M iii* Agent,S..I llnrlu
13, Commencing ni a posi marked "J.
Harry's norlh-easl comer pest," planled
ahoul four miles north oi lhe east lork of
Shuswap river, ilienee south So chains,
thence west So chains, Ilium,e north 80
chains, 1 hence easl So cjiains, to poinl oi
14, Commencing in a posl marked "J.
Harry's south-easl cornet posl," planted
about four miles north of lhe easl fork ol
pni-tini nosl    llieiuT  wesl   HID chains   ;N^tfctfMu-i^iyyiven that 3" days after date Shuswap river, llienee   north So chains-
norlh 10 ehui -nsl Ml! chuius .1,' j ^fX£ ft'pctt' ■mi-:' ™. >'"*'-*- »*'*< S° •«»*■ """"' ."" Sl
40 chains lu place uf cuuiliii'lici'inelil.    ,.;„.,, .„„.„, t,,nbcrTram lliu following aivcclb- elinins, Ihence cnsl bu chains to poinl o!
.     ,,  ,   .,,,,*!  Iilnlili-ll   ''I lii'i'l- sftlliil" in IV.-' Km,,!,-llllj-'li-lril'l: commencement,
Coliiinoncoing al 11 posl planted  '"> "tlml
nboul one inile-noi-lhof the soulh-wesl      ■    °>""j*?''c
corner of I...I   THI I,  Ihence wel Illll [X ,,„„,.
chnius. notlli 111i-lmiii«,t-iml IHOehitins,  -.,. li. \ ._„ ■
soulh 10 cbniiislo poinl ol coininclie"-
S,   Comment-hit;  nl   a
i \v.-' ICootcnny ili-trict:     I coniiiieitceiiient.
'.•'■" i''■'.■.'   '''"I'tllll  "I'lircn-     'S'    Ci'iiuiii-il.iiii;'!!! a |'i'-l iliiulu'il "J.
on    Creek'niul   initrkci!   Hurry's soulh-wesl ciirner pes!,' plnntod
11. -,'.„ - in-cn-i eurner iiost," thence   ihoiii lour illiles norlli of Ilic ensl fork of
-' '" ' !in!i'-.tin m-i -innii,'"' linn;-.ilii'ii'-" ( SluisiW.ip river, thence norlli  So .Iinins,
I ii'olnl^f eollnm-niStit'1011 C  ihencu eas. So ehains, tlience south   So
im-i planted     i *ii**.l 'in-*.'l-i ihi\ »iSi-i.:..K"ti. j cliains, thence wesl So chums lo pom'ol
"(i. H. Nnis'l.
about (ine-liall mile unit liol lliesiititu*
wosl ctiviu'i  "I  !■'■  "iHll.nnil mtipktil .
"\    M.   Svtmnis'   siuilh-e.'isl   rut nei ,
post," Ihi'iil'i' wesi  UKI clmins. nortli [
-|n eliains. casi   IliU chains,   muUIi   u' l{) the point of cominencciiient,
ebnins to place uf cniniui'iiceiiK'nt. :i_ ,■,„„„,,,,„,[„, B1 ,, pos, p]m,tcd on lhe| ""ence easl bo chains, tlience north 80
nl  .,   nosl iiliiiiliii -niiiii v.*-*   bnnli "i   Dowr.ii    Creek, aboul
.      .' -...  . I '.ll     , .ml.       ,li,,\,.     111,1     III,.M-I,       '!       C,|--     Cl'.'l-I,
ou ihe I commencement.
,,,,K Bn<j,    in.   Lommcncm^al a posi marked "J.
cr post."  Barrv's north-west corner posl," planled
;l;',j'1"^-  abom six miles north of lhe easl fork of
"' SliUbWAp river, thence  south  .so chains,
Notice is hereby givpit'lhai AppHealion
vAW be made lo the Legislative Assembly
ot'ilie Hrovince of Hritisii Columbia ai lhc
nest sessioi\, for an Act, in corpora linn ;i
Company 1,1 build, .otpiip,. nmitllniii and
operate 11 line or lines of railway of slaiul-
anil or other guage, with any kind of
motive power Irom a poinl on Upper Arrow
Lake, Wesi Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
thence following lhe Columbia Kiver
northerly on either side ie a poim ai or
near the continence of Canoe Kivor wilh
ihe Columbia Kiver and Ihence following
along Canoe Kiver en cither side, 1.' a
luljiit ai or near Tele ■Jaune Cache, on
eraser Kiver, wilh power lo construct)
operate mul maintain branch lines 1.1 any
puim within twenty miles from the main
line o\ railway; am! Willi power to con*
struct, operate ami maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, wu/s and ferries; and lo
construct, acquire, own ami maintain
wharves ami docks in connection ihere*
with; and 10 construct, own, acquire,
equip ami mu-hitniii sienrn an.! olhci vos.
sels and boats and operate lhc same on
anv navigable waters, ami to construct,
operate aud maintain lelegrfifih ami tele*
phone lines along the routes of the said
railway ami ils branches, or in conned ion
ll*,erewitli, ami to traiisiuil messages lor
commercial purposes! 10 generate elec-
tricilj and supply Iiiiii, heal ami power,
and erect, construct,, build ami maintain
thi* necessary buildings ami work*-, and to
generate any kind of power for iln* |iur*
poses aforesaidvor in eontieotiontherowhh,
ler rewardi and 10 acquire ami receive
It'.'ui any Government, corporation or persons, grants of land, monev, bonuses,
privileges oy othei nssislanee in aid ol the
construction of the Company's undertaking] ami to connect wiih ami enier into
traliie or oilier arraiigiMiients wilh railway,
steamboal er oilier companies, ami to
exercise such powers as are grant-cd by
parts j am! 5 .'I' ilu- " Waler Clauses
Consolidation Acl"; ami I'or all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in er
incidental lo the premises, ami ler oilier
Dated at Kevelsloke, IU'.. this31st ttay
of August, ini'i.,
harvev, Mi-carter \ imxkiiam
Solicitors lor the Applicants.
II,   Cniiiiiii-i
..    ,11111111.11,..- 1   ■   ...,,.. un j,,,.,,. „!„,,,. .,„. innnti, m   i'u-* (■,,',.1,
ul Ilu titb-wi'sl  corner ul   lail Ml ,„,; ii.iii,,! -i.. H.Xngl, - nm lw.-n.-i coi-iicj-
.,!„!   inn.ki'd   "A.  M, Svmons soutli- post,   ilnn,-,. m --   -o chains, I hence south Hi
,,,lsl   enrnor   |iosl,"  Ibeiict'  «'-i   l';" i'| '" -tlw; -!-;  !' cluilii-. iIiciim norlli si
,in   ,1,11.iinins. ens. Illll ehnins, rtatasloltep* " '
'null 'luiinsto place of cm nc- .,;.,' * '.'*" *.' „ ."--.,* ,,'„/     ,1  , ,;   -
llirlll ,,.*   1,.: n ,.  .,',.,.. ■ ,' i*.- 1 reek  theuce wesl  So chains, them
,,      1 ,,,.   w , ,, Mil,,,,.  1 1 ':    :> 1   '     U IJ. XflKli s, thence ctisi so chain
Dalcil 1Mb heptuiiiiui, inmi. ,
V    M    s\" Ml l\S ' I ■,"'-*']]' ,|1'' ' ■' ' '"    ' ' ' '     ' '   ' ■"
v* M- '  1-1 . ,    1 is.    Commencing al a posl marked "J,
Ciiinnicni intcd      lhc   Marrv's north-easl eorner post,'' planleil
hains, thence west Sn chains lo poinl ol
17,   Commencing at a post matked "J.
Harry's norlh-easl  corner posl," planted
ahoul six miles north of lhe easl fork of
lOinli  v" chains,
muii 80
poinl oi
Dill     •'    ■
!.. II. Naitle ■ in-i
1 rei . mil 11
1 I'll-t SU lllllll Ill'HCI
Notice is herein iiivi 11 Ihnl i-.nu.iys   ,VI .■ .
nflei   uui,    1   mi, mi  lu apply li Ilu      Han ' - ,      ■"*
Cliief  1 . 11 ".,-" i" i   •!    Lulu's  nnd 11  1:. Nai.i.i
Winks. I'm a ■!'•-' in lin i ■ lo i'ui '"!l1	
carry awn* limbei li-.,nnh.-t,.ll..« - NOTICE
described   lunils.  shunted Wesl     x
Kootenay. I lislriclifj
I.   .',,inini iii'iiii;  ni   n l"-; pim '
ttbo.'il . ul a mile ni'-1   I *
lliu* Hend Trail,    nil   in 11 '-
Lnloi-me's south-wesl i.-urnei-."
im-i 1(10 cliiiins, tb	
lh,.  wesl   IHU - Iinins, I hei .
lllchniiis l" ilu- I'uinl  - -  '■''""
"*2.'   Coi.1.111
on liig Hei     I
J.nl  *  III ilh-wi
ensl liiiichitii
thenci «   .1
;   •; be I"
nu hi.
::.   ( 11 -1 ■ 1 .
I'M'     Ti
ii.  ' ■
I.    Coin.    '
•    m
he  south fork of Shuswap - ivor, and
■   ■    ■ 1   n      fn   .  the 11 outh, ihence
rtt-si  So chains, Ihence soulli So chains,
thence east So cluins, theuce north «8o
* 1; . LMiimenccmeni,
,.   1 , ■ mom ny at n posi marked "J.
rth-v esi , omer post,   pi mted
In   -1 uh fork ■ t Shuswap river and
■ i*   m ic   'vein   its i'u iiii, ihence
in lis, tiience soutli v> t hains,
vesi So 1 rill S
. :     i   ■ , * . ,    i    .
Con      '111  : .. ii    ■' ' ■■ 'I'-'  '.<   . ";.
.':;--.-■*,■          1 ■ ..*.-! tl on
lork of Shuswap ■ . *.
ill, thence north So
lenci   cat    ■'■... s,      , ,, ,-
■*.   ■
... in irked "J.
■  . ,.
. .-  i" i>! sn
It-Ill ''
■    *   . ■
Notico is hereby iti von that UU days iiTtor dato
I inn-mi in npply tu the t'lilol < 'omml-felnuer nt
Lands und Works fur n t-pcclnl Itconco i it
ninl cam 11 wai limber From lhc followiiiKdescribed liimls situate in Rm-i Kootenny district,
1. fmnmonehiK ill a p"-t  plunted un tho
 ih-i-a-t bnnli of u  Rivor nbout 1! mites
below the wot forli .md'narked "1*1. MclJc
-i-,nili-\\i--i comer." i
tli.'iici-i'ii-i Wl cbnins
thonce wost Ki ihiiu - lu tho puint ul
2. Comniencini* nt n pu-t plnntod nn the
soulh-eiiH bank ol Wood River nbuut - milcii
below the west furk - nd marked "K. JlcHenn's
nurth wi--! curuer." Ihence oust 80 chiilii-*,
tin-in-.*-.mill *    'haii  - thonco wesl SOchiilnn,
theuco imrtli  ■-■ eli i   ■■ lu tho point nl c ■
:i. Cununenciim nl ti i"-[ plantod nu the
sontli-eiM bank nf Wmitl Hivor. opim iie the
montli nf iii-' west r«rk and murked "h. McHean's iiurth-wosl curuer, tlionco snutli Id)
chains, thonco oiH W i-h.iin-. thenco nurth ItiO
chain thei "* nwl l« chain- lu the imltit
nl' cumniciicemcut.
Dated this IStliduynf An«n>t, liiH!,
l.  Ci.nimeuciim nt n v-\  planted on iim
north-west Imnk of W 1 Rivci InM nbuvutho
iiii.ul, i i  lhe wot furl narked "E. Mc-
ll,.,,:. -,  - . *.i ■    ■     ,   ■■ '    thenco  nurth  SO
cbnius.thenci  ■■• * *   i     n,.thence «mlliMl
i. :,, the pidniuf
c,--i ii cnccmeiii
Dnted  *  ,'Jo.tl  Inj     \ iuum. li">'
'i,  i nmmeiicini* nt  n pu*l  plnnted on the
..,-.■',,    -,:  Wnnd H veruppusttothe
■    [l     ;  tin    •>■ ■     rk ni     i u -.-I "K- Me-
'., ICC .,--   ***** -erl '  cnceMiiilli SU
|,aiii.-.l once wosl  n   chain- lutho imim nf
nm nchii:   it « i*"-i planted un the
■ i. , ■ v-        Rivei Bhunl l mile
Nu'ieu is hnrt'liy ttlyen that SO days
nfter dnlc I iniriiil to apply to lhe
Chief Coiumissioiii'i' of Lnnds nud
Works for u special licence In cut and
rimy nivny limber from Ibe following
described lands shunted in Wesi
Kootenay dislricl, west Bide of Upper
Arrow Lnke:
1. Commencing ul a posi marked
"S. Curlson's norlh-ivest curlier posl,"
planled on llie wesl bank of I'lnuslllll
Creek, nlin.il II miles from tii.nn li of
creek, mid inn westerly din-el inn from
Hn n in uk Point, thence south 80 elinins,
Ihenee eust Sll ehniiis, thenci' ll.iltl.8l)
ehuins, Ihenee wesl Sll chuius In poinl
of ciuiiineiii-eiucnl.
2, Ciiiniiieneing ul il pnsl uiniked
"S, Carlson's norlh-cusl eorner pusl."
phiHled mi wesl bnnk ul I'ingsliui
i'li'i-k, nliiuii 11 miles liuni iiiinilli uml
ill ll IVeslerly dil'l'l'linn I't'iilll llmillnek
I'niul. thenco suulh SH ehniiis, thence
wesi Sll ehnins, theuce nurih 80chains,
llieiu-i- ensl sn ehnins to poinl of coin-
I. .'iiiniiieneing ni u posi marked
"S. I'liilsun's nnilb-wesl corner posl,"
pli.nleil on llie wesl Imnk nf I'ingsliin
Creek, nliniil II! miles fnnn unmili
nml iu u westerly direeiion from Han-
nock Point, thence south IH chains,
thencu easl nm chains, thence norlh
III ehuins, thenee wesl lllli ehuins in
poinl of commencement,
I. Commencing ul a post mnrked
**s. Ciirlsnii's norih-eusl corner posl,"
planled on lhc wesl bunk of Pingstnn
Creek, iiiiiml 11! miles from nioutii
.-nnl in n westerly direction from Bannock .'ninl. Ihence snutli 411
chains, Ihence wesl HID eliuiiis,
Ihenee north II) clmins, thence ensl Kill
ehniiis In pninl nf I'liiniiiencenieiil.
.*>. Ciitiiiiicni'ing ut a post murked
"S. Curlson's souih-.vest corner pnst,"
phiiiletl mi lln- nesi Imnk nf Pingston
Creek, iiboul II'. miles from mouth
nml in u westerly ilirorlion from lliin-
nock Point, thence north III ehuins,
Iheui-e ensl Illll ehnins, Ihence soulh HI
eliuiiis. Ihenee wesl Illll ehuins In poinl
nl' commencement!
ii. Commencing nt n pnsl inarked
*-s. Curlson'ssuulh-easl corner post,"
planted nn the wesl bank of Pingston
(' k, nboul   I!. miles I'i mn month
ami in n westerly direction from Han-
im, I. Puiui. ihence north III chains,
thencu wesl Illll i'liains, thence snulli
ID ehuins. thence easl Iim ehnins to
polul of cuniiiieiii-i'ini'iil.
llllleil Allgllsl 25lll, lllllll.
7. Commencing ul u posi mnrked
"S, Curlson's norlh-.vesl corner post,"
 phm led on l ho oust bank of Pingston
liurtl" SuVhiii'iis, I Creek, ilbnlll Hi Illiles I nun liii.tt. i i and
liuliis, I,, ft westerly direction lioin llnnnoek
Pninl.  tlience south SO chains, Ihenee
en-i mi chuius, llienco north so ehains.
Ihence wesl 8U cbnins tn poinl of e -
s. Cumuieucing ni a pust marked
--S. ("iiiLuii's north-east cornel1 pusl."
plnnted on the ensl hunk nf Pingstnn
Creek,.iboui HI mile* frum ninutli uud
inn wesiei'lydirection fliim lliuiltock
Point, thence south SO ehuins, thenco
wesi sii chuius, thence north Sii ehnins.
thencu cnsl 80chnius lo poinl of com-
il. Commencing ul ti pnsl marked
"S. Curlson's suiiih-easi em ner pusl,
plunted one Umlle ensl nf Pingstnn
Creek and nhtiul Iii miles from inoiilh
niul in a westerly direction from Han-
Hock Poinl, Ibeuce north 81) chains,
thence wesl Sll chains, theuce soulh 80
ehuins, thence easl su ehains lu pninl
ul commencement,
Id. ConiHienciug ul ;i pnst marked
"S. Curls,,ii'm ,i.,,-tli-i-.-is-t corner post,"
pliil.ted almul three miles ens! ul* Pingston Creek and iiIumiI III miles from lhe
...null, nnd  in   i  wesle.-ly direction
from Hi I. Point, thence south 80
t-l.ni.i-. then.'.' .-. "' SO clinics, Ihenee
inn-l,, ■-     iuiiii .  In i ,• ■ a-: SU i-in.ius
1,1 puilll  ' f '■"11'111,'ll-l'Uli-lll.
II. ('iiiiiini-iii-ing ul u post innrkeil
"S. Curlson's sou.b-e.isl corner post,"
- planted '■'• miles ensl of Piugslon Creek
',, '  inn! ..Innii III inili- I'r nuiili mul iu
■■     i - *. i  ■*
thence south 80 chains, thence wesi SH
ehnins, Ihenee north 80 chaius, thence
e.i.-i -ii chains to poinl of commence
l I,   ' 'on neing .0 a posi marked
■     : i ■ ■ , N
- .
- .
i i
lllj ll m
i - i .''
;ci,ii'iii'.,r-, i.   .
■    ■        i • - in- III I
' i
ni.iili id ' bui.i  i" poinl
I.   MH! I VII Illll,,
I   I
T out Lake City, B, C.
''.'.  WMAS
-,.-■. ■      , .-■  .   ,."    thonce unrtli
III .■!..", I"
    ■    '       I-In tlie .Miln! nl cull ■
:. i ..ii.ii ■ " mi       i :■:  iilmu    ":. tho
nt ul    ...  !;;...,    I ... I I   Mi"
. - -. I-       I 111
.,.,.'    .....
Ill eli.      ■'   ...
:... -., ■    ■      .,       mc  chnius .. tveslerlv  illieelinn   Irom   llannock
encoi no    urtl I cl uu*.  |',,:hi. tbenee nonh Sllchalns, thence
'  :"' '"'"* west Sll ehains, Ihence souih SO chains,
ii,    ,     „i",". Ibeuce eu.sl sn chnius lo pointof com-
;  '.'....: Hhoi ilm .: . '   "    iuel.ee.lieut,
i.niidnuii ml  i: Mclio {•>,   ('. nencingi.l a pnsl mnrked
I'UI   ClllUII*.     ,,<,..|       ,.'       ,,    . . I        ,   .     ,      .i   l,
III ehnins. thone.        el ilu .    *-• < m l-m - norlh-eilst comer post,
nt nl cum- plnuled I unit's eitsl ol Piugslon Creek
ami .ilinul   bi uiili-s from mouth, in ii
westerly'din ction from liuni k Pninl
menc   ■ ;" -   [iliiutcil "ii llio
ml Itivi
■.:'!.  M,-l , •' '
Winn 1   li ' "   "ii .
liienci •■'    i- leh ■ -i .
..i     In   ■-.-. c i!i*uii'- siH.ih-enst corner post,"
 ll;    planled I ...lies ensl of Pingston Cieek
,.'  "Jj  .....I iilxml 10 miles from iiioiith ami In
.. ...   -n m  westerly direction  from Bannock
i - '  Poinl, thence iiniib SO chains, thence
wesi Sll chains, ihence south SO chaius,
ihenco ensl Sll chains to poinl of com-
ii,. ii--,-ini-lil.
11,1,-d Aligns! *J7lh. IIHHI.
11.   Commencing nl a post marked
"S. Curlson's i.orth-oiisl coi-iior post,"
-.-.I mi lho wesl -idi- nf li. ,V s.
ih .ui Imlf ii mill- iiiiiiIi of Timber
• N .. 11101, in n westerly illrocllon
i ilu- head ' f Upper Arrow Lake,
    wesl  IIUl chains, Ihence soulh
lu ihain-. ilniu ii-i   luu   chnlns,
Iheiu-i- nuiili lUehnins In pninl of colli-
I,*,,   Cniumelieiug ill a pusl uiniked
"H, i arlsou'i  soiiih-e.isl coiner pnsl,"
imiii,'ul  nil  iln- wesl   -ide uf IC, & S.
  ilinul hall ih- nuiili nfl'mili'-i-
Limit Nu. i.!i'u in ,i westerly direction
t i lln- In-,nl m   Upper Allow Lake,
ll  wesl   101) rhnius, lllelli'i- north
in ■ Iinins, hence oasl Ul" chnius,
theuco until nl "li,iiii* lu poinl ul
, oiumciii enionti
in   i mencing al a pnsl .narked
•■s. i .iiI-mii* imiih-u'isi corner pnsl,"
nlllll.I il "li   lln-   WOSl   -ide "f   I*.. iV S.
lin.- un! i.mi! |i miles north uf Tim-
is i I, i i,iI.','i. in a westerly iliiection
i.i ih bend ui Upper Arrow Lake,
■in I... «' -i luu cbnins, llionce smith
in chains,  thence   ensl   Hln chains,
Ihence   Ili   10 chains  in  pnint of
i "iiiini-iii-i iuiiii.
,    i ommenclng al a posl niarked
s i ml,a,. south-easl corner pnsl,"
nliiuii il mm the .vos! Bide nf K, fy S.
Imi. nml iln in !• mil.-* north of Tim-
hei L mil 0950, in n westerly direction
h-i -I, iin head nl Upper Arrow Lake.
■ i. i.i,. wobI Iim chains, thence north
lu chains, thei  easl   Iim chains,
hence south   10 uhnins in point] nl
Dated Auguit20th, 1006,
■     i
■   i    ■
■    chi
Nut ico is hereby given tlmt 111) days
niter date ive, the undersigned, inlenil
to  mnke  application   lu   Ihe   llmi.
Chief Commissioner of Lands mul
Works lur u speciul license In cut uud
carry uwny timlier from the lollowlng
descrilied hinds situated in lhe West
Kootenny district,ubout 111 miles Irom
Burton Ciiy:
1. Commencing at u posl planleil
on Ibe oust side ol Caribou Creek,
tlience south Hill chnius thenco oust
40 ehnins, thence north Illll ehnins,
Ihenee west 10 chains lu point ol com-
2. SitlintO ill the West Kontcnny
district about II miles Irom Burton
City.   Commonolug nt a post planted
80 ehnins Irom the Creel; nnd on lhe
wesl side thence suulh 1110 ohnins,
thenee cunt-II) cliiiins, Ihenee norlh
Hill uhnins, .bonce wesi III ehuins lo
poinl ul enmmencement.
8, Commencing nt n pust planted
on the wesl side oi Caribou Oreek
nbout 11! miles Irom Burton Cily,
thonco south Hill eliuiiis, llienee eust
40 ohnins, tlience norlh Hill chains,
thenee west ID ehnins tn point ol
-I. Commenolng at a post planted
ubout 111. cbnins on Ibe south side ol
Cariboo Creek nliout 12 miles irom
Burton City, thence cast Kill cbnins,
thence nortb 10 cbnins, thence west
Hil) ehnins, tbonco soulh 40 ehuins lo
point ol commoncomont,
S. Commencing ut a posi planted
about Iill chains on the south sido ot
CnribooCrook about 7 milos frmn Burton City, thonce south Kill chnius,
thonee west 10 chains.tlicnce notth 1 HI)
ehnins, tbonco cast 40 ehnins lo point
ol commencement,
II. Commencing at a post plnnted
about 8 chains on lhe enst bunk of
Cariboo Creek, about 5 miles from
Iiniii,ii (uy, I Inin .* mr.l SD i hums,
thent'O north 80 chnius, I bei ee wist
Kll chains,  thonco SOIltll SO ehnins In
point uf commencement,
Located this 15th Sept., 1000.
S. .1. HARLOW,
sep ID ,1. A. D0UOAL,
N.ilii-,, i* lii'ii'liveivi'ii llintMliiiliiisiilli-i'lnli- I
inii'inl in «|i|il( In lho Ilnn diii'l Cuiiiiiilmluiior "l
I I* nnil Wnrks lm n qwi-lal licenso m ninl
curry awny ilmlmr lriiiiiili.'(nll,i»-in» ileserllieil
l!iiiil**iliinii'ilinWi's. Knini'liaylisliii-l:
1. I Iniilllielielllll III n lms! Illnnleil nliniil 'v lllllo
msl  "l   Hie  llninl Iini) !iliil!il.nnl 6J miles Iiinn
.Inlilatreiini oul innrkoil "Oonrae I.ul iu' Ih-
«,-i enrner |iii«.,'tlience ciul lliu chnlns. Ihenco
nnrtli 10clialns,ivesl IIHIi-linlns,snulli Itielmlnstn
Jinilll nf inlllllli'lll'i'llll'lll.
2, CiimiiioneliiBnl ni'i'.l I'liuili-'l inn- hull mlli)
eu*t nf lliu Hi-mi Irail nnil aliiiu! .*"' miles south nf
i.,,|,|.iream nnil ninikoil "fleurne Liitnrnio's innili-
,„.,!  ii,.,,-- llienco ensl um i-huhis, *,,mii in
elinlns, we.l mil elinlns, mirth in cIiuIiih tu (mint
nl I'l.llllUl-III'l'llll'lll.
Il!it.-.| sill ilny nl Se|.l„ UN ill.
!1   I'liiniiii'iii'iuua! a nnst iilanli'iluui- lliinl nf u.
miln "ii-i rn  llfeileiiil ti-nil nllilnhnill 11! miles
snlltll   nf   llnlil-ll'.-lllll   llllll   lll.llli.'.l  ''lil-lURO U-
l„iiii.-'-*i.iiili-ivi-*l eurner pint," llioiire .-a*! mo
rlinins. ni.rlli In elinlns, lll'.l 100ehniiis, smilli I"
nilliin* I,, |iulllt ,,[ I'nllllin-tu'i-llli'lll.
I.   (' iiii-ui'iii-  ill  ii  pusl  phlllli'il lun-lliiril
mill-i-n-l nf Hit lli-liil Iinil llllll nhonl il1* uiili-s
.M.ll ,,( lli.lil-lteillli niul nliuki'il -'I!, uiiii-Ln-
I'nl'liu-'- iiullll-llesl i-iii'iii-r tui-t." Diini i il I'-"
ehnins. snutli 40 chnlns, west IHO i-linln., north 10
,-iiiiin* in i„,ini nf I'ommeiieemenl,
5   Ciiminelll'llIK nl n pnsl plnl I SHI !""ls,'-'-
ul  lliu   llninl  .rail; llli'l nl It'lnOtS'linli, Iri'lll
Seven Mil,- L'teek nml mnrkeil "(lenriie Ijilurme's
mn Hi ,,,.-i I'l.rner lm*'." tllcm-ii ent.1 ionelinins,
*„iilli 111 ehuins, ileal IllOehlllns, nnrlh -III chnlns In
pllllll    'I i"! Illl-llll-lll.
Ilnn,I .i III dull"! Sept.. lllliil.
Top I'.i        tiK.llliil-.'I.AI'iili.MI-:, Locator,
Vulii-,. Is heroic. Rivi'li Dial lillilnv-iilli'l llnl'' I
Iiileml.,,npplv lo lln- II Chlol fnliillilsslollor
„( Liuni, nml Wnrkstn piirclinsi!thelollnuliiB
,l,'s,'iii,,',l liuni- -iiiiiiiuil in thoilWrlcl -I w,-*t
(■"iuin iui! nt ii imst iilneiul nl tho norlh.ivo.l
cumor "i  I."l 1,1'WI. iiuii-ki-il --.I. II. Mii.-ln-iizii-s
...uili-.-.-i enrner," theneeii-c.l ■ Iinins, llienco
iniilliln nliniii*. tlionco ensl 10 elm Ins lu shure o[
Uko, Ihenco following slmrcnl Lake to Mnrllng
pnint.   CnntftlnlllR Um ni-l'i's,
pi I the lull ilny nl Supt. limn.
,1. I'.. MACK1iN7.il'.,
in ,1.... Mngue, liUngcut.
sep I!'
I- 1   1, -len 1.
'        '
.   i*.   i I   -   |
lol   -
,m , 1,1 All |!    ,    ,',„,    |     |       .
I iihllng in,
.1 ' | ' - ',|U,
l-llll.-  llllllll
Xotlco i- heroliv elvell llllll nn.lnv* nfli-r .Intu I
Inlenil to apply n,' iim Bon. I'lii,-! Cinninlulonor
nll.iunl- ninl .Vorko, Victoria, Il.C, lorpermla-
*i„n !„ niiii-n*.- Hu- follovi'lllR ileicrllieil laiuls,
inin Ilinl, -n cil. In Wust Koolellll) ili-tiu-l:
I- neing it  il post plnnii'il nlollRslde nl 0.,
\. siMiiniliin-ili -' snulli ivesl oornor piisl,"  ninl
miinhiR tl mli m elinlns, Iheiicu ivesl III
,-Iiiiiii* liionco nuiili in "! *. thence ensl In
rlini ii.'iii-i-iii.-iil | il.  Containing IN
. l.nlo.1 Hist dny nl August, inns.
.,,. p. s. WM.KI'.ll.
Notice Is liorohy iiii-n Ihnl 61 .In- (mm .Into 1
lull.ml  in apply In lhc II.m. ilu ( hlef I "minis-
tinner nl Ijiml.iinil Wnrk. nn permlnl inir-
.in-, ilic i"ll"iiin. doscrlheil lnmls,In !!,- Host
v... nnil   lllslrll'l, ni-l   -Iml"   "I   I'l'I'iT Arum-
I nl.-
"Conimenclng ntaposl marked".!. I., llirsch'i
smith iveil enrner," nl Hn- loiithonsl corner of
Lot 4878: nnd nliniil lj mllei south "f foBllmll
Crceki Ihoneo mulli su chnlns, thoneo ensl 40
i-lmins, ilniu-" s li sn ehalm,thonco noil in
chains lo pnlnl ,,f commencement containing RBO
acres more nr leas.
Hnli-il Hli*-Jlstilnvuf Mnv, limo.
.1. L. HlllSCH,
,»-. is Per llalpli Slye, Atont.
VTOTICE i- Itt-i-i-liy Rivuii Uuu imilnj-aflor
i\   dnm I iini'iul to apply in ilu- Honourable
lln-Chief lolilllli—1011.1- of Land- niul \\ ink*
fm- permission in piiri-!uiM.i lho following do-
scribed lamlitn iln- "'o-j Kootonnydhlrlet,
(iiiiiiiii Bay, oasl -i'l'' nl Sppi-r Arroiv Lnke:
Commeuelng al apoil planlcd al P. Maher'i
*iiiitli.un-i cornor and mnrkod "Hruco A. Lmv-
-iiii-- iiiiriii-i-u-i cornor posl," liionco .-miiliio
ehalm, thonco wosl l" ohnlns, Ihenco north 'JO
eliuili*. Ilii'lu'u oasl 211 i'luini-. Uui  iini'tliliO
olinlus, thonce oasl 20 chaini to plnce of oorn-
iiii'iu'i'ini'iii uiul containing 12" lun-e- moro or
'iiai'-d (iiiiiiiii Boy, llili 10th dny of Sopt. 1800
For Sale or Rent
Coiitfiininu no acrei, about thf8*>qii*Mten mied*
nl with Timothy. Suitable for fruit urnwina.
Qonie nn.l outbulldlngB in not ii condition, situate
iitl'riiiiiL'lUelilt, :i fe« iiiil'iK uuit of BevetltOIG,
Notice i> heroby glvon that thirty days altor
(llltt-1 illli'inl lo apply tn the lien, Cllii-f Com
iiiissiontT-il Landa and Works ior ii spocial
license lo cnl tinil carry tiway timber from the
followingdescribed lnmls.
I, Cotnmrnolng at a posl plnnted about \%
inili'.-. from Uu-i-iihI  Innk of t'ohnnliiii rivor
. nml iii-oui 1 mllo north of tho Thirteen Mllo
Tree on Hi-,- Itimil trail and niarked 'It. A,
Lund's nonh oaat oorner." thenco soutli sn
ohnlna, thonoo wosl w chain*-, thonco north SO
i chain.-, Ihoucd cast. 80 chain* to poinl of cum*
** B. Coniiui'inin*,' ni n posl plantednbouI \\\
mills frum ilic eastern hunk- uf Cnliiiiiliiii rivor
and about 1 mllo north of ilm Thirteen .Mile
Troo on iiiu iii'inl tmii and marked "R. A,
Lund'a north wesi oornor," thonoo ionth 80
chains,' honco oasl sn chains thenco north 811
chains, thonco west ffl) chains to polul of own-
8, Cominonoing nlnnoif planted aboul i' a
mih". finin iln- euslorn bank uf Columbia rivor
nnd aluiiil I mllo north of the Thirteen .Mile
Troa un Hit- llend trail and mnrkod "IMA.
Lund's south west norncr," thonce nurih ni
chains, thonoo uasl su chaini, thence south 80
chain*, Ihouco west su chains to poim of com*
>   iiu-m-t-im-iil.
Dated August 12th, 10011,
I, Communclngal a imm pi-mini ubnu: i1-,
mili-fiom Oolilstrcain nn lhc Rig Heud rmil
tn McCullough Creek und marked "li. A,
Liinii'-' norlh onal cornor," thonco wesl sn
chains, ihtaoo south 80 ohains, thenoo mul 80
chain*, I hence north 80 chains to point uf com-
5.   CotliniOllOlllg  1(1    ii    posl   planlid iliuiil
ouo mile from Uoldstroam ami marked "IL A,
Lund'* imrlli wesl corner," thonoo ensl sn
chain-, thonco south 80 chains, them-e west 80
chain*, ilicii.-I' uorlh SOohains io poim of com
ii, Conimenclng at a posl pluuted aboul
one mile from Coldstream and marked "IL a.
Lund'**  -ih caul corner." thence   wosl Sn
chains, ihence soulh hi chains, thonco eaat80
chains, thence north 80 chains to poinl of com-
",. Commencing al a po-t planlcd aboul
one mile horn Goldstream and marked".!. A,
Lund's inntli wosl corner,' thence oust si)
chains, Ihence south sn chains, thenee west- an
chain.*.llienei* north Si chains to point of commencement.
\ Commencing nl a pout plumed uHuul hali'
a mllo from iho douth easl enrner of Berth 5700
nml mnrkeil "11 A, Lui.i,'- norlh wc-i comer.'
thence ea*; III chains, thenco south HKlchalns,
thouco wesl In clinlne, thence north llio chains
to point of commencement.
II,  i 'omnicnciiig ut n post planlcd about half
ii mile fr the south easl cornerof Berth 5*00
ninl murked "11 A. Lund's north ea-t eormr."
ihence west Hi chains, thenco soutli 100 chains,
thence cnsl 10 chains, ihenco north lOOchains
to poini nt commonoometiL
[luted Angusl l.'Hh, VM\,
-, H. A. LUND.
Notice is hereby given that 80 dayi after dato
wo Intend io apply to thd Hon. chief Commissioner oi hands and Works for a special license
to eul nnd carry awav timlier from (lie following described lands, Minnie iii Wesl Knoteuay
l. Commencing m n post plumed aboul ouo
mile in.rlh from llie north-wesl ctiriier of K. it;
S, IUuck two and mnrkeil 'iHlg Bend Lumber
Compnny's Miiith-ea i corner post." them-e
nuiili hu chains, tlu-nce west SO chains, thence
south Bt)chains, thencecasl so chains to point
ni commencement
:.  i ommenclng ata i o-t planted aboul one
iniiciinriii from tin* north*west corner of K
8, Block
Coin pan
VTOTICE ^ Horoby given that, tJOdnys after
li date, I Intend to apply to the Chler Commissioner of Lands nnd Wnrlf.-for iinnni*-ioii
to purehaso tlm following  do.-crilioil  lnnds
situated in West. Kootenny district.:
Commencing at a pnst planted on tlio Lake
slmi'i' about 20 chains fnnn tin* north-went corner
of Lot till nml marked "Jns. McQunrrlo's south-
easl comer posi;* tliuuco north iio chnlns, to tho
north-wesl comer of i.ul aill, thonco wesl 20
ehaiiis, the south in Lakeshore, tin
the lake shore lo place of cm neeineiit, i,
containing lOacrus uioru nr less.
Dated this 10th dny of Soptomhor, 1000,
,l.\s. McQUilRUIK,
sep ifi J, K, Taylor, Agonl
Notice is hereby given ihal ;■> days after
duic I intend to apply to the Chief Com*
missioner ol Lands ami Works lor special
license lo cut .'.nil carry away timber from'
(lie following described land's situated in
North liasi Kootenay dislricl, IL (.'.:
(a| Comaiipieihg ,ii; it posl planled
aboul oiiL-liajf mile N'orlh Easi of ihe
Columbia river and om- and one-half mill
Notice is hereby glvon thai within I vroTICB IS HHIlEBY UIVKN thn, thirty
."KI (litis- fi lain ive inlenil lo apply |i\ ,','','-\" n.lu;i dato.^lIntondloupjily lulh-
to lhe Honomlile Tlii'1'iiief'Coiuniis-!;;!:!!!'1!!!™1*-:1:
Ill'l-llll    lil' I'
if Liuni* llllll U'ul-'lisfni-i.
ain! i-uri-j-
tho following .l('*i-i,%,i"liiiiii*''-iini'ii-ii
"' "'.-! Kootoniiy:
s hereby given tiuu sixty days aftor
Intend toapply to ihe Chlof Coin-
missioner of Lands and Works Inr permission
lo purchase lhe foi In iv I in,' doscribod lnmls iu
the distriot of Went Kootonay;
Commencing at a posl plnntod at Hut north* west
eurnorofT. 0. 7083*ami marked "tl ll, Hlaylo's
iiortli-eiut nor," tlienco west 80 chains, tl co
south 00 elinins, theuce east i!0 chains, tlienco
nnrtli tm chains tn place nf commencement uud
containing IN acres inoruoi less.
Dated this inili day nf September, 1000.
M. II McQuarrio, Agent.
Hep 1,1
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under ilie new iuai.ngou.ent nf
Hakiiy McI.vtosii,  IloH'iunn  House
J_ cyou are lhc most curative in the
world. A pel-feel, niitiuiil remedy fnr
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
nnd Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "Thut Tired Feeling." Speciul
rules on ull limits und trains. Two
mails ai rive and depiut every day.
Telegi-ii li co.nmunlc.tlon with all
mill-Is of the world.
Tbkjis- $1- iii IS is per week.   For
further pnrtlc,nli.rs apply tn
Halcyon Hot Spring j
Arrott) Lake, B, C
iim chuiii
i iii'ii-iuiii
mill I" Mm
Lnnds   nnd   Works  I'm       ( ,„.„,.
special license lo oul nnd curry away J hi ho HIk llond dlslrlol of
timber  from  the following (lescrlheii     I. Commenci...} nl a posl  mnrked "ilu*
lunds In Wesl Kootenay Dlsttlct:        ! ty™?,1™'',1! soiitfi-ivoui cprnoi*,|iosi," nln d
  Illll-llllllllll n! 1 llllll" Hivur am!
iiii ono-linl! iiille norlh of T, I,.
  p ,,.■;,nu...it luisi,*'llionce uii-1 Iiiiii-linin*. II
JOli thence north SO,chains, easi fill
i-liain-, ili so 1-lin.ins,'wesl 81)chains
in poim of commencement.
".'. Cuininencing al F, F, Fiilliner's
south-wesl enrner post of l.n. 7CM
ilnnii :'u chains south ul* ilu- easl nu!
I Armstrong Luke: llienei- easl ID
ji-luiin*. .-uiiiii Hi chains, wesi l-ju
chains, nurih IIH chains, c-isl 81.1 cl.i.li.s,
south *-'u elinins lo poinl nf i-,'iii'i.i-in-i-
menl.       ,
,, - c ...        . ill*' n  iieivluo  ill I*, fr- frill  in-h
-iMiilHt'ii*-i ti .Sul iv:ni river ;uui iii.uk.-v! i      .,        ,        , r        ,     ,.   ■   ,   v
,..   ..•,..        ■ nnrlli-ui-sl   Cit'llt'    ui.s.   ut    I.ul   .Ni
"I*.. McBeanssouth-west corner,  ihencel-Vtm. .1 .1-  "■■   -•--»-
norlli Sii clialns, ih.'in 1' i*asi So chains,
Ihence south 80 chaius, ihenee west So
chains to point ol commencement.
Daled ihi- 71I1 day ol August, 1906,
(hi Commencing al a posl planled on1
the north-easl hnuk of lhe Columbia river,
aboul 1l-j miles abo.ve Sullivan fiver
and marked "E, McBean's soullMvesl'- '"
corner," ihence easl 160 ch iiii-. tlience
norlh 40 chain-, ihenci wesi 160 chains,
ihence souih 40 chains 10 lhe point of
Daled this Slh d n 11 \ugusi, 1906,
(ci -Qimmcncinjj: al a posl planted
alongside of lhc pack trail one and one*
half miles south-easl o\' Sullivan river and
marked "K. McHean'siiorlli-wesi corner,
Ihence easl 160 chains, ihence soulli, 4'
chains, ihence wesl 160 chain-, iheiici
north 40 chains lo the poinl of commence
Daled Ihis 8th day of August, igoG,
(ill Commencing nl a post plauted 01
the norlh-easl bank of lhc Columbia Kiver
ai lhe fool ol Kmbaskei Lake and mark
ed "K. McBean's south-easl comer,
iht'iir.' wesl So chains, ihenee norlh Si
chains, lheiic.e eas| 80 chains, tlienci
soulh 80 Hi,iiii- Uttiie poim of commence
ment, ,
Dated thjs.ith day of August, 1906,
Oil! !
! II.Ui
a 11
| Ull
.3 CO.
'.  t'i
e*! 1
i ll!
" 1
.1 nn
, llll
if II
1   III
( nl a Ini-l liliiiiluil nl south-
iiinn No, I nml marked -lln*
1 »'-i  'iht  post," llionce
mil in elinlns, wosl ion chains,
ni 11 pn
IVI-.I llll'llt'l' |,i,.
in chains wenl
lil'Ulluil Imlr
inu-t- im-I uf N11. -J
IiiiiI Iriiin'-norlh-
- li
Hi loclinlns,
11-1 1
I. t'liiiiinuncltu. ut 11 im-i mnrknil "Q.ih
Ii-il.-iiiiiii- -uiiiii uu*i ciinior post,"plnntod
milli nii'lirin*. ".i-l  In nliniil-. Ilii'iiii'-'null In
-^-^m      ..   1   >, 1 uliiilH- from iiiirih'Wi'.i uur pnsl nf Nu. :1
H.   Cniniiii'iii'iiig  ut l, .1. leur -  i illon, 1 henco cnsl llio chnlns. norlh 1(1 chain-,
north-easl cornor post ul* Lm Ul)l)2nn : "'-'' *Im'"-- ''' Mchain*
Sal.  Creek: Ihence oust HI) ehuins,    «. CummonoliiKnl a |hwI p'lanlod nl soulh-
south SI) chains, .vest 100 ch s, mirth "an, Ti'Si.S*. .wil'w™   rai'i'm-'""*!!1
IH chains, i-n-l   lu i-lniiiis. norlh III ihem n«i hln chnlns souih 10 ch
eliains in poinl nf eomnieiiceuieul.       | clmins, nonh locliiilns,
-I Ilii
Sept. IHlh, lllllll.
sep20     Bowman I.cmiikk d
' llll. UUI!
NOTICE        ^^^^
N"OTICK i- horoby Kivon that thirty days!   "■ '"VmunoncliiK al a post planted at north
afler date I iiiti'inl to npply to iho Chlof '■ "Onl ticrpo-it of Nn ij location ami murkcti
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for special  '-Uus irodslrom'a north-eio-l   cornor   post,'
in*,- ni ii pnsl planted alrmi .1
nlles above month nl Uanou liner ami I mil.*
until uf T, 1. (WflO and mnrkeil "(his ITud*
irolit's north-weiii cornur post," thenco south
iirhithi-. i-n-l tj-1 chain*, norlh UOclinlns, wosl
icoii'O to cut nud carry away timbor from tho theuce south
following doscribod land- situated, In Wost Hi chains cusl
Ivoutonaj district, B.C.:
i. Cominctielng al a post   marked "Guh
'und's south ensl corner ;iost,"   nhom   six
luiK** up K.encli Creek, thenee nurih SO chains,'
wesl v|i chnlns, smith SO chains, easi mi chains
to poinl ui commencement,
•: Commencing at h post marked " ,':•
Lund's soulh wel enrnor j."*i." Hlnnii >-i;
miles ilti French Creek, theuco nortn Siiichnlii*
east su chains, suuth bUebnlus, west bO chains
io poini <d cinnmencemeut.
::.  Commencing at n   post marked "fins
Lund's nnrtli ivesl corner post." nbnul six I
miles pp Kretifdi ■ rc.'k thenco cb«i 40 ehnins,
-outh  IC   ehnins,  ivest   m elinlns, imrth 1G0 f
chains in poini of commencement.
chain-, wesl SOohulus, norlli
Notice i- heroby given lliiitlludnjsnliordii
Inieniliii iinply to the Chlel t'oinuilssloner
  I.iiinlsiiiui (t orks Ior ii special II ise to ci.,
ml iniirk.-il --Hli! 11,-11,1 l.uiulii-r I sin! i-arry niuiv iIiiiIict (i-uni the lolloivlne
nun ...isi corner pnsl," liiouoe oecrlhed liunis in ihe iuK i{,n.| aisirim of
nesi so einiiii*. llienee ionth sn i-lialns. ihenco | west nnd Enst Kootenny:
onil so chnlns, thence north SO chains to point    1, Coramouolngntn post mnrked "hrnesl f
,,!, I'liiTini'iii. Adnlt'inorih.onitcoriiorpost," ulnntedoiwilui
DmedAug.18.il, iiwi. wen ilde ol Hi" ci.liiiiil.ln rivor, iibou. i mllo
lllli litlli l.l'Mi'K   LU, LTD.   [wesl frmn lho Dominion post nenr   uriu*
—, | Creek, thence nest so chains, ihenco soulh So
Notice I- hereby given llmi ;'*iil,us n!ii-r ilniu cha ns, thenco cu*'. sn chains, thenco imnli >-i<
we Iiileml i -iii-i-iy lo the Hun Chief C ii*- clmins to poim ol c noucomonl
-iui:.; in I mul* nnil Wnrks fnr s special license: '-'• coinineneilig m a |u si mnrked "Kraiesi K.
in iui mu! in rry nway timber imiii lhe follow- Aaalrs north-east corner poit,", >. ti 11., - • t,, i, ur,
iiiB ili'suriiiii! liun!*, *i i nine in Wesi Kootonay tvesl ilde o! tbo Columbin river, about it! miles
dlitrlct: ireitot.be iinmluuui posl near f.'arnosCreek
i. commencing ala poll planted aboul two  thenco south 80 chain* thence woi.socbaln.-
inil.-u.* (rum I'liiiiiiii-k t'olntou. pj-.-r .\r-  thenco north SO chains, theme met bUchnlus
ron Lake nnd maiked "U. 11 L. Co's south cast  to pointol commencement,
cornor post," thonce n„rili so chains, .hence     Daled AuguitSih, lltlfl.
m-i su. liuni*. iiiuau smilli S0chalus.tlioi.ee    "• Commouclng at n pust mnrkeil "|„ !:,
- asl -'   i.. insto i'.iii..-iiiiaiiii'iii'i'iiii'iii iiinlr's sQUth-ivcs. enrnor posl," planujii on
-.'. Comincncing ni s pust jilnmt-,! n! t   the imrih sale ,.f t.-iiluiubla rii-i-r. nliuu i
Ibrce mllei vost ir,,i!: Iiniinoi-k Point on t'p- miles wosl ol the iimiuii,,. Uiininilngs Creek
per Arrou lake ami marked "11. n I. Co.'s and about I mile north inriver, llionoo eo<l Pin
.-.MiiiMii-i comer po..." tbenee nortli so chains, theuco north m chuius, thenee west
chains, thenco wesl So chaius, thence soii.hgti loOohalns, theuce soutli 10 chains lo polul ol
chains, ihenco east So chains to pointol coin, eommeucemont,
meneement. I- Cornmonclug al a  posi murk,,! ,.|i t
|,iili-il Mif. 18.li, IIKJ6, A'lair'slnirlheitsti-nnii-r |,,,*l." Minnie I on I'm
111,. BEND I.I'M UKI. in.. LTD    - south *ii!u ol the Culiiiiilui. river, u!".' 'mllo.
-   - i buck Imm river ninl about .' trip's tvesl ni
l.OTinr ''L"'"r Crook,thouco ivra. itcc*..,.na, taence
HU I lut wrath in chains, Iheiu-e eu*i I i!os, ihenco
north 4U chains to nolo :.. .. ■m-.Mieiit
Dated Angus. t5th, i'JiHl.
5. Commencing   u! n  i. .,  ii-iuke.l "K   f '
..ilair's iinrtli-eastciirniT po.i    planted nn'tlio'
..mltli-t'.'t.st ai.lt- nf Cnl
Lund'i im
mile* up Fr
«i.mh inn
chnlns in i..
me nl n |iu*l iiiiirk'-! ■■
"ii-i curlier pnsl," iil.nii
li Creek, iheni-e west hi elm
ii*. easi  in chnlns, north
nf commencement,
Hli. I'.'i.i
ini'iicuig  at  a   posl   plnnlcil
nboul  one mile ivesl of lhe fool ol'Kin-
baskel  Litlic, nnd nboul ;;, clmins soiuli
uf iln-  Coliiiiiliin   river nml mnrked "li,
McHeun's south-cnsl corner,' tin ,- tvesl
8o chains, ihence norlh So elinins, llionce
cnsl fin clmins, ihence soulh S., clmins lo
Ilu- point of coiiiineiiceineiil,
Daleillhis iolh da. .-!' .-Vugiisi, 190G,
III   Coinnieiiciiig al a posl planted on
lhe norlli hank of liidColiimbin river about
live .-on! one-third intli-s from lin- Inn! ul
Kiiili.-iskei   Lake .onl  mnrked   "L. McBean's south-east   corner," llionce norlli
1O0 chains, llienco ivest 4,' chains, llienco
souih i(n> chains, llionce east 40 chains to
ilie pi'ini of commencement,
Dated iliis lolhdnv of August, men.
(g)   Coinmeneing nl a posl plnuled ,..„,,„        -..,-,
qutirter ul' ;i mile north of lhe Columbia I <*omh so chains, east 80 chains to point ol
River and ubout live and one-third miles I mencenioni
from  i!u-  foot  nf Kinbasket   Lake .-mil
marked "E,.McHean'ssoulh-iveslcorner,"
thence north Se chains, Ihence oust Su
cbnins, llienee *i>ut!i s., ehuins, ihence
wesl lie ehuins lo iln- p.-iiu ol comnience-
Dnled ilii- 101I1 day ef.Aiigusi, 1906.
ilu Comnieiieing nt a post planted two
hundred ami fifty yards wesl of lhc Coluinbin river andoiie-quarler of a mile soulli
ol iln- iiiiaiih ul ('miliums Creek mul
inarked "K. McHean's norlh ivesl corner,"
thence soutli 160 1 hains, llienee ensl 40
chains, thence nor.li iim chains, then 0
u-i-*i 40 i'liains I., iii ■ p.iini ef commence-
  lillS. ^^^^^^^
Commonolng nl a pu-i plnntotl !1 mile-
ni nut-ill eas! corner posl uf locnilon Nu.:
narked "Otis Hi-il-irnin's north-wesl cor
,,-l."llu-li"i'-t)lllhSlli-liitii|.. i-n.l sni'liiiiii*.
1 Sii chains, wosl 80 ohnlns,
Coimnciiolng nl n post plnntod at north-
corner of local Ion N-i s I inai-koil "flu,
Niilii-uis horehy given that 110days
iifii'i-il.iii- I Iutond in apply in the
Cliiul' -Ciiiiiinissiuui'i- 1,1' Limi* and
Wnrks fm-a special license locul uml
I'.ii-i-v .-.w.-iv uiiili.'i from iln- f,,||,iwing
described hinds.
I. Commeueiug al 11 posl planleil
■ in ilu- in-iiii hank nf Snow Creek
aluiiil Smites i-.i*i uf lliu-ii.n lily, and
iiiiiiki'il -.1. II. J.imlcsnn's unrth-ensl
Conner," Ihence west 81) chains-, ihence
soulh 80 chains, thunce casi 80 chains,
llienei, 1,in-Ill su uh.tin- 1.1 pninl uf
'l. Commencing al ".I. II. Juiuie-
snii's iini-lli-wesl cornor post," planted
mi ilm lunili Kink nf Sunn Creek
aluiiil s mill's .-.-1—t nf Hiii-ton Ciiy,
thonce ea»l S'l chnlns. Ihenco snutli 80
chains, thouco wesl SO clmins, thenco
nuiili Sll chnius in puiui ni commencement.
It. (* iiiitni'iicing .-ii ".I, I!. Jamie-
sun's nin-lli-tvesl pust," planti'd mi lhe
north hank of Snow Creek ahoul ll
miles ensl nf Hurton Ciiy. thenco oasl
Hill chains,  thenco suulh   III chains,
thenci' Wesl  luu chains, th north
l-i chains 1,11, "ui ui ,-niiiiii.-in-, ni--in.
Dated Sept., 1st 1,. Imiii.
sep2o .1. II. .1 IMIKSOX,
c lliuiy
npply In
1 II!'
nlli III chains,
llalcil Sept. .'ith, 1
1-1 PI
Xuiii'., i> lii-ii-liv u
days .-ill.-I- dill- wm im
Ilii'-Cliii-f .'iiiinni-iiiii ^^^^^^^
Works I'm- a special licence in cui ami
carry awav tiiuher from lie- following
dcsci-il.ed iuiidssiluuti' in Wesl lv	
onny district!
.'1.   Coinnieiiciiig nl  n   pn-i    iii-irkfl  "'
:.nni!-.s iiiii'iii-tu-*t corner 1 ." ..,.,,utI
miles upFrench creek, thence ,-,i-i Ichn
snulli lie chnlns, wes! 40 chain*, n -rth
ohains in p.,iiu ul commencement.
li     (',,111111, !U ill-    IU    II    PC
I.anil's souih-eiist cnu'r post." i
mllo up tiohlstrenm from ltiniiih <
I Creek, ihence nurth sn elinins, ivest ■
7. Commencing nl ij pus! marked "Uus
I.null's soiuli-ivest comer post," aboul nut
mile up Uolils.ream from mouth ol French
Creek, llienee nurih -In elinins. east hill chain-,
soulh 411 ehains, west Pin clialns to point 01
s. Commencing ai a post marked '-'■'.*
I,iiicl's south-east i-nriit-r post." planted n: Hie
north-east coruer uf Timbor I-imitii-iil. thenee
nnrlh 4u uliiiiiis, cast liio chains, soulh 4,
chnius, wesl 100 chnlns toiioiutoicoinraei.ee-
N..: ;.-•■ i
I llllontll
Lnnds uir
niul "mi-
I. liun
I wesl --I
; nortli <>:
1 u- n
II   Ihu In
i I Ix-iii'i rtli-on
■llin-l ll-iv.-l   ,-„i-„
moro or loss, ihoi
hi- VnluJ_
.11-; planus
Ircr. nboul *
nml innrkoil
r post.'" the.
clmins, thei
sonlh Silchiilns, tiionoo oasl:«
In-   tiiliiiuiulnl-viif I.ul ffllS,
telly al.iin,--uh! I,„ irytolafi
-  "'   an!  l,ni 1818,.») ohnlns i(,|
, ..iui.'.! al
llie SO.llll-.Vesi   l-nl'lli-l-nf Lm 7,iS7 uui
marked "Ijiimh.Wilson I her Co.'s
niii-lli-wi-sl   corner,"  tlience SO chains
i-nsi. su chains south, 80 chains wesl,
S'lohai'isnoi'th to phi f cnmnience-
Il, Inl .Vrrnwhend, Il.C. this2«tli
day ul Sopleiulier, 11)00.
Lamh-W .tson 1.111111:11 Ln.. l/rn.
9.   Cm
Lund's 1
in,nl. ivi
chnlns, Hi
-ill--'  at
I lined 1 Iii* 1 ith dnv 1
August, niiKi.
1 posl planted mi
'I* tlie  Coluinbin
Nu.lci     . • ■   liven ihal Si ilny. nlterdato I
;ln  chief Conuais.iliiiiernf
1 Inr a -1 inl licence 1,, eul niul
 ■ ii. in iim full,,11 inn ilesi ijli.-.l
liilhi lhe Vale District.
I.  I         neing at n pusl mnrkeil ".I l.nny's
 iIi-ih-.-i ■ 1 ■■    planted  In- south
li)   Coinnieiiciiig ul
ill.-   soulh-wesl   hunk
river and iilionl  ;it!-,-,-.i|
above die mouth of 1 'iiniuiiiis (
marked "I-!. McBean'siiiirth-wes
thence soulh  160
eliains,   lln'in     ^^^^^^^^^
wesl p- i-ii in* to     '   -   111 i| ,-,, niun,, a
1 post markod "lius 11!,1,?'1!;0,"1
;■ pust," plume! nt iln- l-0chniii
1.1.,-r I.imit 7-...1,. llieine ■ ">el.l.
^^^^^^^^^^^hiio chains,  -uulli   in
.■Iiniii-. in*' ;. m Iniin. to poinl ,,f .-. --11111,-1,
""■"i- ii   Commend
in t'lunmeuiliig ni 11 pun marked -■ 11, chains mii-iliof
I.ninl's -iiuiii-ivi-i comer posl," aboul one phi.sivup rivor
mil" irom mouth 1,1 reach Creek, thence mouth,mnrked
uorlh su chnlns, east su chains, south *u clialns, j "er post, 1 heno
wesi sn 1 Iniin. u, pninl „i L-ommcuccraeni, '" eliuns, thenci
1 aled Sept. is.h, lwo. 110 clmins in
I...o,|.-..,.:. .-„
ii-li'ii'lli imi i-linin* In pninl of
.1. Iliii'i-y, l.iii-n
ncUcliig ni 11 posi plunicl nn ilu
ifshusirnp lliver and about i\ miles
1 Uu- north-wesl cornerof Loi wis
'"I "-I   Hn-i-y-   north-ens!  coiner
 w,-i :im chnlns, thonco nesi in
'ina- snulli Ilo chains, thono 100
ru in-li.--iiiliiiiini|iii-j-iif-aiti |.,,i ms,
lb-easterly folloivlng said hu lary
iiiul-'Mir I.-, inpniii! oi' ..ilium,.in,,.
.l. HAKHY.
I'tllltoi! Hi un i
, I,-
■ I-
*' Itjl ell lin- lu pulnl
1   -     iicin, ni 1 i-.-t marked ".I. Harry's
mer pust,   plauted "it ilu soutli
In ■' fork "f Shuswap Kiver, llienco
Biilith i" cliains. thenee east Uiu chains, thenee
1 .thenee ivesl lOOchains i" puilll o(
mill-imiii river an lulu
ill-Inn Canoe Itiver ami nhoiiti
lash Creek, thonee south sn elm
chains, Ihence north si ch tin
chains tn point olcouimencoitu
lilted August 13th, PJiio.
sep 1
n.ni n Illll!
«mllo above
is, ikonee m
theni'o on
* DA I It*
Dnted I lii-
lj )     (Villi!
of Aii
the norlh-easl !
in*! above lhc
ami inarked '
comer." Ihem-
ui-si Sn chain,
,-p 10
Notice ts hereby given thai ml days
nfter dale I inlenil In npplv In the
Chief Commission"!' nf bands und
Works for .1 license to cui and carry
away timher from iln- billowing
described lands, situated in Wesl
Kootenay districl uf II. C.
1. Commencing ui n pust marked
ii*. iiiem-e west sionains, tnence 1 "Jl, tii'niij-'s south on-sl   corner  post,"
■,;'- '■'*• so chains in p„l 1  plnntod aboil mile north of Half
    wnv Creek ami ahoul four miles easl
i:= ;;.-''"iri'iii':!;,, tint: ivuina,-...w Lake, ...ij.. ,K	
..Km.nl ast fork of sliiisii-np  At'i-nwheiul   I iher  Cu's claim, Xn,
■• -"-  hull", east 80 chain-. Ifin~3, murked on map ainl adjoining mi
nuiili side, theuce sn chains north,
thenco 80 chains wesl, thence SO chains
snulli, llienee Sll chains east In puiui of
L'. Commencing ahoul un,- mil,,
north of No, 1, tlienci- south 80 chains,
thenco west Sll elinins, thence north
8(1 chains, thenco cnsl sn chains tn
point nl commencement,
3.    ('..lllllll ill.   ic   posl   "!'  N'o. -.
1, ii.,,,)-*! thence north 80 ohnins, thence west
le 80 elinins,  thonco  8.111th 80 clmins,
"ico'eiist'"lork"Uiciicemifth.ii thence east Sll ehnins to point of i!"in-
1 100 ohains,thei  smith ml meneement,
I. CommonoiiiB ni p -' of S 1 "
tin nee en.-1 80 chains, ihenco m nil
Sll ehains. thonce west sn chains.
thence soulh Ml chains to puint of
Haled Sept.-lth, 1006.
sep 12 M.GRADY,
Cnmi   ..dug ni a post marked "J. Harry
■     rn     pnst," plantcil mi  Hi mil'
■   1, .( shiisivnp lllver. thenee
tlienci' m-i 50 chains, theuce
us. thence east SO chains t„ point ,,.
1 ■, . ... - . -
i   c n.u..    in.   .1   1 pnil marked ".r Hum's
i" .1     planted  he * li
linf tin-,-a*t f„rk „( Sbnsivap river, thenee
-t *u Millie- to point bf 1
it  11 1 ,-t mnrkeil ".I. Ham'
ist." iilnuli-il alH.nl mn-mil.
 ist fnrk ofsln.suup Hltei
in-, tlienco -uiiiii pi chains
in-, thence north in chains
i        ■ i-.'iiu .11 a |„,-t  innrkeil "J. Hni'i-y-
ill "ii-1 •■...!.   planleil nbnut one nut
from tin-nu mh "I the easl fnrk nl sluisii ip lllvoi
.Inn,   - mi, in clinlii", east nm chains, Hit
.'   .1..,  i" -:   ll    elinlns I" |iuhll "!' cnmmellei
-   1       m. 1,   .t .. p..-1 marked
•     ■ 1 m-i. plnnted mi .1
ml in
11,. .hen .- en-i lOOchains i.. puim m"
m ;. . 11.> ut,
llnl"! Vurii-1 L'l'lli, 1000
,   11. Commencing nt n posl  inarked "Uus
uar.en.ol   a mile  Lnml's iiorih-tresi  comer   post," ahoul  10
ok ami  cinliis in,nli Irniu north-east corner nl Timber
„.,.,,. ■■  Liinll ;.*,",*, theuce -uitli s   chain*,, ,-,i-i so
,   .      , .uui.    elinlns. north *., chuiu*   west an chains !,>
liuni*. Ihenee cnsl 40 \ puim ,,i con ■ i.-ui,
norlli  um cbnins, thence I   Hnied Sopt. llllh, IW.
12   t'nmmenelng a! a post mark,".  "Uus
l.uiiil-- luirih-ui-t comer post,"planted hi llio
-,      , iiorlti-i!.-*t corner of Tiniber I.lnil' 7U73, th'-noi
st, 1900.      soiuliMi,,!iiiiiis,eastioolialiis,iiortli6iii'lifl   •
iu nl a -i '*-   nlaiited on  w(i,t4j-.cli:,liis to point of commeucemeni
ik ,if tin. I     ...    ...mi     '■   t'jiinineni'liig al n posl marked   11
'.   Lund's 11 ath-west eoruer post," planted at tho
'-'" "  suutli-ivo-i t-nrnor of Timber LlinltfiLiOs, tiieiici'
 li t      line, ensl so clialns, north s-n-ii,iiit-
\i"*i liains 1,, polul ,1! liunineni-i-iiti-!!!
11. commencing "i n posl iniirkt-,1 "litis
Lund's iiurth-n-esi corner posl," plHiued ,11 the
south-wesl comer ol Timber Limit t'-jm. tlience
south.-" chains, ensl -''ciuiin*, imrlli such .in*,
ivesl mi chains to pnlu. ol eomraonecmctit.
.1. llllllll.
V'TU'l' Isliercl.j given that 80 days iflerdatai
_i\ I Inlenil tnnpply i„ lho 11,,11. Tin- chief
foinnilsslttiier of Lands and Works Ior ,1 Special
License to cut ami ,-u.ry away timlier from tile
following deicrlbwl lands In west Kootenny Hi*-
mi l'oinmciiol..|. at n post planted 11 milos
ivcstof tin Ciiliiinliia Hivur. uu tho north bunk
ntn Imn- creek emptying Into the Columbia
liii,,- ilium 2 miles abovo Gordon llnpldsnnd
iii.-j,..'.! -I-:. McHean's south-easl corner,"
thenco wesl Itti chains, thenco tiorlh 10 chains,
liionco casi Iii" chains, thenco south 10 chains
10 lhc poinl of commoncement.
Um i omtiiciiclng nt n posl planted aboul li
miles ivesl of theColumbfi! Itiver011 ilm north
bank of n Inrgo crook i-inpiyliiK Inlollio Columbin lllver iilionl 2 ...lies above Gordon Itn-
piil- mul inarked "K. Mi-lit-aii*- north-cnsl
corner," thenco soulli llio chains, tlionco ivesl
loclinlns, llienco -lh nm chains, thoncooas|
lo clialns 111 tho polul ol commencement,
Dnted lids 21th day of August, IWO
-,|,s K. Jlt-IIKAX.
Notice Is hereby given Ihnl 00 days afler dato I
Intend In iippl) i.iili. llm rable lhe Chlel ('mil'
1 ii" "i bonis mul IVnrks Inr porml ilnn lu
I I"  roll.iHli.it d. "liiii'd lnmls hi Ihe ills
llitl nf Wi-I li 1111   I1...I ImImmIh, in ,
(•nmiiieiii'liig ,1 ii |i"..i planleil 011 the wosl hank
„l  III" Columhin   li,'"" ul lull .1 mil" I..1.".'
Pries!  Ilnpldi nnil mnrkeil "ii   s. McCarter's
 lh i"   I  1 1   pnst,"  ll ■ Ill Ml    1.111,-
thcneei'iisl lOclinlm renrlcssinihoiiesl hank
nf Ihu Cnl hi-i lllver: tlll'l inn nuiili ivealorlj
,li,,.,'li,,n iiiiii (,,ll,,n 11111 tlio lies! bunk nl UlO Oil
iuiiIii 1 lllvei -" iln- !'"iiu "f "ui iiieiumiiil
lliil."! lln   llili .In) "I n .1, 1000
iictis t, s. McCAKTIill.
Notico Is lioroby glvon Ihnl HOdnys afti rdato
I iniuiiil in npiily in thc Chief L'omnii, lonoi
Lands nndworks Inr it special licence to eul
ainl i-iirt'vaiviiy ttiiiber from ill" following described I Is situated In tho Big Hond dislricl
,,f Wesi Ivootoiiay:
Connneiielng nl n I"1-' marked ■ IV, .1. Manning"!
nnrlh "■"! ""ni"!' i: ;ci   j lital  I ii    ;i. m i
it Inil from lliu Mouth Creek, on the nosl -i,l-,.i
the Columbia River, and one-half mile ivesl Irom
the river, thenoe ivesl SO i'liains, tlience south -"
elinlns, tlti'ii .1-1 Bn "Inin-. thenee nnrth
chains I" puiui "f cnmnieiieeinent,
Hiiii'il lth September   '
W* .1. M tSXt.Vu !..',iM
.   McBeau's  norl   c isl
*.- chains, thence
lllelll't-    !,,"!!  I  'llllllis,
thence easl 80 chains 10 thc poinl of com-
Daled ilii* ijiii .i . n   Uigiisl, 1906,
lln   Commeueiug   1! a post planleil on
tin- norlh-easl bank of llie Columbia river,
alioitl one .-un! one-diird miles below lhe
-im": ■ li of Cummins Creekand marked "I-!.
McBean's norlh-easl ceruer, Ihence south
ifio ehuins, ihenco v. -*i   :,i chains, ihence
norlh nm eli,iiu*, llienee easi 40 ,-'i uns in
the poinl of como
Daled ihls i;,ih day of -\ug is., in,"'.
' '.■■■...}■       :  al   : posl plauted 011
lln- norlh-easl hank of Ihe l 'ohu ,'ei
ahoul two  ,-.- Ihi     ipiarter  niles below
iiu-11101,tii 0! Cmniiiiris Creek nnd marked
E. McBean*. -.   -    -.  --        cr,   ihence
north -,- <-;      . ■ Soch.-i is,
"I,   ■   C SI   •.    ll      -M     " IIS.   Ill MM'     SO
cl    ns lo tl mniencenicm.
Daled litis 14th    ;. •    \ ..  --. 1906.
.ml   Commencing al 1 p.'*' ;,' uiteil on
rlh-i ist h-uik i'-       river,
"!,■!■ miles below
lhe if! s ( reek   nd marked
■K. McBean - 11, rill    - corner," thonce
m -■ '-,- "i ■ ■  -. soutli 80 1   nils,
is   - ence north So
cl    ns to lln MM
Daled this 141 tug i--, 1906,
ul   Com        ing at :t posl planted un
k     I li.-1 'olumbia rive.
ilioul one 1 uoulh of Vellow
Creek    mil  1
na*!  comer,'   ihence *.-i:tli   160 c
11,-. t!i,. 11
I.   HM   It!
-* from il*
,1. Symons" norih-ciisl cor-
1 lii-ii-ii-tin*. Ihenco south
: Inn clmins, tlionco north
l'. M. SVMHNS.
■I. Harry, Lnontiii,,
is horoby given thai HO .lays
dull-   I   Illli'llil   In  apply   lu the
f Commissioner ol bunds .-nnl
k- I'm- permission lu purchase lliu
following iloscriuod lund* situated in
\V,-*i Kootenay districl:
((Ciimmcucing nl a posl plantod mi
Ihu uorlh sitlu nf Doivnio Croek, ahoul
iiiie-l'oui-ili of .1 mill- suuth nf iln-
Do.vuiu creek Iinil. no.ti- tin- S mill-
posl   I  innrkeil "Kmi'sl  Melieans
south-ivesl cp.-ner," thonce nurth   I'i
chains,  th,-ii n-i (H) chains, 1 hence
smilli |n chains, thenco wesl IIDch tins
in |t'iini of ,-,uniii,-in-,iu,-nti containing -I'i nei m* inure or less,
11 Hi-1 Ilii
sop a)
iiii 'lay of Sept., 101)0,
-'■ ^J'^
.;>**'i   tlllll HO tlnvs   '       i
iuteml I,, niakuiippHcitin
nut tu-n miles f
-i plantcil 011 tl
tie il
in thu
i".   tiommenelng nt u post nmrke'l "Gu>  tin
Lund's norlh-west comer imst " planted nt the  the
sou th-west rn: nei* ni Timber Limit "h\t\, thenee
soutli -u I'lniin*. easl -n chains, north Suehalns,
west 60 chains in poini of commencement.        il..
Dnted Sept. 2*Hh, 1H0S,
iii.  Commein lug nl a pusl mnrked "tins     ,
Lnml's ii rtli*w-.-st corner post." phiiitcil nt tin-   ,. -
.-(-.iiih-w.-i en nerof I'lmbor l.imii 7ol7, thunce   -
ion th -n ['hnl ni, enstfil) ehuins, north bu ohnins,  ,.■,,
ivesl 801 miin- ;•' |ioini of eommeticemettt.
i;, Commencing nt a post mnrkod "tins s*,'|i
Lumi'- ii"i'i!i-w> -i corner post." plained al the ti.-t
south-west cornerof -Timber LimitT.v-i, thenco ch.i
south sn chains,ea.**l Mchains, nonh so chain-. , i,,
M'ost bO chains to point oi commencement. .
IS, Commencing nl a post inarked "Gus
Lund's iiorth*westcornor post," planted nt the
iinrili-i'n-i corner nt 'I Ituber Limit 7551, thence        .,.,,
mh 80 chains, easl stlchalns, north 80 ehnins, \
wesl "■ chaliin to [mini ofeommeneenieiit,
. Hai"<l Sept. Jist. lime. *^i^^^^
in,  Coinmeilelntj nt n post inarke-!  "'ins J r
Lund's north-wesl eorner post." plantod at the ■
south*wesi cornor of Tlmhor Li mil 7073, thence     v,.   <
southWichalns,enst80ohains,tiorthbOchnlns,  ,, -, .
wesl ni ■ halns to point nl commencement.        ( „„....
.'a,  L'oiniiienein-a nl n posl mnrked "lius  lli-misel
Lund's north'WC>teoriier post," plnnted at ihe   foil
■<outh*casi corner o| Timbor l.nnil 7ii7::, thencu  uf w. .i
south 'i'i liains, ensl Su chains, north 80 chains,     ,   ,,.
ivesl BO -■' aiii- in poinl o!commencement.        n,;iih
l\.  Comincnciiif! nl n po-t  mnrkod "(in*  -,1,1.111   ,
Lumi'- north wesl corner post," at the south-  1,!  .,  1
ivesl corner ul  So, 13, (1101100011111 Wchal ■
north i6d
-i*|i 12
Not lei is herob) glvon that 30 days after dat
l iiiii*tii| 1.1 apply '" Hi* Chi il Commissioner
nf 1 iituls and Works for a incclal license to ut
ami carry awaj timber from ilm follow In
described lands sltunti In the in.; Hend dislricl ni Wosl l-i noli ti iy:
1 (innii.'mini: ai 11 1 iiii markod '-'...in
('ml-.ni'- Houth'Wi il eurner post," plniiiml
aboul 1 imlr- north ul 1. L.G&iQ, and aUuii
iiiiir mi-; nl Columbia river, thouco north 80
chains, Ihoneo oasl B*i chains, [lien.- loittb ni
chains, thonco wosl 80 ohnins to (mini of com*
lulled August Uth, I'JOil.
Rlffa BWAN 1 \ '. BOM
- iini in ih.
..■  .:.. nl.
D tied this 1 -*; ;.,, .: \ - .-.. 1906.
1 '.**:.      cine posl planted on
'In* south*\vesi i>vik ol ilu- Columbia river
uboitl two miles above the mouth of Ctinoe
river nnd in-irki\l "V.. McBean's norm*
t'.-ts' corner, ll ei <■ south Bo clmins,
thence "'■-, So 1 lius, ihence north 80
chains, thence enH v |,; 1 ns to ilu* poinl
of commencement.
Daled tills -*.;:-; laj    ' \ igiisti 1906,
sep 5 I*:. MeBEAN.
-1.mh so chains, wesl -suchiiln-, uorlh Wl chains
to pninl nf en mine lice mont,
Dated slept, ."n I, IIM,
:j « ommeuelng nl a posi inarked i.'i-
I.mei'- north ■ cor ior post,"plnnted ni the
-M'lth-.w-' comer of S'o. II, thence 1 itsi si
chains, south ■ ■ Iinins, nosl su chains, north
-   tl ■ *:- to ,■ m-ii il commei ment.
. .  I in ": ni n ]'(»! marked  "Uus
I,nml'- norllMvesi eorner post," plantod nl ih
■ I
■1,  Conn
1-1 ■   ■, 'i,
* \,i-.,. (||,
ide of Columbin Hi'
I --'-;   •■'•■' ON'S   GOV-
" ■  THK  DISJ u&al ur Uu-
MIX10N     LAXDd : IN     -THE
tf   .-      '■ -    Bi-: -.   PKOV-
IXCK '■     URJ     -i:        . :.MBU,
A  Lli ENSE to    .   ... 0 be   ic*
quired   n;i...    ,.   , . . ,■ -.,      .    a
rental of ....     .  ..- I
for all tlmbi 1  bei th ■    :■.■
nl d ■■•■■ m   of "5   .   foi  . ...'■ rent.. i*
rate of 6 c- a.s pei
ln addition ..  ...
fullowtjig* r.Ut-j-i aie ■.-harg-.-o;-
Sawu  lumber,  60  cents .   :.±
feet B.M,
Railway :.* -.. eight and     .. loi ^.
I l-i: and J ..-;    nl
■■■! .. J .■   ii-.-   -,   .,  ,<...:.   1
All oilier products, on the
A llcensi   .....      ......   „ berth
gl  LlltS ii,     - .....   ■ ..i     * ■	
linbi r can I        ■....;.. the
. ■■ :,: ■ -■ :. if  ... kd    .   -■■.. .-       	
Permits to     t tlm ranted
..t public 1  . . ,l.-u
: .ii in... 1 - ...-..■-■.. .-. tim-
;        - .  .    .  - .
Si Ltlen   and others  1 . -a
perailts io cut up to 100 coi for
■y.i e   wiiiio'..*:   lompetltlou.
Tho duea [,,..-.
$LE0 per thous ind :■ ■■ , - tre
timber  and 3d  ex
cept uak, from .--   111-2   ■;.    per i neal
foot Cor I.-.   ling logs; . .-, to -J
cents i»r ci   ..... ence
posts; *; ci n*          .        .      -, and 50
cents pet- cord for      	
Leases for graz ng purj ai . led
;. i' a  p rm .-   irs, ... ;t
:'i-;iiiil nl' ', 'A 1  .'.;-,- ■ .:..,....,'•.
Coal  land:,  maj b ■  p        .-■ . ,t:  Jio
i'.i* acre for sol tnthra-
■ [to.   Not mure 11 may be
.u quired bj mi   iy.
Royalty at tl per '^t\
■    ,                       ... .,:\jS&
Entries I r . in I (01 is tui , nr«
,..:..!. 1 ,* at locul land off)     ...-    I     which
' Vdol     the land lo be taki.   ■-, tu ited, or
■   ■      .:  Uu- homestead     d<  H he may, on
l« rami   application t*. I     Mti ■■' 1 -    •   oterlor
*   Lake,   at Ottawa, Lho C mmlsai 1 n r ui" Immigra-
1 ' •    tion at Winr.i, -     1 tin agent for
Hi,*   Ij,■•;;].■:,    ...',       v,*:.. • ,     , 1;,.;   la
i.'.-1 [ii.ii ted ut m          ■      '■ d, receive *      me one
\ 1,  i                         ■ make entry (or him.
A fee of HO I       trgeti .. -^'.ud
■ ntry.
a settler wh - ree I .... entry tot
a Homestead, is required to perform the
> .1. ii.uumv,
■I- A. IK)l*(i iL,
1 •: Hi Inr 1
I -lllpll-ill till'llllll.lt
Ln        m «',,     1 ■
11 '
.111,1    |l     II    ||1||    Ml,
.in! .1  mt a
■inul, linns con .-ii.. ...   i.ij
.;   :..  followlnK plana:—
til A.     .' 	
I,nml - ll"llli.-.'M-.|.iini,.|-|„,-l." |iMill|."l ill lln- .      '..     1 I m|,.,      , ,: ,      •! c mo .. jU
touili-weii i-nrii.r ol So, H, Hi"  i-,i.i*n ,.,,,, '        ind - iltlvat! lai rear
t-lniui*, -,, m, -,i-:,i , -...-1 -u,-jiniii-.ii.tiIi  ctin.li "ii.. .' «i.      aurlng the tern   it three j
   *    'M
Certificate of Improvements.
■ ■   in tint Arrow
'! '■ listrict.
\\ l.l -i       I City 'I wn
1 VKI   s"' i I. Ken 11 Lh L. Ilurnet,
N ,.   ■   1 .-
*:;.'' ■''■:.'
fi lute (jplytn nn- Mining lie-
:   1"
1 Crown (Irani of ih" ahove
' dm.
Inil fu *    ■    ■■   a, iimlei - e-
■ :   the Issuance
n ■    * ■ l
sii.'haiib io |ioiui oi cum me nee men I,
21,  L'uinmenelnc at 11 imst   mnrkod "Gus
Lund'* nnrth *.*. -i 'eurner post," nl ilm soulh-
wesl corner nl Nn, il,, thonco ensl 80 chains,
.11,nil ."i*irin-   .*- mi hnin-, nortn suehalns
;■ ol 1 ui   icneoiiieiil,
*  ,': ni a posl  mnrked "(lus
*  ■ nrin t posi,"ai iho norih-
-1 ■ inn -      .*. ci ...mil 7n73, thencu soutn
- ■ -   - ,. ni-. uorth 80 chains, easi
- * *.   v   '   *      : coin uie nee ment.
20.  '-:.- : .ti.  111  M  posl  marked  ■ mi*-
Lund's iiortli-ensi corner post," ul the lh*
ivesl cumor nl Timber Limit 0*200, tlienco south
• 1 chains ivesl 10chnlns, south BOehalns, ivesl
40chains,north lUcli ilns.easl iin*liniii>, north
SUelmlni easi i- chains to pointof commence-
\"   -. tl . 'YI daj ni-
fill in',- **, I I ni,
noi 1!
1.  i'i
nn .
1 ni
nutorCuluiulila llivcraiidiihniil 2
easi ni Downie Crook uui mnrki l "J, l.i
norlli-wcsi cohii r po>t,   Ihen ■■ , .1 1 Km c
J -.mill -in liiilm  "■".      ■   .,,:,-  ■    *■   -,
N'nli,-, :• !ii"vlii uivi-n lliil :!n ilni-itfii-i- iliiln
I Mili'li,1 InniMM, Miiln I iiii'f C ll.Mol.urol
l.ui't-aliil Wiitli* lm- ,1 spuclal liconso to cui
mi'l ,-nri-y ni!.,., innii,.!- iiinn iln- fullowliii-tic
*niil»i'(l Iiiiiii. I'll U|i|icr Arrow l.nl.i-, \\'i-i
f!" il   '1.i.i
1 iinniiiM' ni n ,.... 1  planted abuul ono
mlli north ol llm ionth in -I cornur ol I ill..
Hi. in- III chains 'ii-i, ilii-iii'i-l'.i chiilnn north,
LlioacelUi ill 'i-i. tliuuco Iiiii' Iiniii- -niilli
In llm pulnl ni ' -iiiiinrtii-i-ini'til.
Inn-: in„-n-i lllli. I'M.
,1. IV. I-'OLKV.   I
■J.   I'lHIIllll  .
I....-IIt 11, -   , "lln I 111 i".
"J0I111 Liii-sn
I'll-l    It.''I
-lllllll s.liii.nn-.
II.   I.
".Iniin I
M..M    ■
ll< ll-
1 Ni
iiiiiii-. 1
isnti's -lh
'■iei. ii:h	
I    ' immenclni*, ul 11 puni plantedal 11 irth*
oasl cornoi  >\ loeatbn ^". Ilnnii 111 irked "Jul 11
Lursim|i   u'liliTii-i I'.jiiii-r |.i..i/ ii,. n- -
chain-, north ■" ili-iiu- oa**l   - >' ii nn-,       ' ■   ■-"
i-i, in,-. wi 1
Dnl i - mbot'Tth, 1900,
sop 10
It Is" the pr id .' ;■ irtmeni to
I retiulre a settler to bring IS acres ui.der
cultivation, bul If h   prefen be may mib*
til iie s;-*ck; and 20 head        1 tie, tj bo
ictuolli  iila own property, ... i.:,gs
for tlie'lr acoommodatli     . .        r -juired
Instead uf cultivation.
(2j i: the : Ltber 1     motl    . If the fa*
ther i*- *ii-' ■' * d)      an;   . ':   ;i "'ho Is
•ditto i eligible ic make ;*. 0 . in.--,-
,.,    ■■'.■■ provtsl tho Acl ipon
,, n   a farm In thi   (   Inil -   01   *■." land en-
,.,',    ■(■•'■"• for      iucI  persoi a ■  ead,
'.:-, .      ■   requirements of tht   A    a   *    real**
■   prior t'' obtaining patent may bo
..'  (led by nlii*.. ,      a residing •**;t:; *:.'»
1,1 " *: "L ur mother.
i:   ih"     "'     . * permanent
.rwi|!'   residence upon farming land owi      by
■   i. ihe vlclnli • nf his hor l ■-"
requirements of the An        - ;■■        *.i
may lie .satlafl. «l  by  I   ■ , the
aid  laud.
n   ■■     Application for ; iten made
i,.-       ■ ■ ■ 1 mi ni' tbri *    ears   efoi   thi    '--ii
■'■.';■' nspec*
Before making; appllc tti     for a 1  '-*nt,
......m ■ lth r n '.-' 1;;.■    ', months' notice
,1..      In  writing; to th*1 Commlsslonei  of Do*
on Lands ut  Ottawa, 0; bis intea-
on to do su.
w.  W.  CORV
TVpn'v Minister   I *'    Interior
nit-iwn, Fchriiniv 14tl). 1JW
"Piofiscs ovory Smokor  thc  " M-?.ro&
FOUND—Our shipment of Skirts, lost somewhere along the C. P R.
has just been received and put into stock. They are beauties, and well worth
waiting for.    These show exclusiveness of design as well as the latest in Cloths
and Colorings.
io Cases of the Popular " Smarden Shoes." To be up to date you want a
pair of these   tlie latest out in the Shoe line.
Never have we shown such a large assortment of novelties along with our
Staple lines. Parcels continually arriving regularly by express keeps our stock in
touch .with the latest in Millinery Fashion.
,rret reid & YOUNG <"
disappoints   ,mfc1"^    *"*_      ww ■•*■•*••*•  dl8app0,nt8
■*fr. ■♦« .♦» »♦■ ■♦■ »♦■ ■♦* A A A At A a*
ITI 111 IM 111 lil ITI IJ,1 'X1 'J. X 4* 4* •
IA Tonic!
If ynu want an excellent
Tonic and easy to Like, get n V
$1.(10 bottle of our I'o.-i Wine &
bottled especially for nur- 1
T Canada Drug & Book £
S Company. Limiled. |[
j¥t At A tt\ iti iTi 1T1 iTi 1*1*11*1*11*1*11*1*1
*X * + + + + * + 4" ♦ ▼ +
The Preserving
As tl.e preserving seasuii is now
here we Invite you to call and
inspect out- fruits, including
Peaches, Pears, Plums, Crabs,
always in slock.
fruit Jars, all sizes.
Saturday, Oct. 18th, (or "21 hours.
Southerly nnd westerly winds. Cloudy,
mild, sonic rai... Indications ot up.
proBohlng cold spell,
Local and General.
The llAii.-llimAi.ii is out tliey say,
Blowing about Thanksgiving Day!
Remember Thanksgiving Dinner ul
Opera House,  Thursday, Oct. 18th,
li to 8 p in.
Keep the Lull rollillgl What ball?
Why the hospital hall of course!
November 1 lth.
Cleveland, Ohio, lias Leon having
a pleasant time lately with heavy
snow storms and gales of wind liis
the most severe October since IS!'*.'.
The feminine contineeut arc all
agog tor the hospital ball, Nov. 1-1.
Some wonderful creations in gowna
are expected. What price court dress
'"r "len- \ big ci   nizatio; scheoje I  - bee.
During the absence of Judge Sproat  started ii thi K   tenays by  , syndi-
at Nelson ail matters connected with '**"'*-l:- bought 26,000 acres ol
the Kiirwell'.-statewill be in tin-liar.:-   :"-'   " - *   ;! laki irontage  in   the
of W. Humphreys, who has had mm     '-'■»' ■■■'-■     i:-   -'■■ «d
experience in real estate business ' "  '*■ ■ » ■ ■■■■■ - *;-; •- '•
it into -.loi     iltotm    •■    Mr. V. W.
Work ou the  Revelstoke  Clu     •    ....      | Toronl     -    mong  tho*
nearing completion and when finished   ,..„.,.. ,   . „
the building will be  very   handsi   -   ■,..„.,.., ,    . ... ...,.-,,._.   .  ■.
and the new wing will add greal
the general appearance. ■■ w     P»gethai   -■-
d ss     .   plant un the
Reineniber Thanksgiving Dinner at
Opera House, Thursday next, li to 8
p.m.   Tick"ts fillc.   Children 25c.
Chancellor Boyd has asked six
mouths leave of absence with permission to retire hum the bench. He
will lie seventy years of age in April
and has been on the .ic.ich 25 years.
The services of W. A. Elliot, a
Brandon architect have been engaged
to prepare plans lor the new Okanagan
college to be creeled at Sunimerlnnd
l>y the Baptist denomination of British
K. Ii, Hobbs, late master mechanic
and general foreman ol the C. P. II.,
died suddenly at St. Paul's hospital,
Vancouver, Wednesday morning, nf
heart (niiiire. The funeral took place
yt'stenliiy. Deceased wns lormerly iu
charge ol the C. I'. II. shops here.
The Physical Director oi the V. M.
C. A. is niuking arrangements fur
commencing n gymnastic class for
business men. This shuiiiil be very
popular, as it will atl'ord a pleasant
relaxation irom the toils ol business,
and tend to benefit the system by
mild ami healthy exercise.
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid k Anderson
Brantford Kxposito       Tin      - .-
lionist, Sir, Wallace Graha ...
- pi - ,,-    Th.
i- pro
second appi - ince   n Brantford .,
., priii.-- la.    ti witi *       irge
e. ce and sh I good tne    .
■: •  ,.   his Si ections, in :   -  ■
;, .. rs - . lallj with tl ■-   thi    iss  -
ing   artist, Ml  liar   I     ,   is.     In
K- elat- ke    ith   Harold  Jarvis  un
Monday. N»i 5.
A large stock   '..,-,     -  - -
Containing II  viewi  in  on
1.1,1,],. —di,!-.   If, (Vrits '-acl
n a lev.
" "V
, No. 1
.   el
(ll :'     •
,-,     ., ling
m i cut was
A fre-.i supply-jio-t arrived
IJriiK'.lnt. nnd Stationer,
m ,1 the Hume liin--!:.
Moil Ortlei  Recolve WomptAftentii
The Standard Oil Co., ol Ohio, is
being prosecuted for conspiracy, and
John I). Rockefeller is also to he put
personally on the defensive. President Roosevelt has declared that, il lie
can bring it about, this powerful
aggregation Bhall be made suffer to
the lull extent of the law Ior every-
' thing it has done that brings it within
j the scope ot the penal statues.
Remember the date — Thursday,
October 18th—Thanksgiving Dinner,
under auspices ol Ladies' Guild ol
Kuu.v churcli, at tl.e Opera House.
Dinner will he served (rum ii to S p.m.
Adults 50c., children 2.ic. The ladies
ol Knox church have been working
Inr some time past mulling fancy
work and useful articles Ior sale. So
look out for the novelty tables and
dun't lorget the ti*h puiui! It will be
• :,.. •„..( ••■ er seen here.
A dastardly attempt was made on
Tuesday   night   last   to   assassinate
J-id/'- Mo  V 'd'T and his wile in
their   borne  at  Chehalis, Wash,   A
charge nl dynamite was exploded  under tin- house wl   - tl -    were asleep
od tor   - big i e in the lloor along-
- de ■ '■  ed    V idet had recently receive    .'. v      ig loiter from  San
Franciai a layii.-1    - be had broken
nu!   thit he
i" wn  m;
'     *J    ''I    11        -      ' '.,    n    ■   -M.il,1.
lor *i"    enefits    ivei      i    mum-.
- idenl    j* tin ■ mti -
-.-      ..
tn  those   wl ..mv-
'   -
. :,,  for in-
li     . ■      -ur , ||
;.', • |   jo
ll    '..y
;..   - . he Muii!.-
li       lhe citizens place
Figure it Out.,
Is it worth all the trouble of tying on and waiting
several weeks ? Then there is the risk, you may not
like the style or the material after it is made up.
There is a much easier way. Just drop in here—look
over the nobby patterns we are showing, cut in the
Latest Fall Styles, made by Coppley, Noyes &
Randall and Campbell, whose names are guarantees
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and thoroughly finished throughout.   They are priced at
$10,12, 13 and $17
Social and Personal
Frank Thompson, of the Imperial
Bnnk, has lelt lor Nelson.
N. Abrahamson, of Trout Lake City,
is spending a few ilayB in the city.
Mrs, Osborne, sister oi R. N. Doyle,
is spending a lew weeks in the city.
A. Sieglriel has been visiting Nelson to a'tend the Socialist convention.
Mr. and Mrs, A. Y. Anderson left
on Thursday last for a visit to the
Grant Hall, lormerly master mechanic in Revelstoke, is visiting Irom
J, Tompkins, the brakeman whose
hand was crushed at Vernon station,
has returned to the city.
Col. Tracey came up from Vancouver yesterday, in connection with the
new sewerage scheme.
W. B. Robertson and E. C. Fromey
left this morning lur a visit to the
Halcyon Hut Springs.
Miss Belle Brougli, of Ottawa, is
visiting her uncle and aunt Mr. und
Mrs. B. A. Lawson.
Mrs. P. Doyle of Winnipeg, is visiting her son, R. N. Doyle, and will
ipend a few weeks in tlie city.
Dr. Curtis has taken possession of
his new quarters in G. M. Clarke's
new house on Second street.
Mr. antl Mrs. It. M. Smythe have
returned irom the coast where they
have been visiting Mrs. Smytlie's
mother, Mrs, J, A. Darragh.
The Thanksgiving Supper promises
to Le a bumper this year, and Oct. 18
will l,e a red letter day in the annals
i| Reve itoke revelry.
Miss lean Orr, nieoeol Mr. and Mrs,
i:   .   . iwson has just graduated with
lug!, in,nm- frmn the Jubilee hospital,
m     I he M.ui.-IIi-:k..!.ii ixtends
\ Pearce, one ol the first pioneer
tea boatiw n in the Saskatchewan
-i mm .pending a few week- iu ihe
oity. Mr Pearce was the guest of
Oapl Fi rslund, "I the s.a, Ilevelstoke,
m i trip ip 'im Columbia river, lle
leavei hortly lor h * homo In Edmonton v, t the Crow't! Nest Pass.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Business Locals.
Nothing better than Our" Speoial.
Charlotte  Russe this afternoon nt
Hobson & Hell's.
Dr-DKRlBt and Sin Honor, S   |l     Mli     *P *l A' J fl 3 I    V
I have clients who wish to
obtain houses, rooms and lots
Inr building purpose!, and shall
in glad if psrlii"- having such
will advise iiienf sum.).
Ken I Ksliitoand,Insurance Agent,
tlcvelatoke, B. C.
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Eat ynur Thanksgiving  Turkey at
tlie Opera Houae on Thursday night.
Montreal, Oct. 11.—Archbishop
Bond, Primate ol all Canada of tbe
Anglo Canadian church, lius passed
awny, aged 01. He had not been in
the best of health lor some time, but
hud been able tu attend to liis duties
up to .lie time ul his death.
Tenders will be received by tlie undersigned fur tlie painting of the
(jueen's Hotel,. , Golden, containing
1H20 square yards of surface, the same
to he given two coats in white, witii
deep green trimmings. Tenders to be
in not later than October 20th inst
Golden, B. C, Proprietor,
Oct, 12th. l'.Klti.
net 13
WANTED-By experienced i.iimi,
situation .is cook iu lumber
i-niiip or mill, excellent references.
Apply this ullici, or J. Walk, Kniilt,
WA.NTKD-lli'iiei'iil servant, small
family, good wages.   Apply to
Mail-Herald Office.
 ' f_
IjVIK SALE-One now llccuiui Jn-
' cub iilor and'.Htoiiiler. holds i2o
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WANTED-Posltlon   as  Sawyir,
double cut  liiiiul -- .1.  Burns,
Oity Hotel, Revelstoku,
WANTED-A good Camp Blacksmith, Apply Lamb-Watson
Lumber Go,, Limited, Arrowhead,
H, C
(Pupil of Dr. A. S. Vogi, of
Toronto University)
is prepared to take pupils in Piano
Instruction.   Residence—Fourth 8t
!?'"*. Fumiturej!
John E, Wood's Furniture Store
i i ■ ,/ i - ■ i ■ i • •
";'.* !T 1T1L MAIL - nisKFkluU
"Somebody in town will give us
8,way," suggest"*! Shorty, the chore-
"No, they won't; they're all here,"
assured Keriie.
lt was true. Except for thc women and children, who wero not yet
about, the entire villago had assembled. Even old Vemderhoof, the fire-
watcher of the yard, hobbled along
breathlessly on his rheumatic legs.
In a moment the masks wore fitted.
In a moment more the little band
had emerged Irom the shelter ol the
camp, and so came in full view ot
Wallace    Carpenter    and   Hamilton     Thorpe descended at Twelfth slier! | throat, filled his lungs, weakened his
seated on the verandah.  It was now  in Chicago without any very    clear! knees.  Tor a moment it seemed    to
alternoon.     The wind    had abated  notion ol where he was goinj.   I or I him that hc was going to faint,
somewhat, and the sun    was strug-  a moment he faced the long park-j   ^n.l 'still she stood there     belore
gling wilh the still flying scuds. like expanse of lake Fru.it, then turn-j him, saying nothing, leaning slight-
"Hcllo, boys." said Wallace, "been'ed sharp to his left o-.d p'ckid   his hy towards liiin, her red lips    hulf
lor a little walk in the woods?" , way south up thc lnu.rm.nal le rcac- parted, her oyes fixed almost   wist-
"Yes, sir," replied Jack Hyland, jhes of Michigan Avenue, lie did this
"wc—" [without    any   conscious     motive—
"I'd rather not hear," interrupted | mainly because the roaches setuiod
Wallace. "There's quite a fire over j interminable, and lie proved Uie need
cast. 1 suppose you haven't noticed I of walking. Block, afler bio.!, hc
it." j clicked along, the caulks of his tools
Hyland looked gravely eastward,     .striking    fire     from    ill" l-flvoiucnt.
"Sure 'notigh!" saitl he. I Some people stared nt. !(>.".i ft, little
"Better got some grub," suggested [ curiously.   Others merely glanced  .n
fully on his fate.
"(Io away!", he whispered hoarsely n,t last. Thc voice was not his
own.   "Go away!  Go away!"
Suddenly she swayed to him
all sorts of trouble? Hut you never
will. 1 know you. You dear old
bear. You need a wife to interpret
things for you. You speak a different
language Irom most people." She
said this between laughing and crying; between a sense of the ridiculous
uselessncss uf withholding a single
timely word, and a tender pathetic
intuition of a suffering u nature must
endure. In lhe prospect of the future
she saw her use.   lt gladdened    her
past one!    It's almost that now,    ll CHAPTER LIX,
me; just look!   You tlid that!" ,    Surely it is useless to follow    Ihr-
"I'll wait here unlil the confound- sequel 'in detail, to tell hew Hilda
ed thing is over," said Thorpe. 'persuaded Thorpe to take her muiiev.
"Oh, n,i. vnn won't," replied Hilda she aroused skillfully his fighting
decidedly, "You are going down blood, induced him to' use one lor-
town right now and get something to ' tune to rescue another. To a woman
inil on. Then you are coming back|such as she this was nol a very dil-
here lo slay." flcult .ask in the long run.      A taw
Thorpe glanced in surprise nt   his scruples nf pride, that was all.
driver's    clothes,     and his   spiked j   "D0 not consider its being mine,"
W'iill.u- ! his'direction, attnuted r ovc by (he Mf^ her "h.mgriiy.   He Crushed horliov":  1)inllv she Perceived this truth
, ,.,, , ,        . , , she answered to his objections. "He-
"Oh, Harry, Harry," she whisper-1an'" «Mhet with a serene happin-'   Heavens and earth!" he exclaimed, member the lesson we learned *> bit-
ed   "must I tell you?  Don't     you ess possible only to those who   fee   "I should think so!   How am I    to terly.   Nothing can be greater   than
I,,. ■ themselves a necessary und integral |get out without ruining tho floor?"   ' love, nol .-ven our poor ideals.   You
' The flood broke through him.  Ho j)art '" llle ''VM ol, th", "'"I8 , "jey!   Hilda laughed and drew aside the have my love: do not disappo.r,
.... .  -... ti..   ij.. n.,.Du,.,i u... love.     "" -  ■ "' ■ -"■   ' "■  '""'	
After the men had gone In, he turn- expression of .lis line than tha j.e-
ed to thc journalist. , culiarity of his dress.  At that time
Hamilton," he began, "write all | rlyor-meh were not   an   uncommon
I jou know abuut thc drive, and    the i sight along thc water front.
Shingleville consisted of a big mill;, break, and lhe rescue, but as to the!    *"- —  '
the objective point,
sted of a bigmill;ji)reak, and thc rescue, but as to the!   Alter an interval  he seemed     to
thc yards,  now empty  of    lumber; burning of the mill—" I have left the smoke and dirt behind,
the large frame boarding-house; the |   The other held out his hand. : The street became quieter.    Board-
offlcc; the stable; a store; two sa-j "Good," said Wallace, offering his ing-houses ejnl tailors" shops ceased,
loons; antl a dozen dwellings.      The own, ! Here nnd thero appeared a bit     of
party at once fixed its eyes on this. And (hnt wns as far ns the famous lawn, shrubbery, flowers. Thc resi-
collcction of buildings, and trudged i Shingleville raid ever got. Daly did, denies establishi-d nn uptown cres-
on down the right-of-wny with un-jhis best to collect even circumstan-, cendo of magnificence. Policemen
hastening grimncss. tlal evidence against the participants seemed  trimmer,  Hotter-gloved.   Oc-
Their approach was not   unobser- but in vain.  He could not even get casionally hc might have noticed in
ved.  Daly saw them; and Baker, his anyone to sny that a single member I front of one oi the sandstone piles,
loreman saw them.   The two    went of Ihe village of Carpenter had nb-: a besllvered pair champing before  a
forth at once to organize opposition, sonted himsell from town that morn- sr.vllsh vehicle.   By and Hy he cnine I
When the attacking   party   reached |ng.  This might have been from loy-lto himsell to lind-that ho was hi ar- j
the mi'1-ynrd, it found the boss and'nlty, or it might huve been from ing at thc deep-carved lettering in alhi, ,,,.. ThorM •„,• ,0 weepinir while:
the foreman standing alone in the fear of the vengeance of tho Fighting Lone horse-block before a large! T. U?„StodlW''Bt"^^ wS
sawdust, revolvers drawn. Forty would surely visit on a trait- dwelling ,   ,S huT I
Daly traced a line with his too.      or.   Probably it was a combination1    His mind took the letters in    one*""
"The first man that crosses that 10f both, 'j'ho fact remains, however, after the other, perceiving them very
line, get's it," said he. ; Hint Unly never knew surely of  but: plainly before it. recorded him recog-
They knew he meant what he said, one man implicated in the destruc-1 nition. Finally hc had completed
An instant's pause ensued, while the j Hon of His plnnt. That man was In-! the word Farrand. He whirled sharp
big an and the little faced the, jin Charley, but Injun Charley krompt I on his heel, mounted the broad white
mob.   Daly's rivermen were still on|]ydlsappearod. stone steps, and rang the bell.
to him until she gasp*.; he pressed I ** Jjg- ^^SH    &
his lips jera °st hors uwtil 8h« almost thfl hu« , ,
cried out with the pain oi ; inran(   rd        ,        *      ,      * nJ      ■
his great brown hands blindly about „ t .    ' h k       h
her hair until it camo down    about
them both in a cloud of spun light.
"Tell me!" he whispered.
"Tell mc!"
"Oh! Oh!" she cried. "Please!
What is it?"
"I do not believe it)' he murmured savagely.
She drew herscll from him with
gentle dignity.
"I'm not worthy to sny it," she
said soberly, "but I love you with
all my heart and soul!"
Then for thc first and only time in
efficient alone, thnt in obedience
his greater use he must take to
self a mate before he enn succeed
thing be
Concrete Blocks ind M.ctumr.
portiere. by refusing so little
"Don't you think you have    done j money."
Hint protty well already?" she nsked.:    "I hale to do It," he replied;   "it
"There, don't look so solemn. We're ' doesn't look right."
I not going to In-    sorry lor a single               (t0 b« Continued.)
thing we've done     to-day, tire we'1"
i She stood close to him holding   the j
she Jumped to hor feot |npols of his jacket in   either hand,	
with tin exclainiiialion.                        searched his face wistfully   with her'_,,„. ,,,,,-,       . u ,.    „,  ,_,,  ,
,   ,     ,       .    .                 - .Till-. MILES Concrete Bululnf Bwchu*licli.nc n
"Oh,    llnrrv! I'd forgotten   utter-1 IBtnomiOSS il.ii-k eyes. 1   ihf men economical and saiislactory ctatrKie
ly!" she cried' in laughing eonsternii- i   "No. sweetheart, we arc nm," re- 2SS51n' ",;|,5W'"W- Vainlbio.k5fu.ai! hilkhii
,. , , ,      . , .,,.,., mt l    , i Pttrpmei mail.- on oiu- machine.   Send for ialah,mi«.
tion.  I have a luncheon here at half- plied I hor|ie soberly. ' ,„ vinmi Hios Mig. Co., Nnutan Falls, Ontario. »
The few moments of Thorpe's tears
eased the    emotional   strain   under i
which, perhaps unconsciously, he had
been laboring for nearly a year past. |
The tenseness of his nerves relaxed. \
He was able to look on tho things,
about him    from a broader   standpoint than that, of the specialist, to
front life with saving humor.     The ;
deep breath after striving could    at |
last be taken,
plicity with thc forces    ol   nature,  gone.   He must hnve been all     cut j   "'Is* jliss i-Lilda Farrand at home?"!   ln this    new attitude    there   was;
Skillfully inrried out, thc plan was up.   I think lie went out in the big he asked. nothing   strenuous, nothing demand-1
a good one.   No one need know    of! woods to get over it.   I am     not!   ", cannot saV|» replied the man.I'n8 llasle: only a deep glow of con-
the weakened link, and it was    the  worrying.   Harry has lots of   sense, "jf you will step to the back
most natural thing in the world that  He'll come in about dark." !] will ascertain." ' Iliberate!)'    the   joy
Sadler &  Smith's drive should    go     "Sure!" snid Tim. "The flowers will   do.    Now   soBiCOUL'h- l'itl1 hansti'ig-"*,   polished floor, l
out with the increase of wo.ter. '    "How. about the boy's  stakes?"; tnat the soulh room  is ready,  An-1 -Subdued light, warmed    atmosphere.:
The men grouped swiftly and sllont queried Railway.  "I hear this is
ly on the other side ol the sawdust bad smash for the firm.
drive. Ho knew the mill men too Alter no Interval,' Tim Shearer,' it was answered almost immediate-
well to depend on them. Truth to Radway mul Keriie came out again, hy by a cleanly-shaven portlv and
tell, thc possibility of such a raid: "Where's the boss?" asked Shearer, rjlgiiined man with the most'impas-
ius this had not occured to him; for; "I don't know, Tim," replied Wai-j sivi, countenance in the world. This
the simple reason  that he did not, lace, seriously. lnan 1()okw| upo|) Thorpe with lotti.
anticipate tlie discovery of his com-     "I've   looked   everywhere,
tne man.   "'1- "•  """.■" ,,'   ° ,    ■
lck door   tent and happiness.  He savored   de-
' llberately    the   joy of a   luxurious
S'ow   see couch, rich hangings,   polished floor,
adv   An   subdued light, warmed    atmosphere.
,,    floated" a voice" from within.     !'ll' w«tched. "]& sou'-deep gratitude
Without ,i word, but with a deadly , »»' sof      girlish cdrves ol     Hilda s
H, MY!" sighed Ted,
"Oh, my! Oh,
me!" slghe.l Dnr-
rle, whose admlra-
linn ami imitation
of her twin's every
won- nnd deed had
earned her the
nickname of
"Hemes without
mother.*! are Just
horrid, aren't thoy,
Dorrle": I wish
hadn't none and
gol sick this
montli, don't you?"
" 'Course I do.
Mother wouldn't
never have forgot-
lon what to-day
was." replied
Doris, with tears
in lur eyes. Don't
y o u remember,
Teddle, our party last year, and what a
be-yootltul time we had?"
"Boohoo! I want tny mudglc, right
•way now!" roared Hide Jack, throwing himself on his sister.
There was gloom In the Mayberry
nursery. Mother and father hud been
called away a week ugo by .lie serious
Illness of Grandmother Newton, leaving
the children in charge of Aunt Elizabeth.
Aunty was young nnd Jolly, thc chil-
line.   The pause did not mean that     "We'll sec thnt the men get tholri'narnestnoss   Thorpe reached forward   body, 'he Poise of her    flower head,     dren loved her dearly, and she usually
Daly's defense wns good.     I     have  wages all right." Loim, the astonished servant by thei"'" I1'1!""-"'- half wistful, half-child-,    k"i" H""" -' '"'i   - ■"' '	
known a crew of striking mill men.    "All right," rejoined the contract-i,,0|ial.   yanked  him bodilv    outside ■ish s(,t "f her red lips, the clear star-
being so bluffed down, but not  such  or.   "We're nil going to need    our [ the ,loo*.   ste|ipc(i ^^ *aI1(1 strode '■. like glimmer of her dusky eyes.    It
money this summer." acI.0SS ,h',. hnll toward a closed por- was «" ncnr to him; h,s*
men us these,
"Do you know what is going to
happen to you?" said a voice from
thc group. ' The speaker was Hallway, but the contractor kept hini-
•seli well in the background. "We're
going to bum your mill; we're going to burn your yards: we're going
to bum yoiii whole shooting match,
you lew-lived whelp!"
' "Yes, and we're going to string
you to your own trestle!" growled
another veico harshly.
"Dyer!" sUid Injin Charley, simply
tlere whence hud come the voice. The1
Kiss inc. dear," he said.
She swayed to him uguin, dollcious-
Thnrn,,  wnlloil  thr,,i„.l,  ,1„, sii™i I rivcrinnn's long spikes cut little til- , am Mvu■ "'   ,,'."" "f"1"' uuT .
ihoipe  unjkeii th.otigh the silent , .,      v   j       , v graceful,    de icious v   uiise cons-
nmun  „i mti,, u-in,„„i  t.,.,i,,„. ihn,„ Unci ur pieces from   the    hardwood -.  b '. , " ,;      ...    ,   .
gioup  ol  men without seeing  thorn.   n»     -.f        ,,.,  _„,   _.„„.   ,h„, cons, trusting, adorable.   Already in
He had no thought for what he had' ' "' *, .,^01>,c, f" n°l„ °',c0   that* the lillle nothingness of manner, the
trifles of mental and bodily attitude,
done,  hot for triumphant discovery H?, *rust asldo the portiere.  ^ ^   _     _^  ^ |	
he hud made in    spite    of   himself.  , Bf'»™ h™. ho„^aw » y°unS     nm!s|,e had nssumed that faint irnce.   of
This he suw at once as something to J™"1''"1 ,:"'1,*.„Su' ^»sns**'"l«1   *'".,!„. maternal,which to tho observant
glory in and as a duly to be fulfill-; ''IT lttp,7as 'ilhil with flowers     At
^j i this sudden apparition her hands flew
it  wns then-about six o'clock    in   '" ,h"'' h°arl'  nml  h,'*r,liPs  8lightlyls she ,CBT)ed her chcck       m
the morning.   Thorpe    pu.ssed      the, P^.T}'.  ''.°':AS'™"*.'!":.,,W0. St°°!': hnnd.  and     her hand    ..gainst
boarding-liouse, the store, and    thc looking nt each other, just as near
shaking the wet scalp arm's lengthi  office, to take himself as far as tho * a >™'* before their eyes had cros-
towards the tumbormen. little open shed that served the pri-:s".'  0Ie.r tlw *> P* ,ra"*  ,
lo  Ihorpe lhe girl   sinned    more
She   exceeded
tells so plainly that a woman    has
ivon herself to a man.
icemen. unit- open sneo nun. serveo tne pn
Al ihis grim interruption n silence mltivo town as a rn.ilwuy station.. .
fell, The owner paled slightly; his There he set the semaphore to flag;1"*'''"1,""1 "'"" vy.
foreman chewed a nonchalant straw., the east bound train from Duluth. fon,.his '*eti*ospective dreams ol her.
Down the slill and deserted street At six thirty-two thc train happen- ("' tae ll,'"n,n. hai1 .P**rs'sieiitly re-
crossed nnd icirossed the subtle oc- ing on time, he climbed aboard. He '"'"J'1' something ol the quality oi
cult Influences ol u half-hundred con- dropped heavily Into a sent and "'""I'*5"' wl"lh '""d<> "'" v's'°" "
coaled watchers. Daly nnd his sub- stared in front of him until the con-
ordin.ite were very much alone, nntl doctor hnd spoken to him twice.
very much in    danger.     Their last     "Where to, Mr, Thorpe," ho asked.  Z
-ri... i.*..  ... i.i    "'
"I have been rending n story lately," snid she. '"thnt has interested
me very mui-h._ lt, was nbout n man
who renounced all lie held most dear
to shield a friend."
"Yes," snid Thorpe.
"Then he renounced all his    most
hour hnd come; and they knew it.
Wilh the recognition of tho fact,
they immediately' raised their weapons In lhe resolve to do ns much
damage ns possiblo before being overpowered.
Then suddenly, full In the back, n
heavy stream ol wnter knocked them
completely off iheir feet, rolled them
over and over on the wet sawdust,
and finally jammed them both against the trestle, where it    held them,
,  ,     , , vnlunlile possessions because n poor
roii , while the woman before    him comraon ,„„,, lieec|,,| lhc sacrifice."
hud become human flesh and blood,     "Sounds like u    medieval story,"
adorable, to be desired.   The red ol. sai(J he with unconscious humor.
The latter razed ,n luu, imeoni.ire- *'*", v'olc"1'    ""«P«'ti"d   encounter    "It |lnp,w„w|    recently," rejoined
h,-mlin!tfy '"'^""l"1-- rushed Jo her face, her bosom    roso j Hilda.   "I read it in lhe papers."
"Oh! JIacklnaw City
at last.
"Ilow're things going up your|
way?" inquired the conductor by
way of conversation while he made
out the pny slip.
"Good!" responded Thorpe, mechanically.
The act of paying for    liis     faro
' and fell in a fluttering catch      for
he   replied breath; but her eyes were steady nml
blitzed n good trail,"
wns Thorpe's sighing comment. "1'ro-
"■n""'"*s* ; linblv hc had his chance.     We don't
Then lho butler pnuiire.! on Thorpo all of us get that. Things go crook-
froiii behind in do great bodily cd and get tangled up, so wo havo to
harm. (|0 the best we can.   I don't believe!
"Morris I ".commanded Hilda short- I've done It."
ly, "whal  an- you doing?" "Oh, you arc delicious!" she cried. I
The mini cut short his heroism   in     After a,time she said very humbly:
away. But to-duy lhe twins were 10
years old, and, though it wus lung after
breakfast, no one seemed to remember
It was any different from every other
day. No w-onder Ted anil Dorrle felt
sod.      j
Jack's loud cries brought Aunty Ellz-
alieth flying upstairs. Just as she reached the nursery Dorrle said:
"Hush, Jack! Don't cry. We want
mother worse than you, for it is our
birthday. Oh, Teddle, don't you think
any one. will remember ll nil day?" and
poor Dorrle's voice choked.
"Their birthday! Thc poor lambs!
How dreadful of me lo forgot it,"
thought Aunt Elizabeth. "I suppose
their mother was too worried tn remind
me. Well, ihey must never know, and
I'll make It the happiest birthday of
their lives."
"Why, why, Kiddlewlds, what's all
Ihls? Tears, and on a birthday, too?
This will never do," cried aunty, rushing Into the room, slipping taffy Inlo
Jack's mouth to stop lus yells, und
catching the twins In her urms.
"Come here this mlni.ie to vour old
aunty. Twenty whole birthday kisses
at once. I'll have to give them turn
about. Ladles lirst, Ted. What's that I
see, smiles? That's right. Run away
now and wash your faces. If you want
tn see what's up In my room."
In len minutes the smiling ami expectant twins knocked nl Aunty's door.
On the bed were two packages.
Dorrle found ln  hers a dainty silk
The Table IVitr, Beautiful, Wilh a Birthday Cake at Each End.
,      .,     , brought tn Ins conscbusness   hnt he coniusion
kickinc ainl gasp ng iur lirenih, in u ,      ", . .
,   ,.*      ,  _        7 ... ,„,.   -i-i u, had but n little over    ton     dollars
choking rntuni.t ol wuler.  lhe   nsl- ,,.,,,, i.
ols flew harmlessly into the air. For vlt^'m" He thrust   the    change
an instant the Fighting Forty star- "1,'k l"° hs pocket, nnd took   up ,ng |,y thc straight portiere
ed In paralvzed astonishment.   Then hla contemplation of nothing,     ihe „ nun it he spoke.
tremendous r
imr of laughter salut-
"I want to beg your pardon for mis-
"You ni.iv go," concluded Hilda.      understanding you and causing   you
Thorpe stood straight and unwink-"so "lut'h suffering.   I wns very stupid
-titer ""'l (''('"'t sec wny yuu could not  do
as I wanted you to.'*
ed ihis ense vai.quish.nont of a form-  "™'|f ]">"}* t0.fov'" «■ P"ol on the were right and 1 was wrong,"    said ed,'ik? *''°°'*''       .
Uablo eneniv car floor,   lhe heavy wool of     his he steadily,   "You   told   me   Ihere       1  luue known about you
short driving trousers steamed      in could  be  nothing Letter  thnn   love   won
"It has all come out In the
in"the"pride"o'f,Bniv" strengtTVt"ofd ■ T«kvnitii. Il hits been very exciting,
you this wns not so.   I WBiS wrong."  P??r ho-v: ■'."" lo"k }[ml..        .   .
Hulv end linker were pounced upon  »"mi ""'"« *-rousers stoamea     in could be  n,
and captured.   Thoro was no resist-  'hacal's   "'"''"" '*   , "ls   shoulders In tho prld,
ance    The,  wen- too nearly s.rung-     '"''' "' " '""'' c'ou" nl vaP01'-     ll<*  you Ihis wns not so.   1 vu,s wrong,
led fm- thnt    Little Solly nnd   old  noticed nono of these things,     but    Hc stood for another instant, look-,
Vanderhoof iurncd off the wnter   in s'1"'1'1' ahead, his gaze-vacant, tin- ing directly at her, then turned very
I'u- lire hvdre.il und disconnected lhe  hronzo of his face set in thc lines of sharply, and head erect walked from
h'ose thev hml su effocllvclv employ-  ? ln'mv" stu(1-v' hls 8tronS    wpable the room.
,.,1 hands hanging purposeless    between    Beloro ho reached the outer
"Then-   damn vou'" suid Rollway nls kr,0l's-  The ''i<lc    to   Mackinaw | the girl was nt his side
ChnHfV.jc millman to *hlslclty w»8 s]x hours long,   and    thc
feet.   "How do vou like too   much u'atn "' Bullion lost some   ninety
water' hev-'" ' """"lcs: but ill nil this Thorpe nev-
The'unexpected comedv changed the ''r Rltel'od 1,ls Il0Sl' nor his fixed at-
party's mood. It tins no longer a titud(1 o( attention to some Inner
question ol killing.   A number broke volce-
into the slore. and shortly emerged,     The car-ferry finally landed on lhe
bearing pails ol kerosene with which southern peninsula. Thorpe descend-1 ing room, Thorpe's caulked boots
they deluged the slabs on thc wind- cd to Mackinaw City to find that gouging out triangular furrows in
ward 'sldo of tho mill. Tho flames lhc noon train had gone. He ate the hardwood floor. Neither noticed
cniig'nt the structure Instantly, A lunch nt the hotel,—borrowed $100 that, .Morris, the butler, emerged
thousand sparks homo by tho off- from the ngent of Louis Sands, a from his hiding and held up the
short- breeze, fastened like so many lumberman of his acquaintance, and hnnds of horror,
slinging Insects on the lumber In tho sonted himsell rigidly in the little "What ore you going to do now?"
yard. waiting room, there to remnin until,she catechised, facing   him    in   thc
It burned ns dried balsam thrown  nine-twenty that night.  When    tho middle of the room.  A long tendril
nn a camp lire,  The lieut of it drove  enrs were backed down from ihesio- of her beautiful corn-silk hair    lell.       ., {
the onlookers far Hack In lho village,  Ing, ho boarded tho sleeper.   In   the across her eyes.   Her red lips purled    -i'i',,,,..,,.',,    [nco    slowly filled with
where :n silence they watched the lie-  doorway stood a disapproving color-! in a fnint wistful smile; beneath the ,,    (,
.. ,    ,       ,,   dfa^rtes of her loom gown the pure    ..yo*u.u brcak u ga|,om(m,    ui,
lhe_sniok„,   cuh up fo -, slender lines o, her figure leaned to- .. hl, „„„„„„„,„,, u mill, hul.sh.
"Wlhy nre you going?*' she nsked.
"I have nothing more to sny."
'•Nothing at  nil'1"
She laughed happily to herself,
"Hut I have much—Come back."
They returned to the little morn.
lie straightened himself suddenly.
"I have forgotton,—actually forgoy
len." he cried a little bitterly. "Why, i
1 am u pauper, a bankrupt, 1—"
"Harry," she interrupted gently, |
but firmly, "you must net say what
you were going to sny. I cannot aF-
low il. Money camo between us before. It must not do so uguin. Am
I not right dear?"
She smiled at him with the lips of
a child and the eyes of a woman.
"Y'es," he agreed, altor a struggle,
you hit right. Hut now 1 must begin all over again. It will be a long
lime before I shall be uble lo claim
,\oii.   I have my way lo make."
"Yes." said she, diplomatically.
"But y>0Ul" he cried suddenly.
"The papers remind inc. How about
thnl Morion?"
"Whal. about him?" nsked lho girl
astonished.   "He is very happily cn-
siructin.i.   From behind locked doors cd porter
thc Inhabitants watched wiih them,     "Yn'll fin
The Inlluii ni* white stnoke filled thc   wu'd, suil," snid the letter,    flrmlv wurd him.                                              ,,
northern sky.  A wh'rl of gray woodIj barring Hie way                           ' "I am going hack," ho replied pat-   ',',„,,,   sh   |(| ,    b    k t,
ashes, light as „„-, floated on am     "It's gocrally forward," answered lenOy         „,', AmmM UMll. ,u„g   hi,,,
cvr on over Europo,   lhe sito     oil Ihon*'. I know ynu ivould come,      snid  w^ S(||n(, .|„rm
tho mill, tho squares where the piles;    "This yenh's th' sleepah," protest- sh".   "1 have been expecting you."   ,   .., sh(|1|ll, lhj|]k* jt WM 0bv|ous ,,„.
of lumber hud Blood,   glowed inenn- od the functionary. She raised on hnnd to brush  back
The First Attlo Ride
•fork bag, completely fitted oul, nnd containing a dolly to work In outline stitch.
QVte ut the bottom was a tiny box
hiding a bright gold dollar.
tgi's package disclosed a bulldog
st.*-!, 'n and an Illustrated copy of Tom
Brown at Rugby, besides a gold dollar.
"Oh! oh! Thank you over so much.
Aunty for such lovely presents," erled
both ilnliciiied children at once.
"Twlnnies." said Aunt Elizabeth, after
n tlnm. "suppose you go down on thc
porcli wl;> j (to Some telephoning. Ted
can read rfOK Brown aloud to you. llor-
rie, us you Wo-k ull ynur dolly. First,
though. Hive theso peppermint! to Jack
or he will think he is n'^iected."
The rest uf ihe mor..-ng ivas so happy
that the twitiH w-.-./ much surprised
whon lunelii" i was announced,
llbtllt after lunch Aunty said: "Mr.
Thompson s taking me out ip his
motor-car inls afternoon. Is there any
oi'e here rt'eo would like to go along?
"1 wuul'i '. would." er.'oil Uu- twins.
"MC  **,-•* said y* -tck.
"/Tell, ..in ulnnR r.nd %<•! ready. Till
Sural- ' j tie your haU* - n tlgh- and put
on warn, coats."
ill;'. J"-'. H Jolly, said Ted, "lo go
tor out ilrsi auiomolillo ride on our
Jolly .( was. Mr. Thompson dtclared
ii birthday ride must be extra last and
extra far, so awav thev whizzed past
lhe woods and fields, brlgki with th,
guy reds and yellows of Of.ol.er. The
keen air made the children want to
shout and juniji for Joy; however, lluy
had much excitement In holding on
tight, so ns not to bounce out. Indeed.
Aunty hud to take utile Jack on her lap
or lie never could hnve stayed In.
When they came out on (he heaih
where .ho twins had gone In bathltlR
Insl summer not a soul was to lie spin
on the sand; the breakers dashed high
with a loud roar, on thc rocks where
nurse always sat; and thc sea looked
cold and stormy.
"Ugh," shuddered Doris. "I wouldn't
like lu be In there now. would vou,
On the way home Mr. Thompson
treated them to un Ice-cream soda in a
drug store in Greenwich, though Aunty
culil "for lur par! thi thought hot mill
and hliinkeiB would be mure appropriat,:
such a cold day."
"Aunty, look, look, there *.re brlglu
lights in ihe drawlu" room,*' called Ted
us they turned liita .in drtre at horn,-.
'•So ihere aro." .i-plied Aunty. "What
can il he? We'll let yo'. oat in the side
door. BCBmper up Ihr, back stairs, dress
quickly for dinner, and w."l' inveitl-
gnu- those lights. Don'- be '.tfapr.d to
peep In without me. r/ough, or you
might share the fate ti all those curious
Mrs.  Bluebeards."
The twins were r#'her impatient Hint
nurse made Ihem ;ut  on   their   best
"It's stupid," «/<d Dorrle, "to drcn
ii|' as if ihey were going n, a parly, ."ist
f,-r Aunty."
H,,ll- slid down lit.- banisters. A. the
foot wns n wonderful s-urprisi. In the
drawing room were len boys ami girls;
one lor oath year. Auntie declared
"A party!   A parly!" whooped Ted.
"h. how lovely! A  party!"  echoed
Thin the twins re.ni-mb.rul their manners and spoke to each of their vuung
gut sts in turn.
What fun they had! ,
Mr. Thompson start,-,! them in a gnmo
he used lo play as a boy—"B1M0." Soot,
all were singing lustily. f
"There was a fnrrmr had a dog.  >s i
Bingo was hie mime, sir," T 1
ami circling, grand i hainlng and rushing for partners in great style.
After (hat they played "Our .Minister's
Cal" lo cool off until supper was announced.
Such .1 supper ;,* il was! Nurse nnd
cook nnd Peter the butler had been
taken into tin- secret, and Ihey had arranged everything while the twins were
The lables were beautiful with pink
i lirysanthemums. while al each end was
a big birthday enke, one iced with
Theodore In pink loiters for Ted and
lhe other with Doris. From eoeh i uke
twelve pink candles shed a soft Ugh..
At i very child's plan- were two pink
hearts joined together with an arrow
and filled with candy. The Ices were
st-rved In gay-colored automobiles.
After supper there were more games
and dancing until !i o'clock.
"Oh. Auntie, we've bail Just the lovc-
llesl birthday," cried tin- twins when
ihe hist guest bad gone. "If only mother and fnther werc—"
"Please, Miss, a box has jds. came
f„r Ma*l,r Ted and Miss Dorrle. What
shall 1 be doing wllh It?" asked Peer.
"Bring ll in. and we'll unpack it in
hi r,-," answered Aunty.
The b,,x, whioh should have arrived
that morning, was full of lovely pres-
,-nl- for Ihe twins. Best of all, Mother
liad written them each ft lender birthday letter.
"Dorrle," said Ted, when lh. y had
cunt upstairs, "tills has been a Intlig-
up birthday, after all; and we thought
it was going to be horrid,"
"Yes, answered Dorrle. "if M ther
had only been here, 1 would ihink it
lull the beautlfulei! birthday wc <v»r
the tendril of linir, but  it    was
dcflccncc over which nlready a white;    "You pays extrey."
film wns forming. "I am aware nf it," replied Thorpe mechanical gesture, one that did not .."J^o
Hnly nnd his nun. were slapped and [ curtly,   "(live mc n lower." oven   stir   the  surface  consciousness,   Th'„j,
cuffed hither and thither at the men's j "Yessnh!" acquiesced thc darkey, \ of (he strung.- half-smiling, hnll-wist-
ivill. Thoir in,-os bled, llieir bodies giving way, but still In doubt. Ile| ful, slurry gaze with which sin
allied us one bruise. I followed Thorpe curiously, peering in  watched his face.
"Thnl squares us," snid the men. tho smoking room from timo to time.    "Oh, Harry." she breathed,   wiih I
"If w
But     it   isn't,
sl..-     insisted.
Thorpe    was silent—as   he always |
* had been in emergencies,    and as he
'|was destined always to he.   Ills was
not a natl.ro of expression, but    of
Incliun.   A crisis always brought him
1 we tiin'i    eul  Ibis year, neither j A little Biter   twelve   his   patience a sudden flush of insight,  "you aroh--,,. „ bull-doff  silently lo lhe grip
n you.   Us up to yon now!" gavo out,   The stolid gloomy man of; I,   man  burn  In  I,.-  much  .nisunde,--1    Hj|,|,( waUhed him, puzzled,    with
rnen, like n destroying tiordo   of lower six seemed to Intend sitting up Btood. bright    eves  liken   squirrel    Her
.'.is-ls. th.',",  c.i.ied iho offlce   and all .night, ,   He hold himsell rigid, but in    his qt.ltk brain glancctl horo antl' thoro
,,      Ctl'ii I 111.llr      i,   li.il       llllll'      ..ill.Ill    . --\ '       1   .   ... I.      In      .. I..  1.    •■      1_   _ I      ll  .'  ..... ... ll  il.... *
explanation.   Already she knew better (liun to demand It of lilm,
"Ymi actually don'l thing he's en-
gnceil lo me!" she burst out filially,
"Isn't he?" nsked Thorpe.
"Why nu, siupid!   He's engaged to
iho store, smashing what thoy could I    "Yo* berth is ready, sail," he deli-  veins  was creeping "a moulten   firc,ia ,,. th<j possibilities  seeking   tho
not carry in iho lire.  The dwellings ] cutely suggested, 'end ih,- fln- wus beginning to glow
nnd saloons thoy diil not disturb., Thorpe roso obediently, walked to dully in his eye, Her whole being
l-'innllv uliuui noon, they kicked tholr lowor six, and without undressing, called him. His heart leaped, his
inn prlsoiiors inm the river, and throw hi.ns.-lf on the bed. After- breath came fast, his eyes swam.
took their way straggling back along wards the porlor, in conscious dis- With almost hypnotic fascination
Hi'" liclil-ni-uni. charge of liis duty, looked diligently the Idea obessed him—to kiss     norl   •
"I surmise we look thnt town honoath lhe soni for hoots to polish' I lips, in pn-ss iho suit body of tho EHinbolh Carii'-nlt-r Wallace's sister
apart snmol ' remarked Shorty with linpponlng to glance up, after IrulV young girl. .,, lumblo her hair down Now where dld'yo'il gel Una silly
satisfaction. less search, he discovered the boots about her flower Ince.  He hnd  nol idea
"I shuulil rise lo reiniii'k," replied still adorning tho loot ol their o»n- come im- tins.  He tried   to   sternly
Kcrlio.   Hig Jllilko said nothing, but er,, I himself. ...id liy nn eiTnrt that    lefl
Ins rf.vorno.ls littlo animal eyes "Well, (ur th' lands sake;" cJttCU- mm week In- succeeded. The a new
glowed  mlli  sn!islnelion.    lle    had Mated  Ihe st-aiii|i,|i„.|| nogro, heating  flood ol im-sinn itvort-u.iie him.     In
I ii Hu' insl m lay hands on Daly ;  0 hasty i-elr.-iii iln   Ian.,- desire mis nothing „! lhe
lie had helped to enrry tho petroleum Flo .vnn still more scanaallwd when old humble adoration, It was elc-
mul in- iiiiii 'trunk Hie ilrsi match;ho tho lollowlng niun in* strange tare inonlnl, real, almosl a little savage.
limi even iiilniii'i-iei-i'il Uu' linn! kick, brushed  hy  Iuin without hcstowlng Ho wojited to seine her so fiercely m
At  the liiuii'iliiig house Ihey    lound'Un' expected up.
"I sine it in (he pnper."
"And you believe nil ymi see! Why !
didn't you ask Wallace—but nf course |
you wouldn't!   Hurry, yon are    tho I
most  incoherent dumb old  bruto    I |
ever suw!   I could flh.ike yoll!    Why
don'l yon sa) something occasionally when it's needed, liihtt'fl.l of silting
imn her   Something caught his 'dumb as a sphinx and getting   Into
T 00K nt lliis queer
nniiniil. Ilo you recognize il( 11 is, as you
sen, lllllll.- up of purls of
liiimy n n imn Is willi
which ynu girls nnd boys
aro familiar. Cun vuu
iiiiini- on ell purl! li
would lie a good tiling in
paint I'ui-li purl nf this
queer creature in the
colors llmi belong io tin-
animal it represents,
..-.' f—.- Srim and Conservative Shapes in
TRIM shape., fairly small,
tntt not the tiny hats which
have been so popular ever
since their surprising entrance intu fashions, are the tirst of
Co fall hats about, most of them
k.-pt ... conservative lines, with
wings ami stiff bows of ribbon und
nn occasional plume.
Most uf theni arc of black, al-
th .ugh some wonderfully tuiract-
ive ii.ml,'Is have ,-,,1111- nut iu green
and brown, .-um,- in a sort oi leather
For these suii hnls, fur very lilth
in -ii- Iressy line is slimy., as yet
I- - s i-, nine times out nf tun
sl, iwn ns iln- whole trimming, 0/
at 'lie It-list, a bit nf it used lo poin
tii" col ir scheme. I'n brown and
t!i" leather-brown hats particularly,
bla k trim.ni.igs give un effect of
style thai nothing else does.
Hn that tenth hut (whicli may bo
of brown, too) twu nr three tones
0! "ii" -an." shade* may In- used—
there's nothing much inure attractive : ir a brown suil than a hat to
match, and all-brown need nut be
only one shade,
I'l,-.ity of sailur shapes—an cvo-
lution of tin- lit le French sailor
we've worn all summer, hut radically unlike it, with u wider brim nml
a higher crown—are among theso
first hats.
Lovely Mulles and Silk
Embroidered mulles are lovelier
than ever, and the silk muslins, with
great shadow designs and with the
silk thrown to llie surface in the
form of dots, looks, when the light
strikes it u certain wny, as though
embroidered with paillettes.
Coral, the softest, prettiest shade
of it, gray (a true gray, without
that ugly little hint of tan that
seemed impossible to overcome before), old rose, violet (a dozen exquisite shades), blue in every tone,
from one so pale that it is only a
tint, through old hi ies and French
blues to lhc deep, staple shades
which wear and wear and always
look well—colors have done their
best to mako up for the long seasons
in which they have had to give not
only precedence, hut first and last
and every place to white.
Covent Garden's Galaxy of Jewels
The First Tailored Suits for Fall
I.i IN DON, 'OS.
CERTAINLY Covent Garden
is the place to study fashions in jewels. There is,
perhaps, no in ire remark-
able sight for an American in all
Eur .pe thgn a "full dress bout"
there during the season, 1' is imt
the presence --f several -iinbro figures, clad in court mourning,
pying the r,,yal box thai astonishes
hi:.., any more thun it i- the - n-
thun.aim of sume thousands ,,: apparently   stoical   I'ltglisll  III- !..   .;:.-!
women too, who keep Mi 11 1 1111
Carus - industriously bowing fur
five r tea minutes after tin- curtain has fallen. It is those inagni-
to   weight
cent   jewels—seeming
rather '.ban adorn tin- w-iiiu-n 'lint
surpass the wildest picture ol liis
wildest imagination. Instead uf a
doceii women who may be picked out
in u metropolitan audience for thoir
tiaras or jewel-incrusted corselets,
lt is here the dozer, not so bedecked
who are conspicuous.
Ilianrjnds pure and simple are
worn by several well-known women,
Mrs. George Keppel and Lady Londonderry among others. The former
Has the Bodice of her white gowl!
literally covered wi „ them. '
The Duchess of Marlborough is
iu , xquisite example of good taste
IV th .1 cloudy sorl of blue gauze
1 in garlands of palest pink,
ihe h 1* donned n me beautiful tur-
luoisi set in pearls and diamonds,
. mii.g necklace and bracele.s
an 1   ■-.-• - il ::,:.- .ilic. nl brooches.
Ai ther lovely girl, who is claimed .1, .," least partly American, is
Mi-, Ivittj Shannon, daughter of
Mr. Im I", Shannon, the portrait
painter. With 11 simple white muslin
gown she 1 nr- ,1 inglo strand of
im-- |„ arl 11 ads and a pair of wonderfully picturesque earrings made
nf baroque pearls, in thc following
way: three iii 11 row at tho UBe,
' .mi abovo and one al tho centre,
These are set in gold filigree wire,
nu that il,-- form a lort of Rat ts 1
Bel, Italian in effect.
Mrs. Jack Leslie nml Lady Knnl-
leys wear sapphires and diamonds.
This combination is the most newly
fi.sl.iunable; indeed, sapphires
might he called the loason's jewel.
It is the lighter shade tlmt. it in
vogue, anil usually they are set with
an almost equal quantity of dia
inonds. Solid hearts made - f imall
 i.. md in the
ntre, are a fa nkel
Bracelets are formed of a - - - 1
set   band  of  stones,  four  or five
ppl ■- - aid mating with diamonds.
Br n-i lets if .ill iorts are.worn in
.    ml narrow ones "ii the left arm ere 1
of "semi"  1- well as entirely pre-
• inn.-s, iei in every ion
fashion known to evi r   age,
1   -   ewels of all sorts nre al a
premium, Sow ia the time -   -
met old necklaces of topazes, bril
iinnts nr filigree gold work.
.I.--,.-1 studded combs and b inds
nre another old fashion thai is being
revived, for young .--rl- and the
younger matrons as well A long
comb with nn inch wide top of mr
quoises bordered with pearls and
diamonds, which was worn rjiagon
ally across tho fronl of a Huffy
blonde coiffure, was, to my way >f
ilii.iking, the must becoming hair
ornament of the evening.      ¥.. li
HE must be about the subject   when clothes must necessarily be a
of getting bei fall nnd win-   tiling uver which she need trouble
her learned head 10 further.
The suit is the first consideration,
.)     ter   clothes   early,   the   girl
who is going to college. Only
a f.-w short months and she will be
ii the thick of lectures and classes,
Fairly  plain  it  must
good, serviceable type.
Many of the jackets of these first
suits shown ure belted, some of
Ihem even hinting at iN'orfolk lines.
Plaid skirts, with jackets of plain
be, and of clolh, bid fair to he very popular, especially whon a bit of tho plaid of
Notes of the Fashions
plain inded
ends a quarter of a -.. r-1
wide end  one  yard long
that arc simply knotti
...   '.
ire 1 dged with a nan iffli
I i thai
- worn with K well
as lung waisted 1 - ■  ms
terilll, will be a  I'u* I!      '■  ■■ ItUIWI
evening gowns,
Shades  pim il .-  •   - -. 'ii  hrown
and it 1,- .- if ,1 Bking
'ii'- winter field their own iui h, for
instance,   as   "fnmei     I  ,  im
'vi-rr,- film, ■" 1 mi... tc I gla is), "elephant' '» - tc R d ;>■ imisi to
!■■• • . -. m iter than '■ • * year,
A beautiful sort of shoe fur darker
or linen costumos, but one whioh is
ililli,-uit to wear, bus 11 vuii.p uf rus-
-.1 I. ither ami high buttonod top
of '.iini- kuI. Df oourso such ii:i arrangement tends iu thicken the
mikl". Palo gray nml very pale tun
-m-ili- In,1,is nn- iil--,ii pretiy wilh
light cloth gowns, lilnek shoes aro
m,i worn nl all.
S,-v,-ral iiiirmw bins riililes (livo
inclu * wide 1, with a hum stitched
-11 ilm right side, trim new muslin
ami veiling skirls. Tlu-y an- put in
ir.,- or lis row. around ilu- bottom,
ur iii 11 graduated scallop pattern
In ginning rix ii.ehos above ilm hem.
Mitiiiis nf thread nr laco um even
moro popular hen- than thoy nro
in France, Thoy seem sn much bet
ter than gloves witii tho simpler cot-
Inn gowns—so much moro American
ilnn. Fronch in iheir Btyle—that ure
worn hy English women.
Panama lints, with a bund and soft
bow uf wido pompadour ribbon, ure
ilm very latest touch of "smart-
Knme stunning linen pumps have
ilm vamps embroidered,
Tin- prettiest treatment of checks
lies in the introduction of dots of
llie color (often a deeper shade uf
it) in lhe blocks of white. Not that
tbey urn evenly dispersed; instead,
they are grouped into little set figures, win,:li give the cheeks a world
of eliiiractor. ■**. D.
the skirt is used for belt and strappings upon the jacket.
Skirts, so far, are either pleated
or circular, some of them trimmed
with circular ruffles which give the
cutaway effect so well liked in every
sort of thing tliis year.
Jackets are about tho length (or
a trifle longer) of pony jackets, but
fow of them hang loose, as tho pony
jacket invariably did.
Both smooth und rougli materials
ure being used, but, in either case,
suppleness is a characteristic very
much emphasized; and duller, rather
...ore sombre coloring is almost as
With some of them, there is a
waist to match tho skirt, making a
simplo three-piece affair, but what
is more often worn is a silk or cloth
shirtwaist in tho dominating color
of the suit.
Brown and green—brown even
moro than green—promise to bo tho
leading colors for fall, both of them
plain or combining mysteriously
with othor colors in the sort of
undcr-plaids which remain hidden
except under strong light, or when
a curious strapping brings them out.
fd     ("MiT/.T.I
r-*yj »T       ^-O--'     '
•c. >,. --■       -,  A useful bookcase for this g'irl student.
''Shelves built about the sms/Lw/hdows.
you plait, to Insure s.nooth and finished
Another use old n a can be put to Is
to have them woven into rag-carpet
rugs; but care should be taken In sewing the rags together to have pretty
color harmonies. Another economical
way ol covering floors Is to have old
carpets rewoven.
A preti.lv draped dressing-table adds
much to lhe daintiness o( a room; and
these can he made -it a very moderate
cost, ns the cheapest sort of a table answers the purpose, Thoy enn be draped
with swiss or some such white material,
over n colored lining, or wllh cretonne
or chintz. , ,
A verv prettv worktnble can be mane
from two iiolntn baskets. First, nail the
two baskets llrmly together, end to
end Line the upper basket with tlenlm.
Get a rouiiii board, two Inches tilggi-r
In illameter than the top of the. basket
for the lull cover the ouislilc of this tn-
Wn with figured cretonne. To do ihls,
jilent the cretonne to the top of the basket wiih brass nails, after hnving made
n hem fnr lhe lioltom. The table should
either hnve n ribbon or strip nf thc cretonne caught around the middle. The
li.i t-hinilil 1,.- covered on the top witn
cretor.ne an,! underneath with donim to
mutt-h  the rest.    Pincushions and  fit-
B\ Dorothy Tuke,
THE uummer !s nearly spent, and
autumn will soon be upon ur
In ft lew wecki ihe schools and
colleges will have opened, and
(be young girl, deep In her studies.
Will have littlo timo to devote to the
renovating of her bedroom. Now ii
the time. Tor every sound, healthy
girl should take an interest In her
room, an,J do what a hi* can herself to
Improve it.
There are so very many thing** (hit
» capable girl can du, in fact, she can
do almost everything. She can paint
the woodwork, stair, the flour, make
the rugs, paint the furniture, n.rtktt
the curtains, the tablecloth, the bureau scarf, and Ihe It-dBpread ^h^
can buiM book shelves and window
seals, and do Innumerable, things if
the puts her mind to It. Altnujgi*,
to do ih*-se thlngB necessarily tnken
time, stlil the girl ,Who makes for her-
lelf a pretty and original room will
fee more than repaid for her labors.
1 shall r.ut attempt, It, this article
to give very definite Ideas or color
echemes, because I think It bo good
for a girl tu think these out fur herself. Every giri has a cerlain amount
of urlgi.'iBlil.v burn in hei With some
this siiuws Itself sooner c later, in
one furm or another I feel ai if |
Were writing an advertisement when
I lay. "beware of Imitation," but it
|l ver) necessary that we guard
ftgalnst this, fur it la so easy lust to
copy our neighbors, and often tl mei
we do It quite unu'iiHciuusIy.
Perhaps this year we du no*, need to
repoper; It cften happens that a cheap
bedroom paper Ib rr.uc. prettier after
It has been up a year or two. for It hai
faded and the colore have been softened- White woodwork I would always
recommend for a young girl's bedroom.
If the room ha* this already, another
coat will be the mow that It needs; but
If the woodwork la light oak and wo
wleh to have It white we must cut the
■wnlah by applying a strong solutl-
ammonia, after which it must be rubbed down with pumice stone, then
painted This would need either two or
three coats,
The furniture could also be painted
white. If .iew fur* lture L*a to be
bought i.i*i burei is, v-ashstande, etc
ran be picked up fur two of three dollars each at second-hand -? Ol a, which,
when pointed up, look as .,'ood as new.
The white t".r au In the illustration Is ft
prettv one, and the oval frame above It
has a" deilghrf illy old-world air about L
The seat sh-*n was made from an 01a
bureau. The upper drawers were taken
away, the top was cm to form the Mat
and the nides were partly rut away 1
consider this an exceeding!) clever way
of making une nf an old bureau, for it is
useful both as a s-at and a receptacle
besides   being   an   lmpru\<-ment   to   a
rThe book shelf shown Is simple and
easily made, and aurh a huokense Is
nlways   useful,   especially   for   the   girl
The bedroom Illustration shown n pret-
l.ir-a  for  Ihelves   where   ihere  nra
tings snould be made and sewn to the
.. . 9 ich a wmktible, bei Ides '"
Ing !,. -.-'. md pretty, ki very iseful, M
there i« plenty of :00m lo keep the sew-
,,-- ■>.-. . . the wherewithal
for sewing, and it la vei I H I in I --;
be ■ 1 ' 1 mo\ --(I from room 1   room
Corner shelves partition 1 for b ireau
drawers snd c ibbj holes In the •■< ttom
of ,:■■.*. for shoes  ire only a few of
il [ngs  thai  ■'   girl   who  Is  handy
with to ils can do; but I am * onvinced
that Hie girl who -■nf** makes -1 f«W
successful ihlng-H for her ronm will be
an fascinated by ihe work lhat sh»- will
l.e led '■> Ai  more and more
This room
small windows In the
Is papered wilh a soft gray paper
whieh rcHftmhh-H note paper. It Is trimmed wllh 11 border having little cluster*
of rosebuds and leaves Joined wiih gray
ribbon The furniture In ihls room In
mahogany. The rug shown Is a round,
plaited ne, Uk. those -mr grandmothers made, Them; are fjiilie easy to make.
(1i,,j can eitnei bo made from piece*-*
from ibe ragbng or from unbleached
mualln, which can he dyed nt home, or
from denim. The material must he cut
Into strips irurn half an Inch If an inch
nnd a half wide, ncrordlng to thfl thick
ness of ih* material. It i* best not lo
ha   '- lhe el ill* v<*ry Ionk. US tbey tangle
and fray; but they should in about ft
yard or co in length and can l.e Joined
iiH you go along. The rug shown I" made
of pink denim, Pretty effects cun he
made- by using iwo Btrlpi of one shade
and one Mrlp of a darker shone, nr
some harmonizing color. The rng* can
be plaited "hill as Ihey are very quickly, but It is best to turn In the edge-* fl*
The Engagement Ring
INSTEAD of ihe once-Inevitable diamond solitaire, tKfl engaged girl has
won a pretty independence in the
matter of whal the token of her betrothal shall be.
Ulrthstones nre wonderfully popular
for engagement, rl gs, ond the gold
■Mlzpah" braceh ts (iho kind that fasten
on "for keeps,'' and have to ho Ignu-
mlnlously fll' . off If the engagement ll
broke re aboul equally popular, the
bracelets probnblj besl liked of all lo*
kens for tnoiu r-ngagomei 1- whlcl m ill
neccssuril) be a matter 01 yciu ■ and
are con sea lie itly noi anni ced al once.
Perhaps he prettiest of all betrothal
gift. though, was a ring noi a usual
ring, hy am odds, bui ,1 tin lei 'if ala
mondi, ihe s    sei between iwo mere
nmi of gold .
And om- girl who 9a» in business, hli
1 mn a clever wny of wearing a ring
wlthoul letting it lell the tnle it uniully
ilncs The only man had 11 replica of bis
.-..:.| ring made fur hb| t" woai mi her
little linger
A llttlfl Wh )" before lhe wedding, when
her engagement was made public, ine
put the other beautiful ring he had
given her on the Imnorlnnt fourth finger
lint the little*finger ring, ihfl mild, was
Iho "real" rlna-
The Inconvenience of
Ill-Timed Visits
WHEN the time comes for balancing the accounts 0* this
world's sinners who "mean no
harm," then surely Just punishment will be meted to the Inconvenient guest, whose rank among well-intentioned criminals is high.
There is the woman who lives ln a
hotel, who thinks (If she Is ever guilty
of that process) that marketing Is done
by machinery and that houses run
She drops ln upon you at 10 o'clock In
the morning, smiling, immaculate, bubbling over with her own plans for the
day. She generously ignores the dust on
the parlor table and the twisted condition uf yuur collar. She is tactfully deaf
to the wailing of the buby und blind to
the mysterious beckoning of Mary, who
has walked past the dour six times, because she must see you before going
out on that errand. ,
She only stopped In on her way downtown, she explains. She is going to
lunch with a friend later. She wonders
how you stay at home so constantly,
but then she supposes It has its compensations, in lhat you seldom miss
your friends when they call.
An hour later, having torn your morning to shreds and spoiled what was
once a very lovely disposition, she goes
away, still smiling, und no doubt inwardly congratulating herself upon having brought a bit of variety into your
monotonous day.
There is the woman who always appears at mealtimes. She would not
brenk bread under your roof without a
hidebound Invitation—oh, dear, no! She
knows that the business hours of tho
masculine end of your establishment
compel you to eat on the minute, and
at what an unprejudiced observer might
consider not quite n seasonable hour;
but that makes no difference.
Going in a Moment \
She Is going in a moment; she couldn't
possibly stay. They are expecting her
home to dinner. Isn't It too bad that
Mrs. A. has such ubsurd hours? She
wouldn't think uf keeping you; but she
does. She stays on, and chatB serenely
nbuut the weather and the shortcomings
of her dressmuker und the newest
book. "Oh! haven't you read it?" While
footsteps ominously heavy move about
overhead, and the dinner cools, and you
listen with an automatic smile, and an
awful sense uf impending domestic disaster.
There Is the woman who knows
that you write articles which misguided
editors occasionally accept, and, what is
more astonishing, pay for.
She doesn't know just how ynu do It.
but it must be perfectly lovely, and so
dead easy. She thinks she'll bring
around something she's written for you
to look ut—ami she dui-s.
She comes at an hour when you are
simply steaming uver your work. She
thinks it is simply delicious tu huve
something to do that can be picked up
any old time. The little thing she bus
written—well, of course, you may not
care for It, but her sister thought It
quite the cleverest thing. She believed
the would typewrite it if yuu would Just
show her a little about your machine.
Vour w.irk was 011 the typewriter nuw?
Oh, she didn't mind waiting while you
t.'.ik it out. She would Just love to see
her story In type; It would be almost as
nice as having lt printed.
So she stays, while yuu seethe and
rage and the fire of genius burns low,
and then she goes away and tells
somebody that ynu are getting just a
little bit uld maldlsr* "These women
who fanci they are clever are so apt
to. my dear."
Then there Is the woman who ar-
rtvei unbidden to meals. She just
dropped In to have lunch with you.
. 1 irse, you wont make any change
for her Sh'- seldom take*- anything
but a cup uf tea and bread and butter In the middle of the day,
A Housekeepers' Litany.
Voir sieter-lp-law and her baby are
coming you Bald? Why, ihere will be
, , -. a Httte party. Uoes the baby
, ,. to the table? Tha* must be
rat ier troublesome. -None of the children at home wire allowed to until
thev were Ave. Children are bo apt
to make embarrassing speeches, Now,
«ou are -ire It won't make any d r-
ferei - If she stays? Ard you lie
like a lady and a Christian inijm«r*
mur to yourself. "How long-oh, how
' ' - 1 than these transitory wor-
r, ow ver, are the ir.*onvenlen
,,,*., come 10   >"y   over   night
°y0!S5ot    verv    well   come   at   the
,,,.. lt.any    terllng v rtues,
"but I Will  run over th    last »r "p"
month for a weak or w    Jou kn ow
have to make any dlffer-
,'-.;,;,'heTa-t week in next montk a
eSreS ll  to be in  t ..house   or
.....    ;,   .    you   inul   IMii'-r.-l   .1   W"«
•--"     ! your own.account. »nj ««•
.  to l„    , nlay   n WWII  fnr !!,.!'   ftp,;l*
n'LoVhav. bten dylnf to «M
, .  *,,.,,. if nm "I-.*"*"  y" ""*
,-  Un  ii  wai ■- -   '-""•
I  .„„! ,"! !-   «' »*;';,*'1   ;
,     .,      ,,. -...-.     .! '     I"      :,l"h     "*
.... .;,,online.
*      * .       TW
he hul
., ■ . --I-!
•       j    ,h, ihmli,!"!,    I    *  lamlly
mtin, to
l| '".t, ai.o-
good Lord leMvi'  -"
Souvenir Postal Pads
rj n-n-Is ha.
i,.,- ihape "f
, ,iadl, which
and tin pad.
I. only thn
1. k lhe... In
aro md ii"-
A. HEAT  lot poal
been  prepared  in
ili,, iouvenlr polls
contain a dosen poitala,
;,-.  10 compaot  thai  II
,,,,ti< "f -ui in-nil'- '
your bog n*i you wandi
,\ fountain pen, some 1
l.n'l   til", 01   II,"       II   tl"
„,,,! the hearti ol n itn <
,, bi n   i" i-i.'l wl,"
r,,iM ,,r, your pari beyoit
lectins Intsrostlng vlewi
mo ploturss
The Kings Sprits I>nvo Behind 'Em.
THAT   ugly    ring   wlilrh  t-lrmiMng
fliiitl, tifii-n   li-ni-     In-lilnil   llu-m
wh'.,   they   nm   imoo*   for  rninoi'ing
t\M.  mnv   I'"     i',.l,l,"l   If a   thick   |ui'l
of rniv cotton or n oouplt of iltick-
nesiel of blotting pnpnr it-, loltl iiinler
•ie imr. vou lire rl.-iillllig
cent .(amp.
. little paa«,
,. , iiieclori
v II.Mr «f-
1 thai "f is-
ir appfoprl-
.'■', ■•■' t;
*m •• ■
flegtiffO'We\H>for6 ^ _^T ,„,.,.,
s/eeve and tfmletjoin. \'., ^-^W' %   ,
Ldce braids andst/fchc
/om the lace
JUST what those of us who have gone
in so violently for short sleeves are
going to do when tne threatened
long sleeves arrive la u iu.uk very
much to be cunsldered. if you've plenty of material left over, and some of the
luce us well, u long cuff will eke out
lhe sleeve without a great deal of
Some of the prettiest armlets have
come out to til] Just that need-armlets
which an- nothing more in the world
than long cuffs made for weuring with
Some of them are fascinating, In the
way they -,-nd in f-rlllB, pleated or ruffled, which Hare out prettily, not over
lhe hand, but at the top 01 thfl eijflf,
over lhe uutr Itself, For a blouse thut
is tn he laundered often, don't get lhe
onei with pleated ruffles, for pie :lng
doesn't dn up veil. And ruffling Is pret-
tleit  when It  Is treated to a  goffering
A second Puff.
Iron in the doing-up process.
Often embroidery—insertion or motifs-
Is Joined by rows of insert lun crossed
und criss-crossed In a pattern of Its
own. Usually the designs of the luce
used for these separate cuffs arc so
staple in design that lt Is often possible
tu mutch the lace of the blouse wliuse
sleeves you want to lengthen In cuffs
all ready to attach.
Sometimes 11 fairly plain cuff can be
turned Into Just the cuff for Ihe hi* se
by uddlng a bit of hnnd-embroldery-
Just a little spray In groups or dots or
eyelets, anything that echoes tbe design, however faintly.
An occaalonni pair of armlota in a
fl frill at the top o/'faecuft
little puff Itself anil la Intended, nol
iniilte .lie short sleeves Into Ions ones,
but to turn Ihem Into the jtretty three-
quurt.-r ii-na'li .hat Is made up ot a
eui'iile of jiufts.
A t'ootl lileu. according to one girl who
Bets along upon about as near nothing
a year us ever a girl did, Is to mako
armlets of lace and "llxlngs" to malch
the blouse, and then, Instead of sewing
(hem lo (he blouse, keep (hem cep-
arnte, so that the blouse may do doubla
duly-as a short uud a long slecva
'J'he lower part of a good sleeve pattern Is ull you neml to mnke them on.
They should be ninile on paper, it mllen
laee Is .0 enter Inlo their onrnpuslllon.
Those, by lhe wny. made of rows of Insertion Joined by one of lhe many pretty little liondlngB-of laee or embroidery
-are particularly pretty nnd may oo
whipped toRother In a Jiffy. In spH« 0l
I!  Ir .llfllrult-to-mnke ,011k.
What Are You Going to Make of Your Daughter?
IT'S s pretty important mailer, this
filling a girl for the niche she lias
lo fill in trill world, yet it s one lhat
tiit: average   parent   nt u,.,i  tu guuu
Fiom the time a man-child Hist Ilea
In his tradii-, un through lhe various
itagei of block building and \\w nylng,
one Question li kepi ever uppermost in
his parents' mind concerning him, What
Is he going tu do? -Whal will he be?
And ihe oaughtei "Oh,girls are different," said une mother vaguely when
the above queition wa» pui to her, Uut
a girl ban her place in life as surely
as a man Noi II U bninl-winner, pos-
llbly DBrtlBpl, even, not aa the head uf
a family bit mm a place, and sho
r-hoifd h" flll'-d fur It.
A young glii who had grown up In a
household where every one was busy
nnd wture IiiI'mhIh ' uinrnon and Indl-
vldmil   were   plentiful    wiih   Invlled    to
ipenri "'".'Mi tveekn In a mouniniu ho*
lei, ni tho gUCSl of a wealthy woman a
III tie pail middle age
On lhe morning after her arrival tho
lady h iggi nod thai they should g*. Into
..ne ol Ine vni-"" antl play cards with
pome ui her women whu wore ihere The
girl assented pleasantly enough, hut
when the suggestion was repeated that
Dftl m n. and again in lhe evenihg. and
BtDI again liin m XI day. and the one
following,  she waxed  rebellious,
There were beautiful walki md drives
around Ihfl hotel: iherr .'ere wide piazzas Where often inieieHtlng people gathered, then* wns n library well stocked
wllh hooks The elder woman hnd trav-
fle.l.    Hhe   wan   Well    educated.     Intelll-
gent, apparently, yet she ignored those
opportunltlei and spent ber time at llie
card table, which she admitted bored
"Then why do you play?' queried the
girl, wiih yuinh s bluntuess.
"Wh)i my dear," exclaimed the other,
plaintively. "1 have to du something to
kill lime
The woman was not excusable, of
course, but hack of her inability to find
whal wan worth while In her dally llf«
lav a lamentable want of curly training.
A girl need not be given a trade or
piof.ss    though   she   Is   none   tho
wuisa foi havmg one, even if she never
uses it Ior making n.oney; but she does
need an occupation und an absorbing interest ur Interests.
She inui get mnrrlcd-u goodly number of girls do-aiid It Is Just uh well to
be prepared fnr It* Sho need nut stitch
all her hypothetical husband's shirt-
bands, nur llll a chest with household
linen, like the hopeful Uerman maiden
(who, nevertheless, lived und died a
spinster); but she won't be any the
worse off fur knowing how to make
In end and cut out 11 baby's petticoat,
Hhe mav have (0 start out unexpectedly to earn her own living. I'lenty of
women do. (if course, If she hus some
great i„lenl- the vnlee uf nn Humes, tho
pen of a He Siuei, t: genius of a Bernhardt then the way is clear, Hut, on
thfl . ;h,'t hand, she may bu Just an average woman, with a warm heart and a
head Hint's a bit faulty; and It'll do her
no harm If sho can cast accounts ae-
riiralrlv, run a sewing machine, write
a good uute and say what she wants tu
say lu n way to muke people understand.
if ynur daughter has a particular bent,
cultivate It uh far as lh-s within you,
hut not to the extent of excluding other
things, Nature doesn't often du things
unthinkingly, and you mny depend upon
It thnt If Sally or Jennie shows n marked aptitude with I nnlnt brush ur a pair
rl icfs-jurs or 3 frying pan, thnt knack
wui surely be culled Into uso before she
Is dead.
Il's Just as well, however, not to forget to teach her at the sume time to
put her stocks and belts on carefully,
and to keep her mind Informed ub to
what's going on.
Make cf your daughter first of all a
woman- not a butterfly, nor u drudge,
not un chi, nur u grenadier, but a real
true womanly woman.
Teach her lact Jf you can-It's a precious possession; discretion—she'll need
It; self control, und the cupuclty for
meeting emergencies. Then — If she
wants a career, help her to It. If she
wants a home, help her to that likewise, and show her how to build her
homo and guard It successfully.
When you huve done this, you hava
made of her .. self-respecting, healthy-
minded Individual, ready and willing to
do her share In the world's work.
To Avoid Rust Marks
LJNBN sum havo a way ot showing an ugly little rust mark on
Ihe lop of lhe shoulders. Hid you
ever look Inside for the cause? If yoa
did, most probably you found the shoulders murked with plenty of It. got-and
here's a whole storv In a nutslinll-from
the cOBthanget upon which you've, carefully kept Tt whenever your suit has
beeii out of use.
foulhnnners should always be covered belore they are used for white or
dellcato colored Ihlims. I.lltle bints of
silk or linen or dimity can be drawn
over tlie lund sides and held In place by
narrow ribbons, tied Into pretty bowa.
Antl then, even If the weather Is damp
enough '.0 make everything rust, the
brunt of It won't come upon your very
best bib and tucker, but upuu an easily
replaced thing.


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