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The Mail Herald Nov 7, 1914

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Chiet lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation c -tre hetwoen Calgary
and -> >,        'tie ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone--Tho recognized
advertising medium tor the
city and district.
Vol. 21-. v>
$2.50 Per Year
Bitulithic K cement is
Accepted by Council
i>i'u-ii:<Miiui nt thc meeting     ol   tbe Inside wire work and dealing in dec-
City  council Inst night  was of a   de- trlcal  supplies.
eultory  character    and     covered      a (!. North, city electrician, explained
great variety of topics and     It   was the course adopted     by     his depart-
X o'clock this     morning     when     the ment, and the council decided that it
rlvic administrators dispersed  to seek would not be ln the city's Interest to
»  well  earned rest. refuse to do wiring when requested to
J. H. Bhewry, superintendent of the do the work. Mr. North Baid that tho
"Warren  Construction company,   asked city did not sell the ordinary electric
the city    to     accept     thc   bitulithic lamps.
pavement,  He thanked  the city conn- The  bylaw   for  the  purchase of
r.il  tor its courtesy.
The mayor said that thc city had
wevcr had dealings with a contractor
who had behaved more fairly or liberally.
market situ between Second and
Third stroet was introduced. Aid.
Needham voted against the proposal.
He advocated using the land near the
police station for     market purposes,
Committees for Local
and Belgian Relief
Bid Revelstoke Volunteers
Affectionate Farewell
Publio Meeting In Conneotlon with Patriotle Fund to be
Held on Tuesday—Relief and Finanoe Committees
Appointed Canvass of City and District Generous
Response by Publio.
A public meeting in connection with   "Brakoy"      	
the Patriotic fund will be held ln the1-'-  "•   McKensle
Tlie pavement   was accepted.     The  purchasing thc old laundry site   and
price  will  be 866,800,      The  original   moving the tool     shedB to thc laun-1
■estimate waa 950,700.      The company   dry  site.
Y.M.C.A- on Tuesday evening at
S o'clock. At this meeting the nominating committee will report, and
the [|iicstion ol lormlng committees
for local Belgian relict, thc work to
be separate from thc Canadian Patriotic fund, will be brought up.
^^^^^^^ I This  was  arranged  at a meeting of
.m  «..., ,_-,        ,__.       . Other     aldermen  thought   the  Rovelstoke executive of the   Pat-
rives a  bond to keep     thc pavement   that the proposed site was ideal   tor   riotic fund  held  on Thursday  evening '- "' "
I        PlP'l fit*.
in  repair for five  years. market  purposes,  that  It was an  ex-   at  which  a   Relief committee  consist-'
The court ot revision of the bitu- (client Investment and that the peo- jn._r of T. Kilpatrick, Rev. J.C. Mac-
lithic pnvement assessment will bc pie should have iui opportunity ■ ;( Kenzie and 0. B. Hume was upheld on November 30. expressing their preference. | pointed. A linnnce committee con-
A letter wns received Irom Robert The council decided to extend the sisting of W. H. Pratt, B. R. Atkins
Gordon, secretary ot the Putrlotic retaining wall at. the power house, and R
fund  saying tbat he had been   asked  Mr.  North  declared     that   the work  hy the executive
to  investigate  a  report that the city   Was  absolutely      necessary    11  heavy      ""     *     -
liud dismissed an English clerk and damage in the spring was to be pre- ., ennvass for the fund of Revelstoke
was employing a German. The mayor vented, The cost will be some *1,2U0. ,uln- district nnd the campaign -'"
■aid that thc lady in question wau On motion of Aid. Smythe, second- start next week. Although up to the
not a Herman. She had been born in <-d by Aid. McSorley, an account (or present there has been no soliciting,
Canada and her grandparents had al- the crossings coostructc<i on Third funds have been generously subscrlb-
so been born In Canada. Referred   to  street was  passed. nd  as a  result  of the recent     public
the city clerk. An application  was received     from   meeting.   In cash    .?2li5     has already
A letter was received from the Walter Bews asking for water con- heen received, $898.85 has been svb-
liRwrence Hardware company Limited noction for Clearview subdivision, scribed in Single donations and sub-
the Revelstoke Hardware company Referred to public works committee scriptions ot 8218.95 per month dur-
Ijimitcd, Bourne Bros., Limited     and   with  power to act. i ing  the continuance  ol  the  war  have
the  RevelstoKe  Plumbing   &  Heating      It was decided  to put   street  rights   heen  promised.
company,    protesting     against     em-  in Clearview if found
ployeea of the corporation  Installing  year.
Duncan   McRae   	
W. R. Bell	
"Old  Timer"  	
'Little Girl" 	
MrB.  J. Goodwin 	
"Visitor"  (Calgary)
Mrs.   John   Mntz  	
O.  Segur    	
0. B. Hume & Co.
Howson   was  also  appointed
The  linnnce committee  will  arrange
feasible     this
At the meeting of the executive on
Thursday a resolution was passed
"In thc opinion of tbc executive ol
the Revelstoke branch ol the Canadian Patriotic fund, the attention of
Ml emplovers of labor should he
drawn to tbe desirability of. employing persons of British nationality or "' "'
the nationality of     their allies,     or  Mr8' E' G' Burridge,
"Public  School"   	
J. t). Sibbald, 'jr	
B. F. Allen     	
"Arrowhead"  (Arrowhead
B. R. Blacklock,	
Miss Lucy  Matz 	
"'!  little  boys"   	
"A Friend" 	
A. Pradolini    	
"High School Boy"    ...
Mrs. C.  R.  Macdonald.,
George  Ross   	
V.  HI. Gigot    	
"Hirh  School Girls"  ...
V.  Li. Thomas 	
D.  C.  Leary  	
"The Kid" 	
"In  Memory" M	
"T.   J.  E."  	
W.   Parry,  Auct'ioner  ...
W. LeGallais .".	
C. J.  Johnson 	
F. B. Wells	
W.  E.  Farrell  	
N.  R. Brown 	
Alice Woodball (ii mos.)
"For Baby"  	
Remember Louvain"...
Revelstoke's volunteers lor service The men In charge ol Capt. Sawyer
w'ith the second Canadian expedition- i and Lieut. (Irant entrained on tbe
ary force, 36 in number, were given lirst section of No. I. At Kamloops
an enthusiastic farewell last evening they were joined by live other Revel-
on leaving for the coaBt where they stoke volunteers who have been on
will join the mobilization camp.    The   l-i'idgc duty and     at    Sicumous 'with
men were all well known in Revel
stoke and the parting win? not uu
mixed  with sadness.
Tbe detachment let;, the drill     hall  join  the second    Contingent   are
beadod   by   the   band   and  tbe     hou..    Hills, CR.  Brown,  1     W.  Norrls,
the Okanagan  contingent they  Joined
a  special  train  for the  coast.
Tho a   from   Revelstoke      who    will
guard, carrying the flags of the Kais"igruber, I.e. M.i-'lnnon. F.
allies, and marched to the station Keevil, .'. Purvis, It. Wilkinson, W.
with the high school girls and boys Mclnc. iy, T.8. Pollard, f). II. Max
bringing up the rear. At the depot well, W. Robinson, .icbn l.e Beau, 0.
'>0 they were heartily cheered by the H. Switzer, H. W. Cook, J. O'Brien,
large crowd that had gathered to A.M. Davey, P.M. West, J.K. Forbes.
1.00] see them off. Before leaving the boys 1. Beach, F. W. Phillips, J. Phillips,
and girls of the high school present- S. Miller, T. MirHilcn, ('. Ludgate, A.
ed each Hotdier with home mude Berleson, J. H. S. Munro, Eric Rob-
candy nnd cigarettes. Many other! bins, Jnmes Davenport. W. J. Bor-
gifts were also presented. . land.
t ' neutrals, in preference to alien enern-
I ."ii
Four Thousand Articles Shipped
For Belgians—Children
Give Aid
Contributions from Big  Eddy
Distrir*   Presents for
Thi r --ibers of the Relief society
wish to thank all those who attencW
"uir exhibition of work for shipment
to  the  soldiers    on    Thursday   after-
res    or    aliens     who     hnve   become
The subscriptions received     bb   result  of the public  meeting held     at
Very •ur.ourugiug news for tbe Lar- * illness ot the early putt of tbe week
deau is contained in a letter received  M*-18 Mc.Vlmon came up Irom Nelson  ,ra    "'    "*" .     ...
Tiipsdnv   nnd   left   Wat    evening      tor   naturalized   since   the  outbreak  ofthe
by Mr.  A. H. Holdlch, secretary    of   tUMOaJ' ana  le.rt  UBt   evening     for
*    _      .  _   ! , .       ■       Victoria. O. D. Morris,     the   Rogers  P"«« w**r-
the Great  Western    mines,  informing . ' ■*—*--  —*-—■
Pass merchant, was in town    for    a
the company of the     result of their   few (layB   the     lutter     part 0, la8t ^^^^
exhibit of Nettle L. ops   which   was week. Bd. Htllman   returned Monday  the °Pera   h°U9e'     were    aB foUoWB
aent to the Paris exposition. ' evening Irom Calgary and went down
The benefit concert given last Thurs  to the Landing yesterday. J.J. Lang-
.   stall, of the Trout Lake Topic,    was
great I
In town tor u few days this week re-
day evening proved    fo bc a
financial success being largely attend- turnlng nome thig mofning   D   Cow
ed. but several of the numbera on tbe an came up {rom     Trout Lake, Sun
program did not fully    sustain     tbe day evening and went to Albert Can-
reputation of previous local     events yon- Tuesday,     on a tew days visit.
n to   the Mrs.  WoodhouBe and     family accom-
mark  and received    hearty  applause,  panled by     Mrs. Woodbouse's     „..—
Hpeclal mention might be made of the  returned Friday evening from the old w'  *   J^
dancing ot Miss Irene McCruin     und country.      Rev. S.
the song of Mr. Owens, both of - am-  received word     ot
ho appeared for     the     tirst  mother at Drew, Ont., on October 27,
the first column being lump sums
und the second column monthly subscriptions:
Nnme L.S
T.E.L.  Taylor    	
Hector  McKinnon-       SJ25.0O
A. F.    Lundell             '2.00
J.  E. Forbes 25     2.00
Alfred Haggen  (aged 7)
"J. G. P."  (Vancouver)
J. Thompson has
the death ol his
loops,   wk
k , CeTatoke audience ai    only three weeks alter the death
tanebefore a Revel t,*e audience al    w. ^   ^   ^^ Qc
ao the recitation   ol   Mr.   Stevenson ^ „.__..„   ,. ,_ »„„„   m,
and dinging ol Mr. Watkins,
recent V*i "' Quebec, Is in town tbe guest
additions to local talent, while Mr. °< Mrs- H. A. Brown. Mr. Hammond
Matthews' violin solo and accom- Gowen ls a nephew ol Sir Henri Joly,
panlmcnts were received In the usual Lieutenant-Governor of British Co-
appreciative manner. The ,one act 'umbia. The Towser Mining Co.. of
larce  entitled      "Turn    "«m     Out." Chicago,  of which  J.   M.  Skeafl     Is
F. H. Young	
Marjorie  Young     ,
G. Wady	
ThomaB Steed,   	
H. H. McVity	
W. G.  Scafe	
J. M.    Paterson	
Mrs. Annie Huggen	
Wm.  Barton     	
J. and Mrs. Cashato
W. H. Wallace    	
E. H.  S. McLean
Messrs.  manager, is about to commence work  ^^ w   g * ^^
rhich was well   put on by
T. H. Dunne,    C.  J. Wilkes
and   Vina
able amusement and was     the      -      mor(J returned a ,„. dayB ag0 ,rora a
item on the program. To Mr   Winsor ^
ia due much ot the praise for the suc-
uunne,    »_.  j.  „».».».,,     G. E. at once on the Towser property near
n, and the Misses Nellie   Dunn Ferguson. Wm. E. Innes is in   charge """
rina  Coleman,   caused  consider- and he,  accompanied by   J.  Sweeney *     *
last went down     Wednesday.      R.   Murk *
Stranger" (Vancouver)
Robertson (end year)
Mrs.  P.^^^
B.   R.  Atkins
UI      LUC       I'l.lU'V       |WI       mmwm.   _ — -
ot the entertainment.   After tbe  him two beaver and two goat skins.   ~   J
■concert the Hoor was cleared     for   a  M- Robb and A- Maddock with     La-
Miss  K.  Sibbald.
dance. Music was lurnished by Messrs 'o™e's pack train returned    Monday  ^g~ j"* g™
Taylor, Humphries,  Sawyer, Edwards afternoon from the last trip     of   the   „A  w^d„
and Doyle while Mr. R. H. Urquhart
attended to the duties ot il.nu- manager
season. At Devil's Garden they     say
the snow which they came     througb
Wenty Smytbe (aged  10)
Lewis Masson,    	
was about two feet deep. Tbe council  7 ■	
Mrs. LcwlB Masson,
The great political battle yeBterday  haB at laBt Put in an approach
resulted in the endorsement     of   the  tne sidewalk opposite the Mail «
laurier government. The results     so
far ohtained from 203   constituencies
Though a little     short   at one end,
which is in about six Inches ot water
Lewie  Masson	
S. O. Robblns, ■ *.
W. M. Lawrence,
Mra. Alice Lee	
F. Abbott et.
A. Bas Le Prussiun ...
C. Cormier    	
Kuthleen Fraser 	
Walter Bews 	
W. A. Gordon	
G. Farrer	
D. S. A. "You're all right
John"          Jt.OO
"Banzar"    (Vancouver)       1.00
"A Loyal Sikh"        l.OO
F.  Puuldlng 	
O. J. Bergoust*      11.00
E. H. Bond   '   1.80
E. Trimble „.     10.00
W. E. Farrell,        5.ini
N. R. Brown       10.no
H. Worth,    "10.00
R.  8.   Squarebriggs        7.00
Chas.  J. Aman       fi.00
Robt. Gordon          12.ini
Marjorie Fleetham ,       4."0
R. D. Colpitts      10.00
Miss Jean Hvatt       2.00
Miss Clare Fraser         2.00
Miss Marguerite Williams   1.00
A.  E. Miller 	
N. Rothwell	
W. J. Law	
Rector Oag 	
L. T. Waldron,	
J.  E. Dow	
Anonymous,     _M	
Revelstoke Review ....
James Gordon, 	
Edith A. R. Davles,
John  Ross	
Dnlton L. Twiss 	
J. S. H. Munro	
H'tua  K.  Currfe „».
The committee for the Belgian relief have completed their work of
collectlnc clothes for the icfu^ees aud
have Milt   oil     some      U»ki articlei
packed into bundles each containing noon and to express their apprecia-
as near as possible complete outfits tion of the hearty words of com-
for various ages and sizes. About ll"."i mend ition, and of the generous doua-
irnrments have been made by the tions towards tin funds of the socl-
ladies from  material donated.    Some  ety.
warm  underwear   was  bought,      also      The  work     received     betw-   -    *■'
shoes and stockings. dates ot Octoher I?" and '»'
The  committee  also   received  dona-   was as fc     ws'   M" (dames.   Needham.
j tions from tbe children ot money col- 5 shirts, 8 pairs    wristlets;     Vi.    H.
„.  lected out of small savings. Sutherland   1 shirt;  J. Flockhart.    1
|    Mrs.   Kennedy's  class collected   the   pairo  .-oe s;   W.   H.   Roberta,    1    hel-
., (>0  handsome sum of S*.mi for which thc   met- A. McRae   * hslKt; W. Morns, l
,etAAilCllttteiM;  icviveu  a  cheque. ..v'.iTi-....   V.   •■   ,   l   iee,i*    t'..irmttr,   . h»-!-
A milk can with the following label   met;   Somes,  'J  pairs  wristlets;      Mc-
pasted on the outside is worthy
f barter,  6 handkt. jbiefs;  Swanncy,   2
special  mention pairs cuffs;  Dickie, 2 shirts;   Kincaid.
"WAR" 1  pair cuffs;      S.  Urquhart.  2 nhirts;
"Kindly help     Belief fund 8 or  10 Haggen. 2 belts; Atkins, 2 N!mets,  1
cents  gladly  received     for   homeless pair    mittens;     Pratt,  3 belts;      J.
Belgians."    This collection  was made Laughton, 1 helmet, 1 pairs wristlets;
by Ester Griffiths, age 7. H.  Needham.   1  pair soc-s;  Rossi.    1
A  small  tobacco    pouch  contai. ing belt;  Sibbald, 2 pairs mittens; PBgdin
81.30 was   bunded     in by     Clarence 2 shirts; the Misses Daveniort, 1 belt
Lyons. The label of the can     and tbe Hughes, 3 helmets;    Haggen,  2 belts;
little pouch will be kept among   the McKay, I  belt.
treasured possessions by one of     the The ladles from tbe Big  Eddy   are
members of th? committee who bepes especially  thanked  for  their  generos-
to take it to Belgium sometime   and ity in roitributing hand work tor the
show it  to the children from     their soldier"' comfort. Their contributions
friends in  Revelstoke.. | was as follows:    Mesdames  Sillib,    I
There  hus   escarcely   bwn   any   ex- pair socks;  Forden     2 pairs     socks,
'.""".! pense involved, owing to the geneios- 3 pairs wristlets; F. Paulding,  1 belt
,,-'H   ity of Mr. and   Mrs. George S.   Mr- 2 pairs wistlets; F. Wiffin.  2   shirts;
Carter  in   putting   their   home   and J. Brill, 2 shiits, .1 pairs cuffs; H.W.
I auto at the disposal of the co.nmit-1 Needham,  1  pair socks; J.  Griffith,  1
I tee; and a great deal of     credit     la shirt;  Wlllott,  1 shirt.
' due, say tbe committee,  to Mrs. Mc-1    The soldiers Christmas     box     was
! Carter for her   untiring     effort     In further enriched as follow"   Mesdames
j making the shipment     such a sm.--sI Anstie,  chocolate:   Blacklock,      soap,
and to Mr.  Hornell for packing     dC cigarettes, handkerchiefs; C.B. Hume.
shipping the cases of goods to tbeir I
Fllaaebeth Creelman
Tannis  Patrick	
2.00 i
5.00 I
i.oo I
l."0 —_
,, H) i proper destination
2.50'    '
( Continued on Page Four.)
Germany Driven by
Allies Out of Asia
give the "Liberals „ majority over all  »* the ,hl«h 8ta:f' an atffte   """  Miss Gladys Campbell.
give i-uo u a i probably  jump  far enough  to     land
"Going myself to fl** 'em"   .10
Angus McLean            2.00
"Railroader"             2.00
Mrs. H.  S. Marshall ...      6.W
G. W. Bell  4.00
Disclosures were made recently,   ln  Isabelle PappaS            1.00
"Kiddle"       K
     Rev.  J.  C.  MacKenzie
of the grain elevators,     under     tne  L   R   Lloyd
board of harbor commissioners,    has   Hu|{|j  gmytll«   00
Tapping's  been going of for at least two years.   "Montreal" (Montreal)        1.00
of 15.
BORN.—Bruce. At Revelstoke, on
Monday, November 5, to the wife of
H. Bruce of a son.
Mr. and     Mrs   R. S. Wilson     and
family returned Monday evening from     	
a three months visit to eastern cities  Montreal   that  a gygtematic robbery
The campaign in this district was
opened Monday evening when Chris.
Foley,  labor candidate,  addressed    a
well  attended meeting    in     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
opera house. W. A. Nettle, at the re-  It ls said that the shortage renched   M. M. George,
<iuest of the   candidate,     took     the, 750,000 bushels.  No arrests have been   "Wun  Lung"   (Scotland)
dry. Rev. S. J. Thompson will be-
irtn u series of sermons next Sunday
night on   "The Apostles  Creed."
Miss M   Morrow	
Gladys Urquhart   	
Annie W. Eatqn	
W. Hornell,    	
Unnamed  Cash 	
T. W. Bain	
Allan  Thomson 	
M. P. Lane 	
B. E. McQuaig	
E. B. Taylor ,
Mali  Herald	
The first decisive victory o( toe'either are endeavoring to push fn--
wur has been won. Tsing Tau, ths ward or to chick advances. On "b^
German     fortress     on the Shantung   Atsne the French sa,   that tbey bc .
Souplr,     nes-
the east of Vr
t peninsula in China has surrenderee!" to   fetaken  the town  of
"'1*'   allies.     The  Japanese     and    British   Vailly, and that to
forces encom
the downfall
the stronghold after Its garrison
oi   dun   they  have  captured   Borne
of  cbes.   n.e Germans     or     the
0<hi bad held out for nearly     tlr«  hau*.  issert that they have wc
8.00  I
Ir.l     [Ul.I      K'-ltl      (MIL      IM       llrjll... l, .v^      n.i       . „  , ,      .,,,.■      ,.,-   .     ua.
..i months. With Its loess     <G«rmany     Is   icrtant positions     near     St.
5.00 j
Thos.  Taylor
M.P.P.. Bpent Satur-
made, but an active detective agency Mary M. McKewzic, ..—
and the police have     been   watching  T.   ('hara'berlain    	
«lay  In  town.   II.  0.  Killeen, govern-'four employees  nt the  elevators   and Lilliaa M.  Sirthwland...
went  road  Inspector.      was   ln  town   claim  they  know  the culprits.    It   Is   W.   H,   Sutherland	
■yesterday.      Olc   Sundbcrg  was  down   alleged    that    tbe  grain    thefts   were 'I,iK»l»*»nan"
from Albert  Canyon and spent    Sun-   made by menns ot cutting shipments  -'j. ff  W."    	
■day  and  Honda)   In  town.    L.  Petti-  aboard  from  5,0l(i   to 10,000  bushels   -'E*k tl er"      	
jpteco  has fully   recovered Irom     his, on a cargo
Yuilt  Rosa,
evicted from  Asia. and in doint: so intlicU.2 ..ei
On the Kuropean battle front. Rues-  on the French.
sia claims through    Grand Duke   v*'e-      As for   the     opcrationr
holaa,  her commander In chief,     tbe  Turks and   Russians     u
greateest victory     rtneee the beginiirg   other nothing new has
of the war ln the driving back of the   Turk" are said to be
Hermans     and     Austrians below tne   Sinai  peninsula   in
river Vistula.  Germany however does  Egypt.     Berlin    df
not concur In this statement, sayti .:    \nnr of AfghaniF
that there has been no change tn tt<   men to the Brit*
situation on the eastern battle Irom.   that .ilso the
In Austria still, according     to     the   medan church
Ceriums, the Russians are continual    throughout
ly harassed by the troops of Emper-   ing the   d'
or Francis Joseph. ' true to f
In the extrem"  w«estern  zone south      The P
and east  of  Ypres,  hard  fighting con-   foundr
  tinues but with neither side having a    ind ■
mmeht  Btme! s    to tbe ground,     a   distinct advantage.     Both sides     re-   ser
distance of some ;in feet,     his     neck   port  gains  but .neither  make   claims   as
being  broken,  resulting     in      almost   Hint  would  indlcut •    anything except
Instant deuth. | that  at all points     the     contenders
.-.ti»» *
c.   \tlv--'
,*,f lbsses
Mrs.  Annlt Hagcen,   Revelstoke, Uel-
[ Irian ■Belief-fund,  *l.00.
2 w  M. H. McVity, Belgian Relief fund 81.
,'     per month.
Total M'.)8.r,5   H48.9B
1.00      Private  Stone of  the 72nd Seaforth
Highlanders    stationed     In  Nanaimo
-1-"0  met his denth at an early hour 8un-
.        dnv  mornfns by lulling from a door-
4 nu   way  of  the qo-nnd  Moor  o' tbe    (Vi
by     tht   '
I »inst     each
advancing in the '
the direction   ot
.clarwr    that     the
tan  haB sent iT.IHiO
ish Tndla- frontier and
head     ot the Mohttm-
.   ln Turkey nas   spread
the world a dewee   say-
dty of Mussel men Is to be
nelr faith.
,rltl9h  adrn'ralty  renort"   tb" •
ring of the erulsef Oood Hope
ixprcses the  fear  that thi crul-
Monmouth has been forced '»shore
a result Jl the battle last Bunday
■,Coatm»-H os FaC   Fonr-> PACE TWO.
Olive Oil
Whenever your system becomes run down,
whether through sudden climatic changes, overwork or excesses of any kind, you leave your*
self open to contract any contagious disease.
'Jo build Up this weakened condition there is nothing
equal to Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion.
ll it n rcnl ncrvv-lood Ionic nnd c|uilcdifferent from theio-cnllcd
"Ionics'' which re-nct on the nyitein snd eillu-r hove no reul food
value, or, il ihey huve, nre loo unpleL-iiannt lo take.
Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion in plenannt to Inke,—the hypo-
photphltM in il tone thc nerves—the Olive oil nourithci both
nerve, and blood.
I bis preparation ia £iinrimtrrd lo be nlmolutcly free from
alcohol or any dsndsrotll or liuliil-foruiing drug*.
Sold lirrr ne lu.ivrlv hy llii., llir Kn,ll Store, nt $1.00 per bOettltt, llio
■t over 7umi oilier Kei»ll Store., Ihe World', (rruletl Drill Store., In ('aim,In,
ll.i' United Sl.lc ..I.) (ircat ltriluin.
IBIE^vVS'    rhe^Mston
We inarunlee thii Remedy.    If il fails to lalialV wc will return your money.
You will find exactly what
you have been planning for
in the way of a Stove or
Range,and at your own price.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing
tOhelllOMT   eJNDI.^OO,   ,.UHtll««rj(.D,   M„
Commander of the Third Army CorpH, nnd one of tlm strategists of
the (icrman Army
War Posters Advocate
Temperance in England
The following is n copy of two wnr
posters which are appearing in Kuk-
lund at the present time One ismied
by the National temperance league,
London, B.C.:
The wur! A patriotic appeal Is
made to the nation to abstuin Irom
alcoholic drinkp during tbo war on
tbe ground's that
The grain destroyed (or thc production in required for food.
The money spent will purchaac
mnny times its value in tood.
The people's power depends upon
tood und must not be destroyed by
Alcohol lowers vitality and diminishes power to resist disouBe.
Patriotism demands b wholehearted
response irom all clauses.
one issued by highest official medical authorities:
Effect of alcohol on naval and military work to all men serving thc
empire. It bus been proven by the
moat careful scientific experiments
and completely confirmed by actual
experience in athletics and war, aB
attested by Field Marshal Lord
Roberts, ard Field Marshal Lord
Wolsloy, and many other army loaders that alcohol or drink—Slows the
power to Bee signals. Contuses
prompt judgment. Spoils accurate
shooting. Hastens fatigue. Lessens
resistance, to disease or exposure. Increases shock  from  wounds.
We therefore most strongly urge
you tor your own health and efficiency thnt at least us long as the
war lusts you become total abstainers: Thos. Barlow,MD. F.R.S.
K.C. V.O. P.C.P. Fhysicinn to H.M.
the King; Fred Treves, F.R.C.S. G.
O.V.O. Hon. Col. R.A.M.C. T.F. Sgt.
surgeon to H.M. the King; G. J. H.
Kvatt, M.D. C.B. Surgeon-general R.
A.M.C.; Victor Horsley, F.R.C.S. F.
R.S. Capt. B.A.M.C. T.F.; G. Sims
Woodhead, M.D. F.R.S. Lleut.-Col.
li.A.M.C. T.F.
In this connection ir. is to be noted
that one country after another has
taken action. Russia shuts down on
vodka, France on absinthe. Norway
prohibits any grain to be turned into alcohol. The kaiser is urging his
army and navy to abstain. Lord
Kitchener has thrown his whole
weight into the scales for total
Thc following statement is taken
from an authoritative source, and
deals with a live question, racial assimilation, and will interest school
trustees und tax  payers:
The problems ol the city are the
problems of the world
NOTICE Is hereby given that on
the (list day of Deccmbor next ap-'
plication will be made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for a
renewal of the Hotel Licence to wil
liquor by retail ln tbe hotel known
as tbe Arrowhead Hotel, sltuato , at
Arrowhead, In the province of Brltisn
Dated this llth day ot October. 1914.
NOTICE is hereby glvon that on
the tirst day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for a
renewal of the provincial wholesalo
licence to sell liquor by wholesale in
tlie premises known iir the RevelBtoke
Wine St Spirit company, sltuato nt
Revelstoke, in the province of British Columbia,
Dated this llth day ot October, P.I14.
LIQUOR At'T 1910,
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the lirst day ol December next application Will be made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the Hotel Licence to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Lakevlcw Hotel, situate at
Arrowhead, in the province ot British
Dated thiB !>th day ot October, 1014
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the first day of December next ap
plication will be made to the Super
intendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the Hotel Licence to Bell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Hotel Queens, situate at
Comaplix, in thc province of British
Dated thiB 21st day of October, 1914.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the first day of December next application will be made to the Super-
ab-! intendent of Provincial Police Jor a
renewal of the Hotel Licence to sell
l'iquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Halcyon Hot Springs Hotel,
situate at Halcyon, In the province
of British Columbia.
Our biggest  Dated th'is   -21th day ot October, 1911
task—racial  assimilation.     The   j.ro- ' -~
gram:   A common language.    English
for   thc  non-English.    Wider    uee    of
school plant.  Night school for adults
Every school a S'iciai centre.  Motion
pictures    for    educational      purposes.
Vocational training.    Instruction     in
civics and health.    More efficient   inspection at port of entry and before
, embarkation  as to health, mentality,
morality  records,   Closed gates to all
; defective?.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the first day of December next application will he made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police for a
renewal of the Hotel Licence to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Glacier House, situate at
Glacier, in the province of British
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Dated this 21th day ot October,  1914.
-NOTICE  is  hereby  given  that     on
the  rirst  day  of  December    next   ap-
• n  will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police   for   a
renewal    if the Hotel  Licence to   sell
iif|iK>r  by  retail   in  the  hotel    known
is    the     Beaton  Hotel,  situate     at
in   the    province ol Itritis'i
•    day ..' October,  1911.
The r-;■■ rt     '  -  •   daSry an.l     c  .
mission     for     the
year ei March       -•    1914,     has
•• market, the export
t     /■' ttw and   the
I thi
• i
f thi nd ol
■i . if pqld    -   -
In   thi
ght,  the re     I      I thi    chiefs
'  the varli are  given,
tive not oi t tni '        '
marketing of 	
NOTICE  Is hereby at     on
This report    ■ ■ ■ isued Deecember   ne»t   ap-
sessional paper 1 '■*> will be made to tbe Super
ot 112 pag ' ■    Police   for s
upon a* • f the H tei i icence to   sell
branch      depart       .-       '        ■'    lit .' "tnil   in   the  hotel     known
the i. irdeaa  Hotrt      situate     al
In tbe province of British
\ ppliC u '
'  •!,    lay Of October.   Ill I.
LIQUOR act 1910.
Sir Redmond   KM,,in. i.remier,   an-
1  last week  tbat the     government of Manitoha   hnd detflded     to
■ be s'ine .■ I ,s    a
gift  from   the  pr iWartfs      the
reli'-f  of  the   Belgian    sufferer?      from
■'ul results of German detraction and depredation   In theii   soun
w i i Hi ti rn Jackson, s bartender,   and
Mike Adnrns, a miner, both ol
smith was found guilty by tbe
of the nssize court at Nanaimo
NOTICE  is hereby  tfvw    that,   on
the  first day of  December    next      application will he made t., tbe fluper-
mry  Intendent of Pfovlncl d  police for   a
last   renewal  of t.he  Hotel   Licence  to   sell
week, of unlawfully    wounding    Alex, liquor  by retail   l»  'he  hotel    known
McKinnon with intent to do grievous as     the    Union    ll'etej,    situate     at
bodily harm. The crime was commit- \rrwhend, In the province, ot British
ted -luring the labor disturbances   at Columbia.
Ladysmith on August 13 of last year,
A recommendation for mercy was advanced by the jury.
W.  J.
We unloaded a car of exceptionally fine Apples this
week. Apples, Potatoes, and Vegetables are good
buying at present prices and we would advise laying
in a stock for winter.
We want to dispose of two or three carloads of Hay
and will sell at from two to three dollars below regular
price. It is good hay and can be seen at our warehouse.
are selling fast—we have a good stock to choose from,
also one or two slightly used ones at second-hand figures.
Lump or Nut Coal
Dry Birch and Cedar any length
PHONE  201
Have You a
or acquaintance out-of-town who
would like to read all that happens
in and around Revelstoke from Sunday morning to Saturday night?
You get tired of writing—everybody
does—let us tell the news in the
most interesting way it can be told,
graphically, fully, and truthfully.
Here is Our
Fill in the attached coupon, enclose
$i only, and we will send Revelstoke's best newspaper to any address
in Canada or Great Britain for SIX
FULL MONTHS. Take advantage
of this exceptionally good offer today. It may be withdrawn at any
time. If you wish to boost Revelstoke here is the easiest, cheapest,
and most effective way.
To The Mail-Herald, Rerelslolte
Sirs: Kindly send The Mail-Herald lor six months
to the lollowing address
lor which I enclose the sum of $1.
Tours Truly,
Hated   thin  .'Ird  day ol November, 1914
""Tnclvc Stories! of Solid (lomlort"
In tho ..-nil.- of lllillKl—llu-Ml ren
•nd xlorcH im i>,i I, „,, i,-,,. liuilillns
atxilutulv firciureejof—concrete, Btuel
ami iimrM.-.
EUROPEAN PLAN -Jl „cr .l„,ap
-    With Bathi—12 per day ov
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
m% Second Street, Revelstoke.B.C.
and A. M.
■tegular Meetings are held ln
Mew Masonic Hall on tbe Fourth
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
.Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.   GORDON,   Secretary.
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday ln each month ln
Selkirk Hall. VlBltlng Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.   W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE NO. 3461
OF I. O. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
•very Swond and Fourth Monday
In month.     Visiting brethren are
cordially welcomed.
H. V. MORGAN, C. R.      '
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT,   Rec.-Sec.
I.  O.  0.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Belklrk Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 8k., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially invited.
H. KBMPSTER, 0. 0.
Revelstoke Ixtdge
No. 1085
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in The Selkirk Hall.
VisitingBrethren are cordially invited.
Dr. McLEAN, Die.   H.L HAUG, Sec.
For Rent
$15.00 per Month
Abo House vacant by Oct. 15
Cheap rental
Dominion Security Co., Ltd.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Phone .W-276.   Night Phone 346
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    •  Revelstoke. B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
resantretd In voar business.
for garden ondlnrmorebesl
for B.C.soil. Sw Catalogue fox
•olid tfuaxantoo of purity
andilor initiation
Sond now for Copy free
Sutton &Sens.ThoKinjTs Swdwra
R»» dii.^t Enjllond
Victoria     a      vanceuvsr
• IS rort tr. e»7«r»nvlllo 11
SMC AUHTi rom i
List of Officers of
Vancouver Battalion
The -camp at Hastings Park for the
Vancouver battalion which will lorm
part of Oanudu's second over>jeas
force ls now well established. Lleut-
Ool. H. S. Tobln, im command of the
biittaliiin, bas taken up his bead
quarters at the park.
Ool. Tobln hus received orders from
OUiiwu confirming the -provisional
HstSftf trfftc-ta for this battalion, us
follows:     * I
Lleut-0$t'. JH. S. Tobln, Major J.S.
It isn't the way ol the British
In the flght for country and king
On the fair white field of their valor
The shadow of shame to bring,
There Isn't a lad ln the army,
Thcre Isn't a lad on the sea
Would dim the light of his honor
By a deed of infamy.
It isn't the wuy of Britain
To grasp with greedy hand
And hold with u despot's power,
Domain  in a friendly land;
Tult. MA^br J. Solntcr, Major   J. M. i But she fights lor  "A scrap of paper"
Ross, adjutant;     Captain D. 0.   iVlc-'3he dies for "An old colortd rag"
Oregor,  quartermaster;   Lieutenant C whm the one ,„ her word 0, proml8e,
McDiurmld,      medicul officer;  Captain
C. B. King, transport officer.
Captains.—P. H. Smith, Hoy Mc-
Qowan, W. S. Lattu. T. B. C'askey,
Sir C.P. Piers, J. M. Rolston, K. C.
C. Taylor, R. Bell-Irving, CR. King.
Subalterns.—W,  B.  Hunter,    H.  W.
Hunter, H. W. Sanfester. T.A.H. Taylor, H. St. J. Monttzumbert, 0. j.
C.wynn, B. Q, Wolfo Morton, W. N.
McLean, B. H. R. Munro, Hon. Francis Grosvenor, N. O'Brien, G. H. E.
Grey,  J.T.A.  Ritchie,  C.  Curmichuel,
D. K. Standon, P. A. Ross, W.B.D.
Goodfellow, K.A. Hand.
Thc Russlun minister of linnnce hus
received an order thut the prohibition of the gale of vodka, the alcoholic drink of the peasants and
working classes, shall be continued
indefinitely, even alter tbe war. This
order is based principally on the
tremendously improved condition of
the country since the emperor issued
the edict prohibiting traffic in this
liquor. Visitors arriving Irom southern Russia say there is such u change
in thut region that thc country ia
hardly  recognizable.
And the other her blood stuined ling.
It isn't the way of the British
With ruthless hands of hate
The priceless things of a nution.
To plunder nnd desecrate
Not 'gainst defenceless women
And children their guns are turned
Not 'gainst the weak and fallen
That isn't the wuy they've leurned.
It Isn't the way ol tbe British
To strike like the heathen hordes
To torture the hapless captives
Thoy  take ut the point of their swords
That was never the wny with Britain
Her strength is the strength ot ten
For her sons In her lar-flung warlure
Fight ever like gentlemen.
Marion Dentler as "Peg" in "Peg
O' My Heart" at the Opera House
Thursday, Nov. 12
There were thirtv or more of our
It was but a week ago,
Were called to a post ol peril
In the path ol the furious foe
It was certain deuth nnd they knew it
But the vnlor in each heart burned,
Good-bye,  good-bye to you, lellows
They called—and never returned.
Again   came thc short sharp summons
And     there    dashed     through the
sulphurous smoke,
I With the   same   farewell    to their
While a wreath of smile outbroke—
Thirty to lollow the thirty,
And the eager ranks closed in.
That is the wny of the British,
That is the wuy they win.
This is the way ol the British
In the strength of their righteous
Upheld by the host of heaven
They strike for their king and laws,
From what do the shrink—our
They may lose in the fearful fray
Their lives, but never their honor;
Who fight in the BritiBh way.
Then here's to the lads in the array
•Vmi here's to the lads on tbe sea
To the hands that are strong and
To the heartB that are true and free
Though long It be ere the dawning
When all that you've fought for,
bled for,
You shall win in the BritiBh way.
—Lilian Leverldge
There is no Investment
that brings such sure and constant
returns and profits as printed salesmanship as we do it. There is no
other method of getting business
so inexpensive. At the present
moment you may be in need of
Billheads, Letterheads, Catalogues.
Labels or Receipt Books. Now is
the time to get in line with those
who have found that good printing
pays by helping build up business.
Let Us Do Your Printing
The Mail-Herald
Job Department
Printers and Publishers
McKenzie Avenue Phone No 8
Mining is Ictive
in Sandon District
Sandon, B.C., Nov. (!.—The Slocan
Star has shipped a car of ore this
The Mountain Con mine has closed
do-Ain for thc winter. Over 1,0()0 sacks
of high grade ore bavo been packed
down ready to ship when conditions
have improved.
Thc Freddy Lee, Noonday und Reco
mines huve considerable ore to ship
ns soon ub ruwhldlng Bturts.
J. Kcane haB about IS mon employed putting In n flume and building a
tramway from Ivonhoc mill to the
old Kaslo und Slocan railway truck.
The mill has been put in shape and
he intends to treat the Surprise ore.
R. Cunning and Tomus Lloyd , of
New Denver Intend working the Mercury th'is winter and are now putting
up bulldingB. Frank Uoss hits the contract to run a lower tunnel on the
SlOCan Star. A few muti have been
put on nt the mine.
The Payne nnd Noble Five     mines
are doing  development  work.
The Paris "Oauloil" suys there is
unimpeachable evidence thut tho German Crown Prince personally ordered
the burning of the picturesque town
of Clormont-en-Argonnc after it had
been flooded with gasoline. The paper
suys thnt when tbe Crown Prince was
compelled to retire from thc town he
spnred only the house where he had
been staying nnd thc hospital for the
aged, the superior of which knelt at
Ills feet and begged thut her pensioners be saved.
—with burning, highly colored
urine—are sure signs of weak or
inflaiiiiiR-.l Kidneys. Gin Pills
cure all Kidney and Bladder
Troubles. 50c. a box, 6 for $2.50.
—at all dealers.
NOTICE is nereby given that on
the 13th day ol November, 1914, at
the hour of 7.10 p.m. at the Council
Chamber. City Hall. Revelstoke, B.
C, there wHH be held a Court of Revision under the Local Improvement
Act for the purpose of hearing <»m-
plalnts agalust the proposed ussesss-
ments or thc accuracy of frontage
measurements made ln respect ot thc
following works constructed by the
Corporation of the City of Revel-
stake as local improvement, viz:
(1) A 6ft. cement sidewalk on the
north side of First Street between the east side of Wynn
Street to the west side of Ford
(2) An ''ft. cement sidewalk on the
north side of Second Etreet from
McKenzie Avenue to and including the alley between McKenzie
Avenue and Orton Avenue;
(3) A 6ft. cement sidewalk on the
north and south sides ot Third
Street from the west side ol Mc-
K.hi/1" Avenue to the east side
of Robson Avenue;
(4) A 6ft. cement sidewalk on the
north and south side of Fourth
Street between the west side of
McKenzie Avenue and east side
of Vernon Avenue;
(5) A Oft. cement sidewalk on the
west side of Connaught Avenue
from the south side of Second
Street to the north side of
Third Street;
(6) A 6ft. cement sidewalk oa the
north side of Third Street from
the west side of Connaught
Avenue to tbe east side of
Kootenay Street;
The assessment rolls lor the above
are open for inspection at the Oity
Hall from this date, and any complaints which ptrsons interested may
don're tn m-t'-e nnd which It bv law
cognizable, will be beard at the
Court of Revision.
Dntef thifc •>•( .'-iy of November, l"l I
City Clerk
S.S. Missanabie November 19th
Special Christmas Sailing
St. John to Liverpool «
S.S. Missanabie, December 15
Palatial new (1914) One-Class Cabin and Third-Class Steamship. Incomparable Appointments, including a complete
Orchestra. Further Fall and Winter Sailings will be announced later.
Attention is called to the S."S. "Missanabie," which made her
maiden voyage irom Liverpool, October 7th. She Ib the last word in
shipbuilding and Bhould prove un attractive acquisition to the Canadian trade. Dimensions are: leii'.'th 520 feet; benm 61 feet; gross registered tonnage 111,(Ml. Capacity, S'JO cabin, 1,200 third clnss. There
are Ipacloul promenade decks, verandah cafe, drawing room, lounge
-gymnasium, smoking room, card room und orchestra. All the latest
and most approved devices for snfety at sen are employed, and
spiciui attention has been paid to tbe ventilation system.
Full particulars as to rates and reservations
to be had    frcm
Ticket Agent, Revelstoke
It's good policy to think of the future.
I t'sBtill better policy to provide against
the misfortunes it muy have in store
lor you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and iong business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your tiino mav be near at hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
E. G. burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Metaiiio Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up- fe,
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Connaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      -    B.C.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
Phone O 215 (2 rings)   P.O. Box 349
Special for
12 in. Dry Cedar, 4 ricks
■ ■
g All changes of advertise 9
(g ments must positively be H
H handed Into this office by *J
U{ Monday evening in ord<sr that
the change shall appear ln
Wednesday's issue, and any
-Changes Intended for Saturday's Issue must be handed ln
not later than Thursday
evening of ench  -week.
rt 91
S 10.000.00
with coupons muMmEVERYSA6or
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
terta, the Yukon Territory, tbe
North-west Territories and ln a portion of the Province ol Uritish Columbia, may be Issued lor a term ot
twenty-one years at an annual rental ot Jl an acre. Not more than
2,560 acres will be leaned to one applicant.
Application for leaso must be made
by the applicant in person to th*
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
In which the rights applied tor are
The lease will include the coul mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working ot
the mine at the rate of 310.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must
ts described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions ot sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap-
pltcant himself.
Each-application must be accompanied by a f<ee ot (5 which will be refunded 11 the rights applied tor are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe merchantable output ot the mine at tha
rate of nve cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with BWorn return*
accounting for tbe full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay tba
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights art not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Ager.'; or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.   W.  TORY
Advertising    Pays
IF    -you advertise
in  the Mail-Herald
XLhe fl&aiMberalb
HKVKLktokk. n. P
Local Reading Notices and Business
Locals lu cents per line each insertion.  Minimum locul ad charge '25c.
Display advertisements 2,'> cents per
Inch each  insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of nny form, also
Government nsid Municipal Notices 1*2
cents per line first insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications lor Liquor Licenses S.i.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses $7..">o.
Oil prospecting notices $7.50.
Land Purchase Notices, &7.00,
Wat.-i Application Notices, up to
i e.i words, J7."iU, over 100 wordB in
Montreal Mail: Was there any Canadian nickel in thc German projectile
that sent the cruiser Hawke and its
crew to thc bottom? We would like
to know?
Montreal News: Professor Munster-
lierg says every tool outside Germany
thinks Germany is 'MO years behind
western civilization. The Bible says
all men are fools.
war will bc said.     Sunday school at  cheque of $10.00 and  to the     young
2.ISO p.m. man who loft $2.00 at   Dr. McLean's
Rev. Lashley Hall, Pastor
Sunday services at 11 a.m. and
7..'10 p.m. Sunday school and Bible
classes at 2,'Ml p.m. The Epworth
League meets on Mondays, at 8 p.m.
Prayer % service, Wednesday i% p.m.
Young and old are welcome, at all
At the Big Eddy scboolhouse each
Sunday afternoon nl 'i.'Ml, Sunday
school und preaching.
house "for the soldiers.'
Identifying the Fallen
On Field of Battle
sntertor feubltsbtng Company
E. G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor
Revelstoke has bidden tarewell to
U second contingent for service at
the front, and it bus done so with
pride. Th.- Revelstoke volunteers are
making the supreme sacrifice that
patriotism demands. Thoy are offering their lives in the service of their
country and they Bet an example
which should inspire those who remain to Bhoulder with increased ardor the burdens that duty requSres
those who are unable to reach
the firing line.
The best  wishes of   the city     will
Its representatives. That   they
will  acquit  themselves mnnlully     no
one doubts.      May    their return      be
speedy and glorious.
The     Chicago Tribune:      "What   is
this German  'kultur:    you write of?"
/queries a reader . Kultur is chunks of
metal of various sizes packed     in   al
shell,  which  is discharged     from     a
cannon.  When the shell  explodes   thej
kultur scatters all    over   the   neigh-
hood, The manufacture of kultur    is
tlie chief industry of Germany.
Victoria Colonist:  Frequently in the
French war oflice reports of fighting,
distances are stated in kilometres.
The simplest way to convert kilometres Into miles is to ilivlilc by
two, divide the result by four, and
add the two resuits. Thus, 500 kilometres divided by two equals -.'JO;
250 divided by four equals 62,5, and
62.5 added to 2"iO gives 812.5; so
thnt thee are that number ol miles
in 506 kilometres, To convert
Into kilometres, multiply by
and divide the result hy five.
The regular services will he conducted next Sunday by thc minister
Rev. J. W. Stevenson, who will
preach at 11 a.m. on "Steps in Dei-line" and at 7.3U p.m. on "Respect-'
able Sins." Sunday 'school and
Bible classe-s at -.30. Young People's
society meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
The subject will be "Causes Leading
to the Present War." Wednesday
evening the regular weekly prayer
meeting. Strangers are invited to
I all tbc services.
Montreal News'
When father talks about thc war
H? doesn't put on airs,
He calls it Liege to rhyme with siege
The French he never spares.
Those foreign town don't bother him,
He needs no clever book
To help him out, when he's in doubt
He says 'em as they look.
Though some may call Namur
It's "Xam'cr"  plain  to Dad;
He  doesn't  pose as  one  who knows
Each foreign guttural fad,
He doesn't twist his tongue about
To get 'em hook  or crook, •
The  way they're said.lbut plods ahead
An' reads 'em us they look.
Music and Song at
Y.M.C.A. Sunday Service
On Sunday
the regular service for men will bc
held in the lobby of thc Y.M.C.A.
building, ln addition to a short talk
to the men. by the secretary, A.
Thomson, there will he several musical and vocal selections, including
the following: Instrumental duet,
Messrs. Harding and Twiss; solo W.
Hanimnn; solo Miss McKay; lail'ies
Instrumental trio. All men in
community are asked to come.
Last Wednesday evening Walter Le
Gallaie and his French recruits mustered in the gymnasium to play a
game ol volley ball against thc
Thomson Clan reserves. The game
lasted three quarters of an hour, but
the French recruits could not get in
range  ol  the      Scotcli      fortifications
All the big powers have udopted u
plan, whereby their soldiers can be
easily   identified  (,n  the battlefield.      I
The Uritish soldier has a small ob-
long card, known ofllcially as Army
Form U '.101)7, which is stitched inside the tunic. j
Od it are entered particulars of the
man's name and regiment, next ol
kin, etc. Besides this, every article
of the man's clothing is stamped with
a number which corresponds to one
written opposite his name in thc regimental records, as well as thc
county depot of his  battalion.
The French, who formerly used little aluminum name-plates, which in
war with savages seemed an irre-
ristable attraction to the enemy now
list- little cards, like the Uritish; but
Austria still has an ornate Identification badge ol gun metal, shaped like
a locket, with inside all particulars
Inscribed on little parchment leaves. |
German soldiers carry a metal disc
bearing a number,  which corresponds
I with ,| number at the Berlin war of-
ifteinoon at 4 o'clock  nCe.  After a  battle,     liumberB,     not
nam"s are telegraphed and verified.
Russians Carry an "Ikon."
The Japanese system is very similar. Each man has three discs— one
round hiB neck, another on his wrist-
belt, and a third in his boot—on each
of which are three numbers corresponding to the wearer's name, corps,
and brigade respectively, while the
the Russian Boldier wears a numbered
badge shaped like an "ikon"—sacred
picture Image—which is formally
blessed by the priests.
The United States government uses
a simple cloth tab woven into the
shoulder strap of the tunic.
Italy uses a small zinc plate affixed to the trousers at the waist, on
which are embossed the soldier's
with the result that the French re- name, place of origin, number, and
cruits ran short of ammunition and date of enlistment, while the Portu-
were forced to retreat to the tune of   <.Ues:' cavalry soldier has    a    number
cTWost Important Announcement to Men:
We have placed on Sale Sixty Suit Lengths which we
are going* to clear out at $25.00 per Suit. We are able
to give this great bargain owing to the fact that we purchased the stock of Mr. G. B. Williamson at 40 cents on the
dollar. These suitings include all the pnpular Worsteds and
Tweeds in the latest designs. There has never been such bargains in Men's Clothing in Revelstoke. Now is lhe time to
Ladies' Tailored Suits at $40
These are Regular $50 Suite.   They are Great Bargains
J. B. Cressman & Co.
Two Shops : First Street and McKenzie Avenue
The dispatch to     the   Mail Herald
Bt&ttnb   tint    the   Dominion  government  is actively   proceeding  with the
construction of a telephone line Irom
-Mcamous to Revelstoke is good news.
The line is expected to be built   from
Sicamous  tt* Malftkwa  this  year    and
the completion o.' the  line   tn  Revel-
will  give the city comrounlea-
rhich will he particularly valuable.     Extension"oi the goveernment
me ime in tbe Uu   Bend   this
een  much appreciated   ami
•   li evident that in the very      .tear
future Revelstoke    will  be  the cenfc
• •! a telephone system  i.hich will   le
■ porl tnci    t" the bu«in ■■■
-  •   which  w;ll   ttnd      fo
more Hi establish   V. • .i-'-t-.kcf
- the centri    •! a v
7 i-i   the
'.    I nattone   It seems strange, for
•     •   • .  r>ar:cs     of
• ;  with  the French In
• • •    with    the I i ii
Bril lea    ol that
I thi      • -•   ■
te to hia mo!
from    the
gener,.    f thi    lermane down   t..  tbe
• •   • in   ti.i-ii
•  •   rth never groaned with such   a
let of mul
.   .   They murdered, robbed and   ill-
lerever   they
■>    •
tur"     in
Ild noi •  tln-m. from
• I u liar
•   Uian 'it   is
preventing   mtu-eder, rapine and pni-
Tnnight   at  the      Empress  theatre,
"The Hopes .if Blind   Alley"  in   three
re 'is, will be Bhown with two    other
to  II.
Germany Driven
(Continued from Page One.)
stamped  on his spurs,     tlie    Infantry
having a similar number stumped   on
their leggings,
Turkey alone has no formal Identification badge. Said Kilheni Pasha,
when remonstrated With regarding
the omission: "A dead man is of no
use to tbc   Sultan:    why,     therefore
French Dry Cleaning a Specialty.
Special attention to Ladies'
Men's Suits cleaned and
pressed, $1.60 to $2.00
Men's Suits pressed only, $1
All prices reasonable.
Work called for and delivered.
City Dye Works
Opn. Revelstoke Oluh,   Phone 78
.between British and German warships  trouble about him?"
off the  coast  of Chile. |  —
A. newspaper  despatch    says      C.er-
1'ictures,      "Matty   No.  -."  and
Strong affair." in addition there will
be all the latesl war pictures from
the front On Monday night "When
Romance Came to Anne." "Universal
Ike jr and The Vampire," -Bess the
Detectreas" and "When the World
was Silent" will be presi nted, On
Tuesday evening lovers of Chas. Dick-
ens will have a chain.' t.e gee "The
Old Coriosity Shop" in live parts
The Crusaders" In I parts. On
Wednesday night another six re!
Kline production, "The Last
Days if Pampell" wj
Thi-;  is a  wonderfully  tine Bim
•A   many  will move    150,(100 fresh troops
Into  Belgium  next  Sunday.
A  despatch  to     the    Central  News
from   Lima   Peru      says,    tbe  British
cruiser Olaagow which was     In     the
naval  battle   with the Germans
Chile  last   Sunday     has  arrived
Me ntt,  Chile.
Many Gifts for Soldiers
• -,-ied from  Page One)
Transportation experts     agree that
the  European  war will result     in    a
rush  of settlers to Canada     and     a
on  special effort is being made to obtain
at  for  Central  British  Columbia  a large
number of Belgian     farmers     driven
from their homes     by    events in thc
war area. These people are known to
he good   farmers    and     very thrilty
people,  and  will  be a  great factor in
■!' veloplng the agricultural posslblli-
of this sertion of the   Dominion,
recently thrown     open to cultivation
hy   the      completion     of    thc Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway. It is   planned
-  i i'   M      i I
sdaj .   No-   che colat".
cigarettes;    Haggen,   bandker
McLean, soar
•  to snttle a large tract in the   Stuart
■iver district  with  Bek-ians and their
--■ties \V t
vember  12, tneatt I this
will  see  one  .ef  I
ind   popular  pi tys   of  recent.
i.   Hartley  Mai i
well-known through  ;
ferlngs,—"Zlra,"   "The    H
Door"    and    "The     .
Truth."        !   g M
termed,   "a  come.lv
has  for  its central  ch   -
ttle rough     diamond
socks.     :-'    :■   er., 2 | aii -   k
W.  H.   Sutherland.     chocolate;      Mc-
M.    Hume,     cbi
R.  Lawrei
Hilghf-s • ■
te;   ]
larrAllcs. It  is expected tbat alter the
over a large colony will be
placed on the land there, as well as
in   many   Other   valleys  along  the  line
Grand Trunk pacific 1n northern  and  central   British  Columbia.
The best WAX to buy is
It's real English.    Get a sample
Sole local agents -LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO., Ltd.
family which is trying to ediicati
Throughout -.lie
ter,  like   i fresh breath     (pim
old  Krin.   Oliver
. excellent
OPERA HOUSE, Thurs., NOV. 12
Hul.list.  Francij el irch,  McKensl
and K Pastor, Rev.   J, c.
...lay    ser...
Vnas at ... :     Hlg    Mass   at
inday,      Sunday
school for the children at 2:30 p.m.,
benediction and Rosary at '• 30 p.m.,
lay I to 6 and : 30
to 9 p.m. and Sunday morning ',30
to 8. Wcc|<H ,|■, . Mail every morning at 7 o'clock. Confessions before
.Vase. First Friday* —Mans at 8 a.
m.. Benediction and Rosary at Ml
p. m.
Trinity twenty-second,  Services   an
follows: - a.m. Holy Communion. II
a in. Mat tins. 7,:to p. rn. K'. ensong.
I' "•■ i"  for  use  (luring   the  war    will
be said both morning •• nri evening
Sermons bj the rector, Bunday
school at 3.80 ii.m.
In which Laurette Taylor made a world's record
run off two consecutive years In New York
Plan at Macdonald's.
Prices $1.50, $1.00, 75c. and 50c. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, ,101-1
Those having items for publication
in    the    Mail-Herald social and per-
-■sonal column    are  requested to  call
< -up phone 62.
Receiving  days:
Tuesday,  Mrs.  J. H. Hamilton.
WcdntiBdny, Mrs. P. Laing.
A daughter was born to Muyor and
Mrs. H.  McKinnon  on Tuesday last.
Mrs. Kennedy's scholars have stnrt-
cil thoir canvass for tbc Belgium relief fund.
Thc many friends of Mrs. W. H.
Sutherland will be sorry to learn
lluit she Is ill in the hospital,
Mr. Illake Sinclair of Rainy-River,
Ontario] is Visiting Mr. and Mr«. J.
Hopgood for a couplii ot weeks.
Mr. Armitagp ol the post office stall'
wns tnkfn to the hospital on Thurs-
ihiy, Riiflerinc from ji severe attack
of erysipelas.
The lnilios of the Altur society ot
St. Francis church are holding their
next tea on Th   ' ►the borne of
Mrs. Gillespie, Fifth street.
Miss Llllte We'ir came up from Arrowhead yestwday to visit her brother, who is in the hospital here. Miss
AVeir will be the guest of Mr. and
Mrs.  J.  Curvcn  while in Revelstoke.
At ,i largely attended W. 0, T. U.
meeting at the home of Mrs. W. A.
Sturdy, Mrs. Campbell gave n very
interesting pnp?r on the lite of Frances ivillard. Bainty refreshments were
served at the close by Mrs. Sturdy.
The invitations are out for the
wedding ol a Revelstoke boy, now
living in Kdmontor and a brother of
Mrs. H. Haug of this city. Bert Mc-
Enchern is to marry Miss Ellen McMillan of Stony Creek, ,,n November
(Ieorge nnd Miss Irene Tremble entertained :, number of their frlendB
•on Tuesday evening, Games were
played for which prizes were given.
The fortun-ite prize winners were
Jean Bell. Eva Jolifle, Tcddie Gordon an 1 Alfred  Davis.
The Rev. William and Mrs. * Scott,
delegated to foreign missions service
in Korea, by the Canadian Missionary society. sail trom Senttle to
their destination sliortiy. Mr. Scott
was well known here, having been
the missionary between Rogers Pass
and  Malakwa. I
A wedding of interest to a number
of Revelstoke people took place on
Monday at Comaplix, jvhen Miss
Vera Sutherland, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Gordon Sutherland, became
the tiride of Mr. Arnold L. Smith.
After a short honeymoon at Halcyon
Hot Springs, the happy couple lett
for their future home in Wallace,
The deuth of Miss Alma Winifred
Firth, the eighteen year old daughter ot W.B. Firth, who was the victim of a sad accident at Lewiston
on Monday took place under rather
extraordinary circumstances, according to later advices received In the
city yesterday, says the Winnije','
Free Press. Her younger brother picked up a gun inside a tent, and was
holding it in his hands when it exploded, and tbc shot went through
the tent a.-id struck hir. sister, who
wns standing about twenty yards
away. The body arrived in the city
last night, and the funeral will take
Place from the residence of J. H.'
Sinclair, 510 King street, at 2.30 today. Mr. Vi. B. Firth is a brother of
Mrs.  J.   J.  Woodland  of Rcvelsto'te.
Mr.  Orford  is a  visitor
stoke this week.
In Revel-
Mr.  W.  A. Anstie     returned
Comaplix on Wednesday.
Mrs. L. Sowlcr of Tnppen is ths
guest of Mrs. Sum Needham tor a
Dick White was operated on at the
l hospital Wednesday morning and is
doing  well.
Mrs, M. Griffith .has received word
of the serious illnesB of her BiHter,
now residing nt Kamloops.
Miss Lillian Pettipiere underwent a
'minor  operation  nt  the    Queen    Victoria  hospital ou Monday  morning.
,    Mr.  C. A.  Procunier came up from
I Comaplix  on "Thursday  to spend      a
few days with his parents, Rev. C.A.
and  Mrs.  Procunier.
Mrs. Harry Webster has just. returned from a two weeks trip to
North Bend and Vancouver. Mr.
Webster is train despatcher here.
Mrs. j, Lynch with    her    mother,
who has been visiting her tor some
time, left on Thursday morning for
Chewelah, Wash., where they will in
future reside.
Thc Young Peoples' society ot St.
John's church are holding an educational evening next Tuesday, the subject beii'ig. "The causes leading up to
tbe present war."
Mrs. E. Coutes Taylor and Miss
Davy Woodyurd, who were in tb* mil-
i'.nery business lor a short time, here
have closed their establishment and
left for Vancouver on Thursday morn
A number of young people, members of St. Peter's church met last
week nt the rectory to form a branch
of the Younu Peoples' society. The
following officers were elected: George
Hardy, president; Walter Hurdmna,
secretary; Irene Procunier, treasurer;
executive committee, Mary Paget,
Marjorie Lee, George Hardy and Mr.
Warrington. Alter the business, cards
were ind ilged in until the supper
Tbe Ladies auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, had
as guest on Wednesday, tbe grand
officer, Mrs. Mottle House ot Billings,
Montana. In the afternoon Mrs.
House guve some instructions to the
ladies und the same evening a reception was tendered ber at the home
of Mrs. Andrew Jones. A delighttul
evening was spent in music, etc., and
refreshments were served. Mrs. House
holds the office of grand secretary of
the executive bourd.
The tea, given hy the ladies ot tne
Relief society on Thursday afternoon
in spite ol the heavy ra'in, was a
complete succ *!, nearly $35 being
made. The exhibitions ot shirts, and
knitted goods, made by the ladies
was splendid. In the helmets were
sewn boxes of cigarettes or cases of
tobacco for the soldiers, nnd in some
of the shirt pockets were placed letters, with words of cheer. A '.Teat
many packages of checo'nte and
tohacco are also to he sent. The tea
table from which the tea was served
to the many guests was beautifully
arranged. A beautiful lace table cloth
with an undercloth of pink, covered
the table, and a large silver basket
of cut flowers, comprised the centrepiece, with a croup ot four tiny
candlesticks, with silver and pink
shades around. Mrs. Marshall. Mrs.
W. J. Cotilthnrd and Mrs. W. A. Anstie poured ten, assisted in the serving  by the     Misses Procunier,  Urqu
hart, Haggen, nnd Hughes. During
thc atternoon. the Misses Procunier,
Urquhart, McCarter gave a number
of selections on tbe piano, while Mrs.
Leonard Wood sang. Others assisting
during the afternoon were Mesdames.
McLean, Wallace, Holten, Cormier
and Moth.
Mr. Arthur McCulloch spent Sunday at Halcyon Hot Springs.
MrB. Porden nnd Mrs. Willett ot
the Big Eddy, were patrons ol the
tea at the Y.M.C.A. given by the
Reliet society on Thursday.
Miss Willett, one of the nurBes of
the Queen Victoria hospital staff, left
on Thursday for Calgary where she
will undergo treatment lor her eyes.
Mrs. Hood and Miss McCall who
were the house guests ot the Misses
McKay, have returned home. Tbey
wore accompanied by the MiBses McKay and will visit at Field for a few
The ladles Of      the      Relief    Hociety '
j were tinny  yesterdeiy, packing up   the
j things for  the     soldiers    ready     for
| shipment. In ull there    were 64 pairs
socks, (HI shirts, 50 belts,   II helmets,
'-ii handkerchiefs, 0 pain   rnUtts,    f>o
pairs wristlets,  62 sleeping caps,     .1
Us.  tobacco   121   packages cigarettes,
25 cakesv soap,    I11   boxes   ol     note
paper, 'il   His.  chocolate nnd  included
in tlie list were 1  dozen nnd 8   pairs
of socks, which were    sent   specially
j forChristmas.
A very successful   tea  was  held   at ,
the home ot    Mrt.  Bunnell,  by     the
ladies of St.  Frances church on Wednesday  afternoon       On  tbc reception
1 committee, besides Mrs. llunncll were
Mrs. Hobson and Mrs. Mclnnes, Misses Lauretta Dupont and Bernad'ine
Bunnell assisting. Miss McKenzie
took charge of the' silver collection
,-nvl Miss Vera Bell, sold delicious
home made -andy.  The culinery table
' was, as usual loaded with good
things and was presided over by MrB.
White. Mrs. G, L. lucrum delighted
the many guests with selections on
the piano.
The L. O. L. 1 '".5S were at home to
their members and friends on Thursday evening. A good program was nr-
ranged and a delightful evening spent
by all. The following was the program: Selection by citizen's band;
address of welcome by J. P. Hume,
who is worshipful master; duet by
Mrs. F, Bews and Miss K. Borden;
the wnr of Europe and its causes, an
essey by Mr. W. Leslie, Jr.; selection
The Citizens' Band; recitation by Mrs
J. H. Armstrong; solo by Miss
Paulding- selection, the band; address
by RW.G.M. of B.C., J. W. Armstrong; selection by Mr. R.H. Sawyer
selection, the band; solo by Mr. N.
Bennett- chorus Oh! Cunada; God
Saw the King. About '.'0 people were
there. Mrs. J. P. Hume and Mrs.
Harry Ferguson acted us hostesses.
Revelstoke is not going to let any
town in Canada get ahead of her, so
we are going to have a "Big Patriotic Sale," on November 13 and 11.
The Revelstoke Relief society is taking hold of C. B. Hume & Co.'s department store on a prcccntnge blfsis.
For two days all cash sales ot the ■
store will be turned over to the women and girls of thc town. Mrs. Kilpatrick .vill be the general manager.
Mesdames McCarter, Robbins, Holten
McLean, Bruce, Pun is, Dawns and
Cormier will be the department managers. Still other ludies will act as
floor walkers, cashiers and saleladies.
All tables, cases, etc., now on the
upstairs floor will lie cleared away
and booths erected, where thc ladies
will be in charge. Mr. Hornell will
have all his Christmas goods out for
the benefit of tlie customers. There
will be special attractions, music,
etc. "Revelstoke expects every woman to do her duty."
C. 8. HUME & CO, LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
«le Aim to Clve Maximum
Wear at a Minimum Price
Patriotic Sale
November 13th and 14th
REVELSTOKE is not going to let any town in Canada get ahead of her. So we are going to have
a " Big Patriotic Sale." The Revelstoke Relief Society
are taking hold of C. B. Hume Co's. Department Store
on a precentage basis.
For these two days cash sales the store will be
turned over to the women and girls of town. Mrs.
Kilpatrick will be general manager. Mrs. McCarter,
Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Holten, Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Bruce,
Mrs. Purvis, Mrs. Downs, and Mrs. Cormier will be Department Managers. Still
other Ladies will be Floor Walkers, Cashiers, Sales Ladies, etc. Why not Volunteer your services to any of the ladies on the committee.
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Our Rubber List
Everything in Rubber Footwear, and the best Rubber Footwear the market offers. Note
that every pair we sell bears the Maltese Cross Brand. No seconds; everyone first quality.
Let us know your wants and the size of your boot. We can fit you out exactly as you wish
with first quality goods at the same price you may pay for seconds.
Women's Storm Rubbers
High or low heel, a variety of lasts.   Price
per pair 85c.
Women's Low Cut Rubbers
High heel only, three different lasts. Price
per pair — 85c.
Women's Tan   Rubbers
Cuban heel, low cut front.    Price $1.00 pr.
Men's Storm Rubbers
A last for every shoe.   They fit and wear.
Price W.10 pair
Men's heavy tap sole Rubbers
Special for railroad work.    Price $1.50 pair
Children's Rubbers
Storm, spring heel, sizes 3-101..    Price 60c
Girl's Rubbers
Storm,   spring   heel,   sizes   11-2.     Price
■— -.- -.._   75c. pair
Youth's Heavy Rubbers
Low cut, sizes 9 to 13    Price 70c- pair
Boy's Heavy Rubbers
Low cut, sizes 1 to 5   Price 75c. pair
Boy's Storm Rubbers
Sizes 1 to 5 _ Price 90c. pair
OVERSHOES for men. women and children, hi^li antl low cut, button! or buckles. All
price;, but one quality only—Che best.
CARDIGANS-Comfort Over Stockings
torujilUran, nil-Is and women Price* 11,85,
$1.45, aud $1.75.
Children's Rubber Boots a Specialty
Grocery and Crockery Department
"An Apple a Day Keeps
the Doctor Away
This is hard on the medicine man, but good
for the rest of us. Canada has a million and
a half barrels of apples to eat this year that
always went to Germany. How will you
have yours, baked, stewed or in pie. Per.
sonally, 1 prefer the old fashioned "Apple
By holding olT buying we have avoided all
the poor quality apples and light weight
boxes. We have now a car, each box of
which has passed our personal inspection.
We paid a good price for these, but we have
FRUIT that we can guarantee to our customers. Every box perfect and we might
say over weight, all perfect B. C apples.
Remember guaranteed weight and perfect
fruit. Special prices on 5 box lots.
P, S. We have cheaper grade* and under
weight boxes. But everything in the above
advertisement is standard quality and standard weight.
Specials for Friday
and Saturday
Large Tin Quaker   Pork  and   Beans   with
Tomato Sauce 15 cents
Cross   &   Blackwell's Marmalade,   1 pound
jars _ 20 cents
Robertson Strawberry and Raspberry Jam
 -   20 cents jar
Blue Label Ketchup 30 cents bottle
Pure Gold Jelly Powder, 4 packages. 25 cts
2 pound Tins Oysters 25 cents tin
Post Tavern Special .15 cents package PAGB BIX.
Wiltshire Bacon, whole or half       -       - 17c
Boneless Shoulder Hams, whole or half -   17c
Salmon   ------- 15c
Spare Ribs, 2 lbs. for           - 25c
Watch our Prices- -they will pay you
P. Burns & Co., Limited.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Try us once and you will come back
Was Pioneer Minister
of Western Canada
Prominent Investnr in
British Columbia Mines
The Winnipeg Free Press of October     Fritz  Augustus Heinze,  who     died
III contained nn excellont portrait   of  <"' WedneBday at Saratago, N.V., had
..       ,  .    _        , . „ nen-aatioiial   career ln the Unahclal
the     late Rev. James, Lawrence, fat-        ,.    .... ,   L .
. world.  After acqulrtng a tortune     of
her of W. M. Lawrence of Revelstoke,' mlIHons through mining interests   in
and the following obituary notice:     I the west he came to New York     and
The death occurred in Winnipeg became Interested in other ventures,
yesterday of the Rev. James Law- most of which wero unsuccessful,
rence, of Lilylleld, Man., one of the 1*'or several years Mr. Heinze had
pioneer ministers of Canada, who, as bwn involve In litigation almost
a Presbyterian minister, held pastor- constantly and, it was said by his
ates ln St. Thomas, Ont., Stonewall, .iBHuciatos. that bo had lost a large
Man., and Emerson, Man., who was pari of his fortune,
known throughout this province, and l-'rom the time be graduated from
loved nnd revered by all with whom tin- Columbia School ol Mines in 1881>
he came in contact. I until his death, he was identified with
In the month of May Mr. Lawrence mining nnd smelting operations, and
was stricken wish paralysis, and al- only about a month ago returned
ter rallying somewhat came to Wln-fi"1" *l triP through the west. His
nipeg for special medical treatment, Interests were specially large ln Mon-
resldlng with his daughter, Mrs. J.G. t»n'1 and British Columbia, In Mon-
Keir, of 80-1 McMillan avenue. Al- tana he was at one Unit u power In
though  holies  were entertained  of his   politico.
recovery at one time, he bad a     re-      Soon "'ter going to Montana,     nt
lapse a few dayH    ago,     and pussed  the age of 20,  Mr.  Heinze organized
Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
peacefully  away     yesterday   morning.
He was 87 years of age.
Horn  in  Scotland.
the Montana Ore Purchasing comifetny
,it Butte. Later he became president
of  the  United  Copper  company,    and
Hotel Victoria
R. Lauohtoh, Prop.
Choicest of Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Mr. Lawrence was a native of of the State Savings bank at Butte.
Brechin, Scotland. After qualifying 'wining other companies in which he
for the ministry he went to South w:,a a dominating figure were tho
Afrtcu. Returning to Scotland, he' Davis-Daly Mining company in Mon-
did good work among thc poor of tana, the Stewart Mining company of
Glasgow and Edinburgh, He then lett Idaho, the Ohio Copper Mining com-
for Canada and took over the pas- pany, and various railway companies
rorate of the Presbyterian church at Prom the Canadian government he
St. Thomas, Ont. In 1*">79 he proceed- received n large grant, of land which
ed west, and entered upon what prov- he afterward turned over to tbe
ed to be a successtul ministry at United Copper company.
Stonewall. Six years later he was' After coming to New York ln 1'.'06,
called to Emerson, where he labored,1 he became president of the Mercun-
ns at every other place, with great tile bunk in 1907, and was soon he-
satisfaction, not only to the mem- set bv business troubles. Loans made
bers   of   his church,   but the   whole 'during the panic of 1907 which     the
Carpet Squares $7.75 up.
Floor Oilcloth „  45c sq. yd. up.
Linoleum  60c sq. yd. up.
HOWSON & CO., Ltd.
Blankets, 7 lb $4.40 up.
Flannelette Sheets 12x4 $2.20 up.
| General Blackimith
Light and heavy Wsgons, light and heavy
Sleight, Buggies, Cutters, Plows, Harrows
Farm Implements. W»gon» mad* and roptlrid
Agont for John Deere and Company and International Harvaater Co.
Farm Implements
Retired from Ministry.
Eighteen years     ago Mr.  Lawrence
retired from  the  active work    of the
government asserted went to help his
brothers, Otto and Arthur (who composed the firm of Otto Heinze & Co.)
resulted   in     his     indictment  on  the
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C
Good'Accommodation.      Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
ministry, acquired extensive property charge of misapplying $2,236,000 of
nt Lilyflold, and settled down there tho bank's funds. The case against
to spend the evening of his years. He him eventually was dismissed. Within
was one of the first settlers in the ,,u' ,ll8t month Mr. Heinze was de-
locality, .md, indeed, gave it its fendant in a suit brought by Kdwiu
name. I Gould to recover the proceeds of pro-
Mr. Lawrence leaves a large family missory notes aggregating 81,000,000,
The daughters are Mrs. W. A. McWil- which Mr. Rould alleged Mr. Heinze
liams, Lilylleld; Miss NelKe Lawrence h'"l Kiven him in payment for stock
Lilyfield; Mrs. J. G. Kelr, Winnipeg; of tne Mercantile bnnk. Mr. Gould
and the sons, Valentine Lawrence, wae successful in his suit.
Ontario, Cal.; William. Revelstoke, Mr- Heinze, born in Brooklyn, was
B.C.; Jumes, recently manager ol J. " years of age. He waB a member of
H. Ashdown's, Winnipeg, and now of many clubs, both in this city and In
Calgary; Lyle and Edward, Lilyfield. the west- He ia survived .by his son,
Deceased was predeceased by Mrs. F'- Augustus Heinze, Jr.; his brot-
Lawrence four years ago. , hers, Otto C. and Arthur     P.;     two
The remains were removed from 501 sisters, Mrs. W. M. Fleitmann and
McMillan avenue to Lilylleld, the fun- Mrs- George W. Watjen of Bremen,
eral taking place there at 2.30. i Germany.
Central Hotel
Abrahamsor.  Bros.
First-class in all respects
All  Modern  Conveniences
Speecial Weekly Rates
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rates.
Union  Hotel
A. P. LBVESQUE, Proprietor
Wed.  I.—Fire hall A vs B. of D.
Fri. 6.—Bus.-men vs Fire hall B.
Tues. 10.—J.B.C. vs Bua.-mea
Wed.  11.-Govt,  vs O.P.R.
Fri.  13.—Fire hall A.  vs Govt.
Tues. IT— Fire hall B. vs J.B.C.
Wed. 18.—B.  of D.  vs C.P.R.
p*ri. -0.—Bus.men vs B. of D.
Tues. Jl.—fire hall A.  vs.   J.B.C.
Wed. 25.— Fire hall B. vs Govt.
Fri.  27.-Fire hall  A. ve C.P.R.
Tues.  i.—Bus.-men vg Govt.
Wed, 2.—B. of D. vg J.B.C.
PTi    t -Fixe hall B.  vg C.P R.
Tues   - — Bus-men vg Fire hall A.
Wed. ».—Fire h.ill B. vg B. of D.
Fri. II.-Govt,  vs J.B.C.
T'j'g. 2'.'— C.P.R   vs Bug.-men
Wed. 30.—Fire hall A. vs Fire hallB.
r i •«   I    B    ef D. vs Govt.
Wed. 8.—JJB.C. ve C.P.R.
Fn. 9—Fire hall A   vg B   of D.
renm.  IJ -Bug-men  vg Fire hall  B.
Wed.   Hi -Govt    v* C.P.R.
Fri. I'.—If! C,  v« Bug-men
Tues   19.—Fire hall A. vs Govt.
Wed. 90.—Fire hall B   vs.   J.H
Fri.  22 -B   of I)   vs C.P.R.
T-ieg   16.—Bus-man  vg B.  of D
WH.   27 -Fire  hall   A.   vg   J.H I
Fri.  ."'  -Fire hill B. vg Govt.
rues.  2— Bun.-men  7g Govt.
We<t.  3 —Fire hall A. vg C.p.R.
Fri. .'.—B.  of D.  vn J.B.C.
Tues   1— Fire hall B. vg O.P'R
A few weeks ago Lloyd George wgnt
to the London market and asked for
thc loan of £l",00fl,00n to help Bal-
i»lnm In her hour of trial D'sTibing
th* lOdldetOt, hi fluid •)"• w*s offered
ttlOn.tVUVWefl, and the hunks «rer- will-
ing tO advance ev«n mof<\ The
monev has been loaned to Belgium
without  interest.
The Inquiry into the sinking of the
government steamer Monfmagny by
the collier Lingan In the St, Lawrence, has been concluded. In the
meantime th* department of marine
has taken action against ths ownerg
of the l.lngan. It claims 1400,000
damages and the collier ig seized
pending aettlemcnt of thp suit.
Fire alarm signals are given thus.
Two strokes, interval five seconda,
four strokes, Box 21. No ol box will
also be shown on indicator at fire
Practice signal.—3n (6) atrokes ol
bell slowly.
Testing signal.—Three (3) strokes
of bell slowly.
Fire Out si-gnal.—Two (-2) strokes
of bell slowly.
Defect signal.—One (1) .stroke of
•ell alowly.
Box No . tl—Corner First street
McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Box No. 1*5.—Corner First street
ind  Rokeby avenue.
Box No. 16.—Corner Second street
and Government Road and Opera
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, Globe Lumber
Box No.  18.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. -I.-Corner Filth street
and McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 2' —Corner Sixth street
•.nd Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
fox No. 2t>.—Corner Fourth etreet
and  McArthur avenue.
Box No 27— Corner Fourth street
and  Townl^ avenue.
Box No. 28.—Corner Second street
and Robson avenue, Mrs, Baker.
Box  No. 31 -Fife hali No. 2.
Boi   No.  3-'.—Hospital.
Box Noi '{s.—Central School.
Box No. 37.—Selkirk School.
Box No. 44.—Fire Hall No. One.
Box No. 2V Front street nut,
near O.P.R. bridge.
Box No. 11. 'iorner King and
D'diglas str«»tn   I'alHce Meat Market.
Box No 17 ''orner Hecond street
and Wales street, back of Ciurt
Box No. 18.-' orner Third and
fharles streets, 'owan block.
An exhaustive inquiry w»h made
In Chicago and di ild mortality wm
traced to ten grnips of causes: lm
proper fading, under feeding, unsanitary conditio: m, Ignorance and
neglect of parent i, climatic conditions, occupation i( mother, prenatal
iniluence, etc.
Reasons me given liy
"Economic Advertising"
"It is keeping everlastingly at it—the quiet, continuous brand of publicity that worries its way
through to success in the long run and it is difficult
to find any justification for breaking the continuity
of advertising during hot weather.
"Clothes have to be worn and the necessaries of
life provided for, and almost every artiole with the
exception of purely seasonable goods is in equal demand in the summer as in the winter.
"Then, again, in the summer people do not work
so hard—there is more leisure time, and just because
they have more time for reading it is logical to state
that they have more time for reading advertising.
"To the modern housewife any respite from the
glaring pavements is welcome. She reads the advertising columns of the local paper, and makes it her
shopping guide, especially in the summer. Missing
at this time is losing momentum which will take
considerable time and expense to regain at a later
The Mail-Herald reaches the permanent, earning
classes. In the home it stays, the newest edition of
buying guides. It contains the leading merchants'
latest announcements.
Increase Your Summer
Advertising in the Mail-
Herald and Get Your
Share of the   Business.
Tho lUtui of s tmilnom hem* li
<raflMt«d In u i nUtlonerje. It Pat*
tn havo thn Uil lhat'i iolnj. W*
gift >in then hixhuxt qualitr al Iti
lowMt prlw.-aFrM eitimatoi.
•ctrlo Pi
We offer you »»[wrt wrrlco. Print
li our buHinemi and our hobby too.
To tbo tmt ■elrrtinn of papor and
type wt add originality and imari-
netu of doiicn and rapid dilirerj.
Strong Memorandum Being Forwarded to Sir George
Pursuant to the united cflort now
being made by the provincial government, the various boardB ol trade
und the British Columbia Lumber
and Shingle Manufacturers' association to secure preferential treatment
lor Canadian titrilicr products In the
markets ol Australia, the Hon. Dr,
lYoung, provincial secretary, forwarded to Sir George Foster, minister ol
trade and commerce, a complete
statement of the case to be considered.
The statement shows that Australia is the chief oversea customer lor
the lumber of the raclnc Coast, and
that while In 1002 Uritish Columbia
enjoyed over 1)3 per cent, ot the tra*'e
last year she hud only 4 per cent. A
striking contrast is shown In thc
vase of South Africa, to which country, solely because of thc rebate of
a preference of a rebate of 10 pet-
cent, on the duty, British Columbia
sent iii per cent ol the total coast
Emphaisis is laid on the fact that
what the British Columbia timber
men wish is a prelerence and not free
trade. Some figures are given to showi
the possibilities of the immediate expansion of this trade in British Columbia to a value of S'J.alKl.iiOO.
The memorandum was prepared at
the direet request oi Sir George Foster after conferring with the Premier
Sir Richard McBride, and strong
hopes are entertained that, inasmuch
as the minister ol trade and commerce visited Australia as late us
lust year, some favorable action may
result from the present effort. Copies
Ol the memorandum have also Mfeen
furnished the special committee ol
the board ol trade, which body has
heen very active in support of the
present movement.
The statement, which is signed hy
Mr. R. H. H. Alexunder, secretary-
treasurer of the British Columbia
Lumber & Shingle Manufacturers' association, reads in part as follows:
The combined foreign shipments to
all parts of the world from British
Columbia, Washington and Oregon
for 1913 reached a grand total ot
600,000,000 feet. Of these shipments,
the nntural markets tributary to the
Pacific coast, Australia, New Zealand
West coast ot South America, China
and Japan, took 83 per cent of the
whole in the following proportions:
Australia      10
New Zealand  „      IJ
West Coast  South America
• China and  Japan 	
'l'nited Kingdom and continent        "\
South Africa       Jj
Miscellaneous       r,
It wil] he seen, therefore, that of
the 3*1 per cent, our sister Dominions
of Australia and New Zealand took
r>0 per cent, of which Brit'ish Columbia only did a little over I per cent.
The United Kincdom «*•■' the continent took 7-J per cent of the total
coast shipments, 0l which British
Columbia supplied [fi per e'ent, while
in the case of the 35 per cent ef this
was supplied by British Columbia.
These statistics show very convincingly that Australia is the'chief over-
sea customer for the lumber of thc
Pacific coast, from which ulmOBt entirely lt druws its supply for ordinary building purposes, as the native
woods are, with few exceptions, extremely heavy and hard, so that the
cost ot transportation irom one part
of the country to another Is high,
and extra labor in working it makes
its use expensive. Here, therefore, ls
an article which is needed in Austm-
11a, and being used in constantly increasing quantities, and which Is
produced by British Columbia and
the neighboring states of Washington
and Oregdii. The figures show the
magnitude of the trade, anil the
large proportion of it enjoyed by the
United States, which could be. diverted to British Columbia by a customs
preference. The shipments of Douglas
fir, called also Oregon l'ine, to Australia for the past twelve years show-
that the trade In this article has increased from 01,300,203 feet in 1902 t0
238,777,012 (eel in l'.H'l—over 300 per
cent—and that while In 1903 British
Columbia enjoyed 33 per cent ol the
trade, in 1018 she had only I per
In 1918 Uritish Columbia coast
mills cut 781,000,000 feet and only
shipped 10,000,000 feet to all foreign
countries combined. Think for a moment of what it would have meant if
our mills had secured say even "iO
per cent. Of thc 738,000,(100 feet which
Australia took, instead ot I per cent.
The hardwoods ot Australia, the
trade in which is gradually Increasing, enter Canada free, and we arc
pleased it should he so, but we wish
it clearly understood that we are not
asking a free entrance for our lumber, not even a reduction in duty.
Australia has a lumber industry to
protect, nnd if for revenue purpos?s
or the protection ot her lumber Industry, Australia considers it politic
0 retain the present duty or impose
a higher, wc have nothing to urge
against such a course. We do not
wish their manufacturers to Buffer (or
our gnin, but are content to rely on
the natural requirements tor our Boft
woods, made necessary by the continuous development ol the Commonwealth, and that alter putting on
a duty to furnish a proper quota ot
revenue, and also protect their own
home industry, they include also
something additional which they can
take ofl tor the benefit ot Canada,
without hurting themselves. Preference, not free trade, is what we seek.
What result may be (airly expected
Irom a preferential tarifl with Australia .and New Zealand Is exemplified by what has occurred in the case
ol South Africa, in which market the
product of British Columbia has a
preference of a rebate of 10 per cent,
on the duty, amounting to about -\
per cent, on the value of the lumber.
It will be noticed that in tbe trade
with South Africn, British Columbia
did til per cent.
In lurther support ol our remarks
as to thc strong position the trade in
this article commands in Australia,
we would point to the fact that
freights from the Pacific to Australia advanced over "iO per cent, during
l*'l-—from 10s to 62s, or over !?5 per
l.iioo feet. This great advance in
cost, however, did not lessen the
consumption, which increased 10,OUO,-
CtHl feet over the previous year, and
proved to be the largest to that date
in the history of the trude.
The figures wc have quoted show
the possibilities of the immediate expansion, of this trade in British Columbia to a value of 82,500,000. What
this means to the     community     can
Dominion Government Passes
Order in  Council Prohibiting Exportto Enemies
Price of Sugar is
Fifty Cents Lower
Sugar has dropped 50   cento     per
hundred pounds and is now selling at
$8.30.  There ie a plentiful BUpply    ol
winter fruits and vegetables.
Canada, possessing the largest   and Bananas, per doz.... 40@ .50'
the    richest nickel deposits   in     the Lemons, per doz.
world, deposits which have     in    'the Apples, new, 4 to (itbs.
past heen drawn   on generously     tol0rub A''Ill0Bi Pcr box ...
,  .    ,        ... „ Oranges,  from 	
supply armor plate for what are now peftrs   .,])js   fof
enemy countries,     is at last to Proi pumpkins  lb
hlbit  the export  of   that commodity j citrons, lb „., ...
to Europe, except to Britain, Prance Grapes, tb	
and Russia. I Cranberries, lb	
i,       ,       *,v«   r...„   Grapes, basket 	
An order in-council under   the   Cus- '
toms Act has been passed prohibiting ?g8' «o«l* »* for
the export to enemy countries,      not _
,    , ,   , , ,   , . ,  Dates, Kurd, J bs. for
only oi nickel and nickel ores, but ol .
several other commodities which may
and all air craft,    wool and      sheep-
.25® .35
.25® .30
.25® .30
.18® .25
12.*.® .25
13J® .27
.25® .30
bullion,  vehicles BnCon-  retnil   28® .40
Dates, Hallowi,
Dates, Kurd, 21b
Dates,  Dromedary, pkg.
Walnuts, per Ib.
Pecans, per lb.  .
Filberts, per 11).
be used  in  wars.      Their   export
prohibited  "to  nil foreign ports
Kurope and on    the    Mediterranean .
,,,,., _ „ , „. Almonds, per tb	
and Black Seas, save France, .Russia, _ '
. „ , ,, Brnzlls, per !b	
Spain and Portugal.
The  prohibited   list embraces   grap- MEATS
bite for range finders, nickel and nic- Fr(>Bl1 killP<1 beei, retail
kel  ores,  motor     engines,  aeroplanes,   tr  •  r '    '
Mutton,  retail
skins,  warships,  including boats used   *ea'.  retail 	
on  them,   foodstuffs,     animals,   gold Hams, retail ..
mil  silver coin  or
and all Kinds ot vessels, crafts     and Lard, retail
boats, powder and explosives, barbed chickens,  retail 	
wire and devices lor cutting It,    un- Sausages, retail 	
wrought copper, lead, pig, sheet     or Turkey, per lb	
pipe,   hematite    iron     ore,   magnetic  Geese,  per lb	
ore, hides and skins, raw or tanned,  Ducks, per lb	
but including thc dressed variety, and SUGAR
rubber oi all kinds. Granulated B. C.  Cane
The general purpose of tbe Govern- i    K'Otti. sack 	
ment's order is to prohibit the     ex- Lump sugar,  2lbB	
port to the countries with which   we Gran. B.C., 201b. sack, ...
are at wnr of any commodity   which  Brown Btignr, 3tbs	
may facilitate the operations   of   thc Syrup, maple, bottle 	
.17® .20
.23® .25
.13® .18
enemy or supply     them     witb muni- Syrup, gallon      1.75(g2.0O
tions. Honey, comb, per tb	
As regards  nickel,    the prohibition Honey, lib. jars	
is of particular importance, consider- FLOUR
ing how essential is thnt mineral    in Robin Hood 	
armament  manufacture, and In    view h. & K. Bread Flour 	
ol Canada's   great   and   almost    ex- five Roses	
haustive supply. The order, which has Lake of the Woods, bag
heen under consideration   for     some Royal Household 	
t'.me, does not apply to Canadian ex- Purity Flour 	
ports ol this character to the   United King's Quality
Butter, creamery 	
The civil servants and constables in Bnttm   mTy< pef m
Greenwood district    are contributing CheeBCi Cananlalli per m>
one day's pay each month     towards cheese_  Cw   8tutolI| m,
the     Victoria Patriotic Aid   Society chceBe> Imp   stnton| lb>
during the war.
Eggs, local new laid, doz.
.25® .35
.32® .80
After charging his 22-year-old wile VEGETABLES
with going around   with other   men, Cauliflower,  each   15® .20
Frank Ward, a     teamster,     aged 21, Parsley, per bunch
shot her dead in     the retnil butcher Green Peppers, per Ib.
shop ol the Gibson-Cage company, In j)ry, onions, 5 lbs. (or
Winnipeg,  last week,   at   which   she silver skin pickling
was employed   as   cashier.   He   then     on'ions,  3lbs.  for
turned the revolver on bimselt     and Brown pickling onions,
ended his life. (   .itbs. (or 	
i        ' =:   Cabbage, local, each ..
I New Potatoes, lb	
.05® .10
best be gathered (rom a perusal
the lollowing figures, obtained    from Lettuce.  "> 10® .15
leading  manufacturers,    of   the   pre- GreeD 0nionB' * bunches
sent   various     annual     expenditure Tomatoes, crate	
made on the present   production     ol Carrots,  lb	
lumber in this province: Turnips' P« ">	
Wages       $11,025,im'0 Sweet Potatoes, libs, (or
Celery,  lb	
Food suppliM of operatives only      :',,*1.-i3,ihio
Mill and logging supplies      1,576,000
Employment of towboats
icoast)       B00.000
.02 J
No. 1 from Montreal to Vancouver,
Total      $16,753,000 arrive at G.Oii p.m., leave 6.25 p.m.
These figures reter to the munutac-     No. 2, (rom Vancouver to Montreal,
ture ol lumber only, and not to the arrive at  11.06 a.m..    leave at 11.25
shingle or other allied industries.        a.m.
r==     No. .1: (rom Toronto to Vancouver,
arrive at 7.05 a.m., leave at 7;20 a.m.
|   No. 4 (rom Vuucouver to Toronto,
arrive  at   12.45 a. m.,   leave  at  1.05
I    No. 804, (rom Revelstoke to Arrowhead, leave 7.30 a.m.
|   No. 803, (rom Arrowhead to Rcvel-
! stoke, arrive 4.40 p.m,
No. 3 makes connection w'ith the
Okanagan line at Slcnmoua, returning
leaves Sicamous at 11.50 p.m.
Trains Nos. I and 2, make all local
stops between Revelstoke and Sicamous.
Trains Nos. 3 and 1, make local
stops between Sicamous and Kamloops.
,COe»»«eOMT_UN0l«y«OOD.»   UNOtRWOOO.  N._vt
Belgian marksmen with their long bored rifles capable ol carrying a long distance, lying in ambush on
bank of the Nethe ready to pick of! the Germans on the opposite side. Note the burning ol the buildingB
the side ol thc river occupied by the Germans, who have set tbem on fire.
Besides the Azores, Macao, Madeira
Cape Verde, St. Thomas, Timor and
other islands, Portugal has three
Inrge dependencies in Atrlcn, Gulnet,
14,0(111; Angoln, 4-5,11(10 and Mozambique, 293,0<'0 square miles. ' The colonial population of Portugal Is over
\0OO,000, which -Is a third more than
the number of Portuguese at home.
Thc naval department has confirmed the report that Rear Admiral
Storey of the British navy has heen
chosen by the government to take
charge of the nnvnl yardB nt Esquimau during the war. Rear Admiral
Storey came to Canada, two years
ago, on retirement from active service and made his home nt Guelph,
Ontario. On the outbreak of the war
he oflered his services to the naval
brnnch and they have been accepted.
It Exceeds the Government
Requirement in Richness
No danger of germs if you use B. C.
MILK—It is much safer than raw
milk -and owing to its <eci)nomy and
convenience, should be used for all
By Government TEST B.C. MILK
We arc. just unloading a car of
and they arc beauties, all government tested and free
from scab and guaranteed to keep. Potatoes are going
to be high this winter. Get our special prices delivered from car.
L.C. MASSON Lower Town -Front Street L.C. MASSON
Brunch—Cor. Connaught Ave, and First St.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest
allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
a.b. McCleneghan, Manager.
Before plaeing your order for your winter supply of Apples
and Vegetables let us quote you our prices, as we believe that we can interest you in both quality and price.
We can, at all times, till your requirements in the feed
line, such as Hay, OatB, Bran, Shorts, Wheat, Chop,
Corn, etc.
Phone 41
Box 734
Military Tactics
The wise military commander changes hia plan o! campaign to
fit conditions ae the progress ol events dictates. The wise
business commnnder does the same.
Firms that have never belore seen the tremendous power of
well directed, skilfully-prepared advertising based on a plan
that is fundamentally right, will make use of this modern merchandising force now; old advertieacrs, Wise and experien-ced,
will expand along new lines—by means ol advertising.
Canada is lace to face today with enormous opportunitleea.
new markets are opening, new opportunities are unrolling bee-
fare established business. What is required is quick re-adjust-
iment, a change ot the plan of campaign to fit the new conditions.
Newspaper advertising will he the richt-hand assistant of those
who forge ahead In this crisis, not ordinary advertising however; the efficiency will have to he high, the plan and copy caf»-
fully luitl out and skilfully   prepared.
No etpense nor obligation attaches to a friendly discussion of
the new opportunities eithei in person or hy mail. The fate of
YOUR business may rest on your decision to net on this suggestion.
New Herald Building;, Calgary Rogers   Building,   Vancouver
Central Building, Vlotoria L. C. Smith Building, Seattle
possess the personal note that ordinary printing lacks. Drop in
the Mail-Herald and ask for quotations on onr printed lacsimilr
typewriting. Letters, circulars, mailing cards, ac, with all tlie
effectiveness ol real typewriting at a fraction oi its cost.
BHH Page eight
There wan three feet of     snow
Rogers Puss on Friday  morning.'
W. R. Reid of Arrowhead  wa»     at
the  King Edward hotel yesterday.
dipt. R. D. Davlas or Onwhroolt
was at the King Edward hotel ou
,T.  L. On- and MKhs Orr   of Nelson
were guests at   the King Edward   on
F.  W.  Kelly ol 9nn Francisco   was Thursday
at the Hotel RevelBtoke on Thursday.j    ^   pctm. ^ j   M   TompUnB o(
F. Bowners ot Glacier was register- ( Kamloops were guests at  the    King
cd  at  the King Edward     hotel     on   Edward hotel on Friday.
Friday. P.  F.  Hcharschmidt     of Vancouver
A   number of clothes      were   Htolen   came in from Vancouver this     moru-
from a  line near the     hospital     on   ing and will leave for the Kootcaay
Thursday nicht.
There will be a meeting of tlio
.elief Society every Wednesday trom
.30 to 6.30 p.m.  at the R.Y.M.C.A.
J. M. Black of Orillia was a gueeert
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Friday.
C. iLonghurst of Nelson was registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on Friday.
Householders Apply for
Inclusion on Voters' List
The lawn of the   Methodist   church     The following     householders     have
is being graded    and
the basenient' m!K\e declarations for     addition
Maps of the war     district at Muc-
donalds drug store.
The regular monthly
Mr. and Mrs. Hollands of Bear
Creek were guiiBts at the King Edward hotel on Friday.
The Relief society has at present
no work prepared. Notice will be
given through the columns ol the
Mail Herald as soon as the work ie
R.  M.   Evans
Leary,   Nakusp.
A.   Austin,
meeting     of
the Canadian club will be held in thelkusp  and      Mrs.  T.  Lane ot    Burton
high school building on Monday even ! were guests of the King Edward hotel
tag,  Mrs.  W.  A.  Sturdy will  give     a  on Friday
Those having Warm clothing to dis-   talk on Helen Keclcr.
pose of ar,-  rtqUOTted    to    leave     it.
at the police station to be given
a  ,Institute  woman.
ll r.  BJ.
iilllcr fi
('.  Arthur,     medical   health
■ the city of  Nelson has ap
An  exciting chase was witnessed on
McKenzie  avenue  yesterday  afternoon j l'iied  for a  position with the     uriu>
when  a  number  Of  people chased     a  medical service ot the     second Ciiiim-
Tlie protits of the Tang., club dance  weasel  which  was linally captured hy   dian overseas expeditionary force and
it is his Intention to leave for thu
trout immediately in the event of his
services being accepted, lt it Is pos-
sible to leave with the Canadian
troops it is Dr. Arthur's intention to
apply to the Imperial authorities for
a position in their field stall.
tn   I" hold on the   Masonic hall     on J. <;.  Barber,  and  given    to      C,   R.
Wednesday  next     will   again   he given Macdonald   who  had  a  cage  built  for
te>  the Patriotic (und. it.
All  who contemplate   taking  one  or The seventh annual ina**ueiade ball
more of the night     classes  are     re- niven  by  Fire  brigade  No.   1   will  he
quested to hand      their  names to  .1. held  on   Wednesday  December 2,      in
M.   Pateraon,  high  school,  before the the opera house. This is always   one
ISth  of this month.
Among the guests at the Kiug Edward hotel on Thursday were Mr.
and Mrs. F. Wales, Glacier, B.C., G.
H. Williamson, Notch Hill aud Wm.
Thomlinson, New Denver.
NHne prisoners of war from Fernie
in charge of the provincial police ar-
riveel in the city yesterday on the
south train They were kept under
guard at the court, house last night
and proceeded west tbis morning.
Q, D. Williams of Kelowna, district
manager for the Mason Risch piano
company is in the hospital at Salmon Arm suffering from a broken
leg received by falling ofl a step-
ladder. Mr. Willinms is well known iu
of the most popular functions ot the
winter season and is sure to be
largely   attended.
Jack Edward who on Wednesday
was released on suspended senten :e
hy J. H. Hamilton, police magistrate, when charged with heing drunk
and disorderly, made another appearance on thc following day and
was sentenced tu  III days hard labor.
Vi. A. Oswald, the assistant censor,
was iu Revelstoke yesterday inspecting  the  moving  picture houses.      He
said that the theatres were the best | of Al'"le8 B'ith Rlce_:
in  the  interior.  The operating -room
and dim box at the Empress he    declared were unequalled  in  British Columbia.
|       An iitticial cable has   been received
by friends of Gordon Hallett ol Har-
Mrs. Dance has received a letter trom   roU anJ w   A   coota Hurle of   Long-
her husband W.  B.  Dance who is   at   1)euch    wh„ were   oilicers   on the ill-
present with the     Canadian  contfcg-   futed H   M   s   Hermes,     wi,ich    was
*nt    at  Salisbury   plains.    He states  Bnnk iM thp straits ol Dover on Sat-
Au attractive apple menu is being
used at all meals on Canadian Pacilic,
railway dining cars on the British
Columbia division during the present
week. In the centre ot tbe menu card
appears a large Winesap apple, and
in small type i each side appears
the two exhortations. "An apple a
day keeps the doctor away," and
"Join the Apple Consumers' J,eague.
Buy a box of B. 0, Apples." The
following apple dishes appear: Raw
Apples; Consomme a lu Apple; Apple
Sauce with Whipped Cream; Compote
Grilled Apples
with Pork Scraps; Fried Apples with
Bacon; Baked Apples with Cream;
Apple Dumpling, Brandy Sauce; Apple Cobbler; Apple Salad, French
Dressing; Apple Charlotte; Apple
Fritters,  Wine Sauce;  Apple Pie.
the municipal voters list:
Name Wardl
Newton  R.   Brown      2.'
T. Corley .  ' t
Josiab Hack,    3
rohn A. Middleton,     1
.las.  Jamieson,      3
I.  J.  Lapworth,      "2
A.   E. Rose,    1
(!.  McMahon    3
Jus. Mathie, • ,..-.    1
A.  J.  Laughton .'.    2
Wm. Mclnerney,  ,    1
J.  Lee^    1
M. J. Brophy *.    2
\.  McTnnes    2
A. W. Bennett,     1
T,  Vi.  Bradshaw,       I
0,   J.  Bergoust     'I
\. 0.  McCulloch     I
H.  N.  Phillips ■ I
P,   Dolan    2
W.   Li.  Crawford    1
W. J. McDonald    '2
R. Qanzinl    2
J. W. Stevenson    '.'
W.  D.  Armstrong \      :i
J.   H.   S.   Munro    2
Herbert Worth      *'-
('has.  J.  Amah	
Joseph  Wilson ,	
F.  P. Creech, 	
William Morris	
C.  W.  Gordon    3
W. J. Rewcastle    2
H.  H.  B.  Abbott    2
B, R. Reynolds    I'.
J.  D.  Sibbald,  Jr    I!
J.  M.  Nicholson     1
J.  M.  Paterson    2
J. P. Hume    2
0.  Falk    I
W.   LeGallais    1
Oliver H. Cutler    2
Right for the kitchen range, Cour-
to , s'iefi's stove, coal.
rmany and the next war by Von
Bertihardl, at BewB' drug store, ltnp
j F. Lefeaux, agent Crown Tailoring
Oo. tf
pSl^Rt line of China ware at How-
enue.   Gentleman preferred.     Apply
W.S. ln care Mall-Herald..    t.f.n.p.
LOST.—Bluish grey cat with green
ribbon arpund neck. Please return
to Mrs. W. H. Wallace.-
WANTEp.—Maternity   nursing.    Mrs.
Alice Lee, 10 Fourth street tf.
Locomotive Engineers
that   the     contingent      from  Canada   lirday  ,,y   , ,;,.,,„,„ submarine,   ital       uUDSCFIDE   10  liGllGl   lllflU
does not expect to be moved   to   the  ,ag that both h|lll ,H,tM1 saV(,j. Ueut.
front until spring. The journey across   H   Treby-Heale, who was thought to
the ocean  took 13 days. u ive i,een Un     the     Hermes,  is now
_    ,      stated to be aboard  the omnia
George   Thompson     of     the Rocky
Mountain Rangers who has been      in      A  dispute between  Chinamen  Whlchjthe   Brotherhood  of  Locomotive    en
hospital  at  Kamloops is rapidly   re-  ended  in  a  right  gave rise to a police
covering from an operation. He     ex-   court rase yesterday.T.Kee eJSfim charg-
pects to join at the const the second   ed  with  assault on Charley Wong  was
Canadian contingent    for service     at   fined  the costs ot  the court or     five
the  front.   He  has  four  brothers   al-   days.     Ylm was   als..   charged    with
ready in military service. : disorderly      conduct     and    on     this
ch irgo was released eiu suspended
The Dominion Express compaay Bentence. His antagonist Charley
will carry free, donations of clothing Wljn(, w.ft8 alg0 chrtrKpJ with ,iisorr,er
consigned to the Belgian relief com- ]y condUct, but was allowed to de-
mittees. where such have been or- part on suspended sentence,
ganized. Requests for free transports-,
tion  however must  be approved     by      The funeral of     the
Webb Nicholl who died ou Wednesli.
took   place on Thursday from   Hows<in   cretion.
Sc Co's.  undertaking parlors.   Rev.   K.
Lashley Hall conducted srrvic-  In  rt-.*
the Belgian consul, having jurisdiction over the district. J. M. Whitehead, 779 Thurlow street. Vancouver,
is the Belgian consul     for     the pro-
The following letter announcing u
subscription of $-5 a month to the
Relief society has heen received from
the Brotherhoo
gineers  liy  Mrs.  T.  Kilpatrick.
Revelstoke, Oct.  10, It'll
Mrs. T.   Kilpatrick,
Pres.   Ludies'   Relief society,
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Dear Madam—The B. of L. E.. Div.
fo7 of Revelstoke have decided to
donate to the La.lies' Relief society.
825.00 a month during the remainder
of the war, the same to he deposlt-
"e! I., voir credit in the Canadian
late William Bank of Commerce and used for any
form of relief work, at y.iiir o*n dis-
A.  W. Crowe  I
James L.  Hay  1
Percy  Bent  2
Allan Thomson  1
Dougald  Bell  1
Wm. G. Girard  3'
Seymour Penzer  1
S. Porritt	
Chas.   I).  Palmer  1
Alex.   D.   Lnngille	
Tony   Julian  1
■James Munro  2
Omer  Jones,  ...  2
W.   Edwards  I
M.   J.  White  I
J.  E. White  1
S.  G.  Parkinson  1
H. Carpenter  1
W.  Parry  1
Walter F.  Wobrtck	
Spirella  Corset  Company:—
.  Miss Bridge ol tbe above company,
.in leaving town for about a    month,
No trouble to cook with Coursier's  returning   to    deliver    orders about
stave coal. I December 18, Box (i.'l Revelstoke.   1 tp
Crown     Tailoring     agont,   F.   Le-
featix. tf NOTICE
Gait conl burns all night.     Revel-      _    , '",  ,    '     ,
stoke General Agencies Ltd. Wc havc atarted '" ,u,slnC8H   nBam
and havc located     In     tlie Lawrence
Cold creams for chapi^d face and Hardware store and respectfully ' Hollands, all prices at Mticdonalds drug ncite the patronage of our former
"tore- • customers us well as the     new.     We
If you are looking for a snap ln ,ire PreI>ared to do all repairing ol
dishes look at Howson's prices. I washes, clocks,   jewelry snd engrav
ing. Our work will be guaranteed and
The secrets of the Germun war ol- prices as low as good work will
fice at Bews' Drug Store. ltnp  warrant.  We also have watches,  dla-
Leavc your order for the Boys and  monds and'jewelry for sale.     ,J
Girls Own,     for   Christmas at Mac-, Respectfully,
donalds  drug store,  they are ln now | GEO. S.  ADAM,
and will uot last long.
Alvin E.  Perkins,     of     Vancouver,
The ladies of the Relief Society will
bo pleased to receive old or new magazines to bc sent to the guards along
the lines of communication. The lit- \ Professional  Piano und Organ Tuner,
erature muy be left at A.E. Klncaid's
office. t.t.
Patriotic note paper and envelopes.
Just thc thing for the war times, at
Macdonalds drug store.
Right  in quality,  right    in
Coursier's furnace lump     nnd
English papers with full war news,
always on hand at Macdonalds drug
"How the War Began'
Drag Store.
Don't buy  black rocks   that     looit
like coai. Coursier's coal is all fuel.
with highest possible recommendations from Heintzman & Co., Gour-,
lay Piano Co., MorriB & Kahn Co.,
Dominion Pianos Co., Newcombe ii
Co., Gerhard Heintzman Piano-
Ho.us-!, Vancouver. With -.'S years expedience this guarantees thc flneBt
wdrkmanship. Tuning a piano is not
a grilling piece of work if you have
regjard for your piano and lasting
satisfaction: We positively recom-
maind the best experienced men only:
Bews' Heintzman & Co. Mr. Perkins will be
ltnp ^n ^Revelstoke at an early date in
Mqvcmhor, leave orders with H. Man-
Yours sincerely
J. PURVIS. Sec. B. ol L.E
vines of British  Columblu  and  those   undertaking  parlors,  and  the  Orange
making shipments should     refer     to
Lodge which had  charge  of  the    '
I eral     held service at the grave       A
I wreath was sent by the Orange I   !_•■•
For the first time  in  12  years Nil-   and  several  from  tuends     The   pa.ll-
con    was     on     Tuesday     the   scene  bearers who are all Oreangemen   *■■-
of n sontence to the extreme penalty   H. Furguson.  J.J. Malcolrv.   T
of the law when in the criminal   ta-  (.'. Lmdmark,  J.        Mr.c*.
mzo court Mr. Justice Macdonald s«n-   \v.   Moore,
tericed  C.uisseppe     di  Cesare.  an  Indian, to hang on January 21  tor the
Is CivitizatiBit Better
Revelstoke Ladies to
Manage Department Store
TO RENT.—A nice comfortable houso
on Third street, east, S'22.00 per
month. See us about these at once.
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd. tt
TO RENT.—A splendid furnished 8
roomed house on Second street
west. 835.00 per month. Kootenay
Agencies, Ltd. tt
Quality Photographs
for i 'hi is! mas at the Tourner
Studio. Grnninphones and
A. DouglaS'Tourner,
Photographer, First Street.
FOR RENT.—One nice house all
modern conveniences, close ln. 825.
per month. Apply Revelseoke "General Aigencies, Ltd. tf.
OFFICE ROOM to rent. Centrally
located. Apply Box 205. Reyelitoke
B. C. ft
Empress Theatre
TODAY. iMatine* j .:(0i —The
Hopes of Blind Alley. :t reels.
Matty No. 2, The Universal
Boy. A Strong Aflatr, Ford
St»rlinc i-omfdy. Strand War
Series, latest news from the
MONDAY.—When Romance Cam*
To Anne, 2 parts. Universal
Ike Jnr and The Vampire
Bess The Detectress. When
World Was Silent, "1 part*.
TUESDAY.—The Old Curtoeity
Shop, Chas. Dickens great
work tnken on the actual
. scenes. 5 parts. The Cniesad-
ers, 4 parts. A Wonderful 1'ic-
WEDNESDAY.— The Last Days
of Pompeii, fi parts, another
Geo. Kleine production. This
is the most wonderful picture
ever shown on a screen. On
account of the Patriotic concert in opera house, the first
show in Hhnpress will start at
ti.f. *hnrp so that everyone
can bm this great picture.
Prices thc same,  ll)c. 15c.
placed their department store in the
hands of the Relief society for November 13 and 14, Friday and Saturday next. Thel ladies will have complete charge of the store In all Its
details and conduct a cash sale, a
generous percentage of the proceeds
—■ n      L      '        ' w"'" he Riven  towards the funds of the
ii3n HflrnRPififny>" •> ^^ ^ ^i <' patriotic
I IIUH    u«'»'«,'u'" | Relief and  charitable works.    Cbrist-
  j mas goods will be on sale and     the
tcrsh   md  Debating society | 9tori wi" be specially arranged.
held the.r   regular     weekly    meeting!    Tboee who wil1 have <*nrge of the
So far only III  treat      mpa th<> Y.M      \     ■   -. preal.   *,t"r''    "•"'   Mrs.  Kilpatrick,      general
•he chair.  A   n»n«gM",   Mis.  McCarter, Mrs.   Rgb-
m  bins,  Mrs.  Holton, Mrs.  E.H.S.   McLean,  Mrs.  Bruce, Mrs. Purvis,   Mrs.
.   l/.iwns    and     Mrs.  Cormier,  depart-
x    j.r      ment  managers.
minster Trust   Company—ari • ,      appropriate  address.
provincial  in operate,;.    ,»n.l    owntr-    en  "Dehatttng,     ,t*     Rules .ml  Ktt
I ship.   Tbe   .jther    three—the  On
! Trust Company,    Ltd    -.he  Imperial     The <ui>j»'et ohoMn     for   next Fri-
Trust  Company  and  the  Bri'ish   Btfl-   day's  ii»et:ii«r    was      '"R«io!v*1 tbat
Messrs. C.  B. Hume & Co.,     have  F0R SALE.-l ton     Carrots,     good
British   Columbia  have  registered on-   -lent  J    M
der the     new
murder  in    Rossland    on  August   1",
lust of Louis Bianci. The last similar
sentence passed     in Nelson was     .in
October T. 1002,     when Chief Justice
. _, _„. ,„ .,,_   Fruser Trust Company and the »«<i(.   of the "vepin.'. th*   P»v    <
Hunter sentenced Henry  Rose to the _
gallows. Rose was hang.»d on Novee/n-
ber 2t. 1902.
I   • .ieio'-tion   by  Mr    TwtM wnd
and  hut  three  ,,f  these—th>  Canadian   -.'oral   (olo   hy      Mr.    Hadden   formed
Financiers Trust  Tympany,  tbe    Dow   the opening rerun*.•
pire  Trust  Company—qualify    is    ft- that  the     [*11iMd  Being  is     happier . .
,   , stoKe   under   th''
tra-provinclal      companies having than  fh*  Barbarian.    The affirmative
their head offir»H   lUtttde of tt«    pro- *ill  h*  taken   V     .1    8    R'i««      irnp-
vmee ported   h     Mr    t.^feaut  „nd   A    Rosn,
land   the   negative  hy  Phillip    pucker.
inpported b ..•■rviiie snd C.W
All tn»n  \ro  *»lc.,m<- to attend the
rfl'etings  held nn  Fridav  'V'nlngs   at
Last   evening    it   was  n»'.e»<*lary
to us»  the Inb-bjr  ,,f  the   Y M C A.  as
t.h» room prenonsly used could    not
ie crowd.
NOTIOH is given that ths partner-
whip heretofore existing     between  R.
He«d and  A.  W. Harris at Revel-
name     of     Purlsian
f>y» Works,  has heen dissolved.      M\
Hf«-,.int«  owing to the   late  partnership are to he paid to the undersigned  who will  pay all debts     of     the
partnership. The business will be continued at th*     old    stand     on First
, street  hy the undersign*,!
Dated November 7, 191 I
table quality, cheap for cash; no
reasonable offer refused. Apply
Meadow Lake Ranch. Craigellachie,
B. C. Nov.4 p.
FOR RENT.—Two furnished housekeeping rooms, every convenience,
also two bedrooms. Apply 87
Fourth street east. Noll-p.
TO LET—Front room on Third Btreet
about a block east of McKenzie av-
Two Gold Fish in glass
ii<|uarium eiven free
-with $1,00 cash .gale of
Rexall Uooils. Over
200 lines to choose from
including Soaps, Perfumes, Toilet Articles
and Medicines.
BEWS' Drug Store
The regiment Of infantry ni *- belag'
formed in Van<eoOftr will M known
as the 21th Battalion, CiinH.li.in Expeditionary K.iree. Th* roUtlnt .irdsrs
of Major J Reynolds Tit*, the acting brigade major, *tat*s During the
absence from Kamloops on medi'ie
inspection duty of LliUt. M. 0,
Archibald, the duties ,,l medical .f
fleer, 102nd Regiment, will be per
formed  by  'apt.   H.   I,    llirrfs.  cot,
naencing from ynh October, 1914,   it
is notified for informal ion  that     the
undermentioned   officers   come      under
the   provisions  of  g^er.il   order    (fo * TIMBER SAI.H X 7»'
148,  referred t„  in distnrt   „rd»r   I Healtvl   t»nders   will   he  received   by
I Kid,  24th  of  October,   I HI I Capt    ('..       \ff*r  tonight      the Appollo thsatra'the Minister of Lands not later than
H. R.    fflebion,      medical  officer,  fit.h   will   be  closed  as nn  ordinary    mov-|noonon  the    7th  dny     of    twweinber
Regt..,   f!apt.   K.   D.   Panton,   Hth,   f,   Ing   picfur*   toOM   md   In  futiir*    will   1914,   for   th*   purchase  of   Licence    X
A.  Unit;  Lieut.  O.E.  (illlls,   ISth. f. | hi  used  for fattm prodiKtlons only.l^*--',  being  1,009,000 ttmt of tlmlier at
A.   Knit.   The  commanding  ofllr*r    re-       N'evt   Th'irsdny  and  ench  sucrnedlng' present   In   th(   Duncan    river
irrets to announce    the death  of Pte, • Thursday   until  the end  of the serlM' tfnwser ••nk'      and     Koot.-n
Feature Films Only
at Apollo Theatre
Saturday Special
For Your Boys
We are putting all our stock of Boy's Suits
sale at ONE-THIRD of regular price.
These include boy's Busters, double-breasted, and Norfolk styles.
We have all sizes and every suit has bloomer pants, and belt loops.
E.H. .Stevens, llth Regt IK of 0., Ih* -Million Doll ir Mvm*ry" will
at I'rinr* Itupert on November 2. So, I be shown and th* din•< tors of ths
-"HI.*!, Rifleman D/i.J. llarrett, Sth company which control,, the theatre
negt., ll.C.fl.ll,, la jifflttrd for dntylar* making arn>ni'*rn*nt.e t0 proline
to brigade ntaff an pay. clerk from j from time to tim* np*c^al feature
November 1.   , din,,.
beet ween |
ay Lake,
and In the l.ardMU River between
Duncan niv., «nd Trout Lake.
Two yenri v*-ill he alloWe-ed for tbe
removal of the timber.
Further imt'iculnrn of the Chief
Forenter,  Vtctofte, B. C,
Special!    SAVE SHOE MONEY!   Special!
Menu calf lace Boots, elsee
6 to 10.
(Jlrl'ii and cliildren'a Boots
button or lace, Bijeses8to2
Ladies'   calf   lace   Boots,
siies 2J to 7.
Youth's strong lace Boots,
ONE PRICE      siae8 •' t0 184-
Th<>s«» gomlH not  exchang<ed or sent on approval.   A few children's
Boots, line 8 to 2 |L 15
MH. MAN !   It is up to you, remember it costs nothing to look.
fur Rubbin, 0.»rmtlOmm,Cmr*Hgm\n.


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