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The Mail Herald 1908-12-09

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 '■ Empire" Typewriter
Jul e.ise ol operation and pei feel n n
in results produced, this inuiihine
is uuBtirpn.sed.    Price, $110 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co..   -    Agents
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
Vol. 14.—No 93
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., LuT
Stores at Arrowhsac) and Revelstoko.
To lesson the pressure of the last few days of
Holiday Shopping, we would advise early
buying.   Come in the mornings when possible
Christmas Groceries
Gold medaL peels, guaranteed full  flavor   Knglish  mixed
peel--, special cured and can.lied, put up in fancy  boxes,  a  sani-
tary way of handling these
Wagstaffe's English plum
pudding, extra heavy in fruits
pine, clean and fresh, ready
for warming; two pound puddings for 75c. Christie lirown
plum puddings, put uf in I,
'2 and 3 pound puddings, at
per lb., '10c. Valencia raisins,
line, off stock. Bulk Valencia?,
extra cleaned, Spanish pack,
per Ib. I5c. Medilerauian
Sultana or see.Hess r;ii ins.
Italian fruit, extra clean, a
satisfactory raisin to use in
eake  or  pudding—per  pound
layers of pressed fruit—peril' 25c, Raisins and currants, tine
off stock cleaned fruit,specially packed iu boxes, a sanitaty and
clem way of handling—two packages for 25c. Royal Dehesia
cluster raisins, tiie highest quality of table raisins, imported in
beautiful large clusters.
-invrna   hgf
Drawn   Linen,   301)  pieces in  li, 8 and il inch squares, just as
go. d a bargain as we ever sold.    Lovely snow white linens.
100   regular  26o,   nuw  I2ic.
100    rijiultir   tOc,    now  20 o.
100   regular One,   now 32.1c.
liel   these,  they   make   nieo Christmas   gifts.
Bpcuiul  Friit iy   Bargain  in ifelly powder, two paokages Ior lSo-
Prepared Icing Ior cakes and   puddings,   a   seasonable   bargain,   the
regulur L"io  package Belling on Friday for 10c.
Remnant  Sale
C. 13. HUME  & CO.,   LIMITED
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
A   Present   For   You 9
Let uk make a feu suggestions to vnu In  couneotlon   with   those I
Christmas Presents you are going to buy.-We hnve just opened V
np mu lirst older of "LIBBY'S" World's Hest OUT GLASS WAR-. Q
Every piece is a gem, all the latest designs, and we are going to A
sell thr'ni at Ihe same prices ns you are asked for the cheapest ware, V
Is more   ttppi*opiiali
For   Mothing
i ...  more appreciated than .1 good present
In   Cut Glass
Look Over This List
Sterling Stvor Novelties, Uaso
Carvers. Sets of Knives and
Forks in Ivory or Pearl, Kaucy
I'locks, Oases with Safel y Ka/.m-s
everything in giiai-inleeil Plated
Wine. .Soup Tureens. Tea Sels.
l-'i-uit Baskets, Butler D.shi'»,ele
We have placed in our cases
tbis season, tne Buesl .selection
of Hand-painted
ever seen in   Uritish   Columbia.
If yuu waul Good Goods, Good
Values and Good Satisfaction
Come and see Our Goods
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branohee or Agents at all principal points In panada.
Agents In Great Britain and ITnlted Stales   London, England,
Ll_yd's Hank. Ltd.   Ohloago   First National Bank, Corn RxohauRe
National Bank.   Seattle Seal tie National Bank,   Ban Franolsco
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Hank.   Spokane - Kxehange National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest credited four
times 11 year.   Special attention given tu uut-ul'-towti accounts,
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.   A. B. MoCleneghan,
m   Ladies' and Children's Wear
Sec Them belore Inlying Elscwbcrr         They Cannot ht Beat for Value
Coats,  Furs, Blouses
White   Swans   ov,
Just   received    .t    fuil
stock   ul    Ladies'   and
Children's Shoes,
'ii     By    The
A                      Opposite Oliuuix Hotel, Fust Street,
. ..Hand Bank Robbed in Daylight of $17,000
Portland, Ore., Dec. K—Portland is
recovering today from the shuck- occasioned by the hold deed of three
robbers, who, yesterday afternoon,
held up the Eastsido bunk and curried
away $17,000 in gnld, silver and paper.
Two minutes (imp was required to
OOminit the robbery. While scores of
persons were passing, many oi them
looking through the hunt window ol
the bank, the leader ot the trio ol
bandits boiled through the swinging
doors and walked straight to whtre
tbe president of thu bank and his son
were standing. A moment later he
forced them into the president's private ollice and held them there at the
point of a revolver. In the meantime
the other two robbers hud entered.
One stood at tbe door with a revolver
in his bund and the. other tilled two
sucks with the money in the cashier's
cage. Then the three men rushed
from the bank mingled with the
pedestrians. The robhers have not
been captured.
Oriental Express  Dashes Past
all Safety Signals
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 8.—The
Oriental Limited, the crack train on
the Uicat Northern, came careering
into tbe city limits uf Minneapolis
lute yesterday afternoon, its throttle
clutched iu tbe hand ol a dead engineer.
Pust speed warning signs, gates and
semaphores it rushed along. Haifa
mile outside tiie station the fireman,
appalled at the tremendous speed the
locomotive was keeping up, spoke to
the engineer, when be turned and saw
the man's face covered with blond.
He sprang across the cub and shut off
the steam and threw on the air brakes
and brought the train to a standstill.
George P. Irving, the engineer, was
rushed to the city hospital, but was
pronounced dead when tbe hospital
was reached,
Irviug is BUpposed to have stuck his
head out ol the cab about two miles
uuUide the Cily limits and been struck
by tome obstruction, His skull was
1909 Will see Millions Spent
in the West.
W'inmi'ki., Deo 8— While the total
sum to be expended in tho west, in
1909 by the Canadian Pacific in iui
provomente, betterments and extent-
ions, will be less next year than it was
during the present yrar, it will etill
amount to many millions ol dollars
The total amount expended in ibis
way during the present year in the
west i- snid to have been about lorty
Offioisle "f the Canadian Pacific
railway in various parts of the west
are nuw engaged in the consideration
of the important undertakings which
will be assumed for tbe operations of
next year. A large amount of work
which has beeu under construction
during tho pint year will be completed
next summer, and new work will be
begun in nil nur western provinces.
None ul these will, however, equal in
importance sume ol the contracts
with which the company has been
occupied iu the lost few years, as for.
instance the double tracking from
Winiiipi'j' in Kenora, „„ which the
sum of ten million is snid tu have bet 11
'•xpendi d.
Interior    Mills    Have   Slack
Season   Prospects Brighter
Ni:i.m,'.. Deo. 8.—\V. A. Anstie,
secretary ol the .Mountain Lumber
Manufacturers association, declares
lhat interior mills, generally speaking,
ire just concluding one ol the most
unsati.factory years in the history ol
ihe trade. lie!urns Ior the last ten
months' indicate that mountain mills
have not produced during liIDH more
than 2."i per cent, of their aggregate
•apaeity, while shipments  have  been
correspondingly disappointing, Prices
have la-en very low for sume four or
live 111.inlbs, but will probably improve
rros|ieole are   better,   however,   lor
text  year   ns   retail   stocks   on   the
rairie hit generally much below   the
iverage and wiih certain  railway ox
onaiims and llie   predicted   increased
Immigration, the trade Is confident
tbat 1909 *iil bring about better times
I for the lumber industry.
Electrical   Heating   Rates are
A special meeting of the city conn
eil was held last night with Mayor
Lindmark and Aid. Foote, Woodland,
Lefeaux and Stone present. The meeting was culled to reconsider and finally pass and 9ilnpt the two bylaws
number 1-2 and 123, repealing the
cement, sid v Iks and boulevard bylaws
and to tlisi  iss general business.
Bylaws 122 and 128, repealing liy -
laws 118 and 121), were reconsidered
and finally passed and sealed.
A communication from Supt. T.
Kilpatrick wus read complaining that
the prices charged by the city for electrical material supplied to the O.P.K.
shops during the month of September,
while the strike was under way were
excessive us compared with pricis and
iiu.tations at Winnipeg and Vancouver. City electrician North was present and explained tbat the material
supplied was the test and also that it
had been supplied the C.P.11. in small
quantities from time to time as they
required it and not in large amounts.
The prices charged the C.P.R. in this
particular instance were tlie same as
were charged to the oity householders.
The council agreed that since the account was a large one and that this
wae a special occasion where material
was supplied in such quantities, ttiat
a discount on thi whole amount could
be given and a resolution waa passed
that the C P.R. be offered 15 per cent
diecount for their September account
on the electrical material supplied,
provided that the account be settled
before the end of this mouth.
The question of heating rates was
discussed, and the advisability of reducing the so as to encourage a
day load on the machiues. This was
decided upon and a resolution was
passed that the heating rate he reduced to three cents per k. w. hour.
The court of revision for local improvement by-laws in connection witli
the cement .si lewalka and boulevards
Was appointed, consisting ol the
Mayor, and Aids. Woodland, Sawyer,
Lefeaux and Foote, to hold its first
session ou Tuesday evening, Dec. 29th.
The Mayor stated that he bud sent
a telegram to tbe Canadian General
Klectric Co. insisting that the work of
installing the auxiliary gas producer
bo hurried to completion. The council lelt that the delay in the work waB
unnecessary and uncalled for.
A resolution was passed that the
8,UU0 gallon water tank constructed
by the Revelstoke Sawmill Oo. for the
producer plant at tbe power house be
purchased and that its efficiency be
guaranteed by the said company.
The meeting ihen terminated.
Ski and  Snow Shoe Club a
A very well attended and enthusiastic meeting of the Ski and Snow Shoe
Club took place at the Cily Hull on
Tuesday evening. Although lhe council hud the hull engaged for a special
meeting, the Mayor kindly gave up
the room to the snow shoes. A num
ber ot new names were affiled tu the
list of members, nuw totalling 110, and
over half paid up membership fees.
A ter careful comparison of prices
submitted it was decided to place tbe
club's patronage with Mr. F. U. Wells,
who. for encouragement of the sport,
has quoted rates for skis and snow
shoes to club members at cost price
laid down, lie will order, as a starter,
18 pairs each of men's and women's
sboes, and also some half dozen skis,
and if members will kindly place their
orders with him at once they will run
110 risk of not having tbeir outfit in
time for the opening run, which will
occur, weather suitable, as soon after
New Year as possible.
All intending to join this popular
club are advised to place their name
and fee (ifl) with Mr. J. Guy Barber,
Secretary, or any member of tlie club,
and to put in their request to Mr.
Wells for the outfit, required,
It was also decided to try and work
out a toboggan slide, and a bee of "the
boys" to locate the same will take
pluce Saturday afternoon at 2 p. ni ,
starting from Mr. Long's brawery.
Me-s s. ILigar aud Bethune have
kindly offered to send for one toboggan
and the club will purchase auother,
provided a suitable slide can be
As it is not probable, without general request for the same, that a meeting of the club will take place till
after the holidays, it is again urgently
requested that all wisuiug 10 join
should pay their fee (.fl) aud send iu
I. quisitions to Mr. Wells for the outfit
may riquiro Couio in and help the
fun along and get ready to be in line
for the opening run to the club house.
New Regulations for Lighting
Railway Cars
Ottawa, Dee. 8.—The railway coin-
mission has issued nu important
order on the subject of lighting of
care. All cars heneefoiward must be
lighted either by Pintsoh coinpressd
gim system, or acetylene gas under the
absorbent  or   commercial   acetylene
system. Stringent rules ns to safety
are laid down. 111 the case uf each
system the maximum winking pressure must not exceed 160 pounds to
the square inch; with the Pintsch system the maximum test must be non
pounds to the square inch; with the
acetylene, four times the working
pressure.      The rules as to inspection
and care nre minutely prescribed,
Railways contravening will be subject tu 1)1100 line fur every offence, and
einpl.iyocB disobeying the order will be
liable to a I|i20 fine for every offence.
'I'he use of electricity is not, prohibited, and the order is not to nll'ecl
ears where lamps using mineral seal
lamp nil are installed.
School Emptied in One Minute
Winnipeg, Dec 8.—A remarkable
triumph of discipline was accomplished 111 the Miicbrny ach ml yesterday.
Oiving, presumably, to the heat ol the
building a bottle ol methylated spirits
in one of the rooms exploded. Tho
word was immediately given for the
children to go outside, and thu lire-
alarm was rung in. It took just exactly one minute nud ten seconds [or
the last child lo leave thu building,
whioh wns nearly twn minutes beforo
the urrivnl of the brigade, (fortunately
11 'thing caught fire from tha explosion,
und there was nothing for tlie firemen
to do nn their arrival.
Read onr cheap sale ad for Friday
mid Saturday, Something you all
want sn'filling usefuljust now and
Boniotliiug cheap.    C. B. Hume it Co.
Good Prospects  for Season's
A large number of curlers attended
the geucral meeting on Monday night
ot the Revels ton 0 curling club. Among
tbe items of business was the appointment of VV. A. Foote and 0. M. Field
us a committee to secure data and
particulars re the building of a curling
rink and to see what ground could be
procured. The committee will, in all
probability report the rem t of thii-
investiguli ms this . evening. A. K.
Rose was appointed us an ice committee A resolution was passed that
110 member of the club is allowed to
invito a local man to curl From all
appearances curling will be one uf the
leading sports this winter, as a large
number of names ate uu the list who
have signified their intention of
Arrangements Planned for Next
Alluding of the executive ol the
cricket club was held Inst night ill the
ollice of CM. Field. It wsb decided
that a smoker social for ull oricketsrs
be held in the Conservative association
rniiins iu the Burns Block on Tuesday
Dec. 20th, ut which the prices for the
best bowling und halting averages for
the season will bo distributed. The
annual meeting and election uf ollicers
will lake place on Jan, 2,r>, 1009, und a
grand smoker will be held in Selkirk
Hall nu Feb. 17. Tlie general outlook
for next season   was dlsOUBied and tbn
meeting terminated,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier in Railway
St. Vincent, Minn., Dec. 8—Two
curB on u tlreiit Noil hern train Irom
St. Paul were thrown into a ditch at
St. Vinoont today by a broken rail.
In one of llie cars was Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, Premier of Canada, who was
among tin- passengers shaken up,
although in, unu wus hurt.
The  Canadian Bank of Commerce
TORONTO, Deo. 9.—Tlie statement of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce for
the year ending November 30th bIiowb
net profits ol $1,887,882.87, compared
with 91,762,840.67 last yo.r.
Sume uf tbe nicest and newest .Xmas
books ever sold hero now ready at C.
11. Macdonald's.
To Set Before You
Is waiting for you here in
the shape of a nice set of
crockery. There are complete sets and odd pieces
such as Dishes, Plates, Cups, Saucers, Toilet Sets,
Pitchers, Bowls, Basins, in the best makes of English,
French, German and Austrian ware. Glasses of all kinds,
Tumblers, Decanters, Table Sets, and some very choice
pieces in Cut Glass. You will find this a good opportunity to stock up your china closet and kitchen, or get
presents for your friends.
Xmas Groceries
Our Christmas Groceries are coming in. We have a
complete new stock of Raisins, Currants, Peels, Shelled
Almonds, Walnuts, Fruits, Xuts and other Seasonable
Goods; while in such staple articles as Flour, Ham, Butter, Eggs, etc., a trial will satisfy you that the quality of
out goods, and our prices are right. Let us have your
order for Christmas Groceries.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
You'll have money lefl - to
buy those $&Chr!Stm&S
Copyn-fl,. .I9«f
by -?_*o»*-.a.-V-
You wil! have money lelt to buy Christmas
presents if you buy your clothes from us, because we
will save you enough on a suit or meieoat for you
to afford to give presents to your friends.
There is no use of throwing your money away
$15 will buy a good, well cut, all wool suit of clothes
or an overcoat from us, and if you pay us $..0 or
$25 you will get clothes that will make you feel like
a millionaire.
Fit Reform Clothing.
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-Up Capita],$ I 0,000,000
ALEX    LAIRD, Oen. Mgr.        RcSCTVe FlUld,    -    5,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of II and upwards are received and interest
allowed at current rates, and paid twice yearly. Accounts
may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one ol the number or by the survivor.
Zbc  _T_>aiUHxia-&.
Barristers, Solicitors,   Ktc.
0 T T A W A
Supreme and Kxchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Otlice and befoie Railway
HnV 1  W ill! Ks-'.Ml'l-l'IIY, M.P,
r.arristera, Solieitorg. etc.
ll.Vr.I-HikK a*-e TROUT 1.AKK B, C.
.   C. Kl.unn
urricu :   InnoUAL Bank Building Ukvui.
BMIS.IS.   L. I .
Money to loan.
OiHc«-: Kevelsloke, B i      Cranbrook, H  l),
una B. MoOahtbs
i.m   PonauM, J. a. Hahm'.i',
Etsvelstoke, Or_nbrook, B.C.
J. M. Scoll LL
W. 1. HriKKs.
Uakristkbs. Solicitors, Ei
.M"Nkv t.i Luan
solicitors fob MoIj_on« Bank
i Street.
Revo   ,nke, 13.
Nonlheimer Pianos    |
I.   O.   F.
Court ileum Begbie, N . . ...,, _   ,,
Ith Moii'liiys in Oddfellows Hall, next toppers
si ton.1
3.61, meets 2nd aud
  Hall, uait tnOliora
VlsWiig brethren oordlallj invited to
Inequall-d   for  purity   ol  tone
beauty of design.
_}___J_____ Williams P
At the head of lhe list of the High
Pianos in the Dominion.
These Hiph Grade Pianos can be purchased on the monthly
payment plan. A payment of $10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in your homo. We are also agents for
the CHASE i.  HA K151. "and   ANGELUS Piano Players.
Call and see the New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
j.w. Garland, C.B.
H. vv. Kdwabds, R.s
^^^^^^^^^^ incial I.ami Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
Mi.Kevzie Aventk.
linx 108, Kkvi.i.s
C.   W.   O   W
Mountain View Camp, No. 220
Meott Second and Fourtii Wednesdays in
each month, in Selkirk Hull. Vi»lttii Woodmen cordially invited to attend.
W. 11. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
J. McINTYKK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The r-Kule.r ineotiugs are hold in the Selkirk
Hall every Tuesday evening at 8 o'olook
Vi-itin . lirethren are cordially invited.
w. u. McLauchlin, sucanTAET.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. tt A. M
.*.     -«r.-\. The roijiilnr meet-
- —        iiiss aro held in the
Oddfellows Hall, on
lho third Monduy in
IliU'li     mi'hill     ut.     _
I. m. Vislttugbrothron oordlally wot-
U, A. I'ICDI'UNIKR. Skchktahv.
SELKIRK LODGE No, 12. I.n. U. F.
Meet, overy Thursday   ovoliiint   in   Sol
-kirk Hall al Sn'olooil
.-* \ isiiinit bretlirou are
ordially invited In
food and   outgrown   clothes,    We jail  men, and these must be readily
forthcoming if   we   nre  to get the
best out of our spiritual advisers.
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
Zbc flfca.Mbeialb
There is =o much bad in the beat ol us.
And »o much Rood iu tho worst of u>,
That it hardly behimve-s any of us.
Tu talk about the ro=t of u_.
An advertising appropriation in
a reputable journal i? an investment and should be treated as
t-tich. Not a? an expense nor charity, nor vanity, but a sum of money
thai makes dividends. It should
lie as irrevocably fixed upon the
ledger at- =o much appropriated
upon which to do business as rent,
light, heat, power, and even more
so tbiin salaries. The pruning
should not be put into that appropriation as soon as times get slack
ami or.lers -low up, b t rather the
reverse. In this issue will he found
many well written and interesting
advertisements from our local merchant* who realize that to set before theil patrons, in black and
« bite their many goods and prices is
a great incentive to trade. A close
study uf attractive advertisements j
nt leii-ure. At home, will invariably
ea to big | irehasea and in almost
every case tlie Bale oi even a few
articles will pay for the entire cost
■A lhe whole spaa taken. Adver-I
Using ami publicity are akin tu
each other. If- a- sume say, advertisements do not pay it is be-
1 i .*••■ the advertiser does not sup-
ply the right copy, In almost
• •! ,a.e the newspaper man
knows how to set the ad in an m-
tractive manner hut he is not to
blame ii poor copy is furnished.
We are glad to see thai our mer-
ubaoti ure alivs to the values -\
■ ■.. i and   express a   sincere hope
ought to make the spasmodic, kindliness of Christmas one of the con-
slant forces ol our industrial world.
Equality and fraternity are born
not of charity but of justice. In-
-timl of commercializing Christmas
we ought to Christniasize commercialism, We do not pretend to be
prophets but w>i can all dare to
hope, that some day the strong
will not exploit the weak; that
some .day fraternity will he more
than a rhetorical flourish; that'
some day love will beget justice
rather than charity; and Christinas
is 'lie one day in the year that such
a venturesome hope seems more
than a will-o'-the-wisp.
Work to be Completed by the
Summer of Next Year
Advices from Kield state that tht*
work un the big spiral tunnel which
the C.P.K. are constructing through
the Hig Hill at Cathedral Peak und
Wapta mountain ate proceeding very
satisfactorily and will be use eady in
the summer of 1909, according to reports (rom the contractors, Mucdon-
nell, Q/.owaki A Oo This tuunel will
avoid the steep grade up the Hig Mill
between Field and Hector at the Hutn-
nnt of the liockies, where frequently
four ur live heavy locomotives aro required to pilBll uud pull the train..
When tbe tunnels ure completed the
present mileage between the two
points will be increased Irom 4 to 8,
but the giade will be reduced by
exactly 100 per cent. There is one
tunnel on each side of the river, one
being 3,_,00 feet long und tbe other
2,800. A curious point about this
work is that the exits will be almost
immediately below the entrance. The
tunnels are 17 feet wide aud 25 leet
high and the progress made is ut the
rate ol from 30 to 40 feet per day.
Over 1000 men are employed witb a
large quantity if appliances, including
two bis compressors. Operations) ure
being carried on simultaneously ut
both ends, which us a mutter uf fact
ate only about 80*0 leet apurt, so
1 peculiarly are the spirals  constructed.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
ex -_',t I,nut Wedneaday
each tniiuUi. In      '     ddfctl'iws
Hall    at   tl    i i'i ion.     vini11ti
Knights are r. irllally   uvited.
0. H. UK'.l s<   I.   o!  H. ft S
J. H. SCOTT, 41, of F.
Bevelstoke Assessment Distriet
TAKK NOTIOE thut. I shull hold u
Court ol'Revision and Appeal, under
ibe provisions ul' the "Assessment
Act. respecting the Assessment Rolls
for 1009, tov the Revelstoke Assessment
D strict, nn MONDAY, the 21st day of
December, 100S, ut the hour ol eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, at the Oourt
House, Revelstoke.
Dated at Revelsluke this 17th day of
NovSuiher, 1808.
Judge of the Coin tol Revision and
Appeal,  Revelstoke Assessment of Wesi Kooteuuy,
Nov 18 Dec. 0.
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Dining Room Furniture in panic
ii In rlv essential, and iu view ol
this f.'Ct we have selected a very
desirable line oi elegant uud
artistic dining tables, chairs and
sidebnarHs. An early inspection
sli mill he made, ss the price we
arc it-king [nr such superior furniture niskcs them a most, desirable
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stock. Markets in all the prilll'l
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta. British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " tmperator" Hams and Bacon,
and " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
_ "v%^-v%^_.*v%^%^%^-*%^^v%^%. %^%-%^*-_.-%%%%*%. •>
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For th* 'arm, Garden Lawn
ar Oentervatory
Reliable varieties at reason
able prices, No borer**, Scale
or fumigation (o stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and 'get trees and
seeds tbat grow*
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Tumps,   Spraying Material,  Cul
Flowers, etc. Oldest eilal.-*
tisbed nursery oil tbe mainland
of B. Ui    Catalogue free.
Green Houses ami Seed House*.
Now tbat the winter's snow has
come to stop, the public are reminded thai to allow the snow to
accumulate in masses in front of
their store premises where cement
sidewalks are laid, will be to lay
up for themBelves considerable
trouble when they are compelled to
clear the walk. Formerly when
the old wooden sidewalks were
down and when ice would thicken
on the surface, thereby causing
pedestrians much danger in slip-
ing, the axe and shovel were used
very freely. Now, this practice
will not be allowed this winter for
fear of chipping and otherwise
damaging the cement walk, consequently each merchant and husi-
B8S man who has premises on McKenzie Avenue and First Street,
should see to it that their respective sidewalks are kepi clean and
;ree from ice.    liy continual apnli- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.- . I-..I I Vol  >■■    -   '.-let's,   y,\,!i   dial  ilsu -.1, ,
cation of  a   little energy even day     „. pl
after   a   snow   fall   on tbe part oi  at" of Canada 7-8, Edward VII, Shuswap
ibosewliolivei.ii  thecemenl sidt '."'    !,
I ttuitf nie.i ni    lie   i)tncc   .-I    Iir !' .
walk much   inconvenience will U
ided and   people   who
Notice is hereby given tbat thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent ol tbe Provincial
Police for a renewal of my retail liquoi
licence for the premises known as the
Hotel Beaton, at Beaton, B. C, for the
half vear from Jan. 1st, 191)9, to June
30th, 19U9
Dated Nov. 14th, 1908.
nov 18 lm Wm, Bovn.
Ask ut Hobson A Bell's for your apple eider for your mince meat
Take uutice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a lenewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Criterion
Hotel uti0-trnborne, li. C, for the half
year from Jan. 1st. 11KW, to June 80th,
Dated Nuv. llth, 1008,
nuv ii l in F. T. Abey.
Take notice that I intend tn make
application tu the Superintendent of
Provincial Police l'or a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for lhe Windsor
Hotel ;tl lllecillewaet, B.O., foe the
half year frnm Jan. 1st. KHIH, to June
SOth, 1900.
Duted Nov. 7th, lrtis.
nuv 7 lm r, D, MoKltls.
_^^^_^^^^—-r   T.ike
LandsAge i**.- application  lo thi
.-   ■• Miniati      i',,,, iin-inl   Police fi
., r\...^^^SSSSS^^^^^"    ^^^^™ ^^^~
thai   I  intend to make
Superintendent of
wul of Ihe
Import direct from country ol origin.
ZaZEVELSTOKi:--!1  Id. O.
..'.»'_. ■_—'. se grass
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratas $i a day.    Monthly rate.
CT-   ALBBET     STO_-ST_B     PEOP.
Central Hotel
_________.REVELSTOKE, B. O.
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern con»aiiience.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, TfOUt Lake, under same   management
 .    j i :'_l_" -""i ai *>' Bass - , *   a .    jm_____;
Meals, 25o.
MEAL TICKETS, -  $.500
ie,,i,l<>il   sin,I tiHimle    wlin  ire now ! ' '■'„'  ,,."..".         W "„"'"".'  t ri*oi ineiul   roiiee nu- u teiiew.ii ui     !,•■
,i\.tided anu   peopti    v. ire no _ Ottaw.1,0   ■         .      retail liquor licence fnr the Lurdeau
.isitiug   the store-   day after day •                     Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., for the half
.        , ■ ,,,                          ,                    work     11 , 1 ,,,   1.,   unit, 1,,  1 une :tuib
in ii    111'ikl ntr ( linst 111 1 -    i •; l vc Kl -•-- . . n ihiin .1,111. i.-i, ii.'.i. i" .unis- ..'ui.
.inu   niuMtiiu. nn -un        pun un ,    ,                            I alonjj           ,■..,
can   waik   in   comfort  round the   ■ \  .     n. ioob,
their lengih on the
o'ci. .
in be   be
-        -
MKiie.i  to H        . ....
1   .
; I-   .
^^H^^H^iiirul, Se, 1 <-*__________
business lection without any fear
"f   measuring
grounp It the publit do not keep
tliene walks sufficiently clean then
municipal legislation should he
enacted to secure that end.
their   adv
■ii -   1 bristmoi
t. irfesl
The church, like the average
newspaper, 1 annol live and n -
mi ths abstract support ol the people and in both oases II requ -
money to run both uut as ch us
no)   other  institution.   Certainly
.•■ pulpit is noi the  road lo 1 lohes
1 hal ive, Messrs, Ogilvie
At McK Itrick   f Nakusp, Intend apply-
to  Hi" Superintendent nf  Pi-uvin-
tl  Pol       foi       'miii-w,ii of   retail
li'l'i il •    - : ),,   I,,.I,mil    Hnlel ut
Vnkusp, B.C., for the half yeai from
Janu*ry 1st, 19UD to.Iune 90th, ltsntn.
Dated Sni    in.. 11108
nov 7 lm     ( nn vu-, i. MiKrrnirK.
aaverusing  campaign
a   .
ur ei "ii i i i ijiiipetani v I Ids
i- perh ip- the r«' res ion b hj al
the   preaenl time   young
^^H^^^^^^HH (.iveii I"-
i.-ii'l '.. uiaki   ipplii il inn to the Supei
tltntldenl P
' i'i lliiuoi  lb
'   I.M    (1        M .... :       |  I    I
ii   I . i     i   i    I'J SI.  I.,
I un   Uth   I'""
llll   ■ !
noi 7 lin
.Ipplicill lull 'u    I I
; • .■  l.ll   I
' I intend  ' u untiie
H i|"-i luteinli nt  ul
llll ti"" iluf   lhe
■ imi It em b foi ' Ic Citj Hotel
it   \i I...S. head, li, I     for I he ball vu
:,,„„ .1 in   I '   l*.«" i.   I'm.  38, IflOO,
lin...i   ■>..     i i,   ISfjH
nov I HH
H ,
While   our cm sens  in enjoying I tikes
.■ I tilings of   ile  si asoti  we
woiild remind tbem that then nre
. others in the community less
lortunate than themselves who
would give much to receive even n
small part   ol   ihe   good   cheer il
r- Una-.       W'e   ale    pr "lie In be
selfisl .: our own pleasures ai •!
I rgetful uf suffering humanity ami
at tli ■ season abot s all in should
■ ndea ■ " add tu uur own hap] i
i ess by set ur ng tbe bapplnesi il
'■Ler- However sincere we may
li" in our efforts to spread Cliritt-
inas cheer, our charity is none the
less a te-tiuiony to our sense u( tin'
f.'ct thut peace and good will have
ii .' come upon the earth. Povorl y
wretohsjdneu are noi to l>e
uftset by yearly gilts of   basket- oil
Notice is herein given thsl I
men are
i [ui 'mi to "iiiii  the ministry, lur
i tbo gl  ''.•     ■ ■ u"   in ii. siheu be
holy   or l'i-  doe   no!  !	
with   the   Intention   ol getting as to apply  to  thi    supi   ntendeot ol
much   as   he   can   out ol    I    IS hs   ?v\\»    Sl-l*". _6"*J °'  ""
reiuil liquor licence tor tbe   k
wo ..'i .f ic entered into a I   linesi  hotel Barton 'ity, ll. C
venture yet on the other band the     Dated Oot 14,1908,
■ lergyra in must live and mone   is
the  chief   ke.   in that condition,
\-the Uev, It Milligan remarked
in the Toronto  News, the students
ut oui  ihoologioal oolleges do not
come   fi■ iiii   well in do homes but
..itlnr   froin    lhe    pooler   olaSSOS,
Thero may be compensation in the
fact thai moral  Bbra and stri'n«ih|
uf intellect  ulten  are the products j
of*tbe cottage rather than the pal-     , ili(. „..»■„.
tee.    Until  is not the duly "I  lht| application to
i iitv lo starve the olorgy In ■ .id. r
lhat   gnoil    may cotnn out ol   evil.
I'he olorgy ure onlj human and us
'Like notice thai we Intend to make
application to the Muperintendrnl ,1
Provincial Police fur a renewal nf the
retail liquor llnonco for i he Laki	
II.,hi ,,i Aiiutvliei.l, K.c, for ill" half
..■ur .I.n,.  I .1 ,  1IKHI, Iii .1 um- Hill
Dated Nn.-. Tib. 1909,
j nov 7 lm        I'M mtos A I'll 11'wan
uch require lhu tilings common lo'M(,v7 lm
i I Intend to make
^^^^^^^^^^^    Sllpelhili'liili'lil in'
Provincial   Polios   for the transfer of
the i el nil liquor licence of the I ,ii nl''ii ii
'Intel    now   held   by   me,   tu .luNi'pb
Dated Nov. Oth, HH«.
It, M. Kvaws,
Pake 'I' 11, ■• i h ii I int.n.i in tnuke
appl .ii mil til I he Su|».| in.' io nl
Provh il Police fur AI sou .... I uf tbe
ij.H.i lit .-ns i- for I he I nmn
Hotel ,ii \i isiivlie.ul. B.C., for the half
real from I in  lei   IflOO, to June vIth,
Ini...I Mm   Uin. I'.eM.
"V I I   lm W    I.   l.ll.II I III HH.
Take notice thai I Intend to tusks
application to the Huperlntendent of
Provincial Police foi a renewal of ths
retail liquor licence for tbe Coronation
Hotel il ( 'uii."!!.", It i'.. fui the half
year from Jan   Isi   I90H tn  Iuih- tsith,
Dated Nut. 7lh, 1008.
nov 7 lm i Ion ■.  Mi   iik-.i( k.
Take   notice   I lmt   I   iutend tn (nuke
application iu ihe Huperlntendent of
Provlnolal Police I'm' n renewal of ilm
retail liquor lloenoe for the Camborne
Hotel ni. Oamborne, li.c, for the bull
veil Iiiiiii  .Inn   bit, lUtHI, In June IIIIII
Dated Nuv. IHll, IIHIH.
nov 7 lm DAVS Unit,
Cut Flowers,
Wreaths, Bouquets
11 you wunt Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, etc., made up Irom the
choicest rloivcrs, by u fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders hy telegram or letter re
ceive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
Tbey took let Special Prize at the
Vernon Show on tbe 16th Sept..
for the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
iMfimif until rod for        daSSflfl »f buildlugfl
for   .il" in lurjfit or small nimulitio*
at thrj ii.ive i   (iricos I'.r 'Utih.
All kfnilH otbaUdlQB und pin.luring
All    kinilf.   uf   D6W
Dealers in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
IV (I    Dux, 106 I'MONK 26
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
ijash Prices Paia
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Kevelstoke Land District.
West Kootenay, B. C,
Take Notiee that 00 days after dale
I K. W. Lindsay of Camborne, D. C,
occupation, merchant, Intend to npply
jor permission to purchase the following described lands situated on Kinh
Hiver, Wesi Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north cast, corner of A. D. MacKuv's pre-emption
No 7,805 and maiked " H. W. Lindsay's North-West, ('oi nor Pout;" thenee
8 cliains to west lhe of McKinnon's
pre-euiptton; thenee ull chuins south;
thenee ,8 ohalns east to MacKay's;
tbenoe north 50 chains to point of
commencement; containing 40 acres
more or lc«s:
Located Oot. loth, 1908.
K. W. Lindsay, Locator.
Take uui ire that I intend lo make
application to the Superintendent of
of Provincial Police for a ronewal of
tbe retail liquor licence for the Reception Hotel ot Oamborne, B.C., for the
half year Irom Jan. Ist, 1909, lo.lnne
80th, 1009.
Dated Nov. 7t.h, 1008.
nov 7 lin t'oitv Mkmikmi K,
Notice is hereby given that the
lime for the reception ol tenders for
Vernon, B. 0. Public Building lins
lieen extended to December HOlh,
Pliins and specifications are nlso lo
be seen at Victoria und Vancouver,
liy Order,
NaI'OI.kon Tessikb,
Depurtmeiit ol Public Works.
Ottawa, Nov. '_otli, 11MI8.
Nolice in hereby given Hint I, H. Me-
Intosll, of Halcyon Mot HpHngN, B.C,,
intend to apply t.i the Sii|n-i inlendenl
of Provlnolal rolloe, at the expiration
of one  ill-mill from dale hereof, for a
renewal of my retail liquor license for
ilu*   premises   known as the Halcyon
Hot Springs Hotel at Halcyon, B.C.
11. Mi iNTomi.
Dated at Halcyon, H.C., Nov, 2, 1908.;
nov I lin
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
•Sat. Dec. 5, Lake Erie,
"Fri. Dec. 11 Kmp. of Irel'd
Fri. Dec. 25 Kp. of Brit. Fri Dec 11
Wed.Dec. 10 Lk. Manitoba
Fri. Dec. 25 Emp. of Ireland
'Special Christmas ships
Itt. Class Jnd. Class jrd. Class
$82 s°   M 75 *»» 75
ist, Class and. Class 3rd.| Class
$6_i 00      $42 s«       $»7 50
Othkr Lakh Boats-
nnd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $.7 5.
Cheap rates to Atlaotie Seal* ani
points  in connection with  steamship tickets.
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg aiid
all other continental ports.
For further information apply lo
T. W.Bradslww,   CB. Foster,
Agent. A.O.P.A.
Rovelstoke, B.C.     Vancouver,!!.!:
hereby  given, that, thilly
Take   notice   I hal I  intend lo make
application tu the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquoi' license for the I'.vu Hotel
at Oamborne, H. 0 . for the half year
fiom Jan. 1st, 10119. to.Iune .'.Mb, lllOO,
Dated Nov. Illh, 11108.
nov ll lm John A. Thkw.
^^_^^^^_       ,"'J I make application lo the  Mupcri
days after date, I Intend to apply'to ,,|lt of ^rovlmlal Police for n n
tlie Superintendent of ProvlnolaJ Po-'  - ■ -■■   ^^^
li,,- for 1, r wul of the retail liquoi
license  for the Queen's Hotel, Coin.i
TAKK NOTIOE that  1  Intend  lo
of the retail liquor license for tbe Si.
Leon Hotel, St. Leon Hot Minings, B,
plix, H.C.     _______
Hilled Nov. Mid, 1008.
nov 4 lm
J, H. YoUNO.     I wnuv__
I'., for  hulf vein
.liiiie.'. lib. inon.
Dated No., 1808
from January !•■• to
Certificate of Improvements
Wiuslow Mineral Claim, situate in the
Trout   I.ake Mining  Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where  located!—At  head  of 81 ven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Take notice that 1. O. B. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent  for  Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C. 3703; William Beimel I.
F.M.C. No.  B05877-  Bruce White. F.
M.C. B1I524; and P. H. Murphy, F..M.
C. B22987; intend, sixly days from tin-
date  hereof,   to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Ceil i Ilea te of Improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining 11
lirown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must bo commenced
befure the issuance of such Ccrtiflcat c
of Improvements.
Dated ihi** 29th day of October, A.
D., 1908.
oct 31 OOd 0. B. N. W1LKIK,
In the Supreme Court of Uritish Columbia)
Between Grace Westfall, Plaintiff)
James L. Stewart, Asdiunee for belie
IH of creditors, under "Creditors.
Trust Deeds Act. 1901." of Jamus
A. Griffith, and James A. Hi illllb.
Notice is hereby Riven lhat pursuant
lo the Order made herein, ot the H011-
uuiiiblit Mr. Justice Olcmtnt, May the
131 h, I0O7, and lo the directions of the
Regis!rnr of this Court at Nelson, Lot-.
■22, 23. 12, nud 13 in llltuk 51, In Trout
Lake   t'ily   Townsite, registered plan
530, Will be  olfered  for sale at public
auction on the premises in Trout Lake
mi December ihe lsih, iimjh, at the
hour of 2 o'clock  iu Ibe uf lei noon In
QeorgoM. Yuiu us Auctioneer,  Tin
staid   premises  will lie offered for sale
subject in a reserved bid.
For further particulars and conditions of sule apply to Taylor A O'Hheu.
Nelson, B, C„ solicitors for Ihe plaintiff.
Duted at Nelson, B.C., this 17th day
of November, A.D., luos.     nov 21 8w
RMllfMUtn of ftrown aran.
Whnr«H ou tbe 20ih »U» of No««ibf r, Iftil. A
Cniwn (trHiitWRs i.iuBil in the nKve of Fredet*
lok Wi-Hlibiiuroe for l-ot 8H7, Qroup t, K«>oin*
nay histrl-rl. Thnt **Tldtnce hes ulnr* been
been i nxluced nhowlfjfl thit tht **\<\ PrtH«r'c<:
Wmtbbourne dlerl on the 7th of Augnnt. ID0T.
ftutiifttimo prior to the IsHuano* of thtnklrl
I'rowu QriDt. That bt nftreement diiMwl _V9th
Aiiifiid. \\m. the sni-! Prederiek Wtubbonrne
■KHiiliifd all hii ei-itete, right, title ntero t.
Hf-irn and demand wbatonever In the •..i.I lend
tnThoamt. Hhaukff HcPhersou.
Notice In therefore herebj given. In ptir^ir
anceof Section 08 of the "Land Act,' that it 1.
tbe in tan tion to eaucel thenalil Oown Grant
_MQM In the name nf Frederick Waihhourna
and to i--ue oue in it" -teiul lu the itaaie <if
Thuinaa 8haoks McPherson three montLa front
the date hereof ddiOMIOcm) eame is phowti t«
the contrary-
Chief <'o_rimii._loi.ernf Laatl_and Workh.
Landa and Worki Department,
victoria, B. C, Uth Ootober, 1901
^ V
Suggestions for Christmas
Don't put off buying to the Last Minute      Buy Useful Presents
Christmas Skirts
In  navy  and lirown, good value
at $10, special Christmas price !,0
Golf Jackets
Ladies Golf   Jackets in all colors,
Norfolk styles.
Misses' Golf Jackets—to  lit girls
from 10 to 15 years, regular $2.50
Now Belling at $2
Our assortment of good umbrellas
is perhaps the  best  we have ever
shown.    Ladies' and gentlemen's
umbrellas, best  tape edge, gloria
and silk covered.   Beautiful showing of  line  handles—gold plate,
sterling silver, all  guaranteed—
Prices range from $1.60 to $6
Furs I Furs II
Ladies' sets, children's setB,  odd
neck ruffs   and   muffs,   shoulder
capes in sable and seal.
Regular price $35 now $16.00
Kid Gloves
Nothing more appreciated by lady
or gentleman, than a pair of good
kid gloves.
Unusual cutting in prices.    Black
Moriette, sateen, etc., deep flouncing, dust rulile, regular price $1.50
and $2                           Now $1.00
Dress Goods
20  per. cent  discount on all our
Christmas dress goods.
Xmas Goods for
Men and Boys
Fancy braces, ties, cashmere scarfs
cuff links, armlets,  sweaters  and
cardigan jackets, Smoking coats,
men's suits at $16.60, sale price
(       $11;  men's   overcoats   $12, sale
price $7; boy's heavy  warm over
coats, long length, $3; boy'.- reefer
velvet   collars    at   $2.50;   boy's
tweed suits at $2.50.
Dainty Waists
In Net, Lace and  Silk.    The un-
usual  low prices presented make
this an offering that should cause
every woman  o make note of it
Prices from $2 up
We have thousands of them, from
children's   picture   handkerchiefs
to the finest embroidered linen.
Blankets, etc.
Full size white blankets selling at
$3.75 per pair
Ladies' Blouses
At sale prices.     All  wool Cashmere, Lustre and  Fancy blouses
Regular prices were $2  and 2.50,
Christmas price $1
For the Children
Winter   coats    and dainty   silk
dresseB at Christmas sale prices
Fancy Useful Gifts
We have a large range of inexpensive   articles,   such   as,   Leather
Bags,   Children's   fancy    leather
bags, opera  bags, necklaces, comb
sets, wool jackets for the babies,
fancy  bibs, garters, cushion  tops,
linen centre pieces, etc.
Trimmed hats, regular prize §10,
Christmas sale prize $5.00.  These
hats   are   new   and ol the up-to-
date   fashion,  and you  can rest
assured of receiving double value
for money  invested in  this line
of goods.
Handsome Mantles
Emphatic Reductions.   Christmas
pale price-*.    These are new styles
and   this  season's   goods.    II  we
have your size we will  make the
price to suit your pocketbook.
Collars and Belts
Just arrived   for   the Christmas
trade.   Nice assortment, new and
dainty goods
Boots and Shoes
We can offer you some exceptional    values   and   all   goods   are
Shop Early
REID    &    ~YT O XJDST G-
Shop  Early*
.♦. _♦. .♦. _.♦,. .♦, ,♦» .♦_. ,,'t's __♦. .♦« -V. -f. - .♦. -*-- ■ -Ts _♦_ -♦. -T- ■♦■ ■♦■ |f| ■♦■ |T| ■♦> a*!** m"t*
I   S.  McMAHON   I
agent kor
John  Deri.
plows, harrows
wagons  and
farm inipli-
ments of all
made   and  repaired.
Horse Shoeing
a Specialty
All Orders Promptly Execnted    -    First Class Work Guaranteed
w -*■ -♦■ -♦• ■♦■ ■♦■ ___fa •*» ■'*■ *^« &• •**■ ■'fr* ■_£ i*_Ti i_fa i*_fi i*_Pi 1X1 -fri i*-Ti i_ti i*_Ti a'
♦ 1*1 wi ™ -^,1 W "J" tj,i ix* 'X' -K  " r^4-'  " V"   ""   + "   " * *
Capital $3,374,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohoa.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Under Auspices of Fire Brigade No. 1
Opera House, Dec, 1 Oik
Grand  March   Commences   at COMMITTEE:
Nine p. m.
Fancy Costumes Optional, but C. Abr______■»_, Ckitf
all present must be Maiked. fl, c. M.rri_ Chairman
Prizes will be given for the Best
Costumes. "• Siegfnd, Secretary
Queens Jfotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNQ, - Proprietor
Interesting Address by Mayor
The regular meeting of Fire Brigade
No. 1 was held on Monday nigbt with
a good attendance. Mayor Lindmark
was present by invitation of tbe brigade. Chief Abrahamson briefly and
pointedly explained the feeling of tbe
brigade in regard to tbeir standing
with the upper end ot the town complaining that No. I had always been
secondary consideration when anything was being done lor the brigades
and tbat tbey invariably got second
band Irom No. 2 any improvements or
additions to tbeir fire hall. He cited
aa instances tbe set ol chairs supplied,
the lack of hydrants, electric lights on
tbe ball front and other things
Mayor Lindmark in reply stated
tbat he regretted very much that No.
1 brigade should harbor any ill feeling
and he lelt sure thst when lie explained these matters in tbeir true light
that there would be a better understanding all round. He pointed out
tbat tbe citizens of Hevelstoke should
bu proud of their firemen and referred
to the splendid service rendered by
No. lat the recent tire in the Cowan
Block, highly complimenting tbe brigade on their work. He pointed out
tbat he was most anxious to further
tbe interests of both brigades and
urged that unity between them exists.
He explained in a clear manner that
No. 1 did not get a scoudary consideration as far as tbs council was concerned and promised that the improvements and additions to equipment,
hydrants, etc., would be seen to at
once. Tbe mayor then stated that be
had done all he could during bia term
ol otlice to help out tbe brigade and
hoped tbat no further misunderstanding would occur.
A resolution was passed tbat No. 1
brigade, after hearing tbe remarks of
Mayor Lindmark, do tender bim a
hearty vote of thanks for his dealings
with the brigade during bia term of
otlice as mayor. Then followed the
nomination of officers for eleotion for
the ensuing year; general business was
transacted and tbe meeting adjourned.
Militia Notes
The will be no drill on Thursday,
the 10th inst., in order to allow tbe
members ol the company to attend
the Fire Brigade bill.
Competition in the miniature rille
contest will commence on Thursday,
tbe 17th, after drill. Appropriate
prises will be awarded lor these competitions. Full attendance will be in
aisted on unlil tbe autumn drill season cloaea.
Kaisius, currants, peels, nuts, ligs
and dales, all [rush stock, at Hobson
A Bell's. Ask lor prices belore purchasing.
Patronage of Revelstoke Citizens Requested
Tomorrow night (Thursday) the
grand masquerade ball under the
auspices ol Fire Brigade No. 1, will
take place in tbe opera bouse. The
committees have completed all details
whioh will ensure the comfort and enjoyment of those who will take part,
Tbe Independent Band will furnish
new and delightful music for tbe
dances and supper will be served in
tbe ball about midnight. Tbe Grand
Mareh will commence punctually at
9 p.m. when the judges wbo bave been
appointed will decide who are entitled
to the prizes] Prizes will be given for
tbe best lady, gentleman, and comic
costumes. All those who attend must
come masked but lancy costume is
optional, and the lack ol such need
not deter any from coming. Tickets
can be procured from any of the drug
stores at $1.50, ladies free, and those
who have not yet purchased tiokete
oan, if they wish, buy them at the
The patronage of the citizens ul
Revelstoke is solicited by Fire Brigade
No. 1, who hope that the people will
turn up en masse. No. 2 Brigade are
tbe guests ol the evening, as are also
the Fire, Water aud Ligbt committee
of the city council.
All tickets must be handed in at the
door, and those in costume wbo wish
their names and characters published
in the local press are requested to
write them on their tickets. The
masquerade promises to be a success
and the co-operation ol all who wish
for a good time is aaked.
A Clear Give-away
Home child will be made happy ou
Dec. illst when some one ia fortunate
enougli to draw the lucky numbers
Ior the beautiful dressed doll and the
big Teddy bear at McLennan A Co's.
Tbey give a ticket with a coupon attached to purchasers ol every 25c.
worth ol goods bought, and tbe stub
is deposited in a sealed box in the
store and the ticket kept by the purchaser. On Dec. 31st two tiekets will
be drawn, and the holder of the dup
licateofihe first drawn gets the doll
and the second tbe bear. II not
claimed within one week a second
drawing will be made. No one in tbe
store will be allowed lo bold tiokets.
Lace and Tapestry Curtains, Curtain
Poles and Fixtures at C. B. Humo A.
Christmas—Tbis is tbe season for
visiting cards. Keunan linen and
plain cards in the newest aoript and
old English, done up neatly in boxes
ol 50. They make an inexpensive and
acceptable Xmas remembrance. See
samples and prices at the Man,-
Hekai.u office.
Kamloops Will Follow on Lines
of Local Association.
Kamloops is considering the question ol organizing a Y, M.C.A. on
the lines of the Revelstoke institution.
We can vouch for the fundamental
principles on whioh our own Y. M. C.
A. ie based, and tho success that bas
attended tbe carrying out ol tbis magnificent scheme. If Kamloops is anxious to organize a Y. M. C. A. aod
wishes to take Kevelstoke as ao example, that community must remember that tbe success of our association
is due mainly to tbe grit and enthusiasm ot our townspeople and the untiring energy of those who carried the
thing through. Kevelstoke citizens
are proud ol their Y. M. C. A., and
rightly so, as they bave built it up
and now carry it on in a manner that
reflects credit nn the city, and which
creates the admiration ol all who visit
it. Moral and physical training and
development of tbe youth ol our city
are mainly due to the inlluences ol
the Y. M C. A., and in spite of those
j wbo, jealously or from a 'eiiae of nar-
I row-minded grudge, would knock its
woik, the average youth can bs made
as good a christian and sensible ol
home inlluences by attending theaeso
ciation's moral, mental and physical
training than by listening to many a
long-winded and ambiguous addreas
from a church pulpit. Kamloops
cannot go far wrong if she institutes a
Y. M. C. A. on the lines ol Kevelsto ke
A Curious Duel.
The lollowing quaint account ol a
duel is taken from an old paper, and
will probably be new to moat people:
A duel was lately (ought by Alexander Shott and John Nott. Nott
was Sliolt snd Shott was nott. In
this case it ia better to be Stunt than
Nott. There was a rumor that Nott
waa uot shot, and Hlmtt avows that he
shot Nott, which proves either that
the shot Shott shot at Nott waa not
shot, or that Nott waa ahot.
Not wi thstanding that circumstantial
evidence is not always good, it may he
made to appear on trial that the ahot
Shott shot shot Nott, or as accidents
with firearms are frequent, it may be
possible tbat the shot Shott ahot shot
Shott himself, when the whole affair
would resolve itaelf into its original
elements, and Hbott would be shot
and Nott would be uot. We think,
however, that the shot Shott shot shot
not Shott but Nott. Anyway it is
hard to tell who was shot.
See our window ol toys—'everything
you oan think ol at C. II. Macdonald's
A choice assortment nf Small Rugs
and Carpet Squares at 0. B. Hume A
Local and General.
Come and see tbe War Dance at the
Opera House, Thursday, Dec. 17
First class new programme on Friday and Saturday nigbta st the Edison
Parlor Theatre.
Miss Mullet will make ber appearance at the Opera House on Thursday, Dec. 17th.
The managera of tbe municipal
hotel on 3rd street have been very
busy ol late with tbeir transient
Come and see the other fellow's
''Mother-in-law" 'hutting in' at tbe
Edison Parlor Theatre ou Friday and
Meet me at tbe Fireman's Masquerade Ball on Thursday nigbt, after tbe
grand march, under the left hand box,
near tbe stage. I will be wearing red
—M. A. M.
Tbe municipal election pot has just
commenced singing but as yet a long
way from boiling, although there iB a
bubble or two rising to tbe surface.
The Uniform Rank, Knighted Pythias, will meet tonight for general
business and election of ollicers. All
members are requested to be present.
See the rosebush growing and
blooming aud other pretty scenes in
"Cupid's Realm" at the Edison Parlor
Theatre next Friday and .Saturday
A meeting ol the executive of the
Local Option League will be beld in
the Y.M.C A. tomorrow (Thursday) at
8 pm. sharp. A full attendance ia
His Majesty King Edward has ordered that the National Anthem played by all military
and naval bands at a tempo of SO to
81 crochets to the minute.
lt ia important that those taking
part in the Mexican Operetta Tobasco
Land be on band at the Opera House
lor rehearsal tonight at 7:30, also
Saturday afternoon and evening.
We understand that there is a movement on fo ' in the city to build a
new opera house, which will lie situated in a central position and fitted
up with the latest and moat modern
The Ladies Aid ol tbe Methodist
Church will serve an afternoon tea
from 3 to 6 o'clock in the parsonage
on Third St., on Friday, Dec. llth. A
silver collection at the door. Everybody welcome.
A meeting ol the local members ol
the Alpine Club of Canada ia to be
bald on Thursday night in the Y.M.
C. A., at 7 o'clock, for tbe purpose ol
arranging for a visit from the Preai
dent, Mr. A. O. Wheeler, of Calgary.
All members are requested to attend.
Tbe annual Sunday School Christmas tree and eutertainmrnt ol Knox
Church is to be held on Tuesday night,
Deo. 20th. Arrangements are under
way lor a good program under the
training ol Mra. Telfer and Miaa J. S.
Johnston. As no personal canvass
will be made Iriends who desire to give
contributions lor the help ol the entertainment are requested to hand
them to the pastor, Kev J. R. Robertson, or any teachers in the Sunday
Special to the Public,
Not tbat I am needing the work bad
enough to cot prices, yet willing to do
the right thing by those who have
stood loyally by me as a Revelstoke
citizen, I will make Irom now until
New Year a beautiful photograph,
Osounted handsomely, witb every order
for cabinet photos or larger,and promise you, as in the past, to leave a little
of your money in Revelstoke where
each of my customers may at least
bave another look at tbeir money.
Thanking   you  very much for past
patronage, I am very sincerely,
 E F. Tucker, Photographer.
A. H. 8INQ, Proprietor
Board by week   •   •_._-_•
Single   meale       -    25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Here's a Happy Couple
starting on the road to owning
property, and they'll be living
under their own roof whan
their friends will still lie paying rent. We are offering tnem
that within live years, will
double in value, t'lin do the
same liy others. Best lots in
vicinity, right along the road
to Improvements — Get on the
Iwuid wagon for Kevelstoke.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent,
in hotel,   Apply to Mail-Herald
office. tc
FOR  SALE-AirtiBhl  Heater,   self
feeder,  Price $13—Apply   Mail-
Hbkalo, dec 5
T,vOK HALK-One bedroom suite,
_T . aim one three-quarter iron bed.
All In first class condition. Oan be
seen between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Address P. 0, Box 720.
ITlOK   KENT-Residcnce    of  J.   M.
3     Scott.   Apply to Siott A Briggs.
ANTED   Bedrooms   to  let  furnished, board If required, terms
moderate.   Apply A. Gain, 4th etret,
corner of McKensie Ave.       oct 24 lm THE .MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, 11 C.
Revelstoke Calendars
io Cents
N.itliinu that  ynu enn   send to your friends al Christmas will be
ippreeiated than pictures of your home town.   Out' Kevelstoke Calendars are  handsomer  than  ever this year, containing
■ splendid pictures oi the city.   These calendars are pul up in
.. - illreadx to mall   The) sli mid be mailed this week in order
. reach Ihe * > 1.1 Conn 11 v in linn  Ioi.' Christmas.
We also carry Xmas I aids    ml Calendars in uudless variety
■  i I   prices;   Rocky   Mountain View  Cards. Private Xuins.
'  ,: .    To_  i!mUs. h.'iudsoiue leu' her bouiiil volumes of the Poets,
and Latest Fiction: Chat' Inines, I .eather Purses, Souvenir Spoons,
. n Pens, Phuto I'  ones, ': oys and Dolls of all kinds.
C. R. Macdonald        Stationer
I'a  ke'h-ill   |»niiie   tonight   I e-
t Ii■•■   liy ii    ami    intermediate
tiinis will close the preliminary Berirs
Tonight's game   will   settle who is io
I take second, ami   as   both tenuis have
1 beeu putting in a lot ol   practice, piny
I is expected to be fast.   Alter the game
I a meeting will  In- held to arrange for
tbe Shield series,
Lust Friday night the Public School
[mi it nl! over Garmicbael's team, i i
the junior series, winning out by 3
points. Next Friday nigbt the Beavers play tins High School and n goi I
1 game iu expected.
Beal Estate. Insurance and Commission Apnt
Ollice on First St., Opposite tiie Club
Rents Qom.kcted,
Notary I'tinuo
) <><><> <_H_M>._K>O0<X><K><>
Weather Forecast
Wednesday,    Dec.   9th- I nsettled,
. ■'■,, witb snow, mild, Temperature
Mo-   il - .   Min. 21 -.
Local and General.
i he 'tea to be served at
•liurch "ii Friday after-
to  li   ii.cluck,   by   the
Don t (.rget
the Methodist
noon Irnui 3
' idies' Aid,
There will be a general meeting ol
tbe Revelsti ke Curling Club to-niglit
st 8 clock, in the City Hall, for tbe
purp -s if electing skitie lor the sea-
son'a curling.
A pleasant alternoou from 11 t,,'i
ii ci .ok is promised by the Ladies Aid
ol tbe Methodist cburcb, at the par
lonage on Friday afternoon. Everybody invited.
W", J. Goenel, Provincial Government Auditor, was in the city on
Monday and leaves i i*:-= week with
Gove nment Agent Gordon_on an inspection tour of the riding.
J. i    Butl li:,  a  well-known   pros
eel i   '. tbis h-tiict wss admitti d I
:he  hospital   Monday night Buffering
,'roni severe cut-  ami   blows on   tin
head, supposed to have been  received;
ny  falling  un  the  C. P, R. platform. ]
Bottler,  «a  understand, denies   this
aud claims he was assaulted by some j
unknown person.
Never before in the history ol Rev-
■ Istoke bave -kating enthusiasts been
able to indulge in that lascinating j
pastime, iu -uch a manner as has been '
the else during the latter purt of last
week. The back water behind the
wing dam lias afforded aniplo fcupu
• i perfect skating there being over
I ill ii mile of niagnilicent ice, smooth
as glass, where hundreds ol skaters
bave enjoyed to the full that glorious
exercise, bo dear ;_ the hearts of Canadians Unfortunately the snow has
spoilt what was undoubtedly eome ol
the finest skating in the west.
Hue new fruits are now at your disposal, all Iresh, and the
.|tiality is such that there is none better. Ask for prices.
We enn interest yuu
If  you wish your Cakes und Puddings made we will do it
and guarantee  the quality us good, and wc think better
than most people make,   Ask our prices.
in one lb. packages or tins, also in bulk, equal to any
home made, and the prices are within reach of all,
Hobson & Bell, Bakers and Grocers
Karn is King
The right  Piano at the right price.
Call and Pee us before vou luiv one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Heal Estate, Insuranco nnd Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Social and Personal
Teller will nut receive on
Mrs. J.T.
Prid iy, Dec.
Mrs. L. Allum has left on a visit to
i   ints in Outariu.
Alex. McRae has left on a business
visit to Winnipeg.
Cony Menhenuick. oi Caribou, was
i visitor to tbe city uu Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Glover, ol Vancouver, arrived Saturday ou a visit to
thtir daughter,?. Mr-. W. B. Donald-
eon and Mrs. R. McCall,
J. W. Hudson of the local elan" of
the Canadian Hank ol Comnieroe, has
been transferred to Peiiticlon and will
be relieved here by Mr. Wisdom, of
Business Locals
Palmer's choice porfumes at Bews
Diug Store.
Cream rolls and cream puff's free li
today at Hobson & Bell's (
For high class perfumes, atomizers
and stationery go to C. R. Macdonald.
Christinas Globe for sale at Bews
Drug Store.
Biseell's Carpet SweeperB,a splendid
gilt Ior Xmas, suid at C. B. Hume .^
Thousands of the nicest Xmas cards
yet shown here now to be seen at C.
R. Macdonald's.
Celery fresh from the ranch, sweet
potatoes, cranberries, and all kinds of
vegetables today at 0. B. Hume it Co.
We have just received a shipment
of pure white clover honey direct from
Ontario Ask to see it at HobBon i
Sun Bhine not necessary—Trueman's
stay will be until Dec. Hist. 1908. See
uur special offer. Eighteen years established in Vancouver nnd Kevelstoke
The latest bunks for Xmas presents
at Bews' Dm.; Store.
Come in and see uur display uf cut
glass. Something new, something
nobby, something nice. 0. I>. Hume
& Co.
Boys   and   Girl's    Own    Annuals,
■ at
Own    A(
etc,  Ior
Chums,   Chatterbox,
Bews' Drug Store.
\   complete   assortment  of   Xmas
i cukes and   plum   puddings now open
I for   inspection.      unlet early and git
the best at Hobson A Bell's.
Liberal Association
There will be a meeting of the Kevelstoke Liberal Association on Friday
next, Dec. llth, at 8 p.m., in the late
committee rooms on First Street. Important business will be transacted
and ollicers will be elected lor the year.
W. 1. Bhigos, Pres.
To Prevent Graft
An Uttawn special says: The government has under consideration and
will probably introduce at the coming
session nf parliament a bill modelled
on the lines of   an   act   passed by  the
Revelstoke Agricultural Society
A meeting of tbe Revelstoke Agricultural Society wus held in the city
hall ou Monday night. Unfortunately
t'io attendance was small. 0. It.
Macdonald read the financial statement of the year, showing lhat there
was a surplus in the bank in 0OI1I1C0-
tion with the Fair finances alter all
expenses had been paid Steps will be
taken to collect us many ol the outstanding subscriptions as possible. It
is the intention ul the society to level
.11" and seed ill the eentre of the race
track in tbe coming spring and make
nthi r improvements when necessary.
i. was decided tn call another meeting
at a later date.
Revelstoke Hospital
The following hospital report ol the
mouth nf November has been hunted
in by the matron:
Hospital days. ,.47.
Dressings, 1211,
Operations, 8
Outdoor patients, .1
Patients, 11!.
The matron wishes to thank Mrs.
C. A. Procunier lur donations of cream
and Mrs. 0; F. Lindmark for li jars of
Cut F owers
Chrysanthemums,   Carnations and
other Cut Flowers supplied  by J.T.
Bealby, Neison, B.C.. (P.O. Box 897.)
Nov. 11-Jan. 11
iT'     - — __.   .i'j-f~        - —- —-,     |S_|||--——-
Ideal Gifts For
Are to bo found in all pails of onr Htnre. Money may
ho source, but what you have will go farther and buy mure in
Ibis store than anywhere else in the city. Everyone likeH a
U'o'nl present end we have put iu as nice a lot as you could
wish to see. We can only ment ion a lew, ami would ask yuu
to chiiiic atsil examine uur stuck before buyiug.
Jewelry        ^^i!
Remember the Folks
at Home
and  select your Christmas
weeks and Christmas will  I
this list of beautiful  and
you cannot select from it..
Watches,   Rings,
Lockets.   Combs,
Brooches,   Toilet
in Ebony or Silver
Pins, Cut Glass.
Gift HOW I Only two more
ie with us aj;aiii. Look over
acceptable articles, nnd  sen  if
Chains.   Necklets.
Belts,   Ear-rings,
or Manicure Sets
,    Scarf Pins. Hat
Silverware, China,
Clocks and dozens of articles suitable
for Christmas Gifts.
Largest Stock of Xmas Goods in the City
J, Guy Barber
'■!, Fridaj and Saturday  tbere  will
be a new programme presented at the
li ■ ii 1'arlo:   Theatre,   and   will   in-
s-inde the splendid picture "In Cupid's
Realm," showing sun,.'  pretty  Bcenee
ncluding tiie  growing  rosebush  and
tbe butterriy, and the midgets dancing
ii thi brai chi - ol the rosebush,    I
- ly t.'iM' will be the i ..srin_ Ian e !
tormented by  Hi»   Mother-in-law.'
1 bit bothering mother-in-law is a lull
. ■•     ■. in", to tbe reci nt runaway
.. .      in-la*     11"  English comedy
. i I  ick ' will alsu be put on
tl will ha i- -■■' i. t    I.*-  api re-
One uf the nicest Xn as presents fur
a   gentleman   you  can give is a good] British parliament in lHOri, making it
fountain   pen.    You   cau  get Water-, a orjm.nft| offence to  offer  ur  accept
man's   gnld   and silver mounted, best ■_,_,!-_     ..;.i   .i,_. ..!_,„. nf
,    t        *., ... ,   ,,,,,   , ,.   ,, secret commissions  with (be view ol
pens made. Irom   9- •'" to 1*10 at I I. 1! ,     .
Mai-donald's. corruptly influencing business   trail"
,.       ... ....... actions   in   which   the   employer   ur
I'.vervthing new in Irtiits   fur Xmas:
Raisins,   currants,   figs, dates,   peels agent wbo accepts a oommisaion is en-
spices and everything needed   (or your trusted.    The bill aims to prevent  thi
Christmas   eake.     Quality   Al,   and wholesale system  il payment    I si cret
prices as low as any  place   in    Revel- commissions    either   in   connection |
stoke.    C   B. Hume i Co. nth   rin ite       g   •  rnmei isine;
Dainty L
Ladies and Children s
Coals in all the new models
and cloths. Ou these we
are quoting special prices.
Purs make one ol the
most acceptable presents for
young or old. We have fur
sets in White Thibet, Rimini, and Chinoilla for
children; mull's, mil's, stoles
etc., iu all kinds of furs
for the grown tips.
Dainty Drawn Linens
aud Hut ten burgs in sideboard and dresser covers,
table olotllS, doylies, etc.
This is .iue of uur specialties. Table cloths and table
napkins, made, of the test
liish linens in tho prettiest
designs. In these wc can
offer you some particularly
good values, and every
woman loves good linen.
Ladies* Waists
Silk aud Lace Waists, in
long nnd short sleeves, in
white, cream and ecru. See
our bargain line at $5.00
Christmas Novelties
In articles that retail froin 25 cents and up has always been a
.-tioiig point with us, and have a better line this year i bun ever before.
Come and see them, (or you will he surprised to see what can be had
at such a small sum.
Dressed Doll
Teddy Bear
We bought, the biggest Bear and tbe biggest and hosi
dressed Doll wc could find, and they aro both beauties. On
December Bint, we will give both away to the holder ot the
lucky ticket. We give a ticket with every 26 cents worth ol
goods bought Irom now iill December Hist, 1008.
McKenzie Avenue
•d     St
i    grammi
luv i ...I.i. ht ini ii lengths. Ful
Dry Hemlock, 10 inch lengths F12S
S| i .I ,,ni.i.n iuns on four foi
i.i, i     For stove wild
Tin- . ".il i- equal I I   lues
■   ..." on i he  in..! ki I
clinkei *», nnd  ma.. little
$8 50 per ton
Man il
$8 7 5 per ton
Revelstoke Genera! Agencies, Ltd
•> ■**.
Useful Xmas Gift;
Grip and Password.
Vi    i   meeting   ol   tbe  Revelsti ki
I •, Arch  Cbaptei   Ni   188   \ r
\ \l     D   Monday  nigbt. the follow ing
were • looted »» officers Ior the ensuing
lit l'rin—Dr. Sutherland
B-  ,1 —(,. R, Hobbs.
■ird        —C  R Macdonald
tjci il • v.— Be. C. A   Procnniet
ici I--- N—l   IL Bcotl
frees.—K  W, B. Paget
1' 8 — Di   Hamilton.
J —A. E. Miller
N< )N'$
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
ine]    i. *.tocls   -it   Ci;
Pipes    '.   Re\ el toke
The  * Irigin il   Mai      Mi • lure   nov,    .
and ma le <   I Ir   I >. K   Mi Pher ion.
For M
en and B
and people are thinking about what to buy, the lirst thing
thai naturally comes to their minds is ihe matter of cost. When
buying any article you want to know that you are getting full
value for your money. Again, you want to liny something
that will he useful to the recipient as well as give him pie sure
in the thought that it is your gitt. This is where we eome in,
We have a line ol goods suitable for father, brother, husband,
or lover. Articles, any ol which will delight ihe wearer.
Guaranteed as lo quality, and at prices to suit the most economical. Come in and look over our stock, il will cost you
nothing. Don't take a chance on the Catalogue house, but see
what mui are getting for your money. Here arc a few of our
special Christinas bargains, which cannot fail to please you:
In FitiiOy boxes,  a most useful
gifl    7,"ie.,   .1, I.*., I .."-ll. I.7.">.
Mufflers and Ncckscarfs
A   splendid   .issnlluienl   iu
shades and colors, from 80c
to 18.79, lull Diess Bcarfft
l.'iii-.i thing nut 112.60 IiiH.T.'i,
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
A larger and more varied
b • a than evei I efoi i
Special Rocky Mountain
View Cards
Christinas Posl Caul'- iu
Tasty i 'alendars.
■i-.'i (.._.-._ »»#/,!. ■ ■..:*..«#. .^^K,*****^*^*-. #•,
Al K I:-  III*.1.1» H'oli
•'. I'. U. Til WNS ITt;  AU.M'
. <.«-#. _**jMr**)M » >■*#*<►*'>* .-i-., ,.   I.***
K ''.►->,*.    .v ..«■*■♦♦
;k and wil li in rn .1 silk
-   is, nn     silk   fane)    Ixirder
hsilk initial ,.lfor$l
I-io "■    plain, ■' foi 80c
Pun   Irish  Linen,
ll'is   .   '   IU   ll.
Mill     lllllilll
\ irood   ni
ilble /ifi.
■    .il -M
. HI
i .-ii
Fancy Shirts
Of every tli    i ipl ii
l/es from tl lo ^':
I'.kh y in all mini    i.i, -ji, 26,
i.i, ..ii. nr,, 7.V. per pair,
Fancy Vest*
lu nil shades from $2,80 up to
1160. Miiki-n IiiiiiiI-iiuii-|iii'«is|iI.
I*.nuv Hiveiiii'is. wilh vest collar, I'i'uii »d1.7.". up in J4.76,
l''lllnsV lin hit eon I h  ill  Sjtli. 78 I'.leb.
Handsome  tealhei   suttuiu
Iii.iii J2.76 UU l<> $IU..iO
II mil li|l|i'i ..'...'.'I to *~i.
Skating Boots
I'm men  ami
itci and 8B.78
huvs..  all slses
bmiklng Jacket*
A splendid line nf Smoking and
House Jackets, $<lto 8.50
Tbe dressy young man will Und
•".ini'l biiiK In please hiiu here
in all the latest styles and
shades fiom 15c. up to$l, A
|iii|iuiiii seller in a fancy box,
mi ideal nifl    7,"ie.
Fancy Hose
Fancy half, aiutbinero, l.">.
,^0, 7.*i. and Ilk:, por pair.
Kid Olovos
In all slues, uuliiied, wool lined,
"i   Hue Mocha sill,   lined, coin
fortnhlu anil dressy, irom !K)e.
In .i7.'i per pair.
Bath Robes
The latest Importation from
New Yiirk, something new iu
Hevelstoke, 81.75, .$.*",, 6.80, 8(1.
House Slippers
Heal your feet in a pair of our
comfortable liouae alippure, all
ni/.ea, $1 to 9'A per pair
Danolng pumps, fancy patents.
Silk Underwear, Etc:
I'ine Silk I'ndeiweai* 9o pr suit.
Gold Fleece underwear 87   "
silk Pvjamaa, 94.60 to 97.
Silk Night shietH 04, 4.60, 8.">,
Special Bargains in Clothing Until Christmas
20 p.c. Discount off all Men's Suits       35 p.c. Discount off all boys' suits


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