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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing- so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
The Mail-
Legislative j\
MAY 18 i9o8
Kir ease of operation and perfection
Mn yesults produced, this Machine
"Is unsurpassed.—Peiok: $00 Ot) cash.
OR I A, 6-3^
rior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 14.—No 36
REVELSTOKE, B. C. MAY 16, 1908
$2.50 Per Year
Provincial Library
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boys' and Girls' Tennis and Lacrosse Shoes in
Pure Rubber and Flexible Soles, the low cut, sell at
$1.25; High Lace $1.35.
Ladies' and Men's Sporting Shoes, lacrosse, tennis,
etc., in White, Tans, Blacks, extra good canvas tops,
flexible rubber soles. The low cut sell at $1.25, the
high cut lace Balmorals at $1.50.
Boys' Fancy Canvas Low Shoes, strapped and
reinforced with leather, light and cool for hot Summer
days, very economical for the dry Summer days. Sizes
1 to 5, at—$1.50.
Men's White Canvas Shoes, delightfully soft and
cool, very dressy, made in the new shapes, extra good
leather soles. The Low Shoes or Oxfords sell at $2.50
—the High Cut Lace or Balmorals sell at $3.00.
Ladies' White Canvas Oxfords in extra fine
canvases, made in the new shapes, plain or toe cap,
American Ties, very stylish, the acme of shoe comfort,
at $2.50 and $2.75.
Tan Canvas Mercerized 0> fords, in very new
shapes, the very newest heels, Fancy Silk Ribbon Ties,
light and cool.    Selling now at §3.00.
SHOE DRESSING—Tan Beauty and White
Beauty, in liquid form, for cleaning Canvas Shoes—
25 Cents.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
FlieB are coming—Got ready. We will sell you new
Sureen Windows and  Doors, or fix up your old frames.
Is your Lawn Mower in shape ? If not we will put it
in shape for a su all charge. For the edge of your lawn, get
Grass Shears or a Sickle, also   a   Sharpening   Stone.     We
have them.
Who does not enjoy a Hammock ? You'll enjoy ours
more. Beautiful patterns. Wc have also a splendid Hue
for tlie buoy.
Now that the hot weather is here, and you find it hard to
keep your food from spoiling get a good Refrigerator. We
sell that kind only.   See our best white enamellod inside.
Freeze your own cream and make it to your  own  taste.
Delicious creams in a minute with our Freezers.
^Lawrence Hardware Co., LimitedJ
^*^- -(■-(■■^■■^■■>■ ■.__, a     ____■__________■__*-_■ ■-______________.  «.__■•*. r***_r_____f**___r*______a__»_B*l*^^
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OfTloe—Toronto, Ontario.
Branohaa In tha Proline*, of Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Ontario, Qaabao.
Oapital Authorised .        . . •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    •4,028,000.00
Reserve Fund .... •4,B2S,ooo.oo
D. R. Wilkik, President; Hon. R. Jaffray, Vice-Preaident.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Oanada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Bevelstoke Branoh, B. C—H. T. Jaffray, Manager
The Crop Outlook
Winnifko, May 14.—The Canadian
Northern Railway's crop report, issued
today, is of a most encouraging character, Seeding is practically completed, and the grain is growing under
the most favorable conditions. At all
points the weather is reported as the
most favorable tor growth, being
warm and sunny, and the ground in
the heat of condition.
(let your prescriptions filled at C.
It, Miicdonald'a, the purist of Medicine only used,
Trouble Over at Owen Sound
Owen Souno, May 16.—The strikers
notified the C.P.R. yesterday they
would accept the offer of a new scale
whioh does away with the bonus system, of which tbere was considerable
complaint. The new rate ia 15 cente
per hour, and, L6 ceuta for overtime.
The torma are a decided victory for lhe
men.      __________
Lillie Flakes, something new for
putting away winter clothes with.
Will keep the moths at a salediatance
and supplies an agreeable odor to the
clothes,—fluid at C. R. Macdonald's.
No Further Progress Made in
Murder Case Yesterday.
LaPohte, May 15.—Little apparent
headivay was made towards solving the
mystery of the 14 deaths thus far discovered on lhe farm of Mrs. Bella
Guiness. While little doubt remains
that Mrs. Guiness either alone or
aided, killed the ten persons whose
bodies have been unearth'd in the
barnyard, there is still no definite
evidence aa to wbo, if anybody, slew
the persons found in the ruine of the
burned farm house. It 1* not even
definitely ei tablished that the burned
body is that of Mrs. Guiness.
There was the usual grist of letters
today relating to possible victims oi
Mrs. Guiness. The most plausible
came from a merchant of Osage, Kas.,
but the description of the missing
man, Emil Tell, is faulty. Discussion
of the reported statement which Dr.
Schell was said to bave made io Baltimore was general about LaPorte today. "I never received any intimation
from Dr. Schell regarding the conversations which he held with Lamphere,"
said Sheriff Smulzer. "My suspicions
were aroused against Lamphere aa a
consequence of lhe troubles which he
had with Mrs. Guiness. He pleaded
guilty to charges of trespass the first
time she had him arrested. He made
threats against her and she feared the
Grand Chief Stone MakesStrong
Temperance Suggestions
Coi.it.MBUs, May 15—About 400 delegates were in tlie city for the convention of the International Brotherhood
of Locomotive Engineers when grand
chief W. S. Stone called the initial
meeting to order at Memorial hall today.
Tbe annual report of grand chief
Stone was read. The grand chief
makes recommendations along the
lines of temperance. Tbe rules at
present declare that any member die-
charged from his position for drinking
shall also be expelled from tbe order.
It is recommended that the rule be so
amended tbat any member who drinks,
either on or off duty shall be liable to
The feature of the mee iog of ihe
ladies' auxiliary of the brotherhood
was the presentation to the order of a
large silk British ll.ig by Mrs. Sproule
of Toronto, on behalf of the Canadian
Starving and Frozen
Giki.I'H, May 15.—Lying in a barn
in a horrible condition, his body
wasting away tor lack of nourishment,
a man wae found near Rockwood thi-
afternoon. He was removed to the
Guelph general hospital and everything possible has been done to save
his life. His.legs have to be amputated at the knees and the operation
may prove fatal ou account of the
rundown and starving condition in
which he was found. He gives the
name of James Kennedy, of County
Kerry, Ireland. Last June he came
to America to visit a sister in Buffalo.
After staying tbere a short time he
began wandering abuut the United
States and Canada in search of work.
During one of the cold snaps last
winter the lower portion of his legs
were frozen. He was unable to give
them any attention, and not realizing
his condition, did not have his feet
attended to. His legs had been getting worse, but still he tramped on
till ten daya ago, wheu, from utter
exhaustion, he crawled into the barn,
evidently resigned to death. Uangrene
had set in. During the ten days he
had been in the barn he had nothing
to eat but a turnip and a drink of
Ceddio MurderCase
Nelson, May 15.—Mr. Justice
Clement haa concluded the Assizes
here, and to-day beard tne only case
on the list at Rossland. On the 26th
Justice Clement will open the Assizes
at Greenwood, where the Ceddio
murder case will come up, and on the
same date the Fernie Assizes will
open, it ia said, before Justice Irving,
when the Mullen murder trial will
Our Immigrants
Ottawa, May 16.—Ihe Superintendent of Immigration has issued
notice to agents in Great Britain that
the demand for railway labor is fully
supplied for the present season.
Agents are warned to send out only
farm laborers, bona fide intending
settlers and female domestic servant 1.
K. of P.Team Work—Canadians
Presented — Doukhobors in
B. C. B. C. Salmon Good-
Zinc Duty Released
Victoria, May 16.—After keen competition, lasting till 1 o'clock yesterday morning, tbe Grand Lodge of the
Knights of Pythias meeting here decided the team-work prizes. The first
prize went to the Far West No. 1, Victoria, winning $100, wilh Mount
Pleasant No. 11, Vancouver, a very
close second, winning a $6') prize. The
Far West had 179 points and the Mt.
Pleasaut Lodge 178,.
Montreal, May 16.—A London
cable says the Prince of Wales haa
specially invited Sir Thomas Shaughnessy to Marlborough House on Sunday for a long talk on Canadian affairs
in which the Prince is keenly interested. Lady Melbourne Tail of Mon.
treal, Lady MacMillan of Winnipeg
and Mrs. E. G. Prior of British Columbia, were presented at the Queen's
drawing-room yesterday.
Nelson, May 16.—Eighty live of the
Doukhobors for the new colony at
Waterloo, on the Coliimhi 1 river, arrived at their destination last night.
Ottawa, May 16.—Twu hundred
and seventy-live samples of British
Columbia canned salmon, collected in
all parts of Canada, were analyzed by
the staff of the Inland Revenue Department and every one found good.
Nelson, May 16.—It is stated unofficially that the duty on sulphide of
zinc ores going into the United States
from Canada wiil no longer be collected at the boundary line between the
two countries.
Washington, May 16.—An earthquake that laated one hour, and which
waB of considerable intensity, was recorded on the Weather Bureau seismographs here early today.
Seattle, May 16.—High School
School boys and girls are to be educated separately in future in this city.
This edict has gone forth with the
approval of Supt. Frank B. Cooper,
Principal Wm. F. Geiger of the Washington High School, and a substantial
majority of the faculty.
Revelstoke Man has Unusual
Experience in England.
There is an old, well known stanza
which has for its lirst lines "Oh, to
he in England now that April's there."
A great many Revelstoke people are
over in the old land, and when they
arrived during the course of last month
they found themselves transported
from Sunny British Columbia to an
Arctic blizzard. Among the many
was Sidney lloulten, and reports
reached the city yesterday thai he was
tied up for Bix hours at Crewe, the
great railway junction on the London
and Northwestern line, between Liverpool and London, owing to a heavy
snowstorm, the snow in some places
being over three feet deep.
H.  A.   Brown  of   Revelstoke
Elected Grand Chancellor.
Victoria, May 15.—The election of
ollicerB was the important business of
this morning's session of the Grand
Lodge of the Grand Domain of British
Columbia, which went into session at
11.30 a.m. The elections wero aB follows:
G. C, H. A. Brown, oi Revelstoke:
G. V. C, R. A. Townley, of Vancouver;
G. P., J. Thomson, of Cumberland; G.
K. R. A S., Emil Pferdner, Victoria
(re-elected); G. M. F., T. Walker, Victoria (re-elected); G. M. A., C. Rolli-
son, Nanaimo; G. I. G., J. Fleishman,
Fernie; G. 0. G„ E. 8. H. Winn, Robs-
land; P. G. C, J. Ham mar, Grand
A delegation from the Pythian Sisters, consisting of Sister Brown, of
Revelstoke, and Sisters Aitken and
McCourt, of Nanaimo, waited on the
convention and returned thanks for
the greeting tendered them yesterday.
Sister Brown was the spokeswoman,
aud in her speech of greeting uaed well
chosen and eloquent language in
thanking the Knights for their
G. C. Ham mar replied and laid
stress on the good work done by the
Sbters for the order, in the province
The Grand Temple of Pythian Sisters met in session this morning and
elected ollicers for the ensuing year aB
Grand chief, Minnie Agnew, Revelstoke; grand senior, Mary Harries,
Lady smith; grand junior, Anna Wilson, Nanaimo; gran J manager, Elizabeth Campbell, Trail; grand mistress
of finance, Mary Stewart, Grand
Forks; grand mistress of records and
correspondence, Vene Collins, Kobb-
land; grand protector, Azza Rose, Nelson; outer guard, Minnie Dempster,
Victoria, aud the following were reelected: Past grand chief, Margaret
Neave, Nanaimo; supreme representatives, Elizabeth Brown, Revelstoke;
Lillian Th unas, Rossland; supreme
alternates, Laura Chappel, Grand
Forks, and Ida M. Roberta, Rossland.
Garden Requisites
Woman Hacked to Pieces in
Vancouver, May 15.—Mrs. Lalo
Reviera, a Portugese, was probably
fatally stabbed to-day by a fellow
countryman, named Matsemo. The
The lattcr's husband waa absent when
Matsemo forced hia way into the
man's house. When the police arrived the place waB a shambles. With
pocket knife, Matsemo had cut Mia.
Reveira in many places, slashing her
breast and hack, one cut lining two
feet long. The man then cut his own
throst so that his windpipe protruded.
Both may recover, though tho woman
condition is very precarious.
Hoboes Make Trouble
The C. P. R- authorities are having
a lot of trouble with buboes along the
line, particularly at North Bend and
Mission city. At the former place a
train crew waa held a day in order to
give evidence againat live of tbe
hoboes who had been captured and
who are being tried to-day on the
charge ol stealing from freight cars.
Another waa captured at Mission city
yesterday. At Mission city freight
trains slop an hour or so shunting,
and during that time cars were opened
•nd cases of gooda rilled. Here the
hoboes have been making a practice
of entering cars and opening cases ol
goods, taking out a small quantity,
one bottle of whiaky, for example, and
then nailing tbe case up again.
Party Took a Long River Trip
Down the Thompson
A very quiet yet ptetty wedding
took place at St. Paul's church, Kam-
toops on Thursday last between Chas.
T. Baines, of Notch Hill, and Edith
Mary Fulcher, of Maryborough,
Queensland, Australia. The Rev. 11.
S Akehurst officiated at lhe ceremony, and Mrs. Panzer, of Kamloops,
presided at the organ and gave some
very apprnpiiate music, lie bride
looked ohartnlng in a dainty gown of
soft white siik, the bodice ol Kimouit
etl'eet being handsomely trimmed
with Brussels lace. The deep laco
yolk was prettily bordered with luce
medallions, chiffon, roses and silver
gauze. The skirt was plain with deep
tucks. The hat was a pretty white
mushroom style, trimmed with ehitVon
and ostrich tips and orange blossoms
beneath the crown. A lovely bouquet
of carnation! and asparagus (em completed a charming costume. Mr. L.T.
Morris gave the bride away, and Mr.
H. Cunningham Morris fulfilled his
duties capably as best man. A few
friends and relations were present.
The bridal parly, who had journeyed
to Kamloops on Wednesday from
Notch Hill by way of the Thompson
river and Shuswap Lake, in a gasoline
launch owned hy L. T. Morris, returned to Notch Hill by the same
route, having a moat enjoyable trip
along the Thnmpaon anil covering the
distance of 55 miles in eight hours
against a strung current. A wedding
supper and dance at the Lake hall
wound up the foativitica. Mr. Baines
ia well known in Revelstoke and
Donald, and hia many Irionda will
learn with much interest of hia marriage. Mr. Baines is a prosperous and
popular rancher in Notch Hill and
his hrido ia a charming addition to
tho lake settlement.
For Sunday Observance
TORONTO, May Ki.—The International Federation of Sunday associations is considering the advisability of
forming an aasoeiation to be known aa
tho Lord's Day Alliance of the United
Statea and Canada, tu deal with such
questions aa the Sunday selling of
confectionery, etc. Sunday handling
ol international freight, Sunday ex-
curaiiiiia and Sunday newspapers The
federation is now in session here.
Shelf pupet and new shades of Crepe
paper at Bews' Drug Store.
Your garden cannot possibly he a success unless you
have the proper tools to work
with and GOOD SEEDS to
sow, iill of which can he obtained at our Store. You will
then require a length of our
guaranteed RUBBER HOSE
and a sprinkler to water said
garden and possibly a Wood-
yatt Lawn Mower or a pair of
shears to cut the grass.
If your house needs painting, Sherwin-Williams'
Mixed Paints are the best, but at any rate see that the colors
are mixed with Sherwin-Williams' " Screw Press " Linseed
Oil for which we are agents. We also carry a large stock
of dry colors, colors in oil, varnishes, alabastine, etc.
STT_J^ ID _RI ______ S
Our Refrigerators, Ice Cream Freezers, Oil Stoves,
Screen Doors and Windows, Wire Netting, etc., are in big
demand these days.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $9.00 per ton  is the cheapest
Conl ou the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and laat as long as hard coal.
Can he used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Feedera and
open grates.
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery  and
wlll'fll] your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
TR i •-■ :*, '.* Sab
,»\vjfts •* ,'K'V: V"-'::'
.-. • ■-> ■   ■      ;"
-    .       a.
"Swell ©resaer" i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
r_J. M...ls     R«a "sO-5.
McKJnnon   S3L   Sutherland
Fit "Reform Clothing.
At 8 Per Cent.
S I B B A L D   AND   F l|l L D
Che flfcaiUlberalb.
li \>  AT
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice beforeiRailway
Chas. Mtrphy.
Haroi.ii Fisher
Barrtsurs, f^Sol c ts.rs. Etc.
UU.Li.ss J. C. El.l.lUTT
Orricts:   Im 'Kkiai,   Bank  BLOCK,   Hkvki.
IM 'KK1II.    B_NK
•stoke, B.C.
Monej to loan.
Offloes: Rcvel=uikij, B. 1.
0«O. S. McC'aKTKH,
A.  M.  1'ISKHAM,
Kevelstoke. B.
I'nuilirook, 11. 0,
J. A. Hakvey.
Cranbrook, B, U
1. M. Scott l.L.U
W. I. BrlRRa.
Bakbistebs, Solicitors, Etc.
Mi inky To Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
Aiur   ot all Gross,   Sample, by mail or express
receive prompt attention.
Terma Moderate.
ADORUi • -        •        BOX 132 KASL0, B. C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 100, Revelstoke,
.Mining Engineer
Member Americao Iur-titute  Minim: E_igitieer.i.
Mecnber ( Inadiin Miainf* Institute.
Mem. Duminiou Inntituto Associated KuKiueen.
Rkvklhtoke, B, 0-
'    -                —.S^..          •        ■                                 - ;-     ■
-., ...... ,.   ■   .     .      ■■ax:-;aA
___________   ■
■     ■_&__ '
■     .    .                                                    '.      .  . V   i
.             ,■•". • .--•!
'' *•                       • •.   ,       '■-''
..;.'■. ■■■'. :■•-''. v.-'Xv:' --'.i-i
.'.     •■'.    -:: '■        ■'"     ' '■^■■"■/.l'-.A..\
-   ■■ "■■■'■•.("' '        "'SS
.-■   •> ''■■               1 *
•■- ■.  '  ?  . '    ' !%^^^v'v';. i;
''■';   v V....":K;v -A '.  ,
■".    .' ':.:■ ■":'-.■:*^ r                 .
A'     ''..^^V'V'^-,
t»*Jij   "iflj,   !___■
___M__^_BM____Bfe -*:•-■%"■_
■m'-^^-v ■ ■ »'H'.'    miw
•A '".-■;.>.    .'* _viy|sl___8
■ ■"!■■" v'*Vfvj iJi'Hfl
.;v,., -   'fi^V^MlA U_H_______H
1 '_t'lI_"^A^I ii '*-J_h_K'1__k______.                               I____rl
.,-    *   _-]__t_*V»_fl
1 '__m__I        M ' 'p!-T^Uv Jl ifc
1 >K^____p_______    K   jii  i       '(*?■■ _____££_
ii ■-' f'i' '■■■■
'- ,j....         •
l'f               .i-
BP"*.   *^___l    __^^"" i*^**_»'■
_»__-.           ; _S_f     .. 4a    ■
•v   £i 'T J*h     bt^'
Ik       i 7$~" i *m!vOTpK
. . v •■■-;
Ei am in i tion of .ind Reports on Mineral Properties ior Investors.
Cable Addre?—"KHnRk'an," Bivelstnlce. B, *'.
Codes—Bedford-MoNaiU; Uoralng & Neal'
Western Dolon* (Mouph.
Miitini;. Real Estate) Business* Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident. Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Slock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Report*
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C.
The Name of
Black Watch
On a Tag on a Plug of
Black Chewing Tobacco
Studs lor Ouiity.
Zbe flfcaiMberalfc
Thar. i. ks mnch bad in tha bast of na
Aa_ v, aiach g<*ie\ in the front ol u-.
Thai il bar.Ily is-Im   ,-- auj of tu,
To talk ab>.ut lhe rsatt of u?.
With the prospects for lhe big*
gett grain crop ever produced to
the eaat of us; with banner pro.-
jiect-- of a lug fruit production.-,
train load Order* for the output ol
our sawmills-; very extensive mining o|scrauons-, and miWvay COD-
ttrui linn that will employ tlioiia-
andp oi nun ihi- teaioD, there in
no room in this glorioui province
I'.r the imiii who oriee blue ruin.
There never ware brighter pru--
pectf, and even tbe banker and
capitalist are forced to smile.and
admit that there i- no just cause
for the old hoary le'iid cry of
"money atrigency."
Ottawa River Big
Ottawa, May 15,—The rapid riae ol
the Ottawa and QstinMO rivers tln»
week haa cauaed grave feara for diaiie-
trou. floodi, The water ie higher
than 1*176, and considerable damage ia
imminent. Lumber piles are threat
cned and the Ayltner wharf ie under
Water, Thirty houses at (iatineau
l'oint are isolated. At Manitwaki,
tha water ie within eix inches' of the
railway track and WOMtof all, the rain
is still falling.
Hundreds are Wanted — Largest Output in the History
of the Camp is to be Made
This Year.
Phoenix, May 15.—-Mining activity
und general prosperity in the Boundary this yenr promise to eclipBe any in
the past. It ia to be a year of big tonnage aa a aolution to the low copper
market problem. Every miner in the
Boundary is at work, and many hundreds more are required hy the Granby
and the British Columbia Copper
Companiea to keep their extensive
works at full capacity.
Interviewed today the managers
state that they have employment for
at least three hundred more tninem.
Experienced men are wanted. The
bc le of wages is the same as in other
copper campa, $3.50 for an eight-hour
day. The big Snowahoe mine in this
camp is reported to open in a few dayB
with employment for another three
hundred men.
Mr. Harry Howson, the mining oper
ator, who has just returned from a
visit to eastern financial centers,
brought back a very cheery message to
the people of this province, says the
Coloniat. He found New Yorker-
very much awake to the mining possibilities of British Columbia, and if
conviuced thut legitimate raining propositions can be easily financed tbere.
It quite amazed him to learn hon
much they knew about the resource-
British Columbia. Goldfields and
other Nevada camps no longer occupy
public attention To use Mr. Hon
son's words, "We are getting our inn
inga at laat." All who have any knowledge n[ the immense resources ol this
province and who appreciate how im-
portunt it ia that capiul should be
forthcoming for their development,
.vi .       .ue tbat this country standi so
National Parks Commissioner
Inspects Herd
CALGARY, May 15.—Howard Douglas, of Banff,commisaioner of Nati .n ,1
parks, came in fron the west lft«t
night and left to inspect Elk Island
park on the Canadian Northern, and
Buffalo park, eix miles east nf Har-
disty on the C.P.R. Wetaskiwin exten
The contract for the fence enclosing
tne hitter park his heen awarded to .1.
L. lireckenridge of this city, aud the
Ideal Fence company, of Winnipeg,
and work on the big undertaking will
commence at once.
The contract calls for the building
of ii bout. 75 miles of No. 9 wire fencing
9 feet high of 16-strand with wire uprights every 12 inches. Posts will be
placed one rod apart.
Work must be completed by Aug. 1,
and in order to do this over a mile of
fence will have to be completed each
working day.
The balance of the buffalo, some
3tl0, purchased by the government in
Montana, will be delivered at the park
Aug. 1. The herd placed in Elk Island
park last year will also be transferred
to the new quartera. There will be
plenty of room for the entire head
thero as the park comprises 123,000
Ed. Ellis for the past 10 years in
charge of the buffalo at Banff, will lie
transferred to Buffalo park and have
full charge of the aninmls.
Express Charges on Fruit
A letter has heen published in the
Vancouver Province, signed by T. 0.
Earl, a well known fruit grower of
Lytton, B. C, complaining of the exorbitant express charges on fruit. He
"1 have Iseen acquiring  infurmation ,
SS to the relative expreas rate on fruit,
charged by   -the   Canadian   and    the
\ uericai eapn -- o n ;.»nies.
■ 1 iking my own case,  I.;, ttoo   u a
centre, the following ratea are obarj
On tbe American aide the charges  for
high in the estimation of investors on |tlle wme distances are -,,. tbe parallel
; column.     You will ki   1 have marked
Statement of Dispute
Winnipeg, May 15 —The amalgamated unions, representing all the
trades of the mechanical department
of the C P.R, throughout the system
yesterday issued from headquarters
hera a statement addressed to railroad
brotherhoods bearing on the dispute
with the company.
While the circular is dated Mav 1,
it was held ha"k until today, apparently in order that it could be simultaneously circulated from Vancouver to
Quebec Tercentenary
We have received the Quebec number of "Onward," an illustrated weekly published by William Briggs, Toronto, containing five articles on the
Founding, Five Sieges and Conquest
of Quebec, with 24 engravings. Gives
popular account of a subject of interest to all Canadians. Send for free
Matheson A Crowe are agents for
the celebrated Swenson Stumper. Thia
machine is now being used on their
ranch, on the Arrowhead branch line,
two miles Bouth of the city, where it
may be seen in operation.
I.   O.   F.
Court Mount Benbie. No. 3461. meat" 2nd nnd
lib Mondays Id Oddfellowa Hall, naxt to Opera
Hnune Visiting brethren cordially in.lted to
J.W  Garland, C.B.
H. W. Edwards, R.S.
0. w. o. w.
Mountain  View Camp, No. 220.
Meet. Second and Komtii Wednesdays in
each month, in SVllcirk Hull. Viail.in Woodmen isordiiilly invited to attend.
w. Ii. aRM8TRONO.Con.com.
J   Mt'INTYUK. Clerk.
the the) sideof the line, And we i
have every confidence that we can
"deliver tbe goods" t.. nil who invest
their money in  legitimate enterprises,
Free Miners' Licences
All fre, miners' licences expire on
May 31. md ranowali mutt be nade
before thai date, whioh Is - n i
Grip and Password.
tin- Canadian c luran 'Canadian
tbe A ti erii American
ing tbe *-
K .in.. '.il
iver       166
il  Ice       AA
,    i 181
W   : Hal   B67
Edmonton       878
lleginn 868
Operator Mullin Acquitted
Ma'T.koii, May 15—The trial of Mullin, the  C.l' R. operator, before  Chief
Justice Kilton and a jury, ended in his
acquittal.      Hia   lordship struck   out
be count as to negligenoe.
I i.s   loc ii   Woodmen   bad   i
time    n   Wednesday   nik''t   at  the
regular meeting i.i Camp Mountain
View  No, 239, 0, 'i W. O. W, when a
number of initiations iu the order
took place. There was a large attendance of the meniherahip and the work
of the night wae gone through in good
snappy style.
During the ceremonies Con. Com,
.-iov. W, I). Armstrong conferred the
Protection    degree   upon    the, class i,f
candidates In an impressively effective
manner, lieing ably assisted therein hy
the excellent discipline and work of
the camp. The choral pari nf the
work being well rendered by Organist
Sov. W. 0. Astlo.
After their UUira the Woodmen s-ut
down to a banquet of good things,
passing a pleasant SOOlal time iii uiUfic
■lory and speech.
ft is likely that the itlinual church
parade will   ho   arranged   fur   ut   the
next meeting.
—       • _...
Bee Is'ncle and Aunt G >odwln in
"Pink Dominoes"—Opera House, on
Monday, May 25th.
"Now .l
An . r
i in
i to
I so
  I ."
2.55        I SO
pare I  ••    rates
|1 30
1 60
2 16
J 10
F. O. E.
Thq rq_*i]tnr :n»»f)_iritc'i arfl hfild [fl tltnfSolkirk
Hall sven Tun-tiny eveniiift nt 8p*olooi_. Visit*
ini* brnt.irhii tim curdiMlly invitwl.
.1    LE-rLIK. Peksidbnt.
w b. McLauchlin, sbobitabt.
Kootcnftv Lod      No. 15 A P, ft A.M.
he r«K'ilar moot-
in* arc h«ld in t.he
M (iconic Temple.
Hid IPellowi Hali.on
1 ie third Monday tn
vh monl h at 8
rn. Writing broth
.   n    cordially    wel
Meet* «vi*ryThurHd(»y
evening in HHklrk
Hall at, X o'clock
v.-it ing brethren cor
dnilly LnTttOd Ui ttt*
Cold Range LadKe, K. of   P.,
NO   2R. Pevelsteko, B. C.
Mis i - ICSDAV,
-r   - ..slay nf
aa, sn..'.       n    Idfallows'
n. .     vi.itiua
Kn' -hu an- cordially   nvllad
Vi■ i will lind lhat  in   ninny   I .i-> -    ' be
Canadian grower ia paying nearly   l"!
pa( rent      tin,re     tll'ltl     OUI      I sJ'll' .ill
oompelfton 'i ou will see this is exceedingly unfair, and that we cannot
compete in tbe Northwest md Man!
toba with Americans and pay snob tx.
oessive ratea.
'I invite your ci petition and us-
sistanoe to bring pressure to bear upon
the Dominion   Express   Company lo
modify their charges, io 91 to place na
nn the same footing aa uur   Amerioan
I   alATBIl    '    I
II   H   MHO1  K    R
II    i
'   K   AH
IIIUiW'     M
I .KK NOTICE that the share-
I holdeii of the above named Company
ii... - hy -|s.-. iiii resolution reeolved to
change the name of the Company to
" Revelstoke Agricultural .Society,
I,in. ted, and intend to ..|»|.Iy to the
lieutenant Governor in-Cooocll foe uu
11 ler changing tl e name sccordjngly.
Iiut^d llt.h January, It. jH.
feb 8 8m
A.   Y.  A '.'liKUHON,
^ There is more profit
to the wearer in a
pair of $5 Shoes.
fl George Westinghouse deveU
-* oped electricity and electrical
appliances just as the Slater
Shoe Company has improved
and developed new shoe
(]] A Slater Shoe, at $6 is the
cheapest and best shoe for the
man who earns his own living
and who has to study economy.
And every man who would
grow rich by his own endeavour must first buy the good
things that last
on tha
Slatar Shoe
C. B. HUME & Co., Revelstoke, B- C.
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new designs in carpets. Our stock is
cemplete, and the colors rich
and effective, the designs artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
bave never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
1 nve tr vev placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
••*»   ••*»■ -Uf*  £SX...*$I
HEAD OFFICIO:   Caloarv,   Amikkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers und Dealers In Live Stock,   Markets in all the priiiei
pal Cities und Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand  "Imperator" Hams and Baeon,
j     and " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard, ^
4* '%/«'»/%/v-**v%/»*5_/*_.«*/*_/'_/%* v%^%**^« v«>%%%%'%^
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Central Hotel
^^^^^^^ ABRAHAMSON   BROS.,   PROPRIETORS     ^^^^^^^
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens Jtotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
|M   THK   SI I'ltl'.MK   (III ill    OF   llltriTNII
Columbia    In Ilia MatUir of lies "tvimlinii
Up Art", being chapter Ml of tin. itevlsnin
sintiit... ..t Oanada
In tha Matter ol Ins. Kl« 'I 'I'm IVurknr. Qolil
MniiiiK i'liuiiiiiiiy nf l,.ii.liiaii, r.s ii i-.li e.iliim
lit, I.i in I'.-1, Nun |,«ra.iiiiil l.i.ili'hi)
,M.II( K
,.i.y aivi-ii Unit liv .n order najla
iviiis-lli.i r..i.i*- Mr. Joatlea Morrlion In tli
hoy, inallisr listed tlie z'/lli .liiiiunry,
aIi'i run .at Manning, oandlci
vltbout imvitijc some little (eel-
ini! ol  gratitude I"r  tho donor,
1)1 cnurae you've nut tO ll|<lit. yriur
own love battlei, young man, but
our confections you'll Und to he
n Hlriiii|r ;illy in  your Wooing.
Mannings Candy Palace
K .l.snis. wm appointed OIBolal l,li|i>lilat
al nsiiii'.i i '.miimiy.
Dated tbla 1Mb daj of April, I90S.
.at Ap 11 Iw  l«- lllatrls't BaglArST,
RSrelttOtK l.ainl lilalrlni.
Dlstriot ol Wis.t Km.iiiiiav.
Take BOtlOf Unit r/l tiny, nftnr slnta I inland
t-s nt.isly i" Um OhlsiCommlaslonef of I.iuhIh
nnd Wiirk f'.r partnl..l"n toporobaos ton foi"
Is.wiiiii 'ln-isrilin.1 IiiiiiIh;
In rrininiirliiir nl B  |snsst plaoted nl Uin imrlle
aa-i   oomar of Loi im. 8. ton Klali Hlvar,
Ihainso biihI a iliniir. mum iir lea. li, waat line
isf A A M .. 1. im.i, |srn ninlitlnn, lliotire
Bontn flO ssluuii-i, tliaiirn wn^l H rliallisi mure or
ln«, t,. nn.i line OlJUOl "Kb, Q I, llianca nnrtli
NO i Iniliisi t.. isi.iiit nf r.imiiioiiiioiiimil.
l^isiiiasi tin. Ird Jar ol «T>, BM
■atlebl       thou, vv WILLIAMS, tmostei
MlllstV,    DOCTOR   or
ii...p in " Don't do a
Ihlner" till you aeo ilinrly
wlnil.s. tni.t. liy aid of
'•Flashlights on Human Nature"
on Iwiilfsh, dlKfftup. Iqvi, nmn [AM Md pftrttitAfi
you'd »«k it ■ I * ■ - ini, but. diiti'i i ■ i- •■ 10
il'i p_k|put iilii'iri*i'''i, _.i fi-nt-; but lolntr-Klucft
Tolli wlmt.;
[t wVwnd one only io any adult to pottage,
IU unlit«.
ia* a»et ISth Stroot, NIW VONK
Not.it'e in hereby given Hint. Hie part*
nershlp heretofore existing between
the undersigned nnd cari'lea un under
the iiiiii name mul ityle ol the Rnter
prlee Brewing Oompnny hits this duy
been dluolved by inuiiiul consent,
Mr, .1. Pi Sutherland withdrawing
from Hie partnership. The business
In future will be carried on under the
hiiiui' Hi in mime by Mi'HNia. Thoiuaa
Downs and (.'Inu Iih I lull en   who will
assume and pay nil liabilities of ihe
luti' partnership linn, ami all  debts
due the lute Ill .u lire |iiiyiible lo I hem.
.1. I' Hutu Kin vnu.
Ciiaiu.kk lldl.THN.
Thomas Dowi h,
Oor, l'i. Edwards, Attorney
Witness: (iko. h. MoUartmr,     apSfi
Revelstoke hand District,
District of W'nat Kootenay,
Tnke notice iiiai I, M. K. Lawson of
Revelstoke, oooupatlon house-keeper,
Intends to apply for permission to pur-
ehase the following described land)
Oominonc'ng al a   iiont   |ilnnted on
tbe line of Lot No. 7uH.'i, und marked
"M. K. Lnwson'i N. K. corner post,"
Iheneo smith iiluit^ laid liiu-40 chuitiN,
i hence west 40 cbains, iheneo north _0
chains, tbanoa east 20 cbains, thence
mn ih IK) chains to I'. Hatter's pre-emption, thence eaat HO chaina lo point of
minmk K. Lawson,   .
Dated April 0tb, 1908. w e p 20 J
_dai ufactured fnr all classes uf buildiugs
fnr suit* iu liir;:t» nr snutll quautttios
at tbo Uiwost priced fur cosh,
buildiuic and plastoriin*
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
D raying
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and  H lavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the  Farm, Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable priees
No Borers. No Scalo. No fumigation
to damage stuck. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct nnd get trees
and aeeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, .Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B. C.   Catalogue free.
Greenhouses and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -     -      -     B. C.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sat.   "   :_i Lk. Manitoba
Fri.   "   29 Gmp. Ireland
Sat. June 6 Lk.Champlain Wed. 30
Fri.   "   12 Emp. Britain Fri. " 20
Winter Season From St. John
Is!. Class and. Class 3rd. Class
$90 00   $48 75 $28 75
IS!, Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$80 00       $42 50        $27 50
Otiikk Lakk Hoatb—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steam-
s'i'i tickets.
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other continc tal ports.
For further information apply to
T. W.Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver.
Revised   Statutes  of  Oanada,
1906, Ohapter 115
Pursuant tu the above Statute the
Columbia River Lumber Company,
Limited; give notice Hint they have
applied hy petition to the (lovernor-in-
Coiinotl for approval uf the site and
plans fur certain booms proposed to lie
constructed in the Columbia River
near (lolden in the Province of British
Columbia, a plan and description of
the proposed site and of the booms to
he constructed have lieen deposited
with the Minister of Public Works at
Ottawa, and uduplicate thereof in the
l,nnd Registry ollice al Nelson, B.C.
Dated this I. Ith duy of April, I'.HIH.
Col.I'MIIIA   HlVlill   LllMIIKIl Oil., I/III.
iny 2-.'Kld  Managing Director.
Certificate of Improvements
Mimnk Muck. Minn   It.,  Iron   Must, nnd i.t-na
Fraction   mineral  i-laluin,   uluiate  In the
Nruut' aki> Mining Dlvlnlnii of Weit Koote*
nay Dlatrict.
Where located: -In Uoat Creek   llailn, adjolu-
Ing the Beatrice flroup.
Take   notice   that I,  It.   Hmlth, F.M.C. No.
118871:-. a-feut for J  H. Mtckcnzlo,. ,M.C. No. It
88772 ana   Archer   Martin,   P.M (J. No. B17_M,
Intend, alxty daya from date  hereof, to apply
to the Mining  Kecorder to: a Certificate of
Improvement*, for the puruoae of obtaining a
Crown (Jrant of the above claim*.
And further  take notice that action, uuder
xeetlou 87.  mint be commenced  before the
hiiuance of tnicb Certificate of I m urovcmenti.
Dated thia 16th day of April. A,D. 1B08.
wt ap IS 60d  It. SMITH.
Certificate of Improvements.
HuvBiuisj Miuoral Claim, s-ittlute in tlio Lanlaatl
Minimi IHvialiin of Waal Kniitoiiiiy District.
Wlmrn lisi-atoil:—(In Pool  Creak,  belnif an oi*
tou.inn of tha Tariff mineral claim, and
pnnillol with the Hoaoow and Hohnwk nn
iho south-wosterlr side.
Take notice that I,  It.  Smith, F.M.C. No.
AH712 II.   agent   for  Oltii Aliollim, Himrlnl Free
Minor's  Certificate No. 8*06, Intone, alltr dara
from tlie tlato   horoof, to nuply to  tho  ululua
Itecoriler for a tlertlflisate of Improvements, for
tho yurii'iHoof ohtaluiiis a Crown Qranl of tha
aliovo claim.
Aud  further take notloe that action, uuder
Rectloti 37, must be enmmonced before the Ihs.ii.
ance of such Cortiflcnln of IsmsroremontH.
Dated thia lethdar of llarch, A.D, liars,
mch U w-x) B SMITH-
One dent
Brings It
Just write
on a postcard, "Send
Booklet A,"
and mall
to nearest
branch. The
rest we'll
lladly attend to.
—Just how correct principles say it
should be constructed ?
—Just why no other plan of construction will do ?
—Just wherein lies its ability to be easy
on fuel, quick in action, simple in
The story is briefly told in & little booklet
called " Furnace Facts." It's not an advertisement. No furnace name is mentioned,
and you can read the whole story in 5 minutes.
To the party contemplating purchasing a furnace it points out lhe
snags and pitfalls, and shows exactly what to demand of an architect, contractor or dealer, in furnace construction and installation.
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
8T. JOHN, N.B.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molson Macphkrson, Pies. 8. H. EwiNO.^Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four  branches  in   Canada  and  Agencies   in  all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
VV. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons    Etc,  John
Deere Ploughs,  Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet Jr.,  Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and  Blacksmith  Work attended to.    Boras Shoeing a -
Specialty*                                                                                                                    0
_ %^^^V%.'V_^^^^%.'V%^%*_^%^'%'%^^^^%^sV%^%^%''%^
Location of This Year's Camp
Will be in Vicinity of Glacier
House—Accommodation for
Two Hundred.
Details of the third summer camp
ol the Alpine club ol Canada have now
gone forth to the wide and widening
circle of tbe Canadian Alpinists who
rejoice in the motto, "Sic itur ad
astra." The camp is to be pitched on
tbe actual summit, of the famous
Rogers Pass, 4,351 feet above sea level,
or about half a mile weat. of the
Rogers Pass station on the C.P.R. In
scenery and general character the Selkirk range is different from that of
the Rockies. The rock formation of
the former is of a much older date,
whilst owing to the heavy precipitation thn permanent snowline is at a
considerably lower altitude. For the
same reascn the forest growth is of a
tropical luxuriance. In July the cloud
effects of the Selkirks are at their beat
and the varied contrasts of timber, ice,
enow and rock, which then present
themselves, crowd the memory with
beautiful pictures. Immediately surrounding the pass are Mounts Mac-
donald, Avalanche, Cheop and Tupper.
All these peaks provide splendid
climbs. Mount Tupper haa only once
been ascended and is accounted one of
the stillest climbs of the whole system.
Rogers Peak and Swiss Peaks are to be
the oflicial climbs. Two days will be
devoted to tin se climbs, one nigbt be
ini» spent at the C. P. R hut, situated
on ibe timber line at the southern
slope of the group. The Rogers amphitheatre, over which climbers will
pass, contains magnificent illustrations
of the action and coroding powers of
glaciers. Bear creek, flowing through
a distinctive valley close to the camp,
is full of huge rock falls and is a
favorite haunt of the marmot or
"whistler." Mount Sir Donald, the
mountain of moods, will probably be
ascended, whilst a daily party to the
lllecillewaet glacier will also be arranged.
The wonderful Asulkan valley will
be visited and a glimpse of the famous
Deutschman caves in the Cougar
valley will likewise be afforded. Many
other excursions offering features of
special interest and great natural
beauty will be arranged.
"From Tuesday, July 7, to Tuesday,
July 15, the camp is to be open and
members will be permitted to arrive
by the afternoon train, July 6, Those
men.hers, or prospective members, to
British Canadian Wood Pulp
and Paper Company, Limited.
Owners of the Townsite uf Port Mellon, Howe Sound, 25 miles from Vanoouver.   Head Offioe, 813 Cordova
Street, Vanoouver, B. C.
We recently offered fur subscription the first 100.000 Preference shares of this Corporation
at $1.00 per share, each 100 shares entitled to a bonus of 25 shares of Preference Stock; the first 100,000
Shares was immediately taken up.
We now offer the balance of the second lOO.OC'J shares of preferred stock at 91.00 per share, each
hundred shares entitled to a bonus of 15 shares of Preferred stock.
Firs! allotment on Isecond lOO.IXIOwill he mode May IIHIi, final allotment May llOth. All subscriptions should In' in the office of the Company by II o'clock, May lllth.
In order to treat all applications, large and small alike, and to make no discrimination, all subscriptions received prior to final allotment, May ItOth, will be allowed pro rata on thu second 1011,000, and
balance on third 11X1,0X1. There will be no bonus stock, however, allowed, only on second issue, The
third IOO.IXXIIh lobe sold nt par, $1.1X1 per share without Ihiiiiis, unit those subscribing prim lo May milh
are given absolute preference on third issue,
The Preferred Slock now being offered ia entitled to an annual dividend of 7 per cent., commencing
November 1, 11108, but unlimited aa tn further dividends, I. ('.,  after 7  per cent,   haa  I n paid upon the
Preferred and Common, IhiUi  slocks thereafter participate equally.     There is no reason why this slock
should not pay from Uu to 60 per cent, dividends,
PAYMENTS   III per cent, on application; 15 percent, in IKI days; balance in H monthly payments.
Hereafter no subscript inns will be received by telegraph or Iiini' distance telephone, unlets iiccutn-
paiiind by the application piiyiilenl of 10 per cent,
We ari! rushing work on Ihe Ileal unit of this great plant, the cut ite plant when complete will liave
a weekly capacity of ISO tons of newspaper, and 2711 tons of wrapping, No better site lot a great modern
paper mill could nave been selected than Pott Mellon, only 25 miles from Vancouver; unexcelled drainage and magnificent deep water harbor. We have secured the water tightH of Rainy Hiver, which flows
through the property, and have also placed a 2I1,IKXI inch water record  on  Clowhom Palls  for  the  pur.
Kose of manufacturing ground wond pulp.   These I wo sources have a combined volume of over 20,0011
orse power,
Those interested are cordially invited to visit Port Mellon and inspect the progress of the work up to
date.   It will not be long before we are turning out 80,000 pounds of wrapping paper per week.
The public are also Invited to visit the demonstrating plant of the Company, 819 Cordova street,
and witness the manufacture of wood pulp and paper.
Ollice of the company open Wednesday and Saturday evenings until 0 o'clock.
Pies, British Columbia Tittst Corporation,
W. II. II. OOLLISTBR, Manager Albion lion Works
Vancouver, B, 0.
J.   DUFF  STUART,   Managing Director,  Clark A
Stuart, Ltd., Stationers, Vancouver. H. C.
UOL.T. H. TRACY. M.O., Son., O.B., IM-.H., D.L.8.,
Con., Kng., formerly City Engineer, Vancouver.
KRI.DK. AI'I'I.KTON, Managing Director M. H.
f.inllli Co., Victoria.
AM), w. .1. OAVANAGH, Member W, .1. Oovanagh
A Co., Vancouver.
FRED SMITH. Member Smith Wright A Davidson,
Wholesale Paper Co., Vancouver.
II. M. HI'RUn I', Western  Manager Corticelli Silk
Co., Vanoouver,
J. 0. W. STANLEY, formerly (leneial Manager
West London Paper Mills, London, Kng.
CAPT. II. A. MELLON, J. P., American Lloyds
Agents, etc,
BUSTAOB H. JENNS, Barrister, etc., Vancouver.
GEO, B, CATBS, Dates, shipbuilding 0o„ Vancou
ver,  II, 0.
ORBBLY BOLTS, formerly General Manager Paolflt
Couat Soda (V.
whom the luxury of tent life does not
appeal, will be able to make Glacier
House, the C.P R.'s comfortable hotel
two and a half miles to the suuth, their
headquarters. The camp authorities
will pruvide for the transportation of
baggage from and to Rogers Pais
station, but they will not provide this
accommodation in the case of Glacier
Provisions will be made for 200
campers, application being registered
in the order received. All members
belonging to honorary, active, associate
or graduating grades may make application. Tbe same applies to duly
accredited representatives of literary
and scientific societies, the leading
papers and magazines and also to professional photographers, all of whom
will be given the Dame rates as active
With regard to charges, active members and those in the same status, will
pay $2 a day for camp accommodation.
Graduating members who qualify for
active membership will also be charged
this rate. All others will be charged
!$3 for each day in camp. No camper
will be allowed more than 40 pounds
weight of baggage, and neither trunk
no. boxes will be handled. Those using saddle ponies on the different excursions will be charged $1 pet day.
Heavily-soled leather boots, well set
with nails, are iudispensitde. Knicker
bockers, puttees, sweater and soft hat
are recommended as a serviceable' costume. No lady wearing skirts or
bloomers will be allowed to take a
place upon a rope, as these garments
have been found a source ol danger to
the whole party. Knickerbockers, with
puttees or gaiters and sweater, have
baen found serviceable and safe. In
the way of outfit the camp authorities
recommend two pairs uf blankets
weighing about 15 pounds, a small pillow, a change of clothes and boots and
toilet articles. Members ate recommended to supply themselves with
snow glasses and drinking cups,
Swiss and other competent guides
will beat the disposal of the camp. It
is hoped that the C.P.R. will as before,
grant special rates. In any case, however, excursion rates to the Dominion
fair at Calgary can be bad and from
Calgary tbe camp will only be a ten
hours' run. Nomination slips for membership and general information can
be had from the secretary of tbe club,
Mrs. H. J. Parker, 160 Furby street,
Winnipeg, or from the secretary of the
camp, C. Wheeler, Box 167, Calgary
A general meeting of tbe club will
be held on June 2, in the office of the
president, poet office block, Calgary,
to deal with a reci nt vote on certain
changes in the constitution. The
club's annual meeting for election of
officers, however, will be held during
the camp, as was done last year.
C. P. R. Mountain Hotels Enlarged and Improved.
What promises to be one of the
most prosperous seasons ever experienced at Banff, has now practically
W. Danforth, manager of the C.P.R.
hotel, has arrived at the mountain
resort from the east with a staff of 108
and opened the popular hotel to tourists and others on Thursday.
For the past two or three weeks the
Sanitoriiini, which is open all the year
round, has been filled nearly everyday
with tourists, principally from New
Zealand and Australia. As a rule
visitors from the antipodes usually begin to arrive at Banff in advance of
those from other parts of the world.
1. is reliably reported iu Banff that
next year's C. P. R. estimates will provide (ur renovations, alterations and
additions to the C. P. R. hotel] at an
expense of about $2,000,000, and when
all are completed HanIV will be able to
boost ol one of the most magnificent
hotels in all Canada
It is fully believed that if the proposed improvement, were curried out
the business which would result would
fully justify the immense outlay because for the past two or three years
thousands of tourists Ins v.- In en un
able to secure the accommodations
they desired, and thousands of others
have been unable to secure any at all.
Many improvements, principally at
tlio Lake Louise Chatlet, were carried out during the Winter months.
The big event of the Summer in the
Selkirks will be the meeting of the
Canadian Alpine Club, near the Glacier House, early in July,
No Free " Puffs."
A Western editor has come to the
conclusion that the people who desire
"puffs" in his paper must pay the
following prices: For telling the public that a man ia a successful citizen
when everybody known he is as lazy as
a mule, $2.75; referring to adecoasid
citizen as one who is mourned by the
entire community, when lie knows he
will only bo missed by the poker circles, $1.08; referring to some gallivanting woman as an estimable lady whom
it is a pleasure to meet, $3.10; calling
an ordinary pulpit-pounder an eminent divine, 60 cents; sending a tough
Binner to heaven with poetry, $5.
"Westward Ho!"
Bonnycastle Dale, whose illustrated
nature studies in "Westward Hoi"
have attracted considciabie attention,
haa in lhe May issue a timely article
on the American Navy, being the result of his recent visit to the Bremerton Navy Yard where he secured several fine pictures of the battleships for
the magazine. In fiction the contents
for the mouth include "The Widow of
Baalbek," by A. N. St. John-Mildiiiay;
"Joe and Aileen," by Arthur Davits;
"The Second Claim," by Billet! Glynn;
"The Trials of Three," by G A. Rub-
sell; "The Brain-Storm," by L. McLeod Gould; "A Hero of the Plains,"
by Charles Doran, and the concluding
chapters of Clive Phillips Wolley's
powerful serial, "Shakmut." The editor this month has taken WinBton
Churchill for his Bketch in his inter
esting department, "Men I Have Met."
Howland Hoadley tells the story of
Vancouver's new playground—the
North Arm, while Rinaldo M. Hall
deals iu an interesting manner with
Portland's Rose Carnival, both articles
being well illustrated. The publishers
announce that the June issue will be
a "Homeseekera' Number.
and careful attention lo Rents,
Settlements of Rents made monthly.
Collections made everywhere by expert collectors and adjusters—Columbia Agencies, Limited, McKenzie Ave.
Revelstoke, B. C.
IpGGft foi Hitching from a splendid
Li strain of winter laying Rhode
Island Red", $1.50 for 15.—Mis. Drew.
Reliable Poultry Yards, Camborne,
B. C.       • ap 22-1 mo
FOR SALE—Eggs for Hatching—
Tho oughbred, silver laced Wyandot., best winter layers. Price $1.50
for 15 egga.   AddreBS Box 237.
by 1st of May at Halcyon Hot
Springs, must understand horses and
milking; wages $40, with board, room
and washing.
LOST—At the Roller Rink a few
nights ago a $10 gold piece. The
finder will receive $2 on returning
same to owner through Mail-Herald.
NURSING-Mrs.   Alice   C.   Lee. nf
Fourth Street,  is prepared to go
out nursing.
PRIVATE   HOME    for   maternity
cases, Second Street West, or P.
O. Box211-Mrs. A. E. Bennison.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the Retail Liquor Licence for the Hotel
Queens at Comaplix, B. C, for the
half year from July 1st, 1008, to Dec.
31st, 1008.
sat my 2 30d J. H. Young.
Take notice that I. Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, B. C, intend applying
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, tit the expiration of one month
from date hereof for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Reception Hotel at Camborne,
Dated May 14th, 1008.
cat in 10 30d CiiHY MlCNHENH'K.
Take notice that I, Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, B. C, intend applying
to the Superintendent ot Provincial
Police, at die expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Coronation Hotel, at Camborne,
Dated May 14th, 1008.
sat in 1680d Cotiv Mi'iNiii'.NiiK.
Take notice thai I intend to make
application to the superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Glacier
House Hotel, atGlaoler, B.C., fur lhe
Canadian Pacific. Railway Company,
for six months  from   July 1st, 1808 to
Dec. lilsl, 11*IS.
Dated this 12th day of May, 1008.
w my 18 80d <L S. .'limit.
To John Knnt'si, or to whomsoever lie
may have transferred bis interegtsi
Take notice thai I, ihe underslgnedi
co-owner wilh you in the following
mineral claim, viz.; Gold Ply mineral
claim, situated on Lexington Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division ol' West
Kootenay Dlstriot, of ilu- Province of
lliitish Columbia, hnve done there*
quired work on the above montlnned
mineral claim lor i he year ondlng H*i7,
In order lo hold the .same undoi'Seo-
lion 21 ol' ibe Mineral Aot,
And furl her lake notice that if wil liiu 00 days fiom thi! flint publication of
thia notice, you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with tho cost of this
advertisement, your Interest in  the
said mineral claim will become thi'
property of the undersigned, under
Section 25 li of (he Mineral Act.
Dated atOamborno, H. C, this I Ith
day of May 1IH1S.
satiny IflOOd .1. A. Licwih,
IN   THK   HIlPltKMK   COURT   Ol'   HltlTISII
Itiilllliililll.     In Ilii. Mill I"! .if   tills   "Wlllllllllj
I'll Ail", lining ,'luiplisr 111 nl Uii' Ki swiil
SI n! nil's, nf Ciuimla
III Uui Matter Ol Tllu Klwiiml  Till  Wiirkursi  (i.sl.l
M iniiiK (Iiiiiiiii,ny nl LariliiiLii, Hi it i.li t.'iilimi-
I'in, l.iiiiltinl, n.iii pi-Mi'iinl I.Inl.ilu y
Tha rii'ilitnn nf tlm above minimi i'uin|iaiiy am
raiiulrml mi nr Imfiire lhu I'lrst iluy "f June, nam
toaituil Lii,.ii iniiii.", and iL.l.ti.-.rti-H, uml tlm ini
tli'ltlara nf tliulritiilila nl  I'lnlliia, ami Mm llamas
uml ilililroaaus nf llmlr aullrlliira, II mo. in Julin
K.liilli'M, P   11   llssx H'lH,   Ri-vulsllssssi    llllll.il   C„|.
iimiiiii. iin' (iiiii-mi Liipiiiini'ii' nf ni" "iini Company, unit if au risiiiilri'il liy nolk'ii In writing from
thu sulil llllli'lal Liquidator, tiro by their "iilirliin..
tu I'niiiis In nti-( Drove tltulr suiltl ilnlils ur. I.uin i ai
Htli'll tlllli! ami plai'tilia shall  1st! ipeolfletl In sin-li
notloe, nr III'!"!mil iIn' I limy will la, oxi.'luilisil
fmln Ilm lliinutlt uf liny illHlrilnitlun ittiulu Istjfnru
mon iiuiiia um proved,
lin li .1 111   ItisvulHlukti,   Hrlllali   Culllmlilii,   till,
llllli ilay ul April, mm.
aat A|'11 lw Iw.      s.,,11, ion i fnr Uu, aalil
John K. Julius,, ollicial MijuldaUir,
Liquor Licence Act. 1900
Notice is hereby given that at the
expiration of one month from date the
undersigned will apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
transfer to the " Canyon House " at
Albert Canyon, B. 0., of the hotel
liquor licence now held by me in
respect of the " Windsor Hotel " at
lllecillewaet, B. C.
Dated this 22nd day of April, 1908
C. D. Morris.
Take notice that we, Messrs. Ogilvie
and McKitriek, of Nakusp, intend
applying to the .Superintendent of
Provincial Police at the expiration of
one month from date hereof, for a
renewal of our hotel license for the
premises known us the Leland Hotel
at Nakusp, for the half year from July
1st., 1908, to Dec. Hist, 19(18.
Dated April 80th, 1008.
.sat my 2 liOd.    OuiLViK A MoKlTRICK
Take notice that 1 intend to make
appl'cation to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Halcyon
Hot Springs Hotel, at Halcyon, B.'c.,
for the half year from July 1st, 1008,
to Deo. 81st, 1908,
\vap20 Harry McIntobh,
Tnke notice that 1, 1. T. A bey. of
Camborne, B. C, intend applying to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
from datu hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Criterion Hotel at Camborne,
R  C]
Dated May 0th, 1908.
wmyi.SOd P. T. ABEY.
Take notice that I, Dave Orr, of
Camborne, B, C, intend applying to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of iny
hotel licence, for the premises known
as the Camborne Hotel, Camborne,
B. C.
Dated May 9th, 1908.
w myl8 80d Davb Our.
Take notice that I, William Lovatt,
of Burton, intend applying to the
.Superintendent of Provincial Police,
at the expiration of one mouth from
date heiof, for a renewal of my hotel
licence for the premises known as the
Kootenay Hotel at Burton.
Dated May 1st, 1908.
a my 0 Mod Wm. Lovatt.
Take notice that we intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police ford renewal of the retail liquor
licence for the Lakeview Hotel at
Arrowhead, B, 0., for the half year
from 1st July, 1908 to 81st Dec. 1008.
Dated this 8th day of May, 1008.
sat my 0 30d    Plumton A Chapman.
That notice that I intend to apply to
tue Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
licence for the Eva Hotel at Camborne,
B. O.i for the half ye<r from 1st July
to 81st Dec. lt'08.
Dated this 8th day of May, 1008.
sat 9 my 30d John A. THEW.
Notice is hereby given that 1 intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the Retail Liquor Licence for tha Lardeau
Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., tor the half-
year from July 1st, 1008, to Dec. Hist.
w m 0 80d Russel M, Evans.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Ht. Leon
Hotel ill St. Leon, H. C, for the half-
year I'nmi July 1st, MIS, tn Dec. Hist,
iv my (i mkl M. Grady,
Noi ice is hereby   given that I intend
to app\v to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of retail
liquor license for the Union Hotel at
Arrowhead, H.I' , for six months from
July 1st, l'HW, to  December 81st, 19hs.
Dated tb's 4th day of Mny, lims.
w my (I80d        W. J. Lkihti i'iixk.
Take notice that   I   intend  lo make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial police for a renewal of tbe
retail liquor licence for the Balmoral
Hotel, Ferguson,  li. (',, for the half
year from Jlllv 1st.,  1008, In  Dec. UM,
John Staubbr
Take notice   that I Intend tn  make
application to tin- Superintendent  of
Provlnolal Police lur a renewal of   lhe
retail liquor license for the city Hotel
at Arrowhead, Hi'., for the half yeai
from July 1st, 1908, to Dec 81st, imw.
w qp-i)   ■!-  t'AI.KY.
Notloe Is hereby given thai I Intend
In  apply   to   thi-   .Superintendent    nf
Provincial Police foi permission to
transfer to Messrs. Chapman uud
Plumpton, of Arrowhead, H. •'., the
retail liquor license held by me In
respect of the premises al Arrowhead,
known as Ihi' Lakeview Hotel.
Dated Ihis 1st. day of May, 11*18.
aat my 280d, D, OAICKRON,
Notice is hereby given   that   we  intend to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a  renewal of the
retail liquor licence now held In respect uf the Lakeview Hotel al Arrowhead, which license has been transferred tu us by D. Cameron, the
holder thereof.
Dated this 1st. day of May, ll*.*..
satroy280d    Chapman & Pi.p.miton.
Take notice that I Intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provlnolal Police for it renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Hotel Beaton, Denton, B.C., for the half year
from July 1st, 1908, to Dec. Hist, 1908,
w up 50 Wji. Ho yd.
Advertisement of Sale of Min*
eral Property.
In pursuance of the Order of the
II iiiiiiiii able Mr. Justice Morrison
made in the matter of the Windiug-
tjp Act and iu die matter of The El-
wond Tin Workers Gold Mining Company of Lardeau, British Columbia,
Limited, Nun-personal Liability, and
in pursuance ol directions thereunder
of Robert Gordon, Esq., District Registrar at Revelstoke, British Columbia,
tenders will be received by the undersigned for the pin-chose of the assets
of the above naiued company consisting of the following property situated
in the Lardeau Mining Division of
West Kootenay, British Columbia:
Nine Crown Granted Mineral claims
to wit:
The Iron Dollar lieing I.ot 7050,
Group I. Carbonate Hill being Lot
7000, Group 1. Carbonate Hill fmotion being Lot 7001, Group 1. Little
Johnnie lieing Lot 7002, Group 1, Copper Dollar being Lot 8087, Group 1.
Western Star lieing Lot 7351, Group 1.
Western Stat fraction being Lot 7355,
Group 1, St. Kew being Lot 7868,
Group 1. And Oilman fraction lieing
part of Lot 4498, Group 1,
Millsite being Lot 00H5, Group ll
Tramway; Stamp Mill; Saw Mill; Coni-
pii-ssor plant and pipe line; Assaying
plant; Water Record No. 48; about 70
tons of Concentrates; buildings; bunk
houses and all goods, machinery and
chattels on the company's properly.
Such tenders to be made in writing
and sealed and marked "Tender for
Blwood Company Property," addressed tu lhe utideisigned Official Liquidator, P. O. Box 238 Revelstoke, British Columbia, on or before the Fourth
day nl June, 1008.
The blithest or any  lender will not
ecessarily be accepted.
n Fur.her particulars of the property
will be furnished on application to the
undersigned, or to Messrs. Scott A
Briggs, his Solicitors, Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of April, 1908.
sat ap 18 wit        Official Liquidator.
THE attention of the Lands and Work* Department haviug been directed to the fact
thrit town lots in a townsite named Prince Ru
pert being a subdivision of Lot 6*2, Ranee 5,
Coast District, situated on the mainland between tbe mouth of the Skeeua Rirer and Kaien
Island, are being offered for sale, it has been
deemed necessary to warn the public that tbe
said town-utuatea at the terminus of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway, and is not the townsite
which is owned jointly by the Guvernmi'ut of
British Columbia and the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway Company.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department.        w my 6 lm
I N ACCORDANCE with Chapter 78. H.S.B.C..
L 188", "Femes Act," the Government of
British Columbia invite applications for a
charter for a ferry u> ply across the Columbia
River at Spillimacniue
Applications will be received bv the Hon. the
Chief Commissioner up to ana including the
30th day of May, 1908
The limits of the ferry shall extend for a distance of two miles above and two miles below
The charter will cover a period expiring od
the 30ih June, 1910.
The ferry shall be operated whenever required between 7 u.m, and 7 p.m., erery day excepting Sundays.
Applications shall give a description of tht
-■cow or boat it is proposed louse-
Application" stall state the tolls it is proposed to ask for -
Each adult passenger.
Each child (not iu arms) under 13 years,
Each head of cattle, horse, mule or donkey.
Each calf, sheep, goat or swine.
Each vehicle with oue horse and driver-
Each curt or  waggou with one  horse and
driver. loaded-
Each vehicle with two horses and driver.
Each vehicle with  two horses and driver,
Kuril parcel of -', lbs, and under.
Freight per 10U lbs  and   under, perishable
Freight, [.er  loo lbs. ana under, perishable
The tJovemment of British Columbia i   jot
necessarily   bound   to   accept any applic    ion
Public Works Engineer-
Lands mid Works Department,
Fictoria, B.C., April Kfcb, 1908.       wtd
It is the Intention of the B. <'. Gove, ament to
bring into force the following amendments to
the Act a> cited below, at the next sitting of
the Legislature.
Hon. Chirp Commission*..
Nu. U J [ 1W8
An   Act   to   amend  tbe   " Highway
Traffic Regulation Aft."
HIS MAJESTY, by and wilh the advice and
i-onseut of tlm Lugi-dative  Assembly of
British i iiin:i,iim, enacts as :ollows:—
1, Tin- Art ion)■ l»- cited as the "Highway
Tratlic Regulation Act Amendment Act, 1908.
2. Set'liou 8 of the " Highway Traffic Regulation Act.1 being ' hapler iC of the Revised
Statute*, 18V7. a* emoted by section 2 of chapter
:«J uf th» staint«- of li*C. is hereby repeated and
tho fallowing sectinu ll niibstitulod therefor:—
*8. It shall be unlawful for any waggon or
vehicle carryitiK a loud of mure than two
ih.iiisHiid jmiuhiI- to b« drawn or driveu on any
public highway DDlMrj tho tires of auch waggou
or vehicle shall lie al I'm -t four iuch**, in width.
B* Keclion IU of said chapter H ll hereby repeated and the fallowing -.action is substituted
"10. Il shall I-, unlawful for any iiersou or
pUNU to lino. !"«■ Ot limber over ur along any
public highway "
'. Tin- Art -hull not come Into foree *o far
that   portion   of   the   Province  of  British
luuibiu nituitte eusi of lhe Cascade Range of
iimiiiilaiiin i- OOBOOniM, iihlil the 1st day of
January, IV**.
Certificate   of Improvements
Hig Hope Frnction Mineral claim No. 2.
Situate in theTmut Lake Mining Divisiou'of
the Ki Kit* i ity District, Located on Poplar
( reek.
TAKK NOTICE that I, C. J. A. N.Pndlw.
Free Minor's Certificate No. H 86316, iutead 00
day-* fmrn the date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate or Improvements
for the purine of obtaining a Crnwn Grant of
the a./ove claim. And further take notice that
action uad*r Section VI must be ounmeuced
before the issuance uf such Certificate of
Datod this 4tb day of April,|l»0s.
l'air of general purpose geldings,
six snd seven years, weight twenty-
one hundred, well broken to work
-mull: or double, good roadsters. Also
I inin wagon, double box and brake,
nearly new; une J, B. Armstrong
Democrats, two seats and brake; one
single open b-iggy; one set work harness; one set driving harness; one
single buggy harness. All ae good as
uew—at a bargain.
Special Inducements for Cash
The Best Bargains fall to the
lot of those who come early.
■ 1         IP'S         *l            1   Linen    Blouse
Hand Embroidered ^ttfit
$4.50 now ii!2.7(j; $7.50 now $1 00
II      ■          Ol  *    ■       Made from Cotton Silki-
Under Skirts z%Tc$™nom
Millinery Department »S^t
is now complete with new goods coming to hand by
express, ana keeping up-to-date with the newest styles
|-j ■ Imported direct from one of the
1  arSSOlS   lal'8est European makers.     The
Ladies Rain Coats Kir'iS
and 810.00    An exceotinu.-s. na'pnin for thn money
Misses' Rain Coats \°™?hS
years "f age.   Now $3.60
Dress Good Bargains i°FS
good bargain*, remefnber these prices. -$1.50 Tweeds
n.sw $1,00;   $1 ()0 Vollfl, now 75c.l     76   cent   Dress
Goods now 53c.i    50 cent Fancy Fabrics now 80c.
1 Ul uo.io .,,.,, pretty ana different from
what is genorully shown,
r*»        ,         o     OL              Ladles' Oxfords,
Boots & Shoes %&> g& gs
Calf, Huls and Bluchers, $4.50 now $:t,00
Semi-Ready Dress Patterns
These  come  wilh  skirts  already   made und
enough material for Blouse with Lace .uui Insert ion.
8T.5H   Patterns   now   5S8.75;   $10.00    Patterns   now
$4.75; $12.0(1 to $15.00 Patterns now $7.."ill.
Take full advantage of these
Special Prices throughout our
stock. Prices for thrifty buyers
*£»«_______________. ________]__, ____*. ___u. i_______1j,_____^*__i.£
lil I** ITI IA" "A1 ITI 'A''4»    *  "    4*   «r    '
I Spraying
Fpuit Trees
Yon can get all the *
Chemicals lor any re- *.
ceip: here. We have tbem ♦,
ready und cau advise you 4
the best to use. I
f   C. R. MCDONALD        j
T Rkvklstoke, B. C. J
,♦. .'f. ."t. .fr. i*ti 1T1 i*ti tTt i*ti iti 1T11't'i *
t^l t,ji 1^,1 ij,i ij,i1^1 * ".i <■,  + "   + T_J."
Armstkoso—At RevelBtoke, B. C...
May 7tb, 1.08, to Mr. and Mrs'
\V. J   Armstrong, a daughter.
Weather Forecast
Saturday, May 16.—Light to mod
erate winds, cloudy with showers.
Temp. Max. 07 : ; Min  44°.
Local and General.
The Victoria team is playing tbe
Shamrock team at cricket this after
Big auction sale of household furnishing-, over Imperial Bauk, Friday
J. Laugbton ia having the Onion
hotel thoroughly overhauled, repaired
and painted.
Tbe roller rink will be opened on
Wednesday and Saturday morning
from 10 to 12.
H. Manning, auctioneer, will sell oft'
the household furniture of A. K.
Phi,s| B,  in Friday, May 22nd.
A dock oi .learly one hundred wild
dock hue remained on the river behind tbe roller rink for over a week.
The residence of Geo. Waite at oan-
don, waa burned on Tuesday evening.
Everything in the bouse was destroyed.
The tin«l match of tbe Y. M. C. A.
Victoria Day meet will be th" novelty
gK'ne nl "Pink Dominoes" at the
O, era Uoiis-e.
The ladiel aid ol St. Andrew's
will bold n young f'dk"' socal in the
church on Friday, May 22nd, Admission: adults 2"ic: children 15c.
Tbe Y. M C. A. will meet thi' city
team at lacrosse on Monday evening
at 6:30 on the new Y.M.C.A, reore-
,<:; :. ground A faet gan:" il a;:-
The Columbll rivt ' - r.-:t ig rapidly
and the prospects are 'or high water
(bit season. Already tbe water ia ver
the dan", and drill waiiI in limit,ng
over the piles,
St Peter' Ladies Guild are holding
a .a'i ol home inadr cookery a' tha
home of Mrs A. Y. Anderson on
Tuesday, May 19tb. Afternoon frei-,
irn ii 1 26o
Among other queetioni diaouated at
ibe  city  couuoil   meeting latt night
wa- tbat ol |i.ittiug the clocks! on one
hour, in order lo give longer lummer
eviMiin,'. to tbote who a irk in atoms,
and offloei,     A petition Isirgely aigned
by citii"n» wa? presented, requesting
tbat the meature b<! adopted The
tnatter waa left in the hands of tbe
Mayor to aee the C P.R, ollieials and
to make a proclamation.
is about the worst thing you
can eat. Try some of ours
which is always light, always fresh and always sweet.
Try our cukes and pies, too.
That they ure excellent, no
doulit yon have heard. Hut
it needs 11 personal trial to
disclose how uunh betler
than the ordinary tbey really
is Important for the man who
works—tbe day starts with it
uud if not good the whole duy
is likely to go wrong. "The
cup that cheers but not inebriates," cun be brewed from
either the fine leas, aromatic
coffees or delicious cocoas or
chocolates from liobson _:
Hell's, fit for lhe palate of
epicure. Our groceries ure
kept up to the best standard
In line roller process hours and
ceroals of all kinds,
F.. 0. Froniey was called down to tbe
coast on Wednesday evening to attend
the s.ick bed of his daughter.
Mrs. F. E. Sine gave a luncheon on
Tuesday at her h .'mo in honor of Mrs.
A, E. Pbippa and Mrs. Muudy.
MrB. W A. Chambers returned on
Wednesday evening from a two weeks'
visit visit to friends ut Calgary.
MrB. S. A.   Mundy  enieitained   a
luncheon   on    Friday,     Mrs,   A.   E
I'n-pps being the gue^t of honor.
Mi-s Maundrell, who bus been vi-it-
mg here lor some weeka, returns to
morrow evening to her home iu Armstrong
Mrs. G. C. Knowlton, who has been
spendii'g a few wei-as wi li her sister
.lira. Howard keays, returned to
Golden this moi   iug.
Dr. and Mrs. -Morrison have re-
covered from their injuries in the
recent collision of street cars near
Detroit and will be back iu Kevelstoke
about May 25th.
Mrs. Howard Keays entertained a
number of ber friends ou Wednesday
evening. Progressive whist was played,
Miss White and W.J. W. Brown beiug
the prize winners.
Mr. A. E. l'bipps aud family leave
ou Sunday next for their new home iu
Calgary, but will spend part ol the
summer months at HanlV, where tbey
nave taken a cottage.
A very enjoyable dance was held in
Selkirk Hall uu Thursday, arranged
by Mrs. F C. Elliot and a number of
others who got together for a sociable
tune. Part of tbe dance programme
was of the Leap Year type and proved
very pleasant.
Rev. J. R. Robertson returned from
Vancouver this morning where be has
been attending the annual meeting ol
the Synod of ii. C. and the Theological Conference. Mrs. Robertson lias
gone to Victoria where she will visit
friends for a while.
Kate Louise, eldest daughter of
Frank Barnard, of Notch Hill, was
married on Thursday, May 7th, to
Walter .I. Dunne, sicoud son of Mr.
and Mrs. T. H. Dunne, of Arrowhead,
at Kamloope, the Rev. H. S. Ake-
huist tying the nuptial knot. The
happy couple are spending their
honeymoon up Shuswap lake.
R. M. R. Rifle Shooting
The   following   are lhe Bcorea for
Saturday on the ride range:
21 iO 500 600 Total
Pte. Mulhollmid   29 25 27     81
Pte. A. Duff....   25 24 10     05
Sgt. J. Donald.'.    20 25 ■ 15     B0
Pte. Mclnearny    22 21 9     55
F. C. Wolfenden    — 24 2L     '15
Pte.WG Bindley    15 14 11     40
Lt. O.A.H-rte,    10 15 4     29
Pie. J. Meek...    17 9 3     29
Bank of Vancouver
It is a pleasure to note that tbe
et'ck of the Bunk of Vancouver is
being rapidly subscribed by the peo
pie of British Columbia nnd lhat
there is every prospect of the Bank
hcing able to commence operations at
nn early date witb a subscribed capita,
of $2,000,000.
Additional banking facilities are
certainly required and the businessmen and capitalists ol B. C. are demonstrating their faith in the future of
the province by investing in this
bank stock.
A number of proniii'"n' Revelatolte
people have already sent in their sub
HOBSOM    fell   "BELL
iwe have:
K I N C A I D     _v
An derson
-Imiilil la-   peeked away   ill
moth proof bag-tot In chests
along with camphor or Tar
Do not neglect this matter.
Call for these linen at
Druggist & Stationer
Mail Ordert reoelve prompt
R. H. Trueman ims arrived and will
be in tbi Studio for a short visit.
Keep in mind date '.'f auction sale
at A. E. Pbipps', over Imperial Bank,
Friday 22nd.
Come and see the McKinley Memo
rial Parade on   M ind iy   ind T u - .
at the Edison Pari ir Theatre.
lhe new game—"Pink Dominoes"
introduced for the first time iu Rs-v
elstoke at the Opera House, M .nday,
May 26th,
\V, J. Curtis, piano turner, will lie
in tbe city about May 20. All ordert
left   with   Lewia   Bros, or at R. How-
j son's   Furniture   Store,    will    receive
i prompt attention.
Andrew Carnegie, at an addrea
given by bim at Washington on Monday, stated tbat tbe supply ol coal in
! thr> Pnited States would only last
■ 200 years, and ir.,n only about
10   yisiirs.
A good opportunity will I.s. afforded
you to purchase dresses for children
and lam y articles at the sale of work
to he In-Ill afternoon    and    ssvi'ning at.
| tbe residence ol Mr., a  Y Anderton
on Tuetday, May 19.
On the 10th, I8tb, 19th and 20th of
May, I will give u LE pi-r relit dltCOUOl
on all cash purcbaiei, as I wish to re-
ilui: my stock to make room for
another -shipment ol goods, which I
expect at tbe end of thin month —Mian
A. Maalen, Opposite Climax Hotel.
The Canyon road will be repaired
by Monday next, after which date
teams Oan reach Five, Mile Landing.
Owing to *omc land slides the road
hua lieen impassable, but Mr. Gordon,
Government Agent, ban had a dig
gang at work   all   this  week   making
ncceasary ropnira.
Knox Church annual Children, festival will Im: held on May 29th in the.
Opera bouae. A program will Imd given
01 oboruaet, fancy tlrilla, tolos, and
three ICOnes selected frum ■'Mrn.
Wigganl tho Cabbage Patch." Hale
of work in the afternoon, also ice
cream, cake, colfee and a linh pond.
The Independent Hand gave their
fir-it open air concert of the season
lust night before an appreciative audience. It in u great pity that the "kid"
element whibh in no conspicuous in
this city, where it in leant wanted,
cannot be prevented from disturbing
those concerts and nniinyiiig both
players and liateners,
Yon cat   ih    - - me passe  partout
Work, r. thing nver 25c. at the sale of
-        e hi   I ar   Mr.-  A. "i   Ander-
in lid   ' -•  Peter's f.adii -
Guild     .   i ii sday  next.     After no □
free evening '-.'."i"
A splendid musical programme  baa
een irranged for tbe  evening   . ,.-■
tainmentat the home of   Mr- A. Y,
l   lei too, in oi onectl sn wm, the -a ••
I a .rk uniler the au.picea ol tin
j Lad let    luild   I St. P '■ r - church, on
1 ne-I.i ■ -,' k.-'r, rliii.'-i.ln and ie-
I cream will he served.
r rt' mineri Iiei ncei expire on Ma,
.!  when I bey mutt be renewed for thi
jeiiaiiing year,      vv e   would   remind all
I miner- that  tbe Bill fklla i D a Sunday
thia year and we advise ail those .
with to renew  their  licence* to do an
•    COU   t.    House    tsef" e 1  p in   i.i,
Satur ay  May 80th next, after which
time the ..llice ia ell led tiil M   s.sUy
a .urge number ol new sleeping ami
lining car- will be put in Bommittion
by 'lie Canadian I'arilie R«Hway during the present month, «r,d ««riy in
the month of June Eighteen mm
tleapera and ait new dining Ban art
dow being built lor western linea lo tbe
abope of tbe company in Montreal all
of thenc cam are being (milt according
to the latent, ph.un and DO Mfpentt
will DS npared in their furnishing s r
equipment. They will be Died D tbe
main line between Montreal and Van
Social and Personal
it. If. Trueman, ol Vancouver, came
into town thin morning.
.1. M Doyle returned yesterday
from a irip to Kamloops
Mra  II. N   Coursier will not, receive
on Tuetday next, the 19th,
il. Keayi returned latt ..v..mug Irom
a business trip tO Calgary.
Mrs. Dudgeon and Mian Hazel were
spending a few daya in town.
II,   Cunningham   Morrin  returned
from Kamloops thll morning.
AI Vye, of Field, has accepted n
DOIi'tlon at the I'oyal hotel, Notch
Mra. Hurry Mamidrell and family
returned thll week from a visit, 10
Y. M. C. A. Doings.
The Y. M. 0. A. building and li.ld
are full of bu-tle these line evenings.
Every member of the association is
apparently playing some game judg
ing by lhe crowds of men and boys
who are out upon the field at every
available hour.
A lnrge number of men and boys
are training steadily for the athletic
meet which takes place on the 25th.
Entries are coming in fast, and by all
appearances a good time should be the
order ot tbe day at recreation grounds
on McKenzie avenue May 25th. The
programme will start in the morning
on the Y.M.C.A. grounds at 10 a. m.,
when the Hopefuls will play the Alerts
at baseball. This is the first ul the
association cup games aud should be
a good one.
At 11:15 the City and Y.M.C.A. lacrosse teams meet on the same ground
Thi-: also ahould be a last game, as
both teams will put np tbeir beat
line up.
At 1:80 the afternoon sports will
Commence, tbe tirat item being a
walking race which starts at the post
office and finishes at the McKenzie
avenue grounds.
Tbe prize list is almost complete
ard will he on exhibition next Wed-
. esday. All are good and will be
worth the effort of winning.
Salmon Arm football team will arrive od 98 the morning of tlie 25th
and tbe association will try and give
the boyi a good tune while they are
ben i- -veil aa a good trimming, if
they can.
I be base ball fans will be glad to
near that a three-cornered league Iwb
been started witb Messrs. Scott,
Bquarebriggt and Hope aa captains
A cup ii being pal up (or competition
and tin- nliniild do much to enconr
age '.ur yoUOg men to get, out and
play. Any one wishing to play and
wh .-' name i| not on the liata should
.ei   a captain and  get  into the game.
Thin morning the juvenile league
played Daeeball, Calder'n team getting
a  hard  won  victory from MoLeod'l in
a seven Inniop game.    Borne of the
tmya played excellent hall and in a
few yeirn will make excellent material
(Ol -enmr team.
Practice game of laOroaM Monday
night lietween City and Y. M 0, A.
00 latter', grounds.
Art you going to aee the "Pink
Domlooes"  on   May  25  at  the opera
Y. M. C. A. Benefit
On the evening of Victoria Day,
Monday, May 25th, the Amateur Dra
matic Club will produce tbe popular
three   act,  comedy   "Pink llominoea,"
at. tl," opera bouse, an a benefit for ilm
Y.M.C.A, "Pink Dominoes" Is one ol
the cleverest oomedlet of tbe day,
abounding In mlrth-provnking situs*
l.tona which cannot Fail In ap|Msnl lo
the fun loving public ol llevelatoke.
Ticket*, urn now on aale at C. K. Mnc-
donald'l where  acuta may be reserved.
Chloride of limn in 20c. tina, freih
attpply opened at 0, ft, Macdiuuild'..
Tally hooka,   and   Cruiaern   section
books a specialty at 0 n Macdonald'i,
.lunl. received—another shipment ol
ladies'and children's hal., which I
will nell off at. moat reasonable pricni.
Miaa A. Maalcii, opposite Climax hotel.
Ladies' Aid of Methodist Church
,  The Ladies' Aid of   the   Methodist
church have just   completed   a   most
successful year,   tbe   receiptB   of the
year amounted  to   over  $400.     The
election of   officers   for   the   ensuing
year took place at the regular monthly
meeti-     held   on   Thursday   of   this
week.     The  following staff of officers
being elected:
President—Mrs. Pettipiece.
Vice President—Mrs. T. Down".
Secretary—Mra. Mitcbel.
Treasurer—Mrs. Hull.
Chaplin—Mis. Stouten.
Tbe Aid bin a membership of thirty-
two, nnd under the able leadership   of
tbeir tried ntul trusted president,  who
has moat successfully filled thia ollice
for a numb:r of   years,   they are very
hopeful and confident of doing as rood
a work in the coming   year   as   they
have done in the past.
We have a lot of reduced ptlces to offer you tbe coming week. You
will find your money will buy a lot of goodH here. We would call your
attention to our Special Price List:—
Coats and Skirts
Only a few of uur Spring Coats at e left and to dispose of them we are
offering tbem nt 25 Per Cent. Off.
Spring Skirts
Lustres, Venetians, Broadcloth, etc.', all shades nnd all sizes. These
were good i ulue at marked prices, but we are belling; them at 20 Per
Cent. Discount.
Wash  Collars
A lot of pretty dosigns Regular 50c.   Now 85 Cents.
Hats at Half Price
The balance of our Trimmed Huts to go at Half Price. There are only
u few lelt, but they must lie sold.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays in every mouth
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion MasB; 10:30 a.m. High NlaBB
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
METHODI8T—Rev.T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
At 11 a.m., morning service; 2 30. p.
m., Sunday school and Bible class,
7:30. p.m. evening service. Morning
service will be conducted by Rev. Mr,
Symington, and the evening service
by Rev. J. R. Robertson.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, May 17th
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Young People's meeting Mon
day 8 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednes
day 8 p.m. Choir practice aud teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p m.
Knox Pkebbyterian—J. R. Robert-
son, B. D., minister. Sunday services
at 11 am and 7:30 p m. Sunday
school at 2:30 p.m. The pastor will
conduct the morning service, and Rev
Mr. Symington will take charge of the
evening service. Prayer meeting on
Wednesday night at 8 o'clock. A cordial welcome is given to ull and
strangers specially invited.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school at 2.30 p.m
In the morning Rev. B. S. Freeman
from New Brunswick, brother of the
pastor, will preach. In the evening
the pastor will pre.ch from tbe subject: "Standing in the Sunlight,"
being the lust in the series of Messages
from Isaiah to the Twentieth
Century The Young People s
meeting on Monday at 8 p.m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m. Every
one iB invited to these services.
St. Petkk's Ancimcan—Rev. O. A
Procunier, M A., rector. 4th Sunday
after Kaater 8a.m. Holy Communion
11 Ante Communion service, sermon.
7,80 p.m., Evensong. Sunday school
_'80p in.
New wall papers, und not expensive
sold at C. R. Macdonald's.
A well selected  stock   of   Lownoy'i
Chocolatea at Hewa' Drug Store.
Thn Steamer leaves  Five Mile
Landing   < during   stage   of high
water) al li a.m. on   Tuesday and
Friday, lor Downie Creek and way
pointl, returning aame day.
Freight intiat be ready for delivery to teams ol llevelatoke
Cartage Co., 1.1(1., on Monday, and
Thurndaya ut 1 p.m , and mud he
The Callage Company's  Stage
leaves for tbe Boat Landing at 5:80
p.m on Monday anil Thursday and
coiinecln wilh the steamer on arrival
back in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a in.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer, Telephone connection between -teamer ami local
exchange—Nu. III8II. Dates ol
sailings may be changed without
Correct in style, quality and color effects and selected to
meet the requirements of most fastidious or conservative
Perfect Kitting Underwear from 65o. up to $8.60,
Fancy Wash and Silk Knitted Vesta frum $1.25 up to $7.50
Fancy Hosiery in nil new shades from !&V.  up to $1.00.
Latest conceits In Neckwear, and tbe famous Tooke and
Slur Brand Shifts.   They merit the approval of those men
wlio demand style, excellence of quality and luwness   of
Tunnel at Field
One of the nioBt remurkable of all
tbe constructive things done on the
western end of tbe big transconti-
nentals tbis year is tlie tunnel at
Field. The tunnel, which calls for
the partial demolition of two mountains is now under con.truction.
Field used to be as quiet a little town
as you could find in a picture. Now
it is one of the noisicBt. The man
with the shovel and the pick roams
the streets at night. The tourist wbo
goes out to Field this summer to have
a piouB peep at the eerenity of Lake
Louise, up near the clouds, may sit on
the edge of the lake and look down
into the placid deptli and hear the
mountains creak with dynamite.
Fish hooka, lines, etc., sold at C. R.
A few boxes of bargain note paper
left at Bews' Drug Store
Reading glasses, any size, sold at
C. R. Macdonald's
The City Council invites lenders for
clearing and grading of certain si reels
and lanes, and for building sidewalks.
Full particulars may he obtained al
the City Hall on and after Monday,
Hie lKih Inst,
Tenders to reach the undersigned by
5 p.m. on Friday, May 211th, 11)08.
No tender necessarily accepted.
City Clerk.
May 10, 1008. 8 t
Off The Beaten Track
Belies of unique popular lectures
Miss Ada L. A. Murcutt
Fellow of lho Itoyul Scottish Geographical Society. One of the World's
Greatest Women Lecturers,
SUNDAY, Mny 24th,8|80 p.m.
"Nulioiiiil Righteousness"
MONDAY, May 26th, 8 p.m.
"Japan nnd the Japanese
(Methodist Church)
TUHSDAY, Mny 20th, 8 p.m.
"New Zealand, the Home of
WEDNESDAY. Mny 27ih. ..itO p.m.
"Women of Oilier Lauds"
(For Women Only)
WEDNESDAY, May 27th, 8 p.m.
"The sweating System of
Great Britain"
THURSDAY. May 28th, 8 p.m.
"Ratlin   uml   Its    Island
Prison, Snghulien"
Admission  to  all  lectures, Free, ex-
pt Thursday nighi, when a charge of
I _.«-.  will   he' made.     Collection at .ill
Free Lecture*.   Vocal and Instrumental Music.
WANTED-A competent   girl   for
general    house    work.     Hood
wages, nu children.—Apply this Utliie.
made to your measure at
prices ranging from
When having a suit made by
us you run no risk whatever;
everv garment we turn out is
guaranteed to give satisfaction—
to fit perfectly and at the same
time be strictly tip-to-the minute
in style. Then, too, there is no
other establishment thut will
give you a suit of clothes of the
same quality, combining good
workmanship, at the price we
offer. Nothing but union labor
lieing employed, insuring you of
most perfect and skilled finish.
538 Hastings Street, Vancouver.
Electoral District
A convention of the Liberals
of Kootenay will be held at
Nelson, B.C., on
Thursday, June 4th, '08
For the purpose of selecting a
candidate to contest the riding
in the next Dominion election in
the interests of the Liberal
Tho convention will open at
2 p.m.. and all Liberals arc invited lo attend, hut only accredited delegates will lie allowed to vole,
The basis of   representation
will be one delegate for every
80 votes, or fraction thereof,
polled at the last dominion election. Properly accredited proxies will lie recogni/.ed.
Nelson  Liberal   Association,
F. .1. Deiine,   Pies,
m0 4t I). Proud foot, Sec,


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