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The Mail Herald Jul 28, 1909

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 11 Empire " Typewriter
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Prioe, $60 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Vol. 15—No5S?rc,vine'-<1 Library
The Mail-Hepald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and "Publishers
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Here i.s chance to buy Fine Shoes
away below regular prices. Thirty pairs of
High tirade Shoes, tans and blacks, sizes
from 6 to 10, hardly two pair alike. They
are our regular $5.00 and $5.50 shoes.
Selling on Friday and Saturday at  per  pair
Fifty High Class Waists and Blouses,
including Lawns, Nets, Silk, Etc., ihey are
$5.00 to $7.50 Waists, All selling at one
price in our store on   Friday and  Saturday
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Have you seen our "WHITE FROST" line of
Refrigerators, just makes you cool to look at them.
All finished in White Enamel, Circular shelves—no
waste of room. Ice hox easily taken out and cleaned
The most sanitary, and the most handsome on the
And will last a life time. We have a few Wood
Refrigerators left, and we will clear out at Eastern
Prices. Small size, regulai' $18.50, on sale at $10.00.
Large size, for large family or restaurant, regular
$35.00, on sale at $25.00. KOOKIZERS the Fireless
COOKEKS-at $5.1X1 each.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points inJCiuiiula.
Agents In Great liritain and United Slates—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Hank, Corn Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Hank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Dress Trimmings
A large* variety of dainty Laces and
Embroideries for your (Summer Dress
Trimmings. Some very pretty patterns to choose from.
MRS.   A.  (i.  CRICK
First   Street     -      Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Warm Feeling Over tlie Affair in Salmon Arm
—Investigation Asked
James R. Thompson, a constable in
Salmon Arm, baa been committed for
trial by two justices of the peace in
that town, on the ground that he unlawfully secured the discharge of an
Indian from custody. The Indian had
been sent to gaol in connection with a
liquor selling charge, without any
papers authorising Thompson to hold
lim, and on the advice of Rev. John
McDougal. superintendent of Indian
art'airs, he was released. According to
the Salmon Arm Observer there iB a
great deal of indignation in the town
over the sending ol Thompson down
for trial. After the court was held a
public meeting was called, and a petition to the Attorney-General drafted
and signed hy 80 citizens asking for an
investigation of the case.
Sacking Plant Installed in Vancouver—Storeroom Capacity 1,000,000 Sacks
Hy September 1st the Canadian
Pacilic Railway will be in a position
to transfer Iroiu rail to shipboard at
this port 40,000 buthe's of grain per
diem in lhe manner which has previously been announced, according lo
a high ollicial of the Company.
The sacking plant is to be located
at No. 5 shed, next to Robert Ward A
Company's wharf, and will sack the
40,000 bushels in the day tbe grain
being transferred from the cars by
means ot the grain ear unloaders as
used in the East.
Shed No. 5, which will be used as a
storeroom, lias a holding capacity of
between 750,000 and 1,000,000 sacks
The railroad ollicials think tbere
will he no ditliculty sb lo there being
a sufficient number ol vessels to carry
the grain, especially in view ol tbe
announcement by Jebsen A Ostrander
tbat they will have steamers engaged
solely in grain transportation —News-
Father McKinnon's Race With Death from
Rossland to Trail
NELSON, B. C , July 23.—Father McKinnon, the earnest and popular pastor ol tbe Catholic church, had an
exciting and sensational race witb
deatb and won by a very small margin
on Wednesday morning. An employee
ol the Trail smelter, named Amicon,
fell into a tank ol sulphuric acid, He
was so badly burned tbat it wsb evident he would live only a tew minutes.
Tbe unfortunate man was taken to tbe
Trail hospital and it was decided tbat
he should receive the last rites ol tbe j
Catholic church
Father McKinnon was communicated with by telephone and told ol
the urgent necessity of haste in order
to reach tbe dying man before tho
spark of life had fled. Hurrying to
Henderson Brothers' livery, he asked
for the fleetest horse in tbe stable.
Oregon John, a racehorse, was ; laced
at his disposal. A moment later he
he was hurrying toward Trail, seven
miles away.
When Oregon John reached Queen
street he tried to run away and went
about as last as he could out through
the city limits by way ol a new road.
Father McKiunou kept partial control
ol tbe mettlesome animal as far as
Floyd's ranch. At this point Oregon
John bolted lor good, descending the
slopes with Ihe speed of a bird.
At a point between the Catholic and
Anglican churches tbe horBe swerved
to one side and the result was that
Father McKinnon was thrown bo
heavily on the roadway that he was
badly bruised and shaken up.
In a moment he was ou his leet nnd
in a few seconds later he was at the
bedside ot the dying man. He had
won tbe race against death. The last
sad rites ol the church were administered to Amicon at lliSO and three
minutes later bis spirit passed away.
Father McKinnuu found that nis
journey Ir^tn Rossland hud been made
in the remarkably short time ol nineteen minutes.
Practice Shoot "I" Company, R.M.M.
Hunk        nans
I'lc. W. H. Allen.
Pte, J. Meek	
(ol. Bgt. Donald
S(jt, II. Shai'illnw
Pte, W. Aldrldge.,
L. Cm p. Overton
Pie. I). Mi Donald
. 10
I'te. II. Mllllhi'll I..SH)
Revelstoke Gets Special Mention
forAn Excellent Shewing—22
Passed Oot of 23 - Alfred
Tapping Gets Bronze Medal
The results ol the City High School
examinations are announced hy the
Department ol Education. Of the 23
pupils in tbe Revelstoke examinations
22 have heen successful. Alfred Tap
ping with 788 out of a possible 1100
wins the Governor-General's bronze
medal. Principal Pollock is to be
congratulated upon bis excellent
showing wbicb was only attained
through his hard work and untiring
At this examination 1,017 candidates in the province wrote and 548
passed. Edna Taylor, of Mount
PleaBaut School, Vancouver, with 833
minks out of a possible 1,100, has the
honor of standing first, while H
Clitt'oul Irving, of Nelson, with 831, is
a close second. The Nelson, New
Westminster Girle, Victoria, North
Ward and Revelatoke Schools deserve
special mention for excellent work.
No. of candidates, 25; passed, 21
Revelstoke—No. of aandidstes, 23;
passed, 22—Alfred Tapping, 788; Alice
E. Bell, 781; Marguerite Jamieson,
752; Henry W. Johnson, 752; Frederick Fraser, 750; Douglas S. McCarter,
723; Bertha M Hobbs, 7111; Leon H.
Coursier, 008; Gladys L, Urquhart,
697; Muriel C. Porter, Gill; M. Field,
G82; Ruth M. Brown, 681; Fred B.
Lyttle, 071); Win. V. Tomlinson, 670;
V. E. Irene Procunier, 668; Marjorie
Young, 658; Lome McLeod, 041;
Laura Johnson, 634: Kva M. Doyle,
614; Oscar Hanson, 612; Harold F.
Gordon, 611; JesBie Byrd, 583.
Arrowhead—No.   of   candidates   2;
passed   2—Mabel   A.   Newman,   677;
Richard P. M. Wallace, 500.
Tbe winners of tbe 15 bronze medals
douated annually by His Excellency
tbe Governor General are tbe folhw-
Armstrong—Ellis Dunning.
Chilliwack—Marguerite Tbomaa.
Cumberland—Marion Mounce.J
Golden—Kathleen Shaw.
Grand Forks—Frank A. Newbsuer.
Kamloops—Myitle V. McCrum.
Ladysmith—Clarenoe lnkster.
Nanaimo—John Rowan.
Nelson—H. Clifford Irving.
New Westminster—Ekith G. Mann
Revelstoke—Alfred Tapping.
RoBsland—Lillian E. King.
Vancouver—Kdna Taylor, (Mount
Vernon—Franz McNary.
Victoria—Eric V. Gordon, South
To Collect Fruit and Grain Samples for the
Provincial Government
Chilliwack, July 27.—G. 1. Thornton, ot Promontory, bas been appointed by Mr. Palmer, deputy minister of
agriculture, Victoria, as a commissioner to collect and bottle fruits and
grains, for use by the provincial government. He will collect from four
different districts of the province,
namely: Vancouver Island, Lower
Fraser Valley. Okanagan, and the
Kootenay district. The products ol
each district will be labelled with tbeir
names and tbe name of tbe dittrict in
which they were grown.
Latest G. T. P. Report oo Crop Bears Out
Previons Bulletins
Winnipeg, July 27.—Tbe Grand
Trunk Pacilic crop report from Winnipeg to Wainwriglit, a distance of
600 miles, shows that the grain is iu
splendid condition. The damage by
hail has been very slight. In eastern
Saskatchewan the wheat crop is put
at 30 bushels to tbe acre, aud in western Saskatchewan at 40 bushels. The
entire average yield is placed at 12
per cent, above last year. The acreage
will about the same. The oat crop is
coming along in line shape, and a
heavy yield is expected.
Brandon, July 27—Barley cutting
bas started in both the Brandon and
Portage districts, aud by the middle
of the week will he in 'ull swing
throughout Manitoba.
Vienua   will draw   its   new  water
supply Irjni s poiut 120 milci awsy,
Gay Parents
The children ol our neigborhood
don't train tboir patents as they
should; they let the latter go their
gait, and do not try to koep them
straight, and so these giddy parents
mam, at sinful hours, sway Irom home
Thoy try to cheer tlieir foolish hearts,
joy-riding in the devil-carts; or you
will lind, when they are missed, that
they aro playing bridge or whist, or
wasting all the golden day in some
almiird and useloss way. When 1 was
young I seldom saw a sporty pa or
giddy ma; the children ol that elder
day had parents tutored to obey; the
mothers seldom lelt their tubs to fool
around at euchre clubs, and lathers,
when the day was dead, took off their
rags and went to bed. Ah, seldom
then wore children seen, with furrowed
brow and sombre mien, distraught by
galivanting dads, or mas who played
the cards lor scads! O children, to
yourselves bo true! Round up the
galivanting crew ol parents wbo are
tinning last, beforo it is too ovor-
last—ing lato to give tlio bunch a
chance; como forth, O children, (rom
your trance!—Walt Mason,
British leronout Attempts to Cross Bhannel
But Drops Into Water
Calais, France, July 27—Hubert
Latham's ill luck pursued him to-day
when he made a second attempt to
cross the English channel in bis
aeroplane, and once more was hurled
into the water far from shore.
After repairing his machine, which
met with a minor accident this morning, Latham started to cross tbe
channel at 6 o'clock this evening, He
was within two miles ol the Dover
shore when bis machine plunged into
the waves.
Latham had a similar experience
several days ago when he made bis
lirst attompt lo cross tbe channel. At
that time he made only eight miles in
his machine before the machinery
broke and the flight ended  in   failure.
Thousands of spectators cheered
when Latham left tho French coast in
bis machine to-day. He darted out
ol sight in the clouds and it was
thought be was about to repeat Blier-
ot's feat of a lew days ago. Soon word
waB heard bere tbat tbe aeroplane bad
dipped iuto the waves when it was
nearly across tbe channel.
Before starting on his flight this
evening Latham announced bis intention of proceeding to London in
bis machine il he succeeded in reaching tbe Dover cliffs.
Boat s were strung across the channel
when Latham made his flight to-day
in order to rescue tbe aviator in the
event be met with some such accident
as that which actually occurred.
Woman and Her Iwo Sons Have an Exciting
Rossland, July 26.—MrB. Gill, who
resides in the Big Sheep valley, and
her sons, Walter, aged seven, and
Portland, aged nine, had an exciting
adventure witb bears one evening
recently. While picking huckleberries a short distance Irom home,
Walter looked up from a bush and,
much to bis astonishment, he aaw|
only three or lour feet away, a large
brown she hear standing up and glaring at him in a threatening manner.
The little fellow, displaying much
bravery, and a total lack ol caution,
threw his tin bucket in the bear's
lace, scattering tbe berries all over her
and at the same time calling lor bis
mother. Mrs. Gill ran to Walter's
assistance and pulled him behind her.
Portland, the other lad was also
placed behind his mother, who picked
up a rock and laced the bear, who bad
two cubs hidden in the bushes only a
fow feet away.
Tbe hear stood in a threatening
attitnde waving her paws, growling
and showing her teeth. The situation
was broken when the hoys began to
cry in alarm at the savage attitude ol
the animal. Thin in turn caused the
cubs to whine and howl. The bear
thinking that her cubs wero heing
menaced, got down on all lours and
hurried towards them. Mrs. Gill and
her children took advantage of this
diversion in their favor and made lor
thoir home as last as thoir logs could
carry them.
" For a moment," said Mrs. Gill,
when afterwards recounting the adventure, "the situation waB a torrily-
ing one, as a she hear with cubs is a
very dangerous animal to encounter,
especially when thoro is nothing
bettor on hand than a rock to defend
oiio's se I with."
Wiroless telegraphy has boon rue-
cusslully carried on laitween trains
running Irom Cleveland to Chicago at
high speed and bulb oitits.
Summer Cooking
We have a few Gasoline and Coal Oil Cook
Stoves left with ovens for same if desired. These are
very nice to use in the hot weather, as ihey save fuel
and do not heat up the house.
Remember we are agents for McClary's {Stoves
including the-Saskalta, Pandora and Kootenay Ranges.
These stoves are in use in the best homes in town,
proving that good people appreciate a good thing.
You will make a mistake if you do not purchase a
range of us when you need one, as there is nothing
to equal them.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc.,
Tents, Camp Equipment, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing
Tackle and a full line of Groceries and Fruits.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Mr Swell Dresse
lean-up in
Broken Lines no range
complete, sizes 14 1-2 to
17, were $1.25 to $2.25
Fit Reform Clothing
B. B. WAIXXK, President
AlXXAJfDEfi LAISD, General Kinaf er
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Reserve Fund, -   6.000,000
Tba new Travellers Cheque! re« en ity issued by this Bank are a most i
w*j ki which to carry money when tr.i\ eiliuy.   They axe issued in <
$10,  $20,  $50, $100 and  $200
aad tha exact amount payable in   Austria,   Belgium,   Denmark, Pr
Germany, Great liritain. Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, 8»
■■d Switzerland  n stated on the face  of r*ch  cheque,   wbilr  m other
thmrf ars payable at current ratea.
Tba cheques and all information regarding tbem may b« abimmeeA i
atHm Bank. UU
we  offer the publio a com •
piste line of
Juicy Beef, Tender Lamb, Corn I-Vd
Pork, and Smoked Meats, in -military
■urroiindtngs, at prices that please,
we can claim that SD0OF88 haa hern
won. Your opinion. Come in and
give it to-tlay.
Just arrived—a choice shipment
iif Poultry.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
We Handle Premier Hams and Baoen
ill the timber imported by K.ngland,
H7 per cent, is pine or fir, III |ier cent,
mahogany aud other furniture woods,
and 3 per ocut. oak,
A horse can pull at a speed of three
miles an hour on a level road, two
tons, on a railroad lilteou tons and a
canal eighty tons. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flfoafUlbctal&.l
■ \:; BDAV  at
Jntertot publishing Gompans,
OmCBS :   iMI'KlllAl. Hank Hi HIDING KKVBl.
Money to loan. .
Offlct?.-: Rovelstoke, B C.   < ranbroolt, B, I.
Geo. 8. UoCabtkb
A. M. Pinkham
J. A. Hakvkv,
CrHiibrook. II. C
Solicitor, etc.
_■> ilicitorjfon—
Thk Canadian Hank of Commerce,
Thk Molsons Hank, Etc,
Provincial Laind Surveyor,
Mining Sin veyor
KiiKii im.,'
MiKkn/.ii-   Avkni k.
liux 100. Bkvklstukr
c.  w. o   w
Mountain  View Camp   No. 119
\,   ...  ...   ..„•    vti'l   K. un It   Wt-ilni-iliij- i"
,.„'",: „ nib. in Selkirk Il.-li. Vi-iiin Woodmen ootdtallj invited to attend.
JOHN '   tKl.SON, Ion. loin.
J. McINTYHE, Ulerk.
F. O. E.
Tt,, regular niemi.iE" are held In the| Selkirk
Hail eiery'-udi.n.i HI.   Tue,. ..)'      » ; UK  at »
□'clock     Vi-u nit litiHlirniicunliiillJ iiiMtivl
ociock.   >i=ioiik    WALiSH   pbbsident.
W.E.McLAl'l HUN.Skckktaby.
Kootonay lodRC, No. 16, A F. & A. M.
The romilar iiiiwt-
iuiis aro held in ilm
Oddfollnwa Hull, "ii
tlm third Monday in
eaeh month in 8
p in. Visltinu iinilli-
rnn cordially welcome.
SELKIRK LODGE 12, 1.0,0. B\
Meoli- nynry Tli iir-.-
uiy  eveuiug  in   Sni-
kkiik Hull at II o'clock
 PVisltlng lireltiroii are
cordially invited to attninl.
W, A. TOOTE, N.u. JAS. mathie;skc.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26,   Revolstoke, B. C.
except 1 ii nl i\ ednesday oi
each mmi in. iu m iddfellows'
Hall ai s i-cl it-k. Visiting
Knliltitu an uiT-lially iltvi toil.
T. P.   SMITH, r. ('.
Q. H. BRUl K   K. nf  K. 4 8.
J   B. BCOTT, 11. ot F,
Zbc /TDail=*ff3craIb
The experiments in electric smelting made  Ly  Mr. Eugene Haanel,
Ph. I'., director ol the mines branch
of the Dominion government, some
time ago at Sauk Ste, Marie, have
heen followed in Sweden by the
building of an electrothermic fur
nace on a large scale for commercial
purposes. It is believed there, after
watching the experiments of I>r.
Haanel in Canada and testing the
matter themselves, that by the application of electricity anil charcoal, iron ore can be smelted more
economically than with coal.
The result "j this commercial
venture in Sweden should be carefully watched by all who are interested in the minerals of British
Columbia. Tbere is no country in
the worl where • It i trit il ■■ can be
I .- ; ed by water ] ower more
clieaj■_;. : .-:. n | lentifully th
thi- prov .1. •■ K Voung =ecretar\
of tl,' i   ,.. Coi     r   ll    :. I om
miesi in,   receni      estim ited    the
v.   •.     .■ ■ i   lumbia at
2,065,000       ■ ■ ■      t        ul .
;.r"..:   • ;.■■■,
! arti we have thi . .
■■ : ■ thei   this    b not coi
: •...•.-.   •:.- • ■-. ■  . i .    when
nd Quebt rt d t'-'l with 17.-
075,93 ■ horee powt t ind < Intario
with 129,16? " . It • in tin- liat
provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, frozen up nearly half
th'- yeai i un I ire estimated to
fun,;-' i; tl ball i million horsepower in' h. It -rein- lo ue that
British < olumbia tin- largest province in the Dominion, it- surface
lire enormo isi) increased by the
mountains tlmt -unl it from end
tn end it- heavy rainfall of the
coast, in the north ninl in portions
of the interior, should at leasl be
able tn develop as much water
power as any other province. Moreover that power Bhould he more
easily capable of utilization thnn in
provinces with flatter surf aces.
Almost every mountain sheds down'
Six Roomed
Six Roomed
Six Roomed
House at $15.00 per
House at $17.50 per
House   at  $20.00   per
anding,   all
fruit  trees.
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 aeres cleared,
house, stable and fencing. 280 fruit trees, live slock
and farm implements,    At a bargain.
10   Acres   at   Summerland,   near
newly fenced and  under  irrigation.      (150
Good buy,
800 Acres at Galena Hay, 65 acres cleared,
500 fruit trees, good house and stable, live stock and
firm implements. Desirable property to subdivide into
5 and 10 acre lots.    Only $32.00 per acre,
where iron  '
coal is scarce
perennial Btreams, which from the
very greatness of their fall musl be
if greater power than llie water in
u river Flowing sluggishly through
1 plain, livery mountain is tii
reservoir of power absorbing the
rain  mi its Miles, conserving  the
-now nil its peaks in he  given forth
igain in rivulets or cascades dashing tlowtl In the lower levels.
With such potentialities fnr the
cheap manufacture uf electricity, if
Unit power cun beapplied to smelting iron ores, there is no reason
why in coming years liritish Columbia Bhould not become u great
centre nf the iron and steel ind us
There nre many valleys
ue is abundant and
If tlie ore could be
melted there by power transmitted
rom a hydroelectric plant, it
would lm a comparatively easy
matter to transport the smelted
product to centres of manufacture
of which Revelstoke might easily
become one.
Kor this reason the venture in
Sweden should be closely followed,
comparisons of the cost of production and marketing there and here
obtained with a view to inducing
capital to embark in similar enterprises in British Columbia. The
furnace already built there seems
at least to have finally settled, once
and for all, two important factors
in the problem of electric smelting.
It has shown tbat sulphur can be
eliminated from the bath down to
a few one-thousandths of one per
cent., and that coke as a reducing
agency enn be satisfactorily replaced with charcoal. This menus
that here in liritish Columbia high
.-ulphlir antl refractory ores can be
smelted in regions where coal fuel
if not available ur its price is prohibitory by reason of the long antl
dillicult hauls necessary to carry it
to the ore bodies.
mul nil Ihe neeessuries of life to sny
nothing of its luxuries. The average man therefore is not to he divorced Iroiu his hunk account by
nuv slight ur trifling cause; and we
mny he sure that behind Ihere
long dry rows of figures there lies
many a tragedy, where human
flesh and blooil and heartaches
have played their part.
Should anyone read this who
knows of nny unclaimed account
which might he useful to the proper owner, they can get full information about it from the Department of Finance. Possibly in that
way some of tliese scarlet threads
of tragedy or sorrow that run
through the dark list of unclaimed
accounts, may be unravelled.
France is agitating itself over the
remarkakle decline in the birthrate.
Prof. Chas. Richet, of the Academy
of Medicine, Paris, proposes a eys-
tein of bonuses for children, the
bonus growing as the number of
cliililren in one family grows that
is, while lhe parents get nothing
in consideration of the lirst child,
they get $100 for the scond, .$200
for the third, and so on.
We trust that the Canadian parliament will take up the Professor's
propos tion and put it in force in
this country, to the end that at
least a normal birth rate may he
established in Canada. We are
particularly anxious to see Canada
move in this matter for the manager of this paper can now qualify
for at least $1000 of the good coin
of the realm.
but Ibis Silesian Justice Shallow
was evidently determined tn get
rid of his bony partner befoie she
wns unable even to make a shadow.
The question naturally arises, if
the Silesian men can divorce Iheir
wives for getting thin, should not
the wives be able to divorce their
husbands for getting fnt. It seems
unfair that when a woman has
chosen a convenient toothpick, Bhi
should lind herself ten years later
mated with a beer barrel and have
no redress.
The Mam -Hi h m d  has received
from   the   Ottawa   Department of 1
Finance   a   voluminous   bluebook
containing  a list of  unclaimed deposits lying in the chartered banks
of  Canada  for   tive   years pr.
December 1908.     The amour.'
mostly in small sums ranging from
one cent to   five   dollars   but there
nre   number   ol   over  $1,000, and
some run as high as $4,000,     The
list   makes   up  a  closely printed
I k of over "00 page        i here is
little   doubt   th it the  sti riesjeon-
nected witl .nclaimed
balances   would   prove must inter-
In   mat
sudden   ilea
. .. i of the' .'iiiu
. .    British  I olumbia, when   i
fall   into   a   mi U       D
premature   i'i >-' nim
falling I
the   .   | ■       ind n      i
in      bout I hem     I hei
. |i- ol her  ■ ■ •
- •      : i ho  min I  and  the
in   hi    nevt
forgets pei 1.1|     lhat he e\ i  i
bank act ounl ind let I lie ' llten
too famil e Iran ;em nl
come about, ind he or ihe who
holds the olaim has wandered a n i
and never ventured I ipplj lor il
again bei au b they hnve preferred
In hide theraeelvee lore er Irom
their former friends, With amaII
Bums, no ilnulii it i- often mure a
case of i arelosaness and forgetful-
iH- ■.- than anything else, but where
large amounts are left, on the -11'-1 f
there has, generally been nine
si'iimis cause lor it,
However we may declaim against
the desire fur gain every man is
tied mure or less to his possessions;
for do not tliese things inenii to
him fond ami clothing and oomfort
A Silesian judge recently divorced
Ins wife because she had sn succeeded in reducing her weight to
conform with modern fashion that
became to the conclusion that he
wns married to a different woman
thnn he had bargained for. We
have heard of the dog that in
snapping at a shadow lost the bone,
Beware of the "Time."
Less than three weeks ago two men
came from High River lo Calgary lor
a "time." It ia probable that tbey
were quite harmless iii their intentions
anil that no one was more surprised
than tbey when the "time" developed
into a shooting scrap in a Chinese
joint. As li, thin trial of the remaining nnr- ol the Ir'm will no tloiiht elicit
the facts. The other ia dead, lie
died In jail, perhaps frnm illness, perhaps by his own will. As to that lhe
InqtieBt will tell. The fact, remains
that one life ia lost, one (that of the
Chinaman wbo was shut) was nearly
lost, and another ia probably blighted
as the price ol tlie "time" tliese young
men started out to have.
Surely, without the need for preaching, there ia a lesson in tbis small
chain of events. Viiw people in Calgary know any of tho actors. They
puss across the singe of our cily lift-
anil are gone to their several destinies.
But they have paid a high price lor
tlieir "time," haven't Ihey V
Every "time" haH its dangers ol
trouble and ilisgrace Every "time" is
fraught with potential grief to somebody. Every "time" is a powder
magazine which may explode in
sorrow to those who are having it, and
even greater sorrow to those who love
Life is bo full of pleasures that a
"time'' is not necessary to Iill its cup.
The young man who goes in for a
"time" is doing it at the expense of
missing other joys at least equally
delightfully and at the risk ol reaping
sudden sorrow beyond his contemplation. Have all the fuu you want,
hut beware of the "Time."—Caigary
Victoria Park Chalet
The Mountaineering Cluh who have
in hand the work of building a chalet
on the summit ol Mouut Kevelstoke
in Victoria Park, have made a start on
the proposed work. A party consisting ol Mrs. H. N. Coursier, Mrs. F.
Eraser, antl MessrB. C. It. Macdonald,
Jack Dallas, J. ii. Scott, Robt. Black-
more, Thos. Steed, J. T. Pollock and
Frank Bennison anil Masters Frank
aud Alfred Tapping anil Eric Coursier
left on Tuesday morning to choose a
site antl commence the erection ol tbe
buildings. It is intended to have the
work complete I early in August for
the use of the general publio who may
wish to spend a few days in this beautiful park lnnil. Four pack horses
were taken up loaded with provisions
and supplies fnr the builders.
The Best of
All Breakfast Foods
There's a reason behind a    fads and fancies.
We required li>cht breakfa I I iods and the
market   ■ u  flooded with healtl  food*    <,-called..
But the besi breakfast food in the world in
"Zephyr Cream" Soda Biscuits (rushed in cream
or fresh, sweet milk.
'ZephyrCream Sodas
have nrxir" original good ill other sodas
manufactured on thin i More than that,
the original goodness of Christie's EKscnta i»
lasting.   The flavor doe try,
All big biscuit maker ?ood  nrand of
flour.  We buy all good brai Is ok-ml the
best brands, sift and tort the b 1 until we find
a dou«h that will sustain the Chi   tie reputation.
Expensive I Yes but ive know no other way
of starting to make biscuits up to our own high
Every ingredient entering into our " taken"
jb the purest and best we can b I
Our " Zephyr Cream" Sodas crushed in
cream, or fresh milk, certainly do make nil excellent litfht. breakfast,   You test t.hem.
Sold  ib hoik, or in  Bfnall   family tin*, damp   .-..!  >|n«
Royal Standard
And Why It is a Better Hour
We ti«e selected wheat from the
best wheat producing regions of the
Canadian West, where the sunshine is long, where the Hoil is
rich, giving to the wheat that
quality of gluten which makes the
very finest Hour. This is factor
No. 1.
Scientific milling which follows
the wheat step by step, selecting
only the besi and purest portions
of the wheat grnin nnd milking it
into the most perfect Hour. This
is factor No. 2.
Cure exercised in storage and
marketing so that there is no possibility of deterioration from the
lime the Hour leaves our hands
until it reaches you. This is fac
tor No. 3,
Now isn't there a reason why
yuu should ask for Koyal Standard Flour. And besides, in every
491b. sack there is a numbered
coupon entitling you to a chance
lo win one ol ten beautiful dinner
sets given nwny each month.
Vancouver Milling 5*
Grain Co., Lid.
VANCOUVER,       -       B.C.
For Rent
House on First Street, $20 per month.
Four Koiims on McKcn/.ie Avenue, $10
per month
For  Hale
Good Building Lots.
Two  bouses suitably  located on McKenzie Avenue
Acreage for Market Gardening,
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit anil Ol
home   grown,
ami proven
not   have   to
nainental trees
hardy, tested
Our treeB do
he  fumigattd,
They arc grown in the
part ot the continent
infested with the San
1J7 Page Catalogue Free.
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminsier Road,
Branch Nursery     -      South Vancouver
Hung in your Plans and Specifications
and wa will flguin on them.
Tin! liiTHt West Permanent
M i N.
Christie, Brown & Co., Lid., Toronto
First Stroot, Rovolsloko, ll   C.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie   Avenue
I' i mt. Candim , < igi i'-. Tiihai'c.n.
Mr-iii. .;., 11 i,i
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
fur inin in  i"in» nr   -mull f]UftOtlMSI
nl th* lown.it |iricfis fnr I fl  h
All IHii'Ih nl Inilldinu ini'l pin lloNllJI
Make Your Home Beautiful
with oneol our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in liic'i grade Bilk, or
damask, with Iraiiu.- that are in every
conceivable design, hii made to wear
indefinitely, Wo have • mny new and
beautiful parlor nett- and odd pieces for
beautifying the home that arc taste-
ful, elVcctive anil inc.. pensive, and will
allow your rooms It) lho beBt advantage.
in C. P. R. contract for fining Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By fur the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, waitn in winter. Saves most of
your painting antl about bate your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
P.    BURNS    &    COMPANY,    LIMITED. {
IIKAD OKKIIIK:   i:\l.UAItv,   Al.liK.itlA. ^
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants d
Pork Packers .uut Dealers iii Lave Stock.   Murk, is in all the nriiK-iJ f
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Ooltimhi i and the Yukon, m
Packers i.t lhe Celebrated Brand  " Imperittor"  Hams and Bacon, d
id "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard. J
i. ■%.%.•%■-%-»."%. %/%%/%'%'%"%^%.-%.'».-*-%,%%'%'%^%'%^%i%%<* *£
Import direct from country ol origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Kates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
O".    ALBERT     STOISTE!      PROP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
arc disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
If you can afford to use the best buy
Robin Hood Flour
tbat is Different
II  you  do   vou   will   find    that
ROBIN  HOOD is smallest after all.
the cost  of
The   bigger   loaf is  one  difference.
assimilation   of  the bread is another
The sweeter llavor is a third dillcicncc.
There are other points   of   difference.     Any
if them worth the extra cost.
Moose  Jaw, Sask.
A Healthy Life
A Happy Home
in the British Oolumbia Southern; Columbia
and Kootenay and Oolumbia and Western
Railway Companies' Land Grants. Farm
Lands  eminently suited for  the  raising of
Fruit,  Grain  or  Stock
may be purchased in these Grants at low
figures for cash, or on Easy Terms, from
Canadian   Pacific    Railway
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sa le
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Good Shipping Facilities. Easy Transportation
For Maps, Application Forms, Regulations
and Literature apply to
Asst, to 2nd Vice President,
Box 1317, Oalgary, Alta.
Town Lots For Sale in Revelstoke ani Arrowhead
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given that a sitiing
of the Court of .Revision ro bear and
determine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tax proposed to be levied antl
imposed on the lands or real property
affected under the provisions of Bylaw No. 143, being known as the "Local Improvement Sidewalk By-law
No. 143, 1909," providing for the construction of concrete sidewalks (al on
the north side of First Street from the
corner of Campbell Avenue to the
corner of Boyle Avenue and (hi on the
north side of Second Street from the
coiner of Pearson Street to the corner
nf Forde Street ami (c)ou the west side
of Front Street from the corner of
King Street to the corner of Victoria
Road, "ill be held in the City Ball at
the City iif Revelstoke on the llth day
of August, 1909, at the houi'of eight
o'clock iu the afternoon.
A statement showing the lands ov
real properly liable to and proposed to
be specially assessed for the Bald improvements and the names of the owners thereof as far as same ran be ascertained from the last revised assessment
roll and otherwise is now on tile ill the
ollice of the City Clerk and is open for
inspection during otlice hours.
All notices of appeal shall be served
on the Clerk of the .Municipal Council
at least eight days prior to such Court
of Revision.
Dated this :>lst dav of Julv, 1809.
jly 21 7t City Clerk.
"Water Ait, 1909."
Attention is called to section 192 of
the ' Water Act, 1909," which requires
any person to whom any power or
authority has been granted, pursuant
to the "Rivers mid Streams Act," to
surrender such  aetbority within one
year of the passage of snid "Water
Act," and receive a licence for sume
Chief Commissioner of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, llllh July, 1909.   jy25 lm
Hevelstoke Land Dlstriot.
Dlstriot of West Kootenay.
Take not ice that Robert R, Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., oooupatlon Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following desorlbed landsi
Commenolng at a post planted about
five miles nort h of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles north of llevelatoke
on   the   Columbia    Kiver,   Ihence   OD
chaina north along the Columbia river,
Ihence 211 chains west, thence Sli chains
south, thence 2(1 chains east to poinl of
lllllll'.KT It. CAI.IlWKI.I.,
Per John \V. Falls, Agent.
Daled 171b June, lunii. iun .«) iiud
FirBt-claas  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   McKenzIo Ave
Ki'M'Islnke Land Distriel,
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notice that l-iil'iiyclte laimb, of
Clinton, Iowa, r. s. a., occupation
Mlllownor, Intends to apply lor permission to purchase the lollowing descrilied land :
Oommonolng at n post planted al tho
S. I'), cornel'of Lot 711111, then north 20
ohalns, then eaat 20 ohalns, thonoo
south 2n ohalns moro or less to lake
hIuu'c, I hence Westerly along lake shore
20 chains more in less to point of fiiin-
Agent for Litl'iiyetti- l.iiuib.
Dated June lird, HUM.   ' jun 23
llevelstnke Land District.
Dlstriot of West Kootenay,
Take  notice  that  John \V. Falls, of
Nelson,   B.C.,   occupation   Miner, intends tn apply for permission to purchase the following described landsi
Commenolng at a posl planted about
live miles  norlh   of   Downie  Creek on
the Columbia   River and about llfiv
miles  north   of  Rovelstoke, thenee Nl
chains  south along  Oolumbia rivei,
thence 21) chains west, thence SO chains
north, thence SO cliains eust to polnl nt
JOHN W. Falls.
Dated 17th June, 1909, jun iill OOd
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd,
Steamer llevelstnke leaves Landing
at tin- heud iif Canyon eveiv Tuesday
.nnl Friday al ti a.m. (water permitting) und .arrives nt Downie Creek
about 2 p.m., returning same dav. T,
A. Lewis passenger stage nntl  freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all ciiy hotels ami Landing
Leave orders wiih Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with ihesiennier. The number
is 13216,   All Information as in iates
and other business may l btalned
at ofllce mi board the steamer from
F Swanhiin, Purser,
will iiilne back  In J iiii  if yoi
ai l><uin-. Ii is gone lor ever if you
lend il tn tbr Mall Ordei House. A
glance through mir advertising columns will give vnu nn iih'.i where it
will buy ihe most,
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
Charles Castle, postmaster at Notch
Hill, came up belore Mayor RobinBon
and Sheriff Wood, of Kamloops, in the
provincial court there laat week
charged with drawing a revolver on a
man named Oreer.
John Alfred Graham Anderson, a
young bank clerk formerly employed
by the bank ol Montreal in Toronto,
wbo left there last spring and bas
been passing bogus cheques on the
bank iu different parts ol the country
ever since, was arrested in Vancouver
last week. Anderson had taken witb
him from the bank one of the rubber
stamps for marking cheques Accepted,
He tried to eaoh a cheque of this kind
at the Hotel Vancuuver, but the
manager refused to accept ic
becoming suspicious informed
police who arrested Anderson
admitted hia identity alter arrest.
Police Magistrate Williams, of Vancouver, laat week did a unique thing
in imposing on himself a line of $5.01)
for driving hie automobile at excessive
speed. A pulice otti er caught bim
witb several others. He had lined
the others $5 each aud when his own
name was called, imposed the same
line on himself.
The Creston Review confirms the
report that the Great Northern is
making extensive repairs to tbe line
from Kuskanook to Port Hill. The
Review states that a large force of
men is at work.
The Kootenian ol KaBlo advises
anyoi.e who wants to get an idea of
how business is picking up on Kootenay lake at the north end tj take a
trip to Lardo or Kokanee some night
and Bee the freight that is handled.
It will surprise them.
Fire Alarm System
Now that the new Gamewcll lire
alarm system has been installed, the
lollowing instructions as to the location of lire alarm boxes, tlieir number
and system of signalling may prove of
District  indications  for Fire
Alarm   Boxes.
Box No. It.—Corner First Street
and McKenzie Avenue, C. B. Hume
ct Co.
Box No. 16—Cor. First Street and
Rokeby Avenue, (Post office;.
Box No. 16.— Corner Second street
and Government Road (opera house.)
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, (Globe Lumber
Box  No.  lb.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 24.—Corner Fifth street
and McKenzie ave. (Catholic church).
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
and Orton avenue, (W. A. Foote).
Box No. 26.—Corner Fourtii Btreet
and McArthur avenue.
Box No. 27 —Ci roer Fourth street
and Townley street (over Booth track)
Box No. 28.—Corner Second street
and Robson avenue (Mrs. Baker).
Box  No. 34.—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box  No. 35.—Hospital.
Box  No. 36.—School.
Signal for practise—not less than
six (li; slow strokes.
One (1) stroke indicates line broken
or lire out.
Signals are given thus: 2 strokes—
interval ii seconds—4 strokes; equals
Box 24. No. of box will also be shown
on indicator at Fire Hall.
Wireless telephones for talking
without wires (long or short distance)
are tile latest great Invention iif tillage. Agents wanted to sell stock.
References required. For particulars
address Imperial Finance Co., "E"
Department. Pender Street, Vancouver, B, 0. Julv 17-lm
Resources of British Columbia
The government of British Columbia has iBsticil an instructive and
interesting pamphlet which is heing
distributed at the A.-Y.-P. Exposition
at Seattle. In a concise and striking
manner some ol the facts concerning
the resources and products of the
province are set forth, the lollowing
extracts being taken from the pamphlet :—
British Columbia's trade haB increased by over nineteen million
dollars in four years.
British Columbia mines have produced over three hundred million
British Columbia fisheries, one hundred and fourteen million dollars.
British Columbia foreBts produce
over twelve million  dollars annually.
British Columbia has millions of
acres of paper-making material undeveloped.
British Columbia farina and orchards produce over seven million dollars
British Columbia coal deposits are
the most extensive in the world.
Tbe Kootenay coal Melds alone are
capable ol yielding ten million tons ot
coal a year Ior seven thousand year.
liritish Columbia has immense deposits ol iron ore awaiting development.
British Columbia's area of standing
timber is the largest and most compact
in America.
British Columbia's has over ten
million acres of wheat lands.
British Columbia produces over two
million pounds ol buttei annually,
and imports over four million pounds.
British Columbia imports two
million dollars worth of eggs and
poultry annually.
British Columbia shipped over six
thousand tons of fruit in 11)08, and
imported fruit to tbe value of two
hundred thousand dollars.
British Columbia oilers to the capitalist the most proti table investment
in the known world.
To the manufacturer — A great
wealth of raw materials. Unsurpassed shipping facilities. Rapidly
increasing markets at home and in
the new provinces of Saakatchewan
and Alberta, Mexico, Australia and
the Orient.
To the lumberman — Millions of
acres of tbe tinest timber in the world.
An ever-increasing demand for lumber
at borne and abroad.
To the fisherman — Inexhaustible
quantities of salmon, halibut, cod,
herring and other lish.
To the fruit grower — Many thousands of acres of land producing all the
harder fruits as well as peaches,
grapes, apricots, melons, nuts, etc.
To the dairyman—Splendid pasture
and high prices frr butter, milk and
To tbe putiltryman—A ciihIi home
market for poultry and eggs at big
To tbe farmer—Large profits from
mixed farming and vegetable growing.
To the miner—Three hundred thousand square miles of unprospected
mineral-bearing country.
To the Workingman—Fair wages
and a reasonable working day.
To the Sportsman — An infinite
variety of game, animals, big and
small game fishes and game birds.
To the Tourist—Magnificent scenery
good hotels, well equipped trains, palatial BteaniBhips.
To everybody—A healthful climate,
inspiring surroundings, golden opportunities in all walks of life, just laws
(well administered), a complete modern educational system—free, undenominational primary and high
schools; all tbe convenience of civilized lile, health, peace, contentment
and happiness.
Leave your order for Reighley's
vegetables at P   Hum's meat market.
Baking triumphs are everyday occurrences with Purity
Highest  grade   in  the world.
Home-made bread
awarded first prize
at  the   National
Exhibition, Toronto,  was
made from   Purity   flour.
Western Canada Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
Mills in Sl. Boniface.
Godcnch, Brandon.
Office, Winnipeg. M.nilob.
More bread and better bread
Plucky Flight of French Aviator
Wins Him Much Fame and
Money-Crosses Channel In
Half Time of Swiftest Ships
DOVER, July 20.—Louis Bleirot, a
Frenchman, on Sunday morning succeeded in crossing the English channel in an airship.
This Bleepy seaport town experienced the keenest thrill known in a generation when a white-winged, birdlike
niachiiicwith loudly-humming motor,
swept out Irom the haze obscuring the
sea toward the distant French coast
and, circling twice above the high
chalky cliffs of Dover alighted on English soil.
Bleirot, portly, and retl-moustachcd,
calmly descended from the saddle,
limping on a bandaged foot, which
had beeu burned on the passage over.
Immediately two compatriots, who
had been waving a hig tri-colored Hag
as a signal for the landing place, fell
upon him, enthusiastically embracing
him, shouting and pounding him in
the back. They,, with a lew soldiers
and others who happened to be on the
scene, were the only persons to witness
tbe linisb of a remarkable feat.
Bleirot left Les Barreques, three
miles from Calais, about 4:30 a.m, on
one of the smallest monoplanes ever
used. He cmssed the cbennel in a
little less than half an hour, twice as
swiftly as the fastest mail boat. His
speed averaged more than 45 milea an
hour; sometimes it approached 60
miles. He kept about 250 leet above
the sea level and lor about ten minutes iu miilchanuel was out of sight
of both coasts and of the French torpedo boat which followed with his
friends aboard.
The wind was blowing about 20
milea an hour autl the sea was choppy.
The aviator was swathed in a single
garment of drilling impervious to the
wind. This garment covered bim
from head to loot, only his lace bIicw-
ing.    He wore also a cork lifeboat.
By hia achievement Bleirot won the
prize ol $5,000 offered bv the London
Daily Mail for the lirst Uight across
the channel, aud stole a march on his
rivals, Hubert Latham and Count de
Lambert, both ol whom bad hoped to
make the attempt to-day.
Bleirot described his remarkable
light very modestly.
" 1 aroBe at 3 o'clock," he said, "and
went to the aeroplane shed. Finding
everything in order for a trial spin, I
decided to make the flight. The
French torpedoboat-destroyer which
was in attendance was signaled and
it put out about lour miles.
" Then I rose in tbe air and pointed
my monoplane directly for Dover.
"Alter ten minuteB 1 waB out ol
sight of land and had. left the warship well behind. For a few minutes
I could not Bee either coaBt or any
boat. I tried to keep at an average
height of 250 feet. I might easily
have gone higher, but it would have
served no purpose. This was about
the rigbt height, I thought, to clear
tbe Dover cliffs safely.
" Tbe machine dipped towards the
water several times. I put on more
petrol at once. I estimated that the
propellers were going about 1,000 to
1400 revolution a minute.
" The first objects 1 saw were ships
off' the English coast, then I observed
Dover and I discovered that the wind,
which was from the southwest, was
carrying me thither. I veered to the
southwest tu Dover castle and then
saw friends flourishing a llag in a
valley suitable lor landing. I made
two circles while lessening the speed
and then dived down, but I came in
contact with the ground sooner than I
expected. Both the machine and
iniMelf were badly shaken up.
"A lew persons quickly assembled,
and I was helped out, BS my injured
foot wiih painlul. I am exceedingly
glad to be here."
A Sad Wedding Day
Few sadder ciibcs have come to our
notice lately than that ol Maggie
Bloomer a Toronto girl who went to
Sheboygan. Wis., to be married to
Barry Cleveland whofhad scut her $30
to pay the expense ol her journey.
The wedding was to take place on the
night alter hor arrival.
When Miss Bloomer arrived at Sheboygan she could not find Cleveland
at tho station to moot her and explained hor dilemma to the police. An
officer guided her to Cleveland's address, and there it waa found he had
died of a sudden attack of heart failure.
He had a considerable sum ol money
in tho bank, a bullae furnished Ior the
wedding, and all arrangements oompleted when death struck him down.
Miss Bloomer oame without funds
except what be had sent hor, and had
no acquaintances iu the place Cleveland had drawn a will leaving her
everything be possessed, but the estate
OOUld not be settled until other relatives wore hoard from.
Taste oneol Foley's Graham Watc-s
then taste one ffom unv other
factory. We a.-e wlllinc to accept
your tudemont as to which is best.
That Is the standard n have set
for ourselves in -.lanine Fole ■ s
Oraham Wafers they must be the
best, or we won't ship them. Goct!
will not satisfy us. They must be
In eating Foley's Graham Wafon
you will note the delicto-sl, rich
"full navor" and THE BAMI FRESH-
Shipped the day mad--. In llr-tlght
boxes and tins neve- taken irnni
made-up stock. Just a- delightfully
flavored wben plared on your table
as when they leave the la. tory.
Ilu yuu 1. ion   I he   excepti  I    llj   | li I a
—their highly nutrition- value n-   .        :
family to eai than l-'oley's Oal in al u,,-...
Foley  Bros.  Larson & Co.
No furry biscuits could be more
plJUlnj e.ther to the taste or In
appearar-e thars Foley's "Fig Newton'    tnd  "Sultana Fruit" biscuits.
T..i'se biscuits have established m
demand foi themselves In thousands
of Weste.-n Canadian homes and
there are thousands of other homes
where they will be equally popular
.s: u sum as they are once tried.
Vex. time you buy fancy biscuits.
tell your dealer to send you either
■Fig Newtons" or "Sultana Fruits."
Vou will find them richly flavored
and unusually pleasing and satisfying
to the taste.
ii :'• - of these wafers
S a lung healthier for ihe
^^ lin-S
Sunshine Furnace is the triumph of sixty-
one years' experience—prowth from a small
t'mshop to i€>y2 aires of floor space, from a half dozen
artisans to 1,500,from an annual wage sheet of $4,000
to one of $f>7o,ooo, from a capital of energy to one of
$3,000,000, from obscurity to recognition as Largest
Makers of Furnaces in the British Empire.
was placed on Ihe market the first furnace to  b. wholly and
solely designed by a Canadian Company. 0  M
We employ a consulting staff of furnace experts, wh. ar* *
continually experimenting with new ideas in order that Sunshine _
Furnace shall not have to travel on its past reputation for ™
We buy materials in such large quantities that its quality tl
guaranteed to us. We have our own testing rooms, to that supervision of construction is exercised down to the finest detail,
MTlaryfc   .
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rales
New Goods By Express
Ladies' Knitted Golf Coats in all
the new styles. Misses' Knitted
Norfolk Goats in Navy, Cardinal
and Greys.    Buster Knitted Coats
These are just what you want for these cool evenings and
mountaineering trips
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ofliee on First St., Opposite the Club
Bents Collected.
Notary Public
$15,000   -STOCK --$15,000
are giving up business and selling  out  our  entire  Stock
. of Men's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and  will  be continued   day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
Moving   pictures   at    the    Edison
Parlor TlieHlre on Friday nnd Saturday nights.
\ large audience were in attendance
a; the mi ving picture." ol the Ilurns-
.!■.nnr n light nt tlie opera house on
.Mniidny night
Private sale ol household furniture
uf Mrs, D. XV. Foote, Third street.
.Same may beseen l.etween the hours
of 11 a.m. and 4 p.in any day.    17tl
The Woodmen ol the World will
hold a fraternal celebration nn Aug.
3rd at the A.Y.I'. Seattle. It is expected thnt 20,000 Woodmen wiil
A deputation nl tlie Lucal Option
League will meet with the W.C.T.U.
in the St. Andrew's Church, Friday at
3:30 A large attendance is expected
as there is business of importance to
be discussed.
The   Vancouver   lacrosse   team defeated   the   New   Westminster champions   on   Saturday   by  (i to 1,    The
game   was   rough,   and  for tiercenesB
and bitterness   capped  the  climax in
its lineBince the opening of theseaBon.
A large  pang ot   men are employed
at   the   C.I'.R.   round  house making
alterations   to the  building to accommodate the   large   engines now being
used on these divisions.
The many frieude uf Mrs. Clay, who
is lying seriously ill at the hospital,
will be pleased to learu that there is a
decided change for the better in her
condition and with oareful attention
will Boon be restored to health.
The committee in charge ol the
Labor Day celebration arc getting
down to work aud making preparations for a hig labor celehratiou iu
this city ou jept. 6th. A prugraiutue
of sports, etc., is being prepared and
will be announced later.
Geo. Olteu, an employee of the Nel-
_ power station at Uonning Falls
was instantly killed on Saturday afternoon by Cuming in contact with the
lightning arrester or the lightning
terminals at the switchboard. PJ.OOO
volts of eitctricity passed through his
The negotiations looking for a settlement of tbe strike against the B. C.
Copper Cumpauy have been carried on
very agreeably between the Miners'
union and tbe company, and it is re-
parted a settlement uf all ditl'erences
will be ei'ecttd in a day or two.
About 30 men and several teams
have been put to work grading the
railroad that is to run fmm Midway
to Penticton. Tiny are working at
Bock Creek, ten miles trom Midway,
at a point wbere tbe grading was
■topped tn::•-■;.ears ago.
W, Q. Gillett   bas   ret irned to tbi
city   itu:..   Revelsti ke   where  he baa
been Buperinti    Iii     tbe oi nstruction
ridgi ' bia river.
He e.rpecta that the   Irame   work will
: • c ■ ., • '•      ■ '-. ..    land tbe bridge
.-• ■>.'.;   lor  use i    i '..'•   .I..-, —Ni •• •
i bal ■ bi •■ pen i - nli are always
Icing abroad I I beat ..ay be
easi I) ,;. it., wi :..• ia shown by a
■ . ■ ed pel. nuance
iy it Canadian moti .• cat in M intreal.
At the two daya race meet j aat cloaed
H. Bnrtoan drove tbe McLaughlin-
liuick Block car in del ' 17 Inn milea
in 103 minuti - and 33 seconds, '1 his
beats all recorda m Canadian soil for
a l'i"' mile run by nny car.
Call nuil inspect our stock of (Ini
Sets,unl Garden Seeds of nil kinds
None but new
seeds kept in stuck
We carry   n  complete   line  of
Our bread, cake nnd pastry trade
staple and fancy groceries,  and
is   rapidly    increasing,   a trial
cui nll'iT ynu the   best   guods  al
oiiler for nny one  of  the  above
the same price as ynu pay for
will explain why.   Our nim is to
inferior lines.
keep only the best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one ul   llie   most   important  items
in ymir Imsiness
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of yont  business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
v- --
rfsTJ * Brand New Idea
ii/iftim ^li ^ la'cunl ^"
ngl      Talcum Package
UL  \M The hinged top
.*___L_-Li™ prevents leaking
and - it-king Fine Talcum   Stunning Perfumes
Carnal Ion and Violet
Get   ;i  package \i bile it's
new   Prii i  S, i Iknts.
Next Hume Block     Phone No, 28
A number ot citi/ens arc Damping
out at Albert Canyon and also at St
Leon Hot SpringB.
Lord Chas. Bcroelord and Lady
Rereaford sail lor Canada on August
20th uext.
The charge of obtaining money by
false pretences against E, A. Haggen
will be up before Judge Forin this
H. N. Coursier received word this
morning (rom the party on Mount
Kevelstoke to tbe effect that Victoria
Park will not be at its best till the
second week in August.
The city uf Kamloops has awarded j
a contract to the Canadian General
Electric company for the installation '
of arc lights on the principal thorough-'
fares ot the city. A 35-light service;
has been adopted.
A number ol Hong Kong fifty cent
pieces have been circulated around
town lately. People should look out
lor them aa they are said not to be
worth more than twenty centa. Cer-1
tainly they are very inferior lunking|
pieces of silver.
A party of C.P.B ollicials passed
through tbe cit] laat night, en mute'
to the Coast. They include Mr.
Yaughan, superintendent of motive
power Grant Hall and C. H. Templi-.
Snpt Kilpatrick went west to Kam-
loopa with tin- party
A very rich nt ri k»- ol gold has pist
been   made    n   • be    t b   lorl
.-iiiniiiit    creek     near    ^aimo,    B    I
i (old   I-  being  penned   averagb
high as tl'l to 120 a pan I heN
i,..i'ii ft     _;  ei ilii-   from   Bal   and
other  towns to   tbe  location ol  the
I he ile Mra I i - al \l ntreal
tbe ii. itber ol famei I runatal
Kamloops, and l>r. B. .1 Tunatall, of
Vancouver fas in many reapeota i
remarkable woman She wae a datigh
ter nf the gr.-at explorer Simon Fraaer
ami had lived in Montreal since the
daya of the great trading oompftniea,
Govcrnm John A lolinaon, ol
Minnesota, tbe idol of the Scandinavian   penple   ol   the   I  in tnd   States
and one ol the moat likely oandidatee
fur the presidency, wiil visit the
Alaska- Vukon-Pacilic exposition Inr a
week lollowing Swedish day on .Inly
Bl, Governor Johnson pastes through
Revelatoke thia week over the. C.l'.K
Town lots are evidently in demand
on the pniiricH. The. new townsite of
Cariiiaiigay, in Alberta, was sold by
auction inst week. Comer lots sold
up to $1711(1 arid the proceeds of the
day's   sale   was  $61,000.    When  it, is
considered that Oarmangay is as yet
only a piece nl npeii prairie wih the
grade lur a railway running through
it, these prices are remarkable,
Everett Cameron, who attended the
International convention oi Epworth
Leagues of the Methodist Church in
Seattle, returned home last Saturday
after spending a short holiday in and
around Vancouver. Mr. Camerou
will give a short address on some of
the things he heard and saw while at
the convention, at the service this
evening in the Methodist Church.
J. C. Montgomery "-eturned from
Downie Creek by the 3. s. Revelstoke,
last night. Mr. Montgomery accompanied a Spokane mining man on a
visit to the Montgomery group of cop
per claims situate on the Downie
Creek divide. In the work just completed a very rich lead of copper ore
wae uncovered, and about 25lbs. of
samples were brought tn town and
handed t, Gold Cummiasioner Gordon
•• ne sent t> the Seattle exposition.
Cbarley Wagner is. in the hospital
suffering from mime- 1- wvinds in-
ilicti-d by an infuriated she bear whose
cub he killed, as he wa» going to work
at A C '.'■ son's 1 firing camp about
eight - Wednesday morn
ing, says the Vernon Okanagan. It
ippea a male ind fema a
black   bear anil a cub on  the trail and
Wagner who oangbl -igbt ol ibe cub
tirat, bIk I ,- 1 be iid bear turned on
hirn and befi re be could use his gun
he was thi wn down aid badly lacer-
ated ' nnate    help   was at hand
u mot -'I .nt" town ar ipeed-
. ,-l ,.        WOtlt
charge and   1 he  publii
iralghtedni -- ol 1  numl •
•   eil, ena,   tbere   is   bow
1 •• ■   f at least |6,000 b   be
ext IS monl ha
.   id   er: mi,,;    Ho-   eily   anil     1 -
lews      The responae
•   appeal  lor tunda
to be de asking  known  tbe
advsntagi ■   ami the   flm te
nays has been generoni, When the
advertising m nement was hi Aral
•uggeated the real estate brokers of tbe
city oame lorward at once with an
tfer ol 1260 per month, nr |8,000 per
year, provided the rest ol the con
munity would suhscrihe at least an
ei|iiai amount, To-day both lists an
.ilm..-i compleb d
Leave your order for K«ighloy'-•
vegetables at P  Burn'i meat market.
Uot i white man's vegetable at, P.
Hums meal market.
Get yo-ii ogetablea at P. Burni
fresh every nn.ruing. Prices right for
ever body a table
Wirolass telephones for inlking
withoul wire? flong or short distance)
are tbe latost great Invention uf tin-
nge. Agents wanted to sell stook,
References roi|iilred, Cor particulars
luldress Impkbiai, I'inamk Co., "15"
Department, Ponder Street, Vancouver, B, 0, July 17-1 ni
W. M. Lawrence returned on Monday from a viait to the coast.
Mrs. 0. Holten and Mrs. E Edwards
left yesterday on a visit to the coiiBl.
Mrs. G. S. McCarter and family left
this morning [or a holiday visit to
Mrs. T. H. Dunne spent a couplo of
days in the city last week on a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. Lammers ol Chase, B.
O. are guests of Mr. and Mia. J. B
Messrs. F. B. Wells and W. H.
Pratt arc enjoying a few days' fishing
at St. Leon.
E. A. Bradley left laBt Friday on a
trio into the Big Bend district and
returned last night.
James Morton, ol the Maii.-Hi.kai.h,
lelt on Suuday night for Manitoba ou
a visit to relatives.
B. E. Drew, government agent at
Camborne, was in the city on Monday
on a business visit.
Messrs. J. A. Magee and Lammers
of the Shuswap Lumber Company,
were in the oity on Monday.
R. J. Watson iB on his lirst visit up
tbe Columbia rivir as far as Gold-
stream and returned last night.
Mrs. A. G. M. Spragge, lormerly of
thia city but uow of Toronto, was in
town yesterday on a business visit.
J. A. Mara, of Victoria, was a visitor
to tbe city on Monday, accompanied
by M. CotBWorth, of London, England.
Fred Bews, brother of Messrs. Walter
and Harry Bewa, arrived in the city
on Monday to take over the jewelry
business ot MeBsra. Doyle & Allum.
Messrs. A. McRae and A. J. MeDonell returned on Monday from a
three days' fishing trip to Shuswap
lakes with sph mint baskets of lake
Kev. Lincoln Shoot of Lacrosse,
Wisconsin, spent Sunday in the city
on hiB way home from the western
coast, antl preached the evening sermon, of great ability, in the Methodist
S. R. Bews and wile of Milton, Ont.,
a brother of Messrs Walter and Harry
Bews, were in the city last week and
pruceeded weat to tiie Seattle exposition, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Bews
Miss Ethel Hail of Toronto, Ont.,
daughter of Kev. Wm. Hall, brother ot
Rev. T. W. Hall of this city, arrived
here last nigbt on her return from
Seattle and the coast, where she has
ber-n attending Epworth League convent; .i, sou visiting old and new
friends. She will be tbe guest of Rev.
T. Vf. ami Mrs   Hall while here.
A    i     Anderson    has   received the
appointed    I manager of   P    Burns ,V
Co's Vernon nranch and leaves on the
r-j no ml b lor Vernon to take
v duties      Mr. and Mrs An-
d'-r-o.  liavi    been   residents ol Revel■
-' ... nber ol yeira ami have
made man)   friends who will regret, to
ii-1       ".. - lepsreure (rom the oity,
but   wh-. will   join   with   tbe  Mail-
Hi,. tending to Mr   and Mrs.
.   their   best   wishes lor enc-
in the mountain-climbing clubs of
England, Italy and America.. Apart
From the exciting sport (lor the dangers nre scarcely less than in the Alps)
world renowned geologists and b t-
anists have become interested, and
have intimated their intention lo
accompany the Alpine Cluh on its
next outing. The picture gives hut. a
faint idi a of the vast snow fields and
glaciers of the Selkirks of which Mt.
Robson ia the. highent peak, soaring
13,166 feet above the level ol the Bca.
Mt. Rogers is 10,."i0t) led high nnd
very precipitous. The lllecillewaet
and Asulkan glaciers arc broad, extremely picturesque and difficult to
climb. Only a beginning, however,
bash in made in the exploration ol
theBe wonderlnl ice-clad peaks and
snowlielda. The Alpine Club of Can
min makes ita camp un tbn he gilt of
laud adjacent to the railway, where a
broad tableland cf several acres is
admirably suited lor this purpose; but
the camp will Boon give way to a
permanent club-bouae.
Local Government Assists Those Wanting to
Take Op Agriculture
The loll.-wing is a copy ol the letter
being eeot out by the provincial department regarding the attendance of
British Columbia students at eastern
agricultural colleges:
Dear Sir,—I have tbe honor to in-
fnrni you that the provincial department ol agriculture is prepared to
assist students trom liritish Columbia
who dcBire to attend the agricultural
college at Guelph, Ont,, or St. Anne
de Bellevue, Que. Assistance will be
given to the extent of $50 for each
term, to be paid through the burear
ol the college Belected. There are two
terms in each college year, and students are expected, it possible, to complete two-year courBiB. The terms
begin in September and close in April.
The endeavor ol the department is to
place young men of the province desiring to take an agricultural college
course on a footing equal to that
which will exist when a provincial
agricultural college is established in
British Columbia. Persons who desire to take advantage ol the assistance offered are requested to communicate with this department, also
with the president of the college
selected, so that necessary arrangements may be made.
I have tha honor to be, Bir, your
obedient servant,
H. M. Palmer.
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
Friday and Saturday
An entire new program will be presented at the Edison Parlor Theatre
on Friday and Saturday night next
Three Specials for Saturday
and Following Week
Hose, three pairs for 50c.—Ladies' fine
black cotton hose, stainless dyes. Sizes Hyi to
10.     Bargain price, three pairs for 50c.
Hose, 50c. per pair—Ladies' Lisle Hose,
plain or lace, in black, navy blue, tan and white,
all sizes.    Special price 50c. per pair.
Cushion Tops, 30c. each—A nice assortment
to choose from, all good designs. ' Special
Sale Price 30c. each.
Twenty per cent discount on our entire stock
of Whiteware.
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Mountaineermq m the Selkirks
I be ft lent irtioli
.   ip        i.i ansdian
llpin p Selkirks   .pilars in
Cbllier'a    weekly
ind I   its 1 .eai "iter- sl,   ■
during —
a r»  ai o    arben  tbe
engine) rn thi   Canadian   Pn-ilic
Rail • . - og a  p ii n  through
Rogers Paai -■ Ikirka, Bil Hind-
ford I id   hia ' imp nn  the
bl   i'i   -   nnd be and
io-   itafl    • hi i' 'sod by the
ia nery thai they lormed
the I inad an \ Ipine Olub Tbe idea
v.i- . ,i nentimental than practical,
however and It ■>•■«* noi until two
yi -     ign : h it mountain climbing as
n -poll, wi   seriously taken up  Inr the
exploration ol the higher peaks ol the
Canadian   Rookies,   Since that time
these American Alps lave attracted
(ome of the most intrepid and liiiniina
iiimiiil. ■Jnn'ii is ol  lhu   wurld,   nnil
the meeting ol the olub thii summer
will lie attended by conspicuous llgiiroa
Witty Rejoinder
The ed I toi ol the Canadian edition
of Colliers Weekly was recently called
down    f,r    having    slighted    V'icloria,
always   making  its transcontinental
allusion!   to   rend    "from    Halifax   to
Vancouver,"    The editor   opens bis
molasses barrel and spatters uver the
people ol Victoria in this fnsliinn :
Par Iroui being a slight, it is a
oompllmenl subtle, perhaps, and
needing explanation, but a oompllmenl wit. 11« 11 The truth in, we would
keep tins name alnol frum cnininon
Usage, There were, in Bible days, certain )■<ny and delectable cities wbioh
ii.nl   lorbidden  names,    Fsvote oris—
tins from the ancients.       lie favorable
with the lips.     Tlinl is, say nuthing at
all.     Su   has   ii, been with Victoria
Not that we did lint, desire tn speak nt
it, hut that we cuuld nut say gnod
enough about In. Victoria is the city
liiiiiitiltil ul   British Kaliiinhia     There
is nne glory ul the sun, another ol ih«
moon. Wherefore Victoria has no
need to be jtaloua ol Vancouver. Tlie
llcroo   white   light   which   auite tbat
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Coy.
altogether modern city is not to be
compared with tho mild moonlight
happiuess of Victoria, where all the
best citizens are philosophers iu comfortable circumataucea,looking at life's
brief fever serenly, through a club
window. All minds are purple in
Victoria, and opinions are the same.
Th-y believe that business was made
fur man aud not man for business.
They desire money only as it means
the elegance of life. They are gentlemen and ladies, and do not take their
dollar hunting home to dinner. Victoria is worth seeing as tbe one cily
in North America tbat puts mere
wealth in its place. And they do
say that there are more people in
Victoria who cross Canada, without
looking at it, to visit England, than
there are in the other eight provinces
Strange People in the North
Away up in the Par North 600 or
(Mm miles us one travels east of the
Mackenzie, or 800 or noo miles east of
the Oolville, ileal' ilu- mouth ol' the
Coppermine ft I ver, or on Victoria
Land   farther north  than  any other
while man whu bun returned to tell
the tale ban travelled before an interesting mystery awaits solution.
We owe to St.ei'ansson, tin- explorer,
the knowledge that it exists! it is possible that he mny he the one lo clear it
up.    Al nil events he is going In make
the attempt to do .so.
Away  up there iu the north are a
people who have never, ko I hey tell
Ilu- Esquimaux whu hnve eouie
across them, laid eyes nu jt while man,
This WOUld nnl I e so l i-iii;ii knlili-, wi-l<■
ii not, for iinot tier circumstance, Borne
Esquimaux who aaw some of tht-He
people last, year, says Stefansson, in
a let ler recently received by a friend
in l liiu country, "tell nu- thai in a
party of twenty they saw one middle-
aged man and one ivoinau of about
eighteen who had hair as light as
mine ami neveiiil whose hair waa not
blink. Now you know a pure-blood
Esquimaux is as blaoK-hairod and
mill-haired aa any Japanese,"
Btefansson plans to spend next
winter alining   these   people,   anil   lun
discoveries may fall little .short ot
being as Interesting as any that have
ever been reported irom the Arctic
Botanists record lhi kinds ol bowers indigenioua to the  Arctic  regions.
The New Edition of lhe
Vol. Viil. issued May, 19091 contains 1,500
pages, with nearly 50 per cent, inon;
matter than the preceding edition. The
chapters   with   nine  descriptions and on
statistics have been carefully revised and
the bulk of the matter therein is
There are 25 chapters,
Covering Copper History, Geology,
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining, Milling, Leaching,|Smelting, Refining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, Stales, Countries and Continents; Mines tn Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports,
Finances, Dividends, etc.
The Copper Handbook is conceitedly the
The Copper Hanbook contains,  in  this
new ami greatly enlarged   edition,   about
50 per cent, more matter  than   the   Bible
—though   not   necessarily  a better book
because of its greater bulk.       ll   is   tilled
with FACTS 01 vital importance to
Price Is $5 iu buckram with gilt top, or
87.50 in genuine full library morocco.
Terms are Ihe inosl liberal. Send no
money, but order the Iwok sen! you, all
carriage charges prepaid on one week's
approval, to be relumed it unsatisfactory,
or paid for if it suits. Can you a (lord not
to see the book and judge for yourself of
ils value to you?
Write now lo the editor and publisher,
tt I. Stevens
j,M VE ROOM HOUSE located on O,
Ji    P, il. grounds near station, with
20 year lease on gioiind. Thin house iH
in   good   repnii  will) fine  garilen and
fruit 1 rees. Will hcII at a bargain if
sold al once, Apply for further pat"
titulaiH to E, .1. Bourne, Plrststreet,
ININH ROOM Q1BL   wanted apply at the Oriental Hotel,
WANT EH—Hoard   and-loom   in a
respectable family in return for
work outside of school hours, by a
young girl attend,ng Kevelsloke High
School. Address Grand View rami,
Malakwa, B.C, jly 28 at


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