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,; Biripire" Typewrite
Knr ease uf operation and perfection
in results produoed, tbla niaohinu
is unsurpassed.   Price, $00.00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
c '•;
Vol. 14.-No  102
New Wellington Cc
m   E. W.  B.  PAGET,    McKenzie Ave.
9&1A    B.
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Discount Sale
For the month of January we will run a big
Discount Sale in each of our departments.
Come in and get your wants supplied at prices
you never before thought of.
For the Men
We have exceptional bargains in lhe following lines:
Underware from if 2 00   to $2 50   for * 1 25
•Men's sox at                 35 for 25
Men's suits at         18 00 for 10 00
.Men's shirts at        1 50   to $2 00   fur 95
Boys' suits at        5 00 for 2 50
For the Women
if   50   In   $   (10
*   25
5 00   to     8 00
2 90
ti 00    to     8 00
■1 110
2 00   to     -1 00
1 50
Ribbon   il
.emnants   and   a  table
of other
For the Family
Thirty-three anil one-third per cent, discount on
all furs. Curtain muslin from 15c. to 30c. per
yard. Tapestry Curtains at 25 per cent. off.
Fapestrv anil Linen Cushion covers from 20c. to
o0<_. each. Twenty-live per cent, discount on China
and Glassware.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Greetings of  1909
We   extend to one
and all A   Bright
and Prosperous
New Year.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ioe   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Hiimches nr Agents nl nil pi'iiicipnl points 111 Oanada. M^
Agents In Great Britain and United States—London, Bngland,
Lloyd's Hank, Ud.   Chicago 'First National Hank, Corn Bxonange
National Hank. Seattle .Seattle Nationnl Hank, Nan FranolsOO -
Weill Fargo, Nevada National Hunk. Spokane—Exchange National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 nnd upward, received, and Interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh
-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
For the Gents
For the Ladies
Hin^s, Lockets, Cuff Links,
Felt  Slippers, in   all sines.
VVatch   Charms   and
Side  ami   Hack   Combs,
Chains, etc.
I'urses, elc.
Kvery urtieleguaranteed.
Kitncy Hat Pint.
8ee my stock boforo buying olsawhoro
M IKS    A.    MA8LEN
Opposite Ollmu Hotel, First Street,
Of Schools -Trustees Wait on
Government on Monday
A deputation nl the I). 0, School
Trustees Association appointed at the
recent convention bore, will interview
the Hun. Dr. Young, nu Monday, ai
minister ill education, on the (|uestion
if n medical examination ol llie
"cii'iiiie Unci) an examination ie held
in Vancouver, hut in no other pun oi
the province is there a regular ullicisl
Inspection. This matter ha, been
occupying the attention of the dr-
partmenl for some time, and Dr.
Voting ii< .hawing up a  hill   on   tbe
Mayor Lindmark Selected by
121 Majority-Record Polling—The Council Personnel
Another civic contest lias heen
fought and won, a contest which, from
the experiences ol the past few week?,
promised to he a hard and hitter light.
The result has kept i|uitfl u few of the
supporters of tbe defeated oandidatet
guessing huw it happened, as both
parties were working hard to socuie
their own ends. The votes cast this
year for mayor exceeded that of hist
year by 1, while Mr. Liudmark,
selected mayor for a second term, received 31111 votes this year, as compared with 21)3 votes last year and
having a majority uf 121, as compared
to 5 in 1908.
The electors turned out admirably
to the polls to voice their opinion
although the polling was free from all
disturbance or demonstration. The
election has created the keenest, interest throughout the citv and it is
evident by the big majority of Mayor
Lindmark tbat the people of Kevel-
Btoke have placed confidence iu bis
policy of administration.
Polling on Thursday closed at 7
p. m., ami it. was some time before
the returns could he made known
owing to the fact ol there being a
large number of candidates in the
lield. As the results were made
known the crowd which had collected
outside the city hall gave vent to
loud cheering.
The results of the election are as
follows:   .
0. P. Lindmark 33y
J. McLeod 218
Spoiled ballots         23
Total ballots cast   580
Majority for Lindmark  .  121
G. Kimbcrley  113
A. Pradolini    9i
H. McKinnon    .    86
Spoiled 13
Total ballots cast     220
WARD   ','..
0. U  Macdonald  118
R. H.Sawyer  100
A. E Kincaid    89
Spoiled ballots    10
Total ballots cast  205
P,  B. Wells     100
J.A.Stone  »1
\V. W. Lefeaux  37
H. E. H. Smyth  311
J  Reigbley   II
Spoiled ballots  5
Total ballots cast   161
H. Manning  222
K. Howson  161
E.Edwards  150
J. P. Forde  148
A. Hobson  141
K. W. Laing  128
O.O.Brown '..  .. 122
A. J. Howe  116
Spoiltd ballots  53
Total ballots cast   5<J9
0. J. Aman,  returning  ollicer, announced the lollowing elected for the
lllOH City Council and  School Bjard:
Mayoi—C. F Lindmark.
Aldermen,  Ward   I—<i. Kimberley,
A. Pradolini; Ward 11— 0. K. Macdonald, R, H. Sawyer; Ward III—F.
B. Wells, J. A. Stone.
School Trustees—II. Manning, It.
Howson, Ed. Edwards.
Comparing the totala with tboae of
last year there is very little difference
between ihein, there being an iu-
crease in the number ol ballots cast
of 1 loi mayor, 25 lesa for Ward 1;
an increase ol 3 Ior Ward 2," and 26
for Ward 3, and 4 (ur school  trustees.
subject for introduction  at   the   next
session of the legislature.
The inspectors will be the provincial
medical health ollicers who are already
to be found in all parts of the province.
It iB understood that there will be an
annual inspection of the eyes, teeth
and hearing ol tbe pupils and more
frequent regular inspections not so
minute.     It is thought thatsuoha
proceeding will probably meet a neces
sity which U
those in luu ill
admitted    to   exist
with the situation.
French Ship Wrecked—Pres.
Shaughnessy Negotiating for
Purchase of Wisconsin Ry.
—Hains Acquitted of Murder
Astoria, Ore., Jan. 16.—Tho French
three-masted ship Alice, hound frum
London to Portland, went ashore
during a gale at daylight today at
Ocean Park, about 20 milea from the
Columbia river, lt is understood that
the crew got Bafely ashore,
Washington, D. C, Jan. 16.—By a
unanimous vote of the House committee on naval affairs today, it was
agreed to recommend the placing of
tbe marines back ou the ships in the
navy, contrary to the action of the
Lexington, Ky., Jan. 16.—Marvin
Hart and Mike Schreck have signed
articles for a match here within the
next three weeks, for the benelit of
St. Joseph's hospital of this city.
Montreal, Jan. 16.—Pres. Shaughnessy of the C.P.K. says the Soo Line
is in negotiation lor the purchase of
the Wisconsin Central Railway.
Flushing, N. Y., Jan. 16.—HaitiB
was today acquitted of the cbargo of
murder in the first degreo which grew
out of the killing of William Annis at
the Bayside Yacht Club, August 16.
San Francisco, Jan. 16.—The great
rain storm which has deluged the
central portion of California for the
laBt week, today destroyed the Southern Pacific railroad bridge at Sacramento. Trains are stalled, but no loss
of livoB is reported.
Two   Engineers    Killed   and
Twenty Injured.
Following close in the wake of (ho
Bad fatality at Three Valley on
Thursday, when two Hevelstoke citizens lost their lives while on duty,
conies llie terrible news uf unotber
railroad disaster, resulting iu two
more C. P. It. engineers being dashed
tu death in a tragic accident. These
and fatalities following so rapidly one
after the other are appalling and ttiil
further demonstrate the dangers of
the railroad calling, especially at these
seasons when slides and tlieir disastrous results are of frequent occurrence.
No. JIT, which left Kevelstoke on
Thursday night, ran into a heavy elide
about eight niiies oast of Yale early on
Friday morning, The train was a
double header, that is hauled by two
locomotives, and ran into the slide
almost at full speed, the impact causing the two heavy engines to leap
frum the track into the hard mass,
topple over and roll down the
steep bauk into the Fraser Hiver,
carrying with theintbe express,baggage
and mail car, as well aa a colonist
and first-clans car.
The first-class car stopped about 25
feet down, the others going to lhe
water's edge. The. tourist car lefl the
rails and hung over the edge of the
slope, while the front trucks of the
"Chester" dining car left the track.
Engineers .1. Foster and II. Carscatl-
den were killed and firemen Finnic and
Cranston with the baggage and ex*
prcBs clerks received slight injuries.
The passengers had miraculous es-
oapes, nu one being killed, although
over twenty recoived more or less
serious injuries. The cars literally
rolled down the slope with tremendous
velocity, and the lact that no passengers were killed outright is marvellous. The two enginecis Carscaddcn
and Foster, who lust their lives, are
well known in Hevelstoke.
Further details of the accident are
not yet to hand.
Kootenay Central.
0HAHDBOOK, Jan. 15.—Your cor-
respondent learns on excellent, authority that the 0, P. lt. has decided
to build the Kootenay Central railway, completing it this yoar. He
learns further I hut all southern AI
berta wheat will he shipped via that
route to Vancouver,
C. P. R. Engine Struck Slide
and Plunged into Lake—
The Engineer and Fireman
Drowned in Cab,
Carrying its engineer and firemen
with it, the locomotive nf a westbound
C.P.K. freight train ran iuto a snow-
slide at Three Valley lake at full speed
ttt 3 o'clock Thursday morning, and
leaving lhe rails, jumped down the
embankment and plunged into the
It appears that the freight had
passed through one slide wbioh waB
only a small one, when she came onto
'another in the cutting. The hard
packetl snow refused to allow the
llanges to keep the rail and the engine
leapt sideways down the hunk bringing the tender with it and derailing
four care. The locomotive crew unable to escape went down in the cab.
The dead are Engineer Wm. Oougblin
of this city ai.d Fireman Fred Hawkins also nf Hevelstoke.
The accident happened at a point
where an engine striking an obstruction would he almost bound to topple
over into the hike, provided she were
running at any speed. The locomotive fell into the lake, which is said to
he about 60 feet deep at this point,
rapidly shelving tu a much greater
depth a short distance from the shoreline.
The water immediately froze over
the submerged engine making rescue
impossible. Cars were piled over the
roadbed, but no other members of the
train crew suffered injury. The train
was in charge of Conductor Jamieson,
The bodies lie pinned in the cab,
the top of which is just a few feet
below the surface of tho lake with the
tender resting on it, Divers came up
yesterday morning from the coast aud
worked all day yesterday at the wreck
trying to locate the drowned men.
Wide spread sympathy is felt for the
widow and children of the deceased
engineer, Mr. Coughlio being a resident here aud extremely popular,
being one of the best known men ou
this division. He was formerly a
ii'sident of Kamloops. His mother
lives at Vancouver.
Up till the time of guiug to press
at noon, we leain that in spite of
the etl'orts of the diver, who was
working unceasingly all yesterday trying to locate the bodies, they have
beeu unsuccessful, it being discovered
lhat the bodies were not in the cab ol
lhe engine. Work was being carried
i n this afternoon, il.e diver examining every part ol the rocky bed of the
lirst Blopc of the hike as well ub underneath the wrecked locomotive, lt is
thought that the engine crew must
have jumped and the todies become
frozen uuder the ice somewhere. The
sad accideut has cast a gloom over
the city and the deepest sympathy for
the bereaved is felt This MailHeraLI
j iius in messages of condolence to
the widow and children of the late
Engineer Oougblin,
Later—lust as we go to press we
learn   that  the   bodies  of Engineer
i 'oiighliu and Fireman  Hawkins hav
been   recovered   and were brought  to
the cily at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
One Week of Amusement
The Stuttz Theatre Ca. are hooked
in Hevelstoke for six nights and Saturday iiiaiinee commencing Monday,
Jan. 18. This is the largest company
in Uritish Columbia or Alberta, cou-
sisting of l-l people, ladies and gentlemen, all thorough actors, who have
given their lives to their profession.
Every play put on by this company is
a lirst class original prod notion. "Was
She to lilatne," or 'A Mother's Devotion," is a pastura! comedy written hy
.Mr. Stuttz, for which be holds exclusive copyrights. This is a dramatization ol Berths M. Clay's famous honk
"A Hitter Atonement."
Mr. J. C Stuttz is the only living
actor favored by the Fronch govern
ment with the Legion of Honour ul
Eranoe, This was conferred on him in
recognition of tho fact that he was the
most natural actor in tbo profession
Aggie Marion Stuttz is a daughter ol
tho great NurthwcBt who has made
extensive lours in the United Slates
and South America and now returns
to her native land lor the first time
since adopting a profession which had
been her heart's desire since early
ohlldhood, Hememher this company
puts on a new play each night. Watch
for further announcements. Owing to
lhe severe winter weather, tho advance
manager, Mr. J. L. Mahood, has been
unable In have any outdoor billposting
done, but has adopted the plan ot
putting into every house iu town a
handbill, believing that by ao doing he
will he able to reach everybody. Seats
are now on sale at 0. H. MoOonald'l
drug store. Prices ol admission fiOc,
and 75c, children 25c. Doors open at
7.30, performance commences 8 30
_Va. ...
This is a cut of the
celebrated " Koo unay
Range "  that  is   doing
such excellent service in
many Revelstoke homes.
There is nothing to equal
B it at the price and no
oilier stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well as
the KOOTENAY. We have them specially fitted with
oven thermometers and all latest improvements. He
sure you buy i Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries from
Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
--35i .fia\
i me to buy
MR. DRESSER:—Indeed, now is the time tn huy your
clotbes all the way through because the line, we wish tu
close will get shorter every day from right nuw nn and
you cannot get as good a pick tomorrow as today.
Ynu see, we don't order any more winter stock and
when we sell ou what we hue, we shall have no more,
but we don't wish any leftovers and are therefore selling
out our winter siuek of boy's overcoats at these prices'.
one onlv
tu ly
one only
'two only
one only
1 wn only
one only
two only
one only
at i?
ll UU
0 uu
10   '-I
(1 511
8 On
5 7."i
ii 01
(1 (.1
7 IH)
1 in
8 oi
0 75
0 uu
0 l>l
Id oil
11 50
12  Ull
6 50
12 (Nl
8 60
lu on
-1 .in
12 no
8 ."si
12 UU
8 50
12 un
8 .»
IS isi
•■    lu 50
12 on
"     H 50
In (HI
•■    10 50
I-. 00
"     12 60
•JO   I>1
•■    16 uu
111 m Oil l< I .  1 rn." n in
I si llll 14lll.ll   |8«7
b. e. walker, Prcid.rt Paid up Capital, il0.000,000
Alexander laird,Gc-iai Man.*.!   Reserve Fund,  -   6.000,000
DRAFTS  AND   MONEY  ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS  made in all parts of Canada and 111 lureif;:) countries.
FOREIGN  BUSINESS,    Cheques and drafts on the Lniteil States,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     IU
Porter, Ol .Medicine Hat, and I'ireiin.ii
—.„ I J. D. King.  Tbe injured are Englm 01
_    . ....I    .   .. 1,       r,  .._   I Degmi   i.ii'l    Brakciuan    Tanmount,
Trainmen Kllled-Mlllion Dollar onioftb. train.™ laden with  128
Silk Train Wrecked tons oi .ilk, which formed pan ol the
Mai-i.k OBIBK, Sask. Un 15-A CsrgO of th. O. P. H liner Empress ol
rear-end collision of two wi-tbound Iodla'whlch MriMd Imi w"ck '"»>•
height trains at Tompkin.. 2fi miles lh" '""""• The tr.in I. ft Vancouver
east ..I here, at t o'clock tbis morniI g   '" ~'""U>'
resulted in the death of two m.n, the Bom. of th. oars took Ur. after tlm
ttiious injury ol two others and thn j wreck, and put ol thii valuable silk
ih raihnent of nine cars. consignment, Worth in all one million
i'he dead men are Hrakeman  B.  a. | dollars, wa. destroyed. THE MAIL-HERALD, HEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flfoatt*1bcval&.
,1   U'Ki'N..-1'AV   Wi-  S U'l'K-
H.W   AT
\rristers, Solicitors
0 T T A W A
—uin . _a.-|> ji  ns   !■■■ li hiiiwii—^——
iWL.i.ji.—r';f u« *sa M^-iAtumam
rnei]nailed   for  purity  "I
beauty of design.
tone  .mil
S . r.emc  r.i.i   Exchequer Court  ij
Agents.      Practice   in  I', tent j
0"icc    and   befoie    Railway
II..-. t ii ,i.i es MfKPin ■ M.l'.
.'1 ll.l AN .V ELLIOTT
-    -:-.-•-. i     .
j.,.\, ,., .1^ ll.'.'l T I Al'' I   11   I
... ... i 11 ion
|l    N.       lil    .  tl
.::..:,''   i
- '..Kl.. II I .
:      .    ■
I. :     ■ ■
".       IBTKB
. .■-.   .'-.M.'i*-'
J.    S      III'
■       ■ ■
• ;
IU    i.-asa    - ■   i;  -     ..i  i     iMKiu
|,     ...        i.   SI      t.i   -
(•IBSI  -. HE\ ELSTOK1 . B.C,
,.■(■: SMITH
New Sca!e Williams Pianos
At the head of lhe list of the I ligh Grade
'Pianos in the 1 lominion.
These High tirade L'ianos enn be purchased on tlio nmnilily
payment plan. A payment uf $10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in your home. We are also agents for
ihe CHASM & RAK1SR and  ANGELUS f'iano Players.
Call and see the New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
"."Vi- _——— —I—— 11—
Pro incial Lan .  •    • eyi r,
Mining Sin ■   ;  i
McKenzie Avkmjk,
1.   v   |OJ    li    I KLSTOKK
I.   O    F.
.'.-, . ...... I
:        '■: •- .1 -";.''
;}..,.    visi' - cordially  lui ilea to
J W  Cum.asp i ,K.
ti. Vi, Euwah_ds,.R.S
C    W.   0    W
Mountain  Viow C.tm|>. No. 220
.'...- ■. i   md   f, urlli   Wuilni das   i'i
;     -:.. in  Selkirk Hull.   Vlslttu   Woud
ir llallj Invited to attend.
W. li. AHMSTUONO, Con. Com.
J   MilNTYHE, Clerk.
.    LSTOKE  AERIE No.  !_.:;
F. O. E.
....         , ..     .... ir. liold in tbo Bolktrli
Hall eron   1 •'■    '   " '■''"' *
,'-.-■- -   "-1
- .   ,  •,
IV. K   Ml LAI      HI-!--   SECBKT.IRT.
Kootenay Lodge. No. 15, A  F. ik A. M.
_ v       -    * • Tho regular meet-
— *. beld
P - - ....  lows Uml, "'i
■ •:. rd Mod       in
1     . • ' -   .- m.'iitti    "t     *
V '-"    .    iJ'Ji' '■"■  li-it"".-1''"11"
P-V    .--\^_^""i"';	
SELKIRK LODGE So. 12, I, 0, 0. F.
Meets eyorj Ihurs-
lay  evening  in   Sol
kirk Hall at 80'clook
Visiting brutlireu aro
ted Ir  attend,
1 IS   M M'HIK -!■■■■
Cold Range Lodge, K ol Pi
No.  26,   Revelstoke, B. C.
aiitls -VU'.Y   iVBDNESDAV,
i'i   except    ind \v ednesd ...
each ni'iuiti. in ddlell-iw.
Hai;    at    -    ■     ick,     Visilin
Knights ■     •   r lUllj   avlLe i.
G. H. BRO' K  K. ol K. & 8
- .j ii. si orr, .„. ..' r.
Zbc nDaiUlbcvalb
Tl nr* a the best oi u~.
ka    - ■ much itood Id the worst of us,
.-.:::- j ol ns,
T ■ tal k al i rest of as.
-ATI RDAY,   'AM.AUY   10,  1%'.'
i- important and should be i losely
studied in view of lhe effect it has
on the.welfare ol lhe citizens. We
hope ih'M the new council will
tpply itself energi tieally to the
probl -nis of civic administration
and of [.lacing the Qnances on a
sound basis. It is inipoi hint that
tin estimalct: for public works be
j prepared early in the year and the
tax rule struck in a more reasonable nine before the taxes eome
due, than lias been praclici d ,;. .':.-
erto, Municipal law must i'i
-Uicily enforced, and the •, li u
uf judicious as "■ llaseasy luxation
thrashi d out, Kach al I i -.-. in
shoul i wi rk foi I In interest ■ ; the
cil , .vi'.. . i it ir of eithi r i irty
di clique. The [iractice of carrying
out permanent works as adopted
last year, should he continued nnd
attention given lo tlmse matters
which directly effect the actual
comforl ami convenience of the
public. Civic government in Hevelstoke is getting to be what it
should,   that   is.   sai
ing suitable settlers, and Imsiness
and industrial enterprises, and
sufficient capital thai, we can hope
to forge ahead, If Hevelstoke is to
compete witb oilier districts it is
necessary to make our advantages
widely known, and judicious and
persistent advertising will do it.
We would urge therefore thai lhe
city council and board of trade and
tourist association combine to formulate some practical and effective
scheme early in the spring so that
lhe campaign of 'Hevelstoke i'ub-
licity" n,\. be launched on a sound
and profitable bi sin
Prosperous Outlook With Freer
Money Circulation
The, lollowing, frnm the Winnipeg
Coutmerolal, gives un idea ol ihe busi-
tics uutlook lor the coming aeasun:
"The holiday trailing is now over,
md a seasonable quietness prevails as
usual, Merchants do nut tit sire much
ictivity during the early part ol
I January, as it ie the stock-taking
aoason with must ol them. It in too
soon to get exact figures of the business done during 1908, but judging
from general comment it haa been une
ol tho beat years, although tlio fall revival was mostly respousiblo for the
good result. A record volume of business wua ilune in the fall, but during
iho earlier part of the year complaints
ot depression were common, The enthusiasm w tli which business men
generally have launched into lhe
winter Hade indicates a bettor fcoling
all round, Nearly everyone is predicting a big splint; trade. Aheady
enough husiuess ban been hooked to
show the jubbcrs that tho revival has
come, Tbo orop money is still pouring into tho country, and the freer
oiroulatiou ol money is having a good
dft'ect in every district.
"ll is the general opinion that
manufacturers will he busy from now
on in the effort to supply the coming
season's demand. Wholesalers arc
preparing fur a big business, nnd as
stock" at retail are undoubtedly low
there '"ill 'i'cely be a record volume of
business dune.."
Pay Chinese Head Tax
liming tbe year jn.it closed the sum
of $33,000 was paid in head tuxes by
the 002 Chinese who entered the Dominion at the Port of Victoria. During the same time 1.721 Chinese left
to return to China. Probably about
seventy per cent, oi tliese will return.
They hnve tho privilege of ro-i ntering
the Doniiuion if they arrive within n
year from the '.imc nf their departure.
Cut Fl
Wreaths, Bouquets      ***&
If you want. Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, etc., made up from the
choicest flowers, by a fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name ot lhe linn.
They took 1st Special Prize at the
Vernon show on tbe LOth Sept.
for the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
on all
ask Sales
\Lj» _$
Dry Wood For Sale
Four-foot dry wood lor sale, apply tu
John Ledgerwood, Taft, B. C.
I'he protracted conl spell has
ii lessitated the almost continual
stoking oi stoves and furnaces,
which, at the rate the people have
been burning fuel lately, must
have   a   tendency   to choke up the
pip,,   and  lluesuf   tbo chimneys!CEMENT AND   LIME  FOR SALE
thereby rendering the liabilities of I f|RE   Q^y   AND   FIRE   BRICKS
tire more great.      Clean   chimneys
sane   and iue   °'   prime   importance   to the
Manufactured fur nil olasaes uf  buildlogs
for sale iu large or .-mall quantities
at tlie lowest prices fur cash.
All kinds oi building and plastering
?0l,nd, and   lhe  people  are begin- citJ'in ensuring safety   from   lire.
ning to wake up to the fact.     The! We understand that the city coun-jA> pRAQOUM,   -  REVELSTOKE
for   the year shows many I cil bave issued  instructors  to tin
important   issues   at   stake which
police to   satisfy  themselves  that
every furnace, stove and Hue in the
Congested business  blocks are Clean      Revelstoko Lund District.
District ol Went Ku itonui.
..,.:..,. , i ..       tati   i ali ■ thai (,   ('.  it. LhiiiI, "f   Mimic-
; ftpoll-i,  occupattou  mill owner,   Intend, to-
.lon to purchase the lullowlng
We would urge that all owners to   clean   the  same and to described uud.
immeu Ing at a post Planted ai the south.
effect any immediate repairs whereh"881 ' ,r:"'" ol ■"' '''', ,n"' »oribed'c.K
Lamb*.    -,,o-i.-. .t-t   i-onu-r  pnsl,"   tlieime  21]
will   necessitate  careful legislation
and in  the carrying out of  these
things  honest   and  open debate is|and safe  nnd   f  not ti
departmental friction be avoided, ;t>
ihe civic bodj cannot bring aboul
f 'ud   results  where  tbe   members
lire pulling different ways     lb  el    hut before thay can be enforced th
stoke should be  madi n ■ "   vhere ' "'- -'• '■ '' -",;" '"'   "'■       -   ;
ui".   home   maker   will ha
i.l _-..-,t.i.iH   -unl   where nil    ■ , -■   a   ;'::-- ' Notice rebj given lhal I intend
nl,e ieSu|>i    atendenl of Pro
n   permission to Iran
i ecessary,
are properl
I i...   .it.-   _-arTiil.il.   ,.,     chains north, thi .      ichalna west, ihonce 'JO
-    IltttlOUS ,.„.„ „),     ;,.,.,,,.,.>.,,  iull„.   t.B.|   l,j   Li.jintOl
. ..,.i:.,-.-.....,- and coniaiuing loaoreBmore
. _' '    oi leu,
. HAM KV  ttOBKRT 1.1MB,
n. lt.   ■   Wllklo, Abuiu.
I','.-! N'ovi nun.   -It...  ... -
rhe   ■ ivic   elections    held    on
Thursday were a subject of greater
lerest than ever before in Revi -
will be   uii   honor   and a pi
instead of being  n burden or i
i ii complaint or
Arthm K. .u.-   ..i Beaton, B.C.,
... held hy ineiu
e   premises   at   Beaton,
i '"•' ...'■■ vu us I be ll    -i Beaton,
-■5"   ^>cr«
Handsful of Luck
is what our customers will lind by
following our lead, We keep "a
constant watch on
know where choice lots are located,
their price and terms. We know
nil tbe field, He's a madman that
goes into the game on his own hook
Don't VOl' do it. Our advice free,
whether you buy through our office'
or some one else's.
Leal Kstate and Insurance Agent,
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
^uAt a
__.'.  lV_V ~Ki<'
hkad OFFICII i Calgary, alukhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Ptii'li Packers and Dealers In Live Stuck.   Markets in all the print i
nnl Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of ihe Celebrated Brand " Imporatnr" Hams and Bacon,
i   an I "Shamrock" Brand LattC Lard.
i_-%^f».U'*.%.-% ■*.%■%%-■%.■%.■%.-%-». ■%^.U.'V%^-«.'^^ %*•■%■%».* *
Canadian Pacidc
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
I'Vi. Dec. Xi Ep, nf Brit.
Sat. .Ian. 2   Lk. Manitoba
Fri, Jan. S  Emp. oflrel'd Dee. 25
I'ri. Jan. 22   " Oorsicaii "  Jan.    8
i Allnu Liuur. clu.rloroil by I'mi. l'nc. Ity. i
b'li. Jan. 20  Ep. of iiiii.    Jan. 16
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$82 ^o   $48 7^ $28 7t
ist. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$05 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lake Boats -
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00        Sfi 27 50
Cheap rales lo Atlantic .Seabi ard
points  in connection  with  steamship tickets.
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other continental ports,
Por further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A,
Hevelstoke, B.C.      Yiincocvei ,B,0
Now lhat the  sn
WM.  liuVll.
ably   cbangi
in • see what
As   wae  the i ise I    v can do  to  boost for th<
■ ic elections havi cleared - '
-■■   ■ witb   the result that the per- degi idpeopleofH should  pro' sion eThatAmde i.oui iCop
,    .     ,                               . ,               ,                                              ... I citizens to Hazel •■'■
Bonnelol   ihe council is consider-1 {  I   lown to business   ind see what 	
di   i"-i iDtesion   'u   piu
INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT      "-      '                    ""!
last /ear so   it  was this time that  .    .   its   progresf       tbe year IuOa Comiuem ■    • •  •  pi lat
only   twi    of   thi    dd   hoard wi     I     been, literal       • ■ ■ ■ Of C.P   R. Will Encouraqe De-  ~""r|1 ' '"
'    -,;'-''  '"     '■ "   '  l " depression   he gr velopment of  Cities
.-•   .-   b< mayor, who  ban   igain        thi   cil
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
re t   ed  'ii- - ■'..: !i nee ol  ilu    le
be hoped t    '.-,■.-
i   i   ■ --    nd   tvoidance ol
•, ■ - ■ _i       ■   ,,.-■-.. i.
■ ..   si rati   • than matters ■ i ;
,.    mere: mark ti
for H'08    I'he new; i
..     .   :i.  I8t  i -       -
. .   | .    . i f  uecessi!    rive 'i
way to even ittle                . turn their al   ntion to m: ini
.. -  • ■ hem i r. the       lors shou      . i nd   arr                    ect« iinli •
i, '■■. • ,•       ilidence in their ici i       em of ad        in   I he cit)
n pi  sent ■' v - that il o   •,,,,,,, A,lUi,{ ,.., ,      tttract a share
req ••-'    ■• ■■         •      i        was ,,    |llMJ, .  ■, ,,  .,n,i bu inet
thi   -:■'■ "•-   lor ihe I         Ourh ; .   ,      rolling tli    ivn       -neb
mpeded.      Revi . uuraging tin
■ :      ■        . • ' '"    ,:,':
i . .    i . .,
nil Olid
..   .mi     ,-.i n
I'   '
■ K.om.
ind  agricull ■ • '
tba  - .-.
pi i ,.,
ng di
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.  -   $.500
Revelstoke Assessment District
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the .Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and assessed taxes
and income tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Act" and
amendments, are now due and payable for the year 1009. All taxes collectible for the Revelstoke Assessment
Distriel, are due anil payable at my
offlce, situate al Revelstoko. This
notice, in terms of law, is equivalent
to a personal demand by me upon all
pet-sons liable for taxes.
Dated at lievelstoke, 8th January,
Deputy  Assess,ii-  and Collector, llevelsloke  Assessment District. Revelstoke Post. Offlce. i.inti lod
Certificate of   Improvements
Last Chance and Lost Chord  mineral
claims, situate in   the Trout Lake
,M   linn; Divisiou of Wesi Kooteuav
Where   located:    At   head   of    toon
Creek.   No rib   h'urk   of Lardeiiu
Take  notice lhal I, U. I). N, Wilkie,
actina. as agent fur lieni-y \V. Schlors,
Free Miner's  Certificate  No.  1301015,
intend,  sixty  days  I'roni dale hereof,
to apply in the Alining Recorder for a
Certificate ol Improvements,  fur the
purpose of obtaining a Orown Ci rant of
the above claims.
And further take notice lhat actlou,
under section 37, iuubI lie commenced
before tbo issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated Ibis 14th day of January, A,
D„ 1900.
jatil8OOd O. II. N. W1LKLE,
JTe8ted stock, Seeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, from the best
growers In England,
['Vance. Holland, the
U li i 1 ii d S tates, and
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, bee supplies
spraying materials, cut
Mowers, etc,
HO Pagre Catalogue  Free
M.   J.    HENRY
Green Houses and Seed Houses"
3010 Westminster Road
11,||   f ' •
di - 1 im'.
'■  ": "     '    ' „
■    , t-1 p'y   thi - hains;
haini   thence south Hi
thi    11 -.auwill be to jnpplj    1 b ,.-
,iii  1 in   iotuii 1 and   menl
•   . in      lui invest-
01 ,   mil  ol in 1 -   "■'   invited to 01 11
1.ui li   vith   lie  bureau  at W inni
pi j_; il Hn--, desi  •  information   1     .1
,uiy ton Q Oil p ' IJ  -
'.,;>    . .'   ai       hi   1    inci chemi   if   properly   curried out boardsol seci tarli    iri
should   rim    ti    ''■■  ■     1   on and ;,|   ,.   |    mmlculablo benefit to ,luo«te(1 to "end lull particulars of tbe
advantages and attractions ol lhe dis
o»rry out uiunicipa provements   ievestokeand  lend  arge y to n- .
' in .'Hi tbey represent
in ;*  manner  sistcnl   with the cr ise her already great popularity      .,,„. [love|stoko Bo8rd ot Tfftd,
city's requirements  with an end to 111   ■-   is room  hero for n ;- baen in oommunlcrtion with tin de
permanenoj    al   the     an      linn   lh      and  lull cultivatioi     I    1      partmeni ,.. -
, .                     - ,    1     1      1 "Hi »elstoki iiul   ". •
la'.iiiL' a viev  •      nnouiv ami 1111- ol    lhe   rich   lands   ",hen   tin  wn
B                             ■ ,viii   appear in   the  new  pamphlet,
11     il tn •-: ";  the  cily divi- upnn   for   settlement, in   Un   near (.fjome    ,,.,    1    Oponings"
lions   'i"'"   nui    ipal government | vicinity  ind il    -   0., b    tttract-1 shortly to be issued by tbe 0. P. R
i, 181*
H '  ■ . :
'. \ 1 1 . 1 1  I ' . 1
of 1' 1111,    1   n   (its       ■ 11 j, 11	
pi inter,   inti nds  to   ippl p i nil
op -!!..--   1  .   .1..
.1 1 J.. .1
' 1 post plant ed ilong
■   n.i   ..-1, n .....        1
ni i-  i- .   ."    henei    veil  III
nth   li     ndary nf
I .--I    i'h'i:   1 hence   join h     IU   ■ I	
■ " '     < - ■  11" 11   nl"
hains   i"   111 lui   of   comim iicein"nt,
. intuinlng |(K1 11
\\   Ml |. I!    I'     (   iiM'llll!.
Date   I'"   mh 1 s I'kis. jiinlMlijd
All    kinds   of   new
Dealers In
Wall Cluing, - Front St.
P. I). Hox, 21 Kl
I'iioni: 2li
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughb
Uash Prices Pain
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Revelstoke Land District.
West Koutenay, li. O.
Take Notice that 00 days after date
I R. VV. Lindsay uf Oamborne, ii. C,
occupation, merchant, intend to apply
jor permission to purchase the following described hunts situated on Fish
River, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north-east corner of A. I), MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,806 and marked " R. W. Lindsay's North-West Coiner Post;" ilieuee
8 chains to west line of MoKlnnon's
pre-emption; thenee 511 chuins south;
ihence Iri chains east to MacKay'sj
ihence north 50 chains to point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less:
Located Oct. 16th, 1908.
R. W. LransAY, Locator,
of John Smith, late of  Malakwa,
iu the Province of British Columbia.    Deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given pursuant
to thu Trustees and   Executors Act,
to all creditors of the estate to deliver
lu the undersigned before the 27th day
of  January,   lilill*.   full particulars ot
claims, verified l>y Statutory Declaration,    Alter such date   the  Executor
will proceed to distribute  the assets
according to law.
of Davie I Ilium hers, Victoria. B.C.
.Solicitors for the Executor.
Dated this 17th  day  of Decemebr,
A .1)., 1008.
Revelstoke Land District.
Distriot of West Kootenay,
Take notice that George 11, Frankfurter, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, occupation college proiessor, Intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
lhe southeast oornor1 of lot 7tisn, thonce
west IN) ohaiua more or less to the
boundary of lot 70711;  Ibence south 211
chains; thsnee east 00 ohalns more or
less to the shoreof Arrow Lake, thence
along -aid shore in a northerly diree-
linn •-'tl chains mine or less lo point of
commencement, containing liiu acres
more or less.
(iKHIIKI'i II.   FltANKrnliTKlt,
Dates December 0, 1908,     janOOOd
Notice \h hereby given lhal pursuant lo
the provisions ol Chapter 155 of the Stat*
nit", of Canada y-tf, Edward \ II, Shuswap
and Thompson Rivera Soom Company
bave Died in the office of the Dominion
Lands Agent at ICamloopHi B,CM and in
the offlce of The Honourable the Minister
of Public Worksal Ottawa, Ontario, plans
and specifications of certain booms and
othei works proposed lobe constructed
by ^aid Company in, over and along tho
North Thompson Rivei in the Kamloops
Division "I ialo Distriel in the Province
,.i I:, 'i -li Columbia ami lhal ou ilu? 10th
tin) nl February, 19091 al the hour of 11
o'clock in lhe forenoon, or so soon there*
1M.1 1', lhe application run be heard,
application will be made by the undersigned to lli>* Excellency lhe Governor-
in-L'ounui] at Ottawa, Ontario, for his
approval lo be given lo «*uch plans.
Dated this 4th day of December, 1908.
Sm swap and Thompson Rivers Boom
By Otto Lachmundj Secretary,
Pet. >j, 00 d
Certificate of improvements.'
Kingston, Maggie R, Tongue, Senator,
and Pit took Fraction Mineral claims,
situate in tbo JjM-deau Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located—On the western slope
of Lexington Mountain near Oamborne, B. 0.
Take notiee that I, F R. Blocbber-
gee, F.M.C. No, B, 2111122, agent for the
I iiited King,ion Gold Mines Limited
non-personal liability, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B 01842, intend sixty
days trom date hereof, to apply to the
.'.lining Kecorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for tbe purpose of ole
tainiug Drawn Grants ot the above
And further take notice thai action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 21st day of December,
A.D., 1908,
P. R. lii.ocuiiKiKiicit, Agent,
Certificate of Improvements
Winslow Mineral Claim, situate iu (fie
Trout   Lake   Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where   located; -At   head   of Seven
Mile t'reek, Trout Lake.
Take notiee Lhat I, O. U. N.  Wilkie,
acting as agent   for   Neil O'Donnell!
Special F.M.U. 8708; William Bennett,
; F.M.C. No. B05877; Bruce White, 1<\
M.C. liUii'M: and   I'. II. Murphy, F.M.
V. I.22HSI; intend, sixty days from ilm
date  hereof,   to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certiiieaie of Improvements, for the purpose ol   obtaining a
Grown Grant ot lhe above claim,
And further take notice that action,
under Section 87, must be commenced
belore the issuance of such Certificate
oi Improvements.
Dated this 29th day of October, A.
Iv, 1 I uow.
octai-oUil u. JJ. N. WJLKIIC.
powers 01 sale contained in a certain
mortgage which will be produced by
tho undersigned (default having been
made in payment of the moneys there
by secureill tenders Will be received by
the undersigned up till 12 o'clock uoon
ol the 21st Hay of January, HAW, for
the purchase of the following property,
namely, all and singular thai parcel
or tract of land situate in the Oity of
Kevelsloke in the province of  British
Columbia,  described as   the   North
Fast half ol lots numbers Hand 10,  in
ifiock ti, according to a plan of part of
the said City of Kevelstoke approved
and confirmed at Ottawa the 2lsi, day
of Ootober, 1800, by Edoward Deville,
Surveyor General of Dominion Lauds
and of record in the Department of
the Interior together with any build
mas or improvements thereon.
I'he mortgagee may reft
1 be highest or any tender.
' mortgagee may refuse to act""it
Dated al llevelsloke, U. 0„ lhis20tli
day of December, 1008.
.Solicitors for the Mortgagee,
Rectification of Orown Qrant
Whereas on tho ".JOtli clay of Novombor, 11(07, a
down Qrant was Isstied in tho name of Fraaer-
lok Washbourne for Lot 8I17, Group 1, Kooto-
miy District. That urldenoe has since beeu
iicon produced Bhpwlna that tin r- id FroHer'e<
VVasabourae died on the 7th of Anaust, idot
sometime prior t«> tho Issuance of tho said
Crown Grant. That liy Agreement dated TM.fi
AngUtt, 1000, tho said Frodericlr Wftsfaboa oe
apslgnea all his estate, right,"title ntoro-i.
claim aad demand whatsoever in the told land
to Thomas Shanks McPhersou,
NotiPelfl therofore heroby, given, in pursu
snoe of. Section 98 of tbe "Luud Act,' that it <
the intention to cancel the said (frown Grant
Issued in tho name of Frederick Washeourna
and to Une ono In ite stead in the name of
Tnonma Shank uoFhersou throo montl.8 from
tho duly hereof Unless good eauso !<■; shown Lo
Chief CommiMlonet of Luodsmd Wotlrsi
Lands aud Wnfks Department,
Victoria, a. l.. iuh October, 1908,    o0t 2i um
$250,000 IN PRIZES
Given away every month
absolutely free with
Kvery 40IU sack of Royal Standard Flour leaving our
mills contains a numbered coupon, On the last day of each
month, ten numbers will be drawn and published in the first
issue of this paper following, To each one holding the
duplicates of these numbers, we will, upon return to us of the
coupon, deliver free of ail charges to any address, a
Handsome China Dinner Set
of One Hundred Pieces,   value $25.00.
Full particulars on ihe back ol each coupon. Begin
saving   them   today.
Remember we guarantee every sack of Royal Standard
to be the purest; sweetest and most wholesome bread flour
on the market.
Manufactured only by
1     VANCOUVER,   B.   C.
Rest Fund
Has 05 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ali the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 0. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Among Preparations
Ihuing ltoom Furniture is particularly essential, and in \iew ol
tliie (act we have "elected a very
desirable line ot elegant and
artistic dining tables, chairs and
sideboard? An early inspection
should be made, as the price ne
are asking tor such superior furniture makes them a most desirable
$200,000,000 is   Invested
The Uritish Empire issues a state-
wherein it deals lengthily with Canadian securities. A warning note is
sounded concerning municipal extravagance, snd the view is expressed
tha<i unlee- greater caution is exercised in spending money which can he
easily borrowed, Canada may have to
face a financial crisis. At the same
time the Trust declares tbat Canada
givee as good, if not better, opportunities than any other country in the
world, provided care iB exercised in the
selection of investments.
Canadian financiers here voice the
disappointment said to be felt in the
Dominion at the indifferent mauner
in which many applications from Can
tula were treated in 1908. As a large
number of issues are now lieing prepared, and as there will he no dillicultv
in placing them in the United Stales,
it ia hoped that in the interests ol
mutual relations a more cordial re
spouse will he extended hy British investors to the legitimate needs of Canada in 1909.
Tbe Canadian Gazette estimates
that over $200,000,000 ol British
money has beeu invested in Canada
in 1908 in public issues. The money
went for Dominion government, provincial and municipal issues, and also
for corporation loans.
Corporation of the City of
Financial Statement for the Year 1908
Am   ■♦.  .♦.   .*tm   ,'t.   «♦»   Am.  At  ■♦.   iti   |V.  .fl   Am  At   |*ft|  At   ■'fl  At   llfa itj |T| 1*1*1  iTl  _fTl iT* Al
H? t^l IJ,* IJ.I l^i *J,l i J,f m *\y fjp t^t tj7 rj?tji tj.» ij,i iji ij» TJTTIS?%$.* TJ." "4.* "m\y fm\? *X?
*   S.   McMAHON   I
AliKNT K.m
Y .Inns   Dkiii:
tt* plows, barrows
+1+ cultivators,
,*., wagons  nnd
Tf farm impli-
{&. inenls   nt'  all
i kinds
si....Kills .jt
iiuaaiKH 2L
made   and re- &
paired. <$
Horse Shoeing
a Specialty
All Orders Promptly Executed    -    First Class Work Guaranteed
Am  .*K Am ,'tm Am  »*K .♦■ Am Am Am Am Am At A* A* At Am At At At Ak At At Am Am Am
m m t£l lj,l tjp 1^,1 tjj *jp *£> *j} *£* 'I' sp '4.* sjr *Wy r+* V vJU l*y sp *\Wy sP lXl 'Xf VP
Import direct from country ot origin.
I^,_ElVEXJSTOK:EI,  3=1. O.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands Ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
English Journalists Make Tour
for Pearson's Magazine
Ed. N. Clarke, the English author,
and Leo Marchant, late ol the Cape
Town Argus, who are walking across
the continent in the interests ol Pearson's Magazine, reached Revelstoke
early Saturday, having marched from
Laggan, through snow drifts in places
up to their waists, since Monday, taking live days to do the intervening 149
miles, an average ol 20 miles a day,
which must be considered exceptionally good under the hitter circumstances prevailing.
Tbe two men left Quebec City on
August 8tb, and have heen on the
tramp ever since, their greatest day's
walk being 48 miles, ea-l of Toronto,
while the 420 miles on the double
track between Fort William aud Winnipeg was compassed in 10J days
averaging up to 40 milee a day. They
left Quebec without a cent, this heing
in the contract, and have beaten tbeir
way to this point, covering on road
and track something like 3,100 miles,
and buve to finish up with sufficient
capital to land them hack in Europe
by March 1st, a fairly stiff proposition,
but one which they hope to accomplish
successfully and on time.
While here they were the guests of
Host MeDonell, at the Revelstoke
Hotel, and left on Sunday tor the last
part ot their long walk to Vancouver.
Iheir mileage is as follows:
Quebec to Montreal, by road, 246
milea walked in 8J days.
Montreal to Ottawa, 1311 miles, in
3J days.
Ottawa to Toronto, lloGJ miles, in
10 days
Toionto to Sudhury, road and truck,
300 miles, in 8 days.
Sudbury to Port Arthur, by track,
552 miles, in 20 days.
Port Arthur to Winnipeg, 430 miles,
in 10J days.
Winnipeg to Moose Jaw, 398 miles,
in 18J days.
Moose Jaw to Medicine Hat, 261
miles, in 8 days.
Medicine Hat to Calgary, 180 miles,
Calgary to Banff, 82 miles, in 3 days.
Banff to Kevelstoke, 181 miles, iu 8
Total walk, 3,072} miles in 104 days.
This, ol courBe, is actual walking
time and does not include stopovers in
tbe towns and citiea en route.
Total Output for 1908 Nearly
Nklson, Jan. 12.—The Daily News'
New Year's edition announced tbe following mineral output iu British Columbia during 1908,specially prepared
for the Daily News by E Jacobs, of
Gold, placer, ounces, 34,100, worth
1684,000; gold, lode, 256,000 ouncee,
value, 15,291,520.
Total gold output, 16,973,520; silver,
3,637,000 ounces, worth $1,518,500;
lead, 43,775,000 lbs., worth *1,654,695;
zinc and iion, 10,000 tons, worth
$280,000; copper, 43,885,000 lbs, worth
f5,792,H20, Total metalliferous output for 1908,115,219,535. Coal. 1,700,-
OUO long tons, worth $5,950,000; coke,
248,000 long tons, worth $1,488,000.
Building material, etc., $1,800,000,
Total mineral production for the year,
I..ist year's total waa $26,882,600,
There is a drop in lead and copper
values, tbe figures for 1907 heing $2,-
201,826 and $8,166,644 respectively.
The uther figures are about the same
[or bctb years.
Liquor Licences     s    inun oo
'Inule "   s;;| 7J
Weighing Pees  m 511
Bond Tux  B7g (ki
DogTax  102 00
Real Property Taxes  ___.ii,',., no
Inti-ruHt on Texiia  7H7 87
J 1)0488 I1
Pollce Court Vines         -jut in
Prisoners'keep repayment        u co
I'tmni! Fees     si .,0
i(73 10
Si'liiml Urant   .,Ub() llll
Wi tur, Light anil Power         :if,.,.u 0:
l.iinim on current year's taxes        KIOOO no
Cemetery Kiiceipla  HS8 2i
"J" Water ,v Light. (1ml)..     HEU 00
"L'Mail        8600 IMI
"M" Overdraft     ir,7_>o oti
•"N" New Fire Alarm s, ,.       8020 00
"((" I'arka       4r,7y (to
1110.', 1)0
Interest on Debentures accrued  538 60
Proceeds of Note, Concrete sidewalks.       0780 .if,
',        " Boulevards  2I__9 80
Miscellaneous Receipts  701 13
Expenditure over receipts . . . 107124
Hy Balance Jan. I. low    s SMW li
Smiting Fund Ini llnliiintliies         ■■■■"- ('.
Interest nn ni'lninliinia   Ti'!!, ,',',
"       "   Tax I.OIUII*  1449 44
Public Safety-
Police Halarloe  8  MM gjj
"     Qeneral lixpenaoa      IW ""
.Tail Maintenance      ;|~" 80
•'    t'lli'l    ... •'''.' 88
Payments lo -firemen, i"1' ~f'
Firemen's jnaurance ... w 7i)
Ure Alarm Repairs    ... 81 xu
•'       "       System (new). Hi" BI
Plre Brigade equipment. 70 47
Prisoners' keep  10 8fi
Health Department        . 478 so
Pound.....  813 0(1
Inqueata  I" 80
Isolation liospiul  817 m
0441, 42
Publio Ooii'-eiiionee-
Sti-i'ots nnd Sidewalks.  .        322;, 87
Snow Service        4811 W
Tools         2.1 80
3738 17
City Hall. Maintenance—
Civic Salaries      8310 80
Postage, Telegrams,  and
Telephones        439 1(1
Printing and Stationery... 081 ao
Ollice l'nrniture  04 1)5
Audit account, 1007   80 00
Miscellaneous  231! or.
Fuel  3112 15
Legal Expenses  385 20
Insurance  120 1)0
RlectlonKxpenaes  lis 00
6084 ».',
BulldlngB, etc—
Fire Hull  No. 1  78 45
Hepairs. niatntonauce .        455 85
.lall building        3912 7l>
Jail shed  05 65
Jail furniture   .        487 10
4064 Go
Schools        16501. 11     16508 11
Slok and dealitute   599 65
donations -
Ferule       500 00
Sundries      1940 75
Celebrations       134 40
•J575 24
Publio Convenience—
Rccreaiioii ground      2869 37
Columbia Park      141)2 511
Hoiilevards       2489 85
Concrete sidewalks ...        91126 84
Sewers-preliminary exii    1428 65
Cemetery repairs        1114 (81
Scavenging      278 no
Concrete motor       114 38
18608 .'.'.'
Kefuuils of taxes, elc  249 85
Tax Sale costs  130 04
Tax Sale purchases  442 84
I'eposit A.VV. Abrahainson
returned  310 10
Repayment tax loan  7122 37
Rock Quarry  100 00
Payments  account  water
and light account  19671 61
Debenture J—gas plant-
Founilalion        2663 57
Mn -liiii'.'rv       18733 09
Pole Line        1541 58
Power House        2362 05
spurs  ... 580 42
20883 71
M42I37 71
Current Revenue and Expenditure Account
Dr. Cr.
Moisons bauk—
Tax loan 	
Loan, current taxes... .
Deposit Canada Lien Elc.
Expenditure over receipts
*708o 58
130110 00
300(1 OO 1
1671 21 !
»23651 77
Hy tax arrears. 	
Ily Interest oil Taxes.  ..
By water nnd light neets..
By dellclt for jenr.
:I18|KI4 41
13H7 71
8620 88
110 23
Profit and Loss Account
Telephone rental ?
Siding rout Powor House .
Printing and stationery.
Power ilnus* repair and
lieueral oxpouses 	
S ilaries—	
Water repair? maintenance
Elaotrio    "
Installation and Fixtures.
Water rates 	
Light ratos	
Meter routs 	
Tipping maius	
lialance   "Profit"	
98 IXI
331 58
20 (XI
49 00
1319 22
1154 53
2(11 27
7182 75
794 25
534 36
xm 10
SW 23
11(1117 35
1021 111
31 51)
507 05
Distributed n-
l.'ctit plant
Wntor plant.
Advance to Sundry account
(lonernl Civic fund	
128651 77
11530 85
030 48
2471 33
67 55
255H 17
14335 06
As at 31st December, 1908.
To Debentures	
9181600 00
line Molsun, Hank
Note  account   concrete
1178(1 Xi
Note account boulevards
2120 ;w
1-2209 05
Tax sale surplus	
IW 01
Due Can lien KlocLiio Cn.
7 5il
ny 83
Halance assets over liabil-
811*20 S3
275625 111
Streets and sidewalks
ll. lev mul I,igbt. plants
Hnildings and Real Estate
School liimsc and grounds!:
lily hull	
File hall So, 1	
I'iru hall No. 2	
New jail	
Isolation tioi-liitai	
I.ols sand <), block 33...
Ilecrcatioi) ground	
Public parks 	
Cemctory villa lot a	
I Mi iiiliing ground	
Kurnlture in aolioola ..
Kiti-i.ll.uro in jail	
Kin-iilttiro in oflico	
Cily scales	
Fire alarm syslom (old)...
Fire alarm system (now)..
Sinking liin.t-	
Fiie brigade equipment, .
Sower preliminary nxponies
line ou oomotcrylotH	
To.il" and iiiipli-iin-iii .—
TlIX sale puri'liuana    	
Ito.-k ,(1111111'      	
Coiicteti- sidewalks	
$52893 17
11X1117 31
'.'Itillll 00
4731 II
1273 45
30011 ls>
IKKI  li'
1131 in
21181 Oil
21122 .50
3271 87
250 m
na 3D
437 HI
1018 HI
910 02
KID 31
Qna produolng plant and
»I'll I l'i I	
411.5.5 '.«■
joo 00
131!) ilii
2311118 .52
4325 61
1123 IU
202 .'.il
H.I .18
4311 i'i
HXI 141
iiMI 31
2180 8'.
311883 il
*2_ .'412.5 31
Statement of expondituro liy School Hoard
foryonr 1908:
ITIU.ll      HI'IIOlll,
Halariea   $ 9 M3 on
Repairs and supplies ....     1 338 55
Fuel   834 88
(I round s   67 16
Now desks        813 i.i
Firs escape          530181
Coinpletingaud cloariiig
new grounds....	
Trustees enuvQution	
Renewal   insurance 	
117 17
337 .VI
no iki
 $ 13
Ml 12
mini    ■.'ii'i'.i
Salaries  lis 004 no
Repairs ami supplies ... 93 31
Fuel   18 99
Incidental  33 83
Total   » 16 308 11
I horeby certify thn ntnivn atatdtnnut is a true
and correct account ol tho uiuuios spent by lho
Roreljtoko Sohool Ho ird during tbo your l«8.
P. II. liiHKs-i:, T, W. Iliutiaiuw
Chairman. Secretary.
Publio School average monthly enrolment.    110
High Helmut avorago monthly oiirolineiit .  .   .'II
Cost per head, Public School   $   80 00
I 'list per hond, High School       103 '«'
HevolHtoke, li. C, l.'J January
Certified correct.
Chartered Accountant
So Clear, So Shining and .so Evident thnt it
will  glimmer through  a   Blind   Man's   Eye
I;   - :
H  \^-a-:
LY   ■      -
A Canadian  Made Writing Machine
For ease ol operation nnd
perfection in the results produced the  " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no   complicated   movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter pur
The" EMPIRE "needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also tlue to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began Ufing the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to atld to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call lor tslinidics jnd  Advertising Kates
All goods sold al co I  and  under  and   all   lines   placed   on  our  Sale
Table;   must  go  r. jardless of cost.      Good staple seasonable goods,
Ladies' Underskirts
11 hi ek morine skirts  selling   .'it
Si.    Black satin with  deep   flounces  and
:    •  :     ices for $ i. io.
Flannelette Drawers
Child's plain  white  drawers,   regular
; 5 . now 40c, per pair. Sizes-: .| to 16 years
Whiti       '■'• .'est!   re   dar  price   75c.
inc. c,  Si/.i    from \ to 12 years
Wc are disposing of this  seasonable
line ol goods at a 25 per cent,   discount.
These are this seasons best goods,
which sold itt Hie. and 18c. per yard, now
selling ;u 12Jic, per yard.
Heavy, wide width flannelettes, regular 1 j !.-e. .1 yard, now ;.■. per yard.
1   remnants,   dress   goods,   furs, goll jackets, child's coats, ladies
wool   ickets, child's head wear and milliner)   at your own price.
.'■.■     ■ ., i- b'nes ti' make room foi new goods.     These prices are lot cash.
i 1-3 1^ I
■>°175Syg?Sg?--:.iJH'-1 .WSatyS-S ""I.    .", ■■^•^cKmm^m^3isastM^rc=rs-ti
Pure Drugs
,-itl   ■ aieful
li   very "nil  ri isonable
I rici -     c I       (actor*
hicl ... up our
-.,..-'       a present
;,M'   1.1 opoi lions.
Urii R   ;. oui   1 ' '.1    pre-
Boriptiuu   liere   il   you
nctory results
Macdonald's Drug Store b
__* ■?
Wc aim lo keep only the
11 at in Groceriei. A trial order
will bo appreciate,! ns we uro
r m\ inced thut we etui save you
uur Bread, Caki 8 and Pastry
iii-u made fresh every day, wlion
tired of ynur own baking, try
ours for a change, you will find
it very appetizing.
HOBSON & BE! L, Grocers, Bakers
0<MKKKM>a<X><KK>0-CK> CKKKKM>0-00<?
Real Estate, Insurance mid Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club   ?
I      Rents Coi-mccted, Loans Notary Poiujo     Q
I <KW<KK><K>0<KK><K><>0<H><KH><H><> &
N. Coursier's   Appeal
Support in Election.
Weathor forecast
.' 111 set
:.  .     ;    Max.    IJ. Min -15.
id General.
rag i>"ji?>wega^cBfMwmmiaj,i !
i(M   JOr*. .   mmi
-i.yUl     till
.      1   lea an retain tl at mn   lente
in Ausl ralia
t is re] I'. H. will
yeai   spi ...1  ■• O.CW  i,o si on con-
>ti   iti   .   a i.i ivesti rn lini -.
1 hi   annual meeting of the  Ivam-
I - ''■-■ Bbyti ry is t   be bi Id in Kn ix
.-_-..    Ri'.- Isti ki    011   \\ ■ dnesday,
I .-. -   iry    '
The M       H -;.'•''  receivi    a
• -.■deling cake   this morning
II ''ir     ..:•: Mrs.    A.   G    Crick,
.\ln!,v ibanks.
We understand that  Mijc Uertrude
of this oity was .1 p issenger on
No.    1)7    that   wa-  wieclted at 8pu«
sum   >   -'.ei'day   morning, but furl mi-
it. Ij   .vns uninjured.
It  is about a  foi       iil      iv since
' hi    ,?• gltmn   ■   .   sn  electric  light
Been.    It sei    - as i    we were to
a still  longer period,
.  » tidlj   ighl I • 11   eucirol-
'•'•        ve lieen rept iti dlj  iski ■! bj .,
■■'    ■■-
I       ■        • it  the
... workd    ■ 1111 i fully a In n
11 v u HI  get bulky
morning.   Will
:;■ 1 Ii  -• explain.
\  rep        • o .V-..1 today  from   laf-
■ v    - •    the eii-ct   that    onti
-..   o; 30   miles ol tho
y   '. -..'    -.. .nn;.    will
_-■■'.: lanuary,  and
■ ; -                iy    I
il toiupleted this year.
ii.       Ir      Eogla
- ■  .-. t has renewi
-•   ..     with the 1    P, 1;
1225,000 pei
md : .- to adow s      ger
tai / thirty-five
.i ball hull .-.       thirt) -four days
• ■ .• • n Liver]  d1  ind H ng Ki ng
■       tion loi
Dg   i'.,",■, •    iui|    %      : 1 -.1.
Let I
-..•.-•-- rertii
ni net
■ ' ■ ,     •'
'1   \
Nice ;
Houses al reasoiubl
- Ailkiiids of Insure
Agents for the cele'
KARN Pianos and
Players.    Money   tc
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, liitjitranco and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
>^i«Krij<-;---r' «»-»-._w _r -..»-»*■»
J   Chamois Vests
., '    !     IJ|  01     I   I    ll
ii •        ler Bottles
129 Coutfh    "
in not having printed instructions
displayed round the polling stations
i tbat every elector who was in doubt
. to wl i.i to do with his imHoi paper
i mid find out. This Bhould be done
tat every eleotion and the publio given
an ipportunity, it least those whu do
not know huw, ol polling tbe way they
v. lilt the vote '." go.
'1 he  Btaft  ol  the  Lawrence   II ird
ware Co. effected a clever capture of
an  exceptionally  smart  "crook'   this
eek who came in with bogus chi     - .
to be cashed.   Tbe gentleman inques
ion made  great   piny   with a gun   he
id b mghl froi   the st(  e    1, n
- 1  (ar as  i" click  the trigg 1 ii  ti:-
.f  u   tank   ollicial.    Ilu-   -'ih-
sequent     ue manner    in   thi
li irdwari Btore  il the man ended
instable beii •.- oal e.. m I
18  -.-... -i i ed   ti   the gaol    We underhand that I -     individual 1- want, .1 il
■' tig uv. and !n- uii   ben   m u
■ next Monday.
N'ow thai the 1       er the
Revelsl I -
id wn and thii
ry   important    natters      It   is   ■
cted th il
duly   accredili 1   minister
esbyl  h  in ' lotario, but
:-   spending  a part    I I be  year
B.C     nd  1    ■     ' j 1 .-11
asful       u :•       •        "k in   Kel
■  .
.:  , ■      .;   uui   open a -!"■' 1
in     the     Met:
I indmark  win 0 b
ul :,.      inn   11     '.   .unl   bis
. :■ wen g> tl ake   1
■ »lj .':•;:. 1.-1 rati 111   - ■
.. ,- ji itifled t-1 fi
. 1, he 1. ..i the sup|   . 1      id
mil     ippn
11 ng tn the fl
e dead and
li 'ration  a
it  tbs '<       i|"
.   ■     '
.1 'j. ,. prai ntact, a
.  .
■-, e pic    I   ll   u|   ""i the loi
■x Ing   nti ■ item   caught
■    iye       Mr. . '11   yi • ti
•  . . -.       villi
1 owm a by Mi
■• 1 . ,   . "i-i Imnu ilinti'ly
p h .1 to ii in roast 1
r hi dinner.   No!   hi   ng
111 on ' • 1 premises he (ont Iiii ion
Guj Hui I"-. -     riien    ■ 1
niy one cartridge in the gun. bul
,1 .1:1 not ilotoi 1 he ipi 1 limn n (r,,m
1   oh   l.ir'U   by  'i   Well mini il
. re * II        ■   1-1  [1 ■      it I he
,1, ,1 Iiud.1 tomorrow, Mi
. ■ 11 iei t '.-1 en 'I
.   red, and tbe eilitoi	
I .id to -:tlli|ili- I i
1     Ml    N  il"
.      nl
tfeiAti        d "  .
Social and Personal
C. B. Hume has returned from a
vii-ii to Victoria,
Mr. aud Mrs. C. J, iVuiati entertain-
.1 number of friends on Wednesday
1 fi ning in honor of Mr.' I. Aman, the
host - brother Progressive whist was
the chief amusement of the evening.
Mrs I'. K. L. Taylor and Mr. Wm.
Tomlinson were th prise winni 1 -
Mr. and Mrs, II .-. MoC .rt. 1 - nte -
tain il   a  large  Dumber ol  Iriei
Thursday nigbt s    11 r pretl   h 1 1
McKeuzii   \.-;i'.      Progressive whial
twelve tabl I   be first [mn
.   •
1   ;
tig   1 irnishi
... lowing «
Mr-   11   '
.  -
Grip and Password.
. -
I  at t hi
: 1  ..... ,,- deputy
igsiated   I v
Buck  perlormei
tbe I
tin for thi
I       II   K
'       il    :
\. .1, H
11' (loi
:l-        ..• ....     ,!     1   l.'l    I
At the    nstallatii
,  splendid iuppi
ninth -    deputy grai
1 mil,1 in Hank     1 he ■■< rii    I thi
1  vns n 1 nd '1.      ' •
"H .1 111 .v ttirrn     it li  hi igbt   ind |
peroui prostM utl.
A meeting wa.-i held on Wednesday
night in llie opera house, under the
auspioes "f lhu Sooialiet I'arty of
Camilla, fur the purpose of putting
beforo the people lho great question!
that affect tho every duy life of the
people under capitalistic rule. The
meeting was not very wall attended,
although the audience wns an appreciative ono, and was hold in order that
the candidacy of Mr. H. N. Coursier
in contesting the Revelstoke constituency al the by-election might be
declared and upheld.
W. W. Lefeaux gave a forcible address, touching on the leading points
of the Socialist platform nnd the
olairas tbat Socialism has. F, B
dayman also made a few pointed
remarks, and Mr, Coursier addressed
his supporters ami others in a con
vincing and eloquent manner, dwelling
on the salient features of the campaign
School Trustees
The interest taken this year in the
election of school trustees is a gratifying feature 01 the election, showing
that more interest is being taken in
the work of the schools, whose importance to the ce 1111111:11 ity cannot be
overestimated. Tne eleotion of Ed.
Edwards is doubtful by reason of the
fact thai in the many spoiled ballots
there were ij nite a number which
might be realiy counted us good. We
understand   that  a recount  is   more
than likely and the returning ollicol
will have to mnko a careful scrutiny of
each ballot, Ibe matter being left in
his liunils. Tin- contest was close
between Mr. Edwards and Mr, Forde,
and il is probable that a recount will
b'' made in view ol the above (acts.
Presentation to Mrs. Tapping
On tbe eve of l>eceiuher 23rd, the
1.idies of the Maccabees of the World,
met at ihe home of Mrs. 8. McJJon-
ald'a when the Lady Commander
presented Mrs. Tapping witb a dozen
oi -.liver tea spoons and a short
Lady Tapping and Dear .Sister.
" We, Tl e Ladies of the Maccabees,
feel that we would like to show our
appreciation of ymir good will and
ki idness to tbis hive, so on bohnlf of
the ladies I ask you to accept this
Bmall 1 ken, and it is the wish  of all
1     -.   .   aod   your   family   have a
■ ■     iatmas.'
for!Draws Made in the Local Competitions.
Play iu the local competitions will
j commence next week   and it, is the in-
I tenl'nin ol the executive committee to
post so   many   giunos each day, which
must be played or   forfeited     The follow ing draws havo been made:
liijlilTAIU.E GUI'
McKao        1
Dallas         \
Foote             /
Anderson     .
Edwards     /
Sturdy        l
Field, bye
Macdonald j
Donald         l
Sitiilh           1
Rose            S
Barber, bye 1
Rae, liyc       .
Foote         /
Sturdy         }
Dallas, bye
Ruse, bye
Smith, bye
corns' our
Anderhun " \
Smith, bye
Macdonald I
Rose 1
Donald        /
Foote l
Invitations have bcon received hy
club to attend Ihe Kootenay bonspiel
at Rossland, commencing .Inn. Kith;
tho Calgary bonspiel, commencing
Jan. 21at; the Golden bonspiel, Feb.
•I. 5 and (i; and the Banff bonspiel.
Feb. 8, ll and 10. Special excursion
rates are offered to all bonspiels, for
particulars apply to IJ. M. Field, secretary of the curling club.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays in every month
■it the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:110
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction,
St. Axdkkw's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Jan. 17.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible  Class, 2.30
I p. in. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m.     Choir practice and teaeli-
i era' meeting, Friday 8 pin.
inter-''    Knox Presbyterian—J. R. Robertson,  Services on Sunday as follows :—
QI8nti  Morning   service at 11 o'clock.   Sun-
Albert  day Sohool and  Bible Glass at 2:30 p,
m.    Evening   service   al    7:30   p.m.
Beginning   on   Sunday  morning the
Pastor will   take   up  a short scries of
Bible readings on  the   Epistle to the
the  ceremonj   ColoeBians, taking aa the lirst subject
- me of tbi bride,
-    staff   ol the
Mail-He/ ei ted    the   newly
married couple with man;,   handsome
.      • eing   rend
Orange Blossoms
A wedding of particular loca
•• •   ik   pi ici     id   Thursday
M -    \ntiie Masleti   and
in residents ol Revel-
it ed   m   the   bonds   ol
C. A, Procunier
A PaBtoral Greeting." At the even
ing service tbe Pastor will commence
a scries of sermons 011 "Great Themes
in the Acts of the Apostles,''taking ne
the lirst subject. "AGreat Awakening."
\ cordial welcome is given tu all and
de ami   strange t are specially invited.
affected  by     St. Peter's (Anglican)—Rov. 0. A.
tilled.     TheIProcunier,   M.  A.,   Rector.   8 a. in.
..  tlo'y Communion.     U  a.m. Mating
M       il. . u
.,  nuly Uoniniunloo,     11   a. in
into  communion.     7 30   pm.
Even ong.    Sunday Sohool, 2,80 p.m.
and   will   .nnl   popularly   known  in      ,. 	
,. ,, ,      .,, , Mi 1 ii'iiiNi —Re.    I .\V . Hal , pastor.
R        ■ Hi . Is will be
f ANTED       1      . 1 mil fin   il 11
i'i.-l    IT clul bin ■
1    :.  1      .j., . •:, <■   1, it
\ \; \ VI ED   Ily man ici
VV    ilnlilii 11 Jm   .
for I I.i, ki" pintc       kppl       1      1
II'   1   -,.l"itll: '
Servicea on Sunday „. follows: Morning ,il II o'clock , Sunday school and
Bible elasi 2:80; evening ior vice 7:80.
Horning tubjeol   "Power rather than
11 !ui in 1 the need ,,f the church "
ail ■ Miking our election sure
nnd what cornea "f it ' Epworth
1 I 1 i.n Monday evening
under the direction ol iho literary
department al H Jo'clock. Prayer
meeting   on   Wednesday evening at 8
I'olock.    A viry hearty    invitation    is
■ i.'l' 'I to llll.
Baitisi ■ Kev, W P, Freeman, It.A.
pa itoi Hervlces al 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday sohool and Bible class at
J.80   [i   tn.    II  V   P V,   Monday at H
pm. Prayer Hinting Wi'ilnesihiy H
n :n All sre invited to these services
Rev, I). F. Hatt, ol Vanoouver gener-
il    missionary    for   II    C, will preach
morning snd evening.     His  morning
subject    will    Iiii     "11..ini.    Missions."
rhe subject  o.   11,,. Men's Bibloolaii
,: '    -""'    •     1 "- ! it 2.'id will i Cain, his sin, and tb
■I.,     ic,        ll    the     'ir'i   Work   will   Land of Mod."    All men arc invited t
probably be very  in-ivy  It ia tu  be '        '
hnpi rl that I        embers will attend m
.. he   meetings
I'bi   Board  of  Ti idi   11
nportanl ■ hi dy n    the Oity
■1  : uld    have
1 very Inl   1     nuoll "il   i''l   1 'ki n in ll
by ns members 111 veil  11   the  public
ii  largi
■_ 1 ' .   the
ind   j .11, ,n
. li
Mi    ■ i ■ ii w i 11
K   ',1   llie
I r.nli.   will  be
held . 1 •      next,
1   .- '.,,-.
...     - •
ard foi the
leaaon 1 work taken
1. ia! fee ul   H. 50
CoM Weather Snaps
Wc have soome goods you will need in this kind of
weather, and wc are determined to get clear of them, and if
prices will do it we do not expect to keep them long, Wc are
busy stock taking and have a lot of good lines in winter goods
that we are making very low prices on, as we do not want to
carry   them   in   stock.
Misses' high buttoned Overshoes, sizes 11 to 2.—
Only  $i.o..i.
Children's and Misses' Flannelette Nightgowns,
lor ages fiom ,{ to 16, made of good flannelette, in
pink, blue, white and .striped. They are made good
and full, and well finished. 75c. gowns for 50c, 90c.
gowns for hoc, $1.25 gowns for 85c. These are
real  bargains.
Warm Knit Wool Jackets for women, girls and
children, at one-quarter oil.
We have some good school dresses, nicely made
of good warm material, forages from 7 to 14, Regular prices $3.00 to $6.00, now selling at   half  price.
Blankets and Comforts at greatly reduced  prices.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   besi   and  largest.   Slock   of  Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture   now   on   hand
and made  expressly  for  us by IX K. McPherson.
****'.•**■■**>♦♦.» a c»'->ij;iy*\ii.*i>Aj;*v>ii,-***v>-i-<'.;--':^i *****(****_>«*.**##
THIS 8PAIM0 is man POR
Dry Cediii', lit iuoh lengths, full cord of 128 cubic feel -$5.30 per
Dry Hemlock, III inch lengths, lull cord of 128 cubic feet   $1 per
Special quotations on four fool wood nnd on  large
orders   for stove wood of any  length.
This eoal Is equal to any domestic soft coal on the market.   No
clinkers, nnd   makes  very  Mule
$8.50 per ton
Manufactured limn luud 1
The best and cheapest Itiel
the market. Free sample gi
to any who have not tried it.
S8.7S per
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Service for Men,
There will be in Interesting address
in ihe V M v. a. tomorrow at 4
o'clock by tho Hiv h E, Hatt, of
Vanoouver Tho ilnglng is always
1   most  enjoyable   feature    ol this
gathering, nnd a OOrdlal   invitation  is
(tended to all men to attend
Card of Thanks.
To the Bleotora of the City of
Ladic:. nud Gentlemen:
I hereby tender my sincere thanks
to the elrctors antl citizens ol llevelstnke who support id me In the Municipal campaign now just over, for the
coiilideiice they have shown in my
administration for the past year, by
tlm splendid majority given me lor
another term ns Mayor of our city. I
keenly appreciate thn fact, that my
ell'urts have bren approved and under-
stood by the best elements in tbe oity,
in whose interest I ahull nlwtiyR work.
'i ours faithfully,
Ciiah. r. Lis usiark,
Card of Thanks
In the Uloctonol Ward III
Ladles and Gentlemen;—I have to
thank ymi (or your sirong support ut
the polls on Thursday, and can assure
you tlutl I will do nil I can to  further
incut the confidence plsoed in  me iii
the past und will tin all in   my  power
to further your interests
yours respect fully,
11,  li. Sa»Ull,
Card of Thanks.
To Um .{lectors of Ward Twoi
LADIBS   ami   <i|\ ii.imi.\,_|   h„ve
to thank you fnr your support at the
j polls 011 Thursday, and can assure you
j that I will do everything in my power
tofuitho* ihe Interests of the city.
Vuiirs respectfully,
0,  It,   Mai IlllNAI.I'.
Card of Thanks
'In the Electors ol Ward ill
Ladies and Gentlemen,—1 have lo
thiink   you   for   your  lujiport at th«
polls on Thursday, und   will do all in
my power to merit   your confide nre
and further your intorosts.
Yours respectfully,
K. li. Wm.ls.
Card of Thanks
To the Klectors of Ward III:
Ladies and Gentlemen,—J have to
thank you foi your strong support at
the polls on Thursday, and will 011-
deavor to still furthor merit your confidence placed in mo in the past and
I will do everything in my power to
i further your interests.
¥our« respectfully,
■L A. Hiom.
Card of Thanks.
'I'n the lilootorsi
Ladies and Gbnti,ba)kn,—I lain iu
thank you for the very generous support you gave mo at the polls on
Thursday last in the municipal elections. Voids truly,
A. E. Kincaid.
Card of Thanks.
LadIM and Gkntlkmen:—
Kindly accept  my best  I hanks for
your  generous  support   in the recen I.
election for school trustees.
Yours truly,
J. P. Foiihn,
Kevelstoke, II. C .Ian. ISth, IIIIIII.
To the Electors of Ward One
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I huve to thank all those who so
will supported me at the rccont civic
elec! I .us fi, electing mo as your repic-
sentntiv and hope 1 shall be nbln to
fully i.i.til.i your confidence
Yoitri faithfully,


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