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The Mail Herald 1908-07-04

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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use ihcre is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA VVAT..I..
The Mail-Hera
ise of operation snd |ierfection
results   produced, this   Machine — 1'hick: .GU 00 cash.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 14.—No 49
in-ial Library
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
For foot-ease and solid comfort, wear a pair of
our White Canvas Balmoral or Laced Shoes, they are
the real thing. Made on regular lasts and for service,
there is nothing better. At $3.00 Per Pair
Tan Oxford or Low Shoes. The newest novelty
in a Three Buckle Oxford. Russia tan leather, will
take and retain a very high polish. Very neat
and dressy. To Sel    At $5.50
Men's tine "Egyptian" Sanitary Underwear.
This is a line of natural color, porous Underwear,
beautifully light and cool for hot weather.      All  sizes
irom 34 to 40. Only $1.00 Each
Real Irish Balbriggan Underwear in natural
color. Light, cool, comfortable summer underwear.
Ribbed cuff and ankle. You know the wear you get
out of real Balbriggan.
At 75 Cents Per Garment
Balbriggan Underwear in extra light quality,
very fine soft thread, real Balbriggan, thoroughly
scoured and ready to put on.    Natural color, all sizes.
Only SO Cents Per Garment
C. Bs HUME & CO., Limited
Stores sit Reveletoke and Arrowhead.
We have decided lo reduce our Hue of Pocket Knives, Razors
and Shaving accessories, and the cost has cut no tigure in the
pricei we have marked these goods. We are not offering
shopworn goods, but lhe best makes of English and (im mail
Take a Look at these Prices j
fl 60 Razors for   60c,
$2 00 Razors for     75c.
f2 60 Razors for  .100
Safety Razors 75c
Safety Razors, 12 blades. .  $1 50
.5 00 Safety Razors for,, . .t.,50
Hair Clippers from .., .$1,50 up
frOo. I'ocket Knives for ...    25c
75c Tookct Knives for  35c.
$1.00 Pocket Knives for.... 50c.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ofrioo—Toronto, On.__.rlo.
.luc-nul, Albert!, Hi
tlolui-lbls, Oii-irl», t)u»l)_».
Hritiohn la Ilia Pro.luce, uf, Alberta, Han-.liiliawiiii,
Oapital Authorised
Oapital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. R. Wilkik, President
-    •4,025,000.00
Hon, It, Jakkhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transaoted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Oanadn, United States and
Europe.   Speolal attention given to Collections,
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
quarterly.  __
Reveletoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Special  Bargains   For  The  Week
Summer Skirt*
IjiidioH Hummer Skirts in
Linen mid Duck.
Oollare and Belts
Wash Collars and Hells,
just the thing for Hummer
Children's Shoes 4_0oats
Just arrived -Another shipment of Children's Eancy
Shoes.    Slses 2 to 0,
Children's Fancy Cream
Cashmere Coats, only a few
more left.
Opposite Climax Hulel, First Street.
$2.50 Per Year
Calgary Exhibition Pronounced
Success~ Revelstoke Exhibit
Universally Admired-Centre
of Attraction for all Visitors.
The great Dominion Exhibition of
1908 was duly opened on Monday,
June 19, over 26,000 persons being
present. The pageant was gorgeouB
and successful, and splendid weather
prevailed. Never has there been a
better conducted (sir. Tbere was not
a hitch from the moment the gates
were thrown o_ieti . to the monent
they closed in the evening. Everything was as il should be and there
was room for all, even though every
aore of the quarter-section of ground
had scores and scores of people on it.
On ull sides none but good words
could be heard for the big undertaking
which it was predicted some mouths
ago Liy some doubting Thomases
would he too big fnr us weste. ners to
Swing, but whill the men in charge
have proven to le inure 11) in equal to.
Too much praise cannot be given to
all connected, The lire department,
the hospitals the ambulance corps,
the police, both local und mounted,
tlie volunteer ouvahy, the racing men,
ami the people who have exhibits and
Intuits- i; il,e grounds arc all lining
tbeir hest lu make the fair the biggest
thing that ever was and if the weather
keeps aB propitious as the opening duy
the Dominion lair of Calgary, Alberta,
1908, will go down to the history of
the Dominion aa one of the greatest
Iu the matter of exhibits' the Fair
this year far and away excels any
previous one and iu no hetter way can
the progress of the west he demonstrated than by the increase in quantity and quality of the many exhibits
this year in all departments and industries. 11. C. is taking a prominent
place in the general exhibits and its
wonderful resources are being splendidly advertised both by the Government exhibit and also hy the individual district, who have engaged booths.
The Revelstoke exhibit hss attracted universal attention and bas leen
considered ihe best from B. 0. outside
that of   tbe Government,   Revelstoke
Passed Off  Very  Quietly   at
There being no celebration of any
i.n tine held locally. The weather
was hot and oppressive, with little or
no breeze. Many citizens took advantage of the demonstration at
Armstrong and left by the 5 a.m.
special for tbat busy town, the lacrosse
team and Independent Band alio
going down. Reduced faros to all
points ou the C.P.R. tempted many to
ipend tbe day in other outside points.
Local anglers armed with rod and creel
spent the day with more oi less success while the Big Bend road as usual
lured many picuicers to take advantage
uf its cool, shady glades and magnificent scenery. Eight-mile Falls are a
splendid Bight just now, tbe volume of
water coming over being swollen by
the heavy rains and melting snows
Williamson's Lake can always attract
a gathering of the younger sections of
the holiday-makers, and bathing was
indulged in.
Tbe Calgary exhibition has taken a
number of residents away for a week
or so, and the city on Wednesday
presented an almost deserted appearance. Tbe patriotic feeling was conspicuous by its absence, not more than
a single flag, and that on a private
resilience, being in evidence. All the
prominent bouses uud buildings where
lliigpules are erected, neglected to
hoist a color and oven the Courthouse
only woke up after dinner and ran its
flag up. One noticeable featu e was
the absence of any disorder or riotous
conduct ou the streets un the part of
those who were "celebrating" not
wisely but too well. There were no
disturbances of any kind and the
police having sized up the situation
hud little or no extra work in that
respect; ibis speaks well both for the
police and also for the city as a whole.
Revelstoke Team  Wins Eight
Prizes and Challenge Cup
A Revelstoke team representing E
Company, R.M.R., journeyed to Kamloops on Tuesday night, to lake put
in the annual Bummer shoot.
Tho team consisted of Capt. 11. A.
Brown, Copt. R. Smith,  Color Sergt.,
J.   Donald,   Sergt.    Shardlow,   Corp.
has the only   mineral  «'"1'"-"'^ «'| DlI,r, Corp. Hull and Pte. Briegel.
Dibit at  the Fair and aa such bus.    The Bhoot tQok pliwe at tllG  new
receivid   tlio   closest  interest and iu- ' , • ,. , __ ,, ,   .
range which waB formally  opened   by
vestigation fro... mining   and lumber  I the,mByor 0, Kan.loopB.    In   spite   of
ing men, the   hitler being particularly  th(J   ,ooroh,ng   heat   the   Kevelstoke
team   acquitted   themselves   well and
struck with the big cedar and pine
boards, lour feet across, Loin the
M11inly Lumber Co. Wc learn from
Mr A. Johnson, of the Mail-Hkkai.h,
wbo is in charge ul the exhibit, that
over 15,000 pco| le passed and looked
at Revelstoke, uilmiiing the tasteful
nature of the arrangements of tbo
booth and remarking on the specimens of big game which are the only
ones in the Fair. Th" grill work,
moulding anil casing of the Kevelstoke Saw Mill ('... was quite an
attraction. Tbe Interest of farmers
and agricultural men centred on our
fruit, the Revelstoke strawberries being
did some excelledt shooting, currying
aiviy eight prizes and the Team Shoot
The following are the results of the
Revelstoke men ut tlie different
Disappearing Target—2nd. Color
Sergt. Donald.
Running Target—2nd. Capt. Smith;
3rd. Corp. Duff; 4lh Capl. Brown.
200 Yards—2nd. Capt. Brown.
200-500-000 Yards — 2nd. Capt
Brown; 3rd. Capt. Smith.
Team Shoot—Revelstoke won by
29 points against  Kamloops,  thereby
exceptionally   fine   and   keeping   up .      ^  htndiome for  tlle
j-H-.l   -..-rwl-T--. Si... 1 .  , •.   i»        -_-.-■ _,-_-.-_, ■ •  -.A      t   .  .      J-LJ-L l-l 0
year.     Tbe   team   reports  having  a
well under the lung exposure to car
riage and oilier trying condition!.
The fruit exhibit is a good one and
thanks to the assistance uf Mr. Hood
of tho B.C. Fruit A Produce Exchange
can hold its own with sny in the fair,
Our exhibit is the only une which
ii making a bid for tourist trallic.
Many enquiries bave been made as to
the tourist routes up the Big Bond,
and the Co umbia Rivor trip by tlie
s. s. Revelstoke, besides all detailed
particulars ss to accommodation for
but ting parties and the best game
oountry. Our mountains have attracted considersble notice from the
Fair visitors snd many have signified
their intention of v.iiling the city for
sight seeing, eto. Tsking it all round
ths Revelstoke exhibit is a feature of
ths exhibition and is doing muob to
advertiie our possibilities in agriculture, mining, lumbering and Iruit
growing as well as our mountain
scenery, sporting, hunting and tourist
The Cslgsry Herald says: "Revel-
itukc hss the big mineral exhibit ol
the fair and shows simples of ore from
the Big Bend, Camborne, Trout Lake,
Ferguiun, and lllecillewaet properties
Boards, sawn out of pine and cedar,
are ou view that are lour feet acron.
These sre sawu by tbs Mundy Lumber
eompsny. The grill work, moulding
and casing of the Revelstoke Lumber
company arc exceptionally worthy of
notice. Nine beads of the gamo of
this diitrict interest ths sportsman,
and tbe fruit interests the farmer.
This district has lately become a groat
.jurist resort.
most enjoyable time during their visit
and speaks in high terms of the
manner in which the l-iimlnops people
entertained them, lt is probable tbat
tho Kamloops team of tbe K.M.R. will
visit Revelstoke on Labor Day in
September. The local shots are to be
congratulated on their success in the
Kamloops competition.
Returns of Coast and Mountain
The British Columbia lumber output and shipments for 1807, as compared with 1900, show sn inoresse of
6,000,000 feet in tho output and a
decrease of 39,000,000 feet.
On the other hand the mountain
in ills decreased their output by 19,000,-
000 leet.
Tbe stock laid by tho Oosst mills
was 80,000,000 feet less than that held
by the mountain mills on Jan. 1st,
The Coast mills shipped just over
50 per cent, of tlieir output, while the
mountain mills shipped just over 65
per cent, The Coast stook at the
beginning of the year was only a little
more than 23 per cent., and the mountain a little under 60 per oent. of their
 , _____ 	
Ule Imprisonment
Boihe, Idaho, July 3,—The Stato
Board of Pardons to-day commuted
tbo sentence of Hsrry Orchard, who
was under sentence to hang noxt Friday lor the murder of former Governor
Frank Htcunonburg to imprisonment
for life,
Premier McBride to Visit City
on Official Business
The Hon. Richard McBride, Premier
of II. C, VV. J. BoiVBer, Dr. Young and
F. J. F.ilton, wbo are on un itinerary
of the Interior, will viBit Rovelstoke
on Friday, July 10th, arriving at 5
p. m. from the south and remaining
till tbe following morning.
The Board of Trade and City Council will be ueked to co-operate and act
in conjunction with the reception
committee. We understand that the
visit is entirely non-political and is
the outcome of repeated requests fiom
the local and municipal bodies for the
Premier to discuss the many local
affairs that have for some time been
exercising the minds of the publio.
Hon. McBride and his party will be
taken over the bridge and shown
other things which the RevelBtoke
public are claiming. In the evening
a public meeting will be held in the
Opera House when the visitors will
discuss the requests put up to them
with the citizens. As it is very important that all interested iu local
affairs should he present, tlie public
are requested to remember the date,,
Friday, July 10th.
As the visit nf the Premier and
ministers ia nf great importance to the
city and its welfare, everybody, be
they liberal, conservative, socialist or
independent, Bhnulil make u point of
coming as ull mutters of local development and interest will be die
Tbe party will leave on the following morning for Field and Golden,
Alpine  Club  Meet at Rogers
Pass, Near Revelstoke
Mr. H. W. Wills, manager, of tlie
Royal Alexandra Hotel, Winnipeg
and Mrs. Wills, passed through this
week en route for VViunipeg from the
Coast. Mr. Wills has been in the
for three weeks on an ollicial trip of
inspection of the C.P.R. hotels.
Mr. Wills stated that although
tourist travel this summer has not
reached or is likely to reach the great
record of last season, it has recently
shown a very substantial improve
ment. Tbe company is now in a
position to handle visitors ut tlio
vaiiuiK mountain resorts, a condition
of affairs Unit did not exist last year
owing so the phenomenal volume of
travel when half a dozen sleeping curs
had to be requisitioned tor use as
permanent sleeping quarters for tourists at Banff.
Mr. Wills anticipates a large in-sem-
I'lage will gather at the Glacier Home
for the annual meet of the Canadian
Alpine Club tu be held in tbe Selkirks
in the Bicond week of July. Ileai'-
quartcra camp will he established in
Rogers Puss, east of the Glacier House.
Hundreds of mountain 'Climbers In tn
all over the continent and Europe will
participate in the mountain-climbing
excursions for wbioh the Canadian
Pacific havo loaned their corps of
Swiss guides.
The Alpine Club camp will open on
Tuesday next, July 7th, and close on
July 15th.
Tho camp will be pitched at Rogers
Pais, near Revelstoke, on tho actual
summit of the pass, an altitude of
4,351 feet above sea level. Immediately turrounding it are Mounts
Macdonald, Avalanobe, Cheops and
Tupper—all are splendid climbs.
Tbo ollicial climbs this year are :
Rogori Peak and Swiss Peak of tbe
massive Mt. Rogers and Mt. Hermit.
It will bo a two-day climb, one night
being spent at tbo C.P.R. but, situated
at timbur line on Hie southern elupe of
the mountain. Tlio altitudo of Rogers
Peak is 10,53(1 feet; of Swiss Peak
10,515 (eut, and of Mt. Hermit, 10,194
Trips will be made to the Deuttch-
man Caves, tbo lllecillewaet and
Asulkan glaoier and other important
The Ladles' Aid of tho Methodist
Church met at the homo of Mrs. Pettipiece on 'Ith street last Tuesday
evening fur their regular meeting.
After routine luiiincss bad lieen attend d to, Mrs. (Rev) Hull read Mn.
Pettipiece an address, expressing the
grout esteem in which that lady is
held ai president of tho Aid, and an
ardent worker for the huciuI and material good uf tbo church and Mrs
Mitchell, aeoretary uf the Aid presented Mrs. I'ettipi ce witli a china fruit
set and case uf ivory handled fruit
knives. Mrs. Pcttlpiooe waB taken
completely by surprise, but replied in
very suitablo anil appreciative wordi.
Very dainty refreshments wore partaken of and tho Aid adjourned to
pass over July and August, and hold
tbeir next meeting the lint Thursday
in September.
Full Basket I
of Groceries
Is tbe best indication of a
home well provided for. Your
orders left here for tea, flour,
butter, breakfast foods and
canned goods generally will
he cheerfully and promptly
tilled and you'll admit that
ours are money-saving prices.
But it is not so much of the
low prices as of ;the high
qualities we would talk :—
B. C. Strawberries
Are now arriving. We are getting daily shipments
and intend, as in past years, to be headquarters for all
kinds of fruits.
Seasonable Hardware
Scythes, Sickles, Whetstones, Hay Forks, Rakes,
Garden Hose, Sprinklers, Grass Shears, Refrigerators,
Freezers, Oil Stoves and Ovens, Window Screens, etc.
Bourne  Bros.
Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament of
the Dominion of Canada
Head Office, .     .    Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL: $2,000,000! Jn^U.OOU .Shares of -JIIOO each with *10 Premium
The Hank uf Vancouver in beiugSurgviixed to inset iu part tho increased banking
accommodation required by the natural and tend) expansion of business coincident with
the great development o the country aud especially of British Columbia, and while
organizing to conduct a general banking business will give special cooperation to the
industries and commerce of the Province, and is beiug established primarily for this
nurpose, and through its connections in Great Britain, Eastern Canada aud the Cuitad
lates, it will be able to greatly facilitate the investment of outside capital In the furious
enterprises of the Province-
It is the intention to open branoh offices at various point! from time lo time as opportunity arises.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
have been appointed Fiscal Ageuts for the Bank at Bevelstoke.
terms of Stock Subscription mny be obtained from them.
Application forms and
A. L. DEWAR, SMrttary.
WHAT!MT Dresse£
going &way
without a new
No sir!
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
At 8 Per Cent.
Zbc flfoativibevalb.
Hl.BL__s__l.Ii   _VK1iNI-.sii._Y ANU SATUIl-
DA-   AT
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before. Railway
.rolii Fisher
Chas. Murphy,
B.-ni.t.r.., Solicitors, Kit*.
_-. X. GlLUS J   0. Kl.l.liil'T.
Omou :   Im .kki.-I.   Hank   BLOCK,   IIkvki
STOKK,  U. I'.
Money so loan. ,      ,   ,, ,.
Offlce-: Rave-stoke, B.C.! Cranbrool-, It. (.
"I.   l'lM-HAM.
L M. I'iVkiiam,   ' j. A. Hakvsy.
-1 rruntii-HiK. It.
J. M. Scott 1X.1I W, I, BrigK-.
Barbistkrb, Siu.iirriiiiM. Etc.
Money to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
.Mini Suiveying
Furnished House in Good  Locality $2,100
Real Estate investment in the City paying 12
per cent, clear profit     $2,500
Modern Residence on Fifth Street  $3,200
Rooming House on First Street  $2,000
Residence on McKenzie Avenue  $1,950
Forty Acres of Fruit Land, close in  $75.00
Per Aero
Building Lots in All   Parts of the City.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
P    A. UAGGiiN.
M ININ..   Bnoiniski.
Member American Institute MluiUfftKutfineew
Member < una.liiu Mining Institute.
Mem. Dominion Institute Associated Engineer
Wkvklktok... II, O.
Examination of nnl Reports on Miuoral Pre
pertift-i lor Investors.
labia Address- "KAbagau," Bovelstoko, B. (
Codes-He-ifonl-McNeill i  More lug & Noul;
Western Union; C'lough.
arch rn-:cts
STRATHi una. Alia. ,V
Rkvelstoke,   -    B.O.
Memlierss Alberta Association nf Architect_.
H. M. Wuiddinoton \V. A. WlllulilNt'.T.'S
Stratticiiuu, Attn Kevelstoke, B.C,
Miningi Real Estate] Business, financial and Shan' Brokers.
Mercantile Agents*
Fire, Lite, Accident, Bin plovers'^Liabi 1-
ity, Guarantee ami Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timbur,
li. C.
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. _*„
£bc flfoatt-lberalb
Tt.ere :- -is iimcli In,.! it, iius best d( u-
.1 . i -.. much „'._. I in tli-i vs.Irtl .st n-
Tfael it htir.lly I-sssIi.m.vb- hii) s.f U-.
To talk «l-.iul tit. rn.i nl ii-.
day of all Canadians should, we
judge, lie worthy of tlie greatest
enthusiasm and ostentatious display, yet it lias taken, and always
will dn ho, we suppose, s'pfond
place to other publio events which
effect more directly our individual
occupations and interests. If wc
claim to be Canadian patriots then
let tbere be no   hypocrisy aboul it.
li   is   gratifying lo
enow  that
Premier McBride bus consented to
visit   Revelstoke   in   ilu
course of
his itinerary and that he will be
hereon Friday, July 10th, for the
purpose of discussing all matters
relating to local utilities and necessities. Revelstoke lias many claims
mi tbe government, claims which
are generally conceded to be of a
perfectly legitimate nature, tbe adjustment of which, if concluded in
ti satisfactory manner will mean a
great deal to the prosperity and
development of Revelstoke, The
premier, who is accompanied by
the lions. \Y. .1. Bowser, Dr.Young,
and .1. J. Fulton, will have to give
tbe public a patient bearing when
the claims which will be submitted
to bim, will be explained and tbeir
validity proved. We judge that
the public meeting held on Friday
will be of a strictly non-political
nature and one at which all parties
-Liiil sects, no matter what their
political bias may be, will serve all
ends better b\ co-operating fur the
good of the city and for the welfare
nf the whole community. Mailers
of local interest only will bo discussed, and the greatest good thai be accomplished will be inl
setting the facts ami details before
tlie premier in a manner clear unit
Concise, pointing OUl what Kevelstoke as ii community, ami noi u
plan for the council to ascertain
thoroughly tbe estimated cost of
nspliiilt and cement walks, such as
are being widely used in all larger
cities; and on inquiries we learn
that many rural municipalities
are adopting tins plan, finding
tbem so much cheaper in the long
run on account of their durability.
Here where wood rols quickly as
it conies in contact with the ground
wooden sidfiwii'l.s ure constantly
in need nf attention, (if only to
shave off the knots its the planks
wear down) and two nr three years
mil lav in repairs would probably
more than equal the first extra
cost of cement or asphalt. The
council in all publio works tbey
undertake, should use good judgment in tho letting of their tenders
to responsible parlies, and not employ cheap and indifferent labor
which invariably turtis out more
expensive in the end.
The Latest Fad
Th.- Merry Willow waltz in destined
to be put. itt tlie shade by tlie " Molly-
codle Twostep." It seems Hint tie
Molljcodl. originated in Cleveland
ami tliis in it description of how it ie
d me.
Cleveland ia to blame fur tlie Molly-
c stile two-step mul tint o uitnginii is
spreading in u web of directions. This
is a disseotion of ils frightful workings:
The young man grubs the young
woman at a point abaft her collar
Theyjdo the "skyscraper clutch "
elevating their interlaced digitB towards the chandeliers.
Tliey two-step,
They reverse.
" They plunge, they   hop, they  dash,
they rush—the young   man  directing
the onslaught nnd lus   partner counting victims.
Revelstoke society will hnve some-
tliing new thi. wuitor in the dancing
line if they practice the uliove.
I,   O.   F-
Court Maulll Bogblc, No. Sllll, meet* 2tul mul
Ilii Holidays in ".I'ltotlows Hull, next t,s Opera
Unitst}. Vlsl'.Itiff lirntliroii oordlally inviloil tu
J.W Qaw.and, c.H.
H. W. KliWAlllis, R.S.
SATURDAY,   JULV   I. 1908
U'e noted wiib coniidereble regret that the ling was conspicuous
by its absence on Dominion Day,
and even publit buildings and in-
■titUtiont which should at any rule
bave bodied tln-.r i"lur-, bud
omitted or negli cted t" show
they   ii   least were loyal and pos>
- .1 the iplril ol  patriotism     If
this had been on the othei side ol
tbe line, there would have lieen a
difference, f"t few nations are as
patriotic and ostensibly -n. as the
American- SVe take it lhat tbe
average Revelstoke citizen is proud
of his country anil would do all lo
gerve it and we judge that Kevelstoke us ii whole iu loyal lo the
province and to tin   Dominion and
the least she   collld   have ilt  was
lo have aoknowledged that she was
full of pride and patriotic spirit on
such an occasion a.- Dominion
Hay. We are too prone here, 1.0
• make a fuss over minor affairs and
forgot wbat   has brought about the
prosperity oi this great Dominion
in which we live. We put il down
to the fact tbat the celebration of
Dominion Day, and Hag llying,otc,
does not ensute or bring in any
material good or have direct benefit upon our own individutrt'welfare.
The  perpetuation   of the greatest
A Journalistic Venture
New conies from England that the
freakiest of newspapers is in contemplation. We wonder how the scheme
would work out ill Kevelstoke.
ll will have a supreme con to nipt fit
tbe law of libel, anil will say just whin
it. thinks in any way which seems best
to it.
Tlie Intention is to furnish the
public with tit. bits of society gossip
and scandal which cannot now be
printed legally, ami a city column inu
on tbe same lines til alumlute frankness.
" The.e will bo no more veiled ref-
erences to rttmors as to tbealli g«l ditli-
mil ties uf a well known firm, which ate
nnderst I to have large commitments
in such ami such » market,"  lays th
Financial New     " The new daily wiil
announce thnt—
The attair- of Messrs, Ji ne- .,,,,.
.-mull uf Hull Thread needle street, are
in a condition of embsrrasmeot. The
tirm was * heavy liear of Yankees am:
n series of political parties, really ,,„, |,,„, el60,000. The partners ban
wants. Party strife and political »u interview with their principal
differences must be put aside, and stock exchange creditors yesterday,
the citizens as a whole should co- at which it was stated thai ths posl'
perate lo secure the much needed tion was hopeles—lonei bu already
ublic works  and   utilities   which  l",||"!
justice demand        rb*  •"""' ;"v' ''■'  "; '"'" "•Dl
...   ..  wul be extended  to  all topiei
ii null ii r
BOme within  the   ranni     ll   ths  newi- •
paper reonrd md disousslon    Pending
ii the Increased  development anc
nriohmenl of the district
c. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp, No.
, Misul-s sist.nii.l mid Koinlli Wednesdays in
oaoli iiiniiili, In Selkirk Hull. Visil In Woodmen mi .liully Invited In attend.
w. ii., Con. Com.
J. MclNTYit-., t'lisrk.
F. O. E.
Tint regular meeting-* ure In,1.1 hi the Halkirk
Hull 1st aud 3rd Tnnsdity i-L ennli month, 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren arneiirdltilly invited.
W. K. McLAlM'11 UN, Secretary.
Kootm-iv Lent       No. ir. A F, & A.M.
The regular meot-
iitKs are held in the
Masonic Temple,
Jdd fellows Ilull.un
the third Monday In
tiooli month at .
p.m. Visiting brolh
eon   cordially   wn]
U. A. H-UliUNlEt., _-.KCUKT.-KV.
Meets evoryThnrsday
evening In Selkirk
Hall at S o'clock
Visiting brethren cor
dially Invited Iti at*
li. I.HMBKB, N.ti.
J. MA'l'HIK, Sto
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
Ho. 26, Rovelstoke, B. c.
except Third Wednesday ot
i-sii-ii isli. in  lite Oddlellows'
Hall    at    8   o'clock.     Visiting
Knights sre cordially invited.
MATHIE, ('. r.
tl. II. HltOl'K, K. of  It. __ 8.
fl Hon. Alexander Mackenzie was one of tne
army of builders who became Premier of
Canada, because be could think straight, and
be straight.
fl On the upward climb, that which helps most
is reading good books and buying good things—
buying the shoes that are made right and wear
right,     it.,,/ p.r Jivi..,,-..
fl The SLATER SHOE looks new always, {or
it's real leather all the way through—and at
$5.00 it's cheaper than a cheap shoe. With
leather going sky-high in price, you want the
shoe that is stamped with the plain price and
backed by  the  Seal of Certainty.
H $4.00 is lk. JiviJini! line b-tw_-n good _ko_, »n_ -help .-ion;
for  t!.i<s-  leather  costs good  money.
q To
rker the Slater Shoe is the cheapest shoe.
C B. HUME & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
We have the largest line of  GOLD-HEADED
n  UMBRELLAS and CANES in the City :
Hastings, Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
of F
is Lin1 time  Lo
itilur your mill
« nuil
l-'ivis hind- mil so it, $1.75 per load,
leliveretl nl nuv point between Ihe
lllll nut! Ko nuv St It el.
Kiln Dried Kinillinu. $250 pet' load.
Order nt offlce nf
Kevelstoke cun it
fiiiin the government, am
oarried out. will ultimately resull
Nuw  tli.ii   the -ale "I   the outstanding 'it\   debentures In
tallsl ii lorilj    iludetl,  the   i or
poriiioii '.in turn Its attention to
effecting loroe permanenl repairs
mi streets and   Idewalki     A -   bs i
come and go  il ndilion of 11■•
streets become worse, and there is
noi a road, itreel nr lano In Kev-
elatoke thai can lay m olaim lo
being in n good stste "f repair. In
every   case  the crossings are too
high    above   tin-   -Ireel   level, oven
lakinc. Into consideration the necessity   of   iiinkiiif,'   allowance fur
mud ._I_rI snOW, The surface is
pitted    with   boles and ilcpn- -ions
and besides being tin- causo of
many anathemas on tbe pari of
vehicle owners and driver.-, look
unsightly and neglected. The oity
will now be very well able to afford
ii rock crusher und wilh tho necessary rock, cotnineiice u permanent
system nl miicatbiiiiised roads.
Some of our sidewalks are gelling
in horrible shape and if not, lixed
up will prove the sliiiiililitiK block
of some individual uud a lawsuit
lor the city.    It would not be a bad
...t-..- .-  ibe  in '•■.u'ts .in. to is- freely
—s .I |d  ;i manner oaleulstad U
take the curls mil .,1   I he  *igl   nl   i lie
.. i . ngaged,
1 only will they bs discussed in
idvam t their progress Irom day
in im iiii demeanor mul trust*
wuri Illness ."I i i tiosiai snd i l_r
oondtiol i ths presiding |udgs will
!•■ sum under oi itio -
" If a wn nesi i- regarded ■■■   i
jurer he will !*■ j,, described    ll the
proceedings   ate   considered   by    tin
oonduotori of ths use   dally to be ol a
blackmailing character the publifl will
not be left, in Ignorance ol Hmir opinion, wbieh will be given In plain
Knglislt at any<o of iin proceedings.
" Hut bow, it. will l" sotki'il will
any newspaper suivlve inr i week
inuiii the libel nntions, proseoutlons,
motions io Riiuitnit.  tin-  editor ami
ut her legal hurricanes   thai,   will   rage
around n journal oonduoted on lines
sued ns lliese '.'
" The answer in Hint, the newspaper
will not be printed in l.iigland. It
will be produced at some   puint uu this
Belgian or Prenoh count, wbioh will
permit of its delivery by the lirst
I.iiiilun post,"
. _»•
KeiKbliiyit am serving ice cream
humbly afternoon and evening, and
have buttermilk and sweet, crenin ou
bund All the tiliii'.
First   Class   Work
t nu of town orders promptly
For Sale
-V-,»_, *♦_, _.*_,
T   *  sr  t
Plaster Fiber
I'.trtn ul.if,
B.  < - FROMEY
Certificate of   Improvements
.im   I!      f il el um    -.f - at- iti IIih    ffoU- li-fcl
Mlnlni iiiv-i'.rt nf w.-.i K"<i. nt) f>Ntr_e(
U i    I I [J . ii Crflwh HJwIn
M    IB in I     Imiu. I*,. (.,»■/,
i. r..i.p |
r«l  !       J    ii    Km HI.   V Ml     liJUell,
n i inu -- _-"'!•' r l R Mik ken/if, K M f! ,V.,
BW-Wfl • ,i ft.,in i.Ik- -i-ti** Iwraor, to
ipplj U-itifl Mlnlni K-'.ni.r i-.r i Ortlflrits of
I n s-'tt-   foi thi i»'ir|r t ribi-ilnlng ■»
,.r'.*ti firirif ■.' 'li-  .in.  - . |4ltf|
And fmrtiis.r '..i..' nnilot tl.i' iMiuii, ttnrltf
..eii-.N  :     mmt   bfi   ronfflflflffMl l-'f'if».  Mm I .hii
unci nt mu ii t -r' ii i ii- ,i [inproTintnlfli
Iki-I thll lAthlU)   ll  I'm"   A.II , IBOH.
it -..itin
-.iilv   tlays   ifiei   data I  Intend in
apply In ibe  tbi'.I   (lomntlssli i of
Lands and  Hoiks for permission to
lllll ellilie      Ibe       following      llesrl Ibinl
Beginning at a pont planted al the
Muni |i-cum| oorner of l<ol No. 8869 pur-
ohased by Julius Uougal, running
west, au ohalnst thsnee south _. I ohalruu
Ilieuee BOSl SO ellllillN;   I belire III it 111 211
ohains to point Bf oomtnenoement.
Dated Juris Mth, |uun.
Kn \amo Wihj., Appiieiiiii,
jiy i I*, pswar, Agent,   |
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new de-
.signs'in carpets, Our stock is
eeinplete, and the colors rich
anil effective, the designs artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown sycli a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon sn much high
quality before.
Jfc HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
Aliinufiir.turod for nil clnsses of buildings
for sale in lur^n or small tiunutities
at the lowest prices for cosh.
. : taring
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
D raying
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and  H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy yon. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, .Spray Pumps
Spray in Material, Out Flowers, etc.
Olile i KMirl shed nursery on the
mill  Inn J   _ I . _,     Catalogue free.
and Seed Houses
II. C.
' ^C^J-^w*^'i_?r___.
_-'%*%*%'• '%%*/*%*-%*/»%'%%'%%%«<%-_-%%*%*% %?
HEAD OKKICK:   Oaloaky,   Ai.bk.kta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Packei-N nnd Dealers In Live .Sleek. Markets in all the piinci
pal Cities und Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon,
Parkers if the Celebrated I.i.ind " Imperii, r" Hams and Bacon,
ani "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lnnl.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
__?/___VELBTOO'  -B. O.
For AfrlOUltnra] InplenOIlUi   CarriuKUH,   Waginii.    Kto.,   John
l)oi-rn Ploilfbli   Mnliuo   WagoiiH,   ('tttimlii   1 'itrriitK"  l-ompiiuy1].
BuffgiMt Pie not jr., Gordon twiiir- Mini cultivatorH, Wheei-
wriKiiJ ond   Uliicl. niiiti   Work   Hltniiilfid   to,    Horrifl BhoeiiiK m
Central Hotel
_;^_a-~__ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly limit        Kirsl-elass in every resiaict.     All modern conveniencpr
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates 81.60 per Dsy, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Fri.    "   10 Emp. Britain
Sat.    "    lSI.k.Cliainplain
Fri.   "   _J_ Emp. Ireland Fri. Jl. 10
Sat. Aug. 1   Lake Erie   Wed.  " 16
Summer Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Clan
$9000   $4875 $2875
IS!. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$80 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets.
Passengers hooked lu Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg arid
all other contine tal ports.
For further information apply to
T. W.Bradskaw,    E.J.Coyle,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver.
Revised  Statutes of Oanada,
1906, Chapter 115
Pursuant to tho above Statute the
Coliiinhia River Lumber Company,
Limited; give notice Unit they have
applied hy petition to the Ooveruor-in-
Council tor approval of the site and
plans fur certain booniH proposed lo lie
const runted in the Columbia Itiver
near (lolden In the Province of Uritish
Columbia, a plan and description of
tlie proposed situ and of the booms to
lie constructed have been deposited
with the Minister of Public Works at
Ottawa, and a duplicate thereof in the
Land Registry offloe at Nelson, B.C.
Dated this iKItli day of April, 1W».
t .U.I'.MItlA   IllVl.ll   LllMHKIt Co., Ltd,
Per.I. I). MiCiii.maik,
my 2-1SI d Managing Dlreotor,
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.      Mest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Ratea $i a day,   Monthly rate.
J\    ALBERT      STO_CSTE3      PBOP.
Queens ftotel
Mest brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
OHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements
Muyinli' Minsk, Minn   ,(.,  Iron  Mini, unit l-inu
Pri-t'iliui  ntliiiTHl  (slalmtt,  nltnatit In tlie
Nrisill ' ikS Milling ,.l Wait Ktintl-
iniy lilsitrloi.
WIiiti' InoKliil:   In tliml iirci-k   Bailll, •illnln-
Inn lhu lltsi-lrli'i'iirntip.
Tako nnttfii that 1, K. Hinltti, F.M.O. No.
I1SH7I2, BKi-nl Inr J II. Maokenil.,1 .M.O. Nu. R
wm ami Arcituir Martin, r.MO. No. B174f,'_,
liiii'inl, sti.My iIhvh Irom iii-ti, lioruol, lo aiiuly
to tho Mining Hmsorder Inr a Cvrtlfloat- ol
lni|irovi'iiiont_, lor the |iiirim„u ol obtaining a
OrowB (Irani ol the above olalmi.
And further take notiee that action, under
-ot'tlou 87. mum bo commenced before the
Ituiuaurte of •itch Ucrtlflisaie of Imiirovcm.nU.
Dated thli unit dav of April, A,11. ISO.;
.ataiilHD-tl '   K. SMITH.
rplIK iillniilliin of lhe l.iimli 11ml Wnrlui Hi,.
I imrtinmit IiiivIiik lii'im illreoteil to lhe fact
1 Imi tnwti IntH 111 a ttiwnsilt- nnmoit Prlnee Rtt
IHirt. ImsIiik a ntibdlvln|iiu of I„,i rj|J,!,,
UoSSt District, altiii-ted nn the nisiltilninl In,,
tweon the minith nf the Skeeua HUor mid K11 nm
Isilnnd, nre lieing olferod fnr anle. It ha. been
dnumod necea.arii lo wnrn tlie public Hint the
jiilil Uiwn- tunleil at Die termlnusi ol Die tlrand
Trunk Paolllr Rallwar, end Ih mil the tumislte
which lit imneil Jolntb by the Oovonimont nf
llrltlsh t olumbla and the Grand Trunk I'aclllo
Itiiilwey f um puny.
r   .. FULTON,
llhlef I'omml.stouer of Lands and Worki,
Landi and Worki Dtparlment,       w my njlru THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B- C
Where Shaking
is Respectable
A Draft off furnace dome, with no other
assistance, ts powerless to oocrconio the
duet nuisance In shaking time. Only surplus
dutt rites of Itself above the fire. Qreat
bulk descends Into ash-pit. and unless legitimate outlet Is therein prodded, dutt will
escape through ash-dnor slits and Into
operator't face.
In "Sunshine" Furnace the
legitimate dust outlet is provided. It's a great big dust-
pipe running straight from
ash-pit to dome, thence to chimney. When big pipe damper
is opened, all dust in ash-pit ascends to dome; then, when
direct drafts are opened, all dust passes up chimney.
Always the clean and quick
dust route in "Sunshine"
Furnace — via grate, to pan,
to dust - pipe, to dome, to
chimney, to open air.
Write to us for
"Sunshine" testimonials
received from your own
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1S!>5.
Wm. Molson M.-CPUEiisuN, Pies. 8. II. E\viNO,;Vice-Pres.
.I.-mks Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four  branches in   Canada  and   Agencies  in   all  parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
liank depot-its, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Gotch   Still   Champion—Local
Lacrosse and Baseball News
Frank dutch is still world's champion cittch-Kg-catch can wrestler. He
won two successive falls on Wednesday night at Seattle from Dr. B. F.
Boiler. On the aggressive all the time
be went from hold to'hold with bewildering celerity, stopping now and
then to rack bie oourageous and ever
willing opponent with his notorious
"toe hold." The first fall was obtained
by Gotch nn a half-Nelson iu 15 mine
and 25 seconds. The second wss in
25 mills, und 54 second., by Ihe same
hold, but in a different iiietlnd. Roller was outclassed in ull respects, net
even having a look in.
Tom Longboat's entry fcr the Oiym-
pia Marathon has been accepted and
Canada has now a gilt edged chance
of winning a inurnihon.
tsir ThoinuB l.ipton bas practically
decided to challenge again for the
America cup.
C. P. Latham is playing good lacrosse for New Westminster. He will
go east alright!
Revelstoke jourtu.l to Armstrong to
play lacrosse ou Dominion Day. The
weather wns sizzling whin tbe Vernon
boys iu purple and line linen lined up
against the green. Verne ti had the
beet of it to the end of the lirst quarter, the score standing 5-0. The greeu
hoys then bucked up and sailed thru'
the Vernon defence in fine style.
However tbeir goalkeeper.hel, ed by the
point, kept the rubber out and at half
time the score stood the same. From
then to the end the game was all Revelstoke, but the Bcore was too hig
■gainst them snd the game ended li-2
in favor of Vernon. The green buys
all showed lack of combination although tbere were many redeeming
leattires. Lick of sullicient practice
lost them the game. Vernon will
play a return here on July 13, Orange
Enderby defeated Armstrong oil the
first ol July at Armstrong hy the
handsome score uf 115. Doth teams
played good hall, but ooBtly errors hy
Armstrong lost them the game.
Tbe baseball match between -Salmon
Arm and Vernon was the best event
uf the Armstrong Dominion Day celebration,, and was anyone's game until
the last man was out. At tbe end of
lho eighth innings the enure stood II-ft
in (avor of Hal mon Arm, but Vernon
pulled up iu tho gutting three
runs, and finishing one short of the
Kill mon Arm mioin.
Next Wednesday eveuiug at IN.Ink.
the Rovers play the Hopeful al bane
ball in a league game.
Kant loops in sending a baseball team
to play thu Y.M.C.A. hero un Wednesday, July Hth at 5 pm. on the Me-
Konsio avenue grounds, All who have
suou   tho   association   senior  players
acknowledge that they know how to
play ball. Kamloops also has a crack
There is some talk of a motor and
bicycle club being formed in Revelstoke this summer.
The lawn tennis tournament will
open on July 11th.
The married against single cricket
match on Saturday last ended in'a
victory for the former. A return
match was played on Dominion Day
with tbe same result,
Paddles  Proved Superior to
Oars in Heavy Current
Frequent and at times animated
are the arguments that occasionally
crop up during conversations among
our old timo citizens and pioneers of
early Revelstoke, and in dilating on
their feats of prowe.s both in forest,
river and trail, these hardened and
seasoned veterans ure only too ready
to demonstrate by actual te-t what
they claim. Such an argument occurred on Monday during a conversation at tbe Central Hotel, Alex. McRae claiming that he could,by himself,
with a pair of oars iu a canoe make a
straighlrr course across the Columbia
in the strongest current, than two
men with paddles in a canoe, from a
given point on one side to a given
point on the opposite bunk. E. Mc-
Heiin and R. Uliickmnrc to ik up the
wager aud engineered by F. B. Wells
the race wus arranged.
The contest created no little excitement and in tlie evening about 7
o'clock a large number of old timers
and others wended their way to t he
river hank. The starting post was
iininediittelv below the bii'ii part of
tlie dam where there is a strong rillle
over the lower pait, and the contestants had to make the straightesl
course anruns the current tu a mark on
the opposite bank
The Columbia is about 600 yards
wide at thai point. Judges were appointed and McRae made the lirst
attempt. Getting away with a bad
start lie lost considerable ground, but
made up a little drifting down again
as ho reached the middle of the river
and gaining as he mured the other
side. McHean and lllsckniore then
started, using the same canoe, with a
paddle each, and getting away in good
shape were able to hold their own
against si ream, edging acmes until the
full current swept them down, but not
so far as McRae. Ou nearing the
other hank they picked up again and
slid into slack water. The two men
thus won tho cont st their lowest
point down stint in being two canoe
lengths better than that of Mcllm .
It is quite piubable that other host
and cauoe races will be arranged this
Good  chairs   for   vvurvone   at   the
"Kilties" Baud.
A Graphic Description of the
Beauties of the Mountains -
—Banff an Ideal Tourist
The Rockies—Canada's mountain
land of the west—form one of her
greatest and most attractive of playgrounds, and this in a land passing
rich therein. Great in the square-
mile size, alluring in ways without
iiumer is tbis Alpine area, where
only two per i ent. Iisb been opened up
by railway or trail, but where the two
per cent, yields such dividends of
health snd happiness as to satisfy the
most exacting of summer day sojourn-
ars. Tbe two per cent, is in itself a
big bit uf world in which one may
renew his b ily strength, reinforce his
mind powers and uplift his spirit us
tlie hills of (Ind uplift their granite
thrones urotnid him.
Fiank Yeigh, in Ihe Toronto Globe
gives tlie following description :
Yes, our Canadian mountain hind
is a wonder world wherein tlie happy
wanderer may climb colossal peaks
and bis picturesque forest trails, or
drive or ride pony back or tramp
through the finest scenery this .-conic
globe can show; where he may live in
a houseboat on a lake of incomparable In iinty. or experiment with the
free life in a bungalow, cuddling close
to a fu.thill; where be may stage it
Over Catiboo ir other (ar Hung trails
ti where the gold gliitcr. in river
gravels or mountain ribs
Or. if he will, he may fUll or hunt,
botanize ur geologize, sketch or paint,
or, venturing futlnr afield remote
from lhe sound nf tbe h.C.motive
" Bhriekini! its material blasphemy"
he may explore a (ar northern valley
for the first time, for many there ate
to explore, as there are many virgin
peaks waiting to be conquered hy
Or he may, if he will—and he will
be wise to si will—enjoy what the
coastal cities and their environs have
to offer, and it is much in itself; all
this, and vastly more, are the allurements held out tj the wise one who
searches out our playground ol tbe
western hills.
Let me sketch more in detail a few
sample holiday programmes among
tbe mountains or their buttressing
foothills. How does a summer on an
Albertan ranch strike your fancy ?
Say on the banks of the Bow river aa
it sweeps on its winding way from the
frontal line uf peaks towards Calgary
and the plains country. Sleek and
well favored are the cattle dining off
tbe succulent nature grasses of the
land, well-fteeced tbe countless sheep,
lithe of limbthe untctbered broncboes.
If you can make terms with a
broncho, then this kind uf u holiday
uu horseback, with tbe ranching cabin
for headquarters, will be worth while
and worth time nnd cost and letting
some other things go. A great natural park area, with ull creation tu swing
around in, the galloping over the suft
earth paths, the joyous tingle of the
nerves, the free nuw uf the bluod, the
deep breathing uf the lungs, the tonic
ol tlie free, earth and sky life—these
are among the delights that await the
holidayer on an Alb_itun ranch.
Then you are near the mountains
ind their Kunanaskis portal,the Three
Sisters guarding the Canmore Valley
on the south. Grim old Cascade,
scarred by the storms ol all the geological ages, basset the valley, making
narrow but not straight, the way into
the government mountain peaks, that
now comprise a total area of 3,450,720
acres. Beautiful Banff ! One uf the
world's fairest Alpine gardens—a picture of forest and river and cascade,
set in a gigantic frame made by a
wore of lofty pctks. What a drive
that is to Devil's Lake with ils ever-
changing views of I.efruy and Cascade
and Sulphur Mountains. What an
intoxicating early morning tramp that
is along the Spray Valley, in the delusive hope of reselling the Twin Peaks
in au hour or two; what jolly climbs
challenge one on every hand; what
everything that makes it worth while
to live the out-of-door life. No wonder
the corridors of the Bantf hostelries
reveal holiday-hunting folks from all
corners of tho globe. They know a
good thing when they eeek out Banlf.
But Banff is civilization, and good
clothes end society, and the social
life, and even these highly desirable
things may well lie left behind for a
time, and they aro left behind when
one hits the trail.
Who shall adequately sing the song
of the bill trail ? The winding way,
turfcarpeted, tbrougli tho forest aisles;
the breath-catching glimpses of guardian giants, the closer acquaintance
witb glacial rivers and wayward
brooks, tbe greetings of the trail-side
Sowers, the greeting., too, of whist
ling marmots aud lazy porciipines.siid
of all the varied life of the high bills.
Unleee it lie—an I this ie a part ol it
—the tented home beneath  the  talk
ing trees and tbe winking stars, the
camp lire glow and glare, tho bannock, and benns, aid bieu- of tea, and
afterwards the perfumed bid of balsam boughs.
And tbere are not a few opened in
recent years by the wise joint action
uf the 0.P.R. aud the Dominion government. Let me tell of three: • To
Paradise Valley; to Emerald Lake
and the Yolio Valley, to the Cougar
caveB from Glacier, near Revelstoke,
and tbe chance render of these lines
will be a wise man if he makes note of
these lines will be a wise man if he
makes note of this trio of trails for
The twelve-mile trail from Luggnn
leads to the enchanting valleys of
Paradise and the Ten Peaks—the
former encircled by Mount Temple
and Seven Sister peaks; tbe latter
revealing the wonder line of ten
towering summits peering into the
blue depths of Moraine lake. Both
vslrs reveal the sublime in scenery.
Avalanches, reverberato down tho
awful cliffs of Lefroy and Temple, of
Delta-form and Fay; glaciers rest
their wintry weight at tbo bases of
the cordillerean giants, Niagaras i bout
and sing their way from icy caverns,
through Alpine meadows, down hillsides and through the valley beds,
and the Jeep-hearted forests help to
carpet the floor of earth and to green
it to match the blue of the sky. the
grey of the rocky palisades and
the sheeted white of the mountain
Then there is the trail fro n Field to
the Yulm, through a cathedral aisle nf
trees bortlered at either end by a
snow ctirlainid sunimir. A turn in
the delectable way and Emerald Lake
talks to you in colors; a still and
steep climb carries you (or, rather,
the pack pony does) to Summit lake,
fr jm whence one wriggles down, down,
and still .'own in the Yoho Valley.
And wbo sha'l do it ju-tice in mere
men-made worm' You must neids
camp over night and 7 it be at the
base of the 1,200 foot 'i'akkakaw or
the 500-foot Laughing Falls, ei her
spot will make you think of another land that is to be fairer than
Up the lifteen-niile floor of the
valley the trail twists and turns, and
back again by the upper way from
where the fortunate pilgrim can look
down into the well of delight and the
eye can comprehend the massive
scenic canvas at a sweep.
From Rockies to Selkirks next, and
from Glacier to the Cougar peaks via
a ten-mile trail tbat opens up yet
another wondrous realm of nature.
Narrow and seemingly precarious is
the route at times, sharp the curves
and steep the slopes before Deutsch
man's cabin is reached and the en
trances to the cave world beneath
into which Cougar river disappears.
Those who love darkness us well as
light will explore this weird underground region of eternal night, and
many maivels will there be seen. Or
he may test his powers o! nerve
and wind and stiength by pulling up
and over the Cougar ice and snow
field tu the series of peaks that make
up the Cougar range. There, on the
sky parlor of the c nitinent, he will be
rewatded with such a vision of an
iinhenval world as to turill an entrance, while it inclines the mind to
If there is a finer sport, than mountain, climbing, and if there be a richer
field for such a sport than our Rockies
and Selkirks, I would like to hear of
them. Not that the Alpine Club of
Canada has been organized with its
annual niountiiiii.cliiiibing camps, a
much-needed stimulus will be given
to this splendid pastime in the heart
of une of the world's greatest Alpine
Tlie tourist will, however, lind
much more on his mountain menu.
If he is a man of family, and, therefore
a man of parte, he will establish himself in a houseboat on Kootenay,
Arrow or Okanagan Lake, aud there
in the heart of the highlands of south
ern Ilaitish Columbia livo and dr-uin
the happy summer days away, or, if s
more active life appeals to him, there
remains staging over the famous
Cariboo trail or around Kamloops,
through the Nicola country, indeed,
in any one of a half hundred directions
and much pleasure lies that way if
tlie roads are not ton dusty nor the
sun too warm in its welcome. Every
such routo reveals new scenic features,
new riinchin -, farming and fruit
districts, new towns, new evidences of
timber, mineral and fishery wealth.
Who is equal to the task of reducing
the potential wealth of our big Pacific
province to tables and flguroB ?
Conservative Convention.
A convention of the Conservative
Associations for the Kootenay district
has been called and will be held on
Tuesday, July 21, in the opera house
Nelson, foi tbo purpose of nominating
a candidato for (Cootenay in the furthcoming lederal elections.
Guard the Fires
Forest fncs me caused, in only too
many instances, by ratlipi rs and tourists who leave their fires unguarded or
are in other ways canle-s about their
fires. Many of those holiday makers
in tbe woods would ne the last pei pie
iu the wurld to wilfully destroy timber
in this ivsy, but yet a lack of cure on
tbe part of some bas often had a most
lamentable result.
Occasionally what seem cuscs of apparently wanton carelessness are met
with. A flagrant instance of such
neglect was shown some time ago by
a party of seventeen campers from
Hamilton, Ohio, in the Timuganii
(Ontario) forest reserve, who broke
camp one morning leaving quite a
large lire burning. The campers, in
tlieir special care, however wore stopped al North Bay, and not allowed to
proceed on their journey until they
had paid the expenses of extinguishing the lire as well as those of their
own detention. .Such cases are, fortunately, rare.
Attention to a few points may save
much loss from this cause. No mutch,
cigar end or other burning object
should over be thrown down iu the
foreBt until tot Hy extinguished,
Camp fires should not be loft, even for
a Bhort time, until one ia perfectly
sure they are "dead out" Fires
should not be built in dangerous
places, such as among leaver, near
rotten wood or any place where they
are likely to spread. Avoid building a
lire against a large or a hollow lug, for
in Biich a place it is hard to know
wheu the fire has beeu thoroughly
i xtinguiehed. In windy weather a
hole ahould be dug down tu the mineral Boil and the lire confined iu this.
The Lake St. J-|iu district, in Quebec, was the scene of a serious fire
only a few days iiijo. The lire was
caused, it ia eupp -•<! by fishermen
who neglected lo extinguish their
camp fires.
AT l)NCI-] - Mm lit d con|ilt* * ith I wo
nr ini'ic  i hiidrtMi n|   M'lit.i I n%-.
I'Yi if   iiv   cil   hmiM', ih:it  hime__t k<mhJ
I 111(1,   C'OW   HI 111  t IMIII I if III s|**st S.   tl'^l'l ht|
with adtquale c«hh -.ilary.   Pur pap- npply io H. Ni Guur^itir,   jl 8
OR SALE— Cabinet Grind   Piano
ihnost new. Apply Mail Hekald
FOUND—In Baptist Ohun h after Dr
Muri nil's lecture, a lady's gold
watch chain. Same may be bad by
applying at office of Mail-Herald.
Notice is hereby given that Hastings, Doyle A Allnm, Limited, will,
three months after date, apply lo the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council for an
Order-in-Council chungine- the Company's name to "Doyle & Alluni, Limited."
Dated the 20th day of June, 1008.
Hauvev, McCarter & Pinkuam,
Solicitors   for Hastings,   Doyle & Allnm, Limited. jly 4 3m iv
FURNISHED ROOM—A well furnished room to let with use of
bathroom and piano, $S per month;
with board, $25 per month. Apply
box 300.
LOAN WANTED-$3.600 wanted
for client. Fiisl-class freehold
security. 10 per cent interest. Columbia Agencies Ltd, Revelstoke.   jly4
l\i for Revelstoke and vicinity. A
good, live hustler cun make good
money during season selling our line.
Apply at once to The Ford Motor Oo
of Canada, Limited, Walkervllle, Ont
mil REE Furnished Rooms to let,
X suitable for housekeeping, or to
let singly, terms moderate, separate
entrance. Apply J. Garland, care of
Hobson A Hell, bakers and grocers.
WANTED — A good canvasser,
Steady posit inn| to right man.
Apply to Hox 1113 Post Ollice, Revelstoke, H. O.
WANTED—First-class planer man
for 13 inch moulding machine,
apply Lee Lumber Co, Ltd., Wigwam,
B.C. j273t
ranch at Notch Hill. Adjoins
railway. Good fruit land. A bargain
Apply Columbia Agencies Lid. Rev
eNtoke, jly I
WANTED TO SELL-A three arte
fruit farm with good bouse
$600 buys it.. Apply Columbia A gen
cies Ltd. Revelstoke. jly 4
WANTED TO LET-Two roomed
shack, suitable for one or two
single men. Rent $8 per month. Also
Six looms McKenzie Ave rent $12.50,
of $850 on ten acres fruit bind,
lu he expended in improvements. Ap-
ply Columbia Agencies, Limited.
Bevelstoke Hospital Society
Notice to Contractors
Sealed Tenders, (endorsed) will be
received hy the undersigned up to
Noon of Wednesday, July I5th, 1908.
for the building of an East Wing to
the Qii'-en Victoria Hospital, Revelstoke, B. C.
Copies of plans and specifications
may be obtained upon payment of a
fee of $10.00, the same to be refunded
upon return of plans and and all papers in good order.
Teiiclers.must he accompanied by a
certified cheque for five per cent (5%(
of the amount of the tender, to be returned to unsuccessful tenderers in
due course. Successful tenderer's
cheque will be forfeited if he fails to enter into a contrct and complete bond
satisfactory to Hoard of Directors for
due performance of contract.
The lowest or any tender not
snrily accepted.
Per B. R. Atkins, Seoretary.
Revelstoke, B.C. (Drawer A)
June 27th, 1008. 4t
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John Michael Doyle
of Kevelstoke, B.C., Manager, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: -
Commencing at a post planted on
the easterly bank of the Columbia
River at the north-west corner of Lot
2771, Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"John M. Doyle's south-west corner
post," thence east 10 chains; thenee
norlh 40 chains; thenee west III chains
more or less to the easterly bank of
the Columbia river; thence southerly
along the hank of said river III cliains
more or less to the point of commencement, containing 10*1 acres or
Hy his agent, Geo. S. McCarter.
Daled ,luiie2llth, IIH is, J27 IIOiI
Carpets and linoleums, a choice
line uf small rugs and mats at 0. B,
Hume A Co.
Revelstoke Land Distrlet.
Dlstriot of West Kootenay,
Take notice that. George .MeCatler,
Hr„ of Rovolstoko, H.C,, Agent, In-
tends to apply for permission to put-
chitHit lhe following describeil lands I
Commencing at. n post planted on
I lie wesi bank of the Columbia River
al lhe Huiilh-cnsl   corner of Lot 8206,
Group I, ICootonay, ami marked
"George McOurtiir, Nr., north-oast oornei posl," thence west 10 chains:
tbenee soutb 20 ehains; Ihence cast 20
chains more or less to the west hank
of (he Columbia river; Ihence null belly along Ibe wesi bank of lhe Columbia liver io tins point of commencement, containing 25 acres more or less.
Hy his agent, Geo. h. MoOarlor,
Dated June 20th, IIKIS, j 27 (Kid
Canadian Pacific Bailway Company
Notice to All Concerned
The footpath adjoining thoColiimbia
River Bridge having been removed
from January 15th, 1007, the Bridge
was fro.u that date definitely closed to
the public, and persons trespassing
thereon, by crossing on foot or other
wise, will be prosecuted.
Bv Omnia.
Revelsto-to, B. C,
Juno 4th, 11108. j 13 lm
rowhe.ul.     Apply     Columbia
Agencies, Limited.
WANTED—Agents in Kootenay aud
Yale for the Globe Fire Insurance
Company—Apply to Columbia Agencies, Limited, General Agents.        2t
WANTED KNOWN-Rents. interest, loans and trade accounts
collected by lhe Columbia Agencies,
Limited, Revelstoke.
WANTED KNOWN-We have for
sale one of the prettiest homes
in the city, half acre of land. Price
$1650, of which only $300 to $400 only
revuired .down and balance can be
paid as rem. Apply Columbia Agencies. Limited.
The members of ECompany, R.M.R.
are hereby notified to attend for company drill every Thursday at 8 p.m.
until further orders.
By  Order,
O. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, M. K. Lawson of
Revelstoke, occupation house-keeper,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted nn
the line of Lot No, 7638, and marked
"M. K. Lawson's N. E. corner post,"
thence south nl nig said line40 chains,
thence west 40 t hains, thence north 20
chains, thence easl 20 chains, thence
north 20 chains to P. Matter's pre-emption, thence east 20 chains to point of
lornmei cement,
MINNIE K. Lawson,
Dated April 6th, 1808. w ap 20
Notloe re Nuisance
Notice is hereby given of the following resolution passed by the Council
of the City of Revelstoke nt a meeting
held on lhe 12th day uf .lime. lflOBl
"Thai the building erected and now
situate on Ixil ll, Hlock I, in Ward 8 of
this city is hereby declined to be a
nuisance and dangerous to the public
wifely and health, and the owner
thereof is hereby ordered lo have the
said building pulled down and removed, notice of this order to lie given to
the said owner by publication ol this
resolution for live consecutive Inser-
iIoiih Iii the Revelstoke M mi.-Hku.-i.ii
and in case of default by Ihe oaid
owner to comply with the said oiiler
within a period of Qve days after tbe
service thereof by publication aa aforesaid, then such pulling down and removal shall be done under the direction of this Council at the cost of the
owner thereof, and all expenses incidental thereto shall lie enforced
against tlio owner Ihereuf."
City Clerk.
Revelstoke, H. C„
June loth, 1U08. jly I
Tlie Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing   ( duiing   stage   of high
water)at6e.ra   on   Tuesday and
Friday, fur Downie Creek and way
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co.. Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for tbe Boat Landing a( 5:30
p.m. on Monday and Thursday and
connects witb the steamer on arrival
back in the evening, and makes
apecial trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
Bailings may be changed withodt
The Prince Mining and
Development Company
Limited, Liability,
Head Otlice: Revelstoke,
British Columbia.
Revelstoke, B. C, June 12th, 1908,
Ol'MENT COMPANY,   Limited,
lhe Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of The Prince Mining and
Development Company, Limited,
Liability, will be held tit the Company's
Otlices, First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
on Wednesday, the Fifteenth Day of
July, 1008, at ihejhourof Eight O'clock
in the Afternoon, for the purpose of
electing officers for the ensuing year,
and for all other purposes relating to
the management of the Company.
The Transfer Book of the Company
will be closed during the fourteen days
Immediately preceeding the meeting.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. 0„ this 12th
day of June, 1808.
Dr. Clv.n Smith, President.
W. B.  Hobektson, Secretary.
Certificate of Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2,
Vivian Luck No. 3, Vivian Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No.  6, Vivian
Luck No. 0 and Silver Crown mineral claims, situated in the Lardeau
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Wheje    located:—At   Head of  Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that   I,   O.  B.  N.
Wilkie, acting   as  agent   for  Hector
Poirier,   F.M.C.   B7486,   and   George
Johnson, F.M.C. B06051, intend, sixty
days froin date hereof, to apply to the
Mining  Recorder  for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And farther take notice that action,
under sect ion 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28lh day ot May, A. D,
O. B. N.  WILKIE, U.C.L.S.
w my27 Trout Lake, B. C.
Certificate  of Improvements
H.* Hope Fraction Mineral claim No. 2.
Situate iu the Trout La ice Mining Division'of
tbe Kootenay District. Located od Poplar
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, Q. J. A. N.Padley.
Free Minor s Certificate No. B M316, iutead 40
days (rum the date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder (or a Certificate of Improvements
fir the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the abore claim. And further take notice that
action uader Section 3. most be commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this ith day of April, 1906.
Certificate of Improvements
Silver Crown mineral claim, situate in the Lar-
dean -Mining   Division  of  West   Kootenay
Where located: -Al the head •( Mohawk creek
hiiiI adjoining the Payne mineral claim.
Take uotice  lhat   I, K. Smith   F.M.C. No. B
l.oih, acting an agent for Bra Gerard, K.M.C.
No. HWSUl, intend, siitydayn from date hereof,
to apply to tbe Mining  Recorder for a Cert 1(1 •
C4iteoMmuroTemeutn. for   the  purpose of ob*
lainiug a . rowu (irant of tbe above claim.
And   further  take  notice that action, under
-eclton T,, must be commenced l*efore the inu*
ituceof such Certificate of Improvement!.
Dtt«d tbii-Ub day ol June, A.D. IM.
etjti *    H.SMITH.
To John Eiinesl, ur to whomsoever he
may have transferred his interests:
Take notice that I, the undersigned,
co-owner with ^011 iu the following
mineral claim, viz.: Gold Fly mineral
claim, situated on la-xingtuu Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division of Weet
Kootenay District, 01 the Province of
Uritish Columbia, have done there-
quired work 011 the above mentioned
mineral claim for the year ending 1007,
in order to bold the same under Section 21 of the Mineral Act.
And flirt her take notice that if within U0 days from the first publication of
this notloe, you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of tbis
advertisement, your interest in the
said mineral claim will become the
property of the undersigned, under
Section 2"> II of the Mineral Act.
Dated at I iiuiborne, B. C, this Uth
day of .May Itsw.
-it my 10 UUI .1. A. Lkwih,
(Impair. "Don's do a
thine " UU rou um clMrlr
what's beet bj aid of
"flashlights on Human Nature"
on Iti-altS, dlMatw, love, mintage and parentan
1 auk a doctor, bol don't like lo
pafea, UluHlrated, M crata; bul to lnt"*l-,__,
It we send one only to any adult tor
10 osata.
ue ____•_»__-atroot.      Haw yorn THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Millinery at ftaif Price
Extra Kine Lawn Blouses,
all this Season's goods. Sale
1 rice about
Half Price
Our Table of Colored Muslin .uui Lawn. Reg. Prices,
20c., 25c. and 35c. per yard.
Sale Trice.
15c. Per Yard
Only a few pairs  of those
$2.75.    Now we are selling
them for
Prices are marked
down all over the
Store on our Stock.
*T» ■♦«  a*fr. .♦_ .*__*_ ."fra j't'a _*fra -♦a tfri **♦*« ■'■'a itt
*+' *V t£i t^j .^1 rj^i tjjTjT W M1 'X' *«+.* \fr
I Spraying J
% Fruit Trees       $
*& You   can   get    all    the *&
Chemicals   for   any    re-  V?
eeip: here  We have them
.Jl- ready and can advise you
<|» the best to use t$f
t*   C. R. MACDONALD        T
,-t-, A ,-t-, ,-f, jtt 1T1 ____ iSfci [i'i 1X11T1 i-Ti 1T1
'_t' '+• '.t1 'J.1 '-t''+' Vp'X' 'f.' 'J.' Ktf '*' 'V
Hahi>—At. the Manse,Revelstoke, on Monday, June 29, bv the
Rev W. 0. Citltlfcr, .lames Haddow
tn Etta Melvin, both of Arrowhead.
Local and General.
The Imperial Bank have opened a
branch at Hosmer, B. C.
F. 0. Gamble, provincial government   engineer, was   in   Golden   last
The school:, broke up on Tuesday
last for the summer holidays and will
resume in the latter end of August,
,1. l'aliner bus just received tbe Bad
intelligence of the death of bis mother
which occurred at Dundee, Scotland.
"Mrs. J, i' Morrison won the liist
prize a handsome rille in the ladies
shooting match at Nakusp nn |i,
minion Day
Capt. 11. A. lirown ol the K.M.I!,
formally transferred tbe command of
E. Company, K M R to Capt, II
Smith, on 1 ue-iiay.
Tbe Harold Nelson Company in the
'Prisoner of Zenda" did not turn up
ui Tuesday night as advertised, conge
•jitentiy there was no play.
Lieut.-Gov. Bulyea,oI Alberta, open-
id the   Dominion   Fair at Calgary on
Monday last in tbe presence ,i   10,000
-pecta'.. r_.    Tbe weather waa ideal.
Lord   Northcliffe. tlie principal pro-
irietor of   the   Daily   Mail and many
other   publications, buss   acquired tbe
-ole   proprietorship   of   the   London,
England.; Times
The Independent Band played in
the roller rink nn Monday nigbt.
There waa .i largi number of skaters
rho took advantage of tbe last night
roller skating tbis summer,
Application    will   be   made   t'. the
Lieutenant-Governor   in   Council (or
in Order-in-OOUncil changing the itrm
name of Hs.-tings, lloyle.V Alluni.l.lil
'" Doyle A A Hum, Limited.
VV. A, Wbiddlngton. architect, .if
the lirm of H. M. am! \V. A Wbiddlngton,   arcbitwU,   ol    Btrathoona,
Alia., ia in tbe   city   with   a    view   to
locating aOd opening ■  branoh office
.n Revelstoke,
I ;.• A Ian bee, ins. tine new motor
..aciit belonging t.. dipt li. r. Mc-
Leonan i>( Vanoouver, brother of J, 1'
McLennan "I   this city, seoured the
second prite in tbe race Irom .Seattle
t" Vancouver "n Tuesday.
Penny poetagt between the United
States and Great  Britiin will become
effective on Ootobei lat. The rate
will be tbe same aa between Great
Britain anil her colones. one penny, or
tWO cent.-, per ounce.
The Bread Question
need mil trouble anyone as
the bread we make is cipuil
to any of the best home
made, and superior to most.
Tell us the quantity and
kind you need and we will
nerve you promptly every
in groceries is practically
pleasing everybody, for it is
the " lady of the house" who
does the selecting and buying in household necessaries.
Willi Ibis fuel plainly in
vi"w we have no hesitancy
In saying that our sIock, in
all lines which go lo Inilk0
up ,t first-class grocery store
is certain lo give general
Mil isfitcl ion. Weawitil your
7l  ! WE   HAVE !  ?
I I)
ST   S
And e i_son
T I < E E T
'paper by
the pound
This in the tight way to buy
yoiii paper for every class ot
Louisine Brand—60 cents per
pound, grey blue nr white,
envelopes to match, 2 pkgs. for
NEXT    HCMK    BLOCK       j
A feature of the afternoon nf ibe
8th of July, Wednesday, will be the
double-header basoball game, Kamloops v. V.M.I' A. and the Kilties
team v.   V.M.C.A.
The residents of C.P.R. Villi- on the
bench overlooking the yards, will
chortly erect ii Hne llag pole and
Haunt the "blood ami guts" to the
mountain breeze. This i- an ideal
location for a Hag staff.
Forty-one years ago laat Wednesday
tbs- Fathers of Confederation formed
the different provinces of tbe Dominion into a whole and since that time
Uritish North America witb the ex-
ceptinn nf Newfoundland lias been
called tbe Dominion of Canada.
In case of a breakdown our local
autoiste will be required t" remove tbe
machine to tbe neaiest ditch, nr bole
in the mad anil cover il with grass
•'Ibis ia now being cut so plenty will
be available; in order that nn burse
may take fright at it pending repairs
— Bylaw
Signor Alii.. Orespi, "f Milan, Italy,
tlie famous Italian mountain climber
baa ariived at the Glacier House froin
Ihe i'..uat.   He will endeavor to scale
tbe  highest   peaks    In     tbat    vicinity
liefnrc undertaking » similar feat in
tin- Rockies He will attend tbe
meeting of the  Alpine Club camp at
linger-   Pais
Misiionary Baynei, of Bt. Stephen's
Anglican   church   announced    t, i bis
congregation on Sunday evening last.,
his Intention of severing bis connection with the above oliuroh, having
forwarded his resignation to the Archdeacon,       lie will   preach bis farewell
sermon on Sunday evening, .inly 5th.
—Blooan Mining Review.
A carload nf hobo tourists arrived
in the city last week.'Hnil after
piirntliug through the city, "seeing
the sights," were escorted by the police
to the city limits on the west track,
and lieing nuiile thoroughly acquainted with the fuel that their company
was not desired in Revelst.oki' pist
An eclipse of the sun took place nn
Holiday last, visible in many parts ol
Canada and United Htates, occurring
at about 8.30 a.m. till noon. It was
sit annular, the centre of the sun
being obscured and a ring of light left
round the circumference. The interest of astronomers hss centred in an
unusual cluster of planets near the
A. B. McCleneghtn of Golden has
been appointed manager of tbe local
branch of tbe Imperial liank
A Praddolini has received the contract for a modern residence to be
built tn the order ol A. E  Miller.
i Ine of the rules of the Alpine Club
camp tbis year at fingers Pass rends:
"It is unnecessary f ir ladies to wear
knickerbockers around the camp lire."
.liibn Hull, of Arrowhead, has taken
the premises recently occupied by the
Red Cruse lirog St.ire. on McKenzie
Avenue, and will shortly iia-n up s
drygoods busineii
I'r A. Knight, provincial dairy and
veterinary inspector, inspected tbe
various dairies ami herds throughout
the Inraltty tin-   week   and   found the
-anie in very good condition,eepeoially
lhe   OOWI Tbe ,■    are    nlie    nr    two
premises that could i_» Improved upon
very much
rhe celebration ol  the   founding ol
Quebec will Ise    in  effect, an iin|»ising
demonstration in in.unr .,f ths. Anglo-
French entente tsordlale For a century and a   ball   ' 'iimbi   was Kn-tich,
Irom the victory ol Wolfe, in 1769, it
bus DM11 under Ibe British llag Nuw
:.IH) years Irom the coming nl Champ-
lain, Canada is Canadian and all Canadians can jinn proudly In this truly
national festival.
We note Hie Knsslatnl Miner is Inr
sale. The Kasln KoOtCnaien lias tins
following    feeling   remarks    to  make
William   EC. Bating, proprietor o( the
llossland Miner, is offering to sell the
plant, goodwill, office ptirp, low-Is and
linotype to one who comes up with tbe
cash.   This is a gmsl opportunity for
any one to enter a profession that is
aboul iih near hell on earth as any
profession can be
An executive meeting uf the Lawn
Tennis club was held on Monday to
discuss thn arrangements for the annual tournament open to any resident
in town The following events will be
played off : Ladies' singles anil doublet, mixed doubles, gentlemen's sin-
Ies and doubles. One prize will be
offered for each event, the entrance
fee being 60 cents All entries should
reach the secretary, A. (1. Brooker,
before Wednesday, .Inly Uth. Any
Indies wishing to enter will kindly
communicate nl once with any one
the ladies' executive, .Mrs, Elaon, Mrs.
II. Cunningham Morris and Mi-
llartlie. The tournament will commence July llttt.
To day is the uri-at day for all loyal
Aiuetiosus, the glorious 4th of .Inly,
lhe great dav of Independence, which
will be ce'ebiiiled where the "shir
optinglcd banner" is flown,
The eighth carload nf strawberries
shipped this season by the Fruit nnd
Produce Exchange of B. C. from central and interior points, passed
through lo the prairie yesterday.
Special meeting of L. O. L., 11158,
will be held on Tuesday, July 7th.
General business and degree work. All
members are requested to be present.
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
W. A. Foote has received the contract fnr the building to be erected on
the site of the old premises recently
occupied by F. Brown's Cigar Store,
First street, mid now by McKinniiii's
Cigar Store.
The 380 lip. Premier gas engine
ordered hy the city from the Canadian
General Electric Co., for the new
auxiliary power plant has arrived from
England nnd will be shortly installed
at the power house. The engine
weighs over -l.'l tons.
Miss Mary Artie McKenzie, chief
bitly superintendent ol the Victoria
Onler of Nurses of Ottawa, was in the
city yesterday making her annual
official inspection of the hospital.
Miss McKenzie will inspect the Arrowhead hospital to-day.
We would suggest Hint a bylaw he
drawn up and put into force whereby
it is mnilc imperative tlu.t all vehicles
and bicycles must use lights after dark
on the. roads and that a heavy penalty
be imposed on all who violate this
regulation. Many complaints have
reached this ofli"e oi vehicles without
lights und the Council will do well to
take some steps in the matter.
The Methodist church Sunday
school and Epworth League presented
Miss Atkinson with a beautiful clock
■ind an ndiii-iss on 'ust Sunday nfter-
iiuoii just lief, re the close of Sunday
school as a token nf Hie esteem in
which that young lady is held as
a superintendent of the school uud a
wo ker iii the league. Miss Atkinson
made a very suitable and touching
The Revelstoke Camp of the O.W.
O.W, bus received notice fr: in head
clerk Stiv. VV C. Fitzgerald that at.
tbe Inst meeting of the head camp
held recently at Peterbur-i, Ont., " The
Woodmen's March," composed by VV.
U. Astle, of this city, was accepted
and officially endorsed l y the chief
executive and mny be embodied in the
military work • f Gumps throughout
the Order.
P. Duffy, of the New South Wnles,
Australia, Fruit. Exchange, is making
a visit to the interior and will arrange
l'or regular shipments of B. C. fruit to
Australia, He thinks tint our fruit
is of the highest, grade and reports
most favorably on thu market in
Australia. Mr. Duffy and L. M.
Hagar, of the II. 0. Fruit and Produce
Exchange leave to-night for a trip
through the Okanagan anil other fruit
What inigbl. have been u serious
OOi ibi'/rnliiin was fortunately noticed
in time before nny gteat damage had
been dune al the Bowman Lumber
Company's-null at the soutb track on
Wednesday e enieg, It appeals ihnt
lhe sparks [nun lhe hurtling pile set
fire to a large pile nf drv slabs ready
for shipment fnr lhe C.P.R., which
rapidly Bpresd tunned by u ininlernte
breeze until a serious blaze looked
inevitable. It was notieedjj hy the
watchinon ut bout a quarter to seven
that evening whu nt once gave the
alarm and the water stt| ply nt the
mill lieing brought into action, keeping ihe Haines down. No. 2 lire
lire btigade were culled out and
promptly go' to work nnd after a
short while the Haines were  Bubdued.
Social and Personal
Mrs.    K.   M.    IImm
is  visiting in
Mrs.    Bethune    has been visiting nt
the coast.
I. M. Doyle left this week for  a visit
tn Calgary.
Alex, McBae is taking   in   the   Fair
at Calgary.
F. B   Lewis leaves   tomorrow fur the
Calgary   r nr
Mr-. Iieut will not receive on   Mon-
d iy,  luly 6lh,
Miss llisyw.sisl   has  left on B visit to
the Calgary Fair.
Mr-   ll    M.   Clark   left on Tuesday
no a visit to .Ni'liuti
Mrs. If, (I, Elliott will not receive
again nil October.
Mrs. I-. V.. Ay liner   left  mi  Tuesday
for a visit in Gulden,
ft. Tapping ieli on Tuesday for
llaniV ami Calgary
M ins Kraoci. Paget ia on a visit
hen- from Vancouver.
Mrs.    11.    R,    Atkins    has   returned
from a visit to Sieamouf,
■I. V. Perks leaves tomorrow lor an
extended trip to  England.
It. ni|ii»rebriggs lelt on Thursday to
attend tlie Kair at Calgary.
Mayor Lindmark returned home
tli if  morning from  Culgary.
Mrs. dudgeon and lauiily of Comaplix werr iu I,..ah ibis week.
0. D. Morris, of Rogers Pass, wm in
thu oily on business tins week.
C. it. Macdonald left, on Thursday
night to attend the Calgary Fair.
Mr. Vlr K inn ii left, ou 'Thursday
nigbt to take in the Calgary Fair.
Mrs. F. 0, Elliott left, ou 'Thursday
for a two months' visit to 'Trout Lake.
Jack Hit bald left on Wednesday to
join tho Imperial bank staff at (lolden.
II A. Brown of Hioamous was in
lhe city nn Tuesday and nets.unpinned
the team representing K, Co.
to Kamloops, computing in the rille
shooting competition there. '
Mrs. Uethtine aud Miss Il'.-lhune
left on Thursday for a visit to Trout
Mrs. ii, S. McC.iti i am! family left
on ..Wednesday iu^IiL on a visit to
Mrs. Jolliffo and duughtur have left
lor a visit to Ottawa and other eastern
F. C. Gamble, provincial engineer
was iu tlie city ou official business ou
Mrs. Anderson and Harry Anderson
left on Wednesday to take in tbe Fair
at Culgary.
The Ladies of tlie Maccabees cushion rattle has been postponed until
July 20th.
Chas. Deutschman paid a Hying
visit to town ou T'-esilay Irom the
Cheops Caves.
G, S. McCarter and T. Kilpatiick
left ou Wednesday to attend the
Calgary Fair.
Dr. and Mr.. .1. C. Morrison Lave
been visiting ut Nakusp and will return home today.
Miss Fraaer, ol Vancouver, formerly
of the local teaching staff, is visiting
her brother Norman Fraser.
L. M. Hagai was at the coast this
week on business in connection wilh
the Fruit A Produce Exchahge.
I. 6.O.F. Installation
At the regular meeting of the 1.0.0
F. on Thursday evening, Hie followiug
officers were installed lor Hie ensuing
year: N. G, G. Knight; V. G., W A
Foote; Warden, T. Page; Conductor,
L, Pronoun; Secy., .1. Mathie; Tresis
VV. W. Foster; Chaplain, W. Bews
W. W. Foster, as District Deputy
Grand Master performed the installation ceremony, after which the lodge
adjourned to the banquet hall where a
sumptuous table wus sprend, nnd
speeches, toasts, music, etc. were indulged in.
Royal Entertainers
The Kilties Bund, which was select
ed fri m nil the hands of Europe by
His Majesty King Edward VII to
celebrate his royal birthday nt Ran-
itriiighaiii, England, on Nov. (Jth,
1894, will give one of tlieir famous
concerts here on, July 8th,
in the Roller Rink.
This will be lhe farewell appearance
of Canada's Pride, as tbey sail to visit
our sister colony, Australia, from
Viiiicouvf r, It. 0., on July liltli.
During this tour, which will embrace
j period et lour years, Australia, New
Zealand, South Africa. India, Japan,
China, Russia, Norway nnd Sweden
will he visited.
The band—fortv strong— is ailg
men ted by the celebrated male choir
tlie famous Clan Johnstone troupe nl
pipers and dunce rs, nnd two giant
drum majors—each over seven feet
Pleasant Function
As the heit of summer advances and
indoor recreations lake it secontlnry
place in the minds of pleasure lovers,
dancing is Intl. little thought of. By
some happy inspinilion on Monday a
number of the young people got together and arranged to Imld au im
promptu dance in the opera house,
engaging the Austrian orchestra that
has hern visiting the city for the past,
few days. A large number of iiuiiii
turns were sent out. nnil with it cool
evening a most enjoyable tune waB
spent The music was somewhat out
of the ordinary, and the sirs, with
which most of us are unfamiliar, were
typical of the Austrian nice, lieing
pleiuing nnd novel, if not in accord
mice with our own ideas of harmony.
An excellent light. supp"r was nerved
nt midnii'ht, nnd the nffuir was thor-
(Highly enjoyed by nil Miss Loretla
Garvin played several extras on the
piano after the orchestra  had   retired.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services nre held on the First
and Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High V ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. RoBary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. JSunday, July 6,
Services II a.m , 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible OIbbs, 2.H0
p.m. Voting People's meeting Monday 8 p in. Prayer meeting Wednes-
bty 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p m.
Methodist—Rev T.w. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
At 11 a.m., niurniiig service; 2 30. p.
m, Simtlay scliu .1 and Bible class,
730 p.m. evening service. Morning
subject, "Life's Truest Fellowship,"
Evening subject, "Righteousness Ex-
.iltetb ii Nation, The sermon and
Other parts of the evening service, will
be patriot!3. The week evening service will !»• held this week on Tuesday
instead of Wednesday evening at 8k.
BAPTIST—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A
pastor. Services at II a.m. and 7:30
pin. Sunday school anil Bible class at.
2.30 p. m Morning subject, "A Press
ing Demand. Evening subject, "The
Great'Must'." II V P. II. Monday at
H Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m.    All urn invited to these services
Knox Pkkhiiytkrian—.1. II. Robertson, II. I)., minister. Sunday services
at II a nt and 7:30 p in. Sunday
school at 2 30 p.m Tins pastor will
prnncli nt Isitb advices.     Good music.
Ht Peter's Aniimuan— Rev. 0. A
Procunier, M.A., Hector, 3rd. Sundny
after Trinity, 8 n. m. Holy Communion, II a. in., Matins, and Holy
Communion. 7.30 p. m., Evensong.
Sunday school 2 30 p, in.
Go to C. II. Hume A Co. for your
mattresses, pillows and bedding.
Get prices on wall p.ipcr at Howson's furniture store
Wall paper, window shades, plain
and iliti.iirnt.ivc burlaps al C. B. Hume
A Co.'i.
Drawn Linen
We can show ynu the daiutiist line of Hand Drawn Linens
that you would wisn to Bee. Shams and Table Covers, Sideboard pnd Dresser Scnrfs, Doilies, etc, iu many different
designs and at very low prices. We also have a Urge amount
of these articles in
Battenb erg and
Swiss Embroidery
nnd you will find them just what you need to freshen up your
rooms for the summer.
3     V»".      '-;;
Linen Tea Cloths
These come in pretty Damask ■, some plain and some hemstitched in different widths and in all
Von can save money by buying at
McKenzie Avenue.
Hoot Mon!
Auk Comin'I
canada's greatest concert band
It lias lieen twice commanded tt, appear before King
Edward VII, fresh from their triumphal tour of the
I". IS. A., and Old Mexico, en route to Australia, India,
China. South Africa, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, on a l-yenis tour uf the world. The most colossal
musical organization ever launched on such a lour. This
famous baud with dancers, singers, pipers, etc, will he at
RESERVED SEATS, $1.50    ______
Vm   ■   i--»-««-_-*_----_-s-M_s_-___-_---__--_.-«_---»_i i ■!_. /
Tooke's Sbirls in a very large mnge in  beautiful colorings—
|125 to *3 75. .    '    '
Star Brand Shirts  iu all  tbe  laligt  patterns—$1  to  $2.50.
Crescent and English makes—$1.00 to 9200.
Tennis Shirts in White or Mesh f 1.25 to |2.75.   Fine 8ilk
who can eat Manning's candies
without having some little feeling of gratitude for the donor.
Of course you've got to fight your
own love buttles, young man, but
our confections you'll find to be
a strong ally in your wooing.
Haiojit'. Candy Palate
Certificate of Improvements
Nktinkuin, I Iiiiiiiii iiiiim in and Buck-
horn l''iiiiiinn Mineral Claims, situate in Revelstoki! Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located:   On the ninth side of
Cougar Creek.
'Take notice that I, William I. Bi iggs
of   Hevelsloke,   11. C, Soilcltoi', Free
Miner's Certifloate No. BB.288, acting
ns agent for and on behalf of His Ma-
jest y King Edward VII, in Ihe Right
of the 1 )i hi ii 11 ii si i uf Canada Free Miner's Certifloate Ni..UWI2S7, intend sixty
days from dale hereof to apply tn the
Mining llecuider fnr Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
claims. j
And further take  nolice that action
under section S7 must lie commenced
In-full- the issuance nf such Cei tillcaUab
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day uf July, HUW.
Jly I W. I. Bkiiioh.
For Sale
Dry cedar  cord   wood—RcveUtoke
General Agencies  Ltd.
Howson's furniture is overstocked
in carpet rquarcs.     Now is your time
tu make a selection.
Howson's furniture store' is tbe
place to get carpet squares, linoleum
and all bouse furnishings.
eard of Thanks
Toe Ladies' Aid nf the Methodist
Church wish to tender their thanks to
the Independent Band fur their services on Thursday night laal on the
Lindmark lawn,
■   " ■/■ 4'	
Pioture framing at Howsoiia. fur-
nitui- store. ,


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