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The Mail Herald 1908-09-30

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 '•Empire" Typewriter
Fur esse (if operntiui] unit perfection
In r's-ulii. |,r .tliiei'il, t iii.. machine
is U'shmr,,.-sni     Prills., $liil()() tush.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Shecinl Prices on
Five Cord Lots
E. W. B. PAGET, [MoKenzie Awe.
Vol. 14.—No   73
$2.50 Per Year
provincial" Library
C. B. Hume & u)., Ltd
Stor;_ ut Air-..-head antl Revelstoke.
CoocivxA--uV/_Et.T .Saint
Special among our Fall Shoes is this
shoe as cut. This is a medium weight Shoe
made in Vici Kid and Box Calf. For a shoe
for men who wear a medium weight all the
time, it cannot be beat,
Ladies' Blucher cut Laced Shoe with soft
kid mat top and plain patent front. A lovely
shoe, very dressy and neat Goodyear Welt.
Boys' Patent Leather Blucher Laced Boot
a nice little Gentleman's Shoe.      New style
toe, Good vear welt.
Misses' New Style Patent leather
Shew welt, Fancy Tan Top and large
eyelets, one ol the season's novelties.
A very dressy shoe for voting ladies.
Buy " Peter's " Overalls, Union
nude, and live up to Union principles.
Wear Hansen's Union made Gloves
and you not only have the best glove
made but you are living up to the
Union requirements.
IC. 13. HUME & CO., Limited
I 8tores nt Kavelatoke and Arrowhead.
We have as ii.iintl g"t one ol the bent assorted stocks of
Sporting Goods in B. C. In tiie imall "Arms"we lime
ul: tlie 22-calibro rilles made by tlie Winchester, Savage,
S-event! and Hamilton Arms Co. In the military and
sporting sizes we have the Rusa Rifle, Savage 30S, Winchester 308, 80 w.s., 32 Spec, 30-30, 38 65, and all the
moat popular anus made.
Shotguns, single mut double 1 arrellcd—Parker, Ithica,
Winchester ad Stevens makes. Loaded shot shells in
all the best makes. Military cartridges in Canadian,
English ami American makes.
Shooting Cats uml Vests. Bags and Cartridge Belts.
Tents in all -'./••.    Knock-down Camp Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Haad Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Until further notice this Bank will be
open C. P. R. Pay Night and following night
each month, from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Open every Saturday evening from
7 to 9. p. m.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
J II S T   R K C K I V E 1)   A    FEW   SAMPLES
I intend sending my order for  Kills at the end  of
Anyone wishing to order any  special  l-'ur can  enn
see Catalogue and got prio-i ut ilm Store before then.
Opposite Climax  Hotel, Kirst Street.
Stirring Addresses by Orange
Grand Officers.--The Power
of the Pope Denounced.-
Meeting Well Attended.
A large number of Orsngenien and
ottierB interested in the organization
attended at the Opera House last
night in hear the addresses by Mr. J.
W. Whiteley, provincial organizer of
the Orange Order and Riv. R. J,
Mclntyre, provincial gra d chaplain.
The Rev. W C. Calder took the chair,
and after express-big pleasure at the
number present, especially the ladies,
wbo could do much to help the Order,
proceeded to explain the origin and
objects of the Orange Order and show
why it was unpopular and misunderstood by many Protestants. Tne Order
was not formed to attack or abuse the
Roman Catholics but to offset Rome
in her politics and the Orangemen are
called upon to stand by each other
when ibis becomes necessary. A good
work in being done for the country's
benefit. Touching on politics, he eaid
that the L. 0. L.was independent and
stood for honest, clean govern ment, no
matter which party Wss in power.
Honest, independent, nun party men
were essential f.'r the welfare of
Canada' He affirmed that the Province of Quebec was controlled liy the
Pope nnd was a menace to the liberties of Oaimd i and pointed out that
the Order would opp sse Rome in lier
schemes for political control of Can-
da. He accused Sir Wilfrid l.aurier
as being in the bands of the Italian
prelate which was a revolting iilea to
the liberty-loving public of Cuna'lu.
The Orange Order was religious and
made men faithful and good citizens.
He denounced those who claimed thnt
the Order was n drinking one uud
explained tbat it upheld civil ai.d
religious liberty. Ilecomplained that
the 12th of July meetings were net
taken more interest in and said that
the meetings should be held in a hall
and not in the open air. In conclusion he urged that the people carry
on the noble work ol tbeir predecessors who had sacrificed all for
litieity's lake,
J. W. Whiteley thin proceeded to
explain the work that the Order waB
carrying on, elating that he was organizing new lodges and reviving ones
thit had goi e down. He denied that
there were any obligations in the
Order which would be antagonistic to
fellow citizens and explained that the
12;h of Julv was nut intended to
abuse or insult the Roman Catholics
but rather a celebration of tlie securing of religious and civil liberty. The
Orange Order was not a political one
beyond certain actions relating to the
liberty ol the people. It supported
principles liist in government and
stood only for clear, independent rule.
He pointed out that the Order was
unfairly criticized and vehemently
affirmed that there was just aB much
need for tbe Order as uf old since
Rome is workiug just, as powerfully if
more secretly to secure her ends. Mr.
Whiteley then read several extnets
f om the Roman creed showing its
objectionable ideas and explained that
the Order did tot object so much to
Rome's spiritual as to her temporal
power. The Roman Catholics were
40 per ceut. il tbe whole population
of Canada and the Pope bas power to
absolve these from obeying the civil
laws, which thing Rome has put into
practice in (Quebec. Borne plays upon
the superstitions ol the people and
educate them so far as they think tit.
Mr. Whiteley then gave several
instances of Human control during
elections in the east. He denounced
the sale ol indulgences and pardons
for crimes and explained bow Rome
had killed and tortured her people fur
not fully obeying her faith. Rome
demanded that her people must have
no mind of their own, but do what
ever she tells them; tbey must not
think fur themselves, but must be
absolutely submissive soul and body
under penalty of persecution for any
He urged that a Protestant premier
be placed over the Dominion who
would give equal rights to all churches
He pointed out that already one-thiid
ol tbe Canadian people were under the
power ol the Pope, which power was
spreading westward. He showed bow
tbe balance of power in Canada was
held by the Roman Church, hy colonization agencies in Alberta, etc., and
that education had been made too expensive in these provinces so that the
poor people could do nothing but submit,     lu   conclusion he urged all tu
checkmate Rome by joining the Order
pointing out that Orangeism stood for
imperialism and close contact with a
Protestant King. There were 55
lodges in B. C. and with a total membership of 2,000,000 all over the world
and the Order was progressing.
The  Kev.   K. J.   Mclntyre on rising
enlarged on   the   great  and rich heritage of the Canadian people. He urged
that Rome must not dominate Canada
nor th.  pi' plo bj rulod and persecuted
l by   I'.|i ■    iftei living   corrupt   lives.
The    P. j' y     was    the    reeuguized
enemy of liberty in the early days and
people turned to   William to   destroy
the power of  Rome and England
from    the   terrilile    Papal   iitllnences
The   Orange   order   booh   spread and
grew, being   established    for   lhe free
doni of thought., speech and conscience.
RiniHii Catholic  children are brought
up to obey the Faith, and believe that
Rome   cannot   err   in its teacbing or
workings and the people must not. think
for   themselves   but obey the voice of
the  priests  on all issues.    Mr, Mclntyre urged that religion cannot be pro
pagated  by  force  and went ou to ex-
pltiin   the  frauds  of   indulgence and
prices paid for forgiveness of sins.   He
denounced   tho   practice  of transub
stantiation  a<   ridiculous and pointed
out   huw   ninny   countries   liml sunk
under the Romish doctrine   "Canada,"
he said,   "will   lake   her  place among
the greatest, nations il   proper ri lig'ou
is   used."      The   English    throne   is
fou,.iti it   on   Protestantism   aid   the
Battle uf  the li yne was a triumph i.f
mode n or mediaeval rule.      He urged
all   to   stand   true   to just principles.
The Orange Order will  m.ik i 'e men
in the coming   el, ci tons nnd   if   their
principles   are   good, the   Order   will
support   them   whatever   party   tbey
belong lo.    Iu conclusion he snid that
the Pope   must   never   be allowed to
dictate tbe laws of Canada.
An interesting programme of music
furnished by Mesdames Dent, Bews,
Cameron, and Misses Byrd and .McKinney, and Mr. Leleaux between the
addresses was much appreciated. "God
Save the King," brought au interesting
meeting to a close.
Strikebreakers Too Free With
Revolvers.--The Situation
The freedom with which revolvers
arc exhibited by C.P.R, strikebreakers
and their special police is declared by
the strikers to bo one of lhe most
aggravating features of tbe strike.
Apparently every man employed in
the shops considers it necesBury to
carry a weapon uud they try to throw
awe in the hearts of the strikers by
tightening their coats so as to show
the pickets the outline of Iheir re
vulvers, or tiy throwing b*ck tlieir
emits so that tbey can sec the butts.
The rase last week of a Bo-called
special constable who without any
apparent provocation drew a gun on a
trainman in the yard precincts has
created particular interest. At the
preliminary invBtigation, after the
constable bad been charged with
drawing his gun, there was nothing to
show that he had had any cause and
also it was proved that tbere was a
doubt about his being a C. P. R. constable at all. The trial was postponed
in order to give him time to prove
that he was still acting in his official
capacity. At the second hearing it
appeared that the man had been
employed by the C.P.R. as a speci. 1
constable, but bad resigned. Evidence
being doubtful the man was lined 1)125
and ousts, and his revolver, which was
a handsome weapon, cnuliscaied.
Engine 914 took a little spin on its
own account at Kamloops ou Sunday
and landed nose first in tho turntable pit. Engine 400, after taking
about six weeks fur light repairs in
the shops, left Vancouver for North
Bend with a train, and it took tier
nearly 15 hours Ior the trip. She
came back light and occupied 12
hours for a trip that usually takes
Irom Ave to six hours.
Tbe Winnipeg board of trade is
pressing the government to force tl e
railroad company to transport grain,
which, it is alleged, is blockaded in
many sections.
Edison Parlor Theatre
Tonight and Thursday's programme
will include the famous and well
known Irish drama, "Sham us O'Brien.'
Illustrated Bong, "See Saw." "The
Enchanted Pond," a beautiful colored
film. "The Baboon," and "The Cupboard," full of fun and comical incidents. A complete change of i ru-
gramme on Friday and Saturday
including tlie latest, new colored film
"Japanese Butterflies," a beautiful and
striking picture.
Steamer Wrecked.-Big Meeting.-Martin in Victoria.--
Fatal Train Wreck.-C. G. W.
Hamilton', Ont., JSept. 30.—-The
worst wreck in llie history of the
Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo
railway occurred at 0 o'clock yesterday morning near Mineral
Springs, a nhort distance east nf
Copetown, a train crashing through
a bridge which had been burning.
Three men were killed and one
seriously injured nnd thousands of
dollars worth of rolling stock and
freight wrs destroyed.
Toronto, Sept. 30.—A fatal
wreck on the C.I'.R. took place at
Islington Saturday when two
freights collided in a fog. James
Kendall, of Chatham, was killed.
He was fireman of the eastbound
St. Paul, Sept. 30.—In spile of
all contradictory reports concerning the purchase of the Chicago
Great Western by the C.P.R. the
transfer is now accepted as a certainty, and the passenger department is busy preparing new maps
and time cards corresponding to
the ,; Soo " line connections here.
Victoria, Sep1 30.—Mr. Joseph
Martin, K. C, In- announced his
intention of being a candidate in
Victoria at the approaching elections.
Seattle, Sept. 30.—Steamship
Humboldt, with 38 passengers
aboard, bound for Skagwav, Alaska
went ashore this morning in a fog
at Aceive Pass, Vancouver   Island.
Cheap   Power  Wiil   Soon Be
Supplied Throughout City     '
Rovelstoke can soon lay as just a
claim to tlie name • ( the Electric
Citv as Nelson can, and now that the
electric power lias been installed the
possibilities as 11 its use and convenience both in ll-. factory and
home are practically illimitable.
Among the ninny articles that can be
operated by electricity in the home
are tea kettles, chafing dishes, warming nans, hot water and coffee urnr,
broilers, sad irons, disc beaters, stoves,
toasters, polishing iron , ovens, radiators, percolators, sterilizers, nursery
bottles, immersion coils, sewing machines, motors, cignr lighters, and last
but nut least, curling irons; iu fact a
thousand and one useful and time and
dirt saving devices for the home and
odice. After all it i. a question of
cosl and what cost means in this
connection is well illustrated by the
following statement as to what one
cen t'B worth of electricity will do:—
It will operate a small smoothing iron
(or 45 minutes or a large household
iron Ior 25 minute., It will boil
water live times -r wiiiin milk ten
times ii. a pint water he ter. It will
run a ti-inch s-tove for 15 minutes or a
dialing (list) during one operation It
will percolate IS cups of coffee, run a
broiler live minutes, keep a warming
pan hot for two hours, run a 16-inch
fan or two hours or heat a curling iron
every duy for a month, etc. If the
aim if the eity is backed by citizens
and ot the civic authorities make it
north the peoples' while to buy power
a tui use it as afore mentioned there is
indeed little doubt that the birth of
Rev.lstoko as the '■ Electric City " is
not very far off.
Awaits the West as Result of
Crop   No Hectic Boom.
MON-BBAL, Sept. 20.—Mr. W. It.
Maclnnes, freight traffic manager ot
tha C. P. R., returned to Montreal today after an absence ol two months,
during whioh time he made a complete tour of the company's lines in
Western Canada. Thero is evidence
everywhere, he says, that thia year's
splendid harvest is bringing back prosperity to the west, but thero is no evidence of any boom, nor is there likely
to be.
Ladies Hospital Guild
The annual general meeting of the
lilies auxiliary to tho hospital was
held yesterday alternoon in the cily
hall, the following ollicors being
elected: Hon. Pros. Mrs. (1. 8. McCarter; President, Mrs. W. H. Elson ;
1st Vice, Mrs. J. J. Porter; 2nd Vice,
Mrs. R. H Urquliart. The secretary
and treasurer have not yet been appointed,
Yon Will Wait
If you wpit with the expectation or hope of finding better grades of Teas
and Coffees than we are
now offering to our customers.
Both are chosen on account uf their select quality and laitli give
the greatest satisfaction tr those who ore used to the best.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily
Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Apple*. Plums, Pears, Peaches,
Green Corn,'I'siiintoes, Celery. Cauliflower, Cabbage. Cu-
euinbers. etc.
Hardware, Gtoves, Paints, Etc.
We have a line of Fishing Tickle, Guns, Ammunition and
Camping equipment—the best Stoves anp Ranges on the
market. Sherwin-Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes and
dry colors.
Bourne  Bros.
jir Swell
In the cool evenings to come, not only will one
of our tony top coats look well hanging from your
shoulders, but it will keep off that chill.
The earlier you buy your clothes the longer you
have the use of them.
Fabric, tit, finish, style, prices—these are the
five things to look out for—one for each finger and
your thumb.
When you go to buy an Overcoat, Raincoat or
Suit of Clothes, look at your thumb and let it remind you that it is a duty you owe yourself to come
to our store and see what good clothes we can show
We also carry the best assortment of Men's and
Boys' Shoes in the City.
McKinnon CS» Sutherland
Money to Loan
At 8 Per Cent.
Concludes Its Labors Most Satisfactorily
The court of revision has flnislnd
its labors and few if any of the people
besides companies and corporations
doing business and having land in tlie
city limits have bad any specific or
real n ason for complaint against the
manner in which Assessor Kield lias
done his work. The roll bad practically to lie entirely revised. The land
values and assessments generally have
been raised and tbe increase uver last
year   is   considerable.     The    C.P.R.
assessment was satisfactorily arranged
and sbuws a big increase, tbe bedding!
etc., a|»rt from the hotel and residences uu the hill, being assessed at
$57,400, ur an increase over last year
of 111,400. The land has correspond"
ingly gone up in value aud shows sn
increase of $10,387.50 ovsr bst year,
tbe assessment tbis year being .24,-
As regards the ana*, ss in eut on property outside the city limits for sohool
purposes, there bave betn no complaints of my sort, although tbere bas
1-een a treble increase. Taking it all
round the total raise on (he assr-as-
iin nt over last year is very satisfactory and the list is now as up-to-date
Gbe n&a.Ulbcralo.
Barristers, Solicitors,   I'
ParliamenMiv,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mubphy.
Hauoiji Fisher
Barrial*?rs, Solicitor., elc,
, s. .1 c nt.Liim
_L1 ANU PI       HAM,
WsricKi, :   isii'EKiii.   Hank   iilock,   Hkvei.
Money lo loan. i.
Wco.: Kt-veMoke, H ('.    t'ruLbrook, B   , .
'JKo. ri. .Mcl'AKTKK,
V.  Al.   HlNKUAM,
Im ■. ,.-, is   (J.
J. A.   llAltVKY,
Cranbrook, 11.
J. M. .-.,  I.I.
_00TT   &   UR1GG.S
W. I. Brings.
Hakkistkrs, Solicitors, Ki
Moke, to Loan
Solicitors for Molsonu cIan
F.rst .Street.
Reve ■ ioke, P. u
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Siuveyir
i'lugiiieei n ft
McKenzie Avexve,
Hox IOC, Revelstokk
Banff Hard Coal
We arc now receiving a full
cliff .rent sizes of this Coal,
mestic fuel on the market.
supply of the
the   best  do-
All orders will be promptly  and  satisfactorily attended to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open Grate.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Certiflcaled Teacher of
Piiiuo. Vociil Theory.
Musical Kindergarten
Olasses for young children.
SunlUi ovei-
Stkathcona, Alta.
vel8tokh,   -   h.c.
Meaib-^rs Alberta Association of Architect.
H. M. Whiddini.tos
Strathcuua. Alta.
W. A. Whidijinuton
Rovelstoke,!.. V.
A new
A real
The big
Zhe flDa.lviberalfc
TumE> aiucU bud iu u.u be-l nl u_
Au.i so uiucb ksk,J iu ihe wotst ul as,
That it hardly behooves any of ds,
To lalk aboul ths rest of Us*.
Discussion   about    encouraging
industry i? too often indulged in
without considering the character
of the industry or the nature of
the encouragement. If Kevelstoke
wants to make the progress s-he
should in Ibe commercial tiekl she
will have to hustle and advertise
far more than she is doing at
present. There is not the least
[jarticie of reason that our city
Bhould take a hack seat ami allow
others who possess a community
energetic and pushing enough to
blow their own horn,to walk ahead
oi Us and make a name for them-
•i-lves. No stone should In- left
unturned hy our people to place
Revelstoke ig big letters liefore the
world and what other Kootenay
towns have done, surely we can do,
and go one better. And yet the
Consideration of whether a new
industry is good or had, and if
good, whether it is encouraged in
a good or had manner, i- essential
to the attainment of the hen results The greatest good, not
merely of the greatest number, hut
of all, is the only excuse for a
municipal government in any
manner encouraging any industry
whatsoever. The manufacturing
of food products, wearing apparel,
of building supplies anil necessaries
are therefore of paramount importance. To Fpcure theso industries in the city, the hest bonus is
municipal cheap power, which
Kevelstoke now possesses and which
inlucement to industrial establishment should not he hidden from
the commercial world through lack
<if advertising.
One of  the principal  subjects ol
discussion   which   came up before
t'ie convention of  the Alberta and
i_UterD P.. C. Press   Association at
Nelson last week was that relating
to patent medicines, their use anil
abuse, as well as the great responsibility tlmt newspapers assumed
in advertising such medicines to
the public. In many cases has the
patent medicine advertisement been
instrumental in bring ng about the
exact opposite of what it was intended should happen antl newspapers, in a measure, arc indirectly
responsible for the harm that has
often resulted. If statistics could
only he obtained it would undoubt
edly he found that patent medicines have slain their tens of
thousands. The very way these
patent medicines are worded leads
impressionable people to imagine
themselves arlltcted with ills they
do not possess. Especially amongst
children arc the ravages of this
modern Moloch to be found. Worn
en with ailing children, and especially those unable to prociv-u the
services of a physician, rush to the
store und purchase thut which
often seriously undermines the
health cf their offsprings, if indeed
it has no immediate evil effect.
The sale of these remedies should
be so regulated as to protect the
unsophisticated against the wiles of
the fakir who makes his fortune
out of gullible men, women and
children. There are valuable specifics which need never fear the
light of investigation.
What Alberta  and B. C. Newspaper Men Think of Our City
A large number of the editors and
press men of Allierta antl Eastern B.C.
who have been attending the convention at Nelson, returned home on
Saturday via the Arrow Lakes ami
Kevelstoke,      The   trip   tip the lakes'.
elements  tbat  read  success."—L    E
Davis, Journal, Carstsirs, Alta.
"I don't know enough about Revi I-
s'oketo allow my 'think tank' to develop great prod ndity. What I see
in a casual visit leads me to believe
that Kevelstoke bus a future
before her an.l will develop with nil
the tine inter-mountains through
which we have passed since leavit g
Cranbrook. I am pleased to note the
civic improvements going on. Civic
improvements denote gem ral pro-
gresBiveness."— D. H. Elton, Lelli
bridge Herald
"It, is a city well established Cue
of the cen I res of the great fruit belt i f
B 0. Picturesque. OveiBhadowe 1
by the everlasting hills, some of ihein
of them snow clad and mijestic. The
people are hospitable and the climale
superb. Here's to Revelstoke."—Jno.
A Carswoll, New, Red Deer.
"Revelstoke—'The Gateway ot the
Kootenays'—certainly does luok good
t i me. The spirit of progress pervades
tlie very atmosphere, and ub a fruit
raising and commercial center I believe site baa a great (uiure."—T. It.
Sclmoley. Laconibe Advertiser.
"Having spent only a few hours in
your city 1 cau only say what conies
to me at lirst glance. Your city bas a
beautiful location among the mountains and seems to be progressive and
up-to-date. 1 like it."—A. VVylie,
Kevioiv, Olaresholm, Alta.
"Revelstoke is a town with a future.
This is no hot air, but the 'pure dope.'
It wants twu things—a daily paper,
and   a   water   wagon.    So long.    Get
next."—E,  L. Thomas, The Oamrose
"From a Tourist's point of view:
The Revelstoke district with its waterways, mountains, railway and hotel
accommodation, and breweiy—i specially th latter—it is ail 0 K. from a
'Baldbeaded Prairie Sative'point of
view lis delightful to sii town under the shade „l the fro., trees, to
bathe in as hot spring u. ,.er_, and to
bask in its perpetual sunshine.    Prut
was much appreciated nnd the n ....    , .   . _,
v' an Editor's point of view     The Mail
expressed great interest in the scenery
and pronounced i great, future (or the
Kootenays. Oo arriving at kevelstoke the party was met by V. 11,
Lewis, president of the Hoard   f Trade,
years the  Camt t.   Mail and the Lor,
don Mail  trill -ictiange with itadailj
issue.     Merc's ;..  Editor   Morris and
■ jressive spirit "—T.   lie-,
who   welcomed   them   to the citv and   -.,            ..,     „ ..   .,
_                                                    ,               Ilium..   . | -,   Mail
uttered  to  arrange  trips
on   the i
Kevelstoke up the Bend. He stated
in a few well chosen remarks wlist
great resources the Kevelstoke district
iuul and invited the ed'tora to spend
u few days in the city
Capt. TbomM, on hehal( ol the
prMtn)M), warmly thanked Mr Lewis
(or his kindness, but said that as they
had to   return   home hy the Brat train
ii would he impossible.
The few hour- the edit,,rs Hayed In
the city thy made good use ol md
made a thorough inspection of illicit)', expressing surprise al Its ex tan I
and prosperous air of the itoresaod
business houses      I ln-y remarked on
the municipal progress and the many
improvements Ior the public benefit,
A visit wss made to the Mail Hkkai D
otlice, much   interest    being taken  in
the  plant, etc.     in the evening the
party sat down to dinner at the Hotel
Revelstoke who c a pleasant, hour was
peBt, The time before the train
pulled out wbs ejiont in driving round
the city in automobiles, The following articles OD "What I think about
Kevelstoke," were banded in to the
ottice hy ttie different editors
"Revelstoke :s in the heart ol a
eoHntry (ull ol wonderful possibilities
and its citizens apparently realire it
for they   display   a   push and energy
that  Indicates unbounded faith, and
where there is laitli there will he something accomplished. The unlimited
timber and coal iu sight uml limits-
covered, precious install, nnd fruit
growing possibilities are incentives for
investments, while the delightful
scenery   and   congenial   climate   aro
"Its all right,  and Editor Morris  is
a good fellow, '—E  I  Baondi rs Bol
Pincber Creek, Alia.
"Ni    one   needs   t.  remain long in •
itoki    to   fail   »..   note how im
portent   il   is   as a divisional railway
point, and  further  how fortunate are I
those   who    must    make   their home-
bere lor the pleasant surroundings,
ttie nesrneu to thai unique stretch of
water tbs Arrow Lakea th,. pretty
ooml irtsl ■• . king reaidenei - and
the up to date appearances of the j
stocks of the town', stores all stamp
Bevelstoke as _ desirable place to live!
in      I    learn    thai    I or   Iron, growing \
possibilities of the dl.trlcl   ar.    limit '
able, and in a few year- *lien the   I I ,
ot cultivation has been extended that'
the Revelstoke distrlet will undoubtedly become   known   far   and wide as al
rich    fruit,    growing   lection      But already you   boast    I    sing i oom mer-!
• ■ml centre, and    lean    well believe it I
when I am told hy your pushful president of the Hoard of Trade 'f how the 1
lumbering,    fruitgrowing, mul  mining
extends north snd south of yoor town
which has exceptional rail *ay laoili
ties for an inland II 0, town '--.!. VV.
Cunningham, Journal Edmonton
Visiting Firemen Discuss Revelstoke Possibilities
No butter way of idvertlslng our
city snd distriot can bo bad than Iy
courting OUUldl opinion nnd nnthiis
iug visitors   with the possibilities and
resources fur commercial enterprise
that we have tu ■ IV..i. The Mam-
Herald took the opportunity of get
ting the opinion of the visiting lire
chilis from the suutb country when
passing through heie en rooie for the
oouvontiun at Westminster. The following will be interesting from nn
outsider's point of view.
"I visited Kevelstoke in 1894. Nearly
all the oity was covered with woods,
Only one hotel here then I am astonished at the progress made since
then. The people are doing tlieir
duty in buililing good ttnets, stores
and h une.-'. We. received g ■( d tr at-
meut at hands of Chief Poole."—C. 11.
Lathoni, Chief Kaslu Eire Department
"A progressive citv with residents
up to dine. A great deal of improvement it, live yearn is noticeable. It
has splendid location I visited the
tire ball You have a Chief who takes
a great interest in bis work. Introduce In rses ind keep pace with other
cities 111 protecting life nnd property.
Water service good, Streets level.
Residence section well con -I rooted.
Will improve rapidly,"—Tims. I (easy,
Chief, Nelson Eire D pt.
"Having the pleasure ol visiting
yuu. city today, 1 ,r the lirst time iu ti
yean, 1 wsb more than s irpri-ed o
■see ihe improvements. I hnl the
pleasure of meeting Mr. Foote, your
Eire Chi f, who t.ikes n great interest
in your department, and who showed
ub through the city. You liHie n fine
location for a large cily. Your water
workB nre ample, your streets w de and
evil, uml y.,ur city -h uld grow fast."
— I. II, P.wle , Chi f, Lethbridge
Eire Dept
Athletes and clowns may stand on
Iheir bends for show, but why do you
perform this feat in your furnace,
pulling .ait, \l.en you ran get
clean intrni g  om front Coursier.
^•^-V./sSwti r*\ v,ftS!k  11 reputation is a potent f.ictor to lie eon-
i i. *P^V'y st'?' ' '] sulered   ns it   is  synonymous   null   the
fS?_y    ^_*_SWw_kfeIfc. quality, merit   nnd  prices  of  tbe goods
\*?Fffi*$'iw-uBMtw!ffi\ 8u'1'-    H yon dmlai   Hustings,  Doyle  A
1 •$--w-^^>^^l:/i''S',''/i A Hum's   you   will   kii"W   you   will    he
Alluin's y.ti will ki,. w you will he
treated fairly, no " nt'er how you may
be lacking in technical knowledge of the
value and quality of j.wels of any kind
We keep only the best and choicest.
Where gold is used it is marked with the
cira. «'anip, with silver it is sterling, in
gems unit precious Btones their quality is
fully guaranteed.
A New Carpet
from our choice nnd handsome
stock of A.xmiiister, Wiltons, etc.,
will give you both pleasure and
satisfaction when you see the rich
and beau iful effects of the colors
nnd patterns and the durability
of the fabrics Our carpets are
made by tlie best, manufactures,
nnd are ninths to wear well, as well
as to look well.
m 1 liikSiit
V    h**»«i
This trade mark
mid ths word
TOWER on the
buttons dlsttn-
gutih lhu high
1 jurt <___ Qooa
■ tr- -r-iir-i
I.   O.   F.
Court M.mill Hiiulii... Nc, . .-461, meeti 2nd and
4tli Mou'lny. in Oddfellows Hall, nsxt to Opera
Him 1 Vi.l'lng brethren cnrtllally invited to
J.W. G.mi.ASli, G.R.
H. W. Kdwaeds, R.S
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain   View Camp, No. 220
Mi-isL. Second and Knnrt.Ii Wednot-dars in
ach moiilh. In Selkirk Hull. Visilin Woodmen oordlally Invited In iliond.
w. 11. AitM.-l'itONn. Con. Com.
J   MoINTYHK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Th*. numlar i >-•..•.,-'- nr. i.i-ui in the Sfllkirk
Flail l-t hi id 3rd Tnf^.uy nf earli month. 8 p.m.
Vis'tinv. hn.tii.nri urn -fs.rdinlly invited.
W  K. Mc__UVH__-N.t.---.riBTABY.
Kootonay Lodge. No. 15, A. F. A A. M
The regular meet-
ititfq nre hnld in the.
Oddfellows Ball, on
thn third Mtrndity in
oar-h month at 8
p m Visiting brethren oordlally welcome.
"      '.   i 'lil »  I.M Kit. SRCR-CTA-tV.
SELKIRK     OD No. 12, I. O. O. F.
Meet*, evpryl hiiredas
vf-ninK    in     Solkirl.
U *t    K    o-'locik1
VinttinR brethren eor
dial      invlU-d   t-o  At*
Until further notice tbis Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 6. C. Branch, W. H. PttATT, Manager.
Import direct fiom country ol origin.
__?,__oV:elstok:___  _b. o.
>ii_..i.:,. ■
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
for the Farm, Onriton Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable   varieties at  reasonable priees,      No   borers,   Scale
or fumigation io damage stock.
!No windy agents to nnnoy yon.
Buy   direct and  sfei   trees and
seeds thai grow.
Fertilizers, Bee -Supplies.Spray
Pumps,  Spraying Material,  Cull
Flowers,   etc.     Oldest    estab-l
lished nursery un  the  mainland!
of B. C.    Catalogue free.
1     Given Houses and Seed Houses,1
j      _   VANCOUVER, B  C.       »
-     P.
%-V«%«%%«%%««%«%««%%%«^%->*V%««%« VI
HEAD OKKIOK :   Caloakv,   ALnksHTi.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Piil-k Fai.keis ninl Dealers in Live Stock.    Mukels in all Hie pt'lnei
nnl Cities ind Towns of Alliei'lu. British Uoliinilija and Ihe Yukon.
Packers of ihu IVlelinited  Brand  " luipi-i'.it.r"  Hams nnil Bui on,
j   ami "Shamrock" Brand L'«f Laid.
i%'%._^^»V%^'_^%^_^^_^*%^^%^%^^'%^%^-e%. %-_/*■%_■-»/■»■ •/
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sat. Sep.20 Lk.Manitoba
Fri. Oct. 2 Uni|i. Biitnin
Sat.  "  lOLk.ehainplainFrl. Scp.28
Kii.    " 16      ip. leelnnrl p,.j,  (),... 2
Sut.    •' 21 unite Uric      Wed.    "    7
Fri.     *'    I Kiup, I .lit uin Fii.    " 1(1
Is'.ermedia!e Seas in from Mont, eal
and Quebec
Is!, Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
S90 00    $48 75 $28 75
IS!, Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$7-t 50       $42 50       $27 so
Other I.akk Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap lines to Atlantic Seaboard
points   in connection   «ith  steam-
sliip tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other con tine till ports.
For fiii'th r information iippl    to
T.W. Brad-haw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver,
Kor Agricultural Implameuts. Carriages, Wkkhiih Ktc. Join.
Deere Plough-i, Moline Whroiis, Cuuada (-arriaite ('ompany's
Buggies, Pliuiet jr., Gardeu Heeders aud CnltivHttirs. Wheelwright, uml Blacksmith Work atteiulet) tn. Horse hoeiug a
Central Hotel
Newly built        Kir.t-c.lw.B in every respect,     All modern conveniences
Large Siuni'lo Rooinx.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under .same   management
It    H    hMIIHT.
J mathik. Ban
r.oKI   Ii.inKe Lodge, K. of   P.,
No.  76.  Tivelstokn, B. C.
. ,.KY   .v    UNK-liAV.
.rt    . ,.| n sdnesdi 1 ol
.|.|ii'ii„i» •
"< V I Hi I I II  -
.',!,.',   (     1
l|    11    KK   '    K     K     Of   K    i-Ji
J    It    SI C.I- r,  .11
.' F.
Boarding   School    for    Girl*
all   DenominAtionfl   a*l.
1 V-epunttory Studies.
High s( hool i !ourae.    Muaii i    Piano,
InntrumcntH,      Por   terms   ami  other
Sister "v pi rk ir
OPENING     SEPT      1st      1908
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat_s $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    Jk-LBEK-T      STONE      .PROF.
Queens Jfotel
liest brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Traveller- to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
D raying
Storar e
All Kinds of Light and  Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
TENDERS are requested for the
purchase of Lots 12 and 13, Block 67,
situate on Eighth Street near McKenzie Avenue, in the Cily of Revelstoke. These fine huilding lots belong
to the McDonald Estate, and will be
sold at a sacrifice to close up the
estate. The highest or any tender
not necessarily accepted. Forward
tenders on or before 1st ol October,
1908, to the undersigned.
Barristers, Vancouver,
ltw, 4ws.
To Trappers
Raw FurH Bought,
■Jash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Export.' r of Purn.
UV,   DOOTOM    nr
" Don't   do   _
lilt ynu hi is islimrly
it hy <ilil nf
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on ti< .iill,, .11 ... • love, iimnliitfn .uut i.i-. i.i.i hi-
Touti wliAt-ynu'il . ■ U n ,lii,.|iir. Imi .liin't [Ike in
MO iiiiKi-si, il.iiNt,niiii'l, '_*i omit*: Imi. UilntriHln-sn
ii '..-«.,1.1 ,„,,.,,. 1, to sny ailnlt fur postage,
III (i-itil-i.
I-U   last l«lh _>t-*.t, NSW  YORK
Revelstoke Land District
Iii-t 1 'let ut Weal Kootonay.
Take notice tlmt John Michael Doyle
• ,f Revelitokn, B.C., Mana_(or, Intends
to apply for parnilasion to purchase tba
rollnwin.. (li'si't'iin'il tandi
('"iiiiiiein'iiiK nt n post planted nn
ilu- easterly lunik nf the Columbia
Itivcr ai. the um tli-ivi'Nt corner of I/it
_77l Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"John M. Iinylo's south-west corner
post," thence >'"ii W uhainsi thence
north 10 ohalnsi thence weal 40 obalna
more or less to the eaaterly bank of
tbe Ooliimbta rlvert thenoe Southerly
along Min bank nf said rlfer 4(1 chains
more or leaa to the point, of oommence.
ment, containing um aorea moieor
II*, Iiii agent, Qeoi 8. McCaitei'.
Dated June 28th, IBOfl. j_7imil
Notice la hereby given that the un-
iliTiigtii'il will, nt the expiration of mto
month, npplv to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for ,, transfer lo
Uoronatlon Hotel OompanVi Limited,
nf the hotel lloenae now liciit by me In
respect of the Coronation Hotel at
Camborne, H. C.
Dated this 8rd day of Augnatt 1908,
aug 5 llll ClIRY Mknhinh K.
Rl'.VI<:i.H'l'IIKI_  I.A Ml   I lis I K1C I
TAKK   NOTICE   Unit    I,    Saimn I
.limn.s II nl,,«. ul Nnkn-p, li. ('., nerii-
piition, fanner, Intenda 10 npply fnr
permiaaion to piiri-biiat iix* luiiown y
ili'ssi 1 ihed,] ■
Commencing at • iiuhi plmiteil at ,,
point twenty (20) 1 linln*, east of a point
cightv cltniii. south ul the Nouth»eni
cm mi'nl Lot Nu. H.ltl); tbeuce hoiiiIi
401 Im ins-, thence oust tlli Im inn, Ihence
mu Hi 40 chain*, Ur nn' west 40 chains,
in polnl of 1 uiiiini'iicciiiciii mid containing one hundred and hixtv 1 lmn
Jicii'K more ur lera,
(.Sgii) hamiki. .iamkh Harlow.
Diled .Inly 11, IU0H.
rtwolrtlulic Un'i IMHiricl.
f»i»irici "f Wsst Kootanay.
Taki Dolln th«t 1. Norman i UaoLsod nl
I ..i.ibr.ilirp, Alta.. m-fiipation Hrokt-r, lnlrnd-t
in applf lor tiernilMlnii io purotaUS the follow
fo: doforibM lr_ri«i»:
ComiDSDOlOR St S \>ot>i plsutOd at the Kotith-
weit corner ol UK hi 18 in iOtthrU VsllS)
about tu mil.■* wstl of tbe wail abort ol Ar-
nuv Luke arifl DSrktd "N 1. IISO* . S,W.
Coraer." 40 ebalnn Aoutb, Ihence 80
rhalns eaut, thenre tr> cbatna norih, thenee 80
chain* «'.i, routalnlnK SO icrei, more or lettA.
hate Sept. 4| 1908.
iepl;60d Ry John E, Taylor, bis Sftnt.
Sixty days .iftcr date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described
Beginning at a post planted at the
south-east coiner of Lot No. 8500 pur-
chased hy Julius Dougal, running
west 20 chains; thence south 20 chains;
thence east 20 chains; theuce north 20
chains to point of commencement.
Dated June 241 h, 1008,
EDWARD Wolf, Applicant.
i'y 4 D. Dewar, Agent,
Certificate of Improvements
Mliis It tuliniriil claim, sltiialu in the Trout Ijike
Minlnn Dlviaiun nf West Knotensy Illstrlr'
Vi hsrii liKssteilt-At the hesil nf Gnat Creek Basin
iiiijniilnit the Fnlsom miner il claim Lot aa_7.
Group 1. '
Take notice that I, B. Hmltlt, F.M.C. lSMisB.
ai'linn sh agent for.I. B. Maok.nil., F.M.(\ No.
HIM'lsd, Intcml. alxl) ilaysfrom the datr hereof, to
apply to tlie Mining Recoriler ior a UertlBcate of
liii|ir.,viiiioiil», for tho purpo e ol ohtainlnir a
Crown Oram nf the aboTe olalio.
Anil further lake notice that action, under
Mellon 37. must be commenced before the Issuance of such C-ertitioate nt improvements
Pateil this 26th day of June A.D., IMS.
"»    » B. SMITH.
Rovelstoke Laud District. /
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that O. Brink, of Halcyon, B. O.i Cruiser, intends to apply
for permission to iiiicchnse the following descrilied lutias.
I'oiiiineucing at a post planted on
Ihe east side of Upper Arrow I>ake, at,
the sntitli-eiist coiner of Lot 2151, anil
markod "G. K, Brink's North>Wcst
Cninec Post"; thence east 20 chuins;
thence siinth 211 chains; thence west
20 chains to the lake shore; Ihence
northerly along the lake shore 211
:hains more or less to the point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less.
Dated August oth, 1008. Tiie mail-herald, revelstoke, __• c
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the "peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat.   By substituting
certainty for chance
in baking  results.
"Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before one range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
the compass is to the
ship captain.
LM__n T_.Mto, Montr-^Winnipeg. Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton, Calgary
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
lbs- Municipal Oouncil of the Corporation of the City of Re.elstoke intends
lo undertake" the construction of
Boulevards on certain streets within
the City of Revelstoke, to nil: AIc-
Ks-ozie Avenue on both sides from the
ninth side uf Third Street to the north
si'le of Eighth Street; and on lioth
sides of Third Strett, Fourth Street,
Fifth Sti-eetand Sixth Street, from the
east side of MoKenzie Avenue to the
west side of Vernon Avenue, and on
both sides of Douglas Street from
King west to C.P.R. right of way,
according lo specifications and estimates prepared hy the City Engineer
appointed for the purpose, and to
assess the expense or cost thereof upon
the land ur real property atiuitingon
the par's of such streets as ahove-men-
tinned and to lie benefitted thereby;
and that a statement showing the land
or real property liable to pay the
assessment therefor, and the names of
the owners thereof, aR far as they oan
lie ascertained, together wii h t he specifications mul estimates of the city En-
gineer, nnd the proposed assessment
and tepocl thereon of the City Clerk
are now nn file in the offlce of the City
Clerk and upen for inspection by all
persons during office hours.
The estimate! eo^t of the work is
$4420.04, to lie borne by the owners of
such properties aa abut mi the parts
of such si reels as above mentioned.
Any objection toili- proposed nn-
dertrtkiii" and assessment ibeiefor
ah all be made by petition to the City
Conneil wilhin FII''IK UN' (15) days
from the dale hereof. 'he persons entitled to petition being the miners of
the lands affected thereby.
City Clerk.
DatedthislOlhdayof Septe 10(18
Certificate of Improvements
Hkookuin, Drumliiinmon and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Revelstoke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located: On the north side of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice that I, William I. Briggs
of Revelstoke, B. 0., Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B04288, acting
as agent for and on behalf of His Majesty King Edward VII, in the Right
of tin1 Dominion of Canada Free Miner's Certificate No.B94287, intend sixty
days from date hereof to apply to Ihe
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 37 must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of July, 1008.
jly 4 W. I. Brious.
Notice of Sale
Pursuant lo lhe Order of lhe County
Court of Wesi Kootenay, holden at Revelstoke, made in the action of Big Bend
Lumber Company, Limited, v. Columbia
and Kootenay Railway and Navigation
Company and Charles B. Kirk and W. J.
Kane, there will be offered for sale with
the approbation of W. E. McLauchlin,
Esq.i Deputy Registrar of said Court at
Lhe Court House, in the City of Revelstoke
on Wednesday, the 30th day ot September,
1908, all and singular lhat certain parcel
or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the Town of Arrowhead,
B. C.| ami being composed of Loi No.
Four (4), Block No. Seven (7).
On lhe lauds is said to be a two story
frame building 20x26 with seven rooms.
The property will be offered for sale
subject to a reserve bid.
Further particulars may be had from
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham, Solicitors,
Imperial Bank Block, Revelstoke, B. C.,
or from
W. E. McLauchlin,
Deputy Registrar al Revelstoke.
Dated   at   Revelstoke  this 4th day of
September, 1908.
Certificate of Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2
Vivian Luck No. A, Vivian  Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No. 5, Vivian
Luck No. 6 and Silver Orown mineral claims, situated in the Lardeau
Mining Division of West Kooteuay
Wheie    located:-At  Head of  Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that   I.   O.  B.  N.
Wilkie, acting  as  agent   for   Hector
PolrUr,   F.M.C.   B7480.  and   George
Johnson, F.M.C. B05051, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining   Recorder  for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of May, A. D,
0. B. N. WILKIE, B.C.L.S.
w iny27 Trout Lake, B. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District, of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George McCaiter,
Hi-., of Revelstoke, B.C., Agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase (he following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the west bank of the Columbia River
at the south-east corner of I_iit 8315,
Croup   I,   Kootenay,     and     marked
"George McCarter, Sr., north-east cornel post," tlience west 10 chains;
thence smith 20 chains; thence east 20
ohaina mill- or less In the west bank
of the Columbia river; theuce northerly along the west bunk of the Columbia river lo tiie puint of commence
ment.. coniaiuing 25 aorea ni'ire or less.
By his agent, Geo. S. McCarter.
Dated June mil. 1008, j 27 60(1
West Kootenay Land District
Take Notice that 00 ilavs after (late
I Arthur EC, Evans, of Beaton, B. C .
occupation, prospector, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands shunted on
Fish River, in West Kootenay distort.
Commencing at the north-east corner of A. D. Maikay'spre-i-mpli m No.
7,805, and marked "A. E. Rvans,
North-west Corner Post," ihence 8
chains to west line of McKin'ton's
pre-emption; throve 50 chains smith,
thence 8 chains west to MacKuy'.-,
thence norlli iVIihains to poinl of ciiui-
inencemenl, containing 40 acres more
or less.
Located August Hnl, 1808,
A. E. EVANS, Locator.
for tho Issue of a duplicate Certifloate of Title
to Lot I("97, Oroup One, Dlstriot of Kootenay.
" Truo I'iesuro" Mlnoral Claim (excepting an
undivided one-twelfth interest therein).
NOTICK 18 HEREBY GIVES that It is my
Intention to Issue at the expiration of one
month afUir the first publication hereof a
duplicate of tho Certificate of Title for Lot
1097, Uroup Ono, Dislriot of Kootonnjr "True
Fissurs" mineral claim (uxcepting an undivided
one-twelfth Interest therein! in the name of
Thomas Downs, whioh Certificate Is dated the
17th of  .aroli, lh87, and numoerod 3263 C.
District Registrar.
Land I'rglstrj Kffloe, Nelson, B. C.
September Im It, 1908.
Alberta and Eastern B.C. Press
Association Convention at
Nelson.—Important Business
Nelson, B, C, Sept. 29.—The convention ol the newspapermen of Alberta and Eastern British Columbia
was opened on Thursday morning
last in the court house witb President
D H. Elton in the chair and T. B.
Thomas acting as secretary, there
being a good attendance of members
His Worship mayor Taylor on
boh If of the city of Nelson, welcomed
the visitors in a happy speech, which
was londly applauded. He referred
especially to the mutual interests pt
Alberta and British Columbia instancing tlie iHrge and growing interchange
of products such ss lumber on the
one blind and foodstuffs and dairy
prrdiicts on the other.
President Elton on behalf ol the
convention replied thanking the mayor
for liif address of welcome
In his Rildress to the delegates in
opening the convention D. H. Elton,
the reliring president, briefly reviewed the work of the association,
from the time of ita organization, a
tusk in wh ch he had assisted.
He then writ "ii to speak ot the
aime of the as'iiciation which he said
were both practical anil ethical. One
S"bject wns ihe disc'Hsin. of tuesns of
making a commercial success of their
papers and I lie oilier wan the exchange
■ i ideas on the work of raising the
moral tone of the country. He de-
I reca'ed the idea of regarding a newspaper ns a mere money getting
proposition. That wsb wrong, although of course it was necessary to
the life of a real newspaper tbat it be
a success financially. It was letter
though to own a small plant free of
dibt than a large one heavily encumbered, wbicli meant thut tbe policy of
the paper was controlled by others.
God pity the editor who found himself iu tbst position.
The papers which had scored the
greatest successes were those which
had the courage of tbeir convictions.
While the editor of a paper should be
one of lhe .!euding men of the town,
often he was not. Tbis was due chiefly
to bis being tied up with some clique
or party.
Comparing newspapermen to clergymen, Mr. Elton Baid that the influence
of the former ou tbe community was
much greater than tbat of the latter.
While tbe clergyman spoke to a
limited number two or three times a
week, the editcr's worda went broadcast over the country every day.
Following the discussion on the
address it was decided that the next
annual meeting should be beld in
Edmonton nut later than August of
next year and the following ollicers
were then elected.
Honorary president, F. J. Deane,
Ne'son; president, Capt. T.B. Thomas,; lirst vice-president, F. VV.
Galbraith, Red Leer; Becond vice-
pres dent E. Hagel, Lethbridge; third
vice-president, H. Cunningham Morris, Revelstoke; secretary-treusurer,
D. H. Elton, Raymond.
Executive committee. R. C. Edwards, Calgary; A. Wylie, Clareaholm;
F. A. Scbooley, Lacombe; A. B. Watt,
Edmonton, and F. J. Smyth, Moyie.
On Friday morning the editors were
taken by tbe Board of Trade aud city
officials to inspect the power plant at
Bennington Falls, which trip waB
much eujuyed, the delegates express
ing keen admiration for tbe magnificent machinery and the enterprise of
the Kootenay people. The alternoon
session was taken up with special
question and other matters relating
to the welfare of the press. Resolutions
expressing appreciation of tbe welcome and entertainment by the city
of Nelson as a whole and to the C.P.
R. for their concessions were adopted.
Tbe following important resolution
was passed :
" That we. as an association, believe
that it would be to the better intereata
of the craft of printing if, in tbe
future, all government and public
printing be done in Canada, and
where possible, eaeh province abould
do all in ita power to encourage tbe
art ol printing within ita own provincial limits."
Tbe editors were conducted through
the Fair by the president and secretary of the Board of Trade and
expressed surprise at the wonderful
resources of the Kootenays aa instanced by the splendid exhibits.
that I la.--
reliv   given
Allum,  Limited, nil
Notice   is   hei
tings, Doyle A 	
throe months after date, apply to the
Lieuti'iianl-Ooveinor in Council for an
Order-in-Coiincil changini. the Company's name to "Doyle A Allum, Limit, d."
Dated the 2»thday of June, 1808.
Hahvky, McCaiitkk * Pinkham,
Solicitors   for Hastings,   Doyle A Allium Limited jly 4 3m n
authorities of the Canadian Pacific
Steamship line with respect to Jlte
ratea and other little matters of dispute between the two parties. Tho
attempt was so far unsuccessful that
the parties separated without, coming
to an agreement, hut the spurt of
moderation and (sir play manifested
during the discussion alfurdid grounds
for tbe belief that further negotiations
might be attended with mote suspicious results, and recently Captain
Walsh, representing the Canadian Pacific Steamships, and Mr. William I,
Gear, representing the Robert Reford
Company, Ltd., went down to St.John
to have a further talk will the 'long
shoremen. The issue justified th
hope that hud beeu entertained; the
'longshoremen after bearing all the
arguments and explanations of th"
other P'do voluntarily undertook 11
accept ii i te ot 30 cents per hour (or
both day I night work, and a contract covett ,g a period of live years
was diawn up to that ellcct.
We congratulate the companies, tlie
'longshoremen, and the public of St.
John generally on the ha|i|iy termination of hiiiiiinlly recurring disputes
and the inauguration of a period of
pence which cannot fail to C ntrihutc
tu the increased prosperity ul nil; a id
nothing would give ua greater pleasure titan to Iiud thai this example of
moderation nnd friendly feeling given
by the men of St. .Mm hud its doe
weight here, and hd to an agreement
on similar lines b'ing adopted in this
poit; that is to sny that an amicable agreement was arrived at here
also. N 'thing, as tho citizens ol CJuo-
bec have only loo good reason to
know, is so di astiiius ti the interests of a, ami all connected with
it, sb ihe perpetually recurii g differences betwc.ti employers and em
ployed mid tlie/oi diiiun of instability
and uncertainty to which they give
rise. This cripples the energies of the
shipping companies, and debars them
from undertaking progressive improvements which i hoy ivouldJotln-rwiBe be
only too glad for their own sakes to
enter on; apart from tlie loss ol earn
ings during the actual strike, it
inflicts inconvenience nud pecuniary
loss on Ihe 'longshoremen themselves,
whose credit with the retail traders is
impaired by the uncertainty in the
amount and tenure of their earnings;
and it curtails Ihe business of the
retail, and, through them, ot the
wholesale nouses. As in every other
walk in life, a condition of uncertainty
aud instability has consequences that
are as far-reaching aa they are injurious.
But now, thanks to the conciliatory
spirit of the C.P.R. and the intelligence and moderation of the 'longshoremen, the port of St. John is
about to enter on a period of five
years' peace and stability which cannot fail to give it a strong impetus on
the. road to progress and prosperity.
Too great credit can scarcely be given
to the negotialois on both sides which
have brought about this happy result,
nor t o warm congrst illations to the
port which will pr fit by it. It would
be well for the Dominion if a similar
state of things existed in all her seaports; well for Quebec if tlie example
is taken to heart aud imitated.
How Good Sense and a Conciliatory Spirit Worked for Good
Quebec Chronicle: Some three
months ago, a deputation of 'long
shoremen from St. John, N B., went
up to Montreal to attempt to come to
an amicable understanding with tbe
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Interesting   Exhibits   at
Nelson Fair
There were over ninety mines belonging to the Kootenay section of
the province, together with some
specimens from other districts, represented at the mineral exhibit of Ihe
Nel on fair. The total number of
shipping mineB in the Kootenay is
about 180, the great majority ol which
however, are merely occasional shippers, The representation of the district was therefore more than usually
There was very little, it is held,
allotted to mining in comparison with
the sums spent upon the exhibit of
fruit. Of course, mining is a twice
told tale and the fruit is a newer
attraction aud aa a newer attraction
ia better worthy of help Yet the
mainatay of the country, the reason ol
the existence of the great majority of
the population settled in Kootemiy, it
ia pointed out, is the mining. Mining
produces nind-tenths of the wealth
and is the employer of the great percentage of labor.
Speaking more particularly as to
tbe various mining districts and ores
represented that which caught the
eye of everyone was tbe fine display
of gold ores of Camborne for the first
time represented ot the Nelson Fair
and which were provocative of much
euquiry. Camborne wae represented
by the Ella, Challa, Stockholm, Eva,
SunBB*, Lily, Lucky Jack, Durness,
Eclipse, Beatrice, Maple Leaf, Alma,
Mammoth, Silver Dollar, Nelson and
Copper King eome of which were
shipping properties und others, new
discoveries showing that the days of
successful prospecting aro by no
means over.
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing (during stage ot high
water) at 6 on Tuesday and
Friday, for Downie Crei k aud way
points, returning same duy.
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams ui Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves Ior the Boat Landing at 5:H0
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
connects with the steamer on arrival
hank in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable bertha and good
mt'.ils nn Stoamer. Telephone con •
n oti ,11 between steamer and local
exchange—No. B13i). Dates of
a tilings may be changed without
ii" ice.
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tires for cooking.
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make it the typewriter par
excellence. •
The " EMPIRE " needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
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Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Sept. 30.—P'oudy, unsettled and changeable. Tn p.niux,
OS- .  min. 46 = .
Local and General.
Making a Jon Bread
ilone would tint In* unpleasant ii i' weii',,in bread. The
loaves that runic daily from
iiui' .'veils, so crisp ..(nd appetizing have n lliiviii* tlnil appeals ti, the p.ilute. People
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sense of duly. They eat it
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ynu when yon come In try it.
Will ll be todayi1
Cltting'-- nf |iroi;raniiiie at Ertintm
Parlor Theatre Friday night,
It t- tint too early to think aliout
tlie civic voters' list.    Are you on it?
The Independent Band liae taken a
trip to New Westminster for the Kiiir
In tbe Cupboard"—amusing and
interesting—at the Edison Parlor
The Liberal association have opened
committee rooms in the old Salvation
Army ball, Kirst street.
R Parm Pettipiece lias been elected
vice-president lor Ii. C. of the Dominion Trades and Labor Council.
"Tbn K-rhanted Pond," hf a nt if s; 1
in coloied effects, tonight and tomorrow nigbt at Kdison Parlor Theatre,
A Publicity Bureau is one of the
things that is wanted in conncclii'n
with the Revelstoko Board of Trade.
Today is Hospital Wednesday and
th," niiitroo will teceive donations i f
every description for the institution.
Last Sunday was tbe ninth anniversary of the incumbency of the Rev.
C. A   Procunier at St. Peter's Church
"Snamus O'Brien," the beautiful
liifch drama tonight, and Thursday
night, at the Edison Parior Theatre.
The C P R bave given the cily tlm
perpetual right-of-way fur their water
supply pipe line from the cuy tank
under the truck to the city.
The work on tbe new wing of the
Central Hotel is being pushed forward
rapidly and the building when coni-
pleted will be us line and commodious
a structure*as any in tbe Interior.
Tiii writ of electiou fnr Kootenay
i\as mailed from Ottawa to John Keen
returning officer at K'aalu, B.C.. on
Sept. 21, and the voters' list for the
riding will be forwarded next week.
A man was Bentenoed on Saturday
to tive years imprisonment for dis-
r listing immoral behaviour and yet
ttn-Tt ar" many men walking fri'i'
to day who ire guilty of crimes lar
worse than that. ,
"Pete,'' one of the. most frequent
residents in the municipal hotel on j
•inl -trct-t, lias paid his last vioit and
Revelstoke iwid the city will know hint
no more, be having gnue to seek tie'ds
and i' istures new.
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permanent manager, Capt. Pym was
previously stationed at Haul"'.
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The ladies' aid of St. Andrew's
Church will bold a tea at the home of
Mrs. C. Black, 1st Street, Thursday
afternoon   and   eve mg.    Admission
_!i cents.
The Ladies' Uuild ol the hospital
have arranged to hold a progressive
whist tournament in aid of the hospital on Thursday, Oct. 22nd, in the
"ity ball, which the mayor and city
council have kindly lent fnr the
When the trallic bridge is constructed ("cross the lllecillewaet river, con
tit'ctiug the new government road
with the cily and the large farming
district in the vicinity of the south
track, agriculture will go ahead in
those sections.
Chiefs T. Deasy of (.elson, iv I.n
thom ol Kaslo, and L. H. Fowler of
Lethbridge, came up froin tlie south
on Saturday and passed through Revelstoke en route to the B C. Fire
Chiefs'convention at New Westminster this week. Chief W A. Foote of
thia oity accompanied the party.
A party ol   Dominion Governmenl
land surveyors nnd inspectors have
been operating in the Hig Bend fur
the past iiiuiiih du the purpose of
making a report to tbe government on
the lands available for fruit growing
and agriculture and the advisability of
cutting tbem up intosmaller seotions.
The party arc now in ths vicinity uf
The political fight is on. 80 it is
just as well to bear in it ind that we
all cannot agree in religion, politics
and a lnt nl otber things ill this
world, Don't get excited; don'I get
Inasty; don't break ymir friendships,
but make a clean honest light, and
when the smoke of battle ami theaii
nf strife have cleared away, g" righl
ahead boosting Revelstoke and the
It has been the question .d m inj
citizens why the negotiations for the
adoptiou by the city "f Mountain time,
were suddenly dropped. It dies imr
matter so much just now when the
winter is coming on, but taking it
generally mountain time would t*
welcomed by the city as- a whole. The
scheme wurks very well iu Nelson,
Gulden and other plans, nnd tln-re is
no rea.iuu why we could not adopt the
ohange in Revelstoke
"Shainus O'Brien" at. tlie Edison
Theatre tonight.
J. H. McVety baa denied that an>
settlement of the C.P.R strike was in
prospect. Nu conferences had been
A movement is on foot in the
Okanagan valley to have the name
" Sicamous Junction" changed to
" Okanagan Junction."
Change of programme at Edison
Parlor Theatre Friday night which
will include the beautiful colored picture "Japanese Bnttoaflies."
We learn from the city ball that
there are yet quite a number of dugs
for which taxes have not been paid,
If a dog is not worth $2 it cannr.t be
much of a dog. Steps will lie taken to
collect these arrears.
The ollicers and members of Kootenay Lodge, No, 15, A.F. A A.M. and
also of the Scarlet Chapter, afended
divine service at St Peter's Church on
Sunday evening. Besides a good attendance uf Masonic brethren, a large
congregation filled the sacred edifice
Tbe Rev. C. A. Procunier preached a
bri.'f but eliiquent senium appropriate
for the occasion and Masonic service
in most part was need.
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fimbermen Notice !
A meeting ul the iiritisl, Colambis
Timber ind Forestry Cu_.ii ber ol
Commerce will be beld in ti Citj
Hall tomorrow (Thursday   evening ,1
8 30       .', ick " ;. n   - ire re
quested to lie p esent.
A   Johnson, Secretary
Athletes and clowns may stand on
their bead' fi r show, but why do ymi
perform   thia        '    in   ynur furnace
it    ruck, when   yon   can get
" ■ in,ing eoal from Couraii ••
Social and-Personal
Iiini. F, VV, Aylin.i im on flntidiy
for (lolden.
Dr. Ileid bus re'iirui'd Irom a visit
to tlie Okanagan,
Mrs. Percy Lewis ii visiting Mr.
Lewis' mother.
F. Bourne rein mad yesterday from
a visit to Culgary.
Mrs. B. A Lawson will not receive
tomorrow, Thursday.
K. C, Kllintt left lor Trout Lake this
week nn a business visit.
.1. M. Kellie was a visitor to the
Nelsun Fair last week.
Judge Wilson Ciwiie np frum the
south nn Saturday.
Mr Dudgeon nf Comaplix was in
tlie city on Saturday,
.Mr.titul Mrs. I'. A llarte and family have returned homo.
Mis-es Nellie and Allie Haiti are enjoying a holid iy trip 10 Vancouver.
Miss L. Valentine, uf Spokane, is
visiting her siste , .Mrs. W, Tomlinson.
A'vii, riid Fred Uiqiihan It ve returned (run a visil to Purl land,  'laine.
Miss Susie Sti vubsnn, of Vanoouver,
is visiting her sister, Mi>. E.J. Bon-
J. McMaitin of tlie lttctil customs
staff, wbo has been relieving at Rossland, bas relumed to Revelstoke.
Miss Hardie, of the local C.P.R.
office staff, who bas been on a visit to
Phoenix returned on Saturday to
spend the balance of her holidays at
the coast
11. Cunningham Munis of the Mail
Hkh.a],d returned 011 Satur lay from
attending the Alberta and Eastern B.
C.   Press   Association  Convention at
A.J. Hi we uf the Burns stall will
shortly leave RuvcUtoke and take up
his hendquarters at Kamloops. Mr.
Howe is at present at Vancouver on a
holiday visit.
L. H. Congreve of the Uellvue hotel,
Sicamous, and II. A Brown, Grand
Chancellor lor 11. C. of the Knights of
Pythias, also of Sicsuiuus, are visitors
in the cily today.
By unking IBS out of a possible
140 over four ranges at the initial
practice at Richmond, Saturday, ol
the team which will represent the
Sixth regiment in ibe international
match 10 be shut at Seattle on October 111. Sergt. S. J. Perry, who won
the King's prize at Bisley in 1904,
bung up a new record for British
Columbia, Perry was high score of the
day, lending the next nearest shooter
by 8 points Me made three riiiiari.ii-
tive possibles at the ..00, (100 »nd 800
yard ranges and only dropped two
points at the 1,000 yard range.
The Y.M.C.A. track team will meet
at the for supper tonight
rttis will close a very successful season
of 'rack wurk, the only event left now
Icing ibe tli 1 ksjsjving day road race,
rhe team boys will meet to discuss
plans fur 118XI vear nnd form uew
schemes for ill. coming indoor at'.son.
Class work will start at the Y.M C.
A. on Thursday nil hi fur men. All
men who intend t.i t.dte up the work
this year would do well to get iu at
tbe -.tun.
The bowling alley is in guml shape
and is ready for games, There will be
a meeting to make arrangements to
to for .1 a league shortly. All inter
ested in the giiine should get in and
Pi-, schedule for 'he indoor season
nt the \ M C. A is- l,ei,.g published
in lhe shape ol .. .-mull booklet, which
gives the list nf games lhat. will be
taken up this season and the time of
class niee'ings. Tbe season io expected
tO lej^.i bus,  one.
In lhe Gen I lemon's Singles nt the
lawn tennis tournament on Saturday,
Mr \l • leiieghan won from Mr
t, 7 9 0-3, ii "
I'he Indies' Auxiliary nl the Y.M.
C A are giving a socisl in the Y.M.
' . parlors on Tuesday, October (ith.
This will tie hu informal  evening  hihI
II   g'Msl   tlUrl'   irt    ;ls.-llt',.||.
Doing Business
Having taken over the interest of J.
.1. Dei inc. in the firm ot Knight &
Devine, 1 wish to Inform the public
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uld stand, A complete course in the
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Ceo. H. Knight,
McKenzie Avtiuue.
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Business Locals
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Carpets, linoleums and lloor nil
cloth, a cboice selection in ti, 9 and 12
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will not make a lire. Coursier's furnace coal burns nicely all night.
A choice line of lace and tapestry
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Don't fuss and fret about fuel.
Coursier has a car, a car, a car aud
another oar of nut and furnace coal
W. J. Curtis, Piano Tuner, will visit
Revelstoke in October. Orders left
with Mr. R. Howson or Lewis Bros,
will receive prompt attention.
Just iu. The newest designs and
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tbe dressy man's tailor.
For the liitlance of this week wc
will offer our customers Force at only
6 cents per package. Leave your order before we are sold out. C. B.
Hume A Co.
Found. A place whe.e yon can get
a genuine Meit.un overcoat made tu
the latest style. Nothing more, suitable for this climate. Try lieu II.
Knight, tailor.
We have a few crates uf preserving
peaches, pears mul pitting, left foi who have not already bough!
them.    C. B. 11 nine A Cu.
We have just received a huge shipment of the famous Mackintosh Ind
apples. Leave your ordei' and let us
send tbem tu yollr house. C. B.
Hume A Co.
Attractive showing of ladies (all
costume., cnats and ski, ts. Mr. J S,
Davis, Vancouver Lady ware Co , will
b at Crcssnian A Morrison's, Oct. 1st,
2nd and 3rd, with an up-to-date stock
of ladies high class suits, skirts, coats
and furnishings. We will be pleased
to have the ladies call aud inspect tlie
very latest novelties iu ladies goods.—
Cressman A Morrison.
You can buy vegetables from us
now cheaper than after we store them
away for the winter Our parsnips,
carrots, turnips, beets, cabbage and
potatoes aie fresh from the ranch
every day.    0. B   Htinie oi Co.
Charming nnvclties in ladies costumes, Mr. J. S. Davis, New York
and Vanoouver Lady ware Co., will lie
at Cressman A' Morrison's, Oct. 1st,
2nd, ml 3rd. Every Oostuire is a
New York creatiuti ami materials include broadcloths, Venetian, cheviots,
chevron suitings, wisteria, prune, purple, mode, elephant, guy. sniukc Color,
brown and bronze. A perfect (It
Liberal Committee Rooms
Old Salvation Army Hall, First Street
All interested in the elect ion of Mi.
Sin illt < 'tti'tis as mem ber fnr Km ite nay
Hiding in lhe Dominion House of
Commons, cordially welcomed,
Open Daily from 9 a.m. to II p.m.
J,.OR SALE-One 23 aire block and
1 une ll) acre block nf choice hint
ami miming laud slliialed (ill Upper
Arrow Lake. Apply John N-iihom,
ii .I. im niv. scpim im
I   i i\
I vile
You should buy your
Furs early and have
so much more eood
out of them. A nice
Fur neck piece i.s
almost a necessity for
the cool evenings.
We are showing a line assortment in   Isabella
Persian Lamb, Get man Mink,   Alaska  Sable,
li, etc., in neck pieces and muffs, and   can   give
splendid values.
in White Lamb, Thibet, Ermine, etc., and some
Fine Warm Lamb Ruffs for lhe little tots that can
be washed.
OITT  B_____E_Z_EG_R-5T -
Entirely Under New Management
Just arrived—,i large consignment of lust-class cun fectiom ry.
A splendid assortment ol It,cad and Cakes delivered duily.
Wedding nnd Birthdav Cakes a specialty. Special tonus to
parties and banquets.    Aftei nu ,n Teas.    Lunches put up.
J. I_. Headrick,
PR - )P.
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
"        paid up 2,2oo,ooo
Rest, and undivided profits       225,ooo
President    Sir II. II. McMillan, K.C.M.G.    Vice Presidents -Edward Our-
ney and Oapt. Win. Ruhliison,   Hen. Man.   J. W. deC. O'Grady.
Special attention paid to Savings Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from date ut' deposit and credited quarterly.
Open every C P. R.  Pay Night, also Saturday Evening* from 7 to 9 p. m.
A General Banking Business Transacted
The smallest account receives  from  un  the same  careful attention
as the largest one.
Office -Corner First St. and Oonnaught Ave.
A. F.  D.  LACE,   Manager   Revelstoke  Branch
Are a   safe   m.ii  sound  investment.    This was proved
cuncliisivi'lv. during   lhe recent limine.i. depression
Kvery   one    of    nnr    large
iis-nrtincut is
Cuaranteed to be
Ollicial Issuer of Marriage
Certificate of Improvements
M ci ni n^ Star, 1 .astern Si at, I tram I
View, Flora Bell ami Eureka mineral
claims situate in the Revelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenay District. Located on the North siile of the North-east
branch oi I. a forme Creek.
Take notice lhat !, Guy 1 . William*,
I-'ree Miner's Certificate B13265, as Agent
for Obarlen Walsh, Free Minern IVrtifi-
Cftle H94266; for Eds Allah, Free Miner's
Certificate H94251; Samuel McMurty, Free
Miner's Certificate I.94262; Walter Walsh.
Free Miner's Certificate 1494.265; F. G.
Wnlsh, Vrco Miner'*- Certificate K94264;
Gilhert Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
1394261, ami K. F, Greer, Free Miner's
-.-.Ttificate 1194263, intend Oo days from
date hereof lo apply lo the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements
for the purpose of obtaining Grown Grants
Ol the above claims.
And further take notice that action un
iter Section 37 must be commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this i;lh day of Scpiember, 1908.
Hep 33-nov 23 ut v L, Williams.
We arc keeping in touch   with  the
Eastern Wholesale Houses.
Making uur display of New froods
all the Latest Style..
Women who are looking for something entirely new and exclusive in
Mantles shmilrl see our Mantle
I )epartment,
Hosiery and
Knit Underwear
\\ e are showing all the. hest makes.
This Department is overflowing
with New Goods,   Women's Cash
mere Hose from 251.. .1 pair to $1,
Regular $1.50 and $2.50 at 50c,
per pair You are assured of
1 4'i'"l bargain, as we place on
our counter 1 50 vld pairs
Blankets and
All-wool blankets, full size, good
weight, .11 $4. f_eg. $8 all-woo
blanket for $6.50, Blankets worth
$9.50, n"w Belling .it $8.
A good range ol Comforters at -ill
Ladies' Costumes
50   per  cent.    Discount   on  al
Clothing Department
Odd Pants al $2.25 per pair.
Worsted Suits at ..1 1,50.      Regular
Boys' Suits Belling fnun $2.50 up.
Men's Overcoats.    Reg. $12     Now
Men's    Beat   Overcoats  with   Satin
Lapels.    Reg. $16,    Now $11.
Men's Odd Pants
100 Fair put in stock this day,
good, heavy Tweed Pants at $1.35
per pair. Heavy and dark grey
tweed, double and twisted wool,
the kind that regularly sells at $3.
Now Sale Price $2.25.
Snaps in Footwear
Women's Shoes  at  $1.50.    These
are odd Hints picked  out of stock.
Reg. $2.50 and $4^
Men's Tan Oxfords,       Reg. $5.50
Now $..50.
Men's Balmoral,    Regi $5.50; now
Men's Heavy Working Shoe.  Reg,
$_L50: now $2.50.
Mackenzie Avenue        R Jl] J J)      &     YO XJ N Cx Revelstoke, B. C.


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