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Vol. 13.-No 22
$2.50 Per Year
We Can Dress You Well
And Economically, Too!
Why pay u gteater price
for a Suit when we can give
ynu 1907 Tweeds and Worsteds, thoroughly tailored, cut
and designed liy llie highest
priced artists in Canada, Tho
lining and all other details
are thoroughly looked after.
You will appreciate them
when you seo them. The
price is around
"Odd Trousers"—You may need a pair—1907 cut, and
cracker-jiick patterns. The goods in these are thoroughly
shrunk und sponged—won't bag at the knee lirst wearing, or for
many a dav afterwards.
PRICE   $5.00
A line of Fancy VeMs at a startling bargain. They are now
made to sell for twice whnt ne are asking—
All the Ladies are cordially invited to inspect our
showing on TUESDAY, MARCH 26111, Afternoon and
Millinery Room now open under management of
Miss lames.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Papers tlial please everyone who
appreciate stationery of FINE
—made by llie leading manufacturers.
making a specially of a box of line
Holland I.ineu Paper and envelopes
—eacli slieel lithographed Revelstok*,
NOW 400. A BOX.
Try a box. it will please you.
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
Will be the Largest on Any
Lode Mine in Canada.
Rossland, March 18.—Two of eight
carloads ol hoist macliineiy for the
Centre Star nnil its allied mines have
arrived here and are being unloaded
at the Bhalt-house. The other six cure
are close at band and are expected
within a dny 01 tin, The new hoist
will he the largest on any lode mine
In Canada. It will be able to hoist
ten tons from a depth ol 2,000 Ieet at
tbe rate ol 2,000 Ieet per minute. The
hoist will be installed in about a
month, »nd then it is expected the
output ol Ibe Centre Star and allied
mines will be largely increased, The
men working on the surlaco at tlie
...inea have hitherto been working 10
hours a day, Tbo employees aski.1
lor a cut down of one hour, and tbe
request was acceded to and hereafter
they will work but nine hours.
Besides nlVcring Bargains in China and other useful articles
at attractive prliws, we beg to call your special attention to a.
" The Kookizer"
Cooks your Broaklast while you sleep.
Cooks your whole dinner while you play witii baby.
0*11 and let us explain to you all about the Kookizer,
Made especially (or  British  Olumbia.   Wide Web
Strong and Durable.
Dealer, in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miner*', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing and Tin.:,.idling.
Promises to make things Interesting for his Enemies
Chicago, March It).—Several weeks
belure he uled John Alexander Dowie
prepared his own fuueral senium, ll
was decided not to permit it to be read
nl lhe Itinera!, however, lest lt sliould
iiiing grealei'U1.e1n.iu11 in Zion City.
The religious settlement.« 110,1 lurn
u-uuder by rellgiuiis [actions In an
effort t« luing the warring int.rests
together, Judge Haines pH-uclied a
simple bui.nun .11 which he exiuiled
the guud quulii.es uf lhe dead ...an.
Tne .ernioii prepared by Duwie .van
given oul lur publ c.ition. This toil
niun makes it plainly evident 1l1.1t
Duwie did not lurgive his enemies lie-
lure ne died, at he tinned lln se who
uusied Inm as "dugs ul hell."
Tl.e soru.uu concludes as follows:
"1 shall re..in. uud with rutlie-s
hand snail exterminate ine vipers and
lhe dugs ol hell tbat nuw liu.il the
high pluee; in the City ui Zk.ii. I'ln-y
dreamed and in the grussiiessoi their
dreams they thought tbey had prevailed over the liis. apostle. And
now, priests and ildersul Zion I shall
letui'n in .limine! funn, brighter and
mure beautilul aud ten tbu.in.nd
limes mure terrible, to cut ye oil* ir.
1 he midst of your sins and lu a iu back
Zion fur the truth and fur tliem that
lie.d 10 ibe wuid and did no en.."
a "mTllion "wanted
Manitoba Leader Takes Revenge on Citizens of
l'OHTA.ia l.A 1'i.AiKiE, March 18 —
There is great indignation iu 1'ortage
over the adverti.-eiueiit ol Edward
Brown, Literal leader, that he intends
10 sell out li s entire Portage holdings.
The general impres. inu is that it is a
pur ouso ol spite (or lhe town having
.urinal hi... down su hard at the
election, and led ng is runtime, high,
lt nieiins polletieal txiiiiction lur the
Liberal leader.
The advertisement, which appeared
a fen d..ys alter the elcciiun in the
I'u.luge ...id Winnipeg puiei-, rends:
'••fll UOU.OUU ...lilted ill .uld cash.' All
il.-, Urun i.'s i'o. t..ge properties are ul-
lere.i for sale, inoludlug Ins saskutohe-
wan buck. Mr, Brown's new home,
into which he .-iily moved Inst. Uctub-
ei, is alsu placed un tl.e market.
A large quantity uf f.-iin lands in
MuiiiImIm and Saskatchewan are ulsu
uttered lur sale, lu add.(nu. the string
ul hu.-,es uwmd l.y Mr. Brown uud his
linn l.er are planed un the. market.
Mr. Brown is mayor uf lhe .uwu,
and has been interested in everj lur-
tage La Prairie industry. Tho an
uuu..cement uf his withdrawal hue
creuted a great te .satiuti, and .eal estate prices have lur [he time being at
least dropped 20 tu 30 per cent.
Premier Will not Wait for Conclusion of Session.
Ottawa, March 19.—It has been
deliuitely settled thut Sir Wilfrid
Lau ier and Sir Frederick B rden will
sail for England on April 5. The
question has been in doubt for several
days, ub many of the First Mini ter's
supporters have been urging that he
should tot leave Canada with purlin-
nrnt stili in session. However, different Ci in.sels huve prevailed, lt is felt
that in a sense it would be humiliating
lor Canada not to be represented at
the great conlerence uf tbe Empire,
although it is quite true no Canadian
proposals appear on the agenda paper.
The invitation to the colonial representatives is to the Premiers only, so
tbat Sir Wiltiid could not send a sub
stitHte. Were the First .Minister to
absent himsell, it would relied upon
Canada's interest in imperi»l affairs,
and certainly lead to a misunderstanding throughout the Empire. It lias
therefore been thought wiser that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier should go, even though
Parliament has not concluded its
K. OF I*.
(inld Range Lodge, No. 26, conferred
the first rank on Wednesday last with
due ceremony. Tonight the Knights
will attend (he convention ol the
Pythian Sisters on the occasi 11 of
their conferring of ranks and initiating
On Friday, March 22, W. Irving,
0. C. of British Columbia, will visit
the lodge and be present at an initiation ceremony, being afterwards en
tertained by the knights with a socia
A meeting ot the above in Revelstoke will be held in the City Hall on
Saturday night, March 23, at 7.30 p.
in,, fur election of officers and other
general business. It ii particularly
requested that ull members and those
who are interested in Iruit growing
will attend the meeting.
H. E. H. Smythe, Sco.-Tro.is,
Thc reason lire insurance is so cheap
is because the vast majority of buildings do not burn But your building
may not lie one of this vast majority.
It tuny bum tomorrow und a trilling
investment today mny save yourycar's
nccumulaliun. You can get tbo lowest Insurance rates Irum E. A. Haggen
agent Inr the Xun-Conibine Insurance
Charles Masson, lhe Ottawa
Hockey Player, will be tried
for Manslaughter instead of
CoRMVAM,,-Ont., March 18—Manslaughter, not murder, is the charge
that Charles Masson, ol ll.e Ottawa
Victoria, will huvu to face in connection with the killing of "Bud" Me
Court, in a federal league hockey
mutch here recently The preliminary inquiry wus hold here Saturday
before Police Magistrate D.ivis, nnd
after hearing tue evidence of nine witnesses, the crown, ropiisented by
County Orown Attorney Dingwall,
rested its case.
The defence did not cull any witnesses, but J. A. Chishohn and R. A,
Pringle M.P,, who appeared for Mas
son, held that lhe charge ol murder
wm an improper one and should never
have been laid. Mr. Dingwull hud
held out for a similar charge in the
Loney case, but tbe Crown prosecutor
changed it to manslaughter. They
did not wish to shirk a conn, ital for
trial on 11 charge ol manslaughter.
Mr Dingwall argued strongly for a
retention ol the murder c'-nrge.
The Magistrate felt that proper justice ni.ght hnve been done il the
charge had been laid for manslaughter
in tbe first place. Taking into consideration the mutch that wus played
and the events leading up 10 the fatal
blow, l.o would be pleased if tl.e Crown
attorney would assent, to the cbnllge.
In Mr. Dingwull refusing to .11 so the"
Magistrate expressed lhe opinion lhat
no jury or court would hold this young
man lor murder aud therelure reduced
the charge an.l committed Masson for
Upton Sinclair's Scheme Gets
a^Set Back
Extu.EWOOii, N.J., Mnrch 17.—Silicon Hall, tbe honieol Up..... Sinclair's
sociulist colony, was -burned to the
grounds, following an explosion about
dawn yesterday, which tore the front
purt of tlie building away and sent
tlie fl-imes to every corner ul lhe
structure. Tlie 55 persons who'comprise the settlement, including the
author i.f "The Jungle," and bis wife,
were shut in l.y lhe Humes ..nil jumped
Irom llie windows in .heir night
clothes uml weie caught in the arms
ol men nnd women or in blankets held
by tin 111. A number.if wunien sustained sprains, bruises and cuts. A
workii.au named liriggs was said tu be
Tbo explosion seemed to hove occur
red in the ballroom, and was of such
lorce as to be ln-nid a mile away. Ah
it was not caused by the hoilers ol the
heating plant, suspicion was aroused
that it was the deliberate work of some
malicious person. Tbe lire followed
the explosion almost at once and
quickly spread through the lower part
of the building, shutting off the escape
uf the occupants, who at first rushed
Iar the stairways, but were turned
back by tbe flames. As there were no
fire escapes, the members ol thc colony
begun to jump Irom the second and
third story windows. Tho men threw
out tbe blankets first and. then used
them to break the (all oi tbe women
and children who were dropped into
them. Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, who
occupied a ro "in in the front of tho
building, were thrown from their beds
by the explosion and jumped out ol
the window.
The Sinclair co-operative colony
was established lust October, and included a number ol educators and ...cn
and women engaged in literary pursuits. The co-operative servant plan
was adopted, the meals being served
in common in a large dining room,
On investigation it was found that
the explosion was the result of leaking
I'utnky, March 18. — Cambridge
university, with practically the same
crew as the one whioh defeated the
Harvard mon last fail, Saturday dc-
leuted Oxford by 4} lengths over the
same course, from Putney to Mort
Lake, a distance ol about lour and a
half miles, in their (ilth annual boat
race. Tl.o time was somewhat slow,
a gusty wind and rough water destroying all chances of beating tho record
of the course, 18 minutes and 47
seconds, established by Oxford in 1894
aud equalled by Cambridge in 1900.
Dominion   Government   Will
Petition His Majesty to Introduce Sliding Scale.
Ottawa, March 18.—Sir Wilfrid
Laurier tonight gave notice of an address to his majesty asking for un
umenilm.-nt to the li. i\\ A. act,changing the scale ol payments to he made
by tho Dominion to the several provinces. The amendments asked ure us
(a). Instead uf the amounts now
paid sums hereafter payablo yearly by
Canait. to Ibe several provinces for
the support of their governments anil
legislatures tu be according to population anil as follows:
1. Where the population ol tl.e
province iB under ldO.OOO, $100,000.
2. Where the population ol the
province is 160,000 but does not exceed 200,000, $150,000.
3. Where the population of the
province is 200,0(10 bu- does not exceed 40(1,0110, $180,000.
4 Where iho population ol thc
province is 400,000 but does not exceed 800,000, $11)0,000.
5 Where the population^! the
province is 800,000 but does mt exceed 1,500,000, $220,000.
(i. Where the population of the
province exceeds 1,500,000, $240,000.
(b). Instead of an annual grant per
head of population now allowed, the
annual payment hereafter to be ut ibe
same rate uf eighty cents per head, but
on the population of each province, as
nscortiiined from time to time by the
last biennial census, until such population exceeds 2,59U,000and at the rate
((sixty cents per head for so much
of said population ns m.iy exceed $2,-
(c) An additional allowance to the
ext"iit of $10u,tK)0 annually lor ten
years to the province of British
LACOMBE, Alta , Muroh 20.—A terrible minder has taken place at Stet-
tlcr. AQeiinan farmer shot his wife
.md then hacked the ojrpse to pieces.
Iii the sicoud game ot the Triangular League ou Monday evening
the business boys defeated the public
school teat... The closeness of the
game is well indicated by the score,
18 17. Close, hard checking marked
every mon.ent ol the play, and foul
point awards were nun.or..us, the I. .si-
. ess boys scoring 12, while the-chool
lean, were up 7 Bruce Caldor scored
three baskets, 0arn.iol.ael, Merle Calder, llnrridge, Dickey, and McEachren
each being responsible lor ono. The
line-up was us follows:
I'liituo Softool BUS. BOYS
Doyle   It. Guard Burridgu
Howson L. (luiird  Dickey
11 Calder Centre Benneti
Ciii-inieb.iel.. It. Forward.. McEachren
M. Cu.der      L. Forward lierg r
At 9 o'clock tonight the O. P. K
and Corley bouse again clash in their
return game. The railroaders put it
over the boarding bouse team 38-31
List Friday, and lhe result ot this
gn.no is winched with interest. Cor-
ley's ure anxiuus to wipe out their
defeat nnd u fist game can be Ijoked
for. Tbe same men are to represent
both clubs.
The lirst drawing in the Bowling
League tournament is as follows:
Mcli. 20— .P.B. Offices v. Maple Leafs
"   22—Novices v. Corley Houso.
"  26-Beiiedloi* v. C.P.R. Shops.
"   27—Dents v. City.
"   29—Hume v Bowman.
All games to commence at 7 p. m.
The ladies ot the Catholic Church
wish to thank those who bo kindly
assisted in making the Irish concert
a success.
Tho Railway Commission has ordered the C. P. lt. and O. T, P. to
red.ice passenger rates to three cents
per mile. The regulation takes effect
in GO days and concerns linos east ol
Edmonton and Calgary,
At a meeting ol the Fruit (.rowers
association ol Kamloops on Saturday,
a resolution was unanimously passed
that the government lie requested tu
establish a fruit tioe fumigation station at Ueielstoko, as being thu must
central city Ior all the stook ol the
interior; and the delay of the stock
being sent for fumigation to the coast
would thereby be avoided.
Josh Billings said: "11 you want
to get there quick go slow." That
certainly applies to making money
out ol real estate. Don't be too hasty
about making an investment. Look
over oity real estate carefully and see
what is the most rapidly appreciating
property. Thon you'll decide to buy
one ol tl.e lot* I have for sale. I am
protty sure about tbat. K. A. Haggen
(teal Estate and Insurance Agent,
Revelstoke, Jl. C.
The third annual meeting of the
Okanagan Sunday School Association
will be held in Enderby on March
28-29 and all arrangements have been
comploted for tbe accommodation of
.1.'legates and visitors. A neat and
attractive little programme has been
published in pamphlet lorm giving
details ol oach dry's sessions, and tl.e
convontion should proved great value
and of much interest to the whole ot
the interior. Rev. .1. S. Woodswortb
of the Revelstoke Methodist Church
is included among those who aro tn
deliver addresses.
Quaker Brand Canned Goods*, Aslicroft Potatoes
and Vegetables, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
The Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Arc now prepared to fill all orders
promptly for Hard Coal and Dry Fir
The new manufactured coal, known as
" Briquettes," is ready for delivery.
This coal fills the place of both Soft and
Hard ; it is quick and easy to light; gives a
fine, red-hot fire in a few minutes and lasts
longer than Hard Coal.
Suitable tor Cook Stoves, Heaters and
The Revelstoke fuel id Supply (o.
Offices t—Molsons Hank Building.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T  F 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St Op. Union iei
imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
BrHucl.es In the Pro.iuca*..! Manitoba, Alborta,Saskatchewan,
British Columbia, Outarlo, Quebec.
Oapltal Paid Up ....   t4,7oo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       S4,7oo,ooo.oo
D. lt. WlLKIB, President: litis. K. JAPFBAY, Vice-President,
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Draft* sold available In all part* of Canada, United Slates and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Department
^Deposits received and Intei-esl allowed al currant rate fnnn date
of opening account, ami compounded four time*.. yoar.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
*£t?\--^*'     17
The Glory
of Eastertide
should lind your house bright and
beautiful. Nice furniture will
greatly add to its effect, and as wo
are supplied with many artistic
seta and pieces whicli arc being
sold at remarkably low prices, you
should not allow the opportunity
to pass.
•     LIMITED.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Inclu ling po*Utge to Kiiglanil, United SUitcH
an.l Canada.
Ry thc vear [through postoffloe]
Hall   • ■•        -
.juarter "
. 1.00
/n\"-».l *l|^/»..,^|>\ I tion ol the place; ns many nuvoni»s»">
*H.UU--IIXlitU\ Mg0entreandMiitributing point;
its .plcinliJ opportunities as n site for
manufacturing enterprises—these are
the foundations of its prosperity. That
prosperity is founded upon whnt we
■may cull natural, us distinguished
from adventitious causes, nnd there
fore it is a prosperity which will
endure. But much can be done to
help nature, and about thc doing of
those things our public men nml public
bodies should be wisely bu«y. Wc do
nut want—wo do not need— booming
schemes. We want a fair chance tor
our natural advantages nnd our earnest co-operative oilizenship to explain
and pro.c themselves. We want no
artificial impediments put in the path
of our progress; nnd wo want such
help as we have a right to expe-t frnm
ihe I), minion nnd tho Province.
J JB   KIN 11 .11 iTOmptlj- exoeulcd M reusuii-
able rates.
i'BBMS—Cash.   Subscription, payable in ad
CORRESPONDENCE tni-itcd on matters ol
public interest- t'oinniunica-lons tn Baiter must be accompanied by name ol
writer, not necessarily lo publication, hnl
m evidence of rood faith. CorrespODdenoo
should be brief.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Me..., .Scf-,iiii.l uml Fourth Wednesdays in
| ench inoulli. in Selkirk Ilnll. Visiting Wood-
mon cordially Invited to a. ..end.
w. 11. ARM8TU0NQ, ("on. Com.
II. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
Legal notice*!..cent" per line llr*t insertion
-v. —"-—nenl ni*ertion
s make if
5cen.« per line each subseq
Measurement. Nonpariel |l:
i..ch|.    Store   ami   general bui
iiounccnirM.. Ji*" per inch per ...until,
Preferred po-.ilo..,,   M   p«   cent,   ml-
dlli.»»l.   Birth*.  Miir.-i.ik-"  anil  Di-nths,
ill:   ench  in-rrtion.    i.niljcr not ices 9fJ.U1
Lnn.l   nolle*,   |7.60    AH a.lverli*eii.enl.*
■object t» the approval of .he management
Want*! ■-"...! e i'i.-"' Adiertliemenle:-
Aganu Wanted. Help Wauled, Situations
Hiiiitni. Sll ..al."...* Vaca.... loohcr.-
w.,;,-.e,i. Mechanic. Wai.te.l. 10 words or
Is*. !.*.-.. each ailililionnl line 1.. cents.
Change, in .finding advertisement* must
ue in by 3 a. .... luenday and Friday ol
w c week to M-r.re good ili*|.luy.	
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mvhpiiv.
Hahoi.ii FlSltKR
.11.LAN ,*>: ELLIOTT.
Barri.-ters. Solicitor., Etc.
REVELSTOK. .Million I.AKK. B. C.
C. F.. ailUS. I'*- 0. Kl.l-U.TT.
Orricts: IilPEBlAt  Hank Bwck,  Rbvel-
'btoke, B. C.
Money to loan,
Offlce.: Kevelstoke, H. 0.1 Cranbrook, B. C.
Gso. S. McCahtek,
A. M. PlNKruM,
Ilevelstoke, B. C.
J. A. Hauvkv,
("riinbrook, 11. C.
J. M. Scon 1.I..1)
W. I. Briggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Mi.nkv to Loan
■solicitors kub Molsons Hank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C,
Provincial Laml Surveyor,
Mine Suiv'eyliig
McKenzie Avbmje,
Box 100, Revelstoke.
(Member American Institute of
Mi.ii.g Engineers).
.Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
antl Reports.
Plans and Blue Prints of Land,
Timber Limits, Mines, Mills and
Buildings supplied by the most up-to-
date blue-printing equipment in the
Registers kept of Dominion nnd
Provincial Timber Limits, showing
areas, ownership and transfers,
Gbe fll>ail4)eralb
"lvroul . . . earnestly a vise then lor
their good to order this paper tc be punctually
served up. and to bc looked upon as a part of
the tea equipage."—ADDISON.
We cannot hope to make weather
predictions accurate at all times, lor it
often happens that an inappreciable
cause may upset delicately ba'anced
conditions. For example, a stratum
o( air may be very nearly saturated
with aqueous vapor, while losing heat
so slowly that moisture might not be
deposited lor a long time and in this
condition it is in eucIi a state of un-
•table molecular equilibrium that the
dropping of a small crystal ol snow
into it may produce a complete and
widespread change. The cooling ol
tbe air would cause a lall ol mist or
dew around the snow Hake. This deposited mist, sending its heat int..
space faster than'the saturated air,
would cool more uir and condense
'nr; dew, and this would continue
rapt ly lutil a complete change ol
condition had lieen brought about.
Tlui! the tiniest flake ol snow may
pull the trigger Betting oil the atmospheric gun
In Explanation.
Editor .M.t.i.-llKi.A.....
Dkau Hm,—In your last issue, 1
notice u letter signed "E. C, W, McColl, minis ter ol Presbyterian Church,
Arrowhead," in which Iho writer states
that the only "regularly constituted
Ladies' Aid of the First Presbyterian
Church of Arrowhead, is that whose
organization was chronicled in your
issue of March 7th." In this connection I, a member of tbe said church,
desire to state that the lirst Ladies'
Aid was formed over three years ago.
for the purpose of raising funds for the
building of a Presbyterian Church in
Arrowhead. This Lndifs' Aid, by dint
of bard work, succeeded in raising
sufficient money, over $1300, to build
and Iree Irom debt the present Presbyterian Church in Arrowhead, in the
space of two years, and in addition,
raised the sum ol $225 in cash, which,
sum was handed over to the board ol
managers in December 190(1. Surely
this is sullicient to show lhat a well
organized Ladies' Aid was in existence
long belore the date mentioned in
Rev. McCull's letter, and to indicate
that the name of "Ladies' Aid" was by
no means a misnomer. Vet, ignoring
the splendid work performed on behalf of the church by this body of
ladies, the Rev McColl has taken
upon himself to lorm, and to obtain
the approval ol tbo Presbytery for a
totally different organization, and that
too without consulting the original
Ladies' Aid, and in absolute disregard
to the wishes ot the majority of his
congregation, many of whom, myself
included, huve the gravest doubts as
to whether lhe Presbytery was inform
ed aa to tbe actual facts of the case.
Such tactics surely should be beneath
any minister of the Gospel, calculated
as they are, to cause a lamentable
state of illleeling amongst the members ol bis congregation, and to bring
church methods into contempt with
those in whose spiritual interests tbe
Clnirc.i of Christ is supposedly laboring. You will, I trust, grant me space
lor tho publication ol this, il only to
show that tbe noble efforts of tbe
original Ladies' Aid are lully appreciated, il not by tbe Rev. McColl and
the Presbytery, then nt least by those
who contributed to the building ol the
Arrowhead Presbyterian Church, and
in whose behalf this is written by
Yours faithfully,
Fred. Warner.
Arrowhead. B. C,
March 16th, 1907.
The constant drop ol water
Wears nwny the hardest stone:
The constant gnaw ol Towser
Masticates the toughest bone;
The constant cooing lover
Carries off the blushing maid;
And the constant advertiser
Is the one who gets the trade.
Look We
F. O. E.
Tho rogntnr meetings nro hold in the Selkirk i
Hull evory Tuesday ovoning nt So'cloc*. Visiting brethren* nro cordially invited.
H. A. BROWN, I'kksu>.;nt.
W. E. McL.U'CHLIN.ScciiHTAnT. |
Kootenay Lod.eNo. 15 A.F.&A.M.
The regular meetings arc hold In the
Mft.onie Temple,
Jdil Fellows Half.or.
tl.e third Monday in
-.-acl. month at 8
p.m. Visltlngbrcth-
ren   cordially  wel
I'HUCUNIKH, Secretary.
Meets erery Thursday
evening In Selkirk
Ball at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Inviial to attend
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
cn'cp. Third Wednesday ..(
each moulh, in the Oddfellows'
Ball   at   s   ..'clock.    Vl.ltliig
Knights ..re cordially invllcd.
Q.-H. BROCE, K. of R. 4 8.
ot P
aAPccr Hnnds, Animals.IHirils, Flail,  Etc.,
Animal llnc-i Mounted.
I*. 0. llnx Sl,
studio: Comer of First St. and Boyle Ave.
Bevel Unite, B.C.
Miss Mdrgaret Creighton
Teacher ol Piano, Vocal and
Studio :—Lawrence Block.
Pupils prepared lor  University  and
Conservatory Exams.
Mniiufacturod for all clnssoslof buildings
All kinds-Jof lmiMini; -ind plnstoriuK
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
Has a good stock ol Groceries and
a fine assortment ol .Inpunese China.
Agent lor Revelstoke Farming
Company, growers of all kinds of
Farm Produce, Hay antl Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
clash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exnorter of Purs.
Do run enjoy that well diessed feeling? We all know what
il. feels like to he hoi, I.. I.,, ould, oi> tn he tiled, nnd it Is
just is Inn- thai we all know what it. feels like to he well
diessed.    It feels good, llllll il's good to feel good.     You Clin
nevrr he well dressed If join* clothe-, are nol made by the
lighl make.-.
Get to know we handle the SEMI-HEADY GARMENTS
nnd you will Hud ivh.it a pleasure ami o-itisfaotlun it is to he
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats-Sis, 818, and $-20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, S20, & S25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date- Prices: SIS and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
Tailoring is out- husiness.
and he knows it.
We  mnko a mnn look well
..Cressman  and Morrison.. 9
Incorporated by A.I <t FatllMiint, ISM.
WM, Moi.son MaoPHEHBON, Pic .1. II. E.VIN.I, Vice-Pres.
Jamkb Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in Oanndii and Agencies iu all parts of the
Interest, credited font- times a yenr at current rules .... Savings
Hank deposits,
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
REYrr.lTOKK, ll. 0.
For Agricultural Implement.. Carriages, Wugons'f Etc., John
Doer. Plough., Molina Wagon*, ('.innda ("arring. ("iimitnny's
Buggies, Plunel jr., Harden Sa.d.r. and Cultivator., Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
So is his strength. Tens ol thousands ol men
will testify to tlie deliciousness and sustaining
strength of Broid made Irom
" BEST " is strong in gluton—lhe vital essence
of wheat. Its very richness lends a cienmy appearance to it so different Irom that- of ordinary dead
whito Flours. In ordering Flour Irom your Grocer,
ask for " MOFFET'S BEST."
Halcyon Hot Springs
There is un old snying that it is a
long lane which hns DO turning, and
Revelst.-ke is now luminhing an illustration of the fact that the turning is
in distance alright when you come to
it. For a good many years the pro
gress ol the city was ile-idedly slow
True, what progress there was, was ol
. solid nature. Investments made
were permanent, in the must part
iutcrprises showed that they had come
tj stay. There has been no rapid
advance, no fluttering boom und there
were a good many pessimistic
prophesies. But there was advance,
and the pessimists were met by the
optimists, who pointed to certain facts
in connection with the {situation and
history of the city, and Baid wait and
tie. Only a few years ago the optimists
became more optimistic, but the pessimists still shook their heads; they do
not shake theni anymore, Revelstoke
has arrived. It is not necessary to
cite facts in proof, The event* olj
every day tell the story.    The situa-
No, 5 COMPANY, R, M. R.
will parade lor ('.....pany Drill at the
Drill Hall every Thursday night .it H
o'clock Bharp.
0, ('
t"nd»r (he new management nf
Haiirv McIntosh,   Hoffman   House
on a... th' r....*t curative in the
world. A perfect, nut.iul n-i.....ly for
all Nervous and Mii-i-ular
Liver, Kill..ey -md Stomach ailment*
and Metallic P-.Mining. A lore cun
for "That Tired Feeling," Special
rate* on all boat* and train-. Two
mails air.v.. and depail .-cry day.
Telegru h communication with all
marls of the world.
Terms- (12 to .-sl- per week.   For
further particular* apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring.!
Arrotv Lake. It. C
t P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.  '
J Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
<f pi r\ Packers and Dealer in Livo Stock. .Markets In all tlio principal Utiles ami
A Towns o( Alberta. British ^mtnhla ami the Yukon, Packers of the Celebrated Brand
a   "lm entor" Hamsand Bacun, and Shamrock {taunt- Leaf Lard, j*,
Central Hotel
za»—fiEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built,     First-class in every respect.    All minion - oin'miflKW
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales 81.60 per Day Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
for   .   .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
That's Royal Orown kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washingiiriicasy with Its help.
An.l the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tolls what we give lor
Roval Orown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Freo—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House ami Lot, on comer First street
.....I Boyie Avenue, > businessI
Villa Lot adjoining Oity Limit* on
Big Hend Road,   A  good stone
.piurry   and   first clans   gravel
an.l sand lor building purposes,
A good bed of  Drink  (Ilny and
three acres cleared tollable for
fruit growing.
Hix Lots in Block 10.
One Lot in Block -U, 50 loot.
Two I/.ts on Eighth St,, KK) foot.
One   Lot,  Block  1)7,  with   office
Four Lots, Hlock 98, 2.i loot, Cor,
Third Street and Onnnuugl.t Avenue.
Interest in good  mining property
and timber limits.
0-i.ii Farm hinds in lliickloy valley.
wOne Oomc.it Block Plant in good
corking ordor with nil attnchmoiis
For full particulars apply to
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Ratss$iaday,   Monthly rate,
Queens ftotel
Iiest brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Under   New   Management;
B   C.
Kiml-clas .leeoii.ino.l.ili.in tor I ravel
Best brands   »l  Wines,   Spirits,
RATES   31   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Notice is hereby that 30 »1 iv.s after date
I intend lo apply to the Chief IVmniis-
sioner of Lands and Works io-,- a special
licence lo cut and carry away timber from
the following described laiuls in WVsi
Kootenay district!
1, Commencing nl a posl planted ou
the soulb bank ol Eiglil Mile Creek abuul
)* mile from its moulh, marked ''I.. A.
Bradley's S. IC. conier posi," thetice west
,Sn chains, thence north So chains, llienee
east So chains, thence south Ho chains to
poinl of commencement.
2, Commenciijg al a post planted on
south bank of Eighl Mile Creek about hall
n mile from ils inoulli, marked ''E. A.
I ha dloy's N, \i, corner posl," Ihenee west
80 chains, Ihence soulli 80 clnins, thenct'
easl -So Lhaius, [hence north 80 chains lo
point of commencement,
3, Commencing at a post planleil on
souih bank oi |£lghl Mile Creek aboul oue
and a half miles irom ils mouth, marked
"E, A. Bradleyjs S. K. comer post,"
ihence wosl So chains, thence north So
chains, thonce oasl 80 chains, Ihence
south So ohains to poinl of commencement,
.). Commencing nl a post planleil on
south bank ol Eight Milo Creok about ono
and a half miles from ils month, markoil
"I*!. A, Bradley's N. K. corner posl,"
ihenee wesl Ko chains, ihenee south So
chains, ihenco easl So chains, tlionco
north So chains to poinl of commencemeni,
5. Commencing nt a post planted on
south bank ol Eiglil Mile Crook aboul Iwo
and a half miles from its mouth, marked
"K. A. Bradley's N, E, eornor post,"
thenco wesl Uio chains, tlience soulh ^o
chains, llionoo oast u-o chains, thenco
norlh 40 cliains lo point oi commencement
6. Commencing at a post plantcil on
soulh bnnk oi Eighl Milo Creok aboul two
ami a hall iniles from tls inoulli, markoil
,(lii A- Bradley's S. K. eornor posl,"
llionce west So chains, lhcnco north Ho
chains, thonce cast Ho cliiiins, llienee
south So chains lo poinl ofeoiuinencomonl.
7. Commencing at a posi planted one-
half mile easl of Columbia river on easl side
and one mile hoi uv Big Moulh Creek,
marked "E. A. Bradley's S, W, corner
posl," iheneeeast So chahis, thenco north
So chains, llionce wesl So chains, ihouco
south So chains 10 point of commencement,
8. Commencing at a post planted one-
hall'mile east of Columbia Kiver on easl
side and one mile below Hig Moulh ('reek,
marked "K. A, Bradley's N. W. cornor
post," Ihence easl 80 chains, thoneo south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point oi commencement.
q. Commencing al a posl planleil ono-
half milo easl o\' Culumbia Kivor oil oast
side and one and a half miles bolow Big
Moulh Crook, marked "K. A. Bradley s
S, \V. cornor posl," thonco easl 80ciniins,
llienco north 80 chains, thence wesl Sn
cliains, lhcnco soutli So chains lo point
oi commencement,
10, Commencing u a posi planted one
half mile easl of Columbia Kivor on oast
side and one and a hall miles below Big
Moulh Creok, niarked "E, A. Bradley's
N. \V, corner post," thonce oasl 80 chains,
thonce soulli 80 chains, llienco wosl 80
chains, Ihoneo north So chains lo poinl ol
11. Commencing at a post planted on
lhe souih side oi Soard Creek about 60
chains from ils moulh, marked "E, A.
Bradley's S. E, corner post," thenoe wesl
So chains, thence north So chain*-., tlienco
easl 80 chains, thence south 80 chains lo
poinl of commencement-.
\z, Commencingal a post planlcd on
soulli side of Soard Creek aboul 60 chains
from iis mouth, marked "E, A. Bradley's
N. K, corner posl," ihence wesl 80 chains,
ihence south 80 chains, ihence east 80
chains, ihence norlli 80 chains lo point of
13, Commencing ai a posl planled on
norlli side of Soard Creek about one mile
and bo chaiis from its mouth, marked "li.
A. Bradley's S. E, corner post," ihence
wesl 80 chains, (hence north So chains,
thence easl 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to poinl of commencemeni.
14, Commencing al a posl planled on
norlh side of Soard Creek ahoul one mile
and (>o cliains from ils moulh, marked "K.
Ai Bradley's N. E. corner posl," lhcnco
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
ihence east 80 chains, Ihouco uorth So
chains to poiut of commencemeni,
15, Commencing at a post planted on
north side oi Soard Creek about two miles
and bo chains from its mouth, marked "E.
A. Bradley's S. Ii. corner post,'' Ihence
west 80 chains, llienco north 80 ehains,
thence east 80 chains, thence soulh 80
chains to point of commoncomenl.
16, Commencing al .1 posl planted on
uorlh sido oi Soanl Creek about Iwo miles
and 00 chains from its moulh, maiked "li.
A. Bradley's N. E, cornor post," Ihence
wesl 80 chains, Ihence sou.h 80 chains,
thonce east 80 chains, ihenco north 80
chains to point ofcotfimfticemenl,
17, Commencing at a post planted on
north side oi Soard Creek about 3 miles
and 60 chains Irom its mouth, marked "li.
A. Bradley's S, Ii. corner posl," thence
west 80 chains, thence norlh So chains,
thence easl So chains, thonco soulh 80
chains to poini ol commencemeni.
18, Commencingal a posl planted on
north side of Soanl Creek aboul 3 iniles
and (10 ehains from ils mouth, markoil "li.
A. Bradley's N. li. corner posl," theuce
wesl 80 ebains, llienee soulh 80 chains,
llionce easl So chains, thenco north So
chains to point of commencement,
19, Commouciug al a post planlcd on
lhe easl side ol Columbia Kivor and lwo
and a half miles Iiom lho Columbia Kiver
aud ono ami a half miles norlh ol Big
Moulh Crook, marked "li, A, Bradley's
N1W1 corner posl," llionce soulh Sochains,
llienco easl So chains, ihenco uorlh Hn
chains, ihenco wosl So chains, to poinl ol
30, Coinnieiiciiig al a post planted oil
lho cast side oi Columbia Kivor ami lwo
and a ball miles from (lie Columbia River,
aud ono aiu'l a half miles uorlh of Big
Moulh Creek, markoil "li. A. Bradley's
S, \V, corner posl," llionce easl SoclialilSj
ihence norlh So 1 hains, ihence wosl 80
clia'us, tlionco south 80 chains to point oi
1 ommeiieing ntn post planlcd on
the oasl side oi Columbia Kivor and ono
and a halt miles from lhc Columbia Kivor,
oul two and a half miles north ol Bi-r
Moulh Crook, marked "li. A, Bradley's
S.W, coruer post," llienco north So chains,
'hence easl So chains, thence south 80
chains, thence wosl Ho chains lo point of
22. Commencingal n post planted on
easl side of Columbin riverand on soulh
side ami one mile fnnn moulh of Howard
Greek, marked "E, A, Bradley's S, W.
1 orner posl, ' thence easl 80 chains, llienco
north So chains, Ihenco west Ho cliains,
thence soulh So chains lo point of commencement.
jj, Commencing at a post planted on
easl side ol Columhin Kiver and on souih
side and one mile Irom moulh ol Howard
Creek, mark.*,! "I*.. A, Bradley's N, W.
COritei post/' thence east Sochains, llii'iico
soulh Ho chains, thenco wesi 80 chains,
ihence north Ho chains to point ol commencement*
24, Commencing nt a post plauted on
oast side oi Columbia "Kivor and on north
side and two miles from mouth ol Howard
Creek, marked "E, A. Bradley's S. W,
cornor post," iheneeeast Sochains, thetice
north 80 chains, thonce  west 80 chains,      am mcli 2
mencemci l.
2v Commencing at a post planted on
eaat s'de oi Columbia Kiver and on norlh
side .'Old two mill's from moulh oi il.mni'd
Crook, marked "I*. A. Bradley's N. W.
corner post,"thruco ea -I 80 chains, thence
south So chains, tlionco wesl Sochains,
llienco north Ho Jiains lo poinl of commencemeni,
j(>. Commencing al n post planled on
oast sido of Columbia Kiver.tnd on soulh
side and ] miles from moulh of Howurd
Creek, marked "li. A Bradley's S. W.
corner posl," thence eail Sochains, llionce
north So chains, llienee west 80 cbnins,
thenoo soulli So chains to point of commencemeni,
i-,. Commencing at a posl planled on
easl side of Columbia Kivor and on norlh
side ami 3 miles from mouth oi Howard
Creek, marked "li, A. Bradley's N.W.
ciirner posl," thenco cast Ho chains, llionce
soulh So chains, thence wesl So chains,
10 poini of commencement,
jS. Coinmeneing al a posi planled 011
easl side ef Columbia Kiver and 011 south
side and 4 miles from mouth of Howard
Creek, marked "li A. Bradley'! S, W.
cornor posl," llienco easl So ehaiiis, llienco
norlh So chains, Ihenee wesi So chains,
thence soulh So chains lo pninl of com-
i<). Coinmeneing nl a posl planleil on
oasl side of I'oiumbia Kiver and on north
side ami -| miles from mouth of Howard
Creek, marked "li. A. Bradley's X. W.
corner posl," thenco easiKn chains, llionce
soulh So cliains, lhcnco wosl So chains,
ihoneo north Sochains lo poim of coinmencement.
30. Coinineneilig at a post planted on
notth side o\' Maloney Crook, do ehains
from C0I1:.."ia Kivor, marked "li. A.
Bradley's S. K, cooiicr posl," llienco wesl
So chains, ihenco north So clmins, thenee
easl Sochains, ihenco soulli 80 cliains iu
poinl of commencement.
31. Commencing nl a posl planled on
soulh side ol Maloney Creek and two
mil'-' and do chains from mouth oi crock,
marked "K. A, Bradley's S. ii. corner
post," ihoneo ivesl So chains, ihence norlli
Sochains, llionce cast So eliains, thenco
soulh 80 chain-, to point of commoncomont.
3^. Commencing al a posi planted 011
soulh sido of Maloney Crook and 2 miles
and do chains from ils moulh, marked "li.
A. Bradley's Ni E. coruor posl," thence
wosl So chains, ihouco south 80ehuins,
ihence easl So chains, (honoo north 80
chains lo place of commencemeni.
X\. Commencing at a posl planleil on
soulh side and 3 miles and do chains from
moulh of Maloney Creek, marked "li. A,
Bradley's S. li eornor posl," ihenco wosl
Sochains, Ihence norlh So chains, thonco
east So ehnins, thence soulh So chains to
point of commencement,
34. Commencing al a post planled ou
soulh side and 3 miles and do chains from
moulh of Maloney -Creok, inarkod "li. A.
Bradley's N, li. coiner post," thonce wosl
Sochains, thencesouth So chains, lhcnco
oasl So cliains, Ihence norlli 80 chains lo
point of commencement.
'■'■>.  C'liiniiciidiijtat » post plimtctl 00 chalrm
.1 "f, W,,b,ft IBvor i.nii iwo miles
south of Malnney Creok, marked "li. A,
llnulluysN. li. cinicr liOKl/'tlitniee soutli Imi
0 ift np, Ijieiiuu west HI ciniins, thenou uurth Uld
rliiuiH, ihiiiiui! i-n4||ii ohains luiiuinfuf cum-
%. CouimeiiclngaU post planted OOelmhiE
west of Cplumblii Rivor ami Ihwn miles
mull of  Moloney Crock, murki-il   "ft.   a,
1 rait leys N   ft. cornor po-it," tlionco souTIi 80
oiniuu t\V(**.ihii ohalna,thonco north 80
chni lie, tin-in*'! cast yii ohiiiiiHiu jiuini. of com-
37 Coimiionolng ata posl planlcd no ohalna
iv.-st of Uliiiiibfo Kiver and four mile,
soutli nf Majouoy Creek, mnrkod "R. a.
Uriwlloys N. 15, enrner 1104," thi'in-ueoiilli sn
c lain.-;, ihence west su chuius, tliem-o norlh Wl
chains, thunco enst 811 chainB to point of com-
H8. Commencing nt a post planted one nnil
ntiL-hiiii iniles frum Columbia Hivor'and one
mile nortli nf llunie Creek, marked "li A.
uriKtloys 8. &, oornor post," tliouoo nonh 8u
c imiiN, tliuuco west sn clmins, them-e south bil
eliiiniH, thouco emu, 80 chnlns to point of commencement.
SB. Coiiiiiieiii'hiK nl n post jriantod two nnd
ono-lml 111II1- fn,n, Columbia Hhrrn.i.l uuu
mil imlf norlh of Home Creek, marked "K, A.
Hnulleys S. K, eorner post," thonoo north SO
c iituis, thenee wcLSi! el ml 11 h, thonoo soulli mi
otinlim, thencu eiial su chain* in point of cum-
mon semen t,
4ii- CoiiuiieiieiiiK nt n imsi, plnntod one milo
fruiu( oluinliui llivrrnii.lnii lhc south bank nl
Homo Creek, mnrked "li. a. limdlev's a. |.J
eurner -just," thuu.e wiM SU clmiiM, iheme
north mi chnlim, thonco o-ist80 clmins, thoneo
south su chains in point, ul eommeiigoniont.
tl 1 mmiteiii'ii-K nt :i post plnntwl one miie
frnm Columbia River ami mi «(*mh Imnk uf
Homo <*n-i*k, markod "K. A. Uradloy'sN-K
corner post, tlionco west 80 chimin, thenee
south SO chains, Lhence enst 80 chains, thenco
nortn 80 chains to point of comincin-umeni
Dated March 'iml, ill .7.
snt inch ll K A. BRADLEY.
Nnl if
hereby glvou tlfi.i SO .l.iy.i nltor ilnto
,,.. ii.i..!i.iiiiii|i|,iy Ui.tho(JliIoICoioniIsaloiier.it
l.nii.l* nml Wurks (ur .. S|)Bclul licenco In cut
....it carry away timber (rom ll.o 'ollmviiinilo.
eorlbod Ii.ii.Is siimiiwl In West Koolooay district, 11. I\ :
1.  Coinii.oiiiiliig nt a Irani, markoil "Ijimb-
liaison Umbel Co i.orili-o.u.1 cornor oobi,"
iiii nliln- Minil. cm., corner nf Uortli Nu,
llu-nifo willi Sl. elinins, tliuuco ivostbU
Cams, llienei! norlli Stl chain., llionoo eaat 8U
cliiiins lu im.i.l t.f ciiliuncliccinciil.
,,,-• U01 ciiolng nl 1. i.osl iiii.rk,.il "l,n.i,|,.
liaison i.i.iiii.i'i- Co. suiiiii-wnsi oornor oust,"
planleil at llio south-cast curuer ul llc.-u. Nu
.III, thonoo north ni chains,cost sichai..*,
sun.I. 80 chains, ivesl su chains to pointol
cm. iiiciiccin......
:.. Uommojcliig at a pusl marked "Lamb-
"..'sou Umber Co, south-oast cun,c pus.,"
lili.i.l..1 .... ...c -miii|,.1VlH| curni.ru. llerlli tin,
llll.    UlUIICO   llllllll   11.11 Cll-lil.S, ll.Cl.Clf ivcsi.o
cl......*, il....."... muii I. nm ohalm, Uionoo cast...
clinlli.* lu l.uiiil 1,1 culiilileliceuiciil.
I. (Jominoiiolng ,,.. ..posi ....irked "Uini,
Unison Lumbor i'u norlli-wostcumorposL"
plnll.ill  ill. .lie sn.ill.-cnsl. cunier uf llerlli .\u.
llll, thonco S.....I. «... clmins, Uionoo „nsi si
clmins, lllOIICO uui-lli Ml ehuins, tlienco ,\csl Ml
eliuiiis lo puim uie. e.ic.-n.i-nl.
Dated tills III. dnj- ol Maroh, IM.
Umii-IVatsom l.l'.MIIKIl I II.,|.IM|T|:ii,
inch 11 sill.
Nm la
. is   berth), uiiiii iim. wlihlii two
11* Iiiiiii tlio llr.-l, liillnii-u.il,,. Iiei-cuf ... lhc
I. . ululnliiit  tl.i/.cHn, wu ...It-mi .unpii.y
'"""■"""■"'"-'I I" i*.*iiill,lul Liimls ainl
"inks lui- 11 H|IU0lttl lli-i-uci-Incut ii.iilc.ir.-y
»w")   " cr liun. the lulluiiiim UescriLcl
iiinnssiiuuloillii Wosl lvuu.cn..)- ai.ttr.ol:
I, L'uiumencing al .. pust nUnlcd on tliu
..1..11. uank ut .lunils.... Creek .....I ..Uunt Uu-co-
-liiiiriuis ... .1 nnl,, liuni Ji'ish Crock, murked
-u .yielnuish .....i Hi... iiny.i's «.... oornor
posl, ll.encc iiui-.Ii ... .-.nuns, tlicncu cnsl Iim
Iiiiiii*, Ilieucc null. 10 cliiil.iB, lllOIICO wesl Ilii.
clliutis lu lliu puint uf cullliuuticoiuulil,
Cuinuiuncug .a a pusl plumed uu ll.o
imi.1. mi Juiiiisuli ...-cu'. un.l jilra.it three.
..... lh
quai'lursol u .uuu Irum l-'ish truck, nun ked
' ii. .WcliiuiHii ,-,iui ..'in, iiu)d's.\. ... corner
post," Uiuncu eii.l lull chains, thence suulh lu
cl. .ins, uience west lliu Cuius, tlience llul'ln lu
Cuius lu Uie pu.nl ul cu.uuiu.cciuuu!,
I.l.-.lll-.i .ll.lli.ll   HI), ll),!,',
wed inch 211
VVMiUuYl), Locators,
Notico Is heroby glvon that Stl days ..finr.!...»
I iui Hu   ....ply  In tin. Hon  I'l.iuf .'iminiis-
-inner uf Lnnd, ...id Wurks fnr n special lloOllCO
... cut .....I curry away timber (ron. tl.e fulluw.
Ing doscribod Iiiii.I.. *itii.iiu,l in ll.o Osoyoos
.livisi.ui ul Villi, ilislrict:
j. Commencing at a i»i-i |.lii.ii...l..t ll.o S.W.
Comoro Timber Limit No, IMS, murkuil'-II.
Mrlnti.-li* B. E. c.iriinr post  No.B," theiieo
nur. 1 H.c......*, I .....ce wo-t Wl elinins, thonee
*i utli Ml chnius, ihoneo oust S.) elinins lu pnint
nf commencement.
Dated Mud Fob. 1007.
.1 ri.ininiinci.ii-n... post plantod at the 8.W.
corner ol No 5, marked "11. Mclniosli'sH. ii,
cpruor  I N... i:," thoui rth 80chain*,
tlience west80olinlus, theuce iouth 80 chains,
ihonoe on*l Hi chains tu pnint ufciiniinoiiiio.
"i. Commencing ... u post planted at tha N,
». corner ..f timber limit No. wm, .....rko.l "8,
Mcintosh's S. E, cumor pnsl Nu. 7," thoncu
north I'ieliiiiis.tlionco wn.*t 100chains, llionce
-.-...1. lOchains, thonco ens. It**) ehuins tu puint
>l ''.'iiiiiieiicuuie.it.
Ditoil Slut Fob. 11*1*1.
Hi- Q. K, Hunt, Ageut.
) t«l
Western Lines Aim at Reducing Speed.
Chicago, Mitroli 10 — PitS'enger
traffic iniiiinKOi'B nl ull ivpnton. lines
i.i.fl in tl..-ci.i.iniitloo mums ot tlit.
Western I'nti.-i'ini'i' f.Bst.ciat:.... |o (lis-
oils, pinna In ri'iliii'if tin' spued ..I
'la-sengcr trains. Thoir conoillMOli.-.
will lu1 presented tt. Mm ullloers ol tlio
(.perilling depai'tnient ni.d adellniie
plan du- oonoorted notion will I"*
taken up at n fimire nieetiiig. It in
probable that Bnnie .>( the iicconiiiioda-
tiim tinins U'hitHi have lu-en upomted
ata lo.-s.vfll be (list.-...tinned
The opci'iiting ..llieinls ..re a unit in
the ......Ii-.iliiii. Ih.il. llio in. ve Is not su
much in. ..('......nne incusim- as nne ol
sillily. I.i-ii|;ll..-!i;iiii ..I .be ti 111*). f
pnBBciiger l...ii.s, liny believe, »i 1
.1. en ns.- iho l.lillihoi' nl ncci.len:*. nml
alsu give  ll.e dispatchers Inoioiiaid
llloiliticS    t'.r    ... iVI'.lit'llt   .fl lllllll. ...I
A lino of "20 per cent, ul the mail
train e...-..ii.gs is imposed hy iho guv-
oriiii.eiil l.n .. delay ..I tlii11y minutes
tn mure. Under this rule, which went
into I'lliui mi .1 ily 1,100(1, some ol
tho roads operating («st in il truins
uie slinii nhoii: $i).0ul) i..| lines im -
pi.se.l, -.-ni" nf ...ii -ii mil In-con'.sied
It is ..-In v..I a I.. [fll.. ni i; ..( lie
scliediilt's nil if .i" e tin- r. -tiil-i :o ..-.*
capo in...-.
Ann. .ii i-i-i.s ui I-.i h-.M t!..'. iiij> Ilu
lime ol 11 ui ns oan-ying ihem.iils is [he
ner,- divisor ordered by the pustiuaster-
g.-iit-iii 1. The piistniiHlor-generiil h.<s
orderi-l 'uture ennipututiuii ni payment- (nr carrying mails on the Imsis
of seven days instead uf six, This,
the railroads declaie, is.. ha.dship, as
tlm government dues nut i .-cognize
services performed on Slindav nud
while the mail weight will l.e computed .... n hiisis ui a I..tal nf Beven
dnys the i'.i)- will bc nn a basis of sis
working days. It is probable the railroads will contest the ruling of the
postm iBter-geueril as the basis ol
computation heretulore has been sin
#|   Spring' Styles
**The Spokane S Inland Railway has
been making some testt with its new
olectiic I'.comotiv.-s recently received,
with the lollowlng results, as expressed
by an ollicial of tlie railway: "Tic
new electric locomotives have proved
most satisfactory in every way. Tbe
locomotive complete oonsists ol two
sections, but the other day we put a
load of 1,080 tons un one section nrd
hauled it fr. m Co.ur d'Alei.c to
Spokane. On the line there is a
stretch of track on a one p«r cent,
grade. The train consisted of 25
loaded cars, three empty ones and one
dead steam engine. The run win ninde
without a breakdown or any kind nf a
hitch whatever. This test is considered satisfactory, as one section is only
guaranteed to haul seven cars of
60,000 pounds oapaciiy up a twu per
cent, grade at a speed nt eight miles
an hour. The total engine of two
iiectiuiis weighs 100 tuns ..uu develops
1,200 horse-power. This engine will
pull mure than a 115 ton steam
The Union St.uu.ship company ol
Xow Zealand has received tl.e New
Zealand government cm.tract to curry
mails to Canada instead uf theOcenn:c
Co., and the new contractor will maintain au up-to-date and prompt service,
thereby adding greatly to the rapid
dispatch nl mail to and (rum Canada.
Considerable difficulty is being experienced l.y ilic 0.1'. 11. in operating
trains on time these dnys, owing to
the number nf washouts (ind run-off*
on the line. Tlie l'aolHo division is
Hot lhe only one ull'ectcd us the trains
east ol Winnipeg Imve been held up
Inr hours every day during lhe past
One uf the cleverest musical farce
comedies ever soon on a local stage
will f irnlsh the entertainment at the
Opera llntise, Thursday, Jlarch 21,
when Stephens and Linton's merry
melange uf fun, music and dunces,
"My Wile's I'ninily," will le the attraction. It is a play that afl'uids unlimited amusement (ruin iho opening
not to the linal laughable situation.
Although larcici.l in character, the
comedy is cleverly constructed and
llie various complications work out
with wonderful originality. Thn main
situations hinge on the iiiither-ln-law
theme, and dels will, tbe nttempts of
an active young husband, Jack Gay,
to dislodgo his uii-.n-li-i.iim relativo
from his huine. Kor this purposu lie
enlists the aid of a keen witled man
ahout town known ub Duo Knott,
wlm*-!. introduction into tho Guy
household begets endless complications, Tbey lullnw each other in rapid
succession and art) absolutely couvuls-
in.: in elm rae I or. Thu cast is uno of
the best ever seen presenting musical
Rely on Fit-Reform to show
you everything that is new and
proper and elegant in Suits and
Overcoats for spring.
The range, both of styles and
patterns, is greater than ever
before. And that means, the
most comprehensive display in
When may we have the pleasure
of showing you these perfect
fitting garments ?
Dwelling and Lnt, Second Street      ....
Dwelling mul Lot, Second Street   ....
.   1,700
Dwelling and Luts, Third Street	
Dwelling un.l Luis, (col-nee) Fifth Street
.   3,200
Diiiililt. Oorner, Second Slreel, near Y.M.C.A.
Luts on Second St.. enst of McKenzii Ave., each   .
Lots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    .
.    2(H)
Lols on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .
Lols on Fifth St., eusl of McKenzie Ave, each   .
.   150
Can be placed at Lowest Cost with the Non-
Combine Insurance Companies.
Best  Financial References.
E. A. HAGGEN, Real Estate and Insurance
Agent, Revelstoke, B. C.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Ottawa Fire Insurance. Company
Montreal-Canada Insurance Company
Traders Fire Insurance Company
Hudson Buy Insurance Company
Anglo-American Fire Insurance Company
Equity Fire Insurance Company
Gi.loiii.il Fire Insurance Company
Winnipeg Fire Insurance Company
Ontario Fire Insurance Company
Dominion Fire Insurance Company.
Aeent for the Sun Life Assurance Cumpauy, the Oldest,
Strongest, Most. Successlul Life Company of Canada. Issuing
the most Liberal Indisputable Policy.
Agent for the Pioneer Live Stock Insurance Company.
Agent for the General Accident Company of Canada. Associated with the General AcciJent Company of Scotland, with
a capita lot 15,000,000.
jlgent Iur the Dominion Plate Glass Insurance Company
Agent for llm London Guarantee nnd Accident Company
of Fngland.
Write n.e your, requirements on any of  the  above
classes ol insurance nnd I shall he glad to quote yuu rates.
Notice i* hereby given that lilld.ys
iii'!*-.- date we ineml to uipty to the
Chief Couiu.issl.mei' of Lands ;...<!
Works for.. .speeiul licence... eul .-.ml
.-...>• away thiilier fro... lhe following
d -.-.Tiiicd 1,mils, sitlinlc in Wes.
Ivn..:. i.;.v district:
1. Coin...tinning nt a pusl plnuted
nboul H miles from ensl tunk of Col
1.1..hin river Ht Uo.-kv I'..h.i and nmi-k-
il "Ilevelstoke Saw Mills Co. S. W.
eniner post," llienee noi lh IIIII chnius,
ensl In ehuins, soulb illll ciniins, wesi
i'l chains to point of commencement..
2. Ciiuiliieliciiig itt  .1   p.isl  plnuled
ilinul 81 iniles from easl hunk of Onl-
iimliiii liver nl Bocky I'..inl, mm ked
'•Revelsloke Saw Mill Co. S.W. come.'
post," thenee n rtli Hill chnius, eust III
chains, soulh 100 cliains, wesl 10
chains lo point of commencement.
il. Commencing .it a post plnnted
abuut 4 iniles from east batik oi Columbia i-iv.-i- nt Knekv Point, u.tu-ked
"Revclstokn Suw Mill Cn. S, W. cornel' post," ihenco noi'th 100 chains, oasl
10 i-lniiiis, s.i.illi   1(10 el..litis, ivesl  III
huin- in pn.nl of commencement.
I.   ('......... -..ning ul ll pot. planted
ihon! IS miles frum east uank of Cob
.tilil.ii. river .it llucky Poinl, marked
"Kevelstoke Snw Mill I'u. S. W. coiner pnsl.,' ilienre north Hill chains, i-n-l
lu cbnins, soutli Kill chains, wesi Hi
chains tn point of commencement.
5,   ('...io......eing ..I  a posl ph...le.I
nboul   ". iniles frnm llie oust bnnk of
Culmithin  river al   [lucky Pninl nml
uiniked   "Kevel inlo- Snw Mill Co. S
W.   .......it  pnsl,"   lh n.-e  n .I'll. Hill
cli.iins,i-nsl ll) ohnlns, soulh Hill el...ins.
west Hi chains to pulnl nl eo.unionce-
0. Commencing nt .. pust plant. .1
nboul S miles f..".n east, imnk of Columbia river ui R<>oky P ini, marked
"Revelsloke Saw Mlli Co. N, li. corner
|,usl," Ih.-nee soulb   Hill  el...ins, wes.
11 .-I.,-.in*, norlli 1(10 chains, e.ist III
(•Indus lo p .hit of cnu...iei.ee..'--nl.
7. ('"...ineueiiig ul ;i pusl plunled
iihiiu'IH miles I'l-um ll..- enst ln"'k ni
I'..In...I.i.-i rive.-nl H-.ekv Pnint, mill".-
.-.I "Rovolstoko Saw '.Mill Co. N. K
enrner post," tlienc.' south llll) chains,
eusl. Ill ehuins, iioi-ih Illll elinins. wt-.sl
10 elinins lo point of comn en.-ein.-nl.
8. Cummencing at n posl planted
"ii west hank cf Columbia river ahoiil
J uiile below liuckv Point, maiked
"RevelstokeSaw Mill ('... S. I'l. corner
posl," thenee west Hill chains, north
HI chains, east, 1(10 ehnins, south 10
chnius In point, ot commencement.
Dated March Oth, 11)07.
Bevklbto'ke Saw Mill ('...
we.l inch IS
Notice is herety given thut thirty dnys ufler
lulu I iuicn.i t.i upply tu in., .hie. .........iis
.inner nl bauds SUd Winks lurn slice.ill lieeii*,-
u c... uu.l carry .... ...v timbor Imm .lie follow*
ng described lauds situated in Vale His.rid:
l Uumuieiiclng si n pust planted o.i llie
.vos: sldeol ...-iise-Jsis, ul...ut ...I., mill irum .he
uurth end ol lease u.ul ..IxjiiUiJC-uilli's north
.. sugar l.nk.-. iiiuikml --s mil's soUtlicas.
-..rue. pusl" running se duos west, iiieuoo
.'ilium, nor..., incline 8U cliains cast, llieucu
su cliik.n. s ulii iu 11ont nl e.'iuineuccniciil.
C'liniiiiiiiicliig al a post planleil uutl.u
...-. - i.i-. ,.i i c Jsis, ii Imn l unc nulelruui the
north end ul ..u-.c und uboui six miles north
.1 Sugar I uk.-. .....r.ic.1--S  Hill's north-east
■in i.e. pusl," ru un Inn su cliains suulh. tuoiliio
Sllelniiii- nr..!, l.,cuccSU {.halns nnrtli, Ilieucc
siii-l....... ch*. lu |.i,inl uf c.iiutnciiceiiiciil.
Ilnlcil Sc|il, Utli, IM.
we.l id. 13
Notice Is hereby given tl.al.0u .lays altor date 1
intend In upply tn the Chief Commissioner 61
l.f.n.ls and Works fui- pot-mission to nitrehwotic
following Uescrlbeil lauds inWeat Kontciiny district:
Commencing at.. pust planted ..Imiit nne mile
ca*t nf 1...I "O.li, nn slmre uf N, E. Arm ol Arrow
Lukes, thenee suulh Sll chains, eust St. ehains,
.... ith su chili.... w-sISm chains ... puint uf cum-
mencomont.   Containing 01.1 acres.
Dated Mnrch llll., 1»7.
wed ...cl. 13 11. MOKItlS,
Notice h hereby given ihnt 6(i days afterdate I
intend In apply In tho HutiOruhK (lie Chief JCnnv
missionernf Lnmls ami Works for pennisiron to
purchase the following described lands, shunted
in tin.** Fish Itiver valley ami more particularly tie-
scribed as follows;
Beginning at a pnsl. one-half in IK' north-oast nf
Annus McKay's pre-emption, marked ' 0. Si's S. K.
cunier pout, thence St) chains east, 80 cliains
north, 811 ehains woat, 80 elinins south to point of
co in ni en ce menl., containing 040 acres.
Dated January 10th, lllli?.
wed feb 13       Per George Goldsmith, Agent.
Notice la hereby given that SO daya after date
I intend toapply to the Chief Commisstutioi'of
Lands and Work** for a special license io cut*
and carry away timber from the following
described lands situated in West Kootenay
Commencing at n post planted on the lil..fFon
the irrst sideuf Wluskeyl'uintaitdmArkrd'U'.
F\Ogilvie'K.soulh west corner poat,''t hence norili
4(1 chains, Uience cast lfin chains, ihence soulli
til eliains more or less to lake .shore, thence
west 100chains to pointof commencement.
Dated Keb, 12th, llKj?.
 wed febJO W ._K_OGILV I Ej__
notice is hereby given thai C'i dnys after ilnto I
intenil In apply to tin) Chief Coniinissioiierof
Lands and Works fur permission to purchase thu
following described lands in West Kootenny district:
Commencing at a post planled at tho south-west
corner nt Lot 2111, east sun* nl' Uppor Arrow i.ake
thence imst mj chains, south lo chnlns, west 80
ch.iins, mnth 4ti chains to poinl nf commencement.
Containing :i2'i acres more or less,
Dated Mnri-h )2tll, 1007,
wel inch 18 II. 0. MORHW.
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Denier in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71.
Houses Plume 7
From 25 to 50  Per Cent
•Saved on ycur Grocery Bills.
We sell at retail at lowest wholesale
prices. Hotel and boarding house
keepers, farmers, miners ami luinl er
men will Und it to their advantage to
investigate us
to any railway station in Hri.ish
Columbia, We only handle first-elauB
and pure goods. We guarantee
prompt delivery. No order too small,
none loo large. Write foi* our price
list. IT Iri FREE. Be convinced
that you can save money
Notice is heroby glvon that SO days nf ler dato
I iiiii-tol loapply tothe Chlof CouimUtioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence lo cut
and cairy away timbor from the following described land*s situated in the West Kooteuay
1. Commencing at a post planled nbout one
niilc north from the north-west cornerof Iwl
No, 860 and marked "Hert Blylh's soiilh-ensl
corner post," thenee north Sn chains, theuco
wost80chain?, thenco south 80 clmins, thence
east 80 chains to point of commencement,
2, Commenolng at a post planted ahout one
mile norlh from Ihe norlh-west eurner of Lot
No. 800 ana marked "Heit Blyth's north-oast
comer post," thence west Nl chains, th nee
BOUth80ohains, theuce eust 80 ehnins, Ihence
north 80 chains lo point of commencement.
:.. Commencing ul. a post planted at I he
north-west corner of Location No 1, marked
"Hert I'.lyth's north-east cornerpo^,'thonoo
west Sochains, thenee .-outh 80chains, thence
east 8ii ehnins, thenci; nortli 8o ohalna to poln
uf commencement.
I. Commencing ut a post planted at lhe
nurih* wist cornerof Location Nu. 1 and murked *'Berl Ulylh'ssbulbcnst comer oust," tlience
west80 chains, thenee north 80 cliains. thence
cast 80 chains, thence -mitli fit chains to poiut
uf commencement.
Dated February 18th, 1007.
fob 20 wod I3KRT HI.YTH,
Notico Is horoby given lhat tm days after dale I
Inlcnd to apply io ilic chief Commissioner of
Unds and Works for permission to purchase tlio
following doscrllwil lands in West Knotonay tils
Commonolng at a posl plantcil at the N. )*;.
comer of Lot ?cp;, uu N, K, Ann of Arrow Lakes,
thonco south Sti elinins, cast So chains, mirth Ho
ohains, west so chains in point of common corneal.
Containing W0 nei os.
D.iH-1 -March llth, i*«,.
wed inch Iti I). MflPilADDKN,
Notice Ishorohyglvon that 00 days allei* date i
inlcnd to apply tc tin- Chief (Joininlssfouor of
Lands and works for permission to pnrcliaso tlio
following described lamia iu West Kooleuay district;
Commenolng at a post planled nl.i.ul one mllo
soulh triiin the S. K> oornor of Lot 811, on shore of
Upper Arrow .Uko, tlionco west so clmins, souih
su chains, east. 8U cliains, north 80 t halns tn point
of commencement. Containing 040 acres.
Dated Marcli 12th, Illll?.
wed mi'h III L. A. Mi MOHIMN.
Two'Dwelling  House*)
269-201 Staoli y St, WINNIPEG, Man.
PRICE   $3,500
For particulars apply.to
Mrs. 11. J. Ila.iliury. Ma.iagress,
First-Class Table.
Private   ining Boxes
Liirt-o Ilitiiuiironni for
BflOQUflts, Suppers, otc.
Furnished  Rooms To Let
Notice is liereliy given that (Khlajs afler date 1
inlend to npply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami Wmks for permission to |iurchasolho
following doscribod lauds in West Kootenay di:
I riot:
ConiineiiciiiK ata post plauted at thu south-west
corner of Lot Bui, about u mile, mora or tusi
fnnn east shore nf   Cpper  AlWW Lake.lhenr
north80chains,wost 40 cliains, smith so ohalm,
oast 40 chains to point nf eourneneemont.  dm*
tafnlng820 acres mora or loss.
Dated i*:ih March, Hit'?.
wed inch Vi ft. S. MOItHIS.
Notice ii, hereby glvon that 6(1 days after datu I
Intend to apply to Um chief Commlsslonor of
Landy ami Works for permission to purchase tho
following described lands in West Kootenay "
Commencing at a pnst planted ou west slmre of
Cpper Arrow Lake, at .Shelter Ifay. at the sontli-
BOSt corner of Lot 811, tlience fnllowiug tho southern boundary of Lnt 8ll west 80 chains, thence
soulh bo elm his, easLSochaiiis, north Hn ohnlni"
point of commencement.   Containing 1)10 acres.
Dated March 12th, i:*'■■;.
wodmcli IS J), M. RAK
-1     V^    A.J    V^JIJ
i.i' ■ i«y - i*. i lh ■ ■;. ih>, i (ar*bl*.
'.ii t| pi} i * Uie Chiel Commission-?! n
ul rtnrks ior ii nil' 'inl license i*i ul an
my tiiui*erfrom m- followng tloierili.-
situatod in ilm Cmynos division f Val*
i't:     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1. Ciiiiinioiiciiig ai a pu i marked "Harry
McIiitosli,sN.W.ciirnor,"p!ant.od ubtiul I mile
w *-i ufSiignr Laku tin iln- -nth line nr Timbor
Limit No. ill23, liionco smiili SU chain.-, thei.no
.visi. Soehiiitis, thouco Uorlh So chuius, thonco
"..i-i. Such'ilns tn pointof ciimmoncemonti
Dutod January 2Jih,M)W.
2. Coinincueingtil a pnst plnntod al the N.W
lOnmrof No-1. ihouco snutli SOolinius, thenco
WCsl 80 chaips, liieiici) norlh .SU ehains, tlienco
tast 8t) chains to poini uf cominoticemeut,
Dated January H8th, 100T,
8, Coinmonoiug at- a post plnntod at tho
ioiith-wost corner of No. I, thonco south 80
.■Iiniii-, thonco eaat su clmins, theueo nortliH)
]halus, Ihencu west so chains to poim of com*
4. Coniuioucilig at a post planted at tho
South-wesl corner ur No. 1, thouco soulh 8(1
elinins, thouco west HI chains thouce north 8(1
halns, thouoe east so chains to point of coin-
DaUd January 20th, 1007.
wod fnli i:i HyU. K Brink, Agont.
. IIU!
Nm i.-.. if. ...'i.-i.. ilran Unit fl" iliu-f. altor ilal.-1
l.-uil in ii.i|i I tn iir Iiim. Hi,. Cliii-d'i.i.iiira-ii
nl I.-i il* uml H'iiiL* I... n *|i,-i-ii.l II™.no tu .-ul
K. (-nil-, ill.il.   Illll'i-l Ilu...   Hi-  fullowliig ilo-
r.li,-1 ltti.il>... « m-i KuuUiuay illsifli t:
('.. luuciiia tt. ti I...!. |,lu...,.<! iilii.u. ......
ul,. ...ul ii lifiil minli. 1 Armwhoaa, uml uli-.m
liiilliinil.oousltMiiiArruwliiu.il Urunol.U. II..
iii.i-U.I-W. E". Ogllvio's S.W. i«i.*t " tlienco SU
Iinins nurlli,  tl.u. Wl cliain* uasl, tlioucil Sll
llllllissnllllt, tl.u  bOoluitus WD:.l lu |iliilllii(
coin moliconiollt.
Ouluil Hull. 121 li, nmi.
..■if.l lul, 13 W. K. OtllLVIE.
Nuiico is herd )■ given t'.at 80 days aftor dn'e
intend ii.i'i'j.U'io C '.Chief Coinmisalouet of
uidsiuul \\ irks fT i.special license to cut
nl curry away MiiiLHir Irom the following
0j cil bod land*8 in West Koi tenay district:
I Commonolng at a post ahout 3*Jchains
wesi irom the north-cast corner of Lot;i7;i, and
min ked "John Connor'* H.iv, corner post,"
Ihence north 8U chuius, thence west SUclnyfls,
In nee soutli 8D cliains, thonce east an chains
to pointof cummenoomoui.
'i. Commencing at tlio Bnuth-oast cornerof
T. L. t'JUi, ai a posl murked "Jolui Connur'ss,
w, corner post," thenee uorlh BU ohains, theuco
eiisisu chainB, ihenee suiuh 80 chains, tlience
itest60Chains to pointol commencement;
Dated Feb. 18th, >W<.
3. Commencing at a post about 80 chains
east from Uie nurih-e.isicuuicr of Nu. J, thence
nnrlh suehalns. thence east st) chains ihenco
south B0 chains, tiience west80ohains tu pulut
uf commencement,
4, Commencingal Hit north-west corner of
T.L liTii'.i. Uience nnrlh KUih/iins, thenceeast
IM) chains, theuce south an ehains, llienee west
8Uchains lo point of commencement,
Commeuelng m ihe south-westcorner of
No. 4, iheuce north su chains, then»o eastsi)
hains, theuce auulhtW chains, theuco west so
ebains tu pu.uiui commencement.
0. Commencing at lho north-west corner of
No. 6, thenoo norlh sn chains, thence cast 80
ehnins, thence south 80 oSalns, thonce west so
chains to pointof commencement.
Dated Feb, rjtn, low.
U7,  I'ommenclUg at the north-west corner of
No. ti,  theuco north SO cnains, thenee east SO
ChalU'i ihence south Su ehains, ihence west to
chains iu puiui uf commencement,
8. Commencingat the north-east oorner of
No. 7, ihence north Bu ehnins, ihenee east 80
chains, iheuce south sochains, thenee west 80
chains to poim of commeucomout,
0 Commencing at the north-east cornerof
No, 7, theuce north 8U chains, thenne wesisu
chains, thenee south so chains, ihenne easlBO
chains iu point oi commencement,
Dated Feb Uuth, 1W7.
io, (Himmouclng at th.) north-wost corner of
No. y, theuce north su chains, thence eastBu
chains, theuoe south BO chains, thenee wistsu
chftiiiMo poini of commencement.
It, Commencing nt the north-east comer of
No. 0, thence nonli so chains, theuce oast 80,
chains, ihence mmiiIi su ehnitis, thonco wesl So
chaiug tn pointof commencement,
Dnted Keb Jlsl, l'Jll7.
wed k'h'il       Per Angus Campbell, Agent,
Notice is hereby given t»ai8*j days nfter dote
we inlend toapply lothechief Coinmtsdonor of
Lnmls and Works for as ecim license in cui
ar.d c*.rry I mher from the following d'Tiltied
lands s;tiinteil lu the Osoyoos dlvlsiou "i Vale
Commencing at a imst planted near the northern
K.unilaiy.-frontier Limit, Nn. tubs, and abmt-n
■hains (nun the north-west ciirner of same, thenee
innii iiu chains, 'tlience east ISO chains, thenco
ninth 2tl cliains Le thc north-east corner of T ililhei
Limit 16H ihence wcM so chalna along said bolin
laryto the norm-west corner of same, thence
smith Pi chains along lhe western I u.hiry nf
Timher Limit 7HM to iho imilh-wcst corner of
Limber Limit T08.'i, tnence went so chains along
Ihe northern boundary of said Limit 78815 to point
if cominoucfjiitein.
Dated the 7tli day nf Feb., 100".  ■
feb il wed J. B, MACKKNZIK.
N lice i- hereby give  i. til 3d d*iy« -ifionl.ite
I itiinnd  to applj 'nt '■> -   ihui I i.v,;
niisdnner of Liin's and W'-rK- fnr special
licensor in cut a.id cany aw ■>■ ti n!.i-r frmn the
following doscribod lauds iu Wesl Kouto ij
1. Commouelug al a post plnntodabont ll-
milos up tho south forli of Doldsirenm a:i i
murkod "(ius Lund's N.K. roriier," thenco we*l
1(1 chain?, thonco south lt'O chains, thenoo ■ ■■■
in chaius, thenco north lOOchains to pointol
'i. Commouciug at n iwst planted about 1!,
miles up tho smith fori* nf OoldstroarH and
marked "iiu- Luud's N.W. corner." theuco
east lOchains, thenco south liioci.aiiis. theuce
west 10 clmins, theuce north 180 chains to point
.1 Commonolng at a post plunted aliout lls
milos up the sooth fork nf (inldstream. and
mar.cd "Uu.-, Lund's S K, cnru**r," thunce west
sn chains, thouco north so chain*-, thence ea-t 80
chains, thonce south 80 chains to pninl nf com*
4. (lommeuclng at a post planted2H miles
Up tho south fork of Onidstrenm aud inarkod
"tjiis Luud'fl N. ft. enrnor," theuce west -to
chains, thonco south PjO chaii;.-, thence oa»t 40
dial s, theuconorth 160chains to point of com-
5 Commencing at a pnst planted about LM
miles up ihu south fork uf Qoldstream and
marked * Ous Lund's N. W corner." llienco
c-i |(Jchains, thence south 160 chaius, tbcnofl
WOSt ID chains theuco imrtli h'-O chain- to poinl
nf commoneoinent,
ii. Cominonoing at a tost planted -about 2U
milos up the soulh fnrk nf lioid-treaui aud
marked "Ous Lund's SK corner." ihence west
SO chuius, theuce mirth 80 chains, thenee oast ni
chains, Wiouco soutli J1! chain.-, in point nf commencement,
7. (ommonoing at a post planted about 3}
miles up the south fork of Qoldstream, and
markod "(in- Lund's N.K. corner." tlienco wesi
10chuius, theuoe south 100 chain.-, theuce ea-t
-lo uiiii iu", tbeuce nnrth ioo chains to point of
8. Commencing al a post planted nboutSj
milos up the souih fork of Qoldstream ana
marked "Oih Lund's N.W. corner,"thenoe
cast, in chains. Iheuce suuth IOO chains, ihence
wost 40chaius, theuce nnrlh liiy chain." lu point
of commencement,
o, Commencingat a post planted about 8*1
miles up the suuth fork of Goidstroam, and
•i.inked "Ous Lund's ri K. eurner," MiOlico we-t
SOcliaii -, Ihenee north SOohains, thence wl so
chains, ihence sun h 80 chains to point of commencement,
lo. Commoneliig at a put planted about-lj
miles up the south fork oi Uo'ibttroaiil, mnrkeo
'■Oih Lund's N. K- com. c." thonoa westW
chain.-, Ihence south It^l Chains, thence ca.-l lu
clutinn, theuce nurth ltio cha ns to pointof
li. Commonoltig at aptwi planted nboul 11
miles opihosouth furk of Qoulstrc , marked
"(ins Lund's N, \V, eurner." th u. o ca-l lo
chains, thouce suuth LOOchains, tliuuco wost 10
chains, thence north 100 chains to point of commencement,
li. Commencing at a post planted ab?ut i\
milks up thc south fork of Ooldstrcaiu antl
marked "Ous Lund's S. K. corner, thenco west
80chains, thenco north >o chain- iheiicc oast
SOchaltiS, thencu lunlbNi chains lu point uf
Dntod Jftti.SIet, IM7,
inch Owed OL'ri LL'ND
N'odice is hereby given thatflOdaysafterilatel
iuieml to apply to the Chief Commuwioiicr of
Lauds ami WorkB for permission to purchase the
following described lamb, situate in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted about lOchains
south from the south-wesl comer of Lnt Nn. UH.".
and marked "j. K. Johnson's south-east cornor
posi," theuce nortli si) chains, thenee •wes; B0
ohains, tliouce south su ehains, tlience east so
chains tn point nf commencement, Containing
tilu acres.
Dated llth March, 1!H)7.
weilmchU -I. K. JOHNSON,
\| OTICK is hereby given that 0u days after dale
j}i 1 intend lo apply Lo the Hon. I'he Chief
Commissioner of Lamb ami Works fm- permission
to purchase the following descrilied lands iu West
Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post pl-iuted ahoul two miles
easi of Lot 7010 un shore of N. K. Ann of Arrow
Lake, thence south 80 chains, uasl SO chaius, mnth
80 chains, west 80 cliains to point of commencement. •
Dated March llth, lift)?.
wed inch 13 A. MOB1US.
Nolice is hereby uivon that 30 days aftor date
we iutond lo apply tuthe Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Wurks fur a special license lo cut
and carry away timbor Trum tho fullowini? doscribod lands iu district, uf Wost Koutoiiay;
1. Commencing at a po-d marked ''Lamb-
Walson Lumber Cu. nurih cast eurner pu--t."
planlcd about one mile from North fork of Hig
week on north bank, thence west 80 chain--,
thenco soulh w ohnlns, thonoo east lOchains,
thence suulh 10 ehnins. theuco east 80 chains
thence nurih 40 chains, thence west lOchains,
Iheuce north lo chains to poinl uf cutniueuce-
li. Commencing at a post inarkrd "Limb-
Wnisou Lumber Co. north-east corner post,"
planled uf tho Norlh fork of Dig Creek, tlience
Bouth 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
ucth tiO chains: thence oust So chains to puint
uf commencement.
Dated Ihis loth day of February, 1(107.
weo iob*Ai Locators.
do cha
cola hereby given thai BOdays afterdate 1
to apply m thr Chief Commissioner of
and Works for permission to purchase the
ing described lamb in West Kootenay ills-
inenolng at a post planted at the south-wesl
of   Lut £463, nu the e*iSt shore of Upper
Itfikes, theiirtj south tJU chains, thence eaet
o- (hence north S'l chains, theuce west 40
tothe polul nf commencement. Containing
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after date 1
intend to apply to thu chief Commissioner of
Lands and Woris fora special licence lu cut and
carryaway tlu; bei from ihe following described
lamb in West Kootonayi
i   Commencing at a pnst planleil mt the west
.auk of Talc Creek about three mllea from its
uouth, and marked "F. Orange's S, W, cornor,"
ami running nnrtli E0chains, thence east 40chains,
theuce  norlh 00 chains, Ihenee  east  40i*liains,
-hence soutli SH chains, thencu wesl In chains,
theueo smith 00 chains, thence west 411 chain., tn
place of beginning.
D.itcd Fob 'Mil, 1007,
■i. Coinineneilig at a pnst planted un the west
liaiik nf Tate ('reek mnth of ami adjoining 1',
Orange's location and uiarked "It. l''illiun<re'H S,
W.-ciiriior," and running north tO chains, Iheuce
east40chiins, tliei northliUchains, (hence east
40chains, lh -o smith so chains thouce wost lu
chains, Ihence smilli 0U chains,   Iheuce trust lu
chains to placoof |wifliming.
Daled Fob. 28111, IH07.
wciinifhti ll, KILLIMolti;
Nolice is hereby given lhat liO days afler date 1
inlend to anplv io llm Chief (> ininlsslonor of
Lamb and Works fnr permission to mircliaso tha
following described lands, situate in West Knoteuay district:
Oommenolng at a posl planted at the north-easl
miier of ,1. K. Johnson's applicatinn ami marked
A   MclMiaddeu's south-east corner post, thonce
norlh  80 chnius, tlmiiee   wesl. 80 chains, tllOIICO
south Hi chains, Litem* tnl SOehains lo point of
commoncomont, Containing mn acres.
Dated llth March, in.,.
wed inch 111 A. ,Me|'A..DDKN.
Sixty days aftor date I Intond to apply to tlio
Honorable the Olllof CoinmlsslotloV of Lamb and
Works for permission to purchase tlio (ollowlnrf
descrilied lamb situated mi Uppor Arrow Uko
and mora particularly described as follows:
llcgiiining at a posl plunled at tlm iiorlheasl
enrner of Lot, mil;, and marked "ft K.K., N.W.C.IV
tlienco Hit), chains oost, thence 4u chains smith,
thence UIO chains west, tiionoo lOchains north to
pointof commencement, tilo acres.
Dated I'rl.iu.m Mb, i.iu,
wed fob 18 ft. V. KCLLMKIt.
NOTICK is hereby ulvon that60 days alter dam
1 intond to apply to the Hon. Ohlef Com
missioner of Lands and Works for permission lo
pnrcliaso the following lUwcrihcit lands in the
West Kootenay District, Oaleiia Hay, easl side of
Uppor Arrow Lake;
Commencing at a post plnuted at P, Mabel's
smith-east corner and uiarked "Ilruce A. Lawson'l
south-cast comer post," thence smith 40 chains,
tlienco WOSt 40 chains, tlience north KO chains,
theuce east BO chains, thence north HI chains,
them ast HU chains In pnlnt of commencement,
and containing 180 acres more or less.
Dated Galena Hay, this 87tll Kubruary, 1007.
feb fl wed BKL'UK A. LAWSON.
Not lc- *  hereby given th it 80 d iy* after date I
intend i mdy to thu chief Commissioner oj
Laml** an . *,*> *s tor aspeciul licence to cut and
carrvawa)  ., fmni lhu folluwliifl described
buds, situato .1, V,   * Kootenay district:
I. Commencing nt i post plan ted nboul
seven miles up Hig .,.>■ Ih Creek and one-hall
mile north inarked, "A McKao's N, W. corn i
post," Ihence east 80 chains, tbonco south80
chains, ihence west so chains, thonco north 80
chains to poini of comnwucoment.
1 Coiruieii'ing at a po-t planted aboul
.-even miles up Hiw Mouth Creek and one half
mile north am' marked "A. Mcltae- S.W, or
ner post," thence north lu chain-, cast 1*20
ehnins, south tn chains, we-l 120 chains to point
of commencement.
3, Commencing nt u post planted alwut
eight mile-up Hig Mouth Creek and one-half
mile north.nnd inarkod "A. Mcltae's N.W,
corner post." thenee ea-t 80 chains, south 80
chain-, wc-t SOohaini, ninth Ni chains tu point
of commencement.
1 Commencing at a post planted about ten
miles up Hig Mouth Creek and one-half mile
norlli, and marked "A. Mcltae-   N.W. eurner,
post, ihoneo east, wi chain-, itiuth SO chains
weal hi cbnins, nurth SO chains to puint of
.1, Commencing al npn-d planted .ilsjut ten
miles up Hit; Month Creek and one-half mllo
north, and marked "A, Mcllno'i 8, W, corner
pus(," lhcnco S'l chains north, Kfl chain- out, 90
clmins .-unlll, so (halo- we-t bi point uf cum
o. Coinmonoiug at a post tlanlod about
eleven mile- up Dig Moulh Creok ami ono-half
milo uorth, and marked "A. Mcltae's N IV,
eurner po-l," theuco suuth ni chains, ea-t ni
Ohains, Uorlh SO ehains, west no chain- U) point
of commenoement,
7 Cuiuuiciicinif- al a poll planted almut
eleven miles up Hit* .Mouth Creek and one-half
mil,, north, and marked "A Mcltoo'i S.W
cqmer poll," Ibenco nurth ni chain-, cn-l -ji
chains,-outh 80 chains. we«tNi chain- tn poll)I
uf com mencomont,
8, Commencing at a po-t planted alwut
twelve miles up Dig Mouth Creek and one-half
mllo nurth. and marked "A. MoRae'*N. W.
corner post,"ihence south SO chains, oait80
chains, north N) chains, west Ni chain- tu puim
of commoncomont.
ti. Commencing al a post plantod alwut
twelve n.iles ii j j hjk Mould Oreok and omwialf
miii' north, and marked "A. Mcltae'*- S. W.
enrner po-t." thence north 80 chain-.out80
chain-, -out h ni clialns, west ni chains to point
of ' n -11«i n.< nl
Doted March .Mh, 11*07.
wed moh III A. McltAK.
t   Notlre i« hereby given thai it3day»afterdal*
* I Intend ." sppli i i Diet Jut-: < amoiisiluuer of
I.iinli sod ilnrk* for a mc* ial license to cut
nnd carry awny liml-er from Ibe followiug
di scribed lauds in Ihe La-1 ami West Kootenay
■ lisirtcts:
!. CnUliiicueilu' nt fl p"sl planted hIhuiI one
sii"! one hall in le- up the- norih-es-t lork uf
inld Creek, mnrked "Alex Veillette's N w,
' ".in-:," ibelii-eea-M SOch&lps, ilieucc mm ih su
ha -. ihenee went so cimiti*.. theueo north 80
chains to poini of commencement.
2 t emmouclUg at a }-OS| planted almut two
siui one-half miles up the north cn-,1 fork of
iuld Creek, marked "Alex, t'efllette's south-
.vest corner, thence waul iv chains, titeuce
north l6o chains thence west 4u chains, thence
iouth 100 clialna to point os commencement!
8, Commencing at a post planted about two
and on- dm 11 mites up ihe ninth-east fork of
(i.ild creek, msrked Alex. Veillette's soulh-
east corner," thence west 40 chains, tbeuce
north 100 chains, thenee east iu chaini, tbenee
south li>i ehaiiiH to point of commencement.
Located Feb, 18th, itw",
4. Commencing at a post plauted aboot one
and one quarter mllei up uold creek frum
moutb ol north-east fork, and marked "Alex.
Veillette's north-east eorner," thence south B"
ctinius, thunce west su chains, thencu north
hi chains, theuce enstsu chain*: tu point u
6. Commencing at a post planted alwut one
ami oue-quarter miles up (ioldcruek (rom lhe
mouth ut thn north-east fork, marked "Alex,
Veillette's north-west corner," thencesouth mi
chains thence east 80 chains, thence north to
chains, thence wust 80 chains to point uf com
8. Commeneing at a post planted about
three and niic-i-uarier iniles up Ould i reek
imm the mouth uf the north-eant fork, niarked
Alex veillette's north-east corner," ihenco
iouth ao chafm thence gestSO chains.' thenoe
lortb BUchalns, thenee east sochains to point
il com menoement.
7. Commencing at a post planted alwut
three and one-quarter mllei up '.old creek
irom lhe mouth ul tbe north-out fork, marked
"Alex. VeilluUe'i north-west coruer," tbeuce
touth to chains, thenou eutfticbaljis, ihence
north 8U chains, iHence wen «u chains to
poini nl cumuieiicenieut,
8. Cummencing ai a post planted about
three and une-.juarter miles up Ould Creek
Irom ihe mouth nf Ue north-cast lurk, marked
"Alex Veillette's south-vast corner," tlience
uurth lOchains, theuce west lOo chains, thence
si iiith to (hains, tnence ciwi lou ehalus tu puiui
ui coramenccmeoL
9. Commencing at a post plauted about
iliroeainl ono-quarter miles up oold creek
irom the mouth ul the north-east fork, marked
"Al x, veliiette'i south-west corner," theme
easl -' chain . Ihem e imrth yj chains, thunce
ucm wi chains, iliunces.iutb-ju chains to point
"i commencement,
10. Commencing at a post plantod about five
and one-quarter uric- upOoid Creek from the
mouth oi the nurth-east fork, markod "Ale.\
Veillette'suorth-eut corner," thence south so
chains, tbeuce west so chains, thence nortusu
ohains, thence eut go chains tu point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a posi planted up oold
Creek about five and one-quarter mites from
ine moulh ol the uorth-eut lork, inarkod
"Alex. Veillette's north-west corner," thunce
south 80 chains, ihence east hi chains, tnence
nonh to chains, thunce west w chains tu -mint
ol commencement.
12. Commencing at a pott planted npooi.i
Creek about lire and one-quarter miles from
the mouth oi ihe norlh-eul ( rk, marked
-.ilex Vctllettu'- south*eutcorner." tbenee
i.ortb 80 chains, tbeiicewestSQ chains, ihence
south SO chums. Uience cast 5o chains tupuini
of commeucemeut.
id. Commencing at a post planted up Oold
Creok about five and one-quarter miles frum
the moutb of the uorth-east fork, marked
■Alex-. Veillette's south-west cornet," thencu
north so chains, thenceeast 80 chains, thence
south -o chains, thunce west nj chains to point
of commencement.
11 Com uie eing at a pust planted up Oold
Creek alwut seven and one-quarter miles frum
the mouth uf the norlh-eul fork, marked
"Ales. Ve llette's nurth-east comer," theuce
south 80chains, thence wesi bo chains, theuce
nurth so chains, tbeuce" east so chains to point
of commencement,
15. Commencing at a post plantod up Gold
Creek about seven and one-quarter wilus from
lhu muuth ul tue uurth-enst fork, marked
■•Alex. Veillette's south-east corner," thence
nortli so chains, thenee wc-l SO chains, thence
south &u chains, llienee easl SO chains tu point
uf ummuiicemeiit.
16. Commencing at a post plauted up Oold
Ireek about seven and one-quarter miles from
ihe mouth uf tbe Dunn-east fork, marked
"Alex. Veillette's south-west eurner," thence
east su chains, thenct north suehalns, thence
west Hi chaius, Iheuce sunt a 80 chains to point
of cummencement.
17. Commencing at a post planted up Oold
Creek abuut seven aud one-quarter miles from
ihe mouth of ihe uorth-eut fork, marked
"Aler, Veillette's north-west corner," ihence
eut 80 chains, ihence south 8o chains, thence
west su chains, tnence north 80 chaius to point
oi commencement.
18. Commencing ata post planted up Oold
Creek about eight and uiie-quarter miles from
the nnrtn-east tork, marked "Alex. Veillette's
north-west cornur." thence sou h 40 chains,
thunce easl lOOchains. 'hence north 40chaius,
thence west ItiO chains to point uf cummwnce-
Located Feb. 18th, W7.
10. Commencing ft[ * I*»d planted up Gold
Creek about eight *»d one quarter mile from
the north-east turk N». 2, marked "Alex. Veillette's south-west corner,' theuce north 4u
chains, thenee east 100 cliains. thence south 40
chains [hence weit Mj chains io pointol
JU. ommeiieing at a post planted about
three ana mm-quarter miles up the north fork
otuolicreek,marked 'Alex Velllettoinorth*
west corner," tbenee easi -io chains, thence
•outh lou chains, tnence wust 40 chains, thenco
nortli ioo chains to poiui of cominencemeut.
■i\    Commencing at h   post   -.lamed alwut
three and one-quarter mllei up the nonh furk
of Uold i reek, marked "Alex. Veillette's northeast comer," thence west 4u chains, iheuce
south no chains, thence easl 4e chaius, tnence
uorth no chains to pooit uf commencement.
" Commencing at a posl plained about
Ibrce and one-quarter miles UP the nurlb lurk
ot uuld i reek, marked "Alex. Veillette's
south-wesl 'corner," thunce eut 40 chains,
tne in-.* north loueliains, inenee. WWt-tQ chains.
thencesouth uychaim tupuiutuf commencement, ,       ...
•23 Commencing it a post planted alwut
three ami one-quarter miles up ihe nurth fork
oi Ould Creek, marked "Alex. \ tllletlu's southeast comer," thence »est ftochains, ihence
north.-u chains, thence east 80 cnoins, thence
suuth 8o chains tu point ol cummeucement.
■J4. Commencing al * post planted about five
and unc-.iuarter mile- up lhu north folk of
...ll Creel, maikcd ''Alex. Wollette's south-
nest coni'-r," tlience east i-< chains.thence
norlh 1«J chains, tlu-nce west 40 Chains, thence
south ltio chains to point of commencemeni.
26. Commencing at a imst plained alwut five
undone-quarter miles up the nurth fork ol
Uold Creek, marked "Alex. VellletU'i north*
.'a-t corner." thence west Hi chat us, thence
south80 chains, theuce east »o chains, thence
north n chains t.. pomiuf commencement.
Jl>. Commencingat a post planted about fire
and one-quarter mllm up the north fork of
uold Creek, marked "Alex. Velll'tte'i iouth-
-ast cornor," thenco west so chains, theuce
north SOehains, thence eut 80 chains, thenee
-outh fi cliains to point uf coinmencement.
Located Keb, 18th, 1907.
Daled .'.larch0ih,lWJ7. wed
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi after date 1
Intend to uppb 'to the Chiel Commissioner of
i imii and Works for permlnlon to purchaie tbe
(allowing described landi, iltuate In West Koote*
1 iw) Difiltiit:
i Coiiiiui'iieiug at a po-t planted oue chain east of
tin* N IV, curuer of Lm iOO, Oruup 1, and marked
"A. Johnion'i S. W. corner post," them-e east 80
chilni,theuce imrth 80 chain-, thunce west Bo
rhalni, them.* MUth Ho chains to the pointof
commencement, Containing HQacrei.
Dated mh March, 11*17.
Wl.,l inch l.i A, JOHNSON.
sixty days after dale I Intend (o oMy to tbe
llnmirablu On-chief Ootumlsslonerof Unds and
w.*k. (or permission lo purchaie the following
described lauds, situated nu Upper Arrow Lake,
ami more partieularlj describedu follows:
Beginning at the soutb-west comer of Lot 1189,
at a posl marked "C.H., N.W.C.R." UieiutSO
chains east, tlience ID chains nnrth, thence 30
chains east, thencu ll) chains soii'h, thunce io
chains west, thunce 90 chains imrth to pninl of
fiiuiniciiceineht, containing 840 acres more or lets,
Dated February fllli, 1W7,
wed fob in perG.Sumner, Agent.
Subscribe for The Mail-Hkkald
twice a week, only $2,60 a yoar.
NnticW hereby irlTi'ii that oo day i after date I
intend tu applj   In lhe Chief  i ainmiasiuiier of
Unds ami Worki for permission to purchase the
following descrilied lands,-situate in Went Koote-
• nay district:
[ t iommenclng at a post planted at the north-east
cornel •>( A Jnhuson'-i application aud marked
' W. J. Frahwr's S. K. corner post," thunce north 80
I chains, Uienco wesl BO ehaiiis, thence smith 80
j chains, thehce eut 80 chains tolhl point of com
! memenieiit.  ContainingM0 acies.
i    Dat.-d Itth March, WOT,
wed inch 13 W.J, FltASKR.
' NoHce U hereby given that B0 days ufler dale
1 wc Hilt-lid to apidv tu thu Honora'de the Chief
I Commissioner ol Lands and Works for special
; license to out and carry awav timber from the
foilnning described lauds, situated In District
: nl Wesl Knoteuay, li. C.
l, Commenolng at a i-osi marked "Umb-
Watnon Lumber Co'l. north west corner post"
' planted on north bnnk uf MeKenrdo Creek and
about lour miles from tlie mouth, thencesouth
' -u chaius, thence wesi 40 chains, theuce Bouth
: lOchains. thence east 80 chains, thonce north
: 120 chain*, theuce wesl 40 chains tu point of
1 commencement,
,   Dated thli lfltb day oi February, 1807.
i,  conimenclng at a post marked "Lamb
Wap-on i.uml-cr Co. north-east corner poll,1
planted on north bauk of McKenzie Creek and
i about four miles frnm moutb, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, tlience en-t so
, chains, iheuce north 80 chains to point of con-
i mencemem.
Daled this :4th day of February, 1907.
j      wed feb 20 Locators, L
Spring Millinery Opening
We invite all to our Grand Display of Stylish Spring
Millinery. It embraces charming creations for any and every
occasion-bewitching ideas for the Misses -New Ideas for the
Children-and every want of womankind has been provided for.
■♦» *♦» .^» ifr* At .Ti A. A. .T. *T« .T* iT« *Ti
wi ix* "X* "X* 'X' "X* '*■* 'X' 'X' 'X1 "X1 'X' 'X'
We are Agents for the T
tp famous " International TT
<$» Stock Food." $
fy    Large stock kept here. \P
$     Write  for circular or W
call and see it. V
Canada Drug & Book Co. |
.♦■I ■♦> At iT* »T> iTr, »♦» ■♦« »Ti ■♦» .♦■ »Ti i't1!
^ v V '*' V V V v V fV V V t
Wednesday, March 20, for 24 hnurp.
—Lieht tn n...derate winds, cloudy and
unsettled. Cold nights. Temp, max
40; min. 30 degree1.
Local and General.
C. B. Hume A Co's. millinery open
ing, Tuesday, March 26.
Mra. C R. Skene ol Kiimloops is
visiting in the city.
W. M. Lawrence left lot the coast, on
Monday morning on a husiness trip.
The annual "at home" oi the Willing Wo'kers ol St Andrew's church,
will he held on April 18th.
Admiral Lord Charles Beresford
pn-?ed through on Saturday en route
lor England.
R. Tapping has arranged to play thr
"My Wile's Fami'y Company" at
Arrowhead on Saturday, March 23rd.
Howard Douglas, Superintendent ol
the National Park. Banff, spent Sunday in (he city the guest of his daughter, Mrs. McCarter.
The Woodmen have m uie arrangements with the Kevelstoke Independent lljnd Orchestra to furnish muse
tor the l.ig dance on Easter Monday.
W.J. Davis, manager ol the Chicago
theatre at the time 600 human lives
weie sacrificed when the building
caugkt tire, has been acquitted ol
manslaughter on a technicality.
St. Patrick's day passed off quietly
in Revelstoke. The "green" was
•ported by many and except for a lew
cases ol extra hilarious patriotism, the
day was spent in an ordinary fashion.
Miss Fooie, of Keid k Young, has
returned from her visit to the east.
On her wny she visited the millinery
openings in Montreal and brought
back some of the novelties shown
Mr. Patrick Bums head of the linn
ol P. Burns k Co., has generously
donated 11.000 to the [und now being
gathered in Bid ol the erection ol a
sanitarium at Kamloops Lake for
tuberculosis patients.
Alex Grant, who for seveial years
ha* been manager ol the Vernon
braneh of the Revelstoke Wine k
Spirit company, has taken up hi.,
duties in town as manager ol tl.e local
office. Mrs, Grant accompanied her
Quality counts in this well
known line. Ours are made
from only chemically pure cbem-
25c.   A   BOX
^^^      Phm, B.
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail orders promptly attended
J Only a glance at our stock ,
• of Groceries will encourage •
J      you tn try them. J
A  trial  will  convince vou
J they are the purest and best •
, mi ihe market. Try our (
•      BREAD, CAKES AND PA8TRY.        •
j Hobson & Bellj
t  Grocers, Bakers k Confectioners  ,
C. B. Hume & Co's. millinery opening, Tuesday, March 26
C P. R. engineer J. Simmons, formerly ol this ci'y but now of Nelson,
spent Monday ill thc eity r newing
old acquaintances Mr. Simmons
was much |.l.-a-ed with the progress
Revelstoke has made in the past two
An error occurred in our last issue
in the announcement of the dale ol
Messrs. C. II Hume k Co's. millinery
ope"ing. The opening will take place
on Tuesday, March 26, alternoon and
The Independent Baud rendered a
lew selections..( music under the aro
light at the Imp'rial Bank crner, on
Saturday night, to a good gathering
of cilize-.-, but .living to the extreme
cold, neither performers or audience
remained very long,
The pest-Louse on the court house
ground*, where the case of smallp x
has been isolated, was burnt down this
morning by order of the authorities,
the case having heen removed to a
new isolation house, east of the south
t ack.
A meeting ol the Kevelstoke Fruit
Growers Association will be held in
the City H ill on Saturday at 7.30 p.in
for electi... "I olHcors and general
'ii s'-ncss. A large attendance is earnestly requested, as the subject of Iruit
growing is ol great importance to the
Miss Jeanie Fletcher, a renowned
Scottish singer, will make her lirst
appearance in Revelstoke on Monday, March 25th. Miss Fletcher
is accompanied by l'aola Gior/.ais, a
famous conipos.-r, and Mr. lmpala, a
noted accompanist and cornel ist, and
is completing her tour of the world.
The plant ol the Edmonton Bulletin,
the paper owned and started by Hon.
Frank Oliver, was totally destroyed by
lire on Monday night, eotailiog a loss
of $50,1)00, upon which there is insurance of 134,000. All the statutes
ol the recent session of the legislature
were destroyed,
The best sale of timber limits yet
made by the Ontario government was
when thirty-six square miles in Algo-
ma, near tho line of tlie Algoma
Central railway, were sold to E. B.
Foss & Co., of Thessaion, at if 10 52 per
thousand board measure and $2 dues,
or $8,60 per thousand cubic leet and
fiiO dues.
Tl.e Irish concert held in ilu* opera
house on Monday night, under the
auspices ol the Altar Guild ol St.
Francis R- man Catholic Church,
proved a complete success, the pro
gramme being well constructed, the
pelormcrs nil deserving much credit.
The tableaux 'liol Cily" waa a ilis-
linclly novel feature and picturesquely
The luneral ol the late Sarah Elir,-
alieth Hsynes, wile of Ernest llaynes
of Malakwa, took place thu, alternoon
from St. Peter's church. The deceased lady was a daughter ol T.
Wi-oliey, ol Malakwa, ami sister to I)
Woolsey, ol ibis city, and leaves nine
children. The Mau.-IFkrai.ii extend,
their deepest sympathy to the family
in their hour ol bereavement.
Andre Savone, litter's helper in the
C, P, II. shops, h>.s been sentenced by
Police Magistrate Gordon, to six
months' imprisonment with hard labor, lor stealing a watcli from the
engineer of engine 1158, late last
night. Many complaints have heen
nude by the employees in the 0, P. R.
shops of |ietty thefts, and now that a
conviction has been made this warning may bc a It.sson to these light-
lingered gentry.
Business Locals
Nothing Hettir than Our "Speoial.
Wall Paper! Wall Papcrl at How-
Bhoop'l Restorative, sold at the Canada Drug Store.)
To Buy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice. Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid nnd Anderson
Real Eetate and Insurance Agts.
C. B. Hume id Co's. millinery opening, Tuesday, March 26.
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Reveletoke Cigars.
Look at Howson's carpets and linoleums.
Go to C. 11. Hume k Co lur mats,
rugs, mat fringes and trimmings.
New Books, all kinds, coming in
last ai the Canada Drug Slore.
Lettuce, radishes, oelery ami cb
bage at C. B. II....... k 0...
Homes furnished on the installment
plan from Howson's large stook
Kce the ni w styles in 20.li Centon
clothing at C. B. Hume k Co's.,  Ltd
Rocky Mountain v'ew hooks and
post cards sold at Canada Drug Store
Ontario eggs, on'y a few c.tses left
for 25c. per dozen al 0 B llunie k C.
Try a tin ol Bovril Tablets, aunte-
thing new at 0. B. Hume k C 's
Rovelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
Speoial, The Union, and Marca Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Edison, Berliner, V etor and Columbia machines nnd records sold atthe
Canada Drug Si ore.
The latest and most up-lo-date line
ol hats and cap. just arrived at C. B
Hume k Co's.. Ltd.
The Mail-Hrkai.ii has a "New-
Idea" to offer. Call and receive fur
ther details.
Steele Briggs and D, M. Ferry's
seeds in bulk or Packages at C. B
Hume .v. Co's.
New carpets, new linoleums, new
wall papers, choic colo.s and designs,
at C. B. Hume k Co.
When putting down your stair
carpet, see our cord Imk fixture, latest
and best out.—C. li. Hume 4 Co.
By-Law No.
WHEREAS It li deemed necessary
and expedient in the interest ol the
City Ol Revelstoke that, tl.e present
wnter and el.ct.rii light system ul tin
City should lie Improved, attends I
and ...creased l.y the addition nl an
electric power dynamo and equipment
and also hy the construction of an
auxiliary plant to injure a continuous
service during .hut. downs of the present water power machinery thr nigh
accident or other cause snd by the
construction of an additional water
ANI) WHEREAS it. will Iw necessary, iu order to carry out such works
to borrow the sum of Thirty Thousand
(•$30,000.00) Dollars to delray the cost
thereof, which the Council proposes to
raise by thn issue of debentures secnr
eil upon the rates and charges which
nre chargeable and enforceable lor the
user of water and electric, light under
lhc'Water slid Electric Light, Keg.il
ation By-law, lllllll," nnd the "Municipal Clausen Act."
And Whereas the estimated amount
ol the said rates anil charge charge,
able and enforceable f.r tho yoar in
which this by-law is passed is
And Whereas no amount of money
is now charged upon the said ratos
and charges.
.*ater and electric light rates and
And Whereas fir the payment ol
the said principal money and interest
during the currency ol the said debentures it is necessary to sit aside nud
withdraw Irom the annual current
revenue derived Irom said water and
electrij light rates and charges annually, the sum ol $2322 84; the specific annual sum required (or the payment of interest being $1500.00, and
Ior the payment of the debt the sum
ol $822.84.
Be it then-fore enacted by the Municipal Council of tlie Corporation ol
• he City ol Revelstoke, as lollows:
1. The sum of $30,000.00 shall be
expended in improving, extending,
increasing and constructing (be works
aforesaid and it shall be lawtul lor tl.e
I Mayor o( thoCorporation.il the City
ol Revelstoke to borrow un the credit
and security of tl.e said rat s and
charges by way of debentures herein
after mentioned from any person or
persons, body or bodies c.rp .rale, who
may be willing to advance the same,
a sum not exceeding in the whole the
aum of Thirty Thousand Dollars, and
tooause all such sums su raised and
received to Ue paid intu the hands of
thc Treasurer of the said City, lor the
purposes and with the objects hereinbefore recitel.
2. It shall be lawful for the said
M.ij-ur to cause any number of deben
tures to be made, executed, and issued
for such sum or sums aB may be required for lhe purposes and objects
aforementioned, not exceeding how
ever the iu... of $30,000.10, each of
said debentures being ol the denomination of One Thousand Dollars, and
all such debentures shall be s.-aled
with the seal ol the Corporation ol the
City ol Revelstoke and signed by the
Mayor and Clerk thereof.
3. The snid debentures shall bear
date the Fiist. day ol June, 1907, and
shall be made payable in Twenty-live
years Irom the said (late in lawful
money of Canada, at the office of the
Molsons Bank at Revelstoke afo>e*aid,
which said place uf payment shall b-
designated hy said debentures, and
shall have attached tu them coupons
for tlie payment of interest, and tlie
signature to tbe coupons may be
either written, printed, stamped, or
4. The said debentures shall beat
interest at tlie riue ui  Five (5) pei
centum  per annuo  Irum  the   d..t.
thereof which inteiest snail Ihi payable
semi-annually at   the  .dice  of th.
Molsons Bank at Reveistuke i>fure8iti<l
in lawful money ul .'......da  on Un
First day ol June uud .In. Fusi
day of December respectively in
each and every year during the currency thereof, and i. shall be ex
pressed in saiJ debentures ami
coupons to he bu payable.
5. It shall be lawful fur the said
Mayur to negotiate and se.i the sun.
debentures, or any ul them, fur Ies
limn par, but in nu case sli.l. the said
debentures, ur . uy uf llieni he sold fli
less .than ninety-live per centum ul
their lace value, including the oust of
negotiating and sale, li.uk.-ruge an
other necessary expenses.
6. For the payment ol the said
debt there shall be set aside and withdrawn eaoh year during the currency
»f said inini.lures from the annual
our.uut revenue uf tlie municipality
is derived frum the said water and
electric light rates aud charges the
sum uf 11822.84, and such sum shall he
transitu .-I uum .ho aun.ml cum nt
revenue ace unit and paid into .-
special account tu lorm a sinking fund
lor the purpose uienu.uicil iic.'ciii,
7. For the purpose of paying the
interest upon the said dceiiturca as
same becomes due and payable, there
shall be set aside and withdrawn ei.cn
year Irom lhe annual revenue ol the
municipality as derived fro... said
water und electric light rates aud
charg.'s Uie sum of $1,500.00, which
sum shall i-e iranslerr.d (rem the
annual current revenue account and
paid inlo a -pedal account fur such
purpose and to be disbursed as and
when ihe iDslalmeuts oi interest
become due.
8. During the currency of said
debentures ilic said rutes and charges
to the extent aforesaid shall not form
part ..I the annual revenue of the
'J li shall be lawful for the Muni-
cipsl Council Irum time to time to
repurchase nny ol the said debentures »t such price or prices as
...ay be mutually agreed upon, and ull
debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be canoellccl and no re-issue of
any such debenture or debentures
shall be made in consequence ol
such r..p.ircha*e.
10 This By law shall come into
force and lake effect on the  First day
..I Jane, 1907,
II. Tin. By-law nwy be cited for
ill purpose*** lhe "Water mid Electric Light Rates l/ian By-law, 1907,"
Head a Brit time the Fifteenth dny of
March, 1907,
Rend a second nine the Fifteenth day
of March, 1907.
Read a third time and passed with
the unanimous consent ol the
Counoil the Fifteenth day ol
March, I'Mft.
Received the assent of the electors,
the day ol 1907.
Id-consider.-d and finally  na-."...| and
adopted   by    the   Council,   the
dayof ,1907,
Take nolice thut the al.ovi. is a true
copy of the proposed by-law upon
whicli the vote uf the Municipality
will la. taken at the City Hall, corner
of McKenzie Avcnie and Second
Street, Revelstoke, H. (!., on Wednesday, April 3rd, 1007, between the
hours of (I o'clook a.m. and 7 o'clock
Clerk of the Municipal Council,
sat mcli 16
The last week has brought us a lot of goods bought
especially for the Easter Season. You will find some of
the daintiest articles in "feminine fripperies" ever shown in
town. Every express brings us something new, and the
goods for Spring are certainly  a   little   nicer than any we have yet shown in Revelstoke.
Ready-to-Wear Hats
In exclusive designs—no two alike—-and certainly lhe prettiest and most stylish yet
shown. These hats every year grow more like the " Milliner " styles, and this year llowers,
feathers and ribbons predominate.    We have them to suit all styles and purses.
Easter Ribbons
All the latest novelties in Moire, Satin Stripe, Dresdens, Plaids, Persian and Floral
Effects, as well as the old standbys in Taffetta and Duchesse Satin.   Our prices are very low.
Pretty Wash Blouses
To-day brought us the first of our Wash Blouses, and they certainly are beauties. We
have them in half-sleeve, three-quarter sleeve and full sleeve styles and in prices ranging from
$1.00 to $,-{.50.
We would call your attention to two special lines of White Silk Blouses, trimmed with
Valenciennes Lace and insertions, in short-sleeve effect. Two prices—^2.75 and $3.25. You
never saw anything cheaper in the town or elsewhere.
See Our Easter Gloves
We have a splendid line of Kid Gloves. We carry Fownes' Best Make. Every pair
guaranteed.   In Silk and Lace Gloves we can give you all lengths.
COME IN AND SEE THE NEW GOODS.     Dressmaking Department Now Open.
Our Watches are "Au j
Fait." Eight Day (.locks
for 14.50. All Silver.
ware Guaranteed Quality. Watch Repairing*
a Specialty.
10. 5 Company, R. M. R.
The last recruit class o: Iho ki a
son will commence drill Thursday,
March 21st, at 8 p.m.
Anyone wishing to join the above
company must attend at the Drill
Hall and get sworn in hy the above
H. A. Bhown, 0. C.
Woodmen's Big
Gentlemen, $2.00.     Lad es
Tickets can lie obtained (rom the
following committee :—
W. I). Armstrong,     n. E. Benson
F. W. Oamehon, RW.Ha.kien
L.-F, Cnusi,"-:. R. Thomas.
ply tn O, B. Hume ft Do,
FVjII HALE -Twu  handsome   shuw
....sen and a counter, cheap—Ap-
ply this ulllee or Oity Bakery.
IEA8E of    Furnished    Rooming
j  House (12 rooms,) with furniture,
fur sale cheap—paying Investment,—
Apply HllillAl.li ft KlKI.1).
MACHINE   Hhup   M..chine.y for
s..h- i-heap, or plant if desired.
Apply In.I. TrilNK.l, I'ensc, Husk.
1)1.AIN nnd (lin.ini.int.il I'l..a!..-.ing.
Artificial si...ne of nny design for
building pul poses, Oeiuent and con.
1.-.-ii-wo.-k lake., by contract or day
work.   Apply lo .1.  Wai.xkii und J.
haviiiknt. Revelsloke, I'. (),
rn() LET House keeping looms,
I furnished. If young couple, no
rhlld......   Applv nl, this olliee.
WANTED TO LET- Furnished
Home. Apply to E.A Haggen.
WANTED Al. once nt. Halcyon
Hoi Springs, nn experienced
dlnlngrnnm girl. Apply at mice In
ll. McINTOSH, Prop.      	
WANTED- Ohl forlleiieriil House
iv. rk, family of l.hr.-c; must
In. good ph.... COOK. Wages I|l2i per
.......lb.    Miih. T. T. LriH.ATK,
WANTED Fust.-. Lisa energetic
in.si bug man ul experience, to
manage Baw ....II and rivet- driving
...iti.i, 16 to 20 thousand feel capacity
pei ilny. AddressX, Y.Z.il.is ..til.-.,
niib references and salary wanted.
I .1011 HA LB -A good .Souvenir Range
' Can he seen at the cottage, corner of Boyle Avenue nnd Victoria
Road, nny lime before the 28th ot
March.-Ouo, A, Stuart,     iv ft s
Scene from " My Wife's Family."
Opera House, Thursday, March 21st
we do not pretend to cure, but we
can and dn avert it; l-cleve eye
strain nnd save ninny a headache
and lit uf nervousness by adapt ing
to your eye needs just the right
glasses or spectacles.
ft has been proven that 110 per
cent, of headache* are caused by
defective eyes. Now is a good
time to ,have ynur eyes attended
1T11T1'" '** ili At At '"fr* At At At '"fr* 'fr* A> At At At A, .♦» .*fr» At At At At At
*+• *4." 'X1 '.J.' "i1 "X* "X' 'X* Vtr 'X* *X' "X' *X' 'X' "X" 'X' "X" "X* "X  X "XX" "X' 'X •+*
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWARD
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
feJHfo it iti ili i|i ili ili i|i i}i ill ij) ***** i|i i$i ill t$ jl ifr *$*-$nin£Hfr
Sportsmen and Hunters
Watch this Space.


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