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The Mail Herald 1908-11-18

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 'Provincial Lib
"Empire" Typewrit, wr
Kor caBe of operation and perlectiun
iu 1 "suits produced, this maobine
is unsurpassed.    Price, -ftiO.OO Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Vol. 14.-No 87
Special Prices on
Five Cord I.otB
W.  B.  PAGET,    McKenzie Ave.
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stor.-- at Arrovs-tead and Revelstoke.
The Lion Brand Make
There is no Boy's Clothing any better—there
is none so good. There is more style about the fit,
there is more work on the suit, and there are more
Boys in Canada asking tbr this make every year,
The people who make this Brand make nothing
but Boys' Clothing. They have the largest and
most exclusive Boys' Clothing Factory in Canada.
coats all have the double elbow in the
The shoulders are made concave and have
and sleeve pads.    The collar is carefully
and, all together, looks   like a line   tailored
The knickers have double seat, double knees,
double-stitched seams, and have a splendid dark
lining that will wear equal to the outside.
The prices are easy for this good make, and
the selection we show is the largest in town.
Boys, Buy the    Lion Brand.'
C. B. HUME  & CO.,   L.I  ITED
Store* at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
With the help of one package of Imp Soot Destroyer
you can always have a clean chimney. When the fire
burns, dull anil the chimney smokes it shows the chimney
is choked with soot and liable to catch lire. Do not
spend your time taking down the pipes, using up your
energies and profane language, getting yourself, your
house and everything in sight soiled. Buy an Imp and
save this. Good Ior Furnace, Cook or Heoting Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branohei or Agent* at nil principal points In Oanada.
Agents in Great Britain and United Statea—London, England,
Lloyd V Hank, Ltd. Chicago- first National Bank, Oorn Biohange
National Hunk. Seattle—Seattle National Hank, San Pranolico—
Wells Kiirgo, Nevada National Hank. Spokane—Bxohange National Hunk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of ,1 and upward, received, and interest credited four
times a year.   Special attention given to out-of-town accounts.
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Ladies' and Children's Wear
See Them belore buying Elsewhere        They Cunnol be Beat for Value
Coats,  1
Under weai
Just received a
stock of Ladies'
Children's Shoes.
By   The   Yard
Opposite Olimai Hotel, First Htroet.
Bert Whitehouse Loses His Life
in Four-mile Lake While out
Duck Hunting—Plucky Attempt at Rescue.
One of the most distressing accidents that has ever occurred in tbis
vicinity took place on Sunday morning, resulting in the loss ol one life
and tbe narrow escape of another.
It appears that Bert Whitehouse
and Sam Carmichael bad left the city
early on Sunday morning on a duck
shooting expedition down the south
track. Reaching four-mile camp tbe
two struck into the bush for Four-
mile lake which is about a mile Irom
the C.P.K. track. On reaching the
lake they saw some ducks on the water
aud shot at them, wounding one.
Seeing a boat on tbe bank, they
launched it and got in paddling out
through the ice towards tbe wounded
bird, which they then finally dispatched. Tbe boys now paddled on
towards tbe opposite bank of the
slough, through the ice which was
about hall an inch thick. By this
time the boat was leaking badly and
filling with water rapidly, and White-
bouse stepping to one side caused it to
lurch violently and take in water.
Getting alarmed, and probably thinking tbat she was sinking, Whitehouse
jumped out into deep water, although
he was unable to swim. Carmichael,
seeing his friend's danger, jumped out
too and got hold ol him and tried to
swim to the shore with bis burden but
wae unable to get through the ice.
Carmichael then tried to pull White-
house back to the boat and succeeded
in dragging bim near, although the
boat, water-lodged, was drifting away
again to the middle of the slough.
Alter a manful effort Carmichael got
up to the boat and in order to secure
it was forced to let go his hold of bis
fiiend who by this time was numbed
witb cold and well nigh exhausted. As
soon as the supporting hand of the
swimmer let go, Whitehouse sank but
Carmichael quickly grabbed on to the
s-trapB of his game bag in order to pull
him above the surface again. Unfortunately the bag came away and tbe
body sank to tbe bottom. Carmichael
who was pretty well done up with
cold and with bis plucky efforts to
save bis friend, bad just enough
strength left to get ashore and hasten
to the nearest camp to break tbe news,
leaving an Italian who came up just
as tbe accident bad happened, and
who could not swim and so could not
render aid, to point out to the men
where the body lay under water.
Carmichael who stood by at tbe
camp, after getting his clothes dried,
to see if the Coroner would bold an
inquest, went home to regain warmth
aud circulation to his chilled limbs.
The body was then conveyed to tbe
undertaking parlors of K. Howson A
Tbe deceased was only 1G years of
age and popular among bis friends in
the city, being employed, as was Car
micbiiel, at the mill of the Bowman
Lumber Co. We learn that death
was probably caused nut so much by
actual drowning an by the sudden
shock tu the heart from the effects uf
icy cold water.
Carmichael, who if of considerably
smaller stature than bis fiiend,yet tbe
same age, deserves great credit for the
plucky manner In which he attempted
to savo his friend's life in spite of tbe
tremendous odds against bim.
Mrs. Whitehouse has been prostrated at tbe loss ol her son and the
ar.ii.. ii', baa cuusod widespread sympathy for tue mother and relatives.
The deceased is half brother to Mrs.
O. 0, 1'. I'.ivis aud Mrs. 0. I). Hume.
The funeral took place yesterday
afternoon Irom tbe lam ily residence,
the jtev. C. A. l'rocunier olliciuting at
the service. The remains were followed to tbe cemetery by a large number
ol friends ul the deceased's family. The
Mail-Hkkai.ii joins with the many
friends in expressions of sympathy
Ior the bereaved mother aud relatives.
Three   Lives   Lost  in   Train
Wreck Caused by Washout
The heavy .thaw of the lust few days
was the cause of a serious accident
early on Tuesday morning, near
Lytton, resulting in the loss of three
lives. It seems that a large section of
the C. P. R. track overlooking the
Fraser rivor had beeu washed out, the
slides of is iter and mud fiom tbe bills
above belli : responsible for the damage. A west bound freight ran into
tbe debris before the engineer was
aware of the danger, the locomotive
and several hox cars being precipitated
into the swirling current below.
Engineer G. Brown was pinned
down beneath his engine and met
death instantaneously, while Fireman
Ryder was caught among the debris
and scalded to death by escaping
steam, after lingering in untold agony.
The head brakeman, Ole Anderson,
suffered severe injuries to which he
succumbed late last night at Kamloops.
The body of the unfortunate engineer
was recovered yesterday and taken
into Kamloops.
Haas, Who Shot Mr. F. J. Heney
Shoots Himself in Prison
San Francisco, Nov. 17.—Morris
Haas who shot Francis J. Heney yesterday, committed suicide at the
county jail by shooting himself thru'
the head. Oue report says that the
pistol with which he shot himself was
concealed in a shoe, where he hid it
before shooting Mr. Heney. Another
report says tbe pistol was secretly
passed to bim by a friend since bis
Calmed by tbe assurance tbat Assistant District Attorney Francis J.
Heney, who was shot yesterday in
Judge Lawlor's courtroom while in the
performance of bis duty, is to recover
from bis wound, unless some untor-
seen condition develops, public opinion was turned today toward the formulation of concrete expression of a
determination to continue with the
trial of those indicted on charges of
municipal corruption, in the prosecution oi which Mr: Heney has been
the dominant character.
Several leading attorneys ol the city
bave volunteered to take up Mr.
Heney's work as a matter ol publio
duty and carry it to a conclusion.
Mechanics  Demand   Leaders'
WINNIPEG, Nov. 17.—As an aftermath of the recent Canadian Pacific
mechanics' strike, tbe union has
demanded the resignation ol Bell-
Hardy and J, H. McVety, the two
men who arranged the settlement
here hy which the men returned to
work. Much dissatislaction existed
at that time and since, the men
claiming that it was a practical
surrender and some ol them accusing
their leaders ol having betrayed tbeir
interests. When asked if his resignation had been asked for Mr. Hardy
stated that it had not and said:
" My union has not asked for my
resignation, but I bave handed it iu,
and it will take effect immediately on
election ol my successor "
Imperial Press Conference
Loniion, Eng., Nov, 17—The executive committee of the Imperial press
oonlerence to he held in London in
June I'.ni'.i, have mailed invitations lo
the proprietors and editors ol newspapers in various parts ol thu Empire
t; ask that representatives be dieted
to the conference iu such a monnor hs
they themselves would doom most
likely to remit in the gathering being
truly representative of the interests ol
tbe Empire.
Col. Swayne to Visit British
Columbia Shortly
Ottawa, Nov. 17.—Col.   Swayne,
governor ol British Honduras, is Cuming Irom Kiighind to British Columbia to investigate tbe ease ol Hindus
whom it is proposed to transport (rom
Canada's Pacific Coast Province to
J. B. Hark in, private secrets ry ol
the Minister of tbe Interior, who went
■outh to Honduras with the Hindu
delegates, is expected back next week.
Governor Swayne's object is to enquire into the suitability ol the
Hindus in British Columbia (or the
woak required ol tjiem  in   Honduras.
.New Brunswick To Limit Cut.
St. John, N. II, Nov. 17.—Hon. W.
C. H. Grimmer, surveyor-general of
New Brunswick, annoutiood tonight a
now lumber regulation, to go into
effect at unco. It reduces the limit of
logs allowed to he out in New Hums
wick to 10 lent in length and II inches
in diameter at tbo top. Double
itutnpago will be taxed on any smaller
lliniii this ill*, The minimum size
which prevailed bere for 115 years was
IK feet in length, 10 inches at lop.
Hon. Mr. (Iriiiiiner said tho change
was made in the   interests of tbe him-
Large Attendance of Delegates
—The Chairman's Address
—Opening and Interesting
The fifth annual convention ol the
British Columbia Association of School
Trustees opened its first session this
morning in the city hall at 10 o'clock,
and was largely attended. Owing to
delay of trains a number ol delegates
have not yet arrived but will be here
this evening. President P. Peebles, ol
New Westminster, took the ohair.
The followi'igdelegates were present:
Wm. Mcllride, Surrey.
J. Hn ill ie, Maple Ridge District.
W. E. Buckingham, Richmond.
Chas. E. Hope, (chairman,) W. P.
Argue (city superintendent,) A. C.
Stuart, Vancouver.
A. C. Scott, (city superintendent,)
Calgary, Alta
Ed. B. Paul, (city superintendent,)
John Peck, (vice chairman,) P. Peebles, New Westminster.
Wm. Irvine, Nelson.
J. C. Robertson, J. C. Lucas, J. S.
Mercer, Cbilliwack rural.
H. J. Barber, A. L. Coote, Cbilliwack city.
E. J. Offerhaua, J. M. Wright, Spal-
J. N. Muir, Keefers.
T. A. Sbackleton, Kamloops.
E. A. Atkins, Coquitlam.
T.   W.   Bradshaw, H. Manning, H.
N. Coursier, Revelstoke.
R. G. Joy, Nelson.
H. P, McCraney, Rossland.
F. W. Fliuiime.felt, J, J. Dougan,
In opening the meeting the chairman explained the reason of the delay of several delegates iu arriving and
inged that as tbn business before the
convention was very heavy, the discussion should he concise and brief.
The first order of business was tlie
enrolment and credeutid committee
appointment, and whose report was
read and accepted. A r. solution was
passed that tbe convent mn extend to
Inspector Stewart, A. O Scott, superintendent uf Calgary, and J. M. Fowler. Wetaskiwin, a cordial invitation
to fully participate in all discussions
and deliberations of the institute.
Tba chairman then read the opening address as follows :
Revelstoke, Nov. 0, 11I0S.
GENTLEMEN :—In consenting to deliver a chairman's address at this
convention, 1 can assure you that I
did nut only take into consideration
tlie luck of ability on my part, but alsu
to OStablith a precedent fur the chair-,
n an to deliver an addle s al nil future
Before proceeding  to  give  you my
report as obairman of your committee
which was authorised to apprbaoh the
Government with all passed resolutions, I would beg leave  tu  call your
attention to the gnat number of rest
humus that have been passu! fn the
(our previous meetings of this Association; many of ihem very Important
to the gentlemen who advocated then
many uf them of great i.iipol tanoc to
the several   localities  that   would   I
hn,iii id by tin in,  hut  nevertheless
yuu may have noticed by our report,
thit il is only   the   large   issues, thul
when placed belore the Government,
hive iiceivcd proper consideration.
Ibesc local issues mid resolutions
hnve, nevertheless, bud tlieir place in
our meetings, and I think it is well to
discuss that pait ol our educations!
i vr'i'in when wc meet in convention
I would strongly urge upon you the
necessity if psssiug a few resolutions
as possible, anil instead ol wasting uur
lime and energy iu this way, devote it
to the method ol oureduoational system as a whole.
To illustrate thi' value one locality
mny receive Irum another, and the
energy shown by one locality in particular, I would refer lo the excellent
photograph that the llevelstnke School
Hoard piesenled to us in New Westminster, in Ootober. M'07.
The result to New Westminster
alone has been tho beautilying nnd
arranging   of     the     Central   School
grounds, an enterprise that we ap-
proiiobid with (ear and trembling because o[ the expense, which   has  lieen
Iii the neighborhood ol |l,fioo, but i
can assure you that, during the tune
the work was under construction, we
received nothing but encouragement
fu in every citizen who spuko to us
upon the subject during thn time the
work was being done.
I believe it is the duty of every
school hoard to make the conditions
surrounding their schools as lieaiitiful
as possible, as it is in itself an education to our young.
In February uf this year, an executive committee composed ol Mayor
l'lanta, trustee from Nanaimo; Mr.
Argun, Supt of Education, Vancouver;
Mr, .1. .1. Dougan, secretary ol tho B
0, Assiiciation ol School Trustees, and
Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition, Good Hunting
Knives, Axes, Fishing
Tackle and other spori-
ing {roods.
We are showing the best line of Heaters,  Ranges, etc., that
bus been seen in Kevelstoke and our Increasing sales prove that
we have the right goods and prices.
Our Plumbing department Is" up-to-date and we are doing
the best win k I hat Is dune in the citv.
Bouk ne   Bros.
You certainly
do look y/Mm
Mr Swdl Dresser,
You know it is not a crime to feel real
warm. It isn't a pleasant thing, is it, to have
chills chasing each other over you ?
And while you are keeping warm you
might as well have an overcoat that will "look
good," too.
" Our Overcoats will make you feel good,
and look good, and make good."
Let us coat you over with an overcoat."
Our Foot-rite Shoes we sell have good
bottoms on them and also good tops, although,
you wear shoes at the bottom. Our styles are
toppy. A pair will keep your feet in good
McKinnon _$, Sutherland
b. e. walker, !>r«s._<*ni       Paid-up Capital,$ 1 0,000.000
alex. laird, ochMki      Reserve Fund,   -  5,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United Stales antl England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits ul #1 uml upwards, arc received and interest
allowed ut current rates, ami [g paid four times a year. Acciuints
may be opened In the name, of twu or more persou, withdraw
al" to be made by any one of the number or by the survivor.
bermen'l   operiitiiins, as   thu   former* your  president,   ananged   a meeting
regulation,   while   about   right years 1
ago, made too great a limit now, ' (Coiilinued 00 I'age Three)
•MIIS««»l»MS«««H»M»,»MHM||H,|M(iM||t|i||||* THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc  flbaiMbcralb.
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
Parliamentai y,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railv iy
Hon. Charles Murphy, M.P.
Hahoi.d Fisher,
Barristers, Solicitors. «tc.
V. i,I]I..-. . ('. F.l.l.lOTT
AND Fl    I.HAM,
'IrFlCKS 1    IMI'KKUL I  AI S  lll'ILDINli  UKVEl.
Money to loan.
Olilces: Kevulmoke, B 0.    Critulirimk, B   b.
Geo. _. McCaktkr
_.  M    1'IKKHAM, J. A.  HaKVKV,
lievel»tok-,       I Cranbrook, B. C.
J. M. Scott LL
Vv". I. Briggs.
Harribtkrs, Solicitors, Et
Monet* to Loan
solicitors for Molson1" Hank
first Street.
Re\e ",oke, H.C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box loti, Revelstoke
Certificated Teacher ol
Piano. Vocal Theory.
Musical Kindergarten
Classes lor young chil-
Studio over
"Biggest and Best"
Chewing Tobacco
Zbc ni>aiU1f_)eiaib
Th'jri is n much bad in ihu best uf us,
Ar. j 51 much in the worst nf us.
That :i baldly bshoovss any uf ns,
To tal_ ab-.ut the rest of us.
Now that the Dominion elections
are over the citizens who are interested in civic affairs are beginning
to discuss mutters pertaining to lhe
municipal elections which will be
held next January. In some sections of the city active canvassing
for municipal candidates is said to
have been quietly going on for
some time though the partis concerned in this work when approached on the subject, insisted that it is
altogether too early to talk definitely on the matter of their candidacy.
A round oi informal interviews
makr- it reasonably certain that
there wiil be more candidates fur
mayor next January than 1ms been
the case in a number of years, and
tiiere will be no lack of candidates
for alJermanie honors. It is probable, however, tiiat by the time
nomination day comes round a
number of would-be aspirants to
the "seatsof the mighty," will drop
out of the running from one or more
causes, 'I'he past year has seen a
marked improvement in the meth
oils adopted by the council in civic
administration wbicb 1ms shown
;•- v.w i- in  rs-iiit-. although there
are always a certain few in any
Community wi.'' i 'inplain mul criticize on principle. Jt is one ul
the incident! of civic public life
that il a council docs well little ap-
1 nnl attention is paid it, or at
least lew comments an* made on it.
' "At vcir'-- council must be strong
if the good work ol tbe present year
is to be continued, for the council
ol 190$ have .-tt a precedent which
will be difficult to follow and which
can and will be followed only if
tbe collective forethought and
judgment nf the oommunity is ex-
ercised in its selection. The improvements that have been carried
o.i this year have necessitated
borrowing, a system   wbicli should
always be adopted when civic Improvements und developmental
scheme! arc projected, To these
extra considerations mid lhe Im l
tb it Revelstoke's normal condition
i-. and for many years inu-st bs.
one of phenomenal expansion
everywhere and in every direction
ard Coa
I.   O.   E.
lirt Mount Begbie, *■'  .8461, meet" 2ml anil
Mi Mondays in oddfollnwe Hull, next to Opera
| I II,.1150      V
We are now receiving a full supply of the
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily attended to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open Grate.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
and we have the situation which
demands for 1909 a council of public-spirited, clear-headed and courage business-headed men.
Apropos of the sad drowning
accident on .Sunday morning last
there comes the realization that
lhe art of swimming has been sadly
neglected in the everyday courses
of instruction of our children.
When cities and homes are situated
near rivers, lakes or even streams
there is always the latent danger
of drowning accidents to be considered. The knowledge of swimming is as essential to every man,
woman or child as any other art
that they may acquire. Rarely
does the importance of this accomplishment occur to individuals until sonic calamity has happennd
ami il is n common phase of everyday life n community learns
their lessons :it the expense of one
or two- It is almost incredible (lie
number of persons who arc employed on our inland waters who
cannot swim, and we would suggest that this be made a strong
point where men are engaged for
river or lake service, it is useless
for us to shut our eyes to the urgency of the case and we must be fully
alive to a situation that calls for
action being taken. How many of
our boys and girls perhaps, let alone
the men and women who make a
pastime out of boating or of
fishing near our rivers and lakes,
and who could, if emergency called
save their own lives and the lives
of others when jeopardized. We
venture to state but a few only.
Swimming should be taught to
every boy and girl m the community where possible, ami classes
could very well be organized at our
own y.M.C.A. where tlie art could
be laugin. This is a i-uestion not
to be lightly considered anil "lie
which should appeal to every parent and to our community in
a year ago resulted in somewhat
conservative Christmas buying, but
there is a much freer feeling this
year, especially at country points.
A Pathetic Appeal.
Ktlitor Mah.-11kiiai.ii.
Dear Sir,—I am an old lime trail
blazer in Kootenay. Over a quarter
of a century have I trodden its majestic mountain ranees and chased the
goat and cariboo. I have poured red
hot lead into grimly bears, and flip-
Hopped slapjacks aluive the clouds on
the glacicred peaks ol the Selkirks.
Never has my horny hind refusal hos
pitality to an old tuner or a Johnny-
come-lately. My pards ol long ago
sleep their everlasting sleep iu tbe
graveyard near the city limits friend
alter friend is being laid away and our
rankB are being thinned year by year
by the grim destroyer. Why ii it tbat
we the remnant of the husky pioneers
cannot have one grand reunion, one
heap big jollilication, one great supper of Blapjucks, bacon and beans, and
have a few hours ol heart to heart talk
of old time adventure and old time
stories. If old Pioneer Tapping with
his heap big heart and great big opera
bouse, would give us one heap big
nigbt to eat our slapjacks, fried ba-un,
tea and entree, we could have a swell
time. All old timers male and female
who have lived in Kootenay for 1_
yeara would be eligible. I hope some
ot the old time friends will do something to call us together so that we
may bave one   big   heap talk and
siting brethren oordlally  Invited t,
J.W. Qaui.asd, C.B.
H. W. Edwaudb, K.S
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain   View Camp, No. 229
Meets Becond and Fourth Wednesdays in
eaoh month, in Selkirk Hull. Vi.ilin Wooil-
inen cordially invited to attond.
Vi. 11. ARMSTRONG. Con. Com.
J. MoINTVKlO. Olerk.
F. O. E.
The romilnr meetings are held in tho Selkirli
Httll  every Tuesday evening    ut   8   o clock
Visiting brethren are ourdially invited.
J. LESLIHj. President.
w. k. McLauchlin, Seobetaev.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. SS.
The regular meetings are held in the
Oddrelluws Hall, on
the third Monday iu
iiiu-li mouth at 8
|i m. Visiting brethren cordially welcome.
KUCUNIER, Skcrktary.
Meets every Thursday  evening  iu   Sol
kirk Hall at 8 o'olook
^ Visiting brethren are
cordially invited to attend.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P:
No, 26, Revelstoke, B. C
MEET-' ...VERY  UEUNESDAV, I'li-nl Wednesday
ctiih mouth, i.i    i '     ddfelliws
Hall    at    8    I'd ick.     Vlsitin
Knights n-e O'irdlally   nvite'l.
G. H. BHOCli  K. of R. M S.
J. B, SCOTT, jl. of F.
Revelstoke Assessment District
TAKE NOTICE that 1 shall hold a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
lhe provisions of the "Assessment,
Act. respecting the Assessment Rolls
for HKJII, for the Revelstoke Assessment
District, uu MONDAY, lhe 21st day of
December, 1!M)S, at tbe hour of eleven
o'clock in ttie forenoon, at the Oourt
House, Revelsluke,
Dated  at   Kevelsloke this 17lb duv of
Novouibei*, 11)08.
C. M. [''IELD,
Judge of lhe Court of Revision and
Appeal, Revelstoke Assessment
Dlstriot of Wesi Kooteuay,
Nov 18 Dec. U.
Take notice that 1 intend to inak'
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police foe a renewal of the
retail liquor licence foe the Windsor
Hotel at lllecillewaet, B.C., for the
half year from Jan. 1st. 100S), to June
30 th, 1809.
Dated Nov. 7th, 1008,
nov 7 lm O, D. Morris.
Take notice that we intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Lakeview
Hotel at Arrowhead, B.C, for the half
vear fr Jan. 1st, 1909, tn June 30th,
Dated Nn.'. Till. 1908.
nov 7 lm        Pi.lmtun & Chapman.
Take notice thut   I  iutend lo make
application to the Superintendent of
I'liivineial  Police for a renewal of the
good big feed on slapjaoks and plum I Stall liquor licence for the Lardeau
*  „  , f . I Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., for the hal
year fi-oin Jan. 1st, 11*1!), lo .lime mill:
dull'   before   another
away in its cot
is stored !
A representative of The Commercial, says that journal, in interviewing members of the wholesale
trade in Winnipeg this week, laid
particular emphasis upon finding
out how paper is being met. We
are pleased to find that the paper
due on Nov. I   bus been met very
- itisfai torily as inr   ai   tbe wh	
s.ilers have been advised. I i -'
ireek we mentioned thai payments
due in the city on lhat day .oui
been well responded to, but it always takes a week or two tu get. tbe
report- frum en intry points,
Wholesalers generally are in a
happy iii'iml nver the .-il.nation.    So
much nf the crop has been marketed early this year, and withoul
serious blockade, that the money
has simply been pouring into the
country. The farmers are about
through with their lull work on the
farms, ami are getting into town to
attend to tbeir requirement! and to
settle Up,
From now mi money will bo iii
better circ ii I a tion in tbe Country,
The lirst snow bus arrived, arid the
roads will soon be in sliii'ic (or the
winter trade. It is confidently expected that a record volume of cash
business will he done this season,
Many retail dealer*-; urn insisting
upon curtailing credit, uml the
farmers undoubtedly have plenty
cash    The conditions at this time
Trail Blazer,
Canada Has First Call to Defend Her Supremacy
The London Times -.ay-   this aboat
the Olympic lacrosse game
"For the tirst time ir. the history   '.
lacrosse the speciailv-'elected amateur
teams of the two countries   have   mi
and Canada has to defend  its  supreni-
acy at its  mn national ganif -sr.   ,-
It I- in   many   respects   highly   Mil
factory that tlie Canadian   team   wen
able successfully to retain   tbeii   posi
tion  as champions,   even   when   tbe
victory   was  at    the   expense   nl   tbe
English team, and it will  in- realized
that the difference   between Bnglisb
and   Canadian   lacrosse   if   not   very
great when   Saturday's  match at  the
Stadium was, tv'sn hy II goals  tr    lo
The opening stages went all in
favor of Canada, for the Engllshmei
played iien ui ly, In lbs leoond
quarter play '.va- steady,     In tlie third
play increased in imce _nd  the Eng'
lishmen ■ speed completely nonp
the Canadians.     hunting play opened
and concluded the last quarter,Canads
drawing ahead and winning »* stateil
Collectively and In cleverness Canada was distinctly superior to hrig-
liind, Init in   pace   and    general    bril-
liancy, England showed  up to more
advantage.      For the winners the New
Westminster man (A, Turnbull) was
always   prominent.     Dixon   kept goal
well anil Dillon and   Ren n if  did   good
. __ •
Grand Duke Alexis Dead
Paris, November IT—Qrand Duke
Alexis, who wan regarded as one of the
dominant   figures of   Russian bated
ducal ring, died of pneumonia today. uncle of Emperor N'icb
olaa. He always feared assassination
ami be seldom wont out of sight or
cull of   personal   protectors   and   the
Daled Nov. 6th,
nov 7 lm
Joseph Dumont.
Take notice that ive, Messrs, Ogih
A McKitriek of Nakusp, intend applying to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of entail
liquor license for the Leland Hotel al
Nakusp, B.C., for the hall'vein from
January 1st, inon toJune 80th, 1909,
Dati ; Nov. 7th, 1908.
nov 7 lm      Ooii.vik A Mi KlTltii K.
Notic« is hereby given thai we in-
Ui ma Ice implication to i ho Super-
..I.-ni of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the retail liquor licence for
i hi-'.I.oi,-I Rouse, al Qlacler,B,C, for
the half yeai .rom Jan. 1st, 1900, to
.1 in. mill. 1909,
Dal -l N"'.   7th, 11108,
nov 7 im 11, P. Ry, Oo,
Kor the latest styles in ladies ami
gentlemen's visiting cards call at the
Mail lliiiALii ollice.
i.i. ',..',•■ thai I Intend to make
applical Ion to : he -i iperlntendenl of
Provincial Police f." s renewal of the
retail liquor li' ence i"i the i i Iterlon
Hotel al i umhoi ne lie, for the li ilf
■ ■   i , : r,', ',.  I une lOth
N..V,      I   I'M
nov II I io K. T. Alll ■
l i.. i,.,i i,,. thai I intend lo make
on to l he Superintendent of
Pro' s 'I Polii'■ foi i renewal "I tha
retail liquor licence for the Camborne
Hotel al < laraborne, ll C„ for ths imlf
year frnm .Ism lit 1909, Ui Inne 80th,
Dated Noi   5th  im
lm Davi Orr.
iiinty Curt ,,f Weil Roots
Batata ol Peter
"Official Admin'
nov i
In   iIn-  I
o, IV
In the matter of the
Mellstrain- und
In I In' inalt.i'l  of   I h"
nt rato^s Acl.'
Take notice thai hy ' Irdnr of Ilia
Honour .1. A. Forin, Local Judge,
made the 21-4, day of October, A.D,,
khih. I was appointed Administrator
of iin- ..state of said Peter Mellstrain,
deoeased, and all pan Ies having claims
against the snid estate are hereby required lo furnish hu mf. properly verified io im1 on ui before Ibe -Olll day nl'
November, I iuih, and nil pari Ies Indebted to said Estate are required to pay
the amount of their Indebtedness tn
me Forthwith,
Dated llie I Ilii .lay of Nov., I mm
Chough S, McCahtbr,
Ollicial Administrator,
>\       '.v-fcx Ui
!£ri__l_2 FROM THE
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
A New Carpet
Irom our choice and handsome
stock of Axminater, Wiltons, etc,,
will give you both pleasure and
satisfaction when you see the rich
and beautiful effects of the colors
and patterns and the durability
of the fabrics. Our carpets are
made by)the best manufactures,
and are made to wear well, as well
as to look well.
R.  HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
.-I' ''.'/■■ 'niviii'l -".TTirr;.-
«    '•■*nT|B
HEAD OFFICIO i   Oalqaky,   Albuiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Liv   Stock.   Markets iu all the piinei
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, Brl'ish Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of tho Celebrated Brand  " Imperator" HiuiiB and Bacon,
j    and " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Laid.
JL/^-m/svvey^-v -_/%-^%/%%.%%/%%^*%%*/%'%'%'%'»v%'%%'«_*_ ■ *
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
.J.    ^.LBE-RT     STOHSTIE!      PEOP.
Central Hotel
_as______.REVELSTOKE, B. C
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    manag.nieni
Cul Flowers,
Wreaths, Bouquets
II you want Wreathe, Bouquets,
Crosses, etc., made up from the
choicest flowerB, by a fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
They took 1st Special Prize at the
Vernon Show ou tbe Kith Sept.
for the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Ma-iU-ac-uTod for       classes of buildings
for salo in large nr small quantities
at tlio lowest pricos for cash.
All kinds of hnildiUK aud plastering
All   kinda   of   new
Dealers in
Wall Chung, - Front St.
P, O, Box, 2110.
i'llONK 2(i
Revelstoke Land District.
West Kootenay, B. I).
Take Notice that IK) days after date
1 K. W. Lindsay of Camborne, B. C
occupation, merchant, intend to apply
jor permission to purchase the follow
ing described lands situated on Fish
River, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at tbe north-east coiner of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and maiked " R. W. Lind
sav's Noi th-West Coiner Post;" thence
8 chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption; theuce 60 obolns south;
tlience ;8 chiiiiiB east to MacKay's
thence ninth 50 chains lo point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less:
Located Oct. 15th, 1008.
R. W. LINDSAY, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, Eastern Star, Grand
View, Flora Bell and Eureka mineral
claims situate in the Kevelsloke Mining
Divisiou oi West Kootenay District* Located on lhe North side of the North-east
branch oi Laforme Creek.
Take notice thai 1, Guy L. Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate B13265, as agenl
for Charles Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate 694266} l'or Eds Adaii, Free Miner's
Certificate 8942511 Samuel McMurty, Free
Miner's Certificate H94262; Waller Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate B94265; F. G.
Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B94264;
Gilbert Wilson, Free Miner's Cerlificale
B94261, and K. F. Greer, Free Miner'-.
Certificate B94263, intend 60 days from
dale hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate oi improvements
for lhe purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further take notice lhat action un*
der Section 37 musl be commenced before
the issuance oi such certificates of hn-
Haled this 17th day of September, 1908.
sep 23-nov 23 Guv L. Williams.
Raw Purs Bought
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Notice Is hereby given thai I, II. Mcintosh, of Halcyon Hut Springs, II.(I,
Intend to apply to tbe Superintendent
of Provincial Police, al tne expiration
uf one month froin date hereof, for a
renewal of my retail liquor license (or
the  preinlsea  known ai the Halcyon
Hot Springs Hnlel at  Halt-yon, H.C.
II.  Ml Ivnimi.
Dated al Ilaloyon, li.c, Nov, _ H. ih.
nov I lm
Notice Is hereby given, thai thirty
days after date, I Intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Po'
line for a renewal nf the retail liquor
lleeiisc for the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, li.c.
Dated Nov, lird, IKW.
nov 4 lm J. H. Yo.No,
Take   notice  tbat I intend  lo make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Polioo for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence fur the City Hotel
at Arrowhead, Q. 0„ fur lhe half vear
from Jan, 1st, Hum, lo June ltd, lOOO.
Daled Nov. .tb, 1008,
nov I lm John Oalbv.
In the matter of an application for
Ihe issue of a duplicate of the Cert ideate uf Title to Nnrtli J of Villa Lot 2.,
Town nl Hevelstoke.
Notice is hereby given that it is my
Intention to issue at  lhe expiration of
one month after ilm lirst publication
lu-i f, duplicate Certifleiito of Title tn
the above mentioned bindslnthe name
ul John 1 .ill-sun, which Ceil ideate of
Title is daled the 1st dav of September
limn, and numbered 271 IA.
District Registrar,
hand Keg Office. Nelson, B.C.
7ih Ootober n»w. octloim
Nut ice is hereby given tbat the co*
partnership, heretofore existing between the undersigned an Heal Kstnte
and Ciimuiisiiui Agents, under the
Ih in name uf Sibliahl A Field, at Revelsluke, II. ('., has lii'i-n this day dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts, due to the mild partner*
ship, are to Is- paid al the imperial
Hank, Revelsluke, B.C., and all partnership rii-hlii tu be paid In equal pi o-
portions by said John I), *8iblmid and
Climles M. Field.
Dated  at  Reveletoke, B.C., Slat Oc-
tober, inon.
J. D. Simi.M.i,,
oct .Mm Ciias. M. Field.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For tha Farm, cariien Lawn
or Co-isiirvatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation lo damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct anil get trees and
seeds thai grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,  Spraying Material,   Cul
Flowers, sic, Oldest established nursery on the mainland
of B, C.    Catalogue free.
Green Houses and Seed Houses
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS. -   $.500
K. Company, R.M.R., will drill every
Thursday evening until further notice.
By Order.
oct 21 UOd II, SMITH, O.C.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
"Fri. Nov. 27, Emp. of Brit.
"Sat. Dec. 6, Lake Erie,       Nov. 11
"Fri. Dec. 11 Emp. of Irel'd Nov. 27
Fri. Dec. 25 Ep. of Brit. Pri Dec 11
"Special Clirint mas ships
1st. Class and. Class 3rd. Clam
$9000   $4*75 *»*75
1 st. Class 2nd. Clast 3rd. Gas.
$72 50       $42 5_        $_7 5»
OriUR Lakh Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
p lints  In connection with steamship tickets.
Passengers liooked   to  Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp,  Hamburg   and
all other cuntine  Inl ports,
For further information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
RevelBtoke. Vancouver.
Certificate of Improvements
Wlnslnw Mineral Claim, situate in the
Trout  Lake Mining  Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where  located;—At  head  of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Take notice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent for Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C. 3703; William Bennett,
F.M.C. No. B95877, Bruce White, V.
M.O. B14H2-I and P. H. Murphy, F.M.
C. H229H7; intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Urant of the above claim.
And further take mil ice that action,
under Section 87, must be comment*eil
befure the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of October, A.
D„ 1008.
oct.-l-OOd O. B. N. WILKIE.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent ol
Provincial police for a renewal of tbe
retail liquor licence for tbe Kootenay
hotel, Burton City, B. C.
Dated Oct. 24,1008.
Wm. Lovatt.
In tiik Supiikmb Court ills- British
In tub Matter QV tub Windino-Ui'
And in the Matter of The Elwood Tin
Workers Unld Mining Company of
Lurdeau. British Columbia, Limited, Non-Personal Liability,
TAKE   NOTICE  that   tho undersigned has appointed Friday, tho 80th
day of  October, 1008, at tho   hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon ut tbe
Court House In the City of Revelstoke,
B. ('., for the purpose of hearing and
confirming the Report of  the Official
Liquidator upon the claims of  creditors, and of settling, determining nnd
finally   passing   the   Dividend  Sheet,
and of passing the Official Liquidator'*
accounts, and settling his remuneration,
And let all parlies attend,
Dated this twelfth day of October,
A, D.   1908.
District Registrar at Hevelstoke, B, C 'P
Why have an oven
sufflcient only for three
pies when "Sask-alta"
Range oven will take
four pies and other
cooking? The more
baking space you have
-the less fuel you use—the less work you do.
Fuel and work are just about the main items
of expense in the kitchen.    "Sask-alta"
Range saves both for you.
London, Toronto, Montreal Winnipeg, Vancouver, St John, It
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke^
Always Leaders
* FIT-
Hand tailored garments,
ready to try on, yet so constructed that alterations can be
made quickly and accurately,
were originated withFit-Reform.
The system of training tailors
to become perfect in making an individual part of a
garment, was introduced into Canada by Fit-Reform.
Styles which easily supplant the efforts of the
best custom tailors are created by Fit-Reform.
The protection to purchasers of guaranteeing
satisfaction or money back, was original with Fit-
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Import direct from country of origin.
Queens ffotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNQ, - - Proprietor
ltM-lfloiit.on of Orown Orwit
Whereas on the 20th dar of November. 10.(7. a
'')rown Grant was issued fa the n_m« of Frederick Wash bourne for Lot 8147, Group 1, Kootonay District. That evidence Iihh since been
been produced showing that the said Frederick
Washbourne died on the 7th of August, 1907,
sometime prior to the issuance of tho said
Crown Qrant. That bjr agreement, dated 29th
August, 1906, the said Frederick Washbourne
assigned all his estate, right, title, interest,
claim and demand whatsoever in tho said land
to Thomas Shanks HoPherson.
Notice Is therefore hereby given, lu pursu-
»\noo of Section 98 of tho "Lund Act,'' that it Is
the Intention to caucel the said Crown Grunt
issued in the name of Frederick Washbourne
and to Issue one lu its stead in the name of
Thomas Shanks McPherson throe montl.s from
the date he roof nnless good cause Is shown to
the contrary.
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works.
Lauds and Works Department.
Victoria, 11. Om Uth Ootober, _90ft.    not 21-Am
Kevelstoke l.aud District.
llislrict of Went Kooteuay,
Tako notice that 1, Norman T. MacLeod ol
i.' LhbMdgo, Alta.. occupation Hrokcr, iulonds
lo applv for norm ins to ii to purchane tho follow
iiiit dt-sonbod lAi-tltt.
Ooinmenclng at a post planted at thu youth-
wi'Hl vomer of Lot M_:i In losthnll Valley
ahout H1 - mllos Wost of tho west ihOM of Arrow Lake and markod "N. T. Mac*. N.W.
(.oner," tbonoe 40 obalni south, thonce !_*>
«halnt east, tbenoe 40 chains north, thonco 20
vhalm wen, containing HO aores, more or less.
.)_.(• Sept. t, 1MB.
iop Vi Md Bf John K. Taylor, hii ogant.
A. H. 8INQ, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S6.0O
Single   moals       -   26 c
McKenzie   Avenue
Take notice that, I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquor licence for the Reception Hotel nt Camborne, B.C., for the
half year from Jan. 1st, IIXM, to June
80th, 1000
Dutud Nov. 7th, 1008.
nov 7 lm Coiiy Mbkhkkick.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for the transfer of
the retail liquor licence of the Lardeiu
Hotel, now held liy me, to Joseph
Dated Nov. iiih, lout..
nov 7 lm H. M. Kvank.
Continued from PagnOne
For Sale
DryJ cedar, cord   wood—Revelstoke
General Agencies, Ltd.
with the Government in tbs House ol
Parliament, Victoria, when we placed
the resolutions paused at the lust convention befure them.
We have bad great pleasure in presenting to the Government all resolutions passed at all former conventions,
and especially of the resolutions passed at Nelson, 1 can assure you thai
although we were well received in pre
senting our Nelson resolutions, tha>
we lelt on this our second occasion of
approaching tbe Government, thai
they had commenced to appreciate the
value of this Association, and they did
everything in their power to assist us,
and all that was said by us or by the
Government wae taken by the Gov
ernment stenographer.
1 cannot give too much oredit to
your delegation, for the manner in
which tbey placed the resolutions before the Government, particularly
when it came to a discussion of free
text hooks being supplied by the Government.
From the amount of statistics that
the Hon the Provincial Secretary had
before him, we could see that lie bad
gone to considerable trouble to become
thoroughly posted upon the Depart
ment of Education.
Too much credit cannot be given to
our secretary, for the able manner in
which be placed printed reports and
statistics belore tho meeting, and
which I can assure you were a great
factor in tbe Government's decision lo
make tbe test of issuing a portion of
text books free.
Iu tbis connection I might quote
tbe remarks of the MP. for Richmond
—Mr. Carter Cotton, who said: "Gentlemen, I can assure you that in the
statistics you bave placed before us
you have removed from my mind a
great deal ol fear as to tbe expense oi
issuing free text books to the Province
and further I am sure that the Government consider the Association of
8cbool Trustees of this province, sup
pleiuciitary and complimentary to
them, and I for one might add, that
any further legislation in connection
with school matters, we would consider your association a proper authority
to consult with on the subject.
Speaking upon this matter we took
the liberty to re d the excellent letter
from Maxwell Smith of the Burnaby
school board on the subject of free
text books, and it was regretted very
much tbat be was not , resent with us.
Now, gentlemen, as to the result of
tbe presentation ol these resolutions,
and the work of tbe past meetings of
tbis association? I beg leave to call
your attention to three important
concessions from the Government,
which we can properly claim originated from us.
I refer in the first place to tbe
founding of the University of B. C.
Second, the commencement of the distribution of free text books to the
schools of the province, wbioh was
started at the beginning of tbis school
term. Third, the supplying ol flags to
the schools.
I see that the program calls for a
resolution on the subject, "That we
disapprove of the order to trustees and
teachers, re flag, dated July, 1908, that
we strongly maintain the school
board's insistance of tbe use of the
Canadian Ensign."
I hope during the discussion that
we will inquire into the matter, as to
whether it was an order or not, and
pass no resolution on the subject that
would place us in a false position.
If you look at the report of our convention held in Nelson, in February
1907, you will see that a resolution
was passed, "That a clause be inserted
in the School Act making it compulsory to fly the Canadian llag on all
school buildings during school hours.
Now, in the supplying of the Union
Jack, we cannot say tbat the Government bas not supplied a Canadian Hag
The question comes down to the trustees aud lo tbe several school boards,
to select or Bee which of the Canadian
flags they will fly.
As far aB my information goes the
Government has not made it compulsory to fly the Union Jack, but when
approached upon the subject by the
New Westminster sohool board informed them that they could fly any
flag they desired.
Id tbe face of such evidence as this,
I cannot see how we can pasB any
resolutions savoring of ceuoure to the
Government, on this suhject.
Another subject I would like to call
the attention of the several school
boards to is, the value ol starting a
banking system in each school witb
tbe scholars. 1 believe tbat Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster
all bave iheie banks iu operation. I
am sure you will agree witb mc that
the lesson ol thrift to tbe scholars and
others, nut the accumulation ol wealth
can well be considered by the school
boaids, who aie parents in trust of the
childn n during their school days.
II you will allow me, I will give you
a short history ol its commencement
About torty years ago, a gentleman
in Belgium, hy his will left an amount
of money that was to be given to the
person who would write the host
essay and give tbe beet plan Ior the
elimination of poverty amongst tbe
people. Tbe judges ol these essays
unanimously agreed on the one who
wrote the essay and gave tbe plan ol
the School Banking System.
This idea was brought to America
and inaugurrted in Long Island by
Mr. T. H. Tbirley, and has been in
operation for tbe last eighteen years.
The last report was that tbe school
children ol the United States bave deposited in their banks, between six
and seven million dollars.
To the members of tbis Association
and trustees assembled, I pledge myself, in tbe event of your decision to
start a Havings Bank in your locality
to send you a copy of all neceBsary
books for the organisation,
I notice with pleasure that we are
to be addressed hy representatives
Irom the Alberta Trustees Association,
I hope that this is a commencement
ol the movement of the four great
western provinces to unite for tbe purpose of printing and supplying tu the
people the school text books Ireo.
It  may be the starting point ol de
parture from present  methods of education.
It is apparent tlmt the most progressive of the nation go Wesi, and I
believe it is up to the people of the
sve6t to break away from tho present
system, and inaugurate a system of
education suitanle to tlie conditions
and requirements of the people; that
is tn say, that we must break sway
from endeavoring to give our young ari
education with ninety per cent of
matter that may be of no use to them
in after life, when they go out and
compete tor a living with tlieir fellows:
If you study the question for a moment, you will see that all our education leads up to the entrance work for
universities, and educates tlie Btiuient
in tbe direction of the professions
Only ten per cent of the Bt" lonts
cmtinue this course. Therefore, I
claim that more attention should he
given to tbe education of the ninety
per cent.
In th' words of a writer in one of
our mag /.incs, 1 lind that the idea
has been i' Iter expressed than I have
been able i do it: "Sinoe au over
whelming majority of children will
never receive any more education than
they get in the elementary schools,the
proper elementary school should be,
uot a link in a chain, a preparatory
department of the high school, but a
complete thing in itself, a complete
education of a very practical nature.
Its object would be to educate children, not for a world of culture and
professional attainment, but for a
world of industrial pursuits."
Since a great majority of high school
pupils leave the high school between
tbe ti at and third year to enter business or the trades, a truly democratic
high school would provide short practical business and trade courses for
tbat majority.
It might be that we pay more attention to the health conditions of tbe
pupils and teachers; that we might
pay more attention to the raising of
healthy-minded and healthy-bodied
men and women; that we pay more
attention to the subject "More building up of tbe body and less building
up of tbe brain"
This idea improperly put aa it may
be, I believe if followed, would bring
about decided changes in tbe life of
our men and women.
Why Bhould the Government not
supply night schools ? Ninety per
cent, who are learning their trade or
business. If it was an established
rule tbat the student bad the privilege of night schools, when he selected
his trade or profession, you would
readily Bee how the present overburdened curriculum would be reduced.
While on this subject I beg leave to
quote to you a few paragraphs from
the Western Canada Medical Journal
for October, 1908, and commencing at
Page 462.
Report ol the teaching of Hygiene
by tbe British Columbia Medical
Association. The committee were;
Ur. W. I). Brydone-Jack, Conveyer,
Vancouver; Dr. R. L. Frazer, Victoria;
Dr. G. E. Drew, New Westminster.
After a summary of the education
office reports on what is being done
in the curriculum in our publio and
High schools along the subjects of
Hygiene aud Physiology, tbey say, I
where so little has been done along
these lines in B. C. the details of the
scheme must be worked out, and the
lirst step would be to have the Education Department appoint a medical
man on its staff, whose duty it would
be to inaugurate a system of instruction fn our public, High and Normal
schools, and act as an advisor to the
Dr. Fagan, onr Provincial Medical
Health OUicer, in bis recent address
to the teachers of B. C. Btatea that
the scope of tbe Soience of Hygiene as
a preservation and promotion of
human life, its task therefore consists,
first of ail in the prevention, restriction, and removal of sickness aud
disease, and the prolongation ot the
individual's life.
Human life is reducible to a cash
basis, incapacitating illness ol the
individual is a temporary monetary
loss to the Province and the public,
and tbe death ol tbe individual a
permanent loss.
The Province having made education compulsory, cannot divest itself
of the responsibility of taking reasonable precautions to ensure that the
conditions under wbicb the children
were instructed, should not bo such as
to disseminate infeotuous diseases or
pruduce physical deterioration.
Dr. W. Old ..right, Professor of
Hygiene in Toronto, proves that the
death rate ol male and female teachers
is considerable above the death rule
in all other occup .tbns.
The report also says, "We, ns physicians, ought to work together to
secure better conditions in our Public
A moro up-to-dato system <if teaching Hygiene then has prevailed heretofore aud this we can only do by
putting aside selfish motives, and
working together for the benefit and
uplifting ol the human race.
One writer puts the results ol the
present education aB follows:
Our present ill-advised system ol
education, is constantly defeating its
own ends, and turning out invalids,
cranks, and book-lull block heads,
igoorantly read, simply fur the want
of a well-balanced currioulum of
instruction, an appropriate plaoe to
physical education.
Now, gentlemen, and fellow trustees, I think I have said enough on
the subject to prove to you tbat it is
necessary to tako up this more practical subject and I would recommend
that before this Convention disperses that we tako into conaideration
the appointment of a committee to
join with a committee from the Medical Association of B. C. and approach
tbe Government in earnest.
As the medical men have, said in
their report, Ibis can only hu done hy
putting aside all  Hellish  motives and
working together for the benelit and
uplifting of ths human race.
I hope yuu will agree with mu as to
the necessity of a code of rules and
regulations for the guldanoe of these
Conventions, particularly as to the
I would suggout  that  it  be made
legiil for any trustee of the Province,
to become a member nnd remain a
memqer, as long ns tbey may hold
offlce in I li is. Association,
I would also suggest a clause respecting proxies, "That nu proxy be
allowed except that proxy bo a school
trustee, as it is possible for teacher or
person with a supposed grievance
againsl tin' Government, making use
of this Association to nil'or get even
with thai grievance a condition of
affairs that we Bhould do all In oui
power to discourage.
Before closing I beg leave to call
your attention to the increased interest tiiKCii by tlie people of R. O. in
■educational matters, a state of affairs
I am sure yuu will agree with mo is
due to the New School Act passed hy
the present Government. Unpopular
as it was at the time it was passed, it
has now proved itself to have been n
wise measure.
1 am sure that you will agree me
thut the time has now come when a and .Mo lei School should he
established in the interior, und I am
with Ihi'in, that the convention take
this matter up.
The thanks of this convention is also
due the government  for the printing
of "Tlie Kirst Complete Report of Ibe
British Columbia Sohool Trustees,
With Bylaws," (abridged.) Also the
printing of the program for this
Might I alsu impress upon you the
necessity of the cities and rural districts benefited hy this association,
contributing a linger yearly amount
to cover the iiecssary expenses.
I hope and believe the time is now
come when the committee yon appoint
to present your resolutions before the
government should have their expenses paid, and the thanks of this
association are due members of these
committees, who in the post have dune
their duty in this respect, at their own
And now before retiring   from   the
Fosition of president of the association
beg leave to thank you for the honor
you have conferred upon me. I can
assure you that it has been a pleasure
to have acted with your executive and
has added greatly to my interest in
school matters, and I can also assure
you that the assistance given on many
occasions hy our secretary, Mr. J. J.
Dougan, has lieen of great value and
highly appreciated.
Thanking you   for  your  attention,
and wishing you every success in  this
your fifth annual convention.
New Westminster,
President nf   the B. C. School Trustees for 1008.
The report was unanimously adopted alter lieing listened to with great
The committee on resolutions are.
W. P. Argue, Vancouver, H. N. Coursier, Revelstoke, J. C. Robertson, Chill-
iwack, J. W. Peck,  New Westminster.
Tbe committee to revise the by-laws
are: J. J.  Dougan,  Vmicouver,  Wm.
Irvine, Nelson, 0. E.   Hope, Vancou
The folluwing resrlutiuns were
adopted after  free discussion.
Moved by 0. E. Hope, Vancouver;
E. B. Paul, Victoria: "That tho Board
of School Trustees be given power to
conduct night classes for all pupils
wbo are not included under the com
pulsury clauses of the Publio School
Moved by W. E. Argue, Vancouver;
E. B. Paul, Victoria: "That Government assistance by way of a grant be
given to Board sconductiug night
Moved by C. E Hope, Vancouver;
J. J. Dougan, Vancouver: "That
Boards uf Trustees shall have the
power to prohibit any child leaving
school or being employed in any wage
e. ruing occupation during school
hours unti he or she has passed into
the senior grade of the Public School.'
The original motion was dropped and
the above unanimously carried.
On going to preBs the convention
has resumed lhe afternoon session on
discussing tlie reaolutions.
The visiting delegates will be entertained this evening nt the Y.M.C.A.
at, a public reception by tlie sohools.
The evening's program will consist of
a series uf musical numbers by tbe
school children and ol as well us
speeches and hy local and
visiting gentlemen. The presentation
of the Governor General's medal
as well as other prizes will
take place and the citizens are requested to co-operate in making ibe affair a
success. The chair will be taken at 8
o'clock sharp.
The convention will continue their
session   oniorrowat 0:10 o'clock.
Cut Flowers
Chrysanthemums,   Carnations and
Other Out Flowers supplied  hy  J, T.
Beiilhy, Nelson, B.C., (P.O. Box 897.)
Nov. 11 Jan. 11
Notice   is   hereby   given that thirty
days alter dale I  Intend to apply to
the Superintendent uf tlm Pruviucial
Police for a renewal of my retail liquoi for the  premises known us the
Hotel Beaton, at Beaton, B. ('., fur the
half vear frum   Jan. 1st, 1000, to June
80th, 1900,
Dated Nov. 14th, 1008.
nov 18 lm Wm. Dovn.
Take   notice  lhat I  Intend lu make
application tu the Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Eva Hotel
at Camborne, II. O, for tbe half vear
from Jan. 1st, 1000. to June 80th, iOOO-
Dated Nuv. Uth, IIKW.
nov 11 lm JOHN A. Tiikw.
Take  notice  that  I  intend to make
application  to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal uf the
retail liquor licence for the Coronation
Hotel at Camborne, B.C., for the half
year from Jan. Ist, 10011, to June 80th,
Dated Nov. 7th, 1008.
nov 7 llll C'OBY MlCNllKNICK.
Take   notice that   I intend tu make
appl cation to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail   liquor   licence   fur   the   Union
Hotel at Arrowhead, B.C., for the half
year from Jan. 1st, 1000, lo June 80th,
Dated Nov. Mth, 1008,
1   ov 14 lm W. J. LttlliTBUBN.
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared Ior also due to the
strong lines oi simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
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Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
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Children's Crshmere
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+i»          Revelstoke, B. C. -i£.
<ti ct> 'l' 'I1't1 'I1 'I1 't' 't' 'l1 -ft w
Karn is King
The right Piano at the right price.
Call and nee us before you buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insuranoo and Financial Agents.     Money la Loan,
Pabkiks—At London, England, on
Oct. _4th, Mr,. A. I'uskins, wife
of A. Paskins olthia cily.
Local and General.
One of the hest programmes of the
_eaaon_F:iday-Saturday—at the Kdison Theatre.
D.jn't forget the entertainment.
bazaar, etc., at Mrs. J. J. Porter's
home on McKensie Avenue by the St,
Peter's Guild, Tuesday, Nov. 24th,
Something new, interesting, pretty
and wel! worth seeing at St. Peter's
church bazaar at Mrs. J J. Porter's
home. McKensie avenue, Tuesday,
Nov, -24th.
Reserve ymir sittings for your Xnms
photos until Nov. 28th, and nave the
best. One enlargement given with
each dozen cabinet photos.—True-
man's Studio. to
The C.P.R. e.s. Lake Obamplain
which leaves on Saturday, November
•21st, is the last vessel sailing from
Montreal and Quebec for England
under tlie intermediate schedule. The
winter r-crvice from St. John. N.B.,
commences en Friday, Nov   27th.
Now tbat tbe turmoil of elections
throughout the Dominion is over, we
hope that the matter of a post ullice
and other departmental buildings for
Revelstoke will be reBumed and that
something tangible and definite will
The regular fall meetings of the
Went Kootenay Farmers' Institute
hate commenced, ai:d W. J. Brandrith. secretary of the B. C. Fruit
Growers' Association, will address a
meeting at Revelstoke on 'Fruit
Growing,  on Friday, Nov. "27.
The magnitude o! the operation- ol
tbe crop money this year can he appreciated   when   bank   clearings   are
mpared. The Winnipegbaok clearing! Ior the week ending last Thurs-
la; were 118,446,071, as compared
with $14,897,081 Ian year and -f 11,-
69_,181 ii. the banner year ol PK)*;.
Whether Reveletoke- does not pes-
Met ti hoodoo or whether it is a favored
. scanty where luperttitioni cunt lor
naught  «nd  evil   influences  fail  to
. rk. is a moot question, but it is certain that Friday, Nov 18, gave no
. vidence o! the unlucky combination
I !ay and date, believed to be ol such
potential   significance.     Not a ripple
:. the  placid existence of Revelstoke
isturbed the general tenor of local
ifTairi,   except   perhaps  some of   the
:bera: fraternity itill discussing
imong themselves "as to how it all
happened." Nov. 13th was the second
lime- this year on which Friday fell on
the 13th day ol the month, the other
occasion being March  13th.
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
A larger and more varied
• ;■■■ ,: than ever belore.
JzSpecial Rocky Mountain
View Car'lj.
Chriatmas(PoBt Cards in
bunches. ..        J
Tasty Calendar.-.
Don't forget auction sale at G.
Bell's, Friday 20th, at 1.80 p.m.
Don't forget, the Rebekah dance on
Friday night in the Opera House
Come and guess the name of the
winner in the boxing contest tonight.
R, ('. rdou will ad us manager at
tlie Rebekah dance, Friday the 20th.
Prepare your Fancy costumes l'or the
Masquerade Carnival, Thursday, Nov,
_t!lh, at the Roller Kink.
The Military Band Organ will play
at the Holler Uink every afternoon
From ii tu 5, 'ind every evening Irum .
to IO o'clock.
Two Japs were brought into the
hospital on Monday from Rogers Pass
suffering from injuries caused by a
mil slipping and falling un Uiem.
Tbe social and whist [tarty held last
night under the auspices of the Woodmen Order whs a complete success. A
lull report will be given in Saturday's
One of the features ol the reception
tins evening in the Y.M.C.A. to the
visiting delegates of Ihe School Trustees' convention, will be a grand gymnastic display and drill, including
class excicises, dumb-bell drill and
Fire Brigade No. 1 have arranged to
hold a grand masquerade dance in
the Opera House on Thursday, Dec.
3, As this will he the first vent of
its kind this winter Revelstoke in
asked to patroni-e the undertaking
and make the affair a success, Prizes
will he awarded lor the best costumes
aud judging will take place d I ing
the opening Grand Mai
What ate the pi ispecti this winter
ior sports? It is about time that the
curler, were gettr.ig together again.
Rumors ure ulioat that a ladies hi ckey
club and curling club will be organized tli is year. I he ladies are evidently more keen than the men tb -
season as evidenced by their enthusiasm at lhe tirst meeting of the ski and
snow-shoe club.
The following Btory   is   being   told
this week about a Kevelstoke "huh
wh.i went to a certain  store   to   purchase a pair uf oor-is ts Ior bis wile   Hi
nervously said to the fair  clerk at the
counter;      "I    want   corsets   for   my
wlfel"    The  young  lady,  asking  the
neual   question,  said,   "What bus!
The hubby, who had now passed
nervousness to excitement, exclaimed;
"Nothing that I know of."
Tba body ol an unknown Iran i   • .-
discovered on  Sunday  near Asnc
by a brakeman     I he i ramp w ts pre
aumably stealing a ride on  the  brake
liearn and evidently fell tt and gut
hung up by a leather belt he was
wearing unonly the bead and tup part.
of his body waa found, the rest ol the
body being scatteied in fragments for
leversl runes along the track
John McGurlie, left Tuesday morning for Peru, South  America,  where
he intends making bis home. He
has been suffering from asthma and
tbe damp climate in this part ol ii ,:
does not agree with him. Wis hope
the change of climate will completely
restore his health and that be may
return to renew his old acquaintances
tnd friends in Uiis city. "Hcotty ' has
heen an active and useful member of
the Socialist Party in Revelstoke and
will he missed by that organization
Those who take an interest in
astronomy anil the heavens and who
happened to be up   between   'A   and   :'i
a.m., on Sunday morning would have
been amply repaid fur their trouble in
the fine spectacle of the Leonid meteor
shower which is an annual event in
the astronomical displays ol tbe year.
Although the meleurs were plentiful
and extremely vivid the display did not
come up to the usual mark. Distinct
imong those celestial fireworks
could   be seen the Morehouse Comet
which is reeling oil' hundreds of iiiileB
a second in its rush to the sun.
The Gens-Nelson battle—Ibe li best
ruunds—at the Edison Theatre tonight and tomorrow night.
Tlie Independent Bund will furnish
music lor the Rebekah dance Friday
Cans-Nelson—the two most scientific boxers in the world—See them in
moving pictures tonight.
Auction sale at Mr. Geo. Bell's, of
his entire household effects, two doots
west of Knox Church, Friday, Nuv.
20th at 1.30 p.m.
A special train with 150 Chinamen
is en route from Montreal to Vancouver where thev will embark on tbe
Empress ol India for China.
A large number of tickets have
already been sold for the Rebekah
dance on Friday night. This dance
promises to be a great success,
A wire was received at the School
Trustees Convention this morning
Irom Premier McBride stating that
neither he or Dr. Young, Minister ol
Education, were able to be present at
the sessions.
A Fancy Dress Masquerade Carnival
will be held .tl the Rollei Rink n
Thursday, Nov. 'Jii'ls. Prizes will in-
given io lbs' best Fancy cost nines,
ladies and gentlemen, and
comic '■ii.-i nmes, ami beat girl inu I uy
cosl 'in!t->. Admi -
extr : chai _-■■ ; n _k ites,
A sen       ic< id        ccurred s     it 10
o'clock thie   mi rning  al
Lumber Co.'s mili,      ll     ppears tha
the governor   i n   the     . ed
\  . i ■ tusing   the  er.,
rapidly   beyond the normal am
revolul ■'. :..-.■
causing   the bij:
i   to be
and   completely   ah il
•r things in the vicinil
me  wa I       repain will be
•■*■ cted    i-   rapidly at possibli
the damaj   ia  I itore
J,   McP lai      .-    natal i '1 a band
in tbe ikating rink
B thi       '  ■   .;' a military hand organ
This   instrui il   -   ,  self-contained
isi    ' ■
and   oymbals    and   nasi   a  rieh tone
being Equal   in volume I	
•' "   i   cylinder, whioh in turn
operates I be   various instrument!  ■
whole contained        a ha
loel   the motive   powei
plied ia i small .. toi      i .'.
self  contained   band   wil    ne a great
acquisition   to   the   rink   an I
will be  supplied every night     I leal
ure of   the  instrument is tbat the cylinder   carrying   twelve  pieei -
removed   and   replai ed     y     | ben   I
different, mimical IS   0
We are in receipt, of a copy of the
special number of thi Mlnii i
Review just published by J I .tie r
tun, of New Denver, 11, i. printed in
rna uzine form and give. In a graphic,
und interesting manner descriptions
of tbe many attractions und resouroea
of tbe "Silvery Slocan." The IllrJS-
tratiODI are excellent piece  of   work
and the spiulity   of paper  superfine
Special articles dealing with New
Denver, Slocan City, Nakn.p, eto., are
given, the descriptions of the various
industrial centres lifting newsy and
well written. A fund of information
on mining, loiiihfriri|_, fruit, growing
ami other snurens of Industry is   found
ui the Review nnd the publisher and
editor   deserves   great   credit   for bin
undertaking  In   "-siting  before   the
public llie pi tfiitiiilitios of a growing
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Q      Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public     Q
We met a man yesterday who was
visiting Revelstoke for the lirst time,
Ile has travelled over the greater part
of the United States and Western
Canada. Being a business man who
makes it his business to carefully
investigate the resources of tho country through which he'ravels and the
basis of the prosperity of the various
cities he visits, this gentleman, after
giving Revelstoke a careful study and
investigating the resources tributary
to this city, stated to us tbat he had
never seen a town the size and age of
Kevelstoke that he consideri il had
brighter prospects. This Bcems to be
the universal opinion of all visitors to
i ur city and those who are familiar
with the conditions in this district
api 'eciatc the fact that opinions of
this character are based on a solid
Social and Personal
Miss Heard is visiting her brother
Dr. Heard.
Mr, and Mrs. Alex Mcltae left un
Monday for a visit to tbe coast.
Mr. E.ty, walking boss of the Yale
Columbia Lumber Co., Nelson, is
visiting in tbe city.
W. J, Brandrith, secretary ol the II.
0. Fruit Growers' Association, who is
making his annual fall itinerary of
lectures on fruit growing, was in the
e;ty yesterday en route for the south.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Squarehriggs
entertained the Merry Go-Round whist
club last evening at tlieir hume.
Seven tables playing. Mrs. J. H.
Lyons and Mr. Pollock wen-Jibe prize
winners, while T. J. Laurence caused
much laughter opening his prize, the
"booby." After a dainty spread the
party br ike up.
Business Locals
Huyler's chocolates fresh to baud
at Bews Ding Store.
New lot uf Tally Cards opened at
C. R. .Macdonald's.
New bunks by the hest authors at
Hews' drugstore.
The "Ideal" store Is open again and
will sell "IV tlieir stock uF new and
seei mil -hand furniture.
Hyacinth glasses 25 cents at  BewB'
drug store.
Our RevelBtoke Bpecial calendar is
just the thi g fui mailing abroad. See
tin in «: 0. K. Macdnnalil's.
The ■■Ideal" store is. Mill Belling off
their big "luck of new and second-hand
Furniture.   Everything goes for cash.
Orders taken Ior private Greeting
e.rdsat Bews'drugstore.
Cal    nd inspect the new and second-
h ii .I - k of furniture al the "Ideal"
i-i .    \'.\ery sale is for cash.
rtiousandsof the latest in Xmas
Cards can b< Been now al   0  R.   Mac
'i nald -
Big Bend Returns.
The im il returns of the  Dominion
ni   Ilk-   Bend    points us
.  ■':.   bi - week Bhow:
Con      Lib.     Soc,
B 2 n
1 I ii
' reek 2 2 u
tal majority of OSfl for
John McGurlie Bade His Friends
Farewell Last Tuesday
toil    nany  a
broke"  will miss
Mm, for -      ■    -
re 'ic- .i    • .    ■ ■■      i bed to
any in need .tty>   Friends
ind id ml ol shoot
,t  farewell  luppsr
on Monday  si  Cowie'a Restau
11 ■ tnd wa« done  full  justice to
(UattS      It      was
gotten ip   ')■   oc»!   membeia of the
Socialist    Party   snd   all     .,(     them
seemed ■ e there Among the numerous toasts were Hoeialism Otu
I V " The Poor Capitalist, l be
Workers    i imi a    all 'if which
were well replied to  for overy Booial
ist, seems to be able to talk, as he
read* Hunks and In oommon life
leea    thS    nee.,.-.ity   .,(   tint    desired
change in aocial conditions.
An   old    llHrkii.   who    has    basil    a
ohattel ilave In the south was one 'if
those who testified to  Scotty'i ever
ready help to those wh., are iluwn ami
OUt Wbioh seemed lu be limply borne
out. by ull who were Intimately SO'
f 11 ill in' cil with him, some uf thorns
preaent slated tbat he had morn
praotioal Christianity within him
than anyone else tbey knew uml also
expressed the wish that the Lord
would send sume more Hcottiva along.
lt icpins that he was always willing
to do anything to help his Socialist
comrades that bo was capable of and
gathering from tho remarks of some
of the principal speakers, he will be
greatly missed.
The presentation uf a Binall purso
of gold and the singing of Auld Lung
Syne brought a veiy pleasant evening
to a close.
The Job Not as Easy as It May
Seem to Outsiders
The position ol a Bales clerk in a
store is by no means a Binecure and
those who know find that they woik
as hard us anyone else iu tbe city.
The lollowing incidents are only a
few of the many trials that a merchant
or storekeeper has to put up with.
You may think it a picnic tu he a
grocery clerk, lt doesn't look to be
very hard, but just wait until a crank
comeB into the store with a fruwn on
his face; next a taster who taster and
prices for half un hour, and gets a
good square meal and d ies not buy a
cen'.'s worth. Then others come in
and tell you how much cheaper other
Btores are Belling groceries antl refute
to trade with you unless you cut.
Then comes an order over the 'phone
thick aud fast iu a woman's high-
keyed voice who rings off without
giving her name. Jn an hour or two
she rings you up again and asks why
you haven't sent tho6P groceries.
While you are explaining matters tu
her in comes a man who sings off au
order of Hour, potatoes, sugar,,
etc., and whu shouts out ol the door
and down the street. If you haven't
caught the urder you are expected to
guess at it; then there is a roar.
Next conies a man who wants credit.
He haB trade I at other stores aud paid
cash, but uowjiasa job where be gels
his pay only every two weeks, then he
has a email balance. Tbis keeps on
fur awhile and finally his bill is all
The next customer who comes in
aud aBks for credit you politely asks
where he traded last. He Bays: "I
used to trade ut Mr. A.'e, but be
cheated me, so 1 thought I would try
you "
'• Shall 1 call Mr. A. and ask him
if you are all right ?" I ask, "No you
needn't go to that trouble, he says
"1 don't have to trade here,"' and he
goes out aud slam the dour. Just to
satisfy yoiuselfyou call up Mr. A. and
And he owes $100.
"Then there is this kind of a customer—a man who has always paid
cash, who meets with reverses and
asks you for credit. You can't turn
him down, as he has been a good
customer. Y'ou let him have the
goods. The bill keeps growing larger
and larger and finally gets so large
the man goes elsewhere to trade.
Then you are out again.
"I have found tbat the man who
owes the largest bill is the mau who
can take in all the circuses, theatres
and excursions,
" Then there is the customer who
ringsup just befure dinner and wants
you to deliver a package ol yeast
f'siin, thirteen blocks away at once.
"Another thing we liave to contend
with is the girl whu conies in to call
up her sweetheart and talks for L'i or
20 minutes when our regular customers are waiting tu use the telephone.'
Comments on the Crude   "High
Art" Advertising
Considerable   controversy   is   mill
going on in regard to the posters nn
the walls. II such illuntiatinns are
able tO shock tlm public mind, then
Ilu re other forms uf such art In which
thus people should take  exception,
Art in the general aciiaii of the word is
thn portrayal ol nature us nlut is, and
exception oaoOOt tn taken to that,
although the many and   varied  crude
rspressotatlona of art advertising
frequently gfvo cause (or serious eum-
ment. What must struck the veiling potentates from Smith Africa a
few years ago in London, England,
were the "pictures on tho walls" and
these dusky chiefs tonk Iiiuiio tn their
respective kit.gdiim a large numliei ol
lurid advertising a t posters, probably
tn adorn t heir palace walls. Unsightly
bill hoard advertisements in u (ity are
no   worse   than   the  otho   lorma   "I
Don't delay getting your
warm underwear. We have
a splendid assortment in all
makes and all sizes.
Stantiekl's Unshrinkable is
loo well known to noed description. We guarantee every
garment we pell to be perfectly
penman's Natural (ijool
Is warm, soft ami comfortable and conies in all sizes.
Hygiene Brand comes in pure wool, and in wool ami
cotton mixtures, and in both grey anil white and will be
found a good wearing nnd washing line,
Children's Underwear
We can lit any of them from the smallest to the full
grown girl. We havo all grades in both grey and white
Roller Vests, infants' Bands, Nazareth Waists, etc.
Capital - $3,374,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
"business catchers" displayed iu store
This is to say nothing about the
shapely artificial busts and the dainty
models uf skirt'rss limbs conspicuously exhibited in the stores, with a
young man behind the counter to
explain them. Probably the people
who do the most of the objecting to
lhe gay and fascinating theatre
posters, are the very ones wbo are
harburing "high art" pictures in their
nwn drawing rooms, only, of course,
under another name.
And then there is that attractive,
yuung lady with the poi us plaster
stuck on tlicsmall uf her hack which
adorns many drug store windows,
what about ber V It seems to ub that
she ought to wear a kimona. Aud,
then, too, there is the gentleman Irom
Scotland witb the much abreviated
kilts who is looking at the soap
advertisement on the street corner
Baying "Ma conscience I" Why do
the authorities not compel bim to
wear pyjamas ?
Courses of Training  Already
Established in Canada
Trained foresters, or forest engiueers,
are uow badly needed in Canada, to
assist in the establishing of a better
system of forest management iu the
public forests. To meet this ueed, two
forestry schools have heon established
by two ut' the Canadian universities,
namely the University nf Toronto and
tbe Uuiversity ol New Brunswick,
The Faculty of Forestry ol the University of Toronto has now entered on
its second year of work. Ils staff con
si. .s of its dean, or head, ',v0 lecturers
ind an assistant. Its course of Btudy
covers four years aid leads tu the degree of Hachelnr uf Science in Forestry
(H.S.F.). A post-graduate degree of
Forest Engineer (F E.) is granted
after twn years, at least, of practical
The head, ur dean, nf the faculty of
sorestry is Dr. B. E. Fernow, one of
the foremost living authorities on the
forest of North America.
A I bird school will soon he in full
operation in the Province of Quebec,
and courses in forestry, or preparatory
I hereto, are given in u number of
other Canadian universities and agricultural colleges.
I AUU SALE—One bedroom suite,
' iilt-u one tlu-ee-ipiiiiter Iron bed
All in lii-i class condition. Can be
Been between 10 uml 5 p.m. Ad
dress IM), Box 720.
moderate,   Apply A. (rill
corner of McKensie Ave.
"IOR  BENT   Residence   of .).  Al.
Scott,   Apply In Hi ull A Briggs,
SAFE in giiiui condition, for sale ul
bargain,   Address at oneo, Sai'k,
Mail Otllee.
WANTED   Bedroom,  to  let  I'm"
iiisheii, board il required, terms
moderate,   Apply A. (lain, Ith atre t,
_i_. lm
WANTED—Life  and  accident  In
s.iiniiei' canvassers.   Apply tt
K. A. Haggen, Revelstoke.
Apples For Sale
.1 Li Webster, of Vernon, has Ior
sale an excellent lot of sound apples,
Nn. 2, and cuoking, at 86c. per box,
F.O.B., Vernon, B.C,       Nov. U-4t
Dainty Cut GlasB and Brie-
a-Brae do wonders„'in making
a room look attractive. We
cm show you a line of glass
from which any taste and any
pocketbook can be satisfied.
BERRY BOWLS, rich and
deeply cut, iu many different
BiyleB and patterns. Vases,
Nappies, Decanters, etc.
). (iny Bier
Ollicial, Issuer of Marriage
PHONE No. 51
Wbat? The advantages ol
Life Insurance. Come to my
office and let us convince you
that yon need it, Don't leave
your family without protection. My rates and benefits
are worthy ol [your consideration.
I represent the London A
Lancashire Life, which offers
the best family life insurance
offered to-day.
Real {Estate, Insurance
Commission  Agent
Revelstoke, B. C.
Por the Hist number of
Subscriptions and advertisements
received at the ollice of
E. A. HAGGEN, McKenzie Ave.


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