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The Mail Herald 1908-11-28

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Empire" Typewriter
For case of operation and perfection
in results produced, thin niiiobine
Is unsurpassed.    Price, if00 00 Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Hepald
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie Avo
Vol. 14.-No 90
$2.50 Per Tear
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead z.\\\ Revelstoke.
Only one month till Christmas.     We already
have new things to show you.      Do  not  leave  all
the shopping till
the last week. Let
us fill your grocery
order as soon as
possible, all the new
Mince Meat, Candied Feels, Nuts,
Fruits, etc., will be
in shortly and we
will be able to look
after    your    wants
in all ol" these lines in first class style.
TWO . Udie_' long silk embroidered Jap
Dressing downs, silk lined, we'l wadded, very-
warm and comfortable, full figure length, One is a
pretty red, worth $15.00 now selling for $9.50
The other green, price $20.00. selling for $11.50
TWO short House Jacket., fine Jap silk
embroidered, well wadded, silk line. $750 costs,
selling for $4.50
The new Jaeger Wool Shaped Scarf or
Muffler, for men or ladies, knit in black or white.
Make to button tight up to the throat, with one
snap button. Very warm, comfortable and dressy.
Selling at the very reasonable price of $1.00
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
With the help nl »w package of Imp Soot Destroyer
you can always l.aie a clean chimney. When the fire
burn, dull and the chimney smokes it shows the chimney
is choked with soot and liable to catch fire. Do not
spend your time taking down the pipes, using up your
energies and profane language, getting yourself, your
house and everything in Bight soiled. Buy an Iufp and
save this. Coed for Furnace, Cook or Heoting Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches or Agents at all principal points In Oanada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd. Chicago—First National Hunk, Corn Exchange
National Hank. .Seattle—Sentlie National Bank, Ban Frauolsoo—
Wells Ear-go, Nevada National Bunk. Spokane- Exchange National Bank. I
Savings Bank Department
UepoHita of $1 and upward, received, und Interest credited four
times 11 year.   Special attention given to out-of-town accounts.
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Ladies' and Children's Wear
See Them before buying Elsewhere        They Cannot be Beat for Valu'
Coats, Furs, Blouses
White   Swanidos
Just    received     a    I'ui
stock   of   Ladies'   mu
Children's Shoes.
in    By   The   Yard
A                           Opposito Climax Hotel, First Street.
New Association Formed of
Kootenay Pioneers—Officers
Elected—List of Members
Enrolled to Date.
Forty yours on wliou iifur anil nsmidor
Purl oil tiro ttiiisn wlin arfl sinuiuii tiidiiv;
WI1011 wo look buck, mul forgetfully wnmlor
Wb.it wo worn lil.si iu our wurk ami our piny.
Life is niiide np of a Bcries of historical events handed down from age
to age. Many of these events are unwritten and unread, much valuable
narrative thereby being lost. In this
age of hustle and progress we are too
apt to forget Ihe past and think lightly of the hard struggle thai the pioneers of our present day development
and wealth had when opening up the
country and laying the foundations of
the cities and industries which today
are the pride of the gre.it weet.
It was a happy thought that inspired "Trail Blnzer" to make an uppeiil
through the press for an "Old Timers'
Reunion." A tribute iB due to the
pioneers 1 f the Kootenay und it iB
only just that in their declining years
After considerable discussion os to
the nature of the qualifications required for membership, it was moved
by J. M. Kellie, seconded by J. A
stone, that qualification for member
ship he limited to 15 years' residence
in li. C. and intending members to be
of 1111 ago limit of 21 years.
The Kev. C. A. I'rocunier Baid that
it was only fair to give the hoya a
chance to cherish the old associations
and to help tho old men.
II. It. A'kins suid that the hoys
were the means of keeping up the
country and pointed cut that the uld
timers' inlluence did much for the
young men and that such gatherings
will bring In interesting narrative
which is the miking of history.
T. Kilpatrick moved, seconded by
A. Mcliae, as an amendment to Mr.
Celtic's motion, that tbe membership
qualification he "males of fifteen years
residence in the K otenays, or of arrival in thu Kootenays prior to 1893,
and their male descendants over 21
years of age."
The question for the amendment
was put, the ayes having the biggest
majority and the amendment waB
declared curried and the moljon lost.
Enrolment of members then took
place, the following  signing in chron-
t:\-    ■-   *.       ™*. _T"-. * vi .-*'   ■■' >-v''    -   ■ " Sr
m '.:■'" ^^W^^y^.iyA'A''.
-*■-__-_. . .__■ ., -:-<*   .-.
the memories ol old timers should be
cherished and the glad bad ol com
radeship, of help and of kindlin ss
extended to those who in their lust
span of life need tho support of tbeir
younger brethren,
Mayor Lindmark called a meeting
on Wednesday night for the puipose of
discussing the que tion and of forming
an old timers' association. A large
number ol old time residents attended
and when tbe pipes and cigars were
lit diid the council chamber filled with
smoke, it seemed really like old times
By general consent his worship, the
mayor, was invited to the chair, and
in a few works explained how and
why the meeting was called, pointing
out that the idea was a good and
beneficial one. B. R. Atkins was
elected secretary of the meeting.
The first question to be discussed
was that of the advisability of forming
an old timers' association and the
scope of its objects.
Exception was taken by A. Mcltae
and others to tbe word "pioneer" being
used as not being a suitable term in
the full meaning of the word, and
after discussion it was move I hy J. M.
k'el ie sec mdel A, Dirk that an association called the "Old Timers' Association,   of   Kevelstoke,"   he     formed.
ological order the dates of their arrival in Kootenay:
J. C. Montgomery, 1866.
A. Dick, 1882.
J. E. Giiilliths, 1883.
J. M. Kellie, 1884.
C. Holten, 1884.
J. A. Stone, 1884.
Gus Lund, 1884.
N. T. Edwards, 1884.
J. Abrahamson, 1884.
T. Kilpatrick, 1885.
F. McCarty, 1885.
R. W. Green, 1885.
S. E. Needhani, Sr., 1885.
Alex. McRae, 1886.
E. Picard, 1880.
F. B. Wells, 1886.
H. E. R. Smythe, 1887.
C. F. Lindmark, 1887.
S. Bickerton, 1888.
T. Lewis, 1889.
T. A. Lewis, 1889.
P. Hooley, 1889.
Rev. C. A. Procunier, 1893.
F. W. Laing, 1893.
A. Maddocks, 1893.
From this it will be seen that Mr.
Montgomery was the oldest timer
present. The election of ollicers resulted as follows:
President—J. C. Montgomery.
Vice-President—J. M Kellie.
I'lllltilllli'il nil   l';IK<. Tlil'Ots
Obsequies  of the Late
Mrs. Harvey
The funeral of the late Mrs. Harvey
wbo died on Tuesday i lock place
un Thursday  afternoon. vice was
held in St. Peter's Church, 11 oh was
attended by a large number of citizens
friends uf the deceased and Mr. Harvey. The beautiful and impressive burial service ritual of the
Church of England waa held, the Kev.
C. A. Procunier preaching a short
eloquent sermon, bearing on the fact
that death must come to all and that
death really meant the punning into a
higher stste. He tuuehed hnelly ou
the viil lies of thu deceased, of ber devotion to St. Peter's Church and of
tlie eternal rent, tu which she had now
gone. Concluding, the preacher besought all not to mourn fur the departed in this life hut rather to rejoice
that ull suffering, pain and toil end
with death, and that the dead are now
in Heaven. Tho choir chanting tbe
Nunc Dimitts, led the funeral cortege
out the church. The pall beireis
were T. Kilpatrick, VV. W. Foster, A.
.1. Howe, VV. H. Elson, J. McGinnis,
.1. E. Griffiths. A large nunihor of
people followed the remains to the
cemetery where the last s.id rites were
performed at, the grave-ide and the deceased C,ununited 10 ber final reeling
p'ace. De. |. sympathy is felt through-
jut Kevelstoke fur ihe bereaved bus-
baud who i- fei li g bis less •errlbly
m.l tbo wriah-s which were placed on
tbe c"liiu nnd the presence of so many
friendn ut the services ,110 a 111.uk of
esteem Ior tins aged couple.
Pietri Defeats Hayes of America by Good 60 Yards.
New York, Nuv. 27.—Dorando Pietri uf Italy dt featid .1 hn .1. Hujea of
t .is ciiy in the lenewal of the Mura-
t .1011 Race ut Madison Square Gulden
•VedneBduy night. The distance was
26 miles and 385 yards, the same us at
.he Olympic Marathon, which Hayes
von hy decision at London last summer. The Italian pro< 1 d to be Hayes'
mister, us he held the lend almost
irom start to finish, finally winning
by about 60 yards.
Hayes was in the lead five times
luring the race, but only for a lew seconds each time. Dorando'a time was
2:44:20 2-5, and Hayes' 2:45:05 1-5.
Ten thousand persons watched tbe
contest. The 25th mile was finished
in 2:36:57 1-5. Hayes weakened in
the last half mile, and the Italian won
Dorando's time wa9 nearly eleven
minutes faster thun HuyeB in ad a when
he won the Muiathon Kuce at Shepherd's Bush last summer, Hayes covered the distance then in 2:65*18.
Of Lumbermen  Suggested  by
P. Lund.
A minister convention of ull the
lumbermen of the West, between Winnipeg and Vancouver, to be held at
Calgary iu Februaty, 1909, is the suggestion of P. Lund, president of tl e
Mountain Lumberman's Association,
Mr. Lund believes that tho convention
sh , ti I cl bu attended by coast and
mountain mill owners, wholesalers,
brokers and retailers from the prairie
provinces, contractors and consumers.,
in fact everybody interested in and
Connected with the lumber industry
and tiude in the west, Mr. I,und expects tbat over 1,000 delegates would
be present, Tbe object is to have a
heart to heart talk over trade condi-
ti< nn anil business generully.
Farewell Presentation
A huge humlier of members of the
Kevelstoke Club mot on Thursday
night, iu the club rooms lor the purpose of tendering .1. M. Scott, who ii
leaving Revelstoke, a send-off, Abuut
40 members were present and Supt. T.
Kilpatrick, the president, on behalf ol
the olub, presented Mr. Scott wilh a
handsome leather upholstered chair
and a gold mounted 08ne. In making
the presentation Mr, Kilpatrick in a
few woll chosen roniarks, expressed
regret that Mr. Scott was forced to
leave Kevelstoke through ill health
and Imped that the change of climate
and other conditions would ho thoroughly In nelicial to him. Ho referred
to his long residence in the oity and
expressed a hups that in accepting
thin mark of his fellow citizens" esteem
he would bear with him always the
best wishes ol Revelstoke. Mr. Scott
replied in appropriate terms thanking
the club Ior tbeir kindness.
Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition, Good I [tinting
Knives, Axes, Fishing
Tackle and other sporting floods.
We are showing the best line of Heaters, Ranges, etc., ih.it
has been seen in It ivelstoke and our increasing sales prove thai
we havo the right goods and prices,
Our Plumbing department is up-to-date and  we are doing
the best wink 1 Itsii la done ill lhe citv.
Bourne   Bros.
Y       rt&inly
d* iiuui Warm
ht Swell Dresseri
-.-_    ..,-SI
You know it is not a crime to leel real
warm. It isn't a pleasant thing, is it 10 have
chills chasing each other over you ?
And while you arc keeping warm you
might as well have an overcoat that will "look
good," too.
" Our Overcoats will make you feel good,
and look good, and make good.''
Let us coat you over with an overcoat."
Our Foot-rite Shoes we sell have good
bottoms on them and also good tops, although,
you wear shoes at the bottom. Our styles are
toppy. A pair will keep your feet in good
McKinnon __, Sutherland
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-up Capit_t_,$ 1 0.000.000
alex.  laird, ocn. Mgr.      Reserve Fund,   -  5.000.000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of sfl and upwards are received and interest
allowed ut current rates, ami is paid four times a year. Account*
may be opened in the names oi two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the number or by the survivor.
vt***'ll*###_»»#*#H»*r#*>,J».*sK.*^^*#^#^<,^.;^.fr^»t.<,<l<,>,#<l<jj(<,)(( ^
m****M*M**M*M»»*M**m*m**^*<>MmM********i,**Z THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Zbc _Tfca.l-1bctal&.
nv^ at
iltUL    .l)Kt. B.C,
Harristkks, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliament.! v,    Departmental
and Patent OiWce Agents
Practice before Railway
II.IN. ClUltl.KS Ml'KI'IIY, M.l'.
Harold Fisher,
,  . I i.I.A     & Kl-I.l   TT
Birrl-aeri, Soil oi ton. eto,
,   I •   u o    r, Isi.i.itm
ANI) I'I    ivllAM,
SluKK,  ll. I'.
Molo)- :o loan.
Offices: Rsrslstoks, Ii i      Cranbrook, II I'.
uto. s. MoCj-RTir
\t M, Pl_._t_.ijM,
Iii-\ eM-OKO.
J. M. Boot. 1-L
J. A. Hakvkv,
Cranbrook, B.«'
W. 1. HrlKK".
I'll  T   .-    Hltli.i.s
Barristers, Solicitors, K'i
MuNKY to Luan
First Street.
Reve soke, B.C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
.MiKenzik Avenue,
Box 106, Bevelstoke
Banff Hard Coal
We an* now receiving a full supply of the
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily attended to,
Try some BRIQUETTES in ynur Range or
Open Grate,
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Certificated Teacher of
Piano, Vocal Theory,
Musical Kindergarten
Classes for young children,
studio over
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobaeco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. a,,
Zbc fl&a-Mberafo
There i» so much bad in the best lit us,
Aod so much good iu lhe wursst nf us,
That il hardlj- behoofs, auy of as.
Tu talk about the rest of ns.
Considerable controversy i? going
on in different parts of Canada regarding the question of local option
and a campaign is now being waged
iu earnest in many of the leading
eitie? of B. C. If tbe liquor business is lhe menace to humanity
which the local optioniBts claim,
should uot it.- abolition begin at
the fountain head, and should they
not go after the big game, the breweries and distilleries? And why
not get legislation enacted prohibiting its manufacture? As long as
liquor te lieing manufactured so
long will it be retailed out. While
the local optionists are clamoring
for lhe abolition of saloons they
should remember that ''forbidden
fruit" ia alway.- the sweetest to
human nature, and the more u
thing is denied a man the more aggressive and drastic will be tlie
means he employ? to secure his
own ends and to overcome the barrier: that are set before him: while
on the other hand if an article becomes too cheap or is directly put
in the way of a man he invariably,
alter lhe Brsl realization that he
can gi t ini he wants, 'ires of the
continual surfeit and eventually
i.-'l - il all igi tbi r. The abolition
of saloons will pr ibably tend to
reate many more "blind pigs" in
:.- country than there are at present, besides the temptation to create illicit stills; and liquor will be
sold quite as abundantly under
prohibition laws as under well regulated license. When a law is
flagrantiv or habitually violated it
brings legislation into contempt; it
creates a spirit of deception and
hypocrisy, and compel? men to do
insidiously and by Btealth what
they would otherwise do openly
and above board, it is a difficult
matter to] legislate men by civil
action into the performance of good
and righteous deeds, and the virtue
of temperance Bhould rather In-
taught in our churches anil in the
family circles. Many methods for
dealing with the drink evil in our
generation are tainted with false-
hood and dichonor by essentia]
unreality,   and   are discredited by
widespread and consistent failure.
We might learn u lesson from the
old cities in Europe, which for
2,000 years havo been agitating
this question. There is not it city
in Great Britain or on the continent which attempts lo prohibit by
law the sale of liquor. Tbey have
learned from long experience that
the best method of regulating this
article ot commerce is to impose
licences, to maintain good order
for the protection uf the citizens
and to punish the violators of the
law. In dealing with this question
care and good sense Bhould decide
wbat results will accrue from local
option, and in the stamping out of
drunkenness and excess, high
licence appear, to be the only solution of the problem.
The Christmas season is approaching, the time when purse
strings are loosened more than
usual and the average man does
not look twice at every dollar bill
belore he parts with it. The public
are looking round for novelties and
the advertiser usually gets a run
for his money. Perhaps there are
times when our readers feel that
some of the business men of the
city are not progressive enough.
Ingrained in nature is an admiration for the "huBtler," for the person who does things, who improves
whatever he touches. Agressive
advertising is the one infallible test
in a merchant. All other signs of
life about a store are misleading, ii
a store is not agreBsively advertised.
Every man will agree that it pays
to b6 enterprising, but many are
afraid to take th" step, ior enterprise is expensive and no matter
what form of original advertising
you adopt, it involves .in outlay of
cash—often a heavy one. If it did
not, your enterprise would fail
because there would be nothing to
ittract tbe public. That i- «
merchants fri gently fall do_ i;
they are afraid to risic their cash on
what they consider as an uncertainty, and that ifl one reason why
ibe mail-order house gets business
away from them. Good anil appropriate advertising at such a see-
son as thi- in every brunch of pro-
fesaion and trade in the cit;
been proved to be proBtable in
every respect.
Scottish Concert Programme
The following Is tbe programme of
thi' Scottish concert to he given on
Monday evening nest. St.. Andrew's
Night, Nov. 30th, by the Willing
Workers nf St. Andrew's Church:
i* \HT I,
l'i|ie .Music.
Select ion Armstrong Orchestra
Solo- "Annie Laurie"...Miss .VI. Buck
with  Violin obligato by Miss
Duett -"Oh Wert Thou In the Oaiild
Blast" Mis   Black and Mr.
II. to.  ke
Sole   "Maili,i• fine's Unl hering"	
Ml*. 11 us..I'll' eys
Recitation   "Wee MacGregor"	
Solo   "Cam O'er ilu- W'.itei Charlie,"
Mrs t'i'cclni.iti.
Miss.l. ll. .1   Illusion
Cornel Solo— "Robin Adair"	
Mr. K, II. Sawyer
Solo—"Mary nf Argvle".. .Mr. Annan
Pipe Music
Drill  Willing Workers
Piano Selection Mrs. Black
Solo—"Cam' Ye hy Athol"   .
Mrs.  Squarehriggs
Quintette- "My Ain Polk" ....  Misses
Allan, Jamieson, Steed, Bruce,
and Berger
Solo-"Scotland Yet," . Mrs. McBride
Solo- ".Stop Yoili  Tickling Jock''	
.Vie, Arthur Lefeaux
Solo -"Angus Macdonald". .Mrs Bews
Quartette—"Wha Wadna  Peeht fi'r
I.  O.  F.
Court Mount Begbto, Ni , mm, moei« Ind'and
ll_.Mou.ayij iii Oddfellows Mull, unit to l)|iorii
flimsa   Visit in,; i,nn limn Qordlatly Invited to
ii. Vi. Edwards, us
c.  VV.  o   w
Mountain  View Camp, No, 220
Moiiis Booond uud Khun h Wednesdays In
isiii'Ii uiiiiiili, in Selkirk Hull.   Visilin   Woodmen cordially Invited toattond.
Vi. I). ARMSTRONG, Con, Com,
.1, Mt'INTYRK,  I'lislk.
F. O. E.
Thn rnmilur meetings nn, linld in the H-olkirk
Hull bvnry Tuesday eveuiug at a ooloek
Visiting lirnihrnn are ooralally invilnd.
W. K. McLAlll'Hl.lN.Hui'UKTAUV.
Kootonay Lodi_o, No. IS, A. F. & A. M.
•• k     •rf.-V Tlio ri'Kiilur moot-
-      _ AtsJ-    -s.       lugs lira linld iu llie
Oddfellows Hull, nn
lhu Ilm.! Mnildli)' ill
isiii-li   mouth   III    S
p in.  Vi-.it.ltiK lirntli
.   \ I-.UIIIS' lirnlli
oordlally   wul
SKI,,•.IUK LODGE No. 12. I.O, 0 I'".
Magts nvi'tv Tliurs-
r   il.iy   nvoiiiiirf   In   Sni
v   kirk  Hull nl S,,'clock
•   Visiting lirnlliitiii uro
rdttilly in vi toil tu"nltrad,
II.  I.N III HT, N.«,
Cold Hango,Lodge, K. of P:
No. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
MEETS  . v_,KY   i\1_DNESI1AY,
ex .-i'i ■'■< ill Wclnosii.i,
uttcli iiiinitii. ei ' m     diiloll '\vsT
Halt   iii   a   s'ci >e_.    vision
Knights an' iiTllnlly   nvitisd.
G. H. BROOK   K. of K. tt S.
J. H. SCOT!', M. of F.
Revelstoke Assessment District
TAKE NOTICE that 1 shall hold a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
the provisions of lhe "Assessment
Act. respecting the Assessment Rolls
I'm' .009, fur i he Bevel . uke Assessment
I) si riot, on MONDAY, the 21st day of
December, 1IHIS, nt. the hour of eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, ill Ihe Ooil'.t
House, Revelstoke.
Dated ni   Revelsluke this 17lh day of
No\5uiher, 1008.
Judge of lhe Colli t ol Revision and
Appeal,  Revelatoke Assessment
Disiri.it of Wesq Kooteuay,
Nov 18 Dec. 0.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Windsor
Hotel at lllecillewaet, B.C., for the
half year from Jan. 1st, 1000, to June
80th, 100.1.
Dated Nov. 7th, 1908.
nov Tlm O, D. Moitins.
Charlie"..Messrs.  Burlier,  Allum,  Mestlatnes Squarobrlgga,
and Dent
Chorus   ".Vuld Lang Syne"	
Willing Workers
Advertising Pays
A certain   man   informed   us   smtie
time ago tbat he doubted  very  mush
if advertising pays,   Since making en
interesting    announcement    in    the
columns ol the press of the birtl   ol a
Sni baby be has ebanged   ha   mind,
mul now i- a thorough believer  in the
pjwer and far reaching effec a  of  advertising. Shortly after the innounce
ment be had received nineteen -..
■ i infants' lood  twenty-fi ur advert)*' ■
ments of patent cradles,    »er i   ii
assorted  brandl   ol   coi.der.-. !        I <
eleven boxes   ! ipectuse-
I of thirteen kind-   ol   leed i g
and inumerable sam| Ies   [sale!
| rubier bibs, il»"n.; knitted g s
-;..  Bpongi -
The f.,' so been vii   i
l lire.-        -     _
Bare  ol   infant*",   by   (uu-
agents who desire '.  insure tbe e
i life   on   certain new lines, and hy sin
I .alemen for infants outfitl    _:   bourn
He .ays thst he will ii"t aim >unoetbe
next    addition I   fl
Take notice that we intend to make
application to tlie Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Lakeview
Hotel at Arrowhead, B.C., for the half
year from Jan. 1st, lOilO, to June 80th,
Dated No.. 7th, 1908,
nov 7 lm        I'li.mtiin ifc Chapman.
Take notice  tbat   I   intend to make
application   to   the  Superintendent of
Provincial  Police for a renewal of lhe
retail liquor licence for the Lardeau
: Hotel at Comaplix, B.C.. for the hal
I viae from .Ian. 1st, 1909, to June With
Dated Nov. 6th, 1908.
novt im Joseph Dumont.
Take not! e that we, Messrs. Ogilvie
* McKitriek of Nakusp, intend apply-
_ o the Superintendent nf Provincial Police for a renewal of retail
li.pi •i license for the Leland Hotel ai
Nakusp, B.C., for the halfyeai from
.1 ,!-..,.ii-.  1st, 1909      June Willi, num.
!'    ed S        "th,
i       7 lm      Oi ILVIK .v. Mi K ithn k.
that   ive in-
' tend m to I he Super-
•   '' i i   Police for a
liquoi licence for
. lie- I.i..      II     :  ■       ■  1,1.mi.-I.H.C. for
Ian   Ist, 1909, to
I yuu,
: h, IfiOH
nov 7 lm i .  P   Ry, I'n.
io ik.
.    f the
H he li 'Ii
l o . with
mt I Inl
Superintendent nl
'.!   , renewal of the
foi   the l',uui...null  ■ l! ('.. tor the half
J ■•    lit, 1909, '•. hint 30th,
Dated .N'A   6th, 1906.
iov 7 in, , i       Orb,
Sir Henry Jolly, formerly Lieutenant-Governor ol Uritish Colombia,
who died p.t his home lu Quebec last week.
T.ik" noi li " ' li 'i I Intend lo mike
application to the Superintendent of
Proline! i! Police foi i i'-n"_ .I s.f the
i. i.iii liquor liei'te... for tbe • omnation
Hotel ni  Cam bo i ne, li I .. for the half
o fi om -Inn. I i. inon. io June 80th,
D.ited Nov, 7th, I9U8,
nov 7 lm ( miv Mkniikmi k.
Not iii   is hereby given thai  I Intend
to apply   io   the   Superintendent ol
Provincial polioo for a renewal   of   the
relnil liquor licence fur the   Ktmleniiy
hotel, BurtOII City, H. c.
Dated Ilm. 24, IIKlH
Wm. Lovatt.
TO  THE .    \ M'■'"''.ir\._MM.W^
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Dio'n.y Km.iu Furniture is pintle
lllarlj essi mini, and in vli w of
tins f.icl vi' Inne M'h'i ted n vi ry
desir.il'le In'' "I ilegaill ai.d
artistic dining tablet-, chairs and
sni. du iin s. An early Inipeetlon
sli uld he made, us the price we
arc u-kin(t f'.r such superior lurn-
iluri nuikes tbem a most desirable
dec   alien
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers mul Dealers iu Dive Stock.   Markets in all the prim i
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand   " Impciat i" Hams and Bacon,
i   and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard,
_•%• -_-^^*'"-^^%*%*_/%'%%.'%*^'V%^^^%''V%%%■■*%%%% *
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBEET      STOHSTIE      PROP.
Central Hotel
_a_______REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built,       First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    management
Cut Flowers
Wreaths, Bouquets
II you want Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, etc., made up from the
choicest flowers, hy a fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
They took 1st Speolal Prize at the
Vernon Show on the Kith Sept.
for the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Mauufact-ire-. for       classos of building!
fnr snto iu lar^f. nr .-mall quantities
at tho lowest prices for cash.
i. ll tcindfl nf building and plastering
All   kinds   of   new
Dealers in
Wah Out - Front St.
I- 0  li- i   .'Hi
Phone 2d
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boughb
_jash Prices Palo
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Notice M hereby (riven Ihal I, II. Mo
lniie.li, uf Halcyon Hot Springs, H.C.
intend in apply to the Superintendent
ut Provincial Police, al the expiration
uf one iimtiili from date hereof, for a
renewal of my retail liquor license for
the premises known us the Halcyon
Hot Springs Hotel al Halt yuu, B.C.
II.    Ml iMllt-ll.
Dated at Halcyon, H.i'., Nuv *_', inon.
nuv I Im
Nui iee ii hereby given, thai thirty
days after date, I intend to npply to
Hie Superintendent of Provincial Po
lice fur a   renewal  of  the re,ail liiiiutr
license for Hie Queen's Hotel, I'nm.i-
plix. 11.(1.
Dated Nov, did, IlKkS.
nov 4 lm J. H. Young,
Revelstoke Ijuul District.
West Kootenay, B. O.
Take Nolice that IKI lays after date
I R. W. Lindsay of Camborne, B. C
occupation, merchant, intend to apply
ior permission to purchase the following described lands situated on Kiah
Kivor, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at thu north easl, corner of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked " lt. W. Lindsay's North-West Corner Post;" thence
8 chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption; thence 50 choins south
thence ,S chains cant to MacKay's;
thence north 50 chains to point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less:
Located Oot. 15th, 1_08.
It. W. Lindsay, Locator,
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Slar, liastern Star, Grand
View, Flora Hell and Eureka mineral
claims siluale In the Kevelsloke Mining
Division of West Koolenay District. Lo-,
cated on lhe North b'iIc of the North-east
branch of Lat'orme Creek.
Take notice that I, Guy I.. Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate B13265,as agent
for Charles Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B94266J for Kd. Adair, Free Miner's
Certificate 111)42511 Samuel McMurty, Free
Miner's Cerlificale Hq4_(k>; Waller Walsh,
Free Millet's Cerlificale 1194261;; F, G.
Walsh, Free Miner's Cerlificale Bg4_:64;
Gilbert Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
H114201, ami R, F. Greer, Free Miner's
Cerlificale B94263, intend 60 days from
date hereof to apply to the Mining; Recorder for a certificate of improvements
l'or the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further take notice lhat action under Section ^7 must be commenced before
Hie issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Dated Uiis 17th day of September, ,qoS.
sep 23-nov 23 Gi v L. Williams.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Cily Hotel
at Arrowhead, H. ('.. for the half year
fr Ian. Isi, I'.iuti. lo,lime 80, II .HI.
Daled Nov. Iih, I'.ms.
nov I lm John C.m.ky.
Take   notice   lhat 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provinolal Police for the transfer of
1 lie retail liquor licence of the Lardeau
Hotel, now held hy me, to Joseph
I luted Nov. llth, 11X18.
nov 7 lm It. M. BVAN8.
Take notiee Ilia' I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquor licence for the Reception Hotel nt Oamborne, B.C., for the
half year from Jan.   1st, IHO!), lo June
80th, IIKHl.
Dated Nov. 7th, 1908.
nov 7 lm Cor? Mkmiu.mck.
Notice is hereby given that the copartnership, heretofore existing between the undersigned as Real Estate
and Cominlsilon Agents, under the
linn name nf Slbbald Ai Field, at Rev-
i-l-tiike, it.c, haa been this day dissolved by mul mil consent,
All deles, tlue to the suid partnership, are tu be paid al the Imperial
Hunk, Revelstoke, B.C.. and all partnership debts lo be paid iii enual pm-
portions by snid John D. Slbbald and
Charles M, Field.
D.., ed at Revelstoke, B.C., illst Oc-
toher, 1008.
J.  D.  SlBBALO,
oct 31-lm Chas. M. Fiklu.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
Far ths Farm, Oai-dsn Lawn
or Coiimsrviitiiry
Reliable varieties at reason
able priees, No borers. Scale
or fumigation 10 damage slock.
No windy agent! to annoy you.
Buy direct and 'get trees and
seeds lhat -jrow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,  Cut
Flowers, etc, Oldest] established nursory on the mainland
of B. 0.   Catalogue free.
p:m. j.:hehhy'8 nurseries
Green House* and Seed Houses!
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS. •  $.500
111.Company, R.M.R., will drill every
Thursday evoning until further nolice.
By Order,
oct 21 _0d R, SMITH, O.O.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
"Fri. Nov. 27, Hmp, of Brit.
"Sat. Dec. 6, Li_ke Erie,        Nov. 11
"Fri. Dec. 11 Emp. of frol'd Nov. 27
Fri. Dec. _5 Ep. of Brit. Fri Dec 11
"Special Christmas ships
1st. Cass 2nd, Class 3rd. Class
«9_oo   $4875 $.875
IS). Class and. Class 3rd. Class
S72 50       $4* So      $»" So
Otiikr Lakk Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd.       *ts
*45 00      *2,
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seabi
points  in connection with ita v .n-
ship tickets
Passengers  hooked : to   Norwav
Sweden, Antwerp,   Hamburg   and
all other confine tal ports.
For further information apply
T.W. Bradshaw,   CB. Foster,
Certificate of Improvements
Winsliiw Mineral Claim, situate in lhe
Trout   Lake Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District,
Where  located;—At  head  of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Take notice that. I, O. 11. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent for Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C. 870_; William Bennett,
F.M.C. No. BH5877; Bruce While, K.
M.C. 1114521: and P. H. Murphy, P.M.
C. H22087; intend, sixty dayB from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certitieafe of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining it
Crown Grant or the above claim.
And further take notice thnt action,
under Seal ion 87, must be commenced
befure the issuance of such Cerliticntc
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of October, A,
D,, 1008,
octHl-liOd O. B. N. WILKIE.
Ill the Supreme Court of British Columbia:
Between Glace Westfall, Plaintiff:
James L. Stewart, Assignee for benefit of  creditors, under "Creditors
Trust Deeds Act. 1001," of James
A. Gril.ith, and James A. GrifTlth,
Notice is hereby given that pursuant
to the Order made herein, of tlf. 'lion.
ourablc Mr. Justice Clement, May the
wth. 1007, and to the directions of the
Registrar of this Court at Nelson, Lots
22, 211. 12, and 18 in Block 51, in Trout
Uke  City  Townsite, registered plan
580, will be  offered for sale at public
auction on the premises in Trout Lak«
on   December the  15th,   1008, at the
hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon by
George M.   Yuill as Auctioneer.   Tho
said   premises   will be offered for sale
subject to 11 reserved hid.
For further particulars and conditions of sale, apply to Taylor A O'Shea,
Nelson, B, C. solicitors for the plain,
Dated al Nelson, B.C., this 17th day
of November, A.D., 1008.      nov 21 aw
Apples For Sale
3. L Webster, of Vernon, has for
sale an excellent lot of sound apples
No. 2, and cooking, st 800. per bo*',
F.O.B., Vernon, B.C.       Nov. U-__ TIIE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B C
Tho oven does
the baking, the
fire-box controls
the oven heat,
and the grates
hold the coal or
wood that produces the heat, so
are important.
"Sask-alta" Double Duplex Grates are made
in four pieces, each grate shaken separately.
Ashes over one grate can be ehaken without
wasting good fuel over other grate. No poking
necessary, thereby saving fuel. Dampers at both
ends of fire-box secure perfect drafts. When
grates are inverted for wood a patent clamp
retains them in position. The easiest-working
way is the surest-serving way — and that's
"Sask-alta" way.
LeudM, Terente, Men-real, Wlnnl •>« j, Vanoouver, St. John, Hamilton, Cal _arr
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
Import direct from country ot origin.
_Et__a•v_e3IJSTO-_-:_3, _b. o.
Queens ftotel
Best brands ot Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNQ, - - Proprietor
R__tillo»tlon of Orown Orsnt
Wh.ntl on tli. IDth liny of November, MI7. h
Cr.iwu Gram wai issued in the name of fruiter
ick Wmhli'iuruo for Lot IMT, Group.I, h'soto
u.y Di.lricl. Thai ef idonce ha« since heen
been t roduced sshowin. that tin. Wd Fre-ler-c.
Washbourne died ou the 7tli nf Ain-iist, linli.
•ometime prior to the luu.oee ol Uwuld
Crown Grant. That by sinwmaot datw -mi'
Aunusl, HUM the said fr.-.l.»ri k Wu-ihliourne
assumed all his estate, right, lillo nlerest
olaim aud deniaud whal^.i-ver in Ills, »..itl Hum
to Thomas Shanks UcPlmr-ssti.
. Notice Is therefore liorohy mvon in pofsn-
atice of Section I* uf the "1. ind Aat. thut it is
the iiitentinn to Cucel liiu said i ri.wii omit
issued in the name of Frederick Wushlxiunio
auil to issue mie iu its stead iu the name of
Thomas Shanks McPho-son three moult - Trum
the dttte heroof unless-.otKl cau.-o i- -hnwu tu
th. coulrury.
F. J. FULTON. ,  ,    ,
Chiel Commission.! of Lauds and worn.
Lands aud Works Dolmrtmout,
Violoria, R. 0 - Hlb October, UKIS.     ocl .1-3m
Kevelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kooicnay.
Take nolle, that I. Norman T. MacLeod 01
Lethbridge, Alta., occupation Broker, Intends
lu applf for tiermlssluu lo purchase lhe follow
ing 'lescrilMid lands:
t niiiiiii'iii'iiiK al a |wsl plauted at the south-
wesi corner ol Lot SIB In i osth'-ll Vallev
about SU miles West ol the »est shore ol Arrow Lake and marked "N T. Mac N.W.
Corner," Ihence 40 chain, soulh, ihence m
chaini cast, th.nce 40 chains norlh, Iheuee .1'
chains wen, remaining so acres, more or less.
Dale Sept. 4, ns*.
•cpl'ICOd II) Julin t. Is Mor. Ills agent.
Take notice that I intend to make
appl cation to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Union
Hotel at Arrowhead, B.C., for the half
year from Jan. 1st, 1H09, to June With,
Dated Nov. 14th, 1008.
ov 14 lin W. J. LiohtiiURN.
In the County Court of West Kootenay.
In the matter of the Eatute of  Peter
Mellstraint and
In the matter of lhe "Official Administrator's Act."
Take notiee   that  by Hi der  of   liiu
Honour J. A. Porta, Local Judge,
made tlm 2l«t day of Ootober, A.D,,
HKiH, i was appointed Administrator
or the Kniuti! of Haiti Peter Mellitraln,
d-OWI-d- and all piulii't.having Olaim.
against the said Mi*te are hereOy required to fu.iili.li Hi'iiie properly verb
iiiil io me on or before the anih day of
November, iikih, aud all parties Indebted to Mid  Estate areii'ilUiied lopay
the amount of their Indebtedne* to
mo forthwith.
Dated the llth day of Nov., 1IK>_.
obowik h. UoOi-Bram
Official Adiniiiialra.nl.
Por the Bret number of
Bubsi ripftons and advertleemen s
received at the ollice of
E.A. HACCEN, McKenzie Ave.
TAKE NOTICE lhu 1 intend lu
make application to Hie Superintendent of Provincial  Police for a renewal
of llie rvliiil lit'iiur In e.ise for the St.
Leon Hnlel, St. Leon Hot Springe, B.
O., for hull' year from January lat In
June 90th, 1000,
Dated Noy, 2oth, ISHN.
wiiov25 M. IfRADY.
Noticu is hereby given thut thirty
days alter dale I intend to apply ts
the Superintendent ol the Provincial
Police for a renewal ol my retail liquo
licence lur the premises known as tin
Hotel Beaton, at Beaton, li. C, for tin
half vear Irom Jan. 1st, P.'ll'.i, to Jutu
30th, 1900.
Dated Nuv. 14th, 1908.
■ov 18 lm Wm. Boyd.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent o)
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Eva Hole,
at Camborne, B, 0-, for the half yeai
from Jan. 1st, num. to June Both, 1009.
Dated Nov. llth. 190*..
imv 11 lm John A. Tiikw.
Notice ie hereby given that tin
lime for the reception ol tenders fm
Vernon, I). C. Public Building lias
been extended to December _0tb.
Plans snd specifications are also t.
be seen at Victoria and Vancouver.
liy Order,
Napoi.kon Tkohier.
Department nl Publio Works,
Ottawa, Nuv. _0tii, 1908.
Continued from I'.ige One.
8terelary—K. B. Wells.
Treasures—S Abrahamson
Executive—T. Kil.atrick, C. P,
Lindmark, Rev. C. A    Procunier.
The newly elected president then
took the chuir expressing his pleasure
that so many old faces were present
.tnd thanking the meeting for the
honor ol electing him, The executive
will prepare bylaws and a Constitution
and report the same at tlie next meeting ol the association.
This new association has lieen formed in order to bring together all the
ilii timers of   Koutenay   to  social re
Lie, and shows much prettier coloring
than grannie, the blue markings be-
very beautiful     There lea 0,000 fool
ledge, i'i to 40 feet wide, where this
specimen came Irom. Another pretty
sample is [rom a copper-gold lend Mr.
Moody (mind south of Golden. This
lead is from ll) to '20 feet uud Iuih been
traced 16 miles. Mr. Moody has hIbo
some very odd- look ing phosphate
crystals (ound near the mica nii.ie.
Perhaps one ol bis prettiest specimens
h abit from a oopper-sllver-gold proposition north of Reaver. Mr. Moody
litis a little bar ol silver that was made
from stntf t hut bsoko loose from specimens in his pack saddle. There were
about IS pounds of it. Thin yield four
pounds of mutter   Irom   which   came
J. Carniiehiu 1, Fireman,
R. Reid, Engineer.
J. A. McMillan, Engineer,
V. Frlsby, Oook
C. Anderson, Clown.
A  MoCarter, .It okey,
1). McCarter, Knight.
Cecil Dick, White Ii. C.
1). Wt'sterbrook, Hamlet's (Ibost.
J, Russet, il. Iiiakely, Jew Brothers.
E, Smith, Hill Miner.
C. Smith, Shorty Dunn.
A. Anderson, German Professor.
W. Moltae, Scotch I_i.il.
C. McRne, Sailor.
E, Faint, Clown.
Sandy Mcltae, limwnie.
VV. A. Chambers, Three Twins,
J. Campbell, Disguised Coon.
union and to give a good time. Much
valuable and interesting information
can be learnt from these old timers
and at a banquet or other form ol
sociability the "gathering of the clans"
as it were, will revive old time memories.
In a few closing remarks the mayor
said too much red tape in a matter ol
this kind was unnecessary. He liked
to see the old timers stand together,
tbe great object being to give the band
ol fellowship to old friends nnd help
them. He pointed out that many old
men would accept aid from fellow old
timers, whereas they would perhaps
not accept anything Irom new comers
and up-starts.
Big Bend Mica
Mr. J. F. Moody, who is at present
in Vancouver, could start a little
museum of B. C.  mineral   specimens.
four ounces ol Bilvcr. The heaviest
specimen for its size Mr. Moody got
from Spallnmcheen. It is off a 4 to
8-inch pay streak, and goes $20 in gold
and 30 per cent, copper.
Successful Masquerade at the
Roller Rink
The first skating carnival ot the
season took place on Thursday night
at the roller rink. By 9 o'clock a
large number of skaters in assorted
oostumes were on the arena while
spectators lined the Boor and galleries.
The new automatic military band
provided the music, the electrical
orchestra being lhe latest novelty in
Revelstoke. The following names and
characters were taken in at the door:
Mrs. W. A. Chamber-!, three Twins.
"    E. Edwards, Piccaninny.
V. C. VVainivright, Cannibal.
J. Calder, Highland Laddie.
J. Howson, Cavalier.
P. Parker, Baseball Kid.
G. F. Lilly, Baseball Kid.
W. Veith, Baseball Kid.
L. A. Howson, 0. Jones, Negresses.
W. Calder, Y.M.C.A.
A. McEncbern, Fireman.
C. Woods, Highlander.
F. McEachern, Red, White A Blue.
The prizes were awarded to:
Miss Frances Lawson, bent lady.
A. McRae, best gentleman.
D. McCarter, best boy.
Miss M. Lawler, best girl.
W. A. Chambers, comic
Miss L. Johnson, highly rccom
The judges were Mrs. A. H. Allen,
Mrs. H Cunningham Morris, Mrs. J
L. Stark and A. H. Allen.
After unmasking hud taken place
the public were allowed on tho arena
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind Man's  Eye
mm     -
A Canadian  Made Writing Machine
Kor case of operation anil
perfection in lhe reunite produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEW_._T_l.tt i- unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while ils manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter pur
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
becttuse there are fewer parts
to be cured for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.II. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Mr. Moody has been over a great deal
of the interior and bas apparently
kept his eyes open wherever he has
been. He is at present chifly interested
in a mica mine, north of Revelstoke, in
the Big Bend country. A company
has been formed in Calgary to work
this property and as good mica mines
are scarce, prospects are promising.
The mica is of excellent quality, free
from iron, which makes it particularly suitable for electrical work, and is
found in big sheets. In getting to and
Irom this property Mr. Moody had
some interestingexperionces especially
in shooting -1 Mile and Death rapids
in a canoe, something never doue
Besides upecimeni Irom the mica
mine Mr Moody has a nice sample ol
sodalite, (rom near Field. This is also
somewhat rare.    It polishes like mar-
Miss L. Pettipiece, Queen of Hearts.
" N. Bain, Flower Girl
" A. Bain, Sohool Girl.
" E. Thompson, Lacrosse Girl,
" M. McEachern, Silver Coin.
*' A. Nubroney, Highlander.
" I, Hanbury, Fisher Girl.
" M. Armstrong, Irish Molly.
" B. McLennan, Colored Lady.
•' M. Calder, Scotch Lassie.
" M. Edwards, Colored Lady.
" W. MacDonald, Ghost,
" M. Elliott, Dutch Girl.
" M. Cathels, Lacrosse Girl.
" Ferguson, Lady Politician (two
" F. Lawson, Mexican Rider.
" M. Lawler, Fairy.
" L. Johnson, Fairy.
" M. Armstrong, Queon of Hoarts,
" R. Burger, Autumn.
" N. McRae, Sunflower.
Four Old Maids
To hear the Schubert Lady Quartette sing their "Old Maid Sung,"
(one of many especially written for
them) will make a rise in the matrimonial market anywhere. This is
one of tbeir must fetching encores;
and as the ladies are many years removed from being old maids themselves, they can enjoy singing ol tbe
trials besetting the four maidens of
their song.
Lovle /emit Puree!11 the famous
contralto nf the Schubert Lady Quartette, has one of the deepest voices
ever given to a woman, Her voice is
very powerful and yet so melodious
that iier strongest tune loses none of
its sweetness. Hear her at the Ry
Y M.C.A. on Dec. 3rd.
Latest styles o( calling cards just received at thia office.   Order early,
Commercial   Printing
A Special ty With Us.
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Winter Snaps in Clothing
Ladies' Tailored Long
Coats--$20 Now SI-'.
This   season's    newest   si-. It's   in   Heavers.
Handsome   seven eighths,   length,  semi or
close fitting.     Five  Tweed   Coats   at prices
Men's Furnishings
Men's Surge  Suits, regular $10 now $11 60,
Men's   Heavy Tweed   Pants selling at $1.60.
Men's  Overcoats,   regular $12.00 now $7.00.
.inning from $15 CO to if IS 10.   Now $10.00.
Men's Underclothing
Good   heavy   winter  suits  selling at $1.25.
Silk, Moire and
Sateen  Under Skirts
Prices irom 75c. to $0.00 each,    Plain culms
wide width,   well   made   skirts    with   deep
flounces and dirt frills,
Men's Cardigan
Jackets and Sweaters
Dress Goods
All lines in  D    ■ Goods at 20 percent.
Good coloring, best ol  "Ivies,  all   new  this
season's goods.
discount.       These    special    prices    every
wo:, an  Bhould  see.
Millinery!    Millinery!!
Hosiery Values
Ladies' lull lashi       black  oasbmere hose
Keeping   our   styles  right  by   new   goods
doming to hand aud selling at special prices
at   26c.   per  pair.
Boots and Shoes
Large   stuck — New   goods —Low   prices.
We  have just  opened   up  our    Christmas
Umbrellas—both Ior ladies and  gentlemen.
$ $11$ ip_Hfl.fr eft flcHij;
I Cod |
I Liver I
•4f W
♦ Oils I
We have all  kinds  nf it. i,.
Sweet   tasting,  bad   last- W
♦& ing and  the pine  Eraul- ♦$+
± b' in    in     .1.00    bottles, ^
V        madebyanpiv nr cessnl ;p
m tr
if    C. R. MACDONALD'S     |
& REVEL8TOKE, li. C. 4jl
$ $ ifr ifr $$ fl Cfr fl (M^W
Foote—At Revelstoke. B.C., on Satur
day. Nov. 21st, to Mr. and Mr.. W
A. Foote, a sou.
Alkxamiek-Gkant — On Thursday,
Nov. 26th, by the Rev. J, R. Robertson, at the residence ol the bride's
brother, Mr A. Grant, Mr. Robert
Alexander of Victoria, B. C, to Miss
Marv Rose Graut.
Local and General.
Thursday, November 26th, was
Thanksgiving Dav throughout tlie
United Stater.
Tut Globe Lumber Co. have erected
a commodious shed over their best
lumber piles en Third Street.
At the Anglican Synod meeting a
letter was read from Dean Farthing,
accepting the Bishopric of Montreal.
ProliR'itionists are reminded that
au apple did the world more harm
than all the cider that was ever made.
The Rev T. Johnson, of All Saints
church, Arrowhead, preached in St.
Peter's church on Sunday evening
The Revelstoke Quadrille Club are
holding a dance iu Selkirk Hall on
Wednesday, hec. 2nd. Gentlemen
Toe.    1.idiee free.
i. A. Ackland, formerly a member
ol tbe Toronto Glooe stall, has been
ap ointed Federal Daputy Minister of
Lai r in success! n : McKenzie
There will be no performance at the
Edison Parlor Theatre on .'.oiiihiy
night, but un Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 1 and 2, there will be a new
and interesting series of pictures.
E. W. ti. Paget is installing a   new
tive horse yower Westinghouse electric
.  tor lot use   on   his   W'-.sd   sawing
plant, toreplaoe the   gasoline  engine
\hich na-. hitherto done the 'vrk
W. J, Hrac'irith. the genial secretary
I tbe li. <-■ Fruitgrowers' Association.
will celebrate bis   Bilver   Wedding or
26th anniversary on Dec. 19th, at   bis
residence, Hope Farm, Delta, li C.
M.--.-- Henr) >:.■! McCnrdy, wbo
have li cited snd at i'aCK .-saddi- sod
ti irse Laic.-, m tbe Canoe river. Big
Bend name int : «:i u:i Thursday.
they rep it excellent weather in that
: strict,
The government ol I'mada will
ostruct a building .tt the Alaska-
Yukon Exposition to ite held in Seattle
'uue 1st to October Mth. 1909, in-
c usive, covering gtaiml space oi 300
• v 150 fett.
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
a   trger ami more varied
-•   s than ever before.
Special  Rocky Mountain
View Cards,
Christina- P -al Cards in
Tasty Calendars,
Karn is King
The right Piano at. the right price.
Call and see us before you buy ono.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Mjney to Lam,
If you want to see "Mother in-Luw"
on the run, and how she 'gets away'
from "son-in-law" oome to the Edison
Parlor Theatre—TO-NIGHT.
Tlie city council have erected signs
in tlie vicinity uf the dumping ground
culling attention in (he tact, that all
refuse from ihe oity must he dumped
on the ground provided and not promiscuously over the road.
For the condemned negroes Jenkins
sintl l'crtella and the Chilian) mi Lee
Cluing, the last hope has fled. Each
must pay with his life the penalty of
his crime ou tlie gallows at New
Westminster on the morning of
Dec. 18.
The following names have been
handed in by the secretary of the
Conservative Association, supplementing the list of the newly elected executive committee which appeared in
Wednesday's issue ,1. McLeod, VV.jV
Sturdy, .1. G. McLean, W. A. Chambers, B, Rcale and R. McDonald.
James Irvine, organizer for the
Knights Templar, who lias been in
Itossland for the past live weeks
instituting a preceptory in that city,
visited Revelstoke on Thursday en
mute fur Vancouver Mr. Irvine, in
course of conversation, gave some very
interesting side lights on Masonic
The repairs to the plant at the Bowman Lumber company's mill, have
been etl'ected and tlie mill lias now
resumed operations, a new t'tiger having teen procured frnm Kamloops. It
may be remembered tint the failing
ol the governors ol the steam engine
at the mill, caused the machinery to
race, hence tlie d.tiuage.
G, VV, Green, wbo met with a mis-
bap recently while out shooting, his
gun being accidently discharged ami
injuring his hand, has returned (■
n-ijrk at ?. McMahon. blacksmith
shop, Mr. Green iJ a professional
horse shoer, having learnt the art
under experienced men in the east
and makes a special study in scientific
.hoeing, thereby ensuing the horses
sound feet.
Included in the 8t. Ai drew - 3c I
tish concert un Monday nigbt, are
- by Mrs H Creelman, "Cam'
/er the Water Charlie;" and Mrs.
Mcilri'le.' Scotland Yel their names
being mitted in • he programme of
Wednesday's    is- Refreshments
will be served during 'lie intervals of
he concert, Mr- F Cameron will be
iccompanist for th' Willing Workers.
I'he em,cert still i immenoe sharp at
- 30 p.m.    Tii -.•      0,   children 2.>
At the session il the city council
list night, a resolution was passed
that  one  electric   light of  18 candle
power wiil U- installed in the house
w-r.Uidiili nf "very citi/.en desiring
-ame, the instal ution to be paid by
the cunsiii:ier. hut the light lieing
.opplied free nf coat. Tin- wil! have
the "'! It if giving the city a brighter
appearance at night. Several Nernst
mil cluster lights will he installed a!
various points In the city where required ovei tbe Streets, Kevelstoke
can rightly ha called the electric city,"
Aid. Hill) Foote h on the ninny
lido ni the streets these days witb a
...ile that you couldn't hew olf with i
•arpenter's adze, and on the q. t. be is
elling iii- friends that he knows the
utest little (nt baby boy that ever
isppened. On the shady side ol lhe
ime street you inny notice Aldermen
] Wally Lefeaux and Dick (lawyer,
linking and discussing in tlieir usual
■ynical bachelor attitude, the possibilities of getting sufficient out ol the
I surreiit revenue   of   the city   to build
new schools'and   incidentally Insinuating   that   if   the   "cute bullies keep
; i-comin" the   present  school tax rule
if 11J mills on the dollar will look iu
the very near future like 30 cents
Keep in mind tbe d ite, December
17th, when "Tobasou Land" will bu
|iut on by local talent st the Opera
The railway com mission has issued
an order forbidding locomotives emitting smoke uunecessarily within the
limits of municipalities.
The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew's
church will have a sale of confectionary and refreshments with fish pond
in the Opera House on Monday afternoon.
Those taking part in the Seottiah
concert on Monday night will kindly
bear iu mind that the programme will
Login at 8.30 p.m. sharp. Doors open
at eight.
The current "British Columbia Gazette'' announces the calling of the
Provincial Legislature to convene for
the despatch nf business on Thursday,
Jan. 21st, 1909.
The lust li. C. Gazette announces
that Dr. J. W. Cross, M. D., late of
Revelstoke, has beeu appointed resident physician at the town oi Queen
Charlotte, Graham Island.
The hearty singing of stirring sengs
is a happy feature of the Sunday afternoon programme in the Y.M.C.A Tlie
Rev. T. W. Hall is the speaker fur tomorrow. Men generally are invited
to tbis gathering from 4 to a p in.
Rev. W. I'. Freeman, who bas been
in Vancouver the past ten days, attending the Baptist Convention ol
Western Canada, h.is returned home
and will occupy his pulp-.t in the
Baptist church on Sunday as usual.
Chief Foote, of No. 2 tire brigade,
has handed in a pnotud c py i tbe
pmceediiiga of the second convention
of the B, C. Association of   Fire Chiefs
,and Firemen, held last  September  at
,\>n Westminster.     Ti.e  report cm
j tains a fond i f interesting   read.;..
well as much valuable information   ■
garding tire protection.
it is to be regretted that the local
Fruitgrowers' Association 'Inl not
think •'.. ni-tin themselves sufficiently
in order to advertise the meeting
which ahould have been held last
night at tbe court home, at which VV.
.1. Brandrith, secretary of tbe B ( .
Froitgroweis' Association was to have
delivered an address If the fruitgrowers cannot look after    their   own
Interests, they oaunot expect much
from others Mr Brandrith was bere
with the goods alright lasl nighi bul
do one turned up to ncHr bim lecture
which reflects discredit on eir local
fruitgrowers, besides ; sing a rery poor
compliment to Mr    Brandrith,
Grip and Passward.
K. nl
The following   ia   thi f ollicers
elected   at   the   lust  meeting of G
Range Lodge No, 26 I r  tbe ensuing
semi annual tern,
0   C —T, P   Smith
V C—D. A. MoDonald
Prel.—J. W. Garland
.VI. , f VV.—II. .Sawyer.
M, at A.—II. R. Maundrell
K. of H and 8.—G  If, Brock
M. of K.—.I. B. Soott
M   Ol K. - -A   J   Howe
I. 0.—A  McRaohern.
ii i, _w  Fleming.
Weather Forecast
Saturday, Nuv. 28— Cloudy, variable
rinds, snow, Temp, Max. 40°,   Min
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected.
Notakv Puiii.k
The basketball game on Wednesday
night between the Intermediates and
the Road team was the fastest game
of the season. Both tennis had a
lightning combination. Tbe Intermediates were handicapped by not
being able to reach tlieir big opponents
but they made up for it in foot work.
Their snooting was not up lo their
mark, but taking tlieir Bize intu consideration they made a very good
showing only being defeated by 2
points.    Score 2-1-22.
L.st night the North Star hnsket-
leam aliotif! ovtrt.be High .School to
the tune of 25 to 5, The Stars put up
a fust game and had a good combination which the school hoys found il
impossible to break up. Twinkle,
twinkle, little Stars.
Lacrosse Challenge Shield
An interesting presentation wus
made yesterday afternoon at the public school when the public school lu-
orosaeteam were awarded the challenge
shield, given by the school trustees to
the winners of a series of lacrosse
matches between the Public and High
Soboola. F. Bourne made the presentation. The shield is the work of F.
Tweeddale and is made ■ f nativ-j wood
and metals. The design is unique,
bearing an Indian head at the top
with specimens of the old and new lacrosse sticky a beaver fs • i the bottom
and a wreath ot maple leaves Bur-
rounds the copper plate in the centre
containing the inscription, "P.esented
to the Revelstoke Public and High
Schools for annual competition by
Bjard uf School Trustees." The work
is excellent and the design graceful.
The name of tlie winning team is inscribed ou a medallion, many of which
are studded on to the shield for future
winners. Appropriate remarks were
made by the trustees and teachers and
by Inspector Dean ut the presentation,
Latest Styles of calling carda just in-
ceivod at this office.    Order early.
Social and Personal
Mrs. J. M. Do) le will uot receive on
Tuesday, Dec. 1st.
VV. Ogilvie, of Nakusp, is a visitor
in tlie city tliis week.
J. C. Hutchinson left on business
trip we-si last nigbt.
A, O. Wheeler, F.R.G 8., was in the
city on Thursday eu  route for Golden.
G. S. McCarter has  returned from a
business visit to points in Washington
C. R. Greenfield, post otlice inspector, of Vancouver, was in the city yesterday.
Miss McCarter is entertaining her
friends this afternoon at a tea in
honor of Mrs. J. M. Scott.
Mrs.  C.   Holten entertained a num-
• - of   friends   at   the   afternoon Ua
.....iron   Wednesday   last, in honor of
V! rs. J. M. fi     tl
Q Haggen has returned from accompanying a survey party under A.
11. Wheeler, F.R.G S.. along Shuswap
Likes, and will sprnd Christinas here.
Rev. Dr. Mackay, who p.euched in
St. Andrew's and Knox churches last
Sunday went south on Wednesday
and will visit Nels in and other towns
iu South Kootenay in the interests ol
Westminster Hull
Mrs    i-'.   C    Elliott   entertained a
number of    young people last evening
at   progressive   whiai      A  recherche
little supp'-r concluded a delightfully
plen-aut evening Mi-s M. Ruck,
Mis- White Di i! ■ .i lion Mr. Wise,
and Mr E, W II Paget were prise
_ inner.
M Robert . es inder and Miss
Mary It..--', ant wen united in marriage on Thursday the 26tb inst. Tbe
ceremoi , was peril rmed by Rev. Jf. R
,: bertson al the borne of the bride's
■■- ither, M A li i ''rant Second St
After tbe ceremony tbe bridal party
sat down li , v-r_ irtistic and delight
pread Mr and Mrs. Alexander
went, west hi No 07 to the coast
where tbey will take up their future
: . ieai tbe Sebuberl   l<adj   '/uai ■
ring    tb'-ir    "Old    Maid    Song,"
me il ... my • ipeoi illj writ ten lor
thei i) will n ike i rise In the matrimonial market anywhere, Tins is
r.ne of their   most   fetching  encores;
and as the liulins are iniiny years re-
moved from being   old    maids   therm
selves, they oan enjoy singing ol the
trials besetting the four maidens ol
their song.
Lovie Xeeili. Piirce!l, tbe famous
contralto of the Schubert Lady CJuar-
tettO, haa one of the deepest voices
ever given tu a woman, Her voice ia
very powerful and   yet.   so   melodious
that her strongest tone loses none of
Its sweetness, Bear her at the Ry
V M.C.A. on Dec. 3rd.
There will he no show on Monday
night at Ihe Edison Pai lor Theatre,
The show will be open, how ver, on
Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The
programme will include besides good
comedy the story ol "THE LITTLE
Business Locals
Toys, tuys, toys, of every kind at C.
It. Macdonald's.
It. H. Trueman, photographer, will
be in the city this afternoon at his
See our new line of fancy china,
crockery antl glassware for your Xmas
presents. (let yours before they ore
ull picked over—C. B. Hume A Co.
A consignment of ladies and gentlemen's vifliting cards in the newest
■t.ylea has arrived at the MAIL-HERALD
r nice.    All work neatly executed
Don't forget our regular REVELSTOKE CALENDAR, all ready boxed
for mailing, at C.R. Macdonald's.
Don't leave your XnuiB groceries too
lute. We have our new raisins, currants, sultanas, peels and all other
necessaries for your cooking—C. B
Hume A- Co.
Safety Razors—We are headquarters
for razors of all kinds, bur. at present
we have something special to offer—
a Safely Razor with 3 blades for 35c.
Also the Ever Ready with 12 blades
for $1. The Fountain Safety Razor
same size as a fountain pen with 12
blades for $5.00 at the Lawrence Hardware Co.
Our choice line of new Xmas books
can't   be   beat, all   bindings, at C. R.
FOR TODAY we offer Rowafs
mixed pickles for only 20c. a bottle,
regular price 30c. Everybody have a
pickle.     C. B Hume A Co.
Reserve your sittings for your Xmas
photos until Nov. 28th, and have the
best. One enlargement given with
each dozen cabinet photos —True-
man's Studio. tc
Tbis year we have the largest assortment of Xmas cards we ever had. Call
and see them at C. R. Macdonald's.
What about your Mince Ties? Get
some of'our excellent, mince meat in
2 lb. jus at 35c, li.1, Ih pails at $100
and 28 lb pails at $3 25. C. B. Hume
A Co.
Special offer of gentlemen's visiting
cards neatly priutetl, 50 for $1.25, and
100 for $1.75. Ladies' cards in neweat
styles, 50 for $1.25 and 100 Ior $1.75.
Linen finish cards are the latest importations.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on tbe First
and Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School: 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Nov. 29.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. in. Player meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p.m.
St. Peter's (Anglican)—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M. A., Rector. First
Sunday in Advent. Services, 8 a.m.
Hnly Communion. II a.m. Matins.
Evensong. 7 30 p m. Sunday School,
2.30 p.m.
Knox PRESBYTERIAN—J, It. Robertson, B.D., minister. Sunday services
at il am. and 7.30p.m. Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class at 2-30
Prayer meeting Wednesday, 8 to9 p.m.
Choir practice Friday night, 8 o'clock.
Morning subject, "A Picture of Social
and National Conditions." Ensuing
Subject, "The Teaching of Jesus."
Good Music. A cordial welcome tu all
and strangers specially invited.
Methodist—Bev.T.W, Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows —
Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sunday School and Bible Class at 2:31) p.
iu. Evening service ul 7:30 p.m.
Morning subject, "The Spirit that is
not given in a Christian Life." Evening, "Shull we do evil that g nil mny
coine''       Sunday Using   "Tbe World's
Temperance Sunday." tbe question of
Local Option will be relerred to in the
i veiling sir iiiiiii. The Kpworth League
will hold their social evening on Monday fn the home ol Mr, uml Mrs. A.
mclntyre, Third Ht. east. Prayer
meeting   Wednesday  evening  at    H
o'olook.      All iwn invited to the above
BAPTIST—Rev, VV. P, Freeman, B.A.
pastor.    Services at  I I a.m.   and   7:30
p.m.  Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p. in li. V. P. C. Monday at 8
p.in. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p m. All arc invited to these services
Evening subject, The Fifth Word from
the Cross. " f thirst."
A Few Good Snaps
We huve u lot of pretty White Silk and Net Waists
lieaulifitlly embroidered and trimmed with lace and
insertions. Some have long sleeves, but most of them
have a three-quarter sleeve The sines run from 34 to
■10 and the prices ranged from $0.00 to $8.00. Your
choice for $5.00.
Ladies Coats
from the best makers in Canada. These ure loose-back
and semi-tilted and made of a fine quality of tweeds.
They come in sizes .2 to 40 and $12.50 to $15. We
have too many for this season of the year and to close
out we offer you your choice at $7.50 each.
Children's Dresses
for all ages in Flannelette, Serge, Cashmere, etc., well
made of good materials. This is a line we are clearing
out and to do so quickly we aro selling them as cheap
as you would buy the materials.
Every Dress at Half Price.
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Ageqts and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  antl  largest   Stock   of Cigars and
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
The  Original   Mac's  Mi.xture  now  on  harld
and made  expressly  for  us by D. K. McPherson.
Xmas is Coming
and our selection of Xmse
(Jilts is the largest tbat
Jias ever been shown in
this city.
It is not too early to
look around and we invite
you to look a! our stock
before purchasing.
Conic one, come all.
]. Guy tito
Ollicial Issuer of Marriage
PHONE No. 51
Special to the Public.
Not that I am needing the work bad
enough to cut prices, yet willing to do
the right thing by those who have
stood loyally hy me as a Kevelstoke
citizen, I will make (rum now until
New Vear a beautiful photograph,
mounted handsomely, with every order
for cabinet photoa or larger, and promise you, as in the pust, to leave a little
of your money in Revelatoke where
each of my cuslomera may at least
Imve another look at their money.
Thanking you very much for past
patronage, I am very sincerely,
E, K. TUCKER, Photographer.
Cut Flowers
Chrysanthemums,   Carnations and
other Cut Flowers  supplied   by   J.T.
Ileitlby, Nelson, B.C.. (P 0. Ilux 8117.)
Nov. 11 .lau. 11
A. H. 8INQ, Proprietor
Board by week
Single   meals
25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
For Sale
Dry cedar   cord   wood—Revelstoke
(Jeueral Agenoies, Ltd.
,A    in hnlel.   Apply lo Mail Herald
WANTED Bedroomi to let furnished, board it required, terms
moderate. Apply A. Gain, 4th aire i,
coiner of McKenzie Ave,       oct 'M lm
Do You Want To
Rent a House ?
I have a 7 roomed bouse $16; ti r- 'lined house $12 50; 7 roomed house $25;
10 roomed house $35.
Have You Money
to Loan?
lean supply you witb first class investments:
One client wants $1000 at 7} per cent
on first class freehold security,
worth $30,000.
Another wants $3,500 at 8 per cent on
freehold security.
Another wants $800 at 8 per cent on
freehold security.
Are You Looking
for a Snap?
Multiply your money 30 fold at one
I can supply 160 acres first class Iruit
lands alongside a railway in choice
location at $500cash. This is the
first cost of the land bought direct
from the government. ThiB laud
can be cultivated and sold in Ihe
near future at $100 an acre.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent,
flOU   fSALE—line    bedroom   suite",
also one tliroo-tjliai'ter  iron bed.
All in Hi-si   class condition.    Oan Iw
seen between III ii.m.  and T, p.m.    Ad
dress P, O, Mux 7__S
,-iOlt  RENT-Residence   of J.  Al.
Scott.   Apply to Stott A Brlgfts.
S.VI'IC in gootl rond I tion, for sale nt
. .   bargain,   Address al once, Safe,
. ...il < lllb .
ANTED—Life   mul   Occident  lull,name canvassers.   Apply to
E. A. Haggen, Revelatoke.
W~~AN_'ED^AUvertiser (_0) ilesiTei.
desires to leiirii mixed fanning
in Uritish Columbia. Would give
services Hiul small premium in letiii-n
for board uud lodging. No previous
experience,   bul,    strong    and    hard
worker. Moderate capital* highest
references, x. v. Z. rare of Agency
Miti hell, I and 2 Snow Hill, Loudon,
E, C Eng,


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