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 Ask tor Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family uso ihera is nothing *o
wholoBOtiio ftnd ho puro its I1AI--
TEB 10 1908
Lal Libriry r™^
OSS) ol operation and perfection
le-u ts   produced, Ibis   Machine
i- |. ■-.,! -l'i.in i $60 00 cash,
Interior Publishing Co , Agents
Vol. 14.-No 8
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
A Few Facts About the Different
Kinds We Have at Present
Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits are without
doubt the best made.
We are the only direct importers from the
factories in town.
We always carry over 30 different varieties in
stock and one trial will convince you of their
excellent quality.
We also have Christie Brown's Biscuits of
all kinds.
Lemon Biscuits and Ginger Snaps in Barrels
— i2j<ic. per lb.
We have Foley, Lock and Larsen's Biscuits
in packages at lajtfc. or in bulk at 25c. per lb.
We not only carry first class brands of biscuits, but all our other lines of Groceries are
guaranteed and can be thoroughly relied upon.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Fall Goods Arrlslng Oall».    Oressmalclng and Wlllrwry Rooms, imt Floor
H (Sveat Cut in finamelefc Mate
For this week we ate offering some ureal bargains In Stranksy Ware
and in some of tun Hest Lines of Bine Ware.
Blue Enameled Ten Kettles, No. 9, $2 00 Sale Price $1 25
Blue Enameled Ten Kettles, No. 8 $1.75 Sale Price $1 15
"       Slop.Pails, $2.50   Sale Price SI 00
Preserve Kettles  $1.25   SalePiice     OOc
Preserve Kettles $1.00 Sale Price     80c
•• ••       Dippers 40c Sale Price     SUc
,, ,.       Ewers, 75c     SalePiice     OOc
Ewers,'$175  Sale Price $1 HO
Pie Plates, 35c SalePiice     25c
Pudding Puns. 4oc Sale Price     30c
Pudding Pans, 50c SalePiice     &5c
« -       Lipped Sauce Pans, $1 25 Sale Price     95c
Lipped Sauce Pans,  75c Sale Price     55c
Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1.00.  ..SalePiice     05c
Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1.25... .Sale Pi-ice     75c
Quite a number took advantage of our Sale of Nicsle-Plated Ware
last week and are watching for our next Sale.
See Our South Window for These Bin-gains.	
■ a
Choice Building Plot, 8econd Btreet, 50 x 100 feet.
Corner on Third Street, 125 x 100 feet.
Two Inside Lots Fifth 8treet, 50 x 100 feet.
Two-Acre Block, suitable for Fruit, adjoining city
Per Acre
—I 550
— 300
$100 and $150
Enjoyable Evening by  Camp
Mountain View.
On Wednesday evening the local
Woodmen of Camp Mountain View
gave an "at home" to their friends in
Selkirk Hall. There was a large number present and the an-usements provided were thoroughly t-lij J-ed by all
The hall wbb tastefully arranged and
the evening commenced by a program
of vocal and instruments! music followed by a whist tournament and
other parlor games in which all present took part. Refreshments were
then served and the prizes awarded
tho winners in the tournament. Hongs
were rendered by W. H. Humphreys,
II. Cook and A. Andersnii. Miss Me-
Kiniiuy presided at the piano, while
H. ti. Bawyet and 4. Hilliei gave ex
cellent instrumental selections. Sov.
It. W. Haggen acted in tbe capacity
as chairman, assisted by ■ very able
committee. Tbe guests speak in loud
terms of the manner in which they
were entertained. Dancing biought a
most successful function to a cbse.
Edison Parlor Theatre
The films to be shown at the Edison
Pallor Theatre, Selkirk Hall, next
week, are exceptionally well chosen
and interesting, among tin ni beine.
"A Trip to the Holy Land,'' "A Runaway Sleigh Belle," "A Oorsiran'i
Daughter," etc. Patron., should keep
in mind that these pictures are now
shown on lour nights only—Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday snd Saturday.
Successful Meeting of Provincial Delegates to Fruit &
Produce Exchange of B. C—
Election of Officers.
No more representative gathering
haa over taken place in Kevelstoke
than that which met on Wednesday
in the City Hall, it being the occasion
of the gonural meeting of the Fruit A
Pruduce Exchange of British Columbia, While only six months old the
organization has got down to business
and carried on its work in the lace of
many odd., and tlifliculties. so successfully that a large amount of business.
was 11 unacted and valuable aid given
through its medium to the fruitgrowing industry. When the exchange
was organised, only a few of tho districts signified their intention ol
joining, and these few got together
and formed the nucleus of a great
organization. Since then the various
other centres have been more or less
interested and the result was that a
thoroughly provincial representative
convention was held here, the pro
ceedings throughout being characterised tiy the harmony and good feeling
between all parlies.
Delegates from Victoria, Ohllliwaok,
Penticlon, Kamloops, Salmon Arm,
Enderby, Arinstr ing, Vernon, Pi-ach
land, Kelownn, Nelson, Grand Folks
and Kevelstoke, to the number of
forty two, were present, all leady to
discuss pros and cons', and the whys
and wherefores of everything. After
the directors meeting at 10 a.m , the
general meeting took place.
J. J Johnstone, of Nelson, took the
chair as president, with L. M. Hagar,
secretary-manager, and W. J. Brandrith, secretary of the B. C. Fruitgrowers    Association,   at   the   table.
The following delegates were pres.
ent: Mr Pinkie, Victoria Fruitgrowers Assooi it ion and Exchange. Mr
Wilson, Chiliwark Farmer- Exchange.
Mr. Brandriih, Secy B C. Fruitgrowers As.oolailon Me'srs. Slavin ind
Mi'ighau, Knmloops District Fruitgrowers  Association.    Mi-ssrs.  McCal
luin, Huchan   and   Howarth, 8a. ti
Arm Ex.hange. Messrs. IImile, ick
and Ioiwes, Enderby Fruit and Produce Association. Messrs White and
Leslie Main, Armstrong Farmers Exchange. Lt.Col. Glossop, Vernnn
Pr- duce Association. Mr. Vickery,
Peschland Fruitgrowers Association.
Mr. Mutch, Penticton Fruitgrowers
Association. Messrs. Hayes, Sniytlie,
Fletcher, Collins, Eriuson, Revelstoke
Fruitgrower) Association. Messrs.
Hulbert and Campbell, Kootenay
Fruitgrowers Association. Mr. Rooke,
Grand Forks Fruitgrowers Association.
James Johnstone, Nelson, and Mr.
Erickson of Malakwa. The Cnrnegi-  entertainment  given
Mayor Lindmark addressed tbe in the Methodist Church on Monday
meeting and extended to the delegates and Tuesday evenings of this week
the freedom of the city and warmly was a decided success; not only be-
welcomed them. He assured them cause ol the attendance on both even-
that Revelstoke realized the import- ings, but also because of the nihility if
ance of her position as headquarters of entertainment given. Those who
the business end of fruitgrowing and have read Rev, Bheld m's fascinating
that tbe value of the industry in B. C. book entitled : " In His Steps," must
could not be too highly estimated. He have have had their memories greatly
was pleased to see such a large reprc refreshed by having scene alter Bcene
sentative meeting aud hoped that the ! appear on canvas in tinest colors,
convention would be successful. The story itself was  repeated  by  Mr.
financial loss, this being uuunluiously
■greed upon.
(I iidin of fruit and produce raised
.-iiiisidenihle argument, On Ihu whole
the delegates wore satisfied with the
milliner in which the Exchange, hud
been ninimgcd and tbe benefits that
would result from co-operation of all
looal exohanges. Tho an -retnry-nian
nger's report showed a large volume
of business, with a I111i11ls1.ini' turnover
and tho assurance of a large market
Tho Exchango was njiv well known
and tho outlook lor the coming season
was very bright Foreign markets
woro now good.
The following   ollloers were oleotod;
President, ,1. .Johnstone, Nelson.
Vice-Pres , J. Wilson, Ohllliwaok,
Sec-Manager, L. M. H igur, Revelstoke.
Executive—J. Johnstone, ch liruian;
J Hi Wilson, viec-ohairiiinn; H. E
R. Smythe, Revelstoke; 0, Huidcock,
Enderby; L. M. Hagar, Re.oliioko; H.
Cunningham Morris, Hun. S.-c, Rev
Hoard of Directors—Messrs. Puckle,
Victoria; Slavin,Kamloops; MeCslluni,
Salmon Arm; Handoock, Enderby;
l<eslie Main, Armstrong; l.iout.-Col
Glossop, Vernon: Vickery, P.MObland;
Mutch, Penticton; Smythe, Revelstoke; Iinrlbert, Nelson; Ruukc,
Grand Forks.
In the evening the tisitnrs were
entertained at a banquet in lhe union
Hotel Restaurant by the citizens.
Nearly 00 people   sat dow .   lo dinner
which was most sumptuously prepared
nnd a gnat credit to the caterer.
Mayor Lindmark took the chair and
after dinnercomme' ced an interesting
toast list, including the King, the Province, the Exchange, Fruit Quitting
Industry, City, Board of Trade, Press,
the L ulies, Commerce, etc , e ch toast
being heartily h lined Ihe guests
one snd all expressed p.eas ire at .heir
reception, and the uiuuii nous oo-oper
atiou In the work of the Exohatogi
and hoped that emu local ex. i.ange
would allil.ate with lis.- whole
Mr. Bt-.indrith iu nn exoeile-it .id
dress enlarged on the po sibiii e s 1
atrial.' rry aod I uu ti'uwi ut in lin
vie Hi y "i Id-vrlsi  i.
Anli    I. m n   -   ..   '.     -
Anthem b.o-i •    "••
tion   to   11   ol s.   ,   -.
si rn'ed the go -1 ;
gnie anil bis   int... 11  n 01
a   favornhle    report    to
mutiny.    Excellent mtwic tins prnvid
ed  by  Messrs.  Darbyshire and Veith.
Committee   meetings   wets tlieu held
and several complaints   from locai exchanges   received   and   adjusted,   the
liu-iness being   completed   at   i a.in
It is the intention of the Exchange
to circulate pamphlets throughout the
province containing full details of the
The Carnegie Entertainment
Seeded prunes in lib. packages at
10c. per package is our special sale
this week—C. B. Hume A Co.
President J. Johnston, of Nelson,
explained the object for which the
convention had been called and requested those present to offer any
suggestions for tbe betterment of the
exchange in co-operation.
Remarks followed by delegates from
Enderby, Armstrong, Penticton and
Peacbland. Mr. Wilson, of Chilliwack,
and Mr. Slavin, of Kamloops, said
that as a whole they were well pleased
with the past season', relations with
the exchange. Letters were read Irom
T. G. Earle, Senator BoBtock, II
Childera and others unable to attend
Messrs. Hulbert, of Nelson, Col. Glossop, of Vernon, Vickery, of Peachlaiul
White, of Armstrong, and Puckle, ol
Victoria, made short addresses, giving
their views on the situation of the
Exchange and their co operation with
it. The auditor's report was then
An adjournment for lunch was
made, after which lhe first annual
meeting nf the Fruit A Produce Also
ciation of B. C. waa called to orde:
During intermission in routine bu-i
ness, a discussion on berry and apph
boxes was curried on, Mr. Brandrith
of I.ad tier, reading out price liBts
quoting on the standard sizes. Con
sid'Tabh- time was taken up over
mm 'tilling tbe by-laws, and discussioti-
»ere held ou methods of co-operation
Carnegie in a manner worthy of the
subject. Perhaps the most beautiful
character in the Btory was Virginia
Winslow, who cut looao from the
usual customs of society aud conse
crated her wonderful voice as well as
her wealth to her Lcrd aud Master in
seeking tu lift up lo a bighe: and nobler
life those who were down iu sin.
The moving pictures shown by Mr.
Carnegie, proved in several cases wnnt
wonderful things can he accomplished
by art. The closing scene on Monday
night and by n-qneBt given ugam on
Tuesday night line been -jiv.n up bv
many who were present to bo the bcsl
ever seen.
" Re-cued by Rovei." is certainly a
On Tuesday evening the Brit part of
the programme was taken from
Dickens' Christmas stories, where Old
Scrooge gets scared into becoming
kind and generous.
The entertainment was not only
• n ertaiiung, hut it nl.su taught mary
nseful lessons.
Postage on Daily Newspapers
Reduced — Pay Raised-
Winter's Grip—A Fatal Explosion—Mine Troubles.
Pour Hood, C. II., Fob, 8.—An
awful explosion took place In Port
Hood ooul mines yesterday morning.
The explosion wa* bolleved to be the
result of lire dump, but is now considered to be from   some  other cause.
Ottawa, Feb. 8.—The post ollice
department has announced that an
amendment convention has been
entered into between Canada and tbe
United States reducing tlie postage on
daily newspapers from (our cents to
one cent por pound; ratoB on weekly
and monthly papers remain unchanged.
Victokia, Feb. 8.—At each session
of the. Legislative Assembly there shall
be paid to each member attending
such session an allowance of twelve
hundred dollars and no more.
Ottawa, Feb. 7.—Tbe snowstorm of
last night was the most, serious of the
winter on its effect on railway tratlio
No trains sro in to-day from Montreal
or Toronto    All local traiascanoolled.
Niu.son, Fob, 7.—Robert 8. Day, of
Victoria has Liken possession of the
Hall Mining and Smelting Company's
plant, and the Silver King mine, on
behalf of the British bondholders.
Women Without Escorts Barred
New York F 0 7—That hotelmen
ol New York lire the right to refuse
food and entertainment ton woman
after 6 o'clock a night when unnc
compacted by 11 man, was the verdict
oi a jury today 111 a test case brought
by Mrs. Harriet Stanton Blatch, a
well known suffragette, against the
II IVniiii Hons" Corporation In the
liielfth District C.u-t.
Mis. Blatch announced tbat si e
ii'il  appeal  the oaso and try'o • h-
a decision in iav..r ol Iv r sex.
M s  match brought suit for $500
nst, the h, tel bee. use on  July   12
service was refnsi d io her because
0   hour  was   past 0 and she was un-
ncc tnpanieil by a man.
C. P. R. Will Have to Pay
Victokia, B C, Feb. 8.—For tbe
first time since tbe Canadian Pacific
undertook the Overseas mail service
between Liverpool and Hong Kong,
there seems to be a likelihood that the
road will lose money owing Io a dolay
in the arrival of tbe mails at the
China port. In fact unless the
Empress of China breaks all records
across the Pacific on her present, trip,
the mails will be late. This was
caused by the lateness of iheCorsican,
the Allan liner which was engaged by
the C P R. to take the place ol one of
the Empres.es, which is being repaired at Liverpool. The OorBican is
hardly as speedy as the Empresses.
Progress Barred.
GOLDEN, Feb. 7.—The workmen at
the upper end of lhe big tunnel have
encountered a ve y large stream ol
water, which has stopped operations
at that point. They are now working
at the lower end. The digging ia being
done at tbe rate of 40 feet a day aud
it is reported tbat the work will be
completed by next fall.
The Rhodes  Scholarships
Montbeal, Feb. 7.—In an interview
today, Dr. G R Parkin, one of the
Trustees of the Rhodes Scholarships,
said he was hopeful of persuading his
feWow-trustecB to grant another scholarship to Canada, so that Saskatchewan and Alberta can nave one each instead of one between  them.
Lord Ranfurly for Canada
Montreal, Feb. 7.—A special Lon-
11 I'nlili- nays Lord Itiuifui ly, the
malar ex Governor of New Zealand,
11 sail for Panada at the end of the
• el; nn a tour   understood IO be asso-
Iciated with  some   Mackenzie A Mann
Divorce Granted
London, Feb. 7—Sir Biuell Barnes
president of the divorce court, today
granted the Countess of Yarin uih,
who was Miss Alice Thaw, sister ol
Harry K. Thaw, a decree nullifying
her marriage to the Earl of Yarmouth.
MacLean Released
TaNcukk, Feb. 7.—Knid Sir Harry
MacLean, commander of the Sultan's
bodyguard and next to the Sultan the
most influential man in Morocco, has
arrived here under an escort from the
bandit Raisuli, who haa had him under bondage for the past seven months.
Ho was brought he>e in sccordance
with an agreement, *hieh the British
government finally succeeded in making with Raisuli for hia release,
Well Supplied
Is a wise practice in every
C^|^^ V'/'I^^^ well regulated household,
fiffr^SLp-^ .''■£•' (''■-,■ .'••.' y| and in nothing does this
witfir-"^' '^fiS^S  ru'e   aPP')'   more   than   in
G OCorieJ which are daily
needed in every home.
Think over what you want
in the way of Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Sugar, Flour, Jams,
Jellies, I'ruits, Nuts, Cheese, Butter, Spices, etc. We have
the finest qualities procurable.
Guaranteed Pure, in the following :      Strawberry,
Raspberry, Cherry, Peach, Crab Apple.
All   New Goods  just  arrived and   we  guarantee
Quality.    Try them.
Bourne   Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   1*0.00 per ton  is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start (Ire ns easily as dry wood and lust as long as hard coal.
Can he used in Furnaces, Oiok Stoves, Heaters,  Self Feeders and
open grates,
AVe have it huge stock on hand ready for immediate delivery  and
willjlll your order promptly.
Revelstoke • General Agencies, Limited
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
First St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Provisoes nf Manitoba. Alberta. Saskatchewan,
British Uilnmhia, Ontario, (Quebec.
Oapital Authorised - •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up - - -    »4,86o,oo«,oo
Reserve Fund - •4,86o,ooo-t>o
D. R. Wilkib, President; Hon. R. Jaffbat, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available iu all  parts of Canada, United States and
Em-ope.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C—H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Anglican Synod i
Nt:w Wkhtminstkr, Feb 7—-V ;
iargi- attendance ol delftfalM and
reports of progress in every part ot the
pioce e arc prr-viu^ the important
feature ol the Anglican Byood gati:-
1 ling in this city.
A number of interesting report-
snowing the progress that is being
made by tne church in all branches of
the work were submitted.
The synod decided (0 pn*3ced as
s-on as possible wi b the erection of
the propoeen theological college at
Bisln.p Dart in his address dealt
particularly with the Decea.eii Wife's
Sister Bill recently passed iu Great
Britain and denounced tbe measure
in Btrong terms. He held that ouce a
man was married, all his wife's relatives became related to him, and thai
it was jtist as wrong for a man to
marry his wife's sister as it would be
to marry his own sister.
Shingles Reduced in Price
Vancouver, B. O., February 7th.—
The  filial  session  of a series  of  con-
fe ■ i.ci-1-  in-lit,en   the  shingle   maiiu-
lacturers of the Coast will be held
I to nighl at which it is understood an
' a.ri-e:„.',n   will   be  reached   whereby
ilu-11.ills will announce a r.duction
1 of Iron) in to 25 cent* on their pro-
1 duct.
Tbe  session   ol   this   evening will
, bring to .. close a series ol conferences
whicb bus been in progress in tbe
' city for the last  two days.    At these
meetings the conditions of theshiugle
' market has been thoroughly discussed
j and tbe statements made have shown
j that some mills   are now ab olutely
tied up and  others in   danger ol a
similar condition.
Five O'clock is tbe nameol ths Ceylon Tea   tbat s second to none at th
price—50c.  per  lb. at  C. B. Hum*
smamstmmzMv snaam\
. *v- -Z :\i..*»*tt!»ffl*"'.t-«CTW-«*^
London,   England.
LARGEST   SALE   OP   HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND   COPPERS   IN   THE   WORLD.      ANNUAL   SALES   $14 000,000.00
nr -y."***^siKv*s*jw«r***r*»JT*^^
Che  ADalMberalb.
I'I lll.lriHr.il   U hUSKSIlAY  AMU SA'll'll
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Depattmental
and  Patent Ollice AgontS
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mi'iuuiv.
ll.UIOI.il   1'lKIIHt-
i ( I I.I.AN A Kl.l.lOTf.
nnti.i..i«.' Hoi. ion i.i.
::\\ i.i -rrOKB isn I ion I i.tKt. II. ('.
,■   |  mil as J   0. Kl.l.l'iir
UKriiKa:   Im kuhi.   Hank   IIi.oih,   IIkvki
'hiiikk, li. C
Mnni-j- in luan. ,      ,   ,, ,,
Ulll.-i-»; It.vi-l-lnki', B.0.1 I'l'iitiliriaik. II. I I,
ijro. S. Ml I'AHTKIt,
A.. M   I'iNKil.t.y. .1. A. Inn,".
Revelstoke, H. 0.       Oi inon ik, it. i.
J M.Scott l.L.I) VV, 1. Ilriuh-s.
lUmtlBTKIts, SnuCTTORS, Bto,
Mi IN 1CV    In   1.1 IAN
MU.KIT'nis rmt Mni.siiNH Hank
First HI reel. Kevelstoke, B.C.
AS,  A. M.l-WKI.ANT.
Assay ol all Ore.   Samples by rnsll or oxproBS
reeelvs piompt silontlon.
It-rrai Mi lirntu.
Ai-nRi:« -     •       B01493 Kaslu, 11. ('.
Provlni al  Laud Surveyor.
Mine Butveying
McKkn/.ik Avksvk.
Box ICO,  Ukvki.stukk.
HARMONY CiH'NiMtl'iii.M, KTi.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and university Examinations,
STTDIO   At   Mrs.   J.   I'.    IIjtcliisnu's   Con-
naiiK&t Atpuuo
Mining. Real Estate, Business) Financial and Share Brokers.
.Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident- Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Slock Insurance
Maps, Plan*., Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C.
Cbe (TDail*1beralb
Tl s-.- :- .., macb bdd in the be-i of OS,
And so much go,si io the w,r-t of as,
Taat it h.,r Ity bohooTM ai.y uf us,
To talk ab-.ut the re-t uf u-.
The c-juvention of the delegates from
all sections of the province to tlie general, at.J annual meetings of the Fruit
A Rr.sluce Exchange of British Columbia, held here on Wednesday, came
to an ei.d practically in the early
hours of Thursday, and resulted iu
the m-ist harmonious co-operaiion of
all representatives who attended with
the significati n ol returning highly
favorable   reports   to their respective
tedious on the advisal.-i ity of joining
the central exchange and working in
C'j-operati'in along the lines adopted
by the Exchange for the handling of
the Iruit crop of the province. Tin-
value ol a central exch mge made up
of sections snd districts embrsoiug the
whole province must be readily understock, since by such co-operation each
niemliej ol the united body is afforded
protection and their interests safeguarded. The Exchange for tbe past
six months line been practically in its
experimental »tage with only a portion
ol the province represented and
Btrange as it may seem, business was
errived at and conducted upon system. ti/.ed lines, and fruit and produce
were handled, orders received and
large coiiimiedions paid practically
without any capital to work with
The business transacted has been most
lati'factory to shippers as well as to
buyers when the fact, that orders
pould be obtained a lung way iu excess
of the Irnit   produced, Is remembered
there   can   he   no  ipu-sli. n ns In the
capabilities ol ihe Bxohango and the
possibilities of iis ultimate Buooes',
both in the furtherance ol the Iruit
growing industry of British Columbia.
and also for the mutual satisfaction of
the buyer and seller. The delegates
who Attended Wednesday's meet ing
(Minn up with the Intention of slltli k
the situation to the bottom iu mil
to   see    how   nnd    wlieie   they illicit
benefit their own seotluns and it pus
Bible tn nn ive nt some betlei' nnil inol'i-
satisfactory understanding as regards
ihu marketing ol their promioe. Mm v
were sceptical   of  the  heuellts to be
arertied hy joining lhe Exchange until after exhaustive Inqulrj, nnd prol ■
Ing thoroughly Into every detail, and
discussing the pro* snd oons ot eaoli
point and Item brought up for approval mul adoption, the convention foil
that the system to be adopted and the
method? upon which the fruit ol null
district would be handled ninl lhe
iiiiiterinl    leiielits   to Im lu-i-i'iuil from
im 'Operation, would well warrant tho'r
joining forces and working along the
same line towards the same end, with
ihe weight of numbers behind ihem
anil tlio c.n-opernlioii In snfi-gu .uliii-.-
tlieir interests a strung fi.ol.tr in tho'r
favor, the fruit growing industry of
the provinoe as a whole would sdvance
and develop. The hiiiniiiiii iih nature
of   the   proceedings   throughout    tin
convention show how tho wind is
blowing and II. ('. fruit will now be
pushed into every partwhere a market
cnii be obtained.
"Our inexhaustible forests" used to
he a favorite word to use in speaking
of Canada's forest wealth. But, as
time goes on, people are coining to see
that "inexhaustible" is a dangerous
word to use in this oonnrotlnn, Look,
for instance, at some of the barren
sand plains where once Michigan's
"inexhaustible" pine (uresis stood, but
even today the last of Michigan's pine
is being cnt, nnd her example should
be a warning to those In oharge ol
Canada's forests.
Not so long ago eight hundred millions of acres wits given us the area of
Canada's forests, nnd passed unchallenged; today n third, or even onc-hnh
is taken off that estimate.
Dr. B. E. Fernow, Dean ol the Fa-
cul.y o! Forestry in the University of
Toronto, and one of the best nnd most
widely known authorities in forests
subjects mi thiscoutinent, thinks run
ndn can count on but 30(1 million
acres of "commercially valuable tin.-
herland," from which can be got w « d
valuable  f-r  i mfactures  and      i
meree. This, Le remarks, "is not
much more than one-hull of the com
mercial forest area ol tbe United
R. II. Campbell, Superintendent ol
Forestry under the Dominion Government, estimates Canada's timherland
at about .r)35 million acres, distributed
IS folloWSt
British Columbia 1821
Man , Sask., Altn. and unorganized territories ISO
Ontario .40
Quebec 120
New Brunswick     "J
Nov a Scotia     5
Canadians are now awaking to the
necessity of perpetuating their timber
supply by protecting tbe timber they
have and attending to the reproduc
tion i f forests tbat have b en out over.
Only in this way can tbe forests be
made to yield the wealth they are capable of giving, and to these matters
Canadian governments either ha -
turned, or will soon have to turn.
their attention
lievel.loke, II. 0.
To whom ii may ooncorni—
Having been   luld up for some time,
all euros having (tilled.   I was Induced
to try Grey's Blood Mixture of herbs,
•uui can cheerfully   say   that, it is tin
best modiolus and cure   for  rlipunia
tlsin,   I have not n pain or tin ache
in me and loel  like n  new   man, although over 60 yen's ol nge.
.lllllN    11(11 It l(
.1, Hoiiik is handling Grey's Blood
Mixture In the city nt tho ollloo en
Front St., opposite Victoria Hoi I,
To the Revelstoke Public
Wo solirii your patrnnngo
l<>     i:,v, l.-iokn's    KIKST
win ri: I, a U N ii u v.
iioiiil work unci satisfaction guaranteed.
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
,1. o. HUTCHISON, Prop,
C. W. 0, W.
Mountain  Vlow Camp. No. 23'.).
Mul.   -, I   mul   I''..-ii Hi   Will in    In
iiui-li linn.II,. in   S, ll.iik   11.11.    Vi.ilill    \\'„ ,|
IIIOII iiiriliiilly iiiiili'il loiillinil,
W, u. AiiMs'i'itovti. Don. 'uui.
.1   Al. IN I'VHIC, i I'll..
IIICVKI.SI'UKK   A fill I l'i Nn.   m
F. O. E.
Tim rORIllllT llliii-liiik-- .on lu'lil in I lin Rnlklrli
Hull ni.n\ Tnii.l uj nvoillllfl nt SnoloOK. Vi-iio
im,- liriiilii-nii nn. onrtlinlh itiviniil.
j. i,i:-ii,iK. I'liiisiiiiAi
W. I-!. Mi-l.AI'l'll I.I N, Si-i in i uiv.
Kootsnav Lodaro No, IS A F, "t\ <i
.£.»     <e>*( Tho riiKidar  mnet-
"Vi*.—}<&"-   -v     ina-nn-In-lil in in-
.. ir? .,4r\\ *)    'I,-oiil,.       Temple,
' s\      >-,     »/    iilil I-Vllmvs II ,11, „,
'**P*      .   4-fL moll   in     .1    ■
■aim '" vwiiiu mil,
,'.Jil^*^3r»l^," '",,!' '"'
O^^*"     _-•  iniiii'
->r,ii**'     —
i'. a, i'itiiri'Nii:u, BrtoiiKTARV,
SELKIRK  LOC.'.E. NO   12,1.0.1    !•'.
Mi-fis ovoryTh inwli y
cm nitiK   in    Hulklrk
.Hull     nl.    8    uilisk
fVlaltlng brotliron a -
ilinlly   Invited  i - n'-
S(l MOW ,V JIM   S Wl, I'll IPS,
Open Day and
Sped il nl tontion   given   lo
Mippii  r ui ii s iV banquets
Menls, 2So. Maul Tickets, $6.60
uit'i' tub ii \hit
ol'I'iisnK   v.   M,   0,   A,
U. I.IIMUKI-:. N.i
.1. AtAIIIIK.  Si I-
CilU K.mto LOdgO, K. of   I*.,
No. 2S   li.'.'i-l..ii)'.iu, U.   C.
i", i|il Tl-tril W I'llin-ilm ul
cell i... mil in tlm Oddfellows'
Hull .'I u o'.n -li. \ l.ltliin
K i |lil< am .   rn. II)   iiiii.'.l.
.1. M vTilll'., r r.
o  II   HBOC i, K, ..r 1(. It B
II. A. BROWN   M. ..f V
Iti'stauiiiii' nod Furnished Rooms
Meals from 26c. Up.
Second Street, - East r.nil
NEW   I.MM.-11'.I.M-..NI
(Minis nt   nil   Holll'S
1-', very i hi nu' I'p I" D.itn
Stewart MoDonald, - Mar
Imperial   DrvelnpimMil     .SlotI nil
ll.ii.k nl   lliilisii ( olunihlil  IIII llll
Niiul.i Coal a.idCoke  1(1(1 (Kl
Ciiiuiiilii.'i l-'init nnd Land  UHl tin
Hewitt Mini's   ") (Id
Hmnl Collieries  'in
Charles  Dickens   Hi1..
(iiini Wesi l.oitn,
Above Buhject to conlli'itiiition,
Prospectuses and particulars concerning any of these Companies on
applicai ion.
Hanufaotnred fur all eloasos <>f buudingfl
CEMENT AND LIME FOR SALE1 ■  MlK"'z'"u li-u,k"-._
for nal« iu tnrire or tlai
■ I," 'owaal pr con r.>r • n-ii
All Icloda of biild    - in I   ■ i ■ '" ' :
Storaf e
TO Trappers      All Kinds of Light  and   H tavy
Raw Furs Bought. Hauli,19 Undertaken
Uash Prices Paic
F.   B.    WELLS,
Export-"' cS Purs
t> '\    d   c tl n d Feed.
; i  use riiiine 7
Price ol Newspapers.
i in,- Iy one tbe newspspers are b sr-
ing to the Inevitable and hoisting the
price of their publications. Weary of
selling the big   papers at » price below
the cost of the bliuik paper itself, they
are curtailing tbe pages and  raising
the  price  to  a  point which insures a
decent return on their investment.
They are not 10 Im lilniruil Not
only ha« the price of print, paper risen
enormously—over Km per cent—but
it siims almost certain that it will
rim' "till further ilnriiiK the present
yr-nr. Not a single mill operated by
the print combine will quote prici
'fo nil request*, i n contracts for tl o
coming year lhe polite reply is, re
turned that owing tol he u nettli tl c
ilitiini", no contracts are being made
Tin unsetili 'I condiiions referred tn
ui' probably tbe iincertsint of the
trust about the sue of she new ramu.
Firs:-'   • I  Tim-
< .hy   11 e.     Also   a
kinds of Garden i'mJuce.
telephone 2!)
Front Street,
le in        icouver-
peg.     If- '
And tlio   n
Premium System
Booklet U lis '' ■' .v
l.'i.vn! i      ■ -. v*
for   It— Free-   Usi
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. 8. C
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic 5r.eanisi.ip
From     UljIMr.C        From
Sf.John  OMlLinVjJ   Liverpool
Ki i.   "    7, I I in. l\
■              21,            Iii ".un Feb.   7
Iffl,    i.k. M "    12
I'm Mi b. 8,    Kmp Ireland "   21
!   .
Tn  I.it UO
ll | |
' i  !
P ... ,, v
i! ■        ■.-   and
i pplv to
T. W. BrarMaw,     E. J. Ceyle,
Vanci  iver,
/..■    M '.;;.^r
' ^ 'V.s, \ l Y-~ *^n
:. ,1-io^nv
Our  j.'weliy I'opi'i'flonts the   most
M'lUtlu expression of the Holdsinlth's
eiiil'l, eiii'li ml iele nu entii'i'lv new
ci'i'.'illoli,    liisliloiiiilile  lo   lhe  lilirlii'Hl
ib-giec,   ilinl   will appeal   to    your
llili'trst tlm inonietil you view ll. Dili
iIIiiiiiiiiiiIn i-iiiiin iliivrl front Ihu outlet's nnd live Mild to vnu nt pleiisliiB
iirlcos lot' geiini of such quality mul
homily, Pleased to have you see them
a! any t iiti.-.
Hastings, Doyle & Alluin
Art and Seauty
ill unbilled   ill  mil' new   ile-
Higlls ill r.l I pi'l.s, t llll' stuck is
I'lll t'l'l '■ .Old Ilu- nil..Is I'joll
ilinl I'll'ii'l il e, Ihu designs ,'ll'liH-
ih', nnd ilu- -• lout ensemble "
is si I'lklng .ind hr.nil ilnl. \\',.
Ii.it t- iiei i'i shoivn Niirli n w uli-
Vlll'luty   uf   p.illi'l'lis,   nnd   we
hnvu novel' plncud Bitch low
prices upon so muuh high
quality huforo,
llnvi-lslnln- I.ninl I'l-irli'l.
Ulslrti'l n! WiM li -liny.
'I'uki'iiullri-Unit I, K..I I'ttilts, nl . riiiwlu'iiil,
II.I' . Illllllll'l'lllilli, llilrnil III 111 plj' l"i ll ' I liil
itinlii'i'   llt't'int. ovtT  iliii Inlloulnu il..hi-rltu>i!
t'iilllliii-ni-liil'ul ii |ins| |iliinli'il nl   llin ROUth*
ll'l'sl I'll. HIT   Hi     I'lllllil'l'      llllll    Nis.   Iini.nnil
iiiiiihi'iI "Ii. .1. I'm li-'inirlli-i inn i nriii'r pnsl "
i iii'in !• sunn, um i-linlua, ilnineo m-st In iluiins,
IllllllHIIllnrlIt t'llli- nun. Illiiliiiii'llsl III 1-liilllia
ti) polnl nt I'limini'tiiTiiit'iu.
Datod Iiei'. litli, 1907,
wi-d Jim IN p, lii'itiir, Austin.
,■*>; ' ?>     -.■"■'-    *Twv    ,';„-,,,, „ft,**«r
Import direct from Country ol origin.
t . a————ss——si s—wwsi
^*»'%'. 4i%***l*»»%t^'»**ti%**V*%*.**V*%**k' 1
For Airri.iiiliiirnl tmplornouti, Carrlsgos, Wagoni Kto., John
Diit-rn Ploogha, Mnliiin Wagons, I'nnailii Carrlago t'niniiiiiiy's
Bllgglon, IM.'imt jr. (liirilnii Snndnrs ilinl fullivnlurs, Wlmol-
wrighi and  Hlni-ksinlili Work itlsudod  t".   Boras Blioelng a
s* BpsotaltyS
«V% %-*y*»y*V*J,*»> *J^»4v*»kV*»**. %*V«V«V%*» **V *Sy*»V%*V%% *4-'»V»V-»r-V*»> 1
S.-* •*%**«*>*. *> *»■%****** *%.'*v%*i^<**«s'%**^%**k*»*a *»**»■%%**% Vt
a   P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. *
IIKAI1 OFNORI    I'Al.ll.tltV.     Al.llKll'I'A.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'm I; Packers nnd Dealers lu Live Stock,    Markela In all Ihe prlnel
pnl (jitlesand Towns of Alhi-itn. Briiltdi Oolunihla nnd lhe Yukon.
I'.nki-is  if  ihr  Ci'h'lii -iii d   I tin ml   " linpii.it, i" Minns nnd Mm mi,
,     .in.I  "fShniUIOI U" Hi.mil  I. .if Lalil. A
Central Hotel
Vivo-  Imii.     FirBt-class in every respect.    All modern con veniencei
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales. $1.50 per Day, Sped  I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratss$iaday.    Monthly rate.
JT.    ALEEKT      ST03ST3I]     PROP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish. Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
/sSr^' ~v$'*^>~J~ w''" ' ''   ^''M' ' '  candie
|-<V /TO    z£±~..i/lwa \ ...    i .   .1..  .i
■   ... !
If con   " v u'vo got '   fight your
n'.n I.k Iniiles, yon ■■;. man, bul
■  . ■..' il   " ions   y  oil   find Iii Iii
i i   .  i||y |n   . nut    ....   in,-
'i (iiiiilj Mm
I have choice
upland prairie hay
,nnl Timothy, n'so
n, t,. wheal .md
feed !'■ offer in c-ir
load lots,
I )i|im nil prices
given  mi   request
maiihv,   doctor   or
" Don't   rlo   n
B " nn vin una fir.ni\
"hi'st b) aid nf
"Flashlights on llinii..ii Nn ,ire"
nnhi oil...!! "I-.i, in"'.in '     ' ' anil P   i-nlagn
roll* wh -: ii'ii'i  i '1  " it 'lMl'   lik'i in
'.'|H|i:iKi's. il'lnsli'.li-l   iiii: .in bill lii'.i.riHlui'i'
ii. ii.-si,ini mil. i.in. rn mo ad alt for pottage
in , eittai
M   III.       PUB. OO.
129 luitt J8th Stract, NEW YORK.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the   Farm,  Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
< Rollahle Varieties nt reasonable prices
No Borers. NoScale, No fumigation
to damiigi. stock, Nuw idy agents to
annoy you, Buy direct and get trees
mul seeds I lint grow.
Pertlllzers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Out l-mwers, etc.
(ililisl    sslnlili-heil    noi.'■>'   on   the
: mainland of B. 0.   Catalogue free,
Greenhouses und Seed IIouhcb
VANOOUVER,      .--     it  0
lli-i-r lli.'1'ls, Alilni'ils. ilinls, Fiah, IKtc,
Atiimii! Bu** Uotrtttsd.
V ii I'.'ixat. ._*,
Htiiillii:   l.'orniir ul First St. anil Boyle Ave.
Ktivulntuki, li, f)l
IlllVllst.llll. I.miil lilst.i'li-l,
lilslml nt Uusi KoiiUiliay,
Tako iinili'ii Him l, ii, K. Ili'iini)' nf I'liplnr,
ll.o , hii niiiiiinii I'l'ii-iniiiiii-, Inland in niiply for
n s|n ninl lit-uiu a in ihi mul i-ni'iy away tiinbur
11 inn ilu' 11 ilii ni inn ili'si'iiiii'il limits;
I. I'lilllllll'lli'lllg III, It |llisl lllilllliil I,,, Un,
nisi liiinli nr llnsly In i'i., iiiiirkiiil "|| |.\
Ili'lllny's silir Il-riii.!   UOI'llUr pnsl," lllllllll. 11 Iiiiii ..
siiiilliiily frum llu< liiiiilii river, lim tviuni lluiild
t'rtiUK ninl Trtnli i-lnut Uruuk, iiii iiniiiiiii Tiiiitu'r
l.llllll    ll'.'i'i'.l   iiniiiiiii:   wi'sl,   Iinili'ii    nvsl,   lllll
rlliillls, llu'l   .lilt 111   III i'Indus, IIiiiiiii . usi. lllll
rlllllll , IllUllUO SUlltll In i'IiiiIiis In liilllil.nl nun.
lllt-nt'i ini'lil-. i-iuil ilmiiu llluini'iis mora nr less,
'j.  i 'iiinnii iiriiia nt ii i .11 i |iiu iii ni tin ilu- ii t.st,
li..Iiii nl llnsiy I in U,  iiniiiiiii   "II. H'i Kninii)'s
lllll I ll Kltsl   1,1-1- llnisl ," lllllllll. 'I llllll-S Slllll |||.I iv
Hi.Ill Ilii' I.Hilii I'll iT llUlWOUll lllllllll I'I I, iiiiiI
Te iiili i Iiini   lin I,,  iliiinu    ivi'si    IHU i Imiii ,
I linn n sum li III iluiins, IIiiiu'i. OlMl  lllll i-llillim,
ilii'iui. inuiii In iluiins in inuiii nl' oollililolluo*
llli'lll, riilllnlliiliit llllliii'l'i's lnnil- ill- li'SH.
.1.    Ciililllirlirllii.   ill   ll    pn-l    |ilin.Oil un   III,,
wesi  hank of  Rmty Crook irked "ll I1'.
lit ll III)  s lllll III Hi sl  i iil'lirl' lini.1," illii, 111. II |||i|i>ri
Buiithurlj iiniiiiiii. l.niiin in. i, hi'iui-i-ii liiiiilii
Cl-i'i'li  ninl   'liiliiliiliiiil,  t'l'i'ili,   ll„.|ni' 1-in.i Sil
iiliiilns, Ilii'iui.   ...ii,Hi  80 i'IiiiIiis, l.ln-iii.ii wrslMI
imiii-, ihonoti in.iih mii'Iiiiiiis in polnl uf t-iiiii-
llll'lHI'llli'll!,   i'iii,li.lliin,;   lllll ilt'l'i.N niiil-u ur li  ■..
I .ilu l < ,1   ..Hi lli.ii.|iilu.|., I Ih 17.
iii'ii.imi I.'. li, I-', ItIC \AIY, bouator,
Hovclatoku I-ninl IHr.ii'ii'i.
Oihlnt'i. ul \\ ohI Kimii'ii.iy.
'lakr iiutlri' Ilm!  wi', CO. \Vniiil\Miril nnd It,
l\ lii'iiuiy, nl   I'npliu   Orook, U, Oi,  (htmpal ion
ProitpaciorH, Intuiid t-o npply for n biiuuiaI li-
t'tllri'Id iill.  ilinl   fUrry   nwn^   In i  Ir.iiii  Lllll
luii'iw mi: doBct'tbod iandvi
i.  Ooiuinotiutngatapoii planitd on tho wumI
i nt nk ni' I'liiutit n iuk, niiiiiii .'i in i iv * up. timi'lc-
od ''0, 0, woodrow and H. V, ltuntpyHnouth>
i'uhi oornor puBt(" i-unnlim hImmk ,; ■'. Rovoll'ti
iMiiih  li miliary   uf   No.  2Tlmoor Limit, 18189,
Ih o   WOHl   Mirluuiis. LhonoO nurlliWI clmllH,
i ItUDOO OIWl HII i'IiiiIiis, I llullOO HUlllli Mil i-luilh*. to
polllt "»' '■oiiillH'luuilli'til, riiiiliiiinui; liln in ti'r.
Or It's--.
2. Uomnionotitu ni n post plantod on (ho
wont bank of Poplar Crook, about 6M n\\\e« up,
markod "('. a. Woodrow uniUJ, Jf, Ronuty'i
noriti nisi oornor post, tliotiao Wost 8Uctmfns
aiuitK U, K. Uovolrs No, 8Tlmbor Limit 111180
-mil11 boundary, thonoosoutb -n oliains. thonoo
tmi-i suobotiis, thonoo north 80 tuiains to point
oi liomimmuoiiiuiit, cunUilniiiK ItlO aOfOS moiuor
Looatod lHth December, lD07t
wodjanlfl       v. 0. WOODROW.
B, Y. KKAMY, Looiitors.
HovoiHtottu i.iiini District,
Insiiii'l ui WukI KooteUAV.
Tako nottoo tliat t'-tttlnyn after duto 1 Intend
to apply to iho (JuiGt Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to pureliiiMi tlio foi*
lowiiiK doscriliod lands:
(!oiniiioticiuK nt a post plantod al tho north*
oasi corner of Lot 7806 tr, l.on Pish River,
thenoe east 8 ohnlos moro or lo.ss to west, liuo
of A A. Ma Klimon's |iro*oiupiiou, tlinnco
south 00 rliiiin*-, tbenco west 8 ohalns tnoroot
loss iu east lorn ol Loi 780ft, U. 1, tliouco north
lUI Oliulus lo point of coimnoiii'uilioilt.
Lo -mod this tird day oi Fob. iihiH.
sutfobS THOS  W   WILLIAMS, Locator.
Certificate  of Improvements
Hia tfc-po ETrootlon Mineral Olutm. sttunto In
tho Troui Lake Mlnlnu Division of Roobuufty
District.   Whore luoaludi   Poplar Orook,
Take natJoe that [.liiarloi-John Allan Newton Padloy, of Nelson, B.C. Kitu Minor's t'ertl-
ll uti! No. MI90Q B, intend, sixty day« from date
hereof,to npply to theMlnlnaRooorder for*
Certifloate oi Improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining a < .own Qratlt of  tin; aho\o rlidm.
And lurtii i tako nottoo that action, utulor
Soctlod ti* roust !»• commoiiQod heforo the
hpiuanro of suon Cortifloato of ImprovomcntH.
Dated thlsObh day of January, a.It., mis,
wed Jan 16" c. J, a. N. PADLKY.
Kevelstoke Land District,
District of Weet Kootenay,
Take notloe that I, Donald Dowarof irrowhead,
occupation Criili-er, Intend to apply tor permission
to purchase the following described land*
Commencing ai the Bouth-west corner of Lot
f)4il, (iruiip i, in naid tllstrtot, thenoe «"-i ::o
chiiinn, thence north HO ohalus, thenco west 20
chains, tlience   SOUtll   ■!'■   Chains,   Micnee   easl 40
chains, thenoe north 20 chains to point of 00m*
Dated Jan. 15th, ii»l8.
wed Jan HO
Kevelstoke 1 'ind DlBtrlot,
District of West Kootenny.
Take notice that I, ('. 0. Woodrow of I'oplar
B, C-, occupation Prospector, intend to apply
for a special licence to cut and carry away timber from the following described land*.:
Commencing ma post planted about, 3 of a
mile southerly from Hie 27 mile board on tlio
('P.R. railroad tuijoiniiiK Timber Limit 11200
on west boundary, and the south boundary of
Timber Limit s:(8, marked "O. t). Wood row's
north easl, corner post," thence west SO chains,
thenoe south ho onatns, thence oiiHtsu chains,
tlience norih Ho chains to point of commence-
ment, conUiiidnK Old acres more or Irs.--,
Limited 15th Dec. I'.lnT.
weil jan 15 C. 0. WOODKOW, Locator.
Revel-itoke I And Dlstliot,
District of Went Kooienay.
Take notice that w , tho Lamb-Watson Lumber Company Limited, of Arrownoad, B. ().,
occupation Lumbonnou. intend to apply for
permission to loaso tho foilowiuK dest'ribed
lore -hull', being part of 1 tin foroshoreof Galena
Bay, for logging purposes I
( ommenolng at a posiscribml "Lamb-Watson
Lumbar Co." planted nt tiie S.W. corner of
Loi 8407, thenco southwesterly following high-
waior mark, a distance nf Ilu ehains.
Dated tblfl 3t)Lh day of October, 11*07.
Lahii-Wathon Li:mhkit Co, Ltd.,
Jau 1)108 By O. B. N. Wilklo, Af-ent.
llevelstoke Land District.
District nf \\ est Kniitt'iniv.
Take notice lhat I, j Dougal of NnkuKp
Captain, intend to apply for poruiissiou to pur*
chase tin) billowing described lands:
Commencing at a post plantod at the N. W.
corner of Lot No. 5114, runningSOUth -0 chain-i,
thence west  20 chain*), thenco   north 20 chains,
ihence east 20chains to poiut of oommoncemeoti
Dated Dee. lmb, 1007.
jau 4 sat 1). Dewar, Agout.
Kevelstoke lAnd District.
District of W o»t Kootenay.
Toko noti'0 that A (I. Johnston of Poplar
Creek, occupation Merchant, intends to apply
for a sp cial lloenoe 10 out and carry away timber from tlio followingdencrlLed land-:
Comtni'ii'ing at a post planted ubout o|
miles up Poplar Creek fiom Poplar townslto,
ooliiog for tlie south-eaat corner of Timber
Limit I-'IMI. in.irked 'A- O. John Ion's south*
wen corner post," thence east 80 chains, thenco
north 80 oholi s, thence west 80 obalne, thenoe
south Ni chains to point Of eomnioucement,
containing 041. acres more or less.
Located lath Dec, 1907.
wed jau 15
| The Palace  Restaurant
$5.00     Board By Week
ackenzie Avenue.
run    Ilinl
|lt'l' (.'('III.
pm- i-i-i11.
If yon hnvr $& nr QS,000 In
ii|'|nii tnnii ins whli'li will tiring tun l'i mn 11 v
pm- annum on your money,
city Lots, llniiNi'N, Business Blooks', l-'init [farms, Bum I Lauds,
Hotels, Stores, Uuslness Opportunities, Tlmbor, Mines, Oity nnd
Corporation iimni. for Bale,
Money in loan mi approved sooni'ltles.
Ai'i-oiiiiis rnili-i-iiil mul adjusted,
If vnu mi- Interested send for our olroular,
Incorporated by Aot cf Parliament) 1855.
Wm. Moi-kiin Macpubbbon, Pros, s. II. EwiNOj.Vlco-Pres,
Jambs Elliot, Qem-ral Maniiger,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
brandies in  Oanada and  Agenotes in nil  piti'tH nf tlm
nt, rates on Savings
Interest credited four times h year at run
Bank ili-p.isiis, until further notice.	
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
Rrvemtoke, II. C,
Traffic   Bridge
Tin- rogulitr in. ntbly meeting ol tin
Ilu.nl nl 11 ,iii.- un- in id nn Thursday,
V, II, Lewis, president; In tlm rlmi'.
MlnutSI nf the lust meeting woio
llihiplnil IIH   I'l'inl.       I,   M, lli'itiir, W. I.
Briggs aud W, H. Robertson wore prn
posed and duly elected members ol tin
A iiiiiiiinnniciitinn (mm tin) Canadi-
Minlng Institute was rend, offering to
Niipply tho eily with n not of   bonks (in
mining lor referenoe uie »f engineers,
miners, pmspet'iurs nnd others Interested, The Institute urn installing
these libraries in nil tlie ohlel mining
oentresol tbe provinoe, with n proviso
thnt Ilm oily will aOOOpt Iboouronl
tiii'Hii 1 1(1,      Tho Iinili'ii  fell tbat tliti
offer  wm  n guild une nnd nine.) these
bunks; would benefit n largo section uf
pouplo iu thin district, u resolution
Wai |iii"s<'d nece|iting tbo nlVor,
A letter Irom Premier MoBrlds was
road, acknowledging the reoelpt ol the
tin ill's I'l.iiiin nn unit inn regarding tlm
truffle bridge aoross the Oolumbla and
prom 1.1 tig to givo tlm mutter fullent
oomideratlon. Tho bridge question
wiih thou fully diin'iixHod, C. l'\ Liuil-
iinirk saying that it wan now too late
tu oompiete tlio work thin seasun, and
suggested the installation of a tem-
pnrnry firry until such time ss tlm
bridge wits put in. Ho felt mire thnt
tlio gnvoinmeiit would n akeim appropriation fur this us well ns for the
ciiinnieiiconicnl ol tbe liriiluo and
Cuiiiiuiinic ition could be UHtabliBUi-il
during the aliiiiiiiur, and tho preliminary work fur the l.ridxe coninmi.ccd.
P, Fraser thought that now the
bridge question was before tbe novo™-
ment the appropriation fur tbo whole
mirk r. In,ti Ut be nuked for.
After further disoussion a resolution wsb passed that the hoard oiim
iiinnicate with tbe government re
queatiug that an appropriation of
$25,000 be niiule fur the iritllic brldgi
and i' eluded in ihe estimates for tins
year, and nleo a iiirilicr sum for the
■iiMi.iiiu.iii.il of a temporary ferry, A
oopy of the resolution was sent to T.
Taylor, M.P.P.
The meeting then adjourned.
Bfil-talii Wood, Pulp nnd tor (o.
l i;m;i ted.
313 cordova street, vancouver, b. c.
Owners of Townsite of Port Mellon, Howe Sound, 25 Miles from Vancouver
Within one year the Stock of ibin Corporation will be selling at a handsome premium, Then
It will be ton lnte to buy, The experience of every Industry has been tbat tbe time to buy itt.
stock is in the eii.iii-yo stftgo before a wheel bos been turned,    VVe have been granted waterrlghts
nf Rainey River, and hope tu hnve the first unit of .nil- plant in operation   for  the   iiiniitifaetiire uf
paper within four months.   When oompiete this modern mill will have a weekly capacity of 180
tuns of newspaper and 270 tuns of ivi-npping. m
We nuw offer the balance of our Hist allotment of Preferred Stock In blocks of 100 shares at
$1.(10 pee shine. This sioek is entitled tn nn annual dividend of 7 per cent., ciimiimneinti November
1st, 11108. Tlie 7 per cent, is due ami payable before any dividend is paid upon the Ooinmnn Stock.
After 7 per cent, has been paid upon the Preferred and Oommon, thereafter both storks participate equally. There is no good reason why the Preferred Stock Bhould not pay from 30 to 50 per
cent, dividends.
Hereafter all subscriptions for first allotment shares will be accepted only upon a pro rata distribution basis. Notloo will be given in the immediate future of the exact date of the closing of subscriptions for the first allotment of Preferred Stock.
One of the most necessary Industries nf Western Canada is thnt nf the manufacture of wood,
Pulp and Paper,—every year hundreds of oarloads of paper are annually Beoured from tlm En-stern
provinces at from 910 to $18 freight rate por ton. Why should we not manufacture ibis great
amount of goods at home instead of Importing it, thus giving wmk to our own people ami building
np our own Province? The Iniiii f Western Oanada depends upon tbe development of its manufacturing Industries. The dlreotors who are bending their energies in the establishment of this
greal and useful Industry are well known imsiness men of Vancouver who have subscribed liberally to tlie stuck In unlet- to make this a distinctly British Columbia enterprise.
REMEMBER-There is no watered stock, no inflated values or huge promoters' profits in the
enterprise. Unlike most corporations, Instead of allowing from 16 to 23 per cent, for advertising
and sale of stock, the entire commission, brokerage and office expenses and sale of stock is limited
to 10 per cent
The puhlic are cordially invited to visit our demonstrating plant, 313 Oordova Street, and
wltnesslthe manufacture of pulp and paper from refuse material, such as slabs, discarded shingle
holts, etc., that is now being burnt at the local inills.
CAPTAIN H. A. MELLON, J. P., American Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. H. R.COLLISTEB, Manager Albion Iron
Works, Vancouver.
FRANCIS J. P. GIBSON, British Columbia
Trust Corporation.
J. 0. W. STANLEY, formerly Gen. Manager
West London Paper Mills, London, Eng.
COL. T. H. TRACY, M. C, Boo., C. E., P.L.S.,
D.L.S., Con., Eng., former City Engineer
of Vancouver.
FltED. SMITH, member Smith, Wright A
Davidson, Wholesale Paper Co., Vancouver, B. 0.
H. M. BURRITT, Western Manager Corticelli
Silk Co., Vancouver, B.C.
EUSTACE II. JENNS, Barristers, etc,,   Van-
,   couver, B. C.
GEO. E. CATES, Cates Shipbuilding Co.,
Vancouver, B. C.
GREELY KOLTS, formerly General Manager
Pacific Coast Soda Co.
Ail Subscriptions for Stock Must be Made to
itia Ag<
umoia Agencies
, Ltel
Corporation of the City oi
Financial Statement for the Year 1907.
Liquor Linonmw  $ 1.IKKI (HI
Weighing Kims  nr, in
Inlnnihl on Hliiklim I'iiiiiIh 105 211
Lean  on  current    ynnr'a
limns  0,00(1 (Kl
DoiTsi ..'.  WO (Kl
rlnliiml Grant  S.riSH ID
Trillin LionncBs  7Hr> (1(1
Intornst niiTuxns   2111  81
I'nlliia Ciiurt FIliM  I,rill2 SI
llofnnils  Sil Ml
Pound Food  im 2J
limn! Tin   1,280 on
Ilmil Prop. Tains IMMIKII
"       " "       1110,1	
"       " "       11)0(1	
"       IIHII	
2n:i BO
211 IX!
II 42
2S.2 71
811 24
HKl 311
1,101 .14
11,7117 27
 eR8.au oo
Wnlnr anil I.inl.! [lutes, ;Iiist.nlli|.
linns, M iiul Hunts, mul Tn|i|iitnr
Mains      10,200 80
< iiiiii.linn (Inn   Kino. Cil..   2.0HH IXI
O. W. Abrulianinuii       .llll 111
f72.2-,2 62
86.089 42
$07,81,1 04
Public Sodool.
Tonoliors         $1,0+8 IX)
Janitor  ... Ml .10
Sui-rein ry     0(1 Oil
Incidental  15.1 08
Repairs  lis 10
Knol  1,010 7SI
Htuti iry andSuppllSB 7.'!l .17
Furniture  2is 36
Grounds  124 43
CliwinK Nuw Block ... 128 00
Library  23 10
New Work nn Attic  1.040 72
$1.1 100 39
Hum Sin.»«ii..
Teachers  2,821 Oil
Janitor  OO oo
Furniture  33 2.1
Library  7000
Incidental  12 74
Repiiirs  22 4.1
Su|i|ilios  7  10
A. MiRae,
 3,(130 .14
$10,430 03
II. Floyd,
Illlllliinn, .Iniiiiiiiy Inl, 1IIH7 .
1    100 00
102 31
82 10
85 IX)
80 no
5 50
2 35
Commission, i-ol IhhIuik
110 40
Premium, Ulorki' Bonds.,
Itiilniyiueiit nu Tux Lnilli-.
25 00
5,742 61
84 IX)
1,17  50
.145 IX)
Hewers, preliminary lip,,
140 55
23 00
Printing mul Stationery..
I'm.!nun mul TiilnKTiu.is.. i.
474 50
72    00
2.11  45
202 63
SI l'i nils mill Slilnwnlli'. now
8t reels A siitowulk ro|inirn
10,482 8,1
714 20
3,580 30
122 75
820 (XI
Sick mul Destitute	
Iiiterost un Tux l.iuins, —
t'nlii'ii, Konurnl ii.iiiiiii.os
332 U5
1,023 15
1,555   15
10,4,10 03
1X1.1 lit)
440 05
1,011  00
l-'irn Hriitnitn tSqulpment..
ltiilutiis ti. Tunis, nn-	
ltohuuls. Itmiil Tin 	
3io ai
553 15
082 (13
2,1 25
114 00
1,1111  13
Nuw Jail (traotng plans) .
Intert.lt, Duhentures, "A"
"                  "           "C"
750 00
100 (XI
112 50
150 00
.1,10 lX>
4ifl 00
3.137 50
l.iioii no
S nkiiiB Fiiiul, Dotion. "A"
 '     "F"
' 11"
 '      "1"
510 17
08 32
110 10
103 31
223  43
201  30
U,il2l  118
570 71
113,020 18
53,700 3.7
$01,410 53
ToTslsphons ita.it.il	
and L
in.' n
III.   V.
M in
".i   ..
css Account.
'    Kllol    . .
"   ISloctrlo Repair and Uslu.(Cliy)
"   Wnler Iteiiiiirii mut Mallitnuiiu ',
"   Salaries	
.'    ■     .
.1   H
It]   ill
15,111   13
18,11411  .11
$33, 111! .14
l'r.itll applied SjfolloWII--
Lnrlii Plant, tlnoludlng Meter, and
UuloViilve         4.0S7 23
W.uer PI ml. Including Now Tank ..       2,1110 HI
1,0411 84
'Win Fund
um a
.111 Xi
in,i*g 50
21.1*3 04
1,0," i<l
51 00
133,701  34
118 040 81
Debenture "J " Account—Power and Auxiliary Plant
To Proceed. Of SSls Ol 1! Delienlnraa      Ill, 50 00
ily Advertising        12s 04
•'  Bngtnssrlng       7*1 00
"   Pule Lino         870 07
"   Spur        S21 01
 —       1.50S IS
Hiilntioo     112,118.1 62
Certified Correct—11. A. LAWSON, City Auditor.
January 88rd, 1908.
City Treasurer.
3,983 41
$77,303 01
31 00
102 31
635 5.7
84 00
214 55
Light Plant	
2,509  10
410 82
Installation inn to r i 111 h,
lumps, etc	
1,524 20
Electric Repairs nnd Mitin-
toiiitlice (City)	
601  15
Electric Repairs .1  M.iiu-
teiiauce (Power House).
049 41
Sal tries	
6,212 84
General Expenses	
201 50
Printing and S.ntiunory..
181   50
2,433 711
48-lucli Unto Valve	
1,800; 00
$97,881 01
BALANCE—Current Revenue and Expenditure Account
To Mnlsons Bank for—
Loan   on Tax   Arrears,
1899.1908  $8,202 90
Lnnn on 19117 Taxes      0,000 00
Exp'diture over receipts   25,629 42
 39,332 32
To Deposit Account (contracts)       2,340 10
" One unpaid Debentur*. Coupon...        112 50
$42,284 92
ByTax Arreurs, 1899*1901   •    3*2 78
»         »•         1902  81MJ 74
••         -■         1908  714 86
1904  1.482 ll)
h          *•          19(6  2.061 fi7
'•          »          1.106.  2,978 DO
1907  6.94.1 21
By Acorned Interest on Taxes  1*887 7."i
"   Water and  Lli*)it accounts duo
to Oity  8.648 53
24.07.-) 44
Deficit for the year  17,609 48
$42,284 92
Cariboo Land DNtriet.
i ii .ti i.ii ni Cariboo
Take nottoo that I. Noil WoKnobernof Rev-
olstuke, occupation 'limber Cruiser, intend to
apply cor ipqotal timber lloenoea over the foi
lowlnu do-erlbod lands:
i. Oommonolng at, a poet planted about8
mile, uaat ul   Dore  Crook   -md   aboul I - mil. -
south nf FraaorBlvor and marked *Noll Ma
Y. ichi'rn'H nouth-caet oornor, tbenoe we«t80
iliiiiiii,ihenou north wi obalni*thonoo Mat8u
ci. line, iliunc' *timill mi ohalnn to polo of oom*
monoeniQUti cuiitaiultiK l|1" aoroe uioru ur lu***..
2 ('(iinincii'iiiK i-L " i'"-i plantedibooi •<
tuiii'-s iM-i ni' Dure Crook and ah u( (Wniilei
HOUth Of KniMM' river and mark.d Null Mo
Ka' hum's nouth wi>-.| c.irncr." tlieilOO oa*l B0
chamw, thonoo norih 8o ohai k, thoooe weet8u
ohatitB, thonoo eoutii 80 chaini to point or com
I monoomonC, coiiiaiiiiiiK 6ic aorei moro or Ic*h.
:i. Oommonolns at a poet planted nbout i
milee east of Dora Croek and aiiom i\ miUh
south of ITraeor rlvorand marked "Noil Me<
Uaehorne louih-woat cornor. thonoo »oa>t 8"
ohalns, thonoo no<*th w obaliu, thonoo wcblni
cliahlh, thOUOe M)Ulh Wl chains lo point, uf cin-
monoonionti coiilujiiuik <>4" acrw moro or Iom.
4 Commencing m a poet plantod ab 'Ui i
milOR eaet of Dore Cri-ek and aboul *1 milei
Miuiti) nf Praier river and mnrkco " v<* i M •
Kaiiu'riin noith'WuMt comer" thonoo io ith 4
ohalne, thenue uael 160 ohalne, thun-w north hi
cliiiih , thenOO wist 10-1 oh nun in p -I i' of out
nieneeineni, containing Olo nore  more ur i< *••
fl. Uomioonolng ai a poet planted aboul a
milos ca-t of Dure Crook anda>H»m I mil n
Houiii uf Praiurrtvor and markid 'VtilAl-
rCaehorn'a nor h wf#\ crner" thauou nouil *o
ohalne, thenoe sail Ifiu chalne. thui on noftli in
ohaiua, thonoo wcml Hii ohain i tn .mi ii of um
inenciment. oontalmng 040 a. n- inon or Im*.
o   Commonning at a  post plumed ahou A
mllenoa»t uf  I'oro Croek nod uoju' 4
south   of   I- i-a-er  river ami   n
KinlieriiV  SOUtll*WO>tt "oilier,
ehuitiK. thcnci'ca-l   Iftl ■ h.i n»
chains, ihoitoe woet I6>'<hain* .u point oi o>*m
tin ti.'i'iiieiil, coiilaiiitm "l'i a.Ten muiv < r le-i*
Looated Duo, lath, iu>'7
7. Oommonolng at a poet plantod about 2
miles west of ituru Creek and about<tnille*i
south of fraeer river ami marnvd **NeII Mo*
Kachnrn'w xouth-wusi corner, thunoe northisi
chains, thenue east t*i eh'in-, thi-nro -4i-idi*u
chains, thunoe wesi 8» rli ttn» tu tii ut n uui
uiHiioeiiioot. coiilainius 0I<> a- re- muie or l< *>-
H. Commencing ai a po»i planim) aboui i
miles weal uf Dote i reek and -*.»s«Mit )u milu«
south of Kia-ur nvurani markod "N«il .\l«:
[Caohorn's uurth*woet corner, thenoo aunthto
chains theuoeeast iGn chains, thence uortb W
ohaiiiBt thenoe west 160 chains to point oi com*
mencement, containing 04u acro*i iuon: or Uh».
9. i oinmcncuiK at a post planted about i
miles, w. Hi of    (lore I'rcek and ali-m' :4*a    iiul.--
south of Fraser river and markrd "Neil Me-
k.viIi.-iu'm Bouth'Weet ooruer, thenoo north 40
chain--, thenoo oast 10> ohatiis, 11.«-u.■*■ -out t, 411
chains, thonoo wost Itiuchaiu- to point of com
inoncomunt, containing 010 acre*, moro or U --,
10. Oommonolog at a post piautvii about 4
mllos of Dora creek ami abontsyf nwas south
of Krasor river aud marked "Neil efuBaobera's
norih-ciLst curuer." (.bunco kuuOi I" obsJua
thonoo west 16u ohalns, thence north lorbalus,
thenue easl 16-) chains to point of commencement., uoutalulng *d 1 acres moru or iu*.i*.
il. Comtnonelug at a poet planted about t
miles wost of Doro Crook and iboutSUmihw
|OUtb of ITras. r river and marked "Noil Mc-
Rachorn'a south ee*t corn- r.'" in- ace north 10
....lin*., thenoe we»t i^M-ti.tm*. ihen.'.* imhhi iu
ciuti h, thoncu east 16) chain* to point of toiii
men < tiiini, oOtitaiuing 540 acres more ur le***.
Luc.iUM Due   19th, 11»'..
in.   Uuuim«*n(-ing at
milOil wont, ol Doro Creek an-l .. '"U il 1 .1.
BOUth Ol   rrwr nv.tr and   tiiar.i d "Noil    *1
•N.ll '
c Hon 11 1
!  MHtlll (
BrvalitokO Land DiHtrls't,
hmuit't ur West KouianaT.
Take noUoa that I, k O.f)tranu(of Kakuip,
Free Miner, intend io a ply (ur speolal lioen*
ecu to cut limber from the followlag desoribed
1. Commenolng at a poll plantod aboul 100
jraraa from pom ut T. .. \2.2*t> and running
■outh Iflo ch sins, thenoe west 4<>obains, thenoe
north ISO chains, iii'iiiti eaxl 4o chalui to point
n( emuuieiiri ment
2, Oommenrfng at a poit plantod on the
north-west corner of Limit No. 1 ami running
went ni ohalns, thenoe north 80obalni. thence
■ ..■■  rA\ obalos, un 'in ■(■ sou in 10 chaina to (mint
oi commencement,
a Oommenrfng nt a poit plantod on or near
the B, W, comer ol T, I. No. 7nu, and running
south BO ohalns, thenoe r**i m chains, ihanM
north HUrhatm., thence WSStBQ chains to polnl
■ f rommenoemenl,
Dated Deo, 14, ifrsi.
4. Comiuencini- at a pott plauted on or near
thee S oorner orl L. no 10,943, and running
east ieo obalna tbenoe norih tu ohalns, ihence
wost ifri chr.in-, theuce aouth 4u chains to
I- Jin ol eomuu'iic-'in. nt,
i. Oommenolng at a pott planted nn nr near
th" n B, corner of t. l. no I0.M3, and running huutli  tn ehHlni,  thenco tut 10u ebaiui,
ibeure norih to chains, tbenoe worn louehaiua
to point ol commencement
6. Common)mi i»i »» p, ll planted on or near
the s. B. oorner of Timber Limn No, hush, and
running north 40obsins,ibenceeasi ifio<-haimi,
theuce south mobalui ibenot weet U0 obalni
to point ol oommeooemant.
Dated Der i>, ,■.» 7.
» -'oinni-ti log hi a putsi \ Nt;t-*,| on or near
IlieH g ■ rier ui Timber . Imii N« io,-.*i5,
' i-i r.in-nn*   n-rth   *•■ 4'hii.i-,  ibettce^astW
t.Hin*.. Ihauce -onih An 1 hsin* tutut*. vv«»i w
■•usiii* <• - ..mi   1 rummenevmwui
ln.ie-1 I   hi m 7.
m   ■   n 1- P   IJ   KT. Ai:-R.
B v,
i rook,
latoke Land Dutrti 1
ict ul v\ 1-1 h."o may
nod,,- tha' L It K H amy. of Poplar
H. ('., (MTiii-filiou 1 ti*-., it'.or In nidH 10
'or a "ihcui Uof-ma input and carry
tlmbor   (roiu   the   f  llowint*    deMnh.d
Deheutures, Series A  $15,000 00
" "   II 2,(O0 00
"            •' 0  4,soo no
"   E  8,000 00
"   V  7,000 00
••                 "   G  8,000 00
"   H   02,8(« 0°
"   I  20,000 00
"                "   J  80.000 00
DuennNo. 1 Fire Hull  200 (XI
Dellci, 19ffi   n.OOB 48
100 809 48
Balance, Assets over Liabilities'     amm *
123 \570 14
By Stroots aud Sidewalks  51.242 88
City HchIoh  880 00
Water and Unlit capital acct... 103,881 80
School House and Grounds  23,000 00
"   School Furniture	
"   Baal Property—
Kin. Hall No. I	
Lots 8 and 9, Block 23.
Bocreatiou Qrouud....
2,000 on
1,200 00
3,000 00
2.500 00
1.022 50
City Hall      4,731  11
Villa Lot SB         B0 00
l)nni piiik Kround         8tt 20
Isolattou Hospital      WW 48
Fire Alarm System	
Office Furniture	
Tools aud Implements....
Due on ' lemetery Lots
Sower Plans, otc	
Fire Brigade Eijiiipmeut..
Unsold Debentures "J"
Jail Plana 	
Blinking Funds—
14,351! BQ
910 tn
722 88
262 M
24s 58
4,246 17
15,000 00
a 00
... i Commencing at a \»'-i \.l..m .-«l nhcmt wt\
iH,-t nn Um* norlh -tile «'f I'oplar t'ret-k. u»ark*-d
"H. Y Uuainj - oorth-»*a**t eon er p"i*i." a-»join-
ing the  went  boundary  of Timber Ll   it No.
Ill ... .tlwnii one mile wesi of the llr-t --i. h
fork (,f I'oplar Creek, thence went hi) chaina,
thence -outh HO chaini), thenco earn 80 chains,
ihence norih »0 chain** Lo point uf commencement, conlainitui 640 aprcs rooro or leas.
■-'■ CommcnciiiK at a pn«t planted about dW
feet on th.- north -*ide of Poplar Creek, marked
"It. Y. Hi .tin;. - -ntiMi e.i-f corner po*it.M adjoin*
imk the wort boundary of Timber Limit No.
I if..', ah tut one mile went of the flr*Ht-*outh
fork of I'oplar Creek, thence weat I*'chains,
theuce north SO chains, thenoe ea«t 80 chain*,
theuce south tfn obalna to point of commence
ment-, containing 610 acrox more or Itum.
3. Commencing at a pout pUotod nn the eaat
t-.ttik of the -. .iiini south fork of Popov Creek,
about one mile up markod "B. Y Beamy'*
uui: li c.i-i corner poal," ihence west tu chaina,
Uiencv couth ieo chains, thenoe eant 4- chains,
thenco north lO> chains to point of romuience-
uieut, containing t'*4U acn*'. mure or lea-*.
4    Commencing   at  a post planted about 4H
milo woitarly from the fln-t saiutb fork of Hop*
. | lar Creek, marked  'B   Y   It- amy's north weat
corner   p"**t."   Ihenou  east   00 chain-   thenoe
aouihto)  chains, ihenoe west t«i ehalim, thenoe
' north   m'   iiiain-   lo  point of  com me no« ment,
poat planted Sbont A   containing twu acrt» more or less.
&.   Conimen. ing  at  a p-»-t plnnted about i\{
■   Pop-
south ol   h'lwr   r.v.-r ami   niar»tU "«OU    MO-       r?    '* ^......»   ™v   -»---> »""'■"" J"   , "b  .
Kacherns south-wi>t corner.'' thenoe north m »"•■ **f<<£jl 5j°" ?»• fir-t south tot* pi Pug
ohaiua, thenue eaal Buchains th nee euuihS UrJpw«j B*rted H\ ■,1R^'»'{^.n,,r 5tJ*wl
ohalns, l-huucu west  rOcbauie to point of com ■ ■ c,,rn;;r1 '"V . *«« «wj   *J,!S?» S522
8,7(W 68
48H 08
950 00
.Mi 00
I rn', ill
1,181 02
9.1 i» no
1,130 27
-     18,21') 51
8236,570 li
lllulKL-lll. nl, cuuta.ning Ol1
13, Uuinmotiulng at a ,."-i pi in e t aboni 3
iinlcs wesi of I'oro ('reek mi .u.u- 0 miles
-*»U li of   rr.ster  river   and   marked   '.Neil Mc*
Racheru's suuth*es-»t coruur," thenoo north v
ohalus, thenoe wesi aa ohaiua tbenoe -.outh t*-
chains, thouco ea>st *•" eliaiiis to p-uil of ■ oni*
uieucoiiiciit, i unutiuing Olu m res more ur lens.
11 lOinni'- ..'in.- at a poit planted a'tout 1
mUea   we*t of   Doro Croea aud about 5--i mll«
south of Fraser river and marked "Ned Mo-
Kucheru'a  north-east  curuer." thence «ouih l
chains, thence west 160 chains, thence north 4a
chain-, thonce east 100 chains  to point of cum
muiicemont, containing 64u acre- mure or lea-*.
15. Commencing at a poat plantod about 4
miles went of Dure Creek aud about 64 tulles
south of Fraaer river aud marked "Neil Me-
Kueheru's south oast corner," thence weat 160
chains, thenco uorth 40 chain*, thence east 16u
chains, theuce aouth 40 chains to point of com
muiicemont, containing 64oAcru*j more or leas.
10 Commencing at a pool planted near Mm
to tosh Croek and about 3J milo*. south of Fraser
river ami marked "Ned MeKachcrn's north-eaM
corner.*1 thenco south 8U chains, thence we*t 8u
chains, thenco north t*u chains, thuneeeaat 80
chains to point of commencement, containing
til" acres moro or lens,
I-oe.nl ed Doc. BOth, 1907.
17. Commencing al a post pUniod near the
Throe Mile Reserve Line on the north side of
Prater river ami lying north of whore tbe Goat
rlvor empties into tho Fraser river, marked
"Noil McKachern's sonlh-woit corner." ibence
east 1*1 chalna, thence uorth Mj chains, thence
wont 80 chains, ihence south 50 cliains lo point
of cumuiuncumuuu ounUiiuiDg 6lu acree more
ur Icta.
18. Commencing i.i a post planted 3 miles
north ol Kniser   riv«rand l>mg north of whore
Goat ri*er empties Intorraaarrlrw,marked
"Neil McKai berns **outh <'.ivst corner, thonoo
west Wm ham-., uien-'c nuilh It) 'hain-. tniii<«
east SO chalne, thenoe somn B0 chains to point
of commencement) containing 64o aens more
or loss -
19. Commencing at a tiost planted 3 mllu-
north uf Fraser river and about i mites west uf
Victoria Creek, matked "Neil McKaehern-
south-went corner," thenre eaat »0 chMins.
thence north 80 chain*, thence wost 80 Phains
thoncu aouth 80 chains to point of (commencement, containing 880 aOTM more or leaa.
20. Oommonolng at a port planted Si mile*
north of Kraeer river and .»ihi ii I miles •"■*-** ot
vhtoria • ruk, luanvtd "Neil M-E .cher..'*.
sunth*enft co nor," Lhenee irwt 180 bun-.
ihence north to onains, Uienoe o-s-i I8u«hain*.
tiieuoe south iO'iiamtio p .■! •' eomrnonre
ment,«onLainioi apj i ies inoro or loss,
Local ed Dot. -'Ihl, UM,
sal fob 1
fiu one or
unth lOnrhainii, thOOOS otw 4ocb-sinc, iheneo
north lOu i hain-* to point uf commeiioeiuenl,
OOlltalntng 810 acrt;*. mure or les»
6. Connoeix iiiit at a |kimI plantod about live
mil>- weatsSTly fiom the II'-i -outh foi k uf V .p-
l.ir i reck, uiarke<l "il r, Beauiy's suoth-weat
cornei   pool,"   tbelief oust   HJo chains, thunoe
north 10 .'h.tiui-, ibonoe west lOOobsttne, thence
-..ii. I, lOcbalM to point ofcomuieuoement, con-
laitnog lil" aero- moru or iex-t.
I^ouitod 17th Dec-ember, H*c.
wed jan 15 B   F   KKAMY   Looator.
To B P. Baamy. Mn A. B. Nock and O F
Beibel,or to whomsoever they may have
transferred their interests:
Take notice, that we, the undersigned co*
owners with you in the following mineral
claims. Tic. i Vivian's Lurk No. 1. Vivian's
Luck Nn. 2, Vivian's Lurk No. S Vivian's Luck
No. 4. Virian's Luck No. 5, Vivian's Luck No. 6,
and the Silver Crown situated on Goat Mountain. Lurleau Mining Division of West Koote*
nay District of the Province of British Columbia, have done the reuuired work on the above
mentioned mineral claims fur tbe year ending
October 29th. 19U7, in order to hold the sans
under Secliun 24 of the Mineral Act.
And further take uotice that if within 90 days
from the first publication of this notice, you fail
or refuse to contribute your portion of such ei-
peuditure. together with the cost of ibis advertisement, vour interest in the said mineral
claims will become the property of the under;
signeo, under Section 25B of the Mineral Act.
Dated al Camborne, B.C., tbU 21st day of
January. l>«
mi jan 25 I n-Uwmrv
Kevel«toke I and  Di-irlct.
l'!-:r;i t i.( West Kootsnav.
Take notice that I, J. 11. Young.of comaplix,
, Intend  to apply to the chief
• "in'I,   -;--;.■■! of  Lands and Works for a spe*
hotel proprietor. Intend  to a
Mail-IJkkalu ollice.
Room or room and himul
two KpiiUemen, All eon*
telephonei otc.   A-jpiy to j
cial iimi'iT licence lo cut and carry away
timber frum the followluf described lands:
1. Coinmeni'lnK at a post planted and ad*
Joint ni the north-east corner of Lot 1142. and
markod "J B-Yooni'l south-east corner post,"
ind situated rb-'ut *4 mile north-east ot iho
he-id of ih- mm of AttOW ' ake, ibence west00
balns, thenoe north so chat us, theuce east BO
ohstusi tbenoe south au ehaius to point o.
rommencsunnat, OOtttalnlng 810 acres more or
i c.itutpcn t)K at a i*ost planted a .4 ad-
nrtb* :i-t nornel of rot li42 .»ud
markod' I.U.Yonngl sooih-oast corner,' snd
*nu»-t : ,i, i •! 1a mile nnrihM*e*4t of the head
ol ti.e arm of Arrow ' ak-, thence north 80
■ h* " . i:.' ii. • • n-t So chalna, thence Booth 80
■'Ualn-i, theuce a est 80 chains to point ol o un*
BOOremeat, c><u'aoiiu»- Muse res more or leia.
Dated Hcc-inber ^ird, 1907.
JEk„. :j«^i>
HTB B«tabti!ii
Ladies Blouses
Sale Prices 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50.
These Blouses consist of Wrap*
perettes, Lustres and Cashmeres,
Selling at prices less than cost
of manufacture.
Ladies Uunderskirts
Only i.s more Silk Underskirts
Selling al 50c. each. $5 Morie
Underskirts selling at $2.75.
$3 Morie Underskirts selling
at $2.25.
and Flannelette
Regular    15c.    and
Selling at i2#c.
Men's Suits
Unly u few more ol those Bargain Suits left, Regular $14.50
now $10,00
Men's Odd Pants
Heavy Working Pants, good
value ai $3.00 now $2.00,
Heavy Tweed Pauls selling al
Mens and Boys'
At Mill Prices
Competition   Ended   Today
Decision Wauled
This  it ii.ti'-t   inis
iwii'n in ihi- turn n(
II,.11     cliisnl lull
iilViiirs 1 hut tl in
K.iH *
rure Drugs .
Careful Compounding
$ Prompt Delivery
(iO TO 4*
Canada Drugj&- Book Co. Ltd. fy
Mail Orders Promptly Filled     £
i|iitnt"l"ti'tii|ii|iitH|( $•$$
Weather Forecast
Saturday,   Feb.   S — Generally   fair
with   snow  clouds.     Frosty   11 iy li t«.
Temp. max. 3'J ilpg. mill. 8 (leg.
Local and General.
PIANO TO RENT at moderate
rale, apply Maii.-Hekai.i> otlico.
For the tint time in fourteen years
tbe Chaudier FallB near Quebec are
frosen over.
Dr. Curtis has been retained by the
city council as City Medicul Health
Kiuosid A Anderson have reoeived
the insurance for the new gaol frrnn
the city council.
The Premier hits officially Informed
the Lieutenant-Governor of the pas-
■age ut lhe Natal Bill.
Mrs. (iillet. wife ul ex-mayor W. ll.
Gillet uf  Nelson, died  on Wednesday
evening frum Bright'e disease.
A sum ol 11,000 fur lire escapes in
the schuul buildings is included in this
tear a estimale ul the .School  Ujard.
We   regret to an nun nee that F, Q,
Rrown,   Cliff l rquhart    and   Eddie
Hyatt are all suffering (rum pneumonia.
The Chinese held I heir final celebra
tion on Thursday night, in  honor ul
the ne» year.    Fireworks and crackers
being displayed.
The city council have gianted an
appropriation towards the entertainment oi the B. C. Fruitgrowers on
Wrdtietday last.
The switchboard, generator,sbaftiog
and clutches for the new power plant,
manufacturfd by the Caimda Foundry
Co., arrived this morning.
Harry Cook, ol Revelstoke, has been
__gaz-tted s« a commissioner for taking
affidavits   in   the   Supreme Court, for
the Revelrtuke electoral district.
A licence has been granted by the
city council to R Tapping for exhibition ol shows in the o]iera house tor
1906, at th* rate of 160 for   the   year.
Mayor Lindmark and alderman
Foote have been appointed as representatives if Bevelstoke to attend tin-
convention of B ('. Municipalities at
Nansimo on Feb. 26th.
\V<- art: pleased (.. see that the taking
ol ice. from the river below ihe bridge
nesr the farther end "f the mattr'ss.
when eewage and refuse is liable to
pollutf the water, has been stopped.
John Lind of Winnipeg, foreman
lor Maedonuel and Gtowskl, contractors for tbe Field tunnel, has been
fatally injured in  a powder explosion
at the works.
■.•\.l--jm\^mmimhi      ,« ' =•- L
llie Old and The New
ways of mixing dough nru
sluiilingly ililViii'iil. In this
bakery wi1 usi- ovury appll-
n     which    will   lnnil   to
i li.i mi nnd belter lii't'iiil,
,\u Uili-lii-n I'oiilil be I'li'iiui-i
ilinii out' liukoi-y, no bouse-
ki oper more piirliuuliir. And
If piiii-t in- .tutIii-- pi-i feci in'
have   mote    pt'iictleu    ih ii
neighbors know yon ii.nl
with fli'st-cluss grocers iinv-
way, llnl tli.il isn't it friic-
lion of the suttsfnotion you'll
have w lion you come to use
Un- groceries wo send you.
Make up n trinl order ns mi
i'xpi'1'inii'iit. Include tho nr-
lii-h's uf tvhii'h yon nil- the
In'., judge. Wo are confident of your approval,
When Ynii S<)e (lur Wagon ,-/--•   „ mmm2
A     '■        ■ ■ '    '
In limit ol vourdoor you can t
relish Hn- though! thai ymir .  '..     )
■'.'-'.' *#*—-"
...   |ukj»L
i WSWF5^1il
a—^———S——■  "   '     ——»»»—..»»»■ u.   ■ il -i>^« ' " "I''    "     	
VftOI $** fi W'T I W The" Anal for tbe B°ur
I   ^-/ \J      \*rir\ fi ^1       1 Jaokson  ...id  Rae mi
.i.m nd
Kincaid   &   And i; r s<> n
*_. I- I K S T   S T K !•. E I
3 , XX
e imp mil.n im - taken tho decision ns
tillm winner is >i ilillicult in'Iter lo
an Ive ul. I i our I ist Issue wo i tatcd
fii   ivo   would   aooept lions fide no*
Co .ul"   if    signed    by    I lie    nii'iiiiii; t
iilinru the goods wore purchased, tbis
In I'lllise I lir    OOliptll'S   lli'll I un out. Ill -
[ore iiiii |in Borihed lime, We took ilm
trouble tn r! ml iiul wbetlinr this plan
would hi- Mili-I.irti ry to tlin gonerul
pilbllo nnd ni' Wi ii Iii lo lii-l.i vii I but
it huh, Bllli'0 lllll ne liiu n I lint Con-
sidi't'iilili) di-seiilinii bus ,tt isim on I'
the lllttttor ninl lhe legality nl counting uidei's without coupons question-
Oil, W lulu W0 0 inii'i.d lh.it iv weie
right iii allowing thoui, it c. ncorus us
liltle us in ilm ultimate Issue,although
(his matter bus been practloally left
in mn b.iiuls, iiuloiiniiii ply, fin' carrying    in.     Since,   ilu-  11jii11i f the
public is Miriiil wfi fool (lllll II VOlC
Sil'lllll 111' lllllllll ns o wllil'll 111 t'l li i ii I is
t i In' nib p id, I In- aoOOptnlii e of ol'di i's
ui'tiui.    A   largo   number of orders
tin v.' been | lit In for I lie V.M.I! A nnd
we iiii'li't-t.ii il ill it a similar i| mint ity
bus been pill tn thei'l'i'tlll of Fire II ill
No. t, nlil. null lin' I il'er have .i'-
fnsul to   place thi'in in the Iniiot. box,
The result up till noon yesterday,
when Ilm contest ended, wns ns follows:
Fire Hull No. 2 842188
V. M.C. A      202828
Knox (iiuii-li    101206
SI. I'eii"', I'hiri'li    21801!
Catholic Church  10290
Hospital     7059
Methodist ch nib     2991
Public' School         2882
K.nf P     128-1
Hpi lied voles—174.
Tl.e nb vi'   i-   i ho   way tho contest
stands wbon thocoiiponi run nut. The
following i.- tlio stimd'ng counting in
the orders:
i'.M.O.A     710.1C9
Fire Hall No. 2    117,707
ihi'   ri lin I r   of   tin     list is n tl -
ohaugoil I'hat ; ■ how tin -onlert
stand : today and n i ■ up l i i lie people
in :ii'p ini ii judge —Tin-: Editor.
Cm liny.
The liniil for tho Equitable Cup was
pulled i.IV ui ibr rink Wednesday
night, Jackson and Foote being the
contestants, Footoseoured n big lend
in ihe lir-l half of the game which
i entually won him ihe trophy, although Jackson made a plucky fight,
and it nils anybody's game until lhe
' t stone nis pliiytd. F. 0. Elliott
| skipped for Jackson, the final score
na' Cup between
Thursday night
was a walkover for Jackson who won
handily 1-S-o
Arrangements nre now on font for
the annual battle bet ween lhe married
.md single in- n of the club, Tbe
honors went t.i the -ingle men lust
season, and the married nun me
determined tbe result will be ditfetent
tnis time.
It ia . umored that i rink of llentite-
are looking for trouble. If they will
inly declare themselves do doubt they
o i     ■■   .-. imniod ited
The Columbia   Atjencics.   Lid.
iin- oiurte of tin' I!ink of  England
in loin ling its ili-i-  mil    nun    in   li ur
per i-iiii «.is fiiiiii'M .I I iv ui her  Euro
pe.iu bunks, mul is t ikon to menu the
passing of tin1 liniincliil nisi- which
proved so (iir-i'riiiiiiny. Diving tn
Improve, I OOllriltlons tin! Aint-rieiiii
g ivoi'iiini'iil nn- calling up the ltd
ViinCt'S   liiiiilii   llin    iiulioi'inl   bunks tn
tiiln them iiiei tbe crisis. TheAiiiuri-
can luniks hive wiped uui. their reserve
it'Unit, w li io h ih hoi g replaced by a
rapidly growing siirplu*, nnd the
United    Stat oh   Treasury   statement
shows I here is in    Ilu    Ullllld   SIiiIiib
today $2110,000,1101) mure money than
lieloiii lli.i p une—nn   ilioi'oaso   within
three inoni lis that completely eollpeen
any previous reonnl of that or any
other country, Money Is now plentiful in Nuw York ui two per cent., hut
the inislaiiglii of ilm l'li-siiiini mi the
Standard Ouil and n'l'.er interests in
-.-I s ,  will have n
•in'  American
il   iniiiiccily   on
iin'   Presidential
s  I   ilonii. ml   fi r
Jno. Oosnell'i Glycerine Soap,
Smiitiil Sonii.
Il.lll'l'll Hie Sollp.
Lister!ne Soup.
Iti-sinol Soup.
Iihtbyiil Soap.
Thymol Soap.
On-iiliii Soap.
1711 White Hose.
Colgate's I.(i France Rose,
Calvert's 20 per Cent. Carbolic,
Hugni miiiGiiili-t Perfumed,
Druggisi & Stationer
Montreal   brokers   have   received
notice from the Bunk of British North
America that its rate on call limns had
been reduced to six per eent,
Our Fingston Creek  eorrespondenl
ports that the school then- i- progress
Ing admirably under the direc i n
(i. L.  Haggen, the  newly  appointed
The   Oolden   llonspiel   commences
on Mon lay, Feb. lOtli for  three  days
Several local rinks have signified their
intention of going and endeavor!)
bring buck a trophy or two.
Over   thirty   men   are now engaged
in "tilling in   operations on 11 e   reach
of   the   dam, and   large quantities
rock are  being   daily  dumped on tbe
till.    The work will  be Completed
fore high wutiT.
C.  M. O'Brien, organiser of tbi 8
cialist party i f  Canada, will address i
meeting tomorrow evening,   Bnnday
Feb. 9, at 7:80 o'c i ok In Selkirl  II■
Subject:—Present   liulusiri.il    Condi
tiuiis    Everybody invited   Collection
The city council have arranged thai
tvn, firemen must be in  attendance at
: th- opera ho iie during all .hon ■   i
when there is a crowd in the building
Tbey also have decided that iigi '-
signs   must   be exhibited on tbe il
An interesting boxing matoh • i
place at Pingston Creek, Arrow Lakes
tbi. week between Martin Purr, heavy
weight champion ol N 8 ami Sed bj
Wiener, a promiaing light weight
Bedley knocked out his foe in Ihe second round.
The heaviest snowfall of the season
occurred in Manitoba lust, Thursday
night The snow, however, did r.ot
drift and there i- no lerions delay to
street cars or railway trains i he
weather is moderately cold, the ther
tiii'iintei' being aboul sern
A iiiiiHt eiijoynl.il' dunce wn- lie 'I ;n
Selkirk   Ball. If 'ii'-r-.   Pass, on   I Inn
d.iy evening, Feb, Oth,    Tbe mn tic li
Messrs    llutterworth  and Alio was of
the bigiii-t  "nb i   -i'i '_'n  i '■!■ ill  s
due  ll    J.   Buckley for Ihe m inner i i
I'hiiii    be ri inliii'inl th" diui'-i-        I,-
us hope tbat   'he good work m,.y cm
tiniii- -nnl the ladies will  do their hiBl
to help it along,
nu  card. , r nti 1 by tl
terior Pohlis    ng   I .-..■  .
baoqu    to I • . i   ■   '   ■      l-     ■
,v Pr duei  E c  ai .■    I B  l     n W ■ .
iday  -• eeivi d a large si a
fr.nii the   visitors
is a i
I    The -' .. ird
ibeir    - .--:-.,
incre •-■ i   - , mul
.fiinii _
..   "truction.
of   Dawson     u   •-   , ■■   ..
ugh   the   city   thi ■ -_- .
lor   Wi. oipeg,   to •.ik" j
ti ••    tnnual    honspli I
ses next week.      In-,    , ■
il bunch si ,1 are look
-    it     I    ..
trophies       riiough   it. t *
ii    ir  h id been a mild
11 >  Honor   ludgi   CalH     n is o m
mittod I'. I. Smith u  K. : r .' Kam-
i   ,   trndil
-' iiei ii| oi   '" if       it ol  0
• (I oheq Iiirh       lit'-  ■ irdi
'   led, I he   other   ch i ■■"     n >l   ■
■ intiated     The  |.ri. ,n  mi
!■ inrrondered   to   the          ■! -
inii'iit, until iC'-
ii'irmg which time tie h
apply for a wni of hsbei , o
The   Pythian   Bisters   are   rapidly
■ i g  in   itrenglhi
in my   new   temples  bs ■       hei
nised   during   the pas'   es    md -
iiiiuii' r of others  now being f rmed
I h • Qrand  Temple  will i   n( in v ic
torin   io   Mny, and the 3t       ne [\
pie  of   tbe   ilstei hood   will  meel
Bos  iii August, nl wl lob tl ■ ropri
sunt itives   of   tho    British n,i, .
temples n ill be Mrs lib. d,, i olkey of
this city ami Mi El /.i-ii i -nil
Kevelstoke —Vanootivi i Provl n e
Social and Personal
Fur i choice  mul   large   variety of
Film       Hii ....   r 'II null  si r   ,,,,i   Htocli.
0, H. Hume 4 Co,
'..ill n,i    Bay is in the
W   I- ■ "       N ikusji is in ! iwn
-. ■: i
imed   on   Thursday
■  .   'io: li i visit to ■ ho ■   •-
-   M      rt ir  retarni d   y sterday
. i '  o cu -st cities
Mr    and    Mrs. .1  J. Walsh of   Vio-
g   Mr    nnl   Mrs. Ed
Mr-   Dan   McDonald of Sicamous is
• .i     .     -i Mr    and    Mrs.   B.   M
■ I  e
Vi ylie 1.1'"'   ol   Kirkvilli    Arrow
'   MS 11   IO   Villi
i- iover ind    b - co ri ail   ■
i .,     ii''     ■ -,; - f mo
CPU,   passed
•' .' -; night
Mr     nnd     Mrs     .v-.    1.   E-iw -ri|s ri.
turned    m    ' bu sd iy   fr      a   trip
Igh   tbe   east, visiting  Minnesota
n.   il tot! '
.\i .    -    ',   i .,! . VfrRae
. aVS rn UTl.i      r..u,
i   ■- ■.,      . i been .'it. nd
ng a ' ■ : oi'ii.
\ ,.   ,   pli n- int   i'r igressive   whint
partj     i-     eld lasl night al the resi
.'     .-   '.   li iyle iii. ler tbe
"Merry-g   round
wins'     inl,        \ •-  i   qnharl md K
qua - ners,
H'.fri. hn ''ii'   m- '   -'-'■■ 'i   ■   i ebar
.ill", hroughl ojoys ile i   sning to
• ... gesl ' it <
ibis s ents of  li i    ■■'■  n to. k
place last lasl i rening in .. Mr nnd
I, i il ilten i niertained a lai e
niimhi r ol fii"i ds ut. their residenoe
Tw"ii ibii ' lal down tu prngi issl B
i he pi i'.i' a inners beh .-Mis
Ml K .    i in, M rs   l.i'is.ii.   In    Ilium
tl   II    li. IV-        |{.'!n'-li i i li   -   ili-i
tbi'ii  served and  the    ps iloue rooms
ol 1 f >r ilmieii g    Exoollent music
mis   furnished   by   the   Independent
Ban I
. .*•.
!■ .i. ■:,.■•   Homo  Industry,     omoiio
Revolalnke Clanrs
his udilu'sH io   ll n
ciniserv.it ive i fleot
money    market,   ni
Canada,   nil   ultui
iin re is nn   incre
bunds mul nilllilolplll si emit ies, M   m y
Is ea. ler at tlm  coast  owing   to  He
ui ml, of  private   funds   that   have
conn1 inlu .'iiriil.iiinn. Bunk money
is still i ighi, il gh a lending Vancouver bunk manager States lhat by
May lie t'xpei'.ls the bunks In loosen Up,
In nn address of Mr. II. K. Walker,
the president of the Bunk of Commerce, warned the shareholders not to
ex pout n repetition ■ i such huge profits its ihjy hud been nconsloniad io,
and pointed out thai as ihe nm nut
of oapiial available wns Insufficient io
liundlu ilm great development il
Cumin this country must go slow li r
some yiiui'H.
Railways are favorite investments
and these stuck, hnve risen from 7 lo
is points since the panic, C.P.R.
ni.idu tho rdmiirkablo increase in net
earnings for Deoember of $16,59b over
same period ol previous year.
The lumber companies report that
money is easier ou the prairie; thnt
drafts urn being met to a much heller
extent than for suine niuntiis, und thnt
tbe outlook for spring business is
improving ns theic nre hundreds of
families living with their neighbors
till their own homes can he provided.
Tbe red notion in the price of lunibtr
will help create n market. Ily July
some idea will be obtainable of lhe
crop outlook,     If good there is bound
in be ii big demand fir lumber, and
the mills will be humming. A loc.il
mill bus secured a largo order from
one of the new railway companies for
bridge timber for the northwest.
There is more enquiry for mining
investments than for some time.
Copper stocks all show a rise, while
oiiii 1 si,nies arc becoming one of the
most favored branches of mining
The mint at Ottawa now furnishes
a market for part of the output of
precious nictala, the Trail Smelter
having alrendy shipped a quarter
million oss. of B. 0. silver for Came
<1 ia ii coinage.
Catholic.—Rev. Father R. Pecoul
O.M.I.. pastor. Servicesevery Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Muss; 10:30 a.m. High Va.ss
und Sermon; '2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.in. Sunday School; 7:30 p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Axdukw's Presbyterian—Rev
W. C. Hnliler, pastor. Sunday, Feb. 9
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m , Sunday
School nnd Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Mnrnine subject, "A Gront
Teaching." Evening, "Progression '
Young People's meeting Monday at 8
p rn. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. Choir practice and teachers'
meeting Friday H p.m
Knon Presbytkrian—J R. Robertson, B. I) . minister. Sunday services
at II u m nnd 7:30 p ni. Sunday
school   ut   '2:30.    Morning   subject.—
Jesus liissing Through Samaria."
Evening subjeot, "John's Doctrine uf
the Word." This is the second ser
in .n i i the series which the l'nsti r is
preaching on "Great Word, in St
John's Gospel. Guild music Anthems, "iinr Father," "There is a land
il pnre delight," ' Bow down thine ear"
Young People's Society on Monday nigh I st 8 o'olook. Pinyer meeting on Wednesday, und Oh -ir iimcttce
n Friday night      A cordial woapme
is given to all lb" si rvices
Methodist— Rev T.W. Hall, pastor
Services on Sunday ns follow"'—
\i II a,iii. Sunday school and Bible
class at 2 80, Evening service at7:80.
Morning subjeot, "Well Doing, und
[la Reward "    The oelebration of the
Lord's Supper iviB In- held at the close
ol -in- morningserviee. Ateaoh evening service doling February the great
missionary suhj ol »i!i lie brought
ofore the people. Epworth League
.id E on Monday evening, 8 o'olook
\ Missionary Prayer meeting will be
in-ill un Wednesday al * p m . to be
followed with lhe February session ol
the Quarterly Official Board.
Bui isi—-Rev. W. P, Freeman, HA
pastor.    Seiviees nl  11 a.m.   nnd   7:30
pm Sunday school nt 2 30 p.m.
Morning   subject, "Lovest  Thou Me"
Evening, "Character sketch of F.»au."
B, Y. P, I', meets Monday at 8 p. m,
Prayer  meeting  Wednesday at 8 p.m.
CO MIC VALF7H1"/ ]'■'?.. GO TO -
BujTEr BrowM
Wool Toques. Reg. 65c. and 75c. Now 50c.
Wool Gloves. Reg. 30c and 35c. Now 25c
Childrens' Wool Mitts, - - 15c.
Heavy Wool Stockings,    - 3 Pairs for $1.
Children's Dresses      - - Half Price.
A BARGAIN IN LINEN8 We have very handsome designs in
Table Cloth*, ttllh Nupklns lo match, of the vei-y best quality nl' Linens
1 h.il. we will i-lnse mil nl 2u pur cent, discount.      The table cloths come in
2 ymds, 2.J, Minis und II Muds in length.
TEA CL3TH3 AND TRAY CLOTHS In the Best Irish Linen.
Some are lieinsiilehed und some hnve drawn work. Thesizes vary from
27 inches sipiui; to Iii inches square,    We offer tliese atJlfi per cent, olf.
Lot of goods Unit every housekeeper wants.—25 Per Cunt. Off.
If you arc, tbe question of cost is
no "flouht an Important consideration.    Design next.
Only selection of Out Glass in town
Friday, Feb. 7th, 1908
Commencing Nil.i p. in.
Following after Picture Show
GENTS. 50c. LADIES, 25c
Hereafter a continuous performance nf Pictures and Illustrated Songs will take place
every night except Tuesdays and
Fridays when dances and Pictures'will be given nt above
prices. Oilier nights 16o, and
Orchestra Danoe Nights
Hi. PETER'S Anglican—Rev. C. A.
Proeunler, M.A., rector Oth Sunday
ifter Epiphany, Following is a list ol
s.rvices: 8 a.m. Holy Communion,
11 ». m Matins end Litany.
7 SO p.m , Evensong Sunday School
2:10 p iu. The Rector will preach al
both services
Inge navel omiiges, lettuce and
water cress, fresh in loday at C. B.
II nine A On's.
Revalstoko Cigars —Union Made Our
Special, Tha union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all other*.
Ii-XPEIUKNCEO Wall ress w.am-».l
WARRIBi) OOUPLB want position
ITl   in  h.Uel  oi  un ramh—Apply to
Columbia Agencies Limited.
SERVANT  GIRL wanted for small
IO   family.   Apply lo Mrs. VV. Bews,
WANTED-Men and Women to
learn barber trade, wanes earned while learning, catalogue free.
Write Miilt-r Balher College, 806 Cur-
rail St., Viiiiiiiuvei', B, 0.
WANTED- Dressmaking bv the
day, by a competent press-
maker frum tlie East. Apply to P, O.
B"» °H-     sat dec 7
WANTED—Small Furnished house
or Rooms for housekeeping lor small
family of adults, central location.
Apply orlico Mail-Herald.
client, with $1,000 who wants a
good hiit.'l man with like amount tu
.jnin him iu running u hotel. Apply
(loliuiibin Agencies, Liiniii-d.
WANTED—All kinds uf jobbing
work to do. cleaning snow from
roofs, tending furnaces, wood chop-
pun. or any other general word.
Charges moderate. Anyone requiring
such win k done please drop post curd
lo F. Bennlson, General Delivery, P.
O. Revi-lsliike.         (VI, 1 2tv
WANTED KNOWN-Yoirean get
one of the best simps lo be had
in City house property from us. Two
houses and 100 ft. frontage to 2nd St.
all for $2,500 of which n.ily $1000 cash
Is required md balance call remain on
mortgage!—Apply nt once I o Columbia
Agencies, Limned,
TAKE NOTICE that the shareholders of the above named Company
have by special resolution resolved to
change the name of the Company to
" Revelstoke' Agricultural Society,
Limited," and intend to apply to the
Lieutenant-Govertior-ln-Oouncll for an
Order changing the name accordingly.
Dated 11th January, 1008.
A. Y. Anderson,
jnn. 8-Sin. Secretary.
-*P*-"      Hat-*^.
SKALED TENDERS, addressed to the Post*
muster Uouernl, wilt bo reoeived at Ottawa
until Noon, od Friday, the 13th March. Wis,
Tor the cnufeyance <>f His Mnjosty's Hails, on a
&roposed Contract for four yearn, as described
Btweou proposed street Letter Boxes and the
KflvclHtoke Post Office, from the Postmaster
tii-mornl'.-) pleasure
Printed notices containing further informa*
tion ns to conditions of proponed Contract mny
be seen and blank forms of Tender may be
obtained at the P"st OuVj at Revelstoke aud
at the office of the Pout Ofli'-o Inspector,
Post Office Inspector's Office, Vincouver, B.C.
KM January, 1908- *
Post Office Inspector.
feb 5 lw for Sws
NotMnff (Mtttr thM fur "Iptoltl-


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