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The Mail Herald Nov 10, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
Kor ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, tbis machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $6000 Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents.
Vol. 15.-No80
The Mail-Heral
Visiting Cards
'"'l iifc
r*rr ^
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
V /
$2.50 Per Year
One Hundred anil Fifty Voung
The management of Revelstoke
Y.M.C.A. nave heen fortunate ooough
to conclude arrangements for two
presentations at the Opera House
bore of W, A. Millie's will known
(airy musical spectacle, "The Pixies"
It will be given on Mouday and Tuesday mollis, November 22 and 28, null
a caste ol 150 young ladies and
children, rehearsed under the personal
direction of the author, who has had
16 years experience in this .vrk all
over the States, Ureal Britain, Australia and Canada. Forty hoys in
grotesque costuming and mane up
will represent pixies, brownies, goblins, iiii-e-t-i and innekeys; eiuhty
little girls will be fairies, butterflies,
(lower girls aid pipes; 24 young ladies
will give two drills an Amazon march
in natty "wild nest" uniform, and a
Japanese mot iun song anil dance, in
rich Oriental costuming. These, with
tlie principals, constitute the caste.
It has recently been given in Victoria, >'ai'aitnu and New Westminster,
and at Kamloops last week it played
to two cspaoity houses, lhe press in
all ol tliese cities .-.peaking ol it as by
all odds the best local entertainment
ever presented there.
The caste hen- is already completed
and rehearsals are being held every
afternoon and evening at tbe Oddfellows' hall.
(Cotitrlbaled by I'miurlt's Press Annul]
The adjourned regular meeting of
tlie Trades ami Labor Oouncil, ot
Revelstoke, held Monday night, wns
indicative of the aroused interestin
mutters directly afl'ectiiig Labor.
Among other things, the council discussed the advisability r.l est iWishing
a lihtar] handling literature calculated to add to lhe knowledge already
possessed by the workers of thia town
of our position in the economic lipid,
also the establishment of a system of
"union label cards," which will indicate the demand—il any—for goods
carrying the   union  stamps  or   label,
and will show how lar the trades
unionists of tbis town me consistent
with their avowed obligations. This
system is io vogue iu some of the
eastern citieB, with good results to
holh producer and retailer.
The question of the "abolition of
the Ward system" of representation
on the City Council was again brought
up by the municipal committee. This
matter, which is of the utmost importance to the city, was undertaken
by the Trades and LahorCouncil some
months ago, but, unfortunately, had
to be deferred to a later date. It will
he taken up now andoanied through,
Another mutter of great import to the
workers of this district, which er-
gugid the attention of the Council, is
tbe candidature ol delegate Kempster
to repre-Bent the Socialists of ibis
Ruling in Ihe Provincial House A
lomewhai heated diBOUBsion took place
on the merits and demerits of the
Soivalist v. straight labor lickels, and
the chances ol each to elect a representative Tlie majority uf the delo
g-ites, however, proved to he progressive and the nomination of delegate
Kempster was endorsed. Tbe nomination ia endorsed also hy the Tailor's
Union and the International Association of Machinists, nf which Mr.
Kempster is au active member. The
Socialist party, wu understand, are
tnnv w.iitit.g In hear fri in the Bnurd
uf Trade.
This Ci uncil takes pleasure in
supporting ihe candidature of Mr
Kempster, being satisiied thar, with
hi-i long assi-ciatinn with, anil haul
lights tor tin- Lffhor movement, he is
eminently aniled for the task of working in the interests of Labor in lhe
legisialive halls of this province.
Last week tbe Arrowhead Young
Liberal Association was organiz d,
several members of tbe Revelstoke
Young Libera] Association attending
the inauguration. The following i dicers were elected: Ilon Presidents,
Sir W'iifrid Laurier and Mr. John
Oliver; President, Dr Elliott; Vice-
Pre-iildiit. Mr Hmry Johnson; Sec-
Treas., Mr. R J. Ballard; Executive.
Messrs W, J. Lightbnrn. .1. Oaley, ,1.
Fearnbough, H. J. Hughes, P J Mc-
Kenna, I. 0  Berry, J. J  McGagbran.
The inauguration of the new association WOS celehr-icl In- ; I '"i'lr-l
at the Union Hotel. A apecial vote
,if flunks was accorded to Mr. and
Mrs. Lightbnrn ior  their   hospitality.
To make room for new goods,  we  are  going
to sell in the next few days about
Siooo   worth of
A chance of a lifetime to get  your  Christmas
presents  at cost price.
We have all kinds of High Class China, iu Wedge-
wood, Crown, Derby, Coalport, Koyal Worcester,
Copelands and also a large assortment of Hand Fainted
Lsmoges China. See our windows for a selection.
Every piece marked in plain figures.
The whole cotnprisieg Teapots, Sugars and
Creams, odd Cups and Saucers, odd Plates, Vases,
Bon Bon dishes, Salads and many other small pieces.
If vou wish to make a selection we will keep it for you
until Christmas.
A great Snap in Cutlery for this
week,    see   our South Window.
Tungsten Lamps
Wc have at last got the sole agency of a good
reliable Tungsten Lamp. Not the brittle kind and
the prices arc right. Wc have them in 25, 411 and Oo
candle power and the prices are $1 00, $1.25 and
$1.50 each. Try them and sec the saving in your
light bill.
Lawrence Hardware Go. Ltd
Tinsmlthing Plumbing
Red Duer News,
lhe provincial legisluiuru of British
Columbia was dissolved un Wednesday
Iuul, anil Premier HIcBride will appeul
lu the country un November 20th.
liiu Liberal puny are [Hitting up a
very  strong tight against      the
policy of tho AlcBridu Government tor
guaranteeing tin- bonds ni ilu- i'.l'. It.
.•nnl hope in defuui the Couaot-vutivo
party nn thai issue Ilu- Liberal government nf Alberta had a policy at tbo
Iulo provincial election identical witb
the Conservative government of ll. O.
ui the presout time. Thu Liberal government nf Alberta waa strongly supported by tho people un their railway polity at ihut time, the Conservative parly nut opposing it. The
Conservative party in B. 0. will be
sustained when they go 10 thi- pull?
011 lhat policy us the Liberals were
sustained in Alberta. Bui utter lhe
lesson huuded uui lo B. C, Liberals in
March last jpy Albeitu they must Ix- in
dire straits fur 11 pulicy. Even the Federal Government on this policy has
-swept the west the last Iwo elections,
und the Conservative government in
uu overwhelming majority on their
uu odci'iilielining majority on their
railway policy Nov. _!5th.
Calgary  Herald,
In llriiisli Columbia I). I). Mann argued that governmont assistance was
necessary to ihe construction ui a
transcontinental main liuo though tbe
company cuuld construct brunch lines.
In Alberta he usked I'm' government
uiil for brunch lines pointing out that
the company was building the muiu
line. Uow is that for a sample uf
Victoria   Tunes.
lhe "contract" between ihe Ale-
Bride government uud the Canadian
Northern Railway Company bus beeu
given to lhe public. Ii i_, nut a cuu-
iruel, bul uu agreement which uniy be
amplified iuiu :i contract hy the government with the approval ul tho legislature. There is noihiug in iho agreement lhal has not already boon
dealt wilh in lho columns uf ilu- daily
rimes except a provisiuu giviug ilu,
railway cpinpuny exemption from ium-
ueiun fur a poriud uf ten years from
the completion ui its linos in the
province, and a confirmation ul a contention that both interest and
 cipm iuo guaranteed by ilu- government . h hi therefore not ditli
cult tu understand why thero was a
desire  tu keep tho "contract"    secret.
-No une need wonder thai tho Premier refused tu make lhe "coutruct"
public .-nnl only brought down in
the end under compulsion, Nor need
any one l„, surprised at his refusing to
submit it tn the scrutiny of th,- louder
nl tin- opposition except iu confidence
A- in- have said, ilu- document is merely a brief agreement. Tho details uf
any contract which may bo based upon
it "ill ual he submitted tu th,, public
tui' endorsement, that was the ostensible reason given fur ilu- dissolution of
the House.
The McBride Government iu this
Instance has completely reversed
•I"'       usual     ami    recognized     con-
stilutional      course       I lotails
nf     ilii-   agreement,      though     brief,
will admit of further discussion.
The Revelstoke Situation
(From ilu- Vancouver, World).
Nu doubl une uf the reasons which
weighed will, Premier McBrido, in
deciding to make Revelstoko thu starting point iu the present campaign,
was the fail ihut the lijjlit there is
ouu of importance wilh the seal ni the
Minister of Works    in danger. Not
less thorough than Mr. McBride's labor
ed exposition ut hi railway policy wus
his dissociating of Slayot Lindmark
Irom ollicial Mcliiidcism. und hii commending of the sitting minister as une
und only choice of iho Conservative
party. Uf cuurso Mr. Ali I'., 1 i.-' uu,
tin iii ,-u iluing nan obvious, lb- i-
■iiiiiiiii-r Conservative who bus cut
louse from tin- McBrido machine, and
he has behind him 11 list of sii'ie-ses
111 encountei with the official follow
in,; in Revo! itoko riding. On.- uf the
must conspicuous of Ibeso successes
«iis the light fur control of tin- Rovelstoke Mail-Hera Id. lh- 1 ,i in.in with
,1 -tiling [,,li,.wn,,, 111 ih,, constituency
and ihe cumulative tin,', ,,f those pasl
successes is behind him in th,' prosonl
light, lho anxiety of the Premier to
hold him aloof from official Government support wae 10 plain as to sug-
gest Mi. McBride'n recognition ui tho
tint thai ilu- -mini: metnbei cannot
nlTord t,, lei Mayor Lindmark bave
-u mu, li a- ,111 independenl vote.
It is apparent that  Premiei   McBride
ami  hi- colleagi      .'ut,'i   tl,,,  prosonl
light   undo!    ■ II'' uu, -lain,-.    .,,   ile   ul v ill,
1 i_>',, 1    that  the)  are noi  1,, lm nulli-
bj    Om       tin,-i     bin,'fa, id    |ii_'_;hiic
Wit I,     I !,,      . .-!"!     '    lilt,     (J,     lh,-    in,l-l       llll
mpuloua     manipulating  ol  electoral
,, , i,iiii-i\ Hi ■ .ibiuet I,,,- boon
weakened bv ilu- withdrawing of three
-■I th. italwarl "I tht Vdministration
li.o dc.liiiation oi Sir Charlos Hibbert
Tupper thai he will \ulc Liberal rut-
I ,
hor    than support    tin:   Goverumoul s
I railway pulicy is an indication, lhal
some of tho best men in tho constituencies, ius--1  as in tho etihiuel Itself. are
'not with tlio Premier und lho remuaul
of his colleagues iu this light.   The un-
' edifying proceedings  ui  iho gathering
J for nuuiiiiaiiun uf u government candidate fur Richmond wore oloquout   of
'dissension within ihe fighting ranks of
the party, lhe prospect of I'roiiiiiir
McBrido uml Mr. Bowsor, aided, as wo
havo already suid, by siu-li manipulation of the i'li'iini'-il machinery as Uritish   Columbia   has never bofor a,
being able tn emerge successfully from
this cuuipuign  is  remote indeed.
J he Ikst general meetiug ul lllO
hhuieliulders ol the Amalgamated Gold
AUiiu^ nt Sheep Creek, Limited, look
place at Vancouver, at which uiguu-
izatiuii was euui|)ltued by tin-- election
uf thu following oilicera- aad directors:
President, 1". C. Wade, Iv. C, Vancouver;, \ ice-l'resideuts—H. G. Neeluuda,
.Nelson, and F. i„. .Uuidulf, Vaucouver;
Directors;—li. A. Jones, Vancouver, 1.
Bruwn, .Nelson and J. L. Warner, Nel-
suu; Secretary-Treasurer—1). < >. \\ il-
Iiains, Vancouver. This company has
valuable holdings iu the Sheep Creek
gold rami).
Tiie (jiubc, rifieriiuy in the gold
rush mio .Northern Ontario, says: I'he
count iy he iug staked is aluug lJoreu-
pino J.aivi, in Whitney aad I isdule
townships. The main hnu in thui
Ejection as described ib the Wilson
lind, suid to be an outcrop between
two swamps, stripped approximately
lot! ten with an approximate width oi
•JT teet witb tree gold showing ali over
tlie vein stripped.
Once u v\as possible to bin radium
at £-' a milligramme; now the market
price is £'.»»J a milligramme, equal lu
SJ,oim,uuu an ounce.
U.     I'.     Weils    iiild     I .    »,.    I'lorl.-J,     ih..
.Nelson dMciLors oi ihe Highland-United Minos, have just made a .thorough
inspection ot thu properties us at pit-
sent developed, for lho benelit oi Hie
eastern directors. The development ui
iliv company's enterprises will undoubtedly mean a great ileal to the
district, making oi Aiusworlh once
again what it  was  iu the curlier days.
A report from lHtwsOU s**ys mat the
Ijugguuhuim dredges have cleared up
over two million dollar's tu gold tins
Jon tuul claims in the Hear river
district of -North Curiboo, located several yours ago by Mr. John Weirdie, a
well known prospector, bave been acquired by Arthur E. Hepburn.. of
\ ancoUN er.
Jim Maj K/iu *Kvuus ami 17 other
placer miners arrived in tlazeltou tho
other day, says ilu- Herald. lhe
Condi i. brothers ami their partners
have had a successful sousou on foui
Creek. Tor part oi tho summer ono
of their claims yielded £luu a day to
tin- ni.-iii, three pot holes \\\>in encountered I bat produced nothing. Some oi
the party were irom Ingenica and they
report an iuditierent, season, the diggings uot paying owing to the short
season and high cost of supplies.
J, II. Bledsoe has returned from lhu
Ingenica ami says that jl i.s uot a
poor man's country, as it will tako
large capital to separate the gold from
the gravel  in   that  district.
■ I. K. (ram, who has been assistant
superintendent of the Centre Star
group, leaves for Coleman, where hr
takes lhe position of manager for the
UcGiUvray coal mines.
Tbe report is current that the lead
h;ii been struck in the long tunnel
being driven on the Whitewater Deep
mine. Shuuld the report be true, and
many have little doubt but that 11 .
big vain will be struck at depth before
long in any event,   it will menu much
for the future deep development work
of the milieu in the Kit sin Slocan
country. The White wnter mine hits
been prominently to the front for
eome yearn past, OD account of its being the banner eilvor-lead and zinc
shipper of the HI oc an diatrict.— Koote
N. S. Dunlop, chief oi the Moral de-
partmeut of the C. I'. tt,, is this week
sending out 'J.(MM) packages of bulb-,
tulips, liliesjliyucintha narcissis, etc.,
representing hall a million bulbs, io
station agents, suction ton-men, and
others. There are now I.out) gardens
on tho C. 1*. I!, system, and next year
i hem will probably bo a prize of gfiO
for eaeh division in tho east for the
be-i gardens, as is now done in tho
throe wo torn divisions.
,\ serious ac ideal occurred ou tho
Phoenix branch of tho C. I\ It., when
a light onglno left ihe track mid won!
n\er an embankment of 150 feet. Kn
gineer Leo McAs locker and [fireman (J
Beatty were so seriously injured llir\
huve no chance of recovery.
deferring Lo tho plaolng of altars
for mass on tho impress steamers,
bowery's Ledge looks for the day to
come w hen mass will be celebrated on
the C. P. li. transcontinental trains.
That great road now supplies its passengers with booze, grub, cigars, etc.,
and there is no reason why it should
not throw in a little salvation en
A crisis amoug railway employees of
the United States, it is believed in
railway circles, is drawing near. President Lee, of the Brotherhood of
Kailway Trainmen, and (irand .Master
Stone of the Brotherhood of Loeomo-
t ive engineers rt? turned yesterday,
from a conference with oQicials of tho
Brotherhood of Railwaj Firemen and
Order of Kailway Conductors, It is
believed ihu conference related tu u
demand for wage iiurease. It is said
a referendum vote now is iu progress
among 100,000 or more members of
trainmeu and conductors associations
east of the Mississippi,
New Atbenii, the terminus of the Al-
berni branch of the Gsquiniult and
Nanaimo railway, will bear the name
of Port Alberni.
Mr. Wainwriglit, uf tho Grand Trunk
Pacilic, states contracts have now been
let for the completion uf the transcontinental road with the exception of I'M)
miles,  about  1200 on either side "f  the
Yellow    Head   Pass.
Kor the lirsl lime in the history of
tbe Canadian I'acilic Kailway the
earnings of the system for the week
ran into the three million mark for a
ten-day period ending in October whon
the earnings amounted to the huge stun
of 83,224,000. Thus this week's ie-
cord exceeds auy previous figures by
more than half a million dollars which
is more than the total earnings of
many   good-sized   railways   for  a week.
A decision has been reached b\ i he
mechanical departmenl of the Canadian   Pacilic   Kailway     to close     dow n
their shops ill   I'arnliam  and  centralise
all   iheir  ear   building   and   repair w i »rk.»
ai the Angus siiops. Tills decision has
been reached as a matter of consolidation and economy of work, the Facilities at the Angus shops being superior
to those of any of tlio smaller .-hop-.
The change will prove a bad blow t<>
tho prosperity <>f Kam ham, whore tho
railway shops have long been a centre
of industry. The shops ihere have for
years pasl employed from three to five
hundred men. uceording lo lhe amount
of business on hand, and ihe monthly
payroll has run in the neighborhood
of 820,000. 'i'he Karnham shops weru
buill many years ago, in lhe days of
the i.Id South Eastern Kailway, and
were taken over by tho, Canadian l'a.-
tirii- when it absorbed fhal road. Since
thell lh'' shops were ureal ly enlarged,
arid ll pkinl for building oars installed
ua "'ell as  llie old  repairing plant.
Shocking Accident
A verj Bad accident occurred on
Thursday near Kmlcrhv resulting iu
the death of Wm. I'olktml al the Ver
mm Jubilee llospiiul. at Vernon,
where he was  brought.   Docoasod, who
is only JIJ yeafH of aye. was thawing
out powder for blasting ,-tnmp ahoul
foui miles out trom Knderby, and
while loading ihe holes he had imiii
siot) t.) pick up iIn- boi wlueb eon
tained besides  tho thawed powder,     a
box of caps and some fuse. I'»> some
means the enp    were     detonated   a ini
il on touts of ihe bos     exploded     in
In-    arms,   Injuring   hon   UlOSl    terribly
Hi- log wa'. Lerribl) mangled and
splinters of the bos were driven intu
hii body, 'md he wa- ilnown violent'
ly iuiuc dietancc,
Rink Carnival
The  Kink    Carnival     on  Wednesday
iiiiiii   ii.i    ;i   hie  success,   lhe  lie.il hchl
 In    th,    |'M   .in   uiiiliiigi-i il.      'I In-
ihuvuotoi'fl wore;
('. I ionihi in.  Dulling.
I'hil Parker, Clown,
Miss   H.   I'l'itlery,  mul   ,Mi      !''• I'lut-
leiy, Show Girls.
W.   Molf.'U',  S.'uliluniin
|,'. m, Million, (ienllomaii -bel-'
K.  Muu. rn. Cow Hoy,
B..Norman, E. Suuth. V. .Worloy, A.
Uollior,   ».  Mmm.   I     Ihni.-i.   II.    Mi
Cannot, Knoll li \ ir^in
V .I,,, I, ,,i,. Curio}'   Wife
II.   McCtll'h r,  Hluo  I'y.ininuiei.-.
Minx  C '   "i'i Mist   Hi.lib . I,In, 1
Mjm.. Dun   lli'iini'i.  Nogni Woman
Miss M, Sinclair, llypsy.
Mis-  M. Daniels, Sailor Girl,
Miss  I''.  Pnquotto, Gypsy <! in
Miss Haubtiry, lt'''l  Itnse
Mil     MoKnchorn,  Witch,
Miss   I    Mi I in-horn, School iiul.
M,      |i   \|,i  ,,1,-,.  ■! 'Un.'i  Vumu Mmi
\li__   [f,  l,.',« mi.   I he Uiil     ,'i ■   tho
Mi-.   I.  Hooley,  I'ieroll.
\l, .    \.  I'.ilm.r, 'Ilu- H  ill front    il"
tioltlon West.
M,      \   Thulium, -I ■
Mis,   U    Mi Uoimhl, Gyp j   Ijuuon
M,     \i.     Mi I.-in.,ui. ninl C.  tt i
Ii.u   uml   Niclii
Mr,   K.   Mi Uant, mui  V>- ■  I      Moi
jr.'in.Twu  I.il'lc I oil-   i"  I'I'"'
C. LttiUK uliil A. Jluryuli,   illiko ,
High Class Groceries
We have an ever increasing sale for thuse
Choice Teas,
Have son mer tried Barrington Hail steel  tut. chaffless
Coffee?     If  imi  you   have missed a  splendid  Coffee,
in 50 cent tins ouly.    Our Hotel Special Coffee in   251b
cans is excellent value   for  large consumers,   while our
well known fresh roasted ground-as-you-want-it  Coffees
at Irom ;,o to 50 cents per lb, cannot lie beaten for flavor
and strength.
Carrs, Christies and McCormicks Uiscuiu
All iin- Best Kinds.    Frys,  Webbs. Robertsons   ami    McCormicks    Chocolates,
Fresh fruits anil Vegetables.   Special prices on these before winter sets in.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Crockery    Glassware    Sherwin-Williams Paints, etc.
vur clothes
e&sy to see.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed undei  which the branchas
of this Bank ore able t" Issue DmIin on tin- pmiopal potnU
In ilm following countries :
Ktn land
I .i pan
Fr'ch Cochifl
South Africa
Mam Imria
StraiU   -. uleaientj
Great Britain
Sw itirrlaad
PI   li] .':-■ I itandx
West Indies          tt
Faroa [standi
■nd else where
lull "i  , l,in 1   ,inn,I,    11,1111 our up-to
I iti-   .il     lllll k• • I -       \\',' ulTi-l rliuii'i
ll-   ,   '■   .    1,mill    I.,inl,.    1 iiill-IVil  I'm k
linn-. Hi'- ii'., carefully (elected
• uui li.uiilliil in  -|ii'tli-ss Miii'iiiiniliiig-.
'I'n know thin husineaa Hn- expert
Initcboi -li,-unl in- uiil,- loBsluctbin
un ,1 in ilu- -In L.    lint imii many do?
1 inly Ilu  !"■-I mi till ■ mt smIh hi-i-r.    l-',n
iii'nitli-cu ing,  -.it 1-1,1, tiny   muam ,11
/'i      .    *^k,\.      \ lii-iiltn-i;iving,   -it i-l.i, luiy   lliuam   ,,
/         '■'     It'AT,     '.                 j, I ,'.I-"llllllll     III I,,    - lllll llllllM-   |.||,-
/'       ._/_*'__-.       --'/ I,  Ja
f':~        'r-S M»nnrlpRll Mnsil  Manbi
Maundrell Meat Market
Cr«n Bone. Chopped lo, four 0tin_k_.ni Dally
V, Comyn, ,1a, i> J oh
I nny .lull ,h.  -ni.- Ki- ker.
IV,  Kriaby, Ti-rrilila Turk.
li    Mi In-.- 1     - >   [fop it
' . Hi,'i,1.  1'iipii i1
II. Wiillinllnntl, Mamii li
1     Ki ,., , ■       it    ii   11   " ■
1      \i,,l.,| ion,   Ili-lci    H 111,
(,   Mn miln   , Tin   Damn I'",
lirni''      I'ali  ,'i.,"J
M   1
prlzt Ioi ladioi '.vstiiui'-yi, Juliuti ^-jt, j etc., »t Dourue Broe.
in- pi ■ toi In■-■ gentleman'i co.--
•un,.-. Doris l',-i,n,t won lirst prize foi
omi Hi Wi I uIImi, .uid C. Woodn
pri/* toi belt uuple Tho jud
-'    priw   -.1    given to Mh,. M,I <-!),,.
1 he      jud :• *    ..,■,.■     M,    \i    Si,,rt/.
Mt   '    -1   Worth, Mi. Bingham,
Suowslioreln, A«h Hiltert, Conl Uodi
furnace Bruilies, Btove Pipee, Vamiili THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Zbc  flfcatMbcvalb.i
Jntccior publtsbing Company?, j
Subscription   Rates
Including poei
„-.  U, England, United
aud Canada.
By the yeai [through postofllcel	
quarter "
j ,|i    I:1N IlMi promptlyexeoutedat reason-
iKBMS^ Cash.   Subscriptions payable in ad.
I   . , . ,-   ... i  ,-,!,;- per line Bret Insorljoii,
 , -ul,--.-|iii'iit  Insertion
K^ieuuNonparlelta linosintake one
_...,.,     ,,..,   goneral business a
Siemenu »»   per Inch per month.
Preferred positions,   A,   per   cent,    an-
dlSJSa   Births.  Marriages   and  Deaths,
each lnscrtior
Land   uolicea   si
subject totheappr
All advertisements
oval of tin- management.
illlional i'">; '" "'"l"
IB advertisements mus.
lueeda)  aud I-ruin)' o(
i i  ,- _;■
.tkndiug adverUsementa must
M Hi    lj)'   '.I    „.    11
ion wick io becure kuu.1 display.
,. .HRKSPONDKNCK Invited  on mailers ol
C°^2bufilerMl.   < »-"Tli;"";,ni.   ul
a, v. idence i-
chould t>e unci-
SAKii.-   •!■'■ BUL1CT1  '"', "{••
Utile* e.  IW 0"
4,   M.   I'l.NKtiAM
J. A.   ilAltVKV,
Cranbrook. i*. C.
Solicitor, etc.
s ilicitor for:—
Tue JIolsonb Bank, Ktc,
Provincial Laud burveyoi,
MmiiiK Suiveyor
C.    W.    0     W
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
„1  Fourth   Wednofdaysln
-^UuWi7slTurk IU..
mon cordlauV invited watuind.
JU11N i AUU OS.Cou. Loin.
j. MelNTYKK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tbe regular meetings are held lu the Belkirk
Houses To Let
Avenue. Kiglit Rooms and Bath. To rent from November 10th, at $25.00 per month.
Five Rooms mil Bath. To
lmmeiliiite occupation.
STREET—Near C. P. R. Shops
rent   at   $15.00   per   month.
HOUSE   ON   THIRD STREET   Near C. P. R. Shop's
Seven    Rooms.      To   rent  from   October   24th,   at  $'25 00
per month.
M     ■
How Does That Strike Vou
Nn matter what ynu wart
in tin' iiii-.il nr ll-li Itni' if
imi get it from us you cun
In--ine Hu- QUALITY is
Nave vou tried our Shamrock Leaf Lard ?
P,BURNS&CO.,LTD.   Phone 21
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged ninl Improved.     Eirst-Cluss in every respect,     All moilorn itunruiiieiicci
Large Sample Kooiuu.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
I In-
cluck.    Vli
T   *1    WU.SH.   PBB8IDENT,
Kootonay Lodgo. No. IS, A F. & A. M.
,, 37S. The  rnuiiliir nieol-
tt-%    TSa   -v_    lugs are hold in llie
*-- MASONli TKMI'l.l'-
Oddfellows Hull, on
itie ttiinl MmiilHy in
sarli mouth nt 8
p.m. Viaiting brethren oordlally wel-
^^^ come,
i'. A. Pine I SI Kit.
,ple   whi)   lillli   "t   l.nnii.
il,.- i-eui- ol   I 'uiuiiJiuii , uuleiloruli
the  uiullcr  ,.'t  education      will
llit-ii   i'\r-   \\ tii.-ii   l Iiui      see   ilu.'  a.
ul L'reuiii-i" tiouiu with regard   to
iinu,    I In- premier  i      cslubli tin
Iciinuul   scllool   in   Mollll'cul   ,il
ul   .i  million  Uollurs,  uui!  ts  ulsi
iiiU   ,"i,'  of     these    schools  11
lie   is   alsu   uatulil idling   high
ml   schools   in   bulli
lipids care i-     being
iiini  ui  lhe  highest
ISO plu.
luken   lo  procure
111, ul iolltll   -tillnl-
iiufullilletl. Two ruilwuya an- coming
through nn., I'elluwheud JPuss uud Tela
.Inline Cuehe, at the buudwulei-e wl
Cuuue Hiver. Ici,' Juuue L'uche is
1UU miles   ti on,   I.Uiiiijiiiuii.   Jmi     miles
ll'OUl    Ivtltuloops      nllU    oull     i.-l)       lllll^_i
Iroui   Kevelsloke,    Hub   the    u.iceptiou
ut llcntli linpiil- iiud ili^ upper purl
ui ' unue iiM-i. ;i nm luaLile route Irom
licii.-li.iuUi,- is uvuituble, ami Llie route
ttuin Uevulatoke lo lhe l'uche i- Uiu
stiorleal   .-uui  inosl ilin-,-i   route of any
I In
present  sltiio ol ,lho , n>    I feet
\om     ",■ Iiud
| inc.in.-   ul    llan-l
j v I   In    Ilu-  pru
Iween   Itevelslulu
Itn-gi a -      fo
illld   I"'   an
blipporl   ll"
llCI'lltllC     I'
lhal   t
,I Llll,
an,I     I    ill...'     Kl'
'  supjilies   l, a    i a i Iw
,-lli I
" ^'^tr-ft. ileel- oVHry Tlinr-
das   evening   in   Snl-
ildrk Hull ai Bi,'cluck
rVi iiini: Iirpiliron ;ire
cordially Invited t,, attend.
Gold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26, RevelBtoke, B. C.
yjlc.1.. ■  .  . ,.i:V   ,\EON-KallA ,,
IU  ^i,-c|,i i,, ;,i w ednesdi,
^Aca moulu, i.i .iUlcll ,„
Hall    al    :     i'ei .eK.      I Islllu ■
anlgbtaarc cordially   nviteJ.,
T. P.   SMITH, i . t ,
Q. H. BKOl l\ .K   nl   K. A S.
J   B. SI OTT, .,. „f K.
Cbe riDaiUlberalb
■■t\ my     oui
-lH'Cl        imp!
lui i   lhal   ilic
j n'l lil.Hlt'Ul     (
hM'ii I        I It    \ l
t\     i'l'.
"I   III.
ry   in i
it,,. ,
i ISjt    IM'ii'-v
Iiiiii'*!   tliis
voted ilitwu
proi uro a rf
[jui   Liic sirouis    ii
now   ihut   ihr ssewi
i umpiuiud ,< .   - ■■ i
Ul     Ull.'    lirst     lIHM-llt-'-r
(iutuuuti uttuut ii >u
imk'ti ui l
UU    l   -U'hf    i - \*L*
1 ■ iku     Lui fiioi'j
ii tv u   i liu     bu ■ iue
•UliL'il'a   proposal     to   UuUhuy   iii .,    ,
ushiny    plain        mil   t   lIr.,,,-.
i  propui   shape,    bin
ts_) slum  « un
llUplO\ I'llltli
Lhe  L-iti/.eiii
WEONEaDAl,  .NuV.   lu,  mu'.i
the J       • •       ivoi
. i\ j   lot Cana
tbe , ■ ' . ir. abli   growl]   ol    be '   ,   i
..■■• '■■      eVeuuc iudicati     it ipiil
reiu :       ; ■ i n\.     lh,
i... U     ■ - S''-",-'	
' ■ ■     :                            ear, oi
%- _,' ,     ,,
. .
y     -\-l,'in
I roe is  polii
civil:   polic)
I.unu-  < ul-Iii
itisleud  ui  It,
is    ;i  distuiice     ol     -,"
I  tin - , Hi.       i elc   Ian
■-,-r.ij,Iii, alii    in   Uc\ clan,i   tin lioulil
Uuvelsloke  people
lhu  Hij.   i.'ii'l      und
■ , ,li! I [,, . ■, ■ ;    CUO '_'■
,■'.'■ mud ti
L'll  lo I'l"-
;.    el    tike    ,' ■'   '   inoe   lli\ ei    ind     en-
iiyhllj   tielong-   tu i lit
'•■   ■       -.. leiuai  ,  ,      .. _ ■
lll'l    ', !„•    Ill,'11:11.'1     I. .
tlie  piiiili.    sen ii •■       ii   I,,- , .
inu,  mu plai Uuug   "i  pai ty,
Ueeonie  the  refuge     ot    pu i ,ke  bj   propel
tfel      ■-''._■' _.
tin   ', ■ ■     '   ml police i qu
L'ltUN IM I \\.   POLICE   t "..
bincu  lhe  pr,,\ in,iii  police  foi
beeu uuder control ol An j I
I'-uw.-i'!-.   it   in     be, oun
■ ■
■    •
, ,  ll
, ■     ■    .   ■
■■ ■ ,- ,
' i *.- ■ • •
         . j.
- ■ -.
I  UU Jl ■    l •
an   '.   ■ my      i,,
I  ■  " I      ■ ■; •'■      tin   H.
' .     ■ "    ■  •
Bit   Ui.   lhe   I
■ru  will   bridg. ....       :,.ui  .
'ind  b ,       :i"ii
It lelrtokti
ie pnbli
pro if tbo l i-iutiuu
le,  - ■•   Uldii .      ■  ,ii . -i •     :      ,n
rj iug tl ingero i no ,j   ni     I ndei
- ■ idiliooa to I bo law it ,
trimiual offence to mrrj u lire-urui,
pistol, uir-guu, ihe ilii kuilu, bowiu-
, a,!., dagger, dii k, metal kuui kit .
■, , , , , ' ,. iliiij .'."t, "i "tl,, r ■ :
a i iii •',,).'     - -■ lor,   "i
' ■',,, ■ ■  loaded   i'  n i
.   ' ,.•      loi     ale,   publicly,      i'i
»II"  ' ,11 ■
He knutt   wh.ii
udiuiuiali'uliou  i-  in  tlua  dist
il   -   not   .-i'i" ir     to bi
" > w !„:! ■ ...        - ,
L'ouilcinucd  il      I ,,,
uu lust il
I     lo   till ll-pUl'tUli
■ '■
imi   LUe ij
lal        i   ... '
UU llll
■ .
lo>      ,,,
",.: .
play thi
i .-,,   •
lieuci .,...'.
, - ■ i 11" i nibl
pi"lii'.ii',!,. I,,   no  -,'hi i   poi!ion      ol
In   hiing'i   li,nun      ,.,,,,i,|    ,,. h      ,i
, an,lal    in,I    li,.,    ,;. ,i,    |U   lil ,'        I,"
pel mil toil    ■•    ntn  ■.   liml      in
111 .   ,   I,   i  ■,I'll,.in I . i   b|„
Union ■!., i.   and    Hrili nioi
:   ..I,,, i,   i'n ' ..: i .i   i, ,
lo felt pro ,,i
i tit ifmuviiY ruLiL'v
A   LOST  nl'I'OK'l I MM
i'ii.;tiii''ii    months   hk''     [level toke
woke up to Lhe   po i ilbilitic   ol   tratln
wilh tin- ici in .nnl    dopiil , 'i"'     mnl
lo  Vi, i    i nn ,,,,|. ,,  ,,|,_
,'iic'l  tu   l,i,     ' iii      i ,i lie I In
.1   iImi ft
- .                     .        ,       ■
III ile
u p  I
he pro
■ ,uir
im     foi   Hiiiui   roada     II   »impij
in  ,ii"        but by lli
 1   Hrili   ll   '  '.Inn,In l
British Columbia lil«ctioo« will be
■held on llif i v\t-ni\ Iif tli of November.
Juttt before the liritish Columbiu ees-
siou closed, lhe McBride Uoverntnent
| ngreocj io form ihu province to guaran
if- ilm bonds of the Canadian Ninth-
om railway foi .--i\ hundred miles al
four per cent. The question that is
worrying McBride is not the Libera)
opposition bul the Socialist. McBride has hem a faithful henchman of
iho capitalist class and iho workers
ure waking up lo dip fact that ho has
swung Llie provincial government to
the support of the labor thieves. Will
iho Uritish Columbians see this 511H1-
eiently to smash hia, government nt
the polls aud to elect a Socialist on*?
Six hundred miles of railway are to
bo built in thy province. I). I). Mann
will not build ihese. Lt will b« working mon who iliovol din nud h«w out
Lieu and drive spikes home. These are
lho nu'ii who will build tho lino.
While thoso men aro building tho wix
hundred milea they havo to oat mv\
wear olothou nnd bo boused. tVgain
U. 1). Ahum will not raiso one groin of
wheat unr weave one bit <>f cloth nor
built one single shanty for tho man.
Uther working mon will do all the
work that will bo done to provide
lood, olo thing and shelter for ttw raii-
roud buiiUtiiK. Uuwre t-tivu <iou« J). D.
Maim uome in?
Ue come in by the grave of the Mn»
Bride (Jovornmont. M.oiiride ts going
to use ihu credit of ihe province in order that 1). [). iMutm may get money
he uuvur earned. Uiis tuuuuy, iho
provincial money, the money for
which ihu workers, of Uw provintfo U;-
•.■oluu responsible, will be Uundud over
to D. ii. Mann. Aiuuit will thuruupou
huvu men build « railroad whioh tin*
samu inun guuruutee as( citizens of ihu
province. He will wot other men to
work preparing ilio necessaries of life
to keep the railroud builders alive.
When lhe roud is buill Munn will own
it. Uu will huve put uot a uuiii of
money into it. liu will have douonot
u stroke of work, lie will have donn
nothing, Nevurthuless, thanks iu the
capitalist trickery oi AloBride, li. I).
Uauu will own lhu road,
i'he workers will have y;ol nothing
but u burs living. Maim will huve got
millions. The province will be in
debt ii du; road does noi succeed,
klunn will lose nothing, It tin- riadis
a suueess the province gets nothing.
Alauu yets it  ull.
It the province t- 10 build thw road
aud bear all the loss of the uuderlak
mg it t Iih concern does not suvceedj
w h\ does \l« lirn_.it* liti Alauu in uu the
game? it ihe province 1* i" bear the
risk >vli\ should il uot yet thu profit if
ibere is auy? Mmpl\ becuusc .McHride
is a capitalist nnd wants tu help ihe
apitalisu cornui tltu roKourcus of the
I1'o\ uii f. li th* pro\ iiivs i« yoiuy tu
b«« generous whj should it noi bw gene*
rous t" 11- own citizens thu miuu who
do ihi wwk. If MuUride wants i"
build a railway and I hen make U-pie-
t*ut 'it ii in Bomooue after it is proved t'j bs u vu luu bio asset whj duos hu
give it 1*1 the inun «ho do tb«
work? >nrei\ 1 lie railway navvies
would bo only 100 glad i<» work on •
i,ulwa\ whh'h thoj know tlicv arc (fo-
iug   Lo "*\ a iu t ho future.
lint i    ii"    UrBride's  way.. Mc
lltijde     -    goiajj   to make  the provinoe
.-tand   tin-  loss   it   any   and   he  1-  S'n,nff
• '   Hunii  have all  ihe plums provi*
thi   plum) rue bears.
■   '■'■  !■ idi      u ul   stump    die
iw  the aii  and Lell what
■ j  he !    'ti ling in   get-
1   tine.      But  Mc-
ich    talk     is
ini •■ puts     up
il  ■ having been
■    ■    eas}   ii  1-    to
1   rkei
plain men   ind wo-
imi lio      j' 'iuj;     to
I   the labor
are \ ou go-
ho   tako
• :    in      or-
■■ ■■
■ going    *<■
''■ High       iu
■ ho ".ill  ift
K ve 11
.    ■
• •» il 1
in 'In, hand     ovei   to thi   ' on
m   -'i ti ,, ,: id, h h 'ii- ■        ■   '"
1:   pru wm I   in   powni    il    V'ii  firinn
■ ial eredil   1 hi h   ■ ill olFi   Minll    put    ■•
'""'■'i   'll     »  ,  I ■   1 h    , I, ,,„,,,.     ■ L--
got prumwi      i'liuso pioiuisow urti still )"" iuci | n Uid«liuiti uiriotl
■' mI for all elassee of *»
tut *n\n        irmt nt   ■•■ ■     |tinnt(l(ii
^     * -a \,r\r*' T-,r ' "-»>
.    - ii ■■     hn j „■"! i. ■   inns
Reserved for Hon. T. Taylor's Committee
■ I,.lm M. JackBonr—1 uit wilh Sir.
Foster, .1, I', on the Haggeu cam, on
• luly aSnl., llUlli »i the request ot Mr,
Foster. I wu« euya^ed iu inking down
llie evidence, oml nnt being very tnmi-
linr with the formal pert of the pro-
uodure T pniil vory little attention to
thnt. purl of lho businpsn rs 1 relied
ou Hlj-. Foster's ividor experience in
Ilu- procedure lo keep us right.
I cpiiie undontland lhat the offeni-«
oharged «nti I'ommitteil nl Throe Valley, II. ('.. but did noi know that
tliiire was any dilTorenoe between Yale
or Kooteuay in the matter of a Jua-
tioe'a jurisdiotiou, oud that lhu nooumxl
wat" bound by ns to apjieur at t_h,»
iievt Court of iioiupeteut jurifldiotlon.
1 heard Mr. Foster road over the bond
to the accused uud mirolios, and no
iliiiugo whatever was made in the wording of it after it. wus read to thoui,
not .'liter they eigued it. I saw Cii-
stabU kingion take oharge uf the
Und. immediately sl'ter Uuggeti siiineil
il, and ha did so a I the reipiUKt of iir.
• I.   II.   JACKSON,   ,1-1'.
Daled August 4ih.,  IHIIM.
1'hie in lo certify that this is a line
copy of affidavit .,f Jno.  Ii.  Jackeon,
•1.  H., of the Cily of Revelstoke.
(.Sign.-dj ,
A. ti. IvlMlAII), .1.1',
In ,-inil for the Province uf
Uritish Columbia.
lliiiii-\ A. Kiuglon—I wns at Courl
»t Kovotstoke on July 23rd., I'.IUH,
"lieu iMugistriltea Foster anil Jucksou
ordered K. A. Huggen to be bound
over to appear for trial uu ttie uliiiign
of obtaining by false pretences ul
tkres \'ull«y ths acceptance of ti ibufl
for _{_18tl.UU by the Mundy Lumber Co,
Altar the .luiliu-es hnd giv_.li their ile
<-i»;iou u-: to the umount of the buil to
lie furnished, lhe ucuused ami his solicitors b,.lij ii diseussiou for some liuit-,
I .lid not lie.ii ivliul they saiil. I
lVu« standing inside the ilo.il al I In-
.•nrl room entrance, 1 went lu Mr.
Gillan anil »,L,„1 him what time, ths
court im to be held for btaggeu's
trial, sud hs saiil II.llll mil Weduesduy
Mi liaggeu theu told ms that ths
•lildgs li-,.l been seen nnd all ti.\eil up
ilisi afternoon before ths prelimiuaij
there \,mt n , unsiilei able wail until
iisnily Iwelvs o'clock al uight. I weut
over to Mr. Foster's desk und asked
him what wus going to lie done in the
mallei' as I na, prepared lo lako the
accused to Kamloops. Mt. Fostor'snid
he was still waiting to see whether ths
accused wus going lo furnish buil nml
the recognisance wns already made out
Mr. Jackson was silting beside Mr.
Foster. Mr, Mrlls came forwurd first
to sign the recognisance, J, A. Abrahamson second and Huggen third, Mr,
Fosier rend ihe recognisance to the
sureties hefore they sinned it and it.
road "Yale" when rend to the sureties
nml tho accused was also within bearing, and utter ihey signed it, hn read
the Ihroe names nloiu), and immediately handed it to me, and I read it
and put it in my pocket, and at the
time I received Uu- recognisance it
was made out to bind the accused to
appear m the m-xt. I'ourt of competent
jurisdiction for the County of Vnlo.
lhe recognisance remained in my possession until the next day at 2 o'olook
when I deposited it in Uin safe in Mr.
Foster's ollice, »- Mr. Mcl.aiichliii said
he had 110 papers, and Ihut, the bond
should go with lhe other papers. I
nm positive the bond was altered lo
read "Yale" county before the accused
or the sureties signed it, huoauso I
was standing nl tba oornor of tho table when they all .signed, nnd uo chnngr
ivos iiiii'le nfiii iin- signature by lho
accused ninl sin,'ties us I could Inns
-'•en ii dane liu.l it boon done, 'Ihere
«u« noi a pan touched lo the pupor
afloi lliiiigen siguod lhe bond, the
i,isgi..iiiii.- huiiiig previously signed
ihe bond, will It, they were walling for
Hie i,',,i.,il nml his sureties lo oome
forward, and huld u in readiness I
■ iniif. unilei'.tooil throughout tlm Dual
• lag,- ul il,e proceedings thai the rn-
,-iiNud I,..,l lien held lo appeal In Yale
i.n tii.ii I mi.,Ic ii mj, buslnoss to
i,,ii,,a ii„. proceeding as u «ai I who
ivoiild lie hold tespoiisihln foi Ilia ens-
loily ,,f lhu licensed should l„, hul's
failed to iiud bail.
I'roviiiciiil CoiiHlnblu,
\tigun1 I ith. IDOtl,
I his i' i" sei tify dial  ,I.,_-, is H tinu
,,pi  >,f nfliilmii .A Honry A   Kington
s,i thu i iiy „i Ksvslstoko, ll  c.
You will buy "The Traveller" shoe this
year because you will hear about it—hear it
often—hear of it from the makers, and they
know everything that is in it, from the last
touch of the outsole to the top of the uppers.
You will hear of it from the dealer, and he knows
"The Traveller" shoe from what his customers
tell him, and you'll buy it again because your
own judgment will tell you it's a different shoe
—a better shoe—a shoe that not only fits, but
always stays fitted, because the unseen parts
are built on honor—there is no "sham" in
"The Traveller " shoe. Remember they'll fit—
we have a last for most everybody.
The Vernon fire showed the need
gf our
The best safe-guard in which you can invest. Every hotel should
be fitted with these as a matter of safety lo occupants. Every house
should have one on its roof.
w Only 45c. a foot.   Sample on view here.
S Revelstoke, B. C.
Northern Okanagan Poultry
Dec, 8th, 9th, 10th
Lots of Competition. Lots of Specials. Lots of the Glad
Hand to Strangers. We want to Meet you and will
Extend you Every Courtesy.     Send   for  Prize   Lists.
Asst. Secretary.
Stuart Henderson and Premier Mc
Bride will tight tbe Vale seat.
L. XV. Shatlord it again out for
Thos. A. Brydooe is Liberal candidate in Susiiicli.
F. C. Wade, Harry Senkler, G. E.
Macdonald, Jas. Stables and Aid.
Campbell are tbe Liberal nominees for
! Premier McBride, H. W. Thomson,
H. W. Behnsen and F. W. Davie are
the Conservative nominees for Victoria, and John Oliver, H. A. Munn,
W. K. Houston and R. L. Drury, tbe
Liberal nominees.
Police Magistrate Crease is the
Liberal nominee for Nelson and tbe
Nelson News says that now be bas
taken a part in politics he will have to
return to bis law office for the future.
Hon. Price Ellison and Mayor de
Hart, ol Kelowna, will fight the
Okanagan seat, witb James Johnson,
ol Enderby, running as a Socialist
Ex-Mayor Cawley will be Conservative caudidate fur Chilliwack.
XV. J. Manson again contests Dewd-
Oeo. Casey is Sucialift candidate for
M. A. Macdonald, ol the lirm of
Harvey, McCarter and Macdonald, ia
Liberal candidate for Cranbrook.
J. W De B. Farris is Liberal candidate for Richmond.
Harry Wright got the Conservative
nomination Ior Nelson away from
R. S. Lennie.
A correspondent writes: — ''That
was a pretty small piece of business
at Arrowbead last week when a leading resident and supporter ol Hon.
Thus. Taylor tore down the placards
announcing a meeting of young Liberals. It is a good thing to see the
young men ol the ouutry showing
interest in public affairs, bs tbey Liberal or Conservative, and such conduct was no credit to a man wbo was
old enough to know better and need
not let bis party feelings till bim witb
jealousy at the enthusiasm of tbe
young men who do uot see eye to eye
witb him politically."
iaH___Kaoi__wBBa3sa_i&»rjjj        E.    G,    BURRIDGE
Government Sale of
Acreage at Point Grey
At Vancouver, B. C.  Nov.  15th
Point Grey is Vancouver's future "West End''
and this is the chance to buy from a responsible party
(the Provincial Government) and on Easy Terms, a site
for your future home.
The Acreage will bring iit auction, 1 expect.
Three Thousand to Five Thousand per acre for very
choice locations, the sizes of blocks can be seen by
referring lo the Government Maps, which 1 will send
to those desiring them. The price may .seem high,
but when mie studies the location and remembers that
Five Thousand Dollars will not buy a sixty-six loot
lot in Vancouver's present "West I".nd," it is obvious
that by purchasing now from the Government, on easy
terms, and at a low rale ol interest, the investment   i^
of the very best. Remember the terms Quarter
Cash, and the balance in three equal payments in one.
two and three years, with interest on unpaid balance
at the rate of six per cent.
I shall be pleased lo purchas.' for those who
cannot attend the salt:, charging as my commission,
Five per cent on purchase price. Remember the time
is short and any who wish to get in on the ground
lloor must write me at once, arranging the amount of
acreage they require and the mode of remitting purchase price. You have three years in which to pay,
and by that time Point (irey will be the desirable plai e
to live.
Write at once to:
P. 0. Box 137. Vancouver. B. C.
Address of 800 Hastings Street. West, Vancouver, B.C.
P. II. McCarthy, the union labor
candidate, was elected Mayor of San
l-'rincisco by a ni- jorily of 7,(1011.
Tbe Transvaal has adopted a conciliation law liased on tbe Industrial
Disputes Act of Canada.
Time was when a labor organization
was run along haphazard lines. Such
a course at present would be nothing
il not a suicidal policy. Tho movement to-day numbers) among itB!
leaders men ol highest integrity and
business ability.
It is likely that the plumberB' union
at Winnipeg, Man., will be forced to
disband owing to an award of $4,001):
damages made against tbe organiza-
tiun in favor of the master plumbers.
The verdict was scored by a lirm for
the picketing of tlieir premises during
a strike. The union claims to have
the right, under a decision of the
English courts, to carry on picketing,
providing it is legal, and has taken
an appeal to a higher court.
The Wheat Crop.
F. W. Thompson, vice-president and
managing director of tbe Ogilvie
Flour Mills Co., Ltd , who returned
recently to Montreal from a trip to
tbe west, says that the western crop
this year is without doubt tho best,
both iu quantity and quality, iib a
whole, that the country has produced
in twenty years. The wheat is almost
wholly high grade, as is shown by tbr
daily inspection returns at Winnipeg
and flour from thiB crop is very much
stronger and superinr in every way to
lust year He believis that his coni-
pany's estimate of 115,1,00,000 bushels
made some time sgo, will he considerably exceeded, this conclusion being
bused upon threshing returns up to
the present time.
It is Easy, Ol Course,
To Secure a Divorce :
But I'd Rather Have
Royal Crown Cleanser
It Brightens The Home!
3 Cans for Only Jw-3its .-
A Coupon on Svery Can.
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe arid   Furnace   Work
Connaught   Ave.    -    Revelstoke
Si ven and l hall 7 acres of good
land al Malakwa, IU . Terms ,'asli
- ' ,. I r.,- a. i-i i ol good fruit land
and 7_ acres tirsl-clasa vegetable land
One hundred fruil trees; balance of
land easily cleared.
Apply im particulars to
.1, H. Wiiui.sKv,
.Malakwa.. B. C
The Vale-Columbia sawmill, 12
miles east of Grand Forks, employ
100 men, and cuts nearly 70,000 feet
of lumber daily.
The Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' Association will appoint a
permanent grading stall, lhe function
of which will be to see that the
standard grading rules ol the association are carried out. The object of
these rules is to make uniform tbe
product nl tbe di erent members of
the organizaliou. W. A. Anstie,
Nelsou, 15 O., is secretary of the Association.
Land for Pre-emptors
The I'roviucial Government intimate they will reserve lhe f illowing
laud Ior pre-emp'ors:—
l'eace Kiver  4,600,000
If)J Mile House       !i7(S,000
Kisser River       072,000
dime Kiver       192,000
Blaokwater Hiver       184,400
Mud Kiver       211,200
Nechaco River TownBlipB..      270,480
Lower Nechaco Kiver    14,080
Stuart Kiver       ,'1211,400
South end of Huhine Lake. 192,000
North end ol Babiue Lake. .ri7,IKI0
Bulkley Valley townships. '.12.1(H)
Kisp rx River         70.800
Kitsuingnllum  River        1118,240
Naas River         04,000
l'ercher Island       llli,480
Kitimat           204,480
Graham  Inland        :i84,(140
Thompson Kiver       163,600
Surveyed lands reserved for preemption are us follows:—
Kiiploi Reserve  10,864
Mud River Reserve         10,3118
Kitchinike Reserve    ..   .. 18,0!M
Blaokwater Reierve    . 87,606
liabine I.nke Reserve    17,047
l'erc er Island         37,IM
Representatives Coming
Wc arc in receipt ol a communication Irom the otlice of C. P. Walker,
of tbe Walker Theatre, Winnipeg,
stating that bis representative would
be here in a lew days to interview a
number of our leading citizens relative to a production ol "A» Vou
Like I J" which Manager Walker ie
sending through the west. As this is
tbe most delightful ot all Shakspear-
ian comedies, and is to he given by
practically an all star cast with a
most elaborate scenic and costume
equipment, it is hoped that arrangements can be concluded lor an engagement here. II tbe opinion of
those interviewed is favorable, and
sulhcient interest is shown, a subscription Hat will be circulated and if
enough pat ii'iiiige is asm red the production will appear here in the near
When Men Fly
At a meeting ol the New Jersey
State Microsc'ipical Society Prof,
Julius Nelson in a lecture ou aerial
navigation, prophesied that within a
few years anyone would he able to
ascend aud descend in the air wit limit
the aid of aeroplanes or similar machines, but by tbe use ul what he
termed a skycycle.
"Why not manufacture wings something on the order of those of birds
and have tbem controlled by tbe leg
muscleB of the human being?" asked
Prof. Nelson. "Scientists have been
giving this much thought, and I
prophecy that within a short time
people will be able to go into the air
any time they want to. Just tnke
the wings out ol our pocket and
ascend. When you come down fold
them and put them in your pocket."
Notice is hereby given that, in compliance with Section 7 ol Chapter 115, Revised Statutes oi' Canada, icjoti, plans and
description of a proposed bridge over the
Columbia-River at Revelsloke in Ihe Province of British Columbia, have been forwarded lor deposit with the Minister ol
1'ublic Works and a duplicate thereof has
been deposited in the office of the Registrar of Deeds at Nelson, and that at the
expiration of one month from this date the
Minister of Public Works lor ihe Province
of British Columbia will make application
to the Governor General for approval
Dated at Victoria, j 1 st October, 1909.
oc 23 Public Works Engineer.
Kevelsloke Land District.
District of Wesi Koolenny.
Tnke nutiee thiit I, M. K. Lawson,
ol Revelstoke,occupation housekeeper,
intend to apply I'm permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at n post planted nl,
the southeast corner of Lot Sims and
marked "Al. Iv. Lmvson's northwest
corner post," thence -111 chains south:
thence 40 chains west; thence20 chains
north; thenoe 20 chains east; thence 20
chains north to line of Lot8till8; tbenoe
along said line to place of commencement,
Dated SeiH. 71 b, 1909. sep 8
The wolves of I'.mtiac county seek;
to imitate the highwayman who rob-1
bed the rich and helped the poor, for
when the sheriff of Otter Lake, ought
to make a levy uine Pontiac wolves
got after him and a sheriff never beat
quicker time from but quarters.
Mr. Wainwriglit, of the Grand
Trunk I'acilic Railway, commends the
McBride railway policy. He thinks
McBride is eaBj- and will be the next
railway hold-up man that strikes the
province for another score millions of
Thnt wns a good one Finance Minister Bowser got, nil on the people of
Vancouver when he told his Kevelstoke audience that all he bad to do
was to show himself iu the streets ot
Vancouver two days beforo election
when all thc,Vancouverites would fall
down and worship the graven image
ol himself that be hnd Bet up. The
next religious sict in Vancouver will
be the BowBeriteB, who should erect a
temple to the braggart of Burrard
Revelstoke Land District.
Distriel of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhal Nels Bodlne, of
Trout Liii.o, 11 0., occupation .Miner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a posl planted on
the north shore of Troul, Lake between
iliiskins and American points and
about four miles from the foot of tbe
Luke and marked the S. E. corner
post, theuce 20 chains north, thence
20 chains west or to Lake slim e, thonce
followiug tho Lake shore to point of
Looatod this 25th day of August, 11X1.).
.sep 8 OOd      NELS BODINE, Locator
■ •'
F Con,pany, R M. K. will drill every
Thursday evening until further notice
All empties to he returned.
A Hall Safe
An Oak Standing Office Desk
A Roll-Top Desk
A Long-Carriage Empire
FOI R ACRES.—liround all cleared, ienced and in crop; land on
either side; city water and light up
to property. Suitable for orchard,
strawberry growing, poultry ranch
or factory site Area 10 X 4 chains.
Price if Mill.    Apply to
ii. smythe.
Kevelstoke Land Distriel.
1 ti-tiiri oi West Kootenay.
Take nut ioi- that Roderick William
Lindsay, of Ferguson, 13.U.,occupation
merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described land;
Commencing al a post planted on
easl boundary line ul Lol 7806 about
Iti cbains north of south-east corner of
said lm. thence east 20chains, thence
in,uii 20 chains, Lbeuce west 20 chaius,
thence south 20 chains to polnl of
Dated Oct. Ith, 1009.
. Alkxandeh Mi Kay,
oc 30 Agent for R. W. Lindsay.
Revelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Ainu,- Louisa Cop
Ian, oi Unionlown, Pennsylvania, u.
S.A., occupation married woman, intends to apply lm permission to purchase lhe following described land:
Commencing al u p,,>t planted at
the south-west corner of Loi 7000;
Ihence south 20 chaini; thence ,-ii-st 2D
cbains; thence soutb 2u chains: thence
east 10 chains; thence mniti 10 chains;
thence west 00 cbains to tb,- point ol
commencement and containing -oo
acres more or It
I lale, Si-pt.-iiil.ei 27th, HluW.
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol \\ est Kootenay.
Take notice Unit Walter 1*. Oonfarr,
of Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation
printer, intends to apply for pennis-
-inn to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a posl planted nt
tin- re-entrant south-west corner of
Lot 707.": ihence west 10 chains; theuce
soiuii I" chains; thence east -to chains]
thence north 10 cbains to the point ot
commencement, and containing 100
acres, more or ii-.-s.
Date sept. '.'Ttii. io 9,
oci*      W ALTER P. CONFARB.
WANTED   At City  Hotel, iwo ei-
pi-in-iii cil   wn ill esses,     Wages
$:io per month,
FiiK SALE—One large Dak Sideboard, ,unl one medium sized coal
stove, ti good condition. Apply at
Mail Herald office.
ANTED   A  stenographer, apply
Impel inl lj.iiik ui Canada.
hereby   given lhat one month
intend   to applv to ihe Super-
Notice is
afterdate I
intendent ol Provincial Police fora renewal of my hotel license to sell intoxicating
liquor muler the provisions of the Statutes
in that behalf in the premises known and
described as the Koolenay Hotel, situated
at Muiton, B.C., for the half-year from
December   _}iM,   1901), to June 30th,  1910.
Dated Ocl. 23rd, 1909.
oc 23 nn Stbpiikn Podbiulancik.
i   '    '-flilZY 100K WELL
iLkjL   WEAR WELL and
-r",-' -
sow by Brsr
CtAUM iV(,1r'Wt~Ji.'
1 fowii Cmdian Onto Ci!t_hhc Co.i» Tcnxra. Cam
1 i.'K > \!.i: _>- acres facing Eagle
I It ver, > 1 i!in,ii>. Hue tlm Iiui and
- il, prici ■-'.: 1 pei ,1 - i- li. Apply K.
A. Harris, FoitSt., Victoria.   nov33t
WAN l'Kli   u   iet.     II. 11,,,'in   nnil
Siiti&giooni, in central position
nn Third Street;   well heated;   electric
t; halh, hot ii-.. 1 .uiil water,    Kent
.--l-li"! per 11 th.   Apply. Mail Herald
. Hire.
1 IV K I;, omed House :,' Rent, cor-
_1    mi Boyle ive. und Victoria ltd.
A ■ ■  v. Mi -   i;   '!' ipping.
\ 1- ,N I i'.n ', 1.... .i Stenogiaphei
\\ wisliet .' position. N>> objec-
■ 01 to leaving ton n. \pplv "K.W."
l'i iwei 1)14, I;■■-.■ -■
,. I ,j REWARD will be paid tor
(jp I 11 information that will lead to
Ibe arrest and , nnvii Lion ol lhe parties
who lore down my three billboards
aod tort I hi sl pa trom Mrs. I>. Willis's h,,ii-,' on Boyle rvpi     It. T.M--
1'ixo, Agenl.
Small  House in  Suitable
$16.00   PER   MONTH
Residences,   Building   Lots
and Acreage.
Money to Loan
Industrial  Stocks
For Sale
First Street
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
p.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Auction Sale Nov. 17th
Commencing" at 10 a.m.
Location—On Bench north of main line of
C.P.R. and overlooking city.
Advantage—Free from North and West
winds in winter, clear of snow in spring before
the rest of the city. Terms 1-3 cash, balance 4
payments, 3, 6, 9, and 12. Plans and other information can be had from
Scotch  Whistiy
Genuine Scotch is Good for You.
Scotch Whisky is an  excellent tonic  and
digestive. Many elderly    penple     find     it
absolutelv essential to tlieir physical well-
But. like everything else, it benefits the
user only   when   iir-t-J  in   moderation.
Also, its benefit I" you depends very
largelv upon the brand you select.
Use a genuine Highland Pure Malt Whisky.
Use \\ atson s a brand that lor nearly a
century rtu~ been held in the highest esteem
wherever  Jcoteh   \\ hisky   ih  to  he  found.
Distilled    in   the   Highlands ol    Scotland,
from pure Barlev Malt,and by the old-fashioned
rot Sttll process, onr Whisky is aged in Sherry
wood until it is smooth, mellow and rich.
insist     on
u*aA*&mmmmemmmrr.<t mmmmmm
•THREE STAR"—A railJ, tlioiouiflily matured Scold.
"NO. 10"- A lull-bodied, riclily [UvokiI Scotcb,
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  -   Dundee.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.     Rates $1 a day.     Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEET     STONE      PEOP.
i__HtW5_iW9_S_<£iJi ...
i££is 11 I'M
'   ■   'i|   m  jgfcn    mm
i i'" i i [mm e1
Taste one ot Foley's Graham Wafc*s
then  taste  one  trom   any   >t*ner
factory.   We  are  willing  to  accept
your Judgment ?.s to which is liest.
That is the standi rd v,*e have set
for ourselves in ■ taking Foley'ii
Graham Wafers they must he the
best, or vre won*t BhVp them. Good
will not satisfy us. They must hp
In eating Foley's Graham Waters
you  will   not"  the  deli clou sl:    • ■
"full flavor'' and THE SAMS '" G    [-
Shipped 'he day made, iin alr-tif hi
boxes  a~d   ttus   never  taken   '
made-up stock.   Jus. as delightfully
flavored whon placed oi   your table
%% whe:: they leave the li       y.
•Vi   fancy biscuits rould bo more
.ising   either  to  the  taste or in
n 'poarance tlian Foley's "Fig New-
i.-.i" and "Sultana Fruit" biscuits.
These biscuits have established a
demand for tlieiusnheB in thousands
o!   Western   tlauadlan   homes    and
are thousands of other homes
ieru they  will hr equally popular
:, soon as thoy arc onre tried.
■ ■ yn-\ buy fanoy biscuits,
tl your dealer to srr.d you either
"Fig Nevrto is" nr "Sultana Fruits."
Vou will   Ind ihem richly flavored
i id unusually pleasing 3iid satisfying
to the basto.
,•■ i hit! 'i    -'■■  of ihose wafers
fon I '   Noi liing honltbior for the
Do you I    '\  tl  i   • v ipi ionnily
—their hig       nui i ■■
famiiy to eat thai   Foley*; Oatmeal
Foley   Bros.  Larson & Go.
Corner Third 5? & Cami
i . ■      ii '''A'i^A'''^
Horse-Shaeiog t Carriage Work a Spetialtg
Always The Leaders
Fit-Reform Garments are the
recognized   leaders  of fashion.
1'it-Reform Suits and Overcoats
stand al the head of all high-
class hand-tailored garments for
Concluding Session of Court of
The Court ot Revision of Voters'
List resumed Thursday morning. E.
Edwards, who presided, stated he had
taken the advice ol the Attorney-
Geueial as requested nn the delinition
of the residence clause and he advised
he could make no general ruling as
each case should he dealt with units
Mr. Stewart asked who objected to
M, B, Wright, us lie was resident
Mr. Edwards: Mr. Oonuick, (sec.
Conservative Association at Arrow-
Mr. Kellie: Who signed Crawford's
letter tn have bis name withdrawn.
Mr. Kdwards—W. W. Foster.
Mr. Kellie—Did Koster file power of
attorney to act far Crawford '!
Mr. Kdwards—No.
Mr. Stewart—Who told Foster we
were here looking up these papers'.'
Mr, Edwards—I don't know.
Mr. Stewart—Are we to understand
this public ollice is a Conservative
campaign committee room'.'
Mr. Edwards—I have nothing to do
about it.
Mr. Stewart—Yon weren't here.
Was it Gordon?
Mr. Edwards—I don't know.
Mr. Kellie—Ask Mr. McLaughlin to
come up so we can see tin Be naturalisation papers.
Mr, Edwards—If you will give me
, the list I will look it up
Mr. Kellie—What ohjc.tion have
i you?
Mr. Edwards—None, but 1 don't see
; any use bringing him here.
Mr. Hriggs—We would like to inspect tliese papers nnd think you
should get him here.
Mr. Kellie—Do you say we have no
right to have access to these papers?
Mr. Edwards—Take the proper
j course. Apply to thn County Court
J Do you want Mr. McLaughlin here'.'
Mr. Kellie—Yes.
Mr. Edwards—You will bave to
j confine your questions to this point.
Mr. McLaughlin was then called
and on Mr. Kellie asking him to let
him see certain papers, (one of which
at least was attested by Mr. McLaughlin himself,) tbat gentleman replied:
" 1 will uot."
Mr. Kellie—It ib a bad state of
affairs wheu we cannot get information from a public ollicial. It looks to
me like a conspiracy and it is no use
my remaining here uuder bucIi cir-
loumstances.    Mr Kellie then lelt.
Mr. Brings There is no ex?use for
I thiB conduct on the part cf a public
Mr. McLaughlin then rose and left
the courtroom also.
Mr. Eraser—If there ia anything
■ wrong it is iu the public interest
it should be exposed.
Mr. Edwards—This is not a proper
abling the great musses of tbe tlnilty
and industrious population to provide
for tlieir declining years nnd we think
thnt Un; Ottawa administration has
come as near a solution as ia possible.
Un uiotinii of Mr Fred Fraser a
hearty vote of thanks was accorded to
Ihe lecturer.
Cariboo Stage Passengers Have
Unpleasant Experience
Two Kevelsloke men had an unpleasant experience on Sunday week.
Tbey were .1. McKail and E White
side. At daybreak,south ol IHO Mile
House, where it stopped over night,
the stage was held up by two men,
who presented their gnus and demanded the mail bags. Mr. Whiteside tlin-w ont the newspaper packs
and said tliese were all, but one of the
highwaymen would not be bluffed
that way, nnd demanded the smaller
sacks. Two or three more of these
were thrown out, care lieing taken to
keep the one known to hnve most
money in it, and an assurance given
the highwayman, "lhat is all."
The atnge was then ordered on and
tbe robbers picked up the mail sacks
and went, off with them.
The rubbers nre now believed to be
the men who held up the C.P.It. train
this spring. One of them, Haney,
got into the Cariboo country, but was
supposed to have gone south to California. It is now thought he is still
in the country.
W. Blakeroore, editor of the Vic-
'oria Post, whu was also a passenger,
says the robbers aro amiteiirs and are
supposed to belong to the vicinity of
150 Mile House.
A reward is offered lor tlieir apprehension.
Tnke notii thai 1, 11. J. La Brash,
ol Nakuap, iutend applying to the
superintend!-i<t of Provincial Police at
tbe expiration of one month from date
hereof for ,• renewal of my hotel
license for tbe premisea known as the
Hotel Grand »t Nakusp.
Dated Oct  Uth, 1909.
H. J, LaBrash.
Take notice that I intend to make
i application lo the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a transfer of retail liquor lieense of the Lardeau Hotel, Comaplix, now held by me to R.
M. Evans.
Dated Sept. 29th, 1909.
Jos. Dumont.
Take not ici- that one month aftei
date we intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for permission to transfer licence now held
liy us for the Lakeview Hotel, Arrowhead, to Chapman & Irwin.
Unted Oct. 1st, 1900.
oct 2 lm       Plumton & Chapman.
Take Notice that I Intend to make
application to tin- Superintendent of
Provincial Police Cor a renewal of my
retail liquor license for lhi- premises
known us the St, Leon Hotel, St. Leon
Hot Springs, B.C., for the half year
from December Hist, WOO.
M. (iUADY.
October 10th, num.
L. F. MoDougald has purchased
Elil's tobacco business and will add a
billiard and pool room.
Another school is agitated for and
an effort will be made to secure a high
Ogilvie A- McKitriek, ol the Leland
Hotel, now provide an orchestra at
lunch and dinner. .
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. LaBrash have
gone to Edmonton
Shakespeares Greatest Comedy
"As You Like It," recognised as the
most de'inhtlul and charming of all
the Shakespearian comedies, and
which Manager Walker is Bending
through the west this season, contains
more pan-ages used aa quotations than
any play ever written. The comedy is
ime long ripple of delicious merriment
and when presented by a company
such aa Manager Walker haa secured
it represents ideal entertainment in its
truest si-use. "As You Like It" will
he presented here a inn with one o( the
moet elaborate ecenic and costume
equipment ever seen on the local stage
Mr. Briggs—We have shown in
three cases where things are wrong
and false affidavits have beeu BWi rn
aud We should have aasiatauc"-ti show
up nthers.
Mr. Stewart-they would have b. SpOllSM   ADD!e   SilOW
passed if we had not gut on    to   them,
When you find a man   a   ■'   P.   and      Spokaoi   VVssl . S  v. 9—"Kelnwna
two      libera      who bavi   Sweepttakps   Pria       i-   tbe title of a
taken   these    i    laviu     ■   ng   with  hands i wiiich the board
linn   putting    poopl .   ,   -•     I       trad B.C., has offered
years  in   the   penitent!* is   »| for con secoi-d X.itiunal
•natter   hat should bi uigated        .;    -  - .     - p, Xov. 15 tn 20.
Take Notice that we intend lo make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of our
retail liquoi' license for Lhe premises
known as the Leland Hulel, Nakusp,
11. 0,. for the half year from December 31st. num.
October Kith, KM).
Take notice that lit) days after date I
intend lo applv to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquur license for the Union
Hotel, Arrowhead, B.C., for the half-
year from December Hist, 1009, to June
niith, lino.
Dated October 18th, Won.
oe 20 lm W.J. Liiiiitiu|Unk.
Take nolice thai HO days after date
we intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal
of the retail liquor license for the Lake-
view- Hotel, Arrowhead, B.C., for the
hiill'-yeai fioui December Hist, 1009, to
June 80th, 1010.
Daled Ootober 18th. 100».
oc 18 lm Chapman & Irwin.
Notice is hereby given that HO days
afler date I intend to apply to the
Superintendent of the Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
license fur the Queen's Hotel, COma-
phx, B.C.. for the half year from December 31st, 1900. to June 80th, 1010.
Dated October 18lh, 1909.
oc 20 lm J. H. Y'ounu.
Take notice that I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
license for the Kootenay Hotel, Bui ton
Citv, B.C., for the half-year from December 81st, 1000, to ,1 une 30th, 11)10.
Dated October 18th, 1001).
oc 20 lm Wm. Lovatt.
Take nolice thai I intend to innke
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the City Hulel,
at Arrowhead, B.C., for the half-year
from December 31st. 1909, to J une 80th
Dated October 18th, 1000.
oe 20 lm John Caley,
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all tbe Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Wr«''T" .;«)»>•« >i-Si_'■••"■".r*^>'
.,T;jl_i_,i--'J- "*•"<.   'tr, iftJ^-tm^i.u '."
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our handscmc parlor aets,
upholstered in high grado silk, or
damask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, aim made to wear
indellnitely. We have many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the home that aro tasteful, effective and inexpensive, and wil-
bIiow your rooms to the bcBt advantage.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods,  Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Import direct from country of origin.
REVELSTOKE    3=1.  O.
l,|- lirr-t
i   l.ui.l-
ATC Ir-I-iy
Fit-Reform style,
and value are
the best.
Sole Agents in Revelstoke,
tiie public inti   ■ -'
Government Annuities
Un Thuti
iir.   San - ■
pointed bj i
to   explain ' median
g vernmenl    in
aililr, ss :.'    Re
mark prt sided
This   -i "■
ernmenl u      ibtedlj
best which ■
has been        •   ,1 with tl -
e-i care undei -  vision
Richard  C» itinistei
aod   commer
aul unfit v teal ions   ol fins net
It may, therefore, be regs I as
oughly workable in iver] detail and
those who will secure the pamphlets
explaining the scheme i.i, be able to
see h,iw admirably ii is calculated in
the interests ol   the   people »hile de
v living little ' j,' ,■-'• Pp ,ii tin-' g"v
in no wHy a charil ,■ n me
I he intent ion of the gov rnment in
formulating it ami putting il Irtto
■ " iti,,n wai i" issist ilu- pe ,ple in a
proper and legil imate tn unu to belp
themselves to Iny" by such .1 porlion
,ii tbeir   income   that   - bile not em
barracMing    themselves     in      meeting
tin ir ordinary expenses, it vould yet
provide sulfioient for them to live nn
in comfort when they In,I r,.united 11
period of life when, in lhi nature ol
things,   lalnir   should    no   lunger   be
It has been tlm elTo'lli of   iniiny governments to solve this problem ol on-
■   .■•'..:,-  i -   eep-
nner ,,f  I be most
'   ■'
d -i. ,i>-       i
_ •
it   ft ,■_' -
oi   Iron
I in I lie
l ln-rn
* ' money and
' Id   i i ums
■   i,, I i .v ' yesr
'i-  vnri" tl--
Take notice Unit 80 days after dale I
intend to apply to the Superintendent
ul' Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquor license for the Halcyon
Uui Spting'-i Hotel, Halcyon, B.C., for
the half-year from Decembei1 Hl-t,
IflOO, in.lune 80lh. 1910.
Dated October lSih, imiii.
oc 2ii lm II. McIntosii.
H'l'.il.i- notice that 30days afterdate I
intend tn apply t" the Superintendent
,,i Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquoi- licensi- fnr the Hotel
Beaton, it lii-niiui, B.U., for tho half-
year In,ui December Dial, IIH ill, to June
HOlh, IhlU-
Di I October l*ih. I90H.
oc 2D lm Ait-fiifit K\ ins.
Tune nolice that 80 lays after dale 1
intend lo apply to the Superintendent
(pf Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquor license for the Reception Hotel at Oamborne, B.O., for the
half-year from December 31st, 1000, to
June 80th, 1010.
Dated October 18th, 1000.
oc 20 lm Cunv Mbnhbnick.
THI    • Uii.irv BfUil i
is one of thi ii'i- . wi Ni.
ever   *hfjwn
The bruflhi ■   < ;■• <.t 6*nu ••■
ebony, contain fine I ranch bfU(I<
nnd  .ire enclosed   in   n   handioma
mor-' i ,
Srnf pott'p li f for iVM, to nny
addreii in Canada axoepf tha
Yukon   order by Mie number    U.S.
SEND i OR '.\l 1LOO0B H
Our bin '■
loitia nl Dim
l.rnllifr,    \i
it rtt id   144 pile 0iti«
i   • 'hy. Bilvfrwjn ,
i  ' 1* and  Nrivellu'i, TtU
Ryrie Bros , Limited
IJ4.m Vonu« Street
T,ki- mil i •■■ ili.il -'in il ays aftei dale I
,l to apply to I he Superintendent
nl   Pruvincial   Pulice for,, a renewal of
11 ,  retail   liquoi'   licen-ie   for  the I'lva
hull I, ( .,nii„,11,-. li.c, for the half-
m ,i in,iii llf, i'iiil.i-i .'(lsl, I mill, I,, ,Intu-
HOlh, 1010.
ii.it,,i ni ini.. i iHth, num.
John a. Tiiku .
I'uke notice t hal  »i duy- aftor dale I
i  ply in i In- Superintendent
IV.\ in, nil Police for H renewal of
the ret ill liquui li,-, use for ' ho Utrdeau
ll-', I    ( omiipllx,   II ().,   for lb,- lialf-
,i ,  11, cember :ilM. I00M, to June
901 h, 1010.
Dated Octobei I8tb, 1000,
,„ 20 lm K. M   Ki is-.
i ,, notici thai SO days afti-i date
H ■■ intend lo ."plily I" I bi- Mopi'i inl ,-n
dent ol Piovinefal Police fora tenVwal
,,i i he i el --I liquui license for i hn Oluc-
", ii,,, . i,,i i In' hall i '-,n from |ii-n
.iniii'i I it, 100(1,   lo June HOlh, 1010,
Dated '), tobor li h, num.
rut JO lm 0, !'■ Uv; Oo.
Take notice thai 80 days after date I
mi, mi to apply to the Buperlntendenl
i,i Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail llquorllcetise (nr theCrlterlon
lint, i .ii Oamborne, B.O,, for the half
year from December 81st, Hum, to June
Both, into.
Dated Ootober 18th, num.
oo80 lm I''- Ti Abbe*,
When you  visit  the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop  at   the
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisine
"t8a31 Delightful Scenery
Special Attention given to commercial
men und tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Kin est scenery in British Colombia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
*5f>   j* ASK FOR        tsf-
Palace Restaurant
Kl   I     , !.lUlllit!r,Uiglll'S,Tt>l_ilCC,U.
Meals 85 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Hui ball ft loaf "I bread maiiii-
lucttired by the City Bakery
goes iiiiiiiii' and is more fatis
(yit'g thnn bwhole loaf of ordinary bread, There is a reason,
quality tells '" the manufacture
n( our superior bread we use
exclusively Kobln Hood Flour,
which is the highest grade of
llour ou the market. We solicit
your pntrotmge, give us a trial.
City  Bakery
Fop Sale Evepywhepe
Tenders will be received between November 7th and 15th by the Ciiy ol' Revelstoke for the following described worksi* -
1130 feel wooden pipe continuous slave
in place. Concrete dam, and gate house,
containing; aboul 5000 yards! foui1 openings.
l-'ui- Specifications, plans ami form of
tender, apply between abme daleii at the
offices of ine undersigned at Calgary and
Vancouver, and to lhe ollice of the City
Clerk at Revelstoke,
Bids will hi' received al once for supply
ol 4000 barrels of I'ortland-ccmcnt lor Iin-
above work; prices lo be F. O. B, Kevelsloke. The lowest bid or tender noi necessarily accepted,      •
Winch Building, Vancouver. B. C. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
gaams^gtrB-W-re-ttT.iy rr^iT^raw^ra-gagMMAW'^
Our facilities for handling Mine and Lumber
Camp supplies arc unequalled in the interior.
Goods packed and parcelled by experts to ensure
safe carrying and packing.
Settlements would do well
to bunch iheir orders.
Saturday Nov. 6
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens
of Revelstoke and surrounding towns and settlements.
Our aim to place before the buying public the facilities
of our Department Store.
\\ it'll our cash carrier
system and nuw book-
keeping and office systems
we have eliminated the
mistakes incident to a
large business.
Fruits and
New   fruits   always
interesting.      Get    in
touch  with  our   Grocery   Department and
<&#5i3_88k, let "them talk to you
about your Kail and Winter fruit supply. We have
large quantities in store and are prepared to attend to
your wants. Vegetables have been an exceptionally
line crop this year, it will pay you to lay in supplies
of^Potatoes, Turnips. Cabbage, Celery and Onions, all
new, all sound, all stored under hygenic conditions.
Pure Ontario Honey
in  tlie comb, 30c, \ lb.
glass jars 20e„ J glass
iars 80c., quarts jars 85c.
nnil 6 ib. pails $1.25
Crosse & Blackwell's
Marmalade in lib. glass
jurs, 2f>c. anil 30c., 4 lb.
cans 60c. and 71b cans
fl, in Orange. Lemon,
Pineapple anil Quince.
Crosse iV Blackwell's
Jams und Jellies in lib.
glass jars, 30o., -lib. cans
S0i\ and 71b. cans $1.25
and $1.50, in Strawberry,
Raspberry, Apricot.Plum,
l'eacb, Red Currant, Rlk.
Currant, (/(reengage anil
Two carloads of apples
just unloaded, made up
nl all varieties for cooking and eating. Fall
and Winter apples, all
good k-i-per-. f2, f2.25,
and if2 50 per box.
Always a full stock of
tlour on band: "Robin
Hood" in 501b. and 100
lbs., "Royal Household"
in 50 lbs.' and 100 lbs.,
and "Drifted Snow" tlour
for pa-trv in 1011). and
501b. sack's.
Fine Teas
Tbis list will be. appro
oiated by the housewife :
Nagisnki Tea '25c. lb.
Woodoroft 40c. 11).
Orange Pekoe 75c. lb.
Ben llur Ub. 40c.
5   O'clock   lib. 50c, 511).
at $2.25
Saluda lib. 50c
Hlue Ribbon in .'lb. 25c.
lib. 50c
Liptons Jib. 26c, Ub. 50c
Tetley's ilb. 25c, Ub. 50c
Ram   Lais lib. 25c, Ub.
50c, 31bs. $1.50, 51bs.
at $2.50-
Ridgeway's Old Country
lib. 50c. 5 O'clock Ub
.Inpan (Ireen Tea lib. 50c
I on can bs cofrfarta
ard stylish too-
Get away from t!-e old idea lhat ncg-
ligee garments c!o not need to be stylish
and (orm- fitting. You can get ;tyle and
fit as well ns comfort and resifulncss in
Warm, lleecy materials for
Kimonas, Wrappers, Dres-
ing Sacques, and Gowns;
pretty and dainty colorings,
double fold goods, extra
wide, at per yard
Ripple $1.25. Plain $1
Garments for Weir   i
Eoch garment is  cut to p;
Hide.    1 here ii a perfect fit
ti  and carefully
you —
Specials for Men
Santos 40c lb.
Our Own Blend 15c.
Mocha and .lava 50c
Chase   &   Sanborns  Ub.
cans 50c, 21bs. 90c
Coffee   Essence   in   5 oz.
bottles 35c
Green Coffee 50c lb.
Hosiery Specials
Children's 2-Ribbed all wool Cashmere Stockings, a lovely warm hose, all sizes
35c. per pair, or Three pair for $1
Children's plain Cashmere   Hose, sizes 5 1-2 to 7 1-2. an imported English slocking
35c. per pair, or Three pair for $1
Ladies ribbed wool hose, fine, nicely made, sizes 8 1-2 to 10, a very special line
35e. per pair, or Three pair for $1
English Llama Cashmere Hose, purest wool, full fashioned, Ladies sizes, S 1-; to 10
per pair 50 cents
Roys'Worsted   Ribbed all   wool   hose, lhe   "Maple   Leaf"   brand,   a   standard  make,
better to wear, sizes up to 6 1-2 35c. up to 7 1 2 45c. up to 10 60c.
Art Sateens
A lucky  purchase  brings a   bargain  lo   your hand in these lovely art sateens  in 1000
colorings  Dutch   Blues, Sage, Greens, Cream. Wisteria, with lovely spray patterns at
Per Yard 25c.
A Rainbow Colored tot of Dress Materials Sacrifice
Get yours. We have no dressmaking department so have our Fall purchase ol Dress
materials. If you relieve us of them you save half the price. We have collected all
our $1 goods on to a counter and made the price      50 Cents
MUSLINS—Not seasonable, but the price attractive and you may have use for them.
A lot of Hair Cord Muslins, Checks, Spots, and Piain Lawns, worth 15 lo 25c, you
surely have a use for them at  Per Yard 10 Cents
ger Knit Waistcoats are classy stuff,besides look at the
comfort vou get out of them. Pure wool knit back and
front; catchy color-.  We hay one for yon. §4.50 to 8.50
That November wind will lose its .-ling if vou wear one
of these Sweater Coats, ive bave them $4.50, $rj, $5.50
can only be bought from us as we have control of this
famous English line. A special 1909 model that only
weighs 2J ozs.—the lightest hat made—at only  $3.50
HOSE—Heather mix per pair 35c, Black worsted
rib 35c, Dark grey Jaeger pure wool45c, English worsted black, beather, und grey, special, 3 pair for $1. or
35o. pair;   Heavy Herman sox to wear with rubbers fl,
Men's all wool Mitts 50c, Hand made- wool gloves
75c. English "Excelda" handkerchiefs 3 for 50c. or
20c each. Cares Mackinaw (oat $5.60; Mackinaw
Pauls $3.75; Shirts $2.50. Men's Jaeger slippers $1.75.
Clearing a  standard line of  $4.50 to $6 boots at $-'1.75.
The new Prussian
ulster, exactly us it
appears in the cut.
An immensely popular coat for the present season. It combines tin- chief characteristics of being
nenl and modish without the clumsy and
freakish features of
imst seasons' models.
We have tlttin in
plain ciotlis, =tripes,
dark grays, brown.-—
ami don't forget that
grays are right up to
the minute. They
come in light and
heavy weights al
Carpet and House Furnishings
We aim to supply all the wants of our customers. We make sure of your satisfaction by selling
onlv such makes as we can fully recommend. You have a room or two to brighten up, come have
a love feast with our RUGS and PIECE CARPETS, new and attractive designs in Axmiiisters;
Wiltons, Velvets, Brussels, and Tapestries; also Reversible Woo! Ingrains in piece and squares.
Some lines We Can Put Money Back in Your Pocket in the Saving We Can Render You.
SPECIAL SQUARE.—Heavy Seamless Velvet Rug, rich Oriental colorings, size 'J x ,10 ft. 6 in.
An interesting bargain at  $22.00
Nairns Scotch Linoleums, printed or inlaid. Our Expert can lay these down in your rooms, no
extra cost to you, for as low as, per yard 65c
BISSEL'S CARPET SWEEPER—-No Dusting—No Stooping—No Weariness. The only Mechanically  Perfect Sweeper Made.   These are a better investment than bank interest at     $3,25
The MaiBh Laminated Cotton tilled Comforts. The wonderful loftiness of this Comfort is at ijnce
appreciated. No Lumps. No Thin Spots. The Comfort that gives WARMTH WITHOUT
WEIGHT,    Endorsed by medical science.    Get one at $$2.50
Vou spend one-third uf your life in bed. Why not be comfortable. Sleep on n Health Mattress.
We have them so cheap that tbere is no excuse fur vou to be without one at     $3."30
"Show file." i
Here you are then.    A lot of odd shades ol Silk   Velvets  for  Millinery   Trimming
and fancy work, worth $150 per yard, going your way at,   per yard. . . .' 75c
RIBBONS REDUCED, An overstock in Ribbons causes the slump in price.
Buy these new 1009 ribbons, colors all proper, width 4 and a half to 5 and a half in.
40c and 45c ribbons for, per yard 25c
These Felt Flops ought to Flop out ol the Millinery I department at the price reduction.     1909 colors at a $1.50 or $2.00 Flop  fur 85c
THE BABIES—BLESS THEM. Hereare White Bear Bonnets, lams and
Caps for ihem at a considerable price saving, They sold from $1.25 to $3.00
apiece, your choice ol a table of them fur, each   75c
HAVE VOU  BEEN PREVENTED buying your Fall Hat  till
If so,
here is a compensation in the price.    A table of Hal _, each with the  regular  selling
price ticket on theiji.    Look at the Ticket, prices $5.50 1 YVcll  you  ain
buy one at  ,,      .   $3 90
Telephone Your Orders
Mail Orders
Send the   Children  to the
Ask to have  Our City Traveller Call
An Llectiic Passenger Elevator is liciny installed
for the Convenience of
the Public
See Our Windows
Call and Inspect Our Goods THE MAIL-HERALD, KEVELSTOKE B. U
BLANKETS.-white and grey-Pure 5.W00I
This is the ?rd shipment this season direct trum one ol the best
eastern mills. They are noted for their soft finish and being
pure wool,   Prices $2.25 to $9.00 per Pair
UNDERWEAR.-for Men. Women and Children
with a reputation lor good
Warm   and
wearing and
For women and misses,
express. In the long
newest things,   and   are
Scarce goods,       To   hand by
lengths  48 to 54 inches.    The
heing   taken  by. best dressers.
the Provincial   I   cal  Opti m
will spet il Sund •   tl-    ll I,
oi y.    I ■  '. r "  , 1,iug ,:ll
Millinery arrives Dy  express   every   few  days,   keeping our stock new and  bright.
Sir Jamee Wbitn»y has expressed
himseli ready to accord equal franchise
to women when they ilecire it.
I-'. E. Burns uf KamloopB, Iuih die-
p „ed ol li- business a- men's furnisher to two brothers of I >r. Hum-.
Norman MoLeod, a prisoner in
Kaslo gaol ,, 11 a charge "I burglary,
broke bis wny out with a piece of cord-
w , id.
Hit annual meetiug ul the Ladies
H ispitnl (iuild will b held in the
City Haii. Saturday, Nov. 18th, at
'A AD p. in. A ii"""l attendance li- specially requested.
\V. J. Curtis, piano tuner, will be iu
tbe city about tin- 2Utb ul tbis mouth.
All Urders left with 11 Manning or
K. N. Doyle, jeweler, will receive
pr,,iu|it attention.
The Provincial Polict Dept. id uow
satisfied that the murder .if Andrea,
tiie Italian killed al Victoria, was a
black-baud outrage, aud have offered
$ 1,000 loi tbe capture ol the inurder-
Tbe new bymn-book adopted by the
Church ui England ie now in use iu
tbe church service--, and copies can be
obtained at the hook stores ol O K.
Macdonald and W. Bews.
Ilu gallery ol the V. M.i:. A. will
iv pen U the ladies M, 7-.80 IhiB evening iu order thai they may hear the
addresses given nt the Laymen's Missionary banqiiel All are cordially invited.
<i. B. McClellan Bix years Mayor of
New Vork, bas been defeated hy Gay-
nor, the Den icrat candidate supported by Tammany, which, however, has
ior control oi the city'.- liuauoial
Owing to tbe increasing demands of our HAKE
HOUSE PRODUCTS we hnve greatly improved the
quality ol our goodB by procuring one of the beat
Bilkers in the Province in the person of Mr. Y.
Boyle, (.late of Vancouver) who makes a specialty of
high class goods, and in order to prove our statements wc invite our friends tn try some ol our
Almond and Cocoanut Cakes, Marguerites, Kisses,
Russian (Jakes, German Tartf, Cream Pulls, Rolls,
etc., also an,' Fancy Goods to order, A TRIAL
iil-DEi:   Al'I'llKCIA'I'I'.H.
io   our
oh ck hr
w. , |,ii ,' I" .ii .',--,, i,. . , M" t; -
odiel cumuli, m ,! at 7:110 p. in. will
speak ii, Si. John's Pnsbyteriau
Church. /it I p.m. b< will address a
public meeting in the Kdison Parlor
Theatre Tbi-i is tbe question ol the
h nr in B C , ninl every man ought
to hear Dr. Spencer who is an authority
o   the sni i -et.
lapsus Missionary Movement
The Laymen Missionary Gathering
louight ini-ots i i the I!. Y M. 0. at
15:.(U Ior supper to he followed by
some strong stirring addresses. Hi
Taos. H> in oi Winnipeg, Hon. W. 11
Cushing, nf Calgaiy, Dr. Sydney
iiuulil, if .lot0-.linn, Dr. Waters ul
I idis, and !■'. W Audeisun, t.i Toronto are to be ilu' principal speakers,
but a nuttibor of other prominent
workerB will be present,
There ia to be no Inking of Bllbsorip
thins ol' even a collection the object
in Educational uud Inspirational, aud
Co sui before nam a world-wide view ol
tin-chinch-,' oppiiriuuiyHi.il rc-pon
lt is nopeil liiu' a Urge number ol
men will altcco iin' ba, qllet.
" Why Br wn Came Down."
To i ighl
Stock Co. ivi
P jar un'.'' in i
"Why Brow ,
all indication
prise in store
ihe  title   i in
he S attPi v ll'ii'tihiin
niakt   their  Iir I   up
■  roaring dree comedy
lame Down," ;r d frum
they   have  a  big  sui-
fOr the publio, From
can readily infer the
piece in on Ihe order of "Charley-
Aunt," "Tie Private Secretary" anil
11'hers that W' i-constructed by their
mthors for laughing purposes only.
Mi. Raymond W. Hatlon, of Seattle,
has beeu seemed us one ol the mt inhere, Mr. II atoti, having played with
hucIi noted sti ok oompauieH as " The
Lois." ol Seattle, "Alcazar" of San
Francisco, and the "Baker" Stock Co.
uf Portland. Tbis piece will be oB'eted
foe two night-- only.
\\ iiiiloiv giiias  all  sines at  Bourne
For your Christmas Photos see
r'li-kir'H Special Oll'ur ami Prizes, bediming Nov 15th, and closing U.c
Horse Blankets,   V'aUrproof Cov
Harness and WnioB  at   Bourne  Br
' "'7:'
-  '-ft-'0
Card of Thanks
1 wi.-h
the   (lien
to teuder my ihi
Is of Arrowhead
ol   i he  different
iks to all
anil ibe
lodgea ol
Masons, K. of P., and Pythian Sisters
for their great kindness to my dear
husband during his illuesa and for
their kindness to me at the time ol
his dentli; also fnr the beautiful
11,'ii'ers Ihey sent.
I am eincerely,
MliS. tlUUH S'l KVKNS,
Arrowhead,  B.C
i bflH
i per,
i-, ha
Ao E glish investor at Vern
been unu Hieing to a Montreal
v ic i li" told Unit, to his -mmi
i mud distinct traces of gold on his
propi ity. He followed these up and
discovered tbat a large area of his pro
p ny earned gold to the value of from
.-p'.l to $600 a yui, though he had not
yet located the mother lode, It was
now his intention to spend $10,000 in
,1 velopiog his properly irom a mio
im; point of view.
1.' Fifih Su-eet, easl of Ali
Av,'ion', tip lo dale in ill iippoit
Apply It tviilsloke   Gunel-iil An
- .-tit ou
i in,-nl -
' -J"
'-   .A,'**',
deadlyto tfelptfou With
t/our ftoliday fancy lOork
Onr Art
single person
sonic dear one.
Department  stands   ready to help every
who  enjoys embroidering, knitting, and
preparing the gift for
Every   one  who is
N'ew things are here —new shades of luxurious silk
thai swift flying needles will twist and knot and stitch
into charming designs on the pretty stamped linens
that are shown in profusion here.
SOFT YARNS—of warm or delicate
finest that modern skill and the
materials can produce.
hue - yarns the
purest  ol   raw
Your Insurance
Is  one "I   iin'   must   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look afler this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
C. B, Hume A Co . Ltd., nave received   their   electric    elevator,    the
installation ul wbicn in iheir sture
will be commenced immediately and
will be completed by tbe end ol tin-
Over ten milee I Bteel pipe, costing
Over a million iloilars. has been ordered by tbe Esquimalt Waterworks Co
from the Vulcan Works, Motherwell,
Scotland, to bring the Goldctreaui
water to "he city of Victoria.
The Okanagan police state that
Aiec. ami-.:.. »i,, wanted on his
c,.Qle=sii.'n of being co.icerued in the
recent hotel lire at Vernon in which
eleven lives were lost, is said to be in
the forest between Enderby and
The   Mou-jliue   machine    now-   installed   iu    the uthce   of   the   MAll
HmiLu was got   ti   w rk  tin-   week
aod tbe paper will be doubled  in size
makit.k' it the .-ir-e-t ami best -i onuses,y newspaper published in Briti-n
i' . imbia
Mr. Tucker, a i beeu .ctmg as
.:.■;■ ol  -     I   the ' ri ic-    vi r tht i
UliiH* i;  ■• r   .:. It I    Ml   ', I
engineer   • I   l'r i ini   -      ibhc W
D-pi.'-il ■ :,'    :. ,-      • ■ :      ''..,-   I   I
i iris and        -   ,       P L.8 , will take
bis | .-"-■' tbe •> rs   ii
l»:. i. •'   ' ■   eg  rernmenl
■  '
'   '
lie treated I
wild wait - city tbi
iUy     He ....
H- pa : tbe ti
.    ■
.    -
c  - -
'.'!.-    .
Nyal's Cod Liver
0.1 Extract
h ill hi op                      md
_.-,i'*> tlie    > -tin, t he pi
[■et- tone U tin   woll m
Id  ,i iv, .ikm -« i i long
-•  ndlog   w, hi ■ pi "i
.<i  'lo- pi, p.,iaim,, nnl
ii ill gin • ■■ ll     l'i li -■
• 1 a Bottle
Hews'Drug ^Stationery Store
1   VI    III   Ml-     I  ,
Mrs. VV. II. Sutherland will not
receive on Tuesday, Nuv. 1"
Mi-b. .1. B. Cressman returned u
Saturday from ber eastern trip.
Hugh McPherson ol trout Lake,
was a visitor tn the city on Monday,
returning Tuesday.
Mrs. D. F, Forbi - ol Enderbj - •
a visit tu Rev Istoke, the guest I her
sister, Mrs. W. VV. Foster.
Mr. Rotbwell, managei Cana
dian Bank of Commerct     t   Nakuap,
w.is a visitor to tin city Tuesday,
Mrs.ami Mi-- Dudgeon,  «
visit" rs to  lteve.sti'ke   Duesday    n-u'e
returned to Comaplix, where they wiil
make their home for the winter,
Mr.   ami   Mr-     F.   C, 1
ucxi   week   I it   Vict they
will   make   tln-ir   future  home     Mr.
Elliott having  bought   i   ,.
at ,r at tiie Halcyon    Hi t Springs
I,   - md ,. -
takes charj
gl ,,'!.     ".,■■
Rev     .1.1:.:.
appointed iti    ul    St. An-
, Pres
•   '        - ' - ■
r   i   -   r ■- • Vic-
i iri i W   -
l;    i;    ii ,
. '        i I on Sinn
, , III     Wil
. •     Ki I H    ti. li
ngeni    lor   tu      Val
- i.  , .   ■
.   -, - H ii i ii I ol Sl.
I I iff
, ring  - - I, aud  ■■- a    Iius
noBi  - .       fu   ' im  ,
. .,.i-i. i ) ' hi   guild     Mr i
na „ misted  sl   I, e tea tab    -    Mna-
dames   Holten,    McCleneghan     ind
Mien, ninl  Misses McCarter, Bart,
.unl   Mi-l.i-'iii      Misses   Stevens  and
Brown pn aided   al    tin   candy table
md M i-    'J "im. . ■ ■■ --■• i in i   urge ui
he admission   It et    Ut
charge ol I bo dining room    A lea
i|   tbe   reception   wan   i he art tal
which    was   largely     patronised,   the
paintings boing ihe work of a local
artist. During the aftern ion vocal
selection)   were   oontributed   by Mra
Dent anil Miits Hobbs, anil   were muoh
It. II    1 i III mail will Visil   ■        pholo
itiidio   lu-i"    S'ovonihei   1,'h     honk
mil fm    prr' il , -tier lor A m.i -  Hade.
Edited by Lhi I. ical I iplii a Leag it
iii Pri mil r M r. McBride bas
given tin- countty bis word that ii
per cent ■ i tin si' whu vote al tlie
gi mr i ■ led i • shal I vote in lavor ,,i
a Looal Option law tbe G vern ment
will place such a   ia<»-  on   the  -■ ■
f the Pr vli ",-   I io-   -   ■
fair and is as it g I H
. - tal
the realm   f l'r
-  ..     i for a
lui la..
ittitude towa  Is thisqaee .    -
i also as
Tbe cal Option ia
•   - -   -
■ ,-•
j ara-
i    ibi old
-. ■
STAMPED GOODS—among them are tray cloths,
squares, pillow tops, pillow shams and covers,
center pieces, that need only outlining to make
them completely beautiful.
NOVELTIES -Tie holders, pipe racks and all the
similar giftings are here in hos.s of unique designs.
QUALITY -Many so called art goods are really not
artistic. We sell not only beautiful things but
those which are ,,( lhe best. No store in Kevelstoke is better equipped to meet your needs.
THE PRICES—they'll suil you as much as the "-ares
themselves —for a very tiny sum you may purchase
materials tbat you may easily v.oik into u very
beaiiiilul and valuable gift.
We   hope   you'll   come   and
helpfulness" o( this Department,
let   us   extend the
!-"OK   _LAJ)H->
AM) < IIIIJ)K>i:.N
A choice assortment ■
dren's Fashionable 1
prices. Lome in and
gel first choice.      Only
and Unl-
tis iii reasonable
ook them over and
a   limited   stock.
First   Street
G .
Oi'ji one t«ri
< :k
I MRA *cfi_«v_e«0Un3W. M——H—» 4Wm\MlMk%l
I o make room for our Christmas and New Year
Fancy Goods we have decided ro clear the stock
ol l rockery at prices less than cost. The following prices will convince you of the bargains
being offered :
Cups and Saucers. Green Marlborough. $1 dozen
Maple Leaf designs. $1
Plain While. 85c.     "
Plates, all sizes to match above from 80c.
Sets. Pink se
ect. 10 piece.
25c, 35c.,
' designs   \i
50c ,
1-  hu
Beautifully Tinted Cushion 'I'm
Sue  Un- new "Arts and Ci-iifi
designs w ui-ki ,1 up,
While iiini Tinted I't-niei- pieces from 10c
Cords, Ribbons, Frills, Daces and Vringles
Novelties iu Wash Bags, Tic Holders, Pip
Shaving Puds, Key Hacks,   etc,   will
pieces loi mounting from 25 to SI each.
BELDINtl'S ART SltKS in lil,,, l-'ioss, Rope aud Kmln
ami 65c, each
,'e some of t In
to $1 each.
o mulch ih
Racks, I'ln
In I"'
II   ilu-  necessary
FOR CC3C3D        GOODS.
See Our Window display Telephone 248
Opera House, Revelstoke
l nder auspices of Y.M.C.A.
Monday and Tuesday, NDVi 22 and 23
• ' JrH"-'"    *"'■>      ■     '"        ■
r*4 >    i *     ffl   *'v "'*
.: i*
'   .   ,
-Ml.       (
,iil nr-
., 1 ',.   ,
,.,, i in- i|ui -' ion     , bi '   pi
inco io I 'ion,11   ■ _,Tv  -ii ■
, .i   law   in
lorm or anol In       I his resolves into a
rpiesti '    ;,,i   - he   temper 11   a
■ 11    I " r .
mind i in who loves a
fair li^hi   ■    ' .  n, in   who  loves   i ' '
uocral ia   li   titul
W'liO      l.J V.  r     rinll!''',',
and has a denim  to  help  lhe  weaker
fellow       I i,'  10    in" ll      Ollgllt      bryinitl
questii n to poll i heir votea ip favor ol
Biiob a ,,' ■
'   ,   .     IHI       i I  '.'  I I;   . mil '.i.
Iti ',     In. H|ii:m-. i, lUpOl lull lldoul ill
A. M'.ii, , .nul
It i the
"Al i him, 'etc.  Given Ily
in il iliret tion ol the authoi
I cosl ttliiiiiK, t 'pi-i   .       ii|   |*|
'   iblln    Insi u, a . rtkanh    [I tt li,,    lho -
I'I,," "i flit; Vm ,',,n fin mis, .1 ip itie .' Maidt n
Reserved Seats /5c. HI; General Admission 50c,Children25c
j ,
~ You Don't Have To ;
Go outside of Revelstoke to make •
your Real Estate Investments. :
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
^       have the best bargains in the City.
E       Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents |
Cleanliness»«i ™ Godliness
We make
thing cle;iii
only  good,
to ;
a specialty of keeping every-
and neat, which means that
wholesome  loud is supplied
dl who order from us
Grocer. Provision Merchant Telephone No. 23
A   'V.«*^^
imperial Bank of Canada
Honil Oft ieo   Toronto, Ontario.
piial Authorized
Mti.il Paid Up
Kngl I,
Coin I'.x-
lll-l I""- mi  A j •. ■ 111 -  al all pi'lliclpal points ill < ii liml.".
Ai-'-ni-, in Ui-i'iii Britain nml United Status   Lond	
Lloyds Hunk, Unit led.    Ohlcayo—I'irsl National Bank,
cbangu National Hunk.   Beattie   Seat tie National Bank,  San Fran-
,," ,   '.',,11   Kin-go Nevada  National Hunk.    8pokane—Bxobange
Nillfoutll  Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits ol $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
currenl rate from dale nt deposit,   Correspondence Bollolted,
Rovulntoko Branch- A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
WA.N'1 l-.l' I i, or sin i, .in.-- lm
woi di wnik, Will pay »*l pet
month and Imiitd |i.-r ti-iuu ICnrb
le un must mil weigh I"-- than :|''"'
|li», Applv in I'.,.uio,in Liltllhel Un.,
I |ni led. nov lo li
Head tbe Mmi.-lli i,ali<.
AN l'KM   I" Ileni, a furnished
ilurllniK of liii'i-i-ki-i-pini; I'onini
iiii   iliililii-ii.    Applv  H l-.ll.,   Mail
ll"-ui|,l. nov io
111 lki-l  OV   I''
mice a pint iiul ii ht
Lu.!);,, Inn, Slivorton.


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